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Napoleon on National Unity and the
Devices of " Weak Governments."
I Spanish General Killed In Battle
With the Insurgents.
The Great Abolition Congress
in England.
Tl?c Cable from France to
New York.
?ho Emperor on Nniionnl I'ultr aud tlie
Power of the People.
P.R's, Augutt 27, 1407.
The Kinperor Napoleon, in a speech just made at
Ami, significantly iuia ?
Hive faith In the futurot Weak governments often
seek to divert public auenllcn from domestic trouble!
07 fomenting foreign quarrels. On the other hand,
those governmenta which real on the national will bare
1M strength, aud Deed only resort to wheteror shall tend to
I promote the permanent interests of the country as e
I uneai of uphold.ng tue tionor of the national hag
I The Danish DeinamU on Prusela.
Lo.vdok, August 27, 1307.
Toe government of Denmark has renewed lie demands
I en Prussia to regard to the northern provinces of SchlesI
I The Anti-Sin very Conference In EndandI
I,lord Harrison nuil "Distinguished" Ne?
I (rose Present.
MaxrBsartR, Auguel 27?Evening.
I The great anti-slsrery Congress convened In this city
k <0-dsy.
William Lloyd Garruon was present and made a
H epeech.
if Other distinguished persons. including tcveral negro**,
U -also mads speeches
IV Buiogles were passed on ths governments or the
Uoited titaies and Russia for the recent abolition of
Hucceee ( the PravtnrinI Insurgents? A Hoynlist
Central Killed.
Losroo*, August 27. 1387.
A:eounte hare been received from Rpain which confirm
the previous reports that tho insurrection in the
province or Aragon had been successful.
The goaeral who led the royal troops against the in urgente
was.killed. Ho was a nephew of Kgrvaes, the
chief of the Spanish Cabinet.
! Baitun, August 27, 1707.
Hod. George Bancroft had do audience with hl?
Majesty the King of Prussia thti morning, tad presented
hit credentials u Kovov Extraordinary ?< Minister
Plenipotentiary of '-* I'u.ted states n?ar ih? Court
of Berlin.
Mr. Benerofr hti received an Invitation to a dinner
given is his honor by Count von Bismarck,
: etenrral Napier to Lead a flrltloh Expedition?
The English Prisoners .tiny be Saved.
1 >' J-eiroo*, Augnot 27, 1867.
Active preparations are being made for the speedy departure
of the troops from India to rescue the British
prisoners in Abyssinia Str Wigllam Kapler has been
appelated to the commend of Uid sxpsditlee. The last
i rtporta eMtal'Aaa *-h*> prisoners wsra no longer la the
I power of King Theodoras, end strong hopes are In eonI
ssguence entertained tbnt General Napiar es HI ancceed
j ii lenehiag them in time to save thalr llvaa
I Til New Line from France Co New York?
I Preparing to I.av tho Wire.
I Londos, August 27, 1807.
I the eew Trnnsntlsntlc esble, from Brest to Now Tork,
I At to bs laid in May next. The Northern routs has boon
I welseted as the safest sod mr,st practicable.
I The steamship Great Eastern has baeu char tared to
I perform the work.
I fteatb wf Professor Farndnv.
| Lornop, August 27. ISO?.
Mr t trMt/, tba aminant profaaeor, diad ( -dar.
* Th* Losnot konr mjurr ?Lowoob, Aturuat 27?
v tfllill?Conaolr for auHf. 94 13-19. Illlnot* Central
Hallway aharaa, 7T)g. Erla Railway aharaa, AIM. At.
laatlc and Orami Waatarn cannot id it ad bonda, 91. Vnliod
Qtataa flra-lwanty bonda aia firmar and cloaad at 73 W.
Taa Coirrntanrii Boca**.?F?*i?k?ort, Aufuat 17?
Hranlng ? I'niiadSiataa Dra-iwentioa (or 1M3, T7>?.
UraarooL Cottob Market ?I.iraaruoL, Auguat 27?
Bracing ?Coiton alnaaa heavy; aaioa to-day, 7 000 baita.
ttiddliag nplaada lO^d Middl'ng orlaana 10,'ad.
trara or Taion ?Tha adrtcaa from Mauchaatar ara
i Lirnroot Btutmrrra Mabkbt.? Lmtaroot, Aaguat
BT?Bran log ? Waeai, 13a. 9d. O.r naw Southern and
13a. Ad. for Caltfaraia Floor. 84a. for axtra Waatarn.
Cam, ISa Ad. Data. 8a Ad Barley, 6a. Poaa, Ala Ad.
Lrraaroot PaormoBa Market.?I.tvaarot, Augu*t
BT?BreoiBg.?Cbaoea, 49a. Baaf, 140a Lard, Ala. 9d.
fork, 76a Od. Bacon, 43-i. Ad.
Lrraaruot. Proditb Marrrt ?Livcamnt, Aug oat 27?
E*aatng ?Hoain, Ta 9d. lor common and 12a for maAlum.
Tallow, 44a Ad. foia?haa. 31a ?plrlta Turpeogtno,
30a Patrolaaa?apirta 8 ,d and refined la ?,'.d.
<'lo?ar*aad, 41a.
Lobdob Mam am? Loroo*. Aaguat 27?(Craning ?
Ko, 11 Dai h alandard aaaar, 94.. 04. ?co'cb pig iron,
Ala Wbale oil, ?40. Sperm oil, ?116. Llnraad < akea,
*10 6a. Calcutta llnaaod, Ala Ad. I. nnaed oil <39
T*a l**r*oi.am Mabbbt ?Abtwer", Angu.t 27? Fvenlag
? fatrolmim aioaaa at 43)gf. for atandaid want
* ?
Marina lalrlllgrnrr.
Quaaa.row*, Auguat 27?Rrenlni. ?The Ionian .teamInhlpCttyo:
l.oalon, Captain Brot.ke, whlcb lafl New
York AiruM 17, boeamTod baro, on bar war to Liror9^
Tba Pr*aab tranaatlant.a an ataamahip Villa da
TaiTa, Captain Sarnaout, wblcb laft Uavra oa tba llth
?ad Braal on tba ITtb of Aagutt, arnrad at tbia port at
a aarty boar yaatarday moramg. landing two hundrod
ad Oflaon paaaangara and a baary cargo of valnabla
f Tba Villa da Parla brought our fllai, Id datali of our
eablo daapat h?a, to bar day of sailing. u tats u tbo
Mill rsporto by tha Canard stsamah p Cuba, *t Boston
from Halifai
C , Tba Eiag of Don mark baa g'ran Jcaland a owtitut on
s?hl?h la about to b# aubaiitsd to tba rapraaanlatlat
body of that la'sad (tbo AlttbtDg) far Ha approTbl. TH
oat* commotion gloat to lha IcalaoJara tba aaaa llfcar
I ai aa wara grantad to tbo Daoao by tbo conatitotloo or
tbo lib of Juno, tiaa, and all futuro Damab raonarobi
art la attar to praaarrs tbo tcalacdic coaat.tutlon In.
oiolabla bafora tbay ara crownad. Tba aoaalttutloa ala?
pro* daa tbat, although leolaad ta dfiarad aa looaparab'a
part of tba Danish monarchy, it la to Maintain ita
* a?a !a?a and adgalatatratloa la local mattoro.
Tba Croaatadl AT atawptr glvaa aa acoounl of tbo arrl
. ?*i *i tbat port of tba Sttdlah aqnadron Tba ttiagrap!
aaaouaotd :ta approach, and toon waa aooa tba paddu
attanar btarmg tba flag of Commodore ftaadla, com.ni
fiat; tbaa two aoaltora, a riaboat. aat aft a* i? mon
- ? m II ttmrn m m m, mm m J* I ***
tronctads The Rcrlk, the frigate <he alatlon, J
saluted, with nine guQV, win eh were responded to by i*? '
equal number. The Swedish Admiral's vessel then
hoisted the Russian flag and flred s salute of twenty-ons
guns, which wu reiurua' Tiu'ia lui erOtsl (|uay,
on the flagpest or wntrh the Swedish flag was hoisted.
On entering the port the Admiral's vessol was boarded
by a boat from the Rurik, tne officer commanding which
welcomed the Swedish commander. In passing In front
of the mole the squadron was greeted with cheers and a
salute of one hundred and eleven guns from the Impsrstor
Nlcolat L end the other vessels In the harbor.
A communication from Berlin calls attention to the
Journey which General de Rood, Prussian Minister of
War, has mads to Munich. It se-ms that Bavaria was
only moving slowly (a the reorganization of bar army
in the Prussian manner, and the General went to Munich
to hasten the movoment.
The Journal de Charleroi has tho following:?
Toward* tho 20th of August the last Prussian soldier
will have la t Luxemburg lbs transport oi material
eontinusa with the greatest sctivlty. Tho other day, by
wav of adieu, the Prussians near y blew up the town.
A barrel of gunpowder, nobody knows how, caught Are
at the mill behind Barou de Tornaco's hotel. The explosion
soriouslv injured an officer of artillery. This
mill, which Is being emptied, still contalus 400,OoO
kilos, of powder. The inhabitant* had a narrow escape.
Tho German Catholics pursue their project of establishing
a university in tbla part of the country.
A Florence letter, of lbs 12th of August, has the subJoined
Garibaldi is certainly at Pienna, and from that place
he is said to intend going to tbe sulphur baths south
of tbe town and close to the Roman frontier. The government
is anxious, and the more so, that French
diplomacy is pressing strongly upon it, likewise, perhSDS,
friim this consideration, which M. Kattazzt Is
! stated to have given expression to ?"Suppose thai Garibaldi
should succeed, can any one believe that the Ring
aiiM fan! at aiaa in rPPAl?in> frnitt him tir?t i'ld
| Naples, and now RomeT"
The Gaiettt it France says:?
On rumors of cholera at Naples the people rusbed in a
mass lo the abode of a fortune teller railed the Sybil,
massacred her and cut her into morsels. The authorities
bave suspended the march of troops, fairs and oven
the examination of t-tuden'.s. At Naples all ships coming
from Leghorn are placed under quarantine.
There waa a riot lately at Jesl, In the Metauro, ItaTv.
A mob of working man stopped a number of wagons,
which were leaving laden with corn. The Opinions of
Florence reproaches the National Ouard with not having
done Its duly on the occasion.
The following it from the Viouna Crew of August
Tho idea of monetary unification seems to make rapid
wav, like all beneficial notions which have been enabled
to force their wav into light. The International Cooler rice,
which met last month at Barts, already produces
flfeOta which leave the sphere of pure theory to be realised
In practical application. Thus the Auatrian delegate,
Baron de Kock, who place* at the service of this causa
great zeal and extensive experience, signed before leaving
Paris, with M. Parieu, who is a real pro uoter of
this reform, a draft of aconventlon In twenty one articles.
Austria would find herself attached by her gold coinage
to the monetary system of France, Bely'tim, Switzerland
and Italy. It is 'quite evident that ail this labor is only
of a preliminary character. In the first piece the acceptance
of tho tnreeothor States would be required, then
(he adhesion of ths Legislatures of the different countries.
The Brussels journals state that a bill is being prepared
to abolish imprisonment for debt
A Brllllnnt Celebration?Furls Unusually
Crowded and Clay.
Napoleon's fete day was observed with the greatest
enthusiasm and much splendor, tn Pans, on the 16th of
The crowds in ths strssls and suburbs were extraordinary,
as in addition to ths ssual population of the
capital tho Universal Exhibition furnished a verv considerable
quota, wbils tho arrivals by tho railways during
the wsak ware eotimatsd at upwards of four hundred
thousand persona. As ths visits of so many sovereigns and
princes had gradually supplied Paris wi'b the dags of
almost every European nation, the principal thoroughfares
presented an elegant and variegated appearance.
Scarcely had -ne cannon of tho Invaiides announced,
at six in the morning, that the day-it to had commenced,
when n distribution or alms and provisions was made In
all the arrondlssements tn such ot ths inhabitant ', aged
and necessitous, as required assistance. All this was
done from tbe Emperor's privy purse.
. The old soldiers of tbe First empire, In ttelr curious
uniform.*, wrlkod round the cclumn in the Place Vondome.
After the mass the thsatres were opened to the public.
The people crowded the gar'.eai. There were amusements
out door?amusement of avsry sort?military displays
and fireworks in ths svsning.
As ins lima approacnea ior io? nrewores, me tutprass
sppssrsil for a mcmant. with several other ladies,
at ths balcony of the central window cf th Palacs, overlooking
ibe garden, and wat loudiy cheered. Arisr tba
display, repoaiad criai of " Vive I'lmpArairloe! " again
induced tier Majesty to com# forward and salute tba
tail crowd botow.
Russian Anticipations sf a Ulgaatlc Kura.
peas Niragfls.
[From the Paris Dfoata, August IS. J
At Uis moment when the Prussian press is beoomiag
calmer the Bussian jouruais seem disposed to increase
In violence, not only towards Turkey, but also towards
lbs nations of Western Europe. While tba greater part
of tboee organs continue to draw a moat frightful pic.
ture of the crime* wblcb tbay attribute to the Iurkisb
troops In th* Island of Crete, the Moscow Gatfi't, representing
th* extreme Russian party, declare* all Kurop*
to be menaced with a terrible conflagration; here Franca
is aboel to rnsb upon Prussia to endeavor to destroy
the conseftiences of tho cempaigu of Bobemle; tbare
twenty-four millions of Italians are preparing i> fall
upon Home; in Germany the States anuexod to Prussia
lest year am about to inks up arms to MMafMf tneir
Instead of pointing out to us ths means of escaping
from those perils, tbs terrible (icu tti calmly says:?"If
the shock is inevitable, why daisy It f Toe friends of
pence themselves may prefer an Immediate csiastropho
to so lamentable a atale of things." No doubt It depends
on Ruesla alone to avoid ah those disasters; but
w* am not worthy of ber Man entloi in ous favor. Already
in the spring aha kindly eared France from a war
wblch waa on tb* point ol breaking out, aud we did not
how our gratitude to her. "No oee has mderstood the
greatness of the enorKLe Russia made in psoifylng Europe,
when war on the subject of Luxemburg gave ber
such e good opportunity of delivering, without d'Soulty,
ber ooreligion eta la Ibe East whose destinies ere so lattmaiely
bound up with her own." To that seorlfloe Europe
only replied by giving an er.thuslaitic reception to
the Sultan. Therefore Put ope deserve* tie pity; and
the Moecow Oattt'* consequently abandons I ranee to her
sed fete.
Franc* Reply la Prussian Arcueatlwae.
[From the Parle Temps, August 18 J
In an article wbh-h Las been extensively copied tbe
Prussian print |Xvrth O.rmait Uatelt-) raiaer the ecararrow
of tha old parties. and affe in to represent war u
being demanded and desired by the opponents ar tha
imperial dynasty. Those are titer who, f tha Berlin
journal > to ?> believed, are ravortBg a resort to
hostilities. while tha Kmperor's government hue a?suredly
no idea of combating tha principle of nationallliae,
fltr hating ho.nlKt firm to prvtUiim it. Tha la
alBuailoa la doubly adroit, inrolriag aa It doee at oace
a menace and a flattery. But at tha earns time
It would be difflcult to repreeent wltb lea*
fidelity the poet11on of the question and the aula
of public opinion In Fraoce. If tha Prusslau writer know
our country, ha would ha aware thai former parties exist
now only in tha electioneering elreulnrt of the administration,
ha Would und-raised especially that war la not
desired here by any one, and that the apprehension
entertained by enlightened men la preclaelr that of seeing
the country engaged, without Its own knowledge, la
enterprises for wnTcb It auuld not be re'pnntlble, Inasmuch
aa It could not prevent t'ism. Would the .VcrfA
U'.rm'in (la?etu pretend by any chance to place the
Mexican expedition to the acoount of public opinion la
Frntic*? Dors it think u can insinuate thai the opposition
drove the government Into tha> undertaking ? Its
language now. raapeeitng the disposition of France toward
Uerunany, is not a whit moieaauaibte man attber of tl-eee
supposition" would be. The Prusaiau jo trnal abowa In
still anoibrr maaaar ita ignorance concerning til. It
does not admit that tha internal condition of France can
hare say ehare In the cauaaa of the war which
jiaopla anllclpxe. Nothing, however, la mora certain.
At the present point at which metiers bare arrtrad,
after tha reawakening of public opinion, after tha Mesican
dimeter, after the struggles of last saaaion, afl"r
tha hope* to which tb* latter of tha lath of January
gave Ufa, and which a) present scarcely remain hopasaftar
all tble, tbor* is no exaggeration a saying that our
anvaramant finds M"elf between the lioroa of ihl* dllam
ma?ottbor to aatlafy the legitimate ittmndi of liberal
opinion. or lo 'mporo ailen-a up >a It by the loud brutal
roar of tba ctnoon.
Thr fmprrlol f wwfereiirw nt ?nlihari.
[From ib? ladependan.a ??!??, A igoat IT.)
Tbo joim?T to Unltburg, with raopect to wh,cb ibo
court of Franco ?ti prompt to enlighten that of Praaaia,
taper..ally through tho to<arraedtailon of the Conn' do
fiolu, lo oot of noturo to offend Count d* Bl?mnrck or
h'o oorofoigB. w# sbo'iid oroo be tempted to bolioro.
with our Berlin correepon loot, that, Uk?n together
with tho Inopportune proceeding of M. do Mruatler lu
i furor of Denmark, tho rruMion iiehinet, on the coni
trary, congratuletee ttoplf upon thiu ?ltit from tho point
of riow of auceeeaet It io calculated to promote <u tho
' opprourhiBt oltotioho for the federal Purliamoot ad
article pobltahed yeater-Jay n tbo J nmnl rbi ttba''.
and which uooumoo tho form cf a diplomatic r immuoi
cation, will oot modify thoao approciationo of the Prut1
t an goTornmonl. A perunaI of it will teal to thlD ccnyiction.
A'"co*ding U> tho French print tho two Bmper-m in
their approaching converaanoua will apeak nf tvtrg quuti
n of tirt'tni affi'a'tnq '*? end ami .Yo?o H'nr'rU. tho Nt>
I tlotntit of tho Kruoan wor, tho conrtltutlon of Gorman
o unity under tho euprrniooy of Pruana, and.
Oaar.y, to crown nil, tbn dlrm-rktbermeat of iba Ottoman
empire Napoinou 1 and Alexander | dirldlng Europe
t between litem at Krfarlh bad not eo etteaaiee a prw,
frnmmo aa that of wa ob too Dthti doairaa to glrn tha
aollloiarnt t Napoleon 111 and Tram-la Joaaph. Tho a,
1 aotwiihatandinf the authority which ordiaartly atteohee
t? what aopoa-i la thdl latitat'. wo parartt ig bettering
that the interview it Stljbars wii! here no other pberee- !
tor it'en that oi * dumocttratlon. somewhat mark*'1' ;
perhaps, ot attectivnate syinpatiiy mingled wl'.U regret |
Arrival *?d Reception of III* MelrilT < >
< uiittiumlnuplr.
[Constantinople (August 7i correspondence of Gahgaam's
ti xseenger ]
At nine o'clock this morning the prolonged roar of the
gtina from tbe uieu of-war tit the harbor and the land
batteries, and tbe sharp roll of musketry from the troops
who lined both shores of the Bosphorus, announced the
Buluu's return to Constantinople after his memorable
als weeks' Journey in Vt extern Europe.
Bia Majesty left Kuit. huk at nine o'clock veeterdey
morning, by the Rustctuk and Varua Kail way for Varna,
which he raachaa at a quarter paat four in the afternoon
The Grand Viz er and the Seraskter had both loft
for Varna and >; . .. ? ginoe Wc lues Jay last to moot
theirs irereigu All Pasha baring expressed a wish 10
go by an Austrian steamer, tbe Austrian Lloyd's agency
pla' ed oca of the finest vessels of its line, the Neptune,
at bia Highness disposal. On arriving at Varna, at llftsen
minute* paM four yesterday afternoon, tbe Sultan must
have gone etralght onboard ihe Suiianieh, and started
at once, for it was quick Work for the imperial flotilla to
oro-e ibe Black sea and make the Bosphorus this morning
after a run of only sixteen hours.
Notice was issued from the Grand Vizier'a office la-t
nhtbt, and this morning tbe heads of the various religious
communities of tne capital, the Turkish civil, military
and ecclesiastical functionar.es In vessels provided
by the government, and members of the diploma'io
corps ia the do-patch boat* of the embassies, went out
to tbe entrance of the Bo-pnorua to welcome the Sultan
home. The news of bis approaching arrival gave a fresh
stimulus to the preparations making hero for his reception,
and the finishing touches are now being given in
all directious to arrangements ol flags and festive devices,
garlands and triumphal arcbea.
Tr. .11 .1, 1. r...> ... 1 #?,. 1- 1 I
the Sultan's return frotn Europe promt-es to hi* the
tinest ever wttusiMed in the Turkish capital. The festivities
will continue for three (lave, during which the
Custom Hou?o and all the public bfticos will be closed,
and there will be three nights illuminations The whole
city Id gay with lings and derorationa, and alive with
animation. The rolea-.e of small debtors and ol [ ae ons
convicted of minor off i ces his been ordered, large
Sims are given in charity, and a general amnesty tor all
polillont end press offence? is spoken of.
Tha Hulltin'e Plan of Reform.
A telegram frutn Constantinople, da.ad the loth of
A'iguet. says ?Tli Sultan on his rutura doclared to the
(fraud Vizier that the reception be tiad met with irotn
foreign peoples and govetnuieuts had strengthened in
hna the desire to assure Impartial protection to all his
This sentiment," said bit Majesty, "is that of a
sacred debt. '.iy solicitude will remain as constantly
awake In favor of the progress of public instruction,
cxtonsioa of moan? of communicatlou, a good organization
of our national forces, and the dsveloptaoul of our
01 edit."
Professor TlichiiH Fsrnilsr, II. (1. f..< P. it. M.
By a cable telegram to the Hsralo the death of this
learned and emiuent gentleman it announced at having
takoa place in London yesterday. Professor Faraday
was born in Surrey, England, on the 2xd of September,
1791, and was consequently In the seventy-sixth yoar of
hut age at the time of bla doath. His father being a
mechanic, earning his living ns a working smith, the
deceased was nnshle to obtain other than the uiosi
ordinary education at a common day school. When a
lad of thirteen years he was apprenticed to s London
bo kb'nder to learu the trad* of his toaster, and hav.n *.
through his position, the meaui of obtaining several
scientific works, he studied thetn carefully, and by tho
assistance of one of these, s realise on electricity, was
enabled to construct his Ursi electrtcal machine with a
giase phial. iubseuuently, through the kindness or n
member of tho Royal Institution, Mr. Faraday obtained
permission to attend the last four lectures of Sir
Humphrey Davy, in 1812. He afterwards addressed Sir
Humpuroy s letter asking for some scientific
etnploym -nt, and that humane snd k nd bcarled
philosopher, a.tor ascertaining the nbility of tim
applicant, promptly complied with his request and
made him his cnemical assistant at the Royal institution.
1 he deceased subsequently travelled throughout
Eumpe as tho na-istaut aid amanuensis ot his patron,
and on his return to England resumed his position at the
Royal Institution. Tho progress ot Mr. faraday was
now rapid and successful la ls'JO he discovered the
rhlnriri** of portion In 18"! tha n,ul.nl rotation of a
magnetic pole and no electric currant, and in 1823 his
exertions lou ou to the condensation Of the gases. la
1803 bo became tbe Professor of toe New Chair of ChumIstrv
at the Royal Institution, a portion he ever after
beld. me honor* which hu own and foreign governments
and institutions bestowed upoa blm tor bis service*
to science were numerous. Ilowa* a Commander
of Iba legion of Honor, Knlgbt of the Crus-nau (Mir or
Merit, Yellow of the Royal Society, Doctor of CUT. Laws,
one of tbe eight foreign Associate* of the in erlal
Academy of Sciences at Paris, beside- be.ng a inomher
of mauy learned and botenttQc bodios In Kurop# and
Sr Loop, ,it<gust 27, lSflf, I
8 o'clock P. M /
Two aaoro ula.dee barn occurred since yesterday?
one woman aid oaa man?making twenty-seven caaea
Ince July L
Tba health of St. Lout* la Aral rata. a..wear this
day tbe deeths Irom eDolera were t varngd. am jp-t
twelve; but tbia year only thirty-Ova are reported.
(From lbs Kvening Telep.ram of yeetcrdsv.]
BxiTmosn, August 27. HOT
The New Or'ean-* and Texas papsrs report tbe (erer as
till raging at Corpus Christt w.th malignant virulence,
while at Indianola. Lavaca an 1 Victor .a it ha* materially
abated. ?
At Lavacoa the disease thus far has t.een of a very mild
type, and the c 'nra'^csnt eases largsy nManbM
those that proved fatal
Rev. Won. J. Harris, tbe Methodut m u ster at Lavacoa,
la mentioned among tbe Intest vlctlma
We beg to acknowledge the receipt of the following
sums, donated for -he nld of the suderora r>y the yellow
fever at Oaiveat n, Texas: ?
W, B. Tsbam .$100
" Jio T H j I*
Vihbard, Ftsk# A Co 60
from "W?" New York 10
Total $390
sPOrrORD, TIT.KST'lN k C>.
Haw Yovx, August 27, 1MT
Kmwwovo, Atlfd-t AT, llbT
Nearly ene million dollars, six per cent, worth of North
Carolina bunds wars Issued at Raleigh a few days slue#
to certain railroads In thai Stat*. to be paid out lo contractors.
This is a part of tba four millions authorised
V| IU? IHI lif'gtBllk'lip.
Over half a million dollar* ha*a be*o sainri VI by
lli* Virginia oouollee U? th# Cboeapeakt nod Ohio Rait*
rut ooituly of Greenbrier yesterday voted IJ'iO.iOO
Jrnr? I It*.
A bau. Oara I'll in Dn'iwaao?About ee?ea oolOck
yeaierday morning lha Ixxly of a aiao *a> la o 1 floating
naar lha rcranton dock, foot of Ktaei ureal fan
Coroner was notified, and ha immediately empanelled a
lury, when a man namad -h*a Id nnflad tha raiaaiaa aa
tboaa of Andrew J. I,oek*ood, liail bale pilot, a.a I
twenty-eight yoara, and marnad. who waa drowucl by
tha capaiung of a rowhoat, of Jackaon aural, Kaat
rlrar, naarly tan day* ago. luo mry raturuad overdid
of d?ath b* accidental drowtiiuj, and the b ,dy was dal:c#r*4
Vt Mr. Sidney Bowie*. Of Brooklyn, brotl.ar o
taw of tho dacoaaad
P*:ra 1'iotit at a Pictf.?At apton'c he d at M?'*e"e*
0?ar# on Monday two m a named i oil n< aad Nugent
got into a quarrel, and. In order to aeitlo the ti ller
"amicably" aod 'orderly," resolved to #ct'!e their d.i
p jioi i? irto prira r ng faehtr.n, The* ac-ord ng v *??.
to" atoooo'clo?k yatlerday morning oti tha ui
near tba Hill, ?h?ra, to the toar&e of *:* round*, ilte.t
j-iraiU'ii ad each other to thair lo'en*# .ti?fo. t!on, ard
to tha linaanae delight of a cruwd of adtn'r.ng friend*
who accompanied tha borigcioata. Tba proceeding
ware tarmtoatod bv Mr. Collin* alnk.r.g hit imagine*
a "foil," and tha Utter an accord.ogty pro.-:*,mad .ha
* cior. Th?ro war,* no arraota tro-'a
fat?t. ."r*aa:Mi Arra**.?Oa Saturday n *a about
talf-patt alarm n olock a ran named .Mm Cruao end
aaoitiar Uerstan, nam# unknown, entered tha t'nton
He'.l at Ha-Vniacic and railed f? none lager It waa
rrfuned, it ay baing Inloiclad Alter a ahort tioa
rruna and tba unknown had ao a lerca'ion, wnan the
latter draw a knife and (tabbed Cruae in tba abdomen,
leafing a Uig* aoitatl about four lathee Madieal * d i
*w?. oatied. wheu lha nitur.d oal pi mounted fatal, j
Crii'a hagerad till Sunday about tan o'clock, when he
(p.ad fbr granger waa aire* ted and hrdgad n ;?
r taoitory ffama b'tiiding. m Haaeun *i a*t,
0. , 'ip mt ? ?oap fa-torp bT John firth ? Co., wit I
dMUopcd by f'? obont taaira o'clock oo Moarta? a ght j
lot.., 13,004. Inured In the oarlip Cotaraap of
I'hiladatphia for tl.mm. A part? tu irroitag on iu*.
p'c'on of 4rtag the place.
fitii fnt.?Joha Slater foil down a a'aireay load ng
to Murray'* earpantar a hop, at Indian Waarf, and anatalnad
lajnnaa from which ha 4 *4 paatardar aorung.
a waa a man of rer? in lea pare** nebta. end war aadar
tha laflaaaea of iigaev at tba tiaa ef tha aoeideat Tha
( oraaar held a UfctdSt wfeaa a eerdiat ta aooortao -a
waa rendered.
N'ESDAY. APutJST 23, 18
The (irtai Mitt'.*1" *f
>latlr and IV lio Sla?J I??Aaaiaal
the Memorial or niatrlrr 1 omiiiaiidaraHITreta
of get-tloual I'MifruUiiU ntul
fepnrka ftom the <>oddeaa of I.lbertv?I ?"
err vntiaiA VV ofir Thun < '?i|?perhrndlaii?.
Lijccarta, Fe., Augiut 27, IS87.
Hon. Thaddru? Stereiii tw io far racovered liis healib
that he eipactt to a'art In a few dart ou a tour to tbe
Upper Cakea. The rotlowlnj letter from b'.m will appear
in tlio Fxamintr ami Herald to momot:?.
colosh. acuocc to an. stktmm.
Coicmbu, Pa., August CA 1?6T.
Hon. Tuamir.ce Srsvtss, Lancaeier. Pu.
Pmr Sir?-evoral of your mteiiigoot constituent* 10
this region, no donht from wan; of proper Information,
aru comptainini of mistakes made by Congress in not
paes.ug laws at the lost eesaion restraining tba rouiovat
of certain offlerrs ;uga?ed in reiunstru tion. I contended
that you had pa-?ed an aft at the very clo=o
providing tor that vorjr contingency, but which is not
executed. Wi.'l you be so good m to inform mo liow
favour r?prcs'Etative la respousibie for this on> aeioa,
if out.winn it he t You kcow we are iu the habit of
d aliag familiarly with the member fiotu the Ninth,
A brief an<war will much oblige your friend,
Li.NCAsrtK, I'a., August ISO".
Col. fi4J?riiL SvHocg, Columbia, I'a.:~
Dura Sik?You are rtght iu supposing that Consols
made mistakes, as ii the uiwitabio lot of man hoi fyou
mistake to supposing that tlioru l? any law to prohibit
the removal of tho district commander# witi.out the
corivut of the .Se late.
Soon after tho ccmroeticou.oiit Of the Irs>t session of
Congress I repjrted a bill from Hie Committee of tbe
House of Kepre jenta'ivos, which contained a provision
prohibiting tiieir removal vritbout tho eonsent of the
Senate. It parsed tho House and was sent to the Senate.
Ths Senate struck it omjnnd returned It Vo tbe House,
who refusod to concur In the amendment. The result
was a committee of conference, where nn animated
contest eusued. Thero were several other questions
in controversy between the houses, which the House
offered to yield 11 this could he granted. The
.enate persoveringty refilled, declaring that they
would sooner lose the bill. As that would
frustrate all our leg slation It could not be
ailowud. The House yielded, with a warning of the
evils it would inflict upon the country. /SSrne of th#
member# of theSena'e seemed id dootn their power
undor the constitution wh en thev had just repudiated,
aud wholly outs.de of winch ell agreed that we were
acting, ohe o r whole work of rocoaatruotiou was
usurpation; or, perhani. they had a de?lre to be thought
to be gravely conservative and magnanimous. The?e
ideas seemed to control tlia action of aorne half a doion
Senators, who preferred treating the Preaidont.
Mv dear Colonel, a few Senators of great ability, undoubted
patriotism and purity have become a? saturated
vith what they are pleased to call coastrvitUm?whose
meaning, I confess, t am unable to cudcrstaad?that I
fear tnoy will lorget the moDster that was slain In 1TT6
and again in 1861, and will thua do great damage to the
creation of a government now so capable of being converted
into a pohtii ,il parathdMTbis ia liable to happen,
not so much by n direcri^ palpable atta'k upoti its
iratnewc.rk as by gradually forgetting the vital principles
of V e Declaration of Independence. Strike out one of tue
living -parks wh ch give life to our Goddess of I.iborty,
aud the mysterious and Intense heat, whose weldiDg
Urea, near a ceutury ago, and at prcrent, are fusing tbe
principles of freedom and reducing de-potietn to a
cinder, will gradually cool, uulll tho most conservative
despot could thrust hi# aword iulo it without affecting
its temper.
I have said above that I did net know tho moaning of
conservatism, I bave since seen the report of a speech,
said to have beeu made by an Ohio .Senator al Canton,
Ohio, which, ir It bo truly reported, and is to be considered
as a definition of that doctrine, thou it, to mo, is
very alarming?worse than copperhoadistu If Is legislation
without uiiiority, and reconstrucMun l>y
I am, verv renpeclfullv, vour otHwIient servant.
Cull for it Convention iil,Kt.ttillrsrt of llie
1'lilted Mntee Army and N?tvv?Governor
Plerpolnt Mtnmpiim the hlatf-NcgrefS
Tnaetl to Hupporl a Undicnl Newspaper.
WasKtSOTOH, Auvust 27, 1487, 7
10 o'Clock P. M. )
lu'e' *euc> I est re elved frwn H -htwond, V?., alaios
that at a mooting of e*-truued States ofDeora and
soldiers b"Id in SMMM, Tfc, 11-nlglit, the following
cV.l for a convention w?> unanimously adopted;?
To rxB 'ttOrrmu or riia Umieii Stars* Attar axd Sayi
now ststovg iv Vimitsj:We,
the I tsruttre Committee of the ci-OSlcers', R >I li? ?'
and Bailors' I'nlon, of Richmond, In accordance with
Instructions fram the I'nton hereby call upon
a.l et-olBoer*, soldiers and aaihri of the t'nltc-1
States Army and Sivy Uuw residing In Virginia to
naseait.lr In ronvent'on in ili? fnlted State# Court
r -out, in tl.e city of Richmond, at twelve o'clock M , on the
2ftlh of Scol"ni"ier ncyi. for the pt'.r|io<c of de&til'ig the
political ponttini, and to lake each other etent aa tlio estgency
of the t'rnca toay t"am to dminnd. I' ia carn?atl?
rtc?lr?il b\ ihc Union tluit r?ery officer. soldier aud aallor
.sttoud thu convention, aa n united anion on our part ta
made oe timty by the itn ortant events now transpiring.
Major!.. I, ACNABI.K. Chairman.
Captain R f. VARKMR. 1
C.rlaln r> W. BOUAVOV. ,..M ....
i ?p am ,t. j. i;si?mitifi t.t,. [ bomm itee.
Qorernor Pierpotut it now making a stumtvng tour tn
the v.Mlay of Virginia. Ho has been well receir'd thus
far, for he ia in decided opp'eiiIon to the Hunnicutt or
black nta't party.
A slid) meeting of thb black man's 'a'loal party was
held in Richmond laat n ght to dense mean* to prolong
the a*l.stenr? of their organ in that city ? TV AV<
iVa' p Vraaiir. appea's wipe tr*de by thetr leader,
Hunnlcntt, and his ooadiutor to I ho negrie* to put op
tboir money. It was flnaliy determined to levy a contr
h'tion of tw?0'y-(1*e rente per week on each enfranchised
negro In and ar m rid the oily ""h* n?n,h?r
ie estimated at (Ira thousand. Tnoae present agreed
under the stimulus of Honnlcutt'a oratory to pay the
amount, but it is very problematic whether tnenv others
wt:l do so. This <t regarded u If.-* first ipan sign of ths
appeoarhmg death of this party, owing, II Is thought, to
ths rated growth of the whtte'inau s party <o ths state.
Hptrrh at hesalor "Morion, el Indiittin. at
. trnstn, August 2T. 1MT.
The largest and luoti onthu.iae'lc meeting of the campaign
was held bsre tins e/sbxig. I; was eodresied by
Senator Morton, of Ind tna. He sb .wed that their;#
democestle plat'oem ts as fo'lows ? Repudiation
o' the catiunal debt; reetoratlon of alarery,
or If that cannot tie done, payment by the
atlon for slaves; peet.onmg the eoldiers* widows and
orphan* of the Confederate army; recognition of the
right of secession, and the unconditional return of rebels
la political power Hi ar. ied slr .nrlv and eiiH|i'.sutiy
In flaeor ?f impartial su'Tra-e; and. In regard to tha
Cgrea* of reconduction, be eaid there ba*s
n some de'ays, and oitiera may t-e si pi-ted.
but they will he teui[ior#'y. No earthly
power em defeat th? ent"rp'lse. Tl.e Attorney
Ueaeral throat In his opinion mat In time to enable Con.
are?a to iu*ei and lemmata hia Koptinlriea t.allant
an1 g'orinu* Phil Sheridan ha? been remored, but
he was auereeded bv fhoma*. iron soldier. who nerar
lost a battle -tantoo, the grantee! war mui.sier of tbl* or
any other co miry, ha* beea denoaul; but bla place la
011*6 br iiiaut. tii* sraaiaat toldler of <Ha eg*, and atill
in* work c ** ou. The rebel Htaie* will r,*e from the
aahas af rebellion wnb renewed llf*. Radical republican
States ara pnrlfad by blood aud lira, having alotighed an
the gartnee!* of treasonable democracy, and will ba
riot hod in the habMaienia of lit>erly, luetic* and lovaltf.
He wl'i iinta our heart* and hand* umli Ilia work I*
aceompluhed. and then wa will ed.iust ail que?iion.? of
Ontnoa. currency and laiation. and have tltna lafl to at'
(and to repudiator*. Hourhon* and Rip Van Winkles of
a decayed and aip'u< democracy. Toa "onaior'e
rpeech was aflaa Interrupted with tremendoue applauaa
from thousand* preaent
fmmrrafi, NT 1MT.
Tb# Colon Convent on of lha Meennd <>*ilo dwr.u tin*
omtag aonilnaPd Rrhirt HinttN, of the < n?~'ati i
r,*?I < to Ot>ngr*e* by acclamation.
Ma< o?. Oa., Angut27, I*a7.
t c. i, ore J ma? uo-eilng waa held bera today, and wae
*itanU?d hy ?,f 'o eight thousand persona Speeche*
ware me !a ? r white and colored uraure In the interest
of the rail 'a) party, and the Atlanta radltal platform
was adopt*I 0?r.eral g"<>d order and feeling prera'ted
an 'ha tro md and in the city.
aii<lii'ii?iiin itl the .tfnalcr Out ef Aleir
linaril?-( elerrd O'wnaers alts tlleelenariee
? llrne nlow'e >fn|orila -lO.OOIi.
N'aaVTiui, Tenn., August'if, HdT
?."?! '?d ?'i ' "1?r Mni i n( ? ,
ill* 1l?b*n4t'iai?i of ih* Plat* fu*nf?. II* j?*a it
r"**o* tba bad 'omluct of lb* otU'aat and diaioral
eit nana Id 'arla'O portion* of ih* ."im*. h* racomfitondo
Hi* oial uion ?bo liar* baan throatanad to
br.?j l?, ar.J proinltoa <o a.i( ..? ol tba Mar* |>iaiU
for (ha:r p?ol?rMoo
Jo* Wi!i;*mi and Pro II .Inn, rnlnrad. i*fi har# todap,
to a; atlr it t>*u* ( of lb* im*#rri'ir?* ol tl*orgta,
on lurltai on
Oor*ioor Hro*nl< * maturity oill t>a orar Of'y
thouaand. H? a'rand? arii;*!** a or*i'ar'b( hi* w-1
aa*a and tnaufiiral ?<Jdr?a*
A 'torno> ?a i* * . 'I o* ? ran in < ..ion" i I II W. am*
a* Attorn*? ?an*r*l for lb* t'artbaje d'*trli't.
Pi. J>. U t-' .T of t rauk! *. ma rommlrainnad ** (!*.?
br (lomrunr Hi wlow Rorarar of II.a llamp.i * an t
(Ih * Ka Iros t ar.d Mr. K onarda, of Mampl.l '.ii?r,n
an f*at v.* io<I '* lad to p*p it* lnt*ra?t rn,>**r ?|>ia J
lb* ">i*i*
T-r. CHGU** 1 THt i?0Ub
Sr I,or- a. \ if iat MoT
Thro* tj .**r*J lo t 'lilrtp d*alh? hp "hnla a bar* of.
r.ir ad a u>* ItuJ.an farrttorf, aoith of Ka .a*. Thirl?,
ran par cant of 'no oop'tlation of I >rt Oltioi ba.a
4 *<1 from It At Fort Arbnokla l ilt lol l.* a ax t
a* aotr ft . * In ly.a bin a v;iai.i"d \>> 4
J?"?r4 9/ met re?\?ru> aflerno n,
d?n( ?ctiuitt in tha clittlr.
r?r Crv"?? ehl"r??> ut Sanitary C'tuimilKt,
offered U)? roli>*ln' "'P0^ W(" t?ia -pon tue
table. ?
Fir t -Re?Mred Tbei !tr? <*A*r of bu?fe:??. 'be renor of
tbe Health Officer, be (tailed immediately after tb?t trf
tbe Sanitary Coaumltee. . . o.?inr. ?
,*v?._that If the Saultarv or * P*r;
intended hat 407 doubt of (h? grafting *uy
P'imln to ttnelior cargoea be Ihall qtifa :t)tt J
the Sanitary Committee. , ? . ,
J"'., tf.?thai the Superintendent f.r Aaelat
dent 1? uueeied io Qlo all permit* of tbe Hoali b Umcer, ana
10 record In a book the name, cargo and aanlta*f eonaitjou
of e?eiy lesael that has been quarantined, aud (hat ttua
book be laid before the Board of Health at etrery fe#u.?t
Taurlk?That the Ruperin'endeol ar.d Aaalitaul Superintendent
are to k?ep thei. r?!re? (i rtlenlarlf inforo.ad of the
aei.ltary condition of every ?e?ael that i.aa ue?n quard*.! lned
and allowed to route within 1 ?0U Tarda of the wrhar?e? of
(he dialnct. and th?t at lea?' li! teeek'r or more frequent . eteorte
be obtained of auch yew ? for tbe period of one
miantlr after their arr.ial in the dint. t.
hit/, ?-Tbal the pr.-aiitent 1 e au'h ir red, after conmU'^l
with the proper authoriuea, to Indicate tbe line 1.7SC yartla
front the jrliarres by an<*ho in* th? tieee .-aery buoys
A reaoiunou auect-.ng m* 'uuniwi to Dring immeouue
i,:it against ? number of tenement bouss owner! who
hate <o far refused to comply w.th the provision* of the
Tenement Howe law was altered aud parsed unanimously.
Br. Palton also sent In a communication, elating
that as a rule ttse leneiaoul bouse owners were complying
with the law.
should cstutssci-w vi-sskls ?so* iskvotsd roarg na
it petition from shipping llrm in the lower part o?
the city, requesting permission from I ho Board to transfer
frenn tho Red Hook stores to European veser 's at our
nrhtrvev. for iraumilaston to Europe, ten ol four thousand
seven Uuudred bale* of cotton and nineteen ' *b?* of
wool, just arrirod from ttitlveeton, where ttre yellow fever
is raging, was presented and elwAied quite a lively disco-sloo
between certain members ?f the Board
I?r. frrmrt vrris of the opinion that the petition should
not lie grantod unless the Health Officer should, In
writing, eertlly that the health ot (tie city would not
sutler from n? transportation to the city',
Pr. 8wi*Bt'M? said that if the Quarantine Comrals
sioners should oblige every uninfected v?'?l arriving
from an infected port to romatn in quarantine, or, the
Q larantine Comtulssionsrs permitting thou to pas* beyond
their Jurisdiction towards the city, the Board of
Health rofuse to allow tbatr pasamg rs or mrgoes to be
lauded at the eity wharves, we should hare "ncrcomruerce,
no cargoes, no passenger*. no nothing." User a
hundred vesse's had arrived at (Quarantine during the
present year from Infected poris, uot one of which,
either in its cargo or passenger*, had been found 10lected.
Judge Boswurth?Po you think, Pr. Swinlmrop. that
It would ho safe to allow ali vessels from infected ports
that on investigation prove to bs .ii.nfocted, to cotne up
to the city wharves'
Pr. HwiNnrRtrit?1 think that It would be safe, If tho
experience of past years is worth anvhlng.
Pr. Srosa?i move that the subject be referred to the
Health Offlcar, with powor.
Pr. C'raxf?I want to know what tho Health Officer
has got to do with this question T If I understand It
aright, the cotton la now in bond in the Red Hook
stores, which are not under the jurisdiction of the quarantine
authorities. If this lie s >, what has the Health
Oillcsr to do wall tho subject f Does the quarantine xtend
even to the laud? Now I move that the petition
bo granted.
Pr. i-toju.?Why, what do you moan, Poctor? Po yoit
consent to the removal of that cotton to ourcliy wharves
or their vicinity, kunwing that infoct'on to ihe city may
be tlio result ? *
Commissioner Aero*?Wbv, Poctor, don't you see"
> rauu wants to get the cotton out of Brooklyn, where
he live*. (Usgbwr.)
President si hums?'The question under dispute la a
vary fo one. It ia wheiher or not tho petitioners
should be allowed to transfer cotton from Galveston, an
Infected port, from tho stores at Unit llook to Kuropean
steamers Iving at o ir wharves, with a view to the transportation
of tho colt >n to Kurope. It l? very plain that
the owners of tbe steamers ran not be Induced to send
them to Rod Hook just to obi go a man who wants to
ship a few bales of cotton abroad. H is, I thi.ik, for us
imply to deride whether the cotton should bo allowed
to be placed on the steamer at the wharves.
Dr. SwisiiuaKK?1 move that the question bo referred
to the Sanitary Commute and the rounsol of the Pcird.
Dr 9tox>?Mr. President, I decidedly object to lb#
motion. IVe roquestod, at a previous tnooilng of this
Hoard, that the Health Ofhoer should prepare a permit
or ccrtiScat" allowing vessels lo come up tj the oily,
wo obtained what we roqueted, ani so i tblak iins
queeilnn was, or onirht to have been, set at rest by a
decision Of th# Toard some time ago. Now. than, If ttie
Health Officer will certify, In writintr, lhat tee cotton at
the Red llook stores can be brought up to this city
without endangering the health of the r.omm'inUy, I wilt
vote that the petition bo granted. That is perfectly fair,
and if he'll do that, well and good; but if be is not willing
to certify In writing, under lilt signature, to thst
fact, then I will record my rote against graunug toe
per mis-loo.
rommnsioner Acrojr then offered the following tie so ittlon
Ilcolved That the counsel of this B ird report to'I ts
Board what aro the relative Jui lad'.ctlone and duties of th#
It' sUh Officer and ihta Board, as regai Is q tnl ne
President St'tniLic?Gentlemen, you ba\e heard the
question. It is mo
Dr. i^tosk?Hold on a minute: let me see that resold,
tlon. Now, sir, that'* tne counsel's bsndwr ting. I regard
Ihe resolution os caught, as he is not a number of
this Hoard, and baa no right to olTar it
Cointnlu.oner Anus-1 tuuve the adoption of the resolution.
Dr. Htovr? I move that the resolution be changed.
I,st it be that the coun* l of this Hoard confer With the
counsel ol the Qnaran*tne authorities es to the relative
powers of tins Board and tfas Board of Quarautiue Com
The question at to ths adoption of Co mm I-alone r
Aetna's resolution was then called, and the resolution
was adopted, Dr. Mooo voting nav.
TBI wsagi.T woaTAt.rrr.
The following la Dr. Hurrls' weekly letter o? tho
nionality in thia city and Brooklyn for the week ending
Saturday, 24th instant
Mrraorottriw Ro twn or TTcsltii, ?
Bi,rkap or Vital SrsTivTK's, Annul 27, is?r. I
The week endme on H*tu-dsy tsst was tavorable to life,
though the tamperature fh? decrees Pahr.) wsa mote than
ten degrees l.lyher than that m-s^ > orrespowdtnf week I '?t
y?ai. and the degree of "humidity was nearly the aatue ui
hath. The titsl uumber of deaths In New York was SUrt. Including
SS In puhlie institutions, BP of the latter being In
deaths is Brooklyn, including 31 IU the Institutions and
Tillage on'.cilc the Sty pro[>er. Th* mortality In these
rules In the airrespouding week last voir ? ?> III and *49
respect'rely. Tiia xvo ig<>mortal.!? tn corre ponding weeks
tun past tb'irteeu years In Maw York rn flit or 6 in re tliau
tha total of last weak, llio population U believed to hare
Increased mora than 7(J"per cent in the past fourteen year.
Zvm'tlo disease' aius'-lr diarrheal tiill uredon,. i? e b.i
are decreasing In thsir relative ss well as absolute numbers
ile ae foul air discssra destroyed at tlni i*te of una life iu
erery d 7M Inhabitants <hr censm*. or <9 ?9 p?r rent of a'l
tost died in New York last week, end one in i,7A* of tne in
hvbttanta of Brooklyn, Or K 05 pgr cent of all tin' dlu I in
that city Of Intents under one year old srtJ, or SS 19 per
cent, |<erlehed In the foTner, end III or *1 fl' pet rent, of
all lu tliv latter rlty. The death rats Is now, and has been
for two weeks past, higher In Brooklyn tliau in .New Tor*;
and. uoeu iiise-ligaUO.t. the foot Plainly apnears that lu*
excess'.re mortality Is tiieetl* miofliied Pi Bitty or to no
drained se tlous of the fifth. Mtlta, Ninth, Twelfth and
Mliteentli wards. In the foul alums of ths last turned ward
there was one death In everr BAt> of Its inhabitants last
wrek. r>r. Milan, the Registrar, ssra ? The suteeuth
howl a fearful death rale, wbien. If U eontiuues, would
destroy os.e out of every Iwelr* Inhabits* to. The
denelty ef population (but thirty two e<iuere yards
to sach person, au<l the undrained uuudit on of
the eotl aonouot for this reeu.t. Systematic dmnage
hat not yet bren a.tsmpte.i in ilutt ward Hunkep lots base
been filled and nulsanrea abated, but the ebief source of
erll still irmslna" Oreil practical lessons In sanitary
science ran be studied In Km iblyn J"et now. * d it will be
fortunate If the people there put In promos Colonel
Warring'* precepts and tuc hoda uf 'drainage (or hSe.ik
and dt smogs for profll."
There were eerr few deaths on tide the tr center' honse
districts in New York last week. For Instance. In the Twee
ty.Bret ward, where *4 deaths ooeu'rad fuis'uslre "f J9 at
HeiieTue H spllai). only three occurred In ttfty all bhsoae
west of Leilngton event!*. while in the IU 900 Inlmbite' Is o:
the Fifteenth ward only lour died Keren blocks In tbe
Twentieth?a like nutobei of block* having similai anllsi y
wants In tb* Hislh. evvartlb, Tenth, Sevenlcantb end
Twenty-firm wards?:nd more deatbi than all tie well |
housed and eeadtv |* | illation 'n the city. Hanllarr and
sc. al luiiirnvrniep Is mun go I and b livid In thn?e homes
of unheaTthineii if we would reseue them Irotn their b ga
iletib rates. Iheeicessof moitallty la?l woek serine I u,
oecur almost wholly In those blocks In whtelidotrioal! r copItoasa
la especially neglected. i. HaKKI*.
The winitghiar ll?u?es llrderril from tha ('Up.
Tbe following general order wu yeaterday iMuad 'o
lb* < aptaiai of tb* ?nr.ous police precincts ?
nmartai. oupsij?so. .IU.
O'rtrs or Strrntsiatsnaur or WniroroiiTa* Pum a, i
r*jO Ml i ssnsT rttsssr. New Yuan August tl IMf
The Metiopilltsu Board of lleoith baring on duly II,
I*,?, completed the r*rtelon of tie lode of is* iitety ordinances
gorctuing the Metropolitan Ileeith deirtct, and
thereby mod.li?d section forty 'liree eu s* to real, in pan, as
fpllo* i ?
I hat on and alter the I6tb lay of .Tune, 'BuT, neither
lbs slaughtering nor the dt Irlng of cattle shall be pe trilt'ed
or rood tried at any place In ti e city of New Yori mtb of
i'crty-second street. Dor shall the slaughteringof cult's is
conducted at auy place In the oily of flew fork north of
sid sine', nor at anv olsce in I he r'lv of ft oilhn wi'U
out a aperlal wntian p?trnl? from ihtg board
An I portion of Iha thirty ngliih aoitiou of uM ?iJ?
reading 11 follow* ?
Tli? woid ' caul#' aball l>? liwl'i to Ir*."Indw w ! animal#
t ?pi birdi. fowl and I: ! of which any pari of Ilia body it
u ad * food "
Therofore, It l? mad# unlawful to ilrlra any otan, b"lit,
now*. nalvat, aheap or hi>g? along or thro >ah all* o' he am.
nuea. atreata or lauot la iTio olty of New \ rb, tout! wtidlr
nt Port* aenorid airae' eitbtr during iha day or ntj[M
It it likrwiia made unlawful to alt ghtaran-o' llitanl
Dial* enumerated ut any place In th# . r of Vew Vorb aoutb
of Korty *ai ' n t airtet, under any oif '.ont v ?# whtttrar.
locaac at] mob anuria.a art ban ght *o ?r.y wharf af
ftrry landing In the city of Ni w Tork ?ouih ot Fjr;ytoi*>.d
ttreat, II i* mail* your duty to pn rani 'I ? una f-otu h log
lai.ddd to Ic dibMi through '.ha -u wilhtu your preclnat;
but, on the eontrary, too uui't rejoin* luem Pi be
takan away In the Nitl manlier In it! h th?? writ biought
to iha tttf.
ia tba portion of Ik* cltr of Tew V * nor u of t'oiiraecnnd
a'reat. and In '1.1 c ly of P. 'Ubtyn. wl?rro the ilauy'i*
r*i. tig of gitit M alhwH it in dtar. ao artcb alaagbwnag
ah ???? p ?co unl"ia ti a apistal written y> i . nlou of the
II m d ?l Ural'h ahell bate bee- ; r oM i.onl l". waPo
,No o(l>ar ol tha H ard ol llralth, nor ot th* -oi.ua fmce,
|. aaiboi'/rd' giiut p una to t ul.ita ?i? of ire ranul.'
uian a tha?e m moan -?a
Viol Wiii. tbaiafora. ?aa that eaoh >d r.t terataJ llama*
ata atrlatly enfo. ad Within tour pint- > ami ibai uo violator
la partiidted to niapr a;ia?i and p inia.ineivi,
I he *!ra?U grid ???i' a norih ?f k i1 J ?? '1 autak In
t t ity ol how V olt, inuliatod la OtMral Or eel ho
at the routtt thmntli which cattla. *bre,>, p'i.? an j iwmi
m?t bt ill It i. pur toaiit to obap, t- fm t 'r.? l?wi it |hiJ,
w >1 raiualn ilia i one* in thai pot ion of 11 ? . dy. and during
tut aania buna lhaia.ti atated
JOHN A. liKVtf.rtT * fr. nei da it
titu W. Dtt a* I nape-mi
Yt*0 CT 1 X *H'SK[T CASC !# WWYIVA* 4
PiTfaWJtO, Anguill 17, ITA7
I ba l.ycoimog uaialt tnuakar raaa w Ilaub, Harktt
k Mauilaonp, itafora ili? I nitgrl A'ttaa tHatrlul f'oun,
ta /ad lit ,t. I 1, nton, t nitad H<atrt Ravaou# Agent
haa btan uivt. aai tUt^ary to ia> bro.t|ht m a tordiri
ofgrnll/. Till# wat t'i* lufgaat whlakav i-aag lliat Uar
rat ba*?tritl ? tn? lytaioru dtni<?t of Ijttatylraaib
V A C H T I N Q ,
Annual Hemtllii ??? 'll? UHeuuua Varlil MtiU-?
A I'leneniit llai-Tlit *u?lo M*p ntid An
Ifovoir tliu Wlimrre of ihc I'ifM PvUn.
New Jti-My not altiiia a laud of uui'tm'uM. r?l
o:>T ant rati, bailee justice, but a ieud where model
yacbis do dwell. S-oce tbe laeopl'on of the Now Vora.
Tacht Club a u.;tiibe; of smaller ascoclallons bat*
apron; Into existence, not only In mil mho it tbe utetropelis,
but la many of our larg* e lias in J town* wbars
water pr.*ila. a? aoouud, tba i?ga><ae of wh;eb ar* comlu'ied
in lUaaame ro one- ?? iboiaof the parent orgenf*atloo.
rha r (.raft ?? wLat it stylod ia older
aaaoolatioaa tbe "mc >1 yauUlt, ' lain,; ua tally of eui .It
tenaeia. cf three to fen teas iceai.rumen', aid consequently
not adapted to the tough w-vUer of lbs open,
aeo Tbe r crews uauVly cocaitt of thrre or four bands,
wbo or# barely aide to find * c. ram<Miaitou on board j
nfiile tbe'r bull* at a til . .try luia,x*ule form tUet find*
blrlb In tbo fancy of she bu.Uer ruith aia the boate ef
tbe Hayoune i?.ut ?.n.u, cr Siutoiviiis. n0v? Jei?s>,
who held their On'. euano! rsgatta yeaterday. ?ua who
prodaCtil l)0*tS Of * tUOjol Slid Ppt'ed that uilor.led *U
iuflnlte do*! of roereatlon to the spoliators ?s we'. a* the
participators, encourag ug thai spirit for raar Hois spo: j?
which it Is pleasant to tee on t .? increase around ua.
Tbi; aquatic event hid been ponponed from Tbundmr
last, tit consequence of the storm, which pshod mercilessly
on Ian 1 and water, driying tbe blue coated, busy
t rews from their operations on board their boats; hot
yesterday thoy turced out r/? u^i^m to celebrate their
Initial recall*. There were there, berides the m?nbers,
who comprise eonio of New York's most affluent chimbs.
many ladies, whose radiant laces and brili aut costumee
lent em hauiuiout to the picturesque scene thai presentee
itseir from the club tou.ro.
The entries were but four in number, but that did a>4
decrease the genuine enthusiasm that pervaded the
brsa?ts of the numerous niornboie, as this reason has
not presented a more ontorprls ng yachting eoterie, wbw
desired to teet the seago.og qualities of their reipectire
crafts than was witnessed yesterday from the charming
starnug po.nt of the rich on New \ ork bay.
Length jWovjctnct of Timt.
Firt. ('lent. IX In. 0">n?rs. M. 8
Aonte Mac... .28 to, Comeirt Hewlett ?
Sarah Jane.. ..27 '2 1 at Mcirfeban hi
Jane Vernon, .ad 10 Jos. E;ierrortt? 3 it
Sc-on.i Cit.'ts.
Waterfall 2T 2 Wm. Kits worth ?
A'l Ftevuir.... .24 3 Hobt. E'.lssarth ft 4ft
Petrel, ,.22 4 He-> Wition 8 0#
Tiilift Hand.... 10 0 J. liratus l& lb
The course war from a suikebtiat od thu club house,
three aDd a half miles to windward, to a strknoat
situate oif Holtias' reet lighrhouso; this to he turned
tfci-98 limes?thus iriakitig a swoop of oyer twenty
inlios?giving the spectators on shore an opportunity of
witnessing the sailing qualities of the various yaoUU.
ths Rare.
Cootniodor* John C. (lumber, en hoard th? pretty and
costy yacht Susie, gnye the word to atnrt to the yftcbln,
aligned mathematically around the staksboat .startled
fawn, ''all llie way Irani Brook1 fir tor this purpose,"
and precisely at twenty minutes to two o'clock they go?
ttndor way, tte Anule Mac tilling beautifully, followed
by the rest, as noted. This position oho maintained over
the course, tbwyh of times tbe harsh Jane mid some of
thu second class, out of mere Jealousy, would shoot
ahead, but again fall behind to the sUketost, rou& lias
which at fret tney pa=sod at follows-?
A'rttwr. H. M. A a rue. 17. M.
Annie Mac 2 24 Au ltevoir ,.,..2 32
.-'arahJane 2 28 Jj I'utrei 2 4ft
l ady Vernon 2 30 Waterfall not taken.
The wind from this point was light from the southeast,
and tt so continued to 'he end, the yachts turning
tho borne slakeboat upon their round.rig the last time
as follows: ?
Art mil. 71 V. A\tme. II. M.
Annie Mac. 4 48 4u Kevoir ...4 f>4
iarah Jsu* 4 43 IVtrel 4 bp
Jane Vornou 6 09 Waterfall not taken.
Much chagrin was maniiosted upon this result, as
many of the be.tlng-'.nclinec fraternity that ga bored
around the club house hid iuvested ruucu of their
I money upon the I.sdy Vernon, and the Ann e Mm
| coming home bnndsourely the w.sner was a matter of
gr at disappointment.
The Judge*, consisting of Messrs. Van Winklsg
C hester and Wait, award-d tbe prlror, ea n of elisor
artistically arranged, to the Annie Mac and A t Keruir.
Upon the terminal on of this exciting contct tbw
members or the club tnvlisd tbe numerous ucntl rafenwho
had participated In tire fostiviu?< of ihe da to *
lunch, where bar > ouy and fraiernity oa-spo! hands,
ench with the o'her nod pointed to a future luii of
?nu pru-poruv lur nrrnnviuu.
I'fiii *i it.niiA, A ig.iut 21. HOT.
A pr.r# light occurred 10.day at Oloticertrr, X. J , b*
tweon J.ru FlyliHh and itob riwecur, for $100. Twoa'y
round" v<or? 'ought. In thirty minute*. 8t?t?-*ny *rva if
Flylieti alrlkiup foal blow
CmcroAr, August 21, 1*91
A?r>?!> Jones ?a* arrested bv the SheriC ibis inoruiaa
anil bold to bunds for $3,000 aol to flgtil In Uamlllol
oo'iniy. crour.ue* war* gtvon, an t J cue* *u luaui*dta'elv
1h? fight tales* place on Saturday n?xt, at aome l*?al
tty w.lh.n flftr mile* of thie c:lr The backer* of Joae*
and UcCeol bare annotioced that all person* doeirous of
wiinea-tng the fight mutt positivnly be la Cincinnati t>f
Frtdar avertaa, Augu.ik <o Ti.a excursion will be atad#
by railroad by special train* ibat srti?i.*ave at a oaf
early hour oa Saturday morning
fl.tTAMNan, Oa , Air mt 2:, 1H#T
Three bale* of oolton wrr* recoired front Quitman.
Oa . per the Athacy and Gulf Railroad. Thin I* the led
cotton rocalvod thu aeaaoa from the above place
In the Breelac Telrgrain
" *
will be found daily
? ?
? # I. >
aaaaaaaaa a
Ac. At.. Ac.
< ?
.Ari rulnnrf mt n (,'hnllpMA*.
POi.LAK a SON, t (Irs mar iifaf'.rata if jav'na Amn
?cli .hill i. hi l)iia p?.i.n'.rr, acrpt licrrrr't.i it><* ottar. A*
pill pip" for rot. i [At It Ion, lha i?m- to t>? dma l.i , ra.mao
of aiprtU in ua tiala 01 ooo M 1 lli? wiM lima anil plorov
oil only 'if lb* principal* of Iba mprctlvo Jraia AAma
tt? Ui )jU??;, uanr Pourib alrno.,
nod 17 Jobu atrrai, nrai N??aoo
M |w>aii|va|y rraioroa fruf half to Ua or'gica'. color or A
youth I a) b. inly . la a deliraia drrraing. Impnrla Ufa, iroaA
and atrrnath to Ilia wraknt hair, aluna U? fall"; ( out an
onra. h"Td by all <lr ipKtrtt, faaUtODaV* bolt tra*?rra, aoA
at my t'Sm, l.l*S Broadway.
PAI! AH A. chevalier. M. D
liny lllllrr'i llnlr l)?r.-Hr?l. ( hra|iMi, N?.
i i r?.'H5. nu.'i '7 UJ i rp n ? IAJ ?;?(?,
CrUlnHuro'i Hm4r IIyr. -The Hm r ?r r Vniw
ufactu ed. IVho'.-aal* .tid n'Jll; al-a an..lift at !Mk <
f ninphrll. ( Hf ml?l unit Apnl hrcnr? . crtrnar
F .a.ilb areiiiia and Twenty-eighth atrwrt?fite * li, maa
ai d rrcKrlpttOD" diapenaed with cart.
K?p?alll?u t'?h?r?ijlf, Parli,
wAekIiKR A ? firotlwtr. V-W > wt
awa'led. tnar alglily iw.,.'iii imtilnre, the n.g.iaai pntna'vtw:
a fold ruwtol, for I'm |arl?r|' hi ol Hawing M?rh net aad
H I iiulinl* Ma li'ica? fi- only gold medal lot it watieh af
manufacture d-joff-le! lit' of awarda and foe at net* *
rntlai at WHl ifl.Kit * jriI.HO!f*.
? 111 ( ? !. ? h??M?lt*h tow'nf NnrhlaN.w
Fli at I' n.iuiui 1-#* >o. CM Hi.-adwor, hr-w tfortt.
(.nin r A linker'* lll|li*<i PremlttHtaulM
H.elilpi" *h". Hit??"lwj? MewYoik.
II.II. ilia liilmltiaHte, tin* Krauwieil finite (' #? .
tn /. i'a. r> nana of reel. Hair liy*. >' jf -V b>? k oin
- >ii k i in uae.
In TIiamowimI* af I a?ra.? *l*a. M lidaa't
Mg Hyi up f?r all dioeaeaa with wb'.rh chil.'/an ara
tl'c'fd, ?nch aa teething, grlp>nf In the b iwala, ar> ad odtio.
* !., haa been uaej with perfnel end n*?er falling / o oae fa
thimiande Of caeea. It aofttna Iba gtima, ra fu ?aln#.nf>a
ii.in a id allaya a'l paiu. Notheii, ? t.ul fall hsyrojuio f
he au-e and *tll fn- M?a. W Inflow'a "miniff wytip. ha*
log the f?" alt.ille of (ItirlJa A He rtina an ll?" i 'aide wrer
r* AH alliara ara t>a e lutltaitona
l.anna' Vftagnelli' InerrI l*oia tier.?The Itrlnln.n
ami I'D if genulii*; fvio to k f ia?>.h"e. bel ^r>. nrntoa
and a.I iua?. t ter.uiti. fiaa fr? ' paiatia- at
HAHNHH'. 21 far* row __ !.j
I *tii|?rr1?>r llteaa whirio Ch?
1 I. a-o Collar* H :?> i?r J ?en at > > 1 e'*-r?w
Thr It,,., tfai'lilne l 'line llawis
rTTf baiSrri arli .m" !" I AiaJh et "A jo A*
Broadway, Haw Turk
YVI.IIe WnllleH ler ? f angll "In Ik oa If
1 r.ici, ' xi'i are o'"?? ? At the aoeda .f t'., i . i nj.tloa
I MM \% t-y ? " yr^gtHtflMitaHt a
,,,,MBHIVMiI, (
. ?? j

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