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Tke Meeting ol the Tain ma wy funeral Caw.
anitiee?Netilenient of the Quarrel Over
fomented Seait-The Inntlidalee tar Noini allows.
The long anxiously looked forward to mooting ot the
kmou; tleoeral Committee awe of! Thursday night.
The great magnates of the party put tu an appearance m
great strength, and the Oghtmg elements were not wantIng
to make a bold front. It was hoped that a pro
gramme would be laid doom to restore harmony and ,
bind together by uea of a common interest the diacordaat
elemente tbet are at praaont giving eueli infinity of
trouble to the "rtug." The business of the mealing was
principally to eettle the question of the couteeled sents
af delegates to tbo Tammany convention soon to be
held. As much depends upon the delegates from the
various wards with regard to tba making of a slate lor
candidates, there was, as w.ght be expected, a warm
contest in some wards, and two sets of delegates
were appointed. To eetlla the question as to the deleealtw
orooerl* stecieo wis the nhiec.t cl the meeting
of the Gensral Commute? last night. The ?uh.committee
appointed to investigate tl>e matter hal prepared
thetr report, end la t evening subni.it'*d it lite Third,
Fifth, Eighth, Tenth, Thirteenth, tifie.-nth, Eighteenth
end Twenty-second ?aid delegations were contested in
pert. Some compromises wore effbeted, hut the ruling
powers managed to secure s sufficient number of thick
end tlitn supporters to encourage tbem in making a slate
according to tlieir own news, and for ilietpecisl beneiit of
the "ring." In the i'ifth ward Colonel Michael Murphy
got the best of George M. < urtis; Michael Norton, a candidate
for .-enator in the Kiftb district, secured the
K gbth ward over lielavan. Judge Gale overthrew
Samuel T. Webster ia the Tonlb; the Thirteenth ward
waa given to Councilman Thomas Brady, against Thomas
H Feme In the Kighteenth ward John J. Bradley got
the best of Robert f. Hatchings, which probably secures
for the former the Senatorial nomination. This waa
about all tbe business done. But one thing was dls- I
closed, and that is that ex-Congre<stuan John Fox will I
not surrender hie olaimi to the shrievalty. A deadlock |
la thus put in the wheels of tbe Tammanv machine
that it was hoped woeld be avoided. But Fox in res ohile,
sad tbe ring ie again in a fit of tbe queudarie* over
the state. Tweed, bis principal hacker, is anxious to
* get him oat of the wey; but as yet no salve, anything
like the fifty thousand dollars a'year, the pickings of
tbe Shrievalty, has been offerod. and Fox is immovable.
Tweed, too, ia in e fix as to tbe Senator-ship In tbe
Fourth Senatorial district, and oannot afford to fall out
with Fox. A cry is going np that Tweed has too many
good things, and that bo is not to bo tbo recipient of any
more if tbo young rising men, tbo bono and sinew of
what Is loft ot the party, can prevent it. A forced
change in the programme was made a (Vvr days
ago, and which at the time was thought would work
well, inasmuch m tbo parties most inlawed in tbo
Batter appear to give aa-eat to it. It was this: Turnmany
began to get nervous over tbo Shrievalty, and
looked with eyes of apprehension upon the bulkv aud
threatening form of tbo ill* Judi'e, Mirbae! Connolly, tbo
nominee of the democratic L'mou party, their opponent
for that fat office. A fresh toss of the political teacup
and another shuttle of the prophetic card* hy the crones
of the ring, and, sure enough, like the Irish woman's
dhrames that always go by contrar es, who turns up
for Fhertff hut Alderman James O" Bricn, their hitherto
candidate tor County Clerk. Then was there wagging
of beads aud gleei.-h chuckling that the fates had at
la t given them the rgfct man The proposition to
chan o was made to >lr. O'Brien, and he unwillingly
assented, he having asked for pedges of support
from his friends in case he got the nomination
for County lerk only, however, If Fox aud
bhaanon were willing to agree to ret re their
claims upon thp Shrievalty, he had no objection to be
put in nomination it orofor. This being once amicably
Mttled, I.new, to secure the German interest, tho Irish
clement being secured by the n im.n.nlou of their
favorite, was to get the nomination of county Clerk.
Bat "the best laid schemes t>' in c an.l men gang nft
a-gley." So this boptiu. pr igramuie wad tendered futile
by the recusancy of Fox, who will not he comforted
unless he gets the nomination for She rift. And this is
the dilemma the ring >1 placed In Hut another candidate
la promised by the Mozart party that threatens to uiake
confusion in the Tamruany camp worso confounded.
The Mo/arters are really becoming a power in the cily
ore more, and their whole end and situ, as their leaders
assert. Is to annihilate their old ally .'Tammany, and
particularly tho Grand t-'acbeui thereof. The Mo.
tartars have chosen as tl.clr ctndl lam for Sheriff,
as against both lammnnv and the ( ooprr Institute deaaocracy,
Judge Thomas K:v!iu, of the Mxlh ward, civil
Justice of the lower district, and formerly a member of
the l egislature, always nn energetic and active adherent
of the Mozart party in p.aat times. Use Mozarters calcaN
late tbet their man is personally popular enough to beat
Ittier Connolly or O'Uren, aud are sanguine of success
ot only on their candidate (or sh-ritl, but also on their
candidate for Countv (lerk, William C. Conner.
tioFFUas'a hkvrt ruuso una.
It beginning lo be whispered around that Mayor
Hoffin.in .? anxious to succeed for another term, and so,
fear ul of defeat if be run*, is uow hesitating as to what
fee shall do. Il requires the closest and most cheerful
tending, with the companionship of bis friends of tbs
l.nnrti Club la apir tuul conclave assembled, to koep
biui in rutin ng cond tion. The ring arfm '? that tho
Ha> alii has all but killed blm dead off, but yet
Ifeere ia not aeolber man :u the party, they Milolc, that
ecu Id take bia place. They know they could not
get so pliant a manager of the City Treasury,
er one who would permit himself to be tbe creature of
a ring wh.cb has ?o long coolrolI 'd 'he municipal government,
and so long fastened on (bo spoils Ibcy have
drawn therefrom The ring will, however, no doubt succeed
in keeping blm up wub gen'le atitnulania, loug
enough, it Is to be hoped, to be knocked down in Ducernfeer
thb weersfrc*N? rs tr? ' qvtkst.
The republican party have not set bestirred thein elvee
in the contest, and, so far as the Mayoralty m rmneernel,
it it positively Mated that the late candidate,
Marshall O. Roberts, ebo ia considered the strongest man
from their own rauke they couil select, will not accept
nomination, In coueequ -noe of ill hoaitlL Mr. R dvorts,
however, would not, if be ran. secure the rarttfil V>te
of bis party, aa be loiongs to the ihuriow Weed win1:,
and, at such, would, of course, be bitterly opposed by the
Tribwtf philosophers and the radical wing of the republinan
Tit a onto. batic imi rattt ott the BAToattTr.
The men most spoken of aa likely to be the success
fell opp menu of the Tammany nominee are Mr. .fuhu
Anderson and Mr. Smith Ely. Tne lorn er. though bo
baa as yet made no sign, is the favor te The latter, cam
Jng later Into the Bald, announces himself as a contest
ant for the office end a candidate lor the suffrages of tbe
people. The probabilities aru (bat a union of tbe Cooper
Institute party and the rvnnnsat ot iba McKeomten. and
euch other bodice of democrats ex are not affiliated with
nay orgaeizattoe. and a pontoa of the republicans, also,
will be effected upon eitbor of these gentlemen, and
with such an < ppoenton the lan.ir.any nag would have a
bard road to travel to tna wiuning pe t.
, fast n'ght the M - .arieis met in large intra in general
eommittee, and adopted str.ngent resolutions as to the
line of action and the tactics te l>e nb-erved aud a ted
up to in Ibe oAmp?.?u *>rganixaiion* of- the
body have been effected in tbe tv.o bundml
and sixty-five eleciion il-incte into wit ch (
tbe city Is Jivided. do executive cointnitlce,
wh.cb bas resolved itself a.v> into a peripatetic or ubiSuitoua
commute*. da. y g<we round tne city viaftlug
te headquarters of the du-trict ,cummlilee? and peraon,
i:_i rasped eg ibe operand a and progress made m
sab They attt.in tbns to barn two hundred and aixtv.
6ve separate aud distinct orgsni.'Atiuns. and ihat.wiih
oae hundred voters ia aarb organization. they would
have aa independent organised rote of tweniy-etx
tbousacd Ave hundred. r<uch ts tbe position ibe d?ad
Mozanera claim for the party at iMa moment. They
ear tbey jvhl run an inUep*ad?ut tick#' for ad off'^ei
sviibia tbe gilt of tne citizens I'or Mayor tbev have
tb< r man in whoaa si.h S" th-v are verv sang una
We have already s'eted that the r nom ne* for SheriT is
Judge Thomas Ktvlan, and for t oanly < lerk the pte?etit
Ifecumbinto; that office, w m < Connor
TH* S***TURI*f CO.\TS.*T
Il th* rouph Saaalon.v: district Ui* fannuanyu** will
notr B?t# William 1). T?M(1, who will he opposed be
Martian Jonas. formerly Pre* dent of the Hoard of
Councilman ?nd eiitroiber of < '..ngrwa*. Mr William
Walah, lormriy I'rer.ulenl of the Hoard of Al lermen. In
air., talked of ar an aoti-rtng sndnWte In the Kiflo district
Mia l ain many anil i?1a. aa ara t'olnael W W. t*ric?,
Michael Norton. Vincent C King, i .eorge Purser ana
James Wal-oti. Chart#' will be no he the
democratic I'nion P?rty. w- * Tlce "ill probab:? gal
tbe lammafcr n minnilon. n whKb rm* Mr. Nortot.
will run against b.rn as anu Tummanylte In Una district
the repubf! ana ara tn soma tronbls. *? between lha re omtnsilon
i>( the praseni (tenator, At attain L*ntand
Mr. Charted ."haa- It |? eipf ted, however, thai Shaw
srt" get tha if ' ':oj? u -n nation aa ba la tba faeonta
of Throdoie Alita, il>a baa i or tba republican organiseUoa
>n tha Kigbtit ward
In tha ~.tto nenatenal district Thomas J. < raainar.
preraal Ajreemhlruian and clerk la Iba ("tract Departasent
and'be faeor la of Charter Cornell, tbe present
Aenatur, o il Ira tb? lamraany nominee. There will ba i
airi ng aa'i-Tammaay democratic opposition hero. The
mpubiK-anr hare pet forward no candidate, and will probab
? the buia atrangth tnej bare ia tba d'Mri't to
tbe d?:?a'. ol tr.a tanmiaa* man
In tha -assnt'i r-nntor ai d'strld Jobs J. Bradley
will uaduuhtedV be <he regular nominee of Tammany
all Tha oou ilers want AlJerman Joba flardy to
wppoee him .senator Turn Mqrpi.r will run well ia the
dlainct aa ibe republican candidal* Tha Mutant will
put m tbe Oeli t>nri?# Jubaaoa, a wrong and popular
maa ia tna diatrtct.
la 'ba K.igh'h -eoatoPal dittriet, Alat Ward. Jaha K.
Oar la and Harry iiet.ew ar- .atarr.aar candidates. bat
all tha cbao< aa ara la far * nf siaoelt gating 'ha uoaslaailon.
H. B Verlrloe Hhwer,hammer arid others aro
spoken or by ?be onta-.da organ/swans The republlcans
will nominate Or. Thorns*. il,o.<b *m A. Daring
ia a candidate Tba Moaartars w<ll contest tha district in
tba person of Mr. Rlrbard I. larremar*.
ea# *ro'ci*nr.
Jodga Cardoso !a accepted aa tha raad lata af Tnmmapy,
ba will i?ceira th# nomination of tba M?*aiter?
as wa.l. Judge Leonard will be forced to retire
In the S ipurer Court, Judge Ruaeel. at praaant CVy
Judcs, will ba prwasgtsd aa a candidate ia Tammanr.
with fair prospect* af ateon** Moaell sad Mar boor,
present lac unbent a, ara alto candidata# for ranatiiiuaMon.
la tba wrest af Judge Ru*se< setting tba nemmatma,
Canning fl Bedford. Jr? wooid nadoebtedir be
twk?a up aa tbe latnmaay nom nee for City J edge, and
ar caraiatf be elected. Tba Morartd far lha raraw.y In
tha luper.at Cptyt ?J1 oomioalt th* prgsdnt ibcw
! but MeaaU tod Mr. Jobs J. Friedman, a popular Garmac
lawyer, who la eounael for the aaaociaied brawera.
To tha vacancy In lb a Court of Cemuioa 1'laaa, Judge
Brady, praaaol incumbent, will ba re-ale. lad.
Kor District Attorney tha present incumbent, A.
Oakay Ball, will ba renomnated by Tammauy. Nalaon
J Waiarbury will ba tl.e D' 01 naa i*r tba Da m o -ra 1
I no in party. The Ulnars wl.l lake naitber. but will
put forward a loan of iLoir own.
For the Mai ma Court Tamruruv will cive tba uominatiou
to ?i?..a 1 Cur. , tba llviarier:, puli ng forward
Robert l>. I.:? ugston, lately a dark in tha Superior
Tamman* HaU will nominate John Hm e .4 strong
tpresdii a by the out ida oiganiratiocii *iil ba brouijlit to
ftftr against tha Tammany uian; but tba candidate la
not rat flted upon.
Oi 'R i.VRKr
Tnai'a ara four Coroiiara to ba elecied. lb# Tammauy
candidates ara Wi.iiam C. i.iver. Fatnrk ke.neii,
of the Seventh ward; Rohan Gamble, of the Nineteenth
ward, ami Pr. A*rou B. Kollina, of tba Kleventh ward.
I knurl will nominate Isaac Rosenberg. of tba Twaluh
ward; Dr. ijnuger. of the FiiuemU ward, and Owen
1 Keauau, of the Eleventh ward. The daniocratic ' nion
democracy will ran Josapli Lamb, of tba Sixteenth
ward, and Colouei Murpby and Dr. Mark la The republicans
will run l>r. Naumann, Dr. Robinson and oilier*.
I ha foregoing preseum ibe political Male* of tba
varioua contending partiaa aa they ara at present made
out. a
The New \ writ Politicians and Ibe Prniilrn.
liitl Nlate-The (?rnnt and timer Pactions 111 '
the Republican lUtiku-Rival ( Inline of . ! or- j
nn niiu rrmun ivr inr ? im * irmurui^ ?
The Kepnblii'nn Convention and Malf
Ticket? Prospective Kow In the Democratic
Con vent inn?Wnr to the Death Declared
Against the Albany Regency.
SaiutoOA, Sept. 5, 1867.
Tou would hardly think what glimpses of the political
world are aiTord'-d one who keeps hi* eye* and ears open
at Saratoga. Whlla mammae aud daughters drink ths
waters and flirt and gossip aud indulge in lbs other
frivolities of fashionable life, papus and husbands, hetwo
n the sips of the.r brandy aud water and the pull's
of their e\gars, discuss and settle the affairs of
the State and nation. Saratoga ia a sort of
political Stock Exchange, where yon can get. at any
time daring the fashionable season, tire quotations on
market values of ths principal candidates. Here yoa
may draw aside lbs curtain, as did the witches in iiacbetb,
and behold the lino of "tho succession.1' All of
which brings n?' to tell yon something of what the politicians
are d dag here, or rather have been doing, for
the chill winds of autumn are beginning to sigh among
the trees, and the spota which knew the slate makers
know them no longer. All, or nearly all, are gone?all
aave Thurlow, the Wolsoy of hie party, who conies to
ruminate amid tho scones where he was once tho ooblast
Roman of them all.
The political campaign has iieen entered upon without
repair of the breach between ths two factions of the re
publican party. Not that their differences will enter
into the constitution of tho Stato ticket to be nominated
on the 25th iust. at Syracuse. The offices to
be Oiled at the next election are not of
such great importance as to bs worth tho struggle,
but the breach will be so effectually widened by next
year that it will hare an important hearing upon the
Presidential campaign. This quarrel entered tho last
Sluto election, when, such was tho anitnus of Iburlow
Weed and his party, that at lesst twenty thousand republican
votos wore diverted from tho regular re
publican Stats ticket, which strategy came very near
defeating Governor Fenton. The same feeling entered
the last Legislature, and was even an is-ne .in the
election of United Mates Senator. It also eutored the
prweui i>uni<uluuuuai vuutcuuum anu iiui:iiivm?u hbhi
m early as tho time of appointment of tbe committees?
the struggle iu tills instance be.ng in particular on tho
oaual questions. Since that time the animus of both
factions hua been quite latent, so far as any rhetorical
demonstrations are ooncemod, but the private intrigues
and bargaius with the balance-of-power-lioldlng democrats
are plainly obvious. ?o bitter baa tbls variety of
aeniluient become that 1 thing 1 am hazarding little m
prophesying that New York Rtato will send two rival republican
delegations to the National Convention of J808.
Tbe two prominent candidate for the Presidency with
tbe party are, of course, General Grant and thief Justice
Chose. Tbe policy or the more radical wing, as has been
intimated to me, will be to nominate a man of undoubted
radical aonliments, but one wtioeO popularity has not
been impaired by any really verv extreme language or
measures. A military man is not neceaaarv to insure
tbe success of the ticket, and hence Grant Is not for an
instant tboucni of?tbat is by tbe radicals. Let me
analyze the feeling morn closely. The party In tbis
State, take it man for man, Is about evenly divided tor
and against tbe claims of General Grant. A majority
could, howev r. be easily won over avainst him. Not
more than a tblnt ar? really nod earnestly In favor of
Ins choice as a candidate The remainder or tbo half
think his nomination expedient, and the other half aro
fully and unequivocally con,milled against mm,
and for ionic politician. The radicals are deterluined
t > aele t no mnn who lias any stain
upon his escutcheon of pari v. rant was a democrat.
Ho may be really .so still. He will not malce any pledges
and will not be a party man. lognn, Butler and liko
eonrerta from the democratic faitb have as little chance
of radical favor In the matter of Iho Presidency the
radical cry Is, "Auf C,rtar, au' na/liM." The followinf
little clrciilar has been issued and circulated <y the opponents
of General Grant. I feel very certain its origin
might be traced to the political club bouse In Seven,
teenih street, on I'mon square. It is important as one
of the first manlfe'tjea ef the anti-Grant faction of tba
republicans ?
rtc.v cKvim ufast rem rrttsinnvr is 19ftA.
I, He has all he deeerree at tbe hands of the Atufriceu
i He could not deliver an inaugural adJrees,
3. Because no demo n.t has succeeded for the past
quarter of a century as President of the foiled >tn:ra
4. Because at tul's peculiar period in the history of
our groat country we need an able and experienced
statesman at tbe frhi e Hou-e.
5 Because one hundred thousand graver and four
millions of freedmeu demand n republican President and
Vice President.
fl. Re is now and always has bsen a democrat, and has
never oudoreed the republican party.
7. Because he has proTod a failure In evsry capa'-Uy
outsid- of the military.
9 He claims to have no knowledge of politics or national
b Because all the drinocrali- and rebel papers endur e
in He has followed our drunken democratic Johnson
In all his rebellious rows against Congress end our
; party.
II. Because he has Insulted the republican parly,
| endorsing the removal of tbe Secretary of War aud
. accepting the position himself.
12. We have one hundred bailor men for President.
1,9. B- ause all parties claim him as l>eloiigiug to
I thctr party.
14. We have the power to elect a statesman if we
wish to.
15. Because the democra's scd rebels have no oilier
evailable candidate.
IS. Because Illinois gave us the immortal Lincoln and
Indiana <>fl* rs our most available candidate.
American republicans, ploave post this up.
You may relr upon It that if tb? question of the |
choice of a candidate wore lell to the New York radicals
just now Grant ^ulri not Ik- Die man. N'o, tbe i?au
"l? the one who cent <1 thefhief Magistracy years a?i>iie,
and the man who has etctd.ly grown with his political
friends evar einco
The mm on whom Abraham I luc-.ln, the apostle and
martyr of the repuhheau party, saw Hi to confer the
ermine, is deemed the mar, for the succession ?the
lender of the party at this cru.i- Chief Justice calmon
P. Chaae hes ind .biiably a greater bold upon the party
than auy olbi - ol'IU prominent men. In a iwuvase wf
the country be would.it is maintained, map re more
po'itlcal e'ntbueiasm Pan e'er could Ouersl Grant
With the nov-roes of tbe oath he would, too, in the
event of re.-onstrucliou beiore Kot ember. IRG8, on the
haait o unirertai tonrawa. do ina mora impuiar i, ?n.
Crant they Ut( heard o[ ut great military cbt'fiain.
who 'oiiiiictod the armira of freedom to eictory;
but hie name .n?t>ire* no entUasMMrn with the
colored race ' OM Ma- <.ro?nl>?' kr." howceer, Ulked
for tbeir deliverance ion* ago, and thru . atue down
among thetu and made himwelf popu.ar t?jr li.a praaaoia
and apeechaw. <?baae haa for h.? frien the mora eoiid
man of rho party. If I tmeiake not, iha tenarable
Heoalor Hmt?, who?e miner a in the ("publican ranka
la i.Btvi l, ta committad lor the no in uti< u of Uie Chief
Juat; a. lT>*r? ara indication? not ia"y of a paraonal.
but of a aery warru political frteuJeh.p between the
two men. All '*ha?e haa to do to em-uta ht? choice ta to
k*ap up the enibds.a-tn which ta now fad for In in
rol'tM aat ara eery h< isle ceaturet, aod the National
Onreiit: u a long tima <>T knottier and mora
popular man say meantime eoiae to the aurfara Hut
thera eaa be no dental of th" fi t that, juat now. Ch?-e
ban the lead end tha ittoi la re k of all tm campe mra
in tha rt -a for tfaa Preen tant u uotuiaation at the Ka5
iti' en Na* "t? Ool vaat ta iw
t do not kuow wbatber poor ''had >ta>au< wan eeer
amhttioa* af tha Preavleacr (<uubtl*aa. Ilka mo*'political
loader*, ha had hi* atpiraiion* Hut woaravar
bopaa ha mm aoterialo ara doomed to aad diaappom'.
meat U eeemv cruel ngratituda. tha maanat n whi -h
be baa bean dropped by the parly. Ilia aatue la hardly
tear mentioned Re la o 4 ev?a thought of for tba |
nominal on While the radicate avmpatbite w>tb all b.>
eitrama * awa, propria,>n? and meat ires they ara loo
threed ia think or putting hint before the people It
in tba old atory -thoy "Ilka tha wea*oa, but datp ?a the
Hen trade baa aumeronw ft aaJ?. but the* will aot
argn bia elairaa. If roe or four term* hear* ?beu the
country la mora Jacob nixed. Ban will ba the man
Stmcgling along now in tba procasaioa of proipoct ra
candidal*# coma CatfBl and a few other*, Vbe.r relailea
chance* of euccaaa ara, however, aa I bara eeumer
aterl thera a bar a
ktora tha PnatdaatW ticked lac ue tarn to tba caa*aw
of ?ad data* far tba Vlea rraaideacr. It tba namin< of
tba man ba glean ta Raw York- and remember my letI
tar d't eatniaaiea ttawa of tba campaign bald mora parJ
tKdJarti by pal.ticlani of thf k'aolrp 5?a?C U?a cbotr#
will lia entirely M?m ex-Governor Mergaa aod Got- I
eruor Teuton. It is very probable that the New York
deiegatloa will not only make aooae each claim aa this,
but will b? aucoeeeful, and hence the ltnaieme itvalry
between the partisans of the two sea juat named. Uavernor
Morgan ta warm!* espoused bjr the conservative
tncn auille republican coterie tn New York city, and he
ha* already received pledges of support from the con- j
eervatire wmg of the party in thia State. !u cva. utmiion
with this ..olerte he ha* already laid his p'xas aad ,
is bow udiusting the wires tor the nom.aaiiuo. The
radical-, however, will oppoee bias with alt tbetr might. {
They throw in his tace at present and |
will' publish at the convention in 1*68 his
record in l*t>d. A* a member of (ongra->s tie j
dodged the question, ibev allege, when Andy Johnson
turned tra tor to the party, and very quietly kepi out of
tie* until the 1'hiludelphia abortion had subsided >nd |
party lines -which were then thrown into cnusuiHAblo i
cocfixibtil were again discernibla He is *.k> charged J
with a tatal aflllialion with Tliurlew Weed and other recreant
or dubious niointiers of the parly. The active and I
mischievous spirit of the radicals will'deal a death blow
to his nope*.
Governor Teuton will go before the convention with
all the prestige of success. From Albany, law winter, I
wrote you bow adio'ralily he had prepared the way then.
Ho hes oever (altered by the roadside, but has sleuddy
pushed on to the object of his ambition. While warm
friend* have been at his side, warmer friends have been
won to his support, and bis chances have only gained
strength by the nomination of such un opponent as exGovernor
Morgan. His friends art not confined to his
(wiry In the Htate, hot many Western republicans have
spoken out for hiin us the second nominee on ibe Pre 1dentul
ticket of 1868. The success with which he won
bis own election in 1867. despite dofection in the ranks
of his party, hns been laid down to the great West as a
rea-on tor placing nint upon the ticket in order to make
sure of the electoral vote of N'ew York.
Governor Feu ion is. moreover, and curiously enough,
to receive a large support front tue Fenian eietnant of
the community. The reason for this is not generally
known to the public, but his cause has already beau
espoused by e prominent and influential Fenian paper
ni the Wost and by that Increasing class of polinriuus.
the republicans ot Irish and Catholic birth and extrac.
tion At the time of the raid < n Canada by tiie Fenians,
the Mayor and a militia general of Rochester madu application
to Gorurnur Fcnlon to send troops to that
city to prevent the expected seizure of the ferryboat
plying to a Canadian port across the lako and to
repress a contemplated invaaton of Canada by way of
RrviidkufAr (^WHrnnr FVmfgin in renlv UilAtfrnnhftil tli.it
he would not inter! 're with citizens who had us yet committed
no overt act against the paaoe of the State, and
that until he was assured sueti act had >>eon oomtuitied
or until the people of Rochester requested hint to put
do*u aey riot, or secure them against any expected violation
of the peace which the local authorities could not
control be would not call out the militia. He concluded
the telegram by declaring his uuwillingness to use the
soldiery of New York as constables for Great Hriiam.
Subsequently General Barry, who was at Buffalo, telegraphed
through the War Department, asking tho Governor
to call out the militia. His reply, again, was thai,
as the United States authorities had undertaken to guard
tiie frontier, be had nothing 10 do with it. Vast political
capital has been made out of the ;o facta for the Governor
in ttie pro-em canvass of candidates for the Vice Presidential
nomination, and it is pretty certain that all the
Irish repuollcane in the contention will cast their influence
for Mr. Fern on.
But ha has played another trump card in the Constitutional
Convention. You remerabtr the Senatorial
Canal Invostlgatng Committee appointed last winter.
The revelations of that body, so damaging to the canal
"ring," might have beau withheld a while longer, bad
it been pleasing to the Governor. The canal "ring,"
the conferral!ve republicans and lha adherents of cxG'o'.
eruor Morgan are all of the same political kidney.
It is true the Constitutional Convention ca lud for the
report; hot it is equally true that the committee might,
hud thej^l chosen, avoided presenting it I told vou
last wiutor how Governor Fonton was going to hold the
investigations of this committee in terror* over the
heads of the faction which opposes him. That laciiou
had soon fit to continue tiie war and nominate Morgan.
The revelations of the rommittoe are bofore the Convention
and i he public. They place tho canal "ring " in
no enviable light
The Now Y >rk radicals will go to the convention of 1868
unpledged as to the Presidency. While desirous of the
choice of Chase they will remain uncommiued in order
if possible to make soino bargain or combination which
will secure the nomination of Fenton. I bey would
throw up ih ir hats in exultation for the joint ticket?
Cha-o tod Fenton. If two delegations?1 speak with confidence
in saving two Uelegat ons, for the signs for tho
tunes polut to such a result of tho present quarrel
boiwecu tho two factions?if two are admitted, ea -li
with a half vote, or if oniy ono delegation is sent, comprising
representatives from ooth factions, the scheming
on tho part of the conservatives will be to aacure the
choice of thu ticket Grant and Morgan, and on the pun
of the radicals to effect the Domination of Chase sud
Fenton. So much for the plots of the republican party
in New York State lor the next Presidential campaign.
As I have already intimated, there will be no quarrol
over tho State ticket to bo made up on tho lioth inst. It
is goaeruliy conceded that the pre-enl incumbents of the
first four oBcea on the ticket will be renominated if
they are willing to accept. Tb.iso arc Secretary of State
Barlow, Comptroller Hulhouse, State t reasurer llowiaad,
and Attorney General Martln laio. In case of declination
by tho above. Mr. Frank, of Wvoming, an ex-member of
Congr-ss, aud at present a member of the Constitutional
Convention, is spoken of for Secretary of state, and
U'xl.lr. fnr Altnrnar Cm.trfril Cif ,vitirow If
would not do to make renouninatiou of an? of Mio Canal
Commissioners after the developments of the invejtigving
committee This la the only portion of tho ticket on
which Innovation is propound, au<1 among the na:uoe
auggcated are those of Mr. Bristol, of Wyoming county,
Chairman of the Aasombly Canal Investigating Committee.
a pure politician of tho Tie Witt c. Llule.i >nn ocuool,
and Mr. T. T. Fiagler of Niagara, formerly tnemMr of
Congreva and of tue State Legislature. These ore the
omy names which 1 have yet heard mention* J. Mr.
Bristol will probably be the cltolco
.The war in the democratic cuinp this fall bids fair 10
he as lively oh that In their anbironi?ie' ranks. The results
ot the olectiuu In Tenuooseo end oi.-owbrre hare
dazed the democrats. and they hardly have recovered
enough togeo mo immense advantage which has been
given them over their enemies to the failure of the la-l
Legislature to undo the bad work of the previous ?rssiou
anl In the startling disclosures of fraud by ilia
republicau canal "ring " Their enemies, however, will
get alirtt l of them on these Issues in the convention, by
apposing the rank and flla of IBo dtmocrary with propositions
for the reetor.ng or cities, and particularly
New York, to cliartoied rights. Tne democrats have
ai-niDed uo ntm?t as yt for their State ticket. They
wish to wait until after tho republicans have made their
nominations, and consequently called the convention
for October U. There will be eu open rebellion this fail
a alnrt the Albany Kegoncy, particularly agsin.-i l'el-r
Cugger,*a?d the coorentiori will be the first battle
ground. Tweed, Sweeny and other Tammany braves
are coming up to take i'etei'a scalp and send him to Hie
happy bunting grounds.
UsivgRstr. Naono SrrrnaG*.?On the 12th in?:ant the
republican'of Maryland, L>claware, West Yirginta, Kentucky,
Tennessee and Miseouri will moot in Joint con
the parage bv t digress of the Sumner-Wilson bill,
regulating suffrage throughout the United 81alee." A
call hae been iened ti Tenor.^ee for a Slate ronvention
of the negroes to meot in Kuuxvillo on the Uttb of tbm
Ohio.?An Ohio republican writes thai the State ticket
will be elected by from 30.000 to 40 000 majority, and
the republicans will carry the Iaiglolnt ire, but that
negro suffrage will he defoatcd by from 40.000 to 60,000.
Wliereupou the Spring Held Rrpuliica* remarks ?"Thl
will (>e worae than outr ghl defeat It will coneict the
pane ot dishor.em and meanness in forcing equal
suffrage upon the South and rejecting u at h?tue. and
he d.agruie of the fact will attach to the party eeery
wtieie anu will tell agam*t us in the oilier fall electl
New Yowk.?TIm Ai-fui regard* Ilia day of holding
the Deuvvrntii Stale t'oavention (October 3> as late, a*
the i.oustttut'.onal Contention wi'l n.u much before then
compl-Ho t* work. The Argus rays?"Wlm it do-**
must go to the people with the ap| rosal or dleacntof
the political convention* 1*t ue wait the reeu'.t. Tn
lntere-i s not lust, if the discus-lone i>f the ? oneeot on
con> er.tra?o public opinion and continue to ehcd light
upon qneetiraaof government.' If the demo racy put
up tri'twnrlhy men. lit for public h nine*?'unflBiag
tta "eie'tions to these two qualiff oUons? is ticket,
think* the 4rfWl, will mtnuiaud success.
liecitlre Committee bate i?oui?<l su adlrer?
temlrr ji, ia toom of which a .leruied 10
tti* c in?id?r?iion of the question or urgeo siftage.
The coeiT.des as follow* ?"The issuer of
the last few reeis bar* passed away. Thn rltalq'i*'t
11<Mi (or the ornate M'-mnll tho colored peopi*
br granted ibo r.ghn of to Afire hy a change of the
Slate constitution Shall tba Congress of tho luted
Status usurp tbo constitutional powts of the States, uv
ordamng who 'ball and who shall no' tola* lb <? who
ansasi in it," athrmatira must fo with the rrpoM r-an?
tho*o in tho negative with the democrat* tit* - no
ml <11 a 'ur?o for a patriot to paratio "
Hie N?ok tr*<lo salo was cuatlnuod yesterday at r.w
ot v o* ra. Lenvttt, Btfabeigh k Co., Clin'oo Hail,
i t >r piece fho iovo.ro nf i.ittlo Brown k Co. of
Ito*ton, which was considerable both in eilem and the
ra'ieef tba volumna, w?? the Orsl disposed of. Thra
lbs lirge larotro of tl??'r* Ti knir .% Kield* of llo'toti.
was no' up. Thlo contained n,any new and ln'ar#"iDg
hooka. Among thorn wa? " Wous* i Cnmpioto I'oerai
diamond edition?uniform ? ttb l,ongfel!.>w and T*nnr.
sun fbe Asrsr oy aorola wrro aiso a this laooi.-e m
twenlr-sevsw volumes With two oie?l plates in each
ro'ame The pr <w they hrrwig*t wis |t W par TO
The attandsnro at tbs sals yesterday was ia>t*
as food a* it was oa Thunder. Bod the hiddirtt
joat as apinisd AH tba a lea ds M works
r*al:rod good prtras end ibo average price* wore fa r ?or
all lb# otbar hooka knocks* down fan roanlt of y**tordsy
s sale was even nsoro ansa iraging tbaa that of the
pre. sdiag day. As a sample of ibs prices obtained yes
lerday It may Be stated Bancroft a History 01 tbo United
Merest to nlao oolnmae, rioth, brought |1 W thr rot.
nroe; lao Eacyciopmdia Bntaaahw. la ctotb, brooiht
fl.ta. and Dickens' Works ataotv seats lha volume.
Tbsro are many lam laroicoa yet to ho sold, and iha
sals will roauaaaoa this morning oa that of T B. Paler
0*0 k Vrakbux which iftflodfl Bogy vaignWe hook*
\ rll?w Cf?tr in the Mouth?An AhpphI fur
Aid?The Smnliary Cenditiee ef Mew Yorlt
und Ureehlpn.
Dr. Harria, Registrar of ViUI 8Uti?ti' ? of the Board
of Health, bu tent the following eumroun.cation to the
President of that body:?
Oirion or thb VrraorOMTAN liiiin o* H**i.th I
Si* Vok. i, K (
T<. mr I'Htaiiiaur or xtia AterHoroMTaa Uoaun or
kak Sia?Aa the dark shadow of a pestilence > aow
mating upon the principal cities of the Gulf const the poopie
of Siw York cunnd forbear to offer aueh rncsrs of
sio >r anil aid aa they can cauaa to be adoilolatered by
ThV exigencies of the .irk In Hew Orleane and (laWe.ton
forbid delay In ohi offerings, for the velmw ferer i? a ruibtr??
destroyer wherever It oeooinea apldein'c, and while It
aiannrardt all mx-iat distinctions and will runiinue lie
ravag in spile of oil human effort* at least ta o luontha to
come, the ureal majority of ua riutima will contiuue to 1*
the unaoclTm&ted class recently from the Northern Stales
or from Europe The stranger and homeleaa can acarcely
escape attack by the fever.
The Siiuttary aulhorltlee In the sickly cilie* are already
overburdened with anxieties and labor, mid the Howa-l
tsrivialluns nre powertesa without m mky and material aid
in their good work. Therefore it eeema proper for ihe
Health autti iritles "of^riur Northern rtt e? blessed aa ihcy
are with unuaual health, tofacilitate tne offering of tan.taiy
and liuuiane relief.
Permit uie to mentlou the forte that will aid thin much
nc?ded Work, If you can reuse aorue uuhlic action to he
taken; for it is riot wise *ln delay the offer* of auoror until
teridfylnz appeal* are aent from acenea of thla great calamity
II is quite sufficient that wo know that the epidemic
every da* kll's no leea than twenty-flee In Qalreaton
an,l fort* ..r room in S-. Ilrls-na. ami IK.l II.. Un^.. . a..
sod iliuus havn uot fund# to ine-i the cost of Hit work they
need to do. Ti e good maxim Hit ilat i/iti rilu Hat (he give*
twice w hi) giv. a iir'in! tly 'i. ! especially applicable to Hie
mep Iful work of the Howard kavieialiuns and to the pm
pl.i In our Northern cities who would contribute to the relief
now needed.
The following facte ehould be kuowu to all who can contribute
fort-That the r.eeeaslty for aid ie far greater than any
of the telegraphic acronnte vet make known, though the
reported number of deatha from yellow fever in
| Ualvestou last weak waa only tlmul twenty-Are a
day and in New Orleinx leas than forty, until
I yesterday, when that uumber was exceeded. There
were, as we know by privite advices, two thousand
i<er?one slek with the fever In the form r city at
the end of last week and at the present moment a far
greater number must be d ingerous'y sick with the feror.
.Sr-on/l.?About tn eutv.tive per rent of all who sicken by
tbia . mrge are sure to die, even w:th the beat car* that
fan be given, and among classes that do not receive adequate
arc ilie death rale ti-uiully exceeds forty per oent.
But if only twenty-Ave nut of every on- hundred of the sick
should oie we know that no less than three thousand persona
will bad -wn with the fever and req drlng the best of
iiur-'iua iud care, dor by day. as long as fortv fatal eases
dally are reported. Those who recover from the d'aense usually
require careful uu slug for about tweniv days, while those
who must die will require unceasing attention until the fatal
clov>. that usually com-a before the tenth day. It la plain,
therefore, thai the daily dem tnda for nursing the sick only
anil tax to the uttermosi all the experienced nurses in the
two unfortunate cities; lor in the cure of vallow fever,
more than iu any other kind of sickness, skilful nursing is
Indispensable. And upon en average. In hospitals or families.
the s'ek will require the constant services of one experienced
nurse, nud tor several dava there must be one or
two relays of nurses; thus three thousand sick require the
| eonuaut aticudaune of more than three thousand nurses.
To pay even one thousand of the best nurses, dai'v, lie
Howard .Association would require a dally income ot iVDO
Vet we are Informed thai the Howard Association or New
Orleans has reorganised and gone to work In earnest, but
1 wl'h an cinptY treasure. That as 'oecitlon needs to use ten
tbmaind dollars iaithfully every day until the epidemic
ThirThe question. "To whom shall funds and means
of relief be sent?" in?y at once he answered bv saving that
liiello- ard Ass id it on in each olty is the projier channel
for all relief. In ench city the association is an lnstilnlon
iii< urp raieu uv in" .->me, ami tuving lor a.rectors me mo*I
trn i? >i!iiT and noble citizens.
Fo r'./i.? fh? i xigoncies of yellow fever epidemics require
that all strang-r* and snscc tp-le persons should be provlded
for oeyond the bidtv Infected districts,' and thit all
mimes and others employed In the Infected distrcts be
either aoclUD .ted persona or those who have beeon* pro.
icted hv having h id the fev?r. f here ire er.on rh gucb pe-.
^sona well sk lied in yellew ever nursing in tho sou hern
t w i*. but a mutable number of them cannot be maint Ined
In art-vice without liberal expeiidl'u-e. -ike angels of
mercy, the religious sisterhoods serve without money, but
tliey, like the Howards. use money with greatest
effect and discretion in apply ng the menus for
saving life. If in eithe- flalvestou or New Orleans the
How.id Association should bo aided to more funds than
needAd for the dally demands In the cltv, the directors
would as tliolr custom has been, eiten.l rel rf to (he
neirest and greatest sufferers by to* scourge. Indeed S?w
Iberia, Corpus Christt und Indianola have improved such
relief and buvo received :be pittance ?thnt could be spared.
In Pist epideini s, whatever surplus remained in Ibe Howard
treasuries has been ecrupulou ly devoted to the relief of
The methods of the Howard Association are so complete
and prartteal that iltose who wish to insure the Immediate
app.tcalioii of Ih* aid ihey offe-, or who would send
sueoor to rclatires and friends who are or may become
alek with the frrer can do so most effe dually
bv conlrlbullng funds to the A roclatlon through the proper
committee st home. The tclegrirh makes such contrl.
buttons ivaiiahle in the sick room ihe day they are paid n
New York, and, a* all the delicacies?even the choicest wines
?requ,red by the sick, can be pinchasej m New Orleans
more cheap:. than In New York, and as the skilled aud
seasons I nurse* am already in the South, funds only nan
give the aid thai will lie needed.
With the gift of money to the treasury of ehsrlty and sanitary
aid will oertalnlv go the tenderest sympathies for ibe
sintering and most etruest pleading ih.it the preventive resources
of -anltary science shall forever be maintained hereafter
m the cities th-it ure now being scourged by the destroyer.
Resnoctfolty yours. E LIS 11 A HARRIS,
t'orresp Hiding Secretary Metropolitan Hoard of Health.
Omcr. Hamtarv st rERivrrvptrTT, )
Metropolitar Board or Health, August a. 1W7, >
To tor nx-retaky or tub Matkopolitas Board er
ill a tin
Sir-I beg respectfully to report th*t during the past
w?i,v the a.initarv insDut-.tors of the c ties ol New York and
Brooklyn h?v.< inspected the following prem'aes. viz:-I
hotel, 4 piiollc buildings, 191 tinomont houses, 151 private
dwellings, J nianui'acK.vios, 4 workshop* and stores, 5 Uis
ttllrr.es, 2 fat Incline establishments, 8 manure b> sps, 1
dumping ground, 2 vessels 2 tanneries, 4 p!gg"ries, 18
slaughterhouse* S private market*. irtl horse stabic*. 9 cow
nt? 'li i. 41 sunken anil varan. lots. 57 van!*, court* and
area*. 14 celling mil ton'mni;" 14 cisterns and cesspools, 38
waste pipes ,'nl drains, 211 full aud o.tensive privies, 43
streets ami gutters.
In tbo cou. n of iIimm Inspections they discovered and
have re..pried upon the following causes of c niDlaint,vlz.2
public hull llnca. 87 tenement homes 4 boarding and lodging
houses, 16 prince dwellings, 13 workshops and stores, 8
horse siabic>, 8 manure heaps. 1 dumping-ground, 13
slaughter houses. 3 sunken and want Iota 29 yards. eourts
and areaa, 27 cellars and host-men s. 31 waste pi|?s and
drain*, 81 privies an 1 water cloaels, 22 slrueU and gutters, 1
rlulatlon of c >de.
rhc followiug repriin bar- been re-etved. rlr.;?Whole
n uniu r, 4.VJ, positive number, 879: negative. 49: general,
24: number report* found correct 450; returned lor correc.
ttcn 2: forwarded for orders. 2P?, negative reports for.
warded, 41'; geu-ral reports forwards'!, 34; retained for
ounces. 128.
Tl.s sanitary Insp-vior* have also remspected 81 btnldlngs
or premise'reginting which ape i*l orders under the 1st
clause of the 14tb section of the health law hod prevt iu?ly
b'.-n served. and hare reported whether said oriiera bare
been compiled With or uot. Their re'urns show ibat 7 have
been complied with. 12 partially. 8 are being com died wuh.
and 84 not complied with t he execution of ths lat er have
been directed by the Senl'arv .Superintendent.
Captain Lord, of the Ssnltarr I'otioe, returns 344 orders
served since last report. Ill* returns also show 2Si orders
previously servers* complied with, and M nut coaiplisd
d.ijor Hosworth, In < barge of the Complaint office, returns
oir.etr three riimploints received since last report. All referred
to medical Inspection oil!errs for investigation and
Uuriug the neat week the practising physician* of thia rlty
have repotted e gh'y-ntne rases of infectious nni^oniagtou*
diseases, of willed nine were fatal. Very respectfully, your
obedten' servant.
KD. B. DAI.TON. fluultary Superintendent
I lie Hoard,of Audit retsnembleU at noon, (bouncer
M i'e|>ew presided, nod was nasitted by Attorney fTnneral
Man indite and ex-Jadge Benjamin W. Hoouey
A large number of cases wne set down on the cnlendie,
but ths three following were the only otiea in which
the .Is mam* appeared and wnre ready to submit their
( claims to the Board
John i'SKat,hcr, who bad l?ea employed as a laborer
in the Street liepttriun nt dur.ng Up- yeoi- 18B.T and 1364,
rla tned tic sum A $414 25 for wages doe him,
together wi'b an additional sum of $27 98 its interest.
I lie testified to having commenced work in the
I month oT May, l??S. at wages of twelve shillings per
: dev. which rate iv?< allerwaBI* increased. He had
I inode severs! npplicai>en? to tho comptroller to have hit
bill paid, but had faded to secure a settiem a'
!>sv id Cineebeck k rat 4a* ?u?nt Auditor in the f'emptroiier
s offlce, claimed the ruin or $2.4CO for ettn
J .jerv ? ? rendered in the Auditing Bureau durng a
pei I e*t"U<nne over n.e years tru'.' i-wu?. :mi iuu ipk
H.* regular ofllce l.our* ware Irani nine A. If. nntll (la*
I'. M . and the sum* claimed arm* for work perform**!
ditriUK tha 'aniBK*. In the year 1M4 the Committee
on I ,nance of the board of Aldermen introduced ?r*oIntern
directing the tompiroliar lo par lha amount
! claimed I-a Mr ?:roe*h*ok. Rurlnf hi* rr??* examinalloa
ha Mated (hat the work lor which lia . i umed adj
iliiional it'ti.iiinraiinti had boon performed b? order of
i tie t oinpiro'ler
John B. McKeon Aae etant rierk of the Supreme
Court, Part I. pnt in a elaur fur the rum oi $2,000 for
! aura en- raa. m making up the general calendar of the
' court, wb.fh ha contended war onttl.1* of the lerlttmate
Unt'# of hie nfflno for favr yearn be had bean amj
ploied at a salary of flood. which wa* i net eared in
IMM njr the Hoard of .?u|.er*leore to $1 J00
Alonro Ilea**, Clerk of the Oeaeral Term of the Court
of i "Kimon I'lrtv wa* called to the stand. and testified
in the nature of the hnatneM f ?r which the claim of
Mr M'-Keen wee put In.
He i?ien* in all the < aeee were reeerred, and the Hoard
adjourned until noon on Monday next
Krom the Albany Argu*. Pept. ?.]
The fi.oeial of at-Scnator Mcl'mi^aH too* place from
St. rater a church. Kx-Oocernor Horatio Seymour,
Ire H*rr? Wlihara < a*r idy, Krastus Brooke end Hon.
.loan V. I* Pruya -wore hearera The impraaetvo fuo*ra!
eary ee* of lha Kpieropel rhnrch were raed by
tba Rot. Mr. Hoard; ian. In ft. Peter'*, and afterwards
at tha raalt, to which laat ra*l nt place the faintly of
the iec?**ed ac< unpenled hit remain*. He will he
burled, a >rdiug to hie laat retyieot, m the Cemetery of
-an t rancts e.
Referring to the decerned the frpu bed the fellowing
lot not 'he reproach (hit upon him of eeif indulgence
' He we*, en the other hand, erif-denytag, laborious
mode rale in hie wanu end eaen in hie ambit i en.
free from mutual indulgences With each net urea the
etimuletion of drinke exctieo the letelloctuel nature, not
the peeeion*. The disproportion eat ween hit mental or(aniaat.na
aad hie physical enure, woich mailed lor thin
ert'fl"iaJ aid preeeale a problem to the phyewlan rather
thee the moral tel. led e*ee the phyototaa may fail to
meet the *?*.: for before htm K alwaya the Ineolreblt
pr.-h *ni of pam. decay aad death.
KMTMTjNHN ttNfil*.
dt-opnra; On . Sept. d, 1M7
The AUeata lfrm Am lo efPcteity informed met ibi
registration m (ieorgta, en far m heard from, leoomeUing
ever 113,099 MMt
^*1. ?IL?11 - LI
Tub Pom Qrrira I.uir Boxes?irntmbiisu Cin.Tbowaa
Joae* b respectably dressed man, was arra.gued
befor# Justice bowling yesterday afternoon, by officer
Coy, of the ruib precinct, on charge of baring stolen
ovaral newspapers addressed for tha mail and left on
the top of tbs atreet lamo 1'oat Office boxes. The
Magistrate fouid bitnaelf in a predicament, aa there
were 110 ownen for the property and no chance of tbeir
being discovered. Tbe i'oat office authorities do not
recognize auytt.ng placed on tbe top of such boxes, and
tha papers w?re virtually abandoned by tbe owners.
I Oder tbe circtroetancee be would be compelled to diemuw
the uoinplaiut. Tbe prisoner was then released.
Ahcsiso aa Osncra.?As officer John r. Hill, of the
Twenty-sixth precinct police, was passing through Wast
atraet yesterday he was applied to by a stranger In relation
to the proper charge for a back to go np town. The
officer gave the desired information, when the hack man,
named Patrick Kelly, who had been ? tempting an over,
charge, commenced abusing the officer and called blm
br several vile names. He was at once arrested and
arraigned before Justice Dowliug, at ihe Tombs Police
Court, wbo administered a ar.atbing reprimand and exacted
a One of $10. As Patrick bad no money he went
down stair* to a call.
A Ftu.sc (FucijjTj Talb, with a Sad CaT-awborhs. ?
John B. Tolman, of No. 128 West Forty-second street,
and his next door neighbor. Robert Hishelwood, eery
respectable citizens, hare declared war against each
other in the fashion of tha Kilkenny cats, and tb* tight
it all about a now deceased Thomas cat, who, it would
appear, was only good at a scrimmage and in tearing up
plants and flowers, Ac., In hit (so he declares) the defendant'e
garden. The story runs that Tolraan'n cat got
aver tho fence which divides his lot from Hushelwood's,
anu mere conrronttng another or ins species puonea
iuto liim, (Won nofrji*. Not ooly did the "fur fly" ill
this pew topaw contest between the "animiles," but, to
the greut grief of Mr. H., hie beautiful flowers were torn
up. Irritated beyond endurance, and oblivious to or ignorant
of tbo fact that there wee an ordinance of the
city which prohibited the exploding of "guns, muskets,
pistols," 4c., be iired a musket at the cat-erwaulers ami
a cat-a-lrophe ensued. Mr. Tolman's cat was killed, and
Mr. Tolraaa ia resolved that bis neighbor shall repent
him of hie hasty conduct. The question has been
sent to the (ianeral Sessions, where it ia thought
Mr. Ilusbelwood will be mulcted on two counts?for
killing tho rat and for filing the mnsket. Pity 'tis, but
neverthel -as 'tis true, that these intelligent, middle aged
gentlemen, who ought to know better. ar> at bittar enmity
witli each other about a worthless auitnal; and between
them the upshot ia hatred, malice and all uncharitabiencs?,
lor the present and the future, botween
fh-nilice that should be amiable toward each other. But
each is life, even among the upptr, as it unfortunately
is with the lower, crust of society.
A Hocsc Tnist Caught bt an Old Ladt.?Mrs. Sarah
Leonard oniered the Jefferson Market Police Court yesterday
afternoon, accompanied by an officer and a burly
looking son of Africa, with a Said bead, named George
Brown, whom she charged with entering one of the
rooms rented by ber in tbe house 607 Greenwich street,
sad taking th<>refmtn a coat of the value of $20.
"What have you to say to %e charge, sir V"
"bat," aaid George, unhesitatingly, and if be bluahed
his akin was too dark for his Honor to notice it, "da lady
am 'tirely mistaken."
"Why, law, now exclaimed Mrs. Leonard, holding
np her hand-t and looking aghast at tho effrontery of
tbe negro. "Judge, sure as you're silting there, I'd seed
with the coat od to his arm !"
'"Tirely mistaken, missus. Dia, Judge, am a case or
'taken imdem'.itv. suah ! I was sent to de house bv a
lady on a errand, an' dis yero pus-on dis yere o!e wo
uiuu, out) MT.ijUlf * c >mui <io?n ue suur*. irui iariuru.|i |
'spose, at mv pearance an' went Inter dam blghsterlcams
what all lading are subject to an' fo'wif she 'cuees
me of belu' in Iior rootn "
But," raid b's Honor, "ahe says rhe caught you with
the coat on your arm.:'
This was a staggerer for Brown : but, in IPs own expressive
language, he wag "orpial to de 'caaion," and
tbia is how lie cot over that d.dimity
Pat's eusllv 'spiaioed, Judge. You see, as I was a
gwino up dem stairs, and nearly opposite de room in
which de lady says I was In. was dls yer coat a hangio'
on de hallnmsters 1 tought him was about to fall down,
when I >e botched bim, and jua' den dia ole lady comes
'long no' seed bim teraplelorily like on dls yere arm. I
was jus' a gwine to put him down on do bsllumsters 'gin
when ?he say 1 was a tlef, and commenced a cabin' fo'
de perllce 1 In de sudden amsiety ob tny mind I run
away, quite fo'gettin' de coat was on my arm. Dat's
bow It was, I anali you. Judgo."
' Oh, lord, oil, la!" cried Miss Leonard, quite out of
breath, "did you ever. Judge! Why, there isn't a bal.
luster or a sUlrca-e within twenty feet of the room I
found the nigger in, now !" |
"It is all the same, madaine," said the Justice.
"Brown, in de auli of bail, you staud committed for
trial." and the " cuilcd gomman" was sent down stairs
to eland his trial at the General Sessions like any common
A> Arrrm?r to RnrooLi Wwmrer.?Yesterday after- I
noon poiice officer John McRnroe arrested Adam Hess,
P?ter Mcl'on, Bernard Falkner and Mason Loeh, for
assaulting and Interfering wrh bim while In the discharge
of bie duty. PI rested of Its legal verbiage,
McEnroe's statement m tubs tan' tally aa follows:?-The
officer, while parsing by Mason I-orb's distillery, in
Thirty-third street, between Tenth and Eleventh
avenues, saw a Dumber of barrels of whiskey without
tbe brand of the Lolled States inspector on ibera, and
(mm certain movemeots which he noticed was cod.
vlnced thai It was the intention of the parties to so dispose
of the whiskey that the government would be
defrauded of its reveouo. He stated as much to Mason
Loeh, and was by that poraon informed that the be.,t
thing ho could do would bo to mind bis own husincrs.
Not to bo put off, he gut on a truck on which barrels of
this unbonded whiskey had been placed for the purpose
of causing It to bo tali en to the station bouse, when he
was violently as-nulled by Adam Hess, who was lucltod
thereto by his confederate, as be believed him to
be, Peter Mcl'on, with bis cart whip. t-uWquently
McEnroe, ass -ted by otbor officers, arrested the parties
named, and Hesa sad McCon, peuding-an examination,
were held each to bail In tha sum of (300. while Kslk
nor and i.oebjsere d.ac&argea rrom custody.
At noon on the 6th instant tha Swedish friga's Norrhoping
arrived in thta harbor front Quebei and aut hored
in tho North rivor, opposite pier No. 8. The Norrhoping
la a sailing frigate of the old school, of about
1,.T00 tons burden, and earrtea a battery of eighteen
thirty-pounders and four six and a-half Inch guns, all
smooth bore. 8be Is bow need as a son of scbootsbip
for training seamen for the Swedish navy; and included
In her crew of three hundred tneu are one hundred parson?
who have never been at son before. Tbe Swedish
law compels all landownars who posset* land on the seashore
to send a certain Dumber of substliiitas Into the
royal nary, and the seamen now being train?4 on board
thla vessel belong to tbla class.
In tbe middle of July tbe Norrkoping left Sweden,
and passing to the northward of the HriUsh Isles
after a favorable voyage of live weeks she arrived at
Halifa*, N. P. Remaining but Ave days in that harbor,
she lefi for Quebec, and slopped there lor fjurteea days
New York being her nest port of destination, she
dropped down tbe St. Lawrence on Augnst J4 and had
(adorable weather on the voyage to this harbor until
during the last three days, wb:n ahs was htcaJmod the
greater part or tbe Urns.
Although not possessing the graceful lines end proportions
of the naval creations of the present day, and presenting
to the eye the bluff, chunky appear.vuce usual
with sailing frigates or the old class, tbe Norrkoping has
proved herself a very good seaboat. and on several occasions
during her prssoni ocean voyage her log showed
from eleven to thirteen knots nn hour.
Nothing could exceed the cleanliness and netlnc** apparent
e\er> where on board. The brass mountings
shone brightly, and th* declt? and woodwork were as
white a* scouring and brickbat could make them,
so thai a visitor rould scarcely real!/a the fact that she
was only lust cenie into harbor from sea. Pome pretty
flowers which were brought from cwedon were ranged
in pots around the after part of the ship, and seemed
none the wor-e for the sea air.
Neithar the Norrkoping nor any of her officers were
here before, and the attention of the latter wm. very
moch engag"sA during their progress up the harbor, by
the many points of interact that presented them.-en as.
the fortiffcationt and monster gun at tort Richmond
being ap-cialiy not;red.
After a stay here of about a fortnight the Norrkoping
will leavo on liar return voyaga to tJutienherg.
Tha lollowiog is a list of bar o.fleers?Commodore,
Opt Cronstedi; Flr.'t l.ieu anant, Sruoumeyer; I.ieutruant*
Nordeufmk, Nordstrom and Tbanborg; Surgeons,
(Mtsgerlsad and ifrona. Paymaster, Sooerberg.
The officers of the viwsei were anxioue to see the
yacht Henrietta, tha winner of tha ceiahmisd ocean
yacht race, sud rw,vested to be informed where she lay,
so that ih'-y could see her before they left.
An extra from the Palmyra f'mrirr gives tha following
particulars m addit.on to ibo'e publ shed in relation
to this meiam holy disaster ?The boat was a flat bottomed
one, into which Miss ,-srah Pya and Miast'nrr
took aevea children, with an oarsman. No cause la
aivea for the overturning of the craft It l? afafd that
dill* girl. ?howw n the ? t ef titikiog for ih*
(bird time. bait* b?r teacher. MIM CilT, good 17 and
tb*n disappeared. MiaaCarriraa at ib? Urn* cungtag
loth* boat. '>? fat bar? Hr. Adduon Turner? plnng*d
tato tb* lak*. aad *occ#*ded ta aatlag hi* llMlebny;
but hi* daughter, aged tan yaar*. wa* drowned v ?
I'ye was nao'een year* of ag*. Tb* otb*r* war* from
ten t* fourteen year* old.
Bat** Bocaar ?At Wbtta Plaint, N. T oB Friday,
B-ptambar d. hy tb* Bar. John P. Hermdn *. Wau.irr
Bat** to M**t latriaa B<?;*nt. all of th? abor* place.
Oi t*?i a-l'ta*it.-Oa Tbumdey, Bepeutbar 6, at tto*
Presbyterian > hurth ia Kigbtt-fourth atreet. near Blooaalagdal*
ro*d by tha Rat. J. C. Fkb*r\ of W*at Hebok*n,
J. A ant. Gtnurn, of Bordaaet. France, la Bin*
Ki.iiaarra, **coad daughter af P. A. Perrln, ar flaw
York. Ne card*
Can? Own.? Oa Wednesday, 5apt*n?bar d, ' _m
' Anna'* church, bjr tb* Ret. It Praatoa, Job* ?? ?*"*
t* Enu L tlnan, all af tbla city.
I.anraaa?Oa Wadaawtay, September ?, *?
Brace cburcb, Jeraey City, by Bat Bpn?*' = *"2*
Tmjta Laarraaa, of WaeAtngUM, R w. * *
Wtimi, af Broeklya, H. T. No oarda _ . . _ .
? Paar-Baaaatta.?oa Tberadny erenlag,
at Trialty Chapet, by the B*/ Tbotaa. OMMdM**
dated toy Itoa Rat. pra Balgbt add We* tea, pi. Mt to
H. Psar to Mia Emus Caaiaa BaAcnua, both of thiff
city. *
R'josn?Abhucy. ?At Look Branch, om Wodaaeday,'
September 4. br Rov. Dr. Ryder, Mr. A. W. Boo* im
Mum Bill* Abhuy, only daaghter or Judge Aahlev of
this cite. 1 .
Slattebt-Vah Waoitb*?On Wednesday, Sepuobag
4, at the church or St. Fraocit X.vier, by the Re\ *
Triaool, Da.mki. A. Slattbry to Sakab LannA, dan itaa
of John Van Wigner, Esq., all of ihl* city.
Wnwtow wi< kks.? \t Pongbkeepeie, on Thnr .aw
September 5, by tbe Rev. F. B. Wheeler, assist l by
Re*. J L. Cornine. Job* T. Wissiow, formerly of roy
toH iKKiri, daughter of Re*. Thomas a. Wicker ell of
Yt'tjirr ?IlYWDna.?At Rahwav, N. J., on M lay,
August 26th. hy ibe K?v. J. J. Liggett, Mr. < P.
Vci i ->1 r to Mia Doha Ryvdkrs.
Ai.i On Thursday, September 5, AmiiIi * J. i.srqf
aged 22.
The friends of tbe family are respectfully inv. I to
attend the funeral, on ^unday aiterouon. at two o'uioek^
from his father'* residence, corner North Seventh ana
Third atreets, Williamsburg.
A.spukd?no Thursday, "eo'ember 5, In the New
York City Hospital, Oscar Asplcnd, native of Sweden,
in tbe 29th year or hit age.
The members of Per'sr Cooortl, No. 3, Swedish Pro*
tectlve I n.oa. are hereby requested to meet at tbelt
hull, oorner of Henry nod Oliver streets, on 8unday
afternoon, at one o'clock, for the puri>ose of paying tbo ,
last tribute of re*pect to our deceased brother. oseal
Asplund. T. HERMANN 8 HUTTF., W. Chief.
B. F. Draitka. Secretary.
Borra ?At Waehiagton, D. C., on Friday, August 2,
suddenly, Wii.ua* h , eldest son of the late Alezandei
L. Butts.
Virginia papers please copy.
BniNZtcniiopp.?un Frldav, Sept. g. Mart, wife ol
Daniel HrlnlrerholT in the 75th rear of her u*.
Ralativaa and friend* are Invited to auend'tho funaral
at Christ church, Man basset, L. I , oo Sunday aftarnoon
at half-past throe o'clock. tonveyancea at Great
Neck depot on arrival of S A. IL train freiu Hunter's
Bbowsi.vu.? In thin city, on Friday, September ?,
Anuix Lonsx, infant daughter of William C. and Aridi#
Browning, agod 9 month*.
The relatives and frlende of the family are reepeot*
fully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence
of bia grandmother, Mra. John D. S^otl, No. 24 Want
Forty-sixth street, on Monday morning, at ten o'clock.
Hi'suer.?on Friday. Sep'. 0, ' HRisruNiVA K. Bovonu'
youngest daughter or Henry and Anna Bunger, aged 1
year, 4 months and 21 days.
The friends and relatives are resoeotfully invited ta
attend the funeral from her late residence, 32 Harrison
street, on Sunday afternoon, at halt-past on# o'clock,
and funaral aorvice from St. Matthew's church, North
Fifth street, Brooklyn, E. !>., at half-past two o'clock.
Tbo remains will bo takon to Lutheran Cemetery for interment
Casrt. ?On Friday, Sent. 0, Jams CUsrr. youngeed
on of Catharine end tha lata Jamas Casey, agad 2 year*.
Funeral from the residence of hie mother, 141 Spring
street, on Sunday afternoon at two o'clock.
DeYocso.?In Philadelphia, on Tuesday, September 3,
Isaac R. DxYorvo, formerly of London, England, agag
71 vears.
Doolsy.?-In Flatbutb, on Thursday, September 4,
A** Doolxt, wite of John Dooley, seed 27 years.
Funeral trom her late residence, Fin!bush, Long
| Island, at two o'clock.
Early.? on Friday, September 0. of consumption,
John Earlt, Dutiva of the parish of Street, county WeanI
meaib, Ireland, in the 33d year of his age.
I The friends of the famt'y, and of hie brother-in-law*
James McKeoD, ara inv.sed to attend the funeral,
Sunday afternoon, at b*l> part <wa o'clock, from bin
late residence, No. 301 Columbia street. South Brooklyn.
Evkkdci.l? At Sands' Point, L I., on Thursday, September
3. Ltpia Alios, infaut daughtar of Prank and
Lydut Everdell.
The funeral will take ptacs from the residence of her
parents. No. 323 Eaat -txiy-secoud street, on Sunday
afterooou, at two o'clock.
Gallaohik.?In Jersey City, Thursday, September 5.
Martin GaliacihfR. In the 331 year of bis age.
ihe friends and relatives of the family are invited to
attend the luneral, from bis late resilience. 324 South
i Fourth street, Jersey City, this (Saturday) afternoon, as
half-past two o'clock.
Griffith.?At Hudson C ty, on Thursday, September
5, Eva* GmFmu, in the 70 h year of hit age.
The friends of the family are invited to attend the
funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at four o'clock, from hi*
late residence, Bergen Wood avenue, Hudson City.
CarriJfres will leave the Jerney Ciiy ferry at balf-paal
two (Vclook.
HAvn.?On Thursday, Sep'emher 6, Teubfa Hand,
aged 24 years, 5 months and 19 days.
The relative* and friends of ibe family are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of bar
uncle, John Moore, 099 Ninth avenue, between Fiftytinr,i
unii Pirts.fourth aireet* Lhla (Saturday) afternoon.
at oat o'clock, without further notice.
Hoyt.? On Krldny. Septembers at Norwaik, Ct, Mtar
Hoyt, widpw of the lata Jane* M. Hovt.
Relative* and friend* of tti* family are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, oa
Tuesday afternoon, at three o'lnk. Carriages will be la
attendance on arrival of the 12:15 train from New York.
Ki.zi.ay.--tin Thursday, September 0, in Brooklyn,
Rkrtha, youugest daughter of Eugene A. and Emma IKnzlay.
uged 10 months and 17 days.
The rolatives and friend* of the family are respectfully
invited to attend the fuoerai, this (Saturday) afternoou,
it two o'clock, from i>6 fleet street.
Lkac*.?On Wednesday, September 4, Mr. Sraraa*
Lkach. aged 02 years.
Funeral aervlcea this (Satnrda*) moraine, at na
o'clock, m the cliapol of Dr Oigond'a chur. h, corner of
Park avaune and Tlnriv-fourih street
l.cCot nt.?In Brooklyn, on Tb rutav evenlnz. September
o, Irink, only daughter of William and Mary
l.cCouiit, nged 2 years and 7 days.
The relatives .ind friends are respectfully Invited te ,
attend the fuucrai, from the corner of Fourth avonnw
and 1 wctry?ecoud at eat. South Brooklyn, on Suadey,
at hall-pasL urn o'clock.
Lkgv\ri>?On Kridav, September 8, Elks ma Hrusie,
mother of Joseph A. Leonard.
The friend* of the family, as wall aa the teachers of
St. Pall et's fundav school and th? mcmliers of tbe Detail!
Literary Asaoclat on are rordia ly Invited to attaint
the funeral, to t.ika place from iter late residence, 13ft
Mutt street, on Sunday afternoon at one o'clock.
Myrra?(>n Timraday. September 5, of hemorrbac#,
''nrtain WiirtAM Myfrs, in tne 38th y< ar of his ag*.
The frienda and relativet or the fatally, also tha members
or Wai-bington Lodge, No. 21, F and A H , and tha
I members of Alpha Grand Cnunc I, No. I, Tbirtietb Degree
R to of Memphis, are respectfully Invited to attend Utw
funeral, on Sunday af'oruoun, at one o'clock, lrom bia
late residence, No 145 West Fourth street.
ow n* ?In tbl< city, aa Thursday, -eptember 5, Mary *
Own, widow of William Owen, lata of Badimore.
Interment at Baltimore
Patca.?On Thursday morning, September 5, Mrs.
Krrrr A Prk ?. widow of rftompfoa P'lce.
The ftieads of tbo family are invited to attend the funeral,
from her late residence. No. 47 Ninth at root, tfcrti
(Saturday I afternoon, at half-pMl two o'clock.
Rica.?On Friday, September 8, Pat air a Rica, aged
35 years.
Funeral oa Sanday afternoon, at ono o'clock, from bia
late residence, No. 212 Ellsabota atroet. to Calvary
Cams tary.
California oapers please oopy.
Rise,.? Suddenly, on Tuesday, September 3, Micaaah
Dfvu in ihm 971 h ??rp of hit ??.
Kclanvee and friende of tbe Family and iha mam ban
of the Furrext Kn.-tne Association and Houaasmitha'
^ociely are respectfully invliel to attend tbe frm-raJ, ,?
from ibe residence of h a anther. No. 434 East Tbir?
teemh street, oo baudey afternoon, at one o'clock, without
further notice.
HorarflMiTH* Alsocutior?The above association la ,
r?iur?tft to attend the fuoerat of our late brother,
Michael Kief, on Sunday, flepiembar 8, at one e'olook
P. M , from No. 434 F-ut rinrteenth street. Tbe mea)>era
of the above will meet at Folier'e Hall, at half-peel
twelve o'clock precisely
Jola S. ('.xiirajiV, Secietarv.
itxmw.-on Friday, September 6, Rkbaxo Ruern.
eyed 33 yearc
i'be tnenda and r-latlree of the family are invited to
attend the federal, from bta late rev donee. 364 We*
Thirtieth street. tbU (Saturday I afternoon, at one o'clock.
Ryi? On Friday, September 6, Maruarct Htah,
yo'uyMt daughter of M chiel J. and Mar/aret Ryan,
a^eil 2 month* an i 20 daya
Tbo remains will Do conveyed to Calvarv Cemetery,
from ber parent* reoMenre, No. 44 Centre xtreet, thta
(Miorder) afternoon, at two o'clock.
Mrthock tin Friday. September 6, of dropiy. Bshja*:*
SmrX'H x, ayed A3 year*.
His friend* are reapectfultv invited to attend the funeral.
thia (-eturday) afternoon, nt twe o'clock, troiu
bu late reaiJeuce, 312 Madi-oa street.
STivKsg.- Oe wedoasday treeing. September 4, after
n lingering times*, Bcvir E. snreae, in the 34th year
of Ida ace
rhe retail rex and frienda of the faially are reapeci folly
Invited to attend tbe feoenl, oo Sunday afternoon, at
three o'clock, from hie lete reeldenoe, No. IS Knot Thlrteento
atieet, without further notice.
Store ?In thla city, on Friday, September 6, of tengcation
of the lungs, Isaac A. murm.
The relatives and frleeda of tbe femlly ere respectfully
Invited to attend iha funeral, iron St. Mark'a church. ,
Tenth street, eorner of fteuood avenue, oo Moodny afternoon,
at half pact two o'clock, without further lorltall
Teoureo* ?Oo Wrdaaeday, September 4 * dyaeutery,
Lines Inoureoa, aged 04 yean. ..
The ffeeds and reiativee are invited to attendlhe funeral
this (Saturday) afternoon, at two_e ckrk. from thn
reeMonceef hie aoa-In-law, Mr. Frank Sbepard, GreenWT?imnR.0-!n
Brooklyn, a* Thureday, September S,
^FrieTttoand rntaSven?re Invited to attend the funeral,
this satur'lai 1afternoon. et two o'clock, from the Panto
I^M^imSSS: * PuclOc and Clinton
* Tirana.?t?n Thnrndny, Snptombnv J, CMMSS
Trckka, "widow ? Cfcpuun mwa. tucaar, ID tua a.us
yaar of b?Ti**- .
Tba frtaada of tka r?ml?T bra ratpcclfally Invited to
atiaad ik? fnaacal, oe fttnday morning, at alar an
o'clock, from htr lata raaidanco, 327 Cbarry ttraat, aatf
(hears la Platen Talaad
Van braciaa ?oa Vrider, Haptember I, Wauia J; i
Van Bincirr, aged 09 yoare.
The frmnda ot Lb a fauni/ arc raapactfally invited im
atlaad tfca fuaanl aarvirea. without further invitation,
(ma bla tele reetdenen, No. 10 Vartok plana, aa Ho a dayaftarnoea,
a; fc.nr o clock. rne remaiop will ba uken
ao Monday to Atbrui, Uraaoa county. for mienannt
wawaia Oa Wecneaday, September 4, Amra Mani.ne
Wanrw, wifa of Captain Joan Warm, and n
yaara. 6 month* and 19 ??ya,
Tha relative* aod friandi of lh? faiailr alao tba mamhara
of City I odea. No. 409, f. aod A. M., ara reaper*fuiiy
invite! to attaad tba lenerei, from bar lata reeldeaen,
S VJ broom a aueet, Una (Saturday! aftacanna, at
aaa o'clock.
*?"*?" -Kanr Ok Frtdav morolaa, September 4
bla meioonoe, aaar (a >oe Bill. N. J., Walton Wmpna,
fad *7 yaern, U months aad I day a, ? _
Tba (unarm! will taka pi ara from Grown ehmreb, Warn*
hawbaa, ifcia smordayi afternoon, at ooa o'clock. Elf
fr*nd? ara tnviM la attend wlu?oti fBrtkar new*

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