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file Mare* of the Army if
the Potomac.
Lee Apparently Bothered by
' Grant's Flask Movement!.
Appearance of the Country and Crops
Along the Lino of Mtrch.
The Rebel Assault on the
Fifth Corps.
How It Was Repelled by Gone*
ral Warrsn.
If. Vmdi O. Loag'l Dtipttoh.
Hnuxnunraa, Bboord Abut Coaid, \
Nairn Taylor's Bxidob, V*., M ay 80, 1801. J
amout man's adtahob.
?antral Torbert, with a part of Uta First cavalry dlvl
fln, eoneleting of detachments from a number of regi
hnta to bla commana, niliil la puriuit of tba retreat
B| rebele on Aoaday morn tag, tba flank movement on
Mr right having ha* tba effect or sending that portion
it Lee's army that remained in tip vicinity of Bpotteyl
mala Court Hoaee towards Hanover Court Bouse at n
?cable quick. The cavalry column left Hew Bethel
Ifcursh (about three miles west of MlKord Station) at
gar break, Lieutenant Colonel Hammond, ef the Fifth
zj.m York, taking tha advance with his regiment.
Hm few cavalry pMnts they encountered modestly
pstlisd, offering ns opposition to Colonel Hammond's ad
vance. They followed the oM telegraph road, passing
Steer's Tavern and Mount Ho) yoke church on the way.
lit Taylor's bridge, on the North Anna river, they met
Be enemy tn force. A brisk skirmish Immediately fel
Ewed; but no advantage ooald bo gained with so small a
?, tba enemy being In a atroagly fortified position ,
jrwh a number or bettertee planted in such a manner that
?eouid edbctualiy shall onr side of the river la all direo- |
Hu French's hnttcrypran*Ny responded to the gre or
? enemy; but he oouldde Utile more than hold his post- 1
Hi until the Second osrps came uf>. Tha oaaaaltles tn
Herbert 'e command an ana saan killed and three
anntvit m owsral anurar.
At two o'clock P. 1 ?. flsneral BMaey, with the Third dl
of theSeoond oorpa. resetted tha field, and prepare
were commenced tansedlalety for giving the enemy
Els In earnest. Onl? si Fierus, h oommand ef the
?d brigade, waessad la tha rljfct .aad Cel. lagan, with
First brigade, to tha left, Un Third sad Vturth hrl.
as aad the -river ran a small creak or bayou,
|avtag n narrow, pea Insula like apace. Upon this ths
?y bad thrown ap a Strang redoubt, la which they
saotntod several pleoea ef cannon.
na naar.
Oar skirmish line advnnosd towards the river under a
I are from a strong line of rttesssn m tha earth
on tha appoaite alga ef the asaok.
First brigade waa immsdlsisly tn front of the rail-, I
bridge, aaar which the enemy vera peeled la aa ex
ive cartbwesk, la the form at a creaoant. This wevk
bad redoubts, mounlsd with eanaon at Idtervala.
cm nans unsus,
i Third Maine, waa la eosaaasnd of tha brigade, aad
to carry thla Una of works by storm; but,
ha acted with great eoateeea and bravery, aad
eSoore aad mea along by him nobly, the work
f?r the tiaM imposalble to aeoempliab. Tha rebel
i poured a saurderoae Are of grape and caaistar
i ranks, while the eherpeheolsrs aad riflemen be
I their hiooatssmc annoyed ua with their ire. Two
r batteries, -a little In the rear of tne Second brigade,
a rialaggreead, thundered away at tha enemy la
, tiirowtng a perfeot shaver of shst aad shell into
akeawa wee etrnck by a ballet aad obliged to
> the field. As wound Is not laager nnc, hut qaWs
He -wee woaadad a few days ago.
> wera two regiments and a battalion of tbe rebels
tsenshassnts, and Ihstr gaaa were at last slloooed,
wora- driven fToat tbetr riasaht between the
e anddha Mver, end retreated aeross 4ha bridge. At
rwe held sll the graaad Me side of the North Aaaa.
wans mm a veais aeasn n asvanav.
t few edkers hkcthe srnay Uiiak Lse haa aay aoa
ntbie force en dho North Aaih. The people aloag the
I by which wa msrchtl atate that LaCa army com
retreatiag sn tbe MU Instant, ns he found bis
quite aaliaaMi In tha wilds ef gpottaylvaala
| It la so epiaioa generally aocsplcd In the arm y
i Lee la ceaesnisnllng hla fbreea at Richmaad fbr ana
I desperate atr aggie, and the preeeat reeletanaa ea
ortb Aaaa is merely a aeesssary maaeuss to hold
facftock wtOahegalshlc tratna beyoad?ho reach
? cavalry.
i bear stories In -every dBreotiea ?r the Isaa or allied
liiion ef the rwhel ?aty. Tha cevere punishment
i aad Great have luflfcted aa them durlag Che laet
eefcs baa opened dhetrdiee to the important met
they are aetJnvbMlbtee
TTsi mine mean, firm AntrrCoara, ]
? rea IfenH Aaaa, May iM F. M. j
>-?ay bsa passed thas far wHhaat n geaeral <
but even yet are may hare a battle hetarealght.
t*f oar batlertes, uadertCapt. Oeoper aad Lieut. Wot
MtMas the enamy tnaur front, who ia re>
ling. All dny thars has hssa aatlve firing between
ilrmieh llase, and our osaaaitlaa aum ap oner forty.
p* mere busy all last ?Jgbt aad to-day destroy,
i rallrvad to oar grant.
oa can an rm mar.
ivea o'ctoik oa Bandar nsaraing oar eoluma was
i, Oca. Bk>rtlett'e brigade ?>f Oen. Oriffln'e dirl
liag. We as oaaad Mm Mat rtecr wMhoat difflculty
i pravloaa rhvara, whaaaocstfslned anmea make up
tupony, thla * a email, parenraely oreoked aad
tularly turbid A 'mesa. Growing fleida of oats and
feeoec intact, Oh *?? haaass, having Ml In them
I bacon, end nag roes aad wbMe paapie, are eeen
? tbe sacred eoll * * bavaetrucM ama, where tbe
lice of wsr has sot m ?ds Reelf painfully praaaiaaat.
mm, a e?mtanon.
|anclng about three mih * Lebaaon church, on
-apb road, some rob* 1 nrtlllery prelected egatnet
E?er advanoe. Oca. Wet ?*n, accompanied by hla
i uanal, waa ahead Soma ?h*? fr? shatter y
t began to flail about us With mmt" ?Dd dangerous
ice. One shell etrock tbe he* * ?* ?N* Marvin's
_nt AdjnUnl General) horm '? 'Whetted cad
in tbe open field, doing no danwy beyond aston
tbe rsrlebne of the Chptala'e aacv *VMtl*g Buce
ma asset sarrsav oar* a* orr.
rr/ D, Fifth United Blatec ertlllery, E. lea la, "???* Rl?
f, with eoma eberpahoniere from the g|a/*?lh
n regiment, Major klltetl eommaadleg, aaderv
I ef iliaaeiag this battery. In half aa heur tbv' J
ri, and with ns ? farters ended the day's hen- > ,
aurausas sgsMet ear serpfi. We Mgt one kiucg J
Wporai Wh. Mom, HW? MflrtX?,)
Lloutauaal Wbiilsr ui hiotrttsMm, ths t*+ Mlshl
gM oavalry, Am. WhWi sooort, iwilpnw A?
?Mr Mr mmIH M lor mm.Muw, (K brsnght
InmIi n aambsr or priooaara DariagtMMy sar krM
MM aw a bnndrnd prtaoMra, including a a i^sr iM two
UNlnuM, ssost being captured by flankers pmstrallag
Ut woods aloag Mm mi side.
Om headtaarters tbat night wmsA Dr. Fllppe'a, a targe
?M fSabkmed Virgin to MM too, abounding la bog*
chimneys, maltlplied asgro quarters, thin colored oooo
pMla, Md o spacious lava, filled with mngolflosnl Mafia
troaa and gravsllsd wolka.
awaL wniiim.
Two rabsl wsuodod offloora wore found bora, port pro
doom of tba batUaa oboot SpottsylvMla Court Homo,
wboM wound* bad prevented tbolr farther re
awvaL (JM Of 1km sgfosra Informed. mo tbat tbatr
lam bo in tbo into MllVm worn thirty tnousMd
at loent, whloh, whether It bo saywbsre near
tyta right figure or not, la certainly threefold higher tMa
that etatod to My of the Rlcbmond paper*. 1Mb aamo
officer farther lay* that tM robot arnay aid not look for
Mob panmtent fighting M the part dT our army. f??y
attribute Ouck*njnt to General Orant, and fi* net life it.
Movnun* or m *? ml
Longatreef* and Swell's osrps passed down the aamo
road wo wore on? the telegraph road Htll'a corps took
what ia called the negro foot road, a parallel rood, two
miles to the right of us. They wore Mid to 1(0 poshing
M at the utmost possible speed for Hsnovor Junction.
Residents of the bouse My that those pssslng by here
were ia exellent spirits.
"What do they say m to the result of the late battles?"
I asked one.
"Ob, they My tbey whipped you Tanks sit to pieces,"
wm (he reply.
"If tbey whipped us, how ia H tbay are net yarning
M, instead of we them?" I ventured to Inqulfe further.
"1 never thought to ask about that, but it doe* look a
little qnosr though."
DViSTVB) or nt rouniaama buookltk.
The Fourteenth Brooklyn, Colonel Fowler, Ma torn of
service having expired, left for home on Sunday; that to
to say, about one hundred and fifty of them, the rent
having re-eallstsd. This regiment hM behaved very
handaoQMiy in the late battles.
Incidentally It may bo worth mMtioning tbat tbe
rebel. General Rugglss lived in this vielnlty. Our soldiers
pretty well ran sack sd his house, the Inmates of
which had fled, sad his letters wore eagerly perused
by those hsving a taste for this branch of Southern litera
ture. Near by bis place la St. Margarets shuroh , as
ancient edifice, built of Imported English brick; but now,
in a soar and yellow oondltlon. fi tablet over the main
entranoe gives 1760 as ths date of Ms erection.
nomas vr snuoouaa.
Up at daylight, baity breakfasts Md our dbward marob
wm resumed on Monday. Our -flankers continued to
pick np representatives of the rebels Mattered through
(bo woods, captain Bill, In odtamand of two companies ..
of the Sistsonth Michigan, was very suooessfol la Um
foraging for rebels. Among bis squsd of prisoners wm
Lieutenant Ferguson of the Fourteenth Louisiana, who
Mys tbat out of four hundred and thirty men, which his
regiment began the campaign with, but forty are left a
gentleman of tbe sporting brotherhood, Pete Lake, eT the
Fifth Lonlalaoa, formerly Psrrott Guards. of Now OrleaM,
wm in ths sams squad. Did not more weighty saatters
press m my time and pM I oeuld make up a deeply
iatsresting sketch foom this gMtlsman's rscital of his
mpertenm in the Southern army. Jeff. Davis, hs Mys,
ia abeat played out, and ho thought ho would "paM la
m to jimcoo? caossma am ma.
ReaohingOarmet church, we tamed from tbe telegraph
road mto the SpottaylvMia and Hansvsr jnnotlM tarn
pkm, and preooefiM dlrant tn JertehoMuia, ?r tknfefMer
thia name, on the South Abm river. It wm expected that
oppeaittM would ho made to oar crossing, bat a My rohsl
vide ties wsro to be ssm, nlthoagh part or their army had
crossed the fiver but aahsrtHaao before, General Qrif
fla'a divisiM, which wm la the edvmtae, reached Mm
river first, and OsImsI Swsttaer>a brigade, oonsistiog of
ths Thli Ij eensnil Mssssm mills. Oohsooi Prssoott; Nmth
Msmssli mails. LiMteoant Coloaei Bonly ; Sixty meed
PMnsylvanla, Captain Meclay; Twenty seoond Mnssschu si
aetts, Colonel TlHon, and tUb Fourth Michigaa,
Oaptaia Marshall, wm ths first to cross the rtvar. The ,
water is not deep, but the bottom Mi reeky sad
uneven, n pretty swirt current, and width
about om hundred Md flfty foot. General
AyrM' brigade foi lowed, Md tbM Sen. Bartistt's.
At ooce Colonel Swel tsar's brigade hurried op a
Cleared hill oppoaMe. formed in 11m of battle, Mnhle
qutcxed U through ? clearing extandlag beyond the hill
into the edge et n piece or woods and flred a voOey, think
ing It wm not improbable that the enemy had hero om
cealed hlmseir. Oar firing cnUod out but famt r sap ones,
howsvsr. Tbe tnros brigades formed in btttle line, end
soon Qsosral Crawford, Md Oaosral Cutler's dWIaione
arosmil tM rivsr on n pontoon bridge which meantime
hnd bom placed acrom tbe Arenas by ths tagbmsr oorpa.
A sqmdrM of cavalry, Mfisr Lieutenant Ooonai Pope,
nnd noaae light baiter im afoe orsmsd Fmrth Called
States artillery, Uoutonnnt Steward ; lottery L, Flret
New York, Captain Mink; Battery C, Third Msaaaeha
sstts. Captain Waieott, Md Ninth Mmmchmslta, Captain
Bigs low. In poelttoe on the other aids of the river,
fronting n bonM whsro General Warra hnd tempomrtty
eroeted hie heedginrton, wm Bnttsry D, First UnMsd
States, Lioutenant Rittaabnus; First Psnnsylvaaln, Oap
taia Osoper, nnd Battery D, First New Tork. Lieutenant
It wm about roar P. M. when the Mttre oorpa bed
croeeed the river, emept thobatteriM MsssdMstsylsg
?m ths other side. General Worm nnd ami or his staff
wsrs alas this side the river. The Mtlre oerpe wm placed
la pmittoa nnd bettariM located by GMsrni Wnrnn per
sonnlly. Oar skirmishers begM fool leg for ths sotny.
Nearly tws hoars Md passed. Onlyoooastsnnl exchange*
or tbota occurred bstwoM tM aklrmMhorn. TM Impree
stoo grew tbat the enemy wm in m foroe la Mr Mat,
nnd that be hM calculated en oar eroming forthsr dowa
ths rivsr, where the SecMd oerpe wm tbM having lie
pesssgs disputed, m wn knew (Mm the henvy om.
nonading henrd In thm direction. Oar ssm won
taking sent tars sssy. some Md their nrms
stacked; many wars seeking their ooflta The
Sixth corps were eeming up Mbtad no. BsTore
pushing farther M wm asssnsd-prudsnt to await thslr ar
rival. Suddenly? a tbimdsrfeott wm sever more sudden ?
IM enemy sssMltad our line. TM coocsrted volley
of mnaketry wm tatrlfio. Their batter Im gred by sm
Uom Like aiaMdasM sprtngtag from MM ground tbey
made their appearance. Tbe Fmrth divMon for n mo
ment gave way undsr tM su4dM-st>cck; but it wm only
for a mossent. they quickly rail MM, Md wsrs unshaken
n! tar wards. Gsaernl Griffin's nnd Gsnsrn) Crawford's
divisions snst tM smaalt with vetersn flrnaneos. As
quick m bad bSM tbfi onslnugbt or the enemy, we were
In rMdlnoM to res let tM attack. For n while the ssm
kelry firing wm to ssm Ml sad tarribta Oar hattarim
M both sidm sT tM rivsr opensd In n memsM. The Rrm
giving way of tM yourth division eem polled Col. Swsit
ter's brigade to swing round1 a portion oT bis Um on tbe
right to protect his flank. TIWM rsglments of General
Bartistt's brigade? ths Float IHahigM, MeutaRMt Oolsaol
Troope; Sixteenth Mfc bigan, M#>r Elliott, Md KlgUy
tbird Pannsylvanla, Lieutsaant Ooloosi McCoy? wsss
sent to his sssistanoe, nnfi, uM* ths bnttarle* laontsd on ,
ths rigni, resisted snc*??*fully/be repmtad nnd dsop*
rata sfforU msds to OaM on
OArrraa or coLoma\mow*.
| Bore tbe Plgbty-fiftb regimMt, M >rch1ng by tM flank,
ami a rebel regiment marc blag also by tM lank, Md,
getting the flrst flrs, pat tM isttsr toafiigbt, but ant Mtll
tbey hod captorsd Col. Brows, command lag MsOowm's
eld brigade, Wllom's division, ami a large number eT other
Tbla WMnet Ue ealy toetaawe sT sur ssm
ooasiag In Mad Id Mad ooofllct with tM memy. Col.
TUden. SIxtoMtb MalM, p* lata a p^orsMaf tumls with n
rsbsl, bat same off viator, though ?tt until ho emptied
hM revolver m other robots nreoad htm.
Only with darkaam eloaofi tM s Ti t ? ' TM Fifth
corps had bshavod splendidly. It Md Abe hsttis all to
iiseir,.and tbsre could M no iMpntlstf lbffi?~""'-r or tM
troope sad brllllaaey of the vlosory. 1tTMre tM flgbt
wm thlekest thrre wm Gsaaral Warfm TToopa were
aever Ma died with flaer akin- TM e.>saty wm
?g^ieteOr foiled oa rtyry slda, a?d j%a pU J
The Flanking Operations of Grant? The Line
of the Pamunkey.
CItV pnirffj
Bwinl Gnat's headqnarteva were l?wM?Buardi; aaorntag t?n ml lee fro* Hanorertown, which ?u captured
m Friday, aad ?m itUl to oar pammUtm, with Ik* fury and other crossings of 11m Paanakey rlrer U that otai
It waa expected that tbe wbele of Ma Army af tka Potomac would ba acroaa tbe Pamunkey by nooa en Saturday
Tbe rebels wara to poessesion of Haoover Oaart Hoaaa aad tlcialiy, end It waa reported that General Braaklnrldga
bad bla beedqaartera at that place. Tba eoemy waa Tartonaly aatlraat?d at from thraa thousand to laa thousand
strong, wltb two brlgadee of cavaJry In addltioa. Tba oroaelag af tba Pamunkey at Hanavartowa entirely flaaka tbl ?
laat aaaat toned poaHKm. It will ba ansa by tba above sap that Grant la rapidly approaching Richmond by tba north
aad eaatt while Butlar boida tba aaamy to check oa tba aouth. AH the rivara bare been socoeaafully croaaad without
having to take the w orks which faardad them.
or tka aambat fWid oar bob ooa^otaly vtato
rtaaa Oar low ta aatlmatod M skoal two kaedrad.
H la only aurprlalag tfcat wo did not loco mm, anaatlir
lag ?kat oar mi bad tw> earlbworka or aay protaottoa la
IgM kahlod. II la artdaat tbat tbaaaamy lira aoatalood
naoak kaartar km la front of Catoaal 8waUzar*a
krlgsda wara foaad, aflar tba 1|M, thirty daad rakatt.
Amoog aar woondad la Uaat. CM. Whit* Iiaut OoL
Baokkaad, of Qaoaral Warm 'a ataff, waa abot la tka kaaL
Oaptala Lirarmore, alao of Oaaaral Warraa'a ataff, bad
two baraaaaftat oadar kin.
nu <urrmu?.
Wa kayo Mpiural arraral kandrad prlaoaara. Vrooa
tkam wa laara tkai tka troopa of BUHa oorpa wara tkaaa
oogafad la oar froat. All waa ?nfcN daring tkat night,
axoapt oncaakwal flrlac botwaoa tka ytokata. Oar
woandad war# aft raaaorad to tba coapa bsapUala, oa tba
atkar atda af tka rtrar, aad tka oorpa raala praod af thai
day? work.
taa naaau an?.
Iko aoaaiy daring tka night withdraw /rant aar lama
dlata froat. A raaaaaoiaaaaoa waa atdatttantatra.
lac by ansa af tka Ural dlrtaioa aaroaa tka Virginia Ball
rood; Kt tka aacay wara round only la aaall Kwoa. Tba
raaoaaataauoa dlaaororod tbai at two o'aioak tk?* aaoaa
lag ? trala laft for Oordoaarllla with tka ?oaad*1 of tka
prailaaadaf kaiUo. Oar troopa kald tka ratlra*&'. aad
11 la paokakla tkal tkara wtU not anatkar rakol tratavqM*
arer it for mm Una.
o?mana iiaw
Oaaaral Maada vtaltad. Oaaaral Warraa oa fatafe?
morning, aad oo*pllaMMad klaa tary klfMy aa taa kr?
Itaat Ttatary waa aa Haaday, and bandaoma aaaaaar la
wklob bo kaadlad tka aarpa. If oomplimoata ara worik
My my. MM w aapwaaaatind ftr mm m mi
In Miton, iw certain If mmttv ail that cm be raid in
ho praise. We here captured about At* hundred
prlaonern Some of tMN prtaoaera have done ? good
deal of marching to get here, having been to Ue fight at
Plymouth; tbenoa marohod ta Newborn, to araiat at
the battle expected ta hat* Veen fought thare;
thence marched to Drury'e BJaff aad. from there here.
They eay that fifteen brlgadea foogbt Batler. One prle
ooer told me that they could ataad ordinary oannoa
adlng, bat when guabaita begaa ta throw Mecharalthe'
ahope? tools, ballawa aad alt?they thaugbt it tMne to gat
?at of the way.
Lieut. Cora, of Qrlffla'a etaff, mm wounded while In the
?kirmmh by a Mlala ball, whlah hit Mm oa tbo elbow,
Inflicting a rarara bat net daagarooa we aad.
Lieut Appletoa, Company I, fifth ??ihaaalh bat
tery, waa bit by a rebel abaryeboater hi the aria. Ba
aaeaped with only a fieeh wemad. ,Bela ? aoaof Boh.
Nathan Appletea, of Boatea, aad haa teas eely a abort
tiara la the aarrlea, be bg a reoeat graduate of Harvard
Uairerelty Be la tha third attaaraa Oot. Walnwrlght'a
ataff. Chief of Firth oorpa artillery , aad alath battery aA
oar la tha oorpa artHlory who haa beaa wounded aloaa
t(|a oooamracemeat of tha praraat oaeapalga. Tha
wanada of none are aarloao, how area, axoapt theaaaf
Oapt. Da* la, Brigade laapectar , wouaded day before y ea
ter day. Ilia aymtorna to-day are wry uatarorabie, aad
It la thought be cenaot yoaaibiy raaavra
Private cooley, Ninety eeventh Naw Tork, waa kHlad
by a abarpabooter. Ho vaa drlrtng a ataka la oar
vbraaatworka whoa be wra bN.
?j ^e twelfth llaeeaebaooto apyenra la ooara ftt Iter more
th.n ? bare of oaeuaitlea LlaJMaal BarraH wao
kiuad <* ** akiraiMt liMi A MM Ml )Mt ?
bead ktittftf him laaiantly. Cbptaia Davie, of the aaase
regiment, vu taken prieooer daring Mm Bight, while
aaaietiag to locate U>? picket lis*. There w oew but
(bw ifcin tart to ihti regiment.
?BiDa'e c?nrunKifriRT nor' a.
The splendid lighting or tba Fifth oorpa, sueoeedlng tba
sadden and severe attack by BUl'a oorpa, on Monday
evening, baa ?lieitad a oomplimeatary aottoa from Gaaaral
Maada to General Warren. Although a private lauar , I
bnve beea parmlttad to oopy tba opening sentence, tba
remainder having relation to UM disposition of contiguous
oorpa. it la a* follows:?
Hxadqcabtbbs, Abut or tub Poiomo, 1
, May 32?10:30 P. M. /
Major General Warnum? I congratulate you and your
gallant eorpe Tor tba bandeome manner in which you re
paired Um aaemy'a attack.
? ???a a a a a a
GEORGE O. MEADE, Major Gaaaral.
hag a repntatloa for lighting qualities too Irmly estab
lished to allow their temporary railing back durlng"tbe
rabal attack to anlly Ma good mum. At the time or tba
attack tba brigade waa Just gattlag la to posliien. Banoa
Mm temporary panlo aotslog tba man. Tba Baring or tba
day undoubtedly If to bo attribute to Gaaaral Griffin's
division, wblcb received tba bnrdea of tba assault,
THB limiiOT.
Batterlea C, Third MaauehuaeUa, Lieutenant Waloott,
and H, First New York, Captain Mink, did wall on oar
right. Into tba advancing columns of tba eneny Bucb
murderous volley b of caae and eanlstar did tbeao bat
teriea pour tbat every effort to turn tbta flank waa foiled.
On both aides of the river we bad twenty foer oannoa
I never saw a fight la wbleh I felt more seriously con*
earned for the result, and similar apprehension, I find,
was felt by everybody witnessing It. At this point the
Fifth corps wer^tbe only troops scross the river. On
this side the bank was precipitous and rocky. The river
was spanned by a single pontoon bridge. On either side
the water was In some places deep, and Its bottom rough
with huge rocks; and the oppoelte bank, savlag tba nar
row road winding among the trees and rocks, was, if any
thing, a tee per and more difficult of ascent than tbat oa
this side. Had our troope been driven back? which, of
course, wes tho object or tho enemy's sssault, aud to ef
feet wbleb be oontlnuously exerted himself to his utmost,
and In the outset aaaumed no doubt or aucceas ? we would
have had another Ball's Bluff but or terribly in
creaaed magnitude.
Mr. Cadwalladtr'i Dnptlefe.
Niab ^smciio Mills, May 20?11 A. M.
80 much baa bsen said and written of the widespread
desolation war baa caused In "Old Virginia" that your
readers may be surprised to learn that wa are marching
through a section of country abounding la large farms,
wltb elegant restdencea and commodions outbuildings.
Many of these plantations are under a high state of culti
vation for tbla section of tbe country, where farming la
not reduced to a science, aa it Is to the North.smonga
! denser population- The soil, moreover, la light and aandy
| in the lowlands that skirt tbo creeks and rivers, and
I nearly worthless on tbe ridges and highlands that inter
vene. Tat even tbe latter are aown and plantod, and
promise to yield a handsome reward for the labor.
Wherever we bave gone alnce leaving tbe Wilderoeee
large fields of waving grain have atretobed away from
the roada for miles.
Tbe wheat Invariably stands thlfc on tbe ground, but hi
nearly all wall beaded and well advanced for tbe
seaaon. But little rye, oata or ?k>vcr baa been found,
but a large amount of corn has been planted everywhere.
Tbe latter la very shirt and backward, but a favorable
eeaaen might yet produoe an average crop. The fencing
la' found in a better state of prceervation than wee ex
pected, and in moat instances la folly eufflotent to pro
tect tbe crowing crops. Every farmhouse bee an extor
sive Kitchen garden adjaoent, well filled with grow lag
eeculeota, and the people to general bave net that half
starved and deetilotc appearance that baa bean
ao frequently observed in other places. We are
mo Ting through an eld, populous and wealthy por
tion of the Slate, *ud the labahllaate bave man? of
the laxnrlee of iHe remaining. lee hooeea and Ice are
pleaty. OM eora end tedder are foond at every, boeee not
Immediately on the main road. Live stock and poultry
are also abundant. The scarcity of moi*e end harsea waa
noticeable along the Mae of o4# march. Tbey bad
been run off aa we approached, to prevent their onptnte
and confiscation.
Tbe finest natural leaf Virginia tobacco abounds en
every band, and two dollars a plug Is ao longer paid by
our privates. Eaoh baa his pockata, pouches and haver
sack filled, and hundreds bnvl bundlee of it dangtlng
from their muskets, day after day, m tbey trudge through
the dual and mud.
na rnnst foe mor.
Contrary to the geasral expectation, tbe rebels were
yeeterday fouad strongly pentad la foree within two
milea of our llnee. Tbey ley In tbe form of a V, with tbe
apex reaching nearly to the North Anna river, between
tbe fordo by which Warren and Hancock crossed their
respective cerpe. Tbe forenoon wsa occupied la moving
troops from both crose'oga or the r)ver, and discover
iog tbe enemy's exact location and strength. Their
ground waa found to be admirably oboaen and ex
tensively fortified. Tbe formation of their line gave
t bam every poeelble facility rer a quick move
ment of troops (ram one lank to the other. A so?
ceeefal aasault would have Involved great daughter, and
waa not made,. Mow movoaaenla were iootllutod on
> oor pert. Wrlght'a corpa recraaesd and marsbsd haiew
to the reer of Baneoek. Warren mnintalna Ms erigtoel
poeltion nt present, but will follow. la short, another
flunk me v assent Is m pragmas. This Usee wo sir Iks far
Hanover court Houee, and will get M.
oca Hanoi n jbbicho.
Last tbe long line of uncertain eommnaioation between
this sad Waablagton may have delayed tbe tranamioBtoa
of previous doepntchee, 1 will give a brief reoapitnlntion
of tbe marching and fighting of the peat weak. On
Friday eight, May 90, Hancock's corpa started
from in front of Ppettaylvanla Court House for
Bowling Green, by way of MaUnponax church and
Guiaey's slatloa, aad arrived tbsre about four P. M.
oo Saturday. Might aklrmlablnf occurred at one or
two points on the way with small partiee of eooets aad
pickets; but so foroe of coaslderable otrengtb waa en
countered on the march. A strong peeiLleo was eeleotee
and field h reset works thrown ep that would bare defied
tbe oombined aasault of the Southern oonfedereey.
On 8atnrday*mornieg, at dnyllgbt, Warren'a oorpe waa
put In motion on tbe eame reed, aad eaoamped that night
oeer tiulney 'e stati w, where It waa deieyed aa bour by n
detachment of tbe Ninth Virginia eavatry at tbe croaalng
of tbe Po. Burnaide fttllowed to Oelney'a atation that
night, aad Wright brought up tbe rear aad bad n abarp
eogngemeat wltb a portion of Scroll's corps lata In tbe
Warren puabed on Sunday aaveral milea; Wright fief,
lowed cloee la bte rear; Burnaide teak aa intannedlate
rond, between tbe telegraph end Bowling Oreen roods,
and eocnmped on Sunday night near Little Bstbel ohsroh.
caoasmo na sosn asm a .
Monday Warren reached the orosateg of the North
A nan at ihia place, aad Imnsediet ely threw a portion of
bla oommand across. Hancock marched from Bowling
Oreen through MllTerd elation, paat tbo eld Cheeterfiald
tavern aad Oarnaei church, to a polat about three milea
below this, and began ferdag a passage of tbe river
Tbe attack aa Warree and Hannotdr on Monday ouooleg ,
la graph lonlly deeoribed by year oorpe ouireepoadeete,
end le eald to bave eqeailed sny of the sampelgn for
impetuceity and obetieacy, but wee gallantly ropalood nt
ail points. The Doidnem and oeiertty of this iank mom.
ment took tbe enemy esmplsisly by surprise, eoaapeited
i hasty evacuation of bio Intrenebed penltlon at Spott
sylvanla, aad to have barely g*on him Ume to tarry bla
train* across tbe North Aatm befbre our arriynl.
I Another brilliant page has been added to Amor loan
history. Tbs satire Army of tbe Potomac waa aoroee tbe
North Anna rlrer on Tuesday night, within four mllee of
Beaover Junction and twenty-five of tbe city of Bleb
mad. Tbo troops ere in splendid oopdltion to deliver
bnttle and ready for tbe fight. There can be no queetkm
of I Ac's inability to oope wltb en In open baitie. Hia
war lasso, therefore, laaeree a retreat, If H ho M?
already accomplished.
?aacoch aad Buraaido wore set completely scroeg outll
Tamlijr evealag, and a vigorous artillery duel took place
satamtdnr. Our lean* en that wl sf the lino mm
?at i M oiwaimrU* with tba hmui ef Mar m*
MiiDUBltloa osponded kj.tl* rebels. Warrea ud Wright
art alae Id ooaditloa to giro battle at a moaaoota nottaa.
The <ap bitwi? Warrea aad Haaoook ? ihie *Ma of tba
river vac Iliad wHb robot troopa at
but whotbor U?a/ vara omiy a portion af
to dispute our croaelag or tba atatn body a f tba amy
waa not definitely uowa la a ay, ?law It war* Mm m
mandlng geaerala. (
ma aaaaw n rau onuur.
la "Intelligent coutrabaad," otafmlag to ba tba aar
rant of General Loa'a oblof a t artillery, iaiirirt aad
dame lato our llaea oa TaaaOay morning. Ba aaya tba
rabala acknowledge oar prepondernaaa la
and bar* reaolred to make no obatlaata raal
aide of lntraaebad poem na. Qanaral Lm wad to bats
aatabllabod bla beadqurtara at Hanover Court Doaai PdBt
tarday. Ha rapraaaata tba aatlra rabal amy la MINI
treat to Rlehaeood, aad aaya tba atand was mada MM
aolely to oorar tba yilbdrawal of tbolr traina. ?
ovb Loaega on inur. /
Tba anamy naada a 'mora obatlaata natatanoa la MM
fcc Banaook, on Tueaday evening, titan waa aatletpais^
aad aubjactad na to a furloua artillery flra tHl dark 1MB a
few sections af batteriea. Our loaa by thla lira, hows?W|
waa laaa than fifty In killed aad wooadod. Urir ehar*
abootera kept tba rabala rrotn working several atbar giqd
that ressalaad In poaltloa. Among tba killed yaatardBi
waa Lieutenant Fletcher, of tbe Seoood Michigan, twOfe#
ral Vfllaox'a staff, abot tbroogb tba baart by a MM
ball. Ba bad tba reputatkoa a t be lag,
proruialng yaang oflloara la tba asntaa.
term of aerrlce expired tbe day ba waa killed.
i aaa af iftagMf
Bla tbraa Hjn
?a la (da leeaad Arm Vf
aaaeii, S8d *T. Lor|gea^jJjl
Carp 0 L Bn
band , .
r'ao* uou"?ou*5r,Pn*C* N T, HarrlaM Stogy, %
arm _ _left lag.
Austin Jackaon, D, 3d Ma, Henry J
bio * -right ki
John Rook. B. 67 Ih Pa. hip
John Campbell, Md N1
Daniel Freollne, 106th Pa,
ESSw K Rodgere. P.I7th"PB Thoraae Belly. H, ?d.j
Corp W R Mayetb, 124th BY Lowell Bujkpole.
gergt ritoe Clark, H, 40thNY Sergt Tnoe Rueeolf.
Geo f Taylor, B. 4th Wis Sergt Dafld Taylor
Corp Geo Fltusseil.G,74lhN T Matthew Llson. O, Mb
lirrlaoa Ripley, K. ifth Me B Baker. D, I7th Me
Harrison, O, ?3d Pb
40th V X
Corp G F Bllem D, Sd Ha
Bergt Kdwtn Coie, K.toflWT
Cornellua King, F, 2d U9 cnv
Kdward MeQu.ile. 73d N T
John E True, 3d Me ^
Mel on C Bean. O.lfth Ma
Jar Mi A .liaier, F. 3d Me
CorpJ>? Flynu. 93d B T
M Walt. B. 40th N Y
Ktigene H Youni
IFre^^jrenUellJjlOOtb P|
bteohsn Hampnon, 1. 93d B
Wm B Barber. I. Wd NT
?SFn^^WW H, 3d Mel
fito*ert Cook, r>M*Bl
I Wa.ier Jonee. K, 9Sd ?} YBI
Joaiph B Loghrv, B-W'li fjl
Dsvtd Rtcbarit, C, 2d U 8 $ O
Jamea B Smith, 80th N Y
Jame* Uulme, D, 17th Ma
Levi Oetrander, 1. 84th F?
(h>rgi bennla Collltor. A, 7th
Chae Morrleoo, 1. 3d 1
I Ira Allen. A, 4th
i Me
^^^^^^^B^T^nr^^AhratJiar Mer thew, I, 4thMa I
N Y Hergt W Boyatoa, I, Sd Ma |
Y r rau kiln MoCarrlch,K,4thB el
K Fry Pa
Sergt II aalbralth. I.lOfth Pa
Herat Addieon Law,* JOBthPa
W 8mltb. G, eSd pff
David B Mason. I, 3d
Weston B, 17th
Ham G Payn, 930 N T
Danl Ackcrman, H, l?4th N Y John B All, A MJI J
C'jrnu A (Jreely, U.Jfd U H 8 0 Bam A Beneaton, II. 4tb i Ba i ?
Henry M Hie man D, fcitb Pa Oorpl B Baughman. B. 106tb
L W Crane. 2d U 8 SUM
Joel Purser. D, 09th Pa
John Law, C. 9d i; 8 8 8
A 8 Whipple, R, Id n 8 ft ?
11 ugh Bradley, K, 9Utn Pa
Patrick Pit. gibbon. C.72d*T
Joel Mlxar, F, 4th Me
Guatar ArndL U. 3d Mhh
A B P-estoof B. laid Pa _
Jamee Bonney. C, 40th N *?
Sergt A 8 Merthej, 4th Meg
Edward Borne, A, 7l?tlMf
Sergt Porbee Hllaon. B, IWtb
John Ilanraban.
8a nil t Wool man.
Seth Neweoifib.
Bobt Schwinghainider,<X7bMl
B T ?
JamoaO Dal p. P. OW Paw ?
Albert Good win , B. 4ib MaH
8ergt A 8 Mertbey, 4th *e_ Aioeri uooowin.o. ?ia?
Pat McMannue. A. 74tb N T MorHe (Janaafn. 7thB * I
Bergt A J Uibbe, I1. 9Sd W Y CaM Wjb M^lat^JSI
Bergt A J Glbbe, ?Bi???l
I Fran ? a Moore. P. Mth NY art
C L Ollee. K. 106th Pa__ _
Corp Rufne Rump, A, 93a NT
Jno McDowell, B, 17th Me
B C H 'in si ng, K. 141st Pa
Jno rv.yd, F, 20th I nd
Barne. Lanadoa, H. 93d V *|
?SbMeai, ff.
Lt Jo eph 8 Little, fl
Mai *m C MorganJ
Mkliled M _
|Col Lakeman, 3d Ma
W J Heal. H. 4th Ma
Corp Joel Jackson. H.4t
Geo C Oresaar, C, 3d Me
b react
4th Ma Cap>t Daniel Dougherty,
? Weanded !?
I H Meadows, B, IBd Pa
I W Ma' an, H, 149th Pa
I Cerp A B MoCtare, B, 33th
I Mich
I D Meriarty, 7th Wis
I H C Merner. C, 12tb D S I
I John Naab, G, 113d Pa
I Lewie M Nerloger T Mb Pa
I Baleen COakee, H, 8th N Y
I car
I John Olio 0. 14Sd Pa
[ Lou tali Pertnae, A. adta Pa I
Corp BH Blacker. B.-fidttPa I
I Li. ul Jno Beeley. U, 6ib Wte I
Jno A Burke,*A. 143d Pa I
I M Beanett. G, 7th Wla I
C Beardaley, C, 147th Pa I
E Booer G. 149th Pa I
Brart Bro? a H. 143d Pa I
Capt B .1 8miU?. N.#2d Pa I
Goo Smith, 9, 147th k Y I
Set vt D L Tlnemaa, B, 143d I
J Taylor, C, 130th Pa I
Her.ry Thomas G M9th Pa I
Dar d Vougt, O. l4Sd Pa I
Corp Yosler, I. 143d Pa I
C WinUwjrth, K. 121et Pa I
8 C Waterman, I. 7ib Wla I
Silas Ware 1. 7th W,e I
Corp A J Weed, C, 19th lad I
J M Ferrell. C. 104th N T I
Hrrgt T P B ob. H. I?th Ma I
Jas Allea, B, 1st Maes art I
J B Mc Arthur. B, latMaeeart I
Prank Starr, O, l(Mth NT I
Andrew Peier, f. 7tb Md I
?Ik* Ktftlk Cari
?A J Pilee, SlstWJ
5rr*t Joal'riMBBBB
m*o Kl<-e, 1 1|9 h
Bergt J oob Rees?,H.74thB^
iHenry Redoar, I. 19ta Ind
i Pa
Wm Steal, B.
Wm Sitae, P, 143th Pa
Slmea Snyder, 0, 143d Pa
Saml Soott. I, Nib Ind
Sergt Joe Walden. B.JMtb Pa(
J R Wlleoa. A, 7tk jfia
IB J Booltoa. B. SSth Mase
firgt D WeourliatjAjWPM
Chae i J ant, P. 9tk B l|
W:n A Wood. I. 90th P^
fHio N Sailth, II 90th Pa
If M-itoa. D. 149th Pa
Jno Bsdglay , k, TlihPa^^l
Jno 8 Ourt s, 1, 16th Ma
Mrgt C B Adama. O, IStb M*
c'oru Geo M jera. B.SSth Maaa
M Myere. H. 24tb Mieh
John Metz, 0, 1490 Pa
O W Miller. l>, ?th Wle
Wm O Boiler, B. 7th Ind
Jacob Miller, PTdUi Wla
Wm Dice, D. 149t* Pa
.8 Dlllmaa. C. 119th Pa
toBjjBDo!.** M, 6th NT ea?
Wallace, 0, 7lh Wla
Oo> L
ICorp C MaySeld, C, 24th M ch J n hdsoa. P. I42d Pa '
I Dan lei Kitr patrlck, D, letBT Lieut Jngall Madleoa, D, la^
f SerVt S W Goodwin, I, Nth- L/snao* Morrill, B. 14Mb Pa
| in 1 A Mahanov, B, 7th Wle ?
I J Ingalla, A, 149th Pa
Johnaoa. K, 149th Pa
D 190th Pa
G C h'eoa, r, iBOtb i'a
R 24th MMh
| J Larltia. u. 34th Mich
s J ath Wis.
Morris La ton, O. I49d Pa
J Long O. I4.1d Pa
J Hefd?rf,.P. fth Wla
Joe O. 14M Pa
B of bee, Wla
Wm ll ail, G. Y 8
David Keel ner, B, 7tb Ind
Jno Adama, P, 143d Pa
7lh N T S B
B G, 143d Pa
lease Adams, C.
B Bartholomew. % 7th fad
H, 140th Pa
I Baowen ?n,
James T art,
?e P McMaeier.'B. 1 49th Pa <
Sergt A Maoiwhan, B, ISlat
Wm Gray, B, 130th Pa '
L tlnewold, O, 7th lad
Lleet AooOartoU, Sd BM?
William Martaa^ 3d Ma^
fspt Davis, let B Tart, bat B Lleat Aaart Mattowaaa, Mi
C!S w- ?ii"55? C!? i?d
W J Hlb P ?
RH HHWHH CyUHrld WaMara, O, jH
Geo llenberger. I, 6th PRC Joke Brooks. H, ISth ? SI
Corp Wm Paden, 6.HHhPM0 Capt Jaa A BePkertm
mM^MMBSMMWM^^HAad J Cbaaa, B, 131b MB
Uth P BO
John H Welch. Sd Maae.batO
.Vormaa Bpragoe S.lttliPBC
Alfred Hyaemae. A,l2tbPBO
I Kernt Archibald Dun.lltliPY
John Olboey. M.Sib P RO
| ()? ? W L?w?. G. I2th PRC
I C'bas Cord, H. ISth P R CB
Corp Geo W Grar. O.tthPRQ
John Lamont, H, 7ta PRC
oT dacoaaod,
Paasral af Calwaaal (tearga BL Hall.
Rm laat ritea doa a rallant anldler aad eataaaaed attlaaB
ware yaaterday afternoon paid tba roaaiaa of CalaaaS
George B Hall.foraaorly^f tbo Saacad i agtmaat, Kwaiatasi
Tba taaaral took ptaea from tbo late raaldaai#
? Na 87 Ur Ingatoa street, Braaklya. m
proceeeloa waa a large aad Impoalng ooo. Tbo PWtyie
aocood reglmeal, Natiaaal Gaard, andar oommaad af (Met
eel Adama, acted aa aacort. Tbora ware alaa praaaat
nearly all tba efloera af tba Wtaaty -laird raglaaaat, Mai
tteoal Guard, of wblab diaaaaaS wea a ? ember. Me>
gatloas from otbor Brooklyn militia raglmaata taefe part
In tbo proaaadlaga. Now York ally waa aloe rapraaaata^
both la a mlliury aad etrle eeoea. Tba Blxty-akatb, N*>
tkmal Guard, was rapraaaalad by Ctopt. MM
Capt. Dempsey aad other*. Mr. P. I A
I aa pec tor, together wHb a larga i
bla adoa, attended tba ftmaral.
vara white badgea, upata which wara taaaribad ft a aaa
"Citjedaapeotor'a napartmaat ' la tba partem wbaaa 1
rerealna of tbo laaaeatad Colonol rapaaad wara a ?
rated a number of bte personal frteada Oa tba Nd - ?
neffln waa uta fmiowlag laacrlptloa ? "Baarga B Ral
Died May ?4. 1?4, aged SSyaara. IS meatba aad
dar?" Tba oodHa waa ?? roaawoad, olabnralalf i ? '
Shortly after two o'clock tba preoaaalaa fan
tba rem aina of tba worthy aoldlar wara aaadnatad ta tbelM
laat r eating ptoaa.
A Blchaaaad Mltar Beat is Pert Warraag
Bosmw, May *. IMS. 1
Edward A. rollard, lata edltar af tba BiabaaaaS Baa^
*m r, wba was takaa palaauar af war aa beard IM
blockade manor Graybouad, aoua da ye alaoa, aad wb?
haa been oa bla parole of honor at oae of our boat betels*
waa to-day saattelWWarrea, la aooordaaewa ItS ardarg
raoalmd nroaa Waabiagtoa.
|_ BMIa Boyd, aaotbor oaptored
from Waablagtoa.
Moaa Om.n m tw? oa ?a
Ian. in gold hare bean feoH lea >aard tba^BBtarajij
Bis rnnaor Blnnia, laaddlUaa lo tbo?|Bt^
|9lV4 f AQQftM fusts AMHI

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