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(?>' m the New York W? kly Herald.]
flee' O'er the changing waters deep
Glides onr noble llttlo bark.
Her term is all that poeln dream ;
Her apecd outatni a Uie lark :
Her freight in very choice, I vow,
And mighty fair to see,
Laughing matda and daunt leaa men?
A goodly company.
How goea ibe time on Hoard our yacht?
Id fun, in mirth, in song,
In every past i mo youth can make
To wear the hours along.
When the sun is high in heavana above
We note each glittering ray,
And when night 'a atlllnosa cometh on
Wo danoo till break of day.
Lof k how she dipa her graceful head,
Now rides a wave so high ;
II loftier aoema than moutatn peak
To our untutorad eye.
We ara not aallora all. you know,
And aome doubting looks ara seen:
Jbugbl aha sbakea her snowy roksa,
lnan mounts it ilka a queen.
Bometimea the wind <? flckle,
v/nd plays ua many aftrauk,
Living ua daya and daya becalmed
On :*?e sea now morna and dank .
But what cVpa the yacht for any calm?
The ooaan is &ef realm.
At bar prow standi btytheaoma Youth,
And Pteaaure Is at hei* telm.
Then on, still on, and ever on ?
Speeds our gallant winsome eraff.
Her rounded torm o'er occau'a tialda
The sporting wind* do waft;
And, obi for many a year to come,
Bo Borrow or ioy our lot,
We'll drown our care in plenaore'a bowl,
And drink to our noble yacht.
[From the New York Weekly Herald. 7
The Field.
The cereal harvest la at band, and ia a few days all tha
availablo agricultural labor of the country will be en
ga^cd In securing one of the most bountiful harveata we
have ever been blessed with. In this section of tha coun
try the wheat harvest usually occurs during the early
part of thia month; but in localities farther north ft is
s mewhat later. Wheat and rye arrive at maturity
about the same time; but oats and barley are much later.
Indian corn, which is uncommonly backward this tea
son, owing to the unusually unfavorable weather at the
period of planting, will not ripeo until September and
October, or about tho period of early frosts. Notwith
standing the lateness of the ptantlDg season, there Is rea
h n to hope lor a favorable yield, as most varieties
planted wero or descriptions of corn not likely to be
alF'Cted by early frost.
1'he weather bas been all that could be wished for aa
regards baying, and by this time the great bulk of the
clover crop must bo earelully stowed away. Timothy
grnaa will not be cut for some daya yet, or not until the
bloom has entirely disappeared, as it makes tbc beet hay
when cut some daya after flowering.
Tile Dralalaf.
The closest joint that can be formed by two bricks or
tiles simply laid together will admit the entrance of all
the water that can" be ea rleJ off by the drain. In tubu
lar tile, for inat&nce, of two inchea In diameter, there la a
crevice between the ends of Ibe tile equal to a slit of six
Inches long; and such a slit every foot for one hundred
rest in length will more than (III the tile with water in
that distance, no matter bow eloae'y the joints may be
made to Qt by any ordinary mod-: of placing the tile
together. Other kinds of tile would admit tbe water (till
morn freely, if enough oould ooze Irom the aoil to fill tbe
Hursexboe tile, which haa a flat sole, should belaid solid
on the bottom of tbe dltcb, so that there may be no water
channel underneath, aa water trom such a cnannel might
tad its way between the tiles into tbe main tube, and, aa
it ia always charged with sediment, choke up tbe tube
Tubular tilea, two inches in diameter, will frequently
carry off all the water for a hundred rods or more ia
length; aud an inch and a half will do tbe aame if there
bo considerable slope. Much depends on the deeceut; for
If ten feet In a hundred, many times more water will flow
off than If but one loot. Main channels, or thoee receiv
ing many lirancbea, mua! generally be larger. Every
thing depends on the quantity of water to be drawn off
and the steepness of decent.
It is estimated that tbe exceea or two crops on drained
land will always pay back the oost of draining, and on
some of tbc wettest laud the exceaa of tha llrat crop will
do "till more, with proper regard to cultivation after tho
druiaago has been effects I.
If by draining the aoil can be made so dry aa to becatno
a few works earlier, tnuvb is gained by the cultivator who
bas to contend with a soil naturally wet, cold and back
ward. On a< cb soils particularly, subsotmig has no prec
tical vnlue until they are thoroughly draiued. Water re
tame J in a deep, louse an 1 porous subsoil is slowly givon
off. and wble a shallow surface aoil soon parts with its
nwlaturo in wym weather , the deep moist soil enables
the plant t6 ?o on growing through tbe ontire beat or
dr Might of tho whole season. In heavy subsoils deep
cultivation must be accompanied by under draining, so
that the soil can be readily permeated by the warm rains
of summer, w^tcl) qi^sc jjs temuvrjMU'e to the growing
j oint, so ibat it can t>e worked aniT got roi'j f"r "Bring
crops almost as ao< n as the frost leaves the ground. A
aoil completely drained win m tmicsuh?ol1 it?elf. By the
pa- sage of v ater to the drains through w trm and mote
lulls , aud through vacuities made by the decay of roots,
it will be 'ontinoally forming new ( bannala, and diamte
grv* th? s lid s ,b"tnlum ijult" ns elliscfiially as sab
fX'iiiug bjr ji'v jdnugh. It willtl.ua be s?en that while
judicious sutMoiliii^ MQNMMM !>>' proper dr air, age, al
wayl proves beneUclal, yet it frequently become* dixas
trolis when d siaage Is neglected, aa a cold, unproductive
?oil la brojght to the strfsce.
Very great and long flhitlnued uopr< ductivenaaa has
frc iueiitly reao tod lu tho practice of trenching, where
tbe surface toil baa beau Inver'aJ and that from tieceath
brm ght (n the top. Valuable as drataage Is, It wbl not
temedy sucb inpiditioua |traclice. the remedy hea only in
time, I abor an. I enriching manure, s ipphod with a band
?o HiH-rai t'i it tts c st will to moit tustancea exceed the
value of the land.
The Fralt Oardta.
In tbe cnltare ol toe grape. care is required with young
vines that they bear U'< in re fn.u than iaaimply re
queue to test the quality of the Iruit. Tho growth of
folmge should be encuira^ed as .much aa poas bie < n ailch
vn.ee, the aim being to have as strong shoots at the bai-e
aa at ibe mpof h? an*. In order to accomplish this the
plan as tally I' ow J is to piuch out tbe p-outs of tha
atioog shoots arte they hivo made Ave or tlx leaves, so
tint the wiaiter ones will grow stronger. Young vmea
grow much faater when aufferad to rua over a twiggy
branch than when confined to a str-lght stick or trells lor
aupport. W here extra flee bnorbea of gmpea are deelra
Ma, tbe leaning aboota should Be yn< bed back to wltbtu
Ova or alx loaves above tbe buuebaa. there are limits,
however, to the piiH hlng system, which, if carried toe
far, la liable to prevent the production or gnnd woeo for
the rest reason. (If course tbe practice of large viae
yarda w ill vary soinewh.it from tb>a method, which ia
more particularly applicable to a few vines grown on tral
lieea in the gardea.
, ^ ^ r*
The WntKLT HHui-P.Irom the praaant week, will ooa
uut- v ?*"*"
'full and k'lthooMe d?tala from <mr rpeclal war corraa.
of the firoat llatOe* In Pennsylvania, 111 which
lb* Rebel Army, under General I>ea, wm defeated u4
otlerly rooted bjr the Coloo Porcee under Genera! ?mJ?.
P ii tt -nlar* of the Surrender of Vlck?btirf .
Tb<> UMM advices In regard V> the Profreea Of u?o
Sicgaof I 'ort Hudam.
The 1ate*t a-oarol of the Important MoTCmotlU of Ge
neral ltoaecr:in?' Army In Teoneaoee,
The latnet NVwa from Virginia, North and South Giro
Itna, Keal'trky. Trxaa, Mexiao, Havana, Europe and *11
other pari* of the world
Poetry carefully (elected, and Stories written by on
War (.'urraapondaata r
S|-v? tiuy? TroUlcn and Racing? Atjuatlca? The Prl?
R?p?r, *?? ?
Agri- u.taral? The Appr.-i* I104 lUiraat? The Fruit,
Ve??table and ? tower l^ardeu, kc.
It will aleo contain Htvnwi of the Mmy, Prrlcioa,
I attk, Home <u?d runny Marketa, Mitortafc oa Proa I
mm Event* of the Kay, fh.p Newa, aad rapariaaf all
ether irUre- t.u^AOd uaportani ntwa
A lar<e am.?iffof lmereetia? Raadta* Matter.'
*in*l?- ropiee H>" nenta Anaual anbeoriptloa price ?
?aei'opy ??
Three f'np i*a ?
nv? I'opnw 9
Tea < Optra IS
Aay larger number, addre*.?-d to nam?aof aabeeriben,
91 Mrarii. An cstra opy will be mil u> every clob
of i n twenty copla*. 1) ?t?e addrean, one year, f?!>,
and any larger numb' r at name pr?v. An et tra ropy wMI
be > -ni to clu'if of twenty, fa* ?* t'.' tV W*b*lt
liKNAU) lh' rkrap u pdtk a i >n la (V < MMtry
Amnri->arMa u> a limi'*-i n imnar, at t'ly rant*
I m line, will be inaertrd in the ? llaaaio
Edtter a art Proprietor.
>'o<tU*eal orMr of Pultna and Xaaana ?trpela,
City of Vicksburg and Its
Rebel Defences? Strength
of the Place.
*AY 'if1** \,H
Surrender of the Rebel Gibral
tar of the Mississippi.
Admiral Porter's Official An
nouncement of the Event.
Interesting and Exciting Account of the
Brilliant Siege.
TerriAc Exploit Ion of tli?*
Federal Mines.
The &eb?l Works &iftod Bighty
Feet Into the Air.
Desperate Charge of Our Army
Through the Breach.
Incessant Labors of Our Sap
pers and Miners.
Official Account of the Fall of
tbe City.
The Army and Navy Covered
with Ueser.
*4.. 48m Afl.
Admiral Porter'i Official Drupatch to the
Secretary of the Nnvy.
WaHHI.VI/ToV July J ??(,.{ I J' y
Th? following '!< patch ba* jn?t ti?v*n n
CflvoJ: ?
Uvrrrn Mi*-: rm *M' >m ,
t'LAWMiitf Biaca Il.? ? < , J ill) 4 I
II?>n. fJti?K<rv Wn i ? ? .-<?! rrt*rj of t .<? N , ? y
Siu; ? I have Uj?! honor W inform J on Ot?t
Vlckaburg ban ?irr<-ni|< r?"l to Ui> I iiM 8ut<
fore* * on tb!? Fourth of Jo!/.
Ver/ reaportfullj,
Your ob^diTit wrrartl
A< ? iu g Rnr .\'Irn!ia>l
Interrttinjf and Graphic Detail* of lL?;
Operation* Leading to the Snrrender
?p*eiftl D?apatrha? t? th? Wtw Tcrk Htra.-I
orumum or tul urn or inc.
Mr. ( haiita II. Farrtll't llii|>iu k.
7 '< ttttwwiM Aaat i am a l
'w ?<! vmrc js, j.i/ j
rae.taa </? ra* mwn.
Tlx l?"tr af,? Ijr , b I aa faal H tlM aa' ?
dTUxom* t? 111 kin. I. '.??.???! ? <U > ?*Ui>i i,g
hi* )IM?, M>1 M ? b*> M HI y rffU90* | .?W* 111- f? ? l
ltO?? a/a fatllftf ? <? U#l> Ow I'M flfca ?#
l?raflala baa aJr?a4jr arrta^P^
aar.?..t .I&4 W wal ??<W ?af V*t ? la leHac.* 1.| t>?
fa. I that UM ra?.*ta ir< mak n< a it?< 1 I ?r
VI aa.?| Um a>tai at ib? r f. luaat. 1 * a >*
a> a aarfaaraa
?I<H? u. 4a- If tarr?wia? aa ?*-? |??t??.a a- tak?a ?pa
kaap ?p a nmtmn, a Bra, i,i?M a?i 4a? ?? t? ? ?>?'? ??->
?Hf uvl mrrm4ii.| ?-..In At tt?a? lk? eaMSMha**
aa4 m-iakatrr *ra V* tamAr,
a aaaai ??ra? ?B?- t
*l(l'l Vi? aK,?kl? tt*? ???'. atf r* ~ ? rmA a>. I
4?ra? a rata at nrr?, iW rasata a f-*'?
aalif an wf Ml, alt*< .ai* tt?? pa/l*e <'l??il
la* bW i < riaa* TVr ?a<.???Uf t/i ?? ltii? WHK
? aa rtrj kaatj , a?4 !??'*! 1 1 '? '? tfca ar*? It
?aa lur tl*a fa/fiai of |?*t'ali?i aa ??
aa* / |toM*4 tou. riM "WaJ lM?4a> ??; fa
|wMa4, i aa ?aa iar a la
litat ? aa .<u aa?> ?
TT>a (aat la fiobt '* ?> ?Aa*>?rg ta|4 4arta? faavr
4a r a laaw I? a>t a? ika t4f a?4 aonvw^ >? fwll
fruaa 4a/ ?t>t aU (mi it itaaaa uta 'Sa#uargaa ?? a
tMjm.i Tba i?M ?aU# liaUriM at ti?t fyo-4
aU'i r ' ' ??/4a baa* llaay aiL k.ta4 W
dm TVa ma;, fea M oatan, w?a4, ara litafl m
anioarr I '?art in rn?#i <ui iwi k?" ? "(rr
n* riMa aitmxti '<?f a >?? iwta >aH*ia>i aa
a a?i <t ?i.aa?. ??m
Uka ak* a< taat atfM l*a iA* "ara ???7
apkM raalf ?? Ika a*- <??? lhar aaaa?? !?? ata4 kia
aarpa kf iknaiai a l>ff> ?<.ato? a# 4*<k
'?W k*w? ?t to Ika k>?a a- a H??*a?4?f afc*?
?. f It. ' ? Ik ' 'aa? ai ? ? f? a'? a?' ? l*ta ??? ba?
?*ra?l ?fc4 I * | a' t> a? i ?? ) ' ? *?
Mr. ^ f? *1 Kalat'a ????>???*.
Mvaaa . rrta. I mi??
? , - til t. Im? if ???! /
?tail naa?
Iia ? ? ? aa?a aa ?>* -? ? 4 ?'

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