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WHOLE NO.. 9795. ?' NEW
Skirmishing and Cannonading
Along the Front.
The Position of the Union and
Rebel Armies.
Reported Advance of Reinforcements
for the Enemy.
JLee's Army Fifty Thousand Men
and Two XXandred and
Fifty Cannon.
The Union Army in Fine Condition
and Eager for Battle*
A Band of Guerillas Dispersed by Herald
Rebel Accounts of the Battle at
&e.f fto.. ftt
Kkedhuck, Md. , July 10, 1863.
Soma slight skirmishing hit been in progress to day
between oar forces, under General Buford, and the rebels,
under General Jenkins.
I do not learn that we lost much, but gained a great
The rebel General Jenkins was captured early In the
morning, and he paused through this place to-night en
route for Baltimore and Fort MrHenry.
The cannonading on our left this morning was not of
long continuance, but about noon It was renewed more
fcrtakly, and oontlnued for about an hour; but the result
In unknown here at this writing.
A general engagement will probably take place to
?sorrow or the nest day.
Frkhbuc*, lfd., July 10, 1863.
Cannonading was heard hare this morning in the dlrec
Mm of Boonaboro, but not heavy. It was probably one
or two pleoea, shelling woods.
Fridskicz, Md., July 10, 1863.
From a refugee, arrived here to-night, who left Hagera
town this morning, I learn that the enemy's force is
abort fifty thousand man and akont two hundred and
flfty pieces ef artillery.
My Informant states that the trains of General Lee
cannot number lass than throe thousand wagons, and sre
all on the road from Bagerslewn to WlUiamsport, and
Sbeppard's Ford.
The cavalry skirmish last night and this morning was
on the road from Boonaboro to Hagerstown, and about
three mUea from Funks town. Our loss was only twenty
wounded. General Buford drove the rebela about two
?Ilea, and beid the field. The skirmish displayed the
plnck of oar men. Tbey went In with a will, their watch
word being "Meade and Victory ."
Oar troops are In aplandtd condition and eager for the
fray. The successes of the past few days have made
heroes of the weakest. The new men are coming up with
a will and emulating the deeds of heroism of the old Army
?T the Potomac.
Another battle Is at hand and another victory Is cer
The river la still very high, and the whole rebel army
la on thin side.
Loci*)*, Pa., July 0, 1863.
Soma cannonading waa heard to-day In tbe direction of
Wllliamaport, and It la believed to hare been caused by a
collision between our cavalry and the enemy's outpost
Rebel prisoners brought In to;day say that General l^e
has abandoned tbe Idea of crossing the Potomac aa im
practicable at present , and, in view of future operations, 1
Soma of the enemy's oavalry have sooceeded In cross .
tng tbe river and opening communications with the rebel j
forces advancing to cover the fords of the I'pper Potomac, I
and 1 have It from tbe beat attainable authority that tbia '
reserve force of the rebels la furnished with pontoon
bridges, which will be uaed If they are not captured by
oar troope.
It ll not true that either Rrafg'a or Beauregard's fores s
have been brought to Lee's assistance. The force on the
other aide of the river la rather small compared with t be
rebel Arnjy of Northern Virginia.
The rebels were observed in groat foroe ky our soout a
noar the State line between Oreenoastic and Hagerstown.
At teaat a corpt d'armrt, supposed to be Rwell'a, la at
that plane.
Okkt?c.?*tlb, Pa , July ?, 1M3.
I Nliml lb* irnmyi lln*a aid want lo Hagcratown
lat>t night, and left Hagwtown tbl* raornln*. I found do
difficulty in getting to or oat; the ?oemy liu *11 tain train,
or nearly all Of It, at or o?ar Willmmaport. ?!?? made
?tveral *U?mpta to erne* tbe Potomac, but failed twice,
with h?a of life. Some fifty of the rebel* tried to *wim
their borvee aeroM above Clear Kprln*. Come of l heee
ware drowned, and tbe other* with diffl ulty reached
terra firm* ag*iu. Tbe river ia aimoat boiling tloog.
To day tbe enemy'* line estrni* from Ha?ent"wn to
it. Paul'* church, on in* National pike, weet of Hageri ;
Tba rebeia are on all the height* around Hageritown, I
and throwing op ear in work* near l>?ier*burg and <Ue- |
The enemy threaten u preen the ?owall?d "oopjier
head* Into their rank*. Ham* of the infantry are
threatening the Marylaadert very rongh. Tbe eu-my are
new eleallng beraea in Maryland, and tbe Marylaudor*
are running off tbetr atock.
There bna been no h*ery fl.fbt.ng to day that I can
hear of.
General Jecklu* waa wounded In tbe bead by a piece of
?hell, healao bad hia hone ehot on Jar him, Thu ia.lrue. |
Bwell'a and Rarley'a oorpe are near Hagervtown . encamp
ed on a high and command ing hill.
< aptaln W. H Boyd attacked a train betonflnc te robela |
lo.day, and illaperaed tbe guard with It. Home of the
train eacape*!. faptain Boyd aleo attacked and drove ia
the enemy1* picketa at Muttoatewn, <>e tbe ?une line,
tea# rallee and a half from Oreeneaatla.
I ron rebel aonrrea I leant that tbe bridge over the An
Uatam baa been deatroved ; alao that Mm rebel* are In
poaltu-n on the other ?Vl?
Oeoeral Hmith'a force* m?t the ooemy at Waynenboro
laat night, but no flgbt of oonaeq ienoe enaned. What
force of rebeia there tv in the notghbnrhiod f?fl becl^.
Our cavalry waa aoonring that neighborhood la day.
I fo?nd a v*y peculiar *ute of feeling In lUgeretown?
one portion of tbe people were inciting the rebeia to act*
of neeillrty againat the other. The women are v?ry
bitter. Ib ft* aeeeah treat tba r?bela fcjMdaWuty ?
A* ? repcrur'a nee* la not of much coaneinenM at
H*l*T*t?*n i ?? I
All ? in?t ? Orwmcaatle to day. The rebeia *hnt one
wan for lit* mon?y-4!ight do lar?. ibey were (oiog to
tbnA hie w/a. Uw. Bum of Um> ?irt4gii0a febeu art
lobbing people or s.oney and other valuables. This,
h< wevsr, is not recogn *ed by lb* oncers of ths rebsl
The rebel woi.uded me suffering awfully, and they are
dying fust.
The rebela say they are determined to make a bold re
Dietai.ee If attacked while tho rirer la blgb.
1 eould not get down to Will1uin?port No civilians
are allowed down there under any proteoce whatever.
ImI night General Lee wm at llagorntowo.
General Longstreet's death Id d?<xedj(ea by the rebels.
Chamhmikih'iu;, Pa , July 10, 1803.
Tbe rebel picket* >od our* meet at Greencastls.
Aeseral Couch I* at this pout.
A battle ut looked for at any moment. It is thoupbi
we have I.ee completely hemmed in.
Sewe froiu Williams port shows that the reboot have
I of t two out of three ferry boats by the late high water.
Very little of their transportation bad reached the Vir
ginia chore, but the mom of their wounded have got over.
Hie rejiort from General Smith's advance states there
i? no material change in the position of (General lee's
troope from yesterday. It is not believed that L?*e will
attempt to de'cml the line of An tistam Creek, bat baa
concentrated Inn army near Hagerstown, where he will
without doubt await an attack.
Stragglers and deserters from I>ee * army still continues
to arrive in large numbers.
Lee's headquarter* are still at llagers Uiwn.
Hjhrtbbi'Ro, Pa., July 10, 1801.
The oosit iou of tbe rubel army ia little changed since
my despatch <>f yesterday, Lee is mora cooceutrated
around Bagerstown , but both his flanks from there to
the Potomac are strongly defended.
Our forces under General Meade are more advanced
than they were yesterday, and the ground occupied by
the rebels on this side the Potomac ia circuoaseribed to
narrower limits.
It is reported that thu skirmishing of the advance
guards which always precedes a great contest occurred
tbia afternoon; bat there baa been no fighting with se
rious or important results up to this time.
Tho forces in tb Is department have boon divided into
three divisions ? one undor General Smith, one under
(?eneral Dana, and oae under General Pierce.
General Sigel Is organising the troops at Heading.
Generals Thomas and Stahcl are here. Major Schultz, of
General Couch's force, 1b in charge of affairs at headquar
ters in the General's absence.
Governor Curtin has gone to the battle told at Gettys
burg to attend to the wants of the wounded.
Three hundred and fifty prisoners wero forwarded to
this poiut to-day, whloh makes the total rebel prisoners
captured in the Cumberland valley and forwarded hero
upwards of one thousand.
There are no rebels now in the Cumberland valley nor
Pennsylvania, except prtsouers.
There are many reports here that a battle baa occurred
to day, but no confirmation haa come to headquarters.
The great struggle ia oertaia to come to morrow. Our
ariny ia aaid to be in the finest lighting mood and well
provided. The rebels are more rested, and In a very
strong position, which tboy have Improved by fortifying.
W ahhwoton , July 10,1803.
Yesterday General Buford's command of cavalry had a
fight with about equal numbers of the enemy on the road
between Boonsboro and Bagerstown. General Buford
dismounted his msn and drove lite enemy from the posi
tion they occupied.
There was heavy skirmishing in tho afternoon, In which
advantageous positions were gained by oar troops.
Paring yesterday same of our troops were upoa the
old Antietam battle field, but found none of the enemy
There has been baavy caunonadlng this morning In the
direction of llagerstown.
The skirmishing yesterday and to-day was principally
in the vicinity of Kunkstown. The rebels retreated. The
Second Massachusetts regiment, which was in the hottest
of tbo Gettysburg fight, west Into the engagement two
hundred and ninety-three strong. Two officers and
twenty-two privates were killed, one hundred and ten
wounded, and only four missing.
Wa*Hm<no*, July 10, IMS.
Humor* are rife bere that Beauregard baa pee*ed down
the Shnuandoah valley with forty tbouaand roan to rein
fore* General l.e*.
Khki'KXii a, Md., July 10, 1MU.
Mr. T. M. Cook, "ne of the lluiu< oor respondent*,
whllo en route from llalttmore to the army, wa* yeatorday
attacked by a party of ttve guerilla*, near Cookttown, on
tbe turnpike. Ibe rebel* were ia tbe act of examin
ing blm wbeu Me?ar*. Knox anil Uoamer , aliio of tbe
Hbralu, came to tbe reeoue at a ( barge. Th' r*l>el* did I
not ihow fight, but broke in tbe direction iff W?at- i
minster. Ilrwii Cook, Knot and Ho?mer arrived bere .
to-day , and have gone to (be front.
On the night of tbe "th Im-t. the following ' circular" i
waa laaued to tbe army ?
BBirwy Airrcaa, Aavv or th* I'i/iomao, July T, 1V<3
It la with much aatlnfartioo that the Major General i
Commanding announce* to the army under hla command
that he baa received ulHclal Intelligence that Vluktburg
wm< mirrendered by the enemy to ttencral Grant uo th*
4th inatani. .
By command of Major G? neral MKA1>K.
H. f. Bjmtow, Anaiatanl Adjutant General
Frkmmkk, July 9, lv.3.
Vpon General Naglee reporting at headquarter*, with
troop* from General footer 'a North Carolina command,
General Meade iwtnediatey , h m to a ' maud
at Harper a Ferry.
"n s.mday afternoon, th." ?tb Inet. , General M?a.le ,
from hi* headquarter* at Frederick, i**<i*d order* for the
three grand dlv*mo* .?f our %rmy to take up tb?j,r lme?
of mar. h for Middletown, Md., whl h i* about ?ereri
mile* a little nor tb of weat from Frederk k.
The centre wa? vmmaodod by General Howard, and
the two wing* r**p*ctively by Geaarala Nko-um and i??1g
wick Tbe i*tu*r Geu.iral* onnmand, which included
the Ktr-t Third .n I > ?th *wp?, Mi Gettyibnrg' >o m n
(toy morn lug, tbe 8th I n t., and marched by way of Km
m*U*i?U!( and Me> lun *t?wn whii* the other two grand
dlrtiloni took dlffer-Bt re?ite*.
The Hlrth Corp*, wh < b >? under the 'Otnmand <* G?n
Swlgwtck, It will rec > -cted when u>it army moved
from oppo*ite Freder ? ipicd a pnai|>o* m me
south *lde of tbe !Up;> . < a be^or the city, aid wa>
rep rted aa having b*?*n tat* ?l by the rebel*.
Tb* army r?*ob*d Middl< i * u n the afternoon of the
7th, and on the f lowing day (W?lD<?lay) took two
peparat* routed fur BooMbore
flMbwcaimiM. Firm Aaev Cow*, 1
la t*a Fitu>, July *, 1**3, /
in ?*?r novum ana:'
"And we *r? march ng on," to borrow from the John
Brown *r.ng Where w* are now It would to contraband
to ? tat* ] ran *ny, however, that the march s( tlnce
tbe three day* great t>?ttl*e b?* tbu* fir been a eo in
terpart of tbe one* before the d*ht ng ? ratn, mud and
marc be* unanrpaneed by any rword of Vapotont * cam
paigm Ovr meo are W jabiburt iplrtto. It l? better
marchioi after victory than d*f**t.
??a* rtcurr* r* rioerw v
tn a day or two I thiA tb* bea of eerrtey aa to ow
movetn?aie and peattlo* win be rem i *4 by lb* forte of
?lrmm*tanc?*? thai I* to (ay, b? more lighting uid
tbeee flgbta wilt only ke mere victor i?e.
0m wo> wn*r> ivyieq or
vear'y all t*r w-ja?4ed have bee? t r rifht from U?e
K?te of Urt lato betiiee. Tb* iarg*c?e ad^au?U <4
regiment* are actively engaged mtkinx oat complete tat*
of our lessee, to that toon they can be fully publtohed.
My former figures are about correct.
News came to uh tbia morning of the fall of Vicksburg.
Our column rent the Uy with their ebeere. It to a tattled
thing that we shall um up Lee's ?rnay ? tbat la, what
tbere to left We are only looking Tor Anal victory at
Port Hudson. Then wo (bull consider the backbone of
the rebellion br ken in reaiity
1 eip*ct before ui.iuy hour* to give yon atlrriag newt.
Thctiok, N. J., July 10, 1848.
Ca| taii> Joi*|rt) a. Yard left Una city thia evening with
a company of vixty-four men for Harris burg Tbia to Um
.fourth evmpaay Trenton has aent te rennaylvania.
Baltimohb, July 10, 1808.
A bout two tlioniand five hundred prlaonera have ar
rived >n tho set few hour* by the Northern Central Kail
A letter waa received a thia city yesterday from
Captain John Downey, Company C, Second Klre Zouavee.
It waa dated near Gettysburg, Pa., July 8, and gave the
following additional particulars of the lossea sus
talned by his regiment. Captain Downey to se
verely wouuded m tho thigh, and expected to A tart for
home on tbe fcih. He waa in the liaiida of the robela for
throe days, but managed to getaway; alter which, he
came very uenr being burnt up, on tbe 3d matant, while
in a barn which waa eet on flro by the Union guns. He
went into action witb forty-live men, but only nineteen
of them returned, the balance were either killed,
wounded or lulling, ( apt Downey and the two lieu
tenants weru all wounded. The Second Klre Zouavea
fought (Jen. Barksdalc'g Mlwissippi brigade, oompoawl of
tbe beventeentn, Nineteenth and Twenty llrtt MISHlaelnpt
regiments. Tlie ioua sustained by tho Flru Zouavea m,
Capt. I owney think", ub"ut one hundred and sixty in
killed and wounded. Out of twenty-one officers they h^ye
now only got ten at to do duty. Among tbe killed are
Capt. Sblne, and l.ienttnauta bigui and Marksmax.
ibe Captain aaya be is in Brat rate spirits, and believe*
tbe rebels will now be erusbed , as they are In a tight
place, and our troops in hot pursuit.
WamiwiTOX, July 10, 1803
Among the rebel prisoners who were marcuad through
Gettysburg lliere were observed seven negroes In anl
form and fully accoutred as soldiei.
One of tbe Ineelonta of the battle waa the shelling of a
farm house by a rebel battery commanded by the son of
tbe owner and occupant. During a charge of the Union
troops the son waa killed, but the father refused to look
upon the remains of bto ungrateful child.
In the Twelfth corps hospital, under charge of Dr. Chap
peH, located near Gettysburg, there are four hundred and
sixty wounded. Over one hundred amputations have
been performod there. In the White Church there are
one hundred rebel prisoners sick, and over olgbt hundred
wounded Union soldiers. la the hospital of the First
division of the First corps there are one hundred
and twenty wounded rebels and live hundred
and fifty-tut Union soldiers. There had been few
deaths. At tbe boepltal of tbe Keacrve artillery,
four miles from Gettysburg, In chargo of Dr. Osborne,
there aro about two hundred patients, including ('a| talu
D. R. Hansom, of the Third artillery, and Lieutenant* R
P. Rakln, First artillery; H. T. Pcott, Fifth Maxsacrinsetta
battery, and K. It. Knox, Fitteenth New York Iudepen
dent battery. The headquarters postmaster has visited
all the heapttals and collected tho letters from tho soldiers
who were there.
Dor tag the battles at Gettysburg, Company L Fifth
artillery, leat tweoty ooe meo and forty eight boraee.
Tbe commander , Watson, waa woandad at tbe first lire,
and Lieutenant HcConneil waa led In command.
They Claim A Great Victory and the
Capture of Forty Thousand
Yankee Prisoners,
At, As.
The Richmond Uisyattk of Tuesday , July 7, contain a tbo
follow ing ?
Mmnmiii nit, July 6, 1M8.
General Lee defeated the enemy to the battle of Krlday
laat, but we loet four thousand priaonera General flarka
dale, of Mlaaiaslppi , and General Garnett.of Virginia, were
killed. General Hood, of Teiaa, wai wounded
tub rnxsa i>r*patih.
Maktirkriiui, Va , July ( ? 0 P M.
<n> Saturday QeaernJ I oe bad changtd hi* front and oc
cupied tbo ground he drove lb< onemy from on the lit
and lid. Hia whole army ia in excellent iplrtta to I the
master ot the xltuallon General! fender and l'n k> tl are
wounded, Colonel Avery, of N..rth < arollna, It killed, and
Colonela Rennet >ud I'arker wounded. Ewel!'* wagon*
are recaptured.
MaK7I\HH July S. I1)'.'
Report* to day all concur lhat ibore wa? a heary fl?lil
yeeterday , In which we de ealed the enemy and dr'.ve
him three mile*. a raat numl>er of prl? ner* are re
ported taken by Seneral I?e The priw>n>T* are on Hie
way to K? limond by way of thm place. Tbla haa t? c ?
the iiioodieat biat'.le <>f tbe war. Our lona I* rery gr-at
The Yankee cavalry Injured the |?>ntoon bulge* at
Falling Water*, aevefal mile* from tbla place w day , ?B<J
<a; ture I three wayuo*
The Richmond Ihtpatch of Wednesday, July *, contain*
a leader on tbe battle of Gettyaburg 11 aaya ?
We feel an we( a?? ired tbat General I . if he h;n m t
the enemy in a pllcbetl battle, baa inlti< ted a t?rr*le >1'
rent upon tbetu. aa we do that we are living, hreulbiag
?entient being*.
The Onj >trl\ then allude* to a lelograpb.o daapat h an
nouneing a great battle boh.g fl ight on Nucday laat
In which tli? Yankee* were whipi?d. with a 1<?* of n*ty
thousand ra-u, and wlnda up aa follow* ?
We uir<?dy begin to Me gllmp~^ of pence if th.a to
grim only prove half trim. It"it let 'i* have nv peace
which we do &<.t dictate oureeiree.
The following telegram* ar- alw> from the Duyx ' <i
Tliay are d?t >iledly rtcb, when the facta are t ige . into
conalderatlon ?
mPOHTAHT riMIM 01TTT?I)1 k'l ? TMI KKRMr HOI 11.11
tcsbo, arc.
Miafvi" no Va , July 6, 1?'C
?in Saturday night our centre fell bark, drawing tbe j
enemy from their work*. General" Kwel! and f/eigafcet
flanked the enemy and gained the h' lgliU.
A general Qgbt en? red yeeterday, in which tbe enemy
were rooted *nd I<ee captured forty tbwu.nmd praoner
according hi all accrual*. General Kemper wan kn.e-i
There ia fight ng at Wlllamaport betwen Imkode# '
cavalry and *everal r?g m nti of infantry a div;-. ^
of Tankan cavalry, iiod*r pleeMMoa
The following rt"-jnicb wa* received tbtt morning tr !
Dr MoiTia -
Maanwiian, Va., July <, 1M3. 1
Tbe laimnt, which aeeiua to be reliable, a that the fight
wa* continued ?4unday, and wae tbe blood e t of tb*
war. Gen. Hill fell back Ul the centre, c* .?mg the
enemy to believe that be waa retreating.
The enemy upon tbla advanced, Tben Kwell and Tyng
atreet advanced thetr right and left winga, a jrr <in Ik |
tbe enemy. We I ben took the b*lgbt? fir wbl< h we h? ?
been ooc tending and capture! ftfltpt priniaera Tb j
mfoned to bt paroled, ??eneral I'.i kntt ? livir-on ie w
guarding the prMoner* to Martlnabiirg.
The Rir bnvmd Bm,/Vtrrr ef the Uh nat bag ran?-r*d \
tbe following account of tbe battle af Getty. kurg. ib"W
Ing that tbey art aonderfully dark down la tue land of i
DMMi ?
ras BAm.1 o? ewmna*.
Onr km la aetimatad at ten thonaand at the bait!* -jf j
Gettyab .rg Between U-ree and roar th-taaod at #jr '
woum'ed arrived at Wmcbeefr JulygT (HiWSi Ana ?
Mad, Barkadaie OameU and Kemper are k..Ud. Oe*er*<?
Nsalen, fender, J<wae, IleUi Anderann, flnaidon and
Hood are woanded Tb* Tank** army m <et mated at
??* hundred and aeventy 9ve tho-.aand aen The ag bt- '
Ing Ineted f .?? dnye, and fe rewarded a* tbe amrwtnf
tbe war, aad tbe atangbter ?[r*eoder,t*d The enemy
are aald to hart fought veil. We enftared forty tbte u?i
ttm*? r* j
The Qneition of the Return of LoaialtM to
the Union Under Her Existing
Mate Conititution.
Reply of President Lincoln to a Proposi
tion of a Committee of Planters.
Mr. Reward's Proposal of an Amnesty and the
Old Unioa Violently Denounced by Mr.
Chase and the Radicals, Who Seem
to Rule the Administration.
The Peace Misaion of Alexander B.
Stephens Explained,
to, Ac, Ac.
Wahhisotow, July 10, 1K83.
Karly in June last a committee of Louisiana |>1 mum
(whose name* are given to the correspondence which
follows) waited upoo President Lincoln, at the While
House, with a petition In behalf of the great planting Inte
rest of the Stale for authority from the general govern
ment to proceed to the election (in November next i of
federal and State officers, lu pursuauco of the constitu
tion of the lulled Slates and of the existing State consti
tution of Uiuiaiana. The President heard the committee
received their proposition In writing, and courteously
dismissed them, with the promise that after a Cabinet
consultation on the subject the committee should have his
reply. There was, accordingly, a Cabinet consultation,
and the result Is given iu the President's letter, herewith
transmitted. When It la remembered that the existing
State constitution of I/iulfiana is (troiigly pro slavery, the
spirit and purpose of tho ruling element* of the Cabinet
will be pretty well understood. Mr. Secrelury Chase and
his abolition associates In tho administration , and the
radical political faction by which tlfy arc sup|>ortad,
simply mean, If they can accomplish it, that noi e of tho
Piute* committed to tho rebellion ?hall he restored to the
I'nlon without being shorn of the Institution of slavery.
HMwiMerr i.wmjf* uttkr
Bxwctivb Ma idiom, Wahumotm, .lune IB, 1MO
Mos?r*. E. E Matuiot, BMaihwi JobmtiOn and
(iK.vn r.MKN? Your leitor, which follows, hiui been ro
celvad uwl con*lderad ?
To Hi* Kxcellency Aukaiiam Lim'Un, I'riHideut of Ihe
I inU'il ? #
ThcMH>'t"i>Li?ed. a cnuiroiUm tp|?>uili!<l by Uw pUDl
i?ru of tbe Stttto of i i n, r?Hp*? if illy r *pr?*ei?l tlial
tbey Uhvc Immui <1 t'? "wk of the ffeiMral vywm
' in" lit a (all rocognitlon or all the rights of ihe a*
I tbov ox luted pre\ioua to the pawage of an art
, of aecen?loti, upon the principle of the ex
iste- ru "f tho Sire constitution 'tnlni|unr?J , iui.I
i no legal act having trim*: ired that could iu any way
deorlvu theiu <>f the advantag t con' erred by *!??? ?"?????
tiltlnti. I'nd.-r till* roiu-tllulluti the SUta wit he* re
turn U) lie full alleflan.e in ihe enjoyment of nil rig hte
and privilege* exercised by tl.o other -Ute. under he
(<?der.il constitution W,th the view of acr nnpliatiing the
daelretl nb.e. i, we further re.,ue*l thai * ,re'1*
will at iifiaanilar n ''hltf the Army of Hie lotted
suites dlr.-ct tbe Mtttt-iry Oo?eruor or I/.uhlaiw te lor.lor
an eleolloo in conformity with the conatltulloa aiid liw*
of Ihe ?late, wi the ?r*t Monday <* November next, for
all State and federal officer*. '
W Itli high conaiderailon and wpect.wehavo the honor
to euluM-ribe ournelvue your (iheilloiit ?erT*nt? _
TIICW. oottma.v
Since receiving the letter reliable Information h-?
reac hed me th.it a reapeclable ponton of tbo Iymwii.ua
people desire lo amend tbelr stale cotislltuikin , and roti
template holding a convention for that object. I but fact
alone, a* It seem* to ine, It a ?nffi' loot reaeou why tl.e
general government abould not give the committee tb?
authority you seek to act undertime existing slate ao.i
?tltutkin. I may add, th.it while I do not | crrelve lew
auch a committal could facilitate our military operation*
In LouMiana, I really apprehend it might bo ao u*ad ?* to
eml arra*- them.
Ik lo an election to be held ueit November , there la
abundant time without any order Or proclamation from
me J oat now. The people of 1/mietana shall not la. k an
opportunity for a fair election for both federal and flaw
officer* by want of anything within my power to give
them. Your obedient servant, A IJNOlLN
1 am enabled positively to aaMUM that ibe queetioci
of |i?ue ha" already bo? u c uald. red In l ahlnet circle*
\|?re than th'.t, w? are actually in the midet of a Cabinet
<rl?l?, growing out of a propoltkm ma?le by Mr. * war d I
for the ia-uai.ee ?f a TreaideiitUii proc!?ro?t??i offering ?n I
amn"'ty to the people of the Sot, ta , withdrawing the
lBUi1|atl<e incluillotl, ?uap?,D?llm( the llabilitle* of I
the (Viiifle. atlon art, and ottering, In ?!iort , full and free )
p .rdon in I protectwm la their personal an ) property
ri^hu to the people of tl?e H utb, ooly excepting the mill
tar) Hid civil leader* in Uin gnat rebellion. Kien the-e
Mr. ard *ugi(e*t* *bou!d l#e allowed their pr*?periy,
but not be eligible to hold office under the g v?rn '
m' fit This pro|<>?itton ha* Iteen conaidered In < ab net j
e. m ll ao far inform*! , h t It baa developed t?o partiee. I
Mr. Itatee and Moatgotitery Hlalr favor it w in >.. r
wn m- .dill, at Kin* , while M~*r? -Uaat'iO and i t.ue |
violently oiiwee it Mr. Wellea i* supposed elan to j
be opposed to it. Mr t'.ber, who alway* <o tee w th |
the PTeaideal, will ?W. ;de Whichever way ih*t
fum tionary doe*. The Preeident ha* aa yet e, reewl uo J
of, it. k- m on Una *..b/>cttb#t hla ip^ h a? the *erei.ale j
? 1 *'-?ru to indicate that he a in fev >r of tr*??to |
nuke good hi* protn.ee to free the ?lave? before con e t j
ing to a j? aee in the present emergei.e, .
^ tier* are a number of l*?d ng republkao* how ta th e |
,? tj anJ tbe matter haa been brought to tbetr n?e
tbey have arranged a programme, whi h will be sub
mitted to U>e Creaident to 'lay ?r to anirrow , under which
tl.ey are wi ling that pee- e .Nmld be 4er iare4 aiid ih*
t nios re*vore.l II emhraree the following prnriU whic h
I i* ruled, were iuggested by Mr. Chaee ?
I irat? (tlavery ahall ^eaee la the whole I altad -late* ,
sfter the year 1*7^, tbe tsinor* at that time U> remain
? lavea until twenty .joe >ear? of age and *l*v?* "ver t
forty yeara old u. have the opi Kin >< tbeir freerlotn or lo
r etna la with their maetar?. Frrv.awn is msHe fur tha
loyal ilave Stale* r*caivtng oornpensalloo for th< ir man i j
mitl-d negroes but no compensation will tie allowed lo
the rebel ftate*
< nd? A r??nvenllon shall be ealle<l lo re* ise tb- ti ,
it tattoo of tbe fnito-l KUiea, with ai?n sink ng it
ire tkree flflhs provWKia retcigniiing alavery a* ? ba*?
of rei raaetilat .e popalalwn and provid ng 'm the eo an
r ,?iioo of the sl?v? la aoc'tr laaoe with the alsii ? pr i .
Hach ta tb? acbenie c< the r* pub 1 1' an*, aa I if Mr I.in- (
roln will aouasmt to It, *J?1 Ibe douth la w we mey |
base i?a?a within two re ntb* Mr aewsrd's p? .poe t ? a
n belag f*h*me?illy det. etaeed la reptihlieaa etrrlea Me |
ts al'.ed a traitor, "lantoo taa>*U thht the rebeu m at ,
be Irlvsai to the wall that ao prjp??iit?o? alull He made I
lo theea that, aa ihey op*tte.l Ihe 8gbl dret at *nmle? ae '
they moat ronaent to make Ihe (Ir* ten ter* nf t#aee J
that II would be humiliating . afl?r two and a haif year* g
wsr, If Us* f hited Plato* ?hw?M -adeevw lo ?p?i pa^rf .1 j
raielKiaa with arraed waurgeaM lie iMksla t\?m ear !
w the fitter *w<i,?hil!* Wied by tha vvitoat ?ho4|.
tl, tiau aad tbe eanrwrma oawtraetiag tMar?e la, whsefc 4 j
t/?irwa da not wwh to aaa the great wmrna tM their pe dla J
s* apt away Thl* laet party will etaraMe a ?al c e?r j
fi., uluvi ?poo the deiibesatK ne * U.* *.,^d TVy I
are all powerful !?er? mat) the '??;?Mmee?e eepaeially !
IB IIm !?avy and War and Tras? ry 4epvl?<ee'.a I
Henoa tl la aa|fs?*4 thai Mr. Veltaa, Mr PtaeUm anl |
Mr < haaa <mn ha r? +4 ?t?w lit Ihe alronfea*
appt attkaa la all ?*m? M?i u ward* an aafy p?*?e
U ?.;i ha r*w*ambeead that hi the rea?*raet?ej ha
?wtM Ur 1 Ly?M aad Mr Sawvd, *a g taa la i ha Ur uah 1
Blue Book, Mr. Seward informed bifl lordahip that when
the lime came for treating with the r?beln the l otted
States wouM furnish an exhibition of magnanimity sueti
ae Ike world baa not ysl wen. Mr. Howard further Indi
cated what tbiH magnanimity would be In bttdwpalch to
Drouyn do l.huys, in which he nald, iu declining the offer
of the French government to srbitiat" Between tho North
and South, tbat tie Sonate and House (if Representatives ,
of the ('mud Hates were open to tlx' Southerners at any
time they < Uoee to enter, to deliberate ujwn the condi
tions of peare between the North and South, lie is, !
therefore, in favor of at once tendering, lit mine official ,
form, to the .Southern people the privilege i>f coming baolt
to the Union with all their rights, iniludug the j
right to lh?lr stave property, tb? same m if no rebellion '
bail existed. Personally he would even be willing, aa he i
l..ui stated ti U. Msrciar uDofle Mtlly , to meet hi- old nsno
clate?, Jeff Iiavtii nn<t the reet , In the Senate chamber,
Tbe really statesmanlike and inatinaiilmi'us ? h< me o! Mr.
hi ward is not very likely to be apprei la ted by the Wg' ted 1
ami passionate taction, reinforced by IIki army con
tractwrs, that now rule the roast In Washington
I havo also jn t U'uriii><l the probable cootentl of Hie j
I'hetif' r. muiuniralion to tlie government o( tl.e I li led i
Kiaies It will be remembered that It wan on the 4th J
when he asked to ? ome on to Waybill. Ion . and the Theme ,
he *?? Instructed to uulold had bueu arranged n Ilk h
mond leiure it wan kuowu that !,ee ?u delraled in
Pennsylvania. and when ihe rebeia bad abundant ,
rew n for believing he would defeat the Army ,
of the I'olotuac. Ili y were alio, however, aware
that Vwksburg waa oartaln to fall, and after It port Hud ;
Hon, It waa believed that th"y could take tdvanlage
of the vl< tory, a? tiny supposed, of l.ee before the
Washington ( ahinot wore aware of Uia capture nf Vlrk* |
burg. It waa tho Intention of Iiavis to otiui a plan of
peace, Including the restoration ot the I'nlen, hut on term*
somewhat differ" nt frmn lines gei.er illy underatoo . tiy
thai phrase. Havia' scheme will he found "ket?liod In tha
speech of Mr. Hunter, of Virginia, immediately previous
to the rebellion. lie proposed , In fort, separate govern
luonts lor the North iuid South, but only one Pre l lent.
This waa to secure thu .^oullii rnrr- from ill iuterfereni e
with their properly, and take tho negro out
nf our national politlis, but would tm lude our for
oigu policy for both sectloua. It la a complex
scheme, providing for two OODgre*se? to ettlo
the domestic concerns of Uiu North and South. th"ugb
but a single executive. Iiavls shrewdly hoped that on the
heels of tho deslructioii of tbe Army of th? Potomac,
with Washington, Philadelphia and lialtimorn within bis
grasp, the Cabttiet at Washington would he willing to
make terms for tho restoration of tbe I'nlon, even If It
wax a I nu n only In name. Tin' refusal of the govern
nv-nt to listen to negotiations, the dcluat of I<ee a army
and tho capture of V,i kaburg. put an entirely il; Hemnt
fare upon tli# aspect of tho war, and the rebels, with <91
their Insolence and assumption , would not dream of of
ferlug any such terms again to the 'ederal government.
It Is a grunt point gaii ed that the reliela were willing fr>r
reunion even whan they expe. ted a victory In Pennsyl
vania. Recent ovi ills w ill make thorn still more willing
to I la ton to reason
O K K I (J I A L .
itmff tlirt r era Ordered on Active Mervlre.
(J EN Kit A I. okhkus- no. 200.
W'iia l?KviKi*r.>T, A iij ita.v? (is.*ra?i.'s 'oik*, )
WAsiiiHoros, June .u), j
llio alils ds camp and other stair officers atta' lied to
^general officers not now exercising a oommnnd, will, If
Oumpany officers, forthwith proenwd to join their regi
menta. If general staff oBI <-ers. or additional aids 'Is i >inp,
they will Immediat- ly report by letter to the Adjutant
tieneral for aMslgnmeut to duty.
Ily order of the SKt'RCTARV OF WAIl.
K l> TowMswin, Asaiatant Adjutant General.
Captain Wm> P. Ksgen Dlamlased from
the Servient
iJKNKHAL URbKlin HO. 201.
Wjs l>KrA*TMiirr . Anitruirr Onnaiii'a Orrs <, ?
Wsaiusi.T s. Ji.ne 50, 1HA.1 (
The sentence lo be cashiered In tbe case of Captaiq Win.
I". lasien, Twenty -third regiment of Kentucky Volunteer
Infantry, |>roniulgste<l In Wp'rlsl Orders No. 43, bead
i|uarter?, Second division, Twenty -first army corps, I>e
psrtment of the Cumt>erland, ui Inoperative, in <<ma?
quence of irregularities In the pr<s?edmga of tbe court
martial The regard, how vnr, khowe a clear case of nits
l>ebavlor be 'ire the enemy and coward.re, md ' aptaln
I igin is therefore dlsmlaeed too serve e of lh? l olled
States, hy direction of the I'resident, to date from June
24, 1HA3.
Ity order of tbe HkJ IU.TARY OF WAR
K. 1), 'iuwsaasii, Assistant Adjutant General.
Thr Death of Col. Albert V. < olharn.
Ai'i'Tin ? Orrtar I
Wnintmi, Julie 2ft, IW. I
ll it lb" m< !?oibnir duty of Iha Adj .Uol <i-tf ral U>
announce to bin dei-ai-tnient tB? (!?<.??? of MM of t?
v I mt mher*, I.io'iImuiI (/>I"doI Albert V (olbura,
tMUMtl AH da faaip ai.l Am >Uut Adjutant
<>*m>ral who dwl after a chart lllDon ut ft l/n.a Mo
<? il.e I7lh mat I ter tenant Colonel <>>lt?irn graduated
a lb* *. Italy Academy , and eriler*?l U?- Kirn rntfinwirit
?if -ivalry M a brpvtt ??? '*)d liwltual in |H| Ui4 *v
pmmnt"! wml In lb* Mm* f ir m 1*47 b?
w?< ?|i|?UDt*'l adjutant of III * r.tf.ment. AH Actum -v?
>mim A'l.n'ni i.mml to CotoiMl ><>DiM<r, 4urln( I be
t?n.|'n fn >f? net tbe t oman< b* id I Kv..w* |nduu.a
to l"?i, liM *n?r tr an 1 /-el ???(. ' r Ultn ILe eeteem
i<( UUI Itoi'nlH III lilt/, |D'>| , ha ?? afpont
*4 ?eaialant adlntant general, "itb tit* Sr. ?#? rank of
ciptalii ao-1 waa abort!/ after kerigae4 to duty tkMfc ifa
y?r lilMfll Nr' kalUn lb liia ??m- t -mr (i* aaa a|>ftu>l
ed an additwnel aid-da -?n>(i for tbat en-raj, ? tb tba
raak if Iknl ? '<t r t"H I Ha -er> at Of- bee ! ( jar
t*ra -/f I' a trtn) '* lb* I" l<mv lnrin, I ha 'a?i|ietir' aa
ib? (?' ?'?aula and in Marflaad, aa4 a?^ j*<1 -i a higti 4a
< ee (l?a iy>aA't?ti'e .?( Um < tutnai.'f*r '/ that trroy la
IfJ.ii' aaa aea<?r>*?l to tli* l.*a t | iari?ra f
Um !*partm*-.l -if wt.ari !?- flilrd a a .iiiffUot
ami reap uoibia pwitlon up t? tb" ptri-i l of ? it >aih
Ijaataoaut < "tuoel OntMri) *?? 4IM mg i|a!i?d for 1. * f *j
Uatrf aa ? ?oi4MP, and ako |br b ? mti.y an- ai laalit ?
fie bad tli , a ? hi Hie reaper! -t I a*#r i??j of a larga If
rte of bie brettrea ta arm*, aha m U l ng oao-jra t, ? ??e
Aa a 'ok n af feepe? t to liu li uwy t. ? ffi <r ? if tite
artiu*i?l aili mm* !h- uaoa l?4fa ( i?r rulm ?>? t!,a
laft am for Iktrtf da>?
I rH"K*? A4|*itaM (>a**rai
" a*v a?T'? J?ly |? !%?,
I. ?Hlt.M UOIN'i WILL.
Ur -im . tli* H? f*l l> raatof if Uka TVr4 arm; ?irpa,
?b'?, ai. lar ilia ordar of tb* -w*t?rf 'tar, ta a .i
t*r, lan t u | 'in iiaawtl 'fk ??. "?;?.? ta tbal ba m 4'itaf
admirably aa I, ai.d tbat ap V? tbla t a?a iban Itara i?*?
n? . ii toward ijrm(4 ma ?bllarar ia hia aa? tha a<
t?' ii.i -if tba *?att>*r and tba im|/ira ??*> ? t?*a ?f
tl?? atni'?pfc?fa ar* l!a b >f I Tka i>**a
ral arai la lay raAovad fr m U.* i rtubar aa ?b.r.? ba
.-?aa ;j a( ttn* l'a am|>.t?t>4i a?4 It alalia
raaaota b at ff "a *? ' nft?a aa aa?a aa it r?a b* ?a*a
allh aafa*r
th* afif> >ii?"t t af (?aoarai fraark wa !Jm r>aa>mu. I of
tba THwl ariaf "!?;? la -.a -rWrn to i.a a uarn^ir try
afran?api?al biallri Hbea at baa raaalni ?aa .rtt^aa
tbat Ua a. I aJ. *a4 ta raaaata ?aaaaa4 Uaa earpa
ahaaarar ba aha ba aM* t^ 4a ?a
Aatoatiba arriraia at Wi!iar4 ? a that if iba '%?ra
?ar Wfb1'*, ?h" baa for a*rar?J 4aya l>aaa >a <v?a at
taa4at^a jpna '<aa >>rtlaa
tub >?Jf.T<?r anrBfit MlMlK riu-a atc> I
lt.kk.miMl t&at if tba pfiattjal ?,* a af MM
raak' ntakloa aa tba rr?>e< a*aa?*r Tirymta aa n aaaka
a raawa-.-aaaara af Ilk" j4oa Raatk, a ib a twm ta aa
aavtaw IT a pr raiarr, ka i at >? baana f , d pat ?
Tb .a If Irak aaa .raK-aaft aa tka T rpa*' aaj a-t
k. wa?l ky A4kklfai Ua to vm* a iMk ktt mr? ?* (ba
Month af Ota Jtataa rtvpr
?o utmo of f*T?r?,rT?^r
TlkV Uka *t irat >r a a't'f %
|iMk?4 Aaaarvaa mm ta far*, 44 < ?a ?MMfrgp
^tk. -ab t??.aa4ar tata i?* 1* U a r^tlMkaa
e^paptaa a paa.ti a a^ ?*!**< t a ?>* fa? 4 *a f'a t %
IMM? HMrtli * 'W4 16 UN MvbNi-4
a. t ion of the Krenob gorerumeul in regard lo later van
lias in our ail* ire ?
Tbe resident Americans, snd the Freach gmiiamen
hi re, all told m? that there la no longer any fear <>l
Kretx h intervention against our will The lale elerltona
have Ktina adversely u< the administration, by ini reaaing
the minority from flvs to shout twenty live ai.u mainly
oci II, U ground of Ita foreign eipwialvo warn and inUirveu
Hons. I'lriifuy, the Minister of the Interior ? adistin.
gulf tied banker here In my positive authority? was ugerud
by tbe < onftularale govern meot live hundred thousand
bales if cotton if their mdeiiendeiicn iihould lie reoirnired
by France. Henrr Hi.' elTorta of a portion of tbe prsea to
that end, the preaa lieing under the mloialarial nuurol.
tub OONUhkmional wah commiitu uuni to nu
Hevaral of tbe members of the late Cun^ rase to Dal Tom
mitle on tbe Conduct of the K ar have gunn lo Frederick
to observe Ibe ponding military operations.
Major lieocral McDowell arrived here to day, having
compieH the duty to which he w.is assigned at I airo.
Ibere are Dow here four major general* ? Hunter, Hooker,
MclHiwell and < adwalUder ? awaiting orders It la un
derstood that Ovacral Hooker will noon be aaeigaed lo
duty In the Held
Amiii^ tbe truph en from (?etiyeburg deptoilod al tbe
War l>eparlrneiil is Iho swCrd of the late rehel <>eneral
itarkaditlo, formerly mmnbrr of Congress from Miff .rsippl.
AltKIt Al. OK WOl'NKBR OFKlery.
An unuaual numlier of officers. woundeo^) the batiks
of Uallyeburg, h*\o reported Ui tho Medical Heparlmeat
hern lor m< dirai treatment. <?n Tuesday and Wedneadsy
lut. tbe number of tb<>ae retried waa a tout two
Mrs I II coin u> still sulTi-ring iteverely Irom the oflkel*
<>( the riH-i nt aci.lsol. The wound upon tbe hark o( Ike
h> id had hcaii'd loo suddenly, and auppuratlou undei
the koalp required It lo ba opened, wbich waa done yester
Philip At Hotoroons, of Una city, were to-day awarded
lh* c nlra. ta for ?U|iplylng Mlationerf U) the Traaenry lie
pnrliuent, Internal He venue and Cur reu< y Buranu for lh?
ensuing flscnl year
Kdward H. Dana, of Venn* nt, baa been appointed
Kxamluer iu ? hlef of ttv- llurrau of Invalid PensluaM.
Another Rebel I'rlv.tlrrr on lk? BaiUra
C oast.
ItneioM , July 10, IM3.
i aptain Tborn|ieoa, of the llrltmb soboooer Agnee Hose ,
arrive.) burn tin* awning from Wsalport, N 8.,'Mth
ultimo. I In reporu tlial on tlv 271b tbe Amortcan
e> hooner Arkansas, o< Viaalbavea, Me .Captain Webater,
arrived at Westp rt. Oapla'n Wnbatvr * la lea that a rebal
hark rtgg.'d *lnaiu<ir,of W*0 uma waa cruising In tbe Heal
I -l uid ft hlu* ground", and that the Arkanaaa waa corn
|ie!l?'d to run into |>ort to escape capture.
A largn ship, Iwdel wltb deals and re|>>irle4 aa belong
lug to Kenonhiibk, Maine, waa alao aeen burnt to Ibe
water a edge, ahe being at the lime lu low of a fti tier man
on Urand Manan llank.
Tl?o (blp waa found ahandouod. Nolhiug Ik known of
bar crew or the cir mnataiu.ua of her deatructkio , but It
waa luppoeed lo inve burn Ibo work of the pirate Men by
the Arkanaxa.
The captain of the Agnes Koaa a ao itatea that oa Ike
iiltuii't, wli ui thlrty ftre mile* wnat of Ufnetport, fee
heard heavy firing In a southeasterly dlreMlua, which
conllo'KHl for two hour*.
A B rig and B Fltfelsg Hrkenntr Bsrnsd.
Woons llots, Jnljr 10, 1MB,
Ttie Balling m hooner ntlxen arrived lere to-day Mia r?
porta a hark rtgged rebel ftflamrr yea tar day eighty nlles
*. <ithna*l of (Jay ll?a<l. Hbe ha>l burned a brig, and Ifen
made for a I'rovtooeiown fiahlng eohiuoer, and keraad
tor The crew of Ibe fta harm aii na>a(*d la lhatr feoata ta
a II' ''t of mackerel nalieriix'ii
A number of Ofblng schooners are coming Into Tar
| aullo Cove to- ?Uy tu mc ape lite pirate
Vtaaola Dtapalrhed front the Boalea Mary
?? lai>l.
I'.wtoe July 10, I Ml.
Inooawjueuoe of the report broogfel fey the tuamet
Ijko n tbe < "mtnod'ireaf tne Nary Yard wtU daapaUb
lb" I Bit"! rtCatM etMiuare Kli aaod. ah, Mootgomery and
< aOibr^Ue to aaarrb altar liupecta.] vessels. They Isatl
IhW a(teri.u>*.
Naaarn a, !h,b , July 10, IBM.
Tit tana of Frar ki n and Hpring III I iwpart lbs country
north f the Tenna?a?s rlvnr tiled with leaertora fr>?
llrvg'a arm?'? mostly T't.neeseai.a? Ui tbe nulaber >A
ttom ten to flfta?r. tl<- wn 1 Tiny refi.se d to leave the
ti'i.eral Rworaaa' irmjr r?lains Ita pmitmo (be Use
Of ihe Hk riv r The >an ;*lga ia vlrtaaily eb led,
TV Arm, U?e ' .mh-rlan I r,..? .<.H M Kkeefeer a>f
?vtKifeyvi.le TV r ver .a Ckiiiag Tbe water ea Ux
? !. ila is rigbl feet
IV 1/ ? aville tram arrived oo - ere
la mnirn. Mr IB, 1MB.
Martial U? was dr< .ered n 1/ eiev. .? t? day
Th" last a Irxe al h?*l'|u*r let a piare ti?? ei ??y be
|?r>?u < ooydoo and .Vew Albany, lallaaa al- .1 r.ftaer
at i?e frooi ibe iati'-r, wiUi ear f-w.es ?a4er II- u?"o tr
cknes (Mirealt
HrUllalory Mtaiarii aaf iha lltb< la? 4 ?fa
Ull W. ?( Ikt flrit
d? u? ????! ?? IHalk.
t ' U>* R lifwml IWaiAlrk, JalJ 1 |
At U.4 I Itfcy prwu jradarda/, *>jf <?4af of <,a?. Wh.
4 r, I mi ?H?JI w<| Ua* Y?j.*aa a iMMTiug
W?-Mf fwaf , <lfaa InM f ?# t?? ba I >4 . t.fat la
t' f lk? I Ii| in ? ? to ? ? >(4 1 0.
Mofarav.by Haa. IHniltl, at u.iif, iito <? lU
1 b <* Mav itfi TV- | f atra aiaaatM .6 *
i'*n M i a. ?" ? ? ??* >> . ? ?, i , iu <?? Mi ? t
i* Uw ?r *n4 tfUv ?- n? ! ?rma<1 M> a b? ka > i<ri
a< a UaMa am* Wi?H1 * II* Offer ?rf i.
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