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CkiM ?f the Piral* TallahtiMt hy
Ik* Siiiacns.
The Pirate Casts Overboard
Her Quus, &o.
the Escapes and Falls In With the Block
ades, and is Pursued.
Official Report Concerning the Abatement
of Yeilcw Fever at Newborn, 2ff. C.
Deaths in Hospital at Ports
mouth, Va.,
Sm? &o., Aa
S2r. WMUm II. Simer'i 0?ip?tcfc.
Kokthksh Uomrob, Nr. 9, 1S84.
(0 fbuis jailabaruke CBAtsn?tan throws uaa ei?i
This morning ibe United Slate* double-ender gunboat
(Runaoos, Lieutenant Comininder John L. Davie, com
na ding, arrived id Hampton Roads, from a cruise after
tfee iabol privateer Tallahassee, and reports having (alien
In with the pirate, but the latter escaped by throw tog
r verbu.nl all bar guns and other material, auppoe-d to
Re ammunition, it ores, &0. I trough the politeness of
Rear Adm ral D. D. Purler 1 havo been enabled to glean
the o.lowing highly interesting Ucte of Captain DavlB'
** TBI carta of t:t? fassacci.
Oe tbe 4tb tret the Si? acna waa ordered to go In
Mirr.h of the Tallahassee, end at three o dec* on tbe
alteru on of that day sbo started from Cape fle..ry, t
?teen g etc-l About ninety nnles. At lour o'clock on lbs
Morni g of the Mb inst. nood nortbwe t. A g*ie wag
blowing from that tilroction, with a neavy sea.
At b ilf-pMt three o'clock P. M., in !at ,1'iie 37 21 north,
?aagitude 74 61 weet, discovered a euepioious luolt'og
Heamer on tbo purl boatu, about teu m.lce anient. From
the description furolatvd Captain llavis A was evident
that the strange siting vessel Just descried wee the
to,gol for ptra'e Hs became more continued In the
epiutoo, inas* mob as she was standing to the southwsrd
and eastward, tower Is a brig in sight. Hereupon the
?aasacus made ail .ail she oould hear and steam she
eooid carry, and gave c iaee.
The pirate ?o n made out tbe movements of ths Sassa
eee. end altered his cour?o to the southward and west
ward, under pressure of all tbe sails she bad, with buge
?tends of Mack smoke iseuing from two stacks.
Captain Davis, having more canvass, bad a decided
?dvantaye in that respect over the ch tso, and soon lound
Srm.ii gaining en the lailabassee, which be coo tinned
So do until tbe raooo set at about ten o'ciock.
tb Finn G'N.
At half-pant els . P. M. be opened Ore from a twenty
founder Dadlgroo, wbiob evidently hit lb# pirate, as It
Mined bim to steer wildly from soulb by east to south
Rj west. Tbe impression of all on board of tbe Seasacua
was that tbe prize was soon to be tbelra, and they con
tinsvi svsry effort In tbelr power to close with Dim be
fore the moon disappeared,
to* shuts niSAFHuae in tbs most.
But, n?twvtb?tnnding all eyes nod glaseee were levelled
?a the strrsger, the aettlng of tbo moon assisted ner
?neaps, when not more tnsn two miles apart, tn latitude
M IS aortb. loagduda 74 31 weal.
Captain Davis coaUaued his aearoh, being determined
So capture tbo veassl if possible, running at a ten knot
wban at daylight or tbe Olb, m latitude 85 4 6
longitude 78 60 west, be made eel his too
Many chase ahead at a distance of about twelve miles.
Tbs fir as were stirred up and olbsr preparations made,
and the Saasseds started again to pursuit. Unfortunately
at this per.nd tbo wind died away, and Captaia Paris b id
to depend altogether oo his ooglnes and a wall trtmm ed
By o'evoo o'clock A. M. the lockout "raised tbo bull"
at a d stance of about Ore miles, making bun out to be a
white puteieJ propeller of about -no tuna, two while
meets, the (oramesi apptarti?f inuger tbaa tbe main
mast, two white amoks six k*, on a forward of tbe other.
fbi iauihi-s ru r.
' It this tun- the stranger conniwctad to lighten ship,
m tie was seen *? throw everything moveable over
abotbsb rt iva.
* tke dead walgbt being removed tbe plrats held R**
?wa, and did not allow the Sasaacus to gam au Inch on
Rar btiU tbe gunboat would bavo captured her if she
aeuld have maintained a at.Beirut quaallty of steam
Rtic galtitd on ihe cbaee with thirty Owe pounds, at twelve
and a h. K kuoie an ho ir; but raw dremeo were loi en ml
V> the ocdevl of keeping up gaol Art*. Tbs etesm would
(all to thirty pounds, and even (Cfer; and, furtbermoe,
the saaaecuf bud a very heavy load oo board, taken in at
tha I'btiade.pnia Navy Yard on tbe l?t lost.
At about nine o'clock F. M , in latlta-.e 34 3>
wovtb, |i agitude 75 43 weat, both veaae * heading
west southwest half weat, the Ssssacua lost atvbl ?f
the ptrate. To continue tbe course then ratling would
bring b iih .wools to the FaH Bar, off Wlluiiogtun. Capl.
Davis kept OO. however, tu the nope of Overbaallrg bim
rIon get'lng mtu Wilmington, which to accompuan be
fore daylight would Intve rrq , ired a run of twelve sa.'ts
an boot Ibe lead, thrown at miduighl. revolted only
Sen felb mr of water, which cau6ed (.'apt. Davis t ? haul
af i0 aoutbweat, and run under ee>y fiasco until deyl gbt
of tbo 7th mat.
tor risen w?n;? trt i.ivw or ora aiocaicaaa.
It was im|H?Fibie for toe Sneeacua to re?cb tbe bar be
fore dayilfbt, and being coovmced 'hat the nrivelecr bed
Roeo c a.ad insole of tbe outer blocaade off W 'miogloo,
CRpt. Da via Connoted hitnscif that tbe pursued could rot
run nil" port tlist night, sod would cerUlnly fall n prey
to our cruisers.
bxtba raarASATiosa
Oo tba 7th Lieutenant Ooaamander Geo K. Bcllccap,
?am ir < ITIc-r,e mn.ending tbo Eaatorn Iter, was t p ike a
Ry Cept Davis, who related to bim the facta connected
with tbe obaae. Tbo latter waa assured tbtt m vessel
Rad l?iu? in Ihe night before, end Capl. Beiknsp at once
mad< s in pie pr?parsl?ns for tbe night, sueb us mu-n pre
vest any vee?. I from running the blockade. Capt Parts
'.?? t very mu. b dlsappunied in not haviog been able to
aoc i'e >.ils pi /?. wuieu would nd tbo ocean of a pest
Rot A nil! l'i r' r is well satisfied with the eodeavo'S
?r th vo to ? r of tbe 3*?*aeus. an. 'ec a convinced
tba' avryibiuf m tnortaJ p^iwcr bad been done to cap
tare her.
Astomsa ?*r'i?i?in* TAt t*nA"-Faa cba-so ft tots
Rlbce wriiing the shove tne United Plate* gnnb >kt huco
nrr'ved lu II ? u, t n Roads and reports that a staomer ,
nne me lug tbe dev ipiua uf tbe dallabaMi.'e. * a* chased
Rv fur of ' ur f?*t cr.ii,-,. es. the -uoo parllcipeteil, but
was dtspioci-d. V uen fie left, the white steamer waa
CAsewd iii by out gunboats, and there It no douhl but tbal
ore i hi* he bas been captured or destroyed.
tut 'ALL OF FLTUOtrri ? c.
Admiral Torlvr ba? advicua fnm tfte feet In Albe
?ario^OuOd 1&8I roc.) mender Will.am II Mai..mb,com
mai d eg tb. Uotjod division of Pie North Atlantic bl < k
?dng apiadri n, wi s with his fl dllla at I'lymnntb, N. < ,
?o the 3d and 4?h Inst , and after a bard fight and tbe
torn plain dertrufMon of ?bt town, compelled
the rebels to or sou at# the plate, which b*
soa buidt Tbe steamer Valley City mule a
fBtratnu'-sa ce op Mlddl# rivtf, and fouad BC
?bst'uctmna. Very e>u after a number of ve?s.-t? do
aniled fur ibe duty ;>s??cd d all, aod by the rebel fort?i
who h wre it un ti'en ?d and forced to bo abend.>ned.
TRe rebels, it is understood, suffered great loss from oui
Bre Ibe oetoalitea on our aide wore very slight
Col. R C. Wehater. Chief Qu?rterma?ter of the Depart
moot of Virginia and > orth Carolina, received a letter
tfeta morning from , rip der l.aoeral J. N- ralmer. cum.
mandlng the dulri tof r.ortn C?r?i|r.a. dated at Hatteras
lal i, Mb Inat , wberr n lbs ganoral stales llial be had
fust iC'iirned fr >in PlymnniR which waa entirely de
stroyed and be Id bv u?. that l*oten?nt W Ou?hlng did ?
? viooahloaci in deeifuy log i <? Albemar'e, which gained
oe I he r an Oof troops do not occupy the plage, but
tbe navy will bold it, at cording to Admiral I'.irler'a
ins tkiacw rat as at stwaras asatso
Tp f#iio#*g iUk t notice (ruin Pr Hand, the Mdioal
Director of Newborn, Ml by Captain Wa Tlolden, Chlsf
Quartermaster Dtstrmt .of Nortb Cnroiies, to Oeloaei R.
t Wobotor,Chief Quartermaster of the I>?perineal of
Virgtaia and North Carolina, will ha road by aU laUraat
?d with a great deal?( aatlefhcUn:?
Uaucii Pi?i iaa*e Omoa, 1
Nrwaaaa, N. C , No*. 6, 18M. J
Cinira?1 have the boo or to inform you that the
epidemic of yellow fever, eo tony prevailing in Newbera,
h-.e disappeared. and the city may now be conalderad a
healthy pert. Very reepecil oily, yoor obedient ear rant,
P. W. HaNIJ, Surgeon and Medleai Director,
Platrtct or Norib Carolina.
Oaptala Wa Hotrew, Assistant Quartermaster. and
Chief Quartermaster D.atrlct of North Caroliua.
The large number of officers and employes who bare
beau waiting bare far ibis auspicious moment to arrlvei
are belog sent to Newborn ae last as transportation can
befumtebed. There are numbers of refugees from this
district North, wbo may now safely return totbeir homes
and places of busioese at Newborn and vicinity.
Tbe steam transport Relief, Captain ilariow, arrlred
bere yesterday from Netvbern, and on Monday, when
about twelve or fifteen milea south of .jat oras, dlscov
ered a large vosael on fire, supposed to bo a distance of
probably two. ly miles off. Captain Harlow could ascer
tain no particulars coDcernlng tb'S ship, which m ly have
been captured and then set on Ore by one of the rebel
pirates now afloat. A subsequent arrival from Nortb
Carolina may give as something more tangible on this
I am indebted to the Rev. Vincent Paten, chaplain of
tbo Balfour United States General Hospital, at Ports
mouth, Vn., (or the following lint of deaths occurring
there during the mouth of October last:?
Keiley Chase, A, 40th Massachusetts; Archibald Tag
gard, 0, 11th Maine. 0. Pringle, I, 1st United .States
Volunteers (loyal Virgloinn); George Cater, F, 2btb New
Yoik cuvalry; Harritou fcimco, A,20th New York cavalry;
Sirgl. James 1'almaler, 20th New York cavalry ; Chrlatuo
Keu, B, 13lb New York artillery; Thomas Hermitage. R,
lilhNew Hampshire Volunteers; James Iangtln, D, 20th
New York cavalry; George Smally, M, 20th New York
ctvalry; James D. Jemmursoo. C, 13th New Y'ort heavy
artillery, John King. D, 12th New Hampshire Vol nteers;
Ge rgo S. Browu, D, 13tn New York heavy artillery;
Peter J. 1'almater, C, 13th New York heavy ariitleiy.
Mr. Tbcodore C. Wilson's Despatch.
Wik.tis.tbr Vs., N?v. 10, 1864.
We bare bail direct communication with the extreme
front to day, and hear of no general engagement as y:t
in thai quarter, 'ibe enemy's movements upon General
:-heridan 9 rignt appear now, more than ever, to have
been made tor the purpose or gathering In cattle and
produre for the sustenance of the rebel army m the
Shenandaah valley. The IajbI river valley, aud other
valleys in that neighborhood, yet contain large numbers
of rattle and largo quantities of produce, and, from what
we ascertain through our own scouts aud citizens, tho re
bels a.e greatly !n need of tbe above named supplies, and
will risk much, so pressing are their necessities, to get
them within their grasp.
On the morning of the 7tb inst. General Powell's dlvl
sionof cavalry moved, for a purpose that ere this is
fully known to tbe rebels.
A day or two amce a negro brought in a report that the
rebels hod evacuated their position at Mllford. Accord
ingly we sent out a reconquering party, under command
of Colonel McGec, of the Third Virginia, to ascertain if
the report was reliably founded. Colonel McGeo drove in
the enemy's outposts, but on pressing farward found the
rebel, in force io their old Intrenchod poeition on the
oilier aide of tbe creek.
captai* ra dorr's capttrs a an rscaps.
Gyp U in Cadger, Inspector General on General rowalPs
staff, was taken prisoner by a detachment of Mosby'e
men. Captain Badger had only three men with htm at
tbe time of hie capture. That night be was placed under
guard with soma other Yankee prisotmre?eleven In all.
These, waiting a favorable opportunity, killed tbe guard
whereupon tbe whole of them escaped.
a reams in wear vmgiria.
There is nothing of great importance to report from
West Virginia just at ibis tune. The design of tbe rebels
to make a raid on tbe border counties on election day, to
interrupt votmg, was prevented by General Kelly's
movements to the direction of Moorefleld.
oca coMMrnicanom.
The line of communication between here and Mar
tlnaburg la m uninterrupted and as free from danger as
heretofore General Seward reports everything quiet and
likaly to remain so, at and in the vicinity of ilartioaburf.
At the late election in Martinsburg toe eitisena -as*.
ogO indrod and thlrty-eigbt votes, all but one bemg for
Ltnooln. ^Hbcwme place the soldiers' vole was jne
bundled sod eighth lea being for WcCtoilao ana all the
rest lor Lincoln.
Wo-ther Cue and roade soft.
dty of Mexico Correspendinee.
Mbxioo, Oct. 29 1884.
Departure of Hu hnp-rxal Mattsty and Escort from the
City?SAt Oots to Hut Hit Imperial Maj Hy a> lo uca?
/indents ty the I ray-Late ' fi iat JypatmmenU in
last Monday, ?ctober 24. her Imperial Majesty, accom
panied by Almonte a^J General Eazaine, departed from
ibis city, with tbe Intention of meeting bis Imperial
Majesty at our famous place, Toluct. His Majesiy wag
"h bis way buck from tbe States of Queretero. Guarrn
Juato and Morelit, where be had gone to receive ovations
i rem trn'tcre, and many others who perhaps are not so.
hilt who have, boaever, to appear at such, for the gov
e.-t not has ordt ed tnat the way through which tls
Majesty has to pass shall be decorated and arranged id a
maimer snitable to the occasion, and, aa he is master, he
must be obeyed. It happened, then, that when these
<ilVnD.?Ul'Le.d arrived ?t the great eity of
lorrna. they received ihe d.xegree-ible newa that
^?i ihem * ?r or b.udts, ns traitors
ud it .r h.rT,UCV"g ^b* li:T of TeoaniM
. r- ... . happened also that prudence
p' ' lBU'r "niottou particularly, loflueoc ng
amucet.) (Almonte, prevailed on tbr m to rest ?ou1 the
. It . 0 1 f ,e"r* subsiding thev
,aeir w,y and entered that pfvce at o'clock
J01"* afternoon. Nobody weot to meet the imoariai
Individuals, for tbe population were expecilcg ot^the
same time those Impertinent bendiia, and as the former
were not expected to .-on end the utter w?re a wIES
l0'""*' m"tnent, the Toluxcan irtitors bad thair
pleasure changed into teat and disgust, for their M i-s
ties did not tail to notice that there were there rsh-u
instead of bumble and t-ervi i elates ahd vassals inlr
braves defeated tbe traitors of l-nangn, p.,iert ne;r t(?J
frubienrd city and went on tse r ... to
which is their headquarters. 1 '-Kacuaro,
Pubi'ii wn'ir.0bl'V;rI",e" hV **?D appointed Minister e0
,h.r, A ' d "J"111 >* Peaa, Minister of War
thus disappointing General Lraga m.rt Vidaurrl *ho
w Kb a ?jr w io ir,e#e orvei cnbtBtue. io tbe ru e of tb#?
ntervention. At present the., worth,-, ar.
lorgotteo, but given up to the acorn ol an heuorab s men
psarn or corxr Nicholas bb oroitsf, ministsr
It Is ret many months since we announced the death
of tbe Chevalier Jr il-ematn, Minister from Ihe Austitan
govern inert and also the tact of his having heeu guc
cecd-d m bis diplomade mission by the r? not Nicholas
de Gtorgi. It now becomes t.ur duty to reco-d the d-ir <s
of count de Glorgl, who died in this city rather suddemy.
of Bright'., disease, and will he Interred to day at ( atairy
<era-:e.-y. lue ob-tqiiies will be ceiobrarel to-dsv t
M. fie use's cbnren, by the Rev. . . r, rmn ... ittr,
o el's < A large ri iriib,,r of foreign dip u, us, tn?' u: van I
??' our c.- crts mid <? ,.sr ' e* Vorit on , , ? s-e , . ..
Ihe Ketideui . -.-iri m < uusul General, l.oo 4 t.arim, t
Lou- < y . l" sitrnd iLe so 'mt> ccr-ru,,n?.
c,,utii Giorgl ane horn In Keg,,*., sr.d a( thettmoo'
bis der eese y as uhout fifty flvo >e rs ->f age. II- .? .. r
'hs mo-t uv ieut and n> i> u fnmd os of
Auuiru 'd hen be I, ,d fliusLed l.Is ttudlv. at ibe - ,i e.-e
of 1 be reels marrou tt Vienna, wi, -h w?-< r, u,<ied by '(,?
f mi>t-a* Maria There.a. io 1764, u-r ibe edu-allon of
young B b-men, he-oi T-d mtuthedi uomilic -rw?
-it hi- h-eo attached tod,:.- -n. . pa lie, am ? 1
other* to tha b,.??ions in Spain, , "rti ' Naidr?*"
a.ouy.llra i', and l.tely be hsd n sp-, ,a> n'w ou la
I'.oit-i ibu ,|-< sa-ed (> .,,,1 de (iiurgi ,,-f b?(
" ' "fders of all iho.e roreign go,erun>>nts
" cn ' * given to hint be:- re leasing lOs.r re
cuintrir, ,i? *, |oow e,lg,Dei,le ,,f hi d,si ugu;tbe,l r r
"?"? hoi ,nr lnj fli| ,/r08I. 0, | 8(n?,|,l(
v-ar I, ,o "i 1 ni""r?r of thai ramc in tbe
in,.,,,, ? . ^ t"u *rr<?' I|J" ???' ?r<'h only for v-sy
, ,^ i rendered I ? that couutry.
KmpeVur.'f *UII'',l,mbur'*'u ?" l,M Ma.e-ly tho
'..-.in b""jK,aiu- i
"('N "hfll ANfKL P. TAI.LMIKIF. I
Tbe Hen, Nathaniel p. Tallm.dge d.ed at lu.tlo Cre.w
Michigan. on the 2d ma, He w,? for -nan-,- ,e,rt pr, at
I *ehV' ronn^ w P?tr Itoltlto. in New Y -rk Stale
( was LbitedMates Senator, and more recently Ll-utuns i
Oover0')f Of Wl COflHlfi. II# friftAftomn nr ' J "
ability, aod be I, aged to" rVont^.Z
fuel bicom u, . xtlr't >Vre 2 ,r;;n "x"1 ,r' I
bec.meaconflrinerl .,-nr. ,iu4 ?,,>* J? r''l'r*
1" betablleb to. trutr^or that
WirsRursT, Com. Nov 10 1 set
Tbe Bon John P n-oo one of the t n,oe ? eciers at
targe cbuaeo on Tuerdiy.an Inrtushiiai and p ommcol
citl/eo of tble place died to-day at eieree 0'dock.
ABUTA& OF 1*1 BLOOP-OF-W AB R. 1,0018 A* FOB*
*OIAL, 8. C.
TBe UoofMrf-war 8C LnB, II, OmbmAw Gee. W.
Preble, *kkk tea been far mm Um oo special service
in lbs Mediterranean, arrived at Port Roval, & C., No
vember 1, nnoImd days from 81. Ifcomae, W. L 81m
will proceed north at an early day. All on board are
ta good health. The fallowing la a llat ef bat ettcera ?
Commander?George II. Preble.
luutenautand C&eer-Wm. 9. Stewart.
Surp*on?A. I. c.ibon.
-lO'iilan! J'aymatter?Judsoa S. Poet.
Jct.ng AintUrt?George Cables, J. N. Rowa and Allan
Hoxie. '
Aeung tntign? Hazard Marsh.
Jednj boaOnait?Ccorge Brows.
Carpenter? David Jones.
Gunner?Goo. P. Ci?. hraaa.
A'ai maker? Isaiah K. CruwoU.
Ac ing Vaf???Peter w. Kagan and Franklin L. Bryea.
Captain i Clerk? H. O. Preble
fajmaiter'i Clerk?James L. Miller.
The Tallapoosa, side-wheel in, Lieutenant Commander
Joaoph K Be Haven, froin acrui.se In eeurcb of the Talla
basscc, arrived in Boston on the morning ot the 7lb in
stant in a generally r mashed up condition. She leu
Halifax on the evening of the 3d, and experienced heavy
weather during the entire passage On iho eveoing of
the 3th she encountered a strong gale from tbe north
northwest, with a heavy rolling sea, causing tbe shin to
hibor hoHvily.and finally parting tbe key io tbe alter
rudder. Tbe tiller erna ubitted to the forward rudder,
And the ship became somewhat more manageable.
At half past eight P. M., the gale and sea Increasing, and
the ship rolling heavily, she was boarded by a soccea
aion of aeas, which started tbe gun deck stanchions,
directly under the aflor pivot gun, und threatened to
let the gun through tbe deck. The weight of
metal at this point proved too great for the strength
of the ship in such weather. Captain He Havens
was compelled to place seven temporary stan
choons under the quarter deck to support it. At mid
blgbt the ship waa rolling badly and shipping much
wntar, and dually was boarded by a very heavy sea,
which carried away the cabin skylight, and completely
flooded the cabin, ward room and steerage
At half-past five o'clock A. M. of the Ctb tbe key to the
[ forward rudder gave way, al-1 the ship was Is:t quite
unmanageable, rolling heavily sod knocking things to
pieces at an alarming rate. The heavy seas tumbled in
on her and swept ber decks fore and alt, requiring nit the
hatches to be battened down to preveut the ship being
swamped. At four o'clocg in tbe afternoon tbo galo for
tunately moderated, and Captain Be Haven succeeded in
rigging a temporary rudder and managed to steer tbo
I ship tolerably well.
i At half-past eight P. M. Cape Cod Light was made, and
the Navy Tard was ruacbed in tbe morning.
The Tallapoosa will havo to be docked and thoroughly
repaired and strengthened before again going io sea.
It will roquiro many days to put ber in order, as she is
badly strained and twisted, and It is doubtful whether
she will ever become a decent or sare sea-boat.
Tbe new double-enders bave, in nearly every Instance,
proved to be miserable sea-boats. Scarcely one of them
has encountered a galo that has not put tnera in hospital
for weeks before they could again be sent to sea. The
T'ontoosuc found herself In s stiff trade wind on ber voy.
ago from Aspln wall to this port, tnd she labored s i beamy,
strained so badly, and twisted in such an extrsordln*ry
manner, that she has been In dry dock ever since?a splen
did specimen of a used up sblp. The vessels of tbU class
that have breasted a heavy sea, ? r survived a gale without
serious damage, are tbe excepiioos to Iho rule. Not one
of tbem is lit for outside work, un ess it be In the Unset
season of lbs year. An old fashioned winter pale would
seod the whole fleet to tbe bottom, cr, If fortune ravorsd
tbem la weathering the storm, to tbe navy yards for
repairs. Why cannot we have something belter than
Shoddy gunboats/
The steamer Rhode Island,Commander Trenehard, will
convoy tbo next California steamer (tbe Costa Rica)
rom tbU port to Asptnwall, and return. She will salt en
{Monday next, tbe l?th Instant.
ciiakob in command.
Commander John Guest, of tba Galatea, has been re
lieved and ordered to tbe commaad of the Iosco, io, of
tbe North Atlantic squadron.
Commander Fomsrvllle Nicholson has beeo dstached
from tbo command of the Stats of Georgia and ordered to
tbo command of tbe Galatea.
The Galatea will ceovoy tbe Ooean Quaeo so Asptnwall
and return on tbo 23d instant.
Captain J. L. Broome has been detached from tbo ma
rine barracks at Brooklyn and ordered to the command
of tbo martoo barracks at Mound City Illinois.
It ts probable that tbia vessel will go on a short irtp
to day to toot ber eugtoei, compass and anchor hoisting
gear. Her crow will bt taken oo board to-day. She le
now about ready for sea
Affairs In Italy.
iLORINCX. Oct 18,1864
Pympatng of all /fitly for '\e Unu-n I'aute in America?
fttfor Etnunu/Ct Policy Towardi Mexico? Settling iht
A'dic Capital?Attitude of the Peovle, iht J ilumen,
the Priefi end Monk/, Jf.
Tbe late American news of the victories of the rrn es
of lbs .North has teen received with pleasure thiocgh
otil Ttrty? <lW?a VP #ee the restoration of the great
American Lniou. Nowhere On this cent meet Los the
cause of the North more sympathy teas in I inly.
Political coos;derations have induced the lul:tD gov
erunvit to recognize the empire of Mexico, bet there
are very few among us who wouid not bear with plea
sure that me French and tbe Kmpcror Maxim I an have
been driven out of Mexico aad Ha former government
00 my arrival here I noticed a buetl'cg and a move
ment n a I the streets quite unusual for Fiorenoe. It was
easy to perceive that something very extraordinary had
happened, calculated to stir up tbe iodoleal nature of
the Florentine.
Tbe unexpected news tbat tbolr city was called to tbe
high honor to be henceforth tbe capital of tbe kingdom
had a prodigious (fleet. The codini themselves became
very patriotic, and for the flret time did col beeltste to
srknrwledge Vlc'or Fiaaaue; as King of Italy. But soon
after ihe news of the sad events of Turin came and pro
dnced a palrful emotion. Ail understood directly tbat
the national oeuse was exposed to a great and Imminent
danger. Let mo say it to the credit or tbe-peopl? of Flo
rence tbat they were tbe flrst to send to the Turlneee
wcrdsif s> mpathy tnd the assuraero that they would
m at cheerfully dec iue tbe propoaed honor it tbo Italian
cause should by It be in any way compromised.
It seems now thai lbs danger Is over. Col. Caotellsrri
si,d some others bars been sent here by tbs government
with the mi?s on or choosing the bulldlsgs which con be
used for tb? Senate, the Bouse ot Representatives, the
dli!e;?tit mmistrles an^ other public services. Florcure
bus many old [dares anda; ee ous eonvents, which, with
< i sn extrajrdtrary nxpeuse, may bo made suitable for
tooaif ri t.l puip?*ei, id that there will he no difficulty
i i tual *c re. In the iBra.iv bile tho Florentines a e
bj. y r'eining the-r booses mid no'tces, ta luru at least
a | .irltoe-.i loin lodgings lor me ne w coup ru?lodg
ings ?ti b ihry n, tend to let ai .'abui-ruF prices.
1 aui , f irmed ?bit i gr ai mar.y Flnreulloe faraldes
wll. give ip thur city residence* nnd live u the r. .untry;
t?. I", I iI'err.n hii th.i advantage of leaving in tbs
r ei.p sn on j an Immense uumhrr of beautiful villas.
I tr lltl? re-? in I thi k thai ml ihm.e wuo come to Flo.
lence w t! | niiiy or in n>y?t|| i>a aure to liud ample
?ri ii ir.'i-iiti i- Hut r-r,n It is consul.-red tual no less
I ban r.'.e Liodred tt? usvi.l people w|,| r rr.s hero Io a
v^ry .11 nine, it is cie .r i.ut m. uy v. u| bo obliged to
pay h gli I SI,IS an t b.j ,mu y lujgffri.
I ?r u HI a-oii has nisi r-'.umod from Tufiu 71c ion
tila 'riei. is a ,ii I't.m i'h- .-,-ient tab, not, and when
hi sii i k* . -.ii ins. nosr igi*11 . tbi iiutry Fh *11 bo
r'.'h I, tbe ar u w.'l arisn il.i),i(e tru llr oi Konogu
A"s,rs. S i rn h 'c ih - country en.n, . a biguar rep.uu
Hon lb in liar on Khiaeoi
A 1'apsl niauiftoto j anx. ;?!y expected' but 1t is
gra . ? bollevod ta 'It Will O t b? publtSIMd until, he
oouvrt loo cif v.in' cr ln< bttjii ii<tt isftcd in lli?
il?i rtu rariiMineLt.
l'i issis uo'l ru inks are busily si w?rk trying to pro
duce due ,i d arii'-ng the isl ?.,s, wlib the henevcient in
ter;t|. i q [irovukin^ r v*l a r ,Noiw . .standing ibe |>re
tend'*,! reduction nl ibe Au- a ar ,,y, Vensna .a more A
Com" Ihnn exer. j/i l 1 In , >u has itgala gone to
\ tehOS- II ere is a 1 um t r f .? r, ng,recient between llaty
SuJ A lairls tor lb? Induction of n,,. ,,rn)v ,h# lw?
Co ..j tries. I bsrO are mans Utsjiosed to look favorably
on e .ch ao agreem nt. as ttie liuanri.,1 condiiioo
of the two Mates |b very dsplorehlo. Of course
;I,n ?ii) r?aehine seo-v on of iho i arliament sxrlu
s.v :y occupies tbo liifl. re;,t organs of publicity
In It fy. A teller from Tumi informr hie
m a Bo -i r. i'ipnl wl'l pre'ent a m Hon intended io elicit
fr??tn lb ? giivernmeni a declaration that !' ,me must be
the I'Apllsi of iu.) and tire ,u?e will rem ? the vote of
the 147via March IShl I tnia niotion ? acrsj.tsd all lbs
depuit?t of i'ledmont will wte for ihs Coorentioa of ."up
tern her 16.
The political hofiron is less gloomy, but every reflect
tr.g mind see thai Ihe condition of lu y just now is vary
r rltieel, and It requ r.s a wonderioi prodeneesnd fore
sight on the part of nsr rulers aud paupis to avoid a great
c?i? r pne.
I, ? 1 ng h*> sirnsd a decree oi amnesty Tor all tbe
prisoners nf Aeprumrinte.
The indicia, autboriiise. sftsr bar rg cxamtueJ into the
?*?*? wu? him the late luttu ? In Mora. Mr* 4*
elered that there hi m grouae far the impeecbmeel
apokaa aC
?w pepere.bave revived lha Idee af the Nepoleoole
ooDfrsaa It * ascertained thai Eeglaed and other Pawara
ibai did aaa aaaapt a aiaa Aral prapoaad waatd accept *
UlaraiUai Datalia from tfea Diary af a
Waakada Banner Poaad mm Baara tka
?*l*ak Har Alp."
"Let ker r?p|" Su.-k waa tha ejaculation wblob bant
wltk all tb? power of emphasis of which tha Kegliah
leoguege la capable from tha llpa of a group af aautical
niao who wara standing In tha shipyard of Messrs. Kirk
Patrick ft Mclntyre, of Glaepow, aa the last shores
ware knockeJ away, and a Ions, low, rakish-looking, bat
beautifully modelled sidewbeel steamer glided from the
stocka on which she bad been built Into the peaoeful
waters of tha Clyde. "Let bar rip | > U floated on tbe
breeze, In tne (lag at the masthead, It was b azonrd on
her glided paddle-boxes. and "Lot llor Rip? Liverpool,"
in letters of gold on ber stern, announced ber oama and
port of registry.
It was so uncouth name, and seemed to harmonize but
in with the beaullfuPy moulded craft to which U
belonged, nevertheless, to the eyen of tbe seafnrers
present, tlie sharp lines, tbe buge paddle wheels and tbe
light draught of tbe vessel seemed adapted to betr out
tbe motto. She was evidently built witb a view to tbo
attainment of a vcrv high rate of speed, In places, too,
?r dangerous and shallow navigation; lor ber draught,
when loaded, was but eight feet, and though she was'
nearly iwo hundred eet loug. she reentered but two
hundred and sixty t.,ns. In fact, she was a b oek >de
,DtJfu<ieU '"r "?? ?"'<le between Nassiu and tbe
?r. 1Col,'"<l8rMe Am.i ica.auu us soon as possible
after the Isnncb waa to proceed to Liverpool, mere to
receive ber engc ??? anj fittings, and from tbeuce to start
tOf tde scene of further exploits
lh* ,''Kt ,wrj ,0',rB "r ,h0 w,r blockade running
bad been a mutter f no great dm culiy. Sailing vessels
bad, time alter lime, cuided ibe vigilaime of the Yankee
squadriiu, and with a Moamur of very i -w ?>wer success
was almost certain. .Many that could stwscj no mare
ban seven or ?, ht knots at their highest stieod bad run
in and out several tines without a abut being Hred,
at a time, too, when cotton cu.iid be purcliased at eight
cents a pound iu the confederacy, and sold fur six times
that sum in Nassau or Bermuda
Most ?' tbo captures ul that period were made by
cruisers fulling in wub ibe vessels nu tbclr passage Irom
either peri, and many tout were not legally liable t > lor
lei uro were sci ed and destroyed by The Yuokees In
'??f lb? ' ersever ng evaders of their disap.
p n.ied ouvalmCD. lint as Iu? numher 01 blockade run
ners incr-ated the captures became more rumcous and
the oai.tors gained experience. About this time, too, the
United Mates, having failed to fultll tneir promiseoi bring
mg the rebels into subjection in six mo ths, aud uanglng
Jeir. Hums np as an example to future general! us and
as a terror to all intending agitab rg. Europe began to
doubt tier |towcr 10 do oo, or, at all events, to look upon
its consummation us an event as yot tar distant
and In the meantime .-outbern privateers were making
sad havoc among American merchantmen, and European
merchants deemed u no longer sa e 10 irust their goods
iu American botioms. Thus hundreds of vessels wero
thrown out or em h-ymenl, or obliged to cbauge their
fag many ot their ea ling vessels wers acid to tor
eigneis, and lliuir f?steet steamers were armed and em
ployed as cruisers and coast guards. Ihis addition to
the Northern naval power ailecied tbo interests of block
aue runners m tw ways-flrslly, by placlop a larger
number or much Taster cruisers Iu Southern ivnters. and
secoudly, by enabiiug tbe goveromeut to add to ibeir
blockading squadron* niuoy more o' ibalr tloamaiiips or
war thus rendering tno attempt to run in aoa out a verv
precarious one indeed. r'
Hut''the hour has uever failed to bring rortb Its man "
and Ibe emergency thus formed was promptly met bv
companies formed for tbe purrose iu ibe confederacy
oapccially In Soatb Carolina, who imtnedi.is y ordered
veasels Trom some of tbe best English and Scotch build
era, and spared no expense on ibeir fittings and ma
chinery. TDese vessela wot planned expressly lor the
trade, adapted to carry largely on a light drau- bt of water
aoa due I with steam power to drive them at a rate of
speed which could put capture from a fair chase out of
the question. 1
Of these, unequalled in beauty, sad as yet unsurpassed
"if06?1 WM ,lha lba sdveniures of wbich
on ber last trip i0 Wilmington, 1 sba.l for tbo praseot
attempt to follow prwcoi
?4 Hard a port I" shouted tbe mate to the man at tbe
wheel; "herd a port!" "Ahead, full epetd: pivo It to
her to tse engineers, as the ship swung quickly round
in obedience to ber helm and lied slnog wub ao liicreased
rate of speed in a direction nearly opposite that which
BUC bad beta purtuiug.
Jonathan wee wiinin half a mile of as when the order
wag given, but evidently had not seen ua. But tbe al
leratloaof our course brought us directly head to the
maoo (which waa close down to the horizon), aud aa our
bull and matia interposed between bins and tbe tight it
would bava been next to impossible for bim to<mis? see
ing ua. Tbet be bad not done eo waa qulclciy proved by
the erase cloud or an.oke Uiat arise from ble fuuoels as
he sieared directly alter us.
' 'Let bar rip." was I he word; am! we did let her rip to
some purpoee. for in four beurs Jonathan was carcelv
vjlbl# from dack, though with our glasses we ccud still
see bim einoklug up in tbe vsln hope of gaining oa os
"Not much por* left aboard there oow. ha lias burned
n.ViL rVe ?K'?ra."ea? our captain, coolly, aa ba
Ei fV. IP f? er coun"' WO turned in. glasses
Island ' M ,b* D0W invisible Raode
?r.W# ^"nuod our courts w?b<mi molestation ml tbe
Haia uhM..A 'oll,>?,0? d?y. ?l wmcb 11mo we were
again obliged 10 run away iron, it, as two cruisers sup
posed 10 be the Connecticut and Neptuae, hove in aizht
i,mlP01 ?t,ve u" 0>uc,i trouble, but tbe
time and dlsUoce lost in running off our course prevented
'a lUt DJghtl *Dd ob:,fe<1 u" t'1 ?a
Ifc-P d?rlisht <X tbe loliowing (Sunday ) morning
when we agun sbai?d our course for Cape hear
We sighted land about half past (our rao un along the
coast ss far a. we dared, andVhm a laid cfllowsll \or
At eight o oloek all baiids were called aud every prepa
ration mado and precaution taken lor runniK4 io. I at*,
tinned some men to pass the word oi command ir m tbe
bridge, and then look my own place by ibe man at tho
wba'l. E.very ligiu was exilngu shed, save or.e ,n me
eu^lce room and tboae hi the blunacles, which were care
fully shrouded, the windsaila were nanled dowo tbe
stokeholes covered up, aud. aa a last pracautiou. the mm
who had stowed away wa* brought upon the br. ige and
cbsmad to an iron si ccbion, rece.rlng at ibo same time
a gentle bint tbat there were half a dozen pj*tm balls
ready ior bu bead if be showed a ,y inteutiua oi turning
traitor. ?
The night seemed to favor as. It fell dark, clouded and
ml-ty, wbiie the clcenesx or the atmnsp iere, tbe fa n't
rumblicg of tbe distant thunder and the occasional
llafbes or f rked ligbtclng heralded ?n approaching
st >rm. We sped along at the rate of ab iut twelve knots
an hour, and were close to Cape Kcar light wbeua.ow
murmur from forward told us tbut one of ins blockading
squadron waa In sight.
I bent my sight clu?o down to tbt water, aud could
p*rc?1** 'I'd ?'?rk outlines of the hull of a far o steamer
not half a mill off. Then nerving myself to meet tho
crisis, whatever It raixbt be, I turned to my duty beside
the man at Uie wbvei, flrH giving inv moo a cautma
aboi.i speaking too loud in paaah.g the orders to cud fro.
we were two iff the lalle.t men iu Ibe ship, that
nclmrman and I, and by way of keeping up our spirits
v.c oomlcr,ed each other with tbe asauranco that we
would make a nne object for Nathan to p?|ni bis guns
by, If be should b ip|ien to sea tbo ship as rbe paaaed.
A dead silence reigned fore and alt as we passed tbe
nrst nluckader. Wrokea only at intervals by tho occasional
psesing of orders to us at the w heel in a low tuna and to
tlon 8r?*1 >?y' We 8"de<1 b7 without attracting his alien
It waa nearly midnight and we had nearly cleared the last
of the hostile vessel*, when a sudden nniselrnro ibe luuncla
(ceosod by ibe ' blaei" bemg put on), fo-lowed by a dense
eioed of smoke, which drilled right over tbe squadron,
th ia foruwug a clear and faith ul Indicator of our post.
Iwio, attract*] tbe Dotlce of her lookouts, and a rocket
thrown in tne direction In which w# were going proved
to us that we were discovered and showed tba other ves
sela bow ws were eleortng,
"Give It to ber, give her all y?u rani" ahouted tbe cap
tain to tbe enflneers, ?nd. trembiiag from item to atern
as the pressure oo her increased, our gallant little craft
S|>?iJ a long inwards the h?r at atiemeodout rate
And it was well that she did ao. We wero not two hen
dred yards off jonaihanwhon he s>w us, and ere tbe
?l?irks from his s'gnal rocket cleared away a bright red
lUah, followed by tbe heavy booming of a gun, warned
e* h of ii- t.i prepare for what m iat follow.
It was a mimeat of tutrnso and awful Interest that
brief hiierr.il Irom lbs fl ,sh of the gun till tbe abut
catno wblzzlog along, making my flesh oreep and a cold
shudder r?*s through my ir ime, as I stood calm y and
drmly al lending ui my duty by the equally calm man at
tho who I. a wa. one of those nwftil tu menta when the
soul i>ems (as iliough a i -htnuig ilHrh had for a mensem
Llumitied IU depibs) In glance far oown into (he dark
i.liens of eternity, while wiih equal force and vlvldnr>a
I le past, the irreclaimable p.e(( noils swl ily before the
vision, recall ng with lerrtuie truth and clar.rDess many
a precious hour wasted, m?ny a day mlrspeiit, many ?n
ill deed done- while 'be prceoi. poloting onward to tbe
apprcecblng tuture, whispers tho dreadful words
"loo ute-loo hie '
"tlrai e hv 'Jeorge'" was my exclsfn-itiou as tbe iron
sho i-r al"/, I 'iy w ithin a few yerdi of mo. ami lore
"P He wai'T on oor slat I) ard qnsrier, "Ye*, sir; si e I
csru ss little about ronrd shot and shell as any man hut
I -n hanged u I i k* prape," s.id the helm.m h, who,
raver'helesa. was calmly and unilmch ng y dolng his
ilLX. ^ tbdb succeerlva Hash
wnrn^(j h'fti <?? th** c*'?fiiifin
I go blind to that," be remarked, aaa storm efrsnls
ler.llew by, p'so.g over tho psddle lunse and lighting
i taheVtoi all* .'"to1' b"W ' * l,u" P-'fi Live
It to her lei her rip, were the order* of our pilot, snd
Vmfw.??A -. h "l * reiher SNtonlsbod
Niihs .. and which, had the dtst ace been great, would
soon have pin pursuit out of the qne?itnn
In s few moments the l elll-r ft p was et anchor under
the guns of I nrt Usher. <"?uor
(Here the narrative noses. The Let Her lilp, or Ws?do
T*/. r'l B'1 P*lle'1- w"" r*l''ured a'lcr an excliln,!
Jsr ks a . .7?r vi'?' r1'" U" ' n,"", "4"4''""
o' J "flKtoher. .-he h id from sis bun
dred to seven hundred bales ot cotiou on board ]
C om * ('alrndar? I hie Dap.
J?l a'r2' ' rr ?l arl 1.-Court opens et
Ulll A M. . h?rf ( ? Son. 211H 2.?7S 237R 'J77T
J774 2710, 307,0, 'J974. JS7Q. ?073, 5wi, jVJo Pert "-'
i3w iSW- igfld S&
18?rVia|7.iaC?!leV18T0, ? r*' lM4 <2?' 1 1 N0>' 17^'
a**L L 1 ?-Till A I, T??K ? Tifl l.awa\(lfl I T 1 Qlf,o
mSI'mo??' oanu u ?*, 4015, Ifl7ft,'II,HP,'
.IW9A, 4011, kktli, I art 2 ? \os .ItOO, 4KB. I4ud. I.'t.lk
4?,fd, 4>4A 4.168, 4300, 4,112, 4364, 4.W, 4318, 4370. 4.I72|
ismwn* Piras rorsr-Tgiai. Tssw._p,rt I.-Now 652
74?, 760, 731 762, 7M, T64 761, 7J8 761 740. T?l,
ijs, #9. I art 2.- ee 130.140,401, 229,114? 770, 771,
772, 713, 774, 776. 776. 777, 778, 7,?. "??
**? Frli?B?* Arralfa??-Hli A?mu?
I* Comet?He A*?4i Dot B?Uir>
ftttlMajr fn Ik* FinhiiIm,
lokdom swiiu omminal count, nnmr,
_ OOTOBkB 17.
ftMlMljr *1 eleven o'clock the Lord Chief Baron Pollock
?od Baron Mart la, aocompaoled by too Lord Mayor and
the Sheriff aad Aldermen, took th*ir anata opoa tk*
Tho prisoner, Prang Mullor, was at oaee plao*d at the
oar. He looked Dai*, and rather careworn, bat displayed
the greatest self pos-easton.
The Solicitor Genera! .sergeant Ballantlne, Mr Barmen,
Jfri?Giir*r<I appear-d to prosecute on be
_i T. crown, and Mr birgeunl 1'arry, Mr Metcalfe
I i? i ?*a*l8)r for the derence. tin the prieeuer being
| called unoo to plead lo the indictment, be answered 10 a
somewhat loud voice, ??! am not utility." The jury were
tn?^.,rtmg f*!*- wh*n Mr' f?Meaul Parry addreaso.l
tne court, and the prieooer waived bis ri,ht to be tr ed
or ill"1!?1 , }XLTy' *0d would b# lri#d by ? >ury composed
tar. mil h D| hergeaut Parry lequetted mat tlio
ui p i' selected from the whole pauel (about
H*ty). Alter a abort pause the whole b dy of mrvnieu
atieodeU to tbeir came*. The names were cba'lsng'od hj
law '.Tim IOr l"e PriBon8r- lauetb. af'er some ,ie
luui their oharyel!* **0rn Md ^ k'v.n
1 he Solicitor Ge oral thea proceeded to etat* the case
for the prosecution He said:?in* my duly to ueUil
the circumstances of a most extraordinary murder, aud
to sum tbe evidence that will be brought be ore v ou that
points to tbo prisoner ?e the guilty party. Ibe lury
mu-ht ask mm if ibe murder was done by one man oulv
He readily coaressed he could uot say The probabi ity
was ih.t It was dot e by one person.f r ir tbere bad been
more n ) doubt they would have rilled Mr. (tripes' preset
If there was only one be would have eootu-h
?? T bands to take the watch and get rid
or the body. As In the Instrument used, he
thought it was Mr. Drives stick. Of this they
c uld judge. He was Inclined to believe mat the
mil d- r was not p econr.eived, but was tbe res ill of a
sudden impulse arising from tbe temptation which lbs
handsome watch aud chain excited. Mr. Ilrlggs' slick
and bag wore louu I m the cirri go. There was a nat hi
the carriage that w.is Dot Mr. ariggs', and Mr Bra
wns not lound. Ibe evident presumption is that ibe I
mu derer, In the excitement or tbe moment, to. k Mr j
Bnggs' hat and leit lusowo; md If thsy discovered ibe
men who wore tbut bai on the fatal night, ho was proved
to be the murderer almost is clearly .a it bo had been
sour, t ? co.nmil it. The solicitor fieimral brought down
the cuse to the lime tnat Mutler left Kugiund. He I
showed that prior to the murdur Muller was so b or
that bee uld not raise four pounds p, pay his passage
to Ainenca, and his own watch and chain were in
pawn for three (lounilH. On tbe i igbt of tho murder be
retui i ed to his lod ing very late, and did not go out oo I
Su duy excei t lor .i short walk w itb Hlythes, with wh m
he re-1,led, and .m Monday Moiler bud Mr. Bring*' ch-in
and exchanged it ai Mr. lte.th's.lbe jeweller. When lie
was . rresied lu America Mr Hnggs' wach was found in
his possessiou sewn in a piece ol canvass. He said he
had t for ten years. Well, how did be come by ibis
watch and I'tiatu? It might be stoen.and that Mailer
bought tbe ohain; il is a matter fur grave constdersi.oo
Tor you. H .d be had three pouuda rideen sbilltu.g to
give 'or the chain. The ev idrncn would show be was lu
great distress, if he hud throe pounds ti leeu shillings
would be not have done what be did immediately on
getlln : money, namely, take his own watch and chain
out or pawn, and when he hid the money to buy tho
valuable watch. We find then the articles m prisoner's
pnsse-sion immediately alter the inuidi r, and he
gave a false statement oi bow he got them, he
had tne means of ottering siren er evidence tbi-u thit
as t. ihe h.t. ibe bat he neid in tils bind was that i
lound in tne railway caariage, and whoever left that lint ]
in the carringe must have been the murderer lie
th ugbt be should be able io?li<>w '.bat ibis hat was Mm I
8 to? fairly r.u'1 that kntno oilier persons I
might have hail a bat made bv J. Walker; but Muller, it
wag c rar, had one, audlbit bat was Dot forthcoming.
Where was It- But tbe murderer took Mr. Briggs', ami
he should show, by very striking evidence, that the hat
toned in Muller's poesviitioii when ne was arrustrd was
Mr. Briggs'. Mr. Uriggs dealt tor his huts wpb Mr.
nitcaote. aud Mr. Briggs' sou bad aoms dimcultv in at
Urst identltylDg tbe but ?? his father's, ami and It was
lower m the crown, lie was right, for it had beeo cut
down su inch or so. The man who made the but would
tell them that he msde the h it for Mr. Briggs, and that
it being too large he bad placed a piece of tissue pa
per Id it. that paper was removed, but liigm.iiu
of It remained Tueu me brim bad boon cot
and a piece cut off the hat, and the brim sewn
oo as a tailor would sew it, and not Joined with
varnish and hat ir. n as a hatter would do it. Well why
did M .ller cot down the u.n? Would he raocy a lew
crowned batr No, for Ibe on* be le t behind mm was s
tall crowned one. it was tbe practice wb?n a bat was
made to order by Mr. Htgauce to write tbe name of the
customer in it just atffive tbe brim. Wa* it not probabi*
tb*t Muller oa the voyage discovered tue name, aad on
tbat nooount out ff the piece of the bat. He should show
moreover, by tbe evideuoe of Mr. and Mrs. I rep cb, thai
Mul.er wore tbi* bat on tbe Monday when be dealt or the
chain. True It was tbst tbe evidence, be bau stated with
out comment, wa* circumstantial evidence, i* require
more evidence of murder woutd be to pr-a laitn It oo.ild
not be puutatied. Tbere was evideuce o iscts, sucn '??
tbe walrb. tbe chain, and tbe cut down bat aud the arv
mutt recollect tbat cnxumaiaaliai evidence wa* lee. o*ji T
tbe timet coocloeiTe.
Witnesses were tben called for the prosecution
Mr. and Mre. Bucnan proved tbat Mr. Briggs left tbeir
home at Puacham et half-past eight on ibe oigat of the
murder, |ierfeci!y sober
Tbe ticket collector at Fencburcb street elation rave
eviaenoa as to hi* arrival at the staiiou at orty five
mluule* iwtt nine. ,
The two clerks of Roberts ACV. were oext exsmnrd
On tbe arrival et Hackney of the traiu by wbic'i wr
Briggs started, they got mt ? an emptv carnage. ?, d
round it besmeared with blood, atid a hat, cag ana stick
lefi iq it*
The railway om. ials proved that the c-rrltwe was at
once locked up, uud care taken of the tut ?oJ sue*.
luggau tbe | art iceman, gave evidence ?? to tindiog Mie
body on tbe uue.
lb* medical men d.poeed Acting the injuries eus
laired by Mr. Briggs. J
Mr. r>e?tb. Jewel er, war ernes examined ?Did not know
that the pris,ner had ? link put to a i ti.io it b* simp in
November last, for which be p.nd Is cd: bs dul not re
mea ber that in June that yeai toe prig ,tier had ai>?
traus.ctions at hl.s shop. (At tbi? p.uut tn? i ris... er ua ?
the i ham put inlo his band by Mr Bird, and pm aiel
explai e t to btm the alteration he liud nad made ' e
(Mr. I eatb)did not believe be bad ever see: the main or'
be?paw|bidUr#; lblS t0e Prit 1,er is ?*u Cham, which
Py sergeant Bnllantlne-i,* was quite sure be bad
never seen the prisoner before that.
? 1 r lben und rtaking to send h|? bro
the., who w..u minding the shop, but tne evidence he
g its was similar.
Mr. Hlytba sod his wife, with whr u Muller iodreH
Kreplck, a tailor, and hie wife, sod a <> ,r eymaii t.ilof
tumsd HsTa, rleods of Muller, were oxuroiDssi rsapvet
ing Midler s movements immediately before and subae
qr.enily. Tbe Court ed^ourned tul leu o'clock next
Tre evidence for tbe pro?ecntir,D will be completed by
the examination of si* more siinosi. n ,<> under
Stood tbat the de encc to be set up will be an s.ibi.
The Interest ? xcited by tl.e trial is v< ry cor.siderabie
Tbe ponce atate mat tbe excitement at Palmer's trial
w.? cot oear so great.
The rrportors have difficulty In performing their
duties, owing to Ibe difficulty ol getting In and out of
American Geographical and Statistical
Tbe first meeting, since tbe summer vacation, of tbe
A mar lean Geographies! and Ftalistlcal Society was beid
at Olntpn Hell lest even log. Quite a numerous audience
was In attendance, and tne proceedings were of deep
Interest. Archibald Russell, Keq.,Vioe President, occu
pied the chair In tbe abieDce of the President, Boo.
Charles P. Daly. Tbe report of tbe Council of the Society
wss read, recommending, among other thing*, that
during the coming winter a course of lectures be gotten
up (under tbe auspices of the society) descriptive of all
the promioecrt battle fields of th* present war, each lec
tors to be illustrated with appropriate diagrams. The
report was uoselmously adopted. Ibe .secretnry
read a letter from Rev. Or H. tv. Bellows, lately
returned trotn an extensive lour through the Ftalos
of California and Oregon and tne Territory of
tkasblnston, stating his readiness to comply w ith the
society's requssl. to prepare an elsb-rale t?|>*r on ths
rtwourceg nf tbe Pacific rlope. Also a 'avorxb'* response
from Rev George R Haker, missionary lo fl?m, to pre
osre a paper descriptive of tbat country. Kxtrr rt* f-om
a most intorcstlnn lot'er from Hns. Mm. F. H ' s,
American < oovul to Xannbar, giving an elaiior i'e hlrlcry
of the geography, agriculture, foyernnieol and neo| la of
th t island, were also read, i he Ifev. Dr. Thompson
tben offered lor adoption reeni it-.ons of respect to the
uieoiorv o. tho late f'apuln - j, ke. the great Afrus'icx
plotnr, prefacing them with a brief sketch of hie Hie and
chancier, which regoiuttuQ* were uusuimously adopted.
Ibev er* a? in.lows ?.
R?s ive<l. That In tbe death or Ciptaln John Banning
Nprko, the c uiae of geidrrapbical science h s lost a must
valuable aud efficient ageot and promoter, whoeediaco
very o, the \ icto. is Nyau/a ia lake feeding tne rucr
Nile) and bis proximate determination of the sources of
the Nile. liav? given him an Ixmerabi* pre-eminence in
the iisis of African exploration.
Resolved, Ihat the r"nioval, by an untimely acci
dent, ot this young and enterprising traveller, juel as
be ?*? preparing tor a lonrth Journey into Africa, to
verify uud complete h s great discoveries, is a pern ul
end lUMrutab'e oereavemeut. wliltn tills sormlv leeis, pi
sympathy with the Knyai tfeographlctl hocieiy, u o|?r
whose munlflcsmt auepices i sptam Stwko accompliebed so
mncu for ibe common Intorests of science.
Resolved, font this society re.eicea In Ibe detnrmlns
lion <f the friends of goograpblcal scene* lu Rutland to
erect a suitable monument to the memory nf cavtalh
bpeke, and also to prosecute to Dual success the discove
ries wh.ch will form Ills enduring fame and that tuess
rbrcls are rennminendcit !?> tbe cordial co operation of
the ft tends of science in the United r'tatos
A'ler Hie reading of a paper descriptive of s trip from
' anion. ( b:n*. up the Canton, or l'earl river, by Hon,
William P. Jones, United Matee Consul to Mncao, the
society adjourned.
Peraiinal Intell igrnre.
Among several distinguished Mexirans who beve ar
rived in New York we may mention tho Mexlcsn General
Rwcoliedn end bis secretary. They ar# staling ai Ibe
Barcelona Bole I.
Kvesalug Ntwck Ksrhaetg*.
Ttti twnav, Nov. 10-8W P. M.
$10000 Oblo cer 40VJ loo sue PHIS Kit '.*3 I0*x
Kiooo do ...... 900 Rock Island RR.. loa
10000 American gold. 2.'g goo do 103
70'>00 do 240 200 Northwesters RK 44 ^
60(1 *hs Kris RR joi y coo do .e-1 44 H!
100 'lo 101'4 2t>0 North*D*t n pref fif ?
100 Hud-on p.tv RR 122S4 too R< rt A'svae H1L. IOIH
lo 0 Re J'K f'-K .... l;i7>4 |oo Gaston to b-1 8*
?0tl Mich -*wi RR *3 71 100 Marl|?.s# Co .... tfU
100 III Central RR... I2i V
Ukty lUpff* ?? <*?? fafctwwi**
?f AgrtMltar**
of AgrteulOrs baa popared M# bt
NMt for tk) ???>>? M Bsp(omb#r and OdtMj
I! ooomms a large wMit of t#1##W? WwmIh am
faired tram varlows eoarcea, Bad from ad (k# ??y?lH?
tioma of tbe Ualoe n eMbraow tM expwtaewef a largd
bum bar af promlaen( agr?##U?rtsu ?? dWbraw 8U(s#
raapaellag Ika relative merits of drill and brosdesa#
?ontog vhHi, tn which (ha walgbt of (ha t##(lmo#F a
strongly la favor of (ha former mode. 1( faralahaa ?
report on a subject of much Interest now oa (ha sute od
the foreign grate crops sad markets, from wbkeb II apt
peara thai France will Dot probably lb able to supply tkd
Kogltsh markets wllb wbeat aa<t flour daring the coming
year, that much of the wheat of Northern Europe Is tas
lured by wet weather, sad that the hay, oats and root
crops of Great Brltata art a greater failure than
baa bean known to tbe present generation of English
farmers. These misfortunes to olber coontrloe caouo#
fail but prose advantageous to our own agricultural corns
mutiny. The great scarcity or food for farm stock to
Ureal Britain must create an actlre demand for America*
Indian corn, and our capability to supply H, at reasons,
his prices, is shown In the umpi* statistics furuUhed by
tne Comtplssioosr. While the present crop of corn Id
lees than that of 1862, ?el lbs home demand up n It, in
tbe opinion of the Commissioner, will be proportionately
less, eo that the surplus for exportation In 1865 will not b?
touch below that for export In 1863. Besides tbe usual
statistical tables or domestic produce,and English import#
of grain end textile material, this report contains a tebiq
of the number of imm'^ranis to this county at New York
during the inontb? of July, Aesust and September, for
which tb" Commissi mar acknowledges his indebudnem
to tne Collector of ibis port. ? _ ,ofl,
toiicbinL'the corn crop of the Inltod States fir 1864,
tbe Commissioner presents suit-tics showing that for
the i * si three years tbe crop has been as (ollows: ?188*
686.226,306 bushels. 1803 451,967,959:1864,530.581,903.
'I bat ia. the crop of 1864 is less than that of 1.802 by
56 i.44,90'2 bushels. and greater than that of 1863 by
78,613,444 bushels. The cr<M> of 1862 was much lb#
largest ever grown in the U'.itod Mute*. Not > uiy Ibis,
but tbe limue demand upon it was much tbe groater oT
any other rear. Without referring to the demauds oC
the war, we notice th-se only nrie>ng :r> m tbe great dt#
tillation o' 18?2. 186.T, and tbe groat amount of cattle
an l hog* fattened upon It , . .
Ibe pork packed m the West, r.? far as reported, show#
thai in 1662 63 the cumber <>f hug* packed w ui 4.392^
086. and III 1863 '64, 3.319,427. showing a decrease ofl
lOC'efig. ihe return of the fattening b"g?, is shown
in ibis repo-t, trom the Western St.tea. presents a de
crease of in-? year from the last ot i.hout (weuty-eight
per cent, or 949,038. lcgemer, the dec;e ae eiooe 1862
18 1,061 . ...
Ailowug flficen bushels of corn as necessary to lb#
fan*.n.g of a hog. this number would re nitre 29.473,440
b ishi Is? ro tbsl tbore will he * lo-ser.ed demand to thia
amount on me crop o< 1864 that there wae on the crop of
1862 he have no daia hy which to rtetormine the
addilionsl bushels consumed iu oifelii-ation in 1862-63
incr Ms* will ho ibe probable amount in 1864 65, bug
tin. p'e h' large supplies of wm key, audits decreased
co'.s' piui. from the high lux. will decrease largoly tb?
dwi ilali io in 18?5. Nor do we know Ibe differeuiO bo.
iu-con what ivms necessary t? fatten c-iitls in 1862-63,
in o th it which will be required tu 18 .4-65. But alttv
,? >iIter the demand lor tbsse ob ecu en toe crop ol 1864
, em'.: be .#?* on th-ornpol 1862 than Of ,000.003 bushels.
In ru'.ti l ?lumbers we may *a ely i tace iho lossene 1 horn#
oerufd firisirs'or tonne three purposes st 50 000,099
bwoeu. iheu the greatly icseei ed number of horses, stock
h- m sud callle, and tbo greater aeotinmv that will bo ob
K-rv "d In feeding, should out be overlooked. W n cannot
err mucu iu suppoiing ibal tbe amount of corn for ex|X>r.
tanou of the crop of 1884 will be ruily equal to that of th#
' he exports oT Iodlso oorn to Great Britain have been
as follows -1861. 24.722,S16 bust els; 1862 , 21,830,328;
lHfi.'J 23,774 97ti. acd in eitfbl mooibs of 1?64,4.">64,832.
It* once id New to'k I.as bteu as follows:?1801,73
cents i nr bushel, 1862, 64 cents. 1863. 82 cents; In
iir? , 1864. 91 30. nnd in July, 18?4, 81 68. At tbe last
dita it wan selling in England at 85 cents per baebel.gold
V*Th" Commissioner bestows considerable attention (?
II e agricultural interests of the Pacific Slates and Tsrrl?
tones From onsof his correspondsots In California w#
le. ro thai Ihe past wtuter there Das been un precedes V*
ed'iy dry, and the result Daa proved very disastrous te
the agricultural laterosts of the Stale. The grain crop#
thm seasou will not yield half the average products lor
nasi ibrie years. Tbo hay cop If about fifty pop
cent leas thin that of last year. The fruit crop la ba#
Pule below ihe average The grape crop I# expected to
b* about a fourth below tho average Owing to the ex
ce"sive drouth this summer immense numbers of oattl#
h.?ve died in California from eurvatioo, and many mora
.nusi die haforo the coming winter Largo numbers iff
norm sod cattle nave been removed to uregoo from la#
n rrtiern connliea.
kroir> Colorado Territory the returns ahow n rapid I#,
ereuse over ibe crops of isst yesr, ssy from seventy-fly#
p. i e hundred per cent in Uuerfsno county, rrem Utah
Hi.- lelurnsshow a slaady advanoe to IU agrtcaltw#.
??a?ch, it i* calculated, will aid much In tbo development
me'mineral resources or tbo Territory. Frosa Oregon
tne returns are loo far hack to apeak of iu Usvfsou; ###
accounts relative to its corn and graa# show (hat (bey
have suffered severely from drouth.
tnp?' ?The wheat crop of 1864 la le*a than thai of
last year by lb,.hg.2l3 bushels. Its quality. howovSK
i- generally superior, and on this account It will mora
will; a hotter demand in the Fngltsn market, for tb#
wl eats of northern Europe burs not been harvested la
good condition on account of wet weather. AI though
the cmp >. leas than that of last year, yet tho groats#
abuudaure of c ro and buckwheat will lead to a lessened
Dotue coosumpli' D, so that tba export demand can be
This crop ?? let* by 909.807 bushels than h*
vcar's?a dilv-roovu too small to a'!eel the market valau
j.arleii fhi? crop >s aiso less by 750,827 bushels, but
it is too small a red list mo for further noitcs.
<,aU? he:.' s .? fa- orabio tncretfe in the onl crop
over laet }??*. It is 2,889,489 bushels, slthougb there
!> a gre?' tailing off in New York But Ibe Increase la
the Western Mates more than compensates for It.
O >n.?The long sud severe drought or the past ??"??
mer > ccasloncd great eoxtely for the corn crop. Whit#
the ralo* iu August camn t.:o late in soma localities to
matartally benefit it. una 'n oihs ssomsof tss field#
wen-11o far injured to recover, yet, generally, they war#
In tune to benefit the crop very much. [See ststistlo#
*l>"T'*iln.?Tbsrs is a large decrease In this.crop. Id
ISO;: it wae 267,207.929 pounds, "i d this year but 197,.
ifi8 ?""? pounds?a difference of 69,799,691 |>ouiiug. Tt#
chief reducl.on in the crop or 1804 is to be found m tb#
htatss ot K intuck), Wis.ourl and Mirylsud. Ihe coodb
tt .n of iticir labor, *i -t the uofavurable sea'on to- plau*
Ing nut. ?re the cause, i this reduced oduolion. l ha
scar, i v of lahor ip ml. r SUtes. and tks fear that N b
ternai duties wonio c .use a d?. ? sc.I h me cons mptluo
of ib" commodity, u.du ad s le eeuod ?uitivaiion
Bu'kw'.'itl Th ? ci p has increased 2,.<94 08j bushel#
over thst of 1863 and is eqiiil to that ot I 2.
/??:?v.i -At one nme it tvui leaied tl.w crop would b#
a!mo?l * farnre, but the rstos of augcat a d rfantemrvsg
were lavorabla to it. esperiilly In tbe Nortbcaatura
Mate* Ihe No'tbwe.tern bad inins in July, but th#
lalter t art of their sessou was uhfsvorab o. the crop I#
* 9.13,782 b> sheis i?"s than that ol I86P.
II _ Altb ugn this crcp is 1/20,696 ? na less than
that o' isst year, yet it* superior quality will fully com
pensate for us decrease to we.gbt. It was barvostod I#
'a J" oai-eJ. - Jn'ttia States of Nsw Yrrlc snd Minnesota
tbers is a decresse - in the former Slste of one third of ?
tenth sad in the 1sttsr oT one snd oue-third tenth from
the ci'op of 1863. Put lbs of, -r Mates show a large Irw
crease, ringing from one tenth to four tenths, ihe in
creagn in lint is not so great, hut is much In advance of
lb!L.'uWn ?tii lb# r-utos where th s m"lss?es produek
has heen rsisen lo considerab e qusniltie*, as In must of
the V.'.stern, there la no great increase above 1862 excep?
In ntiMPf wh.ro It is iwo sno a quarter tenths. Hot la
real IV sll'the Kssiern ihsre Is s isrc- mcrseae, rshkh-fl
from ore to seven l sol he. How far the trust of the 9th
o' Oi tuber ha* Injured tills crop In th. West is n d yet
kh .wn But it was unu.uelly backward by reason of th#
look drought, and premature ripening by f ost Is unfa
vorable to the production of moiasaee alther sa to qu.n.
ntv or quality. Wa much fear that our farmers will
again experleoo# an un.uocassful scasoa to tbla new mo
'** v* n -The retnrns (rum counitea In which lbl? pro
dm l i-grown arc nut many. but. qomjisrsd wiih 1862,
thev .how a c neMeMhle locrea... ranging from una to
flvYtciitbe. In Illinois it is (our tsntha. or tony |.o?
C"#.M-f Crurs.?There Is a large decroase in theee In h"ar.
l. ? i of il.n-tsl"* except f nnnecticut and W 0"t Mrglu -.
In virmcnl lhere is a *m*H increase, but po.atoc are
B0VrX'V^Yu7sb#en;m..ed that the number of
bogs fattening will h" h" ,Uh0 y,1,"r'
which was a million leas than the p.sv.oua year.
, 11in. I. a statement showing Ihe numher u?
arrtvYs of furflgn emigrants in the district ami port .iff
New York durli g "he ihr-e munlhs composmg tne qiisr.
Mr ending September 30. 1JM;- ^
. ,.ui,l, .. 0 4 8 7.138 16.1.91
y^anA.u.l l".?4? 9.0'9 ?.'?*
Arrival* lo Aueu'i ..... a*. ? ?? _a
Arrivals In Bsplember.. 7,02#
.2M28 21 658 ?'9??
The fblVowlrc show Ibe numhe- of emlgrsn's whe
srrl.sd al l6 ho pnrls during .ho *
m>,.ir ..i..er 30, 18U3, end ending i?eptemhsr S0, |8 ^
N"?r York 4.48fl
T0'*' ,??? ? 'months ending Nomrnhnr
The return* shown for eleven ,14rt,?H>
36, 76,366
And for Ibe 7JuiUUodIng'the effecie of the icr
This ehows th*' B" ' ongsgsd. snd the sffori* maflw
rihle wsr in * hen en enormous In
tasi prom.se* on iverssl liberty.
NE w8.
?rls Tllrsre, Pertugeae.
Brig Ad.lpht. _
gchr feiesrsrb. #r. .
By p lot boet O Stesrs. No 6. >
( for oiKtr Sh>rvi*Q
TOO LATE icon CI.4SSI NIC A ? ?<>
a T A MEKTINn Ol| TH8' ^T|7.?N,.**#?^AJu ft
A the Ft 'b erard. hshl #1 J- ?u eere werO
1st .v>*ule4. N?;etnner maRiosN. Pre,
unsnliniiu* v ? e'ted - ? ^ ? htab. Vlec Pies
F N. aRMSTROND ^"'?/['l^r^LT Treeaurer.
M LANK. Be.Otdina hso. J**l?u?1'i. ir??

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