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[WHOLE NO. 9452. NEW
'eminent Citizens Returning
to Loyalty.
|e Thousand Laborers Employe! on
the Streets and Wharves,
&c.t &c., &c.
her*ito l steamship Mar /he , TMptain Phillip*,
jived at Him yesterday. rho brings dale* from
l-.v Orleans of the 20lli, ana iro'n k?; We t of th* 2lib
In- Morion hrumht unite Tt'itn ttaitftd States steamers
|i*i"sipp', I'emiacola, Cayufii/^ and Itasca, at New Or
e.r mid .San Jacinto (flags'jip^lluotsville and Merce
.at Key West.
uoheid .i of NewOrhjjii'xe istH.ll very go J. Gen. Butler
ceo vfcuorand men cl'Animg the etreots. Tho city is
Itltongb O'UaitWrSble cToitcmeut occurred on the
I lvh! rf the tie %s oi the exploit* of the Confederate
|iu,r fit Ar'n.u.sa*.
foto-cl T. 1!. Tliorptt, or tne Custom nou->* at New Or
hti--, wends per Mario# n pair ot p-licans (Louisiana
ate emblem) as a present to Crntral l'nrk.
rhe United States steamer Huntsville arrived at Key
|*8'.cu th . 23d, having in tow a hiua.l prixe steamer
jti.ied ou ilte t lorida coast.
Out few Urtkana I'orreephtttfonce.
Nkw Oihjuno, July 2D, 1862.
"Healed Terta" "i:i fAe CictcerU City?The < anntet?
|^v.ri.'Ai/i3 Cot* on Smoothly?t.'ntnU Hutu, /'re+erve;
llAi Jfo; iite of the 'City?lt? Excellent Solitary Condition?
|^>.?arc.l Hu'lrt 't Charity?Hi* Impartial J" slot?The
|Ot'iHyi<rWicr ami Oily Sure ycr anil Other Seeesk "lie
*>l"./Vowi Duty?RtcruHiw Progr'tiiny Fim'-y?The
|.Vvpia; Corps -Outrage* of GuetiUat?IIow the Stoeii
krr.p On.tr 1% 'get?At* StHlryo Assassin Convicted
a iul I'aidoned?Arretl of Spies?(Jen erui Holler
\Acttpiittg A U of Ma nmsLssi nef torn Use Slaveholders?
17h* SU^mer Marim Gels Into DiJfruHy by AmMtNf the
autine? The Relel Ham ArJtanuu, d-.
|Wheu the profoundly wise and nutguifirenl monarch
philosopher, King Solomon, said 1'there ts nothing
jw nuOer the sun," I think he most have referred to the
tieclor son that reign* (and rarely permits any other
Ims to interfere with bis authority) supnyne over this
jlatonng elty. How anything, however lreah,ear. remain
r,after a half hour's drying up under the raysol such a
^rjt old specimen of a Sol, is a "thing uevar dreamed
in my philosophy." Indeed, I don't know what we
lild do if it were not for tb* One air which ltas boeu
slant throughout the "heated term' Uiat we have on
i Bineo our entree Into fko free cent City. But with ail
beat we Imvo been particularly favoreit-thie summer;
tbe atmosphere ha- bson up to this lime dry, clear
healthy, and lbs fitful showers, followed by over'
ring nunsbine, that create a deadly miasma and
iuoe ?p.domic, have been complete strangers thia
These of u* who are not obliged to be -in the atieet
ring Uio heat of tbo day manage to keep pretty com
triable, and what with clear oonhcienuea and the oool
fits wacoull "woo the drowsy" with tbo most gra
ccerB. if it ware not that New Orleans is the
fraud canine metropolis of our country.
|No family here is considered complete er entitled to
i aristocrat, c name of double !?'. uulees possessed of a
sraumty of dogs, snilicieiil in numbers and in variety
f preed to -et up the autobiographic Hernum m boat
free on a soale commensurate with hie brilliant and \er
tite genius. Tliuse dogs lie dosing about tbe streets all
p, strsi bed nl full length in an altitude mors enndu
|v? to U>err oitu comfort than to any known ideas of
slural grace or beauty; and, when night co<ues,
|tving refreshed themselves with sixteen hours
peaceful (I would say iiuiosnt, if every
nther's sen of them didn't look as if they wore
> to be hung) slumber, they are fresh and
for all sons of "treason, siratogeru and spoils''?
ticularly spoils. At just about tbe time that all
neat men get tl.o best of the most) cities by eusc Joeing
eivoM snugly uader the bar, these annuals com
a 100 their orgies; and, from that tlma until the eastern
^yrhuwi its lira', tint of rosy dawn, they luiike night
on.a with their villainous yells. Our woitby 1'iuv et
jge Major Hell.. tree made an attempt to abate the nu i
co by ordering an indi-ci fmnme slaughter and enter
finale n n.' the race; bul, aliluuig): tin i trp trua taken
- least a uioulli ago, the "dorg' population is ?>? eour
us that the etVet of hu- edict has not Ix-gim to be felt
i. and I believe that they hare resolved, in emven
i, to die game; for eerisin It is that they show then
atonipt for his authority by meeting under bis win
i s c ery mglit and barking dofi.ti.ee into his tortured
It i tul at this tlms of the y ar.lo accidentally
piece.* of poiaoued me. t bout tbe streets; but
nug, I fancy, to tbe fact that sausages are a drug in
market tin* summer, this Lutm-ue expedient has
yet been resorted to. However, when I sail
ere wss nothing new under the tun. I did not intern!
I enter the li-ts as a lecturer ou natural buitnry.
| }<iiire m* M letter everything has been going on
cotUly here, Nobody has bean hung (i. c., in tbe
unebUie pre Uuts of Uic city), and y'ort Jackson has j
ell reinforced by only c-r.n or two of those ilc ";oinir
ris whose tUmi end it is not pica ant to cm. -nipUto 1
i foreign c nru.'s b.ive elilier hst-onio 'on an- rv.i'?t by
I weather, or tbeUsiMoiigMy ggnluhsl t>y Omml
tnkir s toft letter, to utd'dgc in atiy more ponderous pro
its hi nr. r tl aa doubt >1 Kugksh ' lie rod-handed
s->sios h..vo -wakened to iba kn-ivli loo that Ibe laws
? tbe protection "f society are being enforced. and hare
siuently, ?k--iUildled. Oucfc-ioiially a lair and in
ternals "set ?eh" turns up her pretty nose at >. lie
ndest and civil gentlemen who wear and honor tho
Btt'orm ..i' our venerable t'nele Samuel; but, beyond ibis,
i t the exultant smile on the faces of the rebels wb a
iv hear a rumor of disaster to otir giliant urmj hep-re
ttr.ond, 'he. ? is nothing to di.-Mio tin- eq -annuity tf
?| ty. We rarely get hold of V"P"'rt (Vein Mot.Peer
points ,ii tb ? confederasy, but th? ? - r ? ioni-?f r- 4
lit,-;have private means uf getum; rum us every u.i)
I ?vd -n *.e*| b*. ,i-?.i .. ? a ??,. -i '? i
1 t'.vt.
ii.er t 'ieio is another msdlitm ui int ..gei.ee, wined
isc h ah 'cmster of public r-or.fblcnco or d-iubt *?
co, - ti ?f Kogtarod. I allude to tin Ow federate 'ui
>/. Ait r.'? atnotu.1 of this tr. Iicii-i.j. luno* hare
ryda. * id it is as eonsttlve to the slightest minor r.s
mi rc ,iy in ,0 :l aliaupe in iho tamjier .lure of the ar
"cherc. it has ranged, sine# ,>nr srrlviil, all the way
ihir'y-uo o to sixty ccnu on the dollar; but since
I'lelln s mo "? * It ha- ranlu'-tirsd if -'ntid at -My,
|lh tic . ii.' .i i -'it of in occe-ional lull to tuty rev, ti'
transact uum sre i? lo very SScvetly, ami one never
l-s the no'us ,11 t ir -'lints nf.*
fW" can b- in I alter c oitnon*. rr an lbs adv.inU ;u
??MralHaUar'et aiatlMHAhoaa ia>ratlva|yttwellaat
n-ifiioi of this ot '/? Hy ?>>* AJiaiiable .sel,>, tiou of
it s lie f r tl-e o.tls ? of Pro s?t Judge he has r red
sp.'c.y and J ist . puinsbmeial vf tba wra'.uhe.; wli?
I n i rrad ih- ropuuti h>.i i i N.-sr (trl'ans so s . orsly.
jtV'd,, ii e '1 lit?; Jiidg '* Be ! - ? '??>. he in y g n.sj
Mr r I n srtsdinoo in lb* w vld, tir h? Indjciul pcu
In be Is as ir.fletlblo la (V '* dispensatlfc wf fauttce an
I) out I wi,h. lu Ikt Ui n tho l'Ub'.ti.cs c-t h?
i r.rtxnt o'iics he fully appt "viaicd ttc ja t ihat, f?r
po'ltiusl liiflnenne bud s* cured to Did thieve- and
after ere iu mci dy from |. t k 111 " *"?? ha d 'er
lined liitil he viu.i'd t-iath tltrio that law mea.it some
lie les'i'.t of his vt-crone aud ff r?* ? r nd i -t is, ti.jt
bi'n.at the time when he first look th 9 benoli. liiso urt
lorow Vd fiotn ciyht o'clock A, 'f. tlh l",1r '*? M. wii,.
rdei.eii criminals, now, if it wire not ^jfr important
til g.'lts, Ms cilkn would be aliuo I a .si: ct "re.
|la tt,a tpprihoaaion of criniinali tbo Prorodt'
flee has suowu a d* - 'J ? 1 "? -l v ?? ? ' >*
IjT of tl,e h gl.rs. c mm'ud - ton, vui, f irtmuu'y for
pkrr-s fr-", !? -til .W<v r.l, lli ? t ? . . r W ui, . It
ier Mlt to award the ersdit dwe to O'bvorg v.'bo gtyor?
kiila ibfuitf M .I ngil 4
Tim sanitary coudiliou of ?he city elicits the warmest
praise from evay cue b>;,t tlioso who have been praying
for the appearance of," Yellow .in. k "
In adutiuIsUirtog practical chai ity General Butler ha*
cvioocd the !<iti! ewdneM, and care fur the lut-ercutsof the
goiw-jrftnient that characterise all of his actions in this
department. Finding that the poor people hero wore
tailoring fcarfn ly from want of food, ho gave orders to
Monel Turner, Chief t'ominissury, to roll government
hour and pit.v . ..itm to those who could nftbrd to pay for
them at an advam o of a hundred per cent, and distribute
gratuitously t.? those who had no money. Tho result is
that both classes have bevii humor, ely benefitted, for tuo
people with money have obtained tbe.r Hoar (for in
stance) at $10 i*er uarrut, w hen they would have been
obliged to pai fjo to Confederate holders of the stall'of
lite, while lliorc who were too poor t? pay hate been
fed "witho d money and without price," and yet. with
ail this good accoitipiiHhnd, tho government Is to day two
thousand dollars belter off In pocket for the urraugomont.
In arranging and executing the details of this largo chart
ty, Colonel Tumor has displayed unusual ability and
tnleut for the duller, of his positisa.
tVe have recently had Mine cases of punishment that
show how its partially justice is administered among ofll
ce;n of our ami} ,ns well tit the stringent cona iction meted
out to ?\ II lioai'.- Jii the rcridsnt community, and proves
the firmness of the TTiilUd States authority in tlii-S c'.ty.
A few days ago a T.leut. Tobias, of the Thirteenth Con
necticut, was found guilty of bavin;,; been connected >, ?tti
a poUc?tnan in obtaining money from eoffoe house keep
ers for giving thcin bogus extensions of licenses. Tho
Central ^avt) Tobtus his choice between resi p'ation and
court martial. Me selected the first, and whs there, pou
declared ttlshonor&h'y discharged from ilic service. The
policeman was tried l> Tore Major lb,II, and sentenced to
. two yens in tbe purivli prison.
On Thursday a Lieutenant Robinson, of th ? Fourteenth
Maine regiment, wn convicted of having h -en concerned
with a man named Allen, who had been acting a-t a sol'
dier in the regiment, but who never enlisted, In swind.
img si. It soldiers out of tb'ur u'onoy. Tho case was
this:?The Kulton was to carry borne a large number of
discharged soldiers, but had not sufficient accommodation
for all the sick. Alton bad charge 01' making out the list
of those to go from the fourteenth Muiuo, and the poor
fellows were so anxious for the ' banco to get homo that
they paid h ut various sums, from lit e dollars upward,
lor precedence on the list. The levying of this
bleolt mall was under the direction of Lieutcbaut -Robin
sou, and ho received from Allen as a present $20. This
bo . dm itted.
The same choice ottered to Tobias was extended to
Robinson, and ho also resigned, and wss declared dis
honorably discbarge J, and was then ordered before
Judge H?ll. whin, un a charge of swindling, he got two
mouths in the parish prison. Allen was also sent to the
sumo place for the same time, and was further obliged to
refund to the soldiers the money ho got from them.
If K"bim?on perseveres in his course I consider his
chance for a scat in Cong res- a sura tiling. He docs not
allow anybody to pay him for his influence. Oh, no. But
he accept# presents, llow are you, Mr. Simmons, of
Rhode Island f
Sines Corsmor Shepley's absence, Lieutenant R'eltzel,
Assistant Military Commandant, has been acting Mayor,
and has already commenced the very necessary work
of e'earing the City Hall of a lot ef rebel hangers
on and officer*. Yesterday he turned out the Comp
trotler and tbe Surveyor of Taxes, they having refused
to take tho oath of allegiance to the United States. Two
niiinikft ?r "th? Barnacle family," v.bo have beta re
ceiving Tat salaries for doing the heavy standing around
and newspaper reading, were also dispensed with. The
City Treasurer and others will soon follow probably.
Tho recruiting for the new brigade is going 011 finely,
and it tnak'S eve f.-el quite at home to see the numerous
Airericni Rags, with tln ir posters pinned on, waving
from office dom-H hi many streets of tho city. An otitic,
Trench regiment of eighteen hundred men ottered their
service* to a body, lint, as they insisted upon being offl
cered eiolv.-ively from tlieir own members, Lieutenant
M'eitze) eon< !udo>l not to accept them. The commander,
Col iiel Fontaine, is now recruiting a company. We now
have au oiuclleut signal corps, under the direction of
Lieutenant Res-ell acting chief. Under his instruction
this branch ci the service has already become very use
ful. We can signal every point, where we bare troupe,
within t? -?-!ve or fifteen miles.
We cuii.-tantiy boar of the outrages committed by the
guerillas in the surrounding country. I'nlon men are
be in-.' bung almost every day by tboce outlaws.
The people have ac ed it) bad faith with tleneral Duller
He hat been in the h?blt of granting passes across the
InVe to Mobile and other jioints on* the ooaat, the parties
re< elving tbo pases* giving their parole that they would
give no aid or ? onifert to the enemy, and would take only
sufficient prev fe<icns for family use. In nlmo t every in
stance they have broken their promise, and have carried
leuerx, inlurination and provisions, e; oecially salt, to the
rebel army. The tSeneral is so disgusted sod discouraged
with their duplicity, that ho has slopped all communica
tion scfcss tho lake, and ordered the boat that lias been
bringing flour from Vobile to return hero no more, a* (bo
heavy importation eftb. t article from the North has u.-r.ed
ths market lory cons,derably .and has reduced the prtco to
a low it s andard than It can be bought In Alabama, (apt.
t Imrfcx P. G. Thornton, commanding at tho lake, is
t.laurgod with the order n.'sinn pcrmittng communica
tion. and H' any niauVan srop it lie cm.
A Frenchman, namod Armand Thomas, war convicted
on Friday of having threaten'dOnnral Bull r's life, #11 .
was sentenced by Judge 11-11 to imprisonment In tho
parish prison. Yei-terdaj his young w ifc call- d on ths
l.antral aid begged pardon for her hn 'band. The poor
girl was terribly agitated and sobbed convulsively. Tho
ileoeral, who, w ith all his Jacksou.lik" firmness, is very
tender hearted, couldn't stand U, and issued an order ap
proving the iteoialou of Judge Dell, hut, on the ground
that ho it id not hoed threats of m* a? si tut lion, remitted
the sentence, Thomas ami bis wife were very grateful,
nod. as far as he ie c-onrurnod. I don't think his future
coDdui t would ever afle, t an insurance? policy on (leneral
D.tin's liffe a*particle- Thorns* protests that he uoi-r
threatened ihe tleneral, sud says that his accuser wr.s
setnated by malice. Ho is going to publish a raid about
the mutter.
I'ol net Stafford, Deputy Provost Marshal, hat mg com
plained to One-Hl Duller that many slaveholder''. OS a
V -Li. l-mcnl, tell their servan'sto "Onto the Vsnk-is,"
ilie Genet al ha* ordered that such inatr Or* Wilt shall bo
cmi-idcrcd as MitiUMrtpaiing the servants by tho oentwit
of Uudr owners, and that hereafter ail slave- so ticatod
are fiee by virtual umniim.itsion.
Tlirse >? pic - wire ai rooted yesterday by Lieuterint
Jlccry FlfBiajn > while they were attempting to pa-- our
Jin i. On tin ir jtereusa wero found tiKtuey and a numb r
or letters add re* n 1 to members of tin rsbt i ai iuy. whii it
the-.- were atts,doting to carry int - R ln-1-lom Tt -ir
uamv art D'gefr, U'i"**ll -'-nd Dr. F, A. F.ci: y , guile
men -.f eland i?s aid rcsp -?tibl'ity in V :tv Ocfouiu They
iinu-odlaU-ty - la ttie-l to he Drlti-ih whir-its when arrc it
id; bat they w ill flu I that Will h' lj< thOit c te very little.
The | ensiiy i-r<-ei ibod for th<Mr off-nc-- is death an-i If
tucy get od w itli acythin,, F- S tl.oy u. -y thiuk. them,
?etres In Ity.
Tin steslns'ilii WArtM has ji it g l hsrEOl." Int- t justly
? ertods ? ? tn uity. When .-us atrns-i in the river f pans
\'cw Vm"; ?he n u the Quarantine. Ucr.ciai H tiler
w < - not iutormt-1 of it unlit Tlicr--! y Detcrtlffled t*l
Oul sue a i ii .1' f| l iraflttno, ho erdftreu ilia v-?-*i to no
? c. I d prohiutiott Irom leaving poiI yuelei Jay morn<
tngs-. ho Intends.i. O.i Friday ti.o cats was iMCMgltl
before ?!'i 'ge J! i, .Ur. Bold, ngetit f :5po'f rd 1i! ton,
r vreie ? ee ' In Inrii ti ?b# dsfei. ;u .?.? up wa., that
tbo lie.-it', uillser iKiardoii the *hip -iximhuai tlio bill of
hualtli ed to id tie capUui U> i >uiioad, st all v..-? right.
Thenns - is adjeafnod ?? next WodOtaduy, awailiiig an
imperii it witness, and Mr. Kc-dgiv tig ff>,tt(M security,
the vessel w ill Havefbr Mew Ton. this n rafhg, wlih
s hesvy It't of ' u.-:o-tigers and froigld, nttd the rrmils. If
lb" itciuhm is ng.iii.tl liei* me owners wui have to
j vy a hiovy ffi t. Among li r pusrvugers is
Vir? t-ago, tb? wa' known l-'o morchant of Pot
tou, wno bss hesu hittu fur six or o glit weeks,
sup-elrtt-snding tlwportlffit irsns.ictleti.1 in the srtlei ?
h-dhieTi?.th.'e to comfort and happii -m in th s hot - i
mste That thank.-' -?? y ' r corves iwndcnt nro due t-> Mr.
Weils, the oWi^ma I'lib-tr of the Ma-ion, for i i ue-1
favi r? rcestved at. hiibntnle. '
T usturdny s'ffrtnlred the fort of the ft bel t-tn Ark.n
*.1.1 having cuiuvwMg of tho YSkuOfivoi ana ruit lh ,<gp mi lug
of tb ? upper ii?v?. Hh- Jsn- w gfninr ihog.ineiif :ho l> tiu
rb'sst V ii k-burs. f.ncrsttcl .uc-'untasny Hint sM pluyol
torr<ble liavocon oug ouf vcssch,butwe <lo net i ?,ino
II. iter nice- "i W 'i pr oiisbly .iwk'I W the Uoet li 1 : "
;? h-r, I'tni t sue h.vf tbo s t?? ltnge f the ix n.ne
ii. at. In probab y m^u-ijwl to Wy>l" 1 nii.csloiu ' a
via. If U- mmodort f'ar.gJiut ,i i,.-it , w.oeatsnkca*
o if 1 vh wii) Dc - ur a :'h \o tt i I! *S >. i-i I- ? ? iUP ,h
to '???a lisr pceeit t : n,\ii. Yo-i pro.iibly got too
n ?"i ?? un-w n : lo-tsb .morn reitsbly ifinti v * /lav p id it.
Th< * es-'i r Hilar-taif. '"rpin N#r lurkvi litc/b.*'
Utit i TJd?/ Kicudng.
The Funeral Services Yesterday at
Addre?i of tlie Rev. J. Roiueyn
Ac., Ac.
The funeral of ?i President Martin Vats Bnron took
place y ''j.tot day al'tornoou at Klnderhook, from the Dutoh
Reformed church in that village, In preflecce of an iui
nieuse concourse of the friends and neighbors of the do
ceased. Previous to the ceremonials in the church im
pressive prclsininiiry services'took place at IJudcnwold,
the family residence of Mr. Van Buren, which were con
ducted t?y Bev. J. Romeyu Berry. These service* were
held in the spacious ha'l running through the house,
wherein the cotlln had he n placed containing ail that re
mained to earth of the eighth President of the United
The coDT.i! w..s of rosewood, with pure silver onaa
incuts, and u plate, with the following Inscription:?
,//.//./ // ./y. //^/ ,/./? <a>
* II MtTlN V AN i CREX. 5
tviF.ii Jll.t 24.1802. w \
AO hi, 70 MUK?, 7 Momil H AND 19 1IAIS. ^
y///// / //////c/ ///< //////?//////^/////c/
The corpse was shrouded in a w hite satin robe, a satin
sash passing around the neclr, oyer the heart, the neck
bein?enveloped in a white tie.
After the services at the resideuce the corpse was re
moved to the plain village hear he, and the long and well
ordered procession look up its line of march for tho
church, two miles distant, where the final commemora
tion took place. The rue red edifice was appropriately
draped iu mourning throughout, tho pulpit being
additionally decorated by tho American colors,
.so that the last ea,thly scenes iu rotation to tho dead
were not unmarked by tbe presence of that proud symbol
of American nationally, beneath whoso fold he bad been
reared and attained to ail his greatness, but upon which
he turned bis eyes to belmld it for the iast time, -rent by
disaster and torn by civ'i! discord/'
The pew of I Co uecrased was arrayed in deep black.
Tbe procession entered tbe church in the ensuing
The Funeral Eulogist,
Rev. Benjamin Koiqvyn Kerry,
Accompanied by fie v. Mr. Van Zanot.
The corpse. born$ by the following named pall bearers,
all citlMUM of Kinderhobk, and ncighbora and
personal friends of the deceased
ei President:?
Valium Wild,Faq. Albert Ilose, Esq.
rioti. Wm. M. Toliey. Kpbraim Best, Esq.
Cornelius Wilsey, Frq. C. 11. M cndoner, Esq.
Henry Hnyder, Esq. John Friable, Esq.
David Van Bchaak, Fsq. t"hunter Jarvla, Faq.
Charles Whiting Esq. \\ illiom A. Mewick, Esq.
Hugh \ an A 1st} ue Esq. Abraiu A. Van Allen,Fsq.
Tlie immediate mourners, consisting of all of the fa
mily that survive; the aged associates and coinpaninns
of the deeoased; rUi.ens of Columbia county; villagers of
Klnderhook and friends from abroad. Among tliedis
tinguisbrd parsons present were:?
His Excellency Hoveruor F.dwiu P. Morgan: Hon. Ho
ratio Ballard, Secretury of State of New Vork; senator
Fruyn; lligbt Reverend Alon/n J'ottor, DD. L1J)., Bishop
or Pennsylvania; Judges Hagebooin, Porter and Miller,
of the Hupreim, Bei.ch of tln.-> Htate; Hon. S. J. Tildeli;
William < assidy, Esq., Editor Albany Argus; William
Allen Butler, Ksq., the Honorab'e the Committee or the
New Yoik comni<>o Council; Hon. George Van Sant
veird, of Troy; Hon. A. Vandorpoel; John Caul, Jr.,
Esq.: Hon. William Kelly; Rev. Williani James, of
Alb uy; Gouverneur Kemble: Tho*. W. I.ndlow. Esq. :
William Kemble, Esq.; Judge Colo, of Albany ; General
Vaiulerp. et; Oharl"s Butler, Esq ; Judge Mandevillo ;
Judge Barnard, of Hudson, his Honor Mayor Bach man
and ilia leUDi iii Council of Hudson; Judge Nswktrk ;
Captain)'. F. Johnson, United Mates Mail Sort Ice; the
president and officers of tha Fanner's Hans of Hudson,
ami others.
The religious cere monies at ihe church consisted of an
opening prayer, the singing of the 90th Psalm?tune Dun
dee- ooi?iaienc:nfc
oli Cod, oor help tc age* past,
nud the reading of selected juaeagoi! from t he realms and
the prophecics.
& After veluoii tin; Kav. Dr. J. Itomeyu Perry, for many
year* iuu>t tbe Affectionate anil devoted pastor til' the ex
President, pronounced the following glowing, sloqocnt
and sincere funeral culoghim
? Hie occ ?aiou or our **reinbl*ge to-day la more than an
ord.nary brreavetneut. it is uoi moral} a family circle,
nor a congrugalkw, nor u lo al i cum.unity who tire
stricken l>y iIih event, but the Mute mourns the death
of iter most honored Hon?the nation laments the -leper
lure of one to whom it formerly committed the guidance
of iUdeititue.it in the highest oii.ee of its gilt?and the
world hM lost one or ihot-o wlm, in position of power,
hsvu much t" do in mouldlhg the history and controlling
the interest* uoi merely of a single laud, buloi the
entire ?CO. The pan; and present of our country s his
tory are impressively linked together by the life of our
departed frteud. ihe armies of the Revolution trod the
laud at his birth, as tho armies of the Id ion tread It
at his death. The samu peninsula shook beneath their
march at h?Ui events, tlornirallin IihU surrendered
the last of the British armies hut a tew weeks lietore,
The treaty of peace wl?i? It cuuUrmcd our independence
hail )uat been signed iu Paris, lull tin- tidings bad not yet
reached this MULtiy; tho annrise is peace had not yet
gilded our own mountain tops wh-n o-tr honored c\
I'roaldent was hoi a. Ho was ucatly a year old when the
Army of the Hcvolution was disband- d, and ho vva.: tlvo
years old ?t the adoption of the n penal constitution.
While he was tko first l'reaident born al'or the last hat
lid o! the Revolution h.vi b-eu fought, he was succeeded
by one wis) w as born before th..t kevoiuilon had begun.
Thus, while ho bel m?,cd not directly to Iho !le\oiutKiuary
age be wils ll?o Immediate suc-tiS sur of that age. Much
ol his public life was aanohltett with Mm venerable inch
who ucled lu th<*e early scenes. He lingered among
us an oue ot the larl of their companion-),
heating In the roc.dim Hone 01 bis owu child -
hood also th ft 01 tbe cltl'dbood of tbe ita
lion, and emtiolyint in hu, ov, u I ist-.ry a largo
end important part ot the history of tlx; republic.
It would bo very irtore ding to trace hie history fruiu
the llmo he hret drew tire'th, ix-sr lh!a very S|*>t,
up through that remarkable ---reer ol a-.cress aud
honor which he ran lu rapid triumph, until the
lilghctt offices of the Slate and the n ition were
una after auotlior comuiltteil to Ins hau-ia. Ho
would it likewise be pleasant to dwell 11)011 lliuee
personal traits of Character which dwlltiguuhed him;
1 lie talent* and industry uud |?r*ov?raitre l>y which Im
won 111* way often again.-like Strangest opposition, the
pel.? tratlou tvi'.h which be rood the cliarai.ter au-l par
(s*c* of m n; the wonderful ?r f-c-i irol, which no per
sonal assaults sou si im.-air: the caurlesy wtih which
ho treated even the tie it di-wo'trteous opponents, tbe
tba it} witli whuh he lo -ked upon the faults of men;
ih-5 warmth of his frl'-udr.hip, the k udtiess of Ubt
heart; the oorJiaitv of his welcome; the affability
of ii-s mauuers. which made even a stranger j'e-"l
tow 11 ua hiiu as a familiar fiiend; the pirlty of
hie private, the sitMiiiaxUx ?a with vvlii- k kc nix',
lud tue i-.inidatiiaix Im ident to his high positlou*,
t-.o tt'i'i l.cily of Ins daily lututs, to which. tin-ler
ir vH<? ?e,lisov-ixl kit v-p-m-. at old age; the osiigkt
?Utcl: ho 'u.'k in tlx! ')ul*ftic.c or home, the regard w hick
i.uina-. f- cd f r'In o> dimmer* "f religion. the rvgu
Inrlty of i u attendance up- n them, six) Mm uu-io?t
? itk" rfM-'h he l.iStr. ed to llis trnil -, Of the l,Vj>e|~all
the r- I .. h'ful reiultitsecocf on which the tu nih of
ti.< .< ? 1. knew him he 1 h-vu in-nt to tie hi.
But on tlieso v.e pay : ot dwell t onlay, ihc brevity of
Ho. s- i v i-. a i.ha tic. chief pri pt littles 11 this ocv/iaiua de
tti-ind of l'" a c iisiiieiail' 11 ol ili"su lu.Utr m. r.tl and
r*i-:i ' ik ??* bli.'hilti* l'r?- id m.v c- , ? is. Ills
lloo w v.. -p-' iks, mil our btgbest luIwrest and Ui.ty dc
msifi that re PiJ.tly recsivu ami i.i!ar)>r.u ibo a-.ig - 1
ruoe- i >r ehrct lie ;,lvvs in tu s c.vi.t. VtUat, tko'i,
are *ti ? le - s which wo ?lt-mtd knm to-dayr
ike out is v.ijgvsts-l by the n-latxxis tvhklt tho
hener. d dead bv.v u? Hie hall. Ii - ud lie; peculiar tune iu
Ux- n.iiait s hg-toiy whcut-fHl has-ecu fit tocall him
away M U?
1 - It ? duty of ea.oest. palil -tic dovc-'ion lo tix> coun
try's wouare.
Ii. luis we I lot* the Hf lass body of on-- of the Prr. Msntd ?
of our I on 11. tv ? h.u y uuu ati.cl s-ah c.trg .uahuiat - aa
i.e- - ? .i't"hdu 1 tlb' buidel a ITs-ut.iit ol tiie per, le's
chMuS br.cre. Wlttte u at t?ed t-i lli"?e .i-daatn
1 Uos at ttila very hoi-r an atusrloue rs>> llion la warring
1 r tli-t I't-i h'i "ii.r iv-rt, itWn. tl.oli It s-iu:c?dr
hlia.1 It ho am . that the Ins "I tin 1 republic vr..s mess red
o...y -y >1.* lit- -l one ol ua rulers / Are yon many to
lay the t nt ?.:a him Ui.is g-ivei A10 you willing
1- iriak-v hla luii.il the mamoruil of a republic, which In
In* own li.s.m 1 tosu ni-m three to thirty million*-?
pat Oil a .laiwcn act glory UUtOUg the DAt 101)3?
tih-sre I it- I I l/ci.? t; no ?ther ? itlxci-s . ver
w it- bl<?.-oo?itliiditd h -l-o among thu uppre? el
oi .ill Iho ctu b -l>i i?lit h.d tha p.us) vol of thu N?\ 1 ur's
't'li.t-rsal r? 1.11. and tl >1 t ddoniy .v.i- pit tud.u.b,
t> c " r-1 ream sons wtntlrt tx t defottd it against the
a .ti.ua if tlx foulest t-ousp.. try Mic Suit evcrimked
<? tvb .fin -iv c that which li-.itg ihe J/)rd of glory ou
tha ci U, vi lib i.cli reiieci tons, who Would ever
w. >ilteve.i; o 11-anls-'l rf l-thib.'? wbj wouid Wish to
r< -netiilier avro tho i, m f the t' le.s nf u ostl-n
tvlxide oplxte-'i-'l /loft-M tv - l | ? ly ill a dcrp -r it)
f no} up- 11 it. "ol -iciy run - If asiiaitercd uUU-te,.rsded
end int;aivcrisliati ? ii'.y, tx.,? -ad 'v-utld sil rucb mo
111 rice b- . - 1- .- fell of rlMthe ami reinorts nud hitter
u - i' -t- ,1.1 of the rojo,. -i g with wi-icb we liuvu in en
not to ha -the linn - - it, >f our union's birth, we
w e.ild r it liar be I t., ? * ? ? it 10 ? - r;?"*,? t 1. t day b-dark
in-? . 1 et j.ut u(id r ^i-r.l it from above, ualtlnr lot tl.o
light si-no i,.rj j,. ! ." u;?ik..' a and the *1 -d-wof
dca'h at aim I!, lot a c.jou-l ti rill tipeu ?. i.i-t ihe
hid<knt'g of J be <Uj tgi - ?; it Lv it ivl btJoiadU uu>
the days of the) car Lot it not eon.e Into t! <? l.umt >r
of tho months." With u m. i? poignant griefttwi Iiav id's
we would cry?"ibehejuty of is,. el in slam upon'i by
high places. Jtow arc the n.t^Liy fallen, toll it not in
t>a.h. Publish it not in ihetsireeie of a ihkklnn, Jest tho
daughters of th?' l'liilk lines rejoice; lc t the duugltt?rs of
the uiioucwnieibtd triumph." As the modcru Jew of
jciusalcio, debarred roiu thetoiiuionf^iHfathers weejw
every week at (be u'viiio of tile imp. ueirable wait, and
|iroH?ea hut tlnobblug (mad in agony ag.iiukt tho stone,
to think that bo it - -i y no mure see the glories and taste
tho joys uid tread the courts of (hut holy place
which onco was the coiuiouo heritage of ail.
so would we, in a country emu,uerod and destroy
ed by treason, weep st the outside of the wall of on
irretrievable ruin, over privileges aud blessings. over
the names of rulers and tho memories of prosperity and
bouor, once ours, hut torovur lust, i ecauit-j in the hour of
their uauii r we rushed not to
caugi r we rushed not to tin ir rescue. Khali it bo
so, 0 ye v.hu assemble to day to boar one of yo>:rna
lion's rulerslo the tomb? Cm you bear tbo though' of
yourselves imd your child"-n standing in future jours
beside ilial tomb only to 1 ok over that nation s ro ue?
Can jmu coi.suiii lo It/lf it ho in the pow?r of man, by
the help of Ood, to avert vo dire a doom? If not then
hear tle voice which t.od in his providence rpe iksto
you today. It Is nut the voice of parti.-ant.bip or |<assion
or prejudice, it la the voice of high and holy duty, bid
ding yo?, litre hreel of old, to ''play the menforyjur
people and i<ir n>e cities of your tiod." Your natural
obligations as <-itucin demand it, tlm cause of trutH and
righteousness tUiipanCs it, (be rcrneiSrancen of the past,
tlio dai goes and ,trug;;llngs of the present, the hopes and
tool's oi the iMtuio demand it, gratitude to (Jod demands
it, a regard for 'he caur?* of religion and religious liberty
demands It, all tlun no hold dour in our iu cie-tsand
hopes for tliig world, the lo-.o wo bear ouc oil'
spring, tho trembling hopes of millions of the
oppressed among tho mdiuun, ilia evil eye and
malicious wishes of tyrants?all, all combine in
imploring us to khow Iboday uf our visitation; to cast
away every partisan ?iid prejudiced and avaricious
thought, and, over tho grave of o-;r departed President,
to pledge oar country now, in the lumr of its stupendous
danger, what true patriots pledged it at tho hour of its
birth?our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.
But, tlioro are other considerations suggested by this event
which pertains to us, not ?o much as citfcoiw of a tingle
country as citizens oi tho wot la; im members of the
general race; as pilgrims oik a common r iad of murtulity,
partaking of a common life, aud subjected in many things
to the cvpeiifllicee of the same relations and destinies,
the samo lio^ ? and mare. A solemn aud impressive ad
monition w It., li w -t receive to-day is?
2. lho \a-uty of man viewed merely in his relations to
tho pies lit ido.
Th'-rc a>a moments when tho truth of our earthly posl
Hon and relations breaks iu upon ueas it is not w nt to
do at other times, when U'o charm oi "earth's enchant
ments," which "so beguile us with their glare." seems
for a moment at least to beveled, sod when man and
time aud the things of tuuo apitar to be just what thoy
aro. lhc grc.iierpart ot nutnau existunce is made up ol
mteappia!tensions. The throbbing* of life within us?the
ent iconient of objects arouud us?tho crowd, tho bustle,
the chose?all excite us'to a forge fulness ot our owu
frailty and of tho unsubstantial character of tho objects
for which we grasp. tV hoover may h? the dead, wo are
the living; whatever may have b eu their disappoint
ments, ar; -untried future is daily he.ore us uudulbou
nand mysterious voices come out of it, hiring us uu to
now experiments and expectation*, klvcry man tin da it
so in his own lire. The humblest pursuit has i's decep
tive miluenccs on the soul, filling the poor man's tniud
with many an idle dream; and us men ascend higher iu
the attainments and pursuits of this world, new delusions
continually rise in the breast to counteract the new les
sons of ex|iortenc? and observation. Now losses spring
out of the a-dics of disappointment, ana tnsu, strongly in
love with liie and bout upon its gains, refuse to believe
that "every n.au walkclh in a vatu show, aud that surely
they ire disquieted in vain." But besides these doltt
Hions which men may cherish in regard te their own ox.
istouce and fortunes, there is often another delusieu in
regard to tho condition aud experience ui'
those who are abive them, whether as objects
of shuple contemplation or of envy, as tho jioor look up
to the wealthy, or the ignoble to tho honored, it ofton
a pilars as if those mom favored ones move upon a plat
form w> elevated that life, to them, is altogether another
thing from what it ie to ordinary men; as if there at
lea?t its vamty was laid aside; as If frliiity and sorrow
and tin; common sympathies of our nature dwelt not in
that higher atmosphere. So (he peasant is wont to look
upon the palace of royalty, as if its sons and daughters
were something else than joint heirs with lumselfef a
frail and fallen natoie, whose smiles and tears, pains and
languishing wants and uncer taint ies,are just like hie own.
But amid all these glittering delicious in regard to
ea'lhly lifo and earth!} objects, by which men maybe
beguiled ae to their own condition or taut of otfiers, there
comes ever and anon some great provldeutlal shook,
some moral earthquake, which rouses us, for a moment
at least, to s recognition of ?? what shadows wo pursue."
O, how it fends to quiet ilie agitations of every earthly
intercut and earthly pass in when death steps forward
and remonstrates the littleness of them all?when he '
stamps a character of such uffeci n>g ioMguitlcancc on all
that we nro contending for?when, as if to make known
the greatness of ins power in the sight of a whole coun
try. he "talks in ghastly triumph to ihe dwelling of one
of its mist honoied uanoe and ?ingliug out him whom a
whole i?nu n?<t crowned v, Itli boocr, layt lilm proairato
liibi . ic?t. Wbatarrusl and ImprcMiive mockery does
lie put on all ilia gloiis* i)C mortality. What a demon
stration does ha make or "tba grim -v-cenuency of bit
power over all tho hopes ami fortunes cf our suectas."
Itavu any of you <--1111 any existing doubls in regard to
these things;' Ho j on tail to recognize the vauity of man
in tbo light of an evanescent existence and perishing
gainst O, we bid yoy Ml into the ooAu of tiio hoi.oicd
deuil to-day. Sow ;hr last of a ll'e of nearly fourscore
years. Thick of the three thousand millions of the race
who. in that period, have returned unto their duet, I
Think 01 the world'a changes in that tunr?tbo ruvohi
tionsand upheaving* aiming the uauoue?the euthrMe
m< nt aud expulsion of kiogs?<ne Um oh of fre-dom and
truth?tfje now wonders of science. flow diftkrei t the
man of the world aud the page of its history at hit death
from what they were at his birth; or, conftntng our
thoughts to himself alone, how varied and active apd
t icc..sful was his own history. What e.hmgc* o> nh
own exp< l lenee nnce bis slid Ho od trod these same
sti ocU along which ire shall i-oar htm to his tonihf Do
any of yuu ?xjs> t a longer, more ovtntful or successful
lifeihauhhr Bnt took?it is gone! All Its scenes?all
tbo cotemporanooiui hu-tory of tho worid are post
Thesn eyos see no more the glittering pageant as it
sweeps along? these ears hear no more the applause
of friends or the ???anita of foes?that heart rejoices no
more at the s .ceer-ce it won. .tills over. The sun lias
set, and arts.ml the shadows of <Uat eoflln two still small
voices full upon our ear??' The th.ngs which are seen tire
temporal?ibo fashion of the world passeth away." This
la human life in Its mortal as poet?this is earth in u*
oranrf eiit gku i s. And it is aiuld such scones as these
that wo eaten i lie mean leg of those inspired symbols In
whnh tbo vapor, the wind, the morning cloud, the
early dew, the flower of tta- flslU. the shadow, |the
memory of a dro iiu ore made to tell the vanity of man.
I.et me not ho understood for a moment to under. nine in
tbt loa-t ti.o dinar-. the interests oi Hie ho .ore of our
piesent life. No man can undervalue tin -? witlmut com '
milling a crime agnmst the (io.i who made him and
placed upon him the ob!ir atious of his slate. Short or
this UN Is it has for this worid alone la
ten its of vast importance, dut.ee of the g.oatoat
solemnity, Its honors aro worthy of an honest aspiration
Peedg of virtue oft?T hear their fruit throughout all
time, and the memory Of the Just Is blessed We speak
only of the ephemeral nature oi man's present existence,
and of tbo aurthly objects with which be has to do
Make the most of litem, and they are Kttll tran-.tory and
lieiinhable. Faith's highest honor* >nd In "Hero be
lies," and "Dust to dust'1 concludes her not.lew son.
When we look at man in the light of these things?when
we coiiteinplaie the Incapacity of all these things to sat
Isfy the soul Vven lor the present?when we survey the
greatnc a of thai Foul In Its powers and in punting*? we
feel that the prevent scene is altogether disproportlOUed
to the character of Its Inhabitant IN scope m
n>d wide enough, its lime is ti. t long enough
its tbrenus ore not high enough, Its t 'iior* are toom?an
its rirhi* too poor, if" joys too soil. If tli a 11 all then it
w all unworthy of man. Who would Imlld a ?totely ship
only to launch It la a muddy pool? Who codd *nppese
f?>r a moincni that mati. with all his powers and ho ind
ie # aspirai "ns, was intended fir nothing b t the vlcls
duties of th.s little earthly life n thrill >v aiming
with the Psalmist, " Wherefori hast Thou made all men
In vais'" ' Thinks be to (Mil, wo limit hot our view-s of
man to this narrow and temporary scena-nor do we
grope amul tho i mt ntDccMrrt if human peases to
know what lh l>nyun.t Jesus t lirlst hnlli abolished
death, iii 1 hath hr uglit 1'te aud Immort dltj t > i.ght
through the Hoei el There is the glorious troth wh'cli
solves the rtd.tle of our pr? out existence, and p"im
r;; to au over! i titi* W-sti.iy beynnu H. ? rel*
Cioi s . f ilea lh and the Sleep of (be crave
! ot one then, remind y u lor a moment of?
Jt. .re glorias of a fsatrv worul. ns they wiM n con
tins' with the In latitat o.n of 'he present
Never do w ,cel tho triumph of rvvetaiioo to bo more
Comi lete tlitn when it tak e Its pta. ?i be ids the ooflin
ai d tbo grave,*ut'the e, at the em! oi every e.vthly
nt ,n and pro?p-"t. whore a dsru end hopefaui rutn sc.-m
to f ill on matt, unf We tt e glory or a new esKt nee, and
the uMurSftce of , Ivasuree Which era fur c .ermore. We
c'iifes.i to all ' ha lowlinrss znd ht ePlbctloBS of our
pre-eiit st.<t?; we ma romps*.'>u with tatlrmttMs
we do gro.iu, lolng bitrde ed. wo tie tOMWl
wdh cMt>Kea. we are subjected to sorrow r
?heri. mortal hcdi' i aro desimed soon to t?e stricken and
stifli i e<t i?y d" ah. Ye-(, tt were rain to <h ,iy It. we aro
in all thesu living a i?or, trill, perlMiabic race. Vcri'y
cte?y man, (M hi best stale, is nMgeHior vanity Yet
roi'ilce not egatuet me, (1, niino vnsmy. In all thc^e
llciifcH ?.e art) trt'im than roofloor?rs, thrnngb Him thvt
loved us. .\ h? w ?hd living way ha- b?.?n opened to its,
sad bv allh in IhtoroeMed we compier doatii, woovoi
li>. p tho k'ave, e id we prise on a a bouudlHsscsrssr o|
gfhry un! hot.or end immortality. Tho shadows of tbo
;>rce?nt or ly s ibaboo tho rpiondor?f the future. Throagh
iht tea,a ol om mortal grief- ,ve look up tho mordgladiy
lo that blos-cI il mis whore " ' od ^e?ll w eawnyall
tears fr? in their eyrs. and titers si illbt no tb.nro death,
neither sorrow nor c.ylng coithsr shall there bo shy
mo. c pain, l rtUi former thiol" Are pa. vvay." Onn*
?lastly iiTiivtad hy ihe ebttnges n .d uscertalntlus
?f our prvsctit ha'ihith n, how g' idly We ea ch
the vlf ii of tliat 1 rity v li'rfi ' oh foundations,
whose iniildef and msltetr is Cod." Do tlmiuti lii.f 'h1*
world Wither er on on our mortal bmvs t Oh, jp tha'
world ti?ocrownso( glory never t.vie rtway ro the ??.'&
and mighty an l rtuownol in this tor r-u stale sink
at las'- In tho dust o| dentil tualsvelwiih tho peasant
sad UteHiave? oh. In thai broad omtdreof iiioon hi*1'
.?van tli" 'live hoeobtes a kicg and pi lest unto hod.
Doro the he ?. ami finest ipivrnu ontti th.it man ean dr
visa are siui'- in by i v-luti-. > end rnbrllki. Nutkins
colndi'ir sud men'v itrai.s arc toil o ? them fftr fc-.o
aaiifvr k afipr those ;h-gs tvjbigjt ai f cvjnli j oh
tlw earth, but the moment we pars beyond' i-v trouived
ecue up i< ti.ai inworU) red .ve ecu <~ * "in
which cannot be moved." Uh -t !J lleui ? r. th ? ?*! .'ins
and glorifies earth. It w ty th t mnket
ma: man It ?? fuith 'n Bin who m ilv ? nn and
tt?0 'if?* wftl? h t.-as -trv.l-" ?V"i ?H tlw ?? ,|"? l hu
nidations i.r til: prevent tiio imni' ?' --1 'wbn ii
uiak'K tl.u. I.fe, vhoitier ft be!nfty<r Vmrly in its out
waid form, a march "f Joyous triumph nud which at
last springs from tlw fetters of flic f l> < it) the exult
ant tie i, "?) death. where is thy ?(??<" <? *iate,
wl ere is thy victory? Thanks be uMn Q*?i ? i >h . ivih
us the victory Unoe-h our l.eid.lw < Ih-i-i."
are sowe r the HUkKeatless of thte i*revidnt!--c wm ti
ter pr<* it today. It hits Its special applieaiions " tie
various elate us of sorrowing hoartr wUu j's newed
beneath the aiilir'.lve stroke. There are those who
mourn for one who ?v;.e to them a father im ?e.l tu the
tenderness of his heart, and mnrS tu rn a ihtber initio
ooufltlm co mid familiarity, almost of o-pml, t?> which
he vnli-otuoil thtm Tiny ih? spirit o| the heavenly atfop
tion rest np'ititliem < heuri tltom w tils in immortal
hopo, mm in tin:, litem to M-i'id at last * ill eki itodiug
joy in the presence of Hon alio, ev?n s md the glories
or that upier world, "is-not ubiuMJ to ca'i us
lirethren." there are aged hiin today who
weep that the fraternal bund wbictt Lad en
dured for so many years is t In t rout asunder.
May tiie grace of Him who '?stiokctU c!o?er
than a brother"?"Jcaua Christ, the same yesterday, to.
day and (brever," r.muoth U.e lulls remnant ft their
earthly way, nuke their ei euiide to he light w ith Ike
: ad lance or the approaching bilge, and at length bid their
mortality to ho swallowed up of life, lu all of you Uicae
are peenliar ami impre.wtve suggestions made todsv,
1 tvhoreunW ye do well that ye tako heed, as unto a light
that shiuetb in a dark place." Ktemity and timo emet
before um here. Koth are weighed lu i tie ti dance of dc.nl>,
and Id view Of tba ren.lt, what uuuu.er of pet s us ought
j o to be and. as wo st 'cd In yond' r ehumberof languish
tug and death how empty did the world nppoarl itnex
citcinents and alliircnaonia entered uoi ih.it earred room.
They vanii-hed at the lhr? hold?eternity wa-all. lire
pa?t, Uke a with* od flower, J iy unnot!.re<l it the il"or.
The st-'iM-n Ions future then doiuan,'-i every thought. it
demands i tory thin-in to-day. l.st, the dead apeak.
Often Uavo you watchud tor, aud aneieusly isau hu
nwsages as llieycaine from the aaai of earthy power.
10 day he sends you a me.- -age from the far morrf august
relations cf the eternal world. It e a ine> igu to your
ionis. Its burden is your salvation; it bi-Lu y u awake
to rlghtcitiihne ii bide you look higher tliui th hori
zon aud f.'irti.i r than ihc grave; :t points you to a potUIi
:ng win id and uin and ruin on the one hand, aud to .Mmu
tbo mediator, aud to t.r<>d, the Judge vf all, ?nd to the re
compenao of (he ra vard on the other. One ol his last
lu-'td utteraneca to me. in allusion to the Savlour, w.\s?
"liters is but one roliance." The worbi. will nil it had
(bine lor him. or all titui it could do, w is n-j reliance i hen
wlren the >raloitsof near eternity fell upun (liespirit.
From th# iiving r.ccnee ol ihat eternity his spirit sends
back, far more intprcsrively, that rwuue nlterai.ee to day.
Ilarkeu. then, ye living men, whatever your position or
Oharacter?whatever your pursuits or nope*?whateyer
your regard or n-'grc-.t of these things?the one grand,
comprciismi'vt lesson of this scene Is, ;,'iu re h but one
The impress.voexercises were hrougUt to a ctose with
a prayer and benediction by the Re\ ,\. Van Zandt, of
Wisconsin, who,JOr a period of l?u yeais, vui' a much
respected pastor of Mr. Van Huron.
Tire remains were interred ,n the old family lot, in the
village burial ground of Kiudorhock. And thus ends iho
record of an entful life.
The entire ceremonies of the day were alike remark
able for their ru itic simplicity united to a mournful im
prefiniveuecS, and the old Dutfch quaintuess of all tbnt
transpired. In the lengthened train of carriages thore
was scarce one of ptodAin design, and i be great numbers
of aged people in attendance was particularly remarked*
There were no military, tljo only dazmling foature in
the proceetien being the lirigbt uDiforma of tbe
Kinder hock Fire Company No. 3, who ououpied
the estrrfoo right. There was no music ; yet,
notwithste^idiug the absence of those usually held
to be ugcetsary appendages to a state funeral,
the scene/of to-day was grand in the extreme, end
could have- scarce been other than especially gratifying to
the stricknn family and (rienda of the det?arted states'
man, who assisted in such generous numbers in those
last sad r|tes. The last words of Mr. Van Huron were in
response lb bis pastor asking how he fell ia view of his
approachttg dissolution, when he answered;?"There is
but one reliance, and that is upon Christ, the free me.
diator for m. nil."
JVllssotnrlwns Wlio Shirk Mtlftiia Oaty In
T It Mir Owss State Ordered Out of Kan
see?Slows frosts the (foutlsern Gxpedi
lion- A Thlnl Itidlttn Regiment Joint
tbe Command, 4c.
iJtsvaNaoNrH, July '29,1862.
General hlunt Uu <4!foct?<I the military aiuhoriti.-s to
uotirjt persons cAiniug to this department I rota Missouri,
ill erder to evade Ibo military laws al I hat Stat*', to leave
lbih department. In <m*c of refusal to comply, such per
?one will lxi urr**ted as relieU ami vagrant--, ear* being
taken not to nterieie witli persons canting biti.er on
legitimate t>neme-K.
Arrivals from the Southern expedition re|-ort tliu Union
troops uear Fort G twoii, but thai they louud no enemy
A th rd lndh-n m anent had been formed from those
lately j dome command.
Brigni.h r Genet a! galcmou, late ealrnel of the Ninth
Wisconsin regiment, is now in commend.
Arrcit of 8cc*m1om .Vinliti-re-Tlie lion
C. la. Vallandl?lmm Keportrd I m pi tr
eated?lite Arreat Probable?Knrol-ineat
Of the Militia?A Draft Uxpertrd, die.
r.m .MBt p, Ohio, ji.iy 27, led?.
The Her. f)r. Brooks, Preebyterian mini-tor. formerly
of Dayton, but for the U-t year in ?t. Louie, and the ?ev.
D. Hoj t, of Jyoutei tile, were nrreateil lu.=t night at Jonee'
elation,at the house of one Judge I'lark, of Hamilton,
Ohio, a noted sece ssion sympathizer, who in at that place
They have both been the gueau> of t)i? llou.C. L. Va:Un .
dij'h.vm, of thle d.strict,and it is reported thai important
papuie were found on lioyt that ntinh ati.- ilie honorable
member, and he will also be taken with the oil':r? to Cm
The Governor has usaed orders to the asset:.- rs tor en
rolling all ablr l bodied men bet veen - he ages of stghleen
aud forty-live. Tlje enrolmeut is to ho romp -ted by the
assessors on the lOtb, and to be in presets 1j* of the Qo
vernor on the ltith of Atigual. The aSROseor* enmence
this motnifig. If reur-.uiing dors noi proprets favorably
enough by that time drat ling will be reeoi led to.
Tli? Rsrhtngs of Prisoners?The Tariff
of Kit hangc of inn.
The cartel of 1K1J in rega'd to the exch.uige of prison
ers of war. as will he seen by the following order, was
estahltrhed last March by General MH'ie" in. 1'xchangss
are now tube elievted under tho name sj tern.?
i.l vaaai. ? rush -xo. Al.
Hnastfan-nM. tbcis avar <>i-tip Manor*',!
Bv. I.oi a-, Karens, 11012 f
Br tftrcrtm ef Major CMieral Me* isllaa the foluwiug
tarih ot ex hange of pris.ineir of w >r, a<topt?d Iw-trri.-en
the !Mted 8tat?n and Great RiiMu, iu the warnt 1812,
is sahsututed lor tltal gitcn In get ?iaJ ordt-rs No. bo.
current Srri??:?
(leneiwl . i .Dial-ler-it.-i l.'-f, ?r Admiral?sixty men
Lh tenant penar il, or v. ? admiral?<forty men.
Major g<. rteral, or <*r admit al- - iuri v ltn> u.
Brigadier geneiAl, uf,cemiMduf*t with a broad pennant,
and a ootdaln uc Mr lim?twenty men.
Cstonel, or c-ii am of i\ Hoc of l-.-itie Lip?lift- ?u men.
Lieutenant och-rel, or rnpla'ti of a irigatc?ten in -n.
Ma.or. or c> inn.an '.cr ct a sloop oi > ir, bomb kctcb,
fire -'hip or puds, t?eight titer,
i aptatn, or Itentft on or truster?a.k uo n.
IJeuleaauthor mutter mute?four men.
Mub>lle it tenant, or ensign, or nl<Ulil|ant, warrant
ofilrm- , master* of Mraut vossuls end cspiaina of
lirivste armed vewals?three in?n.
Non c< t >i .is i- ne-1 oflirei , or lieutenants aud mates of
private irtu ?! vo'cls, males f morehant vet-teIs and all
t>otty eflloeis of -1 |gifwar?t*. meu.
Private eo!dims<. s? iinon?uuo m m.
ily mmnrd of Maloi Cone: it n.YLLFCK.
N II. M< I jus. Ar-,slant AifuiUnt General.
Arrival of lite Mnekischaertta.
The I'nlteii ftntoK steamer Moesndhttti tls, Lirntenut
Hotnmanding C'lepor, from Port Itnyal, vii Oharleeio*
bar suil N'Tlntk sod twenty-two hours from Hampton
Uoade.arr'vrd nttliie port yesterday evening, bringing
a number of sick stuff wounded iiUsib and sailors from
tho blockading wpiadron.
lbs oftirtis and crew of ths Ms?scboaeil1-. are all In
good hsaltb. The following is ?liEt of bur o nes, s ?
/.imtwidS' O'Stm inci-ttg ?'>? H> lioopsr.
Aetiita Matter and yiVrcaurs ojjittr?S. C. tf.ay.
Ait "i) .1." i/'er -Hieuj. Ui'teinof, J MclX'nsId, T. U.
RbihartiAW (toast Rilci). 'ty-? -?
A<tmu r,'w m t- ? j, u. Wchtit*.
AufyieMH-wT-lf. tTunnell.
nh'yig MttMen' Vide*?Jos. H. Co*, Jos C. Butler.
Pi am Wallace.
JAtfiMsrs?ActingVirst AMisttnt ondCliief Engineer,
M. Hart Well, t < I. md Aislstant Hn nee, . t Cls j.
(bird A?stsient Kngtorors, T D. fitch Jr . lb s.
WtosMp, .'ax. Hitikiocrt's, J. H. aBbrd.
Cuyt -.iu's C'.srV?11. Kmc ur t oopui
cr'i Cki' i< Wineb
C^Vdiadr/?Ji. K- i -ran ton,
Hull fiou< Vti'H Crai to the Uth
The ltciibrtcil (fotetM of (1>? I'rcnch,
tW?., ffce*.
Tie* tuned -tat.'s i "amor Coin..pw.n Harlou,
from Havana ,.i * vrg 1'. U. of tho 24tli arrived al
tliif uoit l i t 'tveQiog. i
11} tli iinhril vi' have seine later and inlerc.vl.Bg
ri v from Mr.'ro,< hlcb will ha found lot. tod ui the
Iviuirs vi our tlii v iim ?'urrotpoiuianiti.
Havana, .Inly 24.14d2.
Sii.ce uty iMt of tlie 7th Inetaut, by thef ulnaibta, vvt
havo received harp uo intelligence from Mexico cak laud
to gratify the > a'lu.n and hope* of uil mhoiyiupitiiiil
with tin cauni f Juarez and yearn!' r tho .tuniliilatiog
in the soil of a* \ir. irkiin republic of Cure an intruders,
whatsoever then nationality, thotr pretexts or their
linal preteusioM.
Wo bave Irid only two arrivals front Vara Croa, and
the ncwR id t ? ly and unset isfactory, an neither thd
French war uig.tto LaGuerriere, which arrived at thus
pot t on tho 10th L.slant, nor the French tratmport 8evrenj
vihii'h rrivi t ye. UrU.-vy, baa bro ght any jwnara from
the republic; and tho intelligence published in the Di rt*
w la Marina nnd La I'r-nsa, of tins city, is t "t entirely
r-liable, us you can indue for yourselves wb' n 1 aer.ure
you I hat it was oo'nrtyed through tho cbunnel cl the
Con itlaie General of France iu Havana. ;
La Rcarrieri withYioe Admiral Raynaud on board;
left port a feu lie irs after arrival, bound to New York,
and out jottrt.u'r having rece.ved no flies from the re
public,* ire roar trained to rely on Uia information re
ceived at Uia h-ic-ia of t'uoso most Interested in exagge
rat.tig the all -.:?s?f the di,-rater aufirrad by tlie Mexi*
can armies bat month, in front of Orizaba. Thus, yoti
will raadintho /JiVt.-ioaud La Pretua, with rcfercnc*
to ourraopou'li act received by tho Cuerriare, thai
"Ihe ff itch at my was enjoying at Orixati a,I I:l id> of mo.
rat 'tint me.Urial ath) tutafu; thit the army of enteral /,<*
ragn:<t too. entirely disbanded after their ret a>; that turn
r?'i from Vera 'Vttr to Oiuaba were ailicly free from
gu.rillai-, that Gonial Lortrwe* was receiving supp. r.|
without the. tear' trout',*., etc., <?c." ?
I iiud mora worthy of credit tlie nowta of n
scrl<u:3 mlsuifl "?standing between the Mexican
Minister, 1 oblndo, whose influence in paramount
in Juarou'B Cabinet, and the aK-Goramander-in- ChML
of the Army of tho fCa.xt, Con era 1 Zaragozu, tit nigh I can.
not give tlie sanio credit to the rnuur of tbia General's
prctauriou to the rreidency through the arerthrow al
General Gonzalez Ortega continued suffering from tho
severe wounds received iu the encounter of the 14th ol
June, but 1 see n.Mhing to coniirm the news previously
credited ot bis arrest und trial tn a court martial.
The reiutorcemcnta aant from Martinique, amounting to
one thousand men, had arrived at Vera Cruz.
Coue.'.tl LbroBcoz bud also refreshed hiastoraa with tM
abundant supplies received from Franca, and eoovayes^
to Orizaba without being molested by guerillas. Tho
health of the troops wan good at Orizaba, bat in VerR
Cruz the y allow fever was doing the utmoet in flavor at
the Mexican caune.
The Sevres conveyed to Vera Cruz a good supply o|
coal, and returned to Havana yesterday, withdut bring,
iug any intelligence worthy of special notice.
General Cobo* arrived bora on the 21st int. In tbO
Fug lish steamer Thames, from St. thoraas, where ha bag
been conferring with Santa Anna, and devi- iuf; the meang
of reorganizing the reactionary party without the eo-opeq
ration of the traitor Almonte. General Cohen remain##
here,as lie would not he aiiewad to diaemtiark
Cruz, but Coluct'l Portocarrero continued ids voyage
the Thames, charg-d cith very important itstiwUono /
Uie aeoom&isJMatt of the glum and orders of Santa Anna. J
in our domu-lie MtTuir . there Is nothing worthy of n*
tico, except tbo resuhitlou of Captain General Serrano M
return to .^pain as soon as bar Majesty's government will
dcigu to accept his ro-iguatlon, tendered so inauy timet!
I have it from the moat reliable source. In eomtaerelaf
and financial matters there in no improvement. 1 eeudf
you the commercial review published in the iKarioef
last Sunday.
Havana, July 24, 1802 \
Favorable Sani'ary <V dltutn <J' the City?New* /'rent
iro?Quarr-I Aoung the Mexican Cliitt ?I'rnfoof fHf
MffleieacM of Our Jilof.-ade of the \'c<tlt*rn Coaot , tie.,
at Vera
lyago ti
tiono /'af
We liava uo ucwi. It 1- hot, and there m little or ng
b-isiiiefcii doing. There is lee bieknep* itslmro than during
any prev urn; goavou I'or some tiino, though rhoro is, ag
always, coasMsrnbls ya'Jow levar lu tiis liarbor.
The Fieuch trail, |>?rt La econe rams in yesterday
iron Vera Cm;:, bhe left on the 17th after discharge
lug a cargo of coal, and returns from this to Francs.
Shs brought uo uiiU, auU there is no new*. " Thog
say" the health of the French troops is improving at
Orisaba. The 'diicerg arruse themselvra at the (a?)n<j
ihey estahlii-hed some time since, and ths troops wMB
private tlicsiri-als. The reinforcements from Waned
are to hind at Martinique, ttwro to wait till tbey are
needed in Mexico (t)
From Yucatan we l am that a new tax has been or*
ilained by the govrrniit?eit of two per cent. Se foreigff
merchituta arc not liable to tt.ou Consul hits protested
against i'. though apparently without eflbot. lie wet
politely to. J that ho was tnistnketi. We need eomo guM
in the water" of tha t.ulf?at Vera Cruz especially
I> 'blade,VsjESgon and Ortega hnvo bad .and are having,
s quarrel. I lie rvauit Is the guerillaH aro withdrawn
from the iirlz.iba reail.-and the way Is clow from Verg
Cruz. The army 1? either deml or sleeping ; at least nc?
thing has been heard from It.
There wn ? cons deralds rejoicing In Vers Crm, and
also among the Krern h hdre.on the occasion of ths res
port of th" recall ot Solkay. Ho has always been da*
taated by the 1 ranchmen guougbont the Mexican repub
lic. Uravlere may do no better, but any change is ad?
atsptaVds. as it cant,ot I'Sfot die worse
.mother st enter of the fb. Nazairu la F! >rlde left that
port ou the 10th of .fun*, and rc.fhed Santiago de Cubaf
"0 the Dili lr-t.,wlih enejtuudred men, snrqeone, doo*
let ? and de itche* f- -r (ten. .I/i'm e?
The English dWVt-Ue ( atrial left Nassau on the lttf
last., and air. ed off the Jforo on iholHth, sent in a
bo. t and then ,n'< 1 away. We are told that she goes tg
Key Went to t ri tecl the Fugliili Interests there.
No rebel i):. p liu-j passed ihe Moro since my lasV^
either in or o'it. eiM? cm^limenta our blockading
.?Mitudrr'B, as thi- was one of the favorite ports of tha
brr.ikeia of the blfkrde, and mots than rivalled
Nuc-sau in th? nrotocn m extended.
Everybody .* crumbling at the change made by thg
OOSSlglietlof the s eamer Columbia in bnr day of fail*
log aiiicrtlsed for th* 26tb. IY^parat .on* were mada
accordingly by merclciata and pao-eng ru. On the-Jtlg
appeared ?n advoritsemmt that aha would leave on thg
if ill. Many pan engcrs will be left, and lose their llrag
am! passage money, I-* It Is only returnable after a law^
A Warning fioua General Klgel.
JL.ao'P'.ir'ichs, Fh..-x C. art, Akmv or ViP.-nvul )
(Kokmsklt Uki ojn.i.vo to Tiir Mot wmis Iiki-artvilyi), V
Srrjt*-,Mij.a, Va.,Juiy 13.18M. )
'Ihe Comma:.ton. deuciol of tliiw o* rps orduia that all
cjuimHsiuned oil cers and *1,1 If ted men, whist* ledve oft
ab?eticc lias exp ed. ami nil convalescents who are ubla
to Join ibetr i vg ments, shall Immediately juin their re '
spsviivs teginmut. battery or detachment, by way of
Washington iMf lh 0., or they sir Hi bs umiidere 1 da
f#rt-r?au"l de.iii with arc rdi-Jy.
All recruits an'.isttd Hr this cor,* ?1.j-iM ha rental
onoc )>> way of Vi a, biugtou City to lU.-lr regimen's sg
batter tea.
tiy c inn ml < f Major General F. SIGEL.
T. A. Msv.iBWrM, Assistant Adjutant Geuc. si.
Wat.Lars'* Tutam*.?Another rich nore'ty?' Thft
Irish Mermen ; or. The Man 1filb thiee Wives"?wag
j indue d at this the tra last svantug befora* very fatft
ac.dMice The pleoa is au exceedingly .nrp'sing trlflr,
giving s very hi h c< lored p. Uure of the riibcrnlnn char
actsr, hits most I ri h farces ; but stUl so nreiiiatlbly
droll aa to muke tho a Mten< a c unple'triy loss fight or itg
absurdity In the sbundnnt merriment occasioned by thg
I inc iter ibis .H;of and witticisms that ,iervade it. Mn
l iorinics.il* ilryan O Lj nn, tuauaged to Icaop the honatt
in cn? continual roar, and the repr.sant tioaa cf an Irisft
fair, an Irish light and an Irish wake, Introduced ia thg
play, wars greatly raUafctd by tha aidlsuce. Tbapteog
la on* of Fiorcncs's hast, and ahonld be seen to be pr#?
pclry opprsclaiad.
Wl.v an 0 inns Tbiatm ?''olonal Bcetingliam, of thg
Fifty third remanent, has acceptsd an iariutioii from
Mr. Fleming to visit tha theatre tbip evening, with hig
staff sad other olhocrs la bla aoinniand. The UaltaC
States oUiuo.t on duly here will accompany tbem. i
Insi an inrrr or T.m I.oxo Iftisn Maiis.?Wo hare hag
?? ratal com plaints mad* tc us rc anily, from tha ros^
toaslers sTbosIW, (?? "d ?
?rof r?u, -ail.,us on lADg IrUnd, in relation to th^
? -clarity "f ?he die'ributl a of tho ncv.epaiier mnl!|
<Z ? u.tiT>, and whi<-h haa oaused a groat deal
, nii to om eubsrrWerg Wa wmild request
u " i.tfiii fww w in *Hs?ta tlit maitar, >

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