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financial and commercial.
Tiu'iwdat, August 2? 0 P. it
The stock market ha* boon on the whole buoyant to
day ; bat soon after noon there was a slight reaction
from the highest point touched at the first board. Trans
actions were well distributed over the entire list, and
some animation was tnfuscj into Ohio and Mississippi
certificate*, which hare been hitherto neglected, while
Illinois Central, Northwestern and Michigan Southern
were largely dealt in at an advance. Among the miscel
laneous shares Mariposa preferred was the most active.
The volume of business Is rapidly on the increase, owing
to an accession of orders from outside parties anxious
to take "a flyer," and professional speculators
at present sojourning in the country, who divide their
attention between Wall atreet and the beauties of uature,
to the neglect of the latter and the profit of the tele
graph companies.
At the early session of the open board Erie arid at 00 a
X. Reading 113, Michigan Central 112, Michigan Southern
Ma %, Cleveland and Pittsburg 88 'i a?f, Cloveland and
Toledo 116U, Rocklaland 103 '4, Northwestern 37 ? a
preferred 67?i. Ohio and Mississippi certificates 20^, Now
fork Central 104V, Mariposa preferred 28. At the first
regular board the market was very active and
strong, but the opening prices were not fully sua- j
tainod on the call. Erie closed % higher than at
the half-past two board yesterday, New York 1
Central J*. Michigan Southern *. Illinois Central
X. Cleveland and Pittsburg V Cleveland and Toledo J4,
Toledo, Wabash and Western ?V, Fort Wayne tf, Ohio
?od Mississippi rerlifl' utes Cumberland X, Mariposa
preferred if. Government securities were steady and
rather active. Seven -thirty notes of the tint and second
aeries advanced V
After the l>oard coupon five twenties of the old issue
advanced to 108?i, under a report that the Secretary of
the Treasury would not receiv e any more of the June or
July issues of -even-thirty note* in conversion for live
twenty bonds of 1885, thus limiting tho conversion prlvi
lege to the August issue. The railway list at the same
time continued to react slightly from tho extreme ad
vance of the morning in consequent of sales to realise
At the one o'clock sessions the market was strong
again. At the half-past two board it was tirra, but price*
were in some instances below those current at the h ighest
point or tho day. New York Central closed lower
than at tho flrut regular board, Michigan Southern X,
Cleveland and l'ittshurg y, Cleveland and Toledo X,
?ock Island y, Fort Wayne Jf. Ohio ami Mississippi cer
lllcates advanced *, R. adlng Erie, Hudson River and
forth wrutern were steady. Government securities woro
*m but dull. Coupon five-twenties of 1882 closed W
Jiglier, third issue }(.
At the open board at three o'clock tho market
wis stron? and quotations a fraction higher. Erie
sold at a x, Michigan Southern 84# a
Cleveland and Pittsburg 88, Reading (b. 3) 112Jf'
Cleveland ind Toledo 118^ a 117, Rock Island 103^,
Northwestern 37 a %. prelerrcd 67 U a X, Mariposa pre
ferred 27#. Quicksilver 50^. Afterwards the market
remained steady, nnd at half-pajt five quotations were as
under:? New York tontrai 104\' a %, Erie 88 ^ u 69,
Hudson River 120JJ a 121. Reading 112 a Michigan
Soutliorn 84%' a Jf, Cleveland and Pittsburg 87Jf a 88){,
Rock Island 103 a )?, Northwestern 37 a V? preferred 67
a Port WaynolOSJf a 103, Ohio and Mississippi certi
flcates 29 % a X. Mariposa preferred 27 J4 a 28.
The Stock Exchange continues to be abundantly sup
plied with monoy at four per cent, with exceptions at
Ave, and a large amount is lying unemployed in the
banks. Balances are reported to have been loaned In
noma cases at three per cent. First class commercial
***** ? '? re<iua*t at 5 a 6 ^ per ceo u The Western
?MMy markets remain easy, and remittances of currency
are still being made daily to New York, although busi
ness in that section of the oountry, as is usual at this
aeaaon of the year, Is dull.
*** *old market has bean somewhat heavy. The
?"?"I quotation was 14?fj, followed by a dooltne to
closing quotation. The atipply of coin for de
Hy Inadequate to meet the demand, and loans were
y> Mm a lie p- ^ rfl.m, tho avermgo rate
?ewe s-N. The deollno from the opening price was due
to two causes one of which was that large orders had
?nived here from Europe to buy Ive-twsntles, and the
other that oertain psrtiea In this city largsly "short" of
ftkt had sont on an urgent request to Mr. McCulloch to soil
aporUon of his coin reserve. With respect to the first men
tleaad, It is only neoemaqr to remark that then has been
Tsqr lluie demand ftwm foreign banker* during the last
New days for bonds, which Is ?igniflcaat of limited
e?4ew from abroad. Moreover wo have yet to learn
*?w the large ship menu of bonds from this side,
iaiueaoed by the pmsp-ct of higher quotations for Amerl
one seen ri ties in I<ondon. While ss concerns the second
It M hardly necessary to say that we have had enough
of Treasury go.d sales through a relative of the Secre
tecy, and that if the latter le ill advised enough to make
euch salsa the omega of bis public career will
arrived. Not only the financial and commercial
"uosmnulty, 1ml the people at large have formed a very
decided opinion upon that subject, and It has been a
eourco of considerable public disappointment that tho
oammitlae appointed by Congress tu Investigate the late
Treasury gold scandal tailed to make its report before tho
adjournment and it 1* queried whether there was not
"ome collusion between the committee and the Treasury
"?pertmew, or parties immediately interested. In pre
venting the investigation celled for from taking place,
it m the proper policy of the Treasury to leave the price
of gold to be regulated by tbe natural laws of supply and
demand, and for it 10 do otherwise is to excita suspicion
of official corruption, or at the best lead to general con
demnation ol a policy which no sagacious finance minis
ter would adopt.
foreign exchange has been flat and the jobbers or
?peoulattve buyers have been "bearing" the market
ne much as possible, wiih the view to buying bills cheap
aad then holding them for a rise. Rankers' bills on Eng
<??d at sixty days were quoted at 108 a and second
hand trauaactiona were reported as low as 107\ a ?<.
Tbe buaineen in view of Saturday's -learners hat thus
?hr (teen very light.
The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has decided
that If a hank ihould recoira the notes of Stale banks in
the usual course ot business a as return them for re
deaapttou to the Institution by which they were Hatred
It would not be a paying out of such notee within the
meaning of such act, Maicli 3, I806, amended July 13,
UN. If the notea in question are forwarded to New
Tm* "r Ph'tede'ldila to barkers there, Tor the purpose
of oaustng them to l>e sent 10 the banks issuing ibem
rar redemption, the iiabtlilles would not be Incurred.
Tfcenoiei must bo forwsrded for the special and only
purpose of being redeemed, as lbs Hue rsle would not
apply Whera they are sent tor sale to make up balaaca.
the new law taxing tt* >?*?? of State bank notes at the
?r P* i ' " look efTetfi yesterday, but this does
?ot restrict ft tfim < n uisttna of such not* among
Individuals *
*s ooMdanki* .uquirv Is making in regard totbecon
??f?ion if seven. uvrits mto hve-twenUes ol 1864 it is
l-mper to stata, as we sre ?ble I. do on ihe beet au'lbort.
?y uiat he governmeni is milling le receive In convar
etoa the seven thirties rsllins a.ie August 14, 1S0T.
The sl.ick brokers ?| l;rm ,urrewlf(1 ?
" ,<"n"" f0r "00"' ?P"t-ns,
?nMend or ,h? moatluy oes which hss existed since is;, 9
Tbair reason was that I. such troubled llmee m th-ae,
H th" w"* n?M"siioos in prices, a month *
l*e niMLi ? H"" "* 1 ???"?? ">?e?dered
eettlem at f 'h" m?? ^MS fortnightly
ni l.. /!!, " {K" " "" except French
B?nk of ?Yanre, Credit ?ontie, .ml French rail
wsy ahares but he has accompaa ^ the concession by a
r?u*uon of brokerage of from one-eigMh W one-Unth.
The imw arrangement is to take effect from the 1st
2iiT??i * ?
The liabilities of the suspended Preston Bank am mil
IS?' SDeh*" M ^"'bport, Orma
klrk, Blackburn, BlarkptaM, Fleetwood, I.ytham and
Oarstang To tbe sltsreholders the hank has bem a
proHmhlt concern, the interest derived being at the rata
m Th" atatement
a be liabilities of the li rmingbsm Raak whicb m
cenUy failed were only ?ano.ono. while ita asset* were
*V.<00 ,'wio, is coriwiad. The iishllittes sre fl.sm.ooo,
"'?HlHIr 'f ,h" *" r "'"><??? speciai
veestunsied st ?2,OOn,OW
An OswegB my llt , r^-rD, |fMa| M,
or^nase m that cty relating to the assessment of bank
Ing t*Tth WZTZ.W" ,h* refat
r:.7 frr "?""^ftuto law of
'r*.to "?e snsrws of herkT7|7i^27|b^Z
aa^ property of tbe party tiol.iing n JSJTf ZLFL,
a^maldMM* It w*. 1* W - nni i T ih.
PHwe whe e (lie i?Bk was loSJS
U*? indsr wMt I see iKeeet,.
strucllon of the taw, our nnn?nrn decided to
treat ban 1c shares precisely a s other personal property
watt treated, aod allow the debts o t tho individual to
oOVet an equal amount of bank stock, and nave such
notice to the banks. Under tbla decision of the asses
sors, aeveral affidavit* of indebtedneea were filed with
the aaaeoaora. About thla time a circular waa issued
from the office of the Comptroller of the State in Albany,
Instructing the assessors not to allow debts of the Indi
vidual to offket bank ah area, and acting under thla order,
our assessors finally decided they would not make the
deduction, as they had at flrat Intended to do, bat
inserted tho name and stock on the assessment roll
Upon this point the question waa carried to the courts of
mandamus to compel tho assessors to strike these names
from the roll. Yesterday morning Judge roster rendered
his decision in favor of allowing the offset for Indebted
ness, which has been complied with by the assessor. By
the law of last winter, after thla deduction had been
made, over three-quarters of a million dollars will be
add<-d to the city assessments of last year.
According to the latest advices the rates of discount
on the Continent of Europe were as follows:? London 10,
Pari* 3X? aji, Vienna 7? 7X, Berlin 7? T, Frankfort
8? ?. Amsterdam 7?7, Turin ? ? 8, Brussels #){?
Madrid 9?10, Hamburg 0?7, St. Petersburg ?? ?.
The following Is the test of that section of the now
Internal Revenue law relating to the tax on sales of
stocks and gold:?
That there shall be paid on all sales made by broken,
banks or bankers, whether made for the benefit of others
or on their own account, the following taxe?, that is to
say Upon all sues aad contracts for the sale of stocks,
bonds, gold and slver bullion or coin, promis
sory notes or other socurlties, a tax at the rate of
one oent for every (100 of the amount of such sales or
contract. ? ? ? And on every sale or contract for
sale, a* aforesaid, there shall be made aud delivered by
the seller to the buyer a bill or memorandum of
such sale or contract, on which there shall be
fixed a lawful stamp or stamps in value equal
to the amount of tax on such sale. ? ? ?
And any person or persons liable tn pay the tax as herein
provided, or any one who acts the agont or broker of
such person or |>ersons, who shall make any Buch sale or
contract, or who shall, lu pursuance of such sale or con
tract. deliver or recolvo any stocks, bonds, bullion, coin
or promissory notes or other securities, without a bill or
memorandum as herein required, or who shall deliver or
receive such bill or memorandum without having the
proper stamps affixed thereto, shall forfeit and pay to
the United : tates a penalty of $500 for eaob and every
offence where the tax so evaded or attempted to he
evaded does not exceed $100, and a penalty of |1,0C0
wheu such tax shall cxceod $100, &c.
Thi-R-Soat, August 2, I860,
Flrnt Nrmion-I 0)30 A. M.
?5000 rrs e-s 67. . . . 129% so shs p?c m ss Co. 222
8000 do m;s 100 do 228
8000 US 6'h, '81, c. . 109% 50 Atlantic M SSCo. 112
11000 do 109% loO Boston Water Pr 31
3000 ITS r<*(t 109% .'<00 do 31%
8000 Tisa'o, 5-20, C'? 108% 400 do. ..2d call HI)*
2000 U.-6's.5-20,c'04 105% 000 NY Cent KB.... 104%
2500 do.endorx'd 1 05 % 28 do 104%
3000 US6's, 5 20, c '65 10B 600 do 10ft
HOOOO do.. 2d call 10(1 200 do 105 %
l f>00 C S6'?, 10-40 C ?9% 1500 do 106%
1000 do 90 V, 14 NYAN Huron RR 111
26000 T n 7 3-10 1st h 104% 200 Beading BR II 2%
3500 do 104% 200 do 112%
500 do. ..2d 8, 8 104 H00 do. . 2d call 112
500 do 104% 200 do 111%
8000 do. .3d s, 8 104 1500 Erie RR 60%
2000 do 1041* 400 do 69%
14000 Tenn 6'g. ex c. 71 J4 2200 do 69%
32000 do T1 1000 do 69%
1000 Tenn ?'?, new. 69 100 do.. 2d rail 68%
9000 do 68% 100 Hud Klv RR.... 121
7000 N Y 7's, btv In 104% 300 Mich Cent RR . . Ill
2000 N Y 6's, 72. . . 98 500 Mich HoftNln RR 85
4000 N Y 6 s, '78... 98 200 do 85 %
1000 Virginia 6'g... 64 1000 do 80k'
1600 N Car 6'i. .es c 61 100 do.. 2d call 84%
lOOOMofls, H&SlJo i8 80 200 do 84%
15200 City S'e, '70... 94 200 III Cent BR 124
10000 Ohio ft Miss car 29 500 do 123%
60000 do 29% 100 do b30 124
10000 do blO 29% 23 do 134%
2000 Hud Rlv, 1st m . 100 500 Ctov * Pitt* RR. 88%
10000 Mich So, 2d m. 92 2200 do 88%
lOOOOCftNWc'd cvh b 78% 200 Chi ft NW RR .. 37%
1000 Clue & Bk I bd 101 1300 do 37%
2000 I'.FtWftC 1st m 102 000 do 87%
3000 P.PtWftC 3d m 95% BO do 37%
1000 Alt *TH Inc.. 7# 100 do 37%
3000 MllftStPSdtn 82 300 do.. 2d call 86%
1000 NYoo ba,6'a, '80 90 800 do 80%
10 shsBkStataotNY 100 300 ChiftNW BK prof 67%
50 Bk of Commercs 111 1000 do 67%
10 fourth Nat Bk.. 103 700 da 07%
900 Gaiitral Coal Co. . 40% 300 do. blft 07%
600 Comb Coal pref. . 47% 000 Clere ft Tol BR. . 116%
60 Del ft Had Canal. 161 100 Chic ft Rock IBB 103% '
100 Wllkeeo'e Coal (o 64% 1000 do 108%
K00 Weal Union Tel.. 66% 100 do 108%
IS "? tf0 103%
400 do.. .3d call 66% 3ft do. 10C%
&2S Cm*?? ?? do,. 3d ca? 102%
100 do. . .3d call 63% 100 Tel, WahftWBM 80%
W0 do 88% 100 do. 80%
200 Qulcksttrer MgCo 10% 86 Pttta,I1W* C RB 100
100 Oo #0% MO ?* M8%
W Martpo'ap'ef.... 38% 400 do. 103%
1000 4* 9* 100 Chic ft Alton RB 100%
100 do. 37% 300 Marft C RR 1 pref 48
100 Marlpoaa Kg (la. 13% 800 Mil * 84 Paul RK 67%
100 do... 3d call 13% 200 MllftSt P RR pre! 72%
900 da 13 100 MarftCRB 3d prcf 30
900000l"88'?,6-90c'65 106^ SOOsbslflcbfkj'ftNIBR 84%
30000 USft's, 10-40, cou 00% 100 111 Cantnri RB. .. 133%
8000 Trn.T 80, lata 104% 300 Clara ft Pitts BB 87%
lOOnhsNTCsntralBB. 104% 600 Cliicafo ftMW prf 67
100 Boat Water Powr 32 300 Clare ft Tol BB. 118 W
50 Erie BB 00 100 ChioaM ft BI BB 102%
200 do 08% 300 io 103
M0 do 08% 300 Mil ft St Paul prf 73%
300 Beadlag BB 111%
Third N?ari?a-4iM T. M.
$4400U96's.5-20, c'03 lu8% 1000 aba Beading BR 113
110001*8 6 'a, 5- 30, c '66 106% 600 Mich So ft Nl BB 84%
1000 Tenn fl's, new 68 600 do 84%
70000 Ohio* Mil c^r. 20% 000 Clara ft Pitta BB 88
1000 iba Hod R lm 100 400 Chicago ft VWBB 80%
10 Central Nat Rank 110 600 Chicago ftNWprf 67
300 Com Coal prf... 47 500 do 67%
1000 MaiipoM prfd., 27% 100 do 07%
26 Pacific Mall RS.. 226 100 Clara ft Tol BB. 116%
100 Boat Wator Powr 38% 600 Chicago ft B IBB 103
600 N Y Central BB. 104% 25 do 103%
100 Erie BB 68% 100 do 103%
100 do 08% 400Pltts,rtW*Ch BR 102%
100 Htid River RR . 121
TacMD.iT, August 1?8 P. K.
Asms.? Receipts, none. Were quiet, and pricea for
both pot and pearl were nominally unchanged.
Baa&DHTrrM.? Receipts, 8,449 bbla. flour, 300 do. corn
meal, 38,860 bushels corn, 40,351 do. oata, and 470 do
malt. The market for Stale and Waetern Hour waa vary
irregular, and pricea more or laaa nominal at a decided
redaction, cloatng with a continued downward tendency
at a decline of 10c. a 30c. per bbl., chiefly In tha higher
gradea Tha Hale* comprlaed 7,000 bbla. at our revised
quotation* annexed. Southern flour continued dull, but
pricea were without noteworthy change. 8aiee 800 bbla.
Mmall salaa Canada flour ware elfeoted at unchanged quo
Is'Jods. Rjre flour was steady an I Arm, Kith aalea of 160
bhia. at $6 60 a $6 30. Corn meal waa a trifle off, with,
however, rather more doln" at the cnncesmon. *>al?s
3.500 bbla. Brsndywins at $4 90 a fft IS, mainly at |4 90
a $6. Waqote:?
Superfine and Western flour t>00 a |7 40
Extra State 6 7ft a 8 20
Choice State 9 26 a 0 60
Common to medium extra Western 6 90 a 8 60
Extra round hoop Ohio 8 10 a 9 40
Waetern trad* lirsnda 9 6ft a 11 60
Common Southern 9 40 a 10 90
Kancy and entrado 11 00 a 1ft 60
Common Canad a. 8 26 a 9 7*>
Good to choice and extra 9 80 a 12 00
Rye flour isuperflne) 0 00 a 9 30
Com meal, Joraer 4 TO ft ?
Corn meai, Brnndywtne 4 90 a S 00
Com meal. puncheons 2ft 00 a
?The wheat market ruled extremely quiet, and scarcely
so Orm on common xradea, cloatng dull and hoary ; no
sales were reported (torn wna In moderate demand, the
market opening Ittin apd <" toeing at to. decline, at
80\c. a *1 . for mixed Weetara, with ?*la? of 150,000
bu-heU st 80 14c. a 83 %r. for sound mixed Western, *0
a 80%c. for ooaound do , Mo. for Writers yellow, *6c
for round whits, and $1 10 for white Waetarn Oata
continual dull and heavy at 01c. atSc. for State, 48c. a
45c for t blca*o, 69c. a ftfta for Iowa, tie. for Delaware,
46r. a 48c for Milwaukee, and 69c. a 00c. for Jersey,
With sales of 30,000 bushels within me ream Of rye
we notice sales of 10,900 boahsls Milwaukee at 8fte.
Barl?y and malt were nominally unchanged
' orrax. ? I he market for ail deecrintloa* oontlnued
very firm, with a moderately active demand. Uf Rio
the sales were 487 hoxea ex steamer North America, and
600 bag* ex steamer Mouth America, lioth lota on private
terma No other salaa of any kind were beard ot
Cottok wee dull and lower unftar a limited demand
Only a am a 1 .bars of tha business was for shipment, tha
hulk being tor spinning. The salaa comprise 1,000 balaa.
Wa quote ?
rplsnd. JMOs. H.0 4 T.
Ordinary 89 31 91
flood ordinary 31 % 33 83
Low middling 34 3* 38
Middling 38 .17 99
Good middling 41 43 43
PsBKinrs were unchanged Tha uOhrlags were small
and the engagements light, embracing: To Liverpool?
7,tO0 bushels corn st 4%d., in begs; par st tamer, 400
hs'es cotton, at %d for cowipceowj; 4.M0 boxaa cbee e,
part at 22s 9d To Undon? 7,009 bushels corn, Sd.
The charters are a brig, Turks l aland ta Haw Tort, pri
vate terms; e ship. Philadelphia to a pert hatweea Havre
and Hamburg, retroleum. private; a BrltMrti ahlp to
Rremea, petroleum, prl^iU; a Wig to Corft, for
ordera, corn at 6? ; a brig to Cork for ordara. If to a port
la tftr l alted Kingdom, fta 8d , if to continent 9ft
Navai, flroana.- Spirits turpeaiine waa a shade tnndr
and moderately active sales 150 hhi* at 75c. a 76c. ,
m rchan table and shtppiag ordem Of main wa notice
eslse of 300 bbla common at $3 19% a 98 9ft and 1.390
bbla fine at M a ?7, chiefly at the Suer prvk
On*? A ralr jobbing demand prevailed for city I'naeed
at unchanged mices Enslish was rather more aoMva,
with salaa of 12,000 gallons to arrive per steamer ahlp
meat 9ret half August? at |1 02 s. gold
PnovanMs -R*reipia, fil bbi* porfc The pork mar
ket waa anareely so firm and leas eeMva. doetag dell,
with a downward tendance, at 931 M nmiar for now
mesa The sates wet* 9,0*0 bMs . at HI 48 a 981 99 far
aew rueee, |ao far old do , and $r a 927 7ft ter prtiaa
do. He* was In atriam* deiaaad and |f? at ?]J a
?JO for !>?? plain dm, and $90 a $24 for new extra da
Beef ham* were quiet, and we have no uIom to report
Of baoon 900 boxaa Cumberland eat, to arr ve, sold at
18 He Cat meat* continued firm. Sales 400 package*
at 18^0. a 81c for hama, and 14 He a 18 He. Iter shoul
der*. The lard market, though quiet, was (Inner at
18Hc.kn Sic., with sales of 600 bbla within the range.
Butter was unchanged at 20r. a 83c. for Western, and
27c. a 40c. for Bute. Cheeee was steady at 6c. a 19c.
for common to obmoe.
PmoLstw.? Crude was decidedly firmer, prices hav
ing advanced Ho. a lc., with a fair demand. The stock
is quite reduced, and but very few holders are offering,
even at the advanced prices. Refined was excited, and
lc. a lc. higher, under a ffclr export and speculative de
mand, the market closing firm at 41c. a 43c. (or prints
light straw to white, anddSc a 44c. for standard white,
? with sales of 9,000 bb>s, within the range. Of orade
sales were made 6f 2,000 bbla. at Mo. a 28c., closing at
26 H?. sMc.
Rioa.? The market was dull, and in the absence of
sales prices were nominal.
Snusni ?We notice sales of 60.000 pounds at 90c. a
22c. ; also 18,000 grease at 10 Ho. a 12 He.
SroAR was without decided chance in value, though
the market was in buyer's favor, if anything, closing
dull on a basis of lOftc. . a lOXc. a 11c. for fair to good
refining Cuba. The sales were limited to 610 hhds.
Cuba at from 10H?- a 12?c. ; 190 hhds. Porto Rico at
from 10Vc. a 14Xc. end 139 boxes Havana at lie. a
11 He. Refined sugar was dull of sale and heavy. Most
brands were offered at prices slightly In buyer's favor.
Standard hards were quoted at 16?c. a 18Xc. and soft
white 16 He. a \b%c
Tallow was steady and firm. Pales 90,000 lbs. at
12*?c. a 12 He. per lb.
Wcrmcsr ? Receipts none. Was dull and entirely
nominal at $2 20 a $2 26 for State and Western.
IIITE1WI>1 wtvtiwt.
Heavy Buitlnru Hmhi of Plttnbur*, Pa.
Below we give a list of the amount of sale* of the
largest wholesale dealers to Pittsburg, Pa., for the year
ending April 80, 1800. With regard to such of them as
are also manufacturer* It ahould be borne In mind that
these returns are of sales under the license as wholesale"
dealers, and exclusive of sales under the license as
Arbuthnot ft Shan- Lyon. J. B. ft Co.. $130 000
non $581,000 Lyon. Shorb k Co. .100.000
Alwoll, Lee ft Co. . .180.000 Llppincott ft Co. . . .347,000
Barker. J. W. ft Co. .557 000 I.ong. Robort 100,000
Busliuell, D i:to,00 McCullough, Smith
Brewer, Burke ft Co.120, 000 ft Co 100,000
Bakewdl. Pears k McKee ft Brn 201,000
Co 211.000 McKee, 8. ft Co. .. .312, 000
Berry, George A... .143,000 Mc< >11 lough, M., Jr.
BatesftRell 140,000 ft Co 120,000
Bradlev, Alex 12l,0<>0 McFnrland, Collins
Culp ft Shepard 150 000 k Co 150,000
Caldwll, C. L 157.000 McCilntock, O. ftCo. 227,000
Cochrane, R. I). &Bro. 168.000
Cooper, Wm. Co. .100.000
Caldwell k Bro lli!. 600
Childs, H &Co... 190,000
Cunningham k < o.. -00, 000
Chambers. .V. D. ftH.'^OOOOO
I)mvo, J. I) 145.000
Dunlup, John 107.000
Ditlioll, Robert 1TO.000
Day k Hiiydti 100.000
Dlllworth. J. && Ca2S9,000
Evert. 8. ft Co 112,000
Everson, Preston ft
to.' 2M.OOO
Eaton, Mi-CruinftCo. .209,000
Fahne-'ock. B. A. . .500.0ft)
Fisher Bro 150 000
Kralich. I) ft Son. . .100,000
Floyd, John ft Co. . .117,000
Fnhnestock. B. L. ft
Co 182.000
Fahnestock, Albroe
ft Co 172,000
Graham ft Thomas.. 155.000
Gormley, Wm M. . . .120,090
Graff, Bennet ft Co.. 486. 000
Gregg, D. ft Co 244,000
Graff ft Hugus 100.000
Gardner ft Schlatter. 1C5, 000
Gamble, SlackorirCo. 100,000
Bead & Motzgar. ...134.000
Hanna, J. P. ft Co.. 142, 000
Hal Iman. RahmftCo. 479, 000
Hall ft Speer 114,000
Horn*. Jos. ft Co. . .500,000
Haven, W. S 100,000
Hussey. C. G. ft Co. 821, 000
HeaslMon Edward. .900,000
Hack*, P. H $00,000
Ha worth, D 103,000
Hitchcock, McCreery
ft Co 100,000
House, John 1 160,000
Hartley ft Marah all.. 100,000
IhmsenC. ft Son*. .334,000
Jonas ft I Auighllns.. 360,000
Kirk pat rick, Jo* ft
Bro $00,000
Kirkpatrick, W. H.
ft Co: 176,000
Knox ft Paiket . . . .104 00ft
King ft Bsanoofc. . ..300,000
King, A. ft Co 107,
McDntisld ft Ar
buckle 3X1,000
MrCord, J. O ft (>>.200 000
McOlellaod, T. A. ...107,000
McCandlesd, Jami
?ti * Co 299,000
McElroy, Dickson ft
Co 900,000
McCnlly. W. A- Co.. 200.000
McCiintock, Rodgertt
& Co 100 000
McKn jrht ft Bro. ..150 000
Mackeown, Wm,... 100, 000
Mscrum k Glvde. . .300,000
Marshall, Fulton ft
Bolltnnn 100,000
Mawhinncy, John ft
Co 100,000 '
Miller ft Kickot*on.:si 1,000
Melh.r, Chaa. C 105.000
Maflit .t old loo.ooo
Voorhesd ft Co loo.ood
Mont/erft Bro 142,000
Muir .t Duvidson. . ..144,000
Means ft Coflln 200 000
Markie, C. P. k Co. 144.000
Moilcv, RvrieftCo..l00,000
Nevin, T. H. ft Co.. 130. 000
Painter, J. ft Sons. .103.000
Phillips. J. ft H.... 119,000
Porteriield, J. ft Co. 110.000
Pcnnock, Ball ft Co. 25;'.. 000
Plummer, Jos 100.000
Pittsburg Coal Co. . .120.000
Pickercttill,Wm. ACo144.000
Park, MeCurdy ft C0C60, 000
Park ft Bro 410.000
Robinson, R. ft Co. .800,000
Richardson, Harley
ft Co 12$, 000
R'-eer, Graff ft Dull.: 100,000
Shack lett ft Auday. 304,000
ftibnytr ft Too
lc amp 100,000
Snowden, J. M .ft Col 00, 000
Schomakerft Lane. 606, 000
Singer Nirnick ft ColM.OOO
Shsllabv ft Barelav.174.000
Spaag. Chelfant ft0p840,000
Sellers, F. ft C*. .. .360,000
T. L.Afeent . .100400
Lloyd ft Black 300,600 Salter*. R. E. fc Ce. .193.000 I
Lorenz ftWigbtmaa 160,000 Bteln Bros $00,000
Law!*, Bailey ft Dal- Townaeud, W. P. . . .137,000
a*U #00,000 Tanner, Jas. P 106,000
Undaey.S. ft Co. . .118.000 Woodwell, Jos. ft ColM.000
Long ft Duff. 141,000 Wallace, Daniel. . . .400,000
Lynch, a J. 204,000 Watt ft Wilson $36,040
Lambert, dhiptoa ft White, Orrft Co.. ..300,000
Co 330,000 Wilson, Carr ft Co.. 760,000
Liggett, J .a ft Ca. 100,000 Whit mors, Wolf,
Duff ftlBo 262,000
Wharton. Bro. ColOO.OOO
Yeager, Christian. . .312,000
Little, Baird ft Pat
ton . .300 000
Logaa * Gregg $10,000
Israsis ttelnra*.
The income* given below Include only thorn of $20,000
or mora:?
ujwait, Has*.
Ayor, Jaa 0 $01,662 Whitney, Chaa. . . ..$44,827
Talbot, Chaa. P .... 63,720
bwamwoott, iuas.
Booheller, J. C $20,061 Hoorwr, Ntthl $10,880
Breed, A mo* F $0,307 Mud**, Enoch R... 80,710
Chase, Phillip A.... $0,000 W ooMrcdgt, John . . 26,288
OLoocsarva, mas*
Dale, Theron G $50 1M
aootn urw, m ass.
Poor, H*ary $30,004 Proctor, Tho*. E....|30, 176
Heard, Angnstin* $22,040
?lit aexscar, mass.
Adams, Abel $30,107 Rico, Edward ?....$21,847
Bowditoh. J. lnger- Slocum, Wm H 27,028
sol 3$, 00$ Toppsn JohnG.... 40.9*8
Do. (trustee) 108,660 Thompson. Albert.. 38,708
Brewer, Charles. . . . 8V.000 Taylor. H. B 63,874
Hlbberd. Wm. 0 ... $0,043 Voee, Thomas 83.102
Minot, Geo. R $0,006 Westcott, -lephen . . 39,192
MUton, Wm. R 31,956 Wllllnm", Mwe*.... 81.900
Nirkerson, Joseph.. 88,690 Weld, t. M 20,004
P*tte*, Geo. W 30,830
mtwro*, mass.
Bsssett, H. D $31,881 Potter, John C $94,040
llnrr, < has. C 31.017 Ncwall, 0< nj 3!\478
Burr. IsaaoT. 20,990 8k Inner. Francis, hr
ClaSIn, V,m 40,654 J. Bardwell. ex'r. 159.254
Colby, Gerdner UlH Sweet, Chaa A..... 87,921
Kdmondh., J. Wiley. 76.761 Tock*r, Hiram 27,518
Macullar, Addison.. 20.753 Wslworth, J. J 40,407
Nlckerson, Thomas. 20,980
won am, ha as.
Bullard, Wm , 2d..$;W,884 Shaw, Chas. B $32,411
Bannia, Thomas. .. . 60.406
aaw oanroaB. hash.
Broonell Wm. 0..$81,44o Howlnndfl. AMU. $50,630
Cornell, Joseph H.. W.071 Howlsnd, Matthew. 22,514
Hathaway, T. 8.... 5M1I Mendeii, E. D 81 5w*
Hithaway, W. 8.... 62 :100 Mmdell. Thos 42,348
Nye, Thomas, Jr... 30,800 Parker, Wsrd M.... 82.160
Tucker, Chas R.... 31 764 Perry, F.ben 20,199
Tnckrrman. Rob't.. 23.365 Snow, t.onm 27,482
Arnold, James 64.109 Taber, Henry 60.426
Bourne, J.. Jr 40.082 Thomas fylvann*.. 36,628
Hastings, John 22.594
OABmr trra, na*s.
j'wift, W. C. W $43,831
WAT^rrrowi. KAim.
Adams. Alvtn $88,208 Whitney, I^onard,
Winchester. Ellsa B. W.Off ft $80,444
Hiinnlwell. H. ft ..$108,281 8< udder. 1L S. $22,104
Heck*r, Wm 23,560
Ca*e, Jas. B $38,414
Flake, Chas H. (esacutor) 54.756
?asbb. mass.
Smith, Rdwla J $90,800
vm aavaa, tusa.
Burbank, G 8 $30,184 Nichols, Lvman. .. $07,113
Crocker, Alvab.... 20,004 Whitman, Aug 28,1
Mil**, EuganeT... 30,877
wtxcaanDos, maim.
Murdoch, E. Jr $20,000
im, MASS.
Breed, G*o. F $$0,010 Boyca, Wm. 8 $38,100
Peroar, ?*?. K.... $4,400 K*ena, G*o W.... 20,81$
Pevaar, Henr* A. . . 34,400 AII*y, John B 26,600
Boyo*, l*a? >....31,001
Mallory, Burtaa.. .
Ms It by. C. 8
Barnsy, Samual E
Boardman, W. W.
Ctosby, C. O
Panona, Mm L 8.. $1,400 Eagllab, Jas. E .... 87,04$
?>*Bfortl H*rv*y.... 88,487 Hotcftkl**, Bsary . 31.6B7
8heffl*ld, J*a E.... 70,408 MltdMlirkd. A.... 88,800
South worth, W..... 27, $81 Pnrfcar, CM 21,800
~L row*
. 47,068
. 30,377
m 80,441
. 30,400
. 90,836
.$81,148 l^heelar, John B... $30. 900
. 80,400 Wlnshlp, Leonard., 31,464
. $1,804 Woodruff. John... 80,011
87,41$ Bmdl*y, Wm. H.... 30,T63
88,663 Camp, ktram. 24,727
Black stoa*, L $$4,304 Oagood, 0. . . . ,
Buckingham, W. A. $8,000 Slater, J. F..
nvAsrrnxs, ma.
Brown, W 143, $01 Hnnatac, Matt
Bement, a B 31,08$ " "
Damkreon, R B... $8,978
Hetlmana, W. 40,680
Mackey, J. D ...
Vlele, Chaa
Oabora, ? r.?.
30.340 Shvltoa,
g^orj Bwy 8,
Boaastt, RoM M... $41906
Chsewmaa, O. W... 84,364
?owe, Jofcft/...
MrnwaaaMnt, a r.
Tli* following are tfe* meoma* of $10 000
reported for 1808:?
Beadle, Ed. U $1$ 614 8wtf1, Chad W. .
Buc kingham R M.. 16,808 frnmr, Maltha*
Carpenter, 11.708
ffatman, B 8 $0.$00
Hamilton p 14,416
InW*. John i 10,641
AdTlatMM, t.T $8.60$
Innls, Ga* 88,600
Paltaa, a II 11.41$
?asaar, M , Jr. . ..
?aasar, Jaha O. . . .
Wilkiaaoo, c.so, . ,
Tower, Albert
WhB*ha? *? J O.
Wood, J*a Q
$16 934
. 16.182
. 11,897
. 17,400
. 10,903
. 30,380
Btah*T >?o psraoas p*y ui o* ** i*enm* of $1,0$$
M ??.too. mt*T mr fnm $m$o ?o $t o$$. mJBm
from $T,000 in $10,000; nine from $10,000 to $12, 0M:
on from $12,000 to $15,000; one from $15,000 to
$10,000; two from $20,000 to $25,000; oue from
,$25,000 to $30,000; one from $30,000 to $35,000: two
Of or $40, 000. Toial amount of annual list, $111,402 40.
Important Procf?edla?e? The Chare* Acaliut
Henry Parkrr-PrlMBer>? ('oaurl Charge*
the Trfa?nrr Oeteetlree with Oetllif (If
Crime and then Hoekla# to Pnaleh It? The
** Htool Pigeon " Syntena? Ceaiaiea Infcrmrn
a ad Hplra Dcnoaaced-Parker Held for
Trial, dee.
Before Commissioner Osborn.
Commissioner Osborn sat yesterday for the purpose of
proceeding with the further hearing of the counterfeiting
Henry Parker, a young man about eighteen years of
age, was charged with dealing in counterfeit money.
iTTDBNm or /oHir r. Lixnecorr.
John F. IJadscott sworn, teetlBed I have known the
prisoner about two months; 1 became acquainted with
him iu a saloon at the corner of Houston and Wooster
streets; I was with a man named Smith; I can
not say if the prisoner knew Smith; he appeared
to know him and spoke to him; the three of us
left tho saloon and went to the corner of Hous
ton street; the prisoner was ia conversation with
9mith, who said to him, '"Here are $10, and buy me
some good stamp*;" the prisoner mid "I will get the
best that are out;" I asked Smith what he paid, and be
?aid twenty-flve per cent; the prisoner took the $10, and
jrent away; he returned and we walked to
Hdunon street, the prisoner delivering to Smith
the money bo had purchased? about $40 In twen
ty-flve cent currency; it was counterfeit; Smith gave
me one of the stamps; I examined them, and said they
were very poor; the prisoner told me that "Spinner
beads'' would be out in a few days; this was about the
4tb or 5th of June last; I saw tbe prisoner wain about
the 23th of Jane at the corner of Prlnoe and Greene
streets; Smith's brother was with him ; this was the man
who cave me the former introduction to the prisoner; the
prisoner asked me ir I was prepared trfbuy any more ; he
said there was splendid money out, and that ir I in
tended to buy 1 must do so at once, as it might soon
be pon^j he said there were, twenty-flve and fifty cent
stamp*, $10 of the national, no bank stnted, $20 and
sIm) JT)0 Treasury notes; I asked for $100 compound
interest Treasury notes, but he said his party ilid not
de.i I in that ; I told hirn that. I wa? not prepared to buy
at thai time but thai I soon expected frl'-nd in thecttv
who would <i"al largely? about $2, 000 worth; I wanted
the hoy lo tell me tho name of the part v from whom he
bought, but he would not tell mo; he said all kinds of
money wis in the market then; I said I oxpocted tnv
friend soon, and that he could have an Interview wi'h
him nnd arrange for the business; I met the prisoner
agnin; he inquired for mv friend, and said he was look
ing for him: my friend did not come, and 1 returned to
Hirtrord: I saw the prisoner again on the 16th o" July,
between Sprlntt and Houston streets, or In that vicinity;
he inquired If my friend had yet arrived ; I said my
friend was here, and '?* inquired if he was ready to
buy; I said ves; I naked what kind of monev was
out; he s?id fltty and twenty-flve cent currency; and
$5, $10. $20 :>nd ??0 national note?. and $50 Treasury
notes; I manngod to meet him at the corner of Rroad
wav a hoot the 23th of June; he paid he was not anxious
to rir-al a' onee, and I managed to meet him on Sunday
at the Irving House; I m?t him at the corner o' Greene
street, and accompanied him lo the Irving Hons*; ar
rancpinents were there made with Captain Taplev, an
officer in the Secret Service Department, by whieli the
prlronnr, accompanied by the witness, returned to the
house in Houston street; and, after an Interview with
his psrtv, as he called it, brought as a sample ? $50 bill
and two $t bills, which were brought to Captain Tapley,
who purchased them from the prisoner, paving bim
$17 50 for the $50 note and forty cents each fbr t he $1
hills. In a Jew days after another meeting was arranged
between tbe parties, when Captain Tapley arrested tbe
Captain Tapley and an operstivs of tbe Secret Service
Department also gave evidence in the ease? one of them
stating that he had heard the prisooer was familiar with
counterfeiters before he bad been introduced to him by
tin rftteamta'a Mraaca? ma comma caaeoen tub
mSASt-RT ncrfrrivwi with iuvn?o nnven nuo
Judge Stuart, who appeared for the prisoner, Hid be
stated yesterday publicly, and It was substantially true,
that this boy had been panned by the officers, tad in
duced and sednced by them to bujr this money. They
pretended te be eonnterfeliere Air tha purpose of ca
trapping Drta. a?d then arresting him for this crime. He
said that if that was not unlawful, it was at leaet a most
d leered iuble piece of business oa tbe pert of any great
government. He repeated that a?*r. He asked his Honor
lo look at this matter. The whole truth had not been
got from the first witness, who met Mr. Taplev at Hart
ford and made his acqualataace. Tapley recommended
him to go into the secret service of the government, and
If he should be qualified by subtle chcanery and dance,
be might possibly get aa appointment in the Secret Ser
vice Department, make the acquaintance of detectives
aad entrap them. What did be dot He made the ac
quaintance or two fellowa named Smith ? more arrant
counter, el tors than the prtaoaer? one of them ia the
Mate Prison in New Jersey. They propose to introduce
the witness as a common counterfeiter to a third party,
and la doing so th<-y accidentally meet this hoy. Every
thing the witness mid he pretends hss been said by the
boy, and that all the propositions about counterfeit
money came from the hoy . The object or the witness
was to get somebody to entrap. This pretended officer
did make the advances to the prisoner, and did induce
and seduce him to commit this offence. This man
was not only a party to inducing tbe bov to com
mit the crime, bat without him the crime
could not have been perpetrated. Without the
government scent, or officer, this relony would
not have been committed. It waa remarkable that out
of this community of counterfeiters they did not
arrest somebody else. If they sought to get st
the manufacturer, in place of giving the, boy money to
buy counterfeits, could Uiey not have got lilm by follow
ing tb? bov f They never made the slightest effort to
street the princlpsl or ascertain his whereabouta, but In
tbe distance ibey watched this poor foci of a lad to get
this counterfeit money for them and give him good
monev for It. When the day came that a great govern
ment. through Its high official, would do those things ?
when they buy bad men and Induoe men In want of the
means of life to go into this iaferaai stool pigeon sys
tem. seeking out men and inducing them to commit
crime? hs ssid that whea a grent government accom
plished that, and had men in Its employment pretending
to he counterfeiters, arresting a poor lad who waa led
away from the patba of virtue by bed women and had
men. and made their victim, as he had been by baying
this money for this particular purpose. It was a lorry
day for the administration of JuHtice^and for the interest
of the community It was not oily a sorry day tor
the efiicers who did thoee acta, but also for the govern -
ment thsl employed them to do them Tbe officers in.
veigled this p<- or boy Into this crime. The boy had no
counterfeit money himself, nor did be paes aay. He
waa accused of selling it lo those pretended officers,
who were s psrty to Its sale, and who helped and
induced him to ca ry that ale on lor the purpose of
criminating him and then bringing him within tbe op- ra
tion of the criminal law and its punlatiment. These
were the things he complained of. He did not aay there
?ras no crime committed la one sense, but If rrimo*
were to be got up in that way by pretended counterfeit
ers, fbr tbe purpose of turning rooad on their victim*
and having them punched on the unsupported testi
mony of a common informer, It was the most infernal
and devilish tyaiem that could be anywhere established.
It was denounced in every other country, aad ought te
he in thia This ?tool pigeon system wn< luflamons It
net a part of the busipeee of ? grsat govern to
go tato the atree? and induce children to commit crin
fhla was ? caee ia which hla Honor tbe Commission
er ought to denounce tbe practices that had
oeva resorted to, for no man who waa weak
Of WhaUSi" la morality was safe if In this manner he
could ho M away and ait reaped toto crime. Thia was
a burning shiMt. I grrtM oiiMie and a lasting disgrace
to tbe government. Hot the detectives did Ibis to flu
la office Only think of It t These offioem, for a living,
piece tbe lighted torch in the hands of this young aaen:
they push him for* and, tell him to fire the bara; and
whea be has done ao, turn round oa hint aad charge
him with arson That waa exactly what they bad done.
As sure aa there was a God In baavea that waa wrong.
In eoaclaslon Judgs Stuart called apon the Court to dis
charge the prisoner and aend bim home lo his pereats.
The Commissioner mid be could not aaaeat to that, nor
could he And fault with the maaaer la which the officers
had conducted the eaae, aa it waa shown that the pris
oner waa known to and engaged with counterfeiters be
fore he made the engagement with the deteotlvea for
the nrnsct the boy stood committed. He would at
boy stood committed. He would accept
bail ie the extent of $5,000.
cam or c*Tamum i
Catherine Schoenetnen waa committed for trial for sell
lag a racket of couaterfiit currency, tor which ahe wae
paid H
The court then adjourned. Other counterfeiting cues
will be lake* up tha morning, If the wllaimii be la at
Na Qisnia-Lfttit IVans <3 r a oral Kllpatrlch
t* ha Preeeated at I ho Next Miertag? The
CaMs, dhe.
la oeaasqusaos of the abeenodV tht afloat* of IM
Chamber ef Commerce the regular moathly m set lag
which waa lo have been held yeglsrday did not take
place. Host of the a em ben are aH nbeaat from the
city at thia time. Net mere thaa a half doaea ptraoaa
were pneeat yeoterday at the ieaai hew of msetiag.
Reeetutioea with rasped te the mcttm of the AUaaUc
Telegraph cable had beea draws up, but wars aot tub
mitted aad will remain over till next UMettag. ?
Tbe followiag letter baa beea reneived fmm General
J Kilpetnck, aad will be read aad acted ipoa at the
aest meeting ? ^
cBiec5sr?.^3?r I
. Sm? I bare tbe.bener te aahnewtsdfa^erenelrtof your
?eller and the enetoaed reeeintioa of lhaakt that the Chamber
ef Ooaamen* at Hew Tart at* ?*s beea jlsasH te eeeerS
me fer my e<*iea m rsfsnaee i? the hsmhwdmsnt ?< Tet
|?s raise. I has* never Qsubtsd fer sea ssnmsat that I toot
the enly proper mnrie thnt eeuldhMe beta Ma, hi view
of the. many eentfettng eaaaMeas laieHud. byh ef a
national and sammintaT ilarainr, eat I m pf'";1 m
kaew that I Have rssswiid the isatiistll. r1* "?'I "5
thoM who now reside Id Vilfwilio, and h*?? nltnd from
l lie bunbtrdmftot While I truat I ahull never become ao
weak aa to adopt a wrong oourae for fear of public opinion,
jet I hop* I mar be ao foriuuale aa to receive for all my
aot?, and maintain to the end of life, the approbation and re
aped of the thinking lo/al utiaeua. I have the honor to be,
very rcapeetfully, your ob?<lient (errant.
The above communication wti made to Mr. Geo. Wil
son, Acting Secretary of the New York Clumber of Com
The Trip te the Nprtn**-" Faahlenable ?
Vlaltere? Who and Wlitl They Are, dcc.
Ba?atooa Srnnroa, July 22, 1809.
n hoith mu ?T?i?om
Like Mrs. Salrey Gamp, of CUirxlewltlan memory, I
am bl eased with a certain invisible friend whoes opinions
on the met -little questions of life form the major por
tion of my mental pabulum. The evening before my
departure for the "Queen of Watering Plaoaa," ^word
ing to our habit oo such Important occasions, this con
fidential adviser and myself held a consultation, at which
U was decided that the proper way to reach Saratoga was
most decidedly by the river route. The ^
course, superb, said my friend,
the steamboats ? oar great North river boate-parftct
floating palaces. I believe that my quoUUoni* accu
rate? perfect floating palaoe* l? saM to be quite ortho
dox in the literature of "putt" Did my friend ever
travel on the Daniel Drew T Did anybody ever travel on
that vessel, and take dinner aboard, and then call It
palatial T Breathes there such a man ! and he shoul ,
at once deliver himself over to Joyce Heth in ^wchea
Let not any worthy ctttsen delude himself with the Idea
that the original price lor the trip paid at the captain s
office U anything like the sum total for the (
voyage. First, tbore Is a stateroom, which ladies
will find absolutely necessary, that must be procured by
an additional payment. Then the itinerant musicians
are supported at the expense of the paR*ngen?; and
Anally, to avoid total inanition, the meals are obtained
at the cost of another draft on the exchequer, and con- j
gld?rable perquisites to the waiters. To call the proc?a*
of frantic deglutition which passengers undergo a dinner
is insulting to that ancient and respectable repast. After
a long trial of the patient element of human nature, o
plate of stained water, with flour plummet. floating on
the surface, is placed before "the feeders," as the
steward rails his patrons. The most attractive features
of the prandial programme, to an American audieucc
fish and chicken? are complacently reported to bo non e t,
and after testing the philosophical principle of durability
on your tooth, in contact with a piece of ironical roast
boor, you are driven to the last resort of the dinner-his
do-wort. Pick out daintily the golden orange, raise your
knife to the luscious fruit? the pride of Seville, the
boa-t of Cuba and Loulalana-lt Kant I in
meet the sacrillcial weapon. I?o I it w liw a ?
annle fntr to look upon, but axhes and bitterness to the
tiu?te ' For this sumptuous meal the sum of one doll ir
1h demanded. One dollar I Almighty dollar, hereafter
hide thv head. The cubin whore this princely repa.?t i is
served lor conaumptlon, but is not consumed the
banquet hall of "this floating palace,
miiv-three dishes of the bill <>r tare wre spread bel'.re
the confident imagination of the op'-n hrart?_i pressor
of the AUnighty dollar, is almost in t^l'?^b,lowtUrt
lowest deck, damp. stufTy and steamboaty, to ?"
unnreced-ntod In the annals of olfac'.ory experience. It
IC "hTamisHif the Daniel I.rew and it, |brot?
steamers would follow the example ot the vessel* that
ply on the Rhino, In serving the meals on deck, In a
LbiUblo atmosphere. The good whole^momealson
the German river Inrnlah a model which ihe Iltidso
boala might adopt with considerable improvement on
powent indigestible manner of Inveigling unso
^ jirsr sssrt?* .?-?? _ ? ?no
The New York Central railroad U another huge ?ono
poly overgrown with wealth and Impudence. If the
managors of this line have as much trouble to rnanlpu
lato a lobby a* tbelr patrons have to receive Pf,,P?r ~
lonlloa on the roed, the pun.hment Is fairly |?et?leut
In the large depot at Albany, a stranger might wander a
full moon seeking to discover the train to
?rtllM j, ih?r? it 11 u larce uliro but itooai w?ww
dtotiact tad amid a doiM ?? pa rata ^
that these plethoric monopolise genamuy as
?utne that the public know* Perfectly well al
the detail* of their management, and to be
uninformed on each an important topic is, with
loTaitible si?n ef the mo* Waeh.????
5^n^.d^nh^Auon7of that
ally polite, but ettberthe mismanagement or
riouanea* of the company cauaee tDr^MUble liKi*venl
ence te iu patrons. By pwtlM
the entrance lo U>e depot, passengers woeM i he enaweu
to march directly to the proper train, as it wm mmca we
t? them. In hot, all the employee should be uniform**
and if there waa no strong reaaon for ?U?J ? JSuSnM
itupidity, i*? ^
three-quartera ot ee hour el oonenectaay.
rocn is Bi*n.
The netroleum and bull and bear ariatocracv have
taken iSsratoga by ajorm. T^<?^n gaumiyr resorts w
^the^io^^e 'profligate* t*bs advonturius aadtt*
vulgar Were H not for tboee sparkl ng ^
bla cessele-sly. in the plenitude of nature a Joanty, the
MAMctiblo an d tha vtnuoua, would l??nf since nave wu
STSSSSe resort. as a phi^pMc rent emsn er
himself last evening to a eirc-le of aamtriag
friend s: Follow-citltene-ia hah* ^u,r^ " D,OBl^
wuion meeting.)-." ws^ Uvi^la ^he jge^
"T,* at ail inclined lo acknowledge the
Brat charge for. being dull men, they accepted it IMe
rally, and after a little beelieiioo. It was ?enerally con
coded that we live in the age of paper. Thea, the
philosophic gen lie mini rejoined. If this is not the ace of
r-aaon aa it existed la the time of the French Bevolu
tloa what is that daeliiag siren, driving the 'our-in
hind. but the goddess who waa drawn in triumph 'broogh
the strata of Paris? Oh I waa the general exrlsaislloe,
and the g ullemea tureed around to look st tho equlp
ase of baratoga. and the ladles put up their fane and
peeped at the imperial oortege of vlee as it P* . "
forw the eyes of vlrtea. Willi dne respect lo the partis
in the late discussion, I must opine tlist we an i liv ng
here under a regime combined of reason? m Tom I sin s
?snae of the wofil ?and of paper, in iu varous modlll
cation* of shoddy, petroleum and ball and bear.
TBB BAIX aooa.
It waa wall that you ahoold know tba atmospnere 11
which we live, snd then you may hett-T uod.r^d th.
subtle Influence which the presence l^rpr*t>> and
gamblerx exercise over the -paper
Ton -h.Ktdr and oetroleum commenced fs-htonsblejlfe
surrounded with hlaokleas and
This year the vicious effrct ot such an _
great world" is appareat In the social rtyle of thla new
photorracv The paper" men feed 1 th?^ r ason men.
and the let rer corrupt the morals "f
i!Z>l? SiSV?.
of a dress pattern , but every day they see n> mi
??s 5
sstsz. jfs;
linger so loeg outstd* the ballroom ' It coals only three
dollar* lo enter. It la In the hotel But the 'hotel poo
ifb: shas.'gft'; vzsJS
c balance the fair party replTia that, taking ma lor Tnra.
??ahe thought nhe would give me a up. Now 1 aa aot
Torn. I sai somebody else, but why
"tapped" in that extraordinary manner, at soch a time
and plaeet The why, I have attempted to aaeoual To*
the fact remains. It I* dene Inetde the ballroom
one M eet te get Involved In the numerous consp ractea
2d counter- ronspiracn* that have been nicely nun--ocled
in the ehsmbera ef the brain. Two si*ere oe oae wdeof
the room are playing s oonsultatlon game not ^?^
oh, no' matrimony Is the game, ladles ?d g? ntlim??
are the stakes and greenback* ?? >? aw^tor
fwhionaNe scliemer hm been
five saecesalve aiwnai, from y*er t?
a Mliag scale She commenced like tb* ?>>nr?le?
loan, a little above par. but Is new at "ch a woful d^
..... H M be totally uneurrent Crowds ? laoan
daiaea, with their unheal Uiy looking
teeth and troubled ah, make " ^nTTJe ^t
even more awkward and gawky thae they really are.
German haron, a Spanish couat, a^l Mro
who have Ihe Cockney aasu ranee to app^r in shooting
jack eta, make up the world of the beilreom.
Bnaaow Snujif, N. T., July 28, IMA
"rrraourra" niirarmurr.
The grand army of shoddy that has been march 'ng
over the land far the peat two meaths, has sect a power
ft! detachment ef the "petroleum" brlgnda te thla quiet
locality. It did not enter Schoharie county Hi (bar-In
haada, with money bag* clinking, H knew perfOctly wall
that each oonduet woeM net heflt the subdued tone of
the place In small skirmishing pswttse, through side
doors and backdoors, it came with maalthy atapa Into the
vary temple of exclaalveasa*. la tat iha petroleum
aristocracy la a distinct apoelea ef the geane aheddy It
partakw somewhat of the llhWIlag nature of I la
wealth, H insinuates tleelf lata eat lee, and alidea, or
rather slips lato good society. Far from attempting to
aetvte the faot people by |.s*gaoas>ss* af ettarnal* and
leudneas of daportment, it fenade Ma priaetpai nisrit an
n aarvUe Imitation at "the old style ? Like Moore 'o
Kptrsraaa, M eomas before yea with an affertalioo of
the dam af agea. Yea oaa aaa It hare at Sharon, la
dreaeea af medaat hue, pasadtav Ihe psrtlouaa, trying
to anlrap turn astra lata the exchange of monaaytla
htaa. lad thea hangina af Ma fcrer far a ami
afterward. adMfc petroleum fhmity generally bpa
one patroness among tha inade circle#, and thla
condescending personage to always the burden of their
conversation. Pawing one of three parvenu groups jrot
are son to hear that tfaar Mia. Jones haa been oomlag M
Sharon for the last thirty-two yean, and that lb*
Jones told me In confldenoe. and that the Joaeaaa an
distantly related to the Tbompeoaa. Sometimes a cllqoa
of the mushroom aristocracy la seated around a pillar
adjoining the habitual resort of the beat Woods. Ba
sooner do the scions of antiquity make their appearance
than the Boat lasidloua and frantic efforta are oa?
meaced on the pert of the new people to scratch aa a?
quaintanoe. ?? Mary," aaya the mother to a young pako.
leutn, "don't bother me any mora. Go and play i
that pretty tittle girl " The pretty UtUe girl la a i
ble pur tang; and a short while after the children 1
the loe the adult petroleums loee themselves la rtispa
rate admiration. Nothing will do bat the young Biak.
min must come to our room to- morrow and ke
sugared all over with bon-bons. The reeult is plate.
The intimacy of the children leads to some words eff
courtesy, ths acquaintance is scratched up, and, in tha
Imagination of one party, at least, a union of the fhatl
llee and a darling intimacy liee In the dim fetoeeL
Some of theee inaldioua toad estate are not quite aa
successful, and. in conseauenoe, their visagss wear a
tone of the blankeet reeignation. It is bon Um to play
chess, and of coarse the poor devils of inslnu
>nsldi " M '
consider it their bounden duty to muddle their ..
over the gambita for at leaet two hours of the evening
It la bonton to appear to be Intellectual ; therefore tka
caudida tee for good eoc ety must always have aa octave
In hand. Of oourae. tbeee lmitatora would be more fate
ionable than the lashionablee, more stopilYing than Um
stupid, more Brahmlntc&l than the Brahmins.
There is something repulsive In this servile toadylsas ?
this Chlneee limtatiou of the beau m>mele. It has all Um
Ignorance and vulgarity of the sboddyltes without ear
thing oi Its dash and brilliancy. The petroleums maybe
about you without your knowledge, they are aa prim aa
the prlmcat; If It was en regie to sbow abandn thaw
would exhibit it. They are trying convulsively to elutca
the skirts of good society, and their highest ambition la
to bo a noneutiiy among thoae antique entities who foraa
the beau meruit? in their own opinion. Shoddy cart* for
uo one ; it scatters its sequins around and says:? Look
at me. Am I not brill ant V Petroleum has n<> initiative.
It doesn't even poetess the boldness to appreciate its owa
value. It cries out In its weakness: ? I have struck
'?lie,1' it is true, but I am nothing? absolutely nothing.
Mr. Jones, of Jones' placo, Boston, savo by j our inont
gracious permission.
a raomoHARLB uonct. *
To Ira at the house on the hill is the great desideratum
at Sharon Springs. Tliec imedcla irrme shelters itself
under the root' of the Pavilion, and in the woras of fa
proprietor, "When you see the Pavilion you see Sha
ron. " Without stopping her,' to discuss the accuracy of
that oracular observation, let us discourse on the ameni
ties of (he hotel of Sharon par exoellenc ?, and ti en yoar
readers can decide if it constitutes in itself the suprema
cy of human del gbt. It may he heiesy to complain ot
anything ?o Inelliibly fashionable, but a bo\, called a
room, without a slnglo articiu of civilized furniture, ex.
? ept a bedstead, may excuse the presumption. No belle
in the nparunonta, no bells in the hall, uo mode of an
nouncing your existence to the helps, save by shouting
in stentorian tones. Surely to sbout can't be faahlva
ablo. !-'upi>oso you are In a picturesque costume, and aa
condescending domestic answers to your call, how are
your necessities to become known? in answer to thia
inquiry you are told at headquarter* that you must either
do without the article or come to the office. The reply
hears the stump ot iashionable boartl.seneas. To tell aa
Hg.tated bachelor, watting for his sbavlug water, that
he must come to the olflro. Even if the rooiaa
were rude n half century ago, common aenaa
would predict that fashionables must have tha
inner man provided for with decency. Quite the con
trary, on ail siuea lamentations are arising aa tha
fa -blonable mode of starvation adopted at the Pa v 11 taw.
1 he break fast of a novice is spoiled by pathetlo inter
vie^ between dilapidated ladies suffering from the fkie
and the lord high at ward of the banqueting hall Ika
announcement of dinner ia followed by a Himullaacnea
rush of the knowing ones, and succeeded by deaperata
atuck.i on the ediblea ? all iu the most fasbioualde stylet.
If primitive, not to say rude appointments, ooostituta
la-hiou; if homely (are, served at disciplinarian hour%
by unooutb ath-hdanis, is compensated by some impal
pable essence, then the Pavilion doeervea to rank aa tba
very temple of faahioa. It may be some satisfaction >?
know that all the waltera are heed centrea. It may ba
gratifying to the occupant that one of the moat aaetaak
dames of Ma<aacbuaetta, whose ancestors came over with,
the Pilgrims, reposed tier aristocratic limbs In thla rata
abode. There may be soaaethlng peculiarly exhilaraMav
la the sight of a dozen dowager* aad aa
woadea nutmeg capitalist* doriag over tha ,
tables; but If tha atmosphere of fashloa la
worth the price of board, then the Pavilion Hotel la
the scene of one t ontlnuous deception. It ia time
the sensible public aboald protest against thla pi
monioua style of betrt keeping. Flttv yarn ago I
management could b ? tot-rated, but unices the Boa if
mend their ways aud make aomo shqw of giving 1
received all their fashioaabte reputation will not
tbem from a inerlied downfall. Whan a gaeet la la
formed that lie must run tha riak of being
i a proprietor will buf a peas key next tail, if tha
eeaaea Is good, the time has o?aae for a little botal re
bellion matter muat not ba left lathe headaaf***
petroleums, foe n>r. M , pnthi?? s?i qutnteeseuea a*
delusiveness in sit this humbug; aad what la good Par
tha Brahmins muat ba tao good far tba parvaaaa Tha
deception has been praotleed long aaaugb; and anlsaa
there is a mighty nnaage Joint Stock will come doaa
here, aa in the caae of the Stetson House at Loaf
Branch, aelec saaaa eligible alia, aad build a botal that
will kill the f a?talouable daa In one slagle aaaaaa. , -
A OBAKD nor.
The Brut inllmati -a which la received of tbeee ak?
ordinary eatorlam meats prase ata Itaalf immediately
before dessert in iho shape of a aahsrriptlea list. Tha
next practical mugextioa oa the subject consists la tha
absence of the customary auperatrurturee of e dinner. K
is said that the man who dant subscribe la market
on a black llat, and woe be unto bim for the rset of Ma
davs at Sharon. Hut thia a only hearsay, and I tfo net
voaeli for lie accuracy. However, credatoua readsat
when you see thet a graad bap was glvea at tba M at
Freedom Hous\ by tea liberality of the proprietor, yam
know what it m-sna The ditsrsate betwuaa a glial
hop and a mere hop, ts la the presence of refresh analB
st the former, the latter is simply a dry entertain aleaL
So much for tha ostensible distinction; but for the graafl
bop there is a collection of currsacy, supposed to be ea
pendod la the purchase of Ice cream aad cakea. lkaaa
edibles, however, b?rng furnished to the detriments*
the dee*ert, a grand hop becomes resolved tato a |
revenue to tb-- hotel proprietor. At ftrst I waa
diaappoiated at contr huling to the noctarnel eae
of a mob of jue. niles, but when the bomd troth I
on my m nd. that lien? graad hop down among iba
extras, would be swept Into the fattened aad ladspeai
ent maw of the man behind ths desk. I was loet (a ak
miration at the generous way of gtviag a grand bop at a
fashionable hotel.
Bt'Br.i.tit Aanarru. ? Aa officer of lb? Fiftieth
clncf, whtl# patrolling hi* port night Wore last,
prod Uiat the "tare of Mr. Job* Brno, com*r of
??4 Orand avenue* bad been nMNd by tbo oellar way.
He awoko the proprietor and the two ta?t|tnted ? i
In th# promt*#*, when th#r found ? man named !~
Jenkia Hlttioa ai a hack halMooreaJoriageaadry IIMm
fmm a jug of whisker in hit poeewlon. Id anawar tat
tho inquiries of tho officer aa to what ha waa doiag am
tha prwmlxaa. he r?>plie<l? "Hlc? hir? What (hie) la
b?hic)lt la that roar hnrtaea* ? Oon't jrer ihle) we tM
I?ni> drtn'.iag nM ryrf" It wae subaequently aaeertalaaA
that after entennr the oellar be opened th# store daar
by m??on of a key which wae stolen from the premlaaa
two weeka previous. Th# prisoner waa taken befora
J untie# Cornwall, who bald him to ball to await KM
action of the Orand Jary.
Tax New Miutta Law ? Th' enrolment of penwa la
King* eonaty r-bj-et to do military duty under the la m
af the Mate haa b#en completed and the roll* Died la tie
otn< # of the County < lerk. Twenty thousand "peitlim"
bavr been mo*?ered br the oarer*. raraoaa who am
enrolled now have only two weeks la which la Ilia ?*
etnptions, if tbny hare aay , otbarwtee tb?y will ha baM
to doty.
0r**4TTTl Pu?mm ? A tneetlwr of operative pfca
tome waa held la Brooklyn oa Wednesday laat, wbea a
rale of the aorlety relating to appranllree waa taken ay
for diaeimatoa. The rale require* that on# maat#r me
chanic <b?ll not have mof than two appr#nticee, wbw
ahall b# r#(tiiariy Indentured far the tana of ronr yean,
th ? paper* a t Indenture to be fll?d with th? aoriMy Tha
rain wa* adopted. A r<"eol?ition waa adopted. al n?e?a
unanimously, demat.<1ln? aa iarraaee of wngee ftwit
f.t ">o to $4 per day, to take effect oa aad after tha tab
Th* Kbw Takttt or C*a Fan**? How nm Biaiaa
Wihwa. ?Mr. Christopher O'Bnlltvaa, a tailor by tn%
nad a man who read* tha telly newepepera, waa arraato#
day before yesterday oa the charge of dtaorderly aas
dnct but in reality for doing what any other ufllaaa
would do aad will do ? aaasrtlng hi* right* la a peanaaM*
manner. The facta Hi the cae# are aa fottew* ? Mr.
O'Bnlltvaa eot lato a car on Fulton (treat aad refeeed Ma
pay the raqmrad fare of aix cento ; in itou tkwaaf MB>
dered lire o#nt*. Th# condactor nfueed to aeeepl Mr.
O'^olllvaa'* mon#*, *ad la a maaaec partaking aeatewbaB
of the "bully." called apaa oMoer Owea Haymw
aa oBlc#r of the Forty aaoond pceelnot. to pat lite
oat. O'Huttlfaa waa hauled eot of laa aaar
la a eery roueb
the nation r
fr*?-t?oa of a real only L.
that betag unable to get aay ha affsred the roadnefcar
lira cent*. which waa take*, aad tb# officer cel'#d let
?mat him. Vrgeaat frnfte en heariag the caae. ocde rat
Mr. O'ftaUltraa to be ralaaead from cuatody.
Hnnra oa a F aaar* nay ?At atoraa o'clock eo Mat
Wednxerlay algbt, while one of tba Booaaralt ?tiaa4
ferryboma waa entering tba dock at tb# foot af Beat*
Herenth ?tr?-t. E p., an unknown man, dreaeed i? btarte
clotbee, and apparently abont forty-live yearn of age.
*t#pp#d oat from oaa of the oabtae and deliberately
walked orarboaid. Bflbrto ware gMdt to raacua blaa,
bat without aaooeaa.
Appllcnilwa (? Open tba Drhak.
?in **?* oomt? aaiwaai*
Before Judge Manard.
Acs. 1? /farriet ft Ckrktf aft /Ml 9. Clm* k?l?
thu ease a* appltaattoa la aaar made la aat aatda Ma to
oaaet takaa *oma wa#ka alaaa. After baarlag attain*
fram Mr Clark fWr tba motlaa aad Mr Bfcakmiia ?
l^oaed, J idga Barnard u>?k tba fafwani laaamrt Mi

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