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Important Intelligence for Recruits and
Recruiting Officers.
Letter from the Secretary of War to the
Common Council Committee.
Prompt Payment of the Bounty
and Premium Money.
Enthasiastic War Uertinfs Throughout thr
Ac, Ac., Ac.
Unitary Noveui?ati U New York and
tub common tOCMCiL committee in wasbinqton?
urrn prom tub skutahy ok war.
The visit of ih. l own.on found Committee of this city,
consisting of Aldermen Mitt boll and Farley, with Council
wn I'm. kney, Uogau Keecb and Jones, to Washington,
on b..su,o** relating u> the prompt payment of bounty
money and other manors appertoiniug to recruiting, lias
been quite successful. An inter\i>w was had with the
Piwi-lont and -e rvtaryof War, when they were info;mod
that prov IS Ion would b. made in relaliun to the matters
la question 'I he following is a copy of the letter from the
Secretary of War to the c mrailtee.?
W m Pepaktmevt, July 26. 1862.
Genttemk.n ?Tour \ iews respecting the recruiting set
vice tad the pro{?r measures to encourage it hare boon
au?ctively c >nsidered liy the President, and tbe folio w
fcig regulations established by the detriment are ex
pected to Attain the object you desire;?
Pint?The Adjutant General will detail an officer at
each rendezvous for mustering in recruits, who will pay
to each recruit his proper share of bounty, and also pay
the recruiting fee at tbe lisae be is mustered late the
service of the United States.
Second?It being of paramount importance to All up tbe
old regimen la speedily, n fee to recruit! to the old regi
ments double that for the new regiments will be paid?to
wit. four dollars for each recruit.
Third?Tbe recruits will be clothed, armed and equipped
without delay, and placed in s camp of instruction.
Any other practical suggestions you may be pleased to
effer will always be respeotfully considered by this de
partment. Yours truly,
E1)W IN M. STANTON, Secretary of War.
To Aldermen Farley and Mitchell, and Councilman
Secretary Stanton stated that it was likely Colonel Cor
coran would be in New York in the course of a few days.
The subject of Ailing up the ranks of old regiments be,
fore recruiting for new ones is now being taken up for
consideration by Hie proper military authorities. Yes
terday morning tbe gentlemen representing the Common
Council, < haaaber of Commerce and I'nion Defence Com
mlttee, t gether with Judge James W. White, Denning
Duer, Samuel Sloan, < ouncilmon Or ton and Charles Gould,
left for Albany, in order to confer with lh> Governor ou
this important and necessary topic. After transacting
their business in Albany, the committee will then proceed
lo W:isMugtoo. It is the iutcution of these gentlemen to
roe nimend to the government the necessity of givuig a
boon! v to none but those who volunteer into regimeut
already in active w vice. Recruits joining regiments in
the tieid are dratted into other orgar.iz itietis as soou as
the te'tn of the corps to whicn they are attached expires,
?nnd a remedy for this evil is also to be urged ipion th,
goveri me it "by the committee. There is no doubt but
that these alterations will at once be made, when it may
be "v evKd to sto oyr armies in the Held promptly ami
efficiently reinforce 1.
By tbd middle of next week preparati.En will be made J'
the Mustering Xo. 79 White street, to pay to cacb
recruit i n the spot. iuimeaiati-ly alter being mustered in.
the sum i f $28, being pnrtor the United States bounty
Thir is as it should be, and will greatly facilitate recruit
ing During yesterday there w ere one hundred and fifty
men mustered in at til.s oif.ee. Should every recruit be
immediately brought to this place by the onicer in charge
of the station where enlistment took place It would save
both parties a vast amount of trouble.
Mayor Opdyke bos signified bis intention to sosewbe
one thousand dollars in order to head a list to provide a
special bcaaty for all those who enlist for regiments now
tat tbe field from New York. This is a move in the right
direction. and will stimulate recruiting greatly. There is
no doubt but that a handsome sum ean be realized
throughout tbe city for this purrxee. several prominent
men having volunteered to give large sums for the same
prsmworthy purpose.
General Meagher received a letter yesterday morning
from aD anonymous friend with a $HU note for the first
recruit who enlists in the Irish Brigade. Tbe note also
informs the General that a similar amount will bo forth
eoming for cat. h of the lollou ing four recruits. Who ars
ut he the lucky recruits? Let us have their names that
(bey may be recorded.
hi tbe district composed of tbe Twelfth, Nineteenth,
Twentieth, Twenty first and Twenty aec nd wards.
(l.ri.oou Ft. Pottsr, a broibor or a graduate of West
Point with General Bnrnside, practising law at Xo. 61
Wall street, h i* bern nominated as Colonel by tiio Re
cn.-iting Comni tteo.and wo bear if other active exertions
going on to (Pi uji the ranks,
k ' t IKlftll RKIORDR.
r. B. Kirkland, !eq , of this city, banded to General
Meagher a check for $100 towards the recruiting fund
fo- the Ii ish llriva.le. at tbe conclusion of the General's
epooch on Friday evening lust at the Wieu-il Grand Ar
mnry T7 is is true patriotism, an I are luve no d<sibt
lhat there a ? hundred of < there who will contribute m
liberally tow urds the good wo, k. now Miat the example
has boon *q imply spl
The eomniiitoe of recruiting "Hirers which was ap
fw.in*ed*at the late Asti-f Hohfc Hee'.ing proceeded tp
(he olflco of Mr. Simoon Draper, Chairman of the I'nh n
tmroRca committee, yesterday morning, when Uiay ra
Wed the d??fiiculti- s nndor which thev 'abor in recruiting
They Intend to hold a i-on'erame wi-fi the whole cosnmit
te.< im Wednesday next Tiio complaint* put for h by
(he office R are, to alt app.-a.Races perfectly just. The r
pa. doos not commence until the several companies a-e
regular^? nudtNt Into lh<- service, and they have to
work until this is accomplished without receiving one
cent. The expanse* tacurrnd in the recruitmg survive
they claim to lie quit" severe on th'-ir isickets. Mr.
I) aiwr received the officers quite courteously, asd as
sored th"m of his Support, but at the same time ex
pressed his convi. tion that It would be (ar better V r the
region nut n -w in the -id lobe lilted up liefore anything
eiee wan -iccompii-hed.
This re* luout ut recruiting rat idly at 2u3 Broadw iy,
and ulao at their tsnt in the Park. Th s is do btle-s
owing to (he f ct of tbe gallant con 1 net of the officers and
?ten d-wlng tho engagements at Roan' ke Island and at
Ne.ib -rn Recruits oe immediately f< rwar lod to ihe
regiment now statf nod at Xuwfs rt'a ? ews, Virginia
R.s rniis rec? ive tfcoSRiee bounty maaey as tbe i.n i'?K'
moi ts now Tor ml with th" addition of :h ee l< la-s.to
bo paid when th recruit joins tl.e regiment Ma>.r< h<s.
Leieodre anil Lieutenant K W. Tryou have been detailed
for reori lltrg li-.tli of tlieve geritlemon d>t ngill*h d
the is,-It as at Ibvinoko ind at NewbeW.alid althoughstill
l?t. riugfr m h e e is of wands received at the latter
pU.i , arc on Istcd t? do the bust they can to fill up the
rak.mcul with go-si. able iiodied meu
Fur iht r ,i,v H , n^a of parties who ore exempt under
the new Vihtu !?*, ur.I w ho nrj uu.vhle,for want of
time ilur ag tht Ii.y. to (tie iln-ir exemption papers with
(he County' u y. the, \"i i.tre them property attended
(oliyapi-lyi i .? ? < :k* f the !'ir<-< uimissl -ners,
who wll '10 I I .1 ?.lends ? ut 1-i ema: - Mull. Xo. 127 ,nd
lip Meicei street t very -vt-ning until ths 16lhof A igust
Tins organ.,air n ail bs CCI'M.atided by ft-lonel
Cogswell, win n It 1S intewtcd i. ii.ro p- -ate the Tsrn.
many regiment alurg v > t ,n i l.w fotunit ion of a
hi IgadS
As tliare !, s Htf a statement ms.'e to the eilact that
?e TsgeUb'u.t hit' fr-'Btiy been senttoihe army it
appears that since iheEO'h of Jane th-re hate 1 .en car
pet- had to (he Itmyid the PBtomur, from o. mm ,
sirlit del - ii Tipent of ih Is city, tho follow.,. <irio ?
?fit) bar.c's n( o.., -n.-, 'i.ii.'O iiurrelB ,f pou(. g
t.a . is of driad |ipi? i, and liM bnrrelB of drmtl i . i,
The .'i ivu commute" held Its meeting on 11, relay
til (hi la.-t. Af'e.' -? . HO ...ifiixsioj Ih# following res la
Ike s were sdoptod ?
Wlie . w.i. the gnvci--n it u-i 1 pn-.;db of (he Unit -1
(tates have pi* 5 u ii -t. -in t!> ? ox C"-,c.? s or ci ?!
war, Rod Pel'.i. t
wow de. I"'t 1 el <?
(he atiflr. popul i
lulri-e,- ??(
aril kal/V
were fer abolition while we were united, are for slavery
now thai we are divided, In order that the div'ston mar
be perpetual, the lutereeta of foreign trade end manufac
tures gain by o ?r k*a, and aria toe racy and abaolutiani
get strength tini igh our ?eakneea; and, whereas, pa
U wuem, national honor and true economy alike demand
not ouly tliat n-bollwa he anppreeeed, but that It be
speedily suppressed, while the .-peciaelo or au eotbe free
people Iti arms la the beet answer to the menace of
foreign laterforesee. and the eareet safeguard against it;
and inasmuch as the immediate rawing of the three hun
dred thousand volunteers receatly called for by the Presi
dent of the United states, and the furnishing of such ad
ditional force as the publle service may hereafter call
for, are possible only through the active and earnest co
operation of nil citizens, and the creation or a reeervo
force properly drilled and equipped, constating of the
satire pop delion capable of bearing arms, who should bo
immediately placed under military drill and Instruction,
so that all may be ready to enter the ranks whenever the
call of their country comes; therefore.
Resolved, That it is the opinion of this committee that
there should ho an immadlate arming of the entire male
population of this State capable of bearing anus , that
they tie organized for purposes of drill and military in
struction; and that it is the duty of every man to devote
to such instruction, including ride practice where pracli
cable, a portion of his time daily.
itesohed. That all business ought to be suspended In
the city of New York on one day in each week, from
twelve o'clock noon, for the purpose of euabiiug ail c ti
/ens to aid the work of enlistment arid to atteud to tbe
luty of drill, to organize companies and to assemble at
drill rooms hi their respective wards.
Hanoived. Trial convenient places for enlistment and
drill be provided iu every ward, uud kept o|?n day and
evening, and that the services of competent military in
structor* be secured.
Resolved, That these resolutions be cr mntuuicated to
the military ?? mm,tires iu the ddfereul Senatorial dis
triuts and to the State military author I tie-, and that they
be requested :o take nieastires tor carrying out tbe fore
going recommendations.
T' I
ants, >
82 J
The following circular has been issued by Colonel
Claassen, of the Hillbousu Light Infantry, Kmpire bri
gade, as regards the rules and regulations to govern tbe
Headquarters, Hiixnorn I.kjht Ivkarthv,
^kcumo RsumitsT New York Von snouts
Kmi-irk Bricadk, New York, July 22, 1892
The following rules and regulations are lieruby, f ar "the
information of all concerned, promulgated:?
1. Officers, Hold, stair and liue.ov tho Hihhouse Light
Infantry, .Second regiment New York State Volunteers,
Umpire brigade, will uniform aud equip themselves
strictly in conformity with tho United States Army re
gulation. For fatigue duty, a dark blue sack coat,
with standing collar, will be worn ; and the
Colonel horeby directs thst all oilleers pro
cure said sack coat of a uniform pattern; for
be cannot allow oilleers to be on duly, either while drill
ing their men or about quarters, in "shirtsleeves," it
being at any time unbecoming a gentleman, but more so
as au officer.
2. Profane language at or about men, or anywhere, is
nereby strictly prohibited; the Colonel Commanding calls
upon nis officers to aid him in th'a res|ieei, by promptly
checking and rebuking any of their men using oaths, or
other profane and vulgar expressions, detrimental to good
order aud discipllno.
3. Intoxication being one of the most degraded
habits any man can acq-aire, and It being
at all times prejudicial to good order and mili
tary discipline, therefore ordered, That whenever
and wherever an officer of this regiment is
found under the influence of liquor to loee com
mand of hitnsulf, said officer will at once be relieved of
his tunction, aud not permitted to resume bis sword uu
.ess by oumpetent aud superior authority. Kulisled
men found intoxicated will be sum ma-ily punished?
when a non enmmis-i >ncd officer, by reduction iu tbe
r >'k?, end ?riv tes by fines and other punishment,
awarded by com .m >eut authority.
4. The Colonel is uware, from experience is tbe Hold,
of the pernicious effects of those who are termed
"growlers,''who find fault with everything and every
body, and therefore, for the Interest of tho service and
harmony within ourselves, directs that all criticisms,
whether in favor or against partus belonging to this
regiment, or thj legitimate so viet at large, are strictly
H bidden. Any and all complaint* mu-t bj reduced to
writing by the party making thorn, stating in short,
c ucisc,comprehensive and specific manner ibe subject
in aier complained of, and mad pass through the
chaune s laid down by regulation. Such com
plaiuts will receive prompt attention,uud, wbn founded
in fact, immediate redress; when unfouudc and evi
dently wwh malicious intent, the complaining party will
havu to submit to the cou*equ?uces appertaining to frivo
lous actions. Tho Colonel coinmandiug hereby asks the
c rdi.il co oi?ration of his commissioned and non com
missioned officers to aid him in the detail and mlnuti.o of
nnlit iry order and discipline requisite to prod, ce that
unit consi.-teut wiiu the high lmuor of belong,ng to the
army of tho United State*. With this harmony wo can
battle, and die, if need be, with pride and sati*iaction, iu
tlie defence of our ocuulry, main tutu its rights, and carry
our gin iou8 Hag to victory.
6. Seniority being the standing rule of the army, it i*
hereby directed that the Adjutant will, in all cases of
detail, whether for gnard, picket or any other duty, make
the game from a roster, according io seniority. Like
wise til? QttWtffrmaqler XJMiil1 case? wbcre supplies ar
rive not made for a specmc And desifj'-'ted party, arrange
for equal dint, lb .tion according to th? Svine rule o se
niority, so that this rule of seniority will In 811 fuses bo
the guide where to commence and where to eud. "*?
0. Iu order to secure to tbe nmn that cafe and attention
they are entitled to, it is hereby ordered, that one coin
missioned officer of e..clt company is to attend and ]>er
sonally saperititend tbe issue of ruttons agreeably to bis
rnturns, as welt a.* to see that tbe cooking and prcpariug of
such rations are according to proper regulations. Captains
of conipauies will s*-e that all mu.il* are put dually ready
at the designated calls, aud that their men "fall iu" iu re
gular order to receive their rations. The men ou guard
duty will have their meals first drawn hy the orderly ser
geant of each respective company, and by him sent to
the guardhouso for distribution to the meu of his com
7. Immediately upon the men receiving their uniforms,
all civii clothing or parte of civil dress must be laid aside,
and uo p irt thereof is permitted to be retained or carried
by tbe soldiers.
8. Ktupiette being the standard of good breeding, and
consequently conducive to good order, the Odonei coin
mandiug theroiore enjoins upuu his oUlcers, nou-cotnmis
sioned officers and men, the strict observance of this
rule. No position but that of "attention" in to be taken
and "held" by the inferior addressing bis superior with
customary salute. Ortlcers will be particular in Mfcaow
tedging and raturning tbe situte tendered to them by the
in conclusion, the Colonel commanding hereby pledges
buns.if to do his whole duty, and to give his uudividod
attention for the welfare of Ins regiment. I/it every man
in it start with the determination to serve faithfully and
willingly, thereby enabling your cominauding ofRcur to
piesenta corps worthy or emulation, Hy command of
Colo:.el Commanding Hillhouse Light lurautry,
Second regiment N. Y. S. V., hiupne Brigade.
D. A. Bote El, Adjutant.
Recruits for tbe above regiment wore yosterday for
warded to their destination. Th? t>me of the regiment
will be up. however, iu a (vw weeks
0 -neral Meagber and staff will be present at tbe per
formances at Niblo's Garden on Tuesday evening next.
Hr, ^ohn Collins will sing a new song, composed for the
Inrli Prigade, upon the occasion.
Tlie Recrmltlng Service.
important official OKDsR.
The follow iug general order, although dated July 7, has
only Just Owen issued from the Adjutant li-jueral's otflco.
As it m of interest not only to the oflicers engaged on ro.
crutting service, but to tbe piiblie generally, we give it
in exlemo:-'
War Du-AsiRUir, Aimita.nt ttaxuxAi i Orncw, J
Wamirmitor. July 7, IMeJ.
I. The following resolution of Congress is published Tor
the informattoo of all concerned:?
Ufmt't f t, tiy ffit No..if.- ead Unun of W<t>. 'wnlnliro of tht
t'miu-'l .Vf./f.A f#/.lm. f loi, in OiRQr.sl iiefwtM, Tim I so in-icli
of the nln h section of tl.e act apiiroved August .7. 18-1, en
titled "An a t for ll.c b.-tier orsanlsaliun of ihe military es
tablishment," s* abolishes the preintum paid for btimtfng
?.pw-d ret r ills to '.he rendeA' o bt and 'he same is here
by repealed, and hereaft r s |ir-mium of tl ?hnll be paid to
any cittsen, SMKWisiIssloiied etl cer or soldier ft* tnrh nc
. eptetl recruit for toe te-u ai army as be may bi iug to ihe
r.'w.irinnm and .-very >ol iter who hereafter enlists, either
In the regni.tr army or voiunte rs. '.-r three years or during
the w ar ir. :> r- ire Ills i.rst niontli's pay in advance, upon
the in. slerii g of ' is comi any into ihe s. rvlee of the f'nhed
bu. ss, ,.r ..fur ..e shall fin ." t>' en mustered into snd j. ined
s regiment already in 'he service.
Approved June 21, 1-A2
II. For the ?2 re mi urn (regular service), the form o'
receipt roll annexed will bo used as a consolidated
voui her for the payments. The payne-nts will be made
from ruer-i ting roads, snd so asm as the recruit is ac
cepted by the io< ruiling oU'.cer.
III. For \oluritei-r recruits, for old regiments', there
will be paid i premium of {3. and for those entering new
regimeiii. $. Hi - premium.may ne paid either to tbe
l?i win l>rm;.ng the recruit, or te tlie rejruil in persou,
in rnso lie presents himaelf
Th -?;?ymenu wi i be made so as the recruit has
been inspected by the surgeon ami m/stored into the
1 lie snv-nut" wih bo entered on the muster n roll, op
p mte t*ie names of the recruits so paitl, and charged to
th. runtl for "collecting, drilling and organising volun
For a voucher, t mo'lflad form of thit us d ? in the
repular service nny be used.
IV. in? mouth's pay in advance for regular and volun
teer recruits will he | aid under such rsgulations iu, ihe
Paymaster General may esubiish.
V Imrmg the coatlnuance dt the existing waif'.'Sof
the Jlfxi '?> mty previously aathorlMd by act ..f ton
j g.cM win oe pnkl to every recruit of the regulur and
I volun ce: lor.. s
I 1he-?r Imettle will lie nude as folh ws, Vis ?
I i To vwiiiAiteor recruits for the old regiments, whom
1 tin said rdei uits era inets-' ted and hp s'di i d imio it ? .-r
I vice, and to tho eol the new ie6in ents wiicu th. tr com
i j .it-. ? ate "i giu.izcd, master In rol's i - arte oat unu'he
m on tee IRg oncer's c.-itncuto given therein. n.
mi .mii? will b<-ei.t'.red OB the rnus'i r.-n roll, op;k site
*' - r ami ot 'h r.cr its respectively,and charged ua?
n head ' f "FX| < Bfl o! Volunteer Rccuiiii * Ser
?. i In 'his end an account cuireftt, sepai..to f.oiu
ih. mnd lor "codcciing, drilling and orgsniiiiig
?i . ' -v ill U- . scd; but the ?? voluntvei r-?. uitiLg
f ' w i ? / .urs'd by the regularly appointed in i
l r > . ,n i '... *,- / vfflceiS.
- ri I'r the regtn ir re vled,w liea tbe rrerslt
h ? be it i i ? by ho , o ird of li a;..u t . 8, Al t M i. P
"i i-I r . i u. I- v i - dep. ' in the i lis# tn .y li .
. , *.u ij ill.1" ili.- hi rid wdl it ; a.'i . ri-oi i in r ?
cu 'V i i d d out -led > n it o rt-i lil.-g OHM ?.u
ien!. ' i us 'RSI . t . , , I
. ?l .. h fir i . e ( t , -I , I h I r W . VI
thin Mat la flv m before bounty has been paid, an entry?
'?$25 bounty due f. r enlistment"?will b<; made therm.
Iu eaaa ol re enlisted auldiora, Urn entry, as tu payment
or non-payment, will be nude on tbe first uuitor roll,
and the Snperuilemlont of the Recruiting dsrviee will bo
not ill ixl of the fact.
3. Vouchers ier payment will fee In the form of oomo
lidaled receipt rolle.
By order of tbe Secretary ef War.
" THO"
L. THOM\S, Adjutant General,
roan or voccuaa ran rauuvna.
We, tbe undersigned, do hereby acknowledge to
have received from Lieut. , ? ? reglm
., recruiting officer (or froni ? , mus
tering and disbursing officer), the sums opposite our
nuiiee, respectively. being iu full for amounta due us for
procuriog and bringing to tbe rendezvous accepted re
cruita. Our names are placed opposite the names of re
cruits so furnished, and we nave eignod duplicates
Name of
o/P rasa
ing Re
I certify (bat Lbe above is correct, that the recruits ac
cepted arc '? elleclive and able bodied," and thit, in
accepting them, I buve been atrictly governed by para
graphs 925 and 926, Recruit lug Regulations.
, Lieut. ? infantry,
Recruiting Ollicer.
Notes?1. Act of February 13,1862, although prohibit
ing discharge of minors from tlie service, does nut autho
rize their enlistment or muster into lite service, except
with written content of parent, guardian or master.
2. It should be borne in mind that the law provides
for the enlistment of "ellbctive able bodied" men: and if
anv officer shall enlist any person contrary to the tri e
intent and moaning of the law, It is further provided that
for every olfcuce "ho shall forfeit and pay the amount of
the bounty and clothing which the person so recruited
may have received from tho public, to be deducted out
of the pay and emoluments of such officer."
?In caso of volunteer recruits, the name of the recruit
will appear in this column In case tbe money was paid
to him.
Regulations for tlie Government of
Regimental Camps.
The following are tbe ruins and regulations to be pur
sued In the government of camps of volunteers In this
1. There shall be daily at least three roll calls, viz:?
At reveille, relroal and tattoo. They will be made on
tho company parades, superintended by an officer or
non-commtssionod officer of tbe company, who will
report the absentees without lesvo to the commarding
Immediately after reveille roll call, the tents or quar
ters and the space around them will bo put In order by
tho men of the companies, saperlntedod by the chiefs of
squads, and the guardhouse ur guard tent by the guard
or prisoners.
The mnrnine reports of companies, signed by tho of
ficer in charge, will bo handed to the Adjutant of the
regiment before eight o'clock in the morning. (Sec R.
A. R., par. 236.)
2. The officer of the day is charged with the order a-id
cleanliness of tho camp; a fatigue will be lurnished to hun
when the number of prisoners is insufficient to clean the
3. The officer of the day will read or cause to ho read
daily to the guard, immediately after guard mounting,
paragraphs 399 to 431, Inclusive, Revised Regulations ol
1861 for the Army of the United Slates.
4. No uoncmraissioned officers or soldiers will be al
lowed to pass beyond the Udb of sentinels, unless they
have a written pass from the officer in charge of the
com-pany, countersigned by the commander of the post,
and report to the officer in charge of the guard both in
leaving and returning to camp. The officer of the guard
will keop a written record of all passes.
.1. The officers in command shall inspect their com
panics every Sunday morning at nine o'clock. No soldier
will be excused from Sunday inspection, except tho
guard, the sick, and the necessary attendants iu the hos
The medical officer having charge of the hospital will
also make a thorough ira-pectiou every Sunday morning,
under the immediate supervision of the commanding offl
6. C urtesy among military men is indispensable to
discipline. Respect to sujierlors will not be confined to
obedience on duty, but will be cxtonded to all occasions,
rt is always the ilutycftlio inferior to accost or to oil. i
first the customary salutation, and of the sit) erior to re
turn such complimentary notice. Whon a soldier with
out aims, or with side arms only, moots anofficrr.be is
to raise his hand to the right side of tho vizor of his cap,
palm to tho front, elbow raised as high as tho shoulder,
looking at the samo time iu a resi*.ctful ami soldier
like manner at the officer, who will return the compli
ment thus nll'erod. A ndh-c .mmissi. no I officer or soldier
being seated, and without particular occupation, will
rise on the approach of an officer and make tho cus
tomary salutation If standing, ho will turn towards
the officer for the same purpose. If the parties remain
in the same place or on tho same ground, such compli
ments need not be repeated.
7. Hours of sorvico will be as follows until further
1. Reveille at daybreak.
2. Squad drills at six o'clock A. M.
3. Breakfast at seven o'clock A. M.
4. Guard mounting at eight o'clock A. If.
5. Squad drills at nice o'clock A. M.
6. Dinner at twelve o'clock If.
7. Company and squad drills at five o'clock P. M.
8. Dress parade (retreat) at sundown.
9 Tattoo at half past nine o'clock P. M.
10. Taps at ten o'clock P. If.
At taps ail lights must be extinguished, and perfect
silence mainlaine 1 during the night.
8. Special attcutiou is railed to that portion
ef paragraph nine of General Orders No. 52
requiring that "commandants of regimental camps
make dally reports of their progress to the Adju
tant General of tbe State."
9. Regimental quartermasters are also required to
make weekly detailed statements to tbe Qnsrtermaster
General or the State of all receipts and issues of clothing,
camp and garrison equipage and transportation fur
10. All necessary books, blanks and forms will be fur
nished by tho . uarlcrmaster's Department, upon requisi
tion, in form, duly certified by the commanding officer,
and forwarded to the Quartermaster General's office in
New York city.
Oar Herkimer County Correspondence.
Ki'iuu, Herkitner County, July 23,1862.
H'cir Meettngl in Herkimer?Her Quota .Veu/fy full?
Large bounty?A Tcmr Through Ruttia, rotund, Vhi
and Xewfort?Higby, the Hermit?Trout Raiting?Ac
of Yandatism by a Aeu> York Reporter, etc.
O il democratic, new republican, Ilerkimer. the home
of lh? late Michael Hodman, onco Naval Qftlr?r st your
port, rseiHiuda nobly to lho call of the President for men
to put down this unholy rebellion. Already have numer
out and enthusiastic war meetings been held throughout
the county, and her supervisors have nobly voted to pav
each new recruit mustered into the service filly dollars
from the county treasury, which, with the advance pay
and government and State .bounties, make the amount
two hundred and two dodars that eucli recruit will bv
entitled to when sworn in,
the several cuiiiimniea are last Ailing up, and it is con
fldcntly anticipated that she will he ab.O to furnish her
lull quota of men within ten days.
The hardy yuotnen are fully awake to the call of thehr
country, and-promptly reeiioud by sending their sons
from Russia and Poland, whom ihe rebels win llml can
H euk in true Yankee dialect, aud tight with str< ng, loyal
arms and true hearts for their ostniry and I log.
It may appear somewhat stiungn to your citizens to
luain that fluseia aud Poland arc In this county: but So
it is. she uoi ouiy swallows lite extensive en plres (in
name at least) of the (hd World, but ah-erUt large (sir
lions of the New; for we find within her bord rs < hio,
Newport and Fairfield, while Turin is within hailing dm
Those towns border on the West Canada eroek, the
main brum h of the Mohawk, and the valley, or "Hate,"
us it is here called, is exceedingly productive, (loiter
adapted to gracing than the | ruduclion of grain, the far
mers here ore pr.m ipiilly engaged In Ihe manufacture o.
cheese, which is carried to tne princloal towns on the
t'uiitr.d roa/l for s ile; and ss the tanners have one parti
cul.ir day on which they carry it to town, called "cheena
day," you will >?rc?ivu lual out here we have ono more
oa'y each week than you.
Midd.eville eight miles from tho railroad. Is a pleasant
little village, which loons as if it had been dropped down
here, ready made, between the high, ris ky hills winch
border the creek at this point. and the Mldob'vl'ltaiis cnn
boost ol' a con on, hour ami saw mill, which give it the
apiwaranoe of a lively little village, a.though at the pre
sent writing the cotton mill ha. stopped on acoouul of
the high price of that staple, yet Mr. hiiiyon, the enter
prlnug proprietor, is Pik.ng advantage of the stoppnge to
maki'lar?e iidditiona to his molding, Iti anticipation of a
'? ps d time coming."
Hugs quantlti"s of honey of a superior quality find their
way to jour market fr rn this place, one gentleman
hav ing us many as three hundred hives, from which be
realize a very handsome Income
Tho town of Hussia, ten rniics north of Middleville, Is
noted for the lieauiiful tails at Trenton, aod for its
being the residence of " Higby, the Hermit,"
whose ponds and llsh attract largo numbers of
visitors from eil pari, of the surrounding country
to see Ins natural aquaria, rivalling Harmon's iu extent,
simplicity and beauty, and In the umnbet (if not variety)
of Ills spc< mens, lie has a number of trout so thorough
ly doinos .rated that they will re vlily coine at his call,
laku food iroin his hand, and even jump from ihe water
to obtain it. L'ulike your great show man, he cannot
Isiast of bavlrg a whale Pi exhibit: hut lie can boani of
having trout weighing three and a hall pounds, which
all will admit bio "whalers "
An act ol vandalism on the part of one of your citi
zen., nnel to he i Miio'ctcd with the projs of your city
(not tho Hkhald), was committed hero this week,by
wiiicti the llorinli sullerod Considerable loss,ami which Is
rond in.'C'l here by all in uumeasuied to. ma. I> riu.
the tumperary absence uf lliu Hermit ih>s (arson
en1'i.-d his enclosure, and. alter li hiug in 'loibidden
j oes," snot t aflrt killed one ol his pots?A tilun
-Kti' k, said to lie inodorous; tired a hall through ono of
his placards, and left a letter cnutlotilug hlin never to
!e. v? h i ,i t,n ramy days. Ihe Hermit -ays he will
pr nt iy tie- ndv; e, aud liegs that no more "city
fi,ut.?- ho a':(.?(,i to roam over Herkimer lor the pilr
: pegs of J ? eying < n 1 heir kind.
T'lie U-itsitl of Trutie ol iloffnlo wild tlie
Yolunti rro
I! ki aio, July 24,1832.
I it tho i 'Co;, i mi ling of the Hoard of Trade tho totoj
I amo nio 1 cri ii n? peril n? w r'g ment reieh I tl.o
| a in ol ilii'll. I U" ostl i .t I no i,da o, It , ,-t val
j for tne urn" pu p * ? re ?- a.e . ' lout j>v,ouo
IfraciH ?nd ValaatMrlag.
Stumxhb, N. Y., July M, 1MB.
Syracuse Is doiag nobly. The Halt Company of Onoo
daga to-day subscribed $19,000 to aid is raising a regi
mcnt uudsr Iks last ?aU of Iks President. Tbia makes
$13,000 subscribed lo Iks patriot tc fuod is Ibis city is
two days.
TbsiownsC Vas Bursa subscribed $1,100 last eveakag
at a publio meeting; the town ef Lysaader, $1,340, aad
Us laws of Marcellus, $2,000.
Vol us tee re are beginning lo come la rapidly. The pros,
poet of raising the regiment is cheering. The reeling o?
warm patriotism is universal. Old Onondaga will do ber
wbole duly.
War Mtcliug at Corlntli.
Coming, N. Y., July 20.1802.
Last evening a very largo and enthusiastic war meet,
iug was bald hero. Colonel Van Valkenburg, Lieutenant
Colonel Oiven, Adjutant O. L. Smith, Hon. T. Beadle, Rev
T. K. Beecher, H. If. Hyde and others addressed the
people. In oonaequence of the immense crowd In the
hall, another large meeting was organised in front of tba
Dickinson House. Steuben county has over 3.300 in th"
service. Her quota to the new regiments will be Oiled in
a week, making 4,000 from eld Steuben.
War Meeting aat Ithiea.
IthiCI, July 26,1802.
At a largo and enthusiastic war meeting held in this
village last evening, the resolutions passed by Iho meet
ing In New York were reiflirmed unanimously. Many
enlistments were made on the spot.
Enthusiastic War Meeting In Philadel
PiiiLaoRLFiiLO, July 26,1862.
There was a tremendn" tiering in Independence
Square this afternoon, to > iho people of Philnilsl
phia to the support of the government in the prosecution
of the war. Tho square was never more densely crowd
ed on any occasion. Thirty-five thousand persons were
The assemblage was addressed from three stands by
promiucnt local speakers, who created much enthusiasm
by expressions of patriotism and aiipeals to arms.
The proceedings at the principal stand, located imme
diatoly in the rear of Independence Hall, were opened by
prayer by Rev. J. Wheaton Smith.
Ifayor Henry, on taking the chair, made an earnest ap
peal for men and means to aid the cause.
Resolutions were unanimously adopted recommending
the employment of all the power and means the Exeeu
live can command to put down tbe rebellion, thanking
tho President for the change in policy in the treatment of
rebel property, acknowledging as friends only those loyal
to tbe government, and all others?whether living In our
midator lighting in tha rank* of our foes?as enemies
pledging the government our earnest support in resisting
any foreign interference, approving of tho call of tbe
President for additional troops, recommending every
able bodied citixen to unite himself to some military
organization to be ready for any emergency.
Able speeches wore made by Hon. William D. Kelly,
ox-Governor Pollock, IXtniel Dougherty, Esq., Colonel
John W. Fornoy and others.
A letter was received from Edwin Forrest, inclosing s
cheek for ono thousand dollars '-to carry on the war
against the rebels and restore the lTnion, whose benign
influence has given more blessings than all th# political
combinations of tbe world besides."
Colonel Forney also subscribed five hundred dollars,
and several other large subscriptions were made during
tho progress of the meeting.
Tho enthusiasm was extraordinary. A manifestation
if disloyalty on the part of one individual in tho crowd
led to his being ousted from the squaro in a very sum
mary manner.
An expression by one of tlie speakers that every
means to crush the rebellion, even to the arming of loy
alists whose hearts were with us, though their skins
vero darker, should bo used, was received with ip
The influences of this meeting will undoubtedly have
great elect in stimulating recruiting.
It was announced that, up to this time, one hundred
and thirty thousand dollars had boon subscribed for the
bounty fund of this city, by individuals, exclusive of the
railroad fund. Largu sums were subscribed at the
War Meeting at Pittsbarg.
I'lTWBURii, July 24,1862
Tlio war meeting to-day was a most remarkable de
monstration. Our city prosentcd quite a gala day ap
pearance, business being entirely suspended. There
were flags, banners and music in every direction. At
one o'clock P. M. Pittsburg emptied its population Into
North Common, Allegany, where several stands were
erected for speakers. Tbe venerable Judge Wilkins pro*
sided over the assemblage, assisted by Innumerable
vice presidents and sevorul secretaries. Speeches were
delivered by Governor Curtln, Jndge Wilkins, John Co
vode, P. C. Shannon, ex-Governor Johnson and other*
from the English stands, and Messrs. Seiberrick, Felix
and ethers from the German stands.
Governor Curtln, in the course of his speech, alluded
to the President as having at last learned that we are
actually engaged In war. Without charging that mis
tikes have been made. It la enough to say that after long
months of schooling the war ia now to be prosecuted
with vigor. War means violence, and in time of war
man relapses into barbarism. Tho property, nay, even
lite of the enemy, everything ho has. we must Like and
use against him. In the absurdity of civilization our ar
rmes have left a guard at every house, and they left out
enemies behind them to hunt ami destroy. This la not
war. The crops iu the Valley of the Shenandoah M n
to us; that house, that man, be he while or black, h
claimed by our enemy, belongs to us. In regard to oluv
i g bounty money to volunteers, the Governor said
when the call for Irooic was Issued. I he
oiiatvd to call tb? legislature together. i
Irul do power to appropriate bounty, and coiil
nut put my hand into I ha public treasury wiiho it the
mtbority of law. To call the legislature logclhar would
have required iroin four to eight wacks, und perhaps tie
.uucb luuger to nrgiiato the loans. I, therefore, c- n
eluded to throw the whole matter providing bounty for
our volunteer* upon individual patriotism huh ti.e llho
alltyofthe people of Prnmylvunia. Another as ? ctol
the war is foreign lutorveutlou. Ttic rebels having bhs
ivifd their sou 8 in perjury, ask lor the intervention o.
orelgu nations. When one of our e nnmmd is seized
two of thefr bepn sotuatfves, wc surrendered Uiem to
arrogunt Power for reasons wed known. Now, It
itiat Pi wer lUsins to test the pluek of this
nut ion. let the Kng i<h lion show hie teeth by interred
lion. (Mir sea is girl by tlYin shit*, and if twenty
oillions of people rise in their powor they c m crush
ut the rebellion, and at the i-aino time protect them
delves from foreign intervention.
A number of patriotic resolutions were passed, coinpli
ucuiaiy of the gvnorai and .Slate administrations; calt.ng
ut the citizen* in every county of tho commonwealth to
eomo lor warn at once and sustain the Union; recommend
ing a bounty of tiily dollars to each vo.untoor- appunt
i..g a coinmittoe to solicit subscript inns for s ich purpose.
Alter which the meeting adjo .rood, it u said lU.it a
largo umouut will bo subscribed in this city.
War Meeting at WhetMng.
WlihKj.iMi, July 2d, 1842.
A large and enthusiastic war meeting was held in this
city this afternoon. Addresses wcro made by Governor
I'ierrnpout, Hon. Sherrard Clemens and others. The
?I iceehes endorse the most vigorous p dicy of the admin
istration. A memorial was adopted praying the county
court to make a levy of i'dO 000 to aid volNutoermg.
Meeting at Toasnda, Pa.
Towanns, Pa., July 19,1802.
A large county meeting was neld at this pla.e to day
without distinction of psrty, to adopt measures for rais
ing volunteers under the new call. It was recommended
th it Governor Curtis adopt the saino course se that pur
sued by Governor Morgsn, or New York, nam>'ly?oilbr
<ng a bounty of fifty dollars for reci utte. Kulistments
arc now going on, and great unanimity oxutle among the
War Meeting at Lonlevllle.
I/Oi isvii.Lt. July 20,1803.
There was an Immense and enthusiastic meeting at the
Court House last evening. Resolutions were unani
mously passed for the preservation of tho Union at any
cost, approving the President's call for additional volun
teers, pledging Kentucky to furnish her quota tborcoi;
requiring those who cannot volunteer to contribute libe
rally for the families of times who enlist; proposing the
prompt arrest and punishment of the marauding bands
now invading Kentucky: declaring that Union men vuj
not tolerate office holoors who have fought or held clTb ?
in tho Confederacy; that the city Council be requested to
appropriate ftOO.Otiff for the support of the families < f
volunteers. These resolutions wore ably supported by
Brigadier Generals Boyle and Nenbrtdgc and others
Address of the Inimi Mr rr huts' iuxclinuge
of Ml. I.<hiis.
tfr. I,otis, July 24,1H<12.
The Union Merchants' F.xci boro, at an enthusiastic
mooting io i jr, unanimously el'iptcd a stirring and pa
triotic addi i to the p opto of Missouri. Unfaltering
and uncondi >nul II lelity to tlio Union wns the si ntlment,
and llbc "il ? i to the volunteer fund w as | lodged. Suio
rjl th uisai dollar.' o ItniriviliAlely c Dlriliuted to
i ' :? red Cunt i!i Kiske, Pecrolary of tlio Kxcliange, to
aid liim to ' t th: legkiu ml In the Hold i rth villi
\V ur meeting ill C'lilrjigo.
t'tlKAO . Jury 19,1812.
7b * .i a etiug ton'glit w is the I ?r '-l and mu ?,
li emon-tr.iliuii li-lil for y< trs. J lie strict
nl qu ii ii IJolnlng thi Court It'siso.n mr win !i Hit
i i' a lie Id, wcro crowded until a lal ; Ii" r
( I io . .id'; tiy several pii toi'ii-?' g ? ? I ton en
and reeehitions, highly patriotic In character, Indrstag
tin' ad nut tut (ration and approving (ho vail fur tbroo Uun
dre i tfceueaud utore volunteers, were ahopUd Kes >lu
tione wore adopted r?qu<miiog the Supervisors of the
county to vote a lax of $200,000, to bo toed at bounty for
tbe flat two regiahnU r anted in the country.
?MewegeMdl for Volwwteere mt Bt.
Si. Loom, July 2fl, 1862.
The Demetmat learna from a reliable source that the
County Oomraiattiooers of the Oeurt of St. Louie have
agreed to appropriate cue hundred thousand dollars for
the betietlt of the families of volunteore who enlist uttdor
the new call of the President, or who enter the State ser
vice from this county, under Governor Gamble. Thla
will go for to encourage the speedily filling up of new
regiments now in process of formation in thie city.
Wnr Heeling on Boston Common.
Booroir, July 18,1862.
The citizens' rally on the Common this afternoon was
initiatory to n si 'cession of similar gatherings to fol
low, and was largely attended. J. Thomas Stevenson
read a stirring address, which,_ in prlntad form, is
being circulated over tbe city. Eloquent remarks were
made bv venerable lather Taylor, of tbe Seamen's
Bethel: Patrick Donahue, editor of the I'Hot, and others.
Volunteering throughout the Slate is reported aciive
and encouraging.
aiMsi?ao ron n*w torr?mis DAT.
SUM RISKS ? M | MOON SKTS eve 7 3;
Post or Hew York, July HO, 186a*
Ship Crest of the Wave, Price, Valparaiso?Tobin A Cha
? S dp W F Slorer. Tiask. Llrerroo'?Nash A D'aiborn.
Shlii Flora. Peters. Liverpool?-J W F.I well k Co
Ship H> raid, 1'oss, Bristol?H Burner.
8 ,lp Corra L nil. I.nee, Glasgow?'T Dunham.
Slop J P Wheeler, Guild, Glasgow?W N Ison.
Bulk Antloch, Gardner, Liverpool?Southard, Wright k
Bart Morning L'ght. Walter. Liverpool?Harbeck k Co.
Balk St Elizabeth (Br), Mlnto, London?J .lack-on.
Bark i'evan Mar, Pike, London?Nesmlth .1 S.,ns.
Mark S Moxh-y, ??, Bel!a-t?Craig A Nlcoll.
Bit k Solo, Nonsuch, Londonderry?J O Baker A Co.
Bark Amelia. Monroe, Londonderry?Meua.f A Duncan.
Mark l.eon, , Kingsroad?Brett. Son A Co.
Bark Wolfe (Br), . Waterfor 1-C O'Neill A Co.
Bark Young Turk, Jones. Malaga?I uoper A Beottte.
Bark K B Walker, Raynea, New Orleans?Miller A Hough
Brig Rose (Br), Wheat, Milfordl.aven?J Jackson.
Brig J H Dillingham, llannlngton, Wevntoulb?Walab,
Carver A Chase.
Brig Nuova Provldrnza (Ilal), Buggtero, Cork?Q 1. Routk
A Sons
Brig Adelaide, , Cork?W F S hmidt
Brig Morning Star. Moss Dublin?Harbvck A Co.
Brig J TUi.a (Br), Prey, Londonderry?J F Whitney A Co.
Brig Ann Eli/.aboih, Kcppla, Uueenatown or Kaltuoulh?
?ch. Melr-1-" "
Fundi. M.-lncke A Wendt
Hilg Fannv. Kuaaell, Qneenstown?F B Miller.
Brig Joanna Adnanee (Dutch), Frauken, Amsterdam?
Flinch Mi'.ncku A Wendt.
Brig II Hallock, Wl?ke, MaUmoros?S G Reran A Co.
Brig J R Nevtua (Br), Larkin, St Pkjrre?'VaUble A 8 R
R lynal.
ifrlg Henrietta, , Mnnsanllla?McCall A Frith.
Brig Esquimaux, Chishol n. Halifax?B F Small A Co.
Brig Union (Br), Le'aml, Ha'igav?Ro-ere A Kltcb.
Hilg Judge Hathaway, Cunningham, New Orlcaim?C A E
J Pi ten.
Selir Edwardo (Br), Viewers, Liabon?B FSmall A Co
Schr St Gcoige (Br), Penuiston, Faltiiouih, Ja?Miller A
Hi iir Tiine (Br). Sawyer, Nassau?Montell A Bartow.
Si hr /( bra (Br), Cohen, 8t Johns, NF?B F Small A Co.
Schr Wcntworih (Br), Burgc.is, Windsor, Na?D R Dc
Schr Thiaalirr (Br). Hunter, Halifax?11 J A C A Dewolf.
Relir l,avinla Jane, Krtclinni. Alexandra?Mott B> dell.
Selir H Brown, Shelby, Wushingion?Bentley. Smith A Co
Schr Hamilton, Ogden, Baltimore? M-rrtlJ ,t Abbott.
Hdir t>dd Fellow, Garrison, Pocomokc?Muster.
Sci Union, L bbv, l'hiladelphia?Simpson A Clapp.
S.-lii Wseiiington, Weir, Ke> port?Master.
S.'hrG D King, McGregor, Calais?J Bovnton's Sons.
Senr inspector. McCa eb, Millhridce?Simpson A Ctapn.
Schr l aw< ntm k. Robinson, Milllirlrtge?simp.oh A Clapp.
Schr \ cndovl, Bragg. Kcnnolniiikp r:?G I. Ilaicli.
Schr.'O'tn Adams, Hatch. Kennebnutport?G L Hutch.
S hr Gu i alie'. Gotham, Danvimport?Master,
sc r J Uerd, G aid, Boston?L Kenny.
Schr O l' Bri wn. G dney, Providence? Master.
8 Jir Empire, i ai r, East Greenwich?L Kenny.
Sehr Reindeer, Davis, New Haven?Baker A Pay ten.
Schr Sarah Klf/abcth, Smith, New Haven?D Slaunurd.
Sehr h ianklln, Cliapinan. N'orwhh?1! S Rackelt.
Sloop Pointer. Nl 'hnla. Bristol?f, Kenny.
Steamer Ironsides. Vandcrveer, Philadelphia.
Ship Ticonilcroga. Stougiiton, liomhay, April 9. passed
Good Hope May .'II, St lle'ena Juno K. wtih Unwed Ac, to
llai be: k A Co. Wav 8. Lit 20 S3 8, Ion 63 40 K, s| o ;e ship t
Hut, t rom Ca.citiu for Boston: June H. lat IJ Id S. Ion 1 3d
W. sl ip Mur> Ogden fioo Akyab for Falmouth fi r orders;
.'ttli. I?t 0 4)8. ion 130 VV, ship South America, hence lot
S.vncy. N8 V.
Ship Mameluke (of Boston). Porter, laindon, June 19, in
I a iast, to ninsier. Be m 3 days W of Mouiu It.
S:l|i (j.b alia, Duihain, Havana, Hi days, in ballast, to
master, is at Lower (Juar,otitic.
Berk Mary Maker tor, of Yarmouth, N'S), Churchill, Yo.n
glial. 20(in* in *<a!lasi, to B ?vd A lllncken.
Mark . aso i (Nor), N"lsoo. Botterdnui, 36 days, with indue
(o Flinch, Meincke A Wendt. In lat47 to 43, Ion 43 to 32, saw
several lei bergs.
Hark Itdi Boy (Br), ??, Mutanzas, 12 days, in ballast, to
inns ? r. I- at Lower Quarantine.
Brig South Bos on (Br, of Pietou). Lane, Bathurst, WCA.
Juno 23 with iH-aniiLs. Ac, to K H Warn A Co.
Brig Grsoe Wnrtluiigton (Br), Stevens, Belize, Hon, July
8, w ith cotton, hi lc-, Ac. to F Alexandre A Son July 9. lul
Zd .V), I n 74 It), spoke hark L.ulu Stewart, hence for Vera
Crux; '.nst, lat 36. Ion 54 41), s|Kike lirlg Mary E Milllkcn,
from Philadelphia for New Orleans.
It rig Hope (Hr i, Young, St V lucent, July 7, with molasaea,
to Mlil.lle'.oii A Co.
Hi ig Acron Vale (Br, of Harbor Island), Evans, Fajardo,
IS days, with s igar, to J V Ooalivia A Co. July 21, lat 29 2d,
Ion 33 31, spoke or g Adam Uart'lauu, from Portland lor Ma
tuiuas, III days out.
Brig Cliaotn .eer (Br, of Halifax), Matsell, Guayauiila,
PR. July 12. w ill molasaea, to Siorgra A Co.
Brig Abbv P Ken no (Hr. u. St Joliu, NB). Mussels. Mania
... ... - ? ?
mlia. 19 da)a. with oedar, Ac, to Breit Son A Co.
Brfg Eliza (Br), Gayle, Cow Bay, CB, 8 days, with coal, to
Be loiii A Co.
Brig Mary Cobb, Lowe, Port Royal. 7 days. In ballast, to
Dunbar A Colby.
Brig Capeltd, Ace, Fortress Monroe, A days, in ballast, to
Schr William (Br), Larkin, Crab Island, 16 day*, with mo.
las* ?*. to .1 W Cuhhert.
S hr Liverpool (Br). Pearee, Cat Island, 7 days, with fruit,
to Joit Eneas.
Schr vinv Chase, L> ek wood. Port Royal, 13 aaya
Schr Dart, Putllips. Norlolk, 6 days.
Selir K A Elliott, Be u It, Baltimore, 6 days.
Sciir M A i'rediuore, Preduiorc, llulLimore. 3 days.
Si hr M K Webb, Buckingham, Philadelphia.
Sc ir M"lr *e. . Bangor 5da-s.
S? hr laiMiartllie, Grant, Calais, 4 days.
Selir S Waterman. Bo.vman, Faln.o all, 3 days,
Scbr Triton, Freem m, Ron 'out lor Nant.n keu
Selir I C llertz. 8)s'ar. H- ndout for Boston.
Scl.r L D.ior Jameson Rmidotit lor Mo- ion.
f*iir Aon.udu. Ki lhy. Ponghke psic for Boston.
8t hr Meiamora, Felt t. C h i Si ring.
Steamer Josephine (U 8 transport), Urumley, Harrison's
L iniiiiig. to U S (Ju latennaner.
iinliiig. Pi U 8 Uuiaterma-ier.
Steamer Cunoniciia (US iranspoit), Borden, Fortreta Mon
roe. hi C 8 Quai ter i aster.
Steamer Fakna. Adam?. Baltimore.
Stcamrr Artisan. Mct'abe, Baltimore.
Mea ner it Hor-ion. Inper. Phllaue nhia.
Steamer II ilalk Bel,, Phila telpiila.
Steamer Westchester, Nye. Providence.
A Spanleh 'hip. name unknown.
Also, one brig, unknown.
Steamships City of New York (Br), Qneenstown and Liv
CI poo!; BoruShi i (llam). Southampton and Hamburg; Black
stone and New Orleans; Sfer o. Ihe South.
Wind at sunset N.
The aleamslilp City of Now York, ('apt Petrla sailed short
ly ?Iter 12 M yesterday for fjiieruatown aod Liverpool.
The steamship Great Mast, rn, t'apt I'atou, salted yesterday
from Flushing Bay for Liverpool.
The steamship Borussls, Capt Trartmaun, aoiled yesterday
at noon for Southampton and Hamburg.
Smr Bus* A Ells, which run ashore In May last, has
In en got oil and taken to Ship Isiand.
Sine SoWAMsat. Johnson, reported from Genoa with silt
for New York, aaehored oil Hog Island, inoutii of Bristol
harlaii, morning of -5 h Inst, fur orders.
The Ship I.lst >ays ?We notice sales at Hmfon of A2 ship
Itevsre, i A4 tour, Ln It at Boston in 1849; Al slop Nathanlr
Thompson, Mil tons, hoiltal K nnelmnk in I84H; bark Kure
kit. 2-'b tons, unlit at .Hertford In 1.985, on terms we did n t
le?r i, AI bark Salaeia, 450 tons, tinilt at Easi H sto , In !H67.
io N> iv York a count, at something under fli.OUl; and in
litis market. Al|f ha: k llaitnah Heeor. ,Wt tone, built in . Vid
at Perth Amhir. 5i*.lWo; A2k (elir Sally Hinti.i, I(M Puis,
Imilt in InSd at Edenton, Ntft'MHI; and AI>? ship Herald,
built at liatli in I'M, $25,000, easn.
Hnip Iroiimm, nt Ban Francisco, baa been void to Adams A
Hllnn lor $11,000.
Srhr Corni Kit. 107 tons, of Myttle, as she returned to t: ai
p. i t June 17 I torn llurd s Jslahit with a Car?o of oil, baa been
sold lor $2200 to New isiD'h.u Haiti?*.
Arrst New Bedfi id 2.UI ln?t, t ?rk Onlotlo ForJer,Oclin'-k
S> a lluiiuli.lo Llro 2. Suiula Is'and Feb 1, Chatham lahmd
lisi e|i if), will 24 hlils sp and liidil do wli oil oil hoard, bun
hum" J2U hbiswh oil Hint 2O.0UQ lbs none. Has on freight
I2?i) bhls wli oil fr.m ship Catharine In a gale Aj rll It. lat
In go ? Ion 84 W, stova bulwai ka and broke rudder pintles-,
has s e-ied the si lp liome by the assistance of ehaliiK. lie
i.oris sld fr m Suiula Island Jan 25, ship Oliver Crocker,
C? c iran, NH nudiiiig situ*, leaving San iwJch lalauda.
I,"i| r? f? ? m h?rk l'earl. 01 New Romion, dated nt Poet
I on ?, 1*1, of France. June 8, n mot the denth ol t'apt II rt
hit. In rromiimn ? r. The I'eail would sail shortly for bouse
In rharye of Cupt lUiley, leieutly mate or ihlp Cliarlea Car
nil. Also repot ta in port same date, ship Charles Carroll,
Kit till, Nh. ieady for aea, having taken 4) bbhs sp since I ist
n | nr\
A lefer from Capt Spooner, of hark Joshua fl- si (Ion NB,
ret urn her I.If St Mr eiia June I. w 1th :SJ lihls *p .ill sun L.st
r | ui t. 17 'pnliill ?i mid cruise a month round 8t ll< 1.
n ?. H p ??. poke -nine ay. IIIr- Mery, NH, 75 -p, C" ipt on
s. ie s .i.orejsi rd i .i. k-H a It so. (fii ks, Nil, 250
-p . n nt Helens llioiii.l; Chill K rig, ItQbida; I.o dsn, Hlcen,
de 110 do Cornelia, 1'oute, lutl do; brtg l.eunjda.c, Skiff,
W t|?ut, Kldo.
hook. 11?M.tv 30, lai 4 40 S. Ion 111 *5 \V. hark E Corning,
NH, Willi jtkl hula spoil, n ported had not ?e? u a w hale
? or 5 niuiitha.
Npoken. iVr.
Bhlp Wi d Cat, tt i a?- fn in New Urienna for NYork, July
id. luiir.i r, ii.ii 7" i4. " . ,
I hi k Nugget, 20 days from Cienfurgos fur NYork, July 21,
la: J>, I' II (4 10 . .
iiark M-ri iniae nf I'milnud, from Car' enaa for 1 bllade].
phla, - n v Is, lal St 21. hm 79 l.t.
ib.rk llaml ion, of Nimk. tor $iinlJad. July 14,13mtlea
W-W ii.en and Kev light. it,,.
HrlitOII K iiue.ly, irom Cardenas for Portland, July 21
lat Ibi. Inn 74 39. . , ,, , ,
HiM II il Berry, hence for Matsnnis, July 12, lot 29 Ah, Ion
' V??Y J '' Welherell. 13 da; a from New Orleans for NYork,
'"llrl.1 w"t; Chirk. fr'.in Philadelphia for 8W Pnrn, June 21,
Cine II-iilni-ii N\V 35 in lies.
Hi It K i ii lie nsrd, m.m Boston for I oit Royal, July 21,
'"Iv" r ?> i '. 'thtIhis, of Calais, 7 day* fr m Havana for Phi
ladelphia, July IH, ft nilUsHj. ot Caiysl.et Kerf.
Hel.r M Kinney, tl.hr, hum Key Wis fir I'idliirtelphln,
J u v I ' Irt 29 -7. I"11 *" "
. I r Hputeer I), henee lor I'drt Koyal, July 21, hit 33 18.
Ion 75 59. ,_ ,,
I.', i.e. ?n Purls,
\., I'WUI. Inly fr III HIS- Sherwood. Ilray ; Coll
Hole. \V llllehv I ? 1 <?
I . fill It-r. ?t? tj.lniie 3-*ho III v -S. i 11 1011.
2ti. iis, llnkiJ 5*?li? i orl brlj C .h.i, H.ij, e.i NY ak
?bout 12th; arhr B F Newton. Dtion, from end for do, SP
? i ?uiDT, July 7?In port (hip Volga, Braids, for 1
next day; bark AU Brewer. Chase, unc.
Ciu ru. J una 28?SU1 pre* ship Norulns Light,
Cbtuehas lo luad for England- _ ,
Cobija May 21-Arr ahip Bunker BUI, LnnC Valparaiso
(and kid previa JuueZl for Bauuice lo luad guano). Hid
pre* to June II, ahip Kale Hunier, Melchor, Cblncbae; oarfe
Arctic, Uakra. Liverpool.
Kajammi. PR. Jely 10?No Am veoael la port.
Ucataxiixa. July It?No Am *eas<') in port.
Maisitu-s, June 8?In port ahip John Haven, Porter, for
Madras and orders nest da*. ?
MosTsrinno, June 2?In port ship George Turner, Ildly,
fruin Port and; bark Llaxie, Nickeison, from NYork.
Mansasilla. July I?In port Br brigs Kobt Reed, for Mow
York 5 days; Osurav, fur do7; Br schr Oriental, for do. Oo
1ns 6tlt. Br bug P I Nevlus.
Poxes, July U?In |>ort aohr W H Mulller, for Baltimore
16 days. 81d 10th, brigs Louis Mary Anna (Br). New York;
Arondale, do.
Shanghai,. May 26?In port bark Young Greek, Taylor, cht
fur Bwaluw aud back at $uttt).
Sn- kha Lko.ab, June : 1?In port bark Trereont, Wells, for
Ronton about Aug I; bilge Ann Klixabetb, Powers, for do
about July 2o; ba>uuel Cburclim.ui. Gaudy, for NYork about
A'h* Thomas, July IB?In port brig Nantasket, Sawyer, fo?
Mansatiilla ready.
Sikiika Mokkna, July 16?Hid brig Blackfleh, Palrebild.
Philadelphia. _ .
Sr John, N U, July If?Arr iiark Persia, Smith. New Yorkf
21st, srhr Alice T. do: 22 shiu Elbi A Clark, Burlon. Boston.
Cbl 21st, brig Emily, Sa mders, WHiiifngtou; 22d, schr Annie
M, luirson. NYork.
Tahiti, uliout Mav 22 ?In port brig Curlew, for , to sail
May 26.
American Ports.
boston. Jn'y 26?Air l. . trausro i UnodeIsland Trench-,
srd, NOileiiiis vli Hbin I-lanu and K y West; ship O.-eaoi
Ro up, ll i'i den, lb in a: biles Bird of the Wave, Simpson,
l'oitnu l'rlaoc; limnholU, Brvant, Cardenas; Br s hr Cha
riot, Strickland, hi Dmhi o O ty. T-lcgra U d Lark 8aan
dinar a i, from <l:a gow. CM barks Western Sea, llardlng.
I'eiiiaiob iro and a inkt; Salaca Pe < rson. New York; brig
Ilenrv. Col", NOrleana; s .rs Jo eiili h?nx, lb arson, Haiti"
juorc; Isabel Alberto. Tboitrr, Georgetown, DC. Cld 24th,
bark Arthur Pickering, 11 ill, NOrleana. Nothing wen te
se.i. W ml E. D S steamer It It . 'u vl r started, nnd anchor
c I below, w h ire n main U H sloop of .war Marlon, ship Pe
rtivlan. and bark A Ptrk'-rlns.
BANGOR, July 24?Airachrs Coral, ICent, and M E I'sar,
i ll. dglon, New York. Cld brhr A J Ross, 8mail, Martl
n lu lie.
ELIZ\BETII PORT, July 2C?CM brigNahant, S rout. Bus
ton; m-lirs Alton, Chase; Yeloi-ity, Ol son, and Atlautc,
Wavs do: Thetua, Jones, Portsmouth; Honuibsl. Went
north, M lion; sloop llardaeibble, Simmon*. Somerset.
FALL RIVER July 25?Arr sclirs F II Abbott. Smith, Bui
tinio'-* : Denmark, H iclitmuii. NYork.
GARDINER, July if? .Ur schr Angler, Beese, New York.
Sid 21st. s hi Rio. Fairbanks, do.
GLOCOK8TKR. July 2J?Arr sclirs Lookout, Harper, Ca
lais for N Vol k: 23d, Aucoua, Leigh ton, Addison for do; Cur
rill Burgess NYork.
NEWBUHYPORT, July 24?Sid schr* Sharon, Thurlow,
and Hale. Neumnu. Philmlelphiu; Hu-au. Moore, do.
NEWPORT, July 24?Arr sclirs Salmon Washburn, Thrash
er, Taunton for I'liiladelpula; Kosrius, Lincoln, do lor New
York. R< turned on ure-iiini or head winds, schrs Northeria
Light, Em bailee, Alinlra. Bulrush.
26lh?Arr si hr Foi.niain, Besrsi-. Fall River for New York?
Sid schrs Salmon Washburn, Rosclus. Black Hawk.
NEW LONDON, July 21?Arr schrs Telegraph, Rogers.
NYork; Alida, Hull, 1'hilade plila lor Boston. Hid scbr B iL
Fa'vyer Rogers, Hurd's Island.
NEW HAVEN. Jul* 25-ArrwTrs Brilliant. Monroe; Qua
ker Cm, Hen n oln.an l R Mitgee, R-eve. Il/a'ietbpoif
PHILADELPHIA. July 2s?Arr bark Essex, Ray, HtJago
:'c On a; brigs Romance, Duncan, Oamiucgos; Herald, Da
vie Malaiixas; Prouiu, Davis, Brls-ol; wnrs D B Donne,
Coombs. Beverly, Muse; Pocohonta*. Berry, and Florida
Kelly. Ho-ion; J W ilall, Mar.siiman, Key West; Thomas B
French, Hum a, and Eiiiuui, Huiitb, NYork; Georgia, liil
ebrist. Baltimore; Win Wallace, Cao.o ell, and J M Ham
0 ond, D uglas, Boston; J Couipton Yates, Newport; Parun,
Clark, NYork. Cld ship 8-iranuk, Rowland, Liverpool; brlga
D Mali nit, Steel nan. New O leans; Croton, Darts, Bristol:
Ca i I urn la Gilford. liriAlul; schrs ilk E Kelley, Kcllay; B
T Snillh, Smith; Win W.i lane, Campbell; Aid, Endii-ou: J S
Hewett. Lake; Lewis G hosier, homers; John K Plater, (lud
trey; J d Hroomell. Dougiiws: H niwalha, Di-ney; W Sauls
bury, llud-on. and R Knight, Eudiootl, Rn-mn; D B Donne,
t oon s, do; F'lynway. La is, hineiu: Z Stratum, Sieelman,
I'an lin-kei: D G F.uy.l, !ta-o e t, NBedloril; P A Bandits,
Son er-, Mnrolebeail; All.-o Dm nine, K ee, Psll River; Ma
r et a II nd, Terry, and John C< mpton, Yates, New Bedford;
Emma, Smith, Lv n; Punthca, Clark, NuulUcket.
in vx Did, July 24?Hit* loliowtng vesiels were at the
Mi l akwutrr yesterday, nnd pro-ended t o sea this mornlug:?
Brigs J Djer. Mleiii an. Mumon- il, Augusts, irom Havana
lor NVnrk; ?e|ir> C 8 E wards. llimi Trasue. Fesseuiien, B
F Lewis, it C Lord. O 8 Wut-on W 1' Ri chie, E>a Belie, V
1' < oo;ier, N"lson, Cer -s. J (J Baxter, C Hall, James Neilaon,
C a --, Kaieii, Amy C ns ? Liu-sa J Mi-Clnsky. Austin,
lli in-ock. Savon, Margin t. Dart, iroui Fortress Mnnro- fop
NVork. The t'eiit leiorted on ha unlay an I Monday nearly
an retui neil, i ii.l leli at on this morning. The hnrk Frank
1 Hr). from Duo.in, l? h ie wig orders.
26th?I h - sh'p S.oiiu uuc. lion Liv rp>ol, and bark Han
s n Gi'i got-.. i roui the b.ockiidtng soiii.droii, have come in.
PORTLAND, July 24?Cln ? U1- Julia N well, frott, Baltl
ii ore.
t'KDVIDKNCE. July 25?Arr steamers Osprar, Kenney.
I.nd i'etrvl Young. NYu. k; scurs Water vv lien, Hull; Nai.nl
Uu -eii, llul-c unu (X'c in Bird. Berry. Bhilaueipliia; EUar
Wooib u. Dibble. Coxsacklu; slui p iiavid San .s. Hiadbory^
llaveisiiaw. 8ld brig Viator, w-.wto, I'liiladelphla; sours
Bur Hints Mesi-rvey, Pliha lelpliia ,or NYork); J S Lane,
S a il en I Lady Jane, hamuli.rs, NYork; it 8 Barucs,
ltav inoiid, Uu.
K(R KL.VND, Jnlr 13?Arr Dork II 8|uililing, Booker. Li
PeriKMil; IJth, oidg 11 l.ee la. Sutuh. Uewrtl's Isle for NYork;
selir Kouui, Ksl.ur, NYo. i. Hid ISili, rchr 1'oUos, Pcndle
ton NYork: 21st, brig 11 Leeds. S.miU do, sclirs 8t L .car,
liurnes: Ml Hope, IL noulon. and Warrior, Cro kctl, do
SAN FRANCISCO, J.ioeLh?Arr ship hi .limn, Williams,
I'lula lelpu.a. Hid 2aih, schr Muim Cloud, Stanuril, Kai.a
Ait July 21 (by Icl), ship Saracun, Osgood, Boston
I i pe l June 3<i, hp s Iconl in. Ifeu-lls, for Bugi t Hound;
Man I. Button, Spicer, to load lor NYork; Windward. Ham
lin. for Kodlac. tu bring I w k a ear.o of ice a. $i)0OJ the voy
o; An-klaud, Foster, lor sate; bilg Josephine, Rest, do.
hAI.EM, Jn v2l?Arr selirSno.v Drift, Snow. NYork.
SULLIVAN,'July ID?ArrsctW Riillbinl. NYork.
Billions Compel nils.
Cholera Morons,
Dum bo a. Dysentery and
Every other Hummer Complaint,
fins only himself to blame tor need sis anxiety and suffer
ing, win u a 1 (be wurid knows that "f'"*1 all disorders, dis- -
tempers and uRu-as s of the seasons
taken as an ordinary bon-mgr. Ore a e ruin preventive and
cure, klving iustaut.neons ieib-1. The genuine French Cog
nac Bitters sic Imported only by S. hTEINKELO, sola stent, .
mill sol I by him nt 70 Nassau street, and by H. AC. OAK
LEY, It Park row, and by all drnrgista, grooers ui liquot
dealers throughout the I sksd 8i,.ie.i.
Munsy, Is tbo i.iacc to get Teas, Sugars, Flour and aD
kinds ol Grucerles en- np for easli.
* Of Hartlord, Guunect loot, writes as follows:?
Haktfokd, Nov. 11,1861
T. Allcock A Co.
tisxrr?l'lesse torwaril one gio?s of yonr Porona P'asters
b express. Our dally experience in Mic use of tbi s Blast re
eoni-rns ns ol ihru ?o|s:rio. - Ncel.eoo.-. At this momem of
vvt tlii2 a man applies tor one, won, by entangiemeat ins.
-ua t ui mnc ilui ry, bail Imtn bis legs urokeu aud spine se
v irly itiiuicd, and am. nearly a jear ent.rely helplesa, and
found relief very ana from an app.b atbni ol a pla-ter to h:S ?
spine, ami now jierlorins his r-guovr daily labor.
Ill- was excre ungly anxious, learln? the Mipply might bo
i-xiiausted; aild lie nouid i lie. if,II, pay $b each U tbo/
I mild not be o .lultied et a U-ss .a;e.
1 a ,i surprised ilmt surg otis du not make use of thrso
;<erlo.ste?l piasters to th-- evrli.sion of all others, as their
flexibility aud ndhe-iV.-uens nr - gr all,. In udvsu: e ol ot> er
plsso rs, while the perioi.iiiotie |>e u Ur to them rei d<P
loriu greatly superior to all utuers for ordinary surgical
Very truly vou-n,
2.i Ce.Nlh EACH. .
23 t'E.sTh EACH.
Roll also at 794 Canal street,
Bold also al 2"4 Csiutl street.
Soli also at 2U4 i ar.ol -ui-et.
Sold also at 2J4 Canal street,
Ai d by alt dealers.
And ny nil deau-ra.
And by ail dealers.
And by nil dealers.
kuau This.
Nkw Yon*. October. IFW.
1 Inreby certify tk?t I era* cfle. tuallv <-"re.t of ihenm*.
Item m its ii.out iu-1it<' rorni. by wear in MKl'TAM'S Mhl'.lL
LIC Mil.KS, a Inch I ? urn-lder uu 1n\uit.ioia ol in alculabi*
lament o ibus ' a iik-to I wit i coiiipluiuta of .? rheumatic1>?
t ore. mid I mat. luliy ro. omtn. nil it m am. ..nd etna a>
mutcdr for Invalid* Millei uti fioin am b oinplEiat..
caputii anthony ir. hauoerty.
U ' 111 110 'Ml, LOIig lllMU .il, N. J.
Ti>Mkttas A Co.. I'M Broadway.
Call ui' mini lor circular.
) 11 Oil.
The Nad*..un leave* Cliri tophcr street, .at 9U, It'.' and .IV"
Spriu, > ic l a UM mill a'J*
ll .v struct at V'., l'2'.i and II f
Moiri* sl.c-e', pier 4, *t 19, I and *
I Chrtatopuer street at .1 4 lil.j .nut it 4.
S| rum strut a*, l.}*, lJli ui. ? -H
Diiy alio :l at 'Jli.'a a.ui ?) a
Pur Ko. 4 (Motrin alt oil) tat 10, 1 and 4 o'oio-k.
fir Au-mii anil i?mn. adUto Ion lug*, tutn-hag atT.ili
l.eih slrw. t, MnTvik. law* e? r> Toioday.Tbuia lay and.
Kalut'd iv. Iron: Jay etmrk |.lr.. at 7 A. M. N. M.?li.tdaou
K.rri Kiilital lioaeu will to r ioln.1 on hoard.
Norwich line?for boston, new London,.
Nor.Moll and tV'onr.iiifin- aiih udtd ?Uaniuri OU T
OF BOSTON aii?l CITY OF NKW YliHIi leave every .lay
? Sru line evrepiel), at i o'cIovk, I om l.-ut of Veetry ali-en,
pmr T9 North river. K. 8. MARTIN. Agent.
m of s.'i 'lit eiMit, Norm ii-er, unity. at hi A.M.J, A
ai.it 7 P. ? inrU ill;- 'htiijt Bull's Ferry. Pleasant Valley
nid Fort Lee; Sunday* ui Id A. M., i. C a nl 7)g P. M. Fiona
Fort Lee, dally, at 7'\A. M 11 tl.,3t{ ana ? P. M. 8nn
deyB, 7>i A. M.. >2 M., ami 1 and Off M Landli.f nl
Twcntl-li an I Thirtieth air* K on l.m Id and I o'cl.wk up
trlpa, and rt o'ukrk down trip ever d i,, Sunday Inclusive.
0 -i ail ir irlpa on Tliam ,a>, 8l!h ,n i . l '?vln-New Yurie
rN rtlipott and IntoriiM-dh-'e lauding* at S.S P. M, He
t irn dig leave* Nortlniort at 6 A. M.
?fill; rBRVAILtN'" DIFKI'M I.TY.
Si i?> * 'I" fmnv. whl-ii uite.i "-a.tiul'.-lh 'Oi'jMir p-e e 'lng
ill alh; till' f I'M -si:* nil ? laail -.It; tl ?? appunt* la'la; ,n.
1 a tin! o ill r?l l"l'on s. and hvar, a ? ninpnnlrS 'ay dian h rit..
anil I'lllidlur Ii ml.u I r. ml- in. nhtl ?oun rmnpliirlj jr.'*.
trat-* tl c patn??'. and us ? -.i .In I. IndlM rent una.- or
lnmxcll ami llie tvu id. N m. tv tlm till ? w In
l III. Ni lll'l lint i't IE i.nl'TH,
Til" rrmi-lv ii I:. ? aamr. Til,i .'t ain ? s'tor etelit RR\N?
OKI.Tlt .-"PI 1.I..S, and 111 10 II . u irs > r lr?* ilme repi-ut tl.O
J :? . I 'h a ii el" In ? in I-Hi'"* ?? inr three or four day a,
i.nil 'in rr.Il r re ir nn ? mi. an *m--?
A Hl-lSii iV.fl K i HKINO.
riati.lt'- Hi'* I ills '"! uhv.iv. ?..,e,?nd
Biuisvd I* n l ist i * hla ti'Utl III tlitm.
Ottr M. , TV Li:
Prim'i">: .".i ? v.VAi. sn:Ei;r.
B'dd a.?d a. V' *1 '? L (Ui
AN H i ??l.l. i i. iLRIL*.

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