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Arrival of the Steamship
Guiding Star.
Loss of the Biver Steamer
fcc- M.
tlM steamship Guiding Star, Captain Knapp, arrived
at tbta port yeaterday, from New Orleans November 6,
M half-past eight A. II. -The purser wlU accept oar
for favors.
Vs. Q.otge Willtiana Brown's Deipatch.
ViCKBBtao, Mist., Nov. 8, 1804.
Captain J, R. VeelU, of the gunboat Lafayette, stationed
MTthe mouth of Red river, yesterday informed me while
paaolng there that a large "rteo" wee coming down from
Be elated that he waa oonataotly on the wetch for some
aftherebW gunboats. Among these the most formidable Is
?he new iron clad ram Missouri, which carrtee six heavy
?bob, and has a thick coat of armor. The rebels have
two more gunboats in Red river; one the Webb, which la
wail known to up, and another a seagoing vessel, wb.cb,
although very powerful, is of too heavy draught to be of
?such service In theso waters. On the 12th of Octnbor
Captain Veeid had positive Information tbut all these
Steamers were lyiug at Shrcveport and await
ing a rife to come down the river, no is cou
Stantly looktDS out for them, and wid uot be found un
prepared eveu bhould tuey arrive at an uucertain hour
hear his ouchorage. Yesterday there were six feet of
water on the outside of tho bar, at the mouth of Red
trlver, and rising.
Pillbox LIFE At caw FORD, TRIAS.
From Capt. S. R. Johnson, One (luntlrod aud Thirtieth
lllhioig Volunteers, I gitber the following Information
Et'smp lord, Tyler, Texas:?He was captured at
Held, i/ouisuna, on the 8'.h of April last, and has
a prisoner with the enemy since that date until the
of October, whoa he, wltn a large number of other
poor au0.Ti.rs, waa exchanged at tbfmouth o: Red river.
The ( a;.tain was appointed and acted as qunrler
?malsr aud commissary of all bis lellow prison,
are in Camp Kord?at one time, in July, number
{fag four thousand four hundred. He said he
Was not able to mentlou nae-ienth of the cruelties and
aaflbrlnga they were compiled to euduro; s xh as
ASs want of proper sbel'er Irom the heat and cold of the
jailmate, they heiug crowded together In an open stock
ah, with no covering except thai of their quarters,
WSloh were made of boughs and eanebrake. Their ra
?loo. wee-j lrequeutly reduced to nothing but parched
The Captain tells me of some murders perpetrated in
ghle dreadful place. Private P. O. Sbomacker, of the
Ooa Hundred uud Thirtieth Illinois, was shot in cold
Mood by a sentinel ou the evening of July 12, while he
?ad two oi his comrades were engaged In a discussion of
?ease religious topic, aa they hud just returned from a
jprwyer meeting. The sentinel, on his beat at (be outside
af the stockade, stopped, and putting bis gun through the
Ben? of which It was made, without saying a word. 11 red
at the party. Tbe ball entered the breast of private
Bbomucker, silling him Instautly. I have seen his
Bseniorandum hook and letters, ail of which are pierced
by tbe bullet nod covered with blood. Captain Johnson
la taking these sad memorials to tbe wire of tbe deceased,
Wbo, be believes, baa uot yet heard of the cruel death of
ber husband. About the 1st of Jaly a private of tbe
Oaa Hundred and Twentieth Ohio, whose name ho d..es
aot now recollect, wis shot dead by a sent ncl while
got of to the sprmg fur water, woich all were permuted
to do, as it was uear by. lbs sculinel drew his revolver
from his belt tud, taking deliberate aim at bis man. shot
Mm through Tbe abave canes were so cowardly and
murderous that Captain Johnson demuoded a court martial
?f the sentinels, which, although promised by tbe cpm
maader o( C>mp Kord, Lieutenant Colonel Borders, was
sever granted. Several other soldiers suffered tbe same
?ad late as tbe two above mentioned; but no atteutios
was paid to tbe mutter
A ileuten iDt and one of bis men manage,! to escape
fsvm the stockade, but ware pursued with bloodbouuds
late s tbick eanebrake swamp, Tbe lleutenaut, Uuding
be was about to be overtakeo, made a circuit of the
Same Hack lie had pursued be ore, with Ibe Intention of
giving himself up. He soon came up with the parly who
were following him, and at uuc surrendered himself;
but theso wretches permitted tbe bounds to tear the
gosh almost off one of bis legs, which made him suffer
Mm exiremt-8l torture for several months with tho sore.
Ibeab.ive are ooly a few ol the narrations given me
by Oaplalo Johnson. He will give a m. re oxtonUeJ ?c
Seant oi the cruel experiences or himself HDd his fellow
prisoners at Camp Kord upon his arrive! if LliIDota.
??i be le going on s leqjfPl absence,
0? Mew Orion Correspondence.
Nnw Oauasm, Nor. 9, 1894.
dismissal or omcsas.
Sprcial Order?No. 290.
Buiui-ARtiM, Drfabtmkrt or tax Gtx?, t
Nov. 1. ISttd. f
Hi follow Inc named offloort are hero by disb oorably
dtenaiaaed, subject to tbe approval of tbe President. lor
appropriating boontMa due colored cock* enlisted In
their ragimerit ?
Lieut. Col. B. W. Btryker, Eighteenth New York
?era try.
Capt. J. W. Antbes, Elghternlb New York cavalry.
Caiit. Augustus llaooo, Eighteenth New York cavalry.
Ural LmuI. J. P. Wiltard, Eighteenth New York
Firt.1 Lieot. Cyrue Payee, Eighteenth New York cavalry.
These officers will be euR|>Rotied Irom command until
Me pleasure or tbe Preatdoni ta known.
By command of Ma iir General flURLBUT.
O B Hakukwt, First Lieutenant and Acting Assistant
Adjutant General.
Of tbe i Ulcers named, Captain Bacon, wounded In tbe
Bed river campaign. M a paroled prisoner, visiting bis
friends at the North on furlough, while awaiting an ax
Shange; Lieuteaant Paloe was captured near the close of
Me Rod river campaign, and Is now a prisoner at Tyler,
Paxes; Lieutenant Wlllard had a position on General
Can by's staff, which Included the obarge of rebel prla
eeere in the Picayune tireee In thla city.
It I* allied tbat they wero coucerood In the nllil
Mat <?( two colored cook* for Mcb company while tba
regiment wan Id camp at Washington, for wblcb a bounty
van paid by tbe city of Troy, amounting to three hun
dred dellari for each rook, or an aggregate or eeren
tbouannd two bui.drod dollar*, and tbat tbn bounty baa
Cover tx'i'U paid to the patriotic colored Individuate. It
i a loo aln o-d tbat tbla enlistment waa id vioUtion of
tbe right* or Uwe ot the District of f.oiambla.
It I* mHinutned on tbe other hand that the colored
eonka were | aid all tbe bountlea tbey ngreot to enlut lor,
Which eaa a cooeideratioo somewhat leei tban th ee linn
died dollar* for each, and tint tbe Mayor of Troy obtaiuud
j^eclal authority from tbe War liepartment to aocredit
i oolored cooke ??> that city an aoidiers. The friend*
V tba oflloers thu* aummarily dlamtaaod expreae a be
Iter that InJuHiloe baa been done
iw tbem, and thai an in
tigation of the matter by a court martial alinuid
have been made I bay feel o nndant that Prral
CI Lincoln will revoke tbe erder for tbelr dishonorable
tin n\iatvAOAvri*8 oe roe ceweTmTrrrvAtcowveitTTmv.
tbe fiwi'* jeaierdijr publlahad tbe bill for ??refreab
Knb." furnlabed to tbe memb r* of tbo Constitutional
iventiun. Tba a a recapitulates of tbo amount* ox
K?i for $414 50
Ltquera nad - 0,421 66
Dinner at Hatpin's 66 ot)
Fitting np Liberty Hall 2,150 26
Sundry artlcee, aucb aa goblet*, wine glsasen,
decaniera. option*, wnahbowla, pitcbero,
towels, water bnoketa, Ac 701 90
One pee oaae lor Ueueral Hunks 150 00
Dally papers. 4,257 50
Fo-ieoduty 1,004 oo
8,111 66
Btlia of rergeant at Arm* tor labor, earring#
bun. Ac 4 804 25
Bondry Item* of contingent expense 235 35
Bill of rf'ni|n*? errooeouoty charged to ono
tlogsnt expenses 7,000 00
Amount for Which no vouobar* can bo ob
tained 608 70
Total $45,806 26
raonaT Atnrwrrr MROLMawr
Aw ably wrlttsn potest ir m citizen* of Now Oriataa,
wh" manugn io aeep out or get not of the rebel army,
Mat *t enrolment for dnty aa aoldtare, baa bv*n tent to
mawal Hartbek
001.0VFt. FTFM,
'W Tots 0***11*, 1MB Hrn ifl*d by
court martial, and tbe ebargeo agahst him wara not aoa
commanding lha military diatrict at Morgannia, who haa
been tn town aavaral duye, haa ratarnad.
? aastxinri muhil*.
Oar ganboats mow amuse tbomselvos by experiments
In shelling Mobile throe bourn a day. Tbat'e ail that can
bo aaid now, but what light draught monltora may do la
qiwie another thing.
Rnuoviaa loarRnom.
The rebela bare aent aeyaral torpedoes from Clinton,
Louisiana, to obelruot tbe Mississippi, but I bey will be
Immediately removed by one of oar novel vessels.
Krw ublbabs, La., Nov. 6,1804.
um or ran steabbr unm.
Ton have probably already beard, hy tbe way of CRhro,
that tbe ftne Mississippi steamer Empreee struck a snag
near Island No. 34, oa the 38tb ult., and sank. No lives
were loot. Tbe Empress was laden with cattle, grain,
floor, ho., for New Orleaoa. Bbe bad en board about two
bond red passengers, mostly oeldlera. Thin steamer, it
will he remembered, wee attacked by guerillas a few
weeks since and her captain (Maitoy) and several others
kitted. The Empress was one of tbe Unset hosts on the
Mississippi and was valnad at $160,000.
TBI ooTxon tutor or ibxas.
From a gentleman just arrived from Tans 1 learn that
the ootton crop there, as In Louisiana, is a failure, the
warms having destroyed It la every part of the State.
Tbe crop of corn wan vary abundant, and sold for twen
ty-five cents (specie) per bushel. Gold and silver le e?w
osed altogether In Texas, the Confederate enrrency hav
ing been set aside by universal consent. Even tbe sol
diera at Brownsville are paid In specie.
con cm stopped watte cm am wav to mxico.
A train of one hundred and fltty cars laden with oot
ton is now at Goliad, Texas. This waa on lis way to tbe
Rio Grande for tbe purpose of being shipped Into Mexico,
when It wag-stopped by order or tbe rebel Lieutenant
General Ktrby Smith, and all exportation* for private ac
count have been prohibited
?word presentation to OBRflEAL s.uiav.
Brigadier General J. Bailey, of Red river fame, has
been presented witb a fine sword by Admiral Porter's
fleet, la acknowledgment of bis valuable services in ex
tricating tbe gunboats and otber vessels of tbe fleet from
tbeir perilous position above tbe rails at Alexandria
during tbe Red river expedition. The tollowlng corres
pondence baa taken piece on this subject:?
Gnosorrowx, D. C., Sept. 18, 1884.
General? I beg leave to offer tor your acceptance a
sword, as a mark of my esteem for tbe ability and
energy displayed by yon in building a dam up Red river,
when the veesela of my squadron wore caught by tbe
falling water.
It affords me great pleasure at all times to acknowledge
any service performed by tbe army in behalf of the
navy, and 1 take particular pleasure in doing so on this
occasion, as it is to well deserved, as yon paved from
destruction part of tbe Heet in Red river bends.
Ibis sword, the naval olllcera or that expedition have
contributed a fund for tbe purpose of purchasing for
you ss a testimonial suitable to tbe occasion?and certain
oriicies are now being prepared at Tiffany k Co.'s, New
Yurie, and will be presented in due time.
With sentiments oi sincere regard I remain yours,
truly. DAV1L) D. POUTER, Hear Admiral.
Brigadier General Joskfh Bailbt, United States Army.
Georgetown, D. C., Sept. 18, 180*
Dear Sir?Will you oblige me by forwarding to Gene
ral Joseph Bailey, wherever be may be, tbe enclosed let
tor, tb.il be may snow what steps I have taken to ex
press my high appreciation of bis services to tbe navy in
tbe late Red river expedition, lr I have no opportunity
to present tbe sword in person, be will find it at lillany
& Co.'s, New York, awaiting bis acceptance.
1 remain respecilullv yours,
DAVID D. PORTER, Rear Admiral.
Assistant Adlutant Geueral E. D. Townhkwd, War De
partment, Washington, D. C.
REPLY or GENERAL bailey.
BEADquARiEita. District or West Florida, 1
Barrancas, Oct 23,1804. J.
David D. Porter, Rear Admiral United States Navy?
Dear Sir?Your favor ?f tbe 18th ultimo was kindly
forwarded by E. D. Townsend, Assistant Adjutant Gene
ral, and Is just at band.
Throughout this war I bave ever felt tbe importance
of tbe army and navy working in unison, and my per
sonal efforts bave always been directed, w4iere circum
stances would adroit, to the furtherance of good feeling
between both. Very much of tbe snccess tn Red river is
attributable to yourself and offloors, nod to the right good .<
will in wbicb army and navy joined bands, determined
to save tba honored Mississippi squadron.
I accept vfitb heartfelt tbanks the sword wbleb you
tender me, sod you will please convey tn tbe navnl offl
eers who were with you my assurance of tho highest
appreciation of their regard.
I bave striven to do all In my power to aid In crashing
ibis rebellion, and if I have felled to do all within my
power, it Is beoause I bave not bad an opportunity?but
wherever I may be, or wbatever do, I trust, sir, never
to brrog dishonor upon tbe sword of wbicb I am tba
as you mention that I would And tbe sword at Ttflbny
k Co.'s. New York, awaiting my acceptance, in case an
opportunity should not occur to enable yon to present tbe
same In persou, I would respectfully suggest, to view of
tbe clrcumstauce of onr wide separation, that It should
be seat to liis Excellency, J. T. Lewis, Governor of Wis
cone in, there to await my orders.
Go where 1 msy, 1 shall always entertain tbe highest
regard for iba odicers of tbe Mississippi squadron, and
a lively recollection of tbe scenes on Red river.
Hoping that we in ay meet on otber Gelds, and with tbe
bin best considerations, I remain, very truly year well
wisher, J. BAILEY, Brevet Brig. Gen. U. 8. Vols.
Their Reeeptlwn ?t Fan<all IUll-Tb?
f From the Boston Traveller, Nor. 10 J
Commodore Wioslow.hts officers and crew, to the nam*
ber in all ol eigbiy, landed at Uio foot or I-ewts' wharf at
eleven o'clock this morning from a launch nod one
smaller boat, and were received with hearty cheers by a
large crowd.
On the mute or tho procession there were crowds of
people, noiwilbaiaudiug the rain, and enthusiastic cheers
greeted the heroes of the Keartarge very frequently, end
particularly In Stat* street.
The route wae by Commercial, India, Milk, Devonshire,
Simmer, Cbauncey, Bedford, tVeet, Trement, Perk, Bea
con, Ireruont, Court and State streets and Merchants'
Foii j^eoeull naH, where they arrived at fifteen
minute* tt'W twelve o'clock
Mayor I.loooln said It wae forty-two yeere nines the
Shore of Faueull Hall were opened to receive the hero of
the war of 1812. Commodore Hull, who had returned to
this pert in the Constitution, with the trophies of his
vtcuisy over the mistress of the nasi. It wee the plea
emt duty of tho speakers to welcome those who had fell
ns gallantly upheld J|lj honjjf fir i.~ These boyn
could I'ttli think wnh what emo|/6ne IBi
ceived tho news of that Tictory ki the English ohtu>nCI=f
a victory In behalf ef the same Union fTir which the
saHors of the frlgata constitution battled. The poopte
epprecleted these distinguished tor vices, and all rrljbid
lor them long itfe and unladiog leure's In the country
they had done eo much to derend, (Cheers.)
reVlt or ocmmoSobi wins low.
Commodore Winsiow said that he was not a speech
maker; but, In the name of his brother tart, he ouid
not help expressing bis grailtudo for tnis reception. It
was one of the moat gratliying things that when men did
their duty faltnrully it was appreciated by the country
they bad served To the victors beluug the spoils; and
no nnhier spoils could be had than auch a welcomo as
this. Ha would not speak of tho action with the Ala
bama; but wben he ouusidared the state of feeling In
Europe before it, be could not himself help appreciating
the imimrtance of tbe victory In loreign courts and
foreign oittew secession agents bed held sway. Union
men were under a cloud, and our cause was held In dls
repute. But tbe testimonial* he b >d received, the
thanks that scores of tbe a ns of America abroad poured
In upon him, showed that the cloud was lilted, in is was
to him a ru n rewai d for all hie services, and reused him
a world of Joy. Mia own deeds wero naught, but the
noble pride of his countrymen was everything.
Hon. Edward Everett wae reoeived with cheers, and
congratulated the Mayor on this occasion of welcome,
which would be rei?'aled wherever the Kearanrge went
For every tar who lougbt on ner deck* that name would
be a talisman In all the tuture. No victory ever created
greater joy or gladness tbau lb* exploit of those men In
the British Ch. nnol. Capiaiu Winalow had told him that
It was a beaultlul battle I here wae yet with us some
thing of sadness wben we remembered that our South
ern loe* were our brethren; but there wee no such re
gret called forth by the Alabama She wae a vessel
built in another country by a wretch wbo for tbe s.ke of
gain waa willing to Imperil the interests and pesos of
two greet nations, ber armament end equipment were
furnished from similar sources; she was manned by
foreign Bailors, and commanded by a man who went
forth to wage Inglorious war upon unarmed ves
sels. It was a poetic justice that she should
be sunk where she was, In lb* ceatre of Eu
rope, with emperors sod kings as spectators, end
the ton r or our oountrv as the prtxe of tbe combat,
q he** heroes did tbe f ord a wnrk on Ute I/.rde Hay. It
was sad to say that one hero ell that day, aud two
oibe.s were wounded; and If ibes* latter were bore be
hoped they wo ild com# lorwarrl. (Tbe two sailors were
urged lorwerd by their comrades, and hailed with
cheers.) One th'ng he regretted that the yacht of an
Englishman should have acted as tender to the pirate. It
had been said, too, that the gunners nf the Alabama were
from the Envilah practice ships, but t aplain Winalow
*nd hie men were able to use the words of Keul to those
akUTui Briton* ?
And yet show I unto yen a more eiceHeol way.
The speiker now proceeded to oialm <Mptatn RInatew,
though southern born, as a true B? nof Massachusetts, lor
he wee Ural appelated bv the Influence m Mr. Wnbsier;
and Mr Everett beautifully argued from the fact that
Edward Winalow waa one of the signer* of the Mav(lower
compact, that tbe Captain waa a sun of our Stat*. He
Mowed, too. that be was very netuiaily a labor, since
one of that name waa celebrated In tbe naval reeorda of
Cromweil'a lima ((treat applause )
TMtlmebUI U captain Wlaslow.
Bowrmv, Nov. 11, 1164.
A committee baa been appointed by the Beaton Board
of Trade to adopt some suitable measure* to teettfy to
Captain Winalow the grateful rncognltloi of the me '?
aleola of Boston fe* lib OtUbtt oobdact Ml sweeping
Iron Ibo ocean a destructive enemy lo Ibo commerce of
th* I'd tied Since.
The Advtrtittr steles tbst Joseph Storey Fey, who
lowered the Union flag el half-mast on tbe Fourth of
July, was i.omtimtea one of tbe cmniltfee, but subse
quently bed bm name erased by a vote of 2# lo 6,
II Is staled that Ihn Kearaarse will bo Ibrown open to
visiters (or ibe benetti of the National Sailors' Fair.
The Soldiers' Vote in the Army
of the James*
A Large tin ton Fleet Below
Batch Gap)
Mr. Janti B. Warden's Despatch,
Bbadquartrm, Tsstb Abmt Coriv, J
Baross Richmond, Not. 9,1804.
Tbo voting In tbo Department of Virginia and North
Carolina yesterday was mainly conOnsd to Pennsylvania,
Oblo and Now Hampshire regiments, sod lbs result bss
met tbs expectations of all, and provss that tbo soldiers
are true to tbo government ibey are fighting to uphold.
In tbo small number of regiments tbst voted tbe follow-,
log la tbe result given by majorities:?
Lincdm'i Majority,
Tenth corps.....'; 1,000
Eighteenth oorpa 1,430
Kautz's cavalry division 185
Regimentsou detached service 263
Signal oorps 24
Total majority for Llnooln In tbe Army of tbo James 2,904
The Press Despatch
Nov. 10.1844.
Hsadquartehs, Abut or ran Potomac, |
Quiet still prevails along the lines.
There was some little artillery firing on Wednesday
evening near tbe Appomattox.
The following order bas been issued from these head
quarters :?
HRAbQI'ARTSRS, A KMT OK Till Potomac, Nov. 7,1864.
Fira6 ?The Eighth New York heavy artillery, tbe Ose
Haudred and Sixty-fourth New York Volunteers, and iho
Thirty sixth Wisconsin Volunteers, baring been reported
to tho Ma,or Mineral commanding ui having behaved
with distinguisi.ed bravery durlug tbo sosiigemeui of
October 27,1861, on Ilalcbor's Hun, ho taken pleasure
iu restoring to those gallant regiments tbe right to carry
tbe colors of which they were deprived by his general
order No. 37, of September 23,1864.
Second.?It baviug beeu reported to tbe Major General
commanding that tbe culors of the following mentioned
regiments, recently ioel in battle, were loet under circum
stances that rolled no dishonor upon those regiments,
they are hereby permitted to carry other colors:?viA,
the Ninth New Hampshire Volunteers, Thirty eighth
Massachusetts Volunteers, Thirty Oral New York Volun
teers, Forty-fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers and One Hun
dred and Fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers.
By command of Major General MEADE.
S. Williams, Assistant Adjutant General.
Several Pennsylvania State Agents were yesterday
placed under arrest on account of their having blanks
with nomas spelled wrong. They are beld to await the
decision of tbe Secretary of War, the matter having been
referred to him.
Rabat Accounts.
[From tbe Richmond sentinel, Nov. 9.]
Tbe calm continues on this side of the James, no offen
sive movement of any kind having taksn place for several
A large fleet or gunboats sod Iron elads are reported to
be In tbe river below Dutch Gap. If they are watting to
get through Batter's canal. It will bo some time before
they asaall Chaffln's and Drewry's blurt*. Tbe com
manders of our Iron-dads, after the Albemarle affair,
cannot be too watchTal.
On Saturday nlgbt, we learn from tbe Sxprett, General
Grade captured a picket lice neer the City Point road.
Upwards or thirty prisoners were taken, without the
loes of a man on oar side. Tbe captured line is still
beld by General Grade. About tbe same time tbe Hoi
combe legioo, commanded by Captain Woodruff, charged
tbe enemy's picket line in frout of tbe .rater, lakiug
their poaition and capturing ten prisoners. Tbe enemy
opened a furious lire with shot sad shell rrom his bat
teries, but our troops held their position for two hours
and a half, when, being flanked by the enemy In largo
foree, they were compelled to (ell back. Tbe legion lost
fifteen killed, thirty five wounded and forty one miaaing.
Heavy picket firing continued along tbe linon all Sun
day night.
The enemy srs not making as yst sny praparatlons for
winter quarters within tbsir lines.
Tbsre was heavy firing of both musketry and cannon
on our left oentre on Monday night.
There tg. e rumor tbst Grant oontempletee an attack
npoo Wilmington by way of Woldon, and that be Is row
send.ng troops to Weldon. Weldon is sixty three miles
from Petersburg, and Wilmington is one hundred end
sixty-two miles from Weldon,or two hundred and twenty
five from Petersburg. From Portsmouth to Weldou, by
way of tbe Seaboard and Roanoke road, tbe distance is
tlgbtymi lea.
We learn from North Carolina papers tbat Plymouth
and Washington have been evacuated by tbe Confederals
Tift* Hftry.
11? ocmb Monitor Dictator, 2, was turned ortr to ths
government yeatcrday by tbo oontractora. In Um after
noon her crow was received on boord and ebe wm placed
In commission. Bbo was than bftqwT'tnw^atirelm^
and, wltb tbo aid of four oj tnga, started for tbs
North river. It not belay\i first the idea to take bar to
an eaeborage beyopd ^ oob dock, steam was not up on
more ftbnu ooe toiler; but when It was determined t*
proceed down the East river the Chief Engineer, Mr.
Robie, at once started the fires under two additional
boilers, and after some time tbo engines were
put In motion. The ship Immediately felt the
power and moved ahead slowly agalnet a flood
tide that ran like a millrace. Until the engines
started the four tugs attached to her oould but Just stem
the curreot, and the ship, tbeerlng from ooe side to tbe
other, threatened to become wholly unmanagable. But
with the aid of her engines ebe moved ahead quite
rapidly, taking everythlos into con a (deration. Narrowly
escaping tbe running down or several vessels In the river,
she finally got her head straight and steamed alone finely.
From the Battery to tbn point where ebe anchored In the
Bay, oil (love-nnr't lelaud, she steamed at tbe rate
of six knota against a atroug tide, and with only one
fourth of ber power developed the englnea woiked
smoothly and to a charm. They were not run np to halt
thalr maximum number of revolutions, but tboy drove
tbe Immenao hull along at a rata of tpe*'d unattainable
by any of the old class of Monitors. What she will do
when her foil power la develotwd remains to be even.
()no serious defect developed by the run was in ber
steering. It required four men nt tbe wheel, and with
their utmoal effort* tb# rudder turned alowly and with
great dimcu ty. Whether this I* owing to a me damage
re< ei- ed to h?r rudder or rodder bearlnge while launch
ing. or to eotne other rauae, caanot be elated, aa It la not
known. I'ntil this dimsuiiy is obviated tbe sbip la unfit
to go to sea. Future trtsle may show?where the delect
ta, and It may ha corrected w thout going Into drydouk.
Tn day she will steem for a few hours to test the so
gtnes wtili more extensively, end on Monday, If every,
thing proves to be right, she will beve a trial ot speed;
and, if success ul In all things, will bs rsported ready for
sea. The lollowlog Is a Mat of bar officers ?
Com-todsrv? lohn Rogers.
I.vMiman' Command'r?Francis M. Bun^
lyi-uiencmi?May den T. French.
Kvrvos-Weorgo I'eck.
Pavmn*trr?William 0. Marcy.
Ari,nj Mutter*?George A. smith, Jacob Kimball and
Chariest:, Kingsburv.
Artrna Enrtgnt?WUllw Bowes and George T. Miller.
K*n%n-*ri?t'bief, Kdwrtrd D. Robie, First Assistaot,
Del ind Lindilev: Bee od assistants, P. A. Hcarlck. U
Hulltvan, Theodore Allen, A. 8 Brown and F. It Allen;
Third Assistants, Wsslsy Fennlmore, J. B. Hablgborst
and Ryron W o'siey.
r' ipbtits's Charles A, Farnham.
1 'nvmarter'i Clerk?*< harlse H. Perrlo.
Con it / flat?IavI Jump.
Kurffetm'i SUwmrd?John Klnsey.
Tha new gunboat nyhiscua, 3, la at the yard, filling
out for service. Ihe Pontooeuo la still In tbs dry deck,
undergoing extensive repairs. The Galatea and Glaocne
are anchored off the yard, preperlag tor sea. Tbe supply
barkentioe Horace Reals Is loading with supplies lor tho
Woet Gulf aquadroe, and will sail In a raw days.
The Mppty steamer Bermuda will aot leave I'blladel
phla for tbe Beat end West Golf squadrons until Tuesday,
tfea Uth tastsnt.
MTOms.N. R, N
Nov 11,18(14
The Pulled states gunboat Monttoello arrived hero at
ten VeiccK to day*
Ou !(? l*o uti* Carrespondewce.
Sr. Loins, Nor. 1,1804.
a fight with rates at >kwiomu.
Accounts of a tight with Price Id the Moutbwest bar*
boen received at headquarters Irom General Sanborn.
On Ike 89th ull. General Blunt, with two brigades, 00m
roaaded reapeolivsly by Colonala Ford and Jannlaoo, com
prising about 8,200 men, all cavalry, with two pleoea of
tbo Saooad Colorado battery, came up with tba rear of
Price's army, about 10,000 strong, at Kewlonla. It waa
ascertained lubaequenily that Sbalby commanded tba
rebel force; and bo oerlalnly bandied them wlib much
more skill and Judgment than Price himself displayed in
Kansas wbea defeated by Pleasanton.
General Bluat, with bis well known impetuosity, or*
dered un advance. He drove In the rebel sktrniiebnrs,
and shortly developed the whole foroe of rebels In a
strong position south of Newtonia. Our to roes occupied
an eminence north or the town, with their right resting
on a dry ravine known on the map aa Indian craek. The
rebeia received the attack in silenoe, but when our artil
lery opened with sheila they brought to tbe front three
guns, much to tbs surprise of the Kaosaa*boys, who
bad aappoaed tbe rebeia lost all tbatr artillery near Fort
Seetk Our faroes did not make much Impress too on tbe
rebel Una, On the eontrnry, they were In n crtiloel posl
tlon, as the rebels began a movement wbloh threatened
both tbelr Hanks at tbe same time.
This was tbs situation whan General Sanborn's two
brigades of oavelry, 00mmended by General McNeil and
Cokooel PhlUIpe, who had beard tba bring and pushed for
ward at breakneck speed, arrived io sight of tba bnttla
bold. Gaoaral Sanborn held a brief cooferenee wltb Gene
ral Blunt and then ordered a vigorous charge ou tbe left,
where tbe.rebels were tbe atrengest. Tbe First brigade,
consisting of tbe Sixth and Kigbtb Maine and tbe Second
Arkansas cavalry, dismounted, and completely surprised
tbe rebels by charging through a corn field. Tbe rebel
fire slackened, and the rebels retreated. Tbe day was too
far advanced, and tbe men not sufficiently weit supplied
with ammunition to justify an order to pursue. Gen. San
born says two hours mure of daylight would bavo enabled
bim to capture many hundred prisoner!. All tbat fell
Into our bands were about two buudred In number. These
prisouera report tbat Prlco waa to tbo advance, with Fa
gin's division, making fast time for the Arkansas river.
Tbe order of t.eueral Kosecrans did not contemplate
pursuit beyond tbe State line; hi fact, tbe condition of our
cavalry wculd not warrant it. Blunt was unable to pur
sue on account of tbe inadequacy of bis furce without tbe
help of 8anborn. Consequently all our troope Dave with
drawn irom the pursuit of l'rice, and the rebels may
make their way back to Ktrby Smith and Magruder the
best way tbey can. Tbeir experience Is unfavorable to
an immediate resumption of Invadtog projects.
AKKIVAL ok ntiso.NKna AT ST. nouis.
The rebel officers who arrived here last week, Includ
lug Major General Marmaduke and Uriuadler General Ca
bell, have been sent to Johnson's Is'aud A sec nd ba'cb
of fhty oiiicer-. and eight hundred prisoners reached here
on Sunday by the Pacific Hailroad. lbev were about the
scabbiest lot of rebels ever seen in this vicinity. Hat
lese, shoeless, haggard, pale, and depressed in appear
ance, tbey wore nardiy welcomed even by the most ar
dent secesh females wltu tbeir usual enthusiasm. The
feeling caused by tbe permission to Harm -duke and
Cabell to go to a tlrst class hotel was so unanimous in the
city that the military authorit.es respected the verdict of
the public aDU seat the second lot of officers to the mili
tary prison in Gratiot street without any ceremony.
A rebel major, named .Voir, or Ford's rebel cavalry,
has been selected as a victim of tbe retaliatory meuaures
ordered by General Kosecrans for the inhuman murder
of Major Wilson and his comrades At tbo time the six
privates were shot the Provost Marshal had no major la
bis hands to avtnge Major Wilson's death. Toe detlcieuoy
waa supplied by the arrival of tbe rebel officer previously
mentioned. An order has been Issued for tbe execution
of Major Wolf, by shooting, on Friday next. At first It
wag Intended to send Wolf to Alton in irons, to await lite
result ol un application to Price,;by Sag of truce, for tbe
surrender of Wnsou'a murderers; but tbe folly of tbe
delay is apparent, and Wslf will doubtless be shot, as
ordersd, 00 tbs Ulh lust.
The guorillss are still too numerbua for the safely of
Union men In many localities, but tbey will dwiudlo
from this time forth. The gaog lately commanded by
Bill Anderson have been oommktiutg more devilish cruel
ties in North Missouri under fresh leadership. Thskr
new captain Is named Jackson,and be must be a fiend id-'
carnate IT the stories of his atrocities are true. Tns
guerillas wbo captured the town of Ciarksvllle have been
deepened; hone have beau captured however. All our
mtlitlm have found they bavo killed, and that's just
what Is being done everywhere pi the Interior where
rebels en be caught who have is flic ted damage upon
the Union cense
rovesling the depths of wickedness to which s rebel osn
descend, is reported In Osage county. A couple of Union
farmer*, who had just returned after being driven out,
were seized by guerillas, and commanded t? deliver tbelr
money. One give up teu dollars and fifty costs; tbs otbsr
bad none to deliver. The repels theo took them towards
the wood, wbeu 000 of the prisoners broke from his cap
ton and escaped. Tbe other, Mr. Owen Kiggs was tied to
a tree and a fire built under bim. After roasting bis legs,
tbe rebols lo- nod hiss and asked for mors money. As ne
bad none, tbey wire dissatisfied, sod built a fire upon ba
breast, and otherwise burned his body. Thi* proceeding
failing to extort any money from tbe helpltss captive,
tbey let htm go. Ho will be a cripple for life. Of conrae
he will love tbo rebels and ba very conservative toward
them I
SLscnov m si. lot is.
To day tbe election Is going on with soma noise, bnt
?ery little uadoe excitsmssl We had oar soars s me
time ago, when Price was knocking at our back doer,
only tbiriy-tlve miles irom us. Tne republicans will
probably carry tbe ^taie and county tickets, but the vols
for President is iu doubt, because many ol the Germans
will not void st all on tbat IMN.
A good joke Is reported on lbs democracy. The voters
are oalled upon to vole for or Hgalnat a State convention.
The republicans vote for the convention and the demo
crats against It. Each side has put up s ticket for dele
gates?tbe democrats telling tbeir followers that Although
tbey are opposed to s oonvoniIon, If U should be osrrp-d
they want tbeir men as delegates. Tbs faithful bsvs
been scratch log out lbs names of delegates all day. in
tbe belier that tbey were votlog against tbe cooveniion
by so doing. Tbo Central Committee have issued a band
bill explaining tbs matter.
?. 8t. Lorn, Nov. 10,1894.
fies patches to headquarters confirm Um fight with
Prieo ot Now tonic, on tbo 28lh ?U.> Ths rebel Km wbo
four hundred cod flftj killed Hd wounded, cad tUf
wagons wsre destroyed. ,? t* ?.* -
The rebelc wore again overtaken at Fayettevllle, Ar*
kansaa, and a skirmish had with tbelr flank. They are
?uppoced to bare croaaod the Arkansaa river before thla,
unless General Steele baa intercepted them.
One el Prler'i Train* Cap tared.
[From the Little Kock Pernor.eat, UM St.]
A telegram to Colonel A. H. Kyan from Captain Gib
bon*, ol the Third Arkaoeas cavalry, ? tale* that on the
20th instant Captain McCain crossed tbe Arkansaa river
at Uaniantlle, with a train of thirty five wagoee, from
I'rlce'it array. Oo tbe 23d Csptsln White attacked tbe
train, arid after four boar*' bard lighting captured (be
entire outQt, killing fifteen or Ibe enemy, wjusding a
great many more aad scattering tbe rent of tbe rebel
force through the mountains
captain While toqfc thirty-five wagons, two hundred
bor n and eleven ttionsand dollar* in cash.
HI* low was **v*n killed an t nlue wounded.
Tbe Rebel Major Wolf Respited*
Sr. Lome. Nov. 11,1S04
The rebel Ma)or Wolf, ordered to be sbot to dey In re
taliatloo lor the rnnrder of Major Wilson, wee yesterday
respited fourteen day* by General Kosecr ns. Subse
quently e despatch wee received from tbe President dl.
reeling the suspension of the execution of Mejor Wolf
until further orders.
Root of tbe Rebels bp Gen. alliens? Tbe
Affair at JobnsenTlile lBxiaiizernted?
?vise In tbe Tennessee end Cumberland
Rivera, die.
Nanmrxa, Nov. 10, 1804
Since my last East Tenneaseo advices have been re
ceived of e highly Interesting nature. Ueueral GUiom
has utterly routod the enemy, driving him In great con
fusion forty-four miles. His advance Is oloety miles east
of KnoxvillK The rebels are at Bristol, and are being
strengthened by Virginia militia.
The lUst Teunesseo loyalist* receive greenbacks for
evsrythlng taken by our army.
Al. the published reports coocornlog the destruction of
govorotDAol property on land at Jobasonvllio are greatly
exaggerated. Tbe town Is still In our pnaseasioa, sad Is
stroogly garrisoned. No apprehensions art entertained
In regard to Its safety. The destruction of government
sod private property on tbe river Is complete, and In
voives immense lost.
Our entire railroad and telegraph cominuotcatlons are
com p ete and secure. ... ?
Hood's sxaol whsreahooto Is known by the astherl
Ilea, tee Union movements will be developed at the
proper lime, tbe aoticlpuMg success of wnmn will else
trl y the nation.
A (urlou* storm has raged here during the last eight
days. Ihe Tennessee and Cumberland rivers are tre.
SMndoualy high.
8now .storm at Rnlfatn.
Boss* to. N. V., Nov. 11, 1804.
We are having e snow sterm hare to dar?tus flrs'/of
ibe season
Important Movement of the
Rebel Forces.
Attempt to Flack Sheridan and Invade
Maryland and Pennsylvania.
Onr Army la Pine Cenditlea and
Ready le Meet the Enemy.
Genarala Sheridan and Creok
at the Polla.
Mr. Lincoln the Choice of
the Troops,
Oar W.ihlngtun Despatch.
Wasnnraroir, Nor. 11,1804.
N.w. from tbs Army of Ik. Shenandoah to. nig hi show,
that It has been po.ltlT.ly ascertained that th. rebel,
hare tMn reinforced, and are no?r attempting to flank
Sheridan', po.ltlou and menac Maryland and Peooeylra
nta with anothar invasion.
Sheridan's army, however, was on Wednesday under
marotaiog order., aad In moat efficient condition. If
Early or Ew.U attempts to press towards the Potomac
he will catch a tartar.
Br. Chats. H. Hanaara'* D?apa(ch.
QiUDqa^KRU, Sixth Akmt Couth, Not. 8, 1864.
After diligent inquiries I have been able to learn that
rebel pickets are stationed at Edonburg, a email place up
the valley, above Woodstock. Tbe robel General Koaaor,
with a email force of cavalry, la also reported to be In
the same vicinity. Whatever reinforcements K.irly is
to reccivo In future is a matter of conjecture; but It np
pears to be a tolerably well ascertained fact that up to
date he has only boon receiving returned convalescents
and stragglers, Ths M^npaigu In tbo valley may be con*
sidered at au otid. Tno robots havo now no frosh troops
to spare for a demonstration along tbe borders of
Maryland and Pennsylvania, and the miral effect
they supposed such raids would have upon tbo result of
the election would now be valueless. Tbe army they
have here at present la no doubt demoralized and dis
heartened, and, If tbe a to rise of refugees are to be be
lieved, provisions and forage are becoming very scarce
In the upper part of the valley.
auccnoN oat in cant.
The polls opened here at sunrise this morning. The
men wbe had to go off on picket duty were very carerul
to deposit tbelr votes before leaving.. An election In
camp Is a carious sight. No order le Issued
prohibiting tbe military from approaching tbe
polls. Bayonnta, ballots and ballets are curiously
mixed up. Sugar boxes, cracker boxes, tin cupe with
paper oovern, and other strange receptacles are used as
ballot boxea. Around eaca regimaotal headquarters tbe
MM excitement exists while tbe company returns are
coming In as may be witnessed at "Id Tammaoy or
M-zart when the different wards are being beard irom.
A soldier baa plenty of time to tblok, and eonaequeeily
votes uoderstaudlngly. MoClollan tickets to day were at
a discount; Lincoln's at a premium. Regiments with
known democratic proclivities voted almost unanimously
for Mr. Llnooia'n re-election. Regrets, both loud
and often, were uttered that McClellan sbouid have
associated blmaeff wltb aucb bad oom,->aDy la one case
tbe return sent In from company headquarters told the
etorv very laconically???dixty-dve for Lincoln,nary one
for i'endletoo." There was no fighting during tbe day,
for tbe rebels did not come down to cast tbelr vote In
solid abol. screaming shells and whistling bullets In favor
of tbelr cause. By Rundown tbe reports had all been
reoelved and It waa certain tbat so lar as tbia army was
concerned, Mr. Ltnooin's re election was an aceompiished
continue .very aotlve In our rear. They ooosalonally
come up close to Middletown and many or tbem are
dressed In our uniforms, which enables them to gobble up
stragglers with perfect Impunity.
Br. Oh arise H. ffarreil'i Despatches.
Nsa:i Cidab Cnsna, Vs., Nov. 8, 1864.
The past day or two deserters from tbe rebels report
tbe enemy In force near Staunton, aod tbat It waa bis in
tention to move upon our lines at once. Tuts may seem
n very presumptions saying on the part of an enemy who
baa been represented as thoroughly demoralized aud
rooted. It is a misfortune tbat some of the offloers of
onr army give credit to the disorganization of tbe Valley
rebel army. They are not disorganized. General Sheri
dan known Ibis fact, and bis subordinate generals refieet
his opinion. In view of this no vigilance Is relaxed.no
dertleclloo In duty, no ntglecu on the picket line allowed.
This army Is In belter Bghilng condition to-day la regard
to numbers, discipline and equipment than at any time
since lbs mate part o( M entered the Valley of the Sben
todoab. "
e . " i Mvti* Am muds.
Yesterdsy a (rand review and parade of tbe Nlneteouth
Army eorpe, Major General Emery, took place. A 4?y or
two before the aflalr tbe men of this gallant oorpa were
letting tbelr arme and equipmeute lo ordrr. E-rljr yes
terday morulng tbe soand of martial and Instrumental
music Indicated that no common event was about to take
place. At eight o'clock the various regiments, divisions
and brigades of tbe corps formed on tbelr paradt grounds
In tbe rear of tbe furtlflcatioon Tbls done the troops
were marcbed by separate commends lo the review
grooud, a large rolling Held r?st or tlie Winchester and
Strasburg pike. Tbe marching ef the trooiw was ?
strikug sight, as tbev were men a t of tbe street parade
cbarecter, but meu who had been b alio ti led at fort
Hudson, the Toche routitrv, ;it tre OpeqaM and Cedar
creek The troops, at tor tbev rear bod trie paradu ground,
were formed lo column of regimental divisions, witti (lis
tinctlve intervals between ibo ditlercul hng.-.dee and
divisions. Ma,or General I mory gave i er-onsl supervi
sion of the formation of tbe o rps. The weather w ?
cloudy, raining at Intervale, but not to any extent to
retard the movements of the air or. At ball, past ten,
the column being reidy lor rovl??, Major General Brrl
dan, accompanied by his full atair, catno upon ihe fi-ld,
aud, riding to the bead of the column, saluted inn cori s
commander, and with tb.it o'l cer proce-ded at a busk
trot down the left hank ot tbe oo'nrnn n' tr one ?nd
np on tbe ot posits e>de, and then reviewed en li
division successively. As General Mien i n reached
the column, aud on hu way on in# review, lie w.'S von.
feiouaty cn ered by the tro< pe ibo O .iiUa at ibo wins
time playing tbe tune of "Hall to ihe Cbwf," Ac. Ms or
Geneiam Wright, lorbert, Seyir?sr, Coaler, and, Indeed,
all the pituclpa! officers of ihe other eorpe of thie army
we.e present on the field. the Niuetaeutb corps pre.
sente<l a very flne, soldierly ap|>? irarce on this occasion,
l'belr weather beaten ooiietenancee and battle lorn hin
nera made ibe event a verv impressive scene. ihedivi
? loua In the eorpe are under the o mciiitid of Oereia*
Rlrge, McMillan and llwigbt?all of tbrm oilloere of tried
ability and skill The vvterau commander ot the corps,
Major General EiRnry, Is alto so odlcer who has oiten
been tried in the Held.
raws hatch rare or rna stow-osm vena#.
Tbe Richmond Ecaminer of tbe 31st ull. baa an article
pretending to give a truthful account of a small battle
that took place lately is tbe l.uray vaii-v, near Mlltord
station, between their fore# under Gcnca.i lomsibtH
sun under a I'nlon com.nander, In wbicn It Is claimed
that the rebeia captured tb'ee ptecna n artillery?accept
ing It as an augury of the commencement of the recovery
of the arlilie y tner army Inst at ? edsr Creek on the
19th nil. t'onaideriog '.he 'art that dnrlng this campaign
our arinv raptured one hundred and twenty seven pie-es
they wdl p. eaihiy and their task not an easy ope.
battle lo which the rebel paper* re ar was no battle but
a reoonnnieeaore, gnu uo artillery was lost?not ay*9 *
shotgun, bo much for tbe veracity ot the Richmond
tab WtattdM
very daose toga prevail here lu the Ittothlnge, and tbe
utmost vigil .tun Is exacted to prevent a repetition or
tbe surprise of the loth n't.
usr iMavT ceamKBL cnv*ae era rasa,
of the Oue Hundred and Slxty-errih New York Volun
teers (/ou ive*), left Were a few days ago for New Y?'b.
to bring on to his regiipanl foer new companies. lo order
to flfl tbe battalten up to UM tlandard ef a lull regi .
NeaaOiraa Csrss, Va , No*. t, 184*.
tns atsCfMMI tv rws aser.
Vestorday tbo I'Wjidrntial election pawed otT without
any Incidental evbit worthv of rsoefd. The troops iroin
Omo, of whleb Wt Army of Western Virginia w prtaol
pMly compound, by ? l.iw of tb"lf State polled IH?lr veto*
Id tue II- 111. For th,? purpose auibu.auees war* used,
sea ilia votae war* depukilcd is wooden cartridge hoses
Til* voting wu conducted is ? quart, orderly manner,
and wiili tbs nlm??t (airue*.*, to allow ev?rv voter to
depoett hi* vole and to aeiect ih* candidate of hi*
osnvhaii seen: n as iwri hook vot*.
The only leeture ot tbe election ef lulerr-i wns the de
positing the voice or lieneralv Snerulan and Ou< k Uolb
of thus* ofllcera being citizens 01 uino, were obliged to
vole In the Ueld. Ilio |x.|.? were bent in tbe rarnn of
the Army ot Went Virginia, at a distant o ? f over a in 110
from General sbertdan's headquarters. Too day wu
unpleasant, It having riiined very herd tbe night previous,
rendering the anil bere which is of a clayey u> ture very
?ilpperv Geuer.il Hberidm Ihereloie ordered his
headquarter* ambulance, in whicb, wttu Maior
General Crook, he lode to the poll*. Hla vim
was eotirely impromptu, do previous notice hav
ing been give* of tbo eveut to the troupe.
He bad thirdly got, however, on the border*
of the camp when hla preeeoco was d senvered to tho
troops, and to ? Tew seconds, aa ho waa rupplljr driven to
tbe camp of tbe Tblriy-fuurtb Ohio regiment, tbo woods
reverberated with cheers. Having reacbod hi* dentins
tion be alighted and relucted bH ticket from some of the
soldiers, went up to ttie polls and, alter answering (ha
questions of (he election Judges ne to where hie family
resided, bis Uiwnshiii.Ao.be deposited hla vote. The
First brigade baud ol ibe Second divisluu meanwbile
arrived at the scene of the general's visit and played tbo
air o! "Hall to tbe Chioi" end other patriotic tunes.
Central Crook, tbe euccersfnl loader of the Army of Wost
Virginia, next voted, and he wna loudly cheered by lb*
troops be bos so often led to battle,
Vr. Frank Henry'* Despatch
WmcnaiBi, Nov 11, 18?4.
This morning a small wagon train, eocoried by * aer
geint and ten men of tbe rtecond regular cavalry, were
attacked near Cbarleatown by forty of Moaby'a guorklln*.
The sergeant waa killed and three or (our of tb* mm
wounded, only tbroo of t'bo party escaping. Tbo guerillas
were dreesed In our uniform, end approached our men in
tbo most frlsndly manner, balling tbem with tbo saluta
tion. "How are you boys?" and riding along with (hem
for aeyeral miles before they revealed their true cbarao
tor. Our cavalry immediately started In pursuit.
Everytblng Host Favorable for Oar
At me.
Loui'.vn.m, Ky., Nov. 10, 1804.
Tbe news from Goneral t-hormaua army Is highly tea
portunt and mostfuviTub'e, but as yet m contraband.
Everything Is most, fivorubo for our srraj.
kews fxjvi WAimsrm
Washington, Nov. 11,1804.
It Is koown hire that tho refugsatlon of General
McCIellan, as m ijor getioral lu tho United olutea army,
wns in tbe War Departure, tun V.'"due-day, hut tbo Pient
dent has nut yet been t flUlally inluimed of the fact. It
Is believed that lh" resignation will not be accepted, but
tbat tbe General w ill bo olfored an active c mimaud. This
course Is prompted by tho vry respectable popular vote
received by tbe General in the racert eiectiun.
Tbo absentees are rapidly returning to tbo city,,
and tbe departments are again in good working
order. The elocilon being over, we shall all
bow settle down to our wiuter's labor, and
endeavor to save tbe country and destroy tbe rcb*.llon
as promptly as possible. An era ol good feeling ceoiua
to have suddenly succeeded to tbo bitterness end acri
mony of tbe Presidential campaign. This is osieclalty
noticeable hern, where narty feeling raa very blgb; but
as soon as tb* result became known there was * general
goodmatured acquiescence by almost everybody of *11
parti**, and an almost universal it Is post ion is shown to
aflord a bearty and ganeroua support to tne administra
tion In its efforts to terminal* tbe rebellion and restore
the national supremacy ovsr tb* seceded jjtntea.
Tb* line, commodious and swift steamboat Tbomtt
Colyer, built and owned by Mossra. Golyer, of New York,
started yesterday from City Point for Washington aa tb*
mall boat, far which aba baa bean cbsrtsrad by tb*
government. Captain Poillip* la tbe gentlemanly end
courteous commander On Wednesday night as the boat
was on bsr way from City Point to tb* headquarter* of
tbe Army of tbe I'otomec, sbe waa Bred at by tub
rebels, but tbe shot fell short, end therefore did no
Tb* President baa recognised Tecdora Mantra as Consul
of Guatemala at New Yurie.'
Fain Report of ?? Attack on Morgan*
wta, La.
St. Louis, Nov. II, 1864.
A gentleman to title city pronounces tbe attack on Mori
gar zu La , and the capture of one thuurauU oiae hun
dred prisoner*, ae reported by tbe New York World'I
correspondent, as falao. He eraa at Morgan/ta, La., reer
days after tbe capture la said to navaoccoried. and bear#
Bulbing of It, aud the steamer from Nee Dries oa aa lata
aa tbe lat iaal. briuga nc aucu report.
Affaire in Hen tuck jr.
Br. Lorn Nor. 11. 1844.
A portion of General A 3. Health's eommaod baa ar
rived at Tadecab.
It la reported tbat General Mertdttb will be aaalgaed M
tbe command of Keutuoky.
Arrival of the Qenboat Gaiypao WlUb
Her t*rlae Lady ?ttrllng*
Tbe beautiful price steamer Lady Stirling arrived at
this port last OTeaieg from Hampton Roads, In low o4
tbe United States steamer Calypso, Frederick D.Stuart,
Acting Master command lug, by wblcb vessel sbe ete
tak'D, end anchored off tne [lattery. Acting Koni.u Wm.
Jeuulnge is In cotnmeud of the prise.
Tbe I.ndy Ptliltnt wee built Id London and InuDsbetl
ab? nt four monilte *uo. She is boilt of iroo and le ebon!
nlno hundred aud eiaty tone burthen, and bad on bo.trd
* heu captured over four hundred thousand pounds
of cotton and some four toon of tobacco Although
she reus In a disabled condition?cn i of her eylitt
dors being ueeie* her captain resolved to leas*
Wilmington with bnr on the night of October :M, c at*
Ing out by what Is kicwu *a the W.storu bar channel,
hbe wns soon seen by the Lolled amies steamer
tolue, and lu endeavorieg to crc<pr ircui her, found tba
I nited Slates ao-tuner Calypso directly In her way?
From the Calypeo a n mher of sere were fired at
tbe runner, the serend ot)??a (bell?exploding to
tbe notion etnired In her fore hold. Notwithstanding
Ibte she still kept ou ber wey, 'ho Calypeo being In bok
pursuit and making about thirteen miles per hour. After
a cbare of Some three hours In duration, during which
tome sevau or rich shots wera lodged In diltsrsnl parts
of tbe hull and itmrhiuery of the block de ruoner, tbe
was foread to turn-Oder. Tbe Untied tt ilea alesmet
Kolua being near at tbe time of tbe capture haa a ebarw
to lbs prize. Tho United Stales steamer MuOican ooo
voyed the Calypso and prize to Mnndy Uvea, and aai eA
again for Hampton Kojds.
Tba following le a 1st of tho odlcars of the Calypap"?
Ac t o X'atltr Commanding?Fredk. D Siusrt.
Arti> q Ansipn aud . zt< til'r*t Jeoolege.
A< ting Art ifanf I'dywiver?A U. veisoa.
Aiftm/ A>t\i'ntn .S.oprvi?A. K rr?ri?tf
Jft ng K,sr-n -I W Cow.n and N 0. "";>?*?
Amiineerf?\cting First ASrlsleatW el rge J. B;
Flewltt: Acting riec md leshual' Tha^
K Hotkey ai.d K. Minna, Acting Third AssLUut, ThoB.
*' Jfaifer'i Jtain-P. H. Topb.n. eod Joho W. Sander
Titc "tleisorkt Blraey *?!!??.
<ro mn *uiru? op this mknai.d.
New Yoaa. Not. 11, H44
, Mr W. H. Merrlam, In hla despatch relating le Ibd
testimonial fend to tne mem ry of tbe lata HaJ<* General
Biroey, states that the pension of a Major trenenl dyieg
hi tee service emounte "to some a h- re between eo%
hundred aad Bity aud two huadrel dollars each mont?fc'?
hi this lie n In error. The pens en m only thirty dnMerg
e m ?nib, or three hundred and eilly dollars a -ear; ibg
set of rongreea a.lotting the Sam* ?sea"*' toibefbmwg
ui a lieuiooaut colonel, brigadier geaepal aad mnjCR
4Tou will oblige one wfco takea a great fatmndB IJ
the success of ims tuhd, be m.king ibis eeireo'ien. ??
tne belief that the uovora sent peyf ? pension Of 'J
tbouiand doll .re a 4 car ui.?y aaueea eimloisbed

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