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Successful Withdrtwil of Gen. Pope's^ j
Army to the North Bank of '
the Rappahannock.
The Change in the Strategy of the Rebels
and the Supposed Reasons Therefor.
HKiannniiiG with the bedels.
The Reported Cap fore of Two Then
sand Reb fos by Sigel,
hc?j <Slcp) Rc?
<- , ....
Wntomtrro!!, August 24/1862.
reosnt oxpu' jot of newspaper correspondents
from the Army of ' Plants, <** the order of the govern
BMBt forbidding 4 |Se "transmission of Intelligence from
that quarter oyr g 4^0 telegraph, has rendered the col
lection of reliat ,te r*ews extremely difficult md the at
tempt almost u gers&a.
Skirmishing' Mftmen getng on to a greater or less ex.
gent during 1 he past three days, durlng-*whlch several
attempts wor gnmnde by the rebels to cress the river; but
they Were r
mdt time successfully repulsed, and in one
Rostanoe q< gte^ number or prisoners weiw captured.
tnx> jmre hi gocK spirits.
Brigadi jr Generil Bohlss, of Mladelpbia, was
hilled la 1 vreoent sktrmlah in Virginia. He was shot in
the heed ^asrfd died tmuntly.
M. 'QonldWg, late Chief Qoattermaster on Fre
mont* WOV, has hern taken prisoner. Captain BueU, ef
Ohio, iNtfbesn tfltod.
PBTLADSLrWEA. August 25, 1162.
V pn+xm has boss received ln'thla city, from a gen
N? euwfho left the Rappahazmedk' yesterday morning,
the 1 wnr troops Wjaye had frequent" skirmishes with the
H*1 mhrwliMu fUSng back from the Rspldsn.
hheRoasesfew either side are net serious.
/O?nwy Hbpa holds the iwHroatf bridge, as well m twe
r Mmmaidfefc-ptsittsns on the opposite side, which ttarra
> frNHfrSve tsm ied several times.
. frm'li Tipeare dlstnbuted aloof the rtver, sndbwve re
foltidaU pass alls, They er in'be abis to matetainthelr
V pMMoa hsdL a Janetlen -with the other artsy corps ena
i tr resume theoflhsslva.
: are endeavoring to ton our right aadiget in
- reaighp the way ef Varresters,
ftetfsps.ted capture tf two thousand rebels hyOen.
sAtewr. eenfirmod.
iuxfk to
inwdc i
?ter Wsshiaften OerrapoadeaM.
Washusutos, August 19,1862.
foMJAMT-rtv Retrograde Movement of Gen. Pope-22he Re
? BdHMHnfereed by General* Bee and Jtayruder?Strength
'XfCnRdnl Jtms 'Pen. Lee-in Chief Command? The
Ordnlo Retire leewd by Ota. IlaJleck-^Gen. Banks'
' Chefs Mb the Lead Gen. Sigd Omen the Retreat?The
? Memonefor (he tUbd Change iff Strategy gen.' Tope and
IN Deeerten,4e.
> Mm sews from the Army of Virginia, under Gets. Pope,
H?dHyih,st first thought, of a startling character, be.
1 Bag no other than that our troops have fallen back to the
?arlhbaakof the Itappabanaookphnt, when viewed In the
. eon act light, reflects great credit upon the officers who
? mteeuted the meveeu.nl and open the genesal who or
dsrid it.
It seems thst after the battle ef Cedar Moon tail, on the
'?Hi Inst., Stonewall Jackson rteired with his forces to
? flardonsvillc, eighteen miles south from the Rapidsn
? sdver, where be had already fortlfled.snd immediately
?eat to Richmond for strong reinforcements, presuming
? that Can. Pope woteC follow up his advantage tna cross
? The Rapldsn to attack him. In answer to Jactacon'g call
Iter more troops Genevals Lee and Msgruder caine up to
>,Hordonsvllle with the greater pari of the rehel army at
iMchmond, arriving at CordonsviMe and Orange Court
'Sense en Thursday sad Friday last.
Upon the arrival efdtr-. relnforoancnts, whVih swelled
? (he rebel army to over two liundreC thousand men, they
mere divided Into three corp.?Hagfuder taking the left
? Mi the Madison OoerW Ilonre road:-Swell the esttre, In
free t of Gen. Pope, and Jackson the rigbt,-on the Frod
eriehbburg road, near,". Raccoon ford, tie whole under the
wamscaud of Cen. lee. in this ordwihc robel way ad
eanoed to within ten mite3 of tbs Rapidta on Sunday last.
> flan. Pope's scoots brought in ths nos.s of these move
ment/) on Sunday, and tbo reports weru-~cnArmed brj de
??rtore and prisoners- freia the rehel army. Gen. Pope
ImarnAi ttdjr communicated tbe Information to Can. Hal
ilsoh, ael was ans worod. bg tbe Comnmader in-Chief on
Hoaday with an order to/mire to the north bank of the
Jhtppahaonock without detey.
Tfet ori"r to retire was given at noon on Moot ay, n.u
wmw mega llcculiy executed. Not ? pound of stores of
SMj kind nar a dollar's worth or government pioporty wax
ehind, n?r was these a g4*? or panto or rear evinced;
I was none as c.ilm>y and co >lly as the evolutions f
?01 Inmnt ? dross pers<1e. Xu >re was a shatio of dlsap
pdkntaaent to ho observe t upon the facet of the men as
tfm.-an arched past, and a wniloring why the ratrograde
jtacMwent woe made; but tow lgnv the real cause.
ties. Basks'ecrra led off tn the march at fourf M.,
(r, Sn Ue catsp jist outside of C':i."pper Court Bouse,
wht %kerkt h?4 geoe after its frrlbJe fl.ht a week before,
Xlio nw?? of Gen. McDowell (?jo*c I,.and, as a matter of
court .Bigot brought op tUo rwr with his artillery.
At eta wi-",'cJ"t;Iithle morning, vdben 1 ,)ift CMfpepper, lis
rear oi s nay was In tight nttpof I he hill Just
south <i. tdsedown, uaarchlng In petto! cnler toward* the
Bapunh. hmotV
There ate aariosi -eitot es'lf nol rhy armyofllcere
wliv the r. Hhels hive th is changed tJiolr ptovraiume; but
oat pi
fl? ??? ??. . ?- ^-X
the m>*t pi. ffMd'nm *> ho ?h t, fc consequence of
the reportedyrttMra-?. ;lof Gen. M?'leHgw:t army rrom
tho peninsula VkI,*ro further use i f orbing troops
?tHichmond, ??'> Ah" immense rebel army, {hero opernt
inpagainst fKtOdehSS woe oousequnnt+y hurr,;d north
ward, lu hope ovorwMn ug Gon. Pope .br ore the
troops of Burr.?h.V *?d Vo' Vlioo ci.aid he aepootMdted
wnth hi*, or tho t. opr regmiects raised tntfer ilje tlireo
b&?*T " **
strcd thouaanA ??" ' bo.ni.wsod eoutkwcat of
Airith r tnoery l? Clin l adduce! by a rebel deeorter
wttli t hem I ewvotee* last eight. Ho s?-d thet.thls
at'vettxa it was not u|un MclVltan's fetlremtot
from tU'.'Whmuln, hut *?v to >cc r 'ance with Generals
La r 4. 'ackson's long ci*r shed | ten of thee iituwun?
that is, "U' tnske tho imr dtrgressfwi no the part oi the
Booth." It# ?*"' th t there were et least one h-injttr.t
th tusjUtd met' M Kkhrttend?i tarce deenn'd amply
Snau iont to A tfoed ibo city afiihv-t any attack f??cm
Mc'leUnn or th* federal aunlioeta, rind that General Leo
had pub'lely pri Onlsed hie men to "give thnm Pope's
army fo. aofv. nts "*<1 a pronu nadein the ('ei-i'olBounds
In weeliiiigtoti irst'lo ?f l'?? dog days ef lstw."
The retirement of General poi o io the north wide of*tho
Bnppihetinorlt is lo Ik "1'"P?n. uudpf the clrtan ?tiucos.
a* * mtsicfly pl"C.' ol a trhtegjr yfbure h<. van positioned
at red or Mountain sad A'J 'ho I'nphhm to had no nat iral
barriers to protect hlua from the onrlOsighta of an over
wlioinlng (orco, iior were JuMM t'i ho found couth nf the
Rnppalunnu.dc. Hy gaining thu no.Tli ride of too Unn^a
hiioitock ho U;is betw :i'U huh an I his roe e gr??t naitiral
dc'ohce, eqoal.dl 1 ast, to ]ont> ?' 'hp "> mherof hin u my.
llM il. s ihn, tie ANtited h'nt?cii'*ik"iln ' a llank mm*, meut
uuonoltber side, and makes hit i?'nit.ou secure until lie
shall have massed such fonoe will onahle latin to ro
sum# ihe rnli mcc
Gen nd r.nte's army was largo eivnyh ?" ?ucc.vslhlly
sei ? with that of General Hionewai'l Jacksor'l, with
which It collided a week am; tint it wtk" not guftloietit io
Overthrow tho combined H n.them ooi fa-duracy In solid
phalanx. Hence In thin crv--. strBnt.y aril discretion li*co
become the belter part of valor.
The rebels are expect'd t<> mevefhrward imn.cdlalely,
though T do not ami,iti ate that any Ight WNl take Dtccd
for eoiae ''aj"? at leust. In this, u^wover. I may be >ui?.
tek?'i. The ... cvptmo or Crm I'cjwi ,army rhctie fm ih in
flowing light during the rsliroaaea! w Utp "*~rfhin
look, jo (04^ a march *u htk practpitaud, and loo
?""?pralaa cannot bo given in tbooo officers who had tho
In charge. Colonels MeCullum and Devaraan* and
AhJor Ft field had charge of the railroad transportation. and
welted it to perfection, while the Quartermaster's energy
fit moving camp freight aeemed ahnoet miraculous.
Oar forcee are now ail safe and preparing for the com
ing fray. The invalids have all been brought to Washing
ton from the vicinity of Celppeper, and are now cared for
In the city hospitals.
Gen. Pope complains of the want of officers, who have
absented themselves from their poets without leave, ana
have consequently subjected themselves to charges at de
sertion. He advertises a list of officers and privates en
deserters, sad warns ell parties against them. Many of
these, it is known, have joined other conqpantee said regi
ments tor the sake of the bounty now paid, bst it has
beeu determined to punish all soon to Urn luttoM. extent.
Gen. rope authorises and requests the publication of
the list of deserteff from the Army of Virgin is.
[We have already pnMmbed.the list Is ibqe oolumn%?
Ed. Hmuu).]
Oar Array ef Virgin!* CemipondtSce.
Von Bjobl, Mhos Wiscnsim, V*., August 19, IMS.
WtneAetter?its Strategic Vatm?Me Strtngtk qf Art
SiffH?Flag Saining?The Protart Marthal?AtWbinis
tration efU< Offlce?Qmtral ffkiU ami the Sternum
Afiwtster V the /Vurtgffirfnii ?f?ureA, <fe.
The valley of Virginia hsa.'te a certain extent, become
historic ground, and the town of Winchester is, I pre
sume, fkmi liar to moet of your renders as Ore scene of
the contest between "Stonewall Jackson" ?nd the gal
lant Shields.
Although the more adttve operations of (ho main body
of'General Pope's ?nrtny have, fbr the past few weeks,
monopolised the attention of civilians, yet military men
have been aware that quiet, but not leu Important, pre
parations have been made here to check any advance
that might possibly he modo down the valley.
Winchester, for several reasons, is m important strate
gic point, and the natural advantages have been Im
proved to the Utmost.
The General command lr* thla brigade, and ono of the
heroes of Pea Ridge, has puahed'iu the work with hi8
accustomed energy?(bis Chicago friends will know that
that oovers tho whole ground)?and. assisted by his able |
and untiring chief enginosr,Capt. Powell, of Cincinnati,;
has brought both fort and camp to a point where a fow
finishing'tenches will render them perfect.
It wodM of oourae be utsfivisable for me to give any
detailed account of the defences. Suffice it to say (hat
we have means end men to meet any emergency'th it
may arise. We have, en old Stonewall's principle,
"thrown no chance sway," and should that enterprising
Individual or any of his ? oonfriers feel disposed to try
ear metal, we will be prepared to give them tr cordial
'Our General is a tosinses man, and msana busi
ness now, u our -opponents will learn 'to their
ecrrow whenever they are so unfortunate as tc come in
can tact with him aatfhis fighting brigade.
Yesterday the oowmanding officer reoetved a magnifl.
' sent flag from Washington, and, deetrousor Aflbrdlng his
? troops a chanee u dhplay their devotion >to the cause,
ordered the wbotetorco to report in fun dress at half-pest
five P. k. When eur General issues an order, his man
generally know Mat he means what he nays. Every one
was on hand promptly, and a One appearance thb boys
?vie, as tney wxrebed up with colors (lying and hands
Maying, and termed a hollow square, 'to the centre of
1 which wars MuOenerrJ, his field officcn and SUIT. At a
given signal the flag was raised, and amid the cheers of
the eoidtera emd the roar or the oaonon the "ban
ner of beadty and glory" spread lis folds to
the breese, and waved proudly sod defiantly
over the soared soil, in plain view of the citizens of Win- !
ehnates I* ? ? *? *
ef the
that the emeciooeneea that our guns born directly upon
them, and that we could blow the whole piece elf the
face ef the earth with a few rounds,'would have had a
tendency So soolne their feelings,
i As the reverberation of the last gun died away the Gene
ral rode terward, and with his usual good taste addressed
the commend briefly, end to the pctot. He was followed
hyOokmei Trimble, of the Sixtieth 'Jhlo, rather more at
length, to n stirring appeal to the patriotism of the troops.
Oolooei D*t taaeey, of las CaribuMbftiurd, mods s model
speech for its conciseness and fosse. As nearly as I can
recollect, his words ware about aw follows:?
nuse Somiiswb At the ueehe fifths General I will aim
my s few words to you. I am s soldier, and not an
orator, and I will be brief, and la cm sure you will all
agree with raa when I say, may the General, whoso good
fortune it has been to raise Utfa glorious Sag to day, have
a speedy opportunity of proving <hia own devotion and
that of his command to that proud emblem of freedom.
May he soon lead us te victory, even if that victory be
purchased with death. Three cheers for our General and
Of course the Colonel "brought Mown the house," and;
you probably never heard three each hearty cheers from
the same number of threats. 1 am not much in that way
myself ; but I fairly lost my head and positively yelled
myself hoarse. It went ofi well, end every one felt satis
fled that, we had done the thing shout right.
Wel.avo here as lluo a body of men as a general could
wish to command.
Alb'rs In the Provost Marsha!'* office are managed ,
tuamtfin modo et firtiUr?very fat *ter at that?tars, as I
the following correspondence will wnillco to show:?
Wis jiKma-.. August 19,1862.
ToGendtKAL Wimw, Gami> Sigel:?
GmutRAL?It Ins been as eul And much esteemed cus
tom in tho cburch of which I am pector to eu)< y at in
tervale the services of oilier ministers of our presbytery,
and aepecial cx'gency rcudecs It. big lily desirable that we
Fhnuid enjoy such services at tic present time-, and i
write tills note resoeolfulijr t* request that ynu will grant
tliu nssasanrp facilities fur the name, gy a letter rcceued
yceterd iy lrom itov. N. Ii. liaU"u. 1). l)., of Charles town.
the naxit accessible member of pruetytery, 1 loam tout
he is at liberty to be with ns next Sabbn'h and render
tho reqi'irud service, provided lie can receive from your
tiaadguarieri the rcquwito permission to come to Wla
Manor and return unmolested.*
1 anuwkre ei the stringency of yuus rules respecting
pat-ass,Jrut.as Lir. Pultun's vbdt wouldAave reference to
a ina'.ter vliolty spiritual and i<orUiniug exclusively to
th? cbusch,I hope yon will tied ft coneiatmt with tlioob
lig.-tioio. of your office and the tut tresis of your service to
re.ax soiaawii.it in this cast' thaxjrar usually obserted.
If the hope Just expressed be well l onirics', it will grati
fy me vefy much to receive from you, auV.o lorward to
lir. Putt'.p, sutb a pars as will enable bisi to come to
Winchester aext Saturday, and return to t'lr rlcsUiwu the
(olluwiugusM'k. should it so in iia-.u tU*t.?!iy application
should require any endorsement, J .am at.liberty tu refer
yon to my friend M.?tor W hit t.tslejr, United ft dee Army.
With graoi-rt r^iecl, yours, Ac., J.?t. UKUIAM,
l'aatcr of the Presbyterian Church,.OU School.
Ai'ucst 29, l.vji
Rev. J. R. Gsa.au, Pastor Presbyterian Cburdi- of win
Chester, (Tsi
Si*?I ho General commanding directs mc la acknow
ledge tin: receipt Of ronr note reqneet'nff a paae lud Rife
conduct for the ii-v. 1 <r. Mutton, of CfcarlesUiwU. to Win
clwvter and back, for the purpose of fPffinttlag in your
pallet on nest snnd y Bach imp* wdl be cheerfully
grouted on c.raditipn Hint It. I), will, among tbc.atrvire*
of iho clay, include prayers for iha 1'jc: n.yt a' the
Untloi statofi,the siippro-mon of the rebellion acd its
oonoonnuot"?mt rtlT and rapine.
Treating that tlii: will be ? atmfactory mdhopitu to
attend the services personalty, tlie Genera' eoBMfisMUng
p~s.-onts his compllmuul' anil assures you of hi* respect.
By order of I'.rgmd.er (Jeueral JUIAo* WiJllri.
,'ttvnT Clima. Jr.,(."'plain and A. A. 0.
Dr. Mutton in known as one of the rankest eeaesslr nisto
in this-oction, and 1 dc not think Ibero Is Bwch ukell
hoqg o( his askiug I'or.a psrs on the t. rtn? prapikMd. We
have the power here, and it will be exercised'for the
bitt/iutercHt of the service.
RArrxnavjHp K nriTion, August 20?fl P V.
Thr fiebtU a*4 Their CnmmcnUrn? W\er ? ThfyAreSup
f t? d If B ?lhr. Rafnililv and Go/id Onier of (he HiT
trta'?Vur Petition iN'ew strtn-j, iff.
You have been advised, doubtless, of the fleet and the
reasons Iherofor of the retirsmait of the Army of Vir.
ginia from the batiks of the Rapip'an to the batiks of the
Ru^pahanuock. Conscious,from repented reoonuousancesi
thai General iicClellan's army was tee weak to assume the
often* to, the rebel loaders have massed the whole or their
I available force ipon GordonsvOJo and Culpepper, hoping
to overojmc Pope and capture Washington city before our
new levw*can bo-rrought into tliefleld. All i.slliiato ;-e;s
down this monsta.' rebel army at two hundred thou,
sand men, 0>e greatest force yet employed upon either
ride during (he war Shore art said to be flft.?u thousand
cavalry and forty bmlories included in said army, |
and it m econniamW, in the eenirc, by the
rebel ley, and noon the lhrnk" by .lackssu sod iUgru lor
rispiftivi ly Mom of tbssn forces have crowed sk? river
Sapid**,occupied >4ie I'iodtaont region of t'ulpepprr.aiid
arr bolioved to bo honceutrpt ug in force bwre uur po-1
lion on tho North hrsnch of the RapoHhssnuiek, Their
dlreot object is the overjwn, oris*'of l'npe; b it Jndir icily
they cTitotnplute no lota than the capture of tVVahii igt >u
aA?l" the luvoelon of thoJforth. The Bdvmue and suU.v
,,efiit retirement of i?tonm*sii .laokson at cedar MH'btai*
nrj thus itimotistntod to have heed an armed recnigji.ig.
sancd. ?"d not intended at an iii/topon-h ut add .for
midable ?nws>m"iit. bnwllling or umtde to cope with
such tine sampled nuinbm? in the open Held, Onem.'
J'oro ret trn'd fro?? his position at Cedar M aatoin.des. rtod
? alpepiKir town. and took a strong local Ion at Mid beyond
l!?rpahiiii<tock bridge and station, where bo now ro
ntntua. lb# blghWt/irrdll must ho attache.! to the o(U
c-ors an.l *?erf <? bis command for the ap?o<1 with which
tlie retreat vMMNdiltM, and thu oaroM ? miner In
which men, bagfsge and munltlous ware ,-resorvcd. He
>oml a few wound*J men, who had undergone nmputa
tlots ar <1 could nof. humanely bo removed nothing was
rei gn dlsad wee raved. A lew broken amb ilancee wore
burned and sotne lacithsedneutiai et-rea blown up; but
li r snomy ronnd no irou d-'s on the way.
The isir guard left (.Sir Mountain late on Tuesday
i!%ht, mid vacated Culpepper on the eiornipg of
iVeuAfiday, The tetter AwteC? WM apyartutly ji*.
tenanted by >??)? eit Irene: bat there tad
probably fkul>d out of right. The woawa ware,
i? usual, flairr^Hlv Insolent, their faces being broad with
?ti?flcdsnii'.as; sad at the Virginia IHtel WHahlH of
doubtful character played, with area ? ladewe, ??The Bon
nie Bh* t4ag_" Bach trifles annoy, but er^ea laja.e as.
we bare M\ oar dead In their church; ?rd as a gasrduo
tttr t we shad fco back to ireen tbeoe
Our wwea train, that left by dtwue reads lbs town ef
Culpepper, was flfteen miles long.
The. (Msntiou of the Army of Virginia a sew tolerably
ttwag, The rtver is breast high; but the banks are net
Wf( "*
unlfanmty steep, and lbs country adjacent a Ibr tbe most I
part flat and wall adapted to the smnoeuyerlag of troops,
aamo earthworks, throws op of old by the rebate, *e
Mturned to eur own purpeeee, sod hare placed ftatte- i
i upon all commanding spots.
" 'owed I
Tbe eeetny hue followed us otoeely, and the Ira Harris
?cavalry had a baud to band sabre skirmish yesterday i
three regiments of rebel hers#. Ws tad a few
wounded. ?
To-morrow (Thursday) It is anticipated there will 1
terrible battle. Wo dwell between hope and fear.
WamuonoH Jcmotion, August 21,lMjl
Art If* Is X4rial Farmer or NoU?Our Bming Move
, mm4 of the taMi?The Armies Uniting, 4c., 4c.
Are ws to retreat still farther towards Washington?
That will depend altogether upon tboability of the enemy
todrire us from the Rappahannock, and it Is generally
?greed that be means to do It, If superior numbers, pros
tigs and resohre can contribute to our defeat.
Wo are hopeful, but far from sanguine. Wo cannot
have less than two hundred thousand men to menace us,
and may havo fifty thousand above that estimate. Ho
la confident, and hopes within a week to besiege us upon
the heights of Arlington?mayhap to fight the battle of \
Bull rtin a second time, with his attitude reversed and ne
longer acting upon the defensive.
Our position on the Rappahannock is a strong one. Tbe
eoutftry hereabout is flat and rolling, with a few eminences,
and the river is forduble at almost every point. Wo oc
cupy both bulks of tbo river, but are mainly located On the
south side, where wo have planted batteries open a Tew
or*-os and occupied some old earthworks deserted by tbe
enemy. It is believed that the rebels were coming up
all night, and we sen clouds of dust over the tree tops
this morning, Indicating tho pre ence of moving bodies of
men. His cav lry made ahoadl-mg dash for tbo Rappa
hannock bridpo yesterday, but wore handsomely
chocked by tbe Ira Harris cavalry. The rebels lost seve.
ralmen. A few of our men were woundfcd. All night
and all day yesterday our troops were drawn up in line
of battle, aud the loci Jag prevails today that wo shall
be stacked before long. Ho will probably first moke re
cotinoissauces to soo tho extent of our'flunks, and then
hurl his thousands upon us. God and our good genius
he with us dow.
Tbe men do not Suffer, although, they have been lately
subjected to tho scarcity of "hard tack." Tbe trains de
not ran down so far an this position, aud all the wagons
are packed in Hie rear. They do not toed encouragement,
and know the consequences of rieftut at this time. Wo
shall make a desperate stand, and write another trlbdte
to Northern valor on the guide book to Richmond.
Military crKlCS profess to believe that our forced m&
vanees to the Rapid an were prematurely made. Jadkson
disturbed our figures somewhat at Cedar Mountaln,mnd
possibly deranged eur calculathna. As a consequence,
h" and tils coadjutors assail us new within thirty ro#BS of
Manassas, as! with-the largert army tbe rebels have
ever raillsd East or West. We -nil look hoperully Wr the
coming of, IfeClellan. Burnsidis tkoops are here. If the
new levies were ever needed it is at this time. General
Pope is still held to be equal to any emergency. The
orfppledtiiU Indomitable Bank', is still with his command,
and General McDowell has an opportunity to wire away
a bloody recollection within cannon shot of But? run-, for
he is active and evervwbegfF present.
Our retreat from Culpepper was a masterly thing, and
Is ndt'betievod to be marked by tbe loss of so hruch as an
old boOtec a haversack. When shall era aB learn the mas
tarty-art<of advancing as wfeU f
lUlTiBiMKXX ST AT 10*, AUgUSt 21, 1M2.
on Of RavHan? Withdrawal of Omr Ibreetfram
Wlpenper?Wounded Left in Of Band* 4f Of Watmy,
etc., olc.
Cttpopper Court Boon is once ww in Mb prun?Ion
?r?w enemy, mid the Rappahannock, iMrtoK of the Rapt
dan;'the dividing 11m between Um twearmiee. Since
U?*battle or Cedar Mountain, affaire at W a front have
been remarkably quiet, little ocourrtog to excite oom
mca* save the barbarous practice of picket shooting by
Um rebels. Jackson was supposed to bwfct or near Gor
Oonsvllle, and tbe several mbdmhIi were peeled M the <
met in positions calculated to afford assistance to any
point that might be attacked. Geneva 1 Reno's divl
eien of Burnslde'a ecrpe lay near Rnoeoonford.onthe
Rapidan, with' Use division of General Ricketts In his
'tear, at Mitchell's station. General Riga!, with his oorpe,
was stationed near Robinson's creek, th< division of Ge
neral King at the baso of Cedar Monniaia, tbe rear reel
ing on lie battle Held, and Banks' ecrpe at Culpepper
?Court House. The other commands were close at hand.
< On Monday morning Intelligence wee-communicated to
'the advance, indicating an immediate movement, and
about two o'clock P. M. orders were vroolved directing
the troope to furnish themselves wMkl res days' cooked
rations, and to prepare for a nur?b. later In tbe day
another order,more explicit. ih?e4?*Uill quue leded
atte, reached us, and.increased the e atl.i -iasm occasion,
ed by the prospect of another baUV- >ui mi -laht the
ocnunan.l caiwe to f??l ImcS *< <w o'ck*- next
?n-irumr. T<>~ were etrnrt, ttagivge packed and
Uie trains vast on in a lv.. c*. so a* to be out
Of' too wry eg tbe retroaUflg utiewvi, and pre-ently
th-s long baggage trams frtm the io.it inorweaed .he
throng and slowly i.. red at?r' iowhsOq Cul|?p|wr. Siget
havng a train of over twelve hundred wagon., and the
road ho tig in very bad condition, the baggage did nut get
by until after tilue o'clock next morning, during which
liuic tiio troops were under arms, momcjtartly expecting
to fall In buhin.t the wagons. At lent^li the train got by.
Hickotb-' division followed close Defend; then cune
King's diViBk>n, and lastly Sigel's corps. Jackson was
?eupp -red to bo moving olT to the left, w.th the dei-ign of
pens! rating our centre, anil no slight degree of apprvboi.
sum was fell that he might attempt to cut oil th" rear of
ouriretirin? forows. Culpepper wits resnrod In the after
noon. All day the enrs hud been hurry.ng off the sick
aucuv.oundfd, supplies, forngo and other govcrnmei.! pro
party , until the dej ot was stripped of everything and the
town left to barrenness and desolation. As the rear of
our cOls'um passed through the village looked gioomv in
dent. All tbe turmoil and bustle of the last twr. w eks
was li untied ,and li irdly a face appeared atatie windows,
deeertlpa ana, loneliness prevailing everywhere. All tbe
sick ih.it could be temoved had been tela n down to
AlexuDiliw, leaving, ain the care of geuu nu.aos at
tbe hi*;'d.-ils In futpopper. At this plane tbe column
separated, Hgel faetwug the rear guardef. oue biauch
and the brigade of Gcu. Hatch the other. A the day
wore on the exhausting enrols of want of aleeo and pro
per mmsitiuacnt bcceine^Nimf'nlly evident. The troops,
having boen aroused at oe ' o'clock, had b it kttlr slocp,
and, with no opportunity to make cotloo in tk ?mm,up,
liad nurcboil.tfii ough tho hot sun and choking diici nearly
iwemy miles.
A I tali Means necetsexy every half hour, when the
men would drtip down at liie side of tbe reed. almost
uttm ly e.vhaiislad, and fall isito a sleep so soiu. i tbat
vto'int shaking could scarcely arouse'theui. Tits few
wagons biukeudcwn mo d.ig before on u.<i route were
tired by the rearguard is H passed,.aul the controls
destroyed to pre. eat their falling iuto I he hand , of the
enemy, who, it wassuippeeed, were not far In our irar.
At twelve o'clock at wight, wore out ?nd ravenously i.un
gry, wo bivouacked *-*vo .mil a half miWs from the R. p
leiLaiiiiork, croMiU,. Mat morning at our leisure, it
would n<.t be Wlatent to etatn where our forces now lie,
or what may be their strength. Suffice It to k.v that tig
retreat has been econudi hed with remarkable succeed,
and our position Is coittpf ar.vely wnpregc.-ihlo. 0< pro ,
bible events we ore not at liberty to speak, b u tbat tho
movement will result In ahrllliant Success not the least
doubt need bo enteriultn-d. The troopsemerlale uo fear
. uf di'i.ibtur, tnd, ivtih 'tin utxnost couQdeuce in tie .oral
PttMT, liavo . coupled their new line of *,>. ration* iu the
bu I Of spirits. The enemy sot having advanced after
as, Avury thing is e.vieciiinglp quiet, wrfb little or no
proj ect of nu ituiue-Hato rug .foment ui Hits vicinity.
Kiru.g was board between Culpepper and 1 rwie tokaburg
yc:-terj.ty morning, a .ppoeed to lie a -kuiriiali lietween
BufiNrtMnesvaio end Mis enemy. Slew weepe atneenting
In rapidly every Lrsln bringing up lace numbers of re
crulta for the old regiment*. ffrvorsl lir.d officers of rrgl
raente ha.e gone home to recruit, and isport great suc
Alrxaxdbm,To., August 28. IMt.
JM AilUno Back ?f iht Array of Vi'pinia?lt Can St.
curtly DtfttU lite If?Arrival of AicCltUan?GueHUa*
firing nn the Pai'mut Train, rfc.
It Is rather hard to seo that, while Hkualo oorreepon
don la have systematically suppressed the news of Pope's
falling bock, tho uudi'iipiiloue Tribune lies, by outright
violation of bond, pubbehed the Iscideniaof that retreat
to t|ie enemy and the world.
As I privatoly advised yon days ago of the fscts
in question, I need now only oMl npoo you to produce my
previous letter. Tho truth] will there appear that, hav
ing pushed toward Richmond, In order to distract rebel
attention from General Modeller 'i retrograde nuivomcnts,
Gensrairope h.m called npoti hlmeclfihe vengonnoo of
the wb. 'e rub. 1 army?two bandred thsuwud strong?
and bas been compelled la turn to fill back li i*tily,hut or
dec y, upon the river Rappahannock, and thrro wait the
arrival of rolnforccmenla.
Oeveiry nad artillery skirmishes alt. ratted Wednes
l*y ?i Thursday. On bothjthose days HvjHarris Light
"Avalry wits engaged hand to hand with tlire# regiments
if rebel liorge, and came off, If not surcesgfully, at least
On PrwUy the fmmcese army of the reb#n? made three
leepcraM atiempte to cross the Rappahnnuock and asaalf .
is In cur new roo.'Mtt nn the north bank or the rIvor |
Acb time tlbey we'fl drlveu hack with num. nseeiauah 1 1
If,lifewmj 4|ie uerfia with (Mir toed, guititle* J t
T,"* only a part of their woended. We suffered io
MMtder&bly end the general result of the oontest aseurn
*r troops that tliey can maintain themselves, unless
"u?" eopertor strategy on the part of the rebels outaps)
us again to fall bark upon Manassas Janet km, Ball run,
* "'J" tke fortifications at Alexandria
Is It contraband to state, in order that papular diasalic
?ettoo may find encouragement, that MoCleilan baa
. division landed at Alexandria yester
8ay. The Potomac is black with transports, and new
regiments from the North are pouring into the capital and
pnsing*orer the Iang Bridge. We ask a little time only
Jo meet the rebels man fbr man. Satisfied of this ract,
they are pushing on a formidable army, and, with their
n? ' snd achteoture, hope to overoomo Pope and
J? before the reinforcements come.
Thoy have occupied Warrenton with cavalry, and at
?even o clock last evening fired into tho passenger train
stOatleu'g stattoo. The engineer, affrighted, ieanarl
Jr**?'k? locomotive and ran away. but the oooductor at
1* rWt of ?*?*a "i'lho tra i n andran 11' to
vmnMiai A battfiiiso of ci\ ,ilry heard the flrfeur.aad
advancing, drove off the rebels. The cars duo ai un
?ctek last nigltt did not reach Alexandria till seven this
?E?,^k..Ther *2 Pffw^d with bullets, and it is ror
prbrtng that any of the paasengers escaped with their
ST AL"ut rr1* cavalry Je toJrnfo
to have been ooncarucd tn the attack
Unlefrg those marauders arc driven off wo shall be
2T \u . ?sintaln co^nnnmication tx*We<-n Alexandria
JuQctlu,1> ??d bo therefore, obHaed to
(all bock froin our iiosition on lie Kappahanuodc. The
reh.-K will probably continue their attempts to boat us
rfonttlank ?8 dally, and sanguinary conCuW^i, ?
I utuit ngn In refer to the unexampled retreat of Gen
?? a"der tho Immediate cab ? of tnc Ocnentl
bavnrlfi ih" 8acc<jHpfttl in Re main object of removing
usod^ enemy 'e reach all that he could possibly have
At Culpepper the sleek citisons bought up all onr sut
lers stores, and warehoused them. Having paid their
money chuckliagiv, they imagined largo i*n
the reiietoi should occupy the town. But Urn Provost Mar
inrt hn^ fh^ vir0 *?7's from "?8tr concealment
rebels mado nothing 8Ut!?.rS """ "* "***'' the
In anticipation or a great bat tie, all tbo empty cars that
Capture of an Entire I^ebei
A??j Ac*)
[Special Correspondence of the Press.}
HuaqtunwM, Am w Tisc.mu, August gg. 1809.
After many vessttou. delays, canssd br the we which
thesrmy is makingef the railroad, I arrived here on last
Wednesday* The country is a line, open see, with gentle
unduletkmsaad-aa occasional eminence Tlaing up here
and there,aftwdipgafine viewer the ssrrouQdlageoaa
try. The general direction of the river at this point to
from north westrte southeast. Ws occupy the northeast
*?*P^dbieBaiji the southmsstssa. Our psattisa
was bappfly ohoeeo,and carries victory-en lbs very foe I
of It; so that 1 am not at all astonished at the Impatience
exhibited by ourfeaya, wbo are really "itching for a fight."
I aaw one individual on the field absolutely yawning
with impatience, to which he gave veat at last in the fol
lowing strain:?><?! wish tho damned rebals would come
en now. I'm afeerd Jackson got cold last night, or may
be the sun-todoo strong for his eyas;" -and much more in
the same strain. Thero. has boon some sharp skirmish
ing and cannonading during the last two days, but noth
tag of a very decisive character. The-enemy Is afraid to
attadc us In .forco, and we occupy * position which it
[ would be imprudent to abandon for a raw days All unne
osssary baggage* having been aent to tho war, we are now
unencumbered, and in excellent fighting trim. On last
Wednesday an incident occurrod which was somewhat
eiagiiiar. ttud gave a slight advantage to tho rebeie. A
party ef flrtacn of our cavalry had been out scouring the
country, and nutitaving found a rebel during thoir morn
lug's ride, resolved to Uko break last. Thoy accordingly
alighted, and, having had a sharp ride, the* unsaddled
their bones, so that the aaimais might be refreshed when
next they mounted Ahem.
Their faaoied security and repose were of short dura
tion, nowerer: for * osroely had they fairly set about pre
panug breakfast when a troop of rebol cavalry peuncad
on them as suddenly that they were captured before
thoy could otter any effectual resistance. While the
sobols were securing their prisoners, the horses which
Aid been quietly grawog, on lilting tboir heads'sesiii ?
that all was mu right, very sagaciously and properly set
of at full speed without eaddlos or riders, and, living ar
riuod wifely is camp,created quite a esMdUOA, which
saoe rise to many aurmiges as to what had become of the
rider a.
,Vltr no.ii It an hour ?'iad elapsed, io which pssaible
nud impossible speculations ware indulged, a aqwul of
lieoaral Buiord'e cavalry weut out to search the vtur
roiir.djng country. They did uot proceed far when U-oy
enc?atorod a body *f rebel cavalry under Genual
Stuart On there they charged with each Impetuosity
'hat the rebels rat in all dire Ulcer. Maay were cop
lured, emoiig whom waa an exquisitely dtamad major,
who, frvm the rtyle of hie drear, wn* suppuwed by our
mon to lus the priucip.il person in command, end who.
Accordingly, war puretted with ibo utmost vigor and de
termination. Uor men were much Jbapjioluted on find
ing (but be was only a major, white that Individual, like
the 'tag In the fable, war left to bewail hU fate This
Top in this race raved the general, rod lie may have the
bondl' of the maelatioa.
Later in the day another attempt vu made by the
enetur to occupy the hit hat-.k of tho river at tblr point
They cr me for wttrJ cautiously through a belt of woe da,
the o|mu livid in front of w hich waa held by a part of
Rfckelts' divialon. B"tli parti"8 commenced firing, and,
aa ilia r* bol igf'tiee w 18 either more favorable ihtu
.ours, a icigued rctruM waa ordered. ThM bait tho de
eired <'tfect: the rebels dished forward with n rhout of
triumph. It wns aocu t uccoeded by dtr nay; Tor no sooner
wore they completely out of ibe woods than our men
were meed about and peuring a deadly volley Into litem,
which emptied m my saddles. Wc followed up our auc
ceM with u splendid charge.
The rebels now turned and fled, pursued by our caval
ry, who completely routed them across tint 1 lappa ban
nock. We captured about thirty head of cattle which
the enemy was forced to loavo behind him. Our troot*
are now encamped on Ibe other side?a part of Bu.ord's
cavalry aud R.ckotis division. At this point we have
poeseeslou of the railroad bridge a*roes this Rajyahan
The rebels nest attacked our centre, a few mUoa high
er up. Thoy comae n<-.'d shelling at aa sarly hour en th e
list, and continued until abcut'ona o'clock Atone time
they attempted to erms the river, but weiu drive.i back
with contulertbli' loea. We h>ok nine prisoner* nt this
point, who wore tho most oddly and wrsii bo lly drsaaed
soldiers we ever ca?t our eye# on. Two of these utiraet d
n irattouti.di especially Oue was dreced psrttiily in
rioihos taken from our dead or wounded ou tho Held, and
rcomod to feel very unooiaidrtable, ?s bis b > is and
p.Dts were spok'-n of aa having b?su taken from the
need. Another was nu iutelligsnt hiking and dcl'Ttninetl
pegro, who fought, we were told, with tho utmo.'t despc
ration as ho was about to be ospturod.
T lie robcla next attacked our f iroet at KeltyvHIe, or
Fslly 'a lord. While the citnt.onitd'ag was going on above,
and ill w.ia 'pilot at this point, and our l>oys wore regal
ing tl.emsalv,* with broiled beef,dr.,a rebel t.uior caiua
ov?r on.otig lh?>n, who had hsvimefant with hunger,
and bogged a fuw cr-ictare These and sotr.o coflse and
beef being given to hint, he re?lgiiod him elf to our
charge, who. c In future his creature wants will bo mca
generously and plentifully supplied than among the needy
ihenttack At Kelly aford was repulsed, and tho can
n< nail ng eea"eii about llvo o'clock In the ntierno n. Our
ilnaof battle ems mauiM net, and the mmfs'ent en their
rim s all night, the sue i y 1st. ing t< it our inns at va
rlous points, but piiaclpalb ?t th-so named, we tkpectod
a night attack, uim' waiteo u ith much anxiety, asil. mi
mot-1 us, ' 'Hug to hear front hint; but all wns uul tdur
log the night.
tu the m< mlng, however, at a quarlar past lira o'clock
?4 *g?ued a battery on aur centre, uud ct.aih.uod vigor
iwiy tojfcrew ?fevtwtabfii for m?M tew* Am*
higher up It ?m discovered that the ?mj hud, daring
the night, erected e bridge oyer Um river.
At this point the most brilliant end eueceaaful affair ot
the day la reported to here oocurred. In the vicinity of
ihla bridge was one of Uenerml Bigel's baUeriee, en which
the rebela opend a brisk lire, to which, for a time, oar
battery replied with epirit. In a little while our fire
slackened and than ceased, the battery having been ap
parently silacced or withdrawn. Three rebel regiments
now ruabeJ across lbs bridge, and Sigel offered no oppo
Everything seams favorable; bat alas! the scene soon
changes. No sooner have they eroOMd than Sigel opens
bis bet lory on the bridge. The fourth shot completely
demolishes it, and at the same time a deadly fire of mus
ketry assails the rebels in rront. Their retreat is cat aft
No hops Is left. A few shots from our battery, s charge,
?ad they are our*. Not a man escaped. Nearly 2,000
arweald to have been capiured, and about 400 killed and
The enemy having failed la this, now hurl forward their
forces%iih impetuosity, and strive to outflank Sigel by
crossing at French's ford; but General Pope orders up
Hanks and Reno to the aid of Sigel, and the enemy Is
again repulsed, and moves higher up the river. How the
seat attempt of the enemy succeeded I have not yet
Finding that the progress of the.rebels was Still north
ward, sad that they weld be llkoiy to make a desperate
attempt to ereae the North Pork, where the road leads
to Warrantor), I took passage m the train for Alexandria
to go up the rood, and be nearer the expected scene of
aetloe. Night had just net in. when we arrived at Cat
lett's station, and the tram was swilohed off to permit
the down train to pans; scarcely was this accomplished
when picket firing wan heard in the mar of tbu encamp
meat, which, at this point, protected a supply lain and,
some settle. A territle uproar now oomui?nr?d, which
owing to the darkness, wo could not fairly comproheud.
In in instant a territle fight at close quarters commenced,
the oom baton is be leg as close aa a mob in a street row.
Some one in command gave the word "Firs the train,"
or "Fire at tbo tram, at which the engineer end ono of
the conductors, together with some of the pa*-ongers,
fled In terror, t lay down on tho scut cu which I had
been silting, so at to be protected from tho bails, which
wero flying In all direeiiunn, and. nt the mmo time, to
observe the fight through a window of the car. For
tunately , ewe of the brakumoo of the car lust the pre
sence of ufnd 11 turu the switch and start the cugiue, or
we"should ell have been klt'-vd, as a portion of tho at
tacking party now directed their at Urnttop exclusively
to ue. We bad not pr> oeude I tar when we were attacked
again, tu a much more territle and murderous manner
than "before, by a large tr<mp of cavalry.
The time wo all lay down.and. Chough a pe-Tbrt sbewrr
of leaden hall grerteu ws. e wiplMely ml time tho car, we
all fcrtanaiaiy <wca|x-d mimfurod I ahait sot rapidly
fosget the terror-strtskea apnaassnes af a ladv and a
IIUP gti|,ahont twelve years af v,v saw Hash <k ltil<Wh|
sovesitd thilr f*r?-i e wars ?hsy ley is tartar, nor tho
teesrily with which a y.?.i?v mew i? >i-?, hs-iO?- me?'ea;cd
mo for pmieeuun. My iMssmm was an Mm mee af the
train which wee attache*
After we had y?" ???*?< a ami* isrtbar an wot sip,
and escaped oee Sanger, s new com ?? >m am were
in danger of bciaR rwa u* by in* e w*m Mmt of
the hands had run <*1. ?a<l lbs SowST ?bs was ma
nuigtbe ciiKins, earns been st n gas ISsMsise, of
Ptiiladvluhia, aau mvei f wese rnmma $ fetlxdwus
told ns that ha wax aimed wyi mvehar aa Se an* am mm
to man the brains. Few eawmpaatdant MS Ue- mmor
St once voluntas re* ts |?rtw? thai Mstv , sink we dpi
accordingly, aad prioniliu aa eor wap to Msaaaaas ilap
Junction, fortunately wit hem asset hw say Saps din int.
81ms tin wbovw was writtea I have tsarnrd that Lieu
tenant A. C. Kills, of the Sixth Wteenaata rigt<uent. cam#
up to Washington from Catlett s station, b irging with
him as prisoner a iwbel lie jtaaant - J. C. Hobbs, of Com
pany K, First Viiwtnfe cavalry (lata Aahby's)?who waa
captured-during the attack an Friday night at Catlett a
a 1st Ion. (Tbo attacking party consisted of three squadrons
of cavalry, who were apeedily driven from the ground
by our forces eneamped at the station. Two of our men
were wounded, one mortally.
A buige number of tbe rebels wars doubtless killed
and wounded,'but home away by tbeir comrades. Efchi
dead horan, with all tbeir acoontrsmcnta. ware left on
the field. The rshel cavalry, in addition to those already
menUonad, ware the Fifth and Ninth Virginia, under the
comwaadof Brigadier General Lee, a son of tbe rebel
ComMMnder-la-Chlef. She prisoner Hobbs is a Mary
lander, whose family midee about thirty miln from
Waahln g ton-ci ty. Bewaa seat to the Old Capttel prison.
Hn SaeaUl* Raid leu WlMfeutw.
Bauimb, August 26,1MB.
lbs pMaenger train on tbo Winchester Railrood, which
lefutfcere on Saturday afternoon for Harpor'o For*r, ?M
flvcdteto about-balf way between Row point* by a party
oMl?y guerillas, and Edward Lucas, the oipro? pi.
oenjor, m oavarcly woundsd. The conductor of tba
twin Mttity otoppod H it compliance wnb tba ardor of
Ibi ? 1IIIIIIII ill 1111 iwnmpi I jllliMif
were taken prisoners. The passengers wore wlawod.
The train with its contents ware then destroyed, aad tba
(noriUoo aaade olT with their prisoner*.
ihateU of General H. Bohlcs.
Thoreoent news bring* us tidings of tbo death of Gene
ra! Fly. Botateo, formerly colonel of the Seventy-ftHh Penn
sylvania Volunteers. Brigadier General Henry Bohlua
came to UM country many year* ago, and, settling in
Philadelphia, commenced business as a dealer Is foreign
wines and liquors, amassing a ooooidorablo fortune. Much
or his tioso was given to the study of the art of war, and
it was not surprising that more than n year ago he raised
In Philadelphia one of the On cat rogtmonts in tbo service?
a rogimoat of faithful German*. This roginwnt was
attached to the division of lienors! Louis HI en Iter, and
served In Virginia. Its colonel, Henry Bohlen, oommand.
ed an improvised brigade, and in April last was commis
sioned a brigadier general of volunt, era. Wuen this
German division was thrown into Western Virginia under
Fremont, General Bohlen became promiueut la the me
?orabls march across the maaaUMn*. At the hauls of
Cross Keys General Bobim vied wlih the gallant f1 'he!
nnd Von fiteinwehr in bis military order rod prnprfty ?.
manmuvre. Again, In the valley of ?l>? Shenv. an mi
der the aecompilfhod General Yrans Sigrl, hie trig.le
was complimented for its bravery and endurance of
hardships, la all that retreat Prom tulia?poer
llh? trusty brigade was d-sign ited by Shtdl to pnar.l the
rev of lho retreating 'lA-my of Vtretn a;" ami w?ll did
our hero perform-the pontons duties assigned to him and
hie m. n. And when the army was safely r cross the Rap
poli'nnoilc. still ?nenrert tlift enemy, Bohlen's b-igade
were flghtlo* eontumaliy, and, uoftsinnately for the
country and its tvito, during a skirmish en Hsturtlav
morning, General Henry Bohlen wa? observed by a rebel
sharp hooter, while riding across the geld, dire-ting
the movemenls of hie-troops, and shot, through the hood
with* Mime ball. He died instantly.
The Capture ?fOnc-Half of the First Hew
Jersey Reglmcat.
A despitch from the Rsppah.umock, published yen tor
day, dated on Thursday ia-.t, Informed us that the First
Now Jersey regiment, wgyle making a galunt charge
upon ihaAncmy, was unf?rtnniteiy surrounded by two
regiments .of rcbsl infantny, and one half wore taken
Ibc First New Jersey regiment was organised uudcr
the general -vrdor of the WarQepartment issued May 4,
1801. After remaining in camp for a'hort time, in.tr
Trenton, it left/or Washington on the 23th of Juno foil mv
fcig. At the lisu) of their Uetonunp General IVuifltm Ft.
aentgomery was the colonel of the regimont. Hubea
qiwnily he was promoted and appointed Governor of Alex
andria lie now tr. the Military Comiw1 W < f ?f?Ia city.
Ttie following is a list of the office re of Aho regiment, iw
reported within a very short perloF:?
Co'nwcf?Caotaln a. t. Ibrbsrt. Un'tod JlUtos Army.
ii?twinl dAsd?SdbSPt McAllister,
M'ljoi?Favld Hitfletd.
Ai^ufuMl?Wm. Henry. .Tr.
C w: rMOJfen?Samuel Load.
But ron?Kdward Taylor.
Jrflbiff Surfer?' harlefC. Cordon.
Ciayfain?llobert fl. Tard
QfMpany f?Captain, John W. Frown; First Llcnt'T"
ant, i'nul R llainbrlck , Second IJcuienuii, La hci
Omparljl /??faptiin, Sylvester Van Fjjy.kel : First
I.ieuu-iuut, William il. Tantutn; becopd Lleui< ii ml, John
Onspem f? Captain, E. G. Ttrewsler ; Fir-', LUu
tenant, 3. II. i'arUon ; Second Lioaienai-t J. C
(Via,r.np &?Captain, Valentine MuttUIcr; FJrut Llo it
smut, i Jutries Si tg reaves; heoond LieuUn*nt,Chsrks W.
Omtixin7 K?Captain, C. ff. Pelure ; First Lisulroani.
A. P. Tyior: Jtecpnd LtciGpnenl F. B. Holt.
Ccmi my F?>t-tpwlu. K. Fmiratt; First Lieutenant, H.
C. Warner; seeond Lieulcnnr.t J. L. L. Kikln.
Cimj^np G?Oaotaln, A. 11. Way; First Lieutenant,
? ?; ,-ec"niil.ieutn ml, J. Ii. Wyckoff.
C>m>afiv ft?Captain.*. H. Faker; First Liouii-oaat, J.
B. Kttririgbaui; Second T.le ten out. A. B. Jerome.
O-mi u'lg 1?C.tpi m,J. P.O. Mount; First Lieutenant*
K. H. Prown; Second 1J- ute umt, J\ B. Lrowh.
Onnpctiv A'?Captam, (tin. As Conamiller; Firtt Lieu
tenant, A. C. Hsmllng. Ssoiuid Llentsnaut, F. llueber.
Hews from Urn tier's Ferry.
Hani K . - Ftitav, Au rust 26,1)8.
The fh?e Hundred and EtoYfnth Hew York Volunteer
regiment arrived hero last nlgbt, 10 rellevs tlisTwsuty
iccou'l regiment N. Y. 3. M., wnich isttvr were ordered
Ii .me their time being up.
la vlsw of the reported advance of ih? rebels, the
rwenty-second rcgimeut has offsrod to NMbii) untH th"
1st of i eptembor, which offbr Hsjov Gonerai Wool baa ao
Irrot of lluu. thai. Ingrnoll.of Phils*
PbiMomma. Aasuol ftl, 1M.
It is atated that Hon. Chnrlca tafSttu R ha* been ar
?c-'trd for langurgs ured at. the democratic meeting in
Bdeprndsnce square on Saturday night.
Mr. lugsTKcll waa arras ted by United state* Desuty
darshal Schuyler, and put under bonds to answer by
Brand Mftimm of CIMmu la tk( Park^
Hoar for Aetloa la Coma*
Tha citizens of New York tra requested ft> aoeamMe M
tie Park surrounding tha City Halloo Wedoeeday, (M
!7th iiiat., at tluraa o'oloak P. M.
Tha ttane for discussion baa pawed; the boor far aolM
baa coma.
Tha country needa all the saaj, all tbe'power and oD IM
loyal feeling of iu citieane, native and adopted.
The great duties which call for actios at this moment
tre:? ,
Kim-!to an up the veteran regimenta of New Ml
Jfaeond?To make full reeponae to the Bute call for saw
Third?To "organize and On up the Corcoran
before tha mantb expires.
Our sister cities challenge us to the discharge of
dot lee. Let the answer he worthy of the oosamerolnl wO>
tropolls. e?| or -?
Come together, then, paaple of New York; glue past
means, your strong arms and your resolute hearts to p?
down rebellion, and to uphold the lag or the Union.
Nsw Your, August 29,1M2.
And two thousand others.
Appointments by the President?OMV?
allies, &c.
The following appoiutmouts have been made by tbd
President, by and with the advice and consont or uw
Senate, since the publication of the last list of appoint
ments and promotions, July 24,1862:?
awrTAST gkxicral's napAKritsirr.
Chptaln J'hn P. Sherburne, 19th Infantry, to be A?
?Mont Adjutant General, with the rank of nuQor, Vloe
laum, promoted.
Additional Aidsde-Camp
appointed under the act of August 5,1861:?
Colon?*. Assigned to Dvty wtth.
Mai A. Beck with. Com'y of Subsistence General Wool,
Mai K. E. Clary, Quartermaster General Pop*
rapt. E. G Beck with, 3d artillery General Ftp*
Maj James Bolgcr, Quartermaster General Waot
Muj. & B. Hotahlrd, A. D. C. and Q'rmast-r. .Gen. Banks
James 0. Fessenden, of Maine General Hunter.
Lieutenant Colonels.
Isaac C. Elstou, Jr., of Indians General WaUnaai
Onpt. F. Mayors, Awt. Quartermaster. .General McDowell
J. 13. Frothlughaiu,of Ohio.- General Kelley
Dept. I,. H. Peloose, 16th Infantry General 1
James I* Van Burea, of New York General Bttl
James C. Biddlc, of New York General Will
Captain J. C. Wlllirrd, A. D. C G
Copt. J. M. Sanderson, Commissary of
Subsistence, Volunteers General McDowell.
Lewis Livingston of New York .General tttwkfd.
George T.-Tannatt, of Massachusetts General Prma
Walter Cutting, of New York General Abguft
George 8. Shaw, of Pennsylvania General Augur.
Stephen E. Jones,of Kentucky GeneralTheme*
George P. Edgar, of Illinois General WeflMf.
Edgar W. Dennis, of Now York General |lb>
JohnH. Piatt, of Ohio General Pood,
James S. Gould, or New York General TMa
The following appointments have been made la the
voinateer force celled Mo eenkie under tha MM ap
proved July 22 and 29,1M1, and Jaly ?, 1888:?
lb b* Major Generals.
Brigadier Generals Edwin V. Sumner, Unfed flaww
Army; Samuel P. Ueiotselmaa, Erasmus D. KeVw, FIB
John Porter, Williani B. Franklin, Alexander Mod. M?
Cook, William Nelson indThomas L. Crittenden.
1b be Brigadier General*.
Bravet lieutenant ColrnefB. s. Roberta, 8d cavalry.
llAJur A. l'leaHonton, 2d cavalry
Colonel Jacob Amman, 24th Ohio.
raiiwii i. an. m, aw
m. MU, 2Bd Ohio.
C. I' Buckiturhum. of Ohio,
Colonel KiUlhnry Warren, 1st Ohio eevalry.
Colonel M. L. Smith, 8th Missouri.
Colonel Charles Croft, 31st Indiana.
Colonel r. Sol' ?inou,:<th Wle^'iitlb.
Colonel J. If. J.'iuks^ii, 3d Kcutucky cavalry.
Colonel C. C. Wastihurne, 2d Wisconsin cavalry.
Lieutenant Colonel E. J. Kerron, 9th Iowa.
Colonel John Cochrane, Now York Chasseurs.
Colonol J. B. T.ircUin, 19th Illinois.
Colonel H. S. Brlggs, 10th Massachusetts.
Colonel C. F. Jackson, 9th Pennsylvania.
G'lonel J. 1). Morgan. 10th Illinois.
Colonel A. Wlllicli, 32d Indiana.
Colonel IT. D. Terry, 9th Michigan.
Colonel J. Steedmau, 68th Ohio.
To be Atriitnnl Adjutants General, with the rank of Major.
C;pt. R. O. Sell ridge, A. A. G. of Vols, for Geo. Pope. J\
Capt. 8. F. Barstow, A. A. G. of Vols, for Gen. McDoWeU.
Jo le Asutant Adjutant* General,with 'he rantcof'CaftaSh
James A. Odlln, of Ohio, for Uctior.il Bueearmp.
C.ii*. F. F. Cuvad*. 23d Pennsylvania, for General BjfpED
Lieut, Win. A. Gordon, 12th Missouri, for Gen. OsterhM*
Theod' ro McGcwan.of Pennsylvania, for Gen. Howe.
Lioiit. S. W. Waldroo, U. E. Vols., for Gen. Prince.
Lieut. Thayer Mrlvln, 1st Virginia, for Gen. Kelly.
Lieut. Wnt. H. Connor. Wisconsin Vols.,for Gen. Pome.
Lieut. R. T. Dunham,3d New .lc sey, lor < an. Tayidr
J. 8,wed Play, of Kentucky, for Geo O. Clay Smith. ,
LIciU. C.B. Molrine.lifti New York,for Gsn. Grtfllq.
Lieut. W. C. Turner, loth Ohio, tor Con. R. W. Johnson.
Capt. IT. Custin, Jr., 37Hi Illinois, lor Gen. J. Whits.
COpt W. H. Kinsman, 4th obi , for G n. Dodge.
Jesse Elliott Jacobs, of l'oiiosylviitila.forGcp. ilftott.
Lieut. Cbas. P. For ten, 21M >t- ich metis, for Goo. Green*
Lieut. II. B Scott, 2d Mfhwuh,.s ;tts, for <>en. Gordon.
The mas II. Harris, of IudUu.i. for Geo. Sullivan
Wm. M. Boone, of Pennsylvania, for Gen. Lock wood.
Ct'AKlBl! ?A I*H's PtrARTMnVT.
Tol* A* Littnf t/mritrmu >.r*,uiiili the Kant of Capttan.
11. f. Webster, huultic<y
1 ..out JoL.i Ma, rip, 7th Ohio.
Lent. W. H. Valium*.
loh'i J. Uo\vn,U .
Limit. P. (?.1 uiopl>?U. Alb Ttiu'icggee.
James U? Johntoi, of New Yo.k.
W. IT. II Crandall, Pennsylvania Volunteer!.
l-hu Welch, of i runsj ivaui*.
Aiigufti'M of
Kuniall I'. Wade, of Ohio.
II, ,t. It. H. Jo: i*. t'ounpyivnnia Volunteers.
A. I? AutUn.of M luvhiiftta. '
Lieut. .'ohn Morris, ith Ohio.
Lie t. ( o,is. E. Rci-s, liuih Now York.
George Wallace, or California.
W. H. Martin, of ??.
Lieui. H. < . Weir, New York Volunteora.
Raymond Ourr, o Ohio.
Ira tp. I'nvp>n. ?f <'(dorado.
W. IT. Daoiols, oi New York.
T. E. K- k- rf, of Ohio.
T. B. it. I avid, of I'oi nry Ivnnia.
George 11. 8m lib, oi Missouri.
Liout. n. U. I la a ?(. 8m-'>nd M.u ichiisotte.
.I.wnce fi. Hail, oi .Mauc.
IJeul. Isaac N- Mason, f ixth Wisconsin.
J. M- Kobw-oi, of. Maps.
Aiih'hm.-l Papmtftrt.
P. Cnlden Piggies, ofNew Ywk.
EdwardKriiibl". oi fa. Horn la.
W| luun M. 1'ope, of Illinois,
i&liutind J. Porter, of Vcw York.
III,race A. Tenny.Ol Wi.co.isln.
Edward II. C. ii-oier, oi Maitm
W. A. Caldwel,. ofNbw Vwi. t$r
CharlesFr Allen,Kentucky. . ?
W. a. Mann, of Pennsylvania.
II. L. Havana,of MlnnenoU. W'
Orl- 'flM. IX i nan, ul Hon.la.
canal/no. \J
Di'4. ,
Mcut JohnSweet, fith cavai-y; killed at the bailie
of Oaines' Mtlf, VtrgWlA. June 27 1883.
* l, <?nt. Mnn'd I'.oss, 7th iiifautry; at W-ahlngton, D.
C.. Jttly '-'3, 1383. [' ,
I,tout. t,'eoi*e 1Y. Hoover.'14th Infantry; at 9*>h|
Station, Virginia, of tvouuds received at the utile ef
Oelnns' Mill, July 1,1962.
rept itn Osrh-ry f.tr, l jth infancy.
J lent, iiant Cliaijep L N egg to, 24 Infantry.
I |m>tee?nt F. C. (Toodi iek, 2d ln,?ntry.
Lieutenant (!. A. Itrtwh'y, 2d i'ofsniry.
Lieutenant lUorn ,sH. Wi igbt, 11th liifautry. ?
uiuuM in nu voM jmit rosea.
By P. F. Tlnwknt, of Ohio, the appointment of
Atsit taut AdjuUut titucrsl of V, run leers.
Captain L. I> If. fnrrlo, A. A. tf.
(hptain J. 8. Met oy.-A. A. G.
fnrn. In F. A. Cttvnda, \. A,?!. *
Adtiiilenal Paymaster V Mohlbbon.
Additional ri*> ni?-,tcr J. M. Wallace.
Additions; Paymrstsr W idiniu F. t'anip.
The Steamship Grsnt Kaetern.
The steamshipGreat Eastern, rrom Liverpool Wth sad
Qaeenstovrn I7'h, will he dun in theso watffn to.
mglit or to-m'vrow ninruinf. ShewIM coino In by wmf
?f Leng Island B-unC, and anchor IB floshlhf Bay,
Pilots into already gone toircetbsr. Tkedayi
nrriv-4 ber % nti will throw b.-r open to tho Ml
of toe ptthli i?e ngency liavo e*a K-d as srrg
with lbs Bwlilil and Albany Hall; rmd Coriinany
,. |,? e l f in tfte ship, fro n i'went? sL"
,'a.iof -niekmy flvs rodbd trifp per d?t, *
hounN?tbusad>v'.*tmit the MMMt MV Air ihei
p?,p ngtlirougi. Ih Utia.elBaotowded bv4t,iab02

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