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Further Details of ths Battle Near the Charles
ton ond Savannah Railroad.
Capture of the Anglo-Rebel
Steamer Wactouta.
Hwftpe of a Down East Schoolmaster
and Three Union 8oldiers
from Sebeldom,
A*. to. to.
Oar Hilton Head Conrciponilrrrr.
Hilton Hup, S. C. Oct. lit, lbtt'i.
Oapturr of Another Anglo-Rebel Sl*aM'r?Ado..rturet pf a
Sehoobnasher?ltoto He Became. a Rebel Soldier?How
U? Ktraped to Fort I'uleutH?Condition of Saotmnah?
Death of Lieutenant Bull, of Meticten?Escape of Thru
Onion Soldier* from Rcbcldom, <tc.
The British steamer Wuchuta, Captain Giipin, was
brought into port ou Thursday last, a prise to the gun
boat Memphis, Commander Watmaugb. She was cap
tured, after an all-day's chase, off the coast of North
Carolina. In the endeavor to escape Khe threw overboard
the greater port ton of her cargo, and no etrainod her en
gines as to be unablo to tnake stoam. She is believed to
have been loaded with arms and ammunition. '1 bo MTa
ebuta is to. iron steamer, built in London, ana tvill prove
a valuable and useful prise. She will be sunt North for
My latest information from Savannah is brought by a
Yankee schoolmaster, who, after Ave years of service in
teaching the ideas of young Georgians how to shoot,
finally went into the shooting business on his own au
count, and was rcoeutly known as Corporal McKadden, of
the Forty-seventh Georgia Volunteers. He is the author
of a very neat proceeding. Ho not only descried the
rebel cause, but brought In two men from his own regi ?
meut as prisoners, and gave them up to Colonel Barton,
at Kort Puiarki. Obtaining permission to go a short dis
tanoe down the river, and securing the detail of a cou
ple of soldisrs to serve an oarsmen, he got their rifles under
his feet, and, with a loaded revolver at their beads, per
raadod them, however much it may have been against
their will, to row him tol'ulaski. There he arrived oo
lunday night last, and waited in his boat, guarding bis
oaplive8,(till morning. They own to having taken a good
many less, ns from Yankee sciioolma.rers in their
day; but this one, tbey a ert, will last tliom
the longest of all. McKadden, (whose home and biith
pta.no are in Maine, enlisted about two months ago, with a
view of getting out of the confederacy. Tlow he was to
escape to our lines never troubled liim. He dejiended on
his Down hast eateries* to get hinu-rlf over to our bide.
Corporal McKaddsn states that Savannah 1* about the
last place ho should select as a tuwu residence or a coun
try seat. The people arc all poor, notwithstanding
Jetl.'s shinplostera aro very plenty. Tli# trouble lies
la the fact tbat neither Southern love nor Confederate
money will suffice to purchase anything. The people,
though sick and weary of tho hie they have shut them
selves tip with, are noverlhelcsh strangely indisposed to
"give in," though many Ihero are who would gladly de
olere thnin?elv< s fur the Unl.u if their next door neigh
bors would only dare to do tho same thing flrst. Tt.er*
w nothing new w'th rogaid ?i the 1'ingal. The ram Goer
gki lies abieist 01 Fort .iackson. Militia regiuieiils, lor
the must part, mUMte tho f msou of toe city, it
?mild be ta.au, uotwillisuudiug lJo?uii?urd s address to
tne troops.
lliere was a tragedy in the camp of III j Seventh Oou
aacneut regiment last evening. Lioutenaoi K, lo-wis Hull.
to a mometit of depiorsmu, shot himself. Tho charge
look crock to hi? le.t side, tausing tus alnxi.'i instant a
neout death. Lieutenant. Bull was a young in.ni of Mix;
prom se. and w.is r-'oeiitiv promoted to hi* position from
She ranks. Hit, home was in Met men, toon.
Three soldier* of the West arrived here on Thursday
last by a route somewhat circuitous. They are lienrv
Yairback, of Colonel Rissell'a lainous engineers; Aieeit
Bacon, ol the Fourteenth Illinois regiment, and Kobe i t
Ttmmins, of the Thirty-fifth Indiana. They were captured
MBhiioh, and until the loth of Septetuir-r were hi dur
stio- bore and there, whatever the couto limey raw fit to
oenflnethem. On that date they eilected then escape
from Macon, Ga . and after many wesrv day* of privation
and aulfariug reached the gunboat Westet n World, at the
ume lying iii imboy Sound. UeuciklMitcUet wilt forward
tbein to their homes.
A little indiscretion on the part of Captains rrouly and
Hud*' n, together with Si* enlisted men belonging to the
Sixth Connecticut regiment, resulted in tlisir l>?-ing "gob
bled" by the enemy'soavnlry on Sunday morning. Ttxy
tanpruductiy ventured over to the mainland in daylight
Tbey wore t-lrangt rs to tbo rebels, and tiiu latter took
Sbeni in.
An expedition to the mainland will leave tin* point t<>
ntpbi. What It i* to accomplish 1 do not yet exactly com
prebend. I shall go with it, and "if aiU'ht cvealuatos'
will endeavor to make true recerd tin-ryot.
Oar Beaufort (S. C.) Coi rriponilmcr.
Hkaci-OKI. 8. C.. Oct. 'J.'t. Itiiii
Qtnrral Bi-anntn't S-i-.dititm Scarcely a Sneemtt?J
Hutry Rrbrl /lattery 0, tru /Src?lke L'nvnt /,o??e*?'/Ac
Opcra'iontof the t'miou Troopt?The *ouLk Carolina to
Umbers 4c., Sc.
By Captain Turo, resnrnitiider of ihe lulled Ktaie* Irani
port stearorr Klor.i, Ju.-t returned Hem the expedition, we
have itie follow:u^r. which, though it sn .iy be auticipHlou
by your regular correspond) nt, seem* proper to beoomuiu
ntcated. a* >t m*y go by a-punier i?r ihe Mortb before
bra return.?
The expedition oominand'st by Oca. Br.uman, whuih w is
Intended ic destroy the rail read coin mini n ation between
Cbartestou wud Savannah, baa not b-.co, lo use the Bidden
Urtn, ? sorrers. Our men lauded, succeeded In Grins into
a train, which, however, c.icapcd; have lakou a Tew
priaonor* and one gun, but were ojienod tipor, by a hat
tery of thirteen guns with shrapnel, at short range, which
tore through ttieir rank*. TVa have lost, it is presumed
from three iofoorhui.drc<l In killed :uid wouuiiid?mostly
wounded, among whom are several efflccrs. A In itlcu.tnt
aotoael and colonel aro ntportud woundod, tw<- captain*
of a Pennsylvania regiment killed. The first regular ?r
tillerj buttery is reported all Cut to puces. Lie lionsut
Henry was killed.
one of our transport* fell foul of two others, more or
lass Injuring (hstn. The gunboat get up a* high as |tosii
Mo.- One ef our regiments and a battery were, It is said
short of ammunition, and obliged to withdraw on th-t
account. A number of wounded and dsad have already
arrived at Hilton Head, 'the g ibimats, we learned, had
amy ninety rounds lelt at Nio cencln- toa of the .id dr.
We are anxiously awaiting detail*. Our men inro up
a portion of the railroad track, and the rebels burned m
bridge ta prevent onr p iraalt Ibe car* were ho.ml run
a by our plchet* all nijrht long. 1 ho enemy were
Oess tnrTssed of our intention in time t<> be strongly
reiaforoed Ota i>arty of their pickets, untnbernig aom.
Ave or sit, were oantured by a |?iriy ueut ots for that
porpose. But Ue parly winch was intended tuaiptuie
the larger body ??f their pidaet guard ere reported In hare
failed in their undortaktns, the rebel* getting w md of the
intended visit and skedaddling.
We wear gloomy fioe* h?re to-day. end may We a
lively time ?uriMivej> ero long. Better luck next tin id
peruepf. but, unle-? the auUx?rllie* nt Washington do?na
Hen. Mltcud and bis subordinate* to make kick* without
shoes, they bed better send tie relnforrem nts; lor while
tbe Army of lbs Potomac seem*, like a bu;,c *i?ii^v, to
absorb every available mao, tve aie left <0 keil> a f *>t
hold upon lie etain serpciU'* norl a* bivtae may. lis
assured that if wa fall in ihe I* pariuicnt of the Mouth it
will be because we ere neglsi led sod lorpii'tes lit those
vtn have lbs powor to strengthen our a nr-. and U'd from
tbe want of either courage or en'erpiise annsig the in ui
who now boat, lor the time, ttur i>or:ioit of the Palmetto
oknkhai. oriums - vo. 10.
Its-isp astcr*, r.xAtrotii. 8 C.,iict. IS, \Wt
1. Tlie Hr*v regiment ot Sr-mh Carolina Volunteer* a ill
be organised a* soon as imssihle. TIs* auprrinieadi'nts tu
plan'ation* in lltl* department will w-e nvorv eventou lev
induce Ibe young and able-bodied men capable of o -it inc
arms, to enrol lb >msclve* vt onoe.
All who enlist will ruccite thirteen dollar* per month,
with nruiy ration* and ilothPig. t'nrtof the old organnM
tion of this regiment no provision wa* made fir i*ij uig
Uni sukllor-. That dlitleulty is now obviated, and livre
after Ihcv wi'l be paid regularly.
2 By act of Confrere hll slaves of reb.-' ms"ler? who
enter the service of tbe I ttfied Mini#* nr* dx,tared t be
forever free, with Utoir wives anil children, brother and
sbtor*. father* ami mother*. The superintendent* will
hi -bo ibis fact known loall ihe people * itiuu their juris
IV Is to bn hoped that a reglmeal will soi n be ral?ed
that will do credit to 'he ruco it represent*, and to lbe
holy cau*e by widen alooo it- existence la justified as
feat a* the recruits are enrniie ! tbey will br -out in re
port to lh? bsadi4?*rter* of the regiment at smith's plan
I. The aitenlino of rtie general superiDfatviciiUi i* called
So lbs importance of having fre.pieof meetings of iho
evperlutendcnis within their dietriuia, for diaon-aloes ?i
snbjecl- connected wdb ibelr spwiel d'ttiov. thai oach
may have an opportunity to hesr and prniit |iy tb# v>swa
and eapot'erped of the other*. CTwrged as weard wjib
the solution of one of the greet questions of the ago, all
the knowledge we can gain on tbe sub eel should be nn>
cured. Ttieee meetings ?bouid be held as often as mice or
twice a week, at such time aod place aa tbe general su
perintendent may direct.
4. To enable tbe general commanding to make out a
clear and full report of our operations during the pest
year, and to alow to t.tae Secretary of War and the country
ibo measure of aucuegs which baa attended Una great ex
periment of free labor in a district whore the friends of
human slavery have confidently piedicted It would utterly
fall, tbe general superintendents will please make a full
report of all tbeir operations to these headquarter* by tbe
let of November. Ybis report bbould embrace tbe number
of acres of land cultivated, the value of the crope raised, the
condition of tbe people and the difficulties and discourage
ments under which they have labored. Py command of
Brigadier General R. .SIXTUN.
Oar Naval Correspondence.
0> Board C.viriu stitw Sttami.r Fiora, E* RuctsI
son Uiijor Head, Oct. 114?10 A. U. /
After the Bottle?Our Bepotied Luna?Who Wirt /u
jurtd, <tc.
Sinur my letiur of yesterday, in wbicb I gave you the
"ersion, an it reached inu through v riou* channels here,
of the recent expedition to main, I have received
more reliable intelligence, which somewhat' modifies my
Our loss, which I then put at four hundred, or leas,
now loots up, according to officTS of the medical staff,
one hundred and liity killed and live hundred wounded*
Lieut. Homy, of tbe First regular artillery, reported
hired, Is safe, bui had two homes shot under him. A
better or a braver soldier never stepped. Ho la a
brother in-law or General Tori ill. rocently killed, fcvery
mouth is filled with his praises. Major Drew, of the New
Hampshire Volunteers, bud a horse shut under hint. He
is a g.llaul soldier. The Forty-seventh Pennsylvania
suO'ered t-evcrcly. Col. Chat field, Sixth Connecticut, is
wounded, shot through the thigh. Wo arc told lit it Beau,
regard commanded the enemy in person, having como
up from Charleston wilii ten thousand men, and was all
ready for us from an early hour on the day of attack.
But 1 forbear further details. No officer above the rank
of captain was injured except Colonel Chat
tieid. Uenoral Terry was thrown from his horse,
which may account for the report or his being
hurt. Yon must not place too much coufidenco u|x>n
the figures as regards the number of killed and wounded.
It may yet l>e reduced. One of General Brannun's aids is
reported to have had his horse's head shivered by a ball.
Another, who was waving bis hat in the air ebeering on
his men, had his bat kuorkod out or his hand In a liivhty
unceiomonlous maimer by a similar inutile. Among
those who go North by ibo Ericsson is Captain John 11.
More. Assistant Quartermaster, Chief Quartermaster of
General Saxt- n's staff, who goes home on sick leave, hav
ing liud a narrow escape from death, lie is still very
weak; but we hope?for he goes beloved and respoetod by
all bis comrades in arms? tliat the bracing air of tbe
North may vivo him that renewed health which be can
not obtain bete.
Charivion, Oct. 23,
A greater number of vcsBtftj than usual bavo boon
b'.-ckuillDg the harbor. Four gunboats arc in Blotto fnlm.
Xbo steamci Minim, winch got aground some days ago off
Sullivan's Island, will probably prove a wreck. Most of
her cargo has been saved. Xe news from PocoUhgo, e?
ccpt partial accounts of the casualties of the buttle of yes
terday. . All is now quiet.
Cliuunox, Oct. 24,1SC2.
Too fight at Tocutalgo resulted in a eomplete victory
I or us. Our loss was fifteen killed and forty wounded.
Hie enemy left lorty dead on the field. Histoid loss, us
continued be the accounts oi the prisoners, is notice*
than two bucdrml killed aod wounded. We took eighty
small arms. The enemy '* fnree consisted of-six regiments,
*nii one field buttery und twe boat bouiizeis.
Site Visits the Ituith Carolina-General
liankt, General Audersiiu nad Arrh
t>i*4tnp 1IiirI>ck Among the (.nestt?ka*
fit limit* aui Uanclng, ike.. AM;*
Mi", president I. id coin yesterday at'teruoou visited the
Veiled Slates sli:p-ot ll -'.iue North Carolina (eighty,
lour), the Ca.a iip o, Bear Admiral Pauidiug, at the Biunk
lyn Navy Yard. The North Carolina is ??ao of the old
line of.bAltle ship.-, sort n now used for a recoivmp ship
She is tinder the ounni.ud orCaptain It...hard Meads, one
of the most energetic and enthusiastic Ueiou moi o: the
nival service.
Mrs. tJncoln was lo have becu as biard at aoou.
hut, owing to tle'ays, she was aol ibis to
in ike her appearance until about one o'clock,
She embarked in lit harbor outlet' #' the Custom
House. Captain Low her. in company with i select
party,among whom we notic-d Judge Barnard stid fa
mily, Surveyor Andrews . viiitly. aidaho.tof the
belle* of New Turk. On *r> ir inb opposite Che Navy Yard .
Admiral Paulding, In Ins barge, want on board of the
cotter, and tendered to Mrs. Jducoln iue hospiuhtivs of
the naval station. Ih? .steam cutter was thou run along
silt* of Ibe North Carolina, and the party ri! mm harked
amid i he booming of a sabre of seven lean gun*,
is honor "T Mirtor Genural Hanks, who was of the
party. Tli" ?te< k Vdng ? titled, Rie h md playing to enli
ven the todious aMtnut of the long side ladders, a general
introduction nod pre onl*li"U took place. General S'otl
was lo have boen present .and a yard and -toy tackle were
up in iemine nt to ho ?: the o'd hare over 4he side. I t
President I'lUinoic we.- uls.. cxjiert*.i, hut w. s also unable
to Imi present.
Among the diiiingiiistiud guests present wore Major
General Harks, Brigadier Ueuoral fiukert AMlerson,
I he hero of Sutnter, .t luilral Paulding, Mis ttr.ire irch
bishopliuubo , Mre. Judge BoOrevell.Cbmtni.iidtr Nichols?
of the Alabama, Capt. Radford, of the t inted SUtlc^ Narv
Capt. Couistock. Paymaster Gibson, of the 1'nlted'u ,tcs
Navy; ("apt Cohen, llnriti" cor|>s; Major Willi in, la ' tud,
and a large number <>i naval otlicurs au.1 umUuis
The baud dieoour Aid ?bc nan lite, music whilo the
party partook of a splendid lepa-t, provided by
Captain Meade, ntivlei the . aipcihilendence of t'i siperh
steward. Mi Meade tavonyd Mrs. f.iacnla and the com
pany with a sweet oug.whlofc quite eurapturcd theiu,
and the entert Inment pes cd off in heaattfut style
Tlie day was lovely, end the party adjourned to the
poop tie k. w hen tho h ant performed tin following iuu
Pot )MMirrt Robert Diavolo.
P a pourri Lh Hgiia dei Kegnnmtro.
Ls Carolina j it buret*.
< svatina 1 rui a 'ore.
Ma/anna polks Van.
Ana Krnaci
It tel. W hits and Blue.
The youthful portion of the pat ty?and tfiev were a
goodly number?could not retrain front i-uinying ilnsep
rstriunity of having a dance, an I the band were ??.*>?? m
gng.nl In (tirunihitig the n?i ? arj waltzes. ?chettis. Ur?
and polka* lor them, ?od some lime eras pleasantly patted |
in these innocent enjoyments.
Jack en|Oyed the scene wMb tun t yitsio, and the for.
wH'fil pirl Of (he ?|Mir deck wr orowdtwl with Iv.ne-t 1
face* win. watched the dunces with greil inlet, .'l. tic
castonelly a leiv Urr. wh>. cnild not rs-Ot " u hitneelf,
muiht be se.tu w lib a p.rtuerot the f.u ? at I deck danuiiw 1
r* graceful a his v ipTcr tdhcer en the qimrtor deck.
SevrSl limit's we e p?--ed in enjoytusttl, and Vlt*.
Lincoln was loud in l.o acktnwl* tgmeuts of thrp|.-a* tre
she r.eeiv?d in visiting Bit ship, i vcry onosenined in i
the host pra,ib: luiu.oi and ad enjoy ' d tluun clv. a far J
beyond their antl. inalkMm.
About lour o o.erk I'-aveluklite ti.'..si, sad ( a|d. Meade
" d" < d the ricclnr i ? he iiriuost iitid l.i'Vtdlllllt (' |.,
flatvly s.tiit the men nlufl. Jack |s>-led lilioself froen the
topinnet oro-*1re<> down to the .'I- un apiick at a nifwe,
wmling for the n d.-rs hi "cheer sjup.' Mi> . Liiii dn.
t,etier?l B inks, C"rf#i ;i| Anders si, P hip llii|?hes hsiI ihe
par IJ embarked ID tlieciiile.- and wheu ad tv t r< 'dv
III" li 'at shove l oil, Hini.l the .let cwsi eh efS t?l s'vi ral
huliif ihJ sailers and live report lit \ M- lute (It I. teen cutis
in honor of General Antleison. < h er after clastr wen
out frotn th? sht-i a? in ? im.it glided sway totrard"
the New York shot*. Hie htud played a national a.r
and llw men wen1 P tw' dnwn fht naval ov .di. n pi the
ItiduLc mi, t'r <nd nl ?* it pert net stmeess. and highly
c<eduMle t" oil e ncerneti,. ,ttr Mc irfe, toe accnmpipii.
ed tarty of ib? ajdsin <*>ntrii?.?teA leigetv to th? enj y
nients of the m cestofi and everything |wi-?. .i ,ut ?- merry
as a marriage be||, and to Ibe etitittf sails'uctlon of tbi*
rpoii leaving Hie yard ihe revenue c.ijlivr proccoded up
tb? ss't river,' to give her distinguished pewsengers an
0|>portu?ity of glancing at lb? ironclad vessels in pre
fcea of construction in ui? omghlwih<?st of Oreerpoiut.
The dag was remarkably One, the btecing air of
twriy ai'tuinu bcjng agreeahty tempered h? the warm t
Map of Frampton, Pocotaligo, Mackay's Point
and Broad River.
bright suBslii::e, beneath which the bay surround
ing oir city looked, if possible, more beautiful
than una). The excenckm was protoaged nut il the
abulias of c\mine were bcfiiDUing to fall, and it was Dot
until they had sailed around several of the forts protect
ing the harbor ef New York that the cutter was under
weigh for home, and (be distinguished party landed in
>cw York about bvo o'clack, highly pleased with the
day's enjoyment.
a-rlveiof fh<. ri-eu'sofCaplaicd Whalrri.
| f rum Hie tliedou Traveller, Oct. 2S. |
Tlie bark Azor, Captain Jones Iroin Kay a I October 8,
a* i ivod bore tine morning w un rbe captains arte new.,
of most otllio wbaion; winch lusd been burned by tin
British pirate Alabatni. We were lenticular in our in
<111 tries among the capiainr wheiher itac '"'J90" and the
Alabama we e identical, and ironi thorn All the answers
received agreed lhat tlie' "a,," is the Alabama, and no
othci vtbael. The storios, therefore, that tlie "2h0'' hud
run Hie blockade :it Mobile are mcoi reel.
Sho is a IV'ltish vessel, with a British register, t? man
nod by a ISrdiisli crew , and is c uuaiaudi d by the jnfa
iiio:i: seinmes. Throe ol ib<- mher oilicors aru said to Im
rebel.: hut of this there was co proof, The vessel is sm
leei king, it! wide, has twodei.ke,and regislars lJTO tops.
British measurement. Utie is a lull rig;# I bark, ami liet
I propeller l? arranged to He be.uteri out Ol watei w'h '0 alio
is not under steam.
Jlor armuneiit consist ?? of it wo sixty-fours, four thirty
twos, ami two rilled pivot guns, ouu 1 award aud the
j other ail, but she n?a not a ouu hundred-pounder, u has
| liecii rei>orted in the Now York papers. I'nrt?r . tes'n sue
j will go about twe've kuet , and with a whole sail b.
I goihf ires, *>hc might make about Ibe s mie tate tinner
I Ml" ih a wooden 1es-wl. apparently b.nlt in a In
I and i- not remarkably well found, llui crew atl loid
' nuioberrd eeventy-iwo icon, but did not appeer to I ?
I under much restraint. Any of our gnnboalH, if prn|*rly
I bun iied, wo Id blow bor out of water. mk.1i is the
j opiuton ol Hi ? ineu who have tn-eu on lioardof her.
1 apt. ? sboi ne, 01 the ship Oomuigeo. tufonu* it-* that
hi ailip wIts lorty minis weatot I'lco. ou S>{d. (i, ly mg to,
culling in a large \\ ba.e, when the Alabama. under Bri
tish colors, rauged abmgsi to ntrj in k jejxseesiou of her.
< apt. Semitic- said tli>t bo resiiectod private prnpe-lv
but the thiol, n .t withstanding this Statement, stolend
the watctie-, iiaultca. in-trutnunlr, and everything o.
Milne, whether petsouiff or b"l nging to the ship.
Ibe c.ew were iranaierrvd to Ibe Alabama, aud tb.
rapbiui sndHitGcepi wuie pliiced m Irons liltv-two bouts
!luring thi ? linn the pirate, under cauvnes afotie. stood 1:1
tonard 1 lertut,and wbea near eaough soot all banns in
tlie Oi Uiulgoe's bints to llnd liieir way ashore As before
reported, the ship was iilniuLeied of vails, pi ovitmns. Ac.
and liiuu sot eu tiro, .she ll .d two hundred aud sevenit
barrels of sperm oil on board when she w is raptured.
I'be boats reached tlierhoreinaafety.aiid roport.d in
sequeutly some of the opsrati >os ot Iho pirate to tbe B 1
tt.^b ship Cairngonu. so that our g >v?rnnieut migbi hear
01 tlnm a* soon as pnailile
Un the Tib of .-sjKeHiber the pirate lefl ui with lue
schooner Mar light, < apmui l>ovu<v within bve miles < f
Khiree. She was under sAtivaes. and fired three times be
fore the schooner hove to. (aidant Donne bud $dd(J in
spec's on Jxtartl, wliicb, wiih bis watch anrimautlcal in
slriimcnts. were appropriated by .""tunica. Captain
In Mint was put iu nous, where lie remaloeri eighteen
The scboouer bud twenty seven iws <enger? onboard,
who wtlb him-elf atnl crew were nil landed at Horos.
ibe bark Oc an Rover, ''aj-tmii t'lark, was: captured
.-?eptembvt 9, and bad sou bbls. sp-rtn oil en iKiaul al the
line. Lik- .'I the others, she was set on tire, aud the
tuuies at night aura-ted ibe notice of the ache >.,er
Meatber linage, ' apt* m Ynali, of lYovuicotown, which
ran down 10 her asaedauue, sipp-aung, 01 cam se, thai she
was in dfir. m
The aroh-plrste Mmmw, if he bad poser-wed am of
that rhl\ alt y which the nbtutsstoulsts attribute to the
gi-iilleiiteii of the iuulli, would hare appreciated 'hi
motive which brought ibe achoooer to the relief ot the
burning wreck, and woul.t not otily b ivn let bsr go free,
j but would have given her iiuhts oapt in ihre. cheers tor
I bis humanity.
But no, Uie same s< uuKy , the want ? fs- biitneiii winch
I bums negiocs. Ua. but l,trie concipti. t>' f noble deoit
I She was (dandered asd burpod I ko the otbtri. t>hc t id
no ml on board at lh<> tune.
The bark Alert, 01 New l.uudoo, Caption 1 'hurnb, r a
captured and burned S"ptem'?er n. about Oltoeii mtww
we"I ol Floras, Mie bad about teacup her'nlao' oil eo
board, and Per bo*tf were in |nirault <il whalers wbcu the
pi 1 ate look Imr
bin I'etij. Jneker.t apt < h.Ms, urn captured umI bare
rdlhpt. <2. J.iRi imles west of Flore*, .-'he had t.io Par
rule 01 sunrui ell on iMvinl. Hie AlaViatm r? back I
I'h... eYi landed licr victims
brig Aiie'.nob*. CapT* Gray, t^.'is d-Mroyed too nn's
wosto, Fiwos and the scho .Mb Oaiiser," t.ap'.
shared the ani" (Wle
Such Is s i?ri"f rstoid in tlis damage d >re by (lot fin
II b pirate. Wh*ii Mr Hahney, oor t itisot at Ksyal, |.-arn
?si the facts, b" O inigbt tlie meo to Fayal, aud prot nlAl
f.. ib"m well.
leu mates belonvisg I ' the whiler? saii'd irem I'AVil.
1 kit. .'?? lol New lie iiord, lu ilir PurtllgU" < ?<? . Ill . I
and wtft probably ar,'iv? tflSie la a day or t\v ?. Alt ?h.; 1
1 iptiiiun aud efl'a er. uilb vtbolu wc luivi c uvegrri .;>tdk j
in liigli lerniN 01 tlie prniii|Wii> ?- and kbiduiae om ' .11 1
11I, Mr. Iialmev, ?
Ini plraie is suppose 10 be vrerkleg ilovv.i in ill. tin k
oi'our Immeward bound fadibrnua tow mubtng can b>>
known 01 h-" de*tif .iiwn, lee seme re hk< other pbares,
Is not rcejMti ab!" to any one exceid its Hrdl h govern
tiPdti tor his vi irid i? Pritirb
Anlval* and Drpartwiii.
llaviSA?Sown.'lilp J-.actc.?J Nl .funic.'in, ft .V < a?'re,
,) Sahdtla. .f t> f*'Vi ant lady, T .1 Artie-. TToIni", F A
iNUiiora. h. A Voibe. K \f wllacs, T T 1. b'-ili , A Jam ., K
kino. /. Mnail. M ?Ct. tUdes. .1 M < rp.oos L i.'auiu, .1 i'
Cm. II Fiat. la. A IT Nl-VlaSSSu. M 'iahcllorst, p fere*. H
lis si ra Mssier Al?x Hanaii's. ?: PpraPe, F. iftmmon, A
Bvsses Ars.??Bats la? f'laia? apt A .V Kbiveriuk an-t
wile, (p.i F grown.
Nr.w tlKLSSss-Bark ToSbf Amerli-a. -H M Denu.sn. W II
?erthehtt. C H Tiblietis
fiirblirorti ? Ftrawislilp ?'IW Of Mnncliesier Irerga Itisgw.
A Kahn and wife. Aorotus Wlsemsn M M-ilrmb. A S
9ni>?*jr. HarriR v* n W '] vlri- h. F ct
.fr a !*? Tme U JUcllf** "f-^ vibBrt u xb? netr$g4.
The Rebel Official Reports of the Raid of
8tMrt'a Cavalry,
&??, i?.
Hmrxji-ARinKa, ItvrAaiwitxT or Nohthbmm Viani via, y
tird ,b?r li, 181>1. )
j Gan, K cooskk, Adjutant ami luatieelor Ganeral .?
tjK.vgiui?In forwarding ttao irjiort of Main- Geooral
Hwirti'llibi expedition Into J'.nuurlvaiilu, 1 tuke occi
| shin tn express In the drpaitm-iK uiy p.-nee of the oold
noss, judgment and prudence b* displayed In It" execu
tion. ?rnl .-nrdially Join with In in .11 In. con mends'ion- "I
' lira conduct and ondnrHiire of tlio brave ra*?n lie com
mandrnl 10 bi? .kill and Ue-ir fortitude, under the
eiiidUH.x of nn overruling I'rwvldouce, Is their success
due. t have lb honor lobe ino-t respectfully, your
obedient servant, K. K. LEE. General.
HKAiH|r*nri'i-e. Army 01 N intra em V Vir.ni.vit, 1
r**r mmr WivrnnnTKK, Va., 01 k. 1A62. j
Mr). 6 en. J. I'. B. fclCAKi, Commanding ' uvalry. Ac.: ?
Ukxshal?-An exneditnm mm llsryUmd with ? Ue
tacbmeut of cnvnlry, if It nan be sue csrfully <>x?-uto.l,
\* at iIds tune desirable. Yim will therefore, form it
detachment nf from iwelve to llfleen hundred well
mounted men, suitable for such an evpedilinn, nod
r Li raid the laloi uianon from your soonn I*' d yon in aut>
po^e that your movement-an be ton. cal-d from bodhM
of the enemy tL..t would be able In r"< t it, yon lire
duiirod tooiMss tlie (Vtoaiae. above Willutui (sirI, leave
l'agergtoun and Greennigtie on your ritr'.t, and proceed
to the rear of tlluwntwniburif, arid endeavor tn destroy
the railroad bridge ovnr the branch of the ( 'ii.oouheau'je.
, Any other damage Hint you tsan Utrhet upon ihfeuemy
[ ?r kk Means of trnaiportaUot) ymt wttl tire xecnte. Van
are dejir?d tn earn all Inlonnition or the position, for -
anr probable intention of the oncmy wi i ;h you ran, ami
la yottr progre.", loin l'e'iu?rh;?nia ton will t--kemea
s-iires to inform y"tir?e!i of the varkmr routes that y<m
iu?v take on your return to Virginia.
T<> keep youi movement gecrgi it will be uoceasary lor
youtoarre-t all citi."-n> in it mny give mi ?rnoiinm 1 -
the enemy. anil should you meoi a itb ? I'l/ea. of IVna
"Vlvauix hold up--"tate or gevrrnm-itt ifl| e? it or ill b-US
atrnbla, if convenient, to tiris? them with you. that 'hoy
may be used a-tim-lage- ur I tie m-ura ut e.etiange o?r
oui o./ii ciliv-us ibat n?v?* been carried olTby the <>aemy.
.-o*;h persons will, of c.iurae. b- lie bed with all the
speci aud ron^ideration luut iircuui'laii?ei will admit.
Should it lie in your power 10 supply your elf with
horse--, or other ner?- ?> y articles on the Itat of h-gel <?<p
tu' e, you are .,uth ir /nl to do
Hiring acvotnpltsUrd rourprmnd y will re,out tfd
army us -on as (Hactb able. Hvlianee is pi.n cd ii|ani yo e
skill and Judirnieiil in the success!nl weoMon of th<r
pi in. and It is not intandeJ or desired ti.ut you - hOtild
jeopardise tba etfoly or your Ootntauud. or go farther 1 btti
yn-ir g'>od Judgment and prudence tuny dh wte.
Colonel lmbodeu has b??n desired te attrad tlie atten
Iran is the eneniy toward* Cnmbarlaud. so tliat the nrer
between tliat |annt and where you may rarro.a tuay Ut
tear guarded Von will, of co ir.e, keep not your MOnls
to|iveriei in'orteation and i<ke every oilier preeiti
tion hi asi vrn Hie atiwr s en l safety of the ei|iedittou.
Should vnu be leu so (ar cast as to make it better, in
your opinion, te continue sronnd to the i'otoniai . you will
iiav to cross the river in lb-- vieuuty 01 leesourg.
I am, with great respc- ? your idiedlsnl -ervsnl,
R. I. I.t-Jf, Onenl.
Olbciai: K. 11. CmUui. A. A Geueral.
arutRr'K Arrvai. r<> n?, soi.imf.k-.
ili.tati ?aicas, Caratar (nr sov tirt. St.lgdif.
soMnai.ii? \ on are abe n to euyuge in aa enterprnra
w oe h, 10 in- ure siic'ee"-, imperatively demand. .11 your
h?isis via' ra. deupuoti aud bravery- tnipucii 'tbvtraiito
leord-i*. witlamt i4U".iiaa or cavil, ami ihe strictest
order anu subrietv 'at tLe the mart h net in bivoti K.
7be destitution amlritenl ef tbi* ?\p< dilsra bad beiler
he kept 1 - tillself than known to yen. >nfllie il?o?ay
tbst. eiihtlMf hesity c 'perstion i f oflh erg nnd rue .1
bliT. riot a dsubi of lis ? a-er .a?a sue. est whtcb will
railed credit m the high-si degrve ny?"i tour aims.
Tbeerdeis whabsie hereby pcbii*heii 'or yoirgo
vivnuienl are abrointely uecev**) en I t-iusl be rigidly
enforced. .1 E I? STl'ART,
Mator l. nur.'l ttooittiundlng.
KTl!ART'S RErORT flt . ni! AI'l'A Hi.
oao.ia?vo. j".
llriov' .rrsas. ? a inn Uivpi'W.Ut P. Hoy
Ibirtti ilv- ?-.iraiitai" into 1)0- enemy's i-mntry, un
v bi' h tn . uuimnaud is nlssit In eiignze, brigade mg
naedc.a "vill iduki-arraageuionl-To: ho:-s- ,(tjr
yri'|ivii> iil'sltirena of the I mie,| s't 1and all other
properly -nhpvil tw legal c.|>i ne. pmvsled mat In
i ,e wills''? specie" o| priip.-rtj tw 'sk- 1 a oeptbyni
iborlty riven lu p-tfuih 01 in writ* i " Mi- ? ?'iiin ui l-r
of brigade. 1 cgifnenf, or captain of a defopany, in the nil
Sam < oft i- s |sirior n' rer . ]r. all ? a.-Cr* a simple re
reiid will ' e* y.ieu to li.c eO-nl thai lie.. IK !* i.S aC'.ed
for 1 la* ti?-?l the t'ouleei. rate ."Males gi-iap t'.w, uiftf,
HI I Ituiiie si O lief-, lit I )|er to ersb.o lhe I'lltfeld'l'lt In
have recetr ?np"- ht* yv,e'rooeni -r ?r-fiage.
Itidi. in .-I i- e .. r i'? i-rivati- use 1 ?? ? ? w'jr inrh I
den. el I > very 111.1 iiu . lu'lSt !?? (?"H lied .1 III' ?-i? | .
main er.foi u ? nmv oi uhind- er 1 -n. I'nifl-il*-. tip . - n
tleitrorlion I in isjature *1 .uiythdif ?til not tv? iu.
Captor ie? It .llvm si ? lairw. a 1 a I b r i \ <?
rn ut? wil' I: :t i l> an, n 1 :? .1:1 S o'he-'i- ?
ill" e7(*'l 'l ' iRViitig). in, ru'oa iio'tsi ?!.. hi g 1 I ?
nariinsiel-te will .fra ?? |,tIan 11 mm-th .lei il 1.
ais-i'tlveismputid-enii. ul i? Ladim* hu-a- 1 rn 11,ru
eumigli 1 si* L< nr.. .1 <1, ssr't man nn' 10 n .?-? i* |. 1
lb.--* i, ?' 'he le*l h.obring licbi'iuidj I* in n
tie nf Hie brttuie. m ! tin- .co...1. in; tn thii<t ni l
k#>.p, "I ail times. |U'"j . 1 ? ii lor a-tlrn
lira Hllscf;, wh' ti umdi, must .?*? vr -roo. ami uvi-i
whelm":',giving the ra uuv u<? time tore cm,. Hi 0
rnosider anyUiin- es'.uit liis be, 1 moi.i - ?. i*., h' ill
pcr.-oiis found tb trans:f must '<t 1.clamed, mibjmt to the
irdfi 1 c! .Jia l.'vtiii.'i. Piovuli Vu'tlul. I- prev. Pt inr#r
luaii'-n 1'fm.biug ike enatny. ie u nicssiirv ot u-tiuii le
our wnn? if isloiiineie who. without ciutw, Iraiu ? ..-tia
Inkiuvdram tn.nr homes g*ni kepi by >br enemy m prison,
all |aihliu Iiu cU "racie srleh a* innglstratr-', podreev
tcr.. Aerlffr, Ae -will h- rai/ed *?pfi--mcre. Jhcy will
be kiinlly trewtao and kept u* h,?inge.< fo our awn. N'o
etrsggliiiK i'roin the ronls of mutch or bivouac fur lira
purpose of obtaining |*rij*istonv Ac., #111 be permitted In
any c?the ccuimitnuL tp a tertngHeri b-ing rc
ijulred to obtain and ntrki n aH awh -dpi lira In hulk la
may be ucces.ary
si Biitcbpf ibis?>f nr ?vtboii/i? grimes of ivriart
and properly ?>M not tik? ,h0 ?omro,tl1
crosses rhe i'euaay Ivaine line. ..amenta
The utmost activity >* enjoined upon the deteenm .
procuring horses, and unceasing vigilance uueo
"unioi'j P. W. HairstflU w hereby appointed ' ivl,'-D
I'rovesl Mvehal. By ???^?rn| y E ,Tt'ART.
H OiUNNrau Mk*, Flrni l.iejlouanl aud A 1>
llaa Mi;asi*g* i'avalhy Pivrou.v, Oct 14. IWB
Colonel K. H. lutTOSi, A. A. Hane-al Arruy Noiib
' ha\? Ihn hou?.r l?? i >'i ' "'v*'. on l,,'>
inst., m compliance with i ? ui the
ing General Ar.uy Northern Virginia, l ' f? ' of
expedition into Pennsylvania with a cava ry fo a r
1 ,hi)0 Hit I lour |>I ?!? "I horse a|t?|lery,',u.l'r --n ?
of bri^tdwr (ienoral Hampton ami < olonclg \> . II# r ?
ai ri jou?w. Tbi* lore? rouci^vvujeU at
twelve si , ami march J tl)ouco to the Vicinity of Mel
ville, whore it numped for llio night, ai UAyligUt UM*
iiiornio;. (Hotobei- 10) I oroaeart the I otu?ae ?dc ? .y
bouveeu WtllKiu.~pori.iunt HaiiOCd, with sownliUieppP"
aiiion, captui-r.,. t?? t tiro- homos ofpremy.
pickets. Wo wis told hot# by cltuena that
a large force lud camped tlto night before a
Wear Spring, and were suppmed to bo ?r? irout-.- ><
Cumberland We proceeded nouuward until wo re
tin turnout-' lea?llng from llage-.-stowu "> italic .oK,l.o'mii
SK the National rood. Here wa?i?tdijii?t ? UHou-m tl?
mountain, and most of the party, wild tne.r Ihiand ap
IHirstiiH, were surprised itu-l ruptured, auu a.J k
t-n prisoners of war, from whom, ao woll as
/.onss I I Hill I that the largo forou alluded to hadi o #
hoi an hour ah.- ?t of me. 'ow "da CumberUm . an. -on
sisled of His re,;-month ol Ohio troops and two b.l I ,
under Hon. f ox svero .. rottto.vut bcni"Jrl Iid, lor
U.e Kanawha, i scut Uach this intelligence at once t? the
Commanding uooeral. tSi.riK.ug directly acres- tue ? ?
lional roii.1, ir.i- ui-.-oed in iu? lireetiunoi MeicerbDur ,
Pa which poim was reached about noon. I was ex
tremely anxious to reach Uugcratowu, where la:;? sop
plios woio Mlorod, but s?AH^tiod, Irom icliw- in o
ination, ih.u iho aotue the eneoiy had o. mv .ipi-r-iacli,
mid the proximity ?f hi- force-, would enable b. o to ,pro
vent my captorhiK it. I therefore turned tosrards hutm
bersburg. I did not re..eh this point till alt r dafh,.in a
i&in 1 Uid not 4?eiu it sale to d<lor tb? ttl1
morning, nor was It proper to attack a p-aee loll d svo
men an-1 children wilhont siunuimuxi^ it Urst to sur
MiiJer I accordingly sent in a Hag ol trice nod
found no military or civil authority In the pUe,
but some proiiim-nt cltizen.s who met the oidrcr
were notifled that ?he plaeo would lie occupied.and if
Ly r^ianco were made the place woohl b.- ehcilod In
three minutes Knga'tior general Wad- Hum! tons ^????
mand being in advauce, took possos-ion ol the plaoo, nno
I apiHiiuted hi in Military Governor of the c t v "-''"cb
dents ocrnrre 1 Jit'lug Hie night, firing which it rained
contimronslv. Tti op'cial- all fled the town on ?"r
proaeli, and noon, could bo 1-un-l wuo would .tdni.t tha
ho held oft ? im tlo pl.ioe. About- -7 > yici: anil v\o
in hesidtiils were p;i|ol>-d. Doriug tl.e dij ? lirr<-numb-,
of ho.-nes of eili/eh.i were seized a:i i br "?'< " along, ibe
win-H wci-ccnt and milr-re's were obstructed. N xt
morning it was ascertained -.hot a large r umber ,,t small
xnn- au-l miinltioi-.H of war wero stored. about the rail
road builditrg?. uli oi which that could not be easily
or.night aw iy were Uettroywl, consisting m eboiit uvo
ih-vs .nd new m-tsUera, pistols, sabres,anim nttion also,
a large nwirtmeut of army r,bulling. The extensive ma
chine shopr and depot boildm,-- of the railroad .and sevo
ral trains of mad I ea.s. were entirely doHtro. od. l-roui
rhainhers'i-.tri? t decided, after mature consideration, to
-trike Tor tbo'vlcinity of Loesbitrg, a' the best routo o.
return, parucidiirly as Cox's .vnninand w- uld nave
rendered the dirtetlon ol Ccinb.-rl end, full of nioun
uoi -mrg:.., (..?ii-nhirly hazardous. Ihe ro-.to to
looted was through #u oi?r ount-y. Of course
left nothing undone to prev ut 'ho h.habitant., tr- .n oe
t?. tiug niyiv.'l ro-.to nil oh -et. I -farted ? V ?
" anl-i (tetty^bv.r^, b.l havti? pa .-C'l lb? Blw u???toc,
turned be.k ? r. .rdti linger imvn for vix cr oig ? mi cb.
and then ci -s-edto Mar;, lam! by Ktntnettshurg where,
as we na.-a-id. we were hailed by iho .nliabiVu .is wlUi
tin: niosieu'.Vr.isiadic lUmouslratiOu^ or j- y. A scuu.lug
party of 150! nicer had JUot yassed t<>war.'? Gettysburg,
and 1 ri-gr i evivi'.lugly that my mp.-eh illd i.o( admic
of the delay noe ?wy to catch them. '1'al.lug the road
lowurds yreili-rlr.k. wo intercepted d^p-tches from
t-CloneI lim-h (ta.:cer?) to tin - onit.uind-. of tun =cout,
whu;li uuiHfl? uit11UsAI our wh ? n a t'rob
'"ft-fm'c'U|-c"ehi'ug Kn derlck, I cro ed the^ Mouocncy,
conlieoe.1 the it... cli thro igh Hi- night, ti ? .ib.-riy New
Market. M nrovU ?-u ttio Imltllii-'is a-.:-l Ohio I . ilroad,
when- V: col ib" telegraph wires and obstrucied >uu
mil- eel \Y<* reached, at da) light liayattst iwr., ?-u
lellan's line of wgon ctmimuulratlon with fNaeh
lugion. hoc we tourd only n low wagons U. cap uvo. and
p..sir -I ou CO luroe. villc, wh, h wo found i--.se vacaudby
Leon. I-any or ibe en. ury s civulry. iuid ...n-ior
rob-iated what we had no id bclore. ilui >hme
man h-.d between 4,000 and f*T?r
Puol. \ .l e and gnu-ding il.e river toi..-. 1 ..u tod
iliri. Uv lo.- i'ooleaville, but iu "'ad -t 3i*n...ing
oi. >n ih .t point, avoided it by ui.ircb-.hg thr- nga tUc
viuuds.l.-jvlrig it two or threwmUea to my b-.i. -uu gct
lini-mm the road iroiu Pooles^llle to Vb. mouUi ut the
Monoca-v ti- ai ooig w#U mv Inolw and re a J pushed
tHii.l v lo.-wei d lu' rlihg tk<- bead oi ctn. eaeiuy s column
* amr toward* l?ook?viUe. 1 ordered too cbu-ge. hirli
nan resiw-J-jl Co in I.Hndromo style by the idvanee
aqiiadion (JrvtugV) ol U-e'a i-ngaao, which drove back
!!?? enemy ? ca. alry upon the column "t la.aii.i-y au
vanc.iig to occupy the cjest !r.un which lUe cavalry were
rli iven yiii. k r.-i thought Ja-h's aharpahooteie ep.anic to
die "round and, engaging Hio infantry skirmlahern, he.il .
i),ia ch.H-i? till the artill-ry iu advance came up J
?h.<h .uidci tlw : diuot t'c'.li uit, drove bark the onemv s j
I ,rc?. to Ins tiAtl.-rie? bey "I'd the Mouoncy. bolweeu .
whn h and uur .ron-sry s-.n <|- te a ispiritod ttro conlmueu ;
fur sutn. tun.-, rh s anrw.-u'iit, hi oonnootiou with lbs
in h -rest -iccupie't by our piece, to screen entirely mv
ri-.d movwiiuit qu-.okly io Hi" lett. makiug h bo.d and ?
raWd stride lor Mu te s Knrd, to make my way across b'
f..re tti- c.wtny at Pootoeville and Mouecaey could I--.
bwari- of my design. Although delayed emo-wliat b
Hb .ni two hundred infantry, Hlroorly p.vtod In tl?e . i .
over tire foul, yet lliey vi .de.1 to the tu u-al t-Cc . <h ?
lew sliull- before engn-tintr our shuri^boolors. a- i I
crot-iug of the can.I (now dry) and river w?h ??ton...
tliw precisiou <>f a tivlii** on
see-tiob ?rfarfi!ierv b.-tag sent with the advance au.
Placed tu IH.-Itton "li tile l/.udou side, ai -ther p,e,e <-n
Iho SlaryluaJ lieighl wlni" l elham conliuued U. occupy
it.e ittr.ilioii <?! ttir enemy with the oilier, withdrawing ,
fr.uu lAis.iiou t ? )Sisitbm until Ins piece wis ?>r.l?*ed t ? !
.?.?? dii? rrv eiy was lftA-riiing ironi Poniesville in the
i.ie.iititne, but .?? ..? up >u lin*- oi b-.Hleoo the Marytand j
hiiok < lily to re.-oive a ih luderiug anuitalMt, with ev.
?-.eat rtlnet, trosi o-ir guns on ilos seie I lost net ? man
Udle l on the nxp.'ditHin, uitd on!)* a tew slight w.'1100--.
Iti- t-f-einv - ii?s m in.I known tint Pedwiii's one gm.
.-oi.toelind iU- .-iieiny'* bmiery to change Uh |s.s;ti?..
three times The r-'iuatndnruf it.e ma., n was ita^mut"
?f interest The ceadnct ?* Us- c."oinsi?1 ami llu'it b"
hHVi.r toward* Hie mhatwuwui .? 'voithy tho til-.Ues
prate, a lew i-.?nviau.u casea ouly wereexiepttoiui U.
this iiurtlculHr
!?(?'??.d.ei I4.-I.er-.! Hamtdon an. C-d-ma.* lee. .lone*.
Wk-i.ham *ud iJutuir, .aid i..? ofln-era and mew
under the-r r.uoroaou, are em-tied to my lasting
grant ode for Hi*).' co-lues* m dang -r and cheerful oU
di-nr - 4" ord'-rs, I no,lending pei-wius wore treal. I
w lib . iVliHv cud the :ai.abi-.ani- W"ie generous In pro
f.-r* i" pro* isioB on the march. t?e set zed end brought
over e larg ouuihe. ? I horse . the fioperty of r-ill/eiia ?
U.e Li.rted Swt S.
The vnlihible uilortnaUou otoiai#e<l In thia rewnneH
wrnoe asio His distribution?>( the enemy s lor -? w:.v .via
mum. Hied ora.'y to th- tVunmunding General, and no-d
not be here i epe-.ted. A number of public fuucteuiarie
?nd prommeu' e-ttiaeua were taken captives and broughl
over as U.?.tagis lor our own ueofleu.iiog elttwiiH whom
Hie enemy has torn fr?m tii-.r nomes and oiciiH-u it.
duoL-nii-'iu th.-N-th. iHw-r iwoui my men lost Iheir
oer. aed are 4?rotiab)jr in the bauds of the iw.zr.
The reniilts of thi- enpvdll. m > mom) and po.il-cai
fsum of view, can hardly be eeiunuted, ?.d iba c M
trruetioti among property holders in I'enneyIvsnM heg
''VaaTTp' "wllv ind.-bteil tufapism 8. tj. M hde, (' . 8.
larsny,. and to Mr md M' .whose ?ill a
iiiUiis.-- wa? of iinmeoS" servi-.e u> me. My stan are
entitled to n* th.sBWe ieruiitii mg energy ia the dutchnde
of their diMies.
1 "nc'-ee a iu*p ->f Hie en edillou, drawn by t^tpt W.
W We< kierd. U> a'cetupany tbi rejawt. Ais.-, a c<?py el
oi<l?r* ennu.-sd .turiag th-- msn-h
llelieving ihat tue band of O. d was .-.eerly inaaifosled
In th" signal deliverance r.f mvcomnmnd from dauewr,
ami the crowomg fuccet aiteuumg it. I a?crkbe lo Him
the in <*?-, the honor and the glorv .
I have lie honor to be, ni< *i i eaneetfiilly. vour <d>e-Ji
ei.t ?ei seni, I* b. AlliiHT,
ilsjor ilea.-, si I'cni.nHtid ng ctvairy.
\rw? froIlnvtaa.
lb* ateamkhip tafia. ('apt. Aiiimi, arricml itf tb ?
;ort I .at night, with Hitictw tri>m Hai.itia in tb" '."ith
Or It BtVlNA V?!U'-''*laOVI>bM,r.
UlVAII, tt t. -i, I "?<<?
Arriiml of Ay/ lr -ii
AfifMat'iM tnk**nlfll. nTllllMicr ifrl diva tri I??om.
i at,v, wba MvmiW* 1 raw jail in K??iuti t ui*' nin <in t\
* tn.-.a ha ? .<? uau-r ?tntf** tttacrvta i u stt'iSiitt
V ii >ij l?r arijafttif In Ihr A. rit ?n b'.tte tra1'' Ajrltml
(t.i? |il it iMi a rvtiDtr W ' a In .t flly'it a,... hi*
|4atitali Tit ircni I b:? (???ailti. winch wm.r to
' r-t ih ? a I i.w j ? iwt? ' " : 1 ?'? '"?(?
It it. from \ ? i* >*l i ItT .? i tin'", a It* tin.I 1.1? i i
iin OC'kiUn I Mar.. ..!<?' * >? < "?tia?>t>?. a vera
?.... Iii? ? ' ,?! f l * binrU A.tii .? (.,,rt.? o, t.,^1 ,,,p.
hi ... if ??i ..irty in) ? I ?? italic hu< be -u ?cni to
tl. j ir* i .uncut Aia ?i ll hi,rib'', i/rllnnw,
llr, i . i ti.ircr, w.m ?? br? ceVuiii
tlit* ti ll.
ih '? n Quean ?t I .*? mld?M In tai boiini ? a id
af ? > aA th* a -maa on itie MtbrMwuvf tat?
; !-i a It .\. n l?. ni Iht llt\S HlfU'Il*' *1, B. , t
limne 1 ?nl I * v???w an th- ^a Hi. prKclnal
it i ,:t i ?.. t ttio ofllucr.f rn .?' usin a Hum anil iwi t
r.erc wra tnany (.tin tor Uw Ci.imi
in. : ft-r I rn . t I lafthli ai. I for !!>? |r ?Wril) n it ?
Urniftt Mati t.
iitt'rftuihiiat*'li<?i mil -omen* ail y i?,?<!<?, a..a tfe.>
-anltaim tin Cub m:?K la lh.a ntorr .in,
?!t nilijr i? at1:1 With i?. Ha icat ? to lb ? HO'lt j nr
.-tjjiinati mail hiiata-ir lt?i (.'aril*.
X?t* Vork (ani;fft?lanai I? m I ioa.
? ivi<:it*-ri"i,ta t,au, 1M2.
?anf"ftf K.Cb.rrh. *i "oul?an.l im'' tic oraft wa
>aa'ftd*v btbiiMted fof i 'iiRrn-'? to tbi- fi?tr..-i. It? o
t (vi I fy and KriMtil Clark ?r* h *?'? j
Important Itrbfi Wovfmnst in West
?rn Virginia.
Auotbcr Battle in l*roHj?ect iVcar
tti| It'i t?i
tki.KOBau to iin: iticniiosp DMI'A I0||.
M' sir* w. i, 24, i
Tho Mobile Attu rfite* and Htffifirr bus ?? d ? pmrhii -rd
Hillgr Bprittfi, Uciolwr t3. The'troops ?t t'wt point l id
tb.it. day ben rev m wo J by Gen. Price, mil presumed au
admirable display uf military dlscis'lne.
Itrlabio intelligence hid boon received that f' -t?
loiKnl lor ion two arriving at Mf)n(?j?3 in coimtdorabio
iKt oui tire liu bin iuJ 1)1. ,?AU b, Oct. '26.)
Ktoin in onjmii' who Ion. i?on. I-oc'.s army on Thursday
Inst, wo barn that our army wan nil 'jiiiet.
51nco Major General Lor in.; was ordorwt to report in
Richmond, Ibo command of tbe Army of .Vorthwsiern
Virginia h:u; devolved upon Senior ilrig i lim (amoral ,Fobrt
I Ant night tho War 0* unrttm nt nn;l nothing ol imiwirb
Irum any division of our army.
I From tbo Kiuhmond Whig j
lbo I.vnchburg ftepid 'tutn learn. ib.il some time ago
Gcmml Iaii log was ordered io report to General .Jack
son with bi.-. coniiiiaml or i point on he Baltimore
and Ohio Hail riant,an-1 bj a cv Uti.i rani'.. Instead of re
(wrtiug ihus, lie countermarched bis command back to
lho n.il Sulpbur Springs, Intending total, a circuit by
Kewisburg. At those springs ho .van met by nu order
dtrecting htm lo turn his command over to General
KohoL, and report in person lo Rbbiitotid.
This rondoot of General l.orinp is said to have pro
dnc. il great uousternution among Ibo peo|de in Ibo Ka
rri .. 1m talley, cursing hundreds of ueni to lloe from
tholr homo.! :alhjr than lull acnin under the rulo of I.i?.
coin. It also tinted back nil tho wagons going after
sail. General Er.UoU ha. been orutr-l to return un'tA kit
coinnmid'o the ralley, and eanmented hit march un Sa
turday la t. Ho bar l.-sucd a pi oclaiunllon for all per-oua
to g? iuul obtain lalt who may dsslr" to do ro. chore
sooms in 1).. agencr il feoliti" 'hat General IVhnlu shoulit
oonlinna in coiuinamt, and that (.oilera! lxuing should be
sunt soiuowhere else.
[From the Itichmond KiMfuiror, Get 2o.]
Winch*. i ."., Oct. 21. lSdl.
There is not much of interest from the army of North,
ein Virginia to record. The enemy hn ero, d the river,
find engaged in skumUhesand artillery duels with no im
portant con-^luenccii. General J<i k u'? riitioain tie.
flroyino the Baltiuur. Uiid Oh o Jfitilriul ft rapidly r..ul
tjectualiy as vorfble. Colounl Imbodea has advanced to
Moore Held, Hir.ly county, ard !n? evolutions of the enemy
lit that direr noli aro carefully oliaervcd.
I- very precaution is used t > prevent tho progress of
smaiipox iu this ,i to) , n law -..He only h:ivlog appeared.
Proper (to vis ion for sirk, d. aided end convalescent sol
diers on the Staunton valley turnpike, to and from 'be
army, is sai I not to bave been made. l'Sia complaint rs
?]UirOR early and particular sllentiou.
Idirge supplier uf clothing, Src., to inset tbo Lcc***.iiee
o our army, arrive cuiitinuooaly. The weather is very
fine, ami <lo.l, as usual, favors our.wiao. The news
fioui tbe battle ol Kentucky m very encouraging to our
troops, wbo me in Une hfo and spirit*.
It scorns to ine the no^riKj j on tbie border should be ajs.
propria!-d, a* a military uectssiiy ,aud removed niiheto
terior," with Just comiicusation to their owner*." As IV
Is, tbey are not merely usehMs, but I.ir worse?">iaK
contumere fuvg*'"?ruthless broad o.aem 1
[ Ttae Second Avenue iUtliokil Km ploy e*
on u hlrlkc.
Tho hostlers in the uriipioymuui oi luc ic ad a . -nue
Knilroad Company struck lur higher wugos on Tuesday,
und, arming them-el res with elnt>o, "sauilKl u uiri.jer
of tho labours who lelused t; joiu iu ilio movement. Toe
Nineteenth prty-iU'-: |*>lico promptly arrive>1 at the novno
or ili? rial, aud at rested flvo of tbe ringleaders, *bo give
tli"tr nsmea is Barney Mooney, John Ofaiti, :\?irr floyle,
Thomas McK'Uney and Kdward McNulty. Ih" accused
wore loc.oil up for trie in*lit. which but the eiWc' of put
1 in*-; a atop to any fnrthet tumble.
It apreui* that on Tuesday tome twenty of the boailrra
?ill o.h'vl to tliu s.-couU Avonue Kat'road Company de
manded an lucres e in ibeir ivi(i'?, tint the proenieut of
th.!C<>m[iany anil ittc ireiwurer being ub-ont, tba euiwrin
?jndeut i" M tbe men lie bad no |k>w< r to (raul their i*
.1 #;i, b.it tint h" w lay it before tho directo's 'ilia
immediately thereupon left work, but ratified auw
. ./a later, and boat e- meol tboti lollow laborers wha
. . nut joined iii ibe sti Jto li'ui* the Inutile.*-uc of
"? pollen of tbe Nlaoteotilu prer.a t. who wo e called in.
Tbe Strike el tbe Manliattan Uae Works
Tbe dnl.cuity which aruto among tbe * tuple/ea M the
Viuuballan (..is Company, and wlncb was the cauee oi tbe
riiiko noticed ia yesterday's flwtAUt, has, we are g ad
i I.mih, beort amicably -eite-il. It appears thai ibe whole
it ? out of ami undrsundiDg on 'ho part of the
Colonel loxinii . the Pri-id "it of lb*1 company,
ue QommaMler of u.o 1 dirty seventh New York
hum roitiuieut, which w-.s inspected ou Tuesday
? absent ivim In regiment, and coiiiJ not be nre
?? ?. makutbe desired wtaiutwu tu Ua idea, fho
J.oaio nail agreed to pay then the mere ud ditimnd,
J! T.'c but m the cKCitetarnt of tin; moment ilia employee
did not under land ib? arrangement of tbe lamia, twice
tue cause of tho strike. Ilia is the ..onmu iimc the com
pany ha mcr?' id th" amount if wages av -om lime
ago they rebel ib" rate iroui fl lit P> $i od perdue,
uuil tew to|l 76. 'ibis arrangement is courW-Ted (juite
HAthdaclhry, as tho men have ah res lined tbi lr work.
'The Kcw hoi k (lai Wurka.
vo riik KtUToK or nth ukuald.
Wiummiav, Oct. "J9,18fl2.
An article appeared in euro! the city paper* of yesteu'ay
which la calciiluted to ml lead the public uiind in re^pec*
to tbe strike for bibber wages id the raou employed at tho
Veer VorV Oas Works. 'the foot i* tan men did not hokl
any uterling". aur make any demand ui?m tbe company
lor ha'tter wag-a, but remained at llieir work an usual,
?iper h'rig routrunied l?y the o|iei atlvee of the works at
feurleeatn stieet with hie and drum I* nid ib -in lu Ibeir
menlaent Partnii icn, iareply tb?t tho "incers af
the New york Has Uirht ' riipatiy nobly aaine lurw.rd
and a.Hnucetl Uie wa^ea 4 ibeir u.eu tu tueir entire *a
Mgued ie behalf of tbe ope. atlvus at V"W York Can
Works. 1'AfK.CK KKI l-AUKK.
Joii.n CarratT, luruman.
The Nary.
IV crew of the DacotaU is t ? be immediately fllled up
lu active a* ru e Bomber, and tbe alilp at once despatched
on special #i rvHie Itieru e u<a tbe alight' at doubt bat
that ?he will nnlte ouc of Uia fleet now in pur??K ef tbe
rebel piratr Alabama. Inn l>u ;otaii ie BB'>Writely loet,
and carnea an anna uaot ruthcaml to cope with Utat ul
the pirate.
fhu Van'b-rbllt baa ii -any all bar sMuam at on buard,
and is u >?v cealiart and tak.ug tn her uterus, aud by tba
nil) partuf ncMw ak aba will he oS lur bar cruising
Tbn I'libd Stub* 'Irtarr Puhmki, Seormi Lieutenant
Com rnudar Creoiilraf Cilly, fnm> Motitci ideu, cattail oo
the IfNli (H apt"tnb*r froui Ruaiioe Ay roe mr aauimioo
(pAraftnay), nariug <>u boird llun. lir. tVaaubuiua,
Ut<nod .states Hmoier. Heports tiom on buard ktate.
th u tne ot! c.ra aud irrw ?r< all well.
Corn tier a' lnqnteta.
f i '' e Ai -.a>. form-, r WIMav held ah iMWWt
jartc lay , at 1T0 1. tn street. ii|s:a tho b? iy of Rvdu'nb
In e it.-r a native o ' ?rtra y. aa1'' .bifty ooe yenie,
vko ommiMtit i 'tilde by lakiny v?> ?"?. Iwtenrt. U
,v ? . f i. ? is (i n;ifa ilr" ?if : n.an, ami ?t 'be time of
c- umiiiiug . . a was i ii.iinii i.ie'<' th - "Urate ai IP
Viur. ila w..s M ,/r I Willi a dl . m .? short while
he'oir setb.uid 'p'tiff h"id d a? t" 'unshed an th>
mr..tier ,n hta tunni Al "r?atisi) u>d bwfeeii'h pesei n
b th ca tiiun!li ur'" * ^ d Atidaudeavcreil i irieop, boh
ILi- ? tin pre J. r?J 0> Ihe ? o . ?as *?n?ite t hit pe w?n
uiMule to obtsln any test. When It wm ascerUieed met
hu h i i pdUloual lust' s, a |. )s c an was t?ul lur, mit
in,".,-a b**dl i-rev d ui a -alilug. nie.uitrorminita man iin
?e "d uotll *lv o'ckH* ye-'erdiy morula*. wliee he mud
iu great eguey. A ye* me. ;*m aiSUibiAikm oi tbe bviiy
msd" by in* J*. .i?n. re\?aied tho pr?< tec or arseule ii?
di ceneed'a ataw-ieli in 'urge niaoiii,#- The j iry rra
dcte.l A rvdict n a<s uraauce wilb lb* abovu i 4a
The I'oat laaatfi all l|? of ,1|railv tile, Teiirt,
VrrrwanM. I'etim, Act 29. IMi
in iht> Lotted Aiatev IWsii uT lauit tu-uev Joseph C.
luy.-a, lite Ppitm.uiter a, Mcedvil'e, mr ?e,i oa 'be
ii i gc of fi. N"w I' ' Pet'':-, ef rjanu'g a teller ut rattle',
11 Ii Vol ably ac.J ill.'Jd.

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