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OrMt Runh of Traveller* for the Paci
fic?A. Veto Put V;?oii Their Ocpariuic?
General Order of Provost Muraliul ICtu<
ncdy, &<.
'lho skedou llmg mania Buffered no abatement yoster
(lay, but rather st-ernei to have boon more Itieuaitled t.y
the inconveniently siri; gout orders from Wi.. hiugtou, and
Uieefllcleiit pn.blliit >ry regulations established by the
Vigilict Provi?t Marshal Superintendent Kennedy. The
timely chock to ilie extraordinary Kuropeau eiodub at*
tempted on Saturday tilled hundreds of able bodiod men
*rith the sudden tliirst for the gold holds of California, aud
Uceordiugly at uu early hour yesterday morning pier Mo. 3
iNurih rivor, whsro tho steamship Murthern I.ight lay at
i*nchor, was vi; ited by crowds of anxious Ic^liviiuaU; wait
log to get on board tLo coveted ve" r-el. The sccno was a
^repetition of tbe disgraceful exhibition alio'ded on ?alur
?day prior to tha departure of tho Etna lor Europe. Every
body strove to reach the gang plank first, uad tbe uatural
Result wu of course aa awful amount ef crushing, jam
tolug, acrot.niug, tearing, elbowing and other lll-niau
toered demonstrations. Up to about noon the anx
ious emigrants experienced no Opposition from
the provost guard, under Deputy Silvey, and gained tho
Heck of tho Northern Light at the expense merely of dis.
Arranged toilets, soiled garments and somewhat rufllod
tempers, but to all appearances highly delighted at the
Inagnlflcent pro.spoct of an escape from tho draft. But
their glee was soon furned into loud-mouthed auger and
fcUappointment by a very unceremonious general order,
Issued by Provost Marshal Kennedy. The ordor referred
to la as follows:?
Oftkk Sci-uurrKXDBirr MjrrRopoimif Police'
413 liKoosii Street, Cor.vfr of El*,
New Yoke, August U, lMa.
taptutn , Precinct:?
The order of tiie War Department of August 8 Inst.,
Relative to''preven'ing evasionof military uuiy, aud for
the suppression of disl >j al practises," is to be vigorous
ly enforced. All jars ns, by any conveyance,
yrho are about leaving this district with" tho
itfe^ign ef evading military duty must bo de
tained; and where ai.y uiihsjuI oilort is made to
effect the purpo ?, such as using a false name, another
Jpreon's powixtrt or pass, afsuinlng any d if-guise of dreys
Or occupation, or by falsely claiming to bo un alien, or la
&ny other way attempting to p s.i by deception, or v. hero
?ho same person is discovered a second time endeavoring
to go improperly ou board of such e nveyart o, car or
Vessel, with such design, or where any person litis cian
?elestinoly obtained entrance on board ol such c< uveyance,
car or vessc'? fc-ch person shall bo arro-tod ana held
tinder the third paragraph of tho said order of the War
On the iay any vessel bound to a foreign pi.rt, includ
ing vessels u> .\npmwa;l, u-; to sail, sho shall l e thmouyh
K examined at tin early hour, and any person found on
ird besides tin* proper officers and crcw of such ve.-sel,
ftr the owtit.t; or agents of such vessel, and m l provided
Villi a pro;ior p^ port, which has boen duly certltled, as
^required by this order, or of such persons as arc uereby
Permitted to g on board without a passport, shall be
bold under arrejt. And a sufficient guani *h ill be placed
ou and about > oh vessel until she sails, t enforce tho
k-cqulremenUi of ?; s order.
( Males evident y over sixty years of age, females of nil
?gos and young children ol hull) tsoxos ? ill be yllowud to
gu on board mi o.viibltiug tbk ir (wfictt^o tickcts, withut
J ur a ports M .'?? claiming to he ovor or under military
?ge, where their claim is i ot ma: ifestand undoubted,
guust bo referred to this office for exatni. liou. Ureal
care mutt be observed to prevent iinposilliu in audi
i Passes by theSiieci.il Provost Marshal, or one of bis
deputise, or l>y l1'." l ulled States Marshal ol this District,
tvlll be recogni/.t 1 authority to pnsa on board ar.y per
son who Is over or uudor the ago malting It liable to per
form military duty, or who is incapacitated from per
forming military duty by reason of physical dis jualiftca
A11 other perrons before being allowed to go on board
knust exhibit their ; ausports- such as Hro aliens, fruit the
government or con ui of the country to whlcli they claim
tHegiauce; such a* are citUeus, trom the tocrcta.y ol
The passport* of alien-* most in ail cases bear evidence
pf haying b.-eu examined at tho office of the special i'ro
Vest Mar thai and cortitled correct. The purports of
Citizens must b ? o. a date later than July 31,1?&2, or bo
certified aa conuct at tills office.
Superintendent Metropolitan Police aud i>t ectai l'rovost
Instructions in consonance with this order having
roached Deputy Silvry from headquarters, he iumicdi"
ately set aootit putting thorn iuto execution. Ine^uioo
were Shut and further entrance prevented for the time
-being. Depuiy Sllvey went on board the Northern Li^ht
land ordered ail the; usseagers wh<> had already succeeded
In getting on board lu uxulbit their |?uMporlH or " ske
daddle." Tliote without tho required certiiicvtes wore
highly Indignant, protested against the " unwarrantable
?infringement " upon their personal liberty. and declared
tholr deteimii.ailon to do all sorts of terrible things when
(hey would bare a suitable opportunity. To all such
threats and speeches the provost guard were deaf. The
baokallderH we e obliged to i(uil the steamship, and again
traversod the wliarf, sometimes amidst tliu .-oolfo and
Jeers of tho mixed multitude that had gathered together:
Special Provost Marshal Kennedy aud United States
Marshal Murray issued tho following order last night,
respecting parties desiring to go to foreign places, hut
who do net desire to do so to avoid the draft. This regu.
lation Is eslab i.-b' d for the convenience of the travelling
public and tnei chauts who are desirous of visiting foreign
ports for legitimate purposes,aud not toovade any ueces
si lies that may arise in a military ]>oiiit of viow.?
Nsw York, August IX, 1862.
The undersigned, in order loaccommodato the travelling
public as niu<'h i s possible, hare arranged to Issue passes
to go to foreign |isoe* to suoh persons as are not liable
to perform ratllla-y duty, aud rise 111* iassporis of
Orst and second class cabm steamer passriigms at
the office of the I nlted States Maishil, No 41
Chambers street, aud t-j Issue similar passes toatidvise
the passports >t third class aud steerage puMMUgert of
steamers, and all passengers of sailing ve.-a.-le, at the
Oltlce of the Hp etal Prawt Marshal, No. 411 BTOMM
mruet. Tlic oil ers r. Ill bo op -r. from niae in tne moraiug
until live in the eveulna every day.
H'tHERl MURRAY, United States Marshal.
johx A. Kkn ? nor, Sup't. Metropolitan Polico aud Spe
clal Provost Marshal.
In addition to tho above, the following despatch was
received by Mr. Kennedy from the War Department last
Wasjiisoto.v, August 11,1862.
Mr. John a. Kckvwv, Superintendent, *c.:?
Sir?Your district, as Special Proviwt Marsnal for tho
-?xeeulien of orders emanating from this department, m
?Oludee tl>Q?Vew Jcrjey shores of the harbor of Ned York
and the Hudson, and the towns adjacent.
Bjr order of the Secretary of War.
P. H. WATSON, Assistant Secretary of War."
By (his order it will be observed that Mr. Kennedy's
jurisdiction as l'rovost Marshal extends to the depot of
the Cunarl steamers, and a portion of (he Provost Mar>
?haTs guard will be detailed to taks cognizance of all
parties geing on board of these stoamurs at ths time ef
?ailing. ?
?was visited by tho disappointed, with tho hipe of gut
ting a grain of comfort. Duputy Carpenter u tended to
the wants of tho*" Individuals. He explained tlio pro
visions of the general order issued by Mr. Kennedy rela
> tlve to (lie obt .kiing- of pa*ep>rtH, uud refused to give
any assistance to persons unprovided wiih those papers.
? was ap'n tho scone of great hua'lo and excitement
yesterday, owing to the rush of people desirous of ob
taining certll.rales of nationality,' In view ol the im
pending drstt. The crowd wis so tremendous at one
- time that Hi eservices of the pellco were c ulo I iu to clesr
the office o. all nppllcante, without exception.
Several versels bound for Europe were o *dere>l to rt
ruain yestorday 'intil an exsmination of th> ir passengers
could be made l>y tlio provost gourd. Tho Adelaide was
over taken ofT tho HghtsMp, snd one hundred and twenty
passengers takrn oiiv Tho Albert OallaKln was overtaken
?t sea by a bWlit -teamer and airth'< mal't pa'sfui^ers
were removed, llie passengers were all taken to tho
police head<p:urters, in Bnx>me street, where tltey
were Informed th it Amerlcau cltiVus must procure a
pasaport frcm th- fkr^.retary of Slate, and foreign citizens
passports from their respective consuls, hoi ore tbey
would be peis> Itted to leave.
In the Third precinct over two hundred men were pro
rented from sailing on the Saxon 1a.
In the Twenty sevoiith precinct a great number of ar
mrests have beftti ma4c.>
In the Twenty eighth precinct over four hundred ar
i-ests ware made on the steamer Etna.
In the Sixth precinct fourteon arriats were made.
'Ths Skedaddle to the BrKUh Provinces'
rOTB to six ui NDKin a dat oraktiw ikto
U [Fram ths Detroit Ereo It ess, A ig ut 9.1
The greet rush for'Canada has recuivol a sudden
iheck The I're-ldeni has issued a summary nrd?r,that no
citisen liable t" draft shall ho allowed to go into a to'otgn
country, and all those attempting It are to be arr<?t*il So
exoeptlon Is merte. snd no excuse is recognlrod as valid.
The necessity of this order will ho lit tic itppreclsted, ex
cept by those who r shln at frontier nj.sA ? and wltnexe it.
ffhe rush through l>etroit has, fur the [last four days, been
perfectly tremen Ipus. The tralns^uine In loatled down
with men from all |*rtsof the Weet who flying to
Canada, like cravt-ul, to escape thd draTt Yeeterday It
Is aaSd some five or six hundred crosaed tho rtvor here,
?say of wt>'-<m passed on eaat, while W.ihI-or Is lull to
repletion, every bed. benrh and plaiik.hr iu brought into
?requisition for sleeplng^ilscss. It Is pr' bnh e that t'nr.vl.i
West Jsst now eontalns the greatest, cngregntloa of
oowards that ever fled from a govern met 1 tliatMiaa een
better and kinder to tnlm tnan afathrr. !t Is to stop
this Sight thst ths l?resldent'B order hs? b??;i Iss-jad. ? e
aatlelpate that It will bo so rxscuted by our oru-c s is not
to Interfere In (be least with pereonB,or< s- Ing t tie rive>- for
buslnsee purples or with travellers; hut tlie lugltives
Will he brought un wllh s eudVlen turn. It Is rlrlittlinv
?heuld he, and they have to oongratulale lh< mscive? the
penalty la no severer than It le.
[Prom tho Chicsfo Tribune, August 0 ]
I I* mmlr a week eur dlty Uas preeeated dtmMtt
ful spnetac'o of full grown, able bodied iuen slitklDg off
tor < auada, liko whipped curs, by ruil and lake, with no
aptiaroul melhod of mopping them. 'lb* prompt and
Mtoru notion o: ILe War Department, bowever, has put a
period to tb>! hogira, ?nd all those timid individuals wbo
iiav* boeu pocking their truiks and gathering together
their "tr.iy funds fur a few weeks' re:iilei!ce In her Ma
jesty'n ?U/U?cii>D, might *? well unpack an t lelnvest
tlielr money heri, f r the/ have got to kuj ut In uic by
the oiitn !jte of th so whom It v\ ill be wi ll to obey.
iho limt application ol waulal law wtu made by Supe
rlu: udc.a Urndloy l ist evening, wb > niude a det-csiit up
on tho eaairn bo'ind trains about the lio .r of starting,
and captured a fc<juad A fugitives wh > wore bound
mainly lor !?< iroit. They \nio all U.keii lj thu police of
fl e and exumlued. The f llowing is a list or them, with
thu amount of money found upon ibein. etc. Those mark
o-l with h Flar were discharged all rigbl:?
I'atriek .lulnney %j J5 *Kdward l!'?nby... $28 13
I'atriek I'-endon 17 00 *>'. A. Berry 25 60
I'atriek Duianev 18 O0 William Mppen 26 00
John Burnett 41 00 Bernard Morrill ?
?Krank iut.;bril y 60 Wiiliun Long 11 60
?Gustavus A. Morton. .25 40 William Diiiey 197 f>8
A. 8. La Due ? Daniel Dori.u 6?i .'>0
?James Morrill 7 60 *Kdw. 1). Chaptn 23 17
?Geo. Menolaus 1H 75 *Heury D. I:unbar... 278 02
Thou. b<>ling 4.'i 00 James Connelly 23 86
?ri. Heath 19 83
?Kn ni the above it will bo seen that the Individuals bad
provided themselves with Jurit funds enough to last until
after the draft. Those who are not slaired in the above
list are in coniineuieut.
Rrfageet to Canada.
Toao.vto, August 11,1863.
An extraordinary number of Americans are here to
?scape being drafted.
The Toronto a lube, which Is friendly to the North, says
that the late order of Secretary Stanton Is impolitic, ab
surd and tyrannical. It then adds that onljr the craveu
beartod, disloyal and incapable will eome here, to return
to their homes after the 15th of August. Their depar
'ure from Canada will excite no regret.
Milwackkb, August 11,1862.
From fifteen to twenty refugees were taken from pro
pellers to-day, en route fir Canada to csoapc the draft.
Presentation of a Sword to ticn. Sweeney.
Brigadier General Tbomas W. Sweeney, tho hero of the
Mexican as wrll as tho present war, was the recipient
yesterday of a splendid bword, bestowed on htm by the
Common Council of Brooklyn, in appreciation of his merit
us a soldier. The presentation took place in the Gover
nor's Room, whore a lart, J concourse of military and civic
gentlemen wore uffcombleil t<3 do honor to tho gullant
General. Ccneral Sweeney seemed to be a special object
of interest, and numbeis of .nthuslastic citizens flookcj
to the Governor's Room for the purpose of shaking him
by the hand.
At two o'clcck the M-yor ef Brooklyn proceeded to
present He sw ord to General Sweeney, in tho following
Gknkral Swk vet?It affords me no small degree o^
pleasuro to fiave beon made the hnppy medium to pre'
ijont to you the gift by which tho citizens of Brooklyn de
sire to symbolize the admiration they entertain for your
charucter, and the appreciation of your noble deed.-*.
They c. uuot fail to bo prom 1 of your gallant achieve
ments, * portion of the lustre of which is relucted on the
community to Which you belong. Your sacrifices in de
fence ef our gtori ius country, both during the Mexican
war and the present rebellion, linvo endeared jou to our
people, anil enrol led your n.itno oh tho page ot History an
one ol Brooklyn's noblest an I bravest sous. As on evi
dence of their gratitude anil es'.oem ior you us a soldier,
I now tender you in their name mid on their behalf this
sword, to be kept as r? token Of their appreciation of your
post ,-ervkes itnd confidence iu your patriotism, feeling
assured t)iut if culled upon you v. ul go forth again with
alacrity to protect your country and battle with uu
I'ltnimshed anior under its Hug, aud that the weapon
wlilch I now place in your l.auds, if drawn in tbo public
servico, will contribute to tho safety and renown of the
ropubiic, and return to its sheath without the slightest
slain of dishonor to sully the brightness of its blade.
On receiving the sword Geueiui dweency responded as
Mr. Mayor?In acccptlng this beautiful gift at your
hands and those of the citiuot of Brooklyn, I regret ex
ceedingly that I cannot find words to express the feelings
lliat agitate my lioart at this moment. I am proud sir to
receive this gift as an acknowledgment of services that
J have rendered to my country. 1 shall endeavor hare
alter to add if possible more evidences, if neceaaary,to
prove my loyalty and devotion to tlio cause that la dear
to us all?tUo causo of our country in her greatest peril.
I iiave served that couutry in the (laid for sixteen years.
1 havo onacavorod.durine' that time to perform my duty,
and I am hippy to think that my fellow citizens acknow
ledged that I havo In a measuie done so. A> a soldier, I
shall eadoavor to naake tho most suiwble response to the
reception of this gift by deeds, nut words. I havo nover
made a speech in my lire, and will not endeavor to do so
now; but by deeds I shall endeavor to prove that your
confidence in my patriotism hu not been misplaced.
Accept, sir, my thanks, and be kind enough to extend
them to tho po<.ple of Brooklyn for the very flattering
manner ln?wbich you have beou kind enough to ueution
my services, and for this beautiful present.
On concluding tho General was enthusiastically ap*
plauded, and three hearty cheers were given for him at
tho solicitation of Aldermaa Schole*.
Alderman Snioufs read a letter of apology from Col.
Podge, who was t:nab!e to be present In consequence or
sickness Incidental to wounds received in the field.
The sword presented to Gen. Sweeney is really a chef
d'avire in it* way. It was manufactured by Tllt'auy &
Co. The srabbard, which Is composed of gold, lined with
steel, is elaborately ornamented. The hundle Is solid
silver surmounted by the head of Minerva, helmeted In
|rtl lbu slaold is of silver, and bears tlie following iu
trriptlon:?"Presented to Brigadier Uenoral Thomas W.
sweeney by the citizon* ot Brooklyn, August, 1MB."
Iufccrlbcd in scroll work ou the scabbard are the names
of the following battle llelds where General Sweeney dis
tinguished himself :?Vera Cruz, Cerro Gordo, Ptitbla,
Contrera.s, Cherubucco, in the Mexican war; and For
syth, Wilson's Creek, Kurt Donelson, Pittsburg and Co
rinth, during the present rebellion.
General Jim Lim 't Instructions.
W Ait PkimrimiiNT. Wx-.HtxuTON, July ?2, 1882.
Hon. Javbs H. Laxii, Kaiusus:?
Yeu are hereby n titled tiiat you havo been appointed
by tho Secretary of War commissioner for recruiting in
the Department of Kansas. You ure requested to pro
ceed forthwith to raise and organise one < r more brigades
of volunteer Infantry, to be mustered into tbo service of
the United States tor Wee years or 'luring the war. For
thli purpose full autli<*rlty la hereby conferred u|>on you
to establish caint* and proviilo for tho maiutonance of
discipline and tho supply of tho troop*, with the muni
tions of war. on your requisition the Commanding
General of the department will issue supplies of arms
and accoutrements, clothing, camp equipage and sub
'sistence. Transportations for recruits and re
cruiting officers will bo furnished on your re
quisition, or refunded on vouchers In the usual
form accompanied by jour order directing the
movement. It Is recommended that the provisions of
Gonoral Or dor No. Tfl, current series, be followed as far as
possible in < ig mixing companies, to tho enil thai muster
rolls may be uniform and aulheotio. This is necessary in
order to do Justice to the soldier and prevent contusion in
accounts awl lues to the government. In performing
these duties you are authorised to visit such places with
in the Department of Kansas as may be noceeaary, for
which transportation will be furuUhcd you by tho Com
manding tJeneral on your requisition, or tho oust of the
same will be reimbursed by the Secretary of War from
Hie army contingent fund. You will be expected to re
p it freqneutly to this Department the proyrer** and proe
pert* of the work, and mike any suggestions that may
occur tojrou from time to time as useful In facilitating its
accomplishment- This appointment may bo revoked at
tho pleasure of the Secretary of War.
By order of the Secretary of War.
P. C. BUCKINGHAM, Hrt*. Gen. and A. A. 0.
RarRiiriMO CMnuMOU, Daratinnirr or K a*sam. \
l&A> KXWOKTR Cm, August a, 1HU3. j
1. That persons of African descent who may desire to
enter the service of'the United States In this liepa. tment,
shall felly uniorstand tho teriai and conditions upon
which they will bo received into sucli seivlco. leerulluiR
officers who are authorised under Ind uctions from tbis
oillee to receive sucli persons shall, before receiving
them, read to tliem and in their presence, Uio following
sections or tho act euiltled "An act to amend the act calf
in* for the militia to execute the laws of the I'ni. u, sup
press and repel invasion," approved Kcbpairy a*, 17U5,
and the acts amendatory thereof and for ?lh?r j arises,
spitroved July IT, 1H02. as folluws:?
Section 12. Aud be It further enacted. That the Presi
dent be, and he la borpby aulhoeued to receive into tho
sorvlco of tliu United Mates, for tlie pur|>o?e of coustruet
tng'lnlrenclimenUor camp servloe, or any otlier labor,
or auy military or naval service Tor which they may be
found ?ompeteut. persons of Afrioan descent; aud such
persous shall be enrolled and Oi'ganlsed nnder such regu
lations, not ineonslstent.with the o nelltutlou and laws,
as the Hresidout may prescribe.
Sec. 13. And be li further enacted. That when nny man
or b>y nf African decent, who, by Urn taws of auy State,
sh ill owo service r labor to uny person who, during the
present rebellion, has levied war or has borne arms
sg ilnst the |'nlted stat<*, or adbored to thctr enemies by
giving them aid uud jomlortJ slmll render any ? i<-|i ser
vice as is pro* i led for In 1I1U set, ho. his mother, and
his wife and children, shall former thereafter be froo,
any law, n?ago or cusloen whatever to the oontrnry
notwithstanding. Provided,That the mother, wlfe'and
children of such n?tn or b?>y of African detent slmll not
be made free by'the operation of this net, evept where
snch mother, alio or children owe sorvieo or bibor to
some person who. during the.preseut rebellion, ti is lurna
arms ifleltut the United State*, or adhered ru I'telr eue
rales by giv ing thorn aid*aud comfort lly order of
JAME.S II. LANK, Commissioner of llecrultlog.
T. J. Wun, Major and A. A. A. 0.
More Prisoners for Fort LamyttU>
Anmrr U ?Tbo following members of the crew of the
price steamer Memphis were this day transmitted to Fori
lafjjet'e ?J. l>ea, T. Murray, J. 8. Smith (pilots of
Charleston;, and A. Carlln, formuly captain of the
Cteil >?
Tti' 1 a were in all Ofly nine persons taken from on board
the Memphis, fifty-four of whom were released on making
onih that they were forelgn'em These, With tbo exoef>tlM
ef three, were ! .n(l limen
Sevci al pei tons wert imormed thai there would be no
obstacle to their leaving in the steamer for C?l If or a la, but
It appears thit Superinteadeat Kennedy received dlllbr
fpk (MUnctHMC *1 ?'Wfc la Ik* morning.
Oar Coiumbln. Corrcapojidruce.
(Jommuja, Tenu., August 4,1882.
0)<rrationt cf the Guerillas aiul Mm* inenti Mi*' - to Suppress
Them?Hold Skirmishing?Vigorout Prohtculitm of Ike.
War in K elation tu Civil A rreUt?Jlunwrs Abd Gmoral
Gut. J'i'loui?Hun. A. 0. P, NitJutUon, ex-Sena.'cr, ex.
JSIitur Washington Union, and Others, S<-nt South?
Guerilla Ft (/his and Plight*?Gttural Nq/ley'i \'mdi- ?
(ion of Union Hight??Ri 'urn of a fugitive to llii Mat
ter?In eraUinj Suggestion?Incident* and Humors of
the War, etc.
This portion of Middle Tennessee Is tu a more unsettled
condition yiuu it has been since tbo war commenced. The
contrast between tho state of things at the present time
and two months ago is very marked. Tho secessionists
have become so bold and rampant that Goneral Nogley
has at last determined to put on the screws, and inaui<(
Test the power of the government in a way thai it shall
bo felt. A number of prominent secessionists have b"cu
arrested and sent both North and South. The poopiu of
the North aro mistaken If they suppose that even this
course will stop the spread of rebellious sentiments. I
have to-day seen and conversed with representatives
from some hair dozen counties, dispassionate and reliablo
men. They toll me that seccmouism now, In tbelr lo
calities, as compared with six months ago, is as if such a
heresy were never before known. Gangs of guerillas
are formed by districts, or townships. Bach dis.
trict is expected to furnish its quota of armed
horseman, and concentrate at certain points
at given poriods. They are also expected to
commit such depredations as may he calculated to cripple
the enemy or annoy the friends of the government upon
any and every favorable opportunity. Two days ago two
guerillas stopped a lead of cetton within six or seven
miles of Columbia, near the residenco of a Dr. Nichols,
cut the cordage, spread the cotton out and burned it. Tho
niuno of one of these cotton buruers is Frierson. Steps
havo been taken to capture both hlmsolf and his accom
plice. llie cotton ? belonged to a Union citizen named
Emery. This is but one ol many similar maraudiug acts
continually occurring. The cry is, "Why not sweep out
these marauders?" It Is an old adage that a new broom
sweeps cican; but it is hardly expected that a command
iug oilkor will be able to do much ''sweeping out" whon
ho has no broom at all, or but the poor remnant of ono at
best. On Friday night Ust Captain Green, a good oUlcer
of tho First Tonnosseo regimont, camo up here with a
forco of somo tweuty six Pennsylvania Seventh cavalry
for tbo purpose of penetrating into tho interior of somo of
the counties hereabouts and protecting tho operations of
Cntoa recruiting officers. At nine In the evening ho gal
loped through the place, and in an hour or two afterwards
General Ncfalt>y rec^.ved a message from Captain Greeu,
asking for roluforucments, as tho oneuay was bclVro him
in double his forco. General Negley replied that rein
forcements would be sent, but that Captain Green must
eugage the enemy at all hazards. Tho game w.?s to bu
bagged by a coup de guerre. It did not succocd, an d Capt ?
Green returned to tako a fresh start. lie is a bold oflloer,
and Is acquainted with the country?a knowledge much
needed by Northern officers whon in pursuit of guerillas.
Last Thursday, Captain Jullien, a Union free-fighter of
Columbia, loft with a small force of horsemen to capture
or disperse a band of guerillas near Bigbyville. The
force wan divided luto small squads. They took different
roads, expecting to surprise tho enemy. Jull leu's horse
was the fastest, two or three (others were ,able to keep
near him, when a party'of hall'a dozen guorillas wero
ospied on the road. Chase was given. Away they flow
at full gallop for three miles, Jullien's frieuds far behind,
and Julllon himself at the heels of the foe. Ho flred hib'
revolvers several times, wounding one guerilla in tlio lea,,
aud killing a horse. The guerillas SUCOeed*d in flndlug
refuge in a barn, and they commenced blazing away at
JuUien, who wai uow entirely alone, having fix outridden
hi* friouds, and was the only mark for the enemy.
Theouemy protected by absrn, Julliou took refuge UehluJ
a corncrib. blaze and blaze away. Nobody hurt. Jnl
Hen s friends hove In sight at last, ud the guerillas, be
lieving them to be the vanguaidof a large party of
Unionists. took to their horses and fled. One horse was
wounded, and the rldor, dismounted, crawled on bis hands
and kneos into the brushwood, and escaped. Jullien's
party then returned with one rebel horso as a trophy
and ouo trooper, wouniied by a ball through the right
shoulder. His name is John K. Reynolds, Kentucky
First cavalry; resides in Laurul couuty, Kentucky. He
Is doing v oil in i he hospital here. Juiiiea is a blacksmith.
So was Wait l'yler. He ought to have command of a
squadron uf horse, and be empowered to light the guerillas
with their own weapons. Many such squadrons arc need
cd horo il .Middle Tenncssoe la expected soon to be re
stored to her former fealty. Loyal men now stop In their
praises lor tho Union to curse the cursed abolitionists
These guerillas in this part of Tennesson?I do not
sjicak of any rebel cavalry forco, such as the Texas
Hangers, &o.?move in gsngs of twenty to iifty, Ofty to
a hundred, aud from a hundred to three aud six hundred
They are generally mounted on good horses. To meet
them are sent Inion iufautry, woary, perhaps, with
many^an hour's tatigulng march, and with cavalry in
small squads. 1'licy keop to the turnpike or principal
roads. Tho guerillas are In tho bush or the mountain
gorges, ir in danger of capture, they suddenly turn
farmers, hoe corn, dig potatoes, or, like honest rustics,
are quietly walking on the highway, ready to give all tho
Inlorrnatiou any Union officer they meet may desiro
They do it lu their own way, though. If a*ked if they
are Union citizens, of course they say yes. Like a cer
tain class of people who apply at tho Capitol in Nashviilo
for permits to pass goods through the Union lines
?'Have you taken tho oath?" "Ol yes: I takes him
shoveral limes."
Night bo.'ore last (Saturday) (Too. Negley received
reliable Information ol an intended concentration of
(lucrillas nt a place culled YVIUIamsport. twelve mlics west
of.Columbia, tho several parties numbering some throo
huudred, under Cooper, Anderson aud other guerilla
chiels. It was necessary to nip this bud of treasou?m its
lncipicncy; lor more than ouo throat had bdbu made that
Columbia would suffer the fats of Murl'reeaboro bel'tye
many day.". To prevent the consummation of the object
of thi t-o rcbois, and to surpil o tlieiii, if possible, (ienerul
Ncgley started on Sunday,nt three P. U , for Williams
port, with ono company or cavalry, one or infaulrv and
one section of artillery. He i cached Williauisport at
sundown, driving in the enemy's pickets, and capturing
one noted guerilla named Jo. Irving, sine* escaped from
tho custody of tho Provost Marshal In Columbia. l ooper ?
guerillas wero forced across the river. Tho rebel
gang retreated at the flrst Ore. General .Vogley followed
the enemy on the other side ef the river shout four Biles
with his company of cavalry; but tho broken country and
the latouees of the hour prevented his overtaking them.
M^Jor Kennedy (Seventy-math Pennsylvania, actinc
Ordn&nce Uffleer), having the handling of the artillery
was proi>arod to Ore upon tho retreating foe, Iwt re-'
framed, because he foared that if he iet slip his crat e
sad canister tho damage was likely to be m treat to
Wend as foe. (General Negl<ay, made a number of im
portant arrests in William* port, whioh is a hotbed of sc
cesh. The command thou returned to Columbia, having
made tho march of thirty-ono miles in eleven hours aud
they wout faster than they came baok.
By the following order, Untied by General Negley, it
will be seen that several distinguished parsonages have
been hauled up aud sent to Oixle, or elsewhere. The
Hon. A. O. P. Nicholson was formerly the editor of the
Washington Cnian, and belittle office of United States
Senator. Colonel Hranoh is the brother of ex CougreiM
man Brauch, brigadier general In the rebel army. Judge
Martin married a Northern lady, a school mistress, net
Miss Martha North. The ar res led personages have de
pai to I on their several pilgrimages, Mr. Uranch going to
yorth Carolina (thenco to Richmond), and the others
"away down South in the land of cotton." This is the
order ?
snr.uL OROSRB?no. 141.
Ukaimuahtsbs, Uxitico grans Foarm, 1
Uolumma, Torni., July1803. J
1,?Hon. A. O. P. Nicholson, late United Statee Senator,
and Col. Joseph Branch, both citizens of M.iury county,
in the State of Tennessee, avowed sympathisers with the
,so called Southerti^confederacy, who openly declare their
opposliion, aud"refuse to declare their future allegtauc
to the federal govemmont, are deemed unworthy of ?u
joying any of tbo Inestimable privilege of a cltlscu ol
thoso United States; therefore, it is ordered that the
said Hon. A?- O. P. NiohoUou* and Colonel Joseph Brauch
, do each take the ? ath of allcglanee, sco<mpauicd with a
bond and projier security, conditioned ler their faithful
observance of said oath or alleginnce. If they, or either
ol' them, shall r*N?eio take oath ami give boud as afore
said, then such one so revising shall give his ludividual
b?nd In the penal sum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000),
conditioned that ho will immediately go beyond tho fede
ral hues, and that he will remain without the same during
tho contiiiuaota of the present rebellion. If either of
them, ulviiig secli bonds, should return in rtolallui of
Its provisions, bo will, in addition to the forfeiture of his
bond, be ONisiJorod as a spy, aud treated accordingly.
By command Brigadier General NKiiLKY,
Commanding poet.
Jams A. I/twai#, Captain and A. A. U.
A similar order waa also issued lu reference to Judae
W. P. Martin.
Col. Win. H. Tolk has returned to this placo after an
official visit to the North, lie brought from Fort War
roa Major Porter, of the rebel army, captured at Port
Ismeison, and also a really likely looking colored
youth, naiped Henry, the property of Mr William Hard
tag, of this place. Henry bad s eon enough of tho ele
uhmt in the North, and wllllu^ly returned t? bis fbwr
home m the South, under a good and k md ina?ter. There
wii mich rejoicing on the return of Major Porter.
? here U one thing that can bo said of Columbia w hich
I r ? not bo -aid of Nashv ille, or any other sec ??*lon ptne
iii tenueas.o. I'he young tnotoa here are uot at all bigot
ed. They treat federal soldiers a-' genllcmeu, an narst of
them deserve to be; and it w mid not be surprising If
more than ono ragged Northern warrior carried oil th
hearts el blcomitig damsels of tho South, the fairest of
whom abide lu Columbia.
Colonel Bollti Cordon, of nickman county, willingly
lock tbo oath to day before (Jenerul Negley. His lather
was captai n of (ieneral Jackson's spy companies through
the ludian'w ira uuwn to New Orleans He himself h>
been State Senator fnr a number ol jears, and n gentle
man of prominence in the State as a politician, lie was
on the dem cratlo electoral tteket In '44, '4H and 'fta and
woe upon th" Braklai wig" elocioral ticket m 1HH0 '
Judge frtoreon. Chancellor uf the Btate, resides In thK
city. He is a Union man, a S"nnd thinker, and, as a man
of learning, probity and honor, without reproach 'lb.
Judge remsrked this evening, in a quiet, pleasant way
that, for a Stale pretending to bo eeverncd by law.shr
. jot alone Stmt as efcauir him be ted ?T?
I '1 be judge* nod officer* of Stale c urk *ra minus pay for
l?u teriua.
The rtlwl General Gideon J. Pillow o?.u> a Aim plant*
lieu uoar Columbia. It is computed uf i winv Metros hun
dred sores, worth from sixty to e.ty hV? dollars per
auie. lie bu a plantation iu Ark'n.sai), ?i(l wnii ir*
hnuilrod oipHM, ou which lie In said to oh'* about one
hundred ,u.d ion Uiousaud lioiiard. His i ?tntc lur ? m
0"iii|>araUyely free fn m debT He him a brot tier here by
the uBDif of Joiome i'illow, a kindly heu leu' BtAH, who
would doubtieas endow many chaiitablo t. islltulio.is
i( i.oc?elty required. Hut art there are but few poor
white*, aud have been no |*or ul.'tfeis.bere, the ?ecessity
dots not apjxt.ir. Gideon, it Is currently i e|K>rted, has lost
his niggers, auu is in dai.^er of having his other p trofierty
confiscated?in bhori,ol Locouiing u poor white. Uorrid
C'Utomplaiion! lie thoivup ii writes, as per curre nl ro
port, to hut lriemlfc h?re, asking their opiniou auto tvhe
tlior he wou d lie ailowod to eome buck to the Uniou, Van*
tho Ou,u of alloguui" and receive a |iarole. I do tiot
vouch altogotht r lor the truth of thin report; but thoC ?u
fiscation act, which takes effect on the 2.'>th Soptombor, is
awakeuiug u uuiubu of rebels toa'souso of what ina.V
boo iue of theta and their property if they persist u \
then endeavors lo overthrow the government of the
United Stiiiea. <{
G> ueral Negloy Is carrying out, in a practical way, the
spirit of the order to make the rebels pay lor tho proiierty
of the loyalists they seize or destroy. We overhauled a
number of rehols the other day. They may have been
guerillas; but there was no more proof of the fact than
there wag that Jean Vahean, the accused In ''Lea
Mtaarables," was the real Jean Valjeaa, the galley slave,
Ui the person of the worthy and respected Mayor
of M? stir M ; that is, ft depended upon their own
confession, l'roof satisfactory was furnished that the
party before him were rebels. The projierty of a widow,
a Union lady, had been seized and appropriated a few
nights before by the rebels. The damage waa not very
largo, but sufficient to distress deeply tne poor widow.
Oeneral Negley selected the richest among those before
him, and said:?"1 require yon to taxe the oath
not to take up arms against the govemmeut of
tho United States." The defendant demurred. He was
assured that arrest and imprisonment would be his lot
unless ho did so. "Now," said the General, "I require
you to give bonds in $5,000 that you will not forfeit your
oath." That was furnished after some hesitation aud no
little difficulty. - And now," continued the General, "1
require you te pay in cash the sum of $200 as indemnity
to the widow, who has sufl'ered in loss of property to that
amount by the depredations of the guerillas in this dis
Uriel." After some expostulai ion the money was finally
l?ld and the poor widow indemnified for the depreda
tions of the marauders.
We have a story hero from Nashville wliloh Is likely to
be t ruo. A rich old geullemun, natned Van I. , hear
ing i bat ceiiuin prominent secession property holders had
taken tho oath of allegiance rather than incur tho dangers
of ti ausjiortation and confiscation, coududed he would
screen himself and his property under the .same shield,
without comprehending exactly what It all meant, lie
did Lot know but that siguiug tho oath was likn joining
sowo political association, .lust bonne be did 60 he called
u|k>u Colonel McN and said, '? Well, Colonel, as you've
jiced I guess I'll jine, too." And ho "jtned."
A sucestsiotlist here is uuttied Kim. Orr. He had a pet
lamb, and il was by universalcousent called ??dam. Orr."
A wicked feiUrul soldier, inoro hungry tha'i humane,
thought the lamb would ui'ikj a good moa'; thereupon he
shot iho poor lamb first and then proceeded to cut its
throat. This horrify mg act was witnessed by a youthrul
Nubian, who proceeded lu ail haute lo a gossippiug female
neighbor, and, almost out of breath, proclaimed that "A
led. i.oldier hab shot Sam. Orr, and cut his t'roat."
"Good l.ud, and gracious 8-ive us," exclaimed tho oxclted
matron. Aud without waiting further explanation she
stai tod at once for the house oi a friend and related the
aad tidings. "Poor Saiftwell Orr is no more,'' they criod,
with mure rhyme than reason. Dr. Frier son was sent
for tat town in extra uiule haste. Dr. Friorson, always
on tho alert to relievo distressed humanity,
soon as he had heard the sad tidings,
thought that while there was life there was hope,
and, armed with packages of bauda.es and lint and
instruments, mouuted his horse, and was s'>on at tho
1 house >/f tho supposed assassinated Sam orr. When it
was discovered that it w as only a sheep that b id suc
cumbed to the soldier's throat disease, even llie sober
l citizens of Columbia could not realst a smile.
i These are a few of the humors of the campaign, and
I they are told at times, when conversations like these oc
cur.?"General, 1 have planted the batteries as you di
rected, but there aio two or threo houses lu range." The
'General did not reply at tho momout. A prominent citi
zen, however, did. He said:?"Let, them take their housos
out of the way." That was toward midnight, and an at
tack was apprehended. Columbia is yet safe.
Sergeant James II. Slaughter, of the Sooond Kentucky
regiment, reported dead of injuries received by the lato
accldont on the Nashville Itailroad, whs alive and almost
kicking, at the hospitul in Columbia this morning. Seve
ral small bonoa have been extracted from the ankle of the
right limb. Sergeant Slaughter is doing very well, and
wiys he will ro enter the service as soon tis he la fully re
covered. Jouies Ditty, Second Kentucky, leg brokon, and
James ?mith, back aud hip injured, ure also doing well
in the Columbia hospital. Drs. Mulholiand and Dixon
havs charge of this Institution, aud it is admirably con
Amongst the victims of the lata conflagration In Beek.
man stroot, iu this city, waa a native of Scotland?Mr.
Chakles Kkxsstb Mackkmzh, a gentleman who bad con.
trlbuted largely to literature, and waa at the time of the
disaster a boarder at tbe Rainbow Hotel. We learn that
tbe late Mr. Charles Kenneth Mackenzie, who has thus
miserably perished, In tbe seventy-fifth year of his age,
was a Scottish gentloman of good family and conoeotlons.
He waa a ripe scholar and an exoellent linguist, with
greut versatile literary attainments, having been a
contributor, In his early years, to both tbe EdinOurg
and Quarterly Reviews, and tbe Encyclopedia Britan
nica; having, also, at a later period, been the lead
ing writer of editorials for one of tbe London dailv con
servative Journals. Ho was a doctor, as well of law a?
of modiclno, and Fellow of the Royal Society. In 1823,
when commissioner* wore seut by Mr. Cauniug to Mexico,
on tho recognition of the independence of that couutry,
Mr. Mackenzie accompanied them, and was api>oiuled bis
lirtiaunic Majesty's Consul for the State of V?ra Croc. In
182"> he wu api>olnt Cousul-Geoeral in llayti, and In 1830
? 'oiumtsalonor of Arbitration to the Mixed Commission at
Havana. His connection with the British government
was, however, brought to an end in November, 1334. in
eoneeqneiioe of a dispute and altercation with the Fo
reign (>fflce.
Lieutenant I. Stuart Webster, of the Fifteenth New
York Volunteers, who died at New Haven on Saturday,
was well known in this city, whoro he wv engaged in the
insurance agency business at tho tlmo the war broke out.
He was a grandson of the great lexicographer, Nouh
Webster, and a great grandson through his {mother, who
waa a Cuatls, of Martha Washington. Uno who know him
well, describes Lieutenant Webster as having been a man
of fine attainments, of great energy jot character, brave
almost to recklersr.ess, and yot in bis social habits as
gentle and winning an a child. His qualifi
cations as a civil englneor were of a superior
trade, and it was largely owing to his skill and
sleepless energy that the ChTckahumlny was spanned by
those half dozen bridges over whieh our army passed on
their way toward Richmond.
In all tho land engineering work that preceded tbe
:anions seven day*' battle, as well hs in tbe terrible work
of tho battlo Itself, Lieutenant Welter sustained his lull
share "and although he escaped wounds on theftold.ho
nevertheless, through cons;ant exposures, night und day
oo< the*battle field, contracted the disease whioh resulted
in his d*alh. ,?
It is worthy of notice n? a melancholy coincidence that
Eugeno Webster, tho eldor brother of Lieutenant W ., par
ticipated in the same battle, but on the opposite side, ho
being h member of tbe reb^l General Lee's staff. Kugene,
?s is already known, was killed in that battle. He wad a
k r adnata of West Puint, and joined a regiment of RkJi
ii. -nd at tbe.time tho war commenced. The two brothers
were the only children of Win. G. Webster, of New
Personal Intelligence.
Among the passengers by the steamship Northern
Light to-day (or Aspiuwall 1s Dr. J. S. Mackie, Chief of
the Diplomatic Bureau of tbe Department of State, who
gees out as the bearer of Important despatches to our
legations in the Sooth American republics.
At the recent mealing of the War Committee of the
Kighth Senatorial district of this State, appointed by
Governor Morgan, te elect olTlcors for the new regiment
now helot lainod there, Major William H. Morris was
unauimoui>:/ elected colonel. Col. Morris isnowser\ing
in the Army of tho i"ot mac as Assistant Adjutant Gene
ral of Major ttenoral l'oek's divlftien.and will soon assume
tho command of this new regiment of infantry.
General Ricliard Busteod and Surveyor Andrews were
at tbe Deiavan House, Albany, yesterday. They had a
long interview with the Governor In referenoc to tho pre
sent duties to bo assigned General Rusteed It is sup
poaed the Governor will avail him?olf of th? woll known
legal abilities of General lioneed, In carrying out the
ordors of the War Department. .
Commander (lato Lleutenai t) John L. Worden. former
ly in command of tbe Monitor,arrived at lbs St. Nicholas
Hotel yesterday. <t? routr lor Washington. The injuries
he sustained during tbe tight with the Alerrimnc in Hamp
ton Itoads have been entirely beaicd. and his health com
pletely re-eetabllshcd. He e*p*-tg to be shortly an igned
i nk (-"iiuuand wiiere another opportunity will be afforded
him to preve his Wyalty and intrepidity.
sir Weoks Wyntcr, of London; D. Rlcketts and wife, of
!r.diina;C. C. Alger, of Neurbnrg; M. Dor men, of Florida;
II. S. Willis,oi Athens. Pa., and Silas Ilronson, of New
York, are stopping at the St. Niohobs Hotel.
Tho following were suvnig the arrivals at tho Fifth Ave
nue Hotel yesterday?General Tyler and wife, of Con
necticut; Judge 8heriiian, of Newburg;G. G . Roecuicar ten
m l Wm. Fennell, or Pennsylvania: Dr. K 8. Caldwell and
S. Duncan and w>ir?, of Louisviilo, Ky ., andT. J. Brode
ri< k, of San Francisco.
Major R. M. Onxland, of the I'nltcd States Army , N.
Wilson, of Washingiou, 8. IV Stilt and wife, of 1'niladel
pliia; lion. R. M. l'lshop, if Cincinnati J. Cook, 01 Chi
cago, Anson Bangs, of Ail any; J. F. Hodman and wi:'e,
uf Orange, N. J.; W. H. I'lnsinore, of New York, H.
list'holder, of St l/?us, and U. H. Chace, of Buffalo,are
Plopping at ihe A?b* House.
F. and R. I'lefcndorf, of Kansas. J. D. Hoover, of
Wellington; N. H. Graham, and R. K. M.iguier, of Phila
delphia, were among tbe arrivals at tho Metropolitan Ho
tel yesterday. ?
Tho tmrk Smyrninte, Captain John Weston, cleared
from New Orleans fdr Roeton. os the 27th nil., with the
following passengers:?K. Illll, wile and three children:
Oii'Uln Brown, wife and two children; C. L. Auster and
wile, Mrs Whitley, A. B. Laformt. Mrs. Heath, child aud
servant; Mrs. tiouirey and child, Miss Wbttuuy, Wm.
Aildred. ?
The Canadian Parliament Hammond to
MmrrHSAL.G. K , August 11,1883,
I he < anadian Parlianwut w sununouod VO ineci ou IU0
2?Ui instant.
K??y Yard, Brooklyn.
Paymaster commenced pny iug the operatives
of the Navy Yard yesterday afternoon. The pay rolm lor
last mouth amount te $160,000, there being at present
employed there some 3.CC0 men. A druft of thirty men
wore went on board tlie Ella yesterday from tl.o recusing
ship North Carolina, and tioariy all the men ootup- sing the
crews of the Morceditu Wyandot mud Courier we e grant
ed a week's liberty. The gunboats Mercedita au.l Wy
andot were towed to this city yesterday to bo dockod.
The other gunboats here ate n^udiy advancing toward
completion. Some two or three of thorn will be comrnis
stoned about Saturday.
Another Iron Gunboat.
Reany,Son & Co., at Chester, Penn., have received a
contract from the government for the construction of an
iron gun bout, which Is intended more particularly for
service in rivers, the will bo 230 feet long, 36 feet
beam, aud 12 feet depth of hold,and will be a side-wheel
Steamer, with a rudder at ouch oad, similar to the Miami,
which was built at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The
s. una firm havo also contracted to build a set of engines
for an iron .clad vessel.
Movements, &c., of Vessels.
El U?two guns, steam despatch boat?This vessel,
lately' purchased br the government, and fitted out at
this nival station, waa put in commission yesterday. She
la intended to go up James river, and will probably sail
to-day., Here odicers are as follows
Actxnf MaMtr Commanding?8. C. Gray.
Adinq JUattrr't Motet?C. Kails, Fredrick A. Harden,
Frank P. Shannon.
Acting Second Atritianl Engineer?Charles Cranston.
Acting Zhtrd Auuiant Engineer?W. H. Shipuiun.
ConnbgtIoit?steam transport?Lioutenant Barnott,
commanding, which arrived at this station on Sunday, is
to undorgo some slight repairs be-fore proceeding to sea.
Sho will be ready in about ten days.
6.1 Wisuws?revenue cutter. ?TbiB reveuue cutter la
now busily engaged in keeping a sharp lookout after all
ships leaving fur England with fugitives to avoid tho
drafting system, and is well ailaptod for the duties tor
which sho Lias boon selected. Her officers and crow lose
no opportunity in carrying out the wi.-hos of the govern
ment , aud the strictest watchfulness is observed in this
rospect. She h is been fitted up in good style by her
owuor, Mr. G. E. W iuarot, from whom she baa beeu char
tered by the government.
Powhatan?frigate.?This vessel has po far advanced
that all her stores were on board last Saturday. She lies
at anchor in tho stream at Philadelphia, and when tho
riggers and painters are done wuh hor sho will at once
be put in commission.
Roanoick?frigate, being Iron clad.?The work of plating
this vessel Is advancing bo rapidly that there is every
probability of her being ready to Qoat out of the dock iu
about a week. She will then be brought to this city,
where her armor will be completed.
Savannah?school ship, Lieutenant Barrett command
ing.?Ilia work of fitting out this vessel is progressing
very favorably at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn.
Trial of tlie Brooklyn Rlotera.
Tho trial of those persons arrested In and about tho
tobacco factory in Sedgwick street, Brooklyn, and sup
posed to have caused or participated in a riot alleged to
have occurred there on the 4th mat., was commenced
yesterday in the Sessions Court room of the Brooklyn
City Hall, before Justice Boerum, of the Second district.
All thoso charged and i.amol la the indictment were pre"
sent, namely:?James Toole, John Spauldlng, Michael
Maher, William Morris, John Long, Patrick Keeuan, Jo
seph Flood, Elins P. Weidan, Patrick Paly .Robert John
son, ?? Sullivan, Richard Bailey, William A. Thomp
son. The indictment charged "divers others," who,
however, have not fallou into the meshes of*
the law, and aro therefore not responsible. The thirteen
who appeared yesterday, were or all ages from sixteen to
sixty, there being at least one representative in each
of there extremes. One, with tho numbor sixty-nine ou
his hat, had his arm in a slim;, from a'wound received in
one of tho memorable battl a in front of Richmond.
Another?a mere boy?was in military uniform, and
looked as careless and happy as If he were a mere spec
tator. Quo or two in the grouubad anxious countenances;
but the majority seemed perfectly Indifferent.
Counsel for the prosecution were Messrs. Britten and
?Tanks. For the defence appeared Messrs. Morris. Hughes,
Verd'-r aud Blackly.
The flrHt wituees called woa policeman Michael Oats,
who testified that on the 4tti Hint., boiween twelv. and
one o'clock in the day, while at bis dinner, oue of hla
children told him there was "a row round the corner;''
that he Immediately went to the scene of the disturbance,
whoro there were from fifty to sevonty-fivc peoplo assom
bled, all In a high state of excitement; that be saw brick*
and stones tlirowu at tho wiudevt* of Wat.-on'i tobacco?
factory; that he saw ouo with a pitchlork, shouting
"Ketch 'em out, the a d?lack sons of tliat he
rushed in with his club, struck rlghtand left, and pacified
thorn; ho then weut to tho station house for aid; on bis
return to the lactory met u colored man, who told bun
he wanted to go to the factory; bricks were flying pretty
freely at this time; told the colored man ho would bee
him safe to the factory; as they walked on ho saw a ruau
throw a brickbat either at him or tlis uogro, dv .g->d, to
avoid tho missile, and tton rushed on tho mnu who
throw It; witness recognized hi .1 as the priaouor Mulier;
the crowd, however, preyed liltu. so that hn couM
uot hold bis captive, who, whoa rescued, took to
his heeli. witness pursued, ant a warm clia c
was continued to the corner of Harrison mid Yau
Brunt streets, * where the runaway was recaptur
ed un 1 conveyed to the station house, at the
moment of effecting tbec.iptuiu lie siw the prisoner. Ko*.
naii, whom I10 called upon toa.sslethlm in arresting M iher;
that Keenan consequently Influenced th" prisoner, Mab r,
to go along quietly to the station bouse; liolng tlr"d with
bis uxertl-ns, wltt-eas remnine t ?cme time at the station
house; und when he returned to the factory, at about
half-past one, all was quiet.
On cross examination witness recognized the prisoner
I l>aly (a lad of apparently eighteen >ears) us the person
who bad the pitchfork; l'aly was excited aud swoar
l'ig; beard a great many In tbe crowd say "kill
the darnnol black sons of h saw the colored
men do notbiug. Witness arrested only one man. Was
examined in regard to this matter before tbe Police Com
misMioqora of New York. Did not admit hiving said
daring that examination that be wont to tbe factory 18
1 protect tbe colored people.
Captain Holbrook, or the Thl'd precinct, testified that
ho reached the factory alxiut a quarter before one o'clock,
liaw a large crowd of persons. som?> of whom were throw
ing brickbats and stonca at the factory windows. That
bo went Into tbe factory, where he also fouud a crowd
rushing about and shoutiug. Heard some one My, '?! [re
tbe building and burn out the damned nlggsrs." Sa.v one
colored man dragged down stairs; three or four had hold
ot the man; witness rescued tbe negro, and was struck
with a brick; received no injury; discovered smoke com
ing from aomo i>ait of tbe iuterior of tbe factory, and
found the plaoo had been actually flred; witness extin
gulehed tbe Ore; wont up to the second floor, where he
found about twenty colored people, some haif dozen of
whom wore men. the rest women, koiuo of the men were
bleeding; one h.ul a split head and another a spilt lip;
bricks wero coming through the windows preltly briskly;
thought none of the women were Injured.
Sergeant Wright, of the Third precinct, testified sub
itantially the same as the other wit r.e=?ee. He deposed
that ho got to tho factory about hilf-past twelve o'clock,
and found a crowd of, bo supposed, two or three hus
dred people; bricks woie 11} lug in profuslen, went into
tbe factory and made his way up tho first liight of stairs,
which wu* jammed with people; pushed the crowd back,
aud presently got the stairs denrj-d ; the ntu ntlon of wit
ness was attrscted to the prisoner*Keecso,who remarked
"They've got to be driven away. It may cost some lives,
and 1're got one, anyhow." I>ld not arrest Keenou;
wiiu< ss could not swear that Keenan particular\i. it who
wero to be driven away; but interred that negroes were
meant 'met Keenan previously outolde, whom ho told to
aid in keeping the jieople quiet'; said to him, "This thing
must stop," to which Keenan replied," Yes, yes, yes,"
in an excited manner, thought Keenan was very much
excited all along; does jiot know why or by whom
Keenan was arrested; did not arrest him beenuie be bad
other matters to attend to. Oaptnin Holbrook was present
when the remark was made by Keenan; th'- remark <vss
not addressed to the crowd, but apparently to witness it
did not occur to blm that Keenan'a romsr\ woilti au
thoi Ue an arrest.
t 'roes-examined? Has been in the police force live
years, witness told the colored people not to be afraid;
Hut they would be protected. h;?w one white man and
one negre receive ?cut each, saw no one clee injured, In
one hour the whole sOUir whs over; s few |?llcemen put
the riot down; wttuvss ooukl not say bow many persons
he got off the stairway, could not swear that thero were
two put off by hlin..
When tbe examination of this witness was concluded
Justice Boerum adjourned tbe, proceedings to ten o'clock
A. M. on Tuesday, the 10th inst., when thev will be con
tinued In tbe Second district court nwm r< 1 ner of Court
and Butler streets.
New York Surgical Aid Association.
Tbe tail meeting of this association was hold yesterday
afternoon, at the Park Ilarracks, the following members
being present;?Prs. Detmold, Harsen, Buck, Bstddoo,
I'oet, Markoo, and H. IJ. Sands, Secretary.
In the absence of the President, Dr. Moll, the chair was
takeu by I)r. I'etmold, who referred to tho fact that this
would be considered the final meeting of the association,
uuiee* circumstances ordered it otherwise. Having ful
filled their self-Imposed task. nothing further .hebelleved,
remained to be done but to confirm tho minutes of the
previous meeting, and to adopt, if desirable, the rei-orts
ot lbs Hnance mid Kxccutive Committees to be submitted
to them.
The "eerotary rend tho m Inn tea of the previous moet
Ing. which were unanimously confirm",1.
The clerk then road the report er (tie Executive Com
mit fe, which, with slight aineudmeuU, was adopted.
Tho report roa.ls asiollows ?
Totiik Mm Mm 4 or tub Nsw Y<wk flcnoicat. Ato Associ
TIom.?The n-c ? ily which originated the eetaullshiueut
of this association having ceased, It* nrtlvo labors are
brought to n nl< sv, mid st this Issue It hts been thought
proper for the Kxccutive t omuilttee to present a lute
in- nt ol w*ist has beeu done during the oceuiiat "ii ol the
barrack* n* an Intlrmary. A* sunn as tho building wai
i. fewij (<M U? iHeptwu ? lUt WMi 4?a*bl?l wliboia t*|
committer wu etfar.ised into a oriut of attending ni.r
fotM H, one <>r moie atieuiiing daily. ana the sefvii a ot
the whole being reuJered whan -i large arrival railed fur
additional ns tuu.ii. l-imultane."unly with th i ubcve
organ ration it wan fuun.l nac wary t > employ t>>e aer
vi'-m of u dirk, m t at a siut-ii ii<?ot>u, held 01, iu vrfa
fl iyof April, ilr. t'. W .Sehautisr was appMlit 1 to lit!
tint p?*ui <n, wbi ti h>- had ilouo with 'intir.i ft ?%!>?,i I inly.
Ai a r.utei! meeting lulil on the 116th d.iy of -May, tbr >i?
l> lutiuuu^.f* rivuiout surge >n wan rtsooiiuucnded, and i>r.
J, L. fjttl ? wo.-* Iioaei Uii.:lUie <1l0fc li;.; ropc>rt U> 1 ia
comuituv patief.tcl.iil> exhibits the lid" ;it> with wh ? It
he h -a H riurme 1 th< arJuous dutuia ui uis ofl'oa. To Dr.
Satterlue, pur.*yorof the lultstf ittate* Ar.ny.jvo ?rs
umler mi.' y otl^atkms tor the proir-i'titudo with* v* uch
?ur nosiaroua wink: have b-?c met. Our l ent t: .aiks
nro due to the Woman's Belief Association or mores nu[>f
plied, a ul to the vMiiwra ot tho l.i.liun' tt>?.'.ty, wh h?v?
so 4jri-..tlj ma,-! ui> in bloviating t!io aufleraig of the dis
able' by tiisir uiiv arloJ u id ko'.i oh riilelug eilTta, we
reumha u ,der a debt of i>bl>tutlen.
Tno committee tulca special KitlMl action in beano* ten
tirnony to the untirl. g sceui a d promptit ?<!e .tb *hiob
the sorpR of volunteer aurgeoos and fudenUi have ren
derod tie ;r sarvirea ou behalf of the sick 'and wounded,
many 01 vlicm performing a dally duty at the barrack!
tor several weeks iu aioce
The rejx>it of our Treauror, th mgh not embracing a
largo exiKindulire of fund.--, Khows thn roadinsss with
whioli a liberal and patriotic public have contributed M
our wauU. BotipLcliully aubmittML
("Has. k. iminnoN, w. d..
Secretary Executive ( nunittae.
Ourdom Bcok, M. D , Chairman Kir-eutive Committee.
There being no other business to be transacted UM
meeting adjourned sine die.
The Battle at Cedar Mountain?The Hove>
meats of tlae Union Arraftes?Wews from
the Southern Coast?The Latest from
Rebeldom?The Burning of the Golden
Gate, die., Sic.
ThoCunard mall steamship Australasian, Captain Cook,
will leavo Uiu port to-morrow, for Liverpool.
Tlie Europoan mails will close in this city at eight
o'clock to morrow morning. .
The New York Hbrald?Edition for Europe?will be pub
lished at seven o'cloolc to morrow morning, and will con
tain a full accoant of tho Great Battlo at Cedar MourialB|
between a portion of tieneral I'ope'B Army and tho Kubela
under Stouewa'l Jacksun and Kwoll; The Latest News I root
General McClollan'g Army; Movements of tho I'nioa
forces ia tho Southwo.it, DoatraCU-iu of t'.ic Ram
Arkansas- Important News from Hilton ITead, Lalo and
Intorcsting News from New Orleans and the Otiir; The
Ijites'. from the Rebel .^tute" Particulars or tho Burning
of tho 1'aclllc Mail Steamship Ooldon Uate, and 1uk? of two
hundred live.-.nnd nil other evaats of the week of 114
interesting character.
Single ooplea, iu wrapper?, re idy for mailing, an cents.
Sampson Low, Sui iOo.,47 Ludgate Hill, I.itndoa,
Kngland, will receive subscription and advertiseini'uts foe
the Nkw York Hkkali>
Official Urawingt or the Delaware Stats
I'tXJWARi:. Kxikji Clash 824?Auguat 11. ljtt
57, 22, 39, 21, 25, 70, 2, 49, 28, 71, T.i, 75, 41.
DxLAw.vat. Cla: 1 300?August 11. 1382.
54. 10, 3!), 4. I*, 1, 20, 72, 4i), 17, 61.
Circulars teni by addressing
Wilmington, Delaware.
Official Drawings ot Jinrray, fSildy A
Co.'a Kenluck.v am! Missouri State Loi'.crlna.
Kkntuckt. 1?xtiu Class 377?Auausi 11, ISS'J.
37, 69, 42. 20, 7. 40, 10, 34, 00, 14, Tl, 75, 35.
Kkntuckt, Class 378?August 11, ISti'i.
5, 3.1. 61, 20, 50. 34, 10, 09, 9, 21, 13, 33.
Circulars sent tree 01 charge ?>v addressing either to
Coring toil, Kjr . dr St. Lous. Mot
Official Drawings of the Library A:
elation Company's Lottery 01 Kenlucltr.
Class No. 22.".?Au?u?l 11, 18H2.
55, 36, 57, 30, 60, 41, 31, 59, 15, 22, 65, 5?.
Ci.aj-1 No 22C? Aupiist 11, lati. ?
70, 41, 10, 19, 25, 78, 55 , 65, 62, 70, 18, 28, 76.
For circulars, Ac., a Idrrfta
It. FRANCE A CO., Covlngtnu, Kj.
Prizes Cnshril in All LrcallzrA I,otte?
lea. Information given. JOSl'EII HATES, Broker,
11 Wall street, room No. I, New York.
Bight Cartes dc Vi*lt? for $1?Equal to
he best made. BALCHS. 2!13 Orrunwlch st., cor. Barclay
Bicht Cartes tie Vlslte for 91.?The Beet
la the city, at Wood'aoallery.aos Bowery. New York.
19 Cartes de Vlslte for One Dollar*
id as the best.
ItClVAL, 1SU Chatham street.
Cheaper tlian any, and as^uo;l as^the best.
Tm'ses.?Marsh A Cu.'s Badleal Cars
Truss. No. 2 Vesey St.. opposite the ehureh. No oonneetioA
with any other trus.s ofljcu of same name. Female aiusadaat
Oonrnnd'sPondrc Subtile Uproots lint#
from low foreheads, upper Up* or any part of the bodyi
warrauud 453 bro.idway.
Bntrkrloi'1 Hair Dye?flic Beat In tlM
woi'iti ;lnsUutaaoous, liariulnaa and reliable. Bold by xlro^
It is uud perfumers every where. Factory, SI Barclay street
Crlitadoro'a Hair Dye, Preaerratlv*
and Wig depot, wholesale and retail, No. 6 Astor liouees
The Dye la applied by experienced artlata.
XV. A. Batehelor'e Celebrated Eitabllik*
meat for Wigs, Toupee*, Ilalr Dyo, an 1 Hair Dyeing, aad
Moldavia Cream lor beautifying tbo hair, 10 Bond stiaeu
Prof. L. Miller's Ilulr Dye, 59c., Dlack
auU Brown. Try it. Sold by druggists. .Depot, M Hey H.
Beautiful Complcxlnn ?I<uiril'a Bloom
of Youth, or Liquid Pearl, has no equal fur pr.aervluc and
beuutifjlng the complexion and sliin. Ludlc., after lining
?ia delightful article, will Lave dj other. All urtigglsU and
J Bi oadway.
IlllWInimitable Cutler of Ilalr and
whiskers. ilulr Dye SO cents, black or brows. Mo. 1 Bar*
clay sirt-et.
Crompi, Rheuiniitic Pnltie and Stiff
Joint* are promptly s'lrv ned by the immediate uae of
UoUoivay'a Ointment am! PUN.
Doctor Hunter's Discovery Curra lha
very worst loria of Scrofula, obstante Rrut'tiou Of the Skia
and old Ulcers. No. 3 Division at reel. New York Oity,
WBrrr.?8uddenly. on M'jioay, Angnatll, Mrs. Am
K , widow Wm. White, aged 61 yoais.
The relative* and Irleuda or the family nro respectfully
invited to attend the funeral,* I rem tbe M. K. church, eer
ner FlmlfifVd and Morion stroots, on Wednesday aftornoca,
at half past two o'clock, witltout further Inritatlon.
>tir other dent hi set urtmd ptpr.
growiug nadi. enlarged and dlae..-ed joints and alt
kindred alltuen's skilfully and successfully treitsd by Dr.
J BRlGGd, the well known burgeon Chiropodist, No. ItS
Mma iway. N? w York Dr. Brings' Alleviator cures Cornet
Bunion*, !??. Sent by mail and told by druggists at i& aaa
Sty-enis per but.
tUl ready marked), only $1 30, at GiMBREDE'S, Ad9
Bread way.
J\ would be ulad to receive pack.igee from their frleade.
The llamden Express, 74 Broadway, send daily aud chars*
only half latet.
Militia Law*. Don't file JTOtir exemption papira
it limit It. Single copies A centa. Mailed on rre.'lptof
price. T R. DAW LEY, pnbllaher, corner ot Reade and
Centre streets. New York.
nishlng dc|Ot, til Broadway, N T. Needles by uuile*
express seat ail over the world. _____
! joints, and all dim am s of Die feel. cured without pais
or liitonveuisnce lo the patient, Mr Dr. ZACIIARIE. S n geoa
Chiropodist, 7rt<) Broadway. Refers to physicians sad e?l*
geons of the city.
So East Seventeenth street, near I'uloa square.
The method ot treatment adopted by the Palleastelns iia
Garni.my and England owe* lis aii'x-ea* to the use of tns<U>
cated baths, thus allowing the organs of digest ton to fulfil
their natural fuiKUons without |ng put lo eitra labor by
tlie distribution of drug*through the system.
Dr. Von Fallenrteln treat* gout, rheumatism. dlaeaaaa ef
thrskln, M women and dyspepsia.
Ti e usths aro taken at the bouse of the patient, and pra>
pared by the p*tiani or frleuda.
Instantaneous ?trk op deafness-we hav*
much pieaaura In ptiwtng the follow Ins testum'n.al be
|..r ? nor reader*. It lllustratea the unr.railed skill of Df||
Vou Kiseiiberg, of 1W Clinton place, west of Broa iway, as It
la I root a most reliable source
New Yoks August 5, 1M3.
I have great plsaanre to testliy to the skl'l of Dr. Ve?
Eisenlierg. I went Into hip olttce completely u?af, and cam*
out with |*rfect hcarlnf. I think Dr. V >n Elseuberg ona
ot the cleverest oculists and au/isiH In the world. Th- opena*
lion, which tHalrdAjroor three mlii'iles 'jo ea -h ol mv aara*
gave ue no pain whxtsoi "r. HAMl.ELC. IIUNT.
N.,. i| Mi serele svetiiie, Oreenpaiat, L. I.
flee Journal of I'omtnen , August H. IMJ.
Oil Mc?;I?ELLAN NO 5.
HI.K V\ 1L.KE-' <*1*1?. IT.
?>U.''Uv drseaierv by Dr Tobias' celebrated
Liniment. II never falls. Only iS cents. Sold'
A REGIMENT BEFORE richmo*d.-bk;ht?
s -venth regiment Ne'f York Stall! Voi uiteers, Colon!
Dodge.?^t;biirle* L. I roto.iiiiliam (latu of th? Nsw Yoil
Seventh regiment, National Guard) bavlng reocleed autlioit
ty rront Col. l?odg !, ea ^or v-d by Governor Morgan. M rah*
Company B. of tlie nbovo regiment, now stationed wltbli
twelve miltis of lUclunond, and undar tha sopervisioa ot tbi
gallant .McClellah, la desirous of raising lorty able bo.lloi
men to All said company. Hevsuty uiue dollara oash will i*
paid aaeb man uikhi Ina belug mustered inle sarvloe. Pa]
will commence l roaa rmRstmant, and oae met.th ai advai-1
given before leavina theoltv, w.ih tbe usi.al b>>uuty and re
U-f lor families. I nlioruia and rations fur..lshed Im .i
dtat ly. Remember th.it men are dratted on and auer iht
i#th Inst., aud to s.-. nre ihs bounty men must enlist bel M
that date, as It then .aa? a A lew non commlsaloBed o I
err* wanted. Appli-? ion must be made inunediatel> t
t'llAHIjES L. FHOTHlEGilAM, Flrsi Lteufenaut M
Ii''m'|'.), or to lOUN ii. UOttfeU, VJtfiUiu, It* Otait

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