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Arrival of the United States
Transport Karnak.
lntt resting News frtm the Depart?
meat ef the South.
Our Officers Under Fire at
Tie United flutes transport Karnak, dept. Ihrar.e, eon-1
signed to lh>< United States yuartermtister, arrived at this
port yesterday, having sailed from Port Royal on tbo 3th
Inst. She reports ?On Wednesday, Sept. 7, at twenty
?iltiuee paat two o'clock A. M", thirty miles to tbe ??.-utb
ward or Cape Hxttorar, in a heavy gale from the ? ortb
emu . broke air pump piston. At twenty minuter.'? at
tour o'clock A. M. got uoderweigh again ,H still blowing a
pale On Thursday, September 8, passed a large eteai..er.
wltti a tibooner in tow, bound -onh, supposed to be '.lie
Juiton. On Saturday, September 10, passed a steamer
koued sou lb. The Karnak bas tbe following list of rae
?r tigers?
Surgecn L. D. Waterman. Eighth Indiana cowalry Bur
genu p. r. Stckior, Tenth New York cavalry P. II. Bai'.
baeb, H. B. Bales, H. T. Bird, A. Ib ihart. B. Brown, P.
L liurdcll, 3. 0. Clarke, J. li. Crosbinau, J. Ihson. ?).
T I'intey, 11. It. Garrison, J. U. Gray, 1.. A Griatet. fi. 6.
Brio,.I. I.. Krantcr, H. B. Noble, fl. T. TVrt.oi,?, '. ti.
Eoberison.G. H. Russell, W. V. Rutledge, 1. M. -'aiite'.;,
E. t-cbell, J. P. Tuggart.S. I). Tobey, J. K. Waxen, a. N'.
War, B. A. White, U. a. Wilson, J. M Wi-.Uwl, K. L.
Young, C.J. Walton, J. McCurdy, all released surgeons
and aseiatant surgeons brought from Cbariealnn by a ,<ag
el truce; Judge J. M. Laila, or Indiana; Captain RtwseiJ,
United Blatee Navy; A. P. Basbiord, United than a Navy,
E. W. -unborn, United States Navy; F. Constant. I1. C.
HerM.iiniu, < buries Cokhardt, Edwin CurrVer. GapUrn J.
ft McWiliiams, M. C. Leonard. Mr. and lire. hither. Mrs
Oeae and cbtld, Mrs. W. X. MeNeilJy and cn.id.aud seven,
teen in tbe steerage.
Purser Bufbtld wiH please accept our tbankefor favors
Mr. Oscar O. sawyer's Despatch.
Huron Heap, 8. C., Sept. 3.16b4.
lb pursuance of an tmaerstandicg arrived at between
the Commissioners of Exchange on tbe part of tbe enemy
sad our side, tbe steamer Wyoming, Oiplam Jones leli
bare en Friday night last, to bear lieutenant Okoel
Btewart L. Woodford, of Major General Porter's stall,
Acting Commissioner of Exchange, to Charleston, where
be was to meet Major Lay, of General Jones' start, and
receive a number of non-combatants, surgeons, cbap
hbrs, boepital stewards, &t., to be released by lire rebel
Authorities without equivalents, and declare: duly ex
Tbe Wyoming crossed tbe bar at snnrisc, ard tied
?p" to tbe steamer Crescent, wbieh bad on board tbe
rebel officers who are to be placed under Ore at u?jm
?sings' Point, Morris Island, at oigbt o'clock colonel
?Woodford eoreyun icatod with Admiral DahJgreo. on
board iSS iLgrutp Harvest Moon, and stated tbe object or
tot mission. OrdmiwWg at pneo f nt ashore by t.uk-rfi
v. o:dford to GtRM^BCb?3>oibnnki. uoamandTug frtTcfi
m M3rris Island, m suspend fire white the iisg was in
Admiral Psblgren signalled tbe Monitor on fic-vl oil
Port Moultrie to raise the white flog, as a aiguu.' ot a sue
?oneion ot hostilities, and Bring around tbe harbor on
boSb sidos ceased
At leu o'clock, Use Wyoming steamed up to the drelg
Bates point ot meeting, between Ports Moultrie and 3vuj
?sr. and reached it before tbe arrival of tbe rebel
Steamer, which had been detained by some accident to
tor machinery. She sons appeared in sight, however,
?d the Wyoming anchored to await ber arrival, on
fwoching tbe appointed point she rao along sido tbe
Wyoming, sod was lashed to ber.
After a somewhat lengthy Interview between Mas"
and Oolonel Woodford on important imxiW lovutved
in Ute e trial, everything was settled, and aboi.t thirty
?nrgeoos. chaplains and hospital stewards were i e'eased,
aad were received on board the Wyoming.
Several women wore also received, to be carried
through enr lines (Jnito a number of oflicers of the army
BBS navy, who had oosno down from Charleston lor the
Bieccd ttmit to procure an exchange, coukl not elect .bat
?hject, ;iTO were oouipelled to return to prison actio, w>
?wait too action of tbe government. Among ibrm were
lieutenant Commander Austin I'endergrav., lab' com
mandiog tbe Uo.tcd flutes steamer Water WUrii.can
tared m this squadron, lieutenant Hayr-adibr, United
Mates artillery, and Lieutenant Lagan, of tbe patrie ton
of the nervine. Lieutenant Iflcbenor, Eighty-fifth I'snnsvl
*ark? and mnors. Their ex tiango oould n it be t-ne ,>ed.
?toy appeared to bo in g?x><l bonlih, but ?cmeubo' de
in ?pirtts at the Uituro to g-t roicxand irom their
Maagreeable pof ttlon. They, w tli the eleven bm.l-ert
ether odiccre in t barV-siun, are anxiously swatting i uoh
aetiun on tbe , art oi ti.o authorities at Waabiugi i. ? '
wtd re-tuft in tbeir release from prison.
Among tbe olloiers in Gherlcsun are Lieutenant ? otor.el
CxBiyitgnam. ol the Fifty second I'enneyivaiita. ard ceyi.
ttaoi H. iiuer, of tbe first I ntted staled arlil'ory. livv
are ui irrH>d spirits, but. iiko a'l tbe otoers tb?>r<r. ai? in
Med i f *kith uh rnd money. I lio|ie bi be aciot'iv*i?f
by tuts n.ai . partial hot of Olivers wbo are ic^r er.de I
a tbe militvrv prisons of Charleston.
Tw< prwatei of the Fifty wwh Nts Ynrk Vrkiiitwrt
wbo wore captured on picket detv it l'urt hoyai lorry u
few dayssioee. were uno-iDdttionaiiy rele.i.?'l by iaeuertU
Aunis wbo c "Ud net approve ef tiwimnner ol tho r
eapt ?*? r.ed fbcrehrre would not rer.vrd |tom M (boa
?re of war. Hiey were irdnced to rrr^n th? f*rry nr.
Btaied to bring over a rebel refugee who cajiod V> them
Itir succir. On reachiug tne enemy'e stde itey wore
ftwuntiy xdtsed and made prtsooiira of war and aer.t to
Okarlestnn. irom wb< ni e tuov wcra 'inmeiViaieiy aant
MM our IW'ca aga n by OeMral .L>no* wlien be as. i.rtait.
ed tlie |iartioul<M of tbe adalr It was a very fu> and
feandenoo thmg on tho part of tbe rebel general, and ??
As doixi as the exchange bad been effected the rebel
?Leaner cast K??e and irtexmed for Cherie<rtoD. whi t tne
Wyotnfhg sjiewdlly iqi swebm and slatted lor tn.eprint
An hour after tbe white flags were hauled down or both
wensoK end tbo garrisons of forts -irmtor,
||ou.irie an<l Jobasun and ot eur batterivr, wfi >
bed thronged tbo parapets of the works while tbe
tontiitlies were su*r ended, began te take to cover a*eto.
?ad beiore sond,>wn tbe "ppoaing gone wore m full play, i
and dl was war sgnto.
The coi.ditlo i of onr prisoners ft Ande scnvllie !? be
?mnMig m yc and rrwre pitiable aud vad. Tbe mnrtauiy
ttor# .? fejvfd to TODtrmulsyL. A humlrod or a. re a
toy are taken out kmi^rlMlgbikLbr same brjt-xl : ?>(?
mem m exkihitedon lffl"parim the "uew hhium, at fha
?td men sad yonnx hitys vH? guard the pris.ine?* arty
eatied Without deeirHig to/mbarat? m the tf't the
0t% ernmerX in its P"lwy, Hrn be said that the rebel
feiscnere sDou) t be treated in like manner, as the only
way to put a stop to a svetein that carries oil uuE mi i
mure rapidiy than buttles. Ihi rebels snould be ivK jf,
from their cotnf'irtable quarters la NorUievn waterieg
Wlatti, r>?b as JchiwpiiA and Kelly's m .imls, and pau cd
Jh sunpen tiem, tfl'.bfiuicoeer, antj Jed as onr peir frl
Sows are fed-i? btile or iipHunj. ' ? ** ?
' The follow log .s a list nf Jie oiAoerfl and pr.vsu ilr
>ttf c by H i 'nr J"bn 1 Lay, toting Assietoot ?i" ,u
?ptCtnf itrnir.tl. rebel army, to Liautunxnt Ceicnei
Blewsrt I. Wkidferd, cf General 1'istor s start,Sei leu;
tor ft, We wHhuil o-folvaten', and declared A.iy t?
po' Rtr'n r. fl. Bai'hafhe, 14th 'lllon# cavalry
Assiateol Surgeon II. H Baers, In MaamcL isetw ear airy.
Atss tlanl bnrgw.n A. Ltllhfcrt, S7lb ()hi? hi antry.
line,nisi Steward fl. T Bird, sib Onto cayalry.
flMrym U brnwn, 1st Koutbcky cavalry.
(hirgrvinfl. I. MuiU' il. 4th Kealimky InfliRry.
On', tain B. G. t larfee, 101b uhio eavaby.
Assistant -urgeen J./B- Crvftmao,'.dth frtdf fasraWy ]
Ass'.suet flurgooo J. r. Bixca. htb MAneenta miYptr-",
AssiAtant burgeon J. T. llnley,2d l?(WKu. ky cavalty.
AHS: 1*0 Burgeon II I). Oarrteou, 4tfi lnd.arn exvairy.
AesU'ant Surgeon J II. Gray 8th hntraaa cavalry
Asa'SUxtRurgcn t. A Grimes Jid nhlo Inrautrg.
A't's'snl d-irgson K. B. Hale. 4th Tennrtsoe cavalry.
UimilamO. Hnin|'brrva.2il M uraa. husent cav nry.
A Kistaiit t-iiigojo J. U Kranrer, 2d New Jersey catalr)
Assistant sorgei n M- B Noble, Jd Onio cat airy,
purgenti H r l'lersnua. 1st Wiac?nslO cavstry
ruts lets nt flu MS ll a W. H. Piersons, United State* Navy.
Adsisiant Sorgeoa C. G. Robert*xi, ?tb Mtcbiyaa cavalry,
aaslsunt flirgaon O. H. Kusse'l. Mb tndiens cavalry
Awdt'tnnt aitrpeon W V Ilotledsr, 2d Irvlliua c.valry.
Asab lant Burgeon K M Sacttelt, 93d indiaaa foiantry,
Assisiaat Burgeon E BcbcH. fib Indiana rsvalry.
?orgiwn P. E Fic|9er. lOtli United cU.t? cavalty.
Jkirgcnn J. E. Laggaft, 4th tndsina cavalry.
As* slant Surgeon 8. |?. Tobey, Sib Micbigsn ms ri
y.,e riant Burgeon J. T. Walt-ui, lUgd i'i nntylv ioia mf.
?uri'eno L i>. Waterman, Atb Indiana cavalry,
Purgct-n A. N. Walr, ?th Indiana rav.ilry
As*'slant Surgeon 2. A. White, 1st Wset Virginia osvalrr.
ASUfUtif "'iifgeon O A. Wtison, I4tb Illinois cavalty
Pnrteon J. Ik W A).aril. 6th Indiana eavalry.
Aeistanl Burgaon M 11. Young, 4Ui Kentucky tntrt ml
AaaiMtnnt Swrswrn U. J. Walton, if 1st Kmtitioky infantry
Assistant Surgeon .1 H Harrington, tsth (xianectkinl In'
AtBHsinnt hfergron J. McOerdv. Halted fwuns Yatnnteers
It flarnw, f?. G., 6ktb New York Voluttleeis.
t Harmon, 0t?. fl., tilth Mew York VmunUors,
Most of lb* aboya ware capltnwl m Utn Rtonrm ,n
raid, t ne or two are from IbnArmyof tho I'otoma
hot tbe ht.Mitce arc fiom Hberwin's department ,\
piimbev ol theui go up on the Kant tk to-dxy to ff? w
Jkt> peaith ?t tto Moeog tcuotkis gnmparati<eiy gued
H to reported that two or tbree cages of follow fover tad
appeared in Charleston.
The tlnten PrtMnefi Vader Fire at
The following ie nearly aoonaiMct<U?t of tbe six hundred
Uumiii ofltcera now conflaeJ la (^dHoloo. They occupy
the same quarters aa those wmifreWto the (luy oilloors
woo were exchanged some tirne alnco. At the last ad
v.eee they were all In good health
?aw roaa.
Capt M Auer. 16tb caralry Ma,or A N McDonnell URth
Capi C H ALdrieh Lieut 11 A D Merrill. 5th on*
Lh 11 f J 11 Ahtar,, 4jib JUleut 'V Nvoe.Harrln Igt oav
H L Bath, 132<i Capi H J Hfowlfin, Ulh car
fill Billing. l> S etetmcr Major V Kelson, ?th
Water Witch. H T Lieut E Pu mer. 57lh
Cat 6am J Crook. 22d car Maj Cram is Pruro, 7th art
Lieut Col E V Cooke, Harris Capt fi C Pierce, 3d cnrnlry
.win cavalry Cupt .1 A Penile id. 5th car
Capt (I J Dow nine 3d car Mai W H Reynolds. I4tb art
Lieut J W Drake, Co B 130th Lieut \V E Roach, 48th
Capt J A RuAuIri, 5th cav Lieut J Rockwell, 97lh
Lieut Eugene H Pales, HUat Cap! 8 B Ryder, 5th cavalry
Capt A L Goodrich. Itth car Lieut A O Hhafer, Harm
Capt tlctman, cavalry light oaralry
ArijtdaaGlltnour. ,'yih Lieut E K Sill, 133th
Lieut II DGratr. W7th Kn-ign G M Smnh, U8I
C M G anger. HSl'u G Scbule. 4SUi
Mayor W P Halt. Rtb car Liect Win II Bhelten. 1st art
Capt tohn lied, 4.'th Lieut Jno U TbODipson, lttli
L a Haul, 45lb Inlautry art
Lieut John A Hopper. 2d car Lieut Harry Temple. Harris
Capt b'arid.tones. 11th art light caratry
Capt L E .lodnoii, lOtiib Ltet Col T P Thorp, lat drag
Ma tor j W Joneu. 71st Lieut M A Tulhill, 1 Kth
L.eu: K Hunkle. 4,'db Lieut G Veltforih, 54lh
Lluul I! jlo txandler. 4Mh Capt J W Vandcrboof, 4',?h
" ? B L?? ~ a ?
ineot C E L-ww, 1st drage Capt J C Whiteside. !(lth
lAcut Frank II Luy, M V Capt H G White, ul'h
L'eut A T Satusuu. With inf Capt M W Wal'. o9t.i
t,i*ud A Leonard. 7lat Major U U Wan er 24th ca?
'( pt Da fat ng w ortny, 8G!b LleittG W West. 1st drag
i.i'-al ' rack Mo ran. .3d Lieir W II II Wilcox. I m
Li -.t W I Maitin, 123 Major,1 W Young 74lh
II indrrson. 3d art'y LtKuger, 67ib
L' 'I L Brown 1(11 t Lt i P L"slle, lcth cavairv
Li W II ilmki-r 3d cavalry Ltd Morrow, lUlsi
J.t If. nh Cor (\v; 10"<t Capt It B .'IciII&f, 17th cav
Capt i T Cu..:i'FUt_. llth Lt I, Major, 12th caenh v
t cavalry
Lt [J Co.dii an. T7th J.t |) McNeil, l.'Uh i
Lt Byron Da' l? 7ist Rur-coti .1 M Duahane. 143d
Ia.I S Dcv nr. 7Ut Surgeon 8 11 BongliKui. 71st
Lt it" >' Davidson, Wet Cgju 1 E Mtcbenoi. Kith
Lt W G-Dutton (iTih l.t McKeaee, 73d
Capt R H Diw. .'itiib ? ('apt ! S McDowell, 77lh
Lt M Flick, ti7ih Lt F Moore, 73d
L' Loul- R Forteeuie, signal Lt W O'Cmiiier. I'lth csvaky
coiCapt K J Penny back't% J8iii
C.ipi W L Gi a*. I'otlsvlDe, earn I
8 huylklil county LtC P Polls, 15)si
Li J P Gamiile.shippeosbueg Lt W N Faxon, i4Cth
PC Gay. Ilouevu1 Capt I IV IT, fi7t.h
Lt G W Grant, Capt W A Rob it son 770l
11 Ds d Garhsi 77th Capt.I P Robi ion, 67lb
( Apt I) \V Gunbar, i. Ulh Lt l> M Mpuiicer. Pit.rbusg
? l Bird, "ih _ Li Jas P Smith. tilth
LIT F Hot. lirri' (>7th Cap' Goingm Rrhell. 48lh
Lt Col * unn urhani, 33d Capt.I K .Shroud, 77th
Lt l? Gerber. ,7:h Ll K O Shay, l:ltb
Lt McGo'ern, 73(1 Ll .lo?upli Smith, 07ih
Lt V Felh'W 4bth Capt Klctcl er Smith, KOd
Col .lobn Fra et. 140th Lt O W Simpson, C7tb
Col Hoyi, 32u Major log Stuell*. 2d cavalry
Lt < " fic'i'e.t H"d An utant W H Town. Itidd
Lt i B Reliti.'lOlr. Capt D W Mullln, JOLt
t apa A Hc'hey, 14'd Lt I) GoKav lath
Lt H 11 lllmlu, MUh Cant Wm II Telford, 50th
Cant l- A HnbNtU. 071h Capt ( C Waldls, lSOtn
? at t J C Honeaiach. I42d Lt V R Wrarer, iflih
Ll W:u l!?ffnrr, ditlv Cam A.I Weeks, 67:h
Lt B V llnrrlagton. Wtb eay l.t Harry Wilaca, Wth cav'y
Lit-I* Holiaiian, 19tb car Cap' Fred Kauarber, 18th
AoitW HVwm. 103d cavalry
Gapi C G osckwuh 84th
Lt G G B Adnus. lSUl Lt F Ushorne. 19th
Lt i> F Cbuhuck. lOtll
J K Pnrkinun. IJ s Jfavy
Ll <;das Davis, Istnavatoy Lt J U Itumed, 12ih
Lt W 11 '/ulloU. hattery (I Lt J B Sampson, 121b
Ct.pi llcr Jenkins, !r. 40tU Capt J Skiuuer, 27th
L? A B A'fc'.r, 223 arty Lt F MItlward, ADC Gen
Lt i H Aru'Strung I'.2d bcammon
Cat 11 H Airan. Co F, Slit Lt .1 KMcncenham. Ringgofd
? Cspt II II Moiely, 2.7th .
T.t R W Andtr-on >22d .
j.i vv l! Bio" n. f8d Lt A W MuCnae, 2d
Lt .1 W Ba'n', ( -tb Lt 4'hns A Maxwell. 3d
Cant 1. H P. 'tP, D'Tth Lt .Ins H Murdoch. 3d
Lt G E B'a r, J7lh Ll W P Morrison, 33d
Lt O B Dirndl, lflh Oai t M V B M Mor?un,33d
JA I> B Caldwell, 75tb Lt .1 8 Maboncy, Co K. 2nd
Capt I I'ltanc, 2!ai H .11 Hoble, AsWt Burgeon, 2d
Cat' Char us Bjron, Sil oavaliy
Lt V 8 Case. 2d cnvalrv Lt ?T II rolls 75lh
Capt 8 S CaniMiid, tot *, Ll .1 a Pgui, 122d
Capt Miles Caion, Co H, list Id J B l'uinpbiey, 123d
Lt 8 D Carpenter. 3d Adi ?
Ll v A ?.'urry 3d Lt.
Lt 8 D Carpenter. 3d Ad it Bam I'.per, 3d
Lt v A Curry 3d Lt.Tontt Blehey, 3d
Lt C MLDrosa, 110th Lt Geo V RnblRSoh, 80th
Ll V R Pari . !2:ld Lt John Roticv,?d
Cant R W EjaoA 4th Capt W C K ssman. 3d
Lt O P FalrBe'd. 89tb Capt E A Shepherd. Ufllh
Ll R H Grar. l''th lA9? Strlbbllne. 01st
Capt .P'Mus Gates, 334 L? F S|iencar. 17th
Lt 0 II ' "?ss. 1 ""h Lt Shmij 7ih cai slrr
Ia p Ho: cey jl'Jltt Capt M S Btansbnry, 95ih
Chs* l? Itecry, 4?h i? ? .
Ll Gbaa D HdSryTtoh oar Lt A A rsytor, 122,!
Lt W M Hudsou. 9Btl Dapj B M fhoinpson. <Rb
LI Wm S HhUber. 3d Lt Chss I'rownsell m'
Lt?7 W Bate, lOlst capi W M WUsoo. ir2d
Cam 'as M lmhria. 3d Capt Riadon WiMiama. Itrti
LlJ JottOA setb CaptiJ W Wills her. 4Mh
Lt D (> Meliv. 100th Lt Waiker, Co B, 21st
Lt F II Knapp. 9"1 osvalry Li A K Wnlhaek. 3n
Ll A Kcllv Lt J DcW WMIinit, 3d
Lt Win O Lyon. -3d
Lieut 8 A Albre.-dOtta AC it Lee H Hamlin, 123d
Lie.il H W Adams. 3ihb Llant Charles Howe yist
Lieut le u s Adams, tkltta Lieut John Hood. HOtli
Lieut M c Bryr.nL, lie Lie d R G Harn.er. -0;h
? al l A I B . - ow. 7f!h IdeiU .lobn A Jones, 21st
Lieut U* B'ggF. Ii3d Sauil T .iou-s, iklth
Carl I E Ko ch, KRhear laent .1 kenoiston. '02th
( . r' B ("imbelL 3'lb Capt Guo K h.ng. IHtb
Capt C Ft Lodge, Aid
. jpt _ - .
joeut ll cnniflia inh
l i* it J(.? 1 ox. 2Ut Capt C A Mann. Co K. Rll.eay
L eut t ?? Dig s H'-h L??it tV 11 McDIII, utltb
Lieut IT G" rh.trl.24th Cjpi V C I'*.-?. 80th
LieitGilG ihle.otut
ea? Cart J Hourke. lii lt art
Latin feui'iP* H nilv 7?th Lieut \V Kaudail. KOth ?
*',r " . . ... I'tA^. I i..w It IT td- auL I
Lieut J Ha *nisn. !7?t*t Lieut T VF Segar. Rith
Cant W It H 'l Iblh Liect F 8 nweiuforth ?4th
.c, r'o . 4 Q7 ll W _^a l
Csrt D 11 v. rC'ii W B Wngot, 80lh
Capt A Hfdgr. ?ruh ( apt A Wilson. 80th
lr.it W Austin, 5th Lie tc I) Dil'ln. 7th
Li ,i B .-' ir Ih Lto c 1 W lluilman, 5ih
'"s"! 1". Kr.'com, .V.h Ms .or M 8 Marshal', oih
Cs i Wl o id, -gb Crpt J fc Fate. Slli
ni? P ? "
11 R ' islu'n '7th Oapt A M Knr'er JZi
itl oRlhc-e -VH sr Capt WiIMam l.ogtti
>n. 17th
Hi ???'.' btG A I'. Lltclifle't 7th eg*
-.'.(?'hear L.nni L M Moore, til
X..UI.I A ? ?rk. 7th otv Lie .tLC Mesd. 2-rt
Lie. Lewi- lira*e.-2d Capl J > Vpi .n. 17th
Oem I ?? Do'-te, tODi Ad Jo taut A h MaUh-ivys, 2*1
Liu' tlh JI??au.i.oD.atkiay Lie n tl A Moon, utli ???
4 :.'F A1 Ci*'.| 11 li Dowers, i ih car '
Gordon. 'Uh Lin Is H I'erlev. ktiu oar.
?t , i i J... '.tea i: \ Van Natter, ist (gv
Knl'git, i'.uii tisrt H D W.nids, 2'2d
Ok pi
n ,n J Du|irun, V'th
lt'iioochl "
ihi 11 C, PoRer /A!
K> vrr,T( r.
L ? -... , * it '? CtfcmenH, I.'nb Ms o W N Owen* l?tm*
. ?' r,- l.Vuit G A Puller. Co. A, 2d
Lh-nt f : f nlvmsn. 1 Rh ear i'sc A Ko-?r'. 4tl'
taniis H.C ' Dunn, In;i' L'e-i D i Fliepherd, 6th .-sr
Car v III! > 1 .1 "I Lie ?? K ''Thorn. 68i (rivalry
T Cn'lwtuk
i TWi haies Wth eiyr
Lwut B ?' Alien. 2d I leut T T Reh- wn, Tlh see
t'ani .l ( A irun. Ba'ieij D l.i u ' I, II (?*??.,ti. "ih ear
tsiarlll' ? (apt W II II Hoh'.irs Jn
capsdol b I. I'oxiea, 13 1 car L" ,? K I" Reynold*, i?? ear
Caplku c Austen. 8th
Lieu: A e Bslrer. I ll CaptEO'Blien 29lh
Chspl *irhb. J't earaiiy
W G Bdtu r Hhh Ln ni C M Drnlsbmsn, 7th
Li* it'i W ilti sir 1st Maj W L I'm -on* 2d
Lieut R 'V 'ai M>u (Ghkosb Ohpt R H Apeiirer, Maii'eon
Ml, i D si K< i'Iu ?, I lb Lieut O P fevlon -'Irl
Lit ii A II Mck we in. lulh
Lie * George nr K Li*. 'th Lieut 4 ".ette. Mb
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see Wo. J Morris N4> John 8ao*s. 5th
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i 't .? West Lit 11 4 VJams, loth We*?
Lt ) i Ran, . I*? Lieut .*< 8 Madura, C'h eav
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Capi r,;jjn ( isis. 1st Mat L A I'hrit s, 5xh
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ha ul J Btadl'ord, HoOgkee Ide.il K h Mkmea, Co II Id
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fan llm r R Wise. 13 h ?-ai I t n Kc hole. 4th
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, Iroiu the tklx.licnrii.rt l .mtiiinnt iojii 01
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Crisn w-yus Rapt. T, J334
V* f miaows ?tt? innAea w sloene lalafd to day, a*d
mareued into stock ado a in the rear of Bxtlary Wagner,
guarded by u largo bodyo: aontmeis.
new guns.
The enemy brought two new gun* to Gregg ibis after
bood, drawn by twelve or fourteen horses.
i From the(Iharlestoo Mercury, Sept. 3.)
Since our laet report sevouiy-eigbl shots liave been
fired at Fort Sumter and forty shots at the oity. Hatre
riee simkiue aog <'levee have kept up a steady fire on
the enemy's working parties at their new battery on
Bcb'iener creek, firing seme fifty seven shots.
Tbe Vankoes made number futile attempt last mabt to
blowup Fort bum ter, but failed, tbe torpedo exploding
about tbreo hundred yards trout tbe fort.
There la no . bange in tbe fleet
fiie only iifo lost yesterday by the enemy's shells wee
that of an unfortunate c^w. A tiugro .vug severely, hut
not dangerously, wounded by a fragment of shell.
[From the rimrlerlou South Carolinian, tept. 3.]
Tbe resolution of tbe authorities to enforce the con
scription in tbis city bur met with general approval.
The enrolment will be shortly proceeded with, and every
man from seventeen years or age to forty-five is ordered
to report to t be enrolling oiiioe. fbu order reoeutly
issued, wbioh does not exempt foreigners resident in the
city, is josI, as they nrc oot entitled to greater privileges
than tbo clti/ene. when afforded tbe Kama protection. Ah
order permitting thorn to leave tbe city sbooid be con
sidered a favor.
^ WABBIMTtrr, Sept. 11, 1804.
TUB 1881 LOAN.
Among tbe umocepied bide for the new loan there
wore two, auiouuiiog in the aggregate to over six mil
lions, at from 3.37,'J to 3.75 prcmiam: nod another for
one million tour brndrod thousand dollari at from 8.07
to 3.37){. A party of cllizorto of New York subccribod
together for five houdred dollars, offering too par ?ept
premium?the bighont rate of all. It will be tnteroe'-tqg
to bidders to learu thit the bomfs in pnyweut of the loan
will be ready for delivery at the Treasury Department
to-morrow morning, at ten o'clock. Such prompt de
livery la unprecedented, and is due to the Arrangements
made by Secretary Fesseuden aud Assistant Secretary
Harrington previous to the opening of ibe proposals, the
blanks having jcen printed and otherwiso prepared, so
as to require only the siyna'.urac of the proper officers.
Tartlet, therefore, who hove subscribed to the loan will
not be (subject to tbu inconvenience of the delay hereto
fore experienced. Ike adjustment of the bids, with a
view to the award, was not completed until elsvee o'clock
last night.
The subsc: lptlons to the seven-tblrtv loau for tbe week
wore $3,151 000, lofal to date $32,137,4rd).
1c accordance, with, the proclamation of the Pio?ideut,
thanksgivings for our recent g'locepv-s were otrered up In
ail tbe churches here la day, and tbe condition of tbe
country was tbe tbemo of uearly all the sermons de
General Spinner, tbe Vbited States Treasurer, yester
day received a letter, of which tbe following is a copy ?
Please put mtn the Treasury tbe euclwued aix dollars,
tbe excess puM me .is a witaess at a court martial In a
ueighbortni: city. Ibe acting quarter master, knowing
tbe fact that I had come, and was about to return tbo
game day, made out au account for me whicb be said
was cjrrect and usual, paying for an Additional day for )
coming and anc.lior for g> inp This sum in Itself Is no
object to tbe Treasury; but if It bo the means of draw,
ing the attention of tire government to the like abuses in
tbis department of tbo public service, it may save hun
dreds of thousands of dollar*.
The Cobc antratlbn of Rewi(BB,i ?'<>?*
?aml-The Railroads Again m Kan
nlaa Order?Rebel Deserters and tlxe
Rebel t'onserlpttoa?Reported du ac
tion of Dick Taylor with B'orreet; Ac.
WAsnvrujr, Tonn.. Sept. 10,1814.
Despatches dated 1'u.aski. Sept. 0, to Major It. (1. Polk,
A. A. C. , state that General Douaaeao concentrated all tbe
forcca of (Vcnerata Sieedmau aed Granger and bis own at
Athens, Ala., and moved towards tbe Tennessee.
General Milroy bas returned to Tullaboma.
Tbe cars wUI reach Ublumbia ibis evening (lOlbj, coin
ing north, the railroad being all sight south.
Tbe country is filled witb strolling bands of rebels who
have straggled from tbelr commands, and also with por
tions of tbe lenneascs brigade, which war disbanded for
thirty days.
A report bas reached General Starkweather's headquar
ters that the rebel General Die- Taylor has crossed the
Mississippi and .ismed Forrest, for the purpose of enlist
ing in West Tennessee, and recrossing the river.
A scout just arrived from Savannah, Tbnn., says all
males between tbo ages of liftoen and forty-Uve have
been conscripted >n ? issfss.ppi. The country was fun of
Ibe Joes n General Starkweather's brigade was very
Mr J, be Owens ccntiuucs biavcry successtni uogage
ment at this theatre. The bouse is crowded every night,
and ought to be so ter a mucth to o ire. Mr. Owens
play to tbo Victims and the Hoopla's I. wy,r. His 8oien
Kb ngle !n .ho latter play, is one of tbo finrst specimens
of clara ter acting ever reeo upon the New York stage.
Tbe !,-ytt ts login their tal'. season 10-nkght. Wood's
minstrel? keep < pro bouso all tbe y?ar round. I be jjree
of adrolsiKui will bo ratred to thirty t?nis on sod aftor
ibis evening, ? .tb tw only cents a..tlilu.ua! for reserved
seats. Arlington, Kelly A boon's nrnstmis begin a abort
?euron at the Urooklyo Academy to-iiignt. ibeyaro
highly a.toktn of by tbe oOtotry papers.
*--?< RbLAVKV?U'3.
Rarnum begins h,-. <!t-mii.c season to-day wltb the
Mason c lirnmn, K eg ^ototruo a Signet Ring. His com
I ary is about Ibe same as iesl roe sou, but is much
slrot <ihenrd by the engagement cf Mr. I/'vh'k. MiiaC.
A,ford hss become Mrs. TV. L Jawsou. Mirs Avonia
Jones opens at Norfolk to n.gbt in JfedBd, aud wtd stay
the e two week?. Hr. G. It rharles, lbs Irish comedian,
has intt orielu.ied a very exceiteot stigagcmeni under
Mao; ger Glenn. Tertvali js meeting with ber usual suc
cess lu tbe provinces.
The Tnrnfsit.
rmsr Pat 'b rnocttkDNoa?msmbh AT TU TV KM
hall, nrc.
Ibe programme of tbo first day'a celebration of the
great iurofes! was somowhst Interfered with ycfterday
by tbe mclemeasy of the wenfhor during the sarly part
of the day, and tbe projected excursion of tbe Tur
ners was thorefirre postponed. At ao early hour the "torn
Hall, in tibbavd meet, was densely crowded. A meeting
wage gaol-ed muter the presidency of Turner 8Uo?*l, of
l?i fiouis at which the fitrujjr apsoclxtione of tbe fbl'ow
inc titles were t*pfeseUied?*"
I a#lorn ftates- itoiton, Has*. , Rochester, Springfield,
Few flavo". Conn TTart'ord, DndgnpiB't, Rochvtile. I'ro
v,dance. K. I. Cltv and stats of Now York?New York,
t'. conwngdaie. Williamsburg, Itnzofclvn, Raot New York,
New Brooklyn, New Kocheile. 7#wburg, Albany, Tough
keepeie. Tonlerr, saraitorport. New Jersey?Jersey
Oty, Hobotcr. Newark, Garletadt, Trenton. Hudson CHy,
Kgg Harbor <??. Missouri?8t. Loais. Pennsylvania?
Philadelphia, Vtttnburg. Mamepd?Baltimore, ineirict
er < ostmbta?WashiBgCOll. ueoFfefVlfd. Xypnegsce
llemohis iihio??inrinnail. Diinow? ( hivagoT reoria.
A resolution war. after rune diaccsiion, adopted, to
elect a r<organnatmn of ibe ii^raer Rood (t.?nl<m\ wbioh,
during the picaent war, through vartone cirrnmstawcee,
had become more oT :e?u dieoeganfyN. rhe idsn <a to
'fi19 ihfyf shove naurSui Turner fttAoclwil ?ne, which are
rerftNgu'.clM tb j lumteet bye me eight hundred tnnn
bere. K<>TVb,s Purpose a <aoiml*taa was apjoioted in
which eMh 0i the above named Verger eeeurlat'oivu ?re
reuresoTued. Then the prire Judges were elteid, of
wfium the fo'Kiw.ng la n list ?
VoaTt aits>, wire IrourAi vsais?Hostler, of New York;
Rreun, "I Hartford Irnnsoher, of Williamsburg, fc.agcl
M?rd e' New Ifaveu ' ? u '?liner, of -Trattonpi.rt.
Tos fdw. wrrxH't Ini-tsi-uvvts?lebrruton, of Pea
bur Fdi.ard Mfftler, of New Work. Koehler of New
York lleitn, of Hhltadelphta.
k ivcmo.-Rtoppel, of ' nloo Hill, Br.bnudl. of Wklhemi
burg Tfeirhard, of Roeton. lathe afternoon tbe Tur
ners were aaaui assembled si tbe Yum Hall, and etyeved
themeelvea tn their peruhxr way. TYie greatest hllarltr
prevallori. Tbe me*ting room wae afllrodidly decorated
with banaers, ano the o'd yu >ker churcb jir<'sen'.e<l,
au a whole, a abiuewliat . urt oe *!-? bL The meot
ing re si wbaie In rurmer times the old Quaker congre
gcl? n worshipped, wss yseterday crowded with ?n he
v.aettc. i.s-m.iov. Perioiinanocs and esliibtttsns of a
? om>dai and eemi sertonp ??n?rtctar were in order ' Da
, g.,r i?.'ot ' was is p'cotl'ui as ever, for at? ' e md of ei b
table la* a cask, from wbH-h It was dtspotmad.
Superintendent Kennedy having not died ibe Fast a?m
mtttee tbst the nenrert which waa to tako place at the
now Btadl theetro m the even-ng wottld ho an infringe
ment of the law, it. war arranged that the atid t ?avert
eh" ibt o?< tnma i e sacred conectt, and, m ordor, to c m
ply witn tbe provisions ot the law, Turner axblMttona end
deulathattowi were to tako the piece rf music. It wed
also annouoord ay the Fort committee that *be prlre
I tirneu anil prize raaoing would tako plaim a! tho I'urn
tlvll to-dny. and that the pirate at Jones' Wood Would bn
postponed until Tuomtity In can? tha wpalhei otumtd cou
ihuh to b? ahfaverablr
[.Anxiety of Lee for the Dan
ville Road.
brilliant operation by our troops.
Capture of a Whole Line of
Rebel Pickets.
a, a. a
Mr. fVm. H. M?nUm>i Dcapatelt.
In tub htsi.n, Sept. 14,1864. I
1!B.TV MB1NG. '
fust after dinner yesterday (two o'clock) the enemy
opened a large number tf tholr pieces upon the Tenth
corps' front, and for a considerable period delivered a
verj heavy artillery fire. Our artillery resiicmdod with
much spirit, and we unstained no damage from the ardor
of the enemy's fire.
At abont two o'clock this morning some or the beavict
firing of the campaign took plnce?aw.iy to tha left, proba
bly on the Weldou road, with what resell you will learn
from your Firth corps correspondent.
T.ieutcnant Genera! rrant and General A. II. Terry,
commanding n diviaion In the Tenth corps, visited Gene
ra! Butler at department headquarters.
General Thomas Francis Meagher Ik hero, being a guest
of Major Peter Ilnggerly, senior aid on the department
Mr. FtnJey Andtrion'a Deipateh.
HsinqraJtiltRB, In thbKibi d, Sept. 10?A. M.
moll asr carnus of rf a US mr QDnn us rrouKiAsr.
At an ean. hour this morning, by n skiifhl manoeuvre,
handsomely deputed,a portion of the enemy's picket
line was ge.'cd vvl ere n was in very close proximity to
ours. The position was cn a pieco of c immandhig
ground. near one of enr field works. It was held by a
heavy line or pickets, who bad their line intrenched.
The ground was desirablo for us to bold, and General
Hancock ordered the enemy's pickets to be quietly cap
tured sod cur own advanced to tbe position which
they occupied. Accordingly, at one o'clock tbls morning,
n portion or lie Trobriacd's brigade, of Holt's division,
aorprlscd the rebel line, and swept in over a hundred
prisoners. Our pickets wese then- advanced to the cap
tured point, only a few mnskelry shots were fired, for
the operation was over In a raicute. Subsequently tbo
enemy 'n pickets at adjacent points, end his artillery In
h<s works In that porllou of the line, Bred (several shots,
and occasional firing was kept up by both Sides dnring
the night; but no serious casualties occurred, and we still
bold the captured point.
1UE FIFTH ?08 Ts.
Mr. James B. Wsrdell'e Despatch.
BsAnqcAimmH, Kirtn Abut Fori*, Kept. 9,1884.
No movement of any importance that 1 wonld be
allowed to publish has taken plaoe within tbe last few
days. Everything is working an finely an could be
wttbwl, and there is much to give cause for a decided
feeimg of satisfaction.
siwshai. (fuss's Mfw covwkjin?hi" srf."v.
? Changes have been made in tbe command and stall of
the First brigade, .Sououd division, which have not beiore
been pubhahed. The brigade is eommsnded by ex-General
(now Coleoef) Chsries F. Stone, with the following
Jliir'iint Atl/Waml Gentrai?l.leutenant William J.
llroatcb, Tenth United States infantry.
Trupwr G'.nrml? 1 ieutcoant Auguetlhiemsn, Tweirth
United States infantry. ,
Aid-d'.eimp?T.leutenact Ceo. r. Adams, Seventeenth
United Slstes mrsnity.
AiC-de UeutcDnut ban Ilnxard, Eleventh t mteU
FtaUs infantry.
mc t khaki lai.w.s.
In lbs engagement of tho 19lh of August, on the We don
road. Lieutenant Augustus Tbiemau distinguished him
self in n manner highly creditable, earning for blmseff a
most enviable reputation. In that fight bis regiment was
in the advance hue, when It was tlanksd on both
sides, and tbe enemy coming dews on their ftontr,
surrounded on tbiee eider. A bold daeh wa^
made by the enemy, who captured tfco cobra
of me Eleventh infantry. I hitman, Isevlng tbe
ilne. lumped over the breastwork", sabre in bund, and,
knocking down ihc rebel holding tbe colors, secured
ihsui. and, umpinywyntn upon luo works, waved thcra
deuartiy. Ill* sc.lioii w.ia loudly cte'rcu. and invplre't
,tin urea with reuewed oourigu. lie is it Hanover on
by h.rth and oue ot the bravest auidlere In tbo artnv.
Ibis brigade hi" been In the rent du >ng the whole i am
iieigt, and ba? losi severely in both officers sad men.
' uiitlvakt xuavs,
At'l-ds Fatnn. wliowstw ended sumo time since before
l'etfisb'ir;' v>? uouve oil leave of absence before Ho* as
sault uiou the M>|.l n Railroad. and, thou.U bis leave
hid not expired by tw*n?y iters. an! nls wound bsd not
wholly hen bid, bo hastened to th* front and participated
in toe ate bai'!i" , thereby ? istog bis wounds to nreak
nut at rerfc.
Mr. .lanice C. FltapMtrlck'e Despatch.
VrniH An.v Cow's, Kept. 10?/.. M.
Four do* ovterc from the 1 bird Georgia regiment came
I into oar lir.es yesterday. They belong to Mabono's dl*.?
? ion or A. r. Hill's corps, wh-'li m on onr front,
waroarnon of nrK fbssi. akmv.
I 1 roio their statement", as well s" from other tourccr,
It Is slmo?t defln'ie'y ascertained that tbo rebels
have disponed their loroea with I oegstroet's corps on
their oitirctre right, holding tbe country between th"
Vfeidon and Pdtn ille Railroad, and Hilt's corps In tho
centre, occupy log the line of defence from the Weldon
mad to Iversbu'g, while Iteauregard, with his division*,
ctrrli'Si the fortification* around the city.
These men ststo tbat considern-blo despondency has
hern occafilonnd by ibe fall of Atlanta, especially among
tbe i.corgis troops, who begin to lofe ail heart in the
r&iwe, for tbe reason tbat they hsllcvo their State lb pe
levsiy sotiqucrcd from the confederacy.
iHg .'icnr *i ft* i t nrario*
Pr the above designation the firai of the eonirsta fi*
the Weldon road Is known in Ibe official rcp?rts. dr at
toiftton has bean callett to an actoviul,P'ibli?bed in n
/ournal which, from the apparently nuthoritativa char
acter of the publication, might lead many to consider it
perfectly cdtreel in Its statement#. Kulljusthjj
his hardly been done to' the divisions of our
c?ide which participated In that sngagerosnt, ntd
which confeas-'dly changed the snri'sr d raster of tbe
d?y into tbe signal vicMoy. Tbe UrM and Third dlv'
siott merited and rsoe'red the highest praise trotn Makir
General Warreu for Uteir valor upon that field, and, what
c.er obloquy may rest upon tbo Ninth . orjw m tbe eati
walion Oi other eorpe n( the Army of tho 1 otrnnsc -and
?it wouid be loccrreU io say Umt auch dtd tot si ml- lbs
cloud i* entirety removed so far as the fifth curp*. end
particularly the division of General Crawterd, l* rcn
tms svart a.
llbtn gT?Hfylng stgbt to every well wither of our
casso to w itae*K the wondmful rhsngo effm ted in our
army wtthin a few week#. Fr> m large and rrequent re
| inforc/imsnts our skeleton regimente are filling out to the
1 old proportions which they exhaled In the
Orel stsg*# of their campaigning. Brigades
a-e hskinntng to "bow an nnu?ual nuwtericst
| foroe. whim division* are bsd-mf-g I bin#
| , I'ftatn cnrfnvani'S IT Oof gcier*; ot... *r? W th ail
in'* th" 1 s d*c dsn ? ovrilrid 'niprovomcnt lo tno
I ,4 i r..q'. mo ?"? rf ' f ctcia 'y uf *b? troc|...
vita rowrvi *"l>- F**'W.
' ito .r>' -?">nr not a.?r oi (?n* manful stfigg'* hers -
one energetic campaign?and uewcc ls st usr.d nut
thro'irb overt or*# of politicians ?nd dlpkmsts, hut
inro i( it tbs right good arms and lbs truity steel of our
i vU'ir * I
yns lersonwisti ustff. ^
lit this ect.tsctiou I wouM ?st that I have bran numb
surprised at the apathy iMtMlested bv lb* sinvy tegsrd
0 r uo apvroerhtog eld tton, and i vasture the predictien
teal th' voto ot the ao.dieis wit. w a cotncamtively H'ht
sr.e li der-d, thrtr lertingd ai d asnilmeuts rngstdlna iha
1 rasMieutati ? anipaigii MT S.iWlwe"' ? tfff fg?Mg?f
..distich which some ooe Hooiee ?? on ekpressloe of tbe
jurdy Blurner ?
let peu* ne? Iom by wrlttng
v*b*i swords have woo by Sgbttag.
Oar ?i>?clal Wafblagtua Oaauatab.
WianvoioN, Sept. 11,18(4.
m? (i rwvsn ouut tuma
There ta ? general anticipation here tbat a battle s im
mioent between tbe armlea near Petersburg. A rumor
waain circulation hero ibis evening tbat a Ogbt bad
taken plaoe: but upon Inveatigation it provea to be with
out foundation.
Tho anilety displayed by tbe Richmond papers !? re
gard to tbe neat move of OcDeral Grant, and their con
atant bsrplng upon tbe probability of tbe 8outbalde
Kallroad bein^tbeueit point of attack, are suggestive
as to their weak spot. No doubt wltbln a short tune tho
public w.ll be gratiOed by a brilliant demonstration,
wblcb mill materially Improve the situation.
Mr. W. D. McSregor't Despatches.
llaai'OrtiiTKns, Ai'.nv ok tub Poroiiaf, \
!-?pt. 8?Bvenlog. )
The batteries on the right and centre of our Itnee kept
up quite a lively Ore to-day at intervals. The noise made
by tbe i-nra as they passed towards tbe front attracted
the attention of tbe enemy, and they endeavored to inter
rupi the operations of tbe road, but without success.
among ibo rogiineuts whose term of ser vice ;a about j
expiring is me Klghth New Jersey. It loet a large
number of men at Cbanccllorsville, Gettysburg and else
where. Major Ilealy has been in command d^tn* the
campaign, unit ha?, beeu wounded seven dl. erent times,
noooof bis wounds. however, were 01 a seriousobsrwemir.
Now Jersey will doebiionn s'- e tneso \eterans such a
reception as is due their br?\sry and tbo important ser
vices tbev lia v* reodfied. _ ?
Hi'teen" hundred will '-over oor tosses fruin all
the battles and sk!rrol?!:esof last week. the army is
now .u hue spirits.
HsiiMjvjiRri-BS, "'ept. 10 V M.
' At u point of onr fine lust west of ibc Jerusalem plank
1 road tho pickets have been fo close together tbat they
co iid -onvcr-e without ditti ulty. On a pan of this lino,
and sumo distance n tbo roar of their advance, tbe
i enemy had thrown up a Hue of slight works, w.th tbo
i intention, it is supposed, of falling back to them when
occasion oTigbt demand. It was determined last night to
drive them back to this line, and thus straighten our
own. About midnight, when all was ipiiet, a division
w:.s formed in lino of battle, and, tbe picket line bemg
reinforced, was ordered to abvuuce, The rebels_wcre
ov d^iitly not |iro|M?re?l for such a movement, as they
' were completely taa-u by surprise and nearly the
hue cap'ured. T'boy ina.de em v oilort to rctuke tbe lost
zro wd. b it d'd not succeed. t"ir men now, ocecpj 'J}?
line, and are securely intrenched. We took above one
bmlrcd prisoners, while our owu haw was very light.
Desultory firing ha-? boon k?i i up In that vioiiuty all
the msrntng. and the enemy evidently i?el soro at betug
fo taken by surprise. Ktome o! them called ont to our
men uoylhg, "That was a eu^ed moan Vank.ee trick
anyhow ; but we'll pay you np r r it batore long.
Rebel AtrouaU.
[From the Richmond Examiner, Sept 9}
rau.KM.iRu, Bept. 8, 1864.
NothlDff has occurred aiong our line* to-day. There
Wits some artillery firing on our left and right centro be
tween ofitveu and iwolve o'clock to day, and at tbeMb"
iimo a few shells were thrown into the lower part of the
Rebel Aeeomsits of Aflalro near Atlanta.
? From the Richmond Kxamtncr, ..ept. 9 t
1 M.'ons, (la., Sept. 7, 1*84.
Yesterday our advance drove tbo enemy from Jopsn
J boro, and reoaptured the hospital, oentamiag ninety of
?"hTrm?nC^nt'.nuefi to draw I
Atlanta, tor the purpose. It >s leoorted, of Rtreuatlieo wig
tbe works ou too oaatsao, we.torn and sonthern ap
prr?W? hundred will cover our ossee from all causes In
the bauie and skirmishes ot last week. Tbe army is
now In line spirits.
Rebel Aceownts bom mobile.
Drum tho RBiLiiiond Rkhsninsr, **pt- ??!
1 Moans, hept. 7,1AM.
La&t night one of our yawU, containing ton men, was
c?r>tureo'by a Yankee launch, near tbe obstructions
J bey were, however, reosjwured by tbe picket boat
All quiet. ........
I htTnloiief Pole* anil Hohemlaims.
A large company, csmposed of tbe two Slavonic fami
lies, celebrated on Friday aat.ioen impoeiug manner,
the inwugurstiOD of tho Bobcu-ac Hag and of tbe Slavo
nic IfnIOn. At clevou o'clock A. M. tbe psccessmn arrived
to front of the City Uail, asd was there received by tbe
Mayor. Mr. H. J. Jaworofki.on behair of hUS.avonlnn
brothers, addreeeed ltyrt frutiowan as follows; -
. 1, I- v. Ih a f.c. ng of orep sat! fartlun Uia'
1 come here in the name < I Slavoi-lari
'to" r?.two OeVrf iwo opprrss,-t a.tlons
I "eif nee'by-t l' Al,' n- to ,!m w
I a imher.aMi.i-....e t-this',? ? ?b.
im-rint'?! and ?c. ne-? if ii mh in * ihe-i*ee e
I whirs it .-sprswuls. brave
to dkv anlnmT'!V.?T0 v.-'e over ?t.t
I I u. r ? C.-V\MU the .' t -? -r iWul*. ihcir name aiwi
. ^ , u . i ;rt I,.' |.,?* llieir catiooa'i y.
"???' " r ..... ti-r'r I.eie or lu.tn tv.
| ,".r V ' f - ' " " "n ?'t'i.
rCft a.Ton full ifb^thMlT teultsgs ;??H' tbe'.r M
w f i'maii hroihera n otsrr o-o'rn* . rw nruja-% ?d
'iir i.r.? i- io> of H.nuD't u. o ?> ?? a' 1'"* n. .nrwn
,r.i?rI'mleebBlcal tern of P.i.-av m Mm-. '?r of Krm
. ' w *rr> iei re-tn ' 01 ... poii.m sou oSu.^eu.
%t. , Ki- .?!.?,) tft-vtO ' * P' ' J ' * ' ? '
' m La ?.i.iii# f mt t? of iht oiitc m on 1:1
auupi ed Uinsrrai i ? e ?. no c ?u fli. o?
i'lwd'or .r i r t " ?' "try ,?vme orlgl
ts.en or I* ? 41 ai.u mcr.H?w%y w.lba?orii.
f1 r. i I Vie ib' .'. ? it1. dCFi-olsiii that th?y
rrrr'I)01V1' for '.?? .m'on I " " ,*?"?' uf
liberty ic! re^i.t e :? ;re. ou-vonlc faowli?. ear.
lib-, r fur ibe win.e ?' Tbs ^
HfD"lmfh?k!M'r*5>h?raTuF. Koa* ?kn ? and I'ulasiti,
o( H? r.vi'K , ''lT* k ?a rfVi'd hifl fc ooti ?r?<J
paid' ?*.?.' ?TlRe?Uio vir-c ,.1 ,eur <m a 'fO-r'-iro'w
ope: ewer have . n
um. eu Z .if pr.?d . a of ta. o. ? -k-du
s.'bsr?Vo?r . en a. bet ???? ?"?t
^?Phbur hv^w. l* Mt.aguiali t ^ ^ o ( rou, ,.T( t
>ov? ol .INirt. *** ?!? " ?rn*rtriv.r, ?vr v b me
drop > f ?' on' S ' 11,, ,T1. r u.er d .sf-oi.
a IK.U bcri> and !>???'. ? llV . ' .< nsr ?-U
and Pn .bd * >*? 'f* ,"r\ , V /,w, n
ror?an me |? * ?!????? nn , ,
tt)? kaif.dn o fi ir ftpci'r m* v . Mk^o r
? iti^.P ii*. b"l" rrfck# At? .ah 9 . .
on# S fcvorn. umliv to t u ih? ^
to throw ?ir tue lea?? ?"*e ef. iS.ab.osed
.ibeitir is ?i nai've i?ad
.lay <?;V'V\ff?r'JVcdw7"aw- .r ? " r";^ and In
tbe wal'iei I'rttfu# ?.J H \ r ^ t) kUi|
1?.| |ru f I ij *'? 'y X }*'..St. ! 1- privilege* o-* e;.. J
renub! '. whvH weawpr.ilF-.Uin ? . ? ovular !
loving liberty, deoiedto aitn u i '? ? i
prurett'i. ?-,',(,f?T.>en ivS' b*'levts- In the !
re u J I'Ion of one Of our row a. rvw en .
- '? ?*' I
Iti,Mia. oil.,'.I 3*x ' ?r.. 1 c ht. |( r r',?ern
fsrtf/M \if'-Vrt??"of1 'i%.i:oin?w""
d^e^"''^ri tws ^lfi'.nei.l to B.w't'T ?ud orr' etiou
""'^.".r.rrah fm Cr.': hvriwt. or lb* I nlted State.
krr^Ud Hetrt rb?? ttkirew and tt? sprnter
' . . aiu ifdinAfiiird tfUe.ihffi COC0M
proponed-whicb *Tn t,a cv aas three for
for the Mayrn three tor the ' 1' ,i
TOW. tori V'VrJw^Vfew errde rrmarkjug -Jiat
Tbe * *y?r'l,l Jf '.'i. ,r ??.,? of two ?l.ivuolc u*ti<*S
li.c leib'o ' jRfw bait ing
may f-? '" ^ _,f .? ? 0- liberty m isi be
on Amerloan solu Ibal?? imted that tho
r.rsntrdto *1. nh< f rr v alid fOuu ue anisbed,
proccte,on ?en preceded to .^""niko^kl
the r.M.t o( w.tehlngieti ? Monument Mr. R J. Jsworotkt
addressed the pvocsaster is the (olk wiug words
r, . aa? li?. ?n?-Os-?i? <?;.? of ?"'r:*,on '
V TttV mn U X&: T? '? li' 'itt11" >
OS. th.,u xrcal mii, wbom ducted spirM eS^>v
iieat*. " ,ic?'?isu.t tbat the ??ea . 1 f ,t
,..hr ?.. r. '? 1 h ti.O uSt.V - Th'..V'Tje,,
au.nng . t ' * '? 1 Kt of I "'or b* r*** ?o ., .
ipm 'b's drderwssdlr?we wo* e,ue,t ??rt
will ttKmipl. t.lo.er tho ?v..fhl
roiu Kasee to tbv neses BWrssl f"?rrtu ? ^
The p'SSMesion thsn prmiesde't tb" "
I pr n U?. streets aiierwh.rl.lt'
. for
Tun f 0*FVR.TW!? T trrvcsv- -, ?r rired and th?
the < oooe-'tt. "t vaiiry ?si tb ? drylsfi <w>ay** *>
prctucsre ar?- ?r*nl 'VI oiim ( ( ? ? %tlWidy col, ? ?
S5C*WiT-.1S* -"""'"""
sever, e- i/ttrt/eid
??Wl tceivili ?t n*r Arrival
tt WilningUi.
flanm of li?e Tniels Destroyed by Bor ood
Date of TDeir Deitroetioo.
The Privateer Again Pre
paring for Pea,
ttCii Ac*
tu tbo HiRAi.n of the lit instant wo gave tbe detain of
tbo entrance of tho Tallahassee into Wilmington harbor
Many doubt* I It at the time. We now Dave tbe rebel
( reports, which confirm our early statements. Kbe nr
j riyed at tbat port on Friday, the 26th nit.
i[From the Savannah Kepublican, sept 2.1
Th?^nNF, MtltAT* ?TKA?"<- TALI.AH.HtaB.
^Tho following is a list or u? oCicera of tt? *buv. ve*
Ow.vranrfee-.fohn Taylor Wood
0^?nanU~"a'- WarJ- Bunion, JheoPb
Kngintn-s?Chief, !w?bn W. Tvonn Assl-iunta Cliaa rr
I,-.K^i,ame4J ?:
Acti*y Mailer? Alexander Cnrtls.
f A mutant, Paymaster?C. L. Jones.
I A iti^huit Suraran?W. I.. h'be|ibard8?n.
j /.?< ui-naut of Marine* ? Orsm'ha w
I Boatswain CasMkioy.
I Uuunrr Stgwart.
| Mastrr'is Mo' - Kimscl).
lT?e following in a list or the vowels eat tared by (bo
laiiuhasR'o ?
M A. Boyco, Egg Ikirkor. acottled, Auguet
Auxurt U*V^41''8 FUnk' N?" ^ Yort' borBl.
Ca,rl? Be'telle, of New York, burnt, August 11,
Dark Bay Htate, of Boston, burnt, August 11.1804.
Brig A. Richards, of Boston, burnt, August 11 l(uJ4
'ooooner Carrol, of Eiat Macho?, boi dad fbr 'lid WO
August It, 1804. '
guTtTi bj^W,m' U*"' N?' 3-1 of N*w Tork- burnt, An
Fchoouer AlJentlc, from Addison to Mew York barnt
August 11, IS64. ? '
LiarW dnliote, Calais, Maine, bonded, August 12, 1884
lbe4 bpo"*uo'01 burnt, August It,
Ship Adriatic, of New Ttork, with emigranta, barnt
Aogust 12,1*04. ^ '
Rrig nuiow, of .totem. Maso., scuttled August 12.18ti4
! , Kabcrt R ?cbocner and cargo bonded
| in $30,000, August 12,1864. B
' 18?rk (J,wr?u0"? ?r HMMnaslon, Me., scuttled August 13,
aSSM?"I>opoDt, * w,kniBatoD
le^bdt*0*81/H,,cfleW' ?r Bangor, Me., scuttled August
*?*? Mercy a. Howe, or Chatham, Mass , scuttled
18?4bOOW^ Howard, of New York, scuttled August 15,
Aoc'oa?lS ' l^r*' ?' Georgetown, Me., sou tiled
iSchooner Sarab P. Harris, Of Rochester. bonded
August 16, lR6i.
- 1/c1^oer Be*11?*- of Booth Bay, Ma, scuttled August
Sohooosr Etta Caroline, of Portland, He., scuttled
August 15,1864. *
August 1?, i6'64AteXandar' ?f U*rpwe"> 1*"M> ??o(iled
rjchoener Leopold, of Boston, bonded August 10, 1864
JXr*"' 0t lrr*,,dg|,,p' burnuo August
Scbnoner Fsrab Louisa, of Jones Port, Maine, burned
August Id, 1804.
A'igiu.'r"*r|gru*u?"*' of Friendship, Mn.oe. burned
rk'booner North Amerlcs, of New London, Conn scat
tied 'August 17, J8C4.
I Rrip Niu?, , bonded August 17, lor f 17,7.00
.< tiounor .( stsh Acorn, , burned August IS 1804.
SoiH"n*r Diadem. , burned August J8 1864
.^cbuotis. Sea 1 lowor, ; burned August 18, 1864
nil g n .an, -?, burned August 20,1864.
n.? . r* 0,;r r'y',,rJ eTtend. Wo might base pub-'
.islicd ineny things Iniforo in reference io tbe Tallshss
8.??'?01J to 1 ?r?rr vesseis, but have refrained from uru
ilenlial eonsidwatiooc or s public character. We begin
tothuw howevsr, tbat our reticence is perfectly use
less, and c*u oaly result In subleoting us to the ,tnpnu
Hon <M slownesu. Fur instsnoe, while w?*, at toe purl of
wtltnlngton, were heruinc the most perfect silence for
jl.b?.rJ^"*???>ovoStated, weclipihe loikiwiog froro (be
CiOldstioro Journal of tbe Z0th:?
t:is TAi.r.aifarwni.
^ ttk' 1 arkee mtem" is eapetding its
etiwcjUi in wwnliijr afor the "Plrata TalMhaHsce " w,
bad \lis Jde-isure ye *er lay of. sjiendinc s few bouYs
?l55r^,lflcrh,,^,M? cnwt,1,n,)Tr- <'aptatn John
, . ?!,? J1 x 10 acTJ*"it her pursuers tbat,<
' Aptiii \\ uod is?a e nod sound, uud that h;s vessel i. m
as giod trim a ever tr,U.r?l If.; i AWcfow
mornwy la-?_ sondry , W~vy beaded Y atic*. cruisers
know, after dfdtroy.ng from ih riy to forty Vanaee vse
seb. au/ tn tbo U^t p"v-,b;o plight fly it,.. ?Wit,
iesc.,its the sufmy'.i eye, !et rhcni Ipok ?ui for bi-r
Now. what is tbe use of relieenoe ari our r,i.rt? w?
ready b<: eve that the Yankees kuow cli.t sov e visscl
e mic si here, as t resrel ooUWog in here , n ' ndny w -ru
mg eng-i^rd the b: ka.i tntf r??a, shot for snot, ^ .llo
ran in. And more -she lower ouarantme sintioa ie m
futi view or Uio Yankee blockading s/psi<iron at sea Wo
,u<l.:e so, fr tu tho luct that wliilo goiug d ,?u tbo rtrer a
snort ti.ne r<o, woea -.t thw point we coul I ge? the '.an
keos as piiMniy as possible. P.*y, of e vtr-e, could ?oe
fltc v i ?' e Is In lb* iirsr?coswt tbens and six saLde wen
he r cliaru ter. The ve.-sd ti.it aruo in -u. Krxi ,j
mornji,!; wjumd (be fort and tb. fort saluted tier, w bo
wmpicoitls. Yausoss .."ire nil *upM to mcojug'
Tbe great ma,< rt^ of the sapture? above rola'cd toes
plica iboiu lat 40 deij. 19 min. north frog 1u ito n
rnie. wist.
t'lly inflilltgrne,
Tu, I rvBRAi. os SlLJon Joirt Covsray ? 1M? afternoon
at two o'clock, the funeral of Sfgjor tYin-'ry , tale or the
f? ifnndred and Seventieth rejimeot N.-w Yora Ptats
Volunteers, who reemtly died ir in wools received
wbilo In asMnu at Hoop (ioltooi, will taks piaco
frien lbs r^tdence of ifAcea'cdfs litirr, Dr. g. D.
i tamrp, at No .'178 Sccrid avenue. As tbe
friend. ,w accessed jo this city m?y he numbered
liy b ndieds, there is ?o doubt -if that this
will be 'mi, n' the largest military fn .ernta which hew
iii.on p .vo ,q tbo vhanHy for tome time M ijor ? so
eeryd ed like a bravo ?,M or to the diacbarge of his
d?ty. -ifl .' 'nor, Ibi-n. fo toe gall.nt d?ad. lbs brother
?dlci"-i of tl |,-? lot; at present In .'lew York are ?sported
lo us prcysnt at tbe fuoo.-ai.
laiu*; or a Wai.j?I'ssert Buitomt' About u.gtit
o'ckKJk rfeterday morning the rear wall of the tare*
story ten meot ho :*.' No. 76 Onlrs street, ? orser of
Worth, fell in, lo the gre11 alarm of tte B t icts bat fov
tuunte'T no jh: sods werr Injured. Cj'itaw Jourdao.nf
the Sixth i raclnct, tTDitiscistely t rooemied u, tbe propo
ses. rod ofteervtog Uut tbe side wall, in w,<i* streel,
sasm'Vli sprung, aud In great danger at tailing, at*
tu or f several oiikcrs near tne building to pieveot people
from rmJui.ger ng tlieir Uvea by going loo near it. i|m
t"want were compelled to abaction tnelr apartmeu.s an*
s.ick homes exeo.rliera. b'apUm Juuritiot uotiQcd toe u,
spc tor of bua*rtfldihl/og?, and It Is pn>babte Utat tba
hnirr wd! be iem.lish'J. ino prt'fnisse art owned hv
tns Hon. iforace F. Claik.
t iis(NaTy,
BatiTiu ?Tbe (Jailed States stsam gnnboat Hslatea,
Jnbnflaa-t oramsndcr, from the We^t Ind'a *;uadroa,
la?t from Caps HaytloP, Sept. 6, arrl\e<l it New Tor*
yesterday. The following is s list of ber oh'cers ?
Csvwnwfufrr?John (Jiiost.
/>rv'.ns?i'?John MePsrHiid.
Adi.<o Vai I ? V C. Millor
Arotig fai-nneirr?A. W. H'con
Artt*? ,Sui<W's?'? W. Hale.
f'nligni?J. ff. ? o't um. kd. la.'iv.m, Wm. Uobu soo
Bs7ipe.cs--first <r*Htsnt?riM?n. C. I?wes Pso'sid
Assistants?Wm. XltL h. 8. Duglaine RrSert 1). Oibor
son, Oon. c. Wbittemurc i wril Aw-unis? William H.
Walte.J. B. McKeasfs.
Hhulv't Malet?J AUios Win IL Jtespb, Frmih
A. Tabey.
rtmnuer?F. r4ssl?lr.
Car**!.'* "'Pr' -A. l'l*s?ansns
Pitywamur'i (isA-fo. d. Kiddle
Rs wrilifj Rids v.'irrfi C*s<u,im.?the third new oem
mander of this vcrsel s nce the 1st of Itay, 1S64 will
p*ke ctkwgs ef her to day Cttii'.aln J. P. McK retry will
rebsre Certain John "? Uillls, wno is rj i to ill. We are Ux
Dopes Capiain M Klavt'y will pit this ?h!f, In or tie > m
a slicrt Moui; he is ait abl i, brare and good officer, a conr
taius fentietnaii, sod oim whx win d hie My f the
govermrrrai a* -veH m to lb* men en board.
Military Affaire.
MaiOH t.iNr.sai, bhuas
Ifffl IL Browu, I * uf Wats, town, l;*.s reuelvsd frem
fDtxernnr p-ymour the irirntatment of tutjof general of
Ilie lO'irtb division , f New York flate Nallesal fitierd,
eke Oeneral 4. K. Judd, of i "gd ?nnbnrg . de eased. IVi
Ke'trth div s co o mpi ??es tne eoutltsff of Jerthrsou,
Uea, Pt. f-twrenou, Prank I Is, ninicn, fbse* aud Was
? vs.- Ad a* a Afar.

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