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Further Description of the
Rt. Ac* A*.
it Seguine's Point affairs remain unchanged. The vigi
lance of the little garrison undor the command of Cap
tain Walling has not been relaxed In the slightest degree,
and every stranger who approaches the outer defences
af the Metropolitan stronghold is closely questioned and
scrutinized. Along the shore some of the men who are
?IT duty amuse themselves in various ways or watch
the plash of the curling waves as they brcuk with a
sullen roar on the sandy beach. Some of them may be
seen out in the waves enjoying the luxury of an ocean
bulb and others bargaining with a mollified oystcrman
for the materials for a slow or a chowder. Far out in
the boy gleam the while sails of vessels of every descrip
tion and the block smoke of the various steamers curls
Id the hazy atmosphere. The black bulls of the cholera
ships arc outlined against the horizon in the cast, andclo-e
In to sltoro the frowning ports of the Cuyahoga watch the
operations on the factory buildings. Now and then an
oyster boat from the fleet ventures out on the Invaded
tohing grounds, although the crew apparently aro more
busily engaged in discussing the action of the com
?iHstouers in thus intruding on their domain than
attending to their flnny prey beneath them.
Although the garrison hold very liltlo communion
with the oyslcrruen and the landowners and farmers of
the vicinity shun the neighborhood with avorsiou, it
must not be supposed they are altogether cut off from
the outer world. After the arrival of each train at
Prince's Bay station from Vanderbilt landing groups of
persons of both sexes may be seen weudiug their way to
the Point. Mau.v of the female relatives of the mem
bers of the garrison, clad in summer attire and with
faces wruatlred in happy smiles, flit Joyously along I
Abe dusty road to visit the truants whose
4uty lias so suddenly called them away from '
their homes and families. The motley appearance of
the visitors of the sterner box?soma of whom visit the
place out of curiosity, a few on businoss and the re
mainder for the purpose of seeing their friends?often
toads to laughable rencontres on the road. One grnt.Ie
aaan front this city, who went to|the place yesterday on
business, was mistaken for a German, owing to bis
bulky appearance and Teutonic features, ana greeted
with the salutation of ''Wlo gelits?" He, in turn, stared
at his interlocutor, and thinking, from his costume and
appearance that be was one of the land owners or oyster
men of the vicinity, commenced to cultivate his ac
quaintance, while dim visions of a little moisture
?monger than water floated in his Imagination. But
"bapa told a flattering tale." The other party had the
Ideas, and a tew words of explanation satisfied
both that there was nothing to drink In the
vicinity which could possibly come nnder the Kxcise
Around Prim e's Bay a peipetual Sabbath reigns, as far
-as the Kxcise law is concerned. The only means of con
veyance between the ?M factory and Prim e's Bay sta
tion that could be discovered yesterday was a rather
nhahy arrangement of boards, with the necessary wheels
od a consumptive learn. This primitive stage drove na
?to the evening to the station with some of the victors, a
tall oyatermau handling the reins with the grace of an
experienced Jehu.
There is no abatement in tbe feelings of opposition
ebwrlshed by the inhabitants of ttft villages adjacent;
and although Ibey have over aud over again discussed
Aba matter, tliey conceive it to be of such vast Import
ance as to entirely supersede for the present all oilier
<op.es. As tli. shedvs of evening tail small groups may
be aeen wending their steps to some impular village
eeaurt, *u< b as the smithy or grocery, where the wise
men of Uie village held forth, awine, to wilting ears,
an tbe great injustice that hue been done them.
The general impression seems to be a confidence
In the sucrose ef the meeting to la- IwtM at Itwhmond on
Tuesday next, which they think will be such a demon
stration as will induce We authorities to reconsider their
I and select seine other place tor the location o! the
%iamnMne Instead of Beguinu'a Ioiul
Superintendent Depew succeeded yesterday in getting
? largo force of men to work on the new Qiutiuiilitie
ground, and til's heap# of Inflammable niettori.il around
the old factory urn I'ast d <app"aring. The wain build
lag has lieeu whitewashed, and as noon us tlio nerousury
SNtta of carpenters and inn oiif is mint from the oily the
to rati arrangements and tilling u|> will la- commenced.
Our diagrams of Sngu inn's I'oint and thn surrounding
and of the buildings within the enrlosuro, will
giyo an accurate idea ol the locality about which Such
? idle men I lias lie n raised.
Tlte hospital ships, u* numbered on the map, are: ?
Vortamnntli. 1; Kalron. 'J; Saratoga, H; Union, 4; IV
mvian, 5; the brig Rertha, from rooca, Porto ltico, 8.
lbe proposed Quarantine grounds en the west batik coin
prise about fifty acres, and arrangmenfs are being made
ta prepare them for Ibu reception of passenger* from
?be cholera vessels. The twrak id covered at hi.It tide
with water to the depth of two feet, and It will be necee
?lrv to All It In and build a breakwater before any strue
? , re# can bo erected there. The cholera hospital burial
Cauiul Is close to I he bench and coasl-ts nf a sand bunk
1 oud Mr. Job's house, where the MflMgMlg vicious
?f pesiili D'-e Und a reeling j.li.e The r.-i of the p,?c s
?* ?Vu ?ted on the map requ re no ? *planattou. lite ar
?eupapying diagram will lie a aultlciont key to the post
Men or aAutit. at the factory:?
?.s?> mm,
m.o Win .'Anun j
mm prrc*
cifefiBflJi?ur MOO tarn'
IWTfM fir 90
The lergrr building 'n the centre <df the onchvutc is
?evenly live f-vt by one hundred, and the Other is ?nm?
what smaller. Where the tar vats are localrl in lite 'or
?tar ilia Commissioner* purpose I avlny the room for iho
?tsinlccuin ol the banua;.. from cholera vo.sois, and
Immediately beside it, ?. iterated of ousiire by n s'long
brisk wall, theeiiltnarv d>'|?rtment. Th? emalier Innlt!
ing h is at, iron r-sif, which la ? nini'letety perforated by
r?M Tin iwilice b"**i<t'iarters are two atorie high, the
opt*! or.e lielng a d'Kintiory ai il the lowers dining ball
The office . wh re ( ?|.| . u Walling and Id# sergeants
have men piaster* tor the pri-ont stu| iIn peciilr la.ve
family, now doln 'he conkiuf lor U?e g'trlses, nre
bou.ed there at The lo i din 'dlh1 p !'? i barrets,
ether, al,o,.ol. .. uiuntol nu anil ii'liei hi hie
tnlUiininahlr mn ... aid -bow bow aay ll would he in
case or imme I ?t iliai i? Are the build r*v In a few
days all U. oe . omlulM Id w II |.e lem-.ed At it,r
dlfcronl poata <eil ? <i? lb. enrlo-.-.is- p'.ttcem*n are ele
towed nlgbl aud d y .id *: ,U| hundred yur.ls fr> tu
them a I Off of |
There is hardly no a- :aL?I?? spot around the enclos .re
far the distance d I i i. t b - iwn
majk >d by teplWn Kmwcr .* tl,o ciivnbo,..,, i.?r the
taenly-fogr and tliirty-tui |*?unkr< nt n,.> . uttnf p.
hear upon. The band fane is pml n rlrketly aS.ur
and will be rephued by a Wronger ml m o. suMantlal
en. insure The donkey engine of the fa , , w..r?
Ing yesterday and will be n?e I pncri| l'> i... tj.. U); n
feating buggage rnrnn.
Tilt: WllePI I At. till 11'#.
The last report ri.enel from the hospital ililp falcon,
in the |nivi*r is?y, IS flieoralde, no deaiha luivlifg v ? urr. u
" nca the pre. too# report and onlv Hire.- hew . s-r
beTing been wdm.tte.1 on board. Nw 'h* iVwuviati
On the latter ve# "il oca man UId tiefbvc lis c.suld la>
removed to Ui* hiopitsl sbtp. The epidemic at p 'esr-nt
seem# to be combined t > the I'erui isn. w ilh #B orcas.su.
ai eaaa from the Naralogs; tor, since tba florman eici
grants were removed from the I'nton, not s single ra#o
Una .wnurrad imorg ihe emigrants remaining on Uiai
vetwei. immed.aiely on the arr.val of tha Ullncl'
?w the lawar bay. on Friday evening, aha was piaaad
a'migside ti e t aruvlan. and ibe wali psssengwr* waea
traaafwred lo her willmut dalay, Rha will prwaad to
the nmghbnrbniHl nf Ragnlna'a PrnM with her freightage
?a few's, o. ruty<lat uett, and u ? taw r?e>
break out in lb* interim among tbe newly removed paa
aengeni they will be placed upon the Falcon.
kbpoki-8 or rvi HKAI.TH orncw FOR TWO DAYS.
The following in the bwt report received from D*.
Hospital Stop Famm, Jane t, ifldd.
A 9t. Nativity.
Joban Dantelaon 28 Gnmlmgsberg, Swednk
Nioollna Johnson 31 Inlaid, Denmark.
Christina Bienoer 12 Fhfelo, Denmark.
Remaining at last report
New caeca
Remaining under treatment V'tl'V??
Wurren Hansen, axed 58, native of Denmark, diod on
the steamship l'oruvian aud the body wna sent over for
interment. _ _
Hoapttal .Ship Ft low, Jone ?, 188*.
?r. Crave Cuktiph, President Quarantine Cominmtdon
Dbar Sir?The above statement will show the eon
dltion of the horpiut on the morning of June 9, I860,
and since last report. No deaths and only tlireo admis
sions. Very respectfully, voors,
I), h. HISS KM. Deputy Health Officer.
The passengers per steamship Peruvian were all re.
moved to (he steamship Illinois last evening.
Dr. Bissell also njiorts that the man named Poet, who
was received on the hospital ship from the brig Hurt ha
on June I, ill of yellow fever, is now doing well and
will bo able to be discharged In eight or ten days.
Qnarantine at Segalite'a Point?A (loca
In all that has been written about locating tbe quaran*
tine for infected passengers on 8egulne's Point, the great
danger aud true objection to it sccra to have been over,
looked. Suppose it becomes noc ssnry to place two
thousand or three thousand persons on shore from in
fected vessels?persons who are being taken sick daily
and hourly?what force will it require to koep those who
are apparently well, but who are In constant apprehen
sion of being taken down with sickness, f'Otn making
tbelr escape? No force that tbe Police Commissioners
??an spare can prevent enmo from leaving, and once out
of the enclosure they will make a straight line for thlB
city, where undoubtedly some will be seised with cholera
and thus infect tbe very point all are trying to guard.
City Intelligence.
Sr. Michael's Roman Catholic SenoOt..?A large nnl
commodious school house for the accommodation of the
youth of St. Michael's parish is now in process of erec
tion on the corner of Ninth avenue and Tbtrty-flrRt
street. The structure, built alter the Gothic order or
architecture, Is to be tomposed of Philadelphia brick;
the fronts, from the ground to the string coursos, will he
trimmed with brown stone, and thence to the roof with
yellow Dorchester stone. The frontage on Ninth avenue
is to be one hundred feet, and on Thirty-hrst struct a
little over soventy-flve feet, and the building will, when
completed, be four stories high. Kach of the first three
stories will he divided into live apartments, making, in
all, fifteen class rooms for classes. The fourth floor will
be constructed so as to contain, besides a large audita
rium, a small dressing room and hall. It is intended
that the corner stone shall be laid this afternoon with
appropiate ceremonies.
Tbb Annual Hack Irshsotios?A Nsw Rhoulation.?
The city ef New York lias for the accommodation of a
portion of its travelling public thirteen hundred harks.
Seven hundred of these are of a piiblicjcburacter, and
arc to be found at tbe various railroad depots, steamboat
landings, public |>arks, or patrolling Broadway altar
hours. The remaining six hundred uro called special
backs, and are used mainly u)>on|order* emanating from
hotels or private families. These aro all r> "quired to
bavo licenses, to have numbers posted in conspicuous
places outside and inside, to liavc tlic Corporat'on regu
lations concerning them put up within, where Ilia trav
eller may see and read them at a glance, and to
be clean and neat. To preserve these qtinliflea.
lions and compel owners of bucks to furnish
tbe necessary requirements to accomplish them, an
Inspection is ordered yearly, which takes place under
churgo of the police at the City Hall. This was in pro
gress yesterday aud tbe day previous, and up to last
evening about three hundred couches had liemi iiisjmti.
ed. In addition to tbe conditions above enumerated,
Captain Brocket! has revived another tor the bet tor pro
lection of the travelling public, which requires every
hack driver to have cards, bearing upon their face Hie
uumber of tbe hack, the owner's name, direct;on to the
RiAhle, and the locution of the Mayer's office, fine of
these cards the driver is required to hand to every 1 atron;
ami should any fraud be attempted or successfully per
pelraled. the nfl'cudcr can readily bo traced and brought
to puDi-hmcnt.
Bi-suve-e at tub PrenooATa's Orvirv?The following
are the estates on which letters of Administration were
granted by Surrogate Tuckerr/or the week ending June
9, 186#:-Piank Bloomer, Anne Ktne, Felix Ronton,
Patrick Donovan, Klisna 1'. Brewster, Edward Klcnrin,
Ann Connolly, Kol>ert Boyd, Thomas O'Ketrney, Nathan
Lermsk ie, Alice Tallon, Thomas Out, Philip FraJelgh, Jr.,
Harriet A. I* Edwards, Lawrence Brower, Janres Rain,
Saiuuel liouagel, Christopher W. Seaman, Hnriunme
Hart, Dora Btiincruaii, Michael Dougherty, Jacob Waeh
tor, FJIkh Weeks, William Hayes. Letters of guardian
ship were granted by Sui rugate Tucker f foilowa:?
H. Rosenthal, gnantluu t<> Bernard Koch; Wm II. Mo
Alpln, guardian to HnnrgloMa and Francis McAlplit;
Eli/.alieUi tiroes, guardian to August, Annie and C'atU.v
arme (IrtMts; Sarah A Weseella, gnardlan Win. H. Wes
hcIIh ; Anton la-l-nfi, guardian io John C. Mailer; H. H.
Canunaiiu, guardian tn Donald M. Cammnnn; Jacob
Krai*. gmirdian to Michael, Kbxabetli and Nicholas
Ankner: R. R Hart, guardian to Henry II.. llartuon H.,
Florence (i. and Rot.lie Hart.
Tng Ali.miku IUuvahth Mkti:'<* ?The steamer Meteor,
which has been Isr the |>ast two months in charge of
I'niled Slates Mara hat Murray, is still moored alongside
the dork at tho fool of East Nineteenth street, in the i are
of several of the Marshal's deputies. Numbers Of citl
reus and other* visit the vcSm-l daily. Most of tic crew
hare been dtarhar >sl and the only o Ulcers retu.unmc; in
eomtnand of the trmsel are R Kimball, Captain; J. Betra>,
First OtBeer, and L. H. I'loiiry,Eliiel Engineer. Yrstetilay
a't'rnoon they, by pertnl-'<ion of the fnlted States Mar
shal, got lift steam, with u yew of working the engines.
Quite a crowd coin re a ted about the wharl, pratum n*
that the vessel inl tided totakeher depart are Numerous
report- were in Mmhtlos ivspert ng her dostiiatn ii.
The engines were kept working from eleven o'clock
A. M. until near oight o'clock 1'. M., but no at eui|>t was
made W cut hor adrtfL It Is presumed that Judge lletts
will give a decision In the case during the coming week,
and should the In- condemned ample seenrdy Will lie
given and she will immediately depart from this port.
Kici k-ios io Paaia ?y Nkw Yosa Fiuusncv?A *set
utg of a few Irieude of I he old volunteer lire department
was held on Thursday evening last, relative to an excur
sion to Perm In 1H87, to a'tend the great na'loeal exhi
bition. It is propo'ed n, take on a Mleeiner, which Is
to be built exptv .sly for the occasion nod w hich ho*
been tenderisl them should they concliele lo go.
Another meeting will shortly lie held, when the matter
Will he dcttuitolv settled.
Pernio wo* a Cut' oh os stvik* I u*sn.?Tim three
Call.ohc ohiirclies res|tectlvely kss'od at K" sville,
Richmond, and tiranitosvUle, Wltm H and, under the
the |>e?to-ii iitr? of Rev. John Hairy, reipilrlsi. s con
siderable outlay lo keep them in working errter. tho con
gieg ithin |,?v" Ina .vuraied the annuel p.cnie, which
wiioiu.e nil on Wislnewlat pent (June lit), at the R!ni
park. R*o Mr. itarry his ttic matter .it ohsrgu. BtuU
ie?\e the lorn ni l> -? struct everv hour duriii: the day
tortile |sirk, who li is hand 10*1* ty I' cited op|si-.|e Now
ark but
Conn iwi.it n> <'OI/iS*L Cut sr.?A cumoliinetifary
suppor was tendered tot'oloool M itthew L'liaso last even
log, at tin Villmif Mouse, No, 'i Abtngdou xpiare, alsntt
owe hundred guests being pivsenk Nneorhes wer** made
by Ostsuel Chase, Naurx Sleveneon, Tuite r ami oilors.
A New PotjTK'AI. Parrr?It sat Is IrT?At the |n
siancPOf Mr. Theodore R Totullnsen, titers was lield
l ist evening at lbs Mmonic Hall, In East Thirteenth
street, an Intonusl meeting uf a lew gentlemen tavoring
the organisation cm a new party, u> he called tin "United
state* Democracy." Its pmmin lit feature, asset forth
it a ipi li by Of. domltn on, la tha' of the old lertio
plolosopheiv?taking the leu things from every -oiirce.
and seeking their porp-? notion under a ulngls system.
I la der'gaed tola- preeminently n party of principle.
I i- proposed to hi ak asrav from uhot has hitherto
' eon the paraoioun' doctrine ol all parties, whatever
their pie'i tev?the dm irtne Dial to the victor (slungs
the spoils. It would ? to wat h with greater vi ilancc
over eveiythmg that rI an dam o'al tn democratic iosti
iuil'0 s ami . sent id lu their pernetuity, and to avoid
the hitt riiers o; partisan strife when th? life of the na
Hon l? out at Stake, it w ii Id sirtve lo mats Ita mem
ber* tn ire tot' rant of the view- of their npionsnts and
mora* oliaruah * tnwerd tlieir tnlli"*; would sank to make
the rich, wl.o hay# the t me ami the means at their com
mand, to gl\e more alteuirui io the Interest* of the gov
enimeut, avoid sectional strife; enfnr* c ihr Monroe d?o
trins; el ell In the revsreoc* at the people the iMctltr
o' the writ Of h: hear corpus; elevate Use more degraded
ri e by elevating ths h gher; eneonrage foreign cu grs
Hon. and extend In all whawo ild have a home in the
I'l l ed maim the rights of clitrcnablp.
The City Military,
TNI', kllilf (itmitll.
to ,|?n? A, NtwaM) Ih-l regiment National Hoar
ai- l me time |>s?l lieen making xlen -ire airung
no ii*? lo eelrhrate tbeir fortieth anniverary with u
u ual < art lliia event is suite on June 21, and the rnr
ussy w IIparade in tin r elegant and well known whl
u in in at d i roe ed to long llran -h. N J., lo lake pa
nth i )suiiig nl the new hotid erwdod Iherr by i|
?'i-taons, of the A-My House. A spec la1 heat snd tr?
naee Is >-e ? hsrterst u> convey the fhtard to their ileitin
U<iO, and the Me* ?me ate doing sverytbiug Hurt tan
.?nit good prdgment i n -uggest in make ilie afhtirei
piyabts ami entertain tog lo all who ivtey he tnrinna'
Snongli to Ih pie-.-m The ? Oid Ihuir-I" wtll para*
Hi 1*1 I rant. and. with the eiulre H"?Btv ttrs* reg
Biwnt hind, w Ii no do lit make a das tod i*fdi(*bls at
|iear?n* e.
' "V',,!r.."""T|1 "Vd.nrsT national iii aiii
'*1 ,tlnlveraatv of thatr organlr.i'toa c
ZLl\. ~ "rrto* *? !*,0? -fin*, whe.w Um
II |Jhl e^tiH, '^??l min.l*n?!",d hy ' *""?*?' ? of Ml
TTi* ?icur?tcNit*tik rinitrit Hi
msutaUos, am to i?
nfterrjpow were trssted to s samptiKms *Mar^r, to wbWi
m i? sinMBt needle* is ss< ikfv out ?|- ? - mmies.
Diagram Showing the Positions of the New Quar^ine the
Hospital Ships, West Bank, and Snrroimdir^ ^^^'
paarucS^^^^^^Mij fjfr L Q jy q
yOMWHSV/ue:Iy( J
/ W&\\v S L AN L>
_ , _?Vzrra*\t\" VI
A \T/E Nllli
THCWLCffCi/f r^\m . fOHT
A*. SPR'd&VlLtF.
I Jfc? L\A^
m*'/*TViueX jfv
B'CHMQNoJjf* jfY licwfK /.
woooffo( iWEST Ramis i
uoawNsm&S^0 , (?8%&?UMm"\
r<^muq)0SStiess* ,%ju B A Y \
9M*-- ? ^Hospir AiJ
***0y*AR,TAN 3*r
J (
The Strike at the Ship Carpenters, Caulk
er* and Joiner*?Meeting of the Ship
Carpenters?The Ustont and Brick
A largely attended meeting of the Htiip car] venter* now
ou strike wis held yesterday at No. OH East Hroadway,
Mr. J H. Garry in the chair. Mr. Thomas and Mr.
Sherman addressed the meeting, urging those present to
stand by the rause and nuver cease their exertions until
tboy gained the eight hour system.
Mr. FutirKJiTTsaid he thought the strike would be de
termined within a week if they eonld get the men who
had returned to work to suspend operations tor the |ircs
ent. He thought next, week would see a final settlement
of the strike.
Mr. G. V. Rouen read a letter from Mr. J. N. Hooper,
of Baltimore, slating that the oiieratlvm of that city
would not work upon two vessels which were about to
be -enl there from New York for repaira, and that any
man who worked <>n them would he xmqieuiled from the ]
association to which he lvcloug.il. The workmen in all
parts et the country were alive to this movement. He
Imped they would hold mil. onlll they succeeded.
Mr. Fkommk, Viee President of the Workingmen's
I'nton, observed thai if they combined in peace, harmony
and union, nothing could prevent thein from succeeding
iu abridging the Imura nf labor. God helped those who
helped tbeinselv ea, and II' they helped themselves in this
mstter tliev would most assuredly gain the victory.
Mr. Flawektv read the following letter, a copy of
which ho mid had been addressed to the master ship
builders, lie.
N'kw Yon*. .Ton* 7, 1SHB.
Totiu. Merra KHirwr.icHTS or New Yobk ivn Viciairv:?
lliwii'SU-'the vkipwrlghts of New t ork and vicinity,
beiievlei' that a frank, fair and Imnerabie effort should be
made to Irruiiiuur the pending strike in our trade, have au
Edited a eornmptce to citiii'er with vmir body, or a c-miinlt
i of the same, with a view to a settlameut hy mutual ism
eesaloo and coinnnuutse The conimitteecan be ,i-en .it the
Kcuate, juiM-tion ol East Hruudwa.v and 'fraud street, era
e.iiainurilcatiuu ad.hei.ed to that place will Ivacli Iheio.
Stgi.ud on brhi 11 or the laiiiitnflirt,
Tliaf part nf the rrciilutkvn of the trade* of A-firil J,
pledging themselves to seek for tlie eight lcmr system
and continue ?n strike till it w?? achieved, was put to
the meeting and norm itioutiy tvalUrtncd.
The ship carpenters and jiuuoik ol Brooklyn have held
meetings, at. which they lievo cupr'Mcd sympathy with
the mm on strike in New York, and sbit'it it was their
duty l i aid them morally and pecuniarily. Tin y tiavn
cuius forward literally " with their greenbnck.% Tliey
have pa stil a roulution tlial each nu mber rboukl sub
acrilie liis name lur a cualrihul'ou of fifty cents a week
as lung is the strike lasts, and a ? umimtice was ap
I -i it u I I'd in wait on the men Ihruurtiout lh-? dltferciit
chops In Brooklyn 10 Indue ? thorn to s.ihscrilsi tumla tor
the relie.f of the men on strike. It wa> also resolved tliat
there shall be a picnic ia one of the Hiioklyr parks ior
the smite pur]vise, and .1 oommittee lias (s en apisifuicd
to niake Umi requMto arrangements.
The wperatlte itawnm have struck tor a shortening of
the hours nf labor on Sat unlays. They siile thai they
will kms'k oil work every Saturday a' four o'clock. Tlie
bosses oh) ."t to this, ami any tin men must work until
tivc o'clock, and lor this Hiey w ill pay them a full day s
wages. The fpie-tmn Is still 111 depute A privals
meeliug Of the ho m s n rv'kllii'll to it us- held yester
tiny at I>1 l.ihcrty strovt. It ap|ieareu tuts- tlie feeling
ot lite taisses tliat vlte men -iiould Is) met lu a spiril ul
fairnesa aud t oneiliat .on.
mass .wnrriNO ok nRiPgt.ATCt;*.
The bricklayrrs' laborers or this eliy, representing
1 W niemhrrs of the First, Second, Fourth and Filth
divisions of the t'nion Benevolent An-delation, aracm
MM ii tagn fores U I evening ta liemilt Hall, on the
corner ot Tweoty-third glreet end Fe< ond avenue, tor the
p irpos-of i'i.is lim. eon. erled action again* their em
ployers (boss in twins) in tlm mutter of the tatvr'e refusal
to grant Lliein the eight hour rule on Falmdays, whioli
they requested o?c week ago, on tlie ground tint they
were compelled to do overwork on the oilier days, ex
ceeding in the aggregate the two hours )ier seek le*< of
work thai tlicy now demand Home ol the employers
granted the request, while marly all tlie l?lsirer< for
those who re P. sod are the strike Tlie following rrso
liiiion was re|Miried and ananitasnsly adopted:?
Itp-np.sd. That tin man belonging in tlie Union shall work
foi .tin bo-s tnnson afier fwur n rlis-A on .Natuidsy, under
the ii-ii III ut .'Si line |s?t day, (I, be esprit.it irom lb
luiinn; Slid I ol a ikdet-suull lie ap|H..n'ed lo coaler wilil tjr
Pre kbye.v. snd |>la?l-rvr?
Brooklyn I lly H?u?.
tiKryitTPHB or tii* IVii.yrvrirtiM Ftei. ?IVnn--v|.
van a H'le I ?oi|siny, No itl, wlio have boon th gi.e :?
of Hnuk aud I .adder Company No. 1 of Brooklyn
d ring the past three days, look their de|v. rtn/v for
boiiio yesfi-fibty moruiaK, by way of the lUrt'an and
Delaware Bay n.ad, At nine ?'cluck ia 'he morning Hie
members ol No. I assembled at their truck iMiuce, and,
ink tag In charge tip- rentage nf their guest". pro- ceded
t?i IhifheauqwaiUTs olfibe rhiiadelplihinrs at the Pierri -
Ivotlit House Here they t?sik them In charge and
? snorted them to their ball, where they partook el re
treshtiicnta. I pon falling Into line lhav mole n short
parade in lirnoklyii, crossing at Fulton ferry ami pfo
ccoded Pi Ihs mi'rued dejsd at tlie font of 1'iutne ?trm t.
ink ng 11 e r departure by the eleven n rlm k tram.
I ni all aooneeu iliey have i.o doubt had a pit omnt
Tor Aims.so CauTKa Sumibi t ana?-VaKntrrr Rrs
Ii? s*n ?'Tlie evidsnce In the above rase closed yesterday
moili ng, whereupon the counsel fur the dnleoce moved
to dtsmi-i the suit, on the ground that there was no evo
dence to show thai the words used in the romplaiat bad
been nit, red by the defendant. Tlie motion was denied
Jud" Reynolds delivered quite an elatiorale rharge to
the jury, the niemliers of which Immediately retired aud
alter an sb-ence of an hour, brought lu a vwdiet for (be
pi until', assessing the damages at one hundred dollars.
Ris?t.ra? Raman. - Two young men, |namsd Smith
and F'tck, were vestertlay arrested by officer ti. H.
smith, of the Forty fourth prmnct, chat gedj with reck
l -a drlwiig on Flushing avenue. It appear* they rains
down that thoroughfare regardless of the lives of pedc
tr.aii*. aud when n-ar Franklin avenue their team ran
over and knocked down a little g rl named (lather ne
ttalker. the wheel* of the wagon pan-lug over her
Without stopping to a n ruin the extent of ber Injuries
tliey kept n, knorking down, near the same spot, ex
Alderman IP d on, who was also mu over sad rviiMdera
bir injur d. fhe vtrtltn* were With taken to their re
aper.ttve homes and tnede al aid procured. Just -ce More
bouse, tiefoir wlioiti tlie ai<ii?e'1 were vouveyed, emu
mdlesl them to the county jell to ewtit the rssult of the
injulies of iwth (atrtiee
Pavnasrttiriu ?Ceptaln Oorge Chopp*', tale of the
Find battalion, ileevy artillery. N. V. H, N. 0.. was ou
Thursday evening presented with a line est of rrotulton.*
and s complete set of horse equipment*, t'aptaiu t'hsp
pel he* lately been appoinlrd aid to General Pbi'ip
RevevAL er nia Pot sea Hurajrierxa* ? Imrpector
Feik, ?f tlm Metropolitan pvlloe lone removed hie
heedtuertere yeeterday, from the City Hell U the betid
ing at the earner ef Weehtngton and Jobneou etreefe.
?ehSeh be* I
ta'tly been ehered and regttvd for that pun
pMML The eld ehlef otboe will be repaired and ebortly
enruwed be the Chief Iti^tw ef Ute Flee tagtwiet
War Ddfastment, Adjtt/nt General's OtvcE, 1
Washington, June 7, I860. |
A general court martial is hereby appointed, to meet at
Raleigh, N. C., on the 18i.li day of Juno, 1800, or an soon
thereafter as practicable, for the trial of Brovet Brigadier
General E. Whittlesey, Awistant Commissioner of Freed
men's Bureau; Brevet Major 0 J. Wieknrsham, Assist
ant Adjutant General of Volunteers; Brevet Hajor J. C.
Mann, Assistant. Quartermaster of Volunteers; Captain
Isaac A. Rosekrans, Commissary Subsistence of Volun
teers, and Hospital Chaplain C. O. Glavis, United States
Detail Jar Me Court?Brevt Major General 3. W.
Turner, United Slates Volunteers; Brevet Major General
T. H. Ruger, United States Volunteers; Colonel John
Mansfield, Twelfth regiment Veteran Reserve corps;
Brevet l.ieutenant Colonel B. 8. Allen, Assistant Quar
termaster of Volunteers; Lieutenant Colonel Wm. H.
Buehe. 128th United States colored troops; Brevet
Major O. I*. G. Clarice, Captain Veteran Iteserve corps:
First Lieutenant Alexander Iovett. Veteran Reserve
corps; Second Lieutenant lliratn W. Jackson, Veteran
Reserve corps. Captain J. B. Watrous, 103d United
Stales colored troops, .turtK* Advocate of the court
No other ofllocrs than those named can be aseembled
without manifest injur)' to the service. 1 he court will
sit without regard to hours
By order of the Secretary of War,
W. A. MCHtrl.S, Assistant Adjutant General.
Brsvet. Major General John C. Robinson to duty In
South Carolina. H" will assume the duties of Superln
tendent of the Frcedtnrn'a Bureau.
Brevet Major Genera! T. H. Roger, from duty in South
Carolina and as Superintendent of Freed men's Afiatra tn
that State.
Major General Terrv has withdrawn the military force
from OiarioUevfllo, Virginia.
c?l>t*in .tohn ?? Wnrden, to report to Rear Adtnrral
Gregory without delay for special duty
l.iontenant Colon.under Wm. K. Fitr.liueli. tocoinmand
I Hie l nited -tenmer Paul Jone?, Gulf squadron.
Acting Knsign C, W. Arthur, to report to Commodore
Wbi-tow for duty on Irnaid tlie steatuer Chaeura.
Carpenter Wm. M. lailghton, to lake eluoye of naval
property at I'ensaeola Navy Vard.
Commsnder John M.-oligau, from command of steamer
1'aul Jones and to return North.
Lieutenant rnmiiiunder George W. Young, from his
present duties at More Island, and orderi-d to duty as
G oeral Inspector of Supplies at the Navy Yard. Male
Acting FnMgn H. 7.. Howard. from Chaenra, and
granted leave.
Male Muses K. Henderson, from United Stales receiv
ing ship Ohio, and ordered In steamer Maklnaw.
Acting Boatswain J H. Aiken, from Philadelphia N'avv
Yarvt, and ordered to steamer lacks wanna, seeoud rate.
Mate F. V. Tyson, granted leave preparatory to hon
orable discharge limn the nav si service.
Caution to Prrwaana Carrying Deadly
An arder In relation lo pcp?nii* carrying rntirotiled
weapon* itu? yretcrday lt:*nnl lie flencrul Hupcrintrndont
Kennedy, and a <*>py of the order, together with lh* Urr
g<>\ ernnijC the oa?e, will he found bolow
Orrirk of Sno:i?i.\T?*i'Kxr Mk.-rwiini.rUN Tbiijcy, J
Nnw YoHK, June H. IMP). |
OAiwim Tlie I,eci?lmnre of the Mate of New York,
*i It* MM acaaioa, |*taeod a law intended to rnppr"*> the
pmrttoe of carrying dani-ermi* weapon*; and wlitcli law
I* now in lull force. Yon will, therefore, inniruct tlie
member* M your command lo arre*t *? iclon* every
|ier*on, ether than a puh'ie officer, who may he found In
w.lful peaaeastnn ol any weapon known a* HungM.ui,
j hilly, rnndciuh, ir.efal knuckle*, ?worde.ane, a.r gun. dirk
or ilayger, and lake him before a proper magtMrnte for
. d o*wd. ond1 r lie: art referred to. At any linte when
mi aj real t* made tor a*-anlt and hatt-'ry, or oil er ultenre,
?l.oold I he perron arrevted hftl Wad, ar IkMltMi to
ue- any or ciiher of the prohibited wraimn*, or ahuuli
ar ? nf ilietn be found on hie perann, a icptirate and die
tinei charge will he made to the maglatnrte, for the
felony, ag.onal the party an ludnr, or irilerditif to nee,
or having on of euch wrap -it I'or inhumation
a ropy of the law I* hereto appended.
jOIIN' A. KKNNKliV. Mi peri Men. lent
IlAKtm. OattrmiTcn, In* per tor.
The following la the law: ?
t'tiarrr* 7M tn art 'o prccni the fort've po??. ?*|.*u and
like of and other diingcn.iia *????< pas e,l
April ?. I** ?The people of Ike Mt?*e of New fork n pre.
aetih a tn s-'ti ?!* and A*a. mhtr. do enaet aa fellow* ?
dartto* I Ktrry perwn who ?knll within (Ma Mate. n*e,
or aliemid to u*e 01 with intent hi nee agalnal any oilier
prraon ahull knowingly and arsowtly correal . n hi* pee?ou,
or with like intent ?h*ll wilfully and lurttvety po****a any
Instrument or weapon of the kind commonly km.wn aa
alring-hor billv aandeluh, or metal knuckle* or an* dirk
or dagger inot contained aa a hlade of a picket knffeior
?word i'koo or air gun. ahall be deemed guilty ot felony,
and. on conviction fl.ereof, may he tumahed hy Imprison,
nienl In the slate I'rlaoa or Penitentiary, or county Jail, for
a term not mora than o?? year, or try a line not e feeding
if huadret dollar* or by both auch me end Imprisonment.
Sac. 2. The bar log poaeeaslon of any ol the weapon* men
Uoned in the grat *eetlon of ihi* act hy any other than a
pu lie ???<-<? r, wilfully and aecretly concealed on the per*, a,
or knowingly and turUyely carried thereon, ahall he pre
?iimpUve evlaenee of ao coaccahng and posarnslng or carry -
lug the arrnc with the intent to uae tke name, In fiotM*rn uf
the prnviamn* of ttiU art
Pre. S. I'hapter two hundred and aerenty-elght of thelawa
of eighteen hundred and fory-nlne I* hereby repealed, Mil
till* repeal abell In no wtao affect otTencre heretofore isim
nulled under thai cliaptor or any pruceediog now |? ug.ng
Pec. < Thtaacl ehatl taka effect Immediately.
The !?l*ir-??'?th Heglmenf Caae.
In votir report thla day of the ca- * of Tnlly v*. Ridley
et at. ynu refer to the remake made try the aubwrriber aa
to the " honor" of the ofllcera ot the Bitty.ninth regi
meui The report la erruneoue, and calculated to Injure
me Tha remark aroee in thia manner: It appeared di
ns tly on the trial that the Hoard of tittlcem had author
Ucd I'olonel R*g>> to procure the allowance of $)0.0U0
for the regiment It waa pledged to him hy tire board
that he might pay what waa nce?eary, employ whom he
rhiwc, employ coun**l, and no queallona -lioul.l he asked
ae to whoec aervloe* were employed or bow the money
waa obtained. Coder Ihta arrancemcnt the Ooloncj In
good faith employed the nece*aary mean* and procured
the money; and yet after uch pledge of th? Board of
Officers they took the opportunity In the above ranee,
when the que* I too wa* entirely nut aide of the cage, to
aek the Coronal what they had promised not to Cpon
thla I remarked lo a friend bawd* me, In ? " low tone."
what jmair report hae staled It waa not bean) by a am
gle one of tho defendant part lea, but Mr Hnrtey hap
pen lag to ovarbaar It repealed It to the Jndge. tire lodge
? having heard H heffnre I'poe 'hla the fudge del
' that I ahauld raUact I did aa. Although I aid
?oiMng u the Board of unicorn, u thsy were present, I
considered Uiftllf tlJi-v felt personally aggpevpg my
remark I Tenia * , , . ,-?d
thai yfu ?V ? u;?avow It aa to them. X did ?o, a*.
? " ' ?j beginning and (be end. ______
Police Intclll|(aee
rac cash ok louis oolin.
Yesterday corning, before Justice Dowllng, at Ibe
Tombs Police Court, the case of Louie Colin, charged
with having egtbessled forty thousand dollars of moneys
deposited with Keesrs, Duncan, 8henuan A Co., bankers
In this city, wtile acting in the capacity of foreign cleric
in their establithment, was brought up for examina
tion. Tho witnesses for the prosecution being absent,
by the conseut of both parties the examination was
postponed until next Wednesday morning, the 20th
instant, when a hearing will be had.
Yesterday afternoon Mm. Dr. Mary E. Walker, while
passing through Jefferson street partially dressed in
mole attire and followed by a crowd of women and
children, was arrested by offlcer Johnson, of the Seventh
precinct, on tho charge of disorderly conduct, and taken
before Justice Mansftold, of the Kehox Market Police
Court. Mrs. Walker claimed that she wus not disturbing
the peace and had a right to wear the tualo costume, but
the magistrate thought otherwise and required her to
give ball in tho sum of three hundred dollars to keep the
peace. Not having a bondsman at bond Mrs. Walker
was locked up, but at the expiration of hair au hour one
of her friends appeared and became surety for her. Mrs.
Walker during the rebellion wus assistant surgoon mid
nurse in the Army of tiio Cumberland, and was instru
mental in ulleviating the sufferings of many or our
wounded soldier.
A young woman, named Emma Lrngard, was arrested
on tho charge of having stolen a wallet containing (20
from the pocket of Josephine Wagner, residing at 80 Kim
street, while In a ean<1y store in liroadwuy. It is allegod
that the prisoner, while standing at tho counter, pushed
violently against Josephine, immediately after which the
latter missed her tuouoy. .Suspicion fell upon Emma,
and she was Hulisequontly taken in charge. Justice
Howling committed the accused for examination.
Selig Krcutcr, residing in Pearl street, yesterday
caused the arrest of James Anderson on the charge of
stealing a silk dress, valued at $100, and other articles of
clothing wor h $25. The complainant's wife caught the
accused in the room containing tho properly and in the
art. of stealing the same. Anderson was taken to the
Tomtin and Justice Dowllng committed him to uwait a
hearing on tho complaint.
The National Game,
A match was plavod between the married and single
members of this club on Saturday, June 0, at Ilobokeu.
Tho following is the score:?
Af AltltlKO. fUKULJI.
O. K.
Splelman, c 3 2
Duncan, lb 1 6
Coulter, 2 b 1 4
Williamson, 3 b.... 3 3
Hoaford, p 3 3
Hutchinson, r. f... 2 4
McDowell, L f 3 3
McKenna, as. 3 2
Ti nlap, o. f. 5 1
J. T. Way, r. s 2 2
Total 27 29
Umpire?Mr. Jewett, of Mutual Club.
Russell, 2 b
... 4
Miller, lb
Wilson, c
... 1
Fithvs, i?.
... 4
Ward, 3 b
... 1
Gaunt, 1. f.
Hvrnon, h. s
... 3
Swuuton, r. f....
... 3
flaw, c. f
... 3
T. J. Way, r. s..
... 3
. 33
Arrivals and Departures.
I,m bKrooj.?Steamship Erin?Mrs Newman. Mrs Mar1 in
and two children, Jan Sillier, wile, child anil t.i.rr.r; Mrs G
Perkins. Master O Whitney, Miss Whitney, Mrs Hall, -Mr
Paynlrr, M II Power?and aiW In the steerage.
Lou no*?Steamship Cells?Mr Foster, Mr Brown. Mr and
Mm Hale, Mrs Phillips, Miss McLean. Mr ana he Brown
and two children, Mr Ward, Mr (tales. Mis Nadir Bokai, Mr
Hlove.r, Mr Hawkins, Mr and Airs Rtirhler and two children,
Mr Kouier, Mrs Summer and child.
Rinofcn?Steamship Baltio?G L flolmes, son and daughter;
Hertha Kusenthal. Selin I.ohheiiberg, It Holhnrg, L Klnsu-in.
A Gulzlut, J Schilling, It Hasemryer. J Brandt, A Batch. M
Belabor, A M Shun. Mrs Caroline Frank. F Kacbievcbe, H
llerachel and five daughters, P Mennliiger, and 1,021 In the
Havana?Kteam,tup Corsica?F P Kranrhi. A I.lanport. A
II Janly-eu, Mrs Defense and child, Mrs <1 11 Smith, Chan U
Doneghun. J Anderson, W B Hunter. T Gaiup, FG Ban/a,
G Bom,.) II Bowman, .(ohn Young, A Young, An to Harreto,
Minn iUtnburv. Mian Anniu Cuah, Miss Kate Smith, Mr Elliot
and son. .I?a W Dalryrnpte, Miss A Dalryrnple, Mtss M Dal
rvmple, TG H Gato. Mr Colquboun, Thomas H Plumb,
Mr and Mra Flaig, It E Kemp and two sons, Mr and Mi s
Saunders and son. Minn llntce, Dr Jaa Black. J 8 Howell,
Mian Burnslde, Mrs Rumhlln. T Kanier. F Santer, Mr and
MrsMrtnsdon and child, Robert Cltne, JoneGeuerall, M>?
IIi-wilL Mrs Doneghan. E A J BetheL Mr llan.lln, Mr
Tonrann, John I-arum, Mr Power. Mr Onsanre, Mr and Air*
T knight. A ('? Squires, J B Squires, D A Marshall, Mrs
Purls, Minn I'yfrom. S Sweeting. Mr and Mrs H Sweeting
and two children. Airs Hubbard. Miss White. Air and Mra ,T
W Harper, .!r; I.Ian I.eeper, R F W Muller, Adjutant .1
McAulay. wife, child and servnnt; Mr and Mrs K Prank. Hr
F t) de Ays la. wife and three children; Rafael Gato?and leu
deck passenger*.
Vera fur*, Ac.? Staaiaahlp Andrew Johnaor?Mr* Mary
A Harkadale. Wnt K Dod worth mi,it fnuilly. Mir* Ella H
Jntira, Win Hinntnn, Rotit K Clark. Hcnrr llcwltt. Mi\ng
Marrul. Mon* W i*key. Mon* Winelat, II Shell*. H Toi rilttnii.
J OrtrJI. <'ha* Berne, J !)?? 1 I-amor, Mm Frlrdrlarhc and
tlirm children, Marin Rutnlnr, Mnlilda Knnchrjr., Amelia
Rogne*. J Rogue*. A Balder, two children and nrrui; J"kn
K smith, H Baloru, J Moullhi.? ami othol* In the atcrragn.
Has Pttairciaoa, Ad, via Aaptswai.i. jNtfanthlp Saw
Turk-K K KruL Iwtn llartman and * Iff. Mm H Halim
and family. H K Modi* .J D Hontwtrk and family, II Itore.
tier and wife, Mm J C lturnell and laintiy. Mr* <> W llarrl
aoh and family, C H Keller and family. II ft Putnam ami
lamlly, Tboa ste* ?rt and (later, U K Kr nmall, II link-lnr
and laiuily, K H VV'ooloy and wife, E M totil) uud ontudn,
Mm J ?l Siarm and fiailT, Lmn c B Cay, A Rahti *u. i. l,
llakrr and wife. E D Mttrch, K H Townacnd, t'ol Gilbert,
? M?: Hi P C FUwaf. 0 K 0 S; It K Mailer, V H C S: Chare
fcmd KookwaH.11 BOM; H 1. Marlndln, U S?S; RT Abort,
J J HUdiiian. J H l'rrry. A i'aaainan,.! Buoili. Mm M liar
tier ami lauill), Wn. Dougherty. N I! llart>ar, SlIM Wlnu.
M MePherenu. t.'ai.uriii F Hriain, Mm O Dounoaa, Nctrinr,
Kurtlmia. Mra K I'Ntvam and child, Mr* J M ijulmey, J M
Jo* rule I.nd family, I "boa il Wlgcleatvorilt, l> 1. H> l?ir s and
f ilially, M togagriiv and family. lo?<ph lletri'U and
wuc, Mra h M klio* au<l culhi. Mi-i S H 'l< lor,
F-.lward -N.s J.y and family, J la Pendleton .and l.arnllv. X N
((lallunt. Mm Archly, T V Jolanaou. A A Levy, Mr? <1 W
Clieah-y, F It Sa ..lava. II W Otburu, Miif* M A rrcodirrllle,
W W ? eh*|er and faittllv. Mra KM Hi umJiamii. 11 VIllonae n
and avif?, It K aaad !anill>, A tl RodOal'., W A llnwaid,
Mral'liaaa Dickenson an J daughter, 0r J TV Alisop, Jr. Mm
,1 MarahaU and family Mm M il Crap a.id daughter, Mra it
t'nlhvrt'aid. a "Apiaui y 11 laairtacd anal taamila, ' W l'lirvka
?It, Mi? M K H.ill.igli and family. t'ohinct K A Ti n.pie and
wife, P OTniby, Mm II ?! Mtchnl* and irfaiit. Win
Meyer and Wife, W J \?kil an and family. < ha* II Frxcl ,
I It I liar, ett, W N W tUl.iui?<n and 'amaly, llev S II Mar'h
and famih, J M NolaaW, A .ViOartney, J laawton, alaic- and
i lalld; II?; Wbea-mrand family, Mra aim Viancn, M? Win
M lent and larally, W A Calmer, Mm Ur II.art.. <u k and fan.
Ily. Ma?" li K Kyinatl, ?' C S-.alil ta. la Hemic, Jaalltl Wan . ?
h.auao and wife, Mm John Baty, K It I'aiiid anal wife, !?'. 1:
htnitli. II K Drake, W lee ami family, W 1'D.atl* I'apulia
W HUM, Mia A Kyan, Mia V A Huu 'h and family and 1-4 in
aecot.d cabin and 111 In ateeintgr
Nrw OllLI.ASS?HUalnshlp (leairge Waaliltafftnn?K t*
Palmer, Z Taylnr, Mil Duaaa, wife, .-hUal and v*iat;
Mllianiiierorr, Mlaa I.lira Flower, Maeror W Ktowcr, T
Hailey BUnchafil, D B Itlancliard, Mlaa ail'll laaley, Uaree
? lilldr"ii aud nurao; M M Mi r. air, act and two cnlkli ea;
Mnaa M ailinn. Miea I'ra'aatUa, Mra rennnr and child, M V
Pea-re, II M Pcarre, Ml;.a A H Spa .r, child nml an i r.<nt; P
H H'ltrlen, II M I. >r nag, II Bntnocvla, MrnO leifikM, Vli a
It I. HeyTamnd, A Kagaft, A K waai.oU, lir Hoguin, v an.
f .in a'U'ldrou and ? rvani; E Page, e i.e and two aenanie;
U tl Mnhgtaiv .and ivifc. Ma.an J J Adams and itanglami, 1. S
I rncdlc., wife and itauaMor: A A Beued i t aiad wife, t: l|
Unmet'. Mia- ti Milieu xger, Miea a .MUienbergvr iwr
Miaa. n AnU, H Milieu a rger anal wife.
Kirr.Tteonf?"te atnahip t ity id 1 am.ion - Via- P K Aiiif,
two M ? " Hedtnaatad, Mm It M Mutt and. Mr" M K Kn- i er,
M-a WhltP'T. Mills M rbotnpann, A llaiiiiHou and lad; . Mr
Kieln.it, w tfe ai.,1 chihi; Mra.Ntiaell and three ehll In n. Mr
Brownbitalfr. hn A Oris*, Mrs Kua-ell ami ch.ld, Tainnaa*
U all, wile and eli.l.l, Jan.ea l.awaaau ai d taafe, K Coin. ,| y
Itellly, M tn ..nd Ml** Wilaun, A Roajour, Atel Don tan, h
M< I 'mala id. Jan I Pinn, B A I.yam, Ti i.naa* 11 I'tar*. wile and
IWodiUlItn; AN Moedy and wife, II W Miller and wile,
Mr? Itogero, nhiM nnd norar; HananH A Maiiwu and wile
Kw <1 h Dollop, fellt ftpeUetlrb, R L lbmer:*, W J p. J.
I.a k anal waft-, .Ml*" I' aulliw Mil ti' la rand M.ada'lllie s.ello.
ti. h. W U 11*11, A King. Mra lletanrig and Child end Mi**
llemaing, Mir Dr IVaale*, M -* Pi-adw, Dr Prtali* and
too, M I'm and -a ir?, II It lllurkley und wif>-,
i.iror mo 1 .rre* and wile. Mr Triggk and wlie, W m 'iajiy,
Ahraliam Walker. Mm t I. aa Kmivrtann ami rota, Kohert
1 i.aitnpao'i and wUe, Col V no Kueoer w .and wife, Dr Hiav;,,
W in Dllka, John H Pnttieon and wife K 1, Delia* r, lenaia ?
Anderaoo, David Whitebnuae, M W Fai'lwr and aaafe, M
Ha.'Wing. I li a and "audi"! Biddall, Hugo Templet n. A J
lewl Julian Begtingnand ?wriul, l apt T II Morion, J It
Welih fnaaa .l Dnpt-. di" Wnlk, t.cliHald Hriawn. 1. K
liaeiger. M Held. Prof It K. Kogera, I'rol W II Ke^ra. N
IDirot. I- Keilly, |?r >e'? m, * II F."r<, John tig l*n. l"kanac
Dan 1 "Mew-art. ?1fe and two ehlldin; II M i roofci-i. llemy
t <ap. land. N tlath- nl, J T H.-rnard Tjoa Motitra aud wli>.
Mr* OnKik' * a ud I tee ehildren. J II W il raw, wile and "'Hi;
Ih.aa Penl!" *A Mr* I'enn J?? P Mnrrl*, M ** lloaena lid
mer* and Mr* If M (Mnnnlly,,
m>rrnaorto* asp llasat xs?vte*m*hlp Teutonlw?Jamb
Tkjhiu and tainlly, A Beligmann, I. in* Men lug. Jo*eph
Aula. Mr .and Mra II i.oliieh aid Infant. I, JaQrabf Joel
llyana". Haalmnnn TklWiBBrf. Ilerm*nu Artier, I'barlra
J Oohn, JliHtM Kb iiel, Mro II H HotiV, (errant
and twra chlldrrn; W Tuttl", llrnrr si -erk 'tila eh,
Mr* Hollander, Mr* A R H -em, Mr* Jtilai M llid
dle. chili aand anme; M Mr*n?a, Inamartlt.e Slr.ni"*,
.vt a** Pioiui* Strau*a, Wrand Mrs If a eitnebl and lir* cliil
drwn, Lleuienwnt Ootawel Albert kwie , Mr e. l Vr<iiu>.
Urn* Ootermsnn, K WeleV.er, M D John <>!**n, t An !? r
win. Mr and Mr- D tl f-andac andabild. M Uredtlor, William
l"*ftler, Mr *nd Vt* irrton Hani, Mr ami Mr* Chart mi
ln?n*lni, <'.i*p*r tlerlaoh. Dana. I Dgrldaoo, Lowla Arhille*.
Adolphn* se.deyei, A B llrrls-r, Ml and Mr* Roland Pboher
Mitg seh'varta, M.** Kanm Osinsrny, Miu AfnaUe Aebtlle*.
Ml*a Hot- ne W ? aledt, John Donmud, v iX"" liaui, BrMl't ok
R an*. Jooaph A*nd and four ehlldren, t'harie* Z'rdaheli
H. A. M Van Her llnyden. Ifalnrleb Kteiu. f. Man< fc'
Neanan, Mr. and Mr*. Joi n Kaner and rlnld, !4 Pri abal K
H llnrslriand, J II. Addh ka, f. Rend*roth, Siumiel BrhaW
Albert IIoSbi*ii, llelnrteb Help*. | r-dern k Re. ker, Jnrf n
lle.n?, Carl P llainliif. V. Knnadnck, M Wmlonboig. pad
otlwir* In Ike afeemgr.
ili.*?iiow?Hie?m*b'p I'tilled Klngdnot llenry Ingram
M*ry Jane Ingmm, Will Hone, Janet H..r*, Jnlf* Hone It'
T Hone, K U Bone and C I. H-e..- Th.aia If V*i1ie Oeorwc P
sand* John l.ayum, ?? R Andrew*, P K HammarbniH.
Ktnll f.titidalnrm. J*me* Well m. Jo.eph llltrhner tlfre.l
Hurhner Wlllbtm W emy'.h. t'lma swadiald Wlll.?m Rala.
IOt ,J.*eph Bntea, John llatea. Peter Met ulloaigh. T Itea
?OR. Pat MfS nnnr- h?, Rdwin Th.m pann. TIum Hank*
Bttphem.d Bank*. W 'llkm Hank*. lUioey Hank*. Margaiwi
It-anka and Jtanet Hank*?aud a laipg nuaamr In the atccr
Pent?llaory W.mdankaB, Fred
erl.k Warxdat.kln, Mae* kalr.n* W, a-, dai.au Mi*. Famar
n. ke, Mra. iwtm. O W Wo -1m,o. Her If Brown J /
D srlay. * < apuin K M I. Khler*. A H landley, H R
J*nkin*, J M t olvtn. J A Mtagard, Mrs Horh. V M Cooe U
Urz-J UHSSj a ' \ Helnhord (Jaien
Jet, Mr*. Kaahnrlne Kepman ai d three children, l.ibora
keah. 1 redonck lf*"00?and ten In alearage.
Roger* *od family, r B W lllUmaon, Mr* ( J Brady, W ft
lladeiu MiaaH l auipbeii, John Harrlaoo, Mlaa Henri*t'a
Harrlaon, Alfiwd < .on*'n<k and family, Maator Harry t
? ? ? ipenoer and eklldren. Mr
Jnhaxton, J P Dtinlap, Mm W R Ri
sample, Mr* Mmyttie and rkrtd, r ft FtaMord, wffry two chB
dreo and aerranl; Mr* K Morrl*. M C Nerep, F Petll, R
Jamea, C (lardy, W A Fuller, A II Parker, w B Cm-keif. I
noralln Thompeon. John t onlgsn, R B Po er* and wife, J I
MeFarland, Mlaa Mar* tmoghiy, Thonia* lb Am, lane- I
r.e-.rae if Ttf'o", wm Harrtaon, Mlaa Patarr, K I
r?H. P i Pramn. ? l> I'aloe-MdWlB IMW*a.*aa. I
Cracltjr to AkImsI* m* Crmlty tm W?d
N?w York. June % 18M
I am certain thai you u* a k>ver of fairness and aa
enemy to misrepresentation. In the edition of the
Huiui of Jane A, by eome accident or otber, 1 am re
presented aa demanding In eourt, the otber day, tbat my
"chicken caae" should take precedence of several caseo
of cruelty to women.
I beg to aay, in my own defence, tbat tbla te entirely
an error; tbut Justice Dowling kindly stated tbat bo
had, of bis own accord, taken it out of its regular order,
that I did not bear a word uttered of any cate of cruelty
to women at the lime, and bud there been, it was not
for me to order tbe decree of the oourt to be set aside.
I am also censured for appearing In court. It was by com
mand of that very court that I waa there, and, how ever
disagreeable tho duty, I was bound to appear. It is true
that I sometimes make complaints of cruelties which fall
uuder my own observation in tbe public streets and else
where, and tbe?.* must be made In person; but, in so act
lug I but perform a painful duly, such as every other
citizen Is required by law to do. I do not lack humanity
for my own race, while defending the lower animals,
more especially when it is a euflering woman that is con
The society with which I have tbe honor of being as
sociated owes its existence to the earnest and oft repealed
demand on tho pari of the public that measures should
be tuken to suppress the cruelties intiicted on the brute
I shall not occupy any of tho precious space of your
columns by dwelling on my own efforts in accomplishing
tbe formation of a society having this object in vlewj
sufllre it to say that it exists and has already done
muck good, and that It looks lo a generous and in
dulgent press and public to counteuance and
support It. it has been asked by one of tbe journals
of our city, "why the Society for the Prevention of Cru
elty to Animals goes so far down in tho scale of the
humanities us turtles and chickens f" The answer is
both just and humane. Where the Almighty Ruler of
the Universe leads tho way surely his mteerablo
creature, man, might condescend to follow.
Moreover, the law of Hip State was last
winter amended by the Legislature so as to
include all liviDg animals, whether they inhabit
the earth, the water or tbe uir, and forbids the exercise
of cruelty on any of tbem. Some go so far as to claim
that the turtle is not an animal. I; it does not belong to
the animal kingdom, it certainly does not belong lo
either of tbe otber two, to wit: the vegetable aud min
eral. But tho universal authority of ancient and mod
ern naturalists and lexicographers is identical on this
point?that "an auimal is a creature endowed witb life,
sensation and the power of locomotion;" in other
words, an organized being."
This society recognizes no distinction of animals when
it is a question of cruelty; neither. I am sure, does tbe
'Intelligent and benevolent gentleman himself, whoso
successfully directs the Hbkalo and so geuerously aids
the society by bis donations, differ with it on the score
of humanity. HENRY BERGH.
News from California, Araxona and Van*
couver's Island*
San Francisco, Juno 0, 18?B.
Peterson and Wells, two of the sailors engaged in the
affray on tho ship Seminole, wero before the Police Couit
yesterday. The depositions of witnesses who desirod to
eavo on tbe vosscl were taken. The second ami third
mates, who were reported to bo in a critical condition,
are improving.
Victoria and Vancouver's Island dates of June 5 repro
sent that the treasuries of both colonies are empty, and
that the banks arc rciusing to give credit to either with
out proper guarantees. This state of affairs lias been
produced by a disagreement between the Council and
Assembly as to llie method of raising funds.
An English financial company, with a paid up capital of
AIM>0.000, is soon to open an of lice for the InvMtmunt of
colonial securities.
Thirteen hundred tons of telegraph wire for the Col
lins Russian-American telegraph line have arrived In the
ships Eastern Chief, Mohawk and Eveline Wood.
A Virginia City (Nevada) newspaper says that a large
petition is to tin telegraphed to Washington proteeiluv
against Congress levying a tax of ton per cent on the
gross proceeds of miners.
Ban Francisco, June 7, 18W.
A letter from Prescott, Arizona, states that several
pnbitc meetings have been held there to consider mat
ters before Congress. A strong protest has been made
again.il the I'omeroy bill, which proposes a gift of the
public lands for tbe improvement of tbe navigation of
the Colorado river and for building roads from there to
Salt lake and Prescott. Resolution* were also adopted
opposing the absorption by Nevada of all the territory
west of Colorado.
Ran Francisco, June I, IMA.
News from Idaho states tbat the Indians attacked
fifty Chinamen near Owy.liee river, killing forty-nine off
thi-m and stealing several trains or horses and mules end
sixty head of cattle right ia sight of tbe fort.
The Riedtrpeil.
J. Stan Cm Could, PrMtdeut, sod Colon* I P. R.
Jotinovn, Necreury of the New York Slate Agricultural
So, lety, have prepared a moet lm|K>rtant circular, iron
which Dm following extract In taken:?
W * do hereby make known the existence of rlnderport
or |>letm>-pn<MiiiioQta among the cows In the stables of
New York autl Brooklyn. and earnestly advise all pur
elm-en* of stock to examine those which are offered for
?ale, with reference to ihb; (lis a-o. We al?o ad, i?e that
in case the di.*e**o makes its aprearaoce in any herd the
sick animal '?>*> immediately and rigidly separated from
tbe rest. Ilr. period o' In* ubaiion of this disease varies
from forty-two losiMydays. It Is well ascertained that
this disorder is strictly Infections It norer ootura
where tin, aoiintU has mit coin ? into contact with the
dl>- ased aiiiui.il. The meat of ununala suffering from
plenro-pneunionia Is dangerous when used as human
iood. 11 is very nrnhnble that tlie diseased herds which
an* now being excluded from the city will be offered Tor
Bile at very low price* to farmers. This contingency
calls for additional precaution* on thapart of purchasers.
every purrha*e-r of No 37
I his splendid kill plate Is antlt'.rd
as it rteidty depicts ihe spoeis of juveniles in the house of
all <or?M?the innil lUMtalurs trying !u simulate the ae
ti ? sei the invalid, the ipstheary and the physician.
Ill #?,.graving I as <?een cxesnad In the highest style of
ar . uid i? anltaole for framing.
No. fl or
ssn in."
Rm.niif'il ill Picture.
Ill No. 37 of Tin: LITERARY ALIILM. which "detain*
an i:UP rtaiuing ver?ly of rending and lUuxtraUve mutter,
will I* found the opening iluuitf * of an Intensely tnierest
lig Lie, i,T Mrs. (!. F. GERRY. "Milled
THE LfTKRA RY tLBI'M Is ier sate by all newsagent.
?liois?.,|s .nut retail, a' ItlflAM A NDKK SON'S, 99
Bowery, Imperial crown Melting* for parlors; also Dow
qua aad Mantll'x Muting al.Vie ?? Attn, per yard; Malting*
at 35c.. Bhi and 4ft: , by the piece or yard. Look for 3d
du<-, is the mietl lovely object In nature. Pre* ties, tan,
atatplea, eruption*, nmk patches, wilnklc* and every akin
blemlah arc positively r* moved by Hits world renowned
main. h! Soap. To be had at !>r. FELIX OOtTRAl'D'H aid
established depot. 453 Broadway 90". a "ake; mailed, 71V*.
V.I nir Horse .Salve Is dalle ruring tbe worst
14.us Scratch**, Nweillnga. Cuts, Hir-una. Old Nor** in
many li n?n*-"i Qolttnr, yemag Spavin. founder and Ouariei
Crack Try It id i*nu ? hot. Sold be Druggists, M?r
n*-?in tkers. and at liepot 49 I edar street, N. Y.
\J A . enrol by lir Rice, M Bowery, Rank Building
evening, at National Hotel. Cortland! "treat. Rte- ? Ann
lillatorrurrs 1 turns, Luu on*. Ar ; 5Ucent*.
Weetern court*. in ace. nl iocs* with their etalutes. Ad
dree* bo* J.Aih Poet ohioe. New York.
JV *a Ier a* a dollar Hocli is onle mti*l go to tin crest
gruuary sod tea wurehouee of TfloM AS R. AONKW '.vo
sad 3*3 Greenwich street, enmer ol Murray street, N Y.
i Teeth Or. LKVETrS Peteat CntnblMtlawGoM Wrl
sal Rubber Base, 3d East 1 wrotictb street, ?fth house front
Hemorrhoids cirkd without enipb or c % its.
tic. Ai'eni on to dls'sars ot I'alvt* Viscera, Deform!
U'-sofKyes, No-and Pa<w IIENKY A. DANIhLH, M D
Surgeon. No. I Union squire
Radwav.s rkadv RELIEF
Asist.r rhnlrrs, I etlow Pevsr, ahip Prr*r, Smell Pol, A*
and will cure
fever and Ag le. Chill* and Perer, Scarlet, Typho.fi and
All Rheumatic snd N*u-slgtr Alfeet"ins, Sore Tbroai. aath
ma. Diphtheria Nervous tli-edsf-hu,
wifTiiKVER PAIN exists
Autilr Ihe BKAIIV BELIEF. It wl'J afford Immediate eat*
and a quirk cure
A leaipeonftil lea b?U nimblernf eater as a drink? will ir.
a few ailnutes slop lb* moai painful dlerhargea, and i? si..is
the patient W beafta arid notniorA
Sold by drugg' ta. Price N) i-enla per bottle.
RADWAT 1 CO.. rn Maiden lone
> Leprosy. W bite and ludnrated eweUtnaa, Tumor*. Beun
niplire sain io?aa.-a old lllcsrt Cartm and EaUrgrment
of Rnnaa. Hlf Disease Setaltoa, Scrnfulona aad athur Rhru
maHsms. Met rurlal Dlaeaaeaai.d ad ether ImpurtMaeef the
blood are poaoively cured by Nature ? rimillili frem
pi an la Cimiier nun "?">?
R. PRINCE. Pluahtng, N. T.

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