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tbs sum r.
**aktww C*?rM. L. 1..TnUIh>
liMNi(k?nipnMM4 p?4 immmm yea
taaday after.oeoa, some Mb thousand people being ec?
N"" to WllOOee Um (mm Mmn tocr of ike
fco*oo? trotters m the turf. It m ? |t:i a*; fi* tkt
?wsp?ieior. TIM orowa began to mwsm tinoii;
fcoar to ascertain the coodtlloM of the bOTMO MO the State
st the boung.eu 10*1 they m.gbt Ml some estimate
?* tiM relative speed of lb* t.or.ee. Tbe Hull job tad
Mm BitkQriao from the Odd, 00 eoccuut of ,biu?
mm Ud; Ibxi bt>f*in? tot Crtl (bet*
M*f . Le besting f re tern My, Prlrce lbs ee-otid
twevnte Bailor lbird, while Mr|u ?h of iitllo
ameeuat Before lb# start Emsea became ibe rotorjlo
Mo'Mt ibe feid The day ?M beautifully adapted lor a
laai race, but tbe track was ratter dull. Lauy Encm*
hBbMiI rather ii-c dauby for a bruottif trot, but was m
bbadaoo.> as a peacock. Prince seemad up to tbe top
ae??b is coodittoD Butler *ookeg wall, but wao badly
gajfwd under the urn, wbila Mcrgaa waa aot tbe .'oba
?organ that he waa tba day ba trot tad age mat Flora
"*s?p e on tba Ceotrcfilla Course soma flea years ago
Ha bus never been tbe borse be waa tbeo. Ha m aow
bad'y cut of shape. cne hundred policemen were ob tbe
grousd to preserve order, and at tbe appointed time, tbe
kidgee?Messrs Coukim, Simmons and Myers?having
Men appo.Dltd, the horses were called ?i aru n*d?
mady tor
ws a?cw.
t\rtt BiW?At tbo second attempt tbey got away wen
together, Itutler fi.tvcg a little tbe best aid (,ein? to
?ba turn ! id ?? mmu oa tbe luslde, Butler the accord
r.oco. Prta.-.i thud, with tlorgau outside, the biwofc we :
? tu a r mi auu io..a tbo icad. uv aae tw leagu*
shewn or iuimi at 4uar^r pole in 80. Ermte twt
?ugllm behind bor, and Morgan brtn.-ing up lb# rear
Huiier continued loading two lengths Into tbe back
urei.'h. cut it ere be br ko and i.'mmu closed up about a
Bonn tl. rp iii and Priuoo together At the hair mile
pole 1 K'v Hull**- was two leugtbt in front of amine
Prince aod Morgan about tbree lengths beb.nd At ;he
sew claim, Ktmu-i made a burst, made up a length, arid
a wac n that ?.be ? ouu tiku the le.d then but
>( chc appr.-s. !u?(l too black.be shook her off uud led
trotudibe os-it turn two lengths. Emma second, 1'rlui r
third, liorpsu -uat, but trotting steadily Coming up tne
b.omi-nretcb. I'ullor still .ending two length*, broke ni
ant lA'cti Iig agAin in an intu..nt kept in I rout, i ir.ii.,
mm made n bad b rak add Princo look tbe cec. nd pla, e
Butler o-l tiomo two lengths and u half, I rnice second
ibree iOugtUB ahead of 1 mma, and the a ..re cue length
abi-ad o Organ Time, 2 "27 V
?Si .-.a that?Butler had die call over the others, sell
B R m tbe pools at 4120. Prince at f90. Ima at 47b uno
arrcim at Jlfi Alter scoring twice Butler cast a enoe
and a del y was occueioued by the m shap lorn they
saorsd can a do/en times bet- ro iboy got tbo start When
iba word was given Butler took the lead. Prince second
rut soon broke up, and Kminu look ttie second place
rr-noe third. ?nd Morgan lourih. They pissed tbe quur
?er pole in thirty six seconds, Butler leading two length*
Aba?d oi Emma, she about three quarters of a length i
ahead of Prince, Morgan four lengths lu the rear Ou tbe 1
aaokhtretcb Prince broke up and fell ofj a rouple of !
length*. Hutter still le tding Emma two lengthsacd trotting 1
??ary stead.ly. Morgan had now isissed Prince, and t gao |
iks close rapidly on Emma At tue half mile pole?time I
J li"a?Butmr still kept tbe gap open the mare tbree
?SBglos ane id of Morgan, who waa one length ahead of '
Prince. Passing the u*w stand Emma oloaed up a length
wad got ou ibe hi;- of the black, nnd at tbe three quarter
pole she was at bis girth, with Morgan closa op and
rr.nca trotting again very nlcoiy and closing. Comma '
tp tbe tiomestretcti Eninta broke up, and Morgan passed
her and made a capital eilort for tbe lead but Bailer
anivied turn to a break aod came home a winner ty two
?ugihs, Morgau tbree lengiba ahead of Emma and I rince
?b/ee lengths behind. Time 2.27.
n.inf //sat. ?Perioral B tier was now a great favcrite
tonr to one being wagered oo bim against tbe field'
One of Prince's sh. ee got loose after scoring twice and
?me was allowed to ,'aaten it. Altor nearly a doieb falsa
starts the horses were nicely started, but before get-nig
rmiud ibe turn Butler and Morgan botn brnke up yei
Mill tbe blank continued to take the lead. Emma second
Morgau third and Prince last. At the quarter pole. In
thirty seven so. oud*, Butler led half a length, tbe mure
t*U u t dtii..id of Morgau. was oue k'ruib ,o
josiv ot I'riuce. un tbo batkstreicb Emma went ui to
nut>er and tbey were uetk uud uock lor one h..nd-id
Vwtu"n Bul'*r '?ri bis ;eot. nud Emma lod a le-cth
to the hall mhap.ile in 1 14, one length !n front of Morgan
Who w*g oue length ahead of Butler Prince now began
a.osing. and wa? second ut tba now stand, the rt-are :-jBu
?ng a length Ui.mg down the lower turu Prince was
atosiiu mcb by inch while Morgan also woe closing up
The tbree stu- to .eiher at the ihree-quarter role and
?wucg oo ihu u n-stretch w-thout daylight betweu
rfiem, the mare u. ding, Pr.nce second and Morgan tn.ru
Butler was s x or ? .ghi lengths lo the rear Tie -true,
fie up the Dohii ? tretch w.is ilie most exciting ail.rr over
witcrji-.d Tb-y were all un 'er the whip to 'he stand
Pnnco won by a ne.-g aod shoulder*, Emma sr .md
Morgan a length behind, w-hho Butler was at k,j\ ? a-Li
Ttuie-2;2o>, ? ?
1 ou: ,i Hm?Tbe betting was still in favor of I,.i> tr
be being laid at evens against tbe Iie-d. Poller on the
anteide, had the le d by h-lf a'en^tb. Prince second
tjnma third, Morg.n lourtb. Butler and M- rgan br-ke
*nd ? rises i ro? the lend on the turn, :loaely .ullow.-d it
tba mare, >1 igautbird and Butler fourth. At tbe quarter
ft*?Mine thirty-six seconds?Prince was two leugths
Shsad oi Emma, who was two lengths ahead of the
atbers. who were neck and neck, tin the backs'retcfc
rrtcce P oke twice but lost notbinr, and be'cd to tbe
bait tr.iie pole two le-gtbs ahead of Emma, ahe four
tangle* ahead of But er, who bad broken badly and
Morgan giv ug it up. Time. 1 13>$. chi tba lower turn
Mritice lea tbiee lengths, the maro seci'nd, and far ai eaa
?I Builer out hi-was now coming with a ruab. I'p the
booa^ptret *b Pr-nce seemed to be trotting very tae ly,
tad jo came h"ine a winner by two lengths, tbe to ire
ascend. Butier one length beblud, iiavint; broken or i
forty ya ds from Uie stand. Morgue war dAtwnced i
Time, 2 of -a. '
fir 'i Heat ?Tbe betting was three to ene re Prlrc#
Kit tae Ce.-d. Morgan he ng out of tbe race the other
got on without much trouble, aod vary evemy to
gather Prince was in fr< nt about a length ae tbey
-Bached the flrrt turn, Erema eecosrl, Butler third, fcav
?kg broken up badly. Prinre went to the quarter polo
two lengtu* ahead of Tin ma, who was five lengths ahead
af famier, lbs latter having br.goa up a jecr-nd time, and
ktd not s era Inol ned to svtilA u? "ini(l J Ckltraub
rvmce ma . jje lead by two leegtha aba:'5 <?.' jfej
?*rs and Hutler was ta. ,ng fhrtber and farther .n it s
v *?*'? tf'Of ?b ut eight lengibs beb nd tba mare-at the
wktt mils pole, time 1 14. Prioce bud opened the rap on
jte uiarato three lengths, and to all appearance had tbe
raoa ?u baud. The mare bagaa to rail oil badly, and on
tka lover turn waa half a dozan lengths beb nd tba wit,,
aar but rttil eigbt lengths ahead of Butler ebe atrug.
glad on. but without tbe sligbteat cbange. and Brmie
?aiuc to me. leadiug eight leugtos ahead of tbr mare, wbo
Mil BuUer fl ?e lengths. Time of tbe beat. 7 34 'g.
Tbe felloe ug (s kSiimtnl'ryT' ams* ?
WapNB-t AT, Sept 21.?Puree and (take |2.tO0. mils
rsla, beat tbree lc #T* :0 harness
Usee entered b. g. Prinoa . 3 S 1 1 1
Lavett entered bik.g. Gauaral But'.or 114 3 2
BL If.xHlruif euti-rau en. m Lady Emma .3 4 2 2 a
fJoaee entered en. g. John Morgan .422 im
McLaugh! n entered b s Geo Wiikei dr
CuarVr Half. Mi>".
Ftmbsit . 36 l 1,'k 2 27'*
tecoag , rTi\ ^ M 1 1344 2 27
gfcr<0*'l 30 11314 2 28*
?aurtb heut 36 114 2 ?i!g
beat 30 1 14 3 3b*
?' Btoaklyn City Mews.
Tbs'.ATaCotosBL Wu T. C (imowaa ? Tba raitavna of
*a .ate Colonel Wm. T. C. Grower ware yesterday cot.
atgaed to tbe>r last resting pUee o Graauwood Camrtery,
iivomi tba realdanca or kta father, la JeTvrron street, near
Mashord avoeue. Colonel Grower -.emmandad tte BaveQ
aaeuib regiment New York Volunteers at tbe cattle of
Aewea'ioro, Ca . on tbe 1st nf -.epteinbar list., ehcr he
was bnied while leading a charging column The fune'al 1
wa? laigely attended Tbe discourse was delivered by
tbe Kev C H. 1 renck. o tbe ormand mace f'raabyta. j
?kte rbun-b, wbii paid a deserved tribute to the bravery
?f tba deceaseu. ibe Ibirteeuth regiment lei Wo.d. j
ward, acted as eacurt, and tbu loilowiug officers ofbe ated !
m pall ' aarer* ?OoL IL 8. Laming forxeriy .xasir.ard- I
*g tbe Seventeenth Col. T F M rrls. N.nely ibnd regi- !
Biant .New York Voluoivera; Ool. J 0. Mart'o, t<>L '
?kwe, lerty seventh New Vork Volunteer*. Li? .iec..ci
.?.? ? Be l, I.,eulen*nt Comosl F. C Kapee Cci l' ?. I
**f 'Apt. Tburbert and Capt KidJer The de'eaaed
waa twenty five year* A age.
Iaoess.1,- Ihe sody of an nnkoowt *?. was feukd
kromiiad at Bay Kidga on Ibe 21st met Tbe deceased
aad oo gray ?aM>mero panuioon*, bl'ie vert two white
ob,rtr, red Sai.uei drawer*. calfsk>o boots and f a hie
risen we* ? nolo iroai ? A -m Hy to ( spia i> ? i?t y
relatioa to tbo b >rge k li,dertio.i* da'ed naeamt<er 7
MP'S Jt'wi* ? W. K. Bennett, of bey Kidg*. i. w ,,
gi*a any torihar itiiarmatlon ra.|ul>ad
Arrivals and Uepartarre.
4.'?ew*i*v ?ffteaw. ip Null- Mta* M da eei.ai Wrt
#awdrwvi auil cbnu, MraxiMravV Ma>avriwe Mr. H?>i
W4" ? re A core klrend Mi.Lswi ai ' nu ?ai I M i? it. w
ar' I I .-?t*r Mr ana Mr. Hai-ain* Mrvjar iw A : ima
aau IWO una, ... .a krau A t. I)rant, I a, Mr and
MraHr Ti.. a R If.. Ua|H .ro Mr, K tf? jenkiDt A -a*
(tares* K A lyirr *> e k irkpsir.c e aed vo Kdwaru ft 1,
pad .ae I.J uranf u aw, Iw* Mei< er, J r Mr StewaM
W J lleae ead lewt. Mr eed Mr* 11 t, (llllwrt, bi d an., err'
?Bat, M ?erIievt auJ .auy, a V , r inoo.'.sd ,aCy Ma or
Vileoe It l'?W?r H Pencil, Mi s,e tai. I. P Penta r? fr
Hnlmet. kl re ')? r.lei t apt' ru?o?, J uigr I'lerr*, un; Mr
Ed Mr* t, c tie , Madauiw care." in>i on , Mrs t, >?? i
awi. t?a Miswrn Mw'drn u, Vr wad Mrs C H <b?*bao *re
mi*, hlarvd *d < tot it, Mr* Ne'.iawa and ' c Mr. tium
bat., U Misahal. vi . Hie ha . . ,
aeld. bfrs tu freyoira, Mr tvyiua J ??*?.. W f I'eier
ba, K r ralMubaek, M fen ?oa Wl.i.m Urruu M r
?aruu*. it Tgieutes. C '.am. ? .nf lac, J Ui.,,. It Jt
>an Adawir. If (JempblU. Ml** A te A.s-ilt am' meu-a'
r VV <7 Ii.? as F fta/a-uulb. <>?? ? e, m ?, a , , ,
tea, M ie Nk 1 ., * n. Mr K-H ura, Mim ? iawu" ,? p n *,r
#.**>,/? * Cairn, kr W.lr, kr TaOuieoo M> User).. ,
A B w<wi*tv#il. IT IV Ifaeti IS* A I nicliarilMU , II
Wf Mraii.1 Mr* Caldwell an.ieti ra Hr? n mi.* '? ,?lj
A Uafy, m K- ... H r ??*..??* Jr. if If Haoe a m< ?.,<?
Mr*-,c i,i|r AI.' ?od Mn lleMim.r, and ?"runt Mr# '>?
(??"*" Mr* A'a-al and two cbtldiea. r Br* ?>? o Vt
??i***. a I ??t ant. Kobsrt W liaer. Mr tile/.. U M- ? , ,
dervar.? *r, ovrgaiulul. f C K< ul A Uuye Mr ' *- .*
ve-tti V.r.rd v . ? i> N?i>.?n , J Uppen iieirn, E I AI vet, rtr
gi.W vv ales, M r* . *ria<>'.a , Mr Hia-.bi i.o
|;?' .w ?ir, -ndn i ? mean, ii ra?br. if h i.?* - j
wa ler.i* s I*. ,, j4,eh r Jw* ytrt*t. J K Maiiulre. Tola -ut
VnJ.lV"" '* cabip luio -K ulbba.r KAf.wvra. adjr,
>u? .aa arr.ee. ,i p UTbi.-t.paan b Made ?ad *f.n. < *t>t
' ' 'V "a'dsa. ! M ilysrs, A Dew a. K fcr
f ? * 1 M'-.ier, kw n'lti A ilfi.nwga, .1 Kiiea
L \<V. *. ? ' A" lr?? Liaa.en. P l.-ir-on.ie Piltpe
VJ i. ? "" ' "" ?>"?? de A.ra.e, A e More, O
? tw tt **? ? M.-ui?p, y ores o ilern*. dc. Me
4,1 s,. aiUben. A (J .let , all* Jot.a Hroml, II
c n' .? ? i". **u ' 0 "??? B U?vs u, Pedro Mb
C , l i , /v Lt. ? rlr t>t?-k.'I i#o?fure
??.Ira,.., V J ' i ? 4o A adenwa, ?e*j
A, ta.May, * ,U|* '*?' '???*-.! oto Ml.
B,lew*a. v Msaiar: io._M,r Km g,u, MlMi
Batore Jndge AMwr.
BMW 3Gesm X Jnreg ?mea-TMe *
M,?i bumwi ta fee reeult of IMa annae eunttanae
unabated Tu* court waa crowded as indAl, end H1*1
curiosity ?M wiIImM m entch agitmpne el the prm?n
tniM ud MMr uialt wbo war* prea eat ? (hi
rot iiuiM a a report id tlx pMMkdtaea - -
Uvird taalri uioM for the piaiolul ?I M II*
(ether of the plunMB- I bib 0BfB3?ot, she hen aiwaya
lived wiU. me, wea pivseut waeo Mr. Grau beu an inter
view witt my daughter ta, November last, Mf. Greo
broagbl tor eigbtytbree dollars, at* aatf atoa aipaeiM to
U paiU a gold a* '.ta eqntvalent aa My agreemwi Mr.1
eras paid tar iba equivalent, and say daughtar !?*?
tu i receipt '.van generally irrreotwbeu tbe pay
a?iu wara mad*. Mr. Grao aiwaya oompetod tta
amount dua bar fcy the-price of gold an the day of pay
ment ta ctvtr objected tc pay xg bar in that *?y^
was with my daughter when tta
tat performing in Cincinnati, ta tta moait af March
ait nay daugbtar wan man studying two operas, aba
?. ng Ova ttmaa that weak jd opera *taa eta received
the note from Mr. Graa aba wae then busUy engaged >n
studriuti 1 want to Mr Grau and eipaatulatad with blui
upon tbe dilUeulty of ibe tank bo sawl I knew nothing
aookt business, ana mewled tbat aba should flag '" Mb*
eanicllo my daughter bad never refused to sing or study
for Mr. Grau before aba sung about flfty-elgbl t. oaa
duriair thd wiwa ^ . ,
t JluHOi for tna defence?Certainly, ebe wae abliged by
oe> contract to eiog four times a week. Tble attempt tc
?bow that tbe piaiultlf was forced to do mere tban wo*
rape, ten of btr ie uuoe.oieing Mr Gre* bed paid ber
promptly for all ber Mrv.ctr
Counssi for tbe pin utifl-TLai ?e a question for tta
ury to decide. .
i a main allot, reeuined?My daughter bad never tluoieo
Masseuiulio before it wae a new rt>le to bar It wae uul
atoojuceu beforehand iu tbe newspapers, after reteeiog
iCHiog in MaeesoleilomydaugbtereentalettertoMr. Grau
on tbe subject , tbe mailer tbeu dropped, anu they wore
on ae intimate term* as ever, plopping at tbe name bote!
together; wae | reeeut wteu Mr Taylor brought Mr.
Grau a eiler requesttag tny daughter to a.ug ,n Maraa
n-ello; my daugtner raid it wae impossible for ber to
f 'ily a uew ?, era tbec, ae she Lad to sing tbat uigbi
Mr. ? rau told me tn?f be bud enguged Madame lormi
v,tit ?'(! before tbe trouble occurred with my daughter
at out Muetaoiello tbe Huguenots wae given ouce t.oro
too lat of June uau ay dacgLtor baa aiwaya beep at Mr.
Grau b d.xpoaaL
ttieH-eiumiuaa? My daughter rung in conceits on two
cavueionp p.'ice tbe let of ,'i.ue ebe bad an offer to eiug
r jennet; opeia, but tt a wae ufier tte roil wae torn
met eo
Coui.ke; for ?t.? plaintiff?It made tc d.fferecce bow
clteu alie bang alter H e act war e> lumem ed
eauDhe) for tbe defence?ft * u>pomi,? tc eta w wbo
broke ip? contrnt l
i ihiui.aiou rep.inr.ed?My daughter bad an offer to
a op tn tbe Geritat opera, but abe declined on tbe
ground that ube waa cot free from Mr. Grau
yet, ati3 beeldce abe did not onoeratand GcrmuD;
a. tua tiDib Mi. Grau bn ugbt up tb<- tVd .0 paper mouey
rny daughter and mypclf Colfo objectod to it be<aua? it
wae not <n gold Mr Gran a.od if ft was fn tbe contract
tbat the payurectp were to be made in go d or ite eqiuva
for.t he wae w fling to |wy :n thai way be afwuya paid ue
Hi that way we afuoaied tu M laitre eome two or three
weoue oofure we juiio v'incinnaiL y. Wan it not while
y .. were iu et Liou.k mat your daughter nat>g uve nightp
tu one week>' A \ tn w lnd ?be get auy tbing extra for
r cg.rg tbe fiftb t.roe/ A Yee. Mr. Grau made ber a
present of C.rty doflara. g. What war tbe dm rierrorm
auce in Ciuc:nunti a. I could Dot say, but 1 think it wae
Meriba tbe eocund performance war Sonnambuia,
K?rroa was given on tbe third nigbt, and Martha
was given od tbo fourth ntgbl, whicb occurred on Katur
any. g. New, did your daughter ring in moro than
three of tbe'O opera* during that week at Cincio
nati '? A. i don t Sli nk tbe did. Q. Old ehe sing
more than three times tbe second week she
waa in Cincinnati? a. 1 don t think abe did.
g Did she sing more tban three nigbta during tbe third
week? A. 1 alou't tbiuk ebe did. g. Then bow do you
sc cun> for ber statement tbat ebe eanr dvn nigbie in one
wiek at Cincinnati? a. l rom one tVedneeday to auoiber
ebe sang five timee, but not for any week ending on Ma
turdsy g. Did your daughter sing every time shr was
annuunced? A. bbe u.u. g. Wual operas w?e your d tugb
tei study leg wber. ete re.usod to study Maasaniolto? A.
Ibe Huguenots and Mnorab g You stated tbat Mr.
Grau toid you be h*d engaged Madame l.orini Whiting
bulore tbe rofua&> of your darguier to s;og lu Madame:
u?are you eure be did not eay be would engage ber? A.
Be told me he bad engapod ber.
1'au'i.no Caslri recalled?1 know tbe witnesses Toimr
ro, J..y;or aod Hartmao, 1 bad a cocversaii"n w,tb them
in reference to the oper.< of Massac :ello. 1 told them I
ixulti not study it, as I bad too muca to do aiter
3 write to Mr. Grau about tbe matter tborc
was u.tbJ.g sad about tbe affair I did not tell
Mr Grau that i would not study Marsamello berai se
roy p .rt was noi sreut one 11 \ Grau did not te.i me
te'drop tbs ?"tie* oneres and study >la?s.noiel!o: tbe re
quo-1 ir-.ra fin. to flat e..e". ami ^.Ger J bad wrilti-n to
b-tn up ro the ccbjeci beard ootu ug more about the
at, ill a ter th.s 'g. I d Mr. Grai ever :sform you that
be would c'uiin damages for yonr ve.using to ?mg in
kiwsiu. eilo A. lie da rob g. At St. I no is bad you
new mitt to study? A. Yes, tee Gar bier and Rohvit
Q. Are yea aciikaiiied w h tbe customs and regulattoos
of iur-'ie-c opera bouses'' A. Um g What is tbe
custom .ry t.me allowed artists to study a uew role?
A. lor au opera tragic fifteen days, lor boffu oiora
eight days t.-me art ?ts re?',uire a inuntb on hcoouul of
nervousness, y. l?id Mr. Gra itell you tbat be had en
gaged Madame bor.ni Wh ting before be wrote vo i the
lei'cr dism.se ng y-1.'- a. He did: betore we went to
Ciu. .nnati al ail. y Did Lormi Whiting and you appear
in me raue opera; A. We did m lt n Giovanni aud tbe
Jacob Grau re?-s!:ed for tbe de'ence?Before writing to
Miss Castri about appearing in Massamello 1 bad re
qi rsted ber to -Mvdy the iiart no objection was made by
the pJafnliB'fo sing n r in fbe opera, he- use rbo had not
t.ine enough to study it; wben Miss < astri refused to sing
fa m u-fwuiello aba i d f ought to give the part to tonic
other woman dunog tbe three weeks we were al Cin
Oicnkit Miss i as in only sang eight limes. Madame I.oriui
Whiting's engagement commenced on tbo fi3d of March;
there was no pos^.bil ly of mv engaging her before tiro
30*h of Marrb. tbe dale of my letter dismissing lllss ( as
trl: Madame J.orini Wbil.hg w?S in iitvaca si the time I
bad the trouble witb tl.ss detri.
The Court here took a recess for fifteen minutes.
Ibe afternoon was spent by tbs oouusei iu summ'.cf up
tbe eviOsifCe. aftc^ wb cb the .ocrl adjourned until ten
g clock tbe tallowing itf-rn ng
-v trgT.
Religion* lnltlll|sne?.
Tb# congregklioc of Sbasrsi lepbiia, which for Ibe past
tei emeeo years has held serv..-e in Wooster street, is
about to change its t ifc e of worship lo a new building,
Situated m Broadway, between ibiriy-fiftb and Thirty
a x.h streets. Hw.il be tirn used aod consecrated
TxrsssxT .vwxzr "fosmir*"
dedicatory services oa this occasion are said te be very
impress ve and imponng A large cborus, tra.ned and
toLducted by Ldward Wor.lf.ibe celebrated mi.'.eai com
ptdier, will sing psalm? aud prayers in ibe Hebrew Ker.
?. M Isaacs, wbo bat acted as m.oiater in tbit city toy
the past tweuty-iive yeaiv. will deliver the opining ae/.
mon. Ibe scrolls of tbo .aw, wbicB are penned on parch*
meat, will be taken trom the ark and carried around, mc,
synagogue by tbe oldest mem ber a of tba > on^ret^auy u.
iMtod ibe wbo'it affair promises to be a very uo /?i.
Dtoresi.ng ooe. We wouid aoviae all those per eny vibo
bava the nseetsnry loflueuce to obtain ticket? to'go so
at once, for we understand that they are already ra'ieo at a
h isb premium We quote from the it cut* / ,g,, mo
organ of the Israelites in tbia . ity, tbe folio wiur^ uascrip
v.on of the interior of tbe new eyraitogue ~
??nie front of fl.e ga ery is bandsor/itiyWpaneitd an,'
grsmcd in imitation -f oak. n.e sup^wtii? m pillars nre I
of .ightoas. The ark i? m n-.eedir^j be*' ny in design
aod fit isb. Corinthian columns ?.nd cm support a
ri hly carved eoteblaturs, *nr?< dn'io^ whicb are the
'tafc es of at ne.' 'eprerecUug the lea. Commandments
Tie words 'Knew before Whom thou stand.*1' (in He
Bf?w) appear n ettersof gold -port t?.,e bare of tbe en
tahlai're. Ibe ?r? te ea.emred by four steps, and tbe
plat'orm will oe hat-'eomely '.*rpefsd, umiorm w.tb ibe
A memor. The synagogue i'l wei> lighted frotr- windows
ot the atrset sod avenue. In th-s even ng itgbt will be
fcrnmbed from handsome 'ureclrwta. with g i.txe, arraneed
along the ptne'.ed frotii <*. tbe g.l ?ry and elso oa tbs aide I
; waflsof toe building."
ygw HVHAtrt'KI If ' N cpil.4PWI.fHIA.
The 're nrm''Jeers of Pbifade.nbia bate tust eree'ed
I s most bea ititol bu'ifdir.g for a ayuegogue, whub is ai#o
1 to be dec.uated bo ibe Most H.gb ' to-morrow. The
structure if a very large and bat.lsome one. and is bu.lt
I of red brick, with browr. stone trtmmtnga Interna'ly it
? r probably the most besut>ful place of tbe kind in
Arovrn a Tfet nam aeats and pewa Are on tbe ground
. f.< or t t there a also a ?a! wry above, at the back of
wt. b ibars stands a large .ir, ?n. I ho "reform ' Jews
! e rer mafvrla iv.,n their ro sle of service from those wbo
adhere to Abe bid plans. Tne adte? asrt gentlemen in tbo
news'yievi tii i-r ? t t;e*?t t' each other, wb"h is not
' a. owtd among tbe fo,towers of tbe old school. Many
I other innovations am so called '? improvement* ' are
i made by tneee ? reloru. laws, st?t art not sanctlonaa
j or ectecraged by tbe "ihers
Mliliary AfTntra.
Abft.'VAL *sp NICKPTIOW of rim ronry kioiit n
SHnokLvr) Hiuikiar.
Tne ramnatt of the lorty sigfitt New York Bute
Vo.ioeers (Brooklyn reauneLl n in be ring acme one
bind.od men. arr.ved from tbe eeat ef war yesterday
li,- ru tg, Tbey ??'< fern v y ve e vr?t by tbe Brooklyn
a-.'.n-'.' i-e? .ti-t e t?r'aioed with a dinner al tlontsgue
Ball. I' ru g the r etay tc the fe d they tave performed
ri el ardu< .e doty ?nn hire everywhere rei'ived the
t.raise ?.f thejr como anders They sere escorted through
It ootaye fcy the T waniy-lb'rd rvg.naent N. (J.
Pervonal e.
(aptan Ju'laot Inspector' eoera t tie f??ff of '."?n
?,r? a" rr e who was nppaed siller ei tbe hutt'e
oi-t.av srr es? rr. the fllh f ifay r a prlaoieer and
wo it? Genera' bee rt? e ved a letter fr.n. L,m to thai
M arrlxl.
Pa, rvr.i v T'mssv ? (lb Salrrday Fei ten.f ar )?
ite Hev Mt HngMiy of tbe ?i u if. etreet Mettn
| S,. | (birch Mr l*v?? W pexosiiuW U Mre
uSM . le iK.Na, ail of line civ.
New.irk (N J. paper-please oo| y
ffuos?Fsi 'in Moiida", weptomhwr II fie
John I. -ke' at the-esiitencs of th< br. le v father
rise D"M,J',ilf Jersey Gity to Ms? J.i-.ua M I'
re New feriiaHw.a f i
H, r??V?'t< e ?On Wednee ;ry, Supferrber 21 b?
Rp. rir Thoineco Mr / P, if. ii u etiee ia/>
t WW H. b"th Of I.ns i ily Ni r . ? .
IttR, /uhihiS?Hn Thoa ?v epteuihei Jif' s
rev.deuce of the hrtde v faiasr. by He? F Hp.
AUieh K k l virP I'oov 01 fc. lim >r, Mr? u Mis? h
DAvmccw, eldest daughter of Atexacder Dcvidseo, Rmi ,
?f Garaervllle, N Y
A a.vrov ?Mils* ?At Ikf Metbodiat r wop4l caureb,
Dalabeie. N J by ItM K?v A M. Palmer, Koioaiv ?.-.
Knwi.il 8eu Vraccwio, lalMoruie, t? Laui-a imm
tafbtw riL* MtMer. Mk|
Kpa-HMor.-m taimiiy bpiwtar 21, a*
TViatly liUauni, by Hev ft. Wttrtr.iLu.niUil kr<n
10 Habab J . da ugh la/ W (l|l ItMbop, Esq , ail of Ift*
city. ? _ J
Ixjk(.uojtu- Townaja-Oa Tburcday, September 16 at
ft, Jcoepb a afterch, HofttatCHy.il. J., by ft* Re* *??
iuia, Mr. Juoeru I timuiwno teUlae Mabclcst Towsblk,
d?..kiikW of the lata Joke laaaaia, aU ai the above l>?aed,
No rvdi. . _
Bisluab?Rw..~ On We4ne?,d*y. September 14, at tna
residence ?i tin. ui*"?a jwi.ula, by Uta Rev. Mr
Wuliaam B. BrnjtAh. Jf , to Mibiaw, yoeegeet daughter
?1 oamoei K Ryao, kmi , all at thia city.
Ball.?At t? Ma reenteeee, m ilfttla atraat,
BnobH a, an Wedeeeday, September 11 G scans J. Ball,
id ill# 2uib vmf of ins mi.
Bkowh.?Ai WaHfiiogioB Hegbia, Now York city ctk
Monday, September IP John M Bucw*. af New Orleeoi,
aged 27 years.
N?w Orleans aad Baton Rouge pa par* pleaaa copy.
Blaouowb ? At Walla Plabia, N. Y., oa Taeaday
sigh', Haptaaibar SC., Tootsa, raliot of Joba Biach
buruc. aged 32 yaara
Tba funeral will take plate tbia (Thursday) afuraooa,
at ibraa o'clock. from iba iretriesce of James Litiiaiobo.
lAKj., 70 taed? itraet, Brooklyn, a care ibe relatives and
friends or daoaaaad are wetted to aaaemble.
Ball ? on Wednesday morning, September 21. Mac*
Bali , rcucl of John 1. Ball, egad 01 yaara aad 4 months
Tar relaiieea aad frlaerte of tbo family ara respectfully
ice ten iu aitead tbo faneral. from bar lata reeldtoce.
1J6 Hudson street, oa Friday altar noon, at two o'clock.
Tue roinawa will ka taken to Greeawoed Cemetery for
ndka ?On Tueaday eitareooo, Ba iemnar SO! at torts
o'clock, at fGreenwich elreei, of apoplectic fit*,
BM . a, son of A. O ai d K'ttc buck, aged 2 years aod 0
iue <i tends of tbo family are respectfully inviiari U at
tend tba funarai, from io4 ?-reenwx'b street, tow (i ctrs
dny) afternoon, at two o'clock.
l ock|tort papers please copy
Bow a*? 'Id Weili'et'tiy iai.ru eg. September Sl.eciy
coo of -.rtui all H and Alary E. Bcwna, aged it incntbf
and 3 days. "??
The relatleee and treads of tba family ara reepecltaiy
te.ied to attend ibe fonorai. from tbe rae flepce o! bis
it ' rifathcr. Mr Bownr 244 Oeisntey ctreat, this iTbure
day ) uften.ooo, at one o'clock.
PougOkeepeie papare piaaco copy.
Cei.uire.?on Tuesday morning Pepiember SC, at h*
raaidenca. 243 Riemgton ctrect,alter a abort but aavere
tllueaa, Lieutenant P H. < ou :vs. o! Company B fitly
ninth regiment N. Y. P. N. <? , a natlee of Drcgbedo. eoun
xj klo.iiu, lreiauu, agei'. 30 yeara
Tba relet.roe and lr eada of tbe 'anally, atao tbe olllucre
anrt members of the ei'ty n ilb regiment, are respecttul
ly waited to utttad the funeral, tbia - Thursday) afternooo,
at one o'clock. < om- any B of Iba filty-nmib rag:m?nl,
w 11 act ae an eacori.
Drugbed* {Belaud) pat-eie please copy.
CAROi.Ajr.? At his lata residence, 36 Pitt street. .Iambs
Cakoti, in tba 4btb year of his aga.
I he fr.'end? uuri those of his brothers Bern.trd aud
Alice ici. also Bla brat hers-to law rldward lynch and John
Billon, ara reipoctf Jiiy inrltad to attend tbe funeral, oa
Krrtay morning, at ten o'clock, from St. Uary'a church,
where a solemn BigL mass will be said for the rap >10 of
bin aoi 1.
iYm kilo?On Tuesday. September 20, llirHin., be
loved sun o. It illikin auu the late Jobanua Costello.
His friends, and tboae ot' tba family, ara respectfully in
Tiled to .ttond tne tuneral, from bis late residence, luk
B -.yars street, currer Baxter, tbia {Thursday; afternoon,
at cue o'cloc*
Cansiut.?Killed, at City T'ouit, on Friday, September
16, William < jueinT, in tbe 22d year of hie age.
His . risnds and ac<iuaiDtaDcee and tboae of bis uncle.
Wi'iintn liarroo. are reei?ectfiilly invited to attend tbe
funeral, from iba residence of hi* uncle, 143 Cedar street,
this lbtirs4a>; afternoon, at two o'clock, without fur
iter not.ee.
Com ink?fin Tuesday morning, September 20, at the
residence or b s mother, 243 ltiyington street, alter a
abort but severe illness. Lieutenant P. H. Coujjtk, of
Company K, Bixly ninth regiment V. Y. 9. N. G. a nativ a
of Brogheda, County Louth, Ireland, aged 30 years
Tbe relatives anil 'r.enda or the family, also tba officers
aud members of the ^ixly-miilh regiment, are respect
fatly invite* to attend tbe runeral this ('ibusdayi aiter
noou at one o'clock. Company U, of tbo Sixty ninlb regi
ment will act as an escort.
New Orleans paters please copy.
Camphkm..?At l.iucoin Hospital, Washington, on lion
day, September 16, ol woondu received at tbe battle of
V cldOL Railroad, BarhahpJ. Caiicbbli . sou of Barnard
and the lata Caiharina Campbell, in the 21st year of his
The funeral will take place on Friday morn.cg,
at n.ne o'clock,| from the residence of bui father,
62 Cai.tuD avenue. lirookl>n. His rciu.xs will be tuen
to-t. .lames' (.'athodrai, where a solemn ra<iui"m mass
will be ollereri fur be rotiose of big soul. Tbo relatives
ard lricnds ot the aniliy. SlBO '.be members oJ the 1'??;r
rLgiiL' Ut I '.' t. M., of which he n is a .
ui ml er. aro re pect'uily luvitcd to attend.
L'Lir ?After a fhort illness, on Wcduesday, ^epteu.ber
21, Javis Li.i if, ill tbe 19Ut year of his age.
ibe tuueral will take place from his parents' resi
deuce, No. ~l> Brotime street, on Friday afternoon, at
balf-part one o'cloua. The friends ot the family and
also tbe tricnds of bis unt'le, fienms Farreil, are particn
tarly iDTiteil to attend. Lis remains will be takau to
Calvary Cemetery for interment
1-ostkk.?in Bru?>, lyn, on Weduerday, ?eptember 21,
Hakoi.o, on y son of A. 9. aud Mary.I. Kuater, aged 6
years aud 1 month.
Ibe rema ni will be taken to I'epperell, Mass.. for In
t iT^ioiualp.?On Wtduesilav. September 21, of linger
ing consumption. Joiuusa Moriarti, tbe beloved wi.e of
Michael I tttgeraid, aged 22 years.
Her remains wli be conveyed (rum ber late resideuce,
637 West Forty-second street, to Calvary Cemetery tor
iniermebt this Thursday > at ternron. at two o clock."
tiRABAM.?Ou Wednesday, rieptember 21, S ort, nl'aut
son oft hiirlet W. and Huldab I tirabaw. aged 10 nioutbw
aud 7 days.
The friends srri relatives of tbe family are respectfully
?tinted to attend tne funeral, at the residence of bis
gruudfainer, No. 112 hail i weniy-flrat street. lbis(lhurs
day) afternoon, at lour o'clock, wilouut further invtUU >o
Hav\a.? iiu Tuesday, September 20, Mary Jam Ai
sinsor , wife uf J hn llanna, in the 3?d year of her age.
Her rvma.ns wtll be takvo to Gieenwwod, this (Thurs
day; a'ternnon, at two o'clock, from htr lite residtnud.
Si Portland avenue. Brooklyn.
Hk: t nit.?fm Tuesday evening -apteiuker 20 after I
ibort but severe d uv??. < haih.ks kiiooLra, sun of Charles
1 aud Aroelta Heller, aged 16 veal*, 1 month aud
iberelat ?er and fneudr of tne family, alto tba taem
hers of the Musical Protective Union and of United
Brothers loupe. No. 366, F, aud A M.,are 'respectfully
Invited to attend tbe funei ul, from the rr a#ni e of bis
parents. No. 1..6 C'iz xbetb street, HH* ' lkursday after
noon, at two o'cl'e*. J, )
HBGkUAR.? Ir t oh vPedaesdsy, Seelember 21
. r . . . . _ t -? r,l .? Ifa ..man n t hf '2Al I
*'? ot the late Li. jd?m Hegeuian. in the 24th
'^Tbelmlaraf^iH teke plana on Friday artemoon. at two j
o'ctcck, trotr. 4t'. folton ?ten e
I Clcca, iruitr vr . r u,.,-? =. ?_ ..
jomk?In Frooklya. on Wednesd-iy evening, Septem
her 21, Ar<B ooly daughter of irancts H. and .isiime
Jnwea. aged 2 years and 4 months
Tbe relatives and friends are respectfully lOTited to
attend t.be funeral from the parents' residence, 713
Myrtle avenue, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock.
Malomv.?Captain Jawiat. NAtonr.of sb.p Irauc.sB.
Culling, aged 57 years.
Hi* friends are respectfully'nvited to attend tbe ru
neral, from tk Naasau street, Brooklyn, tbii {luuradey)
after noon, at one o'oio. k.
I't "Samara.?no Wedaesday. Seii'ember 21. Ro??*t,
eldest -on of tTUIiatn and .lane McNamara, aged lk veara
1 ne friend* or the family are respectfully invited to at
tend tbe funeral, <w I rtday.morning, at tea o'clock, from
the residence of bi? parents, at f ordh im, Wesicnaater
county. 1 he retrains will be taken to Catvdry Cemetery.
I 'aha men?la Jersey (ily, <>u Wedneeday, Ueplember
21. after a pi.nlul lines*. Rachsl, widow of Wm. A.
Paradise Ksq., aged TO yearn
Tbe relative* and friends are respect'ul'y Invited to
I attend the tuueral. from tbe residence of her sou la-law,
| Jame* T. West. 142 Wasbiogt"b street os ITldav alter
noon at two o'clock.
Wilmington I'd ' papers pleas* copy.
VonkR.?on Tuesdav, .-epteioher 20. after a I tigering
Illness, Li.isv Pout a, a native of county Kilkenny, pensn
Haliytiall Kancktnpber, Ireland, aged 4* years
Ibe remans will be taken to St Joseph's i birch
Sixth avn.ie this (Tbursdayi morniog, at nine o'c.ock,
when a make will he said for the repose of her soul,
-t Louts |MltS"uri) papers please copy.
Kavmom> ? At Washington, on Tusadiy, September 20,
Ho a Attn V. Hatmo.vii. sen ot Henry Raymond, ol Brook
yo tn the 27lh year of bis age.
Jtue notice of runeral wtli be gHen
Vorwalk and Albany papers please copy.
Rit.sv In Wilhamthnry, on Monday. September 10,
Rkhvari. Rust, a native 'if Ulavan, Ireland, aged 43
lite friends and relatives are Invited to attend tbe
funeral, from bt? late rrsideoce, No. 128 South fbird
airect. this Ibutr l*v) site'no w, at two o'< |<s k.
Mtr.KVAv?tin luesday, Septets ber 20, alter a long and
protracted illnesr. Ma*t shbkmam, in tba 7kih year ot bar
I he re.atlvrsand friends of tbe family are respect'tiBy
invited to attend me funeral, this iThursday) aitemoon,
at tw?> o clock, from tbe residence of her son In-law.
Havid t.orilou, 364 Ninth atroel. Her remains will he
lakm to Urnenwi od i.'cmetery lor inler'nent.
Tissss -itn Wednesday morning September 21.s?a
of Vdearu and Mary r Turnnr. aged 5 mouths and 21
'Uphe inendte' tbe 'anttlv are respectfkliy Invited to at
teud tbe funeral, on I r.day aftcinoon, at two o'clock, at
No 60 tloratio straSr^^H ?
WAi.raae.?At Hempetead, I., t, en Monday, Septem
ber 1?. ' masiae, ouiy srui of Heti'y and l.ll/a Waltera)
aged 20 years. 1 month aad 25 days.
The rr'snvee and frier.ds of tbe tsmdy are raapcctfully
ibv ied to alien) tbe fuoeral, this (Tbursdayi alleruouo,
at one o'clock from bis late rrstdecue, without turtber
notice, serviceeat St. George's churcfe. at half peat one
?''clo?k. Tra ns leave amer slip at eight and ten o'clorb
n the morning returning leave llempstvad at tweniy
mu i,lee to three and teo m nutei past five tn the evea
... A'-m. ? In W.r?hlrgton. en Tuee lav. September 20,
rf m a wound received n front ot Petersburg, June IB.
Will iff. 'rtmpeny A. -iity ??- und regiment Nrw
York stat* Vnlumeers j Anilerti u /ouav* i, aged IS yaaia,
7 months and 15 uayr
Future nottoe will ce e ver, of the funeral
W mi'i-tit.?In Bro kiyn, on 'VeonrAdav, deptemb'-r
21, Mrs r ?Bi-?a l>. S w Wu?, w i?r, aged 34 yi-artt.
wuow t>f i apt a in Balm on Vt in, n??u r, leotb reetnieol
Vat'or.al 7.ouar>>e . P. M. "I Terniiatbt L dge No 4H'i aud
M*"ter of ibe ale Natfonal 7/user lodge W !?., 1 and
funeral w t take p ?re on Friday aft#'noon, at two
i fri m I e< lute ???e' i'UKO *> ? oeitst un-i,et <>l Myr
p.rue *td f inoerlvr.d stre>-i. ybe relatives and
tf the family toe tnr u.bare of /eredatba I* dge
V AIM NtCUa 14X1 ge No. inn 1 ec u A. at . toe
?rt oi fa't'if re 1. 1*'th regiment V V V., the
?ft Ih rteei'tt regm cnt N f. k.fl.
?at:iu and tte fraternity gene
I RI,|>MOV '
fro t< ?it?i ??
ilCa>fr|i,ro a*d f?'fc 'I ('*?*"
"???" !! ? M I a'u WAwmm......
Fmrt mt Mew Twfe, bfUaktr Si,
****** **??. Basoall, New Orto*?- D ? Alloa.
IBM?Tulf *" Th*?FK>?. *?? OriOaaa-LodaSB. B*L
Sleamahip Empire, haiiw. Waahlngtoa-Ja* Hwi
Steamship Potouiae, Sherwood, Portland?B B Cromwell
I Co.
TLium Lord, Pretle, Piuiut-Merebaat A Car
le8?1 am* **w#b#hm* L*m*' Liverpool?Rowland A Froth
JCAaMarpM (M|). Btooakoa. BalUmote C Loltng A
?art Allan Ik (Brest). Foldhuoea. Bremoa? Bnaar Bros
Bark RaplA (Br). Mambalk, T.a Cr?.-Tu^bTa c!T
5tf? i'?'"1? Dowolfc
Bar L
Brig I
Brtg rawvanu. aoa a no.
Bussey!hCm* *?!?? (Br), Browne, Mataasoroa?? A
(C*M?d *"*? Ca
Th'm'rMn0""' W*bfc' 0r6#Bl*,k,? Balh' *?-H PABB
Sebr Dearborn, Harrirnan, Nassau?T A B Webster A Ca.
w?TfDr ^roh (Br), Davison, St John, MB-D B Do
Sett D Butler. Hulae. Washlngton-BenUey, Smith A Co.
i.r K la CahnoB. Rom. Chincouitgue? A 0 Hiv?&m.
Sour Isaac Rich, Crowei), Elliabetbpcrt-Baker A Dayton.
JfJrirtiti, MePaddea. Pembroke?Jed Prje A Co.
Bohr Rldorado. Young, (Pembroke,
goff Bronco a ia, IJolf, Boston.
Si C?M Baker, Boston?Baker A Da;ion.
?loop Blaokatone, Allen, Kail hirer-L Kenny.
?Mealier J trephine Tboinpoon. Cundiff. Baliimora
Si*?ir.ihlp Perila (Br), Lotl, Liverpool Sept IP. via Queer a
tcwn 11th wltn mdw and passengers. to B Cusard. BaM
11. Ii PB, 6 miles K of Old Head K'nsale. passe.' steamship
et a. bound in; 18th, !at <6 it, Ion 60 46. bark ocean Pbao
.oio, bound W aaine dar, fl PM. Iat 44 3\ loo OS JO, etoam.
?hip LbfayeUc (Fr), heng- for Havre HHk. Jal 4] 36, Ion
??7, * 1) BILtig Son, bound ffT' ? r ? - , _
Heatr.HCip fiegle. Lawrenw. Havana. Sep! IT. 1 PB, with
mdseajid paswi-gets lo SpolTcril. Tileeton A Ca.
to"*e? *rT bw'i'gh l1"?'"*' Bar bad oa 18 day A with mo
DRr 15ewm}*elC'r' h0,llM* 81 BarUBA '* day*, with tall, to
K o' b' C?1?. Shuleo, 8 day a wllb apan, to J
Sid.r P Imsil, Cole, fhislae, 8 tlayr, with apart to
Peek A Church ^
Schr K'. elyn. ilarber, Elliabethport for Blamfcrd.
Bchr llanne'.la, Small, Providence.
8<-hr ilicktnan, Bergen, Norwich
Schr Maria L liall, Lawrence, Porllaid, Ct. ?
MIth?Steamers B1 dd. City ef Richmond. Bailie, ehlp
An er..a, b.irae Hagle, If Morton, Honduras, Ocean lioiue:
nrije Maracaibo. trace W'-nh.nrton.i Carolinei schr* E f
Down.ng. Anetta. P'urenoe, Sl.ae Wright, 8 H ?mHb, Ida
2;?t- Rteacuers Creole, Ariel, ScotlA
Wind during ihc day from SW to SB.
The New Tar* Mid) Steamehip Company'* steamer Morn
ing Eur, after ha.lug undergone extensive Improvements
and aitrrationi in her ealoone and staterooma during the
TA-t three months. yesterday took her place at the compa
?Z'."Zht*r*-X>*r *' No'-kjiiver, Dreparatory for her voy.
r.g< it lev Or.-ane on 8attirdav. October 1. The new
K'-amsht). Omdiiip Star will follow on the 1Mb, after which
the aieamerv of thla line will leave weekly.
Bin. Horouov A2. 414 tons, built at Maitapolaett in 1832.
baa been aold on private terms. ^ lw':,
Bhu; Lrvrr?, from Philadelphia, was gat off the beach at
, ? ? Uel- 8aturdav. an.I wu at the Breakwater wait
ing tor a crew to proceed to New York.
I m^SiS ?Z* A~. no7 ?21 'ons. bolit at Hogetand
m 858 to go under the llanoverlau Car. hsa l?eti void on
prt'ate lertuA
! r? Cn?.Vi?"/rThe **tcB OD board 0 8 revenue cotter Jae
Campbell, at 1 o clock on Sunday morning discovered lire
?f "anD'*' c?Pl teller, from Norwich
for New York, at anchor In New London harbor. A boat
to IS? 10 h#r *"UU0Ce' "h0 ,UOO*?ded
8rnoovvB-rtapt John Oobb, af ptlet boat Tlslon,
who ar.vec at how Bedford Kith Inst, reports a sclir. appv
r? ,"nt Rl* ra"e? we?t half vouth from CuU
tyhunk. headed?an, probably bound through Vinevard
Sound. Her mainsail, foresail and ibs were set. and It Is
the opinion of Capt <f that the s.hr was run into and sunk.
He look from her the topmasts, rigging and gaff topsails,
, and her .!y. wh.cb was pi aked blue and red. Capt Bunj
Baker in the a-hr Suaan accompanied bv Mr Merrlman,
the sub marine driver, kit Now Bedford far the schooner
to ascertain further panic liars.
,3n*') " ,5H tonl,? b,lHi " Btralford, C?nn, in
1841. i.a^oeec sold on private terms.
Bark Sappho. Coflin. of Nli. was ?t sea Mav 8. 28 days
, irom 1al.al.uano. hat ing taken 2 small whales since leav
ing port, making 500 bbls sp ail told.
Hark tmerlca. Luce, of Holmes' Ho'e, was at Mauritius
June 15. with 360 bblssp ail told?250 bids on board.
' Mpofceik, Ac,
. ?-ip Andrew .'a.ikson lo uson, hence for Sar. Franrfsco.
-Aug P. 1st 12 40 N. lOH 33 26.
Ship Magellan, <:iiiumtng from Liverpool for San Fran
c'.s-i All.; .. at 5 3o 8. Ion 35 20.
Shipi City of Bovtoii, Baser, from Akyab fcr Falmouth,
Jn'v l/. iat 14 S, Ion s W. 1
sb i> 'kvan, t ides, from London for NYork, Aug 25, Iat
4e, ion a.'ic.
Foreign Porta.
i,V7T'c"'f-Arr'lr' Wright, Pars. Akvah; Prls
clHn i oi It. Lht ao. Sth. St .Iftir.es. Wtll!arr.a; o nmotforc
Crowell; to nhenand. 'Yaite, and Harry t the Wost, Coh
ton. d.- 8!<! Stti, fc.len Hood, Kilhy, Ak.vao.
NVork" " ,,A"li '"A" Anita. Williams, Bbacgliae fcr
Bi.oi ? hsbh as. Sept f?Air Jacobs. Fcbasp NYork.
Bssasi'iiit' s, Kept ti?Arr Bmma, llerboth, NYork. 8 d
4th It-.dus'rfe, Flilltro. HnlUmore; Aatioaom, Klopm r. do
Bremen l>ar)ti"tnsn. NYork.
BnnSAV. July 28?Hid Rllen Stuart, Lyons. Calcutta
Con vs. Kept;?Arr liansa (s i. Von Haiitcu. Ntorkfar.d
pr^'^ ' ded for Bruioeu) Sid 7tb, Borus.i:a (?). M-per, New
OiHI irr Sep; 7_S!rt Ada. Murphy, Port and
L'41-vtLia. Aug 16-Arr previous, Lew Chrw Sinclair.
(li k - ruvt.os, Se|ii 6?Arr oris Tere-lta , Br). Hill, NYork
8 <1 6th. bai? Meaco, I'hi adelphia; brig Luchetti tDan >.
NYork; 13th, br g A G Catc<.il, do.
CsnnssAN. Sept l.*>?Arr schr Kate Carlrtoe. Bewden, Ma
lau/jts. 8ld I2lh, hrig Coituctte (Br), Smith, NYork: 13ih,
schr Am' i ut ih, Adam*, do.
liaai, Mept 8?Arr Yorktown, Driver, and Amerlcaa Con
g'-.ru, tvoodward. NYork (or Loudon (and proceed, d).
1'vi.vocin. siept 7?Arr Enrlchetla. Filiberti. Lbliade phla
for Bremen (not as before).
C hi > hock? Sept 3?Bid St George (?), St John'* and Moa
t real,
HaMht-i'o, f?pt 6? Arr J Bertram, Hirtmg. NYork.
11^i an 9').t II?Ar; si hr I>e Kov, luhnton. New Tork;
1 Jib, atnamef *>iikjj)ik.iBrL McConaeil, <ialve*ton; I4tb,
brig kiaw'e IP;), KallooS, i'hltland, iSth. steamer Den
bigh i Br) iio 'rev. Oatveston; hrg Sarah A'.lee i Hri, Jeo
kim. sad Merlin ;?lr). Htandi. NVork; 8 W Merrick Nor
d o Philadelphia. 11th. steamer Hoieiea (Br). Le Mesurier,
NYcik v.a Nassau; br;? Northern Light (Br). Anderaon,
and KIDa iBr), Hofoway, NYork: Kurea (Br), Collins,
hoi lith. s'br 'snnle, Ysre^ TJjiladelpkia; 16tb. brig
Prentiss Hobbs. I'.llie. do via Re mod! on
H ai.i'ii. Sept 17?Art .cbr Spray. Frost, NTorh.
I.ivrneooL. Sept Arr ruy or Bait moie (s), M reneuse,
NYork (and ent o a 31b to return); Sth. R M Mi la Omndy,
and City of LluienrV n), Jone,, do; Cooaiellatton. X inn
ner; Kndymon Wllliatns, and Wisoona'n. McStoker. do.
Lai. a-tei. lie an Ht John, MB; 9th, Nonh Amerkan ' ,,
Quebec. ' '?
?ltl7ia. Cur of Cork <k), Tlbbettk, New York;
Oliver, do, 1, icy A Harriet, do.
But out kih, Smbne. So ile. Bombay. s
Lii. tiev, Sepi 8?Arr Dan. Schntt, NYork
1 Mar am eve, no rt C.e?Ait Oolden H i'.o, mee L> ndon
MarSepi 12 Arr barks Oar;.*a;di. llnvt. Liverpool;
lotl.. ' snada. Mr Donald, Balttra^g, L.nda. Hewitt Pblla
deiph.a Shi loth, briga Boln*. TVilletts, r'lyje; Ut'h Hit
nQia Walker, Phiibdeiphla; 16th, Cbaa Woalay, Ford. Port
1'OBTaae.rro Sept 8?Pa*Hd by.Tberoae. Rob aaon. from
?hielda for NTork.
Pnrror. Sent J2?Arr barks Suliote, Panno. and Pbl<eoa
Davia NYork.
ucidcasvowK, Kept F?Arr Pembroke, PbUkdalphia.
Q-ra. r. Sspt l?? in port ah.p Alfred Storer, Harrlagton
fai Llverpnel. idg. " ?
Nvaanioa. S?pt?? In poriahip Mont Blaac. Donael), far
? t I'Mbaaa, f ept 4 In port rohr E lis T (Br). for Turks
fslanda and Pnrtlanit.
In port trot 3. hark Jrdah Cappe tD Ick), Carre for
Hoaton, repg, Schr fien I'lke, Barrett irom Oichilla arr
Aug 3D.
Mr .ions, NB, Sep. 20?Arrorhr Hope. Carri.il, NYork
Arr at do 15th. a ups Eugenie (I'rua,. Brockeel, Purtlaad;
16th, it lie Imrich (Prus), Prendonbure. NYork; 17th Flor
onee Niglitingaie. lone* Honoo. brigs Irouhadour. Tueker,
NYor*. Sea Bird. Steven*, do; vebrs H<-ertre, Pitts and
Lewievl e, Tayior. do Cld I?tu. sehr Jonas Smith, Sedge
ley. Plr. ite.fbia; 17th. br g Alamo, Htee'e, NYork; sckrs E
Richudsou, Ricbardssn, Philadrlpbla: Araiua, Speight
Biook ya. " 1
IPva srvtasair Parsu?Tns Lavvfr.)
Arr trom NYork ?th. Kranmse*. at gueenston n; City of
Brooklyn, and Nerib Amerioati at L1\er|iool; 10th. Albert
Gal.atiu, and Columbia, at do; Brltann a (ai, at irwDMS ?
C/ar. at Deal. Kenne iiiena, at Queeaet iwn; Meiro?o. si
H.-vv re, Lueie at Horde*'!i; Dr flarth, at Hamburg; Chria
Hans Maria. a> Antwerp; Depeeltura at C'ttl.aven; Bluo
Ja<ae'. at UeeotomuBda; Mary Lueretla, at Cad :. Jaroba
at Dover; Be?? e Kowe. at Kalmoiith.
arr fr< m Sanror Celeste OArk, gt Llvorpool.
air from H-won !)ih, Wunnara. at Kaimo ilfc, 10th. Le
'am si L,.flij. iOl. ?
Ship Neva, fiom Dea' for Boston, has put bark.
A msrleaa Ports.
BOBTI'l Sep' Ai?Arr U s steata sloop of war Brooklyn
4 apt James Sir. a. Mobile via Ponsa. o;a. brigs Mary Mae.'
' If' 'rJ?""}1 ?jWndon ? *'<? Anil. Ay too. Remeilios
l ;d ship r?ay,d ( Sr), Pyuniogion. St John NB barks An 11
O' b lenimiogwa' Ro Janeiro; Wsltamata 'Br. new 610
tons), i ?ok, LOndna; Annie, Chat*. FhHsdelpbla, brig Luie
Mar.aDs 'l; Atkins, si Thomas; s< bra Abfier ( Bri, Khan
BOB. Port ao Prlneo; Lightning (Br). liabla. Cape Town;
? 'raa Jane, Davi# tkorve. Africa; Catharine N May. Mar
Ph.ladelpbia; ,? It Kartlett, Ho ahlil. no A M Edwaida hi.
lie, Nknrk, K W P.idiulge, Allen, do
21* At ?b r Br-? ster Sao Krsnclseo; bark Lady rrsnk
voin !*'?? w,l,"r Ma'aatae; brgs Fr d Bngeot New
CUO?is.t Kmf& NV"k B'Um
BALI IMohr. Sepi 17?Ar-ship mar of Canada, Com
fui2g?VmV.irr,.w>i ""h' AJ,C* fownsond, Mstaa as;
*n%M agu^ Wr',n'' T,rk 8M br* Harry (Br).'
v'm.T^S.v"'' N.iletB), Whlitter. PI Thomas Mary E
? ul . i. slbsrino Rogers. Teoton, Calais; Bo er.
son Ho.t<>? w-hi-w Castor (Dsa<, Norrls k* side, ph
IMioiont. ttrr Dardiaer. Me; Harper. Ooombo MYork rig
SIM ? *? ' ST* " *"d """"e r ''"ndall, Ward,
J?h t ?L nr*\.*!",r.T*ll ao "? Fo. omoke Birer.
loi u Adelaide, Rt< hberger. Km 'saeiro; Pals.
_! Arv) Brown do; ?-bVe t var, Hammond. Rotten Kk
"TT AU ?,""n Rn" Ntork.
River; NJ 16-Fld X'hr Fred R?-d, rrt*nd. Mor-ls
.{.7,b~.'*r' h*J> v*fk L Poltsr, Tapley NYork; -gbrs Han.
Mv'ork lti'li " i .!* 'f"1- ,rHl A ri pe. Oollamote,
int fJo r"ty br gTtmo
wirlA sm,. Td.-i'!I ",.A?r,2 *ehr" * H Hodgdoo,
P. ,?y' ai d" i"' el"*. Q-iatl, Brv .ster: Bound Brook!
J*k * r^r, NYo?k?^ Cld KU1' C >'
BAfH.wF'pt 17??.14 brig P irreater. Philadelphia sc'if
WtBd!do 1 Wo| HUN. I,rig u .j Brooks, d. , setr Trade
P.'r7M^u?t\l,'(WHOW^ whrs Col Loster, I
."avT r Phdsdo nuis
Lot. ..'V"w'l I,:.'!.''h"r' ?"HF.nrol,. and J
"IDIITJIN 3yptl8-Airs.br H 8 Dene Denr. Phl s.'el.
)'bfadrm!!m ,? * " m"' ' br w mr, Phillip*.
'?mdr' ft'm'il VX'ri,"rhrrtm"Ut' NYork
1 PMm.'i; m . 'ie, rAb',Jf 3fcl,'M'th. fohusen,
,', ' 1' * .e' tit, Dainiioore; Alida.
Fhuadelp ,l? for Dlghtou;
I'1 % jRullJi. Ml 1)>|V W l*?i|e i ' iief Mist, (4/ '
d^nt^: ?-?
. ' f'. i. . k . 7 ' 4'' 1 rl* Lsfh. whra Martha,
81L>t* WARS. AO..
DKMCB, 118 Will Tweotythlrd street, i?i
Tk* auotloeawr would oon tko ptnlniir a
_ ... ? . iTQAiio
it tool loo of Hi
friend* Md the public IA this sale. the catalogue comprising
the lir*eet And rlebeet uooruueit of He Heboid Puriuur*
lid Work* of An offered it I actio* tkia hum.
Drawing Room Furniture, cover, d with brocitol of the
rich' *1 description. via..?Sofia, Arm Chairs. On! Be t
Chain. Ottomane. Brocitrl Cnrtita* to match the suits,
E tags res, Buoauas*, Centre Tnblee. h ncoignures. Cnblnetn.
B onn Clock. Droeden OrnimcntA Chinn Viae*. Bronx*
Figures, OH Paintings, hi eminent irttata; brume ormolu
Chandelier*. Fro Mb line Bngniiign Totvet Medallion Car
pal* Plor md Hnntnl Mlrrore. Lnon Corlilna, Shades, Mea
doiln pill lag tna different tunee.
The richest instrument orterad nt nnctlon th'.e season; Can*
terburi Cloth Cnver, btonl, Muaic Bonka, Hal! Stand, Stair
Carp t, Chamber*, roaewood and walnut Bedsteads, Draaa
?g Bureaus, Yard rob* a. Oomodea A moire en suit*. etrl*
Louie XlVth. Bair tpriag Mattresses. Blanket*. Sheet*.
Connterpelne*. Chain, Lounger, Tallet Set*. Bruaaela Car
PS'*, Bluing Roam Table, Btdehoarde China Dinner and Ten
Bets, Silver Wan. Table CuUerv. Cut and Engraved Glass
Ware, Table Linen, and also, ail the Puroilare of tha ser
vant* apartments. Parties wishing to attend this sale take
lb* 6lb or Mb are. can or etages from Altor, St. Nicholas
or Metro pell tan Haul, leaving at 28d ah, near hounn.
at public auction this dav (Thursday>, September 22, at the
elegant residence, 218 West Fourteenth alreet, between
Eighth and Ninth avenues, sale commencing it HHg o'clock
piEK and mantbl mirrors,
he *ile compr'ne* some of the richest and rao't elabo
rately carved Parlor Furniture ever offered at public aue
tlon, ,nd to be -out without any reserve. An elimination
will well ropuy lr lending bu.i vim.
Parlors contain thr-c elegant full suit* of rOKw-od Par
lor Furniture, In run brocade ami satin; rosewood EtaaereS,
splendid and eoat'y Parian Ornaments. noli Vaaes, Ac.
Stool and Cove*,
?.n elrgunt Instrument with round corners, be,t .tifuly
tirvej legs sod ' .ho, all modern Improvement".
Also, ? Tiiggnlfl enl oollecilou ol rare Peluting*. rosewood
Turkish and Fasv Chair*. In Cue rcpa; rosewood Centre and
bide uiiirble top Tab'ee, rlchlv carved; Velvet and Bruaaela
Chamber Hull*. In rosewood and mahogany; Bureaus,
carved Bedsteads, Wi hstands. Soil Beds, In One hair
cloth; ten pur" Hair Mattresses, from 40 t* ill) pounds, made
to order. In excellent condition
Dining Room Furniture, consisting of fine oak Extension
Dining T.sbie, oak Arm Chairs. Silver Ware, rich China,
Ivorv and Silver Cutlery, Forks, Spoons. Ac., with heavy
Cut and Engrave I Class Ware of every description.
Cart men to attendance to cart, pack or ah p gooda for pur
chase rs.
Albert h. nicolav, aucmonrbr.
ALBr.RT H. NICOLAV will hole his regular auction
sale ol' Securities this day (Tbuisdayi, September 22, at 12^
o'clock, a' the stock *a esrooras No 52 William atreet. The
list will embi .ico a variety of tirst -las* Stocks and Bonds,
Including Btuyvesant, People's, Peter Cooper, Vonker and
New York Indemnity North American, Brevoort. Inter
national. Goodhue, Republic, Qebiiard. Pacific, Arctic and
Loriliord Fire insurance Stock*. Also Bank of Commerce,
Commonwealth, Mechanics Bank or Brooklyn and Chat
ham Bank Stocks; Forty second street an I Grand street
Ferry and Kast Broadway and Battery Kai.road Companies
Slocks: Williamsburg Gas Light Company, Noble Well Oil,
Hamilton Copper, Eagleton Coal, Qotd Hill and Virginia
Tunnel and Mining Company, and New Jersey Zinc Com
panv'* Stocks, Ac., .vc.
auctioneer and stock brok.br
keeperH and
Superb Pianoforte. Rosewood Suits, over 70b yards Carpels.
H. R. WR8TCOTT, auctioneer, will sell this afternoon, al
2 o'clock, the entire contents of house 132 We t Twenty first
street, near Seventh avenue, consisting of Parlor, Chamber
and Dining Room Furnlluie of all descriptions; rosewood
Btagere, inch Curtains and Shades, four elegant Suns, In
bro atel and rets; rich Carp-la, elegant rosewood and ma
hc-anv ( namber Furniture flno Beds, 30 Hair Mattresses,
Ac., with an elrpant variety of Parlor Ornament*, Dining
Furniture, ri:h China. Cot Glass, Silver Waie, Cutlery, Ac.
Cetalo. ues at house. No postponement.
A Goods. Tailors' Trimmings, Cloths, Casslmares, Sati
nets,Ac.?J G. 8ALHINQER, A uctloneer, ?a.' sroom 23 Bow
ery, will sell this day, at lu o'clock A. M. a urge In*, of
Ready Mr.de Clothing and Gentlemen a Furnishing Goods
of all descriptions. together with a large and splendid as
eortment jf Cloths. Casslmere Beaver, Satinet t* ,tc., Ac.,
alt kinds of Tailor's Trimmings, too numerous to particu
larize ? !so, by order rf assignee, an en:.re stock of Ho
siery Good*. Ac,, Ac.
Gt, lure to be sol I i u fhnreday. 22d lust , bv IlivNKY il.
M.FltS A CO., at 73 East Twenty-eighth street.
Adjourned mortgage rale?joskpr mc
QUIRK, Auctioneer?ofli-e 123 third avenue?wi,; veil
on Friday. September 23 at 10l? o'c'ock, the Stork. Nlx
luree, good wi", ?... of the Family Drug Store 20'. Seventh
avenue AH will be mild In ooe lot By order ci ( harlea
A.'Clark, Attomoy M .nuri^f.ge,
K J. L. smith, AUCTIONEER, will kbll this
.1 ? day. at 11 e'clotk, at N'u 17 Ktuvvvsant place (Ninth
street), between Second and Third avenues, one Piano, of
splendid tone and finish; eost Sub >: three Parlor Suits, rote
wood and mahoganv;, Bedroom Suits, Roikers, Looking
Ola-see mi hogan> ar.fl maple Chair*. Tat es, Brussels and
Ingrain Carpets, anu trerytbing that bclcnga to a (.rat "lass
em ware and (ilaae. in open l-i and crates on Friday.
Sept. 2't si .'(to (oca. ai the tore 73 Mur;ay street. Cata
logues un muroing of saie
. rooms Wd Broadway, will aeil at a ictl-r . "
day, Sept. 22, at II o dock, annerb tiret t a-a ,. Tr.ur.
Fancy tloods, ail first ' las# ciy n'adefure , euirnilore uffd
W. IVBS A UO., ArCTI' ?-7
,, . Strci-l. Rftgnlsr sa c of ' dNEBRS?F9 LIBERTY
ness, nn Friday Sept. 2.3, at 1 ufibtet. **p>?t anl tlar
high 7 years . warranle ,??Z ,"or""- JJ h"0Js
Also, Bualue a Wagon * ^j vouad and kin ,, poiid tra el r
aaturtmeot of new ar ?>* .''"eth-r with a general
,j aecund hand Wagsr 1
ksmsThsr MINE* will srll at anct 00, on Ihur-day.
?lea.l ACt *?>b? lUJb o'clock, at 73 Last Tv> fll'.y?*!*'.th
i 'l?1*"* Housakoid Furniture, all in 6nc order con
C ,, ^IVdvtt and Brussels Carp, a, r-i Wood Parlor
?v tw/ered crlm?on and drab, atlk brocaiol. purple
a kfbltc do; Pirr Oiaasea and Vaaeo. Crimaon Hatln, Da
/cask ami Lace Curtains, fancy Chairs rosewood Plano
fnrta, ''-ntre J able Si le do., rosewee I Bookcase md are.
r*<e:y, Dioiurroora Furnifire, Bedrooms, in ? abogany,
e ??rtd. Haircloth Dressma Bureau*, ro-ewood do . Ma'
tresses. Pi tows. Oil Paintings aod Etvav.Bg,, Mantel Or.
namente. Marb e Vaaee and other F urn it ure. Particulars
In raia.nyue
? A CO. ?Large and special Sale ef Haidwaie, this day
(Tb rsdayi, September 22, at 10}* o clock, at the alerooma.
No 5 ? Be?kmau and kft Ann Htrcets, " iinprlA ug a'arge line
of Ray e L K-??, (fierels and Tonga, Chair". Rim and Dead
Lo' k*. tinned and eoar- elled Ware. HandBaw*. Ben hand
Moulding Planes. Ac. and conMat* ol >ver 750 catalogued
lots. Friday. Heptember 23. a oontinuati-u catalogne wl 1
be Issued, c- mprieiaa a laig- and des.rable assc.-.inent of
Cutlery. serat?l large Invoices of Fan-y Goods, sadd ery.
Hard war*, Ac. Catalogues ready morning of sale.
10 o'clock A M . at the Central Sain -n- s, WiMnnghhy
street, cerner 01 P-srl street. Hrookiyn?Two hn.idtom*
maible bl Billiard Tsbles; also a large assortment of good
Furniture Tklset and Rriftla CENi Ae^
Large sale of
OVER $10,000 WORTH or
thle ;Tlnr-?i* .) afternoon. Kept 22. at 2 o'clock, at the resi
dence 123 Clinton place. Eighth etrrct. a fow doors from
S.vth arenue. saie commencing at 2 o'e! wjk precisely.
Trie Auctioneer would -all the part cnlar attent on of h'e
I frterd* aat the public to this sale Parties wishing to at
tend this aa's take the Sixth avenue CAr* or stages from the
Aster House, St Nleh -aeor Metropolitan Hoiel, ieai.ng at
Eighth street, a few doors Horn the hou#".
Parlor?Magnificent Rosewood Pianoforte Fttol and
Cover, an elegint instrument, with rcuad corners, r.chly
carved eg* and "ase fell seven oerave ovreir ng has* full
Iron plate, made 10 order bv cltv makers seven month* afo,
cost I . three elegant Parlor Suite covered <n r eh French
satin broeatel and French r?pe; Tnrk 'n h??y Chairs and
Lounges, rich marble lop Centre ana Ride fahlea Lace Cer
tain*, Ktagere*. P.rnnis Clock", Vases. Mirn re, Chamleliers,
Corner and Honk Stands. Oil Paintings rosewood, htack
walnut aod mamwiny Hedeteada, Bureaus, Wa*hi<tand*.
Spring and Hair Mattresrea. Bantets It? j# Sof* Keds,
Lo .nges. Cnslrs. Rockets. Mirrors, Clo-ks. Glass. China
aod Sliver Ware. Cut erv. Ac N H ? Cartruea la altead
nce lo cart, pa k and ship goods for purchaser a
Buwerv, J AMES AG AR will ?# !, at 11 o . ock, a v-rr
'arre aasnrtment of Men * snd Womaa a Wearing Atrraraf,
eonsiating of Silk. Merino Cadco and other Dtees,-*. Skirts,
Underi lotbe*. Bro- he and Wool Hhawls. Coal*. Panta, Vesta.
Mbeats UuiTta. Blangeia, Comrerters Kpread* sad other
sea,unable Ooeda, by order of ? He; man. L I', II* Broome
tloneer dh Powery will sell on Fr dey. hyrt B, at 10
o e'ock. al public euctien, 00'lot* nf Unredeemed I'le !g*?,
ft aaieting sf Men'" and W nmen'a Wearing Anyarel Waloh
e* and Jewelry. Pistol*, Mechanical Instrument* Ar By
order of John 8ullir?B. M New Chainbr re alreet.
'? day at 3 o'olerk. at 444 Canal streal, a aire a,a rt
metil 1.f Furniture remnead from N-w .lerssv lot run .*?
ai?n<e of sale, eonalsling of Bureana. Hedateaoa, Sofa Ned".
Tables, Oerpota, Olicliilb, Uedr, M?tire#"*?, ami nyeryth.r.g
for heueeknening Dealer" lavt'ed.
Delswara. Lackswar.na and Western Raurned Com
Ekny New Vork. Si ideniher il, l(Sb* This company Will
uld'heir twentieth regular monthly auriloo niiWerinra
lay. the 2 to dav of K- pta-iber. ISdt. st 12 o'clock Boon, at
Ibcoii ieof the rampant. No, M William e'reet ni which
time they Win nTer by JOHN fl. !>R4' EK ? CO.. Auc
tioneers, 2',,ikN) tons af fresh mined ftersn'oa I'oll, em
bracing al the usual al **, ml de ivcrahle at their d"pot,
Kit Bwetbport. N J., di ring the munth of Grtdi rnril
TI e ssie wi I'>e pualtlve Kaoh lot put up Will he -old to
the highest hiddnr. n<> b d* la s-y form wha'ever, I *lng
m?de far iiw unnl of or on liensif of ihh Crnnpanr. The
term* and condition* will be ihe esme as herepi'ure, and
will he fully made known at flikf sad place of rsi".
JOHN HK1HH1N, I'ifS'deni.
n Frills,, seme nil >r 23 n? i?S n'ei*ek at IS Bute ery, tkh
entire-Pis* of a who ? *a s 1 unr ilea er, rla ?43 cask*
k>,-i an Hrsnllf". |it ,<ea and hhla. Gin, Rum, Port and
Hh rr, Wines l2Uhlds lln irhnn, Rve, Scon h sod Irsh
IS h ?kr 1 ,1 3s* k, i? and f.i a* Champagne a lar*e lot of
Rogers Tobacco. Ac.
C nui eer set * ibis day. si 11 o c ch, al 7 Hast Broad why,
a m 1 ii - ii 7 noiiih .enwrmdi'i ? c,.r,-e fUe-k*
A en . makers f A MBfl BY NCH. Sheriff.
J C ihvaii. Deputy Sheriff,
A'su ell sell two am ,|i wtanAs aad an aaseeitwent of
Household Fnrs ture,
O. iMM? M. At i0% A'olM*. ?! M UllH KNt
Ma MR BMdlRBi vatimU. Leoklog Qlnseea. Eg.
OTMV o'clock ?t Nu. S8A Aim IB aveaiJH
rthandThirt- llfili s.ieete tbo Stock and
^?Oruc S: : nor wllk UiAm
fall la oao lot.
\ar illiam abbott. auctionebb-offiot bo. a
V> Boat Broadway ? re la on Kn .AT. at 11 o'clock IBa oa
t%ra Furniture And Bad tin*, w.h tha coolants of Uoa?laa
did Barroom, splendid 1: 11 nk snd Straw MattmAMs
Footer Pillowy and BnU -r?. Id the Maaon Hcum, earner
of Forty fourth alroat am) Sink areuua. Tba f k?
tou ;t?rt to run. 0
el tain enro for thin an ectiou. Mr. Olapp. a man ad char
actor and position, whose add ess will ba given. aaja?* I
was at ilia point of death i ron. leundlc*. and my phyMalaa
?ova ma up; but I took -u m Btanareih'a Fllla, aad they
ouiod tap diaaaaa. aad io a few days gar* ma nay health *
Braadrath'a Fllla are a toi -reign remedy la All bRIans dlf
Acuities. Said At principal oilica. Brand rata House, Maw
Tort, aad by all dealer* see B Bra ml rath la ea tba gs?
arumant atamp. Freak Fllla at No. d Union square.
opening of Fall and Winter Stylaa of Parta Millinery
will lass place on TbuiaJay, September XI.
Unery on Thursday. 22d net.
MR*. ?*. LBVIN8. JT*TB,e?w__
Mlla. J. H OOSSON, j747 Broadway.
did aaaorim iut of I'sei* Flowers will be opened im*
Thuriday 2id Instant, and offered to tba trade at tha iowaat
oaab pi loen.
A ooj w.utci Mi.iio ,? w'ii tike place at Mra RUM
HILI/s Milliner* and Dressmakin Establishment, lot
Spring ' treet. on There .ny. September 12
ter !MILInery, ou Thursday, 2M September, at KiM
MON'8, 637 Broadway.
? BroAdway. * r r
Hi* A. 1 Broadway, wi have im-ir opening of Fall ana
Winter Siy.en of Pu n Bonnets ami llula to day (Thure
day i, September 22.
No. 7 Division gtr?"l, is uww pre ared to Oder to ber
customers and tbe redo in gen ral her usual aelrct and
varied assortment o F'uli end Winter Bonnets; round llata
in great variety A large ? sanrtiuent of Mourning Bunuata
aiivaji on band.
_ Huth aveuue. will niien on Thursday, September 22,
latest imported atylea ol rail and Winter Bnnnnta: al-o
those of her own make. Ladies are invited to call. Trade
? have h n araud opening ?o-dny, with a choice flelaon +
of French Pattern Monneu. k vod aHwrlmenl of MhllBtry
Goo-la, purchased from this w*olc'8 auctions, at hand.
Wreaths and F.o vera, .it Madame HARRIS', Me T
Brevoort place. Tenth street, a few d.vora from Broadway.
French Flowers, Bridal VV-enhaand Veile: alen sate ol
beautiful Grecian Curl* tor it at Mrs E. PBCEHAM'8
Fashionable Ladlea' llntr Drcaaing Batabliakmant, 261
Grand street, near Boaery.
. will open on ThurH.tav. Sept-moer 23, a full Ilea el
Mi.FneKv gooda, conaNt in of itona'la Hate, Rlbbona,
Silka, Ve vets Laoea. Fbautaro, F ..wars, Ac , .to. Ah at the
lowest prlcaa and on reasonable tertne.
. on Th iraday, March 22. a handsome assortment ef
Pall and Wmier Millinery, round tint* tn erary atyia.
N. B ?Patterns for tbe trade.
Oppua fa Nlblo'a tn autre. ?Hr-at opening tbia day.
Millinerr and Mllllnerv Gou la. wh uasale and retail \ Tak
vria K nouns Sllka and Uucuts, la per aanl leas lb an enjr
other bouse in the city.
on Thursday. September ti. a oandsome assortment
Of Full and Winter Bnuneia.
open tht* ,1a witb a hamlsoma assortment of FaE
and Winter Bonnet*.
Thursday, Sept. 22. a large tut -leiant asao ttueat o3
ta.l and winter Rouueta. Hound Hats, AO # ?.,
ope . on Thursday 22 1 nai... a large and select assort
ment of fan and winter Hon tins. Bound Hats, Ac. Tbe at
tention ol country luer liauu Is respectfully called to the
above atoca.
Eighle ntii street, w sues ii mno luce to her frlen la
and the p iklic thai stie p .n r ,e i u,?r r?o m on Thursday,
September 22, with a rich a I van ?' assortment of Indian'
an l mlsse*' Paria Fall ami WI iter it mnets. >
frmnds and the public that she will have n fa- h',?/khi.
assortment oi fa I Hais re -.uy f-r inspection or
nevt. 2dd in t. No. 3oo Canal treat, near Wr ^?iaadway
Mrs, mulchinock, ?i bkgadwa", i,.,- ....
on Thursday. Sept 2' a i?rge na-i ^
of Fa) Bonnet*. Round Hats. Ac im "
manufaatura. Ladlea ir invited ? heruam
MR8. CARTER. B27 HR? n v " M"
celred al> cases of . _ ' . 7. V .
Hroinenade Hats of the r ' B-'nnata, Carriage mid
?H)to?l2". Cutomars a *t c a s. varytog In *t'??|/???
evamine. at 8.7 Bro.d fVaiftfS'd
Vi^wld o1' -?* * LK.oNtRD. 14 CANAL KTRBRT
75?.yJr V on ThHHki Srt 'idfiiber 2J, m large aaeort
mem oi #u w^tuter Million:y.
i.A hnadaume assorinioni o Fail and Winter Bonnets on
Thuratny, September 22.
Madame harkib has just opened her pibbt
'?are of imrorte.1 Bonne's to, 7 Brevoort plaoe. Tenth
etreet, a few doors from Broadway.
.11 lespectfully tutor na the alios that on W rdnesday,
the 21?t inst . she will >>s ubit new lall and winter aty'ep
ol Paris Millinery at leaaoi.abir prices. City milliners pdol
tlrely not admitted.
Madame Harris has just rrcbivkd a card
at beautiful round Hals, lor carriage and walking.
No. 7 Brevoort place. Tuuih street, a few dodre from Breed
open her Fall ami W ntnr Sty laa of rrencb Mlllme
on Thursday, Sspi 2'2
Madame barronnk. 379 broadwat. will
have ber grand up nine "I F?'. sod Winter MHIInerr
and 1-ressiuak n. this d >y iTuursd vy i, Se; teiuker 22?5 6
Broalway, over Bros* ...or s.uro.
Vf me ivoohNE waltgn. n ? broadwat, will
i.Vl eiiublt on Thur day. September 22. a recherche and
enjini assnrtmeni of Fall and Winter Millinery of Ibn
latent and moat approved sly loa,
ill to exhibit a full assortment of Fall and Winter Mo
ill Puiiern Bonnets, will hud an elegant aaeoMmsAt afc
Mra K OA VS. Sod Canal -teei.
Milliners visiting tiie citt for thbir kat
tern Bonnets w III find an elegant asenrtmeat aA
Ma,lame ISAACS', 9 si Cauai sueetl opposite Wouster.
Thursduy. September 22. a handsome aee otmeat eC
Parle Bonnets, nt tbsir new room*, (Jo Broadway.
Slit,'GO. 319 SiMh -veil old open en Tburedsy,
September 22. a pretty ?a*or mrm of Fell Bonnets, Round*
ilau. Ad., to wtucu they loviu the attention pf the pub,it
Notice to milliners-avert variktt op
ladles' faney Hal Frames, n,eluding Turbans end
J u Savs. made fioui i atlerna direct from Paria for oale
whole.ale eud reiall No. 136 Cmial sliest, up stairs
Mia. BCoTT. 4.(7 itinad ? ?v (St. Nicholas b'eek). win.
open ber Imported Paris Bun nets, and those of her own
men u factum, on
P" A HI S mTllTn EhV-.MUB. n P L<TvrrT~Nb~ 78*
Br isdeay. w II open on I huredar, September 22 hnv
fall and winter anle? , f Carls limineia. also a splendid as
aortinant of ladies' Walking nn l Riding lists.
B7rfc.N,NO.-Nu 9', Lit IB.ON ?rRKKT ?THP. TN
deraiyned desirra to in , un hei customers and tho
trade In gea> rnl thai al,e wl r? an her tashtonable irul
lery cmi*)rlurn at Nn l'H id.uion 'treat (after neloee nf
iwe months in onnsequei,, e ,f (lie '. on the '22d ln*t, with a
large aad well on e> u-u ?i?r. ol iinp yied French Pattern
Honneia for ladle* ami mi the in west ?t las of Jockeys,
and altn a f, 1 linn of Good* appertaining to the trad#
Madame HALOMON e < i ? ? pi 'cuder her kin I thaaks te
lier lor i.er cusiomer* for t eir pilrimoae, and hopes by hev
actions to merit i con nu hi e of i tie *ame.
Madame .-aLiiMuN No. D,risen street
? Broadway.?tt liole*ale C,litem Bonnet House.?Mlf.
liners frnm the eunntry air nvlteii to examine our eaoek of
real inipcrldd Bonne-* Also ? p ?* of the same In grear
?ar ety A ISO a full line of Ores* Caps and Headdresses.
Cell and save Hrnadway prloea.
'lent* a yard for anr w ih Order* promptly execute*
on t? i nty four hen s not ve MMK. SMITH,
112 fcast F IL si C it an (St. near Fourth arenea
. wli epenoa Thnrai u, ho 22d Inaunl. wfh n large ?
and splen lid *?*?(' I sm ol the a esi alvle HodusU ans,
Mats, toieiher with a am ? ?? of Milliner? Goods, a great
ir *n? oi wiiich, . Aung be n pu i lissed before the late Ira
Ill r II ?e rise in woods a Id Iv o, i si. orr-si ouding low mtaa
C'lnrurt mer hen a and mil * will nod it lu tneir advaa.
tsae to nail and examine *? tefure purehaslnr.
W. OPKMItV :l i, id 2I\ Division atreal
mnml* Wauhea Jew r . ?ilnrwtra Ac Alaa PaWA'
nu, era1 IIrleii bnngbt l,n u.iUuO lA Watches. A* At TV
Bleeearr aireet., up etalra. ?
II H IIYMaN'K. ImH ,i . iadwaT. CORNER OF
A Bond street, wll' be r . I lite I^IsP^
n ond.. Wat bee and Silvn WarAt or wKl advene* caan an
ihe el o\c articles.
A the aim liberal ad i,..-e...o dlamo"dh.
W.f? TA"-?
c?o l?"' mhln ? an* a ?'?" r T >?? O?arvoale waa*U
146 Canal atrret. near Bowery under the bank.
?5?oil na f.17?KRIVA I .Lt A .N KLEOANT CRIMAOT*
H | Pel on*islln. if nine p'ci*a. Np*acoa,I IiaaA
desur- i e d apply. Apply At AT Address lf? MerdettAAl
suesi. />?" "?r?

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