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T/ktt Proposed Adjournment to May 1. JSttS?
"Tbo Canal and Finance Articles Httll Under
l>iaca?<don?t'ostp oneuienl et" Ike Hearing of
the Liquor Dealer*.
Auuwt, Sept. 13. 1867.
"When resolution time was retched this morning tome
Interest w s manifested on both tides of the house to
know if Mr. Callahan, the democratic member from
Singe, would call up bis resolution of yesterday for a
recess of the Convention from October 1 to May 1. He
remain J aileat, however, and no further action has been
taken upon the subject. The democrats are impolite
enooy'i to cull Mr. Callahan a fool for making the propositi
in. He acted entirely without the sanction or
even knowiodgs of his colleagues. It was either a
guerilla act on his part, or else, as bis party subpee*
he was trapped Into ottering the resolution
bj seme strategy of the republicans Ills political
friends tried to induce him to withdraw it this morning,
but he refused. He does not Intend, though, to call it
up, but will leave it on the table, subject to whatever disposition
the emregency of the future or the necoslties of
the republicans may assign it. Much fsel ug exists on
both sides regarding the matter. The republicans are
growing more anxious every hour to bring it on the
tapis The democrats, thouvb equally willing that a
reewtia ho taken, told their arms and retuso to intiate
or partnrpaie in any such proposition. They say the
Convention was called by a republican majority, in
an election orders J by a' republican Legislature, and
that In lis composition it has a large republican preponderance.
All the responsibility of tho dolay and the
-waste of time and of money which will attend an
adjournment over to next year must Attach to
that party. A compromise Is" freely proposed by
tbe republicans to day. Thev offer to "divide the re...tn,
nf l)i. ullh lha t>.?
Lit er nut only refuse to make this agreement, but
declare they will vote solidly against the resolution.
Thia will not defeat the measure. I be republicans have
fully settled opon withholding the submission of the
new constitution for another year, and they are only
anxious to ba- k out of the present difficulty with as good
agraco as possible.
this canal and F1VANCB QUESTIONS
still drag their slow length along. By a grand coup last
nigtit the canal men succeeded In having a slight Incubus
of $18,000,000 removed from the debt for which
the canal revenues are pledged. There is a good deal of
fll hustoriug ou the remaining sections of the two articles
; but i think the o&na! men are secretly chuckling
over the victory which they have won, lor
it Is a great deal more advantageous than
they expected when they started out, and they are
mak ng a show to conceal their real feoimgs.
It certainly looked very gloomy lor "enlargement"
when the discussion commenced, as all the democrats
wore committed to support th? finance report, thereby
throwing their balance of power with the republicans
Who were opposed to the canal men. The compromise
which has been effected is all the more grutifyiug to tho
The Liquor Dealers and Importers' Association of New
York, was to have boen beard this afternoon in the Convention
chamber before the t ommittoe on the Adulteration
and :*&le of Intoxicating Liquors. Mr. James M.
Smith, one of the geutletneu who were to have pre eutrd
tho views and claims of the association on tho
subject of unjust Excise laws and kindred topics, was
suddenly taken sick this morning in Albany, and the
committee postponed the audience "until Thursday next,
ai four o'clock P. M.
Ex-Governor Purlin, of l'enusylvania, arrived here tonight.
and was a spectator during a portion of the evening
or the proceedings in the Convention. Many of tho
member* wore introduced arid paid their respects. He
is en route to Saraiago with his wifo, who is m delicate
Albany, N. Y., Sept. 13,13(57.
The Stale Constitutional Convention met this morning
at nine o'clock.
the finance and canal reports.
Tho consideration of the Finance and Canal reports
was returned in Committee of the Whole.
Mr. Andrews moved tho following as a substitute for
the second and third sections of the Finance report:?
After paying the expense* of collection superintendence
and ordinary repair, there shull be set apart and paid Into
the Canal Debt Making Fund In each fiscal year, commenc
ing ?n tne mi any 01 net .ner. iy>, and ol me revet ues or
4h? oatiaM. the urn of $2 418.Oik) to pav the Interest as it
falls ilue anil redeem th.- principal of the several dents tpeCl0"rt
in section one of this article until the several debts
al.all tie fully paid and provided for; and the principal and
Interest of said sinking fund shall ho strictly applied to that
purpose, and to no other purpose or obiect whatever. If in
any fiscal year there shall mil be contributed from said revenues
at least the sum of $2,418,1)1)3, the deficiency eh ill bo
upplied by taxation the next year. The remaining revenues
of the canals In each fiscal year may bo applied by the legislature
to the Improvement and completion of the can.il.
The lax authorized to be levied to provide for the sinking
fund to pay the floating r.aual debt is hereby suspended after
the 1st day of October, ltKff.
Mr. McDoxai.p moved to add to Mr. Verpianck's amendment
the following
But the 1 legislature shall by such law provide for the payment
of any balance of lnteres or principal over and above
the proceeds of the cnol revenue pledged for the payment
of such loan wllluu eighteen years from the time or the contracting
Mr. Hatch ofi*r*d an amendment providing that the
eurpius revenue should first be applied to tiie Krio Canal
and then to the lateral cauais. I.ost.
Mr. Ratoucx moved to amend so that the surplus
mvenue shall not be antic ip-it d or pledged. Carried.
Mr. Alvomu moved to amend, that if the surplus revenues
shall not bt used for the improvement of tho canals
they shall be and remain a part ol the Canal Debt
Sinking Fund. Carried.
Mr. Andrews' amendment, as amended, was tbon
Mr. Visfe-aS'TC moved to amend as follows:?
The Legislature msy. whenever In their opinion the commerce
of the ouuntrv and the Interests ol the filnte dem mil
the Improvement of the canals of the 8tate, or anv or either
of the eeiil renal* pat* an act for such improvement., sped.
fytDg the extent of the tame, the lime In whlen It ahall be
done, and tb? amount of money appropriated for the coat of
the nine, and cause the eaid not to I* submitted to the people
of the Mate for their upproral at the neit general eleo.
tion . and in cane the aame anal! be approved by the people
the Comtnba.oti.-rm of the Canal Kund. unless the surplus
Ferenuea nhall titrn become an : ctent to complete the improvement
?pecifleii In sail act, ahall borrow the money required
lor ?nch Iroie-ovement by loan upou the credit and
reimbursable out or'he ret etinei of theeau-ili; but no part
o: the principal of Mid loa sh.dl l>e made due or p .yable
until the year 197*. Such m >ney ao raited by loan ahall lie
applied aa directed by the act approved by the people, and
in no other manner and for uo ether pur, dsn.
Thl* amendment was advocated by Vesar*. Vorplanck
and lapham. and ppo- d bv M?.-ra. Rathbun, Kuigcr,
Tilden Van tampon aad Murphy.
PlWir.i!I*llHtT OF TFt* aROl'MKMr O* TH? UQl'OR QrBTIO*.
Mr. URivis raid tbat the person* who were advert'ecd
to apeak in jlie Assembly Chamber agaiun liquor prohibition
this afternoon were unable to fuiai the oug.uiomenl
on account of Hi&eao. Ho moved that the tlmo for
aucb bearing tie tlxod for next Thursday afternoon, and
Uiih wan agreed to.
The Convention then took a recess until Mven o'clock.
Evening Session.
The Convention reassembled at seven o'clock. The
consideration of the finance and canal report* wan resumed.
Mr VMRPLAvrx advocated hta amendment offered th>*
Mr. (irttrxK oppoeed the amendment because It was a
departure from the financial policy of the constitution
f 184H He would go for enlarging the canal* whenever
it sboaM be demonstrated that It was necessary.
The Canal Committee had abandoned their schema.
Tney had admitted that II oould nut b? carried through
the Convention. The amount of taxation paid by me
people of this Slate in lerid had tieen stated at one hundred
and eighty million dollar*. He believed this to be
tow ratimaia, and In coming to this conclusion he did
not Inc.tide the sums paid lor charities, or cburchea. Ac.
Mr. CuuRcit waa surprised et the character of Mr.
Verplanck'* amendment. Whatever might be said of
thoee who call themselves the exclusive friends ot the
canals one thing waa certain, they would never be hang
for their mo<l<wty. Alt o a diacuaMon of ten days, in
winch It had beeu demonstrated tbat the scheme of the
Canal Committee must fall, a proposition had been
brought hsr* tbat would involve an expenditure of
I $40,000,000 without eren flxlng upon a day of payment.
The poa .or oxpeudlng $8,000,000, as reported by the
Cecal Committee, had been abandoned by Uiem, and
now a plan that i? much worse contemplated an
| expenditure of $40,000,000. It was monstrous and
abottld not bo entertained lor a moment. He warued
gentlemen nut to yield another och in the direction of
debt, If ttiey din they would bo rnucn worte off than
stnd-r the prooeat constitution.
Mr. VnaPLaara aoooptod Mr. McDonald'* amendment
offered thio morning.
The question wan taken on Mr. Verplanck'a amendmeet
an amended, and U wan lont?yaas Kit. nare 44.
Mr. Altouo moved to amend, an a tubititute for the
fourth eertion, the following:?
Krery contribution or advaooq made to the canals of
thin M?te sine# June I. IMd. or which may hareatter be
ma<1*. from anr enures, exocpt their direct revenues, (ball,
with iniereat thereon, at currant rate*, be paid into the
treasury uf the Male out of the canal revenue* a* aooo
na the aame ran be done roniutenl with the provisions
of thu article. All aumi eo paid (ball, together
with all tuiplue rereauea thereafter derived from
the canals, be applied etclualrely to the payment of
any then e\t?ung debt of the 8 tats until the aame shall be
ful ypaid: rv iridst, however, that auch payment may be
delayed for the purpose of applying auch reventiea to the
tmpruvrnient of the canals. if in ihe judgment of the Leg ?
lature the neceastlias of comiuei ce and the Inleieata of the
It late demand the aame.
Afier a lengthy debate Vr. Mrttnrr aaid he would
tn.ivr to strike on, the specific sun named ae due the
general fund from the canal fund If Mr. Alrord would
Withdraw hie amrnl-ucnt.
With that understanding Mr. Alrord laid he would do
Mr. MraritT then mad# bis motion and II was
The Contention then adjourned.
THE PCiJiotioTcaiivciniai n ST. low.
sr 1a>t?, Sept. 18. 1?A7.
The Pomologlcal Conrentiou atjourn.-d to da*, after a
eery Interesting eomioa. It w II reawemblo two tear*
hence iu Philadelphia. The d splay of standard fruits
consisted of SttO <!:ahs# of grapos. 80J d sites of apple*,
^44 diabee of peare and 212 dishes of poaches. The
president stated the quantity aad quality of tbo fruits
axcailed tbe moet sanguine oipocutienu of ihe eoclety,
and thai the esbtb Hon exceeded anything In the
pomological line the world erer uaw. The frutt was
aold at asclion Ui's afternoon, to aaaiatta defraying 'he
I etpeoaes of tno eoclety, and some of K bought high
I tsktt A portion of ma aoctoty will ewit 4M Tina.
JPU0 u jjgfjaaim itiufluH^ MiaiutV ll $?!?
Tk* Cable Turned te Ibe Telegraph
t'onpanv?Preparations el ib? Ntrrnw Return
tu Km? In ud?Yellow Fever Aiuon* Her
Crew-Seurul Deaths.
Kkt West, IT*., Sept. 12, 1
Yin L.ki Cut, tsepk. 13, 1887. J
Mr. W?bb yesterday turned ovor the cable to the
telegraph company and wae ready to sail for England.
Pour more of the Narva's men are dead, malting a total
of nice. Six more are in the hospital. Captain Dowell,
of the Narva, runs down to Havana to-day for the purpore
of coating, and will cruise In the Gulf te clean hi*
sb^p. lie will afterwards return to thta port for Messrs.
Webb, Medley and the men. The only officers ill are
engineer Turner and steward Tucker.
Mr. Hall, the only professional operator here, was
taken 111 last night, but the fever la broken and with
proper attention It is believed he will live. The cable
business in consequence has been interrupted, but aa
Superintendent Sadler arrives to-night the interruption
will be short
There have been eighteen eases of yellow fever here,
of which sixteen have proved fatal.
Nothing further from the Dry Tortugaa
The Fever on the Increase?The Physician of
the Hospital Down With it?No More Deaths
Kxr West, Sept. 12, 1887, \
2 o'Clock P. M. J
The yellow fever Is on the increase here. Five more
men, of the revenue cutter Relief, have been sent to the
hospital. Assistant Engineer Bailey and Mr. Medley, of
the telegraph company, were taken down this morning,
but are now doing tluely. Dr. Sweot, tbe Hospital Surgeon,
baa been so ill that the responsibility fell upon Dr.
Cormlck, the quarantine pbyaioian, who la doing all in
hla power for the sick, with the aid of the oittxens ,
and nurses. Manager Hall, the telegraph operator. Is behoved
out of danger; and Mr. Webb, the engineer for
the English contractors, who' ha? had a slight fover, Is
also in no danger. No more deaths are reported since
boar lrom tho Dry lortugas, and intelligence U expected
Tiie Fever nt the Dry Tortugan? Cnees Amom
the Fort Jefferson Uarrlion.
Kinr Wxst, Fin., Sept. 13. 1887, \
6 o'clock P. M. f
The Matchless la Just in from the Dry Tortugas. The
doctor in charge of Fort Jefferson reports the ferer on
the Incroaae, there being sixty-seven cases In the hospital
and only two deaths since last report. All the patients
are doing well except a lew who had the black
vomit yesterday. Major Stone and Lieutenant Romer
are better; Lieutenant Orr Is very low. Lieutenant Gordon
Is the only officer able for duty.
At this place tho fever shows no abatement. Engineer
Tamer, of tho Narva, has the black vomit and will probably
die, and Lieutenant Rielly, of the revenue cutler, is
very low. Hall, Uailev, Webb and Modiey are all doing
llnely. Dr. Corinick has not a vase among the garrison.
A Traveller's Marvellous Story of Volcanic
Appearances in the Far Northwent.
St. Lotus, Mo., Sept. 13, 1867.
The Montana Post says that an exploring party, which
has beon to the headwaters of the Yellowstone river, bas
just returned, and reports seeing one of the greatest
wonders of the world. For oight days tbe party travelled
through a volcanic country, emitting bluo flame and a
living stream of molten brimstone. Tbe country was
smooth and rolling, long level plains intervening bolween
rolling mounds. On the summits of these rolling mounds
wore craters, from four to eight feot in diameter, and
everywhere on the level plains were smaller craters,
from four to six inches in diamctor, from which
streamed a blazo and a constant whistling sound. Tho
hollow ground resoundod beneath their feet as they
travelled, and every moment scorned to break through.
Not a living thing was seen In the vtciniiv. Tho explorers
gave it the significant appellation of ltell.
The heavens last evening were most bountcon* to the
drous machinery; do leas than two dt-tinci atmospherical
phenomena being presented to the astonished
viiton of enthusiastic star gazers. Between half past
seven and eight o'clock, soon after the sun had sunk to
rest beneath the western horizon, there was a magnillcent
exhibition of the Aurora Borealis or " Northern
Lights." This peculiar appearance of the sky, which
has been well termed the Aurora, in consequence of its
beauty, originates from some especial magnetic qualities
in the atmosphere, and it is rather early in the season,
as cold weather has not yet sot in, for it to he
observed ao far south. However, last night it
was on view, and many of our en irons who
cttiMKod to be in the streets or crossing the ferries were
treated to a most beautiful sight. The Aurora commenced
iu the west, but gradually worked round to the
north, being most brilliant when it was exactly in a
northwesterly direction as observed from the Hkraid
budding. Sharp dashes and streaks of pale rose colored
light darted across the sky, succeeded by a bright central
pillar of bluish fire, cross-barred with lighter tinted
streaks, which appeared ro rest Just over the northern
extremity of the Aster House. The light gradually faded
down to a transparent green, which theu filled up all tho
northern quarter of the heavens, and las ed for some
time. Occasionally the fiaaues 01 the Aurora would bo
perceived again, lighting up the horizon. But it ended
goon after it began, m regards the great display.
The Northern I.'ghts, however, woro aol the only wonders
to be seen last night, for we also bad au eclipse of the
toon, which the savans had declared?much they know
about it?would be invisible In New York. Instead of
being invisible, this phenomenon was vh idly apparent,
for just about twenty miuutes to eight o'clock the dark
shadow of the sun could tie saen resting across the upper
uaii ui lair iraun, iuo uiuui "gut. mo r mjiw rmi uni
tu perihelion close on eight o'clock, wueu s body of
black clouds swept across the sky and hid the moon and
all the wondrous cbangea that were boiog wrought on its
surface from those who were eagerly watching It.
One atmospherical phenomenon is thought a wonderful
alght In an evening; but when we havu no lesa than two
the erant certainly deserves to ba chronicled.
A Mnn Attempts to Kill Ilia mistress fllvoa
Her Time to stny Her Prayers?Who Kscapes?
lie Attempts to Commit Suicide.
Still another of those semi-tragic occurrences that
frequently occur in our city, in which fascinating women
and dementad men play the part of principals, reached
the ears of the police authorities about five o'clock on
Thursday afternoon. At that time a woman giving her
name as Mary Ann Bertram called at tha Twenty-ninth
precinct station and claimed protection. In an axclted
manner she stated that a man natnod William Kullmun,
to whom lbs had horns the relation of a mistress, had
callod upon her during the afternoon, at ber residence,
No. 104 W?*t Nineieeuth street, and solicited her company
to a houao of ill fame on fifteenth street, and that
she accompanied him there. Upon retiring to a private
room Kuilman locked the door and took two packages
trom his pocket, one of them containing laudsnutn and
the other a five-barrelled revolver, and. plating them
before her, said, "Thie dose la for me, ami the pistol for
you," at the nine time placing the pistol to her head,
and telling ber that ho would give her Just three
minutee to my bar prayers before blowing out her
otains. The horror stricken woman, with death staring
her in the face, dropped upou her knees and pleaded
plteoualy for lift; bat Rullmsn. who seemed in great
excitement, was Inexorable, evidently Intending to carry
out bit threat. Her screams, rnll of terror, startled the
inmates of lbs house, who at this Juncture rushed up
stairs, broko open the door and rnter-d the room, lu
the confusion which followed the womsn ran out and
aerreled herself In another apartment, hoping thxa to
elude the would-be murdurer. Kuilman, under the Impression
that she had esc..ped to the street, immediately
followed In pursuit, bat did not succeed
in finding her. Supposing that shs had returned
to ber residence, ho at once repaired there,
and, reaching her room, informed partite in the
bouee be would await ber return. Upon Miss Bertram s
arrival home, shortly thereafter, being informed of hie
r>r? eeuca, the lied to the statu* house tad made the
abovs statement to Bergeaai Roak, who immediately
despatched officer McCarthy to arraat Rullmae.
On entering the house they vara startled by the dolt
report of a pistol, and hastily seconding to Mlaa Bertram
a ruoin. In the second story, found the door
lo ked. llie officer demanded ndmtwUoo. and Roliman
<ame to tbe door and opened it, whan be laid down
upon the bed, evidently In great pain. It was then ascertained
that be had shot himself in the left breast,
near the heart. The pistol with which be bad commuted
lha deed erat lying by his at la He was inimediately
removed to Beilevue Hospital, where, late last
evening, be waa in a moat precariotaa condition, and it
la fearad that he will not survive the wound.
Rnllrnan waa an employ* In tbe St. Nicholas Hotel,
and aiwaya had the confidence of the proprietor. He la
a nallr# or Herman*, thirty-three ream old. ao?t what la
the most lamentable feature of this tragic Incident, is
married and baa three children.
Bneros, fept. 18, 1?J7.
It ha? been ascertained that the amount taken by lha
robbers o' the Blue Hill Bauk, In Dorchester, yesterday
was $.'<2.774, aa follows; -$ld.7K>, in trtlSnptTtlhd ntereu
notes; $12,000, tn legal tender note#; M.000, in
bills and checks on Borion banks; $10,011, in hills of
the Bine Htll National Hank; $4*1, In bills of old state
hanks; $2M. in maulated Mils of tbe Blue Hill National
Bank: $4,000, In letal leaders varying In denomination
from $A to $100. each, and from drawer $4,237, In bills
of the Blue Hill National Bank and legal lender notes.
All bet $10 000 or $12,000 of this amount helonred to
Crate parties who had placed It In the bank far safe
ping The lose to Use bank will net affect Hi pant*
Una ye lohhogo horo net jet bean orrsstsdL
' ' II <EWp?W J$hm??? ?
The Tradesmen'* National Bank Defalcation.
Before Commiaaloaer Oabonia >,
The United Statu w. Jamet Arnold.?The exemioetion
into this case wee commenced yesterday morning before
Commiieloner Osborne, Mr. Joseph Bell, Assistant United
States District Attorney, prosecuting, and ex-Judge Beebe
appearing for the defendant Mr, Richard Barry, president
of the bank, was examined with reference to the.
accounts of Arnold, receiving teller of tbe bank, from
which tbe alleged defalcation of $69,000 was
made to appear. Mr. Beebe objected to tbe
continuance of tbe examination in the direction
taken by Mr. Bell until tbe books of the bank in charge
of the defendant were produced in court. After some
arguments on the point raised, Mr. Bell assented to an
adjournment, when his Honor flxod the next day for the
examination, Monday, 23d instant.
Mr. John Sedgewlck appeared for Baker, tbe late paving
teller of tbo Tradesmen's National Bank, who Is yet in
custody. On representation of Mr. Bedgewick the Commissioner
fixed the bail for Baker at $12,000.
The court thon adjourned.
United State* vt. Klita Attenhrim.?This extraordinary
rate was up again for examination yesterday, before
Commissioner Osborne. Mr. Mcledy Rosa was examined
for tbe defence. He stated, in reply to questions by Mr.
Edwin James, who appoared as counsel for tlie defendant,
that be knew both Mrs. Altenheim and Mrs.
Merey in Germany. They were step-sisters. He knew
both their fathers. Mrs. Merey, be stated, married Mr.
Schwancke about eight or nine years ago, and they lived
together in Hobokcn or Hudson City. This evidence
was produced for tho purpose of showing the relationship
of tho parties. The further bearing of tbe case
was adjourned till Tuesday.
Petition* Filed Yesterday.
Richard J. Garrettson, city.?Referred to Itoglster
Tbe New Appointee to the Supreme Court
Yesterday Judge William Fullerton, recently appointed
to the vacancy in the Supreme Court, Second
Judicial district, occasioned by the death of the late
Judge W. W. Scrugham, toot his seat for the first time
on tbe Supreme Court bench of this district, and held
Chambers. Edward J. Knight acting as crier, and Wm.
H. Rickeits as officer of tbe court Judge Fullerton
disposed of a number of motions on Judge Clarke's
calendar at tbe request of the latter gentleman.
Before Recorder Hackett
Shortly after the opening of the court yesterday the
Grand Jury brought In a batch of Indictments, after
wblcb Mr. Bedford procoeded to dispose of the regular
Adolpb Walter, who was indicted for burglary In the
third degree, pleadod guilty to grand larceny. He was
charged with breaking into the liquor store of John
Peters, No. 164 South street, and stealing a silver watch
worth $10, and a coat and pair of boots. He was sent to
tbo Mato Prison for three years.
Charles W. l'attri, charged with grand larceny, pleaded
guilty to an attempt to commit that olfence. On tho 10th
01 AugusL tbo prisoner stole $30 worth of clothing from
Henry Scigeh He waa scut to tho Penitentiary for one
Mariraret Burns, a genteel looking person, who was
charged with stealing from tbe store of A. T. Stewart k
Co., ou the 28tb of August, a p.eeo of French poplin
valued at $56, pleaded guilty to petty larceny. She was
sent to the Penitentiary for six months.
Thomas MeCuen pleaded guilty to a similar grade of
crime, he h iving stolen a coat worth $40 from John
Taylor ou the 6iii of August. He was soul to the Penitentiary
for two months.
William Clark, lndauod for grand larceny from the
persap, pleaded gu'lty to peitv larcenv. On the 30th of
August, a.- Patrick ! '. McGulro was setting into a West
8 r-el car, the prisoner snatchod bin watch and chain,
valued ai $1-5, and rau away. The prisoner was roinan'loil
for "ontence.
William Davidson, jointly indicted with Joseph Murray
for fraud larceny, was tried and acquitted. It
appears from tho testimony ihat on the 16ih of May
Francis Schadel left a trunk, containing property
valued nt $1.51)0, in tlie custody of a man nam'd Cohen,
n Broome street, an 1 s ib-"<quontlv learning that it bad
beou stolen, obtained information which led him to visit
Davidson's room, where ho found a coat, veal and pant*
belon- iff to loin. The accuH'd.satisIaciorlly accouuied
forth' posse ion of I ho cloth in? by a witneas who swore
tbat liie foods were given to Davidson by Murray, wno
was tried and acquitted on Wednesday.
Adam Frsv/.or was trl-d on an indictment charging
him Willi robbery in the first uegree. The complainant,
Jus-pl. Wilmer iwbol-ad just arrived irom Bavaria),
was examined through an interpreter and tcstiUot that
on < lie afternoon of the 12th of August he net the
prisoner mid visited several drinking saloons sod a
hours o*' prostitution with him; that the prisoner left
the place half au hour before himself, and wlteu ho got
into tin) street he was attacked by Fraxor and three
men, at which lime he was robbed of $50 in money and
a watch; The containing witness admitted that he was
very drunk, but he iio-itlvely identified the accused aa
tho mau who robbed nnn.
n Munr ut a nor-s of ill- vaxk.
Louisa Lilly was tried ami convicted of grand larceny
!u stealing $191 from William riirqpeoo, on the 2d
Inst, wliii in his company at a house or ill-repute in
Woosler street. The prisoner hud a bad reputation, she
bat ing been Identified by an olllcer of tho court as fin
1 old offender. The Recorder imposed the highest penalty
the law allowed, which was imprisonment in the slate
Prison for flvo years.
Charles Randall pleaded guilty to an Indictment
eharg ng htm with stealiug $112 worth of wearing apparel,
on the 17th of August, from Charles A. WUbelnt,
S'.i Vurick street. Be was seat to the State Prison for
two years.
An Intereatlng Divorce Snlt?Wne tlint Complaint
Before Judge Cardoxo.
Bohn r?. Buhn.?This was au action for divorce on tho
ground of adultery, the wife belug the deiendant. Tbe
case came up yesterday on mot on to open a default
taken aga nit defendant, on the ground that she had
never been served wiih the summon* and complaint.
The plaiuliff Introduced the affidavit of the marshal
who Is alleged to have served the papers, sotting forth
that he served the documents upon detendant person illy,
and that she tore them up. making a remark to the effect
that she liad a belter man than plaintiff anyway, and
did not care. This was denied in the do fendant'e affidavit*.
Tho court reserved its decision , taking the
Military Will Pnirolling the Road*?Naval
Rail to l.ord .Monck.
Qcwnr, rwpt. 18, 1867.
Since the disturbances on Monday nisht large pickets
of military continue to patrol the I<ewts roads. Notwithstanding
these precautionary measures, disorderly soldlcrs
hare been guilty of further acta of violence.
I/>rd Monck and sine and his Kvcellency Sir N. F.
Belleuu attended a ball on hoard the war ship Aurora
yesterday evening, given by the officers of that vessel.
Suicide In llnwiilton.
Hawiit ?, Canada, Sept. 13, 1867.
An elderly woman named Sprats, residing on the corner
of Jonn and Wood streets, hunt herself last night.
No reason i an be assigned for the act.
Mienmer Dnmaird.
Owns Sorsn, Sept. IS, 1867.
The steamer Weubeno broke her shaft Saturday on
Lake Bofierior, and ran Into this harbor to-day. 8be
wtll be aiiout two weeks repairing.
The Polls to he Investigated?Alleged Fraudulent
Voice for Devlin.
MokTRKAU, Sept. 18, 1967.
A acrutlnv of the whM* poll of Montreal We-t ta to
bo instituted by Mr. Mcfloe'e frlenda, who expert to
abow that Ave hundred fraudulent veto* wero polled for
lfr. Devlin. It la r i mured that Mr. McGee la ahortly to
be appointed to a high and permanent poult Ion under the
IwiproTcnsmta In Matitreah
Tfle extenatTe improvement* going on at thla time In
Montreal, part.cularly In the matter of widening atrnete
aad the erection of massive end handeome granite stores
and public buildings, strike every atranger. During the
yeer* l*6i, '63, '64, '6i and '66, the number of pew bouse*,
tore*, Ac , erected in Montreal amounted to two thourend
eight hundred and twenty-eight, at an aawaard v aluo
of $193,071,666. The returns for tha preaent year, when
pnbiinhed, we learn, will indicate an Increased raiue
of not leee tlian f t.VbJO <>w. It la proposed, in
addition to there Improvements, to erect a new and
aplendtd hotel, nfter the Am r>can first class fashion,
upon the moat eligible alt* in tne centra of the cltr,
opposite Victoria square. at the foot of Rearer Rait hill.
It wtll command a line view of th? St. I.iwretxv river,
the renowned Victoria bridge, and he oepvensnt to
m et of the palatial rtorea, banting and warehottroa in
the burineee part of the nty. The ne-eaalty c* more
hotel aecomiRodali >nr In Montreal la apparent to every
atranger who rlaite the city aid erpsc'.a'ly to the summer
louriste. Montreal la a growing and opulent otty, and
in the course of lime, at the preeenl rale of pregreas,
will do ao diecredll to u? as Lr.t rat# North American
city, having clone an I prodtaoie hu*,u*as relations with
the great commercial metropolia of the cootlaent, Saw
captain Jamea W. Nicholson has ten ordered to the
command of the Railed State* steamer Wampnnoag,
which vewael I* ahortly to go on her trial dip.
The Wampaaoag la one of the new (flrst rate) veascla
of 8,800 tona built by tha government.
Tha United State* ateamar Re (Mot Qammeod-f
Rom aailed from Kay Waat on the Hit kaa, bound
lor Vara Cr*^ * l
Bubo ia Co unman to Await m Actio* or m
Grakd J car. ?This morning Um two desperate individuals
arrested on Tunedij night on suspicion of burglary
In the rear of the raaldenee of Mr. Gardner, on
South Tenth street, Williamsburg, were ahplgned before
Justice Dai ley, and, waiving an examination, they were
held to await the action of the Grand Jury. The names
of tlm men are James Adams and Martin Comgan,
When officer Lewis discovered the fellows Adams drew
a revolver and attempted to shoot the officer, but fortunately
it fell from his hand before he could accomplish
his design. He has to answer for attempt to kill. There
Was nothing stolen from the house, though trunks were
ransacked and the door burst open.
Thb Farubbs' asd Citkssis' Natkwai Ba? ?The
directors of tbia institution held a meeting yesterday
morniog, In the office of the bank, at which Mr. Oron
M. Beach, president, end Mr. Henry W. Red Held,
cashier, tendered their resignation! of tbe positions
which they respectively occupied. Their resignations
were accepted by the meeting.
SncKxnto ortbagb nr a Pbi'Lbr.?As one of the
patrolmen of tbe Forty-third precinct was passing a
house at the corner of Van Ifeunt and Dikeman streets,
last evening, his attention was attracted by tbe cries of
a female for assistance. He quickly entered the house
nnd proceeded to a room from whlob the cries emanated,
when he found a man, as alleged, in tbe act of committing
an oatrago upon a girl named lerressa Hellont. wbo was
making every eilort to free herself from tbe gr ip of tbe
xiiniji. j lie muter ituiutmiaieiv AireHiwi iua h,tq1 wuu
gave bis name as Patrick Finnety, twenty-two years or.
age. It appears the accused is a pedler, and went into
the house under the pretence of disposing of some of
his trinkets. Finding that the girl was alone at the
time he seized her and threw her upon a bed and at'
tempted to outrage her person. He was locked np in
the Forty-third precinct station house to await examination.
Rtn Over Accident.? Morris Flinn, the driver of the
Bath Hotel coach, was arrested yesterday afternoon for
running over a woman named Margaret Brassell, at the
corner ef Nelson street and Hamilton avenue. It is
slated that the accused was driving in a reckless manner,
and Mrs. Brassell, who was crossing the street at the
time upon the crosswalk, was unable to save herself from
being knocked down by the horses. The wheels of the
coach pa-sed over her hands and cat off three of her On.
gent Tbo accused was taken before Justice Dunne aud
held to bail in the sum of $200 to await trial
Accident to a (mien.?Mr. Romeyn Ostrander, residing
at 121 Fourth street, waa seriously injured at the
Roosevelt street ferry yesterday morning by being
struck by the shaft of a truck, wheh crushed I?rm
against the gale post, where he was standing at the
time, and broke two or three of hi* ribs. He was conveyed
to his residence, where be received surgical aid.
His injuries are believed to be of a serious nature.
Alliqbd Felonious Assault.?John McLaughlin, who
was arrested a short time since on the charge of seriously
boating Mrs. McLaughlin, his cousin, who resides in Portland
avenne, as previously reported in the Herald, was
taken before Justice Morehouse yesterday for examination.
The only witness examined was the complainant
herself, who testified to the assault committed by the
prisoner. Her face gave clear evidence that she had
been maltreated, from the fact that it was brulBed in a
terrible manner. No now facts were elicited. The examination
will be resumed on the 10th inst. McLaughlin
was remanded to jail.
Tngrr op Clothi.no. ?Bridget Gross was arrested yesterday
afternoon, on a charge of obtaining clothing from
various parties, under the pretence of taking it to wash,
and then selling It. She obtained a quantity of clothing
Irom (aptain John Laytoo, of the brig W. H. Miller,
and then sold it at a second hand clothing store in Atlantii
sircot. She was taken before Jusiloo Dunne and teat
w mo reuueutrary ior lour raonius.
Accidett ? Patrick Broderick, laborer, wbtle at
work loading a vessel with sugar, at Woodruff & Robbineon's
wharf, yesterday afternoon, bad three of his
toes mashed off by a hogshead of sugar falling upon
them. He was taken to his borne.
Reporters of Newnrk *?. Reporters of New
York and Brooklyn.
The "knights of the quill." who do the ball.tosslng
articles in tne Now York and Brooklyn papers,
repnired to Newark yesterday aftornoon, on the
iuvltaiion of the membere of tho fraternity at
that place, and there contended in a friendly
game of base ball, in which were elucidated
the scientific points of the game to an alarming extent.
The playing was, Indeed, very good; but tho Jerseyites
excelled at tho bat, and, being erldently much more
practised than their metropolitan adversaries, catno off
victorious. Not, however, without a stubborn tight
did they obtain tho right to carry off the trophy. Many
ot the first class clubs have played games in
which le*a good and effective playing was
shown; and no gamo lias taken ptaco In which such
thorough aood feeling and eujoyment prevailed. The
pitching of Thome and eaicbiog of Crane were tho features
ot the entire coolest. Tho Jerveymeu received
and eniertaitieil their visitors iu munificent and magnificent
style, and after the gamo a general good timo ?os
bad, In the course of which a regulaiion bat presented
to tcAusland, of the Brooklyn Time*, for the
best batting on the visiting side, and a regulaiion bull
to Kelly, ot the Hkkslo, for the best fielding. A handsome
parlor hall was presented to Chndwick, of the /Ja.'I
fkm me'e, and a handaoniely Inscribed broad.
uaarr s Muivn liai lu U'll, 'a ma ^vw?, IWI lurn
superior playing. 1 tie visitors returned home highly
delighted wilti tlnur afternoons sport ana congratulating
themselves on tue good stand they bad made
against the superior plnT ing of their boats. The score
of tba gau.e is as follows:?
Plitvm. O. K. P'ttyrrt. O. X.
Si i.it, a. a A 1 Valr.il.ne. 2d h. 3 X
Crane. c I 4 Mc tu-iand, p t 4
euwlley, 3d b 1 A Taber. 3d b 3 3
Jacki-oii, 1st b 3 3 Kelly, a, a 2 3
Spe c.-r. 2.1 b 3 4 tllll. r. f 3 3
Thorn*, p I 3 Warner, c 4 1
Keevea. r. f 3 8 Hudson, lit b 3 8
ConaWyea, I. t 4 1 l iccott, c. f 4 1
B ildw.'u. c. f A 1 CbadwiuE, I. f 3 2
ToUl 87 27 Total 87 23
Huh*. IX 2.1 3d. 4lA. At*, <9A. 71k. ?A. M.
New irR d H 3 I I A 2 0 A?27
N V. and H 2 16 10 2 19 1-23
Fly Catehea?Crai.'t, 3; Thorne, 1?Newark, 4. Valentine,
2; V.rtiiKl.md, 3. Taber, 1: Knly, 3, Warner. 1; Hudson, 2?
N.'iv York and Brooklyn, 12.
Out on Fouls?fte.v .rk A; New York and Brooklyn, 10.
Srorers?.Messrs. (irrwt.y nnd John I'oc.
Umpire?Mr. l-eonarri, of the Irvingtnn I'lub.
luuo of game?Two boura and tbir.r tnluutea.
lVarlil vs. Kxerritt.
Tho retara fame between th'se two cluba was played
yesterday afternoon, on the Howard grounds, at East
New York, and ended in favor of the World Club by a
acoro or 19 to 14. lba followiug la the score:?
Dover*. O. A Pbitfrr*. O. X.
O'iiourka, I f 3 2 DeUney, p 3 2
Mollano, r. f 3 3 Drew, 2d b 3 2
A Uaugnan, lit b 3 3 McNaught, c. f 4 1
llirka, e 8 2 Bowem, r. f 8 2
T. tlaughan. l> 2 4 Cahlll, 3d b 4 1
t?pen?b?w. 2d b 4 1 O'Connor, lat b 1 8
Dunn. 3d b 2 2 Win Pool, a a 4 1
Koi.ob, a. a 3 I Van Name, o 2 1
W innacott, c. f 4 1 Ceorge Pool, r. t 8 1
Tout *7 IS Total 87 14
CTu't 1* 2d. 3.1 41*. MA. ?A. 76*. AA. <Mk
World 4 3 9 2 1 4 0 2 8-19
Exercise 1 1 1 3 0 0 A 3 0-14
I'm; ire?Mr. P. Ralph. Cypres* Club.
Scorera?World, ; Kierdae, Mr. J. F. Townley.
Time of game?Two boura and 8: teen minute*.
The Mpetlmo*? of ttnlllmore, Aonlnnt the
(Junker (iiy. of Philadelphia.
Ptiila pterin a, "-opt. 18,
The Pa? times, of Ralllmure, played a maich kunc of
ba?c ball with the Quaker City Club, of ibis cliy, thin
afternoon, resulting lu favor of the former by eoure of
18 tolfl.
The Grreiee Radical ItryalllreM In Council?
A Cnuipnlnn Orcnulxnllon Formed.
The German republicans bare, it apiwarn, become
alarmed at the carton* results of recent state election*,
and are deiermIned to take energetic meaaurte to prevent
thla State from being engulfed In a democratic
victory; for such a calamity, It la considered, would
seriously hinder a progren.IT* policy In national afthlra.
Pursuant to a call, prerioualy publiahad In the landing
German republican papers of thia city, a maae meeting
was held at the Gcrmanta Aaaembly Rooms laat night,
for the purpoaa of taking steps to carry Into effect
Burh measures a* will Insure a republican
victory in this State neat fall. There was
a full attendance of the leading spirits of the German
radical republican ranks. Dr. Kred Schuetr called the
meeting to order, whereupon Dr. Doual was ca Imi upon
to tale the cbalr. This gentleman stated that the principal
object <>( the meeting was to form the plan* ef n
German republican Stat* cimpelgnfor the next State
election and te select a delegation to confer wilh
other German delegations, previous to the Republican
Stat* Convention at Syracuse, In reference to the said
Convention. Dr. Schuets delivered a lengthy address,
fully reriawing the present stale of the politics ef the
At the term nation of the address the following gentlemen
wore nominated end appointed delegate* ?Dr.
Sciiuetx, Theodo e Glaul?en?klee and Alfred krbe; substitute*,
Fred. Kapf, Slgleiu ind Kaufiuann and Aaron
The F.iecntlre Commute* was composed of flfteen
mambera, as follows:?Theodore Giaubeneklee, John
Woh#r. Dr. Hchueta, Dr. Doual, Wilhelm (feber, Dr,
Krar.kowixer, Aaron Frank, I.ehmeyer. Dr, Jaooby.
Major Scnau, Colonel Kd. Kap ', August licks. General
Kryranowsky, ? Tuckar and Albert Hahn. rata oomml.M*
was author.sed to add to us number.
Oernserwo, Pa., Sept IS. 1*7.
At the request of Doctor* Parker. Stone end Crane the
San liary Committee of the New Tork Board ef Health
will he eupplied with water from tb* mineral spring
near una plane, to Mat He effects en dleensee incident to \
IMM lecaHRf,
867# ,
* i
Moras ? Pico Tobacco (Vtmwtsbiow kwunt-i
ousting of plug tobacco commission morehanta ?U
bald yesterday afternoon In the store or Mr. Joseph
Hicks, Mo. 82 Water street, for the purpose of taking
Into consideration the recent regulations Issued bp the
Commissioner of Internal Koreans and appro red bp the
Secretary of the Treasurp. The ebair was occupied bp
Mr. W. H. Price, of the Arm of March, Price k Co., and
Mr. C. E. Butler acted as secretary. The mom of the
meeting was strong in denunciation of these regulations.
whieh propose Id (hut up tne bonded warehouses
now kept by tbe commission merchants, and establish
one bonded warehouse only for the reception of plug
tobacco. The merchant* declare that these regulations
will not only not prevent fraud on the government, but
eeriouatp interfere with the business, if they do not
altogether put a stop to It, The trade generally,
they elate, regard the regulations u being
most oppressive and unjust. A committee was appointed
tocommnniau with ik> Rnarrii nf Trade in Philadal.
| phi*, Baltimore and Boston, and report to a future
meeting what action they would take; whether they
should nand a deputation to Washington to remonstrate
with the authorltiee against the oontiuuance of the regu\
lations complained of, or obtain the assistance ol persona
1 m that city to aid In effecting the object they desire to
Tun Socwtt for th? Scpparwox or Gunu-rva?The
Society for the Suppression of Gambling have eighteen
cases, which will be laid boiore the Grand Jury at the
next term of the Court of General Sessions, Moat of the
complaints are for selling lottery tickets.
Motor's Offios?A Ncisaxcb Comflsisid of.?A deputation
of Germans called upon the' Mayor and complained
of a sewer that has bean sxcavated which
had been left open by the contractor for several weeks,
with the dirt benked up, to the detriment of the health
of all residents of the vicinity. One person has already
been killed by tailing Into it. The Mayor sent word to
tbe Croton Aqueduct Department of|the condition of the
nuisance and the complaint,
Americas Pharmaceutical Soctstt.? On the invitation
of their New York friends the members of the association
embarked on board tha steamer Thomas CoUyer at
three o'clock yesterday afternoon, and proceeded down
the bay to Sandy Hook. Turning homeward there, tbe
CoUyer again passed the city and procoeded up tbe
North River to Yonkers,when she returned to the starting
point at the foot of Warren street The members of
the association met in the alter cabin before disembarking,
and returned a vote of thanks to tha committee of
arrange men ui and tbeir friends in New York for tbe
munificent manner and kindly spirit-In which they were
entertained, and to Mr. P. W. Bedford, secretaty, for his
energy and industry on their behalf. The entertainment
was served to the most splendid slvle, and reflected the
highest credit on the committee of arrangementa, who
seemed to have forgotten nothing whloh would conduce
to ihe comfort of their guests; refreshments and cigars
being provided for the gentlemen, and bouquets of
flowers and music for tha ladies.
Cbolrra o.i GovKRKOB'a is lamp. ?Thar* la little doubt
that this fatal epidemic baa raged with considerable vlo
lance among the troops stationed on Governor's Island.
Although the Board of Health baa been cnrloualj silent
on the subject, it is alleged that there havo been no lesr
than twelve deaths from this disease during the summes
months, and there are no*, It is stated, th rty patients
in hospital and about the same number in the convalescent
wards. Defective ventilation and the confined
and filthy condition of the cells in which prisoners are
' incarcerated have most probably propagated the spell of
this fatal scourge, which will oever be eradicated from
Governor's Island unt.i proper sanitary arrangements be
undertaken and perfected.
Tbe Fenian Sham Fight.?During the Fenian picnic
exhibition at Jones' Wood, on Thursday, when the gallant
woold-be invaders of Canada, and possibly future
possessors of tbe Emerald Isle, were re-enaoilng the
embryo campaign of Fort Ridge and fighting their battles
over again, there was a good deal of powder burnt
and blank cartridges discharged. Some of these cartridges
carried ball, however, and these winged their
airy flight about the city yesterday, to tbe endangorment
of the Uvea of those citizens who, perhaps, could
not so far sympathize with the Finnegans us to welcome
tbe unexpected visitors. A rifle ball, coming from tbe
direction of Jones' Wood, etruok an inmate of tbe
Almehouee on Biaukwell'a Island, as he was standing In
tne grounds, and fnu tured bis arm; and another missile
struck a rock near to which another person was sittine,
close by his feet. Tbe Fenians should keep their
powder and ball for their foes, and not harm our peaceful
Surrogate's Court.?Tbe following estates have been
finally settledJohn Walton, Jacob Dipple, James
Faucett, James Ferguson, Elizabeth De Faber, John H.
Beekman. Tbe following decisions have been rendered
Estate of Jonathan S Joice, will rejected;
estate of John Wavlan. account to be amended, aa oar
Miraculous Escape?A Somxamruuxt Leaps prom ax
Express Tkaix.?On Wednesday night s passenger
named P. H. Hyter, on board one or the express trains
of the New York Central Railroad, en rout* from Chicago
to this city, while in a state of somnolenoe, Jumped from
the platform of one of|the cars, when within about three
miles of Syracuse. Strange to relate, he sustained no
serious injury, although bruised considerably. He
walked from the place where he alighted so suddenly to
Syracuse, and arrived in this city on Thursday evening,
feeling, beyond a Utile siianeai, quite well.
Ora.nd Lodge I .o. orO. F. or Tits Cxited States.?The
cession of this grand body commences its suasions at
nine o'clock A. M. of Monday next, and not nine P. M.,
as erroneously printed In our notice thereof on Wednesday
Members of the R. P. degree will meet at In lug
Bull at eii;ht o'clock, to join in the reception or the
Grand Lodge.
Suicide mr Takixg Poison.? An inquest was held yesterday
at the house No. 0S3 Sixth avenue, by Coroner
Gamble, over the remains of Edward Jennings, whose
death was the result of a dose of poison swallowed by
him two or threo days since. John Jennints, son of deceased,
was not awaro of any cause which should prompt
hi* lather to take his own life. Deputy Coroner Joseph
G. Shaw, M. D., made a post mortem examination on tue
body, sad found a quantity of arsenic in the stomach of
deceased, which in nis opinion was sufficient to cause
death. The jury fouod that deceased died from the
effects of poison taken by himself. Mr. Jennings waa
sixty-seven years of age, and a native of England.
l'rorc.e'8 Political Ohoasizatkis.? The General Committee
of the "People's Organisation" Is now permanently
located at tbeir committee rooms, Kuutz's Hotel,
Essex street. On Thursday evening General Nelson
Taylor, of the Seventh Ward, was chosen as chairman.
Alter disposing of all business and passing strong resolutions
10 favor of Thomas H. Ferris tor sheriff, the
committee adjourned subject to the call of the cha.ruian.
Fatal Railroad Aocidext.?A lad. thirteen years of
age, named George Hess, was almost instantly killed on
ths New Jersey Railroad at Waverley yesterday noon.
A cool train woe backing down upon the turnout, end
the boy oaoght on one of the rear car*. The car coming
in contact with another car standing upon the track
threw the boy off and broke hie bock. He was also
slightly cut by one of the wheels. Tno boy and bis
family were visiting relativs* si Waveriev from Em-ton,
l'n., and had intended 10 return t# their boms to-day.
Waverley I* a small village between Newark and Elizabeth.
A certificate tor burial was grantsd on the foregoing
The Patwrrox Almswsi Aoais.?The public bav* not
yet done with this vexed question. Judging by a decree
of the Grand Jury of Passaic connty, which was empanelled
yesterday. A meeting of all ths witnesses for
the prosecution In the 1st* case (? summered for Monday
morning, st ten o'clock, and the subject Will then
must probably be opened anew.
Pteamelilp P?rtL Peltnoy, Oalre.ton, with tndse an 1 psssengerm,
to sj.oTord, Ulet.on A Co. Is anchored in the
lower quarantine.
Bteamehlp Leo, Dearborn, vavaonab, with miiee and pas
setigcx. to MurTAV. Ferris A (V
Brig Gondolier (Br), t'rane, Uloes Bay, CB, 14 days, with
"Brig J Blenkhom (Br), Blenkhorn, Llngan, CB, Udeye,
with ooel, in .? P Whitney A Co.
. Bm Lincoln Webb. Outline. Thomeeton. Me. 5 day?, In
bellaat, to maater ! bound to JoehaoualUo; put Into thti
port to repair aalia.
Hchr Boner iFr\ Rourdaae. Bt Pierre, WF. ltdeya, with
flab, to I'anlel Starr.
gchr Mnntr.tr, Molt, Mobile, *> dart, with cotton, Ac, to
B P Hnrlbnt A Co.
Rchr Buatnna, Facketl, Wilmington. KC.
Bohr J T Sltrpton, Huletnn. Wathmgton. NC.
hehr J R Beta, Tarlnr, Virginia.
Schr .tooeph Franklin. Randolph, Virginia.
Schr fonatilntlon. Smith, Ororgetown, DC.
Per Ann A Amelia. Jtudann, Baltimore.
Wind al tun let 8W.
Marine Dlnaatm.
Bmr Datnian Ware, recently ralaod at RW Spit be the
dnrrl'-k. * aa lowel In llnr'.eck'ii wharf. Urn iklyu i ?t-r.l.iT
aft -moon bjr luga Pntllp. John Fuller, N B liurluck, and
Brio Vrtr* (of Win ir n?\CartW h Ue*-?nn. A1<4,
two vear? old. for New York, with I?0 i..na of gn ,m platter,
went eahnre a! midnight ef the 7th Inat un Little (lull
I aland, tiea- the Ilghthoiae and became a Iota! wrrek She
hat been ampped nl aalla, apart, tigging. Ac. Tin- bull and
cargo wilt be told al auction on Monday next. V?e?> I partly
Intnred The keeper being engaged In trimming the lamp,
the light waa dun and <'apt H ?uppo?ed blmaelf much farther
off thnre. and when tha light tlaabed up the roeka were
eeen oloee aboard.
Amrrleae Part*.
CHARLFRTOR. Rept I?-Arr1eed. brig W n Blrhmore.
Bottoo; tehrt Varl?n Oage. d ...lonae Rmlth, NYork. .
F( ?RTHKV MO.NBOK, Rept IS-Brlg Jenny Lind. from
Fnrto Klco for Baltimore. hat arrlred at Cape Henry, tad
reporte that her captain died with yellow ferer. . ?
KY.T WEST, Sept 1 J?Arrlred, br.f funnel Welah, Mew
York. __
Hciled 1Mb, ateemtblp Oriental, Oelreekon; thlp Mlneree
(Fr). Harra. ?, ...
RAVAHRAn. Rept lk?Ameed, tteamabtpe Cleopetre.
Thi llpa. and Virgo, Bulkier, NYm*.
Sailed? Brig Oil, .at. Moo tor I, ten. _ .. ?_ p
WILMIRoTOR, BO. sept lk-gelled, alliniablp Wm P
Clyde. 1* Tort.
Ww (Mm n<0*i 9m m i# *** i
! I
*" "T!
.1. i .... , w i
Yesterday afternoon Grace church wu crowded to UA
almost capacity bp the namerous Meade and admtrvd
of the late Rev. Thomas House Taylor, D. IX, who to3
assembled to pay the last tribute of respoet to tMF ( ,
memory of the deceased. The late Rev. Dr. Tnylef wa? 1 1
for Sua? years the rector of Grace church, sad bifl .
death, which occurred last Monday, took place quit?
suddenly, at West Park, oa the Hudson. The reeslfll ?
were brought to tbl* cUy on Wednesday last, aBd War*
temporarily placed In the rectory adjoining the chords
Among the laity present yesterday were inaay of ou?
most distinguished citizens. The pews on either aid?
of the middle aisle were reserved for the accomthodad
lion of the clergy, of whom a very Urge number W*a
present, and among them were the following Rerj
Dra Vinton, Weston, Hatght, Seabury andTyng. j
At three o'clock the funeral eorUge left the vestry iif
the following order:?First the officiating clergymen.
Rev. Drs. W. P. Morgan and Samuel Cooke?the Tollowv
ing named gentlemen acting as pallbearers
George Barclay, George Jones, AOasa JSorrie,
Benjamin Ay mar, Edward Jones, DSdtdy K Fuller.'
Benjamin B. Sherman, Michael Vlshoeflbrjaed Llova
W. Welle; the coffin and the friendSj|fiJ|UdUM||ML Oa
reaching the door of the churoh thesstomnrFwD*:? n ti?
ful banal service, accordlnf"to aSetEplaco# t
pal Church, was commenced by -'IkPv Drs Morgan and
Cooke, and tl'nisg Ibi ssOdihltsace' many ofi the old
friends of the Ai^aaaKbOTmWni' beads 1? dhef nnd j
refused to weimforfld. Qb the ooDcluslouwd the ?ervice
the ajnqHdnpvre taken to Greenwood Ccmotorp
for Interment On Sunday morning next Urn tunerall
eermdn wllf be preached by Rev. Dr. Morgan.
OrxHic, IS, 18C.
General Meade and salts left town ywtcrday for PorU
land. Me. During his stay here he re Mved dialing j
guisbed sttsntlon from the military and civil authorities^ J
Ml SCEt,L.ANK?HJS. /j 'j
Serial Romance published in this country than has
been excited by the publication of
KOR. ' i'I *
In thn mhimng of that moat varied and OomoKwitSivO of all
weekly newspup-'m, ,
As this extraordinary tale progresses It beeomesmoro and
more mamfeet that tho author nas entirely ab indoued nnd
discarded all the old conventionalisms of flcuou und produced
a novel which In its conception and design Id
thoroughly original. Of the thrilling scenes and ....
in reserve no Inkling can be given to the reader, without
detracting from the pleasure that awaits him In the
Into which he Is about to sten.
with which the instalment of Sunday last concluded, ra.
vealed the opening of
against the arch-villain of the story. When three such 0004
eliminate scoundrels as
are pitted in the arena, "deeds to make Heaven weep" maw
well be expected, and the only hope of salvation for poor Erie
is tnat their cunningly devised eiratsgeme may in the end In/
volve them In a common destruction. More thatl _
will be devoted to the continuation of the etory
and the new chapter* are of a character to increase the furore
which the preceding Instalments have created among
the story reading pubiio.
Of the extra edition of ten thousand Issued on Sunday, tho
8th Inst., not a stng'e Mercury remained In the oillco at thd
hour of noon on Monday, and thousands who applied for
conles during the week were necessarily disappointed. A i
still Urgor edition will he p-inicd to-morrow, but even the
capacity of a first class lightning press has its limits, and I]
Is scarocly hoped that the iddltlonal supply will fully mecj
the demand. Only those who take time by the forelock an I
apply early can be guaranteed against being "left out in tug
cold." Bnt although
is the motto cf the un I ty Mercury office, the belated art
not forgotten. To-m rro v's Issue will eon'aln the pith and
substance of the pri ce nag portions of the roinanoe, antf
with the aid of this
of the first eleven chapters, the reader who commences tin.
work Itself at the elei# ith will start fair with parties whs
have not missed a line, and will understand the drift of th|
narrative as clearly as they. .-. 1
baa wisely availed itself of the new Imnetus given to the
circulation of the most popular weekly newspaper in America
to mass In Its cotumns a large addition il amount ot
advertising of every kind and charaoter; and, tn view of th(
great pressure upon this department of the p iper,
to send In thetr favors hereafter as early aa possible.
The actual clreulatlon of THE SUNDAY MERCURY, ad
compared with that of the other so-called Nunday papers,
can be ascertained by referring to the archives of the United
States Revenue Department. The figures there on record
will connrm the
that Its regular tissue is betwem three and four times greats!
than the combined Issue, of all other sheets hearing tha
prefix of "Sunday" published in the city of New York.
of the mess of the people le
Million! have no other time to read. On Sunday they eaa
not only read but remember. There Is no noise. The street!
are hushed. Nothing distracts the attention from the printed1
Sunday la a day of rest, but
No fanatical law can put the
It must and will have a held for the exercise of its Into ID.
genoe on the first day at the week as well as ou every other*
There you em ere what the trading wurld, the show
world, the world of fashion. the sporting wo-Id, the trarelling
world, the political world, the philanthropic world, the,
sporting world, the manuiacturlng world, the speculating
world, the dissolute world, the moral world, and all the otheF i
worlds that go to the melting up the entire world, are doing on
propose to do. The pages of the SUNDAY MERCURY
place you en rapport w th evsry Interest, every class. If
all the wires that traverse the land and underrun the ten
conversed on tour breakfast table tney could scarcely bring
you fullsr or freshet Intelligence than is couUloed In Its
from all points of the compass. The wuole country, with,
the nightre storv, brought down to lour o'clock In the morning.
on Its lips, greets vou st the morning meal, and yota
eangltscuss, anrlv/.c and digest the record at your leisure.
Altera six days' battle with the difficulties of business life,
evcrv member of the community ts entitled, Scrlpturally
and by the charier of Nature, to a furlough on the seventh,
and desires, as it bivouacs on the neutral ground of Sunday,
to turn the armistice granted to it to p easant account. Th#
SUNDAY MERCURY furnishes It with the means of doing'
so, by supplrmg such a feast of amusement and currant information
as cannot be obtained from any other source
Glance over its column*
and note the wide range of suhject*. the almost Infinite
variety, which contradistinguish the GREAT SUNDAY
NEWSPAPER from all the otHer weeklies
both of the highest order of mei u. viz:?
will be found among lie p onvnent attraction* In the department
of ImaktAat re literature. Ito.h those stnrie* are
printed from udrancs proof sheets, rurch.sel directly (run
the authors nt prices which no publication that had not
could afford to pur. Turn, after not'clng these star serial#
of the day, to the Table Talk, sparkling with original gems
of humor; the Exclusive Iheatrical and show news; the
columns devoted to Mpnrte and Pastimes; the Mil tary intelligence;
the Fire Department correspondence: the unequalled
Local news; the proceedings of the Courts; the doings of
tbs Police Commissioners and the Board of Excise given
verbatim and in full; the Financial, Commercial and Shipp.ng
intelligence (later than In any oiber paper): the photo*
graphs of society In nil Its rhases?cxara nr. and In short* <
the whole paper containing more than a dozen distinct departments
and s largsr amount of reading rol ler than any
three daily Journal*, and iben say If the lafTNDAT MERCURY
has any rival am ng Its contemporaries daily or weekly,
in comprehensiveness or actual cheapness. ' he edition of
will be the largest ever published since the establishment of
the paper, and more than eiptal to four time* the coiublnsR
laai.es of ell the oiner Hiindvy *he-l*.
. State Lnilene*. .
tmrrvcRY tat:. kitha?tlm* a?, RRtrrneRR 13. 1 mr.
17, 04, 9. *>. VI, 40 73, 4. 67. 36, 71, 0.
UH11TIT VTATK ?TT.AM 636, Kmnri 13, 1807. I
13 M. ?, 83 S3 M. 43 47, 17. ?, 63 03 67*
Ml'RRAT. kl>DV A CO.. Managere.
RBjrtCCRT WAT* RITAA?CLAM 409. "ErTKHaEH 13. 1007.
10, 13 14. 3 a. A W, 0. 07. 37. 34. C. ,
ERRTl'CEY aTATR?CLAM 4<W ?*rT**f!Ix 13. 1007. W
54, 17. 33, 41. 46, 63. 14. 31. 6. 30. 40. 46, 08.
FBAXCB, morris a co., M?n?8?n.
For circular* of Kentucky state lx>Uarle? eddraaa X17B>
RAT. BOOT A CO.. CoYlnfton. Ky.
I'rliee caahed and information given by addrraalnc E.
RICHMOND. No. 4 Corilandt eireet.
* Mm Lottery, for the bennit of the Maaonlc orphan
eaoMiA TAT* ?XT*A?clam 71, nmm> is, 1807.
a U a * ? 43, 74 II. U, HI it). 63. a Tie
04, XV 73 V 40. 66. 3 10 IS. 26 30. 40.
13, 00. 03, 32, 18 28 0, 16. SS. 10, Be
iUrrt-EMRRTART?CLAM 361 l*rrm*i?R 13 1807.
13 64. 13 7. 61. J, 77, u 28, 24. 40, ML'
BOTD, WIL*oN 3 CO., Manaaere, Atlanta, Oa.
McIXTTRE A CO. 136 Chatham atreet. lew York.
I will p?y one dollar If I fall to femora any pa'". ,
of charge. within Are m Inn tea. that the Mnr?*4wn mention,
at 170 Cnatham ?'i,i?re. New York. Boy noaa of * olrott ?In,
eunt Pain Am Ihiietor on ee* la pure wbita wrapper*, aw
cente; (foil) pint*. H PMpn.tor '
York and Staler wbern ernel Irnetrnnwt. d-nnkennena
and deiertmn l? lawful eaueo. NOP*7 *B "tan.*.
P. I. KINO, Attorney. 040 Broadway, roon To. X
. Charming. How t" aoqnlre thl. wtfhor^nary ooctiIB
power aent hy mall for 16 con* Addroaa T. a liiiani A Co.,
rubllahom rhllade'phja.
New York and SUiea where de??rtton. drunkennee*,
Ac., anfllctent ranee. No publicity or charge till dlroroo ohLaiu?tL
CooitilUit1on? fro#.
M HOWF0. Attorney. 78 Naaann Atr-ei
Circular* end tniormaUoo fornlehed.
3. CLUTK. Broker, 170 Hruadway and 163 Pulton atreet
Auction.?knoltsh carpets from auction,
nk HIRAM AND' RftON'3, ? Bowery; wholesale ani
mall, at nnnrece l-niedlr low irliw
VJT Toaa, Cnffr-. Stitara, Flo'ir and *11 kind* Of FlO?t?
iwni, at the ccl'bratod Orooory Storna of TIIOMAA R.
AONRW, MO ?nd 2111 t.rrcawk-h atroot, cornrr Murray, KtW
Tort C?ll, ?h? j ur money and tor yottr-elraa _|
H"~*"EMRT A. IMMIBL* *. D? Kl'RoEU o. MH.J'MIAtinn
arrnu- ?Abaolute, radical cure, without.'"1'**
cauatlc or dolor, lion from hualnaaa. for ptlwA tnctora,
fiatula. dlaotiaoa of nolrlo rlaeora, dofo-mllloa of 'Ft
faro and peraou Ofllea hoora from t la II - ?
Y and Baal Rlorrnth at root, onroar Fourth a*onno, -fr
bratad forth* auraof rhmimatiaaa: aaoullta aad atuialj

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