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k? WX?B inhibited a nicked bullat, wliloh, ha aad, waa
,V ' fc> do tii* deed. T>ia irulli of ihttt* atatumenl* may be
f laourtained by the police upon Imiuiry of hi* aa^ociutoa
bare; but It I* certain that he talked la a wild, ruckles*
h t?J about Ilia ?ar, and >but hi- iiyiu aiUle* were entirely
With tho robela. Of (his, we bt'teva, ha made no ?'on
fealmonl, and It la reported that hi* brother Edwin
turned h m out of the hou*a a abort time ago in cjtih
%U' uoe of hit treasonable uttaraneea. Bull o? 01>e *'JU
%n<iw him waa prepared tu belleva him a cow nidi)
In person John Willtea Booth Ian younger favimil* of
.. ? *?. v-- i
"'u. 11 ib neeaiesa 10 wty, iucu, m? no is ? ium ,
tpecliu'n of manly beauty. Not tail, but moot gi awfully
formed, with regular feu tares, large ilark eyes, dark
fcrown Lair and a perfect complexion, this young man
toR.sea.sHs the charms of Adonis aud almost the strength
f Hercules He dresses with exquisite la?t-, aud his or
binary manner 1b quiet, reserved, dignitlo.l and geutlotmanly.
He 1* unmarried and ranch given to amours.
It Is said that he Is an opium eater; but it la only cor- r>
tain that he frequently diank to excess. Although sol,
Slightly tinilt, ninety-live meu out of a hundred would l>c W
no mati li for Idm at lighting. He is a dead shot, a An fencer,
a thorough horseman, aiid a mauler of the daggor*]
?r bow le i; rife. His personal bravery has b en unqnes i
tinned, and many of his friends have wondered why ho j
did not J.mii the rebel army, in which Ills sympathies were J
ftiready enlisted. If he was Hie assassin of President j
Lincoln he bad the nerve, the skill with wenpon*, the j
knowledge of tho oxits and entrances of the theatre, and I
the acquaintance with the localities i bout Washington E
ecesssiy to accomplish his vlllanous purpose. Nuf
were the nervous, exc.table, flighty temperament, the E
nr strained passlor.s and tho unbridled audacity requi- H
1 to* for the conception and execution of aui li n di od H
wasting In his composition. But his friends and ac- Bj
{uaintances nevor thought that he had the murderous H
krart, the moral poltroonery and the icoxpre-slhle R
wlokedness wb cli stamp the assassin as the rilest ol g?
Cod's creatures. t
The Booth* Iu Boston. E
B ?ton, April 16, 1R86. H
This forouoon a gentleman statod In Barton s saloon, E
Mo. 41 C'tagress str ?(, <iiat hi had been told by Johu m
WilJres Booth, within a f. w week*, that he Intended toll
kill lb e President. Some of his hearers Immediately H
Sent word to the policy and olllcer Curtis Trask, of the Ej
?eood xtatlon, and detectivo George R Curtis ininie- aj
^lately pi\>i-e?ded to tho saloon and took tho person into E
suitody Ills name is J. H. Borlnnd, and he belongs to pjj
Pittsburg, P<nn. He is a d aler in boot.-; and shoes, on E
Market street, In that oity, and was In this city buying
goods. We uudersiatid that ho reports tho conversation
between Booth and hlmslf to hare taken plit o til Pitts- a
fcurg. B?.-..aud remains iu custody. /
Ert%?iu Booth, a brother of the assassin, has b eu play- 3
. ? >? an auKagement at the Boston theatre for tliu past |fj
- > Ibroa weeks, and was to have taken his far-well this h
Jftrrnoou He was slopping with a fr.ond iu thi4 city. *
\ When the terrible intelligence was conveycd to him j
k? wan thrown into the greatest altlhtlou. It if ?
tot likely that he will ever appear upon tlio stage again. '
fhe perlorm.iaoe an nun need lor tu-day will r.ot lake ?
place, and manager Jarrott has issued a notice to the <
Sffaot that, owing to the appalling calamity whl.h has Vefall
n thti nation, dramatic performances will be wis j
? pended at this establishment until further notice. >
John Wilkes Booth, the as a* in, was in this city during 3
She latter part of last wcok, and, we b 'l ove, as late as 3
wt Monday of this week. Ho has fr quenily visited i
Beaton, having friends here, and we did not b ar that ?
fu? tIs'.c on this occasion was in any way conne ted with
guineas. He lias appeared pon the tta.e only a few ? '
VmM this season, having interested himself iu eil specula
KUons, aud by tli.it means become quite vvalthy. At r,
10 beg inumg of thi) season l.c gave up all tho cij rc @
^enta ha had already rmtde, and for home tiiue Ej
favotod himself almost exclusively to bisfS
fcutlneM at Oil Creek, where, at one tln><*, B
t laost, h? v. as assnelated with an old friend who for- t.j
Cerly lived in South Bo don. His last appearanco on p
if stage in this city was at tho Howard Athensoum, LJ
front a year xince. At that tl:no he was vehement r.ud E
fitter In his denunciations of Mr. Lincoln an^ his adailti- R
fctrttlon, aud (to violent in his expressions of joy over kg
"'/ VMIUU UC1USI. Willi, U" ?.? I |.H.|.Ull? HUI uu , HUM H
M l?at avoided by bin brother actors. ;
When h? teft th? city bo HXi>rrtrt*?d his undying batrwi! j
f the North and tho Union, and throw outshine vague j
(klat* of vengeance, which wr>ro not regarded at the time M
? meaning anything tnoro Uian a desire that the rcbfl -I
fton shouU gucooed. P'
Junius Brntui Booth.
Cincinnati, April 15, 1865.
/a?tui Brutus Booth, a brother of J. Wilkos Itooth. H
fu announced to appear at Pike's Opera House to night; D
-tout la understood that h# wus compelled to lea.e the FJ
<*ty la <re it baste. jy
' The Buildings Covered with
Crape. k
Fearful Excitement and Indig- i
natioii of'the Feople. j
sifciin^ in wa n ?ircei, na^aiit]
street and Other Places. I*
Ao., 4c., Ac
Paver was the transition from ? cfivi joy to the
?eptfc of bitter so w wore iitrikin^ly illus.r.tid thanH
? waa to ibis oily >*eterday. Hy u singular inaptneet of
?hlng-. It s<> luippcned that on Uood t'r.Uav, thai Milnnin K
fra l.nl o:: which theChristianworld mourn* the su riflce
#f Uie (led mm on tho crow, and when |>cr?>nM of m-aily
^rery < br.e Ian croed are engaged In aaddentm service*
4*a>fnemoratlv* of the event, our people round a very
%aa*ual motive for rejoicing. The cou?e for the jubilation
wa? afforded by tho Ru?pen*ion of the draft, by or*I r D
Of the Sf-ro ary of War The entire community felt a*M
t? gr a: inrulut had t -n romoved. All cla-se* e*pe H
orac an irreprarsible emotion of re r( ;,nd delight, K
t?'l retlied to reel at Bight with a h?n atl n of oemfort 0
td accui >tv i nknown for month*. Joy * at on a\*i.yE
:< and hope in ovcry heart. E?
On :'aiurday morning what a contract! If an earth H
^nalie had come and whelmed lu ruin one half thla falrl
jl'y no ?tei consternation could have been exhib-H
Itcd > - dentl inco^n dead'" "Th Pr?i blent amauM
BatedT" 1 M.v tiod, ran It he?" were the expr'-nimsE
Mii.d .'t rfiepini'e tr l>. In tbt^ oar*, and atlH
I'r T'ne drat e notb u* wi>te ao overpowering that luile ug
olce coal ' bo uttered thnu . .Hi brief, but ve ai.dH
fciiipieli' aalvo noUinationn or horror ami angii *b. H
fh.<Q followed a mon entnry fa#n of doubt It might U
act b? :p:e, It might be a b. ax, < r It might not be ao had rj
da pr?- ''tiled. Uut no, tbo detail* were too tr nutfl and fl
ill* oou.'it math n* too nun.emu to ail nit ol any duubt on H
tiul and (hi foil fcailMtlon of Ifai dreadful nwll
llowtd wiili a force that completely stunned M
Tho b<"*' evldonoe o. the profound grl f inhibited wll! N
%? fBOBd .n the full wow whlcli we eupply of tli?M
4uin? r' ii? mpetii.ga. ap >,c*. ^xci'etnenle and eth rlj
y.jcoc ling- that oronrred d .ring tho day. It la enoufb
(o MM ' lat the n.mm n, i t nan agitated to it* verr i*n H
W A i v hemn after IH annnwnci'ii.ent of th" nM D
0*nt i dnaih the entire city waa in mourn'ng. ttu*in'*i>?|
wnn nil (m uuum, "vh^l, i1uivis ana p'lulir H
V,' tti , .voro rlotheu In Ih ' avinbola of wo*, while
#a~* II. ?'-l at balf rnaat, In painful contrast to th* gar I
And pr > < appearance of tliu natloual t>uun< rt oa the day
free'd uk
proclamations of mayor ounther.
At c.irljr hour In the forenoon Mayor Ounther laaued
4m> folio* ing proclamation*.?
Mayor'* QrrioB. N?w Yo??, April 1ft, lMft
Crmiwfl or N?# Ti'**?Tb' death of tho rroatdent of
(he United Blatee may well endte yo.ir pro'oitnd grief
nd amazement. t rapecifully r<* otlimend thnt bual
ef* be ?' jponded, and that pthllc mourning for (be
^parted tiliief Mac Utrat* Ua olMorid thro .ghout lb*
Ivy C. GODFREY OrVTffEK, Mayor
MAton't OraiT, Ifmr Ton, April 1ft, 186#.
fb t*? Hoxoaaaia tiii OoMMojf Cornea:?
flnri uKi'?Abraham I.lucolu, tho Praldent of tb?
in tod Ktatea, In d?ad With Inot prraalble borror I to
nunc* to you thla evont, coupled, m It wa?, with vloinon
Juflt at the moment wh?n peaoe began to dawn
mr as afflicted land t'.ie dreadful blow fail on bim on
kon IW deatlni" aeemed to depend
Wmu bou<ir?i>.u boJy. 1 wu .Jia, ?\ill UUc ap|>ropi at H
?' -wirunyi hwhmi'I ? f
ai'tloa, Id view of tale awful dmienaeiiou, to al^mf/ thoee f
j mti. imiuiH ol public rAp-cl and gri< I, 'lu? alise ? 'Ik? f
e.ultiil ? ItlulJ iQ<l death 0| lt?e Cllldf Maglat."*'* If'
J of iLie Culled Slate*, * hich i>ow pfrv?uo> uur ?Uole l^op
' I .0 *U<i U*Ve piULg ill .U lu LUl-Cwal d rti eaa alad jM
luueiy. C. GGDKKKlf Gl'ViHKK, Mayor. IOUUER
Major General Peck, lu c.oaiiunr.d of the Department ef P
ItLu Ed t during tlie ataeuce of General Dlz, kaeued tbeE
fallowing appK prate order:? Bj
Ilia <ii ii kt< 1>e.aarukNT or ? ? Bam | H
N?w Yo..a Citt, AP H '&> 'ddi 1
The Mater llm .1 la ofl nd, wltli toe deepest eorrow &
Duuno. ? to he flopartinc:.t ili.t Al>r.ih?m I.lnooln, frral-H
t d 'in and < 'mmandtr lii.l 'i let uf tne Arniiea and Navy of the F(*
| L 11 it d M..ie?, ill'J tlii* uiurnlbg at tweut) uiliuitea pabi KJ
IBeret). Qtttaaaa uig oli * of the different pWI H
|i'aui|.? In mix department will, on the day following theM
I re< r.jit of tiila order, e tuad a |un t" tie Or'd at eyrj hall |0
l.'Hir, In gi til mid i-odinff at auuart. I lie Ha(a
? i 1 lie ken ul Iialf kl<0 from lunila* lo sunset each day
uMilaitei li ? f*iuiiii. ilon of the funeral obsequies at the
eaii.i.il, or until lurtuer lu?iruoUon*. v
J-.y eniuiiiHuil of Malor General HKCK.
1). T. Van boukN, Colonel aDd AuUlnlit Adjui^nl General.
WiLooa Bakstow, Aldde Ctmp.
In the morning paiiers yesterday Mr. Clarence H J
Si'ward, nephew of the Secretary of State, wan reported I
to be among those Injured by the assassins. It turns out I
that be was not lu Washington at the time at all, and M
that Major William Seward Is the one who waa muant. fjjj
Mr. Clarence U. Seward had Just returned from Washing- B
ton to this city, whirs the horrible nuns was learned by
hiru for ike lirat lime. Ho returued immediately lo the
national capital by the eleven oYlock morning train.
^Probably the last letter written by Mr. Frederick W.
Seward was received this afternoon by Mr. C?or?-e Francis
Train. Mr. Seward write* under date of Washington,
April 14:?
I thank you sincerely for the k'nd expression of sympathy
iciiiained iuyour letter of yesterday. My father's
condition, we think, Is now gradually Improving from
duy to day, though he still sutlers much pain.
The intense feeling of grief among the people at the
untimely dcml.se of the President wiu amply reflected in
the robes of death which darkened every thoroughfare of
this city yesterday. The spectacle prosented was worth
a thousand homilies on affliction and death. New York,
v\ blch had countless banners waving 1b the sunlight of
Hood Friday?whose citizens were holding a peorlt?8
i aruival over the trophies which signalled the restoration
of peace and Union?cast off these signals of triumph and
prt'i>ured to become a city of mourning.
Tnc transition was as sudden aa the assassination which
called it forth. Within twenty four nours the metropolis,
renowned lor its eternal converse, fashion and gaiety, its la
army of eunigns and its general panorama of cosmopoli-l
tan life, seemed like a vast cemetery which helda mill on
of i ullbe.Ters.
One oi the principal features of the display was theH
rapidity with which It appearod. There was no precou- jJ
e.erted ui tion among the community ; eaeh citizen felt, by Q
j UBiinct, niH duty to tno occasion, ana mo crapo, same ,
clnih und other materials of mourning, went up as If b> I
magic, ami was men suspended in foktoons from the
stores and windows of every bou&o. :
Nover has a city preaented more striking evidence of its
Borrow. The silent nundr ds ot thou*undo who marched,
w.tli dowurn t hea.Uaud *ad countouanCH through th
i-t recta seemed apparently content that, the black and
omnipresent drapery should rnvesl tboir griof. Tkoy S
walked ihioi^h thu city with the mien of men who j
wander through a grave; ard, and uiauy <n the va^t multitudes
searched \alnly tor dlasentor* from the general
i^rlef, or those who nil (ht poslhly speak, flippan'Iv of j
the murder of tl.eir chi?itain, in order to vent a wnirl ;
wind of wrath which a disrespectful or treasonable ex- t
pre-sion might create. "
Th.) mournful spectacle which o r leading street |
erUi'.dted cannot bo fully described. Its noble m
bui.illngs, from the Battery to Mtidlson Equate. 9
[were sbrow tied In ercpe. The citizens seemed 4
to vie with each other in the sombre character of 9
the ornaruuit.it.on. (Sulile festoons were tuspeuded Iron. 1
otoro to toof, and every wind ?w wore chain* of crape, a
RHottes of b!ack, with portraits of the late Pres dent en J
closed In wreaths of mourning, wore ublqultoun. Tin a
character of the decorutions wus essentially almi'ur, fot J
the tokens of death admit of little fancy and art. Henc- H
the general spectacle was gloomy, monotonous at?'U
painful. There was nothing to relieve tt. Kvon the hky,H
charged with a ruin storm, looked as black as the tnortu- M
ary exhibition it canopied. ln*ovuial Instances suitable M
In-criptlons appeared in connection with the display. La
In front of Anion's photographic gallery. No. liSO Pfl
Broadway, u banner placed bearing the following in U
scrlption:? ts
J "Maip, g' nerous natltnl weep tho :ad, sw it re 5 By
$mo\e ot htm whom iloavHii, Indulgent, Henl to man, s M
J'loo pood for earth, to hoaven art tuou fled, and left X Eg
; the aation in tears." * H
'^***4 **** ** ***' 44**4* ****** *******4** *4 ******44*4 4 4<fy Ej
Across the fiont of the Sewell House was the follow- E3
!t.(( iujtt tpt ou:? fc
f////////////?///^//////w ww/z/w mnj
' H died at lib post doing duty." !t H
Immediately uuri'T this was a portrait of the lamentedH
dead, shrouded In crapc. M
Along the Bowery and Third aveune to Harlem on Bj
almost continuous chain of moiirniDK was exhib.tedB
iri.m <ne v:mou> Diuu'iMgr. luiiriiua <'i im- i i niunn. m
wilh the sentence, '^V mourn our loss, " vaii"d tbo din
play, which wa<> throughout solemn, efl'eeilTo and iul
ctiaractcr with thn tad oc> a.-lon. n
tub Syt'ARKfl ASP avrmr8. ?j
in Madi.'on sq are, Gramercy I'aric and other thorough-If
fares, almopt every house wu? draped In Mourning. 'I'heM
windows of the mansions Ui Filth and other avuuue>B
were decorated with festoons of crape, and the flags wereB
-hiouded and at half tuant. Hj
Immediately niter the t.?wc of the -l-ailiof Mr. Lincoln I
was received the Hkkam> 0>t:?i was shrouded itieo.n I
iitueue chain o'crape, eveiy window, from the roof tol
the offee, bearing the W>tllments of woo. rj
The ill es ol tl.o 01 her journals wore a!.-o d? otatedl
with sable it token of th? ttvenL C
the haii.hoad cab*. i
The miuiut ire on all the car of the city railroad;. 3
i .vere rrni' ved in the morning and mourning substituted E
for them. In numy irMancca the vehicles were com
pleicly \ oiled in black cloth.
Collector Draper ha* Istacd thu following:?
Ct "TOM Horns, N*w Yons, )
CotirrTOR'a lima April li, iSa. t
To sll person* att.v i e i to tlio Custom! Dep.irtrarnt of the
I)'strict of New Y<rk ?
Kl. ?n'ici] ting >cur propneed resolution In each regard,
I h r?by Liteoun <o you i hut U will nt >it order to near i rape
oj tue felt ariii for thirty Uajiteit sure* ding thlD d'lte. nh
an emblem ol hoimr and tespect to n<u' departed I'n Itlent.
P. DRAPER, < ollertar.
Almost Immediately on the receipt of the mournful
ititelllgi nco ol the President's death syuihoin uf mourning
were in r queer. It lark crape nnd ribbon, inter
.spersed Willi the nitional colore, wert worn by alinot-t
|> -very per?on, and several nest and appropriate badges
hav- b>-en pr pared to show the appreciation of the na
tion of the l?ie rrosideni H tunny virtue*. The desirns
of Kvrul of thm- nro very appropriate. Uno. rr.oi?D
e "penally rcmrrkalile for It* almpfloltjr, in n finely lltho H
raph U portrait of Mr. I,ln<oln on wblta mtin, aurro'iti'l'-d
by h blur* bord'-r, wltb the ln?rrlrtion, "The
tm rtyr IVealdent. We prarini" gay and abowy colore
in ilr^M will at onnr Rive way lo tin more aniubre jiarh of
mourning, and < ach and trery one * ill abow by ibla au
individual fieln.g 01 aorrow
The botela pre?eiued a very alrange arimiitur* of
mourning and lift yeaterday. There waa universal atir
und commotk n i* each of tln'tn. The h :m of voI<-m w?a
louder and more couatajit, but all mM.ona and <. r ?i?
conveyed unmlMnkably a strain of radneftF and aorrow lo
lh" I ?frnrr All the pr BC pal hotel*. and Indeed nil the
ho'ol* ?h? b wa obaoned, w?re draped tuelefully In
mourning No other aubjeel aeomcd to be thought worth
-making about. Ko on* thought of any Other thauie
than tbo a?*a:?l nation of lh" Fiealdent, and tha otb< r
elrt iiinptar.ceg connected wltb It H
At the H jfTrrmt. Hour# where Ceneral Scott atona, e*II*R
w ra made by d pfnguiahed gentleman upon lha t.enernl.H
but he declined M?mg any one yerteiday l>oubiler?H
tliry dealr d to bear nla opinion* upon lha aul\)e<.l of theH
W*?hlnKton tragedy kg
At lha Fifth Avenue Hotel an Impromptu meeting wae B
got up at dinnor, aud llr. Cbauocey t>baQar. being < ailed H
np .n in addicea the company made a few itmarka, InBj
which h" e*pr*Mad deep regrwt that aaeaaalnatlon ?liOuld|*
ha e been Inaugurated In th a lagd, He pa.d a baud Kl
*.me tribute to ihe memory of tha decreed (7?:af Magii |J
tra'e. denounced tha mv.rderera and their ahetlora, al H
ludea feelingly lo lha career .of Mr. Lincoln, and eaidH
that though Mr Jolinaro haa been severely eriit. ia d W
yet the country mav ha\ a faith In tha naw admtr. atr*
lion; for. from personal knowledge, he waa able to ?ay I
tha' Andrew Jobnaoa waa brought up at the feet andH
In the nrliK Iplia of Andrew JarkHon. and la hlmnelf tl
man or cona dcrably mora ability than many iioaflue. E
The addroaa, iho igh dcll-ered In a patbttic ktram, yat
contained word* of hop* and ananrauca which wera ra
oclved In a very becom ng manner
At tha New York Hi ieh where thera arc many Bouth
ern refugee* and otheta from the Ho ith there were tha
uioal atpraariona of horror a' tha appalling tragedy In
WMhliigton. and regie! at th>' dtaih of rraaidant
Mrcoln. At all the otharhoteli- which vour reporter
l*lted tha aentimenia etprea??d by tha numeroua
airaugem stopping at them waa ona of genuine lorrow
tub roat orrica.
Tha ni tar lor bualaftw of tba I'oat OiBca waa cloaad to
tha public at twelve M., but the great toxltty or tha
peupla to obtain additional It telllg.'nca af tha melaa
choly occurrenca d^lded tha Poiltnaatar to k?ap tho
majla opan lo tKa uaual hour. Oulalde tba amblama of
moumiBg wera confined to tha dlnplay of tu naUcnal
banner at hmlf inut fr.im ina llMitif end at H
ih? Odajr and Liberty ?n<l3 o7 tha building H
two utlofiftl b?nri4r*, uroated ai d draiiad with monrnlng.
In tha lattrtor I ba tnournirg d<Mor*ifona wara of a mora
olaborata ohtrx ter. Tba PoatmA'lar a, iipariman4?pt'?,H
ouhlon' Mit earriara' rootna, ud iho oily <Hlv?rT, bot.B
foreign and tnon?r or<l?r d. partm-nt*. balflg ?M htingH
with d?<>p mo<rnlug, which contra.<iiul atrangal? andiU
lu'ji.iulu.ijr willi lUo otuiil.nu uf rejoicing for A; latoJH
1 rtoton**, wblor. w?>r? not removed but ooverwu oitr with JJJ
the dum eiubioma of natlou'a norrow lu the carrlera'
ruvui bee* liy uroop a tii? Hag, cloth*! U> thi tuhl* hu* of,
Id oath to mourn the Ion* of the nation * chief, which * '
ouly the day tefor* ?u ranted by lh? employe* in that C
dejmrUneui to houoi ;he Victoria* <>f the I .<.? .1.. y. K
of which Um IimiM dtad ww the huad?in bviuixjIB
of tbe words. "hi the uiirtst of I fe we are iti death " In 9
lilie rouiu'a I! e oiaible bust of the late President wwB
oovcred with mourning, which foil In henry fold* to lu? P
gru.i.d, P
During tbe day each of the enployea wor* a badge of ?
ruo mlnjf on his left arm, the I'oaimaali'r having jtiven ?
euoh ix-rson mployed onu lor that uurpoeo. It nerd- <J M
0 bailee to xlio# the rrgr t of the Foul OlDce employr? M
for the lael.mcholy o corrence. The sorrow and griofM
visible on ?'i.rh conntonaaoe nffleicn'lr tentlr'ad tl at if |jj
>...7 VIBIUI w loei lL.fl LAI loll S loss m>T?W
aeuiely than any other classes they f?U II at leWMti
much. fc
The hipping In the hai b.r seemed t? ah arc la the n
general gloom auil depression. Alo. g the shores (he J
Uags of the \ urloua foreign veivls al half mast uilngl d ??
with the nalli'lial oanner, as If all CbrUlenUolu ayinpa-1#
tlil/cd with the L'nlt d Mates in mourning the death 01 P
It8 ( hiaf Magistrate. The Un'ted Sun s steamship Sua V
tpiehauiia and the vessels anchored in the dream lay mo B
tionlefcs, their (lug* dnx>| lug ki*lly aud silently at half- Ej
mast. The ltrouklyn and .Staten island ferry-boats hadS
their flags dlspluynd In like manner. Even the tigsB
-eerued (o have lost their Jaunty, B-iuey manner, tbieR
i#w moving about du ng so sullenly and sluggishly. rjj
One need to have travelled but a short distance IB any H
(<>f the public thorough fares yesterday todiscovor (ho hold n
which the murdered chieitain of the republic had on 19
(lie popular heart. The multitude deplored him in the B
various modes which their respecthe natures aud sent-i- B
llvciiess suggested. There wore not, however, wanting H
stalworth men, of all a^es, unused to (he molt B
lug mood, wtio shed (ears aa they contemplated hisB
brutal assassination and the consequeoe-s which B
the murd-rer designed to result from the cowardly act. M
With some the desire for vengeance was uppermost; B
ufliera viewed iho deplorable event w.th the calmness B
of Intenn grief, and all seem-d desirous that time should B
roll on with unusual speed to lift them out of the po- |l
rtod rife with the notes of (hue extraordinary obss- B
quios. Even Kastertidu, when the joys of Chil-lmas are
duplicated, w is iorgotten. The Greeks saluted each B
other on one Easter morn with the sentence, "Byron's B
dead," Instead of "Ohrist Is rlson;" and our B
community yesterday, when laboring under the shook B
which the niurlor created, Imitated their example, and
hailed each other with the anno'incemeut, "1 TBBldBSl m
Lincoln is dead!'1 Then eamo an outburst of In'UgnnntB
lamentation. The people, like tho Roman populace B
around the corpse of Cmsar, wandered to and l'ro far B
orators to enlighten them on the death of their B
Chief Magistrate, and deliver ^anegyiica to hi* memory. B
The merciful nature of Mr. LlMwl, his leniency, hibH
afTuble nature, and his la.st great a t, In which h volun- B
tarlly parted with unnecessary military power, by abol- B
^Uing, at one foil pwoop, the burthensoms mactilncry H
of provost miirshalshlp In all tha loyal states, and its M
attendant Incubus, the draft, wero recalled to re
meinbranco, like the boon of Cse-'ar after his II
iissasslnatlou; and the scenes which followed B
showed "be'wan loved of tho distracted multitude.'' Q
But there were men in every courourso who woro practi- Hj
cul In the midst of their sorrow, and who looked beyond H
Mie narrow limits or death, and contemplated tbe iinme- B
dmto inmMm of the republic. These counselled their H
hearers e^ ery .\ li-re to transfer the.r support from the M
dead chii-fiuiu to the living President, whom the conatt- B
ItUtloa ordained to be Iris MMMMW, and the sentiment |J
elicited unreserved approval. B
From an ciuly hour tlie greatest excitement prevailed I
in Wall street, and the national eulamity was on the lips B
of every person, youog and old; on every corner could g
be seen groups of people discussing the unparalleled mis- D
frrtuno whl'-h tho country bad sustained iu the loe&of Its H
< hiof Magistrate, Abraham Lincoln. H
The Sub Treasury was cloned from about noon Nogj
business was transacted In the early part of tbe day nzcopt
the payment of drafts. The doom and windows!
v-ere draped in mourninjr, as was alwo a portrait of thef]
luie President In the Treasurer's room. In tbe Custom L
HouM business was entirely suspended, and tbe had und fg
mournful looks of the employes throughout the building I
betokened the mMortuno which has befallen thesountry M
Hiirlness was completely suspended In tbe street, and thoH
fronts of the principal buildings were covered w<iiL
mourning. Tbe oxi itemont could not have Ik en greater E
uudcr any circumstances. Tho hanging oi' Jet!'. Davis I
and all the leu.lers of tbe rebellion was discussed on every B
tide. "What I" said rumo people, "shall Abraham Lin-1
coin bo murdered and such a wrctcb as Davis be allowed ?
to eec^ie!" "Never, never!" said a hundred volce?B
v.ithln hearing. As regards tbe feellug thai oxUiodp
amount the people iu relation to the leaders 01 the#'
rebellion, there was but one opinion, and thai was "show |r
them no leniency, but'hang them all." I
Jus before the speaking had oommenccd at tbe Cus-N
torn House, a man wti> heard to say ' It served old Al>eB
lUht," when immediately he waa eel upon, and the rry B
raided, "Lynch him! iyn- h blm!" Q
The unfortunate man succeeded In rushing Inside tho E
broker's ofllcc of Venuilye At Co., No. 44 Wall street. M
whereonumber of polloemen cum to his rescue, ami H
the crowd won proventod from follow iug him. Au irn S
mo.iSM concourse of people, mad with rage, and worked S
p to the highest pitch of excitemcnt, congregated fi
outside the building and threatened to tearH
it to tho ground if the traitor was not given over to theirM
nder mercies. 1'olicetr.eD drew their batons and endea- jj
\ Odd to fcwl b.M-y. i;,? ' rowd. bat to no pay, and thel
roo.'equoues might have bcca fearful nail not tbe mob ?
uell, Km}., who eloquently ou/ioriod them fo 'he
peace. A strict w?t?b, how.ever, ?m kept the entlio day
over (lie preiultou, hlu we urn nut iu a position to ?tal"
whether the miserable inau eucceedod In elteoting an escape.
Just after the Wall irtrect meeting bi?<l cloind two or
three policemen were n en coming up tlie?ti?el drugging
with them a man wlione lliiib.-> ihook beneath h rtt
"What Is It V "Who Is itjr" n'keti be crowd, breiithlr.-n
with cxcitcinent. "ijcceab," was the answer rapidly
parved from mouth to mouth. That word wan enough
In two mlu tea a dense, en lied throng fcurroaudtd
the policemen and the r pri'oner. and hoarse
Khouta of "Hung nim! ' 1 Kifl him I ' ''Hang the
b up I" w re nrtfwd at every step. The
numbers and vehemence of the tnob inereaeed.
H|iwwion mre wmnrlam nor r?i'isen. A imr i
fur nMMDCt M< uieri 10 kftTI taunt (OMHlti of every
aoul. It t%a? (Mt?ha*. some OMMgBl to b? handed, and!
there was a dl?i,.?.<.t!< n to berfin upon the Bt-t av^iiaoiufl
person. At ttie officer* tji n?<l down Hroitrt stri ct R
wnNatki First mditmKnstation, the pniMstf ..rH
tl. crowd ros. tllCKrf fiu.l /*.s?rvr J-.ct l>\?>. ti<l Um E
Itlllwtim a MbM l"le MlM llT presented Itself.
md tho prisoner's fR?*e, alreadr branched w tit torror, H
turnod whiter ns he saw tie rrowa prating t'i?i wares in I
that dlMllN. Fortunately for him the polioo tui|M L
intTvened between him an<l this sojiget-tl?e object. Hy
.1 dexterous movent- Of he w.m iirkhed InMdo the door
ji>t ss the eruwd dored in for a final rush. Never wa?
captive more willingly secured. Missiles were iLrcan at
the police, and f. r ciu? tl;ue?fierward*ab excited throng
niiT" inci*<t the atation. It apt ear* that the man, who
lives his name as Ja>. M'Kstuie, In a resident < f W Iilumsburg,
and .\m funding ;n front of the Post OfLce.
when he reco(nl<ced a Mend ) *. lug by, and said to
hliu, "I)id you hetir of Abe's last joke." Th* remark
was overheard hy ?ome persons standing by, who imnw
dtsiely raised the cry ol ''seces-ionlsl, ' and h.nl It not
been lor pitroliaen Alexander Mewart and J. i'. WbIIIuk,
w ho were detailed for special duty al the )'<*t Ottc<< the
tin'ortunate man would hare been immediately lynched
As il wa.?, he was badly beaten about (he lisad, and
when our reporter left him sulfating very a< utely
At about twelve o'clook an linmense meeting asaem
bled at the Custom Hojse in Wall street. In point o?
numbers it whs one of the large rt assemblages er?r held
in lh*t vicinity There were not less thsn from twenty
to thirty thousand persons present around the various
tri-ets and avenues in the neighborhood.
Hsmri. Hi.<>?n i>q.. e%j|<d the n.eetius to order, when
Paiarrk M Wi.racai carne lor ward on th? balcony,
r.rt nominated the follow.ug Mil. ers for Uv meeting:?
Slineou Draper, President. Hon John A King, Mores
Tsylor. Ktq . * H tlrlonell, kaq , V, e I'reeoer.tk;
Henry M Tuber, P. B t hiltenden, fleer aUu.er.
tieneral Wbtmomb sal'l ? A areairalatniL* i.??i b?fn'i<n
lb.* nation. V> ?< meet umli r tHa "hadnw of rorruw ami
mUfortune to tha 1 in* rreaiu. nt of tba Vnltad
Htatea, i tnlr'tii ror hi* goodnaca, unapotted id till character.
baa falltp by the liauda or an affa?ain. The
people mourn M* doaih ? a lona to lb* nation. 1 am re
quieted to aubmlt f?r your cvnnideratlou tba following
resolution a. ?
Win nan. It liw p'(a.?o>! Almighty Ood to take from ua
Abialiaui Lincoln, the Praaident of tba United Standi, by
a ? Moau and awful Tla'tat < 14: and by this gieat oalainitg
befalling ua in th* I.our ol *?r national triumph, ?? are
warned nv tba uncertainty of all human affair* and our
al'toUito 'lej ndenre for our aafety and protection aa a
na'lon upon tb? inmy and wladooi of Dlvlna l'ro> .dancn.
then-fore fj
Reived; That In tbi* boor of our deep affliction well
bumfy implore that tha DivIM pNMtUUB and M| poiI Q
rourhcaftd to uh u? a nation hitherto, wht> li h*a bori.ounlj
through yoar* of hitter trial and lir i*ht u*?afely through M
the Morma of whf to vl'lory and the ptoxpet't of peare.lt]
will not now ba withdrawn from i.e. but thai.bating takeri M
from ua the cbuaen and beloved chief magistrate who ha. H
ao en 1 neatly and faithfully and wiwly ;abor?d and to|la<i 01
in tlia bahalf of ihl* people, Wl wfll In H a mtroy en
lighten, glide and Mt<ngt.h>n 11* ecrvant* upon whom
devolvaa tba authority of tl.a goveinmeat. ao that tbey
may wiMly and Jutlly adin't.iaier thcpower confided to
ItMolred, That whlla ?t how In aahniite'oa to the
myeterlona dwp' naation which thua aflU t* ua, aa men
and cltlaena, we nntt aztireaa tha anuulvb aad grtaf
which fill our bearta. that the death of Anraham Uncota
U a calamity not to uta nation alona, but to thaalvlllaed
ReeoWed. That whlla In hit peracnal character exhibit
Ing tha kindileat and moat ger.arcui nature ha in hla
public oaicer man I fee ted and lllnatratad in tba higheat
>legraa tba capacity of fraa Inatltutlooa to inaplra and
duvelon true areaLneaa or nhamrtiir Tl,?? VI. li 11
In lb* nation through til the rear* of trial and lanyarl
bia tinwMMlag devotion, hit high courage Md anduilnal
hop* have endeared him former to th* heart* of th?|
p?opl?, and In thalr memoria* a* in blatory ha will be I
E&\??2???1U!?JXi i&Ml
aarrad eaaaeof liberty V
ReaolTe.1 That a* by tha laat arta of hla life the Prrel- U
iktu pravaa UiM lunUaaMk SiuulU fwdtifiru of urn
|c:ilMMa toward* Ifet of lb# rfpubtl* a?.l 'vji'tvl
L iu aiitl di< tated 111* pol e* W w? btheta Ibat w? b?.- l
U< uor ii!? wru.ory by muUum< hi* apirti Md
ami cut.: ouiik to labor for ill# re?u>r?li<ja of f eaoa and
boruiony lb tua land.
Ktm-ivoU, 'i'tmt to the twraavad *lfo and cblMraa of
th* laiu< ut?<i daiKl w t?uiW out <e*l> aud b<Wir?lt
arm Bat Man. t ut mo' ffrr n.i I,, tur ix^aoiaiian ilm th<
a*auran that the whole people wtey with th?uj aad ,
feel the low U) be liieparahle.
Resolved, Ihll^N M4ii io the officer flpN wuom, fry I
this sud calamity, tbe *?? trlvs authority involve*, MH |
aywpathy In the Irving poatl<>n <n winch beI* placed, I
and the aasnrauoe of our eordl and u:t > atfng support j
In the treasures which, gui..rd bv Divine *>do:ii, lie |
ii.i v adopt lor the speedy arcou>| fish ment of the great I
object*. lor wh.ch hia lamented predecessor UHMand I
died. r,
Kasolved, That II b? rwomiuendeJ to tbe rltleeos toE
close all plac< e of bus'.ueas to day as early as pract>aMe, H
and that tbey remttiu closed until alter the burial ct the f.
deceased PreMd nt. M
Koaol.ed, Thai It be requested that all plaoea of piiblc F]
amusement be r! 'Bed for thla veiiH and tbat the quea-H
lion of the rur.lnT clos tig of ail such sources of pleasure J
t>? referred to the sympathy, loyalty and reverouce of ?
tliu managers.
IUihoIvi d, That a committee of thirteen citizena of 3
New York lie sent to Wa.-inngtou to att nd the f' noral of *i
tlia President, and to tender such uld and sympathy to 3
tbe government M Biy be ne.dfui and proper, and that ^
aid cvintnitu-a cou-l.?t'ol the following gentlemeu:? J
Mo-ea Taylor. Joivaiiuu Sturg"*, w.111am K Dodge, |
Hamilton hish, Vo>. - H (<r i ||, vviir.atu M. Kvar:-, H
Charles II Ru.i ' ll, buwud* r erropoat. t-amuul Sloau, j9
Johu J. Aator, Jr., F. B. Cutting, R. H. lllatchlord, 1
Charles H. Marshall. j
The reslor.tions were adopted by acclamation. $
Rev. Dr. Viksiitu, lu an exceedingly earnest and g
ferv. nt prayer Invoked the ble. ngs of the Almighty 5
u|>on the peoplo of tbe Uuiltd .statu.', iu this hour of ca- A
lamlty, and aakod the blessing of lieaven upon the Vice f|
PreaideBt, now 1'rcs.dent of the I'nited States; that bo J
way be guided in the d ties now devolving upon him a." I
Chief Magistrate by that wisdom which had eo eminently I
characterized hia predecessor. ^
Ex-Governor KiBu the first speaker Introduced to 9
tbe mealing by the chairman, who said:? '
It ia a melancholy task ? it Is a sad thing to stand bo- *
fore you here to-dav. This great cancourse of people 1
have awoinbled here as If by one will, one I
?nitud, to express tin Ir sorrow and grief ul 1
the groat loan which wo all wno love f
our country have thla day sustained. A blow has been ?
struck at the foietnost man of the land, by the bauds of a i
deadly assassin, wh.ch will ba t nit throughout tin- l?tr.?l S
by ail patriotic and Union loving citizens aa a personal p
one, for Abraham Lincoln had eiudirined himself In the ad
hearts of the American people ns on honrgi, good, klnu-B
hearted man, n proud type of tl.w American people. (Ap H
plautte.) The animating dtrire that tilled bis heart was|fc
to perform simply his duty and to do that duty well, UK
has been our glorious lot to crown our standard
glory and victory; and now it is our mournful lot. In tho 3
hour of victory, to deolora the loss of our chief ruler.
It ia a fearful thiug to Lava our Joy turned to grief.
He aaid:?Fellow cltlzenc, the American people are a
people who never despair. I ace it In thia sudden calamity
to day; I have seen it iu every step of litis cruel war,
and in what Is now to happen, that the great wisdom of
the American people In always equal to sny emergency.
Our duty now is. after paying that tribute to tliu noblo
man who has fallen, to rally and rtand by those who are
left to represent the government. (Great appUuse.) ?
Fellow citlzeua. the American people will rally, and an-K
other week will not have pasfcud away before you will B
feel as tlrm, aa Rontldent, as determined, and as resolute E
to put down this rebellion as before this sad thing hap H
p tied (Applause.) Rally to the support of the govern Bj
ment that la left; rally lo tke support of the Vice Prosi- H
dent, who la now Proeldent. (Applause.) K.-iiist yoiirg
?.Tiu|>auiirn lor nun wno win row nave to carry on me
government, and we can carry on this governmuni
to uccegK. Support him, aland by him,
rally around him, und bo determined Hint
this blow of our enemlea shall not paralyze the
power of the government, and you will Und It growing
stronger every day you live. (Oreat applause.) Thl.> groat
calamity which hoKbefallen ua we canoot understand.
<>od Ih wiser than us nil. For some great und good end
the great Rler of the Universe hus permit tod this great
calamity to happ u. If we act wisely, If we contlde In
Him who bivs control over us, it will work together for
our g?od. (Applu'ise?and cries for "Butler, Butler.")
General Bitifb, thon coming forward, was greeted
with rheeis and spoke ? follows:?
But a 'lay or two since the people assembled together to
oxprea* their Joy at tbo triumph and succeed't lie arms of
the r?publin, which opened to us the prospect of ? glorious
pea e and u hapy country in the future. T)in flag*, now
the tokens of mourning, wore raised in gl ulneis*. To- J
day, In a short hour, wo Q.*aomble to m ngle our f ret jj
w' th the loved on's ut home who mourn the lows of the J
hooe't man, thu Incorruptible patriot, the great atatcs H
nan, the htvlour of his country in this orleia, Abraham H
l.iuco'n (?pr>!a i>e), out down by the rand of an assassin ;
nud while vm look with reverence ?p toOod, who ruleaK
tlius Tor ou?gor><i. and mingle o\.r u?rs with tbe nationM
In thin hour of ?duei<s, yet theie is u ?terner and noblerB
duty to perform, and that Is 'o reo that his death i. K
not lout to the country. Kobe' Ions in other countries!
have almost always been coinmc cod by the awasln'sl
I o.igger. It la leit to ua to oxulbit tho spectacle!
of a rebellion crushed in Its Ixidv. hi itN strength!
unit blood. reviving itm-lf by anamination ?ni
death. With thai blind hate which has ever
characterized It* birth .t bus struck down the iuc.-i
f'-.i-glvla*, tlin Hiogt l&ilent, llie mast grsclom Mcud that
th? lnlsgtilded ui'-n t ? ihe rebellion ever had in tb
countrr. (A||>!aiise.) If rebellion can do this to tho
WlM ilie kind, the bene.voloat a tinhorn l.m oln, what
ought we to do to ttiot-o who from high plac s Incited tho
awu.a.in'; m ntl and gelded the a??HFr1n'? knife? (Ap1
Imiic ant crleh of -'Hang them'") Shall we content mir
?e!vh wKn simply crushing out the strength, the power,
t!ie muter al re cm e# i f the rebellion? ("Nevej never.'')
.-hall we I- uve it jvt tiUbiibdiied to li. ht the torch of coniingration
In o.ir <-Hlew? Are we to have p?a'c In fM 01
pt'ace only In namoT (fries of 1 in faut and applause.)
In this nation herenfter to live In nem;?, or arc
men to go ul . :( in fcui and in die .A in in sonrw
of the countries of the Old World, in limes jia-d
when ?vur> man fe ir'd lis n ,?( ' ,v. and no man went
abo it except ho was armed to tho teeth. or was clad in
panoply of steely This question is to bo decldud this
day, and at this hour, bv the American people. It may
be thru this It a dispensation of Od, throiwh IjIh pro
viden^e, to I each ns that th" nplrit of rebclll"!! litis not
been broken with the surrender of lt.i arms. (Applt'iae.)
My friend?, echoing (he words of the la?t sp'-aker, I
would >ay i>o of rood cheer. There Is no occasion for
despondency. A grest and good man has falhn in tho
fulnees of hi* f itue, in tha height of hid git rjr, to J"ln
the b.iger uud die patriots of the Revolution. HI* life
was fsTC$l four ?e?r- ago whon we nerdcil It?when he
went through Baltimore unscathed- when the wav??fl
or rebellion were beating against Mm. Tlieii H
be was Fpared to hi* country ; but n?w tka' bia work If B
doncl'. remain* for us to do thai wli.eh u lefi f<.r m t<>B
de\ in ihn nr.ift n 11a Kii m h.l.l^d tKn lif? kii.lR
thj Vgtl. gf ihjj ; it \p U, r iu, takt c?t* 9: P
ihfliuuT. fAt>pla>i?e) I IfTi glad to *J?;XL*7Wn<f * }'
to yoi wliflt l*ki iw to be Uie ?out:uiect of tho t^W 1'rc P
identof the I'Dited 8:He*, who li(u. b'lCCCCdfd Abra
bam Lincoln, by the dt*pfn*vio!: of Provldeac*. to the
iilgberl | lain <>u fxrtli I km at that Audrow Johnaon
f??? i* a* j fii and I do upon the *ubject of putting down
the rebtli.nr lie tin! lwd * n<*ai?r view of it tnaii we
b?v*. It Li* hero at lug hearth'tono and at h!n d< or
and t i* nble to ileal with it. ami (a we would have it
dealt with. (Api ^'jae ) It is *a?d thai thexe who re
commend coaJlgn puu'?hm?nt for trravon are
bloodthirsty. Bet ob, frlloiv citizen*, could Ik
who l<a* gone before u* have fori **' n wli^i would
ha>* been the ei.d of bit policy of rItoiei cy and for
Khen-*.?, It might not have checked iLr dei-'ire of LU
urt In that direction, but It would l/?> ? Informed h>?
Judgment and we woJld have been spared Ii'k death U '*
Oay and hour. It he could have foreseen that f<r*l?e
newi meant am agination?that clemency meant deaih.
If he could ha* e foreseen that the dev'llch *p rit of
r bullion would have gone Into tbe nek room and
atrlcken down the man whoru (it d had np?rnd a little
longer, he would have known (hat mlldnet* and clemency
to traitor* i* .rueity to tnoueand*. Hut now he ha* gone
from >; -the Bret victim of thia clemency?with theft
M<rdi of forgivonea upon hi* lip* even a* heR
died. It 1* left for u* to review h.? coureoQ
bd whether or not we are to be Inrtnicted by hi*
deaih; and therefore I aay to you, my friend*?not In a
plrit of revenge, not m a (pirlt of TlDdlntiveoeM, Dot
in an) *|'irll or blood Ihlrttinei*?no, God forbid? ahouM
we drmihd punhbment upon tbop* who have c*u*<>d
thi* real wrong (Applau** ) The nation demand* It.
TI.e widowed wive* of thouaand* of our brave *oldl*re
keeping tbelr lu.-t aleep upon a Southern toil cry out for
it. Tbe .n* ilfd majesty of tbe nation I* determined
111 < n It, and wue t e to blm that olwtrurU the path of
Juatne and the eie ution of the law (Applaof* )
*?rn B op h"n, ntMtt, p. uh kinpon.
H* "alii -Tin* wicked rebellion, Hading it could not
aeci niplltli th* death of thi* nation, has wreaked Ita ren
^miie upon our * hief Magistrate In all th* Inatory of
men-tn all the hinory of nation*, *ncl*btand modern,
in the French Involution or eleewhere?you can find
nothing equal to thi* atrocity and abomination.
The only crilirii-ro that ha* e?*r been pd?*?)d
1.pen that great and food man ta that b hart.
b?.en too lenient, too forg'ving In apiiil, too mod-rate
?fcir,"l rebellion Th* t*.-a*Hti, not at midnight, but lb
tbe uldKt ot a popinar *>*en bUge, Im* drawn bb
weapon agolnrt the life of th* Preelder.l, *nd more IS
cowardly, more atroclou*, more damnable I* the ***** M
Inatlon of the St* v tnry of State who wa* It alruonlu
upo:i hi* dying bed. It required the tturit or Ihn rebel I
lion?it required Rlavery In it* 1*11 riplrmg breath, to dol
thi*. Applat.ae ) I but repeat now what I *aid I * ? R
lontr *ibc* that thi* tblng I* to be honied out like aH
r.. 1.. . !... trn .? r. 1. H
mlllM thai I thank *io4 for more U?n another, II la that
I l ?*c never winked about hewlmAfow n. (Apiilauaa >
l.ct c r atraaiity ?nend to fnlrW1#! rr.fid (Oiirera )
If l itninctly embrace all ali"?? heart* ere alitn
today w;,t. love of lb* I'n on. but lat u*
tnarrIt on together with determination to din out,
root and branch, Una arcurved rebellion and burn up the
Mwdf. ("Aitifii"' an<) cb??ra.) I tall rou I will never
' lumber nor alaap nntll everything belonging to thla
rebellion la forever croahed. (Applauia.) I apart the
ba*t roan of my Ufa Id tuduavorlng to raron. lit ih?
dlfTarari' >r betwten the North and the Bomb, but
1 raw 10 tkla rebellion determination that
would not ba conciliated?atid I ?y Bow thai
the?e relieie ?t<". n?nrder? ra nnit ba hunted fro no the
ab?de? of man. (AralMM ) TT a (real aentimeot
ln< il'fa-l by the rebellion baa baa# to doetroy tbla ireat
nation, and bow it liaa culminated In the Meaael nation of
th? I'raal'lfut of the lulta.1 8 late* and or the Secretary
of ^lata The vail baa been torn off tba faoe of tbla Infernal
lava raball'.on, and li ataada forth In all Ha
bldaotj deformity. 1 bad hoped thai Ita dying days
would ba calm and tranaull. I call upon every tna? with
a loyal heart, wbathar North, toulb, Seat or weet, ba he
old <JT yoong, ba ba of on* political organization or an
other, abatever bla previous opinion* may bare bean, to
aland firm and nnwarartaf la their aunrhmant to the
r'niut The time baa noma wb< n the paople w.ii take
ibli natter Into tbalr banda in all tbalr power and tpfye*
ur, nntll tb? laat of thla latel iua ?b*li Ve a tbm^ p* ?? 1
(W?TM. i.
" wm II *
rr*o? o? okmikal tuck.
Ut^OT (itwimi !'|.I bail addreaafrl the meeting
Me a*id ue folt It 10 U bia dnty, Id tie
nbfotiee of UeneraJ Li j, to coin* b?-re aud "?y
that every OfTcer cuuim l? with the Department of tli?
ImI wm read/ to Uulle in my ti.kea ol re*p et to ll.iL
u>euiory of our lament d I'r.wlJetii. He t?He\?d thar
ho would rank tn li ?>.ry u a ih-coii'1 Waalitngton?(ap!>ltun)
hone t to every art of '.U p bile 1 fe. tiuiirat to
r lii* countliutlon. Mi'.io Uio d?yi of Vth u,luii nut
L tithe of the re.-poOellnl ty hu* devolved upon any I'ree
jdenl. dur og UlB four yeara' ieriu, thethbo devolved upon
[Mr. l.'uroHt " artiuii titration ia on* wci*lt (Appla.iae.)
I He Ltd rouduoted re e*f?ly tbrMigb our foreign ubd do
luritlc couii'li at."in ?Ld dlttlci.li anil 1 bt>!ie>o Hut
before tbc 4tb of July oe*t be wt*ild Save suocoio.fiilly
beougbt about a last.D| pt?ce .( b< life had t??*u aparixL
De Mid:?My fellow cltl/tna, my heart U full of grtof
In view of tbo had ev< til which hue oc. rred to
till* nation. It aeeuia bat yemerday wlii-n we t
| aflmtinbiod here for the purpo. e if nipi nut-t
I lift our Joy at the glorious result that hut l.
followed our arm*, and now we have amend trd to show |
| our sorrow In the losa or one ko whom wu* ko iioi . ei>?;iy '
'accorded tho qualities of Integrity and wisdom ilui weie
so needed at liio present hour lu our ooumry's history
In his Judgment he thought it proper that a omiiiitti o
'should b. appointed from this meeting to participate
! with the national and Statu auihorlt on in such ariaunoI
in 'nts as should lie mi.de for tho luueral service*. He
would Ibirrfbn propaM t)Mt ton nty live fnila? u!
named by the ( hair as cotnpomg that committee, W be
| named hereafter.
Genoral O'ltrnrin sa:d-~-Tto night before my departure
from Washington It was ray privilege to witness
the ilium nation of which you have heard, whf< h ex
preaaed the.joy of this great nation as It was never ex
(ifHfced before, In view of tho grout victories
that had crowded our arms; and tnen came this
terr.ble contrast in tho news which rer.chcd in" upon
arriving in thin city. It seenui us though the rebellion
by thin last act of frightful madness. at the moment
wh u the peple were rejoi* Ing At having reached the
haven of pcace at last, bad determined that the President
of ihe republic should fco to Join the army of th? dead
who have laid down tin Ir lives on tho hatile Held. (Applause.)
lint, fellow citizens, they have slain the noblest
and most generous spirit that over put down a rebellionL
on tills earth. (Applause.) It may be almost Impious tog
say It; but It does seem to me that his death almost
parallels that of the S-on of Ood, who cried out'"Father,
jforgive U.em, for they know not what they do." Hut lu
taking auay that lif they have left tho iron hand of tho
pt-oplo to full upon them. (Great u|^ilauye.) Peac-,
forgivenesa and mercy arc the attributes of this government,
b t Justice aud Judgment with Inexorable
troad follow behind, aud when they have Main love
w hen they have despised mercy, when they have rejected
those ihat would be their best friends, then coin-*
luMlce with hoodwinked eyi s and the sword. (Applause.)
From every gaping wound of our dead chief?tioui <ver>
wound of your dying Secretary of State and hla ?on Hit
the voice go up to this people to see to It that our house
is swept and gnmtshed. I will say one thing more. For
mere revenge I would do nothing. Tliia nation la too
great to look for mere reveuge, but for the security of
the future I would do everything. (Applause.) Our
honored dead, if they could look down upon this seine,
would say to yoa, "we have committed to you tho high
and holy charge that we ahull not have" lived m vain." I
do not believe It Is In the character of the
Am ricau people to become assassins, I ke the people
of France and Italy. (Applause, and crea of "Never.")
IdonotbelievethatOencralI.ee and bis officers could
have sanctioned this act: but If they do?oh! If they do?
let them feel the red lightnings of the people's vengeance.
(Applause.) I will not detain you, fellow citizens.
(Cries of "Go on?goon.'') My heart Is too full
I had an Interview only y tterday with oue member of
the Cabinet, aud almost the last words he said to me
were: ? '1 love our President more and more every day 1
see him; there is no point of rebellion that he does uot
understand, aud which he does not 6eem to have consld
red with all the eurn-stness of hi* apirit; I believe he
ho? thought more deeply than any other Americau citi
*en upon the subject of this war " But he is gone from
among us; but though dead he Is your President and
mine to-day. (Applause.)
Mr. CurrntNDisi said:?la there lu all this vaat continent
to day one heart that ia not full of grid ? Our friend*
by thousand*, tecs of thousands and hundreds of thousands
have bean laid In their graves to save mis country,
and now lai-t night that man who in American history
shall stand next to Washington was oflcrcd as a earriflce
upon the altar of our country. The speaker continued at
lome length in an eloquent strain, and In conclusion
said that tho men who hid starved our prisoners should
not escape the punishment of their crime*. He vowed
in his heart that aa a clt zen of this glonoua u-Jion ho
would not rest his foet till tho men wlio have brought
this great grief upon us have received tbeir J'Jit punish
nienf. (Applause.)
Ocnerui Wauihiixib r ad the resolutions adopted at the
Produce Kichange, which were unanimously adopted.
SPEECH of hon. MH. OI>EI.l.
He said:?We are hero to day with heart*
miid with gTlef, because the rebellion' hue struck
down the inan that ha put down the reh Hum. (Ap
plMise ) I deeply ny mpatliise with the men 1 sec before
nie, and as 1 I ave seen tue tears stealing down th<
cheeks of the Iwnker, the mechan c, of the old aud
young, at the natlon!? 1o?h, my owu eyes have over
"flowed, with yours, with grief Wo all te 1 personally
that we have loll a friend I)urlng the four years past
It has ben my province to hold personal Intercourse
*vtlH l.lm m*. n..w nuirn H,,.l ll? .c
indeed, a patriot and lover of his country?(applause)?
awl In midnight hours he watched wiUi anilouH *olVi
tUile over Iho interesta of tlna great oatl?e. 1 would not
uy one word to excite an undae aptrit of vengeance; b t
( lay to you that the spirit tlmt ha* liwept down the
President and Becretary of State !a the foul
bjirtt that d"\olopcd itself whun this war began. (Aj>
) it Is the ?atne spirit, woollier the work of one
man or the result of the combination ol (We men, one
I hundred or a thousand that IwM *V Hag. and tlie
vume spirit exhibited by tho rebel arn>y at tbe memorable
battle of Hull run, when thev b ltiud our soldierg
with their fares downward, and which ha.- b?*n shown
by the organized systsm of Syrratlon to which thay have
iul<J ru-ii our soldiers In Southern prb on*?the Miue spirit
-.Oil b bf? now culmtnuld lu a**<iusinatlng In in who
ruled over this nation of oura.
trr.bcb or bon. wm. r. fbsskndbv, or mai.nb.
Re aald it wan hla fortuuo lobe a member of the thirty,
eventh t'o^gie^a, and he bad the honor of being ac
qual> ted wltb the President of the l ulled States, wLotc
lota we now mourn. Be knew him But to love
?ad admire him. One day I bat we atood together on
the steps of the office of tha f-'ecre'sry of Htatc,
seeing bim look weary, I said to him, '-Mr President,
the people of the I'nlted itatu are prajuig that God
would ipure yo'T life lo ree the end <*f this rebellion '
t>ui I he, "Mr KiMetiden, It may be tliat I ahull not live
to m e it, and '.oiuviiinee 1 think 1 aLall not; but if 1 war*
taken a way there are thote who would perform my
d i icm b tt?r.'' It wa* but yesterday we were rcjoli ln^
tic auae he waf peitulttcd lo sea the end of the rebolMon.
It w.i i a sa> tng of the aucleota that you <sli oi >ay thai
a man luo hsi been florlo'^i mxtil J vu ecc tlvw lit Alti,
Y[9 h*ve ?o?n today how AbrjljWB L ncoln ba> died. Lot
ua pray Wi Goltnllll'" fliET* mir Tires. and l?i u* jw<ar on
the aiiar of our country that the war be protecuuU to the
nil. until every traitor I* punl?h'?-d We *il! hang J"tf.
Davis. (l oud criea of "Good," "Good,'' and applauae.)
There is one solemn duty y?? to be performed by this
vast assemblage. wbicfc It la proper sbo'iid be don>\ and
which la < arried forth In the ptolutkin which I wiU now
Resolved, TUsl this meeting. In view of the nation's be
Nat IBMI In t!.e de^ih ol Ahrah*u? LIu oUi, do recotnuiemi
to the nlttrena of New Vnrk that they wear the isusl badge of
mourning for thirty day*.
The resolution was adopted unanimously
The meeting was men adjourned, sutya'ct to the call of
tbe chairman
auburn* vr uk*r.mi. icto-mm.
At three o'clock General Burnslrfe was noticed by a
large concourse who assembled In front of the J'ocl Office,
and be was immediately unrounded and called on for a
speech, la response the Oenernl addr*s*<d the crowd
from tbe steps of one of tbe building*, lie sa d ?I feel
too much grieved, my friends, to express any lengthy
remarks on this *ad occasion. 1 am km much overcome
by my own feeling* to do justice to the memory of our
late good and talented I'retldent, and I will not attempt
tbe taak It la our duty and the duty nf the country now
to support bla aucceaaor, Aadrtw Jrtir.ion ? (applauae) ?
and I am glad to b? able to say that he is worthy of the
in.it/irt e%t lh? i?g?ntil?* I hit-a Karl ihtii.rfan! oi.n/tMttt
lift to know hif character; for I har* bam In coiuulta
tiou with him at til boon of the da; ?n<1 Mtfl.t, when I
had charge of lb* Department "f (Jitio, aa<1 I hav??
b"?'0 enabled to dieceru hi* coo rat ui'uutoiy
on all matter* which required Mm Judgment nn-i
attention. Having had ih<?c opportunist'*, I ian
fay to you that ho l>ai? acted at all time* ?ltb ability, tral
arul discretion. I i?ll foo, gontle.ren, thai I have never
known him tu lak > (Iron ot liquor, and I lia<? n?\*r
*>cn him under It" lnllu>'itr* If It ?ar* oth'jwlr* I
would ha>? dlacorarad It, for 1 have be?n couiir.ua lly
with blm Thert were moment* ?l.< u I c< .id have, if
p??sihle, r*a<! the thought* of hi* ?oul and I r?u truly
fay. after lav iik enjoyed tha m<?t lmim.ii* relation*
wlth him, that lia l? worthy of your fuiillder.ee I be
th? iudlv rctl n with win. b lie ??? rlW|ld on lli?
4'h of March rati l?eeiplained away I.et bun who In
without 'In ta/' ? atone at him td t the nation then
auppcrt tilot a/, h ir I'raaldent (A|'plau*?' | Miat be
coma* the duly of all of ua I < I ut xUuid by him, and
<tr>-ngth?n hi* hand* ?nd tha himlt of the government
My fri<n<l*, eondict yoiirwlvea a? become* tha day t al
not tbo wn>ng you and tha nation bave fullered lmi*l
you to ronimit violence of auy kind on any ont, If
i her* are mm lining among at who are eni ml am
to tha govfti ninent, or who hare proved faltblcic
In the hour wlion the country needed their ajro
pathy, do not molest them; l?i*?e them to Ui* late
which will aMuredly follow them when they commit
?it* of dlaloyalty Tbe court* liafora un all in thl? hour
la olaln. 1*1 n* rally round our t'realdent? (cheer* for
Julireon) let u* support hitn and do our wholn daty to
the country by aidlntf tha government In tl>* great work
before It. We hate lieeu railed on to mourn th* denth
of our Preiident. 1 think ha Uul talent ai d path
otiem *ho?* any man of tha ?g?, I know ha daaanaa
tha sincere r< ituf of every men, anil I can alao ear that
In hi* intiiucl/ted tha frouth bave l<?t their b<at filend
(CnM of "TbM^Bo." and anulacac.l 1 4-j not ear.
thongh, th?l yoi/^fr th? governtntnl A'?ild <I>?bk* vm r
jwillor or mod* of d?*11nf wltb ttm South W* mutt nil
Mk (Jort to <] In lb* hour of o>.r trlhulat m But
our lint duty ta to ?gpport u>* |o?fmmni ?j>d our mw
President, Andre# Johnao?. (A^pinu**)
TM 0?B?r?l tlkM r?Ur?4, th? crowd ?hfM'P| him for
ret mtDuf*
a ptAi.rtflra o* numiMiwT jr>ni?rf<>N.
rrorlout V> tbU id'lrr* ticorrrJ li . n-i ?'
>y * fr*u<Uu Wlllinm ? * f 1
Qo:i0'4<1|.\) ift Of (Ti ntlSlnUB, And ?!?' </ li
t ?n?* y w i "i . J< ? ? I h i >
.i?.. . ,t ^ u t 4 X'i . i
k devolved M him Tba anneied dUlOfM U?a ?
J iu<i. r?r ?Can w trust Axdrtw JoiinaOB At Prasidsaff
U he
1 General iiuriin da prMCiptlv rap: ed>?I kuosr Mr.
j|*,u wall. Us w<u Alltt:?nr Ooi<mor or L^/t TcimwiM
H ? ben I ooioraandrd la the Weal I r eoiue tin.# he
in U>ui?v||'.? ?qU Cm innali *hen i rue' hno at uli buuit
Hof the (lav Mi l n uhl, ?a'i tn ui-?t n p irta: t ronaaK*
EjtluuH, an I can ?*) I dev?r m* I. ui u le itqnoc*jf mf
Hjkiud, and never m* him whet> I tao grit le had t**te4
.? iiu or. He ?ii< iif drunkard tl en. lu my opimui ha la
J a Qrm, loyaj and talented statesman.
LJ OfilKK Bf: AKtill.
^ While thin wcru wui b 'lnf en.vwd arrrth*r mnnie*
M was hold In Liberty street, wbb b was odrtreaeed bp
J aereial vnUoturu?all if <rh >ui wire aelei.ted by
3 concourse to deliver ?pe.~rbe? becauts of their Cuoi.cy fe
?J t-peakln* to tha groupu who surrounded them One si
'"J the ?p*ukere was announced aa iir Uu.V, of New J?-raar
j Ho wild be waa out a>l:%c<cii of hta na na, bat ha Iaft
nalutmtd of the state from which he hall??l. (Applauaa.k
It happily fctood In u minority in lu opfoeltloa to Ifc#
government. it *as f.ilne ?o tha tuttluu It: ita deslr* I#
establish liberty and JUHt.re o?er the win ' > laud, fik#
bloody act tlP-y mil that day to <1ai>iore ah" wed ttw-m a
the in u they bad to deal with. ibay bad I*
deal with aMfutxMina. Their noble President. tTUI
a <are<-i of len'.ency and iiiercy to tha South, fell laip
night by a mur<!?rerV hand. Let them ask them wh#
af&iBau.uti d him 1 a seoiwloiimt, who dared not aata#
'* the held io U^hl?but who atood behind his berk. IM
cow?rd-!ike oho* hm in the head. My friends, tba
la the remilt o| '.ha bai barmm wh cb alavery ereaMA
Men used to tell and whip their feliorT creaturaa will Ml
bulk before a de>d of murder. (Appla i?e ) We must sA
now be united, and .:elp the government la tha task
fore H.
Another citizen thc? made aoma br'.af remarks. B|
Mid bin heart wad too fall for utterance, and he fait Ml
he had loat a member of LI* family In the death of MM
Lincoln. The gontleuian ih"n mingled with the erowA
und nobbed audibly, an<t hot tear* aeemed to alTaot am
preacut, lor silanco foil j wad.
A meeting of mombari of tha Chamber of Command
and merchant* generally wua bald at one o'clock yeatt^
day uitemooon. Cuptalu Charlea U. Marshall was c?Us4
to tha chair, and John Austin Steveua, Khj , acM 4
Secretary. Tha rooms of tba Chamber were huag wtA
mourning drapery In renpect to the memory of tha 4b
tingulahed deal. Tha following.refolutloiia wi re otara)
by Mr. Jimea Gallatin and utianlmoualy adopted:?
Keaulted, That In tha death of Abraham Lincoln tha AsasM
can people are culled upon to moirn th? loan of a cittaaM
?lio?o prlTata rirur* and public acta will rrmain for av
lime .ia?oeutrd with tlioar of thf in<ni"ital W*?iili,gUiu.
It< aolvrd. That the memory of Abraham Lincoln, who hM
fallen a mnrtyr to liberty?our flrnt murtrr I'r-ildent?m
rvr remain 'tei:r to ttie Amerirun people, lu wUom bearta
w ill be euabnned tliroutthout all future time.
KeMilved, Tl.at In thia > uiamay which baa fallen upon lbs
nation, in the hour of tin 1 victory, wa havr uuMut jr?K
Ind' to Almighty tiod for prea ivliig t* Blr <if the Praifc
dent until the ni'ar completiou of the great work of sv^
preying the rebellion
Resolved Tuat thn profound aympnthlea of thia meettaf
of merchant* and ollmr? lu ti?e?r afilictiuu i I Inn 11 nui J
the *Kur.ince that we nuiir utUi them aa lor the Ium Tm
failier to v.lum liie national I.enrt bud became altachedkf
h11 the tl**M of an iirdrul p.?trlotlaui.
Kraol. rd, 1 hut our oordi.il ayn.|>sthlr? are eitended te Ik*
family of lb" Uluatiloua tJr.tieuiry of State Id tld* sad hot#
o. their i>nd tlx- nation* affliction.
Keaolved. Thut we r?C"Ku;.'e tn the atroelmu act by ?U||
the I'ri sirtMit nl the United Matca has been deprive# of IB
.Ifc uot simply the aasasaln a n lnia, but a diabolical attaaE
upou the lenutirest aympmblen of the American people.
Ex Mavor Oruvitn moved thai the plaoea of anm??
tncnl and other public tabli.-hu.onla throughout JsP
* city he requested to keep > los d until aftor the otaequMB
p of the late l iciidont The resolution wan adopted, all#
p which the meeting adjourned.
}< At the Oil Bx<-hauge, 71 Broadway, the attendano* M
! the usual hour for opening buslnera wac limited to a
I mombera; the absence of the groat body of IU freqao*
i> ore allowing how deoply they felt the nation's bere?v?
mi-tit An impromptu meet ng was iminmliat' ly cjOle^
? Mr. J. J. Wlnolu'Bi r presiding, when th* following
f tion vtn oOcied by our of ihe members and
I monsly adopt'd:?That In consrq enco of the recetpltl
c the ?ad nou.-t from Wa liin^-toii of l revlUeut Llncotat
r d-aih uo business whatever be tran-acled during tM
& -lay. The meeting then adjourned.
I i IIEj ntUJIUl-ti r.AtnAflUb.
| The Produce merchants met at their urcustomad hoML
5>ut not to tranrart buslnear. Karneet, grave-faced grougfe
>f men culler led all over the building condoling wttfc
uecli other on the national calamity. At half-peak
eleven o clock a meeting was convened; Mr. fc H. Teap?
kIns pres (led and Mr. J. I'. Wallts wan H'oietary. After*
ft w remaika from Mr. Hnlth, General Walhrldge latf?
ducod the following reanlutlons :?
Resolved, That the aMMxalnatlnn of >hn President of Ike
I'nlted Klulstt- miv lin juatlv regarded as th>- moet K^aoWA
ovinia In modern history, anA deni mda the execration of tEi
whole civilised ? 01 Id.
K<ssolved, That in this eniergrnry, In fTder that the life a(
lliv nation may he preserved, mxl toe r?n?< of mnalltutlOBM
linerty maintained, we pledge lo bin lun-nni r, Amln wJokk
"n, our unbroken, heaay, rigorous and p- rn!?i?-nt xoppeft
'II behiilf of the grent prlnctp..'H tli.it were n> wi ll Illustrate*
in the life and sei vices of thu d?j artsd r rrs dent.
Mr. Jo? iu M Fib> moved, and Mr. J. P. Walls
seconded: That
the business of the dsy he suspended, the bulldlag
d:ai?diii m urulng, and the merchants reqnested to eM
their ( laces of business.
There resolutions were ran led *vh riUntio. and t|t? Ek
change was cl<?ed. Vtm mlnateH Afterwards theft wag
uut an open store to be s<-eu auy where In the nelghfe*^
M At the usual time of meeting of the stock brekav%
M Exchange place, William street and the perlletu aroua^
n were crowded with a denre assemblage of anxioua pate
I pie, all dUni6Sing the terrible intelllgonoe that ha)
Iand Tall of Dtouke, and the all important eubject of prod
and low wa?, for the lira*, really and completely to
nored. All In lb* va-r throne wnr? looka uf ?
londeitcy ati>l woe, Indicative or the heavlnnt-a ?
which the national alaiul'v had Mien on all heprta
It wo* apparent that no busmen* would or couI4 If
tram acted. whereupon Mr E Hll/e, banker, of Na'|
l'in>} itnrt, a! the rtoueet of a nun Ur of p?raona wwm
ent, ro-? and tno\ t d that tn consequence < f (tie viamhti
lion of Uie Preeld<*nt which had ca?t audi deer eorrww
an : glooni "cry true American heart, be it
K eglrcd. mi ?f, ?e clncori mourner* for our fea?
Mr ar. d and bleeding country, ao now e<tjourn and aflfr
3p ml l>uj>ina?' .n'll Mi udny ri**t.
3 The reeoiullon ^ Miittn mouvly adopted The eg/gitaf
Jthroug c>ntiu ird to fill the ?'r-for noun afUrwiraK
Eg The dreaOf ;J newa of the af-MMloatlon of the Pntt
dent, and the diabolical attempt to murder the -?cratan
Hof Htate, ban La<l an electric Influence on all clam* V
flthla community. Even the operator* In (old WO
ahocked to auch an eitent that when the board met
II tor. lav morning, ar.d the ?ad Intelligence waa coramaafr
Heated 10 tlie membere. they were utterly uuahle to Una
Bait ihelr ueual bu*io<-**. A motion waa made to adJeaO
the Board to ecable the uftiil* re to participate la iii
Hdemonctratlone of lorrow which pervaded all claaaMi#
the cimimubity. The motion waa unanimoualy adopto^
Hand the membere took their departure fr< m the bulMta^
evidently being deeply linpreaaed with the terrlbl*
Hi ortan. e of thla tad national calamity.
jj Ct.KROT.
1 Right He* Biehop Totter haa laued the followtag a*
Hdreea ?
Tn ma Cumor a* a 1-aiTY or rat Dio< rae or Wtm
" Da<a Bf*Tii**a?With a grief which I hare no la?
sung" to eipreea, I a|>| eal to ytm to offer dp your prayeel
fi r thia bereave4 ar I mourning nation The h< I?%*4
and revered Chief Magiairate of the I'nlted rtatee la M
more. The inellguan' |?a?loiie which had Juet |roi?4
Impotent to d<atroy ib* govejutn at hare aucteearaQ*
done the a?woi*n a work upon the life of Ita honurM
hefu! A glor.oua career of aerrlre and devotloa
I crowned with a martyr a dia> h
I n<|iieat aeoet rrtj,. ctf illy that to morrow, and 'or tfea
noit 'two *ceka, the j raver " For a peraoa undrr affltt
ion he need for the ro .r.trv with theec (light channel
! Inetead of "the rorrowe of thy eervant,' read "U>?
I pnrrowg of thy eervanta the people of thla nation, fM
wh"tn,' Ac. . and mtlead tf "'bin and "hie," reM
" u* " and " our "
| I alao appoint the prater " Id time of war aa4
tumulta to tv read
I I would alao reiomnnend that after the aoleinaltta* ef
K i tei hniday ahall have t? en con> luilad the ihuroAec
8of the dl"C??e be clothed In mourning
Pra> mg liod to g|r? yon Hie bleae.ng, and to a?r otlAr
tti.n B4ir? n"r?av?m?nl to our l?^lov?d rounlrv I raraaJA
Hy*ur feffVotlonnto hr-ther In ( hf at.
n HORATIO foirut iu? of N.iw > ork.
taOTM Bfl, April 13, MM
Th? r*ir from tha a:??plc of TrnKy <"hur:h ?m f.a?
y??Urday, ui1 lha ar.Jrmn kutll of
leath MIkh hiMkr-l *l lotaivaU thruw.' .t U.a >! #
I'll# church ilia) ad M It ?a? IB II > "f mourfc
mi for tha utual lertioMof j>aa?lon w. yifwi.tad
nolaino ap|> arance, and a rr;mhrr f davuut an<l
atr.okan (i?r>nof w*r* j>r< art at tl a o'oS- k:<?.
v,. ? yatWday At tha ?<>r?loa i<r< fM'lH ? -I "> prayw
for tb? Pr*?l<lant of tha I'nlMd Stalaa km Muf olemaiy
Intima by Dr Vintrn, a ?ii ir>" m ' ?'"* t? P*rr?4*4
tbe ooD(ro|?lir>ii, and ? i r?var?nd t'i lr.? ?ald "Ibid
I you to Mjr for I fatirliyln alBlfl'f n. ?'id fh? iw'i '?
ratlorv o<itni>rl* that family, In ?? t? affliction for
vtol&Al d<Mtlli of Uio ' r??.<l oi of I 1 *>it?d .wtat ? * ?
limn J of ah a.?#a??lu, deep and !i?*ry -ob
cialmad the ? -u\ j>l "f - ' ?!'"-* pfk- ' ?
nowed that hoad? r< . " Bf fa wi'l
W?n4 w?v i?' I i' v ""nm ? * ?
H f'.iii.wit ? i "1 v
If fr ' ? l\\ ? . I * ^
. ; . t tf u H * f
.j rS' r I**- ,lo <
^ '.W*l . - ? 0?1 fclfiu ??* ' ^

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