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An Imperial Entertainment at
Ac. Ac.
st. Psrmaarita, Augnct 24. lwuv
Te; terday (he Emperor gavo a dinner at tho Palace of
Peterboff to the Americans who had been presented to
fcfm, at which tn attendance a large and brilliant
portion or tho Court, together with officers of the army
?ud navy of the hi best rank, and one or two distin
guished foreljlJ officials.
There were present, of the Imperial family, their Ma
Jesiles the I'mperor and Km pro*s,
The Grand Duchess llaria.
The t>rand Duchess ('enfant. ne.
Tho Grand Dhche?s Eugene.
The Grand Dukes, sons of the Emperor, and, iudeed,
?H the ro;. al family.
Tbe American guest* present were Mr. Fox^Genrrnl
Clay, Ccmmandfn Murray and Beaumont, Pecretary
?urtln, Lieutenant Commander Prlti-haH, Paymaster
Post, Chief Engineer* A.lams and lattimer, Mewr->.
Green and Laub-tt, Dr. Evan*, or Pari*, and Oscar U.
Sawyer, of New York.
Tbe dinner was, or eourne, an elegant affair.
Tbe iadtcii' toilets were brrthant.
For the first time In the memory nr man or In the tra
ditions of I lie Imperial hou-s) the Emperor arose In bin
?eat and tokine n giafs said In French: ? "1 propose the
beallh of the United States slid tho American deputation,
and the continued K<?od relations between lite two na
tion". "
Die company of c?nr?e ro?e when tbe Emperor stood,
and sat down after be bud ial>eo bis neat.
There was of course no res(mn-e, but there wag some
Clinking of tiassr? and many siens of endorsement of
tbio m<wt public and mark >1 expression of tbe Emperor's
?eutimentM towards iho United States.
Art m ral Lesaovsky *t once translated tbe toast into
Vnglish, but 1 believe I have the official and correct
translation above.
It is too late at ibis hour t? remark opon tbe cffcct of
bta Mnjeetv's spce< b.
W are off to Moscow In a f^vr m'nutes, and I have but
(be c banco to mention the other matters of the day.
The effect of tho spoech was probably not lost on Gene
ral Mnuteuffel, the Prussian officer who Is here on a
?peclal mission to the Emperor rrom the King of I'rua-iu
la tbe evening wo went to
a ih/riit riu
at the English palace, tho residence of the Grand
Doehees Maria. It fm a splendid air?tr. All the ladies
of Uie Court and moat of Hie Imperial family were pr?
?esL Commander Murray, iniiehalfof the oHicers of
the American ships, maiie a bnet address and presented
??e tbou and roubles Tor the object. The Grand I)uche?
feci veil tho money with many thanks and with evident
I shall giro additional details of tbe dinner and bail in
?sy next.
We learo at once for Mo>cow.
tawppward Fenian Movements? The Ignited
W*l? ta be Held Iteapaaelble -KNtflmid
Called I'pon to Declare War If the litvitalnn
la Renewed? I'uutiuuatiou of the Canadian
Scare, ?ke.
Touotto, C. W. , Sept 12, 1SG?.
11k* Hamilton Times, Oiuwa Put, Montreal //? add and
Bio Oiahe urgo tbat the whole American people and
iment are responsible for the war wa^mi by (be
JF*nlan* on Canada, and that Kngland muit tniiat on it#
?oppression or declare war. The paper* dlacuM nothing
bat Fenian Um, ou which aubject the Toronto Globr ap
pear* pwfootly cr tzed. It nrgee the arrant of everybody
with an IrUIAmerican look. It state* that a large car
pet etore wan attempted to he tired on Monday night by
JTenlnna; bat In fact there wac no attempted ioceodla
rfctn It all. It givo* name* of placr-e that are to be lir'd
?nd attacked, a* if it m in potueemun of all the Fenian
Beoiete and movement.
Brautford la in gioat alarm, the people and authorities
Believing thet an advanc* guard of Keniana bu arrived
?here. Tiie town aud t eiuity are ewarmtn* with it range
Sharaotera, and the Home Guard bad been ordered on
daty. an aicr*ioo party trom London to Cleveland, on
Friday iaet, bad to leave the latter place auitdenly
aa account of fearing an attack from a Fealaa mob.
Several voluntas ccmpauie* from both Upper and
liewer Cnaada are dlabeudlng on accoant of unpopular
Mppeiatment* and o'ber caur?a.
The Rngliih Adjutant General McPougall bat become
vin unpopular.
Itie Tor
Forouto Hibernian Society bail an excursion to
Lewlet'io yeelerday, where thoy were addrewed by
Michael Hurphy, tt.elr ftlMtlWM. Ho ???.|.ru??l hi? con
ttnued oppoettton in attack in r Canada Cboois, however,
were given for General O'XelL
Ottawa, Sept It, 1M4.
Beveral eonepiraone persons are travelling through
Chnada, and other*, who an supposed to be Fenians, or
Vbnisn agents, are noticed travelling on the eara and
getting off at obscure place* Soma suppoee that they
are distributing themselves aloux the ra.lroads, canal*
??4 telegraph line*, fur ttio M? of cutting them
aad throwing the cvmtry Into premature excitement, to
b*i when Uie real t'eoiaa attack ta made the people
will be oil their guard, uoostderabie aaxietv prevail*.
The II earner ae.gcd at Montreal on (uapicioo of bring a
fee lan trauaport baa nut yet been released.
IIITUIIV V* pUVlUgrBpill Win
erbiok eold qui kly at good prlc a;
file lock b Co., of Hew Tort, w
?Tkwtbera aspect, ' feeding off wit
The trtitb day of the book trade sale waa bald by
Meat*. Leavltt, Str*belgh k Co , yeauiday, when re
yreeentallvee from North and South, aa of old, were pro
pent, and instead of prlcee falling, U would aaem
Mat furchaeent think the more book* they hoy the
?en they want, as hooka are br luglng good prlcee. aad
Ibe demand for "balance" la ao great tbat the "knigbte
0t the hammer" tad It d Jtcult ta decide to the eettafac
(ioi ef all aa to who shall be Ike fortunate pur
ahaaeri, the quantities beijg Halted. The
day'* Mile opened w'th Mewr* Taber b Cos
Invoice ef photographs and porcelain tmnsparenclee.
IS followed by Messm
iIium hotki kift A
aspect," leading off with Belle Boyd'* book,
-vhlsh brought the jobbing price. Mr. Dootady'a tavoloe
af Mtaoallaaeoua booka, audi aa "dtlmaoa '* Gypetea," eold
?t fl H>; "Only a Woman a Heart, ' at |1, ending with
Hotblng to wear, ' at forty oaeeeata, passed off rapidly,
tbea ceaie the Boetou publisher, leering, whoee pablka
Mom, among which are Mm Warren's IMtie book,
?'How I Managed my Houae on RS.000 a Tear," with
??Ooaiferta for Small Incomes," at thirty cento, wbteb
n large eale. Meat Sever k Fraeci*. as wall as a
Msg* I let of publication* of Tilton k Co., followed. Bal
tech'* "Age of Table" eold at |1 *>. Kooch Afdon,
artlets' edition, at fl 80; Homorby * edition of Teonl
aea'a work* foond a rapid sale at |i Among ether
pooka was offered the Tailor Boy; a Youth'* Life of
Andrew John *on." Beveral of the radicala preeent un
dertook es nraai to Insult the President by bidding froa
?n* eeat to two eenta ; bat the conservative ele
meat came to t.ie ree- "e *nd the lot went off
at n good prtoe, mn-li to th* chagrin of the
fenny-antera. Moaira. t^>rbold b Holt h*d n Inrge In
Wolee of W H. Appleton'* Juvenile standard work*,
which drew n very large crowd, and eioelieat price*
were obtained. The day cl'>aed with the mleeellaneo'ia
work* in lb* Hat of M*a*ra Aahmead b Evan*, of Phila
delphia; M*a*r* Tagiard b Thora ! ????, of Boston, and
the larye theoiogtcal liet of /ame* i ?txtoa, of Ptilladel
rb la. To day M> Te will h? *n eilen- ve aale of Cathol e
?oka, wbirh wilt be followed Uy l envy con?gnmcnui
from rartou* Bnglab bouaaa.
Among the pamengir* per cteamahip Fulton, arrived
festirday morning, U Uie Hot. W. Kapler, lirotherof
Lord Nep er, late tt>argt d'ajfo irrt to the I nited fftatee,
be Intend* to locate permanenUy la the Called States aa
? farmer.
Tiie following I* a list of Americans r?f1*#ered during
Bin w rk en i ng Au<n*t 11, lHdd ? M W Trotter, J l?
?via, Tbetnae it. toanoNy, H f. i nrkin*. J. W t??a,
*<d vlri Ilavenport, William J latbrop, jr., Theodore
>err>-. General 1* Jeudre Hiraca H, flerik, tfr and Hra.
Hamilton, r-eren* I) Nirkere-in, 0> CL Jack?oa. K. A.
Butro, I'bnmian At, Mm Htearn* and family. Mr. aad
Mrs. t. Hid war. Tliomaa I. RiilMt, J. K alttredge,
Mtaa Rittre<lge, K. C Taft, S. W Mealy, B. A. Neile-n,
Wlllura Kot/h, Me. and lira A Hk iirker. Ml** Mary
Parker, fl, f. Curtia, Mr*. R f?. Bird and l. mlly, Henry
H*rrlRM>, ft. C ??lii? .n. Br V I. H*lgbt, Mr and Mm
William A Hoeeiv. Mi*a a.id M**i*ra t.'oned, Wm t. Fad
Bock, P. trawaer.ibiald, Mm. and Ml*a Cro*aee?lil*ld,
Mr and Mra. F. 9. Oentlier, lira. 9, Ttllon, Arnold
Bfegne, B R Andm*% R B Hi.eridan, Mary K. 0af*ar<1,
Hr and Mm W fell, Charlae Vilkmer. 9. de Ba rrf.
??nry Bare*. Wan H. Appietnn, A M Ftncb. Mr. and
Mm. Geo Ben, M ?? M n, Towri'end Han"*, Mr and
Mm T. M Hooitrr, Mtn Blna Bowland, Mr and Bra.
%r? ? G Flab, I>, B Taylor, B F. Keruocbaa, F. tt. Kin
a Mm flicartf, M je Kai.ny G. Hunt, Mia* C. B.
nkvaaa. Mm C. A. Coleman, C. C. C^emaa, H. W,
al*ck?.ia, K 0, r nrkiiey, Th ? .,p??n Flarkaer, Cl>aa H.
Vlhhard J H Tamior, F t) B*ner, flee W. Icaac*, A. fl,
fiton, H AH Ayeraad lady, Henry W. Green, t ha* K.
Bree? Abrath French, Wm A fetnch, I>r. S. D. Ward,
Mr and Mr* U B Ward. K*v t? P. Hasimend and la<iy,
p'm a. Hudd 'ii, i) M. l-eetbe man, W, G. C. Moorbeed,
p. C M. Weld, W .9. JarrkL W m de J an<>y Way, Hi.
RBd Mri. X* b.BoovM. It. 7. % t ran*, U W. Barusu ,
ThNii?4> of Hnndlaatiaai Coalia Over to
Hftule In .UlMirl-Baw They Are Ueveraed
Kb ItoDir, Arc., Ace.
The Huuld bu already annonnced tbe departure or
?bout five hundred Scandinavian emigrant*, who re
cently arrived here by the steamer Ottawa, for their new
home* on the lands or tbe southwest brunch of the P ?
cllic Railroad. Last evening Major Bommers Knight, of
Donueherg, and Captain Kruiger, of the Danish Ma
rine, accompanied by General MoKinatry, of this
city, left for St. Louis, to supervise the settlem"nt
of oar newly adopted citizen* Tbe governments of
Denmark, Hweden aud Norway have taken a very lively
interest In the recces of tbe American Emigrant Aid
and Momeriii-ud Company, under whose auspices these
emigrants hare sought our shores. This interest is espe
cially maijiicst.il by tbe appointment by tbe King of
Denmark ol" M:ij?r .-'"lunieru and Captain Kreiger to at
tend the emlgiant* and i ouduct them to their uew homes
In the West On returning to Denmark, after
tlie completion of their tonr In Missouri,
their leporl tn tbe government will no doubt
greatly stimulate the spirit of emigration now
irir.oifertod by the inhabitant* of the ghoreii of the lUltic.
Major 8omrncrs will then t*ke up UIh residence in < o|>cn
ha^en. for the purpo-n of K'iperltiteudlDg the embarka
tion of ei'^ht thousand Scandinavians wbodoslgn to make
Missouri their futnre home. The Ottawa returns to Co
penhagen on tho 16th instant. with a full '-argo, and on
the kaine day the seoond new steamship of the line, the
Utenhelgeo, will leavo that city for this port with a large
numb i of emigrant*. The system adopted by the com
pany for the management of the cml|ruiis ?i n/u(? m
entirely new aud very effective. Before embark I ne in
Kurope they ure divided luto companies of fifties.
Bach company' tlien selects a captain and fore
man, through whom all orders ure commu
nicated on the luiseage. A muster roll ex
biblts the nge, nationality and occupation of each
nicmb' r. Tho foreman l? responsible for the sob datence
and police regulations of his company. I'pou tlie arrival
of Hie steamer at tins port she is boarded by an agent of
tbe company, who chet kit all tho baggage, hautiiug the
check* to the foreman, together with railroad tickets to
St. 1 ouih When the emlarants arrive at Kolla, Mo , tho
muster rolls are retarued to C'o|Kjiiiiag.ii, with renisrka
opposite each name, showing th^ section of land pur
aliased, occupation adopted, aud PostOIHce ad.lress, all
of which is duly registered for the benefit of inquiring
friends in Fatherland. Every facility la extended by the
company to ?nable tbe emigrant to become established
on a farm or homestead of his own, after tbe plan now
adopted in fecundinavian Kurope.
Il-'rotn the ."pringfleld Republican, AngnstRt.]
Tlie ncurrlloaB lauruwe nt<pU"<1 to the President m
r manifestation of the violence ol our presnj' pon
tic* th'it taeteilimily tn a! I rtght-miiidd mrr..
A republican convention at Heading, I'a , the othar day
adopted resolution* prepared by J. W. I ort.ey, Clerk of
Uio United K ate- hen-ito, in which tbe Provident U ehir
aotcrlzed as -the itH'nmnu$ An'lrfw Jultrt. n" ?"?' "Ihe
autti mwl' I'r tul'Ht by H'lUt* /hulk," and n a spo.-ch to
the Convention Forney applied to the /V-jn / 'U >till mtr
opprnttri, 114 r/nthet.' Th- ??UlrinU of I'Mludclplii " ri t?i.
same spirit, decline to pay oRh-'al ir-.- (??-.?t t.? tin ?
deul di:r.nj[ In* visit to ili?ir city thin weak on Im? nay
to Chicago. .Several of the Cblrifco papers are
langtia.o in reference to the President's v -it, the natural
effect of which will bate injtatH* the pauinut nf the, ii/nn
ruttl iimJ Intuit rai tn Ike ttflr.rimi if per: no I in u". In
thr PretiilenL If he i? not treated I bore 111 a hhuiht
to brin# disgrace ujmn the city and the whole country, tt
will not lie tierauae these newspapers have not done n.l
they could to provoke eo dlngno-etul an exhibition. Ii i*
true tliat the prcgident lias descended to t!e> same l.-vel
in Home of hi public speeches, and ha* shown an ir.tire
Incapacity to distinguish Andrew Tohneon rh President
froin Audruw Johnson aa an ambitious politician. II u l
the people nwu it to thomsolvaa and to the honor of tl.e
government and the nation to make this distinction.
Thu Prtw.dent goo* to Chicago a* President of the 1 mud
States. In till* eajvtcity he in untitled to rrtpert, an J ony
wvhJkiMhifi nf tjluial tnurtrryfrom Aim trcati-r of p-ir until
nr political rtiJik* will be mot! ili/grarrful. I' hidicatet
trrwn iltgcnero' y in puhlir mr'U a 'id >* mum I hat ih' r
thuula be rurfm to opyyhtmi any nt/'A dityrtue, but tucJi
ii iMoutly the furt.
I'ha public temper need* to be calmed, not lnl;.imed
The question* pending require ei??l head* mid steady
hands fur ihiiit eafa adjustment. NoUrii# "> ^'ul:.<d to
the argument by one party denouncing the other a*
trsitors, Hn<l I be other retorting with the cry of dis
uuloniKtH. All alike protean to seek the speedy and > on
pi?te reatoiatlon of the Union upon Juct principle ri.
Whoever can < onir.buie auytblng to popular ii.fori lailun
aa to Ibis- pr.nciples and their proper at pit ulton. let
him -|ie-ik. Hf ul,n ran d> vn'hiv] tut cull nam-' hail
h'tt r ?i itttid' He tau ancoinpliah nothiiiK but mUchlef.
[t'rom the New Haven Journal (republicmi), Augiml to.)
In view of lb" l're-ldcnt'K pro^rien thro nth a poriion
nl the ( nited sutiew, We proteat a^ulnal the iniUiiiinii
tory d nnn* intlon* ugaiiiKi tb'' he.id of the i.un n, who,
whatever noilta he' may have ? omniilted, ha* not bovn
it'tpeai'hed in bU hiab tfflce, and ought to he honored
by all the Aniim-an peup'n, ax the ll.iile teoi he? in to
honor our chief ruler* Scurrilous hmctiace hi piled to
th'4 Freatdem nf the l ultcd 8t4tea hy a purtiKun pre*a
?ho'ilil Ih> frowned upon by every good man iu the com
monwealth. This would not in Hie leant decree hinder
Hie criticism njmn tiur ua'ioual affalrn, and the
|>e pie uwe it to lUentaeh e* to n.ake a clear di-tln- tlort
between violent aril undijjtulied abu*e of the Chief
Maglrlia'e and a warm di?eti*,|oD of hla a in or poacjr.
run lUV li?l> ?WLOIKK*' U ttVKMTI'N.
[Kr. m the Hartford Couianl (rep.) Au^u?t 20.)
Tl.ern In lo be a convention at Cleveland, Otito, ne*t
month, of (Oldl> r* ai d *a ora, wh ?u*tam the platform
of lb" la e I'hIJadelph a Couveniion. We regret lo aee
in acme ol our republican ez< iiatige* an un<|Bnilfled eon*
d*nir.atinn of the inen who ha e Kl^ried the call, and the
appllca'lon ol au- b term* m mwardt unit pottrmmi Vt
firm and to ail whit thall at 'mil the amivntvm. While It
la eminently proper to condtmn auch measures aa may
aeem to na hoetile to the lieat lnternau of the country,
the I'nlon republican party will gain nothing, but lo e
viiu eA, bu marling 'n p-rnmal diJamatUm Am.ing the
?igna'.uree to the rail for tbe Cleveland Convention am
uiunv name* which have kd led luatre to the annala of
the lali war for the In on ? itamn of br art mm, who
fought fa UtrUly, and , in many iomi, pmtrrd uut (A mr blood
for the god rnw Shall ncK man br trrmni rwanti
?i d p Vmmt, br rai tr Uu-y do mot, forntth, happen
to fkint and art prt ittly at uv do f Han it come to thin,
thataU men muat think alike, and act alike; that roc
arience and Jndgm' ut ahaJI real alone with um party,
wboae prerogative it rhall be to alt down in the temple
ol hla own conceit, and thank Ood "we are not aa other
men, extortioner*, adulterer*, etaf" We Kttd letter '?
phbliram t'lim tmh rtpahltamt.
The I'niin part / rannut ajf-d to Utnn* ? party nf
Rrovn,l>w and Ntenrnui. ha aelf foapeel, to aay t.otb
lag of rt? blight reiora iu the pant, demandt ar>methln(
higher and better. We have never loet any thing rut hy
appealing to the rranin of mea What aecww ty, then, ir
there now for appealing to low pajeionif The taagihle
proof the party g tva of lla ability to aava the I'nlon ta evl
deuce that It can maintain the I'nloa, If (ood eoanaeU
will he listened to. But if men are to be abused
for opinlon'i aeke: tf the ataodard of ad
misaion to the party is to be placed above reason and
common aaaae, on the vary pinnacle of fanaticism and
proecript' <n, the opportunity will to lost, end th. party
will d e in the hous* ol tboee who call themaevea iu
be>t (rend*.
While we have do ayaipatby whatever with the ro
called Philadelphia movement, the polltica' trickery of
which lac^rrerltif up. for the ttine tolng, the pro-'ebel
and the |>ro demo<- ratio element of atrength wbteh It
mainly raliea upon for sufcaaa is so traaepareat that it
ftimmir 'hrougb a blind man's eya."
yet wa would not d^pu'e the right of eoldiera and
sailors (o a^-mSie In Cleveland to endorse the moxe
meat. ??r etuop to that luw |>ar1iaafishlp which would
call theee man, who bate famlabed tke baet evidence of
their loyalty and bravery, cowards and poltrouna. Om i
t'nUm rrpmlicaniim anal*/ thai kind
Revesgefsl Frrsrlir ?f th* fSlrl'a Wathrr -
Nslclds sf,lk( Wretrked < rlniinel.
(VYom the Kanaahee (Illinois) Gaze*'e ]
Some four yaara since a aisn named John (tbraeht
name to live with Mr N H Hansen, la the town of
Pilot, Kaakakee county, where ha hae resided moat of
the iibk, until Just before the occur renoe we are about
Ui narrate Ohrecht aaa a man sboat II fly years of age,
a i.erman hy hirtli, and was considered by bis neighbors
a, paacefnl and inolfewdve citisan, and *ih:biied no
atgae or symptoms of a nature *?> gma< and beastly aa
tbst which developed iteelf so au tdenly In Iheir midst,
aad which proved him at heart a most wicked and soul
laea Vlliain.
Hr Nansea bad a llltla .'augbter enrht years of age
a bruin, intelligent little girl, who was balored by au
who kn> w her for bar winning wave and Innocent inan
nera dhe was treated klr.dly by Obrecht, by whom abo
wan raree-e d and am need, till aha came ta look upoa
him la childlike confident e and affection, and ihos ba
woa hsr. aa it wete, lo himself. On or slioot the 20th
of Augurt. (Anilt, i el,, tber pronpted by a fiend m
earaa'e, or lt*l on bf hla owl de<-p aeated deptavtty
and lost. o. .i cruelly aad brutally ravished the |? or
little colld, with e?en aa altar repetition of the
dreadf I aad damnable crime. Mr* Kaaaea aooa
b~?m? swsre of the terrible wrong dona btr tiute
girl, when, from totting* of disgust, matereal pity and
pamtni). aad a most r.gbteoos deaire lo avenge the treat
wrong the flaw at him laafrentynf r*t *he fougbt
htm with th ? aaonMCtoas ferocity m a ti*t . she imota
him alsnoel senseleee the mark 'if her elan )< r hands
were visible upoa hts fsraaadl irehead, but. at lest, find
lag she wsa 1'ieerlees to crush the wretch neforw her,
aba *?ised the ate aa I iu*h d upoa him in bar fury, and
would have brained bin on li e mm', bat he avoided her
and tied though feeble whs hi* >)(hi
Obr?cht then went to Ike bouse Ol an old friend snd
araosintatire, Mr tawrnn a Harsher. Ttiis wa* or the
kvd day of August A too I four o eio k la the sfiernen
ofthai dav Mr aud Mrs- lisraher returned h ti s. and
when Mrs Hsrsb*r entered tbe kltclisn pen of her bouse
a ghaaily and rutrtueg s|?eiai!le m?t her ge*e. H *r
ecreams of I right aad terror alarme-l ilia nelgl>>>of%ood,
aad Mr Harsner hastened to find oat abat ?i. il>e mat>
t?r, wbea lo: before b m bung U.e dead hod r of John
Obreoht, suspended by a sn ail pi. e of rope Which be
bed faatt-ned to a joist overhead, bating deed a ebeif for
tbe purpose, acd from whirh it is e> | |??ed to el?||?<t
off wton to had securely placed th* noose around toe
aeck. His feat was placed nn the Boor '-eide the chair,
and htg t.'.d r htii.f iii.wn close by It ? the abair apper
eatiy undisi'irhvd n the poamon is tthiclt he had pi*o?4
K, as If to had 4. -<4 with , it a si'tiggU
H?S f*01 nWTKti
Potrt t?s Uimot, Sept 19, I'M.
Vr J. W. Priaea. I n'u-d ?ttt*? Volunteer*, hae leeg
*ts;>oAad at the i a|?a ? querent aa gftogp. Dr T. K.
Wii'og, lata PKdeweey of t'n!?> Callage, ftrbenaoad/,
to* been gpptfe-e* see steel ^ae'e I ? ? ? *'sr
A de acliigeuf 0t the rtflh I hi ted Utae artillery, eon.
Meting af siMeeif aier nader lieutenant M. C <iriar
lad tor Rai u more to day eaa ran* to >?!a tto toiieriag of
tto neMaaat stat- jm+M lus is*
Valentin and the Surrounding of the
European End.
How the Great Telegraphic Apparatus
Is Regarded.
Its Income from flic IVew
York Herald.
The Injuries which It Bears to
the Farmers
He* Iw. !??
Kon.atmikKi'1, Ireland, A'iguat 26, ISflfl.
Few peraon*, prevloua to tho auccewiful laying of thn
Atlantic ruble. worn even of the existence of mich
an iRlnnd M Valrntla, and still fe*rr had ever heard of
thn Bay of Foilhaminenjm , nor i? this to l>? wondered
at. Valentin iu Itaelf la a vary Inalgnlflcant ajiot, and
both It and Follhamtnerum aeldom And n place In an
eicntor modern maps. Now the ea?o la entirely dlflbr
ant; ax the European terminus of the great Anglo
American cabin, no arnoll atleution la dlrortcd to it, and
low tour lets In Ireland neglect paying it a visit
now to err thkkk.
Americans, In addition to their other virtue., are
rapidly attaining notoriety a* the tallest traveller* In
the world; and ahould any of tliem, during their Eu
ropean tour, wUh to call here, It tmy be well they
should know tho route, as well oh what they may hopo
to pee on their arrival. To tho lonner tank I will at once
ro*l?u myself, and oh I do an the rnraorahtanne of ray
own .Inanity h<-re risen before me. and I am a'moxt con
strained to ofi-r PrnrK'i advice to Intending IScuedlct*
to Intending v sitorg ? i. "l>on't. "
Yon of r.oune land here, that I*, ptosoni n , jnn have
not come over by the cable Itself, not nt th? rate of
%'?> a word, but in the manner kno*n to athlete* aa
"hand over Mat" I aay, preauiuiov a dno regard for
health hap amutralnntf you to tako tr.m pollution by the
iiafer modo of steamer. yon will Ua1 ut Queenatown.
Hero yon will be eyed attspi- iotmly ax a Fenian by the
"jioIIh," and, ten to one, will l>e eonxtdrrJ ..n emi?*
?ry of the C. 0. 1. R , :ind put under r.lomi eap< nago.
You will be rudely handled, to ascertain whether yon
may not have "OOBusaled wipona" aftoat yon, ^j.d your
trunks will be orerbauled In Hie hope of a dlenovTy of
tobacco, cigar* or other rombuaUhln^ which, if round,
will bo conUacated for the i 9fl and Imuetit ol the loyal
and prc-cmiuontly vtrtuou* officials. Ami then the
beggar* will welcome yon, and pray for blexaiug on
'"yer honor'* pur?y face" and the "darltni lady," tintll,
hailing a Jurvie, you eacap-, sad ta!.e u if! ' <o at ih"
fluef t harbor iu Irulaud.
In appnaranc* it reae.Ahl** very much the magnllk-ont
berNor of New York. It entrance la gnarde 1 by two
excellent forta- Carlisle and 'Hmden?Whirh hsrmoni/e
with thoan of Hamilton and Xtchuiond, while t'.e plai>
of IjUayetle ia supplied admirably b> hpike L*! and, the
large?t and mwt area re prison iu Ireland. There " a
aplondid depth of water, neellent anrhorage *nd ibe
ac.'U'-rv Ih perhaps ?nsurpar*"d *!aewl.ere In a watering
place. And y?| efforts hi*" bene made to make rf It a
packet elation bat *oanxio<i* ia tho Koglisb government
for the iiuproveaseut of IruUnd, Usui th<*e effort! hate
been perfectly futile. Tbiee war vo??<tlH keep a couTtuit
look oat for the Kenlant, while tliolr officer* conduct
theiiiaelvee on abore In a d *gran*tal stunner, bit fully
In accordance with ttte voliieneea i?) for wbl-'i Rugltah
offUera are ao in U*I
Apropos of thin, Lord I/iutli, a p..dg> , red roan,
hOK Imen here ?ome Ume In hi? yacht, ra'h>>r a tidy craft
ot alaiiit one hundivd and aeventy-ire tone (atoop).
Koch evening be and tlm vartoua oifioer* of reflmonta
atationed la the neighborhood vtatt Uueea/M< -*n. and
earn, on In a moat dtsgracerul manner, (Inglng immoral
tialiada, Inaultirg frmalea and ?U' h tnnoceut aoi r<e
monU until long peat mtdntght. when hie 'ord.lnp and
party Mart on a special train lor Cork, where they flniah
tbelr oryiea. In the 'are of tltia Knglacd U?aw of the
?quabl* way in which ?b* me to* lav u> itch and poor.
rm< w qunnamwa t>> ?aj>*tia.
How 1 am waudrnng Iron ay aelMmpoead t**k.
Dl^ramon ta oua of my foiling* Mid fun mart boar with
ma. I Boat, hownvor, bring ja a down to Valentin, mo
wab?ratake tb* "lean" for Cork pa? thresh that
?oJern AUten?, as tl U callcd. We t-aonoi pauae to ad
mire tbe pleasant watara of the River Dee, aor ji Lb*
ataeple of Bbandoa, who*a hall* hav* been rendered mi
famou* by FalMr Proot (1 have b*ard tbetn, and prefer
ib*e of Trinity), but must h eaten to Mallow, postponing
oar vMit to Biarnar and lta grove* fur another oocaatnn.
Kr-im Mallow wa ride to Kille.-i>-*y, ajtd h ?re oar iuuritey
proper onamenoea The far lamed K'llarney la forty
Are mi lea Irom Cablnlvaan, which dteunr* henu.be
travailed on an oatefde mall car or ptfvaui teiiH*, er
rordlng to the taete ami b.natia of tlie tou/iet NotbiaK
oaa he ?f n n pew.ig Uiro-i*b Killari>*y, or rather lie
una utmet, that wo., Id warrant U>e high tern,* In *1, ti it
haa bo?n *|>oken of by poet a aad iUtrr^Umn, but we are
an p?Mered t/T haggara that wa have not much time to
look roun<1 The ,?i meaditema are *v?o rnor- pertt*t
eat then thoe? we bava cnroualered et (Jtwx-aatnara
They lot low tbe car for needy two inlie- oat of (be
town end elmoet drive ne tn* l by tbelr latportualtle*
Along tbe road f'OJi Killereeyto Kill /yltn we ?**
port.-'U* of tbe maeh ulkro of arenery of the moantalna
ai d lake* Tbe Reaka of MrOllliei>d<ljr appe ar to mat
vlveatag", and we wi'? tally register a vow to ape lid a
few daya litre uo 00 r return trip
Tiuf*l or m tow*.
For a tmall unrn yueea Blown la ratbar Heonahlog.
Hunitrede of i-mitfraiiu p*.w tbrn<gb ilallr, and an it ta
not an dill an the gaoenUlty of Irleb nwni It differ*
frvrn Rome mainly in being bout on one inetaad .f eevrn
hill*, and aaid br peraone who oogliir know," to ra
aenihle Cooataut nopla. I oau't aee it.
111a taaawAa o wtmt.
la a Ml Kaatmen. I ran't aay what emolument ha re.
i?ivr> inr hia kivi m Tr ra (be t nlted State* govern
merit, bot I know he "tnakee o?t" vary well The
American flag 11 -*U oataldn of a Mr Dawana 'a atore It
>? a greet pi i r Uiat a ? r itlny of aonie eon cannot bo
had over our I'm led Stale* eonauia la diObroat ponton*
of the world, aeelng that they hold, aa it w?re Uie rep
rrMPnUUIon of oar government in Iheir keeping, and
?ban Id lie made aero <in table fur 1 he truat
Farther nn ?nai> Ofieen uilee lie flue Pay of IMhgle
I r wente liarlf to our 1 tew, and t'.e ride aioag the baao
of the Ilninff M niuUiaa la jaatly a??led oae of the
' fiseet la Ireland, ?n ' perhapa la Kwiye " Hat la a
abort tlmn tbta magnnw-eni wen. m hi-Men frooi ue by
a torn ta tha road, aad for the rrm*l Oder of the jo<ira#y
we peia 1.. rough a conairy ae wild, aarniuratad and do
v<>ld of Internet aa any in tbe wi rld. >> ' aaionally, aad
at laierva'a of one or two mi lea, we me a aotltary m id
h'iv?l and a pile of turf, the ^uly aigta of aKIlitatloa
viable. The c^tiatry It of thr bl?aki a , Ui<> land a mm
pleie b on, but tho atogle talograph wire oa IU white pole
admon *hee oa that wear* oa tbe Mad to V a lea 11%
Afier a weery ride of all or aevrn honrt, we nnw nam*
la algh'. 'if Cahirstvat a, but lief.ire aatertag the village
?n oid hi iiao la mlae la pole <-d out to oa ae tbe btrUi
ptaee of no law a (oretiage than Denial O'Ooenell, tho
graat tciator. O ? > m, ll utaada al ute a* tha only m?n
ol B'.e ever prrxj??>-d I y K'rry, aad tadead with the
?In^lr ejt "p loe a (avi r ><f Kiliarae). tbe oouaty la tlie
niuat >a aerah!? la I'eien l |
rABii><?vat-> <?t> raia><n*a.
Frf'tn tho aaaar, aifntfrlng m 11 doee "tha towanf
eong, wan ght 1 na, -.e ' ah!'- 1 .??? eaa ret. .er a n>iei.
oal place, b- 1 we ? -<n hear no "?i<leae* at Uie eppro
prUu-a'-ii- 4 the deti atioa. Hi li 1 population of about
eight' en huadiad, mwl*?a Imudr <l an I 6 f'y of whom
lie test to the Koutan (attiulic ( ? ir> h, the village la aay -
thing tun to. ere- 1 m;, iiid i? only noted lor tbe oieel
| len^e M He bolter !'? jm>t ni"y to the blrihplaco of
O'l oiinell, if noil lag elne. eeukl i<>*d one to Imagine
there **a i.tti- ? f vraity to an al.ai roverumeht lo lie
Found hero, and an' h 11 the < turn. Tlie peeple a m<- 1
wtthnai ?feepilotl ar" tgiepaaly g-iaffi- tad, althoagh lb*
K?m?n OaUtoHe Rtehop of Kirry ?ute,i a-.rn* t me al>.c?
Uiat he did not belie ?e there we* a ? agta Faaiaa la tbe
eatlr* omntjr. M'ad f>all? IWepbeaa wae lie re en me
Urn* arnrw. ae we" m at varKwia p? -u ee? ?ral Feaian
amiaaarire, all ot wh m rwrelred a war-i reaepilon and
wire pruu -.uon, Uio-ifh a air t aearth waa miida h t
Kerb R>>t day oal I **ry rK oUf ?!l ih* boftla the
plare a?ed to ad urn to tb? ? < I- * bill ekiee to tbe
rata* oi o < laMell'a bo-iei referrwi M. Hera, ?nd*r pr?
tonrw of bor) ag an i ether gaiaea drilling we* cerrtwl
?n, aad nbowld a r> be n *v?r hfMa break act In Ire
land Ca'i rcl<ei-a m*y be 4*t+t>4*4 n for enairtboVMP
her q .fit ? of boneet, ?? i !r II -d jietri- .a, who at wtaat
can murium late Uh? '?hnl*lah" ? tb tk* m?? of any
rwosty in Ire ai,d TM* ajmrt aaa ne?*r letarr ipi*4 oa
?T oeaaatoh, altb^tgh t>ie poll** wr-tw-r e?Cf
t. -ffnireat of and tbara >? talk aruoog<i tb* Iraian W
r-? idling 'i ta t terjr fhort uw
iHetniMng F<?*Vaa *?i tor f.? f-er-t, ?* !,ere lake
Motbar ear, and ,a batf aa hoar arm* at lb* f? rr?. A
br at her* for a p-n y ?m**y? a* htroaa Ik* lta*. Mi,
aad at i?a?th w* art- ?* at the
? Laan 0* ri'Wi
T?-*ro la anthieg whatever ' el lie ab"?<t (h* naae, *wd
?rttai (m fee h Maftuoai eataa* thaw at m mtW
period of Ireland's hlitnry the Maud M well a* a r*1'
tion of Kerry wtta tuliubluid by Kpauiardii, wbe.h trad i
tlon lit fully iHirnc out by the prevalence of *uch name- iw
O'Sulllvau, 01)ri,-coll, Murpliv, Rooney, fcc., all indu
bitably ol' t.iutiliau origin
The Ulaod measures about aeven by three, IIMl
rej" eet iu a population ol aboet one tboueand Mil,
scattered Iu *11 direct. on- There are twtarillageii ou the
iitlaud Knight ->u>?n and Chioeltow n. The fanner La
situated immeJlatoiy at the leriy. and rnjolce.t Iu pose^
lng a paaKthu hotel and a ?mall church. TuIiHwo*m
tt chapel an.: a gro^ i hop. Tho I oral gentry are OMInM
in the aingle iii<ltvi4u'il kuoaru ou Ihu Km,, lit 01 K tij,
wlmsn aatieiV) I. situated on the l>n>w of ou*- of the
hllla, but the m|i iti.utnU urn almoat without ?txceptlou
wall i-i ii" ant well bvhaeod , in lact, thia in about the
ouly pijc? In Irehui I in w iiieti poverty Is altogether un
known jiaral t I from the mainland, the - mall larrners
rmvo hitherto had no fo r* of eviction or distraining for
rent. I buv hitherto ; inv reasons will afterwards appear I
The youii{ men are employed in the elate <|tiari>, and
are sober and indwrimni, tha girls are f isple and r'ood
looking, and thewl'.olo place low an air ?t bappine-?i
ubout it at utter vnr nine with what yon in! lit be led li>
e>|wft, Hut Ii to ni>i h to be l ared thing- will not long
continue in i i?tr present pear able eoinlit on. Kvek now
there Is a rumor of e* i i t and a wttolesnu* 'tread of
Murvatiou in i.. . >uuini to p . vartfl the inhabitants.
FollhnramentUk lt*v n sin, ii d about ?it will n fr wn
the ferrv au l Is approm lied by a wild and ln*ooe.<.>i'ole
road. An ived here vourfl.-?t thought \* that you are
on the near, -t spot of lami to your own, or, In th? words
ol tbfjurvle, tl nt " tuere isn't the feu-h - i* '?v a goat be
tween tin" nn' Amerlkiv ' The hrosd Atlitit o ? y.ur
feet, Ui'l tliowai'V daeli It-co-, antly again*. the cliff)
with all the fury their 2.000 milf .i of r>! ngoill poruut.
.Vwo Himi abed a little io jour right, from which 'he
telegraph float*. tells von to hie arriw.il at tho
object of your v?reh. Tie ?! k| ! ? . 1. mt DO- :0i2 ). and,
o^jk. ,-.l i? 1 1 to a;; the ("itry of the elian nu, do">n not
?eem the tno*t d' ornble r< 1. 1, nee.
Tho Inb'rlor U dlvlilrd Into flic In'T'innt tooms,
kltchcn, dining and glenpini? apar< uieoU, die lalt? r lx inrf
??ry uni-omioptabln look in/ pW i. Th re om looit' iu
clerlu here, r air of them bnloj -in ' the Klaet ric an 1
llaitnot ? ?'?mjianhM, and the n :n.i ad r t> 'v a tl.o
Immediate ??an loe c* the Atlantic Tcliii.r:i|>h ? itnpruiy.
Tho l.tuir ten nr? all Kiii;l. -i.mi'U, and, for ligltah
m n. \ ry warm liearted, arret ehle fello* <; Miid I %
you it i < a dulleult la k to he v'ood hdtnored if..' b* ty
from th ? in .ints ol civilization and extKwed t ' > tnnny
Ineonvmler i i K lhey all llv-e well at iho eip . of th?
compauy, lutvm ? a Ural c'lute cook en the jiretn aa, nnd
a Ko<?d ? uppi v ut fair champ nine and ' >ri anil- ?if. I our
are alw tvN on 'Iu v day nud nlglit, whllo the re t r?n
tr.\o to sleep tu beat tliey may, oonaitlerltig tl sl th y
have not the bes>. ^leepin^ aceommod iiiua la ilie ivorltl.
Till ahhin?mi NT*
are very 'rlct, and mrungerM aro prohibited from eeelnr
Uw apt?iatu? or, In fact, anvthlng cen netted with tl.o
telegraiih. Tho in-irunmut riKim i< atnall, and turnbihed
with ih. nece < 'pltiueoi ft?f ttie reeel . ii uridine
trawml ma ol nien-ii;<*< A largn I ! -h he' i dC'alri.
placed in front ol t ii ?rnment, and a clerk alts nit
cMtlnnallv watching for 'ie rav of light on t ?? minor
Uiat atgnalM fiotu the or her h .!>? of jbe Ml ?ntlc.
woaat-vo ok Tit r''.:? I: n it.
Taking; all thir. ; ins > eon ?li r moti ill ? ceb'e I* work
ing very well. \n muiy at mt on word t p r munite
bavo ani* ? <1. hot the a verm, ? uuniior it < -Us, and
morn may ii"t ih- eafely Kent. Indei'd. It ran hardly l?"
e*pe t. d thai eveu wtfti the nnv" ate n|i; iirat w aay
(treat inrream of power r,m !"? ri\' t ir. istheite by
Induction ia no or> cano.lerai1' A- t" us in tieiarv
-ueceiw I of ouur . , can mI: pt. itiioly, but I n i
naiiniied tii.it up to tin j,r? nt it ha not been great
a y waa an> ? ip ite I.
IH reliable authority f nm given ?<v under land that I
lb* atnonnt re< olvetl frooi Ho lt? ru .? tt.- oinp'o- j
tnoi of tint call." aimoei ex e< dt i hat den ' I from all j
other aooreos. la- hi new. ? fiae i , . il we over In ?? 1
derive no oat ad^en-a eunu II . . m tho
Ia-uiIoii T mi ? ih the j rit e of -.old and ??? ' M? . thrr
about fifty wo. li |' r aietu
THK It I I'l ?!' . 1 1.
At#> -t thoio'htit won'd la- imit;' i. I ?.lttt t'i? tn"
H haient of (he Atlantic ttdf.'mpk e itiou ? ?? i ?.
would prove oi ((, -ai ' "iit .i ui the pt -.de of \ . '?? . . . ? .
m>l of all It-' io. . in" Val-n ii t . i, id
turtle the <Ui theplauwit ill ,igh- offto i , i?
Oeruui farmer* t; ive imM m~l au the i?land Ir- in . ie
iaDniemorinl, au I had Imped biMui ium m i ? -t ? .
or at leaet that ir (honlil eontiXie in iln j... a . f
Ui<dr children fen er Mew, it i not t< ?? * d
tt it the pariie. i ? ,n '?J v. i ii H, , hit i l ol
InOK t'i remain ?.?,-. .1 n n ..lo-f ...i . < >. . one
to lm built, mil, . t"??tl '.| '.'i I i i,1 oil I'jr ? '
teen. I'o proetir'- land on whicti to o uM i'io .< i . ii ?.
tlie poor fa. na. i will Im ?? hied, and at tie 'tee , ? i
tloba will, of f-'iar-", lie /*!/.' 1 on oy .? .u|a*a> , *o
will the farm- lie w i ? ted Ironi iIim. ? . iv; , and I my
' ulnp' Ileti lu r IOOVumI ? aer- l'hoilgll Ih ? o . I ?*t
< irv CV if, it l? I "l 'II- I ? a .th tun oi,< .III i ,k I:
bardly to be W' nUerrd lhat ibetarm 'i- liotiltl ?? i i ? < I :
I. ant.
Again, prov. > w< rc ? a III ?> h t , r <? Io
1> i MM III Llo ra bei iK unit a . r" ? i.;ij ie. nl . d
m;md. The < \!ra o. nuiud lui alrrt ly <: <u ? d the rat- ?
to beoMM almttat tloubleg, and lb no <
wnoo-t mint m'ler unini.au if no in n pay fie
Wert the laleprai ii (tat Ion ntn-atf o being vel'
kWiBnrui ?t ki'ii;bi.aloimi, tli -.t: wonl'l ?m
vantage to the itetiplo a! it would in " o 1 1 1 ?? ? n .i
village to the proportions o! ntvwnand t Ii . - ' u mi 'tie
|?ae.?. wher-mra b can never ho exp led m .at ? |,l i ?
wbera it now i? Tho eompeny Ih Illy ! o ? . a ia
determined in do nKtiung Uiat will twuuiit in ad, and
I very ranch f?ar that bofOf i n ? i ,o ?iii " In
jured by aoine ' f tloew wttoni il in . ?l olato t I t ie)Ur?.
?event tlmcH on Um mfiun ol the la. attempt the
wire was cut and, a." I sey. It la I kel v to |. ? >o igajn.
Telentia nt no e*eu|H:nn to ottmr puruot' Ot Iroland
at re*arda Keiiianleui, which IMM token a trtmg root
there, and though tbe peot le understand very I. ma
about It tbev art' not the li<tt bill r iu thtdr b ttred ?'f
Knglaud and aim-fro In ibelr d?vo<lon to th" t? i e.
I bavo now pointed out wb?> yoo iua> oope to ace at
Val. ntia. and 'hotil l yo i wi-li to r?trjain .ilf-v tleya vou
will dtruollfiw spend an .ur-^-abio tin. -
t Wrulihv Iriunx Itrwria III* Wilis Kf
tt*llt|it* In Kid f liiii?.'lf ?? II rr lit yiiimh*
Irrliif Ct Iiuii, nn.l Qlai^a lllmai If I |i I*
tbr I iiilinrinmla a ('Mrtrmta
(I'rtim tha ( hirago llxl opt. 4 ]
Thin inornln,; a caaa taw ?!? Ifdor" Jwu.- li A'nlf,
oriilcti nfT it a afcautaftl In-tghi 'iiMtfi* !mn? . iiv 'n>l
looatMM will' h i? baicimiing ?i tu i i oiuiu u in lb la ell j.
?r?rtaly ? a.ak pv-aaa lial aotaa dl?ki.n "ful o .{*? ma I*
mad* of iha prlrata dminra of mi n? nf ?ir li n.mg man,
and on<- ?Hmm might doubt if Ui"re ?\*t* mally in tuia
ciiy audi n TirMM a* MHtt; to on-'- <1 itaiii rl
A at ort i.iim' ago Mr. I. II Hrnwr. a w<mIUi?" and
baratofhra highly -rwpwriahla g "nil 'Run ol Una oil),
aa* tnainol to a Mi<a KNkfe, and for a tlma a't i-d
to go wall with UkaMwl) MMiMi atipla. Miji at lait
bar bratbar h- /an 10 aiiat?ri th at all wan un> ??< it all ilil
I*. Th" >?>? i? wifa ha-gan U> *?? ? >?l wit inti mm
look, M<! IWh*wkaM M?,My tui 8Uo it 'I ?ut
<v,m plain laratimo; hot It ?M > r l<?nt to 'if* fManda
tbat alia aa* nut happy a bardwatte ralatioa Mi ally
tb<- ram" ??> bar tflKlMrt biyi-?, and w >!>? hi* Inn i|j Ntl
k>," avoid Iiv" on l<<n?r with bar hi. 'hand Sh* wa*
afraid, lb" aaid, of bar Ufa, and Ma -a-. ? > '-I Utai ha had
mora tbao <<n a attPtnfUrd t" |ait*ih If' Hha alao
hinted tnat tli*ra waa another woman lo whom b ? paid
far m ?r? all/ nt.on tl.an ba -1<1 in I ?r tpna
bar fee lartahail alf hia fatira, aril h-m? i, tba
two aha fi ll r. I Win Ui?m waa a arbfiii* for ?. tlllig rU of
bar alio*"'ti?r Mr, FM h ?"nt mi tii# booia if hla
hrotbar 'ii law, tutponld uavar <1 |itn ?( liotn*. H?
bowav ? i, d? ? mil i jirmli ill to k*au hi aaKci wafnily
?wrralad. a* I a ba>' l*?"i infer **4 that Bmi. -r wa* It k
Itif for iar aim it iha rlt*. and 'hat ha earn?d witb bin.
a lung dar? " kalfa "*i<l ntljr witb iha intwnin/n or
taking i mt?ar* ??o ui-r fo' anni# fannad wr- nf at ? *in
Itht u -iwlrrtd bff l^??i wak Iwi rou< ItKt vl u> ap|>|r
ii. Mm ?> Win. T'lrtta Jk iJa In tha bnpii that wrewn
tbnui ha n.n lit dla?Ti>r whara Truiwr ?<< IHmtf, *ii l f
ba bail with I'm iti" wornan ?bo aaa 'aid tn h.?? n u. -a
Ilia |>la> a of hla rntln In III* h'.'tfwhold On <? ,n<1?y la?t
on? of M"?r ? Initia l dotactliraa d?iall?4i to l'?.k
aftar ilia gat!' m?n, and u. wat> h bta dn nf* Aftar
tonkiac at > and am in* tlx prim p-ii hnMkl and
ntli.f p'ifiii I'lara-i f"r IMUM lima, I. a dot**
lira uira nrrnaa iba ob]"'l nf III ?<ftrch, and
from that mom-?l Mr itrnnar. tn abtrr rr ba
?onl'l, wm fotiowad 1>? ? aliadow whi h navar l?fl hlln.
M" ?*Bt lot I aararai I agar boar Mlonrii , ha walk ad vaiit
thr Mrwli b" liainfad Into liour* ami rballod Willi a'
quainuii'* ?> ? ; ha un k hla nintla and at nlrM WUmd to
rani. ViMri-vM im tbara aiao w*.. tba abadow
Whanaiar ha ra*t? I, itiamo ton atop *1 ?? !?<? want
to iiad ha aM i-ararnlljr eetrtia* whan b ?ro?? and
wnlkod out a?a'i) ha ?m cniaUallf niM?o 4 Tnaiar
day far? o a ba wa> aaan In maH tha Ind ?b - ?l-o
an nbjaci nf lm?r*at to tb? aii"n 'ant lia nnaanlitad
ll h?rirr'(1 Raroana litllatilian, at' m ha had for
m?rly knnwu iin .dm! In n i*iar?'pui. ? hinaa in iha
eltr Tbrr t aut on lalta atmat, and waika ' al'.nf for
anma du-ai,' bOfnitar Tban tbay ;rito Kna? *
(iunwfi > au wbam I bay InajtariM % |gu if ot nlik
dr ?a a , h? l adjr HliMUHl two, aa t a nrtly
a/larw?rda Irft tha atom ?r?onir*niad 'r n b> a.
carrying tba portal. Mr Mr-.ivr than iad
? vlait to lb? rtrx Sr. oi al Rank, and .1 ra too
wi-nt hit raral il atlMidnnl. Ha anw him <? ? <h?'? a
pila of frtid. *hat amount ha iwmld not naeaMnln, boi it
AIMil a good 'it* flint bag, nod wm mada tf aiMoat aa
Uralt vi twenty d? inr ti ???a Tb? ganii?B5?n "*'d ntlf
mivllcata-l ? a .ddan fcainmrii i lla ?r.a<1 a lar?'a
Hn rant of rmal "???ala In iha nty, tr.t thai mvl.t on
?tatMWad aa ?'>ll for htm I ba wara to <"a?a hia abrnl"
?I a* will r? If t'lfl Ailaoto ?ar" |.la- ?d l? ??ni.im?id
b?? Vl(a !i? wKitd i? '?> anj ry t> * r?'la<y >4
Miaatinlla. tan without any Faar of iriirrrup' n !!? '?
?lia a?a Irfi' ia at any lima to *? nnula W Ui?a
fri*?alila > oaan^oanrra. 1 o ??taliftl Martin ra
ooo'i ad b.? t ailatxw, and. aandiiif to i ? ? ;n<sa. in*
nnotiiar a4kar 4*UU"d ?o a ? at h m n > a''?ndafi'-?
OB tha up. < D* wm mat la. rf?ay want to? i iar to on*
of tba ir? : ng botala in tba t y wnara Unaar i
ani?ra<l Ibair ni- ?? aa Mr. Mrown ? .<1 l?ly,
fr?tn? fit T: ?y t'lati r?turn^1 t" Ui' r room. !
nod tba !>!?" i aa laft iham nl> ?? t ? '? (of
a r ma Morti ng dawnad and tha iw. n"Taa fa ah ra
at tba 4fl>jr, r*a<lr for I i r ij.la la ataka lb* r ajj*?f
anew. Thay triad to a|*a tlia dor* wMh a paaa lay tn.i
It ?aa ?*. i?d "i, tba aa la aa t wo ild aat opaa Oaa nf
Um afltoara tbaa m >' i aa am tba aboo Man af tba oti.-r
?hd paaaad lbroagt> tM Iraaaapl Kara, la bad N ?
b l ora h m la/ l it, Br %*t *?at aan- p, and b ?> i
?waaaa Oaliagban Triaynnad d a? mofa 1 .a a.|.
drar? of tin- ? ? r. Bpi"?a; Bo tba I wo at a4
lailaiit y Uli till 1>'.| ataixtwl Wl<?> tr ay k-n'l?d
at ti.a d/?t || waa paaad kf Mr Mrta *r, tin >.?.
?Ma tad ai.at ibay w?av>4. Ha waa Isloratad that 'bay j
bad a warrant ' ? tba apprahaaMaa ?f h ?? If and t .? .
woman Ma took <ha ?ar aaK and raad I. ; ? .? I
#ro-Bt?" an a f :L and ba (*Mla4iy arttaf. ? " dga4 |
tba* ba i. ad a -<**4 b ~iaalr to ba > ? j .t >a
a trap. , lla toil b" oaa aai.,aa? la ?w a ad
?r?Mn?. and U.at ttla wamaa wm tl? aa?y ,
paaaon in taa wortd ata kaa?Ma*tata4w. alalar to ? ? a . 1
tha bul aat ?d hli i,t? rr, to Oaaa oaa% aad ba bbaai it-at |
II ba w?ra to ba ttfiaiil by bM ataad; a*4 ?' a hai- .
t?-.ad to ba an> t??ar. ba aoal-i -?!?*??? 4. a Aa for M
*"?aaa ha aatraa-od tt.? n .? to ab"k b?t J- aia
faaUag* by ataailaf bar, Sba waa all tr?-?'.:i??(| lia
?b?d, ai. J aaaM? to ?t*m* or wail. JfaaiMia an-.iag 1
Utakf JalM acxraauaa Mb akt aMka ao naaaiaa waaa J
obll* ?:<! to itcrxmiMMiy the oftt.eri to M-. rt Turtle ft
Co.'* office. and (Yum Ut?D< ? U> Uiat ?f JuHuv 1M Wolf.
Mr Hrunrr a-iivod aiaminatwn, aud i :.r ten mrrt held
ovrtf fur trial id t<ouda of |1,0UU *?. h.
A Hrorr of Thi-M Wnddraly llrraap lor Haa. 1
t?n Tbr I'rtmnar uf Ik* I niou l.- uuuc
I uMffllii?<< in be IMart'itardorf - A Frw ol the
Niier(?u Hllll Here U b*l Tlifl are !??
iiili >Vr.
A viMt to tbo I'ulolt l.<ftgur Club Hottae yeeterday
moruiug ret ea led a (till more un.ut'<reaiitig aud atupid
?Ui?u[ aBalra, although at uruiug to tUo programme
Jru .< n up by the club commiU c, jtwUrrday was to have
been aet apurt m a day ol five and Jovial, aortal in tor
ooutM aatiiiiK the datotfutoi aud th?ir aympaibiiM ra and
a? au or. a.-. in for a rurtn*r interchange of radical oplu
ton and furth-r couverwaii.nal abuae of lit" Chwf
Ua^.strnia of the natim. I luding the balii of th?>
club boun dreary aud decried, it* eoundlng
balls erlmmj; only tins fttoid :rm ? -t lorurni iwrvanUi, the
Crataercy r*rk llot- l *aa \ >,u>4 lit /? it waa a?-?r- i
tamed with ixime -urpn*n that about twunty of tin'
lubt t'RCDK bail decamped aiiftdrtily, M an ' urly hu'it J
In' tb? moinlM, Tor ilt*'i>n atd o'ii?r point i lit the
northern and eaatem ???-:. una uf the c"mtry. It we
ascertained al <?> that thev tra all to tii <oi together It.
Albany on i?*xt Saturday. Tli?y vt II bold ni">tinga iml j
deliver ?dd'T*'* tt \anotm |< nut on ' r root A
cording to the pru?'i iiniti < ol tha t thm I.i-.ucma rum
mtUee, "On Thur >av ev nit n?*t UtOdai*k?te will bi 1
?u?ert;tlne.l at tt?'> l i - ti i.-.tjiita < I ? II .. ??>
the nwrnlxm <>f tha dub Tli ? wl h? * formal
and rorei':<inlou? eutitrUUD'u.mt." In all pr'.tal tty
how over, tbH "formal .? ? i a:*, ir will
renult an vacantly a J 'I'd tin r day ol m ul mlnnxioi le,
a- very few of the "Uriri i" remain li r.i to i.-f, n
aent the wuiti liwly of iln tui^ - "-i. Tln?-.- #ho went
bore yonterilay were .'!? i U li II'.. , K Hl ' iu.l,
Wmmb Flint (>eo. I*. ^'r.ia.;, Frederick tWiti-frr aud J
K. S. \'aii Vice I. liovwrii'ir* , l iwlei .it d
II I'ulllott, Hoi t o Mu.vn?m ' Uarl<"N K Mum, \ !? Mol
i .. i-'j, I. H. ltmii*H'OOil'i ^ .nk.n, .tnd alioiit a
Own otlior* have lefl ilio .-uy, an i;i?r t (ui. it . ..
ton will sijiltcr Ihtnwlrii in i"i imln of tbr*' ? anil four
over Now Eut land aod Kaw York to midrt-iie (In i'mi|de
in ii i many point* ji j. il |?', IBM ??.. Aloauy < s? .^tui ?
d.iv t> *t Utclr li?-ad<]iiartei '
In nil probability uicio werlbiei bare Inft the mo
CMiHilia for gwit, aud Uxira la u? ?tou ?( but that il o <?! b
ccii ulr. .?, in their armii <-iii* . ?. i ?n too lotnvy a
dmn ou ifi? fiitur*' for ev n it. > m. ? ?n<i to Itoaor.
In tb* avenlDK) Oaneral I ne* I' Hromli'W > un "f
the redqabt ?ltle pairniu, and d rluf liio war waa rota
mauder if a divuion of I . i-a.alry in tlio Artny of
the T'iu lx>r'.ind. V al ! '?? tb- < lilb r- in ! v ,. i ? ul y
wt' tomed Ha la a abort, cottipm;!, w.ry ! ok <nn \ .in,'
mail, with tbai peculiarly knotty head uidlit ul mn
for - iti'ih no rliamctariiitl'' >i itia u> .u.i"'..' ro. II ' u>
atoppiiit.' at the St Ni> !i !.i< Ho ai. c<>ot?M|da<- ?
jol .nig ibo meot-gMa in il .. i<iii in Alb.tny al an early
u u late hoor laat Oielit It w.w .iwertalue-l - t tha
rtnli roonia tli.tl only lhro< if tli?! ? ; n ' . - 1 I ro in
t.lns city, all the re-i. imv 1 1. ,'nne to Ito ? -n . A" ? r roa
in tlii niM'lvi'i at Alb.iuy o. . . <ay tiiet mil at rt
W ?- 1 n nd not Ktiirti .j. ra.
trr'rnl af ilir *liwi,?<-t?a In Re>ma.
I .1(1..*, |||| in, 1-IWt
1 !i- favm lto* o! ihi late di oninii eiii.??mon lit I'Ulla
delplila liavii bra* Imfli - a I I. i-nniiwal In I <> ?'i?t to
day. Tin im>n?di ' ?? of H I- ' ? ? -i-i'.i.ly ra ?f
ihi- KepuMI' in ? i. i ?' * '???. i. i i ? n?orrot? to r .ml
iMte candiil.i e~: i"i * and oth-' -inta tinie'-rs,
mil the rot .ii 1 1 1 t'.t ott l!ro*Hlow and*
dozen ot.i- 1 r>,. ., i . i irt .ii Uii'
i'l. :.i.l"l(ili! i vi ? ? . ' . I .. o. .< a
I '.n|l|l'H' || 1 tlfUl ' i '. 11 V ill* ... . r.,1.
toll, Ctih'io I ?l- '. 'I' ' ?' ? Miii ir.l .. .'I'.
W, I'a ? l.a.i J-.. ?' .'i 'o j. ,1 -t. ?*$%
?i i, in i ; M>r ? 1 '? v t - i'l not ?
Mtenarl. II '!??? 11 n 'f li T . I \ , nt'rij,
| , I ..i > . ij i ,,
liot' ti, \i? r* * ... . K ????!', ' i :? t. A. i*a*
H rnv,.1."' f> if. Miriam, Hv? J W? liaai ?!?
j ? ntfc *fi *\ * 's . i n ; r 4
( w*>f* MUfi'Mi ?? I ? ? r i- * i r
' il?K Hi" ? *-r?| H.!?, .X?4 If I
! pribiif r??? . ii?." r nti. ii ..a i ' a
I tv JPfHC NMii #? U ?.v?N I >?' I i\ ? t, . 1
; <.m . rt "f thil ? 't ? ii - 't . ? ]
ai.4 is*;i/fii a iM- r ft ul;. iy ? .. . . ..??i * it ? ? r i?f? 1
I ? fi * -?f '? r? or ?. *i . JH- . j|" ? a y ]
Horary MnviiviI, thffi In* J*? ?? ti ? * * Mr j
i jo* fiAiid> ?? ?* ii U! ' ? i ?t % ?f' .*b . i*
r<#u.uiDrf ft*** I*i\rv?lciil ??iU Mr, i|m <*f
)>.? f .III ft ft ' ) '? I I ' ! ? ' ... t. '>U ;
l.? ltn? mninfiiitmn i*f Vi j ' n r ? h'i
Of ItW v4??i n ><?!" "V 41 i? I l?p ft '' r
| w*r?* ma<to t>y 1 til<?-, . !%!??, imi^i M ivn. it?,
Mr. CirfffJn aM > \i i* i if! -tnu t?? I'm >
! <i< it Johnm'fo'*' utttK* w? ihA wrf* pttri t?f ttf
llilwj gwuu>* wpft* j,i*"? ? l?*f i hHsl 'ia> ffiv
n# 'iHinaf ?i Ttt'fiiofit - 1 ii> ih
ak?r? i in l'?i. 'il! II IJ, ii uf Ui U - .ic'cr t?,v
ftliout 1bf'
T??i? I 'irvi n* .M *o worii?v ?ui t?r cm# ? ' iju tj* *??
!ci?i :A4'Mi .ul ??! II rr i. t*? \n I ii'l
U?? fi wch wbk?li vs. ill Ui i*y i !. t?i Hu'Wsr,
w? I pr?- i*\r, ii??\crr?"r 8ull?xL -? I ih? oi* t ,
rer* Will Ims ienoiimwi r !.
I'm or T??rl??i r.r??<ii-. Milled I in tit or T*n
Olhri* Nrriuuaf ? tuiurrd.
/ I.l> V.M , VJlt. 12, !??#
A mrri lit* n'pl" 'in .-/?,? i * < ?, ? i
inr Tlifl ?a? mi) jUn.u,: u.i.i of H 4
ii K r?, roni'r or It.ri o .u4 Wi.',..r m?! ,
bl?-w u,. it ttri 1.1 f liilou'.' t i" U 11 >i ? ? S, kit i? Ui. ur
twolve ;?? via? iinl -*nij'ul> .i,j'in'Mt ? , or ur nm. *.
N>' .? kn<i*u, at- ih? i 'i it i.iiii.1 ?,t.? iii*
<?lh*r Hie nuiMt nl ili* i?*|> :t *.'i ltr-anl ti< j
?1 . ? ? *i i| ?*arly *11 ll.? ?? lu? ii ? ? win ty ??*
br '.fit * autnb?r nf |wr?oi. - w Ms a olUt Wag
Ui.-ii! i,l i mtv-r ami ?un,n
I'll' mill *a? oaaiiM by " k. ?? II 'l . aith ,N*U a
Kf. "H< <1 *?*l:b5r lmnti?r iii'K uiil of t!j ? . ,ly, u
III" ii I (iHrtnr. Tli* *tUiilnl,i?at iv,'m.| ui *? r* of
I round, ai.d it t* ?ld lliu l"M .? ?Ih>ii 'm Tb* j
following In * 11*4 of lb* killed ?
J'.l'n ration, ?o*in*''r, bad a * * .nil I j ,r or flv#
rlitblrttn. II- t?u.i forty year* <4 *.'? II ??<?!> ' u vl
l.l mn to phum, ?ii<l wmn uiu li?r~l up la * I" ?
JoUu It" Imui, taanty l?? y.at* -it air*, unto as H?<|
?in|il*y<-'l In filing lb* plait or ? v itiif
John Itul" a m.nalia of lh* <? ' u?r >, latobty ft.* J <:ar?
of ;?<?, Ipkv. - a ?iil'?wi 1 molb*r.
J..l|i?a II Si-ill, a iMtf i, 1 1?.. i or ?Itlwu y- uioM. ara*
a tunau and ?*?* drlrm* in float of Um- ?n<'i?* I /oa*
U i Wiitod lit? 'm>ib*r a r-w <l*r? a| ?. Hit li ir** ?w
kil'i.d, Hub ly *** tu?n l...m.
J !m Kan Hr?inai?, ibirj ?? glit ftan old. ?a a
?. a' l "il and ha<l all or *?v*tt 'L.nlrro
C*m*iln> ll*ya, ? (i?rmtn. ( irtf jnmf old, ?m n,ar
I1*il aifl I. >4 "*? ?ral chil'ltvO.
Il U liali'TM OiM tbr<-* o? fo.r liodlao **r* U"i>.?
into Ibo rir*r, tr-m wbf b II* mill >a inii a blU* it
A Oil Ml' ? r of ili* *mp!oy*? w*r* l?t<ir?4 aad <\l*? l>i
lb* CttJ 1I<m|i al. Tin calamily luuuru uc "?*r
til* i?r Til* ?tf ?*!? i mar lb* mil wr? H >i?i ruli
?p-^UKir*. mat,/ of lh*n m*lr n? a/W ibair fn.-u.|*
II i* l.l? thai Utor* way ?tili bo ??* arl*? bud**
un l^r U.* fii'r.i
T? (W51I If A DS*ti?(
(Knia llM l/MlnthCitlMr, Ktfl <|
J.*" .b '-laToM and 1buma> h Jpi t .lb f*i.u?l gr> uui|
of Mm M?rr. a!).!*! ???"? f" rn I'.o fHf, <t* tli*
l/i ii*< nit anil,* a htil.* Kauroad M. ' ri?>*^a?atly Mr*d
T*rf eloar uMl ?i n. Waff.wa ???* ??<.!?!? |i* m ?oi'-n to
pw tbonurh hik rrouad oa nunil li tl.at br w.?i!.l rjoa*
Iba ip? ?? ?!??? bia an a* la *irlud* "i* r*ul* ff * bM
0oi li ft?ld?. hupp (ui caroiaaa, ai d a <la; or !?? a?o lotl
a (at* ip?ii, llir ?(li <*b<lH l> ? boca ( I uUi naB'.rd'*
??.rn, duitir rtrbm >i< rabia damag* Al?"ii lhra? w run k oa
fburMlay af??m??i? l*a I mo m?r n.?i al 'in* if lb* (at**,
a .ri -I*1?.ra kl'd Kwpo l.ial li* mud pal Hp bM W,
k.rp ib*ni Mt of bin b*ld, aitd pa j l<lni for turn aau.?r*
tba? hadalr"a<ly nwimHt*<] K*ppd*in irtal, aaU blgb
?r >fd< aaano'l Iwlvaan lb* par ? rd a! l???tli
lurt??'l ha tMnk upon K *|i>, ?i ?' *'.?r'.^4 ut baag b>? bat
oa a (al* 1*1, whaa lb* 'ai <>r -i- '^'d <Mnrn, p <ad *p
a |ii?r# of ,?<? Il ^taak. tbfw* n f four foot b 4 ai, : lkv?l
all laaa aula, ?Ub ba i*? i bM anforli Ma
o*iy 1 i?ot a bki? upm lb* ' ?ut ? ??? of lb* bt*d, ka<? k ?
? B( bin Ui lb* (rmH ll? *? k him MWrral otb*r
blow* afvnr ba ??? -l'.wo Tb* ao .k? i|^ n Ui* iMa of
tl>? :i?ad ?aa d*Hn*rwl wWb m"!' ?rt 1 .-.* lo tnmirm
tb* ah all, prodara oan< ia?oa of iMtnie. aad r*> ??? la
?1'ifl I i*alh al ?l?.'il to .1 o ? . ? k ll. n o?i.'? *(
Tlia manJ?rar '?ir, ? " to ih? ? tf t i? m >1. ? > aid tiy
?o lha ui ira*tit of * 1*1 ia* bad r,n* Ha?'< trr>*<*>t < -hi
aar IM' k M'ior' . ?? ? . -m.- ? ?* ? ^?i , ?!.?,? u.?
tm?, Ilia fbel* alrir* barrat & ? ?r?
ni acin uauuri fHittn? % nscuiiru.
ma rTHTon op Tin ?;.?? rinut ittmtip.
lam I larafd '..at ia 1 r.t pacf*# II" 4.b iaraM
II m Mab <1 ? 1 hat ia a ?| ** ' ? ia Pb tvdalpbia I
tit mad tb* MtbaMklp rt ' f? l*a* i ? r?o <?n?d
(kfwlaiaauoa ' ' I b ?pa f~i all. 4>. ?>* Ibn Jaatlaa t?
MM* thai I it. a l* M * 'h *'m What t a* 4 a*a ? at j
I 1*0 *ar??*'.y lb* fr*? i#?t in tm a* a pf*M(Mb
Hob "f *??**? ' an- a Wat b* ? a* aothbflHrf ba ;<i .. .
by tha act* of ' ? agr-aa ?? ? r " 'f j?" a""d la '?farl ' . !'?*
aiaa?* If* a*k"l ?*?*?* p-oiariMl *a?rt> a f? r!?
o ?!.?,?.? I aaid, I l.a>* tot ' M* ? : ? 11 > <
oat ' I ***? 1 ad Mid pf* ai.<l ? ji . m.a ah* b
? a* d? l??r?<! ?? btan tn lb* 1?t a" r thaw n ' b bM
pr*(Maiaati'? of ".^wia^-r. I*'' ? 'fjl
JJtltayi \ UAMlUI-i*
tl'b'Ba >P 1 *r '-.?>? of ? I
>M h* ? b*?'i i*ar ih* r ?d laa t>*|
f' ? ir* to A *?*? .rla, al Iba tord of Ar^a a i
l??, i' 1 .y <ir*oa/?4 1 1. .a 'a ?? ia*naa >< ?, a
i?a k la* k Irwaa, ^al*o b##Mirk ft, ita#*. ' ?udk*?...iali
M*"**d R K , ai. : i ?a *J *!..<? an l Mm el.Nl ? v ad
a* aia?a?'f? l??it lb* rtMaia* w-r? ??.e'irla
tavriHl Oa <1* a', .at fb* ? ?a af Hay, a naa<t, ?<?*??,
a*d al <M, larr*^ '? ba'frt**, mw a *0 i.-at uw ?< ov,
at *. e?a'*d i' <t i?*y ??Pa ff.an tj?b|*ibaa*' ff C to-l ?(
ttw *-T ?" * ?taalr a Tb* M*a kM a fw?fh at^Mr
?ft a; b * ?aota* Mb flba** 1. -. m*I.?m ma ii?m >
? ?*?? *r.d ?a?k (U '?> Id r.( ^?a* ? ba k
girl al?al l'i?*? fun '*4 It aa tb* lfla,?**Mo?i iliat Ibt* '
M*a ???di??*4 la* *-*MM atkd M ltd **4 plannl t? a.? I
bad.aiaifta ab4 tMa? ? m ?i?b
WMM t*a lorfMM if a* rib art i,,a-?rv*4 mU it/., j
#. ad arnbal rw , f? ) j i^m '
Tb? ( hint Sinaert !? Slop at U?t
*&ndwkk Inland*.
A terrible accident
Snii FruiirtM'o nud lt? I in
l*rov?'itif ?(?.
fc?. *.?. l*.
The ( bum HtrnMrra to Twil'h Hi (Hr
valrli lalnnila Thr I. air Terrible Iri-MrM I*
ihr I'll* Hmii Km tirlaco ami I la luipr*r?>
hi i' ii t I'altltrnl I'Vellnn, An*.
Hi* huwuixi, August l?, I MM
We tr? i<w;k rurpriiMd to hear that Ilia b.;i ImIui*
(feugraa* to nubV Hut Parilli: Mull KleatnaUip Company
to muil Hi wnd?ieh lalaiida ma a atoipln: |?ilnl be
taceu tilia Jiurl kill! Juj in hud fulliil to paaa, tliua torn
palling the mnipany (o fury out the term* of the
orig nal ? ocitracl, in itiip at Honolulu going ami return
in/, tti ? rxti) iiicrtunlog lb? l? i > >. t ti or lbs pajoi.tge ai l*Mt
five darn. J uui in' a map Of Ilia world ami ObwrTt Ute
|i. -nlou of the Sandwich I ? I , ? i ? ? I h wiib Han >*nui< ieoo
aud wllb ilia r..,.?t of Ja(?i), and It will be read Ip
en bow much additional apnea mini ha |iam<
OTar and how murh valuable time loat In making
that pa i c ralbvr than * direct coura* bet*"**
the two polnle. Nuw, If Ilia trade b?tw*e*
tblaport and tbe Inland* or between Uta lalamlaand rii'oa,
were tufflciiiit to authorize I lit* departure ftoin a d '"<<
mm ?, it would lie another mailer; but It don* not, aid
i.iimot lor eomo lime to come Tbe upcrlmnl (tag
(>? ??11 tried within tbe paal yorr witb much emaller aad
mora Mnmkil ahl|M ilnu lbo?e that will be run by
tin I'm III. Mall Company, and they Mm failed to pay
? tp?Doe?, arid bad to b* wltMrawa. II all "ration of
the nret -octreeta# It win before I't.nrraa would ha. ?
?uIUhJ Ilia aitoatloD exaatif. Ilw Pac.tl" Weil t ympany
would have been releaaed from ?ending tholr ahipa to
|{?iinlubi merely to oblige a few |ier?>ii* liavlag aiaa to
grind, and allh mgh compelled In make thirteen round
. i**ko? to Clllna Ultlead of lb* twelve Aral railed fnr,
ill.,- pa age would have be. 11 I'l'irtenod nearly a week,
>nd tho value of Uie line to our travailing and ooat
rn 1 -I a I otnimiintv uimb en bunted. i< would liava
'("iii'Tited ih 1 Hundai:h '?''?"if trade aleo, for
the Midi' itial ? 'ii. i-ly altjwed woild have mat*
i . ly aid'd the fumo, 01 another company, In
pmUBt' on iMitne 'nail pt< <l"f of ample apeed and
ipoclt) lor all r?" ill ui- tila, and thai, by tbetr light
1 uiiht, wo nd l" iNe to enter the bailior ?f llotuiloln,
? lileh ibr |a r; e ahl|M for the Clilna trade will not I* al> a
t ? 1,0 A'lo,, ? . tl. nil! M* to alter the eonlra<t hM
l?.-i 11 .. g* 1 ' 11 tab*, >n? that 11 .a hoped Cengreea will
(JI t Ui'-li "II to .d le. llfy ai an early period of ih*
10 111 '? r by t'.nt t me 11 will lie eaa.ly aoen hew
in > we lo ' in in ..101 .M 1, ibufniM aa It la now U)
' . .. ,i". 1 In .nth"' jx.int of vw? It 11 ini|H.rtanl
".11 ild ' ? mail" tine Kr<-al ot'Ject Id
i t ? Uoe I- to 'inpele with II " I'enlneular
a ? . . ' ' o ?i"atimr? fr m I'lnna to Kngland,
\ ..11 i. n.i 1 ithirtna I bw* And ib iwim ild
n*' 11 I y if Itie five diy? we now I'we l>y
.j -j lii- 1 c ' .Id I obM* gairi *! by a dlreci
1 It e or, .1 t! |i nil will, 11 1 doubt, ba
I. .1 1 * ? in 1 pr.ii.'-r I fill, eu tli at wb'-n it
m < || " <t I 11 I ' ie M ( oil l || r ? ieh nitUfl
It' in it Hi" ? . ? 11 1 ?? n, th" r?m ><t will be ao
II.. 1 1 ., ? 1 , , the Saii'lwp 'i l..?r |? from Htm
itialti imtiii m<; 1 av< 1 5 at wrvlea 10 t ? la b> -lar
.m i'-' ?> I ? III. tin Ie.
A laoneairrd In ih ? ei'r t ' i*t"'ay
aturii.ui * 1,0 ' .III' l>ii<,?a aa ill' Hui .wr -tffat
Hon-*. I#t X Iii'i'f ?? r?"' a few d ? .r? ? < -t I 'I ot
,?1 lU'T) , 1 1 ? '? i >*t?l on Ihhi*#, li'll in it a* roood
about two A !?>: > In ll. moru.ttg, bi.vlng In t?.u roiti*
?i?'?rly ? I tit' oe. |att ? 111 - ?at> t i. im' er >11 tbe
w.!..itiio ai ' '' . ? i? no "in 1 .?n, 'Ut U
it ilMnubt i.i ie ty'.we* 11 th ty ind f'-nr AI ?aoy
i eltflii, tn i 11 l.ave bt-tu tak> i> o iJ- -ed. at. I ftlieeit Ut
I l?< o'jr ?'> n'l
Tb.. iu- 1 i<f>ul ajjataj* l? bar* l<**n onwl br lb* tul
It.* loK |il>. * III criiM (Mbt4w> A I'-'tlai *?a '"Id*
?lu.' l.cjlkllnf, ?i"4 Hi <-< m; f i >< i oa iba
? ??rk 111* Iw.'iiio *?U iu dr<-|i M It. ?iu rn.ln* Iba
n I wail of lit' Imii.lin k to > i(?, :n thai IWI ii aim'-M
? limit Ml|.|wrt -'.r <l* (iri'n fx '? fi- |l>? ***t will fall, Ill*
(ir (.?? Im <il Ml* klHW, basaita* ? i > kiln iw<i ? cr>.*.al
in lb* buSMingt Ibrmslll Ibcrr mi<UI b* 4*n . at, a?4
wmfnl llwlinitm Ho l.-ttl ? ? ? ** !? <1 In ?wtui< I > ?!f*
?B'1 |J? III laiotb* airsrt ' l**r ?f 4ai |r. r aitl liar u f<K.I.*h|y
wiiw l afti a a* ea ,(Ut a Ui> < . it r a tba -U* wall
/*>*????)? II- wa. M t>?r lU ?4rl? ? al.'U iha fwtliea
aa : l?r> m*t arm .-.| >m tli* yr .nu l a.,4 roiiinwri k
*lirtcata biia ffvai fcl* pari' a ?|.*l lit in- id inm#
*?r ? J villi, ???! IB'I'??I. a *.?"* 4 brandr aixt aaiar
w .? 10 l<i jiiin ibf ? ,'b ?/ ai^rri ra. ai?l ba waa
r??; in knawt n (? a >lnll b aft lhai li? ? tiiiitl mn>u
If -laar. wlia-n lb? front wa.l ft.ru an I I'll, n?.ttTug
bb.i ?uui|ilai<'if. JLa war ^oiiati .* I a?/ii afiaraai.l* Hrt
?a' .(lji|* 4*a/i
I *.j? on lb* *fil aboil a't*r orlwk, In Inn* V' aaa
IU.- a ttli laad h".fr lak?* ?- ? 1 1 , lhai ai a 1m I, bra ihr
mai., ?b-j ban nub ally b *n la M ?b?ti lb* rr aafc
ali.a au* I ?aa 10 ''oubt b ilia? I ".irtgM AI lt.at 1 1 aaa
lln* f? I <?? auH Brain**) I atl 4<ir>* an aotoanl w?rb
aim t*k l?t.r?a!ib a I ai Mill Iba.a a*a knfb l*fi In M
?'? Ini (HL*r Iw4ia? atin lawn la ba aa|||
i|t?'!?i tli* row* of Ur). k* pi iltf awl I it#l?nr? ar.'l ?llb
a ?? ftatflni I ha ilalyt r?*l*n< hoi jr aa II a? ?aa' a*
a :th tikor , tut <!(b<ia??i IU* rhan*? aaa nn? in laa Ulna '
aaa I. >?? Ui' a ii.i*iii a? a lira i., b* ra.??l au4 a hmmmm
b<l'i( u> ba r*?ri,* ! tum, )?!? pua > fni ot tort ra.
I', baa baati ai?i**n ? ar? 'I Boa I mad* air Oral tlrtl U
Sm ?r?M?<'i aa4 u?*a I r?tnui.?l It ,? a f*? waaka u
ba *n f? It ? ?? an.i l.ina .a > 4 a *?<* |*/rti n of *UI
*? 'firl tba '*>, <?<iir?nl tn M?a, t'?t In ibaaa laft
il.a' aaa f.uarl r.?l llka'y lo lia?!>*e at ail) mrnxaat
IvM'imlOk no a. aTar ? ? i"ti( aa lalarral I aia aall aMa
I" > I<J| i.f tba lni|>r<>*aii<*i>ta sual* n Una rmHj aaa
it* rful r|t* ll a rill MBiol* v? >iK?l i B f af U>* i? allUaa
I u>*4 u? fr*, 1*1,1 ib f^finar faara *?< fl abat vat, aa4
- II I laioajlk* tba |Mibi> aquara I am an<ta* iba laipra*
? ?/? Uial alnia l i 140 Ita* ??.H> lhai I aaa Uc ri n*
of (B^bor*4, la n iw a^rarad bf a raa ?t Muiaa,
ai*l I am aa* i'a4 lltat *b*r* Uia bxial Uiat i am M a*?
au il? a %? ii<>iblr,? Ibau b-il ?ai. I fct bt I ??aiiava ti
1 1, 'l'*-l I aaa al|,ib{ to awBllva a>ar/ia nf lltat baa baa*
1*1 I mr a anal lb* < banf aa li<at baa a ?**<, (.?a B'ta IB
Iba ??!!*< * jraar* ul ????? i.*a
Tal*al.<t|tf. M ?U' .fant ?a at t?.at, laa-1 hl?t
<| jl'tijr n lit ^IIIIIM nf Mutt'* mat* rr airaat, Ml bl?t
walk it* '?ttf'b, tti'h tr?4 Iiib Ibf u((b lltat [a^Maa at
?It* atly vbara tba baM |<li|l< 4a. Irj^. ar* a?.-? b>rti
Ut* h'tia?, tbaatfaa. p lb i.a M a/a * lat Ma bat *
? I ? *; at Alaa rai a.i.4 fni I'- ai a?4 vba? ia.l ataa
tuat ail ba baa aaati liaa ?**? Iba <a<.rk af Rfi*?rt raara,
I --a a-- IM to* I - ? ? )*a au. h*
I* ? 4 il.at f**% ara a ' t.iar?L*.1 ty?r of a raa* ibat f>w
aa?*n.?i? I* B.'lblB* b .t Yat.a** '.laa.ac |M I ta laa
y -aaiM* It a -l.ai.jaf aar* lu a.aka llaaa raaiaark* Ua
in* t *mI4 M fa# I <4 b4?4. f?f I all tt*4
lb nk lb aaa i?rt? li; aalarai <a4 ??.*14 rataa*
n bai l** Iban aa '?ttn^lla.**.*'? , .Baaaittrk aa
tbay ?NH It* ra a*4 br in pi* ?Bb*ii*f I'.aA
>a| r?*.i.lrt ir>*? barf l?a*? *?? * la a-.. a>^ iab
?i nwli Is a* >b"T? a tfara af U n* I aa* aaa ibai l ?
la* '.at part I aa* M'.ab **4"B ? a4 at I'.a raft4 a4
???** M.a <ta la Utl* rilf ? ' b l/a I a|* a* N "* ? * tmmrf
mi* I *aii a !.<.?, *-t?b b'.lata a* lat'-arioi l?? w4
it" >aar<ut ba k?4 *>* I ?? t.'iaat 4 Tba*
f<< ll.f. ?b lb* tr.arkri# at* ra oaB ifc' r ka*f, naatina
aa I |<.a iry ba f>*?a4 ? a* 4 a* fw? T'. .t* tat ab aa,
mhf. I K aa) U. at it, a atnrH na<i??t a^aal i ,af?t N t> f a
tr.aii (<,rli*B if tb* |>?* ?a ibat a 4a* I ??at*r*?y taa,
la Uaa aaf af frail, Mra" barrl a, . aa^^-rrtaa, Uattlaf
rWM I a/ I.a* paan pt*aM, Bjr*. ??*, na. ??> uaa, (raft**,
Aaa ai. I .ma** ail tlaa gmatb a# ibl i anaalry >/f nwirat,
a?4 all In (^**l?. aa* af ? <| a i)a?k? I Ua a a?< a*
Mm? *ataa T bar* aa*ra') ?*?. w*a*4 ika fra I, *Mb
ot.l aaf 1 1 bat* m*af .laaaa uf **> k law* a***, v> 4.
tnia aaa ?)?*4 a) ?Binary, a?4 | *a4 Ba M- Wt
arflh im
A 4ay 'if Itro mit I wait ai wt> llvcb akraat. ablcb
M aif laara la aa4 I a a* tkarmat a lib Uaa (I ? al kaa.l f
<.| lb* p< >*t* 4 a* i it*#* Y.*t *a. an attiir* at<* a ? f
bj ] Ufa, a. I Iba bw ? ? a' ai.Rfe uaaa taa i ) altb*
Ibai ll m 4 It- ll f-if ..at aba uaa ?aa w?t In its I*
?f,4 Hit -/WB 4-** ?? .at rt.l-ii M" * lat' . ?r ?*? ? a*
tba . taaa im) b* . b*l BiUMitik ii'ai f all ?.n 4 ?S
a i, 4 ?>.** r rrf Mr**, ail 1 1 aaaif aaa >aa m*mki*4
W'lb * r ** 1/ . at. If I aj. 4 ? II) ,?.?? .^aj* K r n* ?ar*
BJ f.r.-i* b tial )? 'Vtaara a*at r *1 auj I mall
If >n ***.>.1, I" b* Bara b i la?f* *a t ? ^
*? t aa^t it I* Itfaak Bg >ba Can*** .aa>*Ma I" ".fl
?w?? ** ,b'?* ? f.*? *, still | a U .: a HI > u+-i an,
far ***'if *t *ry b ta? | t? ,* i, | a . 4 r *? ?? m t ?
1 b> ai iMMb 141 la tba aa) af pa 1 T' n *)** of
^ ll ' ai. ? B/a t a ail a|?ua Ut* I I * .1, ktk < ?**? t?*N*,
a*,4 I '.*fl**a Uaa k * r>a ?? I 11 1 * ? ul I I Vi <j i. <*
a- ar4a4 Iba atjat .) b it,, a Mai* |' *1 at t'a. TV*
at aaa af Iba p**.| la ttar* I an .. rat, 1 1 * Iva* 4*?.i,
at>4 af 'awia fktar Uta baai**ii"a. jf-it bM 1 -* * ? -aa
4 I 'a at a aM W>ta?4a ?af* r? >1 * -a .1 b aa*
!?*?? Maa l^ Utf a a'* **? a.l~i ?4 u I ' -> 'M>
I. '.ti **?'.-.? I. ?4 l?.' ark >1 U '< ? r a a;t4 .? -4
? *>Hn?t at.ftl ntf kt lar a- tb* barw *f iMatt ? >??**?
af awtr '? ? rtliT I f'" alll", a f- I* aa**a.??a
b?l?- af al. lb* ?*M>* b* * ? W *? *?*'' a
U.s f. >|a ?f lla* I B? 41 at Uv B?l< a*<? a f l?t?ra*a
*?4 Uy* ratios! at. .,, ml I-M4-* -a lar -<4 w4 !?*?.
Mai" Iba 4?a? a* | ' f ?*"' '' baad 1 4 a Hjai al
f*ltit ?aab* 4 M W*ra ?a*a? )*af * - I
? * bar* a* Ma* ? aa t ?? al a*| * ar.1 I K**a
*'?**? ?a4? .(1 ?| ? *4 * ' "? ? * ?!??? f***
?aw* frwtn fit* bwBl<b?*m fa?-**l 1/ r?^ *> ?
*?MTT Ib*a**ar **a If 1 lb ?r r**ar*tl? ?b a ra
Kia* 114 *?a ?4a ?>*?? B, <? l^a 'aai.ft "tl
I M vaa. (wtraitl, ab; flu* . .?? *44 fa(* ? *4 I a*
"aMrlmr fw< 'a-***a Sa ba;w a a w ?a,.t ?. < f-vtm
1t- |*aa latp*r al gar *r*ar^?tk H?hab?* MfaaaiaiaM
ft .a* Ital BMbll/ < ??t* <??* aait* *M i?a* ka

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