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WHOLE J<Q. 10,408.
The Africa at Halifax with
Three Days Later.
TheFaU of Richmond Announced
JLU JjillglCUlU.
Intense Excitement in London, Liverpool,
Manchester and the Country. .
Advance In American Securities, Decline
In Cotton aud Heavy Fall
In the Rebel Loan*
AwfoM of Belgium, Balmeraton
and Aniseli Anxious About
be*, be*, be*
The eteameblp Africa, Capl. Anri?rnoD, from Liverpool
M SMYtJU O'UKICK OD UIO UHirillUg Ol Mil! loin, VlUyiil'I'UKtown
on (ho 18th iunt., arnvedjat Halifax at C\e o'clock
yesterday evenng.
8b? hoc fifty-seven ittSHt-ugerg fcr this port and fifty wo
for Boston.
Her news is three days later.
Very serious popular disturbances bad occurred In
Had rid On the o veiling of the 12th inst. on asm inl inge
In the slroel was suddenly dispere d by a volley of nv.isketry.
The troops fired right and left. M Novas, wlio
Was going to the Casino, ?vus kill-id. Another gentlekiwi,
who was wonnded, died in a few minutes. Some
ether persons wore killed and fifteen wounded, some
Bore or less seriously. There was no provocation given
n the part of the people. Tho cavalry churgcd through
Mm streets and used sabres. No proclamation had boen
tanned to warn the public, or to forbid them moving
bout the streets as usual
Ik the French Chambers M. Thiers declared himself
adverse to the nnity of Italy, in which he saw danger
end no utility to France. He defended the Fapal government,
and favored an alliance with Austria.
Ike law throwing open tho navigation of the Danish
coasts to the nations reciprocating the concession reMiked
the royal sanction in Copenhagen April 18.
Advises from India, dated Bombay, April T, report
MMkets Inanimate. Freights on cotton 48s. At Calcutta,
Ajdl 0, piece goods were nominal. Exchange 3s. Kd.
there had been a serious disturbance on the Sues Canal
ketoseen the Egyptians and Ike foreign laborers.
Iks steamship St. David, from Portland, arrived at
Liverpool at nine o'clock on the morning of the 14tb4nat
Ike steamship Australasian, from New York, arrived
?ff Crookbaven at half-paal eleven o'olock on the night
?T Ike l?h Inst.
sglftsi Intensely Butted Orcr the
ewe?Immediate Advance In American
decnrttlee?Fall tn Cotton?Another Decline
of the Rebel Loan, dfe., die.
Ike newt of the fill of Richmond crested intense cxSttement
in England, but It arrived too late to admit of
the papers generally commenting on It; and aa most of
the narketa had closed from the ISth to the 17th last.
(Raster), the effect of the news could not be fully developed
nntil they reopened.
Ike London Sewe says that the army of Virginia, so
long deemed invincible, the pride, the hope, the centre,
the eitadel of the confederacy, has been not only beaten
hot shattered. The Davie government is now vagrant
and fugitive. Richmond, which received it and gave it
for a time a dignity which it could never have acquired
while it remained among the cotton plantations, where
H had its rise, was set on Are by Its departing guests.
That the Confederate army fought with all its old tcna
ettyand ,Ion we cannot doubt ; but it has been broken
np by men who, as we have often been told, were the
sweepings of Northern cities. Davis began the war by
declaring he would carry it whero food for the torch
awaited (Southern armies In dcuscly populated cities; but
lbs attempt to burn New York ended In nothing but
M execution, while. Davis set lit borrowed capital in
dames and decamped.
The London Globe of April Id says:?The foil of Richmond
leaves the Cotifode rates threatened on every side.
This Is a tremendous price to pay for the luxury of pushing
an army to Nashville, and refusing until Ihe eleventh ,
hour to free and arm the negroes.
The London Advertiser says;?The further clrvutn
Stances and consequences ef Ibis heavy blow will be
looked for with intense, anxiety, as tbe close of the war or
the Inauguration of a new and widespread guerilla condiet
of unknown duration may spring from tbe conflict.
The other English pepvrx are silent, as yet, upon the
The Effett lit Liverpool.
Oar despatches from Liverpool, dated on the 16th of
April, la tbe evening, report the ellcct of tho news from
America thus:?The fall of Richmond is the univcr-al
topic to day. The friends of the North are greatly elated
at Orant'a successes, and are strengthened in the conviction
that the Jlnal triumph of the North is near. en
tboee who have manifested the strongest faith in the
rebel cause show unmistakable ?l;;ns of despondency.
The rebel loan has declined about six per cent, clos.ng
M as a 96, while United Plates securities exhib t a
decided Improvement Illinois Central shares weie
Quoted at 03 a At; Erie sharos, 3fl)? a 37; United Slates
dve-twenties, A4>i a 06*.
Ike cotton and produce markets sro closed, conOnquently
there Is no business to test the effect of ihe
mm; but there are indication* of n Jurthtr <1 e/ov in
The Itwi In Mancheatrr.
A Manrhaeter telegram of April 16 reported bn^o*M
entirely nua|>eniW by the Australaelan* udvlcer.
The At atrat*sl*n?* newt tvaa received loo lute for geneMl
editorial comment in Liverpool or Mancbeaicr.
The Privateer*.
fl?e London rune* has an editorial regretting ihat the
people of Melbourne, AoiNrnlla, ehould bave displayed
o much eytapathy with tlio crew of the Shenandoah,
who nre engaged In the destruction!.) ?hip~; conuog ii|au,
rwuda of j>ea? e In their porta. Trie Ttwt imjre, how.
over, It I* an ad.iir of tho populace, anil not ol the gov.
Tlie Canadian fltalrlrra.
The London Timet ha* au article .stroo.l v condemning
tbo conduct of Judge .Smith, of Montreal, I. r Ins ill < on
Biderad ami dangcroux charge on the nut jet ol itu St.
Albann raider*.
The .lfrtlran Umpire.
iropoi.n or liming, ^ori? calmbkbtom anh
BAItl. lttl?HKM. 11771.Kl) ABOIT TI1K KATK OK
A 1/ndon correspondent to the prorlneial preen any*
that ihere are some utipiniMnl uihuprriaf/n as to the de.-ire
of the King of the Melgtan*. who In null in Kngland, lo
inrciae an influent e over the oonree lo be taken by the
ftrltlah government in th xiean alhura Lord ralmereion
pan for many yearn heen no favorite with lila Reh'ian
MnJ'Wty, who doer not conceal Mint he llmln more plea
atiio in the vino t nod nubile ivarl clarendon, no avowed
:e ne
AuKlriutt tii hi* ton ti ipsa* Earl Rnwclf OKCilhXcf bntw cii
the twr Hf bej'in*. l?K.-l eve, l>> ic^rnl the pm'i| nancy
with which f?n yuMf-i ?, ttic niyal mbIi to rccfgitue the
IwvtciKlmi Mexican Knipiru i;.ll .t iiiuisl \j ' <-t *ii*U iy
Kurt/pun xtiie pt?Uwn, m.d l'<<u ,?<//? .<i <y, ut<U Jr ' ' *>
Vlf Prtmii'tf. j # ? /!- L'~-- ..... ...?J.. - *1
. .... , ,1/? , l(,, ^ .J . r -i?' ?
Qi>iiiDi?rt)al Inlrlligciicti
The huthon in ftiu J unk o! Hi.gland has dfcrfiwtl
CuumiIs closed <>ii Thnrnluy. A| r>l 13, at 01 a 01 >.<
lii.\OJN, April 15, 1SG5.
Consuls hic dull and caster, doting ai 00^ u 01 lor
uiou y
Barings'i in idar reports <-? HV-t I.ni.tr and 8d. li glo r
Iron lends iipwaj.1 Kite hi ill advancing. Oilier nrt.d.s
IjvK. PtifL, April 15, 1885.
Our muikete I.me toon closed since the 1311) for (bs
flood I1 riduy holiday.
There has t een uircorn u.urhct unto the City of Wash
tog tun willed. H reads lulls am quiet und steady, oaeept
Hour, which is heavy.
Pkovihkinh quiet and steady except lard, which tends
PnoiiOCK?Ashes quiet and steady. Hugar tends upward,
aud prices 3d a 6d. higher, hu e buoyant and (hi.
higher Petroleum Uini at 2t Id. fur 10lined. Other
articles unchanged
O U B A.
Prealdr.nt Lincoln's AmiaVal nation Announced
In Havana?Cortina Revolt*
Ag aliiat Muxlmtiian and Attack* Matamoroi,
Havana, April 22, 1686.
The arrival yesterday afternoon ol the steamer Liberty,
bringing the melancholy and unexpected intelligence of
XV wvanauHMiVll VI a ivniwilt JillH UlU, MIU IIIV W.WIU|FMJU
assassination of Secretary Keword nix) his mid, caused a
great deal of excitement.
The steamer with the terrible news entered the port
with her colore ut half mast. and It wue Immediately sup
posed that Secretary Hewuril was dead.
Thoawtul intelligence of the death of the head of the
American tuition caused feelings of the deepest sorrow in
the hearts of all Americans, but many of the neceHh.it
? w evident, secretly rejoiced, while others did so openly.
Othere, however, looked upon the utfair as a very sad
one?oh one thut would not do their cause any good,
either directly or indirectly.
To-day the American Consulate displays the Stars and
Stripes at half-mast, and most of the Amerlcnn shipping
in the harbor have also their colon at halfmasL
Mutamoros is in an uproar. Cortina has revolted
against Maximilian, and pronounced for Juarez. He bus
already attacked Mntamoios and been repulsed by Metis,
aided, it is said, by the Toxan troops, under Slaughter.
Cortina s force Is stated to bo about six thousand men,
Iho greater pact Te.xaus.
1 enclose a copy of the tial vest oil A'euis, whkli contains
some extracts iroin the report by "the oth?r party''
relative to the Wallwe and Slaughter interview at Point
Isabel. Some persons are of the opinion thut the proposals
made by General Wallnce, and the revolt of Cortina
following so closely, will produce grave complications
between the United slates and Kruncc. The history of
the Cort na ailair <un he given in a few words: Six or
eight weeks ago he was sent in pursuit ol Curbujal. who
contrived toescane and real h his old around nnar Hftumieo
From ilu re the taller went to Hie federal camp at Uriuoa
Santiago, where he remained eight or t n days, return
ibg to liin i amp, whence ho in supposed to huve commitn
cateil with Cortina, who uwnilvil some such signal to
pronounce Tor Juarez. It m asserted, in consequence,
that the Cortina revolt has been instigated by otlicera of
lite Coiled States Army.
PataHloa Courir, L. I.?Trotting.
Wrdsrsiut, April 34, sweepstakes $2,000, mile beau,
best three in five, In barneaa or to wagon*.
W. MrUoldrtrk named r. g I
W. McGoldrick named g g J received forfeit.
Jacob Lang named b. g. Swltchteil paid forfeit.
The above affair eettled, Mr. Lang and Dr. Ogle made a
match to trot tbetr borate for $300, mile heata, Lang'*
b. g. Switcbtail to go to a road wagon aud the Doctor to
drive hie bl. g. Dlamoud to a akelten wagon. A good
race waa the reeult, the black winning In n short robber.
Time 2:64?2:40.
atalUon trot for $3,000 will oomo off on Friday afternoon,
which ia creating considerable excitement in betting
circlaa The race will be between the black atallion
Henry Clay and the bey stallion Commodore Venderbilt.
The whole of the money le up. and the race le made play
or pav, and will take place rain or sbtoe. A number of
time beta on the above trot were made yeelarday afternoon,
soma aa low as 3:$$.
puree with fourteen entitoa will be trotted fo* thto
afternoon at the Fashion Course.
The Bagllih Turf.
Northampton Cocrss, Aran 6. ?The Barl 8penoar'a
plate of 100 sovs., added to a handicap sweepetakes or 16
ovs. each. 6 ft ir declared; winners extra. New Speneor
Plate Course (about five furlongs straight). 14 tuba,
36 of whom pay 6 eovs ft.
Mr. R. Ten Broeck's Paris, by Mildew?Daisy, 4 yra,
Set. 31b , Fordhara 1
Mr. Wadlow* Queen of Trump*, $ yrs., Ost. lllb., Challoner
Lord Allesbury* Menace, 4 yr* , Oet lllh . J.Grimxhaw $
Lord Coventry * Exchequer, 0 yr*., Sat. 121b., J. Adams 0
Mr. G. Angell'i VabaUthus, 4 vr* , Sat. 31b . T. French. 0
Mr. Osborne's lady Abbess, 6 yrs., 1st. 131b . Whiteley 0
Mr. R. Wales' Molly Carew, 4 yrs., 7*1. 111b , H. Covey. 0
Mr. W. G. Bennett's Voluptas, 6yra., 7sl. Sib., H bbenl 0
Count F. de Lagr&ngo'a Mirliflor, 3 yr*., 7st. 71b., V.
Grtmshaw 0
Mr. R. C. Naylor's l.lnrfa, 4 yrs., 7st 01 G Buyers.. 0
Baron Rothschild's Isidy Huwihnrne, 4 yrs. 1st. 41b.,
G. Pcake 0
Marquis of Hasiings's I'sntaloon, 8 years, 7?t. 31b.,
Phillips 0
Mr. R. button's Jezebel, 3 years, 7st. 31b., lloolsn 0
Mr. Howard's Imogen, 3 years, 7?t. 31b. (inc. 71b ex.,)
VrRDtf [IAW 0
Lord Kcndlesham s Black Duchess. 3 year*, 6s t 131b ,
H. Shun 0
Mr. Hugh Hiniili b Verderer, 3 yearn, flsl. 131b , (car
7hI..) Morns 0
Lord Wcaliuoroland a Munchausen, 3 years, 6?t 131b ,
CarrolL: 0
Mr. Howard's Joss *tick, 3 years, 6st. 111b , J Igiatca. 0
Mr. Jaitie* ^mlili a Swordsman, 8 yearn, 8st Wlb , (car.
6?t. 121b IT. Gray 0
Mr. 8. Tliellusson s Foxholes. 3 yearn, 6st. 8II>., Grace. 0
Lord Stamford's Tourtorclle, 3 yearn, Ssl 111b , F.
Martin 0
Mr. R. C. Naylor'a Fravollna, 3 yearn, fist 111b,
Boxall 0
Betting?ft to 1 against Pans, 6 to 1 against Molly
Carew, 7 to 1 against Verderer, 10 to 1 avntn-o Jotw-slh k,
100 to 8 ago in st Queen of Trumps, 100 to 7 against Menace,
100 to 8 against Swordsman and Jo/.nbcl, 20 to 1 ea< h
against Foxholes and Exchequer, 2A to 1 each ngalnal
MlrllQor and TottrUrello, 100 to 3 aga.ust Voluntas, and
40 to 1 each againat Linda, Lady Hawthorne Ally, Pantaloon
and Mtrtichaiiaen. After a delay of an hour
and twenty minutes tbey were well started, but
not until ane of the stewards, whose presence
at the poet had been of great assistance to the starter,
had cautioned tnanv of the most troublesome loekeys.
Queen of Trutnps was flrst ofl, and soon took a clear lead.
Menace, Molly Cnrcw, and Jezebel in a line following
immediately in their wake, Paris close handy ?n tiie
extreme right, and well tip w.th Mr Ten llro ck> were
Lady Abbess. Jose stick, and IdDda, His In lit weights,
many i/ whom did Dot get well ofl, following in atrasSling
order At the distance Ja/.cbel und Molly Carew
isappenresl from the from, and Pans closing up headed
i Quern of Trtimpa before reaching Ihe aland, and won
| easily by two lengths Three lenghla separated the
i second and third. Molly Carew lose up wne fourth, Joaaatick
Bfth, lady Hawthorne filly siMli, land* seventh,
i Jcr.cb'l < iglith. and Kravohns and Hwordainan were the
next pair Tlte last three were Imogen, Munchausen,
and Tnurterelle.
Th? Caaiswlllee In Glenornl Oranf'e Late
We have received from our correspondents large Hats
I of caaualtiea ID the Second and Ttiinl divisions, Fecund
corps. which, for want of space, we have been unable to
publish. For the ron\enienoe of friends of missing vol
1 dl"ie of the Second corpa we lieve placed thoee lints in
, the hands of ttie executive officer of the Howard Street
' Soldier* Home, who will doublieaa extend all faclhlie*
I for ih< iM Mim nation.
Soiilit Amrrlra.
Ri > J*vrmi, March 24. 1 n?ft.
liiKc nob a 8 700 Tor good Units Slock 110,000
suckr se.lcs 6?.000 wwka. Sterling exchange 26.S a M.
Uaiiu, March 29, I Hfl.'i,
Fi far irooo 211600. Fx- hange 9C'?
I'aHNxiiMtTin, Aptil 1, 1*11*.
I While aupar, 3(1200 * 311400, brown 2f2-'iO Km bangs
j 24 a 24}{.
Tm? Fm*t Piat o? Cisd*i<RI.l?, which waa poatponed
from la^-t Satnrnsv, on account of tho death of the I're*!i
dent, will b" glean, at the Academy of Music, llila after!
noon, at 3 o'clock, Hie ticket* for the former will be
I good to dag, but the t|i kern sold for to day miiat be kept
| for llimdng next, when there will be a second raoKrw,
1 flckuta can b? obtained at the door for to day's per ormanc?
Kcaareoil eeata [or the second repreeentation may
bo obtained at Caswell It Mack a, under the Fifth Avenue
A Oman Cosoat of Vocal and Instrumental m'-alc
will lake place at Clinton Hall, St Mark a place. this
evening, 27th Inst. for the benefit of three blind p< r
none, graduate* or the New York InaP.utlon of the Hbn?l
Tlckcta of ailrniaaion to lie had W the tfnorof the ball,
on the eveti.nv vf the cttvtr*
Tin Htiautr HUrk Oinmonrt Knnb-Stlaty
Holditr* uod four Mu!Ii><d Drcwi.nl.
Raltiuckk April 26, 1H6V
Yiwti nUy morning, ?t lilf-|.t?t twelve o'clock the
khIi wIiooI eU ..nicr tliwuchiiHCtt*, t'U| t Co" ch, lnioi.il
down lo Kortraim Monroe, with u Ituul of M'ldiein, the
gieaior |?irt ot whom were exchanged und paroled
prl m it, i ullldid witb 4 t-luiuih i luiiuiit the buck
llniriH n<l, Copt Ah ludrth, a email huik propeller, in the
1 ntoinue river, one mile from hlat ketone Inland, which
war uo< n.g there ae a picket bout, .ml hud on board a
pmudof hon>e twenty men.
The M.iHHiirliiiHelte at ruck the hliw k thaiiinml on the i
port esle, aixiul tbo boiler, sinking Ik r in about Wirto
rtii soldiers on hoard of her, think u* thai she wan
about U) miik, n large number of tliem sprang ever her
sides Olid succeeded in pit 111;: oil hem (1 of tl:0 Black
Dniiiionil, which hint haulod opto render idHstntice, it
being supposed nt 111o tune hy the captain of the I'ta
Inooil that the Mussne hu?ctlH was the only vessel that
lee I sustained any damage Unfortunately, however, ttio
HI;* k Diamond limt Ixieu struck uinidvUip, which cauHert
her to L.ke in water rupuily, antl slat went down In a few
moment* alter the soldiers hail got on (muni nt her.
Mxtysix of ttio soldiers from the MassiM.h.diPUS ami
four of the erew ol the Htaok Diamond are musing, ami
it in heltevert that they were all drowned.
The Mi.-toachuaetia lay near the spot Ull daylight, ph kin/
up about a hundred men, who either Jumped or were
tin own hy the force of the collision on to the wreck of
the Black Diamond.
The bows of the Massachusetts were badly atovo In,
and it was with difficulty thai she could be kept afloat.
last night Captain Allen despatched a steam propeller
down the river to the ecene of the disaster, with men and
hooks on hoard to cearch for the bodies of those supposed
to bo hint.
The Masstchusoile, after the Black Diamond went
down, succeeded in reaching Point Lookout In safety,
where she landed the remainder of bar troops.
The Black Diamond was a second class steam propeller,
chartered by tbo Quartermaster's Department, and belonged
to Philadelphia, wheic she was owned.
The MawcichuHeiiM, it is raid, had her running lights
burning, hut the Mack Diamond, beisgiuichored, slmwrd
but one
Unpt. J. M. llolmes, of the Tl.ird Veteran Reserve
corps, was the officer in command of the troops, anil
from a statement made by him it appears that the loss of
life, as Dear as can be ascertained at present, will exceed
The night was clear, but dark, there being no moon.
iv m nu|Mmiiiviu Hiiy *1 lucrum wncr? uie uiuirit) lur
thiH iliFUHtcr in Vo rent.
Arrntof Lawrtnrt McDonald for Unnch
of the Neutrality l.kun? Hih ?i?miniu
(Ion, ?V? .
[Prom the Toronto Olohe, April 3ft ]
Tliin individual, known a* William latwrencr McDonalil,
who wax arretted on Saturday Iwi for a breach of
the Neutrality lawn, at t'olliiigwood, wax brought up for
examination yesterday afternoon at the fail ice court, be
fore Aldennan Jaurea J. Vance. Mr., Patterson, of the
firm of Harrison A I Patterson, appeared on behalf of
the crown, while Mr. McMiohael, of Cameron k McMichael,
was present for the defeuee. The following ia
a copy of the informal ion iu this cace:?
Pi oritur of Oanatin. rityjif Toronto, to ml The Information
of ttodfrry Joseph tlyama, of the said city of Toronto, In the
year of our Lord one itioio-aud eight hundred and sixty four,
before the undersigned, one of her Majesty's justices ?f the
peace in and for the aatd city or Toronto, who aailb.
That one William Larry McDonald did, In the aald city or
Toronto, aitine tbe passing of the art of tbe last aesaion of
Parliament of tbia province, entitled "an art for the prevention
and suppression of outragee In violation of tbe peace on
tbe frontier of thla province and for other purpoaea," to wit:?
On or about the 10th day of March laat, provide and prepare
muaitlona of war and other meana for military expeditions,
raids or enterprises, to be carried on from tbe town of Cob
Ungwnod, In Upper Canada, against tbe territory and dominion
of a certain foreign Stale called and known at Ike
United 8utes of A me Hoe, with whom her Majesty the
Queen was and la at peace. QODPXBY J SlAgl,
Sworn before me, the day end year Brat above written, at
tbe city of Toronto aforesaid. Joan Hntaiuvo. J. P.
After the prisoner McDonald bad been called end
pieced at tbe bar,
Mr. Patterepn opened tbe oeae by eta ting dint be appeared
on behalf of tbe crown; that be believed Byeme
wee not In court; but n (diagram had been received from
bim to the effect that he would b? In tbe city to-morrow.
Alderman Vance?Have you any other wltneaesef
Mr. Patterson replied that there were' other wltneesoe
to be examined foi* tha crown, but that ha would urafsr
to call Hyams OraL
Alderman Vanca to Mr. MrMicbaeU-Bave you any objection
to a postponement of the case*
Mr. McMirhael?No, but we don't wish to go back to
Jail. If the Information be lookod to It will be seen that
M amounts to nothing. He supposed the magistrate
would*take ball.
Alderman Vance?Ball should be applied for before the
Judges, but he had no objection to take bail if salisfactory.
-He new nothing in the act against it; but it ereined
to be the Intention of the act that bail rbould be taken by
a Judge of the superior eourta. ,
Mr. Patterson thought it would be better to consent to
a committal for trial, Mien bail could be applied for.
Mr. McMicliael?What amount of bail doc* your worship
Alderman Vance? Double the penalty im|>08ed by the
Statute, viz: ffl.000
Mr. Patterson?Well, if really eubetantial bail be given,
I have no objection.
Mr. McMit Intel?It Is certainly heavy ball to demand
for such an offence
The defence hoie consulted with tlielr client as to
whether lie would give the amount <>f bail required, and
two of Mr. Mi Donald's friends offered to give security lor
the required amount.
Mr McMirhael. however, staled that his client had
considered as to the amount of bail, ami thought it was
by far too large. Mr McDonald a friends had offered to
give the reqinred security; but ihat gentleman thought It
would he asking too much of his friends to go hail lor
surh a large amount.
Alderman Vanee said ihat, If Hyams was og hit way
to the city, there need be no delay, and the case could
come up to morrow, when Mr. McDonald could be brought
up by the governor of the jail, and Ihua inconvenient ed
I as little as possible.
The oase accordingly comes up for re ssaniination
The court then adjourned, and McDonald was removed
to the jail.
Coroners' Inquests.
Farat. Bnnorntu ou rKuwii is Jamks Stsskt?Corossh's
Isqrisrrtos. ?Yesterday afternoon Coroner Covor
proceeded to the Fourth warn station house to hold an
inquest over the remain* of Thomas Casey, whose death
was the result of a gunshot wound. It appears that on
| Tuesday afternoon Frederick Hisle v. aCanadian, "J7 years
1 of age, entered the porter house of James Casey, No. 40
Janief street, and while there lieesine Involved in a
quarrel with John H Cowan. The latter denounced
1 New York as beinir a mean place, and characterized lis
I rlt'xena as be ng anything but honest and honorable,
I Hieley look a different view of the case, and lience
the dispute between them Cowan struck Hisley and
knocked him against the rountr HHey attempted to
draw a revolver from hli pocket. But was prevented '
by the Interference of sev ernl parlies In the place. His- 1
ley stepped out of the door, but returned In s few mo- I
merit* with a pistol in bis hand, and said to Cowan, "I II t
blow vour braili* out. " At the same time lie uoinlod ilia
| pistol toward* hlrn and Bred, the hall taking effect Id the
I neck of Casey, Inflicting a wound from lh<< effect! of
which he enoo afterwards died. Hlslev then threw down
the weu|Min and lay down on the door, when Cowan and
other* Hxeitnllad lum. and but for the prompt Interference
of ottlrera Mullen and Townea, of the Fourth precinct,
hie llfn doubtless woo Id line e been racnffced by
the excited crowd Wooster Hearh, M P., made a postmortem
examination of the ImmIv of de rated, and found
a gunshot wound In the neck. the hollet penelrutinft the
hint denth resulting from hemorrhaire The lory found
a verdict against Hie priaoner, and Coroner trover committed
htm to the Tombs-for trial Deceased wax about
fifty year* of age and a native of Ireland He lived in
the house where the ahootinit a< tarred
Fatal, Hcaawat Csarai/rv.?Coroner (Iambic yesterday
held an Inquest at No. 8,'<7 Third avauue, on the remains
of Mr. Pa\ Id Hptcer, HT , where drathwaathe
result of accident On Tuesday afternoon Mr. Hplcer,
who had Jurt purchased a horaa. started out to laka a ride,
with hi* son Soon after leaving the stable the anun*l
herame frightened ai,d ran away at a furious rate. The
young man war thrown from the vehicle, receiving a
fracture of the jaw and other inlurVa Mr. Spicer held
the rein* till reaching the roriraf of Thirteenth street
and Third avenue, win n lie wa* thrown from the vehicle,
hi* head coming In contact with the curb atone with so
much violence as to fracture hie skull in a shocking
manner Death ensued m a few momenta afterwards.
The Jury rendered a verdict of anjdenial death.
The deceased ?a* (Ifly four years of age, and a native of
N' wr York. He ha* Icit a widow ami several children,
who reside in I'ln ntleld, N. J. Mr Spie r wa* a brother
to Frank Spicer, nn attach* of ihe New York I'oat office.
Pi:ath or * Vktkiu* SolJiTg*.?Coroner Collin yesterday
held an inquest at No 61 Sixth street on the body of
Peter da Oonm Prirhler, a ficrman, twonty-slx years of
age. w ho died from the effects of a gunshot wound in the
head, received tn the battles before Richmond, Just pre
vious to 'he surrender of Perioral I.ee Dcmaew-d was
captain of Company K, Second New York hor.vy artll
lery, and had boon four years In t.he service He wa*
wounded twice before reialving the fatal shot This
vnb ran soldo I tins left a w dow and parent* hx ng m
I Ulna. N Y.
AY, APRIL 27, 1865.
ImptrtHfit and Startling Statements Regit
niiijg that Memorable Event.
General Sbcrmsn Avrzte of the AsgasMUnation
of Bfir. Lincoln Be*
fore the Conclusion of
the Ccnit-3 fence.
JfohDMfon Originally Propowil lo Sur*
rentier liar Term* At tewed Lee.
i,.## Ho..;u i' in- ./? <1- '?
Liuvis rtuiu iu nan; wr.iirij liic l trull Ul
the Proposed fcurrcntirr,
&o<( &o., Sea.
Tte? Ntwbtrn Despatch.
Nswsmm, N. 0., April 33, IMA
A greet meeting convenes Uile afternoon In tbs church
situated la the ancient graveyard of the city, to give
public expression of the sorrow caused by the sad death
of tbs President. The members of the North Carolina
Legislature are here to participate In the mournful pro
The Raleigh Stmniari and the Raleigh Progrt**, which
are still conducted by their former editors, appear in
mourning and pay touching tributes to the memory of
the departed President. They call him the beet friend of
the South, and pronounce his death a far greater blow to
the South than to the North.
After restoring thin Stale to the I'nlon, Die Orel act of
her legislature, Which ts soon to assemble, will he to ratify
the constitutional amendment abolishing slavery, which
will bo in accordance with the prediction made Inst
winter by the editors ol'the .St is'ta'd and the Prigrut.
General Sherman's army is quietly ramped a few
nnles west of Italelgb. waiting the result of the terms
001'rod by the rebel authorities to General Sherhnn,
winch have been scut to Washington for rulilicaUon.
Most of General Sherman's aimy expected to he mustered
cut of Die service shortly or In receive a fui lough
to go home anil remain there until they aro wanted.
Gtntral tihcrmun'. Order A no on living
Ihr President's Deutlu
ww1ai, ri*LD ORHKK? SO. fcO
BsarHttiARTtRs, Military I>iv. or thk Mi-bissim, >
In nut Kiki.ii. Kalk iih, April 17, 1805 f
The General commanding announces with pnm and
sorrow that on the evening of Die 14lh inst., at the
theatre, iu Washington city, his Excellency Die President
of the United States, Mr. Lncoln, was assassinated by
one who uttered the Stale motto of Virginia. At the
nunc lime the Secretary of State, Mr. Seward, while
eulliriug front a broken ?nu, was ult-o stabbed by another
murderer, In his own house, but still survives, and hie
on wan wounded, supposed fatally.
It la believed by pontons capable of judging, that
other high officer* were designed to ebare the name fate.
Thua it nveme that our enemy, despairing of meeting ua
In manly warfare, begius tin re*ort to the aafuutetn'a
tool* Tour General door not wieb you to infer that tbia
la univeraal, for he know* that the great maea of the
Confederate army would acorn to sanction auch acta,
but he bellevea It the legitimate consequence of rebellion
ggatnat rightful, authority. have met evary phase
Which this war haa aaeumed, and must now be prepared
/or It to Ha lam and worm shape that of a?ealna and
guerilla* : hut wqe unto the people who aeek to eiprnd
their wild paaateac la adeh a manner for there i? but one
dread result,
, By order of Malbr General W. T. SHERMAM
, 1* M. Oarras, Major and ggaiatent Adjutant General.
J?r. jataaa C. FItapntrlek'a Deapateh.
Raimoa, N. C, April 19,1M6.
ma mar raoroainoa
Dam General Johnston waa ma da on Sunday I ant, aa the
troopa of General Sherman were about breaking oamp
to advance upon blm. The note etatad bladeelra to
know what term* would ba granted In case of bla aurrtnder.
General Sherman wrote In reply that negotiation*
could be arranged ty a personal Interview, that a correspondance
by letter wonld waato time, and therefore
be propoeed a meeting on tbe neit day, between tba line*
of Uio two armies. If there was a sincere wish on the
part of General Johnston to make peace it oould geadtly
be accomplished.
Tbe meeting took place on the neit day, at a houne on
the ride of the road, about five miles beyond Durham's
Station, a place on the Raleigh and Greensboro road, now
vented with peculiar historical Interest Both Generals
were accompanied by their staffs and escort*. The meeting
waa attended with the utmost < curtesy Alter s I w
miauU-s spent in casual conversation. Generals Sherman
and Johnston both entered the house, and tin re
alone had the first conference What trauaplr, d hag
not tieen made known beyond rumor. It is understood,
however, that General Johnston wished to surrender, not
only hi* own immediate command, hut, speaking for tho
confederate authorities, the whole armed forces of the
rebellion. H was also btM wish to know what terms
would be yielded the member* of the confederate executive.
Citnrral Mhtrman rrfuttd fe rtognitr 'Ac au'tiorifow
of my ?u- U if ncMon-n', but was prepared to tr?-at with
General Johnston as an <411 cr of the insurgent forces.
took place yesterday noon. General Johnston was accompanied
by John C. Bfrklnrdge. whose tl'tiun during
the conference was rec<ignlsed only as that of a Mujur
General of the insurgent lori es, and not as Secretary of
War The conference lasted until four o'cloi k In tlio
afternoou. when the commanding generals separated. A
cessation of hostilities was agreed upon, und certain propositions
mad for the entire submission of the relx-ls to
the I'nited States government. What these propositions
tre we do not know id detail They are a secret for the
Ml hi, sod await assent und istilii ation ut Wsihliiglon.
As far as the terms have been made public by current
f port, they sre as follows:?
A < oinpletc and unreserved submission of the forces of
the relieilloh.
The acknowledgment of the authority of the Dnitcd i
Status every whoie throughout the limit* of the li;*urr*clion
The tro?>[>* of each state to ump.h to their reapectlvu
rap ml*. there to deliver to an officer of the Dulled
Slati-* eelected for the purpo-v all arm* and Implement*
of w ar
Other proportion* are emhrai *d In the agreement re
ferrin* to the diepontion to l>e made of the rebel civil
Jeff Davl* li aaid to have been near the ptaee of ronferenre,
mid Unit cotiatatil communication a** had with
him hjrJohniton. In fntt, it it rta'-tl thexl the In nit iwhtmOii
Hi the latter were at hie diehilion.
During the eonierenee the etalf oltlrer* on either *ldn
en'ered into cartel conversation Regret wv unlver tally
eyireaied m- the rebel olflreri at the M Man notion
if the Pirrident, Hrccklnridgc going no far bh to any thiit
Mr. I.lneoln wu tjie beet friend the Routh ever had
He alio "Hid that the ronatltntlonal amendment aboliebfri;;
slavery wa* perfectly Ju*l
The rejoicing* in Raleigh are exuberant. The glad day
of |ieaee i* believed to have arrived at laet, ami all hail
It with delight.
Mr. E. I). Wratfall'a Dripatrh.
RaLRion, N. C , April JO, lPtS.
Taa rosrmaaiw with joi jou**to*.
General Sherman hae had two conference* with Joe
Johnaton reap cting the aurrender of all the rebel* to the
latter * deparunent. They were held at Dirrbain nation,
on the North Carolina Railroad, eighteen tnila* from Oil*
town Johnaton'a army la at Chapel Hill, a few mile* ,
beyond Durham'* Kllpalrlck* cav*>ry command I* the
only Dn Ion force In that vicinity, the balance of Sher
man * army being In and around Raleigh.
Negotiation! commenced or. the 10th. when John*Ion
rent a letter of Inquiry to Abarman for term*, Mating
that he wa* ready to turremler hi* army on atml
lar tertm to thoae given Leo by Grant, and taking
our chief to ouor.munlcnte with the government j
at Wa?hlUgton and get ?uch term*, tleneral Sherman
replied that ivrt tfel ay war annexe wiry; he MM fully
empowered to ad; mat reaety atul ann ul te> rtiet out the
balance of the rebel etock according to (Irani'* schedule.
A conference at Durham Ntatlon on the morning of the
Jldli wa* the, re*ult General Sherman with *11 hi* staff.
In their holiday coatume, with some wine and clear*,
w? re tran?|Hirted hy rntl to Durham *, thence on hor* *
to a little (arm hou*e two nille* upon the road to < Impel
Hill. Sherman and Johnaton were r lone led three hour*
and nobody know* the result of the conversation It
wac remarked, however that the General wa* In very
good r| irii* wnnti the f??rtv returned to lhl* ity al night
The nniu rtf Pmtdent Lineal n'I lUlii'iination had rcso/t'ii
htm he/or- At* rfurrmp in the morning, and many thought
tt would iiitluvin c Mm unfavorably towmd i.tmoahlo
settlement. The Intellkrente wax communicated to Johnston
uiul Ins officers, and wax received by them wlih sentiment*
of hoiest UlHt profound retir.-t. Even the rebels
of Joe Johnston's army hod eornc lo admire Mr. Lincoln's
honesty and s-t raid it forwards s. They win deplore
hie absence in the sottu incut of these difficulties oh
much as miy in otir army.
Wado llairipbni reclined on a bench in front of tho
farm house while Generals Mix rmsn and Johnston consulted
ttiHide M.yjcr Gericrnl Harrv Sherman's)
Ghief of Artillery), and Ccueral Kilpatrtck ap i
preached Hampton for friendly converse. The '
Kjiii' Ii Curfil fit. fuvdlrvni.'in m ?! a vrrv friuiri '
surface to both, end General Harry loft blin. |
Kilpufruk, however, commenced ft conversation with ;
lilin, which finally resulted in awranvlo. Tho deed* und (
uai-r in of their respociive commands were warmly ill* i
cussed. Koch indulged in r miuisceiu'cs of thrashings j
he hud given the oi hor, and oa I. den,red nothing more
than that the settlement of the whole thing should ho
lett to Urn cavalry in a fair fight. Tho contagion spread j
among tbo ro* pectlve cavalry staffs, and those gentlemen ,
paiUn with no increased love for each other. Th s was !
the On I v incident that occurred to inar tho harmony of
the molding on tho lirat day. It ia consoling to roll'ct
Hint tins bitter foeljiip is Continod to the cavalry of both
armies Ttm prospects for bloody tunes are dim.
Yesterday Gencial Sherman went out to Durham's
age in, reluming late at night. The report is now that
not only Johnston's army, hut alt the Brinies of the eon
federacy ape to be surrendered. John 0. lhrockliiridgo
appeared III behalf of Jeff. Davis, and made propositions
winch II accepted by the govornm nt at Washington,
will, it is understood, bring about that desirable result.
Major Hitchcock, of General Sherman's stall', has gone
to Warhiu;:tuu with the propositions. Meanwhile tho
arm rs lie still no they are. tie, e. at ,X' unrmnu, to to is rep
tied iti G>csaJ??o. t'? to be pennitltd to come through
Johnston's lines to Raleigh.
Johnston's pome.
Johnston will probably surrender abonl thirty-five
thousand men. He has a large proportion of artillery
and cavalry in the command. In fact, It is said, that
hie army is better supplied with Add guns and horses
than any army the confederacy ever had. A great many
of Johnston's rank and tile are not willing to wait
for the formal surrender, but cut loose and come In
here or go home, as Is most convenient. Hundreds of
Lre's soldiers also aru coming down to their old hotnes,
with parolee in their pockets.
The Neusc river bridge, twenty Ave mike below here
on the railroad, will be rebuilt In a day or two, when
communication will be perfect to Newborn and the
General Sherman's pet scheme is now to march this
grand army overland to Harper's Kerry, Va., and disband
Mr. O. P. Howe's Despatches.
Ramdgu, N. C., April 21, 1806.
The country, doubtless, ere this will reach you, will
have been uppriscd of the surrender of Johnston and all
the forces under his command to Geueral Sherman. This
ttu"pl' loue event transpired on the 18th Instant, at three
o'e|o? k I' M Major llitohcock, of Sherman's staff, left
for Wesliiiigton the same evening, with despatches to
the 1'iee.denl, submitting the terms agreed open for his
c<in<odorutloii in the mennttme the belligerenls will retnain
?u tta-'u qw>. Tho national forces are mostly on
<unit ed In 1111(1 about Kuleigh tin- ait\unci' (Kupatrick s
cavalry) lwln|! nt ('Impel Hill and Durham slAiiun, tweniv
eight nml twenty lour mi leg respectively from this
oily The enetuy ih at Hillsboro, fourteen miles from
Durham station, anil at various jaunts between that plare 1
and Greensboro.
It is understood that during the negotiation*, Jobn.-on
?u." in i ounnuuieation with Breckinridge and Davis, and
a< ted in ucrerdanee with their advice and instructions.
No parolee were desired. The rebel troops are to he
man hi d to their respecthc State capitals, and there disbanded,
and allowed to return to their homes, after
tacklnir their arms, which will lie taken charge of byte
United States officer apiailnted to receive thctn. The
rebel troupe, are, for the most part, retotced at the proa- |
pert ?if peace, and entirely rutiafled and resigned to their I
fate They eonaider that the have be*n fa'tly whipped,
j and that a further continuation of the cotite-t would be !
not only uaelean b it criminal.
Ah early as ten o'clock of the 1Mb Inst, it Is came apparent
thai something looking to a surrender of the
enetny to our forces was in progress. The troops already
moving were ordered to go into camp and make tie m elves
comfortable for the day?an order which was very
gladly obeyed, as the weather was rainy aud disagreeable
and the ruwds quite heavy. It soon became known
that General Johnston had sent to a flag of trace to ln2uire
of General Sherman on what terms he would be
tlowed to surrender, and asking a cessation of hostilities
till General Grant could be heard from, Ormral Sherman
replied thai he poeterted full power. in the prrmitrt, and
that General Johnston would he allowed the same term*
of surrender as were granted to Lee. A cessation of boa-'.
Ultt.qs he would allow, provided no movement of troope
should he made, not ifiwil upon by both. On aroonat
of some Informality lo the transmission of General CherMn|(.
k. flaaasal lfllr.nl. ika wawAlUlUsia as.
Saturday were somewhat I understood that :
OcnaraTiSherman * latter waa, by aomo mistake, left oat
of General Kilpatrlck'a to Hampton, in which be apaaka
of it aa "enelowd." The mlataka waa roctifled, and
General Johnston requested a pertonal Interview with
General Sherman, t aptain McCoy, of General Sherman'*
staff, waa accordingly deepatrbed on Sunday to arrange
with one of Johnston's staff officers a place and time of
meeting. Bennett's bonse four mllea from Durham
station, on the Hlllsboro road, waa selected
aa the place and twelve. M. of the following
day, the lTtb, aa the time. Accordingly, at the time and
place avrned upon the conference waa'held. It lasted
bunt one hour and a half and ended with an appointment
for the following day, when final terms would be
creed upon. It le said that Jofinalon desired several >
days' time, that he might consult Breckinridge and I)a- j
vis; but our chief would not consent. One more day |
| must settle the matter, or ho should order a forward
movement. What transpired the next day I have si- '
ready mentioned. The ron"ercnce lasted souio three 1
hour*. Each General was accompanied by mo? t of his
staff officer* at both interview*. On the first day there w*a
little cordial ty, especially on the part of the rebel oftleeis. j
They kept to themselves, for the meet part, and 'eemed
little inclined to exchange civiliti *. Ouroffhera had
prov ded thamselve* with dgars, wine anjl othc: creat re
comforts, wliich they freely offhrcd to their r*h< I friends, ,
but they were generally declined, and of'on with an air
of hautin"se almost instiling. The only realty disagreeable
circumstance, however, was a wordy and excited altercation
lietweeri General* Hampton and Kilpatrick.
The former gon'h man was evidently .n very bail humor.
The lalter was Inclined to lake llungs pleasantly, tittlll 1
"Hampton characterized his recent surprise of Kilpu- ;
trick'* camp a* a disgrace to him General Kilpatrick. !
Tin* roused our hero's Ire, and he taunted Hampton by |
saying tlmt he got out of his ramp in a big hurry, so
much so that he did not have time 'even
to lake the colors with him. much less the ammunition :
and guns They became more arid more excited a- they
talked of the advantages, each claimed that he had
gained over the other al different limes and places, till
their respective sti|>erlor*. It Is aald, were obliged to Interfere.
Kilpatrick unquestionably coinc out first best
The difference In the *p|iear<uice ami manner of the contracting
parties was quit marked General Sherman,
with Ills coat unbuttoned, his hand* In his pockets, ami
smoking his cigar, was quite cheerful and at his ease, j
having th?- sir of one who felt himself indubitably "mastar
of the situation '' General Jo|in*lon. with his coat
carefully buttoned up, hi* uniform uew, ami |
looking every Inch the soldier, appeared quite haggard ,
and careworn, it WM unquestionably n very timilnuaiil
duly he was performing, ami we'gliedTieaviTJr upon him
The first day Joluc-ton s fluff Scouted the idea o' surren
der, which. perlia|>?, somewhat accounts for their coldness
of manner But at the final interview they began j
to rcall/.c that it was even so, anil were quite c.orduil. j
They mingled fre-ly with our officers, and.the cavalry
escort showed their good feeling by racing and swapping
horse*. Throughout our entire ariny the nfit mcly fate
of our noble President has ncras oned a profound gloom
A bailie lost would not occasion a tithe of
the sadness which now prevails tin this account -
fitted over Johnaton'a Mirrcmler A ureal affliction
overwhelm* them, and turne rejoicing into mourning
To tbo?* who have nnl been In lie in mv It la difficult to
appreciate tha ationg regard nml affection cherltthed by
the coldlera for Abraham l.iueoln lie wa? their idol.
They loved him for hie treat qualltiea "f bead nod
heart Hi- unimpeachable honentv, hi? pure and din'
Intereeted pelrlotiem hie remarkable conalaiency, bia
eieiuly and unfaltering efforta to mvc tl untry, end,
above all. hla d-vol Ion to the welfaie of the private
eoldlar- liiew are the qunhtlra which won lha :
admiration of the armv Kor the inferable wretch
who committed the hloodv deed there are Inod '
and bitter ete. ralione If the eoldiere had him I think J
they would torture him to the lant extremity of human I
endurance. The announcement of Mr IJncoln'a fall hv
General Sherman to Johnnon waa received aorrowlully
Amiinit tha rebel officer* and men It waa regarded aa a
miel untoward act, eapec tally to l?e regretted at thla j
IWLBmn, N. 0., April 28, ISM
tii* *vTiea tiaitHi mm M-aaaaoaain
1 It I* now generally underetood that John C Bret ken
ridge waa the "head and front" of tlia recent negoti*. 1
tionn, and that he aurrendcred the entire rtdi?l army
General Terry'e corpa (the Tenth) wm reviewed by
General Sherman yeatcrdny. It waa a grand adair Tin
| negro troop* were the ohjort of apei ial attraction, par- j
Hi ulnrlv to the otlt/.ena, who hvl never *"<n curb a '
eight. They marched in perfect atap, ami received mm h
credit for their mnrtlal appearance
The army will )irohably llo here a week or ten day*,
when it will be mar bed to Harp r * Kerry, or eoine
other point near Washington, where It will lie paid off
and dl- bunded, at leant a pai t of It.
A Pioteal nunlttat lite font In tin nee of the !
Rebel ktate Officer* of Noil h fit rol I tin,
(From the fob gh I'mgreaa, Apr I 'Jfl )
We do not de?lte to dictate to General Shcrtr in. Oepe.
ral Grant, nt the government a' W aahlngton, but we do
iic+i folcrniy noteel aauorint thnn state officeta who
have tyrannized over ua for the last two years. Oivt uf
a in Hilary government and protection at the poll* unit)
we can elect new civil otheerv, and we shall be satisfied r
but If those who have boreUitore enslaved us be allowaa
to remain over us, all our devotion to a constitutional
Union and all our MUTlOces are In vain. Give uh entire
freedom through the constitutional mode of the halloa
box, or give us abject slavery. No more of Davia, no
more of Vance. We *peak not for ourself, but for the
people of North Carolina, and we ap|>e&l to the Union
armies and the uulioual authorities to nave us.
Loyal Officers of the North ( aroliua Ktate
rFrom the Raleigh Progress, April 19 ]
In speaking of tlio tllght of Gov. Vanco wo do not wish
to be understood as censuring utl State oltlcers. Surgeon
uetit'roi Wurrou, C. H Thointu*, Secretary of 8UUe, and
C. H. Hrogden, Comptroller, have all remained, preferring
to <uiki their lots with ami for the Union The
Treasurer, Mr. Worth, is absent from the eity, but he to
a true arid loyal man. and hoe ever been anxious for
peace, and ban constantly used bin Influence to restore
the Union and the integrity of the government Vance,
more than any other man, is responsible for whatever
may deem to be boetile to the national authority in North
The North Carolina Itallroada.
[From the Raleigh (N. C.) Standard, April 17.)
We learn that tlio train* are uow running regularly
through u> this place ffrom Morchcad City aud Wilmington,
and the telegraph linos are in operation.
The machinery and rolling stock of the RaJeigh oud
Gaston road, winch had been removed to the company
aliops, were brought back to this piuce a day or no before
the United Stales forces reached here; and we learn that
arrangements are In progress to resume operations in the
workshops of this rood, and to put the rolling stock Is
motion. The 1'resident of the road acted wisely in ordering
this property back to Raleigh, as General Sherman
has no disposition to destroy railroad properly or U>
cripple the operations of the roads when they foil into
his hands. On the contrary, his policy is to sncourage
and promote industrial operations of all kinds. Hie wkib
Is to preserve, not destroy.
i. i .? ii
Ao., Ac., Ac.
The steamship Ariel, Captain Jones, from Aepiuwall
17th inst , arrived at this port yesterday morning, bringing
the California mails to the 3d iust.
The following is her
II. Colin At Co $30,600 Wells, Fargo At Co. $12,000
A. Rich A lire 4|600 Order 22,076
Total $00,070
Our Panama correspondent, writing on the 10th of
April, hivb:?Mnce the departure of the hist United States
mull fruin this Isthmus, (ftth instant) nothing worthy of
note hue occurred in political mallow at Panama. The
usual amount of idle rumors abont l re ah outbreak* and
uprisings, so common in nwolutionary times, have been
Hunting about, keeping the timid in a couatant state of
suspense and t'lieaeinc**; but, barring these idle stonon,
nothing has taken place to mar the quiot of our city and
neighborhood. Tho now govoruinont aroma to tM pro
grossing tavorably, and no opponUion haa so far been
munifesti d towards it; but in these unaettled countriee it
la impossible to tell what a day may bring forth.
The United States flagship Lancaster nailed from Panama
for Central America and San Francisco, on the lilt
The United Stale* gunboat Wateree, Captain Hurry,
arrived at Panama from the ooaet of Mexico on the MM
At Panama buatneaa I* very doll, on account of the lata
frig Ida of our eaaily excited community. Merchant*
here are holding off from making large order* on the
United Btah a until gold again goee up or prices aoaaa
The new* of the fall of Richmond, although not unexpected,
cauaed intense excitement In Panama; and on all
aidaa the war in America la conaidared virtually at an
Nothing later haa been received from the interior e*
i front the South Pacific ooaet.
News from Central Amfrira.
Pxnaua, April 10, MM.
The ateamahip Guatemala, Captain Dow, from O utrwl
American porte, arrived here at her anchorage on the
morning or tbe 1Mb in?u Hhe bring* * very I urge < urgo,
principally for Europe.
Tbe new* by the Guatemala 1* qnlte Interacting 1'realdent
Carrera, of Guatemala, Kill linger*, but it ir tbougbt
ho can survive but a very abort time longer. Already,
In anticipation or bl* demise, coming trouble* aro talle d
of, and there seem* but little doubt tbal hi* death will
novation a dleturbaiice.
I have been given an idea of the contract of Captain
Prim, UN, for the construction of a railroad In Nicaragua
to connect the 1'aciflc Ocean with tbnUulf of Muim He
ha* ibc monopoly for a-vcnty year*, tbe road to Iks commenced
when it to diacovered that the Pannma Hmltoud
cannot obtain a renewal of I'.a charter from the government
of Colombia.
A destructive (Ire occurred at Chinendegn, Nicaragua,
on the :il*t of March, on tbe premise* of Mi ner* Kitsgerald
A Hussey, which resulted In thn total d'KlructMin
of their exlenn ra eri>ib"B?hmvnt. constating of a m?mill,
cotton gji and cotton pre**, together with a Urge
amount of cotton and mime eight or ten email native
house*. The Ion* I* et'lmated at between thirty ?u?d
forty thousand dollars.
In halvador the crop of cotton haa turned out
much heller than ntl nutlciputrd, and large <|unnlltie?
were lying ?t the diflcrent port* ready for shipment. In
Nicaragua ill" price of cotton ha* (alien very much
In Honduru* everything was quiet on the let of April.
The President had l**u??J a decree of non-lntercoureo
wlili Goal* Ri<a on the ground* that tbe latter had
altorilcd an asylum to General Barrio*.
The Flight of the Arch Traitor JrfT !>**! ?
lie hravm llttlahoro, S. C., for th- Trans.
Missis.ijipl Slut* a. Oil the I4>k *?.,
I'nilrr Karon of Two Thoaian* ** k?d
(from the Richmond Whig, April 25.1
Great curio* ty Is naturallly felt North and Pouth to
learn what ho* become of Jcfl i-on llavla, the bend and
rmnt of the greatest rebellion the world has yet seen.
Ho vanished from Richmond under cover of the night of
April 2; on (he 6th he turned up In INvnvllle, where he
tarr ed pint lung eaough to l**ue as a proclamation one of
Mr .fuilali P. It Djein n a InculiratloO*, and then again
disappeared tttnee that tin.c Pu re have been numerous
onjei lures a* to his fate Krom Havannah, via Haiti,
more, the report intoc to Us that he had reached Macon.
Georgia, on Hi# Hllh Inst. It w ourred to u? that he had
made ealraordlnary good time between I'am tile ami thai
point, hut not being satisfied whid feats of llighl a man In
hi* circumstances might nut ae otnptlah when fear lent
wing* to hi* heel- wc pulitiahed the rumor without comment
8ul?" qnently, by advlt o* from Newborn, N t\, via
Washington, we heard he wa? With Johnston * army, at
Hlllsboro, on the North Carolina Railroad w? at of
Haleigh, on or about the 13th. W? credited tble report
at ilm time, ami have now the mmri* or knowing thai it
* ? I'orrwl hat tng Ju-d rereivod. through a tru*t worthy
aourre, authentic intrlhgrnre irom that portion of North
Carolina which throw* light upon Davia' move-moot* and
explain* why ho wa* not Intercepted by Stonemen, who,
on th* ISth.'lnok Halivhury, which i- on* hundred rnMn
eouthweat of Hillahorn bv ilm Una of tho llortb Carolina
Divi ? * at Mill*horo from tha 12th to thoild'h Iner
llo than went by rail to (freennfeefn, whence with an curort
or two llionnmd tucked tavalry, w-looted from
Hampton'* nnd Wheeler a Command", ho *tarlr?1 on
horaebnulr for the tar Mouth, taking the - ountry road due
aoilth to A*ht<oro and i lo-raw By thla rout* hr left
Malii-liiiry and Binnrnian forty m lea to hia right. f'nifn
fit raw 5o probably -truck aouthwtwt to Cnlnmtitn,
Mouth alar-din*. fr--m wltlrh place the country waa open
bofor-1 lum writ it be roarhed th* lino* of fJenrral* f'anby
an-l WiImui Hi* one ob|ert now la to earape to the
Tran- Mt**l*elppl, and ho rannot regard lilmaelfotil ofexIri-tno
dang- r until ho ha* run the gauntlet uf the Culled
Ha to* ariiiirn now opi-ratlng hi Alabama. Three two
thou-and hur-i-tnon form 10 day a gloomy ravalrade a*
i hoy toil along the Mom hero randy loud* under a !?ntitli.
i orn aim. i'orliapa they ar rboerod by th- tooling thai
they hoar Cm ar and hia fori n**; they certainty Cover
all that I* left of the *o railed confederate government,
and themaelte* romprwe the only organlred fore- that
Pavla liaa on thl* *id* of the Mlarteylppl river Da-1?,
Bre' klnriilgr Trenholm, Iteulamln, Hi. John and lien
gut: all ride in ih* rehire of thai forlorn band: and how
mai y und. r?tmpper* keep their ootnpany it la booth-*#
lo know Ttiey boar with Uiem no aflb'tmu uf th- pen
pie of lll< brnond, though Uiejr have left ua a lr*t/og
memento In tho rharre<l ami blnokened mine r-t lt>?
fait ret portion of nut henutllul nty

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