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that ? mi vh abusing Mr. Johu*oa, ca'lng hlra a
traitor for earrj tag a'lt fc ? policy iu epportlien to <*>?
(MM, iu d be would be turned out un<l tbe cam*
aa*iga*d "pbimcei reason j" 1 gtv* you lb* g*oeral idea.
L <1 I with you to state whether, Id the majority ?f
aaas than r*mcva<t w?r? aot srnply Iran tb* pan,*a
that hannauixad with Cucgren* 'a iu? matter of recon
struction* A. in a ?r**t maoy can** It wa* *o, bat 1
**?not ray |n a m*)ortty; I? at-net from memory under
lake io dajr wnat proportion.
<J. Let ras Ml: you wheiier any of them were tarried
?at becau** u.ej diderad in opinio* with Congr*** or
?pok* disparagingly of it t A. I don't r*coli*ct aay
eouipia'bi made ol that kind, only torn* republican!
whoooiop.a n?d of men mat w*r* opposed to Uie war,
er ware appoted to Mr Lincoln, aid wi*b*d me to laru
them out, which w rnsoy ca**i I did; If a won waa very
abuaiv* of tte gor rnnient ar.1 It waa brought to my
knumsd,:* 1 tu^ued bim oat; in pretty nearly all tbo
caaen ot UU4 Una r?? "ted, Tory few of them were in
vestigated by Hie Pree'dent, who acted oaly to approve
ay raoomia?a'**tioBt
<t Iu lbs re?<w which are termed "Presidential ap
pointments" where tha appointing and removing pow
er* are mm the President? A. Yee, sir.
0 state (he preoes* By which appointment* are made
in c**ea wherd Uie appointing pow r i* lodged with tbe
Preauiem ? A We make oat at the Department a brief
ef every ?aae: for i*(rtanee, if la the mtaborg caa*
there are two or three applications and ? large number
ef letter* or recouimeadat ona, a statement is made oat
in the iiepvimsni stating the naiure ef each tetter fer
and agataet each ippll"*ui; If, ou loeklog then over, 1
?elect ou? wbwb It memt to me proper to appoint, 1
?lac? bit name on the ouirxIo -, the case tnee oomea be
fore ibo l'r?*id*nt, wbo simply endorse* hi* initial* "A.
J," upon the paper; that is considered a* an order fer
the appointment, aud the paper* are lied in the Depart
ment; ih!i li done in amety-aine oa*e* out of every
bundled wlthoul'th* President ever taking ant the doe
amenu at all.
<i 1 wish to know if during tte period while the
President and Cougress have differed in pelicy, you have
removed or made appointment* oa tne recommendation
af republican member* af Coagrewf A. Yea, *?r; a great
ay, and ao ha* tb* PiMidant la tha PreaidentUl ap
4 I aiah to know whether that wa* tha case with
mea who diScred with Cougreee and agraed with tha
Pr*eid*nt t A. Tea, air; the paper* wtUahew that.
Wtiltnas L NharUer'a Teatinear.
By Mr. BOUT WELL?Q Were yon Provlalanal Gever
ner of Minuaalppi T If ao whan were yau appointed,
and hew long did yoo hold tte afficer A. I wa* ap
Eiatad *oia* time in Jane, 1846, and 1 bate tha office
October, K?ft.
<t Did yee take tha eath ef effia* whan you anterad
an yonr duUaa ? A. Yea. 1 taah tha earn that wa* ad
ministered to ma la thia city. 1 do aot raooiiact pre
eiaeiy tb* phraeeaiogy ol A
by the CnAnuuM?Q. Baa the President ef tha United
Ptaiee, in any coavenatlon that yoa hnva ever had with
him, informed you of hia deairo to defeat tha pending
eonatitatlonal ammdmeat f A. 1 da net know that he
aver haa, except to asprea* hie otyactioaa to the
Q. Ton never had aay eoaveraatlon with him oa that
?abject f A. I stated awhile ago that I prahahly had a
aenveraation with him about tha oaaatitutionai amend*
?tent, and my undemanding waa that bo wae opposed
la it; but what particular mean* b* employ*d, If any. I
4a aot of coarse kaow.
Q. He never stated to yon any of the mesas which he
??ployed, If any, to secure lu defeat? A. I think not.
1 do not recollect that ha ever nMntioaed any means to
he employed to defeat It.
Q. Had you aay conversation with Presidsnt Johnson
ta reference to tte pending conetitntlenal amendment
propoeed by the Thirtv-matt Congress t A. I suppose
1 have had aoase conversation with him, tha precise
teaor of which I cannot recollect.
Q. Have you received from him any advice or opin
ion at to the manner In which you should act or exert
fur influence in reteraaoe to tbe ratification of the
aaaeadstant? A. No, i think not; I took my own
eourse in that matter, aad oppoaad the amendment, aa
an Indlvidaal, for various reason*; all that I sa d or
wrote on the *ubj*ci wa* my individual objection; I
?appose I have bad conversation with the Pmident
about it: I can only Mat*, iu gsaayil taroa*, that I un
derstood he waa oppoaed to it, bat for wbnt particular
?anion I cannot now undertake to detail.
Lrtrls K. Paraosa' Teathnesr.
By Mr. Boirrwau.?Q. Were yoa Provisional Gov.
eraor of Alabama r If so, when were you appointed,
and bow long did you hold the office ? A. I was ap
pelated Provisioaal Governor ef Alabama oa tte 19th of
Mae, I thmlt, and was taaaoved from that office on the
tOth of December follow ng.
Q. Did yoa take an oath of office when you entered
wpoa the dutiee or I'm visional Governor ? If eo, did it
eoataln what U usually known as tbe "test oath V" A.
There waa an oath attached to tte com minion, which
area giveu to me at tbe State Department, and I waa ex
pected to cause the oath to be admiaistered to ntyaair,
which 1 did, with an* qualiflcatioa; there are several
eiauaee in tbe oath, in aii ef which tte statemeat is to
the sflect that tbe party bae not voluntarily done thus
aad so; I could aot atato aa a tact that! had aot don*
things wiilch would amount to aiding rebellion,
bat I could state oonsctentiooaly that 1 never did it from
aay eboice, because I deairaattadeatroetioa of the gov*
ernsaeat of the United Statea.
Q. Have yoa bad any conversation with President
Jabnaon in reference to tt* pending constitutional
amendment? A Yea, nr.
0. In those conversations ha* President Johnson e x
yreeaed to you any opinion as to whether or not it should
V w landed by tbe Statee? A The flrst conversation I
t^vl with him on the subject?1 cannot state the time,
M course it waa since tte amendment waa proposed
be1***"1 me what I thought the people ol' Alab^mn
aroek* do in relation to it. I replied that I did not thlak
they %v?Ud aaoept it, aad I went on to give him my
i tt brief.
4. Otd ha axprosa aay opinion himself aatawhat he
"Wt f A. He did not Ha made ao expresa.oa what
.. any time dace than haa ha expreaeed ta yoa
--T-^in. to hi* daaira in the matter f A. Hover
' h?re oaderatood, a* every one haa, that he
?*? and lhave always spoken to bim my
m ^ "?e fact; bat bo ha* never said to
tlif Lm onnL. 1 Mr ree*od why
h?n. ?*?>>e reaaoa*.
M i^r w^L ha 4 #fun ?r?*<l br me oa bim
ah *tr*anoa*ly oppoaod by
S.k^TJl. '? <UUBCt Um hetweea the
federal and State autbortk ^ "li w" ?*fhed out by
"of D^ivmi uad*Mtaed PiaaU5*11 *? dl?*at
fr^m ^ views^r^ssinrui A President
JohRsoa never s|gn?e^ aa far aa I ??
be approvee or dlaapprov** of wha ?> ??
my experience goo*, ha liataaa to w. m *
and withhold* whatever may be hi* c .
Q. Ha* he ever at aay tim*| to you WJ" 7?nr P?*
aace, gtv*n aay coaaeel er advice aa ta should be
dene by yourseif or aaybody else aa tte ?r
fywg or rejecting tte constitutional ameui \meui. A. i
rnnnnt rtColltCt Lhit bfl bM,
q Do you know of anything done by Freai *?t Jobn
aon in reference ta ita ratiflcatioa or re?ecti vu T A. I
oaaoot say that I da; 1 do not recollect aaythia* that he
bae ever dene oa tha sntyect. .
By tbe CuAiaaa*?Q. State whether you hsw trta
ether sources taaa tte Prspidaat plnmalf received aay
informatioa of aay atepa er mea*ur*g ytkan oa' adopted
by the President to aflbct tt* actio* of tt* f'aie pn the
proposed oonsiitutlonal ameadmaat. A. .Na, S'r
Robert .Hsrrew'i Tratlsissr.
By Mr. Bofmr*Li?You are private aaoraury to the
President? I am ?<*iaat pnva.a weratary.
Q. Have you at aay time bad In yoar poeeovlen or
ceatrol any boada of State railroads, or coupons of Koch
boada, belonging to Pre*kl*nt Johnson T A. I nevei
bad In my poss***ioa or control any such beads, coo
wen* *f sack bond* bar* pa***d ttroagh my baadi to
tha bank.
Q. Of what boada vara tha co?p*U? A. Of srreral
baada; ta* Nashville aad Chattanooga Hallway Cam
Ky, endoraad by tte State of Tenne***a; OB* of tbe
neoao* and Virginia Railroad Company, andorftd o7
the State of Teaa*a*ae, and Mate baada of Tenue**e*; l
believe th*t is *11.
' % At wbat bank wora they delivered? A. The cou
pons were taken ta fSH runt National Bank of Wash
'aaton. D. u, for eeUaotien in New Tark at tbe sgenry
oi Da you reoollect the amount of tha coupons of tbe
~~ ' >viMa and Cbattanaogn Ballraad Company ? A. Na.
#an't idmimbsr the a am bar. Ma lotarest bad
rfr, I r
feeea collected oa tte band* for n leng time. Then
ware ^ilta a innbw of oeupena, and that confuaaa my
mimsn aa ta the namber of bend*.
By Mr. ELahinoa^Do yoa kaow whether the Pr**U
Ami had held tboea baada for aaverai yaara? I don't
kaow that. Oa them I* an ea do re* meat er traaefer
sicaed by Cave Jabnsoa, wbo wa* aa oAaer of one of
tte banks of Nsahville la 1W3-4-4. The data ef tte
traaafer was aboat that Ume.
W. H. Hnaitn?ton'a Teatimonv.
By Mr. Borrwaifc?Q. Ftaaaa prodnoe tbe statemeat
*T Mr. Jobaso*'* aooouat, called lar when yon were laat
before tb* oommittea. A. I lay It bdbra tna committee:
M ccamerces Jus* 27, 1M6, sad coatmae* dowa to tte
preaeat t me
Q. What balaace now appear* ta hi* credit? A
q. Doe* this traaacripi presented by yea roetata a
tree eiatement of all ib* tranaaciiaaa between I'reaidrat
lebnaon aad year bank ? A. it deaa w tbe beat ef my
Jit It a trn? traa*rrtpt from renr book* ? A. It la.
Wbat wa* the largeet depart made aa shown by
tb* account, aad whan waa it made ? A. Tha larsaet
Tit waa |M,M7, and wa* made Dciomber II, IMS.
If yea have aay pir**n*i knowledge of tnat depoeit
plea** Mat* what It wa* r A It waa tea proceed* of a
tot ef Catted -4atea bond* which bad been lying on ? pe
nal deposit in the beak for a leng time. I suggested to
bim ou* day tnat be bad better sell them, ** th* price
wa* pratty good. H* did ao, aad 1 piac*d tb* atnoaol of
proceed* to hi* orcdii
Q. War* tbor* any other stock* er lionde except
L'mtcd states l>*ad* **ld at that time" A. No, sir.
V| How loag bai the bonds baaa with you oa aoaciai
tepMit? A. I '-aoaot toll; a long tim*. t*>,0t?i United
?ia.e* ?***? ihlrti*^ had baaa on dapeall I ihiak. ever a
yaar. |lo,0#0 additional, I think, ware parcbaaad Jaau
wj 22, 1WI
Did yea. a* e**bl?rof th*bank, parrbaae tbe whole
*f tb*?* bond* wb-.a they ware putahMtd? A. Ye*.
Q Fr.ra aonrw waa tfca onomt ?an?M from
wfcwb ha pur oaaaa w?a mada? a. Wnan La llrai
ruel ?n account ha h?<i -mincana wt <Upo?ii, I mink,
tha A?*ant Traaanur la CtwMnMm far
wfctrb IiM lnrtcmllliMM IM M. and wiuUi La
4aa;r*.! to bava iiitanad IB lb* way I thought ),?n; I
are.-.?-> ait aa.fmnt of, I think, |M.i>00 in ?nv<?
JitrtiM *n1 ytncal tb? taiHN to in* cjt>4u ,.u iha
?e?ki of in*
Q ?oa ro?-i? an otiiry of the prora?4a of tha nartifl.
of on y?*rb?oit?f A. No.atr; <mly the
?atari '* p;a"*4 to hM rrt-lit nmwa arad < a .11* Look* ;
. MfM tfcirtt** war* bai*w par at tbat t,ru*. and the
t-00 nitTha??'1 for Mm I think, . aat alx?ut $4i,000.
Q Ih# lTth of May. WO*. tfcrra I- an cr.tr>' (o li t
?raait of 14 ;,:U *0; har* yoa any knowiedga of th.it
Mtrj of hot than to hat* ?ho?o t A. No.
Q. Do i?a h-ntk"? ?f lb* hnete ?how tb? natura of tha
?'?t#awMii ? A. Wo; Ui<r o?lr ?h|?*.at? a*ny ?*?<&?
'?r anah an amount anil M inno'i cl-h
<?..! inl?r rti:? of Movnuthef JMfl, ' "intt. M.
(ktrua, fj4,?0?i," Uat? J >J a'.y ?u ot that
im us fo^ collection feet*
, drawn on tN) I'm-deul a*
truif '.ion J 1. It come
the IJcWn Bank of T?nneee?
S'gbt, and be oruered us 10 pay it. ? ?
W. J Oder a**c of Jaouaiy U6. JW>7, I tod s simi.ar
eouy of $16 000; cau yoa eiplOJB A- A* **? ?
draft drawn by the tauie party through the sen.o >en*
>? niMiMt; under nV.rjctious irom its President *?
pa.d it, and charged it to hut oceoon!.
By Mr. Kia?kion*?Q. Do** Prestu st Joliuaon know
cf yor.r producing ih.i.accouol tar#' A. Yea, sir.
il Hew did ha know stoat lit A. ! ess .a the other
evening to see turn upon some ^nj^poaa and moot on*d
tba; 1 Lad bean rtqargFei io produce luf acoouat:
ha asked what for, I told hiui I *m sure T di4 I? ,
know, h\. that I supposed 1 ac.uid ba compelled to pro
duce it, a^ < would iLat o. acy other < sitomar under
?ike clrcunutacioea.
Q Yoa objootod to proddCiDg it when flrrt ailed by
the '?omnmtee. did you? A. Yen. sir; not for any 1
?pat.al raaaon, simply ipon the general principle of
n>>ver'impartiug any informsiloa io outsider* . u regard
to the busiseee of oar customer*.
Q. The President did not maie any ob. sctions to tta
production ? A. None whatever. Ha smiied, and said
be had no earthly otyectien to bare any of h.? transac
tion* looted into; that be had done noth'og clandee
tlnaly, and dssired me to show them anything I had
relating to ht? transa lions.
Q. The objection yoa made to produolBc the account
was before yon Uad th ? conversation with the I'reai
dent f A. Il was baaed upon general principle* alone.
1 had not seen him until after I had made out th* ac
count to brln< before the committee.
Q. Thee* certificates of deposit on the government
depositary io Cincinnati had been on interest for how
long baton yoa received thornr A. lor more than a
year; 1 do not rwmember tho exact time.
U What waa their toco amount, leaa interest? A.
SM.uoo, 1 think, or between $40, wo and Jio.ooo. The
original transaction does not appear on our books in any
"ssresie Cesrt-tiestral Term.
Adjourned to Deeember 16, 1W7.
Kssreae Vesrt-C'lreslt.p?ri 1,
?eld by Judge Barnaro.
_ Court opens at haif- pa*
1087?Brien et al.T*. Raphael
1568?Bendall etaJ. v? Peter
past ten o'e'ovk A. M.
''iSb-Am. Spiral Hprlng Butt
Hinge Co. vs. 1'errln.
1697?Wittgenstein T*. FUke,
1677?Beunetl et al. rs. Pow
eri- _
1313? Muore. Jr., ts. Ke.ly,
1331?South rs. Peters.
711?Drake ts. Barstow,
President, Ac.
796?Hall et al. ra. Kellogg
?l *
4S?- Onun ts. CCuimrs. of
I144-i.a*teldu*. ei al. rs.
1861?Mayer etal. ts. Kelly,
H fieri ff.
1606?Townaond, Ac., vs.
White, Ac.
811?lucker t?- L. I. K. K.
862?'Tucker ts. I* I. B. B.
8K?Kennedy ts. Oicott
et al.
IMS?Douglass ts. Bills.
1634?Ellis vs. Dougla**.
8lf?Menltt et al. vs. Much
106?Hv'and Ta Lyncb,
Nuprewie Court?Circuit?Part 'A.
Held by Judge B. V. Huil'.h.
Court opens at half-;<ast teu o'clock A. M.
Jfov .Vol.
610? Halsey ts. llals^T. '
W!?Snare ts. Ludlow.
191U?Webb ts. Hslnner.
<ai?Uttlebacb ts. K&hu.
1WS?Kbel I'iest.,vs. t-sn-ard
et al.
fSO?Frice vs. Price.
MX?East kiTer Bank ts.
Austin unpd.
1TS4?McCsrthy ts. O'Brien.
I42d?Mr 11 tyre etai.lv.
1636?Wrebs et al. ts. tioels
Msprene Court?Norr 1*1 Tet us.
Held by Judge MiUer.
Court opens at tea o'rioek A. M.
No. 27?-Etna Fire Insurance Company of Hartford vs.
Importer*' and Traders National Bank or ?w York.
Issues of law and fact ?
Aw. Kr?.
Wl>? Prouty vs. Madden. 'XT?I.yon t? SI! man.
MU.Wstanoreetal.vs. Can- 21S? Voorhis. Ir.,T?. Kiernau.
deo et aL 714? Perelrai t*. Uilusan
126?Lotiuier et.ai. ts. Hatch 216?Hieltlnaon va. Hunter a t
et al. ah
1SI? Itenly t?. Hodglne. Sift?Parker t*. Ward
157?Kelly, KbcrilJ, ts. How- ?0?Katt.nehorn ts. Tusker.
land et al. 2ie?Same vs. Same.
JD1?Qrifliih ts. Alexander. 21??Woolsay v*. Hacenbley.
SU2?TLurstoa vs. Done ts et 2llt?Kel?o ra Long.
*1. 22>J? l,ou*uran vs. K<-rretal.
XV?Moweyfrs. Bee ?. 221?Busael ts. Russel.
Supremo Ceurt^Ckasikeri.
Be>d by Ju t^e liiEra'u.on.
Court open a at ten o'clock A. M. Caliof calendar at twel?e M.
Keserred cases:?
$>56-rerk et al. ts Bslley
et aL
1743?Ortega et al. ts. McGIII.
TBi?Merrick. adJ&r.,vs. Ha
ley et al.
TSe?lluil el al. ts. Xord
1A04?Moser v?, Orum.
18*10?Rontaine ts. Temleln.
?.i-I,iw et al. T*. Hall ftt al.
ISIS?Cohen ei al. vi. McUay.
*1602? Ueckbow t?. Nouiaiu.
1764- -Mju>1<*<11 TS. Kol>ias?o
nt aL
82?Matsebe et al. vs.
66_Wolff va. Anderton.
73?BankH t*. t'rot'm Nat.
75? Blork llnute Min. Co.
ts. Croton Nat. Bank.
74?Hopmwk t?. Ouidrnsun.
Bfi?Pow??ll et al. ts. Snmh
aide K. R. Co.
Ill?Harw-md etal. ti Milch- 21C
^11 et al. ri ...
114?Detlou et al. t*. Gilbert- vs. Lockwood
son. .et a!.
ll>_Tn re Wood (o vacsie 252? J<ip'>msnn ts TlartetaL
aaaesiraenr. 251t? l.ippuiaun ts. Hart et al.
120?Kelly va Kelly. 241? Corlles r*. Learnt et al.
125?I>u(T, Ac., Ta. drover. 245? Miller et al. t?. urefa.
152?Modtnan ts. I*.rr, Ac. 246?Housmau <it al. T*.rraa?.
156?Comean ct al. t*. \ oack, 2M-1 n re Estate of Ruck, Ac.
leeeAsT? h ?
16e? In re Wheeler, Ac.
175?Hansel*, t*. Thomas.
180?Banks ra. Cvoton Sa
tiuual Hack.
181?Block Houwe M,n ng
Con.paov vs. Croteo
Nations. Bank.
213?1,'ifan vs. McDougal
pt al.
215?Vli'o, &r . t?. Jenes.
MiUei s. al. rs. Btaoa
275? Schaur rs. lilcker.
27#~Boufert ts. Barne.
OH?I.oder ot al. Ti.Htadeker.
atQ-H'.rrens is. l.ipman.
161? Patterson ts. wloomer.
186?Meyers vs. Meyers.
1H?lngmham Ta ttobert
167?Baxter et aL ts Hall
et al.
Call 184 -Cl'msn et al. ts. Rchoeller etal.
Anuerlar Court?Trial Ti-rm?Part I.
Held br Judge McC'unn.
Court open* at eleven o'cloca A. M.
A'ot. y'on.
S919? Hstfleld va KewTork **73?Hartv*. Willi*.
Ice Co.
? 85^?Swlfl t*. \V?li?.
5127?Cohen va Kelly.
5476?OondmaD ts. Stein et al.
Mjf?Field et al. ts Robins.
5S71? HcbuilioeXrr ts. Meu
U!73?cilpnSii rs. Piatt.
if.IR1?Ward va Central Park,
N. and E. H. U.K. Co.
Superior t'ourt?Trial Tcroi?Part it.
Held br Ju.lge Jonea
Court opto* at elerun o>ir<ck A. M.
Ko,. It'-*.
<6H4?ltunn T? Cuddy. 450?lasuranoe C <, ot NortU
lM12i-lJavla va. BrosdwaT America, of 1'itila
aod 7 n at. R. R. Co. (lelpbia va Columbia
5644?Perry vs. Kosenblalt. Insurance Co.
5674?lucker et aL v* Meek* 24Jl'?Kls^inond ts. Drake et
.<m?Natl. Shoo and Leather
Bk. of X. Y. ts. Boss.
S4S7?Levy Ta Godlrey.
3441?D^any va Havens etal.
311.1?.ScbermerLoru v*.
Barnes, ex'r, et al.
U73? Ru*?ell v*. Metropoli
tan Iniu:-anre Oo.
3415?McDermott vs. Beam.
245d?Ullbert, Jr.. Esq., ts.
2462?Terhun" TB. Terbune.
2468?llall et al. va *orrta et
al. _ .
2KB?Fisher vs. Sq'ilree *? al.
et aL
5632?T^ne ts. Doelger.
?tSt>4? Wellington ts. rrallb.
2366?El*eab?rd v*. Carrwe
J414?Lehmu* st al. t? Pey
?Palin?r T*. Robe: t*.
A'ontmon Pleas?Trial Term?Part 'A.
Held by Judge Van Vor*t.
-vCourt ifeus at 11 o'cloek A. M.
K'tuity Calendar^
?al_Kocliler vs. StS^bert. Itl? Wlloox ts. nuuu.
B5? Hall ts. Wasbhn.*J>. j#?Bat sell vs. Klanagan.
ott Hlenartv*. lsa lorl 156? Swec'eer Ta Hatch
116?Nat. Bank "f H-lnMOr* 156 - Lock wood ?a IJsicU.
ts ftacketi. 157?Jarrls t*. Hatch.
48?Jaoobva Morange. '* -Bradford va Martte.
128-<leai.l va Maroon.
158?Dellvie is. Edaon
?*o_ireiiretcb t*. B^seutUal. 140-?7iirti* T*. Wrigley
m T^TTbs r*. Beooehof Jl iu 141?Curtis ts. Bryan.
111-B.fbv ^ 14??Topping ts Larkii
t. Co? *
1J5?Tage T*. Smith.
IIP?FertaUl ra Mullen.
46?Jaoob* Ta Moiang*.
6b?Balsa ra. Ruaaell.
g5?Hammond ts. Croptey.
77?Bathgate Ta UasKln.
7et?Barne* Ta t?ehult*.
S? rettretoh ts. cromslier.
?Murphy Ta MeCool.
114? Carroll vs. Wllaou.
J47?Topping vs. Larkln.
U?Jgrrts va. Kla^er
144?^Iu) TA Boeeuthal.
145?McMllieu*8?. hoex.
146?Hcye Ta Boile*
147?Ibbotsoo ra Heyes.
14^?Rurode Ta Hill.
148?Probabaefer vaGucken.
160?Wbeeier T*. Oll*ey.
|M?Iran, A t.e. T*. I "rati,
r suillb A ? o.
111-Berley ts.' Ref. German 152-Qu.nlan ea Doedf.
Y D Cburch. IjS?yukk Ta Langaa
llg?Berler ra R?f.O?m? IM-Narlor Ta Cbam^ra
P D' church. IM?Hodman va Moure.
Marine Court?Trial Term.
Held by Alher. J.
Court upeaa at ten o'clock A. M.
1M?franklla ts. Strauso.
136?Moller v* Kramer
? ' Kruber T*. Neboagati.
? Bunn Ta Kiag.
? < et.tr> 1 Park K Co. va
Bieerksr auJ r'll.oa
d'Htete Ratlruad ? u.
? Balser ra Kuater.
112?Michel re. Arnold.
16?Ket r ts Ban il man .
? Oourlay ra Broedbet.t.
15t'??WIlliamouB va. CUapUy
147?Dooley t* MtGrath
|?? Br.dgepertBrae* Co. ra
V4n Al*t ?
Ii,-?Mariwe.ii ts Mnehling.
1*8?AuiHO vs. Smith
ii??<?rere ra Plaitoir.
IS2? l?eanliL ts. Po*:.
ia5-lleadrtck* va Logee.
178-Bailey TS Flas.
? ra Doty
Appeal Cawi.
He I or* Judge N*Ih?b.
J1 l*e Nelion look hla Beat upon tli bnch ymirdif
morning and ptoeeeded wltb the hearing ef appeal
The flrrt case wu that of Gerard va, The Frtigju Montr
of ibe Brig Adhum. Tbi* caaa nam* up on appeal
from (ho Keafra district. lbe libellaat filed bit Ifbol
(being a charterer) for aa adraere ruada on tbe charter.
The court Mow field tbai m to auoh a demand a bot
tomry bond tb?t had Men en during tbe voyage did
?ot eerer aad ehoutd not t>e < barged wiib tba general
aerrage rrom thle decree tbe claimant applied. J.
Rtdfrwar for appellant. C. M r??neta for Hbellant. aad
K. hcuddar for ue other lineOaute. Tbe Cottri retarved
tie derm en.
tiUJtO STATES oistrict COUHT.
iMMrmat t|nr??ioii ADrrilei tkr Kitbta of
Hofora Judge Hlatcbford.
Th' glatrt rl. ftontjhflW Thnutanti (Jmiiom </
Vutitl'd Spiritt, <t 1Tbia wae an appeal irom a dame
af tba Diatrict t >ort, which awarded to tba informer,
Mr a A. McDonald, eoly |n,000 under tba regulation*
of tbe Treaaury Impertinent, ?mned bf virtue of tba law
of Augtutl, IMK la tba court below tba informer
curneu a fail moiety of tba pro ved*, which would be
aataa Tua informer alleged that tie gave in
formation atiainat the whwkejf In March, amler
tba a t of I MM, and 'bat, a? the act then ktvutf, ba waa
entitled to one-half. The property trie alTTWH??<( fit
Mar b. I WW, h| 'i-tBt of the partita. After ita lor
future t'lf PnHod SUM directed lite Dlelrict Attorney
to opeu ib?* uiKt'-eut, and the Informer claims that ihTi
wa* <1 ae without ti ? < oneeuL i'b the 16th of December
the goot 4 weie, by Ui? t'aimaiub oubmoi, aghiA OMi?
demueo. Iu iLe meenUmo ui':t war tmjse.1 providing
that the "oruier act only meant tu five $0,000, tud
hhouid out re,t until eoUectioa.
*adgo H!4s -iford 'hat it did I^mlt, audtrom
ttit* the iQforiaej' appealed, icrt iif that nia -iftrinilM
bavin* boen gireu .a Marco. i(HW. u.?rigliw as .i former
acerucl unrtar law of 1WM, wlit. hgave h ut a ujiety,
an<l thai the MUj'ja ol C>-lure? could liytgy
prro Iiia* of that riguL ~ ""?*
IM -r'Q^SCiyAVfct tha' no right of an ie former
became v.n?d until the judgment an<l final return of the
proceeds iatoionrt; thai the ,;dguieut in this caae was
noi made until Deccmbor, iKOfl; that CooKrosa bad a
light, aa It did in .August, lfitiA, to alter the then existing
lavs ae lo the ngii'. of :nformera, and that under the
law of August, iscfl, the informer wan out.tied to uuly
The Court took the papers an.I reserved its decision.
Coanae! for the aptiislUu!, Mi. Charles DonoUoe. For
th? govern meat, Mr. 6. U. Courtney, United Status Dis
trict Attorney.
Internal Rstrsss fs?M Conrieinnationa.
7V Undtd Stattt rs. T'xrf. Ua. reU of Oulilloi Spirit*
ami :ht DvtiUtiy and a'.l M ittorl ami Tkingt Iktrein ntu
?!? at 194 Kef. Tvxnijt-iiflk I'leet?This rase, which
stood adjourned from Ir.day last, when the testimony
and summing up oa both sides had rested, was re
sume 1 this morning. Judge Bliitchrord, in his charge,
read and directed the attention of the jury to the thirty
first, forty eighth and twenty-fourth MCtioua of the
Internal Revenue Ibwe, upon which the case in hand
was grounded. If the jury should find that Uie<<% sec
tions had been violatsd or not atricily eomplled with in
truth the government must be entitled to a verdict
Mr. Barrett, for the defendant, prayed the Court that
It might bo an instruction to Mm Jury that, inasmuch as
there waa not the shadow of evidence to show that Mr.
CootoHo was in any degree partner or part proprietor In
thyUotiliory. all reference to him might be withdrawn
?ana Mr. Wbeun held and regarded ae the solo proprietor
thereof; and that there was neither concealment nor
untruth chargeable against,Mr. Whdan In that regard.
Judge Blatcbford instructed the Jury accordingly and
they retired to their room
After a brief absence they returned to court with a
verdict for the government.
The United <3Mtf ?>?. 1^2 Main of tonigm Wool in Thr*?
Omtignment*. containing 51,'>? Urn.? Thw rise waa give*
to a jury before Judge Ulau-blord. It involvee the f or
feiture to the United States of English wool of the
probable value of more than (100,000. From tho state
ment of Aseistant Disuict Attorney Pheipa it appear*
that those consignments of wool from l.iverpooi arrived
la the port of New York in March, 18?0, and were then
seized by tne United States Collector of Customs aa
having been fraudulently invoiced by tho eoaslgoor in
Liverpool, and the circumstances ate'to thiw eflect:?By
an act of Congress of 1TM it was provided that the
duty or tax upon wool from foreign countries, on arrival
in New York, was to bo regulated Uy tho ad valorem
value or price the wool would re'l for at the port from
Wuich it wais exported, and that wool of the value or
price of twenty cents per pound was duty free, but that
ail wool above the value ol twenty cents would bo sub
ject to a duty or tax to the United Mates in the port of
Now York of twenty-four oents jier pound.
Hence there was a wide margiu lor persons so
disponed to oomuiit a fraud, and it was
charged in this case that tho wool in question was in
voiced as unwashed wool and under the udvaiorem
value of. twenty cents, whereas the United states
government, In 1800. contended that the wool was of a
higher lalae, and came unaer the provisions of the acts
of congress of 17U9 and 1880, and therefore liable to the
tax of twenty-lour cents per pound; and the govern
ment of the present day maintain the ground utken by
the law officers of 1S60.
Mr. Meade, the I'eputv <'o"er(or of Internal Kevenuo
at the port of New York In 1800, was the first witness
produced by the government, and he testified to the
arrival and seizure of the wral id March, 1890. Case
still on.
Final Dlscbnrarn in Bankruptcy.
Tte following persons who had applied for the benefit
of the Bankrupt act have received their final dischargee
in bankruptcy in the United Utile-; District Court for
the Southern Di-triot of New York:?Jainea A. Rhodes,
Edmund Kurseil, Harvey Hhelden, Joseph K. Uardiner,
Jan;es William*, (ieorge W. I'oiern,. l?uc D. Ldrvhi.
Morris. Ash, Juan Bellamy, Louis U?-.vson, John
Maorage, Vincent Chapman.
Pefltionn Filed in Bsnkrspteir.
Tho following petitions were filed yesterdayPatrick
MeOoo, New YorK city, ret erred to Register Williams;
William H. Chapman. New York city, referred to Regis
ter Fitch' Allien Moulton, Sen York city, rererred to
Regisier Dayton, UichwJ Marsh, Now York oily, ro
fcrred to I'.ci'tfer A'len.
Tke PetrrheflT Cane.
BoTcro Coouaiuiouer Osborn.
In tho oa so of Ward and Grove, and of J R. Wood
ward' vsl the 'argo of tho PeterhofT, tho further hear
ing had been flied for eleven o'e'.ock this morning,
before Commlseioner Osbo: n, but at that hour the par
tieo not beinft <|Uit? r ady to proceed there wae an
adjournment till lo-morrcw mornin?. ?'oun<tel for Ward
and Gove, Mr. tlfas'us Renedi' t; lor J. R. Woodward.
Mr. Q. P. .Andrews; foi the claimantt, Me?^rMar
tin and >m;tb; and for the government, Mr. Kthsn
AJteu, I'mted -tatet Assistant District Attorney.
The ?lflvillf Dlvcroa ('mwojaitfmpiii for Ik*
Before Judge Ork*.
.Vera* A'. MrloiOt ti. Hairy B. .tWci^e.?Thia waa an
Mi'on for divor-e on the (round of adultery. The cant
ha* been ponding before the court for about five year*,
and the complainant charged that defendant bad com
Bitted adultery witn divert person.. and at timed and
placet unknown to pV.atilf and aiao with unknown
pertona at pla-et aad at tlmea known at:d form by
tne plaintiff, aa well a? v< lUi Mary Bell, of Broadway
concert saloon and p>?tol practice notoriety. The Issues
were tried before a jury, ard tne bearing ocoapted three
dayt. Fins .udgrutm was tctertd for the p'a.stiff oa
tbe )6tb alt.
The Butcher* i?nd the Renril of llmlili-A|i>
lillcntion for I nitim-ilon ngnleur the Board.
Before Judge Barnard.
IKe FwpJ' rf'., rx rtl, Janit n ot. TV 'i.'au
te am </ UmltK.?The pieuilift m thia action it a
butcher, end t eare argued on hit application for relief
troni tbe acts of the re<pondcnt is now under coua!d*ra
tlon before ibe liencral urn, ?ud involves rubstanfully
imo <|Utvi;otia a* were raised In Hie ?.-? of Hbuner
against the ?ame defendants, mi<' which wat recemly
decided in favor of the plai.itlff, .^huster.
Yi sterday an application waa made before Mr. Juatice
Barnard, a' Special Term, for iniunctioa to re.tram the
respondent from tue i'ur:a?r cn.or emt-u' of thu ordi
nan " of th- Bealth Code. which prohibits the -driving
<y utile within certain Hunt* of the city, aad which in
terpret terfousiy with the relator's buvne*r -hie
tUu}1)ter home beiog within the j raecribod pmctnet*.
Tiio Ma'or *fcLim? thai the decision in tbe tsUx*ter cute
covert 'lie quekton of relief now ttked.
The caM wu set dowa for fuil argument on Friday
The ttlckie of (lilteni aa Aaaiant Corpora -
lion* ip >he Public Tiaoroiicktarra.
S^.'ure Judge Jon?t
JtkMfi Uihitiiu, aw Mpfe* Guardian, w. TU C<*irai
f\wk d ITorik * Pa3> tti - r Railroad Company. ?Plaintiff
It a child of abon teveu yean of age. and toed in this
court yeaterday for ibe recovery of damage* for injurita
alleged to have beea t*c*iv*d through tbe neglg.
eace of tbe defendant. It appeared from the evidence
that on tb* 4th of November, the plaintifl wax
playing home in th>- vldaity ot Firm, avenue aad Fiftieth
street, and la ao doing eat running behind one of the
d*fend*nt'a can, which waa on no <1 >wn trip After
(allowing it f*r tome dl?;nnoe ib?' little fellow deviated
from hit court*, which then lay aoutliwaM on the west
erly tide of the ttreet. and atleropted to rnn acroee
tbe defendaat't eaateriy track to yhe tan aide
walk ou First avtuue. While eo doing be
tripped and tell about twenty-live leet .n front
of toe hortea of a car which waa coming
upon tbe eati _;,T tfacY Tbo wheela of tbe car |>aaeed
{SS&ii ss%^?
Hospital the fact ot the boy having followed ao cioatly
heh nd the "down" car prevented bim trom aae ng the
? ?up ' car, which injured him, and cona*qu*utly frota
avoiding it If be bad intended ao to do. A former em
piny.. of tbe company, who waa a conductor on Ibe dowa
car at the time ot tbo occurrence, and witaaaaed It, tee
tiQed that there waa a grade at thia part of the route,
?ad that it waa a cut torn of the defendant to attach an
aura horse ie each tar ia tbe aeoent of thia grade, which
waa aeceetliated only on tbe trip "up," aad that a tar
could easily have been stopped ia tb* d lata nee (mm tb*
car in yueetion to tbe prostrate bo?. It waa alto shown
that the hey injured waa unattended by any guardian,
aad tltwt be bad nut looked up and dowa tb* atreet to
see If a car waa coming.
It is provided by statute that a plaintiff in order to
mm> Ilatstgt* for in "lr.et NNMHML?M*? show that
there was no i-oetrlboilve n-gligeuce on bit part, and
that be had|***rcieed ordinary prudence aad forethought
to gvard Vjralatt injury.
At tbe rlote of the piaiatifTa cane, defendant a cotin
t*l moved lor a d.emitaal of tb* >complaint, on Ibe
ground that the (act of bla belaga child of tender yeart,
aad unattended by aay protector, coaetltaiod negli
gence. and that cooirthntiv* negltgonce waa aiao proved
In the Tact thet he had not exer*l**d ordinary prudeaee
and (oretboaght.
PlaiatiO * couneel opposed tbe Motim at acme length,
aad contended that tb* conatruction of uegiigen. r on
tbe ground that the child waa nnattoaded in tb* street
by any guardiaa, waa erroneoaa; tbat a citizen taunt have
aome rights which railroad corporations, to whom it
grnted the privilege of running their *an through pubha
iliorenghfiirta, are bound to reaped, and that it could
not beheld a child of a*v*n yeart of age waa bound
to have a prote. tor with it upon tho atte?t at all
times, it waa obvious that a man with a
larg* family or young children could not
emplov tervautt to whom mi 'bl be eo^ruaMd their tale
kfi-pinj;. With reference to tbe .juration of negligence,
i a the ground that tb* child bad i..'l eaerrieed onlinaty
prudei>t? ia looking for an approeciiian oar. the Deci
sions ? iied oa th:t point. ? HM rlmniaj, were appi.co
b.e <miv to sniiiw. and were not to be done rued a* defin
ing we ni'. ? 'ire o( J iiethuUgtjl and eaiitlon "i-oed to
jflnPff s *?? ? M ifwn4*r aeeat. Taa' antuM
that then war tufll'.cnt e\.dtMC*?t neg 'g?u t on tue
part of thn dofet) Jaet to ai!ew the jury U? pun upon that
quobtiun, ful thai it bad previously held, is a e*ke trim!
during the preiett U m. that there was negligence >b
permitting a ouild of tattler years to bo iinatteuded la
tbe public thoroughfares, and that tba plaintiff bad aieo
boos itailty ut ooalr.b mve uegligence In ta* present
??*90 by runuing after ti e .Mondant'11 oar, a? a> t en
tirely voluntary and uanecetsarv on bio pert. snd one
whlcfc so iotvi't?0 an u prevent I ui rvotn ssnso;? the ap
proaching car which njured him Thecomplaint e?s
tin/ lYMLLlfct.WL. ?
BqaM or A:j>sri?**.? Aldoruau McQ ads je?.tertoy
Offered a resolution Ixforo this Board, d:rootii% that
tho sidewalks in Fifth avrnje, between 129th and 131st
streets, bo made thirty r??i wide, and that property
holders be allowed to enclose fliteen feet inwidit\of tho
hide walk as a court yard or rrea, tu^Jecl lo a revocation
of the privilege undor the requirement of the in
terests of tbe rity. Adoj ted The t'ouactliiRnicresolution
permitting the Second Avenue Kailrotd Company to ley
twit, has turn-ouu; in Hity-ili.rd and Sixty-fourth
street*, between l.rst and Third avenues, was con
cumtl in, and ton: to tbe Mayor for approval. K'no
lutions wore adopted .u fa\or of paving tbe followiug
thoroughfares with tbe Nicolas* pavement' ? Maiden
lane, Tbirty-ihird street, botwecn Fifth and Madiiou
avenues; Rector ts.ree' New itreet, Great Jones -ureet,
Cortland! street, l'ourtcrnlh street, Itotwcen Fifih and
Eighth avenues; WasUiugtoa place, from llroadwtty to
We?t street; fwenty.fourUi street, from Broadway to
Sixth aroauo, and Liberty street.
T&r Boakd op Audit ?At tho fission of thh Board,
yesterday, Patrick Garrick pr>v-entod a claim for |31.'l 37
as rent for the lot of grouud No. 105 Worth street,
which bad boon applied as tbe location of a temporary
building for tho use of Fire Kngino.Company No. 21.
Nolaon Smith presented a claim for (7,070 66 lor services
rendered on legal proceedings to enforce the payment of
taxes on peraonal property, which wore instituted under
the direction and approval of tho Mayor and Commun
ally and tbo Receiver of Taxes. Decisions reserved.
Tho Board then adjourned until to-day st noon.
Baann or County Cakvasisms. ?Upon tho assembling
of this Board yesterdsy afternoon Mr. Tweed wished to
know what action had been taken in reference to the
canvass of the votes for Supervisors, and the counsel to
tho Board stated in reply that a return had been pre
pared to tbo writ of mandamus and the care would bo
argued on Monday next in tbe Supreme Court. The
official vote for Sheriff is- at follow*.?James O'Brien.
42,771; Michael Connolly, 41,0?'?; Joebua G. Abbe,
27,277. O'Brien over Connolly, 770. Tbe Board then
adjourned until Friday, 28th Inst.
Tss Caitaih or a Cakal Boat Dkowvsd. ?Coroner
Wilder was yesterday called to hold an inquest on iho
body of Michael Grimes, late captain of the canal boat
Balloon, lying at the foot of Ganaevoorl street, North
river, which wss found floating in the water near the
boat. Deceased had been missing since Saturday night,
and he is supposed to have laJieu into the dock, while
going aboard his boat.
Rex Ovkb.?Thos. Lsrkln, residing at 79 Mulberry
street, wss conveyed from First aveaae and Twenty
sixth street, whero he had accidentally been run over
by a horse and wagon, and sustained a fracture of the
collar bone, late on Thursday night, when, upon consul
tation with his physician, It was cons.dered aeceiuarv
for tbe injured man to be placed under tbe surgery of
Bellevue Hospital. Officer I.ankeman, of Uie Dgbt* m'.h
precinct, had lnrkin removed to the above institution.
'Ikjurxd Mis IUkd. ?Antonio Isoracco, an Italian, a
confectioner by trade, was admitted to Bellevue Hospital
yesterday suffering from partial amputation and lacera
ted wounds of the right hand by being caught in tbe
machinery of a chocolate factory at lHi Hudson street.
The unfortunate man was conveyed by some friends to
the invitationin lwenly-sixih street for final surgical
l)n<LOCiTTi> Her hi bow.? Mary McNalty, twenty
seven v<r* of age, residing at lis Molt street, while
proceeding to her residence late on Satunlcy night, acc?
dentally slipped on the sidewalk and felt, fracturing iter
left elbow, Sha was promptly cared for, but after the
Injured member was uueuded to she was sent to Heile
vue Hospital.
Fractuked Hi" Colu* Bon* ?Malcolm MoCollum, a
native of Scotland, a dyer by trade, aged seventy-two
years, and re.-'dlug st No. 37ft Washington street, while
driving thvoagh the above named street was accidentia
thrown from the wagon yesterday, and sustained a
fracture of tbe left collar bono, besides contusions; his
injuries being of such a nature as te warrant his re.
moral to Bellevue Hospital, where, aader tba practical
supervision of the surgeon, prompt and adequate
aaeaas wtil be applied to alls* late the sufferings of Ibe
ml leky Scotchman.
AIki?t of a* Oi d OrnNDn James Dougherty, alia#
McOarty, anas "Little Doe," ?u yetilerday arreeied by
Captain Jourdan, of the Sixth precinct. In the mouth
of February, 19(16, tha accuaed waa apprehended tor the
alleged steal ng of a diamond pin valued at $500, from Mr.
Atbert Bertram. while aboard eae or the city rail care.
lii*;0g arraigned Id court on the ocmplalnt, "Little Doc"
pleaded guilty of an attempt to commit grand laroeor.
and nent' uce waa suspended on condition that fee would
leave lite city. Be wae again arreeled about two week*
ago under the lume of Dougherty, and subsequently
conv.ctod In the Court of Ueaernl Seestons of an attempt
to steal a* a pickpocket. On thle conviction the Court
?valenced him to eerve Are month* in the Penitentiary.
H'.s counsel obtained hi* release on a writ of habeas
corpus t?ued by the Supreme Court, after which the
pr viuer was liberated on ball pending the decision of
theioim. -'Little 1 toe's" present arreet wae made by
virtue of a Bench warrant issued by the Court of Oyer
aoj Terminer, and at the neat term of toe Court he
win be arraigned for eeatence on the original eou
AiXHirn I.imut or Jewxittv.?^me day* line* a
young nsn named Kdward Sperling waa arrested by de
tect ires Coy 'e end Farley, In Hleecker street, while
attempting to sell a valuable diamond brenttpin, op
? .sp.con that oe came illegally by the property. Th*
uau waa held for aotne time, then let go, but the prop
erty was reta<ned. A day or *o alter Sperling was
allowed to go Tree a lady nam d Auuia M. Ot-lioroe of
No. 4 1 a" Thirtieth street, appeared at police i:ead
iiuartera and ntorro ?d the diuectires thai on the 10th of
Noveuii.ir a small box containing jewelry to the amount
of t?a waa stolen from out a trunk contstoed in her
room in the above premise*. Among the articles
stolen was one gold pin, ft with d amooda,
which the a<-< iaed valued nt J.'HiO. rhe breastpin
which ?u found in the possesion of .Sperling waa sbowo
her aud she imni' JIateiy identified It a* a portion of the
lot wli. :U slit ullages wu stoico from her on the 10'h mat.
The otti'ors. rightly .ludgtug that -porting would ? ome
bat ? after th? ia|*e of a tew days tor the purp'we of
claiming the br>:a?tpin, m* ie no effort to hunt him up.
l'heir Cviujec. uro* wcro rijtut, as yest'-rdar Sperling made
hi# appear nice at 'he Mulberry strsei eirtabtishment,
when detecuve Farley rec ignized aud arre ted him.
The prisoner *as brought before Justice lh>dg??, of the
Jefferson Market I'oiice Court, and a < har> s of grand
larceny, in accordance with the above I act#, preferred
againm him by Mr* (Mwrse. In answer to the charge
he had nothing to say but that a woman gavu blm the
pin. The tnah- suite committee blm for trial in default
Of $8,000 bail
Ttoumto or lit Kx<iu Law.? tieorge C. flei?sen,
corner of Third aveaue and Fifty-fourth street, John
riowd and William Van Roilt, licenced venders In
apirit'ioua liquors and i-eers on Second and Third avn.
ntiee, were arretted and arraigned bet ore Justice Kelly,
of IUe Fourth District Ponce Court, yesterday, charge4
B violating the Excise law m that they kept
saloons o|?n on Hundava and eold intoxicating
beveragV. Tb*-? wfr" held in S30Q each te appear aud
answer at thd General Soeeioos.
Afi?;lt> Btrft'MBT.?Mlcbael Farrell and William
Carroll were arrested oi JS|Bds> "<> arraigned
before Justice Kelly, of thV Fourth District Police
Court, yeelerday, oo the double < of bouse-break
log and robbery from the peia?u, j,7t^erred by Kllen
Collins, who lives la one of the numerous
ibanties which grace tha ttecond avenue
l>e.ween Foryfourh and ForW *?th "?liKU f
Mre. C. alleged that the Mcwwl ?'*o tJT! preset
rourt, brok.* into ^af tfcl seizing her pnr^in took
(rem r*f allirt * t>ag coutalniag eighty-tour dtmar*
fifty cent*, ted, notwithstanding her outcries, rao
tway with it. Tb* prisoners strenuou* ly dea'ed the sr.
eneation of the woman, but as they could not prove an
alibi hts Honor held them far eumlnatioa.
Dmsrtsd Her Bam ?A wemaa aamed Catharine
Smith, who some time alaoe had beea a servaat in the
family of Mr. Jebaeon, at 3*7 Kaat Thirtieth atraet, waa
arreeted yesterday by offleer McKeowa, ea the allegation
of Mia. Johaaea, her aometluie miatreaa, who ebarged
her with desertiag her bah? la male of seven moatbs)
by leaving it la tha vestibule of her (the cem
piataaat's) realdeeoe. It appeared that Mrs. .lohnaon,
who bas been exceedingly kind te the woman, gave her
before she became a mother several ar tic lea ot baby'a
ciotliing. and among other garmente a alahtgowo,
which was oaths child wbea fonud on bar premises
and 17 wa rn ?no was enabled to da.act who its moiiier
was When arraigned before Judge Kelly, of the York*
vllie Police t ourt, Catt.arloe, who betrayed a good deal
of feeling and Interest la her heipleea ofTsprlog, ottered
excuses in extenuation of her oowdeot, hat waa tem
porarily committed lor exammatioa.
Arkxct o? i* Att wian Ptoxrodtwr ?Detective Wool
aey, of the Broadway aquad, yaatarday afteraoon ar
reated a young man core a* of Broadway and Caaal (treat,
?bo, he sllegse, wu stiemptiag te ptek the pocket or
a lady who happened to be staadiag la tha crowd Miat
lis* gathered on the sidewalk at the above locality t?
see the proceesioa. The prtaeacr gave hia tame a*
Uaerge Kiu^, alias U iodwla.
From present Indications it appwri aa if the Metro
politan Hevenue Board had decided to hold na further
meetings. Tlirre was not a aeeaioa laat we-k, end none
yaatarday. lue fact M It te generally con- eded that tlio
"timo"' of tbta organisation la abant "up," ead fa* all
practical parpoves It trailer* IHUe wfeothrr thrr- be
enotbvr meeting of ita memi>ars or aot. Tba fo,lowing
aeUures wore reported yest#H*y:?
Disiiilery eT Her atnla Fee'borslaaa. In Oold, aear
Tiliny street, 3n ?klyn. The inf|tecfors who in4<:? l'ie
ac /vie chatgc t^at tuey fouui the etapifwf tao ataiarsi
roooi drawn thoo,b lb* Jock wa* duly sealed. Twenty.
o?e lliou wiU'l a illorj* of ki?er aero found on head; uut
on iiit,airing fvr and siai?.h;iii* for U>? dwlitlor'a book, u
ia sii?a?d, vu^h ootid tH> feu'id.
Ninetocn barrel* of apifiw without brar.il* were loenci
lp??mall outbuilding tn a yurd iti Djflield'Heel rat
Tiiisry, ae.. wero te.nd on tuu.'.iM of bolt* illltUW
dut c.
iviamo* nil.
C0lebrU||UH .1 ||lr IlKhly.fuHi-th AtiMloer.
ear ??-I ar?de of lb. pjr? Dlyloiot. .Mu.uiij
'u ii aj,?* a,, paoyi'eii bar* had ctlain ??aimemo
ra the .layem ibt.'r iViou;j fydli whioh w* o sot ap?i i
ami distinguish*] from other days to bo honored and
opened in a special mattnor, becatis-) of their con
nect;? with some event of importance. tba ocourrco a
of which formed an opo< b !o a nation'* life. Tba
b : rib day* of boroey, or of -bo a ao called. ?td of kings
who wera not heroes ara m some ooumnea indeed?in
moil?thus bold reverentially. Hum, however, we bare
ncno mob, rave only that too grudgingly ol?erved
of him ?bo ?u ouco "brat in ibe bear:*
o' b!a country ...en." Ovr national bol.ditvg
tall naof our country'* atr^gla to amove ua md*.
r*nd<>nc*. First tn lmpjrunoo ia thai on which,
addressing tha wor.d tu ibelr audience, tl a repr*t,onta
tiv? of ibirtaen colon es aoleusuly proclaimed their
r.gbf to aolf-gotcrnment, and pledged their "lite*,
liberty and ?aorau honor"' to ach.ove U, Next in point
of intoreot to ?*, in a local mow, ia ibat day wbou this
promise, baint' redeemed and a treaty of |?avo *,gu?4
recognizing the independence of the United Suto*, the
last detachment of the British soldiery who bau m long
??!id S?'es?wio? ?r C'V embarked from the flattery,
and the flag of (he young republie planted defiance in
Hi?- M >,hoy <1 tternward toward tbe ro
ceding shore. ijf tb.? day, November 26, i78,1, we yea
Wrduy ceieorated the eighty -fourth anuivorsarv. Wbilo
were*"u * florfoui sequence
Those Iko h... 1? , ",e,l,ory '??? rnbabi anta, and
fbared id ibe privation andiuunltbiM
whi h wero endured during tba long night ot Uriush
occupation, or horae a part in tba ee*ere ?tr,u-gio co
fiJ J.*0 i ^ ,l'" Ulle<1 lh"r tccsMom-d p.icoa at
lhs#eUU<,r?n *h" Bad learned from their
lips tba nutory of lhe*o aventa peopled the city Kew
York waa wont to rel-brare ntu much .r<a< and ier\ or
ita emancipation from Uriiixh rule, as time pam?l on
and the city extended u* ltmlu and in. reused Its
population noma of thla display of raioicin^ di
minished, although It has alwaya been, and atill
? .Ln"!! i10 . deserving national
aa well aa local memory by au .'lira display of hunting
and a par&ta of tha National (Juartf. Among tboaa wiiv
have always sought to do special honor to ibe day are
the veteran* of mo War of lmi. Yeatorday, however,
the fam:iiar fortna of theee a?red corvitors were miaviiu
nom the procession, ibe paltry appropriation requl.-lto
to enable tbem to seeutx the (to tbem) granOcauon of
Uking their old pi a. e in tha Una be ng thin y ear with
held. I ron all tbe pubtio building*, olty, state and
nai.onal, tbe hotel* and mo*t of the larsa business
bouses of tho city, b?si<les oiany private real (lances uie
American tlag floated thro igaoui the d iy, while the
bhlppmg m iho harbor made a liberal display ol tuniluj
in like rucogntiion of ito ' "minemonauve import.
The parade of tb< Hrat<livi*4on of the National Guard
announced to take placo drew together >ha cuavimary
crowd along the I uie of march, who. posting themselves
m couyerlent tilaev* ol' obnervation, waited in )>alient
admiration as ma line panno L Tho day wax not all tb<?t
d??ir?d. or rethnr was mw're, lor u raine d
allghtly?a circamstan'-a tbat could have been com
forubly dupeused with. The ram partook of
the na'ure of a mist, and, having lall?n through
the night and all the morning, converted the
dust and sweepings of the streuts, more particularly
Broadway, mti a slippory sort of ]>wte, very muob re.
wmbllng cart gre?*e* which rendered it exceedingly
fli rcu.t io walk steadily. Notwithstanding thene draw.
ha>-?* tho regiment* initefered in good force at their
several [ilacei of rend^zyous, tho different brigades
lorining in num. rl -?t order, with right reai.ng on Kiftti
avenue, on the streeu runuing west, from Sixteenth to
Thirteenth inclusive, and tbe J'irst brtgadi; of cavalry on
lwriitn str.^i. At prec'tely ball-past one, the hour au
nouncort, tbe order to marsh wm gnou and iheco.umn
moved iu the lo.'Ijwmg order:
l'ol.co? une sergeant and twenty-two men.
nrvsMv snrc.
Major General ^naler and five uta.T, nine men of troon
I, t rat cavalry, and one bugler, acting u, briler. es.
fKsr muoaoK - ivri.vTKV.
Brgadicr General M'lliiam <?. Ward and six staff"
>?econd i man try, ('olouel Tnomaa U. Held?lwo fleld.
fiv* oomtniK* <iu*(l ktal) three non-commiMlonsd htalr
baa.!, nineteen; druma, saventoen; eight commands'
eleven tiles r-oat. '
Twelfth Infantry. Colon-! John Ward. Jr ? Tbr.-o
?*ld, throe comnilfwloncd sufl. three non-commlaaion**
stalT. band, twenty.n.o; drums, flfteon; ten command*
fourteen tile* front. '
hoventy-first infantry Colonel Theodore W. Parmelo?
Two Held, three coniTTsiisioncd |*tafl, tbrv* nnn-cornmi*.
sioned ?a!T; bund tb rty toer; drums, sixteen ? eiirhi
coutuiauds, wjventneu Dies front.
taroNn MMiur?mMorar.
Br. <atller General Burger, etght stair, i?u orderlies
third lafamry, Hrcvut t.euaral llendix?Two held
three commissioned f*(T, six non-oomm-saloned ml'
druntf), fourteen; nine commands, ton flies front. '
> iilh infantry, Co.ouel Mover-three llcid. ibreo com
mir?ioue l staft, flvonon-ommiseloaed stall - brnrler* and
drummers, tweniyoight; aeventooti engnwr.,, tn com
minds of twenty flies front ' "*
bixtii Infantry, Colonel Joel W. Maaoo?Two fleld
thro* oommisaloued ata.% sla non-commissioned ?uff'
bond, tweniy flv*; dfims fifteen; nine command* of
seventeen men irook
Kighty-lourth infantry, Colonel fonklln-Two fleld
four commissioned stall, three non-comnunsioued stafl,,
out of plate; band, ntnetoen; drum*, twenty-two ujn
oommsnds of ton diet front. '
Ninoty-stxUi Infantry, Colonel Ktehblfcl?Kleld three
commissioned sraiT, two; nob-. ?>mmis*lo:ied stal. iour:
bjrnl, twonty-two, drums, fOurtoon; teu commands J
inetuy tlloe, front.
? fir*t artillery, Colonel Toiler??*le!d, two-corn ml*.
*loue?l *tair, four; non-c>mmi**ioned s:af! six bard
s*\cn;t*n, bngiors, eght, Ueive l^tter.Os, sviragiiw
hliecn tiles, front. * *
t vnisr M.'daor?.-iirasTRr.
Br gadier Gouor*! Varsn?Staff, e giit; orderlies, four
Kiwi iniantry, Coionel Hawkins?Non-romnrMuoed
statr, ^e^en; t?and, twnnty.Ilvo; drums, elgl.'ven ievsn
comtusnd ol taclve tt'o* trobk
Soven'ii infantry, Colonel Cark-Kield, two; ownml*
(?ionefl s'afl. four; uoti-rouimissioned stall, lltp, oat it
forty-dve; drums, tb.tyoue; tveuty plsiooi!?, twolvo
files, front
Kightit Itif.uilry, folonol ? aiT-?' ?'d. three; c- mn, ?.
tonod staff, lour, non-ionitniseloned hhB, ?lx. bsn.i
.tweoiy-s?\oiii drum, sr.i entoen ; tea tou mand- v>vtn'
toon riles.
Ninut infantry, ' olouel W'toox?t'ltld, three com
nih.dioned statt, tbro<;; non ommlMoned siall, su . hand
tnlr.y; drutus, sixteou, ton . jiuotaud*, iixt-wn flies
iii<rty.?ovonth infantry, | eutenanc t'olone1 Diisen
bury.?f .cld, two; nou-'oiaRnnio?> 1 Stmt tl.reo bsu '
iwouly-eovoBj d;um<, c vcnleou; ?:gLt comn.an<!*. ihir
toon (lb-s from. ?
Fiftv-CItu Infantry, t olouel 1* Gal. -Field, tbtvo
commissioned itnir, lour. non-fommi :on?i st?ft" torn'
Mil-;, t ?eii'j -lour; drums, .-ght^u; ten commands o;
twelve nles.
rot am urn.i ihk r*r*\i st.
Itr.gailier t.ineral A j u?all; e^nt ?l?n, ?lx order
lies, one ol whom carried the new briyaje he-?;nliar:?
listt, of blue, with a white centri*.
fourth Infantry, tolouel Hull? iwj field; commi*.
?one l slot., two; t>aud, eighteen; druuit, fourtoeti - e .bi
commands, eleven hies (root. '
Kle enth infamry, I."?tenant Colonel I.ttx.?Kieid
Itvo; oommi-oonrnt .'.tail, lour; non-commis?i >noil *tau'
two; band, twenty-five; drums, twenty; |eu command'
nineteen hies front.
Tw?uiy-se< 'jud infantry, Lieutenant Colonel Kenne
dy.? M*Id, two; cotnmitsloned staiT, two; baud, tinny,
e.ght; drums, eighteen; om* eommatid', **vcuto*n fltes
ttixty ninth infantry, T.ieut*n*n! Colonel f'svani -b ?
Field, one; i omml?n.ncd rtalT, one; non-coaml*-ioc?d
stall, two; baud, twenty four; driin#*, eight; fltrht con
tnands, thirteen flies front.
Seventy.motto Iniantry. Col >nel f arnsworlb.?Field,
three; <omm>siooed sisi), two; coo-rommivioued
waff, two; band, ry.rtoen: drains, t?T*]r? tlx com
mands, uiev en lu?- fiont.
_ nfcW ??nK AtH lililtt, ? '
>"*??> s?td fly* stal ?f
v.*ti!iTnvT3K TTriT^Iidroo Major ?oift, toi'ty j*v?n
Offloers and men
Flr?t r gim.nv'araity. Colonel Urinker ? F.eUl, two;
commissioned su?.l. nee. burnt, l?? e, biglers, three;
seven ?<i'i*dron*. divined iui? ptntuon* and n><ijteris.g
upwards of t?o hundred olbceta and men. (Troop (
boiog dot*ii*d iu the old u.() iure.fu f>etu?o# of tU*
carl h>erj foi escort, otprd'i y d i>y, by some ,m n.ar
of chie major reti'rsl |
Third reatmeiit cavalry, (olooel Rurko?Fintd, two;
stmt, live o.iiul, eleven, bug.?r, one. mue ii|jelret><,
uumbering two hunlred and ferty-Mx o hctrs and men
Folic*? Hear gnatf, seveoio-u i* njtniter.
Near,it ntl tho regiment* were without ov. rc*nt?, ex
cpt the s*?eoJb, 1 wentv-iec.nd si.d Ttiirty-eoven'li.
Tho Seyenty-flrat io?iked won, as t-*y uj .any d*. Hotli
the Third and loortb lufanny (iouar??) r arched with
great *to*d n*?**itd a* compact a* isg rari Iho ? ev
?nth infantry kopt up thoir dumnc* very flrmlv, and ail
the eompanie* w*r* io stop. As n*ual th* F.ftn were
?olid and stasdv. and iho Ninety aitth nurn>-ted much
ndmiration on account ot their targ* sod well dies?od
fronts 1 he First artillery looked w?ll. although 4;?
mounted. *ad marcb-U far bettor than mmi ol th* .?
inntry organization* in lb* <okmn. Th? F'gbth te<.
me.it infantry made n v?ry Hue appearance. be.u? gray
throeghout even to the bai. i nod drum i orps. Aii tbe
brigade staff* ?er? handeomeljr Butinted and tn fall u- i
Th* IliM of march was down Fir?h ay*an* to W*verl*y
placo, to 11 rood way, to Canal street, io IVuverv, to
Fourth aver.tie. tolwoMy-thiid street, to Msdisoa a?o
nue, to rntrt) -lotirth etreot, to I llth arenas, to 1?en y
tblrd streot, t<e?e1ng ic rev ew bforo Uis cerut.isnuer-in
Chief at the t ilth Avcnu* Hoto'..
Tbe following gentlemen of Gny?ener fenton'l ?taff
attended hlui durtng tho rorfa . U*??nl ?*ldoH ?*.
Msrloo, Auju aet t.enerni; General i?nd'*y UlMM, Fee
manor i.oneial; Uenetai C H Vot ng, Ju 'ge Advo- ste
Ueuoral, General J. H. I.iobensu, <o(i>mH*ary Qrner*>
of Vilwietenc*, and|('oK>neie Elliott, f. ihe^nard and A.
Wafatafl. Jr., Aid?n-de t??p.
t.ovesoor Ward, ef Ne* J* **r. ?nd tbe follow nr g ?.
tlsinan of hi* siaC wore alen (ir??"nt: ? <i?n*r?i Kg ft.
Stryher, A^ctart General; rtorsral Uwli f>rtio?,
(4viarte.mas.or General; Gen rai <#*./rf* M. Mobeson,
Ait'floy G.nerai, st.j G?n*ra S. ..unm Ha>*toe'l,
'?l iii?;? Wia. u r.mp ? ?u . i' I il - '.*on, Ar'.e'
Ttie oi'ow n- offl'">iS of t' e Ma-) lift <t.to ir ip?
liken w,io??. 't tbe review Doner*I J.- tin ft. Be'rv,
? " v i -i ?>:*!; ?>????* \ v I>? >??? , i,?oft*
..la. u. ftiWNjiait, jbx>*..*u? J .ut ,t i a. .o..n?
W. H. Taylor; Calm a) Jam** B. Berbont; Colonel F
W. Simon, (n: jiccior Uener.il.
Ceoerale JV&^anion, HeiBtielraan and fclrkles. of the
regular army, a'x> pre^at. All or K?0' ?
?V??W 'Jovemar Keatott.on the balcony if U ?
' *ve??e Hotel, being mUseijuemiy Jmued ?k?t
inn Bead of tb? ce.umu had iea. ued tiiere uy V.^or
?jeaera. sbiler ami to? folN * ag gentlemen of t..a
VI *t,r?l Hanal': 'h.ef; /'olonai (Mae?, Judg*
Aavo'aio; < olonelBet1 if irtanoaeier; Cvlotiei Fowler,
Uiduauiu o;<lCer; Coltiu. ? Ute uorough, Comuii?s+tf
Of tube.?i?B e, ana M,. l>u *n<i Poneleon, Aidia.
ibe co.uma> occiipttd liujr.uv# tuuuto* in |Win|,
during wo if h USM I!t mar-h ug and veteran appeaii
aiice o> tu? irou|>a ??!* the sub ?( t of h'gu encouiuriM
?bO were freely commented upoo by tbe review.ng i arty.
The luman ateamebip (My of Washington, Captna
Hal :row, which left Liverpool ai eleven A. M. on the
loth end Queenstown on the 14ib Kovember, arr1>'?.lai
this port at an early hour yesterday tnoraiug. Her ma. 1
report baa been anticipated to a great extern by tit a de
tails supplied by tho -axoais, and published in the
Humid yesterday morning. The City of Washington
brings Irlah paper* one day later and our special Euro
pean correspondence.
Stephens, the Fenian Head Centre, who has or lata'
faded almost completely out of public view, la itlll, II
would teem, in Paris., Ha waa Men reeently by a corres
pondent of a Dublin Journal, who deecribes him aa "ao<
looking tbe Achilles of former times, but emaciated, and
a caution to conspirator* "
The English Court of Chancery bad granted a petitioa
for tbe winding up of the Brit.sh &nd American Tele
graph Company. It waa stat< d on behalf of one of the
petitioners, who was a holder of about fifty shares, thai
oat tbe 30,000 shares Into which tbe capital wai? di
vide 10,000 were allotted aa fully paid up, and only
about, a,400 were tsaued to tbe public, bome 7.COO shares
had since boen forfeited. The company waa thui
"without capital, and although only started in February
last, It waa now completely at a standstill." i
An agitation haa commenced amoug tho cotton manu
facturers In France against tbe renewal of me treaty ?1
1860 between Franca and Ureal Britain, which expiree
In 1870. The cotton manufacturers of Amiens have ad
dressed a letter on the subject to tbe Chamber of Com
merce in that town. They say, "without reckoning Paris,
which ha* become a vast entrepot of Eogilsi goods, we
know that English agenta push galea most actively al
Lyons, Marseilles, Ntimes, Toulouse, Bordeaux and all
the important towaa of tbe south. In the north o<
Prance matters are even worse, for not omv aro dyed
and anbleached tlasuee poured In, bat yarn Is now In
troduced and preaslng offers of It are made every day."
Tbe signlre of the tetter demand a radical modification
of the commercial treaty?that la to say, a protective
duty on foreign cotton yarna and tiaauea?and In order
to explain their action la the matter, they point on!
that, though the treaty doee not expire till 1S70, a year's
notice must be given by either party abould either object
to a renewal to the original form. Tbla remarkable
movement is certain to acquire greater strength during
tbe winter, especially among a community so deeply
tinged with protectionistn1 sectiinenta aa the manufac
turer* of France.
Advices from Vienna state that Count Bismarck had
replied to Baron Von Beast's note, expressing the satia
fa' tion of the Berllu Cabinet that no negotiationa had
taken place on the occasion of the Emperor's visit ta
l'aris to disturb the peaceable relatione existing between
A loan of money to the amount ef two million pound%
Turkish currency, is to be applied for immediately by
the Porte.
rhere was a very good demand for money in London,
owing to the French loan (for the development of com*
me'ree and pabllc works) and the English expedition to
Abyssinia (to wage war with king Theodora.)
A member ef a firm of aolicitora In Liverpool baa
absconded with X4o,000.
Fight ilriwcca MlekMl Rrai mid Barney
Dulfy near ('l*v*lan<t, Ohla?Th* Hall la
Interrupted by lk? 1'allca aa the Hcreaiy
ear ruth Hound?Arrest af DuBTy and Other*.
Cuviiakd, Ohio, Nor. 1ft, 1887,) .
7 o'Ciocli r.M. ( I
MIcUmI R)?n Md Barony Daffy, ol this city, met in
tliA mj>e<l urea*, within n short dstance of Bo rot station,
fourteen mile* from tbh city, at eleven o'clock thin
forenoon, agreeably to articles of af reement?igned to ma
two or three week* tinea to fight for flftjr dollar* ? aid*.
Duffy l? about thirty eight year* old and k tronk makol
by irado. Bo U something of a veteraa la pugilism,
baring fought, we lielieve. to tha old eoaotry.
Ryan is al>out twenty-five year* old aad a
norlco in rlnc mattera, although be baa flgarod
ta several little aianl up mill* near tola aitj.
Ha li quit* an enthusiast on tbo subject of opening, and
iigbta lor the lave and 'boner" of the thing. He la a
painter t.y trade. Neither meu bad trained to aay ei
tent. but bo'li prevented a creditable appearance when
stripped la the nag. There was but little dlflerenee as
to weight, but Ryan was tba taller af the tw*. Sherii
Nicola, of Cu/sboga county. got wind of tbeaflhir, aad
shortly belora the fig lit I'omoioBced telegraphed to C*p?
tarn Krazee, of the Cleveland police, lor Euen to aasia^
him !n braakicg 'ip the ftgbt.
The pugilist* rought seventy-seven roiod*. lartlng on*
hundred and seventeen minutes. when Hi* police ar
riTfl and brought the mill to a auddea atop. Ryan Bed
in bis ring tortuDo, followed by muat of Uia creed, tof
Dully nDtl waral others were arretted. Duffy wad
<1:friilf illy punched. Ry*u bad sc ticely a tan k aa
h;tu. Aar in Jonev, .lin tr.v Rllkrtl and other well
.? iw , , -i >a t i-'oa-l of spectators nuiuh-r
ng several u'ltiiireu* were presaiil. Jiaee said it waa
the -geicesi battle of tl,? kind 1?* bad erer aeon.
The < <imin* Plglil ll"t?rrn (Vallyer and
? Krllj.
IU Nov. 25, 186", I
!0 o'Clock r. W. |
Tin* "v wbir.li lias orerhnn^ the City and bay (or tha
p.i-l ew liny u?? lifted, soil the muvlenjen are a>>?
raoviii.' down to the steam /oat tit the foot of h"< dei. c
wire. t. which i? 'bartered to take them to
ttie r boson spot on <?.d V.-rgiuui V shore.
The pug 13tx were we'gfied this aftornoon,
according to Ibe article* of aft-ement, aud both war*
under the ?i;pu'*;ed ? lan-Jar.l?IV* pound*. C?llr?*
we.ijbod lil inun'le and K My pounds. Collyer
1* the favor"? n the bet'iug hi one tiun'lred t'i Oftv, and
any amount can be waffere.1 thut rat* ffa* men are
ill the flii"?t fro- ?*>!? condition and a at <i''born an J
deaptiraie i<a>tie is '* i (.?led, About i>u? m uw d
t:cke?e hare ie?ii ;>old for tbo exur;i?u.
I uilrd ??lair? Diet I'ir? ? on it in Mnbamu,
.\arihrra Iburlii.
On the I fib lu-tlaot Judge Rn bs a )tur*eej delivered
>.i* c sige to the <;r?n<l Jartiii n the I n ted ftite* I>i?.
trict < >urt lor the Nortberu Iiittrict of Alabama, at
II :nt?> lile. He ttaied I her" w?r? on'v a few ca?ea to b?
submitted for their lO'Mtiganriu, which he regarded aa
a mo", grailn ag avidfuee *bai in l'e rreeeot unsettled
?late of puWl< ili ri Ike liwi ol toa laud are obeyed
snd respected. No aarer ngn, be a'.rtod, ol fbsuaciia
t.on aad Cultire prosperity could be girea Among ''-a
matters wtli b rera t" l?e ia le.i to Hielr aiteaina.
the Je^jje tr ntioerd the inflow "fVioiaiioos oi
the law r-geia'.ing lbs d Mi lfclivn of ardent
sptni<; cn'intetfeiung the gold toin of the
I nifd t.afs*', a tare of i!el:b*rate periutw, wbt'b tha
.ladge regrets is < hsr.'ed again*! oue ol IB' re?en:./
euunc.p*te<i anu enuaucb ? o<i .are. ?
I nil I'd Malra Matrkt leurt In Narth I nr.
;?ige Btuoks, of the United FtatM D itrtot Coort fm
the Caj>e tear Disirict, Norib Carolina, bas l?euel aa
er lar aut.ng Tne nTaauon af tli* Court In pre?ulgat na
ssH arder w^ declare If entire Independence of
Di,..uff suthoriif, and a parfact eo^pataacv to
fiio'loe npoa Ibe giialiirai.sn* of lie own jnrofs. ill
military o.der* te the ' ootrer) oMwlttutaadiag.
Goon a*i> BjiI' Lro at tmb C,- ia ??*?*.?The -it,
Pau' /V** ol the jlit in*t. aays ibat i. B. Oaicheil, el
?i t load ) i*a., has i'tw arrhed m that aitv ftom M
i in* baring l?'t there oa the isat day af l?eptaaif>er.
He went to Montana about twe years alnae ta try big
le k m the geld m.uea t p to last f?epta?nbar ba h<4
not niaue a aol'ar. Ia?t June ha oomaaenead worn'<a
in a g ;!? b. r^nnue.1 at It tor aboat feur aiontbe, *d
op Ibe poiat of abandoning tt when, en tba afterao a
n> km ia?t dav, ba atrack what the m;n?ri tana "a
MKket." llare ba fonnd tba peaeiana taeiai ta
? ?(-b iuk*." Alter he bad nlaaaed oat ibMpoekat ha
*?nt ih* Tit:n bulk of the < ontent* to the )<hlladelpl ia
mint to bare it anaayed and oalned. Ha has a notuie*.
tion from tba mint that It wt>nKI yield him tha band
naif sua >if tdO,OOA. WUi.am Klevber.ef Beuk Kep
?Is. Mtnn.iama hama with htat. brlng.n* $40 ?W0 a
gold dual, hr. Ootcbail adrse* ayiryb^lf te ?uy
away from Montana. His *<>od liek m baiaaced by I a
thousand men who will coma ilf Ui?y caaget bom*) ?i-b
empty packet*
Tat Cm of tis Can**m<*ar Mnara*.? U wii:
be remembered that Mi*s ^ sen nader tba ln?a*aoe ol
wbaae fawiaation* C ? Wifl daimea >a bare beea
when treating hi* daughter wlib aoeii ***/*:
leased aa bail MveraT sse'i'-b* *'S*?, anfl thai b? tr?l
Itw !'*en po*n^>nad ftom time ta tma "? ?"Wuhtwf ihb
frtni rreaiire's LeaMh. U - ??" replied bat she will
n*t katriedat allThal?'"?? ,bru <* Ul- ?orlH P?*** "?
of the roaneel i#a boad* hi?*e teen reduoad
bund red didlsr*. wkleli t m ta .11 W> pam and sla wUi aa
im M??ai*'i'ie<'"arl*? Willla^isbw goo* to Wethere?
bold lor a dvw WBl1* ,f ?" ,b#
counts are true wa* tba m? r|nf ft'iw of all the traafna
,t,.. p?, irtiji th* p?rm?M "f lour k ia lrsd dollar*, e
,W ** w'

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