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A General Retreat Begun from
All Points.
Gen. Spear's Command Demoralized and
Back Again at St. Albans.
Wholesale Desertion of Officers
and Men.
' The United States Government Famishing the
Troops Transportation Home want.
Ac. Ac. Ac.
aolcsale Desertion of tli? Disheartened
Peai.ni at St. Arm ami?The Ueinorul
laation Complete?The Border Reeroa.ed
and the Raider. In St. Albana, Ac.
Camp Swiceyv, Canada, June 9, ISM.
the crisis bos arrived at last. Tho culminating point
la the tortune of tbe grand Fenian army has been
reached, and tbe probabilities are that before night we
Bull be out of Canada and on our troy homo.
The demoralization of tbe whole force la complete, and
hath officers and men otterly refuse to do duly any
longer. Desertions have taken placo by wholesale, and
in many Instances colonels have inarched with their entire
commands and reerossed the line, and are now retracing
their steps homeward. The Fenian force at tbls point
dees not number this morning over two hundred men,
and large squads from even this email number are con
tinually making their way to tbe rear. Colonel Coutri
has Just reported to hoadquartore that his regiment Is
totally demoralized, and that hie officers refuse longer
to do duty, and that many of them are starting for tbe
Halted Wales.
General Spear, after holding a council of war, has or
I 'Vdenel Coutri to form his men into line and inarch
i back to 81. Albans, where he is to report to General
?weeny. Colonel O'Connor next received hie orders to
recwas to Vermont, and he also seamed deeply affected.
Three Eaglhdi flags were captured during tho slay of
the Fenians at Camp 8weeny.
Jtn.UT Wise Kkman Army, June 9, lMd.
Outers have been issued for the officers at headquarters
to pack up, and the oommaudera to get their seen over
?Mime as soon ae possible. Rome of tho men?thorn who
same hare purposely to steal nnd plunder?are apparently
wary glad to be off with their ill-gotten gains; but others
taka It vary hard, sad are accordingly grieved to learn
thai the whole thing baa been abandoned.
The Council of war which was held this morning was
Out of short duration, and it was than resolved that
there was no other course now left for them but to re
haoo their stepe and give op the idea of invading Canada
Tho reinforcements, arms, provisions and munitions of
mar that had been promised so liberally had failed to
reach them, sad, weakened as they were by an oh whole
eats skedaddling to lbs mar, it was doomed by the old
ooldiera to bo nothing but madaaea isj?ahaTeaa they
than wore, as they would be w holly unable with sncb a
email force to make even a decent show of a flgbl should
they happen to be attacked, and it woe therefore de
termined to give up the intended invasion, leave Canada
and head fur the United Slates.
The men formed in companies, but many went off on
?bet own responsibility, and about half-past nine o'clock
all that was left of the '-right wing of tho grand Fenian
army" were marching back across the border for St.
Albans and other point* on tbe American side. Tbe men
had ten or twenty rounds of ammunition each, and Im
mediately oommenccd bring off their muskets and rifles
la the mo-t promiscuous manner.
Arm*, plunder, and everything el?e that (he men
would carry off with litem no their rutrnat, wer laJied
?poo their backs or packed in hatchol*, aud not a few
had fall new suit* of clothes and new hale aud shoes
upon ibom when they started for home. Every man
Who had not destroyed or aotd hie arms carried them |
?ff, and Home men carried a* u.any as two inuaketr and
two sabres, levities his other trappings.
The s mine u it ion was carried over into Vermont hy ;
teams and stored in a bain about throe-quarters of a
?lUe from the line. It Is more than prolwhle the United
States forces, who ate tuareh.ug to the border, will j
aetre It.
All along the road on the United State- side, from the |
hue to t-t. Albans, lirgo ~qn?d- of nu u were resting
upon the billsido or marching leteutcly along, aouie
quarrelling among them ' Ires, throwing away the r
aims, tiring off their guns, and others i-rc-iung that
they bad not remained a little longer, as they wanted to
gather more plunder.
THinn i>*?rtTCH.
tleneral ftpear said thnl ho would rsther have been
abot than have left Ciutad t in the manm r lie has. All
along the road he appeared exceedingly pained and
griev ed. General Italian -p"ke but ittle after tbe order
to march homeward wr.t* given, but we once or twice
found him weeping rery bitterly.
At Franklin Ventre we met a company of I tided
Wales regulars matching toward* the border, wher- they
go to prevent depredation* oo American noil by either
Teniae* or Canadian*.
Any of the I entail* who have not the n*co**:.tv means
to carry them home will be fum-shod tran>portat,?n hy
the United States government. Many of them will avail
Ihetn-- Ive- of this opportunity Ui leave St Albans to
Moat of tli? officer* -ejr that they are is humeri of the
alia r, and would rather nevi r go home. Many of them
avow their intention of unatlng thoir fortunes with their
crandn *b? are si II at Malone, although they glvs It
as thoir Arm oouvlrtion that lh*r* is not tbe rilghleet
hopes to cither aid or Ire,- Ireland by *? doing
A number ol men from the regular troo|a> at "M.
Albans have been placed upon all the roods leaillng into
that town, with lu-irucfroun t ? seise all the arms that the
Fenian* may have ui their po-ervt-ion. As the majority
?f them have either MM, broken or thrown away the-r
muskets, sabre*, Ac , it i- not expected that a very large
stock will he ooH-cn-d
Tbe whole alfair has terminated m?sd dl?tr icef-ilty,
and without snni's li as a deceut ek rmi-h hating taken
ptacc as a w?rt ot spo, -gy f-w a light There
waa too mu It whiskey and in. uhoedlnation in
the narap to insure swrrewn, and not enough
military di-cipline. There were, it u true,
brave and potrmtrc men who went to Canada to light, but
tbe moet of them were totbtnf more or less than au
armed mob roving ab -it wberet - r they pleased, robbing
th? hoot ? aud insult ng and abusing wuta- u aud ofaU
Th? Fsalaa Invader* Bach I* *t. *?
bam?Otasral Hprar tgnrreurlera l? the
United atate* Aaihorltlea.
ariwiat. mNttg to tub kkv rung wtittt.o.
Sr. ALaasrt, June* Isffff
fleneral -rear m-rowied the line at ten o'clock tbi#
meriimg. He la now at Franklm, with General Mairan.
g'elonel O Conner, lolooet Coatrta aud most of the Fe
?ran trunpa At a ""inert *f war bald at two o'clock Ih ?
Kerning It was decided, for want of ammunition and
gnppliee. 10 retrace their step* and return ie tbe Calred
1 fart* number* of O'Connor* and fealri* ? men are
arriving here. It will be dt?r tH to rnrn>*h transport*
atve tor tbeia all, *S train* d ? nut rea below tMl -vrv
JM* ???(*#?* XaJ?* I'** wtU>a?v?? hti?r?gliet
The British are at ill massing troogn at St. Armnnd'n
Orilers have been given to keep atl rolling stock of the
railroads at the order of the British government.
The first indications of a turbulent spirit on the pert of
the returned Fenians occurred to-day. United States
Marsha! Henry conceived himself Insulted by some in
temperate language from a Fonian officer and arrested
him. The Fenians were also abusive to another State
official and doQcd the United States authorities Major
Gibson placed a guard over the prisoners, and the Mar
shal i ailed upon a civil marshal and declared that ho
should maintain the public peace at all hazards.
General Spear aud stuff haro surrendered to Colonel
I.ivincHtnn, of the United States army.
The latest reports from l'lgeon Hill statu that about
one hundred and fifty Fenians remain in that vicinity,
declaring It to be their Intention to make sometbiug out
or the raid. No British troops wero then there.
General Meade and staff have arrived.
Sweeny's hail lias been rodncod to five thousand
The Retreat Begun from BnfTnlo?The
Kntire Force I,curing for Home.
Bcitajo, June 0?2 P. M.
The retreat lias already commenced. Two companies
from Chicago left this morning, under the command of
their officers. It is expected that the entire forco now in
this city will lie on their way home before Monday morn
ing. The men who arrived lust evening?over
ehrht hundred and seventy?state that they came
to fight the Canadians, and will not go home unless
they have a round witli their old mioiny. The leaders
state that they linve controlled tlm men since their
arrivul and promised that order will be maintained at all
Dr. K. Connelly applied to General Barry for govern
ment transportation lor three hundred men, being the
Pittsburg quo'a for the Irish republic. General Harry
has telegraphed for instructions to Washington. It is
pretty certain If the government does not send them
home tlicy are likely to stay here some time.
Most of tin* mon have no money, and General Barry's
Oixler No. 2of yesterday prevents them from travelling
on railroads.
A movement was made by a bony ol Fenians np the
lake shorn last evening, and General Br try, (baring an
attempt might be made to cross, had armed boats patrol
ling ihe lake for some distance.
The balance of the Fenian officers wen- yes'erday re
leased on giving hail In three thousand deik is each.
Colonel O'Keilly, of Indianapolis, hares lo-uight with
six hundred Fenians for home.
A company of llio Fifty-fourth New York State militia
was sent this morning from Rochester, by outer of Gen
eral Harry, to the mouth of the Geuesou river, to pr-vetit
the Fenians from capturing the two Canadian steamers
which ply daily across I-ake Ontario. General Hurry had
Information which led him to fear a sai/.ure of there two
General Nrada Orders the Fenlani to Dis
perse to Tbeirgllaiutee.?1Transportation
furnished Them bjr the Government.?
The Order to ho Promptly Enfbrsml.
Mapoxk, N. Y., June 9, ISM.
General Meade has mated the following:?
AH persons s.-ouiblnd at this plare In connection
with, aud iu aid of, the Fentan organic-it inn, for the pur
pose of invading Canada, are hereby ordered, In com
pliance with the President's proclamation, to desist from
llielr nuterprisc and disband. The men of the expedi
Uouary loree will, on application to the officer in com
mand ul the United Plates force, in giving their names
and residences, and satisfying him that tliev are uuahle
to provide the r own t ramrportaitnn, ho provided with
transpnrtalinn to their houses; sud all officers below the
rank ol hold ofik am who are unable pi provide their own
transportation, mi giving their parole to abandon tbs
enterprise and retitrn to their homes. Orth era above the
rauk id field officers Will be required to give su< h bond*
an mar hi- satisfactory W the civil authorities.
It being the iletcriulndtsMi oi the Umiod Hutes govern
merit to preserve neutrality, and the most stringent
measures having lieen taken to prevent ail accessions of
men and material, the Commanding General tru-os that
thc?e liberal uflbra will have the effect or causing the ex
pedition, now hupete-a, to he quietly and peaceably
alwnduiiad; and lie confidently exp-cts that all thoae
who have any re'-tieef for the authority ot the United
Btatea will conform to the rrqnhreineni* or the Pre-1
dent's proclamation aud of thi*, whsvh ff not promptly
obeyed, a Biifileieul Inrce will be brought to tmar to r.tin
pel oliedlaaee. (? IX). G. MKADK,
Major General I). S. A.
Quile a number of Keuixnv have accepted the terms
nib-red In llic proclamation, and up Pi this hour tran?
isirlaiion Tor two hundred and forty-five has been issued.
While some are gviiug away others are arriving The
trwiu which Just came in brought ?ion<; thirty or forty
who smuggled tbemwelrcs through in some way.
The t'anaillans .tgaln itrrnmlng Valor*
out?Frulans RrtnrniHg lloinr?Mntr
lueists of i anadlsn Troops.
OouaVent K<l, June !?, 1 b'KI
The -iiiependoc of the Haboaa (lorpue act tod the pro.
rlmittiao of martial law, wot h I* to <mif Mtii ?ITix t
throughout t 'anoda on Monday ne*t, h?? tire* ly eliette.l
a feeling among th# ilhubitillt of Pre imK < ilciililct
Mill inure than their prevlmt- blueter and
braggadocio to lint t'e the tntnd* of pnoplr
here. Traveller* paadng through Hit; ml' nod
atruugcrii visltinit tint town eie rub)* led n?
irksome * vvwlbnm and provoking taunt* ?'?out th
K.-uUin tnvurlou and It* e-ippresmon by o ir governmeat,
tin latter in-a-nrti belunfundr-nraeil?to e iy th#"# He ??
tor*, now Ui it they ar# oat of Ju.vr rail iab r t tru to
their crowing to -afnty.
TM Aib-rtiau t-inaol ?>. l*r?-v..>t t iuiticl|Ml>? bo?y
time# romMy en . indt?-riminata arrest-, he alt .de
havinif team ? 4tied upon 1.1 lnt.-rl.-re on behalf ot Atneri
<rtn oil I."in improperly detained on ground!'*" -u.?
tin I'll r.d.ij- nl?ht lad Hi* tme-iciin etmip ?'rente,
whtli'lying to In a toy wme l*n mll?" Iruin h?rv ?;i ?
tlr.-d utein with small ami" fr?'n the fanvlitn tbora.
Thi* ?ru the ?.-r at ?imr inebriated vdoubor ataUon#4
at that, point of tu# riiryr, and who en-mod lliemaolve
by saying they eu (pM-is-d th# vessel w? loaded
with fenian raid# *. laMt night th? Arn-r. nn
arliooticr Hitlow, t'ap'uin Reynold" ne tiafl-d
at th# "am# point by th# sama Cttmlaa
forre* and ordered to hen* U> or b# tired upon The
#iti>l.on rrfu-rst, ?r inmmrag then* ioiibI ty and nha'arf r
of bia v- -sel. Hi" ? 1 gedioo# a# to th# rick ot flrti.g on
an unarmed Anieri'wti ve mi hot d i# a- ? _:bt and li? wa?
allowed to pr?-e "1
Th# r.r* pa-eMttf b#r# w.-"t are eotir#ytny < in?ld*r?bl?i
bu.in * of returning Hen 1 in. to their nomas. lh ? pluoo
i? re?umihg 114 ???*! gn*t.
Th# lt#nuty War- i?l hera lias information from ? rv'
alii# ??iirr*. of th# transportation throu "ti th- Int >r or of
tti# .mnniry of i#b wagon loasie of arm and aonnonitioo
bound for Ma.on# Tb# wagon# p- wd a |>o nt this*, en
Ing mar #igbt?#n mile# from h#rn. A d-tarhmeot of
aoldiera war placet to intersept and **tx ? Dun. but
failed. lb# tmriiea tn eharyn of lh# luniiiunitloa be ng
piloted bv 111.. ?? who know 111# Cos, ntry well ?fli .aid
Una miiiply reach th# f-'ilaxi camp at Mai -o# It may laad
to a colli ion with Ui# United Mtatei f.ifc##
The I anadiili at am#r Paaepnrt left I'm aryill today
loaded with Poops, li.eind for "iiti" po.nt .loan th" St
l.i wi..one
A tait In ? olaaiel Hnberta ?? tlie t nnntyr
.fail?Mia View, nn the Hitnatton?Pre#
paralliiita for III* Kiamlna linn. Ae.
Ai benian henlijaarter# yeetenl.iy itult#ra j.f>* aedwl
with tb# great*nt order and reguUriljr. In *ba Adjutant
tt< nerai a ottce tiedloni I'. M T#r(?, who riHnrned from
fh? -eat of war to confer wtlb ottcial- In bigh plarwa In
th# urdiy her#, n-ma n-d dunng lb* day with ? f w
01 her military genib rmwi. fheir time wu mo-lty orra
p,#d ir, wrtt ng and eead-ng do*patr.h?w In varlooa guar.
t#f Tti# o/T.riila in lb# dig-ient dejetrtmenl# w-r
bn, y lhroogW.nl the nay aad it ?e alRioM impowuhie
pi ob Bin an Interview with any of them. They were
apparently .lire to the re?|nirem?nte of the aitnnilon of
>3- r* n.e pnnc.'pnl mwter aia omplldied waa the
iran.iawioa man imher of troop* to the front. A?
mnnraa ?n hnadreil meo ail armed and aguippod, Ml
from on# potn1 alone, and a aomker wont by other mud##
of oonvoaeuno
The failed "taia? Mar-Ual nadert the baodgoaHora
building at atrial noon yemartfay aad oorrad net of
tbeoatcaia nth a writ of aiibyirna to appear at. the
?ri4| ot Mr *v^a, I'rgM^oat To^ag Vrotgerb^pd,
which la Ml down for to morrow in tbo United States
CemmlaBionerB' Court. The ipeculations indulged In
upon tbla fact becoming understood were numerous and
amusing. Some thought tbo course of the authorities
In the matter waa rather strange. One gentleman re
marked that the government were in aore atralta when
they deemed it advisable to call on bia frienda and that
of the movement to testify in this curious neutrality
matter. Others predicted that Mr. Roberta' trial
would qu'ckly end and that it would be Impossible to
sustain any charge against him, as be had coumlttod uo
breach of any existing law.
ran a sen errs.
Crowds remained around the building during the day
waiting for Instructions and facilities for going to tho
front and showed considerable signs of discontent in
not getting a chance of going to reinforce Oeneral Spear.
Those who could furnish transportation were
allowed to go during the day. When It
became understood that the want of money
wax Ihn greatest obstacle In the way, it was I'requenily
asked, "Where are the rich Iri shmen of ihnoity?" "What
have tlioy done for uh?" "Where are ihq representative
meu of our race whom we have carried on our shoulders
and placed in posit'ons of h?uor and emolument In tho
city and Mtate governments?" Ttiey were auswerod th..t
np to this time they had tailed to come out.
Many of Mr. Roberts' friends were allowed to eoe iiiui
yesterday at the Jail. To a gentleman who called opon
him in the afternoon he stated Hint his mind had not at
all rhung -d; the movement would still he a succors, in
defiance of the duplicity of scheming men.
It is understood Mr. itohcrts consents to have the n!d
of counsel at. Ins trial tomorrow, and it la considered the
choice will full ou Mr. John McKeon.
to morrow, before Commissioner Betts. went on bri'kly
all day yesterday. Hubpo-na* were issued fVotn the
United Mates District Attorney's offlee for some twenty
witnesses, including among others several newspaper
reporters. The papers were placed in the hands of tlie
United Mates Marshal to serve and that officer reported
lamr in llio tlav that quite a majority of the newspaper
men were nt tho front, but that a suflieloril number hail
been found to answer the purpose. Tlie majority of the
other witnesses wen- also fouud.
The Marshal's office was run down through the entire
day iiv parties anxious to visit Mr. Robert*. Permits
* ere is-on-d to a large number. Many who came and
stated thoir motive to In; one of anrtositr only wen--re
fused. A select list of n.iincs Whom Mr Roberta desired
to see liimsotf was famished the Marshal, and for these
permits were given good for Nunday.
Hie green flag flouted from Tammany Hall as usual,
but uo recruiting was den- titer . Crowd- were assem
bled during the day and preparations were m prOKrooH
fur sending thorn off Ahuut live huuilmd lal-or-rs left
for the mines out of lb<e-n previously enrolled.
The sum of six thousand dollars in gold was yesterday
rerefved from San I ran- Isc-i, with a promise of speedily
forwarding more, and requesting at the same time tint
the work be pushed through with spirit and vigor.
the principal matter <>f imts'rtance was that a demand
was ts-ing made on Colonel Kelly, the lepruts-nlaf.ive of
Mr. Stephen*, to give up the checks in Ills p-stsestiun,
which were to tlie order of P. H'l'ourke to that gWBllT
lnau. It appears that whin Mr O'Rourke was Treasurer un
der the O'Muhony a-lrniiiisliatioulie lodged a coDAid- ruble
sum of money in hunk to the account of Uie Hrother- ,
hood. Afterwards, whun he cbtsie to withdraw from the
pale of that chieftain's juri diction, he g?\ n his order on
the bank far tlx-amount. This nun O'Muhony did not
draw until tho Hubert* purty took a derided -tart, and
then Mr. O'Ronrko Instroct-d the hank not to p*y Ms
drafts The inonev still remains in the vault*. Kelly
has the tb-ekx and Mr. O'Rmirke eannot get the money.
Slid a disposition Is t Itown to have Me- moony mr.de
available m the present -ra-rgso- y. Mr. Kelly entiid do
nothing hefarn htairing fnim Mr. Stephens, and com
munication* to that end are now going on.
AH thro-igb the city a wl"h appear* to exist to get un
a public meeting at no distant date, to give expression
to the feelings of the e,tl/-ns on the sdton of the gov
ernment. The temperance ue-D will hold a meeting to
tlay, at :*KI Hroome etreei. at eight o'e|oc k |*. M., for the
pnrpoje of rai-ing a regiment. Mr. K I, t'ary a-id
others w ill address tho tn*-etlnj:.
Kc mi a Ml sni In Wsihiaglus.
WiMimsa, .lone S 1N4A
Somo Indication of the intentions of the government in
lb-m*l!-r of pro?ouiuo the an? led I'eirtBnl utsy le
-M hero I from the fact th*t United ftta'e* lh iri- t A"or
my Fionnsl ft. Courtney, who *11 here two rfsy* .-o,
Wu? rtquSiled to return to New Vctr. without delay, u
hi : service* w-ro likely to he m PtNfS I dittos.
Mr. Stephen ?> will speak ?i the iiuatti "reel, tar
on Moatlar evening. ? >u* of tho lad', maaa *r- a- ? >m
panted by t.ol. ti'i! lrne, Deputy I'niteil N'stee Mur-iuii
having welted on hiui thu morning with an invitation
for that parpeee. Dorm* the dry he wis visited by a
large nnttiberof sxllor* fsisi tlie Na.y V*rd, rev-ml
1ad!e* and all the prominent F nlwasof thscity. At--nt
the cslibnties who called to |-a; their re-pwts to the
gr-*t C 0. I. It were i;?neril Bonk*. t'ongr--*in ? i
lliown, of Pennsylvania, WUley, of West Vnginli, and
N- nator M -Ikeigall, of California. This evening * hi *1
iOk of Iti 1'enler* ol all t * clrrl-M In the Dixie i 1-. to
he Ik Id. when Mi. Stephen- w. I deliver to tli :n li Una
la-tract on*.
Hrjirtrlny Over I lit- Sn?|n n <lnn of llir
llohrw* ( i? |i?>,
bi*rri.?L rri.'??is?n i" tiii: ni:w vom urn tin.
Ki?i ?*..*, i mid*, .Imiki ??, i--<t
I" ?? new* of tb<> msp-n ion of the li*!? ?*- tvrrp'M ? .-?
feci IVO'I *1 t)i ' place n th f.rl.u: i of I1- iitm> ' ootl<
fit lion. .<0'J .-roil|r< of p" ipl" ?i ? ninj'iji'p-J throo.h
?!?'? ? i'v ?p* -nlMiat; npi ti II* el?.. > Th-r u ? ipp'.
h"o-i'?ti* of irnnrdiato ti'Mibl" >d 'bin
(en id ion Arrownt of 0|inr'?
I nmoiiiii.
? ifii the Mutilr ?' C'tf ftiee d )
In mhUt on to (he itetenv'te r rrtlnj.- ?h?' I'm' u
u/)t 'i '" > tlw ro tn'V ?>! Mi ?'? j m. In our I ?? l?r.
pp. ion wo pnWMiwI wmin lliftlirr |nrtl' olun to" r
e'.i In in rur* iloilii. Uk morning. thir Info nmt, ?n
wli'i-e '?Moment ore p . ?? ? l.i ?, ? -it ? di-< .pthKd
bndt of t.vr hundred ?* Franklin to march fir "i? prov
iii n I'n", and r'l'rit loo tn l> * <1 'law at i:iaf |? nt
r..t.vi r'n'.imj wtlh mi ufflr r Ml tilth t" he! " thit
??Hlhl'rity " th" vil! v of Tr l *b?li ir ? w.. one point
wliteli tli"T mount to l%vnr vi'li a v .1.
Another in'm mant, In whom .tatetpen ?? al-'> p'.r.e
Wlwnee, ,iw inol it bolt ? > I'm tali* h? e ' writ. I ul
inn- ilmu joil tl-e huii'i "I '.r?n - mure ? n? ?!*: ??
'.'clerk In the Kfle'iK" u It ua ICw !li*!i**<* m rn ?e lor
Fiaiiklin, wlil' b, frc m o'.miu'uljr ? ? the line, e ?'m' to bo
M'lo lcl a" ? point of fno'-tin. ("r dejerlrv. Ihcy were
mich'n't in fonfa, The lei fit nf the column waa ?i,
n it' ll lir vir inf irmrnt to I? ?ne miM and h
thai tha nion r rro pretty "ell up to/ether H" loo*
In. ?o fr >m the r r<i.in'?ii*jir? in l?e m; Irtwiwen. M>ra~
ol I limn w?ro nt Monti* v. ter m aotdtera, aota* mori- lade,
m.me without tri'ii, tonto with Kn'? Id ritl* ? mme wtiti
old r>i?ty -ahrwe, eoni* We-Mut d, me la <*c*. nome in
n .| I tuiol H??lee uul'.irtii", and ..mie with odd it on
their arm* (tnton'tnii ?<> in the in kn of hot '* tn Or
pumiced Land to whleli 'hey were much 'i.'i The)' h?4
llw lliroo K.ji.i t Hnf.te, ml to "?<? of thenn wnr I
t"d> e pounder lir* < fle|.| jd-e,o. t!titnminte.t l"ho
ofltiem rode in ? emriere ferri?l ?t
mrwtr ferm-l ?t In tbnrn in !<l A!
h?u< Thejr were oltoit rhe*re.| u th>'? |n .-.<1. nun nM
?nd eriTiif irt lu lb ?'iMUl?tl?l ?hntie ol" pro*; nwit won
furnl-hed |o lh .tn on their lin? uf outri U.
P>itttn< nil thn m roupi - tojt' ther. It nptnam to '< ? th?
e.H iiljr of dinmnqKM m threnientM by ? for>o of ahoui
2 Myt i.r h.ooo r n.ni< Iroro ih'1 Ute?i am-ouiMa w*
tia*e riOOivnd we Intle e the* have halmt on th? In
If m powuhle they were aw iUnf or.tor" fnrtli hwoeo*,
ant in.it hi- ??o l by ih- t n,,od Male* aulh .litiee nstjr
h*v* . hoi k"?l lb* r .wivan' n
Fnira ihe lolneram" w# rvolra v we w*?t ? two
o' I'Htk A ? ?W e ma n bodr of the Keeiui" on our
lewd r wre nrie.h demorallr "I by 'he ar*ewt of to r utll
eorn. and m my of th'-m are tt"'ug ti'im*
The/e m nat'irally much ' tciiein' nt n Mlnntvpto1 and
the adj-'liiin/eonntlee The people ara < lamorone fur
armn with oliMh to defend Ui -inneUon They kn iw the
co intry and they nr- ae able an determined to defend
then home* from predatory bend* A* we ?l\f d *?*
lerday, therr I* |>artlCklW foreo in their repre enutlonn,
and we hav ron on to be lieva thla wan a>lnidled hy the
mdltar* aeihoriiwo. What la wanted In lmiu"<Lal? a* -
tiiin, and no rod lapa.
Itrlnrn llarnr of I*ta 11 arte I ph I e Klrnnra.
rnii.nriri.riti*. Jnn' 9, IWd
Thera nan a yrwnd torrhli?hi prerewen of nr-men to
n ,:bt, to reoeito me I'ennavltania How i em pony, JM
returned fMti a northern ?uuv Twotiiy-aii companion
parte i|Mt<*l m Uio affair.
har|e Fir# In Plalln4nlplalo.
lhflt.4on.owia, Juno ft. I*dd
A ilnatn*et|*# hro broke out bore Una m- min? on
Urn eotrier of Twenty Bfth nnd CnflowhlM alreetn. en Uia
fchuylhlll. n>ano'a w.jolion oillln nnd Jnn en Hmarth,
Jr . * I n ? eatnhltnhmniita for dyatnc and jwintini ootlew
and woolian goooa, w. rr daetrvred Tha Reynteun Milta
were aarod he | Jtyi OoO which la partially inwured
tn How Tork nnd New Knglnnd omupnaiea
fir* At C la loo go.
Cmw tun, Jane ?, 1MB
Tha ku idlngn iM aod IB* Nnwth Valor ntrear wera de
nt rated by ire una lornwoon The bowrtnor luif arw
the I'eanavlrainami' eoipee* BAA 1MB, Ibiaaoll Brotter".
p. era. |10u 000 nod gait, CiBibwrk ft I ? Ml BOB
l>nj iMymd
Arrival ?( the Allemania with
Three Days Later News.
Asstrii, Prussia and Italy Arcrpt the Invi
tation to Attend the Paris Conferenrr.
Suspension of the Consolidated
Bank of London.
Ac. Ac. Ac.
The gteai'i'hlp Allemania, from Southampton 011 tho
.TiHIi of May, arrival at thin port early this morning,
bringing thmo days later news from Europe.
The (>? rman war question .till remains about the hime.
Austria accepts tho I'sti. Oottlcrence. Ju?l> also accept*
but will not so peud her armament* She to
makn no attack during tho Conloronoe.
The K'o'l'. H'Ujt publish a let'em a- ert'n; that K"
mitb, acting In concert with tho Iiali.n government, j?
endeavor.ng to eirlto a rovohition In nungary.
In the Corp. la'?i*httif on May "J., tho report on the
Ihidgct war luid 011 the labln M. Jul"* Kavro reminded
tho Chamber that It had still to dlscii* the Mcx'run
qnetrt'on slid that on tho nrrai ion of the debate on tho
budget tho government h.al promt od that the docu
ments relating to that question should t?o prevnted
to tbo Chamber. M. Vnltry replied that tho gnvomnv ill
tvould f ?? what d?'iitu'<nte it was po ilile to publish In
tho pre,ent stain of nego'lation* boturnn Franco and
Mexico. "lint," added tho Minister, ,-iho Chamber
uudcrs'sr.ds that In the preeoat po It on or nlsh iho
pubhoutlou of the despatches iiiuh. be aocompanied mill
great prudence and reserve."
The |>ohce have arrested In Dublin Ave poi '?on. mp
poeod to hare boon amon ' I he mot active mends re (if
Mm IVinnti Brotherhood, and to have awftod Stephen*
In baffling Mm do! olive., P. K ily, T. Brad), B. fjibney,
lteilly and Brady.
Cardinal Antonelli tue been -enonsly ill from 1 relapse
of gout, but 1* now la fler. H> h i- been twice v. hied by
the Pope.
A new mini-dry ha? been farmed In Hollnnd.
Crural Beauregard visited the Liverpool Kaoliangs on
Moud.y, where, hi. piwooee beovuiing Known, great In.
tercet wen excited and the u-e eroMS rapldlv ttl>d lit
Was appelated on leaving and considerable numbers ef
p ople followed lino t'imiwU iho street'. It Ht raid thai
the older t of the flenerat'e vt-it to I . n gland I- to advance
a railway pr ycot in tiie United Stat??.
1 lie cholera baa entirely disappeared irotu Liverpool.
Intelligence from .lapeu snuo :ucc? tllal the eustoui*
tanlT has imeri aatl-' .u''?r.ly arranged.
Thorteetaxhlp Wiillxtu I'? mi, thirteen day i, mi N'ew
York, for Igtadon, poi int?> Plymouth on the isth, short
ef coal.
The strainer Pe'iurr*. from "tew York, arrived off the
Feet nit
The Sh mglial. fr.uo Mew Y.ck, arrives si Falmouth
on the IMih nit.
Asdrl*, Prnsd. and Italy Agree to At
l< ii4 tMe Paris t'nefriverr-Italy Krfewi
to Nn.prnd Her tnusiurHl.-ta.lrle j
Will Not he Hound by Use < neSltlam
? T the Congress, Ar.
A te eyatn from I'a-ie of Wsv !!S eeyif -Men' r*i
ante- he." l? en ?UMpa'i'hC'l t'? England, I ran. e ran I
RtlfrivM Vienna. He in. I'nvuklort en I Florence in
Invlixtloas ?<r 'Id Wt have h en tavor.l lv roeadvej, and
it inlele' .'d Hint lb" fcprwi uteilvce t?r u?s dttteiW
I*it'll will rii'irdf mi end. e m Pan
lii-il'ari hi " o! )1 iv confirm" the dropetrli
t?v the I h 'l.sh, lirneli and lliuu-<n ' .!? ?ef. ,,r ||,e
c lor the ? rmhly of a c,mf r iii e, whe h will me?<
it; Pari * el Ho- r tin ?' |Mi">hle do e
Tic Perls /'w eva l? v -lerd ?y ? tl n ? <>' Urn
c? nlcr ore "it Ihe qu< ? Ion the pro |M'uie . the
r ?> tue P..W' r- 1 j sited Ute |K >,r>"ial tomrupy
the "r licit ah! e
I he V-./ ?' r ol Mae ds - ay - P ? idctti v?l not ? in
viting 'hi: tl - 'SHI I'owet hi a ?cite?eii. i at Par
l.avr er-iic-i id the r d limstion. lit believed the
farorsvh.. r.pliea Kiev ho r- ll< d tt|e>n.
Tl.- if *? ertv tl.a' rh" i? 1 urn ol Vn-ir a. Pre a
and Italv hav. -irrt od. and are eh la ? 1 ihle "Tien"
ji-iti.iiiou" wvii'm ? 'wr 'in* p r i' r
I # . "t?Mit*iC ?*f if"1 #.ifit"i#M" will <"?"i.jir !'? t Jj! -
Ve H Hi# Veti<*lian qntwln ii nill I*- ' i ?!
.1 #r lint ?i'ii?' ton - nf t? <? r-in Ihiitlii'-i and Ii i> i.i! n*
III 'in "
Tli - M .ijr'_T? r.n? "ttfttc.ai mtrllir 00# #??
?#d l.n* Ifi-'n A I ? ? 11, I' 'i-?' a aad Italy a'al# Ihki
th- ?? l"< ? ' ?? tfl "ml |o*omo? rt. ?|>
0 '11 i ">#>1 ' ? I#' in! i M'liltrji ? ? klil.?lii. i ni? i
III till ? Ul< |l ? f III Ii it '<M '/ . II III it ?trolfgl' M I. ?
in mi !? iii " ?i?rr* h#r# ?ti'jumdoit."
Ti.i/'tv'' M .? :'t ?i\ ? VV# I.a a N'kM fi MI#ro
lha' in i iln J 'i.ir-'inMl br llt<> I r. n. li kv\ hi hoi- nt
1 .in ? ?'>1 in VvMiili, III* I attar dn .(?? ilt>> nn
ojn.f.i mi in i i'I nit n lli? c ri't i a te.WIKkiM
in in* ? :'i, r'ytii I li> mr "i b?*i ' u on llm i?n
?? ?h i 'nnviitjvt , i'.? liolifn ? ?>' 11 " i
Tin* /W i a! Hi*'' ? lh*i in* irij* .n t?p' ,? r#, ?
In; !li? ; v *i'.i#r ii' 'ho i itilif. #, ili?> aaf nmtalu
H# i"?, it una a fl.?4 by <om janrual*.
Iim I i.m 11/>???? *i 1 ? i u tir-Rmri#re in *???? ??
IIV II ' tr ?, ?* 'Itl ill# W I, III t'.#l thil I' i !l.# ? 11
111u? . ii ?if .?*!?:f tn tni w . iif il front ;
#lei. ti- f ? '!.? ii* nti-r an ? n |. ?? >i .i v.u' I i pa
?u It I . I D Ul ' # lilt! ? ? ? 'i
|? i# ? in ' t'.^i III - n?!r "iii. r ?*, ?i fc in lb" i
I*. I V.- II III liy ! '? ml 'In I'm ioo til |
b?? .Iii' Part i. ?i*fii In tli# #.1'#fthit Pr i nt* anul.l ,
?t .. |.i Hi# hi* i ' in to lb# ru*''r i ? m? t'?? iiiiiliil'in
tli.i* ? ? .1 ' M i.o lit nut b? ul i* i' f. ?i it t i
'Btl "1 ii' ? Ii" .V llO? ?? pr? *> 5, 'in 'I ".lit of III#
,.i i lotn'ii whi ti #r- 'i#lnt main uu#tl
Tli" t ' .iJi '/? r* i>* - %'ik r .i a I'I to r'! ?' '??' ,
ftn ||"., II .? WHIi'iMt pn ? n|l(*o |n li"r r.'i't' "Hi Ii not.
??".# wMI no' I*' forward *iiv < in ?t'h b#r troopa
on'1 i arm*, it'll no ' ?# ot'? 11> m I *<41 ooi ill j m '
In Hi# f.? ??i' tl'O prrtatr .n? of ? -tlt*-i t*.im#ri j
Tli* pu'k ? 'itlill#rr of r? #t?", *? *"ll .u lb# ).<?;*" (
?ftlil.i ?r# n..* ? *n|il? '#'? i. I. Mntort
K'im.i' *'? ??'- ii #nrr-l?l in V>fiiu r ? .i r? to ? y ?
of lb# l| .1 to pot ? 'I ?r?i f> lot nt "Mil* IHirnt*.#.
I*. rni'1 I ilt ? it I" !>? ? >1 ?.??* :. i'.ri , |lt !
tl.? r I ?#'# Olltri'. ?*?#? I'll *. til 1 tb#y o?i*il.l |mi n?.w
toy hot' ? "i it"oitot uol.l rbo i'i't)?r?*? ?'.mi hnv#
|r... i! 'o I". ? I ?.';r*
t li ?* .# froni UIhI/ ilint Pro i ' i? tn?>j*?
nn# iw... on i'#?1 ill### ?'? I nt Iond 'i'il
v*v ? I'ti# !
Tli" fidl.minf ifif.ifnailon ba b##n i ?? . nd li#f# from
h gli q :?rf*r* in I'ori# ?
in iim iltyt m*i land i'..#l#r Mm tbM ib#
r.? >? ? ".i?)d net ptwrwni w*r
Bn.HHi .Hhtr |?r ?)? "? lor lb# "rtli'f###! ?f lb# V?n?t1?o
T ? 1 on 1# It II|?| A'lttria (j ali ?#?!" a pa - of 10? 'y.., f.
lavral all' tli? ?d|M##i l#rr i on. an aa to Ha## h#r in a l?aa
ihr#at#n n aliu ?a to* nn I'ait ar-1 a ? ta* #!??/ a for
tl'.od frna'i't f. il In ?t i?i.j# for Una tarnt ttaldr*
ij.iir" t#mu>ftal # i?ip#*iaalM)n
tn-i-n till" to ifclna #br ?b# IkntH "o#t ?? ? to ofa
poa' Boatla in th# t laiorn q i##itn Mb# naa 4 i" a-.
b lUM o aa III# f'itM*#Cnin of RumiW. an I Kaa I a fa Of
mail# II'I a la bmatUa '? b#r wtlboM, 1 .???-*, yla n| t>>#
H|.i r of Komp# "I b#r dlfI.'..,Uoa I , ab# aa?.. at." #? ?
In jjfTi i aala a o-V VonrA# In th# I. at aba m uld nuak" a
frt?nl at b#r. aad amiii! tt#n d#ff lb# W?at#rn l'<i#rra and
Tb" ct#U l*f#?#fa t.?? 4.4#n?lr>#d ui k##p tb? r?ao? f.a
fj. . "Iim a) l#l#? aa irmalWa for it' ?nmal Tbl# i# on
?M'#lin M'|aH aaj. Oiailit# rnr t ' a.wiii TVa .a an
d "Uii#.!!j a nirt of <!""* f.T Roaata. "bf>#iab<i4 i* ~a
Tori #t *o"i'.ri.?fl u? lnt#rv?. >? a-.dakiat -4 > a#a f t
r 'laata and fraaba %?#? at# b#l.#0*4 tofa.or ivtr. # llohr ,
#?il#.r In... M laalaa ? iatrUa aa.l rofblaa "i/< '?# a ?.
|. ...I. ??*. , i aa# aati t| "i?d
b ?atria.
V| naa Hay ?, land
Ha Prii#! ii. Mini t* r at UiM Ooart ha* rncaainl n? I#
laff. ii.ial on I" U?JI of bla ?fiv#mm#ut ah-il.ar U.# An*
Iriao da'i"ii'b of ll<? Mtb of Apfil nunianiiaf ptapmaatt
ft# iti# a#ttl#fa"lit of lb# Hrntawarii M<4at#ia q<i?Hon ia
to to. rnfaH-fi ma Au-trU'a ultimaiuM
Tb# AnaUttB r of"rnm#at r#pi'"i ihat N troiild #.?#
n "fiitoaaif ooa. d#r aof BBixli'traUno \mtvum-i by
?man bar Tt l*#a
ttoabta aia attti #at#rutit#d 'i|#.o iba r##j|f ?f i a
ronjn-aa, aa ! lb# daaaar of aa# ?a n a co??4?r~t to b#
I a ##(*"?* ? la if.# aaamtbl tg of a ?oi *???? a#1 lb*
poattloa f.f tb# 'v"ii?n?J o( aad a#*iltal I'oaarv raroaia
?lafiati/ art "0?r#at, m-r# ?"pa aby a tb ftp#*! to
Iba plan# of o?Rip#fiaatla? tbat rr.my ho pnpaat
A Md#frar., r#f?i?#d b#ro froat Pana atata# ibol Aaa
Ira alb Kf.aa tba fnaotioa ?f 'ont-f. #i on ttodar
nrrtata foaarran?M raoyort a? tba batura of tnh mo
.. i*#ia # Olid to to. opfioaMl In Iba pr#*#t. ? of I
r#w?*#a?aiir# of tba f#d#*a. fM at iba mafr??"
ftanaaaJ Vaa R"0?at?k aad tba Ifi Maba f l,dm Mr
I# day fW OlM itA
Hit #?! a( iba fa,#i ?# I# . ^r,f ^ A ,at riaa uta
of commerce have bona Interrupted on account of the
warlike aspect / alfaira.
Dtfi'NBOM are reported to have occurred betwoM the
government and the committee for Ui" uiutrol of the
public debt.
The Auglo. Austrian Baak ha* pwbliibed ioutay It* hub
ane? sheet lor ISdo, which announces a profit of 7IT,7')3
florins, and Uvciurci a dividend of l'rotn iilao to leu par
I'p to the preeent the Austrian (tovorum?a^haa mot"1
tred alz hundred thou-and meu, three hundred and til t y
tbuuaand of whom ar<> Intended to meet the event of war
with Pmada, and uo hand red and iiftv thooeand tor
service In Vonetia. Tho a<lranee of tho amy of th"
North towards the Bohonuan and Uoratuui 11outlet will
be terminated in n few dayi.
An lmp<"rnl decrre order* the establishment of a per
manent military coinniiaaioo for the purpose oi previous
ly erUmtlinR all military c* pauses, tiling those which
aro absolutely once-nary, and controlling the wnole a*
lienditup'. The Mru'lM-i <* ononir and the irraloM IT
pard for the public WOitCee aro lo be ohoerypd.
VlMNIA, May 'JP?Ecmny.
Tl:e success of the Onnferonoe in tvi'iting war la gen
erally doubted in this City
It M rumored thai Au-tita ban already notMed the
English, k r? ti It and ltus-l ui governments that alio or III
aoce|>t ttio Inv.t.ition td the tuoiMMad Confaranoe, pro
vlded no programme Iw decided up >l? previous to li t a
At ibc opening of tho Confeiwote tti" mediatory Cow
? r-, it U ai !. Intend to prop<mo tout tliu prop* jl- of the
H.tiinuK sliull I* published
riie I'bevntler dl Nigrn. I'vllan iiub n-olor at Puns, la
te lie' cd lo Imve received .nun bat govemuo lit in-lruc
lion-to In i'd, ?i, the apprisictiing Conference upon the
r vtlMt'iiR of nil Ii.iti n provinces ut pre nt un b r Au
Iruui d ue nlon. ineludlnir ilie Italian di irtets of
Tyrol and Kriuil; but no special mrniion la made oi
"t rietie 1" >r the voluntary re m of ueb provln e?
Italy h willing to olfer certain oom|iai) a'tnn.
Qin-an Victoria i aid to b' actlvolv oorrnspondlttK
wlib ibe Kind uf Prii da with u vleu lo the pre- -i>id ion
of |w ice.
The visit of Queen Olga of Wtirtomlvri; to V < nna i(
looked U|<oii a* having a Invorubk' significance for
An wna.
Tlio warlike prepamll m i have la on in no way relax. d,
and troops are cotulnoallvon Hie m ir li. It i rumored
that mil i bat e Is . n Issued lor a further levy of el lily
lite thou- and lumps for tl.e completion of tin army
r irps, hut no date la a igncd for carrying out tin
De I 'ire
New , received here Irom Italy slates Hint a part oi tba
Ilali hi fleet Is cruising the Adriatic, and el*o that
Home Turkish vr--al* are crony off I'.iMaro An
Kucllab squadron Is a)so reported to 1st lyin oil r*eiioa
Ubd "pozzis.
Count Men dorlT In ild to liave .vldn-.<l re o-urni /
communication* to the Km* an government reapevlliig
tho form .ate ui of voluuteei c irps In linl r a
It is - ild that at li e I' ul 4'onfereuce Amdrta will
formally decltno lo c.?lo Veiiotla to Italy Ha an, It
Ik believed, approves this rc nlntion, and will doci
mveiv take her gland in favor of "otiiorvattve Inter "
An .'rin, tt ti slated. Will mu lie repre-. >nt?d ?t. the
Conference by Count Mitisdonf. but the Prince JCetiei
iilcli wild Count niome or Harm Moynenbi '..
It Is seio'-n(tle<ally si iled Unit ail volunteer* Will be
i' i!eptei! who are w lluig to I! ;bl against the em-nir
under mllita.y leadership. but thai ibe government cau
bot aaneiloii the formation nl roluntecr eurps who will
eti' v i erfonn rarrlmu * rvice
Tb? Austrian t'onnil flinml at Bucharest Is r?iiort d
Ui have lawn tustrucied to pmtwl ;i, 11 y the in ? -mu
of Prlnco r'hai Ic of B'>beii/.olleru Vi tbi throne of lu>u
insi 1a, and to bold himself in rea.Uho * to b ave Bueii*
rmt itodet cW.aiu cin iina?tare e?
V n.\s? Mai 'dT?Cvcning.
Public opinion It divided heie May vlib r<w|s*i to
the resott to ts- expected froiu 'be I'cirfrritra The
rnoit pri alnnt foeUrut lioaeof di-trust. aud au e*i*
talton ttial ear < an not be avoided.
The Bote of the Crouch government inrltnirr Anvtrla
to'heeonference ha arrived hare, and will baie been
doiirwred to-day. The toyilation wau-s an the obi 11 of
tlii voii'-reuna "thi maiutnuautM of ys-ace in OnuNny
and lb-It ''
It I I'.ib d ihut Ans'ria would be repinsenied at the
Confeioiicii by ('mint il-ii i iresiiMpauied by llerr
Von B|eye|i-li?u slid I lie AilNlriaii Aloi s iilnr ?' I'arll, I
I Tine* M-t'eflirh. *
A'txusl'lig to aini'her re|icrl Ilie Aiiitwa/ udors at Paris
would a.one repr ssenl their r -|s- lies -si pss.
Ibe Mi die Male' have Uminiiidnd Hi it the Ceilrnil
IMet should Is" rep e-i uled a' lb." Coafkrcnre 1 hi*
dsmaM wa? agresd Ui hy Aa-'na but opposed hv
Pru sia.
M.iiury prqiaratioM aud i*ft utic niauifrdatsin
e in' nue.
At u mniury reviow held to dnv tlie K.mperor ei
pr?">-d lit* i onti fenre in the bravely nl itis trA-r>
and In* 'borough sat I si a inn wub tbiipiilt they da
Uori s ob (tie forti#> a'ions ot Vienna i oiNhuie
flovern uent ott si. will ts- allowed to vu'vr lbs army
upon Uvorabl* conihtio'-i
fhe eutlre -'alf of the Army ef tlie Mortti, ?obaSMiRC
of SMtie ?>iy persaus leu b? is y?-? rd?v lor ilbwwt
Tlie b'vtdf iutfof* o'. tbo army w II Iw lr.m?ie'r< d itiurtly
tin the Inm dlate vie n"v of the ItoUvuil ill fron'iei. 1 !i?
small fown of I'rcan. In Morai i:i, I* mentioned a Hie
p. .liable hMdipurter
Lscrge <|ii oil hi. el war In llenal hate beeii sent In the
ynrtal araeiial nt Pols.
(Jseen OI?n, "f Wurtsmberg, arrlyed ye.iero?y %(
Vienn i
It IS lepwitod Oi .tap" linn uf lbs maicaUt le e uii
lil'iuty to 'he Kl >r is io e sjr*e , n.i'nrs In re,
r itidt'iif th" con' u?.on ot a treaty of < immorne with
,tt tkaO t'.mc "f the cotl" reui. Id lip ^*HU*i 'if til*
Psnibian Pr i. paltl (, held In Paris ob I'riday last, It
v .i- respired tbat tbeeor.mils o( the P-iwers it H'n lureai
a <o ild I s dim b it If bold no oil < tal. tell In -rcl. semi
it)'' al, couiin iui a .ou Willi I'i u n Cbarba of if.men
patntMay 3d, iwtd
of 4 is us tal Vuo IteDrd'-k has lo-. ri jo. muir*
i> .li Ibe tfterfM ut ilie tfiay of the NoT'ti
t for pi..a property In Ih" ? veil u a^gr*'
rnt thit the Trnswlow trnopi aro
M*? i ft V ay 2* \. v
I I V ,J f| |||*t (h# < ' Til !? BCW I" b# l|l>M ?*
Pst> -l?atl ?!? ' i ijtifi w < r. ?*irn?/ t - lb" of
llin ?iiiiHtiMiiion. I ft* f i?r? *? iit'fiofi of th? Im>i
4- lb?* Colli 'fur ? vi? <x)ri??<f?Tr?**l n * ?w.rv *j> u*mt *
r.'lm' ll''4Ui|j 4t?"f?fi; II,* I.'Ml,.KM ? . i4 * l*fa? 4 m
ft* *v I*" ?** in ? *>utr ?i??n *Ml? tl??* PU
*t? in u iji Mir . to'i V?i ? ?i? ?f*n?ni% tii?l lb* pr?|P?
t. - f..- kminrwU ? "Tii|
li I ,.v ? I!* >rmi. M M*l?r will nrpf*"**! lb?
P ?-t mi ifi * ?M?i r#n??? ivit i' * t rifnt* ?iUiii * trili not i ?*
I* <Upu*iM tbnrigb ?nv ?lr * in lb* *Mlr< on of lb# (#4
or *1
Hrr<i?, \J*r 1
fill A" '/ /# I 'f If ;/ **" >/?* <*f I" i|iv
tab** ?*n3?i rMAtftl Hf1?? I'l?i?l< ??f in #?' |*r?t*
lu'irtiHirn fvj-? ?* b*r?*pt- b# #?f? it?? ? "tv*
If?; '**? IJ N ' ? ' . ?.?">?! !li ? r. . . . |,r
Hi ; .r *fli*rn??i I' ??ion*. b#r . .? .?i? in tl,*
litfmg of lU* Imi of lb* ;l'4 in f . an 1 %1 *-? U*r 4#<*
fmu U f f Ui* -Jrt Ibvt. lo th* fn ennu?iit o. W n/t,'fnimr(
n, ? i url* cou'tnua# ?
" Tii'm* wlin ,? Hi" *,,n ?? a'fm nf * f) moo Tit
l>?-iMitif r, in f?mr?{ a ir. rt>? 4lft- r?n* r o*?? *? ii#f.
III nv Br* itn Imllr d tr "i of (?*? ? ,|?d "PI*" d I ? 4
war at11>?. j !>y th* ii?iM,ii rirmiRoil* i,?irt*tt*
-mu'ii.-i IIi an! i * n it, Hi- mi -ii'i.i/n <?'.f
|*iy Tlii- titv noma I* nf ill, i m *d* r*'in#i *h"'tlil
Ki'H f '*'t III li." ii?iol> t <>'. > H 'riMA i'trlwu 'HI
In" m? p* ,'*
Hi" in*, II "ii ? fib t?h?d li* Hi* lb>r li )?(>""? <>i*l
Pi litnr m urn* ?iMl |*?ti'"il <rlr ih? ? 'ih- ???iln?i -a ??<
triioi". im-i la*, ii cog i,-.if in nKt"-l i? f?i "III- illy 4*nP I
Th* m ti at If ii i m |i* ? "liti< ?< l,*'1 i? * n 4? "f
fn B"<1 'ii"Hi in" I *lil <t"i?* Hi?l -irp ?! l?
r- iM til I i, ftft Ul il til* ".inlnniii-Milv for ml*" i'iif-4
?m l?- ii. ' ill*', "I 10 -wj"r 11 ?/?*'! It U?(lr.. 'r i i|* OB
Ui" mli* ,1**11'
lii ,?i ,l*r I ? "mibIpt l?i'?nr* 'J** d*Uf in tl,* d*,.**of* -?f
Itinli *r,|f fri III lt?r III Ull rr. In?f|l wilt ,4 r,.1 tl fwl lif
r* I ir i ? i .ri ?l llw 4i*'U' ' *b*'k H ?a? inl*l4? i*
?init1') |i*rf<?tn nn fw*. n?? -i i'** ni- I in IB* .,i .u ?f
mil. , D'**i' ?*? i," III* *rr vol ul U,? i?i*. ml ? if(? *i
u.nlr 4p4'ln*t no, **? h*ioir *,|i***"?i u>
T ?? loll"?idb d?i?,' of l'i |*i?i lot o-r*it,*? *1 fvi-n.**' ?
?*'I"|J 1*4 ?pnmonf lo CIHI?WU*I* ?(111 !??? [tlllm ||
?*i?f?rrni" In ? tf i?i?j? f?r V?ii"U> *?'? na o*mi4 m
?*!*?? [mr'l'.fi nf ll>? ppaOlB,"* of H" ni% *Bd Ik* H'f
f Rutin* lUljr In o*i?? 0 lit" ?? I pptlii'i* fn**u Ih* j
T iltBh (iivt irU V"T I" ??(>??? f ih* Pi!*- I? ?*??*'? '
luttri* wo' Id n?|*lii- ? |??t nf Ui Klilo* |if*/t ?*??
Tint ii*r*!i*oli" * itOf,?'l'-*?ti'i*i will *vt i"**ii-"*i*?l"4l f?t I
lh? dp**- ii'i.?ni "f Idtnkor by IB* ?!?*?* |?w*' oof M? ,
i. rtnn |h*< ?' -**iiv? t Hi- .nd - ? Id -1 ??**.?? *., ]
ind*mon? lb* I* ?f i? *h? f*ib p? ??,*>v* o ?h*r'o r?# i
4"r?*i u> I-imB' r.
?*?n?*'4, v*? iwm
Tli* urn* nf nj<*fV >ia oo?iat*i*a4 ? . * 'i <?"??*"?
Ik* V ?!?"t.jo fn n* yi on Ui* 34th >a * 1 .? r ??> I
inia ?frn? *?ij lfr*<*ii?rly oa arot'iaf *f B* *?o
p <>t"d for *l,* u*a*|iort nf Innpi
Th? V n?*.?n Kfrii.rHi *> I m,IU* ? k* ?? d*ov*B *,?d
fl'jra IB* rivirtnutii u> ?< *|* ?ot?oi*" r* lua 10*
|ir?4 o*o" o* 1'itinr la A i-rj*
Nalw ih-and M IB* do-ra* -?o *Bdm? ll.? *nl*?u?? ?*
to .rtbr-r* Itrtlf-ltf taMinf ??" ?f> ?- y??u*d*?
at Tl "*'#"* Btna* iir??*il T?rr ?** ? ?!*?*?
iivilalili l*fl U,?l ivf*i,d
Tb? % it- o* -A m at *4ri f1!* * |? n*r,? ?*?
!*.m, m-?***?? ib la?aa** ii?**n?**??* ",**> ? ih?
Q iMlillBloril. ?' ll< III ny h?rt 'I r ? .*?? *"*<?? of Ul*
V?i,?<!?/. Ui?B* A iwmi ??*?>- ?r--do ?d to
tin* r.ikh of Ui* ii*i>*t!%j Ipi*"40* ? V?ki*. -at** I'm
r, ihai 'f- It torn o* *?*?*Bry f a it,* to, *m*ia*at j
id?,'4i* to f,rfk>a to* a**?r tay oV *.? ?Bo *b* I oiny
Ui" Ofd-rv nf *ny M ta?lfy*a tollto Iti** ?|ll B* r*
t*;4*d o If* '
tub IlBllta H ni'iBtnf IB* liott i !,*? A?td*d 'Hot
in* *n?ota H*".**lioB't* v* t? b* *m H ir oa *i rat
014*1 fa th* tBhiat*** "ny ? w? U|4 ytWr vrtyt
m - ait Bb !.*? ?? i*t ?? ax?oat ?f it.* poo*!*.My of
. mitiMW y*t tatand Bar iar*?t? r*U<lt* u
Ui* r<fgr at.
C'lontt. May IB. I MB
It W 1*1 *t*4 'Bat IB* MMdartl nf I nt an* * u BB
(??>onmaniBt ahortiy
Ta?*,'? i?v 'B '.mat rtlttlwfi Bat* alia^iy lafl fay
U?#*r Riir art
BBoot i ?#?!; Bra u. naaaf aaof Bam aaumt iw r
??'' IB iBatta*** of IB* aautwa* ??at<m? IB* o*4- r
far raBMmanoum IB* aar?l0M?t ntBf ir a?*t iro
?pat Mao IB |W
TB4 rr 'trtrva t( U tay (.fo'.B* 414,1 |
Venice id.mug thai lb? (Mihtlral prisoner* at I'u tua arid
\ ann ? bavu li'eQ writ to Joseph ladi *11. Iff stmilbnrg
All the old ami-i in tire arwual hove bet-u writ to
Tie MM,
New* received hern from Vleuna stole* Unit an official
derma ha- bam nen<v|, iwtnu-lliljr aa u in- a-ur ?.t d>
h-nre, prohibiting nvvn'l* from Mlrrwi or icevlBg any
ol the V III Uu porta during the night.
The hataat.
A h ie gram ftm Ib-rlm of May 'JN ?av*:? It I* stoic I
Ih it the I'riiH-uu ,'m ci ninrnt ha* replied to day, oooepl
lliit the invitation to the rotifers-ties- at I'aiia
'tvi ral afftuatU aliidi tnra wlw mantling order*
loft llrrlin to-ilay.
Vutsas, Hay 39, ]MM.
Austria .wept, tha iiiv.Ulioti to itUcnd thn Farm I <iu
Ft/inmca. May 29, I "Ad
Italy accept* n ?? invitation ui attend ti e <!o?tfi ? i o*
Kim Call Dot soaps-nd liar arniaini-nt i, lint ahr ci .a..- hi
make no atta k during tho Uonferoin r.
Til a Krrtirul Dirt.
Kmsainiir i'S TMi M u\ \l . 20 Kv rrnt
Th* ttlmo#identical note -which ba- r lam rai uwl
from the r0|ir?>cantntlvi-i of Frnaoe, Kngland and Kkoir
llivHIoi Uio (larmaii.c Conf-'-hiiailoii i<> ba rpr. ntcd
at thti |itt>i*i'?l Fiaria coufiirrtice, tai-rn lad
before thn F'udoral I)lcl nt an eilraordi ?-y
cittliit held by that body to-<luy. It wn m
Holt'-d that those not at. rdioitld ho Coiauiuitir.iind without
delay lo ilie vat knot govcrnm uu repr- >enu-d in thn
Ki'doral Mot, and ? COtnmlUcit w.i" a! out i ? m ted iu . 1
-mine *11 question* relation U) the pro|H> d i nn' .
The ixHtitnitlwi is lompoaed of thn re|ire?s>nUin. of
An- im. I'ru to, B.icarut,Haxotty, WttrtCUiherg and i h
tnr.d He o. Urn latter to raj-resciil aN<i Hadon and tha
ltd i i"t of HfUO.
A i oiutinitee waa at no all i ted of the reprraonlatl' ?? of
Au-i'ia, I'm* i, I'.uv nriat, Hanover and Huh n, lor tho
roll h i n' i ui ui the pro|*>il that I.luihlii , aim ild Im
lie I ll II 11oIII the I.e. in nil)' Confederation.
The Middle Ntntea.
llaunerauT, May 20?Evening
The I i i> ?! (".anther ha reject ml the resolution adopted
to H i I.in it Houan adym alttiK tbo nonvorathNi of (ha
' h-... i llol lata I -tale bv tlm Ke.hril Hlel, mi tho
gpound that am ii a i notation would he iwopitorUine.
11 it novrr.
Iliwivin, Mav I9~ Evening
To day, In the iliaiulx-r of Ha|iuttan, thn l*ra
Intit i* Ihe tTiamlier, i unit von |t> ntggaeu, inim
dticed a motion diiiartnf that Rnnover I* hound to
din-'t hor effort* tower-da tlv ai-eedy ronvia atioa of
* I'.irllatuenl elente.l liy ilia Ire>t suflrageti u th?
|.?npte; tli.it die otlyhi not to increase tin- dai t'*r of war
hy prematurely e pouring lit* reus of either I'r ietn ?r
Aurtria und. I.i 11 v. (bat thaprewnt Hanoverian Ministry
I not tlth-l to advunna Haaovar'a pslltl-al IntereM* ?r
? irry o it ber Oarmaa national OhltgatIon*
The Manry Panlr.
atHPfsirov or Tint ciNnihiiiArro hami nr
The undersigned dleaalora of tha "t'?in undated Bank"
of l.ondoii 111ini? <?<!). not leaving had time in entitnm
nn at* with iheir tailleagnea, havalakin ' n them elves
the grave n i|nin-h lily of ? loe.ng It ?? li e oti'v j i-t
und honorable eon rue, under the full-unig rlmum
atan-'e*. ?
In iheir reoinl nrr >n ? 'irient yrK't tha Hank of I ondmi
the due. lore deiertn ued front 'Iw g'et lo i ike no Itnolli
I e. OH In-half of Hint hank e-ihb a* were fully
royered hy avallnble a-a-u | ?? hj their hunde, but
lliev haye ?lur found thul aerl au Taailahd lb the
list of aj-aet* submitted to thanl - i-e^u- li< e of alik Ii
Utoy tell eornfielled on hvtursla nnp laat, to glva
u-iiice lo the Hank of l/indottvtW they no longer held
them*- Ivor Iw-nlid by Ihe arrph Muebt. Al the mine
time a .nit was comnienced fti i hanrery to have it
declared that the nriaag'-iuent ini?l?e.| an unduu
pri-lerwnce ol < eriam elaweoa of the rrdtun of ilia Hank
ol I-obaton, and an mtarini ordar <11 u-ad" by tha e<iurt
on lii.il princllda, riotwitlielandinK that the under* gi.rd
|< n| la-en udy ."i by two eminent n?in? I that tha
arratigetu"iit we* uot open to auch obtertlon.
the diBl> utile* a.King uot of Ibia atale of thing* ? om
hilled Willi what had already been done under the
a r?b*ement, h.vs a oecopte-l tb? aaruent attention o? the
tiibleieigiird durinir the whole uf lo-dav, and Ih y laava
been leu to tha pulbful i oln liieiou (hat It wonld not lie
I*, itde to " lid n t Ihe liueliii-M of the i on* did*!) d
lu.nk in tha fa"* of tho.# dilft- ultle* srtilio-ti contno ting
further engagement* to an eitrnt whb h would liar*
rumti-frnilit-'l Uaa laiareet of lhatr ruatonior*
1 In-uaslenugiMUl hare tin aalKfartioti of dating that
they have ample nMet* <4 the |t*nk of l/indon lo meal
ad otihgatUMi* aci.aalty Ineuriwsl by thta bank miliar tha
r*< rni ai raagewa' HI Apart from that ayfabgrmeiit tbo
t on ilMaud Haii" ?-?* gnaorially *o *lrr>ng that no diffi
rulty would has a h en evperteneed la eotadtjeltng Ita
noerattooa, and Ur director. bay a now In liiatr baaata
tha y.taole of tha aaiat* v4 Uu- l-nk m an alnoat unin*
a at-ds BViallal-la fnr.o.
Una I igro-si by eight diri-stor*
TI, author gag rafdWI waa 000*00. of wh ? b
Al.oOO.OttO was aiitMs-rib'-d and WW.WU pa d up
ink timi* o* rut ai arr.wain*.
Hi- r-aa-i cilv artb'Jd of Inaa/Ur May 2b ?aya Iba
elw lif of the I'on-dldaie I Hauk entirely cheeked the
gvneral rerovary thai had *a- mwl rrrtaiti and tt.a
f ;r?( s* - a i-iuest ba* hv'-n a*|* < laJIv aeveyo from lb#
fa- t of lb* d i*t"r l>ar.ng Ihm-o tbi urrwl bs on* ol ih*
m- st e? tr >"*d narv-rror. -?r*r esiminltti"! by na b of
ltd ? '!?-'# .niru.lesl with lb* pr ifierl', ot oilier*
Tba Im lory ?f lb* et?p|>4e* ef Uaa t's-usolnta'cd (tank
.1 sitae the mo t ?ing ilar - vcr |Mreae*ted th*t the it re?
trs Biu*t liase aanw tly deotred to act fnv Uaa bark ear
n--i lie do itncd hut It n-u?t be uu llnaeit If a aftoilar
*.. .|.< of | |o-it eyer s It? 'el wnb aucb i?|--di.
tj . of t-ii'ler i no i o*t*ti ??* b a* ta'. 'ti?;
Mpaa I at.
Man*in May 20 f s'*i??
If, lo oa still., of ll i -0, ? - ?s I ? r aro uslienUt
w-r prii|??I to tt-i b :i oij n-.Hi . *\'r. r in ars is
tM'otght for "i>r-l bv Mir-li*l iiH-nill Tlie Mu frv
w II lecapt "line 111 ali'e at ? n* III Ilie t ill
111' '.'aj.li III -nAar Atsioeo Mat I.Bar ?? I ronUb'. tig
lis fall. 'ie ha* rrnlly re ., lied hi *eat lb tb- ' ah t "I a*
M nlater of r.MUK' Hi* r- -.goal as b*- bswn ?. *-i?.j
by the (foaeu at.d flefior ( mot ? ?!#! t aetillo, ? siloaial
Mm ater, baa b -sn pro-. i*tvnall/ lbUu*ta-t a Ilia tha dir
li ii of he .a -nt Mini try
The Itsnk -.f bi -In ba* advanced tb nty >ye m laeia
to the .overall."bt.
Th? Hmiiliarilmriil at Valparaiso.
4 (aiu'i fr M.utrxl '?? M?> 47 -a.? - a- t
H?m i I ' it" l - ' u Foraif n MlBi-trl, b)' hI'Imm) ?
? , r ilar in lb* lajiiih mptm* iiUiliri tlitiol i>i|J*iiiik|
Ho *? tisnli of th- bo i trardii.rn' of V*,|?arat?" Th"
M n r I'm *|iaik ba.) alhrfT tr an ? ??!? r?t ?>
u> b'lnH'iM !?? id "
ITta I'trrla h I - Ik'ii [if' i m<I mill |l.? ft, of bit?
? 'i jhi't Ku .iw1 til* '*1 I r if - ? I IU of i1 r.
' ' havr ?rr 'it ?i I -bud Tt*jr a?rr r* ?ra4 b? 11.*
I I it |i?i?in
Tin a ? r.
i > ..is.iri ' Mi* 21. imr,
IV I' ' . h? f* ? | i i. 4 M . - ? r of ib*
1'MVi In |if?' m Mi l' t'a .i v So l.a* h ? n do
m - ./?) Tli aoi'H* h ? I. I * l?4 I >1 #(1*1 fha
or i.r III* tfca turliMb ffwifir In niln lh? j-r I,' I . ? r<
hki Ni I ? ?|nii?|i il
Tr-ira*. Map I?'*
If |'*rl o i-li ? -HiaUr of M uli-lcfm, I- Mil ? if in
h? ?? I or . tii ?i tlnrmii wlniid bjr ?n? ?n??ru?or*i
? ?'It * ifi!-1"!*#*!! tii ---a. ahi'h, Ic * niir lol, ? II
I. .4 to m imaip of of it ? ri' r bri?~o lul) ?? I Maafrpi
4 o ? m f? < V f *vP "in 11 *1 i Tir* "h arm*
r.iij. . m ?iiiT?f ifijmo ifuffn t? f ill. n? I ? H ?
D |?r.iuui
I h' pi I rtr 11?? I If l??.
I-*- iv f.-p#.* -i/in/< it' tr f--. ?' 'i-a * vli-f .n?
f' "In I 'ft ' ?'?! that l( i 1 . I.if I. I'.-ii'i I- ? i.
"IU'. I In tt.M r||i.ii - of a fori n |-ria ? a If ?|.'tar -if
K -amah a hr Ho Mil, ?Mlaot? baa a-4 I'f |*iM*Maf
a# ?l'i -t ilii* - -a ' loti of 1**1 am I'hart- of M-fbrhrollarh
lt-!< f* 1 l.? O'iV-l * J1"?4 oiiall 'l !? 4 |i Ok*l e
? f? -??.
A UUffiia fr -o V f-r.'.? a* M?r It oil Ar?- *4 *(
to ktrb ?> i*> *r4 ham ll?r t*ori?* to - oil ? n-n'-aioo
t* lli' (??>! Hiif) ir-n-ni- i t lb* lagiMiilr or- if*
li ? if ttiolHik.li a Pti? to . T rkvb ff*f ?
T r oorni- it-Hi of Hir mauaPrt, of th? >1*1*, **4 l*i?
it urn of tb? b??4'fit?rtot* of ?ba ariap til uo 'i|mi a
b ? i* I-roll iifrodr i?i4?
M It hooka ha* Ml I'i'h**rr? f'l* V ?aa? H? h u-r
ii ? k ?l f r il-r t,ii.|Mli*(n.a ITia-r t tula of Ho .'i.
rim i i-iT'rf of PapnUaa k?t mod Ik* I'rar- a ?i? I
I ?'4 o-i b'i>-1 tod I"-. a-,4 4o-?ii bit hi Ok If i"i
a.r.i-4 o- ? f*ipt lb* - no ??"??. ?i* for to* ma-atrr a *
*r bta Ho.arboUl
iv a ? l haitaa ha at ' k.Ip aot'Vd t " fnmtpa f? an*
of a ? bona* m*t4?4 Hi" tbnmo of Has t'r n-1| ? ? i
Ii* i off In Itir |?f""'tit ti no tm I.*# 1,-4 f f r,ra4 fr- *i o
ti a f?-?f? ??) fi m. a ? -<' rnio*ot
I fimmirtlal >al?lll(*af*.
rta rim*, rltj ?ruli .4 Wrdao-U- Mar ft *??> -
T* ** >.?.? -a f ia*r ?iff Una, liarui'aH at ?T*, a ,
tr-a-*. >??(? Mf bV
Tb* flan Mir - ? P rat. k fart ?4?r. amiii ?- i'-a',
abii- ail aki.** M-'ki am 4all, Ann ** b * ti a?? * I
? ? I k-fpofta4, a? t Intra ara -aboaa-V** i no Mr '?
t l-roj h> l|n Tlitf't a hit# tiii ir ? t 4 *??
larrat Toa-ft (Mir- bito n III 14 a i r- ?*
4- ifo aa'.aorao| t>* mini ar?-?o4 ta liar a
*"? at 9%'t* U.? laoi ti' a ?*aii of t
iivi namftali raa) tai-<aa M o-r ia Iraak' n
at ?k sut'l la ri-rr -?i a*4 ro*i tart '* b?k?? ? i-?
f*MM Tb. f t.-an .11* ?n- *?* a*j" '.'fctTf' t to#
R ?? ?a fnk-Vf* arr IB iioa'aim aa i'-"* If ??
k Uiirrr axa-hrt > -4i * I at S- r I il and '--r Ma*
MltiMrkda, tb# t ??!' f'f aark '? ? talk* tr%4 f r
akaa .i*f~l fnrjt at-f !??"? ** ?"?? '??? '?
a. rn.tr-1 ?
flralttalf inwroii I l? V-r^taia attm II t- a
t>iwrai atiifra ao4 */? pa i ap abara# a4r.ar*i ra
?,mf?ltai i I, I I
|? #*?*?? 'rntu Vint Ma* .f aa1 ? I'M Tba
aj , for I ha is 4*>a aaaoaat la P> ?? hob* t ?4
*k ??f-.lav*' A jam on rt-aat-f Wi par l-m*4
|/*aarw- fif? Mi'tar. Maf ?. VlMkf aa?
I*. aar*aa#*4 tk4?s ?**? Ik i^ dat llM Ikao
raa Mb a tb M
l/niat taa.-aiii tfirtrt Mat J? |W4 I pibi
i t.iir .iitrat Rra W?#i ti- a# t?f*f*i?*, at

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