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Taking (he Oiilli to H-.ei.ort the Go
O j o' 'iiree hu *md IU.U 'Uy 01. p< Moi.e. - ?f waj'
at Fori Pelawuro four huudrod have be n ..II' ! 11 >ako
the oath al oliagi:in<j to the United tiia* ?I .? h is aby.rt
one third of tho whole numbe.- wh*h ' fo U> s ip
port tn i old under wh. h hoy* reborn >ud roared.
M?w.i of i! -so men who have bee:. >? 1 <ttod to tuko ttn?
oa'.li tro N i ,h?rn tuon - >iuo of ?%!??" ? b 'hh?!i reitum -
Jv i- ili-t <1 iii 'ii in lU< iebst --ei '? wLo no.s **
t!i? error of their ways and wUli to p''out Others are
iiirtu wh" havti 3u|>u-'i t?d tl ?* 'h m u- famous course
to dwtr< > tho I'nion, by wtii J i i liiout' >o: having no
uoaire to become soldiers, Imv? !>?'**? ? itnpre - I into tl.e
rebel ranks, aid since became rep uta.it. -tune .f ti
men had re-ided but a short time in reliel I jih , snrt are
u,.^uy of foreign descent wit*, rif if* u. ihi ' .i.f-s
or foresight to be able t -j"d. e for th ? ? s t . iu><rs
that arc of v tal importance to their mvh ??? fa >?. ' .1
"of th;-. mot!) crowd art Southern tuon Nora mJ r i e.l aul
of good edccatlon, who have b -<-u u outed->o didorcntiy
from wimi tliey were led to beliersthoy would be treated,
a: d have uol id !ho vnst difference n the aspect of the
Noi 'horn states who* ? out oared w;:li those un.'isr the bin
of ,'eff Davis, thai tb^y too have repented a:.I desire to
rumain under tho p.-ot-c'ion of the government that has
fostered them fr^-n livincy. Hundred* of ?omoaunica
tuns w?re rooeived daily by M.\j"r I.igeborth i ho Provost
Mtrshal, and Captain (iibsou, tlie Commandant of the
Post, requesting that the writers might be ;.;lowed to take
the oath, all un<ler the special Injunction th t the commit
mcation ^should he strictly privato, eaco una tryi: g to
keep the fact of his wish ins to take the th from bis
neighbor?at the same time professing love tor the
so-called Con ederate States, end in many cases assumiug
V> be of the vi'.est and bitterest rebel clique.
For a'time these communications were .h-I an I pawed
over without any action being taken to '.ho matter uihij
such large quant.t . es A these requests to lake the ath
C iaie in 'hat Cap Gibson communicated the fact t'> tho
Secretary o! War. who immediately issued an erdor (the
order was publish' 1 iu our K<>rt l'eii.vart- correspo dence
of the 23d ult ), wuich stated that in" of t!i"S? m n who
would take the tho required oatli id could show suf.
boieut proof of their nncerity and .o altjr toward the
government would be forced within lb' r? oe! liin's. This
order created groat joy in I be hear >f many u ho. In
many instances, had gone so far as tc o!Te: t?> iwoar (hat
thoy would enter tho Union armj uni'.. r Al o I incolu
rather tb.m be exchanged anu re tut" to tin- same P"
P'.tions thoy had occupied lie: re the* -vere Uiken prison
ers and !t is only now th it we -ee th. four h indred of
Ibem have been permittoJ to r'-turn to i'i ^ir p sit on of
Citizens of the l uited States It is impo t int! r ihe pub
lie to know what the foaling of thi -o B *-n is tfiward the
old governmont. They may be dividad 'hreo classes.
First, those men of Northern or^.i who i.iok
od upon tho sece-sion or th > S.'athe u Slati-s from a
flnanc al point of view, beiieviug, in many Ins*, .nces. that
the government was too weak to privent the secedo-i
States from forming a separate govornrn of their own.
Second tno S itiiern m in who went iut ? the w tr, not be
cause he lovt t, but because he viewed the matter as
something ac illy necessary to hi.-' welfare on account <>f
tho unlimited trude of tho crgam of abolitionism, which,
not being i>o ?eli understood South as th."^ wore North,
fanne<i the flimeandled him who would boa staunch
friend to tho I niou and the government to believe that it
was the wish of the Northern peO'de that the rights
which thev had bo:"ore eri.loyed were to be taken from
them. Now .Mute they havo saeii the conservative views "f
Proeidont Lincoln , thoy. too, bave rccnted and although
they do not wish to Q ht against their owl sons, brothers
and fathers, yet they do not desire , to judge by their
Conversation, to have anything to do with the war, wL-.h
tng to be paroled ather than e*';han~ed. Whun inf rul
ed that the governors of some of the Stales South hail
issued orders to the effect that a parole would not be re
girded. they swore roundly that thoy wuiid sooner go to
prison thau into tho r inks again. Thi* reeling tnay be
tfotitious or it may be sincere, but such fs their Isnguago
The third elses are those men who have a--ted in the same
fiapacity South that the ab lltionists iiave acted North
Tin>v have trumped all kinds of St' rie?, and have need
the language of (V>ngress"T>en to niamifactv.ro capital for
their own use Theso men hare become mo far involved
la the matter that they see no hope for them but in the
auooess of the rebellion. Most of theso men hid
from Virginia, South Carolina and Geoigta. Mis
?iasippians. !/>utsiatiians. Texsna, North Carohnln s
and oth.irs of the Southern States wish to he
paro'ed; while fr m the other throe S'ates mentio ned.
m n general thing, they wish to be ext hsrged. If the
government should gee proper to pa. .do all those who
wish to be we should consequently be losers. As a gene
ral exchange of prisoners has been decided upon bn
tween the two armies every man who U |>aroled is a less
?f a man to as hence It is thought that n"ne will be pa
Died until after the exchange. The surplus of prisoners
that remain on oar hands may then be disposed of in this
manner, but until that time they remain prisoners of
Captain Nurkrnxlr, Lateof Her Britannia
Wimjwb, C*xai>a Km, July 30,1802.
My attention has been directed u> a paragraph in a
recent nutnbei of your journal from which II would ap
pear that mi ofllrtr, bearing my surname mid the precise
Initial* of my Cli stian naro?s, has beenrn# implicated in
a fracas with another officer al Washington. 1 am also
known (io (Jaaad< anrl the (Tailed Sta'esi as Captain C. F
Mackenzie, ale of har Britannic Majesty's Kaval Army,
and as I am not in the remotest degree ambitious of the
uneovnblo n toriety attaching to tha occurrence referred
to, 1 abouid reel obliged by your giving publicity to the
Christian names of your Captain Mackenzie. The simi
larity of our names, rank, initials and service. might
very poseiMy cause me ?<ae disparagement and my
frlenda in hat'.and much uneasiness. cognizant as they
?re of my present residence in No th America and that 1
bad recently served in the ariny of the United States.
A? an additional motive for addreostag you, 1 beg to
say thai mr nam* hus been for soma tune put before
tlie authorities at thp Wa. ltopartinent in connection with
the cl nm? arising out of my appointment ami services as
Regimental Adjutant of the late First Michigan Ijincer
regiment Henoa I leave you to draw such Inferences aa
yon may think proper. CllAS. KWt H MACKENZIE,
Late Captain in her Britannic Majes-iv's service, and
late Regimental Adjutant First Michigan UooM.
The rity of New York has good reaaon to be proud Of
th* characters and services of the volunteer soldiers it
lias put tn tha held during the present war. Of the first
quota enlisted for three months, the larger portion now
forms the but materials of the forces in the field. (m?
0 the miKt promising young officer* who lelt the city, in
tb? ranks of the Twelfth Militia regiment, on the Milb of
.April, lRfil, was Kdwaid M. Fisher. who, after serving
tils first term with the highest credit, remitted the army
a< a member ol the same regiment, and was Immediately
8 >l*cted by General bullerfield to ?er*e ?s his aid The
selection f r su< h a post h> uo officer of G noral But.er
fl.Md's character was a sure Indication of the merit of the
y ung officer. In the hotly contested fight near Gaines
Mill, iti front of Kit' inoml, ? n Friday, June 27. while con
veying an order from his (ionerai to one of the regimeuts
engaged. Lieutenant Fisher was mortally wounded, and
li don the followi.ig day. In speaking of the deceased
iiene at Hmt-erfl'-li! ? 'vs ?
Tils p?-sa >nal qae''f*< * <nd worth T ha<l long known, but
Ik hraver> slid i-Oura. ?n the held of battle, llrst evinced
?o tbsi d it, showed. x.as, too well for lilm, teal be |Hiaaea*?M
??.'iy quality of s ?olli?r Thrnagtiout the (lay, at limes ac
company Ing m?. at other* carrying orders In the face of a
tTribl? flr*. with the ctKuness i f a rei?rsn, he shewed that
fn sntr.v and daring bra/ery Which Im'lr m ail l"Ve him.
II is quiet, amiable di?i>oaltlon, and his many not.le qualities,
had treatiy en<i?aied n m to my?elf and ail the tueialpers of
iny nun. Ilia loos is a sad one to the army and to his
TU s It a rare tribute fo th character of a soldier, and
?urn a r?eord may well be relied on In sot ten the sorrw
01 nircnts, and in son.?? degree to alleviate a widow's
affile tern. I.teuteiiant Flshe* died at the post of duty at
the jarly age if twenty f!te years, having a widow and
One son If 1? lore bis loss. The lives of such men are ?
C. *4ly tribute to ih< duty all owe to ih?lr country. and
*l"'f we rnonru the loss ?f th'mj we lore and admire.
OwmoiMlton must hu n nd In th? mtional gratitude and
ta the ear.tiring memory of the g' o l and brave wlnse
names du not pae* away .
The New Comet.
TO THK ?i'lTtllt W TIIK li+.KAI.D.
BnoAnwAy.Orr- pnBrtT. I'st i.sf ni Mit.Jal.v M,1M3.
A very good?and the third?obecrvation was Uken
?with the teieacope, at bal'peat ten I M , opon the new
?nm t discovered at the ( amhrldge (ibset-vntory on the
T<th instant. Its po- itl n is nearly on n In * j ,ming the
bright and first m.tg iltude star ( ai HIa with the \,.rth
ptai , and two thirds of the distance from ? s| eda to the
North star. Capo!11 tan be seen al elev n uiid ihn-e
?tu?rters P M. lu the ti rth nnrtlie.'i/' r? ir t:i ho r,u
The comet I* rapidly arpro o hlng, I- increasing in bril.
1ian'7, and will a?s>n l>e ? eadi y t\ .i lt? tail t;
Beaied to the comet s?eker quit" < ? : ihill dogr'-. s
In length, the comet lts< If. f'mr m lute of a de.ree (>i
?ouree, at this time the comet d e i t t,euhar nixht
orlay,*i>d by the tevolution "i n ? r'I it app<- rs to
Tr ye aro nd the North star. Hk" 1 ' I'alici i f the
|l|>pert?T I'rse Major, the tailth' ? i ? i at dlflerent
< in** Of the evening to the dill' .t( t., ,t. nf :|i, rom
?>?:%?^t, weA,*c. A. i HfAlCi Kft.
Thi lifmains of < <?l. ?f(? mi Muniiife
llatytMOri Aug st I. ISdS.
the remains of Colonel Jeniei Monne.ef the Two ,\f
pii;i>nd New fork regime i . m. ,, m i.. uess viott ??
tttis moralng, atnl were t ? is-1 to the cars b> Hie
key Will regt iieni of Now V A.
$i< U ami \\ militlt'tl Fnlon PsIaoMr* from
Iti? huitiuil Ailwlllt'll Info l !>?* Clii w
?>. u in Ucacrul lli^piiai, July ?8i?
I..>m ?(>>' Co. 11, 8 ii Peititfylvaina cava ry; l> 1 Joss, Co.
R.8.h tin--v \ una rivalry Wm, B. May ward, Oo II tub
ftmtylnnn cavalry. Itaulri Ktpp,?t?. H, tuh Cwwylr*
nia c.vulry Ii. Bisk* 1', AthIVnns)ivania cavalry;
RubNM cope, Co. t tii'li l'ei-n-yivjiiia oatairy; C. Canty,
Co. 1,, 6Ui Pobb j Ivai la cavalry; K. E. Jack-on, Co. L,
6th renu-.vlva i . avalry: J.J. Henderson, (ti. K, tkb
ivnn-yiv.tnucavalry ti! Vernon, Co. F, Ath Pennsylva
nia cavalry 1>. I ru n, Co. I?, 6tli PeausyIvania cavalry;
.] iKJOthur. Co. M. 8tli IVuusv haul. ra\airy; C. Atwater,
O. E, Cth Pei msylvanm c avalry. ?. Bo^en, Co. K, 106th
Pi'ilii-v.vaul t VUlUttewi; J Hopkins, Co G, 103d lt>nn
s< Iv.i.ia ti. Soul 'ltd, Co. F,- D3d Pennsylvania: M. Wil.
li-tl, t o A, WW lViiit!i.\ v:ui:a; J . Mnl'T, I o. Ii, With Pei?a
By Ivania Jtthn Br< wn, < ?>. D, 64th Now York; Tlios Plua
?aut, t->. ti, S'Jtl New York; J' Im VI Favor, Co. 1), 67th
Now \ork. Aug 'stns urtx?r,Co. B,52d Now Yotk;. C. W.
K i ltler, Oo. 1, 6Jti New York; Win. I) Lindsay, Co. 1, 81st
Pennsylvania; lilN Jago. to. G, 72d New York; O.K.
Hunliok.Oo B, 4- I New York; Fred Klenkel, G<. I, 42J
v. w York; Jacob Batlveher, Co. H.49tli New York; Win.
! ,1 tm.-on,<o E,43tl New York; C. Vtiniilst 'in, Co. K,43d
Nr.. York; Jan. Larkin, Co. ti, 43d New York; W. R
I) it em, o A, 43il New York: H. Monta?ue, Co. 0,44th
Now Yo k; W. W. Vail, Co. 1). 44th New York; E. Vedder,
Co A,4;: i New York W. II. I acbnian,Oe.C,33dNew York;
ti. 11. rboi?p8(*,Cft. H. 83d Pennsylvania, A. H Fuller,
Co. B, 83d Pennsylvania; M. O'Brien, Co. H. 81st Pennsyl
vain.i; Tnomas Elliott, Co. 1>, 81st PenneyIvania, Samuel
1 nriii'D, Co. 1, 72d I'eniisylvauia; Wm M. Rest, Oo. F,
7J i Pennsylvania; 1'eter H"yoe, Ot.ti, 87th Pennsylvania;
li. ti. Johnson, Co. G,4!?tli Pennsylvania; A. H. Urler.Oo.
C. 31st I'ebnayIvania David Mocliaraee, 1 o. K, 40th Penn
ayIvania; L Gilleski, Co. A, lltu Pennsylvania reserve;
P. McLaughlin, Oo. E, loth Pennsylvania reserve; A.
Caiu,b 11, Co. K, 9th Pen sylvan'ia reserve, Joseph
West, Co. E, 1st Pennsylvania reserve; J s. UoCaniey,
C . C, 1st Pennsylvania reserve; Alvin White. Co. G, 7th
Pe. nsyIvania reserve, 11. G. Chubbuck,Co. F, 6th l'onn
sylva ia; Henry E. Phillips, Co. K, 3d Pennsylvania; Wm.
G. Knight, Co. 1, 3d Pennsylvania; A. ti. Hheint'oldt, Co.
1,4th PennayIvania; James McGran, Co. A, 2d Peunsyl
v nil; Lew is Brisset, Co. H, 38th New York; Marshall
Joues, Co. K, 49th New York; Wm. Davis, Oo. B, 42d Now
Y'ortv; A Wykens, Co. 1), 63d Now York; David liroer.Co.
K, 36ut No>v York. Wm. Ores well, Co. 8, 33d New York;
ii K.Clark,Co ti,33d New Yoik, J. 8. Kenee.Co C, 33d
New York Chariot Tans, Co. C, 31ft New York; John
Vara, Co. D, 38tli Now York; Gil>?on I>nnn, Co. It. 27th
Now York; H. Flax, Co. 11, 20tlt New Yoik: J. McCall,
Co. C. :ti New \nrn; A. I-ikc, C<>. B, '27th New York;
Mark W Iff, Co. I, l*th Now York; E. C. Rust. Co. E, 18th
No- York. lira. Farrell, Oo. F.lrtth New Y>rk; Charles
W I'a.e I'at Ryan.Co. A, ifl>th New York; Thus. (Jrevy,
Co F, 14tii New York; H. B?ft, Co. I, 13th New York;
Win. W. Wo iter, Co II, 3d Pen nsy Ivan a; A. L. Lincoln,
Co I, lrt Ne'.? Jersey; Goo. O. Clias. Co. It, 1st Pennsyl
vania reserve; C. Baaum, Co. B, 1st I ounsylvania re
serve; C. X?. Mdrpliy, Co. B, l>tt Pennpyivania rtsorve;
John Weidel, Co B." lit Pennsylvania; J.'hn Metgoi, Co.
It. 3 i Peutisylviinia; John Nevin, t o. G, 10th I'eiiu ylva
nia; W. G. t ook, i<>. G, 1st Pennsylvania; 1>. ti. Klli.s, Ct>.
H. 107th New York;Pat. O. H lian, 101st New York; F.
McGibney. Co. F. 6'Jrt New York; Hat O'Brien, Co. D,
8hi.li N w York; Jno. Brady,Co. 1). 88tb New Y"rk;John
Ami. u,Co. II, 86lit New York; Alex. Blair, Co K,93d
w York: John Makior, Co. K, 93d New York 1). 1>.
Noal, 1.0. 0, lOKU New York; II gh Yea,Co. C, 9fith Nuw
York. S. 3. .tones, Co. K, 81st New York; C. McGrover,
00 K, 77th New York Thai. C*s y, Co. H, 77th New
York: Jacob Hoffman, 13th New York; U. G. Howlond,
to. a, ia:li NewYo k, Iba* L. F.lli.--, Oo. C, 12th New
York; ( has. Zetiiii'v, Co. B, 7th N.'W York. fieo. Achbeck,
1 o. A, 7ih New York; J. Greur, Co. A, 7th Now York; C.
W. Henamenway, 6th New York; John Fifer.Co. I>, 7th
New Y'uik. John Swoitzer, Co. C, 14th New York; Allan
Bentiey, Co. A, 12th New York; Cl.as. Browne, Co. I),
Otlth New York: Francis Herman. Co E, 1st New York:
l?aiiiel Footman, Co. E, 1st United Stat -h Chaa-eurs: J as.
l-'rair, Co. E, 1st New York battery; Charles Ott, Co. C,
1st artillery; Wm Ma-ry,t.'o. A. 5tU New Yortc cavalry;
.lames GOitny, Co A,5'.ltN9w York cavalry; Jno.Keouey,
o. H. 5ih New York cavalry; Robert Roadel, Co. K,
7th New York cavalry; Valentine SmoK, Co. L. 45th
.New Yoik; 11. V. I^itliarman, Co. G, 1st New York
artillery: M. McCorml. k, On. K, 5th New York artillery;
Clias. E. .Matlrorby, Co. K,77th New York;J scph Scul
ley.Co. A, fist New York; Wm. Baker, Co. H, 61st New
York; J. A. Ijtwrence, < o. A, 77th New York; Arthur B.
T w s. Co. B, 72d New York . A. M. Sav>ce, Co. G, 61st
New York. t ori.elliis Cornell. 69th New York J. Feeny.
Co, B, 87th New York;Gej. W. Goodrich,Co. L, 72d New
York,^eara Mci ary, Oj. II, 10;h New York; L. Berry,
Co. C, 72d New York; J. R. Hodges, Co. K, 04th New
York;L. M Briggs, Co. H, 64th New York; B. White, Co.
K, Cmh New York;C. Rowley,Co. G, 61?t New York; 15.
W l ee, Co. H,81st New York; I.. C. Perkins, O^. G. 87th
Nesv Yoik; Htl. Iraccy. Co. I). 83d New York;M. Kusch,
C '. B, 84th Now York; Kd Keilev, Co. C, 71st New York;
halilrm tiint ess, Co. G,64;U New York; J. Wagener, Oo.
B, 93d New York. Pat. "'lwiiohue, Co. A, 5th New York;.
Wm. Freeman, < o. A, 5th New York; Pat. 0'8hauirnns
sey.Co. A.6tlt New York: Geo. Fisner, Co. A, 1st New
Y-rk, Wm. Toombs, Co. B,27th New York:.las Mana
gn.tii, Co. B; 27th New Ynrki?t*'alry; Thos. O'Wu nt r, Co.
A, 5th New York J '-e| h Goodtrey, Co. F, 7th New York;
L V. Hiking, Oo. E, 8th New York cavalry; John Rose,
Co. F, 103d t'eiiii.-ylvai.ia; Thos. O. Smith, Co. F, 102d
Pennsylvania, L> M. ie.itpie, Co. I), 105th Pennsylvania:
L. W. Luko, Co. II. 105th Pennsylvania; Joseph A. Gere,
o. B. lOfiih ronnsylvat ia: Johu W. Manners, Co. I.106tb
I'eni ay Ivania; Joecph lilackley, Co. I, I0.'ld Pennsylvatiia:
Joiiti W. lUo, Co. 1, lOttth Pennsylvania; A. I/>
vocall, Co. K, 105th Pennsylvania; D. S. Brass, Co.
A, 95th Pennsylvania; Thomas Fisher, Co. I, 96th
Peunsy.vauia; P. G. smith, <Jp A, 96th Pennsylvania;
W. Biuwn, Co. 6,83d I eansylvaiila; Daniel D. Marvine,
Co. I), 83d Pennsyivan.a; Geo. (iapel, Oo. D, 83<1 Pennsyl
vania Heory Henderson. Ck>. F, Hist Pennsylvania; G.
Howe.!, Co. K. 72d Pennsylvania; Francis Perry, Co. G,
72(1 Pennsylvania. Henry ."thayle, Co. L, 82d Pennsylvania;
A.I. lithoock, Co. B,57th Pennsylvania; David Jones,
Oi. G, 621 Pennsylvania; F. S. Adams. Co. C, 12th Penu
sylvania reserve; R. S. McCall, Co. E, 11th Penn
sylvania reserve; H Fsthbatich, Co. K, llth Penn
sylvania rtteerve, Andrew Ray, Co. F,10th Pensylvunia
eserve: G. W. Simpson, Co. G, 9th Pennsylvania re
serve; David Lintle, Co. K, loth Pennsylvania; Joseph
vlixir.Co. C, 8th Pennsylvania; F. L. Colbecker, Co. A,
M L Pennsylvania; M. C. Laugley, Co. A, 10th Pennsylva
nia. M.O Matthews, Ce. F,7th Pennsylvania; G. H. Bur
mvrH V Tth ^nnivlviniu' J. Wcfflilfliiffar Cn H ?th
Pennsylvania ra-erve; C. 3. Wilkman, Co. G. 4th Penn
sylvania, ?ieo. Iarkin, Co. B, 2(1 Pennsylvania: R.John
son, Co . E, 5th Pennsylvania. Henry Millar, Co. H. 1st
Pennsylvania, Hanry Rally, Ce. H, 1st Pennsylvania; T.
3tone, Co. E, 81st Pennsylvania. Daniel Mitchell, Co. C,
i.l(! Penney.vaola, Wm. McCammau, Co. A, 83d Pennsyl
vania; H. K. liounehowe, Co. K, 71st Pennsylvania, J.
W i bapman, Co. H, 71at Pennsylvania; John Fagan, Co.
H. OSd Pennsylvania. 8. W. Clement. Co. A, 6i!d Pennsyl
. aiiia t.eo. H. Sualia, Co. B, 1 t l'ennsyIrani* rifles, f.
It. Stevens, Co. 1,12th Pennsylvania reserve; T. Thomas,
Co. B, 10th Pennsylvania reserve: L. O. Bcale, Co. C, 9th
Pcnnsyi ania reserve, J. Hempietun, Co. E, Oth Pennsyl
vania reserve, M Short ley, Co. C, 8th Pennsylvania. J.
W. Mitchell,Co. G, 8th Pennsylvania. Wm. Nickel, Co. K,
7th t ennsylvania; J. A. Mcknight. Ob. B, 7th Pennsylva
nia, v has. Stable, Co. C, 7th Pennsylvania: I X. Forbett,
to. F. 7th I ennsylvania. A. Andrew, Co. F, 4th Pennsylva
nia, 0. a. Whiteryian. Co. F, 4:1) Pennsylvania. J. Henry,
Co. A, 2d Pennsylvania L. B. Poits, Co. E, 1st Pennsyl
vania: L. C. Alexander, Co. C, 7th Pennsylvania reserve;
H. McUlngan, Co. E, 22d Pennsylvania, L. Warley, Co. D,
Sih PetiLiayivania eavalry; L Keliey, Co. A, 0th Pennsyl-*
?aula cavali y: N. Jones. Co. k, Oth Pennsylvania ca
valry , K. 3 Gllltban, ( o. I>, 11th Pennsylvania; L. A.
JaoK-s.Co. C, 4th Pennsylvania; J. Wright, Co. C, 7th
Pennsylvania, L R Long,Co. A,6th Pennsylvania CS
valiy; B. I). Keyser.Co. D, 6th Pennsylvania cavalry;
H. 8. Gee, Co. E., Oth Pennsylvania cavalry; E. Dicker
son. Co J. Oth Pennsylvaniacavalry, L. C. Austin, Co. B,
11th Pennsylvania, B. W. Stevens, Co. C, 11th Pennsyl
vania. L. Mailer, Co. H, 0th United States cavalry; L. C.
('?bier,Co. A, 1st CnMedatatea cavalry; J. Blain, Co. B,
Oth L'uited States cavalry, Edward Harris, Co. A, 6th
lotted .-tales cavalry, L Carr, Co. C, 2d Pennsylvania;
J H. Brodie, Co C, 6th Pennsylvania W Lawrence, Co.
H, 1st Pennsylvania cavairy E l ward Handly, Co. li 0th
Liulted .-tales a< unary, John Claris, Co. F, 6th Vermont.
It. L Cobuin, Co. K, ftth Vermont, L. B. Gottut, Co. C,
6.h Vermont, Wm I/>bwi,Co, K, ftth rertnont, F. Radger,
Co. G,3d Vermont. C. C. Y'oun?r,Co. A, 6th Pennsylvania
reserve, C. Habcr, Co. O, Oth PetUisylvania cavalry,
W. R. (jlbson, Co. I), Bth Pennsylvania cavalry,
lien. Brown,OB. L, 0th Pennsylvania cavalry; 0. Me
Gohey, Co. Ii, 11th Pennsylvania reserve, Jos. Shawl,
Co A, 8th Pennsylvania reserve; Isa-.c Stieff,
Co. G,0lh Pennsylvania cavalry: F. Phono, Co B, Otli
P?nn-y/Vitlna cavalry: Ellas Evans, Co. F, 6th Pennsyl
vania cavalry. I'. W. <Jnlck,Cr>. K, Oth Pennsylvania (Ri
valry; Patrick Henry,Co. 0,14th i'cuusy I van ia,i William
B rns.Oo. D, 12 h Pennsylvania. J. Eoitorbaksr, Co. O.
Gth Tutted States cavairy; A. S. Ware, Co. 0, 0th Cnlted
.-ute* cavalry; Houry IAck, Co. E, Oth United 8 aies
cavalry. L. Riet, u>. A, 1st United states cavalry; Isaac
Miller, Co. C, 4th Pennsylvania. A. Foley, Co. A, 11th
Pennsylvaata. P. Ford, Co. C, 2'l Pennsylvania, James
Wheeler, Co. F. ftth United States artillery. M. I'oualds'ii.
Co. F, 1st United States artillery, Frank Shaw, Co. H, Ath
Vermont, H. ('auinjins,Co E, (jib Vermont, C. F. Nr
ton, to. H, 0tb Vermont; A. P. Kirns, Co. E, 6th
\ermi>nt: tluules P. t.rinnole, Co. C, 4th Vermont,
rt m. 3. lergusou, Co. A. 2d Vermont; Joe Landry, Co. F,
5th.Vermont, -am Karsl.o*.<X>. A, 1st New .lersey; Jas.
liarry.Cn. F, 1st New Jeiset;L. H. Richards, CooH, 4th
New Jera.y:Th'is. Green, Co. L, 4th New Jersey; lievld
UusnelL Co. I). 3d Now Jersey. Martin Hughes, Co. I>, 3d
New Jersey; B. W. smith, Go C, Oth New Jersey, 8. l.'n
derweoJ, Co. C, 7th Michigan; C. Brink, Co. B, 7tb Mlclil
g.in; J. Whaler,Co. I, 4th Michigan. J. Iienng.Co. 1, 1st
Michigan. F. Hull man, fco. K, 4th Michigan.U. Walts,0*.
I, 10th Michigan: T. Mc'.regory, Co. G,1st Michigan cav
alry.D. K. Adams, Co. 1st Mtcbigau cavalry; L. Clark,
Co. H,2d Mti'fal#>n cavalry;!.. H tioodrieh, Co. F, 10th
Michigan. W. li. Perkm%Co. E, 4th Maine. 0. Kenstl.Co.
0, 7th Maine, E L. If <11. < o. F, 4th Maine: J. Mann, Co. 1>,
71h Maine, t. F. Parsons,Co I), 6th Maine, J. Russell, Co.
L, 22d Maasacliuaotta. S. E. Parker, CO. A, Oth Vermont;
1 iavid H Dodge, Co. 1', 2d Vermont, E. M. H. (>raham,Co.
1st Now Jersey, Jaim s Hniith, Co. A, 4th New .larsey:
Joha Ashworth.Oo. C. 4th Now Jersey: Johu D. .Mulligan,
Co. H, 2d Now Jersey. L. Mcpherson Oo. H. 4th New
Jersey. W. S. Brooks, Co. L, f?th New Jersey, O. F. Ner
erson, Oi. E, 1st Michigan. &. D. Adams, Co. O. 10th
Michigan: J. Ilyndel,Co. I, 4th Michigan Flnck, Co.
I), 'Jd Michigan. R io?ter, Co. H, 2<l New Jersey. M.
Shut,( o. A, 7th Michigan. T. McKernsey, 1st Michigan
c.iv.ilry I. Smith, Co 1 ,1st Michigan cavalry; C. Shu*
tr iksr, Co. U. 1st Michigan; J. B. Hough. Co O, 4tli
Michigan R H. Glover,Co. C, M Maine, W. Mason.tx>. B,
3il Man.s, I. Leavltt, Co. 1). 6th Maine; E Gendler,
t o t , 5th Wi?M,onsin. A. 8. Hodgman, Oo. H, 4Ui
Maine, U H. tJilliip, Co. A, 16th Massachusetts,
It Krink,On. M, 2Sd Massai Imsetts J. W. Henry, Co I,
IWUi Mass .chusetta; F. A. Poster, Co. E, 10th Ma-saehu
setis (,. Caroll, Ce. B, 20th Massachusetts'. M Grlffln, Co.
U.Wth Massachusetts. E. Kilpatrick, ?>i. G, Oth Maes*
< h .s. tts A. M Wter.ro B, ftth Wisconsin. C. 8. Packard,
?>? K,6th Wisconsin. O. Jarvle, Co. h.ftth Wisconsin;
M Mortison.Ce 'I, .".jh Wi>c>*alB: C. 8. Noble,Co H,
4ih Michigan - < H,90th Indiana. !??
rlns Monroe, t o 7,, Mnlngsn Martin, l)o. A, 1st
Puneylvio.ia ri, 14:A fnm
Jersey, M. Mi'ai.n.t., 11, s?th M?s-a-hsetts, H. Han
i|ow, Co. C', Uth Ma 11 h , i>it< J. t. Koalehi.riD. C,2J4
Maasacbttwns, W J. Wn-.-inr, t o. I. 1st He,ilan -hari.
sh'altera; W. M'i',|?.< 1,1.it I Ionian MMriftHsiters II.
Herii, Co. A,MHe dsn Shart-I, o.ors, t Kngl.sh, Co. It,
4tu New Jersey. U. Uh.-.Vv, U. itU .New Jci?v>, 1.
tigr*w,0?. K,2<l New Jersey . M. V. Hunt.Cu. G,2d Now
H ?nii>hliir?: M Dray. Co. A,5'h United States artillery
K, H ketcbi(B,Oe i. 20th ladiw; ti. W. Mclaughlin,
0?>. H, 2d New Jersey; F. Irt. Sa^er, Od 0, 6th 'wM
States cavalry; Jason Upham,Cto. B, 22>l Mu-.-.irh\'i??tts
Twu dead bodies kvut aafeore, without an\ uoiuos, atid
buried by t?.
satuhhay, 26 ra july, apmittud into obb*ai'kau
I.lout. E. Q. Brown, Co, l, 1st Now Jvhx Tolimtom
Second Limit. It H. liruwn, Co. I, 1st New Jersey Volun
teers, Luut. II. C. Warner, Co. F, 1st Now Jersey Volun
teers. Dr. R. H. OILBKUT, Medicul Direotor
Sielt find AVonnrtrd Prisoners from Bl?h>
utoutl m<Iin 111ril into the Hospitut at
N? \vport'? Ki'??, July Sin.
C. W. Knap '.Sergeant, Co. B, 5th New York; M. M
Walsh,Serjeant, <'o. U, 6th New York; <I>la A. I'lirct,
Sergeant, Co. K, 6th New York; Ad.un Wiusnnr. Serjeant,
Co. E, 193d I ennsy Ivania; Harris L. Clark, CO. I, Ml.
Michig'ti; Spencer F. Wads worth, Co. K, 7ih Maine;
Henry Hutching, Co. F, 4th Vermont; Wm Strawbri.l^e,
Co. H, 104th Pennsylvania; Thus. W. Winter,Co. D, 7th
Pennsylvania roserve; Joseph Cray, Co. A, 6th Pennsyl
vania reserve, Thoa Lloyd, Oo. 6, 6th Pennsylvania re
serve. Wm. W Wagner, Co, a, 11th Pennsylvania re
serve; Levi A. Bowen, Co. H, 7th Pennsylvania reserve,
David A. Wacle, Co. A, 1st New Jersey; T M. Cartel I, Co.
(i, 6ih Now Jersey; Ira notion,Co. G, 4Tth New York; R.
F. Park man, Co. K, 6th Haiue: Qeorpe 0. William-on
Oo. 1), 12th New York; Akm7.o Spiers, Co. I, llth Penn
sylvania reserve; Erastus Stribllug, Co. C, llth Massa
chusetts. Henry Myers, Co H, 98th Pennsylvania
PAriik Sharkey, Cor|xiral, Co. D, 31st New York.
Henry Scott, Co. D,3d Maine; Leonard Robinson, Co. H,
Alb Milne, Charles Rogers, Co. A, llth Maine, Alon/o
Smith, Co. I>, 6th Maiue; Nathan McCinnis, Co. K, 6th
Vermont; John H. Shannon, Oo. if, 6th Rhode Island.
Felix Prior, Co. I, lSt.li Michigan; John Bock, Co. F, 1st
Michigan; I elix I>aly, Co. G, 9th Massachusetts; John
Hulcliey,Oo. D,3d U. 8. A.; Thomas Brown, Co. D,6lh
Pennsylvania cavalry; John DepoU, Co. B, 1st New YorK:
George A. f'oolt, Oo. L, 72d Pennsylvania; John W. Davis.
Co. K, 4lh Pennsylvania; Joseph lAcey, Co. 1C, 4th Penn
syivania; K. Johnson,Oo. K,4th Pennsylvania; Michael
Connell, Co. I, 2d Maine; Michael Sullivan. Co. F, Sixty
first Pennsylvania;Chandy F. Houston, Co. A, 10th Penn
sylvania; Thomas Gavey,Oo. I>, 10th New York;.lohn
Shuerl, Co. E, 6th Michigau; Michaei McBrlde,Oo. F, Ofith
Pentisvlvania; Klias Goodwin,Co. 1,20th Massachusetts;
Daniel'West more, Co. E, 12ih New York; Goo W. Vincent,
Co. H, 1st Sharpshooters; James McGu>bins, Co.
?, oth Massachusetts; Timothp Russell, Oo. F, 5th
New Yoik; Silas McClermont, Co. G, 83d Pennsylvania;
Michael Keifer, On. C, 31st Pennsylvania; James A.
McNulty, Co. I?, 31st Pennsylvania; A fonpleton, Co. G,
61?t New York; Bartlett Noble, Co. K, 13th New York;
John S.?ares,Co, H,43d New York;Thos. C'armichaol, Co
C, 1st New Jersey Alfred A. S|iorry,Co. B, 4th Miclii
(r in; Raiworno Brown,Co. B, 98th New York; Houry T.
Kice, Co. H, 44th New York; Patrick McKoever, Co. C,
16th Now York: Chas. S. Harris, Co. I, 10th Massachu
setts; Thomas Italton, Oo. E, 1st New Jersey; D. SennefT
Co. F, llth Pennsylvania; William Whaley, Co. C,2d
Rho<le Island; Corporal Daniel Burns,Co. K, 6th l'ennsyl
vania; John ltl-hards, Co. A, 7th Now Jersoy; John
Adams, Co. C. id New llitnpshiro; L'-onard 15. Calls, Co.
I,2d New Hampshire; Charles II. Elms. 1 111i Masjacfcu
setts. Quartermaster Serjeant B. F. Nash, 5th United
States artillery. Frank Eastborn, Co F., 96lti Pennsylva
nia; Wm. A. Sl'?an, Co. K, 5Tth Pennsylvania; Phillip
Morrisy.Co. D, 2d Now York; William ILMauger, Co. 1,
4'?th Pennsylvania; Gilbert A. Stanhope, Co. I), 4th
Vermont; Corporal M. G. Hamlet, Co. K, fith Vermont;
JoLn Shields, Jr., Co. A, 3d Vermont, Norman Bush
ley, Co, A, 4tli Vermont; ( has. H. Foster,Co. I, llth
Massachusetts; S. W. Scott, Co. K. llth Massachusetts;
Joseph B. Holt, Co. I), llth Pennsylvania; John B. Burn
ham, Co. h, 19th Maapnchusetts; Ceorte J. Cole,Co. F,
7th Michigan; Wm. H. Green, Co. B, 95th Pennsylvania;
I'at. Rower.Oo. B. 81st Pennsylvania; I?. W. Morris, Co.
H, 19th Massachusetts; G. Myers, Co. K, 71st Pennsylva
nia; Thomas Luckmer, Co. C, 4!h New Jersey; Mo-os
Saltmarsh.Co B, 12thU. S. A.; James McDonnell,Co. B.
12th U. Sr A.; Joseph C?noven,Oo. K, 3lst Pennsylvania;
Chas. A. Martin.Co. H, 27th Now York; James Wilkeeou,
Co. 1,6th Pennsylvania; David Page. Co. A, 6th Pennsyl
vania. George Katliimore, Co. C, llth Pennsylvania; David
Crest. Co. D, llth Pennsylvania; Daniel Graham, Co. D,
llth Pennsylvania; Wm. P. Smith, Co. n, 8th N>:w Jer
sey; Lewis Wolf,Co. C, 71st Now York; Win. Walker, Co.
K, 6th l'enusylvauia; Wm. Kahley, Co. K.otU PennsyU
vania; Michael Dlevingcr, Oi. K, 6th Pennsylvania;
Ludlow Hall,Co,1,61st New York; R. M. Loaton,Co. I,
load Pennsylvania; John M. Gamble. Co. G, llth Penn
sylvania reserve- Samuel:}. Bryan, Co. C, 1st Connecti
cut; W. W Russell, Lieut., Co. A, 64th New York; J. R.
ttlack, Co. C.l 1th Pennsylvania; John Dusalt, Co. E, 4th
New Jersey; Edward Mitchell, Co. I, 71st Pennsylvania;
?? Stearns, Oo. A, 44th New York; Michael Hickey,
Co. G,3d Pennsylvania reserve, Thomas Cahill, Co. K.
10th Massachusetts; Alex. Kolsey, Co. F, 6th O'ulo Robert
Carr, Co. 1, 3d New Jersev; Wm Wilson, Co. I. 73d New
Jersey; K. J. McCormick, Co. H, 1st United St.'tes;
Vernon I). Rhode, On. H. 2d Vermout; George Hanks,Oo.
G, 12th New York.W. Thompson, Co. C, li'th New York;
Thomas B.'oekway, Oo. G, 16th Michigan; C.G.Gahart,
Co. I, 7th Pennsylvania reserve; John Cross, Co. l,2d
United States Artillery; Jacob Rodiuger, to. F, 7th Now
Vork; Charles Mclntneh, Co. D, 7th New York; B. Wun
derlo, Co. C, 7th New York; John Burn ham, Corporal.
Co. C, 6th Vermont; Wm. Mixon, Co. C, United States
Artillery; W. Holcrol't, Co. F, 8th Pennsylvania rese. ve;
II. Walter, Co. I, llth Pennsylvania reserve: John P.
Bell, Co E, llth Pennsylvania reserve; Simeon Howard,
(X). K, 9th Massachusetts; Wm. Whuley, Co. C, 2d Rhode
Island, James M. Bull,Co. B, 67th Pennsylvania; Edgar
L. Forbes, Ce. C, 1st Connecticut; Daniel Hanks, Co G.lst
Connecticut; C. H. Carson, Corporal,Co. E, 7th Pennsyl
vania reserve; G. W. Purand. Corporal, Co. D,4th Penn
syivania reserve; Edward Webster, Co. G, 4th Michigan;
Thomas Welch, Co. F, ISth New York; John McFarland,
Co. D. 1st Pennsylvania Volunteers; G. Bill, Oo. G, 1st
New York; Symon Elwood, <X>. G, 1st New York: Marion
Bar toff, Co D, 14th New YorK; C. Miller, Co. K. S i New
Jersey; Wm. Burton, Co. H, 14th New York; Edward
Hagerton, do. !. 14th New York.
Admitted, and died the same day (July 27)?Ransom
Brown, Co. K,U8th Mew York, fever.
Returned to duty?Wm. Ewing, Co. E, 100th Pennsyl
vania; John M. Camson.Co. 11,100th Pennsylvania; Wm.
Taylor,Oo. M, 100th Pennsylvania.
Mustered out of service?Daniel Fraxer, Co. D, 100th
Pennsylvania. D. W. HAND, Surg. In charge.
Talc College Commencements
[From the New Haven Journal, August 1.]
The commencement exercise* at the Centre church
yesterday were not largely attendod in the morning, b it
In the afternoon the house was crowded. The speeches
tar*?ra khniit an BV#mira nf rnllpvA narrArtnaii<?i>s 1'h*
following degreea were gooferred
A. B-?Frederic Adains, Orange. N. J.; Ira RurIi Alex
ander. I/>wii?ton, Pa.; John Wesley Ailing. Orange. Wil
liam Dexter Anderson, Bocton. Mass.; Henry Samuel
Harnum, Stratford: Xyris Turner Bates, New Lebanon
Springs. N. Y.; Heber Hamilton Itoadle, Hauroril; Geirgo
Miller Beard, Andover,Mass.; James Pierrepont Biake,
New Haven; Samuel Robinson Blatcbley, New
Haven; Jacob Smith Bockee, Norwich, New
York; Fraacke Huntington Bueworth, Marietta, Otna;
Isaac Bo we, Agawam, Mac.-'., Charles Frederic Bradley,
Roxbury; James Franklin Brown, North Stonlngton;
James Plnmmer Brown, Pittsburg, Pa. ; Buel Clinton Car
ter. Oeelpee, N. H.; Arnold Welles Catlin, Brooklyn, N.Y.;
Daniel Henry chamberlain, Worcester, Mass., Robert
Fergueaon Chapman, Port Tobacco, Md.; James Rniloch
Chase, South Pekin. N.Y.; Edward Benton Coe, New York
city; Charles Woolsey Coit,Norwich; James Henry Cros
by, Bangor, Me.; Melville Cox Dajr, Biddeford, Me.; He
man Packard lie Forest, North Bridgewatcr, Mass.; James
Alfred IHinbar.CarlUle.Pa.: Horace Dutton, Auburntaie,
Maas.; Sherburne Blake Eaton, Lowell. Moas.; Charlus
Wright F.ly, Madison; Janws Foley, Northampton, Mass.;
Hnrrlsou Belknap Freeman, Hartford; William Wilson
Ganay, New York city; Artktir Goodenough, Jeffer
son, N. Y.; Henry Haven Gorton, Waterford j
Richard llenr/ Greene, New York city; Henry Jo<jah
Orlswold. Madison; Eben Thomas Hale, Newburyport.
Mass.; Elliott Chapin Hall, Jamestown, N. Y.; Henry
Holt, Baltimore, Md.; William Watson House, Hartford;
Charles Fuatte Hubbard, Poston, Mist. ; John Wcsiey
Johnson. Corvallis, Oregon; William Wosltey .lolri^on,
Owago, N Y.: Henry Phelpa Johnston. Smyrna,Turkey ;
Albert Francis Judd, Honolulu, Hkwailan Isles; Cliarlvs
Nichols Jndeon. Bridgeport; William Platl Ket- ham. Vew
York city; William Russell JKImberly, West Troy, N. Y.;
Hiram llollleter Kimpton. Tlcondero^a, N. Y.; lh 'iaas
Hurgis Klrby, New Haven; OornMies I,?dcl Klfchell, De
troit, Mich.; Frederick Irving Knight, Newburyport
Muss ; William I.ampeon, IeRoy N. Y.; (iiarles Henry
Lewi*, Chatham. III.; Eli?lia Sllles I.yman" Montreal, C.
K. ; Walter Lowrie McCljntoek, Pittsburg, Pu. ;
William Rulledge MeCord, Vlncemiua, Indiana .
Fratiic'ln McVeagh. Westchester. Pa.; Harrison Mallxber
ger, Reading, Pa.; William !/>wl<< Mitson, Hartford; Israel
Minor, New York city; Richard Morse, New York city,
Marion Francis Melkey. Corrnllls, Oregon, Thomas Dun
gan Mnrpny, Froeport, Pa William Henry HArlson Mur
ray, Guilford; Thomas Webb Ofbara, New York city:
Merrlttcteero Page, Wyoming, N. Y.; Joseph Kit* Kan
dolph, N. J.: George Cut Ripley, Norwich; John Smith
Robert, Mast 10,N. Y.: Charles Nelson Rues, Auburn, N.
Y : Charles Henry Rone, Farmlngton. William Wallace
Seeley. Beverly,0.; William Cllt* Sexton, Plymouth, N.
Y.; Albert Benjamin Shearer, IWiyleytowu, Pa.; Andrew
Froeman Shlveriek, Falmouth, Mass.; Hhrhard SKintcr,
"'bicago, ill.; Henry Hamlin Htebbins, Brooklyn,
N. Y.; Francie Norton Sterling, Poughkcc|wlit, NeV.;
Edward Collins Stone. Colnmbu*, Ohio; ( harles Burt flan
uer, Mouthbrldge, Mass; John itheipe Taylor, Andover,
Maw.. Henry Wolrott Thayer, Newark. N J,; Matthew
Hueston Ttioma, Cincinnati, Ohio; Thomas Galrdner
Thurston, Kailaa, Hawaiian Ml**; Roger Sherman Tracy,
Windsor, Vt.; I<evl Itenflnld l'readwell, Now Fairfield;
Oliver Ferdinand Tread well, Italtitnore. Md ; John Vroo
man, Schenectady, N Y., Frederic Augustus Ward, Far
mlngton. Robert Keliey Weeks, New York city; Ph*m
Noble Weleh,' New Haven; Mn'tim.in Winthrop, New York
city. George l>ee Woo<lliull, ,-ayville, N. Y.; Robert Gal
Iwaith Woods. Salem. Ohio
L. L. B.?Wm. Dnwnce, Honry Rogers, Charles P.
Wlilttomore, Ge?rgn A. Fay. TlHw-lore W. Twining, Saml.
T. BirdaaU, wm. F. Croswell, itog?r Sherman White?*.
J'K. U.?Charles H. Bunner, Daniel S. M-ad, Hub' rt
C Ward, John Hrlnan, Clarence R. King, Samuel Par*
i'h. D.?John H. Warroll, A. M.; Joseph H. Andrews,
telK Ansart, Henry M. Boies' William A. Mushoe (lfcMJ),
P njaram S. Catlin. flasket D. Catlin, Wil.iatu B. Darraoh,
Gilbert 0. Fay, George W. Fisher. Ruescll W.Gridley,
Joseph F. GrMigs Henry R. Hinckley, John C.
Ilolley, Professor James M. Hoppin (1840). Augustus T.
Jones i IS.'.*), George W Jones, John C. Middleton. Chas.
F I'- ?? r?-"hi, Theodore Runyon flM'J), ThomaaU. Val
P'.v iH'tSi. Fdward A. Walker (ISM). I'homaa B. Welle,
Hover While, Nathan Wllloy (VH5I)?34.
The I gr-e of I? l? D. wn.- cenferre<l upon Hnwley
01m t" id, Kh | .of this eH? Rev tllamas Sear*. D. D ,
I'reeiitantef Brown L'nlvorslty. and Count (iMparin.
flrmMi?The body of an '.nknown man (a German)
about thirty or thlrty-flve years of age, was found in the
old Fla* Cotton Factory, at Rocky Hill, New Jeraey, on
Tkureday Morning, 31st utt , wWh hit throaij cut Id Hm?
most horrid manner, whieb w0li Age smtll
blade of a common pncket'annfrwi?icn he held tightly
grasped fei hie hand when fountf. A letter, la the German
langaage, signed by F.liza Ka.b, also a daguerreotype of a
ia<)y, with a small child sitting on her lap, supixwed to
be Ns ??lie, wore found oo Ins |iers.>n He wn sunponed
to be (1 erenged I in. lei tore V>. K., wete luerted vn
unc aria m iOvltt iuifa
Mu?i? wt (ho Cfntri?l P?j?
There wilt be mumc at the (Vrilral l'ark on it* Mall to
day', at liatf-pftst four o'clock I' M , by tit# 0. utral Park
Htnlimier the t<N?>l?r?^iiij? of tl. B. IMwuflh, if the
woatUer * tine l'htj lolijwiug i? Ui? pr^grawu.*.?
1 Quickatep. Ilock Von Docksteln'' Godfrey
2 ?Overturn,' Fra I'tavolo" Aulwr
;i?lhu l,"W?uia thai uiy L.>v?" Mendeltwolw
4?St>r c*a VelodiCfc. .. Kuliuor
1?March, "Du Sacre" Meyertreer
'I?Overturn, "le.'diiiaud fortes" Sioiitini
3?'>ceoi hi it Aria, "liidlioia" iluudeUiAi'Uu
4?Selection, "II Ktar.to M M>/.art
1?iA>ai> Year I'olUa H. B. Iwdworth
2?Aria. "Kathleen Mavourneeu" Crouch
;j?Quieksieii,'? i'hoii Art Far Away" Millard
4?Irving lialop Auschutz
Tho National Medley.
Arrival* nail Departures^
LtvaWooi.?Ship Francis B Cuttlns?Miss FYanch, Mr
Ofurc-* and daughter.
St .1 ago?Murk Mnrmne Ktar?Mr L?wi?, lady anrt two chil"
?Irrn, K V Moure. li Mulaoiland. Dr J Navai o, C lloreau, J
Kmnnuu? B'lg A D Turray?) Ooo liirli and lady.
St i'moiz?brig Eliza?K A Ftulay,
Nassau?Bria Atlantic?Mr Jantea, C W Lightlieurne
Kridav, August 1?6 P. M.
Thii is the first day of the new tariff, And like
wise tho first day for the new stamps. The latter
are not ready yet. They will not be a legal ten
der between man ant1, man; but as the govern
ment will rcoeive them for taxes they will pass
freely current in all transactions. The demand
for demand notes for Custom House purposes has
not fallen off as yet. Many valuable cargoes,
which were sent to sea in the hope that they
would reach this country before the new tariff
went into operation, are still on the ocean, and
will have to be entered under the a t of I8G2.
Money is very abundant at 4 a 5 per cent
on call. The banks, whose deposits are increasing
rapidly, are free lenders. Mercantile paper is 5 a
6 for prime; certificates of indebtedness ure dowu
to 98% again. All opinions are agreed that pre
sent indications point to a long period of ease in
the money market, and that, were it not for the
four per cent deposits at the Sub-Treasury, loans on
call would fall to as low a rate as in London, say
2 a 2% per cent per annum.
Exchange opened this morning at 127. fell to
126, and closed I2.r? a 120%?bankers' bills in al|
cases, (iold opened at 115*4, to 115%, rallied
to %, declined again to about 115, sold in the after
noon at 116%, and closed 11">% bid. The fluctua
tions in gold and exchange are so rapid and vio
lent that prudent operators are beginning to object
to deal in them to any extent. It is evident that
our export trade is supplying all the bills which
may be required by importers, and that the pros
pect of importations of gold from Europe for the
sake of the premium is becoming very clear.
The stock market was better to-day, with a
small increase of business. Many persons in finan
cial circles continue anxious and uneasy about the
future; but, as a whole, the feeling was more
cheerful to-day than it was yesterday. Govern
ments continue depressed, and rather dull at yes
terday's decline. Tho general railway list improv
ed, chiefly on the strength of the large traffic on
the grain roads. At tho iirst board New York
Central advanced %, Erie preferred %, Michigan
Central %, guaranteed %, Galena %, and Rock
island 1 per cent. Pacific Mail declin
, ed %, Harlem %; Erie, Southern old,
Illinois Central and Toledo were steady.
Bonds were without change. Between the
boards the market was rather better. At the
second board the market was rather better.
Central sold at 90, and as a general rule the spe
culative shares were in better demand. There is
no stock pressing on the market for sale. The
market closed steady, the following being the last
quotations:?United States 6'a, registered, 1881,
99 a 99%; United States 6's, coupon, 1881, 9S%
a 98%; United State* 5's, 1874, 85% a 85%; Trea
sury notes, 7 3-10 per cent, 102% a 102%; Ten
nessee G's, 50% a 60%; Virginia 6'a, 54 a 54%:
North Carolina G's, 65 a 66; Missouri 6's, 45% a
46; American gold, 115% a 115%; Pacific Mail,
110% a 111; New York Central, 89% a 89%; Erie.
33% a 33%; do. preferred, 62% a 62%; Hudson
Kiver, 44 a 44%; Harlem, 14% a 14%; do. pre
ferred, 35 a 35%; Reading, 66% a 56; Michigan
Central, 69% a 59%; Michigan Southern and
Northern Indiana, 25 a 25%; do. guaranteed,
55% a 55%; Panama, 133% a 134; Illinois Central.
56% a 57; Galena and Chicago, 67% a 68; Cleveland
and Toledo, 46% a 47; Chicago and Rock Island,
02% a 63; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 77%
a 78%; Milwaukee and Prairie dn Chien, 31% ?
31%; New York Central 7'a of 1376, 106 a 106, ex
interest; Erie third mortgage bonda, 98% a
Michigan Central 8's, fint mortgage, 107% "It
108%; Illinois Central 7's. 95% a 96.
The dry goods entries last week were nnoso
ally large, in consequence of the approach of the
1st of Angnst and the new tariff. They amounted
to $2,495,530, against (478,000 same week last
year, and $2,811,000 same week of 1060. Next
week and thereafter oar dry good* imports should
'all off.
Hie Sub-Treasurer received to-day 1150,000 on
deposit at four percent, and #1,500,000 in legal
tender notes from Boston. The business of thw
office wai as follows:? *?.
RwetptJ... $2918.0*1 26
-To! im ,000 oe
I'avnteuts JlQfiKO :t$
Balance 10,019,006 *
The stocks of the Toledo and Wabash RalTrMj$
fell 1 a 5 per cent to-day: the bonds have declinM
as much. This is inconsequence of the disinclina
tion of brokers to deal in these securities, and in
consequence of the failure of the T. and W. Com
pany to fulfil its contract with the Lognnsport
road. An example of this kind will have a whole
some cffect in preventing repudiation of contracts
The official earnings of the Cleveland and Pitts
burg Railroad for June foot np $126,500, against
$104,000 the same month last year. This is a largo
increase. The coal and iron buaincsa of this line
i.< growing very rapidly.
The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this
morning were $24,284,320 58, and the balances
$1,359,864 98.
Mr. Alfred R. Fullerton ha? been admitted a
partner with Messrs. Oddie A St. George, the new
flrm.to be*Oddie, St. George A Co.
The Chicago Tribune of Wednesday thns no
tices the exchange murkct of thnt city:?
New York exchange continues close Bankers pay
par ?*'<; bit only tho landing discount houses otto got it
at the lower prices. Moat of tlicm pay at least 110.
tMne of our hankers ay somewhat puzzled to accoi nt
for the fsct Mist exohatrce is working closer wfcllWur
xbtpmsnts are large, wo have beard several r.asons
advanced. but nnns of them seem fully to account for It.
iiue tiling Is admitted, that most bankera, for r?a*ons
satisfactory to themselves, have, for seversi weeks
past, been Increasing their balances In New Yorit
< ouatry bankers have been doing the aame. For some
days past several of our city hanks have been tending
forward New hii?i?nd money to make exchange. In soy
ev?nt,wo se? not hew tbe scarcity can continue many
<lty Gold declined one per cent during the day, the
buying price closing at 1ft. There Is plenty of room for
s fir'lier decline, sod Wo- ?< oner It eomes the belter.
Old Tr< a-ury not ai? worth six per oent premium to
The Cincinnati (Jazrtte of the same day re
marks *
Hilver, which was up in Nsw Tork to 114, declined
to dsy to 111 ln.oiK mtrkel the buying rate Is down to
107 a I OH, and we'piotr the Killing rale nominally 110 a
11*2. Tlisre is little or no demand for It. hxcliaiige de
clined '? today, Ihe receipt* being liberal itud the de
mand only moderate. In the discount market matters
work ea?y. Currency is abuudm't. and good paper is
Uksn freely at H s 10 |ier cent. Tue follow ing aro the
quotations lor OOiu and exchange
H'l'tng NelHlif/
N?w Tork Xdis. apar par a % prem.
H dls. a paf par a X prem
Philadelphia H die a par par a % prem.
BaJiirtiore K *+* per P*r s 14 prem
Gold,... Ifi prem. 17 a 14 prem.
Silver T ? ? prem. 10 a 12 prem
Dernsnd notes ftKaAprem. ?
The prevailing rules lor exchange war* \{ iiiscfmnt,
buying, ?nd pu , selling. I em md notes d<? lined l.of, v, g
o p vuu .u>, bui u-gt Uvsuhi srtWt a ?
$1000 U 8 6'?,81 reg. (J9
8<Ki0 US 6'?, '81, cou 9K?J
6(1110 do
S000 do..
6(ii K) do.
6000 U H 6*8,
2000 do..
10"00 do.,
2500 Trim T 3
3000 <10...
6000 do .
2000 U Sfl'rf, 'I y cor
33000 do
6000 Virgu i ?'*... .
'2000 N Car ll..4 6\s.
2000 do
?2000 Missouri 0'8
16000 do
1000 do
130.(0 California 7's. .
600 do
00(10 N V Central tts 102 ^
10000 KrleRR 4lli m b SC.
600 Tol A W? 2d m 09
Stock EuhsnRe.
Kkihav August 1. 18ttl.
9sli?Metrop'n B'ls. !>0
10 l\jnn ('.out Co 96
10 do W7
'25 Pac M S8 Co llot;
200 do 110<i
160 N V Ceti KR..opk
98 v;
08 \
86 ?f
Jpcn 102^
08 <4
600 do 01 .g
2<t0 do
100 do 830
SO do
100 do ?23
660 hVi?- RK hUO 33 4
60 Ki 10 Kit pi ol. b30 6J V
W do G2 \i
100 <1o h<!0
12 do
160 llnrlam it'J
60 Midi Cen Kit.t>30
200 du
15 do
60 Midi S Sl N I Hit.
89 \
89 \
89 %
59 Ji
69 u
of) MoANlKR g S.b30 66 <?;
do 68 V 360 II! Cod HR scri!>..
6000 111 Cq i Kit bis. 9fl
10000 Tar 11 A A 1st in 107
20011 OilANW .ss't b 47
IOOOTjI AW 1 'Tt.exl 85 V,
2000 Cle A Tol s ' bds 91K
6000 ( .' A NW 2 .11 b.'tO 27 W
8000T'ltR.KtWV lin 92
10(1000 Amorioaj gold 116
600<K) do 116 V
100 do ?30
60 (.lev A i'iit* Rlt..
lOOfial A Oil RR....
200 Clev A Tol RR ..
l'Hi do 810
118 Chi A Kk Isl RR..
60 do bMO
68 Indmnap ACInKR
60 Tol A Wabash RR
21 %
4 b'i
6 shb
<1? ? ? ? 116>i 100 Tol AWttbKR praf 36
Bk New ^ ork. loo
$10000 US6's,?8l,reg 99
8000 U S 6's,'81, cou 98?
1000 use's,'67.... 97
10000 Tr 7 3 10 p 3 n. 102 ^
35O00 do 102 Vi
6000 do large.... 102
1000 111 Cei RR bond 95 U
3000 (', A NW :>8* bds 47
tOOOP, KWAC2dro rt
>1000 Mich So 2d intg 81
6000 Virginia 6's ... 64
2000 do 64'^
20000 AmurIc. til P' Id. 115 V
82 sh* Rank of Com. 89
150 Pacific M ,il SS Co 110X
50 do 110,^
60 slis P Mall H8 Co..
300 N Y Cen KR. .1(30
360 do opg
100 do s60
100 Mich Central RK.
60 do
150 Krle RR preferred
260 Hudson River RR
200 Harlem RR prol"..
69 Mich S A N I g st.
200 111 ( en KR bc .bCO
50 do
10 do
600 Cleve A Tol RR...
50 Chi A K I KR
100 Mil A 1' (luCRR.
69 ?
69 S
44 X
55 X
67 ??
31 y*
Tlie Dry Goods Trade.
TUo following is a comparative s'atotneut of Iho im
l(orU of foreign dry go'da at New York for Iho week
oiiding July 31 and since January 1:?
For the week. I860 1861.
Kntored at tiie >orl. $2,841,629 474,138
orowaon market.. 2,974,390 ottt>,u35
Since J'ir *ari/1
Kntor<d at tiie poi t.$6.1 ^362.687 31,515.606
Thrown on market.. 6U.l34.8Ttt 29,419 307
By the itb->ve table it will be tefl.i th it the amount 01
goods entered last week, an well as Ihn amo<mt thrown
upon the un rket, was quito largo, xnd lioavllv in oxce^n
of the airo'int for the same time last, yeir. Tills h ie
Ueon eft. ?J, probibly, to soma extent, by the
dmire to enter nnd wlthlraw the goods from
warehouse, n aMtioipation of.th" increase of the tariff,
which w-ot ntoell'ect today, fan business hihouk Im
porters cui ng the week hns oeot.lalr, whilo jobbers have
laid in farly for tiie fall trade, air I are doing a fair busi
ness will in' -rior and city retail trade, mostly for p-hsIi.
((wing to-a t''np irury decline In the raw m torial, cot
ton goods Ua' 1 bumi ess active, while prions were in tho
main sut-Uu ?d. and for staple pieee g iodh were un
changed. I! ivy brown shirtings and drills ?v,.-e quoted
at prioes ranging from 23c. a 24c. a 25c., while some ac
tual cash halt* were reported at 21e. Print* Wirt dull,
and prl'-ei for most makes were nominal. Print tnjr i-lcths
have been f i>stly purchased upon speculation at 10c. per
yard. Stat le woollens were st ady, but loss active.
Kuin'y caasiineres were unchanged and ipiiet. The high
tariff will. In n measure, exclude the Importation 01
woollens, el' tbs and cassimeres, Hnd leave the market to
be supplied from domostio manufacturers. In forol.n
goods the trade wus less active, while prices we'* with
out change 01 muinont for m iet d. scrljdi -ns.
FntPAT. August 1?0 P. M.
Abiis^.?We hive no change to notice In price?, while
sales were conl.ned to small lots of prarls, at $5 Klvf.
BRKAiiern'FKS ?J-'lour?The market was less bu yant
and prices had a downward tendency. Tna transactions
were confined to about 12,000 bbltt., closing within the
following range of prices:?
Superfine State.... $4 80 a 5 10
Kstru State 6 20 a 6 30
Superfine Western 4 80 a 6 10
Common to choice-<xtrn Western 6 25 a 6 25
''itnidiar 6 25 ? 6 25
S>utbern mixed'to guod supertlne 6 25 a 6 90
Extra(lo 6 00 a 7 00
0"Od to choice family do 7 00 a 7 30
Kye flour 3 00 ? 4 25
Corn meal, Jersey und Brandy wine 3 30 a 3 60
?Canadian flour was heavy and not active, while the
sales comprised 1,100 bbls. within the above range of
prioee. Southern Hour has boen tn moderate request, and
closed dull, while price.- were uncharged. The sa.ee cm
braced about 1,200 bbls. Rye flour was steady at quota
tions given above, with salos of 150 bbls. Corn meal was
tu g(.od request, with sales of BOO bbls. within the range
of the above quotations. Wheat was Irregular, and cl< sed
at rather easier rates, especially for common grades,
while prime qualities were -carce and sustained. Tho
sales embraced about 126,000 bushels, at $1 28 a $1 30 for
rod Western. $1 12 a $1 18% f>>r 'hicigo spring, $1 18 a
$1 20 fer Milwaukee dub. $1 21 a $1 22 for amber do., in
cluding q?me 40,000 bushels to arrive, at tho Inside
figure; ll 40X for white common Western, $1 32
fur m xed do., and $1 46 for prune white do.,
and $1 33 a $1 35 for amber Western. Corn opened
with a show cf firmness, but clesed dull and easier, with
sales of 66.000 bushel* at 60c. a 61 }je. for heated, 62)fc.
a 64c. fer Eastern mixed, and 66c. a 66<- for good ship
ping Western mixed. Kye was ilrm, and in good requtat,
atnl the uppfy was quite limited. The su es embraced
15.000 bushel* of Western at 7Sc. Barley and barley
malt were still quiet, and prlccs nominal. Oat* were
firmer, with sales <jf Western and Canadian at 40c. a44c.
and at 48c. a 49c. for State.
(jovnz.?roe market wax quiet, wmie prices were
steady. A sale of 300 bags Santos was made at p. t.
Corrosr?The market wu* firmer and higher, while the
sales embraced about 2,600 bales, closing on lbs IhisIs of
49){c. ? 50c per lb.
ftuocFTs.?Kates were less buoyant and engagements
less active. To l.ivi-rpool about 30,000 bu<be* o wheat
were engaged a' 13Hr- ?14c., In bulk and ship's bags;
4,000 a r.,000 bbls Ikxir at 3s. 9<i a 4s., chiefly at the
latter figure, and 1,000 boxes cliiese at 4#?. To London
16,000 bushels wheat. In bulk, at 14e; ffour was taken at
4s. a 4s. 8d. To Olargew 460 bbls. flour at 4a. 3d., and
3SO boxes cheese at 50a.
Hat was steady, with sales for shipping at 55c. a 00c.,
and for city use at 60c a 06c.
Hires?The market during the past week baa been
devoid of animation, the trade being ?low to come for
ward and supply themselvea at tno prevent flrfures.
Holders hare boon a little more accommodating, but not
sufficiently so to encourage tranguc'ions m any magnitude.
Saloa foot up llfht, jocelpta continue large ami the
slock l? afaiti liiofcfclng. Wet sated bides, taoresepe
cially domestic slaughters, are In fair dem nd for export
and home consumption at very full prices.
14UTHKR ?The inqnlry conttneeqlbrfrk from Eastern
and Western buyers and manured rerij at fully lust
week's quotations. Sales have been very fair, and
though the receipts from the iannerbw during the past
nt^jth have been unusually large the stock Is again'
diminished: .
M m-eiw.?5$'*" of 175 v Orleans wre made
at 40c. and 100 hhds. Pffrlo Rico at 84c. The following m
the stock August 1,1882:?
Cuba misoovado, hhds 1 ,<ki2
Porto Klco 1,810
Mus&ivudo, bbls 1 ,K66
New Orleans ....... 1,438
Reduced to hhds 1.101
Total 4.343
Na\ h. Stors* ?Sale* of 160 bbls. spirits turpentine
were made at $2. Rosin was quiet but llrm at $14 u fit)
for common to line t>s4e No. I.
rnoM-iow?fo k?The market oi^ned firmer but
closed (Mill. Tbe sale* embraced about 1,400 bbls., selling
up to $11 2ft for m<M8 and cio-ln? at $11, and at
$* 26 m $'i 50 for prim *. I eef,wim firm, with ku1<-r of 250
bi>ls at $13 11 $14 for pi <ln me-*, and Ht $14 60 a $15 for
extra prime mi ss. fi<H' hanis mid bacon were quiet and
nominal. Cut nio.-t? were steady, with s ,1c* of
*K) packages st SVc. a 4*?c for shoelders,
and at 5?c. a S'(c. for lmms l a d was Arm ami In
Hood demand, with sales of 2,000 mckages reported at
HSc. a ?Hc. Mutter was steady I'rfme State, in
firkins, was selling at 19c : State, in tubs, nt 16,'^c; Ohio
ranged fr? m 12c. a 16c. State cheese at 8c. a 8Vc., and
Obio at S^c.
Rt 'There is more activity, caused by small ira
por|s end tlie new duty, equal to 20. per lb., going
Into operation to-day. Seles 300 bags I'atna it p t.,
now hold mi?M?' at 7e.. and 113 casks Pars at To., ca?h
Cnrolina rice has almost entirely disappeared from mar
ket,'ami, as *?111 fen seen, is not counted in the account
of stork for 1 he first time. The stock of rkie on hand
August II, 1802, was 11,830 bags cleaned Kist India,
25 2<>o bags and main unclemed <lo., against 4,923 casks
Carolina, 3.344 bags Fast India, t-.tme date last yetr.
Hvosm were stenly and In good demand, with sales of
about 1,700 hhds atH?{r.. a9c. for Cuban. Included in
the sales was a small lot of New Orleans at The
stock 1st of August was ae follows:?
1881. 18?2.
Cuba, hhds M 4 t2 26.238
I'orto Kioe ft,828 5.JI86
New Orleans 3,81$ 6,006
Knglish Islands 870 ?
H. Croix ? 103
Total 86,73; 37.829
Hoxsh 21 .HI 2 fl,too
Tings 29,806
Melado 7,781 146
Messrs. R. I., k A.Stimrt have tuday established Ilia
following prices for their refined goods:?ilest quality
l?afsugar, 13"*c. per lb.; best quality crushed sugar,
13^,'c . granulated sugar, 13^c., ground sugar, 13^c,
whitesonar, A,12^c.
Wntiwev.?Ths market was flirner and sctlre, with
sales of 1,H00 bbls at ,'Ur. a 31 for Mate and Western,
Wool..?Demand has be n ruber lessnetive this week,
but prices are weil susIaii ed Sales to s lair extent have
been made in fleeces at f.Oc 1 AOc. and pulled at 48o a A8e
We hear of some sale* in carpet wools, b it particulars
have not transpired.
Family Market Review.
Ruslne?* at Washington market during the past wesk
hnot been lemnrkably bt is* or profitable, prices hiving
r m d<>wn lower and lower nt til the lust few da;.s. when
UsdjT Vfcvwos Wvi? ?i??W lutu la iwi *
vary abundant supply of stock at ths present moment
and this fact hua perhaps chocked the further decline la
prices. Meats, poultry and gains we;e Helling bh followl
yesterday:?Reef?Prl tia outa, rib<, 12c a 14c, chink
riba, Srst cut. 10c. a 12c : second cut, 8c. a 10c.; c?ar 4
pieces, 4c a He.; soup ma its, Oc. a 8c.: short Ions, ronnt
in*, 10c. a 18c.; sirloin stinks, Ho. a 14c.; round atoaics
10c. a 12c. per pound. Mutton?JforequartiT*. 6c. a 8c i
hindquarters, If. a 10. Fowls, Mr.?t rs uction o 'Jo
gt'ice 'aft re|K?rt; tu' keys. 14c. a 16c.; suing chickens
60c. a$l per pair, wild pigeons, $i * $1 SO per dus- u
woodcock, ?2c. a 75c. per pair.
learn III Pay, Bounty, i'etitiou* and recruiting Kl
penae*. JOHN B. MURRAY, Army and Navy Banter,
3D N.m-a i sueet, N. V. opposite. Fust ollice.
Augustbelmont a co., bankers, no. so wall
St., lasue Inner* of credit to travellers, available in all
parib or the worul through Me-ar*. Rothachi Id, of Farm, Lon
don, Frankfort, Vienna, Napes, aud meir ooneapoudeiua.
Abmy and NAVY pensions, bounties. back
Fay, Ac. promptly col.e ted by SOMES A hBOWN,
Solicitors, N". 2 P.ilk place, New York, and ?t 47*? Seventh
??reel, W..shin ton. N B.?Information lr?e. Call or send
for circular, cotnanini: instructions. __
American gold and silver and the first
issue United Staies Demand Notes l.onght. at .he higl?
eat premium, by F. F. JAMES A CO., 45 Ha.I street,
American go;.d and silver, and the first
la.?iie United Stales Demand Notes, liought at the high
est premium by F. F JAMES A CO. 45 Wall street.
lutorest Coupon- p .rchan d at lowealc trreut rates, by
Bankers, eorner o. Fine an i Nasa.iu atrectu. New Yortt.
ol' Director* of the East River Immraue" Company
hare thia day dec >ired a diTi'iend oi ilvo pie . en , payable
on demand. Till >8. FALMEil 3 oretary.
Detroit oity seven per cent water bonds
for Halo, $iU IH?; Cincinnati City alx percent Railroad
Honda for aale, $/6.UOi), by T. F. BIOilARDS, 35 Fine street,
N. Y.
Treasurer's ollice, corner of Fourth avenue und Twea
ty-xlxth ateet, Ne > York. July 29. 18 2.?Interest coupons
or the sec >ne mortgS'-'e bonds will he p<ul on an ? aftor Au
guat 1, at the treaiiirer'8 oilice. W. H pVEKS, N T eaa.
the New Y rk Con-oil ated Stage Company, il.o,id
way, corner of Thirt* -nun s-re. t.
Co..>puny First Murt*ug nun a.?fiww Huc< i? a ? ny
given In acco dauce wiin th tcui.ani the agreement e.
nveen t ic .I II. r nvme Ka;l onl c n patiy ?n.T the tmldera
of its fir-t inort age bon a, d te I A, 114 I859, that the
United Stutea Trust. Comp ny or New Yerk wil., ujion pre
sentation at its o'll e No is W all a' eet, redeetn at p r aud
accrued int r a nim ieeo of said Jeirerann.i l- Rilroad
Company iirsl mort a^e hand- numh r d as fo lows, to
wit:?3, 4.6,6,7,8 # 10 11, i:>, 2.'. 24. 25, 2S 2'. 30. SI. Si.
being he lowest ou -t ? n-i 'numb rs. From and att?r the
O h i'av or August. lSb2, inter aton aald i.on .? will ce?se by
the terma of aaidagra i t.
JOHN A. STEWART, Secretary
1 Tne ne * hr i mor g.ige bond.- of tiiia ma'. Wit h will
be realy lor d Vvery op t e ';tb of August ai 'heolll eoT he
rompanv, 12 Wall sir* et. are d ite I J ly I, 1S02, an t ar/,'
interest from that date: thin leave* t e ntere-t en th' ou
pons from February a vni-'i, UTS, to July 1, ISA:' nn"r#.
vtiieii tor. The under I "n d therefore give notice that the
Interest du ? on i e old bonds to th" Istu .r ly, iimount ng
tu the so- i o $.'? 17, wl I be fiaid on the Tev o Ha.e>ind
Alion coup iii, dale I A i ust 1, 18 -. th tu'er "t Tor July
beinn embiaid in the new bond, nlao Ihc inter st to Jidv
1*1 o i tie co1 i-on of the Belleville and I !in"ia,o'vn ro.? 1,
d.iled Septemb r 1. 186-, a i ouniln^ to the -um of $23'tS
will lie i aid at the Han O" Nor h A me iea ill" utere?l lor
July and August helm: eml raced in the new bond.
Tin; owners of the r t mnrt?a;e 1 onda, on nd.mtin ' their
ac oun * at the ra lroad ortli-e. b tween the oi l bond? ? '? oh
the. hare east ne i und ilieaawonaa wll receive ibe pan
for AugiiBt or September, and on j resentin ; this coup in t
the hunk, the owner wi I be pa'd, on t e Terre H ' ?? i nd
Alton coupon, til* 17. and on th He'.eville > oupon $ '3 3'5
Payment ?ill be made on and af'er the 4th d iy of An ?' *t.
Dated July 31. 18fi2. JOHN WII.KINB N < Rw<'ely<>'s
$1 nOA TO *5 000 IN 8aMS TO SUrT- TO LOAN,
ipl.UIAJ oiibeid and mortgage on Improved rei
tnie in thia ei- v or BmoKlyn, Inuu.rn at the law oilier ot
R. H. UNDERIIILL, 37 Fine street, N. Y.
ip^.UUU einas. centrally locale 1 city properly "lv?n'
not above Apr cent given; no brokerane paid. Addrssi
8., box 113 Herald oTtce.
ip^.Ui'w for capl a ista. An in-r'ie th th# ad
vertisermay b had at tne Mntnal Ionn an ' D Kcntin' tJom
pany'a 67 i liutliam str et, to.-l.>y iSi'urdav .r Mnn !a
before 1 P. M. UR<VICK .* K.NU Ai-nU..
<C1 n nnn WANTED?ON bond and mortoaof
Jj>I U.WWU at sl\ jar cent, on property worth *30.00>
and rente I to' rit e'a?-t n-ints stSSlKil p>r .iiinum. Aj
wai tad. a four atory House to rent. 20 bv SB or 60 l>et, o
Murray HI1L Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. :i P n
1LWAH40 ros *iw TORS?mis OAT.
?rw 4 | y.oii arra eve 1?
ton 7 151 aioa water. mern 12 :
Port of New York, August 1, 1SC2.
Steamship City of Wssh nglon rBr), Mirehonas, Queea
town and Liverpool?,1 O Da ?.
Steamsh'n New York (Brem), Wencke, Southampton ai
Bremen?O -IHeli* A Co.
Steamship Ariel, Miner Aaplnwall?D R Allen.
Ship Kate Howe. P-it'Mt, Ijir-rix'o!?-I W Elwell k Co.
Ship I.vdla, Sinthwl k, Hristol?H Rentier.
Itark White S a, Evans, Utvevnoi 1?M?-ter.
Bark Llfu (Fr\ MeCwgor, Brlfast?Mei'all A FHth.
Bark Alelono (Br). W ..t.nn, fork, Ao-Arkell .1 Hnr?t.
Bark E Sherwood. Link. Dublin?Slur.es, Cle. rman AC
Bark (llenwood, Rowland, R o lane ro?(1 S Colt.
Bark Indus (Br*. Smith. Baltimore?Run la. Jonaa
Bud e.
Brig L IT Cole, Cole, Bristol?J A T A R Webater.
Brig iiolden Lead, Kmlih. Jeraey?Meteslt A D mean.
Brin A'ivsnee (Br), Walsh Queen .town?A Brail-lias
Hrig Independent* (Br), Clark, M.na'itlan. Ac?K Ale'
dre A Sod.
Brig Mediator (Br) Fo?ier, Mansanllla.
Brtg Dove ( Br), Pere>, St John. NB?Oreen A Cnrrle.
HrL' Belle of the Bui. Warlingtoa, New Orleana?Bo"
A Foa.Hi k.
Brl.' I'yelone Bunlrr. Nrw Orcanx?Rob-on A Fosdls
Brig Crawford S ai', Philadelphia?F Talbot A Co.
8ehr Lane (Br), Warren. Port an Prince?II de Cor 'ov
Behr John Kelson (Br), N lson. Mulllattd. Ac?J F Whl
* uo.
Srkr H P Barn?s, Barnes, Port R. ral?A R Riru?it.
Schr J H Cunn'ngham Whvat A'e? in.lrMaster.
Schr l)av liliuin. A ??. ndrhi?M 1'ed II
Bclir Tcurapor, Tofrn. Hof f) H irlbn ? <"0.
Schr' I" "'irr"ti?h? tlrow , IV .. imondtown?Xaatar.
Hc't Oarlrnd. Morion. Phllade'pll'a?F Talbot Co
Schr W H M te.'.ell, Horague, Pn 'aoelpht"?C I. Snow.
Schr B English, IJatlwi-ay, Phila elplis?Ma* 'r
Schr N K H 'Mtn, Coombs, Eltaab'thDort?H D Brookn
A Co.
Schr A Gale. Ken '*1', Bangor?R P Buck A Co,
Schr Col Ed.ljr, Vlanchari, Baocor?HP Buck A Co.
Bcbr Oregon, O'Brien. Huenaj ort?.led Frye < Co.
R.'i>r T H Itodntnan. Prince, Camden?0 L Hatch.
Sohr 8 T Kin*. C|cnl"nn1n, E??'por'?Jed Frye A Co.
H<^c It i"o .k, JonesAndover? Wa?ter.
S< hr Wl l'o C'oud. Oar Iner. Bos'-.n?W P!aoe.
Schr Tariff, Proroit, Btvnford?R Sanlord.
BteamMiIp Edlnburg (Br), McUnMn, Liverpool, fill*
with . Use aim p;.s* 'tiger* 10 .Ino O Dale. July It> 4
Ion 47 4*. ?w a iar*c i<-e"cr^; M!h. lat 4 M ' 1 n 47, >aw
Con uo-t. scars, from L"n.lon for New Tort (Tut- E
burg arrived Jul) 31, but no report of the fact waa t>oel\
this oUra.)
StMMOfel* McClellan (V B transport!. Ore*, Hllt o II
SC. July 27, to I' 8 yna-termust r. July 30, P*MS d t
Csaco, hence for Trinidad.
Steamship Daniel Wcliater (IT S transport), Bletheo, PI
dclohls, is hour*, to U S tcrma.-ier.
Steamship Chesapeake, CroweB. Portland, with tndse
passengers, to H B Croniwell A Co.
Sldii uieadtioiljihl, SaflSuf'S, UTOAool, .'nly 3, with
anil SM passengers, to 1> Ot:d? n. July S. lat M), Ion In 34.
nsllxcd ahln wniMr Foriet, Gnrtls. henrc for I,l?<*ri
10th, tat 0031, Ion 23 3S, ship Westl'otal, Child. Tom Li
pool for New *ork; lMh, lat 4# ?poke Prim b.ir.i I.
M indc. IS dajm fitm Imnilim for NewYork; ITlh >l i
Ion 30 40, ablp hllen Austin, (Jarrl.-k. hfn.^ forLiret|
tro-aed the Bank* obliquely from 4 ' to 41, ami w no
SflOi. tot 31' 42. Ion OH s oke hrli! ?' Wooden." rt days
Cadlx riii New Yorh, infl anj^W her wl(h provMona.
D was 72 bo.ira tCVilmed o'l <Jt .'i"ge*. , __
Ship Francis H Cutting. Ma!n<-y, UtrerfiAOl, k rSf '
mdao to .1 A N Smith A <"o.
Nlilp William Wirt. Clark, Bew 8 -dford. Tin N^wp^r
J/(*I!r??, to master. Was toi-ed to tills port by ai' imtnt
Oil. ?. i
tr Knr Acorn (Br of D'tnilw), An.Irrson, London, .IS
n lialia-u. to U J Kn
Bark Brrtl'a (Pr is?), Eckart. Netrcaatle, 52 days,
coal to II A K W M '.'-r.
Bark Carolina (Hired), Ramoelaon, Nnweastle, 43
W th'mdse. to II A K W M-'ver.
Bark fond ,r (I'nis), Bahlrtia, Newcastle, M days,
eoal, to .1 C MrArthiir.
Bnrk CO"ou-rc o (Ital), Lope, Swansea, 43 days, wlih
to Ootn'1/, Wallls A Co.
Bulk Anil Atigosla dir. of Yarmouth, N8), Fletcher, i
cow. S< days, with real, to Hovd ,t Iflnek'-n. J.,!y 2l.
20, Ion 32 W. s)>oko liark FrsKt-oor, 61 'lay* from Smjrii
New Vork : Jl'h. lat 42. Ion if2 50. sjwko twrk < "Varlmi, oi
from St John. I4B, bound E.
Bark B-'avpr iB'.of Tarmotith. NS). Phlpmin, R bli
d?v?. In Osllast, to Br.'tt S-.n A Co Inly II, I. it 4" on.
tefi In with the ivrei'k of Br hurk Lnbtmi. of N?<?Cftsll
tim'-er laden, fuU <rf wa|. r and a*anduned, maata (one
lion' on denfc.
Bsrk Mny 'ower, Mnvall. B 'rbndos, rla New llav 'n,
monsiHi. i" Trowhrtdip- A Son? of N'"w Haran.
Ilirk Alanio. (lodfrev. R. n e-lio?, Jnnf I#, ti-;th ?? ,c?
Wake-oan ,t Din.on. July .h, oJ llaitermm passed '.rig
Ham A Mary, from 7.arm for ff w Vork.
Bark Mo. nlne Htar, Si-rlln,-. StJ .vto, 17 days, with s
to Wat dell A Co.
Ba<-k T B Hariram, Nichols, Trinidad. Jul* 12. with
to sitiws, Cicaiinan A C... Jnh 17 lat 15 St. Ion 82 20
boarilfd from V S hark Ethan Ailcn, from Tamps Ha
Key West. 1
Brie Itosphor- a (Br. of Sell!*), Bowe Palermo Mi
fcssed OWtlialtar Jnne 15. ?|ih fruit Ac, t.. K Brrl.'ioild
8. off Nantuckat Hhoala, |?ssr<l ship New World hen
B ig Condor (of Oonldsbofo), Al'.en, Agnadllla, Jn
with snuar, 10 Thompson a Hunter.
Hria (Mien Sea (oi Baoic>r?. liahhldg*, Mumacoa. 15
with siitlar. to II 1) Brookman A Co. Jul* 23, lat 2'i
M, stoke 1*8 bark "Undloaa." st>cring s, 31st, off Barn
miiv ?re?fi of a'> 0' 3i?)|..?s, paint'd black, bottom up
Brlii Borra- Bi of lliillim), Cronan, Clcnfnegos, 17
with sugar, to B r Small A Co.
Brie Anns D To'rcy (of Boston) (Jrtflln. R-'medlos
19, with sugar to II ft Brnokin.tn Kalle l In compan)
bark Alamo, tor New Vork, am! schr Biarliaht. for Bo?
Brlit Kll'a'Oan), Wlllcriip, St Croix, July 17, with i
to J HaoroM.
Brio Al iintlc (Br). Sttibbs. Nassau. 12 dayi, with salt
Darrd % i'o
BrigC F tl Bricn, Wilton, Fort Pickena, 13 days, I
last to II D Brookma,? ,t Co
Schr Ahleliaran (oi Kioiknavenl Hand, Maranham
12 with Mdea cot ion. Ac:, io li K Corning, Son A t'o.
laiSS.loo "3 l4 ?poke bark Thoa W House, fron
Orleant r.e H ision
Schr Bl'ctnc 1? iht (or Portland), Smuh, Human
rta*v ? ItM ku/tt Ai to Miller A !!? nuliton
S. br Hiancl r (B'.of Annapolis, NS), Dr ap, Naas
dava. with cotton, to I) B l?e?olf
Mclir CAN B'^crs, Molmea. Cat Island, 7 dsya with
lo T Oi.marun. _, .
Schr Prince of Wales I Br) rhlsholm. Ungan, CB 14
With ?oal, to H J A C A IMwoll. " ' ' |
p.-lir Oswrco (Br), Card, Cow Bny, CB. 10 dart will
If. I) t? Iiewolf. '
Sc'ir Alma (Br), Bhaw, Wiadsor, NB, II day* with d
to l> R llewolt. ^ _ " I"" *
Sidir N W Rmlth, noyd, Tort Rorsi, J dayk
Bdir ,1'pklns, Edwards, Plilla.ielui.is
?uu AivioG^tporl, |4ai%

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