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An Advance en Maoon and Au
gusta Anticipated
Til lilil JiBriili BMIcnU til
I*a tf Bit Bdig ABIt tf
Rtuk CharltiltB.
CAfalrj Fight in the Shenan
doah Valley
AAeitI Rej arts of Forrwtl't Operations
?b iho TeBBMSco Rivoa
Irlgadier tneral of Meade's
Army i&eported to Save De
serted to tfae Rebels.
Sfewaaa'l Ily.t.rloo. HoTemwIi
[From lb. Richmond Examiner, Nor. 14.]
Although no exchange fit permitted by tbo oDomy on
MS lido of I bo river the picket .1 Petersburg appears to
km tud better lock, ted oeod a briar aummary of toiel
Iblinnt from tbo Yankee paper-of tbelOth It to thtl
Species or newt which is usually styled "very Important,
M true." Aecordlog to ibia telegraphic summarv of tbe
Saw York journal* Sherman bas burned Atlanta and
torched lor Charleston ttborniae was lately reported
my tboae papers to have abaadoned tbe porruit of ttoo<l'o
laid into Teunoreae and returned to Atlanta wlib lour
oorpe of bte army, tba reot being lslt to guard Cbattanoo.
ga and hie cotmuunlcailoat with Nashville. Altogether
It may bo supposed ihat be bad twenty ibouaaad men
with bini. If, wltb this force, be bae cut bimsult loo.-a
from bit communication* and attempted to gain Charles
Efour hundred miles dlaiant, living on hostile country
M way, he hatundrrtakm a mott rxlraot dietary affxir.
i a far cry to locbuiv?but it Is a further erv to
teoton. There are clretimstances which render this
Raws eery auspicious. Telegraphic communication with
Kbarmiu does not exist, and it would be diibcult to oh*
tam intelligence from Atlanta. K la ulao Improbable that
obould bay* annocnoed such a design through the
raw York journals, oven If be bad determined upon U.
its news la very like a big Yaukee lis, Invented to cover
am tbe (act that Sherman has really burnt Atlanta for
A# purpose of concentrating his whole force against
Hood, on tbe otber band there ara conrdera
baa wbten give color to the story. To burn
Atlanta and rotraat would ba a deadly blow to Yankee
t. yet Sherman m at come away from that uaelaaa
He cannot keep hl? army id'.t there while Hood
i into Tenneeaeo Ho may suppose that tbe forcm
?eder Tbomae. with tb#>ddltlons lent to bin. float At
sata, sr. sufficient to bold Hood In obeck; tad that, all
Of Hood's army having bean withdrawn Irom the Math,
As would find uotblng to oppose htm an lbs read to
BharlestOD, or to Wilmlogton, or to a junction with
wherever It may bo designed. Balancing both
derations we nro still Incredulous; but if it be trna
I Sbstman la now attempting ibia prodlgloua design,
qpe may safely predict that bis march will lead htm la
tta Paradise sf Fools, and that his magntBcent aobama
Ml hereafter ba reckoned
With all the grand deads that sever wars don*,
All tba great bucks that never wore written.
i And all tba good aaoga which never wore sung,
MARRAM urscro to ADvexca oh aoocsta amp
fFrom lbs Richmond Kaamlner, Nov. 14.]
?ffbe Southern papara have very little of ttbe movements
pf Hood'a army. Tba Mohtgomsry Mail o? tba Tlh bas
Me renewing from a Ooo'ederste gorgeon jnat down from
Aauie, and a aaoul jnat from the Army of tba fan
Sherman hat returned to Jtlaaia with four oorpe. which,
Rrtlb tba garrison left at that point, makes a total cf five
ana in aad shoot the elty.
Stood la at Tuaentnbie. oonfronted by Tbomae, and that
Amre are prospects of aa engagement.
Fresh levies have recently bren tent to Middle Ten*
amaao, a welling the Yaakee force to forty tbooaaLd,
wMob enables Phernaan to laare rbomas In charge.
M those reports bo true, we may arprcf an early advance
g^luffiuia or Macon.
?re la a rumor of a fight between abma of the Georgia
i troops aod a portion of Pobollold'a corps, near Stone
?tain on Wedc-wday. It Is also reported that a raid
B ew rou e for Athens.
Wooers I Forrest is still on tbe Tennessee, wltb bla bat
mnw aod bis ??bore# marines," aad wo may sxpwot at
my Uma to bear of bis guaboat opeiatioua.
Hood's Novamaati.
Mohilc, Via Sblma, Ala., Nov. 11,1M4.
Yba weather baa beo-me suddenly cold. Large aup
?ho af olothlug are arriving, to lbs great gratification of
lbs army.
Our scouts report that fifteen tbouaand of tbe enemy
Bad arrived at Pooatur, evidently following oar forces.
Bo tbe 2d we abelled them at ibat pi oe. There were
only three in uaaad, aad tlioae wo ecnld have captured
oanAy, but that waa not tba programme. Wa captured
Baity prisoners, and killed and wouaded tbrao t-r four
Baadred Yankee cavalry. Tbay are numerous on tbe
' aide, but tbey exhibit no desire to dispute tbe pas
I of the modern Rubicon.
kermsn'a troops are scattered aa fbllowa;?Tbe First
i (Weoeral Owterhaua') ta at Atlanta, ?ftaan thousand
at <"hati?*ooga, lira tbouaand at Bridgeport, soma at
Baaf hiuaee?how many is not ascertained.
General Hood bas been quite unwell for three days, but
W bow all rl?bt.
General Beauregard la bars, but General Hood is in
oammand ot tba army.
tbb oaftuwe or decatuh announced.
[From ibe Richmond Whig, Nov. 11]
IB* Mail has Information, through Captain Manning, of
?ertb AUbarae, of tba capture ?' Decatur, of a ponlilvn
aharacier Captain M. waa present at tba capture. Tba
?atma DOfrteh baa ooi.flrmsnon or tbta, deuved. from a
mremtnent oitlzeu of Madison eonntv. rbla genllem.n,
Who -eft Wbtesbttrg on Friday weak last, statas ibat
Kiur, wiib elg i tbouaaad prisoners, ball negro
w, waa captured by steward's oorps, of Hood's
?nay, oo Wednesday, the 29tb nit.
IT ban be led Wbltaaburg heavy firing was beard la
As direction of Hcataville, suppoaed to be an attack by
Oar I or one on that place.
Ksrly'i Army<
Ramus oavalsv rioar in the talt.it.
New MaHxar, Nov. 13, ISM
?antral Rorrer's division bad a severe Bghl yesterday
awning with two divisions of tba enemy near Middle
We drove them back wltb heavy toes.
Our loaa waa slight.
' We onpinr-id two hundred prisoners, wllh one major
Bad several ofllcore of l iwcr grade.
Lieutenant Colonel Marshall, of the Seventh Virginia
aavalry, was killed.
Ttennregard'e Dopai'tmsnt.
RWRt orriciAL account or rt'ssgnr's attack
Paris, Taonv Oct. 31, 1904.
flatten ant General R. Ttn.on
My baitarlea on the Tennessee river Have engaged the
Ewamv all day with great success.
Two gunboats and two transports wen destroyed In
astoesptkng to pass, one gunboat and two \ rtnsporta are
Wow in my poesessum, ready lor use, unhurt. Tbe other
gwnbo.it aod transport floated down lbs riV\W In a dis
abled condition, and hoin will bo eitber aiwtroyed or
aapinred, aa my troopa are ami in poranit.
N B KOKKhH r. Major \Ganaral.
Orrosmi Joai?aoRviu.n, Tenn., Ivtiv 5, I
Via OSEtwra, N?v 7, lR^tA. f
Nktor General yiorraat, oa tba 4lb instant, tebleyed
awatber great victory.
Be pia. ad a bsitery above Tohneonvlt'e, moved op his
artillery from below, and oaugbt at Jobnsonvttle tbrse
gwob'.at". two transports and about twenty buries. He
ale mod bis battorlas at night, aid opened with <rvshi
atson, end arter an eogegameat of tan minutes the gun
gust* were sat on lira aad oo. aumed.
Taa batteries than opened ?n the transports aad barge#,,
ill of wbloh ware sat oa flra and destroyed.
Tm engagement waa terrible The saemy opened with
Isriy howitzers from their art aod gunboats, but uot a
pan notHed under tba Storm of gnell. The oauunniers
Ltd their rimraara shot la two and their cUbea end
k? - is ebot off.
* Ptuce last Sunday General Forrest has captured end de
gtroyed fourieen transports, four gunboats, twenty
Marges, tnl. tr two pieces or artillery, over twenty thou
W'l tons of freight sad over tared millions doiisra worlb
dp io?a bae bean only tea men wounded
JWIWieotivllle le etlll burning. The immense amount of
?eight da1 shore, covering several sores, will all be con
famed m Jt >? now burning and tba sucmy caoaol eillu
msmh it as n^r batteries ooauaand the banks,
' M. C. G.t I.I.AWA V.
TpecrwsM, Ala.. Nov S. 1HM.
fees i ft roorre, Ad, Me.it sc.. I.. pernor 'lenerai:?
?ssegal >'?rraat rSnorM that on lbs Sib instant be
WW then engaged fiuhllog lb* enemy it Jobosnnvtlle,
having kiieudy destroyed four gunboats, or elgbl guns
each. t< urtroo steamers sod twenty bargee, wun a larre
quantity or quartermaster and oonintieaary stores,on the
landing and ui warehouses, estimated at between aeven
lv-flve to one hundred thousand t ns. Bit gunboats woro
then approaching, which bo hoped to oaptore or doetroy.
Ameeity to Rebel ftlis'jleelpui Deserter*.
[From the Richmond Whig, S v 11.)
The Governor ol Mississippi has is>uca a proclamation
announcing lb it. at bis earnest (ohelUtlOD, ilea, lav lor
has authorized him to ensure deterlere and absentees
who will forthwith report lor doty ibat (bay will not
be punished by deatb or any ignominious or grievous
punishment. He exhorts them to surrender themselves
to a abend or other civil officer, and entroats those and
all good citizens to use their utmost diligence in bringing
hie proclamation to tha notice of those Ior whose benefit
It la intended.
Biehbbge of Prisoners Proposed by Son*
Gil lean.
[From the Ittohsaood Whig, Nov. 14.]
The Bristol Hsgit'er listen that dsn. Gttlom, the com
mandsr o' the federal forces in East Tenuous#, has writ
tea a communication to Goo Vaughn, proposing to ex
change eertain citizens mentioned, end awo piopoees a
general exchange or citizens captured by both sides lb
last Tennessee, and suggests that do otber arrests bo
made. Ibis communication, together with the recom
mendation uf Gaii Vaughn, has bees lent to the Presi
dent lor hie approval.
the liStm of Hoehlagham Coanty hf
Sheridan * Red lit Advance.
[From the Rlobmond Whig, No. 14 J
A eommlttee of seventy two, constating of thirty six
old/ens and the earns number of magistrates, appointed
by tbe County Court of Rockingham for the purpose of
making an estimate of the losses of tbe county by lb*
execution of Bberioaa's Infamous order, have made, alter
a la bartons Investigation of the subject, the following re
Dwelling houses burned, thirty; barns burn ad, fonr
hundred and llfty; mills buried, thlrty-oae; fencing de
stroyed, one hundred runes: bushels or wheat destroyed,
one.hundred thousand; buabala of oora destroyod, fifty
thousand; tons of hay destroy ad, six thousand two hun
dred and thirty three; cattle carried off, one Uibuaaad
?even hundred ai d fifty; horses carried off, on# thousand
?even hundred and Atty; sheep carried off, four thousand
two hundred; bogs carried off, eight thoueand sight hun
dred #Dd llfty: factories burned, Utres; furnace horned,
one. In addition to which, the Agister says, there was
an Immense amount of larmtog utensils of every descrip
tion destroyed, many of thorn of greet value, eueh as Me-.
Oormltk's reapers, and thrashing machines. Also house
hold ?nd kitchen furniture, money, bonds, plats, he., to.
The whole loss being estimated at the enormous sum of
?*6,000,000. *
?lege ?f Charleiten,
{From the Charleston Mercury, Nov. T.J
The bombardment of the enemy since our list report
has been steady and sevare, one hundred and sixty seven
shells In ell having been Ibrown at tbe city. But one cas
ualty occurred, Mr. .fahn Coogan, of tha city police, had
both his legs fructnred by a shell on Saturday afternoon
and <lled on Fluidity morning.
Tho sebe oner Mary was captured and burned on Satur
day- afternoon by the enemy off lforrl9 IsUnd. About
thtrly-live bales of cotton were eaved, while about ona
buudre.l bilee or ootton and thirty fire boxes of tobacco
were lost.
Tha tame , aper of the 8th says:?
Since our last report u slow but ateady fire has been
kept up by battery Gregg and tbe dwamp Angel battery
on Fort Sumter, amounting to about fifty shots, l'bs
number of eheile thrown at the city since our last report
hat been seventy-two. Our rooute bring Information
that seventy-eight transports aid ten war vezsels are at
Hilton Head?an Increase of ten transports and oca war
veessl. On Bonday night our Sullivan's Island batteries
opened on tbe Yaukoe plcicet boats, firing some twelve
or fifteen (bote.
We regret to chronicle a distressing casualty as
log from the bombardment of Suoday night. Mr John j
Mulfaliy end tfni^y, bis ftire, wniio Tu ferd, Were struck
by a fragment of shell and Instantly killed, both their
bodies being almost literally out in two. Their tad Tate
wua not known untU Monday morning, whoa their re
main* were dienovered.
The first white frest of the season was plainly visible
on the housetops and grass in tho public mails yesterday
mere log. White frost, however, is no* a sufficient gua
rantee against fever for strangers aad re: ogees to visit
our oily with Impunity, hut it le tbe harbinger of the
cbrystaUsed hoary gentleman, whoso advent wo hope to
report la n few days.
A Fsdssal BilgadUr Ooesorat Baoorttfi
Us Hears DesortoA frossa Grant's army.
fKrom the Ulohsnoad Sentient, Nov. 14.]
Yesterday was a day of peace Is the neighborhood of
Richmond sad Petersburg. The stillness of tbe Sabbath
was unbrokOB by tbe aentfd of art I Her y, net a gun baying
been beard in Richmond during the day.
Tha abetted saints to honor of tho so colled elect loo of
Lincoln, boo sot yet boos d la aborted, which le o cause ef
astonishment, so It was a victory solely achieved by the
military fovea of tbe party la power.
Dp to the boor of writing this, we have received no
later pepera from the Dotted Stales than those of tbe Mb
Instant, tbe enemy refusing to exchange papers with our
officers, In compliance with orders from Washington.
A Oon'sdorate yesterday on tha south side attempted
to oxohange papers wltb a federal officer, whp told him
tbey bed orders to fire cm any one who brought out pa
Kri. Id answer to as Inquiry about the news tho Yaa
o laid there had boon a "big row ot the North, and o
city bad been burned." There urea also a report thai
Butler bad been killed during o riot la the etty ef New
A federal brigadier gaoeral was said yesterday to bays
dstarted and come lato our Hues.
We glye these Sunday rumor* without vouching for
the truth of any of I hem.
It will bo seen by a telegraphic despatch la aaotber
oeluma that Lincoln has been eleoted. aad baa called lor
one million of mm. (May ba be will get them.) That
Bey mour is elected governor of the State of New York.
That tbe Yankee papers say Shermaa has burned At
laote, aad Is maroblng aa Charleston, South Carolina.
The distance by railroad from Atlanta to Augusta,
Ga.. le 171 miles, end from Augusts to Charleston 137?
making 804 mllas from Atlanta to Charleston?something
Of o march)
and that tbe Tallahassee is reported captured off Wil
11 ?wlillera,
[Prom tho Richmond Sentinel. Nov. 14.]
Th* Now Ton* HimiD la building hope* of advantage
to tbe United Sutee out of tbt bitter cnotr weray which,
It inform* It* reader*, I* eprloglng np In tho (on'ederate
btatea 0* the eubjecl of Mm military employment of ae
groea. The alavebeldera nod 'he oon tlavehoidara, it
aaya, ?ro la nogry foud, the latter faTortog the policy,
th* former Tlolcatly cppoamg It. Thla la oaaof the fable*
with which our eaemiea aocourage tbamealven la thatr
onha'y work.
The fact that oar foea ar* looking with hop# to eoatac
tion* among na on tha anoject roferrad to, ta anotnar
reaaou why w* ahoald diapoae of It dtaoreetly, promptly
and without agitation. On two potnta oar people are
well nigh ananlmona -air . That there la no preeant
need of the employment of alavaa na aoldlora; and that it
la laaprobabi* wa ahail aaad thorn In the future. This
diapoaea of tho praaont practioal quaatloo. for (officiant
unto tho day la the atril thereof.
Some are la favor of declaring that la no ponalhlo coa
tlngaaoy will auch employment of alive* be admiaaibl*;
but wa praauma that vary fnw will dee en It wla* thus to
bind our beodn for the future, or will oonaidar thtmaelve*
auflloiet.li.v gifted with foreelght to lay down an inflexible
policy for tn* day* to come. The war now waging ha* ao
of tee mocked at tha wladona of the aageet among na, and
turned ao many propbectae Into ridicule, that he la a hold
aud a vary preaumplnoua man, who will now undertake
to probe the future, and to determine lla exact policy,
and tha bound* within which ru extrtioua muat be con
fined. Such at) attempt cannot be Judieloua, K would h*
a dangerout policy.
, in* ra election of Lincoln haa bid u* proper# for the
worat oar ecemie* nan do It baa told ua to expect all
that they can effect by enargy, ferocity and tbe employ
ment or every ronalbl* weapon of attack, fair or foul, le
tile a lime for laying, end in advance, that wa wtU not
une thl* meant of doleoca, or their la tbia a time for
denying ou'ielvea the employment of our reeourcee, of
whatever kind, if their uae abali prove expedient? It la
our right and it la our duty to fight ao *iroc>oue an cue
my on auch Intolerable deetgn with every weapou and
ell the etreogth that tied hae placed at our oommend. To
abdicate any reeource, to throw away from a* any manna
of aitaek or (tefadce. beceuee w* do not need It now, la
tnadcra*. Vve have no right to do ao.
why not pan* * roeoiution aur.b a* offered by Mr.
Bwann, of Tenoe* oe that there k< nogpreaeat need, and
tbera will probably be no future need for the am play
motit of niavea in the mlllt >ry nervine, but that the war
now wagad upon ue with a fury, lerootty and me Igntty
unknown be'ere, and by merae the meet criminal end
revolting, will be mei wub the whole power, akill aod
courage of tha confederacy; end that our utmott re
lourcce, of whutever kind ciiall he epplled to the public
defence aa nereanity and expedlanoy may d elate It
?a meat and proper Ibat we ebould respond to
tbe ravage war whoop which hae tnet been
rounded anew at the North, not ny etokly
?entlmenUlitle#, but by a manly and determined defi
ance. Let onr anemia* kn?w thai we will r??iat them to
tbe death, and with every meaoa that tiod baa given ua;
that wa will deny onraelve* the tiae of nothing, and that
our lint reaoarre muat be exbaueted before tho yoke can
be placed oe our aecka.
let Congraaa fix the courage anil reaolntlon Of onr peo
Sle by Bu. h a decl-rathra, tp which, aureiy, every mora
er will rradlly unlie, and let the nutation or th# expa
diaary of employing aiav# aoidlora be adjourned to the
time when aomehody rhall deem It to b* then expedient
and (ball propone Ita praaent adoption. Why couauma
our time, diatraot our people, and eacourag* our eoeaale*
by diaouaaing It new f
lkebel Finance*.
AM, sonsifcs to mrRori thb crammer MWT m
rr^ ?ARW> ow artci*.
(Correapondaece of the Richmond Whiff, Nov. 9 |
Allow me to auggeat a abort matbod of ?'floauclerlng"
aura*'vet not of our prooeat "financial dlfflrmtloe." <?tr
neople ar# Infatuated with the Idea of h?rd ceeh?
'?r|>aiild. All tb* financial achemee la tb* world,
which have not aome apeeie baaiv. would not appreciate
(.ooltdarav# o?tea much above their pi curat value. If
It be poaalhla for our government to obtain a eulficlant
amount of apaele, at home or abroad, by th* pledgu or
aele of cotton, or oth rwiae. let it offer one in enact*
and three in head*, or frramury n tea of a new laauo,
.?uaver In* i tawu on, ;?r jr., 4oll<-* In mk van,
or vr* t ola erne*** t u> * vary ?'?.? < ima ov r
clroulalton, tad even n?u?h our bonued debt, would
bo reduced lo the very lowest point tbat wo c?uW dealro,
or confidence in our dtlereilqeiioo to pay futly Cdtaw
ItoheJ. Thisayalcm baa been. In a measure, taaird by
to rue of our banks, and noa itcied Ilk* a charm -?h# ?J1*'
terluf bait being readily swallowed K auy oDe lo ibe
ounotry could reform our currency otherwise, our prtssat
able Secretary oC the Treasury could but bo, ???*"**
01 bora, muai pander, to some ex leu l, to public prejudice
ae'regards extortion, lot Congress couscrlbe every
mo under alaiy live, and delail them for v?r\?uo P
puaea, undei b?>ed and the aeverrat penally?of being
?Ki t to to# army, regardless of age, if detected seU tog
aoovo ocbadule priced.
Bcvcrc uaaoe require like remedies.
The Hcbfl Rollrcadi.
[From tbe Ricbroond ttontloel, Nor. ?.]
Hwre ta no evbject connected w:tn tbe public defence
and tba gen oral happiness of lb# people wbteb more
urgently damanda of tba geveremsnt a wire policy and
?kuful eUmlutotraUOB than tbe efficient main tana noa asd
management of cur railroad system. Tbera ara aotno
difficulties In tba way of tba. owing to tba fact tbat the
vm'i?idr their charUra acd privilege* and ara ana
looted to supervision under tbo State governments, and
from in tea are aoaroely to bo e*]>?ot"d auch ueiforalty
of views and promptness of actions* the oecaotoo rea
dora Doooooary. Hot the necessities of the war and lb#
demands or Ibe military eervlo* ore such so to make tbo
railroad# of lUa uuautt oonoequonuo to tbe puolic de
fence, and to Joe. ?y, indeed, roquigo eI the Oeuiedereto
autborittoa a eonraa of poiloy oalcnlatad to ueure of
1 byb# bul 1 d to??qf UabttSr #d Trom D#??Ula to Greens
boro im proved tola W ?? ?????* ooueeqnenc# to tba
oountry. In ordinary ituies, and lor ordinary usee, the
oxoeuilun or ouch o work by the Confederate authorities
would have been oottrely inadmissible. For lb J uses and
necessities or tbo present tlmeo it wua eminaniiy proper
and sagacious. The same reasons which dictated the
building of that road may require the conn rueikin of
otbert; and gnrely tba obligation is none the Ice# btnding,
and tbe snlberlty not less ample or attainable, for secur
ing the parleet efficiency of tba reads already In opera
lion, and essentially necessary to tbo publle defence.
A railroad, the bulldtogof which would bo very ad
visable, from Its greet coorealeocc and advantage under
ad circumstances and its extreme importance in a con
tingency tor no means impossible, is one from ltonvill* to
Lynchbnrg. Thlo woiUd give hi another and an Interior
Hue between Virginia and ?be South, greatly facilitate
military oombtnartfcis by facilitating the movements of
troop*, and render ?? secure against any tuoonvenleooe
from raiding enterprise* agalnet our Southern connec
tions. Lyocbeurg might become a storehouse for the aw
cumulation of supplies, whence tbay oould be drawn, w
Deeded, over the several rentes of railroad or the canal
leading tbeoce. Tim nlr line between l.ynebburg and
Danville is about sixty mils#. W* havs bsan Informed
th.t ? gory advaetegeoui; route for a railroad baa
aeon saivoyod, -cheap aad facile of coostruetloa,
by a line of about eighty miles. W* are assured, too,
that tba Iron to lay the track is attaisable, snd that us
der the proper surer In tend once, with tbe number or Is
borers which the government might command, tbo gra
ding might bq completed to six months. This, we know ,
would be extraordinary speed compared with what wae
witnessed In the construction of the Danville aad Greens
boro Railroad: bat we trust we have learned bow to im
prove on the past. Everything, however, wuld de
pend en securing an efflcient manager of construction,
and yieldiug t ? him m' proper support. But even if a
much Icoger time were employed?If a year or two years
would ba required, we should not deem the work use
less, for th# war may lost longer than one year or two
years, a d the new road may at latest be ready In time
for the exigencies in which it would be so yitaiiy im
Tn reference to the matuteuaace of tba roads already
In nee, there would seem to bo njdeeaary a proper aya^
torn tor obtaining exact informatl 'n as to tbe condition of
the various works, snd 'or furnishing timely supplies or
asehtunce to the railroad companies, to as io secure an
efficient equipment. What the companies might not be
this or eufflcliDtly enterprising to attempt, each for
tt?olf, tn the manufacture of railroad Iron or the estab
lishment of machine shops, the government might safely
undertake for all. There would be this further advan
taw to the J^dita gf i'M <fetabrlihn|COt? bj[ jbq
iovOfatnani; ?fne operatives neeeaeary ior conuuctlng
them could ba secired. The lntarroptions or tbe con
bcription ere almost fatal to any new enicrpriM ooa
ducted by private Individuals, The government would
be Its own protection agalnet interference with pnblte
undorUkim.? _
An essential featare of enr poiloy, Trem which effi
ciency la to be hoped to the prosecution of mechanical
enterprises, whether such as are above mentioned, or ior
any other object. Is tbe offering or encouragement, im
munity and reward to akUlod labor. It ebon id be tuylU4
her* by toduoemeate, and inveotlv* Ingenuity ahoald b*
?ttmulaton by adequate bounties. Tbera ta no greater, (
and In the circumstances of oar country, no mora cruel,
prodigality of our rasouroas than the piaffing of a muabat
to the hands of an erttaao. Far belter tbat ha ebould
ring hie anvil and whirl hie lathe, and be encouraged u>
diligence to tbe skilful manufacture oT supplies or appll
Mpf*the proper man can he nbtnlned **>?' ? It might
he wintoMUbltoTa^rallreml bunMwTeErgeo with rune
tlous each as we bare In a lea tod. W* "V? KJEatoKf
doubt, whom sympathizing Ooogreeeroeo or alto chad
friends to influeotlal poeliloae, may rcooromeod and urge
for th* place, for tbe personal convenience It would af
ford. Of all the forms of government pension, tbat le
tba most pernicious which plaoea Ibdompetsnl men to
public tons to. ______
Tk( Rebel Concrete.
"""'riirit, if#v ii. lib.
The Beasts was not laieulen to-day, bavtoi adjourned
a verflittk Monday.
The Houae mat at th* usual hour, and was opened with
Dray or by tbe Kev. Dr. Dneaan.
Tbe Chat* announoed tbe following as a special com
mlltee of three to inquire loto tbe pro; rlety of making
an apiieai to theaaveral States tor tb. purpoM of rcduc
"s.^5 wfccrtf cs& ??
?ecrel session. _____
A Hew Torts Cltlxwn Captured by Moiby.
fFrom the Rlehmond Examiner, Nov. 11.J
O. W. Brewster, cltireo of New York, ran loto by
Mosby. was received at tbe Gastlo yosterday (torn Major
Boa lo. Moaby 'a abipping agent. Brewster Is one ol the
???wall mob" of Broadway, to baggyitrow?ere, and^oha.
ractariMd hla oaptore aad lncarearatlou la the Caetle as
??too damned bad." ______
??Illgta Life Below atulro."
fAdvertlaemeot from a Colombia (8 C.), papsr.]
Sanvsa Hooan, Con uiiia.?Nambera of the legislature
who deai re to stop at tbe 8blver noose, are informed
tbat provlaluns (woero It auita tbepartlea) will ba taken
In payment rot their bill* for beard, vU:-Baoon, bams,
lar?T butler eggs, corn, oornmeal, nenr. molasses, beef,
poirk, mutic?.tekene| turkeys, be , /or all of which
ftl maiket price will he allowed. ^ ^ r ?gjm
Banquet te Captain W intltw.
Borrow, Not. 10,1004.
Iba ban', et given by the i isrohante and ahlpownarn of
Boaton to Captolo Wintlow a-d b e affioara at tba Revere
House last evening drew together the principal mer
chants and distinguished personages every walk of
Among the guestn were Hon. Edward Everett, Rear
Admiral Strlngham, Colonel tirabam, of the Engineer
corps; tba Poetmaster, Colleclor of the Port, District At
torney. Mayor and a large number of others.
Three hundred persons sat down to the table, which,
with tbe hall, was elagantly decorated, lion. George B.
Upton presided. Hon F^lward Everett responded to the
sentiment to tbe President to a warm and eloquent nolo
the gallant guest of the evening wan received with Im
mense applause, and gavs an ncoount of the crulae of tbe
Keamarge, touching lightly upon tba light with tbe ale
bama, acd meatlonl'tg the important ootM-juencee and
tba lavorable inlluenoe upon the American oause iu Ku
rope tbat flowed from tbat engagement.
I.Irutenant Thompson was received wltb like demon
stration* of applause.
' Numerous speeches were made, aad toilers from In
vlted guests who were absent were reed?among ihem
from Governor Aodrew, fewretary Welles, Hon. R. a
Wiaibrop end others.
The oompany eepareted et eleven n'ctook, with re
sounding cheer* for the Keareergc, her offieera and meo.
Oi4?r for the ICierwlmeat and Clanlflta
Uoa or the Pcnntylvanl* Militia.
HtNRi?ntRn, Pa., Not. 18, 1T84.
A general order hia bean loaned from itm baadquar
tor? (o 8b a comnilMioMra of lb# ear oral clttee and ?>uo
tie* to thdfute, directing tha immediate eoroiumt and
claealflcauvn of militia of ttila commonwealth, undar
tba pronelma of iba acta of Aarrmbly of Map 4 and
Anguet 22,1894.
taltad Mtdv'ca Rinnaa Cotter mahoalng.
Porttarp, Nor. 18,1884.
Tha United flhu'ee revenue outter Motioning, Wabater,
raporta going into Oaatnwi laat Sunday at oua P M.; wae
llrod at by Battery Wblte, two mllea and a ball dlatant.
One blaak cartridge a\ul two aicaliant lino ehote fill abort
d tba Out tar; bad bar colore flying; wae blowlagagale
it tba time, left for Seat Harbor.
AHTt.cn roe tiir l.irtR* a?n Aord,?The eaoond annual
mtrrtelnir.ant of tba nenarvleat Dramatic and Maaicct
Aeaoclatma for tha banaflt or th." abort taTRluableaavlem
l? onnnnucad to tlte piece at Whin'* Saloon lb le aran
? lie "H half t ut aeren o'clock. Tbr "talma of etch n
??or"ly tro MttlHtc to t*e dtitfh common ty, ar4 ?e
ItgfttoM "Stic < btt a ?m tdofl Drag*
WsaainOToa, Not. IS, l*44
TO* IOMT of ton oovernmrnt to t?? ?howwd
illy for ?he adoption of some fl*ed policy in
Rill t AM ifl
MMNHJ IVF wv -- ?
reference lo the proposed return of the secede* States >a
No lot vigorously pressed upon tbe adtolntsunttoin.
Rank* olbtr dialiDgutsb** g?nUem?o ?dw
nreeent that Ibe msmuom, counieaance and protectee
Of lho goyOronwol to MM Union moo ol Uie Southern
f ltT ?W H Louisiana, Arkansas aud Geergie-ln
changing the syotoin of Mbor heretofore ?*lstlug
to thoee hUtee, will tenure hoi only Ihelr re
lore, brt tbelr permanent adherer.ce to the
Federal Uolon. Thoee pebple are now al a loea
10 know what na m ihey are lo oocupy la returning to
Ibe Union. All ihey want la a certainty of govornmeot
>rt(T1l.l^. u<| old. Without thle aaaoranee, and the
adoption and promulgation ef a flxed polloy on tbe tub
too hi* peaee propoeltlona need be eapected, and no
return to allegiance will bOfeafter be made-, but oven In
Mateo which ha?e already declared tat fn?or of coming
^ neliI aa well aa otvtl war will be Inaugurated.
The Secretary of the Treasury Soeily determined to
day to earry not bia parpoeo of sntlolpatien payment of
January Internet on |eid internet bonda, and tbe necea
nary ordere were tblo afternoon aeatto the Anetaunt
Treaaurar at New for*.
TlUfMI* to-?.-?
Brtgadtar Oenernl TyMr baa forwarded to tbe AdJnUal
eanoral'a effiae the black flag captured from General
Early'command last August tear Nerth Mouataia. Ha
?L omm waa to cbarga of two rohola, and act up agnlnrt
. [^^of thTieboto wout la a^robof w.ior. C
7. JT?h adetectiro. who had Been watching tbe flag
from togbtiall doUrmlaed to gat It If
vpm the aaan loft slope, ensured blm, Uoh **?*,
the pole, aad brougbUbe flag aad prlaoner daftly through
within our Unoo. . , ...
During the paaaant oampalgn la the Shenandoah vat
lay, tbe ft ret cavalry d frit inn, commanded by General
Herrltt, baa captured fourteen baltl# flags, twenty-nloe
pieaaa af artillery, eighteen oateeona.eae hundred wagons
nad nmbalencen and two thousand prisoners of war, In
cluding one hundred and twenty two ccanmlaaloned offl
cere. Since tbe let of bUjsibe command baa captured
three tboaeand priecuera of War.
movbmkkts of onNaRAi, sutler.
General Butter end ataff, aad lira, and Miss Butler
leave to night for Fortreta Monroe and the front. General
Mi tier has been engaged all day In conaultatlon with tbe
Preetdeot aad beade of departmenta, and receiving a
multitude of visitor*, anxious to make favor with the
I utura Secretary of War.
the parties who have brought euit In New York against
General Butlar for geld seised In Now OHoana will find
that H Is tba government, end not the Individual, they
have a olaira against. Tte golden question was condemned
by a military commission to tbe proceeds of the robbery
of tbe United Stales ? Mint la New Orleans, and waa ao
counted for to Ibe War Depaatment. lo wboet ouatody it
baa elnoe been. General Butler bae at all ttmaa been
ready to pay over the tnouey claimed whenever an order
of tbe War Department should be preaented.
q* "W ?y BVLt *C?
toOCNTilNg. * -w -
Aflbise to Virginia, eaat of tba Ml run toountalsg,
have been remarkably quiet for tome time, no A"*""
bavins been seen la FalrTa* ataoe the 6th lost., at which
time Mosby, with a large Force, visited "
Pnlla Cbnrob and moved off hastily towards tba vaitoy.
turn monut onean ictua.
1 A branah of the money order bereau ef the Pgal 0??
Department la aboat to be eoubltobed at CV Point tor ,
tbe conveutonoe of soldiers Thle new tartltrtlon, under
tbe maaoMeaoent of Dr. McDonald, to rapidly baoomtng
one <" lb? ?vst Important bureaus of the government.
f IM WAOHlNUi^ ?
Washington la mora than usually crowded with distiu
gulabed officers and politician*. There eeema to be n
general reeb bilherWSM ef all who ere able In any way
lo Influence the political or military policy of the govern
ment. Many of thorn are hero by Invitation. Some or
the moat importmnato have come of their owe ecctrd.
All are busy, and many eeem to torgrt that heada oT da
partmenta are very buoy In preparing their annual re
P#M,, tbi p*isidint visits rmwi.
Since hie re-election tbe Preeldent ha. shown hlmrolf
In public more frequently then boreloioro, nad lest night
waa aa apparently delighted spectator at G rover'a theatre
of B. L. Davenport'e magalflconl rendition of Hamlet.
tub offtcbrs of thr Finavg Florida.
Tha officer. of the captured pirate Florida arrived here
to day. They appeared In full uniform.
xhi caaoaLTiga iifom FLTttouro, *. c.
I The following is a list of lb# killed end wounded on
board th# Goliad sialee (learner Commodore Hull, lu tbe
capture of Plymouth, N. C. There were no casualties on
the other vessels:?
Killed Henrr Fcbrnder, landsman; Turner Lathem,
Itndiman, Hugh McMaroay, ooxawaln; John Hwaddle,
isTidsLijsQ. p_.^ Galont, coxswain, Slightly; John
Mesdoo. teamen, sitgbMy; iaa. Hatorwatt, landeman, Ion
knee, eorloualy.
van trial of colonbl north pobtponed.
The trial of Colonel North, Itovt Ochn aad Marvin H.
Jones, charged with complicity In the alleged New York
eoldlera' vote fraud, has been postponed till Tueedsy
week Judge Garvto end Hon. Reuben S. Fenton,
Governor elect ef New York, were among ibose who tea
(tiled that Ihey had never known anything prejudicial to
Colonel North's character aa en officer, or bla standing
?a a gentleman, until lh# preaeol charges. Testimony
of a similar character waa given concerning Jones and
information from Spottayivanla and Staflord counties,
Va., show* that raoel conscripting officers ara scouring
the country In all dlrrotlona, and ovary man under rlxty
and boya over Oiteen ara Impraaiad Into the rebel tar
vloa. A few daya ago a party of theae. rebel officer*
captured five men, and ware conveying tbem to tbe ran
dexvous, when two of tbana, taking a favorable opportu
nity, drew platols, which they had concealed on tbelr
person*, and abot tbe two ieadera of the other party
, dyad, which put tbe others to (light. Hon i?ro ave-y
,whore biding in tbe wooda and endeavoring to escape to
utir Hues. Freder'cksburg has become ao depopulated
that It to estimated not more than one bouae out of every
ten I* occup'ed. Fuel ? la ao scarce that the Inhabitant*
are polling down tbe vacant houses and using them tor
firewdhd, the mnrkat price of tho article being one hun
dred and fifty dollar* per cord.
osnkral port's trace policy with the tyniAKS.
Oereral Pope, In submitting hie official report of tbe
operillone In tbe Depertment of tbe Northwest Tor tbe
peat taar, saya In tettllnga peace with the Indian* he
Intend* to do *wey entirely with treat.ee, which system
is always attended with fraud upon tbe government end
the Indians. Ilia plan la baaed simply upon the under
standing that tbe Tedlena behave themselves and do not
molaat the white*, and that tbe white* shall be made to
deal fairly "lib tbe Indiana, and not molaat them m any
way. Tbe military authorities undertake to enforce good
cnudncl ou both aides, end will have the power, If not In
terfered with, to do so tborougly. He say* tbe govern
ment may safely dismiss all apprehension of Indian wara
In lbs Northwest.
Fxteosive strata of excellent coal have been found at
fort Rice. One vain was six feet thick. Tola ooal field
extend* towards tbe southwest, end It ta supposed out
crops on tb* shi. aa of th* BKck Hills. The existence of
this great.caal Gold, half way between tbe great lake*
and the Reeky Mountains, la a fact th* value of which
cannot be well overoetlraaied. Aeldo from furnishing
fuelfor tho eavigaUuB of the Ppper Mle?ourt|river, It la a
controlling element in th* location of a railroad ac.rom
the giaat plaiua to tbe Taclflc.
Lieutenant Neil Henlaon, of tbe Second regular artll
lory, liu been mad* brevt brigadier general for gallant
conduct and bravery In action. He le a eon of Peeimas
ter fienaml icnison.
Colonel (lamble, kighth Illlnoi cavalry, ha* been ?p
I omlM brigadier gcweral, and is to be assigned to the
??oinmand of s br'vadc at y*H* CbnfCti.
'.'Sttk.lll'ix O'V.KRr.
(e.tnin Pal so'f i tnciy m w?t*? L vh? noa'tlouof ,
i major by Governor (Seymour, lmi bad his ?.?? rains
I revolted, It la alleged, for appearing aa a wiluem m tlie
case of Co Wool North before tbe Military CouiQiiaetQU
Baron Voo Geroit, tiia justiy esteemed mluMer of
rroaela, has Joel returned to tbe seat of govemineut, after
an absence of some months on a vieit to bis family, t*m
porarily sojourning In neriln. The Raron, by his long
reeiitenoe at the capital, where he Is universally respected,
hoe acquired a hold on the esteem of our people which
but few diplomats enjoy.
Brevet Major General Merrill, who has won a blgb rep
ntatiua by his cavalry exploits In the vallvy of tbe r-bu
nandoab, left here to-day una brief furlough from active
duties in lbs field.
Among tbe arrlvale fcjro to-day is Colooel a ark of
General Backs'staff.
Ca?tslo W. A. Uur'ey, sf tbe Commissary Popart
meet, has been ordered ts report si Leavenworth, Kan
Copt Gustavo St. Albs, sf Austria, aid de camp of Major
General Augur, wea married yesterday ts Madams Marls
A. Berault, we Audereon, of ibis city.
Mnjnr General Peek Retires from the
Ctmntad off tks Promtlsr Pot ess.
UiADqt-aaTXRO, Doncn or hi ffaownsn, \
Btbaccss, N. Y., Nov. Iff, 1804. J
?arty fn November ths undsrslgnsd was assigned to
that portion of tbs frostier deemed tbe most exposed to
rebel raiders, end to tbe command off which tbs greatest
impossibility attached.
Havlog earned oat bis taalracttoas, sad rssslvsd tbs
approbation of Major General Dix. aommanding the Dm
pertmest of tbe Bast, ths ooDmasding general deems hk
prasonoo so tbs frontier no longer necessary.
Tbs Gsosrsl rsturnrhls tbanks for the earnest support
wbteh bo has received from tbs civil and military aatho.
rltlss and from alt good citizens.
tbs oDeere of bis staff have been unremitting la their
dulls* and deserts mention.
JQUN J. PECK, Major Centra).
Tks It. Albans Raiders .
Mown ear, C. W., Nov. 10,1804.
After considerable dissuasion Judge Coursol has granted
ths application of counsel In bebair of the St. Albao's
raiders, delaying tbslr ease until tbe 13tb of December
to prooure evidence
[From Ibe Montreal Gazette, Nov. Id 1
On Saturday afternoon all tbs prieooere, sxce--t Lieu
tenant B. Young, by order of Judge cAuraol. retired from
oourt. Hie Mouor, having read the charge ugalnnt
Young of assaulting Cyrus N. Bishop, teller of St. Albaus
Bank, and robblog tbe tame, In iho usual form. ieke?t tbe
accused If be bed anything to tny to the charge, warn.
Ing him that whatever be stated w< Id be taken down In
hle'trtal aBd B>|bt h* UMd ln eTld*nc0 ogainst talm at
The prisoner, Bennett B. Young, now mada the follow
Ing statement:?
I am a nativ e of Kentucky, and a citizen of tbe Con
federate States, to wbleh I owe allegiance. I am a cow
missioned offlesr (first lieutenant) in the army of tbe
confederate States, with which lbs United Stales are
now st war. I owe ao allegiance to tbe United States. 1
herewith produce my commission end tbe instructions t
am* jvwua a
further instructions 1 have received at such time
and In suoh manner ae my counsel snail advise.
Whatever was done kt H, Albans was dons by
tbs authority and order <>' the Csnredevate government.
I have not violated the neutrality laws of either Canada
or Great Britain. Those who ? .re with me at St. Albans
wars aU officers, or enltstod tiddlers of the OoafederMs
army, and were than under my oonunand. They wars
such before tbs 19lh or Ootober lest, and tbslr terms of
oollstmant have sot oapired. Several sf them were pris
oners of war, taken In battle bv the Vedoral forces, sad
retained as such, from wbicb imprtednmeut they escaped
Tbe exf.edition was net setes foot or projected In Casade
Tbs sou res I intended to pursue la Vermont, but which
I was only able to sarry sot portlaMy. was
to rets Hsto in some measure for tbs barbarous
stroolUss of Great, Sully, Sherman, Hunter,
Mllroy, Sheridan, Grlorsoo and otbsr Yankee officers'
exo.pt that I would acora to barm women and chtldreo
nn0?r any provocation, or ouarmed, defend?.. and en
resisting cltlzooa, In lb. ac^ to plunder for tuff own r.rivals
bsnsflt. I em not prepared for Ibe fell defence of myself and
my command, without commuulcatiou witb my govern,
meet nt Richmond; sad, insomuch as srxh communica
tion Is Interdtoted by tbe Menkes government by land nod
by sea, I do not think I can be ready for gush fell defence
sader thirty days, during wblcb time I hope to be able to
obtain materially Important testimony without the con
sent of said Yankee government, from Richmond.
(Hands to tbo Court above mentioned commission and
Instructions, of which tbo following arc copios):-^
Gonramuun Bra mo or Amnios, ->
, Wat Dxi'JBTWRjrr, K/'Rvojrp, June 10, 1804. J
?m?Von ere hereby Informed that the President baa
appointed yeu first lieutenant, urde? tbe act Ml, ap
proved February 17, 1804, In the provisional army, In tbe
service of tbo Confederal. States, to rank as a oh from
tbe ldtb day of June, 1804. Should tbo 8enate -I tbelr j
next seetioD advise end oonecnt tbereto you will bo com. '
missioned accordingly.
Immediately on receipt b^rMf pieaee to communicate
to this department, through tbe Adjutant and Inspector
Generat e Office, your acceptance or eon-acceptance of said
anpointraeot, and, with yosr letter of acceptance, return
to tbe Adjutant and tnepector (-moral tbe naib berewltb
enclosed, properly filled up. subscribed end attested, re
porting at tbe samo time your age, residence, when ap
pointed and tbe 8tate lo wblcb you were born.
Should yoti accept yon will report for duty to
JAJ? A. SKDIiOV, Secretary of War.
I.ieut nsKjtrrr H. Yocko, bo., bo., P. A. C. 3.
CoitKRPzaaTi Surra or amnios, Was Iibp.ktmbnt, i
Huhmoiti), Vs., June lfl, lh?4. J
Lieutenant B. H. Young is hereby authorized to organ
ire, lor special service, a company not to exceed twenty
In number, irotn those who belong te the service end are
at the time beyond the Confederate States.
They will be entitled to their |?y, rations, clothing
end transportation, but uo other compensation for any
servloe wblcb Ibey may bo called upon to render.
Tbe organization will bo under tbe control ef tble de
partment and liable to be disbanded at lu pleaiore, and
the member! relumed to their respective companies
JA9 A. 8KDP0N, Secretary of War.
Tit* Fenian Trouble* la Toronto.
[From the Toronto Globe, Nov. 14.]
Od Nalnrday afternoon the Hoard of I'olir* Commis
sioners Mi a meeting at the Mayor'* office tor the pur
poae of Investigating the charges .igalost Sergeant Maior
CumtoiD* of having bean cngulzinl of the fact thn 'be
reman* were about |o create a ilietnrimi.ee on the tr ain
of lb* Mb, and lor using bla tuffuanca to have Murphy
release 1 from custody at buffalo, where, It was alleged,
ho bid been arretted w bile io the act of buying revol
vers and ammunition for the u*e o' hie fellow Conspira
tor* ro tbat. orevdon. Sergeant Major C'lmmin* pro
duced the teicgrsin* which had pasted belweea b.m.?.r
and tbo t hief or Mitt at Buffalo, from wti ch
It appaared that r.o re t-ret.ee was made to the
porch ?e of revolvers or the toteuded riot.
Ho ?!*?> produced a letter from the Buffalo
(Slefof I'o.ke sgonarat ng him from all blame In the
matter. A? B thing . -mild t e mil in the mes-agr* i a
crloo-nato him be wa* b-morabiv re in-u ted and oruerei
to return# hla duty at ouco lhe Mayor, however, dis
santan from the decision of h.a tirother < ornmlssloaer*.
tod t ried the dismissal of Cumin oa, on the gaouuri that
bo m lat have been aware of the movement* and intern
t ona '0 IbaV-uiat., although bo ueiared tbal he wt?
entirely Ignorant of their movement# on that a* we! **
upon all other oe.oaalnne. At tho recorder and police
magistrate reirali ed Urm in U eir dec aton to reinstat*
tlie officer, bio Worship resigns I Bt* poali'on a* chairinaa
of the Hoard and ax| rsssn.i lot determination never to ail
with thorn agsin unleaa compelled by law to do to by
virtue of bis oftlce a* Mayor of the city.
[From the Toronto leader, Nov IS ]
At the meeting of the City Council last night Council
man ilKNNKtT asktd the Mayor wheiher be had uny In
formation |e hi* posreaaton relatlv-to at intended raid
to be nado upon Cmiao* by the Fenians of rtutralo and
other placet in the United State*
The Mavo* at Id ho might i?form tho Council tbal he
had received a cimmuiucatlou from Hnflalo that day ralv
tlve to that matter , and the stent* of the letter were .f
audi a nature thet ho oo aldtued it ueoeaaary to commit
nlcate with the Provincial eecre'ary on the matter Tha
letter would bo forwarded either to night (Monday) or
to morrow moreing. When or from what point the in.
tended raid waa to be mede f.o was not firep.red to say
It was iiat#d to talre pla. e this winter. I mil he received
uarmiaa.on front the I'rovlnc al Secretary h* waa not pre
pared to lay the mailer nefore the puhtla.
Councilman i'a?ava!??I suppose, Mr. Mayor, we will
he aafe enough for to night, al auy rate. (Laughter.)
The mailer then dropped; b it tbo ttatamenla about the
raid appeared to be fuliy believed bv many uembere of
the Council, whe pretended to be wed i u**,l.
Niat.o'eTmuma.?Itarney William* and wifecumraenoe
thoir engagement at tbM eatabllshment on the Mb of
neit mouth In the Connie Sugah. Tbey are plavlng it
pteaant al the Arch atrect theatre, rbllodoipbia, to
audience* avtraglng ^ thousand dollar* a nlgbt
. _ . * nave beea
Tna Frmt ?A*itv ? The spiritual medf ?
performing at llopeCb.p.l for - - /?<'"?Vwl
tha limits of Cat r,lldlTe?re t- ?"
auciienc?* crof?.i?*n ^P011 h.w*r' u0 "1
?i.*< Mil#, where they P-mmarr t ?>al' -?
An Attack of the Enemy
Ex peeled.
Rebtl Attempt to Flood tho
Union Linos,
ft*. ft*.. ft*
i Th? Tcatli Corps.
HSAD.tr A*rwaa. Ii>m A mt Coups, 1
bci'OKK Rrotmoso, Nor. U, 1304. /
Sir arrant or dm hmmy >xpt?nu
Froso soms mpum, needless to nnhw, tb? enemy bars
Sot as pot attacked up, thouch from certain tmicatlons
H la patent to ibis army tbat aucb a m?veraooi as tbs
part of tha rebels Is os tbs tapis. Iba fullest prepara
tions bare been made to meet ibem at all points, and al
any time, e fact of whlcb they are sell aware,
com aaMNu ma lrn'as or osskral botikh to nM abut.
A report waa circulated in camp to-day tiiat (jeoeral
Butlar raiaras to bia department lo a lew days, a bleb
Is reeelred wltb the utmost ealiafactioo, aapectally by
tboae about bis headquarters.
?was or unrBSAi oao
General Ord, Juat recorared from bla woonda. ratoraed
to Ibe Eighteenth corps yaatarday, hot It la understood
tbat bs does not remain, but raturna North In a faw
ma hbaith or thb abut.
Tbo health of toe entire army la excellent, tbera befog
bat few caaes ef atokneas, and tboae of a almpla form.
tm wBATvan.
^U^flneaetny sold weaiber Is rsry conducive ts
l^Pth la ibis country, mnlirlous fsrtr fly in* before tts
approach A enow squall vieited us yesterday, wltb a
heavy froat laat night, clearing off quite cold.
The Preaa Despatch.
BiUDgcAHnma, armt or ma Porottar, 1
Nor. 16, lao4. /
The rebels hava lately been play log a aharp game la
front of apart of our line, near lb# Appomattox. At
tble point tbere Is a email cr.ek la front of our worka,
ar.rnaa which liny bare built a d. n. wQtch bs* threat
eood to forco bank our picket lluo to a uni.geroua extent.
To counteract Ibis proloct Gen. Kgan lisd devlred works,
wtilob bs superintended personally (in visiting a part of
the hue on Sunday night a ? eticl hb-irpHimoter succeeded,
si tar several aitcmpis, In wounding I. in, the bail on'erirg
the right forearm, punning diugoDally dnwr severs' luclisu
Sod out at the wrist. fbo wound la i vc. y painful one. but
fortunately not dangerous, lie goes home to-morrow on
I a leave of twenty days, and It is honed he will be able to
return to bin command by the time me fur'nugh expires.
Another sharp tight occurred between the pickets Unt
sight about ten o'clock, whioh lasted about an bear,
without, it Is beltsrvd, any sotlceabio result.
A Barla astd Two schooners Capture*
toy tbs Cblcbainauaa,
Halifax. N. 8., Nor. 10, 13SI.
Bermuda dates to the 8lb Inst, brleg tbe news tbat
the plrste Chlckaui.uu- arrived at Five Fathoms Rolw
on the morning of the l.h, lrr repairs. She bed captured
s berk and two .ctiooeers, names nnkaowo, beef **
lb ess already reported.
The Nary.
The Dictator has been for aeveral days In tha barber,
running about te teat her engtner, compaae, altering
gear and other apportsnasoas of tbe ebtp. The esglaee
bars peered tbemeehres to be, so far as ibey bars been
triad, qnils equal to tbe expectations or bar constructor.
They bare alismed twenty-eight revolutions a miaole,
working aaaootbly and without beating the bearings
much more tbas usual In tbs Ural trials of new anginas
Tbs maximum speed yet at la lord by tbe ship is elail
sad s half knots, by tbs log. Tbs steering gear works
to me what better; but is yet far from operating te easily
sod smoothly as is desirable. A careful examination ban
not yet developed (he cense of tbe tmunie. Measeres are
now being taken, while the to ly ieg nfr Bed ion's Island, te
adjust matters, and It Is hoped tnat the difficulty wilt be
removed without docking the ship.
The derecla In the anchor raising gear have not entirely
been removed; hut Heps have been taken whlcb, It is
thought, will add to the facilities lor working this im
portant part of the ship asd lea?eu tho tiuio retired to
raise tbo anchor. As now constituted the m.icbinsry Is
far from b?lng s succa-r. Oiber requirements developed
In tbe recent trials will be fulfilled al one-, and It la
b- ped, If the steering apparatus can be made efficient, lbs
ship will be reedy lor sea In e short time.
Tbe United States steam gun hint Nlphon, i-Bmusd
Rsmble, maaier i oramauding, from off AMniiogton, N.
C., and tweuty-four hours f cm Hampton Roads, arrived
at this port yesterday morning. Nne is bound t<< Boston.
Tbe Niphos experienced heavy weuber. Tbe luHowtng
Is a list of bor officers ?
Acting Matltr Otmm.tniing? Kdmuud Krn-.ble
Acting Matter and Hrecutue UJiter?U 11. Borden.
Acting fn-ipu and .?ietntng Matt r.?J lawron.F.. A,
Seaman, J Nickers- n
I'aymat'er?T. Batker.
Engineeri? Second srsistirt, In charge, J. A. Churchill;
Third Assistants, H Nye. J. J. snluvair. T. 0. Haubern.
Acting Matter'i IIMet?a W. Barnes, T. B .nford, J,
Tbe Galatea, CnmniHoder ?ornervilio Nicb-dS'-n, which
coavcyed ibe Costa Rica, la place o tbe llbode Island,
sailed from the Brooklyn Navy Yard oo Uonday after.
noun. The follow log is a Hat ot tbe officers now atteciied
to ber >?
Commander?Son.eryille Nl^bnlwa.
Lituimiini nn i Etttmfttr OJJktr?Julin McFar land.,
Acting Mater?* redrrlck 0. Miliar.
I'awnaittr?Albert W. Ilacon
Juitant svryton?A m .1. i own.
Jr'm:i Kniu/ni?Kdward Jamrin, John II, Cou'lct and
fin. Kubn n>'0.
knirin>ert?yir*l A*# etanl, Uieodore F. Low**; Second
Aem ia/i(4, CUurl ? ( Koobul ?iDd J. ae; Ii W ttia. lbir<t
Amount. Jan. B. McKenzie.
Hitter'< Ma'ri?lhumna <>. tnderdown and William
Cvpttin't Clerk?J. F Rollle.
J aymnter'i Clerk?Jmn Junot.
Oufin-r? helli Caattdy,
Tba prlzo steamer Bat, recently ruptured, baa been
taken by the government for a transport, and ta now
belug overhauled at tho Charieatown Navy
Tho .loultlo ender Pontoosuc, which baa for a?roo Mm*
boon in iha dry 'l?'<"k undergoing ettennre repalra, wag
hauled out on Tuw-day la?t and laid alongside the <\ ck.
It will Fil l require eevernl days more work to not bar lit
n finished aute, ready for aea. Meuienant Comm-ioder
W. (1. rompio hria been ordered to her, vie# l.ie itesaul
Commander t.eorge A. Slovene, detached
Ibe Kenelngton, aopply ateamer, Acting Vaster A W?
Rockwell, commanding, la receiving atorea for Aba North
Atlantic blockading squadron. She will noAall until
Sunday, when abe ta lo receive aeveral bnodred barrels
of turkiep, chickens, plea, ho., for the armio* in froal of
Richmond end ilia veaaela of the squadron, for a Tbanka
gtylng dinner to the ?oWier* and aailora opieraliag Atmnd
tba rebels?.tho gift of tbe liberal and pair.olio people of
tbe North.
Ihe aupply f.-bc w?r Rachel Soaraan arrived yesterday
from Norfolk and ilampion hotde
The bark Getuabnk a now lo the dry dock undergo'!*
aome repairs to bar bottom. Una will bo out ' couth
day*; and, aRer being refitted, will be soot ?
Athntlo 4'|iiadrnn a* a aiort-ship. .ommander "arker,
Tbe gunboat Ifaumee, I ietiM probebly Mil ?? Friday
la nearly ready lor ?e?. squadron,
next for the North fan is A OAlh.
.Jce.yed (rem B. Brown, Jr., United Stale#
2'lloe eptrited print, In llnti. representing tbo
^fnitor Weehawken and ateam aloop Iroquois lo ?
or win I off Cblncoteagua ahoata, on the 20th nf .fanuarr,
1VA3, en their peerage to Hampton Itoada. fownxidoro
.lohn R'dgaro, Ihe rommandgr of the Weebawkea at thh
lime, aud Contain C'sso, who commanded tba Iroqn* Ifft
b-ar testimony to tho fvltbfulneoe of tbo piolore. Coi"?t
can . obtained by addree<*ma K. urowo. Jf*. N**/
New \'"k

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