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The Gallop Through
Forty-two Counties of the
Rebel Empire State
Laid Waste.
The State Capital Formally Surrendered
to Ten Scouts, who Stamped* Two
Hundred Rebel Soldiers.
All the Railways Destroyed
and Iron Burned.
Walcott Almost Annihilates Three
Rebel Brigades with One and Cap
tures tli# Rebel Commander.
Sherman Subsists on the Fat ef
the Laid mi Dim Hot Lost
a Wagon tr Can*
Ae Spoils of the Campaign 4,000
Prisoners, 18,000 Horses,
10,000 STegroes, Shirty
Vleces of Artillery, Ac.
.Sherman's Total Loss Only
Fifteen Hnndrsd.
Tie fiirrhii aid Twoaty-fear
final Captared.
. The Siege of Savan
nah Opened.
fley ire Beady ta Givs Hp?Warehouses
Thrjwu Open and All Told to
Help ThruisflTfs,
ti. At.
tbe Onltefl Stats* steam Iran*port Fu'toa, Capt. Wot
H*, (r>m l'ort Royal on tbe IStb, ri Horlreas Uooroe
m uat 20th inst. arrived at th>? port yesterday morning.
The t ultuo touched at Fortress Monroe to laud Lleu
<Maot ''ol n:l O. F. Bahcck, bearer of despatches from
%m r-'b?ttn?n to tbe War Department. Alao Colonel A.
II. Markland, t.eoaral Sberm?n'fl mall agent.
JJav .n.nh waa still in possession or the rebels. Ita
S"trei d?-r bad not lean demanded by (Jen. Sberman up
t? the time or tba Railing or tbe Fulton.
Among tbe passenger* per Fullon are CoL W. Carney,
Om Hundred and Twenty seventh NYork Volunteers,
ateeteeo otbar officers of leaser grade, wbo were woonded
ta the l ite batito at FocotsUgo, South Carolina, and oar
wre-pondrntft who iccompamsd (jenoral Sberman in bis
cwreb through Georgia.
1UK cat IB 714 ran IHRUIGI1 GEORGIA.
Oar Cxptdiilauary C?rr?ipand?nct,
Four ViciLLisTBR. Otit-ac nan Rr *a, )
Pro. 1, 1MM. f
"*he winter cmps'cn o'Sberns*?, wbicb for tho pust
1?a w> oka bua caueed eo much arxiety In tbe mmds of
'Hie ioy.i |M>ot le of tb? niilon, *nd spread terror and
ii.-m tb oaghont ttia oon:edere y, from KicliraonJ to
? rtu.K** ony now >6 considered eede l for tfce present
vo the casual b yrTar ita important e in a military point
?< ??,?? n ?y not be at Brat aiio<rent but a careful study
tt the route traversed, ai.d the situAion previous to Ita
inauguration, will etbifc I the act thai dhermsn'a month
> tf '? de> Ic ihr ronf*d"racy baa prolucod results even
renter 'than the* wbtch followed the tall of Atlanta. I
, y?'/p ?e, brieily. to Infor m the reader of
. v m oaarjuL ikvatiok.
. Tmtou* to the ooronKnoement of this bold and a i
daetmi* ru'Vement through tbe enemy'a cttun'.iv, going
aa Tar Itwk a tn<t eomro'ieeini-nt of tbe spring oam.
?<,a. I will re atiitatiiin ami record waat seems to
iu# to hn?o lofl enoed tbe recent m.'e?rnanl<i of Hbrrmin.
| no avi m.ng command o' the Military Division of the
to ??i??t pi Hl.ernmti found Joiinaton In force at Helton,
' and l outstrael wintering in lUat Irnn4?s? ?, confronted
?y (etK>?eid, Before tbe oampt'cnmi; season arrived
ijia.'ii Hi withdrew, leaving but one large army (Jnbn.
m n >| m the f outbweet to be asaatled. Military men all
a,re* that tbe last en ease* route to Vlrclola Is tbe
mat ?e?ibie mode of Investing Richmond, by tbe oap
lure ?w Ly nubhurg, the kty to tbe whole miluary poat<
M. ii <a tan Karl and ( rtrti^ve tb?t Hberinsn'R keen sa*a.
all? polcled tbet Wey, But lie had no *ltrrnatu e Willi
u, fin} of ?ro y a lint.died Iboaatml be could oot bold
his too* lino ol eopiluee from I<otrs title and protect
v *a?lii Tei.i tsneo ir in ii vksmu wtn.e op? r?imi? from
'ta xyiili'- <w--\u,ivntiv he waa lurcad to follow Juiin
Routes of the Army from Atlanta to the Atlantic-?-1The Investment of Savannah.
rut | \
TQM iD \
' A /
nC,^VA)WB\N y N J
W~*- ws. sc.?0
\>v/ C
? V'
re^OTN\*v\ / \
\ \ ^
^ ?**"*CXCUNT0N\
\ \ cM>0^
*^CRj S W 0 L DVVlL LE
> IV!AC0\ irwintoT^
\ <a j
^/kNOXVILLES > v .... V1
i> I) RT VALLEY^ ;
1 ^ "
*/; ^QOL*
' *^PvTK^\kn-\
BEBTYyp* %-N J|
?loo Into Georgia farther tod farther from bla base, until
Atlanta fell Into our bands, and Sherman found that
Hood's army waa atlll formidable for miaehieC With
Atlmta we severed the railway communications for
a time, bat the branch roada around Mlllodgeville and
Macon atlll enabled the enemy to draw supplies from
Florida, Southern Georgia, Alabama and Misstsaippl, for
the subsistence of their armies, while it gave ua one
hmdred and forty miles mora of railway to guard
agalaat raids upon our flasks and guerilla depredations In
lbs rear.
The further pursuit of Head, consequently, seemed
frougfct with danger and perplexity, and Sherman aooma
to hare studied weH the problem bow to shorten bis Una
of sappiiea, and at the aame time bold Chattanooga, the
key to Tennessee, The campaign of the summer bad
ended, H od's army being not less tnsn thirty thou
sand, while the draft bad vary largely awallad
Sherman'a ? ranks. It waa . then that the
great centos of the man eolved the question; and thla
campaign was created and'worked out upon the map. The
moment bs conid draw Hood away from bis front, bsyond
the reach of railway communication with tbe rebel baae
of auppilea, flbermtn saw that by dividing bis largs army
be ceuld with tbe oae wing keep Hood employed and by
bold and rapid movements strike ths coast and open up a
new line of supplies, via some of tbe Isrge rivers, from
whicb be could operate agalnat tbe Interior of Georgia,
Alabama and tbe Carolines.
I have tbe beet authority for saying that tbe aubae
quent advance to tbe coast was of Sherman's own concep
tion, submitted and ezplaissd by blm to Gensrsl Grant
and the War Department, and by tbem heartily ap
With tbe subsequent movement of Hood to Sherman's
rear, tbe cutting of bis communications, tbe apparent
tardiness of Sberman In pursuit, and the escape
of Hood Into Northern Alabama, tbe reader Is
familiar, and at tbe tlme.no doubt, felt like censuring
Sberman for cot showing more determination and energy
against Inferior numbers. But tbey must now see that
this was a part of snerman's wsll matured plan.
While (lood wan boldly pushing a?ay from bis base
Sherman wan (fathering mil his atreugtb for a desperate
blow that was destined to hresk tbe outer shell of tbe
rebellion snd exposo its vitals.
PSKPAHITIOKS ?oa ths Ninon.
Sending tbe fourth and Twenty third corps to Thomaa
as a nucleus for a new command, a new army was or
ganized under tbat well tried general, and then Sherman
bade the Kortb good bye, destroyed ths railroad from
Atlsnta to cWtanooga, refitted his army at Atlanta and
cut loose?destination, the coast; object, a new base.
Loading bis wagons with sixteen days ra tions for a
mirch of over Ibroo hundrod miles through an enemy's
country, be first divides bis com mar J Into four
columns, marches via tbe Augusta and Atlanta Rail
way, destroys it in his march as well
as tbe road to Macon. Wblle his right wlcg
threatens Macoa tbe le>'t occupies the capital of tbe
Stale and lays waste the rail way a, cotton mills, foundries
and machine shops. In bis insrch he subsists his
armies upon the fat of lbs l?od, brancbes off, threatens
Augusts, cuts tbo railway communication with Savan
nah, then rafldty turns south, crosses tbe Ogeccbee
river, and concentrating his commvid ceveis his flanks
with tbe two streams and moves direct upon Savannah
and tbo coast, completely destroying tbe railways of
Georgia, leaving not enough subsistence behind him to
winter s kid. Invents Savannah, and iu thirty days from
tho tftne be cat loose, opets up a new line of suppl ea
with his base m!y tec miles from bis army.
lt d all this warding of over throe hundred and fifty
miles through ?n enemy's country Is performed without
tbe Iocs oi a wagon or uuie, a gun or a pound of ammu
Ibe Inislllgtnt reader wil! new see the importance of
Ibis csnv'iign iu a military point of visw. With Georgia
strippe.l or all its summer crops, tbe rallwlvs si' da
s'royed, Hood's urmy oanoot subsist upon or occupv It
until the return of another crop, ant with Tbomas con
fro?: ng him he cannot hurry to tne relief of Savannah
and Charleston, whi< U are r.ow tottering to tbelr down
With a large army under Jherraan and a grand nary
nudsr the gallant se* dog FJablgron tbreator, rg th*m,
their vy ?es?!<wi by us h only s '|uestloo of a few weeks.
Brt it hw hs l soother let.norta't eflect upon our com
Doneort/iy. Heretofore t-ee ha* di awn a large amount
of aubststsiK'S from Florida, fisorgls, Alabama. Missis
sippi and Texts. Thla raid of Sherman's baa not
only cut every iir? af omm " 'llcatiua with tbe
f<outhwe*t, but blotted Oil lb* machine sbopa aod
Iron worka that furnlrb?d the material for re
pairing these railway arteries aod vslns. Usnce
for the future le i must depend entirely m>on theOsro
lints and Virginia for subsistence for bH anuy. He nuy
sn<leavor to lavsde j?<?l leom-sa. e snd obtain supplies
from that quarter, but the w'thi'rawil of any ?oosMer ?h e
fot-e Cor thsl purpose would endanger Richmond aud
ope t iegstea In Urant.
laken as a whole, 1 ?rn forced to tV> ccnc'-'sh" Ibal
thia campaign of .gbarman'a own creation and execution
la one of tbe most fruitful tbs war bts produced. It la
a blow from wblcb Davis and bla satellites will never
recover; the effects cf which will bo felt Irom one and of
the ooub try to tbo other.
But there ia still another efTect II will have. H demon
atratea to European Powers the weakneaa of the rebela
and tbe power of tbe national goverameat to oope with
armed treaaoa aad rebellion.
But to the detailed narrative, which opens with
ns ooxcurraJTioK or thi army.
Ob the llth tbo araay was loeatod as follows >?Tbe
Twentieth corpa at Atlaata, the ttftasath aad Bavee teentb
oorps at Powder Spring road, on tbo Chattaboocbee river,
and tbo Fourteenth eorpe at Klagaton, Ga. Sherman's
headquarters .were at tbe latter place.
On the morning of tbo 12tb the army oommenced
ooncentratlng around Atlaata. Tbo Fourteenth corps,
Brevet Major General Davts command lag, remained at
Kingston to eover the ablpment north of the govern
ment property and rolling stock of tbo railway, aad at
noon of that day the Third brigade of the First division,
Colonel H. A. Hantbright, Seveoly-alnth Pennsyl
vania, commanding, wbo, by tbo way, waa tbe
Drat commandant at Kingston, moved oat, aad
tbe plaoe was evacuated. Motwitbataadiaf that tbo
Colonel took every precaution to prevent a wanton
deatructlon of the place, tbo negroes, wbo brought
np the rear, fired several buildings, whlob were con
sumed. The corpa reached Cartersvllie at night, and,
arter provisioning the troops, tbe public property waa
deatroyed, and on tbe following day (tbe 13tb) Blic Shanty
was reached, and the troops bivouacked for the night.
Next day tbe corpa reached tiie Chattahoochee river,
and on the 1Mb Atlanta.
CHATTiifoooa raii.wat csmtorsn.
The railway waa torn up from Chattanooga to Atlanta,
and all the bridges laid in ashes, as well as every build
ing that could be of benefit to the enemy. Tbe straggling
negroes and cavalry destroyed quits a number of unin
habited houses, and, 1 regret to aay, three or four
On tbe 14th and 16th, tbe Fifteenth and Seventeenth
oorps, under General Howird, marched to a camp one mile
eoutb of Atlanta, to wblcb point Slocum,commanding tbe
loft wing, moved on tbe morning of the lfrtb, leaving tbe
city entirely empty, exoept a few cltlrens, who remained
cattered over the city, preferring to dwell In tbe city
until tbe return to Its rules of tbelr disloyal friends tbaa
to accept of free transportation to tbe land of ?'Yankee
mudsills" and "Puritanical abolition lets." Tbe alter
noon was spent In emptying tbe atorehouaea of clothing,
cotmisaary supjilioe, ka , and tbelr tranafer to the per
sons ?f the troops of the Fourteenth eorps.
During tbo entire dsy Atlanta presented a very busy
appearance, every atreet of importance being blockaded
by wagon trains and mouuted officers and men. Quite a
number of houses were flred during the day, and regular
detailed partiea from tbe Twentieth corpa destroyed all
the public building* of value to tbe enemy,
After tbe men had bivouacked for the night the follow
ing ordera, issued by General :>herraaa, were read to the
troupe, and were greeted with .saaoy manifestations of
approbation by the vatersna, who, In ao maay bluody
battles, have followed the lead of Sborrn in:?.
siisrmas'h obtisrk.
Xptdal Futd Ordert?No. 110.
Hwrxjt ai.iKM, Military Division o? Missiamrn, I
ia Til H >'l*L?, K IS' 1ST or , Ga., Nov. 8, INM. J
The General < omniandn* deems It proper at tins time
to inform tne o'l enra aod men of the Kourteeutb. Kil
teentb. Seventeenth and 1'wnrtletb cori?, that bo has
organized them into an army lor a specls> purple. wed
known to tbe War Department aud to uaneral Grant. It
is suinclsat for you to know tb >t it invutves a departure
from our preteui base, ami a ion* sna difficult mtrcli to
a new one. All tbe cbaices <>f war have baen oonsirter d
and provided for as far as human sagacity cao. All no
aaks of you ia to mai"tsin ibst a eopine, patience and
c.iura.-o which have cti*recieri'.ed y- u In ibe ia-i ai l
b? hopos, through yon, to strike a bl<>? at eurenenf
that will Lave a mater i d elect in producing what ail
ao muoh dealte?hie oompiete ovei throw, u ail thi >gs
tbe moat luiportaet Is tbst the men, during marches
sud in camp, ke?p their placs and not acittrr *ooiit at
stragglera or foiagora, to be pic*?d up by h >aiiie peopie
In detail.
11 Is alao of the utmost Importance that onr wagon-;
should not bo !o?ue.l witn anything but provisions an!
amnniiiltiria. All sur^l is sevvauta, non-comhst<pta *od
reinjiets should uow gi to the rear, and n be should b<i
encouraged to enenmber i.a on tha ma oh At eo?n?
future time we will he eu?bled to provide <or tbe poor
whites sad blacks who seek to o cape the b 'Utlag i uudef
wbo h thev are n.iw sultering,
With these few eimole tt-il is In four tiiill, he
b"pe* to I'-ao vou to n-h e?e i? ts equal iu importance to
tboae of the past, By order of
Mai.* t.eneral W. T ^'IKRMAy,
t. M. Davtoh, Aid de cami>.
lit ttis I'iBtji. Klvoero*,!}*., Nov. 1#, ICH |
fl/fctal Orders?|-jo.
J For IBs purpose of millury e;sra ici.a tMs armv ?
divided Into two wings, vi* ? w
Tbe right wto?, Mu,or t.eoeral O O Ho sard oo?ims .1
log- the k'lfleeoth ai d tWseuieoaih c< ri'e
I ae lel t Wlllg, Mm ? r lie-It" si II W. nciTI coietueo
lug?the ?ourteerin .tnd twentieth eorp<
II The habitual or.lev or msr< h wpl be ?lteii<?'
prseti.iaele, by f'nr rals.se nair os'?P? a (? < ?t ?
? ud i<o< vwrgmg at isil'ia liersiter t?, n? in ?K!St-< I n r
duff, lbo nayalrf, trusj.er Get ''Cat Kll.?tri>:< C<ii|.
standing, will receive special order* from lit* Command
Pirattrapb III. relate! to the position In tbe line of the
ambulance* aud wationa.
IV. The array will forage liberally on tbe country dor
trig tbe marcb. To tbla end eaeb brigade commander
will organize a ((nod and efficient foraging party, uader
ccmmnoiol ona or more discreet officers who will gather
near tbaTonte travel led corn or forage or any kind, moat
of any kind, vegetables, aorn meal, or whatever is needed
by tbe command: aiming at all tlmaa to keep In the
wacoos at least ten .days' provisions for tbe command
and three days' forage. Soldiers mast not enter tbe
dwellings of ibe Inhabitants, or oommlt any trespass, but
during a hell or In* a camp they may he psrmlttel to
gAi'.ber turnips, potatoee and other vegetables, and to
drive tn stock la slgftt of Ifmli i?iji To regular forming
parties must be entrusted tho gathering of nrovwtoa*
and fi-nge at any distance from the road travelled
V. To army corps commanders alone Is entrusted tbe
power to destroy mills, boussa, octton gins, Ac., and for
. tbem this general principle Is laid down:?In districts
and neisbborboods where tbe srmy la unmolested no
destruction of such property should be permitted; but
should guerillas or bushwhackers molest our march, er
should tbe inhabitants burn bridges, obstruct roads, or
ether wise man treat local hostility, then army oommand
era abou'd order and snforoe a devastation more ?r less
relentless, according to the measure of such hostility.
VI. As for horses, mules, wsgons, kc , belonging to tbe
inhabitants, tbe cavalry and artirery may appropriate
freely and without limit, discriminating, however, be
tween the rich, who are generally boatlie, and the poor,
<9 Industrious, usually Deatral or friendly. Foraging
IKirtios m iy also taks mules or horses to >place tbe Jaded
animals of their trains, or to serve ss pu Ic mules for the
raginK'nts or brig.Jes. In all foraging, of wbateror
kind, the parties will refrain from abusive or threatening
language, and may, when tbe ofl'cera In command think
proper, give certificates of tbe feet, but no receipts, and
they will e deavor to leave each lamlly a reasonable por
tion for their maintenance. ? ? ? ?
By order of Major General W, T. SHEKMAN.
L. M. Dayton, A. D. C.
??Now negrets night came solemn down" upon the city,
and as tbe (lames spread from the public buildings and
tbe dsp^t that bad been fired the whole heavens
became illuminated by tbe lurid glare, while the
unexploded shells In tbe dwellings and storehouses
became heated, and as they exploded in rapid aucceaaion
one almost Imagined that the scenes of August Isst, when
one hundred thousand heroes confronted the rebel strong
bold, were being re-enacted.
Standing upon an eminence overlooking tbe doomed
city, I bad an excellent view of the conflagration, and
never bad 1 beheld no grand a sight. As night waned the
gentle breezes carried the destroying element from house
to house, and block to block, until oue-balf of tbe rebel
city was In flamss, tbe glare of wh tch waa so bright that
tbe soldiers a mile distant read their last Istlers from
borne by the light Next morning I rode over the city
among the ruins, where nothing remained to tell the tale
but tottering walls and blackened chimneys, that, lino
graveatones, stood thsre as monuments of departed glory.
On tbe morning or tbe 10th, at daylight, tbe whole army
once more took np the line of marcb?the Seventeenth
corps on the MoDonough rood, tbe Fourtoeoth
on tbe Auguata road (running parallel with the
rallrond), with the Twentieth on tho left and the Fif
teenth oa the right flaaka. I accompanied tbe oolumn
of the fourteenth oorps, which passed out through De
catur, and the same evening enoamped in Llthonla?a
small town twenty miles southeast or Atlaota?without
encountering any enemy.
On tbo 17ib the march waa returned at Sty'lfrbt,
through a country Iwrnmi la etock, re*?tVjie? and
grtln, tbat were lound la abunda-i :e on all tbo largo
pUntatone that liaod the root* Tin* part of tbo Huu>
giTM evldeueo of wealth and pmeperitf, and an w<
morat further into tbs interior tbo woriea of war'* rar
ages becamd loao fro moot.
1* qulto open, well watered, (rood road* and dellchtfa'
el un ite, About half pa<t nine o'clock initio mornlug.
a towa of about five hundred mbahPanti, tn react'
el, hilt no halt wu* made, and the troopa oua
tioued the march without toterro|itin? the eitt.'ooe.
wbo fl eked In largo nomb<>ra to me Oora and
w.iid<i'*s to ate the !"nf #T-:oo?#i and mtioh
feared Taoicvw, and Imten to Mi* inmto of a ntvm
of bend* th?t ?ave forth their partial Itreia# Pivy ..no
man w?* aeon In the town, All the etlinro bad ?* rofu
need," ja tbo oh?>uf c' lld;?a c?M? cai y eiyra?ta<i thorn*
eolfee A rebel liooteoant, earned I awln A Middle'uit,
wno acted m provoat mir*ttal at that p'tce, left ?orf
h'jrrie livJ rnrgetliug to eaU at the p?et ofEoe for eerem!
letter", trhioh were taken pi teetaion o( ?e an am <j<? camp,
aodtirnel otrer i? t ene ai ^imrmeo for ?sen-nation,
?lie iet'fs? dlti I i?ed tbo fact tbat the Georgia mill la
ll??"d *" Tar ao Ua<1e<leo. Ala,, when IMftriiir
Hro ?n o .lered them bar* ?o the State, w*ere tree ar
n??d oft the rt 1, a.'Ur a r area of Quart/ Mro buniired
One of iho lettera '? w< ;h prodo irg here
* a>*ei in ? (.
V .or liter, 'n^.j-t IS '%*4
M\ net ? Pn ?m? i? t hat n ilef*rre.t wr>n i * to j> a f? T
tim t<o?t1 *?? mr> t?l I'1* to ? :e# lti< ? fi "O
f i?to oil ue wn?re von a ? mi it <t )Oii d <r>r( aMl
?i?*r the V nit., raid hat A I i?e*tnr*V>
i *r't#, e\eu IU'hi.jU ny letter M?0f teaihti > i. n ?>?t, 1
I scarcely know where or how to direct thla. Mary la
down at Greenville on a visit to Ml** Klug, where the
has been over two week*. She went for her health,
which bad been very bad all the' ?; ring and summer.
She wriiea me that she bus Improved and I* enjoying
herself very much; but ao wonder, for she says the get*
so well fed; that no one at '.reenville seems to feel the
war. but lire In full and plenty, aa they did before
though Margaret King always did live well; bnt she baa
plenty of money and nothing to do with It but support*
We had m terrible alarm the night the raidera w?'?
expected in Montgomery. Thla la the most excitable
family the world ever produced, from the Judge down to
the smalioet negro child in the lot. Words of Bine would
?all to give yon an Idea of the time wa bad. Sufficient to
aay that the Judge anatched up hla pa era and money,
flaw down to the cure to take cars of hl? own precious so*,
leaving ordara that we all should follow at thr ft rut alarm
! bell, ftc. Much a scene of coofnslnn I never *aw, and,
. without stopping to reflect, I Jumped out or bed ana com
menced gathering together my clothes, for I wrui deter
mined to try and aave tlietn, as I sever expected to get
any mere; and where to get trunks or boxes to pack In i
kuew not. So I waa up the whole night long, flying here
and there, half d reused, and alx o'clock came in the
morning berore I even sat down. Of course my servaute
were of no une whatever, and the Judge's, whom be thinks
paragons, were In oien rebellion. What lnlluet-?e thev
would have bad on J'olly when the time came to leave I
cub not tell. Fortunately tbey ware not tried, aa the
vsnda's did not get here; but when the excitement waa
over, and I bad time to reflect,! tbna-.bt bow feolielt it
was Id me to worry about running away any more, esoe
cially with Judge Jordan; for, In any great danger, be Is a
broken reed to lean upon-self is .to. I and I have re
solved hereafter to just stay where I am, and only regret
that I waa Induced by the entreaties of the Judge to
leave mv all In I'eusacols. not tbat I would h ive taken
the Yankee oath. Solflsa motives were at the bottom
with the Judge. I hope I may do inm Irjustire. "1 be day
after the alai m I was taken with a violent, no.-vms pstn
in my bead, wtilcb seemed to get woiae daily for about
ten days, until I suppoee the climax cine, andtben such
excruciating pains run down the on k of my bead and
neck that 1 was senseless lor s >me time. A powerful
remeuy waa administered?opiates and quiet?and In a
lew dnys 1 was myself again. In any groat alarm, or
excitement or rumor. I seem composed ai d do nilihit I
can; but afterwards the reacti ? cornea and prostrates
me But afte. thla I thins 1 snail have to mand my
ground anil take the Yanks as I find ibem. Now, I have
reserved the Linn' bouctn for the lust. On Monday,
greatly to my surprise, a letter cemo fr m the poet office,
dire. 1-4 to M;iry. It was so like your handwriting,
though irom Wilmington post off oe, that I was sure it
was from you, arid, while breaking tne ?csl. worderwd
bow you camo to be there. Just ttrnk I', was a block
ade letter from dear Peyton, wntteo ever slnoe ttie wtb
ef January?only seven months since, lie had ) irt ar
rived at Panama and (ouod in the t it n'llc* il.ea two
letters from Mary and one Irom yoo, dated, I 'h.nk he
said. U2d of July It seems he has been in New i or* ,
ler the last two years His henltb h?d been wrelcb-d,
and alter seeking and travelilug about te various place*
lo setrt h of a dim >te to suit him. lound that \ew Vork
was the only place. Mis Intention was to c.ms Into
Inxie, but eould not succeed. and after the fall of Vic?s
burg had to give up. Some or his go. d irien.:* tried burd
to get him in K> rt I.sfavelte. but failed. His pecuniary
mat ers are as usual; but It takss all be can raise to pay
Havel ling expenses. He expected to meet his agent at
Panama; but as lie VMM tb 're he should go M Vc?
r?gu , Irom thence to Can orins, or perlnpx aicomp.my
bin agent to Kurope, but would write acd letusktow;
that we must write to bun and direct our letters as we
used to, to his ageut in New York, sod
be would-iorward them to bitn. no m .tier In what part
or the world bewia. I ha? e lost ai d forgotten hi* dl
rectloo. I kuow It waa a Mr Mdel . Wall street, but
what were the Initials or the Christian Damn or the
number of Mr. Sidell s b >u?o I have forgotten, Iio yoi
remember1 If so, write and lei me know though II I
writs I don't see bow we csn get s letter to him. and as
so tnucb time has pns ed be may be de.d. Write as soon
ss you can. The servsnts say. "<;ive their love to n?? a
I/ewia." (ioodby. May Uod bless *nd lake care of you
ia ever the pr.iyer or your affectionate sister.
I'll ad ipt Peyton s plan and not slgu in/ mine, in case
It should fall Into oibor bauds. Love U> Mary when you
lbs afternoon of the 17th was spent in destroying tbs
Atlanta sad Augusta Raliwty from Conyers to Yellow
river, where Pa via' Column baited for the nig 111, and
Colonel Buell, of tbe Pioneer cori>s, threw down r* moons,
upon which the srmy crossed on tbe following morning
ms aansis arraaa i* ova raoirr.
To dsy the ? Irst brigs 'e, first division, Colonel f'ot art
commanding, had the advaace, with Man r fox, of tbe
twenty first Michigan, In command of the advance guard.
Wl.lle riding In advance of hia command, he was s.'d
deniy coo.'rojUd by a rebel eav.lryman. who demanded
bis surrender. Tbe Ms] r was unafin?d and jh the |*dt>t
ef surrendering wheu his regiment ?p|n?ared In sight, and
ths rebel and hie companions, woo tud c-.iue up, re
tieated without taking the Major.
ai? ADVANC* I1T TllS l.AI>t*S.
On lb" 1Mb ths army moved at bsll part six, the First
division in the artvance. and ths Sevet.tr on. h I'euusrl
vans, ! leutonant Colonel Miles, the advanced guard.
Ihe llrci place oi Importance encountered waa tbs bsaull
ful I tile low.i of
n ted, as geographer* aay, for its water power ao 1 pretty
\f ? . n. Ai llaiuhr gbt's brigade entered the town tbe I an. I
i flee (t'uun.) b.nd struck up "IHltS'S Ijaiid,'' whuo two I
h ., dr<dw nen rushed to tne plants and doors to view |
i! r i-ikee invaders of whom they h>dao often read.
Kr ry al,.,liw and door sw*rmsd with blooming war
widows, ftt. ma runs and shy vi gius m come?pu.i
Bt.d e rt.'i I.utii Hut wl.ea the b?od bad finish"*
1 !'Uf"anJ i okn off on ? Van^xe IKodle, on, what a
rs r? ?r I h'Md i7.a< we-s t eerid of in-lr besutlful lu
b> > u s, ai'.d as ou n? do ?a wtih a ,sin a'.d doors
if'd Very abruptly, until n<" alalr faoew?* vlsih.e,
it, J as thev moved at ttie riabt 4
?boulder abut, the 81 ?U ill BailtDel color*
fl' iu'g ia tlte ailkan Southern bree*", u< Ul
mealy pavud str-et* raaoundlns M tlM trsad of iiM aot
ol.'raof the c olon, prveented ?u imposing api>earano?,
not ea n <0 be Ublitsr.ua from the of
beou< ijapub irii tub Uavla ud lbs D> vi. Tarn
co uma aucemped at alavou o'clock A. M near Allasoavto
river, d Maul Uu iu.!oa uortft of ductal Ciroie, ud ballad
for tba day.
ruFAOiMG l Aariaa
were lent nut in the afternoon, tuil at olgbt returned to
camp with a large amount ot due stock, grata and vege
th* mom wino.
To>ii<ght (18th) Howard'a (right) wing la encamped at
Jackson, and t-a* m-t no locum, ou the left, la
parallel *ilb ilowird. and oaa a d uo lighting.
HUr HXiN' . Ilkil) ,U?>riW.
Urnrral Sberoua nirk-s bis headquarter* wUU
TL< una' voter? corps, now con>uuo<tod by Hrlgad'.er
Conor al I off (J. JJivi .
?nmx.* TAir-m fciitaiiDif.
Many llttio |r,cid?oU ocour daily tnat go to show ?
leader like Sherman can make b tu.ieif familiar witti his
aoldlsra, ard atlil io ?ii the r onoflrtenoe and maintain
thorough dit>ciplm<i A colonel i?mn nding a regime >1,
wbo witnessed It, info r.B me that to diy a number of
aoidiera wbo wore tilling th- Ir ctntoena from a molilalia
bariel, ne?r Shmiiiiin'a Im Jijuurtern, wen tiuariollng
ovar iba diviaion of tbe .tyrup. wtien ^hertnau pasalng by
cooly crowded In among them, and (lipping biu tl >gar ia
It put It to bia lip*, romarkiug, '?Don't orowd, boys,
there ia enough foi all "
A PI.AVTA-ION bciws.
About ?lx miles a.utli of Cov n<ton we atruok '.bo
plantation of Ju in? .rr ? w >o s a M*?sacbuaetts m>o
and owns over two hundred ungu es. loo piaoliti >n uj
ono of the moat uxteoaivo in Cootral Ceorgla for th?
production of ootton and atrial* of all descriptions.
As tbo column m \vd paui tbo third bri^ado i'lral
divialnn band struck up a quick atop, when (run tbo
vil'ipe of negro hu'.s the dutiky a >uh of Kant
sw.trmed forth In Urge numbers utid rusbed to the
fencea. A rich scone ollownd. InonatrrooH?rni-n, wi>
men and children?itruclt off Into a >Janco, swinging
the nselvi ? rcind and twlating tuemsclvea into gri:to*|io
shapes tnat oillfd (nrth pea<* of laughter from th-? sol
diery , while tibouts of "Glory be to oe Lord, de Linoum's
bab couiil" '? W in't we go long wti yous I"
"Ize off to glorv I' ?'Br?ss de Lord I" were
heard on nil aide*. lhey followed the troops for half a
mile, m.king thoulr resound with tbeir ezcUmatioul of
gladueas, until drl'en hack to tho rear.
On tha lOtb the eolumu moved at dayllgbt, Morgan'#
diviaion leading, baird next and Cariln covering the rear.
The column took the rUndlown road, and when out about
three mill a, were lirud upou by a lew rebel scouts, wbo
Up to thia time we had beautiful weather,
but at dayilkut the rouda wore (ound almost
lm|i?aw?ble from the raid that bad failea In tor
rent* during the night. Nerertbeinaa, nine mllaa wars
tnuda through a pouric:* ruin, and wa ?? camped at rtgbt
o'clock in ibo evening three milea i?outh of Aindtown.
On the 'JOth tho ciwma&d moved at the uauai b-iur,
ram atlll falling, and the roada lu a horrible ooudltion.
Aiout noon we arrived at Shady Dale, the plantation of
an old man named VlimD w WhliQild, wbo owoa ueirly
the whole ol I'utnam e .uaiy, and an abundaues of stoolc
and crop* There we found
who worked tbe large plantation ui'On winch Mr. Wkll
field resided, ami abere another aoaee similar M
that enacted at Harris' treated tbe men. About
twenty-five women followed ibe column a mils, hb4
were drlvun har.lt by the si.fT officer*. Nearly
all ibe male negroes went wilb Uio army vuluktaitiy.
At mgbt iba command encamped near Eaton ton, and on
the morning ol tbe 21tt resumed their marcb, makiug
uuaouR ckbxk
before night closed In upon tneru and rendered tnarohleg
orer muddy roads and swollen rivers too dungeroiM to be
attempted, lue country through which we paaeed we*
tbe garden of Georgia. Ibe plantation* furntahtag a*
abi ndauce of everything nt-ccseary for ttie aubalateeoe of
mao and beatt, whiob waa very gene,rally appropriated
by tbe lo'ajrug partiea, wbo obtained to mucb pmia<
and meat tbat tur commiaeary wa^oue ware net called
upon to diagorge a portiee of tbeir bard leek and baaie.
thr an man
bad become thoroughly reJuvinated by the acquisition
of hundrede of One mule* captured from the wealthy m>
boba who had hidden tbem in ibe wood*, where they
were lound by tue aid of tbe negr. eg. Some of the flnenl
boreee I hare aceo la tbe Boutb, were alao im preened tat*
tbe United State* service.
ho'acli. ixjbh's "?ua" aoaauia
Among tbe blooded aloes captured waa General Howell
Cebb's celebrated pacing mare, ttiat coat $45,000. She
waa found In a awamp near Mliledgeville, by private
Walter Burns, Company K, Tweuiy.flrai Ohio, whe, tan og
twelve days afi -r, waa captured while riding her and
murdered. He waa acting aa orderly,aod wh a bla oom
panlung dug open bla grave tbey found that the enemy
had uut bla tbroat after shooting him through toe head.
thic jrraoa'Ti to >:i.l.?ix;aviu.a
Tbe rafn oleared off oa tho 20;b, and tbe qpld north
wii. car e down like gooi spirits to ?id ihe onwarg
inarch ^ Ibe vtctora by dry ing op tba roada *Ld reliev?
in* '.a raltld >1 friend of tbu aonitei?tbe mule. Thf
bracing wina and warm aun were balm to tbe Wiling
veteians, wbuee clothes for low daya bad been dreui bed
wltn Georgia nine and mud, and aa they were oeac
Mliledguville?the capital 01 the 8u c?where waa perend
tbe ordinance of secee*inn, increased apeed wagpl.Uiiy
dlaceruable 1" the movement of ibe men.
i At twelve u'cu eL nwon, liai'a' ?<! . a> ce, '-cm! oged at
Oalrdad'viai u, encamped .n tbe citv, anil by dalle ibe
' woiHla and shrubbery around trie cny ware "luuiteaied
by the camp brea of tnerai .n'a grand army of "la*
Hut let me here dwell a nnom'<n' uiki.j the
oraRtitoita or ma rwrmmi oorn-a,
whi.-.h formed tbo left, and in ived fro* ttiante en ?
road parallel with Dana' route, thro igb iecamr, Madl
ao.i, llatonti n, he. General Williams, of Michigan, oom*
manried tbe c>rpa; JacBaon. toe Kirgt. i.eary, of l ennayU
van 11, tbe :-eoond; and t*srd,of Keatucky, the Third
divuloni the cor ,i* made eiocneot tine from Atlanta
to tiilledgcvide, encountering ao ?u< my, oat even Orirg
a el ot, except at veeiur*<?me awloe and caliU wbtcai
ctrayad too u#.ir longing partiea.
?? w ion a maxta it< onoat o.i ma Cinrtu
Major Uei.eral . .oeum, me well tred < oaimaader of tba
left wing, eccompaiiiod tue cur^, wuicb mured on a
better ruad than t.iai Irarelled by Dane, aotl reacoed the
citv vino djy in advance of h ui, plani ng i|*m the -ItaM
liuuse of (jeorgl'i tb<* uatlonal iolora of tba (Ine Hundred
and fourth New Y > a reg'ment, wbich regiment, Wltt?
tbe Third Whiconain, wlt.? f lU^Ot In tne V* ley ol Vlr*
ginia uuder U<ini(a, warn detailed aa provon f.'iard.
lnaae, however, w?ra not iba Oral uouiw to enter the
ca; ,t*l Tbe n?wa that ?lUM Lightning" (which M now
applied to t-berman i waa coming apread like the wind,
ai d on -Saturday i.ovuruor ttroeu aud U<e l<egigiature,
wmch waa in ae--on, packed up their tailaen and
vainoaed the raocne, leavipi alxiut I 000 rebel cavalry
to e'>Ti-r tnelr rei-ial ?r? A iguiia, ?hero il.ay doped to
Bud rrat (or tbetr wearied leat.
nr' carrttRai* av i-ooi ra.
The cavalry leit the atom oigbt aud '?e fnidiy, thd
2:1 h.Ciptalu Human toali 4 Into to?o a "tree" car*
airy e> arite. frightening the old gra iny aib ? oroupied tbe
Mtyor's chair iuio a aurreiider aaJ atam ediog all h?
m^le pnp'iUti) n. wun a arnail ?| <ad of tea man. One
robel lady, aho^e buab?nil la a III. 1 olllclal in tho Ktatc,
and whine fan'' y li aTt<"'g ibe Urn hn, Jeecribed lb*
aurrender in tba fallow's woroa:?
??K.rly in 'he aiiariioon five T?nle* een>iia
came diBblng p*> ?all into ib?town, wb"? th- mr
ID* moan, araveo hearted aratrlea, fully two bandied
jtr n< ??e'i?.l<!;eii, leaving oi.rhahy M tyar to go not and
surrender the piace ui>e* ud'ti"nal;y to :lre graavif /aa.
ksr?, ten mi lea in adva< ee m their army. Oh, the m ?
are me>n, chickeo ne?ri?d wraidhee, and the Mayor a
puffed ap old lo>d. II ?d I (Men to teas I'd collected
a.l the women at:4 drt.ea fie akunlu out wilb p
naodua aod ttroom Hleka."
T!- a la the whole atory in a notebVl the ?avei.
heai ed bii oJa of lhe <n lacilliy gend r ran e#ay an4
ieft ihnr wivee to t e tender morclen tf thw
> *nke<?, wh", tbav have time *n l eftai" aaaerteif, eaane
tiaie to ranch, i> re aut piua'c lod.j.r.taiuauly.
Tiut RH.an i aiirai.
Iga very nrcttr ll't.e a If. rakaoie accoinoudatiM

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