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Orders for Drafting Sixty Thousand Men
in the State of New York.
One Hund red and Twenty Thou
sand to be Furnished by
the Empire State.
The Quotas of the Several
Important Orders of the War
All Able Bodied Citizens to be Im
mediately Enrolled*
Inatrnctions to Officials Relative to Efaiioa
of Draftiig.
Military Movements la the
Jko., Ao., At.
Th? Draft fn the State of H?w York?The
Quota of the Counties.
albast, Acucsw 11,1862.
The Governor yesterday received an order from the
Secretary of War directing a draft of the 300,000 men
'ast called for, but does nt feel at liberty to publish the
order without authuity firom lUc Wjr Department. This
has been a kod for, and probably will be given.
Tbe quota for this State mi 69.706, making the aggregate
under the t.vo c ? 's 119,410. The particular mode of
making this rir^ft is not fully dollued. Several important
p into t i 'jft with the Governor. It 13 probablo, how
over, thai it will be arranged so tint every locality will
receive 'ill credit for all it has voluntarily enrolled. The
militia roils >>n tile will be thoroughly revised by persons
to be appointed for that pur->o?e. Applications for ex.
cmption on a count of disability will bo scrutinized and
sufficiently determined by a compcto.it airent. Upon
the ' i.'is "i 59,7 5 ihe following would be the quota of
'ha several couia.es:?
Albany l,7o3 Ouelda 1.619
.Uiek'any ? 4i Onen ?e* 1.S95
Hro. me 5.r--' Ontur'" ?S8
t'Vilaraugus C75 Oru, 0 9^2
Cay n SaS Orl<-an- 442
Chautauqua 899 Usweg< l,l?9
Chemung 414 Otsego 772
t't e-iaiigo e.29 Putnam 215
? uitau Tol yueonJ fcsj
''olnmbia 726 RensseJaer 1,'.28
C->rtland 405 Richmond ti92
Lhsla.tare 655 K kl.tid .148
imtches.-< 999 St. Lawrence 1.288
Erie 2.1.>4 Saratoga 71 >0
Essex 4.;4 Seh-iiecUdy 208
irtuUin 4?4 Sctoinrie 6M
! ultou 372 Schuyiur 290
C ei.e^e 49."> Seueoa 433
Cre-ne 491 S'.e !>?n 1,026
Hamilton 47 Suffolk 666
ilertimer 624 Susitvan 49S
Jefferson 1 CT4 Tioga 442
Kiugs 4,2:t4 Tompkins 483
Livingston 608 Ulster 1,175
Lewis.. 440 Washington 706
Malison 670 Warren 330
Monroe 1,64* Wayne 7S5
Montgomery 475 Woetcbeeter 1,631
New jark .-..12,618 Wyoming 492
Niagara 778 Yates 312
The Interpretation of the Call.
WA-UHKilOK, August 8, 1W2.
To riou. A. II Rksnieii:?
Your iwa'ch to tbe President bn* been referred to
ttii-. dep irtiii*ut.
TUo general government apporti >na the quota of mili
tary foroe umout: tbe Stat-M, but hu* no regird 'o couuty
or dlatr.^t. Whajrvcr vulumtttr lore* tiboiy it* ratals*
prirr yrtim sh It be qffrred by a State, any timt brf'rre a
draft is nctvallii mad*, would be ace%ted by tA? dbpart
mrnt and credited upon the dr-fi a% a jnufor umabU re
duction. It would be right for 'he SUt'- to uiaku t?
propor allowance to any county that oxm :d? its propor
tion , but it must be loft to tbe Executive of the Statu to
make aucb arrange menu.
By order of tlic Secretary of War.
c u. Buckingham,
Brigadier Uaneral and A. A. O
Orders from (he War Department.
Wasuinmtosi. Aug'int 7,1862.
If enrolment of militia h*s not been commenced iu
your dtate, pioase let It be d<>u? immediately Take the
naiue* of all able bodied cilizeus between eighteen and
forty five year* of age, by counties.
By order of the Secretary of War.
C. P. BL\KI> i.HaM, Aftsislunt Adjutant Geucrai.
Recruit* for Old Regiment*.
Wahhijicito.*, August T. 1W2
Recruits for old regiments are considered as making ap
tbe new levy. They are counted as part, and the Stat*
will receive credit.
By order of the -ecretary of War.
THOMAS M. VINCENT, Assistant Adjutant 0*n*rat.
Clrcnlar 1st Relation to Drafting.
WAaniatm*, August 11,1362.
The following circular has been issued to-day:?
Was Dkfaki ran, \
Washwoto*. D. C., August U, 1?62 >
To Miutabt CoMMA.ir>Aim, Paovosr Maumaui, Uxttid
8tatss Masshaui asd Poucs Orricaas ?
Tou will reoslve herewith an order of th* War Depart
ment to prevent tbe evasion of military duty and for tbe
suppression of disloyal practtc es, dated the bth of August,
's*2 This order, to be efficient, ta necessarily very com
prehsnmve In its terms, an t Its propor execution require*
tb* exercise of wund Judgment and discretion by the
offloera to whom Its enforcement 1* entrusted, and, to
gaard you In its execution, th* following Instruction*are
to be observed ?
Tbe order comprises tw* c!asse* of persons,
fit; th' so who are about leaving the United States to
evade military duty, and tboee who, tor tbe same pur
pose, leave tbetr own State. Leaving tbe United State*
until the military draft Is perfected la absolutely pro
hibited but it waa not th* intention of th* order to In
terfere with the transit flrcm State to Stat* of any par
?"us but those who design to evade military duty.
Whenever you bar* reason to believe that the purpos* is
to svade military duty tns order will authorise tb* deten
tion of any person leaving bia own State, county or mili
tary district.
Senmd? Any pers> n detained may be released on giv Ing
ti >ada to tbs United States, with sufficient security, In the
e im of $1,000, conditional for the performance of milita
ry doty if he should be drafted or the providing a proper
TMid?Immediate report Is to be made t* this cAca of
all parson* detained, with the canae of their detention.
/bwrft?Tou will exercloe the powers of arrett and do
o-stlon with camion and forbearance, so so to avoid
giving annoyance or trouble to any parsons excepting
1 hoae who are seeking to evade tbe performance of their
duty to their country.
fifth?Tbe Governors of the renpeetive states are an
tberiae* to glvo paaaaa and permits to their own citizens
deatrlag to leave the State without intent taavadomlil
tary duty.
By order of th* SECRKTART OF WAR
L. 0. TlRJf J?, Jadge Advocate.
Order Bisaiptlag Coartsrf af Ltgatlona
from Restriction* apaa Trstralllnf.
Was Dsfastmiott, August If, 1W1.
The temporary restrictions upon travelling deemed
roeeasary to prevent evasions of liability to be drafted
Into the militia were not Intended to apply to sourker*
with dsspatcbee to and from tbe legations of friendly
T wers in tbe United States All authorities, olvll and
military, aro oonaequantly required to allow such couriers
t?|>*8s T; eely without let or molestation.
ED WW M STAXTON, Secretary of War.
ntilitarjr Mo rem en ?s In iffaw Vork and
fit! nntrt qhmttom?WIU> it hi viceikart to
jmq, vrc.
Tlx* inertI'-n as !o a draft ?ei!l keep* tho pftpnlsr mind
t> a<) eniploj <1-1, and ilm.Tst erery archiv# known to the
I* '11 1 ? 1 ' "i t is ransacked in order to sacertam who
?? .i?j ' 11 di /'t ti w?u> ? t<t. Comauiicati^as a
pile* have here sent to this office asking Information re
lative to thi-. igniter, aurt th-re are many of those ques
tions which involve peculiar technicalities of law. and
will have hereafter lo be decided hy the proper auth >ri
ties According tj accouBta received from tha various
parte of thu sttate, however, tbor< now apnea.-* every
probability of no d.-ait taking (piece at all, and this
idea ie becoming mure exemplified by the fact of the
rapid maimer In which recru;i?n,- to being push# ) for
ward in ihis locality. At tbe d.nerent recruitingofflcee
throughout this city at 1 Brooklyn things are beginning
to bear that appear nice r< business and exi itementwhich
characterized the Orat exodus of troops from this State.
The strong patriotic eulhusiasm, which is the innate fee
ing of our people is ag tin bursting forth with it* original
splendor, and the consequence Is that our volunteer or
ganisations will be ail filled up, and several thousands
over, before the 15th of August, the time designated by
the government fer the draft to commence. At Wash-*
ington t ho policy of extending the timo beyond tbe 14th
mat. is eerionsly spoken oC and it would be well
if such % thing was doae. There la ne doubt
but that should such a thing be done, New York Siate
will come forward and enroll her name in glittering colore
be>ido that of Rh< de lslsnd, Massachusetts and other
loya! localities, who are pos'i'ye of furnishing their quota
without resorting to a draft. Should Now York do this,
it will be so much to her honor when this rebellion Is
crushed. Then can she nang up In ber municipal and
legislative halls th ae colore of regiments which have
been through the smoko and tumult of conflict. borne by
tbe strong arms an* willing hearts of thousands of her
brave soldiers who have volunteered for the service, and
not oarried to the batUe Held by force. It to Governor
Morgan's opinion that this will be the case, and there Is
ne reason to doubt it at present. Several regiments are
now Cull, end ready to march at a moment's notice.
Bjr a despatch from Albany It w 111 be seen that Governor
Morgan has received important Intelligence from Wash
ington relative to the matter of drafting, but it is not
deemed prudeut to give it publication until the entire
rules in relation lo the same will be forthcomingf ~>m the
War Pepartmeut. It will also be seen by this despat h
that the Governor is empowered to regulate the drait so
that counties furnishing their quota ef volunteers under
the call will be exempt from a draft. There is anntbe"
question to be decided h iwever?whether orfnot the go
vernment will accept volunteers under the draft^all
These facts will probably be all attended to
to-lay or tomorrow, when the whole prosritmme
will appear in print. H< waver it ra;iy be,
there is no doubt but that a loyal response
will come up from the hfiarts of the citizens of the Em
pire State, and tro. ik will be forthcoming, whether by
volunteering or dr.. ting process. lint these troops must
b^ had there Is no doubt e.iist'.tik; in the minds of any.
and the immediate necessity for tb'-m Is a sufficient ex
cuse. If there is any excuse at all necessary, for ths course
w hi< h the goveri.mont has deemed it prudent to pursue
:n this matter. Th ?leel.ug? of the poopl* iu rc.-|>eet to
appreciation of the c'rcumctauce^ which dictated this
acti< u have been ,jiven exprees: .n to with etfect ill this
city, und it is a settled fact that, uo matter what
striuti at efforts may be put forth by the p' vornment in
the prosecution of this campaign, the popular voiee will
eii lcr.-e them, and that most justly, too.
In regard to the exemption battalion the ranks have
been somewhat deotmstod of late, but there aro hun
dreds to be found busiiy at work in the filing busiiiess.
The ifl itillty of rteh a . roeeeding Is well known to nearly
all of those parties, but the absolute cowardice of those
p?ople n. ikes them do aimont anything wLi h is In any
w y likely to give them a whole skin, verifying the quo
tauon, "ji drowning men will catch ai a str.iw."
Haiher singular duuxnentB aro around ihe city in tela
tion to the draf?. Influential, '.voilthy men are those
wno ge orully receive ti.em, and that they are sent ?u
their mission for a hoax aan r^adl'y be seen. Jekuig if
an excellent practice on certain occasions, but in connto
tion with this subject it would be far belter to let it lie
dormant for the present. The following is a specimen of
one o these spirite 1 efluslotis:?
Sik:?You are hereby notified of your enrolment as n
soldier i f resnectuble stand is* and g iod deportm* nt, and
capable of ei during rk?o.oua martial exercises. nnd ivarn
ed to hold you reel! in r?.aiiiut-s6 for active sers ice on due
n tlce, h is e n ter to be giv n. To insure efficiency, It lias
been determined by the "Home Guard" that a dully
march .' all be made fn-m the ParK, nt the City Hall, Up
the 'lbird avenue to 121st street, thence to the Blooming
dale read, thence down the rxtme and Broadway to the
said !Jark. To avoid the distressing heat of the sun, the
merch will commence at four o'clock A.M., at which
tune you will be expected to be present. The line for
delin^uen' y and d'ilcieucy, or for leaving the rai?k? with
out permission In writing, will be strictly enforced.
LAZARUS RAYMOND,Commandant, kc.
First enrolment.
Numerous importers are also going around tbe streets
claming to be military officials under the new draft
order. The;" p?oplc ire in the habit of accosting suscep
tible individuals in the streets, statii.g to theiu that they
a:e authorised to obtain soldiers by the War Department,
in accordance with the late regulations. It is* well for
the public to beware of those imposters. They Simply
go around Tor the purpose of trying to extert nvnov.
JlHUUST OK FrKLOrailEP boldimi and military
Provost Marsha! Kennedy ia addressing himself to the
duties of bis office with a zeal and determination that
promise we'i for the government. The embargo on travel
to California whs accompanied with orders to enforce the
isle War IVM>artmont bulletin requiting the return of fur.
lougbed soldi?cs to duty on the 11' ti of August. All persons
sporting the insignia of Mars?even indulging In -tripei
bie<ches or handed hat?were unceremoniously hauled
up before Mr. Kennedy, and required to give an account
of their presence ia tlie city ai d cthflr intended move
ments The consequence was a regular annihilation of
the military t-wlndlers and Imj'osters. The majority,
however, of those arrested were clean aud sober, and in
most instance# were on their way to join the regiments to
which they are attached, whither they were conducted
by tlift officers in charge.
Several hundred stragglers were arrested and trans*
ferred to Governor's Island in the course if the day.
Upon their arrival on ih.> island ttioy were taken before
tbe'Provoet Marshal of the post, Licit. James g. Casey,
Filth uifsntry, United States Array. who, as well as other
officers, was kept busily engaged making out (taqM and
specification against tlie deserters. Officers and privatoe
wi re treated with the same even-handed Justice. One
Individual, who represented himself to be a lieutenant,
b t who could not establish the noces-arv proof, was
sent to the guardhouse. He acknowledged that he
had I) ?n absent from his regiment eleven months. The
small guardhouse was quickly tilled much beyond its
capacity, and the ?[>ace in front was also crowded
slur st to excess. The Quartermaster bad details ot men
to work Qlling bedsacks and making other preparations
for tbe accommodations of the unexpected visitors, and
tbe eooka received large orders for extra bread, pork and
coffee. Among ' 'her arrests was that of one of General
Fremont's orderlies, who could not show any other paper
tban his aescrtptive list. which was of no use to bim.
The General being out of tbe city, hia orderlv could not
obtal" the NMHM i>ass, or any other do-umentary ovi
de; ce of his right to be at large, and when last seen was
still under the surveillance of a member of the Special
Provost Marshal's guard, who appeared to have been
wa.k ng about with him all day. Several men on re
cruitiug service were also arrested; but beyond having to
pay their fares to Governor's Island, and losing two or
three hours' time, the police did not get any satisfaction
for these arrests.
Lieutenant Colonel David Morrison, of this regiment
has arrived from the ssht of war, having been detailed
by Major General Burnslde for the purpose of obtaining
?i?n. Tlio Lieutenant Colonel la anxious to get Vulun
teers to S'.l up the ranks before drafting commences.
This is one of the first who velun^Mfl for the war.
.They have been fit teen months in activ^HPvioe; tho offi
cers ars men of experience. The men composing this regi
ment have been complimented for their bravery wherever
they have been, and are well known as one of oar crack
regiments. Ibe Lieutenant Colonel inviu?s young men
who wish to see servlc, to meet bim at JeShreon market
drill room, or at the Mercer House, at ence.
This line body of cavalry, which will be under com
mand of Colonel Porkney, late of the Austrian cavalry, ts
progressing well, and has already reached the respecta
ble number of .1A0 men. These are all being provided
for by the Colonel and bis friends until the government
takse the matter in hands Tlie (MM is at 142 Seventh
street, and those toting men who are anxious to serve
under the gallant Slgel have now an excellent opportunity
o( doing so.
rami otic act.
Id the Ninth ward it occurred that ten men were offer
ed to an officer, provided be gave an extra bounty of $10
to each. Tbe circumstanca coming to the knowledge of
ex Alderman Starr, bo had a check drawn for 1100. and
the men were handed over to the officer.
The Stanton Legion. Colonel W H. Allen, now encamped
at New Dorp, 8. I . are now rapidly filling up tbelr
rank* Few inducements cm be effi>red to tbe reerult
which aro not found in this regiment. Tbe commandant
is as widely known and respected for his kindness and
strict Integrity as a man as for his excellent military
ability, while all the field, stall and llns officers are tho
rough gentlemen, and nearly all experienced soldiers
The large bounties offered to recruits are tp this regiment
promptly paid. The camp IS beautifully located aM sup
plied with excellent muslc.by Whltworth s band the ra
tions of the men are of the best quality and abundant,
and of the character "f tho men no higher
compliment can be paid them than the
universal expression of opinion of tbe residents of tbe
I stand in tbs vicinity of tbs camp, that "they are sober,
orderly and intelligent te a more than ordinary degfee >'
Tbs regiment.il tftadquarters are at No. 114 Grated street,
and offices tor recruiting have been opened in Hie Park,
at tbe City Aesembly Room*, and elsewhere.
' aptairi Marcus Monck, of the Stanton Legion, who waa
severely Injured at the burning of the Rainbow Hotel, on
Wtdnesdav morning last, died yesterday morning at the
city Hospital. His funeral, which will be attended by
his brother officer" Md friends, will take place to morrow
(Wodneeday;, at one o'clock, from the hospital.
The company being organised by Captain Rowland,
called tbe Monitors," is to be.attached toCokroel Wen,
Ourney'i regiment, National Volunteers. Special eflorts
are being mads to have this regiment complete by the
JOIH Injt. The frlegds of Colonel Ourney are beoommg
Interested In the matter, and as an earnest of their intA
rest, ons gentleman has presented one thousand dollars;
several smaller contributions lave also been banded in,
and ws learn that a splendid stand of colors are belne
gotten up by Mr. and Mrs Charles L Sttckney, of this
citr, to be presented to the regiment. Recruit* letnisg
this regiment receive an extra bennty of five dollars in
cash above all government and State bounties.
The pol oe steamboat carried on Sunday a very large
number or the mead* of the ?ol Iters and'otb>r? to Rlksr'fe
lilaid, who ap, earej i-reaUy delighted wuh the trip.
Their p<* senal oomforu were courteously at'enaed to I y
Cap'ain J men Toad, wli? i? iu every souse of th* word a
geutleui.ih On th" arrival of the b.wl the men were iu
line, ahd a more iieaiihy or nner body we have seldom
hwmi, uo Marions oho of Kickne-* having as yet been re
ported. Divine service was l.e d by the chaplain of the
regiment, Kev. J. W Wiltaiii, wb ? gave an MflNt,
soul stirring iiMoam, JYom the 1'iTth f'saiiu of David:?
"Kxcept the liOrd koep the city the watchman
Waketh but in vaia." His remarks throughout wi re
Practical, patriotic and iiuk-i sj,table to the occuskhi ne
closely rivettej the attention of the num. all seeming
piiwBOd with the service. Ad impi?vlsed platform iud
desk, revered with Ihe .-'tats ai.d Striiww, were placed <>n
arising mound, the entire audience being comfortably
^hailed under large ir. os. We were much pleased with
the comfortable barracks provided tor the men of thU
flue regiment. Tim Island itself i>eing beautifully located,
commanding extensive views for several mile* round, a
more hoaltny and di s'ruble spot could not well have been
selected, t'oloual Tnrnbull and his officers appear to be
not oniy gentlemen, but efficient In their profession.
These two fine regiments are fast filling up their f'
quired number,'and enlistments go on vary satisfactorily
It is stated that drafting, If had recourse to in the State
of New Jersey, will not be on a very extensive scale, as
the young recruits coming forward oviuce a willingness
much to be commended- to respond t? the late call of ' t.e
President. Ex-Mayor Van Vorst hug been appointed Act
ing Quartermaster by Governor Oldrn, and has entered
upon the duties of the office. This appointment has
given mn?b satisfaction.
A meeting of the above committee was held at the
City Hall yesterday afternoon. Poter Cooper, Esq., oc*
cupied the chair. The only business of ImportAnoe
transacted was a resolution offered by Mr. Kelly, asking
that a special bounty should be offered to recruits- This
is to be acted oa next Thursday.
There was an Inspection and review of this floe corps
on Saturday last at the encampment, East New YorV Gen.
Van Yechte n was present, and expressed himself hlghiy
gratified with the appearance pf the men. The Brigade
Is fast filling up, 1.200 men being already iu camp. Great
praise is due General Spinoia for the manner In which
he is attending to the interests of his command.
The officers belonging to the Irish Brigade, at present in
this city, are requested to meet at the. head recruiting
office, No. 398 Broadway, this day (Tuesday), at ton
O'clock A. M .for the purpose of attending the funeral of
our lat? brother. Lieutenant Temple Emmot, of the
Eighty eighth New York Volunteers and Aldde Camp to
Brigadier General Meagher. ROBERT M GENT,
Colonel Sixty ninth regiment.
srxnAL ORIiKR?no. 1.
Ait recruits mastered in for service in the Irish Brigade
are hereby ordered to report at the head recruiting office
of the Brigade,oa Wednesday morning, August 13, at tun
o'clock, t?> receive transportation to the headquarters of
the Brigade 'it Harrison's landing, Virginia.
ROBERT NUGENT, Colonel Sixty-ninth regiment.
A Turkish Officer Offering Ills Services
to Oar Go vt rnnitnt.
Hie President has just recived an interesting commu
nication from a Turkish officer of rank, tendering his
his sword for the defence of ths Union. This letter of the
Turkish Bey is so novel an incident that I' ".annot fail to
be lnterosting to the public. It Is as follows;?
New York, August C, 1832.
Abraham Ijncw*. President of the United States ?
Sir?I am a native of Constantlnople Find Ottoman by na
tionality. A graduate of the mil iary school at Constanti
nople. i have had the honor to serve iu the Imperial Guard
of the Sultan. Having also served In tho late campaign
with Russia, I have received five decorations from my
sovereign the Sultan. A' ter this war I wa^ sent as attache
to the Ottoman Embassy ut the Ooort of S Petersburg,
and subsequently I served as kil-de camp to Omer Pasha,
General-in-Chief. and also under RDiat P.;sha, at Monte
? esro. Despairing of further promotion, I tendered my
resignation and repaired to Italy, wlieri. Genu ul Garibaldi
graciously accepted my sorvloes and ap-'-oitted me captain
In his own-taif, iu which seivics 1 remained for ilftccn
months. Ths independence of Italy being established,
my arabiti'io has prompted me to offer my sorviees to the
United States government. I trust, sir, you will pardon
the liberty I now take i:i addressing you. As the Otto
man government has always ovinceJ "the m^ st friendly
disposition town-ds the UnlMd .-tatos, and was must
happy to accept th? services of Vinerlcuu citizens during
the late war with Russia. I tla:tor myself thit your Ex
cellency. with reciprocal kindness, wil1 extend your pa
tronage to me. As I nra a siringer In this country, I am
happy t > rol'er to my fellow countryman, Ofcan Bey, or,
as he is hero known, Mr. Oscanyan, .'ho can furnish all
necessary Information regarding -ne. Trusting that my
humble petition may merit your d.stingubhod considera
tion, I have the honor to be, sir, your most obedient ser
vant, ? KADRI BEY,
Lato Captain of tho Imperial Body Guard.
Great Enthusiasm In the Twenty-fourth
Military District?Volunteers Coming
tn Thick and Faat?No Necessity for
Drafting, d?c.
Owioo, N. y., August 11,1968.
. Colonel Tracy's regiment, raised in the Twenty-fourth
district. Ig more than full. He baa fourtoeti companies
organizing. Moat or them are already filled, several of
them to the maximum of 101 men
Colonel Tracy has asked for permission to raise a
second regiment, which he promises to fill up this week
without tlie necessity of drafting.
As it is loos thou three week* sinoe Colonel Tracy was
appointed, be claims that the Twenty-fourth district has
made the best time of any district in tLe State.
Colonel Llttlejohn's Regiment.
Oswkoo, N. Y., August 11,1882.
The Third Oswego regiment,Colonel Llttlejohn com
manding. went into camp to-day.
Colonel Littlejohn's regiment already numbers over
twelve hundred men.
Some of the companies belonging to this regiment, from
the country, have be<-n oblig d to disc harfc' c men from
their overflowing numbers.
Fifteen strong and henrty men, refused admittance
nto one company this morning, wept like childreu.
Cayuga and (Wayne Counties Aroused?
No Need of a Draft.
ArBrw, N. Y., August 11,1M2.
Cayuga at J Wayne counties are thoroughly aroused.
There Is no need of a draft. Recruiting for the Second
regiment under the recent call for 000,000 men Is rapidly
going on. and the gieatest enthusiasm is manifested.
Volunteer* are eoming forward In large numbers. The
Second regiment will banned in a few days. If tan
days more are allowed there will be no need of aay draft
In this district.
Recruiting tn Pennaylvaala.
S<-*Airroj(, Pa., August 11, 1802.
Two companies from Scrantou, one from Carbondale,
aad one battery from Plttaton. leave for llarriaburg In
the morning, leaving two companies Is prooees of forma
tion at Scran ton. to follow in a day or two. Itislmpossl
ble to convey any Idea of t*s ardor and determination
of feeling of all clauses. The above companies are all
fall (101 strong), and a surplus to cover any that may
be neglected. Hon. John Itriabin is doing good work in ad
adressing the people of this vicinity, aad from his poai
tlon as a democrat, advocating the moat stringent war
measures, is adding greatly to enlisttoents.
Recruiting In Massachusetts.
Boern*, August 11,1862.
The leading business of Beaton and Massachusetts the
present week la enlisting soldiers , and the prospect is
highly encouraging that no resort to draft will be necessa
ry. Among the marked events to-day was the opening of
the grounds of the old South ''hurcli held especially sa
cred to revolutionary memory. Thouaanda or people
gathered, and speeches were made by Mayor Wightinan,
Hob G. H. Walley and < thers. Tents have been pttebed
in Ptate,Court and other streeta as headquarters for en
listing. Enthusiastic unanimity and determination pre
vail ail classes to voluntarily fill up the full quota of Mas
Volunteering la Kentacky.
IrfU'tsviLLB, Ky., Augost 10.1842.
Six thousand cavalry have already enrolled, and en
listments see rejected, the number already being one
thousand over the quota asked for. The infantry are also
enrolling rapidly There will be no necessity for drafting
on the first requisition of I be federal government
The Committee on Natloaal Affairs oa
the Mayor's Advice Respecting Harbor
This bosrd met yesterday, Alderman Walih in the
The rgport of the Committee on National Aflblrs rela
tive to the organised militia regiments of the city which
should fill up the ranks and enlist for nine months In the
Unitod Slates service, In onmpliance with the last cell
for 300 Q00 men, was received The report suggests the
offer of a bonus o^flO.OOO to each regiment so enlisting.
The report wss laid ever.
The Joint.CsmsiUtee on National Affairs, on the oom
m inioaHou fr >m the Mayor on the uibfect of harbor da
fences, in their report My ?That in ths opinion of the
committee no qijsstieo Involving ?? Intimately
and directly the interests and welfare, Including the
fives Mid property of the Inhabitant* of this
cty, haa ever bveu presented for the corsideration of the
cor|Kwrat? authorities The magnitude of tho uAject of
securing the iuvlolahiMtv or our harbor against the ap
nroach of ??etlie navie*. either of foreign governments
or domestic traltoss, Is so patent to all. e- en the most in
dlfferjlt and la ao clearly and comprehensively set forth
In the mesM.ige from the Mayor (already published), that
to enlarge upon the sttbjoct w.onld be a work of sujerero.
gallon. rhey fthe committee).have decided to ask the
adept*"" of "the recommendsfinn of bis Honor the Mayor,
aad In aocordance tharawnb, earnestly re. onmiend' an
ordinance ami the speedy action of the Comnaou Council
The Hoard adjourned to Wednesday (to morrow) s( ous
marriages and deaths.
Janskn? Arm-ilk?l>:i Tirw. u> , Aurti.4 5, by the Rov
James Millett. Mr Rsxjamik Janhbm,of Hrooklyn.K !>.?
to 1.I/.ZIK S., daughter of J. D. L. M. Armour, fcjtq., of Con,
-HIT"?Hathaway ?in this city, ob Thursday, July 31,
at ill''Church of tiio Ascension, HIth nvenue,by lb? Rov.
I>r. i hauncey, Fkkibhiok St. Ghobos Sunn, of Pn-tbed?,
Ireland, to Hblkn Kkhikvi , daughter of Nathaniel UtUhit
way, of Delhi, Delaware cu-mty, New York.
Avbrim..?At Bridgeport, Cr.nn., on Friday, Aagest 8,
Lr?T FlHUT, eldest daughter of C. K. and J. It. AvorilL,
aged 20 years, late of Brooklyn, N. Y
Baciib.?On Saturday morning. August 9, Jambs T.
The relative* and friends of the family aro Invited to
attend tbefuneral. this (Tuesday) a'ternoon, from bis lato
residence. No. 01 Kuat Thirty llrst aire*!, at four o'clock,
or at live o'clock at Trinity church.
P.i.NB ?Uu Monday, August 11, Joux Bax?, aged 44
Tbe relatives and friends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend tbe funeral, fr>m tbe rosidencee of his
brother-ln law, P. S. Cooker, at Green Point, Ne. 2
Green Point avenue, on Wednesday afternoon, at two
Philadelphia papers please copy.
Bkdkix.?Mn Monday, August 11, Mrs. Rsbboca M., wife
of Abner K. ifedell, In the 30th year of her age.
Her relatives and friends are respectfully iuvlted to
attend the funeral, from her lata residence, 311 Sixth
avenue, on Wednesday afteruoen, at two o'clock.
Boxactm.?On Monday, Auguat 11, of inflammation of
the bowels. M'?r Fraxcih, youngest daughter of James
and Ellon Bonneurn, aged 1 year and 6 Booths.
The funeral w HI take place from the residence of her
parents, 126 avenue A, between Eighth and Ninth atroeta.
this (Tuesday) afternoon, at three o'clock.
Can.? In Morriaania. on Sunday, Auguat 10, Mra. Rtr
rava Cam, wife of Austin Can, In the Slat year of
her age.
The relatives and frlenda ef the family ore respectfully
invited to attend ttoe funeral, from bar late residence,
corner of Washington avenue and Second street, Mernsa
nia, this (Tuesday) morning, at ton o'clock.
Cojhjdok.?In the city of Brooklyn, on Sunday evening,
August 10, after a short Illness, < Iuriks Ernkkt Conhdon,
aged 21 years, second son of Cbarlee ( ongdon, and gradu
ate of Columbia College of the class or 1802
Tbe relatives and friends of the family are respectfully
Invited to attend tbe funeral services, from the reside: ce
of his father, No. 87 Kemsen street, Brooklyn, on Wed
nesday afternoon.at threo o'clock. Ills remains will be
taken to Providence for interment.
Cosn.?At Saybrook, Conn., on Stturday, August 9,
Oi.rvwt Cobo, formerly of this city, in the 91st year of his
Comer.?On Monday, August 11, Qiorgb B.Codit, in
the 4^(1 year of his ago.
The friends and relatives of tho family are respectfully
invitod to attend tho funeral, on Wednesday afternoon, at
two o'clock, from the rosidenco of his tuother-in law, Mrs.
McKenzie, 99 Stanton street.
Collins.?In Hrooklyu, on Monday, August 11, Ltdia R.
Collins, in the 85th year of her ago.
Funeral notieo will he given in to morrow's iasuo.
Hudson papers please copy.
Oouux.?On Sunday,August 10, Sarah Frances Colqax,
rclict cf Bernard Colgan, aged 70 years.
Tho friends of the family and those of hor son, John C.
C lgan,are invited t" attend the luneroi, from the resi
denceof h -r son-in-law. James P. Fagan, Ward s Island,
this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Carriages at
the foot of llflth street, Fast river.
Daly.?Oti Monday, August 11, in Yorkvillo, aftor a
short and severe illness, Robicrt Iut.y, iu the 70th year of
his ftge.
The relatives and fniends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral, on Wcdnesliy afternoon, at
hail past one o'cluok, from St. Lawrence's church, Kigbty
fourth street. Yorkvillo. His rtmaius will bo tal.eu to
Calvary Cem'etory for interment.
Doolas.? On Sunday, August 10, after a lingering ill
ness, Bridget Pooi-an, <>f F>rtuuina, county Gal way, Ire
land , in the t>8tb year of her age.
Th ? friend" and"acquaintances of ilio family are respoetj
folly invited to attend the funeral, from the rasidonce of
her niece, itauora 1-ean. No. 233 East Nineteenth stroet,
this (Tinsday) aiternoon.nt twon'clfk.
Emmet.?In Astoria, at the residence of his father, T.
A. Emmot,on Sunday, August 10, of typhoid remittent
fever, TKMrLK Ehvkt, tu the 2fith year of his age, Liou
tenatit iu tho Eighty-eighth regiment N. Y. S. V.
Lieutenant F.mmet wad attached as first aid to tha staff
of Brlg idler Genera! Thomas Francis Meagher, and served
with him as such during all the severo battles on tho re
treat before Richmond, lie arrived in Now York in com
pany with the General, for tho purpose of tilling up his
brigade, and was taken sick on the 1st last, or the fever
contracted duiing his campaign in the South.
The relatives and friends are invited to attend tho funo
ral, which will take place this (Tuesday) afternoon, at
half-past two o'clock, from St. George's church. Astoria,
L. I. The steamboat Sylvan Grove will leave the foot of
Peck slip for Astoria at half past one P. M.
Faobn,?On Moii iav, August 11, Mr. Axpriw Facb*.
Tho relative-^ and friends of tho family are respectfully
invitod to uttend tho funeral, this (Tuesday) af'.ornoon,at
two o'clock, from his late residence, Clove Road, without
further notice.
Fiti Gkiuld.?At TUrlcm. on Monday, August 11, John
Francis Fitz Gerald, infant son of David and MargAret
Fitz Gemld, agfd 11 mouths and 14 days.
Tlio friends of the family are roquosted to attend the
funeral. tQis (Tuesday) afternoon, ai two o'clock, from
ths residence of his jwirents. 118th atruet, Harlem.
HituRB.?1On Monday morale;, August 11, Exiul, wife
of George Hlllier, in the oOtb year of her age.
I Tho relatives tuid friends of the family are respectlQlly
' invited to attend the funeral, from St. Clemont's church,
108 Amity street, near Mucdougal street, this (Tuesday)
afternoon, at four o'clock. The remains will be taken to
Baltimore pajiors phase copy.
IJawlox.?Athis rosideoc<\ No. 348 East Twelfth street,
Fsux IIa.vuw, a nntive of the county Tyrone, parish of
Killiuian,agud 60 years.
The relatives and frionds are respectfully invited to
attend the 1 uneral, from bis late re$ideuce, this (Tues
day) afternoon, at two o'clock. Tbe remains will bo
taken to Calvary Cemetery.
Hoi.uso-.?On Monday. August 11, at 159 Cherry street,
corner of Market street, Mlns Reuscta IIbu.ina WilhSUTCM
Hot uvos, aged 21 years, 4 months and 21 days.
The friends are respectfully invited to aUead tbefn
neral, Una (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from the
house, without further notice.
Hi' kit On Monday morning, August n, at one
o'cl ck.MARVAxs Hickby, youi.gest daughter of Joseph
and Ros<) Htck>y,aged 11 months and 3 days.
The friends of the family, and those of her brotbor-lu
law, James Hughes, arc res. ecifully invited te attend the
funeral, at the residence of hei father,No.60 Cannon
street, without further notice, this (Tuesday) afternoon,
at half-put one o'clock.
Inckaham ? Suddenly, on Saturday morning, August 9,
Ahuah Isgrahmi , M. P., in tbe Mtli year of bis age.
Hi* friends and the relativos and friends of the family
a e earnostly invited to attend the funeral, this (Tues
day) afternoon,at half-past one o'clock,from bis late
residence, Strykers' cottage No 3, West Fifty-second
street and Eleven' li avenue.
Albany pa|>ers please oopy.
Ja< kso.n.?At Bergen Point, N. J., on Monday, August
11, Mosxs W 8. jAcnox, Esq., aged 47 years.
Tbe relatives and friends of tbe family are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral, this (Tuesday) atternoonj
at one o'cioek, from Trinity ch'irch, liergxn Point, with
out further notice. Tbe remains will be taken to Marble
Cemetery, Seoond street, New York.
Kbut?In Brooklyn, on Sander, August 10, SkitAi,
youngest daughter or Edward and Sarah Kelly, aged 6
years, 2 months and 8 days.
Tbe friends ot the family aro respectfully Invited to at
tend the funeral, from the residence of her parents, Ber
gen street, near Fourth avenue, this (Tuesday) afternoon,
at two o'clock.
Kn.LT.?On Sunday, August 10, William, Infant son of
William and Margaret Kelly, aged 1 year and 10 days.
The relatives aud friends of the family are reepectfully
Invited to attend the fuircral, from tbe residence of his
parents, No. 62 .sheriff street, this (Tuesday) afternoon,
at two o'clock.
Philadelphia papers plea?e oopy.
Lasso*.?On Monday, August 11, Maboabbi La won, a
native of Ballyragget, county Kilkenny, Irelaud, aged
76 years
fte relatives and friends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend tbe funeral, no Wedneeday afternoon,
at one o'clock, from her late residence, No. 126 Clinton
LsrrBRTB.?In Dedford, Brooklyn, on Moodav, Aug st
11, <'?lonel .Jambs I*kfbbtb, in the 63d year of bis age
The relative* and friend* of the lamlly aro invited to
attend the Iunerai, without further Invitation, on Wed
nesday afternoon, at three O'clock, from his late resi
dence. Clove road, corner of Fulton avenue.
MAinmt?On Sunday. Angus! 10, Josx MaBXKs. aged
41 years, 9 months and 10 days.
ft>? relativos and friends of the family, also the Q*r?
maMrotherly Society, are respectfully invited to attend
tbe funeral, tbls (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o'clock,
from bis late residence. Washington village. Palisade
avenue, near Franklin street, Hoboken. The remains
will be taken to Lutheran Cemetery for interment.
Mokck ?On Monday, August 11, at the City Hospital,
Captain Maii i s Moxca, of the Stanton Legion, from inju
ries received at the fire of the Rainbow Hotel, Beekman
The remains will be taken from tbe City Hospital with
military honors te Greenwood Cemetery on Wednesday
afternoon, at one o'clock. Tbe friends of The deceased
are particularly requested to attend.
MrPnvrrr.?WaUAM McDsvrrr, aged 41 years.
The friends and acquaintances ofthe family, and of his
uncle, .John (Hit ens, are reepe- tfully invited to attendrthe
funeral,this (Tuesday) forenoon, at ten o'clock. His re
laeina will be taken rroat bis late residence. North Slitti
street, between First nnd Second streets, Williamsburg,
to St Peter and St. Paul's cbnrch, Seoond street, where a
reqnlum mass will be celebrated and then to Calvary
Cemetery at two o'clock in tbe afternoon
MrlrtTs*.?At Rossvllls, Staten Island, on Saturday,
August 9. Thomas Jo-srs, youngest son of John and Ellen
Amelia Mclntyre, aged 1 year, 4 months >nd 17 days.
Ills remaiflg wers Interred In Calvary Cemetery.
McNallt -Sbn Sunday, August 10, of heart disease,
Ri< BAKii McValit, aged 82 years and 0 months.
The friend* and acquaintances are requested to attend
tho funeral, this (Tuesday ) afternoon, at one e'elork,from
bis late residi-noe, 2T6 West Twenty eighth street.
Oano?* -On Monday, August 11, F.mna J. M., daughter
of Mr .John "brook, aged 10 months and 22 days.
Hie friends of the family are respectfully Invited to
attend the funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at half post
two o'oleck. from the residence of the parenta, No. 62
Fast Thirty-ninth street, corner of Fourth avenue, with
out further InvltaOon.
Powsu. ?At Karmlngdale. L. I.. on Second day, August
11. Rt< HABn 8. Powku,. in the H7th year of life ago.
Tbe friends and relatives are respectfully Invited to at
tend the funeral, on Fourth day morning, from bis lata
' residence, at ten o clock, and from ilethpoge meeting
' bouse, at eleven o'clock. Carriages will meet the elg^t
' n vhe* train of car* from lltHiter's Point at FarmlugMaie
1 depot, on the morsitig of tbe funeral
Vnvt ?Ob M"ndsy morning. August 11. at Vis rwU
1 donee, 18# Ludlow stroet, from ? k/k <4 a'rt,,rRB<re
| celvi'd on Friday, Stb ln.*t., JA?m I'ai. b, t?' *e 3?d year
! of ht* *ge
Hit <riea?Ji, ami those of the faintly, ar,j respectfully in
_,f. ? to attend the funeral, this (TutBrtay) afternoon, at
one if\ ^t,a remains will be taken to Calvary Cetae
t?i r tor ittlerasant.
l'irxir-<* ?WifliMBBbwrg, wiMm ly, on Saturday,
A i?iiat ft K "TKK i'UMbOII, aged 07 )'<??.
Th* f imIi family, al*o Col uubia I/nlge, I O of
O V are r? i& llu"j' ii'Vito i lo attend the funeral, this
<Tue*'dnvi al*?_r?v |W> at imli'past one o'clock, at fc't.
Mark's church . ^ er of Fourth aud South Firth streets.
?<HKIMtAN V- '**< Aug.. t 10, Kt>DlB flHIIXAM.ODlr
akdld of Heuryaiiu Cu. ?ouia ?*???. aged 1 month aud
1(1 (Iavm
Kimoksok.?On Mod<hf "l. AC!"8'
Wife Of R, I,. Simcison, ir >V ? f ml. ' J L.. . .
The relative* and friend* M . J"
attend tho funeral, ou Wc4W% ^ tr^t
o'clock, from her late realdeftSW,'. ^^oenwricn street,
without rurtlier invitation. hi.
Smith ?Ou Sunday, August 10, fct . a-' "'
Pacillc pis :e, West Twenty-ninth #trK>l? J*108
ag?d 77 years. .,
T!ie relatives and friends of the tamHJy, ftlM 0. ?Otl,
J. Sti;ith, ere invited to attend tbefun>a,al, i."on? S?
Thomas cljip 1, corner Prince aud Thornp*M street*1.
(Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, wlthoot fur?hv,f ,n*
vital ion.
Tmisox.?On Monday eveniug, August 11. of iomm r
complaint, Hmr E. IUtiw, youngest soil of Edward aud
Sarah E. Titnpsoa, aged 14 tuon'hs and ft days.
Tlio rolativi*H aud friends of tho family are respectfully
Invited to attend the fuaoral, from the residence of his
parents, No. 170 West Fiftieth street, on Wednesday after
noon, at two o'o'ock.
? BeTemiati eroaaaa Steam era.
JffltiM. f om' Di^ JFW
City of Baltimore.. .Liverpool Juljr ?0. ..New Tark
Bavaria Southampton July 30,..NewYo*S
iumo ros n* roar?this da*.
ft 071 *oo* bisih eve .8 10
7 03 | MHM watbb mOTO 10 00
Port of Hew York, Aagmit 11, 1S0IS.
Steamship northern Light, Tlnklepaugh, Aaplawall?D B
Ship Isaac. Jeanne, Stlnson. flin Praiicis-o?R M Cooley.
8!iip HKH ixle, Ciary, Sau Francisco?Sutton A Co. (The
B F H clear*.! Hth.)
Ship Naples, Struut, London?(J C Iwncan ,fc Co.
Bark Amanda, Carle, Bristol, E?Mller A Houghton.
Bark L A Nickel*, Kurd, (;;bk^o? ? it 1* Buck * Co.
Bark T Bayues (Br), Howell, Cork, Aw?Arttell, Hurst A
Bark Collooney (Br), MeCrarr. Sligo?Grlnnell, Minturn
A Co,
Hark Br'.l'.lant (Meek), Erandls, Qucenstown, Ac?Funch,
Meincke A Wendt.
Bark American Kagle, Rich, Marseilles?Moore A Henry.
Brig F Lincoln. Rivers, Dublin?Walsh, Carver A Chase.
Brig Hieroninia Fre.lrlca (Dutch), Kevser, Amsterdam?
Funcn, Meincke A Wcn.lt.
Brig Erole (Ital), Botten, filbraltar?Tirarwr A Dmlin.
Bi ig S (' Shaw, . 81 Thomas?W W ilus^ell * Co.
Brig ^le (Br'i. Nelson, Halifax?J K Whitney A Co.
Brig H' Mary. Sweeting, New Orleans.
Scln Marthn, I.-unherl, Malsga?1Thompson A Hunter.
Fchr Matilda (Br), W'it, Itio Grand' ?7 Benten.
Sc+r A F I.I nell. 8now, Curac.n? L Nil kerson.
ficlir A]ma. .Shaw. St An Irewi?D 1; I> wolf.
R< hr Win Htne, Hcott. Washington?Van iirnnt A Rlaght.
8clir J W Tline, Matiuon, Wasliingtou?Bcutley, Smith k
Si lir S N Smith, Llscum. Baltimore?Merrill A Abbott.
Schr Diamond, Norton. Philadelphia?Bak-r A Llayton.
Pclir E <1 Sawyer, Pohlln, Eli/ribft'ipnrt?Brett, Son k Co.
Sc' r Webster. Ward 11, l'or; Monmouth?Master.
SchrTtachel Benin, Curtis, August i???! L Hatch,
S hr Caroline, Watson, Portsinonth?Master.
Scln T Taylor, Loi mg. Danvere? Master.
Stlir K Puirinalee, Barlow, Providei, e?!( S Racket,
Schr J Hmckiev, Gate, New naven?M ister.
Sloop Actor, Mayiiew, Kgg Harbor?Master.
StnsmshlpEmpire City (C 8 transport). Baitor, Bcanfort,
NC, Aug S>, > lu I'orti css Monroe 10th, 3 I'M. with passengers,
to D U Tomnklne,
Slilp Christopher Newton, (Br), of Montrose, Menzier,
Oi wenocir; 37 days, coil ta order.
Ship Unci* .lob. Pinkham, Cardiff, 45?1 iys, coal toori'er.
Ship Sunrise, Wiusor, Oibraliar, .9 <l i>s, ballast to was
Ship Jai Ilorey (of Waldoboro), Robinson, Boston, 3 days,
in baUast, to master.
Bark Fricdcl.en (Pr), Sihr, Liverpool, 54 days, coal
to Win. Salem A Co., 10th inst., lat 39 4S. Ion. 73 60, saw the
w reck of a vessel supposed a bark of about *>0 tons burtheu,
with the stumps of tin mainmast and mueuuiast sucking
Bark'Oeorge Marchn.ni! (Prusl, Eachricht, Oalway, 38
days, in ballast, to K W Schmidt A Co.
Bark Speran/ji (Br, of London), Russell, Lisbon, 44 days,
with salt, to Ilolmboe A Co.
Bark Reindeer (of New Ilaven), Wellington, Barbados,
July W. with mo! i?sc?, to Trowbridge's dons.
Bark Llnrta (of I'hi'adelph'a), Hewitt, Matanzas, July 31,
with molasses, Ac, to Ja? T. Ward * Co.
Briti'h brig Julia (of Wtndior.f N. 8.) Bradshaw, Olase
Ba.v, C. B.. 14 days, coal to master.
Bark Teias, Rogers, NcWbern, NC, 4 days, In ballast, to
Wakeman A Dlmon.
Bark Katherln ? Ma td, (Br), Aaderson, Provldenoe, 2
days, in lisllasi, to master.
Brig Anna Maria, (Br), of Yarmouth, Enj-, Paie. Llmer>
Ick, V davs, ballast, to ord> r. Jul , if4 on the Banks, spoke
flsliin^ schr Empire, of ProvlneetOTii. with # OM ush.
Brig Hydra of Searaport), Herrlrnsn, Bordeau*. June 17,
wiji tvlne, brnndv, Ac lo master. H^d strong winds to the
Bftuks; since llgii! variable winds.
Iirix Minnie Mi'ler of Columbia), White, Menton, June
14. ?ith lemon-, oii, Ac., to F.rett, Son A Co. June lo, lat.
3613, Ion. 32 Si, spoke wlia'i.ig bark E'leu, of Edgartown,
reas<', with 100 barrels of aperm and 40 barrels i.t bl. ckflsh
oil. Jnly 20, lat. 3b 44, Ion. 34 20, spoke French bark Aus
tralia, from Batavla for Amsterdam.
Brig Porto Plata (Brem), Kopcr, Portan Piatt. Aug 1. With
tobacco, to C F A H O Schmidt. Aug 5, lat 30 30, ion 72 82,
exchanged signals with a scnooner bound 8, showing a white
signal with red letter B or D in It.
Brig B Smith (Br), M'-Ouilam, Llngtn, CB, 19 days, (with
coal. t? D R Devolf.
Brig North Ametlca, V.'ai ace, Two Rivers, N8, 19 days,
with spurt, to Jed Frjro A Co.
Bi iK ltf?fe 8lover, Getchell, Boston, 4 <!ays, In ballast.
Schr A W McLeUan (Br). McLean, Llugan. C'BlJday*,
with 111 tons mal to Manhattan (1H Co? vessel to IIJ t C
A DnW'oir.
Schr Mary (Br>, Day, Cow Bay, CB, 10 day*, with coal, to
R Bailout
Sohr Julia A Hallo It, Bailey, Pert Rojul. C days. In ballait,
to B W Lewi*. 8th iust, olTOape Lookout, passea schr Lot
tie. hear*, foj Port Royal; 10th,9 mile* SE of Barnogat light,
pawed the wreck of u for" and aft sehoonei, bottom up, of
about 150 tons burthen; had bowiprlt alongside and bottom
Schr H F Woolsev, 8op?r, Harrison's Landing.
8ci)r R' i Grende, Andrews. Virginia, S days.
Sehr \Vastern Star, Crowoll, Baitl uore 3 day*
8-hr Anna B Haye*. Robins <n. i'hliadelp.iia for Ifewport.
ft' lir Belle, Bulger, Eactport. 13 (lays.
Schr Bonn laiy, D i Is. Maehlasport, U da - a.
Sclir M E Pearson, Hodgdon, liansur, 6 itaya
S hr Sarah. II jlden, Bock'and. 4 (lay.
Sciir T D Litchfield. Hunter, ReckUnd, 4 daya.
8 hr AngeMne, 111*. Rockland, 4 days.
Khr. White S"a, Llttlefleld, Portland (Me), 1 d ays.
Schr Thomas Jefferion, Kennev, Salem, 8 day*.
Schr Karen Kappuik, K-ltey. Boston, 3 days.
8chr John C Brooks, Bears*, Boston, 3 days.
Schr Atlantic, Cook, Boston, 3 days.
Schr Capt John. Torry, Button, 3 day*.
Bohr Snrprl?e, Beer*, Boston, :t lava.
Sclir.J McCloslyy, BaVor. Boston, 4 davs,
S-hr Grace Glrdierl'alne. Buxton f r Philadelphia.
Sohr Commodore, Chase, Glooeester.
Schr West Gleam. Tarr, Gloucester.
Schr J Reed, Stetson, Glow ?er, 3 days.
Schr J T Wallace, Staples, Taunton.
Hclir America, Reynold^ Providence, 1 days.
Schr Diadem, Lualam, Providence.
?ebr Mediator, Miller, Providence.
Schr Ottoman, Blanohard, Providence for Ellzsbetbport.
Schr Vol: a Brook*. Greenport for Philadelphia.
sloop Apollo, Freeman, Myr.le.
United Stat"* (team tranipon Mattan >. Kearney, Port
Koyal, S C, S days. In ballast, to D D Toiipkin*. 7th Instant,
off Charleston, wa* boar lad from United State* gnnboet
Flag, and received letters from her. Same d i?, oB Cape
Roinaine. spoke United Stale* gunboat Bienville. Same
day, oil' Frying Pan Shoal, wai boarded from United State*
gunboat Montlci-llo; the gunboats Mystic and Stars and
Stripe* were In company. 8lh Instant, 30 miles S W
of Lookout Shoals, waa hoarded from United Slates gunboat
Massachusetts, henoe for Port Royal. lOtli instant. M mile*
8 of Delaware light shi|>, spoke Br brig John Butler, from
8t Domingo, for New York, II days out.
Steamer Albany (U 8 transport), Lewi*. Newbera, NC.
Aug ?, with passenger*, to I) 8 Quartermaster. 9th m*t. UK
PM, of! Nags Head. s|?>ke l: S steam gunboat ??, bo una
8. all well: 10th, at S AM, off Cape Henry, spoke V 8 steam
transport Jersey Blue.
Wind at (unset 88E.
Barb Damo*. Bartl?tt, at Boslon from Ardro??an, report*
on 3d ul). lat M 27, Ion 23 90, In a gale ftpui SW. sprung
aleak, and on the 12th, In another gale, the teak Increasing,
was complied to throw overboard about sixty ton* iron to
keep from linking. The vessel now leak* I8W strokes per
8r7* N n?i.HBs, Heivett, at Providence from Philadelphia)
r 'potts at 8 PM on the 3th Inst, while at anchor inside of
Sandy Hook during a thunder storm, was Htriek by ligtit
ning, which shivered the foretopmast and spilt foremast,
rendering a new must ncc 'Mary. Two of the crew were .Ho
much affected by the shook that they did not recover until
the next day.
Sea* Victor, ai'.iore oi Poini Judith, stilt hold* together,
though from the nature of her cargo 'granite) there Is not
much hope ol getting her otT. Oue man remain* hp her.
A Card?We, the undersigned, passenger* by the Ameri
can brig Tallulah, from Rio Janeiro, having aafely arrived at
the port of our destination, take tbl* mode of publicly ?i.
pressing our sincere thanks to Cast W B Plummer, for the
uniform kindness and attention shown by him to us during
the voyage. His carefnl and attentive treatment waa all that
could be deaired, and we Indulge the hope that forihegreat
care bestowed by hlm apou?ail that required his assistance
when sick, be will In a measure be renald by the knowledge
of having forever made friend* of hi* sincere well vlshers. |
Wm Bette, Franotaca Tavares da Siiva e Maura, Janus Nlc
vlU*, Louis T Bltt. Fell* Gerhard.
Port of New York, Aug 6. 1802.
U fl TsaNsronr St*twin Amsf, )
AT Ssa. Aug 10,1862. 1
At S meeting ' f the iMtaengert, held on b, ard, willing >0
eipress their deep sentiment* of thank* to Captain Joseph
Lewis and his officers for their kind treatment during the
passage from Mew hern, ICO. to ltew York, and In pan lout ar
for 'be liberties and utrdlalliles extended to all, and ihe cars
for the sick aad wounded, to which tbey attended faith.fully,
Reaolved, That ihe thank* of all.the passengers are dus to
Capt Lewl?, the pursy, and all the officers ol the si earner;
and that we onserfullj recommend them to the public In ge
neral as genMeiuen la their oonduct, skilful navigators and
excellent mansaer*. -
t J Thomas, u8N, Chairman; Cart E 0 Dayton,f! O, and
M L Bachfach, Vice President*; F Mleraan, MI?, and Ad Cal
maan. Secretaries.*i
The U S gunboat &ierce4lta Is now on the great Balance
dock for repairs.
BtRCtLOKA, July St?On the 37th ult.a small Spanish-look
ing balg arrived at this port under the rebel color*. She en
tered at the health ofliee as the brig Mary Hkafe, cant Fran
ol* alias Brown, 67 days from Charleston, K?\ with flOfi bale*
cotUin and 2S0 bhls roeln. She has now finished discharging,
and is laid up In th!s?port.
Alt; ship Vik.ng. 134# ton*, baiit at Bath In 1803, ha* been
sold at about 940,000.
A2H sohr Sallie Smith, of Ijj lffeport, 106 ton*, built at
Edenton, SC. In 18M, now at Providence, baa been purchas
ed by panic* In Kail River, on private tcrra^ and will-here
after hall from that port,.
Ship M?hawk. of Nantucket, reported hr ieM?r from sVip
Mary, ui Edgartu'A n as having been luat Vrev to March W,
was a' Bay of Islands April 7. ?
At Bt Catherine* June 1, bl,k Odd Fellow, We!d? SH, 318
*A letter from Capt Jone*. of ship Oeorjre niya'md, NB
(which ?M'frorn New Bedford June 4 for raci'.ie Ocean), re
peats her at sea. no date, lat 4<l 46, Ion >7 30, hxvtHK taken 140
bhls sp oil?had had very l>ad ***'"**, since (rarin* home.
Fpoken?July 11, lat ti H, Ion 81 W, l>aik, Marcella, Cro*by,
NB. oil not reported, ?
OtT Juan Fernande* last of Marcb, al'.tp Auoor*. Church,
WWtport,l?.p.SrV^|| ^
Ship R?*olule. Fr??m*n, from f,York for Liverpool, July
11, off Handy Boob, ,
Itark Arthur Pickering, fror^ Boston for New Orleans, Aug
8,Ut3#4t. I#)i*
rrtij Marv E M'lllken. from PtiiUdelphia tor New Oil? m*
July at, tat 29 Ion 7S.
Porelgn Porta.
B^vbat, June 27-In poit (additional) ahip Harriet k Jea
?i<-, D :abo||. ? .
ll.tKCKi on*. July S?T"Ij "?rt bark# OoDMl, Rogbra from
N If, atrTth, <L?c; Hrllllanu
(lp. Itr 11th, do; nrlu Mary S^sfe, FraheiS iliil Hi Own. fro n
Charleston, a it June 47, laid up. Kid 18th, brig Mloun
fle. lit' r, t'ouB i igbto#, Tarragona.
Uaiui.uio.h, July 29?Mil Am vessel in port.
Ok*OA, July 16?Arr ahlji Zeaohia. Peter*, Newport, E
;.n".uoi<?-,July 17?lu port sliip Alexaadrlua, Tit orah, fot
B"-toi: leg inarble, rags, sti.iw goods, preserve 1 fruits, ?c,
td -ml at>i Au : l'J.
t >/* . J>.iy 31?In port, barks M Meloalf, f, r NYorV
few ??*,?); t'hH? Edwin. do do; E F Chaae. illlk.-y, from
Portland .irr 30 th); brlga A Paters, for Philadelphia neit
days Anandale lor Portland, tto; T O King, ftt.i'i NT ,rk
fnrr SOtuJ: i',ol W Hoggins, (do 27th); 11 II McGilvery, <]?
1'oiiT ai.Pi.att, Aug 1?In port Bremen brln Santiago, Tor
NVork 5th. ld?r.
Kio Jankiho, June 29?Sid brig Brothe rs, Urooki, Mouta
Sr Thomas, July 28?In port alilp Globe, H iker. wm order",
brl* Hootland. Francis, from Barhaio*. arr 26th, tli -g; scfci
Pranria June (Br), Bain, from NVork, arr 25Hi ' ?. <14
lwli, britf Timothy Field, Royal, Turks isluuds; 'A,d, suht
Ann Carlet, Carlet. do.
Aam-rlcan Porta.
BOSTON, Aug 9, I* H?Arr brlga Volanta (Br). Wed II*
ton, Clanfaegoa; Sarah Wooater, Lord, H?rriaoii'a Landing,
V*; Euro a, Parsons Georgetown, D C; Harp, Smith; A1U
k on, Sawyer, and William A D-eaaer, Hatch, Philadelphia;
aV'ia Antaem, Brereton, Neuvltaa; Aatona, Smith, Ceorga
to ../i, DO; Paragon, Hatch, Philadelphia; A'.mira, Prrasey
Bay k. 'ate, Snow, and Union, Liblwy, KMiabethport; Aral* I
la. WiU Oasaabeaa. Foster. and Alpine, Bray, l'orl Ewea.
Old brlgh Alice Franklin (Br), Kelley. Deraarara via N'>rf ilk;
Rubin Co. "?-hell, Alexuadrla; aehra Isabella, Faulklln, Hew
York* T H Thompson, Haker, New York.
Aug 10? Krr o*rlt Damon Harriett. Ardroaeaa; a?hrs
Challenge, Wk l|-b'i and Pocahontas, Berry. Georgetown,
D 0; Lacuna. .Rowley, Cboptank river; Henry Payson,
Crowell, and H\Curtia Haakell, Biltlmora; D 8 Men-hon,
Robinson nnd 0?k'"itti Johnson. Phtlndelphia; Sea Mark,
Bolau. E Uabethport.: H H Barnea. Raymond, and Plymouth
Rock \.ll?-n, NYork. .Below, at anchor In President Roada,
U 0 K' ?m aloop-of-war bin Jacinto, from Key Weat. Signal
for a panda brig. In Ihe bay, a ha-* and four bi iga.
B ,1 MORE, Aug 9 a ID?Arr achr H E Weston. Fiat
Bin i. Cld harks Hugh Birekhnad. Oaylc, Bio Janeiro and
ana ? market; Edward Hill, Arev, Boatoa; brtn Queen of
the South, Chapman, Rahia and a market; Rio Or\nde,
Orwnle^f, and Forreat Sta'e, Harrlman, Boaton; aehra 8 T.
Baker. Averv, Win Capea, VanName, and Oeneral Washing
ton, We'nh, NYork; Squire & Brotbera, Alley, and Martha
Jane, Ellott, Boaton: Undine, B.'ker, and Perseverance,
Aray, Bridgeport: Alice Mowe, Tuwnaend, NOrfeana (and
aid). Sid ship R 0 Wintbrop, Harding. Havre* harka Men
da -nlu. Kerrell, Rio de Janeiro and a market; A^uea, Thorny,
eon, Cardenaa.
BLLI-'AST, Jul* SI?Arr achrp Alhert Jameson. Jamison,
New York; Aug 1", Hio Grande, Allen, do; 2d, baika Trujan.
Babbldge, Loudon; Diana, Coombs, Bangor for Buenos
Avrea (ami aid <>th); 3d, arhr Leader, Harding, NYork. Sid
Gtb, S'-hr Rio Giande, Allen, Brookhavon.
BANGOR, Aug $?Cld bna Wm Moore, Klyne, Santa Oruaj
anhr Prudence, Coomba, NYork.
BRISTOL. Aug 9?Arr brig California, Glfford, Phlladal
ph!a. aloops Luna, Smith, Port Ewen: Holaler, h uhola,
Proriietice for NYork. 81d sohr Isaac P Hazard, Wilson,
Port K?, n.
ELIZABETHPORT, Aug 9?Old brig Bpeedaway, Ather
tou, Portland; schra Defiance, Harrington, do; B.wuidywine,
Wheeler, Norwich; Thoa H Fa'le, Phirips, W<v,i Farms; K
C Dennison. Sout:.worth, Ilnr,fi>rd; E'leii Bainea. "rmgs,
Fall River; Harriot, Staples Taunton ; Alniira Rogers, ./itfht
man, East Greenwich; Rox inna Burley, Auat.u, and Orlan
do Smith, Barber, Pawtucket.
FALL RIVER, Auu 9-rArr aehra Enoch Pralt, Raker,
Georgetown, DO; Silas Wright, Sean.un, Ellzabethportj
Lookout, Thornton, Bltinicre; sPxip P!"nr!, Co''telt[h Eliza
hthport. Sid ho;; r Me dad Piatt, Kenyon, Ell/aoethport;
aloop Neptune, Davta, do.
10th?Arr achr A dole Polecla, Tourgee, Kll'ah'"' hport.
NEW BEDFORD, Auk 9?Arr sohr Maty Elizabeth. New
York. Old bark (leu Beott. Phlnney, Ca'aia Sid schra Ca
leb StetHoa, Town and. Phlladellihla; Si Lucar. Ba>ne< New
York; Wm H I>?lit, Cory (Irom IJostou), do; sloop II Maa
tin Tnsf' her. do.
NEWPORT, Aui; 8?Arr, sehr Fanny Boardman, Matthews,
Portamouth, NH for Philadelphia land Hilled 9th); alnopa
Pearl, Coblelgh, llavemtraw, NY, Congress, Parker, Btlz?
b' ihport; John <1 Perry, Gertney, Rye, NYork, with au er
curaion party.
9th?Ait, a-ha Rt Luear, Barne?, NB"dford for NTork: Yar
mou h, Buah.aud W H Dewltt, Corey, Boston fordo; Elleq.
Merry man, Hamilton, and Baltimore, fijirdnei. Porlland Tor
do: Zoe. Potter, Boston for do; Fred Puxene,Achorn, Vli.al
haven for Sandy Hook; Corona , Drewten for Ai ^an
dria; Koasuth, Saeo for NYf-rk; B Allen A'lon, and Louisa
II Endleott, L'-eda, Philadelphia. SM, aeha Gen Mnr'oa,
<jit?Hon Philadelphia; Carolin^Oraut, Prea? -y, do; Angedne,
St 'plei, Sandy Hook.
loth?Arr, aeha Henrietta, Braman, NYork for l'awtucket;
Waahinffton. Furgoson, Plillade iii.ia for Fall River,
T'HIIiADEliPHIA, Au? 9? An brl((S A Mlllken, Ptah,
Boston; ^ati Antonio, Snow, Ilarriaon's Landing; aehra Ply,
Oheasenian, Nantucket; Leesburg, Swift, and Amfcaaaador,
Baton. Boston;Susan Jsne. Ross. NYork; Sea Ouli, Rod
ders, Providence; Pinta, S-indera, New London; Sylvesies
Gesner, Thompaoa, Newark: Thos Rnrden. Wiishllngton,
Kail River. Cid ate.imsbip Saion.M itthews. Boston; l arks
Moonbe .m, Dow. Sau Francisco: It Crooker. She; ill", NYork)
achrs Minerva (Br), Fletehcr, K:rie?'on, Ja; Willow, Parker.
Sar;o; Mary H Banks, Marts; Susan F Ahl>ott, Ludlam; W B
Clark, Clark, Armenia, Caveller: Ann s Brown. Brown; W
II Howe, Harris; North PjicIiic, Marry; Haven, R'.?c, and H
W Godfrey, Week*. Boalon; Water Wite.li, Hull, Norwich; G
Ka>a, Ni' ki rson; J Burley, Browar, and[Mary Enima, Haop
er, Providence: S'.aron, Tburlow, Newburypert: K Law,
York. Salem; I* HUnur, Oraee, and Wm Loper, Robinson,
I.yiui, New Haven Griffin, New I^imlon; Ruth Ha'.-ey. Den
ny, Lynn; California, Stiller, Ipswich; S V W Simmons,
0"dfrev. Salem.
10th?Arr achrs Itasca, Williams, and WUIIam B Jeqklna,
Jenhina, NYork.
PORTLAND, Aug 8?Arr brig ,f D Lincoln, Webber, Trlnl
da l; si hr Almlra Ann. Bltkmore, Rockpori for Philadelphia.
) ORTSMOUTH, Aug7?Arr achr Quail. Brewster, NYork.
PBOVIDE.VCE. Aug 9 Arr steamer P.itrel, Young;
NYork; silirs Francisco, Kllby, Baltimore; Eltzabeif,
Brown; Natad Que n, Hulse, and N Ho'.mea, Hewett, Phila
delphia; Urbana, Wll.oi: Nlnetta, Taylor, and Ann Maria,
Ellsworth. Elizabeth port; Tran juil. Seaman, Staatsburg,
NV; Chase, Mills, Port Ewen; sloops Proof Olasa. Hal'.ocE,
aud Victory, Cole, Ell/.abethpott. Sid sehr W W Brainard,
Howdltch, NYork ; aloopt Pointer, Nichols; Home, Foraham,
?nd Agent, Daniels, do
lO'.h?Arr ateamers Falcon, Jonas, and Pelican, Maker,
NY,>rk; achrs 3na Witch, Tyler. Baltimore; T Bonedlot,Gold
smith; New Regulut, Ball: Mary Nuit, Smith; Mary H Mlr
tliu. Gladding; Joseph E Potts, Hollev, and Lady Adams
Hadwln. Ellzaboihport; sinopa Mary Dallair Rackett, aad
Win 8 Monat, Donoran, Purt Ewen; Oi>era, Dewiek, NYork.
Below, achr J H Lane, Sew.ird, from NYork. 8 d aehra Mat
thew Bird, Davla; JiiHt'e?. Sheldon; O A llaydeo. Smith;
Katrlna Van Oonrtlandt. Lent; Somerset, Sterling; Sarah
Maria, Baker; Z Secor, Robblna; 8.im'-r??t, Sterling; F 1>
Decker. Watrou.i, and I.a ly Jane, Saundsra, NYork; sloops
Geo II Davla. Young, and Jenny Llnd, 8peneer, NYork.
ROCKLAND, Aug 2?Sid si tus Red Rover, NYork; Lucy
Blake, Everett, do; ."VI, barks Itas -a, Turner, New Orleans;
Gtli, Gen Lam irre, Cady, Port au Piluoe; Harriet Snaul ling,
Booker, NYork; bries JarfTrs Crosby, Parker. Alexandria; F
Eiigen#, Alehoru, NYork; sehra Oregon. Pralt, and Marble
heal, McAllister, do; 7th, R Hewett, Rhoadea. Washington.
Monday, August 11?6 P. M.
To day's bank statement compares as follow*
with that of last Monday:?
Werk end in/7. Specie Circulation. DcpnH't.
August 2. .$150,517,8+4 34 022.400 9,311,801 13T.112,9ST
August 9.. 101,190,*03 34,nil,069 9,2^1,504 139,044,480
lucrease. $672,369 &88.5T9 ? 2,431,743
Dvcrease. ? ? 90,364 ?
The steady increase in the bank deposits which
we have been witnessing for some time back is the
most remarkable feature of the bank movement,
and suffices to expiaiu the plethora of money and
the tendency towards speculation which are so evi
dent in Wall street. The increase in specie proba
bly consists mainly of special deposits. Many of
the banks are keeping two kinds of accounts*with
their customers?a currency account and a gold
account; different kinds of checks are used for
each, the gold checks which wo hav^ seen being
printed in red. The banks onght, without delay,
to publish a statement of the amount of special de
posits held by them. It would be also interesting
to know the names of the special depositors whe
are hoarding gold. This probably could not be ob
Money is offered in Wall street at 3 per cent
on call, and loans have been effected at that rate.
The general rate of loans continues to be 4 per
cent. Certificates of indebtedness are down again
to 99. Demand notes are steady at about 106%}
the goods imported in the hope that they would be
entered under the old tariff continue to create aa
inquiry for them. The depoeits at the Sub-Treasu
ry to-day were 1140,000.
Exchange is dull. Bankers ask 128 a Y%\ we
hear of 125% being actually paid, but most transac
tions are at or below 125. Mercantile bills sell at
124 a %. Gold was rather firmer this morning;
there were sales at 113%, and ll i was bid through
out the day; in the afternoon it ran up to 114, then
fell back and closed 113% bid.
Notwithstanding the news from Culpepper, which
wss generally interpreted unfavorably at the open
ing this morning, pricee on the Stock Exchange
were well sustained, and governments, Brie, Erie
preferred and Oalena were a fraotion better at
the first board, other securities being generally
steady M Saturday's prices. The aixee of 1881
sold at par; 7.30 nets*declined %; Central was like
wise sold down % per cent. For bonds the inquiry
was active, and prices were well?usta!ned. Between
the boards the market was firm. Home new buyera
came in, apparently expecting lower prices. Ah
the second board a successful effort was made to
affect the market on rumors of disaster In Virginia,
and, while gold was hid up % per cent, Erie ai*d
other active speculative shares were sold down }?+
a y% per cent. There are no stocks pressing for
i?ale, and the feeling among operator* U generally
hopeful. The market closed dull, the following
being the last "quotations:?United HtatesC'a, regis
tered, 1881, 99 a 100; United States 6's, coupon,
188l,99a99%; United States .Vs, 1874, 86y% a 86%;
Treasury notes, 7 3-10 per cent, 103% a 108%}
Tennessee fl's,' ?0 a 50%', Virginia fl's, 52% a 53;
North Carolina 6'e, 05 a 67; Missouri 6's, 40% a
46%; American gold, 113% ft Pacific Mail,
109% a 110%^ New York Central, 92% a 9lK?
Erie, 35% a j5%; do. preferred, 65% a 65%; Hud
son River, \tf/t a 47; Harlem, 15% * 15%; do.
! preferred, 38 a 38%; Reading, 68 a 58%; Michi
gaiTUentral, 03% a 63%; Michigan Southern and
i Northern Indiana, 26% a 27%; do. guarantee,
? &8% a 58%; Panama, 137 a 139; IUiuoia Central,

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