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Neutrality Proclaimed by Pre
sident Johnson.
Head Centres and Fenian Lead
ers to be Arrested.
Wamat Issued far the Arrest of
Great Excitement Among the
An Advanee Ordered by Gene
ral Sweeny.
The Feslam ea the March from St.
Alton, ?t., to Cauda.
Fenian Troop* Moving Toward*
the Border.
Whereas it has become known to me thnt eer
ten ovil disposed parens hove, within the terrt
and jumdictioa of th* United States, began
we eet on foot, **d bnvo provided end pr.parad,
And are Kill engaged ta'praetdhtg- and preparing,
***** fr. *!*h * ??pe?Mtion and enter
pnM, which expedition nnd enterprise is to be
WOted ee from the territory sod Jurisdiction of
lb* United Bute, ngsinst the oohmioe, district,
?od people of Britieb North A merles, within the
dominions of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
?ad Ireland, with which said colonies, district*
?od people and kingdom th* United SUtoa are at
pooee. And whereas the proceedings aforesaid
? fc?gh misdemeanor, forbidden by the
low* of the United Btatao ae won as by th* laws
?f nation;
Now, therefore, for th* pnrpea* of prtventing
th* carrying on of the unlawful expedition and
enterprise aforesaid from the territory and juris
diction of the United Stale. and to maintain the
pablio peace as well a* the national honor and
enforce obedience and respect to the laws of the
United States, F, Andkrw Johnson, President of
United Slates, do admonish and warn ail good
.itiaens of the Unted States against taking part
?v in any wise aiding, countenancing or abetting
said on lawful proceedings; and I do exhort all
Jndges, magistrates, marshals and officers in the
aeivieeof the United States to employ all their
lawful authority and power to prevent and defeat
the aforesaid unlawful proceedings, and to arrest
?ad bring to justice all persona who may be en
gaged th' reia; and in puntnance of tbo act
?af Congress in sticb eases ma to and provided.
1 do furthermor ; authorise ami empower Major
General George G. Meade, Commander of the Mili
tary Division of the Atlantic, to employ the land
sad naval forces of the United States and the mill
tie thereof to arre?t ami prevent the setting on
*i*t and carrying on tin expedition and enter
prise aforesaid.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
bead and catued the aeul of th* UaiUd-States ^
' Don. at the eity of Washington thia sixth day *f
Jane, in the year .f aur Lord an. thousand
sight hundred and st.Tty-.ix, and in the year d
tbe independence of the United States the
alaetletft. ANDKKW JOHNSON.
Fy Ihe Pretideafe
Wixlux H. fluwaan. Secretary of SUte.
4*fi?ral IwMRrOnlcriM A'lv?nr? from
M. Alh4ii?-Ntf*Ni<'ii|Tawar<la Cantda.
mciaL mwiad to thn wrw roai nrnat.n.
. Pt. At raw*. June 6, 18AC
I tatnl ."weeny baa ordered an advance General
'Calm nimmud< iHe movement. General Spear bring*
?p ib? (uppart and Colonel Murphy yon* to tha front.
fCam la a strong feeling of aynapathy between (ho
. Can*d Su e* regular in?|M and ihu Kanian*. and It
< ?am ho Ui-k ii ? L
? nrral 8*"f ir haa leaned an nfflolal order, aa Hero,
la ryv# Waro* I K II , promoting Colonel John O Nlell
m fe" bryarlror general and hroTnt ny oilier officer*.
\ %**m M but one Hrithb aoM or at 8t Armand, the
ha tan?, ui.der Caplalu Carter, bare guno to Hi Aloa
eed ar
n MMi arrounle atato the' t'loro are live ihon and
grin ?? between Neep?>rt and Malone. They will prulie
try a u?vn orwaril
Tt>* ?jruud moremont <M>htem|i|alod horn haa probihly
eomm MKi d In earner! On t be rood between hern and
r??i hrbgalr. ar weH aa 'a franklin, there were frntane
and en ppiy nayiin* paaetng up lb? afternoon, and the
Paaiana ??'l aoon bo eupphed elih arm* ami ammunt
lina. and I *tti aiako *nmo effee'lveahow in Canada Thta
e*i alug < ?' hundred and Afty I'm ana arrtvod from the
Aaath, at ?? are to* In town. They wll prrbably lie
marched a * early la-morrow mufmog -If nut dur.ng the
fnoeaaeotof arm* ami atnininl'lnn, prtnc pally mm
pneed or the latter, were aeland by I'nluid State-, authi ri
Itr* ai tVwri June ton, twoaty mile* eontb o thta plan?,
lb? a eemg, i ?f taken from tha train from Boston
therm mill '*? bo (Uty la General Kwaeny'e onward
move menu
The Poo at? at Kaat Hiirbfate, aiyhl rntte* north from
Ihw point, brt ka amy thia aoon, and mar bad off on
lha mad in tho dlrwr.tioa af franklin, whleb t* Mluated
aboat two and A half atilea from tha Canadian border
The advance waa he-uted by CeiUaal Michael (Iranian and
Caloael Coaloy, eloaaly followed by Colonel O'Connor
bad b? rdgnnenL ,
?nooral Valine ?d Chief Pnylneor Trteiliaa, and Qunr
Itmaeter O- aaral Bmm, of ^ woeay'e ataff, left here
aber.ly befaro twelve oclock, ami arrived at Kaat H*h
0t? about twow'el? b. Mara th y found that one com
paaf had-atayed-behind, and bad rated to return to H!
Alhaaa General Mahan ntim?.| ate.y had them formed
? Mb ', and amda a dbort add rem. ealltay on their to
la' lha border now Ibat the, warn an
Mar the line. Home few may have beome disheart
ened, bet the moos ere reedy for an onward Movement
Montreal the Objective Point?Am Attnek
Momentarily Eipei ted.
Fraeelw, Jane 0,ISM.
The Fmians an moving In force. Some troops have
gone boyand this place. The objective point le Montnal.
The Fen Ian e, about two thousand etrong, will make a
reoonnoleaauce to-night in Canada, pick out a place for
camping on the other eido of the line, intrench and
have the men come up. They ara to gather auppliee
and forage upon the enemy, after wblcb they will move.
An attack will undoubtedly be made about daybreak.
The Point of Attnek.
St. AREAEo'e, Canada, June 0, 1800.
Thla plore Is on the line of the Ktsslsequol region, and
the Fenian troops are lying directly In front, being sta
tioned at FalrSeM, St. Albans, Hlghgote and ?wanion.
Iteeeeeatobe well understood here that n movement
will be made upon this section, as the country around
affords such tempting Inducements for an army short of
horses, forage end piovlstons.
The military authorities, hero received on Inkling of
the intentions of the Fenians, and to Insure themsolvee
against surprise quietly fell back on SL Johns.
The whole country Is therefore open, and free from
military opposition. Wo hear that General Sweeny Is
manoeuvring along the border In thla direction, and we
are every moment expecting to ate a body of Fenian
footmen crowing the line, and when once across many
of them will no doubt soon be transformed Into cavalry.
Captain Carter, of the sixteenth regiment of British
regulars, bee charge of the troops at St. JohM. He boa
about Are hundred men, and a battery of Armstrong guns
under Captain Balfour.
The Americana have all left for the States, and the
Canadians are considerably exercised over the anticipated
attack. They blame the military for leaving them to the
mercy of the Fenians and are severe on the authorities
for not providing a stronger force for their protection.
Tke Fenians Reported Crossing sat Bd?
Kimmtoe, June 0,1800.
The special despatch from Prascott to Ottawa states
that two thousand seven hundred Fenians ore about to
cross over to Bdwordoburg.
Ipnipathy fcr tke Fenians AIom^ tke
Mite?Beeves, ffkeep and Pravlsfees
Preelp Glvem The as fey tke Formers?
Tke Troepe AoeIows Per a Fight,
Camp at Maw Riowute Tt, J
Near the I,i*a, Jane 0, 1800.
The Fenians ore well provided lor by the Inhabitants
Their arm* were received in boxes and opanad at High
gale bridge. They are all orderly, and ore anxious to be
led over the border, which is but a mile or two distent.
In the towns of Franklin, Sheldon, and In fact all along
the line, the svmpethy for the Fenians la universal.
Donations not only of money but of beeves, sheep, Ac..
on freely tendered by the fanners.
The ML Albans raiders and the course of the British
government with regard to them are not ftygotten. A
large, number of American families in Canada have come
orer to this ride.
Have VialM Rilnfweem?ato-H?imiil]r
Troop? *Im RaUfttpMlt
?raciAfc mniiK to thb m tobk ntiLD.
Br. iuuia, June 6, I MVS
A reinforcement of thrM hundred Fen lens arrived
here ibis morning from Boston. A few had arms, but
the majority were without anything eieept the clothes
upon their lack*.
Company G, of the First ITnited States henry artillery,
reached this place shout "lx o'clock from Calalx, Me.
They number about three hundred mes, and are under
the commend of Uenteaeat Wheeler.
Reperts Rreelrsd et the War Depert*
The following report of Fenian moremente ems recelred
to-day by the War Department:?
Br. Aijiaiv, Vt., Jane 6,1MWL
To Brevet Brigadier General S. F. BamrtOW, Headquar
ters Major General Mead"
Major Cnylar was rent to Hlrhgate and Fasts ale this
mufn'ng to Intercept the Fonians. He could not ascer
uin that they were commanded by any one. They
denied (bat they were end said that they were going on
their own book. There wss n? appearance nf an organ!
ration and about one In three bad arms He estimated
them to be alsiut three hundred, verv quiet and gener
ally cheerful A few were disafft clod. About twenty
hid throws away lliolr arms Tbsy complained of want
of suhel-lence and were d pending on the cltlsens for
fool, ne could not a?ci-rta n Itiat any troops hail gorm
east of Blghpate.
Isrilgsstlsn lm Montreal st the Dls.
charge of the Fenian Prisoners am the
.Michigan?Probable Suspension or thr
Habeas C orpus In Canada.
MotrraaiL, Juno #, 18M.
The greatest indignation Is et pressed bars and else
where on learning thn report to day that the prisoners
hr liVon board tbe Mlcbigau had been released on pemla.
The Provincial Parliament meets on Friday for the
ffm time al Ottawa, and In face of a formidable Invaaos
Its first action will be to suspend tbe habeas corpus
The cry of every Canadian now a to instantly bang
every prisoner held or hrroafler captured.
General Sweeny la at St Albans to-day, end within
the hat four days from three to four thoaeead of hw ad
herents have arrived In that vteiBtly, ami an attack a
mom- Htartly Imbed for.
lost night from four to Ave hundred well armed
Fiinleae stopped the train a abort dtetance before reach
ing HI Albans.
Heavy encampments of F'tiiaee are srMtmr t east ami
west of lh? head of lake I'haraplaln, bordering on the
provincial line.
A large nnmlier of strangers whose movements have
been noticed for several days In this city S'e leaving by
every train, in view of the probeMo suspension of tbo
habeas onrp is
Gne hundred of the Drill Association, number ng over
three thousand, are on guard lo-nlrbt at the heavy de
rmettortes of ammunition and the public buildups Dm
Victoria Bridge ?- also strongly guard d by the same
force et both ends This leaves the volenteera and
revolan nn reaefie
li is believed In official quarters that a Fenian attack
wo ild have been made to-day bad It not been for the
rs n.
Tb.' rrnel M'-by la raid to be with tweeny
Thr t rench Consul General at Quebec and the Carl nf
Gesford, of Kngland, are at Ht laoranne Hall.
rnaadlaa force at Cornwall?F'alant la
f mat.
srnciAi rgr.Honam to rnn v*w tori tigsn.p
CoeswatL, Canada, Jnne tl. !*M
Tbeps Is a f ree of two thousand five hundred men at
thin place, made up nf detarhm nts of the Toenly flp.h
and Ferty -eventh regulars, the Naval brigade and about
one thousand volunteer*.
The Feutana are oppoeite this paint, and the bridge
here M married. The fee'lng la i'rontr am .ng the n.Qor
l?y nf the people sga net the ?l my.
The train from Montreal has just arnvert with a relm
I ?rrement of regalars. There is repaid arable as itemeot
bare nod some alnrtn, but confld nee la felt by all In tbe
security of the place
The epemv'a forces are mi seed, it la new belieiod, be
tween Malone ami tlgdenstsirg.
The Rlfnotion at Tnroafo.
Toeoern, Jnne A-t P. %L
Ttie news nf tbe real ease of the Fenian pel -opera aaaacd
Imm ne Indignation bees. It wee euppo-eg I bet they
would Ht h Id uti'il <1 ipetch" s .hrmld arrive toon F?<
taod. end M Is said the Fugluih goverpment will tat the
Celled Htai"* aithom.ee stringently for tbolr conduct ip
tbo matter.
Cornwall use cut to be tbo |eitt of grmleit Interest
Two gnnborla have arnverl ibera sad are paiflllng Ute '
A private dnapalc'i f-otnCo4 nfsrn-d to the feeder aaya j
the etrttemcnt lber? la inleno' and an no toy whet
ever are at Grot pr> lit the penile feel far flm-u bring '
aeetira ^'C Qaeen a Own, at .ra' '? ? I, can , ?! ibcft to
a few bout* ?H jnld (n al'ant be made
Forty reptkM nw as 1 to bA?v .eft thw atty *n day.
There ar' aoti'. rat tut of a spr-ety rasprnelea .?l ibe
Halsnu. < prpua act "y tbe ana 1a gov ?-in.. ? t. A lat
roee'ing wss isld ibis evening fur \tt* purpose el rate tt I
a rqfnntesr rgmoaev ??! for the rapport ?f (ami ra of t
those who are at the front. A largo tsum of money ra
Co Hoc tod.
Am Attack Amticlpatod at Ooderich, C. W.
stbcial mnuM to tri wbw tow hbrald.
HnutroRn, C. W,, Juno 6, I860.
The situation at Ooderich Is becoming Intonating, as
as attack by tbe expedition wblcb tailed from Chicago la
hourly looked for. The Queen's Own are held la readI -
nett to leave at a moment's notice for either Sarala or
Coder.ch. It la reported that, a small force was seen
taking aoundlnga at Bayfield, seven milea from Gode
rlcb. It la believed to be for the purpose of entering
there. There la a regular battery here. They have a
battery at Ooderich and several companies ofiInfantry.
Major Rose, commanding at tbla point, la on the aid*
to-night Everybody looks for an early attack near hen
from tbe Chicago expedition, which called for this neigh
borbood last Sunduy. There are MO men and artillery
hers and mors within two houm' ran by nail.
If the Fenians come, as expected to night, they will meet
many more than their number. The government ta put
ting armed vosgcla on Lake Hnron, and engiaea are held
ready, potrols are on the street and the telegraph offlcn
under guard, so the evening will not cateh Ooderich
asleep. Great anxioly la fell and the people expreen the
hope that they will make a fSOMt show, that the town
will be no longer subject to nightly alarms.
Another Rattle?The tgaeeix'e Owe Rifles,
at Toronto, and tho Tenth British Regu
lars Mistake Each Other for Fenlaae
and Havt n Fight.
BttrvALo, June 6?2 .20 P. K.
A Fenian officer, while examining tbe camp ground
at Fort Erie, was arrested yesterday at flva P. M.
Through the kindness of a British colonel, from St.
Chlhaiinea, he was released this morning. Re reports
that at en# o'clock tbla morning the entire force eta
tloned at Fort Erie was called out on hearing the picket
stationed on the gam son road near the woods firing at
what he supposed to be a body of Fenians. The
Queen's Own was tbe first regiment on the ground, when
Huj. GUmoro ordered bayonets fixed to reoeive t lie enemy
Tbe Tenth Royals were the next, and through some mis
understanding a cross fire was the order of (be night be
tween the Tenth Royals and the Queen's Own. The
officer could not loarn bow many were wounded on either
The field officors of the Tenth Royals are no4r under
arrest until tbe affair can lie inquired into.
Mfjor Young, with seventy eight men, has Just pawed
through from Curry, Pa., for Potsdam.
A part of the British troops stationed on tbe other side
are under marching orders for J'rcscoU, C. W Tbcv
leave to-night.
It is confidently expected that the Fenians In this elty
will make a move for some point to-night.
Tfco Habeas Carpal Writ?^flew and Ofli
es rs Dlaeharged?Fraternlaattan nf
Federal and Confederate Soldier*?An
?'?Expedition to tke Resky Meaataina"
arnciaL tblbosam to trb waw ronx hbmald.
BbrvatO, June fl- 8 P. 1L
The Fenian oncers held as prisoners on beard the
fatted Blaise steamer Michigan were brought before
Judge Clinton tbla morning at ten o'clock.
The court was densely crowded with people eager to
catch a sight of Urn men who led the vanguard of the
Irish army in Canada.
Tho prisoners wera guarded by Company A, Fourth
regular infantry.
The writ of habeas corpus was dismissed after tbe
reading of an order from tbe Attorney General, releasing
the officers on bail In the turn of five hundred .'iilon
each. The men are dlaeharged on their own (Umgnl
aam-oa to app-iar when wanted by the Catted Males.
Sixty of tho privates were released last sight on those
renditions; the balance of them are to be released our
log i he day.
Mr. Hlno* was released last evening as a eitlxea, being
taken without arm*.
The Fenians in the city at preaant number over two
thousand five Miffed Tbey *n poorly supplied *i'b
arms, but am organising and awaltng the orders of 'lea.
Sweeny The leaders feel confident of being able to (>r^
cure ssttlrirnl ammunition when they need it.
P O'Jiay, tbe Centre of this city, is with Mr Roberta
In New York, eonkultlng In regard u> future morementa
at this point.
A telegram has he>-n received from Mr O'Day, stating
that -weeny la all right.
A lieutenant colonel of John Morgan'a old brigade lain
command iu the elty
He la anxious to purchase a few horses for an "expedi
tion to the Roeky Mountains ''
Two hundred men have arrived from Cinelnnati this
morning, under command of Captains Hullivao and
Krport of the Vralta largraa on Ik*
Condition of tlir Prisoners Held by the
1'nllft Nfwtra.
Brmui, June <1. IMt
Tim following Is Dr. K. Donnelly's -fll-ul report, slur
viaitlug the Fen,an prisoners oa the Michigan yseter-Uy
morning ?
Ht-inqi-aarw** or thi larsn Asm, I
I* ins Fin.h. Julx- A, lkAfl I
To President W. R Htiaimi*, President of the fenlin
hno?fti accordance w-tb my duty ee Surgeon of the
Irish ?rmy, I deetr.ed It aa official as well as a bu
m*i ?> duty to visit the wounded of my Imprisoned
r.ientryrorn b'ld on board a wow attached lo the
Cuited States steamer Michigan, lying at the mouth
of the Rise arm nver, at MoRkli for this psrpoee
I obtained a permit from the Mayor at Buffalo
I w.-ia received and treated with eourtivy by the rotn
mantling ofleer, A. W, Hryeoa, and Da Bradley, die sor
seou attached to tbs at earner. Our officers ara ail no Ike
?NdkifM, ar.d in yeort health, notwtthstaad-ng die far"
la only pork aad hard tark. There are one affirm sod
three tn.n woe tided and a number of dak oa board taa
st-amer T?ieee are at tended l>> hy If Bra-ley, with the
sums care aa If they were bis own men. After c rami img
tbe itck and wounded la Mm Mlrklpaa 1 was eawvepeS
Ilia wow by tba lug Harrison aod ar- empaoiad bf ths
surg-vm ? f Hie kf-chigan <tn uenMing the floating prison
my first MpTOTtoa re, lIMSaatMa -sllaeaar.] while MM aa
a prisoner liy the fabSM at the natornqa I Iht.y pre n
A dense tnaaa of human beings pa- ked la a small spa e,
tbe only diffaraooe being that the Called Blaise aotdl-rn
In Llbby ware protected from the sun and rain, while
on tawrd tb> --anal ersiw th- y hare had no shelter frim
the saa? made more tot- n-ely hot by the reflection fr.m
the water--sor from the drenching rain of Monday ,nd
Tuesday t? far f Jbhy Is vletsrtnua on tbe score of >a
man l* over tti- I a inl dtsies authorn e?, and the |?t of
Andersons tile is a nearer approach to the condition of ibn
men held as prisoners under lh? starry haaoer of freedon
The hold nf the snriw is a mam of flkh, rompesod of bag
aernmuiatrd dirt aad vegetable natter, sat urated w th
water and emitting a m'-t nlfet sire odor Inlhlatia
mea bare had to lie, for on dark (If a narrow | assign
around th" hag* -an t-e ralle-l a deck) there la not soft
rl at ipare for fifty men to strwtrh their bodies, evan if
they were parked an clone aa s|>sms Fliey are all nt ?
tremeiy dirtf, bar log no change of rfothing or means
of clean ng llirraa-lvee Their fond ooaaiaa
at peak aad har-t MmM. ft la, tharefore. ay
op ai'io that if tbe prisoners anw on board tie
scow, to Ike en in her of Ave hundred or mo-e,
be not Immediately rewm-. ed diseases will v*
an end-red of the moat deadly rhartirt-r l> srrtwea la
mo*t prevalent. Typhoid fever and cholera moat res'lt
in a f-w data If the government of the I'tHel Hlalea M
not lake actl- n u U-e n-att- r It w the -t tv o the t
tkorltlca of Huflklo In |-red-nt the rose I rs ? n-1 l-avetia
ma s of sofleriwg kutnan helnvs htsieted before pea-,
l -n e and disease apraad throughout 'ha "sty Report
fully, your ubedleai servant.
F. DOmriU.T, vnryesm I A.
Two hoses of goods shipped front Ptttsbarf, Fa, aid
marked "Dr. f. Donnelly, Buffalo," wore sen d If
Captain ''-eo M. Raadell, Ruwrth t ailed fltaVi infants',
last svea-itg
The lis ported Threat af the Rrttlsh ('same
?nandrr thnt II* Waald Fire sta ths
I wlted atsttea Htmnier I'satradlrlsd-s
The Fenians In Bttfala tsafldrat at
? neaeae tad In boad Hpirita. Ae.
Brpfto, J nefl 1 P M.
The detrpa'ch from Montreal about f'elenel Is,wry, of
lite Forts *evcalb Brit.sh raga'va, sending word to ths
r.-me ander of tb# I'a ted t tales st- a-nar Michigan Uat
If lb- permitted aay mora F- a-an pslaunars t - es**pt
from ine va> "I be w- uUl trs upon her, la aa abaard as k
Is untra*.
T- ? Krp ft pnbllchcs tba ssatew of flfts a its Fswiaa
petsr-n-fs ssptare-t at Fm Ens, eh-, are new at Brawl j
Card, ft W.
At tbe p.a Ian meeting held -a this city last eight ? *
T tsgers d, whs- m a r? r taa . nai r, sptikc ><f the lets
motea.su' ata-i sl Cdlns end twtd ? w<s sde *
ant M Mowsr-I S? e-ay If waa intends 4 ? > ma Ms
?at, body f t ? Mr itstt f .? fro-, v .t* f trl4A !
at 1 t e* d I fw t -tter ties a as si{ceted It w? 1
tffie ? i tl ? a -at -'ra yr re v. m obi Ikad Ma* ml 1 ?<*
?? r ll d-h*.. a M* Mi mantis Am das ke nenmMA i
that the fiuui throughout the country would km oi
that strategic movement.
Despatches have been received Ik tbta city to-day
stating that at a amall meeting held la Cincinnati last
night throe thoueand dollar* waa collected to aid the
Fenian cause, and aieo that a brigade, under the com
mand <>r the (onfndrraie Ueneral vagruder and Colonel
O'Powd, waa ready and would march in lew than forty
eight boors for the frontier, (lenenil Sweeny waa oa
the frontier to-night, and before many bourn they might
?ipeel to hear of hlo having done something.
According to a statement published lu tho Kijimi this
morning e?me thirteen bnudred left the city last
night on trntns bound eastward, about flvo hundred at
?Is P. M anil eight hundred at a later hour.
The last mentioned force went off under the command
of Captain Donahue, who had returned during the even
ing with bU espedtt on of the night before from Dun
kirk, apparently having made a bootless excursion.
? It la all humbug aboui
.. about Ratavta being a point of ran
desroMs of Feuiana. The report waa probably circu
lated as a blind.
At present there are some three hundred and fifty
regulars stationed at Fort Porter, In addition to various
guards on duty at potnU In the liuinoduOe vicinity
The Fenlsn ofll jers, numbering fifteen, that had been
heM on board the Michigan, were brought on a writ of
habeas corpus before Judge fllnton tbla morning, and
ware remanded to the custody of the United Stales Mar
shal. This waa done, and they were immediately
brought before Pelted states romtnlaeiouer Parker. The
charge waa read to them of violating the Neutrality laws,
to which they pleaded, ''not guilty," and were then re
mandod to the charge or the Lotted Mates Marshal and
taken to the city jail.
Their case will be called up to morrow before the
United Mates Commissioner. and they will 'hen be re
teased on giving bail In sufficient, sums, with good secu
rlty, to answer at some future day indictments under
tho Neutrality laws.
The privates are released on their own recognizances,
for like purposes, to keep the peace.
?evsmsafs of British and IValaa Keren
Hew the President's Preelamallen la
Bewelwed la laffala. lie.
Serrano, June ??11 F. M.
I have lust arrived from Fori Krie All quiet along
the frontier. The Forty-seventh llritish regulars left
Fort Koblns at eight o'clock this evening, also one hat
tery of artillery. Colonel Dowry, the commanding
oer, la oonfldut that the t'nlted states govsrnment will
prohibit Fenians from attempting |t>> cross.
Sis hundred Fenians arrived here tb>s evening from
tho Weft. A company from Cincinnati went home this
evening, owing to a misunderstanding as to tba time
U>ay should visit the enemy
There are here al present one general and nine
rolonele and senators of the 1. K. A.
Ten canal boats have been engaged by the Fenians this
ewnltig, for what purpose n not known.
The officers ef the IRA. say the Preeldent'a procla
mation la moraly a blind for Lord Monrk.
Kan ford Fain hlld, one of the Fenian prisoners re
leased from the Michigan, w . arrestod at etgtit o'clock
F M. by a Canadian officer for breaking into a clothing
store ?t Fort Erie on the 1st of June, t'onsntorable
points of law were raised by the officers of the Michigan
showing that the officer bad no right to arrest the itrtsoii
sr. Deputy Marshal Levi H. Williams however, handed
over FalrchlM to the Canadian ofiler on his own re
Skyrockets are lienuf e<-at up by the Fen.anr every
half-hour opposite the Uruish encampment.
Warrsat fcr Ik* krtfrt ?' William
? akrrU. Prtlliral ?T ?k*
?raiktrkaa?-*??"M ??
l? tk* IT, |. nf iamrlca?BaiafcfMm*au
la lb* Art*!* Armr-Tw* Tk?aia?A *?"
BrntalMal Tammaaf Mali.**.
Ymtorday the nicitainent la U?e ?dty w*a "* lh*
*-* psaatM* ptdtii. ? olnonl Kerrym- enlntod fully two
tbeoaanA mm, and enrolling wi.ut uo m the Wty at
nearly ivrrj point. About fourteen hunlM man left
the city. A Mr Power* ban-lad in a boi iviotnlning ona
to-r-tf-* t?ro bandied dollar* la gold and w leaving
hlm-talf to day. H* alato-l K waa Urn pr-oa of a hard
Ufa a' loll, and tb.iahnd il-xl ba liad It to giro for tb*
re-iar At baiid<|uartor* baainana w?nt on aa though lifn
or death d?|<nnded on lb* lamia. Nor was It anything
abatad whan It waa und*r*t-v>(J that a warrant for tba
apprehension of W R. Roberta waa In th? band* of Uia
Thano nlarof Attorney Oeneral Upend, dlrartlng tb?
mprel.riif i'?n of all pconilnunl and leading ketitnne, baa
I caaand Diurh etcltcment In In. an rirsle In Ihaoouraa
Of yaatarJ?y an affidavit ?a? sworn bef.-re r.-mnilaal-inrr
I Bet la, to lha altart that Colonel Rot-art* of tha rat-Ian
Brntherl-uod, waa ?ii.:?g'xl In rloleitiig Ibo na-ilralny
law* of tha Palled Htote*. Thla affidavit fonnad lh?
ground for isaulag of a warrant for tha appraheitmoa of
l olonal Roberta Thla warrant waa l*au*d rr-m )ba olfb a
of tha Dimrlrt Attorney, and ?aa -o tha following
Tn? Pmmmanr o? ma Carrao "nto or Ausmra ro ti?
Miaaaai or tiik I'airan Hthw am ma s?imiM l>a
mi-T or New Y--?a, a*u to Aa* o? Ilia liari iw on to
Ast ->u Vjtiiui or Tnan ?
Whereas complaint <m oath haih haan mada to mr,
rhurviog ihat William R Robert* did. ->a or *Aa?t
ii,c ?u, day of June, In to-- yaar one ihooaaiid eutht hun
-Irrd ami alltr sit, at tba rt-ailbarn Diatrlct of Naw York,
knoaln'ly within lha territory of tba |urt->dieia,n of lha
( u.t ?1 Kutaa, hagln and sat .-n foot a military rip-dl
Ii,>D and baa provid-d an-l ta now presiding lha me-na
fog a military rip. dltlon or eotr-rpri*#, to t>a cair, d on
from U-a territory of Ilia aald I'ntfa-i Mta'e* sgainut lha tar
Mtory of t,ppar Caaad.t and of lAwar I *nada. and otlier
pr-r-oeaa or MtmiorH* adjoining tha ll.arato, nil of
I which mid larrliorlaa nra n part of tba tarrltory and nn
drr tha gorrrnmant an-l Jurta-lletlon of tha kingdom of
firrat Hnla-n -a foreign lstato or Power with whleh lha
I r, lad Huiaa m bow at peace contrary to tha law of
Conr ram for tba purpoaaa of neutrality inada and pro
1 "v'sn lb- rwfora, yen are hereby commended. In tha
nrnoa if tha Praeidem af Iba I'n-tad SUM* of Amoeba,
M- apprehend lh* mid William R Roberta, and bnag bin
body f-rtnwill- balora me or anma judce *r justice of lb*
I n ted Main* er othar I'altad Rutaa' ommimtonar,
eh carver ba may be found, that ha may than and there
i ba dralt with according to law for the mat ogeore.
Uivra uudar my hand and aaal thla Mitb day* inn*.
In tba r-er ?f oar l-nrd oar thousand right hundred and
any an, *nd ?f onr -adapawdanm tba mnatlath
raited l>ut*a tommlamoem for -soother* DiatrPt of
V.'remgr, rmtad BUtaa I Hat net Attorney
Tba aartlon of tb* nautrality low, gOth of April, l?lh,
wbleb Ci,loec| Robafta Id chargad with hav.ng violated,
la as foil--**:
If any pereon ?ball within lha territory or janadwttoa
of Ibo I i-lted Htatae bagio or ml on foot, pros Ida or
prapar' tb* tocaaa (or any military #*pe-? Uon ar enter
pr.m to ba enrrird on from Uienre vg*in?i tba territory
or donilat-na of any foreign prima or riale or of any
colony dlatrictar people with wli-im Ibo I ntV-d Htaiaa
are at peace, ee*ry peraon ao nffcadiag ahall h-' de mad
gmltr m a nwh mlrdemrao r, and al-all be Bned not
el read eg three Ibonaaod dollar* and mi pr mined not
more than three yanni.
The warrant waa tmmedlnialy plared In the hanAa of
deputy mambala, who preoeedo-l to arreet r.-lo*el
Riberta. h?*. up to all a'dorg tact asen n* he bad not
been token Into melody. Tha following addraaa wan
waited by w. R Roberta, president nf tba Yemen
Broth, rtiood, yrrurday ?
Hraoyr iareas r*? ?* naimmem,
New y-aa, iuna d, IBM
It- rw* Y*wi?a Rmwwawn-Kin tad ?? <>,i'aT?r*aa ?
It*, ihins tan f aiaai-a In tha hour* of doubt and
uareriainty I appealed to you to ha braea of heart and
irm of purpoae when rmwarda y all- d ?*d doubter*
sneered You I-Crues*red and li<T>ed en when titibrcillly
and dlshnneaty placed lha ? ap nf shame end bltiernaaa
to your litre and you ware romps I led to d,aia it lo lb*
areas You will worked and Uiumf-t-ed o* r noeert and
open fow aa well aa dllBru|t|s*i Uial would haea ma.li
men aurcumb In a leoa holy c*o?- than our* It la Ihe
eaiisc of oppremed Ireland of humanity JoHtco. lib
srtr- ar*. *f Wsiniiy itoetf -and it enam-i pertah thai
*ra are false to allTbe a bier e'trih itaa which aiali Urn
man ale,S lh- '"?t* and ibap.e-.*e n of h , ' -
wh ch slesalc' him U, lh ? high set d gnliy of
Mo' my roumryinen It rennm perieh K ra*?w* fall,
H will sucreed and in mQb yea, eea* la auf owe
time- by our owe HP-rte and U ibe atpenee
of our lortunee and our Wood if nerreuncy The
roncen ruled wrrmga of ooaluna* af* I*
h an? and i l?r . Ireng'h to lha pas#, n- for Inwenl ft
d m wh rh neither lime nor otwtnrlaa - nn -1-eurh r> a
eatnmny and e-.mur of r?-war-le, though h-irn '' ?set'
tba imager uf repuldican freadom, be.- me in ly a* ??*
of t.ac"sh despot-am, -enwt re-ar t us ia our unwar-l
marcti l" -sue lb* detestoW* foe ?f liberty. K*glar,d
f- .-i ht this repubt fl with raanoa, shipa, guns and bullet
Rbs d-s-'f-'i'd eur awwraetile manee tb* maligned oar
m 4 re* f be fa-si'.ed our r**srd ah* e-nl the I'os n
and drenched our land in Wood hhe libelled Amer cn
and Am- ?wen* in i t R?ia* nf l/-td* sad a-o*?t at lh-?
M her Parliament, and. I" nap the rltmat nf tn lafam r,
?or'Ired a -oiwpiraey b> m-alh >-?* nag f?* th# an mm'
amiob nf lb* 'to tod bead irf e-r rep Ww And when
the mart - red yalr ut'a mrpee eaa b--r*e ihrough a i**-i
dret-e-l l? mo-re eg Urn lamewtn-was af a grsat
cm ..a a. re i . nded *uh ludienai ? n a* t f
K?? haea then I* Ihe Irockling ?t
rae f'wret U-e?ia 'aiure*. theae .
to* mas rr *1 k-yai af ? far* b *aa*h to# h?i
ofa-r-nil *l? wrl f?et Mas grate'*. f?w toe aarspw
?bahttaiam at Mm p*e*r to t*e|lre taa* a to re M
kn nrs ito < eMl be aa toon And y*t I am a* *?f* ?*
toe- I I * lews eg na- a law Mwds ami m rcaary
M.a-pr, -a# g ret Mudy <4 Am r ?*n vw* e.itaa**
rx: r:?. swt-l
which. according lo Bngtand'a own Interpretation, are
obsolete and uajoai. And aba certainly cannot claim
a different on* In bar fofor from tboaa which
?be an uurceaafully praotload for the beuefU of her
?alf and tho Injury of Amorto*. But, do matter,
fallow oounirymen, wbnt may happen, bow many obata
clea we may hare to eacounter, how many of u? may
fall or pertah. our nauae abail triumph aa aura aa a Ju?t
God lieaa and Irtehmeu and their deacendanla remain
traa to tba (aalue and valor for which oar race have
aver keen conspicuous. Toura fraternally,
WIM.IAM a HOBKHTV, Preatdont of Uio F. B.
BaaiHieaaTaan Knitian HwrntnanoOD, J
Nsw Tome, June 6, 1WW.
TVi m Fawian Raorwanaoon ten Imattmc* or Annnica
Bnornaiia up Faiaetm l call upon you In the mont
poaltiva and aappitcaUag mauhrr to form you me tree
Into circle* and cominitio <w to collect tnoaay for the
esmte of Ireland and forward It at once to thaoe hand
quarters Remember ibat a great undertaking like onra
require* a great deal of money, and we are certain to
auocead If you anataln ua with it. Form you retiree Into
nommlttoea; let tueu and women go round and aollcit
from all, paitlcularly our wenlihy countrymen, who
have done *o little heretofore. Come forward all with
yonr auluerlption* and prove lo mankind that you are
prepared to make at many aaoritlcee for the cwuae of
freedom aa any jiecpiu on earth. Send the money oh to
New York; It ta wgut*d here, and you may rely upon It
being fnlthfully dwpneed of. Your*, fratemellr,
WIU.IAMa ROBKRTS, Vreaideat of the F. B.
Ftnlant Irrtalrd Ira t'levclnnd.
Oiavm.**" tlhlo, June 6, IHQA.
Thomas I^rea Qumlau. mat* Treaaurer, and aannt for
the aale of Fenian I rendu; O'Neill, Head future. Tar*
Circle, hare been arretted and are now in prlnon. The
United Stale* Mamhal ha* paaeemlun of the head
quarter* and paper*. A few intirtkntn and kn?|mack<
were the only munition* found.
AMlalnnta far tlao Fdjlaai Uoln| to tlaa
?racial. TiLNnnAM ro rfifi nkw voh* unit i.e.
Taut., N. Y , June ri, 1HM
A F'-nlan riiee-.-mrer left, thin city laet .'votnng ?ith
several llionaed dollar*, the result af rollertlona In thin
eity for the Fenian cauaa. He goaa to the scene of
operation* on tho border with instruction* to baud over
the money If the leader* are oaited and are pushing on
the Inaaaion.
Twenty or thirty r-aaea of araufi vera idiipiier) from Una
otty I set evening. Another company of Fenian*. fifty
Htmng, la ready to utart tu the aceue of action to-morrow.
Faalan Kntfaweinawe In Korhaster.
Koputiii, J ihe A. 1*?A
The Fen en* held a meeting here laid night. wA'r.b was
?at>eoded and quite enthu I ant to. Donation* lu
the amount of f *00 were made, be.ade* contrihu
tion* of arni*. acrontremente, ?turo?, Ac. A few vo'nn
ieerv'1 In go to the front and fight. liming the night
email detachment* of men left me city for *he -L levr
renco region, the moat of them Odnylng arm"
The Tallinn maii?(?ni here *,on their pur|?'?a to fit
out e*. h '?? when h* alarta with arm* rather than
take the ? . i *errore by ihe federal in ernment
V toe aruic ml muuiUons ere whipped Ih quantities.
There u Hide abatement of tea' am >ug the Ken an*
Km Rwaato to tlaa Promt.
Kioto*, N Y , June A, ImAA
A tampan ? <<ian, iioeibermg atxty five, l'<l thla
? Ity lo day'?.> .Jaki te join the Fenian army of into
Bla lo woven > ired m*u have pe???d through here
within the p.* t*-. lay* arom other p'a'ea, an tmU to
tho Canadian bonier.
Laawa itrnwTM Cannae, Jena I, ItM.
A rooipaoy of Kanian*, wtihowt arm*, left this city to
la* forUie r
do* I
<Hfcere are preper ng te go aa aeon aa tranaportation la
nmsawan, Jam e Utfd.
Two huadrid Keniaaa taff hem last oitfht for the ftoi*
Sfnaoa, June A, 140d
Maty Ken .ana left thtanty livt bijht on tho' eiaton
b. *npp we>l to bOWijod for
* riork tram north, roppunad to bouojad for tho ('ana
diea frontier Yh? -irtle held in Jealheraatlc. mnelug
last evening.
?Tootorn Meetla
?M as Watttaciaatle meet in
at 01alloaad, We.
naruii, at* . June A. I AAA
A large and enthusiastic Fenlaa meeting was held hrre
to night, addressed hy Mr FlUfcrald, of Horlou, and
other*. One thousand del lore wan rawed, Seventy Are
meo bar* been sent forward from bore.
Movements of lleort Contre airphral.
Warm ???*?*, June a i*aa
Al an early hour Ihla morning the grral (' O. I. K. left
Washington for ihe house of e friend a few miles onfmde
lb.' city. H? will remain *tri< lly arclui'ed unit I KnJay
morning, and In the interval ?III prepare an addre** to
tie deliver-d *t the rnnee meeting in Seventh street park
It M uni'emtood that the document will roatain * f II
?04 AfWfttatafiaaffi of bisrl-w* on FealanUoi. and
prlanple* hy wh.< b the tin lo* mual n future be gu ded.
An officer or high standing on In* |? raoa*l algf remain*
at headquarters, on Capitol llill, to aUouii to all hue to ?
during the aboence of Mr Stephen*
tim ."amttbip Motto (Mta, Captain Adam*, frcoi
M? an* 3d umlaut, arr rod at Uila port yaaUrdajr.
Oar Itavaaa CarrMpaadraa*.
Hitoi, Jim <1 IMA.
tutu or nil >n c<niii oaaian.
Th* Vat an da Tntoaa, a Boa oaw ?U?a> frigata of fifty
gun*. built at Cadii, and at i#a for lb* Brat Um?, ar
rlvod on W*dn*od?y, tba Wtb oil., at about laolra o alo< k
M , having on board bM Ktorllaacy Haaor Dot Kraaclao
da l/niundl, ar.1 Mil
Th? Naval da Toloaa (aft Cadla on Uia 6th oil, tour had
at Uia i anary lalaada, and on approaching tbla talaad
cam* .ndar ranraaa, for want of ooal, of which ?h? got a
fra-b "apply at Malanaaa
tin an taring tbla bartor, aad wbaci tha yarda vara
maabtd, tba Hpanwh ura gaoo tbiaa baarty rbaara, but
?bay Mora not i*opuadad la from Mm abaaa Tba ruab
la tba wbaroaa waa Uummi aa d tba nitMa.it vary
?Nab A faw bmartoaaa oafy and mm* otbar fo.oipu.wa,
tarrtad away by lha gawrraf .aftuwawm wbVh prat ailod,
raapoadad to tba rbaara ftbaa tba fVtgaia, MkafMlaM tba
?taaaiiav ftrtag tba natal nalola of Bftaaa gana
A oomatMUa of tfct MttaU.pai Coo act], w.th Ibatr
Maaa bianra aad a Mrg? ana rat ad aMMipaf aad ?
Mn dlgnttaraa tnn>adlataly rapairad aa baaad la trader
tba r raaprria to bw Riaallaaay. Nuba, yuoaify rjoiwfal
Bab a ??...I blot a fltoadty *ai un'.ffl'.ai ?^.t aad alao a
eoauattl** of biarayaii ro*>4anu Tha Hwrayaa ehtp
Biaalrr. IB port rora<ad a con.millaa aad g 4 ap aa at
draaa ia tbalr ov>n d .lr. t
It mm imag") thai ba Rieailaary abonld d wntwl
at an In tb?a'tam<aia
Oanantl Dale* remained oa hoard about aa boor, la
aarn**t ron*arnati< n ullh Ma rarrrawor
At tba rutiao* <;*o*rel Iwraundl >u r*r?.*4 by tba
B *h>.p end Oly I oaar.i, wh?r* ba V-.k tt.? tu'lomary
oaMn of "Ac* addra *:ng a f.n worda to thi porpoaa to
aw h of tba ? tic bodta* yrnaaat, all of ahirb wrupiad
atrrit an boor
Both tba Mall, (vrmmandar Rodf.ga.j da
Artaa (of tha Varaa da Tohwe\ aad ntbaro appoarod af
t*rwar i. oa tha ha ^air, lurtordt uitii it.* )<? . rat ti
of Han Krraando an 1 fhtlro oith that of ? ar"* III . I*
oantly |iraaaniad to b m by tba city " ri- 'atl n tha
tr"0|? Blad oIt hofor* tba cat* a al toilifht, with tbalr
band, play lag Mu'tli ' aad olbar fractal am
iranrrel hulra had n lha moaallm* loaned a 'trow.il
addr"" >1 tha afriy and rehia'**r rarpa In tha ??an
ing i?tb y.n.rala vara aar.aadid by throa af tba boat
regimenal band*
Thi (bwaral nt.ada la laka ap bM ra. dae.a at
Marian*... in a hoaaa ba haa pur. hawd >4 br Tad*
m-nle, tba banding of which .4 lha lattar " ma a?r- I?
Ibovanl d ar. Th* Itenrral ? family .ill am* ia
tba fall Tba talagtafib hna Wtaaan tba !?" i"*ata,
? hirh ll.n.rai art,a ar* lad While '.a r.*d*dtl>*f*
ba* lam " j at red and M no* r? ratat ? ehad
ft'orml (iik. ?niar ? and nra.iv lerg iadi aad a
aalart I ar: at diataor. aad lha laltoi .at* IKii<* a l*r*
wall iwagaat, at whtcb moat af tba * Mr of tba my *ara
'Mh'it na oat* '*??*
Tba aait dar, baag tba fa.ti.al af ' tpw 'br .n.
wh . h ? oi.a of tba ?<?t a.learn aad .a.'-a"a a th
l?.? 11 w M |>o?np, I a aa anahl.d to M" a*adba? at
roltaat new ..I tl> now I'aptaa i?aaeret A. ba aa.k d
af.t.g .a tba nrxraatt* I aa.rt..t that ba ? (kily
urn.*d I Htiori Ikm C yr im fd M.i tha fj?b**.
aad'.' Orll, n* hi* ft tUPUkJ If II *?4 ' a*?t fbno* a
?a bM MKI. Ml iba oil ar diga'l.fM* < llawMtr Oa lb a#
Mra n* ... r.bdy lb* '.aarrM b? ooad. #?** aa
imiM BM tcikary ? ha*?a -t odMa aad bat art
' art *4 aa a Mttor .ai-*r b*>.iad > im Tba '.?a*ral ?
if*%>l M trail ?bap*>i lofty aad *p* ~Ua aaly a MBMa
bald abno* If a trmi l*u
Tbar* a a. a hnadamaa .tar r**.*d la tha nf?? Mrao*.
la fraaf of tba f*- a ? " tag* " RMMbmo d* *M?
tba t** ' aro af abfh *r* *1 Bblar af ll*.fiiy MM
r >rafl*?.r aad in* rat ft ?.fv*g* ? a.ft bafara M Mhita
lha.i M??a ' .ana part af tba aar aa, aarompaaiad
by m.rod maaa
a> far rat faraohdi baa w >??u?d aay pr ilaan
ima aa a naoM an* tba l aptalaa Ma?ral oa taktag tba
ia 'ouarrataa atth tba trt.mphai aarb** for aMcb
parmm. ?a ad rata graa a* it. nwrtraaa ta araa* m a
i?**a '.f *o"?ta v. i. ??>al larndi. I aad ralaad u.at
Man* rawadod Utat pmato a b. to a by MM M m ooiy
af .rood ta hnaor Mm arah. of pm-mm af Ina 'bad
rayaf IM prmrar*. Mra*t. ut , akl a-ra . ry haad
avnrly dMdtad aad ?r ?d lb* mm* *ud wtbo wraa
?' ?*?'? ? vh-idr-fad Htao ? IM raoiy af
f* raa? .aa Im* at I , pro oat ymn m ?r
MM*y MM. m baa tor* -aab?i*i. bt ? tf t?r ?*?!
mTIZT W 2raa*L " M. * a. **a *Hd
Conclusion of tho Proceedings
at Richmond.
ippUeatwn to be Made by Divii' Connul for
Uli Rtleoie on Boil.
So* 0*. Of.
Ri< n aoi>i>, Ya.Jnnad, IMd.
Tber- ?u q iti* a Urge atiakdanwi ?< "*>?"? '? ?<??
court room thie ra..rniug, Including uoady ail t*? *>"?
her* of ike Richmond (nr.
Mesan Reed, Brady and Brown, eoun-1 for Mr Havle,
filtered the courtroom about ten o clock and awaited
the opening of the court.
About a quarter to eleven o'clock Judge Cudrrauad
took hie aanl and the oOurt waa opened by tha cr sr.
Aftar the lapau of aeveral miniilea Judge t'nderweod,
addrvaing the A?.l*tant Iielrtct Attorn#., "kid -
Mr Hen??..y?W?' ?te ready to hear from you when
ever it aulla your convenience.
Mr. Hennery imw and tha Mnaol, lawyaro ai,d
.peetemm preecnt rose and prawmP forward to bear kin
rwpotwe. Mr Hetmee'T said:?
May It plaaae your Honor, aa tha answers of^ tha gov
eri.ui.ut Ui the questions iir>i|muudnd by Mr. Heed yen
terday are coinidered of eniua .inportnnce, I "a**
written ibetn out and prupun" to rwad .
ilia Court M.v it pi an y..ur II nor, yesterday
Mr W U Reed. on? of Ike counsel for JcPlneon
Ha t la propouuda.1 c rtalu queeiioti# to Om
Court'and to m? which. In the ebveiice of Mr handler.
I at mat time declined to anawar M' t handler la .till
?knrnl, laim. I ratrct to say entirely pr.atrated by a
severe dusmiu' cslsmuy, h>ii I iircmiMd lijii
I wonW prorMd to t\my U> trplf U> Ui# uosilUR? of iUm
| Ic.rned gentleman 1 ?hall do en. That (?nib'man
corn- lly ??? that an Indbunient Uaa been round
in thl/court eg ab" I Ida 'hut, M I>av>?. end oak a
? <!* It to be trlodT ' "1. It t? be droptwd? or
" la It to bo aue|>cndedt" Ho far w I eni Uwiroclen, I
bol ev It I. to I " trt- d, but it will urn be (eaatbla to da
' an at present fie a variety of rename, an i.a of whlen I
I will irocced to give In tbe net p ane, Mr Havia, al
though indicted In thla court for big I, treaeon, la not
noe, and net r Uae bee,,, n the oo.ueiy of Una vnair^
but U h. Id by the I'm tod HUla. govi-ruineni aa a main
prl.ni.er at F< -'rear M-mr.*", under an order of tha
I'rnald. ut .Igaed bv lb? mercury of War In the wood
niece even if Mr HavU were in ihe ? neudy af tkteenort,
II would not be p. ? tile for the Alb roar lieU l*l, in
view of In. numeroor and pressing .mania al lit*
Chiae of the j ..ton, toiome here a d try tbla ?MV,
which karma of great national Import,
he be ,i," Ud to do ao la tb. tl.lnl p are ? Mr. David
i. in lb" del rate elate ut health ted by Mr. M l,
It would lie until.ug laee tl<an eyel, ar lh'" "id
healthy ere-on, to evpune him to the uaa otdeMa fatigue
? dnprdracted trial, eh.J. appear, n fce an inerMaW*
re?ult Irom Ilia array ol ?? new i prcar a and pro?pec1lrm
? n*a?eO for Ina d<(. 0 e Neither III ? C urt nor any m
I artificer. have any prewnl motr-I or>r Uie payavn af
I lav a, and antll Ibay hate. It became. .inprwMble for tb#
ll.airtct Attorney to any when be ?Ui w trt djhwt 1
aMiur* the gentlemen who repceaeu, d' now nera mm
tha wwwrwmt be cornea mu> the t mody <4 ihia aouftumy
shall Imva lull and prompt notice ?li ?*? fntondodtn
try him. *? fee aa u<? Umrti AKern # and bta aanoet
n'rw are concerned (hey may led aa on?d u?n? Ikaif mm
will bare a (oat and vpaedy trill, will, "it further liar r ey^
let or hindrance Ttia I any >? the .p. tal depertmaM
n I ha ourt which I iwj"e..-nl Hut a, at tha inlaw
lion, of tl.a . ..amruentef" .Wb raganj u, tha eiepuat
tio?, u Mr Davr. .1 .? a" fo?*l." ".Mru tad tnaa l
Lav mid I n?w now. may It pi' aae ynuI Honor, that
tht. court, aa w?<n aa the b ? wa< ?*u ia it ur
gdloutn until tha 0r?t Tueadey in le-pacf n> ?h MP tan*
time I vruat the beat ?f tun,mar wfTrTTe l? ml i?ay
the uaaiber will than be c.rol and p" end .bauld
wa ha.e the I ,a? re of ear ng .fain heaa Hncwadr'P
tlementbcv will I- more flilci n r t e a.duo >a tot. n>
wlit-n ihuir proT.'e.cenaunlfv l<? uput
In the ineaullm- the ' cryaUlllral.on pioeem referred
til try the I,-err cd g Bilein..ii ><?<<?. ev I he go UJj on.
and bta < 11. nt w II he enjovlng u.a .-d hca ?.W the
aeaat Portrem thdiroe Ineteed of ulienug the li.atad and
fn d ilmovpliart of a < roe,led .>-url r ? n
Mr Jame. T Hrady of .New V.u. ' ?* the eo?n?cl
for Mr flayi", W an aid If * ?i rl lew |<lea?a I dot
not e.pect to uay e ii" wrrrd llde mor.nrip m referencn
U, ?. of Mr IWVI. lu .m?e - the
? ?l|g*'HIOBS r?s(ilit*4 in *???? \? !*??
J .a mid m.ke II proper for me to at. e i.ml if Mr llevt*
1m not tec.inic.iliy wuja t to ><".r n o. r . i .rv .ct-a it
I* on y bernuM f. ropy <?( U.? ? *t. w. I are. I
.rr, auvim-1 bae.ver Imn erod u,em HI *i, nor any lirt
ol w.tne..-., trad lb r el daa.of in a which are
reuuirrd U. i* d> n? by U.e Matuh I' n a be true that
IB tlit- techneal <e,.m t.. ? .< . I. " an-l < ?t"
an.euabla to )<??r auihoc l> '" t m? 1 ? ? ? "r
Head, HaieU >e?t'rdey thai Mr l?? I. ? ae a-drlalmiBg
tba b.nelit. "f any of ili"? e.nu but. ta
tbe contrary. Uiat he am lore to . ?? from bie own
Hps .peaking u?. hi. aniei. d. .ir.? i?? an i?
mediae irel, and although it to ay ?e ?i> b<d in K
mond, It I. lukhiurlv
n a and e? lac
Bill. rviaTanteuoe of CO..,ml la . ? ? ?* tb-f -era
little f> r that envraienrw, Impeibd they are wy a
mri.e of duty I ron, mv ..en e.p t ? n.e in the city ?f
R|. btn?nd. wt.oae hoapltahty I I a.* el wrtalnly t
would l?e nappy u> remain hece atlh-r llirteigb the beatn
u summer ?r the fnai. of wtnt r Wa. Ike aoenael uf
Mr flat a. < an 'rely .ay ti at a.- are eoi rely rewfr ??
know i list we <ennot renirol tie action of the ft a
trtet Attorney w. thank him of bis ,?dlie reaponea
to our q?> .'.one, and of ?",rm ae mo-? n -a ten. a thin
qua Km f r .och ar', o ae ll.agoy-rnmeat may prefav
?y think i f l"r to lake r?
Judaa ' iif'r.ed then el It ?mly remains far la.
ooart to .ay thai the l?-*cl-t A.wwney I a. "?r^''? ?
\ rwealarl Ibe view, of tba go -ci.io I ?m- ? i ?? a.atley
1l?e ? h.-f J 'M'C'ed I ? !"? da on lb e
| trwl i a- , .-??d II. '"If,, I ? ? - ma he a
that am be viag c.m.eBieat fur b m, sod the Atnwv y
r.mr'd km ind.rated kltw* * ?-? 14 be ulletle
Imterae.ble hd him, under Urn pr mora af bin
many duties, bow i'mily leva d bp
tfoablaa on tba e'dtl.erb foii?'*ef, to gl.a
UK an ? buft ly U, e the aAtawtiMI h- lb ? *r-Wt W'Uea
*h> h ita mprrfiaraa dep. aod? I n'e* all tha.
flai., r. Ike Boert ? Mtepuned egraio lira wera'd lbs
Dietrtrl Aiuyway. and I lb ak I ma. aar !..*? iawl tket
Mr Mavis will, in all pewhate iiy, af '1.1 tliaa he hwrugwt
|V fore I he brtfi. eblem h ? M M^ff, IB IBS me-' ell me
.aaewf bf by Ihe fa.eromel. aheh le .Meeathee
rvawtde II le wnbin Ihe pr.a.y of Ur fr dl at uf Iba
railed tan? ia do what be plea-ee la .h ? mattefa, and
I resume hat lb. ca n^l hw Mr If. a a-aid pratwMy
?ad I by Iba lute mat ut ll.eir iheot '? eate apt I ?nt M
Pfwr.lv M the fO.rfBWent. hat cmicl would Mri
real laatrie-l in daafteg at IBW I m# the en math a hath
of tha Chef Ju.t.a and of lb. At ? roey ?.-nev^
When tb. curt ad/r/omr It an adprnm Bad
QDiii in* Mil i#m?, N is ??
hut ant,I the brt T..^v ib
Aa it it . Pl-o-l from the .rr.y -4 ? a . ?* Bath .ota.
h*SL5rsrzi;:.::V?: ?
'lUIed sad molaf. pC -tmldy tafe Bg laa m~ntna It
a. ul'l undo ,bte Ky ?- an b ? - . f ?ct
a piwa
? are n>m?wtab - -B M e m od a< thai
?*0 I Iblek h en B ? , M 'BWtBkan
a, i r*ra.. Meanie e . e a- c o f fi.hla
i true ae H.'t,w, e? I * In a I Im.e been
fl i.e.# Im.ad the a e tn>eaa very ta
"Ir "hrady l? me J.1ga But recy I.Bomd taMf,
pert Hon*? ^ he I Kl uolag The w- <dy le MmltnP
7T file [ne o/r . ,?ra He.) .? be a.tb bim, BW?
I, .1 , ? fr .ft le .re rB.I"*-l to ??-t ?? ? tb* "ed'W
?f"be fttMfwt A.nwae. * IkMelnf gr a ed Tht. enwft
M nib-era. a-d uB?ll Mo.emtel I . aaMt toe ?.?
fue? lav a >et l>r abwh t me ?? I rdoed By Ike I btef
J uat' - aad iba A uneasy t.eacU To. V? will the.
At ige o?. ? o rg led a I', davw ef ? r?me... tba
ryowd 4 ayer?e -t aad a iey It,, a an e ..
4 III# p# UpsI ?
Im? |#is^s M I ? Is flu '4 ih* # < ?fl IL" i %???#?*#
te ova ins ooart bavag r.-abo-d t. ? me au.mfovtaat
mat r? tl at eod'd ovw h he. t a brand ??'T, . .
i.l. .) ant to a p/ .rr.m-?' Mr I rmly *"?
M- ar, IK 4k"C ead Bhaa a- H e aa
*>'*?" .*-/ '*"1" 22LLTV u.7 ' Ma akm
Meaf ta ha. - hf 11.* 1* fvi'. -ao ? ^
Mate4 thai aa awpiwwl -m wood ba e> ' '* '*M t .
drat lor tba partde af Mr l avi. "? * ,'
that Ike latlef app?nat?<.a ?? yM b. *'?' *" gm ?? eat
br Reed l.av o# rkaikrt |??Wiie"-a t .
w U pfoeard <# P-nreee U M U4., .
a,ll ret I rler.Wrj ead ?r, ncuaa
aw. ta a en.
tmaiia t'ciiwii is rnnmt i ttnnm mty* rag
riWIRtat |? irftitW ?**??.
?l ""fK, l?M
rwiM ft > mm, m? ?* ??' ? m- ?al f?* 4*4
n?.? Ml ?'r*M ?*?<??! ? M ? rff <*? aw*.
>a< Ml > *4 n wrrwMM * ill t?? h<?<n i ml in <tir
?a*M*i l?nl. I* r?fw?M? m MM irai <4 Mini*
r>rMH*l m ??.
Ci i m mm* ???*???! ftfun (*#??? at ?? Mfi iu
vmm ?* 'It* M ?( it*t f?? t it ,| uaa
?|| tiaMI ? I|*I. ?? ? ?>?*?? tM'KMtta

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