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DreMi<d At ? Country Kxcurolua? MatrrUlt
which Should and Should Not be YVora?
Meenea ky the Wnjr-Ifead-dreaara, and
Bonue*;a-~Tbe Edible* and liutertalNneat
Dewriytion ol" the .Hunt Elegant l>reae*B?
American Ladlea and How They Looked?
Information an to Life in the Cily-Hather
Much Knowledge-.* 1'lenninit Finale, &e.
Paris, July 6, 1880.
A picnic and the fashions, or would these two institu
tions apimar more compatible if put thus: ? The fashions
and a picaic. My opinion Is that the idea conveyed by
this transposition of words is about the tamo, though I
may differ herein from Moliere's hero, who considered
i speech: ? "Vot Iraux yeux n'font mturir U'amour,"
much iei.H poetical than " D'amour rot beaux yenx m? font
mounr. '? Ble'-sod simplicity Is not always enviable, but
a thou g tit is a thought, and tho plainest way of express
t log it is the most forciblo; therefore do I introduce a pic
nic and fashions In one breath. I have had, moreover,
the pleasure of enjoying both on tho same occasion,
though whether the picnic was a genuine affair or not
(for we hail neither ham sandwiches, lobster salad nor
eggs boiled hard) is a matter of Individual appreciation.
There can arise no doubt about the fashions when I
inform youj readers that all the ladios had had toilete
made for the occasion by the best "false user. " It would
bo erroneous to suppose that people cannot enjoy a
country excursion unless dressed In wnshod-out muslins
or other articled of clothing that "cannot got spoilt, ' as
the maternal saying goes. Now, I may bo headstrong,
but I think there are very few enjoyable materials of the
above description, for what cannot get spoilt must be
fougb, and look ugly and lienvy uudor a summer sky. I
must, therefore, advlso all young pcoplo who are in the
habit of attending successive rural fitti to think less of
solidity than of tasteful arraugement iu the choice of
their attire on these occasions. It looks as if they fully
hoped to bo drawn out of a ditch, over a hed^e, or rolled
down a hill, which expectations are, to sny tho least,
not "convenablea." Linos, mohairs and alpacas ofl'or
( quite resistauco enough, aud when thoy are made up
nicely aro sntllclcntly irresistible. Nothing, however,
can be more graceful and ladylike than tho soft wave
of muslin, ovon though tlie texture may not bo of the
flne^ Freshness Is the most desirable object ; mauvo
blue or black stripes, on white ground, aro never very
extravagant, and are faitnouable with jackets to match.
Should an ill-fated maiden, dressed in one ot these, get
(taught in a bush and iiavo to pull hurd to ';et out again,
ahe will certainly have it within her means to procure a
needle aud thread to repair damages, If she is not able
to buy a substitute for the victim of her erratic habits.
If I did not suppose your roailers to have vivid imagi
nations, I would give them a sketch of the arrangements
, made by a I'rlend, the Comtesse de S , for tho fete
'> ' champAtre in question. They should bo told how
all her guests were called for at Ihoir sefaralo
homes, and driven la light open carriages to
a place of rendezvous; how thqy all took the rail
to the Comte's chateau, near Meudou, where ladles bad
betimes brushed the dew from tho downy lawn; bow
lovely they looked in thoir gay attire; how pleasantly
Bounded tho horn aud hordes' hells when all set off for
Alio woods, each differently mounted accordiug to his or
her idea of comfortable loc >raotion. Some on horseback,
some driving, some in ehan-i-btmet, others on foot, with
thulr rank.-: broken by equestrians, on nothing grander
ttiAn mock- look I iik donkeys. 1 refrain from these florid
details, because happy people look about tho same every
where. French witticisms may bo lobs ponderous than
the elaborate tons >o!i ot people of other nations, but
the iatior productions afford none the less pleasure to tho
originators thoroof. FrmcU woodland may be bright,
but doos not smoll sweetor than that of other dimes.
The sun shines for all, and birds warble In every spot
betweeu the two poles be. tor than any. jirima donna ever
Nature wears verdant clothes, enllvotiod by more or
lass gorgeous tints, all over the globe, and she is as
wall droraed at elghtAen conturle3 and a fow odd years
over as she was before the Christian era.
Not so nature's children. They do not Uke after
their mother, who reqnlrei neither chignon, norftarch,
?or wadding to appear beautiful, and who is thought by
eoanoisneur* to be more lovely still when not draptd at
all. Of course a ladyfeannot give her privato opinion on
such a bare subject, still I can say and do believe that
now a-dajrs wa should none of us look well without a
little false hair, and that we aro much improved by the
addition of a few other false articles not made by our
mother nature's ow? bands.
Head-dresses were very varied at the picnic, the pret
tiest composed of a chignon of carls put on high with a
|ewelled comb, aud the I root hair waved and crimped
between bands. Another pretty chignon is made of
three thick Grecian plaits banging lengthwise |
aad loo pod up nnderneatb, while what the wearer has of
ber own growth is cnrled in front and airily raised very
hfcb. with rlnglots on the neck. There the hair bow
ehigaen, which, 1 think, looks conclan and prim; then
the fttia d> launi'toa, or soldier's lonf. which bis tbe
shape of a round raised batch cake, and the front ltalr is
generally a U Ckinoi t* with this. It is verv trying to
Ihe wearer, who must have that peculiar forehead and
. east of features suited to this style, which is rather
m tri. The Marie Stuart bandeaux In front and bag chlg
aoo behind, with or without a curl on ono ride. Is the
Amplest head-dress. Generally speaking, ladies have
now a few scalps in reserve which are oithcr frizzled,
eurledor plaited, and put on to suit every bonnet In
their wardrobes. If this fashion oatmues hair will he
laid Is as stock and tbo possession of chignons b*ld la
such honor that mother* will bare to add a few dozen to
thair daughter's dowries.
Boa act* will aevar be saved, for there la nothing to
pal by Ifi any of them. The *beph<>rdct<* hat. trimmed
with fruit and flowen, wax a remarkable fcatttsr at the
OomUMso de R 'a ftte. Thli aid tho Tndor ens the prat
U?t The shepherded. or Watteau, If made either of
saaly-looklag atraw or tulle, and of both tulle and straw
in one A tower or bow are sometimes mounted luM on
the tap, la rowUil of blonde. I'retty, ip*ckl"d trews
are made up iu thin shape.
Tho l*mt*llr, or <Ji| >*y cbnpeau, are Mill rreat favor
Ilea There la no novelty In the trimming of tbera since
?ay last
The Italian catnlane la not so much worn In the day
time a* ?f an ereoln*. tinlejw with full drew, It being ao
very stylish and elegant. Tlio Kanehon, which is no
prettr. Is now oonsid' r*d lar?e, and the Mella. or round
plat*, i* preferred, t cd on with velvet ribbon from ov?r
the top
I notirod one In moitn tol'e, crossed with carn nt
string', and edged all round with crystal drop- It was
won by a ladv in white alpaca, looped up with carmine
ornaments over a whlto tulf'-U petticoat. ?l.c >al oppn
aite ru' at the sptenlld (IV mrr we all partook of under a
temporary awning which the t'ouite do 8. had bad erect
ed to an open al-ide tn the wuod.
Row ?n-errthiiig that wa? necessary and mpcrfluoir
raise suddenlv into view is a wonder; hut ther? aw
?adther a neat nor glass wanting. Kvery kind of pail
fowl and Una war unpacked wltb Incredible eeiority;
both I and Cold viand* followed In due nrdor. fruit,
a?w<jn. and lead < hsmpiwn? graced the huepllahle hoard
fVwm lop to bottom, whlli" the bird* of the air came la
for ihetr share, and iieeincd in like It.
While very curlon' snatches of conversation were ha.
Ing e*r|ian*ed, glasses tilled, and mall titan port
speech** made without aov oratorical holding f' 'th, I
sal profmatfonally noticing, and (oou picked ont tba
m' >et e: -f?nt toilet*.
A lady, near a decidedly apoplectic tmshnnd, whom
?he w v taking 'are of, !??-! be should alto e the good
Ihiairs of the land he had before him, waa drewe*d in a
Cle gear gored robe trimmed with a atraw-eolored gal
>B. plai ed In rlgzaga down the side* ar d romid the bot
tom. the Iron i widUi haing perfectly plain aad Hat, the
earn* trimming on lb* shoaidcrt and cjir*. Hhe*?raa
Ma' k laea circular over lier ?houldera, on h*r heail a
I .am'-alle on which wa< one straw-colored nar ; bar tulle
?tring* were fsdened With a (mailer roee bod to match.
Another ladr wa? in a bine r"he of the name rut. trimmed
with rowi or atraw ?' gratoU." or halla, on a narrow ?traw
heading placed laotead of p piag above l>ia>* ifo.da oa
the cm?.) of the name material ae tba robe
There were three wide row* round the bottom, aad the
aama, much narrower, on the tarkat. A Itttie ronnd
Clat' mad- of Idne sl!k at.d while Monde, w w *.ipf??"d
> look like a bonnet. It waa very kililag, bowii< hi ugly
placed on one aide of tba wtarer'a bead, while on the
other, a Mile ?bor? the ear, waa iMtaned a pin^'roae la
telle string* J eel crowed under the tbla.
The** elegant donees were, however, not so much ad
? rel a* thoea which a emed rrmre hi keeping with the
rural scene Much prettier were tba two ?klrle<i roulard
ooetamsa. An elderly larfy had oa one ?lth a flounced
und?'.i.p, swiped light any and violet, a prettr girl
?ported a chtais foalnrl, looped tip, shephavtee* style,
aver a pett enat ol the sme aad aa her head a nt
qaatttsli rlca straw lAmhall* tnvmed with oaebanch of
nharrtea. All tba young pe. pic "or* reins or streaaera
aa the h* k of tba neiY mostly moire, which fluttered
aad waved gal* amoat tba trees. There waa no lack of
white mualias eaav piak, hiee aad irsea. with high mw
I in chamlaaitsa, Mora or laaa rtch(y worked, over law
eolored bodiaa.
fointad white >cketa of the same material wera wora
with Lhaaa, bat I slao aoti ed a faw wh'ta laca looaaiack
at a llnod with atalaa, while all the re?t ? - perfe.aly
bite Bigb-baalad shoee and ailk clocked stncklafl
ware worn with all tba shepherdeaa toilet* . baota a? la I
fate with taffeta robaa. aad of tba aa*e ailk
I Nearly all had lb* new I marlao jackets either r I
?r white, beaded over With bl.nk Jet.
Ttiwre wtfa twa American sistars prsseat. who saamad
aalte |? tk akr alsaieat. and loakad vary pratty ta wide
ptetd Mf MlMaovar long wblf aiaatia rahaa. havtaf
aathlag hat a #Me ham r >? nd tba hrMoai They ware
?ad wMk BMrua aad ng.
row plaid ribbon*, very rich diamond medallions on
small black velvet and diamond eamojrt They were
very much amused by a gentleman telling them that
Paris wan empty and dull, and that they ejuld form no
idea of what Pari* was by the little they had anen of It
" Nothing goea," said u, winding up and looking par
fectly mournlul.
"lint the places seem full everywhere," said one of
the ladles.
"Nothing but shopkeepers, mademoiselle, who are
p lllng the d ? by the tail to look busy; or a fsw moon
ing proTincala who conte to Paris night-seeing, with
their hats on the back of their heads ? a set of nonentities
who have to pinch themselves blue before they feel
"Now, that is very unjust, Emile," put in ? third who
had been |?ying knightly homage to the fair strangers;
"I know of a good many thing* that go and are creating
sensation* sufficiently overpowering in thin hot season."
"Then you have the rfpht of speech," said Kmlle.
"Pray procoed."
"Firstly, the washurwomen are all going, and never
"Omnibuses go.''
"Aud do stop, and smell very strong alao," chimed in
Emile. "Procoed. "
'Then that company of worthies, whose offico* are
in Pla-e de la Bourse, they are always going."
"Who do you mean y What company that t"
"The Richer company, to be sure." Here Emllo held
his noee, with looks of consternation. "Who Is Richer?"
inquired one of the ladles.
"Well? but " summered the speaker, stilling with
suppressed laughter "Ah' Mademoisulle. ir you don't
know what a comtort Richer is to the Parisians? really,
I cannot explain."
"But 1 wish to learn all I can while abroad."
"I want to know," insisted the lady.
"Shocking: shame: ui:" exclaimed Emile, smelling
his pocket handkerchief. "Too bad of you, Leon ; and
English ladies, besides:"
"Please explain,'' pleaded the other lady, looking at
"Well, Richer Is a man "
"Who doesn't like anything to be lost," interrupted
"Whose business is carried on in the night."
"What does he do*"
"11* goes round with carts and tubs, and men In brown
leather and pipes, with the help of which Uc extract#
essences from tho lower regions."
"Not (or the mituehoir," put In Kmile.
"My dear, I begin to undorstund," whispered the young
er skier. "Don't ask theiu any more questions; th?y will
have it all out, and it's awful. I heard these Richer*
in the Itue de Rlvoll one night without being able
to make out what on oarth they were doing. I say it's
an awful affair. "
The elder blsl"r was more perplexed than before, but
tried to look calm indllleronce.
" In fact without Richer w e should have no manure,"
continued Leon, " imr'uny th.ng out of seasou. You
see, ladles, tho earth could not bring forth pineapples
without him, and therefor" hoi- ever going and keeps up
a peculiar excitement In summer."
The subject would have become perfectly noisome, and
perhaps liave beeu followed by other going topic-, had
not u r.'ian* n <i Mrt sunt: in chorus, caused it to
drop. One lady gave the new fashionable romance sung
by Adelinii l'atti, words by Victor Hugo, music composed
by Madoine Wude Rothschild. Thought it very sweet.
Tho pretty singer li?d on apeagreen foulard petticoat,
under white muslin, with n bolero veste without sleeves,
over u rich cbeinisolte body. (ireat applause followed.
When luncheon was over, jUEt as the ladled wore rislnr,
sounds of miiBic proceeded from sumo hidden copse,
and the strains of a wall/. Invited all dancing couples out
ou tho grass, ll was the prettiest sight imaginable, and
though everything bad bocn organized beforehand it had
tho originality of an impromptu affair.
Dancing was kept up for some time, but towards dnsk
couples disappeared by degrees, no one knew whither,
and com how or othor when the mu-lciana stopped they
found they had been playing tho last mazurka for tho
edification of enchanted huts and vnzrant grasshopper*.
A few waning figures were aeon gliding away tn the dis
tance, a laugh echoed hero and there aud every one's
day's work wa.-> Over.
The Work Cotnplctrd-Hovr It wn, Conduct.
cd-Ono Hundred Thousand Four Ilundird
Unrolled? Who are Kxeinpt uml Other,
w-i e-The U?v in Jtelminn to Plne*-I*nriidr?
ol the Keeerve TlilltU-N. Cnuoe for Al.rui,
tvr., A'C*
The annual enrolment of citizens, provided for by the
Militia ln?r of the State of Now York, .a* completed on
Saturday last, and the hooks containing the names of all
able bodied white allien* and persona of foreign birth
who may have declarod, on oath, thoir Intention to be
come citizens ,n pursuance of the lawn, between the
af a of oightoen and forty-live, were filed at the office
of the County Clerk on thai day. The map of the city
divided and aahdividad :nto two hundred and nfty
military districts. and thus apportioned an equal number
of boots wero placed in the hands of competent and re
liable men, to act as cauraaHers lor the company cot*,
mandant* of the respective districts. On the cover of
each book w^iMiuall ,,.ap of the district to be can
vassed, tmou which at the couduaion of the day a work
the otirolling officer designated the point at which ho
left off, so that those under whoso direction the ^rol
mont was plsced could ascortalu, If any doubt was en
tertained, the veracity of the canvasser ? report In
hh? r tV"r 10 P"?"?0 "'at the present enrolment
nsf H^lt Wnrk??C?h i!'lllkV'k WporTlslon of Colo
,i .r the experience of four
years in the management of such affairs
The natnos enrolled th:s yeor as liable to militia dutr
are ono hundred thousand four huudrod in number
quito a re?]ieriai>le body of men In ease of an unlooked
for emergency. Of tut* number It is fa'r to ?r Vum,
that twentv per cent will #> tli?lr clam.* an exempts.
According to aeciion one of ihe Mllit'a laws of the
S tote of New York ail able bodied white male citizen*
.1 1 r>rr*, :n".of f"rc'?n b,rtIi who *?" have declared < >n
oath, their Intention to become citizen*, under anil in
pursuance of the laws thereof, lietween the ages of
eighteen and forty Ave years, residing In thin f<tat ?, and
not exempted by the laws of the Halted Hlat"s, -hall be
subject to military dnt^ excepting?
?*rit All persons iv the army or navr and rolna
drC* Uailad Stair and all ministers of the
Persons who have been or herenltcr ?ball be
regular!* and honorably discharged from the arn.v and
navy of the Lniied States, in consequence of the per
SK2, ?,un"MU":" of any law of
law 1 80 fti+Bien m *ro low exempted hj
lkird ? The commissioned officer* who shall hare
served as such iu the mililia of this Slat* or in anv on.
Of the 1 nlted Slates for the span* of seven years but
b> officer shall be ?o exempt utiles* bv hu resignation
,*fh7. il'J'i' , ,,,rni of, "?'r accepted, or Tn some
charged* m*on*r ,u' *?*" have been honorably dte
* ????*? Every nnn-coinmi* in0<-d officer musician and
private of every unirormed company or troop raised or
vho Las or shall h^J^anT
form himself according to the provisions of any law of
this State, and who shall have performed service in ?ueh
company or tr.?op for the space of seven year. from^he
'"J* <* enrolment th-re.n, shall tfTZmXZ
jj.idi.jT duty, sxcept CW(' of w.r, in.urreu.on or
Pr0*'*" thhl theeamlm.ntsh.il distinct ir
.poclfy the namei and residences of the per., n? , ?
rolled, and shall els. divld f,e ame into t? ciassJS'
tb? per-on? lietween the ..je* of eL-|i'<-ri i.nd thirty
year* to constitute the tuu lI ass, and 'bote l,etv. , 6n il e
acea of thirty and fortv-flvs the wcond clacs ficr cooi?a
mak!? 11" ""i"' b" bv lb., olcer
making the enrolment, one of which la retained bv h n.
MeJhcrsbailbaWsdlathe office of thTSirTor clty^
h. auTS^fSZ 'JP'? " "1' ^rd, another shall
k C' '* ,b" cl'rk the c intv wbera
^tua!*d' ,n'' ?!M'ourth shall be' fled to
the tie.or.il s office. Such roll, are renuirad to
"n "* b,'r?r* ">? twentieth of August
h?17' be?n duly notified of their enrol
r?h ^ ^ 4 "r m"'1- "" "r b-fors ihe
"I i*""' th",l D'11 ' B?uinv. nie a written
^n!r,.Lnf^rh ?*""P"<?0, verified l y affidavit in the
r ( l#rk t'"'gnaied l0 sa d not c* The
Cote'y f let* Is r qolred U> >ause the puhlicatlon oo<e ?
week, f r foar -seeks prsviotL, to the 1st of Augu?t in a
StTTSS *,n0"W ,h,t hare been d'VflM
wliirti will tlm np^rtfy (hit adv ti^fvtn r iaia? ?
ewiption shall do so in t&.? maimer de?> rlhed. In d?raoU
of fll ng Utelr exeuiptloa parsons lo-e the benefl; tbernor
uroi "* *"? awaava wiurta
With regard to parades the law require* the
ml I It I. of the First and -ocond ' oTrJs Tlir ' o, .TT!!
Onard'ai'h 'e. *"^** ir,r'TJl M ""Bbafj of the National
Onard m a?r..*.fter provided, ball UMmbteln th.iVre
^ ^ u-T7 ?rn"d ^ '"pupped as prw
yided by Uw, for |?irade aud inspertiun. on the flrst MoT
day of -opt. to 1 ?r iu each rmr, u?? b C ?T ZZ,
M ihe captain or > ?mmaadant shall destgaate ta 4it*r>
to he posted 'a three public pieces tn the Mid com nan r
dtatrt'-t for ten days, and shall be under the ordara of he
eapum or corn man 'laat Of such district; and such com
tnsndani or captaia shall make a ragtag" a'^ ra^
^d" ^hTKh PC* "r"M- ^ ' P*'i a" a/or*?
??Id, U> wbk b *h*i! b# ion#xM a lint or dfiinmnxiu
containing tha name* of all such ptr-ons as on ihe ?A j
enrolman, are not marked "et,mp,- thMW>n> 1D(] ^
did not sttend at gneh parada, .ad shall fl|e a copy of tha
satn., oa or before the first day of Ortober next follow
lag the time of soch imnwlo la tbo office of the Ad|u a at
Oeneral and of tha t reaty n rk, sad sball also Die ?
list of a cb deitaqtienia wttb the Beard of s.ipern??I
?jdwijh the County TMMt 0. TZfJLt^^Z!
nra r.i? m axurwr* ro mra>
for neglect of doty, In absent na oneseir from pwde
the Ine is one dollar, ebich shall be collected bv toe ??
!^I.T ^ T''^ ,h" ^"penrleoo at lh<ar ^
meeting, .re directed to annex a liat of ?*tenu?ata. iMti>
the ftnea set opposite their aamaa, to the asseeamsm
mil. of the several ..rde, and the wamau fTThTiT
taction of the ffao will ha collerled in ths <ame maoiv*
M tox^ Md paid ta the rvtnety Tr^wirer iT^SI
tha deitn.| ient IS a minor, between the wes af eigbte*.
aad twenty oae years toe werrast will direct the ritlcs
?Naaf tha same of the father, master w
whom anch person still reside., ar oat of aar rrmn?n l
?htch to. ?ay hsTT^o pr^irt y"^^
IrOTR ?t#f!|(W)D Ahftil b' Mrnptffm lb? ptfBf&t of Kirf)
A rraal deal af tneiMe may baamtdm by aataoaa who
*?rolled by aa early ? amt>llane- with the law
b Itj re>|ti Irene nte aa regard, this matter km sh.
haaeflt rt eiefbptton is forfaited salsea Bled
at lha County Clerk ? office oa or before lha llth of An
If*. Tha payment of ae doltar bate.* tha tLf,!?
?Uaadaaaa U the aaS!Spa^to7^i
aaaaiforaad mhwil A total ' mm | eg iK7Tnr dL!t?
?^?mrfcefchowd, M -f. , .
| " ?. ~ ?? ?&. .urS.'a.rtlT
Money collected la fines goes to the Statu Treasury,
and forms the fond which in applied for militia purpoaoe,
auch at the purchase of uniform* and equipment*, Ac .
each regiment of the National Guard receiving an equal
share of the benellts derived from thia source. The pub
llo hare generally considered themselves much aggrieved
by this Militia law. and frequently assert that It Is In
tended especially for their annoyanoe. The annual en
rolment is simply a constitutional requirement, and, as
such, should always be faeilitated and retarded by our
citizens, lu case of emergency, then, persons now noti
fied are liable to bo oalled upou, and must turn out 1 f so
required. At the present period there are certainly no
Indications apparent that are calculated to ix the
slightest alarm, even among the most timid of out uc#ly
enrolled ununiformed militiamen.
It is deemed probable, In well Informed circles of the
National Guard, tliat a draft will be made in the coming
fall, from the r.-ewrve militia of the Unit clans, to fill up
the ranks of the uniformed regiments, which, in mauy
organizations are very much depleted in number). This
rumor, which hu? been in circulation for weeks past, has
already bsil a inost lavorable eilect. mauy applications
having recently been made for membership among the
various reglmeuts.
UftnrnH for the Sixth Dlatrlcl-Iiwaiiiee of
Twrstr ThoUNand l>ollnr? and I'pwsrdo.
Below are the returns of incomes of $20,000 and over
in the Sixth district, as given this year, compared with
those returned in 1R86. The revenue from incomos In
thts district for 1806 was about $2,500,000. That for
1880 Is not so large, probably a little over $2,000,000.
This shows a large decrease, owing to the dulnoes In
business during the past year, comparatively with that
or the year berore
As tor, W. B $1,300,000
Aldricbt, H. D -WW2
Avman, Beoj '-'"..Oi"
Aisop, A. W
Aliernetby. Ch o4,s,7
Rrunner, S
Urunner. W . , ?
llrown, J. M
Drown, J. C if'.lii
Harrow, Tbos 0U,.rt4
Barclay, Geo ?7.070
Bonney, BenJ W 22.707
Bronson, Mary 'A*'--'
Branson, Fred jjjj.j"*
Blatchford, R. M
llallcy. Latimer J0.VJ7
Battellle, I.. F r?.'?io
Buckingham, A
Brush. Stephen .,??
Brown, James
Booth, CharlnaH
Booth, Ralph W JO-!*'?
Butler, Charles E. -?.??
Buck man, Gilbert W Sl'li,!
Boorman, Jamos w.
Br n-wu. Oliver......
Broaden, Benjamin V ? ?? '"
C arras, Antonio AP'I.-V
Clark, Richard S " ,
Couch, William -4, 4. so
Cavarmeyer, Albert....
Cavarmeyer, William I- ?
Chauncey, Frederick
Clark, Albert.....
Currier, Nathan el..
Caldwell, William 3 -5.0*0
Dykerx, John U *? .
Donaldson. J.J By, 400
DeUham, Cbarlee ?
Detmold, Charles K 0 0*.
Denney. Thomas o*,*?4
I >av Ik, Charles A
Dubois. Abraham HJ.WO
Krnsteiu, i/?ui?
Ellsworth, Harry. V
l or hamer, David 19,.?02
Fuller, D. It <?. ol 17
Kri?l, I* H ????
VWer, J. P. Glrard *.*?<?
fowler. J O * ?<??
Fox. Cbariea
Furnlss. W. P.. ??."*
palter, Henry M IT. WW
Gittermau, Benry ii y-1?
tlreen. William II
Glbert. Frederick
Olilender, Arthur ?
Ollleuder, Elauer. I-.*.*
(iaillard, James, Jr
Gamer, Tbomns 3-V07
(irvene, John C 3-? ???
..re-11. Si.rah H. *>?W
<;r<-en, Martin K ?---J
(irnli im. Jo'in R ?.*fl
Hardt, William I7.H64
Ha>-l?ruok, John 1
H?rfman, Daniel 9,.<?1
Illliireth, David M ?
Hastings, Warren ?
Herd ibach, Max. J
Holderman, J B
Hoopark, Howell
Haluarten. I ' *?
Howland. Meredith
Hall. J ^ ?
llaven, C. ?0.?40
Hoe, James C. . . -J '?!<
Johnston. John T
Jones, George ? ?
Welly, G- TTJal
Kelly, Johu B '* *?..
Korr, Henry.
Kin-'. Peter V
Le?.?. James. 1 f
lysweur. John P >????
(Anion, J. D.j.
I anler, J. F. D
I,yte, John l-M|"
I^liagh, laaac ? '?
I/ird, Samuel. 'MS?
J/.rrtllard, G. I "
U*r.llar.l, Peter
John W
Ungdrn, Woodbary.
lAug-iou. Mr*. D. It
ll<:l?an, J H
Mr? urdv. R H..... $0,160
Murray, D. Colden 2MU
Metcalf, J. T
Miller, Alexander.
K nT
H.col, FnreU ? '
0>l*ll, Iaa?>: **1
Powers, JaoiesG -J|
I'arlcer. Wllliard M.&H ?
Prl'-atly, John..
foal. Waldrm B *7. IT9
ITiiibm. Stephen ?.?T7
Prre, Walter W. A- ;*?
H 'in sen, Willi ua J' '1"
lt'?evelt, James J ,1/7
Rue^velt. CoiuHius V 10v.M?
IU?er, Max 'J*
R?ak William t II. IO..
R., hen?. Charles 2J "?
R'-oi ea, H R *
Hcinhnder W . I _!? ?>?
Kodtrera, Geonre I
Kni. -UKIU, Jai i>b ?? '*
Hay, Wmthrop D. II
RayuMta. V'nrr t. . ... ... - <?' ?
Roawlck, Msr:'*re? A -*,?*
4?;o-i on, Bati aid I
p?benMrhornL Adeline K
?,-.;lor ?. fa. I... ?
H.nrts. -ami'l -f.
Hampam, Jusfl'h.. ..
!*.. itlme yd, ( ban ? A ^
Helw'l Thomas
W.J.N, *"140
.WW , w U. $i"KM
>ii!frrn, Thonit* M..4I
Moan. DoiuUhs If. odi
SaaMrd, i B ? M?
Tarfceraea, laiei-i 7I.3IS
Tll!?i'>n, Msnr 1H?
Tlle?u>a Thorns ??s'atei .... T> 000
Talbot, < t.arl> < S 60.03$
Taraball, Will lata $$.TM
Tsylur, Jsmi-" B 13,743
Tu'kerman Joaepb 70 340
Th *11. Kdwln 7C.?n
Thomp*'U, David. . . 04 ?W1
Tweedy, J. A 7.0W
Talman George F 'ti. 'AI
Taller, Kdwsrd M ? vm
Towsey. Smrla^r.. . .. 1$,4?A
Tan Winkle ?
Vauderhiit, Cornelius ?
Veraulyea, W. B ?
Van IteoKsrlaer, Alex. ?
W- -ids, Jam -* ? *,34T
Wettriore, hairi'iel ?>,#*?
Walsh, A K 2$.4$0
Wolfe, I dnipho *4, *47
Wolf. Wmoa . 11, *4
Wrtmoea, J?rnhn. M.afl
Wllmeming, George It 14,41*
Woner, J'inaihsn B 14 '24*
Willet. "omnel 11,1X1
Warren. John 48,1*7
WW, l?ot?"ld ? *?*
We i, Max Tl.W?
Westray FM?*ber *0 ?*?
Wti<Vf. 'leorge I*
Wblte, Wy 111.447
Ward. Auramsi 8 $0,4??
Yo'iaa, I it ram *l,?rr
A itrpahltran I Mica Canard.
A |arty fbr Vrnun aarty ami frtwtl -m l>a? b?-?B
raa. atiy fo?a*<l by ? numb* of tiannaai la U>t? ?lit, id
pin?oa*r? <A a Mil by lb* '>rmaa fWolatiftnary Cnan
mitt* la l/ndofl, aith a i-w of afllallag la (arof of a
Ormaa raf'tblte Tbo <>'<ao trail na baa laatiM iba f?|.
Mrta? ?
lb |U fi-rmaa* a "TJf/ta haa ham mnimr?<i
wbMb. U?. ?fb it ?a? '"Wi n ?ba fnnbaraitra of dyafc' j
we inwtKa, win ?mtwt? load i? unity and rapaMwaa !
r^'ba intirmanj ?' tba Aewrteae ftamar a will 4a ?
tfcrir doty Tbaffara a noloa tit Hpriaa nan* ant
rrt^Jrm ba? l?aa f -rmad ata* atonaM in" waaaa la ,
?<ti.b?ta 4?l?v All who imr? thai tb? Maaa |
tao of rra*4?ai ?ad ut.iiy which wa mjrrr bm ibrnM
ha 1fr>y*4 la ?M <5?*a>aa falbarUa4 ara raqaaau4 la
jota aaioa tit liamaa OaMn* aa4 aaitf, by aah
ambtn? thatr aaaiaa. a?1a? thatr illii i, aa4
roj itary aoalnbwliaaa ahaa*4 ha hMHI ta lha ?a
Ulhatn?a at Iba raM
AUarhaA la ib? rail M aa attract af IW aa^M at
th* Oanaaa R-'a' .' ->aary t. naKtaa la lrnVa ta
wfcMfe u mm* ? um m km m ifcavart* Ma ?
better bull of republ Iran operations " than Usruiany In
Its emigrated population. In lite I'lUUd State* Whore mi
or aeven million* of Germans reside in a free State
they aiast feel that it Is tbelr duty to reuiumbor their
natir* country in a manner becoming republican*? by
aiding in a liberal spirit the movement iu behalf of
navy bulletin.
Jol"? II ? Acting Third Assistant Engineer Wllllim
A. Kuseell, to the Aiiawam: Commodore Thomas T.
Cravon, to command the Navy Yard at Mare Uland,
Jolt 13.? Assistant "argeon Robert Reddlngton, to
receivlng-shlp ai New York ; Acting Koaiswain Michael
Hickey, to the Navy Yard at Mare Inland, California,
Vice Boatswain John Walker, detached and pla. ed on
sick leave; Acting Itnauw.uii John S. Sinclair, to the
rowbaltan ; Acting Ho.it., wain Thomas S. Collier, to tho
Philadelphia Navy Yard.
Commodore J. B. Montgomery, to the command or the
naval slat Ion at Sakett's Harbor, New York; Acting
Assistant Surgeon Heulieu Smith to the Cblcopee , Chap
lain lioorge D. Henderson lo the Brooklyu. In the Itraail
squadron; Painted Alulstant Surgeon T. Wolverton lo the
! Vice Captain PavlJ MclHingall, and awulting orders.
Acting Assistant Psv master Thnddous Belt, trc>m the
coast Hurvcy steamer lilhb, ind ordered to rattle bis ao
counts with the Eourth Auditor ul' the Treasury; Acting
Ensign H. A. Cove and Acting Assistant Surgeon (leorgn
Ij. SI hi peon, from the coast survey steamer Bibb, aud
placed on waiting orders; Acting Master Phllemou Dick,
ini.on and Acting Ensign Andrew Jackson, from the
Massachusetts, and nrdored to tho Newbern; Mate Wil
liam Parks, from the Massachusetts, and ordered to the
Newbern; Acting Assistant burgeon A. C. Eowler, from
tho Chicopec, and granted leave of abaonca.
Acting Master J. Hunnur, July 10. MM; Malo < E.
Kchotldd, to dale Juno 28, 1*86; Acting Assistant Stir
geon John Spore, to date Juu" -J, liittti , Acting Third
Assistant Engineer N >. Vandegrlfl.
Acting Second Assi.-tnut Engineer .Totin Evans, to date
July 12, WW, Acting Third Assistant Eiigin ere Morgan
Ho tun, P. J Murphy ami AbrUi Oiw. to dale .lulv 10,
1 S96, and John S. Ijitklns, to <!nte Julv 7. IHOfl Acting
Ensign and Pilot Will'.-tm IW, to dale July 12, 1"40.
Acting Master Williiiin 11. Clark, of Iho Chicnpec.
THK rACIIII Hof <l>aol.
The steamer Monhonvo Init <luaya'|itll. Ecuador, fir
Pauarfia, arriving at the latter place on the 2d in-t She
had been lying at tiuayaquil for some we ks, attending
to a little i ommi -ion re dv d from Washington, in re
gurd to the debt long over due to the United Stale- troin
the government of Kni.idor.
The double-cmler, Nv.u k, which has b'-en fur some
time past on regular servlc ? ,it Panama, left that port on
the lath for i.uavaijail t" receive the amount of tho
debt due our government front Kcuwlor.
The shore ship Tanllones -till remains on permanent
duty at Pannma.
The Powhattan, from f' i'ao. and tact-utter from Sim
frar.' l-/"?, were e peeled i ?? join the Mohongout Panirna.
Tb" Tuscarora v :< at Valparaiso on Jun ? 1(1.
The |ia> otali tire! put int > ? ar ui.il lor ?? ial, but was er
pected to join the "Ju-c irora at \ alparuiao. Tlie DacotaU
experienced very rough muiher from Montevideo, par
ticularly while "rounding the Horn." All was we, I,
however, with her.
Till IHAJI.'-'H K.
The I'nlted Htate* st - inier SbpmrocV, ' 'o.tirnaader \V.
E Hopkins, urnved at Malaga June
nir i;it> Mjt'jton
The flagship E trella.of tl. ? (iulf quadroon, accora
pan led by the H-nmer 'M*s,;ow, were lying off Petiaiola,
Kia., on the 12th in.-t. T!tu following arc oorrect Hats of
the Offloors of each ?
KLAoeui!* EmTkki.iji. ? Commodore John II. Win?low,
commanding liulf squ.'dron: l.ieutnnani Commander. A.
T Mahan, commanding; I.i'titensnt C. I! Window, Sec
retary lo Commodore; \"l uiil Surgeon, T. M Dear
borne; Acilug A -- -tant Pa milter, ('?. I Hoodie*';
Acting Ensign- J. It. ftu -sell, I.iocutive Officer; A J.
Ivcrsou, J E. Craliain, *? I1 Joyic: Mate, John Don
nelly Acting First Assistant Engineer. W T O't onner;
Acting Second Assistant Knglmer, ? ?. W. Cowie, Jr.,
Acting Third As-M?nt Kfigltie r-. J W Cross,
I McBlmer; Paymaster's flerk, X. B Ingraliam,,< leik to
| Commodore, W Tuylor.
St'-.amkk t tt.A .in ? Acting I'.n ilgns, John Boyle, com
] mandlng; Hiarl". H. Sauvcr tawis OoelDE; Master,
Tbom.ui Savage . Acting Seconii Assistant Engineer. Jaf
| Ecclru"; Anting Third A..istant Cnjiuet-rs. H inry Enher,
St' pie n Itau'l, John Dolierl
' n#un;s
I r'aptain Henry 1 Stellwagen. t'nitad State* Navy,
| died ou the lith at Cape I ? . ii.J
to Tin: rnirou 01 tiik iuuld.
I N<"ir lite end ??f uiir civil war t'migrerf* |,tsvil a hlU
iiuthoriziajc Urn advaarcmi-nt in rank of naval ettcera for
K*IIntil r.o'I merttarton* -err. (????. Till* ?u to !><? eflcctad
through iho n'runiniiiiMLtnoR of tho Nivy lu>|i.irtm,nt
ami by confirmation by Uw BeMlf. In Mtrcli, 1hi?i, ill
the admiral* ou lUe aeUrc )mt except Dntilgraa (wbuna
i-enrico* on Ihe naat of South Carolina were gnppaaad
important), an- known to have been aaeemblad in Wash
ington iw an ad v inory lioarl for carrying nut the provl
lion* of tbia low It i* a mat tar of general belief that
1 tlioy dl-<~u*-od the qiietftoa very aaU-fatortly to i!iem
ai-lvnt, and adiourned on KU'l.nj in their report to tba
, Department. Tliejr were rc.i* niblod last Docemlier,
j Admiral Dahlgr<-n hemp then a membar, tba mippoied
i obj'-ct being to enable him to recommend aucb officer*
' a* had mrred with dutiuction under him, and the ?ap
, i??-ed ?b|ert of delay on tke j art of the Nary Depart
i partnient waa to enable tb* ciauua of all officer* to lie
relatively considered by I b? ?(TI' "r< of high rank who
bad commanded them The Adviaorv Hoard thea ad
journal. I'"f r Man unknntra to th# public ibe whole
! biatier wa? then put in ? p g<-.n-V?l" and doubfr locked,
| mi that ttio pri? ceding* ? lite lioerd ira a profound *e
: '"ret. The fact i apparent that -It her no iiNr-orx were
iu' d eotlW-ieatly n,<-rlioOou on I ware there
f;ire not re?*omtiiende<| by tl.e Itnatd of At
' nnr*i?, or extraneous rj.|.^ having ho religion
I to tho officer* or the: o-rvlcee, have pr?< anted
???Hon, sid the prut Kioax of the lt? ram.vn
1 nnetflCUted. It will not I)" f |'P<i<fl thai the
eleven ti.ivil oMrern ad t<tu *<1 for "di lingw.*li?d
mid mert'ori'iua ?erv pr' r to the *na< tn>' nt
of Ilia law wer" all who ,;*????. ed advancement,
? lee the In* would no* have I ?en enact*! Th- n
what may have baw-n tli? ' rtHmelMa caitara wh i h
prevented action ' i in f be 'bit the dlatlngakibed and
j aerltnriuaa naral officer" around Waablngton and 'h ??
I who have wen llttlo or no <.?r. <- bclore Ibe enemy have
been potent enomrti to pn rut th - ? onuidrratlon of 'he
aenr*ea <>f tba oftlcer? ill .ii and who were en aged in
I tha ^ra:i'l action- lawlnriing v-i'li tlm ? e o pat ton of
: fort Itxyal and * -min.i'iug with tb< I*;1 of fort
Flihert In i fi "* view oi ih? ca? will a?V, in
a future war, Hi" d i* it on on tl. : r>ri
I of lit, cere te- mu b n fi?< I 'o ira n r |,?-i r
dMtinetlon* In Waabir :i"n md tto-reabouta, ?ber? tb? ir
de?o?.on aa<l vil to tha ?.'rvico .-.nil i lie r< -mtry ttiirU
j made in>ni'''lia ? ly ai p?rrt.i tjH.i, Department aa4 t?
tl?a hla1' ry maker? ot the . vHMu ?<r i>?t t H e fact la
; itid ipotabt* tlMit, afur an advieory liuaRl raIN bf Ilit
Defar tm lit had made tt,. ,r r'"i f no a> ' <m w i?
take a I'/ ibe Ifc pnrtmca' nor ?nv reaaon given why
| tBcera bad Men re' nHWided or ailtaiuesnent, in
arfl?h!Wre with ttie pro ? law
Hi. ild it Bit l*? I'nt to Hie I'.iie-u of A'lml a'.-< that tkt
\ Departme .1 kI.imjI 1 p bl.?j i ne r !.,? n?>n a recafda th*
! merttaftoM ? '* "f 'be navy ? I? it r. ?? -im; I ? r nd
, w?U d?<<er*e<l ait tow..r|? ill" ?-avy nff! ?? -r? -on
???i.'-'i, >in'.e they bava n>w no i?. .knowlrdf.
meiit that tbey *et" ?'.|.|?jMd tT ?>a nicer,,
' rtoaa by tb?> < who rdtnniM lh?t, It ? jrh
ahvild irovt- Ut I-' the ra*> f Wo-ld it not al-o
lie Aorth whlla for tha I?ej*ar'm?t>t |? ata'e why r. > :
i actto* bad he^n taken to carry oat the law and that nr"
1 tu ition ir,f| idriir.r. ment do not <le|i?nd upon fatlliful I
?erv tm bafora ibe eaamy and ara w : to lia obtained l>}
Before the rehellton the officer* of the hlfbar Kra/|?a
allowed by law w'f one i enter flag ofTl'-er. ?t?tj even
i-?pt*in* and n ti'-'f-al* commat,deia? total, one h?m
!rad and el* ty ' uf. Tl ? Nary Re,- ?ter of tbte
I rear < titaii." fiva adinirata, thirty live captain' j
and f ? enty on<- roMMtidera -total one bundrel j
and thirty In otl.<-r aord*, tblrty four li?f<i
tenant tr nmtnrf'rt wnttid b- w he , omrnandara bad
fie number of officer- in t tie blfch?*r fradea I
r. malft'-l na before i"ie rel>-i >n . Suraly a redo'^k* of
| 'he n iinNf Of offlcerp ai tha tuna of and folio* ing 4ia
t l tiS<:i?iied ?err|n ; brlow a normal pe,K? ?.ial4ail m?njt |
I la w.ihout a preredant. In tb>- liet of lla-it?n?nt i?n
ni,aderaare oiAcara of a(<- and ?ifK-rtenc? wh* hare
j perforrn-d ardoon' ar.d d itlng'i ?b?d orrvia , <rv?-n now
un.tf kn> wle.lfed and at>par"i tly ?" n to h?- forgotten
Th? nearer luta of ibe bllber vradea a* pi??a ?i??*e
would ee< m to offer a ?arv favoral. e op|)ort>.niir lotbatr
adrancer-rnt in rank. The l aup-. n ? *? on. ba^rwer, to
tcknowlodge the worth and fwiel.lv of tbaao o flb-ee* la
pa^aed ov-r and at the ana time 'be aciial n>-. aaa.'laa
of the aerrice.
Tba a?iita liat of tiraat IT'. - at lie- let nnni of
our rehelll'rti ront?ln<4 nlnetv alna arfuwrala of the
?artoua ?r*d' ? which la -filr t'oCv one in natnhev i?w?
than o-ir Wh' > a< live I at >rt ad'niral" nrtmaiaivleva,
' apuun* <nd Ih-utenant eowimai.'l ra, Thi* too. after
a protrwted civil war aa-l with a li?i of leuianant i*m
inaMara for> y of w bom haia w?atto-r*-i Ihe >Viv?M -4
a g tarter of a oantary and tbe halt lea of four yenra
t' jrwly tn- raaaiag onr h flier goulaa la ibe nuaibae of
odbw I'mtt contained beiore the war itoM not aaee*
like an andue cwv l to mea wbo hare ?erre4 ?? l> n|
A h U taaanl Ibe H nate ail e?aka a* ? wiiwh l>or' aaai
I He || mm of a?*.?ra of tba hlahev vrariaa to alaioH
ihe Mm'*' bafora l*o war. If a led up> n by Ue
H oar ihirtv #?* tb?*e old iiaatiatt ??mmamtm
wo |M be |.romn?l; IwiJ II i* no* a* all untikaty that lh la
bill will i? lor* -tleii ar t-aaaod oaea,
Hua >? rerumly ? aotaall abooM ba, ' nor * H Uta
war to make or maintain at "iri'.aar aary ? aval
pe- t ronnoue.1 aaa a ooea^ artirlty and energy n, nm
on,' ara we idioaid h#di to a?.n?e vUi*N|a? at of
Uie f paet aervtree and tha m -re at aa Ihe f.ieaaat argr*
gate namheriaw our ar??w navy Hat n wl.- i r t.a4e#iaata
taaren a pr.>ee aa*a'.iiannaoai and wb* b r* now lafe
rm ? that ary mfariar i'u?a ra
adtd ami cut;
aperlwr I aarl -f b>*ib> ri.
Before J?d?a McCvna,
t '.r n ? r*e /'<*)* et. JrUmr Ulddm Tha defaa I
ant ww i rough! b*f <r* tba Ca?rl ?n a writ tf kak aa
nacyaa U j on? ?i mfni t?a* tba wwiantwna
fnatty and i>nd far h, a d arWfa
9n4f aMOvnn-What la ?b? trwaVa*
fWanaal Why ba ? cbotyod ami ao-ng f tM eg*,
cea <4 in a hna<h..*ae wtth latent to MM, wblla ibe
f .mmtlti.**' ra a?a far i a?.r4e?>y ntndw t
Jadkm H <,igi-U>?( .n un la ? IiK^iw ?M
not be disorderly conduct, certainly. Lit the pr.aoaer
bu discharged.
TV PtufU M Anthony M'-.V<nl and A fn?i<* H'U?m ?
The prisoner* were commillud by Juauce Hunan , >n
cliurge of rubbing a Teuuoeneeau or |l,tWO Their coun
sel nought to obtain their releaao bv means or * cer
tiorari, bat Ibo Court declined doing anything hiuiy ami
postponed tbe matter until Monday, ao that be luight
have an opportunity of eiamiutug lulu tbe cut.
Full llclniU of the AflaJr? lie I.Mntriilablr Ite
?Mill? Killing of a fraaWag ^ niinic Man- %
Wife and Children Deprived ot Their Pr?.
|From t!ie Memphis Poet, July I.]
Rumors of a duel coming off eoniowhere between
somebody were altoal late ye?ter<4ny afternoon, and pub
lic curl>..iy won gr. ally excited to learn iho piwticnlan.
It iuhjou tlmt an allalr of honor (ao called), which meant
light u> tho bitter end, In which no friends were acci
dentally ah ml to pruvont the effusion of blood, did come
off iibout twelve miles Irom the cMy, Juat over the Mis
Hiseippi line, near the town of tihocko.
Curtvnl rumor ,-*v< that a separation look plane be
tweeu Dr. Arthur K. Taylor and hia wife, who waa a
cousin of CapUiln Alonzo (ifeenla**, and that Henderson
Taylor, a brother of the Doctor a, ana reported t<> hove
made ?om? remarks altoul till* l ulr, at which Captain
0. look exception*. Tho latter mot Mr. Henderson Tay
lur Ik* 'lav bnfofa vesterilav in mu eourt roop o< Ibo
Greenlaw block, accosted hnn, charged him with tha of
fensive remarks, und ou hut deuynut thorn called bau
a liar and slapped Ulm in tha faeu.
Mr. Taylor wax a small man and did net return lha
Mow. but immi-dlatoly, through m< friaudK, challenged
the Captain to mortal combat. The challenge wu* at
onco aci opted, and the parties lelt y terdav morning
I of a place Juat over tho line in Mi siMippl. Captain
Cift accompanied Captain Greenlaw aa *oeoud. Colonel
J.ungdun C. Havnes, formerly Senator lu the reliel t on.
guvs, accompanied Mr Taylor, and Ur. freeman at
t: tided ar aurgeon lor the pai'y.
The grouudo selected, over whl<h Captain Creenlsw
had fought uuder Forrest years before, were rem lied
i?l>out noou. They hud arranged the distance at teu
juceae-the weapons hwvy rtvolfm: the llring to eotr
mcnce on the word*. ? Are yon ready T? nre . und to
< 'Dtlnue till one or the other fell. The priuci|iaN look
their plaoea.
Mr favlor is repre<enled an belnii :? Haled during tlie
mortoux mid at the time, while Captain Orm-nlaw wan
cool ami free from exuit-tnont. On < i??t iiat for the i<ost- '
turn and tbe word, Captain Gift won them both for hH
principal. On the word being uivun ibe pistols were
discharged almost Simultaneously. Mr. Taylor' i ball
pa od near Captain tirrcnlaw'* bead, while the latter's
struck Mr. Taylor in the right able and lodged near thn
Mr Tavlor did unt l.il! at <<m e. but turned a Utile, and
Cnptain Greenlaw, thinking he w? . cooking hl? pistol
ni'.iiti was about aiming when a second c rii d out ??halt,"
aud !ie h i<j (ire. 'I'bo frt< mis of Mr. Taylor, Seeing him
r el with .1 mortal wound, declared Ihernselvo asti-died,
and the duel ended. Capialn Greenlaw turned over to
llietu tbe i< e and other provUiona he had brought lor
himself. j ud loft for the i ity. Mt Taylor lingered lu
great pain but a I ?? nnouteH HI* body wua brought in
lliii mortilmr and will be burled at rt< n o eb* k Ihla
evonlng Irom the rvaideu e at I'r. l'ajlor, T7 Adam*
I1.mIi of the .? gentlemen were eonMctrd irlih the brit
futnllle- in tli" civ. I aptaln Alonzo Greenlaw Manobtif
our esteem land konorixl I'ltizca IT. C UneLlaw, Ea<j
I The youn| U|uti Mirvod with dletiuctlOtt tbr niKhont the
?*ar In Ihn r. I el ?r:iiy. He in at pre n ill i ttga^< d lu au
exienan brick loaking bnsmeac.
| Mi ARliibald Ii< uderaon Taylm *i< a v on nr lawyer
of ;;'?at piomi.e, of correi t hublta asd au(H>nor alillllv. i
He leave- a wife and tworhlldreft to moor:. liHutnimeiy !
death 7 lie i i irU of the ell) adiounicd Ihle tii'irulu^ in
re-pect lo hia n.emorv.
All the iiioming i*ti>eri truly prono u,. e th ? a molt i
?ad :>nd mil. riuti.it ? amir ?
Why do they uot frown down and iOm t u|Ki? tlie e*e
emu ii of tlie law againat tlita borttaroua i-ra lice ol pte
arranged murder "
j Kimilitii Mr(ri?l UcmIIm l-rrrai ht.
1 1 ?- i|nkt'? ? Mm?l*r ^vrfrh I'rMmiii III*
Innorriirt-, ilr r.
fKnm the Bowling flrr*a (Kv.) <;?*!???? .fu'y II
Al l:?ir |Ki<t < !Klil o rliM k i mterriay morning * la rga
rroHii anar milled iiImiuI tlic Jail and -<piar* in atilk Ipalloa
"I lliu h.uiglnic nl Hln" dan, th? negro, for Ihe nuifd"r of
I'Mri' k Donovan Tli<- ?xmjUotl had h<"-n wl fur thai
?lay and au lmm*n-" eon< our** of people had ai <mhled
to "? It. At l?ii iihiiuIf- Jut miiu the culprit ??*
ial"n from tlir jail and oonvayrd t>> the gatlewa, uUiul a
half mile fcoui town, at Ihe fork of th" Ru**ellville mid
ttoryanlown r ?*<! The w.igon wa* ?urr?'i>id>*d l?jr t
large t u*r<l, under ? ominand uf l.ie n>-nani hinii.nl, anil
;?> oinpaal*d by a large <rowd. In the aagoo wi-re ihe
rulpril, hl? aplrltlljU aittrbwr, Rat I' ithrr Ijv <?.-! <? Stienff
1 titter, the lailer, porter md nue or two othata. 'hi the
way In* oanfci^oc talked to hun Irecly a* U> III" -tale of
lit il, alii he w<'iii"d to be loafldeni that Iim wa* at
I !???? w tli h it Ood He repeated tb" I.ord'" prayer
aa* oral lime and al-i prayed for Ihe re|ma? uf hi* ? <>ul
nil n-ii' htng the n|K>t thi' Mrroiiudetl ilia fallow*,
and the phonier aicattdod llie Msattotd with I'athrr
in mimI the -herltt If ?? turned to the i rnwd and
a?k " 1 peniilar i in t'? *po*k which ?>> granted him He
pok? for about Ovo minute* .n a clear, ?t??ilf vmct,
thi' tallowing being the iglwlaM or bin remarkt ?
UnM ami Dun < ?r.v Yon have all rim* here to *ee
i maa bung I "uppoee, nad who know* what ha 'a Imag
furf I a?k any rr.au to aay If be know* wh.it I am hung
dead for* That man 11'Hi.e worked tin* tiling on me to
tv " hint elf or aoma of hia friend*. H* told three meti
in jail wb?n 1 irled. I woo thai watch from Hifita
thi' nlghl I went to Naahvllle, aad It waa put up fur five
dollarx. After I went to Xaehtllle lloiee < awe down <.*
rinaday and wauled to have Hi* watrb hark I told Iilua
he aouM g?t it for live dollar', but f bad traded il of to
Hob i, on He wild, "Well, If dolt a got it, never mind "
He then gave in* mini- aeya to keep till be railed for
tiiem. I Itok Ihwta and locked them up In my valMe,
Hon*e never i ailed fer them Heiarna Iim k on Hi u fa
il** nad anked me If I would go .md lake a drthk with
hiro Wo want out to gal a dunk of gla, whan two
policemen urtritwl ma They aid not te.l m? wbat for,
hut took m* up In a Jury room, ? here tb*y aM<i, "l??.n t
1*1 tlil? n.j.jj **t awat , he a arr**t*-l for murder Thai
thi- lr?t I knew of Uie nnmier I .lid not ip-t no
eaer till ihea, for I knew I had done nothing (He hera
gara tome parih ular* ax t?i the mani.'ir in which h? Wua
thi- mWU. ind rball^ngod an* a< tual proof ol hw guilt i
I am a .an ireti' of iuw murder a* aay man la th? rrt>wd,
Huftiigf I hava iluae maay l?ad thinr> h-il not hint- aa
Imd ?a murder. In anawn r Ui bla coafawr be aaid ? If
t>od will forxirc ll'i and the uti.' r mu* I don't know
who tkey are I will. 1 am tiot trunk n ir uud>-r lb* la
ll'ienre It inoi in any wu> . I a... all rvht I Im l M
how a man ' an I"' hung without you know he'a u nity
I There waa no pr of against tua but what that man Hoo<a
I * nl 1 here ? no n?. iK-mg iu a Itarry alxml thu thing
J I .now I aiu ctilng to >?* hubg, h it th*r? no aa* l?cln?
| .0 a hurry fhat man Hou~ had ntxlkilif Indldtii
it I don't lal eve It 'a rtgbt to )erk lb* Me out uf a luau
hi* irking tba 'topnor out ui aV '!%? I know I m
j.uingt'1 lie hung, ??. i I ain't afraid.''
fbi' HhenfT then pla ed the ? iru o vac the l?un and it I
waa f nT'd h' low father lamata tUea a<leilatater"t
thfl tail t"llg. "I.tritr , and bid the < indent', ? .| ;iuui('eid' '
liy. After th rap rv?d Im , Urawn fiver hta fa-? he
ai aai ?wd lie wai , n ti ? ml llad lie k and had citnj an?
luid nruugbt him to ihl? H ? Ii?|e4 t|<i one pr^atit
wanld ever meat ?urfe a ?lafottua II* waawkinatu
^i>, tiat not r?tdy Re awayed llgTitly to aad fro iift-r
li.:, hut not a IT' loir diaturoad hta nerve* He*
ap .k'- i I'-nrly aad diaimrtly, and w tb a aingni'r mo> al
vol. <?. H* e-k-^l if he waa to tie knnrked of! an-l wa*
lolit not. 1 .* rap waa repla? ? -i the ?h*rtt dew -nded
a a I it fuht aiihutea to in ?'< i<rk the drop foU, and ih?
poor laii .w ?ni la iaehed into ri'-iatty The I**! v * ' u ng
aroiiU'l a frw t me*, a moment <11 two of iwavulMowa,
anil ail wa* attli; lb" I ?4y hung III 'lon:e".
After l*aagin? eighteen nnnutee tb* le>Jv wa* arata
Sued hy Ilr* Wright and Haf n n>< n and Itf? ennoo ved
out in" ? fbe ti" . wa* brik<-ii The T<wd tb^n dl*
perrad tmt Itttle eynpathy l*rii g t^n Minfwul
I Nut lo'.r* Uiaa on' f?r.rth II* ???*rii.*rf* w?-r? na
gn??a hut tliey a. . u?e I In fa< I hut little Iiiieeeat Tht*
I* Hi- fir*' ege 'IIkmi al thia plan* la aaght' << v ai aad
I be rmwd i>C"?ent ?*? eetimatad n upward of tbrae
ihoaaaad. All day tk* Iowa we* ? r'n*<f*.t by ^ p<r
from tl*e ?vj.ntry, aad Hi* atreet* preeaoted a I <* y ap
F*e< ntiwii ol m Ni-aro In lllrbmend lor t|nider.
[from th* P. -hrn-ti ' r?u-i r tr Jul j 17.)
la <p totwr la*t Mr nij Mr? >.??a.d, of R*k'.ridg*
eoaaty, ? r* tha vl'tlm* u# a Iwulat aiunlar aad laa*e
l liti.' i ? f??*r balag ..ita?"l i n ? i*p^ ?a at roaa
m Mag the d ed Wii Ined h*!ora * ni,.ttar minia
fo..iig guutr aad raad n.aad W -traih Aftwr twtaf
for *o?oa ti oe oongne-l *' -taua'< a )?* waa rrraova-l U|
the l.ihhy Pri-- n >n ih *'ily and * ?i?eaday* w?re tied
tor tb* *I'?ntioa t>? l h? ? a ? ? ottaa r*t? r.ad IV
fatal day wa* *' ??t aet f'ir y '' 'lias ail l Uie frf *0*1. r
gtvawio 'iii i taud thai h* a*- J >. i- lur uu I ,iU tar re .
pf are*
tbr ai" it on whi'h lr?.k p'a<;a n the ii>lef><? of taa
prteaa, wa* atrl tly invw" *ad >? ly f- o* haddtag
(pwnel perm la fri.ni I ?ewer el 1< rrv a ere adr le-i
The ? ftd*fwn?d Baai; wafe?ad l?a*tag ? mm tied th* i
ward- ? for ah. h he *a* a<- .i t ?) * ?'*' ag thai he '
waa indie ed la lb* wt hy fael.nfi uf tt u.uaty toward* j
Mr tierald.
Al tftea* mnnteaaftor ateren th?f'*wf?- wa* ia4
fraal hi* reft T>* r-{? Wa* attar b> Ui a Maatewaff I
windl "?d th* i"ar k r*f. wa* ?lr??a ? *r f*-a .
the do , tried inaa. wha aaf? hue-e..' ailti wwadeffei mm I
B?*a, l ot * " ae>* l<* M >?*il i?a*ih' ' c* ?** ad^wKaa, ,
ate. hr l*d* faraw*il to th" grwup abroad hun
Al * a. n'v ai.aatea atter el' >a 'be treat wa*
?pr 'We, *rd tha ?'*t*r?* f*u aHh Ag'.'r. ng
rapidity thr xigh Hw d? , t?ad tba rue, wi.Htb
wa* f * aad prepar-d Miiiaalr far the wa 1
atoa *ftd w ? ? h wt '"ii iha???ighly t"<iad, j
ga*> way <*wf it air* oer f*?J to l??* aar.aw-t Ha
aNghtwi) ?? hw feat, a ai o^r.t aad f*tl t-ar.k,
?appontng hiwwtf oe ? ha-, i H? waa rated up hwt
if 4 i t --eai la ha aef 'taly lakicad aad f mark*-) |hal
"be dida I In. ad baagiag bwt he d)4b't i he to ba 'Noh*d
la thai way
Ha eaa led ip C* rv aad * a* a rwae hatag pr< ***a4,
?he rt> I'd *r*r *a* * ag - f agata II aa* k eaato-ikea
laatuatf* an lh? d"d MSmAi a -tngg *, aaty a law
t"<i 1*1 1 e If riera of hi* ntwb* beta a rHaUa*
Th,* Mil **? t'fa II? <d. a, to UK ri'td ?* f?4a.
ral *ltrty da nag tt?* war, tie*wg aMaet.e* la ?>. iaiaa *
ravalry waa 'apto-rd by tha raaitdr-e- *ad e?4 ta
Mr f.' r%' ' Ik <* totiar l*el ha tauida**-! to* mati i *Wd
*e* lira to hi* h'/?a?, I -wit* ?p Mr. U< rm<4 who wu
ar e*; hi tba hawaa at tha ttwa*
?3?MT HM AT T* KlMftai IIM
The IImmI Mill ly falcylal t?**#f.
r >a T ??wday eieataf laat a mlMfklpfa I, Htotm
a. s ' the watera af tha Catoad Aawd ""-ety,
waa b* 4 a Wtito* laa^ Srt, lha ait-er! ?* ef lb*
place, *? 'am tha* mm ah^aat fa* wha* th* ?at*nata
I a.' at aa*4(***. drawing togatbar a eeiwd th- I I We
I iknw'4 p*ap?a all af th* maat ra*pertaV* aad i'?tl
> gvaiAaat fbt gathanag wga far g ^Mr ?a*a aaOMMk
tha proceoda being devoted to the Hamaritan-lik i dutr >*
lifting ? brother who bad fallen a prey to uiiefur'. ia?
th* crmrsD n?t? auoiair,
II Oi iat be remarked, ta a pureljr Jewlah inMilolioa, i*
(ibjui t being fin rwlief of membera la time of aickneea
and lb* providing for roapootable Interment In < >w of
death The gentl'iiiau on wboao behalf Tuoaday nighfe
eutcrtainmaut waa got up waa liotb a member of thia
wk miy and a mambar of the Maeonic body, and it in but
fair to Mala that hll Tallow BMtM Hi both ggMBtB*
toi. i c<iril<ally united lu k>% "?K ? lialpiM
band In hta emergency. Tbo lulled Hani Mocietp
la puroly a " benevolent" aaaocialmn, and hai far
ita I'raaidi-nt Mr. lAaurug, of Centre atioot. Tbo
olllce of Trc-iuiiirer la performed by Mr. Ilea
Jamln, and that <?f Becretiry l.v Mr K A- I*vy.
Tba iiH-iuiM'r* of the eociety and ihair friend* who war*
preeenl al the Ilelvulora on lu??.lay niyhl aretuod to
1*1 e", with tbla d. .*gr< 'tii> ut ? tbey individually iu4
coll.-divaly apared no paln? withholding ?" eiertlooa to
make tbetuaelvea aa ' merry ax ? morriaga Iwll 1
atiinu a an. at i* IT
The vaal 'rowd, mult! faced and inultl formed. aa?m*4
determined lo havo a night'* amu*euu-iil Uw, and, in tb*
etordaol a familiar N olliali phraj*. "An wbat lor not"
A alight limit lor atom riiglng during tbo gr?eun jtarl of
tbe nlijht, few availed thnn?elva* of tbe out Me attrar.
tlon* of the place; but innide all waa mirtb, mm. aa?
TUB ?can.
A large and *(!>? leat band, uuder tha condticlorabip of
Prof. K Rtetzal, diacouniod during the whole night eicel
lont and agreeable muaio The dnnrt-a were entered tato
with apirlt and coudurlod with ?r?i ? and regularity. Aa
a mutter of courae, round about the bar tlmr-' w an a con
tinual crowd, and a coutlnuul bubbuh, ami a continual
abouting for "lager," and au altuo?l uontiuual waiting to
got it.
Between two and three o'< I in k in tlm morning tbo
at""tiili|y brok? up Aa quickly a* the i.rovrrbiet
aiowuima of Ibo Kigblh avenue car* would allow,
all wlio bail not cngag'-d oorrlagna mauafr l lo lind tbei*
w.iv down town, weariod no doubt, j at Joyful, their uit ?
jut iiK'iit < on>idcrably awealcued by Uia ralla lion tlial
wtulu individually eacli may have bocn necking merely
In or l?r p r on.il rnjojruH-nt, tbe result of Iko wb >ba
may lie ?.ui h and ao kooJ aa uuiie could prupbanjr.
t lu*** Kari a*, ->r. IliMmrn Ri?f* ?
July 1?, l>owi |
Sly l ram of Ihn I lib ln>t from lll*lt r? da I oup
lion no do iM rtpb n? l to yoti the Ooparturi' of Mr Pea
hodv and part) from on board the 'ir unar Magnal at tho
in mib of tbl>. tba St. Marguerite rtTaff, lor tbeir inh o<
Imlfc lome Hit mib'4 from tint |xnnl
Aa that tolegi iui dul not meution fully aa I could with
the fan that a number of ladn^i w i-ompanlad tha K^ntl*.
niiin roiupoxuig tba pally, I think it right lo aay tb?k
lateral of the lady mi-uibera of Ilia famlllne of thanporu
nmn crrwl by Uieir praan?co t > l<otd an Inleirat to tho
f hue. whu li i an ulnno be rend'-ri' l by the partlrlpaicm
of the g ?niler mix in lha amn*"menti> wUich c mtnboto
an mui h to tli? lh"rou?h onjofmant of tha "lord^ of era
ation Tha b' II wbit'h ainri'iuc"d the arrival of
vat bt wblt b waa to ooovay the party to l? r
'home In tba wildernaea, ' oaat a glKim or*
Ihn ploaauro aoaking tounil? conatiluting <ho
paaaoagian on board the M-wnat Aitlioiiiih *ngag?4
in ibe nacewary and pleading ooei||?tion of " rafroahlB,g
tba inuar man ' every onn on Ixiard arooa arnA
ivailuMnl al tba bulwark of lhaxtiip to bid adiou la
their (mtriaii li al fellow travollor. in whom aaeh aa4
?nary on ? f' ii i deepen lotaraet Krom tba nainro of
; tha dllhfilMtw Which lha narluatl'>o of ao birtuooa %
i rlvor it i?' Tiiail n| on the moat ai|M>rteno?d aiplornra,
I it ii not to lie wondered at that avary oae on l?>ard tit#
; Mmriai heartily wwbed tha trail i.urk wbkb bore a*
pr ' lou > a bard n a nofe arrival it Ik r ile. tinaii n TYio
ipa- age up tba twelve rap la and anion* tin- iiiwht^
houlilera ?hli h lataei at ef-ry |iolut the bed of tlna river,
wa* -aft ir i? rfornifl , and. ift#r a Bioal eiriting vnyagw
of uw hotira duration the party w era beattlly greet**
( by Uteir nnmaroua frienda, wbu awaitod their arrival oa
| tba cloaa to lha " Maieon doe I'aebeor* " Tbo
mornirig of tho I2th dawned u a mp amely aa tba muaB
inlanl 'It <"|p!? of l^aar WnllitU could da?;re The h?arjr,
rni?t wha h roilad thmu?li tba ti.ountaia ?ioa lifl*4
kkiwly, aa tbe aumiioT aua aaeondad to light the ???
wb.< h waa ao aoou Iv ba 4M Utn arooa <4 toaay advoo
tare it
There ar * many famoua [?o..la ?t? thia river, among
wbu b I may meatton a few of tbo moat prom moot
Klrat In order i> tb* pi?4 known a* Kuraytba." II tf
OMtMorad lo i>e one of t' a la-tt ,u tb? r1v?r, and u r*?
martiaiHf for the grandeur of the arenarv by whkb it Mt
kUtTnuridad Neil in order ta tiilmuur a wh. b n noo
ddi-fd Iit i rw t ^'d tWhefmen aa i lie of the lw?i mU.
"The llini a of Waloa pool,' ?>? called fr< m the fad lltog
he im ' ured a almou tltnrefruin In ItBtt la tbe neti taa
who h till attaatl in of the li - !?? rmati roar pi 'p^ly Iko
palled Croat a ledge of rock* ?lm ii oiteiid arrnaa Hit
entire iiotl n f lha river t h' water fill* oo aa to f rat %
pool tb* right lo ftah In wlitch ab-xild aloaya lie d-?rae4
a royal pr-rn^iUive "lAat. t liougb not l"aM la thai
k bow ii ?a "( '? Id l*prtBg pool ' Tliia i* r^iAarkabio aa b?taf
the roaort of aaiitioB eeoklag Ita e<?il refag* prior to
am pndln/ lo tha bigher watara for Ibo por;?a>* of -:*w?.
lug J or lat<- flahiiu .1 H ? oi. n ler? I tlii- flout p<>i?l ??
Itia fit Marguerit ?
After lh? raany vlci.tlliido* wh ich mint alb ad opoa
tbe footatotia of the moot npi-rien ?l angler.
I nil MMM to aof tliat Mr I'rabody
ain-eeeded early in tba day <a loading oae of tho
Oui-ot Dab wbir.ii ho* ba-n twkan oo tbia river for
many ukuom lie weight. I am aaeurod, o?' "odod
Iwi i.ty-ihrno poind" and in aba(ie aad ? ?ndiii -ri It waB
parfactioB Aa many of the Hnutn raadon moy bo die
pna>d lo Iry ' tVir faiwore of pofO iaaioa ' upoa uto
flut y Irthe. I me* |iorbapa wltlioot an. roaclilng upon
my privtlogoa. Ml you that the "fctlltag ly" of Im do r
I war th* ? n?ry broen, ' with f aanaok wing and goldea
rheooant topping Una might alae ?t imagine that Mr
Veiiodr bad In bit aal'CtloQ ni a fly ttia laair ?.< Hooa ?*
beautifully ron*ey*>l in 'lay a I, oar WmIi IIim eolaM
BO fewer than Ova free lima aelmori ? am- to lha boafcak
( ' ' boat al , eg Mr l'eab>idf. aad. alib<eigh< I aiuot gtv*
every credit to rut j i|ga<-al ia having rioted mio
woll kwrwn " killer I in iat al tho aama ttm* etproaB
mi admiratioB of tba afclU aad paroaveraaco wMch aa?<
I rib jt*4 ao largely to In* ?im ? -aa oa tbo caetoa
A ? we ar" i?"rn 'all BUtiabiBO," ao n.uet ?? aoaaotimaB
be ? all Inara IIM ou, UBfortoBat'dy. la thto liaMaooa
A? ibe portion of the day ap|>roa< b? I al wblrh lb* taaaa
ftah'Bg waa otpoctod, o Ihiadar ao.rm of unaaual vlo
laore buret n|a>n the m and. although 'iBWIlhogly,
or gf-atref lr?n-?l'am.i Cltltat? ht Majaely'a Hir
liaorse waa 'itdi(o4to ?iM umb t<i a bigbor i'ower aai
brtake ti.<a|f tu tba buapitaida raf iae !?/?'? led for him
bv l. tnnnjr fr <-niti a lata truly ?, Id an I p acatortal
r ot rent
fo a ?p?<lator of ao WtaiHUag a wona the epproraan*
ef oov . etevan kagiT oo ho In-ilH t' o r rAy polk
which led lo hi* ramotaln hooie, - If tod f iod for re ?
Bi ??? ion
TTie faiig ? ? ii ??inetil ipon a day of a iOh inutoal
et<- itotnei.i w , . i ti i*?ita- i la yoator u.d ? unwl f .r ?r
Olha I?"d tportao ao tho 'rat wtr em. tho y ? . J10.
aiid all 'U|e?t B' oOf ?>( tCVanabiy fa*) re The 10"
fro' iIBi euwlMaa a lamrner tight in tl,< ag ,?nar ra
! (> i. w . ?d tii? ' if (><d and teitei I tbo .-ii' rebj? bar*
? I Uia lt/?'k ?ad alula irom all earthly laroa
kh \WTHU9\* tf rvf?r* tt IftfWf*
A #*? ? ? ? ?? tl*?r4 ? i. <? if *SgB?
*n ,?'1 ' ? ?
# 444m? h*?tf h-?ir%l
A or. *>!>.? A* A'. Ml THM-rT 1MKK* H amJ
l ? i ? >. |, ->/???? <if ?
lair I l>? i ? |? ? ' '? ?'lt< ft tla. . i. <lt1awk| AS
4/ ? in imM- ? 7 v<i Ml ft?
I)A(.I> r<4 toTt.K til tfA?? HANCMM A< At>RHT.M
> \Aa.l ? r'*< ?J i'-.a'.aal HWf
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