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Finale of the Democratic State
W'o?d\ Kndorstmrnt of Vallandig
liani Crowd* d Out,
ft* &c.. Jm.
Ai.uant, Sept. 10, 180?.
F very tiling DMMl along harmoutou.-dy this morning
Thcire * ^ a general good '.cel. tig prevalent from the first
among tbe delegates, Some timo olaiood aft.T tue Coil
ventiou assembled before busiiio- * was proceoded witli.
The tiine, bow war, wan taken u|> by the delegates fur.
nisbing the r Post Office address to the secretary of the
aocioly for tlu) dtifnsioo of light racing, called "political
Tha Chairman or tbe Committee on Resolutions was
dually annouuced. The resolutions* presented were in
the main in accordance with my despatch of last night
The resolutioa which they bad before them in reference
to t tie Monroe doctrine and indemnity from England for
the dopredatioua of tbe privateers on our c >mmerce,
were Anally, by common consent of tbe committee, laid
aside. It was found that so many different points were
pre?euted that It would complicate the matter. Tbe
platform was, therefore, just as it was arranged at th"- first
meeting of tho committoe. The resolutions were adopted
without any debate, only one vote, that 01 Mr I^itveice.
of Queen's county, tbe chatrm in of the (state i eatral
Committee of the peace party, in the negative.
Mr. liawrencc, being chairman of the committee ap
poiutod at the Cooper Institute peaco meeting in June
last, U ia fair to suppose that be votes according to tbe
doctrino and decrces of thai party in the State. Tbe
peace men have been boasting ever since sis o'clock last
night that they would have a comple victory over the
otbor side in tbe platform, and that tbe peace element
controlled the Convention: bnt what there Is in the reso
lution thai gives them comfort and consolation
la more than I can sec. The platform of Inst
year was not change*!, as they asserted that it would be,
and Wood this morning endeavored to get tbe Committee
on Resolutions to present a resolution endorsing Vallan
dighim , but the committee refused to accede to bis
wishes, ana as toe platform now .-"lands tbe peacemen are
out in the cold.
Tii" managers feared that Wood would ofl'er his Vallan
dighain resolution in the Convention, and tbe business of
the Convention was rushed through as fast as possible ,
and uo time was lo*t In moving tho adjournment.
As soon as the real work of the Convention was con
eluded aud I he platform disposed of, the Convention pro
ceeded to the nomination of tbe ticket. On the office
of Secretary ol State three ballots were had, and
Anally resitted in smashiug the slate for that
office, und the n minatlon of 0. K. St. .John,
of Orango. This wa? brought about by the feeling that it
w >uld be well for them to roeoguize the constitutional
Union element in the State. The Committee on Resolu
tions recommended that the above element be considered
in nominating the ticket. The slate Candida es gave a
hard run, but h id to Anally yield. The balance ol the
t clcet was in ai i'ordauco with the slate, and, take it all
together, it must be considered a strong ticket. Mr.
f.iwrence. tbe Chairmin of the Peace Party Central Com
mitten, voted for Mr. Klanders, of Krunklin county, for
almost every office Mr. Flanders is one of those that
in spent a short term at tbe government boarding biuse
In I ho New York harbor.
Takiug the ticket and platform together, it presents a
Trout that will trouble the republicans. The candidates
?ro all moderate men. and there is no partioular weak
point to bo assailed In discussing the merits of tbe can.
Supervisor Purdy announced that Ceorge K lister w:is
pre -touted by tho Tammany delegation for State Prison In
spector; but if no candidate had been given them tbey
would still roll up their majorities for the democratic
ticket; tbey would stand by tbe party even if it was run
by the Albany Regency, or Richmond , Cagger <t OoM if
wo might so call It: but be had grlNI faith in the patriot -
ism of those gentlemen
The Proceeding* of the Convention.
Ai.ba.vv, Sept. 10, 1843.
Tbe Democratic Union Stato Convention reassembled
at ton o'clock this morning, when tbe delegations from
Um eevoral Judicial distrlots reported tho following te
lections for members of the State <;ommittee:?
ftrtt District ? Peter B. Sweeney and John E. Devolin.
Xrcond Vitrict ? Homer A. Nelson sod I'enjauiin J.
1Mr4 District ? Peter ('agger and .lncob Hardenburgh.
Vmtrth IKftrirt ? R H. Cusbney and Kdwin Dodge.
Fifth Dutrict? John A . creoue, Jr , and Lorenzo Car
Sixth Di-X' id? Duncan J Magee and Dow r.usscl
S-vmth IH tri'i ? Wm C. Rowley and Klmere P. Ross.
Eight* Dutrict ? I'eau Richmond and A. I'. I.nning.
Tho report was adopted.
Hrmkv Mt'HHnr, chairman of tbe Committee on reso
lutions, reported the following aeries, remarking thit
tbey bad been agreod upon without dissent. ?
Resolved, That we reaffirm the platform adopted by the
Detnoi rstic Convention of ltitiJ, vu ?
Kirst ? That we will contiuuo to render the governm -nt
enr sincere aud united support In the um. of nil legitimate
moans to suppress the rebellion and u> restore "tho Union
as it was' aud to maiutain "tbu ooostltution as it is," be
lieving that a i c rod instrument, In untied i i wisdom by Mr
fathera, clothes tho constituted autboritii's with lull
power to atcmplisb such purpose.
Socond? That by tho following resolutions, unanimously
pissed by Congress In July, ltd! , the government wits
plad-ed to the policy Inculcated therein, aud vtlneltaran
not be departed from without violation of tbe public
faitb. vlt; ?
Keaolred, T. at the pvai ill .< pi . aMe civil war h*s been
for -e,i spun the country by t!ie dtauuionMs of Ih-! South tii
St.*. * no In aims agniuai the constitutional ijnverninent,
and in arina nround the capital; tbu . is this national e.ner
geney. fonurass. banishing a. I ire io,< of mem passion or
reaeiittnenl wi I recollect euh its duty to the whole ? ountr. ,
that ihia *cr ? not waged on their part in any -pirn or
o|ij?r. Mion. Ol lorauy puraaSQ ol eonip e?\ or for In;. ,-f?r
in ; with the rights or established t i .tlniiion- ot th'-? Itstes,
but lo defend and ma ntain tbe aupremnav of the eonaiits
Iloo, and to r-. rve the t'nlon with all tae dignity and
rlg'iU of the i*.\erul State* ist iipairsd; a <1 that a? ?oon na
these object" are acvosB|illah d the war ought te t
Third ? lhat we, having oi in title uoe In the |.>va.ty of tiie
citizens of tbe State ? f N'ew Yotk, reiterate the M iiiime it
heretofore egpressed by tue democnttc party, thn oie
gal and uaesttrtttuUenai a'reats a id imprisoament o cm
sons ol thts^tale aro with nt justifltatloo or or- ;..ity,
and should be di^uontuius<l and we dnuouuee such ar
rests aa a usurped *i aud a crime, and that tbs freedom
r?f the i<res", equaU> protected by the . oMUtutton, ou.ht
to bj in iiniaiiii''1.
Kesolvcd, That in View of 4W leceu' vIctoriM nod tl
inanue^iattoos of a r< turn ng alleiiian -e on tbe |mrt of
North Carolina and tuber se ?<led stales, it ImMnM* the
government to manifest a |m!icy of c 'nctllaiion that
such policy is dematxleS alike by patriotism and by a
WIS.' HHtc-.ui uirbip, which seeks to SVdl I the unoe taw
ties of tbe future, by bringing this utli oistiug war to i
speeJy etnse, sot only by the eteritali of piwer bat by
sn i til irge 1 inn) Of aotl u wbe ti -ball ??n our ige tUe
Um n senllraent >f the SoitUi and unite rn >re tbo
rough* the (leople of the V>rtli that, there:. ? e, w<
rcgrot iTesldent I laeotn a late letter wbioh, white re.
Iteraluig llie vl-tunary and UBeonstltritional emancipation
poltcv , contemidit ing i. ? mcis ire for the reotoratmn or
the union but kxtking to .n p.aeltnlte protraction of the
war ror iboltu.it, purtirM, s, |Hiti,ts tonoru'ure but na
tional bankruptcy a .d the s ibvorsion at our taaMtuttorm
lieoutved, bat tho doctrine o| tbe rU'ht of .^tate- to
s?. -de from ttie ie.|eral governm "it is not more fairs to
the oeoetitutl >n ibm tf e t Ulm of the rwlit by the federal
to ..Illiterate Mite bouodaries and state
rights, ae-l that, the i .ore, we rep idiste the dortri.te put
forward by the adu. tstrstlon? ? tb.t no s eeded Sute
returning to Its slleinnc- shall be termltted to fmiMI
tta place ia tlw I Man outil it uss conformed In lu?on*ti
tulioii to ihe whl of tbe (arty in po?ve>- '
rtnaolvi d, That tbo roi.-ili>itt<i. i .* it, e l ulled suo
obligatory upon the governnt<'iii sod tlia people, m time
i f war aa well as iu |*Sio.aad tUe do trine lliat the
Proaideul may d s ense w lib the enr.atitut on m time of
w ir subvert, all constitutions! liberty snd turn' tbe
gornranient into * military des|sitl*m. and Is a r vtv .l of
tbe isiious prerogst res of the dispeostng power claimed
b) tbe Stusrts .,f K> gland
Roaolvpit, rti it tbe thanks o" the I'eople of the state are
d ie to tbe gallant soldiers of New Y' rk. who ou tbo first
im i. ml ion of dangor voluntarily rallied to the standard
of the c wintry, and who h ive liortie it vlctorioua through
so many nattie ileid*: we shhli ever bmi tr ibo memori or
th i>e wbo bave fallen: we will ever rb-irlsh and protect
tb ? brive s ireivora.
Rosoiv il. Thsi the abortive results or the recent too
s< riptKHi id of congress, not lea uniuot, vstatious and
.. |irn?ive both in Its chvactcr and mauiier ul ? ?e. uthn
?b li hive etclied g?neral dtftrost, ibonM a Iroonub tbe
ad ninmtr.illon I ,. .?v m ieb wiser It would be 10 place tls
r, lianco m the voluntary action . f a gallant ami patriotic
ne<ii4e, evW read? to defend their instltutione snd tbelr
Kmerivrd, That we condemn all mob violence as a crime
agninst :he |*s?le and gainst r?publ|iaii government,
that, wlietl,?r lb'* spirit o. misriile and dlsragardof run
st iuitwnsl and legal oMtgsttons uke Hie rorm of the
obigher * w of fanaticism" ? r "the lower law of ihe
m b. Iheya-esniaiiy en.n.ti.iOH of the spirit of dis
lot ally, and M i'tld be suppressed at all h i/ards
IUsolve<l. That the administration of Iloratto
Set mour as Oovernor of New Vork meets mir
bigbeal approrsl . his derat* *i to the int.-r. ?u
and dignity of the Mate, his f^?r',?., ??aerll^i
of Mie rights of tbe cltlren, his fld-l i? ,h.
constifntKNi, Ibe administrative energy sv iued is
promptly ^aidiug tbe mititttnf tlie H?W to reiiel tin
invasion 'i tlx fats at I'MujriwMi i>y thi ( iior?lwti
!oro,'?, ?'i i fb.' ? igor wlnoti tie diaplaysd iu luittlng <fc?*n
tUwleasaud r-vkNM, moli. sad the Ktale-minnshiti on
Muled in UU wli'ito |? ?I>* Klioi, prewrt * rec >T't 01
which jot uQly jur 0*11 .state but the jrti'do American
1 undo, ? any justly '>e proud
A (spied Without dellUo
Tt'o Convention I he: i to the umuiuntiou Of
? >n the rtrat ballot 'or Ss.-retary of .State Gou. (.' . Scott
rscstved 30
jooaj Taylor ...... 82
It U. St. .lobu
.(nun Goodyoor
F D. KUoderx
On the ssosad ballot (be name of Charles Oiodyoar was
P. B. St. .lobn received 61
Q?o. u .vwhi 41
.!. T?> lor 81
I (*u the third ballot the uhiid or JoliuJ. l'aftor ?ru
w ith'lraw n.
It B. St. .lobu received 6T
(iecriie (i. scott 6*
l it I'landera 2
Whereupon the nomination of 1). H Si John for candi
date for Secretary of State w.u made uiuu .m i us .
sandt'ord K. t inirch wo* nosainaied for Comptroller by
a?y tarnation.
line ArroMNiir uowui..
Atoasa .1. I'arlcur, James 8. Thayer, M. R. Cbamplln,
Gilbert I eau and A. S. Sullivan were named. Mr. Parker
and Mr. Tbayer declined, aud the ballot resulted as fol
lows : ? *
M. B. Champlin 11T
fiilherl I wan ? 3
A. S. Sullivan 2
The Domination of M. B Cbamplin was made unani
Van R. Richmond received MM
K. s. Crooker received
Tho nominallon of Mr. Biohmond woe made unani
William B. Lewis, Philip J. Portboimor and 3. 8. Ha
inan were named.
Wra. R. Lewis received 72
S. S. liamell received 43
P. .). I'ortlieimer received 5
The nominallon of Mr. Lewis was made unanimous.
W. W. Wruht whs nominated bv acclamation.
D. B. McNeil received S4
George Burster received IS
I)r Bergomann received 8
Rlsbnp Perkins received / A
K. D. > landers received X
On motion of Mr. Prnor, the nomination of Mr. David
B. McNeil was made uoanlmous.
Wm. F. Allen, nf Oswogo. waa nominated by Acclama
tion for .ledge of the Court of Appeals.
The thankR of the Convention were then voted to the
officers, and. with cheers for the ticket, for Seymour and
General McClellau, the Convention adjourned nnpdie.
The Ticket.
Tbe following is the ticket nominated at Albany to
Secretary of State D. R. St. John.
Comptroller Snnford E. Cburcb.
Attorney General M. R. Champlin.
Stato Engineer Van R. Richmond.
Treasurer William R Lewis.
Canal Commissioner W. W. Wright.
I dk pec tor of State Prison# 1). B. McNeil.
Judge of Court of Appeals William F. Allen
Cricket Match.
The return match of tbe season between the second
eleven of the above celebrated clubs came off yesterday
on tbe New York Cricket grounds, at Hoboken. Tbe day
was delightful, and bolb players and spectators onjoyed a
pleasant day's recreation. Both parties agreed that the
game should be decided ny one day's play, which stood
as appended: ?
R>m? Run.
Halt, c. Haughlon, b. Kord, b. Lester >0
Kendall 3 Mumford, b Snydrim . . . . 0
Snydnro, c. . locos, b. Ken Kendall, c. Hall, b. Suy
dall 0 dam 0
lister, I) Kendall IS G Wright, I. b. w., b.
Jackson, b. Kendall 13 iAStor 60
Crossly, c. Mumford, b. D. Wright, b. Letter 8
Kendall 1 Gordon, b. Lester 8
Tyler, c. Vanderllp, b Haughton, c. Suydam, b.
Kendall 3 Lester 1
Alumer, c. Haugbton, b. Clirebtigh, b. Tyler 15
Kendall 2-1 Vanderllp, 1 b. w. , b.
^eeley, not out 10 Tyler 2
Parkins, I. b. w. , b Ken- Jones, run oat 14
dall 0 Hobos, not out 0
Heech. c. Wright, b. Ken Hy leu, 11, I. byes, 3;
dall 8 wi<1 os, ? 3T
Clarendon. b. Kendall.. . . 2 ?
Byes . 8 ; wldes .4 10 Total 148
To'al 90
Vmplree? Mesers. llucham and H. Wrtcbt.
Scorert? Messrs. ReilTeusteln and Vincent.
Ban Ball.
A return game between these noted seeoc ations waa
played on tbe Mutual ground, at Hoboken, yesterday af
ternoon. The announcement of this game drew together
a large concourse of spectators of both sera , qwlng , pro
bably. to tho well known proficiency of the contestants,
coupled with the Ripeness and unsatisfactory manner in
wh'ch the first game of tbe^season was concluded The
game went ofT tranquilly, thanks to tbe good raanigo*
mem of tbe Mutuals. To day the Star and Gothams t^iy
a game at Hoboken. The following Is the scoro of yester*
day ?
n. R. O. R.
Goldie, 1. f ft 0 Pierce, r. 2 3
Wanslev.e 3 1 Smith. 3<t b 2 3
Hum.. id b 2 2 Price, 1Mb 2 2
Brown. '2d 1 4 0 Pratt, S. s 4 0
McKeevcr, p S 0 Galvin, 2d b 2 1
McMahon.s. s 1 3 1 hapiiian . p 4 0
carm.be I, Ut b 2 2 ' Start, c. f. 2 3
Harris, c. f 1 3 Oliver, Jos., I. f.... 3 2
7e ler, r. f 4 0 Earle, r f 3 1
Total 11 Tola! IS
I nitigt 1?*. ?>/ 3>I 4'A. 5'A. 6 ?/? "lh. #'* To n t.
Mutual. .. 0 3 220211 11
Atlantic.. 31213181 15
I'm' ire? Mr. Hudson, Henry Fe.kf"rd Club.
St:.>rers ? Messrs. J McC'onsel and J J|i'y3lem
The Iteporlrtl Design on St. Pemlngo.
It Is n< t often that one ha? an ipportniitty to criticise a
Mat . menl m.id- by snyo' your < orret|Hii dents, but your
letter fr<>m Hnv ma. In this mornirg s l*? ie. contains a
grave error, tfblch can ca'i'y be accounted for by tho
fact ilia i [he writer wrote 'rnm Cuba. bu<I not from St.
' iximingo He states that many suppose that the Vnited
t -tntee g'iNo-nmcMt h ve pome de*lL'r,s in relition to tlie
Spanish |?irt of M. IVimmgo in conn 'ct Ion with Haytl
| (the negro i*rt>, ac 1 1nstances tie fact that Wliiism L.
I < a 'Ucaii (on the i art of the American West India Com
| puny), ti tier with Manuel CruK.tt (Postmaster General
I jo 1'syti ha\e?|rcaily commenced operations at Port
l'.ileii'pie, and i-inilci forty em!granls, with nil the tools
. ai d Impletuenlt they require. Now it fO happens
J tb'it Manuel < ru/at s Pontmnster Oene-al i>f Spanish
Hi I I'm u.o, appoint* d liy the g?veri ment of Spsln . and
j i'i?eni|i<i is a pert t win d by tlie '.merican West India
? ' mi>my. aii^o m .-psnn-b St. 1' mliiro Fart her that th's
; corui anv rn.ins apei iil grants ai d prtviWs irom the
crt'wn of Spain a- a direct eiicoiiraveinent lor emigration,
j and int more, tho forlv emi,ii'iinis si? ken is by y* or
1 co resp ic'ent are n' t black men, but whl'e men Soain
j ha? determined to pursue toward her lately recovered
i po ses ton .? most liberal pi llcy , es Is ^viderced by her
conr- > toward this ompauy. In thi? way the rk-h re
| S'Hircet of St. Immmgo will be developed and the inland
rescued Irom Its former -late of wild luxuriance, and
. made to produce a* richly as Cuba itself K
I nionm' Inqurtta.
A CMArntR os A<*w?!?Ts.? Mrs. Margaret ' leavsland. a
native or N'ew York, Stfed 45 years, died yesterday St
her residence. No 123 Perry street, from the effects of
Inturies accidentally received by being run over by a
. r it.away horse lielonglng to Measrs. Rrien 4 Adims,
j'lumbeis, doing tuisinen at the crner of Pleerker and
i'erry stre?t? Coroner Kanney held an lnuuest.
I>ennis I'arringtun, th,i hutiberwho plunge>1 a knl'e
into bis shdomen a few days ago. at the slaughter house,
No. "9 First a vw ue, died yesterday in consequence A
tbe injury. Onroner Na unann beld an lnque*t upon tte
IxKly , when the Jury ren lered a verdict of "Snl< tde "Pe
cvred was 6M years (dd and s native of Irelscd
Msry Hetsney.an old woman, riled at her reetden e,
No 222 Hitabeth street, from the sinters of tnluries to
the head, received In some msi ner unknown C onner
Vsnmsnn beld an inquest upon tbe body, h it was unsb'e
to ascertain whether tbe Injuries were tbe result of acct
dent or des gn
An uoknown mm, about thirty Ave tears of age flve
reel nine inches In height, with 'torit hair and b ark
wbiakers, was found floating in tb? water at lbs foot of
Tnenty third street. Fast river Coroner Saumann beld
an :nqiisst. and gave It as his op n ion that tte body bad
net been In the water more than a few days.
I Tbe sam* Coroner also held an inquest at the foot of
Thirty ft'iirth ttreet, ta?t river, spen the body of mi on
kni'wn woman, about thirty years of sge. wh.i had been
id ths water but a fsw hours
A German, named II p. Iireyer, fell through the hatch
way ot the brig Cesar Helens, st Pier 18 Fast rtver. aiid
died yesterday from ths eflxets of hi* inlnriee.
| coroner Nsumann also held an Inquest upon the body nf
James Connolly, aged thirty ysai-?. who ?m found
drovn-'l st the foot of King street. Nertb rtvsr He
1 c 't*ed had been rnHnlng since -<aturd<y at d is supposed
to have been scctdeutally drowned .
Railway Acrldesl.
Cwctwjuti, Sept. io, i??.
l)n Tussday night, during a severe storm tlie freight
train oo tbe I.ittle Miami Rsilt <sd ran tnl i a broken eul
vert near Corwm, instantly kll ing the nngmeer, Hremsu
and braksinso lour ? ors, Itlen w<th whiskey aid to
ha^jn, took Are and were e-msnsMd
the draft.
NttUUtallan* and KuniplnnM
THK rouuru IM?TH10T
TUuft'ivdof fnrolmeut ot the Fourth 1 on, ires-" ??' *'
district roaiMOuib o4 yeuorday morning ? tli ? heal pta
torn ot Provoat Mitr-iba! aiel Capiat! Joel It I rhardt, N ?
Iffl Broadway , comer of Chamber* atroot I lie crowd
of aoajpus conscript* waiting to lay tbeir cUuns ( >r ox
etnptiou hei.ne tlie Hoard wan ool eo greit a* hitherto,
anil the Bo ird was enabled, theroforo, lo dispone of ?v?ry
ca?8 ou yeaterday '* ctloudar, except twenty , which were
partially con? iderod and laid over uut.l to-day lor Cnai
lbe best M order iu preserved tUro igtuut the day by
the detachment of military who tiave Imm ou guar J at
this place aiace the beginning or the jension of the Hoard
of Euroiraeot. ludeed, at oo similar piieo b.n (bore been
such uniform order and qu.etaaas. Sot a smgle orreat
bis been rendered ocoessary, and tl la boiler jd that the
presence or tho military foe the ptirpase they are at*
tkmed l be re waa altogether uncalled for. a* uo maftropor
domouat rations of any kind hive boeo made. Among tha
amusing aod other incident* of yealerday we note the
following : ?
A substitute a<ent, named Ceatello, brought an individu
al before the Hoard as a substitute, who a few a -ya ?n" ws?
examined and i>asae<t for tho Invalid cor pa. As a substi
tute be was rejected. He Informed tho Board that ChH
tello waa to pay him twenty-live dollars. A man named
John S. Hurand api>eared and claimed exemption on the
ground of being oyer age. Ilia family Bible, published
Hi the year A I) 180ft, testified to tho fact. Mr Durand
said that he waa a member of the Hevenly-tlrst regiment.
New York state Volunteers, and waa at the battle of Bull
run. A sprightly colored boy of eighteen years ap
iwared in company with hla mother, lo be accented as *
substitute for another colored person named William M.
Lerevre. lie said his name was John J. Cisco, and ou being
ssked II be was the Assistant United mates Treasurer, he
grinned broadly and replied, "Not exactly ; but bo had a
bank or his own." producing a roll of three btiudred dol
lars in greenbacks, which he received rrom the ll-ard of
Supervisors Relief Committee. Cisco handed two hun
dred and seventy five dollars over to hla mother, bid her
good-bye. and In a half an hour waa on bis way lo Rtker's
Island, fully equipped aa a federal soldier. Provost Mar
shal frhnrdt has his department under such excellent dis
cipline thst no time I* now waatod in passing upon tbe
cases of conscripts and forwarding them to headquarters.
Ho has been furnished with a large supply of army unl.
forms, complete, from which those who are retained for
gorvice are flttod out complete. Tha following is the list
Tor yeaterday , wilh the disposition of each case ?
Charles Dwver. Rohlf Roberta. Jacob Hlneklo, John
Williams, B. Kaufmann.C. Roebaok, Irederick l/vkmao,
Peter J. Scholoman, Stephen Slieohan, Anthony May,
Pn v id Desmond, D. Corcoran, Joseph G Rouasnc., Arnold
Besl. Philip Ring. Henry Hammings, Josepn Ilonnegin, C.
Redbuck. Julius lAngo, FredorMc Urbane, Henry Mur
kios, Edward Rrown, John Sullivan, Daniel lirtsootl,
Charles Brnudoll, J. Franklin. I.ucieit Holden. Jamea
Ryan, Andrew Plnnkett, Charles McCarty, Henry Wil
liams, Peter Haley, Patrick f'oonev. Thomac Joooa,
Anthony Corford? all exempt. Total 37.
A. K. Sloan, Jobn Craft. Frank Mc^owall, Wm. Iteadon,
John J. Barney, John Bond , Thomas McGirtby, Friti
Fralin, Thomas Donohne. Hermann Schilling, Patrick
Fitzgerald, Tbouaas E. Criflln, John C. Hallen, Alexander
Pierson, James Nolsn, J. D. Stevens, Micbael Curtis,
Nicholas Whileman? total IS.
KI'RXISIIXI) m'l!.<nTrTKfl.
William Kirk furnished Wm. H Ayer; Robert Raton
furni-hed Wm. Woft; A. Frank furnisheil France Kemee;
W. if laifebvre (colored), rurnlshed John J. Ctaco (color
od); lames Sandlsan rnmished B. Dully; Henry Buland
furnislied John Ixwls: Jnhn J Brandon furnished James
Mccarty; Peter Yull furnisheil Isaac B. Coll? all exempt:
total 8.
Terrence Kelly, Jordnn D. Yoiing. Wil'iam Gray, James
S. Daly. Jol.n Phntiune^sv James Coles. .1. W. Con, Denis
Graham. James Sandy, John C. Menken, James Harry,
Berrv Rico, Thomas Brown, William Hoar, Ceo 0. Bayan.
All exempt. Total, IS.
wen BtcsroKSTs
William H. Teeb'es, William Nirh >ls, M. Simmons, John
W. Olivtr, Jo' II wils' n, Jr., William Prandles. William
lla't. James Sflffw "in. ,'erry Connor, r.oberl S. Hoyt,
< liarl' S H llaborg, John A Kaunchoer. lanac K.ldmann,
W illiam Williams. AH eiemrt. Total, 14.
William Nnlt/gardden, Hy. Nolte, Jame^ Campbell.
Dennis Mc' artv, Jno. J. I'ettierow, August Schmidt, John
Gritlith, Barnard Malnny. All exempt. Total 9.
cniikr Ana
Hiram T. Seelye, William ?. Moore, Andrew Cnrtin. All
exempt. Total 3.
omi * ^om or a winow.
Patrii k Wall, Thomas Brogan, Mnthew RHey. All ex
empt. Total 3
i* naav:m.
Charles Wilson Exempt. Total 1
Whole number of cases laid over, eigbtoaa.
RKCartrr i.ai ion .
Aliens SJ
I Aid over 1?
Held lo duty IS
Physical disability IS
Non raeidenta 14
Overage #
Furnished subrtitutea 8
Only aoo of a widow...., 3
Under age f. 3
In service 1
Crand tolal 126
rp? nrrn iupthtct.
In llila district yesterday evorythlng went on orderly
and quietly. There la not etch a rush or eagerness now
nmoii; the drarted men aa formerly. The following table
shows the amount of busineas disposed of yesterday
Hi-Id fbr serviee 14
Substitute* seccpted ?
Paid <Tnoimutation 1
Physical disability Vt
Alienage 24
Other causes IT
Total examined S3
The following are tbe names of the men held for ser
Ja--. Rinley, Theodore Hennly. Richard Oilbertnon. John
l^i'idd. Fdgar Brown, Ce?r<e Fjidlie.h, Anthony Olasstater,
.1 W. Bnoktay . Thnc. MoCanMC * . James Tmimy. Jo-eph
Joerman. W. Meagher, John Fu'lerton, J< hn Meashwell.
The rollowlrg are the uamea or the substitutaa held for
scrvlco- ?
Hornard Kelly. Nicholas Kelly, Frank Mc'iiiiongb. Wm.
Ewing, E W. Wllkl-ison, Stephen Davenport, J J Beth.
The Board of Exemption for this die irict began with
Ihe unheard claima of tbe Ninth ward. A young man,
being held lor ?ervice, was ssked if he would procure a
substitute, when he said that a Dr K? ctJered lo pro
ciro him an exemtulou for a fee of sever ty. live dollars.
The I'osrd. alter holding a consultation for a short time,
directed the Secretary to write to Dr. E., requesting his
prescr.ce b -fore tbe FV nrd to explain tbe matter.
A person claiming exemption as an alien . being desired
liy Captain Karr to e? tn? acaln fas the Board required
time to lnx-estii(ste his case i. obiocted to do so, al'eging
as an excuse the 1> as of his time. The t'a]>t'>la renin de |
him thst he >b"tild rememVr low many men left their
hemes lo lit ht fnr the country wh<-re (by his >wn state
I ment) he had fiund * h. me for flv< years.
( haries Williams a t"r heini? srcepte-l snd sworn In by
the B s'd as a substitute for Mr. K<1. C. Cay. refns< d to
deliver himteir up lo ttie Provost Marshal, <nd was there
. fire disehargeti Mr. Cay w ill have to procure another
Ihe following Is a !l-t of the cases disposed of during
the day: ?
wnn so* srnvn
j Hsrvcy Davison m Macdougal street Fdwd A. March,
I 1*7 West Twenty seeonl stre.-t Iv.yd lti stle. .104 We-t
Elghte -nth street I,. Bcnk'er, I'm Wedl Twenty fcurth ,
| str ei Kbere er I.cufett. 2*"i i l<blh a\en- e Jaa Wil
liamsnn. No. * i'ank .tehn Mei-lt ley. 78 W'e?t 1
Twenty filth street .'??remi .h Smith 204 W?sl Vlghteeath ]
?treat. O Hark. SIB t\e-t ""evntee- tli street John f
Suydam, 158 Waverlev p|?ee join ?V. perk worth. 27S >i
Bleei'ker street 'Tinrlns Ai r-1'.'S 4 t Weal Twelfth street; I
Sam- el A. Shur-it . ?0 Pedfnrrt street; Hsrman Hnbener. l?7 I
West Twenty fo rth street Stephen B Kn*i>p, 302 West
Seventeen tb street Albert lie'rer :-JH Wnat iventeenih
street Henry R hrs. corner of Kleventh avenue and
, Nineteenth street Vatlnn B CVittrell, 743 Washington
street. Fredk. llulwppell, 140 West Tenth street. Totalis
rtt^s^r?I, nisAstirrv
| Jogei h Cannin, Patrick Mab<r, ( bsrlet Pfender, Fd
, Wkrd J. Robus lieorge Johnson, Frederick C Dyer, 'smes
, Brady, Elmond W. Ilavnafarder. Thomas Forrest, Jamea
Mo<"arro||, Mate i o. Hi drlque/. tames McMulien. charlea
F. Tuttle, Oecme F. Merrlsm, William Croseen. Isaac E.
While. Joseph Me Uov. Mar n nann, Henry C. l alght,
Henry Smith. CoortoM Tirook. Jreerh More CorneTlua
Ackerman. William A. Wn<ner Isaae B Hoptier WHllam
Hanke. David D. p>et, .t. b K'napp .Robert lent, Joaeph
i Ward. Total 30.
I rrRwnnfii srwrrnrm.
Isaac H. Oearman. 434 n ? at 23d si, ffcrniahedWlt'len
Riexas, John E Partes. 3? Great looa*, rmnabed Wm.
Wesselt*. itiarlea W I'phtm. 887 4?h formatted John
Ager I?ul? V. Sutherland 214 West llth, furnished
Jameslevlm FIbert H Malsteal, 217 Want l?th, fur
nished Kdward Znrburg -Slerllng lloldrtdge, 148 WarSrlev
place, rurnlshed Cotlleb Vberle FlVrt ScofeM, 1110 9th
avenue, furnished Martin Rtddsa M?aaa Ilea, So ? ABUT
place, furnished Wm. B. I,ane FdwardC. (lay, 54 West
llth, furaisbed < harle- Williams Peter Voorhle, S10
West 22d. furnished fstt fonleyi Thoa. Handy, M> 4th,
furmahed WPllam Ilalhy : Francis Doherty, 211 fttlliven,
furnished Henry llerrtck Wm. J Glover, tl 10th. fur
nished JacoiX'Brn/acro Wm H Rebina.M Waal 20th:
rurn shc.I Jacogo Gouisllo ? Ttotal 14
ovim am
Joaeph A. Yoialn, H igh Rollins, Fred. Hugheon, Theo
dora Malenay, Joaeph stein, a. V, m|?m, Robt. hartl^.
Christian Raverty, ' has f TtK>m?a Tho*. Currey , .Wm
. Fstt,?ieo F Pond, B. Vsn Purer, J, >tin D. Arthar.Nlrho
las Walsh. O. T. Aettermsn l<.feM/o \ ent ire, Heery Urs
? bam, George H Maaber. .li>hu Tenderfoot, Harlhoiomaw
Savage Tub! 21
vvnao A<ia
Wm Seguin, R?-I?ert McKsv, ? LCiimeata. Total*.
so* ?%T||
I D B. Frtshea, Kami. Km. ri<?ge, j?* Leonard Rlohsed 1
1 James, J?nn Knox. l?*a,- H H,.| o? ,r; e |.i*n I , ,
Apptetnti Gen. Ifrindl?r, Tl'- nit i .i'rwin <leo CtinueHy 1
rherlas Harrett, ?1*rar Mclameli, Au?nn i ?oekwoll c!
McOillotigh , Martta Bracbt. Total ta
Wm Browne. F/tward tt'Hnnnell Total t.
t.Aio orwa
TVw Parker alien ,l? Walah. alien. Robt MeKay
aMen Jas emit* tllea Wm Ttmnip*oa, ?l?eo Tot a, k.
iii Hiwnn kuoh 3, 1883.
Win H. La wmm. Total t.
nniuu or ?ixiwiiijm laiuua.
satnuel Thorp, leranoe Le<mra. Total 1
*dhh or Mid rfMiK
Robert II. Ikvbe, Iluktrl ? tkkxi Total t
nan-* MMM l.kll
I J. (;?r toer Total I.
oni ? ?nm * wos>w
J' bu l '? >???. . I rwi n H. .stniWi. total %
HIS'AI IMU ??*?>
lleid 'or eurvttv 19
liUabitlty .. , . iii
Kiirnioh'tf substitutes 14
Ov?f age ti
ruJemge :i
Nonresident* Ii)
A hens. j
I Aid over 6
Twice enrolled I
<Hi!y moo of ? widow %
Only won of s#e<l parents 2
Father of mothoctMsi children 1
In service March 8, I8?3 I
I** . II*
l be Hoard sdjoorned at four o'clock P. Ii. flblil uma
o clock A. II. to morrow.
la this dint riot (bo business done yeHterdey auma up
as follows:?
Hoty for duty 13
Furnished substitutes 6
Exempted for physical disability 16
Etempted for service on the 3d of March 1
Exempted for non residence in the district 1
Kxcuipted for being the aupport of aged parents 3
Exempted for having motherless children 2 '
Exempted for unsuitabloneM of age 16
Exempted for alienage 12
Total number of cases heard 6T
?bid ro<t mrrr.
Wilbur Smith, Jacob Vollheitner, John Davis, Henry
Bush, Charles B. Termllyei, K. Guttenberg, Jolin Handy,
1h. Rockwell. R.'nry Stogeman, 0. Ackly,.i. Clause, 0. A.
Miller, John Kreunor.
luuMtsnso KuivriToicH.
Charles Prentxel famished J. H Murray; Henry Dix
furnished Steven Marx; J. Q. Liver more furnished Tb.
CI irk, James Collin famished Charles Hug , K. Van Steen
hurgb faruisbed Peter Brown.
.lames Kllnaira, Israel Jager, Harris Kohen. Samuel
Keller, James Presaley, H. Fleming, Henry Fetter, Peter
Feeny, Cnrlstopher Parage, Vincent A. Carpenter, bonis
Ruprecht, Thomas Abbott, John Daly, John F. Keith,
Samuel Valmers.
SKKVIdON karoo 8, 1883.
Lewis Carpenter.
James Rodgers.
John M. Owens, John Fagao, Geo Hull
KAniKKS or Mornrai.Kis ctui kss.
l/>uin Otlenhelmer, Thomas Dougherty.
Geo. Ryan , Michael ClafTay , Paul Leramel . David Gibson ,
Wm. J. Burke, Wm. Martin, Cirl Filters, Nicholas Boyan,
Lawrence Blume, Peter McKvoy, lsldor Isaacs, Ajgust
t'*St'rr*HI.SNKS8 Or AGS.
Edwin 0. Andrews, Ttteo. Noerrel, Pan. Abeam. Chas
H. Miller, Jacob Menton, Millie* Keefe, John Wendling,
Louis llalihauer, Francis McDevitt. Anthony Jager. Jere
miah Tracy , Julius Rosenthal , Jno. Byer, Hermaun Simon,
John Killovan.
The Board of Enrolment for tbe Eighth district resumed
operations about eight o'clock yesterday morning at their
olttce. No, 1,303 Broadway. Amoug the many excuses
ollerei yestonlay the most remarkable was one by a man
who stated tnat ho had served a term in tbe State Prison,
which, according to the provisions of the conscription
ordinance, Is a valid reaaou why a person should not bo
mastered into the servico of tbe United States. Tbe man
?as accordingly exempted. A gentleman called on Cap
linn Manlerre ia<t oreuin; with the information that the
s ihstituto he had furnished oue day last week, and who
bad been sent to Kikor'a Island , very unexpectedly turned
upa;ain yesterday, when lie called on tho gentle nan
m ho had firuishod him. The man had cflectod his escape
liy s? miming across from the island, ad his ro:i*<>n for
d. dug ao appeared to lie in re'ation lo "inirg some civalry
regiment. The gentleman who hail fumi-died him as a
s .l>-tit>.t#i immediately handed him over t> tne po'lee
authoriiies and tb<ii infern.o 1 Captain M.mierre of the
i iiruiualanou.by whom ho '.rill ho returned to Riker's
Island this morning.
The above method of ejcsplng from Riker's Island was
also Iriod by another man a few days ajo. but not with
the same success. After ho ha ! heeu swimming about
inr some oonsid?rithle lirnd be ni nte for the nearest shore,
and was rather taken by surprise to And him-elf a^iin on
the island opi>o?ile to lb" point lie bad loft. Some of the
military pmsmgat the l iiuc rendered it tmposa.ble for
h:m to trjThis loi tuoo a second time.
The number of persons drafted >n thin Ji-trict was
3 376. t>f tb s Dumber one half have already brought
?heir eves be ore captain Maolerre, Provost Marsbal ,
?ud Mr. Ktrhy smith, Commissioner, by uli >m they have
bjen disp< sed of. From twelve to fourteen hours each
day have heen devoted to this purpose. Tho clerical
business of the Hoard is now vary much iu arrears, and
after this (Friday) evening tlw meetings frnm seven to
leu o'clock will he dU|iei>se>i with, for tbe purpose of
gi.'ing tbe Comiawl >uors an opportunity to e.'ear n't the
other business of the litiurd Ch tun Uaniorre aatiei
pales beuut able to rtnish all the claims of this district on
? r before the 21st lust., by devoting from eight to ton
honrseach day t" thrnu aud, ah mld he An<l it m'c-iwry
1 1 resume the evening sessioas . due notice will be xlveii.
I he following is a correct htrl of t!ie cases disinissd of
t'KS!'lr?HI.KM?>ri Or Ai.g.
? homss Keeoh, Mtrouol Sh'-'ltou, John Scanlmi, John
l itiman, K. W. Gnh siia. Wm. D Wee<l, Robert McCord,
S'lmuel Ki-isteo, Kerdinand lutystors, John .K. Ilirtow,
' red l^gr'iw. Atlim Willard 'Odorixl). Ge < Mle.oUir ,
Johu Weigel, Peter Knifl'en. IV. I'encett. W. G. Flem
mer, C. S. Coihitt, Thomas Apple ion. ?itt> Mayer, Halva
tor can, Thomas Hcarn. K_ 1- . N.-hriug Andrew I.lttle .
W N.McVI.kar. Jolin B. N'vorich, P. Wen lei, Richard
Simmons (colored), Kzr.t R. Dibble, C W. Kundsen,
Id ward liiley, P. lyccb, F Gersier. .Julius I'enedtct
John Nichols, John Vren'lciioiirgli, Willetl Seaman, Jr.,
h red Kei'kemeysr, Jacofe U Jolphy, Ml ha'M Mclierm d,
VI rris Jxcohson. Vhomas Gllles, Sebastian Itodtn, John
I'iumb, s. p. Chandler, Jobn Miller
nsir to ^Bltv|la.
Michael Swnk. James McN'ally . R Wester field, Albert
Uom,.!r. ,AV. II. Mix. A. F. naldwm, Th< mis Tnipson,
Kdwurd J. Cut ley. James Campbell. Alexander f:rant,
Joseph Ralley, Al'eu Ruckle. Charles Stuart. John MrJn
josh, Alexander MeD->nald. Ihotiiaa Crawford, Patrick
Wierrs. ? orgo H. Mason, Victor MMlelano, W. H. Bl.n.ey,
CiMirgo Oriienter, A. T Smith, Mirbael Koys^r, ^tejdien
Conck.in, Tiieodore ladd.Johnu taker, .is-uoh Webb,
Kd wards lord
lohu Hamoliusch, Andrew Chri-tie. Joseph Tee, James
Hand, Johu Fit?*e:al.l, lynniaT. Buckley, .loon Maihuru,
! ouls Ban's, Patrick Kahbitt, I!i haid Arnest, Herunn
Rrunrer, lame* Snott, lisor^e W. Scott, John K raft, W
Sukmnn, Wm. Weiss, Wm. Hyde, M. J. Boland, Al?*.
M'-Donald. Jobn tiartler, J< seph i oohw, ' eorge Thomn
-<n, John Grady,. lohii For I hi, PmiuaI Hlggenon, Ji hn
tiraft. Henry l.iitdie, I^oroid Kemlage
Walter II" ll?iihe<'k fawrenee Ronens, t.eopold Weil,
R. Mftmou. Rdwln Witnmre, Jamnt Ciaw ord, Ttieo tnre
M4t,ti. JI Pack. W K llalleck. ronred ilaueHl. Isiiah
i.rsham, I'd-* in Ttximison. Wi.lianj Clark.'' A. !V)6t>?,
rraiiris Baker. Horace otrander. ?'m Buckley, Jr., Ltp;>
man N'ewtjerry, B. K. tirant.t; J. V Weath?rly.
Pt'lunemn ?i niin.iss
L. I]. Uatc>. fnriushed Michael McS'ahh
r i? y.
Wm !!>?/ eli . H. It. Ilyde, liaatel D. Chamberlain.
Horace A Scl rein er.
OSI V Silt ??? w IIHIW
Joeejib J. farmm . Own O'Neii , John liavie, Samuel
Web1), Juhn Kennedy, Michael Shanneesr
muni or uoii'Mmsw i'hiiorkw.
Wm. Wagner, i harle? Valentine.
jrow SKoinSHT.
John William*, M. Armstrong.
is "WT'Cii os *?u<si .1 186.1.
Wm. Mar^ball, P McCihe.Saml lleekmao.
i vnss sixk
"was McAvoy
ro*victw? *i> roKomv.
C. eorge Iaii.ey,
Uel'i inr aervice
Substitute I
0 mmutatl ns ?? ?? 4
1 it. harmed or disability 11
I>ischarked for other cauies .'.'."i. WO
Tola! examined
The Hoard fer the hearing of cxemfKtoa c asm in this
district met at tneir oifiee yesterday, at nine o'clock? Ike
officers of the commission being Captain Jenkins, I tot oat
Marshal. Johu M. Sands, Commissioner, end Dr. Wm. M.
Tb ms4m, witL the R cording Secretary, Mr. Watson, and
his gentlemanly lieutenant, Thomas Fay, Deputy I'rorost
Marsha'. A ver} large anowi o( husinaas was transset.
ed. the i<ainstaking and eloee applloai wo of the ? ommle
sinners be ng that wh -h have rbaractrri/ed their labors
through' ait this very ardaoua isquirjr. Ihe c<-ort?oua de
meanor of tbe nSlctalB la particularly eonaphtuooa, and
unless a man be very stupid in present** bte renenns fbr
esemptmr, or that be wants to carry < n a<>a>e very spe
cial dodgr, no perssa can have any ricfet to o-implaln of
the manner in which be la dealt with at tkta offlo*
There was a rather peculiar case diapeaed of in the
corse of the da v. The party claimed to be under ace ,
and his 'alber came forward aad swore llat he was Mrs
en the 2TtD ?f A'. gust, 1*43, be being Just one month un
der Ihe age.
Among tbe inetdenta of the day was tbe dropping in of
Judge Mirneet t ivanlly . wh came forward to state tbe
ease el Patrick Anthony, wbo WM drafted r-in tbe nor
ner of Hfty. fourth stient aad Eleveatb avenue, hut
wbnee actual >e?idenoe is in Forty-ninth street and
Eleventh avenue. The notwe wm nddreSMd to Patrick
Antb' ny, Fifty tmrth stmet, with which residence tbe
party bad nnthia^ toMy. Quite a legal dl-eumlon took
tdnee between the Provoet Marshal and the learned J edge
The ease tw laid over fbr further ooMidersttou lbs
Board disposed of one hundred and three caeee tbrougb
oilt the day.
rcnmMsn srsstm rns.
Frsneis Sevens fnmisb*! Dsdrtck shuRs. Joseph Wars
berg furnished tkmigs Dallary, Patrick U tw-l in i urnished
Dsn1* Mo ?ey.
John staff. Ml' banl Mot.arrick. Patrick MeVinnie, JO
S' pit McNamee, .loha trial. J. Meicbeix Ilelblg, rienrge
fisilda, John Mobotwy, Pnti Irk KsgM, Victor flarke. fieo
1 let en, Tbomaa Iter re, TiiomM Hood, William Mahon,
I'rede l"k Trailer, Christian Broysr.
mob msnMtxfS.
Thlelman M rlts. Sydney Ford.
nwnna soa
Aran ane
tVnu a Ftrth. Thomas - Hastings, Nathan Rmb. Pat
rick ~h*rau , John MmwiMk, John Qunn. William Skel
toy, Patrick Tteruoy, William W Iti.uiv.)lt, siepuou B^gert.
Haitian P. Miiitb. George r.. Cirey, Morris f Otler,
Simuu Brueno, William II Went Frodsiuk Herbert. Mid
iiageu , Ceorgo Ftari.igaa , Matthew leu K.yck, George l.
Meek, iicnry Ilice, K J Athmelly, Conrad Snyder, The*
IBM iactuon,' Jan. *ui|th, K M. Wyck iff. llarid Croimey,
Iluury Fttsend'ti, J.ioo'i Edwards, Jacob Ur ttf, IMmH
I lain i I Urn. Iloury Hauk, Henry Gruu, I'etor AJell, Us>
dure Kvuig.
IB ??#VIC? OM KAKltt 3, 1863.
J < Am HeUoor, I'et"r Malone, Patrick McN maiiier.
AatlMHi H. Kwee/.or. Samuel llotlinm "Vrn. 11 <r fw, W
?' McKeoo, Samuel J. Abcrden, .iim-a Cacrigan, John
I'VOM-ii, Itartlay Bretuian , George MJudud, l.ouU Fro
i aid IIVKM.
William H. Siihoiikoo , F.rnst llnrvest, Mlltou ArkTtnan,
Win, I' Morgau, * iu. I. in* , Caleb Smith (colored). < lia*
l.ookbrook. Muhaol liraoken, Th unis Iialey , Wiu. sharp
Iim. Iamiis Wilder wood, Thomas tioriiiao. lame- I.ougbran,
Philip HeruarU. Constant l-reomsnau, Jobu -m i ti, .laeeb
Uiu^ier, Patrick Authouy , Jufan Golo/.mon
'I'lie 9?,000,000 Loan.
The following are tbo subscription* banded to yester
day (o the Super mors' exemption loin ?
T. Gould $1,000
Caati 2,500
Previously euhftcribed 8T0,??^
ToUl ? $HTS.700
The Conatltntloniatitjr of the Draft.
Before Hon. Judge Gierke.
Barr 10 ? Verren ??. Nugent and Another.?'" pun the
return being called for la this case, Mr. Edwin James
elated tb.it bis client had received aa intimation that no
proceeding* under the aotioe with whicb he had been
served would be taken by the authorities, and aa lie was
exempted from any violation of his liberty, he (counsel)
desired to have the question disposed of.
Judge ( lerke doubted whether aa injunction could be
enforced against a federal officer executing the laws
of Congress, but ihought that the remedy w s by a
writ or habeas corpus upon ao arrest being made.
Mr. Ashmead, on the same side, urged that thore would
be no right of appeal to the highest tribunals or the coun
try under a writ or hnlteas oorpua,as there would be
under the motion for injunction.
Judge Clerk)) Mid the writ of ha'teas would fie the
proper proceeding in the event of a parly being wrong
fully arretted as a deserter.
Mr. .'ames said that the Conscription act wag enforced
nt the point of the bayonet, and if arrests were to he
made In the sine manner, very little opportunity would
occur for ao application for a writ of habeas corpus.
Mr. Glasaey (associated with Mr. Jas. T. Hrndy for the
defendants) said that every opportunity would be allorded
to obtain the writ of habeas. Tbe matter then ended and
the proceedings were discontinued.
William J. Rogers was brought before the oourt nn the
allegation or desertion from Hie Fourth New York battery.
It uptttired that be was enlisted and mustered into Com
pany Serretrs regiment Engineers, and was with sixty
others surreptitiously carried off In October, ISfll . and
pel into a battery where he baa served two year*? hav
ing been in seven actions. Mr. Marshal Baron having
proved these facts on beliairof the petitioner he (Rogers)
was nscharged.
The Draft In Brooklyn.
The second day of bearing exemptions (yesterday) whs
occupid in the Second Congress ion I district, at Ko. 2ft
Grand street, Williamsburg, in hearing exempti ng from
the Sixth ward, Bro-dclyu. Of the flrst one hundred tin.
tilied to appear yesterday ouly about sixty presented
themselves. Tho Board, therefore, was not kept very
busy, and, at the rate of prucee lings for the lirst two
days, lully two months n il! be required to hear tho lull
list drawn If every man would report himself on the
day named in his notice much delay might be avoided. It
is expected that after the ten days grace has expired
some measures will be taken to compcl attendance.
The exempts of > csterday are us follows-?
oxi.v sox ok a wmw .
Patrick Jn Ige, 100 Amity street, Br ">klyn
Michael Casev, .r>47 Columbia street. Brooklyn ; John
W. Simmons, SOS Fourth street, Brooklyn
Hi-nrv W. Cooper.
Samuel W. Kodgcig,26 ('resident strout , Ji.bu B. Haul
seu. w 4 Atlantic ?trcet, both Brooklyn.
Gustsve Hrauenllck, No 200 Clinton stie<'t. Michael
Mad Ion. No. 113 Ltegraw street. Ferdinand Spit (pen, No.
212 Dec raw street. Francis Lyons. No. 04 Preside it
st eel . I.ott Tynan, No. 106 Union street. Jeremiah Cutn,
No. 136 Hamilton avem e, Wm. Arnold. No. 1T4 1'nkm
street; Samuel .-ymunils. No. 2 Carroll siteet- William
(?allagher, No. 4!* Union street; Josopb Barber. No 24
Warren street; I rederick Ileiining. Her ry street, (Sixth
ward); Charlie- Oonnward, No. 67 ['resident street; John
W igbt man. No. afl Carroll street; Win. Pe Lancey, No 8
Carroll utreot Thoe. Tyrell, North Fifth street, ue?rThird,
(Fourteenth ward): Win. Tobio, all or Brooklyn, and Wm.
o.lfce. or tbe town of New I Mi-. ?
Aaron P. Bates, Pr?a;dent St.: John ixtfaam. oom-r
of i'ower* and State els.. 10th ward; John Wilson. 43
North 10th St., 14th ward: ( harks Highter, 86-'t Court at ;
Miebael powers. .'U Amity St.; Alex. K. Orr, Vt Tompkins
place: Charles Hauneinnnn, Conover near l'artltion St.,
12th ward. All of Brooklyn
t Wtl'ITARt K Ail*.
Geo. Provost. New l/)t?. Frank l.yucb. 364 Hicks St.;
I'bomas Wall. 401 Columbia St. ^ I ward I.. Palmer, 41
Tompk>ns pla'-.-: Cbarlea Mcf;.>yd, .V? Columbia
street Un W. Hol in^on. dJ Woodh'ill street;
Patrick Shartlny. No. 70 Hamilton avenue ; Morris
Negge;ibern, 510 Columbia street John Strahln. No. 1A
Summit stroet. ( hriat"pher Snlli van, corner of Waahlng.
ton and I rdecbili avenue* Tbom.is Burbill. 342 Colombia
street ; Jcba Breonan, No 1 V < randsb place; W lli im
C. Owen, jO.'. Coimr.bia Hieet. All of Brooklyn.
The following conscripts were
Hl'.o K<* ;:Jt> j" *?
r"?ter <igil?io, sh fitirpiiitu"; charlea A. ciisse, sutler,
Sixth wa d : Charles Sewall. twenty "Ight years, clerk
Geo r.-e \ . Cochran . twonty four yeirs. merchant; Peter
I'oyK twenty tbre'' yesrt, boutmtn OttoSomen, twen
ty nine years, artist, ail of Hrooklyi.
ft R>IT.LP tCVbtiVm
Anthony Miller furn!?Se I F4wa-d H. Soultaohall, s*xth
ward Fdward I. Mo-n* urn Isheil Goorse ^tark. thirty
three ve ir?, .?ubiiiHt maker Frederick G Heron, 21 S Pe
t'raw" itrcct. furul?t)e<1 Andiea (!els, torty rear*, soldier;
Mi'ton B Hi i IMJ* furnl?htd James P. 1 ? m.c <ey iwetity
years, wsitrr; tb-abim He Ilevoise iiirr'shcd Wm t'o!ey,
laborer All we e s'-ceoted. ,
k* it itt- I \imy
Fir?t ' av? Tota' number exam'a??l, Afty tiiiM, a^ fol
lows ? neld a"d ao-epteil, siv'een na'.l oomm-iutkMi,
<re e\"mpted. ('-rty two s?nl to Bikers Island,;:.
?tec >nd 1 sy? total nuTtber rxim<ti"d sixty tev -n, ss
follow^ ? He d and and ai'-vottd twelv. paid r inmiU
t lew. six exempted, dfty-6ve: ?cnt t? Hlkor't Islai.d
Today th' reeond one bur, died from the SlJitU ward
will be tsken up and pureed u?u.
1 he Enrolment %r? (oust If ut tonRl.
ittci*iov ok ji-poK cj?nwatAn?K.
Ou liie 9tb iast. , in tho I'mtod StaUS district Court, In
Phlla letphis . Judge Cadwa;id- r dolivered an oplmoti In
a !-*.-? br >'ight Di-fom him .i.dsr the Consor'ptioti act, In
wbicb the uos era of tho !a?rd o: Vnro'.tncnt wer<
ijfiescooed. In th" r*s<- In I'jestion ibf return of
the Provost Mari-hal wis that the p(*> itt?tier hal
qeen duly drafted atid bad e.ime before tie t'osr.1
to elaim S\enr,rtl-u; A" tlie olIj- Si^n or a widowed
mother, that bl? oa^e *a? h ard and bis ? liat^n -1f?a!
lowed thst he - b>o<i"utlr ?; poirel an' re:<orted for
duty icd tees' red lit tii'orm. and a?ked rd
obtained >ave ?'f absen -<? f .r a ?p?>- tiled time
Tho principal ?, te.'tion tins rai ed ->h*tber
the Je- isi'iti of the P^icd piec'ud d ini,uiry
before tb<- O' rt. but li ?, '.-rtal'r ilie ?h> > net
canto uodcr *riew Althiu^h tho irLitincni was
bi'tore Judge Cadwa.art^t slits. j'?-l 4g.- *; r ef win
ou the botn li ye?te diy. ' io-q'ii? ?<?. d ,n tl.e iw as
laid dot* ti by Juilfrc Cadwnla4fr It s dev. d*d th ' ur.def
? th- eonstitiitiou giving 11, > p. wer to r4;?? nriii.o kc. ,
whicb i* distinct from the -> ntroi f.ver the millti c?n
gre?s b*d tbe right to pa?s ihe Conscript'on bill, er.d tbe
set is therefore clear y renstftutlOBai. The i igs's arci
ment on thl? js lnt >se!sb'<ritp ard lergthx lo regard
to the udm nistratlon ' f thr p wers '^ef-r>e I n^n the
Boerd 'f lnr >lmcnt. the Judge It ids that a stst
who'll, In relation to summary proceedings before a mdl
lary commission, enacts that It* d?-i*l?n snail b" ttnsl,
: doe n<>t neoeasaritv make th' lsc!?!'? c?n'-!tirlre ss to
i the ritrht whicb waa id <jue?ti< n."
i TB? .1' dge n'dki * toe argemetii sdran ed by Judge
' Knox, that exemption ieof grxie we! uot of right, and re
fuses it The privilege of exeuc tl' n la not leas of right
becau?A it has been lag'?>atU ely ct>nfened. He s>o
held that tbe fburteentl section or the act wa- n t in
tende 1 to ? .sp? ud the | rl\ i < gr of tbe writ of habea cor
pus, ?na refers to tbe fhet tha* a? tber art was pasaed
the same day with the coMi-r'ptl. n art. In which pro
vision is made for the *usprosl"n of tbe privilege* of tee
writ. He decides that " tbe proy^lor* of the 1 4tb
section of tbe act of Congress, of 8d March. IMS, eh. ?8.
requiring the ireeer.Utton by drafted persons of all
claims of esemptloa to tbe Board of fenrotment, and
making tbe Board ! decision Anal, do not, in the ease of
an exempt whoes rlalm of exemption has been dnly pre
sen led to the Board, and d -sallowed, pree lads the inbee
qoett rrasl deration, under a writ of habeas corpus, of the
queatioa of bla right of exemption.'' Tbe derision was of ,
some langth. and was net ready for publication
City Int*III(|asi??.
Tim B' n sine A*o Citt leaesrv.m Boots ? to Informal !
meeting of the Butcher* ' Association of this city was
held at row o'clock yesterday afiern ien at their rooms, [
comer of Fifth street and Fifth avenue, for the porpoee .
of devislag the best means to oppoa f itjr Inspector '
Boote s propoeed removal of the *bnghter bo wee. The
geatlemea preooat.aftsr having talked tbe matter over, j
dually reeolved to prepare a pet ti.ui to the < ommoa
Council setting forth that the remedy for any nutaance ia
tbe slaughtering business is in the hands nf that body, i
kc The aaeoclattos numbers some three hundre<l butch- i
ers, and tbey nearly ail agree In opposing the measure
ef Mr. Boole, on the grr-iod that where the common law
etorclooa a proper *iipervi*tnn over tbe slaughter bouse*
nothing of an nfitaoire charseter can tsaoe root tbeon
Tint I.41S Riot ? (I.Arw res HaaMMs to res Autmr
w Swnwn AysMt's ?Mr. George W FariAe yesterday sent
la a elaim te Cnmptratlar Breaaaa aatounting to
for d?m*g?* to the armerv SHeate aa the northeast cor
MroflwMty Bret street oad Seaoad svenee dsnns the ,
Jtilr rw '
THE JM \ V 1
Bit. kw i r?, 26 ?Hi# Secretary or the K ivy hut ouil i ti
ed 14 k'V" reti'iriug of Ihta An* trifle's to Mr. W<n>t?r>
veil. 'if iliis city , who butH her A survey held ah h.-r a
few day* *mce ?bowa tlut nbe im tu alui Mt as had cuu.ll
two X* 111* Richmond aud Hurt'ord lie' bull, be'- ij-sii
ind part o'' ber bulwitrke l??e linen marked liy shot and
abed. tier tnacliiaci y is also ciiniyjer a! Ty out of '^rder ai 4
will need ? good deal ol imeriMUllwi. Tho ooxl ol re|?air
in# her will be H?>tn*<vhere in th-*neigul?ortioed of $40 ,(?*?,
the authoring of ibe Navy Yard having ton much husi
nens on band to i>e able to do the u<v..*>4ar y work on bar.
Ha Tmuto, 'it -Ttn flagship Hartford ta pre^n-Hiing
finely with hsr rep.itt a :sho will be ie?dy la tbo course
of about four w "eks H?f ore w have l>een fafoied with
anotuor e^.tousioo of i?n?. b"t havo received uo money.
It is too h.ni ih it those in vi caum>t ohiaiu money that is
due lb *m. H I" I oil# ol her >;r#w. In a card writer ,
and baa specimen, of nij hantiworx in the l.yceuui,
where any order* for bi'u can be left. Ha Is an elogiuit
penman , >ind is d>:wr vmu of patronage
Sav?.\M?u, 10 ? The practice ship Savannah ha* cotceout
in ? new coat of mint . the hroad white streak tsgnne,
aud she looks like another ship Her ?pars and rigging
hare b.*iu put in inn, and at a distance sue resembles
tbe Snbina. Her eommander, Lieutenant Barrett, baa
thu ship in excellent order, and (natty takes pride in it .
On board of this vessel is when* the young voluulnor
officers learn tbe llrsl principl es of naval gunnery, and
many of tliem in time become very efficient In the prao
t>HimANno*H.? Tbe Unitod .Stales sure* al?op Sbensn
doah sailed from the Philadelphia Nary Yard en the ftth
inst. , at tut'-past two, on a cnii.se.
Nimc, The new screw steamer N1p*lc went <ate
commission on Thursday last at the Portsmouth Navr
Yard, the following is a lift of her officers:?
lAm'rnanl ntmminrUr^-J as M. Bradford.
Arting Matter ? Wm. I.. Churchill.
Actin i Am t ??' .S'wrflron ? Win. J. GilSItm.
Acting A aidant /'ay ne<fer? Henry T. Ma 'iff eld
Ae'inp #r?xiffa<? Henry A. Green, Jacoh 0. Wincheste ,
Albrto B. Prince.
AcHma Mnttsr't Malm ? liraham 8. Johnson, W R Or
"cult, Wm. H. Kitcaing, Jr.
K mntrrt ? First Assistant, flam, f, I*. Arras. Second
Assistanta, Albert Morlsy.Chaa E. Fmory , Third Assist
ants, RiMxean B. Botta, Bent. K. Plephena.
('rrphiin'i OltrL ? Ed. A. Cbaotnan.
J'aymatftr't CUrk? Fdgar H. I/iverea
Surgeon' t Stitrard ? lohn F. Gallagher.
Thr Boyrow Tnos.Oi.Ans Three Monitors are now In
con roe of construct ton at South Boston. Of thfeiwe
are being built at tbe uhlpyard or UieUlobe Works. They
?re named Snncook and Wsssun. The Suncook is recoiv
Ing its plating, and wtll probably be ready for launching
about the latter half of December. Only the keel of the
Wassuc is Istd. The other Monitor Is building at th?
shipyard of Aqntla Adams, and Is called the Ohimo. ft Is
about as Far advauced as tbe Suocook. These Monitors
and those st Fast Boston are of exactly the same dimen
sioos and raalte, differing neither in length, breadth,
depth, prooess ot plating, nor in anything appertaining to
thotr building. Tbey are to be 22i feet In length, to hays
45 foet beam and draw 5J4 feet or water. They are alto
gether too shallow for seaservloe, and must either be in
tended for river navigation or harbor dsteoce. Report
as-igns them to tho latter use.
It is believed that they will he employed as protect top*
'or tho harbors In Massachusetts Bay. Tbey wttl bars
several essential improvements not Introduced In tbe drat
Monitors One of tliem Is a water-tight Com|iartm-<n?
tworcet in width, extending around tbe whole bo<ly ol
ibe vessel. Tbe water Is pumped out of this comport
mcnt when tbe Monitor is at sea. Ihis lightens hor, and,
having les-s sarfac* exposed to the water, abe can move
more rapidly. If the Monitor is preparing Iter action tho
compartment is fllied. H^ia *inks hor deeper Into the
water, so that little ol tho vessel, ir any, excepting tbe
tui ret , is visible. Outside of the water-tight division are
to be four feet of wood, and outside of tbe wood Ave
inrhes of iron plate. To obviate tbe Foul bottoms to
which iron ships are liable, an oak bottom le to be boltetf
on tbe iron one, and to be coppered Uke tboae of ordinary
wooden vessels. They carry propellers and are provided
witb two screws? one under each counter, by which they
can be turned in a smaller cire'e and In much less lime
than by a p Ingle screw.
AI the yard of Harrison Utf}PC 00 Monitors arc now
building, though tbe Monitor ram launched in August laal
is at the pier, receiving her turret , upper deck plating
and machinery. She ie furnished with a long ateel pointed
ram , and If she posaees moderate epeed will bo doubly
dangerous as an antagonist. In tbe shtpysrd an iron
transport , two hundred and flfly-flre feet la length, Is to
he built. Tbe keel Is already laid.
At Alger's Iron Foundry tbe manufacture or the Rod
man gun and shell and shrapnel const itu tee the most ot
tbe government work. Small mortars are also made oo
tbe Rodman principle. Six of the monster fifteen iooh
Hodman* are now in tbe machine shop in various stsges
of completion.
The United Slates gunboats Mohican and Onward were
at Bahia, August A. All well. No privateers had been
beard of In that vicinity since the captor* of the ship
George tiriswold by tho Florida.
Acting Master Wm. G. Wright, detached from the oom
mand of tho How^uah and placed on furlough
Acting Master's Mste W. M. Purdls, promoted to acting
eusigB *rd ordered to the Kanawha.
Actlni; Master's Mate John 8. Rnas, promoted to acting
ensign and ordered to tbe Aronetook.
Actinic Master's Mate John Cannon, order* I to the
lacks wanns
Ac' lug Master's Mate Kdmuod Aiken, or iereo to Ibe
Acting recon ! Assistant Engineer William L. Or r, or
itfie l to report t? 1'ear Admiral Paulding.
Aclffig MsaiCT'f ilMr? B. H. Eldrldge, ordered to report
to ronamodore H. n Bell.
Acli ii Master's Mate J. N. Coidsmitb, promoted toact
iUK en-ik'Ti, and ordered to Mississippi squadron
Acting Master's Male R. H Cameron, promoted to act
inic < nsigr , acd ordered to Mississippi squadron
A< tiu* Ma->r Tbomas B. Sears, ordered to report to
CV'mmod re I*'.!.
Aclins Master Henry L Sturgee, or<tere<t to report to
(fcmmodore Bell.
A<i<nK Master's MateG. W lane granteu furloush
Acting MaKter's Mate 0. W. Wail, ordered to the Mer
Acting Master's Mate 'saac nallock, ordered to the Mer
A< l.ug 1 nsisn Wot Young, ordered to the Merenlil*
ti ling A-?ist. at Paymaster Frank K Moore, granted
leave of a'wei ce.
At' ng Master Kdward ilaker, orderod to the Went uuit
blockading t'iusdr?n.
Actiun Mast-r > harles W. Lee, ordered to tb? command
ol til* HvMuuah
Acinic Mn^ter s Mate Robert Clifford, ordered to report
to r.'-ar Adniir^l i>ee.
t-imijiu I', i lo wers, promoted to action master, and
ordered to the M.ssksIiM'I squadron.
ActlhK Third Assistant Kiigmoers James M ( haney and
I w m. t.onueli, ordered to retinut attached le gnat at
? <'mmo.li.re
A- line rfatrd Assistant Engineer John Matthews, or
d' r- d to remmr. attached to .ociou.
Anting Tlur i Asusiint Knglnner Richard Imyer. order
I ed te rein mi attached to the Calbo in.
i Act iDfc Third Assialant Engu eers David I'ace and Mor
i rls Mccarty. ord? red to rem un attached to tbe Poca
i liotitai
' Acting Third As?i'Uni tii^ necr ,J>>hn Minton, ordered
to rsma ii attached to lh>: Valley City.
Acmg third Assistant Knglneer liennie Harrington, or
dared to remain attached to th-> Hetaml.
Aotlne Third Assistant Engineers (Jaaar I Smith aad
Thotra* llarr -on. ordered to th* (lovensor Bucklnsbaai.
The apt<oiuln.enl of C. U l?blgr*a as actlsg master
t ornmaiider Isoa d McN. Fairfax, detached from the
Hooth Atlantic btockatling squadron and waiting orders
- ( nmmander John (ioast s orders to the South Atlantic
hi ekading a<iuadron revoked; ordered to command tbe
Lteutenent Commander Cbas. E Fleming, ordered lo
c* remand the Sagaw re.
I, 'enter ant James O. Kane, ordered lo the Paul Jones
Lieutenant Frederk-k R>?ers, detached Trom tbs Men
Ma and ordered lo the sMssssr (irand Gulf
Assistant .Surgeon John W. Colen, detacliod from tbe
reee vtng ship at New York and ordered to the Paul
Ensign Henry B. Ramsey, stdsred to tbe ironclad
second Assistant Ensign Joseph N. Cablll, ordered to
exam tn at toe
Third Aaaietaal Knginser Robert >. Kills, ordsrsd to Ibe
Acting Issiwaat Surgeon Cbarlsn Martevaot has besn
ordered to report to commodore C. K Strthlinf. Phila
delphia, tor doty on benrd tbe Untied Mate* steamer
viid'hlpmsn John R. Hartlett, Jr . and Fdward N. Kel.
I org hare bean promoted lo the grade of ensign in tbe
Vnited ptniee Navy
Central Aaortaaa Trsnaelt Cesipany.
Nnw Tom, Sept I.1W.
The statement from yoor ranama t orreepnndent , that
the anthorltlsa of tasia Rion ere opposed to the Improv*
menta now being made by the Transit Com pony ia the
barber of flreytowa is not correet. The i?op|e are but
ton glad to see their r'ece made tbe great entrepot of the
Calllornia trade
I an i iiSt fr?m there and after tnattv veirs surveying
on fhe diffijrent rentes, 1 have no do.ihl nf thla being ibe
n,.?t |>ractieali|e ooe The Trsnail Company will eooe de
iin nstrale this lo Ibe satlnfactioti nf the travelling public.
Unitary Nevementn
A efOctal order has beea issued dt^eeting lbs flell,
staff and company officer* nf this ?aMasand lo assemble
at their headquarters, JeffWwun Msitei RrVi koonae. v?
marrow (SaUrdaT). st Mg%t nvtsgRr ?..?nr the tr??
artton of MnMrtMl tueiMsw

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