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?H * dark ud stormy one, and the nupreaniou pre?atled
thai ibo rebel* wera tr>iug to gel ?<m ??'? ? here along
mu lino If such waa their lutenti'H. tt was t' jurt.ated.
a rowaitrrt maitwt in iwm w ekktkki
Colouel t narles K. Wo<ji, of lUe fceveuly?:>i*?b Ohio,
. .luuinuihiig the Second brgade of (lie T'lrtl division of
tbe I Hteontb army ccrpe, .8 ureciitg a battery ou the
snore above Vicksburg that will k: t> k the wt*-.e Cit>
into ' |'i ? if the rebel.- do not Ruaved m silencing It.
Tbe fort will kioutit two elovoa ii e% Columbia is fur
u li >1 from ifcn navy by Ai'tiOj.1 K ir Admiral 1'. J'
Ivi u-r , ? i.t Mutd by giinb^t dim. As ae uu-u cai
f'Ul'y work on il al uitjht, It may not be rou?ty lor sever >
days yet. W? promise oarselves tl>e plea-ore it see.i j
tbc Am shot Curt from It and your feaders ball h>??
the benefit of the observations
Ol * COUP! C'OLOMCt albXK o? IOWA.
! lav.'jg v lulled every lort and rifle pli along the of
tb? Union works, ?uid boen up" o\ ory sap as lar a tiiay
run into the enemy's line (eoraotlmos by ui?;ht ami ta.ne
tintes by day), we now foel I ke seU'iug down w lb tbe
l-?tw?th army corps. find informing lue halt uutllon
readers ol the Ukbalo what is going ? n around tbe libel
atroogbt d ? "f more .nartlcularly In trout of the Fifteenth
arm) cor^.twbose line extend* two uuloh and i. half
On tho extreme ri^'ht of our line is l x ated the Tw nt \
n th luwa, Colonel tieorgc A. Stone. Xliis gentlema* has !
boon in tbe sarrlce since the war brnlte out. comtu ??cmg |
aa a privato in the First Iowa. Undor Ui- superintend".! *
two nnle? of rifle pita hnvo been duf. , ruunlnx fro? tbe
water lo a steep lull overlooking the wly. on wi* 4 it. . .
ia planted Captain Landgraver's Miesonrt hor?e art-tery
t at lory. Tfceuuplaui lscalled tbe -'Flying Dutchman.* tie
was severely wounded Sunday morn tag while try s? to
?soertaiu, with hU glass, the position of a rebel geoaMi *
headquarter.;. Imposing hlmtelf for a -jionient, a v>?h-y "
was Urea at him from tho rolxjl fjfle pus, aad he full, t
through tba lett shoulder, tbe ball ctrnii.g out under bis
obouldcr binde. He will roe ver; but the .oss of his #er
vicei nt this time is almost ir eparable.
ai acwKit ok vim sitr.K.
Tho other ovenlng, wbiln Ool. George A. Sterna, of |he
Twenty-fl th Iowa, was |* .lug hi.- pickets in tho ravtoe
bom cm the rebel works aid ours, how a ha. lo<l by a
robel t>ergeaut, with; ?
"Wlnt reginieut do you belong tv>? Wh it your raiikt"
The Colonel, not wishing to lot thorn kn<>w what regi*
meat was near them, answered:?
''Lieutenant la an Illinois regiment."
"What are yon doing there?"
"Posting u picket to keep you rebel? in."
" You ncedu't do that, for General I'omberton Itaa
p.'itod a hoi. of a big picket hore to keep ub fr.ni getting
Shortly n norwards a 1 reb" sung oat ?
"When is tho Clnalnnatl going to Are up and come
down again?"
'?When the ,'ackson railroad is opened/' was the witty
answer. I
Since then plckot convervaliou has been strictly for
bidden by a special order from General Grant, rajwrs
soraotimosget out though, anil a rebel Vi keburg Daily
Citizen of Juno 20 is beiure us. 1'jiey request tboJr pickets
to get alt tbe Northern puj erj they can , po na to give tho
latest nows.
Tho ''reb8" have no news so far of the Virginia raid,
which is sufllcieut proof that all comin-iuicatlon is shut
o.'T between tin- cottfederacy and Vtcksburg.
To such stmlts have tho enemy born rodm eU that they
aro now throwing ( vcr iuto our ilues bolt railroad Iron,
half conical balls, sledgo hammers and dantb liella. Wo
ran aat>n re the readers oT tho Hkrai.ij that the ltoues of
the boasted rebel olrongtiold aro numbered, and porbupg
before this letter roachet-. thel* eyes tho Icderal (tag will
Host over all that, remains of the strongest fortilled city
In Amorica.
General Description of Out- Approachtt?
The Operation* of tlie iiiih and 93th,
Md in the JHIau.
Uluk K^I AKThKS, !"t\K*nKK!mi AK*T ???,'
DhlfAHfIM.Tr Mr tut TaMUMfX,
Bepokp. ViCKRBUitr., Judo 23, 1863.
This morniug at an early faoiir. In company wit* Cap
lain Andrew lliukooloopsr, Ghiuf Engineer of tho curi?,
and Lieutenant Oloael William F.. Strong, Inspector Ge
neral, I visited tlie works in (rout of Logan a position, in
the linos of this corps, in order to examine
the fumouf minis, the approaches to which, and
which In ttiemsolvos arc an object of attraction
te all fortunately ar {uainteil with their existence Tho
utmost possible s acres wlias been obsorved concerning
thorn, and though a<>mo tnay know tho intention In blow
up tho euomy'K works, yet how or wbere U la to be doue
is a mattor known to but few. Tho guards nt the head of
the asps loading to the entrance of the inino arc Instruct
ed to allow no oue to past who ranks uudor a g- moral,
with an exception In tho cuse of enginesrs and workmen
Immediately In chargo. The rigorous maanor In which
these instructions are carried oul Is orldeiicod
in scowls npon the oounteuances of a multi
tude of dlsnpimlnted candidate, particularly fleld
ofllcers, who, In a aiajjrlty of in-iancn, are tho
most indefatigable and inquisitive itinerant in camp.
After waiting seme time at the mouth of tbo main sap,
periuMlon was granted to tho uoo-admitasts of tho party
to advance, which was done with no ordinary aatlstkc
tion, not only as a reltof from the gradual Intensifying ot
tUe sun's heal and warmth of the trenches, but In answer
to a much more unconquerable curiosity to view the
unusual spectacle which lay but a short distance ahead.
cinsral c8AH.wrrr.k or irk Ai-eaoacsn.
In order to reach the inn In r ap runnin.' te the mine It
la nece-wry to traverse a distance of three hundred
yards, in front of the enemy's main work.
It) do this a series or trenches hate been dug,
taking direction? at no tiroj < xpoaed to an enfilading lire
trom the ecomy, yot at tvery yard approaching tioarcr
ai d nturer, wilb perfect safety to tho sappers. In thr*e
works a number ot sharpshooters are posted to keep tho
enemy from lookiug ovor and discovering and interfering
with our labors. In different locations along those works
batteries havo been thrown up and guns mounted wb'.< k
have excellent buttering positions.
U is not advisable to mentlwa figures, yet
it may be sare to my that, in addition
to a number of light guns atlntervals, Bat
tery Mcl'beraon o-ju tains * xuo thirty jioonder Tarrotts,
and another battery of marine guns taken from a gna
txmt, all commanded by Capuin it. H. Ortley , First United
States Infantry. A number of other heavy batteries use
also iu working order, but in location ?< that da not p0:s<*s
the advantages of tboee alroaily mentioned
From the head of the trench lo the mouth of the mine
there runs a ditch aSout six feet wide and six feet dsop,
the earth of which has been thrown npon the ?urfao<? to
wards the enemy. This affords a double security and
protection against the enemy's pruJcctlW The length of
this sap is about thirty Ave yards.
Tin norm or cm inn.
As one approtrhes tlie mine, In looking around, he (feds
hu.ielf in pis In view and within Ore yards of theme
toy's strongest work, the parapet ot which Is about twen
ty feet from the bottom of the ditch, and Is much Inden
ted by our shot and shell. The work, howsvor, bear*
a" me few marks of Its original exterior. It was ovldcatly
a sod work, almost per- -endloular on Its outer fact, and
Intended to mount four gun*, liowrver, since oar batte
ries have been so vigorously drug upon It, the em bra
cures have ah been flhed, and we think thc(>rUllar> with
drawn to an Interior anl second line of <!jfr oe
nearer t e city. In the assault of the 2*JU tisi.
the Kireoc h of the two positions became ovntenl ,
f>r our >o<s bars wss ths most sanguinary of the dny. It
is supposed, once in possess on of this point, we hoM lbs
key to lbs postUoo.
a rrw imty* nr inn* *
and yon rtand befbra the mine, which her* has the ap
l?aranr.e ?r a qnare shaft dug Into the earth, with a
gradaai drelfrtty as you penetrate. The entrance la
ma > in the scarp of thsooerayl fbrt , and prsssnts an
opening four teet *rnars, wall ft ?lit with timbers to
keep up the kna" earth which OW profootlles have broken
front the fa. e of l ie wtwt. la order to protert the en
Wane a nmnber of <sv is and bores hare been piled up
Mbra the rumth, ? kh *<**<* ample security from
fca?d grona-lie sad ?b? 'i?irown ow by the rebel troops
in or 7ss num.
The asata gallery , Iron, the moutb to the petal of di
vergence of the other galleries, measures Unriy-dve (bat.
Hera tares sraeller gaileri<a sit oni.w* ten root deep,
obliquely to the left; another eight feet, diverging to the
right, aad s third, eight feet la leagth, being a fleotIM*.
t?ja at the main gallery. The ohambere for the reoeption
?f the powder are let iato tho bottom ot the shaft, aad are
thou I two fast la depth.
ras <maaui*n ov tss ma
Having complaied one gallery, the po? der was brought
i p and peeked tato the cliamber* la altnnet equal quanti
ses, the eul ire qoantity used hang twenty-two hundred
^oiads, one thoaaauJ <d ?h*h were pll. -*d si the ood of
tne inaia gallery , the remainder being distributed la (be ;
Mlr??ilku?r lue natallar gal una*. From each ef Um
eb ualicra a liit* man run out to the mouth of tho shaft, |
w !iern the match to be spoiled at the designated
r?> m.wRiu
Tbe working \+lty eoga^nd on the mine* >u fornix
? a detail frern tho various reguneatsof l.ogaii sdivislen.
a rail ben* m?d-> lo forward to headquarters ail practical
minor* in tbe diftwoul regiments. Accordingly i? a faw
hours flfiy pi ked men. chloliy Wrfsh, fteotch, I ngl.ah
aotf of experience in the old couuiry, wore Ituiuo
distely or^.,uito4 into a corps, uudor the direct command
ol I leuteuaot Tbom.v Russell, an olBccr of the >event!i
Ji.-souri a miner of reputation in hia own aa well an thm
country This party rer rted t? Captain UiMettlooper,
thiel of the corps of engineers, and tho workatonre
coi.imcnccd, and is low within three hours ol completion.
I tho entire time occupied being forty hour?
Obtain Tressilllan, Fngineer on (ianeral Loan's utaff
a??i.Hl (*pum Hiukoulooprr daring the progr-*. of the
work, and is spoken of highly pressing in<h btry and
*kitcu OF (aprAi* JJIMQnr mcKKMnoow.
Andrew Hkkenlooper nu bora iu Hudson, Ohio, August
bO. 1V7 He atteiide.1 ?-hoo! uatU ISM, when he entered
? Mttee or a. W. Gilbert, (< Ity engineer.*, Cincinnati,
in iv. be feruled a partnership wuh Mr. Gilbert, and
? .%4p?K tuj surveyor of Cln-;unatl in 1859. . to
tie tv,. x;:; ! f_ , w?r (August, h* rec. ultsd the
tvjv,vj MxkeaK vper'a CinciuaBMI Hattcry," kuuwB at
Kv.sw.t fi the tilth t'hio battery . In October Captain
?ec ojvr with his command, loft *?r Jefferson City,
>/ x* znt auvi iru6 appointed c <iuina#dMnt of artillery M
taai put by Gen. Fremont. On thelst of March, ISM, thin
lattery was sent up tho Teuue: see river to join the army
then open, tin* along that strehni. and partlciimfed in the
t> ittla Of Shiloh on the 6th and 7th of April. O the 10th
ol April Captain Ulcke?looper was appointed chief or ar
tillery to tbe Sixth division of the Armj or the Tennessoe
nnd immediately after the battle of Corinth r.i assigned
to tho stall of Major General MePhersoi , to act in the
tame capacity. Iu February, lbft8, he received hie
1-rescnt appointment us chief engineer of the Seventeenth
army corps. Sincu that time the Captain has been iu
fctiperlnttvudence of tho Knglnoer liepartmeut of the cob
maud, with entire Mtiafactlou to the Genera', ami credit
to tho rei ulntion of the crp*.
Tho brigade or General M. D. Uggett is charged with
tbe holding of (he worts in the lieinity of tbe tn.nos, and
has furmhed aU tho eh.trpshooting detachments thai havo
k. pt down the enemy, in order to allow the labors of oar
workmen to continue. The greatest proximity of tbe
Bb.irifchflotoif to tho enemy's works is about twenty
yards. Thte gives us entire control ol the position.
To.dny the Twenty third Indiina is on sharpshootlnf
duty, an* they are kept boay oo, erlng the operations of
the .sappers autl miners.
a io;w sac.
- 'Si"ce oar arrive! in the trench* . now sa,. has been
run oer t,. the loU at an angle to Uw main one fc-.dlng to
| tlio mine Tin. sap run. parallel to the oneiny'^ breast
work and just ouisuhj of where rao the exterior edge of
the ditch, which, by our men, has boon jmrtly Ailed. The
Bf';V 8:1,1 i8 10 "m,rJ a l'Kxe for o.ir
fharphhootcrs, which will onable ns to hold our fround on
the rfcht by keeping <iown a flaak Are. Tbe length of
sup is about fifty yards.
It may bo supposed by sou-e that the ninnlnf of aloes
is the mere operation of the pick and shovel, without in
tcrference ?n the part of the enemy by moans of the
same instrument.', as well as by his riflemen picking off
the men as thoy approach, or by throwing hand grenades
, and shell over the parapet amongst the mon. This Idea la
I qulh. different from the reality. A few fwl8 counectod
with laat night's proceedings may ohaMe the reader to
form Bomo notion of litis dangerous operation.
the working party returne<l to the min#, which now bad
attained a depth of fbirty-ftvc feet, vjncli wnS the entire
?^mb,-r of foot of the moln gallfry. The inou had
commenced wlieu th'.y ke.^,1, M they mn
IKwjcd, near by,ilio picking end sliovallmg of another par
ty, which they fcuew to be tho euei.,*, endeavouring to
intercept 0?r mine., The mon of our aide at ouoe desist
ojl fron. their labors Willed tie ir oars to the walls of
the gallery in order to detec t Uc dh ,ction of .pprooch , ir
possible, of tho enemy's countermine. Soon Jnowever
the enemy himself eoaseU his laborr Our men once
more resumed operations, and worked untU midnight the
enemy working at the same time, and aiem
ingly approaching oar abaft. At this juncture an
uuexi*>ct?l panic overcamo the worker*, and they
hurried out of the mlno with considerable despatch. The
cause of this excitement Is aald to have boon a eujpioioa
that the enemy waa about to blow up hia own Blue, In
view of counteracting our own. Aooordiogly nothing waa
don# until this morning, when (tie party, reassured, re I
aewed their work.
n? KTBtr's oonnriinai
Tbe fear during the outire working at the miae and
even now la that the enemy, who is evidently counter
mining, will Intercept the galleries and ateal oat the
' powder, or himsolf blow up the work and
render onr labor harmless, rt is now a mat
tor of speed, the party Ural llulshed baring the ad
vantage. Oar mon, of oourse, are usi.ig every endeavor
to oomc out ahead. The powder la now being placed in
?acta and carried to the chambers made to roceive it
II is the Intention to explode the mine the moment it M
. flushed, whtoh In all probability will be early this after
I Boon. 1
Conimciicement of the Grand A*
Mr. J>m?? C. Fltzpatrtck'a Oeiptlchf i.
N?m Vu*.*bv*g, June 36. 1803.
How tin RatiEU nrrcin 10 ascara noM vim^rsn
A bold and Ingeniously contrived plan of tb? garrison Id
Vickaburg, by which they hopo to orreei their asenpa from
the city, hM just been discover!*!. A soldier of the Ninth
I dwi regiment, who was taken prtsoaar by the rebel* and
confined la the city, ban beet. pwole-i and afnt back to
our llroa. Ha reporte that tba rebels are industriously at
work building an Immense number ot skirtS, aud that one
i thousand era now ready In thsae they expect to aud
deu]y 8 warm acreaa the river to Urn Louisiana shore, risk
ing capture by the gunboats, and effect their escape,
i Now that Senaral Grout Iff informed of tb? plan, itepe
I will be taken to prevent its oouaumuation.
isi-oMcr.n rktsiut os jot jomaaos.
The newtfroui the Big (Uack thin morning if that John
etonbas pud'tenly rocroasod to the south s.oa of the river,
and ta retreatiag Vo doubt tbe ocoaaloa ot this retro
grade ;nortmunt was tbe i*ws or the capture or Port
Hudaon. aad the fear that Bantu' fbrcee would take him
In tna rear. Tbe jndi<*lMa* are now that Grant la under
taking tbeoSei.tice agtmst Johnston. "Since the inoun
. tain will not come to Mahomet, Mf ii?m?t must uaeda ga
; to tbe iMuatam." By the way. Johnston's mono lain ta
| proving to l>? * very small mo* ?'hill.
tsmrisw oh ihv lm
i A heavy skirmish touk plane am tbe loft of eur Una
' yesterday to *niag. We hare no details yak It to
I probable that the rebels mad- a sortie upon Mr work*,
j or endeavored lo eut their way out a* that point.
r it BonARDnsv rsoosaauw
j Ike bombardment of tba city to still la progress The
: rebate have placed the famous >? Whistling Oiok' ? sop
P--?ed to be an Kagtish gun? ta position again, and tw
, thrill -oundlng mlaailea are oaee mors tearing through
, o-if camps. Carbarn the grandest sosve in the drama of
, tuks' urg tba bombardment at nl?ht by the mortar
b at#, r nwelre the darkness of the utghi suddenly and
Inxtaiiiatinoualy dissipated by a eotie of lurid light wkioh
SLirto from th> m<-uth ef the mortar aad apon* the
apaoa betwoen the river and tbe beaveae lice the
tail ef an immense comet, quickly followed by n heavy
thundering re,iort, all scam raptdly suocssdad by the
daafeand report of tbe bursUngahWl, and than eonoetva
ail feis -peatcd at Intervals over the river, sad jrec wiM
bavn an idea of the soens. oftentimes tbe sheila beret la
the air, Indicating their position by their brilliant, aiifvy.
like lash. Whe n they Ml ta tbe elty the tact is easily
dieotV'Tc<i by tbe dull, Bullied oolse of tbe < rptoaton
rntvtL ow ran a? mini
between bars and Memphis la anything bat pleasant or
safe just now. Tbe gnertllaa In feat the banks dh both
sldsn, and the piasing boats seldom ooapa without a
aboi. II to reported that tbe l/tminary wag sunk day ba
fore yesterday oc bar way up the -river. The Prima
Poena la at Young's Point, partially diaabtod, having re
oetvfcd fbrty -three shot* during tbe psasags. The gueril
la who eflhet this damn* seem t? be amply prox Ided
with field half* .'""i is p > 1 I K-ins.
Tbe rain of the pis? fee 'lava in ad Ummi to cooling the
etmoa'pherc, h b" dn?l, ren I -Ting trktsl Over I tie
r ad? more agri 1 an usual
\s?~ Vtr **'> rr .fur &j- 7 p, M
| Dy a stnamer w hi !i has |i,?t t?>t>e <a> the i.ver I iv*?
enabled to ml turn a lt? %rW an* bwrrtedly wrtt?oe
dotaiw or ik? craad hhiM am Um mmmf* m>r%MiX
Vick?b*rKthnaft*r?o<m. a aec^ad himmw to Just rjady
to leave, and 1 take advantage of tlu aMerv al unli) Uef
departure to add wot partioulara.
rut riuujit 1 nast oraitatioxx
To uudenitand mors cliwriy (be i> recta of the day, it
mar be well to pretace with a short deacrlpnoe of th?
rebel works In retrealinK to Vicksburg tbe rob> took i
pntmnat' a of a ohmo of bills wtiioti i*in iu tbo Jjpiril
outl.no of ft BeinieU^ around Ota city, and the^o Uiov {
i mined lately fortified, at tk> nit) time CTireeU'iJ
tUea^ by a lice of twill aid li-evjiw *rk> hurl!/
lolorlor in strength to the forlitlod bllU then;
solve*. Tne centre of tins lino protruded eeealddrubly
Into the pueilitn taken by bcatnl Grant, and wan m I
fact Uio largest hilt ol the chain. The ere t of lb. - WAS
rapidly converted into a forruidaV-^ earthwork, which
the rebela empty supplied with ar .1'ory , (Uift, ko >witijt
that it allorded the key to the reins. ung works, It *?a
strengthened by every mean* with n thoii power. Our
forcos, now over, by niglit npproichoe, succeeded in
planting artillery ?o near to it thatd?r by day its gun
v cr? silenced, until at length it became tenable ^nlj by
the awnrnifc of sliarpehootfrs, who, hum tlte cover of the
ride pits constructed on the opposite slopo and Just bolow
the i-djja of Mio summit, kept up a galling Are on those or
our forces who came within sight and range. To eiTeot a
breath in tbo lino of works at this point now became a
part of General Grant's plan . and aocordingly the eu| pors
and miners commenced operations, It le unrooen.iry to
dwell upon th* progress made by tlu in , as It whs
daily recorded by your cerroeppcdeois. Suffice It
10 lay Uuti, with the Wipport uf a line of
parallels, the approach to Mie fonnd.itlou of iho
fort was made by tranches and C've-.-d ways until
a mine was constructed In the Tory heart of the hill.
Singular to say, while rebel rifles were craaking away on
the top, Union spades were excavating thirty feel below,
in an almost perpendicular line.
ma ku-ukoor or rn* ki-vr.
Thto morning the work was computed, ah lmm<v>?e
quantity of powder was stored in the cavity prepared to
recoive It, and the fuse train was laid. At warn the dif
ferent regiments of the Seventeenth corps, selected U
make the assault upon the breach when it should hav?
been effeotQil. were marshalled iu lout tln-.-s upon the near
slopes of the hills Immediately confront nig Die doomed
rebel fortifications, whore, disposed for tbe attack, they
impatiently awaited the dettonenien' The robels scamo'l
to discover that some movement wii* on foot, for Irom
the moment our trope came iuto position until tlte ex
plosion took place their sharpshooters kept up au Incex
sunt lire from the whole line of their works.
At length all was la readiness, the fttvo train was
fired, and It went fizzing and popping through the
rigzai; line or trenohos, until for a moment it 1
vanished. lis disappearance was quickly succeeded by
the explosion, and the mice was sprung. So terrible a
spectacle is seldom witnessed. Oust, dirt, smoke, gabions,
stockades, timber, guu carriages, logs? In fact, every
Uilug connected with the fort? roa? hundred* of feet Into
the air, as If vomited forth from a volcano. Some who
were close spectators evon say that they saw the bodies
of the poor wretches who a moment before lined the ram
parts of tho work.
Simultaneously with the tiring of tbe fuse traiu our ar
tillery opened from tho entire semi-circle of batteries,
and its thunders woll nigh drowned the noire of the ex
plosion of the mine. Hardly bad the.smoke cleared of! aud
tbe fal log fragments of the fort eamo to the ground, when
at the word Mid with a terrific yell our treojw started qp
the charge. Up the Mope they went at the "double
quick," turned tbo summit, and, running down ui?a tho
Other side, dashed at the breach. How far they pene
trated lam not as yet aware. That tbe rebels were pre
soot in foroe to check their progress at tho gap was evt
dent from the ract that they wore (here met by a wither
iug volley of musketry , The smoke or tbe contest soon
enveloped tbe scene. Tbe musketry became louder and
loudor, and for three hours it has contiuued in one un
ceasing rattle, intermingled at times with tbe heavier and
Ihunder-ltke^iealR of the artillery.
In my next I hope to record lor you a victorious con
clot-ion to this day's work.
Yazoo Kiy**, June 'Z4? 8 A M.
The news from tbo front this morning la that the
charge of our troo{* yesterday afternoon was entirely
successful. They hold tbe breach, though the victory
was not won without terrible loss, including many or
fleer*. Seven picked regiments of General McPhereou's
oorpti constituted the assaulting party. Among the
killed to Colonel Ifelanclbon Smith, of the torty tilth
lllinoto, which Is familiarly known, as tbo "Lead Mine''
regiment. The Major of tbe same regiment is alM>
among tho killed.
Twenty-nine barrels of powder were placed In tho
mine to oflfeol the blowing up of tbe fort- Th* gap re
reals a complete view of tbe city and of the rlvor be
yond. Two of our heaviest pieces of artillery now cm
tnand the city at point blauk range. Ammunition is
going forward, *o that w* may loot for a renewal of the
attack at any moment.
Mr. Cbarles Ik Farrcll'i UNptUhti.
Near Tunrnwn Aur Cum, ?
Lan Wiao, Army or mi Mmvasim, >
Vhhmivko, June -Jf>, IMS. )
A MV*T DAT WITH (? tut.
The day opened clear and warm? something of the tem
perature of en August day tu New York. Bel ore day light
and Tor the apace of two Uourj tbo enemy opened a brink
artillery Ore, directed on the right of tht? corpa. They
appeared to be desiroas of payiug op an old score ou one
of our batteries st that point. The only reault attained
by It waa au immense waete o( powder and shell by the
rube la. Not a man way inmred by the r-b"l ebullition o(
<>m RiTT(H'Bn ore*.
Shortly after daylight the left wing opened a are on the
enemy 'a ride pita and the new worka now being construct
ed by them. Oar nharpehoctera were not idle. The ane
ay returned (ho Ore rery nl< wly at Orel, but at timet
would redouble their effort*.
ihk mm. B'iit*.
lbe naval ileet, gunboats and mortar bout* , acted in
concert with the battorioe on our left wing, and kept*
vary regular and apparently elective Ore on the enemy
on BirrKK.n i namo
M noon au order cue from Geueral Qrant tor oar bat
teries to c*a?e firing, which ot oonrae was i romptly
obeyed. The object oi 11k order will sppoar in the follow
ing paragraph*;?
a wot u'kui o? nil Htnu,
The evenl bavin* happened, I am new at liberty to
?ute that for aarerai weefcs past our eaginoeiv
In tbs centre column (Mineral Moltwraoa'*) hive
beta oefttduooely engaged la sapping and mining
the enemy a principal fort, Minute on the highest bill
u> this vicinity. lbe particular* u( lbe work aa l bow It
waa aec mpliitied I leave to be narrated by the Bihalu'I
omiipondent with MoPbrrsoft'a corp. lb* officers In
high rank were infbrmed oarly in the day that at fctr
o'clock I'. H. the Bine constructed by us under tl e
eoeiu) '* principal tort woold be sprung, and thai the
event would be the eigne! for every gnn In posit.oa along
our entire besieging line, Ml miles, to open urn keep ?tp
? brie It lire oa the sftsmys wort*.
tax (it icr album trs limb
From twelve o'clock, aooo, until four o'efr k p y ,
there wss ? mutual sssaatifta of Br* by the beslogsr* sad
the btstsgsd e ,-wi the orack of (he tides of the ?barp
ehofttera. whish tor ssvdrsl we Its past have sot ceased
night sr day , were net to be heard. The hsat of the
weather was intense, aad tb lull wfts ?<> doeM *eKome
to lbe troop* or b"tb armies.
nunm soft an inan
I as tbs time drftw i ear f' r toe ?i rtug>i.? of the una*
' under (tie rebel fort , the new* .f the *Muiav ev*et t; read
tb'O'.gb (be rampa, and t!?e ?o' iter* not oa duty hasteaed
' to til the sligi We pcattlun* ea ie aurrooadlag hills, com
' uainlinga view of the eicmya works. Voor ourrespra
dent writ with the mass. aa>i, ?ft ena^pay wKh I. mien
?at Onloael laggart, eemiaiaaary er this eeepe, took the
I beat paqtUon thv ??? to b> had. a* the hour a<:i*ucad
far the aiifipated aBair ?peoaiatiea* wars nfs ai to Its
j psaalbl* rss?..ts. all ware a attune ?* suoosss, wbiis tome
! ware sadsavortag te try le flod lbef?*Mbt.Hy ef a ,in,
?as snut snuans mu> ruvm.
A fsw atiaoWa after fmir Mm ??.r to wbi. b I hare
a ready re'erred was hrokea by the Sudden siptosk* of
thsmins. The great rebw fort, whirl i t so l ?g a uaas
Las lieea a tough cuatomer to ?r troops, waa la an la
titat of time more than aae half demolished the eaplo
a'oi. waft followed by the prwtpitalloa if a mane or earth
ictn the air, apretdiag Mr dual into deuee, rolling e'e )a. {
net ore It efttirely dlsep,?ftre<t
? tsesir i rj.v*'Man? coast* an.
i In a minute after lbe eiptneion of the mine a cannon
ade (.neamaocal s oxiltaosously along our wbe'e Iter. Two
b nidred piare> of arltllerp.i* all call'ire*. bel< lied forth
! tb-ir Ihaadorlft/ reporw, throw.## gr*pe, can m<?, nVn
1 ?rd "'ill ? ult^ a' tbnre'.iei w rk< Th < ?<m . . r' , ,
| ? is lerrlOc and tin* ! -o (.? f , ,,, #
have bee# s?vff? ?? to' ifbv*
unrumr pso ?U? .
Ili? infantry of *fc>e corp. romuoed U lh?r puott I* .
the iDirAiiclim jbU, a., no of them fer ward wae
contemplated; bat .-mplojnsteot ws? given lb*? by itootr
receiving orden l? <'n(*fn ^he eaeaty freno 'heir pro
tected i>08!?ion. After the ciaM'i^ m>m4 it- lhi<
which bud counted halt ui ko?', IM ia(v?'?ry <m*vi vt
fir# an the rebel*
th* na?r HKpt f to OUR mi:*.
The enemy replied bn.ikly to nrnawnlt and fuul
|jd?. Mill - >nt their oompllmeut's to u* la t He nhape of
solid ?:? Jt ?nd shell the r flr* we* not less bridr tb<n
our*, though they i -id uot ono half the vimi?er of pieces
eag:o;i"<l rfcis wfl* more tUa n oounterhat need by (bo
fuel thai t n?y had cbotoe of p >sltiou all alonf m > lines
a rtn.^tia W Artnur m-a.
The fejwrta of dnr mu.keiry m torrifc; sonvtimea
to* Ate would b? by rejimect- snd ut:rln by whnle bri
g i lax rail dlvHi i?.
au me* ox rf* anaiT'a i??rNiav?r. mm
Aftnr the e*plwl"0 Mia cmnonato all c-va v?-?ro oa tha
r online a oi the exp)'?to4 fort. 1 r>m tha^ioiiiiou ] >0fu
f^eil. oac Mitt a h.ilf mile d. >taai. I saw wlt!t the aid of
my fui.i Kiua i*ie columns of a portion ?f tht Hevniiireoth
eorpa advance to the brooch in the enemy's work*, lite
rulrtjll# vicinity , which ware num-rous, openod a
daidly musketry firo on our advancta** oolur-ina, tbia was
rou rued promptly by oor brave fcllbwe. The breach in
ttio fort was soon gained: but otattcMa, In addition to ,
the sharp and consta t Ore of tbo enemy, were now
enouunttred. It s > ma (hat IB the parapets o the fort
heavy timber wtm used to give it stability;- afW tbe e?
plosion these timbers were thrown up and wero dis
tributed in such a manner as to roaka considerable ob
struction to Uie breach in Uio Tort. ?V . \ . i
lSIUVKHr o? OCR ntooie.
Not vt lib.iUaUiug the barrier alladod to, our men, under
the gullantJygan, mounted tbo obstacles, but were forced
hack by the rebel (Ire. Again they mounted the trenches
and Again fell baok. t flank movement was thMi made,
which was successful, and our rftlhujt troops poured into
the rebel work, every inch being c<*itc?;ed wiiu i tec pe ra
tion by the rebels. Our colors were soon planted in tbo
interior of tbe work, acoompanlod by tho cheetn ?(' our
t roc pp. I c mnot speak spociflrnHy of tbe regiments on
Oagcd; this will by (|?uc by another wrltjr
ErrRf* of lu* B ?:.<?* lilUHtf.
IS about en hour after tho battle coaitoouced Uio ttmM
phere wad filled with Rmoko, so that it was impossible for
mo to get a view or the actum of Uie contra corps, to
which point the principal part of the battle was con
At half past six 1'. M. tho Are of tbe Tlitrtoeuth corps
bad ceased; bat the battlo was raging with fury on the
oentre corns
at mi on.
Being sereral miles from the ccntro #or|?, Uie 'doings In
that locality did not como under my attention ; but I
learned with grxtiflr.atlor that our brave troopx bad made
a lodgment on t e enemy's principal work , and General
l/>gan expressed his di' termination to how it at ail ha
The gunboat fleet of!' Warrenton after darkness bad set
in comuicuoed a bombardment of the enrmy's forts This
tvu kept up witliotit lntermiKSk>n until midnight, when
l| wes Klaokened to desultory show. Tho fuses of tbe
shells as thoy ascended in tho air were easily distin
guishable, and looked in their course like shooting mete
ors. When they would strive the shell would explode ?
wMb a terriAo jojiort. Some of the fehnlla explodod in
the air, the flashes from which looked like ait Immon-e
picce of pyroteehny.
Our casualties during the aflalr wore small
ToiBIKKNTn A>:?tr CORI'S, \
V*a* VnveBUito, Ji.ne 2S, 18W. f
bUTMHl'llOM Of toon TO HtiMS.
By III* invitation or Lieut, Colonel U. I.Taggirt, tbe
commissary of this corps, 1 vinltod a point about two
miles outside of our plckvt ilna to w itness tlic distribution
of rood by us to the destitute robels in that vicinity. ]
learned on the occasion thn it ha* boon for some time tie
| custom of lien. Smut to Uc this? tbtis Pi'ictratlBg the
figure that the sword can be carried In one hand and the
olivo branch la the ether.
now it was tun*
lhe wagun train, which consisted of (our or five iragodf
laden with such atoms us usually compose the soldiors'"
rations preceded ua about ouo hour. Altar a ploa&uil
ride I arrived at the designutod place. Ilere a scene
broke upon my view which I stutt not aoon rorget. There
were collected upwards of three hudrod families la
a largo grove, near tba residence of l>r. Fitsbugh,
who by the way Is a noted secessionist of the Virginia
family of that name. The collection wait not conflned to
poor or old people; but the old and young, grave and gay,
rich and poor, were forced by necessity to came hither
to ea/^f the beaeflte of our government's munUJcence.
These parties came from pointa for mites around here,
and came hither on horseback, in carriagoa and other
vehicle*. In looking through this motley assemblage 1
observed that many of the younger ladles wore riding
habits, feather* and plumes af the latest faahien. The
goods from which these clotl.os were made T waa Informed
wore imported from Knghad, and purrharad by the coa
auniar at fabuiaua prioee.
?iu? uvmracrtioH ot i*ovmk??
was made by C*|Aatn Baker, C. 8. V. 8. A., eat luted by
his cleric. Kaoii family waa euppUed pro rata to tba
number of individuals oom posing it. Bach adult waa
allowad a soldier's ration, and each chlift under twelve
years of ago onebalf a ration. Ton day*' rations wero
<?Nvw?tiom or v WAH
iHwlag the alfkir coanlilerabl* couvoraatluu on lhe
U>l>tee of the day wa<< introduced by these pebilc eooouar
especially the female portion, who, while in the vary act
of rasoiving the mnnineetice of the government, took
ocostton to instill H? odlrfia aiid rldicu.f its policy. Sr?mo
of tbeaa individuate claim to bo or Northern pat flotage,
aad thuae of that clasa seemed mora bitter and *ol*p> Win
than thoee ot pnre Southern stock.
tub obocbm is tw* kuohhokirkm'.
Near the place ot distribution Ik the residence uf Dr,
Fit ilj ugh , of whom I have epoken elsewkcre. Bis reel
deooo and surround iaje are of the most tasty and ample
description. Dnnng the day hi* house was the bead
quarters of those that cams id from the surrounding
country la front of the bouee is a spacious lawn, orna
mealed with click* shade treea; adjoining this ma largo
flower garden. In th? roar of all are large out houses,
granary, Ac.
I The distribution of i*o visions oeci.pied|the entire fore
' noon, when the assemblage dissolved and the scene
I ehmeij
Mr. U. B. M, JCatoa'e Iteapatchm.
Haaaqr tarcae, firmiWH Asav'loar*, ?
Wauvr 111 us, Kiua or V icuweMt, June 86 , 1 li) J
I Nothing of particular lutareat haa occurred It ihia
1 corps since )-astarday. Beery and oouUaned cannonad ?
mg has boon kept up day aad atght for the laat few days,
and the rebate are not aliawed to ahow their he?4s.
/oa joeasrow rests*'
Hear in,; that General Jee Johnston had ratraalad to
Jackson, and had there gathered a Parte a f thirtj-dv#
thousand man, Qanaral Bfceman atartad yeaterday mora,
tag, with General Tuttl ??* dlvtatoa and threa brigades ot
General MoArtbur'i dixta di vtetea, to hunt btan up. Gee
oral ?hsrman win take other troope with him from Black
river, the eaact number af which w* are unable to laara.
A fight may he looked for immediately.
a naait proa i-awucui.t
Oiptatu Maan , of tba Fifth lUlaote oavalry, with forty
picked mm ( volunteers), Ian Oread Gulf Tuesday morn
tng for Itomoote, with aruara to rt astray all railroad sad
Ulagr?ph eorataanloaitdb oa the way. Tba OapUla doaa
net go out wit* the eapeotattan of Igbting, but maraly to
is magi or 4mroy ratal eommnatoauon
anwnui warm's oeuaa re raavmn rna attara o? 1
Beer Admiral 0. V rortsr lisa jaat Mauad aa order to
Ms man fba od om maftijBftca reeelrad that the rebate
are tearing Ajw* teiMlag* tn TMMharg, preparatory to '
aaauag raita and bu?B to eeoai* to the LsnVtaaa side)
IB Map a tadknai day aad utght. and to alak every
?raft or taft that aoaeea oat aa the rtrer The raMaaa
p*ettha< own. Ktcby aaiith win areata a diunl?ta their
f*ter by aitaWag Teaag a Ntot. Ovrloreaa are ready 1
for than. <mr t*m batterlea w?U eosa ha ready, aad
Utaatha rebais may try to eome aet when they faei
H. fl?e rwhel river hMteriee keep up a ooatlnaed ebeiiiag
afoar working partiea but all to no parpnee so flar.
di/md ami cuaaa.
On UaoSral dharmaa'* front the Ubmh troope are get |
ling claaor and eloaer le lbs rebel works, and all picket '
eomtnauK-ation is stoppad. Tba rebate aak eusetlona and '
araarewered byrUteehats To the beat of our kt w j
ledge aad belief, the Vteksbunt autborii xt do not know nf
l^s'a raid lata Marytead, aad o r tntewkm H to k ?
Uieoi M the dark about It.
ViVtLV ON Tf*I L?rr
ri <1> flfrTat*,? ttmft '
Lisco-irdef-rKa^.aeai.i wwrt, *uio
areh I" ? ?> ??'?<*" w.1% *a |.u ^ef ?a '
Mm* quarter, Ml that so far our men hive euQ^?ae"
tokint under iMt care all parties 0 1 robe* "?*l *-lv*
^ado U?e WM? uul.
Mr, b'.A?rl*? H. Vnrrrll'i I.etter
un s?w?. __
l*n Wiwii AaMr or nm Missisum
I'hakoi Vu MBUBl. , <ijui> 3T, 1B63
X Vi.ur 4IM a ttlK IJNSK
fwlordyl ]?iJ> vi it along tho linos of Ctil*oorj>s?
Iho loft wm* of tbitf srin/? a liUtanc* of s* ron P>i!es.
Krom mw observation* will Inform >Mn [jatli^r.^t 1
learned matibe o||? t& pr06re-?A>g '?? fast as (lie tauire
of tbe obeta m u? 1)6 overcome will ad, ml. Wa have
row 'i|X'?kO( this wing only) over 11 ty truns is po^i
tun, Our [..rtiflcations ar? di^tiut frtnu llie rebel work
f' ?a twob'Mdi 'J to four hun<trpd rar<1?
or uiriji f'TH
la Clon^TAt Herroo'* froet, on the extreme leli, the
rebel* arc particularly annoyed by bin advances. fror
several night* past be bus succeeded tn capturing k rifle
pit, killing luoro or leas rebels Mid taku'g prisoners, pro
ClnalJy from lue Forty-second (Jeorgia regmaant.
hiatiuivmt or ranoMM.
From the prisoner* captured 1 bave made sevelhl at
tempts to i btsiu a truthlnl statement of tbo condition of
thing* m Vtakrfuurg ; but la this 1 bave signally failed, for
'the reaves that two of these priaonors tall the I
story. Tlift other A\ * rubel oflioer assured me,
Honor a* a man/ MM not a person , soldier or citiz
been injured in ViS^biyf since the bombardmenj
commerced* whioh had tften been going onaiMUt a i
or ?1CKSBP,W- ^5?
- IS rny tw of inspection yesterday I obtained a? uri
obstructed vl?H of V.ick3btirg from an eminence o? our
extreme Iqfi. With tbo old of a telescope T could' die
tinctly seeHnto the heart of tbe dltjr. I saw, ladles lb the
streets uttB on lbs piazaas of tbe houses walking hither
and tbitUvr With All tbe nonchalance possible, as if they
v, ere not #ttrro'r;dflfl by tlie appliances of war. The city
does not ntoow noy spi>oarance of having sustained m u
ibtmago by our bombardment; but this, I learn, i* owiog
to tbe fsft thai no attempts havo bceu made to dent y
It "nw#?<hf'lB tt it did enter, werv ?iwla' mes,
. W! ? v ??? ?&fc *<-?*??**> =<*"
The re^U- troops art.-nesrly all outride tbe city in the
rear of their lutrsotbaeDta, a sufllclent number being a
lained to do provdIMiaitr&hal duty in the city.
Tbe rebeU inaks no display of their treasonable em
blem? the relxtl flag? to tho city or fortiHoatlons. They
are probably getting aanamod o( it, aud thiuk it better in
From lb# iHxltion In which I viewed the city and forti
float lonn I ooutd distinctly seethe entrances to ceveral
Cj?vos in ti e latter, where the rebel reserves hide them
salvos from car bunting shells. I am Informed that
tl^rse cavct cxii>t all aloug tbe rol>en>ncs, and are con
nadtcd with e.ieli other by subterranean parages, In the
Citjr those oavos are of liuj-e iliinonHioiiH, some of them
>vtnf capacious enough to lodge a family of r.evcn or eight
! ersofci.
Wt havo just completed a now and effective battery
iear the Slircve port canal, directly opposite Vicksborg,
ixt the river side. A thirty-i>ounder l'arrott gun has been
I ^ut tnvoHiUaii, and h.m done some good pboottng. Ills
1 4rithia oo* aad a half mile, of the City A few days ago
* thl? gun -was opened on the ciVy, "and throw shells with
(reel eflbct, eachibot doing more or less damage.
The of the 6? a above alluded to was conceutrated
on a rebel foundry which is in oporation in tbe oity night
and day. The shot told with good efTect, and stoce that
tine tbe furnaces have not eeeme* so busily employed.
|t ta said the rebels use this Toundry to cas} abut and
?ball aud guua from tbe refhse iron and fragments
ot tbe shells il rod fro? this side. Thus N woukl
lean the r?hclc ara employ tag all the means
at band to prolong siege. YeAorduy the
r?'>el water bmterles ojpered our little buttery above
mentioned, aud after* fnrftiic caunonade of sn hour ceased
flriog. The result (f this was flv? men kill'n on our slUo.
ill rkmSls rssFAiuao to scrusir.
For several days past thing' have been oh ?rved nn the
water irotit of the tity which would seem to indicate that
the oneiuy contemplate a re. real. They havo torn down
pnmeroiis wc-deu buildings, out of which the/ have oon -
ti; ti, no doubt, of leaving tho city aome fine eight. Tho
tnoveuieut has bean carefully note<i by tieueral Kraut,
and a body of troops sent to observe any such uuc vil vay
of leaving V idles burg.
wn kiMM iwibiu.
The firing on tbU wiug of the army was very light ,ve?
tar day. Indeed it has not been so quiet for sertral days
previously. At night tbe guubuuis of the lower flaot
threw a number of shells ou the rebel works, but Wis
supposed with little er no eireet.
The CiyioilM mt Our Mtae.
MB. DB B. ftANDOLra KfcUt'ft PESrATttl.
Baaixji ?araaa, Sm-RrtBBvnt Army run, )
Iteraimaarr or tic run?aH?, >
touw Vicaaai. ao, June *?? l'.M. )
tua UADiirmi or m mm.
At (Htm o'clock thla alteration a meiaeuger arrived
from the mine bringing information that everything waa
tn roadineaa to apply the natch. Thn trooi* In the
outer wurka were ail wilh.ir.iwa, with the excop
IM of a email body of aharpahootsre, which were
? retained m koep up a demonatratlon uutll the luae
waa ignited , wheu they also were to retire hattlly tn a ro
?peetfiil distance under c iver of ono of the parallel*,
rua amucltiiii. rairrr.
Aa part of the grand programme Laggett'a brigade waa
urderat under ariae, aod inarched Into the tranche* aa
?ar the Ooat aa aatatv would permit. Ilerc tboy rett
ed. awaiting U>e precoucerteo aigcitl, when Ui?y wore t?
rnah upu? the work immediately on the l?eelt of the for
lorn hope
nu roiuxiat hoc*
Thin daatitrout duty wm act apart lor a >lei.i> hinuat of
100 lues from the I'orty-lfth Illlnoin imantry and auothor
hundro't fron tie Twenty-lliird Jbdiaaa. TU ao tiotoi"
ware thrown out In the aWr.me advauor, W>>h inatruo
tlona for the forty-fifth IHiuott to aaeviH on the rl*ht on
Fort Hill the moment the exploeior had taken place, and
the IVcuty third Indiana war to rush ont the aa;. running
to the left and attack tlie certain of the fort extending
R wardt the town. Here the) were to keep down, by
ineMiaof inntketiy, the enemy 'i I Iflrmeo ; for without Una
ao& n>pii>hed we would lurt a?aered aa ?.fll? 'lug tua on
the itvoaer* .ipon the main Tort.
Mt at i roar
U k idpfwrt to Ilia brigade of I a?g*H Gen. steveoeoh g
rvmmaari wm ordei .-d to hold Itself In readlnoaa to more
at a tntiaeut'a notice. K* an additional force and kind
of reeorvo to tho aupport the ?? vnc toeai blows and Fiitj
alxth !U1av?, of General J hn F. Mnith'i divltloa.andtbo
flOTtnteeoth Wiecor.tin.of ttaooom s brigjde, McArtLur a
4lvlsioa, wore brought to tho centre and bold tn the roar
I* awall the development of the Htraggin. Th..?e troepa i
earrled aothlug with thorn bat their mu*k*u and cartridge i
boxee. roacv of them were h. their ihirt ajweret.evl
din t ly tit . paling warn work if engage i. |
raa rwoooKcarrVi * arm.
A* might bo mppoaed, Uie eiplu>.na va? dtrignitct a '
tbo algnal for a geaeral tinmliati*- ?? oo-aperatloe all
a'.<ng tho IIMB from right to eft In Baking aa attack
of thto character It WM equated that the attention of the
onenf would ae diatraotod tad tho foroe withiu be die
tribal Oil along the entire line, uutead of being coorentrn
tod e|OD tbo oae fori In front of Ihlo corpe, which woaid
reoau It inevitable. porhape. Irreparable defeat. All theae j
I eoatlageMlet wore *My ouotldered , and tb*e>ihee>) ie<l |
I reNlto etemplifloo how uoconarj waa the en <>poratfc>o |
i of the older rovtcnanOe
[ Every I Mag wee SQiahod. Tbo rttaliTtag ?pe k had
qatahenod the hitherto peaaano agent, and the now bann J
loae Paahar wot hurrying to the contra. Tho iroo'e tad
boon wKMrawa. Tho rortara hop* rtnud out ta plain
?lew.botdly aaaitiag the nacoruiaitea of tho pfouartoua
oT a a chilling unaaltoa raa thraagh uw fraaie *a aa '
?iieerTer looked dowa upon thla derated bead abont ta
horl iteeif into the hreasb? poretiaaae l ite tbo jawa nt
deatli IW?ig af net la n? lUehorf mi avoty 1
hMi. Krrry one wee aptiiuhlin B?en nwn ?r irted !
valor ? r cterana InaaiielMi to the *Hont? ef c?i?t> Ikig '
batttlr i>e or norred ta tb* ?hrw*? of ton afca >?g?i tog
eader U<e '.ortureo of painful tgoalea? ?Vv 'JMmr leea aa
tboy liractedtne-rrrn upon the ap t a ime ??? n,e
torrort 04' a bartod ageoey would dlao.Ter Iteoif In wtkt
oencuoaitiae an* ?y?niortlona, carrying annibllation to all
al'hia Ibe trope of ite tremoailoaa power, It !
waa the teeming tor|*r wblch procedgt tho tn. ?
tag uO Him of fiowrfful bod tea. Fue nlai.lea had |
etaroed. It *e?ned ilk* an exiaiencc. flro nlnute* '
ui'ira.and yet an *igu? of the expected eilnbltk 0 an In j
deauribahlo oai>oatloo of tmpatienee, blendod win a at, II '
act Ire autlotpatum, ran Ihrouili tlieaa?err.l>lod t;?e.taton. j
A atu ill pall of emoke now discovered llaclf, ever* ono j
|tiOO*bi tbo rriaie had come, and airu wt ea? the 1? rgv ,
?c??t w ' -?A Vh^ itt'Bt had dep.ood. but uctiot. ftrgry 1
eye now centered upou (he ?m ik-i momentarily growing
greater and greater. iliis another Ave minutes wore
? Aijr nod curiosity waj DC1! sati?tied, An>.thoi low in la
Ibto ^ 'try*.. .
t.ii inwoi, ' *? V..
Hud npoa ilm liortzou c< hi 1 1 be Soou en enoriuou*
column of earth, dust, tim'-r* uud | i<teciii06 iifti*
tutu tiio air at ha sHilttde ?< at lo.v-t tighty foet Ciie
entire lace of tbe f.>rt wu- I uiaboda J iiuft ^>,u'..0rood m
l?r(lclt 8'?IVo?or U.< rroundinji *ur ?c . 1 ho right and
le!t l-.'tw wee also wcti damaged, l-at ft rtuuately
Mu(>ui.-U nl (it. iu rvmain<Hl "? ? V?rJ an excellent protvctlua
on our _? k*
nrr ? , . r <>I( ijotiuAicnKiwr.
No som*." fcif' tt:c expl .ua t.ken pin. 6 lil?a
tii4 two I'.bnifi.tK acting ui. tb..? forlorn L.'^1*
ran Into f bo fort end aup, m already uientiooed
A t i.i-f mnrketry tire at ones i miiicnced be
twoeu the t??o petite-*, with ab.ut i jual edict upon
tfithB H.de. No r t ii?r bad the. d U>ctia>cnu> become
well <4 than tfc ? rott of laVt.oM'" brigade olned
them and etnerod hito the struggle. the reiimo t?
ro:;.' lug e.icb other at Interval*, the cont st u ?* grew
soverej both sidea , getermineU upon holding tholr d?i,
wore doing (heir hent Valley aftor roilsy was fired,
though with te=!? carnage than would be supposed. Tha
Vorty dfili i'liuo'D charged Immediately up to ttiecrost of
tho parapet, a'>d bei? suffered Its hoav.oat. JUeutonant
( "ten >2 ' MtV-.nctW, Smith ?u bit lu the
bond by three Inicksliot, and, t^ongh still
slWe, It t<i Raid t>* the surgeons hla skull b .4 boen
penetrato-l, and thore can be no hope* ot bt< rec'very.
t'ol. Smith Li a young man, and ba< figured prominently la
all actions with his raiment, from lort Donolson to the
ansault of to day. Uo has been repeatedly complimented
by bis suporiora In rai k for coo'ness under f oat great
tact iu tho disposition of troop*. 'lha otllrera or the army
hnre exh ' It great In tore* t in the c nditlon of C'oi.
Smith ant hope he may yet be preservod to tha
odrpe. H? is rec-lving every attention wlthta
the power of the rurgeons to wire bia H'a.
At tho timo the lieutenant Colonel was shot h" stood
upon tho parapot or tile rort, wan calling to bi< mu ta
f ,'ott , and when RtruoU fell amongst bis tr.en who w or#
scrambling the ildti f the work to anawer hla calla.
A ?w tno.'iiu.ls after |he wounding of Oolonol ^mith
.. jH ?#" V -i* -?r f
Maior Flak, ot tno -im- TUKimeEt , Icll dead, ha* I g been
nho! through Uie he irt. The adjutant alao received ?
dangerous vtownd in the wrist.
NotwithsMniling tbo los' of these dirlingalsbnd officer*
tho mot. of (he reilmont Mock to the \tork and be it 'ha
grouud against a Wrong bo4y of the eii^.iny thrown a; mat
otrR r t*a aoitu up.
After a sovero context C La.f an hour, with v trying
rosults the Hag of the Vort^-Ottb appeared iijkxi the sum
mit of the work. The |>of>liioo wax gained. Cbeer a let
Cboer broke thro.t^h the conrasion and uprotr of the con
teat, acsariug the troops ew.-ryw hero along the line <h*t
the Forty llfth was still itself. The Dolonel (MaUby) was
now left alone in commaotl of the regiment, and be was
bimsolt badly bruised by a Hying bplintar. The regiment
had also suffered severely in the lioe, and the tronpa ware
worn out by excesslvo boat acU hard Qghting.
Relief was necessary. Accordingly the Thirty-first Illi
nois was ordered upaudtlio torty-tifth drawn off? this
was sli o'clock I*. M. Att?r thla the aci'on was kept up
briskly but steadily for several hours, until jdtisk wh -n
lite firing li. 'led and the men took a rexpite. While Ut
Forty flub was so hotly engage t In the fort tho Twenty.
third liidtn iA followed Its flrst detachment into the sap,
from which place they wore to bold the rebel* at bay
during the contort for tbc fort. The rebel* fought de*n?
ratcly as well at this point as the other; but the cbaracMf
of the engagement was different, tho trot pa tiring at caofc
other over breastworks of earth. This regiment displayed
graat gallantry and did excellent service tn its way. la
consequence of tho limited spare in which to fight not
more than one regiment cou'd act in olther place at lb*
same time; accordingly regttuents were relieved by regi
ments m rapidly as the access (tie* of the oocusion de
i mended.
nS.\KBAT. IMiClRT. ?
Puring the hot est of the net! in (iencral l.eggett was to
the fort tn the midst of bis troops, sharing their dee*
gore and partaking of their glory. While here a
shell from ooo of the enemy's guns exploded
tn a timber lying on the ptrapot, distributing
splinters in all directions, one of which struck the Gene
ral on the breast, knocking him over. Though some
what bruised and stunned, he soon recovered himself,
and triklug a chair sat In one of the tronchee near tha
rort , whore bo could be seen by his moo.
nut psRTirrrATTON or nut ontsa oo?r?.
Tho explosion of the mine was the signal tor the op*?>
lug of t.io a tiliery of the eatire line. General John K.
Smith, c< mmanding the left dlvlsloa of tills corps, opened
! first , and his dlschsrgos were ropeated along the left
through tho Thirteenth corps and ? left division," until
the s'?snd strusk the ear like tha muttoriugs of distant
thunder, gfcerman. oo the right, alee o|>ened h? artil
lery ab ut the same time and occupied the i nem/'s at
ten! I'? along hip front, t^putn R. H. Offley, of the Thir
teenth nnllwl .tales Infantry, ta cooinyiDd ot the eioga
guns of this o >rpa, handled hla batteries with telling
effect, trery f-hell struck the parapet, and, botudtag
over, exjttotl-d in the mhlst of the eoemy's force*
beyond. The scene at this time was on
of the atmoet sutdimlty, lb* roar of artillery,
rattle or ft**!! arms, the cheer* of the men, flashes of
light, wreathos of pale hi tie snwiko over d'lferenl pert* of
tb? field, tho burning of shell, tho fierce whistle of sotM
shot, the d*ep boom of the mortars, the broadsides of Uie
ships of war, and, added to all this, the vigorous rcpltee
Of the enmy,s< t up a din wbVh iieggars all descrlptioa.
The peculiar configuration of t.'ie field afforded an oppor
tunity tv waoe?? almost every hat??*y and every rite pH
within seeing distance, and It ie due to all the troop* to
say that every one did his doty.
Tin nomu.it.
After th* poaaeFulnn of tho fort ?u bo kxjgar la (toi.bt
the corpe, under ( apulu Ilicketilooper, mounted
thi* work ? ith their *lto<?li> and ??t to tbrowlog tp rurin
?Igorcttaly In ofder to Mrarn spiux for artillery. A tn.>?t
fortunate pecullanty la the cx^!u*1od wm the ntautior In
which the Milh waa throw* out. Tho ?i.po*ranoe o' :1m
place wax that of ? funnel, with heavy aidra mm lag op
to the very cre?t of the parapet, atbrdlng admirable pro
tootloc a<H only for our trno|? and pkuteera, but torimd
out a rea4y mad>< rortMcallon in the rough, which,
with a tllfht applicatloa of thj rhovei an>l pkk, will be
ready to ntaeive il? gun* to be uaed horo.
tip to Ihl* tlm? the plorver* have mado great progreaa,
aud ore attl at work. A battery na> b? oipeitad here la
a /Ittle tunf, two h'>wli*er* of CapUMa H|*r>truih a omn
being already In the tratwh* awaiting the comply,
than of th*r<n>. .?
nn^ .% *>* msm. 1 ^
Thirr i? little Crlrg notv g 1?| 4n. Tb re U oo doubt
coocerr.ltifi our ab.llty '.o hold the p>?it|n*. The enemy
wHI uodoaWedly mat; > every e;r?rt to regno the plaoa
thla areata*, but tare la no poaatb'Uty of the
n-'ceM of bw cadoai f"r?. We are now no atrenglhiBU
that H would be iropoa-ible under ordinary o reunwt.tacaa
to drive ua nut. Freab Iroope are now mov lr< up to occu
py and bold Uta pueiltau a^alaat every cualtagnucjr.
OTB ine*.
Uiraeulour a* It may aeeai amid ail the flery ordeal of
thla aftarB?an a engagement, ana hundred Ml lad and
two hundred wounded ; la a largo eellaafc- of aarualtlaa
au oar *Me. < oleuel fteeoe, of tbe Thlrty-flrr t lllln.pla, waa
mortally wound od by a i.ranade. alae Ca,>lala llotallng
waa Injured by a I raiment uf the a itnc.
watvioft or r.a axi.
It la not neoeaaaryto apaak particularly ooocaraiac
.hit Every man waa at hi* poet raid did hi* beau I
hare not raen or beard ui iB.tar.c 1 1 c ward ice on tba
part ef oflkera or inaa
from a lorkoot on the aummn of an e^iinaoea
B?wr the rabet wnrtte the n?retnaiita of tbe
eretay ooald be plalaly wateked. An tadivMual
m the lejrer, fnat prior to the arptoefcHi
of the aalna, aaw two rebel mglneau marching cmt la
Ibe tart <* ? aaddaa? perbape aper aeatng the araoke
of the foe*? tbe treofa turned a bent and ran toward* da
b-wn In a perfeol panto Tbey were not aaea again dur
tag tkaflgM: bwt other regtaaeata vara bright up la
anpply Mtetr v*a?e.
The enemy to day te oat known, bat mnat have
been baavr
Of all the Operation* for the Capture of
the Rebel Stronf hoM of the Wait.
Tbe "Olbnltar of Uta >taataalppl" having fallen, the
following cammary of an tha oparatiooa broughl to bear
for the captnra or daatroctloo of tbe rebel atroagfcoMg
wUl now prora vary Interesting to our readen>~
vtcuaarnn ran rrnnnan.
On the 1W> i?y of January, IM|, tha Oavaraor a C
the mate of Miaalaaippi Brat aant artillery to fortify Vtefca
hurg,MKSMi?l?H m aUWCMliMttM

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