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** MergnWs fia?rlUu-Otp(ur? off
Crimen end W?gw Tke Repwrt*
RefWtlai Beaerftli MeCook and Row
LovtsvitLi, Ky., Oct. ?#>, ISM.
UXenai fid ward MoCnok, Acting Brigadier General, with
?re hundred cavalry, left Crab Orchard on Thursday
morning. He encountered several bands of John Hoc
?*?'? guerillas and Scott's rebel cavalry at Point fciok and
dig UiU, killing four or Ave and capturing their telegraph
operator, with his apparatus; also thirty-three wagons,
Sbertly lea d<>d. The remainder of the rebels went towards
Hoaat Vernon.
Acting Brigadier Geuoral McCook bad (wo horses shot
under .wm.
At Richmond our forces captured two hundred stok end
Wounded rebels, whom they paroled.
AS reports or disobedience of order* by Generals IfcOook
?nd Beaasaau. or of their buviug been arrested, are abso.
lately (also
Locisnua, Oct. 27,18S2
The Grand Jury to-day indicted General Jeff. C. Paris
<br autnainughter, in killing General Nelson.
The SrH through mail for Nashrllle, since Morgan's
watd commence J, will leare to-morrow morning.
No aaails from any point seat of here have been re
waived to-day.
There is no army news to telegraph.
Kentucky Guerillas on the Retreat*
Caiko, III., Oct. 2S, 18?2.
Xaforeaatioa from the ooua}ry last aight reproseats
?hat the guerillas who ware lately In camp midway
between German town and* Colliarsvllle had been aeea
Hn Ml retreat, closely pursued by the Union cavalry,
tinder (Mono! Guerson.
These guerillas were from Kentucky, and the impres-i.
'?on prevails that they were committing depredations on
their own hook.
Henry A. WIh Advancing on
Yerktown at the Head of Twenty Tliou
?and ftchtUi
Fortuu Monioi, Oct. 26,1863.
Genera! Henry A. Wise, with twenty thousand men, in
Advancing en Yorktown He has reached New Kent
Ouirt House.
The flag of truce boat John A. Warner brought here to.
day, frtiu Aiken's Landing, seventy-eight released prison
ers of war and s.ziy-five prisoners of Slate, In charge of
Wr R. W. S< uenck.oi" the One Hundred and lltirty.
tilth Peansyl- aula regiment.
Major Snhenck informs us that Mr. Wood, the Union
CouuniMinnvr, ts actively and vigorously proeacutlng the
hbieei ot h s mission, and in aeveral instaoaes ban sue
?eed?i in weeding out and rejecting, among others, active
Alieus, who have bceu secretly serving the cause of JefTer
Aon Davis, under the undisguised i id and sympathy of the
foreign consuls and BritUl/autborilles resident In Rebel
dom, and who claim, at times the protection of our Ilsg
thai Uiey may the more successtuhy carry out thMr trea
sonable designs against our government It is a pertinent
Aoestioa oi debate with Mr Wood and the rebel authori
ties wbethe; an alien, claiming tho protection of *?<* go
vernment, Is a proper and legitimate subject for et*
Mr. Wood ex|>ects to tlnisb Ins, mission and be in Wash
Sugton by the close of next week"
Sixty-live horses and ten mules were sold at public
amotion to-day, at the government stables at Camp Hamil
ton, Virginia. They were government property, and sold
At prices ranging from live to twenty-live dollars
? A piece.
Omw Kor trees Monroe Correspondence.
Poxtrms Moiioi, Oct 23,18<2
7h* Trade Hrj/iila*iont with Xorfolk and this J < ?vt incur?
?A'-ny and Xary Jroutla Settled? t.iruUna'.t Fatter?
> ofearn L'tdluw, tt>\
The roxstious and irferentiug question about tbs traXc
with Norfolk ha- been finally Milled, and Major (Jonerai
Jtv* is the only a uthorized parly on whoso recommend*,
two permits to ship goods are issued by lie Treasury
rimeut But, in order to obtain the endoiseuieut of
ii i*is, General Viele, Military Governor or Norlolk.
Must also s.gn the application, to which should be at'
tarbed an o voice of the goods destined for trade in Nor*
fetfc. I'hi i is as it should be. Geuerat Viele, under
erheae supervision all goods are sold, W able to dtscilmi.
net* as to who Is entitled to carry on business, and wbe
Uter it is legitimate. When goods ere thus brought bore,
Sthsths r by express or otherwise, a copy of the invoice
m>w? be <eft with Captain Mul*ard, oaptais of the port,
tn ecler that the gorernmect may know, nt any tlmo,
what goods, and to what amount, bare been allowed to
Mater the port. Then are many thousand dollars' worth
?t pr sporty storod at lb# warehouse of the Adams Ii.
press Goes poop in Baltimore, ewnitlag the permission of
Mineral D.c and Mm Treasury Departatsot to be forward
wd Applications are daily made to Mr. K. Hrewer, the
ogeei of the expr<<? company, aa te the modus operandi
be receive stores for trade
the Onbioet at Waabingtv>e decided the above to be the
?sirproper way of settling this vexed question,sad very
Jnuiereeely allowed Major General Dlx to be ibe jedge ef
the maimer and amount of trade to be Iran seated at Nor
in reletkm to exporte, the Commanding tieoeral also bee
Mm authority to give clearsnces to vaeeeli coastwise oely,
?hoe giving an opportunity to meruhaaia carry lap on bu
?iasne at Norfotk?wbe ere cam pel led to take Virginia
?ofoa for thotr warea?to invest the funds in the products
?r the eurrouodlog oouatry, thereby eustataiag n lively
trade and the vtulity of the country I'nder tbo old
rwHne no veeeol could ontor or leave the port of Norfolk.
It aaeet, however,not be uodersteod that the port of
Norfolk bee been opened to the werhl The only relaxa
Mea of the rules governing the blockade ef this ally is
hnly *> far as it relntea te the weals of tbo army and tbo
lsynl poop* ran ident there
A few days ago the splendid X?rth river ateamer City
efHndeon, Captain tfomuel Martin, wan placed on Ibe
route between here and the city of Norfolk. Tbo Hudson
to well adapted for this route, inasmuch as she makes her
?suel tripe in forty dvo minutes?distance, fifteen miles.
Ames P. KuaUr. commanding the genboat Delaware,
late anting master, has lately been promoted to acting
volunteer lieutenant, fer "gallant and meritorious con
duct." I Jen istuuit Poster is a native of Brooklyu, end
distinguished himself at Quautmo crook, where hr burned
the rebc: wb"oeer Kcbo, under the rebel batvertee.
Captain Kdwio Ludlow. Af: (slant Quartermaster of the
Vnlted States Army at Norfolk - waa at this point this
morning, conferring with Major Geueral Ota on diflcreut
hustnew.. Copt Ludlow bus at [.reseul over fifteen hun
dred ownl'aban-is to provide fur, besides (ak.bg care of a
large shipyard. A splendid new boat, which the rtdiels
wt? their evacuation left on the storks half completed, lias
bees flnudfd by ('apt. Ludlow, and will be launched next,
week The manner In which L'apt. I,, bav transected
Bis business nt Norfolk, and the importance of bis poet
? ion, bav < called forth the encomium* <>f the department
?BWuehtngt'wi, end It is understood thai be is shortly to
he promoted is a majority.
News from San Kranrlsco.
hUN-asRivai. or thk ooi.dkn aob?btati or
Sax i'aasctM<o,Oct. 27,1942.
t'nefuune-f is felt on account of the non-arrival of the
dteamer t.olden Age from Panama, now thirty six bonrs
?ver due
1 ratio baa been dull throughout the paat week Tbo
Mtoki of dry goods, rarpetinga, Ac , are running lew
tlfty bales of drills were shipped to Boetoo by the ?l"?
tairk, wbteh e ten red on Friday.
The HrithL steamerTynrmoulh lias been chartered for
A ? team holler exploded yesterday m the Naliooa!
Iiui.r Mills, on Market street, killing feur men sud wound
ing 'libera, and damaging the mill te the extent ot
A qmck'sileor Me has been discovered within two miles
Of sbc t'ranclsco, which "proepecte" richly and ap
pean to be quite oiuoaive. The discovery of the "lode"
foes horldenmi,sad waapnadeby some workman who wore
?sak lag prep.irst Ions to lay down some pipe for the Spring
Valley hater Company.
Vhs Npaalih Brlgate Princes* <le Aetv
The courteous commander of the Prtocexa do Asturiss
$a? aoMAed m tliet his One veeeel Is now open to such of
bar otttven* a- desfre to vteit her. She has been (ko
to. iihiy ovecliaulod, cleaned end painted, end appears
ge?iashed and bettered by the chaage. VIsiU, however,
$Mihi N- made between the hours of one o'clock and tut
goait for. .is Mr. Bagnet says to hie friend Mr. George, In
Nlt'eas Hoove," "Ulsclphno nniet be maintained " The
fhreissui H devoted to exercising Urn erew In the nee of
Ch* <- arms, sud during the perrormnace of this duly the
$r??i'nrv n| Visitors, and the attention tbey would re
fidru, might iuterfere with Ita proper discharge. Per
Ibi* mud* the commander, Captain Alvarado, has wisely
$?vrte>< the afternoon alone to visitom. Tbe Princess de
MsLiria* iish very etoee to tfie Battery, end may hs ap
$r?*ch<"1 from sillier fkt NV. 1 or No I North rivsi
i Artldrnt at Bulfwin.
I forum, Oct. lil isnj
1 A lata! wnid. nl occurred here this aftarnoun Two
Wing wdS ", Miss H* k'S, lately Trom St M*ry'? < <>1
lens. Burl teuton. N. J., end Mim ? ows, of title ctij.ehiis
jlldiaf, w?r* thrown from their gig. Miw HAWtee was
^Hvt.'vhJ Miss imsre iwh.rad hut set dhhgarmtelf.
Viwwm, Oct. ST, IMS
ru rttOTOST tumiaiL oknkkal and aw. iobm
Simeon Draper, tM Provost Marshal General, M Is this
oKjr perfecting bis errsngesseeu 'or arrenting peraoan
under usrtbl law. la conversation Uidajr wtUi more
thai om of the ohief ofliosrs of (lie government, be
?aid,?"John Van Huron ought to be arrested, sad I
would do It ones, but that 1 think it would be bod peltoy
to arrest him uotli after the election la tlis Stats of Now
York." He addsdi?"If I should do H before the oleotioa
It would have a damaging effect upon Wadaworth."
It appearing that large quantities of government pro.
perty have been uulawrully disposed of by non-commis
sioned officers and soldiers, in violation of law and of the
army .rules and regulations, It is therefore ordered by the
War Department, "that all United Sutsa officers com
manding post* shall seize all military clothing, blankets,
shoes, arms, equipments and olher such suppliea which
have beeu issued by the government to soldiers, sad lost
or disposed of by them; sad H shall be Incumbent
on any person, not a soldier, who may have such
property la his possession, to prove that he
has lawfully acquired possession thereof. Such property,
when seised, will be turned over to s United States quas
termaster, sad his receipt is duplicate lakes therefor,
one of such receipts to be transmitted to the Quartermas
ter General. The seizure will also be reported to the
Adjutant General. AN provost marshals appointed by
the government wUt assist In recovering to the United
States this description of 'public property. Commanding
officers or companies sfs reminded that it is thai* duty,
oot only to cause soldiers who are guttty bC viola ting the
law forbidding the sale, destruction or negligent loss of
clothing,arms and public properly, to bs charged on the
muster rolls with all the articles Improperly lost or dis
posed of, but also to enforce such other punishment ag
the nature of their offenoe may demand.
An order has just been Issued from Urn War Depart
meat requiring every oemmaadlag offloer of n detach,
merit, company., regiment or post, who has any arms in
his possession or under his oonlrot for which he is so
countable, within ten days after tbe reception of the order
at the camp or post at which he may ba stationed, or If
on lbs march, within twenty days after It has been oom*
m untested to him from the headquarters to which he re
ports?make an inventory stating the number of arms for
which he is accountable, giving tbe name or names
of the arms, the calibre of the arms, whether thoy
are smooth or rifled, haw many are serviceable
and bow many require repairs, how many of the
arms are in use, aud at what place sr places those not In
use are kept, what Is tbslr sondltion, and the date at
which this order was communicated to him. Such >u veo
tory will be signed by the officer making it wllh his full
name, title and post office address, and be transmitted
without delay, by mull, to Brigadier General James W
Ripley, Chief of Ordnance, Washington, D. C , with a
letter of advice. Commanding officers of army corps, di
visions, brigades, regiments and posts, are requested to
see that this order in enforced in their respective com
msods, and to report to the Adjutant General whether I*
has been complied with, slating tbe names or nil officers
who fall or neglect to comply with It within the time
A new story having jast been added to the War Depart
ment building, and tbe roof not being completed, the
heavy rain ot yesterday did much damage to tho struc
ture, owing to the overflowing or nearly nil tbe rooms.
Business is being temporarily transacted In neighboring
bouses ibe papers of tbe department were saved from
material Injury A week will be required to prepare
the premises for reoocupaacy.
The troops lu front of Washington are eserctsing all the
vigilance that could bo etpected of tbsm In General
lleialzelman's corps each regiment Is constantly on
picket duty Nothing necessary to be observed I*
neglected by General Banks, wbe Is in command Of
Washington, and master of theattuation.
tbb cask or General martindalb.
The case of General MarMndale will be reported In n
few days Irom the War Department. His defease pro
duced a great effect upon tbe audience, and It Is pretty
well ascertained that the Court will be entirely la his
Brigadier Genera! Ibomas A. Morria haa bean appointed
a major general of volunteer*. The proper command of
one of the latter rank la oely a division, or twelve regl.
moots, as Congress haa created new grades la the levy
appropriate to commands, why should it not at the next
session establish the grade of marshal or I ion tea ant gens'
ral for commanders of corn d'ormee, and of general far
those commanding an army oeoaiatiag of several oarpef
The rebels have established the latter rank.
The scores of tMbmors of generals la the field who are
is snug position here are just sow sap lug in ooacert what
everybody baileeca, that the military bureaus have or
dered supplies to fill requiettlOM for clothes, ammunition,
food, he., for General MoClellan'e army. Thaaa same
characters desire the people to boUove that requisitions
for a demoralised amy can ho made in one day, aad that
the supplies oan reach them sad be made available by the
next day. Tbese calumniators of MoClelian know that
much time la required for proper inquiry after bloody
halt loo, aad ad to what snppllw are needed, and (br the
dietributien of thorn when obtained.
Gen Booker rode loto the city today; bat be cannot yet
wear aa army boot. Be will be able to take tbe and die la
a week or tee dayg.
Genera) Baake left to-day for New York.
The ofBci re of the army bare retard tbe project tf
bringing men into tbe caralry ?err ice from California
wltbont their horeei ae abeurd. Tbe rldera from
that country would be too bard tor tbe boreee purcbaaed
for goTernmeat service in this region, and tbe enly way
to render them fully affective would be to mount them
upon tbe hardy an I mala of California.
Commander K F. Ntcbols baa been ordered to tbe com
tnaad of tbe steamship Alabama, and Acting IloaUwaln
Leeds to the lACkawaaaw.
Acting Assistant Paymaster Stuart 'e order to tbe Kuba
hae been revoked, and he baa been ordered to report for
duty on tbe steamship Huron.
Acting AsrlalsntSurgeon O. W.Oibsen hsa '.won ordered
to the Commodore MeDonough.
Acting Assistant Surgeon If. H Henley hsa been order
ed to the Commodore Morris.
Acting Maater .Tocelyn and Acting Assistant Surgeon
II. W. Mitchell have been ordered to tbe Commodore Hull
Acting Assistant Surgeon L. J Ooben has been ordered
to (he steamer Stettin.
Professor Wt therm, of the Deportment of Agriculture)
has josi completed an analysis of some twenty different
kinds of grapes, specimens of wbleh bsvs bees procured
from tbe Agricultural Propagating Garden here, and from
tboee which were ethiblted at theFrolt Growers'Fair
wklob was held at Philadelphia la September. Particular
reference has been had to assertalning ths per cent of
sugar In grapes, as affording (all atber tblags being equal)
tbe criterion of atcobolie strength of wlneo Tboee
having superlar per rentage en their hand are as follows,
omitting fractions of one per oent;?In Rabbe, sixteen,
Baldwin le Nolr, twenty-ona, Clinton, seventeen; North
and East Virginia, sevsnteen; Plana, tfteeu; Cassidy,
?itteoR; Herbernct, sersnUun, Dataware, fourteen.
Other elements were evolved by the analysis, wbleh
will be stated in tbe nett annual report. .Tbe learned
Profpmer mya that no sweeping Inference should be
drawn by tbe analysis of single specimens, and suggests
that hereafter analyale shall be mads of eaeb variety as
prod need In many localities, taking late ooosiderntlon
?oil, mode ef culture end bearing ospaclty by cllmatle
Tbe Agriculture! Department le furnishing representa
tives oT foreign countries With oottoo seed, as desired by
Ibein. Reports from Illinois are to the offset that the
cotton culture there Is profitable at present price*
The mvln, or old budding ef the Capitol, has been tbo.
roughly painted, and the new wings, which have been
discolored by not being full) roefod, are being clcaused
There U no more military occupation at tbe Capitol, and a
thorough renovation Is going oa Internhtly, the h tils and
paessge* belts na longer used for hospital purpose*
TBk t.amina or run ukunanur orriurss.
Nome idePef the labors of ordnaaoe oMoers may be
gathered fr .ru . fm.i devei iped by recent Inquirlee, Ibat
in on ?-ii i iy serfloaaf alrtlnd* ours than seven hua.
rii? I sorla?f inimunH'ou arc used. The oonfoalon that
is Haiti* to occur in tha dMMbaWNI aTs mason it lea l%.th?
It* 1 may ha ui?ea">aa
mi maoiMiN nionoii,
MM la regard U M* eonMag tliillwi in Maw YMt Hi
Maailachusetta, Soea* of the highest autnorltiee hare few
that Sumner Mid Wadsworth will he beutea. The knew
la? ooee declare Uiat General Wadaworth haa heea hied
bearily for buying up the weak uswepapere ia New YW*,
?hewing that thejr are determined te fatten upea the
"Geaoaee Plata."
m? vmovr or tub mlwtion <m onia.
da the odlelal returns of tbeOhle eVootlon ahow ae la
oreaae of the oooeervatire or democratic ret# by thirty-dee
thouaand orer the vete of last yew and a reducUoa of tba
aboliUua rota by twenty-eight thousand, It la otew that
the preeeat reeuU la the State haa wleea fraat a ohanga
In popular opinion, not from the foot that aaere foanWen
than oooeervatiree hare ^ae to the ww.
Mr. Wm C Barney, of New Yerk, who haa been e prl
eoaer at the (aaaoaa Libby prleoo la Ricbmoad for tba taat
?re weeka, baa juat arrived la tuie oily, havlag heea did
Charged fre? custody oe Thursday last.
Mr. J. 0. 0. Kennody, Superintendent of the Untied
State* census, baring beeu autte worn dowa with labor la
aaaklag his axaalleat report apea the resources of the
country, haa goae to his form la Pooaejrlvnaia to recruit
his health.
A Traitor la OAoe?Oarloas OtMlomni.
I from the Washington Sunday Chronicle, Oct. M.|
There eve certain facia connected with Jean M
Wright, e esaMential clerk in the Adjutant General's
eiBoeat the War Department, whloh we IM beuud to
give to the puhlle. He llvee In Wince George's county,
Maryland. Just ontalde of thie District. fouae time stuoe
he weut to a neighbor, Mr. Joseph Greger/, who line
three eons, told him that becmae he wee a Union man he
wad In danger of being driven from hie home, and that
I In of dor to.secure prnto* lion he muct eend two of his
?one to the rebel army. Wright said be warned Mr
for, because he
Gregory of hie danger, because he-wee e neighbor, end
that his infiuene wee such that he could get the the sous
commissions. Mr. Gregory spurned the offer, and then
Wright, changing bis tone, said.that Mr. Gregory nod his
family would be driven from Princo George's county, or
used words to that effect, and intimated that ho (Wright)
would aid In doing it. This occurred whilst Mr. Cameron
wss Secretary of War, and all these faota were testified
t? by Mr. Gregory and three other persons before the
Potter Investigating Committee, and a report sent to the
War Department Being referred to the Adjutant
General, he reported that the services of Wright were
Indispensably necessary, and be could oot be removed.
When Mr. 8tauton assumed that place Mr Gregory
madea Bccmd affidavit, and Mr. Watson, Assistant Secre
tary, declared that the man should be removed. The
affidavit was under oath, and was scut to Assistant Adju
tant General Thomas, who referred it to tbo very Mr.
Wright whose removal it demnndsd. Wright reported
back that it was false: that the man who made the affi
davit did not believe in future rewards and punishments,
aud therefore he was ineom)>eient to te?lily.
All of Mr.Gregory's sons have been drafted, while Mr.
Wright, who has sent his sou to Richmond to avoid the
?trait, is ewmpt, because he holds a commission under
the federal government. Wright- was one of the most
noisy babblers against Governor Hicks when that stern
old patriot refused to call the legislature together to en
able it to pass an ordinance ol secession, and wosa leader
in the convention ef the oouuty culled for the pur|>ose of
denouncing the Governor and intimidating him into obe
dience u> the demands ol the traitors that then, as now,
iulest the State
8" the matter rests at this day, and we feel hound to lay
these lacts.as they havo been sworn to by sevorat per
sons, beiore ths public. Wright still retains his position.
It is one of the most confidential ones in the Adjutant
General's office. He is made acquainted with all the or
ders to tho army beiore they are promulgated, and knows
the moot valuable secrets of the government Is it sur
prising that the rebels are informed of the orders issued
by the War Department before Ibey are known by our
commanding generals T
lei tbe man's loyalty be proven, or let him be re
moved, U tbe demand of every Unionist who knows ot ths
Ths Rebel* In Ponnenalon of the Memphis
and Charleston Railroad, 4tc.
Man mis, Oct. 25,1802.
There Is an alarming raport here this evening that a
feroe of a thousand rebel cavalry have stationed them
selves oiue miles from here, on the Memphis and Charles
ton road, and have taken possession of tbe-tine, with their
be-idqiiartera in tbe vicinity of Nonconat This is sup
posed to be tbe advance of a large rebel force, wb* have
designs upoa this city.
General Joa Johnston is reported to be In command
of n Urge array at LitUe Rock, Arkansas.
Tit* N*w Custom llou**.
The building formerly known aa the Merchants' Kr
chance has been undergoing the alteration* necessary foi
it* occupation aa the Custom Heuse itno* last spring
The change* to he made hare been fouad mora numsroui
than war*at Bret de*m*d.neeeeeary,a*a eh#4et^M*?
consequently bean greater than it was expected it would
The Exchange building m well Btted for the purpose !?
which it will la future be devoted, the room* being con
veniently arranged and well lighted. Like the building
bow need aa a Custom House, It baa a rotund*,
in wbldh the principal part of tba business
will bo tranaaeted. This room Is much larger sad mora
conveeleat than theroiuada In the Custom Bouse, and,
sieoa It bee been altered In accordance with the plans of
the architect and engineer In charge of the work, pre
sents e very fine appearance A large dame forma the
roof of this pert ten of the helldtag; la It la placed a sky ?
light seffieieaUy large to feraleh light to the desks below ?
Urn wells and roof have hooR cleaned, and look muoh
brighter than heretofore. Below the skylight, la tba
aentreofthe room, an Iron railing has boea erected,
which Is nsat la design, and from Its arrangsmaot wlU be
very oonveatoat tbr both clerks and Importers. lastdeo f
this ratling, which la placed In a circle arouad
the glaaa which admits light to the Boor
below, are to he placed the desks of seme
of the clerks of the Collector's otEoe. In front of
etch desk a portion of tho railing may bo raised or
owered, so that durlag ofltce hours business may he
transacted, and after sneh hours the clarks laslde be ua
molested In the performance of their office duties Out
side of the railing a vary neat sad handsome oouater of
while marble la attached fbr tb? conveniens* of those
transacting business with tbe olerks Inside A railing
and counter similar to that we have daaoribod are placed
around the circumference of the room the arrangement
of the desks will be grsatiy superior to that la the old
huikl lag
Nest to the rotunda, on the oaet side of the
building, workmen arc ravaged In Biting a room
to be occupied aa tho nuval office The room la con
venioof of access. Above this r<?>ra one similar In fixe
and appearance will bo occupied by the warehouse de
partment of the same office. A passage way, runmag
parallel with Wall street, separates this room from the
one to be occupied b>* the Auditor of (he naval office A
part of the furniture of these offices has been remo\ert
from tbe rooms In tbe old Custom House, to be cleaned
and repaired before being placed In position in the new
apartments None of the rooms thue far doecrtbed are
yet oeoupted for business purposes,
Tbe wareheose department la tbe only one whose bint
nets has boon removed to the naw building
The rooms occupied by II are la tin
book portion of tba building, on tbe seme
floor aa the rotuu la, and also oa the floor below. Tbe
apartments in the Exchange building, with the exception
of the rotunda, nre rectangular In shape The rooms to
which the warehouse departmeat has been transferred
nre of this shape, sad the dceks are necessarily arranged
a single linn. In lb* old Custom House one large room
iuffioed fur the wants of ths clerks of lb# dspartmsot,
and tba dsoks wera arranged In clroular form. Ths old
arrangsment srsa mora convenient, but culd not be fbl
lowed at the Exchange.
Soma time must alapea before the satire business of the
other department* can be removed, though It It believed
that come portion of It will be transferred this week
Importers will be glad wben tbe time fbr tbe change
arrives, aa they art subjected to considerable delay sod
BfoevealcDO# by the separation of tbe departments
DtrtratU?* Fit* ?? ?t. Uiii.
rtra steamboats and ran* c a rooks mmrmorKK?
loss oxa hunprbp and rirrr tbockand pol
a* Urn, Mr,Oct tr.iin
Ob* of tb* bmv aari*u* dlaaatara that haavtaltod o*r
rit*r tnarlo# tor many jrMrt Oocurrtd to day. About
doou * Or* wu dlacorared In the hold of lb* sitatnar H,
n Bacot), uatoadMy hemp at Ibo foot of I*?o uat it root
Tb* flim*a aproad with ?r*at rapidity,Croatian alarm aad
wimraotttn am*og tb* adjar ni *tonu>?r*, and bofor* tbey
could b? rtmo?od ibo McOlll, A. McDowoll, Fatalle and
W H Runall war* wrapped In 0*mo* and daatroyad, to
gjthor with th*lr eontanl*. About ail buadrod bait* of
hemp, on* hoadrad bain* of cotton, and largo <f*aatitlaa
of miacntlaneouH height, pir d on ibo latu*. iroro alao cu
turned l?*a attimaltd at 1150,fDt.
Tit* Oall oa Lab* OhatnylalB^
Ak*??r,Ool a?, IV.*
Duria* 'ha gat* on Ute Cba nplaia M Monday . I, IV*
lira* ware hat, b"SMaa tP,noSbn?bat* afwioy and mn
imat Mad af Bata.
Urag Nat bar **?ta wlf* aian wro-dtn <m M*M'a l"a|?*i.
CiMtBMtl Cwwif BM< *
Oiswnuri.Osi. S3,1W
t%t Enamel ?* MeOieUmn Oattal A#U* at Wert? 7V Oe
wntort to AuentMe <m (hnMilM ai IToMuiftow la
Or$t Hit RhmmI <m w*I w unu V #3Ur Omerel* A
Btm*f A0gruNii War to to Ifutthtted?Th* Western M*
pemeri /Vvoow to 0wp*?e? (to I'nmiAent if He Sketdd
fie/nee to Ctarry f*f Itoir I tan* tor Protect* "y the
War?Oecerrter Marfan WiU tf* Jmn the Ctifme?f/en.
MdJlcrnaa&'t Men Hepariment?Hebet MaammnVt, (to
Tbo results of the Ute electum* in the tVexiern Mates.
*kim the republtoau loaders bora boon detbreaed aod
toft out In Uiowtd. to meditate oa the mutability of all
hnosM UDtira, oombiued with tat* military inactivity,
bar* wviaMi into lire sg*ln (ho old scheme wbioh wm
discussed, and only scotched, not kt'MI, la the AU?k?ho
Convention of Governor*, routing to tbo removal of Oeu.
MoClelUn from bis pasitiaa *1 tbo hood of tbo Army of
tbo Potomac, aud tbo ctevaitaa of oomo other
general to his tuft/ ?od r*epoauH?le poet turn. Tbo
agitators who assembled In Altoooo wore greatly
dissatisfied with tbo reaults otuuood at tbot
gathering. Tbolr pet soheme wm thwarted tboo
by tbo oeMtblo oad notioool pom Go* oaoumod
by Governor Bradford aod others, who utterly roiuaod
to oulor Into any plot wblob should rooult lu (be mowuro
advocated so strenuously aod pressed oo urgently by
Roundheads, and which, If aucooMfut, oould at thai time
occasion nothing but barm to our cause. Although their
ptau bad received its quietus, It was not entirely given up.
They dsCarmimxLlo await a raorofsvoraOte opportuuity,
when tbo nooeosity of a obango In tbo direotiea ol the
attains of tbo Army of tbe Potomac should become inoro
apparent and urgeol, and then tbe pressure upon Presi
dent Llnoolnfbr McClcUsu's removal, wbioh woo to be only
temporarily suspended, should bo brought to boar with
redoubledTeroe That tune hax now cunt, they My, and
one hax now coos*. they My, and
tbo nooeooity for n change in tbo leader of our principal
iy Is now ?
army IS now mors apparent than ever. They urge that if
aflblm are allowed to lake their natural course under
Rottelthn tbe Army or the Potomac will go into winter
quarters, end tbo aoeumuloted debt of oil months bo
added to the already too hoary national burden, without
n corresponding advsnh ~ '
IvsnUge gained. The loa* of meu and
material will bo as great under this state of afltorsss loan
aetlrs/Munpsign sgainnt tbo rebels In Virginia, tbsy any,
while an aggressive movement would toad to brtug tbe
rebellion to o close, by fbe oapture of Richmond end tbo
destruction of tbe grand rebel army?results which would
throw open to un tbe State of Virginia and the broad road
to tbe ootton States aod victory. Inaction suggests decay,
while action promises the best sad highest results. Ths
people grow weary of the war and Ho barren results, and
olamer for a new order of things. They deoire a obango,
any change, indeed, that shall promise a favorable Isxue
to the contest; sod the Gorernorx urge that, not only will
they be laid on tbe shelf, but the country iUell will be
Irretrievably ruined, by a coutlnuaooe of this easy pence
In order to bring to bear directly upon Mr Lincoln
ibis pressure ofeOlclal influence, they are to assemble in
Washington within ten days, at a conference winch is to
be attended by oil tbe Governors of tbe loyal States, sl
eep' Govern r Morgan, of Nsw York, who will not jois In
with them, and then preeaot tbe following demands to
President Lincoln ?
. 1 The removal of Major Gensrst McClellun from the
command of the Army ol the Potomac, and me appoint
ment 01 Major General Joseph Hooker to that position
2 Tbe supplanting of Gen. Uuell by seme more ener
getic general, and
3 Tbe vigorous prosecution of tbe war, the Immediate
odvauee of tbe Army of tbe Potomac, the enforcement of tbe
Conflscstion act, and, finally, the recognition of tbe war
as a rebellion, and lb# treatment of rebels iu arms as
traitors, and not as ordinary belligerents
If the President declln-s to accede to these propositions,
and neglects to carry thorn out, the Governors will refuse
to furutsu any more troupe to the army. aud will, It is ru
mored, attempt to place some one in a poeitlou where ibe
President's authority will not be needed to effect I he on
Jsct desired.
In plsiiUsuguege, It is rumored that a military dictator
will be appointed who will carry on tbe war vigorously
aud successfully T do not endorse tbe truth of tbo last
rumor; but I am inclined le place teitb in it myself I utn
quits satisfied of tbo correctness of tbe Hiateuienl that no
more troops will bo given until etirli obsuget ss the Gov
ernors desire in Ihs commands of tbe Kexteru ana Westtru
armies are effected.
I understand |bat Geveruors Morton, of Indiana. slid
Yale*,s< Illinois, went to louisville yesterday to gutter
facia bearing upon Bud! and his oaui|>aigu, and bis con
duct in tbe same, which ibev propose to lay before the
convention and tbe President, to show tbe uecessity of
hie removal.
Having obtained tb?ee facts, they will proceed to-day
to Columbus, whet* they will be Joined by Govern*! Tod,
and then push on Ksst to Washington Governor Curfin
will Join the p*riy ai Hxrrixbiirg, slid Governors Kirk
w*od, of Iowa. Hrair, ol Michigau, and other Western
Governors, will proceed by another route to Washington.
where they expect to lind tbe Kasteru Executives Go.
> vcrnor Morgan, It If understood, will not unite with them ,
as he desires to sustain Honest Ab'sbsni in his present
The con van lion may be postponed by *ome conOngwtr.y
" it will
that may arise; but 1 have reason to believe tbst it will
take place at an early day neit week What other m<u
?urea than those already indicated may come before it I
am not prepared tossy. They will be developed in secret
lion; but thasharp mousing ot your Washington #*r
rill doubt M
respondents will doubtless bring them to light. I confine
myself to the announcement or the proponed convention
and lbs primary measures to b* brought before it. It
must now tell its own story.
The command to which Mgjor General Jobu A. MoCter
naad Is assigned Id called the Department or the Missis
sippi, nan wi emtw ?? aH Um? r*sim W oaaafry lyiog
betwoes General Grant's and General KuHcrM depart
of Visks
m*ata, headquarters in the field. Tbecaptme
burg Is to be attended to by MsCiernaad, who is amd to
be a Ogbtiag g*oeral. Mere Is not known. McClernand
wm at Indianapolis, consulting with Governor Morton, a
day or two slnca. He assumes command of his depart
ment in a abort tim*.
Buell, with bin forces, will probably return to Leuis
It it fsared that NMhrIHe is In dangnr of being taken,
and our gallant terse there, under Gen?rai Negley, cap
tared. It Bragg makes a rapid dash that way Ida not
see how tbo place cm be saved. No roUef can be sent in
time to be of any aervlee. It is not at an improbable that
Bragg * foroe ts now pushing towards Vlrgiois te join
Lne'a forces. Ia that caae it will be well for MeClellaa to
io*k**ut for e trick like that of Jackson before lbs five
days' battles. Bragg bos forty five thousand good aol.
filers, and such an acquisition would be Invstnehle to L**.
Our ?alllMN C?mi|M>d?c?.
Baltihobi, Oct. '21,1843.
What the K>*e'< Ktved to Do with Iheir trim-Clad Y curie
A'ote Bnildinf ut Knroft?JV KebtU SIC1 Kmfret to
Winter <n PkilmMphim and Baltimore, Be.
Within a fnw It/a past two rumors have barn elrcu
latod in this clljr which, if foanded la fact, are highly
important. I bare not yet been able to aatlsfy myself
that they have any foundation in fact; bat they come
through auch a ahannel that 1 da aot feel at libetty to
ignerethem. Fo here thay are>
It la Mid that the eflort* of the rebela In Kurope l>
wards the fonnatioo of'a nary there hare been attended
with good auooeea, ami that there are now, in eartoun
l uropeaa ports, no !*?>? than til teen Iran-clad ateamera, in
various stage, of pragrees, of which eight are nearly
ready for aoa. These eight vessels already have their
armament on board, and it is said that on a given day
they, in company with the "ateamor 300," wiil rendes
vous at some r< nvcux nt point, and will croft* the At
lantic in company; that tbey will steer direct for fnla
ware Bay, sail up the Delaware river, and attack I'hila
delptua. Th^irruor of thrae veasela is said |o be such
that tiiey Mnl lie Invulnerable la the effort* ol any
known projecilie while their arinam-nt i? MMfe? em
brac# guns and tnortars of the moat aporuved construc
tion. It is snld that the power ot this (teat will
be such that they will ha able to lay the entire city In
aehes, but that^liey ei|>act that, in order to avert thin
Calamity, tht cty will be surrendered to them. And
thir is anly the i spinning of the eti>loit* that seeftiperted
ot tbia new rs'v i navy.
No doubt tin re if inoCh Idle brag tn all this. Bat It
may be wise to provide ayslust such an attempt. lutelli
geuce from otbe* sources ha* demonstrated lite fait that
lue retime are really having Iron nlad vessels built in Ku
rupoao ports. And I arn informed to-day thai. beeidea
the Merrimac Ph . 3, there are two other large Iran clad
ateamera now nesriy ready for sea at Richtuunu, and tan
mora at Mobile. There is re doubt thai the rebel govern
menl la pn paring to strike a blow with their navy aome
where. Hut 1 cannot see that Philadelphia i* any mora
espoaed than Naw York and not an much as Boston or
The otber 'iimor baa referees# to the rebel desiges oo
Baltimore and Maryland. It is said to be the rtiw.gu o(
lha rebel leaders to concentrate 300 000 of their beat
troops at Oordoneville, Including .10,000 cavalry, In order
to Invade Pennsylvania, capture Philadelphia, and to hold
that city aud Baltimore during the winter Ihey boaat
of hating IMO,no? other tr*?pe, which they eay are buB
oieut to defend Mobile,Charleston and Savannah, and to
oiwr.vte In Kentucky and weft of ifte Mississippi. With
800,000of their best troops, tbey eav tbey can aocvua
B lah the above designs, in apiie of wbatevei force the
aim can bring agamat them.
Tkt l?l>ii> Hnbtti Oarpu Coae.
Bono*, Oct. ST. tiki
Thebearlag la tue h?i?e*i corpua oe*e ef Charles H
Winder, of Philadelphia, to ba raleaaad from Port War
rea,Wnll come before Judge Clifford to morrow
Plrt la tlharln Clt jr, low*.
Chioaoo, Oct 2T, una
A flro t? Cbartee Clip, Ptood eoumy, Iowa, ua Ihuraday
laot, deetreyed property to the value of fyo.OOO the
eotire b'Wiaeaa portloo of the town wee bu'ttM
A Itrlko off Printer*
MiLwaraaa, Oot kf.ltej
The Ty peg rape ical t'aton of Uita oity la on a atrike lor
an ad ranee o* prevent wage*
Heir.ni?tllotl?*n?t n n't Q*t Out off ?ho'
it baviug oean giaeevered that partio- iu Pottaville
had riiwwi to the esnedtent el cuttinr cff the r?>raflng?r
at the brat tolot for too purpota of avoiding the draft,
tbo.sc-oretnry o( War wtt written to rwjarditik the nut.
ter.aud the fallow tor re ly \*a- eilnn?d
Waa imraateaar, Hapl ?. lIN
?.?. ?. ... I0mj , Piji.naylvaaia - Htr?In
reply te yohra of tk? Itih trvat . ra'ei re to par on wiie
bare preaoatert t?eneaelrfn for otrnapMen fiom draft
Wl'h the fornfliyp. itken off *1 the II it point; I am d?
rented Bag |b*t t tin tew of the 0i-.1 the fore
AuKe? v.iil Lutnam a a.naon front d rat f If he tea ft a tat?
HI order of the hit RUT alt V OP 'TAR.
0,#, QtftWtianal. WO "on and A A U
??r Palnl PUawal ? i
Potwr fLMA?*m, V 4., Oct lMt
T%4 Vnt<m fbroti PhHtffmf Thttr Pot* tan?rv (fare*,
/ram PjpeUeaiVa ta P*mt Plammml tXmgrr, ami Trvtl
ef ffi? Harok?Lou wt tAe Thtrtp fourth Ofcta r?hm'
taw*?^rowtm <? Ms CMenaf?ArrseaJ W Urtunl
Of, dc . dc
Our foreeu, uoder the OMMM*< or itatomrt IdgtHburn
Virginia Vofootnor*, Anting tOgor OeoeraJ, are now on
camped in this vicinity, whom, ever amce our retro*1
h?? ilM Kmntu, we have boon tortlf'yiug our solve*
Catena* Uba, an etd and oxpertaooid ottioo* , formerly
ooteuat in Europe, ban Ua* ptaa of lb* lorUOcaltoo* on.
trusted to bim. W? nii* p ut use of our tori ideation*
at Kayottevilte, nod had it net been for thorn and tbe d?a
perate gallantry of o<ir troop* not one ot us would havn
been able t? eerapo. W# war* ortglu ally attacked hy a
force or eight thousand, our owa being but oh-vea hun
dred. We planted our cannon ta the fortifications, and
they did fearful execution on the enemy, who endeavored
frantically to take thorn. When we Marled our
wagon train to Uanley the enemy lutreuched them
solve* behind the tree* in a think wood*
and poured a deadly rot ley amongst the leamaier*. woo
ran away, leawmg their teams. du Ohio regiment waa
than ordered to drlee the enemy back and secure the
train Theybhargud upon them and drove them baok
with great slnugtiier. CMoaei To!and, then aommandiug
Uiem, bad on tbia oooaatou twe borne* shot from under
him, but he quickly nienatad otbqpe, jnsl aa coolly a*
though It waa draaa parade. The singular part of thie la.
that bath horae* were piaread by fbur bullet*, but the
ooblo Colonel passed usscaihsd. The next moralng we
out our way through the eaemy, who bad ua partially
?urrotiudod, and closely fotWed on our heel*. Klre or
aix milieu from (Sauley wo Mala mado a aUtnd to chock
bltn, whiiat Colon** Ugbrbera made complete the
wvrtc of deatructloa of all Huppllea that were valuable.
We then turned our way lowerrta Charleston, where
the rebels made a rush to aarn the a tore* already burn
In*, but Colonel Ligbthuru dlruulad bia artillery ou thoin,
and lliey noon coaasd, much to their d.scomflture; lor
there war* flOO,OCO worth of juat aucb store* a* they
needed. Ttaoy then followed oa our party to Char lee too,
where they were joined hy ileaernt Lorlug's force,
swelling tbelr auaabora to atxtoeu thtmaaud. Our force,
with addition*, then only amounted to three thousand,
but In their face w* deatroyad all the alorea at Chai as
too aad than gavethem battle, principally wiih artillery
Lieuteuant Andereon, of oura, had command *f one bat
tarv, and b# worked it beautifully. We then
sucreaaiully made nur retreat to tbia point,
after baring endured hardships that exalt
our men to heroes, constantly flghliag, exposed to au
intense boat throughout tbe whole dtstanoe?over two
hundred miles?and the only water, a gieet portion of tbe
way, was obtained from fllihy mudhoice, out of which a
borse would reluac to drink. Wo destroyed all tbe bridges
we left behind us, aud regret not heiug able to destroy
all tbe aall works.only succeeiling m demolishing three,
and sinking $100,000 worth ol salt. Hut fol theNil
works the enemy gain noibiog but a valley tli*y cannot
koe. nor subsist lUeuiselve* iu. Our loss Is heavy Tbe
Thirty.fourth Ohio (Tolautl Zouave*) liore the brunt or
the w hole, Ihetr loss aiuouuta to some tZO killed, wound
od and missing, Including three commies iouod officers
killed. Tills regiment has made an immortal
name, even winning praise from the enemy.
Oenoral l.orlug said ihey would sooner meet lea other
Yank- than one redlop; for they fought more like devils
than men This In in a great measure owiag to Colonel
John T roluad being the ceminnuder. Ue did act nobly,
wtnmug encomiums even Irem oihoers of the same rank
He i*now acting brigadier general,and, If the interests
of the country are studied, will be permanently (jod
knows brave and able officers are scarce enough, nud tb?re
is place for all we bar*. His officer* have presented bint
w ith s magmheeut sword, awl thecittrona of Cincinnati a
horse, and the State government will recommend him as
bruadier. Th* officer* and ineu all were brave.
The people hail tw here as heroes, and cannot do enough
for us. The Thirty-fourth is lionised, and Colonel Toluol
publisly thanked by the citizens, headorl hy two mem
bers of the Virginia l,egi:>iituro, for his gallautry and
able guveromeut of the district under his command.
(loners! Cox aud stall have lust arrived, and a forward,
movsmeut is aalicipaiod in a few days , and then again
tbe word, on to New hern.
(iensral Cox comes hack to us again, welcomed by officer
and private, to whom his genial vlrtuos have endearod
him Under him they cau and will light Captain K. P.
junta bss also retnrued, Chief Quartermaster of the Kauj
wha, and some day w? inteud taking (iauisy again and
prrssntiug it to him
Oar Kry WmI Correepomtlessee.
Kav Wist,Oct. 10,1XU
MtrroiMitt ' of Natal Vault?Abatement of thr. IXtcio
Pettr?priot Pesssli, <dc
The United States steamer Young Rover,Captain Mud
Icy. returned on tha 7 th from a lengthy cruise, exhaust
tag all her coal, and will at oaos take is supplies and
proceed to New York
The gunboat steamer Taboma, Lleuteoaat Command
log Howell, came into our harbor on thsSd, and coaled
during the eight, leering in the morning for her station
latbeOulf. During her cruiie they had leet ooe of her
oncers, Acting Master Huriey, who died no the SSd utt
of yellow Terer.
The Cnited States schooner Wanderer, Gsplata Turner,
reiurned (Vans a cruise oa the Stb, and will remain in
port a few days.
The Cnited States steamer Huntsvitle, Captain Rogers,
loft on a cruise on the 8th, having been long detained by
fever ea hoard aad the teas of several of her offlsers
She was joined by twj new offleers on the gib?Surgeon
Bart and Paymaster Sweet. The chief engineer's poet
is still vassal.
The frigate at. Lawrence, Captain tfcfasock, aad ths
United Slate* steamer Msgoolle, Captain Hpotia, are hosb
hW). Their craws are nearly recovered from fbrer.
The yellow favor has vary much abated during the lest
two weeks, and, aa ths weather la eool sad favorable
every way, we ere led to expect that ll wilt now soon
terminate and be knows no mors epos the island for this
A small pilot boat schooner, the Two Sisters, ban Just
arrived, having been captured off the harbor of Galves
ton , Texas, by the steamer Albetroee, oa the 30tb Septem
ber, end sent here for adjudication ia oharge or Prize
Master Moweli. She has a caggo of begging ead rope
from Stsel.
The schooner Amelia Ann, Captain Kemp, was Mixed on
the nth i art by Captain Geo. W. Betel I, Provoal Marehal,
as the property of men wdthia the rebel llneo ead in re
bellion She was formerly owaed by W. h. R. M. Ramp,
who. upon leaving for Rebeldorn, fifteen meat ha elare,
?old her te their brut Iter Axarlab She Is now turned
over to the Quarter matter's Depart meet for service, for
wliioh she la e met excellent voacel, being neerly new,
aad about ISO tow*.
The echeoner Isabel, loaded w.tfcaalt, captured by the
hark Jameo L. Davis, off the harbor of st%. Marks, Fla.,
has arrived here. This schooner wee once prev lonely
brought in here a prize and sold, afterwards sent ax a
tender to the steamer Montgomery. She was captured by
the rebele, and now again turns up a prize. Cbeimeree
at acme points in thedoeth in very unoeriefe.
Dior* major General! and Brigadier Ge
nerals Appointed.
Since (be outs cation of the official "Amy Ragisur* for
A. 1*81, W?e Presides! bee appointed seven major
gitx-ei* end thirty-uloe brigadier general* of volunteer*,
of whom eighteen are efllcera <>f the regular army, four
are ap|?lnled from r.ifi life, aod tbn remainder are ofti
cart of i be volunteer forr.ee. The following a re (be
Brigadier General Cord. n Granger
Brigadier Ueuernl -tephea A. ilurtbut.
B igndler General Itolmrt C. Scbeock. ?
Brigadier (.eneralJ. I?. Co*.
(Ii igadler General William 8. Koaecraee
Brigadier l.eneral Jaine* B. Mcl'hernoo
Ml Igad ler General Schuyler Hamilton
udouel George K. Hhealgy, of Maine.
(RpUin lame* B MeCberson,Corps or Itnglaeera, U.S. A.
Lteet. (Lionel Gabriel R Pan!, 8th Infantry, V. 8 A.
Colonel Orlando B. Willcot.lel Michigan Volubloera.
(.olonel Thoa. I, Kane, 1st Pennsylvania Rifloe.
rimt lieut. Godfrey Wetlsel, Corps of Kngtneers, U. 8. A.
C 'hmel Kdward Kerrere, Met New York Volunteer*
Colonel (tourerneur K Warren, Ith New York Volunteer*
(Captain Topographical engineers)
Captain Wlllieoa R. TerrlU, Mb artillery, U. 8. A. (I'nae
Colonel Kraak P. Blair, 1st Missouri artillery.
Renry Haunt,of ?.
Csplala Charles C. Gilbert, t*t infantry, (7. B. A.
?olonel Alfred Sul'y, let Mama Volunteer* (major SUt la
flantry, U. 8. a.)
Colonel .leroee Negl*, 48th l'*no*ylveaie Volunteer*.
Colonel N J. Jeekeon, 6tb Maine Volunteer*.
('omnei Michael C?reur?u,?etb N*w York Vo, unlearn
Coloael i. era hem M.?t,?ib New Jersey Volunteers.
Rlcberd Buetaed, of New York.
Mator Rufue Ingalli, quartermaster, U. s. A.
' eieeel Hand tph H. Marry, inapneC'rt.enerai, 17. 8. A.
Mator Joha Braford. Awl-tent Inepeotor General, U.S. A.
Colonel John P. Slough, let Colorado Volunteers
(Vtiooel < her let P. Hovey.Md lUtoote Volunteer*
Major tieorse W Cutlum,Corps of Kofloaern, U.S. A
Colonel John R. Kenly, lit Mary lend Volunteers.
Celonei George Crook, Sdlh OhIt Volunteers.
Henry II HWlef, of Mlnueeota.
OelunelCMviD r I rail, 31*1 New Vo?k Volunteere,
Major Henry .1. Hunt, At li artillery, C. S. A
Sfnnel William W Arerlll, 3d iTnnaylvanla oaeaii y (nap.
teiu'rf'tdcarelry.r.B A.J
Capteie t barles I. Vlntoo, 13th infancy, II. 8. A
Colonel Robert W Cnwdln. 1M ,'le*o?rhu?ett* Volunteers
Capteie Cbiltj. H. Sheridan, 18tb iefantry, p. f a
cfiono! Juaoph H. Cnrf, 3d New York Voluntas!a
tolonel Nelson Taylor, 78d N*w Yar* Volunteer*.
Cm unci M*erm Brayman, tilth Illinois Volunteers
(etnn-t Winter*- * smtUt, P*ib fltwetl Volunteer*
Ceiooel AletvjAnr ffej i.lf.d I'eunayt enle Volunteer
Coi'iuai f reer. * C. Baits* , ?l-tt No"- Ynrk Volunteers
Dentip ?f Alphuttn Clark, nf the Twenty
tlcU Mala* Kegtaeent.
Naweei.N J , Oct gT.tS'U
Aipituo* is.k, ?r OMtpeaj A.twcuty ?'*tk M* uer
I ft-r -nt, wha wae lntur<(d in Saturday on me rat i ed
j white nt* regiment w*? on I ha way to We.h'ogtdn. l?J
, si ib* ImifllB n this city M Sundar ?'?d'di
*'f?mma Connr?Ute*ne ?fart I
fart II ?Mo iw, adffad W> c alia At of I
Ufrr?tl?M or the C nica Aral
Baltic ?f Mnytvlli*, ArA^tWI fraaa
lUvaaa, Im.? Ac., Am.
TIkj UtuArd marl a4aamaltti> Aim. CapUia Can*, rti
?*kv? Ito-tl.m oa Wtxlat-hilajr for I ivorpool.
Tito mul* for Europe will ctuae in tbi* ci'.y Uiu artar -
?*?*, %t % quarittr.paet ia? and at Italt (Mai liroo'clak,
(? go by railroad
The New Yuan IIbmai ?Mlileta for Forope?wiM be
IHibiultad al oiutri-a o'otoA ttaw maramg It wiM cam
lata I ha part molar* or the (Ireal Aattle at MayaeiMa,
Art ; lb# Luteal llmiitirlitD front ll?c I/moo Armteoow
(be loiotriitc, tu Kriiloucr mid Toitnei'i-o, Ijtle aud la
tereatiug Newt (rent Now UrUaita and Ilartna and all
oilier uawa of lltu weab. oi tut ,utpo ?hi'or uiii fliag
Single coplaa, m wrap|M-re, rea ly lb' otethng, tnaoaaha
Hani peon I/tw, Hon ft Ca., 47 l.n<lg*tn Mill, 1/eKloa, Kaf
land, will raaeiea aubacriiHwoa and ?tdearuaeaMataUrn
the Naw Yoaa Hbkalo
Official Drawlagi of IHarray, Hddy A
Co.'a Knatnoae and Hltw irt Stale letlrnra
laiTKir, Kith Claim ji??(ye'.o'v.r I", I Ml
47, 60. 66. 10, 31. IT,. 3. SO, 73, 34 Si. Off.
KaNTUoar, Clam 410?October >7. IMA
OA. 62, 33, 21. 4-J. 63, 46. 40. in. 13. 2b IT, Tl.
Clmilara aenl freaof abarge b? addreaalnr eitfi -rta
Conagtoa. Ky., or ML Lnnla, Ma
Official Orawlngaaf the Dataware fftada
Later xia
OBLAWiaa. Ear* a Clam 4*7?October ST. I MB.
63, 6, 43, 60, T3, 36. 16, SI, 41. 61, 27. t.
Dai AWtaa. Olam JUMHolwr tl, OK
44, 24. M, 27, 76. 28 . 66. 74 . 3Q. 43, )?, 6?.
Otranlara ?eul by addteaaln^
Wilmington. Dtdawacc.
OMcIrI Drawlags of the klbfMr *M?>
clatloe C?mpin'i lottery o< Kenlnekv
Clan* Ne. .117?Ih uMtrr 27. 1467.
38, 35, 21.-6U. 26, tW, Is, ,ti, lit. $|, 44. M
CLAM No. 346?Ootooer 27.1864.
48. 5, 14, 44. 26, 2?, 62, l(>, lit. 7B. 21, 13, 49,
For circular*. Ac... address
K. FRANUR A CO., Covingtna. Kf.
Prises Cashed la All Legalised LotU
rlas, by 1 A. DUNN. 110 Broedwsy.aip ataira. Letter oeo*
muatcetlon* coslidrull.il.
Prises Cashed In all I<egnltse<l hotterlss..
Taforma'ton jcirrn .TOHEI'H BATKH. Broker, 11 Wsl.
*tre*t, room No. I, New York.
8. Pi Glenn, Attorney at haw, (Yew Ot
leaoa, be., may be cooatiltad at (be 81. Nicholas Hotelier
tbe ocit tea day*.
Right Cartes dt Vislte far $1? Kqsal tm
tlir brat maie.BALCH'B, 231 Oreruuirh at., earner Barrier
Vaaghan's Photographic Studio, BBS
Bowery.?Notice. Twelve Carte* or Vlaite $1, waurasled
equal w asy made on Broadway. 224 Bearer jr.
Undies' Pure?At Banta'i, No. 35T Canal
direct. Elegant Mink Capes, MufTn ami (totlara; Cliii Irea'a
laucy Finn, Gents1 Oiler anil Bravi r, Fur Cupe; Ladles1 lNir
Hood* and Gloves. Mixaaa' ami Boy"* Fur Collar* KnrTita
rnliig and Bwan'a Down. Fur* repaired or altered.
A Great Variety of Boys', Ynoihs' asd
Children's Clothing, at 112 Fultoo at. T. R H. OK OROOT
The Pine Oil Paintfnga Contained 1st
More 629 Broadway ivllt tie sold at any prior, regardless St
roat or valuation.
Trusaea.reltln rsh <&t Co,?.Radical Csira
Trua* Oilier anil at No 2 Veaey alrei-t, Aator lionae. W?
conm etmn with auy oiher nfflin-of the sauir name A lady
Gouraud'a Poudre Subtile Uproots Hals
from any part of the body. Wnrrr.mcd. 4M Km ad way
Batea. Boatan.
Batehrlor's Hair Oye?the Best la Use
ndrlil .taaiantADrom, harmh-ai auu reliable. Roll by 4r*g
laiaaed perfumer* every whore. Factory, 81 Barclay r
Phaloa d Sen's "Snovf IVkltt Oriental
Cirara." for beautifying tbe comptextoo. r-.Ad by ail dreg
Phaloa dt Son's "Coda," the Best Arti
cle in tbe world for dressing and prraartlog the hair Bold
by all druggiata.
Crlstadoro's Hair Dye, Preservative audi
Wig depot, wholesale and ratatl, No 6. Aator (louts. flu
Oye i* applied by stperlcnced arilsi*.
W. A. Batchetor's Celebrated KstabllelS*
?est far Wlga, Toupee*. H*lr Dye. and Heli Oyelsg, end
Moidar Is Cream for beshtifyisg the hair, 16 Bosd ?'.met
Hill, lalatitabls Cutter of Hair saB
?whiaaera. Hair Dye, SO cent*; black or brewnt bc*( iasus.
Depot No. 1 Barclay street.
Use Prof. Miller's SO Ceui Hair Oye.
bieek and brotrn; tbe bed. Bold by drtigyfatr. Pepsi "SB
Day street.
A. tWIWWO-X.-DRABB'M plantation bii^^B
turlgaratoa. atreofthana and purlllne tbr iptra, U a
fact appeii'.ar and aatore'e great reatarer. It la ctapSw
of pure St. droit Ruin, celebrated Callaaya Nark, ruoteaaA
herb*. Particularly adapted to weak and dr I tea to paraaatt
aad ran bo relied od lor Ita purity. II cure* Dyapetoia, too
gentle toalc. aad la Juat tbe thing far chaagea at the aeaeeao
Hold by all groeera, druggiala, holela'and aalooaa.
P. H OBAkFa CO.. W Broadway, Now Teak.
JTL further bega leave to call tbe alleatlen of bit unlet
era aad tbe nubile to bit new tariff of priuea for "bchoeppar
aad hit bottled Tinea and Liquor*
UDOLPHO WOLFB. 22 Bearer aireat.
by bur tag at B D. BAS.SFORO'S, Coaper Institute.
Call and aae lor yourselves.
A plraaan
plraaanl and ready remedy U
Tare ntyflT* renta per Bui. By all druggiata
L C'nrt for tb* million.
C. riNNRLL. No. I Cortlaodt ilMt
" A kalsb balance ih an abomination to the
A Loid. but a jtiai wetaht la Hla del!<ht."
J. L. Brown'* Standard Bcalea. warranted aw r*t? Ml
durable. A lull auppif, adapted to erery branch of boat
naaa. eanatautlv In atore, at wbolaaalr and rnt.ul br IL
BROWN, Manufacturer, 3 Baulay at., oppoaile a nor lloiar
A. alreet
Rotr blmta Oauta' Calf Btttohe I D?ubl? iole H ?ti $1ta tt
Ft'vrrai kind* tirnla'Calf Slltebed Drraa Boot*, Rt JO t ? B*.
Itoyn' Cat/ ROtchad Drcaa B?>'t?, ? ' Doubt'- antra anA
oppera $A SO. WM T. At.LKN. An-ac
at $3 AO. %1 73 and $3 St), iwit i?d pOMa. at DIM
BliKOSS. SB* ItfHdwajr
A Rhrumallatn Rerofala, Drapfp'ia and -Ha *.r? nf
gr?i' Impurity "f lb# lil*<>d.
Oo'y t* bo bad ni principal d? r<ot?'
Ml 11 rand atreat 6. prr MUt
PorttF" ARIEs
COl NHtV .Mkiti'lltufa
Ttir aubwitbn la now telllnc hi? S-hi lam itiomalia
Brtmapi". from tht Bonded Warehouse inucb In low lb*
firlee ?>* oibcr pnra Itiju' ia ia bond Mmall '.#?*ia i?il ind
t much 'healer to ? >; .e tin .. ? j t>) Iba
pine. tDOLIHo WOLKE No. J Beater etivet
tlty ?t the old Curloa ty Xta-p. MR N*???u atirrl Mot
fa'a Maeonry for anlr.
i joint' and all dlaaeapa of the foot aured wlUum' |.a:n ar
tarnnverh oee to the inltenl >>y Dr 7IACHAIUR -torgrm.
Cblrepodtat 7*' Broadway Refara lo piijr ?...?? And eit^
genua of ihi* city _ _J _
/ a' lb# manufacturer?, A COX .1 SONS 25 Maiden Una
.IKki rios LABKL& and TAOS-ALL XfNDtR.
' wbiin and colored, printed and plain, in quantities la
?nil pun Useers. at VICToR B. M A CORKS, IIS ChamberMA
and flee dallaraaaoh, at O. 0 ALAKlt h. lis Broadway
i door tatow Canal atreet.
Till MOKTHhKN ri.oT.
The orsat kken<ii ?amii.\ phrvrmtivb ano
rrnipdr >? *U c*?p? of Aillt, fp?tr, 4l?rrh<m, 4yM*aMrv.
roll'- ?u<1 iii*eA*8? Of Ihp A<-*r Klirt It ?>i? Pr?ocA
t'?r<li*l I'uAiiac Btttora. tiol* *gpnt fnr ?be V*Up4
II. STKINPKLD. 70 Nmpau atrMt, N V_
tU;U.UU<? Hi>e W ,tfi Applf ATlbf H?r*i<l oR?*_
<100 000 *(,R? ?L
** m!n? hH/Rtm btMrk.
A t*?< t> w pim r.urm?r of Rf
Will wtl ?<? mkminvr Ibelr ? i-r< MWktT C.< ex kur*l
lY.r. it.uM <? tOtlun* *fcwg, ?V h Mb lAMfll ?t <
?J 1 ?M.h?<?l *?<! mw* nmtarMl. hy u<p utn- ?<?? I*
ih. ?utilr..inib li ?< ?<A?h<iy. under Ihu my?i > Ittan of
tkoflrui ????!' 4 ' ?'*cal,P?<-? ?< u!A<M?f*0W>ro
htVlUt* ??!*???" 1 '?? WW
lf,w t? tf*--*#!! ?">? 4t?'l<M* <^2i 0AP?? >R <ba Artrlf.
n?i ^1 in iwi|^ir<,A?4irirvnoi?.
1 t. '<p<;i l?i < Al t? tnoi fw ipph ?' orb, WWA
r, 1< 1?V <1 ? Vhl,G f?. i.iUpr ?t|U bt ?? \ *>> ?n<HI*0 Of
ifcrp* n>*'< ii? wAi'.imi iE* <*??*?? ?
ji i.ikkt, i; i/,i
?'?.l <?? '<?? M| ?l^?
' 4iMP" '??y I f< OMtltlPIt 1?<? A|?|<lF '? ?" ~<T' a
#1 p* /-#* y irt

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