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The Steamer City of Norwich Run Into
, by the Schooner Gen. S. Van Vliet.
, The Steamer Burned and the
i Schooner Sunk.
VAxai or TBS anunft.
r _
Statement of One of the Rescued
Ac. 4c. Ac.
Another of thoee (hooking and disastrous collisions,
rMulLiua in a serious loaa of life, which every now and
(kin startle the community and eeud the Jifeblood
freestng through the reins, occurred on Long Island
Soand yesterday morning, at about fifteen minutes
before four o'clock, between the large steamer City of
Norwich and the schooner General 8. Van Vllot . The
nod dent occurred during the prevalence of a slight fog,
while the veeeals were etandlag upon opposite courses,
ad when they were nearly ah reset of Huntington light.
Kteven live* are supposed to have been lost, and five or
tlx persons were eeverely Injured. The following fhcts
(elating to the disaster are gathered from those on board
it the different vessels:?
The steamer City of Norwich was one of the Urge
freight boats belonging to the Norwich and New York
Transportation Company, and as s general thing carried
but fbw passengers. She left Norwich, Connecticut, j
sad or the command of Captain D. B. Sturgeon, at one
'dock on Tuesday afternoon, with a small amount of
Jf freight and half a dozen passengers, hound for New I.onJK
dan. where she was to receive the balance of her
cargo. A pleasant aall of thirty-one miles down the river
^B Thames brought the vessel to her destination, where a
^B large and valuable froigbt was awaiting shipment on
9 heard of ber. The busy scenes always attendant upon
A' the transference of merchandise to the hold and deck of
iSL one of our large Sound steamers was accomplished with
the usual and proverbial Yankee dash and energy, and
half-past nine o'clock the City of Norwich was loaded
hnaost to her guards. At ten o'clock, after taking a fow 1
v. more passongers on board, which made eleven in all, the
fines were cast off, and, under a pressure of twenty-two I
hounds of steam, the vessel started on her regular voyhge,
and beaded for New York. All on board were in the
OH 01 spirits, IHiiB urruiniug <n iub wwuui i uumibj
that was ao soon to overtake them.
About three o'clock in the morning a light fog or mist
Pitied en the water, but did not prveent objects at
distance being plainly seen. At about fifteen minutes
before four the lookout on the City of Norwich discovered
a schooner about one hundred feet distant,
tending to the eastward on the wind, which course was
beading her directly for the steamer. When first seen
the schooner is said to have had no light forward, but aa
noon aa the alarm whistle was sounded she showed her
llf hta, but It was then too late; for before the course of
either vessel could be altered, so aa to run clear of each
Other, the vessels collided, and the greatest coal union immediately
The schooner proved to be the General 8. Van Vliet,
loaded with oysters, and waa going at a good rate of
speed, aa the wind waa blowing a still breeze. She
struck the City of Norwich Jnst forward of the port
gangway with great force, tearing and ripping her timbers,
and cutting a large hole in her port aide, through
which the water rushed la large quantities, and the
vessel commenced filling very rapidly.
Amid the hurried bustle and excitement consequent
upon tee steamer's settling so rapidly into the water the
cry of fire waa raised, and in a few seconds more the
forked tongues of livid Hume were Keen darting out Of
the vessel's hold, and this added greatly to the confusion
Uwt already existed among the passengers and crow.
The steamer being supplied with upper and lower furnaces,
tha water soon reached the lower tires :ind forced
the flames into the II re room, where they communicated
with the woodwork, igntl 'd the combustible materials
with which the room was filled, and but a very few
minutes elapsed before (be vessel ?u enveiojied in
At tba Are worked its way through the deck pnnle
toed those on board, and a riiuli wan made for the Muatl
boats and life preservers, and it was with the greatest
difficulty that the officers could make th mselves beard,
no that their orders and instructions could he obeyed.
The prevailing darkness, the crackling tlamea, the dense
rolnmee of smoke, the piteous supplication* of the
women and children and the hoarse shouting of the men
lent to the direful eonfuaion that already exuded and
added greatly to the t rrors and fearful consternation of
ail on board of the ill fated steamer.
Captain St urge**, ably assisted bv his officers and crew,
did ail in hia power to alloy the fears of the passengers,
and shortly after the alarm of Are was Br*I sounded or
dered Ihe boat* to he lowered for the purpose of saving
those on board. At the time ol the accident most oi the
jmaaengera and crew were in their berths soundly asleep,
and were awakened Trnm pleasant dreams of home only
to And themselves threatened w.lh a terrible end almost
Instantaneous death Rushing npon deck, Just as they
area* from their beds, they tied nothing on but tbeir
wight clothes to protect them from Ihe damp, chilly at
soaphere, and la (his condition they ran wild and frantically
abonl tht deck, some vainly striving to reach
their roomt again to get I heir garments and cave other
valuables that they bad with them, and others thinking
Ely of aaving their lives
lite Brat boat, in charge of Mr. Jams* M Adam*, oae of
tba Orrmen, was successfully lowerad. sad. being eoon
Riled, polled elf to a safe distance from the burning
toamer; but when the second boat was nearly Ailed
with such el the passengers and crew as could be got
Into It, K aapaued, and all were precipitated tato the
water. Rome of the poor wretches immediately graspou
the floating oars, while oilier* clung tenaciously to the
boat for fully twenty minutes before they were re-cued,
nod some sank to nee no more As thove in the water
clutched the gunwales In their eflorle to keep afloat,
(be boat would turn over and over with them, and they
could got an Irm hold with which to hang on to lite
haw remained in this perilous position until rescued
try lbs boars from the propeller Kiectra.
te propeller Kiectra, Captain J. W Nye, left frorl
nance the same evening end wss in comp-nv during the
entire aigm with the < Ity of Norwich The < e*-el* were
running down the Mound abreast of each oltiet and about
three quarters of a mile apart Wheu ihe collision or.
sirred Ihnss on bnaril of the f.lecira could trie nlv di-llli
MM* both ihe Heartier and the achooner, ami could boar
tha hniiiiDi nf thoee on board of tha rei?el?. 1'ipitin
Urn laatantly aiiar*?d hi* wmw and ?tood lor the wane
m tha diaaaiar and II t* mainly owing lo bla indafatlga
Mo itrllon* in wring ibt uafortunaiea thai all on board
Mid not p?ri?ii
Arnrtng within a abort but *afe iliaian. a of Iba
burning alaamar, four boat* w.-re lowarad and |>la> ad in
a-oamand of Mr l>a?id Crowley tb? nr?i nmie, Mr
HbarlM B "mitb, ahiaf engineer. and otter olllrara of
ha propeller Tba hoot* it|>ed on thalr niKrion of
amy, and. propelled by -talwart arm* nnrrad in a go.it
od merciful rauaa, wrr not long in taachinc *?d
aaaing lhatr fallow ba ng* in dialraaa Heir labor wa?
fraught wilb aiiranir danger, but Ilia brave tallow*
parwararad in Ibair laudahla anda??oi? to >n* tha ,trug
fling man nod woman, aud aurrredad nobly in raarulng
from a frightful death and waterv mare moat nt itio-r
grbo wara on board of tha fltjr of Nor* .ell Two la.be*,
Iatari, namad Mr* ilagood and Mra Koua?aau. of Nor aiah,
who wara thrown into tha water whan inn lifa
bowl waa aapawed. raughl hold of un oar. and wuh tba
aiatan. a of lifa praaarvar* w tit* ti they had with th-tn
wara enable) 10 keep tbair heada atw\ e water. fhay
drifted wnh tba ltda, aud whan naar 'he Klertth war a
Idea ad up and aatelv place. I on board of that ve-*al
aattKh or Titr. raantvoKV tsn ? ttrw i.owt.
The bonla made ?o*f ral trip* lo and frota tba burning
weaner, hut it <*a? iin|H>?aible to earn all, aa many ware
floating about In tba water upon boiea, baler, plank* he
Tlia following I let rnmprteo* the narnna ol aitali ol tb*
Twwanpara and rrew a a are aii|>poaa.| to have per *ha<l ?
, ?? 'tagond a small boy about Ian yaaia old, not aon
of Mr r u <>ag<*o>l, of Norwi h. t'ohn
* paeranger, uama unknown on hi* <> to Nurope,
John Bullion, Saw l.oodoti.
I'anial lir'x oil NurWi. b
Michael Megan, New York
John Raton. New V rk
lohn naming kra York
a Qwlnlan New >ork
Patrick Bonoran, New Yoik,
.f?mae t'maker a *.a ol the i i, ,, y.ng.ae r
t olerwd boy (pdrlar) name ttokunx 11
at im ttirsr.
Tha two flr?l of lha rear lung lioai* from tba f.e. ira
Hril reached tba lll-fhtod ?teamer were ,n . harge ot Mr
Darld Crowley and Mr '"barla- R Bmith iba aann inn
gentlemen oho, upon Hollar ocraaioo, rendered a i.?
ei viea logaiber, twenty *n rear* a.e near the
ptaaw. It waa at tb# lima that the wteainai
lai'.ncbio waa boraad, to 1*40, and while Iwrth
war* Terr won ng man fhatr war ft* a* ware not pmwwrli
acknowledged than, but they abonld both meat re a dmtbb
reward new. In thwir laat humiim alTorl thai bad u
poll the* way through bunting balee of cutlda, bm?e
|| yn Hdr I; (?v mum RuhdrtUIli ^
Mom um so many persons ware picked oat of the water
Both are now officers on board of the propeller Kleclra.
The con fusion on board of the schooner was almost
as great as that on the steamer. After striking the
UUy of Norwich she receded from the shock, and the
crew, believing hur to be sinking, desert'd hor; hut
having more leisure than those on the steamer they did
bo only alter sawug their personal effects, and also a
favorite cat, which they phued in the boat before shoving
off for the Klectra. The crew of the General S. Van
Vliel. together with all those rescued from the steamer,
were brought to this city early yesterday morning on
board of the Klectra, and all speak in Ihe highest terms
of Captain Nye and his officers and thoee under their
command, who did everything in their power to make
the unfortunates as comfortable ae circumstances would
NAMRfl op THK Mtftrt'KD.
The following Is a complete list of thoee saved as for
as could be ascertained. The passenger list being lost with
the veescl rendered It impossible to procure a full list of
Kak-b.ngkm?Mrs. Rousseau, Mrs. 8. C. Osgood, Mr.
H Turner. Mr N. K Douglass, with mauy others who
went to their homes on arriving in this city.
Captain, D. B. Sturgos; Chief Mate, Charles JohnsoD,
New York; Assistant Male, James M. Adams, New London;
Chief Engineer, James Crocker, Norwich; Assistant
L? 1?? e.? n.kk..j A? . rkur Pilnt Ttonrv I.
Trm ev, do.; Assistant Pilot, Joseph O. Rev nolds, do. ;
Clerk, Edward O. Andrews, do.; Steward, W. H. Potter,
do.; Assistant Steward, Thomas Spinner (colored), Fortress
Dura Hands?Michael McMahon, Wm. Bork, Robert
Sullivan, James Mnrphy, Timothy Driscoll, Thomas I)riscoll,
Cornelius Ridly, John Welsh, David Fraaer, Patrick
Welsh, Cornelius < ollins
Oiler?Elijah Benham, Groton.
Finenb.n?Chaa. Beckwith, Groton; ?? Smith (two)
brothers. Groton; John Adams, New London.
Dnc* Watch nan?Deacon L. H. Tracy, Norwich.
IjUoeoct Watch?George Crooker, Norwich.
' Many of these poor fenows are badly cut and bruised
about the legs, arms and taoe. Mr. Martin, the agent of
the New Fork Transportation Company, upon their arrival
here, nad their want* attended to. and all those who had
' lost their clothes were furnished with new ones et the
expense of the company.
The steamer City of Norwloh waa built In this city some
four years since by Mr. John English, and was rated at
about one thousand three hundred tuns burthen (new
measurement). The City of Norwich was a sidewheel
steamer, and in her earlier career was in the service of
the United States government, running between this city
and Fortress Monroe. She sank in less than an hour
after being run into, and was valued, with her cargo, at
over a million of dollars. The vessel was fully insured.
statement op one op the passengers.
Mr. Henry Turner, a merchant, of Norwich, who was
a passenger on board of the City of Norwich at the time
of the disaster, states that when the collision occurred
he was as eep In hit stateroom, and was awakened by a
sudden crash, whereupon he immediately rose. When
he ran out be diacovered that the steamer bad been run
Into, and lie thought he would return to his stat-room to
save his watch and money, he having about a thousand
dollatl placed In the stateroom; but on turning back he
(oundTliat the steamer was on fire, and as the flames
were spreading so rapidly it \\ as impossible for him to
save bis property. He had nothing but his overooat
and pants, and in order to avoid being
burned to death be bad to Jump overboard.
He then began to swim as fast as possible to reach a
Bmall boat, which by this time had appeared in the
water; but. as too many persons were clinging to it, the
boat was tnrnod over, and all were thrown into the
water. Mr. Turner, however, rose again, and made
another exertion to reach the boat, but in the attempt
was nearly drowned. Mr. Turner, like the other passengers.
was very shattered in bis mind in consequence
of this frightful accident. He states that there were
a*?1w Hf'ianii iionconrraKi nn Knnrrl r%f (ha ill .fatA/1 hflflt t WH
of whom appear to bo raining. Those are, as stated by
Mr. Turner, a little son of .-amuel Osgood, of this city,
and a son of the chief engineer of the boat.
Charles 8mlth, the chief engineer of the Electra, states
that about four o'clock in the morning lie was alarmed,
and on going out saw a steamer in flames. He imme
diately went on deck and lowered one of the life boats.
He picked up six or seven men. Mr. Crowley, the chief
mate, by this time bad gone out in the first boat and
rescued six or eight men and two women. The fire on
i the burning vessel spread very rapidly, and in ten
minutes from the time it broke out the boat was enveloped
in flames from fore to aft. The chief
engineer's boat's crew was composed of Mr.
Halleck, the expressman of the Neptune Express;
Mr. 8mitb, the steward of the Electra, and a few others,
who all did their best to rescue from drowning thoee
persons who had trusted themselves to the waves to
escape from the burning veeeel, and rendered efficient
service. Mr. Smith ia of the opinion, that the Ere originated
during the collision of the City of Norwich with
- the schooner, from the rising of the water when the
vessel passed, lifting the Ares, whteh communicated
with the woodwork god at once enveloped the whole
vessel in flamea. The disaster occurred near the same
spot where a few weeks ago the City of New London was
run into by the steamer Monitor, and where the steamer
Islington was burnsd in 1840.
The Negro Riot?first Fruits of the Civil
Rights Bill?Another Crime In the Nome
of Liberty-White Men Shot Down by
Negroes In st Procession Celebrating the
of the Killed and Wounded, dr.
Fortress Movrok, Va., April 10, 1800.
While the colored citizens of Norfolk were in p roc elision
to day to celebrate the passage of the Clvtl Rights
bill, they were disturbed, and soon muskete and revolvers
were discharged freely on both sides. As the
report reaches here, one while man and two negroes
were killed and several others were more oi*lvsa injured.
Order was restored by the troops pf the Twelfth United
States infantry stationed at Norfolk.
A rain storm with dense fog set in this afternoon.
The steamer James T. Brady in making tor ihe whaif
nn on Hampton bar.
Fortress Monroe, April 17, 1800.
The disturbance yesterday in Norfolk, growing out of
the colored people's demonstration on account of the
passage of the Civil Rights bill, provos to have been
rather a ,-erions affair. As far as reported, three persons
were killed and four badly hurt The killed were Robert
Whitehurst, a white man, Mr*. Charlotte Whiloburst, a
white woman, and Lawrence Hampton, a colored boy.
The injured persons, though none are thought to be
seriously injured, are John Whitehurst, a white man,
Moele? Palmer and son, both white, and Mr. Turner, a
city watchman. The Arst blame or the afTalr la chargeable
to allowing a number of thoee in the process on,
which altogether numbered about a thousand persons,
to carry loaded muskete with bayonets Over twenty
are said to have been thus armed, who, at the ant Inumstlon
of disapprobation and Jeering on the part of thoee
witnessing the procession commenced an indiscriminate
tiring among the throng of lookers-on.
As nsusi in such cases, the Innocent were the
greatest sufferers. This blame at permitting the
retrying of A rearms, or, rather, not seeing to
it that none did carry ihem, is divided between
the municipal and military authorities. Rot aside fmrn
all this, lh? probability is that no nerloun difficulty would
havo occurred had not very many of the negroes become
Inflamed with bad whiskey?the usual precursor and incentive
to disorder and bloodshed After the row began
Major Stanhope, commanding a company of the Twelfth
I'nlted -tales infantry, stationed at Norfolk, worked
fearlessly to suppress the rtot, so that if be failed In
taking precautionary measures in the outset, be did hie
l>?et certainly to atnena the amir afterwards There was
great einiemrnt all the evening. At one time there
were symptoms of a second edition of the afternoon dlfflrulty,
and a telegram was sent here for additional
iron pa to maintain order Portunatelv these apprehension*
proved unfounded, and this telegram
wis countermanded. The feeling Is not over
yet The negroes sre still painfully erclled. Both
the military and city pollrsmen are on the alsrt
aga nat a renewal of hostilities. It will take two or three
days before the atlrred-up passion-, "f the negroes hecome
reduced to their usual qnle- lit slate. Justice
requires it hi be said that the great u ,.|y of the citizens
ol Norfolk put no ohstarl* In the way. or had the slightest
objection to the negroes cslebrating the occasion that
lead to this unezpected effus on of lilood About a dnren
opposing spirit* and those the rn > dy element of the
city, got up the whole disturbance. While on tii* part of
the cii./?n> there is a very natural and Just Indignation
st the killing id innocent persons, there is on the part of
the negroes a patnlul szagfcralioo of tha hostility evinced
toward them it H a hard matter to convince them It
was not premeditated and general, while the real :art is
as I have slated that not a dnren perupn* seriously contemplated
Inierruptlng their festal enjoyment. Meanlune.
to prevent the p-swibllliy of further outbreak, lieneral
Miles has ordered a section ot the Fifth I'nlted
"tales artillery and another company of tbs Twelfth
t'niiod Slates infantry to be sent to Norfolk this evening
since writing th* above I have been told that the two
white (wrsoiis named as killed are mother aod son. The
son. it is said. Bred a revolver at the passing procession,
although without bitting any one. anil then ran Into the
house a crowd of negroes pursuing bim. To frighten
away his pursuers he (Ired two or three more shots from
his pistol when his mother ran In front of him to pre
vent his further firing, when he accidentally shot ner
The ne.rocs killed him subsequently, and shot and
wounded a younger brother whllt escaping out of a rear
n isdow.
Brooklyn City News.
Tes JowvsowMsne Manned ? Th# Ftornllvs Committee
of cit sen* of Brooklyn, irrespective of party, who
were empowered to make arrangements for a grand mass
meeting to sustain the President of the foiled States in
his efforts to restore the Colon have engaged the Academy
of Music, and the affair will lake place on
I he evening of Wednesday, the iAth. The com
mhlee announce that the following named speaker*
i may t>e rolled upon to be present on thai orcanloo.
?1i M-nator t'owaa. of Pennsylvaala, Menator IWlitile,
>f Wis, 01 s n. Mai??r (ieneral I. H Rousseau, of K?ntnrky
tieneral John R Isfan, of Illinois, Hon Wm I,.
Sharkey of Miastaat m, Hon Montgomery Hlalr. of Maryland,
Hon ti eeo f lay Hnulh, of Kentucky John Van
Hursn F.aq and James T Hrady, Rs?t It will be seen
from the aisTTs named gentlemen that party sffilUt.oae
have b*?n entirely ignored in th>u rommeodabi* S?rt la
***M'0 tUa^fctl limunu *f tkg sauyt^
Coutinucd Irregularity In City Traul?Tbe
Companies Employing Hew Hen- flats
Heeling In tbe City Oall Park.
III. lie* lie.
Though there ?u slight improvement yesterday in
the facilities offered for public conveyance, yet the running
of the cars ?'u far from being regular, nor were
the number of cars at all sufficient for the accommodation
of the public.
The various railroad companies are employing ah <he
driven tbev can Drocure. whether canuhle or not. but
the old bauds have shown no disposition whatever to return
to their posts at the old rate of wages.
On the Third avenue line it is reported that five of the
old bands were at work, and the company promises to
resume night travel as regularly as before the strike.
On the Fourth avenue line flfty-seven now men have
been employed. The agent of this company, on Tuesday,
sent a number of men?twenty in all?from Albany to
Mew York, intorming them that there was no strike on
the four-horse teams. The men, Ignorant of the situation,
went to work, hot, on being made aware of the state of
affairs, refused to drive. In consequence of this thoy
were left without the means of returning to their homes,
and hut for the men on the road, who raised a subscription
to pay their fare to Albany, they would have boon in a
miserable condition. Too sguch credit cauuot be given
them for. their generous conduct towards their fellow
workmen. Accidents still continue to be the order of
the day on the roads. Through the carelessness of the
driver one of the horses or a large car was'killod yesterday
at the corner of Broome street and the Bowery.
On the Seventh avenue line no less than thirty-six
conductors were discharged yesterday for refusing to set
as drivers.
Ob the other Hnse than has nothing of any importance
occurred. The men are at 111 quiet and determined, and
the travel on the roads sutlers lit consequence.
George TulT;y, one of the new drivers of the Fourth
Avenue Railroad Company, while leaving his cur at the
upper depot was stabbed in the leg by some person unknown,
but fortunately the wound is not of a serious
character. It Is alleged that the assault on Tuffey was
committed by one of the old drivers.
Yesterday morning James McKntee, a driver on one
of the Bleecker street and Fulton ferry cars, was driving
through Fourteenth street, when J. Goldrick, one ot the
old drivers, committed a violent assault on him. Officer
Knight, ol the Ninth precinct, arretted the assailant, and
he Is required by Justice Dodge to give ball in the sum
of $600 to answer the charge.
Last evening several of the drivers on the Third
Avenue Railroad returned to the depot and reported
that they had b^en beaten by some of the strikers or
their friends in the vicinity of Yorkville. The poiloe of
the Twenty-third precinct afterwards lined the avenue,
and prevented a repetition of the outrage.
The Twenty-first precinct police report that at halfpast
seven o'clock last evening several of the cars on the
Third Avenue Railroad wore detained at Twenty-ninth
street by the breaking of the pole of one of the care.
A crowd Immediately collected, and one of the driven
was struck. The police Immediately dispersed the
Msm Meeting of the Drivers In the City
Hnll Park.
8peecbe8 by b. p. corcoran, w. b. johnson. j.
a. m'mantrkb, ll'kk p. c02an8 and others?
rksolutionb adopted?donations op money,
etc., etc.
A moss meeting of the car driven was held In the City
Hall Park yesterday, which was attended by about one
thousand drivers, besides an immense number of their
friends and sympathizen. The men commenced to assemble
about three o'clock, and, from that time until
nearly Bve were engaged in discussing the strike ana
its probable result. Shortly before five o'clock two large
wagons, each drawn by four horses, arrived from up
town. Round the sides of the llret was the motto,
"United Car Drivers' Association. Stand Firm?Our
Cause is Just." In the second waa a large placard
bearing the following inscription:?"Broadway ? and
Seventh Avenue Railroad Conductors, Discharged for
not Driving Cars." Both vehicles were ga>ly decorated
with national flags, and a drum and Ofe band accompanied
the procession. Mr. Thomas Lsvms, President of
tho Car Drivers' Association, called the meeting to order
shortly before five o'clock, and said, aa President, be was
happy to see so many present to help In establishing and
carrying into effect the principle of two dollars and a
hair for a day's work. He should not encroach on their
time, as there were gentlemen present who would throw
out views with respect to the strike mote valuable than
any he could place before them, and the (lret gentleman
he should call upon would be Mr. Corcoran.
Mr. H. P. Coatoaan said when he appeared there live
minutes ago he had no Ides of being called upon to
speak. He came simply to givo his rouutenance and
support to what he conceived was a Just cause. Since
the commencement of the strike their movement* had
boon in no InsUuOJ unlawful, and he knew theimbllic
thought their cauee was just. (Cheers.) If they
d;d Justice to themselves and to those who were to come
after thorn, they would ma main the peaceable stand
they hiul taken; be said peaceable, because the man who
committed a crime gsve strength to his enemies Their
cause was Just; it was labor against capital, and th'-y
would ult.mately win. The poorest laborer down town
received fifteen dollars a week for a day's work of t n
or twelve houia, and the wnilment of the public was in
favor of the car drivers being similarly treated They
had now the full sympathy of the public and he hoped
that by no act of theirs would that sympathy tie forfeited.
Mr. Wn. Hatns Johnson was then introduced and said
they had bia full sympathy in their ctlurts to gel a fair
day's wages for a fair day ? work. He remembered, two
years ago, when a strike took place In the rlty of Philadelphia,
the driver'* emlea' orcd to obtain an inrreas" of
wages Just aa they were then doing; It won only by
determination that they mice eded, and if those
belore him were animnled by the same spirit, the public
would sustain them The companies would llnd It to
their Interest to employ their old drivers. They would
want men who were experieue d and who knew how to
perform their duties. Many of the tn n who had taken
their places were Inexperienced He railed up?n the
companies to give the men what they were justly en
titled to. They asked but an advance of fitly rents. It
was little to the companies, but it was much to lb* men.
He advised them to act with perseverance and not g.ve
in, unioaa the companies gave them two dollars and a
half a day. He believed they would undoubtedly sue
ceed. He exhorted them to lie good and geuerous lo the
conductors, who had stood so nobly by them. They deserts
th tr thanks and sympathy, and the thanks and
sympathy of all In the community. (Applause.!
Mr. J. A. Mi Mistijs. of the F s-muw ? Jimrnal, waa
the next speaker, and said ha had coma over from his
office to make one of the crowd Th- people of New
York looked on with admiration at the oiderly, law-abiding
and peaceful conduct of the drivers. Not one of them
bad been before the courts. (Cheers. I Not one of them,
so far aa ha ever beard, bad committed one unlaw! ul
act The community ww It was uupoaaibla for tham
to support their wives and children on leas than two
dollars and a half a dev. even In the humblest and poorest
tenement Ha had spoken to some of the Presidents
of the roads lo ac-ede to their demands. They
told htm If they did so In this lustance there would he
another and another demand made upon them. Ha did
not believe that ouch would be tba case, for whenever
the general sound sense of the community found out
that the drivers were asking more than they ought to
nave they would be put down Re advised lliem to call
on the working men who are in employment to give
a few renta a day to Itelp ibetn out of this strike and by
that romim tney wouia or sure 10 succeea. stuny id
N>? York sty that the driver* ought to tiara the
advance they aak for, hut that onmblna
ttooa muat be put down. to inch he
would nay that capital is comhininc, and If
capital romhinea and latior duea not combine,
then tbey had but one other meource?that waa to bluik
their face* and cat into the Freed men > Bureau (Lond
appiauae and laughter | He adeland them to aiand
firm, and all hla humble cneniiea were at tbelraervlce
to enable them to get their right* He concluded hy
adrlatng them to act peaceably, and staled that police
men would no longer tie employed to protect dnvcra who
were breaking the lawa, and that the people of Near
York would rompel the infernal monopolies to give
them their rlghut
Mr. tawnm-n D. Kir**** waa the nett speaker, and
dell.ered a long apeecb In mpport of labor against
Mr McPnjwrtin Biag'U* then off-red the following
preamble and reeolutluna, which w-re auopted amidat
loud appiauae
Whereas we. the ear driver* of the city, hare been no a
strike for over right days for an advance : roui two .|..ll.i.
in twii dollara and fifty eenla a day for our aeritcea. and
ahereaa the railroad tinge aeeui to le fully determined to
bring the workingmrn down In a wnni of iiarvallon and
desperation where crime ta the e^a of the law may he
reached; -e It therefor#
Itraolved. That we appeal to all f ?id anil true men to
come out and demand that the car iti nera inuat have Ibe
turn for nhlch they have atruck.
devolved That we will be peaceable, hut nevertheless we
muat have enough for our day's lahor to aupport our farntbet,
and wa therefore demand It.
Reaolvril. lhat we derm It Inrnmpallhle with the aafety of
our 'Hirers and a dlrert vtolatlnn ?f their -harteea to allow
Una <>r Irnm la to la veara of age. to dnve, who are not able
to do the duty of drtvera
Revolved thai wa lender our moat heartfelt thanha to the
pre a* af the city, and elan in the pubtte al large, for their
sympathy fur ue and our rauae.
Mr. Jons Hun, President of the Work ingmrn a
t nu n, then addrcered the meadlng, and wae followed by
Mr l.i Sk F Cot as", who aald lie knew the struggle
between labor and capital could be adjusted In a maimer
aalUdartoiy to all parlies If only Ibe prop r means were
adopted rhc V.rkingmen bad ibe pna> er la their owa
hands tod thry had ibe means to wo Id thai power TM
lault he had to find with the worklngmen was thai they
were apt to he too extreme; they ought to have more
unity, and should make alt feel who hold the power of
raptial that tbey?the work ngmen - hav# got strength
and per*'vera nee. To succwd in lhat or any oilier
moirmont they must bare dlrw in eve in their
organ salion. Tney bad acted like law abld'ng,
(iraceahle men, and bad got the sympathy
of the pubic. and bad sbowa the whole eoun
try that they could act Ilka gentlemen Mr.
C"tnna then announced that a donation of f 100 pad
lust been received hy him fn>m Harry Hill, who desired
h'm to any Utat he had fell it h.a duty to da all that
lay In hit power to help men in the endeavor to obtain
, their it* ruit* jnvr* aacaclmiy a* ha bimaetf hail omu
APRIL 19, 1866.?TRIPLE
oeen a ear driver. Loud and long applause greeted this
Other persons handed In donations of greenbacks, and
Mr. Co sans was also a liberal contributor. Mr. John
Keegan, Mr. Brotw and other gentlemen briefly addressed
the meeting, advising the men to be peaceable and
firm. The meeting disponed shortly after seven o'clock,
having been remarkably orderly and attentive throughout.
Reported Bombardment and Capture of the Port
of Conception, Chile, by the Spaniards.
Four More Spanish Men-of-War Under
Orders for the Pacific.
Further Discoveries of Petro
leum in Cuba.
k?. be.
The attorn ship Columbia, Captain Bar loo, from Ba.
ana op the 14th instant, arrived at this port yesterday.
-We are under obligations to the purser of the, Columbia
for the prompt delivery of oar IBeg and despatches.
Oar Havana Corrny.ad.ae.. i
Havana, April 14, 18M.
upuktsd ooccPATioit 07 Concwcion, cult, it til*
' * .?~ spaniards. '
Newa baa Juet been received by a veaael which left
Montevideo on the 28th February, that the Bpanlarde had
bombarded the port of Concepcion, Chile. After sinking
one of the allied vessels the town bad been occupied by
the forces disembarked irom the ships Blanca and Berenguela.
The news came from Matantas yesterday afternoon
by telegTapb directed to the Diario dt la Marina,
bat the Prnua Rives its reasons for doubting the correctness
of the particulars, and believes It to apply to the
affair at Ancud.
I have it from a most reliable source that, in virtue of
superior orders, ber Catholic Majesty 'a ships Carmen and
Llgera, fifty guns each, and the steamers I.eon and Benedlto,
twenty-fire guns each, are being got in readiness for
sea forthwith, It la said for a short cruise; but I am assured
that In reality they are destined for the Pacific.
The steamer Barcelona anivt-d yesterday from 8t
Thomas, Porto Rico, St. Jago, Ac., but the news is very
meagre. There had been Might symptoms of earthquake
AW ?Ka ntnhi r*t the <M(k it 14 Tka ZiiiiMo f\t Hi
J ago de Cuba, of the 8th inst., announces tba arrival of
the French steamer Caravelle from fit. Thomas, Capo
Haytian, Ac.; but she does not appear to have bronght
any papers, fihe was to sail nest day for Jamaica. ExVioe
President Monaca. of Venezuela, has arrived here.
We have papers from Villa Clara to the 10th jdsL
Another petroleum well bad been discovered near that
town, and the owner was getting up a company to work
Owing to contrary winds and bad weather a large
number of vessels are over due here. The arrivals have
been very numerous of late. The wharves are dally
covered with valuable merchandise from all quarters,
and there is a groat want of berths for the shipping arriving.
The Custom House returns for April will show a
considerable Increase in the amount of duttea
Hie Excellency the Captain tieneral has returned from
the Isle of Pines, but his health Is no better by the trip;
rather the contrary I have been assured, In reliable
quarters, that his Intention is to leave the Island shortly,
whether his resignation be ao-iepted or not, and thai he
may, perhaps, go by way of the United filatee to try the
waters of Saratoga '
The seven per cent scrip of 1864, falling due on the 16th
Instant, will be duly paid at the Banco Bapaaol oa and
after that date..
The Diana, of St. Jago de Cuba, of the 6th, contains
the following Items:?The French screw Msamor Themis,
of too horse powar, 32 gon < and 400 men, commanded
by Ma Bibourt, arrived last evening from Torn Crux,
which port she left on the 23d ultimo, having admiral
Dldelot on board. Asaoonaa she is supplied with coal
he Is to sail for Martinique.
By the papers of the Oth and 7th instant we learn that
several shocks o! earthquake bad been felt, botn at St.
Jago sad Jiguani, bul, fortunately, no buildings were
destroyed ana no lives were lost.
The Press Despatch.
From Porto R co we have dates to the M A sub.
scrlption has been started to aid Span .n the war
declared against her by Chile and Pern. Nothing is said
about Ecuador or other South American republics Tha
smallpox Is reported to be raging in Ponce.
The Bishop, whose health lias been failing for some
time past, Is about leaving for Spain. Tba government
of Porto Rico has decreed that passports and all other
documentary trammels to travellers shall be abolished to
and from those countries where the passport system has
been abolished
March 26. at half past eight P. M., an earthquake was
fell at Ponce
The Barcelona carried to Porto Rieo gAO.OOO on account
of the sums loan d from the treisury for the exponecs
of the famous "reincorporation of fit Domingo."
The steamship I .limy arrived here yesterday from
Daltinu.m ami laai-no out nflnrniirtri fur \mia OrlBBIUI
On Wednesday there wa? a grand hall at the General
de Marina. Tbe display of diamond* was very groat,
and generally the la-lics dret?o? cTcrvxively rich and elegant.
The Tmrf.
Tmin>AT, April 19.? Match for ffioo. Mil" beata, beet
three in five.
Mr. Monahan uanied b. a Horublower, to road
wagon 1 1 1
Mr. (|utn named ch. (. Indian Chief, in harneaa 2 2 3
Time, 3 11?8.12?3 OB.
The above trot created considerable spirit in belling
rirclee, Indian Chief being the favorite previous to the
tart at two to one; and even after the first beat, when
beaten very handily by llornblower, he still had the call
at eveua. Neither of the stallions is of mnch
account, and, like Topsy, each is without a
pedigree. Hornbloaer Is a good "whistler," and
Indian Chief la troubled with the "slows;" great
defect* In race horses. The whistler led throughout
the firm and second heats; but on the third
the Chief got away Next and kept sell in front for nearly
throe quarter* of a mile, wbn h greatly elated his backers;
but, unfortunately for them, be broke up ea the lower
turn, giving the blower a strong lead, and the latter
came home with a ?hrd! whistle, a winner of the beat
and money by five leuglha. The backers of Indian Chief
fell pretty heavilv en this ercaalon, but as they won in
a previous match between the same horses probably
they are not much hurt, flhnuld the owners of the -isl
lions incline to a deciding mab h they had better trot la
butcher carts on the Brooklyn Broadway; for horses
that cannot beat three minutes have no business on n
trolling track. _
The Bight and the Wrong Man.
In the HnttLD of yesterday morning report appears
of a robbery committed in the porter bouse of John Riley,
corner Twenty eighth street and Flrat avenue. As the
report might he thought by tome to refer to me. please
state thai the John Riley charged with the same is no
relative of ui.lie JOHN RKII.I.T.
corner F.leventb street and Flrat araaue.
niad .
O'Grapt ? Nuddenlr, on Wadneaday craning. April IS,
ItirHiRP O'Grapt. formerly of Kdrndcrry. Kinp county,
Ireland. aged ?* yearn.
Relatirer and frienda and member* of the F.mmrlt
Rcncrolcnl Society are reepertfully invited to attend the
funeral, on Friday afternoon, at half paat two o'clock,
from hia lata reatdence, No 340 Henry atreal, South
Dkbltn paper* plena* copy
(Re Otter pnitKt Are ft irlt Pap* )
auMsac eoa a aw roat?rata oat.
am nana ? l#| nno* ?*r* ere II ?3
are ana ?S I au.n waraa eve I II
Part af New York. Aprtl IN, IBM.
Steamahlp llerla (Br'. Kdnioodann, Liverpool tin IJoerna
town?F. runard.
steain.hip F.dinhorg Br), llalcrow, Llrarpeol eta <jufo?
town?John ti Dur
Htaamablp P.egle. Lawrence. Havana?Spnlord, Tlleeton 4
Rteamahlp Geo Hedgwlek, Sawyer. Galrettofl?C H Mai
lory * Co.
SMaraahlp Gulf <"lty. Stawarl. Mobile?Smith 4 Running.
Himni*hij) Saratoga. Ring. Norfolk, Guy Point and Rich
mood?G lleinehen A Palmare.
Nteamahip All-emarV. Bourne. Norfolk, City Fulnl and
Rvnraond? l.tringeton. F"i 4 t'?.
Stmmehlp M M*'*ey Smith Philadelphia
Steamahln W P clrde. Powell. Boeton?W P I'lyd*
Ship Aunoephare iBri, hre?. Liverpool?Tap*c>'tt. Brn
there 4 Co
Sinn Idrtng *?e. Mrdlur* Liverpool?R P Ruck 4 Go,
Kara St Creole iBri, lanfarr. Rio Janeiro?Feadrrgaei
Bark Brilliant < Bri, Nathan, rernamhuvo?Napier 4 Waleford.
Bark Pernga 'Bri Newhy, Montage Bat-G P Boiler.
Una Coronella I Br . Maalera, Jartnal ? D It lie Wolf 4 Co.
Brig [,nol?A , Br), I'lew, St John*. NP- K P Bock 4 Co
Brig Mary Klleu I Br . Wyman. St Genrgea, NB? Brett, Sob
4 Co.
Srlir J W llatleld i Br). Poliar. St John. NB-D R De Wolf
4 Co.
SehrS O Ring. Slmpaoe New Orleana? N II Brig ham
Sohr W ll Irelano, Ireland, t harlevton?N L MeCready
4 c?.
Sehr Lille. Pranela. Charleaioo?N I. Mo ready 4 Co.
Retir Orvettn. Ilnu.aeann, Richmond Ye?Vak Brnat 4
Sehr J Troman Sloenm New Radford
Bear lie I mark. Parker Harerbill?H W Lewd 4 Co
hekr weu waah.i.gveu. feck. Slaaafard
Bchr Ellaa i, BuelL Hartford?lUcketl, Tooker k Taylor.
Sloop Hlackstone, Allen, Providence?U N Btranahau
^Sloo^Johu A dam a, Uallock, Near llaveu?Beckett, Tooker
Rteamahlp Virginia (Br), Prowae, Liverpool April I via
Suetmstown 5th, with radae and 1049 passengers, lo the Naonal
Steam Navigation Co. Has had 98 deatha on the passage
(96 passengers and 2 of the crew); aha la anchored at
Steamship Columbia, Barton, Havaua'14th Inat, 1:90 PM.
with mdae and paaaengera, to 8po(ford, Ttleatun A Co. On
15th, of Cape Florida, atgnalled achr W R Beebe, bound N;
16th. (at 91 90, let 78 90, epoke brig Aurata, from Sagua for
New York.
Steamship Manhattan, Turner. Vera ("rut April 8 via Havana
19th, with mdae and paaaengera, to Charlea A Whitney.
April 14. at 12 M. in lat 35 02 N, Ion 74 40 W, aaw brig California
(or Brlatol), bound N ; 1Mb, at 11 M, lal 31 U N Inn
78 10 W, exchanged signals with bark Brunswick (of Philadelphia),
bound N. (The M arr 17th.)
Steumshlp Euterpe, Eldrtdge. Galveston daya via Key
West 13th (rat, with mdae and paaaengera, to C 11 Mallory
Rteamahlp Perlt, Delaney, Savannah 14th Inst, with mdoa
and paaaengera, to L L Jones.
Steamship Ban Salvador, Atkins, Savannah, with mdse and
passengers, to C Good. peed. (The S S arr 17th.)
Steamship Neptune, Baker, Boston, with mdse and passengers.
to Isaac Odell.
Ship Morning Star (Br), Coalfleet, Newcastle, 45 days, with
coal, to J F Whitney k Co.
Bark Bugenie (Br), Fletcher, Buenoa Ayres, 52 days, with
hides and wool, to master.
Bark Paugh-a-Ballagh (Br), Doyle, Sagua, IS days, with
sugar, to master.
Brig Prairie Flower (Br), Ransom, Plymouth, E, 44 days,
with china clay and brick, to order.
Brig Cbllltan Wallah (Br), Puller, Matanias, 19 days, with
molasses, to master.
Brig Caatillan (of Portland), Hardenbrook, Cardenas, 15
days, with sugar, to order.
bchr Ban Juan, Wright, Virginia for New Haven.
Bchr E A Conkllng, Daniels. Georgetown for Ware ham.
Bchr Star. Crowell. Fhiladelnhla fur Boston.
Bchr Ecllpee, Pendleton, Maebias.
8cbr Whitney Long, Hue. Portland for Baltimore.
Bchr Loulea, Mayo. Portland.
Bchr F Heed, Pendleton, Maohlaa.
,. Bchr Cyprus. Morton, Addison.
, Bchr B WllUama,,('amlHh. Boston for Albany.
Bohr CopU^.Wesi, Boston for Albany.
Bebr Bnerayv Brown, Weraester.
Mr W PWlUUma, Slchots, Kail flrer.
Behr Beqj Htruug,' BroWp. Providence for ElixabethporU
Bohr Telegraph, Booth, Providence for KUzabethport.
, Bchr J Cdmpton, Bart, Providence for Ellsabethport.
Mr H JP EiT/ mtfci i_ Pro vidsnoe,
' Bcfcr J n Qrssnntan, Eldrldge Providence.
Bohr Washington, Chad wick. Providence for Elisabeth port.
Bchr Pointer, Nlohola. Provtdenoe, *<
Bchr J Randolph, Harding Holmes' Hole.
Bchr NauMtt, Arey, Orleans.
Bcbr Albion, Bpauldlng, Kockland.
Bchr Highlander, Pellet!. Norwich forMlUalrethport.
Bchr Challenge, Smith, Oreennolnt for Virginia.
Steamship# Edinburgh, Cuba, lleela, Eagle, and Saratoga.
Wind at sunset 8, light.
Marine Dlaasters.
Bann Ducsraw, Captain Reed, sailed from Glasgow Nor
11, and from Belfast Dec 4 for Boston, since which lime
nothing has been heard of ber. The Dresden registered 000
tons and was built at Calais, Me, in 1803. The D bailed from
Basa W ii Wall, Captain Brunk, sailed from Liverpool
Nor IB for New York, and has not since been heard of. She
registered 474 tons was built at Pltteton, Me, In 1800, rated
A1H, end hailed from New Tork.
Sewn Ueobok L OnuK, from Philadelphia for an Eastern
port, while passing through Hell date without a pilot, and
In tow of a eteamtug, struck on Bleep Rocks. After proceeding
as far as Hart's Island found three feet of water In the
pump well, when she took a pilot and returned to this city to
repair damages.
Bann Euna Warn. Look, from Bagua for Portland, which
put Into Bermuda April B, in distress, reports 2Mb March, 1&0
miles B8W of Nantucket, while lying to was struck by a very
heavy sea, starting stent and causing the vessel to leak; kept
off and was driven within SO miles or Bermuda.
Bun Chablu Sttirn. from Burlnam for Boston, which put
into nertnuaa id aistres* rep*lira ana sauca tor aesuneuon
6th Instant.
Sen Rio (Iraebs, Woolford, from Wilmington, NC, with
naval ?to rot. bound to Philadelphia, lost her drcklnad, between
175 and 400 barrels of tar, in a gal* off < 'ape llsturas,
and put into Norfolk 16th Inst
Pee news columns for an account of the burning of xtcamer
City of Norwteh, and loss of schr Uen 6 Van Vlset
Brio J h Kisncr, Alii- 386 Ions, built at Waldoboro, in
ISGZs has been sold for 817.800.
Brio Passu Brrwicb, Captain Stuart, which cleared at Ht
John, NB. Oth Inst for Philadelphia, was seised by lha revenue
cutter Asbnelot for attempting to land smuggled goods
at Maeblaa. and towed to East port I6th inst
Laphcrrp?At Tar mouth 16th last from the yard of Mr.
Henry Hutchfne, a first olaas brig of about UO tons, called the
Kreran. She Is owned by Mr Hutchlas. her builder. Captain
Ben j Webstar, Charles Forbes sad W B (loo Id, of Portland,
and other*, of Yarmouth.
The fine schr Paul fieasey, of 8D0 tons, was launched from
Ofikea A Doane's yard, Brewer. 17th lost, at tsrolre o'clock.
She le owned by Dr Bearey, Samuel liarrabee, James UtilefioM,
and other*.
Important to CalMbrnln Shippers.
The following corresponds nee Is of much importance to
California shippers, aa II will he seen that stamp* are required
on hills of lading to which they hero not heretofore
been attached:?
New Tors, April 2, 1MB.
Iloa R A Rollihs. Washington, DC:?
Dead Kir?We beg to hand y<m the enclosed paper, signed
by all the agent* of California sailing ships in this port, the
which, we trust, will have your attention.
Very respectfully, yourob't s'sls,
New VORS, April 8, 1866
Hon B A Rolmrs, Commissioner Internal Revenue ?
Sir?We. the undarslgnsd agents for ships sailing from
the port of New York to the port of Sao Francisco. Oil, beg
lo enclose a blank receipt and a blank hill of lading, asking
If we are correct in using ihe former snth a two cent stump,
and the latter aa a coastwise bill of lading. wltb?ut stamp.
All ships to Han Francisco are cleared at tb* Custom II "Use
as onatlwiae. and therefore supposed to be at liberty lo use
free bills of lading.
Youresrly reply will much oblige
Your oh't aervanta,
W T COl,M AN k CO.
Tkkam ar Dtrtsntxr. I
Orrica Imibsai. Rn, Wassisctos, April IS, IM6 t
flrsriA rice?Your letter or the 2d Instant, with the receipt
ft,* tits* /imlivssrv .if iirniiprlff find iKn Inland or ron?lRri?F hill
uf lading therewith enclosed. has been received
1 reply to the inquiries nude lh*i the receipt lu question
It liable to a clamp duly nf two eeiita MM M Up If lading
U. ? duty of Ore cents. aa an agreement or contract And
a hen sum bills arc Issued in eata of two or moia. earh hid
of lading rompoemg the act ahould be a lamped aa an original
Instrument. very respectfully.
D C WHITMAN. Deputy t'ominlaalooer
Mauaa 8 ottos A Co, M Hou h atreei. ror Wall. New York.
lfottce ?o Mmrtnrrn.
The Nantucket Bhoal Ughi Vessel which leu New Hottord
IStb mat. In tow of U H ateamar I actus, waa replaced on h. r
elation on Saturday afternoon. 14th Inat.
By order of ike LifbUtunae Board
O H hi,aKR, Lighthouse Inspector 2d dial
Boa Ion, April 17. MM
racinc ocras?art rat anoata?ruin li.-kt ov larnr
taur NRan port on raiacr
The Governor nf New Caledonia haa given notice thai a
l.ight baa bean antahlialied on Atnedoe lalat. neni Bnlart pas
aagra, througb the barriar reef leading to Fort de Fram e, on
the aouthweet ronat of Mew Caledonia.
The light la a Fliad While Light, at an eleratlun of It4 feet
above the mean level of ike aea and In rleer weather-Ibe
eye being IS feet above the aea?abeuld he aeeu from a di?
tanre uf about XI mile*
The Illuminating appnralua ta dloptnr or bv leneea of ike
Ural order
The tower ta Iron, round, while. 147 feet high from beae to
vane, and alanda In lat 22 d*g 2R mfn 44 sec 8 Ion IM dea 17
rnin M aec E of Greenwich, or 1 una 40 *er W of that or the
Admiralty Chart.
Directions ?Amedee Diet in sandy covered with brushwood,
and Ilea within the reef which surrounds New Cale
donta. the lighthouse on It aerree aa a mark fur tke entrance
to ike Bulaii passages southward of I'ort de Krnnee Tke
North passage la about 4 cablea tn lireadtk. and I mllea AW
ID from the ligbthooaa. Ta gn lu by this passage, ateer
with the lighthouse hearing BR I S N, giving a berth Pi Ike
point of the great reef, which leave to tort, then ateer to the
northward, passing at the distance of a cable R or W. of the
reaf awaah nla mile N of the taltante. until (he middle of
the woody Islet ef Mai Ira bears W. whan steer to the NW to
Kaa between It and the small woody Islet ef Mande < lie aut
nardei. When in the middle of (he channel between these
two islets, ateer for the north evremtty of Bruo Islet, leav
Ins it on the starboard band In entering Fort de Frame.
The IJght la seen all round the hot Iron. but aa the general
trend of the herner reef, fr-mlng the AW roast of New Caledonia
assumes a NW by W and HB by K direction, n voaael
should bo careful to approach the Light between the bear
?r MhwKan.lkSl lvs.se' in Ane ws.lher miklnl
the l.ighl III the NK will he II mile* from that part nt the
ha mar naar tha lighthouse ami about It mile? from the
oaaraat part, and will leaaen the dlatanee aa the Light la
brought to heat In the northward nr eoalward af tha abate
I All beartnga are magnet), Variation Irtdegieea It mlnnlea
F a at in IMS |
Re command >>f then Lordahtpa
iiF.D IIKNRY RICHARD*. Hfdrngrapher
llTDaooaaenir umn Anataaiir lei a r>oa March II
I Ml
Ait at Raw Bedford April It. thip tieorce llowland .tones
Arrtle (leraa, Honolulu Ilea I* Wrtootarbe .Ian I. with KKMI
libit wh oil and Id DUO tb? bone on Imard. eea' home MU bbla
ap. *Hn hhla wh nil, and t ill lha hone
Arr 17th ehlp Bartholo?rteW Onnold Rnwloa trrlle (leean,
Ida Honolulu, with Sdb hnla wh dl and MOD Ilia bone aeni
home II bhle ap. IURD do wh nil and I J.tTS lha hone
Barb Preatrienl, Keller, nf Raw Radford, was at Honolulu
Marrhd with 71 bbla nhaln oil. ?onld hraee out for repair ,
Ihen nr-e-eed North
Burke fie,.rge R Huaan. t ig lanl. and R?'.eri Motrleoo ..
Raw Bedford, were at Ft Helena. March
Mpoken. Aa.
Steam-hip I'llr nf (lublln iBr,i, ftom NYorh for l.lrerpool.
April II. lat III 3b Ion 711
Ship Samuel Ku-eell. I.mat from Raw Tdrk for Hong
Kong, April II. lat 3V 49. Ion dp
ShTp Wallace Carnejr. fiotn New Orleane for llarra Apnl
A lal SB. Ion 71 3D
Hath Andes, from Portland for (*uba April It lat an .MY
Ion 09 IB
Brig I. Stapler, from Portland for rarrtenaa April IB lal
II. Ion m IB
Brig F.teeullTP. for Ho-toti, April 11 1st 3B Ion 71 Ft
Srhr Charier Thorn ico n Hteaeler hence for (Iraaada Re,
April B laffim. Ion fct to
Pareifa Parti.
Raaatnoa. Merrb 12?In port to lg-DanI Boone, Parker,
dlag. Aitnaadaia. liubbaid do, aehra J J VYhetdln Wearer,
dlag J F. Lewis. Dcnlhltrg, ? h*l?r
Hr*oroa, ApttlR?Arr bngr Henrietta. Unsworn he. New
York; ?lh, II A I'att. r'oeiUe, do All 9th. hrige this Smllh.
Paroona, from rturinam i baring repairedi for Burton. 10th,
I eon*i d Bertf. Steale, .NYorh
In port ISlh. brig lletir>etU. Dui.eamhr. for RYork. to
tall 1Mb
Caput. Myth .31?In pott brig LlharhM iRof. Ander-on.
for Rew York, Idg SW 77Ik. hark Tkemte ilrem>, Hrlmera
(from Norfolk), talenda
Caanraaa. April III-Arr bark Florence Cetera. Rblnrtar
Rttrleana, brigs Maraoailto, Mobtnaow. Portland' MarabaB
fl'ilth Coombs, Rleira Morena (and akl IIti for Portland);
I lab-lla Jewel t Smith do land aid lllh for R Yorh I aedtra
Martha Nlehela Wright, do *nd Md for Portland; Rlcnnor.
Smith, Harana
Fid Writ. bark Rannta Y Bell. Hnl'blnga bYork brig Mm
hel f?at?r, Portland, arhra Harriet Bnawater, Hal?ek
RYark: C M Lewta. Frre, a port north of Hatteraa; Wings
of the Morning. MePgrliknd Portland. IIMtc bark Perer,
imlth do. brtaa "C N 'I rodnoB.-' l.onR, Rt?rk; Cottoned.
Treat. MlltntaMlllar Anderson and * Y Mecrirh. Borden, n
port north of llatleraa
t timerfimin April g--Arr hrlga Fleetwlng. Roland. Mobtla.
Centaur Harmon, NT.ok arhr Ho/riot Utnr* Bobioaoa.
Mobile. 7th brig Helhe Mnwe Iwotnln Rarhadoa Ml. bark
S r FoWona. i irlando Harana ? ,
IB rail, Siftl M bar ha Lad' franklin M.trkall. from
/ ;
Boston; M B Stetson, BeaL fordo: brigs JaclnU, StImpeoiB ?
for do: Marin*, Cook, for do.
Arr 8th, brig Victoria Amelia, Terry, Trinidad do Out*
bark Jaae Llitagow (Br), Rood?. Demarara, Wh.eehrB
FoUoin, Orlando, Hsraua.
, "ArA/A, April 11-Arr ship SebastopoL Sarin, K Ortar
'Aod rUl 13th for rienfuegoa); brigs ? Henir, Barnari
and oienaplo (Br) Williams, Oalreaton; ISth. ship FlnJar
(Bus), Jontell, NYork; 13th steamship Liberty, Staffor
alUmore; barks 8 K Welden. Weldon, NYork: 6nnus, Pi
tenjUL St John, NB, brig alios Franklin (Br), Brown, ,
Sid Utb, ship Lisbon, Curtis, Remsdlos; brig Star, Spmrtrt
o?Kif2?ra i "T*1, BosdrSagua; 13th. bartt L T stocks
Bibber, do; schrs Lottie, Banker, Reinedioe; W R Beeb
Crawford, NYork.
Matansas; brigs Wm Welsl
Btrowhridge, Philadelphia; Maria r Juars (8p). tiara, Ke
West; 0 WChaplu, Wood. NOrleans P '
Chartered, bark Aoonlmo (Jul), La Commare, for Net
York, Idg at ft per boi; brigs Tweed (Bri and BBore (AusJ
for do do. at same rate; H B Emery. Bradford for BagWh
to load 400 hhds sugar for NYork at L. 1M,Iora' ,or
Halifax, NS, April IS?Arr schrs Herbert, and IdriM
CroaaleyTNYork. Bid 14th, schr CallaU (from Havanaitffl
Mikaooanb, March 37?In port schr Solferino MorrrH
from Boston, disg. ,
^Manxamlla, April 4?Arr brig Fred Clrrk (Br), Coalfles|3
Matansas, April 10?Arr bark Trinity, Herts, Apalaehb ola^
13th. J W llolbronk. Small, NYork; ncnr Minna lraub, Ti 1*1
Portland. Sid 12th, bark Rachel, Mitchell, Portland; br9
John Mathews, Crelghton, NYork; schra Belle, Howes Bofl
ton; Vicksburg, Mitchell, Baltimore; Utb. brtgs Sootlaufl
Rose, Baltimore; 12th, Flora (Sp), Ledlo, NOrleans. 7
In portltth, bark Lpriana, Darts; Quickstep (Br), Fnetefw
end Alagone. Partridge, for NYork loading: M B AlmonJ
Brown, for NOrleans, do; Aberdeen, Eaton, for do do; OfB
lando. Baker, for a port north of Hatleraa do; brigs MudeU
Lorry, and American Union. Smith, for Boaton do; IIsraliQ
Ttnso; Condors. Eddy, and Caroline Eddy. Smith, for Philad
delphia do: Marion, Pike, and Edward (Br), Doty, for NOr>
leans do; Bessie. Parker; Fidelia. Stone; Jeremiah. ForgB
and John Fraser, Morton, for NYork; N Stowers. Htower*
for Portland do; A H Curtis, Mernam, for Portland; Ci
W Chase, Dunning, for Falmouth, Ids; schrs E D Endicottg
Snow, and J Morton, Agile, for Baltimore, do; Francis CofT
flu, Wm, for Honor), do; Florence Roger*, ttogera, arid
Daniel WiUlamk, Hunt, fog the Delaware Breakwater, dog
Adolph Hither, Robtnsoo; B 8 Kdwarrta. Garwood. |i|
Ephraim and Anna, Harrie, for Philadelphia, oo: June]
Henry, Church, for Mobile, do; Chattanooga, Knight. f9
Quebec. do; Young Teaaer. Morton, for Hew York, doe
Lovell Peaoock, Beogan, for Sew York, do. . . '
Paumao, March li?Sid brig Hole (Br). Baltimore . *
Raaamov Aj>rU 7?In port bark Montane. Harrinan, fdm
Beaton, Idg: Gondola (Bri. Brown, far Handy (look r<2
ordero; Ada O York, York, for a port north of Matte ra*. I del
brig Ariomede (Br), Crowe, for Raudy Hook for ordejnJ
repg; Mchre Burrow* C, Melflwee, for NewTork-do;. Gee art
Ranker,^Brandt, for Philadelphia, do; Campbell, Boute, lor
Hacua, April S?In port barka Colonial and Lille M, fcA
NYork next day; John QrHfln. for do, ten day*; Banahee, fop
do. three day*; brig John Hteven*. for do, three day*.
St Tnoeaa, April 2? Arr brtg Perry, MeNeadley, Rio Janairg
(and aid 6th tor NYork): Mb, achr Morning Star. Iloweni
NYork for Rio Janeiro (and proceeded Mb); aid 6th xl9
Cha*8 McCarthy, Godfrey,Trinidad.
In port April 9. bark* Louisa Cook. Cook, for Ponce to load
for NYork or Philadelphia; Margaretta (Br). Hammond,If tee
do to load lor NYork; J A Patilll. for Fagardo to load ftfi
Philadelphia: brig* Omar, I.ewi*. for St John*, P K. to load
for Philadelphia; Jenny, for Kagardo to load for Baltimore!
Col Wolff, for Ponce to load for NVoak; achr* J C B?tea*
Hankinnou, for Ponce to load for Baltimore or Philadelphia!
N P Cbaae, Collin*, for Areclbo to load for NYork Hchg
Island Queen, Canary, whleh tailed 2d for Ponoe will load
for NYork.
American forte. '
BALTIMORE. April 17?Art hark* Clifton (Br), Gavel, RIO
Janeiro, May Queen, Brown, do; brig* Cheaapeake iBrk
Steed, Demarara; J W Spencer. Spencer. Mtaalna; scbrg
Belle Creole. Mill*, Belfaat, Me: Shooting Star. Cooper, da?
Dellmont, Orr. Prnvldenoe. Cld eteumer Ja* A Gary (new,
291 ton*). Wilson, Wilmington. NO; achr* Lookout. Lane,
PurUmouth. NH. via Tangier; Margaret, Tarr, Boston. Sid
hip Elvira Owen. Antwerp,
lflth?Cld brig Echo, Benaon. Ponce. PR.
BOSTON, April 17?Arrahlp Patrician (Br), Roblneon, Cal*.
eutta; bark* vlnoo (Br). Hughe*. Yokohama via St Helenas
Susan L Campbell (Br), Mulleu, Bowling (Scotlandi^Katm
Smith (Br), Hilton, Montevideo; Kudora (Br), WWlame_
Montevideo: Augusta C Small, Gott, Cientuegoa; *chr* Da-he
ar (Br), Melansoo, Turk* Ialand; Mary E Maaon, Wilev, nnd
Ella May, Hlgglna, Rappahannock: Taylor Small, McKafk
ninri * 1(1 oni moriion, unnin, new urmni; wnrir.iin
(Br), O'Brien, Port an Prince. Seaflnwer. Chase NYurkS
also cM ship Tweedadale (Br), Ntcol. Quebec; achra 8 T CaM
rtaon, Chaae, Philadelphia; Realises. Baiter, and Lacoqt
Baker, WVork.
18th?Arr ateamer Olaucua, Oale, NYork. Below, eteamet
Wm Kennedy. Hallett from Baltimore.
CHARLESTON, April li?Arr steamer Ocean Wave, KIV
wood, NYork via Beaufort, NC, bound to Mobile and put la
for a supply ofooal. |
1Mb?Arr ateamer Moueka, Maobmao. NYork. At quafe
antlne aehr Alert, Malaniaa. The brigs Bealrta, and Dorad
thea (Span), both for Barcelona, which went to aea 14th. rel
turned to the Roada yestarday. Hid arbra Jane Bnom, EnotnJ
a Southern port: John H Myers, Van ('leaf. Darlen, Oa
FORTRB8H MONROE, April Id?The <|<tarantlnr a teams#
Rllxa Hancock, reported havlnr apoken nt the Cane# on tha
13th, Dutch bark Woden, M day a from Liverpool; 14th, ack*
Emma, from Havana, both bonnd for Hultlmore
17th?Arr achra W Ivea. Boaton for Charleston; H 8 Morgan,
for Baltimore; Caroline, for Albemarle, both from New
York; Urla, from Deals I aland. Knight, from Nantlcoke for
NYork. Hd 17th, brig Undine, WIllTama (from Pernamunco),
Arr In Hampton Roada Idth aehr Concordia, for Liverpool!
C C Clark, for Rarbadoa, both from BaUhaoro; 17th, brte
W Nickels George, Magna fair Baltimore.
HOI.MR8' ROLE. April U, PM-Arr achra Qulckstefe
Klcbardaua. Barbadoa for Boaton; Sarah Louies. WhorC
Naaaamond, Va, for Salem; WaHer C Hall, BU, NYork frf
Boa ten. Janlatta Patton. Dunham, Elisabeth port for dam
Hoy, Dean, do for Portland; Roraeu. Y'ranch, da for doa
Nauaet, A rev. Norleana for NYork. Returned on account ol
headwind, bark Orchllls; brtgaJahn Pierce, George; arbra
Flora King, tleneral Scott, General Pcavy, Lewis Chester.!
Bid achra waiter C Hall. Nauaet. n
In port, berk Orcbllla, brigs John Pleree, George (Br), Dels ,
luont Locke, Hchra Challenge. Only Son. Susan II OlWoPa
Antelope. Almlra CtnaMnan. Silas llrelnard, J Patton. Rol
meo, Flora King, Gen Rcolt. Gen Peary, Icwlt t'heater:
Jane iBr., Ruth N. Atwood, George S Fogg, Spy, Quickstep,
Hkrah Login j
MOBILE April 17?Arr hln Iroroldec. Weeks. I.lvernn.gJ
NEW ORLbANS, April llt-Arr ateamei R.lelgn NVneC
Hid ateamer Ma rmloo. N Y ork.
NORFOLK. April lk-Arr achra R M Browning, Met anrh.
tin. NYork (and la reported to have aalled tame day for Netg
Haven). Challenger. Hart Roekport.
17th?Put In, ateamer De Witt Clinton, from Savannah vtp
I raufort for NYork
NEWPORT, April Ig-Arr sloop Jacob 8 Ellis, Oliver, Net*
York for Yarmouth
17th. SAM, wind NK, frvah. aid achra George Kllborn. Nop;
wood, and J Tinker, Stanley, Calaia for Philadelphia; Ella IP
Crowell, Stevena. Provlneetown for dti; J Goodapeed. Dartd
Ellaabelhportfor bBedford. Gen Taylor Mayo, NYork. "W
Wrliflrrt; M K CarlUlr, hlirlrtni), Krintol for NYork, ?l"Op
Guilford ChM% ffah b .m for NYork
NBW HKDFORD, April Id? Arr whr (Jorrrnor,
Hontun for NYork. Hid 17th. mcihh 4'aihtrln? Thooian, OlbhkJ
anil M S Rurn?> llfmns S Vnrk ilnvpriinr ChRBF. dti
NEW HAVEN, April 17 -Arr achr* Signal, Rlnke*. Mary
M Brainard, and Sarah M 111m Tutile, Delaware; Julia K Will
lrt?, Eldridge. Uulted Hrmhara; Mi.anda, Hardy, and Luna
Jone*. Murray, Maryland Old achra Gertrude, OK. Talltha,
and Hannah. i'.Hlabalhport; Carper, Lawaon. NVork.
PHILADELPHIA, A pi II 17?Arr hrigii l.'alinur. Mi not, a n<
Aurora iBrl. I'aabin. Ctenfu*?o?; ariirr Oeorgl*. Hwi-?^
Newburyport; R Peterson. English aud Wm R llleiio, Porto
land; Allan Mlddlrum. Am'*. Clenrtiego* Below, bark
Blue None from Livernool; brig Lilly, from Trinldan. I'>4
brig J W Harris, Davison. MsUnasa, arhra O Kales. Nicker*
aon, Providence; Georgia, Sweet, and M 0 Cranmer, New.
burvport, K Herbert, Crowell. Huston
PORTLAND. April It?Arr steamer Kraneonl*. HherwieSL
NVnrk; aehr N II Hall. Murphy Calais for NYork Sid b, iff
Arthur Kggleaon. aud J II Nichols.
PORTSMOUTH, April IB?Arr achr Lacy A me* Flandertk
PROVIDENCE, April 17?Arr ateamer Elecira, Nye. New.
York , aehr Freddie L Porter. Srn .11, a putsch icol*. Rid Hr
bark H t) Ryeraon. I'blladelplila no load for Queen.town lag
ordera). w nra Ben I strong, Brown. Philadelphia. Daniel
Webater, Parker. NYork; leader. Ilulbr<?k; Pointer, Nehola,
Waahlngtou. Chsdwick. Ann Kliaa, I'aawell, J M Frame
man, Kyder, and Telegraph. Toole do.
RICHMOND, April If-Arr asdir '.olden Gate, Priab.d|
SAVANNAH, April II?Arr ateamer Wm Tlbbetta, Conn
Roaton . brig Richard A Torrey, Motier, do. (id brig (Lies
Lorlng. Suite, and arbr Ada Amea. Maraton, NYork.
13th?(id wrecking arbr llenry K Johnaon (from Quaraa*
Una), NYork
BALEM, April If?Arr gejir Adrian*. Bailey. Gardiner f?B
RIYKR. April If-Arr arbr M E W*ike%
Oorea, Afnea, for NYork. abort of provisions
WILMINGTON, BC. April If-Arr bng C B Allan. Baft
hour, Beaton, arhra dir. Hammond. Savannah; Ida U
Benson. Charieatun. lfth, aaame, Washington, Chlehestrtg
tog raluible Lalba, mounlad na Iron framed ban ha
whb drawer* and cupboard; Tulcanlxar and variety of toolal
alao Qaa Manufacturing Apparat .a Par aala al aalf thai#
ValO* M Eaat Twenty aacnnd atrret.
. Priae* paid in gold. Informal ion foretabad. The bigto
aat ralea paid for doubloona aod all kind* af fold aad aalvafc
TaTlOR A CO., Baakera If Wad treat. Raw Vork.
VJ ndnta, club and Ingrowing n..ll* cured without pain b?
Dra RICE A HART, M Bo wary, eorner of Canal atreel. otD
ClUtana Savings Hank
Divorcer legally obtained in thir and
other State*, by a reaponaiMe aitornev Are not m 'At
Chile and no fee uuleea amceaafnL Address Pblh. Justlilm
I AM* Poet nflhe |
actually without fee lilt a legal divorce la obtained
Consultation* freoi M HOWER. tllorner aad Counsel .wl
78 Raman atrrrl
(Ham Ware, Imported direct JuM the ptare i.>r nam
( 04I old I houaeheepera In Imp rhnaper than ant other hnukd
In the rHf. All fW?da warr inted aa repp-ranted
Conpnr Inatitnta enrnar 'lorn
? * ? while C.iffxo. Hug?r. A nl Til OR. R AO NEW \
Ml and RB Oreenwirh alreet, n>. ner of Murrmp airee. ( IA&
|>er lb Xplemlld new rr-.p Teaa t $1 per lb. Coffee IN id
?.'? . and eiertthio* aIm At ffreat p redured prlrea
O A .ertAin riiro. wiibont the Unaer, few Ellen, nl^
Wotindt. Scrofula. Soli Kheum aIT Hone -.ud Skin |i.ar?.e^
Mr. Fair tale at Rl Mower?, and bp all prlnolpAl drnfffirie
After pwrannal eiperlewe of fortp pear* the I'NR
conviction mptlnnea (hat if ?be blood la pnpn the h-alth If
food of nerowattr Of inirn fold bnae rurrwwep mono, aQ
made Nor ran pure blood make l<ad akin muArle or b"OB
How ball we raeUtra unAound hl.enl P. ptira, health r M- d|
Tb.a la A queeUon o( rael perannal moment to ua all I' a
mnd baaaafelp lad len men or a hundred or a Jkduffand,
to rertaln rlip. all ibe world map tfmeel R and kR
aure to airire at the aame termlnaUon.
Now RRANDRKTII'R TII.LS are a redouble mmpa
anion that In one hundred and ffleea raara bare neeer faiiaf
lo raatnie the Mood In purllp ar the health ef Ih'We a aa
tried 'bean in error-dance with the dtrerklena pewetded net .iff
aa nol etbanalrd bp bhredlnf or akharwlae prertoaidr
l Ibierre ererp bo I of fdlle baa attaahed a ffrrre-nerfg
damp. m which la .
HRMyTAL iorrfh |M
PRATER AR? TA!t/0\No ? Wnlkmmeet.
Haa remorac kla bnaiaaaa la 81 Fr nra atrnet, third door watf
of RruadWdff.
artificial ii k?.

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