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Ftefcibu rg uJ Aquia ereeh, ea ha ww t*
Booker. - .
^ be drviaiaM that ooastttata tbe "my oorpe ?? vet erao
Be idiom tor the garrison of Richmond, art enured to
twue ind Uabiiug. Victorious Iu mu; engage moots over
Uieir euem/, they will BMt him wain In tbe
tteida of ths t'hickahomioy and the Keren Files, Should
Ueueral i?U advaace upon the city. Bui of this wa 0M?
fees we have but Utile fears. Hie absence of *>*"?
array would mn to invite the enemy to attack Hich
uu-ntl, us apj-ar-snt de'tncrl'st condemn uould make it a p
mtar eaty iu be capture J. But General Lee is well known
to the oneera'commandtng the United States army ; hie
habit of dome well all that be baa to do, as well as leaving
tmuLone nothxnQ that will contribute to Bis fu.l success, la
(wrhaps better understood and appreciated by the enemy
than ourselves. General Dix well knows Uial Htchmnnd
Would not be left detenceloss, even with the poeitlvo cer
tainty of the capture of Washington city. The import
nace of Richmond to the confederacy is too well under
stood by the enemy for them to seriously believe it left
in a defenceless condition.
With these facts before us, we repeal, we mtorUtiyi
very little fear of any serious advance by Ueneral l? |
upon tho city. But we do apprek nd an attempt w march
emu ike country frvm the While House to At{uia creek, or
?oen by Sordoiuoilk and Oulppper to Hooker's ?n%. The
rtaaftnifiaa of the railroads and deveutai ion of the country
wwM be inducement enough to take thii rout* in reinfortint
Booker. The better to oorer this movement, General
DWs rear guard may b? thrown oat* towards Rich
mond as far aa the east bank of the Ctueka
hommy, while the main body aeceuda the Fa
muukey and geeks to bresk the Rich moid and
Fredericksburg Railroad between the elty sad the
Junctiou. if successful in breaking this railroad,
Gen. Dix may think himself safe) from pumnit by the
garrison oMticlmiond, which, being still threatened. by
Bis rear guard, would not leave the city, and thus he
?ouM overpower the ttroope stationed for tho deienoe of
the railroads, and march at bis leisure, devastatlag the
country, and destroying tha railroads. Thm we believe
to be tha real meaning of the landing at the white Bouse,
and the march of the enemy 'a forces to that point. If wa
be richiMii onr coniccture, how far ties. Dlx may be (uo
ceesfui remains tote sees.
That army that note garrisons JNCMft"*"' i? competent to
tne^t the enemy, nay, more, to advance toward < Washington,
ami play an important part in the capture of that place.
Goa. Dlx will be so closely and vigilantly watched as to
be unable to dodge off in the direction of the upper IV
municey. His present position is one of safely . protested
by gunboats, and contiguous to his transport*, he will not,
wo presume, be attacked by the garrison of Richmond,
though the military latelyterganlxed by Brigadier ueuerol
Cue tie Leo hi fully (cmietent to defend the city if the
garrison should be sent to drive Dix to his transports.
Without this opportune advance of Gen. IHi to the
Wbito Rouse, the confederacy would have to day from
eig lit to ten thousand less troops In service than now
swellms ranks. Tbe patriotic rally of the citizens lias
been beyond precedent even In this war. The gay and
happy boy, tne man of business, tbe old men even, of the
city, have nobly stepi?d forward aud enrolled Ibem
reives. Behind the exc I tent defence.' nf Hit hmen.i wild
Ihiilyjive hundred trained artillerist! of Col. Wi-U, theoe
cdiient ran hold the <~ity against Gen. Dix wi'kout the
aid of the amy corps that hat been assembled around the
e Up.
The garrison of Richmond may, therefore.'be cons id.
sred a splendid reserve for the army of Gen. flee. It
may, with safety, move on Washington as coon a* lien.
Custis I.ec has perfected his newly organized force in
drill and manual. Tbe militia of Virginia, lately called
out by her governor, will soon swell the ranks to eighteen
or twenty thousand men.
Imngine the consternation at Washington when tbe
news that thirty thousand Confederates were approaching
tbe city by the Warren un turnpike. Hooker engaged In
bunting up Lee, would be unable to detach a force to
meet tms new army, organized and mobilized by General
fin's opportune appearance at the White House We
?gam urpe all citizens and tbe militia of the Plate to hfc-teu
forward their organizations, In order tb.it tbe army corps
?ow around Richmond may take tbe field.
movements of the enemv 4bout bioh
_ . [From the Richmond Examiner. Jnlv 1 i
tolor mta K>n 'o^th*'*'* ?? ohtoni bot ?'J little iidditienal
?formation of the movements of the enemy on the penm
T* ? "umors wo^a lSl
ftithn, ? MmSSiSSf wtWaMU,
rived here wbo yesterday morning a r
Tacke# cry was "On to Richmond/* but Dial nuw ii
wm "Hmu to Richmond Hn mi/ ke hMd Ji
thm -SS i.W?,hM ^ ,B ,hree days 411
this, whilst it threw a little light upon the raot? nf
of 'be enemy, a&owed nuuilfeetly
^Ater0 2^u2J"iT,*aB "*? ,n ? h'?h ?t?t? or excitement
bilrVv m tmhvtdwl mZ\
by a neighbor of their being there, and had pushed on 10
Mwi 10 ,lT# ^ W" the benefit of the
"Ifbt, atlll another oatf-appoiated ooarler arrived
With the report Uutt our picket*, k tattooed nix mikw ^
low tu city, Ud been DrVk upon ^ dmc? \V ^ ^ ^
iJ^.7!r6iLDtt???T ^ oUl?r n,mor? i**m mu*
ILad Iho above, whlcn w# do not dceiu worthy <1
I he amount of ?Ur authentw mUl
^regwhajwe ^ tfurtworthv
^-2 hu?b?r nnkiMrtf, still
t^TkKliS *y"g!l+.maA Tunaun, Htatton. on the
rt-Taif th! on tha King WillUur,
from l?? Wh,lc
' T*1' **><-?<> ^a anothor encampment, con U In
IK Tfc* Y?nl'ee cavalry who left
UoD!**J morning are believed 10 have
baluxl at this | lace. It Is possible that they may on ret
tn'^lo I1*** S*01"? M b'*h ?P the river aa Hanover town
." ,0"! '"yl ^tbing of such a movement e*,*pi
, 'i 1 ' <* lhu man wbo t?IU c.' the forty th< isaou
^inch iiBs bofin moiitined.
Thore was aa unpleasant report last evctiitc,
wnicn we hofio may prove untrue, that severe o' n,?
Home Guard <.f Kin* William had been caivbt and bunir
n?i,? . ?I .f'kTO '?NH'ry- *'? ""f* "nable to traje tlie
origin o t tho rumor.
We rnav bera state that intelligence . b-lleva.! to he au
thentic, has been revived liere tbat tlie Yank.-e? a.'trr
V<-ttiBK (icueral William H. >. Uo to tbe Whit* House
pent Mm immo'h.itoly to Washington.
MCTrrrwo of the British subjktts
a meeitmtof tbe Rutisi, eabjeeta in Ri. hm. nd is called
this ove amg at <:opp'? I wtol (Jallery , Mum str.et vr.n, a
Z ,Z j or*jni2i?tion of a voimteer company to at?i<i
to the defence of tb? e|ty The ca t emanate, from a w ell
known citizen, birnvelf a suMect or Virtoria, but wli , le
lieve, defending the 1,0m, of h.s Mop,, ,1 11. v^
mmJSgSSt ,bc "W8,,li0,, 01 ll,e cU??
Fii'T '??? Yom ?.?#? ?r +a - .
o?*Jock, ihis ( \V"( in ^ at <;ot>n m T< R
01, T. nth treet b ?. ?een Me a aud ? <!r! ' er itTn ?r
Se"mf *ln"n";n,T *"d ?"en?lt our isme-a in defJ^^ *f
? koine ? V?" W ,!' "?l ,or,??,l r-. >0
j?,w I W MA1.I ABh.
From ihe Tllehmoiid Hxjuirer, Ji.Iy 2. j
?? rW,r!J' r,'l><,r"' ?xnl'ar to those which reacli>-d'ib<> cit*
l,'? about in relation to tli<> Yankees
.-,,,7... I!!# "teil""'n<:e l?y the train from Heedow ?ta
twin last eveo.ng, ?tau? that our picket* nu |ir. ?'ruini .'a
" "'rn <1rlvpn in lir 'll- ei,e
i ^ ^ ra(,rn,D^r Noihinr beyond thi? b? I tv-, up
Hemanfnm Um vic.ity .,1 slltfoik. who re.u-.b-ii ti?, *llv
w yeeterday . sutes that the Vankee f ,*eas at that i? ut
^aere lewv.ng during all of m- w-ek and that on ?uid*V
IbeVhi'te I,,n^ 1,1 '?"rl"?,t,f ??,n command rnrnj
" re*"r t,,e,r admit, of
Ranraoar,^j|y ?( 1^1
*e,40 a, WSX nger/rren Jeff. Herri- te, Oen red L>*
m-(k "'d' rt U eameto /?< rum, nt KxchmoM it romjirmed
<-?n. Konhleday was iworu:ir wwiuded yeaterday fMr
l?^es bare oeen heav v, and prUaaers say tbe rel^i \,?*m
have b*?u terrible.
Tbe hattlas have been tue laost lerntcaod fata irf
aver it ugl.t , for (be nurnbers eagagwd
The ownwnr r.a?? wUll be fairly inaugurated lt>,?
?veumg WMIark s theatre i>. the *ly pbv e or am tee
mart now eluewl . ?nd that may i????iM> be reopened
AewmX Mr Wbeatley will continue the rapresenuie n.
?f"The I Hike's Motie'M M.hlo s Garden, a mo., d.
IWh'fiil sswirner Iheitre. |t W r, b^,^, ( f.iU
Cab js will ah rtlyopear a, oaoef the ?r,?dw.y theatre.
In a aew at?rtar.,|ar drarr.a. In ?K w|n ,
apeakirr ehari ier
n e Winter ?.a/dan will be r??,??el th la a van las u?.
der Ute mam. t em enl of Mwa Kmily Thirrne an.1 Mr Mark
Hm->h ihe ?iatany lUei?d^ Hrr Vark _? h M
Orafian. Mrr Muyd, Mr Han N C
port Mr "a?rv t'earsno, Mr So. ,t ^ Uf
t. Ion*, b?.de? the mataeer*. M, j,^ p t
iea.b tlie orebeatia Tbe prtgrainm. re, ui.a ?.. k . 11
he IWt ef the M||
Wanted and -FaMies m ftdu - An as^itoat earn
W a..d a very g.A>.| bill Na?, wees . b,,rta?,?. ...
Mr 'i f Itowaut ?J-sacungiraaaK.H of H.0I,| IW.
?ry i?k? a mmplitaenfary beaeflt io.nfKht 'Itiet,
WnHev ? The w -?,w 1 V?niWt ? Robert Ma- a ? a *
" Tlw> ?Cavage and lb Ma.i'ao ? anv '? At I ?<?? vM it"
W^l be P-ayee A 1 tfi. member. ?r ?,e enmpany ha*
?MwtiarM,mdMr.? Fox and Mia. f miiu, M#rfl
*"*a* m ?oi?ie .>1 ib'ir Is-I e' ar..t r?. Mr h. -
. Of tne, MO ? -teey ^ f ,'r r a
m ?? hape that his have t , ilh, e- s|!r ,, . ?
*e aa, a'.gt>i ?< lLr ,,
" S*" w' Wr,r ? mtw: M'nrrelr are ?,
!Z ?' j J * m ?*? ? fl'"
' " ? >?*????+ a a. O.yei
at Ihe Am er can W' ri n
*1? ' ' " !'r'f ^ 1'h'lad.rph.a. Mr a1!(! Vrr
I'+n Tfclim*. Nl#f If U?/? n?rr.n -n<l Mm aa
4au<? ????! d#Wf ft Hi i#r* I
ab?ae gareiaiiy. alT? ":iuP.,? 1
fee'', al i*ri,m?.. .-ra are an, LJ** I'""
M?~> ' ?"?>????: I lie , rev M '*" . A - I
tail* . iu I'Vu^f K L9*to*. ^ f ' ll *"r ;
Scene of the First Day's Fight, Wednesday, July 1, in Which Major General Reynolds Was Killed
****** I
fel flATtgg?1
cr: cost^rq |
bricadJnX I
| jpMtrs&uw I ?
i [cct/jrt
_ - JHI
*?? 00 BPS
uA.Mr.&o/tc * ,
qyiMKM-ttW AC 4(YA
Triumphal- Entry ?( the Fronch
Army InU tta* City of Mexico.
Address of General Forey to th? Army
&od the People.
Departure of Mexican l*riM?aern
to Frames
kr,, kc., K?.
By lii* art Ml of tie rteainer Ro?n"bf frcm llavmrn,
w have n< ? * trui Mfin- i onflrmir-a the aoco'inu il
rM'ly reunited of tbe oertipan -o of the city of H'ltco by
?be lYeix*. We out^m ibe partii"ilar*
The Kco <lel < omorcio, tbt Frtbcb otgaD, |' =;?> >l.?i ill
Vera Cm*, of Ibe lfith ult , contain* lb* Krotlil of tin j
orynpatmn of the ? ity <* Miilni bf lb* Ootieb. Tl *ay*
I that ao iood ? J'tare/ and til* follower* left tb? ? aiutol,
I ??>?? |>oople arot* en bimbo, and feve rent lo tboir
rottum *?m in every rornenalile wit l?-irb ro
Jolctnf; . II t* UkI, ha* never liom *eeu In Ufct.cn, j
? In ce the entry of 'he army of Hie liberator, Itnrb?!e |
l<elk were non- tan t ly rung , arl llrrjr th'indred
i through tbe <<treeta. The following ,* the nftl< al a o tl
' <*tbe entry of Oner a I Vorey ?
Ji *a 14, 1*CV
To Ml *Si:a f'.r i ??i i ?
4 Id the loll' iiiKtaet Ike 'uHy of lb* i.euaial
in* "bio* ni' Hex loo look piae* *M Mm y - ?
pomp. Ibo enlb'^iaem ? .be IlkatlMM wan m<-%
preaeiblo ib* atr were atr>*uwiih ft. ??>*, aud th?
! poopln in tba>r delirium threw ilaaaniaelvee i. me |iaib uf
1 'l>ei;<iiaral and hi* etalf A fla*r ???i*i n( al a T' Um > in
the I aibodral, ?li ch waa oooaial'U'ljr lull. liberal Koray |
roC' i?>it deputation* to whom he ? ipn;f>anl hi* ) n.p?il)?
and dee i re For tbe re eotahimhrneni of peace and order in
, so ?-ea iti'ul a rc.oi t , wne'h lied ba?r. ao !<?% it>? rfr t*'i
by war and ilrtf (Jieaauaim*.
T?o pin*, ed Mr. Mib Protect, Mi ac- apt the a. urmuct of
m \ d iat lom- ,?ln?! . onoiderxl ion ,
? MrXlKK, * bMf of BMMBan, Ac
I I JiMwtftled 1.' in nw luario da l? Maria* ?f Juno JO for
I l?e >a? Inn lluum f
Vi?* run, J .ne IS lilt
llf ? h,. -.n.je Who ha* oat arr tel I ha "e ra
I rwtvrd nile ?' no ? "i I ua i h? > ren< ti arm* ? men d
an l ?*i ? |xo iiie ty or Me-. ?? un lite M Maiaitl.
?m the tub i i ? > ial r-> ? j prof* ?.-d to aster tbe ejiy m
I <? I lei o liiae/.wiih Iba fonwa -bat T?Qp??! ire
! etty atu'wiut.ng to K'n><' * iho raiwl men aeaeral
I* ar .1 arlitterv ro-ir'd to ??n l.uii CutMi, wh?-b !
j ?;??* he b<? 4a ufar<". to be lb* f?l>lta' M Ura aao'iMlo a
i la* loiloem* I* lie oftk lot I ta 1'ial ? on.ie>% nated ? '
M?li n I
Vara rtrm, Jum 13, |M)| j
I bav* Ua* honor u> ofr.?.?'iy aoaoaMM* to ?<.<, ih>( '
?le?? ill" !?<?? oriiP*! l-y ttaef?rn. t ?rbiy end i|>e
? u*?mund;n*<iener il will m?ke b." oelry ibio tia? capital
am tiic 1Mb .Rfl
tle |'l?uae<l to ov.niUUf aio Una to tie aullior lm- a? d
? In tl? oi.rnal* nf tb* rily. <? wi ? i I;
tV Mi'itni >? tiMitioMl -
1 To i*l i i M i to* V?a? Cnt .
I tn adaifmn |o u?e ferla alreaady comio.i. j:* <?l.aie
I receive U<e loll-?wiog j?rt^i ilar* ?
A ib-p .iai ot of loreitr. ? oo' iie itll the ty of ItalKW
lo afin<iun *? >o?.ei "tal f'orey tba' Ibeve r?? ao re-, tan< ??
tl) l.e <'T|*. O il and Wtaer l.rnef'M Ha.aMMI a|>(if?*. bed U?e
l *(e? uMArc 4l*t>i t*U<? "t tl* ibbati'lant* < am* nut r?
{ **in ( I oi i? t^aten bif levoi*!*' n to pa?< n<.-iri?f
' .a ?h* '-ily.
. il.vuffl <4 '00 freti h "Ki w i|ei|>,tri! It ? |?
i* -an (?ia l <4o? i Mniucti.OtC.y. ibe <Aptl? waa <,-m |
pMi?tli?Mii?i al teveo o>m ? v. V by * ? ? uiid'ed
n.en - f l t?e r?-?eotli i t a re ,r. a I *-l.
i euera. I -en Ho- aim .-*!;>? ti? i< ?? :. i (> '.lalMtert/tf
of tfca d ?U''*
? he Male -I. '<*< or '.r<l er ) aare wh ? h .1 i Mai
'??V ihra* ^e|'j nte f " tea? by (fawrota'o Mi r- a ,.t '
' ??eo a?... j iff. ? ittj tbe inr*rnfil< :it ir,.* r, t |
jteee. ha oi' er? en4 me mine, toe tbe i<?it<
II * '# Md?r?t'?>d < .et.ora! M* ,a ??e 1 r. (I * ? ad
at a f ?re r?i *?> Arf^yeyoteo, r*ady |. d-?j-ie I, ? (
1 *? 1 v ?ji< e
ibreo Uw mu.4 ?.? ?. <u 'K? it? << k>o u.i) 4 1 K^ae# 1 end j
Aii'i TOM, ? I* *??? u?'W >?% K H ra.,*, wart alta-aui
a* Moate da i<* OiMM Bad defealad hf '-en.
flint*. n, with Ihe k?? of five hundred pfltflflt, 111 p1w?*
of artillery and two "f ammunition II (?.? had
arrived in Metico w.ili hiacapt.vaa whila b.a foti-na ware
fiumiiif ilia routed anao y
Seeeral Maniue?, with hi* Met uau *<.Miora ?*? orxu
pyiBg 'he my of <J ladah.pr g Cuanao's carajry ?u o.
i n|>y tie > ha n?l to ? ut oil nrvglere.
Tb? (Bltowmg are Ilia order* 01 UOceial Forey to Ibe
arn.y ?
Ttu r>tra,4iM W 18
s<iii rar ? Mter a ? ia wbV.h yon km(Hpli(Md
brilliant r, imtod * tn m r.iiaiabcy awl | ar
enveraaca wiibou ?h h * mm;, en ?i??e?a
wntild rot have been ?h'aine?i y.m barn m ;i
|?!M u vem-ou tf eigb'e^n *t >>\nd men tu y
down tu?ir sra?, at.u k> aurrrnlsr ?i <i # ??? i m
??v? tiir n* ,m fnl of art, nuir.- tli.r tw> li.-lrel
etiparmr ticnV c ifht h<in'1rr.| to r.u hundred a-.hu i- rr
? Hi. rra.a lari{o ij'.an It o wr mater <1 ant no. but And
and lorly a-n- t. u f-u. n l! UOt-hH* of your ?> i ry
which hat d '.<? > i ? the eaten ?. < h: > r ?. y
Kb Dtt'iiHlMii" art . by MH feleedeil rktury
? 'the will ll iy. lMii.uad cfeiisg*t U>> l aiiM.' in ro" .* ?> of
:U< day on whtcti tariunf, <,i a bom ymi have k? I t?i
' in 'li ?v l>:r to you -i if IflH , ty a filch n It* ;>r><] lb*1
1 ifor? riiBM?nt of Junre* ??n?l '"i-'-'l tjipra?nal> ai d * bw !i
*itoi.,d hate rrml a< It* t< ml.
?o 1 thin v ' ry, wblrij yirj bive gi '.'ial Wttb weaker
aieixsaa ??n Urn** wtrnfi the enemy in l acc iiri tlatrd n
a wb >rt year iau> a ,:ity of the Ural thai, (Irn fW tki<
rii-tot u> I* nraail.
Hut nothing KdW .li.e -> ,m Hung remalr < to I ??
d co M<-i.eo is the plane wl<ore thn knot of llw .iletir ,.i
?, i<~tl<?> la to b? 1'innd. Mi tbith*r tt la a*c> ? urv
fi.r ?<? M> |Oto ??*er it with tha iworrl of ' raucB Y if
malar ?i |?war ? itrcaUir tliau thai wlncb you hruu.ui
Ix-lora Nrblk . ? r w?itar> law baatr Innraoar it riUwf
than dimmt ho-l. > < >Mr valor m the l*m? mid wbatav*
1 ruay Ik ibe rwnalBuce p lury-i, ibe miauiy, at
raada c tH^aerad In I' "hU. m :-?? l> ieo"? a>.<l in every
l>lai'? * bere Im- ha? '.?rwd la laat iia, will be<lofe> e<l
a he aiway* haa b?"'
I'TB-'rO tlx ii aoidiera I at ua march ob tlila <apiial
n in UiB cry 0( V iva I. Iai.|^r? ir wbub yu? wii mi
\ miMtloaft j .? ci ii?ha?n)y an ir?.o yoke which tb?
, en ?f frabca ap^irnorfc? t' remove and jive t ?tn
I liberty WiM.V
.li loilowiag i" ihi (irr? hibBi on ?. I or?y to I n
Mettcan* <n bi? ei I u e .nU 'I .?'?Bi lUI ?
Uaiac I ia sol iir*tie to take ? ne uk> ?ut ?
ni- -< l>elora ei- I'^ir^. my mgb a- aii iwkhIkdk- i
fo tbe brllliaa' ir. r|, MKi ?bicb ynti lw\o t'? ?
?iay frea t? ibe vi.i-.nt army tbal I h.irr ib?
1 mhh> la < n(nmaiid. I have not *bo gi i- -t
i fx ihe f" l*f> o: r?y hnart but I B?ve ei|?r.ai 1 ?
ih - Ha;, a ?lb.K ?rl?, b ?ha!l ">Btiaue all u.y . ? t
aia?*t r"?n?T branre, a Barred >laht and that I" V" l?r> ,r
? wilboe ? e-<-tB(. vutb tbe view of a* ? r,nc ?<?><? ' ib- ?
th i,*r m|i !? f> i an much d? ? rc I bat i<- |^>i < i, dir.
j?i? t oe arid ir ,e iiboriv
I ira>' that all true Me*ir?ii.? will aid roe in the f .i il
nte ?'( my bihmii, wbioh^ alu, > aaily ?< "nip b if
.i-pu'r your ?b?<il?ta ? anlidwi In roe, I leiru, tu
the .miixe a wbi -b I give yon 'nmn th a m ?ih".i bo
ear n i.g y-nir t*?IOb? by It eeea ?>' fall e r' pre- ?nui "?"ia
*r,tii *?. i*n,ptoieu, 4c. , *? . , ?* ??. ' ? ? t'?u> w <iM he
I ramati re
When bb edifice taa be?i defrnyed 1 aaa ??,* b? r,
i 'inaimcted by 4la? dagrMa. that a l?r de- ire n |ai Ire
r< ally kiM liavapitaart tbra.uul witb |Nvu>? j?r ?
l?. tioti. Hi *h? b I l)U. e a I my oon.id'i e we Will . ?ar
fine tbs dimr'.ltlM nf the f:>e' work of reget.t -af n o
wbicn we ought ail boar'tly t? ?? nwraae MiWY
Ub.ko Jiibb ii>. MM.
I .k.rei .>*?!' gr?e ba> Wet a|)t*i|(,tod coma, ant
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mI H ay, Atar.
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lit. * * < ? '? ' * ' , ? "?
h ti . %*a a> ?? ' f> i ??? ? .? . ? '
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I III Iba r.tiwiiol, Df?r Uui fort* Tbay ba?a b?an aaan
UwUi|a?ni?Uil?|t In >|>i" nranoK likn rtlll. ?n>eb a/ a ??!'?
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not tiki' anything away wllb tham no I nilng <t> ?h"'?
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a ltd Jiitl lh<- b l.nol w*jr. lay by day Iba abid
r *r M|1 Ibr |r<-?|i?Murk, tlU'birlaai ' Uar
b i.i r*A li?J th ? tup Thai a. a -til ?t aork ?ntlrcin". 4
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iron iurr*t in Ilia ul lb' llr >?) .run k- I .? |'o.
rmdarto ib'aa ojioti o r inr, ? lull, aiKl il a ?n-i
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alao ?n<1 thai two anor?i'?a* rl(!?"l fttn? Mva ba?i n ? la
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r?t I'yara tib a ? ? UcuiiD, *1 iilbo *r> n ? ii-j
i- i i ' i iri ? 'r ? >taaa aim* n haa h*?e awwi? iwl
barmxl 4 i|o ,4,4 ||, ? tlwra ? BO . at thai |l? ? ? a u
cla?l jcmtxi.l ro?ljr tin ? -n , uxl 4ba4 ibia* wa %>?
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fur 'n '?)? of I mr mutloala h attoubl b?ia baaii ai?ia4 M
Iba I'l I|ar liiaa ti?a i?r ? .mi .H*o*f m-~.li * ?-l
?? >.?? n( i ?f mil lair r mft Mill by Iba Inak* ? ? -t
i.fl -ara .i ??..ra ?i-t llti a ir'in ?ra? flra l a' a r|i b
thai nltrti itm oIMi<ii?{ aft? ? l ? f ila Sa?b ?f Iba pat in t
tbarrri ika bi i 4* *>l >?0 u u.r 4 ?aa?<??of tu t
til. 1 iba fa-i ? *'? bara ??al '?* Miilaiillf II l.a?? .11
II, a tirxiioti I .ar mtrr aq|.o'a.<vt II Iak> bul a ?. u.
aura a Ml u liiMt.aa n un m.a 0. t tM-a >t>-a?>a'? a . ?
i.- r, hi ih? inibi lit 1I4 2lit, Ilia ' ik*r wi Ika b>l
Irmal frniw >' w llrliaai,
DM I HIM "Mm ?laitik't Kanaibft *.1^* w^rtar
1 imnniii<liM tiarki II .u M,i"lf4 al tb ? ,?>et f?i*<
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arf*.-?l4' K?* fT 1 I ? Jl ?!. 1 aa.la4 fr ?? ib*r* Ik*
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aii ?r in-liai man rt'ib lha ? a*t O'lif b ? kad .f
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? : | 1 I fKaaa nj Inn 'r<im IU I'liM
ttlMaa ? -ani'- f ? lni? id ?l ' 1 ?rm ?< ?* ?c? baa
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Iba Ka ? ?.<!?,' a. ? 'tiri f II
|M. aai'.a-l 'r,iM lb?l>? ndar ISa lyMawwl 'if an
Ir i Va-i" f - ?*? k ' r??a? m? 1 1 .f Va .aU?r
| a imanl ii ? r at t'n UH "'a'a* lUin | hImi
Hi iff. 'a?.?? a? a iitalvawt ti 4 itbaW-aia *
fj.ii' bi' k*<iii ?|' adn>a aad r't.rii r * t?rp a- -v
?U'tr !'!?? i? 'a Juaa 'a'lt'ija W</ lata Jt |i
?!<?? ia?.l waiiaf i|an??a Waali o(t?a for 1?a '?rl^rj
>a y J, itKala Kt tl, k??!t?4a *? ?*. boa' lad *rq>
Hatli, .if Ha (M, tmm rmrtf aa. or lla 'ai ? i? ?
.ar? af ?..f?r
n>aia a'/ I.aj *1 k>) Waal u? Iba aHll iaM. Iba I'aaa. .
at- I'lai^i aa i X*|4aM. !? ,aa 4o li n?t fl'alaa
latxliaa, laaaa ul Mmlr a J*. a Kiaoal mat laban rai
? M.1 Iba I.'- aa4a , ?i ib a ? ba?4r?? b?4aa af '/??? a
b4Wd -ata-a |>riia eaweeae ab?> raaaa a ?rri?*4
aa iba /Mb -maw I ?o.? ?ai ?w I ail^l Ufa ma??i
IV* la
1c ? k| iaMj a?fa*ilt> V?i
b4y Zaa< anal an .ai!? Ii^ia itaMiini I ?. i?i
blata- Ma?% a, Cagjli f, ,4 ad aira Hi >r,
I t*a>4 ????? ? a. aa.. ? fl' <H>rll|a >ia4 ia?
aki M- ??? >4 I'b I* ? (data Haw > K?f V?i ! ?
>aa ||'? I.aaj Tba I . 'afatlai taraal'^r
W.#i i ll? U ( M' ,'l?, lid a, ilia la ?i .t
*??1 ?a kail $* a jfl-^V'.i
Ika '?.?? ?f a*a iba r-w r* "T lha >.*M
a| a . aa ihn* ?* n. la' VI taf 'l,it.|U >r '
^ ? t- ' ai-*aii Ii- t ?a?l aa'a I r lad -i ? i
*a-h t . I.ia I I I( I> ,1 I'u bar | b ? ^ a I aaarl la
? ? a la It a ? ?'??< M?a.. , ?a>a r II I
J* .
IU'<i<aa m a <l ?' ? k? R*i
4rfi*f b #?r ? ? a. oa-4- af ? kvaa l> || < ?
4 ?f b-1 t" ???/?? <4# Ink I r a M a
i i < ? ??'. ? if . 4 II raaa H a?ai
A'' ^ 'ii t ba r far!*
a** ?r 1 * U <> H"?. i . -j, b
' ' * l<a? I ? a a a. jf
- tmi?f li.it 4aaa4a,
I IaM-*/
Terrific and Unparal
leled Conflict.
The Rebels Utterly
The Culminating Battle
on Friday.
Official Despatches from
General Heade.
The Rebels Repulsed
in Every Attack.
The President Conipm(ul?lr?
the Country.
Splendid Conduot of the Army
of the Potomac.
The Rebel General Arm Intend
Some of the Rusults of the
Great Victory.
The Ketxl l'ofltoon Bridges at W 11
liamsport P^strojffd.
RI*K OF Tit K l*?TO\IAC.
. . t ??/
MM T M MHiKh |)?I'AT< ?I TO Till
M*?r>q* ?rr?>?, Tfin Anut f>)?r? ?
Ng*u <?t rri .?< *?? Ju<y 4, l*'?i J
I ti* ha'.U* of Kn<l?y ? ?? < - m ?*i rat*
I ta-wl (l?tc? and 'I*' i*i?? of Um? war h w
? ?m'nofi <"l at ilavbroak on ojr
IH< i.f ? il^Uimi ?l *11.4/ k >?y tv ?o?mt ?iU
iav?U*try iwt tuUll'i? T1 v alt a. a m?l
I*/ tb>- <Utv<K|M *B'l portfe-i* of tf?? Kim
a ad itH* Kifl'i, Ui? Third If'riji cioa* at band in
ra**tva Tim baiUe ragw-l fU?tv!jr *' itt ? p>jini
fix Uu?? ?Vn lb- ?a<*iay fall
la- . yi. dirig c> ?? iv ??*?..<# <tf U* h+'tia JM4
III Uft! H <>? '/ IA? *>?? ?i??y
?i<n iIUihm utfy with U*? (i[>?nin g of
tU? *? la . >.a .tw t#( iwiioMU ??r? <l?ac*jt
?i <1 .? t iu i i*Uof i * ?r? c'-irt
li lilt. W> f MIA (Ml ^?.U?/k ia Ui#: <1 r?. I.i 6
i"if ir rirr; ll ll u
Uir t* >?? ftf wf shotl o?'r at.d to
U* u r 4 i *i>4 ?? ??< W-? to?n Al tk ? |?owt
?? ,.?<! ?i*Wt -?? ??? tf+.l*'** in p"*)Uoa,
Curat "4 by ? ? T,- ?:.# ay r*
?po.it.rd brtiaiy U O'if 'an -tfelt.-ig, bit with
ji -or ??>?< i, ? ! ???d ally m-jrh tonoyad
by our fir* T*?y. b?w???r, pr?w?4 tteir col
h im vu v> <?* r ?? o?r In'tnwt
?.?? iti.i8a>k aad w?ro Mrn<??(|j
IH*I r ?? "t h?r? ?M mi m *r? M
t,. ?w?tiai?o?ri \Smrn ?? Um |?fi Tfca
ifl of um ISifn'k eery*
? h-i'inl ?*.0. k g flnf ?>*??r *a io^Ii of
gn .f?-l i<i ihfir la iU
Th# fifV rt|- 1 h?r? oa S? Ibtttf ? Uf*y
laUl , * ? '1-* from t ?# ? i??h af
wh '1 h. ?. I m'nt*A * >* p+? '- >a ?o
II ' I' "a* ??.'I* ?'/ wltli a ?Wt ?f
g, ' ?j,# 10 Um' lb" ??'*? ;.a?W Ik*
? , I .r 1 ? j 1/ % ? llbl
o? ii? ?f? ?i Uy. w?

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