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Movement Made in the House To
wards an Adjournment.
Slow Progress of the HeeonstraettOB
Question in the Senite.
Pansaee in the House of the Bill Locating a
Nary Yard at League Island.
Mr. Raymond Endeavors to Harmonize
His Speeches and Votes.
Ac. Ac. Ac.
Wa*hinutox, June 7, 1M6.
Tli. Senate bad again nwler consideration to day the
re on-arm;, ion amendment to the constitution, upon
which Carrel Davis made one of his long-winded speeches,
occupy inif from llirco to lour hours. It is expected that
a vote will feu taken on the question to-morrow.
Tha. report of the Reconstruction Committee, oiib
mlflHfcy Mr. Foasendnn yesterday, is littlo more than
anfflMrato etump-spcivli -ort of argument, attempting
to prove that the Sou thorn .States lost all their rights
and status in the I'niou by the act of rebellion,
and that they can only be reinstated by art of
Congress. Ho does not speuk of the alternative should
they bu kept out of the Union pcriiisnuntly, but leaves
the inference (but tbey would have to be treated as Ter
rilores or worse.
met till, morning and adjourned without transacting any
business of importance. A majority of the committee
are disposed to await tho developments now in progress
in Europe before adopting any definite lino of policy In
volving a change in foreign affairs. A few weeks more
will probably furnish the Information upon which Ihe
committee can act.
The Pre ident liss Issue ! nu order declarlsg that lie
will consider no more applications for pardons ut present.
The Finniirn Committee of the Senate has decided to
?change the Douse Tax bill, so ns to allow gas companies
to ebarg upou consumers tli" amount of the government
tux, and to relieve the railway companies in a similar
The following letter has been addressed to Assessor
Stewart, ot Baltimore, by tho Colunusfcloner of Internal
Kev une: ?
Washington, JuneT. IktJfi.
Kir?Your letter of the "24tli or May has li cu r"ce veil
In reply I tiave to pay that uinter tin: regulation* lately
adopted by this office, gains derived from and loses* in
curred by the purchase and -ale of Stock * are regarded
ax gains and haute* in buaines*, and wittmiil referiuute to
the time during which tlie stocks are linld. Interest and
dividends derived from stock* are regarded ?* :iieotne de
rived from fixed investmonts, without reference
to tne time durln which such sticks are
held But when gains derived from tli" tale*
of slocks involve Inter, t received or accrued,
such gums m?v be r gardod ns derived from bu si n ss
alone. Kalanee, exeepl where specially pnivWed lor by
statute, are regarded a.s income from begin***. Tlie
vslue of property used in bu?in?as, less the amount of
Insurance, may he deducted, when lust, from Ihe galea
and pioht- of the business. The fact that a person re
turns a gaiu or claims a loss upon the purchase ami sale
of stock* do?s not necessarily nnply thai he does a bust*
ne-ts which requires or tin* re pi reed tho lie-no of a
broker. The liability to be taxed for such license should
lie itrtermuied upon it* own merits, and is an indetien
dent question. E. A. IIOU-INS, ComnilssioUfr.
The President has approved the bill supplementary to
the acvernl acts relating to pensioners, which extends
pension* to a larger class of persons than heretofore, and
in extreme cases increases them.
A report is in circulation that Jelf Davis Is to be Imme
diately liberated on bail. It I. quite certuiu that the
federal authorities here have given the subject no cousi
deration site o tho postponement of hi* trial wa? deter
mined upon, and are not Uktly to do so Tor some Mine to
The attendance at the Whits Huium- lo-day exoeetlsd
thai of any prevlona one of the season, and lull/ two
thirds of the visitors were women.
flatnuel fi. Courtoey, United States District Attorney
for Kew York, and son-in-law to the late Daniel ?. Dick
inson, is in the city.
The Committee on Expenditures have obtained per
m xsion to sit during the reoeet of Congre-s for ttie In
vwetigation of all?,od Cue out U>use frauds at Boston
and elsewhere.
The House, by a vote of seveuty-one to forty ix,
pa-sad to-day tho hill Wealing Hie new navy yard for the
pieaervstion of Iron-clad vmaelr of-war at I s-a. u v Island,
first Nroliin.
Wa UM'itia, Juno 7, lMd
rsoro-rn ratiitr of a* gx reran <OMPAkV run Mm.*
mkxt aoxne t>A. T'uirrn bt am*
Mr Rawsat, (rop,( of Mian., lntr Mated a bill for the
relief of the t nilad Rlate* Kxprcaa Composy. which ?u
referred to the Committee on finance. It provide* for
the mmic of duplicate bond* loat by Ore January 30,
IBM, mi the New York and Eric Hail mad, while In pot
?c*alon of And crpretw ewmpnny. Tli# *?v co-thirty
bond* were of tb? dnWNBlnatHMHof f'<00 $100 md *50,
du'id June 15, 1*?ft; n *?> plmllir nolo* of July 1ft, l*ftft,
and August 1ft, A few *!*ea of 1*01 are included.
The a hole l>*ue aino int* to g&.UUO.
coxtwci.ih or Tn.vtaartt mm*
Mr. fni?a>x, (rep I of Ohio, I mm the select commit'
tee on incorporating a naiiotial l< mgrnpli compear, re
port' <1 u bill to a d in the cmi-lr n of telegraph line*,
and to m* tire In the go.eminent the tier of the ram*
lor po-lrt, mil iary and other pni|*>*e?. It authorise*
Uie Nal.onal f"lc*raph t'ompan . winch wa* nr.
gaturel Apul Ift, IMW, under tb low* ot New York
to run?lrn< l ami manna n line* through the fulled
Mate* along any m lita>y or p>?t mnhIa. iwotided there
?haii he no obwifcImmi oi ordinary travel by land or
navigation ot rlvera, with the r aht to u*e -tone and
t.uitwi fioia the pwNie lalid* In . c natron on of aoeh
Mae*, and with a gran1 of public land not evceeding one
quarter *ertMm for eat ii telegraph atallon The aerend
get non gtM priority to the inn tm-aloo of government
lWa| ll<n>i I The taird arottan prol.ildt* the trannft r tl
of th' <e n^lite and privilege* io another < omnany with
oat the i on-< nl of Censr *s, pn.vlu d that th* govern*
incut n.iv at anv time alter hv ? yr.-.r* purrhaii* the
pmperty of tb* company a' a prlc lived by five romp*,
tut', d n< ti-ared person", ael-o te<l two oy the rompany,
two ky Mn f t??l rOioewg, and one bj- the other
four ft" i?-l ?#. iion leaarve* Hie right of Onagri-** to
grant rtitii.ar privilege* to any other t ompaay
tut: n m m tn m .mm*.
?Mr Mon iav, (rep | of N. Y., prenented the petltloh of
? iiton ottkOTl mgivgcd ihthcc mivmiioa of eotton -..'a n?t
the pfOpuetd lav on "iiu n, whkb ?aa rnferrd to the
Pmain 0 < oromittee.
i?i i hi.s *r.T ?viM*rv I* B?t. vfto* To LA?n TtTt.aa.
Mr It* rrr, (rep ) of N. Y , from the t'omtnltiee on
Pr vai" lnnd (.'laim?. rep.ynl a hill to aatbortro de*o?
mentary ev dence oft ti*? In be f rn *hed to the owner*
of certain land* in iheeity ofSb I/>u a, which wa?|init.
I.AM*. I* Ain <r A B'll.aOAn,
Mr. Hk*hx t ov idetn. i of Mo , nailed tip a bill to grant
land* n am of the c'in*trti lion of the JCan**- and S o
? ? Vallc Railroad, and It* evletwlon to the Red r vor
Mr. ll> 11 taw, l| Bp I lif Ihd , *uokc In apfdMMI to
the htii nntil one o'clock, when too morning boar eg
tag nn>***?r?t ?TWr* irwitrrniv
wn then taken up The pending gawtkdt wv? og the
fopow ng iimcndtneol. *tihnt ih") tn behalf Of the Com
mine, el firtean by Mr William*:?Atrlka .at the aee
nnd ite. tton mid ID* rt lo lieu thereof Up foUowlag:?
syeyioa 1 Repreaeatatlon *hall be apportioned among llM
ee, tal ?>,at. * * > .rd ng (o (heir ic,pe live numier*. count
tng the whole naiaiier of pe>?.in? in each mate, ((eluding
Indian* not laved gut whenever UaO itgbt tv vole al any
e 'rlloii held under the oonalitoii.in and Tawa of the t'nlied
*?*?#?, or of any mate la dealed to any portion r,f th* mile in
h ,1*1, tile of aiiefi Mtai*. being . Itlrena of tb* I'nilei * la tea
l? enir -.rie j-eaia of age or IB any nap abridged. ei.epV lor
V#ntei| .'Ion In th* rvt,?;:inn or nMr rr me the bang of
r piaaiMatto* ahall be rednced In th# proportion whi. h th*
II nehernf a ieh male atUpeiM ahall Aiear to the whole r-.ta
t. ? of male eh rent twenty oaa year* ef age in tooh ai ite.
TIM vrclioh propoaed to ba at rick cq out ta a* fol
?ArricB t Repreaentatlon alia]I he appor' oned among
aim ?eteml BlauM wiih-h may lie In. In leg enh . ihefi.n.n
a cnettog totbetg r?*pea?iv* nawihera. wiriiaa the Wt -.le
yi'inher Of periona in eorh "tale ei.dodni Indiana not
( Tel t.ul w. eoeyer In aay AHaia th# ele. tlte fran< hla*
a ai: be denied to any i*.r inn of Ita mal. inhahlianta b ? ng
a-i'i?an? of the t'n ted *Ut-a not leaa than twenty >ne y> a
. at y. In any w,j atirtd<r<l *I ?M fer pari r p t a la
yeliell on rie other eilme, ihe uatla of rap ea etali i o aneh
I Maya at.ad M reduced in the proportion whlah iho p .ahei
of Mich niaiu rill*ene *h?U hoar to lh? w\nl" "/
male citizens nut leea than Iwcuty-oiie years or age lu sum
tit* to.
Mr I>ati? (dem.lof Ky., took the floor In opposition
to ihe joint resolution. Ho commenced by speaking of
the backwardness of the public business, which he at
tributed to h de-iire on the part of tho majority to elevate
end aituruudizu what was called the freedmen. He thon
adverted to what bo tenned the dift'er?nce between the
President and the majority. He aald the President was
right Mr Johnsor s policy was but u continuation of
that of his prodoce sor. and the m ijority In Cougreaa
were now denouncing him because he refuaed to be a
supple tool in their hands.
Mr. Oavis ?|s?ke from one o'clock till half-past four.
At the conclusion of bis speech, pending the considera
tion of Mr. WiUietns' uint'iiduirnt, tho Senate, at leu
minutes past flee, adjourned.
Warhirgtox, June 7, ISflfl.
Mr. Axcowa, (dem.) of Pa., asked ronaent to Introduco
a joint reaolution authorising the President of the fiouale
and the S|>caker of the llouse to close tbe present ses
sion by adjourning their respective houses ou Thursday,
the 28lh day of June, at twelve o'clock.
Mr. Kklirt, (rep.) of Pa., obtected.
Mr. Arcora ask(?t the Speaker whether the joint ros:>
lution was not privileged.
The SriAKBH replied that it was if the House was not
engaged in other bustuoss; but tho llouso was construc
tively ongsgod in tbe uulluished business of yesterday,
the Senate joint resolution making nn appropriation of
f 121.785 77, to enable tbe President to negotiate treaties
with the Indian trilwa of the I'ppor Missouri and the
Ppjier Platte river, after which ilia League Island bill
would ootne up as uiiUuished business.
Mr. Ratword, (rep.) of N. V., made several proposi
tion* a' to th" postponement of the joiut resolution in
reference to Indian treaties; but a* they wer? not agreed
to be moved tbe previous question on It* passage.
The Hon*" rofu.-t d to second the provlou* (inestiun,
when Mr. Ri'Mlekin, <>:' Dakota, moved to postpone the
Joint resolution till Monday next, when he promised to
show that the money appropriated by it, and most of
whlcli was actually spent, was squandered by the Com
missioner of Indian Atlhlrs In violation of law.
Tbe motion was agreed to.
Mr. Hckard, (rep.) of Iowa, introduced a bill to *e
cur; homestead* to actual settlers on the public domain,
and to encourage the planting of forest trues and tbe
growth ol timber thereon, which was rend twice and re
ferred to the Comm'ttoe on Public l.nnds.
This bill give* otto quarter section of unappropriated
land, .leett'ute of timber, to any person who will enter
the same, cultivnta not less than ten a res, and plant not
!c%* than ten ic res more m orest treei, not more tl.an
ttfiecn feet apart, and proioet and preserve the same
iroiu tire and injur)? the |4tcnt to !>e obtained at the
end of live venrs
c ar ?r ?ctfmdmxg isdiar omitnrjiKs.
Mr Wim* m, (rep I of Mltin., oflered a resolution,
which was adopted, calling on the Porretarv of War (or
information a* to the amount expended for tbe suppres
sion of Indian hostilities, and tor the various military
oxpodi'loiu- agu nst Indian tribes during the yeara 18#*
and 1K65.
Mr. W Rpoa a)*o introduced a bill granting to tlie
State of Iowa lands lu alternate sections loail in the
rnnsironton ol tbe St. louis uud Cedar Rapids Railroad
( oinp iiv, which was rend tw.ee and referred to the
Cutnmitlue on Public Land*.
Tlie House resumed the consideration of the hill to
amhortz ? "tie Secretary of tho Navy io accept league la
land, in the Delaware river, lor naval purposes.
Mr Mran-, (rep.) ?f Pu., addressed the House In an
hour's speech In ?dv ocacv of the bill, < laimin Tor Uaeue
land all lha advantages to be de*lred for an Irnti-cind
siation, am! disparaging those of New London
Mr. Tit ykr, (rep i of Pa , followed on the satne side.
Mr. Stiiiimi, irep.) of tdilo, staled thai he had been
a m niber or the t'ommltiee oo Naval Affairs of the last
Congress, and had had occasion to view the locality
well known ?s League Island, and a'ler carefully exam
ining I hni i-timd It iHirurred to him that there was such
a thin a* having a present <>f loo expensive a char*' tar
to ih* don?e If the project wi re carried nio cxeeu
t mi t would necessitate an enormous outlay of public
money. H? feared that L avue Island was rather vhj
secure from the approech of n toretgn foe;7 for a portion
of the year League Island was, on account or Ice, Inac
cessible from III* oo an.
Mr KKLt.EY Interrupted Mr. Srulding to my that the
record sho ved that In fortv wars tlie city of Philadel
phia had never been ice-locked. There had not been a
day when vessels conld not make their way to and from
the ocean. . . .... ,
Mr tjPAL no closed bv declaring himself In favor of
the Mth tit lite offered by Mr. Uraudegee yesterday, au
ihnrwtiig a eommladon of scientific and competent men
to examine all the shea oflered. .
Mr. lux ALT. idem.) ol Pa., made a speech la favor of
tho bill no represented that the site of lite |*escnt
New Yard, in Philadelphia, would bring to the govern
ment a million or n million and a half of dollars. He
tiad been a ilhortred this morning by a competent man
to State that he wouid cheerfully take a contract to p'aee
League 1-iac.d in a thorough condition for th ? object
pr?i*>s('d in con-lderat on for the land now covered by
tho Philadelphia Navy Yard, and he thong hi be would
uitk<? m*iR^ bv ibn '?p?nt or. ,
Mr I>'aynori< said It wa? perfectly cl*ar that It was for
the interest of Congress and the oo unity to have the
best site for a uav y yard that could bo found In the
I'ni ed yta'ea, and tueieforo he oouid not see any valid
objection to the adoption of the substitute If I-eaeoe
Island were the best site, tt was reasonably certain that
it would he ireommended by the commlssloo which the
substitute contemplated. If It were net the beat, then
nobody ebouid wish It to be taken. Ho did not care to
go be uud that single consideration. If be looked
farther, he found that a board of naval ofllom and
tlie L'. mtnitlec on Naval Affairs of the House bad as
a i >nud l.ca/uo island and had reported against Ik
Mr L* Hu'sn, (dem i of Ohio, interrupted Mr. Rav
moad to say that be interred from what ho said that bo
was in avor of the substitute, but he waa aoaeawbat eu
rtous w? know how ba was go.ag to vote on the questins.
Mr ICa.m so replied tliat he did not know which to
adm n most, the extraordinary skill and ingenuity with
which the tentleman (Mr. U Hh>od| drew bla Inference
or his cuolaum in putting such a qneAlon
Mr. 1.x Bl >ro put It upon the history of th# g ntto
man's course thU *e sion.
Mr Ratrosd remarked that he had stated he Intended
to vote tor the luhsitwte, sad the gentleman from Ohm
l Mr L Bio d) inferred from that, with a degree of sen
nu n thai wx< ruarnr.er *t:c of lilm, that he (Mr. Ray
m?n<l) ** oot going to vote for it.
Mr L Hio>d?Hial wa* the natural conclusion from
the | Mud history of tbo gent I msn from New York.
'' X aogo?Tha namral conclusion from what paat
'"mc'l's Bw>"?? I will uy for tha informalloa of tba
gentleman fr..ru N>w York iMr. Raymond) mat on two
oilier o radons he has spoken for propositions and then
] voted aga uat them. TUt gentleman made k speech in
fav?r ol striking out the Third section of tbecoastitu
tl net amendment. We wi re all on this aide
proud of thai speech, and were of opinion
that the gentleman waa going to voto w th
tin, and that we would defeat the meas re;
hut sli ii the vote came we fouml the gentleman (Mr.
IU moudi votlog with Mr Stevens in support of tbe
it .Maura which hn had *poken so sloq -entiy against.
(I. milliter.) thi one or two former occasions I believe
the yutletnAO stands on the record of speaking one way
and voilug the contrary wsy. (lot ghter-i That being
tlie rase we neinrahv !n>r on th la side that whenever
Uie g nil man irom New York (Mr Hn.mond) inakas a
speoi h m favor of a propoeitioa he will vote against It
(Lro.u laughter, j
Mr. Katmcru?Tba Inference which the gentleman
from Ohio (Mr. Le Hlondi assures me ttial he and that
side ot tlie House draw Is ?redllaMe to the r randor as
well as to their Int- dlreoce. He may learn from this
Instance, as well as iron others to wbl h be has alluded,
thai tlie infeience which he and tita awoetate< have
taken tli# libery of drawln; concerning my anion has
no f<-nodal'.on what ver except In their own imagluailoti*,
or perhaps n their own l?.p?e. It seems to hare en
tered the heads of the gentleman and aome of bis aas<?
, latea that I am here to fellow their lead and to vote as
they Wished or hoped I would vote I hope
that by this kme tliey hav* got corrected In
tbal impression. I bave net ar said or done anything
to ftva countenance to Ik (The gentleman taunts
me with voting for the third errtloa of tha (mostltu.
tiooal amendment after making a ape eh against It I
beg to inform the gentleman (Mr lib Blond) that I did
no such thing. 1 spoke against that proposition, and
should have voted against It if tha g. ntieman and bis as
SOT ate- had not joined thoaa on our side who wore In
favor of it to prevent my having a rhanci to voto. I do
not think the gentleman can etaim any pant alar credit
for tbal transaction Whenever be and b e friends com
bine with those among my own political friends with
whom i do not eotirsly coocur to prevant me from vot
ing an ae to stpress my aenilnv nte I shall vote as I
r tunas, without asking bla consent or tbal of bla potlti
cai sass latea. If he can fled anything In tbe record of
his vntee or ihoee of his sssnrtslst of Which he thinks he
i an be proud I commend lilm to take Uie utmoet care of
It, for It will b? one rif the rery few things that be can
h* p.odo' (laughter ) I'erhaps tbe g mils man from
Ohio has some other qu s??n to propound.
Mr 1^ Buvan?I do not de-Ire to he propounding qoea
lions I., the .eoiiemun in>m New York (Mr. lUyaanwd),
for be Dads a ready replv to everything. Hla apsechru
and hla votes speak for themw ivaa. I trm* he will have
capa Ity enough when he gets borne to harmonlx" them
with eerh other. I confess I am unable to do so, hence
my indulry.
Mr Kavwivw?I do not know that the gentleman from
Ohio (Mr. Le Dlondi la called upon to ramm He my votes
and -peeches It la quite enough tor him If be ran
rw oniile bin own votes and spee. has or either with
sound political principles and commoa sense (Inugti
tor )
Mr. Lk Boiwn?My votaa and the few remark* I have
mwle will harmonise I think. I do not think that I
have been In tne unfortunate position of my friend from
New York (Mr. Raymond) He started out this seaaton
wdh one loot on tbe vboulder of Andrew Jel.aaun and
the other f'xit "n the rhoulder of Mr. ftovaaa, of I'enn
avLau a Thaee two rebtlemen have bean diverging,
and my frtond from New York (Mr Ravinondl la Mill
trvlng to k'-ep hat feet nr*>w theia ?>od known what
will become of his body If fbey diverge much further.
(Inukhiar i Hla lcg< I do not find to be elongating
much. (Laughter.) I hop#, bawever, that he |?<aar?es
aaflktoat elanila power auabta htm to prnnrrve hta life,
* Mr * K?vwc'RT??I am half aa much concerned
about that as th" venUeman from Ohio aeema to be I
conatder that both my feet are wltfam my own confnd
aa yet. and I fin I no difficulty la a aadmg on my own
pai urm This may not suit lb* gentleman from Ohio,
and may not ?... some genu man of my wwflpnry ; but
It s .Its me per'eiily Ihnve found some toneon to re
K'ret Hint some gantlemen do not nlwnys NR. "!'1!J*.
.nd have been vary much <a tba cmdluoa of the ototi
nam juryman who wondered very much whv thw ?????[
eic en were such obstinate letlowa tbst tl.ay would hoin
out ag'HbM b 1 UMT* ? M I uga <4 re
tnsining if nor with Mm and hi* p??l real friends that
iliey liuve voted wi'b ne on dlffere't occaaionH for whet
1 consider'd pol lical sentiment*: and no*, if the gen
tleman ha* got over h a extreme anxiety toank ques'ioui,
I will conclude wltat I had to aav about League Island.
I eliall vote for the siih-tliiite offered by the gentleman
In in Connecticut. I think what I have aaid ha* been in
favor of that substitute, and, therefore, I trust that the
gentleman from Ohio will not find it ineoiieiKteat for uie
to vote tor it aa well ttx speak for It. (Laughter.)
Mr. R'< *, irep.) of Mann , considered the qusstlon to be
one o( engineering, of topography, of defence, of nuita
hlenea*, ami that question should bo determined, not by
Congress, but by a cor.iupfslon of professional men, as
provided for In Lhe substitute. He, therefore, favored
the subetiinte, though If It wiw rejected he would then
vote tor the bill, because he deems it u ceeaary for the
government to have at once a station for the iron clad*.
Ha moved (o amend the sub titol" by striking not that
part requiring a report to be made to Congress, and sub
stituting for H a rlanso authoring the Secretary of tiia
Navy to accept, on behalf of the govern meat, a title to
the site which should be recommended by a majority of
the board.
Mr 1'ikk, (rep.) of Me., favorisl the hill so far as it con
templated the transfer of the N'avv Yard from PhHadet
I'll 11* t<< league Island, ard be believed that was all there
was tn II. He would not be In favot of making It a great
station for Iron clads, lor be knew that In Portland har
bor and other harbors in Maino better sites for that pur
pose could be obtained.
Mr. Ksli.rt closed the drbate, stating that the simple
quest ton whs whether tlm government would accept a
gift from the city of I'hilade'pbia. which would citable
the government in soil the little nary yard It had there,
and with the prncoeds have the arconimodal one of flvo
times the level curiam and nearly one hundred times
tlm water huriltties He characterized the speech made
yobterday again -t the bill by Mr. Brand#*## as a lis ue
of Manrhaoaenisms. rhodiimnnfnde, Blonder uud asser
tions which a liiiuitiu might spurn
Mr. Kuwiduk, (dem.) of Mis., moved to amend the
bill by add iik a pro l*o that If League Island be selected
the Navy Yard at M;ilsd--lphia shall be dispensed with
and do rosed of by the United Stales as boob aa the public
convenience will admit.
The anicndmcul was screed to.
The amendment offered by Mr. Rice (of Mass.) to the
substitute offered by Mr. Hranuugee was agreed to
The qiicsiiou wts th-n taken ou the amendment, and
it was rejected?yets SS, navs (t6.
Mr. Itaymhnd was found with Mr. Stevens, who was
In favor of the bill.
The !> II w as then i ass-'d?y as 71. nays 41.
It authorizes the Secretary of the Navy to receive and
accept from the city authorities of the city ot PliilaileL
phis the title to Levyo# Island, in the Delaware river,
uud tho adjacent marsh land", Including tho whole of tlie
creek known as the bock channel from the Schuylkill to
the (Delaware river, nn.d all the riparian rights and
privileges of said L ague Island, the adiaccnt marsh and
tho hack channel, to-ether with so much of the opposite
shore of llie l>nck channel from the League Island slioro
as shall, In the opinion <>f Hie Fecretary of th" Navy,
be amide to enable the government to ha' ? the sole anil
exclusive us" or -aid In k ehunn I and both shores
thereof; the said Is! uud and appurtenances to bo hciu fur
natal purposes by the government, or the United States;
provided that the said I-engue Island, mrrdi a-llarenl
and lia#k cliaunel, wttli Its shore'- as aforesaid, shall not
tie received or accepted until the title to the whole of tho
same, as hoie'n dosrnl-ed, is complete and Indefeaalb'e:
nor unless the sceeplanre thereof shall be recommended
by a board of officer* Pi be appointed by the President;
and, provided further, that if L-'ague Island l>? selected
the Navy Yard at Philadelphia shall he dispensed with
and dt*nosed of by the United States as soon as tho publlo
convenience will admit.
snratcax woot.
Mr. Gariik'P, (re(i) of Ohio, presented the petition of
citizens of Thomp-on, Osama county, Ohio, asking for
Increased pro1 eotlon for American wool, which was re
ferred to the rommlHee of Ways and I'ean*.
Mr Pathosd pre?uled the petition of W. W. Rich
mond, i raving payment for service* a? Sucrotury of Le
gst'en In Brussels and Cnmmerc'sl Agent In St. Domingo,
which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.
Tin: anjol ii-hkxt or no.vtaitK*.
Mr. As'sws. (dem I of Pa, Introduced his conenrrent
resolution prorid ng for an adjournment of Congress on
the 2sth of June.
"r. Morstt.i, (rep.) of Vt , called for the yea*and nays,
stating that there was imp- riant business to lie transacted,
which could n?t b ? transacted w thin that time.
The House refused to order the yeas and nay*, and
passed th# concurrent resolution by a vote of 00 to :n?.
Mrdtussup, (rep ) of Iowa, moved to reconsider the
Mr K? Dt'tmig moved to lay the motion to reconsider en
tic talde.
The yeas sod nxya were taken'on the motion, and re
sulted veos 34, nays A. 8o the motion was not laid on
the tab's
The vote was then on reconsideration; It was laben by
a count, when there were ayes 40, noes 30?no quorum
The House then at five o'clock, and without deciding
the qnMtlnn. which will come up aa unfinished business
to-morrow, adjourned.
Sou** rnmrn or Co?rT?iiirw?* ?At the Chorti of
St. Franr s Xavier. Went Sixteenth Htreet, jrwtwikjr fore
noon. over four hundred and fifty hoy* and girl*, to
gether with about seventy edultx, received the aarrnmcnt
of Confirmation from the Mont Reverend Arcbbiahwp Mo
Cleakev. The hove of the pariah echool were d*ttng-il?h
ed by wear ng blue warfa, while the othera bore medals
end rmeitea. The gRIa were all arrayed In white and
prevented a moat pleaaint and Imposing spectacle After
tlxvapplleanta had rare I red communion from Fathers
Meagher and Rriaenll they were addreeaed on the Im
portance and aoh-mnity of the occasion by th? Arcb
blahop, alter whirh he admlnlatered the sacrament of
Confirmation, nc-lated by Rwer-nd father McNeirnay,
bl? secretary. Father taiyganoe, Provident of the College,
and Father* Oriaroll, De f.nynea and Daobrevaeo. The
choir, under the direction o Father Langeake. composed
of the children of the raging echool attached to the
chervil, gave several hnglinh and Ull* hymns In excel
lent vtyle. After the cnncbMoa of the crremony the
ArrhhUhop gave bU benediction and the congregation
dlap reed.
CmwiwirT at Rrran'a fnuu Imrrrrra?The
twenty-acven'h anniversary commeacetaent ef the Km
rare Female Institute wa* held yesterday afterooou at
the Broadway Tabernacle. A number of dlvtlagulah .1
gentlemen were present, among other* Flee Admiral
Karragui, General W. n. Seward, Jr., Dr. Barnard. Prev
Irtenl of Columbia Collate, Professor Heck, iJ Columbia
tVdlege; Dr. Wi-twter, uf the Free College; Hon. W. A
Reeling, M C. : H P. Gilbert, Dr 'Why, Dr Wot.
and Her. Stephen Tyng, Jr. The everctw, wen- opened
with a prajer by !>r Barnard and proceeded m the
naual order on tlie?e ? cas^n*. rvadlng '-f oompntdtlou*,
singing and awarding of diploma*, leali "f mnfM
and prlzea Tba audence w-u. large and *ele> t eempoxt d
mostly of JfidJcj, and gi t r\ Ment al ua of aatiefttlioa
?Bd Ipliftclation during the ? *
Ntw Tout Catgbo-u* Cixa -Kxitmritvartrr l.teT
Kvavtvo. ? An agreeable entertainment w.n gnen la t
evening at the new room* of the Caledon'an flu'. IIH
-HiIIIvan street, by tlie trxi*tee* of thm' nrgnniaation.
ltd* entertainment wa< given to n few friend* of the
club who have turn eonrplcuon* in ad ~au< ti tg inte.
real* The rnnoi* '>f the t.?led on'an a ware died on the
occasion, aome fifty or *l*t* person* Ifli <i pPatent
Among lh"*e mirl.t t*i mentioned colonel t -ililing, of
the I'lahly-fottrth rrjlm-nt, V. II ; ColorF?'jlftjlih.
of the sever ty nlntH", together ? tS a g'tubtr or ofn> in
of the latC r re. Imrnt. The ol'u r* of tfie cluh ar* ?
Chief Ravld Mot'lr|i?a; Flrnt Chief, Wm Mativon: eve
and Chief, IIeigga Mteb-dl; Third Chief, John Watt;
Fourth Chief, I. ft. Rnlwrtann. The rhk la now In the
fall tide of tneceae and number t vime live hundred ruem
her*, handed together for uncial htt >monr*a and the per
petuation of national (enHuieM, being a Scotch organi
sation. aa their name aiguille*. It I* intended to pro- ide
a library and gvmnaamni for the club room*, and the
neceaaerv Impr oemenl* tn tha buiid'ng are now und'r
way. I.?>t even ng an vletant *upp< r ?r< provid d,
wlu n a|>oech a were made hv chief Venetian, I Vdonej
t'onkhng. Colonel Fam*worth and other*. An e*need
inglv agreealile aven'ag wae spent, when the goe,'* *d
Jonrned at a htteknnr, much gratified with th? plea?ant
programme arrangrd for tha.i edification.
Kremv Cranaton?Yavterday afternoon all the prin
cipal thorough forea below Beck mall street were aud leji
ly blocked up by vehicle* of every dr-crtptlon. Thla
wm orrMlooed bv a ni?h of atagaaaad carrtag'ithrough
the by afreet*. n-uHlnr fmri an Ir.terrupttoa of the
paaaage at a certain potnt on Broadway, wherv ?r?tnc re
palra were made on a arwer The atreeta were entirely
blocked op for nearly half an hour, late m the div
cauamg a great deal of annoyance to iiedevtr'sc- hot
the police an?n eo< eroded In clearing the euy and keep
ing tha itaaaege oi?n. A nombvr of atage driver* wrre
arrested for a violation of a rltv ordinance in driving out
ef their lire and blocking up the thnroughfarr
fmsa Rawa i-v tea Pcnirw. ?Tlie fntlowlag Owtll
Order wilt be hawed to-day by Genera! HnpeffiWendent
?avi a * i nenra wo UP
Orrtra oe rv* Htpaaiavaanaav Mi tawcof ttta I'm i" ?
Saw Voaa, l*?P t
C?mt? -TTir mernlx-ra ef vo ir rominaevl will, en aed
after ftlk June. Inai*n>. appear Ir full mma r I " ? ??<ert
on ralnv day*, during the dar tnura of ilwtj. and the day
tour* ni.ly the aummer drr will anafotin '? th? He CI ire
maela nf fteaeral ftrder Sin. ter eamelr. of hbir f rrpef ? n**
and pamalnnna, I'aeama hat, wlille glove* and hlaek ner*
tie Ton will e*retullr In.peel ihe dr*a? el er< h ui'i?'er
aed whenever'he whfie atrtjie nn Ik* pantab* a* I* Pane l
plar *d i'B la any r-ther manaer lhaa *e?eu aecMrely in ihe
aeam. yon will reject the dreaa aa out < Ml ' in and aiaka
? lidrma KA?r(]?ifr
Jflltv A KRMVKUr. Puperle tan dent,
Jaai* f.rovian Inapeetor.
Fjrtxrar M:iiwa. ? Aa the fervybeat Va-aan wa?
rraaamg at Htritb faery yee?erdty, at about noon, an an
known young man. draeaed in l.ght einthing and hav
ing dark hair and light sandy whisker*. w?a nte-rvr d
standing n*ar tha gnarda. Ilia hat wa- blown from km
head, and be very deliberately climbed over lli< raihrig
of th" ateamer, let b maelf r aally into the wafer after it.
and thrnwtng up hit hand*, aank qui kly out nf *lght
rtile wa* done an atiddenly and an coolly that t'.oae net'
him lied not time |c Interfere The air-am- r 'ad gnna
shout one quart*r the distance acroae t!.e ?? ram A'
though attempts were made to recover the body of toe
suicide they were for the lime unearceeafal
drtcipg op a KKtBiP.?On Wednesday mom ng Adr !pb
Wirpt, late a aallor oa hoard the bark Aatpea, Ivtng at
pier No. 4S North river, while la a derang'-d ?ute of
mind am** from bt* berth end pimped over the *Mp a
aid* into the dork, lie was promptly mwu*d aad taken
hack U> h'a bunk , hot later In the datr, eladtag 'be v g'
lane* of th* pnvvona aatrhisg him, Wlrpi again ran to
the aid* of the veaael and plunged nvert-oerd Mark
firwen. enok of lbs Mm. I'lWiped after and aliempted
to macue Mm. bat la rata wtrpi mnk and ??? -imwee-t
H<* bnd* bvlng grappl d for wa* ?vtwe?|-?eet|y yawn rayed
Comney Cover yeeterday held aa lnque?t r ri the body
aad tlie )arj rendered a verdict nf "lleatb by aaicule bv
d'ownlsg " Two week* ppevtnne In hi* deatli dare* #-l
had been drink tx tn ?new He wae twenty-two year*
ef age and a aaitva of I iniaaC
Operation* *t *?|?l?'? Pwlwt?
Prrilnii of Oppoaltton on tli? Pnrt of]
lh< laluuilwrw?Indlunat ton Miell???
Oyatermria Vtraaa Melropolltnn W""
Pnlarr Arrangemeat*. iVt.
The title carrdmn of Metropolitan* *1 Regum'a Point,
Ftaten I Imi.l, wa* not disturbed yeaierday, although tha
moat Itleo*-' feelinga of opposition to the proposed
Quarantine there prevail throughout th ? entire island.
The wo.k on tha oM cuadle an't lur|>entlue factory U
progressing alowly, owing to the inadequate number of
workmen employed. Several mechanic* wont there
yeaterdav, but were compelled to return on account of
not hein? able to procure boarding planee in the neigh
borhood One of them, a carpenter Mined Mr. Rona,
wan aent to the Point by I?r. Bwlnbqnta to report to
Buperlntr ndeul Elllwvn. Howai directed by the latter
to dud out norae place near the new Quarantine ground
where he could ohtnln lioard. After visiting row-rat
bouaea !ti the neighborhood, and receiving an Indignant
refusal al each, arronipunie 1 with covert threat* aga nut
all workmen engaged there, he concluded to return to
New Yoik. A meet lug wua to la- hold last night at
Rnaavtlle?n village about two tullef from the Point?the
object of which may he aeen by the following praam
tiauiitnlti h.indcd to u* by Captain Hnlhrieik ??
"Qt'tKHTivi. The rlliaena of Htalon iMlaiol are re
qneated to meet to-night ut l.avand * Hotel, Ro-*villo,
at eight n'eh.efc, to prevent Itw establishment here
The minting wan convened by nome of the leading
reelderl." In 'hat lorall'y, and at it probably stringent. If
not violent, meaanreu were ado|ded to res -I the linti
aion of the Health and Quarantine Oommlsaloncrw.
There la ? population of two Ih'ueanil In the adjacent
villages of 1 ott. nvllle and IMeaeanl I'lnlne depending
on B>o oyster II heries at the l'i lot for .1 llvelUion I, ond
nothing call |H?r?uai|e I hear imoplebut that the ealnMNh
mentor quaruuttric will ruin theirbualno*... Whetlier
they an* of op n'on that the ov?tor* will rateh the ehol
era, or Ilia' Ihev Will he prevented from npproai lilng the
luimenae hed- lliev have planted lliero, they do not
*tat". Borne o( them wake the ridloulOUK a**erlion that
there will lie d-ad bodies flouting about in the water, and
that chnb m ?nd yellow fever will heenme epidemic*
throio-h tle> p., md. We have never aeen ench Intense
feeling* of md o.,ilon and fright bv a commit
nity a? hv the l-landera yeaterdav. Tin so feeling* h i e
mil aa vet utanii.ed u (langero >- ahai?e. but Ihe neat lew
day* will CI riwlnlw produi e aomo star'Hn- developmeuf'.
An impron.pto meeting or tli- monhwird the
I'errvlaial Now York vnareriUv morning will partially
I lam in.- fcehng- ?? th- peonl of Fia'en Hand r< ard
mc the location of the Quarantine In their mngliborliisid
I .plain C C. Kill* waa called to the chair, aud Joaepli
P Bennett choaon aeereturv.
The following resolution* were presented by Mr. Wyotli
and unanltnoualy adopted:?
ftoeotved. Thai we have heard wl'li unfeigned regno of
cent attempt to reduce t ,ie clmlm-i, laj-ure h
pttel* otaoi Si.iien Island mate* I of pntUii ? Uieiil "?o? Bar
I*n oi- foriev lalaod or Handv Hook, either of whlcu from
the'r locution would le far be lerl o ho-pii . put n -? aud
won id take tliem where the* aw-but fr,v ri . .hut- ucI'"''
of residence or l.ualna** of value. *? is the csae on SUtfi'
Ulaod.tbo* removing Ihe.n from; o?coo act with the or
r'llnc ituldlc who .or pleasure >nd no nsaili are.-o o| II
ilulK use i,111* r. hoot and other local mean, of corny.-.oca
'"hcc.!red" Thai with ? pnpuUtlnn of Uilrtv thousand In
habitant* H'a'en Hand, with in heatiflful vlll-o,
tow,,* and residences. la entitled h< !>-? ire- 'mm IIP* uc
euraed post house that it Is proposes! m r esuiMtali upon Its
P<t4l und kivp t?? ?j?. ??? p'*nn.ui?*n* or tr.oM.'nt i? 1 ?
ir^rfl.mi frurn th" hii I Itni-untlMof'i York hi
??r n and fav?*r ?ot?U initiation with
Uesu'.itsof-hr." tool .b-ras.s l.y I *
hmldlngs that will reu'itre aruicl locoes to eract and ni.un
^He-otrcl, That we condemn. In lancos? most the
cruel sud oraieou nci leel oi ihn Health ? ouinii sionoi wh ?
lieT-for luon.hs fntirred away Ibeir Umn upon matters of
trhlal impocUoee. aud allowed thenUmlera sud yellow-fever
question logro r III Ul .goituu-. until the llinttwl
rlded Imiwcen lies# t ouiutlssloiiera and Ihe ral ' ?
???t bar* 'we11 crowded m ore-Hon nig and
seagnrs ecu litisuOMSly crowdiid and lo-l u ' ?
.T.nu.--i with II... .dim. of thee fell . r.' roye.
m ill rice: and imw. as * military or other o. cc,.iU thsy
el-.hu uudar tie rxlg'ic.cs of ibrbour, to di piqiuiale -me
of I hi fairest ?nd lovalti st .p?4a wifito ihe ple-.urati
business distance ,r-m New Ys .Js so ' J
bmusht alsiul br their want .u Vi ^ r?!iet?uH*
..Up,,,.* of lrai"#~tah< ? l<? li'Mli*. IUI'1 icji^ra hi?v
eatf^ipon Oinrecuor Krnt"U to rrtuofC tSicse ImT.l' leut o?i
"'Resolrrd", That we condemn Conge'a for not p-orbllug
snDaleiit national gnaran'e.-r pi pntsei Ihe people ol l ie
whole 1 lilted K ?tes hy piorldli ? a national nnaraoilrie,
with suitable hmldlin a and e?ui-enlewce., IB all pr-miin-ui
poi'a and place-, aa l Uiai thla wieild ho more and belt r
suite I to the eitgtmdea of the <?* a ihan minor ainaud
m(?n tnntlou a comtnittee of (Ivn wa re appntpn-d with
power to bike all ne.-es-.try Steps to prevent the erv 'i..u
or quarantine hulldlBvt on Slalen Island, and to prevent
thM use of any property upon the i. I.tnd tor auy qiwruu
rtn?9 purpoBW' wUaiovev.
t public rientlug wIM he called imme-lletnly to pioie-l
in a pulflt ? way auu net tbo |tco|>" ' d unlMge.
Tho priaeipal reaUkHtcea in the imtnod'ale VlCiaitT or
the nev. QnatwaUne grtMimb aratlMswof Ueest s ?H-'tilj1.
w.wtd Butlerwirrth ami Tall While we weie at the old
factory Tfstanlar wa made a einse eTam!nath.n of Urn
quarter* Intended for the rwreptlounl those pasjenger*
na the Cholera shlpa wfto es a|a> contagloy. Tha two
msln buildings are now n-ir|v cleared of the raluiiah
that eiwmmherad them, and will lm able to a ootntnoda'e,
aocordlag to tho eatltaated nrrungcmetiia made yeatoc
dar not only live baadisef, but n* many aa fifteen hun
dred iswpl-. The larg r atrueture will contain th
diaing hull, and behind It Ihe Commissioners
purpuae Qttiug up a -pneloe* rooni for Iho racapuou of
^'rhe'ihoakrrYmfl?e naed la tha fbcton. w ill be repaired
and In lira lialgaga root* the M-aca Will tie run up to
two hundred degree*, anllleleut to dlM'ife. I tlw bagym*
thoroughly. Tha Commlaaionar* ?ls>. pro|*-e lo ere-t
hatha for iha accimmolwlion of the Im.iaie of ti e ih-w
ouarmnt.B" Halloo. The bath* wtll to- erected lie Id* tl.e
pre wu. ilsa'.k. and will he ample and roiivenlroh yioni
the upper alory of on ? of the h.tlldinva we had a ???
view of the lower Bay Abeait ntaa miles to the ea-t
were the uve cholera veeaela?the I niou B-rutlaii Kal
c. n Tort, uioulh and Saratoga whtlacliea. p. Hie bore a
little el's.u w u twarlug her daily Iretghl el victim lo
their nrtal re ling pla- e. Handy Hook Uy aoutlie ud of
the plague alnp". and fUHlser soath the chore- oi J.-i ey
ro?e above the itaik hue oi water. f
A well '.us'.d mile hundred yard* from 'Pr a ,rv
willeuptily It with wafer. Thl? wclllia* been euUrge I
and .lc pen. d w. tb*? now the karri iniwnll be enfip|i*t
with far beti. r araler than wt.at they had before Th
cnlu ry .Icpaitm ni laalwsgre Hy unpsoved ami .... I r
theauper-'i-ion of the colored Ihne la-ntly. wli* -
the n -asion Ihe ole mci|iaot < of ihe f?i lonr
the fi s.aut ... guar Is will Uie very well C!.?
oven i lleel , onewHBg of a half Uof u of "iosH flo ps
aud ho I*. wa r... tig at anchor when '??,?. ll?l
radial" ana) I. front it wv? evtmete.^ \ reissnr. I rin ?
"sw. ,_,t s-t iweipi - is* <L ,n Tiuin gar Ijdta rtiober
boo' atd V.ii~lTitT7,-Gr f Jk-s waa (he Villj llVfle
d?-i on .uati ci iii?-1 - T' terdar.
In tIn- m on na "ti??"w ^wmlniro# and Aadev-- -e v i?it
id th. i-o.p' iad i unwind with Hmi#fHiicod>ni Klhaon
re irditif thefhiatw arrangenten's of th new q-iar.in'tn
atatl'-ti Tlierc w II bo ample * conimmlaUops for 'lie
pa, *u. cr- at pr *? ht on Ihe In Ian an-l ftruvlea with
out l.r nsioii, ue bsrracka frr-m Will- ti a I'-uu'.
Nor prdi #?s tecelied at Il.it'platan' I.e -tation from
lh"' huyp.l'U ' r ?hl|w yea'er av. mil ih ml* li
gen. e rm oTvi d Pu ??? k'?< fow ?- ?' ' * <?"????? '?
the oumber "f caseA , _
The ncltce boat |i?er, und r .-ai in and of f apfa u Hurt,
loft p.IT No 1 l .ial filer ul *. ecu I' M ye.i. id?y for
Begiitn - I "Int wilt, a supply of pro -Ion* for tadpole *
there . ?puMility '1 t.ra-h<a ami | a to '*? " cl in
it# Imitom, *?? I*****?'<? i? ? r't1
p-,rp -??* und a 1 d of u*h<r fl*tnr- <?u Hiq wuy ahe
i ailed at th- Q' in" Unc la d tig. -Ulin f laud, an I to k
on board the ft- It i Offleer T?. -w.e'.un.. who s-rni
went to loot alU-r i i* arraaavmeaiu at the I'o.ni
The reoaraonthe lilino are can pie'el hl.rvasln
leava la-1 night f*low-? Imv.ai.di' ?? pt-.twVe th"
well p? spgera "It Ihe cholera ship* vs II toolay he
Iran 'erred to hrr and remain on her until lue or*
u aranttpe build tigs apo re.nr lor th' til
The Ui'-aody ?f thptala llotbiuow and hi* aerge,,nl*
nas mo- * si?l a few at le t of lh ? .'"imjer. K- wa.
urresnled with a large Iragrant tumqi.ri h orw rrf the
lam.pee .a tho neighI?.fhood a. a rdb ring, pro' 1
hli W .at he r ay rvpec from the w- ' jemui*
II. I, ran lie ? ifPn *? m*n the w count la Ibelr a. i on
>WI .n. . mow'of q araii'lne a' Hie ante |*?nt
bine ?. ar? ?go Tile fofinldatile apt-wrui: e of lbs.
rtiyat 'ii w.tl, h-w sb 'leif jon r"n out ami tmrl*
?pra, will it *1 lo be h".pe?l. M)>pMW a dread
of ulpn-p. II* t' dwludge Ihe ? mitm -? mtiere toy for- ?'
ll,e fin ow ii? . mtniaoKitma iiom flie ? *pi*laor ih?
I'eruv tail haa be?n re i >?
rt? rHi or rim umiud
PBBbbhiip hpm <n ***11.11 mwm 1
s?* V"P* J. n>- s l*?4 (
Dai* Bib? I ?h*J! M 111 Mfe >i*ilv<i hf >iitir p ihl ?h
in* U p (otlnrag AtlUtf W? .trr*. 1-4'i'f*. * fim ar*
ana* | ? im \ M. -i*( Ji n l mi IH- *npp*u1i *
lb* W J"*0 UN ismtlP*! i? ?????(*? nf lb* *??.
wl nn4? 1 m? -ottimab-1 bMBBBBM m? IB * W11 ** |?|.
*r**B?*ip i,?*rtu*, ,
????? V uttrik* tn.? I no*
Ta ? .ntkln -tiim*- I 1 ? ? li* Km i >f rsu rt.i,* <r
?n ,r Hi'opi ii "? '?>** *ln? lb* ???ml ?< jr r -??-! ?l
ihl* par- fflj fmi' n-? .?**.?? ..f ,1., . I ???? tMkkl -I
i*p*f?! kk?t ? 1 ? 'm t-r* M-inr-M ?? >r*'.l?r,
tb.-r- bill Ik * ? %?!?? ii'.i.p I' I? '11 Ml) il,- |*1< nf VmH
?* i..*m w If *rnii* * ti 1, h ' hi
In Ik a-kl-hiiM Ppt tin*
Tl l? IBM'' I Pb'I'Mkii to In ftwiBliufb' i'VP'b*r m>>U
th- |??iar ?
In null'" <J?ia??frtir - D-,?PI'r-i-'*1*1 lilanl
X. * Y*** ' bkt- 'In 1 nmb'niiN pmm fti"M .>f ? .
mi. 1. ?I h? m? #*?n' f?w bi'i-i I.,.,.
1 9. -r m i'k?ii* "I in? !-???! Milll m ??? man* *r.? I >.**
lu it-k i?l .i l?ii un ?<?i?*i*~-?l jM.,1-., . r. ?** 1?1*. 1*?.f
?hU l -la* *??*?!? 1 *11 up in . <1 ton m 1 Mi|ii?nim am
ka fiMPf'il
p ? .* .-?*? k" n-? iMPkt'i* up i.m>*tj> *M 1 ?* 1
tkai in* t*. 1* I* InU M? -.ik M i.mn.--U ? ?>.? kiuri
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baa bkk* *.ii-*P *k| ar-anflMk-iii* n-orVi (..? t * r?r?.,i J
ilii i?'iil'" inhi.pi iji ?* ihl m.pn*i
??f PHI. h-thf In 1 mn'i'i- i?i* i.?,ui 19* UM *,.11
Pan U?i ' i|P|r- .k it*-. ?? hi f i ki, 11
,i.* l? it w wifllr ta ii* n'.-ikk' t ??.?*?,??, w, i?*i
IMrni -mpr* hp kn.nhf 11-tktr.lMt id* *1 *pi. f ?! -1 - In
tn* ?*.'?!# ?"l "? m, ?k ka-? ?* - ,r, ?*- - i -T .1
tb--n. ntktP 11 lk? n-f?, ?Vi?r- rUMp--- 'o -
? ii- ' ? *i ?! I " - ' ?kb?M? DIM.
TP'iitiB* J 1 ' tn?? '-w ?Mark* In- i iif ' i*t
Mr .'i !? -? r ? t-PW k. I ??* Ik MM* ft'* p. T.-l' a l?. muk
f?*p?t kf ifl -41.Bui
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fhH l-tiif uM ii *? hi r* ?'* foparkp*-4 t- i?
hi IkWt* tiki 'l|? Ut .Br pfPMBI . i.r I tn *iU
"It (hi f? ? ?f k ??ptf MB, kl.r Mr ? h rt, -??? M?
mwk kt I'm ? hkff-k -* ?? li,? Qb .1.' ' - ? 9
MB t?*#t ?P **prt?P-B kItBBBB* t wkllt <MMf
?KNIT hAl.llON, i iBBmihter ht?kii.i'i.p ftrbt kB
Tfcr 4frt*k tl Union.
IV Jkk* T?? 14 f M
T*M baa ?f*i*kt k-:.t?, l-ti * i pi *mr?f t-A
vm* Bp uii at rfBia^i bb anmtuit tf Um 14?
ProgrtM ?f the Herniation.Dr.rrtlaa
?? Ue.tr.l Cabrnl?Merlon. Charge.
Again.t Pre.Idrnl liner-.l.oa. to the
Uoreraaaent?The Military Nlt.atlon?
General Plmeatel, Km-t'alilnet Mini*,
far, In Coat at and of the lirewrgeut
Pore#., At.
ouk Havana couamrosiiKM
H vvasa, buy 3" ItflA
By Hi. Arrival <>| (he ale.m.r Haneh.na an have
papers from St. Jago ?U Cuba la tbe 'Ad mst., m l 1 am
enabled to IraD-mit th. following new. (ruiu hu Do
TUe papers from ilie capital to tlu> ITlh laat. <1.> not
confirm the prevloua p<p..rls of the UnwiiMU of I're-1
dent Hati, hut they speak of anoilior revolution against
bla goreruniuul.
r?ei\rr rHivnt"
Clthra fl.utler had been named Mini: (er of War and
Marine; (leueral Cartel, Minister ot Justtco and I'ublltl
Instruction, and Colonel Llaveraa, Act tig I'oliu.al and
Military Governor.
ma actio* or next* it. rrnstl.
The m'ltfortunf* whlrh the rep ihllr *?* crpcr enelttg
affected the in.tela of all ru<n| rid/ -n*. New mil unci,
period cmnplii aliens had (Interrupted the worn of reor
ganization, wlii'.i erloilaly occupied the xeluttl admnnv
trillion Die republic, aav* llm Muiitr, aflei re.
apficnriiig heliva the politic.,1 wutld, had re.
OiilVCd it loiMHb which ouvh? to ha>>? verve.)
us it wannua Kit oual discussion.. aiwarv pie
vent those conflicts winch are the icult of
a ronlrery course; hut this troth liad Iven unheeded,
and the erim of a revolution wn heard In ilie Clhiei pro
vinona. lh? Moitiltir add- The events of lh? line
ineut hind iin to the ntroie?t |M?.-lbt* ririaiiiispectioii,
Ilie more SO as tlie attention of Hie government l", a- III
duty lemud. erhmsiy occupied mi adopting -.>< h me mutk
iin will tend to die immediate pso ib. ation of li e > oontr) .
A document has jnsl fallen Into our hands which | ir
ports lo he a manifestation which l.eneral labial hat
d reeled to tlie gov ilitneut anil to the |ieopte, from
Curazao, under date of the '."slli nil All thai w? can
gh an therefrom !? lliat t .t>r , 1 has taken otlence at an
oil! dal despatch which the Minister of War sent him on
the 15th. In the following tenor 'Cill/.eii lletiernl In
the disorders which have taken place in die , mint .nsi
of ftati Crlstuhal, and in tlnwe who li are -rotinilv iif,sit
on llio southwestern frontiers, your iiaiioi h;? liwn
adopted, and, as in the tii I nine d pia . vour nephew
wa . die CorvpheuN of lie1 n-lndlton, it e- Mot to he w. n
dereil lliat the public apprisum ion* an such s? in ear it>e !
your penetration, Hie government does m>* decide from i
NUppoalt otfv, and therefore reserves He .jiidfcuictil, hut if '
dons lie'ieie in Ilie tier, -jiy of pointing out lo you that j
your appointment in (Icnerel o( it t *ned lor I
the splice of loTtv live iI'ivn. lias expired, and lliat, under
the prey ailing cireuiii-toiieo., you are leoilid to pt< -out
yourself In thle rapitnl. even if II he hut to tuoi'tad ? I,
l?v voitr presence, anv- erroneous opinions tii.i may
ciukotjs AfKIXsi eKiNiriijvr lurv
Hence lite illol gill.-ed op|N>Ntlion In the hvititnde
governutent, a ft cniii|Ndlei| him lo In- ronaiateul with
himself as a piitille man and patriotic citizen
Ha had, therefore, thrown uwav tin ma t; In si oneo
declaring tliat tlie elecdon of Hue* had he n in illegal
one a eltr rii-unie ' which he lirouglil lo h - i h.irge o ?
rordingly. Il> stales thui tchernl Mae/ luul eacnu <d
hla poser hy arbitrary means, M| hout submission Is.any
law. lie a III nm that tie constitution had ti en d tinpled
upon nnd lli.it a semhtlew had lieen promoted lo over
throw It Tito innmft to ai-o charges the I'te ot nt v. th
persecuting mid iiilprleonllig a number n| represent ?
live-, d -sp te tlie'r immunity t'nhrul further romp1 una
that t-i. ro had In en iitalti arre t, anil that important
truHta had lie, u confided to irdli idualn uf and iiHieUi d
Ideas, hi He goo* on to ??> that tlie national credit
lind been com|iromtNi'i| an en rrnoua pnpe. lurreoey
created, a foi tgn and burdensome d-M contracted and
tlie p Idle funds rq .and red, without an/ t< Holloa or
law whatever
According to a decree o( Hie Minister of finance and
I*ontlieree, an agreement had li en made t>?t ? ui tlie
overnuteiit and tlie mop hauls, and auo-. -iption for a
loan wo* o|o-ned lor a month lo !>? pM i ill national
money, on the hauls of twi nly tlve dollars for the ounce
of slitcon itollara. tot who It th. holder* would receive
scrip, pay aide Id luree tu mth
I'r sideul H.c* hue revokisl the appn timeol of lien
e'ral I'lBi'.tel, In ItWMtnher lad. as di?crof.?rv ol th"
luterlor and I'olico, and nanusl tiem-r il Koinero In t tlta
hie Jilai-e
orgsATioys tntfer rn. t:avt.rTtos>aT?
Th? government hail recelved a de?|si'ch from n.r
mit.s, r,,mmiin.ty of Mot, dated tlie nth 'fating lliat
advices nun hesu trwivwl that dav fiom tlitra*uava/it
dated tbe Tilt, fpint tiencrale fotamo. Mrdratni, llodri
giie/. and llidrnonle Tlie latter who had tilth. Ma t.g.
ured aiming the .lisallet te.|, war ?nt to aaliaii la. p in
ing the army of the leg.ttniate governtneiil lie I,,d
marchisl to Santiago, whn It place thev w. in to ts-.le ;.
ID I guiar fonu, catling oil all rutniuunlratlotie ol lilt
reh U?.m asure call iilAted lo prevent the eltusl >n of
hhsal the more en n the in orrenls w. re mure and
umre downca-t aud I or lorn.
ei taa or Tin: atregis
It was r il.l that lienerol I eperon Had appointed l?? n
Mil Plmeatel as chief ol the military ttp'ral on.s uf the
tnaiirgeuta. The tp.op. wete dally rt|?lmv I ufor.si.
mint', and aa emu as (i.nrp.l None/ arrived w.tbhia
forces thei were In inarrc together Ink ng r es .on of
the tnort ivinvenieiil |H litis ut Santiago. They den rist
null h to know the w berealseiln ot the goTerwneiil
tiiHi|e and their nfliuir (m lite I t m l Ilie- lia.t
Wrill"li as vU>v? hv (It eypi sg tent to the Aiuthem hue
where General Valrnzuela Itaoz .>sk wit'i his luree, a?d
a i< ply was rtiwalrsl at ao **lil Men it petal l*ut.n< u
left on tlie Tth for Monte t'hfMMI t<> relieve lie .srr un
tbrre. Moea, being entirely u.prot eted ?i lo e. .?
eupp'd tit. iuilowhtg dav
Capital and l.altnr.
rut ATRIklC OP TH r. Itltir I. IRPKMTK'. *IIIP Ml IN
Tti# atrill# Ptill ronltnti"' Tli# mm kohl ni-"tlniA
erery <1?y at W Ija'i Bron4?tT rti- h*.# ror?-l. *4*
4? irotn Mr. <? V Bin'. who lm< l> *u a n>w
Hwlfnnl, atotlar that ibr arprnlont, caalkora ?i??i r ??
gn< of that p'? ? l?? " 1 Ui i .rk on iho .hip f.ly
?#nt thTO h* tl'Mfi ll*il aid i ' rn >li, of n> u 'P"k,
lor rp*lfl A to"' ? in I' li?n hrlil ?t S"w II ?in
jiiI u i? n?|>ori"i Hi*' * Itn<i ini "I Rb'boy o i t l? -nt
tr< to tltoi tews ' i Cot* ? !'"? I>" i nn. ? 1
l |m, |1 ,? a..y t*|>... ' I I'..' Ill' "|> 'All ? of III
furil ji |>rf|??.ini in gitp pa-'initrr ?? un <? u. ? v ,r
N''W York bntki'i M m> of I fp'rotlfW" of s< *
Yorlt feo ii" in,; ill tboy to to . urn Hi" irk- unl
jin .ii. tti#-? m*jr I" m? u"' ii'l Hi" b ? ;
luii "i , 00' W|tl?t# A< *"Y XJj* '
Inr. i ?i j nrr. ' ?r>mr.
Ifroui the H".."ii ll' i? 'l J ? I i
Tl"i IMimi i rnilkri ' II i ? ? -<? i < ? m . n ' ,>
Arrhwr tn-l M'.mil a ?.?. u to pr?- i-m ili.-ii. r .
I"il Turlnm, in fur**m.i/, tho <? <opi ?< ? ' tho
will In l>? ii. nr. VNmlif ? I?n "I tWfRtytlirro
ORRlklY* arrtfwt b"ro from Vi 'I" n tnaork .|*>u
III" ulilf twit w?ri> in"' H Ihr Kumii confkafi ?nrl for
?"U'lttl tliAt it * ? *1 ri ?' ?!? for Hr i.i i" ur ! link It
XI.' y Arr'uil'lf-J 08 M l? *'i"?l ?lii< ii.'.rn i, ?
iinroliH I<i ili" itili.iO'l ilrp* "ft l!i? ? rotor8, r * .?rl 4
??jr ? 'O' .tulllr" ol Ho-tfit n.nlk i.
(fii.rn Hi" I'm I' i.' ? jhoihaI ion* 7.|
Tilt "tup P Kir, "< V ' Virl ir ? (I f ? m
m?r< 1*1 wliar >' ftr .' ij, J., I * ibr Y#i? York
Mr i "f* I"'' h", with h"" ii" mi ' .1 '? . Anil ?'ini"
ii?fi' ul" t ? i?r 'toll <??" "orrlPor it wllio* In 0"*k
on Iw r ir<flhii Ii Mi ra I'M tr<i- U mil# *b" I ? o
Ilk' n III" Ii -f rolfrtrli# .1 it" ? n r" 1 '? m?
Of rlilfiti 1' . Ill# * ;*I|I 1 If' II ' iit ? II ? " ??
Or ?ll|p? . ol an itu noil. BC v . .' ' nil. 1 I
broWil" 1! ' l?''i IIMIo oink oi l ti? 'I-n ? 11 l??r at
Jim 1 ' ll>
Al l IT. .1 ft* r?T " r I" A II' - t * ' ft OlA'l illOl#!
fort'? 1 k mi' ??' - ?! " ?" )' i* "itj
inorn r.|' i tri"l ' \ #' "i'"* :ijr II-" "t |Hnt | fn
rif ' r Ii .1 'If. il?M' r * n.tTi'i " <'Arl"irOt "t ifwo T#'
hm r ftro-.lir ? of oi" I."i '? 1 ' i-?r# W fit nl l.aH
wti" iii'l Il#nr!"h * ,mu>. " ? ft WW
Y'.ik "? 6" flOB'li' ?! 0?'l!?i? wirth of nil fIt# (rwd*
w#i" ..h' n< I I'fr I "g?U o r |> r|?.n n* In lw ?ikomI
tr> |||| |.rt".fi'I ? lalnor It' ?'??? 11 a 'I'ln l? n' 11 nbland
a 1 .14 ? ii< Ii j'"1 (liift ?' ? r? wi rlfi of wlntr I?w1 h<r
a aii Par pi - "Ian H" wo* " miih ml for ".offiict*
law. Tin 1 ? "'!? o h" ir?" ? or# in lh? Iian4? of tbn
pot I*
f'alol It alli.mil tn nli nl?Man llmna'4.
P 1 Ott" -i* foo* 1 i?a?
N-iirrll'i" ritnlii'-lot ntt it.. f. ?irlik?r|<*? w?r
fr#i;ht at' I I- an. ira.n on U' II rloai P t#r Pntl
r>?>.' ?" k I'll a' If 1 I" '*? by twn '"t
1* >#?la ? ?f Olk"ll t>" #0<t-0* I' l>* tn "Opt
It" * !? ? taotfi"! rr?n, *n<i r I#' ak P ? . 11 M?
ImkI |n a a iM 'top oy 'if 1 if ontpAOf t>#rl| Mrr #o
ft af*.
Tttr -I..M alitr.' '*p*"o4 n|?p<i ?" Hlu" Po it I. t
? h f 4t*i#fr. Ir|.m tfilo ty ih - turn, two "t Otoo
foam" tkno'i *?- daownnrf
Kaplnalrrn at Mnhowh, H?rb imr r t aaal p.
|U>.< H?fkim?'r o . 1 V Iff t? t"4n
It a a*. *n npk 00 ?? it to '* '? Mo'iawk
tlip . ? <? r? ???1 lay a workmin ? -oior a '-oo4i?
ao<l tbroaioc it on Ibr wat#' lonk *t? 0 o?- m*rr#4
wo r?? r?o ? ' ih" - In -o ???? kill?-1 Mr
I tt#? 'n t aoif II orr Mo n ' " 1 HrO toll Ml Of 00a
Til# *%r??U nf II" t If) r?f krit Ijtn.loa ?
I ni ll'tflrt f'aonf.
s ttAir 1 "*i iao# T latn
Twn Ox: nf ttknap oot . o lb* ? i y of *#? I tm ;.?ti
w#a. r r>' tn?t tao n?l ' ' ?y tftk" 'a '# it#* #4 tta fw.
<h> ?n,* !>"? ? *1 4 tit# 'Kfto# ba t k toMot aii.. I
tj mm k. fuiiri llnaa. Mill*
MkOOWPOt lot aaHn-ltr- ok Ijtit of I.If#
? of Pray rty,
At ' ' "t A (It , /" O# % 1 MM
k Ui-rV- f>?'"l "T'r lb" rty ar.4 ft' It My *i?tw>wtt
-''O# -a4 I ? ft " "trrTR II * ofl* r?M Mt. .TtpAt 0 A*f t*| 0
-?tit -mo *??4 It in4"f At'-raa Tb# Han.' rg ft i i
arbooi tw ?? woo *1- ?'< ?"!. ki !??.? owvoai rl,il4r*it ai.4
? mat tr otnr Tb# < n?pii orw A*oy *'4 in Mo aov ->o#lv
4a" ?I'4 Of 'h# ttnovf bo-l atawtn fbOW# ban bo#* ??
fa a (of "a pat! I at tkaya
4" aoa frnna P?f?. aa Nanra>.
PHi'OOOa 'to-? a, J< w# y |#M
T*# x-amor Irl'tMO wtA* tap fr>HB *"? rkrWa'A
Iaoa arti at ItW* with th ?# h-tn ra4 Rap of tl<> T?otb
t'r t#4 "tot#1 ?> nyaaf p #n *a?l't? < r* P ?'
to 0* a-taawroH rati of tb" to# .? J), x. ?? ?" 1 '
W'h w If, lb# *ak>| J lb* A,g ,,-r, yt>|..
h rrf* at.aawt 4 tb# Lor* a
tl.argaa Of ( rarl mn<* I'aaiual
on an Aincriran Nkl|p<
CMtTCD .araTica OOORT.
B*rur?? t 0111 minion, r < s,i>ori>
Jim I.?Ttil* court ton Ivan owt.imwl h r anTitraJ laf?
in haariOK < barg"" anil coaul.'r< liarxiu by t(.* craw and
captain of Mm Aim-man ~lii|> Pirn ui u. Han-rita' Uia
cr<iw?fur wtxun Mr. Kdwin Jam'a ap|>our? havs ar
rnaiad tip' raptain for violent uutU upon V K
h%a iniliriml linn for <*ooni|inx I in iron r nip
iilnn rtajra. flir male anil boaUwaiu iiav to-m arinitrd
for aaamolu. ami II.c rh f alao ailtige thai th.-y liava )**-?
?lnfrauilt i ?>( ili'-ir waaw. Kvnl?u< ? on all iinau-vartmis
i harni - w;t, uiti'n *l pr-'al l.u.tli. Tin' t'omml.-lilmr
liia r- rvm, hi. iWI-noo. Mo ll. Moabo, l> an and
Douoln,. aj r.vl fm lli? i up la in
Tha Iro llrunanlrk tolactlonfe
St John, V. U . Jom* 7, 1SI4
Thirty m<vnhrr of tlia Hon. of A? ?"?ml.l? liavn !>*<??
I, <?r Miioin 11.1 my? ? ura in fat or of u, nJ"'l*ra
tlon ami *111 npporl Itir i'?l*tiiiit uv rnariil Phi*
iniuraa tlia aim . of ill. ri.lou m Imnu- in \'?w llruna
wli W All lliT y .rln- ili'U K i ? * ** 1-r* >li'lr?l"d la?4
jour liat?* lr *ii i-li. iim| l |,.1" .o i ll nln? membera
to lie ah'rlwl, II,.. uiu.o'Hjr o aIioiii, II .? ??|n?rl?d will
b* ronfmlmao' i h, Jay ?ato "OH
niajoriiv for c
A I'tlVr air In n' a Teat liiiou y III Ittcaril la
W'KIMKTr* K A1. 1.1 a |i i v. i. , ; ,a Ur la
greUmula I" tor ?u, h no- i ?| , .... 11 ,t. .. .a i,?r
?? uirimriAiI.i { III** onuit'.iou of tut -kui, *.ul ???? i<i.t*>?uA
U U ? Krrtl be^utif,.
Vermillntt Kdlri?Kor Our*
KmnHImh lift* mml#* i mH * < ? < ? . !'.# hla . *4
tout#, SUo Iia* (Iwffi'ii tin*' Mm 1 ni t ? ? it,. sM -. iit
i'KIIKI'H ' Ahull '??? ?lt |? , .!* rmr ??*
n# timlr miljr p*r f'tim*. Hi- th?*. ? *-? . * ?.? ? \ ? . i .#? i?t?e
ot the ' !??? l?i>?irrs. * MnmifH. tiirril t ? y
I'llAl.oN .% ,m H, ? York
A. ? ? ? 4 ? #
Till B! ST.
?W I I.I K4t
an ] ?o*t it'* -irdU.f I.- tli?? uinrk**t for i.o# Ub* %<?
T!i#y ?r#
HI.I.it' \ f K.
HI.KM! H\ ToMATt)F> Mm Qr?i r.tU ...o
A ? hurtnlnf Koran In of *4rr??* r Vi%I
, I *1^
loj i?a lt??* ? *nn Hf|
Mnl tiiif Juiui ! a v\ rinklt' <? ']!*?*?Ml'?r
tliAO M til f t? ? I M.11 Ml'lr'f M An,ii?nrla||
It . III tair 5l I*.; i,. tt,.? . f tn Ilfj??l Va,T 4 *i?A*
A ? ? * ?
KKI'N't II ?l I.I KA^Tl.WINi. Iff l"T??N^.
d.t- \(,i. situ, - r % ii.\ i
(tilt oh Mli't l?iti'ii ??f lii ?* lo -nir-u In uit* ..<* tAilliotit *#4^
log ? jrH< a ? w, rin L or t ui in i!?** < ' '? ?
? v ? 4ii V'* ''liniH'fil fi ?o? not' jj ifii ? ot lo -a.j? Ui# In ??
J|l? 11?111 \ ill - . It I , It .1 T nor t? 141 lb - ?'I? '?
Th tivt it o rt ?. ,wt ('if fir-1 v?*ir? ' ~ M ?*' M?-1?Jt#
At if I .i ft i ?? \in?ri< in lo*tfot*? in i# in ? > Mrk.'?
III ?? I I ?'? K< ?I '? |M?0|? lilt tn u-'l'-i t|.' < M , at I
!???<?? wr* oMftr to Af ot t?i irtUf O J" t .,- f-. <-r t?y
??*, ifso, <>u i# ?jt't of Ho* |?r:? ?? h "1. i'*'. ??f t 1 tiIojriti4|
utTrt'V . MHf MKN'H \Sll mow ? l.? If III st<.
I'OU Ml || M \ - |n*i ?{<?/( II Mu'? ftilr ? atHA
qtt *liiv, Tib . Ivor , ttl-iiA, tflo* t*n or n?.i toijri/,
Ak ?H,tt?- t. r?*t *H.r IV .?i iff ? ?? f 1 t>
uv?m r in tton |??t ?'</? o. i Mu M o k ft km
ij ri ti I It t. St If . i"i|t?U-r Htb , t,a?? IVwi] tii.i ft. ? i il Ml
I? ? a - turn
quo lily, Alt 11 ? rv ?t?i .rk tl? i ? / t f.o .rt .??? in, Hi ,
P* >rl. .,?/ f U fi on# ????? or J ? A ? '. U ftV , fi.
fi iWI.
hi I'KBHf i: BI'rrONS. |irr .|o/f.i. f.?. \N I i.r?
I'lt'lr*! ??HI **?
??>K AvfjK I Hi# IHI St n.*t, v#??., nmtu ml
fl W
ill** irA tlh on r**li aid* It t> n lot itMiro ? f oHit
?j? tliry linn* |??iil ??'
111 I l ? Ah ? III (rllllKt
Hjr thViri" tt hi ? ill.'? 11 in ? ?, i i ? ? .to ? #>if Ihhm In
4 Tll'itontlt 'ho* fi'ti'illif itC * |?? a- taf t1^ (m ?fir111 U?
nun in I** or n* ' tt<.}?
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