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BRTARTS' MINSTIIKL8. Mechanic*" Hall, 477 BiwU
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WOOD'S MIRSTRRL HALL. 814 Broedwav -Tbs Hi.acb
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SM Mi Ml Broadwa;.?Open trom 10 A. M. to 14 f. M.
H1PPOTHEATRON. Foarteamh atmet ?Ooo ako Hot.
bbt A010R3?Boobbtbiax, Gymnastic and Aobobatic Bb
DODWORTH HALL, 006 Broadway.? Artbmm Wabo
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AMRRICAH THEATRE. No. 444 Brnadwar ?RallBti,
rABTOBlMU, Boklbsupas. Ac.? La Status Bla*C.
TANNVOHI'B MUSEUM, 000 Broadirajr.?Morura Wax
VARIETIES, 37 aad 39 Bower?.?Ballbt*. Paktobi bbi
Boma. Bdblbsoou. Ac.
Bew Tark, Thsridar, Dee. 8, 1864.
ftota Washington we loam that the go vernmeat bos
reliable Information that Sherman's main army kU oo
Friday or Saturday laat passsd Mulen, without having
had any engagement with the enemy, axcept the two or
thro* aklrmOhss of small dstacbmsnts, already reported.
Baring paaaed that place, he will lad no oppo
iltlon between his and that point on the aea
ooaat for * biota ha orlgineHy net oat, and where sup
pllaa (or him wiU be found whan he arrives. The rebel
paper* report the arrival, within fear miles of MUlsn, on
Friday laat, of what is auppoaed te bare been hit mam
turn*. Rebel leiegrapbic oommunioatioa with the place
was broken off on the afternoon of th-t day, and had not
been metered a* to laat Monday. Ue latest Richmond
papers express Ike belief that Sherman la moving to
Strike the ooast at Darten, flfty mile* south of Savannah.
The armies nadsr Oonerals Tbomss sad Hood stUI
Oh sttsr is the vloialty sf Nash
ihssyst baaa M%fct tfcsra; balsa Ms*.
sf Iks lolls* dhr hsavy
srert of strsngthsaiag posttlsss ptngrissss oa both sides,
Us nkifi litri basy at the data sf latest aceaohta la
thrswtag sf ssw latroochmsats, but they bad not
ret bssa sMs to ptso* say batteries is poslilon
m then. Oa Meaday Qsasrl Hood ssat a flag
?f trass to General Thomas, asking for
OhMgs sf prtsoosrs tokoa from their rsspsotlvs
amiss. Tbs littsr replied that be had sow oo power la
^sat this, as the SMa he bad captured had been ssal
^rthward, sad wsrs beyoad his oontroL Hood's hand
}tartars wsrs sa Tussday six mllss south of Nashvills.
Vasrals Ban?an sod Milroy hold Msrrrsssboro, which
Jf em ply garrleoosd sad defended for say rebel attack. A
body of the enemy asaanlted a biockbs .se near that place
sa Meaday. but were drlvea off with the loss of sis pieces
of artillery aad a anmber of prlsonsrs. The two b: lgades
of Vaioa troops who wsrs out off from tbs mats army at
Johoooovllto, oa ths Tennessee river, have arrived safely
at CUrksvtiis, Teas.
It the ermiee of the Potosase asd the James ths
picket firing, which is still kopt up, and the occasions!
a*changes between the opposing lotteries, are all that
disturb tbs quiet. On Monday there w as some artillery
firing by the Ninth ocrps guns and the rebels opposite
and between the Monitors and the Howlett House
battery, bot without cauting any casualties on
ths Ha ion side. The Tenth and Fifteenth corpx
have bees ooneoldated, and are known as the
Twenty fourth e<>rps, of which General Ord bas a?
famed command. Ths ?orp? of colored troops, under
General Weltsol, Is sumsrlcslly designated the Twenty
Mfth. General Meads presented medals of bonor to s
Dumber of aoe-com missioned officers and privates of the
lK1< corps oa Tussdsy. So Intercourse whatever with
Ike saetay or exchange of newspapers is now sllowsd la
SKher snay, seder ssvere penslltiss.
Ws hsvs rsceirsd intelligence of soms additional work
of ths privateer Oiustss during her visit off 8aLdy ilo?k
fa ths begisnog of last moatb. It appears thst, in addl
lis* to tbs vowels sasouscod at the t tjs, ths Olustos
saptsnl. oo tbs M sf November, Sixty m>!?> uom Sandy
?est, the ship Arrote, Captain Bonbam, which loft Nsw
Orisaas for thM port sa the 21st of October This lntelll
fsaas m soavsysd is s letter rrom Csptain Bonham, now
? rebel eenfleeaaeol at Florence, Sostb Carolina, fie
girss as pert culsss rsgsrdisg bis vessel, whether she
wss beraod or what became of bsr. This be was proba
hiv roveoMd doing hp ths rebel offleers of tbs prison.
The city of Detroit I* sgaia grsstly sxclted by sntlsl
paUeoa ef a raid oa M froai Ceoede by rebels who are
as id to be aow perfecting tbslr organization. The civil
Mf military authorities of tbs city srs making svsry
proparatiea to reasivs the raiders. Extra polios havs
tan placed ea dsty, sat srrsngernsnts are making for
Iks ?re I meet aad ermi-g of the militia.
laths osaate ys?U'i?T a bill waa Introduced author
istag the 1'aited Plata* District Court of lod ana to hold a
s.-isu rri?? wbtch was referred to the Judiciary Oom
m itoe A bill la extend the time for the completion of
1^4 M?1?r~"*" Railroad of Washington was laid on the
Tba preosedlngs of lbs T.sneral Ae-emKy of
Leammoa. to the eieotioo ef Msssrs. R Kiog (Vtisrsnd
( vertss ??nb, sa "eoator* from that -isle, were pre.
aeotet, t<?eiber enb ? rem n*.' sues, Signal by tul.ty
* ? iheer leiiew eit rone, oo the B'jhjsel, aid tne rreden
? ta? ei>p < *ets f". aom!"'?a to tbs VnM". Petn
.11 Ha Haasi ef ii?< oanHies oa Fl< < lloae, to
V s matter will be referred, lbs parera In tbs
?re etOereS to M printed. Mr. f-owell offered a re
?mwllea SOI 'S'of the rep*t of the proe eliags af the
i aserlia api? eted to Investigate the ooodoct of
M Pavae, wtuta a command at Padii ab, Ky.,
i was lots ea Ue table till the announcement of
aaodtog aemmltiese 11m <<im> tliea ad.ouraed.
?he It--wee sf Repreaee tat less, Mr .?Heveas' bill to
a*> *pta<laiiiq m soia aad bai wm waa laid oa ths
tip a vsM ef ssvsaty tares agaiaat tty two. Mills
Oh saaab neb m*?? sf s itas of aaell ataamera te Cblao,
Ms sals sf mliirrl loads, for toe satereilmttoa sf
ao, Md lor a aavy yard at Claveiiad, (ihta, wars
as weed aad referred. A rea latum i>revidmg for
IrMW M Oasada.fr? ?minw ? rib
aSMMe.atWSMO* *?* aad lUltfM rMTMUf*!/
M day
YX itomtsrg ? fc'ir* Tm??. tnm
?>w?.n MM IM owe tMl?M|tN the iw of Nov?m
Im imM IM ??? ??'*??? *ha "?
n M*.T >?? f P ?*? ?** voyago
Mm mm fcM 1mm aM?;ipaeod.
?? M?* HMW< Ma * ??r?o1a W*** ?? lb* ***
.ft . >kMt <MM? la.MMtla. arMuate * ?*? ?[
im mr m iim oicaaMa?a WitasiagtM 10
M S*?M derMg S*0 ?*'?* "*"ii
^ m O* -iM M tbe lHh uH.
Mm tfM M eea mm tr*m m ?MorgM "" ...
TM ?M^> - e?hM I?"-- "?'*? T^'
- ?*? *?"?* ?tortto
M a IIM H** MMM MM v-Wrdey -4 Ml ***??
,m rre-?M.< mm* **? PfM> 4M? ef the ''artod
r*. |.i?cm of meotiag ? "f' ?" ?M'ul
ikffMl AH Ik* tHdM VMM ?M Mr. Uao?la lor
rr*.d-at M4 Mr. *haa?a ?W TW rrMMM*. OlOOpt
ihoM < k Mi to Km Jemey . aad Dataware, who
e<ot tbeM baMfftO fM Omeral '???? ** Mr PsadlotM.
IM rn-rm.i i.iom ?? Mm r.tM4 *?li ?1r?ell C>.,rl
,M ,|MM yesterday. ?htpMM prM ding The
n>*Miriiy of tM *wmo fM WMI ere of m eoiMforteal ober
sctrr. print r?"y "?* pewMg prMBterteft ceirerry notes,
violations sf tM 9 *tel ??*'? kKl*r*' ? *n4
Ikil popular ><lMM,(lnJM frem iM N?ry Yard Yes
terdsy !????, arrawiMd oe todlotme^ts <-Mrg??g th*m
with eteaiieg fr?M im IctMklya *?*f Yard, pleaded
(Mtltjr, end *?n SMteeetd?Nm *r ttfH Moelh*,
u4 Vs. Arkw, Jr., to two M-etn* iseprleoosseiit
C. W. flu-d, 0.ited Sl.lM M?reti?l mf Ami rreocleco,
arrived IB thle city yMterdey, Mvmg *? *? oaet >dy ? ?
prisoner Patrick D >1 le, agetost wMm tUe Uraud Jury
ot this dlttriot loand ? MM bill of UdiclmoM ooroe
mntillm ft(o tot pumiok i co?oMrfoit $M groo?b?ofc.
Doylo vu out oo tMli, but iftiBj*!, mJ. b* wboro
KbouU ooidlof to ibo kJiowiod ;o of tbo Uoitod Hmim
PiKtrlct Attorney, ? boocb w?front MM MOM I for lil?
?rrnat In CAIiroruU
TM MM of t*t?c H?*U rm. J mm) u4 irMtw
Broik?, of tb? Krprm, whoro tb* ploloti* mo 1 to ro
oorer danueM f?r tbe ptMldUoi oC on oilofod liboloua
art Me, wbiob obarMtori?e4 blm M ooo ??nty of block
mtli, ro triod lor tbo tblrd timo yootorday la tho So
perior Coart, and retuiiod w a t or diet of |3rt dam?|' ?
for tbo putntid IdMil *?> for?orl? mm tM p-nioo, but
wm dlrnil8?<d by Iho CommiMloaora oa tho cbar?o of
UklDf a reward without wrltlon pormlulon. TbU tbo
Expr-tt characterized aa blackmail, aod, tho oditora ro
rualoK to mako tbo apolofy domaaded. tbo a bore pro
coedlngs were iDEtttatod,
Tho libel ault of es-llayor Opdyke ?*. Thurlow Wood,
which waa on tbo calendar of tbo Sapremo Ooort, circuit,
before Ju isf> Mason, jMterday, was aot roaobod; bat
will probably ha called to day.
Martin T. B. Allen brought a ault afalMt tbo city oa
Monday, l?> the Supreme Court, circuit, for mo thousand
dollars damages, in conseqMnce of lajuries suauiuad by
tbe npsetUBK of his carrlafe la tbe Bowery la 'February
last. The aocident, It was claimed, was caused by the
acgllgence of tbe autboriiiM la permlMlag a bMp of
rnbblsb to remain In the street opposite tha Cermaa
the it re. Tbe Jury appeared to think that the city was
act reapoaslble, however, and brought la a rerdict for
tbo defendant.
Tho whole of jMl?rday was occupied la tho Court of
General Seesioa* la i*m trial of aa ladletmMt fbaad
sgnlnM Loato Swartz, for a felonious anault and battery
apoa Mrs. Bather Snydeckor, at ?10 Third arenue, oa tbo
90th of October. V*e eomplalaant tootlfled that she waa
attacked by Swartz, his wife and throe boys aod boa too
with stick*, while tbe defendant's little aoaa flatly om
tradletod ber statemeat. Judge Bosac' iwlded that the
MfaiMBpwtaC the ehai?odkM aoi ho euotalned.aad
the prosMutMa aeked for a Terdlet of siaapU aaautt aad
battny. ???< a*et4?*a?a
lata hour la tho atterneM. ?-' ? , ?.
Tha oarge of Mm ataaaar AaM wm aeM at f*to mo
Mm yastarday, at the AUaatke itoon, Bneklya^My Mt^
Vura k Co. The cot too, of whloa there were tre Mfe^dred
baloe, brought from $1 20 to SI 9T a pooaC fi?Taaoel
ttoelf has bono purchased by the goreramMt AVaatloaal
purposed. _ _
Tho Board or Edueatloa aaet last arealng. Tho Com
mlitee oa Electlona aad Qaallfteatkoea roportod la faror of
oonflrmiog the nominations for Reboot Inspector* seat la
by tbo liayor. Tbe name of 8. H. BuckbM, of tho t-oreath
dlstrlot, was seat back to the oommlMM, aod tha root of
tho report waa adopted. The claim of Tuonaoy 4 Mdor,
for $6,819, for loot alleged to have been auotalned In
fulfilling a contract for beating Ward School Mo. 1, la
tho Fourth ward, wm aftor debate, allowed.
A coarentloa of dclegatM from araoctatloaa of tobaeeo
manufactarers and workers la tobacoo, repr-srntlng
cities lo various portions of tbe country, was In session
yesterday at the Cooper Institute. About three thousand
'persons were present Tbo object of tbese gentlemen la
to agree upoo eome plan to be laid before Congreea for a
modulation ol the internal taxe* oa tobacco. They will
MMt a^aln at tbe eame place at ten o'clock tbla Psrenoon.
A number of the principal delegates bad a suppsr laat
nttfbt at the Aator Hovire.
Kdwin r. Monyeawas required to give one thousand
doiiara ball yesterday, In tbe Tombs Police Court, lo
answer the complaint of Mr. Hearv W Fells, who alleges
that Monyea atoie from blm. oo the night of the 25th alt,
a diamond breaatpin worth between three and four bun.
dr?d dollars.
WtHism Brsdy, Andre# Campbell, Leonard Johnson,
Kdwird Pherman, Patrick 8barkey, Jskss Fsrree and
Henry Myers, were ail arrested and yesterday arraigned
before police justices aod required to give ball to answer
the charges of voting Illegally, or attempting to do so,
in vai loss parts of the city, at tbe charter election ou
To day Is ths anniversary of tha Immaculals Concep
tion, and It will be celebrated with solemn religious cere
monies In all the Catholic churcbea or tbe city.
"The Society of Aeeor.?atM of the Cooper Union for the
Advancement of Hcience and Art" was fully organIzed al
tbe Cooper Institute on Tuesday evening, and rulos snd
r-guistl na for the government of tho aasoclatioa were
The gold market wm sxcllsd yesterday, snd the pries
was run up at oue time to 243*; but later It declined ?o
239X- Tbe stock market was active and higher. Gov
ercmeat securities were slroog.
"Hie advanoe lo gold rendered tbe marketo firmer yeo
trrday. Foreign mercbaadlM was held trm, but prtoss
did not show much Changs. In domMttc produce
there was a general improvement. Coiton, petroleum,
Ac , ware decidedly flrmer. On 'Cbatge tbe flour market
was more active, and 10c. s 16c. higher. Wheat also
advanced 2c. a Sc., while corn was a shsde easier. Oats
were flrmer. Pork advanced (2 a 12 50 per bbl., and was
aotlvs, while beef was steady aad Arm. Mrd waa Xc.
higher, with an lacrM?ed d'tnand. Wniakey unset lied,
while freights were active and ratber flrmer.
Timklt Sva0i*Ti0N to or* PATnrorrc Cm.
HENS?Christmas DinxkrvorShkriun's Armt.?
It was an excellent idea to send a Thanksgiv
ing dinner to oar soldiers and sailora on the
James and along the Atlantic. It vat fully ap
preciated bj the brave fellow*. Now we sug
ijfBt that a splendid Christinas dinner be pre
pared Tor Sherman's grand army. It will be just
in time. The gallant and bartW men of the
West will be a little Ured, after taeir march of
three hundred miles through the rebel region,
and a good dinner would be relished by thorn
in more wajs than one. Let the preparations
be^in at once.
Thr Ciiartkr Kmutiok.?The election on
T ie*diy passed off very quietly. There was
but a single row in tho whole oity. Our citi -
Mns appeared to agree to stay away from the
polls. Not flfty thousand votes were polled
against one hundred and ten thousand in No
vember. This show* that, although we are in
terested In a Presidential election, we care
nothing for our family affairs, which cost us
fifteen millions of dollars per annum. The
Citizens' Association elected only two of lie
candidates. la moat wards the only nsa of this
association was to divide tin respectable rotes
and elect the maehiae candidates. It will be
oar own faalt If we suffer from lappa?i Ml*
| alaifal taxatloa this year.
Ttk* Prcildtai'i ?!???????**?
it*n mt tfe* WM.
Mr. Lincoln U very emphatic and explicit In
Mt Mftfttfg* ii rerereooe to hie w? ui pw*
policy. He says:?"O* careful consideration
of all the evidenoe accessible, It hum to
that do attempt it negotiation with the laaur
gent leader (Jeff. Davis) could result In any
good;" that "he would accept of nothing abort
of tbe severance of the Union;" that "he does
sot attempt to deceive us;" that "botweea hiss
and us the issue is distinot, simple and inflexi
ble;" that "it is an issue which can only be
tried by war, and decided by victory."
This is the truth and the true policy. Mr.
Lincoln is right in reaffirming It, and right In
bis conclusion that, "judging by the recent
canvass (the Presidential election) and Its
results, the purpose of the people within tbe
loyal Slates to maintain tbe integrity of tbe
Union was never more firm nor more nearly
unanimous than now." But what says he of
the progress of the war? He tells us that "since
his last annual Message all the important lines
and positions then occupied by our forces have
been maintained, and our armies have steadily
advanced;" that "tbe most remarkable feature
in the military operations of the year is General
Sherman's attempted march of three hundred
milea directly through an Insurgent
region," and" that this bold movement
"lends to show a great Increase of our
relative strength?that our General-ln-Cbief
should feel able to confront and bold in check
every active force or the enemy, and yet to
detaob a well appointed large army to move
on such an expedition" We concur In this
opinion, and we agree entirely with General
Grant that the rebellion is a mere shell, and
that its streugth is nearly exhausted. We also
share in tbe gratification of the President at
the remarkable evidence furnished In tbe re
turns of the late national election that, instead
of being diminished, tbe population, the
wealth and resources of all kinds of the loyal
SUtea since 1860 have been immensely in
creased, notwithstanding their enormous con- ,
tributlonn for the war in men and money.
Gratify itg. however, as are all these positive
proofs of tbe augmented strength of the loyal ,
States, and tbe vastly diminished area and dis
tracted, impoverished, depleted and exhausted
oondltion of the Davis confederacy, tbe ques- |
tlon still recurs, what has the President to pro- j
pose in view of the speedy suppression of the j
disjointed rebel armies? We have now over
twenty-six millions of people within the Union
lines, against less than five Millions (over one- j
half negro slaves) within the lines of Davis.
All things considered, the actual, positive,
available strength of Lincoln against Davis is
more than twenty agalast one. The war, then,
should be at the farthest brought to an end
within six months, and with becoming energy
on tbe part of the administration it
might be finished In three. Yet President
Lincoln talk* asslf expeoting it to laet another
year. From all that is proposed by the Presi
dent for the assistance of General Grant, we
might logically eenclude that the struggle is to
be permitted to drag along through another
circle of tbe four season.
What does Mr. Linool* propoee la hie Mcaeag e?
More roHinteers todfeable Grant in a geaeral
me? emeat to pulverise tbe rebel armies? I
Nothing of tbe sort. He simply propeees to let
Grant and his generals "keep pegging away."
As compared with his emaaclpation edicts, Mr.
Lincoln seemi to consider the reinforcement
of onr armies a eeooodary qneetjfp. Having
decreed in his proclamation of January, 1M3,
that all the slaves in the present rebellious
6tates are freemen, he now declarea that in his
terms of submission be means to make that
declaration good. We think he would have
resolved much more wisely in saying leas of
his emancipation proclamations and more of
tbe urgent necessity of a fresh supply of sol
diers, in order to briug this war to an end as
qaickly as possible. Whatever may be tbe !
recommendations of the Secretary of War, !
whose report in advance was endorsed by the
Executive, it was due to our armies In the
field, to Congress and the country, that he
should have made tbe vigorous prosecution of
tbe war the leading feature of his Message.
His omission of this duty, however, does not
absolve the two houses or Congress aer make
the absolute enforcement of tbe emancipation
proclamation superior to the duty of dispers
ing the rebels in arms. Let this duty be dis
charged. and slavery Tails with the "confede
racy." There Is no further necessity for any
solicitude concerning the abolition or slavery.
Tbe Institution has bocome crippled and de
moralized beyond recovery. But there are
several armies of Jeff. Davis still in tbe field.
Their abolition is the first duty or the adminis
tration and of Congress.
Iwortant run* Canada.?It will be per
ceived from the following order, juat Issued by
tbe Canadian government, that tb? attempts of
the rebels to obtain munitions of war in
Canada, and bring them across tbe lines to be
u.->ed k> hostile efforts against this country, are
about to be effectually checked.
Wbarear, tba Gor?rn..r la cosdcII h<s <>??>? It sxps
dirnt thai tba asportation and also tba carrying eoaat
Wf?a, or by lnlaafl narigatlan. of arms, ammnoillon ssd
gunjK wd?r aod irtt tary and oaTal atoreo, and any arti
olmi manafarturad for lb* |>ur|>< ?a of furmlng part of any
kind or daarrlption of arm* or for tba ptirpoaaof mourn
log thi" name. Tnm oar prorlnns of Canada, b* prohibiten.
Now, ibersforr, know ya tb.t w? do, by and with th? ad
tif e of oar hswutlTa ( onortl ai d hy ihir owr royal pro
c amadou, i<rotiitlt tb* siportatloii r*>m our prwmra of
Canada, or tba earry leg of r ->aat < -a* ?r by Inland naviga
tioa, to any maooar or way whataoarar, ot arm*, am
munition or gunpowder or notary or naral iu?*a. or
any nrlktMi atat>afaRiur?d tor fh? f>urji"*? or toraiMig
part of any kind or doaertptloa of arma, or for tba par
pota of MMM iba cants Of all wblcb e?r ktuac
nubjeota ara to taka ooiica, sad gotora tkamaelras
It was certainly quit* time for this order to
be issued, and. though late in tbe day, la an
ovidence of tbe convictions of tbe Canadian
authorities that it will no longer be safe or
judicious to allow our frontier towns to be
assailed from a neighboring province, which
profrsses amity, or to furniab tlio iu> ana by
which robber raiders are enabled to destroy
American life and properly. We hear, on vory
good authority, that the St. Albans depredators
will in due time bo delivered up to meet
tbe reward of their nefarious t\ oduct- an
act of justice not only but of prudence
Socthebn Soloikm.?Governor Brown, of tbe
Slate of Georgia, find* the nocesalty for soldiers
so great and urgent that bo baa at one move
emptied tbe contents of tbe Georgia State
prison at Milledgoville into the Southern army.
No one can And much fault with this. Mur
derers, thieves, swindlers, nil the varietiea of
rogues, are good enough company for many of
tbe men already in tbe Southern army, to tbe
army cannot complain. As for tbe thieves,
they might object to the manners and morale
of some of the ohlvnlry they will M hike
Inrmy j hnt ther ?rob*hlr VtU Mi alaoe U U
better to be ? mm Hi buckram than ? ua la
Iroaa. Bot what a picture M gives of (he power
of the ooofederaoy, whea we fled the Empire
State of the Soath reduced *0 low that It re
quires assistaaoe froa ita very murderers aad
thieves I
The aawr OrdaiM* Bfp?rt-Iat?riitla|
a a# Oarlaaa VmU<
The aanoal report of the Chief of the Bureau
of Ordnance of the Navy Department furniabee
some very interesting aad satisfactory state
ments relative to that important branch of the
service. It appears that there has been aa
addition made to the number of guns of dif
ferent calibres since November, 1863, of 1,522,
besides seven ten-inch solid shot guns and three
thlrteen-lnch for the Monitors. Durlog this
war lew ships' guns have been surrendered or
abandoned to the enemy. The loee has, there
fore, been very small, and is confined mostly
to that acorulng from accident, as In the case of
the Tecumseb and Commodore Jones. A new
olo8s of light thirty-two-pounders and eight-inch
small bores for small veesels is now in course
or construction. The general rule la arming
sblps-of-war is to put on board the heaviest and
most effective guns tbey can carrj with safety.
For broadside, nine, ten snd eleven-inch guns
and Parrott rifles, in pivot, are used on cur
vessels; fifteen-inch guns for the turrets of the
Monitors, and brosae howitzers and rifles for
deck and boat service in shore. Tbe armament
of a first rate ship-of-war In the American navy 1
is now one one hundred and flftj-pounder rifle
and one eleven-inch smooth bore, in pivot, with
forty-two eleven-inch smooth, four one hundred
pounders, rifled, and four howitzers in broad
side. The armament of vessels of other rates
is in proportion. A first class Monitor carries
four fifteen-inch guns in her turret. The iron*
plated boats on the Western rivers carry
three nine-inch, four eight-inch, two one hun
dred-pounders, rifled, oae fifty-pounder and
one thirty-pounder.
The chief of the bureau refers to the test of
tbe value of pivot guns over broadside, as Illus
trated by tbe figbt between the Kearsarge and
Alabama, where all the damage was done by
the former arm; but he conceives tbat a mixed
battery of both is tbe most perfect It is stated
tbat our foundries for the manufacture of ord
nance are entirely reliable for tbe performance
of contracts, no difflouly being experienced in
procuring all that is required. The matter of
projectiles is fully discussed, and the oodoIu
sion is arrived at that spherical shot Is much
preferable to tbe elongated rifle shot Tbe
question whether an iron spherical shot of
large dimensions could be c*st perfectly solid
has besn tested recently by submitting a
twenty-inch shot to two hundred and twenty
two continuous blows of an eight ton
steam hammer, whioh It resisted with
out breaking. The value of grape and
canister from smooth bore ships' guns h
proved by tlie capture of the forts in kobile
Bay, where tbe embrasures were swept clean
of tbe gunners by these projectiles. Referring
to small arms, which are not as much used in
the navy as in the army, breech-loading
weapons alone are recommended; aad a eurlens
fact is stated in this connection, whioh shows
that either our infantry ore very badly trained
la tbe use of the musket and rifle, or that some
extraordinary things oocar in the heat of a
battle. On the field of Gettysburg there were
27,674 guns picked up, and of these 24,000 were
found to be loaded, aad half of them were double
loaded. One fourth had from three to tea
loads in, and many had five or six balls to one
eharge of power. la some cases tbe powder
was above the ball, in others tbe cartridges
were not broken at tbe end, wblle in one
musket twenty-three ball*, sixty-two buckshot,
and a quantity of powder were all mixed up
together. To avoid such mUhaps as these
breech-loaders are recommended for the naval
Among otber suggestions in tbe report we
might enumerate is one for the establishment
of a gunnery ship; another for the removal of
magazines from tbe vicinity of large cities to
the interior, somewhere convenient to railroads
and water courses. Tbe ordnance btoree all
over the country are said to be In excellent
working order. Tbey are located at Washing
ton, Baltimore, New York. Boston, Philadel
phia, Portsmouth, N. H.; Poncecola, Key Went,
Port Royal, New Orleans, Mound City. Illinois
(for our river navy), and Mare Island, Cali
fornia, for the Pacific ?qu idron. It Is ur^ed
upon Congress to pass some men u cs for the
encouragement of the manufacture of nitre in
order that we may be independent of foreign
nations in this respect. It appears that there
is but one laboratory making it for tbe govern
ment now, while four companies are employed
making gunpowder, of which we had manu
factured 1,325,000 pounds last year, although
there were nearly 3,000 tous of powder ordered
in 1861.
Iohobij: Nohmcmkn or All Gbapot.?Counter
feit counta and bogus barons have always
been plentiful everywhere, and especially in
our American jails. The assumption of soma
grand title is a favorite dodge with European
swindlers who can talk broken English, and it
is therefore not surprising that one of then*
worthies Is now before oar courts on a charge
of forgery. But It is a matter of some surprise
thai these fellows find such easy victims as they
do. Wbea will tba people get over this delu
sion la favor of tltleaT There are fifty chances
to one that a man who claims the title of count
is not a count; for the real article does not pa
rade Itself in that way. But supposing that be
is one, what then? What is a count more than
aoy one else? They who trust a man with a
title where they would not trust John Jones
will And out that the title will not pay tba
bills, aad they deserve the lesson.
Carki.ds Wan an*.?The report of Postmas
ter Denoison shows an extraordinary amount
of carelessness on the part of the letter writ
ing community. Tbtee million five hundred
and eight thousand three hundred and twenty
five dead letters were received during the past
year??far aloe thousand a day. Many of these
letters contained money, deeds, hills of ex
Changs, drafts, checks, jewelry nnd other valu
ables. Homo of them were misdirected,
others not directed at all, others un
stamped and others only partially directed.
Thousands of these dead letters were returned
to the writers; but the great majority had te
be destroyed. This statement ought to teaoh
the public to he mars careful in their cor res
pendeace; for the amount of aufferiag caused
by those last letters la Incalculable.
A Buotmnokwr Hnrr.?The great loss la rebel
oflaara at the batila af fraahlla praves that
tba ratal aatdlere are tired af tba war, aad that
1 their j?wit to* It Wtee feesaaotvee la
order to ladnse tki m Id (If hi On the other
hand, General Stanley my that our trow fee
most iaieoee ho hod over ylta?li, and are
loel bo offloore daring the battle. Theeo fhets
ore etrowi whloh show hew the martial wind lo
Bouxori Fa^nua?The robot papers of
Richmond agree with the oopperhead papers
hero la joking about the recent attempt to
bum down this city. Tbue birds of a feather
flock together, and our hotel burning journal*
join In tho laughter of traitors In arms.
Mr* Stevens' Gold Bill Extla
Proposed Ad Valorem Tax 01 Sales
oI Merchandise,
Wubokroi, Dae. T, IBM.
The Houm to day effectually extinguished Mr. Slevena'
the gold bill. A day'a reflection, and U>? rapid advance la
(?Id premium, tbe principal raaaoa for which waa be
lleved to ba Iba aotlon of tbe Hoaaa yeaterday, firing a
qumti endorsement to tba abaurd provisions of tba till,
oaoTlaoad tba majority of tba danger of lurtber tamper
lag with tba mailer. After tba emphaMo action of tba
Boeae to day It la unlike'.; tbat any almllar attempt will
?oat with avaa a partial auocaaa daring tbo preaeet aaa
raoroito tax on salb? op mibcbamdisb.
Mr. Odall'a raaolutloa, Inatructlny tbe Committee oo
Vaji and Measa to Inquire lata tba expediency of laying
aa md mlortm Ui on all aalaa of merobandlsa, la regarded
aa tbo iniilatloR of aa important amendment
to Um foveaue law, and tba Idea maata with
favor, ae eeo calculated to produce, wltb a moderate rata
of taxation, a very large Incraaaa of revenue, and la a
mode wblcb will be leaat foil, and will distribute tbe
burtbea sore equally tban any otbar method.
Tie nredeatiala af R. K. Cutler aad Cbarlaa Smith,
elected to aorve daring tbe eaeaplred term or Benjamin
and 8I.JHI la tbo Senate, were preaented to day by Mr.
Morgaa. Tba prataet preaeatad by.Mr. Wada la quite to
luminoua. aad to eigned by thirty prominent citizens of
I-oulslana. It (eta forth tbat tbe Bute waa nevered from
tbo Union by tbe legally coantltated authorities, and
tbat, tbo praaaat Male government being tbo creation of
military rule, ao civil repraeentalivaa can be reoogaiiad
by the federal government It alao petltlona tbat tbe act
of Coagreoa gaaraateeiag a republican rora of govern
ment to Statee la rebel I lea may at oaoo beooma a law.
VISIT OP TBS surasae COURT judobs to tbb
Tbta afternoon tlx af tbe Aaeoelato Juiticaa of tbe
United States Supreme Coert (all new praaaat In tbe elty,
bat repreeenltng a quorum of too court) made tbe aa.
anal formal call apoa the Preeldent. Tbe lotervlew fu
brief aad af a very social aad agreeable character.
Chief Jnstlce Cbaae. aot yet bavlag taken the oatb of
office aad eato. ad upoe bit daties, waa net praaaat.
After e??oitaa of tbo Senate for too mian'ee, tbe Seaato
republican oanout mot again to-day to arrange tba com
BilUeaa. It la coocoded that Mr. Wlieoa la to bo chair,
ma a of tbe War Committee, and Mr. Sherman at iba
bead of tba!Flaaace Committee. Tbe Imbroglio about tbe
Naval Committee ie aot yet eel tied. Mr. Orlmaa to re.
garded aa tbo champion af tbe Navy Department, aad
one fact lea Inaleta bo ahewld bo cbalrmaa; tbo atbor
con teed a tbat Mr. Halo a boa Id bo retateed|ln tbat pool
Uon. llle frtendt-iasIM tbat bo a ball have aa opportunity
to dooUoo II, which ibey prom toe la Me name tbat he
will da Tbo frteeda of tbo Miry Department are averao,
bowevar, ta bb bete* agata teedorad tbo paaHlae, far
tear tbat be may repudiate tbo ple?eea af hie frtoada aad
cantiaue to annoy aad smbarraea the department, aa be
did laet aeeilea, to tba Injury of tbo pobllo aorvloa H
Ie probable aaw tbat bo will bo laid oo the abelf per amp
tortly, aad heater Crimea appointed IB bla piaee.
Be attempt to ail tee yeasBay m tee oammittoa or
Waya aad Mroaa cauaed by tba roeigeauca of Mr. Stoe
blao baa yet beea made. It la eat known as yet whom
tbo Speaker will appotet. Mr. Uttlajaha.af Mew York,
Ie promlnaotly re eat tweed, either aa tba ?uceeeeer af Mr.
Stebbiaa or Mr. Peatoa, wbeoo raalgaattoe takee eOaet oe
thaSStb loot.
Maay of the loyal taaabtteoie of flairfai aad Lewdea
ooantiaa are moving within oar Itnee. Moeby bavlag glv
en notice lb it bo would burn tbo buttdiegn of atl Ualoe
men wltbta bla rweeh, In retaliattea for iba deetraetten of
rebel property la the valley aad aioag tba Maaaaaaa Uap
rasvBwvtOM op MoaoniM.
Mr. Nathan Sargent, Commissioner e? Onetoma, who
reeontly made a tour or tbe aortbera borders, baa re
turned ta Waahington. 81* object waa to giro effect to
tbe law to prevent smuggling across the l:aaa aad ee rar
as possible to apply a corrective to eiistlag abueee.
PLora cvsrttern.
Sealed proposals were opened to-day at the Subsist
ence Debarment for Hoar, lie bide ranged bet*eon
$11 TO aad $12 to a barrel for caah, and from twenty to
twenty Bra rents additional if payablo In cerllflceiea.
Tba new common road bridge acroaa tbe Totomea,
above tbe railroad bridge at Harper s Kerry, fell this
afternoon while three government team* were creeslr g
It. Ibe pier In tbe certre of tba bridge gave way,
precipitating the bridge and teams into the river, two
of tbe driven were badly hurt.
w*muratnn, Dm. 8, 1|A?.
vkml miov or tn cumin ttAtaa MaHtai Wat or
Mr. Lavb, (rep.) of Ind., Introduced a bill lo authorize
tbe holding of a special m iiuo of tbe United illlee It*
tricl Court of Indiana, which *u ordered 10 lie apt* tho
table uotll lb* announcement of Um oommttleeo, aad
thon to ha raferrod to tho Judiciary Committee,
nit tnbofuutab baii.bo*?.
Mr. Moaanx, (rep.) of Mo., praaeatad a bill to ertead
the tirno for tho completion of the Matropolitaa Railroad
af Waahtnfi?n two yea re.
Ordered tn ilo upon tho labia.
thb *i arii"* or catrro rum <t*itoM tn i ovraua*.
The I'anmnem pro Um laid ba!ora ibe .Senate ? com
munication from Governor Habn, of limliiaoa, accom
panied by (be proceedinge of the Qtneral Ataembly of
Loutalaoa la tba election of R. Kiag Cutler and ibarlea
Hmitb aa Seoatort from thai Stale.
Mr. Wai>b, (rep.) of Obi", presented a ramoaalraaoa,
numerooaiy algted by eltlrena or Louisiana, on the sub
ject af tba aleetloa of Maaara. Collar aad ttmith aa Seaa
tora from that staia.
uancaii. rama's oownrnr it fadc< aa, av.
Mr. Powau.,(opp.) of Ky., oflhred a roaolutioo that tba
Secretary af War be raquaated, If not iacompitlble with
tba public loiareot, to commuolctta lo (he Maale a re
port of tbo proceeding* of the ooort martial appointed to
In veal igate tba conduot of General Payne' wbUe com
mending at Padncah, Ry.
Tba reaolotion wai ordered lo Ha apoa tha labia aatll
tba announcement of tba commlltaaa
Mr. Moboak, (rop.) of N. Y., hare aroaa, and said?I
desire ta praeeot the credentials of ( barlea ,-m lb aod R.
Ring Cutler aa Senators elect from the Htate of Louisiana.
I do not propoae that these peraona be now aw rn la ae
members of thl* body. Tho Henate will be muoh belter
Informed and qualified in relatl n to all the proceedings
oAuaected with tba election efter Ibey shall bava brea
careluily aiamlned aod reported upon by a committee of
tbla body. I ahull therefore propoae, when tba commit
tea are appointed, that the credeotiala of tho gentlemea
be referred to tba Judiciary Commit lee.
Mr. TatmttviL, (rap ) of III ?I m.deratand Uiat tba pa
pera Juat aubmitted by tbe froaldeul pre Um are copiaa
af lh? proceedings of the General Aeeemlvof Louisiana,
and are aomewhat voluminous Aa It la not propoaed to
take aay action at tbla time I mote they be ordo ad la ha
Mr. Want?There are argnmanta en tbe eabieot alaa
submitted. 1 move that all deaumaoM oa tbasubjael be
Tba motion war carried.
ma mwb or tvaaaaaBA fasartoar.
Ibe ri?iDUTiirt im. preaaniod to tha Hoaata ooplea af
tha lawa of lha Territory of Nebrsaka.
oa motion of Mr. fo?im, (rep.) af Caaa., tha taaata
at half-past twelve o'oJook adjourned.
Hamaa of mepreaeatatUaa.
Wiatnmot, Daa. T, 1M4
?a. stit ana" Aim-oota wwmm aot law aa taa
Mr. Bum, (rap.) af Ma., aaM Mm Beaaa yeeterday ra
(arrad la Ha Oamaalttaa af fafB aad Maaaa Ma Ml af
Mm fawn is u tMr.litwWha ?**
jntmm er
?*m Mm mmx Mr ? ?"ir mmUmrn
~ - NHMMh Itol
I.. . - --?'??? rwiH tbeyrtoeof I
DWo., M4 auk server*
lurSnf BOU** U ?"?552i2?l
ssusttr ^^sii's-rirs.'r
I Ua iU- yj . _ - .
traordlaary bilL 'W "* "?? "*
**? U?*, (dam.) of Ohio. did aat ??
I lleman that tb<H bill put ? p joa nrie^t
'fiSS/5* **
?CM* With (be lift,
"(old. Be mW
SaSsSE: S?i?rL,lr .5*
2 S2.-K ns5
.d uoim. by iHui.^MTn^^rnw^'lirSt
legislation Eugiaad adopted durwr tk* --?" J** *?
Napeleou. Ha moved to ley on
reconsider tb? vote by which tb
| Committee of Wiya Md Mean*.
Mr Steveas' notion waa negatived, ?1 against M
iJSfSjuat *? ?BMS5S
raw&ssa r
^ wwp" IK ooosideratloa for tea aava."
Mr Blums moved to Uy the bill oo the tuble
1 Ihi. was car.ied, 73 agkla.t 6^ -ToUowi:-"
<??mee C. Alien. Alley, Alll*ee ?
?ana, Baldwla or Mien., Maid via ef Ma*a Bitoi
I J>k*V "HWi Brooka, Broomall, Urowa 'of a?5^
Cbanler, Cotftotk. Coi d?u?i n?L?^? > W*?
din a"'fUrri? rri' ""u*! 0?n,|o<L Qrlder, Orlawotd, Hale, 1
' X ' Helman, Hubbard or Iowa Hu.bi
dl222*^,*"nJ"- ^w t* 'Hood, Mara' , Me Bride, I
Km M?p?i H O'H.lii
ii irOU ?' i^wart' 8wp". Towniend, Thomae. Wesbiurai
VsJStftSJ^Sr- ?SST
S1?P ,?n,P?2*eil*< Drln*' Bcklejr, Kilot, Psruswertt?
i- rk- ??*rfl"d- Ormnrtl\ lloeper HabiLrd of OeS^
' J,eo/;k?*-JuWan, Kaaaon. rfeliev, Kellog3 of mS?*
Kellosg ef N. T.. Leonard. Loan liantif iil-t'
MeClury, IIIHer of N. Y,. Msurhetd Morris'; iiIIm
8han!!?raL? ' 0|Tlh;.f*0d*'' ?* **" '?-'S
S.nf ^. ?i?*?libera, Hpiuldlea. Hteveaa. Unaoa. V&
Talkenburgh, Whale/ aad Wllder-SP upeoa, Tam
J'*?!"' (,#P-) of lotroduee* a bill for lbs 1
llshment of an ooeaa steamship naali iattIm beta
United Stale* and China,
u o. ,B,! HFUMMtamai,
*"?*> oflbred a reeolutlon, wm
wu adopted, tbat the Commute# on tfee Juc.elarr
tnatrncta'1 to l^ulre into the aaitedieoc/ of so ameol'
Motion two, article oba, of the conatltutloo, that re
?cntatlve* In Congreu ahall be apportioned amoaa'tiM
Bi"m wblch may be included within the OnST
accorulng to their reapecttve number of quallfled i'
and report by bill or otbarwiM
aicBaaci or ruMnu or warn.
t*o*moil, (opp., of III., offered a moMtat I
directing the Secretary of War to report to the How*
? h .t obstacles have prevented a full aad earl/ ? I
of prisoners of war. I
The reaolatlon Ilea ever.
lUTcaaurATioff or ?Ationa. 1
.*'? ^*>old, (rep 1 of III., Introduced a bill amendatarv
of an net for the oetnrallzatlon of soldiers so u t*
ciude sailors wlthla its provlalooa. Referred
Judiciary Committee.
mu or vmnui uiinx. .
Mr Jn 1.111, (rep.) of Ind., Introduced a bill, whloh m
referred tc tbe Committee on the Public Lea da nrorfcraZ!
for the aale of mineral landa. ' ^ * I
nrxTioa to aou>tan ,
Mr. Rotaiw, (opp.) of lad., oflered a reeolotloa. w*>cft I
was adopted, Instruotinf tfie C.-mmlttee un MltliKrr I
AOhira to laqolra what legislation la -?risiri nZ I
Justice to the soldiers who eailsted for unexpired f
but who hare been held for three yean.
u. _ "*rr tikb at cunrxuiro, one.
? _y- ^topgwi, (rep,) ef Ohio, Introduced a biNi
iisblng a navy yard at Cleveland. Ohio.
Rafarred to the 0?amiu?e an Naral Aflhtn.
? _ , "cairn* or nmoifara or was. i
. *r <* ?flfcrad a rsaoluHon, whkA NM
nn^[n'.^r Sif' 1 CB*a|? ^ wli<> tntereei. 9m
P?* ?' ?" carnmunleattooe not heretofore published M I
relatloa to tbe exehaaga of prisoners. f
? . m raitADBLraiA *avt Tilb nam.
fraud!atthe 1-hiiaderphiaNavy Yard. I
(?*??) of Ha., said tbat tbe vnuti
iSSiT?, Sf1^1 M ?f,ct ?t Which the 1
bemedtiMd1" 1#4,,; Uwrfor?praaaaMa 1
?b? t90K 11 for n?M tm\
b<wio oommUted "P prl*n ^ ortBM
Mr. Stsvaa." moved to lay the oroowitkm am 1
nnleaa it aboald be audited.
Mr. Qiaiui O'Nnu, (rap 1. of Pa., aaM that be
got prepared te rota either way al;ihia vma.
beped the reaoiatlea would lie oYer.
Mr. Riai'AL'. medlfled bla itropoaal as InBiaa.
harel.fr,re supposed to be men of bheraeter aad" hweE
J" pliwd li coufluerii?nt for cvmpHdu* tbiraS5
?K2irJ^e Tbit A ?ommlttM IWZL?V?
KS^- U **ld aiieaM fiHidT^Sd^ir
^ f^owwd, vlik p??rer to nad tmr ?
? iu<|uirt7%
Th# iiouM refuMd to loeoed tbi duntod for ? ha
?loua question oa the paaaage of Mr. Randall'a raaola
by s vote ef H againat ei a raaoM
Debate rlstag. the subject weat over.
w aoLDisaa' rir in aoomaa. 1
hirs to in ji.lre into tbe expcdiei-cy of dla^ralnZwit I
beMllee tonoiaiera aalletlog, aud raising their ?e?i2l
compensate iherefer. * lBW W ?|
a., I" ?" ?*"? ?* MaacaiNMaa.
On motloa of Mr. Ouaxx, ?opp ) of N. Y.,
tee or w.iys and Means was insiructed to Inquire In la
expediency of Aung an ad v'orem m on all
n,tL .*.Bd'#* ?r *'rrT description.
Houae thea, at half-peat one o'clock, adjourned.
Rawe from Vortraaa Monroe.
l:ll: L?, tTC. 9
rosrara Ifo-reot, Dec 5, ML ?
The recently cantur'Ml bl chide rui-uer Vi.r;n arrival
*1*1* ?rt*'r,,00?* from the b Entail lea float at
WNatagte*. The Mxen was car>t%rel by tbe Umtadl
Kh*d* Wa^i. while ende/vorlag to rwa
22 ?n. Her mtf Is a ver> ftbable one, rta I
' 11 medlctaes, n ee. ortfaanoe aioies, and t> lank eta I
nl aii|*?|i?r hngllsli n.soiiiscture. I
rr', t"<i hrre thi afterooon or the eaotare
1 r* 'iV"c,,i0* K0' * ?""er seh oner and the tug
' 'fbt, while anchored >>{T the m uth of
Warwick rfver?a lit'l? stream about se\en miles abovwl
a n'rTioB^mrTh-bT * of P"r|K)rilng to be
a p rtlon of the c ew cf the Horlda. 1 he rebels'
twelve In number, under the leadership of an oL
dressed in the uniform of the rebel navy. TheanUil
schooner was Bret rai>lurei|. and her eret* lwin>aai.l
prised a bile In tbe r heiths, made no resistance, tfesl
rebels tbeti adroitiv captur. <1 Ibe l.iraie Freamae !? 1C1
lams manner. Tbe crews were paroied.
>? IIrm or (k? C*a?da.
Mh.ifai, Dm. T?I P. ft
> Ibtr* *ra bo ?!rn? of tba Kteamablp Canada, bow 4ml
froto f.lv'Jrp^l Mih, llti IpiMMMWi tba ?7th ail. TM
iaalbor la a Hum islet.
- S
??lilac ?r tha Aata.
Bnnoii, Da? 7,1MM.
Tha rt?am?hlp Ada aal'od to day, wiib thirty M
pa<*?n(nra far I.lrorpool a> ?! *utean for Holiiat, tafckM
out tn.OOt la (pacta far tka loraar plaoa aad ||JNM
tba MM tar.
Ooaciat at Nntsl Rtunt.-TH ooooart at MIM. fl?
(aata namateba, tka yooag piantata, will laka piaaa a*
NiMo'a tfeiooa tbia avaaiac. Bha will fea awwn a?
Madaao D'Aafrl aad Maaira. Moilaabauar aad AbaOtk
On n an intra w P?ww*ti? a*ia.?Tba laetara am 1Mb
nlMt, by Baojaala K. Brown, waa poatpoiad M
Rawa (raa laa Praa?laaa>
8a* Foam-woo, !<an I, IMA.
Tba nail atoamar flaoraarato aallad to dar lor Pmibl
earrtlng a aiaall nunhar nf paaaaarera <od (iM Mtia
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Mlltrtdar, Daa ?. Part 2.-.W Ml. 2'o. 1M. 4U,M?
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