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twirwn, h*T?oow au t Ion's gratitude and applause. I
congratulate you ami your command on your great sjo
cesa lu l?av i: g contributed so largely toward* destroying
the unity ?t lli* rebollion ami In restoring again to the
protection or the national government and the nation il
;ia^ the Important city of th* Mississippi Val*
*f and *<> larg* a portion of its lmme>
Jlat* dei-^ndauciea. Your example and its success
ful r**ulU, though attended with acme wioriliceof He,
autl \u*? ?! slup-t inculcate th* fuel that the tlrst duty of
? oominamior In war Is to take groat risks Tor the ocoom
yli*hna*iit o: gr*at ends. On* ami all, officers and men,
iMvrv* well 01 their country. I am, re? tactfully, your
?badi*nt aervant, GIDEON WKli.ia.
To Flag Officer t). G. Farrm.tt, Commanding Gulf
Blookad!i?e Squadron, Vew Orleans.
Tli* following officers Lave beeuuid*r*d to report to
'Captain ixirnln, commanding Ualtlmor* station, for duty
on boarn th* gunboat Paul Jonea:?Lieutenant E. 1'. Wil.
haws;Acting Masters C.G. Loring, W. W. Mes?*r,Jr.,
John B. Oruiond.
Lieutenant N. B. Harrison, detached from th* command
?f the Cayuga, to report to King Officer Gold*borough on
Ik* 90th, for the command of th* gunboat Nebraska.
Lieutenant Abuer Heed, detached from the command
tftb* N*w London, to report to Flag Officer Farragut for
tha?ommaud of the Cayuga.
R. Frank Cook, from Philadelphia, promoted to Acting
Acting Master's Mate William L. Babcock, of the W*st
Aald, it appointed Acting Mooter, to report to Flag Officer
Li**ten*nt Edward A. Barrett is ordered to th? United
states steamer Connecticut.
HcligUiu Intelligence*
Rev. Dr. Van Nisi is expected to preach lu the church
la FiftlelL street, betuesn Sovooth and Eighth aveuuer,
this morning. Her F W. Graves will preach in (lie
afternoon Services commence at half-past tun o'clcick
ia the morning, and at half pa-1 three o'clock In tho
Rev. Sldut-y A Corey will preach in the stone church
(Twenty eighth street, near Broadway) this afternoon,
at bair-past tlireo o'clock, and in the evening at half,
put seven o'clock.
in the Second Universalis! church,Eleventh street,
near Second avenue, Itov. G. T. Flanders, pastor, the
ast discourse of thi series concerning tbe "Devil" will
delivered this evening, at half-past seven oclock.
Subject?"The Dostiny of the Devil."
"The Second Corniug of Christ to Judge the Wot Itl,
?about 1864 89, and the Ensuing Millennial, (mo
Theussnd Years." A lecture ti[>or. this, at lecture room
20, Cooper Institute, this evening, at half-past seven
o'eiock, by Kev. M. Baxter, Kpiscipal minister.
Father I lesson will proach in the I.aight street Baptist
church, at thru- o'clock thin afternoon. Lavooqua,
he Indian .lonuy Lind, will sing appropriate pioces for
the occasion.
In the Ileddiug Methodist Episcopal church. Fast
Seventeenth atreet, north side, between First and .Second
jvenuan, uear Stuyvesant Park. Doctor Abel Steven*,
pastor. will preach at half-past ten o'clock, and iuliie
?veiling at ball-past seven o'clock.
Rev. Mr. Frothingham will, by urgent request, repeat
his flutter sermon on tho "Four Resurrections of
'Ihrtst," this morning, at Ebbitt Hall, N'u. 55 West
rhirty third stre. t. Service ?? at half-past ten o'clock.
In the Memorial church, Hammond street, oornerof
Waverlej plsco, the Rev. F. 8. Wiley, rector or Christ
:hurch, will prea'-h this evening. Services at half past
(en o'clock , and half-pant seven o'clock.
In the Calvary Baptist church, West Twenty-third
street, bet.veen Fifth and Sixth avonues, service at half
paxt ten o'clock. Sermon by Dr. Gillotte. p.n?i.?>r, on
?'Divine Worship Due to Jesua." At four o'clock, sorinon
oe "The Soul Immortal."
In the rhribtlan chapel, Seventeenth street, nuar Sixth
avenue, services at half-pu?t ten o'clock A.M. and a
quarter to eight o'clock P.M. Elder D. S. Burnet, of
Cincinnati, will preach in the morning, and LrbanC.
Brewer, the pastor, In the evening. Subject, evening?
" The Christian Soldier."
In the l'ree Mub;<? church,rerner of Madiaou and
Oeuverr.etir streets, under the care of the Kev. Dr. Har
denburgh, morning service at half-put ten o'clock. The
Itev. R. I*. Hitchcock, D. D., may be expccted to preacli
iu the evening. Services at half-past seven o'clock*.
lathe Fifth avenue Rapii;it church, eorner of Forty
sixth street, Rev. J. W. Bonham will preach ia the
morning on " The Resurrection of the Dead;'' In the
afternoon, at three e'elock.ue " The Loss of the Soul,*'
and in the evening, at half post seven o'clock, will de
liver an address to the Sabbath school teachers.
Divine aervioe in the Swedish language will be held ?t
three o'clock P. M. by the Rev. Mr. Govrenius. chaplain
ef the Swedish frigate Norrkopinp, at St. Matthew's
stturcb, in Walker stmt, near Broadway.
Ia tbe Hleecker street rniversalist church, subject
'/er this inoru ag?" A Good l.lfe and the Pay for It.' In
tbe evening, by special request, "Tbe Duty of Forgive
sees,'' by Rev. Moses Rallou.
? Abraham, the Trial ef Faith.'' P.ev. I. 3. Kalloch
will preach on ibis subject, this evening, in I/tight atreet
ahurcb, corner of Laigbt an<l Varirk streets. Subject
for the morning?'? The Poor have the Gospel l'reacbed
to Them."
In the Church of the Good Shepherd, Fifty-fourth
street, betweeu Second andlh.nl nvenuea, Rev. Ralph
Hoyt, rector, ser\ Ice at half past tea o'clock A. M., and
half-put three o'clock P. H.
In the ( hurch of tbe Resurrection (Protestant tpiaca
P?>). north side of Thirty-fifth street and east of Sixth
avenue, divine service at half-past ten o'clock A.M.,
and hair past seven o'clock P. M The re<-ior,Rev. K.
O. Flagg, will preach morning and evening.
"Aad lie took him by the hand and lifted hint up.''
William Alvin Burtlett will (reach lrom the above text
thi* evening, in tbe Brooklyn Tabernacle, Services at
half put ten A. M. and a quarter to eight P. M.
"A Good Time; or, the Supposed l"lea*ure? of Di'tipa
tiea." Rev. E. G. Brooks win repeat bis discourse on
this subject, at the Twentieth atreet rnlver?alistchur< h,
Mtween Sixth and Seventh avenues, this afternoon, at
hall-put three o'clock. fcermoa in the morning on
"Heart Power."
A public meeting wtM be held this evening, at tbe
Fifth avenue Presbyterian church, corner of Nineteenth
atreet (Rev. Dr. Rice'a), to aid In the supply of the aruiy
aad navy with religious reading, through tbe agency of
the Preabylerian Board of Publication. Rev. Dr. Potts
will pres.ue, and addresses will be made by a represent*,
ttve of the liuani and by Rev. t?ri. Hire and Kreba.
Mrs. Cora I.. ?. Hatch will hold a matinee converts
tiouale at l<odworth's IUU, MX Preedwey, this morning,
at hair-past ten, and In the evening at halfpa*t seven
-e'cloek. .inject?1" Life and tenth."
The Rev H. J. Morten, sector of to. James' Chunk,
Phlladelph a, has been Invited to deliver a sermon for
the benefit of the House of Mercy, Mew Turk, and noma
for Friaodleu Girls. The Rev. Dr. Tyng baa pieced bis
pnlplt at tha 41 ?fo*al ef tbe aeasmtttee for this evening,
at eight o rlork, in St. George ? Cnuich, corner of 8?eond
avenue and sixteenth street
An army meeting will be I* 1<1 this eveuicg, in the Re
formed Dntch church, la Thlrty-aurtb atreet, between
Eighth and Ninth avowee, Rev. Mr. ?tiyker pa*tor. He
will praaide and conduct the services, commencing at
half-peat seven P. M. SUten ente by tbe agent and ad
dresses may be expected from Rev. Mr. Duryea, one of
tha putors of the Cotlefiatecbunh. and ethers of emi
nent ability.
On Thmadajr, May 8, the children of fit. .Icfeptr*
?chool, in itoy etreet, under the <?re of the Sisfeii? of
Chanty, t<> the number ?r two hundred, made (heir ftrnt
comraun on <n th? church of the Miue name. l'hey
formed u procMMun M the school, and walked to lb*
church, ??r?s<t?(i in wh?t* and were accompanied by fTic
Children of Mury, die* *?>' n their uniform ol bine and
white. I hey |.i ?>H?iiHd a Ma-iMful appearanrc- their
yo'ituj bf?rik a? pare m when regenwrated by the waiert
?>r l?apVi-i... Alter die bene?io.lion of the BleMed Cnora
?lent, winch took place unme.ilately alter IBMV, ilwy re
ceived Mie Scapular*-. When the ?\nrci.-e.? were all
Bniehed ? to,.c,hiug a<ldrcg-> to tbe Blex-nd Vlrglu Was
reed by one ol 1he Children of Mary, named Mar/ Jack
l)les?i<em Fire iu Tr?y?l.oe* nt Leaet
Two Mllltone.
Iiijiy, May 10,1*63
T>e Ful'on Ilouae, I nier Hc i'#, An>etican Itouae,
W.mhmgtoo Hall, an?l a numb r of other public build
itread/ be< n d??tro/*d. Tie lire extends
north |o Jacob ?ire?t, emith ioi ongima and east to the
?i.ter limit** of the < Itj , and m #( ill?three o'clock ?
i.-in.; with tiuabaterf fury Tbi fcind isblowiuga gale.
Albmy Vire department ere lift:*, doinjj alt that c?n
fee JOi i The !pt inu-i b^mnn<tt*e
The b itidtn#.? i>elow Fulton itreet. on Ri?er I ir?t
Second and Third streets, and below Congress street, ara
safe The whoie of Ida bill la said to be in ll.imaa.
Among the buildings destn ycd are the Fifth and Sixth
?treat churches, Johnson's block and Gurley's mathe
matical Works. The liro spread* no rapidly that but
tilt'* pro[?rty cu be saved. One quaiter of tho city has
alreidy been destroyed, tuvolvirg a l"ss of at least two
millions. It if ceitain that some lives have b^en lost,
and rumor places tho nfiuiber at ten to fifteen. The fire
is ktill racing Uercely, and buildings aie uow bt\ng
blown up.
Additional Name* of the Killed, Wound
ed and Missing.
Bai.Timo.iK, May 10,1802.
The steamer Commodore, from Yorktown, is now iu
the harbor, with between six hundred uud seven hun
dred siclc and wounded soldiers, who will go into the
hospitals hers.
Annexed is ? list of killed, wouuded and missing in tho
battle of Williamsburg. All those not otherwise desig
nated ore privates.
1?Capt. W. H. Bugbee. 39?Michl OConnelL
8?Capt. John Mitchell. 40?K. S. Belknap.
3?Capt. Jacob Bruner. 41?James Bragg.
4?Capt. H. R. O'Keillejr. 42? M. F. Knapp.
6?I ieut. Frank H.Nelson
8?Lieut W. Milller.
7?2d l.U'ut. Wm. H. KlI
8?2d Lieut. II. nayuor.
9?Sergt. J. K. V. Hull ten.
10?Sergt. Kobort Harvey.
11?Sergt. Aug. Cook.
12?S?rgt. Kd. Buriejr.
13?<ergt. J. W. Wooeter.
14?Sergt. John O'l^ary.
16?Sergt. Wm. P. Finitijr.
16?Corp. Jos. Winters.
17?Corp. Chas. (.ankle.
18?Corp. ("has. Byerton.
19?Corp. Aird. 0. l'arker.
20?Corp. Iiy. Bralo.
21 ?Corp. K. F. Moore.
22?Corp. 1). C. W. Young.
2."??;orp. W. R. Mill*
24?Corp. John Beck.
?las. MrGee.
28?Michl Kirk.
27?Anion Stingier.
?Jx?John Tracy.
Sit?Wm. liowaid.
yC?' irwin C. Knapp.
31?John Davy.
32?Matthew McCann.
31'?W. A. Wicker.
.14? it tin Kiley.
85?Simon M. Henoe.
3C?lona Hilton.
37?H?nry Ris.=lck.
88?-Michl Ityan.
48?!). Leonard.
44?Henry Smith.
46?Henry Beck man.
48?Joseph Frith.
47?Patrick Murphy.
4K?Thomas Harrington.
49?('lias. Ditigeu.
60?Francis Tone.
61?Peter Parolitie.
62?John McM 'leu.
63?Jos. Walker
64?David Hailowell.
66?T. liruon.
66?Wiu. Cooke.
67?Alfrod I'arnum.
68?.tames Me Mann.
6C?Byron Walworth.
60?J. C. Wing'it.
61?I'M. Kennedy.
62?Chas. H. Fuller
#3?W. H. Strickles.
04?Thug. HallOiselL
85?I. Iiergon.
86?Jacob Ne?s.
67?1. C. Ijsrl.
65?Fred Kali.
69?Ino. R Hearing, '
70?li sse Keip"iiger.
71?lie ry Llleweiller.
72?Micli iui McTaigue.
73?Alphe s Laiinmrt.
74?i Ames 1 tunning.
76?John Whitfora.
70-?-Fred Cain.
77?Victor Oastna.
1?Col. )>vfij,ht, severely. 70?Thos. Allen.
2?Lieut. Col. Farnum,
0?Capt. Daniel Mshen.
4?Capt. ?Comertord.
5?Captain J. McCanby.
6?1st I.ieut. C. F. I lodge.
7?1st Lieut 13. W. lloxin.
8?1st Lieut. Phil. Miles,
9?Lieut, ti. 1'. Stevens.
10? Lieut, fioo. Koblusou.
11?Lieut. J. F. Denzortou.
12?Lieut. Hen. Edlesson.
13?Act 'glJeut.S. W.Howe.
J4?lht Sergt. A. Belcher.
1 j?Sergt. Job. W. Craw.
1G?Sergt. II. B. Myers.
17?-ergt. J. Stoveuson.
18?Se:g'. srtnil. Kolly.
19?Sergt. John Sheridan.
2u_S?rgeant John Oirrie.
2]?-'orgt. Ale.v. Hicrtt.
22?(or)ioral JameF I .owe.
2.f?Corporal J. Coakley.
?24?i 'orp. J Harvey.
126?Corp. 1). B. l'rice.
26?Corp. Alex. Harrison.
27?< ir,i.WilsvnI..I>ri me.
SS?1Corp. W.H.Wilkinson.
?2f?Corp. .Ino. Franklin.
.80?Corp. S. Craft.
31?V.L. Aflbrvitel.
j.;2?J. Kowau.
|.'-3?A. Bolan.
84?J. Davenport.
35?1>. Clarke.
:;6?Wm. 11. Il ise
37?li. Howard.
38?J. C. T' fTe'jy.
39?J. Westervelt.
40?Wm (instable.
42?Robt. M' Kiu/by.
43?Hiram Snxtou.
44?Flw. Branch.
45?Ira i'utnaiii
40?Mark Worthing^
47?I>e\ter ?. Patrick.
43?Avenll J. Houndjr.
4ti?John M. Smith.
Mi?Anthony Fjnerlio^.
61?Moses M?bee.
62?Fred, liatfteld.
M?Tlios. Mifard.
;,4?John Clarke.
.Vi. Javer Fountain.
iwU-Feter Sbelton.
67?riirislian Uight.
?August l'ro*t
59?James Sull van.
6<j?Wm. MeKailand.
61? lo.epli MfliS.
62 -F. n. Flick.
63?rennls FMvey.
64?Ceorge W. Meade.
85?.i.icob Keurig.
68?-WIO. Webber.
67?V'm Russell.
65?Rudolph Krauk.
69?i ha*, rf. Cockell.
1?Jno. Campbell.
72?i hos. Dardis.
73?J. Montgomery.
74?D. M. Riissull.
76? Ji.mes Swec-ney.
76?K. Kmibow.
77?Juo. Buck.
78?Morgan Sutton.
79?James S[iahr.
80?Kobt. MoClrtlMJd,
81?F. H. Smith.
82?Tb w. Kvans.
8'!?.lames F-'lton.
84?James Uyiand.
85?Alex. White.
86? Tim Sullwan.
87?t'.oo. Smith.
gS?Kugene McCarthy
80?Vi.g. Wul^er.
90?Pen.). Turner.
91?Cba?. Bitrpess.
92?Philip < ulinlian
#3?lame- Calrteld.
94?J ,ge|?b Johnson.
t?5 -Wm. Wakeliold.
98?John Beldeu.
<J7?J. II' arrnhnrd,
Dfr- t. Kitcheil.
?,|. >1. 1'ouse.
l'j<i? .liiiaos l ath. art.
101 -4ioo. Heh.ird.
10!i?John Booelph.
108?C. HHliard.
104?S. M. Lewis.
105?lliomah Murphy.
108?J' hn QniuD.
107?J. <>. Kowmoratz.
10S?;,eo. Warreu.
109?lames Haley.
110? -Tim Kierdon.
111?J< re K. Coi'hran.
112?John 1 .oltus.
113?Dan). Millaae.
114?< lia-? titnsier.
ll.'i?John llatumell.
116?David Hitchcock.
117?Wm. Sarles.
lis?lohn I'sngburn*.
119?J. ("legg.
120?Peter Irvine.
121?J. Mark ham.
122?J. I*.-lor.
lZ.i?Mnrtiu Itigby.
124?A. C. Strickler.
13ft?N. F. Fountain.
It6? 1'iios, l;irkin.
127?Robt. Marin*.
128?D. H. Mead.
129? Chan. Boss.
180?Wm. .Sergeant.
131?Will. Law.
182?J. V. MeHanly.
134?Wa McKean.
13'?Pwrlck Murray.
138??'ha-', lib ling.
137?Ino. MoCarty.
138?T. Scouless.
I?Corporal P. M. FwiO, I'i?1<\ i (><>laon.
fj?Mkhaal Met; rath.
20?Illutuati (iorby.
21?Jmue* Curpenttr.
22?l ewis Smith.
23?..uolpU Valuer.
24?William Ttimby.
tit?James Mulvaney.
26?l.eonard Millar.
ST?William KIkIod.
25?Ridiert JUrrixm.
29?William Couklin.
30?llichard Ilnya.
31?Wiu. It. O'Conual],
32?Si lux Saunders.
38?Port?r McCbau.
34?David Adamr
35?1 hyma.'! Smiili.
?J. Aptiflald.
4?A. T. Campbell.
ft?K. Corrigan.
t?J. (.ivanaoli.
7?T. IkmaUue.
8?Ti?. Polan.
9? I. Ilaasell.
In? i. Hammond.
11?J. Hi^gin*.
13?C. lyfter.
14?J. MoOovarn.
16?E. Tilly.
18?T. Wiiiiun.
17?Juhu Acton (bugUr).
lb?Henry Stringburg.
KJLI ?!>.
1?r?pi. Parw.n Willard. 10?Allien Chno?.
11?Prank Ruhanlsom
12?Jan.? Met*.
13?David I'mmona,
14?Matinw Ka?au.
16?Nelson Campbell,
lfl?Charles Myer?.
17?Mm Meehau.
1"?Math. Henry,"
Mtiirice Hruekey*.
1?Lt. 3. B*il?y, ger!eu?Iy. 13?^am.iel lord.
2? Lieut. Eii. Harnett, #e- 14?<. J lmder.
?e oly. lfl?G. W. Darts.
3?Cayt. 0'e<? Rrectmek, 16- H. W. Myers.
?everely. 17?J. W. flale.
4?"erg. Henry Brown, 18?l.uther Howard
6? serj;. Charl'e* ritachlln. 19?. S. Hnatol.
C-Scrt. Cba*. tli'rroldC 20?Tdoti. B. s-tauyler,
" ---? 21?It. A. Griffith.
21?John Parklne.
2 t? ? ? lie Monro*.
24?Henry Manna.
26?Chrl*. i)nlnn.
2*?A. J. Suyder.
2?ttorg. 1). E. H. 1'arkln.
3?K Kroderirk.
o?Jean Becker
6?Owen Mel tor molt.
7?Richard Iamb.
8?C.ru# Adan.i.
9? Ellsha llo/ie:.
Co.'poralJ. I'ftcreoos
8?Corpora' A. Ban.
U?August Phillip*.
10?tobi) Meyers
11?Ifetny Rndep?b
12? William Osiwra.
31?rdwam' Hopkins.
{<2?John I.. Cornell.
."Ml?John Colt >r
.14?<}?'" IVr-M,.
Hi?lieo. Amler on.
3#? V. I>. AWuUll.
07?Peter J.
3S?fen lord P. i uglunil.
8ft-W? i-ii in tell.
40?John IN ditif.
41?Wendell W ebber.
42?Patrick Ryaa.
11. Pratt.
44?Daniel Mulling.
40?John Wiggins.
40?Henry 1'rough t.
*7?llugh fappina.
48 Jam** Kit/worth.
49? Benjamin K. Horto*.
60?Geo. Newman.
*1?John Ili ad t.
62?Ha'-nard MrQtiin.
48?Robert (trai n.
M?'lbo*. C. Unit.
66? Charka Itrwthorn.
60?Timothy llnckly.
#7?V. Muoeeay.
btv?MUihaei Smith.
8#?lohu K. Pardee.
1?Lieut Joliu J. ? iaaa.
j?i.io'il Heat. I'. Kear.ta.
2?Sergeant IXiiwu Okrr.
4?Se geanf C. H. Potter.
6? Sa geeiitT. D"nn)ape
tt_ror|?iral Hugh Hater.
7?Orpora^ J. P. dtnltU.
8?Oi'poml D. Kaonlgan.
9?Corporal T. Power*,
Itl?To-pural M. Langi ti.
H?Corporal John Mullant.
U?.iftixee Gardiner.
M?Watfon M. (Atdlow.
?Thome* Hymen.
13?Francl? ?*av?n.
lti?Patrick l.ogan.
17?'???? Kre?*.
Id? M:?'h?el Smith.
19?Daulei fabey.
'in?John M. 1/>wi?.
21 -Henry tiiirrin.
22 -I'a'.nek Hrennan.
?1 -^laoob H. Phmi.
24?Cbarlaa Walah.
26_,ln>ne? T. Hf.'"ljr
SH?lamea M^Cab*.
27?i'lvjoiaa Cat'litM.
26?Wiu. Walsh
29?Wtn. Haakma
3g_ peter Goimnn.
1?Capt. John F?eriy, mor- 13?John Mom ton
tally. 14?John O. .inlliyau,
2?3eivaant D. P. Hnrdy. 11V?John Solliran.
3?Corporal Wm. J. SUaip lfl?"eler Clark.
4?John MrUitghllQ. 17?Charles Travn.
6?,iohn I.< a. 18? Harney Uannon.
0?Jamo*(liil. 19?.lame* Peloher.
7?Ubrislophar W. WilMB. 20?ChirlcK Adaun.
8?Kraacla W. Ward. 21?Jarnoi Eae.
9^-John II. Iflka 22?William D. Monlt.
10?Adolpb Sbeppard. 2-J--M \iliaw Pinnigan.
11?Aiulren I* ldy, nange 24?Mieh>icl Hanlr.
rouely 25?Vrani is Kenny.
12?Robert M'jDMnall. 26?John Oairan.
1?M. Col. I. Roadi. t, Jr., 4?.Top. Hysolp, priaoo?f
prisoner. 8?W Me.Permott.prtaoner
2?fgt W Fnrroll.prlsoimr. 6?Tbos Jnuo*, j'riaoner
:i?W. Hamuan. priaoaor.
!?'terfceaut John Button. 26?TsaaeC. Bailey.
2?Sergeant B. Jordan
0?1st Sorgt. F M. Brown.
4?Sergeant H. Du Bois.
ft?Sergeant John Hom?r.
ti?^erge.uit J. Kichanmnu.
7?cergt. Proctor A. Ruler.
8?Herneaut J. V. .Smith.
0?Curl* ml .1. Iltx-kiitr.
10?t'orporal .las. K. Burn*.
11?W. riprlit.
13?Henry I'hillipins.
14?(banes Emery
15?Clmrlfs i hrund lea.
16? Pat K? nnedy.
17?John Dy er.
IS?P?t.H. McGinley.
19?W. Mcti'loi u.
20?James Dougherty.
21?James Bruce.
22?Jacob Seymour.
23?Isaac E. Mulligan.
24?Francis X. Stevens.
20?11. Husking.
1?Capt. G. H. Quarter
man, slightly.
2?Second Lieut. Purdy.
U?2d Lieut. I!e Sour.'lie.
4?Corperal Charles Linn.
6?Corporal Ledriff.
6?JflfaoralJohn Towers.
7?(UVM Irvin Bell.
8?JohnS. Verner.
0?Samuel McKarland.
I 10?I#wis Flmuclc.
| 11?Kred. gehroeder.
\ 12? Wm. Schmiitt.
1.1?James Ronself.
14?Thomas Trainer.
16?Matt. Kern*.
16?Morris Hawaii.
17?John (J. Keocb.
15?M!>ert Bird.
19?Oliver l>. Suddea
2n?W. U. Fleming.
27?F. Cameron.
2*?Sam I. I leville.
2H?Thou McKady.
30?Jan. I'. Smith.
31?Thomas ? rooker.
#2?Albert Bead.
S>3?Martin Nix.
34?lob. H. Ilo.igea.
US?J. 8. Dangler.
30?Caleb March.
87?T. W. Ryan.
38?< ban. Khlnefeldt,
39?Sohn SuoemuWer.
40?Abner Space.
41?(ioorge Dwyer.
42?Kebt. You mans.
43?Joseph Jefferson.
44?Danl. Zindle.
4o?Edward Maginnia
46?D. McCovern.
47?John (Mlell.
4#? Win. Shaw.
49?Henry I award.
22?A. W. Smith.
23?Jas.G . Smith.
24?John W. Baker.
25?J. N. Littlefleld.
24?W. Uughiin.
27?Thomas Ferrie.
2H?Peter Sullivan,
29?John Alligar.
30?Wm. Bostwick.
31?James tiormley.
32?Thomas Booney.
33?Win. Baker.
34?Kdward McLevy;
35?Haul. Williams.
30?Kt>ene/er Lewi*.
37?(Jeo. Cadmus.
38?Sain. Cady.
30?B. Dedroot.
40?Wui. F. Young.
41?9. Iliseook.
42?11. ?. Vilas.
43?K. 14. Piersoii.
21?A. K. ruoyn.
1?Capt. I'ewitt.
2?21 Liet. Sharpe.
? S?<'or|). Moraa.
4? I lay.
6? Car man.
. ? worNmeo.
1?(.'itpt.Pernio tt, slightly, 3I?Hintnaa.
in rijfht arm. 32?llollal.au.
2?favt. Dwyer. 33?M-Dvitt.
3?(apt. trunk. 34?Wright.
4?1st Lieut. Watson. 35?D. Heeler,
6?2d Lieut. Scott. 36?McNiel.
6?2d Lieut. Miller, left 87?O'Niel.
arm auiputatod. 38?McGaun.
7?1st Sergt. I'. A. Hog an. 39?Kuilortco.
8?1st Ser?t. Moran.
tf?Sergt. M.illoy.
10?fc'ergt. Cox.
11?Corp. M&ckey.
12?Corp. Uaby.
22?Sain PSoQ
23? Pine.
28?H. A. M.
59?Coy or.
an Amur ario.v.
Officers killed 2
Ollicers wounded 6
Men killed 11
Men wounded .6 )
Total ? 74
I would state that this i eminent wuh at '?<e battle of
Bu'd run, and lost one hundred and twenty-eight in kill
ed, wounded and prisoners of war.
J. WABT>, Adjutant.
'ei,tenant II. K. Saier.
1?Col. Starr, slightly. 6?Ueut. K. A. Artott, se
2?Adj. V. M llealey .shot verely.
In the arm. 3?Captain E. C. Helper,
4?I.t.C.A. Angel,severely slightly.
Lieutenant J. Henry Johnson.
1?I.t. Col. K. A. (aruian. 4?M. Daniel ft. BuriHL
2?Capt. L. I). Sims. 6? llenry A. Cor>on
3?l.t. Thos. C. Thompson. 6?James M. Brown.
1?Mai. Peter M. Byerson 2?Lieut. A. F.^uller.
1?Col. A. J. Johnson, se 3?Capt. J.C. Reed.
verely. 4?Lieut. J. B. Lsue.
j?("apt. D. Blaunett. 6?Lieut. William 'faokey.
ninth raw jersey beouk.\t.
1?T.t.Col.J. P. Van Lser. 7?Henry McCaun.
!i? Adi. Aarou Wilke?. 8?.las. Kyan.
8?i orp. F. R. Cormack. 9?Wm. II. Wilford.
4?-T, Marren. 10?Wm. Crow.
6-^1. H. <loodri<-b. 11?Lewis floret.
6?Lionel Joseph. 12?Aug. P.eudier,
1?Capt. Jas. H. Hughes. 13?Wm. .-tewart.
2?Capt. Benj. Stone, Jr., 14?John Hums, so verely.
slightly. 16?F. J. Flint, severely.
3?Corp. K. F. Gl?sf<?, 16?O. S. Hewlett, severely.
.Hvhtlv i"? i?
4?n. W. Bell.
6?John Lynch.
6?W. Hii.>ted.
7?Daa'l Hughes.
9?.To. Waldie.
9?D. Beadle.
10?P. falsing.
11?Rich Joilis.
12?.lohn Miller.
1?Gapt. 0?o. E. Wilson.
2?Capt. Riehard H. Lee.
3?O. E. Plutaer.
4?C. C'ronen.
17?Ico. Mclntiro,severely.
18?Peter I!ysu, siighiiy.
1"?Ja?.HheriiUin, slightly.
20?F. W. Shilier, slightly.
21?Peter Innea, severely.
22?Jas. K. Wish, severely.
2-'?1* rank iAekey severely,
24 -Oerui'n Walton.slightlv.
26?W.F.Norcr?ss,?? verely.
<"<?>P. Hull uid.
And. Angus.
"?1'iatik Johnson.
l?Gipt. J. H.Vmi Hciiten.
a?a ?pi. P. Barrett.
I?^erfftunt M. TMtntf.
4?Sargaant W. Wilson.
u?Corporal R. Janueaoo.
??<'<>i poral P. WiMjldK.
7?.Corporal R. R. Pety.
5?t Imrlra R. W olf.
9?4:. WayiM.
10?Ins. H. 1'lari
11?Win. P. IT-Mnhon.
12?U. 0. (.Jrnnsor.
13?llanry B. UIotw.
14?A. H. Itadjar.
16?j'. H Walab.
1(1?Jus fi. VTalpole.
17?Wtu. MdOeun.
18?,'ohii P'tflfc*.
l??? . iio lghanjr.
?JO ~C. TV. i:ro\ ar.
21?W \V Stlna.
i??. W. Hurdick.
3.1?J*.?. liaddiiig.
21?W. K. Rrugnn.
2o?Martin Huvdan.
26?1'. A. Ilalxy.
27?ChM. II. M iliac.
2#?I'. 15. Moore.
2!??Aribnr McKinstiy.
Ui?Juo. Keuplur.
31?IC. Ro?a.
;n--Wm. Simpaon.
84 1 JorowC. Spragiif,
3ft?Henry <\ Crana.
3fi?Jo. HoNaiuara.
37?t 'lis*, liintlwr
af?Win. a. .tame*,
?tf?W. Knwwi.
40?Win. UviKur,
41?Kranoia Carr
4??I Irani* i.uua.
Me-xi. 6.V-H. II. Hiirr, aeverelr.
5f?J*. A. Killll.reun, do.'
if?.i. K. Whitney, do.
d0?K. K. Piarc?, do.
t'l?H.t;.St?u,liMu ?li?li{,?,
Heury, <2?W S. Hoyf, h.
?>3?M.ii'.f/ai;k?iib rr y d?
1?C*pt. P. 8.
2?''apt. C. U. Baldwin, ?e> ?<?I'mm-I r
verely. M??J ! . )tnliitt?oi|
.'"apt. ft. F. Sitnpaon,
4?I.i?ut. E. ?? Jen??
U? Maul. E. t!
6?Mam. C. 8. Clmndlar, M?A. P. i;<xulrid|t? do
?fc'.?Jaiue* i rowlej, do
?l.ieut. T. A. (!?'?It. Mnller,
A. Beltam,slight
P?varr. O. C. Wll'.?m'0D,
? lightly.
10?Serp. P. w. Dehertly,
11?Serg A. C. Johnson,
12?Setg. I boa. H Aeb'ry,
1^?SaiR W. Uihsou ?light'
?!<?\raii?i Tarbit. di..
?fc? H.ebsel l>aiT, ?lp.
df?JhuiM i? Aiken, do.
?.'a*. dr.
7l?J. I?. I rutbrrlrf?,)!?.
T??A. Jo
iil-'V. I'. rlu
W. Hamary, <ia
7l>?John Abi'?ui?, <Uk
"i"?t rai'k Kai ;ti#tt, an.
H n y II. Itrom^dm
*K?i . J. Hiown. d?,
ifr R i lui u I'ltiiikan.rta
14?Corp. ?}ror(f? ftar'sa, *?'? ii *J. fniwu,
II ?I" h Wtfnmi,
16?l^orp. II. A. WMtcMt, ?I'Wif lii'd,
?lightly. *?"?It. WM.tsinorc,
1??c?n? J. P Riobardaoo. M?ti lm Knrsiar.
aararaiy. s.">?i.ao. r-?:.id'iai.
IT?W. C. Hairb, ?aTar#ljr. S?. HtiiM Keriian.
IB?<j. W. Caiiiptwll, do. S",?Hani. Nipor'o
]H_lolin Waicott, d >.
?JO?W (I. Toony, do.
?21?lUw y Klmar, do
21?C. K. tia/at. do.
38 Mlblmd I'obait*, do.
24?Wm. II. Hartal, do.
*j.rt?Jno It. Ku /.ar,
at*?T. CtllHM,
27?A. Cleinvnk,
2H-~J. Johiifon.
?jl?| Kimm IijIv,
30?Th>i? la*lor,
31?Rich d H-mard, do.
W?Jai. (."mat.
3,'1_j9*. Buclian.
34?(i. Ilufiwt,
35?A. M. mlK*,
3d?11io?. J. Hnn-n,
37__ti?nri Mais,
31?J. K'l'iar.
89?J. Tulbot.
40? An t'w H??flmaii, do.
41?pnn. Almni, do.
45 T. J. Ill''took, do,
4t? a. Jit rling, do.
41?r \v. it ?? nnwa\, ?!?.
4u?C. W. Crmtalmid. do.
4 i?V* in. l/?\ ino, do.
NK?lirnuiv |mn>.
%!?? Harrard M ?I'ligtal.
WO?Pornnnl Ittli.
Hi?I'. K. Arnold
iii*?Jnnt. PfxiiMr,
#3?Ikni i Mautus.
V4?(> I'.'Watta
V6?Jacob Ki.iinm.
P0?Coo. I. l'ark?r.
07?All?n Pli Vfttd.
}"?? A. JMtioUar.
(Mi??J. it. m iiiord.
I'M'?<. lllT,IIH
101?! i-ad. l.C"<t?
liri?.Moll . M Mi^ht.
IO.i?i- II. H'trrb irg,
104?< lino J. ,!ov
106?Mi' liar I o fi, tan.
1(M>._\ I-. | I,It Ci
107?Au-tm Hiallord.
lot*? Joint il'implirm.
100?-ilu,'li ilnmplirrr.
110?< My. i
111 ?Joim Mc.Klnfy.
112?John Dnnn
113?M rhaal Kitrpvii ick.
111?Pit. I.vn li.
IITi?J,iinf>\ M<ua.
4T?Goo. Ci?>k, d?
4^?H. I>uit*n, d<>.
4'?Joh:i K. KutU?r, <lo.
60?Put Stilliv iu. do
61?toliu W. Henry, do.
6J?.I.H.i 'hamliorluw. ilo.
hit?V' I ii taylo*, do.
64?J. W. ir'aiibanka, do
1?V harlM Gotham, supposed de.id
till : K1?.
5?Henry B. Glover.
<i?Aim'ii II. Badger,
7?C. H. Maigh.
1 'ft?K B Wilson.
117?0 Olaon
11*?j h. (>??ood.
11U?Simon Kinnegaa,
1V!U?Inhil ll"V e.
121?Wm. Hiu;k s.
12.'?A. K. Har ow?.
123?TUos. U. Calvert.
1?Richard Movlnn.
2?.laiuo* J, 1'iorca.
3?Wiu. H. McMatiou,
4?Hour v C. Granger.
1?Capt. Ben). Stone, Jr., 28?1*. Sullivan, severely.
2?Lieut. T A. McOiellati.
i?Serg. |). c. Williamson,
4?Surg. Cluu. K. Ashley,
??Corp. J. K. Kichardsoti,
4?Co.-p. Ceo. P. Simpson,
??Corp. Henry A. Ws?t
cott, slightly.
8?Corp. Kd*. V. Gl'iaaon,
9?Henry Klmor,.severely.
10?fc:. R. (laxet , severely.
11?M. iKiherty, severely.
12?W.M.liatstat ,su\ arel).
13?J. R. Kruger. slijitly.
14?T. Calling, hivn ely.
lfi?A. Clomecs, severely.
16?1. Johnson, s*v?roly.
17?K. K. Vignon, slightly.
18?J. Butler, severely,
l'.l?.). Talbot, severely.
20?M. Device, sevoroly.
21? Geo. Cook,sererelv.
22?W. Miller, sovi rely.
23?W. Tar bet, p?v?i ely.
24?M. Lalloy, contusion.
?H. Dmtenu, severely.
2'J?J. W. Meraey.se- eraly,
:mi?K. Plunker, slightly.
31?luunia l.aloy .severely.
32?T. Tavlor, severely.
33?K. Howard,severely.
34?J. Ijtmer, ceveiely.
26?J. Buaham, severely.
3ft?S. Nugent, never, ly.
37?A. M His bee. severely.
:>??T. J. Brown, severely.
3M?Sk'iiL Mara severely.
40?II. J.Stephen; ,contusion
41?J. 11. chamberlain, se
42?Jolin B iros, severely.
4'J?K. S. Flint, severely.
44?G. S. RewMtt .severely.
4.">?J. Mc'ntyre,anvcuely.
?Iti -P. K>an, sligbtly.
47?J.Sheridan, slightly.
4H?T. W. Splller, slightly.
4tf?P. Jiij.-un, severely.
M?J.K. Noah, sever.lv.
61?F. lackey, sev 'rely.
62?I.. Wa toil, cunt- s on.
53?W.B. NoruroM ,ae vt rely
j4?A. 1 {oilman, lost
o.ri?1>. K. Ahern, daagor
.'iff?a. Snarling, severely.
67?T. J. llic!?ok, severely.
68?W. 1?. Hurr, severely.
M?A. M. Caj-t'ii, alight I) .
2fl?1*. W.Doha'rtj , in head.
27?J. K. Butler, soverely
Five mi^iting,
Commanding Klavanih M.issachugatta Yolunleera.
1?Ool Henry I?. Terry, 2?I.I. Col. Sain'l K. Bench,
slightly. acvarely,
Our Wounded Soldiers at Baltimore.
Hai.timoiik, May 10, 1862.
The hospitals her* to-day i>re?ent a sad sight, und one
that brings home to the heart a painful realization ot
the horrors of war. lly thin hour most of the wounded
brought up by the Commodore have found comfortab'o
quarters at the Adams Ilotol Hospital and at tho Natl rial
Hospital, and many private houses in the vicinity, fitted
up by the government, are also occupied. At
the National Hospital are many of Sickly' brigade,
also many from Massachusetts and New Jorsey, but no
Pennsylvamans, They left Yorkfown yesterday, iu the
steamer Welden, for Philadelphia.
Tiio passage ol' the wounded through the t, treats, on
stretchers and in carriages, excited deep sympathy. As
they passed Hanover market tho people, almost with one
accord, commenced purchasing oranges and other re
freshments and offering thom to auch us were able to
accept them.
The friends 01 these poor wounded fellows may rust
assured that they will receive the host possiblecare.
At the National there were JI57 cases received up to
nine o'clock to-night. The confusion is such that it iB
impossible to ascertain who are here.
About fil'ty wounded reliels wn'? also brought irp ia
the same boat. They lire most forlorn objects, in rags,
and utters, uud tilth. They were provided with cow
fort.ihie quarters in the new .ail.
Many of our citi/ens are sending contributions in the
way of delicacea to rclieie the sufferings of the
Attempted Hnl? idr of K. P. Christy, tile
Originator of Chriily'n Minstrel*.
Mr. K. I*. Christy, the well known proprieto* ana origi
uator of Christy'; Minstrels, attempted to, and nearly
succeeded in, commit ling suicide at lit? residence, 78
East V ighteentn street, ou Friday afternoon.
For sixth months past Mr. Christy iiaf> hoen laboring
under an aberration of uiind, being at tiutes greatly de
pressed and fearing that he .should couie to want. The
idea firmly possessed him that the South would be suc
cessful in their rebellion against the I nion.and that
Southern armies would overrun fhe North and render his
property valueless. No eflbrit of hi.-, friends have suc
ceeded iu eradicating this impression from his mind. A
few dsy* siuc* he weut into the Pacific Hank iu company
with Kx Councilman Wild , and drew out $1 7<>o. lipon
getting it into tiis hands he eiclafmed:?"There is
$1,700, and it is nothing but paper, uud is worth noth
ing." He seined upon the suggest loh to turir ft into gold
as beiug the test b> which to establish its value. In
company with another party of friend*,ho remarked:?
"I Hin woith a hundred thousand dollars, but I will
tske ten cents on a dollar for the whole of It." In
anany other ways ho showed his mental condi
tion to t>e one of an unsound character, but
none of his rrieuds supposed he would attempt to make
way with himself, on Friday morning, si if he had
premeditated the fatal deed since committed, he sent ;'<>r
his coachman to come t<> tho hou?e and take iu charge
t wo tine dons which tie kepi, about the premises, his ob
ject tieiug undoubtedly to have tlie coachman on hand at
iho time of the event. TMis lfttter per^onafe arrived at
the house between three and four o'clock on Friday
afternoon. Mi. Christ> had appe.rod vary rational
through the dsv, and was sitting at the lime
with his wife. In a back parlor ou the stcoiid
floor. t'pnu the plea of beiug too warm
he divested himself of e,*( nnt boots and
settled himself noar tin window. Mrs. Christy
turned and left hiui fo>" a moment, and in the
interim be dashed ihiotigh the window, striking i in?
tenfly upon the Hanging of the court yard below, frao
furiuj his skull, breaking one of hi* lower limts, disio
cstiug his right wrist and In; :ring hie uplue mo badly as
to cause i aralysis of the kg?. Th" eo?. hman assisted in
tak'nghim upstairs. Medical advice ?*? n. ied, b'it he
had no perceptible pulse and was supposed dead. -Ve
ral phys!?iar? were in attendance, however, and he
war slive up t? twelve O'clock last night. Hef.<il??l
very fart through the day yesterday, and it
was thought he could not live the night ...it. M*.
( lirhty Is about forty yearn r>f age and for ?"ti.e time
pus' hs* i-es:ded ir. a brows stone cottage, at No. 78 Viist
Kigh' -etii li Street. He e.aiuo to thi cily frum Huflhlo,
anil opened in the minstrel business, st 444 Hroadw?y,
tiltNB year.s aso. His skill sud taat as nuuiager
crowned him with most abundant success, snd lie has
amassed property to the amount, it is said, ot nearly
$'iW0.,(Xnt. It i-' sta'sd by some of his ruo?t int.mate
friends that they diacevei ed more thau six mouth* ago
that he was no longer the L. p. t hi. ? ty of former days,
so grest bail been the ehsugr in him. Physic *n< w e e
with him sli tiirocgh last night, h.n he we" unconscious,
recosni/ed no ui;eend apt eared to he tinkina laidllt.
Lannrhina; of tbr New Iron-Clod <lhip of
War IroRtiiln.
Pun ifiKi iuiA, M.?j 10, l&to.
Tho nan ifOLcUd Btoaaier New Ir< r.enki ? n* !auticba<
th * morning at Kaiitiugton, In tlie prewnta or an iro
rnou?e omwil. TI.e uUriatauiiw?# performed by tbe
veteran foirmiKlore Mewai't, of tlic oM Froiietdta, ai
wlio<e Bujgr.t.ot) <li* tum.e of I'i u-4d<' wan given L#r.
W- beg to Inform t ur fi.?nd?*nd 'he fmblio of our new
atranarn em#, whkti an now pie ?.
We t.?ve iran-feri'-d on OOo' K *ni! Whi- rM? Clothing
JHxMtu.ent 10 on.- elore oorner BroaM?a\ nn<l iltn au-ei,
wlnrrw. '!??<? hirn ?ifimlCII and well ?pi*.ln'?"l Mei
cimot Tiiiloriiin Dei >* run out, ?lib an f ntlrw new atoc* of *11
?he latent i'r,. cm1 t'Vh :,' interna, Vnatlnaa, #.., tnii
. bt-11? ?print ?iv' wimrn i <rjil<* Our FWd* Matte
Depni.mi nt ni?'. nooe h oMnl' attrked ?i't' Meu'n,
Boya'anrt CnlMien ?t'liWili.g anil Ft . tiMiini; Monde. We
tn.'nu tliatno ii <T'f nha'l '.ami"re ? lb It. for
:? * arlri J n 'id
I all ... a ?ll. irnkt- * n< ??or 1 If.
Ki t* ti.': mi enieti * '? mir ilown >i? u rBkte.i ere wn In
.e. ?t to i' our ?u>re hi th" corn' r of una *?-?
ti-u *irt U?'? f "'..Y *'H k*.| w h Mil iW l iptuona
ot i woitblM Mcuitv Mm?.- Cubing. at n ull. Am' our Mn>
?Hunt Tailoring IVrwrtn.rui Icre ? ill no* b- ?? ond > ithee ut
noint of Hta-k or la win an<l to "nt of tlie < nttm-e who
In,., rhart* of If HHVIJW k
Comer Broa.|??y anil liriiiid,
Ard oortiT Bn. ilWmf Kim warn*.
The M|irliiR Hat Bar Gentlemen. ?l?|ienf
e<t be Fapenai h'k; ? a<?enowled,fil by til to be tLe moM
elegant lla out 'hi* Oentlmuru wiiowan' Kline
i<mut>rt.?bl? end elegant Hat, ?hoilU nut i.ill to rail 't>
KMH.VI*' a* nh <?* laMMim ??*!. IHBaaaau atreet
SllllrU aail Collarn Made to Order.
8')A kiting kn4 eorktM-nthlp unrltallert.
f'i Ion AiT.iw. Kn tW Bioitrtway.
A* iMIefn', .11.1 Hramlnty. hadlei' l'an?
ft ?? $3. R?'i. . i. 1?, >J M 'ih? ??". 41 7.Y cl >4
91 ;7 fK tKli". U7:t Mria?!w?*
S HIk lilt.?<<rnlt' I'atrnt l>ratlier
Hi im ? ?iAi;rr.iir r s. .i;jur-mi? n <?, ttv . at
Ili'irlnp.** Patent I'linntpion Kire und
B' < I'f. <??' * i ? ?, i'"l B ?.l?t y, 00: r-r of * Troy
Hew V'.rlt.
l>r. Hi it?l?-?ly*B Slcillral Hiwnvri y 1*
.Tuiiini e' to >'.nn ?. rn:nla. Kr> .j.? 1 K ..?w*.rrti, n old
H. ml, K.ilt Hli- um> !"?? 'l '.. Prvi'i- S l'lti p i ?, i . >1 evet.V
iIivh' ui >h? Ai?, of whates. i mi lire.
< rlilailorn'a Hair I)) ?. !'? ?m rtaliv? ami
Wi,~. f .'h. in tht *nr!d, wh<rt? titirl And tkc
liy?? I ? ? i : ? iM } Ml So. 6 All It H'JU*' .
? 4 ii'iu'\ % rmtn KifcrmuiiMor
M .1. 1 J ' ??? ??!..' '' < ' H f ?vt b' iw <i- n HrO III Jli'l
??**?. il t : ??' i N?'V? Ymk.
If? t%9)l II i#t Cnin|)li %?.?n -.!,?? ?trl* ninotti
! ?>f V <m I. n( IVhi*!, f p jt?* ^r%Ii?t? nml ^mi'lfying
lh?i?' 'mj ir*. i i?h?1 ?k!n. Ail druggist" ?rrt CW .
Iltil! II n ti !??>!? it j i * Hlf*1 IVirlfirk
of uf'liviii ivftitui^nt. HOliLUWAV'H I'iilt mi 1 f^uUutut
k tsOnM hftvr I** ctit (\ tills*
OfflcUl OrawlnRiur fllurrny, Eddy dt
Co.'* Kenitickv and Mtiaourl State {jottrri?e
Kelt tuck r iimu liLiiK :;i?Mnj, 1(1.1X6*
71, 4, .in. ?a. VI, in, |, 21 17, CO
KKNTVL'sr Cuu 2JJ? May I". 1?6:
60. 70. <2. I i. lo. 24, ... Ig. jii, 37. 33.
Circular* scut froe of charge i<y a'l treiia ng <? thrr io
U 11KK A V, KI>D? A OJ..
Ceuu^tou. Ky . or Ht Luii. Mt.
Official Drawing* of the Kentucky and
Delaware Stale Lotteries.
KanTtrkr.Lii.Alia l i ?Ma? 10. 1862.
20, 29, 2i( .??), !?>. L'.t. I*. 33, 49. .i, 45, 41.
Uki awark, Wa* IU. lotii
67. 27. 41. i. ,,c. (JT, 17'. 2, 4, .16, 40.
Cirouiaraaeat by addressing
Wilmington, Delaware, or Coriajtou, Kealuokjr.
Prises Cashed In All l>e|i*ilzrd lotte
ries. Information given. JOSEPH HaTI-K, K ro?<' r.
No. II Mall in?:, Rooia No L
Trusses.?Ma rah dt Co.'* Uudiral Core
Treses, Shoulder Brae*. and Dr. Wad* worth's Uterine Ele
vator?a superior article. No. t Vevy street, Astor House.
Keefe's Ntw Kestaurant and Private
Supper Room*. opened at No. 126 Cru*'>y klrcet, adjoiuing
hm tornier place of bualneiis.
Dsyun?Iikvlik.?lu Philadelphia, on Tuesday wveuiug,
May 6. by the Kev. Jinie- MclCvoy, Mr. John Davux, of
Brooklyn, to Mios Mabuarkt Dkyi in, eldest daughter of
I bur Ins Devlin, Sr., tin., of the former place.
Iukomm?Moi.i.kk.?On Thursday eve^on, ,Ma? 8,a?
St. Haul's church, Brooklyn, K P., by ttieJRev. Dr. A. U.
Bchubsrt, William K. t'tiriiNCK to Mary Moll**.
Grk/w?ha*>\?On Thurgilay, May h, t>r tbe Kev. If
McCauiey, II>kky S. CiRkrn, of' Brooklyn, to Mtb* oochia
L. &iiari-, ol thu oity.
(iiTiw?K ??Itrt KMAK ?In thin cit) , on Saturday, May
3, by the Rev. Freds: ick Sill Mam ?.* uk J. Uctierkkz, of
Villa < lata, Island of Cuba, to Ama.sua F. Biiumam, of
New York.
11k kh^y?Htitiuss.?On Wednesday, Miy 7, by the Iter.
Wiu. U. C'l"Wry, Jambs R, Hk-nsviy to Annih Hi'i.ue*.
IIavil.i.M)?IjiWLM.?Ou Wednesday, May 7, at 'l'bir
toemh street (l'ri-sbytei ian> chuich, by Rev. H. D.
Burchard, Ciiaki ms Havm ani> to Mahi'C. I.kwim, both of
tll.n OltJP.
Mai it'i re?Hiiikkv.?OuThnredny, .April 8, at the resi
dence of tbe bride's mother, by tbe Rev. .1. W.Cuni
initios, John Maui ins to AuikC. IIktkky, both of this
Ro4v? Amiikin.?Chi Thursday , May 8, by Ui? Re*. Dr.
H. D. Burchard,at the residence oi tuo brine's father,
Rkiuibji Ross, Jr., to Johsiuink, daughter of f rancU II.
Aniidon, all of thin oity.
Sunn?Ui'iukik.?On TburRday evening, May 8, l.j
Aldeiman John T. Honry, Mr. tinwAKt Snuh to Mi*.
Makcikixa L. Uitiiikik. all ol tbix city.
Bakkr.?On Saturdav, April 10, after a gliort iI1d?h?,
I'HAKt.iH lUkKit, Piuateur landi<cape artiat. ayed 44 yonrg.
'Iho frleuds aud relatives of tho family are reipeuif. !iy
invited t<i ulietid the funeral, from the reai.!oiue of bi?
mother, No. *J42 Fourth stroet. (\\ ashlugton Bq'iare), ou
luei-day afternoon, at lour o'cluck, without fm titer mvi
tut I0U.
IIah.sy.?On Saturday, May 10, Marv B.mi.w, daughter
of Daniel an l H on Railcy, aged !> ni tilli*
The friei.dp of the family are r?-*i??*. tfnily invited to
ctte.id the lune ai, from 2ik> avenue l!,tlim (Si.uday)
al'iemoon, at iwn o'clock.
Bacox.?i n Saturday, May 10, at No. 2W Sec nd avo
n o, Rkbecca .ScniiN, wtte ol Kb?? M. Hacon.
Kuncrul servlcoH at Cha|i?qiia, Weslcheiter oiunty.
this (Sunday) a!'t?.rnoon,\t one o'clock.
Brkrt.?In Hriniklyn, "n Saturday, May 10, Johki-h
Hmiir, agt'd fi5 years.
The I'rteiidsi and acquaintance* aro reipectfully incited
to atten l the funeral, Ir. m hi< late rtMidenco, iii8 Pros
pect sueet, tlii.- (Sunday)stiernoui),at two o'clm-k.
Bi.ai.kwkij..?Suddenly, ou Saturday, May 10, Maky 1'.,
relict ol Jacob Hlackweil, hi her 6i"th >>'?r.
Tbe friends of the family are respectfully invited to
attend the funeral, from her late rehi lence, No. 1S7 l5*
cond Htrcet, Brooklyn, K. D.,thn (SttDduy) afternoon, at
two o'oli ck.
Bkha.n.?On Thursday, May 8, Mrs Makia llsiuv, wife
of Julin Hulian, a^<"( ;;,'i years.
The r?!ati\es and fnonds of th<' family are invit oil to
utu-nil tbe funeral, tbis (Sunday) afternoon, ut one
o'clock, Irom her late residence, No. H21 Third nvenne,
nuar Korty-third Rlreet.
fl'ARmnJioN.?On Thursday, May 8, Wii.mam Cakrixo
tos, Lieutentant ofComi any K, Fifty first l e^ituoni, t'ol.
Fevrero,from wounds rw-lveri at the taking of New
beni, N. 0., March 14,18ttU, agod ;io years, 11 months uad
II >lays.
The relatives ami friend-, or tli? family are most re
h;?>cUulIy iuviied to attend Kit) funeral, frim il'J\
(liarles street, th'S (Sunday) aiT?raoou, at two o'clock.
T be remains will i>e interred in Greenwood.
Cox.?On Friday e; ening, May 1?. Mrs. Au *Cox.the
beloved wife of Philip Cox, native of l.letrim,county
M"uag)ian, Ireland. aged 40 years.
Tbe friends of tbe'family and also those of James
Dugan and .lames Quinn aie rc-pecl'ully requested to
attend tho funeral, tliiH (Situday ) alterno-.n,at V.alf-iwwt
two o'clock,from i orusr North Sixth d I oue;h 1 treetc.
\lun?k.Ujn pupera pie*1'' copy
r-o-ifUR.? < >n FrWttjr, May )?. Mary t.( wit* el John K.
C'leinr, iu the 36l?t year of her age.
The funeral M" vlct'S will take piai e from t he residence
of her m ulier, 14;.4ouib Kikhtt street, Williamsburg,
thi* (Sunday) al'.erno' n, at ~iwo o'clock. The relative)
and friend* are iuvited toauen-1, without further notice.
Her remain* will be taken tofirecnwood lor interment.
Ctuvr.?Suddenly, on Friday, May y, Jamks Ckah, in
ilie fivth year of tiis a^e.
The ralatirat and friend*, iintl tnembca of Me<hauic?'
l/Mt&e, I. ?>. of O. F... arc roepectfully mvited u attend
tba funeral aarvi'as, this (Sunrt'iv) afiernoou, at Ore
o'clock, I rem his l?te resldeuce, No. 'JS t Watt Thirty-lire!
Tin) remains trill ba taken to Haw lioohelia for inter
ment on Monday morning.
Ci'RTia.?On .Saturday morning, May lit, Jvh.n Cuitiui,
native ot' England, nf consumption, aged 33 years.
The fri?iuls ol' the family are invltad to Mttend tU*
funeral, thi* (Suuday) afternoon, at ont otitck. from
hu< let* iualitence. lip Cold atreet. Biooklyn.
Ct rt.-On Friday", May after a ahTt and severe ill
nest. Ann t'ttr ag?d 60 year*,a native of parish of
UalllklM,county Sltfc.0, Ireland
The funora! will take place thi- (Sunday) afternoon, at
two o'clock precisely. frten l&O Forsyth street. lbe re
mains will )>e taken to Calvary Onio'tery.
Coy.?Ou l-Vidiiy. May ?,CaihknivbCot aged 70 v#ar?,
formerly of Laughrca, near KllchruM, county Calway,
Ire land.
Ilia relatives Mid friend* of tha fam'ty, also her aoua,
Patrick and Michael Coy, are rnapectfuily iuvltad to at
lead the funeral, thia (S unday ) atfernoon at two o'clock,
from h<" late reetdenre.^o. tw .lame* street. Tha re
nu ns mil he taken toC?iv.?ry Cemetery. May ilie 1/ird
have mercy ou her ?otil. Amen.
Dotlv-Oti ,-aturday, May 10, of ccusuinption, Jofv
Hut L?.
li e telat ve- atid r end- of the family are r?i"pect'nlly
invited ?? attend the funeral irom tha residence of hm
parent!. IVtar and Catherine Itoyle ten Fourth street,
?k Monday afternoon, at two o'clock.
Hi: Foil km.?At Huntington, toun., oil Tuesday, M.iy
6, of ?otiat.tupt tun, Hi \ r. C. l*IV>M?r. ?gcd 4* ye.irn.
lllrMSMM.?At New Haven, Conn., on Friday, May 0,
Aiwa <;??* mi* Orxiwi*, youngest daughter of the lata
Haury l)eui--on, 1j?<; .
l'h>- funeral will taKO pta-e on Mondav afternoon,at I wo
o'clock.from ber late reliance lit Ne? Haveo
Komur t. ? -fm Thurs'lfcJ . May 8. aTlcr a. |taliifnl t!lne.?*,
Aw Kiw, daughter of John audsMar< Jane I'osrtijk, in
ttc l.Hli . e?t or her a*e.
' Hear mother. I aui dying,
Ami I shall >?* at real
M lien- I ?lull no\ er filler u.oiv,
lint he forever hie-1.
e? ieh?ti\e-;niid fr.endt of the family, alao the mem
uereoi the Independent l/jdge. Ko. I Hi K. and A. M.,are
raepeclfully invited to attend the funeral, thia (?unday)
nfterr"*'!! at one ocle>k. fntn the re-ldeace ol' her
I?'eiitr.!? anocn utrtei.
(.??(.i\ ?lu Haluuicre. Md., on Wecnaaday naoruug,
May J.Jo nn R.. eldert -'j?i of Michael atd Julia M.
0".wan kg' d ?' yeara. C montha and 7 daye.
Mb?I'Iiim;k?In Brooklyn, on .Saturday. May lu o.' ooc
mimptton, MahvMclSTwa, wifeof John ' ahill Hanoe. on,
oi'Moate county Wrgtmcath, Ireland, aped 38 ya--?>
Tbe reiaiivee and frieadsitf the taja^ly and aJro tho?e
ofh' i haotfce.- vau\ual Mcliitire. are r^fie It illy invited
to attend tba funeral, on Monday atlernoon. ct, ihree
o'clock.ffun her law reenletne. H'lt'ter atie?>t between
Fulfer aud^atea avenuee.
Anna's?<>tiSaturday,May ???i lUcftv.
c'aufhtci oi Thouiaa and Mary Bio^Br, a^ed II moniba
ft (111 . ? UBTB.
I t:r fritu'l* Mi*i *?qilnioiaiit#* *ra tuv i??<l l?> aUaniS Mm
titan*!, tbi" (8mid*yj *ftermx?, at mo r vie, k, trorn
,\< 374 W*t?r Btrt-t.
IUknmi to- .??m W?niua*daj mi ro ig, May T at ua
K?ld?nr?of li*i paranli- \f>. .VH K"il atrtri. KtfV, fh?
?(? W *f CMktriMin .!??. Iforringtun, agirf ?
iiiKirh-' and 2- day.
Iter r?raa;in wtra miimi! in ft. f?ui.-k a Gtr?|t?ry,
comar ?f F1r?l mmuBand U?i?i i airaat
H?vik><??.?iUh ttatuNfty. Mat 10. 01 Ki4-*ir:t, M *
fAt -n HaymhX, * native of ? i>i?>n . fraUnu, to th? -.'Tih
y. ?r i r tirr a**.
Ttxs rrlntiTW ?r>a fr'eril* -ir* r??f.?">ta in*ff?Ml ib?
It.ucrkt tnm ,,R?ind.<y( Bfwmnou, *t twooY,<ck fr<>in 34
WUt#W rtml nithiiu?f?irtt#i Invitation.
Hnr.-vwi..? 0?: Kridajr, May 9, i in the
73d v**rot ht? ag?*
j"? friend ?ra tavii?rt to ??<?Bit lurtral from tola
tM< r?<*<if>t>ca. No. %. WMt ("?r.iy.ro'ifih itri <;t, m>
Ti'?<'u? BfiB root, ?? two o'clock prci ii<"ly ( * ittimrt
fur lir * limitation TbBurtl. ?'r? 01 >U? Or* no I.<?Ikb of
y,-*> *11.1 I M?.- n*uit?ie ?iat? . r NcwVork Uitf
uivrobair* o. I f 'S? So. itntl ?.f iua i Mir. any
K?i.' r?lljr wilhrnl rrvn ??. ?rr t?ivifi-d to mund tiie i'n
? ?-r.. of Hie It. W. ':olin itoiypottl, I'mtt ?;r*n? tttn-1 r*r.
|i4 t n I'rltiAT ? Vay <?, i?(vi? r..
r ot and i aihtrlM l>4ltai>t?ad, ?k?c 1 ft* r
m'. aJ* <layp.
Th? r?JhtiY?f and fritnol of tlii< fam ly ami alio o( ta< r
Mr J"hti < av? iMpv?t(ully ?? i?d t.i
Mi/mi U.C t'UMTBl, a |N?.. 'I rr?< il-nt auM f*uUH
Hr -k" n. ?tliif' t^'inday) a.ti rm,. n. at Ikalf-iatt t?o
0 i luck.
I.amy.?At VMtVni v. ? tir ? '(?? tpnli, from
w nn.i* i ftt lh< h?u> u! \? v;iarn Asmi w II.
! jatt,0(lBpi;iiy tl|l"lfty?tir?t rtum I. N \ .H V.. en
14 I'l t ry ar d 1-ioinB U. y -is,?. r#.>BlU?
i?i<d '*
DMMliVt? and fi leii'ls ol the fiutiity, uhw U* m#m
fc"iB"' toMMSlAdfOt K*. A. M.,tr?rtBi>ac<*
fnly iavii9-' tflatfonJ tlia fttnaral, without ci ilicr liivi
tut; i . tr in tin-< 1; ad church. 1tr<klkl>n,?!?!? (? ,u
ii..y> a) ariKMin, ?!. on?o'flock.
Xi ? ",i\ -.1 i ! ?:'?.? ^t.iy P. V ?N>," t>>, B'lli"*
iiHMulittMtf Jaui* 11 ? ? M'i'i !i>, a y ? 'J
tt.?A(li 9 ?'
t'..o t'r;? ? ? I'lHH <?? ?f ??" family ar?iMjuetfillly
, i ? i (.? .nil i 'it. i.n.il , s ii-it.y i mmti n. m
1 ?? o i> ri"< It troi'i i rB I'ti'ii nt liti i ari'iita, No. ;i4
Will, u ti?
Mt ?>*<> ? ? - Alii !? I i<U) . M .y #. * Mlt'oHO*
i IH K, .Irtil 6' Jv tin
'itia ft tip'1 "f tli? f?niiiy, without unher noti??. ?<?
invited to attend th? funeral, from hn tat* retidMx*,
i> ? Gold street, BrookVn, t*iu? (Sunday) afWruoo.., at
halt-pant M>0 o'clock.
Mtu.*'.?At her residencft', No 67 De- i street, Urook
lyon Saturday, Mav 10, Mr fc*AJton Mn rK
The friends mid relatives of the fait, ly ere reasecfnl'y
invited lo attend the funeral, tlto i'acltic street M.
K. church, on m inlay aitcrooon, *? -uroe o'ufcok .vitii
cut further notice.
Nuoskt ?on Friday, *Miy 9, after & tlhgevinj itinera.
1J.?n.n *tt Ni <.s.vr, aged 12 .V ais.
Ihe friends ot the faintly tire re#; ?> tfaliy inv'Udte
attend the funeral, tin* (Sunday) uftur wou, at one
o clock,from tier late rust lt-uue, corner I>eft.?ll> and
ton avenues,JHroofclyn. Her remains will be luktMi is
Calvary Cemetery for interment
Norm.?On Friday, May 'J, Caihakins, wiftofKohl.
L. N'oyes.at Wn-i Fortieth street
Funetal servlMu at ihe uhurcli of il.e ll??ly Innocents,
We*tThirt>-seventhutrect,iie.?: Hteodway ,ihia (.-itidsyj
afternoon, at half p??t two o'clock. 'Ihe friend* el the
family are invited to attend without furthor notice
Pakksk?On Friday evening, M.iy 9, audueniy, lfirrs
K. I'aBUCR, youngest daughter of Htruui anC hn/-a i'arWei
aj,ed 18 years and two months
1 tie friends and ac(|iiaiutan<eeof the family areJr?H[>"-v
fully invited to attend ttie funo.al, at 188 \Ve?t Twenty ?
seventh street, thin (Sunday) afternoon, at half-past one
I'Hitun" ?-Of consumption, en Saturday, May 10, af
her iate residence, 77 Prospect at reel, Brooklyn, M:?
Kuza Phiujp*, a native ot Belfast. Ireland, aged 21
The rolstives and frieuiM are r?*|*ctfully invited to
attend the funeral, thia (>unday) afternoon, at twe
rUeniHOTOT?Ou Friday evening, May 9, J oh* W. Rjut
Dftmjf, aged 42 years.
The friends of the family, the ine tubers of Kureks
Ixtage No. 24;;, Jr. A. M., and others of the Hate rally, ara
invited to attend the funeral, wiliumt further nottoo,
thin ^Sunday) afternoon, al three o'eioek, from the Pa
cilic Hotel, No. 172 Creenwieh street.
Klmx.?On Saturday, May 10, Micuaai. F. Rimn,the tie
loved son ol' Bernard and Elixa Rmn, aged 6 years, I
mouths and 27 du s.
'ihe Mends of the family are resiW-iully invited to at
tend the itinera), on .Monday afternoon, t?t one o'clr?k.
fr >m the residence of his |<arent*. Kighty-feutihstreet
and iiioomingdalc rend. His remains will he laken te
Calvary Cemetery for interment.
SvkKa.?At her resiUouco in Gerinaiktown, Pa., Mr*
Anumjha Svrkh, w.dow of f?r. James S-ykes, an!
daughter of Auth<xiy l.is|?nard t uc.erhill, ot thisciif,
The tuneral will take place ut Trinity church, on lues
day morning, at ten o'clock. Tho relume* and friends
sro respectfully invited to attend without further nonce.
Smith.?on Friday evening. May ?, MvriikwS. hiuia.
eldest son of the late Peter Smith.
The relatives tint! ft ten is i f the family tire respoctfu?. j
invited to attend the funeral, froiu ku laie ree.denee,
2-tt1 kail Broadway, on Monday morning, at leu o'clock.
Funeral services ut St. II.# 's church, i;r?aa at roe , al
half past to.i o clock.
Siimnjf ?On Th irsdny, irav 8, Mrs. Ku.r* flHKiiat.e
natlva of Lismore, couuty Wuterford, Ireland, a^ed 01
Tiie friends of the family, an t those of her sonn .Toh?
and Itoger, arc resj>eclfuily Invited to Hitetni ihe iutia<
tnI, tliis (Snuday) nflern'>on, at two o'clock prec ctoly#.
frm Iter late residence, No 106 Ninth avenue.
Thowtr.?On Saturday, SlnjfcJO, in the lit m of ?
blert^od imrnort'ility, Mjikt Chrvntik,relict of CaiUaia
Knbi ri Thome, in ihe 93d yeaj' ot her n^n.
The rel itivea and friends, ami those of he' .on, Jameft
H. ltioiue, a id of her h m-m-law, J din s. (; les, end kea
g-HudP'tth John C., Charles H., Williams P. and H.-i.r/
C. (Jiles, are rARpectfnlly invited to alletni the funeral <>?
T .? d iy afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residency
Hi ?eruh Mtreut, hot ween Soe.mil and Third avenue*.
Her remains will he iuterrud in the family vault is
? ;r?ettwt)od
Wtiiirr.?On Friday, May 9, Mr. .Iohm Wiuut,1b the 67tl?
yenr of hib age.
Funeral from Bt. Arm's church, Fifth avenue aa<
Kighteetith street, on Monday ali?ruoon,at two o'clock.
AcqtiaintaitceH and frieud-i of ttie family are in riled !?
liltend without further notice.
Watkrs.?On Thursday nUht. May 8, Dr. Robbrt Wa*
trr.-, aged ."?? \ ears, 11 month.-, and 2 days.
The relatives aud friends of theumilyare iuvilsd to
iittend the funeral, this (Sunday) aiternoon, at thrnei
o'clock, rom his lftteresidence,lfevv I irecht.l/uiKIsland.
J*. A Baker Sewinp: Machine* Cnmpuf dciermliwd ti.nl
the public shall be repaid tor tvetr gvnsrous and tncreaaluu
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rapid, l?irt, kiniplennd elegant, having a nira'ilit needl?
adapted eiiber to utPoring ur family cac, and sowing with
cqnn.1 faultily fiuc cotton or liravv linen thread. This Ma
chine is n nv?i am .mupon alljhe lock sileh ?r 1 Shuttle
Machine* n<'lore In u
Uae, and 1* i.fl'cri d to the public
do!' * ?
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low price id tony dollar*, li <*n b" seen, examined i
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Spring all ies, u?w ready <it
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lluad the denial card of Dr. LUTHER, Sr. B< moved !?
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street, vnn will find a splendid assortment of tenia', bo
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>ng Ma.hmp Furnishing Depot. 473 Hroa Jway.
ROGERS A RAYMOND have tha plea* ra of anuounciag
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prlxw-J oqnally low. T. R. DAWLEY'S new establlahmaM.
cam.-r Rr^de aud Centre streets.
/ ilovhing.
OPENING of~tIik spring
Near Grand afreet.
Si#n of the Bulletin.
lii u*det to lie able to proaecute rlfowualy our war
eicrbitunl pr?''ta. *c Vti provided o?ir4el?ti with
i*m._ . _
hAl,KS\(KN', tmmcnar ttniee of Air ?nuniliuii in the
?i -in iiE'teually larje and *?rlH m '01 lineal of
Adapted lu tli* i?iuirf metit" 01
And h*vinf ;<iiop'.ei! the following rules a* bring betfti
to piuisot* prabiable and eatlafnotnry Interoouree v, ttt> our
patron*. we are. bow ready for ? lion ?
All gnoda Fold by mtir warniniril to be J'irt a a nf?
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d?y*) atir garment told at r-tail, ?hicn, npon ??iauiln?
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