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v ' R G 1 H 1 A
CNHMI JataJ A. IMIJ >?fc?ig tar PM.
r_A BtalaUMM* of th? Imiilw
Vlrflala-liMtto* of a PmMcat
mm Iteaviu* R? 11 road?Joe JohnMmi
Osadldatc?Uoeernor PUrpolat
0mym Hie IltctUa WaaM Not be Acceptavit
tm Htaa?A. H. Baford Piaaliy
iMtmk-PaUtlcal llyaifleaacc mt tbc J
cttioa, Ac.
Kichmond, Va>, Sept. 13?0 P. M.?
A aauMl vigorous eflort has (been set on fool UerVi tor
Ike pardon of JubaJ A Early, a general la rebel
araay, who wwt perhapti more frequently beat?fe Hjan
? "ih?r officer of all that whipped boat of oOcure and
men. Notwithstanding Early a early df.termiziaiion not
to fee pardoned, and bis recent annunciation of that allegation
in the streets of Washington, he, is, neverthe
lea, personally most anxious upon thlibyotat, and his
frieode here are about to make a most desperate onset
upon President Johnson to secure Tor Use recreant rebel
Ut* price lew boon. Early was a member of the ?on vont
on which passed the ordinance of noeaaion and took
Virguua unwillingly out of the Union. So waa not only
a another, but a violent one. At the session of the oon
vcation held on Friday, the 14th of June, 1801, the conventten
proceeded to sign the onttnance of secession.
When the name of Mr. Barly was vailed he asked leave
to have the following inserted In (lie Journal
.fthrahann Ltnooln, Ttreuident of (he United States,
having set a aide the constitution and laws, and subverted
the government of the said United States, and established
) Uen thereof an usnvped government founded
open the stent principals of tyranny, the undersigned
bee therefore determined te sign the ordinance of aeceeaion
adopted by this convention on the 17th of April
last, with Mm intention ef sustaining the liberties, independence
and unity or the State of Virginia against the
ea>d Abraham Lincoln^ Mn alders'and abettors, and with
an hope er deah?e for rasonaiructioaof the old Union in
nay mnmr that shell unite the people of Virginia with
the people of the noh-elavoholding States of the North.
jubal a. sarlv.
Brte dsneaaaut waednly admitted o?the Journal, nad
the aaaa, tie author, is now an humble auppllant for the
enonlive prerogative of aeercy.
osnbtat. ran k. johmstom
dined at Mr. Freetand'a this evening in company with a
few eahel Irienda. He la adjourning in the city for a few
dnpeen private tocstoeas.
lUonnoitD, Vs., Sept. IS?0 A M.
ne bahvhu uiunui.
The meeting of the Danville Railroad direction for the
purpose of electinga president, now being held la this
my, bad an angry and altogether excited sessioa last
even lag, Anally adjourning without attaining the desired
result. There are several candidates for the presidency
of the road, in which the State has a controlling interest.
The most prominent of tbeeo candidates Is General Joseph
E. Johnston, of the late rebel army, towards whom
the reeling is very kindly throughout, but whose election
it was tbongbt last evening would be prevented from
motives of expediency. Several questions arose; among
others, whether General Terry would not vacate the election
or so conspicuous a rebel general. It also occurred
to several gentlemen of the direction to ask if the election
of Johnston would be wholly acceptable to Governor
Pierpolnt, when it was ascertained that such
a choice just now would not be acceptable to that
functionary. After a prolonged session I ho board adJo?med
to meet at ten o'clock this morning, when it is
thought that General Johnston will be ehoeen. There is
nothing else of interest here, save the terrible sweltering
kM weather
Riohuowd, Va., Sept. 13?0:30 P. M.
Tm DAxvimi unsoiD rnnioKHcy.
The Board of Directors of the Danville Railroad met
again at tea o'clock this forenoon, but subsequently adjourned
until this evening without making choice of a
president to direct their aflkira. The discussions were
lively, aad in many respects exceedingly acrimonious.
though the Awlmg of the directors and the
popular wiahee -seem to Ma only in ike direction
of the election of General Johnston. The opinion of
the general government at Washington has bean asked
ae to the eUfibilHt of G?wnJje*eeton, aad ft 4a
ejected lunn mm win De mantN uumr vo m
mm of Ala evening: when, K MJB continues to be
tiioofbt, if tbc government should-not object, General
Jobnstm Will ktetoND. The cob Met exeMM the Hvslleel
appf*hensions?f the people, who throng tho place or
?eeUag by hundreds upon haedrods.
juimul imnwywt
Judge R. B. Baker wee to day Rotated Judge of Ike
Sixteenth Judicial Circuit, comprising the counties of
Smyth, Tazewell, Bland, Waahtfegton, RuaseU, Beott,
Lee, Wias and.Bochanan.
BicnwMD, Va., Sept 14-C M A. M.
vn uiniuB nirnup blkchob. .
The absorbing oontoet for the prealdoncy of the Ual
viUo BaMsead, which baa hoes going on here fir eeveral
daye past, Mmlag the only then* of public Intsrasi, was
brought to a cloae at a lata hoar laet evening by the election
of Br. A. & Buford?a prominent member of the
Virginia Legislature under the rebel rtfim*. General
Terry Informed the State proxies that the government at
Waahlngton had no Intimatlona to make in the matter,
yet at the ?amo time a committee, appointed by the
stockholders to wait upon Governor Pierpoint and fscortain
hie viewe relative to the election of General Joseph
K. Johnston, reported that kia Excellency (aid that the
elect ioc or the General at thia time would prove extremely
injudicious. Upon these Intimations, coupled
with the quiet expression of an unofficial opinio* from
General Terry, conveyed to the meeting by Mr. Bute
Proxy Palmer, Mr. Buford waa ehoaen to the place. Tb*
election had a political significance, hence its dur?"on
nod the bitternehe of its contention. The object oJ*jj ?
riple woe lo ascertain whether Joseph K. JohnsHT?"'
recognised by the government as eligible,
as he is a universal favorite, not only w"
Slate of Virginia, but with the whole
be could be a-cepiable to the go^rhtT*?.''
would form a nucleus around wb"* " ,^ i,??
sou id concentrate for polity" . operat>is m the ruture.
Thi? hAirff u.pir ori* -*- idea. it was necessary to asceriSn
wb^*^ entertained ? the governmont on
i General Terry and (uvernor Pierpoint were
Hnu consulted at large, the latwr gentleman intimating
hie belief that the govcrntnei* would favor the proposition
General Terry, aa a ?.rue seldier, telegraphed lo
Washington for specific imtructlona. The public under
standing waa that the government vouchsafed no responee
to the telegram thus suggested by General Johnston's
friends, bnt it la not at all unlikely that General
Terry was fully advised of the vlewa of the
government at Washington upon the sutyect. In
oonssquSBce of these (acts, being painfully evident to
tho directors of the road, General Johnston was beaten
and Mr. Bu/ord was chosen, and certain deep maobinatione
were brought to a sudden end This election was
not only a matter of widespread Interoat in the South,
hut enlisted tho active sympathies and oo-operation of
the saoat powerful interests of the North. There were
agents here of railroad and other Northern influenoee of
the moat opulent and important charaotor. using their
utmost exertions to secure tbc election of General Johnston.
Fortunately the discretion and patriotism of the
authorities at Washington sufficed to extinguish a con
piracy la embryo, fraught with great future evil to
tbe republic. It to to no *ne improbable (bat
it* cbotoa of Johnston aa Preeldent of
lb* Dennlle Railroad would have been aacceeded
by hie election to tb? Senate of the United States I
te All U>e aext vacancy. In tbia view General Lee won If 1
.. ?o doubi, bave been associated with bim in S<u?Uv 1
honor* and dlgaittoa at tba earliest practicable I
twit;. I
Maar important reeelatioaa and roporu we* p ?
aad tfanad, which I subjoin _
?U.iiiIowa ooxcnmnu m prnnnor .... tl
iMuHMmu offered the follow)-' wnicD *er* p
''i&ereea, tba fUcbnond aad Dan ?
paay, la yareuaaoe ?f tbe aulboiV. w
rreotationa of tbe stockholders an !,?!.,eanitai <1
u,re. hare an beer I bed for nearly ? lMi?d f
stock of tba Piedmont Railroad i^tho'^fd^iodmoni a
*% lUllrofcd''o'^ooHnjctX "mo"1 ?>*clu?,v*|y w,tb
tbemmt aaWbv #n tb*tr ??barrtption to d
* Including a,
Uio TJ i?WT^ini. M noek bolder ofthree Ofths of p
he ??? toeJtltEd to whol? of "? property
ygg'jy-yy.Ad Company: and whereas it ap
at ion of L. k Harrle, *aq. lato
rV?rn rfV. I ?~<?m pan y, addreeeari to Uila mecVng,
thai i ..i. Jmin? lo act under tbe authority of tbe |?
1JL,.y?-?r of tba United !>tatee bare seised the aald .
f?Zj2Vr?ailr-ia.i with all the other property and effect*
..nirWaet Railroad Company, aa well w tbe books b
,,J~3aers belonging to them, and Mill hold tbe aame, tl
? JZrery te tbe jest rights and Interetta of this company; b
aaoired, That tbe (aid aeliare of tbe railroad and *
atbav M?tx af tbe Piedmont Railroad Company la, In *
the tai>M ef tbie meeting, altogether contrary to right *1
aai InaHea, aadtbare la na ground on which the aald bi
railroad mA edbar property can be withheld from tbe m
Hwln^Aal tbe Board of Director* be instructed te I*
aw all proper means to protect the right* and intaresu Tl
af this oampMf > tbe said railroad and property, and to ae
taiiss His isdtnrstlrra rtf the same to tbe said Piedmont
VaUrea* Company aa aoon aa posetble, or to tbe officer*
aad Mania of Vhfl company
ReaoWed, Ant, In Tie* of the interenta ef tbe Stutc in
Jfcamld rstlroad aad property, the Board of Directors
aaraeetly Invoke tba aid of the Bute government in
WWatalnt aa tbe rtghU of tbla oompany therein, and ia at
aanatng tb?s ame te be speedily watered to the Piedmont tl<
Railroad Company,or to the officers aad sgeataof tbe
Raanlred, That the Board of Directors be a?.*horlaed to fa
wall tba appropriate powers aad means of tbtocom- cc
er to amompllrh tbe ->hjectaf there reeoluilons, and
mmp| other tmngs, ther be ape dally instructed el
a srpoint each committee ? tW deem lit aa apeedlly m
a niaotlnaM". to wait oa '.he Preeldent of tba united ft
a?d reprwent ta bim he elaima of tbla oompany U
aa tba aaM fallmnd and pnyrty, asking hla favorable la
madiiaMra tborapf, end ?*h action w be may deem pi
iji,a u urtori t "j- la
JT*Hrenrhment In tba at- U
mmb afula company, tkt thv Board of Directors ba M
SSbarlwd ? wwt* ?p?et-cabie rrow
" ?
mhmmj ***** *>*?s?anaat Hailroa* for parted *
twelve monU>4 piwiM &at the um can to dene npon
such term* M wtCi, la their onilot, subserve the interestaol
yeeUrday'ln^iofcaoas showed ? btmj de- 0
oMb* a every grade ef the commodity. Three weeks t
*9? f*? shipping leaf ?n worth fully thirty six dollar* g
p?r hundred Yesterday the mm grade of the article
br?ught only thirty uoe dollar* per hundred. The mar- '
k * is, however, very lively. 1
Their Rnrpllen at ClBflaaatl?Dinner !
at the St. Hl(hela>?Friendly Greetings, '
Toast a, Speerhea, dir.
[From the Cincinnati Oar.ctte, Sept. 13.]
The distinguished gentleman from the other side of the ]
Atlantic, who arc now on a visit to the United States, J
were received by the Chamber of Commerce yesterday '
afternoon. A dinner was also Riven them laat evening .
at the St Nicholas. The entertainment waa gotten up '
under the direction of Mr. 8. 8. L'Hommedieu, President ;
of the Atlantic and ftmat Western Railroad, to which the j
1 leading officers of the railroads cantering here, a vary
\ few prominent cltlrens, and representatives of the preaa
were mvlted. In the drawing room of the St. Nicholas
tbe visitors presented a decidedly foreign appearance;
but we found them feeling very much nt home, ana ]
manifesting a degree of am iability that is generally regarded
as cnar&rteriRtlc of the universal Yankee nation. '
At dinner Mayor Harris was given the head of the 1
table. On his right was seated Sir Morton Mo; and on ]
his right, Hon. Robert J. Walker, of this country. To ,
tKa |Af* ?# !?? n.l Ct*? inKim ITUnn|M| '
land; and to bis right, Mr. Jame8 McHenry, an AmerU
can. wbo has taken an active interest in the great enterprise
in which theso gentlemen are concerned.
Of the dinner we need only any that it was eqaal to
the occasion, and worthy of the guest* for whom it was
prepared. When the appetite waned and the glasses
began to rattle, Mayor Harris arose and read the regular
toasts, after each of which there- were repeated cheers.
They were as follows:?
4. Her K^sty, the Queen.
2. The President of the United States.
8. The Army sfed Navy.
After a few moments of social conviviality. Mr.
L'Hommedieu re-read the first toast, and called upon
Sir Morton Pete.
The whole company arose, repeated over and over
again "the Qneen," "theQueen," and drank her health
and respect.
Sir Mobton then re-read the second toast, and the company
in like manner repeated, "the President," "the
Mayor Ramus repeated the third toast, "The Army
and Navy," and called upon Senegal Hchenok to respond.
Ho, In his modesty, called upon General Smith,
who in a lew words thanked t he company for the honor
Captain Jmnuits, of the British navy, was next called
ont, wbo expressed his well settled conviction that whenever
and wherever either the American or British
army and navy were required to serve their country,
they would do the beat that could be done under the
General Schsscx finally took the floor, in response to
repeated calls, and madn a very pertinent speech. He
suggested that if, instead of toasting the army and navy,
they had toasted that larger body of men, the Smith
family, tho General of that name might have overcome
his modesty and made a speech. But everybody knew
his gallantry, courage and devotion to his country. The
army and navy knew that tbero was but one "Baldy
Mayor Hinnis, in risng to read ths next toast, extended
a hearty welcome on behalf of tho city to the visitors
present. They had connected themselves so firmly with 8
tho interests of the city, by the material relations they I
sustained to ono of its public Improvements, that sympa- c
thy and regard for them could not be suppressed. He c
then read the fourth toastt
Mr. James McHenry and his d:stlnguished Mends?our
honored Kueste, Sir Morton Peto, Hon. Arthur Kin
nairu ana ouiern. ?
Mr. McHrxRT responded in Borne remarks about the o
successful progress that bad bean made in the constnjc- ii
tioa of the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad. It bad
one track in good running order from New York to Cincinnati,
but it was the intention to ultimately have a n
doable track aU the way from Now York to St. Louis, r
with everything in such a state of excellence aa Is now *
not thought of.
Sir Morton Pbto then took the floor, and for half aa
hour entertained tho company with a c64iree of remarks y
that were at onee plain and practical, bat peculiarly terse ?
and somewhat witty. The main drift of his remans was .
designed to reaoh American railroad men, of whom he I '
understood there were to be a number present. < On one ?
potat he wan especially explicit, and that wM|be prnc- '
tiqs of American railroad eompaniee in not 'recognizing r
the rights of capital. ,9bey did not discriminate between
Oplw and revenue, and appropriated a.large porUw
ef the oarnlnjp or proAts of their roads a
4a extending their usefulness, instant of ?p- ~
portioning H *a larger dividends to the stack.
9bere were roedata this oeositry.that mado'protts of tea *
far cantor mow, and vet they returned hot four per B
*ent to English mrHsiVsta. fha rest wan expended 4n ?
?xtend log or Improving the roade.- This was oflfust to 4
TngHsfi wsakhnlrtsn, and the eoasaguence *ras that in
stead of being able to harrow mooef thei* now for four 1
or Ave par cent, American railroad companies had to pay h
seven or eight percent. Sir Morton spoke of the great *
Add America pressnled for the in vestment of European ?
capital, in which the people of this country would be 1
benefitted even more than the capital lata
Mr A antra Konumn was also called out, and made a
speech eofcpMmeatary both to our city and nation-.and
the matter country. Be rsgsads* their Intersste aa one, .
and could tint see how any Englishman could be jealous
sf American prosperity. His remarks were frequently C
rtinnred %
To the following toast Mr. Hamskl Ooasav responded
inn few appropriate remarks:?
Great Britain aad the United SUtee?The electric cable "
CMN of political and social power*, bind together the ,
bouts or the people in bolb countries?may tboir rriend- "
, Jyiatewonwe aavsr bo ii?4??*]fr?s4. f
foflowtng volunteer toast:? Jb
Our Distinguished Gueeta-Though the Atlantic cable ?
baa failed in success, wo find Id meeting* Hke tbe pror "
eat a certain bond of union between the Old aBd.il f
NewCoontriM, where the sensitive tests of barmorjl^ J*
PMlecl, and tbe electric 23S flr
c' friendship and good will unbroken, perfect a" *u>a"T' ?
The Maroa called on Mr. L'Hommerfteu for* r?POMfThat
gentleman, with hie accustomed mod-**" to w
apologize, but before closing made otv of A?1(1081 lnt*r P'
sting speeches of tbe evening. He enter**"*1 our for: wi
elgn friends with a racy narrative of the/*onMr t'mM bt
Cincinnati, beginning with his boyM*!. when ther* ^
were but four brick houses in It. Ho drew a striking to
picture of American enterprise and progress. af
Further remarks were made bv General ScmnrK, ?ho n<
called oat Hon Robert J. Walker. This gentlema' was |D
beginning a very spirited train of remarks when w were b<
compelled to leave. ' to
Arrival of the Tourists at Chi*4!*' hi
Cbicaoo, Sept *> 01
The European capitalists arrived here las BiKht> *nd "
were met at the depot by a large committed l^o Board nt
of Trade. They visited the different poir* Interest in J
and around the city to-day. They areentert",nw' by
* ?
grand banquet at tbe Tremont House *'* *??nlng. They tb
will leave here on Tuesday morni^ T'* the Michigan
Southern Railroad. fr
O Aft war |?
Miss Mary Burr, who reco^J > ?* balf a mil- of
llott of dollam to public * * '*> died *l ber residence, *
University piece, ah'-* on? /non,h **? was the j,
daughter of the Isaac Birr, who may still be rsmsm- tb
be red by mf " one of f*w York's most distinguished 01
merchant- H" *M distributed at his death
iMiirl!" M?ree daughters, of whom only one now sur- tb
This estate oontisted largely of real estate, a In
a deal or which was located on Murray Hill, and the lo
lie of this property If dated MOT, at which time it was sit
irocurad-st a comparatively trifling coat. Miss Mary nc
)urr was a rellgloui lady, a regular attendant of St. te
lark's church. IJks her other two sisters, she was of In
he most retired hifetta, aad none of them ever married, al]
lar will, the substance of which waa published about a mi
reek ago In tha Huuu, gives all bar sstate to religious he
ad bsnevoleni institutions. Her sister, whojlied about
hree rears ago. made a similar disposition of bar pro rty
by her will She was about sevsnty-four ysars old ^
t tha tims of hsr death. all
?J*inp 8w*a. the oldeet resident of Livingston oounty, by
'sw York, disd S few dsra since, aired about on* hun.
red. Ha was a Revolutionary eoldler, voted for George _
Washington for the Drat President of Um United S la tea, T"
nd voted at evei* Prealdentlal election slnoe R'
Descon Wiujam Bob, an esteemed cttlaan of Taunton,
tod la that place on the 10th lost., at the aae of eighty
li yeara and eleven months. Ha ?n the rather of the '
resent Attorney General af Maaaachnaetta. re;
Boat Rare at Ojritw t Bay. ^
Tha Comet, of Jersey Cltf, eighteen faat Are Inehaa la a(F
>n?tb, and the Jete, of Of ate r Ray, length twentyone nf>
at Are Inches, were matched on tha Uth Inat. for cme
andred dollan a aide, tha Jete allowing all mlnutea
me at the start The starting waa from Bog Island
toy at nineteen mlnutea past ona P. M., nailing to Nairn
Island buoy and back, distance twenty ml lea. Tha jj?1
Ind was northwest The J eta taking tha laad, kept It Ne
I through the race When otf Captain's Island the lib ter
tlyard strap of tha Jete parted, which delayed her four a
Inntea. hot ahe turned Nelson's Island hnoy sli and a
?lf mlnutea ahead of the Comet, thence back to Hog
land bnoy. The Jeta won the race by aeren seconds ran
lis waa probably one of the moat escltlng races of the ter
saon aal
??? ?_ ai t
Infhraiatlea Wanted. the
to raa Botroit or the himald. atx
NtmotAa Horn, Naw Yona, Sept. ?, IMS
for many years the Hhum> baa been our home paper.
id now, as an old friend, I oome to you for Informs bl(
in. The truth Is, yon don't give us ladles enough atation.
There la too much poiltlca, and very aeldom a JJJJ
shlon article for ua, aad though I am a "country sllj
main," I like to be attired la "city etyle." ant
Now do tell ma, through your columns, where your th?
ly I ad lea get their "completions." What do they out
ean by enamelllngt J can't find out from female wai
lends, Tor they would be ofltada4 at the mere suppoal- his
on of their poaeeaetng auch knowledge aad yet-not one dai
i ten but do borrow tha "rose and Illy'." I know of Tw
rwdera aad palate, and yet all tbaae can be detected and cot
jars tha akin, but there la aemtthlng. Can't you tail wh
er Please don't ha good aad proay, and tall me of e*. wi
clee. plain diet. good temper, he. I hare anough af R*
tat from my apod bfabaX) Do satisfy my mrvlbatty, th?
)<* buadrids ofwomen wilt bleas you. * ? h
Tin Jvu Riar.ii or ISM.?Col. Oolyer, tbe secretary
f tk? Kieciii* e Committee of the Merchants' 6ommitee,
appointed for tbe relief at the colored people who
nffered by the nott of July, IMS, read hie report for
tnguat M meeting held for the purpose on Friday la?t
fhe meeting was held at No. 40 Wall street. Prom the
?port it weald appear the committee had been for two
rears pressing their claims with the Comptroller, and
InaDy arranged for the payment of fonr hundred and
cventy-nino claims, amounting to $41,32( 28. Three
itindrud and forty-eight claimfl were reje-ted and abandoned;
one hundred and twenty-two claims for ?8,402 17,
rere rqjertod by the Board of Supervisor*; forty-eight
la mrt were allowed by the ?ame board, amounting to
(3,168, but have not yet been settlod by the Comptroller,
mil will have to be suod for; seventeen <luims for about
*1,481 75, are before the board for action. Tbe difference
H'tw?en the sum* claimed and those allowed is
f ,3.!'S9 16; tbe sum originally allowed, but sever paid, Is
13,492; one thounand snd fourteen da ms were entered,
involving the sum of $117,063 60. The committee had
Lo loan claimants to help them, while their demands were
fteing audlttd, $6,040 18.
Tint Lwooi-n Loo Cabin. ?The original leg cabin from
Illinois, erected oy tne nauun 01 me iaw rroiment,
Ibraliam Lincoln, in 1830, in Macon county, and
irhich wan recently exhibited at the great Sanitary
Fair in C'ilea#o, and later on the parade ground,
Boston Common, has arrived in this city. Mr. John
Banks, who aided Abraham Lincoln In the fraction of
:he cabin, thirty odd years ago, on the prairies of Illinois,
iccompanien the exhibition in person, and will answer
nich questions as may be propounded to him. As the
person who went with the President to New Orleans on
.he occasion of bia celebrated flatboat excursion, Mr.
Hanks has become in a manner historical and the property
of the country at large. Ho bears wltfe him Goviruor
Ofilosby's autograph, attached to a ccrtiflvato a<s to
;h? genuineness of the little structure that sheltered Mr.
Uneoln, long before he sver thought of the Presidency,
while but a simple rail fitter and companion of rough
rat honest Western pioneers.
Woman's Collmom of Phtjtciaub and Scaosoin.? Qpn
Meted with tte New York Dispensary and Hospital H '
Ifornm and Children, located at No. 362 West Twentylixth
street, near Kighth avenue, is the Weman's College'
A Physicians aud Surgeons, a session of which for the
iresent year is to commence on the 10th of October,
tod to close on March 1, 1808. At this institution, opxwition
to which on the part of male practitioners haa
learly ceased, women have an opportunity for Che acloirement
of a knowledge of themselves, the science of
rargery and healing, chemistry, physiology, anatomy,
md all the branches of the medical graduate of any other
allege. The college has a One suite of lecture and disecting
rooms, In tho latter of which Miss Emily
I. Bchottler, M. D., holds the scalpel of the demmstrator.
Mrs. Aurelia Reynolds Oils the chair of
'hysiology, and Drs Elizabeth and Emily Blackwell are
n charge of the Woman's Infirmary, on Second avenue.
%e officers of the Board of Trustees include, as President,
Irs. Jonss Winchester; Vice Presidents, Miss Juliet
!orson, Mrs. Rev. Tm. H. Boole, Mrs. Judge Ingraham;
lecretary, Mrs. Ebise B. Smith; Treasurer, Mrs. Hon.
riBcentC. King: librarian, Mrs. Prof. M. Morse. Tho
?..I!" Mr P H I ni<? M n Um Ann. U
tonsmore, M. D., Mrs. H. B. O'Leary, M. D., Prof!
ames Hyatt, M. D., Mrs. Aurelia Raymond M. D., A. W.
/trier, A. M. M D.,T L. H. Willis, M. D., Mrs. Elizabeth
Kid ley, M. D., If las .Amelia,Manning, M. D., Miss Jane E.
Ipatilding, M. D., Mrs. Margaret Cooper, M. D., Miss
larriet Clisby, M. D.,and Miss Schettler, Demonstrator
irdinaria of Anatomy. A preparatory course of lectures
ommences on the 11th of the preeont month, to conInue
until the inauguration of the regular session.
Fmx from a Boor.?Tecterday John Macatiley, aged
even years, fell from tht roof of a building in the rear
f SO Park street, and striking on a roof was dangerously
sjured. He was conveyed to the New York Hospital.
Fatal Fall.?Cornelius Lanaban, aged fourteen
lonthf, yesterday fell torn a third story window of the
eeldence of his parents,268 East Fifteenth street, and
?as so badly injured thai ho is not expected to recover.
Thrsw Hnmr mo* a Window.?At an early hour
eeterday morning Mary Laddin, while temporarily tome,
threw herself from tie window of her apartment
i the second story of 14ft Worth street, and was so selousty
injured that she died soon after. Coroner Gollin
eld ah iaqueet, and a verdict of "suicide while laboring
n4er temporary aberration of Ml was rendered. I
iCMtM <m a native or lreiauu. age"*iity eignt years.
Ah KinMn Lettkk ?On the arrival A tbo mail from
ib FtaMUeom Vrt<Uy ev?n?og laat, tyMie ?uamcr
Mi Wen, tbe employee at the Poet Office in ?h? cUy
rare smprtned on Hading a "!?tt?r," oni its vj.j
Tend en, la Pnwri*. to tt? shape of V7!?4,,r'
?h about two and a half feat long wd six tnehoain ^
laaMter, made of ttn.-oft which were one hundred
ad thirty-six ninety cent posted ?c,!?5
123 40, and in addition Vo which sow fifty doDaw and
en paid, making the postage on the package $1* ?,
rhich ia probably the Hfrgest amount ever for
ne parcel nent by mall since the esUblis>???* ?* ??r
rnstal system. _ ___
Jersey City !*'* *
Mrsrnuoca Bdvucm in a On o-*'1,v,Bnoino* n nB i
ouoa?Considerable Mdtome?* * ?? ? Jersey
Sty In conaequenoe of groan* '*"' ttD(1 ?n?arthly wands
aid to emautvIM* a chr* *i the upper part of Jeray
Ctty for bom night' inBl known of fbese
lysterlous sounds B0B3e ** when the
aator bad or ^ ,e*urn 14 the church after even*
to procure some manuscript which he had
." ?nd had occasion to make nse of. The edifice
TJion clowd for yjSfitfli ?nt> ;v? in iotnl dartp?e?
5ft88P8fe2BiffS! 32&2A3x&&
ib attracted by a low moaning sound, which gradually
creased and at the same time drew nearer. To this he at
at paid but little heed, presuming it to be the antics of
ischlevous boys: but presently the sounds changod to
sminglv unearthly yells, shrieks and groans from inimerable
invisible beings clustering around in close
oximlty to his person. until Anally his feelings were so
rought upon that he felt Unpolled to leave the
i:ldlng with all possible haste. The above ai* mifc
antially the facts of the case as stated by the ^
r of the church to Chief of Tolice McMannus,
ter reports wore beginning to be circulatod in the
Hghborhood that the ehur; h was haunted, and requestg
that the matter might be kept aa quiet as possible,
illeving that In a few days at farthest he would be able
i unravel the mystery and satisfactorily explain tbe
iuae of the sounds. Since that time the church edifice
is been thoroughly exsmmed inslae and out, but withit
unravelling the mystery, and mt-anttme those dismal
id unearthly yells and cries are heard almost cvory
ghl A couplo of nights since Chief of Pdhno McMan
is. accompanied by aid Doyle and detective X. L. Mcllllams,
determined to pay a visit to the reported
turned church. They accordingly procured tbe keva
id entered tbe edifice shortly after midnight. Taking
ieir position in the ccntre of the church in total dark
nw, they'bad remained there but a short time when
iey heard a low moaning sound apparently proceeding
om tbe vicinity of the pulpit, which gradually grow
uder. came nearer, until it finally culminated around
ieir heads in howls, yella, groans, Ac., and then
adually died away as It came. Aft r a few moments
' perfect silence Chief McMannus drew from his pocket
revolver loaded with blank cartridge and fired one
targe, when almost instantly tke edifice seemed
ted with thousands of Infuriated demons, maktnc
out hidoous noises, and apparently bent
i tearing them to pieces. The officer* describe having
iperienced a very peculiar sensatlOb In the head, and
uUly the noises became so liideoiiaind unearthly that
ey made a hasty retreat, apparently pursued by (he
ruriated d"mon* to the door, wMfi they closed and
eked. The officer* then croeeed thMtreet to the oppose
walk and remained there until'daylight, but heard
i further sounds, and mado no discoterles which would
nd to explain the mystery. The people reel ding Is Ibe
mediate neighborhood claim to havt been disturbed at
I hour* of the night by these demoniao sounds, and a
imber of them have determined to leave the neighbor
A Niw Citmuc Carson m Jnunrr Cm.?The corner
)M of i new Catholic church will be laid to day, with
the Imposing ceremonies peculiar to such occasions,
the Right Rev. Dr Bayley, Bishop of New Jersey at
e corner of Grand and Van Vonrt streets, Jereey City,
e ceremonlea will commence at half paat three. The
<r. Dr. E. M Glynn will deliver an appropriate
icoarae, and sevew distinguished clergymen will ast
the Bishop In his solemn office.
r>s*tib ran* Stiwntoan. ?A man named Garret Barf,
while engaged unloading lumber at the foot of 8outh
|hth street, Jersey City, about three o'clock on Friday
ernoon, was prostrated by the heat and died from the
seta shortly alter. About five o'clock on Friday afieron
a laborer, employed In excavating at Vox Hill, Holies,
was rendered insensible from the beet and died
b same evening.
faaeral ef the Rev. Peter Ilammlll.
rhe funeral of the Rev. Peter Hammlll, of Newburyrt,
who came to his death on his way from Boston to
w Tork on Tueeday last by suicide, took place yesday.
High mass and the solemn requiem for the
id were celebrated at St. Stephen's chunh. Twenty,
hth street, by the Rev. ffr Lyndon, of Boston, The
nalns were afterwards deposited in CalvsTJT temey.
The deceased was twenty-six years of age, and a
ive of Ireland. At an early age he oommenoed study
All Hallow's College, near Dublin, In prenaration for
i diocese of Boston He pursued bis studies there for
rat seven years, and during that time bore a most exlent
character. He was always exesestvely scrupulous
the discharge of his ecclesiastical duties,
nut a ysar ago he came to the Bishop of Boston.
:hly recommended as an exemplary young man, and
s subsequently ordained a priest, and appointed to
1st the Rev. Mr. Lemroon, of Newburyport, Mam
ring hit residence there he never swerved in the
[htest degree In hik duty, but was a model clergymen,
1 looked upon by the people who knew him and by
i clergy or Boston, ss a pattern of every virtue that
|ht to adorn a young priest. During that time there
i nothing to excite any suspicion of Insanity except
excess of scrupulous anxiety by which be was ren ed
somewhat unhappy in his contact with the world. a
enty-four hours before his death he became perfectly
Melons but remembered nothing of the terrible acts
leb had occurred, and during consciousness received
isolation and made confession at ths hands of the
vsrsnd Father Gulnn. He arneared to die resigned to
? will of God. The deceeaed gentleman is mourned by
krae circle frf friends, a number of whom followed hta
Mlns to the femeter).
TIm Peniloa OH?e.
For MWI few days past an office haa been opened at
tte toner of Exchange plao? and Hanover at reel for the
aeml-annad payment of pensions to discharged soldiers,
their relatives or representatives. Cram daybreak to
twilight a loig line of applicant* have dally stood awaiting
satisfactUn, while the Superintendent of the Pension
Office, Mr. Ali&oua Febee, and a force of sis clerk* have
labored diligently, and thus far sacceesfnlly, to see to
the claimri of uanumbcred disabled veterana and Invalid
The army pensions are payable semi-annually, in
March uud September; the navy payments are made in
January and July, ths pensions varying rrom two dollars
to elqht Hollars per month for privates. The law
exucis that all applirauts should be examined once every
two years by a government surgeon, except when the
loss of a limb is involved, in wlileh raae one certificate
will Ntiftice. If the pension vouchers re<|<ilro It, however,
the pensioner must present himself more frequently
to tho surgeo&s, who may, if the case demand
It, rodnce the amount paid or erase the name of the recipient
from the rolls. Four surgeons?Dr?. Franklin
Smith, Edward llra.iley, W. M Chamberlain and James
Nell?are con-iantly engaged tn examining the applidantP.
anil since Monday last some two lrundred and
seventy flvo have undergone a clo^e scrutiny.
The surgeons, though extremely busy, have neither to
assume such responsibility nor to perform such arduous
labor* as the Unit*'d Slates Pension Airnnt Itr ilnh?u?
Fobes, who, witu mix iuwiHtantM, has worked nix teen
hours a day during tho past week. Though in reality
the office its open for payment throughout the year, as
Hoon as the c!aie arrives for the settlement of debts for
the six montf.s which have Just elapsed, the Bureau is
besieged by Hie eager pensioners, whose haste puts Mr.
Fobos, as well as themselves, to much greater inconvenience
than If tbey deferred their visits a few days
later. Mr. Fobes' duties are extremely onerous. He bns
to All tho blank certlfloat"s and admini^pr the oath
exacted of all the claimants for governmental bounty.
Although the business hours are limited and should terminate
at threo o'clock, the chief and assistants have remained
every night until a late hour, and in this manner
have contrived to settle tho demands of no less than
nine hundred and eighteen claimants, whose calls were
made on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Tho sum
total paid out to them amounts to upwards of forty-three
thousand dollars, ia shares varying ftrom twelve to throe
hundred dollars. Thanks to the continued exertions of
Mr. Fobes, no coippUint* whatever have been made, and
all the claimants leave the Bureau well satisfied. The
present pension agent has now managed the department
four years, and as a zealous officer and reliable account
ant it would be extremely difficult to find a successor for
him if be were to resign the position be ocenpies.
Arrivals and Dspartarci.
Olasoow?Steamship Hlbernia?Mrs Hay and daughter,
J King and lady, John Cooney, Wm Wilson, Rev A Jack,
Robt Neill, John Manley, Mrs H M Llnbnek and three chlldfen,
Jas Foster, Robt Foster, Robt Somers. Mrs tJ Boyle
and two children, Mr and Mtw Buklera, Mrs Schofleld, Mrs
Hogg, Miss HoKg, OcoOoma, Mrs Thomson, Mrs Rea, J M
Laten and wire, A Parkinson, H Silslon and buly, A EdwaM.
wife and three children; Mr and Mrs Blair, Own
O'Sullvan, Wm ftharp, Wm Bass, Alei Kennedy. J Crawford,Mr*
Hay, Mr Neabltt. Ellen Mcintosh, Rev Mr McKenzln.
las Hosle. Chas McKay, C McDooald, Jas Hicks and
wife, Arthur Jiid, Wm Cooper. Jas McKlnley. Daniel Rlaok,
Robt Uddle. John Carr. Henrietta fimlth. R s ifunnol Wm
Godwin, and 426 in the steerage.
Glasgow?Steamship United Kingdom?J E MrCrea and
wife, J A Cam, J I) Lanagnn and wife, 8 Smith, Mine Smith,
Miss Httrfn, Wm Lorp, Mrs Morrison, Wm Brown, wife and
child; J Kane, Maggie Rine. Ann Kane.
Cbailmton?Steamship Granada?J E II Couturier, Mr
Nachnan, W M Wallace, B Feldman, N 8 Putnam, George C
Hubbird, Mis* Kate Maule. Wm Langley, D A Amme, Mr
Cathrart. Mra R A Curmluxhurn. Wm Monroe. LC Clark, W 0
Danner, Mr Spuslln, W Jacob*, F Yeager, Mr Lake, Miss
Holmes. Mixa Roger*.
NkwOrlcahs? Steamship United State*?Miaa M Ackerman.
Joseph Aokerman, Mr* Anna Well*. J Lewi* Rani*.
ChaaV Adams, l'SN; H Homer, J Dslury, C II Delano, J ,
W Walace. R Anbert, Cspt .1 B Panne*. Lieut W Coad, EH ,
Boelitz L W Belknap, U 8 N; Fred G Kei*ainan. W F Rat- !
cliff, J r Lapham, John McMahou?and 20 In the steerage.
LrmroOL? Steamship The Queen?Thoa Dartnell. Lionel
Pattinsm, P Resio. R Fruncii, A Plochp and wife, Mra
Wlnkelnan and child, Wm Nichols, wife and two children;
J T Hales, Eugene Meeks. G N Garibaldi, G B Matllette,
Thoa QDonohue, T O Sohayburg, lady and four children; 1
G B R?*?e? J Lewenberp, H W Pucker Mr and Mra Gallon, ?
Dr T MHI11, Dr M J Callahan, Lewis ClaiTa, Mr Robinson
and senaoU .
LiT*R*>oi^-8team*hlp City ?f London?Colonel Au*tln
Mid wife British army; Cashar Contoeres, P M Paz, .
Buigeon lurke and wife. United State* Army; H McCanee, '
Wo McC?ce, H Wolteoiaa, W II BeAro, K.P O'Byrne, John J
flrflln. James Elliott, John L Davidson, F 8 Davis. John .
Ni;l. <io?friel Malm. James Douglas, Miss E Phaye. Mrs *
Elj D&nfoid. Mies Maria A. Arney. Kate MeMlllan, Mr* F
Steward, Mi* James Thomson, Mrs Wm Bwown and three
ellldreu. Mr? Jane Cranstone and child,.Whn McMillan, t
(has E Patterson, 1 toward GUI, H Carton. J Emmons, Jr. r
??? nn?i ram; <j"ijonomoeand two ehiklren, A Mom. a
i> H O'Rinrdao, Thoiuaa Healv Mid wife, Robert Emtio, 8 P
Bage, Thoma* M Matthew*, with fitter* in the ateeruge. f
Routhamvtoi, lUm add Ujnacito? Hteamahip Saxon la? d
J Peeare, Charles Tomlinaon, Ooorge K Hebradat, Mr* Aanea t
Mkrodar and ektld. Mrs Mane Roethc and three chll'tata,
|M? and Mr. C Vttter. Mrs W Herwlg, Adofek Blrgfeld, j ?
neat, A Hofatadter, Peter forth, t)ar) Anguat Dieeel. Cart ?
Spb, ChM Chevaaaua, Albert KITert, Mr and Mr* .Jacob _
Sper, Anna MetUer, Martin Met tier, Henry Brill. Frede- ?.
"?hunk, Julhie iMrirwoUhy, D Oppenhelmea, C RaruoHpV*1*?
There* Huber, Mr* Anna Huber and two chUdren,
MrJ?h HUoi Mr ami Mra Thomaa Tigar and ehUd, ?
i__ ?VMf* Robert Wellrr and child, Mr and Mra H W Rrun- "
?}l l?r? children, Fradk Sehoeck, MU* Pauline RimMr.
A M*rla Luchia and three ebtldren, Mlas Ida Klmme), H
Hrhimnl * Georfena. Miaa Litile (Jeorgeaa, Mra Elliabath 11
fLhimhwP* ehUd, Miaa Loulaa Kabimpf, Mint Huaanna n
Sr. JTUaL^arlne FrlUJein, Mra Maria Senwar*. Mra k
uumZrfZitm^ child, Mra Hartmano and child, Pram at
IESrK365Sf?S4SWS22 ?
M??uS*SSSfS^ra J cH,n ."d'w?^fite
SSi MaaTr22^r 4 Hahn. Johann Maeht, Ouatar WllfainiW
Mr and fira VhB*- Jobn Jlnwsh, Simon Aub and
FMNaaaf FW BrieS^** >? ^ren
Mafia *
ford Sir? JnmfnM '.r.M ViJ Oarflly, O H M.mFranwla
Volellar, Adrian Mr! Wrtta??J J
ton. Miaa TUiton Mr and Siiin." Ahrena, Mra ( la**n?l
Mrvmit- Lnnifl MbSm!l kTT o a*I,ni_ f?nr elMrtren ;
? J^in Manendi 'Ti, M?,*nd A ^ U M?rina, "
Hb^lfcf^MfTS^JS^Sr^aTShn J
Capt ViM LiH*; m! a8ifbb'S'' !>u Slnbbina,
children,^Mr and Mr* X Wg, ?nd four ,K'
K (Jaiaui.T"^1 Weill, Mr Wa>enheuaer. Mr Cataux, J Ul,
Mr Letroade^'J'fT' P "iT Mr Abadie, ? Betiinlle
Horry, Mr and B Whit", Mr and Mta B Vail !
Rilw, Re* VereruJvT Chemlnant, li?? .1 itea
darburir, Rrr Mr BtR'' ' fehaatian, Rev Aiiblrr, Re* Van- /J
Oniotti*, Mr and Mra '-'edle ileorgea. Miaa Matilde ,
donnat, A PoHpenv. D Faufrnd infant, A Tillet, Ft'Banr?on
jean, ("apt L M Liebau. W. ' Monnot. K Van hirer, F 52!
Wm Kranche. 0 Ouboia Mrdrenirdan, Mra Manfrodl. Mra
tier, F L?caa, 8 L Royal. Total, KMra Norirraux. MraOauNrw
Omjuaa? Htenmer Evening 'P'Cie, faH.900.
lady, Madam I^emy, Mra N M Riohir?W A Blxlon.l and <
wile and child; J R Perm, Lt Roliinaun, v W II Iietehford, Mi
N T Davenport and lady, Mra (' De Mar. MNLvon and la ty. 1
W H Lr-lahton, Miaa r Adama. Mra F 8 <'i>Ncwlnn. Mra Hi
lettenia, M Vlliareal..'?? (Tallin. Mr Flabrr. W P ?n, A Hal <
Rtaehov, E 8mtth. .1 H Hilla. ? .! W Mlntier, J nWuiar. E an
M W Flake, J M Carran, J F llnjan. C lllllrard, A |
wood, Mra I.onie C de lloiireivnl. child aaa Mother; >?. i
Floyd an4 lady, K fltaplaton and lady. P Anderaon and lao i
A 8 Jnhraton. wtfe, child and aenraat: Mra A B Npear, <'hlW jIt
and aerrant, M Wlnffale. J L. Baker, Mra FnltOn, Mra Clark,
two children and aerraot; J Rlcketa. r J Fiqnel. Mra J De )
A rrr, Miaa T De Arry, Mra Bnak. Mra DexMrata. II C Dearborn,
V Beandrr, M F Hale, M FrednanA. A C Perklna, Ml T 1
Miller, Geo T l?oatar. Jaa Patteraon, J k Wella. A Henrler, i
II Miller, H Paaae, B Fahnatoefe. J Hubner. H De Ooaraen,
T Kennedy. F Caaeine, 3 Camphe'.I. P Louie. Joe Foi, C Dirt
ler. laa Ryb.iek, A Ketnar, w Abbott and familr. J Jankina
and family, C F Conway, V Acton, W Human. G M Pougle, J
Bllla, P J Morgan, 8 B Hon. Hi Bogera, T Uaary, J A Car. I
lln?and 79 la the aleeraga. 1
Maw OaiEAwa? Hteamahip Fang 8huey?J 8 Came ran, *
Capt B K Monaey. Ool Jaa A Clair, Brtg Oen J H BlaadaU, 1
ritiofin Rftfimtiiifr. mrea ehiidren KM vrrml, J W Ap
pleton. John Dariss. ladv and child. Mrs J P Roblnaon, 8 8 <J
Fiah, Wm Wllaon, John Noble, D Taylor, J Nolen, H B Gary, *
BamuM Blair, Mom* Oolea, J Cooley.L Btrauaa, A Weber,
Miss Kill* Millar, J Brook.. Capt A Bhsrwood, J M Cools?, <
Jaa Banaher, U B HorVon, K Valentin*, H Wolbrat and lady, *
John M Lee. <? Vestis, A Bale bet, R L Baumer. P P1U Wil '
llama. W W Phelps. P Carter, Geo Towaaend, Jaa B MrKea- J
lie, Mori L/tvtngatoa, Chaa B Peek,Cha? 1, Lone, John l>rta )
fori, J A Andrews. w B Jenkins, w MrRae. R DTomklna c
Dt(?. I
J art* 7 City, on Saturday tracing, k
8?ptainber 16, Joeam Gailaobbb, md of the lata Captain J
Michael and Mary Ann OUiagbar, afed 1 year, A months ?
and IS days. u
The relative* and frendi of the family are respect- a
tally Invited to attend tic funeral, from the residence of b
hie mother. No. 7 Jerry avenue, on Monday afternoon, L
at two o'clock. .
Howjhtob.?At Naelrtlle, Tenneeeee, on Monday, September,
11, Fbe?uuci>M. Hoo?nw, aged 81 year*. K
Due notice will be (Ten of hm fungral, C
[/Vr Other DtaUklStr Second and Third Pafft-i ) ^
MMAMAt ? n* 10M ?M lit. T
WW MM ? <21 noeit ataas morn 3 17
Mm mm 6 (171 Biea vim ere I *7
Port mf Mew lark, Rtpltmbtr 16, IMS. d
^BteaaMbl^ CTtjr of^ Lodon (Br), Petrte, Quesastown aad a
Bteameklp Ocean y<ia*i. Blneum. Aaplnwall?D B Allen. v
taamablp Liberty, Wlaon, Havana? Hargona A Co _
Bteameblp R res log Rtr, Wlmpenay, Mew Orleena?Jamea
A Baynor. 5
Bteamablp Victor, OalS, New Orieana?Livingston, Poa A
Oe. ?
Hteamahlp Fung Bh^y, lilldretb, N?w Orieana?H B
rromwall t Co.
Bteamahlp Otrif City, Ikwart, Mobllo?Bmitb A Dunning.
Btaamahlp Nlghtlngal, Breaker, Bavannah? Llvlngatoo,
Poi A Co.
Btenmahlp Nevada, Caeenter, Bavannab?Wakemaa, Ooo- V*
kin A Dickinson.
Btaamahlp Alhamhra, lanaon. Charleston?Asthnr Leery K
Bteamablp Twilight, Bteer, Wilmington?Llvlseston, Po* m
A Co. . *
Rtnamahlp Pair ban kit Hinter, Wilmington?Pleraen A ?
gtcamahlp D H Mount.Bacina. Newbern?C Ooodspeed. rr
Bteamnblp Yaioo, CotiSi, Nirfolk and Richmond?Heine- B
ken A Palmore. _ "
Bteamnhlp Halteraa. Parrkh, Norfolk, City Point and
Richmond? Livingston, Fos 4 Co. K
Hteamabtp ?ea (lull. Flak, fkltlmere?J B Bmnll
Hteamablp Cheaapeakl, Phwwbod. Portland?H B Crom- *
well A Co B
Bhlp Orient, Hill, Ll'arpooi-Bpoffnrd. Tll*?ton A Co. J'
Brig Ban Partial* (Ball. Blento, OonalanHn .pie ri
Brig Frederick (DanCuepeaon, Bahla and Rio Janeiro?
Funcb, Mclnckr k W*idt. . . ? U
Brig Relle (Br), Ruimelnier.Havana?F F PhlOlpa.
Brie Bride (Br), Bleuvelt, MltaniAa-J B Ward A Co
? - . I in^ri rt 4 m t. ! i . Hii
Brig Annie Collins (Br), Smith, flt Johns, *F-1 Smitbar*
A Co.
Brig P I Nevlua (Br), Btanwood, Sydney, CB?P I Nevius
k Boa*.
Brig Export (Br), Burt. Hydney, CB?Brett, Son k Co.
Brig i|DM Praier (Br), Fraaer, Piutou, N8?MoColl k
Brig Union (Br). Loomls. Cornwallls?D B Dewolf.
Brig Jeremiah, Ford, Phlla<i?liiliia?Walsh k Carver
Hchr Arsuma i Br), Kavanagh, 8t John, NB?A Hmlthera k
Sehr C D Horton (Br), Smith, Ht John, NB?D B Dewolf k
Hehr J W Hatleld I Br), Poller. St John. NB?D R Dewolf.
?chr Onward (Br), Wick wire, St John. NB?D B Dewolf.
Bohr Pioneer, Tucker, Jacksonville?N C McCready k Co.
"ehr Ann Elisabeth, Graves, Norfolk?T B Chaae k Co.
Sloop Rhode Inland, WigbUnao, Pro ride nee?G K Strsnuban.
Steamer Martha Stereos, Chanec, Baltimore.
V 8 steamer Memphis. E M Stoddard, commanding, Annapoll*,
Md, 40 hourK. 16th inst, off Cape Henry, saw U S bark
CUaH Phelps, for New York.
Steamship Bibernla (Br), Craig, Glasgow, Sept 2, with
mdse and 488 passengers, to F Macdonald k Co.
Steamship United Kingdom (Br), Monro, Glasgow Aug 28,
via St Johns. NP. Sept IS, with mdse and 175 passengers, to
P Macdonald k Co.
Steamship United States, Share, New Orleans, Sept 7,
with mdse and passengers, to James A Raynor. 11th Inst, 9
AM, off Key West, exchanged signals with steamship Chas
Leary, bound W.
Steamship Continental, Sumner, Savannah Sept 8, via Baltimore
30 hours, with troops, to U 8 Quartermaster.
Steamship Granada, Baxter, Charleston, 64 hours, with
mdse and passengers, to Arthur Learv. 13th Inst, between
Charleston and Fort Sumter, passed steamer Geu Sherman,
bound in.
Steamship Carroll, Lennan, Baltimore, 46 hours, with
mdse, to Baltimore and Ohio RR Co.
Steamship Karnak (U S transport), Thrane. Boston, 40
hours, to u S Quartermaster. Was detained 10 hours off
Pollock Rip by fog.
Ship E F Gabaln (Brem), Arlaans, Havre, Aug II,' With
mdse and 247 passengers, to Boyd k llincken.
Ship SebastopoL Savin, Baltimore, 5 days, with coal, to
Thompson k Hunter.
Bark Emilie (Brem), Meyer, Bremen, 38 days, with mdse
and passengers, to ('has Lnllng.
VMS a 1'URnini (Dl OURlun;, aunonon, Bill UIV, TI,
Septl, with wilt, to Walah A Carver. Off Turku Ialand*,
poke bark Wlnthrop, bound through the piMMi; 8d Inat,
lit 34 23, loo 78 44, eiohanged signal* with ahip Uncle Joe,
boundS; 11th, lat 33 16, ion 79 (5, aaw a brig nhowliig a signal,
white Held with bine border, and letter H K la It, bound
Bark Alexandra (Br), Palllot, Havana, 14 day*, wfyh aug&r
to George V Bull**.
Bark Volant (Br). 8now, Cow Bay, 8 day a, with coal, to J
K Whitney A Co.
Bark Almoner. , Rondout for Boston.
Brig Edward (Br), Sonic, Cow Bay, 11 day*, with coal, to
Dollnar* Potter.
Brig Saml Llndnay, Wllaon, Llngan, 10 daya, with coal, to
Miller A Houghton.
Brig American Union, Richer, New Orieana, 30 day*, with
cotton, to W H Robaon.
Brig C M Carver. Treat, Ellsabethport for Boeton.
Sehr Maryland, Sterling. Beaufort, NC, ft daya.
Sebr Caaplan, Holme*,RUiabethport fo.- Portland.
Sebr Tan Buren. Montgomery, Calais, 1ft daya.
Schr Cruaoe. Kelly, Machtaa.
Sebr Andrew Petera, Birch, Machlaa, 7 daya.
Schr SAB Kre all. Cole. Machlaaport, 7 daya.
Schr Ottoman, North, Bangor, 7 daya.
Schr Maaaachueetta, Kannlaton, Rockland.
Schr Oeo W Baldwin. Hall, (llouceeter.
Sehr Texaa, Collin*. Boaton for Rondout.
Sehr J C Brooke, Bnrgeaa, Boaton for Philadelphia.
Schr M Fillmore Chaae, Boaton.
Schr Medford, Hopkins, New Bedford.
8ohr Mediator, Davia, Kail River
Schr Bound Brook, . Providence.
tiehj Altda, Eaton, Providence for Rvndont.
Schr John Comptou, Hall, Providence.
Sebr Chaae, MID*, Provldenoe for Rondoat.
Schr Milton, Norton, Providence.
Sehr T R Hammond, Cram, Providence.
Schr Mull, Merrill, Providence for EiltabethporL
Sebr America, Reynold*, Briatol.
Schr O K, Ethrldge, New Haven for Blltabethport.
Bcbr Georgia. Gllfitth, New Haven. i
Schr J E Gamage, Wood, New Haven.
RclirMary Brock war. Davis, Norwloh.
K< hr Buena Vista, Mol>an, Bridgeport for Baltimore.
Schr J A Rider, Rider, 1'ort Jefferaon.
SchrOen Marion, Purlngton, Sag Harbor.
Schr Comet, , River Hcsd.
Schr Martha Colli nn, Colllna. Raton Neek for Baltimore.
Rteatnahlpn Ocean Queen, Suxonia, City of London, The
liwen, Home, M A Roanlman. Alhambra, Oulf City, D H
(ovint, Evening Star. Fung Shuer, Victor, Hatteraa, Yazoo,
Kevada, Nightingale, Fairbanks Twilight
Wind at aunaet H.
Puraer Qorbam, of the ateamnhip Granada, from Charlea
on, will accept our thanka for the prompt delivery of our
flTBi?Kmr Oborgia. Oaten, hence for Galveaton, put into
'harlpnton 11th mat, to repair machinery.
Bark Hkkht Buca?Shield*. Sept 1, 7 PM?To-day, when
he American bark Henry Buok waa being towed ua the
iver from the Me?ara Young1* look, where ahe had been
mder repair*, while olT the Coble Dene, ahe waa caught In a
quail on the ?Uu-boar?t aide, which oapaised bar. and ahe regains
lying on her poit aide, near White Hill Point.
But PAwnc?Lewea. nd, Sept M?Tfce bark Pmrew,
rom Mamwk for New York, came la raetarday with acveal
oaaee of Southern fereron fwl; the captain died laat
ilgirt, and the w>tc le wry tick.
BuoAnnTucHiT (Ham), titahl, from Philadelphia
or Hamburg, went on Brandy wtee SMTMth tnat. during a
nw feg, and sprung a leak. She Mtftrned to port on
tiuraday ttwtof feat far repairs.
f Proridentt, white faaeemttng to in U>U Dnr^m wen*
ahoee near nartland l%M. ta(?M eubeeqaeatlT got offbr
learning Winter. Bha waa leaking badly, and wan towed
? Hog la land Enada. wtoiilii will probably be beached.
Hchb Area*, from WlhnlB(tM, NO, for Halifax. track on
Ml laland no data, bat got and waa taken into Barringm,
m. Tbe captain (Walah) aad tba mate bad died at aea.
ftewn Jail* C Moflnat*, Robineen, at Pro Tide ik* from
ertbport, LI, whila boating tip the weet Ray morning of
Ith In at, aod whan Mar Warwick. Hook, (truck a aunkan
t, wfileh earned the taitl to laak badly, flha waa towad
r dock try ateemtag Peter Pnhrar, leaking about SOB
rokea nur boar.
/r0" *Mri?h?a
V196W lUrij put IB OCT? ill Hit! Wa&D MM|9.
Kotl?? to Harlatra.
Miau-uot oa anro.
ClBirniKli, Awjpaa 1MB,
On Monday, tba Iltb of flapUmber Mil onaolng, a fliad
hit* ligbt of tha third order win appear on Orytolaland. In
ordland, and will ehaw alt round tha oompaaa. Thin light
111 be kept up annually from Angaet Id to April 3u I actan;
It la placed on tbe eontheaaterly part of tbe leland, aad
i flailing ( to South H fitter Mr aboukl be kept on tba port
it. iff Mtnatfem la: lat H 8 U N, Ion UM 40 E of Qreenleb:
elevation abaee tbe level ef the aea, KM feet; dletenoe
vlelbMty. 16 to lAiuluatea.
:hi Inmead of a white ene, aa bw.T^* ...
Pulehuk Light, which waa ext&gnlebed for repaira ff!1
lb of J n n? taet, la now relit again.
poktn. Ac.
Brig Odin, from Valparalao for New Tork. Aug M, lat U 40
Ion ao 10.
P?r*lgM Peru.
B?mt, Ang 29?Arr Claudia, Dinar, NTork.
Borpmci. Au SI?Hid Carolina, Hluplee, Malaga; Robert
lonartl, Handera, New Orleane.
Bui:*?ruiNKK, Aug29?Arr Diana, Brunt and Columbua,
rile*. Work; SUih. Daniel Marcy, Roea, Akyab.
Bnmo< Arnu, July 26? In port Rainbow, Uoudrot, for
itncrp: Jochlel, Graham; Maria, Ruraley; Rambler, Me.
>nzle; Heaperaa. Wareott; Morning Ligot, Waltera, and
inkeld. Crerar, for NVerk; Fylla, Rot ho, for Roalon.
'OWM, A UK 91?Arr Wellington. Ilolbrook. Portland
i'adii, Aug38? Arr David tflewart, PrentlM. Baltimore.
oi.oMBo, July 2ft? In port Sballott, Wallla.for NYork.
Ki.mwork, Ans SI?Arr Andaman, OUa, Philadelphia for
on*tad I; Jacobatadt. NYork for do.
pai.HOCTii, Ja. Aug 18?Arr eclir Antelope, Wilton. Balti
)re via Kingatoo. Ja (and al<l IRtli for Kiiatan); 23d. brig
<>m?* XV.iller, Long, Philadelphia.
llarmovK. Aug SI?Arr Caro, Beala, Frankfort, Me (and
Olaaguw let); Jennie EUingwood, EUingwood, 8t John,
A (and at Glaagow lat).
'iikai-tab. Aug 24? Arr Valoaa, Nlcterton, New Tork for
Paaaed do Kth, Amy, Nickeraon, from BoatonJuly 28 for I
Jallb, July 28?In port Mogul, Hlnion; Lepanlo, Walker.
>1 Annie Hiaa, Shlelda. nnc.
Iawbuho, Aug SO?Arr Albert Edward, Lyon a, Rangoon.
Ia v?r, Aug 9l>? Arr Lafayette ( ). NYork.
Iinpii. Rapt I*?Arr hiig Unicorn, Lake. NYork. Bid
b, bark Agra i Br), Rfeawtrrom NYork, having repaired), 1
fiifctokf1-th* ro*d,> Plrantllo, from
snea&t EKJSfSS
*' .**?*: <''ty Of New I
t^iT ^pwi?MljSS;^LPro?PM"- w??o4- 1
-??<?Jh5!ftr T?u^^^ ??* J
i rleant 7th. u#_ i
I-owixm?Arr at Oraveeand |m 2, Pawn. Ntfamn,.
Line AD, CB, Hapt 7?In port barka Snliote, forNYor*; iv
leWolfe, aoppoead fordo: brtgaRtU, Van Orden; Ale* Mi III
til. HtlllkM-Jotat C elartL Pteethr. and Alat Nickel.,
ftj, from *nd fordo; Lady riuUln NaMn, from Boahi
for NYork; WH Thorndlka. ant J Weet. for do; John
mil, for Boeton; A L Peck, Peek, fmwted for NYork; J S
toulUm, do; echra M 8 Hathaway, Cola,do; Reward, Lotat,
rctle. Laura Frnnrra Helen, and Flylnf cloud, do. Bid lei
rig* NoBle-Hunt, NHjon. **<**; provfrnu lo Mh, Samuel
indaey. Wilton and H B Emery. Bradford, Oi.
kAMniua, Aug 28?Arr Fanny Buck, Robert*,*ewcaetle
Hh, O T Ward, whlougkby, Philadelphia. Aid Vh Jeaaie
ampbell, Jarnee, NYork.
gpVUUUV, Jnly 10?M Lney A NMMa, Ford, Ftmoulh,
MowraviDto, July II?Arr RaUiariM Maude, lnnta. Boam:88th,
Olon Tilt, Harkneaa, NYork; >7th, Senator VKbor,
ilnoun, Cardiff.
Monraoo Bat, Ja, Aug 28?Arr aftfer Indua, Ooodburn, Nv
Nkwht, Sept I?Arr Jennie Moody, McMullen, St John, Nk
I'KNAiea. July KV-HId Rainbow, XeBey, SingAporo.
I'ttwAnacao, Aug 1?Arr Traveller. RandM, NYork (and
d 8th fer Rio Janeiro); 8th. Pen earn en to, Franco, rblladH ]
ha; 8 Capper, Capper, NYork.
Qotamrrown, Sept 1?Bid J A Pierce. Delap. Cardiff.
hommal, Aug 80?Cld Mtrgarelba. Thealng, Boa ton
Rio JAraao. July 28? Arr Volunteer, Holmea, NYork; Aug
Albatroaa, Seetien, do. Pld July 84, Clio, Pendergwat,
York. Montpelier, Watte, Callao: ifllb, Manelra. Nugent,
York;27th, Ann A Little, Janaen, do; 28th, Wllhelmlne, K*a
era, do. Aug S. Evening Star, Whitney, Callao; 5th, Top.
illant PhlllTpa, do; 8th, Caprera, Vlekory, do; 8di, Rlcardo, i
Iva, NYork. ?
aviitoBBt, CVI, July 28?Sid Samoeet, Cobb, Turka lal ,
i; 29th, Anna ramp, Drnmmond, Saguenay. (
Sal? Cav. TI?No veaaela in port.
Br Joint, KB, Sept 14?Cld achr N C Harrlt, Taflor, NYork. f
Amerltaa Porta.
BOSTON, Sept 18?Arr Hr ateamer Aaia. Noodle, Liver. ?
ml, via Queenatown and Ilallfdi?arr at her desk at 7 PM; J!
earner Salvor, Morgan, NYork: tehra Saral Elizabeth, n
eller; American Ragle, Shaw; Anna Oardne>, Knowlea
id Ilattie Bakg, rrowell. PhUadelphto; Wlll,?in, Fletcher! .
liaabeth port; E Arcularlut, Jack ton, and Aignata, (Jet- '
i N7Vt J.^ V*ra"r (iroT*' AFP011^"of* Baltimore I
m Norfolk; barka f B Hamilton. Pole, Phlla<14phta; Com. J
ierre. Roblnaon, Ne*f)reana; brlga J W Drtio. 1'oggina, 1
>*??! *?hr* "i1"*1- Saara, and W A ilJIa.Bl.boprNor>lk.
Sid ahlp Zephyr; >.rk Talavtra.
I8th-Arr tteamera Tbet,, NYork; E B Hale do; brla H b
eunody, Philadelphia. " a
BALTIMORE, Hepi I8-Ai%bllg Carrie (Br. I^erpool; 'J
'kr* C Fanlantfl, wootter, t\j?Ta; Jamea llory. rL,ve- *
angor; P.glantine, Colllaa. PoFund. Cld baka ItabeluH u
inta. Shaw Mar?elllea; St U^gM (Br), Mt<eod. Hem#,
irn. Sid tlcamthip W m Kcnneda Boaion, h?k Ileney, do.
CHARLESTON. Sept 9- Sid hark H.inie, I'atidge. Oaorga- (
iwn. SC, tchr Flying Scud McNamai NYork. 1
10th?Arr tleamahip Mnneka, MarahWn, Nt<rk. t 0
llth?Arr tleamahip Georgia, 'tataa, Work tw (lalvotton. I
Et ta to repair damage to machinery: u e revenue steanMp
wanVe, iWjSl^k via Beaufort, SO. Oil schrsZZS
^iffoHTtTi? Sept'lft?AiT schrs Reading BR No 41, Sicker on:
Theodore Dean, Phillips, Jaa Nellaon, Burt; Curolln?
Hall, Doughty, and 8 L Crocker, Freabrey, Philadelphia. Si^
schr J C Waidrou. PhUlipa, * York.
EA8T GREENWICH, Sept 14-Arr schr Eliia 8, Buell.
NYork. Hid lMh schr Whistler, Preabrey, New York.
FALL river 8??t 14?Arrachr John Crookford, Jones,
Philadelphia. Hid schr Antecedent, Halt New York. ,
13th?Ajtschrs John Walker, Holme*, Georgetown, DC;
Diadem, Benjamin. Philadelphia; Warren, Hammond, do.
GALVESTON, Aug ?? Arr schr Mlddleton, Amea, War-,
ran, HI; JUth. hrtgsT Buckner, Rawlej, Boston; Shibboleth,
Johnaton, NTork; Ooaan Wave, Morton, New Orleans; achr
John Oliver, Miller, de.
O REENPORT, Sent 14?Arr schrs Win H Kowe, Harris,
Providence; 18th, Tranalt, Welden. do; Kate Thomaa, Preston,
Philadelphia for Providence
HOLMES' HOLE, Sept 14, PM?Arr bark Ironnlilaa, Tapley
, Penang (put In for order*); brigs William Welch. Trowbridge,
Baltimore for Boaton; George E Prescotl. WIUb, Philadelphia
for Gloucester ;D O Caatner, Schwartt. NYork for
Bristol, Me; Veteran (Br), Saow. do for Bridgeport. CB;
Trlndelen, Boston for Charleston; Blackflah. Bush, Portsmouthfor
NYork; achra American Eagle, Shaw; Abigail
Haley, McElwee; Hattle B.iker, CroweU; James Logan,
Smith; Elisabeth DeHart, Lowe; Olraffe, Richardson; CliaJ
A Greiner, Crulae, and David Smith, Anderaon, Philadelphia
for Boston; Eliza Franoes, Bogart, and John, F;ilkenhuin,
Elizabethport for do: Henrietta, James, do for Newbnryport;
Cordelia Newklrk, Weaver, Philadelphia for Salem; John
Snow, do for Portamoatb; Saratoga, l'lnkham, do for Beverly:
E W Berry. Rialey, do for Danvera; Champion, Sleeper,
NTork for Belfast; Ilardicrabble, Uregory, iloston for
Richmond; Mary Standlsh, Rich, and Kate Weotwortb,
I Adama, do for Baltimore; Matthew Kinney. Barter; Joseph.
Plah, Hall, and Mary Fletcher, Tracer, do for Philadelphia;
Decatur Oaken, Tutfle, Provlncotown for NTork. Sid brigs
Edwin H Kennedy, Jamea Murahie (Br). D O Caatnur, Veteran
(Br); achra Catherine Seal, Hea Flower, Alvarado, Robt
Mowe, Jr (Br), Eugene, Oen Banks, Rocket, Fredorli.k Reed,
Mary, Melbourne, S Nelaon Hall, Plymouth Rock. Juila
Maria, Hannah, Pearl, Franklin. Laura Jane, Samuel O
Loud, Hannle Westbrook, Oen Peavey, Conneaut, Kosciusko,
Ned Sumter, Saxon, WilUe Perry, Horton (Br), Talent
(Br), Harriet (Br), Eollpae (Br), Amerlean Eagle. Abigail,
Haley, Hattle Baker, James Logan, Eliia Frances, Kllzatw* i,
DeHart, John, Henrietta, Coi^lelia Newklrk, John Sao
Mary Blandish.
16th?Arr achra Sallle B, Bateman, and Ellsa Willi is,
Taylor. Philadelphia for Boaton; Chattanooga, Black, do for
Portamouth; J B Knowles, Knowlei, Boaton for Philadelphia.
MOBILE, Sept <?Arr ship Connecticut, Lucas Philadelphia;
schrs Constitution. Wheeler, and Menawa, Deaaoawoy,
NYortc. Cld bark Kate Stamler, Crawford, NYork.
NEW ORLEANS, Sept S?Arr steamships Meo Cromwell,
Vaill, NYork; Exact, Ilowland. Braios Santiago.
4tb?Arr steamships H Livingston, Baker; Atlsnta, Williams;
Qlaucus, Godfrey, and North Star, Jones, New York;
Nashua, Galveston; barks Shurpsbnrg, Stockton, and Robert,
Carter, Boaton; John Wesley, Patten. Matanzis. Beship*
Ella (Br), HoUls, from Liverpool; Grahauts Policy,
Norton, from Bordeaux; bark Ellen, Scott.
8th?Arr steamships Goo Pea body. At well, Galveston; Ma- .
taeorda. Indianola and Galveston: Flag. Browne, New York.
Cid steamship Louise. Austin, Philadelphia; Br bark Live
Oak, Mitchell, Liverpool. . ^ .
flth?Arr steamship Concordia, Hears, Boston; bark Waltham,
Mtnol, do; brig Stockton, (jrifflu, do; schm Dart, Fernandez.
VeraOrus; uov Burton, Peacook, Philadelphia. CUT
bark Jasper, Hlgglns, Liverpool. _
Tewed to sea Dark Asoeusion; brig Kodtak; schrs Dncotah,
LAM Reed, and Mischief.
NORFOLK, Sept 13-81d schr Spy, Ryder, NYork.
NEW BEDFORD, Bept 16-Arr schr David O Floyd. Kelley,
Philadelphia. Sid HChrit Lacouia, Proctor; Republic,
Chase, and Julia Elizabeth, Merrltt, for NYork.
NEWBURYPORT, Sept 14-Sld schr Race Horse, Howard.
NEW HAVEN. Sept 16-Arr schrs E Bralnard, Clark; T O
Lyman, Booth; Henry Remcen, Hubbell; J E Potts, Hobbins;
Gloucester, Larder; E 11 Hubbard, Stocking; G Lawson,
8now, NYork; Joseph Nickersou, Slate; Cbauncey, St
John; John D Buckaloo. Blizzard; Franklin Pierce. Bull; O
Hadden. Humple; Sarah June, Rogers; sloops (Jen Critcriau,
Maxwell; New World; Tempuranoe, Mackey; R II 'ireeo.
NEWPORT, Sept 14?Arr brig Manzanllla, Mcfioun, Calais
for Philadelphia; 16th, schr Avon, Baker. Baltimore.
PHILADELPHIA, Sept 16-Arr brigs Hattle, ?iilkey, Savannah;
Volant, Parker, Providence; W H Hirkiuire, I.lpplncott,
Charleston; schrs Tilt. Prescott, Calais; Chimborazo,
Hatch, NYork; Henrietta, Anderson, Port .Xioiris;
Courier, Hopkins, Boston; Jos Holmes, Asu, NYork f M A
Loughery, l.utigbery, Derby. Cld barks Kmma, Turk, Cork
for orders; A Houghton. Burn tt, Port Sralu; brlg< I'iuenug
(Br), Johnson, Clenfuegos; Frank E Allen, Merrill, Portland;
Osaumi, Haskell, anil Abble, Knight, Boston; Oeo W
Carpenter. Edmonds, Newburyport; Sea Breeze. Coombs,
Chelsea; Mary Anna, Dunlap and Elizabeth. John<on.
Hartford; R:tchel Seaman, Neil, Boston; Halo, Newman,
Salisbury, Mass; Fly, Cheeseman, and J C Henry, Lore,
Lynn; E G Irwin, Atkins, Braintree; J P Cake, Kadicottl
Salem; MAE Henderson, Prioe, Vail River; A E Saflont,
Hanson. Dighton; C E Elmer, Haley, Marblehead; Cerro
Oordo, Cobb, Pawtucket; Alert, Yates, Old Cambridge; M
Sewali. Hoy (.Portsmouth. Nil; J Cadwahder, Sleeltiian. Sa
lem; ELB Wales, Crawford; L A Bnrllngaine, llurli nguine;
M M Weaver, Weaver; A Cordery, Doughty; E C Knight,
Taylor; H W Wellington, Hcrnck, and S Strout, Wallace,.
PORTLAND, Sept 14?Arr brigs Wild Hunter (Br), George,
Barbados; J Polledo. Norton, NYork; schrs Hemietta (Br),.
Dwyer, .St George, NB, for Philadelphia; C F Young, Hutchinson,
Philadelphia. Cld brig Orison Adam*, Ranioff, Matanzas.
PROVIDENCE, Sept 16-Arr steamers Electra, Nye; Ga?
latea, Jones, and Pelican, Clark, New York; schrs Celestla*
Hall,'. Norfolk; Star, Crowell, Baltimore; 8 L Simmons,
dandy; Z Straiten. Terrell; Sarah M Sherman. Sherman;.
Nanoy-J Brayton, Milllken; Kate Reran too. Dayton, and Asa.
Kldridgg, Hickman, Philadelphia; C 1 C Broik*, urooka*
Delaware City for Pawtucket; Sallle Smith, Chaae, Rliiabethportt
JAN Steel man, Kelley, South Ajnboy; bupriu,
Barker, ltd Harriet Maris, Chase, NYorkt rioops Helen,
Bahcock-sllizabethport; George, Brigbtnan, Perth Aaaboy.
NJ; aid brie" Marshal Dutch, Holmes, Philadelphia; schnt
Baltimore, Wilson, Baltimore; Mail, Mesrtl. Philsdelnkiai
Anna Bhepafd, Betvdltch, do; Milton, Earmold; JloeepMM,
Ball, Amandft, Larason. Lady Adams, Cummkigs, and Vincent
Bsrkelew, Searl, WYork; sloop Oregon, Rhodes,dp; a?d
from below brldJ W Wo?druir, Knion, for PMMetfiai*
PAWTUCKET, Sept 16?Sid ?hr OareUne W Holmcs^dwards,
RICHMOND, Sect 14?Arr schrs J Randolph, Martin, Bot
ton; Ella, Crocker, Belfast, Me; Ranted Jones, Itulon, New
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 14?Sid thip Charger, Knowles,
SALEM, Sept 14?Sid bark. Natal, Kerwah. Zangib.r: schr?
BvUean Trrat, Bangor for Camden, NJ; lia-Tiel, C harryfield
for NYork.
A Sliver Plated Ware, Table Cutlery, China, Glass, Ae.?
MX. D. BA8SFOllD'8 great Bataar, Cooper Institute, eo*ner
of iMor place.
No quarantine or Isolation cm prevent the epread *f
cholera. I hare teen It three timeeaa an epidemic, andi
steer fact seemed proof it went whither It lilted. It float*
In the air, ami those who breath thia air, having In their
system humors <M to receive the dleeaae, take It.
To Bats Lira Tkbat tu Cholkka as too wocid Poison?
get rid of it as soon as possible. Instead of using Undanum,
or any astringents or outward applications, at once address
yourselves tn the cure, which nwis ? ? .
Take from six to ten of BBANDRETH*8 PILLS, snd rnpsep
which ll/S- To save life this must bw spredllr gott
rid of NatuV*. In producing vomiting and pmxtnt <!???.
C? the method Of cure. In using Brsndreth's P1H? yea
t follow iMB-.ifllVlrilLIIM-ADUSlWlfi fiCJLEirsni*
curs. So It is of high Importance In this view thnt Hrsndrtlh'*
Pills be used In the very brst stages, even before vomiting
or purging take place. Observe:?
When the sudden sickness or loss feeling, with sinkiuf
and weaknei>s at the pit of the stomach comes on, the pills
should be used at once. Six or eight pills often cure when
Is ken thus early.
What w e should do Is te have the pills by us. ready for
oa?, even In the pocket. And let me say, the path here recommended
is no new one. I hare followed and seen H follow
ed with safety; and should this terrible affliction reach
wc L'niira oi?ir* & 9RU1
Observe my name In the government (tamp, which Insure*
the genuine pllla. .
B. BRANDKETH, Brandretb Hmw.
Thirty-two page pamphlet free. Il per box. Sold by all
druggists. Address the proprietor, Dr. W. R. MLR WIN, 37.
Walker street, New York.
cured without pain, by Drs. KICK k HART, id Bumtgr,.
over Cltlxeoa' Hank. Rice's Annlhllator cure* eorna, hitalona,
Ac. By mail, 60 aanta and $1.
liolty. Other good cases prokccuted without feo In ad.
ranee. Adtrce free. M. HOWS'?, .
Attorney and Counsellor, 78 Naiuu hItmC
ubjeet aa lo thla and other Stales. Decree* legally obtained.
A fee always required for idrlot or Information.
P. 1. KINO, Counsellor at Law, 916 Broadway.
gelil web and rubber basa for artificial teeth, oeoa?tee
but little apace, la firm, light, durable, ho-imlful, and
rery comfortable 777 Broadway, opposite Stewart's. Dr.
L. has ao branch. Established IM6
la view of the terrible accident* daily occurring, why will
lot all nersona tneure tham'elrr* again?t Injuries*
Por the payment of a few lollan any one can Insure himlelf
the receipt of thousands, In case ef an accident of any
leeerlptlon, or a certain sum cai li week while he la disabled;
M^by joying a few oenu he can Insure for any i.llru.?i or
J[BflietOfce, 10 Court atreet, Brooklyn),
' r.' iniry, una win ?en<l ll* UbtM
no TO nS&G=S2?
a a<.new\s, won. mo and m
fcaa aatVn a IT"* ' j ''I''1 ?r Murray, and ther' rou will
^ ,n " * * '""fc. and fvetyihing elae cheaper
R" ' . "riff hotiae.
R. ,
* ?? SFVEN OREAT It, BPHlhv 1.
Wn Inatantly rumored; all acuta, Inflammiitnir malarv
?* 'n'*cV?u? dlaeaaea prevented and eMcrin.naied.
rot weak, feeble and net-rout rraiorrd to itronitli. v mr and
??4 health bjr UMiue of RAPWAY'R RRAHY RIJLIBf.
?? bottle will do mora good, cure more mni|<Ulntn :md keen
aa uomurh more clear and healthy than ton dollar;< inu
ortll other medicine* or bitter* In uae.
Oub application eiternallr or a Tew drop* taken im?rrml|r
rill lieu mly free the sufferer from the mo?t v'ol>-m una
irrlMe peine, and reatore the weak, feeble and ) r<>Mrated
rame to atrength and rigor
Loownae*. diarrhoea, cholerr? morbit* er painful 'tivhnrgea
obi the bowel* are Mopped In lirteen or twenty in. mine hr
kin* Kadway * Ready Relief. No ronfeation or li r*rnmaan^no
waakneaa or laaaltude will follow the una ?> the R
or headache, whether atck or nervoua; rbeum.il hni, Intn- I
o, paina and weakne*a In tliebark.entneor kldn. > >. paina
?M?d the liter, pleurUy, awelllna* of the Joint*. nilna In
# howela, heartburn and pnln* of all kind*. I'.idtvay'a
' "y Relief will afford Immediate eaaa, and it* < .1,Untied
*2r a few day* effect a permanenticure. 1
by druggiata, and at No. M Maiden lane.
Id V,Nir'",n " *! Whont the *ll||htaat danger for I'ilea.
ir. Vb Scrofula, Bait Khaum, aU Bona .v, I Skfi
far aala at ttta drug atora. 88 Bowei y

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