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The Fruits of the Splendid
Sixty-en# Pieoee ef Artillery
ear Leu Not Over THirtjr
Jhre Hundred.
Oiptnu of TIutm Thcuia nd
Rebel W<mnded.
Defeat el. Forrest Near Mar
free sboro.
Kapertid Difeat of Brack inrids? by
?early AH-Hit Ar tlllory Said te
be Caplirid.
Chattanooga and IdoxtIUi
ill Bight,
Vkt iMkTlllt OfipkUktl.
Hasavnu, Dec. II, 1IM.
fMH k panning lb? eoemy to Daok rlror. We
|M Marly all Hood's artillery, and -A is army la really
I?faij tanprallaod. AH tbe riven an hl*h> Md all
Mbrtdgas l? Hoo
i la Hood*! front deatroyed. Oar ponteoai an
ap. W? sapMrid three thousand of tbe eoemy'a wouaded
PMaMa/Teao. Hbm Thursday wt havacaptared
tlx thousand prlaonara, making nine
ttag tba wounded taken at Freak
Wa bare oaptared four autjor generate,
Generals Jacksoa and Johnstoa, aa
?ak m Brigadier Ojaerals Bmiik and Beger.
SMI Bad sixtjr-five pieoee of artillery. Wa have captured
ffty-roy atecea. The MCmy'S kljlpd and youadea la a
BMa lean tha% our owe. ^Kir eat Ire 1mm~ will Hot reach
?Ma Iha?af tre hundred.
Hat a* ear general effieen wen injured. This la tke
haadeesseet rfctory ef the war.
>?rrail gave Murfreesboro another trial, aadwaan>
faked, loaapaa aad Ml'roy drove kna from the towa.
9m laM Ttflfcry at Franklin waa aot exaggerated la
Tfcd nbel GcMVal Johnatea atta taat their
I waa Ava tbouMad la killed and wounded. Be atatae
? rebel geoerale wan kkUed ead fear wounded fa
Be Mw Major General Pat Oieburne's
?a wm abet through the heart. The whole nbel
I at naakIM aa the aoth alt., waa six tbooaaad. Oan
rtad at ataiteea haadred.
1 Breoawrwua a cteaalag out la Bart
meet'* hla'artll
M. peOsok la altar fleaeral Lyea m Kentucky,
, Bridge port, Steven son,
iTbcaiiili an *|l right.
;u aacOND despatch.
Naaarnxs, Dm. 10,1804.
A eoarter, Who left Frsnklia yealerday, nports tbe
?M IWeee ia*nil retreat.
Batek*a cav4ry attacked the rear guard of tbenbols
aa Saturday, dkptor log large nambera of prtaouere.
Tbe rearth oerpa eroaaed the Harpeth rirer at Frank
W* aa KeeMy morning.
Vnaklka la nported fall ef rebel woaoded, ever tbne
Msoaand be lag left then oa tke retreat of tbe rebate.
Be cry church and public balidlog t^ere htia been taken
ft* hospitals, Md nearly all tbe churchee of thta city
lav* been appropriated for oar wodnded.
H ta leaaiirail ben that Rousseau's command attacked
aad naiad Forrest's force near Marfreeeboro oa the 15 tb
i waa a heavy fall of rain here yeetcrday and laat
ChitfaaMga ?
H. '*
Ike river te rialng rapidly. Twelve feet of water la
eagorted oo tbe aboal*.
Ntarriua, Dm. 29, IMi
Mm offloar of General Rouaeeao's staff, direct fnaa the
baednMriri ef Cueral Thorn**, arrived bwft laat night.
Oik forces were then at Sprlsg Hill, aen Columbia.
BaM'a amy?IM re ma an t el It?waa at Duck river,
?Mch M wm orocalog m feat aa posaible.
All our wounded loft at Fnaklla were recovered. Wo
MM captured then namben of rebala staqrely wounded,
tecladiag Gener-' Q twice, or TMneaaee, formerly taper
Macr ef the beaka af lb la State.
Teatarday morning General Hatch oaptnnd three gnoa
Irem the nbel oavafry force at Spring Hill. Oar tnul
Mgtnrea or artillery from Hood amount ta aizty-ona
The loea of Forreat la his attack on Murfreesboro oa
?boreday taat is eat<mated at one thousand are hundrod
kilted and wounded, who fell Into oar band*.
Tbe rebel army, from all accoanu. haa become utterly
Maao rallied, le atterly enable to malca a stand, and bM
bsereely aay artillery left.
The telegrarh Is worklag to Spring H1IL Trains will sua
|a Fraokltu thw u*rning.
?eneral 8cho9old WM la Ooinmbla yaeterday morning.
Our total lose tsmrftanded, in the battles or Thursday
Md Friday, will vault but little ovsr two tbourand men.
1*e rirer le rising rapidly, and there are 0 toon feet of
water on tbe shoals.
Mr. Tbendera C. Wllaen'i Daapatekea.
I.axitftTtW. Ky., Dec. 19, Ik***.
It baa bean mlnlrghard during tbe past three days,
tbe rlvere are greatly swollen and exceedingly rapid.
Ordinary creeks now prweot the appearance of sms'l
rivers, and ran as rapidly as da mountain atroams
?rtdcaa on tbe railroad line and trsatia works have been
adfrct d bx tiia flnud.
Wb.t le aatd of tbe weather here m^y he applied lo
Veonesieo alao. Therefor*.yon cau J.id^o what Ho id haa
W eneounier, aa be la bard prwued hy vktorloti* tro >p*
aver the swoilaa, rapid straama on the Ilea of hir ret -eat.
la parts of Keutuoky almost whole farms ere Hooded,
annum onail rSba a'-anairaia aan srosxaas.
Nothing offiolal haa feeaa recMved in regard lo Uctieral
?arbrldge s operations by (ieaeral McUaa, who la la
?xamand here, alnno the despatch announcing the tight
vAh Duka A rumor baa onme to haad that both Hur
bridge and Ht >nnmao wen iaet beard from movlag far
?altviile. U la not at all improbable tbat tbe rumor ta
wail founded. Rboald our foroee be auccawfal In t vktng
?aMville aad daetroying the saltworks, tba blow ti the
rabels will be a very coven one, a? It Is from Haiivmo
tbat tJanerai Lee geta nearly all the salt used la packing
9*tk tar tbe armies In Tirgtaia.
tb* LArsrr rsoa ihtoTmia.
<wr lataat decpatohes from Knoxviile and Cumbs'-'atig
Oa.i aro highly favorable. The report rf Rrectlnrldga
bat log a soontlng force aa far a* -tparta turns out to M
a re >ei eaiimrd.
.ffilra In the whole of the military dietrlct of Kentucky
are rrmarkahly bright.- Ciwiral MLbkl bar aaeccHtfld
la trlvng ths rebel guerilla bande from the line ef the
frankfort Pailrtad, where they wen istorrupting Iraiua,
J^atao laag stxgyiaa el bkb flu IM tiblM ?M
Urn sooastoned. Gensral KeUu kM mw ? torn Ml
banting Um remaining robels In tu district.
Many of ill reports lately olroalatsd of r?M sow
bmu, depredationa and oouacriptiona la KmIm; wero
?Mk exaggerated.
6 sod mm can now bo expected from USMrala Bar
kfM|? Md BUM* maa at My noaut.
Lsxikqton, Ky.. Dm. 30?3 P. M.
An offloer who arrived from Cumberland reporta Mv
lag board of a spirited engagement belveM tbe UalM
for mo, andsr Generals Bur bridge Md StMemia, and lb*
robol commanders of tbs Confederate Department of
SoatbwMtsrs Virginia.
Tbo flgM la roportod to have taken plaeo aoar tba Una
of tbo Virginia and Tenneesee Railroad, sad altbor at at
In tbo Mlgbborbood of SaltviUs. Tko Inoomlng roporta
oontaln ao'.blng looking toward a reverse; bat, on tbo
oaturary, aro vary encouraging, Md load ua to Iblnk that
If tbo roportad Mgagemant waa of My moaaaat II wh
oartatoly a valuable sucossa to our aldo.
Barbridgo's movement la creating Tory ooaatdorabl a
atlr among tbo re boa where ba la operating; at least ao
My cltlaena Md prisoners. No doubt tbaro la good mum
far tbla.
At or Mar Wytbevlllo the rebels arc known to bava
? pontoon train, and are alao known to have large quanti
ties o( supplies at Dublin, Salem and very many of tbo
varioua atatioaa on tbo lino of tbo railroad. Tba re be la
are making aa atrong an eflbrt aa tbey om to chock Bar
bridge, by concentrating their aoattered forcea toward*
tola Trent, flank Md rear; bat tbey bave not got
troopa enough at tbelr command, from all that we om
learn, to drive bim off or to thwart hia plana.
Boiling Fork, near Now Haven, on the Lebanon branch
road, wm burned on Friday night, by a gang of guerlilM,
under Billy Hagruder. Railroad communication between
Louisville Md Lebanon for the present, owlug to tbla
ptooe of vandalism, la destroyed.
The guerilla raid Into Milton, Kv., la reduced to the
following proportions:?Fifteen of Je-iso's mm, all well
armed and mounted, rode Intj Milton, llred on the Da
seoet aad wont oa board, searched the ferryboat Onion,
Md ebortly afterwards moved off toward Bedford.
Adam Johnson, who give* hia rank aa brigadier gene
ral of the pro/laional army of the Confederate Statee,
Md who waa wounded and oaptured in Southern Ken
tucky some month! ago, will be forwarded to Fort War
roe, Boa km harbor, to day. Ever alaoe bla capture he
bM beM m parole by order of General Barbrldge.
Tbo rebel General Lyon, who threatened to do so mnch
mieMlef, bM been met Md driven back, Md la now re
traatlng oat or danger rapidly.
Several train* loaded with priaooera, part of the fruits
of General Thomas' late victory, arrived to-day at Louis
ville. The prisoners will be sent on immediately From
all I om learn wo bavs now actually In our possession
eight thousand rebels, taken on and after tbo action of
the 16ib last.
The engagement that took place at Marfirsssboro Is re
preesaled ss quite a bloody contest. The attaok wm
msde by Cleburne's old division, thought to bounder
eomoMd of General W. Bates. The assault la said to
have been desperate, aad the defence to have beM made
with equal determination.
In regard to General Lyon and/ his conscripting opera
tions, w* bear some doleful tales or bow be bra tally
treated old men aad mere boys, marMiag b are foots d,
after bis own enlisted men bad IMea tbelr shoot away;
Md la om or two taataneea having deliberately abot bit
vtoilms for mere ezample'e sake becatut they oeuld aot
mafch along to salt hia haste^
Very oooilderaFle preparation Is being made for tba
Oeaeral Union Convention to be held in Kranicfort on tba
Mb of January. The Indications are Mat tba ansa da ana
will be very large Md represent many of tba most
Infiuealial men of tba State.
, Oar latest Information bora la that Bood la still endMv
artng to place tbo Tonnooaeo river betweM .himself Md
ate pun<wri. a brief deapwtM wae raoetved to *?y an
nouncing that tba cavalry with Thomas' army wm pick
log np large numbers of dsosrtsrs Md straggiere, Md
constantly finding wounded soon tn many of the housss
by the road side. Of Battera troops the names of tba
following are amcag IboM wounded:?John WUlom, Com
pany F, Bei Aeeatb Now York, band, eilahtly; John
Dudotioe, Company F, Om BMdrad Md BevMtletb Now
Tort, bead.
Lax.*010*, Ky., Dee. 10?KVMlag.
A very hnportMt aad leterestlag combination move
meat, m which tbo gnnboata are c>npe rating with tbo
army, Is reported lo bave commenced, having for Mo ob
ject tbo obotroctlng of tbo fordo and llnoo of retreat or
Hood's fbroas over tbe Tennessee river. If tbo mala ob
ject is not. rally aeoured, Hood at least will be seriously
perplexed by oeeeeloa of It, and his army mads to sustain
still tar! her hMvy lessee. t
Reported Defeat off tbe Importallate at
Chlllafa>Probablo Abaadonaeat of
Ac ap a loo by tbe Emperor's Foroea, Ate.
Ban Kiuncitoo, Dec. It, lMd.
The steamer Golden Age arrived from Panama yester
day morning with tbe mails Md paeoengora from Now
Tork Novemb r 2ft.
U waa removed at Acapuko when the Golden Ago ar
rived there that ? tbe imperial forcee, under General
Vicar io, bad been defeated by the liberals before Chi Mara.
Jus rex wm beslfeged there by Vlcarto, aad Al versa wat
to Ma relief.
Acapnlco wouM probably bo evacoated by the French
on the 11th lost. It eras believed that tba fart wm
mined and would be blown up. Throe Fromh vessels
wae In port to sail far llaaatlan with two hundred
refugees. Alva re* bad aeeared 'ferelgn residents of bto
protection; but tbey wore afraid of ba soldiers, Md ware
preparing to Imvo.
Tbe United states Steamer flaranac wat In port. Shs
brought up Commercial Agoot Cole.
jPerooaal Intell (gear*.
Tbo Foston Tracll-.r of Monday evealag says:?1"We
are latormed that John B. Fltxpntrlok, the well known
Catholic Bishop of thl^ diocese, le terloualy 111. This
morninc be was just alive, snd be may aot aurvlve until
nightfall. F'rayere were offered iu all tbo 'Jatbolfc
oUurcbeo of this city yeaterday for bla recovery."
The funeral of Lieuteaant Coloael L. M. 8arp?at, Jr.,
First M<ue?cbus'itts cavalry, wlU take pines at the fple
coiial church, Jamaica Plain, near Boa ton, at tweivo
o'clock to-day. ?
The resignat'on of the Iter. Dr. Taylor, of the 8onth
plaoe l<aplist chtiriJ),or Brooklyn, wae communicated to
the church ouSundiy evening fiat, en the ground or III
health l?r Taylor a, wo believe, tbe senior of tbo
Ihrooklyn pastors.
Tbe nffWra of the Twenty second regiment of tbo PtalO
National Guard, at a m<* i.r* bold on me ?uh Inetaot,
a<tO|ittid a preamble and reeoluitone highly eompllmeat
ary t > Geueral Joseph i\ Miller, State Inspector tieoerel,
he*rl'ig testimony to Ms uniform eourtesy, inithfuinea-i
and impartiality, and the important enrvlccM that ho has
rendered to ibe org an i zed militia.
Governor Buc*Ingham and H R. Norton, of Connect!
ci(t .los?|<b "otter ea?1 Ohl. Abe", of Whitehall Ward
H 1 nni"! . of Wnahlrgtoo. and M. J. Eager, of HHeols,
are etopping at tbo A*lor Houas.
V. II. f!alia. John Ferguaon, H TV;akly and J tJ Fol
som, of '^Ullornla, are etjppicf at tbe Vetrr>polliau.
lion, 'aaac N. j?rn?id and Dr. C. LI. Iter, oi Cbloago,
ars at tbe 81. Nicholas.
Tba Navy.
MTBKTITI'lr.a rOK lift MATT.
A drover nas he?n usued by the Assistant Adjutant
Goceral, o.llmg to the notice of aselataot provost awr
i h?ia tne roil-iwlng Important order relative to the ea
I stment of aabotltatoa*?
Na?* HWiRTViu?T nimcar ?e rrtuwva,"?
W*snt*.-Ti?a Dec w, lHd? f
?ree*i!trr*r<a*T Navai, RacTtnt v?'i?rica, Near Yoa* ?.
gnt?TlsfSiiHSr you wtll not enlist any p^ra. n aa a ??ib
atiluu Ira Craned man, nr one iteha to be drarted.
eirent there'Shall b^ presumed or received a osriifloate
frt-tn a Troront Marshal, statlug llHii aoolt mhatit >t? is
entit'nd to b- i al.aad m tli? aary. and a to be credited !
tn t*>e district named in the rerUB ;ato. Ibe aamee of
aohetitrte end prlacl mI aro always U> be notes tv the
Provost Merraai's eerOBcate. snd wnea either of these a
wanted the man a not to be eMpped.
Rvery Satnrdey yon w II evud the en. tiflcite or enllst
srenta to th? Provost Vlershnl, end onoma <H tbe nemo to
this bureau. A N. SMITH, Cbisf of Barean.
The same affidavit as to non-llnblllty to draft will be
required, aa In the cms <h an enlisimeot is the army.
rnoaoTioN or a distihouhhro ovnosn.
The JTaaldeat baa pr imoce<l Captaia Broemo, of lbs
Hotted Htntea Marlnoa, tn be a m*|or. Captain Hro?me
la one of the flsrtrord's old officer*, commanding tbe int
ra* In the ennadren of Admiral I arrant iiurim all tno
b ttl'iet evpioite of tlu> ?? Om Salamander" on the *ta
el*?U>pl. t'aptaln Rroo/ae has heen twice wonndeit Wil e
attached to tbe flagship MarttOrd. t*. pt -ln Prn.ime to at
nreeeut commanding tba Mag Mm Ms?ai>? * Knead Cits
fcavt Yard. Lima* (
A Notorious Rebel Soout Mor
tally Wounded.
Shelled flalate Is leaer ef fleaeral
* Tfctuas' Ticlerj.
?> Ckdw?llMt?r,i Owpatch.
t Crrr Point, Va, Dec. 17,IMA
Iha notorious rebel seout, Secgeeei William E. Tittr
bury, of the Third North Carolina regiment or cavalry,
waa mortally wounded on Thursday last. Watsrbury
baa been long known to ear authoritiea u a vigilant,
troublesome soout, with bravery enough Id bl* composi
tion to venture into our catapa, and aagaclty sufficient to
avoid detection and elade pursuit. Be baa Infestsd ibe
country between tbd Jaaiea river aad our loft, beyond
Petersburg, all summer.
All attempt* to entrap Mm have Mtberto failed. Small
parties have been sent la bis pursuit, but be could never
be overtakes or Identified. On one or two occasions,
camp rumors declare, the parties who "went out for
wool came In shorn." Certain It is tbat the fame of tbe
redoubtable Sergeant spread throughout our llDes, and
blfbly colored stories of his exploits were narrated
around tbe caup fires of the Union army.
But a few weeks ago be came to tbe Wells House, one
morning beiore sunrise, and nerloualy threatened tbe
capture of a "safeguard.'' This witbln half range of
three Union forts, and said to be witbln Hinie range of
General Meade's headquarters.
ihk mannui or ms CApruaa
The circumstances ef bis capture seem startling aad
romantic to most persons, but were terribly practical
U> the two interested parties On Wednesday evsa.og
waterbury approached our infantry pickets beyond Hal
lay s creek, ea tbe river road, dressed In Union ololbing
representing himself to be a William Firman. Captain i
Thonsaa' company, First Pennsylvania cavalry, aud in- 1
quired tbe way to the regiment. As this eomnany was
doing picket daty la front of the Infantry tbe inquiry
surprised no one. Private Isaac t?. Noble, Com
B, Sixty-Aral Massscbusetts, was doialied to
conduct him to his regiment. Waterbury probably ex
pected directions instead ot an eeoort. His sltuatioa was
MOOoilQf critical. Ouce at tfee regiment tbe Juiposture
would be discovered. Possibly be would be recgnized.
8o. under pretence of great tblrst. be Induced Nobis to
ban st a spring by tha wayside, end while the latter was
drieklag, snatched hie rifle, lovoled It at hie head and
commanded silence on psin of Instant death. Noble sen
sioiy aoqulesosd, and wu marched through the brush
and swsmps tbat ikirtrd tha reads, and flanked our
picket stations the entire night, a little rest was takes
i??? .n"?or,D.in*', whw> Waterbury started him
??? t'wap wag continued day
? thri?. UTT ^imspoctlo/,
as flying dst.,ctm.snt y Gregg's cavalry were
StlTra^rif** ?T*uri2t MUD?y lB svery /rectton.
twakig the vlgltaaee of tbe rebel
lhe two "M ddwn for aa hour's risland
ohsanre spot la tbe woods, ibe excitement
52" th81'lp Mally Induced Waterbury to
remain In their place ef cooeealsssat till nsurnlng, aad
Noble waa ordered to lie dowa and go to sleep, Tlila be
f*igiie4 lo 4o, trot kept awake, in Um hope of eecaploff.
Waterbury sat, rifle la toad, lor heura. but Anally grew
droway aad stretched hUaaeir oa tbe groead. Sleep
flaally overpowered him. and when his heavy breathing
gave unmistakable evidence of insensibility Koble lo
turn aaatcbee the gun aad shot bla rebel captor tbroagb
the Inage breaking two ribe and Injuring the spine.
Noble subeequently asststsa him to reach the house of
Dr. Bryant, and came into the linee. Our cavalry rods
out, found hiss thers, aad fully corroborate Nob'e'e stato
Vita Preen Bsepatch.
Hmaoqcasieau, Aaav or thi Poioaar, >
Dec. 18, lgod. /
Tbere la little of Interest to report from this arny, oar
WMsaatfers seeming to be waiting for tbe result a; feher
?an'a operations, as well as those ef the flees which
Istaly sailed frost Portress Monroe.
a geed deal ef beesry flriag has beast going en at lbs
natch Gap cabal during the past lew days.
la front ef Petersburg the enemy, s dsy or two ago,
opened a new eae hundred pounder gun, aad have slsos
been industriously eagsged la throwing shells a^he rail
road trains as lbey pan a oertaln point of tbe road, in
full view or their go users, but tuey hare <1< ne no damage
whatever, nor are they likely to doao, unless tbsy show
more accuracy than they have doee so far.
This morning a salute of ooe hundred guns was Ared la i
^oor ef the ireat victory of Thomas over Hood.
The rebele sullenly threw a (sw shells to reply bat
they did no damage. I
last night tbe pickets oa tbe right of tbe line were I
"?l)'"A UP *a exchsngs ot coiupiimsnta all I
I Dig lit.
Rearrest of One of tha H?. gikaae Jlob
bers-Tha Others Will luea he In Cai
? osljr?Bicltement Aheat CslMug Oat
tha miltla-Tbe Pcnlane, As.
Wasais rroa, Dee. 29, is?4.
? das patch has been received at the Stale Department j
la day froas tbe Governor Central of Canada, elating tbat
eaa ef the 8t. Albans raldsrs has been rearrested, aad
thai the balance ef them will soon be agiUa la custody
hoimuuL, Dee, 10, ltwvt
II h reported tbat a number or r?be( raiders who went
eaet have been arrested.
A prodeiaatiovbaa been leaned, offering a reward far
their apprebeasl jb.
There k much excitement la reference lo tbe order
calling out tbe Canad aa militia, and targe numbers ba?a
K-porte are la olrcnlatljn of Intended outrages by tbs
Police Iatelll?cnee.
Rortwo a Coat 0?rm._Tbe coal office of Iewtber ft I
Rrother. 00 Third svsnue, oorner of Iblrtieth street, was
entered on Prldsy algbl, and tbe Iroa safs robbed or Its
contents, oontsinlng about three thousand dollars, fire
hundred aad live of which were in bills and slam|?', tbe
bahaca1 checks and a?tae. Notwithatandlne the ofr're is
Nt entirely open to view ir<mi tbe ontcide. and ris
bcrnl' g all nlsbt, In one of Ue mr.t public thorot,^
fsree la the city, tbe b'irglars were able to break s 1 nne
er Ktsss t* gam ?1mlttanoe. They t.mat have beer 1 re
**>? M ibe .are was enburt'^V .o
stgne left of Att.ng keys 011 the premises No cine ii<ui
j s?. be?o obtained of tbe robbers. It It ?n!v s weo* ainre
the other .ifllcenf Ueaars. laiwtber k llrnibor at Na lilt
Wast Uevrnlb street, was eot-red sn<1 they heve two
or three tlmoe had their saia>< blown open.
Boa 1 <t mi Aldernaea.
Tha Bcsri of Altfermea met yesterday aftsmnoo,
Aktermaa Uastsrsou In >Le chair.
tn? unra c aan aoan < sam vwroeo.
A me sage wss received fro?a bm Honor the Msyor
vstoing theArstiueC Kallrosd grsnt. "It weuW not be
prot er," says tbe M..y.?r, "to overtook In tbs consMera
tlon or (be rs<olut;on tbe sot relative to rallrosds in tbs
J"n,r' If Ibe Ttmo
?he srao-eee to ley the t,.ck and ep-r.te
the road, i wemti b.ve no haalutloa la regarding M as
leuons.sient with the act; but se it mere y grant, a..riwi
K?e wh.ch the Legi*lature a,ay wnctloa of m^i'y^,,
fciwr |u Its diserctio'., I do not is eru tbe ststule as a
?" ? ?? however, been suft'eeled to ire
that tbe pr jrtatare ef two ?t?kn ro ues hav.sr tueasme
gsierat direoll n and teiminat,.,ne aa the r?e" des gaed
to be authored by Ibe resolotloo are nof r-LrX-*tM
amoag tbe graateaa it ?oe.y ^iiutta tha? Z
TrilVJr A JlT! '^*1 *",ch laavitsbiy
fklM .ifJ rt altogether tho value of
It! ,h'?. and I. bsilding op whU>h
aod isbo' '?r' Mplul a?d expended a>uoh time
Tbe weeaaga wss laid over.
... k,? .kTf.Vi\1 '"""l" ir.earda fn.it Hbarwnnd
tor bts eki fiti treeaua oent or tbe ?teamer S. r.o* a rarv
?n"" am alao due 10 fl Jo'7
sen, Kaq , onn or t ie owr.era. lor bla eeut>uir.Blr rierert
ervn' t?iii i'Ton''vrri!?0.1!0 ?aa?engera, t^eir ebtl
fee,/Jefnfv .tTa^- .nL. ,0 ?" ->lfeer. en hoard f?r
M a- l? Mr. Mrl^eu.
?t#wanf, ^etffeil Ki otir ?ra^ta w* vrleh timea* our
a^ei kearifeliappMi^ail<iw. oar
? iggert bo JohB M. Ames sad lady. C. K Dwond and
k . Purta. i. R. Ra/1%
?v.l- ii J'..? /""?S. 'ran* H. Haro.rS W Ja
? ? Js'i'ee g. nmi'K Jt Walter a
*?'?7J*; *. ,urT*r* A ?tolla .1. fender.
fcV.LT Kjiura, Wilsoa Teitoa. aamusl I.
I iL r i! 1 " 1"' W' * l^sile, C A Hl-rtanon A.
UJIIb^ O^W._treaa, Mra 1. R, n d and sae(biei?
C?l*br?ll?a ?( (Ik* llaiu Vl?wr? ?? '*?
?iMltoa *r Mr. !*???????????< ???
??rt ?MI Ball by
Olafe-Ullan Mm |w<??ry
?ad G?v?nMr AMr?w IBn
thMlMiU R?e?ptl?? af Admiral ??'*
fM*'?M.ene?rfca ?( lh? A4?lf?l
?f e*v?rn?r BMkl?|k?Mi ?* ??????
Last ??Mlof lb# Ceatral Oaioo Club,ef Brooklyn, oaie
bra(ed "lb* gr*a( UbIob victory of UM 8(b of Novem
be?," to Ibe election of Lineeln and Jebnaon, by a grand
prwwwde eooewl Md bell in tbe Brooklyn Academy of
Mwto. Tba moat ?MUlva arrangemeate f era made U>
kayo (be demoBatratlea ocllpee everything of (be kind
UM mw eter (akea place la Brooklyn. The la(erler *f
Ikliadwy vu UMe'illy decorated, and (be aamea ef
Xikoeta, 6 ran I; Sherman, Tbomaa, Farret?t and Hooker
wrought la taiterul let tare mounted la evergreen,
aad aodpaaded from lb* boxe* and gallarlea. Tb* at
of tad Ma aad gentlemen wee very large, aad
tha brUllaal eseemblage compeeed lb* tlUt of lb* ally,
ledead lb* fair eei yl*d wUb eacbotb*r la tbegayety
aad elegance of ibelr attlr*. .... ?.
Tb* entertainment commenced at hair-peat eight o cloak
with a grand concert, by Helnaemuller e Twenty-third
regimen t 1band, TJ? following I* tb* programme
nat u
Military Band.
1. Grand March?"Federal Hill" Helmamuller
a. Overture?"Crowa ef Dlatnoada" 'ASm!!
?. Arietta?"11 \ I?lnr
4. Galop?"Green Peal" ? ?
?. Barcarole?' ? yeepere Bicllieene' Verdi
(, Harebe de Bacre?"Propbate" Meyerbeer
At the coaolualon of (be Aral par(, Mr. Griswold, the
Prealdent of tb* Club, auted (bat Ibe Commillse of At
ra,? genie ate confidently expected to 'ie honored with the
nreaence of the Secretary of Sta(e; but the lettor which
be was about to road would explain ble absence. &ub
joiaed la the letter?
l?tbb or w. a a*w?nn.
DtriKTatiT or Burl, |
Washington. Deo. 10. 18?>t. I
To Stb'-urn M. Gbiswold, K?q.. Prealdent ef the Central
Onion Club. Brooklyn, N. V .? . ... .,
Mi 1>vah ? a?I rvcrct tbai the boaee of being able te
Tb.lt Brooklyn whlrh I Indulged when I w?lei >eu last
have disappeared. Of oourae 1 need not ear that only ? HI
clal labur- end cires could oblige me to excuse myself at
thin lain gar. Hut thna?* do not admit of postponement or
compromiae. Faithfully yours. w H gKWAR|>
Mr. UewwoLD announced that Admiral Farragot ai d
Governor Buckingham, of Connecticut, would be praeeul
at half-past ten o'clock
Tba eecond part ol ibe concert waa then commenced:?
riRT it.
1. Tableau*?A parade In Br< ndway llelm?mull*r
I. Introduction, band* approaching.
II. Fifth regiment cavalry.
III. Seventh reglmen( band and drum corps.
IV. Seventy-Ural regiment band and drum corp*.
V. riixty nlalb regiment druma aad flfee.
VI. Twenty-Mcond regiment baud aad drum oorp*.
2. Waltz?"I't nhlings Klange" ?J*?*,'?'
3. Rlcord^n/,*???Ieue".. X*!,
4. March?"Enchanti-eea" i?* ?
6. Tableau i?"Hudson River Railroad" Gong I
Tba dietlugiiisbcd gentlemen uot arriving at th* time
aunounoeJ, i be dancing wae commenced, 1 be lollowlag
13 tbe order uf dancing:?
rxat in.
1. Qunlrltle Central Uolon Clnb
2. Galop?'? Through the Air" .......rausl
8. Laaclere?"Faust" .. HelBMmuller
4 Redowa waltz?"lo Blseexte"' .lAileur
6. Quadrate?"Oeledonlan" .Scotch Alra
6. Police I.eduwn?"<;*arlua" HelammuMer
7. Laaciera?"In Hallo" ????? .Lawwr
g. Galop?- '.Ml** toujour" Helmeueuller
#. Kedowa Walt*-"First Flirtation*" StrauiB
10. yuadrille?-MoneV* "
11. Galop?"Brld* (X tbe Wind" ..Tlltel
12. lyai'clera?"Kttlee'* ,r,. ..HeimsBauller
At a row mlnntea before *levea o'clock, however.
Admiral Farragat aad G*v*raor Budkiagbam arrived, and
war* conduoted to tbe centre *f tb* floor by Mr. t*rla
wold, who introduced Admiral Farragut. The gay com
pany applauded (be dleil?gal?h*d aaval b*ra moat ea
tbaalaatlcallf, eapeolilly (he iidlee, who orowded
around htm, aome of whom were making hurried prepa
- ration* to rooelv* bla autograph
Th* Admiral reaponded to tit* Introduction aa lal
'"T am bappy to m**t yea bare, my frleada aad fertew
cltlMu*. lo expr*aa my (aaak* for (bin *vWenee ef your
high appreciation ef ay eervieae. (cbeere.) I eaa oaly
aay ihut I waa invited bara, aad l( M moet grat*fui (o
me lo meet you apoa tb* greuad simply of adbrdiag ?*
tbe p'eaior* ef ainklng y*ar acqusmtanc*. It ?* alway*
agreeable so me la m?b* tbe aeeuamtaaaa ef my 'eitosr
olttaene. I bave asUklafl la s*y,exoept tbatlasn, ea l
?aid before, moet baj py, to do eo. I anUarelaad tbal
?wdr aMat1*** fee a ift Atoble writwe, Ib sMMei
t* beip tba faaailteaf d liisi s aad aedara, I aap^ae. la
vonr community and e?eeahere, Wben laa^ atfbt Ibai
object by my preaenee 1 am g>ad (a do aa, aUMugb I
have to make a good a*?ny r ermcea (o da M; for 1 bava
a great many oaua BMda a pea ns. leaaa earry (bat 1
oa"ld not be bore earlier, bat I haveconetant *agage.
' mentatbat keep me'out lale el eight, and my pbyetcal
anility may not be equal to my eeaire (* gra(lfy my
rriende. (Reaewed applaaee.)
ibreecbe??? were prapoeed far (be Admiral, whleb
ware glvea wlibawlll
AXMAHKB or fOVUXOg ?uogl'-flll AM.
I Governor nucxiaiiaa*, af Uiauaoltoet, wae latrodaced.
and anld:?1 am not expected (a Beak* a epeeah, tot 1
should be very eorry to epall (ba powder of Hear Admiral
karragut. I can only (bank yaa. a!aa, for tbeop|N>rtu
nlty which 1 have of mceilag yaa (a axpreee lev o?agra
Mictions that you ?re noticing (be *th day ef N0\ imtMr
aa a d?y worthy of iiaing eelabrated. (Applau?e ) I am
eure that mere we.e many oocurraaoea which are the
result ol the a. lion ol (be Unl iB people 1 (bin country oa
tha( day wbicb sre worthy of being remembered ee K>ag
a i you and I live; i"r the toflaaeca of tbe evente of tbat
day 1 ame'ire will lend muab towerde aire gtbeuiag aad
perpetuating the government, and making It what H
i tally ie?tbe etroagoat and beat government on aartb.
Mr<r?".B.AWOiJ> stated tbal ietw re were received frn?_
Cevereor Cur tin, of renneylvaaia, ead ijoverner Andrew
Jotujeuii, of Teimeeeee, Vioe Preeldeu( e!ec( Tbe follow
ing le Govarnnr JohneoB'a letter: ?
LKTTi.a or rOTBBBOa sanaaw
?t?tb or TanwitsakK, Kiscw* I)re*aiaster.
N *.???*? ii.i %, U*c 12, IIW*.
Mt Data Hie? 1 em la tbe rco?ipt ef your <toiuinni>ieeuoB
ef tbe M iseiant, eitaeilleg en invliaUoa e he present at a
grandt-onoert In your city on tbe JOilrlnBieol. I sincerely
thank y<e for your kind efferof hospitality; bet racret te
stair that my rogageinrnte are ???eh ea ie pre/eal ?n\ ec
cepwoee ef tba mHtaitaa eo ?ener.)?el r ?*,V"
respcetlully, yaurt, ilDMH JOUKSOIf.
After lata agreesbie latarrapttoa, tba laolee aa d gea
II.men reeufaed tbe deaclng, wblob waa kept up watil an
early boar la the oiomlng.
CUT latslllgenes.
Fi*b w Mbbchh STitxrr.?Shortly after glx o'cli*k yaef*r.
day morning a fir* waa dlsoivered io tbe piano case aaau
I fsctory of Mehuetxa At LndolT, on tbe se. on-1 flair of (be
belldiag la (b* roar ef No. W Marcer atreet. The flvnee
spread ea rapidly (hat (he entire bulid'ag and contents,
sod the roof ai tbe buiMlog In front were deetroyed
Iteesra. Sobuetie k LidolfT estimate (heir loe* at ah -ot
1^,000; ineured for (.1,000, lo (be I'acinc, firemso'e and
s,rw Amaterdam lee iranoe oom*>eniee. The third floor
wae occupied by G. Kreta eg a varnish ahop, and G. K
fell. manufacturer of lad lea bet boxea. Ibolr loee la
I ebou( $I,?KV The froot hnildlng la oreui ted by A
ir *Kr* dealer In wlnee end lhu?re; Io?a |1,?W>; ia
Buii-d lor ft.700, in the TeHc and hi. Xlnhoiae
insurance conipsniee The front end re<r bnlidinge
nra oan?d by i>. B fcokerman I/>e? $i*n0; in
sured No. H7, front and r^ar buHdia?*, oconn ed
' on bsermeut f.eor ae * deece hone", by Jeke R?*>me.
raTinje o*o?<M by wsier ee l erall fe lmg u|>oe roof of
rctr exteneloa. l^ee $??0; no le-nruDcc. 1 bo upper |nrte
ol both buildings ere accnp'ai by ueory ilontmae aa a
b.urdtng boneo. Hemege sb n( V.n?; la^nrej lor 11 2u?
tn t'.ie Manhattan lndoreeoeO???T*a/. Tl'* *'U idib|? e'a
owued by I* mover, aurt d?m?r d eb?<?i H00 iaeurad
'<>r |K 0i 0 In tba Banery Inaurence Company No 83,
rear b inding, op? ufied ea adwclling by W(? Cell* and
G FranVtt It.elr fbreHure ie dnmefed about fv*), li?
snred for U 4<?0 m the New tmstrrdaw Insurance f"in
peny. Tne froct bullilinR lg nc?upled by Charlce -<?-nber(
see dw#"frt erinviny eel.Mn. I'amago about fiao
icrnrcd for $l Off) In tbe ere Inenrance Oompaaf. "drt.
Fretika alao ocoupb"'! e rmall eetar stirs a( this
oiioiber. wbksh wae elighliy d?teeg,d by water
Tlie bp ldln?". f^-nt and r**r, ero owond bjr Willi .m
IVItt I'ernece slw.t giSOO; Ins-ired for fS.'O'J, rame of
rnr.ipeny not re?nenil)?rsd. el!?lit lema/e an
Bl<o dona to the borseehoKing ahip of Intnee McCoy, Na
1 l.i ui>rtug *ir*et. Tbecatao o' ihe lire ie unknowe et
pr<"?nt. Flra MarabaJ Baker hae the metier ander Ie
Fma iv Toagmud?About alue o'clock an Moidey
Btgbt a Bra broke out la a alabla, nwaed by ioaapb P.
rtntneon, loceled (a ??bly.f.^iirlb etreet near Feirtb
svnue It waa oompletely deetroyed, togelber wiUi oae
borsa aad harueaa. Irm MOO: bo tMraranea.
MtmrT Tbe ablp Merejry, Captain S(eUen, sailed
yesterday for Havre, and whea oateida af Sandy llook
the crew mntie ted aad refused to ge to sea tn (ba veseel.
Tbe pilot, apoa glrlac ordm, wee dtenb*yed and threat,
en-'d. ar.d npoa (aa Captein ratf aatratlag he wee el
tacked, badly beaten and etebbod. Vbe ship was put
tec* sod anchored el yuarar.tlne, when the re*enoecul
trr et I net *utloa seet ea hoard a bjat'*cr*w aad put
the ofleadcre la Iraaa.
Tne Baxsaa roa twePim sen Worwwn "oteieee, now
belpg held at tba F,v*r*tl Rooma, lg crowded dally. II
will cattae* la tb* Ud laal.
Rasrmo.?there will be good skating en tbe IWtk ava
aae pot 4 t"-dap.
'psoraawa l-aeawa will give tba a I cam* lecture af Me
?onrae ihle evening, el tbe Cooper h-siueta, ead ancag
ether exportmenie will aalidifr **L' laaam eat ban |? acl4
Proclamation by the President
of the United States.
A Call for Tfcrae Hundred
Thousand Soldiers.
Revision of the Enrolment lnl
New York. . j
Tit* PrQclamatUn.
VUr?u, by the act approved July 4. 1884, ontltlod
'?An act further to regulate and provide for the enrol
ing and calling out the notional forces, and for other
purposes," It Is provided thai the President or tbo United
States may, at his discretion, at any time beroalter,
call for any number of men as volunteers for the res per.
tlvs terms of one, two or three years for military serv! :e,
and that in case the quota, or any part thereof, of any
town, township, ward or a olty, precinct or election
district, or of a county uot so subdivided, shall not be
lilted wltbln tbe space of fifty days alter such call,
Mien tbe President shall Immediately order a draft for
oue year ?o fill such quota, or any part thereof which
may be UDfllted;
And whereas, by the oredlts allowed, In accordasce
with the act of Congreus, on the call for five hundred
thousand meu made July 18,1804, the number of men to
be obtained under that call was reduced to two hundred
and eighty thousand;
And whereas, tbe operations of the enemy In qprtaln
Stales have reudered It lmprsctlcable to procure from
them their full quotas of troops under the Mid call;
And whereas Jfrom the foregoing onuses, bnt two hun
dred and fifty thousand men Have been put lalothe
army, nary and marine eorpa under tbe said call of July
II, XN4, leaving a deficiency en that call ef two hundred
and sixty thousand?
Now, therefore, I, Asium* Lincoln, President of tbe
lilted States of America, In order to supply the afqje
said deficiency, and to provide for casualties In the mili
tary and naval service of the Doited States, do | Issue this
my oeii for three hundred tbonsond volunteers, to eerve
for one, two or three years. ?
Tbe'quotas of Ihe States, districts and sub-districts
under this eall will be assigned by the War Department,
through tne Bureau ef the Provont Marshal General of tbe
I'nlted states, nod In cess tbe quota, or any part thereof,
ef any town, towneblp, ward of a oily, preoinct or elec
tion dtewtet.er of a coanly not no subdivided, shall net
j he filled before tbe 1Mb day of rebrtiarj, 1868, then a
draft shall be made to fill such quota, or any part thereof,
nnder thle call, which may be unfilled on said loth day of
February, 188ft. ,
In testimony whereof 1 have hereunto set my hand
nad caused tbe seel of tbe United metes to be affixed.
Done at the ettv ef Washington, Mis lttb day of Decem
ber, In the year ef wr l ord one theeennd eight hes
4red end staty-lbur, and of tbe Independence of tbe
United States of America the eighty-ninth.
By the PTeeldeut?
WM. H. 8KWARD, Secretary of State.
Rcvlelag ?l?o K?r?l?*?e?t In Wow Tar*?
The Rew Bnlldlng for ins K?rolm*nt
Beard, <kc.
About Ave or six hundred clerks are now busily engaged
li ||j| importaet duly of revising lbs enrollment it has
beooioe necessary tu urge thle on to common <n with the
greatest poeeible despatch, especially as an order is
already out for a draft oi three hundred ibous tnd men.
We must again urge upon Our clliien* lbs positive ne
cessity of aiding with ell their power lbs supervisors'
committee In revwlng and eorrooting tbe enrolment. It
is evident lb?t tens of ihouennds of names are enro.lod
that noser should have beeu, and thousand* left oB
that ought to hive been pnl ?? Everybody
sboiM st amine tbe printed cnpl?s fnrnlttbod by
tne Bupervteors, and strike off iboir own and other
names they tlnd which they are osrlaln are not liable to
Military duty, and also ta eaurO to be inserted those
whom they know to bs liable In this w ty alone can
ws receive for ourselves our just and |>ro,er quota.
Without this individual sflbrt, m ooBjnnciW n with tbe
eetk'n sf ihe ^upervleore' Committee, our quoin may be
run up to two or three times the irue number. This
m at be avoldsd.
Tbe building under way In the Park during tbe Isst
week for the accommodation of tbe Knrolment Hoard
and Um clerks thereof w sow oossfrleied, aud will be
ev'cunied to-dajf.
It will accommodate about one thousand c'erlcs?a num
ber necessary w> complete tbe revision of the enrol
m-nt in time for tbe draft. This building is a
wnder In reierence to the time uken lo c m
piete It. It <s twi-sty-eight feet In l.e'ghl, fifty
wide aud neerly three hundred feet loi^, ulvlDi.'
flaeen tbowsud feel of surface. Mr. Ulnct selected tne
ground sad laid oul the plan, and Mr. L. < arrenter has
put it up complete la all respects, supplied wlib froton
wuter.gas, desk!', tables, aud even painted. In the Khort
spaoe of six working days, aud n?e of Ui*in rainy ones
Xh's is oertalu'y m'isl com*n md ible expedition, sur
passing alleiforts of erecting a publ'e instltiilino we Iwvc
ever known aud Mr. Wanl and lbs committee deserve
great ereJIl for It.
tbj chfttrunae bae known, ^bst few others have
knew, tblt tbe draft would be ni>oB us i*l an early day
hence tbe necessity of this great *pee.l in preparing for
U. The coal of ihe structure will be sboul ihe asrvuni
of all months real of a building sulllclently
i.rge to se emra date this large force, sven If
eee c?sld h <ve be'is found able u> answer
the nuriswe of tbe committee; aud If, In tbe
e >o-se of a year <* m-re, lie further use should not be re
q.msd, It ba? been erected with a view to its beln? taUeo
down w'thout any groat Injury or depreciation in value
of tbe timber, plunk or isiards used la Its construction
It w, therefore. In an economical point of view, a greal
.eying to lbs county; and, moreover. Mr. Blunt has,
through the amount paid by .odlviduals for substitutes,
.to count upon our quota, saved enough to tbe oounty U>
more than pay for the bonding. *o, look opon it aa we
will. It is, In referenoe to the Important buaiesse of tbe
oommiuee, a great feature and a great so* ee*. In refer
ence to the revision of the provoet marshal*' enrolment
of ons h'todred and .thirty-three tbcoosnd namee, tbe
enpyisg of them has already beea oompleted and rolls
relumed to lbs marshale. New thn examination and
correction will commence, and a tedious Job It will be,
thoi gh there really seems lo bo nothing connected with
oar army natters that this oommiuee cart.'* aceom
push -no difficulty thst It cannot overoomo Chairman
Bloats broad sbouUsr see ma always te be at Ue wheel
just at the right line
The nrafl la Mreeklyn
aorotm #o* YOtx>NTt?Mi avn
?ktsn Hi tigMT noKpq ro ?* 1N.
List hp, nrc. k
A regular meeting of IM Boerd of BopnrvWc . wse held
laatevening.end the meetpromwsBtsub^eci "hl '
lMaeI ita aueaiM sf the ?osshera was ut rsiai
tbe last call of Ihe Pre*Maul for three buedred it
men, and the pr .a pec I of Oiling in* quote of ih?
Bouollse have d?i been paid for tbrea weak*, and M |
f<M h.ia, therefore, ba ?a mad* la recruiting, wbicb |
owing ta ib? ararciiy or money, caused by ibe fsot
the Super raors ware unwllllog to pay mora Ibaa Ms p9f
ceul intcreat on tbair bonds A* ao funds oouid ba raHail
al that rata of keleresl, the following reeolulloae, aa^
IborUlog iba aala of b nds al seven par oaul, vara "Her**
by Supervicor Unborn ?
Resolved Thai iba Treasurer of lines county be aad ba
hereby ia dnacuiu bedtapoae of bjnoa at ina county author *
lied to ba raiaad n\ ?? i.ui iw?ai> two of iba a?il a/ U>f
f.eglalaturr ot the Slate al Saw York |>aa?ed K"bruary 9,
|Hfl?. heariac intaraal at mo.en pere<ai i>er sua out, ta
amount not exw.dln* ?.???!,? 4KJ. for tl.a p-ttuinii ?f boon
ties, In such sui/is as mi; from tuna I* lima ha reaalrsa
bjr iba Bounty CouaiuiUee of thia Hoard, and to bold IM
tame subject to tfieir Older for iha pa>n>aol of a sum eol
eieeedlng 9300 to earn volunteer enlisting. into tna rradti
of Una countr In advanr* ot or upon anjr call thai may
made h? me united H;ate? authorities ana 'or any aubatl
tule that may ba eniiated hi aay pereoe w> tba credit ef tba
county, and the County treasurer la ben br directed, iq
connection with the Committee on Accounts of Una Kaardj
to hi the time ot maturity or said bouila aad tba manner ef
dlspos II( of Die aame, and report tba aame to thia Board.
Kesnlved, That the Tressnrer of Kings county la d I rested
to rewire from corporations ot individuals losnlitg iba
ahova money, the ahoy mentioned aum al suen liases an?
In aiiclt ainouola aa limy be necessary to" tba purpoeea < oai<
templet* d. and tbat toe sold Treuaiirer la beraby directed I#
Issue proper oertillestcs ol' mdehtadaaa thetefer, baarlag
In'srest unt eieeedlnn aeran percent per annum . said ear
t II (ilea to be redeemed l>y ihla county with coualv bonds
at par, bearing Interest at the rate or seven per cant pea
Reiolved. That the above mentioned oertiflcalee or ti
adne.s ba in the uaual lorm.
Supervisor Crooks (poke In of position to the
lulioua, and contended mat If money could hot be raw4
at i4K per rent, M eodd uot ba at seven per cent. Iff
moved to amend by Pinking out tbat inn of the Ural
re*<>iitloo which providea tbat bouotlee shall <>? paid la
SuiH>rvl?or Dinos made an nble apeech In op oaltlon Id
ttt'ilMI df OntnlOft kn. mid (ODUmM that every
Inducement lo All the pic out quola abould ba givea. II
mouey could not he procured al aix per oeut it would dal
n" barm to try what > ooW be done at aeven par ?eat.
nnoervw.-ra Kirhv, I)?ikirs, Hrrma* and Booth ap k#
in lavor 01 tbo re.Molulion. ^oparviaor l-mta favored a4|
a'tjouroKiant, In truer lo diatuta Iha Batter mora thorJ
Ou^bly, ? heu it lenmh the amendmrat of ^uporvleol
Crooke waa put and l<?t, by rt ayea lo 1ft nay*.
Ibe orlgiiiul rneolutloua wore thoa adapted by a vot^l
of 19 nyei 2 iiaya.
There la considerable Interest In relation to the draft
ji?t ordered, and it may be aatlafactory to kaow bow im
county hi,tods In regard iliereto. The quota on the prM
viouH draft waa 7,700 m<m opou the call for &00,XM
troojia. 1'pon tbo anrae bails tba number aow rM
quired will be aomethlng over 4,<>00. Tht?i far lhara In M
aurplus credit account on tbia luat call of 132 mea TM
credits are :ia follows up to the lat mat , by wardd au4
towna, In the Second Coagre?alorial dtairtcl:?
Hard. IKaM
?t 39 19
8 14 New Ixita 14
? 2<S Klatbunb If
10 47 hlatlandR ?
12 18 Naw Utreebt ll
14 19 Uravaaend ?
1? - H
17 lft Total Ml
?Which, adding twenty-nine enliatmanta alaee the lal
ln?t , makes a total of two hundred and oigbiy eight
Tho aurpiua in the I'hird I'ongreeaionaJ diairral
aa follows up to Dooauhar 1:?
li'tm, ff'artf,
1 8? ii tn
2 2ft ia M
3 7i> 1ft 34
4 48 ID.
ft ...30 2a
7 ?8
Xolil V" .
Adding forty two aellximrnta aince tba lit inat., nai
tlie total number lour huudrad a?d forty four, aa4 tk^
niiri'lur. lor both dlatricti seven h> udred aad tbirly twa?,
leaving nearly four thousand ?till to raise.
isbouid the draft sol take place until the esplratlM ?fl
fifty daya, It will be ncceanary to eollataoiaewMreafeoatl
eighty men per day meantime lo avokl a draft.
How. Allllam L. Oaytoa.JDaltad Itatafi
Ml ii later In Prnnea.
lhe special correspondence from Parle published
tba Hrrai.ii this morn lug Informa oar readers of tb^
death ol th<> Hon. William L>. Iiaylon, United Btataa Mia*
later In France. TblR event took place lo TMrte, wdH
pecniUrly melancholy circumstances, aa the evealeg e#
Tinira*lay, the 1st of December, the Ketail ot the sym|?M
toms which itnme fla'ely preceded the demise of the kon<
orabie gentleman, as reported by oar cerreapoedeal, aa*
tba manner la wblcb be met hie end, leave aa reesa l*i
doubt the opinion at bis pbysloisa tbat ba was iwrlw etf
by a fit of apoplexy.
Mr. Ifaytoa'a death le deeply regretted by all wte batf
tba pleasure of bit aoquaintaaee, partioalarly by lft*|
Amertuaos isf m arlly aaeidif la Parte, |e wbaaa bft,
waa alwaya aa aifbble eflaiai aad a aoartee? gsailsaiea.
William Lewie flay loo wea bora al Baafctartdpe, NOTtf
Jersey, on tbe 17ib of February, 1*?7. He wea tbase%
of Joel Day tea, a farmer. Us graduated aft tbeoetlegee*
New Jersey la 18tft, oomraenced to stndv hw, aad w^
jdm.ned to the bar ia lnao. Ue advanoed with eredll H
ba profess ina.
fn tbe year 1837 be was sleeted a member of tbe BsaiH
of New Jeraey, and was named chairman of the Jodtetarf!
Oimmiltee. He was choaen oae of the aaeoctate iaetleefl
of tbe bnpreme ronrt of his native State, by the lagM**
lore, on the 2Mth of February, 1838. He reetgaed the pa*
sttiou in 18-11.
lo 1H42 the Coveraor of tbe vtate of New .Jersey ai>
polnted Mr. Dayton lTnit's!Staiea Senator, lo fill a vaeaaajl
ranged Inr the dsalh or the lion. Pamuel I. southard.
His apfoioimeut was 0"i firmed uy the Legislature, aad b*
waHaiccied .senator ler a full term ot sis years m Ma rob.
1-45. Mr. I ay ton s-rved la tbe Tailed HtaleJ
Senate from July tJ, 1842, to March 4, IHI,
In polltica be was callbd a free-eoli wblffa
Ho maiutalue<l wllh grail forra and ability the right efl
lobgrees to leglalnte with regard to slavery la tba Terrt]
lories oi the United Slates, and bin vleaa OS ibis sab;ee4
si pi "Read lo 1847,durHig a debate on the subiecl ef tbf
lr?i,tiy with Mexico, were ruliy endorsed by bla party,
art very generally approved of,
Senator Dayton advocated the admlesloa ef CaNtier*If
10 tbe I'sloa aa a fr< e State, supported plana lor tba afra4
l-.t'on of itaiyy la the Distrttt of t elumble, aad te?<
agau at ti?e ^iptlve fMiye hill.
I'reaident Taylor regarded Mr. Davloa as a warm para
soo a I iriend, and an borieat, aa.be waa milaea.
I ml, advieer ou maiiera of Male pulley, la Coagranfl
be was an vdant ssnporter of Mr. Taylor.
At tbe e.t pirn I km ?f his Heaaiortal term tba dseeaa,
cratto party m Near Jerm?y elected Commrdore Kebert
K. Stockton bis ?occe!>sor. and Mr. Dsytoa resumed tb^
practice of bts profession lo Trenton
In ISftft Mr. I'ay toe waa com ina ted by tbe repobllaaaM
as V ice I'reaideul ou the ticket with John C. Kremvol tog
In Ma.'ch, 1887, be was aprvjtnlad Altoraey tteaeral ?i
ITew Jersey.
After lhe acceRsioo or Mr. I Inoi In ta fba PreeideoeyJ
In 1801, Mr. I'avt- ii was n mlnated and confirmed United
Slifea M nlater m Kranrf, lhe dotiea of wblchujrfiee bf
diecharred witb much ai.aviv or meaner and a Aria
silhsrencs to Amonoaa priaclplee lo lhe moaiaot ef bid
demise *
Mr. Dayton hid a fine personal appeirsrce. and
ai's-ed an easy, aur'eable nianuer, with an uoprelendU
siyio lo seoteraaUou. He waa attractive ta <x>avs
lion, and ifsacrul and p ilnhed as a public -peaker.
The doreaaeti mimsier leave a widow, wHb mree arnrf
and a dao?hlcr Twaof bis aoos are at present In Kar^
tba third la engaged la Ue defence or b>s country, ear Vv
lug in tbe IJ.i on army.
1 be Itev. Or. Win slow.
The daatb of Ibis celebrated ^ni rlcan mlealoaary Itf
anno'inoed. He d*rd at Tape eT (Jecd Hope, oo tbe 234
of October. M ion Wiosiow, D. D , LL. P., waa hern ia,
Vermont, In 178U, and had heeu forty-Ova years la acttvtt;
missloniry service lu India. Dotb hie brothers d!sllo~.>
gulabe t themselves?Rov. Dr. Winslow, of iba Saollary
iVinmlnloo, drowned in the I'otomac, and Rev. Ilutb.tr#
Wmalow.D. D , the author, who died Itst Aiik<isI. Pr?i
Wluslo-v eHaliil'bed the tladras Mission, and foaoitetij
the MadrasCMlegt,of wolch b> * i rren-Km He po(M
iiSbed various aorRs, sinong which are History of M>e?
sioos. H r.is en MMsmos, tr inslalioo of the I'ib'e fn.o
Tamil, and* complete Tamil l.eiicun, or one tbo<isan<t,
iptarto :"?ges and slTly elsbt thoasaad words, foe iasb
le re>'k <ried the greatest literary sehlevaineal ot aap
Auiericaa mistiotiary, and coal Dr. Wioeioar ? ver t??ni/
years of toll. He was s member of re' Moa sfenlid*
bodies and ?ooieiiea The I'aivertitr ot Cambridge eea*
ferted tbe degne o{ D. b. uron mm, sad a Naw Kogiandf
college that of U- D. Trobsb y oo Amer c a echoiad
aver made auch acqulreme-ts m F?atere philology af
I>r. Wirsiew during bis half ceoiery or tell ia tbe IMIm
lie bad a large circle of relsilree aed frls <de 1a IbM
eountrv. To tbe religlo'ie puhiw hie naaie baa Mag baa^
a familiar sound, and his memory te Inseparably aoa,
necied wllh the progress ef clrill?at?o sad CkrlstlMM||
la India.
News from lbs Aslft
?IX unci ADS bu.-n?k? oartvsBD wn m mi^
COAt x cminrbiURATruNa awd ruTiigiioB sa
? a i victor?TBI Ij/xt MONBT OP MO It LB BAT|]
Nrw OsuM*e, Pee II, via I
Advlcee from tbe biockadta^jMbdifa
state that during lbs week eadn^lth loaiaat,
ade riroers were ea pi a red ea lhe soast ef Terasy
The report ef tba capture sf tba itaasMblp dsoera 4
discredited. ,
Two large Iras recently occurred al Oalveelea, Tbf
yellow fsver prevailed at Galveaioa alarmlsgly, end tbsi
m rtal ly wee very great.
Tbe prue moaey of Mobile Bay smoaeia lo eae year*f
pay tar every ms? engsged la tbe Orhl. I
Rugsr,23a s 21)^0.} maiaseee.fl II allI3> Ka traa^
MlMaa ka rattek.
Qbhra, Dee. to, tMd. I
lailrtn off rial real ea!
?lb instaat, alt btocbf

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