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' ?
of Maximilian's Remains
at Mexico City.
I'robaMe Success of Admiral Tt?tihod's
drrfeMi Wisrre Against Minister Vijin by
Gevra] Ptln Dial.
Tfct ttoMastil? Georpia. Captvin Ovakeo frr r i Vera
V'rav rn the f'th. and hmal i?t? ibellth. vie H? vaoa on
the WJih iiisk , arrived el IMp yort yemrrday. "To Furuei
Webb ao arethiuikfu) for prtotpi deinerj-or our de?
l?nt< >oe and ties.
tin lbnKInn'. Rewain* i*? thr Capital?They
will TVolmbly 'lie lidlvrrri) to Admiral
TiaeOivT _
Mmnn Cirr Spm 7 1
Via Tbma Sept. t, **07^6 25 P. 'U. J
Tbe of the late Emperor Maximilian have |
*?iiven hereof, om Querrtaro. Notwithstanding the diffl- ,
coMMs thai -were placed In Admiral Tegethofl's way,
iho.e la every pnMbility that 'tho remains will be delivered
wthe envoy of the Austrian imperial bouse.
Wbcm.boul* \>f .>lnrqurz-Tke **?ilr of The
Oonvem^Tlif Telep'npbs wtitl Hnllrnniln
Rekw Itrpcirrd.
aval* Sept. 10. TS07.
Tbc dates from tbo Mexican cap.Ul are to tbe 7th
The only mention afeont General Marqnex is found in
TV Two /iryeWt.*, of the 31st uiv staling that be vrar
eon tweuly days ago in tbo mountains of Buasteca, to
company with two other men. They had rbeir horses
bod at Tollman, and It wan supposed thai ibey weie
making rhcir way to tbe coast.
Tbo Si.;)1:\ lOUi, states thai ;.n article en Mexico has
- been published ,n l'orie hy M. do Heratry, in which he
reproduces a letter from Lincoln lo Juarer, promising to
provide arms, money aud men to oppoee the Iron ti intervention.
The lellor said to have been written by Haxtmilian
shortly before his ex cutioh, and addr?sseil lo larlota,
lias ticeo prove ! to tie a forgery, as Ifce Archduke was
persuaded w ino dars previous' and Up lo the last moments,
that Carlota was dead.
Grout preparations w?re made for the eelebjalion of
September 16. Among other entertaiuraon.s of the
orcaiwcu will be the as. enl of (anlolla's immen.so balHkui.
The palace would be illuminated l>v gas.
The Ninth regiment of the line, together with ' the
military ctttres and the whole of the employes, bad re- I
moved from Orizaba lo Jalapa, which city was to ho the
reyldcnes of the administration and military cornIkiniu1n?.'!!i
nT 1 hn Ciolo
A conducts, with 0 m, left Quart taro on (tie
220 nit.
Al! the convents destined to the public bs? nre cot to
bo old in lots. This order was issued by the Minister of
Finance and met with gcnernl approval.
Tne lelegraph posts which are to open the cotntnunirations
irom .lalapa to all tho rap.ta!* of the republic
wore rapidly be ng placed, and it was expected that all
would be ready early in October.
I'hree trains now leave daily from Vera Cruz to
Nothing appears in the public papers about Cenernl
Hants Ana. and it may therefore be Hwaunied thai Ins
easo was andertomg ihe law a delay, Ac.
Hrrrrr Com ut mini; tlin IVuully of Coirflpriis
TA>? fallowing decree was issued by J're-ident Juarei
en tLe 12th of August.
Mixico, August 15. IfiKT.
Whereas, The circumstances owing 10 whiab it was deemed
prnpei to impose, rs a general rule, the pcualty of sontixulion
on various persons ronaulered guilty of treason to their
counter. and, fin the same reason, ueenmig the o|iportualty
mreil for the exercise of clemeucy by tb- commutation of
aid penalty it. regird to the ma orlty of those subject to It
Into a line I have decreed as follows; ?
Whereaa, the Kw of August 16. libStl, refers both to the
Cmnna! nnd pecuniary punishment of those judged guilty of
iseori said iHTunlary penalty is now modified In the sense
of tne follnwiau articles, and, as regards the personal pains,
the * shall remain as at present subject only to whatever
order, shall lie given liy ihc respective minister*. The
penally of ro.ittecMion Imposed by the law of August 16,
lHM, -hull remain commuted as a general rule aad by way
of an indult Into a tine to he regulated by the Ministry of
the Treasury. The full penalty of confiscation, however, is
en lusisvdy reserved for such cases as those of traitors to
whom the grace of jwrdan has not been extended on acconnt
of aggravating circumstances connected with the cateer of
auch traitors, er.d which clrcumatanoes have l?e?ti defined by
the general government. All those comprised within the
terms ot the Uw of August 16, 186.1 from the moment that
tbey completed the crime of treason to their country lost all
right t" re, over any claims or credits which tliec lieid
gainst the national treasury, which claims and
credit, became thenceforth completely extinguished
and of no value whatever. In consequence, whether
the oinllscatton ef thctr property be enforced or oniv commuted
with a hot. or even ? hen neither contlscaiion or flue
bo imposed the personal claims or credits of all comprised
Willi in the terms of sail law vhall he of n? ralue whatever.
Ami ne.il.se ih.le '? - "
right* of cit'srnrh.p'shall ml.lie such rarites lu re-over the
value of said claims or credit*. BENITO -I'AKEZ
ronlMrntinn of n 1'rtnltng Honar.
in? finest printing establishment in Mexico, tbnt of
fler.orrF Andrade v Reralante, la the capital, has been conflr
atrd and eotr) at public auction. H was at this bouae
that tbe Sonedad, Viario del Imperii) and L'Err Xouvtlle
were printed. The f.rat was edited bv S'euor Barrens, of
Jalupa. the second by -eiur de la Portft'la, who wa? for
eome lime a profe-sor in Kentucky, and tba last asunder
the minagsment "f M. Ma- era? iuraasr editor of
tbe Ommrr ties .i'laU I'nit, New York.
Minister .tlrjla'a Patriotism la a tei? Bad
General Felix Plaz. brother of t'.eneral 1'erBrlo Thai.
In a letter dated Mexico, August 21, 1867, written In
reply to ono Iron. Minister Iglesiae, inquiring who the
pat I j wiu irAo too Uo rowdy Hd te-m hundred rargtu of
corn to the fVenrh stales ibal It war Genera' ,'gmario |
thjia, the prttrn'M.mtler of War in Pretideeil Juaret't I
rtsMwe'. He rites General* Vincente Ri\ae Pa- '
Hci.i and I.ilia Mier v leran. Bmmt Bumiugo '
GaUoeo and oilers as wtlue-sos, and adds '
ihai ' in order to understand Ins own Indignation 1
when Gomez. whom ho capturod at Hua'tieco deliv etitig
the corn, showed btai in presence of reran, Calicut' cu?l 1
others, a safe conduct signed hy t'.eneral Maim, ,,t is '
ne?.ounary to bear In tV.nd that at that time I found .a veelf
obliged to order the summary execution of seri-ral
unfortunate wretcbaa whom I caught aeliiag small qut mtiiies
of corn, beans, Ac., to I be enemy. Hence I as
mci' gase my word of honor that I would at all r ? < '
nee* the proper occasion to have Ibla influential brought
to punishment as wall * * I mier such < i
rutnetancrs 1 could not Jo le?? than puhlivh tbe latter to '
which roar Excellency refer*., I would have gone far- | .
tber ihsn that, but my brother. General Porflrto Diaz. | '
be-n.ighi me to refrain, and I uxu weak eating \i to Itp-n
dkrn U> hit r qvet. f
Mewsrk. '
Finn.?About eleven o clock yesterday tnoruiag au
alarm of f re was sounded for the f ifth district, a dweil- it
teg house on Hamburg place, near Chambers stree', P
bu tig tx-en discover*d en fire Tbe (lames wore sub- *
dii' d wihout the aid of the Fire Department. The s*
damage was about $60. >*
Pt'UCS Kino** ?During tbe week juat closed eightyeight
arrests were mide by tbe polira?a decrease of th
thirty from those of tbe previous week. Tbe meeting (>1
of the county couria probably has tome mlluenco in the 10
- M decrease of crime. Tl
a t llrnncr.
Tatst Rsa*o*a Auimst.?A roan aged about forty*
ne yeast, named William Mr! nteo wa? ln?tantly killed e<
at The Orarge depot, en the Ucrr ? an I K.?sex Kaflroad. cl
en falordar night. He was accompanied by his sister, *
a UK Wsttg, to the depot rh? csr? rtopped at the sla- tn
i >?a. and upon again mono of M l r.ie. . vtght hr.i?i (?
ml tfis railing and attempted in get upon the train. I'n w
frwtcnaieiy, Seweyer, be was unable to make a sprint. m
aad Inwtag l is grasp upon the ra:'mg bis body was caught n
- te-Mgeen the ear sn<i r&e platform of the depot and ms no
S'uasdl badiv - re >?<f. A cerr icaU of accidental decn w,
wM^taak*<1 Ps <->l ? wife and son, (he !* er ah
Ca?gg?ew in iadiaua lis
JhhfxoSKTau.T .Slot -A young a named Theedore
Tall eveeee'denu 1 v shot in tne leg a. ?utb Orange, on J.',*
Pei'itday night lie, ;n company witn * lad, was ev pe
amm ng (he weapon, wt ea it ??< d'schni .?*->. wounding rb
Dell tn the earner mec.ioaed. U ? cumje ou had Ins be
thumb Injured. cai
Co*, sna's Ixqt r<u : res Cass ?? Virot ?A core
aer a Inquest was held yesteidsy to ibe ??ut Orange
degx t, by Coroner Saadford. in the ra*e of he man vol
Nevaae. whv waa abo' by Vr. Qihbs, ai M iburn, who sup- '''
gueed lbs: tie was s bur.lar Afterteevoral wllnes-ee ^ |
were eworn sad the" evidence taken, the jury returned .. ,
a verdict vharfiag that t.'bbe it guiltv of manelaughter.
> *? ia-oaap iritT tail Of lb* raaidint* of Xautn 7Zr,
O'Mtft, wtorc tba i,v?d. owr tba m4 affair. ...
Cibba lafl lava oo Friday njh: tod bad tot raturaad
?aa tarda? nn Hx friandi atata tbti ho it ahaant aa ...
bmtaaaa. Wttila tba laqaaat ?u .a prof rata t ooioian
ufoeonaioa ttaartrig tba rointint of tho daraaaad to ttitir
fenti roatiaf piaoo pttaod by tttt dapot, ibt roaUo' holy Hhg
a traioa of tba "daad oxrrb aitkioc ? da*p impraaa.on
iifK'0 ihoaa who wort la tUandtnro Ilia !*><itb Oraaga _ ,
? *. mpaojr of ibo Mala KitU Carpi armnipaniad too bo(1
? roMaitu of thalr cotarado to Iba rogatory, whora tat ...
body a at bar lad witb ilitary.boaora. tod
???? ara
- , ara
Potxa?tarr?, Fapt '27, 1 *07 ara
I fWimao of* tba Torotnoi.ra duau*-ua Scbail. ou tba too
Knar JUi.rt.ad, alula va Ti? angina mini' tba aali
aa.aaa folM* Undioa tui ao tb-? alia ovn?, tall CO '?
#a? aaa tanax ftnxad aao t*s \m,i
_ -NE
C*wtp.*M|?-N??w 0??M?r nnd la.
Uigil?-Th? Broitdway H ^nrvl|l| M*aa?wvial
Hln?-Thiirl?>>v Wer J Jala* the Timamity
Rln-Tke Fi?h? Mwr the ONIrew-Tbe
Aath* time fir>r boiJI'^ ,{,? elitUon Tot county of.
cere m Ncvtm*' ' j*i tbo election for Mayor end
members of the Barbate and Assembly In Pooember next
approaches, the ^lUiion aod eiciteiaont In the oampe of
I the vine u* otdeiiiMiiona tbet In? claim to any political
pewew twam During the pant week eaectum and
roe* i.ftfres haro hsou held without number, reports
Ir .ve If u received new combinations formed. Treeh
aiitaccei made, and everything dene betokening the
onmreiLCM and vieor with which the campaign
is to bo conducted In the interval be.
i?et a this and the day when the various rings will marsr.ui
U.o.r fbmes to the polls and contend for the mastery
or the city government and ttie control of the
twhniy-fiiormillioas of money which tbo cltir.ena pay
x it.is- into tha City Treaenry. The Tammany loaders
aio drop pj schemes for the euceeaa of the plot thoy
have roircorted against the beet interest* of the city and
forthtprown a.-grandUemeot. The City Hall Lunch
I CInti n re daily stance, their chief trouble being to barmonuKe
the opposing interests among the subordinates
| of tte party who are loytne claim to the ofttcas that
are to he filled in the November election. These offices,
m themselves, are of no political value; hut to the incumbents
are rich places?, and are, therefore, much
sought after by those who command a certain popularity
In tha city, and on election day can bring Co tbe polls a
large number of voter a The Tammany-candidates for
Sbenff nnd County Cleric are waging an interesting war.
which seems beyond tbe power of the great ring itself
to abate or bring to an end. Horn Is tha difficulty. The
oppoaing elements must be harmonixed and brought Into
suojecunn or unu?r in# complete control of the Hoffman,
Sweeny and Tweed ring, or the defeat of the main
object the rint hie at heart may be the consequence.
Hoffman is sorely beset by t&e difficulties surrounding
the question of making a alato that will please or conciliate
all partier. The candidates for Sheriff and County
Clerk?namely, Alderman James O'Brien, Alderman
l.oew, Joseph Shannon and To*? are all strong
men, and to some extent representative men
of the voting element In their respective wards I
or districts; and to make a slate regardless of the interests
theso candidates control, as for or against him,
would greatly imperil Hoffman's chances for Mayor.
The success of the M a coral ticket Is tho great object to
be achieved, and to this all other interests must be
directed and made subservient. With a ticket combining
tho whole Tammany strength, tho ring think they
can sweep all before them in November and December,
secure cnotner term for Hoffman and elect a Broadway
railroad Sena'orial ring to go to Albany to perpetuate
tho nurn or tb? corrupt clique that so shamelessly and
re.kle-sly live on the plunder of the public funds.
There la a gigantic scheme al'oot having in view a more
complete subjugation of all public interests to the domination
of the party that at present tills all tho public
offices ami'lra n? the Treasury of the people's money.
Thurlow Weed has shaken hands with the Tammany
ring and goes in for the spoliation which the schemers
of the ring will undoubtedly secure for them, if the citizens
n>lt at once take the alarm and adopt immediate
in i up'j lo defeat tbera. The whole immediate and
prospective piau of operations has been laid down and
I <lrt rmined upon at a caucus held in tho Astor House a
fc i \ i mug* ago. Here is a sketch of the worthies that
then and there a^semblod, and a brief sketch of the plan
of operations ti.ey laid down: Thurlow Woed, John T.
Huffman, l'elor B. Sweeny, Jake Sharp, William Tweed,
Charles t'ornoll. John Morrissev, Harry (ienett and Theodore
Allen. This is tbe Broadway railroad corporation.
Tho plan is to secure the election of tlvo Senators to go
to Allianv in the interest of the now ring and to
press through tho Legislature a bill for a Broadway
railroad which they will drew up in their own Interest.
The Senators are named as follows:?Supervisor, Deputy
Street Commissioner, Now County Court House contractor.
and Chairman of tha Tammany Hall General
Committee William M. Tweed, from the Fonrth Senatorial
district; Jake Sharp, partner of Tnurlow Weed in
the city railroad jobs, and future president of tbe nnw t
Broadway railroad, from Fifth Senatorial district; .
Charles Cornell, ex.Senator and ex-Street Cotnmiseioner,
and distiller, from the Sixth .Senatorial district; John J.
Bradley, alias "Peter Grease," editor of Sweeny'e i
organ, ex-MeD?tor, 4ic., from tbe Seventh Senatorial c
district, and Harrv Oeuett, of the Street Department, r
Assistant Collector of Assessments, ex-'ounty Clerk, and a
ex Assemblyman, from tbe Kigblh Senatorial district.
With these five Senator* the Tammany "ring" hopo to a
be able to retain and enlarge Tweed's patronage in the
Street Department, clip Comptroller Connolly's wings in
the financial dojiartmeot, increase the powor of the
Mayoralty, should Hoffman be re-elected In December;
confirm the profile ef the City Chamberlain, force the
Board of Audit to becomo a mere recording machine for
their wishes, put e bridle on the Corporation Cooneel j
and Recorder, and rush through a Broadway railroad
bill which shall make all who take part in it rich men. P
This is one of t he most gigantic schemes ever devised p
for the complete subjugation of the ctty, binding It
hand and foot, and giving It over to the spoiler* a help- c
less prey. Citizens should look out for what candidates s
are placed before them for tbe Senate and Assembly 1
this yc.tr, for the wolves are around and hungry. t
Tbe fight for the coonly offices still prevails, and If tl
not speedily settled, and that In a way to eradicate all G
party feeling', bide fair to mako the schemes of rings
and Icsdtr* of no avail. One thing, however, Is certain?that
Hoffman's partizan feeling for Loew, and his
great desire to secure, through Loew's nomination for
county Clerk, tbe German interest, is sure to dsfeat the
object sought. The Germans repudiate Loew's pretensions
as a representative man of tbe German element, A
and were he even ever eo popular among them, no in- r<
Onence of bis could conciliate the feeling they entertain _
as a greal political body against Hoffman for hie utter
disregard of their Interests while chief magistrate of the
city. The Gertnaus rare nothing for Loew. They only p
know turn aa a man who has worked himself into f
offices on s surreptitious popularity. The Germans in a
I on's own district cry out against his presuming to d
barter their votes on liie interest of Hoffman or any t
other man, aod when HofTman relies upon tbe German I
interest to elect him in December next he will be s
wofnllv mistaken The Itieh are only bound to h*m and r
Tammany as it now is. through favorable leaders like v
Shannon and Aldermsn O'Brien, and Shannon most be c
nacriti ed to make mom for Ixiew. on the slate, for *
Ceuniy Clerk. Whatever may be tbe roccosa of the h
Tammany ticket in November next, one thing nuv be
fairly predicted?that tbe Tammany nominee For Mayor h
In December will be the best wbipjied man that has run *
Tor Mayor in a long time. Tbe Irish will no doubt cast h
s large vole for O' Brier, and Shannon, should the a
latter be nom uaf'-d for sh'Ttff; but when they q
noma to cast their votes forge chief magistrate, they will <-i
nol forjet what they owe to Hollhian. Tuey wiil then i<
reriu"iii>er his policial seven v at tne time of the draft
note, his utter boiiowne." of heart and faithlessness to
prorr.^ex and pledges made to tbe more earnest "
Kettian leaders; his want of sympathy in all D
.mure pertaining 10 lrixn nalonality; nor will tbey '
forget, more thau iltoir (terrain fellow voter*, "
I bat some of their J em reel right* aa free citl- t?
ren? l ave been, without the eltgtalert attempt at oppo- aj
i.lion ou hi* part. wrw?i*d from. them, With all three .
feeling* alive in the tutnJi of the lrieb Tntera, not all !
the jiermnaalon* of a I their favorite and accepted leadi?re.
who at h hold fealty to U.e Tammany chief and *!
urand S u hora. will ewrrve theio from their determineIon
that they ahull have no more Hoffman for Mryor. 5!
ma hKHOcaartc rvto* rarry?n ??aaiiioae is tuc raMr. *
Dine la a grand achiesn in the Cooper I'nloo demo- *
Tatic oLveatlcie. winch threatenr to rend tbeergatn- j"
tation in twr.m It i? fumrnted by a tew of the leader*,
vho ere hankerlcg after the fleeh pota of the Old Wig- J*
am The etalwart nn<l tmrlr candidate of the orginu
t'lon for Sheriff. Hlg Judge Coaaelly, according to the
-w depravation. i? to be thrown overboard. Thin fact
I Itaelf proclaim* the trea*on of tta euppevter*; for no ,
t -ly ia the ci:v can afford to try hcalllltir* with Ulan In J*|
campaign in which ho le a an tldate tor the !
iff rage* of hi* fellow citizen*. Smith Ely. Jr., ?
the favorite of one eeclioc of the nemo- *,
attc Colon party for Sheriff, and an be te wealthy. * '
id pre'vy liberal withal, the ary.lcers may tbiak
iev will make a good thing of It. Ileffhutn * frieada in
i.kt crganiMtion are at work to draw Ely from the field f,
a r? c# lor the Mayoralty. One of Hoffman * and tha
eg ? pet idea* if. that in a coatant between hiniaelf and *"
r Mo art nominee, I ernand i Wood, for Mayor, the *
pubil -ana. I' no rapnhlicaa *ai in the field, would J"
ve Uiitr votee for Hoffman, so it if a neceaeity ho
ami l? hi* *o<ve*? that no good man whether demo- fr
at or nwpnbiK-an. ehall he la the field a* agalnct htmIfaalWood
Krea ia each a mnteat be migh' And M
raae'f twerwted, for there are maay who tinok with *'
? gentleman on the rare a few dave eince. Two ,
intleinen. hiring r?ad the Hn-ut.n'fl article on city V,"
nltlc* ??re talking about th? coming etectloa for
ayor, when one naked. "Will vou rcte for Hoff.
an* re-eiecitoa'" "No, ' replied the ether. ' W'bT l
i! J" continued hie friend. "Ho latetprrtaMe." "Tee/* 0 <v
?# the rcsponee. -a reepe-tahio nonentity: a reaper t.humbug.
I rote 1 for htm befote, but an long a* I lPI*
e I will never vote for e maa whoao political capital te nar
tl no i? reapeclhl4?.' so, a* between the Tammany. Foi
and the great Morarter. the former ma- Oa-1 h't loci
>pe at' lily at a dleconnt compered with wbatavar Tar
retinal tyaiiitv the other mar he moat cred tod with Ingi
ere i* one little arrangement epoken ef ee entered inte dra
twoea r.he ttemocra;n I men people aod the republt- y
n?. iurj???a i opcrao n? or lor Contriving aylri'.a In |
H rotm BobiV and tha lUguuar a offlca; it '
ibal tha r*v t)i?rnna will Mart di.mrny randidtia for of I
ariff m ba W ithdrawn at tha fimpor momaut, aad'ibe ftr10*
of lb? pv'."'y ba giren to Ma. thayuid pr> </uu baiag
it iMCoopaiito* will nota lha republican HtatMirkal
I Hig Jidga la too ataoch n democrat to ha a party ?*iA1
rotnproinioaa itilh tha republican foo, and therefore Bul1
aa aaraaaary .V> gal rid of htm aitogatbar. Ha ia ?!'*'
, bowaear. < aat diwn by tbla ill ireatmrat hr Ida *'K
mer frienda. for ha dada atroag alliaa In Iba M or art *"
ka, and thare tha Hig J .dga aaill l>a found for iba J"*
mindar of tha rauipa ga Ha baa baaa rwcatrad with
n arma, aad Morart .iMla moatdarable Mat ad by Uia **f*
itioaal atrenatb it hat' acquired by hia alliance Ha 'bf!
I in alt probability ba tha noatinaa af that party for
riffyUudga Kaalaa baiajl w iling to raaign all preten- Fi
i? in bla favor Tha Haouocratle Union Hanertl Coin.' ,t
tea will maat in a ftfw daya, and bafore that
y Jadga Connolly Intanda to appear aad cbarga
parly with tbair traacbary aad thalr trearer, rem<
will than and tbare danoonca W laadarn who fora
Milling tbe parly. A big tiaa It ganarx tly anpartad, mi t
i probably a burnt up of tha wbola concern. fbara man
oroa aonod man lafl la tba argon I ??u on. and ibar are t
detarmlaed thai iba Crotoa Board aad Ub* ring in aooa
Kegteter ofbea Will do loagar control tba t'wrty. to .
and mart tha public office* ae Ibey Ilka. Thaw* tatn
oppoaed ta the rualnloo witb tha rapuMMaM aad **"
i? ?** of the patty tv U19 tgnitaiyy ;im m foun
f Hoffman H fTman, ji is ?uid. Is dispensing with
great liberality Die Mtroeage of the Street lMpurUuool.
other department* to (ho CooperleR, end a gre-U tnviy
atnocuro off) cat hove boon of late tuvamcd. Bill
Tweed in boor every day disposing of thase bertha and
providing oo ben be can Tor these now allies, who will
fce nil incontinent It kicked out of office tbe moment
tbe election ie decided.
The MnsartorgneiauiMii aonears to gain strength daily
and to work with a harmony and hi mil* nana of purpose
in remarkable nonlraut with the other political orgat*laatioae
of the cilr. Tammany is torn by intesti'ie,
fends; the republicans ha'e no settled purpose * t'ih
Democratic Union is divided Into two opposing faqfiftfK:
the MrKeonite? am pasx'VP, prat watching the ^IrA to
"strike," while Mozart alone iHactuatod with o\jc tfarle
pnrpoae?to fight out tbe campaign upon one hoe, This
harmnnv of aciioa is duo to the oxpertencVi ohfcf who
controls tbe orrsnir.ation and dirscte Its nperatmm, and
that chief haa hat a "rmtfle eve'-' entirely fitted with
one ohioct? that is his own aggrandizement represented
in the Mayoral chair,
i nm RCBAitiiUAi cqprswr.
As before stated, Tammanv haa flaally decided on its
alate for Senators. "Hm nominee* are all of the ring,
| and now represent are-w inieroat in the Broadwav railroad
scheme. The nominees are as follows:?William
M. iwoed tor the Fourth rtenaiorisl district, opposed by
I Ben Wood% Mnxaner, end Morgan Jones, republican
Jake Miaifn Fifth district, opposed bv Vincent C. King ,
Charles 0. Cornell, opu"sed br Adnlph Bircktn in, Lutheran
civ rev mm, Mozarter. John J. Bradley, Seven lb
I district, opposed by John Hardy; and Henrv ftenett,
Eighth district, opposed by Thomas O'Callagban or exFl.eriffJamen
Lynch, Mozariers.
There is nn change m the elate on tbe judiciary from
that iast reported. For the Marine Conn it is now decided
that Judge Hearne will positively receive tbe nomination
for re-election from Tammany Hall.
Tbe selection of the nominees for Sheriffand County
Clerk continues the great difficulty with the Tammanv
ring. Congressman Morrisaev takes a prominent part
In this contest, supporting Shannon for Sheriff against
all < errors. He is nightly in close conference with tht
knight of the hmwn mustache, urging Shannon's
1 claims, and with his well known forcible and persuasive
eloquence representing that tbe Irish element can
only he combined upon O'Brien for County Clerk
end Shannon for Sheriff; that Shannon controls all that
element from the Battery to Fourteenth street, at winch
point O'Brien comes in and sways the balance of the
fierce democracy ont to Harlem bridge. Morrisaev bids
the Mayor not to put his trnst in the Germans, that the
Germans' votes are not carried about in any set of men's
pockots. and that, after all. his onlv hone is in 0'Hri"n
for County Clerk and hie own men Friday, Shannon,
for Sheriff, and with tbe-e supports be oan go Into the
fight with confidence for Mayor in Decern her
next. The yoice of the charmer, charm he never
so wisely, will not, however, be listened to.
aDd the slate for county officers is. for Couniy
Clerk. Charles Loow; for Sheriff, James O'Brien.
Mozart and the Democratic Union will nominate
William E Connor for County Clerk, the Democratic
Union Smith EI7, Jr., for -herIff, and Mozart Hall
Judge Michael Connolly. Tho Judge will likely got a
nomination from one branch of the Democratic Union
Tammany Hall will nndonbtedly nominate the Grand
Sachem and chief of the ring. John P. Hoffman, for reelection.
Fernando Wood wdl be tho nominee of Mozart
Hall. Tho Tammany chiela would appear as if they
made yery light of this opponent. They say that
Wood only hooks himself in the race to be bought
off; that there are soveral little lea*es of hie
in the hands of the Corporation Counsel, and that If matters
were made all right with regard to them ho would
be glad to withdraw. Tho chiefs al?o add that tbey will
have no compromise with him, and that be may as well
mako up bis mind to fight or surrender. The former is
what thev will have for their pa?t;rao. The republ cans
nre beginning to look about thetn for a candidate and
have allowed their gaz" ie settle on George Opdyke, exMayor.
Mr. Anderson Is still much spoken of :n this
connection, and would, if bo entered the field, outstrip
all competitors. A few days more, and we "shall see
what we ahall see."
Arrival of Clilrf .lustier Chase in Cincinnati?
tienrrnl Apathy of the Republican Rank
antl File.
Cwnnun, Sept 22, 1RH7,)
0 o'clock P. 11 }
Chief just&'e Lca.se arrived here on Saturdar, and will
amain nntll after the election In order to cast his vote
'or the negro suffrage amendment.
Three United Slates Senators?Wade, Snerman and
rharer?addressed a republican meeting In this county
in Saturday. The audience was very email, and the
adical leaders are startled at the apathy of their rank
md Die. V
Ben Wade remained at the Burnett House to-day,
rhera hie room is thronged by expectant office seekers.
St. Lorn, Sept. 22, 1887.
The democracy of Kansaa hold a convention at
.eavenworth last week, and adopted a platform, made
reparations for meeting the radicals on the stamp and
roeamtlng a vigorous campaign against negro suffrage.
It la claimed vnat the ropuM'can party is much split
in the questions of female suffrage, temperance and the
'unday laws. Tho Germans will hold a c -nvontion at
'opeka on the 28th, to consider the laltor question; and
he State Temperance Socletv will meet in Leavenworth
hta week for the alleged purpose of looking atter the
~~ i
A Br act. as FaraTSATsn?Attscttb to Shoot a CmzE* j
to Is is Tims WorsnKD.?On last Wednesday night the j
Midence of Mr. Benjamin Martin, No. 161 Bands street, i
ras entered by a burglar, when the proprietor of the 1
ouae, becoming alarmed, succeeded in capturing tba \
ague betore he got away from the premises. About I
rn oVlork vnvtAnftv m<\r?lntr Mr
wakened by a noise a* if of wine on* raising lb* win- i
ow in the lower part of lb* homo Sprtnciog oat of
?d he seized * revolver and rushed to the window,
zioking oat Into the back yard ho u? a nan, who Intently
dischar-ed a pis'ol at him. bat fortunately the
II lodged in tbe w indow al!L Thia murderous assault
ras promptly responded to br Mr. Martin, who disbarred
six barrels of hla revolver at tbe villain, one of ;
rus h it believed to have wounded the fellow, who, aa
e was going over the fence, utt -red the exclamation
'Oh!" Subsequently hia hat was foand with a bullet
ole In it by two officers of the Forty-second prerinet,
rhlle searching the premises in quest of "the bird that
ad down.'' Thus tt will be seen that this In the second
Itcmpt within the past week to rob the residence In
uesnon. while io both Instances the promptness ind
oolness evinced by the proprietor should be n warning
i housebreakers in general.
Parish OrrttAUk at Gascst-ms r?A Ctmx* CiramtD
; His B>d uv a Br solar.?A most daring outrage waa J
srpetrated within a short distanc* of tba Forty-seventh
rennet station bouse, Greenpolnt, at an early hour yesTday
morning, and the perpetrator aaraped arrest, '
thoagh tbe scream* of the victim of the assault were <
?ard by many citizen*. It appear* that at about five '
clock a burg la re flee ted aa entrance to Mriicc* butcher 1
top. situated in Union avenue. n"sr Katie atreeu,
irough a rear window, and made hia way to a amnll <
mritnent, 'where tbe keeper of the place, Joseph
'heeler, was a*le?p at the lime. So noiseless was the '
*p of tbe burglar that Wheeler knew nothing of hla |
teeeace until h* received a powerf il blow upon tbe |
ad with a club, which ranted the blood to ffiiw pro- ,
isely over hi* fact and Oil bis eyes. He then ?
imped from his bed and seized a large ?
nife, which he usually kept beside him, t
id rusb.d lowanl his murderous availaul, .
hen the latter adroitly et?pped i,?rlc and felled him to .
le floor by another well d'rec'ed blow across tti" nose, .
avium* that member and shattering tbe bones of the
ce. The desperado then dropped nls club and fl'd
r.High the rear door, which hehadtakentbe prc.au- >
a to open when he ent"r*d tbe place through the
indnw to facll.iale hie exit In case of any inch ?
ne'geacr as arose At tbia time Mr. Wheeh-r was un- >
le to see In consequence of the blood which settled in ?
a eyes, bnt he nevertheless followed the burglar a
ort ditian e shouiiug "Murder!" The latter, bower.
effected bis en ape without aecompliabiag tils ab- v
:t, and is cull at lirge. Mr Wneoler was known te ,
ve some $.">00 or (000 In hi* poeseseioa at the lime,
d it waa an doubt tbe intention of the burglar to renr
hlui insensible br a blow and then rifle his pock nls, a
he slept with hia eiothes on. Tbe inlareo man was n
It to his residence, in Broome street. New York, alter b
ring revolved surgical attendance. The burglar's b
,b, which is n >w at (I,* station honee, had a wrapping >i
newspaper to oncsai It. It la about two feet long d
I very formidable. , ?
hrtTSBASi a at a Tanrtatstt Mian no.? About four "
look yesterday afternooo. during th# progress of the J
iperanc* meeting on Kort Greeje, n young mi n re
ne.1 Jamse Marker was arrested and taken to tins "
ty-fourth prec.net riaiion house. where he way
, ? .K ? ? ?r- " viwiiuK ? uiFiurwiacw IQ iI
k. I>i?lurb#oo*? at inas* s?mdiy open air gather- j ?
eeom lo be growing more numeroua at the tattoo /
w? 10 o rlMO.
lie Ftcian I.*w?ARartrr?Tba arretta for violation
Ihe 1* ite law apjK?i io bo growing moro frequent
ate Patrick Paily, liquor dealer. No. 13 Carroll
ot, South Brooklyn. ??? taken into cue tod 7 ycrterby
officer Jeraoy, of the Forty-third precinct,
rgvd with telling liquor on Sunday Jaraea D 1
ino. No Ot* Cnioa avenue, waa arre-ied on a airailar
r(o by an officer of tliqgiain? precinct. Kiipbalet
ire, weigher, corner ef Atlantic itre-t and Fourth "
toe. wan arwtod on Sii .'ilar n gbl by an officer of *Ri
Fiftieth proc'nrt tor eel mg I'quor without lirenen, wi
Sandiwoilfc, who kaepa a grocery a lor# on Power* t+
it, waa alao arreated nn Saturday evening on n go
ft of cotnat^iM n etmliar offence, fhey were nil
(or aiamiaatioa. y
ana ?The carpenter ahop owned by William H. Sot.
it corner of Bcyt awd srhermarhorn atreata, waa (
rayed by Are at aaeen o'clock last avaning. At th<
beet ware noticed to Ipave the premteee Joat bothe
flm made 1 u appealttca, it it prttatn-d they '
be thop on Ore. The damage it eetlmated at $SOO; Co
rad. Shortly before aereo o'? lock latt night a alight an<
wrurrod at No. 744 Court t;r,vt The fltmea were eltl
eubduod. ^ cm
Prnatr.n Wmiae Focvi^kw^ (tv a 1/w ?latt
1 ug on# of thttffi er? of the Korfy third precinct m
?1 WW*# fifl -0 ? ?*! IV* 19 ? *9t
very ill Aeei* aance was procured and she was taken to
the Btai.on In 1wmsl> ?n(i from theme to the
Jl if. ^ bb? gave Iter name ea Jennie Graham,
and said tr ^ ej,# ?M forty yean of age; that abe came
from t',e/'*aBieru pan of New York, and waa an entire
Hirauv'sm Brooklyn. No further information could be
< < from her, aa ahe became delirious. She '? ?nid
t0 b*/ in a very precarioua condition.
Jt? orricn .Amaultm and Baavnn av a Moa?Officer
"Ju?hra, of the Forty-third pr< ciaot, undertook to dieI
perse a number of corner loafera who bad congregated
at the corner of Court and Church atreeta about atx
o'clock laat evening. Some who wore drunk and dieorderly
refused to leave the place, and the efficer thereupon
took e man named John Scott) who seemed to be
the most quarrelsome, into cnatody. He had proceaded
but a short distance with hie priaener when be was
attacked by a mob of sboot fifty rowdies, wbo beat him
most severely with stones, cluhe, he , and endeavored
to rescue Scott. Several policemen soon came to bis
assistance and the mob fled. During the assault officer
Hughes held on to tbe prisoner, aud locked bitn up io
answer. No other arrests were made.
Ttrkih.ii Awault Alio ai.Lirr.f.ii Oitragb.?About oue
o dock yesterday morning, while on elderly woman,
a widow, named Alice Casey, *?." ha??ing through Fifty,
third aire*!, between Fifth and Madison avenuea, she,
it it alleged, was set upon by a young rascal I assisted
by tbreo other persons as vicious as himself) of the
name of William McDonald, who beat her in a most
inhuman manner about the face and body, cutting the
flash between the eyee ana also splitting the upper lip
from under the right nostril to tbe mouth. Her face is
one great bruiac, tbe cheeks and forehead to the roots of
lbs hair being battered to an lodlgo blue, her eves
fearfully swollen and closed, her noee almost flattened
to tbe face, and her ears torn and bleeding. She
stated that ber husband had died about fourteen
years ago, leaving her with three children to bring up;
that abe was now forty-one years of age and her business
that of seamstress?going from house to bonse in I
that capacity. To the question why she was in the
street, in so snfrsqusnted s plsee ns the scene of assault,
at so late an hour of tha night, she replied she bed
seen working in Fiftieth street for a lady, and bad promised
when slio bad got through with her engagement to
call on another person and remain with her until Monday
morning, adding that when she was near Madlaon
avenue, in Fifty-third street, she was set upon by tbe
prisoner, who suddenly and without any intimation
struck bar aeveral violent blows on the face, knocking
her down on the sidewalk; that she was then held there
by the other men, notwithstanding her outcrie?, while
McDonald proceeded to consummate his brutal purpose.
While still in the act McDonald was arrested by officer
John Gillon, of the Nineteenth precinct, and taken
to the station houae, hie confederates in the crime
escaping undetected, aided by the surrounding darkness.
McDonald la twenty-three years of age. He statod to
the Court that bte business was that of driver on tbe
cars. He pleaded not guilty to the charge, declaring that
bin only crime was drunkenness and being "fool enough
to stand and be arrested." Tbe officer who apprehended
him swears he caught the accused in the act.
Aixsuid Assault with Ijrrorr 10 Outrags.?Mrs. Margaret
Doberty, tho wife of a respectable citizen, residing
in 106tb street, between Second and Third avenues, while
passing from the cars to her residence in the street
named at twelve o'clock last night on ber return from
1 tho lower part of the city, where as she averred she had
been detained on business to a later honrth?n ?>.? ?.
anticipated, wa?, she alleged accosted by a man named
Muhael Sheehan, who caught bold cf her person, aa she
deposes, threw her on the walk and attempted further
vloleD"-o. Sheoh.m. except in the mere fact that he
dragged the complainant to the pavement, did not
attempt otherwise to cut or injure her person with bis
clenched hand. The accused, who seems to be a sedate,
inoffensive man, pneitivelv denies the allegations of tbe
woman, and explains bis presence in the vicinity by
sayiug that the woman was staggering alung as if she
were drunk, and that be attempted to Weep her from
falling. Sboehan was held to buil in (500 to appear and
Getting is iiis Winter Clothing.?Joaeph Hesterg,
whose business is "to be on tbe lay," called on Mrs.
Elizabeth Whittaker, at bcr residence in Eldrtdgs street,
and surreptitiously took therefrom wearing apparel of
the value of $120, belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker.
Joseph, when brought betore Justice Hhandlcy, of the
Essex Market Police Court, acknowledged the "corn"?
t. the theit?and in default of bail was committed to
await the action of the Grand Jury.
Business at Essex Market Yesterday.?1The charges
investigated at Essex Market Police Conrt yesterday
morning were of even less than ordinary interest.
Twenty-three persons, of whom seven were women,
were arrsigned for intoxication, Ave "plug-muiwers" for
disorderly conduct, two for "hitting straight out from
the shoulder," one for malicious mischief, one for
vagrancy and one for grand larceny. Although "splritu.iliy"
inclined, the roughs of both genders are far
from boing "rnussy. say," in the vicinity on the easterly
side of the city on Saturday nights and Sunday i
mornings. ]
Lanntnt ft Wholesale.?For some time past a ,
number of ladies and gentlemen who have been board- '
log at No. 54 Wost Eleventh street have been missing '
various articles or clothing, money and valuables, and ;
no clue to their whereabouts, until rec.?ntiir mum k.
obtained. At length suspicion fell upon a young man, ]
Gustavo Gonzalez, who had been introduced to the proprietor
of the house a short time ago by an officer of the 1
Brazilian arinv, and who was staying at the house.
At tbo time Gustavo first rame to No. 64 Eleventh
street be is represented to have been in rather a
seedy condition, but during his star bad "picked up" .
considerably, and ho Is now well clad. Officer Glllen, of
the Fifteenth precinct, was made acquainted with these f
facte, and inquiry from the various boarders in the ?
house adduced tbo fact that nearly ail of them had lost
property to a greater or leas amount. One g ntleman,
named Miguel Macbado, loat $200. The money was k
taken from bis trunk, and among keya found on the t
person of the prisoner was one which opened the trunk
of this gentleman. The wile of another gentleman, '
Seller Castillo, had her pocket relieved of $300. Other '
psrtiee lost various sums, ranging In amount from $20 *
in $60 in money and clothos. It Is alleged that on the 1
person of the prisoner were found two pawntickets, one *
for a set of ruse knives, valued at $2t, which had tieen c
panned for $4, and auoltier for a coat and vest, valued J
bvthe owner at $70. It is even said thai be tendered 1
in payment for a lawful debt contracted by blm two
pieces of counterfeit mouey. On one occasion he tot k tbe ,
aon of one ol tho boarders for a trip to Brooklyn, under 1
the pretence of coin? to obtain tome money,'which be J
said was sent to him from spnin. This evidently was a
dodge, resorted to in order tbat the boy would speak f,
about it to bis parents. When they arrived in Brooklyn |!
be gave the boy tho slip, sod reluming io a short lime s
interned him that he bad obtained the money. It is '
further stated aga n? tbe accused that be had stolen a 5
quantity of cigars, but w?? let go free by the man from
whom he is accused of pilfering. Officer Gillen found *
in his potsesMion a numb r ( greenbacks, some goid *
pieces, pawn tickets and a goid waiclt. It is yet impos- 1
Ible to eay to what extent he has been operating, as ho Is '
represented to have boarded ai several first class hotels J
He it ajronng man of good address, about twenty-two 1
years of age. and dresses well. He was taken before 1
Justice Dodge yesterday, and a complaint of larceny
made against him Taere were several people in court
whTira it is supposed ho has victimized ready to prefer
"barges. The Judge held blm on one, and the officer is
making still further investigations.
Alum so Highway JbeininT ? Washington Farnbam, ?
130 West Twenty-tixth street, alleges tbat on tbe night of a
he 20tb insL be was met by a man named William Mulli[an,
in a liquor store at tbe corner of Eighth avenue and *
fourteenth street. After leaving tbe store both men J
ralk?d tocctber ea far as ThiMv-fourth street, when it ie
mid Muili.au set upon complainant, knocked him down, t
eired hold of h.a watch chain and tora hla watch from
he pocket of the proetrate man. and then ran n(T He h
ras subsequently arrested and was brought before Jus- e
ice Dodge Tsaterdav. by whom he was committed for a
rial on the charge preferred against him. T
Viola now or thi: Eictm Law.?John O'Donnelt, of '
lo. 23 Cherry street, Daniel O'Conneit, of No. 128 *
batliam atreet. and tharlea Wager. of No. 48 Writ
Iroadway, were yeaterday held to ball in the earn or
300 each by Justice Howling to anawer a charge of
avmg violated the F.irise law.
Naw CoMrLAixTr Auain*t am Oi.d Orr*jrt>**.?Brandon n
lozley. who bad previously been arrested on a similar M
tiarge, wae yesterday complained of by lira. Margaret 3
Ilea, of No. 0 Amity atreet, who states that on Angnat T
) Mozlay gave to her a cheek for $72 on the Contl- n
ental National Dank, purporting to bavo been drawn
y Doleon A t o., and staled that lit wished to settle the d<
ill of on# Btella Bonheur. Supposing the chock to t>e
jod, Mrs. Alios received it and gave Moiley $3 76, the
UTerence between the face of the check and the amount
r the bill. The cheek waa subsequently found to be
ortbleaa. On August 18 Mozlev presented another et
orthlea chock for $118, purporting to have been drawn of
y Doleon A Co. on the Chemical National Rank, and o<
tade payable to Btella Bonheur or bearer, to William C(
Ibblee, of 864 Broadway, In payment of a hill owed by
Ilea Bonbeur, and received $12 60. Justice Howling
unmltted the accased for trial at the court of Special
lactone on these new complaint*.
WJTEL tiCE If ClfCmiTf. ?
- - - pi
t mcmwATi, O , Sept 21, 1887,1 ??
< o Clock P. M. ( "j
mte Reynolds and William Quilllns, both without
[a, e?*d aceomplwhing t'ocomotioa with tbolr arms, az
4 a <?.is mile race ihla afurnooa for a puree of $1,000. PJ
lynolda weir lis 106 and QuKI In* 120 pound a. The rare jg
is won 2>v Reynolds in eleven minute* aad fifteen jp
-onda A modeiately^large crowd witoeeaed the 8lo> Mi
tor contest. an
Foarmft* Movant, Sept. 20, 1887. (>
General Jacob^mllo, who bulde Ike higheet raak la fe
1 American Marine corps, paid dtotoit to the Ooeport *
.vy Yard yeaterday, aad being tV' apeeial gueet or l4l
mmodore McKoity ru received with eearteey Cli
d rsapect due', hie diet ntuiahed rank. The receiving M<
P New Hampehlre Minted the Uenera' l,h alevea J?
n* and the entire Marine battalion tarnsAaot In full Jm
ms for nspectioa The barrackt of Colot'*' Broome, ho
marine offl or of the yard, and the frlgef*' "* '' w
we. were veued aad Inspected as well tt e? *TT t'lher dl?
IVtoMB* VfiMfOkOO WJUt Iht WA Jk
' r >T
ClMKiMMMl ?f Ike leNftoi* Smmb?
WiUmi ud Repairs fti Oar
CM} Places cf Wariktp.
Return af tbe R?v. Henry War J Beecher.
The iter. Beery Ward Beecher officiated yesterday at
TTymouth church for the first time since bis return from
the summer vacation. During bis absence the congregation
worshipping at this church was very small, many
of the flock, following the pastor's example, being absent
on their annual migrations to the watering places
and tbe inland summer retreats. Yesterday, however,
the church was uncomfortable crowded. The return of
tbetr favorite pastor attracted all tbe truants, and ao
great was the number of persons present that the doorways
and pa-sarcK were thronged. Even the steps loading
to tbe pulpit were appropriated bv eome fashionably
dressed ladies, while tbe entrance at the rear of tba
church was occaqied by many persons wbo could not
even get a glimpse of the interior of tbo sacred edifice,
and who bad to be content with bearing very faintly tbe
preacher's voice.
The reverend gentleman took his text from the twelfth
veree, first chapter of second Timothy, end delivered one
of bis usual eloquent and effeciive'dtscourses, inculcating
the fact that tbo higher moral truths, which we are
called on to oelieve, are more certain than tbe lower questions
of truth, which are determined by the tenses.
No changes have been made in the interior appearanee
of the church during tfie vacation.
Sermon wad Address by the Right Itev.
IJcnrge D. Cum ullage, D.B., Assistant
Bishap of Kentucky.
The pulpit of the beautiful edifice of tbe Church or
the Incarnation was occupied by Dr. Cummings, of
ITanltidVv last niakt !#?* -I
UVH.UV.JT, ?U>SUM /II vol I UO UBUOl IIU pi con I v c vpcu*
tog ceremonies of tba Episcopalian Berries, the reverend
gentleman selected as his text the thirteenth chapter of
St Paul's Epistle to the Romans, twelfth verse. He referred
to the shortness of human life, and this as the
period of saleatlan. The figure of the text conveyed that
the present life was bat one of night to the Christian,
and that death ushered in the fulness of the day. This
mystery had overpowered the feeble mind oT man to
fully comprehend, but God's revelation was sufficient to
show that the saved spirit would, after death, know
of the Saviour's dealings?that His mysterious
providence would then be revealed. God would then
take tbem step by step over every period of their lives,
and show where poor humanity adjudged Him unkind.
His ministrations unjust, that in His beneficence they
were for bis great good He would lift the dial from the
clock of nature, and where only the indices could now
be discerned the Christian would see the whole
mechanism of His goodness and rule. And in an eloquent
manner, by brilliant metaphors and sparkling and
solemn exhortations, the minister elucidated the lessons
of the te^t.
Upon the completion of the sermon Dr. Cummings
descended from the pulpit and In a few sentences narrated
to the large congregation the state of his diocese
in Kentucky; how that the devastating hand of war
bad impoverished many societies and levelled their
once beautiful edifices to the ground. He appealed to
the liberal for aid, which was generously responded to.
The tomporsry chapel belonging to this church, at the
corner of Fifth avenue and Fifty-third street, was reopened
yesterday for public worship. The Rov. Dr.
Morgan, rector, officiated, and preached an eloquent sermon,
dwelling with special earnestness upon the greatness
of the work of Christian regeneration to bo accomplished
and the necessity of an earnest, self-denying ef
mitiiu iuc jiuitui rwiu luuiTiauai 10 aia in tne accomplishment
of this purpose. He was listened to Willi deep
attentlou by a large congregation.
Tnis churcb, which is located in Fifty-fourth street,
near Second avenue, was reopened yesterday for
the celebration of divine service. The church has been
closed during the summer, and in the meantime It has
been repamtod, and now preaents a vary pretty appearance.
The congregation was large and fhabtonabla.
Tho services yesterday were performed by the Key.
Mr. Hoyt. the rector of the church, and were according
to the ordinary Episcopal ritual.
The neat looking edifice in East Twenty-fifth street,
a ear Madison avenue, erected in memory of the lata
Rev. Dr. Hawkea, was formally opened for divine service
iresterday, under the above dedicatory title. A sermon
wm preached by the Rev. Dr. Higbee, in tho course of
which bo referred to tho eminent virtues and service to
religion of the late reverepd gentleman, whose monument
they were that day dedicating, after wbioh ha
proceeded with much eloquence ana greet feeling to
point out the mission In hand and tho necessity of a
proper co-operative movement on the part of the congregation
in tho prosecution of this work.
Yesterday morning the Fourth Presbyterian chnrcb,
ocated in Thirty-fourth street, near Broadway, was
ormally dedicated to the service of God and thrown
ipen for public worship. The building la erected in the
emi-Gothlc style of modern ehureh architecture, and is a
mndred feet deep by sixty-five feet wide. The spire can
e seen for a long distance over the neighboring booses,
n<l is one hundred and sixty-two fast In height, and
milt entirely of atone, as is also the front Some fine <
tamed glass windows give general light all through
he interior, and the woodwork and fittings are neatly
xecuted. The auditory is forty-flvo feet high, and is j
apable, with the galleries?which are built without
nlumnii?of seating a thou-and persona The cost of
be entire building is *$100,000, exclusive of the
The officers of tbs church are tbs Rot. John Thompson, ,
>. D.. pastor; William Whitowright, James Allen, Edrard
MacKenzie, James Stuart, John Aitken, James i
>(orrison, Samuel Kydd and William Dalrympla, ruling i
Iders; the trustees are William Eagle, Joseph Stuart, i
osepb Harrison, David Morrison, Robert Allan and John i
(trachea. The dedication service yesterday opened
rlth an invocation by the pastor, after which the hun- i
Iredth psalm was sung by the choir with marked effect,
'ben the Rot. W. T. Morrison read the psalms and |
criptures (eighty-fourth and one hundred and thirty- ]
ecoud psalms and John II, thirteenth to seventeenth (
'erses). l)r. Quackenbosb. D. It., afterwards prayed, .
ind Dr. Thompson made an address to the rongregstton, i
n which he alluded to the work that was being done <
hat morning, and around his flock here earneatly he
rill labor in the aevlce of the Gospel. A version of the
a hundred and iwent; -first psalm followed:?
I to the hills will lift mine eyes,
Vmm whence dotli come mine eld;
Mr safety cometh from the Lord, I
Who heaven and earth hath made. i
The alith chapter of Second Chronicles was now rsad,
i dedication prayer offered np by Dr. Gardener Spring,
,noih-r Psalm sung and the benediction pronounced. j
he church was now declared formally dedicated lo the ]
erv4ce of the Trinity and Unity, and the date placed on
be archives? 22d September, 1M7?a little more than a
ear after the corner stone was laid. j
Service was again held In the aftornooe, at half-past
hree o'clock, when Dr. Rogers preached an eloquent 4
ermon on the text. "The glory of the latter times shall
e greater than the glory of the first"?Hsggal it. :9? *
therein the Prophet referred to the day* of the old 4
nd naw Jerusalem In the evening the paetor. Dr.
homas, preached a rerraon from First Corinthians, 4
:'J3, "But we preach f'hriit crucified." Large congre
ations were present at each service, and handsoma coltctlons
were teken up In the morning and evening.
This church, which was closed during (be summer
tooths, was reepeued yesterday for dlviut service. A ?
irmon was preachod in tba moroiag by tha Rev. Dr.
swell, and in the evening by the pasior, Dr. Foster. s
be interior of the churrh has been cleanad and .
swly decorated, and tha chancel and altar place renosted.
Service will he continued regularly every Seety
for the future. V
A aertnoo ?u advertised to b? preached yesterday j
rening by the Rnv. Matthew Halo Smith on -The Work
' London Christians Among tbo Neglected Classes In *
root Cities." but owing to tbo repairs not haviag boon \
unpleted tbo rburvb was oot opoood m announced. w
There were no arrival! at Quarantine yentorday from
reeled porta, and only one additional caae of atcknas* i
aa transferred from the Minnesota to the hoepltal. The ?
ellby paaaengera on the Minnoaota have been trana- bi
trod to the Illinois, and it la not thought likely thai Z
iy additional caaea of sickness mil be developed. The (
linoie will probably be rel-aaod in a few day* from ?
laranune. *
The following la a complete Hat of the arrivals J
id deatba at the Quarantine Hospital for the ri
at three days?Admitted to ibe hospital? J
ktarlne lleigan*, native of Holland, rrom tha
Inneeota, diarrhoea: .lobanna Connor county Kerry,
aland, from tha Minnesota, continued rover; Teresa
?tthews, county Loath. Ireland. Mlnnaaata, dementia
id debility; Ana tardea, county Cavao, Ireland, Mln- th
laota. oontmued favor; Mary Campboll. county Tc/ono,
stand, Minnoaota, "Continued fever; Edward (rVail,
verpool, England, Mlnnaaata, continued favtr; Bridget adock,
rounianlalway, Ireland, Minnoaota, command &
rer; Mary Hill, county Mavo, Ireland, Mtnnooota,
ntlncod farer; Henrv Meagher, I.wrerpool, England,
nnaaota, diarrbtra, Helan (llbbona, coua.y Mayo. Ire- i
id, Mtonesoia, aeaoctua; Bridget /rConor, county
ire, Ireland. Minnesota. continued fever; Many Ellon ?
Nab, couatv ttalway. Ireland, Mmnaaota, gtorrbrea;
ha Latter, eoualy Ciare, Ireland. Mianaeeta. ddfclllty;
robe Lobe, Cms.*,a, Minnesota, old ago and eiarrbow; .
rah Shea, county Mayo. Ireland, Minneeota,.eontlod?d >
'er; female mama unknown . Ireland, Mmneaofg) f
>rh<ws. n-aths, Mary Ellen McNab, Edward O'Netl,
i*. Br;Jget C Uncr, <ri?glt. .game unknown) { g,.
Aupmmmi *1 the WrMk*Tltllwil te the
atncM of the Disaster?The Mlsalw* Parties?
Heppeeed has# ef One or Mere ef the Pee*
Rcmnix. Sept. ?, 1M7
The wreck of this ones splendid i teem boat new liee
wttbln two milee of thte place, .mmedlately eppoalte tke
detneene of the Mr. William Kelly, one of the principal*'
shareholders in the People'e Line, and most present te
that gentleman's view anything bat a pleasing prospect.
She is completely beat across on the deck of iho flrss
tier of state cabins, which are yet nader water, and all'
the railings, gangways, doors, he., at that portion of the
vessel prevent a shattered appearance. The verv
strongest of her forward timbers have beau crushed
almost to powder, and that part where the Vnnrierbi't
alruck appears as if Jt bad been cut right throughby
somo abarp instrument. Tbe force with which
the two met must have bean remarkably violent, otherwise
tbe timbers of tbe Richmond would not have been
so severely damaged. Strong beams gave way before
tbe crash; iron bars made but a slight resistance, end,
as tbs present condition of the boat proves, the now of
tbe Vandorbilt must havs entered the forward cabins of
tbe Richmond; and not alone are the sides of tbe latter?
her railings, cabin frames, furniture and ornaments?
damaged, but, as before mentioned, tbe second deck is
literally bent in two near the bow. and a portion of the
lower deck now lies drooping id tbe water, hanging on
by, it may be said, a thread to the msin. and likelv at
any moment to break off. The upper tier of cabins at
iho stem cod ore now above wnter, but those at the bow
are atill below tbe surface. In all parte the beet's furniture
has ben damaged by tbe disaster; tbe pilot bouse,
however, bis escaped untouched, and la tha only section
of the vessel uninjured by tbe collision.^' ?
To-day this part of the Hudson presented en unusual)*
lively ap pea reuse. From early morning numbers of
people from Kingston, Roundont and Rhinebeck visited
the scene of the disaster In yawls, aoows and avery
available kind of paddling or rowing machines, each a
thing as a steamboat collision of like importance being a
rarity in tble quiet end p cturerqne vicinity. Tbe excitement
wblch the labor of tbe working deys kept cool
and tha curiosity which could not be previously gratL
fled were indulged in to tbe fullest extent, and going to
church was evidently only a eecoadary consideration to
visiting the Dean. t
On Saturday a wrecking company commenced raisinr
the steamboat, and by to-day succeeded In rl(bling her
and lifting part of her bow and stern over water, so that
the men were better able to prooeed with the work of
discharging whatever could be saved of the cargo and
the passengers' luggage. The furniture of the opper
cabins has been mostly taken out, and two divers bare
been at work all day and yesterday removing goods
from the lower portion of the beat up to the present
moment a large quantity of cheese, bedding and furniture,
and several trunks belonging to the passengers
have been placed on board the bargee In attendance on
the wreck; end brooms, boots, bete end other smeller
articles are occasionally to be seen floating on the water,
end immediately picked up by the wreckers, or by
Individuals In small boats, who may have very extended
ideas of smartness, but remarkably narrow
ones of honesty. Some of the luggage, It 1?
thought, has drifted from the luggage room, and
one oT the divers who visited that portion of
the boat at half-past ten o'clock to-day reported the
room emptv, but It was hoped that the diver may have
been mistaken and visited the wrong place. One of tne
patent inflating buovs on each side of her supports thw
Richmond with s power of sixtv tons, and it Is declared
by the superintendent better not to lift her any biebar
until more or the freight be discharged, lest sbe may
capsize, TTTK
As before mentioned in tbe columns of tbe H skald,
it is tbouelit that one of tbe waiter', a cook and a fireman
have been lost, but nothing definite on tbe subject
bas been yet ascertained; but it Is almost certain tbat
tbe fireman, wbose name Is William Ryan, is one of thn'
victims, as he was last seen going towards the engine
room, and it is supposed tbat tbe force of tbe watern
forced tbe door and closed It on htra. As regards the
passengers, people, especiallv those living in the neighborhood
or whero tbe collision took place, have much to
ay; many are in doubt as to the safoty of
tbern all?as reported bv tbe officers of tbe boat,
while others express the opinion that some of,
those having rooms nesr the bow mast base been'
either killed or drowned by tbe occurrence. To any one
who has seen the Richmond sine# the disaster the latter
surmiee will not appear aensational eg exaggerated, for
the bow of the Vanderbiit penetrated the forward pert
of tbe cabin, completely annihilating everything that
came in its way. A gentleman I wan speaking with.
-no wu on board at tne lima or tna collision, told methat
bo bad uen aix persons in the extreme forward)
part of tbo cabin immediately before tbo disaster, nodis
positive be saw ooly two come out. One of the mod
working at tbo wreck to-day also said tbat bo waa almost
confident of the Ion of one passenger bo aaw near tbo
bow of tbo boat a few minutes before tbo ooUIWon. On
the other hand, however, tbo steward and officers of the
Dean Richmond are positive about the safety of every
one of their peasengore, and ignore the statement of
those who assert the contrary. The question, therefore,
on the moot solemn result of the collision?tbo
Ion of life?remains yet unanswered, and awaits either
the exertions of tbe divers or the ebb and flow of the
Hudson to tell the public how many more have been
added to the large list of victims of steamboat collisions,
explosions and otner such mishaps strangely peculiar to
our river navigation.
Bos-row. Sept. 22. 18?7, 1
7 :30 o'Cloek P. H. |
The Grand Jnry of tbe t'nited Sums Biatrial Court in
Ibis'diitrict baa returned indictments agalaet the following
partios for rrauda upon tbe governmentExekiel
8. Johnson, of Boston, for removing 450 barrels of whiskey,
without a government permit, from the distillery
of J. F. Perry, In Buffalo, to thia city, otberwiae than
Into a bonded warehouse; also aiding and abetting In
the removal and conoeaiment; Thomas Pen and Andrew
I. Houghton, of Boston. for the same offence; George
D. Nelson, of Burlington, VL, for carrying on thebusiness
of a distiller in a dwelling houee without
paying tbe United States tax; alao for carrying on tbe
business of a distiller and manufacturer of spirits, with
duv paying me special United State# tax; AM T.
Randall, ot East Brldgewater, for unlawfully carrying
on tlia business of a brewer, without paying tbe special
United States tax; Thomas White, of Barre, for unlawfully
manufacturing a still and boiler, without notifying
the Collector of Internal Reveaue of his district; Michael
G. Minon, of Boston, for carrying on the bosinsM of
rectifier, without paying tbe special United States tax;
Benj. L. White, of South Reading, same oOence; Peter
[). Kelly, of Auburn, same offence; Win. 6. Keenan, of
rewksbnry, same offence?two indictments; I or en 20
2t<>ne. of Barre, same offence; Georgo D. Boeworth. of
N'ewhiirvport, same offence?four Indictments; Geo. W.
L/'urr er, of Newbury port, same offence?four Indictments.
Artemas Goodr ch, of Lunenburg, same offenoe?two
ndiotraents; John McNaughtoo. of Boston, same
Absolute divorces legallt obtained in
Neir York; alio States where cruel treatment, drunkmnni,
desertion Is sufficient legal cause; no publicity ;ad'Ice
free. V. I. KINU. Attorney, 340 Broadway.
/V Glass, Cutlery. Plated Ware. Refrigerators. Cooking
tens la end House Furnishing Articles from EDWARD tf
IASSF11RD. corner store. Cooper Institute, Astor place.
State Lottery, for the benefit of tbe Maeontc Orphan
usoaoia STATS EXTRA?CLASS 8.V SEPTS Baea 21, 1867.
3, 45. 42. .In, ST., 47, IS, 40, 31. 63. 7K. 21. 12.
i.tosbiA stats?CLASS tw. September 21. 1267.
2. 64. 48. 19, 34. 6. 10. 86. 41, 76. 22. 67. 60.
screi.asBSTABT kttra?class 866, ssernaxn 21, 1267.
5. x it. 74, 94. AN 14. 40, 70, 6.
scrrLEasirTAar?CLASS 367, SEPTEMBER 21. 1S67.
, 81 33. 22. 34. 28. 60, 70. 47. 41, 46.
ROYD. WILSON a CO .Managers. Atlanta. Ua.
MclNTYRK a CO.. 125 Chatham street,
and 72 Cortlandt street. New York.
ft, state Lotteries.
6, IS. 77. 48. 78. 00. 3 27. 66. 62, 16, 60, 4K
mn rir stats?class f>60. September 21, 1267.
1, 14. 37. 21. 41. ffl. 68. 41, 46, 62, 71, 36, 22
Ml RRAY. EDDY A CO., Managers.
kssttvet state extra- class 47a )1 lie
?. 27, .13 74. 6, 17, A 43. 1, 14. #7, 30, a
k*imickt rr*r*?claim 474, arrraaniatl, 1987.
I, 17, 47, 4. 16. 9. *?. S, 78, 66, 61. 3H, M.
For circular* of Kentucky State Lotteries address ML'R
IA V, EDDY A CO., Coelngton, Ky.
Prirca cashed and Information given by addressing K.
IKJHMONDi No. 4 Corllandt street '
Ciruulara and Intorraatlon furnished.
J. CLb'TK, Broker, 174 Broadway and ISS Fulloa street. '
J disrate* of the feat cured by Dr. ZACIIAKIE, 76C
druu >e*a, cruelty, Ac., sufficient eauae. no pibllrUy
r fee till d. ibiainod; advice free.
X. IIOtFRH, Attorney, 7R Naaaau alreet N. Y.
atreet. reoe dire: from manufacturers Mlnrk.
y Hurt Murker Ci r. White Roae and other favorite fancy
ran It of llhnois. >1 ? tirl Ohio, Indiana and Mithutan.
J Teaa, Coffeee, Mn;tr?. KlO'ir and all k.nile of Prorion*,
at the calebrau tlroeery Stores of THOMAS R.
GNEW'. 360 and W On ?awlrh ttreat. corner Murray. New
orlt. t Call, eat# y. ur m..ney and ?er for yotiraeltee,
Puhll atlon office.
No 39 Hroadw iy.
Charles H. Sweetter,
Editor and nmiineto..
Hat the eld ediiors, wr.tara, adverllaera and frtesda eC
e Evamnf Gazette
I Coni-ulir. .f Mi.zart Hall will be hrld al M?',rt Ha,
Monday evening 2*1 loiL, al 7'Z o'clock. By onter
lt I. LEE, t buirmnu
>F?. il McCAirHT. )
'oat Miwhill, i Secretarial.
WA'l'CHEI. JKW.LRT. ic: *;
eeLOUIS ANRICH. 133 Rrnadway (under. Ibe New
rk Hotel), barlog on hand a superb and rich aaaortmcnk
line Diamond Jewelry, offers II.e name for hire la
ties of rreponalhtltty, reasons >l? terns, Igr NA^
>gs, baiia, opera, taepuf, #v

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