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Reappearance of One of Tliem
Near Fort Pulaski.
Iuterestiosr Description of Them by
Rebel Deserters.
lie., He., kti
Oar Illlton Head Corrcipoadracr.
Ill lion Uui>, S. C., August 'JO, 1S02.
ITMnf ^cements for the Army'of Vtrpiwia?Prepara
tion for the lteeejuom of the saeannah Ham An Jt pe
rimmtal Depart*,oat--Uunter and the Negro?The BeM
Nam Makes Her Appearance Again in Sight of tort Pu
laejn?tiebok Prisoners' Description of It?Plant of the
JMiiti rnnr||l i I Steamers at Nassau, N. P.?lesi of
Deaths of Soldiers at Hilton Head Piret Baptist Church
tf Milton Head, Ac.
Department of the South Is again called upon for
troops wherewith to btrengthen the force now ftghtlhg in
Virginia. The transport steamers MoOaUan and Krloaeon?
the latter with the ship Planter in tow?sail front tnia
port to-day. They have on board a portion of (Xd. Robert
WiUiama' spjeudid regnnuiit of oavairy, to be landed at
Portrsas Monroe.
This winy, aa one of ofience, ia much toe small. As an
army merely of ocaupatlob it is aa much too large. Until
Strongly reinforced we can niako uo fur.her advances, aud
at) long aa the navy can bo depended upon to retain the
footholds we have gained chore is no neodor the unwieldy
force now maintained in tUleposs at lliiton Head. We
have made our for.3 impregnable. The ram, if it comes,
Oaiinei come on stiyre. So we part with our gaUoui
troopers unreiuctauuy, .nil hopingly wait for tho order
which .-Lull call us also uito more active service.
It ecoms as if .his dct?'tment was iu a proper
Condition to bring its history to s close. Since
Admiral Pu.-out captured Port Royal, the occu
patien of South tarothu U.j b.en but a series
ef experiments. until at List there is within tiie range
of my calculation no u"w ono which is likely to
be tried therein. Kiom inviting thg absconded r< btls
to return to their all.giauce and their homes, and en
joy, under our protection, all their abandoned rights,
we have gone to the opposite extreme of putting down
every wh.te man a rebel, and declaring overy slave a
freeman forever. We have planted coru and cotton >
and have harvested many tho .sane negroes, while the
Orops fat lldistoj Lave boon abandoned to those who
are in tne greatest ueed of them?our foes. First
treating the blacks as an inferior race, und employing
them in the only m-nuer in which they could be of ser
vloe, we afterward -suitor hooka to amuse them, wo
men to teach tlum, eiders to baptize them, and guns
and uniforms wl.e. e.vith to arm and equip them. Gen.
Hunter attempted to ..lace the colored man on a footing
with the white sol or; but the darkey proved a hot
potato, in his hand.?, and has been allowed to drop into
tho pot again.
Having tried so n.a y experiments, each one of which
has tailed to bring t.s > day neater the end of the war,
what shall we do nex t My answer would be, relievo
Gea. Iluuter irom hi-> command, place him at the head of
? division, give him uien,audput him within striking
distance or the enemy He will hit hard and hi. often.
The country cani.ot udord just now to deny itself of the
services of a good soldier in the field for the purpose of
maintaining a po .r poill cian in South Carolina.
The ram?the our. us Savannah ram?ia still looked for;
but, with the miuuit re. araiions that have been made lor
its reception, the ? .s uoiniug of the alarm which existed
here a fortnight tunc . It appears that the negroes who
brought news of nor failure, and whose glories had the
effect materially to q .mt apprehension in regard to her,
were not correct in .nl ineir star -meuts. The rebels cal'
their engine a "fl >?l:ng b attery." It is atill moving about
,n tho savannah rive o~d yesterday came down and an
chored off St. Au, ustn. . crook, thus approaching nearer to
Pulaski than it has tire > before.
The su-amer Dar L.gi.u, which arrived yesterday from
Warsaw Sound, had u? ooard four prisoners who belonged
to a Georgian reguu .it o' cavalry, and who caane down
to the beach and dei vereU Uiemaelvee up to the navy, on
Sunday last. Tno> ray that the floating battery baa
thirteen guns Insie d of foui teen, there being but ene
100-pound rtfied p ace ou board. They also aay that it ia
net the Scottish -u .tn.tr i ingai, aa Admiral Duyoai'a
information at Ur-t ied him to suppose. Work 00
the latter vessel, lie never, is rapidly sad steadily
progressing, and she will soon be ready for sea
and sorvice. The L.ito.y la of itamense strength,
her sldee being very oe~vily mailed with railroad iron
and her guns 01 ti.?i cjiow ruauuiacture. fbe rebels in
land hi make their d ?t attempt with the monster on Pu
jeskt, and are quit.' couitdcuiot their ability to breach its
tails as easdr aa wo broached them from Tybec. This
done, they will La.? . inpLtcd tho Georgia (recently the
Plngali, and tog?th--r nhcy will wake a movement to de
etroy the fleet at 1 u t .. yn. They ore inspired by the
brief sue< esa oi their Men nnac and th ir Arkam-as to
ooottnus their effort- a au iron clad navy, but their chief
hepe is groundeu U .no 1 tea that they will be able to
strike before aor navy vviii bo prepared to reeiat theta.
. The". Larl.jton 1 ,.ui- .ppioacbC iinpJetioa. Though we
have nothing later dir-d ir<>m that city, we learn from
mtler sources that in e voeseoi will be pre.a.ed for ac
tion within two woek? it lur the?t. They are said to be
very formidable, one U thoy succeed 10 their inteuded
service of raising the In ckaae of Charle-tou the country
Will htve occasion to regret it more than the exploits ut
the Mefriuiac >? Hamplou Kinds, or the Arkansas at
Vicksburg. II a rt ' narlotfon that the Anglo-Confede
rate steamers land tbc.r c..goes, and supply the rebels
with the greater pa. 1 in' the material with which they
wage this war. The Sinvy Irparlwent should lurniah
Admiral Vopoot at um e with .mother Monitor.
CEptain Barrel!.
iho schooner Minerva L? Wedmore,
who arrived here vest, r iay from Hamilton, Bermuda,
August S, reports that the Kagli.-b steamers Peterboff and
Thoebe were at el. Geo- ko. lij lug the Confederate Uag and
preparing to run the blockage. The Peterhotf is built
after the pitterooi the Lamia, captured in Ossibaw a
few days since, and is owned by the same parties. The
Pha-be suited tiora l/>naon,and is a brig-rigged sidewbeel
steamer, l.dyu with arms The steamer Khc- soue**,
with coal, was also at dt George, in quaranMne, with
yellow lever on board.
The appearance ut "Yellow Jack" at Key West na
turally occasion* some appr heosion at this point.
Hitherto the health oi the soidieis of this cmmai.d has
been euch aa to challenge the autniralioa of the entire
medical department 01 *h amy, but now the troops are
jaded aud worn dow 1 by the heat and the miasma, and If
the infectious dsouse appeal 3 umm g them it would make
fearful ravages, ftringi nt quarantine regulations have
been'shibliihad, and every precaution baa been taken to
guard the island from o n tug ion.
The follow ing so,die s have died since my last report:?
Private Charles C. B-.il. Go. C, 7th New Hampshire,
July 20, drowned.
Stephen Half, to. D, 7th New Hampshire, July 27, ty.
?hoid fever.
Levi Long, Co. D, 56th Pennsylvania, July 27, 9bot htm
Mlf accidentally.
Corporal George Norton, Co. G, Volunteer Engineers,
August 2, typhoid lever.
Lome My. atl, Co. D, 7th Connecticut, August 3,
James Jlngley, On. G, 76th Pennsylvania, August 4,
Byron D. Stewart, momefcm, 46th Now York, August 4,
Warren 1?. Cbllaaaore, Co. D, 7th Connecticut, August 5,
Michael Lander, Co. F, 7th Connecticut, August 9,
Will tain Burrows, Co. r, 3d Rhode Island, August 10,
Corporal Israel Oat. (KG, 97th Pennsylvania, Anguat
19, tntlampaiion of tno,brain.
Peter Davis, Co. K, u7ib Pennsylvania, August 12, fever
Chares Riley, Co. E, 97th I ennsg Ivania, August 13,
Luther Davit, Co. P, 4tb Connecticut, August 14,
Patrick O'Brien, Ordnanoe Department, August 13,
typhoid fever.
The recall of Mai<>r Cha. lee G Halplne, Assistant Ad,u-,
tent General of tins d-i a 'merit to Wiehlngtoo, Is the
occasion of much regret among i,t* friends at this point.
Be has been untiring in bla devotion to his duties, which,
aa General Hunter's chWi of Stag, have keen arduous aud
aevare, and hie departure will seriously crtjylo the work
ing force at headquarters.
a The AVw .Son (A is to lie resueclUted, the sd-htion to his
establish men l of a new power press enabling Mr Sears,
its publisher, to meet the demands for It. Tb ? Urst num
ber or the new eeriea IS to ho Issued no Saturdiy of this
Ibe departure of Col. Williams, of the cavalry. r#?
Mri a c bangs in the position of j?*t commander inevi.
table Col. finis, of the Ninety seventh Pennsylvania
Velifnteors, will succeed Col Willi tm>.
The First Baptist oburch of Hilton Head was organized
last Sunday, and Abrabah Murshison, s centrabsnd, was
duly ordained as Us pastor. The oburch numbers about
a hundred uiomhers, thirty seven of whom were u ihiicly
baptized two Weeks age. Tho society Is comfoeffl eiclu
Slvdly of blacks Among the chaplains who participated
in the cxsrcisei were Ksv Mr Way land, of tbe Seventh
Connecticut. Mr. Whitehead, of the Ninety seventh I'etin
gylvaala- Mr. Hovey,of the Engineers, and Mr. Patter
sea, of the MasaApbuseus cavalry, our chaplains utter
fp fall In the attempt to edify the negroes Iboy must
have the broad piiotatloa gibbetieh ia order to get the
least erumb pf spiritual consolation.
The following Important General Ordsr* have been Is
had. The New Iceland c elonei aitudsd to u i-n.ua Reii
of ths Fourth Now Haik|*<hlre Volunteers, wnooecaee I
uarrwKiU some weeks unco ?
llXXUqCAKTKX.-, 1'XI oUTMitM Of HI* tocrfl, 1
m f
Hilk n Uaxl>, I'i Kt it ?At., S.C., Au?I'..ni 15, 1602
The Major Gene. ai Commanding detu e , to call tlto at
trillion u! all le^ituo ui int'a try uffl. ors in ih a'lepn I
tueul to the i'A:aui<'Uiii tln,>orta.ce ui tfttutiiarutnK tuoir
Ofinmautla with the manual of the bay- e?. our ioldio. s
ouo .ij bo insit oted lo ieba,d lUo picpor u.-o >i ill*
? cat- u .i? their greatest tusuiance of safety and ui at
ceiiuiu mean* of success la etery struggle iiio bayonet
sh.u.u o? cou*i<taiiy pluit-d bol.'ie them is the d?xi-ii
weapon ol cvory baillo, not merely as a nsofuljujcessory
or mea"s of support 10 arllile. y, mi exelry and the fibres
ol cavalry, bui as tnu chief ami Uuai arm of lUo son ice,
to wh.uh all others ma subt.ro mile- l'bey should be
tuogbt tuat oa llie battle Held, whilst irresolution or in
activity will expose them to dc.iiuutiou by repealed
volliea from the rifles and other dieirius of the on.-my,
vigorous charge, promptly executed uud in good order,
will expose them to but oue volley, with inune
dtato victory as its result, it Is tu bayonet
charges that the physical superiority and higher
intelligence of our staiworth soldiers over the enemy
caa best make themselves tell. They should be taught
this truth, that wlib bayonet#, properly handled by obe>
a wot regiinouls, we ere invincible; end their aueatioa
should be strongly drawn to this other tact, that bayo
netters, except in isolated cases, rarely come into actual
collision, the side p ssassmg superior weight and disci
pline, ?nd which resiles torward determined that nothing
but usathshall stop U, Invariably breaking the n?orolw? f
the enemy before reaching them.aud even disordering
the one volley which the foe may Are. or attempt to Ore,
before titrmug in flight. Ail portions of the bayonet exer
cise ere important?not that men in actual conflict caa
assume ail the attitudes and perform all the motions pre
scribed in the manual, hut because the familiarity with
the weapon thus acquired gives them couhdeooe and mas
lery in its use. In such hours of drd as ths climate will
permit, regimental infantry oifleeifc will devote their ut
most attention to this subject, and the proverbial truth
will be impreeeed upon the men, in retarence to the bayo
net charge, that "from the nettle Hanger we puck the
flower safety." In all reviews aad tiiS|>ectiona of troops
hereatier lo he held, the Major General Commanding will
scrutinise with special ears the pioticieucy of ail infantry
regiments, and regiments serving as Infantry, la the
manual of the bayonet. By command of
Major General I>. HUNTER.
Cbas. 0. HaLram, Assistant Adjutant General and Chief
of Staff.
omnmai oaosns?so. 27.
Hbadql'auticks, DsrasTMSirr ok ths Son*,)
Hiltos Head, i'obt Koyai.S. C., Aug-si 19,1662. J
I. ihe.Novenih regim ut New H<mi?hire Voluutoers,
Colonel I'm.nam, will beheld in readiness to embark for
St. Aug-st.ae, Horlila, ol which ju.ace It will hereafter
lorm tue garrison. lieutenant Colonel sleeper, of the
Fourth regiment of New Hampshire Volunteers, on boiug
re ieved by Coii>nel Putnam, will euib.trk, with the seven
companies ol his regiment, now at M. Aug..suite, for this
II. It is with deep regret that the General Commanding
the department has received several reports against ofll
cors lor rat' ruing lugltive slaves, in direct vt Union of tint
law of O'Ugress. It will barmy be beli.ved when it is an
u uuc d that a New England (colenel is to-day, In the
second year of the rebellion, in arrest for having been
engaged in the manly task of turning over a youug
wou.au, whose skin was almost as white as his own, to
the cruel lash oi her rebel master !
III. Numerous acts of pil.ering from the negroes have
taken place lu ihe neighborhood of Beaufort, commuted
by uiou wearing the uui orm of the United States; 1 can
not and wih not disgrace the uatne by calling them sol
die. s. To enab.e General Saxtou to have these petty
thieves arrested, and sent to this poet fur punishment,
trie throe companies of the Fourth regiment of New
Hinii>sh.re Vo.unteers, now at Beaufort, will be placed
exc.usively yuder his command, lor service on the plan
tations. Major Brew, or the othcer commanding these
th.ee companies, will be directed by General Br&naaa to
report immediately to General Baxum for oiders.
IV. All the luruiture left by the rebels on the inlands,
including that left In the city of Beaufort, Is boreby
placed nader the exclusive jurisdiction o. General Saxton.
By command of Major General I>. HUNTER.
Ed W. Mir*, First Mcutemmt Fifteenth Infantry, Act
ing.Asslstant Adjutant Ueuoral.
HKADotiAXTaits, Bxai coax, 8. C., August 5,1862.
To tub Sci'KawT?in>K.nw ov IT-Axranox?:?
Gair.igxuf?You are required to appear at the office of
the uenfl. ai < ommaudtng, at these headquarters, between
the 16th aui*. 31st of the present month, for the purpose
of Uklng tbe oath, a copy of which is hereto appended.
By order of Brigadier Ueueral R. SAXTON,
I, , believing that negro slavery to a great
wr. ng to humanity, oe solemnly swear that 1 will iaith
ruuy peitorm, to the best o( my ability, my duty m
Superintendent of lTaotations in this department, and, as
snoh, will use all the means in my tower so to educate
and elevate lbs |?oj le under my control as to lit them to
enjoy the blessings of fieedom. That, to the best of mv
knowledge, I wi.l deal fairly and h .uestly with thetn, and
respect, -ud cause all ethers under my jurisdiction to
respect, their rights. That I will not engage in trade
with them for my own profli, or appropriate any of the
proceeds of their labor to my own personal advantage.
Be help me God.
HE.tixji.B.xib., Bxau>okt,3. C., August 15,1862.
I. Refore a ini.liary commission, convened at Beaufort,
South C troliua, pursuant to Special Orders, No. 162, of
July 2,1862, irom headquarters, liepartmeut of the South,
and of which Major Henry L Higguuuo, First Massachu
setts cavmry, is President, were arraigned and tried:?
First?Mr. H. J. Sedgwick, citizen.
Obtaining goods under false pretences, with intent to
defraud the government ol the Untied S.ates.
SoeciUcatiun?In this, that he, the said H. J. Sedgwlcx,
citizen, dir^un or about the 10th day of July, 1862,at
Boouiort, D. O.with intent to deuel re and defraud, re
preiaut to Brigadier General Saxton, lben in possession,
un> er orders ,rom the Secretary of War, and on behalf of
the government of the United States, of all ihe planta
tions berotoiore occupied by the rebels in the Department
of the South, that he, the said Selgwi, k, had collected
from the sea, at or near Bay Point, in said department, a
quantity or drift timbor: that the expense of collecting it
had been borne by himself, end amounted to some seven
or eight hundred dollar.-; that this amount wee, io his
opinion, shout the real valua of said timber; and that
upon this representation, whieh bo well know to be false,
he claimed that said timber was rightfully his, and
sought to obtain Gan. Sax ton's consent to its removal
from Bay loiht, for the purpose of shipping it to the
North, and seliing It for his (Sedgwick's) own beueflt.
That up<>n . eueral Saxton's refusal to give ouch con
sent. unless Sedgwick should satisfy him by the evldenco
of two disiute. eeted parties ^hat the real value of i he
timber had been fairly stated by h.tn. be, the said Sedg
wick did proc .re and bring to General Saxton au instru
meot In writing, purporting u> be an estimate furnished
by two uislnterested parties, by which the value of said
timber was declared to beeunu seven or eight hundred
dollars 'lbs*, upon this representation,agd upon those
previously tnado, all of wbich he well knew at the time
tube false, be idedgwick) induced General Saxton, as
agent for, and representing the government of, the United
States, relying upon sue* represents!! to release all
claim to said timber, and give him a written permission
toahipltas aforesaid, upon bis (Sedgwick's) paying for
said privilege to Captain John H. Moore, Assistant Quar
termaster on General baxton'i staff, the sum of two bah
dred doilars, to the credit of the government of the
United r-taies
That notwithstanding his assurance to General Saxton
that said limber was only worth seven or eight hundred
doliaia, the said Sedgwick Las since declared. In a letter
addressed to Major General Hunter, that he bad,at the
time t)e made snch ropreaeo tat ions to General Saxton,
already sold or agreed to .->eil the same to one George
Walter, a contractor lor delivering timber of this de
scription to the Navy Department, for the sum of twelve
thousand doilars, or thereabout*, being at th^)at?ff one
dollar per fuot for something liko L2,ono toot of lumber.
To which Ihe prisoner pleaded as follows:?
To the BpotlUcatlon?"Not guilty.??
To the charge?"Not guilty."
msdiscs aito morrxwes.
The Court .having maturely weighed and considered the
evidence adduced, finds the prisoner as follows:?
Of the spe<. i ileal Ion?"Guilty."
Of the chargo?"Guilty."
And the Court does therefore sentence him, the said H.
J. .Sedgwick, citizen, "to forfeit ail claims for expenses
Incurred in collecting lumber referred to In this case,
also, the two hundred dollars paid by him to Csptsru John
H. Moore, A. Q. M , and to forfeit Uie sum of on* thousand
dollars to the United States, and to be imprisoned four
months, or, in default of paying the fine, to be imprisoned
for the period of one year."
Second?Mo.vg, a colored man.
Cba^e?W iiful mu'der.
SpeciHcats?u?In tils that he, the s^)d Moses, did, on
the 20th day of June, 1362, at Glbbe' plantation, Ladies'
Island, & C., feloniously, wilfully, sad with malice afore
thought, assauit a negro named June; that the said Moses
did then and there beat the said June with a club, giving
unto the said June a mortal wound, of which said mortal
wound, on the 20th day of Jane, 1862, the said negro
June did die.
All of which was without just cause or provocation,
and against the peace of the good people of the t atted
To wbich the prisoner pleaded as follows:?
To the specthcaiion?"Not guilty."
To the charge?"Not guilty."
The Oonrt tnda the accused:?
Of the speciOcattoo?"Guilty."
Of the chargo?"Not guilty, but guilty of Border in
the second degree " And the Court do? therefore sen
teoce him, the said M<*es, to ten years'conOnement In
any Jail within the Jurisdiction or the United Slate*.
II. The proceedings and (hidings of the Military Com
mission In the foregoing cases sre approved.
In the belief that, in the caso of H. J Sedgwick, the
in'erests of the government will not suffer nor the moral
effect of the lesson taught by the just sentence of the
< ourt be lewt by such leniency, tbe Geoe.aJ commanding
direr ta that so much of the sentence aa require* an im
prisonment for tbe i>eriod ol Tour muatbe be and the
?am* is hereby remitted.
Tho remainder will be carried Into effort.
Tbu sentouce in tbe cane of Moecs will be carried into
effect. There being no ? jliable place for imprisonment
in this department, the I'rovost Marshal will send tbe
prisoner to the Uailed States Marshal of the District of
III. Ihe Court recommend, In the ca*r of Mr H J.
Sedgwick and Ward, Inc. scent, that they both be expelled
rrom the department, and ihat the United Duties govern
Aewi be rcc tntueudod to have no furl her tfSBMOtNM
with thorn. i ? ' 't
Tho above recommendation is approved.
By ortlor of Brig Gen. K. fUXTUN. omroandlDg.
TmWnois Fawtlt.?'Ihe Roeh-strr (N T.) Btmrtm
says ?"A faimer from Ontario, Wayne county, in town
to-day, states ibai he has thres son' in the army?due in
tbe Eighth cavalry, two in Captain Culler's company,
and ho has hlmFolf sniistrd In one of the companies re
cruiting hers. His wife takes cafe of the farm, and I*
getting in the hay orop, while tier hushtnd and sons go to
serve (heir country in ss'dher fteld This is an example
of patriotism worthy of record. How many mors are
there to go and do likewise'."
Foaritias Mosraov, August 23, IS62.
The Richmond K /mrerof the 1 Jth nmu it #iuu to
kuow where their frieri'is anil reporters all are who usod
to give them roll ible information concerning tho move
meals of General Mct'lsllau's army. It adds, " Wiere are
they ail? We have heard nothing 1'roiu thou of late,
liave they all gone over to the f< dorula?
The movements now gmng on in this vici'ity aro pro.
grossing quietly and advantageously.
The cable across the bay vrus repaired yesterday at
noon, and the telegraph is now successfully working be
tween this place and Washington.
Fotiwe SK kros, August 28,1162.
Fmh trooj* are daily arrlviug at Fortress Monroe, and
hundreds are returning to their rcgimsnts who have been
away sick.
The general health of the army is improving.
All was quiet at Williamsburg yesterday. ,
Osur Forts ess llonroe Correspondence.
FOBTfUBS Monaos, Vs., August 23,1882.
Arrival of the McCltUan from Port Royal?Dietitiguidtat
faianwtn Rev. Mr* trench (White) and Robert
AnaU (Black) en a Starring Tour North?Their Novet
and Intending Rnlertammenl?Mr. Preach (he Treamrer
of the Troupe?Affaire at Fortress Monroe?the Jama
River PlotiUa, <tc., <fc.
The steamship McClsllsn.Capt. A. C. Cray, fromPort
Reyal on Wednesday last, arrived at this pert this morn
tag. bringing a portion of the first Massachusetts cavalry,
CoL Robert Williams oonunandlng. and several pass Mi
gera, among whom was Major Hal pine, lata Assistant
Adjutant General In the Department of the South, on his
way to join Gen. Halleck In the same capacity. Major
Halplne, I am happy to announce, la in excellent health,
although suffering somewhat from aa affliction of the
eyes, occasioned by the terrible glare and heat of the
sand at Hilton Head, which ha has so long been com
pelled to endure without any means of relief. This is
only tempo*ary, Uowevor, aud a change of location will
soon cure It.
Colonel Robert Williams returns with a portion of his
command, and proceeds to Washington to night to pro
cure a number of horses to replace those in his commaud
that have died from disease aud other causes.
It is not known where tho First Massachusetts cavalry
will be sent, but doubtless to some point where their
oilicieucy will be of great service.
Rev. Mr. Trench, the apostle of the Gideonites in South
Carolina, also came lu the Meridian, accompauied by one
ol his sable brothers, Itobt. Small, who has earned quite a
reputation by taking out the steamer i'lamer i rom ( uarlos
ton under the very guns ot Fort Sumter itso.f. Brothers
French and Small ure understood to be on u starring tour
in the Northern cities lor the special pecuniary advantage
of the white brother, and the general reputation oi the
brothers or the darker skin. They will star it together;
and I have reason to believe that New York will bo
honored first by their preseucc in a professional way, a d
it is fondly expected that the specie w ill fall in bounteous
showers iuto the lap of Brother French, whose cof
fers a:e already quito plethoric with that world,y
dross,gathered in the sa.idy region of i'ort Koyai.
Brother Small is to exhibit himself to the gaping multi
tude for a consideration,aa 1 have before suggested, and
will relate his experience in Dixie, and also give a g ephio
account of bow he got out of tho hands of the Philistines
of Charleston and into tlie hands of Brother French and
the Gideonites of Beaufort, making altogether a very in
teresting and moral entertainment,and exceedingly cheap
for the sum of twenty live cents. What the precise n.U
may be that Brother French Intends to take I have not
been able to learn; but probably he will, from his exten
sive experience In tho matter as chief of the contrabands,
indulge in a few reminiscences of life among the contra
bands of South Carolina?their proclivities for taking
things, and their inestimable value as agriculturists,
wbou directs 1 by experienced and intelligent overseers
from Massachusetts. He will doubtless enter Into statis
tics enough to show that the cotton whioh has been raised
unuor the auspices of the educational and missionary
bands?defunct sines the great Beauiort scare?has test
the coufld.ng government about fifty cents per pound to
raise, and that no such amount will ever be realised from
the proceeds of the crop.
It is to be hoped that the worthy couple who go North
to night will meet, with so great success as to pre
vent them from returning to the Department of the
South, where their prolonged absence will be a continual
source of congratulation to ail the inhabitants and deni
zens there f. That friendly feeling towards the cause in
which Brother French has so long worked as to get Into
a fat berth under the government iioi?is me to thus con
fer upon htm the benoUts of a gratuitous advertisement
in tne liKKAW, and 1 trust that his success may be no
more than his merits deserve.
Troops are moving, but where and how many I cannot
say. They will be in a position to meet the columns of
Jackson before he gets within smelling distance of ft'ash
i tig ton.
General MeClellan and staff leave to-day for the scene
ef operations. We bear nothing of importance Irom the
James river flotilla. It is busily engaged lu keeping the
rebels in a terrible state or consternation by its active
and threatening movements on the river, In the neighbor
hood of City Point, by which the rebels are oompelled to
keep a large lerce there and in Petersburg to ward oil tho
impending blow. Borne of those days we shall bear of
the lltt.e Monitor bodiy pushing up t>y Fort Darling and
through tho obstructions in the river to a point where
Richmond itself may well tremble for the result. The
flotilla will not long remain inactive and on the defensive,
but will resume the oilentive.
The weather is still cool and exceedingly favorable for
the operations now going on.
The Peace Proposition* Rejected?Lose of
the Steamship Llnw?C?m or Kidnap*
ping In New 1 srk?The Rebel Pirate
Ore to?Where the Rebels Get Their Sup*
Par am a, August 15,1862.
Since tin sailing of the Champion there is little to add
to the local news of Panama.
the PaetSc MRU Steamship Company's line cetr steamer
Constitution arrived on the morning of the 18th instant,
lifty-four days from New York. She leaves to-morrow
for San Francisco with the passengers and malls brought
out by the Ariel, having got in Just In tlmo to prevent the
despatch of the California.
The Uncle Sam arrived this morning with Kg passen
gars and $1,628,000 in treasure. She brings nothing fur
ther in refereeoe to the ket steamer Golden Gate.
The United States flagship Lanodhtsr, which left San
Francisco on the 28th ult., had not reached Acapulco
when the Uncle Sam left there.
Her Britannic Majesty's ship Cametoon, from Mexican
ports, wKta nearly $1,000,000 in treasure, arrived here
There has been no lighting on the Isthmus yet, and
matters appear to be quieting down.
The passengers by the Ariel are now all on board the
Constitution. They are all in excellent health and en
Joyed their stay here. The Ibciflc Mail Steamship Com
pany libarally defrayed their expenses during their deten
[Frem the Panama Star and Herald, August 10.]
THN PSACB r?OrOMlT!".\}i. ?
In oar last lesuo wu announced the fact of commis
sioners having arrived in Panama from Governor Guar
dia, with authority to mako certain peace propositions
to the Provisional Governor Idas, but so many rumors
were afloat as to their tenor, wo declined publishing
It appqpra now that thase propositions wers a willing
ness on the part of Governor Uuardla to place the State in
the lauds of the provisional government, on condition
that the latter should guarantee protection from molest 4
tion to the persons and property of those who have aided
in sustaining the constitutional authority, par the ex
penses thereby incurred, and oall a general dbovention
for the legal election of new State officers. Those propo
anions were made with the object of avoiding a collision
between the opposing parties.
W* learn that they have been rejected by the Provi
sional Government. as opposed to its interests; and on
SaturBay last Sonor Dias asm a further force oj one hun
dred volunteers to Aiua Dulce to oppose the Fabrega
forces si Lavllia. We have heard nothing of the stove
ments of the first lot sent off, and it may be some days
before any information of a reliable nature roaobe* Pa
nama. Meanwhile we aball wait with curiosity to hear
the result of the first encounter, which w* should re
ceive at furthest by lbs end of the week.
loss or rrm stxaks* uma.
By the arrival of the steamer Valparaiso from Valparai
so w* learn the sad news of the total loss of the Paciilo
Steam Navigation Company's splendid picket Lima, which
misfortune occurred at about half-past live o'clock on tbe
morning of the lllh ult. While running at common speed,
the struck upon a reef of rocks of the luigarto hTiand, situ
ated some fifty Ave miles south of Cobija.
The forward part of the veasel becoming Immediately
Oiled with water, that overflowed the macuinery, and it
being evidently impossible to save her, the boats were
cot out and manned fhs female pMMBpM and children
Doing placed In the first boat, the mail passengers went
Into the second, and a little inlet of tike island,about a
mile to ihe northward, o(firing a shelter, they were all
landed thore in perfect saiety, Il.niug thus saved the
passengers, attention was next had to the mall, the trea
sure, the pa sensors' luggage, and what articioe or the
cargo could bo removed, all being safely landed at the
same little Island harbor.
When nb ait five o'alock In the afternoon it became ob
vious that tbe vessel was going down, ths captain, tl, st
officer, an l those of the crew tual had remained on hoard,
went into their boat iind ab rnd ued her.
floats were sent (o Obi]* in quest of succor, and on the
I.OtO .four days after the disaster, the American ship
Moonlight, th.?' had been chartered in <.obt)'< for this pur
pose, rem bed the s< cue ot iho wreck. 'I ho person. and
stores on the Utile Island having been now embarked in
tpls vessel, the Guayaquil took her In tow, and they
redched ( obij- In sab ty on the lbtb.
We understand tisat the steamer Ban Carlo# pat) an
pointed to nwiicliM pAssengerf and m?lll of th? Lima
to their destination, and that she waa to luave Oobfla on
(he 18th.
W9 are glad to be able to state that the Lima was in
A ense of kid apptug of SS unfortunate man on the
who I at New Vvrk, by >tn oflicsr oi the fltsaanuip
Ariel, Is now undergoing investigation by the
United states Oman I at tins port, before whom the
mailer lias been brought by the man, who la at pre
eat inTanama peroral wlttinr en tiava given tbelr depo
sitions ta the case, a id if the facta are as uiey have been
represent. d, tlie ? hoi.- atl'alr in nee of such barbarity end
illegality, tbnt it is to he hoped the perjx-lratorH will ho
puaiahoA. AVe truat, however, lor the sake of humanly
that, <>u umtuinaunii. the Statemenln will be round oxa-;
geiuied. The unloit na e mail to el pr. sent under the
protection of the Consul here, si fferln^ from the wounds
ai.il House alleged to have boeu receivedou boatd the
Siuoe writing the above, we learu from a m<'8i trout
worthy source that suck outrages are of common oecur
reuco on Vender'bill's tlesnort, and llremoti ate fre
quently driven to dee^ration ai.U jump overbpard, <>n
accouut of the scandalous treatment they recuivo on
l> 'aril, and no official report is ever uiado of it. One poor
man did so on the protein li ip i f the Ariel'
Both the United stolen Conaula of this city and Aspin
w. 11 are going to the latter place to-day, In uruer to have
a full judicial investigation ot the whole proceeding!, ao
as to bring the culpable parties to justice and have them
properly punished.
Although It is now nearly two months since the first
annouucouteul that in is steamer was to lee . e Nassau, N.
P., as a rebel privates, under coiutpapd of Uaol. Somuiea,
yet we have heard nothing of her movements. A letter
from that place, speaking of the Oveto, says?'-The
boast is openly made her# by La line and his friends that
she will oapture one of our CaJiloruia steamers within
ten days after her departure from this port. She Is a
splendid vessel, said to be owned by Messrs. 'ireuhoia,
Eraser k Co., of Charleston, ot fine model, great speed,
able, it Is said, te steam eighteen miles an hour, and
heavily aemed with fine rilled gnus, which would make
her a formidable opponen for any of our oceaa cruisers
should they fall in with bar."
srrruas for ths Krone. .
The same letter says, "Many of the merchants here
havAbeea doing a splendid buslnoss during the last slg
mouths to furnishing supplies to the rebels, from whom
they obtain exorbitant prices for almost every artiqje
they sell them. la some ins lances, merchants from
rebeldom have purchased entire stocks of goods here In a
lump, paying enormous prices in their haste to secure
them ami run lntoseceesla.
Messrs. Addeny & Co., the largest firm here In the in
terest of the rebels, have their warehouse stocked te
overflowing with goods, swatting favorable opportuni
ties of sending them safely into Chariot-ton. Many ves
sels bring consignments ot goods to this house, n.id It is
raid that several merchants are Implicated in the filling
of orders dtreot from parlies which they know to be
living in the rebel States. A schooner arrived here a
few weeks since with an assorted cargo, among which
were thirty or forty cases of Enfield rifles, and quite a
large quantity of powder. As those articles ere n< t
needed at present to supply our home trado, it is fair to
presume that they are intended for another and better
iUlliC >OE KSW VOHK?I11I1 Dir.
6 21 j mood hi sea. eve 7 01
SUM SSTS $ *?* i Bion WATKK. DVD 9 U
Port of Ntw York, Aagnat 93, 1869.
Sli p Orient. FI11I, Llvei|io?i?-tpeiford. Tiluston A Co.
Ship Gibraltar. Dunbum, Glasgow?H D Brookman A CO.
Si'lD Julian, Strieker, Bremen?Roger Bros.
Ship (losehen, Di-ltzen, Bremen?V Sulwl*.
Shiji Orpheus (brern). Weasels, Brouien? Krauth. Nachod
* Berk1 H 8 Sennsrd, Drink water, Bristol?Walsh, Carver A
Chase. ? .
Bark Fatmos, Spring. Glasgow?W A A Nelson.
Bark Alice Talnter, Llaydeu, New Orleans?J A N Smith A
Bark L Rosa. Ross, New Orleans?C A E J Peters.
Brig Zambia! (Br), Ryan, Sydney?B F Small A Co.
Brig Eveiuplar, Perry, Cow Bay?Brett, Son A Oo.
Brnr Belle, Yates, Havana?Truyello A Vinlng.
Brig W R Klbby, Murray, Elizabeihport?J A N Smith A
^Suhr W A Griffin. Borden. Granada?J WHubbard A Co.
Schr Vermilion, Arcey, Wilmington?Merrill A Abbott.
Scbr B Strong, Smith. Baltimore?Merrill A Abbott.
Schr Yorktown, Mitvlmm, Baltimore?Merrill A Abbott.
Sehr K O Russell, Richardson, Snow Hill?A C Havens.
Schr B II Parker, Parker, Black Bock?Master.
Schr J Ponder, ??, Boston?B N Fox A Co.
Schr Olroiito, Hammond. Boston?Brett. Son A Co.
Sclir II S Barnes. Raymond, Danvers?Master.
Sloop Pointer, Nichols, Providence?Master.
Steamship Zara (Br, of London). Jay, Havre, Aug 1, and
Plvmouth 3d, with mdse, to,I Frerlchs ACo.
Steamship St Mary, Talbot. New Orleans. Aug 17. with
mdse and passengers, to Charles Morgan. Sailed iu corn
l any with tleamsuip Marion, for New York, via Key W sL
Sleainsiiip Marion. Phillips, Now Orleans, Aug 17. anil Key
West 31st, with mdse and passengers, to SpolTord, Tilcston A
C Ship Lookout, Sherwood, San Francisco, May 24, passed
Cape Horn July 6. crossed the Equator, in the Atlantic, Aug
2, wiih hides, wool, Ac. to Geo Bulkley. Aug 21, lat 38, Ion
73, spoke Br bris Susan, from Porto Btco for New York.
Ship Isaac Hicks (whaler), Studley, New London, 12 hours
In ballast, to master.
Bark Guiding Star (Br, of Yarmouth, NS), Tooker, Olas
cow, 33 days in ballast, to master. _ ...
Bdvk Pallas (Br), B:ddle, Bu.iie, Hond, Aug 2, with log
wood, Ac, to Joalali Jei. June 18 (outward passage), lat 38,
Ion 74, Patrick Boyle, seaman, of Ireland, jumped ovarium d
and was lost, vessel gotug at the time 7 or 8 miles per hour;
made every effort to save him, but without success, as he
sunk In less than 3 minutes. _
Bark John Benson, Johnson. Renoe, PB, Aug 10, with su
gar, to Sturges A Co.
Bark Kosa iltalt, Oolcorgno, Grand Turk, TI, 10 days, with
sslt, to Ayrnar A Co. _ , ,, ?
Bark CLanbet (Br, of Glasgow), Campbell, Nassau, NP, 13
days, in ballast, to matter. ? ..
Bark Gau Eden (of Booth Bay), Reed, New Orleans, 23
davs, with sugar, to C C Duncan A Co.
Brig Carl Von Treuenfals (Meek), Mohn. Liverpool, 61
days, with coal, to order. Aug 3, lat 43 13, ion 43 SO, spoke
ship Atmosphere, hence for Liverpool
Brig Indus, Anderson, Pernambuco, July 26, with sugar
and hides, to master. _ _ ? ,
BngRlizaheth (Dan), Laage, St Thomas, 11 days, la bal
last, to Punch, Moincae A Wendl ?
Brig Anna (Dan), Christensen, St Thomas, 18 days, In oal
ligt to order.
Brig Dunkirk, Leland, Salt Cay, TI, Aug 6. with salt, to C
A E I Peters. The brig Lillian, for Philadelphia, sailed on
the4th. Aug 13. lat 2732, ion 7346, spoke bark Henry Dar
Ung. from Por laud for New Orleans; same time, spoke bark
Howland, from Philadelphia for New Orleans.
Brig Trinidad (Span>, Batello, Haiana, 14 days. In ballast,
to Rivera A Hall. Has anchored in the Lower Quarantine.
Brig Santiago (Brem), Eirrnbrook, Port-au-Platte. Aug 10,
with tobacco, Ac, to C F A U G Schmidt. ... ,
Brig Princess Royal (Br). Newbold, Bermuda, 3 days, in
ballast, tn Smith, J, nee A Co.
Schr Hartsiene. Enell. Shields, 42 dsys. with coal, to Thos
Don..am. Prom July 18 to Aug 8, had nothing bul westerly
gales; split and lost wills, Ac; from Ion 80 had light W winds.
Aug V. xpoke ?hip Montezuma, rrura Plymouth, Eng. for
Portland, Me, ^
bebr Annie BeU (of Frankfort), Bowdoln, Bast Harbor,
TI. 18 day a. with salt, to master.
Sohr Vigilant (Br, of Nassau), Lightbourne. Nassau, Aug
14, with sugar, in master.
Srbr Lady Ulrtch (Swsi, Mardenborough, St Martins, Aug
6, with ra!t, to Smith, Jones A Co.
Schr Indian Queen, Hardy, Llngan, CB, 10 days, with coal,
Schr Git nroy, Wakefield, Georgetown, DC, 13 days, with
coal, for lira on. Pnt into this port to repair, having ou the
14tn In at, during a heavy gale, epiuag foremost.
, Sehr Torre nee. Phllbri -k Philadelphia.
Sehr Bin.ire Rogers. Brightmiin, Elixabethport for East
Schr Uraloe, Tucker, Bondout for Boston.
Schr Otrcnto, Hammond, Bondout for Boston.
Schr Genl Marb>n Osborne. Rondout for Pi-ovldenoe.
Sehr H M Mayo, McFsrley. Calais, 6 days.
Sony Aun 8 Salter, Fish, Wareham, 2 days.
Schr Cnrtnna M, Jnes, Olouceater, 3 ('ays.
Hehr Hannibal, Nlnksrsoo, Boston. 3 dS)S.
Schr J T Walmce, Staples, Taunton, 2 days.
Schr Oliver Spelman. Brown, Providence, 3 days.
Schr T B South, Briggs, Providence. 2 days.
Schr Sarah Jane, Yeaton, Providence, 2 days.
Sloop New World, Ely. Blizab, thport for Providedfe.
Steamer M Hteveue. Douxbertr. Baltimore.
Steamer Artisan. McCabe, Baltimore.
Steamer Marina. Crosby. Baltimore.
Steamer Mars. Nleheis. PnliaAeipbia.
Steamer Dudley Buck (new), Mills, Hartford, Ob
Kr bark Aztnrls.?(By pilot boat M B Fish.)
Two bnga unknown. .
Wind at sunset 8.
STKaUrRiP COHHTiTtiTioa, hence at Panama, reports, passed
through the htraite of Magellan; weather in Strait clear and
cold Until moru.ng of July 2\ at whlcn time weighed anchor
at Purteacue Buy. During this day (25th) experienced heavy
squalls of wind, rain ana hall, wlilcU increased on the fol
lowing day to u terrific gale Irom the NK with h-avy sea,
reerlsk gradually to N.N w, and blowing with the violence of
a hurricane. A tremendous cross sea was now runDing.
rendering the situation of the ship eiliemely dangerous, and
requiring the closest attention to avoid shipping the heavy
sees ihsi threatened on both bows. Heaviest equa'1 about
3:80 PM; barometer began to rise aoout4PM; not. how
ever, until the gale had somewhat abated, it having been as
low as 21 08. At 8 PM weather manifestly better, with ha
rometer ai 28 10. having risen nearly one half inch. It was
one of the severest teats a vessel Is required to sustain, and
the Constitution proved herself fully equal to the emergen
rv? not onlv making f od weather or gale, but even head
way against It. as proved by subsequent observation. During
night and day following, still a strong head wind and heavy
"^rs issHir Organ Quo**, from Boston, got aground on the
bar at the SW Pass, and had to be tlghteued in order to get
Over. Sbe arrived up to New Orleans 13th.
Srsaaiair Kxmjia*, lately wrecked at Nassau, left that
plaoe yn the 13th Inst for New York, in tow of the US sleatu
er Deeps tea.
Bsat Aaotxs, Potter. U New Orleans (rem Boston, on
the 18th July, tn UtSIM, Ion 73 >0, picked upacsskof rum,
badly worm BsteD.
Bang Zona, of Pairbaven, 383 Urns, has been purchased bp
Gardner B Perry, of NYork, on privets terms
Be Bsuo Qvssr Victoris, Hitch, wis lab arrived on Sunday
last from HI Ylncsnl. WI, reports?Aug 18. experienced very
heavy weather, apparently the northern edge or a hurricane:
lost foreioysaUL mainstay sell, foreiopmaat sut sa>l sad milt
mainsail (heleaoe reefed), carried away pkrtof main rtggftig.
Ac, 23d, passed a sunken vessel, bearing about B by S, 23
miles from Barnegst, masu standing stove water If feet,
apparektly a large btigantlne or bark; Itth, near Htoien
Island, was In oolIlslotVVllh bark Active, through miaetng
stays; stern damaged.
Ba Brio Avon, Capt Hoi k Irk. from New York for Cards
nas mistook the lights of the Cuba eoast and wenlaehore Id
Inst, 13mUee to Ins windward of Cardenas. Vessel will be
a total loss Most of the cargo, sails and rkzia? would be
saved. The A registered 308 tons, iaied AI; washuUtal
Yarmouth, NS, In 1855. where she was owned.
Us Brio Kama Caisr, from Baiavis. at San Francisco
July 31. reports off the Not th Banshee, took a heavy typhoon;
lost and split sails, stove bulwarks. As; run into rod Han
Plva Julnlo; while lying In port experienced a heavy ty
phoon; had to lie with four anchors ahead for four hour*;
lost one anchor and chain. . I
Scan RsllirK roRncs. of Orient, now at Provldenoe, has
bceu sold to parlies In that elty for $'1,300
8?H Fsavriwo. July 31?'The -hln Saracen, from Boston,
srr on the 230 inst. her oargo Is being landed In a very bad
condition. Abnol lfllons of ber cargo had to be tbiuwn
o.erbosrd to lighten the ship. A geusral average of 13 per
p nf has hscu < ailed In. The maiumasl and bowsprit Is bad
ly sprung. Hhlpsfroin New York are making very long pas
sages.?(By letter.)
? Wkaltmen.
Cld at New Bedford Aug 23, slops California, Cleveland,
Pacific Ocean; Gazelle, Worth, fndlen Oc-tn.
Shi from Nauiucgt t A"g 17. echr* Samuel ?base, Orpin,
humphacklng; ISth, Rum bow. MiUuIre, do.
A letter liom Gapt ^zln, of Lai a Cisora, MB, reports ber
at Mauritius July 9, fltodctuhed.
A letter from on board bark Milwood NH, reports previous
to Aug S, bark George, Stive, NB, 113 bbls -p oil.
A letter Irom on board bark Ocean Rover. Olark, of Matta
uoisc t. reports her on Wrslern Ground July 20, having
IW) oils spoil since leav tut Hi Catherines.
A tetter from Albert F. Bryant, on board bark John Daw
?on Cornell, ol NB, reports ber at sea July 27. no lat, Ac.j
witii U bbls sp oil, 28 Bbls U'ken sis days oyk
Wpoken, Ac, I ?
Steamship Bostou, Irom Boston lor New Orleans, Aug 9,
"'hoIp BhobvlOA Star. Drinkwster, from Chllao for Rotter
asm. May 27, lat 41 M S, wu S3 W. ???
Ship Sooth America, Lincoln, from NYork, Mtjr ZO, for
imiii to, Juiy 9 not Any), 1st 20 S, ios .1.
Ship Culwatr unit Cultivator*. 11 \ Ignt Irorn Boston, June
16. lor S a Franc sou, J uly 22. 1st 6 10 6, too 2884.
Kara A islla I ruin NYork fur L m loud rry, Aug 14, tat 43
10. luii 40 4ft.
HaikYo. ng America, bo nd V r b.Jul- 23 off 0on Key.
B 1* .0 Shepherd, S trays irum Boston lot JroxlUo, Aug 15,
?out' of the Gull Sireain.
Sclir lli.r: ti iiB (three mwl), En, iL from Shield* for New
Vera, Aug 111, ,at44 64, Ion 42.
8 l.r siivat niai, lrom Baiiliuora for Kingston, Ja, Aug 20,
lat J.>?. Iju 74 10.
ITjraliit .Porta.
Pokvos AvhB?, Juuc 2.?iu port para Line, N.ekerson,
ft-oni U , ,i video, arr26th.
Bin-tat., liouJ, Aug 2? No Am vessel in port,
htuecur Aug 20?la port auhr UuuuJ, for NYork next
da .
E <?t llafiroB, TI, Aug 7?In port brig Delhi, for Plula
(lKiNi> Turk, Aug 'A-lp port bark A J Harvey, Miller, for
NYork neu day, repg rudder.
Ilium, Aug 1ft?Art arhr Prime ot Wales, ChUholm,
NYork; iMh, bidg Agile Ni-leoii, <lo.
Moiokvii an, Juno 2?In port eh'pa Kate 8w?et'and,
Tho nd ke, lor Europe, Ida; George W Bouine. Lord, Intra
Portland or Valpaiaisn, put O.t, k i'r. m Cape Horn in dis
tress, and wua. condemitt d; barka Orehilia. Deferens, for
NYork, Uy; li L Rutgers, Howes, fordo, do, tsarlelle. Low
ry, iroiu t ar till", juatarr: brlga Thomas D -unison, Hair a
way, for Km Jsuelro; W Inthr. p, Lapnii. I rem NYork, just
nrr. A; r previous to June 29, ? ara Talisman, Thompson,
Baltimore (and proceeded for Buenos Ayies). Sldjuu*27,
snip Canova, Knieraon, Eaet Indies: I a k? 8 U Snow, Rouse,
China; arhr t o tat Pilot, Truemau, Euglaud; 22th bark Ilar
reat, Auat iu oo.
MaPRiTtDs, July 9?In port ship Sea Lion, Alexander, unc;
barka Alice I'r,west. Diss away, sod Sea Shalt, Howea, from
Warren, HI, lor Melbourne.
Nassau, Aug 14?No Am vessel In port.
PtiRMAMouco. July 2ft?Iu port brig h, anoke, Long, for St
Thomas urit day. A brig from Baltimore just arr.
Po ;oa, PR, Bug 10?In port bark Tlvoia, Brown, for New
Yora la 8 days; aohr General Armstrong, for New Haven in
10 daya
Pobt-ao-Plattb. Aug 10?Mo Am vessel In port.
Panama, Aug IS?Arr steamship Con.Riiul.ou, Eldridge,
NYork, via Klo Janeiro (and alt* 16th Tor San Francisco).
K|o J an mho. July It?Sid bark Gen Cobb, Clark, NYork.
8alt Car, Tl. Aug ft?No Am vessel in port,
St Martins. Aug ft?In port aohr Chief, heuce, disohg?the
only Am va.se tu port.
St John, NB, Aug 18?Old aohrs Anna. Lunt, NYork; 19th,
Neptune, Clark, Philadelphia; 21Mb, brig Shibboleth,Morton,
Vera Gnus, July 17?In port bnrk Linda Stewart, Davis,
from NYork, juat arc; brigs Crocus, Adams, from do for Ml
natltlan next day; schr Uaunah, Loud, lor NYork 28th.
(Pen Steamship Hibbuman, orr Car* Race?Tkleqbapuio.]
Arr from NYork, Bernhard, at bieu>en; W il Gould, at
Arr from Baltimore, Roland, at Dungenega.
Arr from Philadelphia, Bnrlchietta, at CardtlT,
American Pwi'ta.
BALTIMORE, Aug 2ft?Arr ships E ergie (Brm), Schmidt,
Liverpool via Hamilton Roads: S nil er (Brum), Bahr, Mr..
brigs Roanoke, Long, Pernambuoo, Forrester, Murray, from
Hutu. stOaiiier FrannUn, Young, NYork. ClJ ectirs Elijah
Sheddon, White; M 0 Tom, Cranmer, and Issao llin kloy,
Muioge, NYurk; E 0 Johnson. Lorkwood; Wave. Pi an>,
aod J E Bu.kdew, Bi'iinett, New n .ven. S.d bark Cricket,
W Indgate, Uiode Janeiro and a market.
Mus'luN, AUKifdj PMc-Cid bmrjt JBjiy State, Sparrow,Si
era Leone; .tor ElouWft, kcTTev, Philadelphia.
24ih?Arr ships S R Mauory, Lentcr Ha/re; Wild Rover,
Ciowcll, i rerucn; Sarah Marco, Stowers, lounjue; brigs
YlaLor, Vea/oe; Emma, Maker, auu Abb. Ellen, GUruoie,
Pui'adelphln; n-nra R B Sumner, Timor, Grend Turk:
Ma tt.a Jane, E'llot, Ba.ttn orc; Wai'y flaiey, Iialoy, D E
Kcllcy, Kt'Ley; Ekcelsiur. R u t; ljuJy Eoer, Corson| I) 11
Mitts, Brown; Prank Herlici t, Park, r, tl<"o LGreen, Cobb; C
Col0nto, Wig^in, and M M ,-ieciuen. Ua.ves, Philadelphia;
M A Shiopshire. Shropshire, M R Cogg-'Shall, Tllton; 0
L loser, U?s; C S Edwards, Gundy : LA Dau.nuower, Mil
lor; Abigail Haley, Ua:ev; .Sand H onarp, Mayhew; WilUrd
oalinborv, Hudson; M E .unith. Smith; J SatterChwulte.
Mitloy; Fid. lis, Wi.ealon, and Fanny Boarumau, Matt.-ewn,
Philadelphia; Cnrrub, Mu..ey NYor?. T. iegrupl o .?brigs
ElleH and thai loite, from . .n guxl lor two brigs. In
tne bay a baik and llireo hr.ga. S.u Saturday, wind SW,
l>ark Catherine. Sunday, wind N, hark Ouk. Snip E Wilder
Farley started anu anchnred In the Roane.
El iZAill'.THPORT, Au? 2d?U.o nobis Volant, Cousins,
Llukton; Florida, Kelly, .to; Clmr o.te, Groves, do; Oralvo,
Pres iy, do; Dart, Phlllihs, T iiinlnn; S. ml Godwin, Uoboic,
N. w Haven; 8.la. Wright, Seaman. P?1 il .er; Almira Ko
g rs, Wightuisn, East Greenwich; S ipn.r Bunce, New Ha
ven; sIood Henry Smith, S nhh, Sag llui u..r,
fEKNANDINA, Fla, Aug 9?Sid boor Express, Poland,
NEW ORuUANS. August ft-Arr ship W H Whnrton,
Jones. KYo k; ba. ks Arge.ni, Puth r, Boston; ITuU (8p),
Havana; Texsna,Brand, NYork; h.igs E.isna Dooue, Mor
Sun, Baltlinuie; Mary E Mil.ikon, Bioca, Phuadeipnia; ecora
I Watson, Wi.luughhy NYork; Wave, Wyn an, Mlna itlai
loth, arr ships Moul Btauc, Douneli, Bomon; Riga. Pre '.),
NYoik; bocks Powhatan, , Fhllud Ipuia; E A Chose,
D .? niug, N fork; tlaballn, ?.do; bidg Experimeut, U 1
b rt, Ball more. Below?coming up?ships Catherine, Free
man, Horn Bostou; J B Chapman end lien.ieiia; barks
Csrieola and Telegraph; brigs Ida McLeod, u B Ell,, oil,
A icc Lee, A U Catti 1.; bark Mary E Campbell, from PhiJa
dr plus; sclir Frsneib O D .nneli, from NYork. Cld bark
Uarioa.dl, U.i I, lor NY'or?..
Tuwci to ms 11th inht. barks Harvest Home, Harvest
Moo.i and Sea Bird; brig Emuiu and sour Chaa Dennis, ldih
?uat, nark S .Hole.
PORT Ru f AL SC. Aug 16?Arr stea.. ?bip Br CMon, Low
b. r, NYors; ? hr Margaret J' Davie. Roolnsou, do; 17th,
steamship Siar of tho Souib, a oo .hull, do; I.vth. seh.s Mo
nor a L Weumoie, Farreil, Bermuda; Plandouie, Brown,
NYork; 19th, bl amslilp Nsssau , do; bark Houston,
Shaie, do. B.hrs Ben EiigUsh, iiatliaway, do; Amerlcus, Ste
phens Phi adi Ipbia.
18 b?Cla ship Planter, Dalley, Fortress Monroe; 19th,
steamship Ericsson. Lowber, do; schrs .tlAricita Tniou, Tll
ti.n, PuUaaeiphto; Milton, Smttu, do; 20.h, steamsaip Mc
Cie isn, Gray, Fortress Monroe. 81<1 IftJi, schr El.ta Jeno
F, E iwarda, NYork.
PROVIDENcE, Aug 25?Arr steamers Pelican, Bakor, N
Yorn; Oapray, Kenncy, NYork: echis John lreian, Boweu,
Georgetown, DC: James ftl Bay lea, Tko.np-on, Philadelphia;
Alien H Brown, Croweii. " Pbila e.phia; J S W., lulu,
Smith, Phllaoeiphla: Joseph Ma au. Ga??.ill, Philadelphia;
Eu.piie, Smith, Philadelphia; Richard IIlU, Smltn, Phi
lade.pbla; Amelia C Reeves, Reeves, Philadelpha;
Maris F.emlng, ohaw, Phlla.ielpnla; Sua Bird, Chtrk, Eliza
bet..port; Angel. Luce, do; Charger, Mahan, do; Kate, 8k.d
more, Port Bw n; Mary Eiixalieth. Cu.isc, NYork: Mary A
Morgan, M rgan, do; ousan K Jayne. Ja.ne, do; Presi lent,
Whit , A|.pomuig Bl (and sldforNYi-rk); Munievuu, Fa ben
bur. , Phiianelpnla; a us. tee, Sheldon, Bdzabethpoi t; E
B Po.tur, Loper; Henrietta. Susw; G A llay.ten. Smith;
Helen Mar, btockbrldge; Sarah Aon, Orover; Relnd er,
Davis; Zoe,Cottrell; ntrang. r, Handy; Lehanou, Orer-mer;
Nsa Keguius, Tlllelson: Senator, vruman; Snow Drift,
Snow, and F D Decker, Watrous, NYork; Sally W Ponder,
Pullilpe, do.
*4tu?Arr schr Jsne, Gorham, Elizabethport. Sid, bark
(Br) Col James Soott, Sinclair, NYurk.
HAN FRANCISCO, July 28?Arr ships Slam (Br), Uteaves,
Ne.iuast'.e, NSW; Kertoh (Br), Coulter, Literpool. 81st brig
brig Kadir Ouief (Br), Haip.-r, Batavie. Sid July 22, bark
Stately (Br), Wyoheriy, Sydney; Aug 1, ships Carrtngion,
Wats.in, Ka. agswa: St James, Williams, Caliao.
July Jl?Cld ship Wild Pigeon. Mayhew, Valparaiso; Aug
1, ships Zlngara, Mlllett, Port Towuseuu; Hunttvllle, Sea
m..n, Aloernl.
Aug 23?Arr (bjr tel) ships Goddeu, Crowell, NVork; Dic
tator, i'htllips. Hong Kong; Golden Gate, Thornhill, New
Monday, August 25?6 P. M.
To-day's bank statement compares as follows
with that of last Monday:?
Week end'\ Loam. Specie. Circulation. DepntiU.
Aug. 10.$132,H28,781 $5,301,778 V 237.206 142,034,067
Aug. 28. 164,854,704 35,6SS.4e? 9,356,855 14J,347,340
lncreaae.93,424,973 288,708 119,429 1,313,288
The bank movement has become monotonously*
regular from week to week. Money continues to
flow here in large amounts, the banks continue to
make every effort to keep their deposits employed,
and the public continue to lodge their specie in bank
as the safest place for it. The large increase in
loans reflected in the above statement arises from
the negotiation of $8,000,000 of 7.30 notes by Mr.
Cisco last week. Eaoh successive wefek renders
It more difficult for the banks to increase their
loans line as fast as their deposits increase.
Money is very abundant at 4 per cent on call.
Mercantile paper of the highest grade ranges from
4 to 5; names not so generally known C a 7. Certi
ficates of indebtedness are worth 99%; green
back demand notes, 107%. The Sub-Treasurer
received to-day on deposit at 4 per cent $80,000.
Gold and exchange were both weaker to-day.
The former opened at 115%, and sold down to
115% at the first board; in the afternoon sold at
115%, and closed 115% bid. It seems to be a
well established principle now that favorable news
will depress, and unfavorable news will enhance,
the price of gold; also that gold and stocks, in
stead of working together, as it was expected
they would do when gold first began to rise, move
in opposite directions. When stocks rise
gold falls, and vice versa. Persona who
find it difficult to explain this fact or this law
must bear In mind that stocks are moving at pre
sent mainly in consequence of the earnings of the
railroads and the bright prospects of the Union
cause, whereas gold is afibcted exclusively by the
present and future issues of paper money. Ex
change on London is quoted'at 127 a % for bank
ers' bills, with a very light inquiry.
The stock market was again buoyant to-day,
with a general advance in prices and a fair
amount of bunnea* In government securities and
railroad bond* and shares. At the first board
New York Central rose %, Erie %, Erie preferred
%, Hudson River 1%, Michigan Central %, South
ern old 1%, guaranteed %, Illinois %, Galena %,
Toledo 1%, Rock Island %. Government sixes
were in cfemand at % advance, and all classes of
railroad bonds were higher. There was a good
inqnlry for Pittsburg and Fort Waynes at an ad
vance on all three issues; likewise for Chicago
and Northwesterns,at an advance on the assented
bonds of % per cent. At the clone of the first
board the market was very buoyant, and a further
advance of % a % took place in Central, Erie,
Erie preferred, Michigan Central, Ac. The news
from Virginia was regarded as quite favorable,
and persons who sold out their stockn when they
were apprehensive of the safety of General Pope's
army were free buyers to-day. At the second
board the market reacted % a % per cent
on the whole list, in consequence of sales to
realize profits. It closed steady, the following
being the quotations at half-past three:?United
States 6'?, registered, 1881, 101% a %; do. 6'st
coupon, 1881, 101 a %; do. 6's, 1874, 89% a
90%; 7 3-10? Treasury notes, 104% a %; Ten
nessee O's, 01% a 02; Virginia Q'a, 00 a 08; {Mis
uouri 6's, 47*4 ? ?x/*> Mhil. ?V* * *U?
New York Central, 93% a 94; Erie, 3*% a %;
do. preferred, 68% a Hudson Kiver, 61%
a 62; Harlem, It>% ? %'< ^?- preferred, 40%
a %; Heading, r/.>% a Michigan Central,
C*% a CO; Michigan Southern and Northern In
diana, 3I/i * Y%> 'I?- guaranteed, 63% a %; Panama,
139% a 140; Illinois Central, t>'2% a %; Galena and
Chicago, ?3% a 74; Cleveland and Toledo, 63% a64j
Chicago and llock Island, 08% a %; Chicago,
Burlington*and Quiney, 86% a '87%; Milwaukee
and Pvairio duCluen, 34 a %; Erie third mortgage
bonds, 104 a 104; Miohigan Central 8's, first mort
gage, 100 a?; Illinois Central bonds, 7'b, 99% a
100; gold, 116% a /%. After tiro board the market
was dull, and very few sales were made. Cen
tral fell oQ aud Michigan Southern (old) wan
% better.
The report is current that the Erie Railway
directors hare decided to pay a dividend of 3%
per cent on the preferred shares on 1st of January
next. We hare reason to know that no formal
decision to this effeot has been made; bat of thn
fact there can be but little doubt. The earnings
of the road for the calendar year 1862 will fel
but little, if at all, short of $7,600,000, which wS
enable the direotion to pay off every dollar
of floating debt, and 3% par cent on the preferred
shares, and hare between two and three kin
dred thousand shares in the treasury as working
Mr. Vail, of the Bank of Commerce, has been
busily engaged for the past day or two in pioking
up United States notes (5's, 10's and 20'a) for tha
use of the State government in the payment
of bounties. Probably a million dollars in all kaa
been sent to Albany.
The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows
Receipts $783,773 OS
?Kor customs 1M ,000 00
Payments 1,990,681 2f
Balance 7,660,390 90
The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this
morning were $32,991,583 85, and the balances
$1,489,143 8$.
Coleman's San Francisco circular of July 91
In this market we note some abatement In the demand
for uonoy as compared with the period of our last re
ference. The rates, however, rule as then?averaging
about 1% per coin per month for tho bed paper, and
from that to 2 per cer i n cording to time. 'ihe activity
in the merchandise mat ket has not yel alTciod money.
Remittances and collections appear to be satisfactory.
We learn that amicable cress are lobj aoon submitted
to the Supreme Court of this State for a settlement of the
Itgal tender questlm, which is at tho present mo
ment a topic of absorbing interest. Tho collection
? if federal taxes soon to commence, will probably
relievo tliie question of some of its more embarrass
ing features, unless tho market is deluged with the
lolob for speculative purposes, In which event the
existing repugnance will bo aggravated. The
$1,000,000 received by last steamer, aro, wo learn, still in
the Sub Treasury awaiting orders. Receipts from the is
ieriorand Northern coast mioessince laU repirt sum up
at about $1,660,000, exclusive of arrivals by private
hands. Of this amount but about $150,000 have beea is
coin. The deposits in tho Rranch Mint during the same
period have boon: gold $261,000; sliver, $37,000; together,
?ay $300,000. leaving upon the market in bars ..bout
$1.20o "cO, a portion of which has been taken lor China.
The demand an yet has not been active. Sales are re
ported to us at 880 a 890 and holders expect to get 900 to
morrow. Silver is said to bo lower, but we hear of no ia.
po tanttrai suctions. Exchange od the At antic cities rules
at 314 pur coat premium, payable In gold. Thereto for
out rem y is not yet fixed, and will dci end upon despatched
cxnected to-night. Sterling remains at 4Sd. for boafc,
ore' and 49<1. for c mmercwl. United States legal tender
notes ore held, we learn, at six per oent discount, and
considerable sales aro reported at that figure by a single
uarty. Elsewhere tha buying prico is aliout fifteen per
cent discount. There are very fow oflbrlng and lass
wunfed until the tax collections commence, when the dig
ouraetnenia of government will supply all that Is neoded.
Mexican dollars continue very scarce. We hear of small
spies at ten per cent premium, which Is a fair quotation
at ihe present moment.
The foreign imports of treasure at San Franoiseo
lor the week ending the 31st of July amounted ts
$68,442 22. The exports for the month of Jtrijr
July 1 to 31 $4,662,968 ?
Previously this year 18 832,816 6$
Tetal since January 1, 1862 .' .$21,886,681 dl
Corresponding period 1861....,, 22.693,068 19
Tailing off this year $1,307,981 6$
We read in the New Orleans National AdoooeJ*
(Jacob Barker's paper) of the 16th of August the
It was remarkably quiet la the general money and
paper market to day. hq and about the banks there wen
nothing whatever doing. Presidents and cashiers warn
on hand; but there was nothing on band for them to do.
There ia very little paper maturing, and all such tha
banks willingly renew on the payment of a very light in
stalment, or redaction, with interest or discount in ad
vance. There was no movement in exchange to day be
yond email sums of francs at ninety days date at fresn
4 a 3 86. In sterling exchange we did not learn ef n
movement. Northern funds are without any variation
checks ranging from 9, 10 a 11 per cant premium. Thn
business appears to be confined to private bankers. Thn
pub.ic banks are doiug nothing whatever In the way ef
buying and selling, which throws all the business on Ihn
private bankers, who appear to have as much as th?r
want. There ia uoihing tfoi g in time bills on New YosOl
The quarterly statement of the Ohio banks, mod*
up to the first Monday in Augnst is M follows:?
Indepmdmt Brut BrantJm ?f
Bankt. Banlct. Stal< Ij'.nk.
Spec.* |201.TIT 648,381 2,634.801
Eastern depoaist 620,269 T08.338 2,116,064
Other banks and Trea
sury notes Ml ,246 601,146 1,630.114
Hue from banks 78.75T 212,430 710.633
Ptsoonnt* 1,620,139 1,463,176 8,114,004
State and U S 'bonds.. 867 096 1,612.812 814,800
Real and per. properly 02,671 94,629 662.624
Checks, 4c 12,393 97,604 86,134
Othor resources 63,631 160.466 1,160,964
total resources....48.6X7,063 6,888,786 17,988,880
Capital 6422.900 1,124.400 4,064,704
Sufoty fund 406,600 319.760 723.2H
Circulation 719.662 1,107.231 8,146,044
Due to banks 181,011 321,161 228,414
Deposits 1,700,077 2,386,687 4,611,761
Unpaid dividend 206 426 4.944
Contingent fund 108.008 60,666 64,067
Discount and intsrsst. 41,868 76,004 166,644
Stats tax ? ? 774
Other liabilities 48,461 1430 47,620
The aggregate leading items of the above com
pare with those of the previous quarter and An
gus*, 1861, as follows:?
Amq. , 1862. May, 1862. Aug.,\m.
Discounts $11,087,323 11,009,682 10.368,061
Specie 3.884,932 3.783.984 2,199,846
kastern dsptsits.. 3,863,692 1,704.013 2.113 210
Circulation 9,073,832 9,730 067 8,SOU,041
Deposits 8,698,426 6.698,276 3,920,004
Stock Kiehaagt.
Monday, August 26,1868.
$2000 US 6's,*81, cou 1O0?< 23 stu Krlo RK prsf. 68k
4000 do 101 200 do 88k
10000 do 101 <4 160 Hudson Rlv RK . 61k
7000 U86s810rwlXf 981* 100 do.... 61k
3000 Trsa 7 3 10 pen 104 >4 260 do 61k
16000 UR 6's, 1 y csr. 00k 300 Harlem RR 18k
10000Illlnoliwartoau 97k 214 Harlem RR pref.. 40k
12000 do 98 300 Michigan Csa RR. 83k
2000-Tenn 6's,'90.. 61 60 do b30 88k
4000 Erie 2d m, '79. 110 860 do... .* 88k
600 Bui.NVAai m 90 100 do slO 08k
6000Huda4tlmb.H0 100 MSkNIadRR. ,b60 31k
2000 HarlcmRR2mb 101 600 do 31V
3000 ChifcXWsss'l b 61k 100 do 31k
20000 Clevlt Tol S f b 98 100 do b80 31,'2
9000 PlU^tWAClm 06 100 do blO 31U
6000 Pits JEtW&C2m 83 376 Mlota S S N I i ?. 63k
6000 do 83 k M do b30 63 V
24000 Plts,FtW4C3m 80 8 Panama RR 100
17000 do 60 60 lit Wn RR scrip.. 63
1000 Clev*PIUs3mb 11 160 do 62k
5000 Mich 8o 2 m... 80 260 do 62k
21000 TolAWab'ta 2m 70 900 ClertT'lttSltR 030 06 k
1O000 dftt 60 k 000 do 28 k
lOuOO American gold 116k 100 do 1.30 25V
34600 do 116k 17 Galena k Chi RR. 73k
16000 do 116 k 60 do 78 V
35000 do l?k 60 do 78k
20000 do 116k 100 do 74
20 sbs Mer Ex Rank 86 100 do M0 74
6 Hanover Rank.. 80 100 do..._..b3 74
169 1'aciflc If dS Co.., 111 200 Clsv fcTol RR s30 63k
100 do ?30 110k 200 do
60 do s80 110 k 200 do bSO
60 do s20 110k 800 do 30
60 do s30 110k 1100 do 63k
100 N T Csu RR b30 93 \ 660 do 54
100 do -30 03 k 50 Oil k Rk Isl RR. 68k
80 do 93k 700 do 68V
60 do HO 93k 60 MAPr duCRR b30 34
600 do 93k 100 do 34
300 Erie RR 88k 600 do b30 34k
160 do 38k 100 Del, L* West RR 97k
110000 US 6'S,'74 oou 90 100 sbs Harl RR pref 40k
1000 do. 89 V loo do *30 40k
70100Tf 7 3-10 p c n. 104k 40 Harlem RR 16k
'joOO lllrnnat rogbds 96 100 Reading RR.. 1)60 8?k
10000 Missouri 6's... 48 200 111 Cent RK scrip. 02'?
1000 K RR$dmbs,'H8 104 200 MicblHan CcntRR 69
13000 TolAWa 2d tugs 70 100 do 1O0 69
60u0 do 79k 26 do 68k
6000 do......... 70k 860 do 6*k
13000 rts,l tWAC2du? 84 200 Mtch^ohN la RK 31k
4000 111 ( nut RR bds 100 100 do 31k
70tr00 Aiti'inf an gold. 116k 100 do 81;2
6 sits olt *A LeaHk 97U 100 Clov A Pitts HR. 26k
16 Oil C'k MO do 96k

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