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topairs on the Magnolia that enabled har to go diroct to
Hew York with only 000 boiler. These repair* wuro
made aftor many of the same pro reunion bad remarked
thai nothing could bo done with her there to tender her
Ma worthy.
Tile Blockading Squadron*
Orr Charleston, April 12,1802.
An Attempt to Run tke Blockade?The Vessel Fired at, and
Beacliul?A Sloop Cai>tiired by the Susquehanna.
This morning about seven o'clock a large schooner was
seen approaching Charleston via the Rattlesnake Shoal
channel; the wind was blowing heavy from the northeast,
and she was coming down before It with great Bi>oed.
l'he Augusta and Sumter tired at her at long rango, but
the shot fell short. The gunboat Huron, boing of lighter
draught succeeded in getting close enough to reach her with
her eleven-inch pivot gun; but tbo tea was very heavy,
tnd gave so much motion to her that it waB next to im
l>ossible to tell where the shot would strike; but enouKh
it them went sufficiently near the schooner to terrify
them so that they ran her ashore just at the mouth of
Beach Inlet, between Sullivan's and Long Island. The sea
is now making a clean breach over hor. It was their in
tention to run into Bull's Bay; but on discovering
aur volunteer man-of-war insiilo, they hoadod for this
placo as stated above. Had there been less sea on the
Huron could have gone in close enough to have takeu her
M a prize. However, she is sufe onough for the present,
and when the wind ai d sea subsides we will attend to
bar case, to that she will be a total lost to the rebels.
It has been blowing fresh from the northoast for the last
four days. There ia nothing further of interest to com
municate from this place. The blockade is very efficient
at this time, and in inv opinion cannot be evadud or run
by the smartest of tbera.
On the 8d instant tho Susquehanna captured a small
?loop from Nassau, with boots, shoes, salt, matches,
cheese, 4c., &c. Her name, I think, ia Coquette. She
baa been sent to Philadelphia.
The Navy.
StWHEKD Kk/w?Eight guns, sloop of war. This ves
sel sailed yesterday. Some alterations and addition8
having been made in the list of her officers, wo publish
lbs list in full:?
Ading Luuienant (bmmonding? Henry S. Ey tinge.
Aciing Master and Executive Oj/ictr?H. Cunningham.
Acting Masters?A. K. Hunter, John M. Hudson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster?R. M. Trimble.
? Acting Assistant Surgeon?W. W. Wilklns.
Acting Master's Matti Q. P. St. John, Raymond Rabo
4am, Cecil C. Niel,
City Intelligence*
Prwtkrs' RscErno.v.?The New York Typographical
Society will hold a Printers' Roception at thoir Library
rooms, No. 3 Chambers street, on Wodnesday evening,
the 7th inst. The delegates to the Printers' Convention,
assembled from the loyal States, have accepted an luvi
tation and will be present on the occasion. Short ad
d-esses will be mado by distinguished members of the
pr-ss, and other interesting exercises, affording a very
pleisant evening's entertainment.
Hissing?Since the evening of April 30, a young man
?f about thirty years of ago, stout built, fair complex
ion, and dressed in a suit of black clothes. Any infor
mation addressed to C. B., box 145 Herald office, will be
thankfully received.
Postal Affairs.
[From Holbrook'8 United States Kail.]
ABrsp. ok th? Mail.'-'.?But few persons are aware of
the extent to which the niuil and post olllce facilities af
forded by the government are employed to answer the
?nds of swindlers, and for immoral and vicious purposes.
One of the latest dodges of these rogues is the publica
tion of advertisements in country paper?, signed by
names somewhat similar to those of we!l known and re
respectable New York firms, promising, on the receipt of
? curtain sum, to send by mail somo article, such as a
gold watch, books, Sc., worth four times the amount.
Of course the goods are never sent, and the luckless vic
tims either never hear anything further of their invest
ments, or the sharpers answer their complaints by a ly
ing letter, asserting that the remittance never reached
them. Other sroundres make use of the post office for
tAe circulation of obscene books and prints, and flood the
country with their circulars, offering their filthy wares
for sale. We understand that a quietus will sre long be
given to the disgusting traffic of 'these latter gentry, by
the passing of a law authorizing postmasters to exclude
these corrupt publications from tho mails.
Mails k>k Causiwa, Ortoon axd Washington Tbr
jutorv.?rbe editor of this paper and tho Postmaster of
New York are in the daily receipt or letters asking how
the mails are sent to California, &c., how often it is des
patched , the d tOB of the departure of steamers, Jtc., Ac.
It seems that, notwithstanding the overland mail has
been in operation since last June, and Congress has ex
pressly forbidden the transmission of the above mails
otherwise than across the continent, people generally,
and even New York merchants engaged in the California
trade, suppose that their letters are st ill sent by steamer.
To all such wo wish to state, in the plaiuen terms, that
the mails to the Pacific States are sent overland, that
they are despatched twice each day from the New York
office, and six times a week from St. Joseph, Mo.
Pxoahklpuia, May 6,1862.
Mocks strong. Pennsylvania 5's, 00; Reading Kali
road, 24; Morris Canal, 46; Long Island Railroad,
16),: Pennsylvania Railroad, 47.'4. Sight exchange
on New York at par a 1-10 per cout premium.
Philadblikia , May C,, 1862.
Flour firm: sales 1,000 bbls. at $5 25 for supertlne.
Wboat firm: sales ft,OOo busheis: red at $1 33 a 135; white,
$1 40 a 1 45. Coin steady; yellow, it!i)?o. u 67c.; white,
63c. Coffee?Rio, 18c. a 20c. Pork?Mess, $12 75. Lard,
6)?c. Whiskey firm at 24c.
BrrTAio, May 6?1 P. M.
Flour quiet. Wheat steady: sales of Chicago spring at
87c. a 00c.: red winter, $108. Corn better: sales at
40c. Oats 2c. better: sales at 34c,, with rood demand.
Whiskey llrin and in good demand: sales 6(J0 bbls. at 22c.
? TZ%c. Canal freights lower?15c. on wheat and 13c.
on corn to New York. Imports?11,000 bbls. of Hour,
?0,000 bushels of wheat and 40.000 bushels of corn. Ex
ports?fiOO bble. of Hour, 248,000 busliols of wheat,
393,000 bushols of corn and 16,000 bushels of barley.
Tcesday, May C?6 P. M.
The following is a comparative statement of the
exports (exclusive of specie) from the port of
New York to foreign porta for the week ending
May 6 and since January 1:?
I860. 18BI. 1862.
For th? WMlc $2.064 967 2,311,121 11,299
Previously reported.. .27,686.627 42.536,031 40,603,626
Sine*Jan. 1 929,751,694 44,847.152 42,534,925
Though less than the export of last year, the
above return is not unsatisfactory. At this rate,
we shall export this year, from this port,
$120,000,000 of produce, exclusive of gold and in*
dependently of Southern produce. Adding our
exports of gold to our exports of produce, we
shall probably export as much as we import, and
If any money comes here frura abroad for invest
ment in American securities the balance will turn
in oar favor.
Money is very essy at 4 a 5 per cent on call
Certificates of indebtedness sold to-day at 99%
and bankers' short acceptances at 4 per cent.
Capitalists seem, as a general rule, to be seeking
employment for their money on the Stock Ex'
Foreign exchange and gold fell off this morning.
Bankers refused to soli below 114; but there were
no buyers at that rate. Gold opened at 103%, fel'
off to 103, then to 102%, and closed 102% bid.
This has been another very exciting day on the
Stock Exchange. The number of outside orders
for stocks exceeds all previous experience; the
first board did not adjourn till 2 P. M. Early in
the day the prices of some of the speculative
shares showed a tendency to decline, in conse
quence of sales to realize profits; but as the day
advanced new buyers came in, and the market
again became buoyant. A rumor to the effect that
General McDowell had taken Richmond was set
afloat in the afternoon, and, though generally dis
credited in well informed circles, It had its influ
rnce on thn market, as, at the worst, it is taken
for granted that General McDowell will be in
Richmond before many days, if he is not there
now. At the morning board government sixes
advanced %, Tennessess Missouris 1, Hudson
*/%, Harlem 1, Michigan Central 1, Rock Island 1,
Toledo yt, Galena %. Michigan Southern %. The
exceptions to the market wefa Pacific Mail, which
declined %, and Illinois Central, which declined
\'A. The stocks which the public seem to be most
mxious to buy are Erie, Hudson, Illinois Central,
Galena, Toledo and Rock Island. The publi* are
likewise reported to be free buyers of gold. In
the present money market gold can be carried for
t per cent per armum, and prudent business men
ire inuring against a depreciation of tho currency
by pnrchaecs of coin on speculation. The banks
tre lending their gold to the speculators for a fall,
who are borrowing the coin and soiling it short.
Before the second board commenced a renewed
demand for Central, Erie, Toledo and Galena
eaused an advance in these securities of about %
a % per cent. At the second board there whs
?gaia a great deal V* realising, ?ud price* in nun?
instances fell off %. Central fell back to fi8%,
after having sold at 89%. Erie was done at 39%.
Hut Toledo and the Western shares gene
rally were very firm. The market was called
unsettled at the close, the following prices being
I the authorized quotations at half-past three:?
United States 6's, registered, 1881, 101% a %;
do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 101% a 102; do. 6's,
1874, 94 a 94; Indiana 6's, 84 a 86; Tennes
see 6's, 60% a 61; Virginia 6's, 68 a 59%; North
Carolina 6's, 71% a 72 ; Missouri 6's, 62% a 63;
Pacific Mail, 117% a 118; New York Central, 88%
a %; Erie, 39%a%;do. preferred, 66% a 67; Hud
son River, 40% a 41 ; Harlem, 14% a 15; do. pre
ferred, 36% a 37; Reading, 48 a %; Michigan
Central, 61% a %; Michigan Southern and North
ern Indiana, 26% a %; do. guaranteed, 49% a 60;
Panama, 129% a 130; Illinois Central, 63% a ?/$
Galena and Chicago, 71% a 72; Cleveland and To.
ledo, 46% a Chicago and Rock Island, 62* a
%; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 69% a 70;
Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 29% a %;
Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, 114% a %!
New York Central 7's, 1876, 105 a 106; Erie third
mortgage bonds, 97 a %; Michigan Central 8's,
first mortgage, 104 a 105; Illinois Central bonds,
7's, 91% a %; gold, 102% a %.
The United States have, in this war, revolu
tionized the science of finance as thoroughly as
they have revolutionized the science of artillery,
fortification and naval architecture. The custom
of European governments, for the past century,
when they wanted money to carry on a war, has
been to effect a loan of a large sum, through the
medium of leading bankers, who, in effect, im
posed their own terms on the borrower. This is
dogmatically pronounced by the leading British
writers on finance to be the only sound and busi
nesslike way of raising money. When the Em.
peror of the Frencfi, in underToo\"lo ?aise
bloney to carry on the war with Russia by a
popular loan, without appealing to bankers, the
British statesmen, financiers and journals pre.
dieted that the experiment would fail. It sue
ceeded, however, so brilliantly that it has since
been repeated, and the method may now be con
sidered a settled feature of the French financial
system. In this country, when the War began,
we followed the beaten track, and Mr. Chase un
dertook to borrow rnouey from the bankers, who
were to Bell their government securities to the
public. It soon became evident, however, that
we required so much money in so short a period
of time to carry on the unexampled war in which
the country waB engaged that it was out of the
power of any combination of banks and bankers
to furnish funds fast enough for the purpose. Mr.
Chase then resorted to the issue of paper money
made a legal tender, and convertible into funded
securities o! the United States. When this plan
was first proposed in this journal it was hailed
with a perfect storm of denunciation by the par
tisans of the old methods in finance. British
critics especially foresaw that the finance?of the
country were ruined; Mr. Russell predicted that
the troops would be disbanded from want of money
to pay them, and friendly observers in London
expatiated upon the terrible financial crash which
could not fail to occur in this country about the
month of February last. We are now in' a position
to judge the expedient upon its merits. And
there can be no hesitation in pronouncing it a per*
feet success. Resting on the substantial basis of a
thorough system of taxation, the issue of paper
money made a legal tender has proved the most
simple and the most economical way of raising
money ever devised. The very effects of the issue
itself arc going to secure its conversion into bonds.
The bonds of 1881 are now selling at 102; the new
bonds, into which the legal tender currency
is convertible, will probably rule at or near
par when they first come on the market.
The moment they rise to a premium, which
they will soon do, the holders of the legal
tender currency will hasten to convert
them. Mr. Chase will reissue, in payment of the
ordinary expenses of government, the currency
exchanged for bonds; and thus, practically, he
will be paying the expenses of government with
6 per cent bonds, which the issue and reissue of his
paper currency will always keep at a premium.
"hie Sub-Treasurer exchanged another half mil
lion of 7.30 Treasury notes for gold to-day. The
business of the office was as follows :?
Receipts $2,679,792 45
?For customs 179,000
Payments 1,074.426 62
Balance 16,883,037 23
The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this
morning were $21),334,095 63, and the balances
$1,554,200 34.
Mr. R. T. Haws, the City Comptroller, invites
proposals for $250,000 New York County Court
House Loan, until Saturday, the 17th instant, at
two o'clock P. M. The loan will bear interest at
the rate of six per cent per annum, payable half
yearly, and the principal redeemable in instal
ments of $100,000 annually, commencing in 1875.
The Chicago and llock Island Railroad earned
in April:?
April, 1862 $71,07(1
April, 1861 76.233
Decrease $4,157
The earnings of the Michigan Central Railroad
for the same month were:?
]K61 $172,61' ojj
1862 175,696 8?
Increase $3,082 18
The weekly statement of the Philadelphia banks,
made up Monday afternoon, presents the following
aggregates as compared with those of the previous
April 28. May 6.
Capital stock $11,966,346 11,964,196 Pec. $1,160
I/tuiui 28,793,116 29,324.432 >OC.. 531.316
Spucie 6,052.827 6.049,636 Dec. 2.192
Due from oth. l<ks. 3.12M.069 3.823,069 Inc.. 606,600
Due to oth banks. 4,470,674 4,531.837 Inc.. 61,163
Deceits 20,223,656 21,316.614 Inc.1,093,068
Circulation 3,613,994 6,769,592 Inc.. 146,598
The Assistant Treasurer has issued the follow
ing notice:?
United {*TATF.sTi??AsraT) New York, May 5,1862.
Under instructions from the Secretary of tho Treasury,
I hereby (five notice to all holder* of certificates of de
)i is it bearing interest, issued prior to the 14tli day of
Mirch ultimo, and payable in " I'nlted Slates note's is
sued under acts prior to, February 6, 1862,"' that they
are roqulred to present such certificates within ten days
from the date hereof for payment of principal and In
terest, or for exchange for certificates payable in '? law
ful money of the United States." Any such certificates
not so presonted, will, after Mid ten days, bo payabliv in
such lawful money a? the government may be usually
paying out to the public creditors.
JOHN J. CISCO, Assistaut Treasurer United StatM.
Stock Exchange.
Tt bsdat. May 6, 1862.
$15000 U 8 6 s, '67... 100 136 sbs N V Cen RK. 88 V
7000 do 100V 800 do 88%
5000 US6's,'68..reg 100 126 do s30 88 V
12000 do 100 V 610 do
49000U9 6's,'81 ,reg. 102 60 do slO 88%
S6000Use's,'81,coil. 102*< 60 do s)5 88 V
4r>000 do 102% 190 do b30 88%
10000 do t>30 102'4' 660 Erie RR 3#'
10000 do b30 102% 200 do aflO 39
500 do 102 V 100 do b60 39 %
1000 US 5's,'71, cou 95 100 do s30 S9
6000 U8 6's,'74, reg 94 300 do h30 30 V
10000C 8 6'S,'74,COU 94 V 100 do b3 ?i%
20000 do 94!, 260 do.. 80%
10000 do b30 94^ *6 do 39',
46600Tr7 310pcn.sm 103 V 966 Erl? RR pref.... 66 V
61000 do 103%' 200 do blO 66%
10000 do b30 103'J 6AO do 66%
loooU 86's, 1 y cer 99% 200 do s30 66%
19000 do 9tiV 118 do 66%
MOO Ohio 6'S,'60... 102V 200 do s60 e6%
3000 Ohio 6'S, '86... 104 500 do ?30 flfi
1000 Kentucky 6's.. 03 160 do g;io 66V
2000 do 92V 6? <1? b30 68V
5000 HI Can reg bds.96 1160 Hudson Kit UK. 40
2000111 war luau... 97 100 do b30 40V
*8000 do 97 V MO ^ *30 40
7000 Indiana 6's.... 84V 1" do 3a%
6000 Twnasaee 6's.. 61 100 do ...,b30 40 V
?^000 do 60V 860 Harlem RR 14%
6000 do b30 00V 300 do b30 14%
3000 do Ii30 60 V 400 do 14V
5(8)0 do 60 v 26 Harlem RR prfd. 36V
6000 do s.'tt) 60 160 do 37
*00(io do HO 175 do
36 V
2000 Virginia 6's... 60 100 do." 36%
7000 do b60 69 V 60 do b30 36 %
60*h) do 69 9 Nor k Wot RR.. 45
120OO N Carolina 6's.. 72 166 Mich Central RR. no
3000 Missouri 6's.... 6,1 276 do 60 V
JUVO 62# 199 4?., 9QX
1(000 do 62
84000 do 62*4
30000 do b.'iO 52%
2000 do 62%
llOOO Mo6 hIIoII&SJR 62%
1000 do 62%
6000 do bOO 02%
I'HHJO do 02
lOOOtfclitornia 7 n.. 92
3000 do 91 %
3600 do 91%
600 Brook cily w I. 102
11000 do 102%
8000 Erie RK 4 in bg 90
3000 Buff.NYft Kim 90
3000 do 90%
7000 HudRivRRlm 100%
2000 Hud Riv 3 u bit 86%
6000 do 86%
4OOO Harlem 1 m bs 101
1008 C.H&WKKSpcbs 103
2! 600 M ich So 2d mge 75
5000 Mi So gkg fd b? 92%
1000 do 92%
5000 HlCetiRR b. b30 91%
600 do 91%
7600 do 91 %
3000 LaOr4Mil lgb 20
10<HJ ilun&st.loKKbs 46
lOOOO Amor gold.... 103%
46000 do 103%
20000 do 103 %
70000 do alO 103
6 sba Bk of N Y... 97%
30 do 100
10 Manhattan Bk... 125
10 Bk State or N Y. 90
35 Bk of Oimmerco. 98
75 do 97%
35 Araer Ex Bunk.. 95
5 do 94%
10 Bk of Republic.. 100
10 Uanover Bank.... 85
30lrvinir Bank 80
60 Metropolitan Bk. 102%
5 Continental Bank. 96
46CommonwealthBk 85
10 Dcl&HudCuual Co 97
400 Reading RR 48%
400 do 48%
125 Cumb Coal pref.. 9%
100 do 9%
100 do 9%
90 Pac Mail SS Co... 110
oO do 116%
60 do s30 116%
24 1'cnn Coal Co 88
$100000rS6's,'81 ,reg 101%
66000 U S 6'b,'81 , cou 102
9000 U85's,'74, cou 94
1000Trea7 310)>cntw 103
20000 California 7'B.. 91%
10000 Brotik citv w I. 102%
1000 Mich so skfbda 92%
5000 Harlem 1st tn b 101%
5000 C, BM}RR8pcbs 103
50000 Amer icon gold. 102%
70000 do 102%
250shs Pac MallSSCo 118
25 do 117%
200 N Y Cent RR.. b30 89
400 do 89
109 do 88%
300 ErieRR 39%
50 do 39%
160 do b30 39%
200 do 39%
100 Erie RR preferred 67 %
188 do 67
100 Hudson Riv RR.. 40%
25 do 49%
245 do 60%
60 do bf>0 60%
150 do b::o 60%
100 do b30 60%
60 do 860 60%
50 do blO 60%
189 Mich SANlgtdbtk. 50
200 Miob So ft N I RR 25%
760 do 26%
260 do 25%
8 do 25
70 Panama KR 129%
100 HlCeuRR acp. btiO 64 %
150 do bCO 64
300 64
60 do 63%
160 do slO 63 %
60 do *10 63%
200 do bio 63%
260 do b30 64
60 do 63%
100 do 63%
200 do blO 63%
100 do 63%
60 do b60 63%
150 Cleve ft Pitts l?R. 19%
200 do l>30 19%
200 do 830 19%
35 Clev,Coi k ( in RR 114%
450 Catena & Chic RR 72 %
450 do 72%
100 do b30 72%
60 do b30 72%
100 do 72%
160 do 860 72
400Clev# &Tol RR.. 45%
800 do stiO 45
1160 do 46%
160 do 45%
860Chft Rock 1 RR.. 62%
150 do *30 62%
50 do b30 62%
266 do, 62%
100 do b.30 62%
60 do blO 62%
200 do 62%
45 do 62
10 CU. Br'u & Qy RR 67
160 do 68
60 do 68%
100 do 68%
60 M& PduCRR.b30 30
60 do b60 30
75 do 29%
RT 2?%
50 do S9.%
167 M ft l'r du Ch lpr# 85
89 Tol ft Wab RR... 10
112 Tol ii Wab prof.. 20
20alia HnrlrmRR.. 14%
800 do 16
160 Mich Cent RR... 61
60 do #1%
60 do *60 61
100 do nlO 61
100Chi,Burlfty RR. 70
260 MichSofcNlndRR. 25%
200 do 25%
160Mi?hSoA:NIn<lBStW 50
200 III Cent KU scrip. 63%
loo Clev* ft Pitta RR. 19%
100 do 19%
150 do b30 19%
100 Galena Ac Chi RR. 72
60 do b30 72%
200 do ?60 72
200 CiaveftTolRR.blO 46
800 do 46
200 do 1)30 46%
600 do 46%
100 Chi ft Rk Isld RR. 62%
60 do 62%
200 do b30 62%
Tu?sDAY,May 6?6 P. M.
Ashks.?The market was unchanged, and sales con
fined to small lots of both sorts, at $5 62}*.
BuxADsrcm Flour?Tbe market was heavy and with
increased receipts fell oil' 8c. a 10c. per barrel. The
transactions embraced about 11,000 bbls., closing within
the following range of prices
Superfine State $5 00 *6 10
Extra State... 5 15 a 0 25
Superfine Western 6 00 a 5 10
Common to choice extra Western 5 16 a 6 50
Canadian 5 15 a S 50
Southern mixed to good superfine ... 6 50 a 6 00
Extra do 8 10 a 1 00
Good to choice family do 7 00 a 7 50
Rye flenr 3 00 a 4 10
Corn meal, Jersev and Brandrwine. S 70 a 3 00
?Canadian flour was lower and more active at the con
cession, with sales of 1,000 bbls. within the range of
the above quotations. Southern flour was heavy,
but without change of moment, with sales
of 1,600 bbls. withi? the range of the above figures.
Rye flour was noavy and easier, with sules of 176 bbls.
at our prices. Corn meal was in better request aud
more active, with sales of 1,600 bbls. Jersey aud
Branitywme at tbe above quotations. Wheat?The
market was heavy and rather lower: some dealers
called it lc. off. The sales in small lots footed up about
20,000 bushels, at$l 28 a $1 30 for red Western, w^Uh
surae lots of mixed State and Canada Club on private
terms. Corn was steady and in fair demand, with sales
of 40,000 liusbols. at 66e. a 67c. for Western mixed, in
store, and at 67}$c. a 68c., delivered. Rye was Arm, with
sales of 6,000 bushels Slate at 82c. a 82>^c., delivered.
Barley and barley malt were in small supply and prices
tlrfn. Oats were firmer, with sales of Canadian and
Western at 40c. a 42,'i'c., and ut 42J^c. a 43}?c. for State.
Cokhw.?No sales of moment transpired, und the mar
ket was quiet. The following statement of stocks, Ac.. is
from tbe circular of Messrs. William Scott h Son, of this
date:?Stock of Ri> and Santos on the 29th of April, 1862,
bags, 126,075; received since to date, 7,000, total, 133,075;
s ties and shipments for tho week, 7,964. Stock of Rio
and Santos on tbe 6th of May, 1862, bags, 126,111; Java,
mats, 25,199; Java, government bags, 3,563; Ceylon,
mats,2,500; Marnraibo, bags, 18,978; Laguayra. 2,187;
St. Domingo, 2,250; Ceara, 4,585; other descriptions,
2,126; trtal mats and bags, ISO,-182. Stock of Rio at Bal
timore May 3, bags, 29,400; Philadelphia, 6,600 Quota
tions?Rio, primo, 21c. a 21 J?c.; do. good, 20c. a 20 >jC.;
do. fair, 19c. a 19Jjc.; do. ordinary, ISc. a 18}jc.; do. lair
to good cargoes, 19c. a 20c.; Maracaibo, 21c. a 23c.; La*
gua>ra,21c.a22c.; Java, mats and bans, 25c. a26c.loll
four months; St. Domingo, 19c. a 19}{c.,casb.
Cotton.?The market was quiet, and scarcely enough
sales made to make a market. Tho transactions in small
lots did not exceed loo bales, on tho bodis of about 27c.
a 27,'ic.
KtUBOHia ?Rates were firmer. To Liverpool 16,000
bushels of wheat were engaged, in bulk and ships' bugs,
at 8d. a 8%d.,and 8,000 do. corn, in bulk, at7)id.; 100
boxes hams at 27s. 6d.; 300 bbN. jiork at 3s. 6d., and
boel' at 6s.; 50 hhds. shoulders at 20s.; 1 ,<)00 t lerces lard
at 25s. a 27s. 6d., and 3,500 bbls. Hour at 2s. 4d. a 2s. Cd.
To London 1,00<) bbls. flour at 2s. 44)4, with some
tierce beef at 6s. ?d, and bnrrols of |*>rk at 3s. M.
a 3s. Od. By steamer, 300 packages provisions at 40s.
Rutes to Havre were steady and unchanged.
Totilasjrow 26 tierces tallow were engaged at 25s.
lUv was Arm. with sales reported tor shipment at 70o.
a 75c., and for city use at 75c. a 80c.
Moi askw.?Tho market was steady, but quiet; ? sale
of 40 Ubils. Cuba muscovado was made at 27c.
Navai. Storih were firmly held, while supplies wore
extremely light.
Provisions.?pork?'The market was firmer and more
active: the sales embraced 1,700 bbls., on the spot, new
mess, at $13, and 600 do. were sold for June de
livery on the same terms; prime sold at $10 a
$10 25 ; 500 thin mess sold at $12 a $12 26,
and 500 do. do., to arrive, sold at $12 25.
Beef was more active and prices wore Arm. with sales or
700 bbls at $13 26 a $14 for plain mess, and $14 50 a $16
for extra. Beof hams were quiet at $16 75 a $17 60.
i'rimo mess beef was inactive at $20. Cut meats were In
good demand and rather tlrmer, w ith sales of 1,700 pack
ages at 4'?c a 4?,c. for dry salted shoulders, and 6'.,o.
ttOtjc. for hams, tho latter Tor prime quality. Bacon
was more active, and sales of 1,600 boxes were reportod,
at 6'4'c\ for repacked short ribbed, 6','c for Cumberland
cut, 7>4C. for short rlbbod aud long clear, and 7>fc. for
slwrt clear. I.*rd was firmer and in good demand, with
sales of 8,000 packages at 8c. a R^c. Bitter was plenty
and tended towards lower prices; sales of State were
making, in a moderate way, at 16c. a 17c., aud of
Ohio at 12c. a 15c. Cheese was steady, with sales
ol State at 8c. a 0c. No Ohio or moment was en the mar
Rtcis.?Sales of 500 bags of East India were made ;at
6i4'c. a 6J<c.. and 160 do. at 6 l-lOo.
Sioah*.?The market was quiet, but steady. The firm
"ness of holders tended to check sales, which embraced
300 lihds. Cubas, within the range of fl?jc. for fair rsflntug
goods, and 7}?c. a 7He- for gn>eery grades. Kalr retlumg
sugars at the close were held at 7c.
k?.?A sale of 1,000 bags of pepper was made on
private terms.
Tohaivo?Trade continues light. Sales of 123 hhda.
Kentucky at 7>ic. a 14c.; 209 bales Cuba at p. t.
WmsKKY.?Sales or 600 bbls. were made at 26c. a 25ytc.
for stafo aud Western.
Halee of Real Eatatc.
By A. J. Bleeckor.Nm k Co., Aualionear*.
> story brick house and lot 316 Hick* Ft., Bn?oklyn.VV>W>
Property No. 17 Ludlow St., near Hester 4,018)
1 lot en 4th av., near 90tb it ?M?
By Jamea H. Miller and William Kenuelly.
2 bouaea and Iota e. a. 3d av.,20 ft. s. 50th at 10,000
House and lot a. a. 14th at., bet. 5th and Otb avs... 0,600
Houae and lot nor. Washington and Bank ats 6,100
House and lot adjoining 1,200
House and lot a. a. 26th at., 78 feet w. 7th ar 3,000
Houae and kitfc. a. 10th at., 126 feat e. flth av 6,000
House and lot n. a. 30th at.,80 feet e 3d av 3,000
Houae and lot n. a. cor. 2d av. and 80th at 1,420
Vacant lot adjoining 826
Vacant lot adjoining 810
House and lot In Jane at 6,ooo
3 houses and lota n. e. cor. Lexington ar. and 33d at. 8,600
House snd lot No. 7 at. Marks place 7.900
House and lot a. e. cor. 2d av. and 61at at 6,476
llousu an<' lot oor. Jane st. and 9th av 8,926
2 vacant lots e. a. Broadway, bet. 06th and07th ata. 6,600
4 vacant lota n. a. 1st av., 50 feet s. 88th at 2,325
1 vacant lot s. s. 87th it., 226 feet w. 2d av 700
1 vacant lot a. a. 37tk st.,adjoining. 600
marriages and deaths.
Hn t.mrR ? At Brooklyn, on Friday, AWtt 26,
by the Ilov. Kthan Crane, Paviii K. Apstkn to Iwnn Ana
li.nB F., daughter of John Hllliker, E?ii.
Cbabhkkp? Kokt*r ? On Saturday, May 3, by Rev. Pr.
Mt-nroe, Saw'bl J. Hiabhbrh to Misa Mahv Fowraa, lioth
of this city.
I)a?ittwv?M Minn*.?On Sunday evening, May 4, by the
Kcv. Kugene Magulre, Jambs O. DBMraKT to Mak.mrir F.
Mhwibk, all of thircity.
LocvM?VariBKLBJN ?la Philadelphia, on lituruday
evening, May 1, at Christ church, by tho Rov. Benjamin
Dorr, 1). I)., a.-Misled by the Rev. Mr. Faggo, Mr. Stbciirn
T. I.ouiikk t" Miss Hkht ia F. Vmitkkuin. uMest daughter
of Theodore H. Vettoilem, to')., all of that cily.
Smith?Hoylk.?Ou Tuisday, May 6, by the Hov. 8.
Malone,at St. Peter and fan I'a church, Joiin Surra to
Miss Makia Hoylk, both el' Williamsburg, Long Uluiid.
Lancaster, Preston and Liverpool papers please oopy.
Wiuikk?IliLijiK.?Ou Monday, May 5,at the residence
of tbe bride's mother, by the Kov. 8. T. ScarJ, J. Herbick
WiuiitK to Mary Him KK.all of Leeds,Ureeiiecounty,N. Y.
Ackkn.?In Now Brunswick, N. J., on Monday, May 6,
Joitv Ai-kkm, iu the (idtli year of liis age.
'l'lio friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited
to atUnd the funeral, without further notice, from ills
late residence in New lirtmswick, on Thursday after
noon, at three o'clock. Train leaves loot of Cortlun.it
street at twelve o'clock. An extra train will leave New
Brunswick for Now York immediately afturtho funeral.
Hi thjiwortii.?The funeral of Frkluuuok Bi tikkworth,
native of London, England, will take place from his late
residence, 160 Johuson stroet, Brooklyn, this (Wednes
day) morning.
BtiKBiixi*.?On Monday, May 6, Pctkr Bcrbiduk, a native
or the town of Granai d, county Long lord, Ireland, aged
38 years.
The friends of tbe family and those of bis brothers are
respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late
residence, 237 Elizabeth street, this (Wednesday; after
noon, at half-past one o'clock precisely. The remains
will be interred in Calvary Cetnetory.
Colurr.?On Tuesday morning, May 6, Mrs. Jane Col
lieh, widow of the late Dauiel S. Collier, in tho 63d year
of hor age.
The relatives and friends of the family are invited to
attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 161 West
Thirteenth street, ou Thursday afternoon, ut two o'clock.
New Orleans (La.) and Montgomery (Orange county,N.
Y.) papers please copy.
Cahi'sntsk.?On Wednesday, April 30, Timothy Carpsn
tkk, of Newcastle, Westchester county, in the 70th year
of his age
DoixiK.?Suddenly, on Sunday, May 4, at tbe residence
of her son, Win. E. Dodge, SarahClkvkuand, widow of
David L. Dodge, in the 82d year of her ago.
Friwads of the family are invitsd to attend tho funeral,
this (Wednesday) afternoon, at ono o'clock, from 203
Madison avenue, without further invitation.
Doty.?On Tuesday morning, May 6, of scarlet fovsr,
Maky Emily, eldest daughter of Stephen 8. and Marian
Doty, aged 0 years, 1 month and 18 days.
Tho friends of tho family are respectfully invited to
attend the funeral, from the residence of her father, No.
M9^roome street, liijs (Wednesday) afternoon, at three
o'clock, without further invitation.
Dithcy.?On M' nday, May 6, of apoplexy, Pbtsr
Dewier, a nativoof the town of Elphin, county Roscoin
mon, Ireland, aged 6-1 years.
The friends of the family are respectfully invited to
attend the funeral, from the residence of his son in-law,
I No. 119 East Eleventh street, this (Wednesday) afternoon,
at one o'clock.
Situ Francisco papers ploaso copy.
I Gillooly ?On Tuesday, May 6, John G. Gilloolt, aged
20 years, 10 months and 17 days.
The friends of the family are respectfully invited to
atteud the funeral, from bis late residence, No. 24 Thames
street, on Thursday alternoon, at half-past two o'clock.
The tnombors of the Cougblin Guard are also requosted to
Hamilton.?On Tuesday, May 6, Mrs. Ellkn Hamilton,
wife of Isaac Hamilton, aged 58 years.
The friends of the family arc respectfully invited to at
' tend the funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at three
o'clock precisely,from ner late residence, No. 55 Robin
son street. Tho remains will bo interred in Calvary
Hamilton.?At Bergen, N. J., on Tuesday, May 6, Adkle
Charlotte, infant daughter of A. J. F. and Eiise Hamil
ton, agod 7 months.
Howklx.?On Tuesday, May 6, Maby Ann, daughter of
John and Ana Howell, aged 3 years, 7 months and 24
The friends and acquaintances or the family are re
spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Wednes
day) afternoon, at two o'clock, front the residence of Iter
parents, 118 West Broadway.
Johnston.?On Monday,May 5, of consumption, Mary
A. 0., daughter of tho late Rev. J. C. Johnston, aged 18
years and 1 month.
The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral, from the Strong place Bap
tist church, corner of Dcgraw street and Strong place,
South Brooklyn, this (Wednesday; alternoon, at one
o'clock. Friends will please meet at tho house of her mo
ther. 706 Third avenue, between Fiftieth and Fifty-first
streets.Now York, at eleven o'clock. The remains will be
taken to tireenwood Cemetery for interment.
Kci?EY.?On Tuesday, May 6,after along and severe
illness, Mr. Rorkrt Kxumr, in the 46th year of his age.
The relatives and friends of the family are reeuoctfully
invited to uttend the funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon,
at two o'cleck,from his lute residence, Fourth stteet,
near Meserole street, Green point.
Lot.?On Monday, May 5, Margaret Lex, the beloved
wife of l'eter Lee, a native of the parish of Fulieyoorbet,
town of Lennon, county Monaghan, Ireland, In the 31st
year of her age. '
The friends and acquaintances of the family, and those
of her brother, Petor McElroy, and her brotber-iu-law,
John Lee, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral,
this (Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from her
late residence, No. 624 Second avenue, without further
Lindsay.?On Tuesday, May 6, at the residence of her
Bister, Mrs. Lydia Macy, No. 70 Wont Twentieth street,
Mrs. Lccinda S. Lindsay, iu the 64th year of ber age.
Notice of funeral in to-morrow's papers.
Mann On Monday, May 5, Michael Mann, aged 84
y?ars and 6 months.
Funeral this (Wednesday) afternoon, at three o'clock,
from bis late residence at lrvington, N. Y. Relatives
and friends arc invited without further invitation.
Nkstkll.?On Mouday, May 6, Ann Catiikkink, relict of
Christian Nestell, in tho 8ilh your of her age.'
The relatives and friends of the family are ro-peetfully
invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, ti7
St. Mark's placo, on Thursday afternoon, at one o'clock,
without further notlco.
Providence (R. I.) papers please ropy.
Paddock.?In Brooklyn, on Saturday evening, May 8,
Francis a. Paddock.
The friends of the family are respectfully invited to
attend the funeral, from his late residence, 77 Nassau
stieet.this (Wednesday) alternoon, at two o'clock.
Rafkkrty.?On Monday, Mcy 6, after a short illness,
Patrick Ka shirty, a native of the parish of Aghaloa,
County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 47 years, 1 month and 18
The friends and acquaintances are requested to attend
the funeral, from his late residence, No. 04 Tenth avenue,
this (Wednesday) afternoon. at two o'clock.
Thomas.?on Monday evening, May 6, after a short Ill
ness, In the 81st year of her age, IIrljcn Shaw, widow of
Captain Geo. Thomas.
Funeral services will take place this (Wednesday) af
ternoon. at half-past four o'clock, at her lato residence,
'JB6 East Tenth street. Tho friends of the family are In
vited to attend without further notice.
Trracy.?<>n Tuesday, May 6, John Treaty, a native of
RahundulT, Queens county, Ireland, in the 26th year of
his a^e.
The friend* of tho family are respectfully invited to at
tend tho funsral, from the residence of his mother, 10
Hamilton street, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock.
Kilkenny (Ireland) paper*, and l)e&iiioines Stale Jour
nal please copy.
Ward.?On Friday, May 2, at Skcnck's Mills, N. J.,
RobertT., son of the late Captain J. H. Ward, United
States Army, aged 10 years and 6 months.
Whitssihen.? At Ureeupoint, L. I., <n Monday, May 5,
Emma Louisa, youngest daughter of John and Mary
Whltesides, a*<vl l1,' years, 3 months and 1!) days.
The friends of the family are invited to attond the fu
neral, from the residence of her father, corner of F
street and Union avenue, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at
two o'clock.
Connecticut papers please copv.
ALM11UC rOK ?? TORX?rnil DAT.
KTOBTKKl * Ml hook irti morn 12 87
nun 7 011 biub want*. .....morn 2 -a
Port of New York, May 6, 1M6M.
Steamship Peril* (Br), Lott, Queenitown and Liverpool?
E Cunard.
Ship Silai Orornmnn. Webber, Sydney?W J Forbea.
Bark Fraukllu, Uiaulou. Falmouth?Funcb, Melncke k
Btirk Ctah. Seeley, Port Medway?C Our*ml. -i
Bark Hadlcv, Mayo. Shipping Point?C' * E J Petera.
BarkP C Alexander, Merrytnan, Philadelphia?J W Elwell
A Co.
Brie J Tltm (Br), Pry, Bt John*. PR?J F Whitney A Co.
Brig Judge H'itnaw?y, Lonl. t'lentueims? C * E J Peter*.
Btig Trade Wind. Chaa<*, St Jagn??' As J l'etcr*.
BrlK Atlantic, Itnbba. Trinidad?Smith,/out A Co.
Brig Knlnbow, Delano, Nassau?Casanova llros.
Brlc Baltimore, Crocker, Rll/abethport?F C Schmidt.
Srhr Calista, Payaon, Frontera via Fort Plckena?Metcalf
A Duncan.
Snhr S B Strong, Hailing, Ruatan?T Ollmnrtln,
Schr K A Sirrle, Cha*e, Matanias?T B ('hue A Co,
Srhr M K Man grim. W?len, Oranada?A Howes. ,
Srhr Spray (Br), Krost, Halifai? A Smlthers A Co.
' Ju^T Abbott, Ludlain, WaiUlngton. DC?Yau Brunt k
Schr Kensington, TUyden. Baltimore?Muter.
Schr J A N Stei'lman, Bowling, BalunioPB?L Kenny.
Schr Fakir, Baiber. BalUmor. ?L Kenny.
B< hr Ba?vaad, Walling, Baltimore?Master.
Schr L Hupkln', Cropper, Snow Hll'?Master.
Schr Willie? Henrj, Bharrot, Bnow 11111?Mniter.
Bchr .1 A Spuffurd, Lomjitreet, Newcastle? Mniter.
Schr E?Chingi\ Hallock, Smyrna?J W McKee.
Schr E E Potter, Loper, Phlladelphla?J W McKee.
Schr Caetellane, Cunningham, Belfaat?R P Buck k Co.
Schr West Gleam, Tarr, Olnawnw 1 D Hurlbut k Co.
tehrJoou A Dli, Hallrtt, Falmouth?Master.
Schr ? Wella, Hvder, Saugua?E D Hurlbut A Co.
BehrMangam, Thrasher, Taunton?E D Hurlbut A Co.
Schr E?|>edlle, Beebe. Bristol?L Kenny.
BchrT Vanghan, Hall, Stamford?M Brlgg* A Co.
Sloop Charlie, Shirley, Baltimore?L Kenny.
Sloop M Bruih, Young. Providence?11 8 Racket!..
Steamrtilp Edlnburg (Br). Mlrehouae, Liverpool, April US,
4 I'M, and'Quecnstown 24th, 8 I'M. with indue aim W3 pa*
aengeri, to John U Dale. April 23, 11:86 PM, b miles W of
Holyhead, passed steamship Etna, bound lu; 24th, lat 47 40.
Ion Mfl, nlKnallited Br ship Prince Edward, hound Wj lit Iuht,
latii 10, Ion 44 3t), steamship Adriatic, bound K; nam* day,
lat 48, Ion 45, Br hark Beta, for yunbee; from lai 48 to 44, Ion
48 to00, pnsaed 10 bark*, apparently bound to the tinir of Si
Sicarn-lilp Hammonla (Ham), Schwensen, Hamlinrg, April
20, via Southampton 23d, with mdae and |?v-tent,rrt, to
Riinharlt A Co. Arrived Mh.
Steamship Daniel W<b*ter (U S transport), Blethcn, Shlp
plnc l'olnt, 21 houra, to U fl Quartermaster.
ltark Andes (of llarp*well), Merrlman, Cardenna, April 21,
with sugar, to master.
Brig# I) Lincoln (of Brunswick, M?), WeMvr, Cardenas,
April 24, with sugar, to R P Buck A Co. Balled in company
with bark And-*, for New York.
Brig Svhll (Hr. of Turk* Iilandi), Mulligan, Trinidad, 21
da**, with sugar, to Brett, Son A tin. April 24, oil the I.I I tie
Bahamas, spoke brig Shibboleth, of and for Boston from
Bohr Joseph Orlce tBr, of Turks Islands), Jackson, Ht
Mare, April 22, with cotton Ac, to R Mtirmy, Jr. A|irll 28. ofl
Watlfng * Iitaml. passed a lam" American * earner steering
S; 2tth. lat 27 30. Ion 74 Sfl. "poke hark Sehra rrrK ker, i?
Btockton, from Boelon for Car<tena?; B'li ln?t, olJ Cipe Mav,
paiaed a a hr itgged US xnnljoat, iteerinii W by S; Miine u.iv,
Little KgR llaibor liesrint! SW by W 8 mile*, 'poke brig Kiiiff
Brother*, hence fpf Port an I'rlnee.
Brnr ti.\7eiu- (Br, of Snelburne, K8), Bw*ln, Hptlfal, 8
4*/s, with liiw.to J lluuier A Co.
toSh('''dr* Ih,wolf?'"86"* Horton- N9' 8 dtyg- Wlth P01*
jjj,;',r J? 1'arker, i'arker York River, 2 days.
chr I*.in?iy D.ivli, Dwis, Chiucuu-ague, 2 ilaya.
jjchr Powell, Feuton, Philadelphia.
a III! d V110!*- ?'irr ?""? K!i/.?iiothport for New Haven.
K- hr Kva, Northup. Ehzabethpurt for l'ro? lileuee.
.?. 'I-IInut, I'rei.iuiiL ntt New Haven.
5 r Mate, Hal let t. Hornon.
k : 'I! Kc" s, x Hodf.?rd, S dayi
!? ii Miirhell. Providence lor illizabetbport.
g- hr H Chave, Tryun. Hartford.
*cfr? 1 Godwin, Hobble. Stamford.
Kchr lr.nl Ha!!, Stoddard, Portland.
Steamer Fire Knck. Feuton. Philadelphia,
steamerPelican, Jones, Providence.
One bark, unknown,
She^u?d'&?ai",ltle <al 11:30 AM)' an'' Atlantic; U Sthip
Wind during tne day NW, fresh.
The Port of New York, Ar,
The number ol ships, barks and brig* u.eariE'j at the port
of New York in January was 3SJ, February 31V March 338,
and April 302-in all 1352. Of theae 772 wen American.
The; proportion of American vessels baa largely increased
ainc^ Jan 1, while the foreign vessels have in a correspond
lug manner decreased in number.
Of the American vessels, a large majority were command
ed by masters holding ccrtilicates from the American Ship
masters' Association, which has recently been chartered by
the Legislature and its powers largely extended.
No Austrian, Danish, Swedish, German, Spanish, French,
Belgian, Portuguese or Ilussiau vessels have cleared during
The number of disasters reported during January was 134,
February KB, March 162, April 98?total, 623. Many of these
were partial losses.
In the table of clearance* annexed schra are not counted
NUMBER or ClSARANCKS AT IBB Port or New 1 oek-1861
a . 11' Jan, March. AtiriL ToLJ
American 188 185 211 'is; 7#
?rU,?h- 125 92 osi fa
Norwegian 16 11 5 1 ju
Bremen 5 ji 21 11 J3
Austrian 9 1 _ " S
Hamburg 4 6 8 3 J,
Daniah 0 ? 2 ? A
Prussian 4 2 a a i?i
sweduh s s - _ 19
Italian 2 1 3 I -
German. 4 _ _
Spanish 4 1
French 3 12 ?
Mexican 3 ? 2 1
Belgian 2 1 1 _
Portuguese 12 1 ?
Hanoverian 1 1 2 1
Kusslan 1 1 _
Dutch _- 2 3 S
T?<?1 363 329 *338 30*4 1342
Vessels going South, excepting In government employ, no
matter what their cargo, will be confiscated.
Suir C D Mkkwin, Merwln, before reported at Glbralter
under repairs, had Uuished loading and was realy to sail for
Cork first cast wind.
Pirn- Mont Blanc?Provlncetown, MavS? Ship Mont Blanc
remains lu the same position as before reported. About one
half uf ihe carpi between decks has been taken Into lighters.
After all the cargo Is discharged a steam pump will be nut
on board, and if the water can be keptout, she may be saved.
Baek Sea Kanukk, at Providence from Zanzibar iu a Kala
off Cape Good Hope sprung foremast.
Brio Maria YVakelkr, Wheeler, which sailed from Pb1tna
delphla on Saturday for Key West, returned on Monday,
leaky. She will go on the marine railway lor repairs, wlth
out discharging her cargo of coal, and will not be detained
more than a day or two. ?
Kcdn Tuomas Jkffiksox, Kenny, at Salem from WVnrlr
report. May 2.4 P M, Highland Light, Cape Cod, faring Sf
W about six mill s, during t> very thick tog, came In c ntact
with a large light schooner steering SB. The T J was
struck In the larboard bow, had rail and two stanchions
broken, and all the. shrouds of both masts on the larboard
side with several chain tilatea carried a?tv: also lustnan
topmast and gaff topsail. Damage to the other achr un
known. John Blackman, one of iiercrew, who was 1 n h-r
Jlbboom, dropped on the ^ fj. and was brought here Ho
was enable to give the vessel's name, but ..late, that she
hailed from Bridgetown, N.I. the captain's name was A.Ian-a
and that ahe waa from Boston for Philadelphia. [Pr.ibnhlJ
the Eliza and Kebeoca.] v irrooawy
ScnR Crusahr, from New Bedford for Nantucket was on
the rocks at Wood's Hole 4th Inst, high and dry but cama
oft'without damage.
Dovrr. April 21?Landed here this day by the steamtu*
Punch. Beadle, from the Bremen ship E F Oabaln, from New
York for Bremen 18 days, 7 of the crew of the shin Solstice
Walker, of Sunderland, from New York for Gueenstown'
abandoned April #, In lat 42 N, Ion 48 W. The men were
taken off by the Galena, from Havre for New York, and
transferred to the E F Oabaln. The master and rest or crew
went on to New York.
Flushing, April 19?The Ameriraii ship Walter Scott
Grallaiii, front Antwerp for Soderhaum, Sweden, lyliui in
the roads for a few days, to await a favorable opportnnliT
of proceeding on her voyage, yesterday afternoon, between
five and six o'clojk, caught lire, ami In oousmiueiiee became
m arly toiatly <*?trayed by the llames. Her metal beini
putonveryblgh.lt still appears above water, whilst the
smoke is lK.miug from her lower hold and keel. Her
maatx, rigging, standing and running, bowsprit, yards and
gear are no more. She Is still ridiug, howler, In her ore
??nt condition to her two cables on the same spot In the
roads where she Lrst anchored on the day when she. amn
down the river. The lives of all have been saved The
main and foremast went by the board, and the mue 11 mam
though still standing, could not much longer resist the ele
ment. but soon after followed. As soon as It I eeoine visible
thsi the ship was In danger, the various pilot boats Imme.
dlately pushed off to her, and did the utmost In their uower
to save what could be saved, and rescued the third mate wno
who hud fallen Into the hold during the tumult and Injured
his thigh, from death by lire. The Dutch pilot boat No 6 re
inained by h' rail the night. The captain and crew, on land
inu thlf morning, had to undercoa minute eruss-eiamtuiition
before the competent authorities, that being customary on
all such occasions, from which It has heroine manliest that
no fraudulent intent elUjgs to the occurrence, but the true
origin of the same has net been ascertained.
April 19?1The American ship Walter Sl ott has this after
DOon, et 12 30, sunk In the roads, while lying with twocables
in thirteen fathoms water. She burnt the whole nl-ht until
this moru'B^, between ten and eleven o'clock, when'it ait
pe.irs water got Into her, which !ti< reas>;d until about twel\e
o'clock, and the remainder of her hull became a v? ash with
the sea, from which moment her fate was decided: it was
evident she wo.lid not remain much longer nlloat' consc
quently nothing could be saved besides a t?w plates of me
tal which had been got off yesterday lute and durlnc the
early prrt of this morulng. The bowsprit bunging loose hv
her stem, which was higher out or the water tlinn the other
paits or the ship, she hove forward high, and then suddenly
sunk, st rn first. <llsap|<earlng almost instantly. The captain
and crew are still here, but It is expeeied they will In a Ipi?
da\s return home via Rotterdam.
NoRnK*, April 19?The crew and about 70M bags rice have
been saved ex Albert Cuirier. Kaynes, from itannoon for
Bremen, stranded near Spikeroog yesterday; and shonl't the
wind and weather remain favorable, hopes are entertained
of saving more. The ship lias ? feet of water In her hold
but the master still hopes to get her off, and has rur the pur'
pom ordered a steamer rnnn Breinerliaven. (Another re
port rrom Bremen, dated l!>th, says sho haa 16 feet of m-uti r
in her hold, and will be lost.) r
H10 <iUANPK, March 1A?The American brlgantlne E'iza
beth, Larss?-n, from st Hl?es, arrived here Vareh 13 In en
terlnn she struck several times heavily on the bar but is re
ported to have sustained no Injury therrrrom.
Kt Thomas, April 17?The ship Martha Whltmore, of Rich
rnond, Me, rrom Halilmore, bound to (Queenstown wt'li a
oantoof gram, haa arrived herein a leaky condition, careo
shitted; sh ? has a list of some live streaks on port side
and maklug six Inehes of water per hour In the hartvir'
Her car. o will be discharged. The whaling ship Lanesster
Is also here In a lesky condition. <Hy letter to Ellwood 11 ill
Es<), Seereiary of the Board of Underwriters). '
Hark Mary Sawyer, from Boston, before reported ovariiu?
at Aspinwall, had not arrived up ?o 25th tilt.
Notice to mariners.
(iRMcnroltT. May 5, l?82.
Editorof the IU:8it.D?In your Mane of Friday, 2.1 iuat,
1011 Mated that great Inconvenience wmcinncl by the F.ig
Ml on < *iill Imand not lieidg run*. 1 would state thut the
Hell Iihh been rung during the foggy freuther.
By inserting thin In vour paper von will do jnitloe to
' W W KEEVKI.I?htkeeper,UullI?land.
Arr at New Bedford 4th in?t., bark Pamella, Slocum, In
dian Ocean, Mauritius No*. 1.1, Ht Helena Mar. li .11, with 980
lit,In nil ana 80 do Wh oil on Nmrd. Sent home 186 bbl? ?|i
oil and 1,300 lb* '?o?. Report?, lelt at Ht Helena, nliip
Brun?wl<k. Baker, Dartmouth, 750 bbl* all told, apoke OIT do
about March 10, bark f-ea Breete, Weeks, NB, 50 ap.
Also arr 4th. bark Heine, Smith, Indian Ocean, via New
port with 2U0 bid* *p.
Cld 6th, iiark Ocean, (of 8andwich) Cornell, Atlantic
'Id"Sth-bark Black Eaale, Allen, Cumberland Inlet.
Arrat B lgart'iwn Sth inut, *hlp Splendid, Norton, from
Indian Oeean, 8t Helena Mareh 2, with 1M0 libla *n and i*)
do n h oil. Ha* been at anchor three day* in Tort Pond
harbor, Long Islaud, on account of thick fog and easterly
*Cid at Nantucket 2d, bark R L Baratow, Huaaey, Atlantic
?TTn??t. Helena March 18, *hlp Hover, Perkin*, N B, 750
bbl* *p oil on beard; bark Falcon. Braley, do, 500 i bU
do do.
Mpoken, A(i
Shin Balle of the Sea, Hlifubee, hence for San Franclam,
Mareh 14, lat 55 43 X. Ion 7t) 15.
Ship A?terlon, llurd, hence for San Prandaoo, March SI,
lat 57 25 8. Ion ff? 2*.
Ship Rambler, Oarleton. from Boeton for Ran Franclaco,
nil date, lat .VI SO H, Ion 81 ?,
Ship Victoria, hence via Faral for London, with Ion* of
malt*. April 19, lat 4830. Ion 9 10.
Bark D C Yeaton, trom Moulmeln for Falmouth, March 8.
lat 114 N, Ion 23 W.
Brig Albert!, henco for Cardenai, April 36, lat 33 35, Ion
"llrlg Tempest. McCobb, 9 day* from Portland for Havana,
Marl, on the N edge of the Gulf.
Schr^W^MIuer, trorn Cicuftirgo* for Cork, April 34, lat 38
3'klli" Kate Sargent, from Martguet for Boaton, April *9, lat
S3 20, Ion 73 40.
Schr J C Brook*, from Portland for Oardena*, April 39, Ut
Mfi?hr TriVinph, .of Olouccntor, a tee ring SE, was aeen April
38, lat 30 4*, ion 09 30.
Forelsn Porta.
AWTwunr, April 1H?Arr Atistide*. Kohlman, Philadelphia;
30th, Ad'ile,.CIan?*',n, NYurk; Australia, <>*?nlmw;cn, do.
Bid 2l*t, Samaritan, Bradley, London, Augustus, Bradbitra,
Boaton; Ofo Washington, Anderson. Norway.
Aqoiw, Haytl. April 14-In port *chr Forest Oak. Barnes,
'%Ri-Toint PI* rikpril 19?Arr Ocean, Klopper NTork (and'
15 Marchi-oka, April 9?Hid Leentjr, Haedmaker, NToik.
Brrv"* A??'t>, March II?Arr Saratoga, MaiMas, Cadlr;
S4th, Parann, Linamon, do; tohn Kerr, Hweetzcr. Clyde,
lid 8th, Neptune, Dress, NY.irn.
H mu, Match JJ?Sid Sir John Franklin, Despeauz, Liver
^Capm. April 8?Sid Saxon, Boddle, NYork; 10th, (bimbo
r. io, Mehan, Liverpool.
('oK?r.iNTii?ort.K, March 31?Sid A Bradnhaw, Pish, Dan
Cai.lao. April 1?Arr ship* John Bryant. Oardaer, Valpa
raiso tai.d alii 7th for Chluuhaa); 2d, A?yri-i, Delano. Bn*.
toiT, Whampoa, l.ong. (Iiincha* (and *ld Mh tor Spain i, Na
tl>.nal, Small. and Oelfthaven. Freete, do (and both aid 7lh
lor Spain). bark Wiluird, Alkinson. Buenos Ayre* (and aid
6th for Chtnchas): 7th, ships 0?etir, Crosby, Sunderland;
Sth, Suaan Hnwland, Ollteti, San Kran.isc, Santa Clans, Mop
kin*, t'hliv ha* (and *ld 12th for n<iiland).
hid April 1,'nhlpti.lo*Oih hrl*t, Carney, England;Southern
Right <. Knowlea, and rr>nceton, Wamark, Chiticba*; 4th,
Ui *e Blandish, llntehmga, do.
In purl April 14, shlpi Assyria, De'ano, Oncar, Crosby, and
Linda, I'avorln, disg; Mnaau Howland, Olllett, for Clrlncha
tlARriKii*, April 18?Arr bark Oeo Thome*. Regan, Port *
lan 1. 2Hh, ec'ir Or Kane, Rvder, do. Cld ltth, r\r? lonle,
8ulrhin?on, Porland; brlge Websltr Ke,tey. Ilea: an, Bo?
(&n; Uoliin, KiUtnann, Franktort; O F Urerey, Ba.ny, Lt?
""In't'ort about April 27, bark* Almoner, Lampher, for Pal
mouili, E, Idg; Young America, for BYork, do; Thomaa, for
I'hlln lelphia May 12. . , ? .
?'iH?n>r.oo?, April l!>?Arr brig Nama^ket. Knn'iar, St
ThonmajIfhr li U Knight, Howe*, Baftil trig Nellie.Viowe,
}'!!(', NYork
Obal, Aj-i ii 20?A?r Flying Cloud, Wiutor, China far Lob- |
don tod jroePeded); Slat, Umlauntod, London for Cai u?m
(and sld), 22d. Mirato, MYoafc lor London l atti uM
Paaaed by ;?M, Lo.nloa, Hurlbut, t'roin New York fo? I*.,,
Dunkirk, April 18?Arr Tb"s llayoe, Howell, NYork
Kai.ih.uth, April 21)?Arr Rival, Hatch, RauKoon 21at
Mary Bentlev, Bentley. Sa. ua.
Ghkinoik. April 20?Arr J P Wheeler, Gadd. NYark.
Gknoa, April 18?Arr 1 D Warner, Ryder, Cardii!, Hava.
na. Curl t, Cheater, E
Gi jira i.tak, April 15? Arr barkiiTraneit, Mlnot, Gno? foi
M . auij . UMinavian, t'arl?oii, Alexandria for Cork oi
Falmouth; Br brig Oeorglna, Intern. l'alermo for S York
la id .11 aid 17th); 17ih, ship Orion. Libby, Kaimouib, E, lot
G llua.
In pori llth, *hlp? Western ?' Iff, Wording, from Sunder'
land an HUi, ding;'lompt Ht. Wnltuey, f rom I'm I rixio. ari
11,1or Philadelphia, wimlbo ind; Frank Haynie, Randall, foi
Quebec tirsi East wind, eld: 0 D Merwin, Alerwlu, Irora
Marseilles for Cork, lias liuikhed relua lint', and will vail lirst
East wind; bark Siiiyrinue, We*'on, from Palermo for Boa?
ton. nrr 14th, an I loon btonm same day.
Wind Went 17th.
I!AHRL'BO, April IS?Sld Electric, Johannsen, NYork; New
Ed, II. In San Han ia-".
Havana, April 2^?Sld Hlup S R Mallory, Les'er, Tlarre;
I ar- Ai-oan, Cro-by, Vieufuogoa; 2utb, aljip Ocean Trarel
ler 8t in*, S.igua.
In |Kirt uliipx Colui.ibia, Roberta, nnd John 8 Harris.
H.irmou. lor Kalmoulh. E. Sebaatopol. A Id; Lion, Pirrott
Bamberg, Wllner, nUd Jolm x Albei t, Ryder, wig; l.arka W
A Banka, Baril x for Antwerp: Abbv mown, Wllaon, foi
llamnugg, Aiacla. Pink ham; New Emp re, Handel): II 1
Venu.iru, York:Toiwka. Cbaae. derm na.-, llovt; 8elo. Hum*'
Uulncy. Peter*: Win ? wh <1 Emerson; Trinity, Leaak; Bi
.lago, Buy, John Aril s. Wliliaiiie; llannab inornion,
Tarr; Horn Cluloid; iieo W Horou, S eeper, and Lucerne
(Cnnf. di, Oelpl, unc; brii;* B Smith (Br). McLellan, lol
NYork: Mecnanic, ;N Sii tson, Jr, I'lilniny; Redwood.
Melville; Harp, Smith; Luc, Ann, Waa?; Tbomaa Connor,
York; R S lla-Mtll, Haaaell: Edntn. Webber; Rio Grande.
Ore. nieaf; Denmark, S aulea; 1, T knight, Par*, and 1'ren
tl-? Hobng, Ellin, une: bi Iim Deli.ont, Olnn, lor Portland.
Fannie, Vance, for Philadelphia; Mary Wood, Hiield, do'
Filing Dra?on, llr 'en, lor Ship ,*laud; Paraxon, Hatch ;W
RHoraey, Clark; Ewlln . Y .rl , Aloert, Enckaon; Mindu
ra, S irgeut, and J B Litchlield, 'lirckeu, uuc.
I v -jirr., Maivb .ii-Ai -li arili March, Stowr*, Ttlw
rat o (and Hid 21st for "Molle"i.
Livkkpool, April 111?Ai, W bach, Thompaon, Santander,
Aui'U?tH, Erii h, Baltimore; inii, ^aranak, Rowland, Phlla<
delpnla; Columbia, Bijant. N i'o ;; Manulieatei-, 'i'raak, do,
C'leamr (Ki, do; Lawrence, Jubm n, do; Zlat, Ellwood Wal
ter, Chadwlck, do; w illi: n It th one, Prnti, d?>: Indian
Sueen, Ilodgkou, do;r in ?> vnd. mu do, WmTPapai-oti,
eil, do; Vanguard, Hal: it, u; Marian. Portland; H K
Spvarln.', Kogern, Bor leai , K illy St Pn rie, Wllaon, Oaf
cutla via oil tlie port of CI rl on. where ?l?e wan taken ai
a pi'Ue and recaptured (?< ne s columna).
Oil the port23d, Sliatei ,x. ivn.rd. Ilom Philadelphia.
Sld 2l?t, William Wilso., ?u?. n, Ca'luo; Uuaen, Jonea,
NYork; 23d, Neptune. Pi aboy, N>-w Yo' k.
Cld ltftli, Annawan, Mr.Nai NYo k; Ar. y, Wilson, do; J
? Eihott, Ha>nen. do; EiieaioKiiu, (lariick, do; 21at, laa
bellitC Join ', Wooilburn, Bi ilmore: M . .ubeam, Dow, Boa
ton; .lohn .1 Buyl, Tine una, ? Vork; Ni-ptune. Peabo.ly, do.
Ent out 19tb, K RobimtonJ oag, NYork; 21 at, Cit* of Boa.
ton, Senr<, on; Caatlne, Snjli, f":illao; Remlute, Freeman.
NYork; Mnanak, KowlaiidPnlladelpbia; Montgomery, Bell.
Rio Janeiro, Dione, Kak-a,iVork (eutered wtpril 2 for New
L?ttDON. April 19?Arr Jlmnne Wilhelmlne, Lawn, New
York; 21 hi , Eiuator, ill mil, anil E H Taylor, Lord, do;
Krignie Bird, Tbomj son, iurrachee; 23d, Marathun, Koaa,
C.d ltftli, C Grlnnell.Bsncer, NYork (and ?ld from Deal
21m): N Biiynion. MlllfProyid. nee via Shielda; 2l*t, Noon
uav, Henry. Bokioii ; Ifira Koidnu/a, Rand , h, tTaruld and
NYork; J W Sp?nrer,>'*ncer. Newcastle and Teneriire.
I.KiiiuniN. April li-fi'i' Sunn A Blaiadell, Eaton, Cardiff.
Sld 15ib. Marv Mi.ruiiA&a. NVork.
Mkmiika, April 7?* O 'o E l.etson, Mi-Phne, Genoa.
In port April 12, b*?Caml rnlge. Sparrow, and Revolt]*
tior, Webb, lor Boa#; brig George h Le*toii (Br), Mi t'bee,
for j York. SldW it,*'11 B" ley- NoyeR, Palermo to load foi
New York; 7th, N /York, Coop r, .N Yojk.
Maui.main. Feb P?rt kbip AUi ui, Chaae, for Eng
laud, ready.
Montkviiiko, 7?Arr Kate Merrill, Wicka, Cadiz (and
sld 10th for Buen/Ayroti).
Mikaooakk. A# 17?I" port schrAuatln, Kronsen, for
Boaton 4 days. T_ _ ....
Mata.nzas, Api^?U1 ?hip John Bunyan, Carver,
for Cork, Idg; b#* U D Brook nan. Br<>okmao : Hf Hues,
Nlckelg; John (ft'N Alexander, and Edwin, Patterson, for
do do; PhllenfWindow; S E ward Tibbetta; Indan
Belle Tannev ;/'?*. tUi oSHunt, W oiburv.an i J M
Thurs on, Gill*''"r NYork do; Yuinurl, Amlerson, for do,
ready, to nail i? <1m a. Albion Mneoln, Bibb~r; W Hol
hro k. Small, fi Island City, Robinam. for Portl nd, do;
Brunette, lla?<5r. Iu/Moaion, do: bri^* I'arri. t. Titcomb:
Olive, Mantip. *nd Tornado, Tibbetta, for Portland, do;
tvoton, Ed i? 1 or Brlaiol, do; Loch L .niond, Black. lor
NY'ork, do; p Sawy.-r. B wn.lon, lor Pbila l-lpu a. do;
acbra Samuarll,h, Da> la, from Key West, arr Kith, for Port
land, do; ti#>t?l, Orlflin, for Piiila iel, hia do.
OpiiRTo, Af' "?Air Fort una, B-rda, New Vork.
PoRTLAN^pr.l 20?Olf, yulckmep, Wade from London
P. tmui't)April 10?Off, Patrick Henry, from London t?
NplrLkf'uinfrr? 13?Arr W J Sa wyu, Leigh ton, Marseilles;
Aiibv Brar?d, FreoMn, Malta.
In nortJrtltf, bar^V olnnte er, Gorham, for Naplea to
load i>>r V York. Brd llth, brig Sparkling Sea. Munaou,
B1 hen, March 20?Sld Margaret. Ring, Paralba. ^
l'AMAMiApT'1 M??Arr ship Que.n of the East, Sehibyv,
NYork. n JOth. ateamnh p Gold?ii Age, Bailey, San Fran
cisco si l-.uojii T.i. ot Talbot, Calla.i.
Poh?j1'bii?c*. April 17?In port h irka Chantloleer.'Pot- ?
ter IrorflYork, di?g; PHot KUb. Bavagdiag; brlt: Billow,
for Moif. "* Sid 12th, ik-hr Joae.pu uriee, iionaitaa, la ?
load foToaton; 17th, Dark Gen Lumarr-, Boaton.
April 18?Arr Omega, Morao. Mrork (and
aid 2.!/or Dublin); Roaa Boit"iiur, Schultz, do; Edwin,
Cuba pid aid for the Clyde): 22d, Evadoe, NYork; Con
do. Sld21at, Peony, Foivler (from NYork), Dub
ipam, April 18?Old St Bernard, Derti*n. NYork .
t April l'i, barka S liurliiga (Duieh). Engleainan, for
St Brrnhard (Brem), lieetjen; Lucon;a i Dutch),
Mahi.de -Dan), 1'edeiaon, and Jaaou (NorW),
NRiJankiko. Majpli 12?Arr Janon, Denkrr, NYofk; 19th,
U m| Dodge, AflBer on,'Pb'a lel|ihla. Sld 13'h, undine,
Peuiu, New York. 23d, Danube Smith, Bali a.
AnttdoWlth, Washington, W-.lte, Baltimore. 811 21at,
Em fa* Then aa, Johiwon, Baltlin. re.
RiUR^Kfic, Feb 17?Arr Abotidro h. Pfeiff-r, New York;
18Mia B Cowperthwalle, Ro er<, M b 'n, March 3, Vi'laga
Bell? ugla*. It o Janeiro; Tboa De iil?ui. Hathaway, 8t
ITlK-il^th. Klizalx^th, Lirsaen . do (m-?' Miaeell
^Vri.VSi', April l?-81d Phllo. Pa..uen, NYork; 20th,
1 Sr*r'Anrd"Vo?Off, Wild Rover, Crowell, from hatavla
f "sT*'K'r,"N8W, Feb 16?Put In, Curlew, Chapman, from
Newnstle, NSW, for San Franolae, too oeeplv lad?*.
StHv-i-Ma- March |H?lu port ?hip Mainoluke, Porter,
fronCal' itta for London.
SrlHOms. April 17?In port ?hlp Mnrtha Whltmore, Pre.
bli', roni Uitnnoru for Queenatown, In dlatresa (aee MlWeel
^taC,?. Cuba, prev to April 27?Arr brig Marv Cobb,
Young, Harana, to load tor .New York.
ST H laCAprfl 2-'?No Am r. ?<el In port.
TttiNiDAL iVpril 11?Sld aciir Sybil (Br), Mulligan, NYork;
I7tli. brl:?ll-?eimta 11 r ?. do; Nathan, Ford, Philadelphia.
Valpakaio. March 21?Arr?. IpSusan l.Flt/a?-iaid,?.r. ? u.
Baluniore-.toih. -ai x Oi.ami'loii, Love. ind, Boaton; 2rtth,
ship Ka;e Hunter, Mekher, Sw .i.aea Sld 22d, bark Klo
ronoe, Ranlall, Cobija.
|1? R STKAMSHir Euirdoro?Tiik Latut. 1
Arr fr miNcw Yor .. Kran.e. in Kl.gr aid. I'alinetreet, rt
Queenstowi; S.r R Peel and B II ? o, to, o ran, at Liver
pool; Peon' ami Onieira. at Dub.In; Corn Linn, In < Ivne
Arr iro.uVlilladi lphia, Argo and Shatem c, at Liverpool;
Lord Brougiaui, In th.- Civ ?
American Porta.
BOSTOJf,Mav.V? Air ?U.|a .\ri Union, T.blie a, Cal u la;
(.In ou, Ci rlt?,'P..l roao; ttarri.-bur., ? i*?ell, h ? . jj.n -.MJ
link* Vrlir.a, Ntck< raon, M al'.a; I.yandr, lUrilmaii,
Cleufuegui; Am;, Hammond, Pltindelpma; iiu.di lug
Cavenne, H y-dAle, Snran aer a; biLa Santago, Hadley, Am
UajM, Bin. ?i the Wave, Biuipawi, Port an I'ninv; R k
inciiiim. Up'oa. Miriigoano; Pl-o, Burr. II, a?ina ve- v.a Port
Pali; Timed i Br), HoyuAqum, St Domingo; Lan?aroUi\
Harriman, Clenftieg ?; Rh l>i>..: Ui, M"rt n. do: Huuroldt.
Krviiiua, Rem. dim.; >c.ira Em ????, Cook iiiim: l uuvo
(Br), Mebuiaon, St Martina; N Holmea, II iviti. I'hll
phli; Elecirl- Ligb:, lluicbina.m, nil laaoc Hi 'li, I rowell,
Mo. O L Green, flob'r, do; Oovernor, Ch.iae, ni Himet
Sniiih, Ki'llcv. Bli*aiii'thi"?n; H I^aureiia, John* o, do;
lTnlnn, Hull, Rouilo'it; William Thonia-, Baker, Mai ten,
NY ; Albert. Birk?r, NY'ork. Princeaa, Lovell, no. In ;,i?
bay, bulk Stamfioal, from Smyrna. Ala- h ar.lp a id tb>*?
brig*. Cleared bark Irvine iBn, Chun hill London. \\h ling
liark Rotli clitld. Dtmmlck. Nouh Ailantic Ocean. i.rU*
Eimna. B.kcr. Philadelphia; Umpire, lliggin*, Car iena* ;
nchr Sarnh Hit ton, B nun, Port P.n. nailed, wind Kff,
bark- Jehu, Irrlnet brig Anna D Torrey.
BALTlMnKE. M?y 3 a 4? vr achra v S Be l*, lUrwi.od,
WI-ciM. t. Emma Amelia, Harding, Bo?!on. Cld m lira A na
ron (Br). L??ke. Halifax; 8tat aman, llalncv, N. w York;
Caroline C 8mltli, SBilth, Pot t Morn*. NY. Sid alilp Alb rt
(I'.iciru, kliimp, Hriuivii, Br bi ig Uel. u Jane, Brown, Ua
BANilOR, MayS?Cld achr Juno, Smith, Nrw York.
BATII, May 2?hrlg A 0 Merryriian. Ciray, Tmingaa.
BRISTOL. May 4?Arr fWp Wm 11 B (Wen, Br ?ilierton.
New York; 6th, achr Entire. Kin .it, K i-ni> iii|ort; al.n p
Rhode I?laml, Remington, NY'nrk lor Provldenc .
CHATH\M, M iv ft-?P.i-ed by, aehr Jul.a Ann, Harding,
from Turks I* and* lor Hoaton.
ELI7.AHETlli ORT. May A?CM brig William Crawfr.rd,
Fa k?. Bo-inn; achr* Wm Penn, II l-e, N w Ha.en. Sea
Piuwer, Clark, dp; Roger Parmelee, Mar o*. Bandit I b; New
Regnlua, Hall, Providence; Flnrlla, Kelly, Bikuo, al<a>pa
J no Jay, Wood, Newbnrg. Waap, Nash, Bridgeport
KAIL RIvER, May 2?Bid achr* o ..-V Stone, John
?0n, Phlladeltili a; Tnna W Thome, Davie, N"W York.
4ih?Arr nenr* Cornelia. Maekey, EU/aoetliport; >1. op Nep
tune, Havia, do; Ath, achra Minerva, JeUeraon, I'huaUelpliia;
Rleharh B .ril n. Arnold, Ellzabethport. Denmark. B. gn
man, do; Sila* Wright. Seaman, do. aloop III Borden Col
lma. N?w York. Slil 6ih, H'nn Commodore, Brown, Phila
delphla; Jamea A Samuel, Hart, Near York.
HABTHIRD, MayS?Ajr jol.r Kreneea Decker, Watroua,
New York, aloop K .*< Warner, Ulieney, do Sid 2.1 aebra J ?
Cnrtla. Clark, M B Iienlanii, Soutnu!? k K Br.nnerd, Buell:
A (t Varan!, Latimer, and SierlliiK, Ely, N York
MYSTIC, Ct, May ft-Arr ?rhr? s N SI.a dlek. Arnold.
Philadelphia, H nry Lemuel, VeUer, Klikabeihport, Royal
Oak, Benaon, NYork.
NEW HEliHiKli. Mav4?Arr aehra David ?J Flovd. Wig
gin, Philade plila; sar.m McDnnalil. Kelley, New York j M6.
Ann B Salter, n?b, do. Si I 4th, ai-hr M II Read, Keil .y.
NVork. Cld ?th, liark (late alilui Un. aa (of Boat. n, late of
New Bedford) lte?ae, Calala, Me, to laad for L?n omlerir.
NEW IIAYEN. May ft?Air brig B L 8wan, P.r?u.? Bt
Crolk; achra Caroline. Rog>T?; T II Thompson, Hokee,
laniuil to Boaton; Baltimore, Blair; J >'Wa.iliuu. Sina.l, I
Merritt, llnghwin, and Vinella, Lane, Bll'a >ein|*trt; I'a.la
dlum. Brown, Amboy. Uertrude, Uilla; Eliia 8. Jonea, and
J M tfhapman. Warren, NYork.
Pllll.ADKLPIIlA, May A-Arr. hark El Plmkney. Rio
de Janeiro, brbti Anglo Salon, 8cli> nek, Meaalna, Baimuck.
Johnion, Palermo; 8 U Troup, MtC'tellan, Windvrr, N 8;
Loango, Evana, 8'J ago de Cuba Trin<iei*n, Kaer, Negnlj
Laureite. Brown, Cardeiiaa; J Men., We|U. 8e.igwirk, Mef
achra Matt Kenny, Ogler, Canenaa; Jamea 8atienk?aliet
Maloy. dn, Marcia, Munm, Boston. L 8 Lereiing, Coiaon,
do; K W Pratt. Nickaraon, do; A Ttrrall, II a.ina, do;
Joaeph Turner, Crowell, do; Jonn B Mather, N ekera. a,
do. Jaa Lo;an. Sm Hi, S lem; Annie Hlbbon, BuuhI, do;
Hairli t Rgan, Staple*, Taunton; 8 LCrocker, P esb.iry. do;
C A Sii'taiin, Rich, Ulouoaiter via Prorlnretown; Mars.
Rogera, NYork; Carthagnua, Kelly, NBe.lfuiil. B- low, ba.'k
Coreal, irom Meaaitia, aud arhr Coernlaa, from Rio Janeiro
via St Thoma* Cleared, ahlM R L lAoa. Bryer, Liverp... l;
Zered, McUonagle, Londonderry; barka Powhatan, Litn4?
Ship lalM.1.; Alex HeNiel, Somt r*, Belfaat Floren.-e, Tore.
Cienfuegoat brig J Meana, Walla, Ba>t Ro?t?n; ahraL ?
L verlnt,. Coraon, Boit'.n. A t'ardarj, Hab o k, Salem; Jai
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Tork. SI I b.ii * Liwr nre;b ig< Cl.iM ElU-u, l.\?.? (from
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