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f ? ' " ? ....
(utckdat, fept. 21?d P. M.
Tbsrs was diminished excitement in '.tie toci; inarbet
to-day, and alitm, gti prises declined at the opening
below tn* ciosiug quotations of last evening the tendency
wu afterward i towards improvement, and an
advance of about ouo per cent wan established in the
afternoon. The fluctuations were frequent, but not
wide, and the panic of the previous three dsys appeared
to havs spent its force The bulla are, however, still
surrounded by a multitude of Job's comforter*. Bank
officers, almost without exception, aay thai money will
be more aotivo next week than it has been
thia, and continue so until after the first Monday
in October, wbn the quarterly returns of the
national banks are made up. The bears still talk confld?atly
of a terrible time to come, and confidence in the
future of the markut is by no means re->siablished.
Those who csa hold their stocks, however, over the
next fortnight have nothing to fear, as a strong upward
movement must, ia the nature of events, succeed the
present artificial depression, and those who are bearing
stock* now will be bulling them then. T{ie demand for
mouey was met more freely than yesterday, owing to
the deeir* to get two days' interest at seven per cent,
but In some Instances this rate was paid In gold. The
drain wsstwrd is undoubtedly on the increase,
and is now very heavy, bat there wae
nothing in thie feature of the monetary
aituatton to areata uneasiness when the money panic
was engineered en the Stock Exchange with the assietaaca
of the Treasury and the banks. The rate for first
dees commercial paper continues to be seven per cent,
but a very good quality is rated at 8 a 10 among the
-note brokers.
The 1'reaeary resumed its sales of gold tbis moraine,
and altor openings', 142S the price declined to 142lj;
bnt from tbis point a steady advance to 113>u, the
-closing quotation, took place. Loans were msde at 3 a
0 per cent per annum for carrying. Tiie gross clearings
amounted to $112,200,000, the gold balances to
$2,220,761, and the currency balances to $3,332,550.
The dally range of gold during the wc-k wae as folows.?
Monday 144 \ 144
Tuesday 144^ 14tt?
Weduesday 145^ 144
Thursday 145* 144
Friday 143,'* 142V
Saturday 143 <4 142 >4
The sbiptnenle of specie from this port during the last
nineteen aeeka were aa follows:?
Week end ing. Wtek ending.
May 18 $4,174,125 July 28 $3,491,060
May 25 1,483.087 August 3 1,161,808
Juuel 777.143 An?u?t 10 413,381
JuneS 2.216 824 August 17 601889
June 15 2,789,963 August 24 595 533
June 22 582,983 August 31 103 792
June 30 1,140 098 September 7.... 1,013,959
July 7 1,534,861 September 14... 325,328
July 14 4,870.835 September 21... 179 222
July 21 2,460,433
The shipments tor the week were:?
Stearash'u Persia, LiverpoolAmerican
gold $5,040
Steimship Bremen, BremenForeign
coin 4,800
Sperm 1,200
Steamship Europe, Havre?
Mexicnn silver 49,000
Auxncan gold 2,000
Odd bars 47.482
Foreign silver 20.000
Gold coin 12,500
Steamship Cimbria, HamburgForeign
silver 1,200
Qkiusu ... CO.UUU
Total for the week $179.'J22
At the early seaaioo or the open board railway ahares
were week and uneettled. New York Contral told at
1MX; Erie, SIX a 61X; Hudson Kiver, 128al26X;
Reading, 101X; Michigan Southern, 75X a 76X; Clareland
and Pittsburg, 80; Rock Island, 100X a 100 X:
Northwestern, 38X a SSX; do. preferred, 64 x a 64x ;
Fort Wayne, 100 X a 100 X; Clevelana and Toledo, 12CX
a 127; Milwaukee and >L Paul preferred, 61 '4 a 01,4;
Pacific Mail, 13#X a 139,'?; Western Union Telegraph,
40* a 40*.
At the first regular board the tone of the market was
firmer and prices advanced on the call. The volume of
business was large, but there was diminished pressure
to sell cash stock. New York Central closed IX higher
than at the same time yesterday, Hudson River %,
Reading X? Illinois Central X? Ohio and Mississippi
certificates X, Quicksilver X, Canton IX- Erie was %
lowar, Michigan Southern IX, Cleveland and Pittsburg
X, Northwestern X- fort Wayne X, Milwaukee and St.
Paul proferred X, Atlantic Mail X, Western Union Telegraph
X- Government securities were dull and heavy.
Coupon five-tweuiies or 1882 showed a decline of 1, issue
of 1886 X, " * '"*>us X, ten- lortlee X- l>tle hew lsauo of
1887 advaucod X- Tli0 SUkl* stocks were steady, excepting
Tennessee sixes, new, which deritnod X- Ml-soun
sixes advanced X. The express shares wore weak.
Adams declined 3X> Wella-Fargo 2X, United Utatea
8, American ?XAt
tha ono o'clock open board prices showed a further
fractional advance:?New York Central sold at
108X * 106Xi Erie, 82X * 62X I Hudson River. 123 a
123X; Reading, 102X; Michigan Southern, 76r? n77Xl
Cleveland and PittaOurg, 82; Cleveland and Toledo,
127X a 128; Rock Island, 101X a 101X; Northwestern,
BOX a40; do. proferred, 61X a65X: Fort Wayne, 101Xi
Milwaukee and 8h Paul preferred, 82; Woa'.eru Union
Telegraph, 41 a 41X- Subsequently there wm a mod
ment was sue aine<i; but when the bank atatuiucnl (or
the week made iu appearance a relapse toot place.
The latter shows a reduction of about seven niil.luu* in
legal tender note* and an oqual amount in depo-lts,
utile the specie haa Increased iour hundred thou and
and no nuportent cbungo has been trtado in tuo l ain.
The reaction produced br there changes eras followed
by a recovery, and at a q artor to six the market clmod
dell but sieaJy at tho following quotations:? -Now York
Central, 1064 a 1MX; Krle, 02K a 624; Hndion Plror,
128 a ttSJt*; Reading, 101 4'a 108; Michigan Southern,
7T a 774 ; Cleveland and Pitlobun. 81 a 82; Rock Iiland,
1014 a 1014; Fort Wayne, 101 a 1014 ; Northwestern,
40 a 40 4 ; do. prefened, OS a 054; Pacific tall 140<i a
141; Ohio and Viae arlpni oort.Dcatea, 70S' 204 ; Milwaukee
and St, l'aui prol erred, 011,462.',; Western
Colon Telegraph, 415, a 41'?.
A comparison o the prices of the leading stocks at the
second board on the lllli met. and the flrst board today
sbowa the following things, ?
Srpl. 11. Srp'. 21. l/nr*r.
New York Central 10*4 106 , 2.
Erie 71S 02 H 8%
Hudson River I A 12" '? 5hi
Michigan Central 1114 110 1\
Michigan Southern Kii'j 76p,
Cleveland nnd Pttlaburg... "94 Si si,'
North w-'siern 47 394 7 S
Do. preferred 71J? 04 4 7 Si
Rock Island .106 Nil 4 3',
Fort Wayne 10?4 1004 6 V
Toledo. W aba ah and West 4">, 41 4 ?V
Silw. and St. Paul pref ... 67 4 0(l\ 8 ,
iclOo Mail 14.14 139,4; 3 4
astern Colon Telegraph.. 44 , 404 34
There was n light businons transacted in government
securities at the counter* of the leading dealers, an l the
market closed doll at the subjoined quotations:?R41stared,
1881, 110,\ a 111; coupon, 1881, 1104 a 111*;
8-20 registered, 1802, 109 a 1004, 6 20 coupon. 1*62,
114)4 a litJi; o iwcoopon, rsw, lmuoii^; 6-20 on.
poo, 1805, 110*4 a 1101, ; 5 20 coupon, 1805, Jauuary
and July, 107?? a 107J(; ? -30 coupon, 1807, 107fc a 108;
10-40 reglatered, ?H a 99'4; 10-40 coupon, 90* a 99", ;
Juua 7-40'a, 1O0J1 a 107; July 7-30'*, 100', a 107; Octobor
compound*, 1804, 119'. a 119','; Decambsr compound*,
1804, 118 *4 a l l*1; ; May compound*, 1805,
117XaU7H; Auguat compound*, 1805, llC'V a 110',';
Saptambor compound*. 1??5, 115S a 115,'<; October
eompouuda, 1863, 115)4 a 113)4.
Minna aharn* wrre dull and irregular. At ?ha flr-t
board E-igthUI Mining cloaod 5c. biwhsr than at Ilia
am* timn yesterday, selling at $6. Scnronderf r Mm ng
waa 15c. lowar, telling at $0 86; Smith k ParmeK-e,
18c., aolltni at S4 85; Davidson Copper sold at $2;
ITarraon Gold and Silver, $9 70; Walikill L?ad, 46c.
(a. 31.
Tho foreign exchange market waa Inactive, and although
tho leading drsivers asked i0?\ for sterling at
ality daya, tho price aoi and hand was about >4 t > >w
this flgure. Bankara' bills on Eaginod at antv daya
-warn quoted at 109'i a 109<4; at Mrras i^vi, 109 , a
110; commercial bills, 108}, a 109; billa ru Paris at
lily daya, 5.16)4 a 5.11), ; at threa day*, 6.13 a5.l:;i4.
Other bill* ware rated ilrus:?
Umi rr-\ 0>mmrrri?f.
On Berlin 711,'a 71, 71 a 71 ^
Os Orsmsn b*? 78', 78 a 78)?
On Frankfurt 40>* a 41 40>4 a 40*4
On Amsterdam 40*? a 41 4?s a 40)4
On Hamburg 36 a 3C'4 35 ?4 a >514
On Aotwtrp 5.17), a 5 10 <4 5.21 >? a 6 I8J4
A Pongbkaapsi* pa par of yaaiarday say* of the King,
eton Bank, racantly examined
Wa i*ara that ih? < ?moiroUer of tb* currency al
Ha-hliuton, on the r-p ?rt of the Examiner, Vr.
Calender, Iim dec.trod liiuwelf aeiKflcd that tlio solv?ncv
of the K?r<> National Hank in KmcOoo is not Impaired
by the do'r.lrsltnn of the lot# |irerldeor Jonathan
ii. liaobrjuck, und that it is ah indanHv able to go on,
it m uoing, 10 tt,? regular transaction oftbiislnes*.
j>.'iKi'?t>i? h Itnvn h.i? heen chonon preauionii nm t-m.,
and h-N?r? H H. Keyoulda. L. N. Hertnanco and C >r.
ueliu* Durban* li.-tr become diro' i-ure. It is understood
thai several suits huvo been instituted against llir (tank,
to hoM tt responsible for oertain of the certificates
given by Hasbrouck.
A Chicago journal of Thnrnday remsrks.?
The demand* upon itae banks to-day for currency wor#
unusually heavy. Country correspondents and commlsalon
moo doing a large business In tbs way of buying
grain in thU and adjoining Sta'es for ttiii market, were
clamorous for tomr orerr accoTimodit uti, and the
amount of money convey d weal and north by the different
express oornpeuiea to-ntglit i* very large, ao much
at mat the eupp v Of loanable funds In bank vaults was
conenlerablv reduced, and tbe discount msrket ruled
much firmer, alihoug.i first rlaas paper was la all instances
readily placed at the currant rata. Eastern
funds were difficult to dispose of, except at a farther
concession, and sales between banks were made at $3 60
a $3 per $1,600 discount for right bills on New York.
Bufihlo bills were taken at X off. Tbe nominal counter
selling rata was quoted at par for smail amounts.
The receipts for oustoms, and tbe receipts, payments
and balances at tbe dub-Treasury in ibis city fur tbe
week bave been as follows:?
Curium /TotlM , Sul>-TV?U.W|ry ...
Ttrrript'. K+r+iptr. fivanX lil'anc*.
Sept. 18. .$4(17,330 $8.609,*01 $6.103.748 $120,786 340
Sept. 17.. 020 368 2,130 761 696,185 122.620.911
Sept. 18.. 024, S60 2,435,331 2,349.417 122,712,876
s?nt in aiv 7o& Ani 'trt ssnorm v>n o7K rvtn
Sopt.90.. 467,241 2.762,134 M13,9fl6 122,023,224
Sept. 21.. 401,000 3,900,033 7,322,020 118,806.632
The totals at the ciaee of rnrloaa weeks since the
eonmaaoement of the year sum up an follows:?
Wn>k? Ciittrn , SiA-T eaMtrji -?
cntlintj WottM A' ?rt'. Par/iwf*. Rtlanr-*.
Jan 5..$1,584 337 $17,565,951 $1'>,.';04.408 $103,613,656
Vet). 3.. 2,'(04 760 13 *07.440 10.154 309 10.3 S25.450
March 2. 3,152 248 17 5'0 ftV? 40 608 243 109.666.760
April 6 . 2,400.907 13 849.356 0,312,691 105,180 794
Vav 4.. 2 190 630 28 401.634 37 933,020 * 110 634 0*9
Juno 1.. 1 955 080 16 850 257 27.547,745 123 68,3,732
Julv 6.. 1,610,006 13 055 391 16 022.070 130,492,491
An*. 8- 2 447.421 17.416.Sft4 14 851,294 128,761.670
Auk. 10. 2.045 075 18.508,724 1" ISO,193 129.047.202
Auk 17. 2.078 498 23 090 104 17.403,144 135 2?4/l62
AUK- 24. 2 992 122 27 040 499 28.475.400 1:14.449.200
AUK. 31. 2.840.537 21.415.375 43.138.550 112.760.010
Sept. 7.. 2,894,219 16,027,244 15,478.597 114.214.060
Sept. 14. 2 606,971 20 619,828 15.453.207 119 381.287
The last Iethnvts steamer at this port brought $1,350,936
in specie. The amount of treasure brought to New
York by each California steamer from San Francisco and
Aspiawalt since January 1 of tbis year nn-l for the corresponding
period in 1836 compares as follows;?
I860. 1867.
January 12 $658 6)9 January 10 $874.76-1
January 19 802,356 Jan nary 20 6.31,950
February 1 9-53,288 January 31 1,075,595
February 9 1,453,184 Vohruare 10.... 788,027
February 21.... 1,247,608 February 22.... 981.'71
Mareh 4 l,4ft",286 March 4 828.714
Marcn to 1,425 553 March 14 244,888
March 23 389,837 March 24 840/72
March 31 78" 857 April 1 80S "81
April 0 729.801 April 14 1,140.683
April 20 821 803 April 22 1,117,018
Mav 1 1,318.270 Mar 2 208 214
Mav 9 1,072.820 May 11 419.'07
May 21 1.292 P04 May 25 688.098
Mar 31 824,522 .Tune 2 985,144
June ft 052,003 Jnr.o 11 050 008
Juno 20 911.740 June 2.'! 1,145,009
Julr 2 1.021,940 July 4 S17.2TO
July ft 1,429.833 Julr 11 700,112
Julr 21 2,064,082 July 21 1,102,330
Julr 31 1,878,519 August 1 1,807,312
August 18 18,210 August 11 1,171.044
August 21 3,091.000 August 20 944.394
August 31 1,342,833 September 2.... 1,103.322
September#.... 1,87ft O'to September ft.,.. 211.602
September 19... 1,215,0S2 Sopteraber20... 1,350.980
Total 130,772,159 Tolal $23,622,403
Decrease this year $7,149,756
Some cotton statistics bare just boen compiled by a
commercial authority, from which we quote the following:?
The rece pia eery nearly approximate those of last
year, the total reaching 2,019,271 bales, against 2 193.9.87
bales for the previous twelve months, indicating n decrease
in tho receipts this year of only 174.716 bales.
Jiolow we give the total crop each year sine 1820:?
Hale>. Ttalv.
1886-7 2.019 271 1841 2. 1,683.574
1806-6 2.193 987 1840-1 1034.945
1881-5 Not-cord. 18.9-40 2,177,633
1S80-1 3.056.030 1838-9 1,360,632
1859-60 4.059.770 1837-8 1,801,497
1858-9. 3,851.481 1836 7 1,42-2.930
1857-8 3,113.962 1835-8 1.380.725
1850-7 2,919,519 1834-6. 1.554,318
1855-0 3,527,345 183.V-4 1,205.344
l!>6?-5 2.647.839 1832-3 1,079 438
1853-4 2 930,027 1831-2. 987,477
1*52-3. 3,282.882 1830-1 1,038.848
1351-2 3,015,020 1S29-30 976 845
18.10-1 2,355,257 1828-9 870,415
1849-60 2,090,700 1827-8 797.593
1848-9 2.828,590 1826-7. 967.281
1847-8 2,347 634 1825-6 720 027
1*40-7 1,778.651 1824-5 6flft.24?
1845-6 2,10 ) 537 1823-4 609,158
1844-5 2,394,503 1822-3 495.0001843-4
2,0111,109 1821-1 455.000
1842-3. 2,376,875 1820-1 430,000
The total cxpors for the year reach 1,552,311 bnlee,
which Is wiih'i 146 bales of last veer's total. If we
a-, erage the bales at 450 pounds, and tbe price received
at 12a. per pound the value in pnl.l of ocr cotton exnnrU
f, ,T tin. nir i?i i S 1 TO IVU1 IWl l'h.i ,, <1.
forcibly exhibit the impelicy of cotton regulation* and
taxea which fetter production.
The consumption In tbo North >rn State* in about
11 000 hal? per week. Ibe total eon?: "option In the
I n'ted State* each v*ar rnce 1847 has ">oen a* follows: ?
Total 17. S. Total TT. S.
Taar. fin'ft. V'ir. Hale*.
1*47-48; 010,011 1*58 57 810 936
1*41-19 042 4*". 1857-58 595.502
1849-5 0 filli 4'?8 1866-59 927.051
1850-6 1 4*5 014 1859-89 972,013
1*51-52 6*9.003 1*00-01 843,710
1*52-53 *03 723 18 1 0.5 No rec rd
135 U54 737.238 1863-46 607 .192
1884-55 7.38.417 18P6-07 656,12)7
1889 -56 770.739
The receipt* and expor** of catton (hale*) from Sep
temper 1, 1866, u> epic mbar 1, 1387. ?ud stock* at
Uuer date ?
A>p>rf> 'yeir-,
?5V- / ' i/'rrn ' ,' ?, ' >' J 1, *7. Stnrl.'.
?y-'-t i. T st?. I.
M 1*7 1*6t. B'.I . T ent. 1307.
New Orleane.. 7* "-'.131 7ll.o? 4 ,5.1 r.,> o..? iv/Wl
>,>r* til '1 145,"6*t 111 8.7.4
H C rolnv... 1*1,327 |l>? 7.V67 "0 ?* 1 21'
i.eor.ia 24S.?'I '25* 7'* 111 '1 l*4,l?l 633
Trio. lwi.T'i 174 ori C* ' I ?l It* 3.23.1
Florid i 57 41 119.4P9 3 "12 3,101 i
X. Carolina... 3* I ?< . wt Ml 631
Virginia 127. 47 A'.O'l 13"lt .3.0 I 36v.l
*rw v? k iio.i.i ie.? trri.-w; ton 4i.tJ7
Bo-t-m 33.4*9 21 14. Jl 17 It 10u 0
I'hiia!. l.hli., 6* ..*> 52," * .1 1.55 3 166 1,900
B. I Itnorr 2.721 3 7XI 7,*!' 7.975 2,000
I*. rtl.n.l, Me.. ? ? I I 1.3 ?
an 1 ran le*e. ? ? tt M ?
Im iena.,4 c. 42.000 35C00 - ? ?
Total 0.01 . - .'a 2,l!U?->7 iTTTtT 1 55J,::1I V, .5.5
I.n?t year a, I .'.9*7 ? l.ii* 277 1,581357 361.17?
Dee. this year. 174.716 ? 4i,*0j l?? 199.1.4
At Liverpool the import* of cotton for rear* ending
August 31, 1*07 and 1888, compa o a* follow* :?
Imp it- , ?-f-tocki
1*87. 1*68. 18?7. 1860.
American 1,2 .9.614 1,260,709 813,680 133 010
Brarllao 397.933 449.670 128.130 109,330
Egyptian, Hyrarni,
AC 203.293 262 409 48.560 .38.540
Wn-t Indian 101,226 107 701 27,900 23,120
Eaet Indian 1,159,426 1,558.83* 273 *50 423.610
Clilna and Japan.. 4.616 14.852 1,570 7.830
Total*. 3 106 156 3 654 179 793.560 936,140
Stock at London 96 6*0 91.250
Stock at Havre 102 000 180.000
Muck at other porta (eslipiated) 30.000 25.000
ToUl atock* In Europe 1.022.240 1,211,158
The Roeton hank * la lament* ol the neat ihreo waaka
compare aa under:?
? '/>' 2. S>nt 9. Srpt 16.
I/oana $97.011,616 $97,721917 $97,922 4-3
specla 406.660 410 564 463,0-29
Legal tsnlar a.. 16,296 56$ 14 674,519 13.426.?33
rtepoalta 36,910,606 86,606,160 86 660 3*9
Circol o (nal'Il . 24.73:1,146 84.76;..067 34,8i7.75>
tlrcul n (!4talo).. 260,577 262 740 269,723
Upon which the TravlUr thus comment*: ?
Tha weakly average ,-how* a falling off in depoairt
amounting to $300,003; and alao a decline in tha legal
tender* of $1,860,000, Out an increase of $960,000 In
loan* and discount*. the other itqtna being about tha
aama aa last report-d. rha modem, o decline of $60,W)
iu the rasertad specie halanca (which i* al?o a legal tender.
a.though uut u ed in that capacity), reduce* mill
farther the twenty-i ve per centum basis for bank accommodation,
The aggr gate of depo-p.a and hill circulation
is $>.0,737,301, which call* for a legal tender reserve
of $10,184,4>'3; whereas it foots up, mclnalre of
specie, but $13,>7C,8'.J. showing a dadct or $1,907,619,
This large diacrapan r affected tha lending abililr of tha
la'tiiutlotia rt? a whole t 'the atiani of |A a .0 444, which
ha* since been partly ne>iiri?H*eJ by the curtailing precast,
tbuaf'illr so- mil ng for tha existing llghinaaa In
tbo money marker, and tb? consequent advance In the
rates of Interest for loan? on coll .teral security, and
for d-count' of ine'caattle notes and acceptance*.
(Lie of tha largest bunks ha* tai* w.-ek hteo oblige I
to recall orar ha:' a ni.illun of dsma id l-.au*. and others
luve pursued a rimiiar i hey, id or tar to rag-am a mora
omservntlve i.nd comfortable position The present
stringency Id he! seed to b# t*>mpirarv onlr; hut that
theory tiia<e* it non? tha le?a praning while it contmuea.
The Immediate effort haa ti?-au to t neck operations
in stork*.
The earning'of the undermentioned railroad* daring
lha se auJ weak in September of ihia and last year compare
a* follow*
1616 1667.
Chicago and Northwestern $223,478 $317,672
Chicago and Ho K Island 86.512 12. 000
Michigan 8onib?rn 100,654 122 .300
Michigan Central 92,647 110,402
Marietta and Cincinnati 86 364 76,700
Waatara Union 19.154 30,416
\ I *
sales at the he* to** st3ck ekckakse.
HHliirita >, (trpt. 'Al-IOila A. M.
$1800 PS <P?. 6-'J0. r, TC! iw: 1(1 ?hj Pacta? M id call ist
AWJ lH6.*Jo,-S3,13M . list* SOU AKU1.1WI I1WTJ
4-003 US '(. 6-A, u. -fie now t..4 So.... 136
6.*?*? US fr.2o'a. o. 'u5. u lu,"* MOO do lOS'i
l"OJ do li'7V 1201 do ,, W'l twi'a
60333 l7M?aJu??r.Bi,l|.K 108 '.UiErle UK..... oljJ
?2?UJ US 6'?. 10-4J, ecu. #?.' MO (lo 4 8J
*>30 Brooklyn 6'w L HO Z7'J0 do. ' c ?3'i
KM) do...? MIS 603 do 6.).i
* >> H Y 6'a, '73. KMi 1U0 do b?) ?l't2
luudl) do. . 1 HI Jd on (t)U
.??* 2S ?*" 3* 2S< ,uu Hodton Kit or KB.. IKS^
'21 . " Y # !l7 SOOUKeaditif KR lOlV
MKJU lenn6'?, now.... 61?, 6UI do 101 J.
SlUM) do. MS 160 Miob Con KK 110
* 5 do .... S*S KiU) Mien So A Nl KK.. 77
KMIO do 130 ???? Ad do . 77?
loud do id cail mi? 3oo do... .id csil.'c 7tiW
jMMTennd'a. w?ri . 68 111 Panama Kit 310
fcwo N Oar b a, exoou. ? mi llieeti RU 131V
HDJU Ooorgia <'? 83 Sou do 131 id
1,1 Wt'Oler A Pitt. UK.... 81
HUM Mtaauurt 6'a lUiW IiM i'uio A SVi KK... c
.2030 Mo 6'a.P.ir KR iaa Wila rum do 3HU
400ad Vlblo A Hun oer.. 2b 1103 do .'. Si4.
BMW . do 03B 26.V 100 do l?Jii
lUUCbAKkl iKtrn bdi 101 &0 da 3d call 32?S
IWWu CARIAI^o'IK T? 90?^ CM) Cblraio A XW pre/. 06
6030 I tiu,FlW A C tin 1UA ?*) 64).
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Ci.bto* Akkiht or Honsa Tu;kvf.s at Yorkers,?
Two young men, named Charles C. Hicks and Jaznos A.
Houghtalllng, who statod (bat they resided at Rondout,
were arraigned before Justice Atkins, at the Yonkers
l*oliee Court, yostcrday afternoon, and examined on a
charge of having stolen a vaiuabio horse and wagon,
the property of a livery stable keeper named Adam
Kotzger, of Rondout The evidouue against ihem was
of auch a character that b it little I im > was lost bv the
magistrate in fuiiy committing tbem lor trial before the
Grand Jury at White l'laius, to which place they were
conveyed for sale keeping later in the day. The man.
nor of tbeir arrost was somewhat different from the
usual course puisued in s tch cases, and was as follows:?
On Thursday information was received at tho police
statlou house at Yonkom to the (M that two young
fellows were endeavoring to dispose of a horse and wagon
under circumstances of a rather suspicious enaractor, at
a livory stable on Mechanic street, in the village, kept
by a Mr. Sce'y. Sergeant Mangin at once proceeded
thither iu the garb of u "wnatl.or beaten marin r." So
well was th" character of tho old sea CHptatn delineated by
tho sergeant that the "homo dealers,'' although prorogued!./
boatmen, failed to discover tbo di'guise. Tho
"captain" at otioo opened negotiations with tbem for
the luruout, which is valued at $300. and finally ottered
them $50. To this tbev agreed, after some short private
deliberation, and, at the request of the "captain." proceeded
with him to his "office" for tho funds. Unfortuuatoiy
for them tho latter pltico turned out to tie the
statlou house, wlicro they wore safely lod ed till yesterday.
? They confessed to having hired the waron from
the party above named, who was telegraphed lor aud
appeared against them yesterday.
Tint Pionksr Guard of Forduak.?Another meeting of
this organization was held at I<essan Cottage, Fordbam,
on Friday evening. In the absence of the Chairman,
Mr. Reitly was elected to proside pro t>m. Soon after '
the meeting had been cailod to ordor a resolution was
offered aud approved, baring In view the olecliiu of a
Third Lleutonaul. The result was a plurality of votes in
favor of M. Reiity, the Acting Chairman. The other
omcers or too company ars as rotiows: ?captain, wnliam
Moor?; First I.ieuteniot, John H. Roams; Second
Lieutenant, Bernard Byrne, and Orderly Sergeant. J.
Donnelly. After ttio enrollment of several new members
the meetim; adjourned to the dancing saloon, where
tne remainder of the evening was spent in drilling. A
strong effort will be made to have the company in condition
to make a parade on the 23d of neat month.
LrDK.nous Minnas or a Magistrmk at Mount Yxkso.v.
? Akkkst or a Tkctg* for Strauso His Own
fnoritRTT.?A rather curious mistake was perpetrated
by one of the magisterial representatives of the v illnce
of Mount Yemon n few days since. It appears a Oermsn
named John Trolow, a resident of the pisce, made
application before a Justice for a warrant to effect the
arrest of two children, brothers, namod Wigatid, whom
he charged with having purloined a large q iuntily of
piclclea In Oiling in the blank warrant the unme of
the complainant was inserted, through mistake, whore
the accused ought to have appeared. The result was
that Trelow was arrested Instead of the children, but
was of course subsequently liberated when the nature
of the mistake waa explained.
Another Horsa Trie? Outwitted?Toe Eerai.d as a
Detective.?A few days since a dashing young fellow
drove up in front of a hotel at Morrlsania and. after teeing
that his turnout was properly cared for, entered tho
establishment and partook of a lunch. Ho then pro
cji'ooa u> witness a usee nan maicn, ana sunaeqiipnuy
retnrned in time for dinner. As soon as the meal was
concluded he stated lo the proprlotor hie iuteulion of
rommning there a week, but when the matter of money
to advance was broached ho end he would have to call
at the Poet Offlco to repleniiih his purse. Instead, however.
of going there he called at several hoarding houses
In the village. The hotel proprietor, Capt. Carpenter, who
is also ono of the social constables of the town, meanwhile
suspected that something was wrong, and had
kopt an eve on the movements or his "guest." whom he
sul>sequcntlv arrested. The stranger then offered a vory
plan uhleStarr In explanation, and promised faithfully
to make bis appearance with the money owinv on the
following morn in;:, which, however, he failed to do;
nor, indeed, has be.doue so since. On Thursday morning
an advertisement appeared in the Herald to the
effect that a valuable Uor-o and wagon had been stolen
from a livery stable keener in Now York. About seven
o'clock Mr. Cart?ent"r saw |i and at onca proceeded to
the ntv and eoonr torned with the advertiser, who lully
Identified the property as belonging to him. He was
last seen driving off In his wagon, waving a hsudkerc.iief
and cheering lustily for the Hkralo.
Tub Hb:uu> as a DrrrcTiva-a Horse rmr.r Orrwrrran.?A
circumstance transpired recently which,
though of frequent occurrence, raroly exposes so clearly
a certaiq process of detecting thieves of a description
that has lately become very annoying to the keepers of
livery stables throughout this section of tho country.
Ou Tuesday, in the early part of the afternoon, a young
msu of rather el-gant appearance drove up ?n front i f
t'sptaln H. Carpenter's r-t.ioilthment, at Morrison:!, and
after teeing that his boras and wagci, which was perfoctlv
in keeping with tee fork m*. n'*i of tho occupant,
was properly taken care of, cnl.ed for lunch, which
being d siwjwd of in the unial manner, the yonng gentleman
started out for the stated purpose of witnessing a
base ball milch. in tbe evening, at dlnoer. ho again
in-de In. appearance, when tho display of esmlieni gastr
inomtcal power* was manifested by hiin to au alarmlug
extent ctr-rtiy after the table had been cleared
away he Intimated to tho proprietor a dotlra to remain a
week, but when the consultation was brought to hear on
monetary matter.-., he remarked, with a charming
n-i-^-ta'.inee, that he wonld have to go to the
Post (tffl- e in nrder to recuperate. Notwithstanding the
polished exterior of the fellow thero was someth ng
shout hi* manner that awakened the suspicions
of mine hot, who determined thenceforward
to keep a closo eye on bis "guest." The latter, through
some singular mistake, Ignored tbe Pout Office altogether,
and instead made application for rooms at several
places where boarders are taken In the village. At
tun entrance of one of these bouses, situated
on Washington avenue. Captain Carpenter, who,
in his capacity of special oooaunle, had been
following In his Wake, suddenly tapped biru on tbe
boulder and demanded an explanation of his strange
laed to 'omt round In lb* morn ng ud untile a p. Aa
Information bad' baao firm to Pa tar Drum mood, In
wboaa car* tha "trap" bad barn placed, it was determmed
to hold oo to tbo lattar until tha bills were forthcomma.
Wednesday morning etna, hot nothing,waa
seen of tha "ownar" of the stylish turnout, nor baa ha
pot In an appearance since. I/O I tba oause. Inlookina
over tha advertising columna of tba IlanAt.ii shortly
after aava* o'clock > c?t?rd?y morning, Iba era of Capia n
(arpooter waa anddenlr riveted on a atat mnnt to tha
fleet that a raward waa offered for tbo recovery of a
horaj and wagon tallying In arary particular with that
which had boon ao uncnramooloaaly abandoned. A deecrlptloo
of our gay cavalier was alao appended, and
inducement* offored for hi* arrest by the bma JUit
owner or the propcrtr, Mr. Nathaniel weeks, of Mo. 23
West ibirtuenth street. The captain loet no lint* In
ctlilng on Jdr. Weeke, who returned with him to
Mortlsania and folly Identified tha property aa that hired
from him by a person giving hi* name aa Robinson?
ni nue the Jack?apparently about eighteen year* of
a^e, fire feet an Inches In height, dark hair, and dreasad
iu a 'lark brown suit. Toia description aleo fully agraed
with Ibe ptrnnirl ol tho "nice young man.'1 The proprietor
returned to New York e >wlug that the Hansen
waa far ahead of all oiher detective*.
|,rn>lni of a Nits on Barren Inland for it
Detent Inn II it 11 ding?Ada Ira In the T.oiver
If arbor?
Japnet in a-areh of a father did not experience more
d!'appointments than did tha Quarantine Commlaaionera
of Net York in their attempts la procure a auliabla aita
f ir the erection of building* for quarantine purposes.
Porred by lnjunctioa?| to relinquish the design ol locating
them on t'onoy Island, and complied by tba roe
p>pat to avacaaia Heanme'a Point, ft I., atier|ita capture
l>y roup <it mam of Acton'a bluo r ata t legionaries, thay
had no other resource than to lay Iba fouudation of
en artificial telaud on tha ahoala of the Wast Hank In
tha looser bay, and on It Ut aract tha naccsaary tructure*.
Hut this being a wrrk of aome mar min t# could not he done
at once- end In (he meantime the Ttcttma of dlaeaae
arriving here from foreign porta would be cooped np In
the hoep tat shipa. as at praaant, fbr want of oropar accorn
modal ion on shorn. Thla atato of aflnira baa at laat
been terminated and tba Cotnm aaionara raliavad from a
aery di*s.;re?v la duty. Karly laa* may, acenmnanled
Iu their auameor. John K, Riloh. and l)r, J, Swiaburue.
TKMKKR 22,I86T.-Tk'If
the Quarantine Board pn\ trm. visited flu iron Island-*
bleak. Inhoepiiablu spot, eipi-sed I* ths flerco Kales of
tuo Atlantic, and whose onIv reconaiecdauon was that
tuei'J Id tie or no objeaiion to im use-and
there located a site lor the erect to. of a de;enHon
buUdiuir fir well pamuogers. Krnin delay
then took place, and u-iihiD,, was i?4j until
a tew days aim, \grh.-ti tho Ccinmls-'Pwtevtf leased
for three yonrv from Moarnj. Bradley and -'mitb. \h? ownera,
about twenty neret of the water front on tltevmtliem
shore or the .aland at ail annua! rent of W*> f>b ihe
wbole. They have the privilege of purchasing at <t>4
end of the r lesvs this laud upon ancb tornie as mar b?
agreeJ en, or ia case of the Inability of the contracting
p-ir it's to fis on the price to be paid, it is to ha deterluineti
upon by commlaa.oner* appoiuted for the purpose.
The OoiuroiMUoneru are now in potwusa-ou of the
laud, bnt are deternnu-'d not to expend any money in
the erection of buildings unless they sh'Hild be abooiutely
required. In case of any sadden emergency arising
to call for their use, tlr. Hitch has prepared pUoa
and rnodo arrangement.. for tbe ereotion of a limber building
cap.V'lu of u'coirimodating one thouaand pent-ins
which can ha put up in the short space of ten days. It
is, however, probable that berore thero ia any need for
tbe use of ibis place the establishment now in course of
erection on West Bank will be ready for occupation.
In the lower liny yesterday morning the Minnesota
after discharging her ptusengars, was thoroughly
cleansed and allowed to proceed to this city. Another
of tbe passengers being taken sick on the Illtiiols, was
transferred to thu Falcon. Trie last reported arrivals at
tho lower bay arc the brig Torpsic.bore. Captain Peterson,
froui Rio Janeiro, aud the bark Mary Stetson, Captaiu
Pendleton, from Havana, on the latter two ot tbe
crew died ia the hospital in Havana No sickness was
reported on cither vestal. Tbe arrivals yesterday at the
upporhay are the bark Atlantic, from Brem-'n, with two
hundred and forty passenger*; the ship Charles H. Marshall,
from Liverpool, with one hundred ana twenty four
pagbougsrs, and the ship Helena, from Bremen, with
one hundred and thirteen pa-wiengert.
Himttiss?jackso*.? On Tue.tday, September IT, in
St. Thomas' church, Brandon, Vt., by the Itev. J. N
Fairbanks, Kohkrt A. HtrrcmNS to Qkoriiik j aokh>k.
Ri shu.i-? Ihnujpiv?At Brooklyn, E. D., on 'inoredsy,
September 19, by the Rev. Fran eta Pock, Jajim H. flusssu.
to KitSAitrrn D Ihm.t ips, of Jeraey (jtiy, N. J.
Va* Bp.iwt?'Socoui On Wednesday. September 19,
at tho Reformed Du'ch church, New It recti t, by the
Rev. D. s. Suthpea. Mr. Qsorcib W. /am Bki.it to MUs
liOctfA Hopper, tormerly of Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia papers pleaso copy*
Wari?Odmsniu nr.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday. Septambsr
19, by Rev. Kenry lllancbard, ro-s it b. ffi'tt,
of New York, to GMavisv* p, DoasitRtntT. of Rrooklyn.
Workman ? Cai'swbix.?In Hobokan, N. J , on Saturday,
September 21, by th'1 Rev. N. 8. Harris, Mr.
Richard tvorkb.w to ehtxaacrii h., widow of Mr.
Siwuel Capewcll, and eldest dau titer of Thomas
Fdftier, Esq , all ol Iiobokon. No cards.
Btw-tarr. ?At Fiatbuah, on Saturdav, September 21,
Cormkltcs Bk.mnstt, r., in the tilth year of his age
The relatives and friends of tho family are rospoctfully
invited to attend the funeral, from his lata residence,
on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock.
Barrett.?On Friday morning, September 20, Maroabit
s . wife of John itarrott, in the :j9tn year of her age.
Relative* and friends of tho family are invited to attend
the funeral, thi. Snndayi afternoon, at twoto'clock.
iroirt her iate rosideuco, 351 K.gbth avenue, without further
Cavasahh.?On Friday morning, September 20, after
a lingering illness, Jambs Catamauh, aged 62 year:.
The fnendA or the family, and of nis eons, Edward,
John J. and Frank, ere respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral, tuis (Sunday) afternoon,at one o'clock, lrom
his lute ro-i'tonco, 21 Fifth street.
coqak.? On Thursday, September 19, at his residence,
267 tiraad street, Williamsburg, Kooar R. Cogax.
Cfookk. ? On Thursday, Eeptombor 19, aftor a short
liluesa. Sbttikcs Croobf. aged 58 years.
His friends are requested to attend the funeral, from
tho Memorial church, corner of Waverlsy place and
Ilauimond street, on Monday afternoon, atone o'elook.
Sheffield (Englandi papers please copy.
Cozxian?On Friday, -eptemb?r 20, HrGti t'ouare,
on of James and Rosanna ColLns, aged 8 months and
6 days.
The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral, this puuday) afternoon.
at ouo o'clock, from the residence of his parents,
No. 10 Ganaevoort atro't.
Comhst. - On Saturday. September 31, catnitmut Co*.
bek, child of Patrick and Hauoria Comber, aged 1 year,
4 month* anil 3 days.
The fiipcr.il wilt take place from the residence of ber
patents, 612 Fast Fifteenth street, this (Sunday) afternoon,
at two o'clock. The relatives and friends of the
family are respectfully invited to attend.
Caoar.H. ?On Saturday morning, September 21, Litre*,
daughter of Hermann and Julia Croben, aged three
months and 6days.
The r lattv. H und friends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral, on Monday afternoon, at
two o'clock, from No. 10 Sidney place, Brooklyn.
Chcrik ?On Saturday. September 21, In Brooklyn,
Mrs. Ft i?a a . wife of Chirlos K. Church, in the 3lst
year of her aye.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
Dawm.?On Friday evening. September 20. Mili.kr
lb witt, only child of William C. end Lucy M. Dewitt,
aged 1 year.
Th> funeral will take place at the residence of the
parent " a Ninth struot, hetweon Fifth and Sixth avenues,
Brooklyn, this'Sundari afternoon, at throe o'clock.
The relatives and friends are Invited to attend.
OituiiLASa.? On Saturday, September 21, Jos are Docouasa,
a.ed 45 years and 7 months.
The relative.* and friend" of the family, and also the i
member* of the Star of Hnn? F rulerr Vo 450 and lister
Lodges of F. and A. M.. are respectfully Invited to
aiteiid. T'<o funeral will talc* plans on Monday afternoon,
at two o'cock, from bis lata residence, corner of buy dam
sunot apd-Central avenne, Brooklyn, K IV
Dc.sv?On satnrday, September 21, Bkmjimtx A.
Dttltn, In the 44lb year of bis age.
The friends of the family o*e respectfully Invited to
attend the funeral, thi- Monday) afternoon, at three
o'clock from hi* late residence, No. 9 Woodhutl street,
KuiniRTT.?On Friday, September 20, Pvtrt, Ft.AJttr.rr,
aged 78 years, a native of Ballenvlra, Adare, county
Limerick, Ireland, arior a short Illness.
The relaiives and trtenda are respectfully invited to
attend tho luuernl, from his late residence, 102 West _
Tweniy.elpht i ftreet. this (8uadav) afternoon, at halfpast
oiio o'clock, to Calvary Cemetery.
( tutor.??>n Friday, September 20, Patrick Cilrot,
the trcloved husband or Bridget Gllroy, a native of DroHinro
West, county 81.go. Ireland. ag"d 80 yeIrs
Tho trlenda an 1 rcl*'tv*>s of tbo fauillv, and those Of
his rous Peter and Patrick, steo those of his son-'n-law
Joseph Jennings, ar respectfully invited to attend the
funeral, front his Iste resilience, 2S i First aveuuo, tbl*
(Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock.
Goonaica ?In Kronklyu, on Friday, Septe-aher 20,
Wishioo -cott Goodrich, aged 33 yeara. Native of
Poiteinnnth, N. H.
Th funeral services will be held at eleven o'clock, on
Monday morning, at the residence of Peter Clemitsoo,
E i.. earner of Fulton end Qtilsi avenuea. Tiia rein.ins
w.ll l>o takoa to Portsmouth, N. H., for intermeat,
Hsntrv.?On fstiKdiy, September 21, at hie rasldencs,
Nil. IP Pykerosn snoot, South Brooklyn, Matmsw lUagjff,
iged :.7 vears.
lb? fum-ral will take place this (Sunday) aflornoou, at
two o'clock.
H*vi'*sn.?On Peturday, Replemf>er 21, Csthsrw*,
wife of William Havltand, aged 38 roars.
The relatives nud Monds of the family are invited to
attsnd the t neral, from her late residence, No. 2M West
Houston streoi, on Monday afternoon, at one o'ciock.
Hi-i.lt,- i m Friday, September 20, Michacl Holbt,
of tua parish ol Cutia Uayaer, county Cork, Ireland,
ag.-d 23 years.
Ti.e ftirnds andac juamunena are respecifnlly Invited
to sttond lue funeral, from Bellovue Hospital, this (Sun
dav) afternoon, ai hair-pavt ono o'clock.
Knw. r.?At his residence, New Rochet's, on Satnrdav
rr.ornloz, September SI, Crnutts Fkboirh k, Jr.,
senon<l sou of tbe late George F. K re wolf, in the JCib
year of his aze.
K?s?uut.-Oi Thursday, September IP, Jort.* T.
KinakiM.r, need fi.' p. are, 2 month* and 20 day*, formerly
of Miltereogho, parish of Uutlovnat, county Cork,
The funeral will tako place from hie late residence, 34
Hudson street, this (.Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock
J .antra.?On Friday, September 20, Hanairr I.sbtir,
In the Wb yeer of h?r age.
The relative* and friend* of the family are respectfollr
inrtte'i to attend the funeral, from her late residence,
97 Monroe street, this (Sunday) afternoon at, one
Sag Harbor, (L. I.) paper* please copy.
I.nwi'.?on Friday, September 20, Euzarrt* 0.
eldest daughter of Noah T. and Rachel A. lawlt.
The retain *v and trlends of the family are respectfully
Invited to attend the fuaeral, from the residence of her
parents, 114 Fourth avenue, on Monday afternoon, at
two o'clock
Lotww*vtt> ?On Satnrday, September 21, after a llngenug
illne ?. Ei nu D.,widow of the late John M. Lockwood.
aged A3 year*,
The relative* and friend* are Invited to attend the funeral
from b< r late reaidenca, 143 East Thirteenth street,
tuts (Seedaei afternoon, st half-pest four o'clock.
Morvr -?'n Saturday eveuing. September 21, J?*sre
F,. Mocrt. ?*ed M year*.
Due no< ice u Monday's papers.
Mora*.?On Friday, September 20, Titom* Wu.lu m
Moras, enly v?n of John and EIIm A. Mohan.
lielacvev and friend* are respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral, wuich will positively take place at oue o'clock
lb* iHon< .ivi a t- ruoou, from 217 Hester street
Ibibhs. . Iistfleld and t annda papers plane opy.
MositMrv. ? On Saturday, 8Ttoml>er2l, flsoso* H***r,
the youngest ch Id or Charles H. and Mary K Moeoley,
aged 2 months and 23 days
The relative* and fr.ehd* of the family are Invited to
attend the fuootai, tbia (Sunday l afternoon, at one
o'clock, from the residence of bis parents, No. V2 Fourth
(.treat, Will ?m?hurf
Mcwirat*.?In this c, ty, on Wednesday, September
18, of cbniera Infantum, Ibtsrv, Infant son of T. B. and
Fanny S Uusyntve, sged i year and 3 month*.
Mciisatit.?Afier a short but severe illness, Mlrhael
Medium, in the 30ib yFar of his ago.
The frb is of the family are r .spectrally'nvit?d to
attend the funeral, from 33 Rutgers street, this (-unda/)
afternoon at mo o'clock.
Waiertord (I ret and i papers please copy.
M'iSui**.? Suddenly, on Saturday, reptember 21, ai
half-past one o'clock In the morning, Ba*v Fai.uos,
wife of John Me'iulre, of the parish of K'llare, county
Wes'met'h Ireland.
The ryisiites a*d friends of d#c?*'*d, ?nd the
friend* ef her ion .lames, also the membsre of H 17. B.
Society, *r* respe' ltully invited to alh>nd the funeral,
from her la's rwSid?noe, 29 Prises street, thl* (Sunday)
afternoon, si half past two o slock, without further
Pest as ? On Saturday, September 21, of a short and
sever* times*. Joura Pmslax, in the 27th year ef
hi* age.
Hi friend* eed relative* ere r?ne*tfully levlted to
* T. IT4? *
I attend the fiinnent, at N'o 40 Laura us street, oo Mo "1st
aftem <<>n, at two o'ciorlr.
ftmrrw.?On Friday m >rnlnr 50. TTnxua
nal vo of Hoot'ilre. Soo'Uud. and lur the last
th A v f""f vt?r- * rtMii tul w( this city, aged 0% y#*n
and V 0 day a.
""?na o? wore interred in Trinity Cemetery oa
September 21.
TcayTa. ,'onir Br"nc,> " J . Friday, Santera
bar 20 Tva '** rK"VAN' aiiad ??>ars. of coaaumptlca.
Tha trior V family aud fi me of kit brothers
ifichafti a it ' J'?ba Taavaii are iueited to attnnd H>?
fun r.t fr'->'?"V * eee'dene* of lit* mother. No. 72 Mulberry
street nn V "n'u7 arterneon, at urn o'clo^
av"i1 k\ n? '*v. Sapiombor 20, Lrcr O. Vrn.trr,
4\cLr\7iu.lZ> T"K?Ojtna ^arat W nUbatta
r?* re'*?i??s and Ha family are respectfully
fnvitvt t<> atfand tha ' v 'wrml? th'" (S#ad?r? afioruoon. ad
two n\?ci5 from her tak * reaidouoo, UTtU street, beteoou
Jv?t and Second >ta Pnu<"*, Harlem
"" " " awwssBSBBMssiasfcw
i'.au*40 h, roac- *?'? D*? ?
smr ruses 6 4j i *ooe a ,x* w r'l ?' 10
CN ??? x M ; nioi! oa """ '? *
MBT GF NEW Y0?X.tpTEMSfclf;2t, '*3'
Clear a
RtaonaVp Malta (Br), McMlckat. c^er.aVoien anl l.lrerpool
-K i "wtsnrd
steamship Uo.retia (Br;, Ttompxor,. T.lrwyoal?National
Btesm Navigation Co.
Steamship IDIng Star, Connor, Aap;uvaU-JPad3e Mali
H'eanishin Co
Kloarnshlp Gen Grant, Holme*, New Orteaua_B B Cwnwr'l
ft Co.
Steamship Ban Salr-tdor, Nlckeraon, Saraniuk?Oai rlaon
ft t'lnn.
Steamship Champion, Lock wood. Charleston?a R Morion
ft (In.
steamship W P Clyde, Poweli, WIIioin?loa, NC?James
IT nd.
HdsatnalilnLoalaa Uoorr, Wallaoe, Newbern?Murray, Perrf>.
ft C,k
Steamship Hatteraa. Conoh. Worfolx, City Point and
Rlei,mond?f 'i WoOeadT ft Co
Ste.aoishin Valley Citr. Tonitln. Alexandria?J Iland.
steamship K G Knight, Denty, Wuxhingtoo, 1>C -Smith ft
Steamship "raneest*, Hnerwood. Portland?J P antra.
Steamship Key ITost, Itudoir, Botton?Itentier. Hrowuft
Jteam Mr niaiieii* Morgan, Boston?W P Cieda.
Steamship Acuahnet, Kellr. New Bedford? t'orgmoa ft
Sh p Huratrr, Keltli, Harannah?Bonner, Brown ft Pink.
i ner.
Part Helena (Br), IJodtar. London ?A I. Howe A Co
B?rk Rosalia (Ital), Oacaee, Wnterford?Puneb, Uelneke
ft Wendt.
Bark Her Turner (Prus), Bcbultz, Antwerp?Pioeb.
Melnckn ft Wendt.
Bark Daniel Draper (Ital I, Bottone, Palermo via Banner?
Slorovieh ft Smith.
Brie Ktireka (Br), Dlnsmore. Liverpool ria Baltimore?,J
P WMtner ft Co.
Brltr llafr.la (Dan), Broach, Bordeaux?Punch, Melncke
ft Wendt.
B't Amerces, Hand, Vnlenela?laa Henrr.
T. <r. Adda (Vanoz , Laurrtten. Puerto Gabelto?Boonen,
Grave* ft Co.
Brig Bloudo (Br>, Walker, Vera Cruz?F Alexandre ft
Brl* Zerri (Br), LeBontlllier. Qaspe?G P Bailer.
Brig Union (Br), Marshall, St Stephana, NB?Morrison ft
Brig Ur.ele Ram. Pannell, Mobile?Tt IT Drurnmond ft Ce.
Rchr Sartge (Br), Phtlllns, Malaga?Marsh ft MoCully.
Rohr Kcdron iBr), Lake. Panahoro?Crandall, Umphray
ft ("o.
Srhr Blue Bird (Br), Pattcnon, Si John, Mi-r I nenue
A Sona.
Schr R A Johnsou, Harrii, Washington. NO?ST K Ulnninn
A On.
Srhr W H Trarers, Primer, Richmond?Van Brunt A
Srhr Rlars Smith. Smith. Wasbliieton MO?W ? Brown.
S 'hrOIara, Raster, Baltimore?Kenr'tsui A Wood.
HrhrSnsmna, Packard HnUlmnrn?YV S 11-own.
Schr Ida Richartlaon, Bedell, Bnltimore? Beutly, Miliar A
8-hr Windward, Ellin, Bangor? iVnl?h A Rari-er.
srhr 1-eeaburg, Davis, Portsmouth, .Nil-Ferguson A
Srhr Ranger, Cleaves. Boston?O I, tlrtch
Rrhr Stephen Waterman, Cliaae, Now Bedford ?FerzusM
A Wood
Srhr Bnrprlae Pari*. No-wlrh?<1 K Rackett A Brn.
Srhr S p Godwin, Waterlmrr, Stamford.
Hionp Odd Fellow, flyer. rtavbmok?ft 1 RoeV'e'.t A Bra.
Sloop Hums, Young. New Haven?(J K Rarkatt A Bro.
steamer M Slevena, Clianco, Baltimore.
Stevmahtp Bremen (Brem), Naynaber. Bremrn Rept 7.
and Southampton Sept 10, peered the Need Ire aarne day at
4 PM, with mdre and 763 paeseuger*. to Or!rich A Go. Arrived
at Quarantine at H PM. Sept la. I tit 4b 47. Ion 14 00,
panned aliip Kvrlyn (Br), hound F. Slat, o!T Montauk, ship
D II Watien. or and from Firemen for New York.
Steamship Virginia. Roberta, Klchinoud, with nidaa, te
the dirt Itnmmioii Staamehtp Co.
Ship Alexander Maraliall, Marshall, Liverpool Ang 4, with
m-tae and ICt passenger,, to O II Marshall A Ro.
Ship llelene (Breml, Raar.hen. Bremen, 46 dava, with
mdsr an I lid passengers, 10 I'maar A Paull. An? ll.latW
45. Ion 2 44, anoke bark Ritnella (11 rem ), from Bremen for
Baltimore; 14th, 1st f.M SI, Ion 10 23, hark Atlantic, from
Rr.,nien for New York; Sept 15. lat 43 OS, ion S3 02, bark J L
Thlerman. from do for do.
Bart Atlantlo (Brom), f>e Ilaan, Bremen, 44 days, with
mdre and244 paaaengrra, to 11 Ko?p A Ro.
Hark Kllan liver, Inland, Crooked leland, 16 dava, with
aalt. to II D A J U Bmokman.
Itark Eltia Marta (Brj, Prltb, Bermuda, 10 dava, tuballa?t,
to .T N Harvey.
Ili ig George (Br), Graham, Glace Kay, U dayx, with eoal,
to toaator.
Hchr A K Amu, Amu, I.lngun, CR, 12 days, with coal, to
Urn it l<eeds.
Srlir John Snow, Mitchell. Rhn'ee. NS, 8 days, with
spillnr, to Snow ft Richardson.
Sehr I.ncy, Copp, Windsor, NS, < days, with platter, to
John H?**ntnn'a Hon A Co.
Schr Virginia, llrvden, Richmond, Va.
Schr Tunis I)e IVw, Jones, Richmond, Va.
Scnr Mary Tlbhltta, Lathrop. Virginia.
Schr J Lenthall, Martin. Virginia.
Schr J Wnrfl. i-d wards, Virginia.
Srhr 8 .8 Will lama, Newberv, Georgetown DC.
H"hr Fllse Ward, Green. Georgetown, Dr.
HctirO H Midler. Brown. Hon ton.
henr iruTlil Millar (lain British) !.amphare. New I.oadon.
Fehr Mar* Gray. All?n, New I.oadno.
Srhr Virginia, Rearm, Kondout for Bo?tan.
I Wind at sunset, N. *
Steamship" City of London, Helvetia, Malta. Citnhrla,
Europe. Caledonia. Rltinr Star, Marinoaa. (Inn Grant, Han
Ralrador. Champion. El ("Id. Wm 1* Cljrde, Volley Citr. K
Kntvht, M Htarena, Louts* Moore, tilaticur. Key Weat,
II altera*.
Marine Dlattttnrt.
' Sraaaan Mamorous, having romplcled repair*, haa tak?n
hnr placo aga n on the route between Newport and New
Scan Sea 111 an. Smith, from Mobile for Sisal. pit Into
Now Orleans on the IStli mat In diatreta, having been dia[
matted on the voyago
Baas A A Er nairxm, Icillt at Pembroke, Mn, In 185.1. 749
ton? ret ater, waa sold at auottoo at Valparaiso for $5 7U0,
1 gold.
Sen* MteoieeT Any?The hn'l of the erhr Margaret Ann
iBr), f om H, s on forJacmel. wrecked on Northwest Fteef,
lermuda, waa sold on the 77th tilt for 15.
!!io Jasbiro. Aug Ji?The cargo of the ship Vltula, from
New York for San Krancisno. will be forwarded by lb? ship
W II I'rescolt, which wll take the entire rargo, and la expected
to be ready to tall about the IStli September.
Lamsrnan?At St George, Me. reccntlv, by Mr John Biekmi
re, a floe aehr of .129 tons, named .lolin C Tra.:?y, owtmrt
by J ASH Blrkmore. W II B'rkmore. S li Jackson, <^V
Uawley, and Capt John L Tracey, who ta to command her.
Srhr Watchman. Cook, aaded from Pruvlneetowa 18ih
lnkt for AUaauc Ocean.
Steamahlp City of IIall,more (Brl, from New Tork for
Ln erpooU Hep* 18, Is* 45 lit. Ion 81 4Z
stenmahlp Fire On-eu. from New Orleans for Liverpool,
Sept li. 7 AM, SB miles HE of the Imr (HW Pass).
Dark Jane ltoe?, Mtddlaton, from Boston for Havana, Kept
18, Flablng Kip bearing N by K A) milaa.
H >rk lloriion, steering W. Sept 16. lat 45 59. Ion i3 37.
11 rig Gundreda. from Uolteaburg for lioalon. Sept 16, lat
45 59, loo 48 87.
Ferelgn Parts.
BtawcDi. Sept7?Arrived, brig Robert 0 Wright, Warren,
Savannah for Rio Jaaelro? put in for medical assist,
( ai i.so, Aug 29? In port ship John Baker, Pratt, for Bar.
CnoogKit Isi.Ajm, Sept 4?In port brig Mary Coooey (Br),
for Boston nestdav.
liaesaaaa, Aug a?Arrived, harka Geo F Seymour (Br),
Wellington. SYoikiaedald Sept 2 for Hi Vincent . 28th, 81
Larvro (Br>, Steed. Baltimore (and aid Kept 6 on her re
Ra Ii-ii An* ?SC achra JoflO ifoae. Howell, NYork; Annie I
Whiuug, Hutchinson, do; Mp( A, Ueo Wheelwright, Trinidad.
IJav* va, Kept 1}?Arrived, erhr George Derby, Crosby,
Arrived At do 17th, brig E A Barnard, I.lppincoti, Phllnd
phin (not elJ 17th).
IIalivai, Sept 14? Arrived, brig Constance, Mason, .Work;
1Mb, tchr I> Gillespie, Mills, do.
Met rouavb, July 2d?Arrived, btrk Surprise. lflrkereon,
Hovtoo. IHth, si hp J as Outline Johnson, do; bark John
Ereinn i Hr), Wevnn. Bon Prineleeo.
Moisrevibxo, Aug ? Arrived, schr Welter Rair.gb, Nickarson.
Huenoa Ay roe.
helled Hth, Alilp Arcoey. Swift, Celleo.
In port Aug 14, berke Gndme. Hegeman. end Atelente,
Evena, for NVoTk Idg; hrtg Vlrglnte Here, Hugg. for Rio
Janeiro i before reported (or Savannah i; and otbere
(jt viMTOWB, Hept It? Arrived, abip Rival, Doane, Raker
Kio Onaane, July It?In port brlge Alice, Loud. Water
Lily, Rn and, and Hermann A Molly (Ham), for NYork;
arbr Milton, for Boston
Rio Janatao, Aug A?Cleared, ablp Assyria, Delano
Call ao.
In port Aug 3ft, ablp Wm II Preaoott, Cardiff, for Ran
Pranelaro. loading the whole cargo of the ab p Vltula,
would probahlr a til about Sept II
Sisal- Heoi T?Arrived, tieamtr Irene, Crquhart, NYork.
9v Joan. SB, Sept W? Cioared. aohr Willie Mo we, Itiltnn,
Vairaaatao, Aug 11?Baited, bark Pa'adla. Brown, MonteIn
port IRib, bark Tboe Fleteker, rsrdliion.Mor Cailao to
load for Dunkirk et ?t
American Porto.
ALEXANDRIA. Rapt jn-Arrlved, arhre CW May, Kirmm.
Boeton; A II Edward*. Benton, .
balled?Steamer John tltbvon. Puller, NYork.
BOSTON, bept Bi?Am. I, steamers Saxon, Metlhewa,
Plnladalpnia; r.qnstoi-. Js< kawey, .Work. achra Ld lb-ad.
Ilawea, nod Maryland, flreen, oeorjn-town DC.
Cloareu ?HtUsrrare (ieo Art old. flosses Ht hmr te; ahlra
vatl'ill, Fleming, b.lmlna, Africa; Tyrn (Bri, Croats Uuehe-.-;
barka llalilc (a Hall, flak, San Francis o; Adelaide,
Pin tamor, NYork; brig Java iHri, Orcv a Wrst indiea;
achra L A liurlmtama, Fuller; wren t* Su i , Croossr. Hotton.
Bcarae, and M,aquas. Kaymond. NYork.
ealicd Mlrauier HO# Appoxl. aj.ij -ca On!'., M- r ng
R ar; bark Ali.mndrioa ; huge bairn .Mi del Hlcuner Bara
Hoichneier and brig Kawtuivt miied from tea Roads e-.d
pawed Highland Light at 4:l.t KM.
21 at?Arrtvad. amamar Neretia. Itearve. NTnrk . ahtp 1-%.
kama Pulley. Burgees. Gotteu1<ei|. barav A W sicena.
Brown, London. Hlalr A 1 ot tllr . L wca, tCasguR, orgs L
M Tint*-. Barnard, Turk* Islands; John Freeman, Raker,
yecrgeiown. DO, f. L Wail wnrih. Bailey, rbllr.dal|;hln
Alex Milltken, Kaiex, do; J W itri'ko. Palon. Rend'mi, achra
Convoy, and Sea Feam, NYork. BabrW brtg Mart Mar a.
RAI/ri MORE. Rept Arrived vhra Jaa llen/y. f-ltver,
Ro.ion; Willow liarp, Devia, and nan Juaa, Bikwaatl New
t leered?Brig* Lett1# 'Rr). Ralph. Klngaton, Ja ; Moaaack,
Flilott, Newport; antra laiia, ILgoee. H.-luatotv, NJ .1 K Farland.
Avery, Meboaea; Julia A Buike.a, ParvBu, Maybrook.
ttnnt to tea IMh. brig T A Parrel, an*, erhr Annawan;
lAth, hrtg I'arriiine; 17-h berk Clifton.
FaNoJRj kept W?cleared, acUr L Aitdraretd, Crawfn d,
^mr/'t'iL. >ept It-Arrived. ??hr*C J Beckett Eld red
I ELaabeuport.
" " ? ' 1 l| ? I*. I III. y +J*
rtTARr patroff, flept lA._Arrlv?<l. brtg Bftlloaa' I Brfc
r..>wlin<a, Mli1<M?l>orott>h. K.
Soiled -Brig Hunan Vnorkla, Pulferd dror*elnwn.
Amvnd at Quarantuin. ateamatiip Uaoigi-, frudl
flnvana !i?r \ Turk, abort of coal.
P\8TKf>RT He-tt H-Arriv?d, brig RMa. illM, M?f
Vr?rk; IStl, acbr Wlllla M >we. Mlltoo. RbilidetpllU.
K(>RtUt:^s MONKOB, Hrilt Mi-ArriveJ. b.rk C?u-'U,
<"!'rtaioFete, Br-aieu for Baltimore; brig Convoy, K'i"*
Ukj ./?u -,ro (or do
U.i. ki ir.it. lA-Arnvod, eobrC I? Ifoaiar. Eneo,
Ell/ iOiiipoIt
'.ALTHvrn!*, Snjrt 17?Anrlvn.1, acbr Lo?r?t Ftetcock,
BOar.t, I-.,mot)
;*hl>Ruk.M>WK,J>y. S*f>t i#>?*rr>??d, eelire hi M
Abbott, and M ,M| Van K^u?t. H'ork; R K VnuRVa,
*"4 ' I'aUrraop, Caroon Boat on. E R Kirk, Kim
nott .! ,?,.? o,tr
*M K Tk?i;bw? Warren; K IT rnrbtMJdWb
nn I ! 4 hOoi jfijr Boaton:A Vain, I *rk?r, Mr* IIaviiiI
Arr.n DgJeu, Bv-otlyn, A F Craumor, Cr.tr.iu?r, dotnry
11 *y
Ol.lH'CF.srEll, Hop- IS?Armed, arhr Ueo V/ Bald via,
Long, M.wk
HCfc.ViK.S'HOMf, Sent 13. PM?Arrived br N ?! bail* t
JMdvea*. Randal'. and / W Drieko. **! ?? B!i*nB". .port for i
Beaton, He* Kuain. Co'inb* Baltinvrm for Manger S
Young, !)J* i. I'^ladrtpMe for st...ilrh. eeluk Aei ->
Mali ,ewa. Baltimore for BoMmj dm - kur Ha
and .1 II Wninwrigfci, Brower. Pnilw1i>lphl? fori iln w *
(i?'rn?n. M-?rrl?.?lo for Salem.: Hulim.i, p^at, HY >v* ' 1
Eortl.ii.d. piula rim?ll*<1?'or Poiuin.a., Llitio I, Tap.*;
Pet k m, do for Bnat in. William Je'.Uaou.and Sardi W n
yer, Lt iaiiik Kllrabethpart far J . .
sularf -Bohr* l>e Kaus, PaMirtlttm, F.iirahnt'i Da<?ji >n \
Mto, Oaeaa Bird. \
2Sth, AM?Ffo arrival*. k
Hailri-Tfce above, and all before reported.
MdUtliB. Hoot Id?Arrived,Ant* Mlgrrla, Hcrlman. \-t
SporUman. Colli a*, Baatoo; achr A Towi.kaail, DoUkiw. \
rliflaiteinbla .
M AiJldAB. dept IV?Arrlrsd, Mbe Orraloo. rbBa >
aolntiia. ?. I
11 to?Salted, aebr K Miokal*. small. ITTprk
KF.nr DRkHAkl, Boot U_Arrl??d, auamaMp G?rf
WMlilng'oa, Whitman, ,f> fork. t
JJUi?Arrived, a.rami.)ip< lloga, MofM, rhlUdal#Ma|
Trado Wlad, Mvrri.v. lialveaian: ahlp Reraaveroiusa IBr>,
itoieaaeo, i.iverpeol; barae Maoldvlln (BrV ddMi #*, kBIa.
Crautrcw, II.raoa. MaraU (Br)? I'iokna*. QUepoiri Sds
Hnr* net Bmlo Havana, aekra Bea wtlua CBrJ; Owbmf
llrla. 0A ll P Roavatl, Nioknraon. Dmim: Baa BriMlB'
Moim^ far biaal?put In In delreaa. Bwow. barka WtHttm ,
FroiTick iHr) Ollra, and Lincoln, Troll, from liivarpoiC V
a W I'ate. Hepi IS?Arrived, ahlp Prnadem Bradlee, Rter
Tork?ud prooeadea no In tow):. Bark 1*. A Kionadf. H|
Thnmin . Bnii DrnrAmlMi unV- srhri Situ. HutUn find or^
needed; . Oartnda Mtlmru; Kapidan. M For*.
Proceeded up. ahip Agnedlte. Mbr Ulana.
Towed ae >m lUvb. linj Logan nod eehr Bill; Batta; UIB.
ciii* Merned-ja, aud 11 fr>Te?; 17tu Uwk Uotoashino.
NK W.t'KVI'nHV. Heat 19?Arrived nrhn Haule Carter.
niMlade'libl*: Edward K.iug K otter act John, rbartuM,
KlUuba Jiport, PavOioa. Ha: uioa, N Yo. k, Nauulu*. Jaaa*
won Philadelphia.
HEW BKDKORD. Iter* JO- Arrived eohr Oliver Oram,
wrl., iJr.auti, Mam.ua River, NJ
NKWIMBT. Sept 111 -Arrival, brig S P Rrnwn, Catena*
Hnat 1 Kerry for Havana; aclir I. 0 Koiter. Kldildga. lloa
Ills fur N York; Naav York pi <* beat No 4, t?" a hm air,
Sailed?Brig Ralalioni. Ooimtia, Bvigir for Ph laitetohM.
echraCarrie M Kleh. Amabuijr, Rorkpo b Me i,* Sevan
nub J M Woralee. Sewmun. ili'-gor for Philadelphia; <)
t'tai A, Foster. Pert'arm far do; New knsulue. .vcwim
HI! abethpo t; Kale V Jiil*arts, Alien, Digutoia for l'hiljt
26th. ? AJf?An-irei eclir Henrietta Dwvrr. Qutucy Cat at
tor Philadelphia.
PHII.ADhl.PHlA. Sent SO-Arrlved, avSire Argue Rye,
Towoeend, and .lui'a r, Piatt. Nukeraou. floaton, Aa
(juuranuur, vteaihahip Ucudrlk Lludauu, llowo?, rtoia H?
van a.
Cleared? Ht?am?h!p Juniata. Flone. Nrvr ("arcana rtA Ha
vana; eebre Tl.eo I lain, Philips, Dlghloa; H f. Ml sight,
Willete, Dorobestar; 1. A Uanenhowor, rtheppard: 0 <S
Cranmc Cramner, 3 A llaminood. Paine, J Klena a, Lakav
M Steeluiau. M'-clman. and A M Aldrldge. Koblnaon, Kaa
ton: Joseph Waplea, Kil.iuar'i, Lynn, Joiepb Portar, Hue
rou^ha. Fall Hfver: Decora Carl!, Rnrigeioo. Northera
Light, Ireland. Fall itleer; Neptune, Blluard, Bridgeport
K lMtairil. Bernard, Portamouifau NH; J K Jiava, law.)a
Cbftvleatoii, Ida Mar, Ilrisco, Portland
POK i LAND. Rapt 19?Arrived. brig George Burdham
McLa.Ui, Philadelphia. achia Marcos Hunter, Urr. dm
Will r Martin, Nevus, South Am boy for Yarmouth; Ad*
laide, Sanborn, N York for M auburn
Sailed?Brigs Hyperion. Melrose sohr Ellen M"rryraan
i las?arrived, brig J Hick in urn, ta rid u. Philadelphia; aote
Jorenh Lone, Bangor foi Yora.
ntiiYIDhNCL, .SeiM SO?Arrived, aohra Orleans. Fre* t
nun. Mctompkta. Va; Helen A Hurt. Cranmer; saraft i
Fort, Fort; L II Hupklna, Prodropre. and hat# wenlwort^
Adam*. Georgetown. DC; Drcttur Oaikes. Brrrv, B-vlUmore:
Geo Kalra. Nlckeraon: ADgrline Vancleaf, Heath. end Mary
Slow, lutikln, Philadelphia; Ada A Aodrewa, AaUey, Jlltaatietiipu.'t.
Ka'.v riciautou, Fanner; Veranda, Pond, end 1*
dowtck Bill, F.ly. NYork.
Sailed? Srhrs Kiwond Doreri, Jarrls, Philadelphia, Paw
thc?, Rnrkett, Comet, Dow; M R Carlisle, Bolter; B II
Bran?oom, hrauaeom, and M (> Walla Kceves. Elisabeth
port; Kipedllr. See ha. aud Aon lia. grebe. N York; Adelaide
Hrrradeii, do (or ritruuen); aloopa ltieaxl, Ccblblgh, and
Jlelsn, Clare, Etlsabethuort.
RICHMOND. Sept 19?.Arrvel, ataamar AlbomarM
Bourne. NYork.
Balled ?rich r Oorvo. Pickering. Boston
It'.K KI.ANf), sept lit?vailed, aoiira Ullle OupUH, Bualdlng.
and Orngon, UoU. I. Yor*.
SA Va NNam, Sept la? Below, slip Star of the West (Br),
Perry, from NYork.
rialiol?Brig J W Sawyer. Willlama, Brunawick.
Wlb?Arrived, steamship Leo, Dearborn, N >urk
Cleared?riblp Tasmania Liverpool
SaI.KM, sept 11-Arrived, aobr Western Star, Crowed.
Sailed?Schra Alral.a Woolaey, King, and Trade VTmA
Coraon. Philadelphia.
WILMINGTON, Sept 19?Arrived, arhrs Mflr, R'etioo, ft*
varnish, CatliArlne johu (Br>, Branuon, audit L K Waica
Wrikhl, NYork.
Cleared?Sieanver Empire, Prior, NYork, brig Wm Con
dalt <B.~a Stewart, London; erl.ra PoUe Wilaoa.Noel, ant
Clara Montgomery, Heuui.it, NYork; Ida be. la, WoOka, la
Mat?Arrived, ateamer Reheeea Clvde, NYork.
WASHINGTON, t>C. Sept 3>-Arnvrd. ecbre Hlaloeaea*
Bakrr, NYork; R Shew, Reevee, Boa to a.
A' PINK ASSOP. TMF.NT 111 KlK?r class (NKW|
Pianos (o rent, at ll AIRES BROTHERS' warerooma.
4b Ka>t fourteenth Street, Union aquaie. N. B.?Alas
Piano* sold on Instalment*.
tect or lor, maker Stod-rt; very oheap. Also goal
f*:ano for $7.V
J. B1DDLR. II Amity street, near Broadway.
and r.krapoat new and around band Piano* in mo clli
fur ??!? and to'rent, at WM. CaNDIDL'N' Ptano Rooms. 0
Bleecker street
For ralf.-o*e of oams-s pjanoh, hkvkh ov
lave. round copiers, carvitl legs, Ar. ; nearly new and I)
perfoi f order. Applf at A. 11. tlALR A co.'s, 1(7 |M
Twelfth street.
1 pianos. Apply at the office of Joseph Deckel. 71 Freak
llo street.
sparlons Pianoforte Warerooin it 40 hast KourtoaatA
street. I'nion square, wberj ihe public can always Uad ae
ae.soi tmeut of flrst dues l'laous at uiodetste prices. N. H.m
Newr Pianos to rpnl.
of various makers for sale by CtiiCKEKi.Nti A HONS,
661 Broedwas. Pianos to rent.
East Thirty second street.
Furniture of every ilescriptlon, Ae. ; payment taken MS
weekly or month y payments If preferred, at BEN I) ALL, A
CO'3 . corner of Canal and Hudson streets.
fortes for sale at Patterson's storage rooms. 6J0 Hrvtfe
avenue, near Fortieth street, pianos richly finished wltk
four round rornere. hark same at front, ele? ml carvings al
round magnificent served le:-a, serpentine bottom, trivia by
nmst celebrated cilv makers ovcrst? in; bias, full iron p'atew
and of exquisite rich tone; full warrantee for five vearsg
wamrootn prion $ "?.); will be solu for $M10, and are the great,
est barga.ne o Le found
ATI'US' PtAMOriiRTK* : ts'i .. tNfl
VT upriahl; Mclodeons; Parlor, Churrh, Oeni and C tlx net
Organs, the best manufactured, to let, and r"ut applied If
purchased; monthly Insla'tnente race ved for the same.
tVaroruoma 431 Broadway, New York.
Wanted to kxciianoe for a oooo rrano_a
Park Fhaeson. etirnsinn leather lop; first class
maker. Address V., Ileraid oflice.
P I " ' and secondhand Pianofortes to let and sold o? to.
stalmenls I., 1'. Cl'MMINOf, No. 8 Cnoe square
worth abont |I5 dft', desires the acquaintance of *
young lady or wi ;ow, imt le.s than JO nor more lhanM
irears of age. of about equal means, or sum*- established bu,
slneae: must he of undoubted respectability, refined and
edu>-ated. Object mati.n.ny. Adureae J. Ji. Iiuctf
tktlon D, N V
Afo N(? i.AWVKK ?7F i. Toh'iUKirs TTINI A?
and prepoaaeealn*. wtabee ?i make arv{ualnl*aiuk
with new to marriage, of a jo-iiik a.ly, un>r M J< an.
educated, good looking, good tampered and of good imv,
?n<1 of indnwitdeooe enough to anewer thIn with photo,
graph preferred. Addreaa Frank J. IValtera, drawer 8,*71,
Chicago, til
hablta and in romfortable elr umalanoea wlahee U
form the aequaintmoe of ?lady a.mtlarly ..nailted, wltk a
view to matrimony. Addroaa, with raria M fleite, for Ml
waek, Frankneaa, boi liM llerald om?e.
M1M Rla i A* KOI'h.
("VOCNTF.R WAIkTBD-FB'iM 11 TO 14 FRET td>Vf?. t
J feet fi in< liae wide, nod agood Cigar C.ae alao. Apply el
7* Cedar atrnet. I
J J VIHKATOK It file into lie eer and la tot perfeptb
be: It ran n?ra >ir flng t tbr l ei.I and ena 'Mil^if pin
una In hear (lialiri'ilT el f-hM' ! and fib '! aa.emhliea.
RfMPTIOK AND CANCER. titrir. au?ea, rr.earia of.epenrta.
relief and ultimate rpr. by a pupil > ' the A'edemy of lae^i
trine. Tana Sent free for ten rente, ecu f ilnua diaeaedglr. A A
eurreeafoily trealed. Dr. T. H. .-'TII.ITKl.L, ? Ji V [
31 Raa? tVaal.lugton pi x-e, New YMyii M J
T>r. Rtllwell will bo at hla off.ee. 1. cti Pit e ?.. eaAAjjjflHJ W
deljph ' > "day. from
KV ihOMA-t .1. DAVIS Maker And iT.erCf Wf the fa J
Artificial fluTimn F.\e% 127 F.mI Ki(t>#i?u strati '
tftfwtn T lilrd ar?d Kourlft **?in J
- - ?
p-,. , . .... r , t- f-,,n? ' 'if '? ' Vr, -? rr-h'y
V AcFS ARI> ? H I f K CllfA,
T? which #? nail lk? eltenllek of our cn.. >i.ier?. __
r'lti N. H T,ADV, Jf .T AI1FIVID FRO* Fd?t*.
P it.. .><1'f* ' * f r< t' f '' J'
r * d?f, or momft Addraoa Ntdaino TfP?#?*
tftiion D ^ r|
J OH N tJ'CE EH "a io(~fillT.^AMLA * HAjirUtO
al Paper Twice and Fair-- St. k waraheine, 21 \A?
ttrtei. Caoli fo. ?r?rt d WO _
ITF.RONF.R KM " v ' ' vr,M- '. '
V at d 6 Kail K>tenth afreet, r .rnfr Fourth aeerue. eoia
tiraled i or the cure of rhouniailam; meta.lle, ^rerreue a#
ehronio illaeaaea and k.i inalauin* pet H tr to l^diea^ _
W good, preferred' for c!tr reel aaiate ami oeab. '<
droaa ft. M. P.. Ilaralil nffloe. ,
V? meat Ofaa or would hot In aa partner In one.?" .'a
aafed. eetekHaked and paring w?V eddteee VT. ft." ***i

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