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Fkipat, June ??6 P. M.
There in very little doiug in money. Call loana
?ure quoted 3*6 per cent, lint class commercial
|>aper 4 a 6, and certificates of public indebted
ness, one year to run, at 6 per cent interest, 100%.
A sudden though not unexpected demand tor
green backs arose to-day, and they advanced to
101%. They are receivable tor duties, and m this
respect equivalent to gold.
Foreign exchange advanced to-day to 114% a
) 15 for sterling, and 4.93% a 4.01% for francs. The
advanee is due to the advance in gold. Mercantile
bills continue scarce. Dealers and buyers of ex
change are all speculating as to the period at
which cotton will commence to come forward.
As was to be expected after the buoyant and
active market of the past few daya, stocks were
leas excited to-day, and at the first board prices
were irregular. Governments, Pacific Mail, Hud
aun, and the Michigan shares were steady; but
Central, Erie, Rock Island, Toledo and Illinois
Central were' all % a % lower than at the close
yesterday. Pome parties are realizing the profits
they have secured on the advance of the past few
days. Of Central and Erie especially the sales
were very heavy this morning. Both stocks found
a ready resting place, and orders which could not
fee executed last evening were filled at thia morn
ing's decline. At the close of the board the mar
ket showed more indications of strength, mainly
? in consequence of the news from the Mississippi.
Between the boards there was no business done,
and no stocks offered. At the second board there
? was very little change, but there was less disposi
tion to bny. At the close the market was dull,
tbe following being the last quotations:?United
States G's, registered, 1881, 102% a %; do. 6's, '
coupon, 1881,106% a 100; do. 5's, do., 1874, 95% a
Tennessee 6's, 59% a 60; Virginia 6's, 57
n %; North Carolina 6's, 73 a 74; Missouri 6's,
?3% a */k; American gold, 104 a %; Pacific Mail,
H*>% * A\ New York Central, 91% a %; Erie,
do. preferred, G6 a %; Hudson River,
4fc% a %; Harlem, 14% a 15; do. preferred, 3a
Reading, 52% a %; Michigan Central, 64% a
%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 27
? %; do. guaranteed, 58 a %; Panama, 132 a %;
Illinois Central, 63% a 64; Galena and Chicago,
70% a 71; Cleveland and Toledo, 45% a %;
Chicago and Rock Island, 64 a %; Chicago, Bur
lington and Quincy, 76 a %; Milwaukee and Prai
rie duChien, 27% a 28; New York Central 7's,
1?76, 107 a ?; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 95 a %.
The Michigan Southern Company have afready
?btained subscriptions to the amount of $600,000
f?r the purpose of taking up and paying off their
overdue first mortgage bonds. They want to raise
$400,000 more; and if the stockholders and bond
holders in the concern are wise they trill make
np thia amount. The total amount of overdue
fret mortgage bonds yet afloat is about a million
and a half. They are worth about par, and can
mot rise higher because the company has the right
?f paying them off at par at any time. Hence
they keep the sinking fund bonds which come
after them at a discount, when all other bonds of
the same class are-worth 5 a 10 per cent premium,
and effectually prevent the payment of dividends
on the stock. If they were paid off the sinking
fund bonds would become a first mortgage on the
whole line of road, limited to $10>000 a mile or
thereabouts, and would soon sell as well as other
first class bonds. The holders of the sinking fund
bonds and preferred stock will clearly promote
their own interest and make money by subscribing
the amount required to pay off the old first mort
T - b-Treasorer received 1390,748 to-day in
ler ikf currency, to be converted into 3-20
b< /he deposit# at four per cent were abont
$$&0,t0W. Mr. Cisco has been in consultation with
Beveral leading bank presidents, and rumor is busy
on the subject of a further issne of 7.30 notes.
Nothing has thus far been determined, so far as
we can learn. The business of the Sub-Treasury
?was as follows to-day:?
Receipts $1,917 204 92
?Foreiiatoms 251,(MO 00
Payment* 1 443,730 26
Balance 15.170,458 20
We regret to announce the death of Mr. Thomas
B. Satterthwaite, President of the New York Mo
tual Insurance Company, and also President of the
Board of Underwriters. He died at three o'clock
this morning, very unexpectedly. Mr. Salter
thw aite enjoyed a very ttigb rank among under
writers, and was widely esteemed as a citizen.
The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this
irning were $21,834,968 41, and the balances
$1,178,313 28.
Stack Exchange*
>kjiuY. Jnti* 6.1662.
$M00U S O'a.'08,coa 10.1)* 100 ihsl'ucM?SCo.*30 1I6V
6000 U SS'a.'Sl, r*f 103 200 Brunsw k C L Co. 7
66W0 V S 6'*, 81, con 106 V
470C0 do 106
MOO cat's, '66.... 00
?000 0 S 6 *,'74,con. MS'
tJtiO0 Treaa 7 3 lOpcn loc!,
3<HK) do 106,'i
2000 Kentucky 6 a.. 06
1000 HI coo bds,'77. 102
60CO lit war loan... 100V
liooo Teas 6 s, 90.. 60
aucoo Missouri 6'S... 58V
MOM do 63 4,
1?00 (a]],ornia 7'S.. 07 V
MM do SlO 07 V
25--00 do 97V
2000 do large... 97
6000 Kris RK 4thmb 91V
6000 Kri* P.R Sthinb 86
1000 H'id RlvRRMfS 01
1000 Harlem 3d m b 86
3WK) do 87
3000 HC Hpc 1 in if cb 106
1000 do 106 V
2900 do 106 V
13KK) Mich %> 2d bi .. 83 V
3000 cioshen Br bds. 'J0V
17000 Mich K f k'l* v8
1000 t ltta.FW *Um
aw>o do 00 v
MMnCeaBKbds. 06
10000 THAA lm.exint 106
J000 Te lla * Ai 2d m 86
1<>OOOH?b A StJoRRb 47
6000 I *1.1 a A W2(!m lu2
MOOCbfclW ass t b 46>*
lOOOOTolh Wxb IkMb 04
6000 1k>1 * Wab 2d m 69
0<,oo do 60V
MOO do 60 V
10000 do bM 60 V
loOO-nhv AHtUthm 66
2tjOO Lttt.KAtTollKtm 00
loM rievklW ? fbda 07
HiOM) American gold. 104 V
24w?? io4V
2(ahjo 4o 104
11 aha Bk state X Y. 02 V
4* de 92
10 Bank of < <>m.... 00
50 Dei4liivtCai'o *66 Uf>\?
136 I'ac M Gri Co ivj
$10006 CS Ca,'tt,rK
126000 T'S6 S.'Si.eou 100
16<M> 0 S 6's, '74, *oo 96 V
12000 do 06
4?00l'-6a^l0wrivy 104V
1000 Illinois war loan 100 V
600 do lo?v
MOO T?M 6 s, '00... 60 V
1AOOO Rr a RR 4 m t.d* hi i,
4000 Utif,NYAErietm 02
5c0fl UK en RUM*,. 96V
1000 do MV
!,(F0 Terrs J1AA2'! m 88
60<)0 Iol* Was m.Mo "o
tooou do MV
lOOilO de I'M 60 V
JBOiifl Am*'i<an gold. 104 V
60'ho far Mail KJ Co 11? V
10 do 116V
400 M Y Central RR . 91 V
100 do MO 91 ?.
lo do 01V
Z 0 Erie RR 38 '4
MO -'o s30 MV
2?0 do 38 V
M do MV
1660 N Y On RR
60 do b4
100 do 810
200 do bl5
600 do b3o
60 Eri* RR 860
ICO do c
60 do slO
460 do
366 do b30
100 do ?60
660 Eri* P.R prof
100 do s60
626 Hudson Riv*r KR
600 do b30
100 do
38 V
88 V
60 Harlem RK 14 V
120 do
100 Harlem RR pref .
10 Reading RR
200 do
200 de slO
660 Mich Central RR.
160 do
860 do b30
232 Mich ? Ac S I RR.
160 do
260 do
60 IBchS^ANIaRKgi
340 do
100 111 Cent RR scrip.
00 ?16
do t.CO
300 a*T* ft I'llth RR.
200 do
30 CleTt m Tol RR..
100 do
6r.0 do.
400 Chi A RkIsRR.b30
200 do
60 do ?60
60 do b30
150 do
110 Chic, Bur AgumRR
10 Mil k I'rduCh RR
27 >4
63 Tj
46 V
46 v
64 'i
64 V
64 V
16 Warren RR 86
Zift nha Erie RR pref.
1A0 I luds<4riti v RR ..
100 Harlam RR
660 Ha-letn RR pref.
260UICei I RR scrip..
25 do ...
60 d<.
600 Reading I.R
200 do.
1.0 Mich Can RR....
162 Mich So 4 N1 RR..
260 d? MO
100 do
100 do MO
7 MickRo A N I gs..
l^i do
ft Paaaaia RR
MUaleoafcCht rr..
M Oey A Tote?io RR.
lno do
100 do S60
600 do
50Chi It Kk IsldRR
80 de ti.10
60 do
100 do Ii30
46 V
36 V
63 V
27 V
27 V
58 V
182 V
46 V
46 *
46 v
64 Si
rvoar. Jus* 6?0 P. M.
(Mmmti nm.?Klonr?The market exhibited mora tone,
?specially for common grades of State and Wasters. The
?ae<lu>?> qualities wsr* doll, and sales moderate, while
I rims w> shoice **tra brand . w?re Arm at old flgure*.
The transactions eml ra< s?l ai^nt 18,000 bbls., c) *!ug
within UieXoUowioc range of quotatioaa
Oiuier'ino .^tot* |4 IS a 4 3'
Eitrs yt-ite 4 M a 4 69
ftuporSds west?Tii 4 ]6 a 4 38 I
jKtomibon u> ufluic* **trs Wa*ts.? ...... 4 16 a ? it) J
Omadian 4 i>0 a 6 00
Sv< thern nnied u> good superfine 6 00 a 6 00
Extra do 6 70 * ? TO
Good lo choice faintly do 0 70 a 7 25
Rye flour 3 70 ? 4 00
Corn w?ai, Jersey ?ad brandy wine i W mi 16
?Canadian flour wan, n better demand, while prk.es were
Arm at quotations, with sales of 1,400 bbls. Southern
dour waa in some better re^uewt and steady at the above
figures, with sales or 1,400 bbto. Rye dour wa.- heavy,
with talee ol MM bbls. at the above price*. Corn meal
waa steady , wall sak-s oi J00 bbl?i. at the above quota
tions. Whr.it was a triile flriuer for good shipping aiid
prime qualities, while mfirior and common qualities
were u regular. I he saiea etat>raced about 00 (WO bushels
at 41 oi ? $1 i3>, lor ainb?r Iv/wa and uie> n tiay. $1 10 a
$1 14 lor red Western, $1 a $110 lor re?l M.?ie, $1 17 a
$1 18 for amber Western, 00c. a $1 lor Canada
club, 87c. a $1 02 for Milwaukee ?lub, 84?c. a
$1 01 for Kacuie spring, ai.d at b7c. a $1 02 for
Milwaukee club. Corn was Inner and mere active, with
bales of 125 000 buaheii al 47c. a 48o. for new, and at
49?jc. a 61c. lorotd Western mixed. w stors and de
livered. Kye waa less buoyant, while sales of 3,000
buahela wero made at 03c. a 46c. for ^ eeteru, and at
70c a 71c. Tor State, (tats wero less active and Arm.
iia.es of Canadian and Western were made at 43c. a 46c.,
and of State at 45c a 4flc. Barley and barley malt were
quiet and prices were unchanged.
G>rr**.?The market was quiet and prices ? toady,
while sales were unimportant.
CorroN VTne ina kot was quite firm, with a good
spring demand. the sales embraced about l.OoO b . os,
cloei:jg on the basis of 31 **c. a 31j%e. for niddliug up
Frsk jits.?Hoom waa less plenty, i\nd, with a fair
amount otleriug for shipments, rates wero tiriu.ratluo
close. To Dverpool about 36,000 buthe.s of whrat wo e
onguged at a 0d., in bulk and ship's bags, and
some 60.00C' do. com chietly at 8:jd., in shi't's
bags. 3ooo bb.s. flour st 2s. ljgil. a 2s. X<1., and300
bbls. lai d at 2ts , and, per steamer, 700 boxes bacon at
50s. To L ndon 1,000 bbls. flour at 2s. 8d. To Bristol
O.OlO bushels wheat at lOd., in ship's bjg*, and 13,000
bushels corn U U>id. in ship's bags. A bulk of 330 tuns
to the south side of Cuba and back was engaged at $3
for sugar and molasses.
I BovigiuNS?i'ork?Ihe market exhibited no climgo,
whi.e ths cemand was tuir at current prices. Ihe-ales
embraced about 600 bbls. last ev. uiug, not rivorud,
and 500 a U>0 bbls. to day ,at $11 50 for mots and $?> a
SO 26 for prime. Beef w.is heavy, with sales of ZOO
bbis., at $11 76 a $13 for plain mesa and $13 76 a $14 60
for extra. Beef limine and bacou were dull and heavy.
Oat meats were in fair demand, with sales of 300 i ack
ages, at S^c. a 4 Sc. for shoulders and 4%c. a 6 '4c. for
liaiui?. l?ird was iu better request, with hales of 1,700
bbls. at 7>,c. a 8jsc. part soid yesterday evening and not
be:ore rejiorted. Butter and clieiM were steady atd
prices unchanged.
SruAR.'-.?'lhc market was steadylind the demand good.
Tlie sales embraced about 1.300 hlids., chiefly Cuban,
mostiy within the range of 7c. a 7^c., and 1,150 boxes,
mostly on private terms, tleseis. K. L. h A. Stuart
have to-day established the followirg prlcos for then re
fined goods:?Best quality loaf sugar, lOftc. per lb.; best
quality crushed sugar, 10'^c.; granulated sugar. 10>jc.,
ground sugar, lOj^c.; white sugar (A,) OHc., yellow si*
gur'(C), 9*.
marriages and deaths.
_ _ Married.
I ^ rr0" Thursday, June 6, by the R?v. James
tuVS'Sf.*"- 10 Ml88 E- Aj,ro^?" p??>
Fort Hamilton, on Thursdav
J?*2 ?. f>y Key. Dr. Manning, Wili^am Mo?u?
U?n L^l *,t0 c- Sram-aa, of Fort lllarail
Sctiliab papers please copy.
iw^-^JS8IKYtD~Jtc,,ln,I"-Atst- Ann'? churoti, Brook
jlEffi"l.JuD0 6' th* R?v. B- C. Cutler, D. D.,
b ? i Nomuw) to G. CjJUMJMM If (liu^htar of
H. E. JKummel, all of Brooklyn. ' UiCler ?r
- A* Washington, B.C., on Wednesday Mar 28
Uaao T. Atm, a member of Company C, Fourteenth reei'
?J" ?eJ? Jof Stale Militia, in the 32d yu, 0, h* Lf
The f. tends oi the family, also the members of^tiie
Foarteentb regiment New York State Militia now in the
SK'"? r*?^tfulJy to attend tbe fuwJL thte
lirH^ ^ternoon, from the resides oe of his father
William T. Avis, 157 Dullleld street, Brooklyn '
Bwrrojr.-On Friday, June 6, Wbllum, sonof Thorns
aD^vp,;**n Brilton. aged 2 years and 9 months
The friends and relatives of the family are resDoctfnllv
Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon ?. tm?
slrM^,frtllnU,#re8Wence'* hi" l"ar#nt8>No-?6 James
Bbophy.?On Friday morning, June fl, of scarlet fever
T?omas j ?Bwn oi Patrick and the late Mary Brophy aced
11 years, 5 months and 0 days. '
The relatives and friends of tbs family areresDectfull*
invited to attend the funeral, this (Saturday) morruni
at ten o'clock, from St. Peter's ch^ch G^d^ir^'
without farther invitation. street,
Cakhman?On Wednesday, Jane 4, Sarah H wife nr
Daniel Ca*hman and daughter of Nicholas R. Van Brunt
services will take place at her late residence'
sr KM srss
spectfully invited to attend. without further nouce
Cassidy.?In Williamsburg, on Thursday June ft Jon*
CUwidt, in the 63.1 year of his aire. 7' * 5' J?n*
The friends and relatives of the deceased are invited
to attend the Tuneral, this (Saturday) mornmV at !n
o dock, from St. Mary's church, corn// ?%%??
Rcmeen streets. Williamsburg.
Comma*.?At Jersey City, on Friday, June 0 Eomtxd
fSX"'SSULiSfRw!- c
thre. o clock, from the residence of hi? parents Vl> 9 >'i
South Third street. Jersey < it, IWeuts, No. 2J3
Ittixnr?on Friday. June 8. t-n.. Ukivlia onl*
daughter of Henry C. and Catherine a. Dennett 'J?d 4
yearn. 11 months and 21 days. '
JEXSFP 0f.tb# 'o""ly *r* r??pectful!y invited to
attend the luneral, on Sa.-.day afternoon. at two o'clock
from the residence of her pamts. 11J Sullivan street'
between Pnnce?nd Spring, without further notice '
1)' nmax.?On ti iday, June fl, at Ix>ng I'ranch of eon
C" ^hler * t^late ja^es
vi . ' , r,ty- ***d 20 )?*rs and fl months
Notice of funera heroal ter.
t.OKi.o*.?On Thursday morning. May ft, after a nm.
tractedil.ues*, Hexkt L., eldest son oi Letitu and tna
late I hilip Gordon, agoa 21 years aad 24 dav*.
Ihc friends of tbe lamily and member* of the Second
Company, ^eytyth Regiment New York State Mhlc la, of
which deceased wa* a member, al.^o the membero of the
| ^ent now in the city,.re regretfully S3 te at
tend the funeral, without further InvUaUon, this (Stiur
day) iiftei noon, at two o'clock, from h's late residence l?i
Jor^ey street J?-,ey City. Carr,.^ will be
flmerai ^ 7 *' 0M 0 " on the day of th^
CatXAGHra.?On Friday, June C, of cons imption
ttAlix* OiLUoaB, a native of thi* city, ag(,d 29 \ear?'
and friends of tbe iamily are r?*S'x*ctfui'T
Invited to attend the funeral, from thi rS.?ta^Tof hm
father, No. 218 West Twenty-iif'.h street, on^indayafWr"
1"* O. c!otlt- Tbe rouiauis wMl be uk?n t<jCal
vary O-uietery lor interment.
Couwmith.?On Friday. June 0, of congestion of the
brain, Jrtia C., wire oOOIIv.r B. Goldsmith.
Jbefnends and relatives of tbe tamIIy are Invited to
raeet at bar late residence No. fl Fourth avenue this
fSaturday) afternoon, at hal/.paat one d'clock, without
further Invitation. The remains will lTuk? to
^.nt OC"*' L'*,iS* fuur ?'cta* tra'? 'rom Hunter s
JJUD? u ' Vaio!C" ArH7*iu Kki
wh, wife ofJohn Gurny, d i-ghter of Stephen and Jaue
terris, a^ed 23 years. 3 month* and 9 davs
Tbe relatives and friends of the family are respeeifullv
V <UU?'1 ii* (,Deral-,,n Sunday afternoon,at one
I t?tu'"'"??byterian chureh, West liobo
^0,^^" W i leave ,be ?"?/????JfH-l
_ Hronsn ?On Friday srtornoon, June fl, of disease of
the bear I, H iluab Hi ohks. Iti the 09Ui year of bis u*e
ilf""?.* hu ?"?. W illiam H., U. if.
and r. M. Hugbes, and of his son-in-law, Wil lam II
W,l,on are respectfully mvltcd to attend'tbe funeral
on suuday afternoon, at three o'clock, from his iate resi
dence, No. 3i3 Myrt.e avunuu, Brooklyn.
Hrxs* ?On Thursday. June 6, Uiifrw.ai Hci???, and
39 years, fl months and 3 davs.
His friends are invited toMtend the funoral, from his
late re?ldeuw. corner of hievantk avenue an t Fntv nr>.t
street, tins (Saturday; afternoon, at half-past otic o'clock
Lorr ?in Brooklyn, on Tburwday, June 5. Mrs. Mast
be * a^e"' rm*r,y 01 N'w Jert*T, m the 69tb year of
Now Jersey paper* will pleaoe oo|.y,
Mai kkr.?At Eberbacb.(><>rmany. I'Hmjtpisa Mai-ucb
wI(e of George Maurer, aged 31 years. '
h,!!o*i,W8,'i k' bL?r n?Uv* placa t0 r8crH* her shattered
health, and by her death ioives a deeply mourning fa
h!nd * * Cir"'* ^ w,|,m)y ^toched friends be
!Mn.BrR*^--On Thursday morning. Jane 5. ai.tos R
see nd daughter of the Rev. W. H and Owacrfa a Mil *
b irn, aged 18 year* and 8 months ' A MH
The friends or tbe ramny are invited to atund the
funeral servioe.at her lather s residence, No liB Weu
Tweoty-Ursi street, this (Saturday; morning at even
0 cl >?k, wltlKMit further ivmce
>. J1""1"??10,1'rM?y. 6, after a long and namfnl
Illness, .IuklC., sen of John R and Elizabeth f Milter
ag\d 2;? years. fl montha and 27 dsys. ' MU,"r?
The relatives and friends of the family are reaoectmile
invited to attend the funeral, from Uio Rose lint Metho
c5urcli' Tw*nty ????nth street, lietween
*r',t avenuej, on -iiiuday afternoon, at f.mr
? clock, without further t?vitat?.n. The remains will be
1 M. on Monday morning, to Scottih Plain* N J Tor
intermsnt, ' '
reeiniinCm'J. a B*'tanily charging at the bead of hi*
Sfikli ta >,#w,/"rk sut* Volunteers;. Ueu
- ?
Netice of tbe funeral he enf;er.
eaTs on^dlV u',U,1T ^'"rnore, on the
T?i^Tr..?;!L U'r 8L Mi'Masin, of Comiiany
llii f^S at w?ftT'1 N'8W York MlMtia. ' '
ninth regiment, torn' ?tS*'
o'el ck. The friends of (u ,'r?Sw aiWl"!2??. *? tW0
Nr n ujwh -fuJOen* 1 '"T"?*1 to *tUn '?
res id nee. No 14 We*t Ku i ^"r" ?' '??r
way and Nii.tl, svemie, A,?m wirt'of
son. m the Hi j? year orker age Thomas Nichol
The ri ia:i*es and friends of tbe fam.i. .. . .
invited t.. ?ito?? the ftiner?l. tbi* ^tTrdl.^V^'/^i7
at bah past one .'eke* from the rW HI. T)
dlst Kfiscopal 'hurch, he; ween f, ht'h an V*1
noes, arittio.it further Invitation. Ihe re . ' T;'"
taken to Oreeuwoo-I for in? rment '"*l!l8 Will b<?
Pa s- * -"- lite da* -ft., neon, June a, j,m,
arne ? " "l - - 'h?
ae rrmtim Mid I ,eadi of ftlg0 ^
bera of Palestine LoU^e No. 204,F. and k. M.,arere
spi-ctfu.iy invited to attend the funeral. without further
lnvtatin, from hi* U ? rwiilwa*, No. 07 irnvet street
Wiliiaiuaburg. on .-?nday afternoon, at oae o'el ck.
K nmsuM -suddenly, ou Frid cy, Ji.ae 8 Emm i Hki?\a,
?u.ai.i d?ughiero{ William J. and Jane Kli^a Kobiiuou,
aged 6 motitiia and 24 ilay a.
Tbe frienda of tbe family are respectfully invited to
hi laud lua fun-r.il,on Sunday afternoon, at i*k o cluck,
fr m tbe reeideuco of her parents, No. 212 Sullivan
an <u, wuli utfurther notice.
U* i*.?uu Friday, June 6, Mi'.ila*l Rta.m, a native of
Ki."< ka: y, county limerick, Ireland, aged 70 years, after
a long iilnes*
1 lie mneial will take place from bis late residence, No.
46 I'irst stroot, on ^'uulay afternoon, at half past one
o'clock. The frciLuti- o! the family, ami those of hi*
brother-in-law, l>r. William O Donaeil, are requested to
i.iuieri- k papers will please copy.
Battku la waits.?On Friday morning, Juno 6, at his
resid noe on auteu Island, Ikldoi'Hvlact 3. Hati-rk
THWAiTt, late President of tho Now York Mutual Insur
ance Company, iu Uie 5bih j ear of liis age.
T;:e relat.vMH anil fri ndt of ilie family are invited to
attend the t uneral, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, at
St. Jehu's church, dittos,platen Island, without further
invitation. Carriages will bo iu waning at Vaaderbiit's
Iji . Jing. on tbo arrival of tbe one o'clock boat from New
York. After the sdi vie s tha remains will be taken to
Ui<- tamily vault in Trinity cbcrch, New York.
Snu.?On Friday, Juno 6, Jamjm T., only son of Caro
line and the late Jamas T. Steer, aged 1 month and 22
The friends of tbe family are respectfully invited to
att ad the fui.oral,on Sunday aftornoon, at two o'clock,
from 101 i'-ast t orty eighth streak
Susat.?on lbursday, Jui:e 6, Mr. William H. Skkat,
aged 58 year a.
liis relative* and friends, and tbe members of Lodge
of Auti pi it y No. 11, F. A.M.,are invited to attend the
funeral. thb (Saturday) afiurnoon, at two o'clock, from
No. 8 Union .-miare.
Sti'mp.?(jn Friday, June 0, of consumption, Edwabd
Sti'mp, a:;ed 42 yea. a, 1 month and 2 dtys.
The friends of the family are resj>eoifuIly invited to
attend tae funeral, from his late resi 'euca, 44 Qiarlton
street, on S.inday afternoon, at two o'clock.
Stkwaut?On Friday, Juno 6, of wounds received at
tbe battle of Williamsburg, Va., Wili.iam Stewakt, a
meml*er of Company K, Third regiment NewYork Ex
celsior brigade, and a native of Tuiiow, county Carlo w,
The funeral will take place from bis late residence,
No. 513 Ninth avenue, on Sunday a.lernoon, at one
o'c ock. The relatives and frieud.s of the lauiily and of
Inn brother-Mi iaw, Peter Imniuher, are respecuuliy in
vited to attend.
Walsh.?On Friday, June 6, after a lingering illcess,
Rn hako Waidh, Jr., a naiivo of Goggia's 11111, county
Cork, Ireland, aged 27 years.
Tiic relatives and friends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral, on Suuday afternoon, at
two o clock, from the residence of his father, lot) Frank
lin street. il>s remains will be interred in Calvary
California papers please copy.
*trn rism 4 2? I moon sets morn 12 SI
bum sets 7 281 miuu water. morn 3 la
Port of New York, Jan* 6, 1804*
Steamship Kangaroo (Br). Mu^uigan, Quecnstown anil Li
rerpooi?J GDaie.
Steamship New York (Brem), Wencke, Southampton and
Bremen?Oelriehs A Co.
sulp Young bam, Merry man, Liverpool?Trask k Dear
Shlo Constantlne, Creevey, Liverpool?C Orlnnell.
Ship Cepioiani (Br;, Slitell, London?liashford ,t Moulton.
Snip Jupiter (Dan), Rk-hmers, Giouoester?Punch, Melncke
k Wendt.
Bark Einigkeit (Prua), Brann, Cork, ko? Punch, Melncke
A Wendt.
Bark Eleanor (Br), Baynes, Trinidad?O H Mellington.
Brig Guyana (Br), Onken, Gloucester?E PttVen.stcdt A Co.
Brig Ocean Eagle, Foasell, Monrovia?Yates k Porterlielil.
Brig Cro us, Adams, Vera Crux?F Alexandre k Bon.
Brig Excelsior, Talbot, Bermuda? McColl k Frith.
Brig Jaa S Waples, White, Indian Kiver?Benton A Son.
Brig J Crosby, Coombs, Bos.on?B P Buck k Co.
Schr NAT Cran.ner, Mathews, Washington?Matter.
Schr Pinta, Saunders. Alexandria?tl 8 Rackett.
8chr A B Jacob*. Jonea. Snow Hill?A C Havens.
Schr llouesty, Benton, Sheiltown?A C Havens.
Schr Siak, Ingalls^Philauttlphla?Simpson A Clapp.
8chr A.iele, Tomlin, Egg Harbor?T G Benton <tc Son.
Schr't A Paine, J ones, Eastport?J Hoynton k Sons.
Schr Venloo, Clmson, Bangor?N O Plllahury.
Schr X 8 Patridge, Hix, Portland?W 8 Brown k Co.
Schr Golden State, Weeks, Portsmouth?L Kenny.
Schr HhoJe ln.aud, Kelly, " Anstusta"?Master.
Schr Harvest, Lawrence, Bonriuh?Master.
Schr Taatff, Provost, 8tamford?Stamford Manufacturing
Sloop Sophia, Boss, Portland?B 8 Backet.
Sloop Ethan Allen, Beeves, Provideuoe? U 8 Racket!
Steamship Parkermbnrg, (lollman, Portland, with mdse
and l asaoiigers, to H B Crouxweli A Co.
U 8 suireahip supply, Culuo Coressea, Commanding, Mew
Orleans May 1$, via Kev West 28th.
Snip K.chard AUop, Watlinuton, Antwerp, April 29, with
muse and 84 passengers, to Henry M Weed; vessel to Thus
J ante*.
Ship Athena (Brem), Schilling, Hamburg, April 25. in bal
last. and 453 passenLers, to master. 1st lust, lat 41 19, Ion
tft 10, spoke Bremen ship Helena, Irom Liverpool lor Baltl
naore, all well,
Hark Narasanee (Br. of N-wrastle), WXlkens, Cardiff, SO
days, with coal, to Kuultartit A ??.
Bark L.beity, Avery, Palermo April H, ami Gibraltar 23th,
with fruit, to Draper A Dsvlin. May 28. lat 37 3J. ion til Si)
pass'd a chip bound S, showing a white signal wilfa a biack
star, also bail a biark star in her foretopsail,
Bark James Welsh. Gerard, Mlnatitlan, 2J days, with ma
il. g my ,.nd caoar. to P Alexandre k Son.
Bark Tanitl (Oi Eaatport). Davis, Sagua. May 23, with su
gar, to roaster.
Bark L uis L He/en (uew, of Calais), Jamieson, Cslais, 7
days, with lumber, to ma-ster. k
BrlKJnsoph Hume <Br, of Yarmonth, NSi. Kenealy. Ma
laga Feb 6. via Lisbo l April 16. with raisins. lead, Ac, to
Grund A Westervelt. May 2. lat 31, lou M, spoke Br s.iip
Sir Allan Mc.Nab, from Carthagena tor Quebec.
Brig Mary Morton (Br, of Windsor, Na). Rood, Leghorn,
April i7. passed Gibraltar May 1, with marble and ra?'*, to
Peter Harco ny's Nephews A Co. Mav H, lat 34 ~'6, Kin 11 04,
sroxe Br scf r Eureka, from Bicily for New York.
Schr ilailbaldi (Holland), Uroos, Curaeoa, May 24, with
hi' ?s and logwood, to Dovale A Co.
Schr K H Wilson (of Brookl aven), Davis, Baracoa, May
26 with fruit, f> Thos Gilmartin.
S l.ri'apn.l (of Kraukfurti, Collins, Baltimore, 21 days,
'or i>' sum. Put t do ilris port for repalis, having on the
night of the 4tL Inst. Monuiuk bearing NW by N IllO mllea,
to .k a gale Irom NE, which lucieaa. il to a hurricane, with
heavy cross sea: lost ? wo foresails, mainsail, swept decks,
st' ve b ilwarks an 1 sprung a leak. The leak increasing to
2U U .-tr ises per hour, was oompelled to bear up tor this
port. 5th Inst, took a p.lot from beat Mary.lE Fish, No 4.
wb < brought her t<> this city.
Schr New York Pa Wet, Has-.ell, Bllzalx-thport for Bisto:i.
Schr SR.is Wright, S s:r.an. EMxabethport ior Providence.
Schr K'bert 8inith. Will ox. Eiizahetbport lor Portiaud.
S lir Boston, Wall. Calais, 13 days.
Schr M"<es Waring. Nash. B<? kland.
Sc.ir it M Prl e, fvelle;., N? w tfediord, S days.
Sour Col Eaody, Bianchard, New J^indon.
S hr Thomas Jefferson, Kenny, Salem, 3 days.
isgiaaw, Lovell, ABxany tar Bos^a.
Schr Mary Johnxon, Johnson, Albany for Bostoo.
Sehr Ann Flower, Lbveil Albany for Boston.
S br H H l'alv, 8 oitb Albany lor i'mvid'-noe.
S'fHinT M 8te>en*, Dou'hcrty, Baltimore.
Steamer Ironsides. Vanderveer, Philadelphia.
Steamer iMrkla, Trout. PhltadHpnm.
StsamerWsstcliester. Nye. Providence.
A brig, name unknown, irom Bio Janeiro.
US steam transports Cossack, and Ellen 8 Terry, New
bero, NC.
Wind at sunset S.-tB.
American Slilpinastera1 AiMcUtlei,
Mo SI Will Stbest?Booea23 srd 25.
Tbsfollewlng approved officers have received eerlficatee
Of this association ?
Chi ta ns lolin Monroe, bark Cora; Elwln E Eldred, bark
Mary Branigar 8 Hand, mate liark ToNgsnr; Joseph Con
waij snip Ja? L >to ert; llewr* MnhlenhotT, mate ship AI
Chs* Danrelt-r, bril E Kutter: Franets W W Cole,
s dp City of Mobile; James H Drinkwater, bsrk Quickstsp;
E .oard KdwardS shipChace- Ph!n*aa K Bat>-s. mate ship
Vndewiiter; Isaiah Cousins, ship Charlotte; CTAas M Jones.
*hu> Ashburton; Cl>a? W Butler, bark Helen A'ignsta; Job 0
I'bsinlierUn, male schr Frames; John 8 Oliver, hark Per
mnnt; Edward Cooper, bark Urania; Chas H Norrls, bark
O.ean Favorite. d
Suir Bctiieo (of Hosion), Howes, sailed from Paasarolan,
Java, Jen 22, ft* A'nsterdaa, with afnll< ai go of sugar ami
r-ttau.. an 1 had iii.e weather until Mar< h 12, on which day
she experienced a hurriease, whi b c intinued until the ISth,
m ken Iks S ,p had hsea? sjmost a wreck sub more than d
feel of watei in t. a hold, tin ttiat day sh* was's en in wtth
l>y Br siiip Geu Neiil, from Bombay for Liver)>ool, and all
hsnus. 16 In number, were lak n off, the 8< argo at the time
laving 7 lest of water In the hold and lielnt in a sinking oon
ditioa. The Gen N.dll arrived at 8t Helena April 9, and the
ellio-rs aud crew of ihe S weir landed there. The 8 was
built at Newbury| oi t In ISft'.i. S7s tons, rated A2, and owned
by P 8 Crowell snd others, of Boston, Ac.
Ba Babs Lapt Fkamku.v. from Jamaica for Liverpool,
w itt?a cargo of S19 hhds and 265 hbls So car, 14V casks rum,
and MX* oid* wax and hon<-y, ran ashore on Carisfurt
K< ' f on the 24th ult and bilge I. One wrecking venael had I
arrived ai Kev We t previous to the Sfch witu the bark's
materials, so 1'reported several othnr wreckers on their war
to that port arlth portion* of the raj go, the gresther part of
wh ich would be saved. Tne ground tier of sugar was a total
loss. r
it irk Mat tynrnR. Prennlnr. at Salem from W?Mit Coast o
A'rica, reoorts April 26 the mainmast was struck bjr light
ning. and fore rojrai mast, foretoi gallant rats', and head of
ft/re mast badly damaged.
Br Brio Qcaroo, of Sydney, CB, with a<-argoof soel for
Now York, la aalmre seven miles sooth of Sijiian IoieU She
la>s on the outer oar, an dioi ahead and Ught.
Brio Eipkbimkst, at Baltimore 3th Inst from Measlna,
r- p i's in lat 29 Ion SN, pass d a large reft with a flag dying
? U|.po??d to have b" ii o* d y the crew of a *!? ked
who ' ad afterwards been ta?.en off; also In the seme
vl( Inl'y a'|uanllty of spai-s and ?Ui, ?d oil meal cai'Ks. Tha
E sprang mainmast bead on the pasaage.
BRlf. FlMttMllo, James, fraru Rl > Jsnelro for Falmouth,
E. put Into Barbados 3d ult for protlstons. her supply of
beei having spoiled, and sailed again 4tb.
Hcita Fba>e Ptanca Hmith, ftora I'lilWleiiihla for (lree?.
wii h Ot, wheu off the llishlauds night of 4th lust, sprung
alesk. and came to an<4ior. Her canutin cams up to the
cue lor aaslstanee In the steamship Philadelphia.
Soar Ktnouaii 8i arhow, of and from Hampden for N*w
Karen, put into K*' klstvi Jltth uit, to wail fur orders, leak
ing stioaea per hour.
Thr Baulb, arrived In England from Kio Grande, reporta,
April S. at7 i' M. lai 6 IS S, I >n 32 tl, passed wi.hin thlr y
vail< .an. " t long, tns waterways a
level with the shut, about elghieea or twenty stauohlons,
some bi"<ea the highest about four wt a'axva eauir: ap>
peare I like a i as-el that i ad be<-n cut In two, and of large
sue, dangerous in the night
CAuierr, Msy 22?It blew very heavy l ist evenlngjrotn
NW. The Amerh an ship Uncle Joe got on the Cardiff Sauda,
and was assisted off by tna tugs Ely and Pilot, and Is now on
the gridiron.
birtRrooi., May 21?The ship 1/ihrador. Qolan, of this
port, wli'di sailed at the latter end oi as! woek ior Bombay,
rut back wllh setious 4ama?e, having bei'n in eolllslon on lae
Huh. off Tusk*-. *Ith the A n hark 8W Pike, ir<iin Dublin
for t'erdlff, ?inch had also pui l>erk to tlil? |>?iri. The Labra
d >r loa' bowsprit and autwater rr-eeiveff ot tier damage; had
bulwarks a I ilgging on the i? rl side carrle i awav,
an- bar ma!nm??t sprung
The *? ho*-nsr r ported as captured hy tha U fl bark Pur
siltwssth" Andromnda. from 8aMtie Pass, with 60? l>ales
cotion and SMI hides. 8be waa taken off M iriel, i uIms Na\ 27.
Tl e fallowing >essi |* were sold at aitciio'i st B?l i n>re on
>1 , ||i< si " hs log hesn provl. n ly oondemaed aod
fv .sittJ by V't t uit'.o States Distrlut V'vutinehr Bipiess
purchased by Thomas J Landln for $110; ?!oop Victory, pur
rbaa-d by saute ft* I t and aloop Bride or Od' Su, lu *
dualled eou lllioa. lor (JO. purchased by Jotin E Abbot.
Cuaiios or Liuiit Vomeui.? The Snconnetart liL'tit veaael
ban arrived at Niiedt'ord lor repairs, m'wr receiving ?fetch
?lie wl.l pro. eed to NYork and re.leve the Sjnnlv Hook tight
vi'Htl, wbicU is to be repaired. The Suoeoonetset iigut v?s
wl'a station ia now o cnpied by the old Shoeiful li^ht w
sel, whieu baa recently !><>? n rau'ked aud refitted.
At at New London 4tn iu?., a m franklin, Church. Deso
lati n I-lan.l Keb 3, Cape Town, Cl>H, March 21. St Helena
April lb, with 300 blila elephant oil ou Uuir.I. Sent home ou
the voyage 1160 bbls whale aud elephant oil, and 1000 Iba
bone. Reports, left at Desnlatl ? ship Young PhuM?i?,w log,
NB, witli 430 bbls pe maud 601 do w hale oil: aohr Sliver
(Mo.i.l, Bitltn a, New London. luObbis wna.eand 16J do ele.
pbuui oil thU sea on At Rt H<d na, brig i'araua, tjroen,
Sa : 11 irbor. 113 bbls speim oil ou boa d.
Mil from Nai tucket 3d Ins., bark Ulauder, Oath, EUgar
tonn, to cu.ttplem lilting .or wli ling.
Arr at FJjalMarch iii, ship Tahwaroo, Mayer, landed 60
I'bla ap <>11, Uth i It. barks Ai.telope, Tuber, NB, 60 ap, landed;
Ho,je, Lewis, Lostou, 23 ap, landed; 10th, ship Noriheru
Lignt. Tauer, do, 70 sp, landed.
At laautia 9th ult, m hr Kingfisher. Lambert. PII, 1000 bb!s
?p 10 do hikilsh oil, all well, bound to the Charleston Ground.
uArraiSi He na April I, si. Ip 1'lover, ISO up; bsrk Navl
ghtor, 130 do; bri a Su-oin King, SIX, ?> do; Leon iu. Skid",
\\'< stporL 170 do 20 wh; lid. bark* J .alina Uragdo i Hp ou r,
NH ;0 ap 23 w h; Hut, Nil, 7o up NtiuroJ Davie,
NB, ?.??? sp; Bern Kranklin. Brown, FR, 2"0 sp 1j wh; IS:h.
E .cel, Rose, HU, 70 Hp; Ht'.i, t hr Flanklin, .Ounjl), NL.
fr?ii! De. olaiion lsl.tn.te an t Cape Town, with a full oar^O
of elephant oil; ltilli, brig Pataua, Green, SU, 33 sp ou
Brig Leon Idas put in again April 16 to land a sick man.
A letter from Capi Ua a, ot b.trk Nltmod, report, bur at
St H lena April 12, w.iu UJj bbla sp oil. Would Sail direct
for the North Atlantic.
A letter rom on Iba d ship Young Puenlx, Wine, of NB,
re I juris her in Deaohuiou harbor F. b 7, with 300 ubla ap aud
600 ilo wti oil.
Snoken?April 28, lat 30 N, Ion 43 W, schr Oxford. Snow
of r'airhaveu, bound to Western Islands '
' Spoken, ate.
Ship Mary Olover, fiom Boston tor Batavla, April SO, lat
23 N. Ion 4.
Hbip Empress, Lecraw, from Liverpool for Calcutta, May
17. on l'o i.t L;.nus.
ShipOeor .^ Fenttndy, Howes, from Liverpool for NYork,
Hu< 19. o.i Holyhead.
M'.ip J A hu? ult r, irom London for NYork, no dato, 80
miles 11 oin ,;ap'i C.eur.
Sn.p Conurt'HM, Or nkwater. from Philadelphia for Key
W.-M. May 2d, lat 33 Vi. Ion 72 46.
Bark Am.iy (llain), trom Snitnghae for NYork, March 29,
lat 2d ,9 S. Ion 7 10 fS.
il. rn Regatta, from Montevideo for Cork, April 29, lat fi N,
Ion 37 W.
B. rk Wilhelmiae, 3 days from Liverpool for Cuba, May IS,
lat !'.) 22, Ion 21.
B; ig Alphoi sa (Sardinian), from Trieste for NYork, April
2V. lal JO, !na 4-.
lir ; Mar.v K Pierce, from Cuba for Boston, Junes, 8 of
thu Highlauds?By pilot boat Mary E Fish.
Uri;' Ella, from the Spanish Main, of and for Baltimore,
May 24, oil' Bu-ih K v ligli h >um ??
Hr u Air .ccabah, from Cuba, of and for Boston, May 23, lat
28 23, Ion 79 So.
Foreign Porte.
Bombay. April 20?iu port ships (lem of the Ocean. Wil
liams, from Calcutta, arr lath; Bosphornn, P'-ndleion, for
Livrrpool (the B which sl i i'Stli for Liverpool waa probably a
ltritlsn vessel); (irunada, Miller; Uia e l)aiiln(!, Hearse;
Moriuug Star, Matthews; Jacob A Westervelt, And"r?on;
Dingo, Brown; Lyra. Cheevcr, and Chevalier. Ferkina, for
oo; Caroline, Packard, for Hull, E; Sunbeam, O It'll, for
Colombo; Burilngion, Howes; Harriet .4 Jessi ', Di.shoa;
Mogul, Spouner; Union, Shillings, and Vult ir?. Out. uno.
Bcf.hos Ames, April 4?lild Whistling Wind, llavlm, a
foreign port; inh. Sharon, Jordan, En^ltiid; Joiin K<>rr,
Swcciaer, Montuvi'leo andOrcid.i; 10th. Klawltter, NYork;
lith, Richmond, Cleveland, a foreign port.
Hauia, May S?in port bark Hannibal, Klein, for Rio Ja
Babacoa, May 26?In port schr Maria L Davie, for NYork
6 days.
Cubacoa, May 24?In port "a bark|from NYork," disg?by
schr (iarlnalal, at this port.
Deal, May 23?Passed by, Volant, Bray, from Calcutta for
Elsinouk, May 17?Arr Andover, Keency, Glasgow for
Falmouth, May 22?Arr Martha Wenzell, Smith. Akyab.
Oksoa. May IS?Sid Czar, Hammond, Liverpool.
Gibkaltak, May 17?Arr Uraita, Craig, NYork.
Hui.l, May 19? Arr Chas Suiitli, Hi ewer, Alexandria; 23d,
Black 8wan, Podger. bald via Oibraltar.
IbK/.il, May 4?Arr A Bradshuw, l' lsh, London.
Eir.unroou May 24?t)lT, Ahlw a, Youns, from Portland.
Sid 19th, Sillery, McAulay, NYork; 2d<l, P Lacoste, Gray,
Buenos Ajre?.
Cld 22d, Dakotah, Foeter. Callao and Shanghae; 23d, Annie
Wood, Wilson, San Pranciaco'and Vancouver's Islau.l.
Eni oat 22d, Geneaee, Mclntyre, for Geuoa.
Lkurobx, May 18?Arr Wanjcrlng Jew, Smart, CasdIT.
Minatitlak, May 7?In port brig Orinoco, Tabbutt, for
Boston 14 days.
Mayaooh, May 28?Is port brig Neurltaa Wright, ldg;
ket h Commerce, Bai nee. from Philadelphia for Guanlci, to
load; schis Isabel, for NVork, ldg; Alice Mowe, Townsend,
for Baltimore, do. Bid 24th, brigs LAW Armstrong, Bonn,
and Thos Turrull, Thompson, hew Haven; schr Life Boat,
Reed, Newburyport.
Qukenstow*, May 21?Sid Mariner. Atkinson (from New
York;, Havre; 22d, Uresund, Dab I (from do), Dublin; 23d.
Washington Butcher, Collins (from Matanr.as), Liverpool.
Pout Natal, March 19?In port Mary k Louisa, Jones,
from Alooa Bay, unc.
Qukbku. June 2?Cld bark E M Douglas, Reed, NYork.
K.o iika.ihx, April 6?Bid Central America, Berry, Fal
mouth, R.
Rio Ja.hsiso, April 18?Arr Pleiades, Wlnslow, Cardiff;
23d, Volante, Botaford, Buenoa Ayrea.
St UaLk.NA, April 17?Arr ship Revenue, Sears, Mouhnein,
for Genoa uext oay.
.St Johns, NF, May 14?Arr scar* Araonant, Spinney. New
York; A G Archibald, Vance. Philadelphia (and old 19th lor
L n.an. CB); ISth, brig Caroline, Lenoir, NYorlif
WATBBroRD. May 22?Sid (not arr) Rosa Bottcher, Schnlts,
Nlork via Caritllt
Wist Coast or Atbica, April 3?At Wlnnebah, bark Ke
dar. Hoyer, unc. At Blmina. bark Costarelll, Morant, unc.
At Sait Fond, bark D Godfrey, Hall, unc. At Cape Coast,
bark Manuel Or tel. condemned. In Bigut of iienln. barks
Witch, Hulunau; Maneh star, Rowley, and Elizabeth, Post,
American Porta.
BOSTON. June *? Ait bark Ariel, L veision, Sierra Le
one; br.g>i Ro er: Wing, aklnner, Port rraya, CVI; M T
Ellswortu (Br), Lawrence, St Domingo City; Diamond of
iti? Deep (Hr i, Levash, Havana, Isaac Carver, Shuts. Car
ileua.-; Princeton, Allen, Philadelphia; Ltrh, Haskell,
Eli/.abctliDort; schrs Krouk Dyer.Suate, Cardenas; Rude
rick Random (Br), Scitt. Turin IslttudB; Hoc.ilioi.Us, Ber
ry, Georgetown, DC. H.:nry Puymn Crowell. Baltimore;
Jouu Stroup. Lake; J CadwaUader. Clayton; 1. Auaenreid,
Koraers; Bolivar, French; Jonn K I'later, Ganuy, and Pair
Wind, Smith, J'hllad iplila; Isabella, PittilkUn, NYork. ('Id
bark O tuaiiil, De*tn u. NOrleans; i rigs Hun uck, Oi> bs,
Barbados; Wal>a?h, Bigley. Pnlladeiphla; ? 'hr* Austin
(Hr), htuii'ti. Mlra oanc; Hero, Lakeinitn, Fortivsa Mon
roe. No lung went to irn. Hid 3d, ship C B Ha/?lliue (not
0 14 Hamiitou), Oilk. v. Bangor to loa 1 ior Europe.
6tl<?Arr ba kt F?l?it i01 em, K issebomn, Rotterdam;
Bay dilate. Sparrow. Bahla; schr* Hero (Hr). Kowler, Port
mi* Priiie?s; S berime, Callaghan, Clcn. uego*; NarcUta,
Ri' h, and 8 B Wheeler, McLaughl u, Balti nare; Anr.a Oil
men, Hack nil. Carolina Gran'.. Prcssy, mid O.iwaiJ.L 'land,
Philadelphia; S RocKtilll. Haskell, til/abet.iport. Old 1 hrs
Wolcott, Parker, and Era, Clfambeilaln, NYofk. Nothing
went to >? ??.
BALTI MORE, June 4?Arr br.g Experiment. Booth, Mes
Nina, ket'-li El a, Shanks nan Bias v.a San Andreas; * ur
Plying Send, Carmine. Stjonn*. PR. < 'Id ?> !ir* <; A Sno.v,
U'atii. Si John-, Pit; H W Beneiilct, Ellis. Nilavi n.
6th?C d batk Mag.ie V Hugg (new. All llugg, Jr,
Queeastown; schrs Pearl, Lank, Providence; Yorstown,
Woglam, .\e? York; Free Wind, .(ones, Hartford via l'ort
Depoelt. Sid barks Marion, liugg4Uong^Koi)g; Volant (Br;.
To mw, Bellaat, I.
HATH, June 3?Bid s^hr Chronometer, Pierson, Yorktown,
4th?CM schr Tantamount, Davis. Yorktown. Ya.
BANGOR. J una 2?Old *"lir C ounnodere, Rowe, NYork;
3d. brig I ulia E Arey, t-prague, Antigua and a uikt; schr A
F liowc. Oorson, kiork.
4ih?Arr nohr Banner, Wsntworth, . Sid acnrs Globe,
Snowman, and Iowa. M<otjr, N Voik.
BRISTOL, June 4?Sid schrs Jaa Nellson, Burt (from
Taunton), Pnlladeip.i.a; Mai;, ivell y (tto.n Provi.ienoe), do;
II il M ? calf, Burtop (train do), Beaufort, NC; America,
Reynolds (from do). NYork.
EL1ZABHTHHORT. June4?Old schrs Mew York Packet,
Hand Boetou; Luton, Djer, Haverhill; Krnma Hendrix,
Sherman Brawn.port; Dart, Johnson. Stamlord; Belvldere,
Miller. Albany; Silas Wright, Seainaii, Kail Kl?''r; Kmliy.
Tuomp?on. Stamford; A 0 liarrns, Keen, Bridgeport; sloops
President, M or cell, Stamford; Adonis, Kordham, Brid.epoi't;
Pov. oaltan, Newman, Norwalk; New World, Uogan, Provi
dence; l.ady VTashlngiioii, llawkLin, PrOTld*-uee.
6-.U?CM schrs Saliie Sinltli, WJcd u. Biadg"| ort; Mathew
Bird, Davis, Providetj'-e; M A Ulldreth, Williams, Mystic
R.vcr; Mary A Bn/a. Heniumin, New Haven; E K Potter,
L >per, Kail Kivur; Plillad li his, Churley, Cambrl l(je; t'ha*
Dii'iley, Wentworth, Portsmouth; Mill Creelf, Rotner, New
bur>purt; t'rups L U Scranlou, C< e, Mailfson; JnoCottrtll,
Peiuler, Br., .geport.
PALL R1VEK. June 2?Arr aelir L A Bayles, Rayles,
Georgetown. DC; sloop,Phinier. Appleby. NYork. Sid ?chr
Mediator, Xlliw, New York (or PniJiJelpiiia, according to
3d?Arr schr Thomas Potter, Rackett. Philadelphia.
HARfKOHD, June 3?Arr schrs Peter kilter, Vanakln,
Kingston; 4 h. 8 Nalson llall, Paddock, A.bany; J nc M
Brslnard, Boardman, Ellzaiiethport. Hid K hr? Yankee B .y,
Itisl'-y; C W Caapln Karoham. J. a ph Rogers, Wortainj
ton; John Wrigiit, Clark. K M Well*, tot; al>>ops(len Kos
miih, llayden; Ida E Vail, Vail, and liudson, Stocking, New
KEY WEST, May J6?Arr schr Ttabal Solomon, Nassau.
Sid ?flih. bark* DColden Mumv, Warn?r. Maunzss; Moner
ni"k. Smith, Cardenas; tiriksj M> Int.re. Mclnt re. and Jacob
Dock. Hw< n*on, do; 2.fth, s> lir Marietu Tllu?:i, Ti ton. Phlla
deli lxa There are A ?t? unships. 20 harks, 16 lirl^s, and Ml
schooners at present (10th) in the harbor, besides several
War vessels. The |x?rt I* heslthy.
MAC1IIAS, May 2tt?Sid briJ A'.amo, Steele, Clenfuegos;
?chri'o iinllsii'e tintrumb, NYork.
NEWBURYPORT, June 4?Arr acnr S Oeaner, Thompaon,
NEW BI.DKORD. June 3?Arr schr Carthai;ena, Keller,
Ph la lelp'.ila; 4th, a -hr I Ally Jane. Sauuders, NYork. Hid
4th. Henry Olbtis, Snow NYork.
Stn?Arr light vessel Sue onneseet, from her station, to be
rsualred. Sid ?"hr h Waterman, Bowman (from Palmouth),
NANTCCKF.T, June V-Arr aehr Pilot, Eldrldge. NYork.
Sid May 2<<th. s- tar Kly. Cheesman, Phllaile!phla; 20th. aloop
TawteiMO, Itay, NYork.
NEWPORT, June :t?Arr schr Henry Clay, Dnlano, New
B>- Ifoid tor NYork; sloop Van B iren, Lewis, Providence
for E.ir*bethp<'i t, (an 1 b jih sailed 4th).
4tii?Ar.- sokrs KlD.ab?'h Dellart, Lowe, Ba1tlmor? for
Boston; Caroline 1:, Posneroy. Dlght'.o for NYors. Sid bark
.Manha Anna, i!ha ? (from Card'na-). FhlU'delphta, ultli
herearifoof molajssrs; brig Redwood. Meirtlle, Havana, via
Phita^etphia; sehrs Diadem. Black, Pm. delulila; MediaUjr,
Miller, fra l River f"r isiork; John W ???11, Oould, Prv>v|.
dene* for AHiaiiy. Ueiaid, Albion, Orr.s K ft?nc?s, Canton.
Monitor, I'nrle Sam, Exact, Emily M Mask and all others
wiutlng wind. .
Hid from Dutch Island harbor Sd, ?chr? Lady Jana,
S* iiniers, fn>m NYork far NBedford; Cnarl ? Rnwlojr,
Alien, ltd Mary Miller. Dayton, ProrKenc* for Eli/.aiietn
[>ort; 4th. Msi tlia Collins, Shoiirds, do tor Philadelphia.
Nr.W HAVEIL Jnue 4?Arr schr Btnily A llaanan, Ward,
B'l/ihatliport. Cd schrs Mary ,k Carollue, AraOoy. Wbv?,
Long Island; sloapa Charlee Lynch, Brooklyn; Cab<jt, Mlta
Plili.ADELFIHA. June 4?Arr bri?s Catharine Nickels,
Tyler. Winterp<pn, Me; D C Castner, llaalnK' NYara; lia
Vi L-od, Davis, uu: s.Jirs.l M Houston, Kussell. Cicnfuegas;
Waiti r Rilelgb, rhl:l ps, Sagua ; Martha Wrlslit ngton,
Thatcher, Boston j C Nnwk!i k,H oners, do, C A Tl ^kshsr,
Siablis, do; Alex lllue, Keen, Port Royal: <*s Ald'Olioe,
8 itaa, Provl lence. Old steamship Saian Matthewa. ho ton;
bark Kannle, Herrtek, Kejr Wi st; l.rigj Pierce, Norton, Kity
We?t; DO Castner. Hsstm ?, do; sinrs J AOrlfflii, Fuaivr,
Snip Island; C NeWklrk, lomera, Boston; W Naulaoury,
llo.lson, d..; J** Ai'l< rlloe, Htltea, da; .I s Maiwi II, Mny,
do; Malaiir 14, HUkc, Portland.
6 h?Arr bark Catharine (Br), Baker, Halifax; brigs Sarah,
Co iimbs OH^gcntl; Andw Pilars. Wall, Sagoa; >chm Chtir.i,
Cole. Car I' nut.. Illrliar Iiaw, York, Salem, Bubic >n Ham
mond, Bandar; I nliet State*, BabM?, Chnrlottetown, PKI;
E l?-in R 1 1, (So-i'lsp el, floainn, Cld bark i tmrai, Sa.s
bury. New OrH-ans, schrs W B Jeakina, Tr.b; le, lla tfuri;
N1 antic, Whlti, TaunMDj Feonannock, Barnes, saicm.
Lstvw. Del, Jnn 4 ?The ltr brtg Jaase Boy ha, from New
Ca-tls, Dei. foi PoitSinouth, linij. aud the lirl* I'asl.ne 4
Qariieila (lsut it), for Cork, weni to Mviyestcr tay afteruo<?^
Wald SB.
Mil?Tha i-hlp Xj n iw in la, for Liverpool, paM 'd out thll
morn.tw. IhelPctstlll reuiaina at tbc Breaavr ler.
i'OBTLAND, JnneS?Alt loig Lney Ann, Wass. Card*
n??. i d ship i'ni IcToliy, Walte, B ien .s Ayrc*; bark s W
Hull rook, flrrall Bnagnr; s<hrs Elec rtc lA hi Smith, Na?
^uoiio, PH; Harriet Ptil.er, Hamilton Miork.
ith?Arr lir bsrk B II Knlgi t, llnvana; brl [ ITa'tle E
Wheeler. Plnkh im, Sierra Moerna v ?* Csrdcrms, s hrs ,l.,n ?
Fisli, Mi ? ervey, .Ii iscy l,'ify; stcaincr Psflerslmrs, llotf
uisn NYork (and eld on retarn). UhlschrAnir >,^'Mia, S.?
PBOVIDINCI, Juna^-Arr steamer W?>:c. e?te , Ny,
Nv" * t' Margaret Ann 1 Hi), Wh"Ui e,. ,? (H*,,r*.
Sid selirs Bva. N'o thnp; Baw Bag>n <, Half; D M Me erola,
tii9*anu .nuciia. lavior. fur MYurk. Ai*o, tld sc'irs
BWle (Br). Marr, NYork, Jabot h White. Harvet. Rond.
oat; Angel, Luce, do; sloop Win H Bowen, Brotherton,
I'AWTUCKET, June 3?Sid schr Minerva. Brooks, Phll*
tLO( It LAND .May 28-S'd s.-hrs Muses Waring, ?anh, New
Yo.k; ?H:i, TuofuaM Hix. Hall, 11. Ifaat to loa-i for Fortress
Monroe. Runway, Merrill, Vtualhaven to load for NYork;
June S. .lob.i A lams. Hatch, NYork.
f \LKM, Juue S?.Vrr kc'.ipi Mary D Craniner, Crannier,
Phi,?..i Iptila, Win Hill, Crabtree.Port Ewen; 5th, bark
May yur. n. Frenuint;, Winn bah, WOjL Bid Sd, achr H W
Uodirey, Weeks, Philadelphia.
X ol tho City Prison, a sum of Money, which the owner
can bare by api lyiug at No. a Carrot place.
-Li La ly's Satoht l. containing a baby'* saciiue and Uannrl
skirt, partlv embroidered. A liberal r-ward will be paid it
left wllu 8. J. l'arsells, General l'oal olUce.
lor's, corner of Grand ami Broa >way, in the st'k depart
ment. between the hours of 11 and 12o'<lock, containing in
amount between SOU and $C0. IT the finder will iouiim 11 to
tbe owner, No. Uli Mulberry street, be will be liberally re
ten o'c.o kt while riulng in an Eighth avenue car from
Twentyseventh street to lia.uin >nd street, a lar^e black
Portemoiinaii, containing al.out $17 In bll a und aome change.
A liberal reward will be paid for It* return to 217 Went
Twenty-seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues
J Dog, with a white spot on his bream. A lioerat reward
will be paid for his return to 02 Bowery, corner of Caual
street,In the basement.
Forty-a-rond street, near Sixth avenue, to Tnrty
fourth stie< t,and xho Thirty-fifth street. near Ei.hthate
nue, a lady's gold Sleeve Button, with Lin -n CuT atia-hrd.
The tinder will receive a liberal reward ou leaving it ?t b4
West Furiy-secoiid street.
?DtJ and tan Terrier Slut; answers to the name o; Fan; had
on a leather collar luarkeu No. M West Thirty-sixth street*
Win .ever will return her to that number Will reccivu thj re
<J">?) JarL-e sued black Newfoundland Slut; answers to Hie
name o> Flora. Any person returning tier to Ifaivison's
breuery, l.ij Sulliv an street, will receive t ic a! ove reward.
Murray micet, mar Broauw.iy, a $100 bill, by a
poor i oy, wl.o will have to fay it out of his earnings. The
alove reward will ..e i aid by returning it to 11 Murray st.
a l.andsuoie 7 octave roaeuoo 1 Pianoiortu, la:xe si/?;
ha* be. 11 reiiOliBl.ed and lesulated.toned, Ac., u *tool With
U; hold lor repair*. Aiao a new 7 octave, for nearly half
price. McDONALD A CO., 363 Bowery.
to piav by the week, I mm 7 P. M. to 2 olclock A. M.
Apply Immediately at 143 Eighth street.
fort for sail-.?Elegant carvel legs and cane, overstrung
bans, full iron plate, lined with saiin wo*k1; baa all modem im
pr ivementx; made to order; been in use eight months; coat
$.001. for $2.10, including Stool and Cover. Also Parlor Fur
niture at a tsierillce. Inquire at 70 West 26kh afreet, near
Sixth avenue.
Great bargains in pianos and melodeons.
Some line second hand Panoa, unliable lor lamill s and
school*. In good order. and cheap. Pianos and Meiodeona
10 let. and rent appli d If purchased, f. 8. BERRY, 633
Broadway, between rriuce and Hojistou streets.
Will be Issued from the press, anil readv for delivery on
Monday, 9th mat., a sotilsurrmg PATRIOTIC SONG and
ML'SIC. It should be in the handa of all lovers of good
music and inspiriting words.
Evory friend of the Union and true patriot, in nil part* of
the United State*, should have a copy. It will shape des
It equals the celebrated MARSEILLES HYMN, and will
create as great aa excitement throughout the United Slates
as that noble hymn did in France, in her memorable Revo
Everybody should have a copy?old and young, male and
' female, patriot and soldiers, In city and country.
Music i* a great popular educator.
What peopie smg and leel they are dlspoaed to ACT.
Our brave SOLDIERS should all have a copy sent them by
thi-lr friends. It will nerve them In battle., cause many a
wearisome hour of soKller-llfe to pan pleasantly, and give
them comfort in xickness an J death.
MUSIC and WORDS, handsomely printed in colors, with
beautiful color-printed title page, TEN CENTS, adapted to
be seut by mall to any part or the United Sta ev
ThlaSong will be circulated WHOLLY by MAIL. There
by the retailers' large pro:it will be saved to the purchaser,
and It can be obtained with Ira trouble and cost In this way
than by any other, in cities, and especially in the country.
TKN CENTS. In pontage stamps, sent by letter from any
part of the United Statei, will secure a copy, promptly sent
by rcturu mail to any ad.lr ss.
In New York city it will cost the purchaser 11 centa a copy,
and in ail other paits of the United S'a'-es 13 cents, Inelud
lug, in both case*, tho postage ou letter ordering copy or co
Flcs. The ten cents in postage stamp*, mailed, will secure a
ree delivery, to any address, at any Post oOl -e in the United
Sta'ea. Semi in your orders, they will be supplied prom; tly.
All letters uiu*t be plainly addressed to
M. DAVISON, 167 Broadway, New York city.
our leader uow," air ny Prof. Cull; "Freedom, Truth
and R ght," by Carl Heineuianu; "R;..ly Round your Flag,*
Boy*," by F. Faclireli: "Better Times are Coming." by
Stephen C. Foxier; "Volunteer Yankee Doodle ol 'ol,"
by Louis Sell* 21 cents each, or 5 copies tor 91. Hailed
free. HORACE WATERS, Agent, 481 Broadway.
SiooU, Watches, D amo.idi, Jewelry, begars. Safes. Let
ter Paper. Sewing M .chines, Paintings, Clock*, Stereotypes
and Stt'ra.isc'.ipic Views, <Juus..l'istoU, Ac,, cheap for
cash. Caan advance* on M-tvhandise generally.
I. F. JONES, Xt Ann street, second floor.
Tl tor 'a*h; also, for sale or exchaa^e a ilrst quality
Guitar. Address, with particulars, for a few days Music, box
101 II raid odlce.
t^tte Choir. Must be a good reader aud understand
the Episcopal servioe. Address oox 1,900 New York Post
wihmi ca^es, iron names, anu overs
klju; do., with moulding*. $160; do., with carve
Inlaid name board, $l<fi. f 186 and $2.H): do.. ?
keys, $?U nud $Z>>. new CJt oetave. (I to The
?JpX*JU wood cases, iron frasata, and overstrung, for
'-* . vedlegsand
Willi pearl
The above Pi
anos are lnlly warranied, kiuI arc the great-si bargain* that
can oe fonnil m Hie city. PK ase call and see them. Second
hann Piano* at 9tf, $40, t-M, t'JO. *<i, $si, $1U>. New Melo
dious at extremely low price*. One hundpel new ana a ?
court hand Piano* und MeiodennH to lut, at $2 and upMsrls
per month. Rent allowed if purchased. Monthly payments
received for the sstne. Foreign Sheet Music at two rents
per page. HORACE WATERS. Agent, 481 Broadway.
^\. aciiuaiuied with double an 1 single entrj, i* desirous of
forming a class fur the instruction of bookkeeping, with
re I ere nee aa to capacity. The nest of recoinin, n.ialious can
begiven. Pii| .is in Jersey City pr ferred. Terms mo?erate.
Address Bookkeeper, Hi raid ollice, or apply at 63 Bright
street, Jersey City.
Arithmetic, bookkeeping, grammar, ac ?
Mr. CHAM MEllLAlN give* thorough instruction In
sny of the important brandies of education, on moderate
terms, day sad ensslag,al Ml Broadway.
rieuce in ten,Ring. wishes a situation as resi li nl , o
veinrss, or would give instruetlon in the u*n*l branches of
Englisii, with Music und French, two hours dally, as visiting
governess, at $10 per .uonth. Music lessons gi en at *3 per
month. Reterence to former pupils. Address B. T, Herald
Bryant, stra^ton, Packard a i*enn 8~7;om-'
in< rclal Colleges. Coo|*r Institute, New York; Hsuill
ton Building, Brooklyn ?Ti.ese inslitutions auo-d the best
pos.lble faculties for acquiring a thorough business educa
tion Bookkeeping. Commercial Law, Commercial Compu
lations, Penmanship, Correspondence, Ao., practically
O Dancing Academy. U Seventh avenue, corner Thirteenth
strict. One .matter's lessons, $10; private lessons, $12.
Lessons lor ladles by Mrs. Dumar.
A Parisian graiUi-man. a teacher in NcwlYorfc. would go
twice a we ;k to Sla'eti Island to give Instruction, during the
summer: terms very moderate. Address 324 Wtsst Fourth
Street, near Broadway.
o'clock, a lady to iea h mus.c in a school in New Jersey.
We have a numl>erof oilier vacanciea, for which we 1 e<?u re
eandl.latee. G. 8. WOODMAN A CO.. Agents for Bckoo.s,
09<? broad way.
For salk-tiie schooner yacht .tuliet,
nearly M) tons burthen, (our yeare old. last, staunch,
and in goo i orde/; draws G lest waier wiilu ut hit centre
board. A| p)y tb H. B. LB ROY, 4;. Wiiu.nu street.
0 wltn double r.,cilia.ing engine*. Can be ieen at Tail
man's Dry Doc*. Hiitler's Lstiding, opposite Yonkers. Alt
ered .! , t?.> Troy. New lurs.
1 ' b\ mail. See advertisement in to day s paper, under
Hitch, two jeaiaold and well l>r<'ken; will be sold at a
very low price. Address D., bo? 192 Herald ofl.oe.
Artificial TEETI1?DR. DURKIN continues TO
extra t trrth In two aeoonda witbuni pain. Norma
charge for t?Mn|>orar/ eeta or ?*tracting. 1 have iirocuied
chebnouiljr pure ether and chloroform, whloh I admlnU
ter t?ttn aafetjr. Or. JJI KKIN, No. 5/? Canal atreet, i?u
ArtiVical teeth on a Sevt babe, ucTiFand
perfoet ?? tlio umiiial <tr,:un?, in,I warranted tor Ills, at
prlie* to ault all. Al?<> ti rlh tilled or i iirutM wltkiMl
pa.ii. at Or. BLAKENEY'S ulJ a?tabU*hed room?, OSHtuh
Teeth.?Whole Ml* tor (6 upwarda. Teetli HI, d
with cold lor SOo-nt* to VI 4 1 work wairant^d to tflve aat
lafnotion at IS H<*,d 'troet. New York, and at T17 Area street,
Philadelphia, ,
Having had one tooth sitiuctid wmrou*
feeing any pnln whatever, bv lir. J. <1 A* TlLUIKI,
1M Ornnd all-act, two blork* from Hroa Iwa*. I cheei fit'iy In
arrt this as a re,xiti,n>ttn,iatlon to tfcna? aiilli rinr. from to jib
a< he. II. LAKE, 92 Seonud avetiue.
TOO IaATS V9* OliA>liriOAriOI. ~~
. h(?t !rra c?f the Odil Kellowa Hall Aa>oolat on, of fi?
tit* 01 New Y rk. will be lu ld in tbelr hall, eorner Uiand
ud Centre aycta. oi Monday ,Jun<#, aito'cluck p. m.
Aa ? I, cMon will be held lor tU>- Board of Manage* a for the
enaatng rear; also lor two ln*i*i!ior? of the neat annual
election. The poll will ojen a' ft o'clock.
Jf'IIN .f^DAVIES. Secretary.
L Itig. IKani,inil?, Plato a, An, On hauit aod for rale a lot
of Uwiedteuied Mdni of nothing. Hii?ine*? oi?it*, f,j
C ,??imrre I'anta, *i; V,*t?, ao oenia. 4tH Hrovme street]
fwirdoorslr m Broalwajr. GKOROK l.bVllj.
?* ri j " fir t eiaaa city property. Auuljtoi, K.
PARKER, Kfl Ninth arenuc, ^ W'
guide t<<iihe married. or those ceutemBlatlag it?lit,
L.vltMONTB Pari*, Loudon nod New Yuri Medial Ad
vincr an , Marriage Guide A u>-w edition. revea.ittg tb?
facts obtained by anatomy an4 experiments lu the French
anil English hosprals, Ac., lacludiug a treatise upou the dis
eases and weakne?ses inliletlng thuhiUMB family from Into
ranue of their causes. Ham free to ant address for $1, by
E. WARNER, No. t Vesey street, A?tor House, or BOlW t
TOl'SEY. 121 Naasaustreet, New York. The Doctor's o?ees
are at 647 Broadway. up stairs, and hours for treatment are
from SA. M. uiDr. M.
"We concur witli other papers in ream mending Dr.
Lnrmont and his work."?Courrler das Etals Unts German
Di? Reform, Di?paicb, Staa.s Zeltun., Atlas, Medical B*
view, Ac.
Alleviator.-dr. BRiaaa* newly invented
Coin ant Bmim Alleviator < uret Corns, BuuioiiS,
ProsuM an i Blsleiel feet, Ac.; ' Mu. and $1 per box:
se it by mail on reoeipt of pr'co and six eeota*M!d by all
dru/cis s Dr. J. BRIUG'S, leoprietor and practical cblro
pod ~t 212 Bioadvay, No ?? Yoi'-c.
In whole, half and quarter casks, brewed from the <
barley m>tli and hops. Brew< ry l.'rf and 19U West Eighteenth
treet. between Seventh and Hicbth avenue a, N. Y
Tho?e who can appreciate le 'IMmate burlesque, whoie
soin ? mirth, ami military and p -liti.-il critic sm through the
medium of rollicking comedy, will md in the
a tiniqii" itnil entliely original nrr?v of humorous produc
llOi.s, oiemen lug with a romaivab e description of the
Great Battle in Virginia, by
orpheus C. KERR,
showing how the sto led M wkerel B iga le won imperishable
laurels on theburlersof DncV Lake, giving aR the ininatlie
of the terrible ? neajjemeut, aud presenting a picture in a
high sm 'e of in?or. ruther. an
architectural VIEW (IP THE GOTHIC STEED,
PEGASUS?REAR elevation.
This la d elded.y il?e bc?t OR. iiE^S C. KliRK paper thai
has yet appeared.
always comaldt
and fuller and mow reliable
than any other journal printed on >u.i ay, and exr-enda In
clrculatLn the combined issues of all the other Sunday
by current events, will be giv.n by Rev. E. G. brooks
at the 'iw -utieth street Universal;*! Church, between Sixth
and Seventh avenues, to mmrow afternoon, ut o'clock.
Morn i nn sermon at 10% o'clock, ou Sduuner, as the Symbol
of Christ's Work in Souls.
to-mori'ow evening in th>' stone church. Twenty-eighth
street, near liroadway, b.v Kev. Sidney A. Corsy, on the
"Homes of the Bible." Tlu-uie, Eden, the First Home.
Preaching in the afternoon at ball-pa^t three o'clock. Beats
L'.iUn ran Church, Filtecnth street, near Third avenue,
on Baobath evening, in aid of the Bnard of Publication of
the Reformed Dutch eburch, for army purposes. Rev. Dr.
Strickland, Chaplain of the New York Forur-elghth; Cent.
White, late or the Hut IT of a M.i.,0.- General in Missouri, af
totwards a prisoner in Arkansas, and periiaps others, will
address the meeting. It wilpbe exceedingly lBterestlng. All
are cordUlly invited to attend. A collection will be taken
for the object. Our sick and wounded ueuiand our sympa
thy and aid.
net' oi Downing SUreet?Rjv. Dr. K. Lee, of Aubura,
will supply the desk in Ui is church to morrow. Subject for
the mornlug dlHcour?e, " The Rural Life of Jesua" Far
the evening, "The Hotae oi Shining Mirrors." Serrloes
to commence at 10% A. M. and P. M.
Church op the resurrection, (protestant
Episcopal,) north side of Tniny-tiftii street and east
oi Sixth avenue. Divine service every Sunday at MM
o'clock A. M. and 7>? o'clool; P. M. The Rector, Rev. E. O.
Flagg, will preaeh morning and evening.
Church dedication.-the lexinoion aybnub
Presbyterian charclfycom. r of Forty-sixth street. Will
be opened for public worship ou next Sabbath, June & The
Rev. Joseph Sanderson, the pastor, will preach the opening,
sermon, services commencing at U)% o'clock A. M. Rev. Jtr.
McElroy will preach in the aiternoon at '6% o'clock, and the
l*e>. Dr. Junkm at 7X o'clock in the evening. The public
are cordially Invited to attend.
Memorial church, hammond street, corner
of YV'averlay place.?'The ttev. Unah 8^ott, In eharga of
the Church ot the Intercessor, will preach to-morrow (Sun
day) erenlng. Servloes at 10^ A. M. and 4 and 8 F. M.
Seata free.
the Rev. M. Baxter, Episcopal minister, evary wwk.
evening next week, as during tuc past uiree weeks, In Aator
Since at a quarter to aevea In the evening. Luke alv., 21;
lark xvl., lft.
Protestant episcopal CHURCH OP TUB
Atonement. corner ol Second aveuue and Tuirty-third
?tret., Kev. M. B. Willing, rector.?Kev. Mr. Jooaa will
preacu on Sunday evening. The Sunday School Plant* will'
lake place on Wednesday, June The boat will leave foot
ot Tairtj-ihlrd street at nine o'ciouk for Randall's Island.
Ice creams, Ac., may bo obtained on me grounds.
to-murrow evening in the 6 ? and Untversalist Caurch,
Eleventh street and Second aveuue, ou t:ie Moral am t Politi
cal Iudueuce o? Universalis?. Morning service at ItfjSf
o'clock. The public are cordially iiiv.ted,
church aceommo lations, will liiiil Trenor's Hail desira
bly adapted. The chapel will scat ViJ persons and Is fur
nisned complete. For tennis, Sc., apply at the rooms, 66
Wes. Thlrty-toirtli Diruei, one door West of< the junction Of
Broadway auU Sixth avenue.
rector.?Services to morrow, ks unul, with the voice a1
lu>i A. M. and 1'. M , and iu the sign language at 3% P*
M. The rector wll. preach in the tnorulugand the Rev. F?
C. Ewer in the evening. Sea;* free.
The rbv. dr roqers will preach in the
South Dutch Church, K.ftu aveuue, corner of Twenty
lust street, to-morrow evening, 8in tnst., at ijf o'clock.
1 i.ature and probable com i.cucrinent, within the next
?eve.i years." A airsooint: on tills by Rev. M. Baxter, Epis
copal Minister, In the Codgi e?ati<?oat cuurcb lecture room.
Eleventh ktrect, east of Third areuue. Pour P. M. on Sun
the " Oardens of the Biol.'' wit, be dell > ere J by the
Rev. W Hum Alvln Bart.ett, on S mday evening, at Ilia
Brooklyn Tabernarle. Subject, "O.ii-int's Garden, the Har
den of Growth." Service! at A. M. and at P. M.
last fall. Back again sauis p.acv. Call at Brooklyn Post
Frank-i cannot bee YOU BEFORE MONDAY,
usual hour. X. V. 2.
Ladies and ge.ntlbmev, men and women, old
an 1 young, get a copy ot t anew Patriotic Song. . See
advertisement in this paper, under "Musical."
Notice.?if this should come to thb notice
of Mrs. Mary Ann McKee, of Philadelphia, aba will
please call at 76 Perry street, wnere she will hear of some
thing that will ba toner advantage. JOHN WESLEY.
Rino.-m. m. wants ro see h. h., as c. d. has
something to tell A. B. I'ica-c answer by personal or
letter. Yo ,rs, pJJMoBP.
WW W. W.?WRITE TO ME, and MARK pbi
. Tate, and say where you will bring the wheelbarrow.
I hare Just got back to the city.
one dollar, taken with V olglitlandter s celebrated
quick-acting lenses.
BAILEY k BODINE, Photographers.
can d< pend on, U Mine. W1LS >N, who tells the object
of youi visit as soon as rou enter. Sue tells the past. pre
sent and I ut use of yonr Hie, and wai ns you of dan^era, and
brines success out of the m ist pcrllois undertakings. N.
B.?Celebrated magic charms. No. 1H9 Allen strtv t. between
Houst< n slid Stanton streets, over the bakery. Coarges for
ladies and gentlemen, 80 oents.
JX. daughter, has a gift of loreslgbt; tells how saoa and
how often you wi,l marry, all yen wish to know, evon
your Tery thoughts, or no pay. Lucky charms free. Her
equal is not to be lound. Her Matfte Image is now In full
operation? k<4 Ludlow street, below Houston. PrMe IS
cents, Gentleman aot admitted.
mi-nt. The glftee and b autiiul Madame HENRI, poal
t r?ly only on* w???k more ller mole of rtadlngthe dea
tiny of tliouwaud* I* trull **t<>ti mini*. Hhe will write the
nam* ol tb? o?* you Will marry. ?tio?r their likeness, give
lii' ky numlMir*, Me. ?Mid mre Mo. 80 Wot Broadway, near
LmmrI street. Nam* on ita ' door. Prloes noitrrlH.
JY In ill health or iruuninkliai.lt commit Ma lame CLIF
FORD, 1/7 D an street, IIroot iyn, the living slalr
Tiijrant. Dianas* detertoil; reinrdlee preacahed ; aim nt
frlenda found. Buainesa uoneu4UUh?u fc/cents; oonQdantial
or medical, $1.
Madamk. rat is tub best clairvoyant and
aatrologiet In thla city. 8ha telle yoer T*ry though t*.
?Ire* lurky numbers, eatiee* ?peedy inaraiafi a. No. !M)
Seventh artnuf, near Twintfmventh street. Ladies 20
neat*; gehtlruieii So cents,
Mrs. addfe banker, medical and bcbinesb
Clairvoyant and Spiritual Me Hum, continue* t* give
satisfaction to her numnrotia visiters, day and evening.
Rooms 320 Fourth street, four door* wm of Broadway.
Paltntst. haa removed to Ms tfieenwlrh *tM<t. OonaiiM
her Immediately. Her prediction* are womlerfuL Lucky
number* and ohnrtn*. I-adlcs, 26 '?an; mntlctnen, 80 ecnta.
Hem from 10 A. M. to V f. *.
X v ? bratei Madame I'KEWri TUK, who ha* removed.to W
Thirty-eighth *tre?t, eorn*r M HI xtu iivenue, over the bakery,
andwhoaati be eon.tilted with entire mAiefactlonf She haa
no equal. She tells the name of future wife or husband,
al*o that of her visitor. IT you wl*h truth give her a call.
ye, sen Ml** WELLINGTON, the great English Pro
pheteM. the best of all. and cannot he e?< cited. Can be eon
stilted. pMonillf or hy letter, on all affairs of life, eonoern
Ine law stilt*, journeys, absent Irten 's, lore, courtship, mar*
rime, health, wealth, and who can r.-clalm drunken and un
fa'tbfnl husband*. Ml-.* W. I* the only person in this elly
who I)** the uenolne Roman *n l Arabia utM*tnnn* for love,
good look and all frusta? atiura, anl are guarantees for
life. Delay no! to "insult thi* aaturally glfb d and beautiful
yattng lady. Lucky immtier* alven. Highly r> ?pectablo
olty r"r. renot. Can be MM at her resident, 101 SiitU *tq
nue, opposite Eighth itieet.
ll)0 WllMlfcR, i;lalr?oynnt a* J (triad Spanish lady, uu, ,
?ells the tnysMrte* of Inturity. love, marriage, ab?e,,l
I friend*, ct' kuess: prescribes medicines for *JTt|lieMts, leii*
i luck> numbers, property lost or stotaa. H

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