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Garibaldi Moving Near Florence.
The Race for the Grand Prize
of Paris.
larikaldl'* ApmrRBM N'rnr Florence.
Flohkmcb, r?pt. 23, 1867.
Uar.'Midi tut made tin appearanoa at Arcrzo, forty
Milan front thu otty.
Funeral oi IU> PoUceinmi Killed in .llauI'hrMer.
MANfHTHTen, Sept. 23, 1807.
Tbo fiinera! of policeman Hrett, who was killml hv tlio
nioh on Friday, took place y -eierday. Tho citizens of
Manchester showed th -ir sympathy for tlio deceased and
their respect for law atnl order by attending the funeral
In Urge numbers
Hio police coulinuod to make arrests of parties implicated
in the not a: fast as they eaa he identtfiotl, and
twenty or thirty porsjac are now in jail awa'ting examination.
TH, -v. C!! TU:F.
Tim I'ity ul line ?? Piitrloinu IVi niter of
(is. <Srund I'ri/.c.
Ta 'P, Sept. 2 V 1-107.
Th - annual races of the cltv of l'aris tuok niece soslerda/
at th> Longcuamp Course, near lUe B -h da Boulogne.
As on form -r o. :>5ion:, the alteodaneo was immouse
and tbo excitement roil hijb. The groat raco of the
liy, fjr 'ho grand prize of. Paris, was won by the
lam ins ho;s-? Patricien.
Tir< T. > ?Mo.yky "T/.rket. ?Lo.ypo", Sept 23?2 P.
M. ?' ou?o|, (or monov, Pi L ; United States Ave twenty
bonds. H.'i; IlInoU Ccuiral Railway shares, 77; Eric
It.v.lwijr shares, 41'? ; Atlantic and. Great Western consolidatod
bonds, 2211.
I*i vu ?nooi C ottos M irket ?I.tvcrspoof, Sept. 20,
ISO" ? Ine cotton market opens with rather a qtnot feeling.
The estimated sales to-day are 10,000 balos. The
open.115 quotations are ns follows:?Middling uplands,
9J?d.; tit.i Orifsitt:. 9d.
Livim'.'OOL linrAPSTprks Markkt.?Livrtno t.. Sept.
23-2 P. M.?Breads;tills are qtilot. Corn, 47s. per
quarter for niijud Western. Wheat, ids 8tl. perreutal
tor mixed California. Barley, 63. 3d. per 00 lbs. of
American. Oats, 3< 7d. 1 er 45 ibs. for C'uuadian. Peas,
44>. per 501 lbs. tor Canadian.
I*iv.*rto)L Ppoti3ioxs M arkct.?T.tvriipool., Sept. 23?
2 P. SI.? Beef 117s ltd. per 304 lbs. forextra pruue mess.
Pork 71s. por 200 lbs. tor city prime moss. Baron 42*
8d par cwt. for middles. I-ard 51s. 6:1. per cwu for
Ameri -an. Choose 53 '. per cwt. for middling American.
l*iVKKPOOI, Produce Markbt.?LlVKRTOOt, Sept. 21 ?
2 I*. St.?Rosin. S-. por cwt. for common American and
13s for medium. Tallow, 44 . 6.1. por owt. for American.
Potashes, 3la. per cw t. Petroleum, 104. per Kallon for
sntriis and Is. 6,!vd. for standard while. Clovorseed,
11-t par cwt. for American.
I/tyno.x Market.'.?London, Sept. 23?Noon.?No. 12
Dutch standard sugar, 29s. 6d. Calcutta linseed, CSs.
8d. per imperial qtiaitor. Linseed cakes, ?t0 5s. per
ton for feeding. I-iuseod oil, ?20 per ton. Whale oil,
?40 per 252 callous. ?i erm oil. ?115 por ton.
Ima Pataouftm Markrt ? Antwerp, Sept. 23?Noon.?
Petrol an :u Arm at 55 francs for standard white.
Illarlne Iiilellinence.
Qrnrcsrow*, Sept. 23, 1807.
The Ste?m3hlp Aleppo, Cup.aln Ilarneon, from New
York on tho Uih inst , uf the Cunard lino, has arri\ed
ho. o on tho way to Liverpool.
The s'eamship Ftna, Captain Tibbelts, of the Inman
tine, from New York on too llth instant, arrived Lore
this uioraiug en routt to Livorpool.
Qchrec, September 23, 1807.
Tho steamship Peruvian, from Liverpool on the IJ.h.
vt* Londonderry on tho 13th Instant, passed Farther
F?>nt f route to this port at a quarter tu twelve o'clock
last ni.'Ut
I ne: e sr* Iftv throe vessels In tbo rirer, bstweon Point
Pesmnttis and ibis port, iitwari bound,
Ftjr.ro* Stskkt Pit aypr Msetixo. ?Tho tenth annijroriary
of tho Fulton street daily prayer meeting was
celebrate! yesterday at the Old North church, corner of
K lit *n and William streets. From ten o'clock In the
rooming iptlte a crowd ( sieged tho doors of the sacred
edifice, and at nron the proceedings opened with tho
uiv.iu* of ,tn aanivi ran li> mn, composed tor tb occasion
>f Thomas .'ereio ah. ' The meeting was then given
to p'syer indcr the dneotionof the officiating clorgyniau
The Fulton etro t prayer meetings have boon
diMigood as a insane of leading to prayer the innnv boslue?-<
uisn engaged in the city during tho day who may
have an hour to spare, aul the church is regularly
oi eti'-d jacu day for the purpose from twelve until ono
A Sao Caas.?About si* week? ago a Mrs. Lambert,
the mother of four litlie children, tho eldest of whom
was but fourteen years of age, diod In Boston. ?oon
after the death tho father o( the children was informed
by a sister-in-law of his that If ho would send on
Hie children to her rrsid nee in Williamsburg she
would take good care of lh?tn. 'lhe children, tho two
vo"n est, wero sc-t en and were closely followed hy the
e I at t girl, who on arriving nt bar aunt's found that
she "sd the little o i03 dully employed bcgelng about tho
s raM Kasfilns her ?>**n counsel the quietly laid i>v
evuiy day a few cents un.il she had accumulated J2 50.
Thinking that thli j rrr would amply suffice to pnv the
p* i - of herself and brother and si.-ter to Boston, she
awaited a favorable opportunity yesterday morning when
h ir anul ha i gene out, and mn ta lier war wait the other
chl' !:eu Ui tallica he iquart?n, where she la formed Capl?
n John Yonng of the clrcumatanc s in which she was
placed. The clu'dreii were placed ou hoard of a Rostou
boat hy Jovial John's order, and left this port late la tho
Horn rou happy and contented.
PttouABLK Fatal i an Accioeht.?Lato on Sunday
night Patrick Keel an, store keeper, thirty Ave years of
go^od residing at No. 250 Mott street, in attempt ng
to got on one of the Third avenue cars at the corner of
Spring street and tho Bowcrr accidentally mired his
ruiiimj, .wnon me rar passe u over o??f jcrs ana mangir.1
In* body in a most shocking manner. Officer
llob'rt P. Railly, of tbo Twenty-sixth precinct, who
happened to witness the occurrence, had the uufortunut'
man promptly conveved to Belleriio Hospital. Mr.
Nuolnn wo* still living up to a Uio hour last night,
although tuimmh hope it etiforiolr.r.l of bis ultimate
r?>p-ivory. The above named officer had the driver of tha
or (No 18) arr-sted, who will be held to await the
remit of tir. Neelan'a injuries.
8Eii.">trs Aoctoton.?I'atricfc Connolly, a 'longshoreman,
forty-seven years of age, residing at No. 7 Deshra'soe
stiool, was taken by officer H. a Hoiley, of the
TAenfy-elxlh precinot, to Ilellev.ie Hospital, suffering
severe Injuries nuiamed by the tailing of an Iron tab.
on botrd the ship Iowa, now lying nt pier 20 North
11 -or It uppoaia Connolly w*9 at work in the hold of
tee vessel dtecha/g ng coal, whon the chain attached to
Mis windlass t.ioka and precipitated the tub into tbo
h <ld. strikmc Connolly ou tho back and loins, compi
itelr prostrating him.
Tiia Kiyal IxacR*?ca Bosd R.'BBvrt.?The investigation
of tho charge against Daniel Noble of complicity
in the robbery of $200,900 in bond* from the office of the
Royal Insurance Company, or this city, ?m continued
yesterday before Justi' 'Hogon. Very little of Importance
wan elicited and thj case was again adjourned.
A-niraLu or Ewiora*t?.?'Three thousand threo hundred
and eighty emigrants arrived at this port during
Sunday sad yesterday in the steamers, from the ports
ail tn the numbers as follows:? teamship City of
J'wils, f.iverpii d, 841, steamebip Tarda. Liverpool, 831.
steatushlp Heliona, London. 449; steamship City or
Cork, Antwerp, 401; *t?nm?h.p Te ilouia, Hamburg, 417;
eh'p Jjho Bertram, Hamburg, 277; barkO. H. tvatjen,
Mr -men, 409,
projected raizi: ru.aT.
"VVi 111-iin Ifnvls nml Cbnrlue (Jullnghcr te
rieht Nonr Detroit.
UgTsw.vD, Sept. 23, 1967,1
0 o'clock, P. M. |
for several days spitting circles In this city nav?
t) en onhvaned by a bitter newspaper war between William
11 Davis, a prtxe ring veteran, end Cbariel Galla
gber. a young aspirant for fistic honors, as to the rela
11, v rr.cr e <1 ouch, rite coniroversy culminated at th<
Amrncen Hu'ise litis morning, In tha two men meettni
ami signing aril 'lea of agreement to light on the 6th n
October, within il'iy mile* of Detroit, for $".00 ? fide, tr
ho uioreased ttf the parties eee fit. Arthur Gore
c. Detroit, backs tob'.oer Davis is backed by Johnny
Mar.kay. Dsvls is the an win figured in tha made-iii
fight with K lloti Ia>i Miy, and Gallagher first attractei
attention tbr ngh being s'i bed to flgUt b ll.ili, on thi
Oin of July last, wtuoB match fail through, owing t
Gallagher's blue**
HIiirM ot Cnvmln Utwral Maaxiin?--?Arrtvnl
of. il?e Kitiuau tatlio!'" Hlaltop nt II i' nun,
II Av ha, Sep; 2*2, 1?6T.
Capt\ ;n Gonsral Vanzano la reported si k to day.
Tli) Ho man Catholic Huh >p for this island lias arrival
tn th a city from Spain
.Nawa frost Taaazuala-HriiMnl Fnleon nt
(be Capita l-Pr??ideal (iuilairrz, oi ioiouibin.
at Bin (Ota.
roam Rivo, Sept I ft, 186T, (
Via Havasa, Sop* 'U. |
Dates from Vent *uel? to the $Kh last. are received.
General Falcon la ?1 arrived rt the Capitol.
The new Forei^o ftMinielor w Seflor Jacinte
President Qutierrea^ of Colombia, arrived at Bogota
ou the 4th Inst.
The lllaree of tkstCapiaiu Cmornl Rapidly
lurreneian?The (it <wernaient Placed tn the
Ifnade of daunt It* imozudu?l>vpurtnro of
Mr. Plumb from Met (>(*<>
Havana, Sept. 23, lftflT
The illness of Captain U<nhoral Man v ino has lucreasod
to such a degree as to incape'%l*to him from attending to
any^ official business. At balf-a tat six o'clock this ovoniug
Count Balmozada was placet 1 la charge of Hi) government
of the island.
Mr. Plumb and Captain Quae** mbusb. U. 8. N., hare
leit Moxico. i
Exchange dull; rates unr!?aau;ev ; sugar quint nn<l
steady, prices unobaagod Irwu It * In I quotations
)<ard, in tierces, lO.^c.; iu tine, Ids Potatoes, 8l,c
Petroleum, reals.
DTttrine Iim-lli vi-nre *
iuvams, $>pl 22, 1j87
Arrived yesterday, the Spanish loail alc.vner, from
, < e>tix, and tin English mail steamer Kglor, from -St.
Thomas; Br.ti ti brig TV. M. W.haius, Iroui N'<*r York.
Sai'ed, steamer Missouri aud berk J. IC. Wolden, for
Now Y irlc.
ll '.rili, inept. 21, 18A7.
Ar. veJ, trt earner Stars and Sir.pes, from Philadelphia,
an I lulq T. J. Ma piire, from New Ynric.
Sailed, English mad steamer Cidor, for Vera Cruz.
C'ou^i-utnlntory illrnuigen Between iilnyor
lloltiniii! uimi (lie Civil ?i over nor of Cuba.
1 !io following congratulatory despatches were sotil
through the Cuba ca'olo oa F'rid iy, Sopioru'oor 111:?
matok uoffma.s to t> on nts la vk a
To ITU Kxci-lioa;:/ Ser.or D. Ju.u Cutibkrkz dk ia Vpga,
C vil Governor und President of the Havana Council:?
Now York greets Havana on the completion of teleI
graphic union b >t v\oon 'he United States ".nd ''uba.
.way their c mniercial relations bo prosperous, and
| their peace proverbial.
Havana likewise greets New York on tl t? completion
of mo telegraph union bclweon Cuba and the t imed
j rlataa.
Cod gnat iliat their poace bo eternal and increase tha
prosperity of their commerce.
J, GUTIERREZ DE LA VESA, Civil Governor.
itlpisnge) ?f Queon Imibi-llii nnil tier .Milliliter
to die Cuban AnlliorilieH.
Qu9"n Isabella II. orderod iho following reply to be
forwarded by cablo to the foiicitstion of the Cuban authorities:?
Her Majesty tho Queen orders mo to say to yov.r Excellency
that she is extremely thankful for the greeting
which you sent as the first message through the eiectrie
cable, which shortens communication aud Ura.vs
close the b.inds of union between tho mother coun.ry
and the over faithful island of Cuba. Her Majesty desires
that yob manifest to all lie authorities, corporations
and loyal inhahltuuts of tho privileged Aniille the
mo'horiy love which she professesea for them, assuring
ali that tbo island has in w ays boen tho object of her most
tender solicitudo for ll? prosperity, and that sue prays
' tuu i'? UIW IUOIU '/ IW 11 Ait
Tho Colonial Minister immediate!/ aflor wards forwarded
tlje foilowiog: ?
By order of her Majesty the Queen, nnd In tho name
of the government, I return your Lxceiloucy aud nil tho
authorities o.' the i3lanl our thuuk* for your greeting
forwarded through the cable flor Majesty takes
pleasure in tnaniiesttng by thU means to the loyal inhabitants
of the lelnna and to your Kxceileucy, too expression
of her royal prcdilec'ion and tho nat'sfactlou
with which she views tlie bunds that utile Cuba with
the mother country tn an indissoluble mar;nor.
The Draprrale All'rnr lit Albnny?One HI an
Killed tint! Another Onnnrrously AVotiucled?
Pnrticitlare of the Afliiir.
Ar.ua.v-r, Sept. 22, 1867.
The quiet of this city was again disturbed last night
by the occurrence of a shocking tragody on Jeflerson
street, botwecn Ilawk and Swan. Between ulevon and
twelve o'clock as pairolmun Welle, of the Capitol police,
was making hi* usual beat, be came upon three young
men named Fitzsl rontons, McAllister and Iutwloss,
all of whom, It ti said, had been drinking during
the evening and acting m a very disorderly
manner, Policeman Welle tie-ir j-t thesn to
discontinue ttieir disorderly conduct and proceed to their
homer. Alter some parleying thoy attacked the officer,
who at length drew a pistol and llred threo or four times,
when alt three fled, leaving Wolle lying bleeding on the
sidewalk. Officer Buchanan, hearing shots, hastened to
the scene, and on lifting Wells found inui badly beaten
about the head, but yot woll enough to pro'-e d. with a
little aid, in xo&rcli of his assailant*. un going
over toward a retired spot, called the hut
tcrmbk Kills, they met a party jof young men,
one of whom (McAllister) was imin?d'ataiy recognized hy
I Wells as one n( the parly that bud beaten him. Oiilcor
i Buchanan look tho ruun into cuspid/, wbon he frankly
admitted ho was one of the party of three, and said,
I "I um shot; take uin to a doctor."' lie was taken to a
' grocery store near by, end on opothug bis garments
I louud he was allot through tho bock N'othiur moro
was heard of the o'her two until Sunday morning, when
Fitzsiramons' hotly was louud In a vacant lot n* s the
scene of tho attack on Weils. The third one, Lawless,
is still at large. A Jury was ocipunel ed at the i'htrd
district station bouso on Sunday morning, when tho iollowing
evidence was adduced: ?
David W Shgnks testified tha*. he had found a dead
body, which he Identified as being that of FiUsimmoae,
lying in a vacant lot adjoining bis promises, and that ne
had heard a few shots fired the precoding night.
James H. Mnltigan testified ns to the body found
| having been thst of Flti.simmoue, and that the par outs
' of deceased resided in Vow York city.
I Hicbard M. Byrne testified that about eight o'clock on
Saturday night deceased had heeu to his store to pay a
small debt ho owed; be eald that be was going to the
Academy of Music; he was aob-r at the time, and
had only drank one glass of ale at his placo; be was
alone at the time; witness did uot see anything of
| the disturbanco, but saw policeman Wells aud a crowd
; about Ills store; after mat Wclia had asked him If he
< luid seen the man who had be?u shot, and ho had said
: ha did not know that a man had boon shot; next saw
1 McAllister taken out cf hi* stora by his fr.cnds; tn a
I 1111l.i whilo Wells returned, staining very weak, und he
| bad given htm some brandy.
Dr. J. K llouiewarr gave medical testimony as to tho
! cause ot death in the ca o of Kltarimmoas.
Professor J. a. Moaner gavo mod leal testimony as to
the Injuries received by McAllister,
cur,?i.Tit Buchanan tes'ifiod to arresting McAllister.
Mary McDonald and Margaret Connors testified to hearing
a scuttle and cries tor hoip, aud after that some
pistol shots.
Tho cAse was theu adjourned until four o'clock ibis
Verdict of tho C oroner's Jury Exonerating ,
the OlMeer?One Juryman Dissents.
Alma XT, Sept. 23, 188T.
TUO coroner s jury umptiitiiw to invesugaie lur
(hooting affray, an account of which wu published in
yesterday's Herald, submitted the following verdict;?
"That John Fitxatmmons came to ble death by a pistol
shot at the bauds of police officer Alexander H. Welle,
In seir-defence, while in the discharge of his duty."
This verdict was signed by all the Jurors except one,
John J. Riley, who says that "the said John Flixslmmons
came to his death by a pistol shot at the hands of
Alexander U. Wells, while acting as police officer."
Lascastsb, Pa, Sept. 23, 1867.
Hon. Tbaddous Stevens was attacked with a severe
. indisposition on Saturday, but is much bolter to-day.
His friends hope hs will regain bis usual strsagtb In
; ample time to resume bis public duties.
Ortegra to Itrmnln In Prison Until the Meeting
of Congress in November.
Ban Francisco, Sept 23, 1*67.
The steamer Sacramento brings from Acapnlco Mexican
advices oi' tbo 27th alt President Juarez has directed
> that Ueaeral Orte-a remain in pri-on until the Mexican
Coo gross meets In November next
Portland, Me., Bopt. 23, 1S07.
The savings bsnk In Norway village, Oxford county,
about forty miles from Portland, was robbed Saturday
night of eleven or twelve thousand dollars in money
J and collaterals. The rogues hare not yet been taken.
Jkcoti' , fie., Sept. 21 I 07.
t Th" i , " in'aloi I hs roinrr.e ol r-'giR'ra: i.,n In
> Ooorgii. Tut luta! nnmhopta HJ.720, of wnum 06,303
1 nro whites in I 9I,?1T blocks
j It Is siatc t 'lis t' o gsrrlsjnv at varlou'foinla ?r ' to
? be conceit rated A ?iwa. lb* troupe Were removcJ
, I rum bote lo-Ua/.
' Shaky l'??ltlon of llio Radical*?.(jonrml
llnyca Will I'rnltultly bo Elected?1 bo Balance
of llio Kitdienl Ticket blhrlr to be lit*
fCHlrd-A Democratic I.miniature Kxported?
Tto?* Nowro HullriiBe Question Dtiaiiifii-Tlit'
Canvas* bvlting Wit: in.
Com'mu'jh, Ohio, Sept. Li, IJdT.
To say the least of It, radical ambition :o Ohio a not
as vaunting as It was a year ago. It will take alt the
material at its command to maintain ilsoif, oven vviib a
reduction of several thousand on be minority vote of
33 0)0 last year, and It is by no mean1* a settled question
that the wholo radical ticket w 11 bo carried. The election
of General Hayos for Govornor may be set dowu as
certain ; but the probabilities of an anti radical majority
in the Legislature hold good. It may he very small,
but yet sufficient to defeat tlie reelection of
Ben Wade to the Un ted States Seir.ae. Old Ben
has beou making himself more or lets obnoxious
to his party by the extreme views which bo has orCressod
aud th vielen language he has used m soma of
is recent speeches while stumping this Slate. In more
than one Instance he has boon withdrawn from tho canvass
in some counties where he was unntuueed to speak,
and m re moderate men, ltko Governor tox awl others,
substituted in his place General-Lee,.the radical candidate
for Lieutenant G ivernor, has abo made unu-oT
rather odious with hie party as a slump .pealcor, because
ho has given strength to the enemy by some expressed
opinions nsto th superior capsolty of the nogr >
over ttio white men of foreign btrth in ihe oxorcUo of
the franchise. This Is exceileut ammunition for the
d it.ocrstic poliMclmis. Tlioy do-iro no belter. Sw?h a
comparison ?t this time is regardad as orti-i e by many
who are equally divided between the radical and d' ntocrailc
tickets Th ' necessity on tlie part f lint radical
managers to withdraw i<r. restrict Gem mi Loe in It's
stumping cau?p?I.-,n i- rdfidorcd uunect J,'.v from lb'
f.t t wltish nd Ins fri adsfif both parti < deplore, that
1.0 is uow suffering from a wren attack o cnn-n'tiou
of tin lungs, and may oc. bo able to i i;o nay luiliier
part in l'io eamnaizn
i hero probably ncvor <ca9 an election in IhuS'ato
w'mod men vero lew d I-jr. ted to prettier its result ivitU
any certainty. Tlio mo * enUm.s:aatli- ruiea < uk
c-. niv of tho uncertainty of the iss-to. M:.; gentlemen,
I !:? Governor ' * >x, do n ? Hsenvor nny reason why ibe
old disc plino o?'t! o pa-ty sissuld not prevail lu carrying
tho State, wbi'e poHic-a-.s of bis class a.i?V that (hero
may ho unfursson n-iiei-s w-'ioreby apathy -n ih:Sr
own party end aetlvl-.y in the oilier, rouiMnod
wit i a te-tnin indifference as 10 the c.a-.n utional
amendment mvoiv ug n u*n anf!va* w . thoy
dot o. nrung t olr ndheron is, may lea I a srua l?r
voto and n lessor majority, Ibis Im io:ired m at of ail
in th? nor? .w slorn counties, wlioro tho 'ud - ad s >
sec iro f their majorities tliat thov may ' .it .mix it
iv rth while 10 vo on tho consti u flona I tmo.iJni.".,i a
all. 'ilio radical I a or-; are ui'.v.- t> tin u .1/ , :?n\v
over ami are stirring on tic w -^tern ma .t:, a > that a*
f n-id-ral>le c'l/tnge lia- ta!C"u place with a the pa t
few (Joys la th o d strict- . Novo-the! * ?, Ui .< itui ssion
oftbo negro 10 tho rig t of s ifftvgo m ox -cod nglv
dotiblful. It may bf thru-t upon the republican - oters
as 11 manor of consistency, but "ti.otr gorge riser ni
it." Tnoy may lovo negro equality as Ha in did
Vor'ck when li<? a (cllo.v of infinite jo t, bat when
presentod to timtn in Us immediate offmnvo form, they
will be very likely to recoil Irom it, tie Ilanil-t d.d from
the skull of Ida quondam friond and idol? .heir -'gorge
risss at H."
The antagonistic forces arrayed against radicalism urn
b -coming tnoro active every day. Ihq democrats beast
thut ibolr oiyaniz-illon Is inoro wide prend itmn tticir
adversaries suppose; and ulitiongh thoy have not U10
saino facilities of unpref - Ing tlie public nioiv y iato their
service as tiie radicals, bavo managed to settlor their
document* broadcast pretty extensively. In iho matter
of etir.np speakers there has probably seldom been a
campaign in any State that can show more nieu of ohilily
tlian Ohio has in ihe ranks from 11s own soil just now.
Tliey are traversing the country liko meteors. The imported
orators from olhor States are not so brilliant. For
example, tho speech of Governor Baker, of Indiana, at
tho t'apitol Grounds in fins citv last night was about tho
weakest nnd most insipid effort of the campaign. It
was antediluvian in style, poor in method, stale in facts,
and created no euthusia-m whatever.
lironins Mope* oi me inimiirriici-rniMi mill'
Nnn({uiiit< of SurrriM-itvniilillr.'iH governor
Cox (inutile to Hon WIiitu Dcii'nt f'onld
Come From?MHrctrd I'ollcy ot the l>emocrntH?Tho
Popular Iwanpa They Preiseiit?
Populnritv of Viillwiidlghnm?llle I::iluence
* In the Canraoo?liUlle Intercut in Neitro
NiiHriojre? Ilea Wudo !t? Chief Advocate.
Curst mr a, Ohio. Sept. 19. 1807.
la thlssoction of Ohio tin democracy is all p.worful
and Is Dot alor.e satisded with being considered locally
g iperior to lis republican nn'sgonist, but also claims the
capacity at this particular moment, under :bo new
national issues ihat have arisen, to sweep radical dotal
nation from the State. Republican nominations for
county offices are looked upon a3 a mire formality,
simply an offori to preservo party organization without
the hope of achieving any success. In Franklin county,
which embrace C lumbus, the capital of the State, affairs
are nearly similar. Tharo the democrats know no
such word as fail; the county, ns they aver, is In their
hands by a majority of thrso thousaml, an ! tbo repob
Means are willing to admit there is scarce y an oxavgorati
n In tho esilinata. Uut after talking to leading rep.
re sen tally es of both parlies we are impelled to tho e >n
I-IUB1U1I ?u?i- ...... .e ...... .. ?. B. ........ .. ..
side. Governor Cox, lor instance, is s.iiiillcd the r>
publican standard majority of ihlny tnoiiouud
will l?o maintained. Ho B'tcj no r-nson why
tlio established lines of tbo party ehruld
bo changed, and though himself opp;.; I to negro suffrage,
as his so-caned Ohorlin loiter clearly ciprcssoo
ho thinks the constitutional amnndment will ho ondorsed
by llie people. The Governor talk < with a sanguine
atr. and appears totally ohllvtotM to tbo hignlfic rit
results of the recent ele lions and averse to the conxido
ration ot several very important issues which the democrats
in their wisdom are laboriug vigorously to ipiproas
on peopl s' mind?, name'y, the taxation of bonds and
tho evils of centralization and negro supremacy. Vallaudighain
with his tarnished onpporh -ad record la,
nevertheless, by reason of his popular exposition
Of the financial question to which ho is
almost exclusively addressing himself, draw.ng
la'.er audiences through the Stats than auy
other man in tho tlomocra ic party of Ohio. IVn lioton
U nowhere besida him. in fact, It Is no exavgeralion to
say that tho martyr of the peaeo d.-morraey hatmolilplluitt
o number of his odmirers since tb" rebellion
with which ho sympathized so much has .eis-dto ho
the topic of the hour. M hat Juulua sold of W llkea uiny
ho applied, alig.itly altered, to VallandUi.atn"The
rays of loyal indicnslion that xeltled upon hi in ssrv cd
only 10 illuminate, hut could not con :nie." lie
is the most potent influence, his c ,, srhoadIstn
notwithstanding, on the ride of Judgo Tharman.
today. and If the Judge he elected
Governor of the -tale be should roturu his grots ul
thanks lo the leaderof the pe.ve dem. era, y. The greatrouble
wttli tha republican is their luahlliir to present
a solid, living Issue to the people. Negro suffrage h
certain!.' not a question that commands any euthualas'n.
Governor Itak r, of Indiana, stumping for toe radicals
u this .-date, put ibe c.aitns of (lie black n>?n in tlmir
mojt favorable i.gbt lM>fore his heart rs last rvcnlug, in
Columbus and failed lo elicit the smallest evidence of
Intorest. He sa d lliat seven thousind negrrj* went
forth from Ohio to batile for the I'ou ii, but the Governor
cortalnly exaggerated, as ttiat number Comprised all
the negro' a. young and old of both sexes, iu the Stale
when the rebellion broke out.
Huh Wade, the greut advocate of the constitutional
amendment, has bean Judiciously sent a*.?y by the radical
managers to the Western Reserve, where republicans
most do congregate. His blunt and rude utterances were
doing cocsidoraule damage lo hU puny down her-1; so
they despatched biin to where a mote eougenial atmosphere
awaited htm. Hayes. Cox, l>eni*on. Hsssaurck
and Wust ?re discoursing through the State tho mildest
and most agreeable kind of rep hlicauism. Tbev prosent
tho claims of the n?gro with an unwonted deference
to tho Judgment of their hearers, and skilfully daily
with, if not wholly evade, the great question of its national
batik* and the taxation of hoods.
In this county of Crawford a Mr. Jamrs Robertson Is
democratic candidate for representative to the State
Legislature. His slsetlon and that of the other three
candidates, for 8htriff, County Herk and Treasurer, on
Washi*oto?, 8?pt. 33, 1967.
From New Orleane wo learn thai Mr. E. Hcbmidt, tbc
President of too Howard Association, bat rocelrod aufflclont
money to defray tbe expenses of tbo Aaaociatlon
thno far. He ban acknowledged in the da'liaa
the receipt of liberal donation* from all tbe principal
Northern cttiea. Tbe expenses at proeeni are $3,000 per
day. Application* from tlxty familleawere regies rid
to-day, In tome of whom every member waa lick.
About the aarno number of application* were made yesterday
The number of deatb* dally la on tbe lucreac.
i'roru tbcao figure* will lie aeon tbe necessity of continued
and liberal aid from tbe frieuda of humanity
| everywhere.
The Howaid Anociatlon In New Orleane haa been extending
It* aid to tne infected diatricta in tbe Stale.
Lnme Klie-Flftren llnnaea Humeri HewnThe
New Men Willi for the Protection ol tlie
Harbor *
Pa* Fntwnero, Sept. 13, 1967.
flcneral Jeff C Devi* will wall in the John L. Steven*
with a detachment of United States trvope for sitkaA
Rutiian America, m a few days.
A fire occurred Saturday evening on Clay and Merchant
strata, which destroyed fifteen buildings and
stores. Tbe loss ie nbout $36,0<>0, mostly frame build,
tugs. Fires bar* been very numerous Uiuly. and bare
bean attribultd to Incondiarlea.
The first earthquake ahuck felt in twelve months was
nottcod lav eVaniug. It was very distiuct, but 'fight
'Ihe construction of a sea wall of granite, on Brooklyn
rock fuiindatlon. fur tfie protection of the harbor ol Nan
Francisco, I* now favorably progressing, under the direr,
tlon <>f tbe t-taie ommlpfhy or*, #nd will extend along
tbe whole eity from the Vr xtcan const.
The news bv the ete .mec Pecramento li unimportant.
Tbir.y vesrels bare r.rrived in inia ciiy during the last
twenty.four hour*, muriiy coast*, is.
A large .-tii-ply M g<iods is u nv grlng to tbo Interior,
| partly for Nevada, Idaho and Montana.
The demsU() for dull** during the last week amounted
I to $ .16 i.dO l^gei la.ulera ar* linn t at 70 a 70;-g.
I ticareo, el.lp Ueriuabh, lor Liverpool.
EPTEMBKH 24, 1867.?TRI
! Ovation to the Generals in Washington
by the Grand Army of the Republic.
| Speeches of Generals Farnsworili,
Sheridan, Sickles and Hancock.
VASHiflorw,, Sept. 23, 193T.
Tho<iean4> of person*, whito ttnd black, collected at
WUiard'a Uotol tonight on the occasion of the eoronodo
to ticncral Short l iu. About balf-paet uine o'clock the
moiubers of tho (Iraud Army of tho Republic belonging
to the Department of tho Potomac arrived in atruug
force, with a full band of mtuio. Tho platform in fiont
of the hotel was .liuminated with tho vord "Union" in
large letter,, and uudcrnoath a largo circle was formed
with blading jots. After aonie airs had been played
thore wero impatient crl<s for .Sheridan, and when he
1 appeared tho eh juts in his honor wero ropoatod.
N. H. Cmm v.t, tho Cotnmandor of the Detriment,
luiroaucea .no i.sneral in follows ?
CoMiu.iBi -0-">r live years ago, In Muvquiot village of
Kolln, Mo , th*n the bivouac ol United Suuos soldl"r?, I
lirsi met (.<pt.un Philip II dbcridati. lie wan Chicrf Conitniniary
ol (hat gallant Utile army of tlie trout ter which
under (lit lam ciPed Curtis govu our co.ntry the gtorv of
Hct K:ilg> and ir:o -Unto of Missouri roli>if? from rei>?l invu-i>n.
Bui in uistcring t > ilie bodily wains of our solUirrj
vv.v too Co:framed i sphere for ona of such
pluck and matte, aod ho was accordingly trnnder.
red to the army. Then before Corinth his qualities
pointed linn out llMt as a lead r of cavalry, tvliara lio*
soul! t> caw in it!. <1, aud imperceptibly to tlia country,
and ill.ii a: >o to !rm -elf, lie rose ic mult aud usefulri .ss
till we find ttrra failc-. wou by hit valor auu victory
t-natchcd from tl. j,i . i of Jo! rat. wiiilo the whole
noopl", from Hi '.Jhi.i . to the far. fl.-, shout the pr;i; . <
o.' to -ai'tnt I'lill riherid.in. Young America trailed j
bim their chain,.. n, au I graver folks said, "He con Oo j
ttus'i.l ' Per came to us, ari l found no spot upon
tlii? irime qr fain of low youa. -ml l or. The sam'a l
Lin In, -alio loved In.ii os ,im son, had already .
crjwnol hi u wi ll the high si mil. nry honors anil j
no ouo .ml t' e Itapioi w.i not fairly won; hut there
aw .:tod him lo her d ilioa ami greater pc'.).e"0mnnU.
To him pea li il Iter vict >*ios no If .' than war. N'cd
1 rem ind y >u v... it itu?y warn or wliere acutuved f Hj
conn o 1: ,ii N.w ini.i ;i; !; t corn' to ?i from
th" - ""h oi ' '' hurts of I,ne' iru: . r .?ro ?h!y imbued
? tlj tliu 'o -ona of llio war ou i UouttrKS, .Ii en.ore.
I'M their teicou.gs Ujrou wi<-iu u. looalau, who, il not
i tun- ?n Ipr of -Ii..! young t;oig..l, -v is root too no old to
have ooeu what f uov rones : ?
No' if:' ulo bul one icii in in.
A i>.I i>i >:<s ilia dte in mo i Uu Sheri Van.
With hear s i ill of thanks to y iu, Goners! -her Ion,
for your uoble detunro of the r'ght undercircumstances
onli so it.'V' r h.'foro lri.?.l votir ro :-n., 1 tronr - i"....!'...,
and your aiiil!1/, wo cuigrat .iau md w?" 01110 you
uin>ng lid
lbo Assembly agiin ch wil Getwral sboridan, when
ho said:?
Gssri ksilv? I wJocrcly thank irm for I his very
eatnest well onio. lentil always roc dleci tho on uirroiiCiu
of this niifht, lor the thought will always glvo ma
a groat <jPa| 0f pleasure su l pride. I feol th it y ? i lisvo
greatly honored tu<>. and 1 I toil e.,p6oaliy h murad, at a
largo por-loanf tins ussomb'agu is c imposed of many
g iiaut oiilcors a??t soldiers of the ar.uv. ireiaiuyou
my thanks.
The assemblage ropeatodly e.h-orad as he bowod arid
retired from tlio stand. As hb massed into tlie parlor
many lad as sought an interview, wudo a number or
geulleuun rushed forward and shook bunds with hint.
The crowd then proceeded to tho F.tibut House lu llto
'mmediato vicinity. Tho front of tho h,t.,| was profusoiy
hung wi h Chiucse lanterns. Tao band played
sovetnl tunes, among them, " Stally lion?I tno flag,"
uiany persons Joining in tho chorus with thoir voices.
There were IropMlont calls for General Sickles, but fion
nil Farnsworth came forward and made the following
speech bv way of introduction : ?
S u dims anii Ctrl7.kin (sumosome one in the crowd suggested
that ho add "failure"?laughter)?Well, soldieis,
sailors and citizen', every man, every woman. (Laughter
) My personal acquaintance with tho distinguished
soldier who Is before you was ill 1 no Houao of Kiprescnlattves
lie was a dumocral, I a republican ; b it as
a democrat, hit was a Union man. (Api fause | He placid
his (oui.try above party?(a vo.ee, "That's so")?and
through the struggle in Congress which preceded the war
G meral Sickles was at ait times on the side of tho
l utou. lu 'he winter of 1800 and lRfll, wheu the galleries
of Congress were thronged with rehbls and traitors,
when treason was spoken on tho floor of that hall
day after day, I well remember the rebuko Goneral
Sickles administered to thc.su men wbeu they threatened
to cominenco tho war. He told them that If they
began in Charleston It would end wllh Charleston lu
rums. Gouoral Sickles wont out of Cong less and immediately
oumtueiiced m .king speeches and using Ills
Influence in every manner possible to ex
cite a more patriotic feeilng among nls
C'.i'stituonls When toe war commenced General
Sickles, by his own Individual aflorts, raised a brigade
of five regiments. (A Voice? "Hully for bliu.")*A
brigade of thorough going soldiers, who fought like
veterans. Ilo brougot thein h> (lie city of Washington,
to lbo Army ol iho Potomac. Few had gained before liini
sucb a hlcii career as a soldier. Wherever the battle
taped tho lleice.l. Piritlej was in tue thickest of tnc
tight at Ilia head of a brigade next at tho bead of a
t'iTision, und then at tt n head of a corps. At tho hat Me
of Gettysburg he began tho fight aud received the tlrst
shock of tho unouiv, and thereby lost ono ol li s limbs.
TliU was In J Hy. Throe month" afterward* ho ret urinal
to the lity of Washington, with hla rauniaici stump
not y t healed, and otlrrcil hi* service* again, and ah: I
to be pot a' the head of Ida corps. At that moment the
city of Washington wa? beleaguered and a tight was ttpeeled
almost before the very walls of tne Capital.
After that Gen rat Hick lee, uot vol sine to endure
toe fatigues anil hardships of lleid campaigns,
was. a 'tit by 1'reaideut J-incoiu. who regarded
htm with confidence and trust, to the armies
of the Sonthweet, to Guvprnor Johnson (there, wore here
cr.es of "Oh, oh,'')?to Governor Johnson and others?
with directions irnm the t'reiident. Returning from
this mission, his duties faithfully performed, lie w.u
afterwards sent on a mission to tonth America by Mr.
Idneolu, performing bis irust to Ui? entire .satisfaction
of tho tovermneut. lie was, in tho fall of 1169,
"lit to Chariest n. S. C., to cotutuand a military departm
tit. With the short iiitertnissiou of a call to V> ishlugion
lie has been In command of tbe department of
North and Houtb Carolina ever since. Mo went there
when the YincnU wer? lu cunuuoiion, when all was
cnooannd disorder, vvhon neither Northern life nor property,
nor Union men nor freed men were cafe. Ilo put
in practice what was secured by the Civil Right* Ind.
Slavery was aooli..h?d hy tbo con I buttons I amendment;
it hail token snch deep bold tuat It bad to
be forcibly takou out. I..so an >' i cancer, It bed to lio
removed by toe roots, lively sprout bad to In: eradicated
and everv wound rautiri/.ol liul und-r the a ituiaiairailon
of G.neral Hlokies lie made, as Governor
tlrr -.nys, e.on tbe bunletu of the mllita.y government
as light upon the people of South Carolina ae it wiin
possible under tho circumstances, lio naa eecumd
to ail their r'glits end aitcuued to and advauecd
toclr material proeperlly, aud by bis orders tested tho
resources of tho .-tat?, securing to laboring men la.r
ngss and to the producers oi tho soil what tiioy
had not received for year*, namely, protection for their
labor. (Cries of "How about order No. 10 ") Yes,
order No. 1? secured every pior man his live or ten
dollars, which would otherwise liavo been used in
costs and lawyer's Iocs, aud tho litllo products loft lu
store for the support of his tnmlly until harvest,
iiv his odmolitiatlon the laws of Congress
tasted for toe purpose ot reconstructing the
-outliern Huntes have been faithfully and
liouorably administered. He has completed registration,
an l left nothing for bis successor to do in that
district but to see that a fair and just election is held by
tbe people. . (Applause.) General Hickles, the statesman
aud soldier, we greet you here; we are glad to
meet you. I take the pioaauie greater than I evor before
fell in presenting you to this largo body of soldiers,
sailorb and citizens of Washington.
Hepcated applaud* greeted Uenernl rilek le* a* be appeared
n?arar tb? front of lha platform. Ho said:?
Cunutn-1 am glad to meat you again, and thank
yon for thla proof of your ragard. (Voices?"You havo
it?go on.") Among tbo interesting matter* which now
engage attention there are lateral topics which may
without (liiadtantagM to any public Interim bo chosen for
rem .rW to n ghl. ihemdiUry governmeola temporarily
established hy < ongress in the rebel Sialae have been
assailed ai unconstitutional and useless. Without meanirg
to enter now upon a largo field of diarneeion, it ii
Itia to the country and to hlatory, apart from alt personal
consldarationa, that the govarnmntil ahould ha
> ndliated trtiu atrciuwtions to unfounded arul no Injurious.
lbs authority of Congresa to provtds for tho
security of parens ami proporty In conquered tsrritory
until Isgsl c.vil governments could be sslabilahed
is distinctly recognized to lha Supreme < eurt of the
United tftatea in a familiar raae reported In the
twentieth yolume of Howard, in the New ijoxtco
case. Ihe Supreme Court declared thni the military
occupation of ihe torrttory of an enemy auperaeded all
civil government existing there, and fiirthormore that
iho ordere, ordinances and regulations msds by tns
m litary commauder remained In lorco until rup4r*oded
by Congress or by a local civil government treated by
the authority "f' orgrose. U may, Uierefore, be maintained
that tn the reconstniction acta Congress haa exercised
no power itot saiitlioned by the higheel legal
tribunal In the land, and ao far from military
authority having been exercised opprewvoiy or cruelly
in the rebel .times the testimony voluntarily borne hy
representative men of those States proves that theno
re const ruction acta have be-n executed with moderation
and forltostata o. (Applause. I If it be true that military
commander* Imre been law glvnrs, It la also true that
their oodo- -have been morn humane then tlii laws
they have suspended. Impriaonment lor debt has tiecn
aliitebed; the d-eth penally, tberoforo, luiimsed
for larceny has "been conferred to cases of homicide and
olTencca ot fib equal gravity; the semi-barharoua, yet
legalized cn/tom of whipping men and women for nils(hurt
anor hae l*an prohibited. (Appiau e | Hint usage
of federal tune*, according lo which the landlord, hy Ii:?
own war/ant, sutuinar ly so red the koode and chattels
( f hi Vn.iht, and turned a, Imposer. bod and heiple- i
lainlly i, ,t oi door*. bwt heen abrogated, the triidrnm
have been cloth t with civil rigiiis, snd admitted lo all
I'd employments of life ? (appl?n" ) ? the cruellies
if j ri- n d eciplirwo have b en ameliorated |
Itlio iniacltievous practice of carrying weapons,
that baneful source of sflriye *ntl di-ordbi
m Southern con.uieuf.lee bse been rspioeeed
(renewed appleoe*) the various form* of coercion empUiy.il
by a it.imina.it cla a lu subjugate uud hmuihuie
the laborer! deitoudeu upon thsm lor employment
havo In en divert away, and the laws eiudo applicable
alike to alt the jublhtnls; and where faiuino three.eued
to starve those left !>y a conscription
. which rubbed the cradle and llw irv.v.
luildaiy authority xerui-'ed to rescue tso home o?
. the w.dnw and the orphan front rrleutloss ored^tore, and
1 in suable an utterly bankrupt population to tultn m
laud unougb to obtain tho nece.i8n. ios of life. (CVtes ot
''You did right," "Hood," and appiauso ) If thoaW^'f-a
are oppro-M*o and cruel, thou let condemnation ,Iall
oil too government aid its amenta, who hive
vainly tried to treat oven their adverar.'es
with magnanimity and benevolence. No; tho ariuvi
diBoordmg all partisan fueling, took onty for its guides
in the management of tlia civil affair* entreated to it
tho orders of superior olllrors and me acts of (Jourrevs,
and whenever those did nut expressly provido for tue
mailer in hand, sale rules of conduct were found in the
constitution*, taws and customs of the loyal dta'.os
of ibo Unlou. (Kcpeatcd applause.; Nor can
It bo said with justice that the temporary military goveminent
maintained in ttio rebel Stales has not betin
beneficial to tho South and to the country at large. The
system of free labor has lieen inaugurated under military
supervisions, two millions of bales of cotton were
i rai-ed in ldbd; millions of emancipated staves havo b 'on
gradually asslmulated with the dell policy nr Use tetee
whore they belonged; Irani thlity and order have neon
maintained during the most critical period of traneitrm
from tlie rotation or the rnu.iler and slave to
lite rotation of man end man; the relation of
political equality (applausei under the gua aulees
which military occupation ailbrded for the serurity of
llfo and property. Northern capital and Northern onUii'prlse
have been rebuilding the clues and cultivating
the tlotds, restoring the railroads an 1 navigating the
waters, constructing bridges and establishing ttdograph
i linoff, reopenTg commerce and rovlviag industry,
opening schools and building churches, from the
I'otoniac to the Hie ifrauds. And it hat recently
ho n ailliiiicd by authorry, r.r.u Tvh.ca
n mo can tie higher in ail the couth, that our presence
j and our measures litivo saved their public records from
| destruction and their own civil oilloers from la-visss vloI
I'-nce. Nay, it is even ackhowlodgod that to to the con|
sidcrato acis of military administration they are inj
dotted for the opportunity ot providing moaus to sub
Hi their families, and for producing U.e present 1
| crop, which promises to bo ia many reflects, and in
! many sections of the South, tho uio t important
ur.d tho largest which lias boon grown for many years. j
It would on pa y to prove by abundant testimony that i
without military occupation nud control the rest luliou j
Of Ihft I'lltiAl HMIni wmiM III ? l.?t. U,.~ I
uiid if over attained would have been ruaeuo.1 oniv alter
vuro is intervals of anarchy and conllie . (Applause.) j
G?ntl?med, I uavo uircady exceeded the I mils pro- i
8'Tlbod Tor myself. (Cries or "(loon, go on.' The th outs,
however templing to 111 a, may well be left toothers. |
In whatever I l ave said no word of it is iutended to
roproa h my \ not even to vindic i'e my.-elf. I am
here ' jr jjji.' I rh.tll lint seel; tUo veri*. of my popular
tribunal. Even your acquittal would not vtndi. oe
tna tie au oiTioor from the ,,rave impuiatiuh* upon
t?v cnnditct which luivo boea made by high otH<"ol
P 'nonages 1 trust tlio occasion aa.i iho opportunity
will at the propor luuu be aiforded to me to place 1
the '.'iijdieatiou of n?y reputation on the records of my
government. I'uitl tb"u upon all nutter' concerning
in/-ilf I choose to bo silent lijiore saying ' i.ecd I
night," let me make * c including remark up .1 iho topic
which h nt already been my tbeuie. Without the rvcusirncttou
acta and the temporary preseuce end control [
of military authority in tlio rebel .Slates. To oxotulo
them, it would h*"0 been impossible to enfranchise tue j
loyal treedmen and secure to liieiii that participation In ,
the (lovgrnmeul under wliirh tliey must continue lo livo; :
that ts essential to iho preservation of their liberty ami i
vital to the prcseriutic;i of the South. Mpplause;. Enfrauchisemeiit
is peace, liberty without tights, and the
means to protect them in w ?r. The only conditions upou
wliicii military occupioion may cease in iho rebel
Slab's Is to give Hie ballot to the emancipated mce.
Willi that aaieid of safety thoy will he acenre trout oppression
and the country protected from sedition aud
treisou. (Itencwed ami repeated npphiu-io.) It follows,
iborefore, that the peace, prosiierity and welfare of the
sout.ii have depended upon a temporary military control
over th?ir local governments, 10 bo exorcised only until
legal civil authority could l>e estahiishod, in accordance
with the requirements of Congress. The events of
inn rebellion tan-ht .?? ?*?..? ti.? 1 >
" II e uo iiiui IUU vuirHiiuuisuumir
or all ttva loyal people of ttio rebel
.Stales was an essential guarantee of pre-cut
and luturo socurti? and repose, and thai unless tlio freud
people wero ena.ileii,-,protect themselves by the ballot,
their would have bcou *-?tjape||e<l la seif-doleuco to .soek
refuge tu Uie loyal States , ovor(y ovTd al, tUe cl)an.
?nii 5 l prevent tbat exodus
of mil.ions of blacks ")'?g from oppreasnr*,
tbe government would haw, beon Compelled
to protect tliciu at home by prolonging
military occupation until the rebel <?aio government
voluntarily afforded adequate security It- tbo 1,VC3 aU(j
possessions of ibo loyal colored people, ai*t it remains
to b< sal 1 tbat the military olllcors on dutr ij, the rebel
Stales were sent there oy the authority o! vongress
and witn the sanction ol the loyal people who put s1)Wn
tno rebellion expressed through their representative*.
In tbe discharge of bis duties an officer trusts all to tho j
anprovul ot the government. From the people be only i
expects that considerate judgment upon bis conduct
which follows the publication of tne official record of his ,
acts. Comunics, it is impossible to undo that noble act
of justice which has el vated tbu loyal freedmen
of the South to the rank of ctti- '
/ens. From many points of viow there is ]
uo reason to apprehend that a subordinate race ran do
more than defend their rights. A law of gravitation
controls the moral ns it docs the material world; tbo
weak cannot overcome the strong numbers; culture and
destiny combine to assure the domination of tbo while
race. It was Mr. Fore, I believe, who called a reaction
the most dangerous form of a revolution. Such would
be the character of a reaction that restored tho rebels
and thoir friends to power. May tbat day nover, nevor
dawn !
The speaker was frequently interrupted by applause,
and cheer uHcr cheer, with intermediate yells, greeted
him as be withdrew from the assemblage, which pro...a..I
m II,U.irnnnlilan llnlnl In airing/la llllnr
Conors! Ilaucock. Tho Ironl of (ho portico over '
(tie mala out ranee was draped with American 1
flag*, and the rcone was illumined with
tori lie*. Here, a* at Willsrd'a and the Kbiu House, a
nuiiilier of ladies occupied tho parlors. The band performed
several patriotic aire, when frequent rails were
made for Ceueral liaucorlc. Wren that gt n Ionian uppeered
lio ??? liearlily greeted bv tho largo assemblage.
C olonel Clilpnmo introduced hiin as follows:?It Is an
event of uo common p'easiiro to you, comrade*, to oxtend
the frosting to three such distinguished perron- j
*;;es upon tbo hi mo occasion, as, Ccu'ral*
Sheridan, Sickle* and Hancock. Vou have
just paid a welcome to two of tbciio who are j
frerh from arduous duties, manfully and successfully .
discharged, and you now cotne to hid (iod spec! to the :
heroic Hancock, who is entering upon a new field 01'
usefnlne** Tho mantle of HIieridan could not have [
Ulou upon a more knightly succosser, or one who
enjoy* moio of the public gratitude for past eervir.ee. |
In the names of many of yuur laie comrades General 1
Hnnco'k lieakeak lor you fresh honors anil prouder |
Three cheers were again given for tlencral Hancock, |
who spoke a* follows:?
lu going to iny now field rf duty it Is a matter of j
pleasure and relief to know that ( carry with me the
sympathies, (.col wishes aud <onlldeuca of my old com- 1
pauioii- In arms. (Cheers.) I have, therefore, to thank
you, aoldior*. for thus tending to lighten Hie burden of
cares Imposed upon me in thu arduous and deiicato duly
of commander in the Houthcrn .-tales.
At tins time three cheer: w. re givon na tho Cent ral
bowed and retired, while the Innd struck up a patriotic
air. Ilie assemblage scpaiatod at halspast eluvcn
larrmnn Convention nt Tnpoltn?t.Vncrnl
Hiuilh Kefiiaeo to Kurnlah Tr#?n* to 1'rolrct
habsreri on tho Pacific Itnilrnod.
I.satinwonrif, Kan , Sept. 24. 1-07, I
10 o'clock 1'. M. (
A convention of the Germans of this Male met to- lay
at Tupeka to consider the political situation. Kortyflvo
delegate* wero present. Fcmalo aud negro
suffrage were freely dlscmsed, a ma'orliy
preferring to Ignore these question* in the campelgu
and devote tbemnelvee to the question of religion* arid
social rights. The Convention is suit in session tonight,
uo deOnlte action having been taken as yet.
The Contractor* on the Colon I'neiflc Railroad applied
to day to General Hmlih for additional troop*, or work
would atop, owing to Indian depredation*. General
.Smith replied that he had no troop* to spare.
Coventor Crawford ha* tendered ^( n?ral Sherman
one or more regiment* of volunteer* to protect the laborer*
Want or Fort Hayes tho Indiana era holding a
high cnrnivnl.
Thi* gentleman, on* of lb* olectnelaun of the Cuba
cable, (llod rocoutly at Kay Weal, aflor ? abort lllnet*. of
yallow fever. Ho eecnmpaaied the -ttnamihip Narva
from England, and wa* of great service to hie Company
during Ibe laying of the cable from Keywcai to ilava&a.
Mr. M?dlay wae also oce of the electrician* of the
Atlantic <-ab{f* of 1HA6 A. and waa looked upon a* one
of tlie abb.it men of bin profea?iort in Kng'and.
Philip Crnnkra.
Mr. imtlip Crook*#, anotbee of the Cubn cable
electrician*, died on board the Narva on the 31*t of
August last, and waa burled at uca. Yellow fevor. tbe
aarno diaeaeo which carried o(T Mr. Medley, wee tb*
cauve of hie deatb.
atodditrd It. Colby. Itrilitrr of tlio fulled
Mtntoo Treasury.
Stoddard fl. Colby, of Washington. Regnlor of tbe
fnit'd State* Troaiury, died at Horerhl I, N. H , on
Saturday nb'ht, where bo waa on a vlitlt. Hi* illness
w in quite protractod and painful. lie vu a native ol
It rby, Vt, and about tt''.y year* of a,'e.
Tu tho flrrt account* published of the lo*a of tb* Deai
Richmond several of the morning papier* gave what pur
ported to be tbe statement of l'f>f*i?or Marah, ef Y j
i ! Ilnrtr.it: < n. Tho right name of that gentleman I* W|
1 | Ham Claik. an I in tho account he gave of the fJrPll
, i tence be elated that the Hale moment tbe 1^ n p,
r I rrond were broktn, ami rot theag 6f the V^ttdwrbili
; I pultilabgd- '
" . 1 *m 0
sp;cul comespopksce 3f the *??i?.
!Sovu .St-oiia lloatilc (a ( uuffdrrntivx.
Mo.VIKKib, flept. 21, 1WT
Tin Miiguino drea'ne of confederate* in lbs
m'n:on of Cauali darnpo I by tin election uowe
frott Sunt Scot:* M Umm tbo aa?i te evidently ??ff
disgusting. Thorn are nineteen conatituencioe in thai
i province, and eighteen of thctn liava returned "autti"-^
tba u, aa" < oui 'ijrite^, one constituency only going
j unloa. 1 be Nora Scotia volo seventeen;, therefor*
* goea solid m'o opposition.
Now wtiat does ibis lniti a'.e It imttoates ?
1. That tin poop e wore reeotrxl to show that tbf
'tierse should have boon anbat'itei to them before
be.'oz made law
X That lb-' po ipin 'relieve it n ??o't for the iutereets at
tbe'x provlure to he lotted with the Cauadee.
3. That the people have no fattb in tbo probity er not
patrtvOtioin of tbe set" of tuou funning tba lite govern*
| men! of Canada aud tbe bulk. of the praeeut Pnv/
Councilor tile domlnton;teud to* |h>.,pio xro ngtii.
Is tho dviulnloa ffotut; w break up a'readv / l.et tbi
province* adiutssioa into our Odlon, whtob ie run
u'l undivided.
cur politics
Special .Keeling of tk? Kozart fllvaaral Cem^
inilire-l'revaraiiom lor the Vail tuui?
I'aUn. I
( A epecial meeting of tbe sfoaart Oenorel f'omtntUeg
was held hut evening, at eight o'clock, at tbo heads
I quarters, 111 Broadway, forth-) purpose of bearing the
report of the chairman of the' Executive Committee^
making arranjeotonM for tbo ;bVc? of dologatei to the
1 Bomocrat'C State Couveation, and trsnaachnir whatovef
j hueioosH might oouio before It. the attendeuoe wag
1 large fho mooting was pratided yvor by Win V. r.oej
I and Meters. Vfm. H. MoOarty ami John Mitohell ofB<
ciatod as secretaries, fho tnlnutea of the last msoting
vrcro read and adopted. The foliowtwg reaoluticma were
thou read and unanimously adopted I
ltcolved. That tho liiccutl t (.'orrrolltee b* directed t*
Issue a call for the election of di'cge'ei to the oorer.it riruiM
natl i eonveatioba for the eh i .oduUte* for oouni/
sud JudMsl odicora. Senator* anl Asaenrfrlynien. ,
Unsolved, fbot the severe; wir.l delegation* reprrt the
names of l.Miiectnc* an 1 pie cs for holding the poll* to tbg
Chairman <>i" the hteotuive Coatjulloe ou or before Jatufs
.In v .ho iMtii inst
Resolved, That the N itioii.il Deo orracy of Moitart Hall
convene at the usual wards and elect one delegate fruol
rnr.li Assembly district to roprcscul tliciu In the Domooralis
.stu!? Convention, tn commence at Albany October 3.
The Chairman of Ufe Executive CommlUeo, Fiitt* tend
Wihio, then made a short speocn laudatory of tbg
Mo/nrl democracy arid Ins visits thro"gftout the varioud
ward >. t
Mr Is.tAi It-.s :mi.-i ran, of the Twelfth ward, In a shorf
speech iipoit the feel ik of the prominent Mo/,an demos
crala ol the vutiou.s wards m ralat'ou to the nonj nation
of Fernando Wood l or Mavor, reported favorably aD<t
pin forward his name for that position, tie iiomiusuod
was rt'Cefvod with acclamation.
The meeting tb"n adjourned.
Unci, N. Y., Sept 23, 1167.
Ifon. Roscoo Conlcling, Unlle l States senator, hendg
the delegation, front this county to the Union State
Convention. The otbdr delegates are Israel js Clark ami
I tioodore tv. itvvighf. .
Itcneioa. N. C., Sept, 23, 1897.
A call, sign il hy two hundred of the most InlJuential
citizens of Wake county, will appear to-morrow, urging
tipou the people of tiie Slate to hold a mooting and ds?
vise a plan t? defeat, If passible, the radical organisations
throughout Iho Slate.
Ship Minnehaha < flrh McGrath, 33 day* from UeMtoat
derry (by pilot boa> Isaac Webb, No W;.
Wind at sunset J>K.
a'it a if f I/3T' 4V"SAil8il, br'jj ilolertoa,
Sl!l??]'5sT.l2; pr une of Wales (Brh ataoe Bay. OB.
iw /i/k.... v.uit v? Kiahth Pom.
A.?(Till vcraal i:?tio?IM?n, I'urla, ISOT.I
STRINWaY a sons fit IL'MPUANT. hiving. bae?
awarded the KlitsT (irani) ooi.n medal for American
piano-s lu all three stvle. exhibited, this tftedul being
d!?tinr-ly classified ftr.it In order of merit by llio uounimoiM
verdict of tin, International jury.
Wareroouia, No.. 1(19 aud III Eaat Fourteenth stroet.
A?; From ISH6 until 1MB 1. .
rnc gift., '-nwitioti which wa?* croat?<t a quarter of a mj
tury ago, ftn?t .a. then in Uerinauy, and IU*q la all
Euro,,.-, by the tlo? of
ha. alio followed lie Introjftl^ ' lnlo tb*# United State*.
Ila ancceaa here Ik already decided, .? a 1,.,U thatwMia ir.f
H hurt found the lushest favor with the p.--?,,sl(>o aa well aO
with the public. Ith e.ilo, from the begtnntnH- >,M oiotolnil
that of any other hew preparation, and It baa Intro*
duced Into all thn principal cities throughout the Union witla
the saine genuine success. It. superiority ta undoubted.
.Indite for yours.-Ive. ' lta compound la purely aad eutirelr
vegetable, prepared (in n particular way i from the tiuul,
' tlous barley, mixed with IIOFF'S CI.LKBKATBD MALI
AND HKItft CO.MH1NA, ION (for which aevnral medals ml
1 diploma* have been heetowrd upon the luvoniortii Rarv pe.
, and recently by the Iiialilule rolytccbulque b'ulretWi, i*
Fnrlsi. Free from alcohol. .
| eerve. the upiiellte, digestion and atrength, uud, thaw -fore,
< is a source or beultli lo Invsilds, dyspeptios. con soars utivasa
| debilitated, Ac. 'I here is no person who cannot darts/,banal
lit from Its use, aa It dors not acton nny p. tleuba/ organ,
but o.i the whole system. It Is preferred by the aj .fea.loa
and the puliiir to the much extolled preparation orf imo aag
hark, and to all al.-ohollc llqoors. auch as whiskey btttera]
ale, porter, beer. Ac.; in a word, it la the veiy beam Jf know*
ionic*, and proclaimed as euch bv science ta W ;h hernial
phcre*. HOFF's Depot, fttf Broadway, Ne'? Ytiirt
".% rninw oi llfHhi IK It rw" fr."? .
Anil nothliiK it ao lie lutiful ?n * plcturo ef. haW tb. Ilea*,
ache. Serroita rain*. 8our htomach, Dlatrrani tr\nr eating.
I Prnalrati iig Weakueea, Dtaincilnnlion for ?.m ety, Menial
5 Despondency. Ar., are the rule rather than W ,e eireplioM
w.tli the human family, and bare stamped ?h?k , effect a upon
ua a I. The rnoat eTeclire, gentle. auddeu ? .?,i .grneablo
remedy t? the Plantation Bitter*. luer 1 u?e probably
cured aati'l allerialeil mere cane* the pail fi -A yeara than all
oiher inedleniea (XMnblaed. They are *old. 7 ibioughout tbn
length and breadth of the land.
M AGNOLIA WATER, a delightful t)dei article, guperiof
to cologne and at half the price.
A Cure Warranledt or .llatie v Ketitrnril.?
Dr. FITLKR'st Vegetable KheuinAl a llg ,iedy |iermaiiant!y
iiirea Khemallam, Neuralgia. Gout V. a rraiite l haruileaa.
A gen la, DKMAS UAIIM,.>, 21 Park ear.' , UhLMBOLD. W*
At Ihr II i-ii < of Ihc f'?e nlottrililr IVarld
aunda KNOX, the Halter, who <e ee 'ahilshmenla. No. 21J
Broadway, corner of Pinion atrroi, u ftjj itro.ulwi* (Trim,
coil House >. arc raa[lendent w oh bV? matrhleea fal, allien
of n"ntlei ion's Haw and lieu A g*a grneraliy. Prloee ro?
inarkably low.
A Hint In T??fclol ^fnili rr<.?Hlanre nt iha
aaaortment of Infanta' l nncy lla's and Bonnets a*
GKNlN'.s, 512 11 uadwajr. Aabyk ood acquires a new faecD
I nttlljn when cr w. odatlh: | est* ullahmeiil. (
lloicltrlor'n llnlr Iky ,.._Tlio ll?ot lit
world; Ihe only pc.-foct Oye: harinloaa, rellahle, lutlaaUr
, ncoue. I'ac'oiyHl Bare ay sic ;et.
Crlolntloro'n Mni t Iky (.--The Boat Itrar Ilea.
nfeetureo. Vt holasale wiJ "rated. alio applied, at Net
Aator House. _____ i
f ititi|iholl. dP< it liei?-ire. Corner of Klghlh
aernno and rweul /eighth stieel ? Purr Mrdlrlnee die.
pinned with i are. r yx>. nd attention. to prescriptions.
t onal it uf Ion Wwtcr In ei Crrtnln Cure-fej
I Diabetes and all d-*caf>c*of the. Kidneys. Depot, t&Clilf
; street, New York
Or. M< 'hein-li, of riillailrlphln. wllf ha
I at lilt room*. N > ."a Itond alrr ft, Sew Yora, professionally.
Ieveiy lussluy, f rom | A. M. to 1 P. M.
Flue Stan dnrtl Mllv a-r Flnloil Ueedl.KKLtl'l
No. ? klslden Lane,
An elegant ea r?o?F|or Nl< Ale ftlver and White Melal Goods."
Nona but the 1 ieea^ Erer; j article guaranteed by our lialu
; aSEg' agia?,; *y?
llnlr KrubeYilUli airnta.-Frill, f bnnne of fljtr,
, gray hair, hahjaesa ee r?l by Dr. UKANDjEAN, Aat?rKo?
tip yeara pmnUbcj. Aft -lllllt
tk'e Inltn imble. linn lleaiiitiril llalrWljl
Ungi atU'MaaW Dua as street. Ilair Dye 50 caaU, bMytfi
' fl'h m'" Y" Ha?"-D?l,r,ou" y1***!9*"
! Nrw Mtorr ??,| >|rfr i,wrk7*jS5^22d^* "
Khnea, r;atiw? ?nd sll?,?<ra ofl|HflMMfeA3|^Ba.
rnaJa url mad ?io <>ril?r. at,'' j| $]* jJ " '
673 Br oadwaj-. oppoalla Metropolitan Hotai,
; H. R. R ,-Hndirat'a Rondr Rrllof, ?
In.amal and riinm.n, wifl inalantly atop p?iu, and apadfclf
c.f a I Kli' iu malic. Nf<ir*i?l',1 Rcrrno* ami Ma'artouiiWrn.
p.ainM. A- /alie fii dura, lllarrhma an 1 Rowel eoniL'allWL
, sick and .> erroua Hov laeUa l'rlo* tu caau a SotUv.
Horn I fin via aa I.ottery.-Pr1*ea PnM In
ftoublJt?.?!Zl!5?y^,,!2!UV<1, . Tni hleHnat ralM paid fo?
Uou-nl* a>a and w i klnda of Hold and Hllaar.
tA* U)H A CO.. Banker*. Id Wall air Ml, !*. *.
'1'l|o6l*?(len,na*T. Rita* 11 own.
roUn^ j.^'H' *'" * wln? nenhlnaa. OfflcaWd
Th* Sorth' rn Mogntlilr
[ A ?lunt Jng artlcl* on J AlUMl'i'loWX)* BBNBKTI
A hu /t-irona aketch of lh* .SilITlf fAMtl.T.
A Praaldonllal Jfomlnailona, hj JaMK-4 PARTOtfi
x '/illiAOH OP PROMISR and othar food atorioa.
A match of Hon. W. f. DAVT'tlf, with a flna fu'l p<f*
fleol**"^"^ndoth.rf. d?hln*a which m.ka Ida X
rt liaetira laM* "f r oninrta of thla p .pular magartoe.
iio id lii? luoialrr and al>la aril 'h1 on
r- i
iviaa. Tnnpnen and Ornnmnntnl llatr.w
M u u nualitr Hair Off and llalr D?iin?. all co. ira. ak
bAfl'UKi'OR'A, 1* Bond aU*a|

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