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Eussia aid Austria Acoept the
Roman Coaferenoe.
Tkt tubas* Claims QaeatUa in
Attempted Double Iff order in St
Til* l/'wl?ru?^ tkt Ttaptral P#w?ii
UMrik aid ftawrit A.oept?The Minor
Pasrern Farerabio?The Pope States Ilia
x w Fsiua, Not. Si?Kyeuing.
Ike Fsparer^ of RtvsU and Austria havs formally
sugniBed their tntentiee of partioipeling la the proposed
kta^rurc (or the HtUtaut of coo Roman qseetion, as
l*W*ed by tho Emperor Napolooa, aa hare alao nearly
Ml lk> smaller Povara W Bnrepa. The oouree thai
pPruaU wiil pursue m the aaatter ta not officially known,
I H ie hol ered thai she too will send representatives.
? Bote recqptly earn frees Great Britain en the subject
fee aeoepted here as n seers ferae! objection.
> Hia Holiness the Pope is known to eppooe in ad ranee
any aot.sa of the oonferenee which inradsa the rights
Vte lew enjoys, and particularly any plan divesting h.m
?f his teiu-.v nil power.
fayslarliii al'lhd C.'aklarl-Uarlkal<i'i Hvalib.
Ki.mrsn.jk, Not. 36, 1807.
The Miu !?ters of War and of Justice la the now Cabi
net hare boon ohoeen Depaties to Parliament, after a
d^oeaty contented election,
> A bulletin from Varlgnano reports that Garibaldi is
?oaaldered totter by hia physicians this morning.
London, Not. 21,1807
Otopathies hare bean raoelTOd here whieh state that
the Illness of General Garibaldi was eauaed by the harsh
jereatmeot of the Italian prison officials, who took that
f-ourse with a rlew of drlnnr him to the Hnlted States
*r e>oewh?re oat of the oeuutry
Tlie Alxliaina Olaiaae las Parliament?The
Senium Agitation?Coleael Kelly Said to He
London, Not. 85?Keening
Net<os wm giTen in the House of Commons this eren
tug thai the So ward-Stanley letters reiatire to tho Ala
'heme oiatm* would he oalied ler on tharaday next.
London, Nor. 25,1867.
There much excitement manifested among the
aremans y??terday, not only in the great cities of Eng
land, hut. tbo?e, also, of Ireland. The Sabbath being a
day ef ieWre large crowds ef Irishmen congregated at
{he etren do mors in Hanob ester, Birmingham and
Jubiut, ant freely canyassed the action of the goeern
nsnt in the recent execution of the Fenian conrict*.
White the demonstrations were intemperate, to far
(he teask. there was no open riot or serious dLsturbam e
pt the pabti' peace.
the government is tally prepared to meet any out
break. Iinpatohee from various parts of the country,
dated thh morning, announce ererytbing quiet.
LiTttreoi., Not. S5?Eveninp.
. It is reported that Ike prisoner Kelly, who was rescued
from the police aathorltloe at Itanohester by hia Fenian
brethren some time age, has been recaptured.
I Different stories aa to his whereabouts bad been in cirw
eulatien for a considerable time, some persons claiming
fhat he was in Belgium and others again that they bad
peon him <u France.
< According to despatched receirod to-day it seems that
frhen the regular Inmaa line steamship City of Taris,
'aptam Kennedy, which aalled from this port on the
JMth Inst., reached Queenstown, some of the police of
that city v<teuy came aboard and captured Kelly, who
|iad diagui?cd bimseli and token passage (torn I tTeipool
for New Yvri
read Rlate In Belfast.
BaLi'A5i, Not. 25? Noon.
I here lie e been seTeral quite formidable bread riots
In this city recently. They were all suppressed, how.
grer, without serious trouble and the city is now quiet.
Tn London Mokit XAaxer.?Ixweow, Not. %i~K?en
IH ftln tits cloeed at 84 7-16 for money. Ajnei+au
securities ? toKOd at the fbHowtng rates:?United states
?rs-twen;?#?. 70Illinois Central Hallway shares, 86 \,
(no Railway sha?>*, 48;,'.
, me r*A?-*">rr Boc*.?.~Frankfobt, Not. 25?Btcu
lag. ?UniiiHl Hatea bonds are quoted at 7&S for the iksue
sf IMS
1 I.iratfiin ''otto* Maftxei.- Ltvutpcioi, Nor. 2t ?
Evening. ?the otton market cloned h"a\y and irregu
lar, hut witn rather more doing. Trices have decuned
additional Sixteenth, making fully one-quarter peuny
|mi pound mnee tho opening. Middling ap'andts Hd.;
kaiddlme Or*eaoe, 8'4d. The salee of the <layf <ot tip
40.000 IMIOK
I.iv?smi> K> **i -mrr* Hank kit.? Livsarooi.. Nov. 24?
Fren'ag.--Ill" msrket closed quic: an<i ateady. Corn.
Us. t?d * .-at?California, lfii. '?d.; red Western,
ta?. (4 |l<v No. 1. Barley, 6*. 4d. Oats, 2s. lid.
real, cos
l.:r*er?> >i. PitdVistosa Market.--Li^r.nrooi, Xer. 2V
k Ten tag. ?1 he prorisioes market closed qnlei. Ti.e'
usual a^tiior tiee quote as follows:?Beef. l)2s. Cd.;
|?ork, 71e std, tie.; choese, i>Ss. t bacon, 4Ss.
l.irraeiMi'. Pi oner* NUkkkt.?Ijvurooi, Nor. '.'j?
?too.?e. -Mgar firm at tt*. Od. for No. 1- DnH
?ton4ard common room, 8s., snri medium, llr Tal
low, Ma. i jriiontine, 97s. M. l'etroleum?SpiM*, Ss. :
refined. Is 4<l CloTer seed. CPs Whale oil, -W
sperm eit. tlIX Unseed cokes <11 (a. 1 mteed e l.
tmi t'si". sna Manur.?AKTwaxr, Not. 15 t\sp
lag.?The i.elrtrfowm market is Ormer, sn>i pr; es h?re
savaaced o 4U. aOc.
Herat o xetmenr llerllset the I'reeideoc*.
Pwt. Not. >R 1M7.
la reopenM to is nomieatton, Uoverner Uoratioiej.
rnotr has writes to the 0*ni ?-? afcr f/ateo tk^t he will
sot b? a ran ! <!*to fer the fresi'denev ??t the rett '"s
t.oao' ltem<> ratio i oarontiea
lllaree ol Kt'Ckssvcllsr HalwnriN.
SaaaToaa mism, Not. St, lot: |
I'.euboi. H/df Walworth, ex-t :haaoeiler, to 4yin? fory !
iew aai ac ei for led to recoret.
Kami ftaltrwail Areldontr Hii imm
Cobi 'lUi. Hot. M, 1M?
K auar, an as tb? NoHbani Ka.iroaa
?a? rua nvar so>< ill lad tb<* nortiQf star Hi a a???
Ma i?t?< ? ?,4ow aad ehiidrM.
Kir* U I'lt mouih.
K?i. 33, kM:
IM iar.? t?? 1 uj ?b Watar ??n?c M R. ?r. i
n<a.il/ 4M4 for alaiage. *" ** flr* ;
iklaBBB'Baj -aaarat riM ?djoiBiat vol .ira, a?
? ?-?".al MH| VMM.I Bl IfcB nltlt, *lld lk?
?btb all m ?r< <.??? w WM. lfl?b la '*??, I
ptrtlr i ran r. i
Hw.ua, Mt. A> lit; j
T*a <bb> *"f rajiBKiCBH clttMM *?4 IIom** part.*,
?aW ?aai o*? (</ aifM for tba larpoaa <4 making bom
MttoMfo-tt* M???rml?r lb* ds?>o?rata Ux>* an m
ftnMi MM Bad thaw Dr Nafhan-aJ H. SfcurlW b? ?
?au IfUta H tor all at ban. aid baarUt doahtaw i*
tka birafaWicBB aaifivt ManMri ?Ii?
(MW *??<?' <WH K.t.TBBf *T b tola ef 68 IB ?.?. Tba
dU/BBI BlOBt.Bf ?bb C*1Ib4 tf BnulBf tf IhB ItiMlt
?r obbmb *. 4l#?bbb|Br *Bd b? ?bi UBB*iIBO<IBly fob) -
mm* Bt tu* HBBilOf Tka lifBBB# WBB had BOMB B fB I
|aikar'a| r?b? adjoani*d (b- ? ?bi? ?i*t>aai imi bi
b?v "a bb.
????? mm IBB l?kt *a4 f BBMtB Aahar* Vl?
fli.**?!???, Sb* M 1U..
tba BBBWet iBiarala aad -Baaral otfcar *?bbbi? b?
">w> ? tH>a TUB B.*i IJ #U'l ?)?*?*,
I mj.oriuul Work Betora the VarlUianui-Tk*
Intercolonial Rallraad-Dlvlalaa ?! the Po
litical l.ewdere?Th* Seelaee?Tke *??(???
city Treaty. (>rTlWAf Ontario, N*v ?. 1MT.
Th* pr***al neestcn of Faruament will not ttlose b*fe*a
ill* 16it proximo. The ?u*in**s w b* *xp*d.t*d *n?
braes* the lawrcolouial IU.iro4d bill. th* Supply biU,
th* mguiattou of thu customs and th* t*gu!?t\oa of the
Th* northern rout* will probably ba cboaan for tha
Intercolonial Ha: road, it bamg the <no?i diataat from
tns Htnt* of Mam*.
UaM.-'. McDonald and ffcri.ar art n*w united only
by political ?ater?*t. TL?> ar? no longer tha iHtinoa
and rytb.w of tb* Lecislal-'rn, 0?ru*r accusing h'.a eol
laairua of faltbfulnaa*.
fh* K*nlaa, Colon*! Warran, condemned ia Ireland,
U ar*i*nv*of Mr. Anglln, Naw Brunswick, uiambat of
the Uouav of Commons.
United 3taif? Consul Geaerai Atarii i b*ltev*d to '?*
In Washington now.
A K*a!aa raid t? oon<t dered likely ia ratal.atloa for
lh* exxutioa <?t vomaus at Mancbeeter.
la th* House thi ? *?*n;ug Mr. Jui>a?, of Uai.i'ax.
asked wh*t)i*r the. Canadian government had take*
means to **rcr' ?ib the views of the American govern
raaai an the subject or a reciprociiy treaty, aad if oat,
whether It le tumr Inteutioa M endeaver to aaoura ibt
renewal Y Alfo. tn the event of la;ltag to aacnra it*
raaawal, wti.t cour.* (bay inland adopting wivU refer
ence to the k ranting of lioenso* to American fishart** t
Mr. Owtler answered that tha government woala toko
tha first opportualtf to obtain a renewal ui tha treaty.
Mr. K<'dwell asked whether it wm tha latent ion of tha
government ia the bill respecting patenta of invention
and discovery to aitand to citizens or tha United State*
I tba same lactlitiea fur obtaining patents of inventions
aad discover? in Canada that are adorded U> cltlzaus of
this Dominion and whetbor privilege* under patents
' now enioved by oitiaeiis of tne (initad States in the
; proviave of New liiunnwlek arc to ba extended to other
' parts of the nonunion t
i Mr. C artist mpued that tha out er Is in touts* of
| preparation.
A Pspul l.rsiuii-Ueath el .1 ett i>s?ls* tlutker
tluMnur,, Not. S5, 186T.
The newspat>ai organ of the Catholic prlsstuood urges
each parUb to ?eud onu Pontine*! zouave to Horn*. and
II is likely to be doue, and a Papal corps- of three hun
dred men raided in tha Dominion.
Mr.. Howell, .(eft Davis' mother-in-law, died Mre at
four o'clock this morning, at the raaidsnce of John
Lovoll. She bad l>een IWling for many day*.
The deceased udy was, 1 beliurs, a native of Georgia
and about si*:y-n?e years of age She married a sou of
General Hovrel., of New Jersey, of revolutionary tame,
by whom ?he had nererat children, ono of wbotn.
Varlna Howell Is- the wife o! ths rebel ei-Prealtieot.
In person Mrs. Howell was a tall and tine looking
woman, ?o.l hm quits dignified in her mn^nars.
>,?n-Ari'i??l of i'hlef Jnaiire Cksng-Thr Trial
Not Yft Commenced?A Jiew IndicCwteiil
Iteiac Feiisd-MrMlsf of Bsvl* aad C.tmrral
WxHHixr.row, Nov. 8T, 196T.
I learn from iti-hmoud to-day th* United States Cir
cuit Court adjourned until eleven A. M. tn-morrow. A
tolegroro was received from Judge Chase, stating that
he could not be then to-day. Mr. Davis was ao
t.-ied of y>* non-arrival of ?he Chief JusUoa,
and did not stake his appearance at the oourt
room. As two o'clock approached toe crowd
grew very gr?at and a company of cavalry, detailed for
th* sp'-cial duty, was present to preserve order.
General it. K. i a:> and Jeff Davis met to-night f*r the
lint time since the lose or th* war in Judge Ould's par
lor. Th* meeting was cordial aad naif aa hoar was
spent la conversation. Mr. Davis' Mississippi cojosal,
Mssrra Anderson and Harker, arrived h*r* to-day and
had a cons Elation with their client. They ar* persona
friends of Mr. Davis. I
General Hubert E. I?s and hia two sons. Generals W.
H. V. and <i. H. Custis l.e*. are ta the city. Th* coun
sel* for tb* government are engaged to-night in framing
a a*w Indictment to bo sent to the Grand Jury to-morrow
la the case of Jefl Davis. Twenty-one grand Jurors ar*
piwaent; or tbe^e si* ar* nagroea. Three more will b*
summoned l*i'or* tha opening of the court tomorrow.
Of the **v*nt.v-two petit Jurors summoned forty-Sve
one whit* and tw*nty-iseveu colored. Ef-Governor
Letcher arrived to-night, and bad a conference with
District Attorney t handler. H* ha* b?*n summoned as
? witness in -Ten Davis' case. Mr. Davif ha* been ia
conference with his counsel to-day.
Nwa-Arrivul of Chief Jn*tire C linw ?? Klch>
?toad-Tht- Trial Nat Yet Commenced.
Ku-bmoxd, Va., Nov. *Ji, I8t>7.
Judg* t has* did uot arrive to-day, consequently the
trial of Mr. Davlf did not commnnc* to-day.
Th* United States Conn was not ia s*?s!on at all
Thsr* wa? a lir^e crowd waiting admittance to the
Un ted Statea .-ourt dur ug the day. A company of
cavalry was ou the spot.
Anion* tne witnesaes summoned for th* ijovernm*nt
are i.euerals Magrudar, Msksse and Wickhaiu, ef Vlr
?:nia and i.wnaral (lordou. of (i*orgia
.loll l?Hvi?' Trip Trent .Msmreal to ttirhinoiirf?
Hi* Appci rHiirr-Pro(rnmiar of (He Trial.
^|iri'iilHllnn?. Ar.
Ri hmo.no, Va., Sot. 23,IStt.
Hie ,<al#.rftr<>i hs* already announced the arrival of
.toff l>at u K cUmund. His sudden appearance in the
late t'oofaderate apital wu ao le*?> uabipacted 10 bin
,iartoaa) trimd' d this city than to the people at the
North. Aanouuoetuent* Jiad been aside to the effect
that i.e *"w!d !.'?<? 1 anada on Thursday; but it ?*eat*
that at tba' time lis wae already upon the C.besapsake
Mi. Davis eft. Montreal ou Tucdav events*,
ratryiac n? i>?di?#e evtwpt a small * alias aad a heavy
(bawl and arcon^an.ed by but one pei-hon, a gentleman
wall whom iie t ad be ome acquainted dutiag bis res -
deate la Canada. Arriving in New ork be parted front
n friend aad *aa driven immediately to the steamer
Hbciuajie. pi viae e-tweea tbat port and Richmond,
'this wa* ibmit '?>? o'clock.
Hia otiiert iiaiaa to avoid re oguition, Mr. Davir re
ma.ucd in lUt same of the sl*auier until just before
the haar af departure. arVa it *v ne> ?*?
?ary u> sernre bis stat* roots. lb# purser
?utee that he wlehad hia Bona <>nt"?d simply aa "Mr.
I >avis. sot not until the officer 01 tha >>oet insi tad
?irc? it did ha give bis - brlstion n*ae. A fow annate'
* i<. rarrt at nine o'dMk F M., tha hpet Hailed, and
Mr. [tans made bis appearance an deck. But ana s* H'
pa?e iu and* between New Vorlc and Richmond This
ww at Old i-o tit Comfort. lew peruana vara gathered
on the wharf. b?:t a* ?n?>n aa it *?>'a?e knows that the
ag i abed isl>el w?^ a pa^eanaer ?n tf.a A Vm. rlr
taalty c-naer* and soldiers <.eme down ?o take a look ?t
n ? In .be meant me Mr. Ilavte iti]?tly etood at the>
> era of the boat. sad eeatae't to gs/.e with Bench interest
rue the caaetaetes a wb ? t? hie ambitions xptrit war
an< e a? usi* ^ui'ned
1 aa ng ri*tr?ae Monroe tha steamer raude her'way
? owi? .r ue i.x? Mr. Da via did nut go >elow null!
i ity Taint was ree bed, Un# walked the deck, fre'iueatiy
?topping k> ? ? * : ne reilera' foil . ratione mi cither side
o' the r>ve* friera waea bnteii pai-neugara bejidst hln.
~e f. end meae seemed either unwilling to enter lute
conversation er were rape)'* I *?y his air oif ratiran<?.
u *agta the *l?>esser!a fo'i.i ed her ?t arf ia R.i h
ib >tie Italy a taw bwiaaee mar., porters, draymen aad
idle aegroae ta.e fathered oa tha pier. Tba pnr-et
ht rrien eshers snd prw red ? hack: Mr. I>?ti? antared
it the eab ?a? drivsa off, and b^'ora the spe- ^atort
.? d lie e?ti?fla I ?" to the aentitv uf ll.a siraeger to
wbatii se morli d#far?itdi was pa>d by 'be rrsw.
M< lie. i. ?m ?t the ??? deu a uf Ju ige Onid
Tn iav be -ipp^arad upon tb? ??'reels of Kr<-|iim>nd,
en i r? the Bra* time tines Ajtil, IM\ walked tliaa>
?-a'he oft?r ?'i??. ?a ?f r?ed??M. Many wd friead*
ga'be'ad ar i md him, b>.t ?? be wadiauaty eadsair<ir<id to
??ed e ? "as. ' man* failed i?> fe? v.gi?'?e the.i former
ehiet ft ws? the *u?auio?i raniarl 'ba> he Itae never
appear*a l|t itet-er lieelth sia^e U e eatiy days of the re
t*.t aa H-.i tha trace* <>( l?oj; onnneraa.iit ,rreg iter
v.a* and .era ate pta alv Tit bia n His 'are aad ya.t
l ast evaniar year eeriavpaue'at tailed at the rasi
daace of .1 idge i>nid, l-nt Mr. Okvis ha<l reurad In a
?aavar*atios w iu o? e at bia -Aineei the latter stated
?bat e l rei'vi-uti> ? fai t ablitbv! ten trcia^ 'ha tr>al are
marelv <>at?narai ea the fieri* of the defeat* tiare
? ecu ea m i atad te au aae e-crapt their eliaat. It i"
I Kb'v profile, bawevav, Mie? tba pregrai.iiae aisrkefl
vat ht year WasMngtoa ? otraeooudent wid lie feiiuwee
? b ar J >a> .??? I lie-a . ena'.a f "ajtpa i? u. praeem ta
dallaar tuaat.arge u> tha'.i^nd Jmf. Bnt ba win no
donated f enneavei te shirk tba r??^#nei;?iiiiy af pre
std ng sbft'd the ?f;ai go ?a
Mi Oat a Witt !* p'.a< ad >a the ?uatn^v af tha Tailed
?m?is? Me?e!? at eiataa a i l?ak Mbufey Morning. It
a UiO'\(ht ibet he a'.'l he re ngn . ed ta apt>a?> f?na?
day *o if- dnr ag the trial, la in a ctkM ha w ? te tha
guaet ifliis fr-eSa. ln?|?OaM
* hsrier l.iertiea at Hartreri?Tli? Katire
l?r???arretif TirkM Klerted.
Haarrrdtn, Nov. Jft, I Ml.
41 the lewa ? aet ?a bars te-Aay tha entire dan oera
Ma U kea wea ete> tad by attj^nt'e^ a'ere f eg aaerlv
th.ea a-iaiia^
Atrvcieua Ailmtii at a Double Mirdfr ?u SI.
I pvi*-Thr l)r?prrii<la Kwmpm.
Si. Lot'ia. No* 'JA, 1M7,)
U o'clock P. M. ]
Tb? cltuea* oa Chouteau avenue were thrown into
the wildest ectitemaat aboat a.x o'clock this morning
bf the perpetration of on* of the moat mysterious crimes
known ia tha annals of lh? city. A j n-mg nan iniwf
Mat KUnger. for two moatti* ia the employ oi a tailor
??a4 Henry We.'.or, who resided ia tha above men
tioned locality. naar Jefferson avenue, shot hi* employer
in tba back of the heed with a tMal, and than grnaping
aa axe steading near tha back door, dealt tha Utlor'a
wlfa a aarera bio* on tha hand, breaking hat skull and
felling bar to the floor. The faiully, a abort time pre
viously, had arleen, and Weltor waajmaklag preparation
for the day'a toil. Tha wife was busily preparing break
fast. lite young man ahortly arose, and having armed
himself with a double barrel pistol, went down etairt
and mat hi* employer in the work room. What
word* patted beteoen the in we could not
ascertain, but the abort colloquy ended by
Ki I nicer preeeutiag and firing hie putoi. At hia
victims back ?aa turned, tha ball entered the
Back part of the lioad, lust above the neck, and lodged
oa the inaKte, where rt atiil remain*. Tbe desperado
then rashed into the kitchen and estauliad the wife
with tha ate. The crlaa of the guffbrors at so early an
hour in the mqruiog produced great <*on?i?ruaiioa In
tbe neighborhood, and the bouse was soon 01 led with aa
anxious crowd. Tbe Derpetrator ot the deed
had fled. Before ht? departure he managed to
secure ail tbe mosey in the houae belonging
to hia employer, wbicn aroaunteu to about |40. The
cause of the aflVay Is not definitely known, although it
ia inferred that the only incentive waa that of robbery.
About three mouthy since Wetter ascertained that young
KUnger. who waa then in Germany, was desirous of
emigrating to this country, but had not ihe ueoe^aary
means. The tailor acted aa n beaefaotor to
tha young man and neat him the requisite fund."
to pay hia pasaage, upon condition tbat when
he arrived here he would work out the amount. This
KUnger accepted, and commenced employment aa be
fore staled about two months ago. Nothing occurred
since that time to mar the peace of the lamiiy, aad tbe
employer and hia emplovA were apparently on tbe beat
of terms up to tbe period of the tragedy. II has been
ascertained that KUnger on yesterday visited tbe rail
road offiee and Inquired particularly the time of
starting of the tram for lnduuep<->!L? aad the
cost of the (are hi tbat point. U la
therefore believed that be ban started thenca The
police have been active in searching for hfcu all day.
Both Weltor and lite wife are lying in a very critical
state. Tbe husband cannot possibly recover, although
his physicians are untiring in their efforts to relievo
him. Mrs. Weitor'sVgkull was fonnd badly fractured,
and m/oral portions of the same were token out.. She
ii> in great pain and is unable to communicate an'' tan
gible account of the transaction. The whoi* aff.iir >a
wrapped in mystery.
H'eilsn oa ilia I'iaitl One Hundred Milea
Trial?Tho Ksad<i Heat) and the Kain
?Tuuno, 0., Nov. ti, 18#7.
Wes'.on left Waterloo City, Indiana, ;il twelve o'clock
midnight of the 24th on his fifth attempt to walk one
hundred mile# In twenty-four hours, and reached Ligo
nler, Indiana thirty-live mile*, at nine o'clock. He left
I .isomer at half-past nine o'clock. It has been raining
most of the time for the last twelve houra, and the roid?
are heavy.
Tfnk.no, Nov. 25, INT.
Weston l#rt fiikhirt, Indiana, at rt nuuntea pant lire
o'clock 1'. M., hftvln* made seventy mi.(H iu <Hxteen
hours and fifty minutea. He is coufldant of ompleVng
the one hundred times in twenty-four ho(h
Italian Opera?Komeo o 4?iulielta.
The A< ilemy of Music was opened agxia Ust night
for Italian opera. Tbe manager and iiit ? boms singers
have arranged their difficulty?. and ail went on
amootbiy agala. Gounod's "ilo.uoo.and Juliet" was
repeated, with laocaui ?a lUtxueo a;. I Viisa Hmcj a-1
Juliet. There aw a good hotiao notwithstanding the
dUagreoaole weather, snowing ihat Italian opera w such
a favorite amusement is New York that it a only
necoaaary to have a ret rate artiste.: and ','ood ope rat- to
be Huoeasaiul. With regaru to tbia paitu utar opera we
bave already apokea of Its merits and adaptation to a
New York audience when it was ^rnnfc bt out on I act
Friday week for the Oral time in tlus country. There
ia, prpbabty, no aubjeot in the whole ruage of diamati
literature better adapted for tbe highect display of lyric
wit. Bui, while there are many gems in this opera, it
doee not come up on the whole in the idea the public
have of tho beautiful creation of ^hacpeare To do even
Oounnd's compaction Justice a slronc.er rompauy is re
quired than tbe onii now performing at the Academy.
It Is but fair to sat, ho?ever, thai toa utcoud represen
tation oa* an improvement upon the hist. I'aiieaui's
performance was admirable, and higHe appreciated by
the aodence Though but a short tline liera. this artiste
haa made aa impreasion upon opera-goon such ?* tern
can boaat of. On Wednewla) night Borneo and Jtil.et Is
to. be repeated, ai.d tat in . announced aa the last uight
but one o? Us performance.
Theatre Krnucni*? l.n (irauilr ilurhrxr,
7h* ninth week of her mp*<^te<l i.?tr*fo.|> opoi.od lut
nlgtii with a goodly l*yo* of faahiooable Indie/- uil au
tkuaiaatlc gentlemen. The Kranno.Teutonic aiulior at
the deiiehtful ataurditi** wliion ba. ? aat J'aris la a fer
ment and alt (?*roaany dan< -ng tba rowta* ban taken t:p
permanent quarter* id MoiIiaiil Ho l.u ntui? i.iu'.xnu*
and grotesque humor a sabjoet oi tteriou* ?tndy, aud
alma mora at making people laugh than at appealing to
their leol.ng* of patboa and artMUn aonniNiay. h? i?
now forty-eight jeu> of ?ge, and w ?rill b**y ?t his
irr**I?ti:>ly comic pr. du' uoni Ij??' night Tout- ? w,.n lp
excellent voice, and Frit*, Houn. PtKk, l.rog Paul,
Wanda and Jfepomuc fall of buntr, u? ? "I-a
liar aux Cam'liatt " will be jlron to-n'git i h* tlrt,
mnilc company .
Braadwaf Thrwtrp.
Ttl* "Ticket of Leav* Man' *ti!I cor.t'ii i** to dri.?
good houMf to Harney William*' adu r.?bl* ' it to tliealr*.
Mr. Ftorenr#'* Bob Rrierly is on* of hi* ba* > person*,
iloas, And Mrs Plorcaca ha* rarwlv '^en iaat 111 ? more
?llrai'llto rut* than Sr.. Ki reiooad. The rest df tlie.**?
.* admirable, ar J Tom Taylor'* ' *J H'n." ? toulrt not
ba ib hatter hand*.
Olympic Tbrnlre.
The Uelicbtftil plot, tfc'* apartling "eatitnMf, the laiiy
creation* and traa."form?t.v*?J tba naw 'bara< t*M and
droUnry of Uiuly UoUorn Mid the Hard handed Men of
Atben*, the <;ro?.- pnrpo;** *f lair.ef and mortai*,
and the gort,?ou? and truly (>ea<itlfn! **rn*ry and tab
leaux of ik? "Mxtauvimar Nlght'a lirearo,' a? mounted
at thia e*t*bl:-.hni**t, anil hold it aa '?tie of tha
tiring ?ei'?a iou? of the town. I he |*D'inma of lb*
yoyig? of yiieroa comb.no* lUeie ail tba element* of
* ' barmlnii poem paeans b*for* ti* a tba eoofctanUy
ehangtna btMttai r( tL# **rtt? and ??y, land und <i*a.
light mid I'tad*; aad tb*'losing acd <-r>wn bk tableau
and ill imiorf''> n .ft unquertlonahly one of tba ino?
bdlliaai, graceful, lataful aod *?qu *it*ly b*?uiit?l
oombinai:ui) o< jjrwtt> tfc.ug* ?re? pfeduoM aa any
?>,r during the p aaeat Keueiat.oa. A( a work of
n-n iff ami art, !?? the lover of du< U Ihngf, t hi* < row*,
in* atone aiono i* worth a trip from Athen* in <">blo or
A')i?ii* >n '.'e'-rk ??it ant lYom Mk*f>? of jMrlkia-laa *?'i
BiUiy Iloi'om.
\\ allot k*? TlMlre.
Wieely uwtnplying with the argent i<optt)ar d?auM><i (or
novelty aad rwtaif, Mr. I*?'ev Ta'!?rV ha' nuapoaitetl
the raprraeata<.?a of he oM Iwt sterHac t4aya whfh
hare lately >*ea proofed at h' theatre I **i rjglit he
i<reoght oirt. for ?<?* nt?? tin)* in tt??; ? ?, Mr ?*a? -
llii 1 p?" drama annUwd ??Mi- .ft t l%ri'. ' wki' ft it
M?r haviug a *'< ea-? 1 tP n l.ODdnti kU
though ?f ?frk e> gia. the pl>? i.t'OTa
fivnaa an<t ?.har? >4ra i.?i ?re enl.relf ln,-l:-h.
Uka otuar pw?-e?i by Mi W?iu I'btil.iit, tmn a?
It all*.'' "I.or'. in l.otia u. miiI 'Ilia ling eno <ti
ua ManJ'? Pen: I* ei>t*tioual but *r< V' It
a*-ouaii? in "al* drain?tn- <itnat ?e? -<oii'? "i uie
t v iatiaa? tadaed an* maUMiraiiiali'' enough to rron.^e j
? '?B'e of ttt* f i'tKlloa* n* ? a* a' the awmtloim wbicii l
tl.r aaUtor nwitded to *?c >e. la tb * ?? n I
all kl* pla?a, how*? ?r, Mr. w?m. I'hiii p? ?? ? ??
t, ? iteterniiuit oM ta wwta ? t?i'?t<e??????? fo- tl ? |-er
fnmaw r?all? to act. Vina .?? '\tf a* ,? na%' ? y
t, -.or* i:?# - ? alp am of tlaiw ear^-i ? k!? na.i, ?? d
tti? poblu taut* ?li aat H? for it. I ha mi.inv at
Wa';*cfcV ? a tlet it Wa- not4i,'t..uii t?t-iaic*
a fmf ??*?? f*T "Maad'e Ten1 * *r J W *:??!? k
'cntm?a i" .a.'n^ more fe *rc >a?raeior into
ibe v?n "f 1 "b? r?p*r?uy . |r*' ' ,?t r<"|y <?',
t.iae *? ?f ' ?'faeb tt ?lgh ????? I* u-. ???, ~
oerttit.lv m eti n.oi* >baa ? ? i- <1 aa** arM . ,#,j IM
KkB(l> ?f ? '*?* *lpa???ea?l ?'?? be 4er ?/. ?
it, If ?v* lb* 0*1.1 ? lp?l fia ? I) ? W V . uriwrr, ??<?
M# aiaita'ag !??? ? at ih* a i Hon *.t imMi of w?i?.?.
*n >l u* ** f (or gin. ?? b>* m*jr?aiary real*
Inr M "WiiOr*no for ?be po " w>f* W'.r?4* h*ari ha w**
s*?t "i breal. b.* a-i gg'* ??vw*?* gt*e<1 f?i
inld ?u? ?'*???'> ef tae ?? of ii*ral<< i
? .wvaae? wlioni b* wa* ?uh< t*4 xr ib* |#*Iom? -it I
Kiifb Cti*ii<-?*r ta bMl, ?r4 mhr?, |<* *ft*i ?ra><t? -nngbt
?? lb* ? ak ?f hi* 'If* t"'?^e Irntri *a ?a.???? **?
#,r.t, b# ?ai* "iien r ? Iv w >>?/',?? no t?intita> oil to rob
a,id ?n(d*r SW fWipi". *1* 4aw>hiMfn*?a io hart I ad*
Maud* wifB *B* dlar***^ B*d dea*iin?a* Imbi a* tli?
r*hi>*' aed **mM*tN %t ?,#T bn?NTM. hi* tab.
mtaaiM ?* hi* <a**H*bt* fat* ?Ih be w*a ah
reeled aad *?< A "?P*d. l>a* T*p*rioy wag a
' tif* Hi.* Mrfia'/u.ai.na. Mr J B W*dd*n a!eo
? i***ior*d ?*, the ?tliuoot tk* biflior dramai! ?
p.ilunt>*'itl*% *f ?tr R*tph i ballon*r. With a f*w ihght
o f.**'On?' / p? of the taagne oge**<*??d no dditbt by
bia law /Mtt? with '** onwodf part*. Mr. tteddert
eualai* *d *d*itTB'i>r (kr*uc*K?it ?b* r4i?nt Wit Ralph.
MM fnm tt'iag* a* lady Maud* Ohaiio*er, taada
V* / of h*r land** * *<ab<ttoa ?* aJ*pt lb* aimitted
*>t'olI*ari*a of the rnmoh *oh?o! of ae ag I* tk*
pi***-walk afao-a*^, wltclUN* re*.ler*i ludilP ult by
? Ht. W%<)* I**.u.p? ?<w*f?**\ ail*-. **? 9k*".,t*? *
oorapariaoa with tbe loonmpanbla ?q?mib lady Macbrfb,
Miaa Bom Eytioi(atkr mrpaaMd what mighi aan? (mm
e*pocied *iwi Uof uutor viu.oft'. r<-p?a?eaut?ou, la tba
Ural am. of ? wtfa fudrtaniy cou'rooiod by a form?r
lo?ar whom aha anpooaw aaad, and, in Uia aecouu at k,
of tha fouli'i l etnoon h*r aflVnon lor hiia and
har duty to bar bud>MMt In a Utar areun,
in which aha cou ,u ->? su Kalpb tbat hia ativ
plcona nra unfumded aad uhargaa hiia wit&
lb a gniit of tryiug to cooipoaa >ka ruin of (<?rald, aud,
particularly in iha flul -^ua, wh-re Sir LUIpb diaa and
Afraid return* Moulted ??# Kwf Fytwga aetad admi
rably. A litUa uion> repowa anil ratiuauiaat of a*pra*
Hi on would dac!dedl to bar at kuo window! q :a!tu#a
a* an notraan. Mra. John >?rton aa?tan?d wall tba part
of s?san Tap<>rlt,j, Ur t?. T. Ur >wu '.bat of Jam*.
Barrel) tbo bailiff. Mi-* Mary llaireU v> Mlas Flaraara
Bolton bad but 1im!o to Jo, aud Mr. IS f. J!!iimoM did
wall In tha ,?r' ol c >all Uwynno. although l? U
baarier than the rfl?* vfitft whirb La Ui moat faanil ar..
On tbe whole, tn# Ural rvprtweatauon of "Maud1* l>rl"
: was frroraMy i<?cei*ed *>y a largo aud faahlooiible audi
! onoa. succoedii.g i-aruuitlona will doubtle^ |>rov t
?tlil mora a?o c lnl
Departure ?! Am K?Mi?loa to Ttkc Pneeea
?( M, Thouiae nod X|.
It ba? bnati knows to ii? lor aotus time past that cer
tain arrangements ware (Ming perfected iu thin city to
forward U? aouv point lu ilie West ludiet an expedition
connected with tiis acquisition of territory ui that
locality, which caul J in the future tie made lb* depot of
anppIlM for oar Allans aqaadron, and aJao could be or
great utility and raltm to our government in any naval
mavamanL* which U ia possible may t>e a
The iNd or auuh a U?,mi ?a? aoraly fait during the lata
rebellion, and our mnrcabtiUt marine ?m the anftersr to
the ax tan! of many valuable vessels and thousands of
dollar*, from U>? I art or a dei-wt at which could be ob
tained Uio supplies uecc*t>ary to constantly keep our
fleet In good steam.ag condition while iu chase or in
aaaroh of thw rebel privateers.
Acting upon the espen*noe lUua gained, our Seireiary
of Stata has l>aeu foi no little time quietly negotiating
lor tha ncqoistiija or some ona or two of the inland* of
iha W'aat Indies, tn order that for all t!iu* to com* a
propar and well appointed harbor could be at tha com*
tnand of oar navy, and available to our mernhaut atupi
In case of the posalbiu cobtiaiieuoies of a war.
While tha public havu been frequently regaled with
semi-mysterious artiotei and dospatches, apparently i-f
an oflV lal nature, but still not trsi-ewble to any dlreet
source at Washington, relating to tlia pnrehn*e ef tiia
harbor of Painaba, the U;*nd of ,ut. ltoui ngo aad even
tha island of Por > Klco, all of which were l?ut m?r?
couiactunu eiorlei, while all this baa been eagerly rea-1
and diecuawed by the public, with evident gratification at
the thought that this country would ere long have a
territory lunong the West India isluids, tha shrswd Mini*,
ter of Bute lout ftit-j nsnoi si.ug with Denmark lor
tha purr bum of two of Its islands there situate, vi .
the island of St. Thomu and the island of St. John.
Tha neyotintioiu' have been brought to a oondusioa,
aud the United State* now stands committed, through
its authorired ageuts, to (he pnt.ihss* of these two
valuable islands tor the ?<uii of seven mll'.ons Ova hun
dred thouaand dollars in gold. The treaty, it it stated
hus already received the signature of the King of Den
mark, at b'.a palane in Copenhagen, and In a faw week-*
wilt ba signed by the President of th? United Mates.
While the negotiations were pending at Copenha??n
tha Rev. Mr. Haw ley wat cotnuiUnonsd to rau?a*s the
i-tisndsand aa^tUua the riontlDuenti or Ibe inhabitant*
towards tbe govsr .wnt of the United States, and bis
mission in this rosperl was el the most <ia:.
isfaclorj' nature. The sertimeut of the psopie
tUere, of alt <-Ussm, wai touad to be m t lie
hlyhMl Uegroe favorable to the ?reai American republic,
and hardly a diweutluii *oicc bus been ra;sM an".ng 'la
intelligent population in oppoiit,on to tbe'r anneTati ?n
to tliia country In Tact ovr government Is conidered
veif uuty by them u the gre.it??t m-l mo*? sweeuM,
as well as the muai o^erat, naterual aud poweriut 19 the
world, and thou^ut that thay could bt-i oM" fre? oiti
/ens of tde grea. Ainsi.r,io republic, ami tbat tneir tern
:ory 1a to add another atar !o our guMzy, li.w ?.igcu t?red
a uugroe of enih'i9i;am tucn ?- tu. anlitom thrilitw.' thasa
ott>eiwian poitticalty 4Uiet U.en of the sea.
Everything lUvistiemg in the right train for the faMl
ment of the desire* ol thl" oountry, ? v.as de*".n> d ad
viMlua that nreiiniioar ttcps ahou^t be ^t onou takea 10
aecare in a proper manner the advjuiugw <A ttw treaty.
Ar-ordlnulj*. it wai determined to *end a eaisll uit'Odi
Uon of tr<> with a coniir - . u, to uiL" ^'-sn??''ou of
the tetand.4 of 8t. Thoiuv aad Ht. John, iu th?
name of the i:nii?d Hutos ot \moiica. and rai 0 the
\me-l'-ari IIat; over the new tarr.tory. It was uot tho.i aht
anvirahte to ;iive Itie eri-e' I'lon tlio same pab'.rit)* -hat
iugnaii/?d Him departure <?? (?en ral itocssaau mii! '.ui
10 the mbixtpiUit/e htiori'i ot U<i&s:sn Ar ertoa. hut it
was determined to eeud oat a ainidler ?\i:j.incS-ion, and
In a nn.ro i|U>ei, uneau-autlious uuinnor. Thus, wt ,e
naval were 1> .ng comparatively idle at our navy
yards, tha Cotnu*<i*.''n*r war soot upon a p.u?eu*ur
kteamer, as being less li.-eiy to ?tlra<'t undue attention,
wuile several of our Atlantic aqnadron were ordered to
reader vouo atdt. liiontae and a ?rail orvt'-rw. The regular
Hteaci?bip packet for at. Thomas and South America uas
><een loading tne pa-v week for her regular trip, and tha
laborers on the pier have boen much pu/redat ibe tirrat
weUht ot the uumeri.ua obloog caaea of ''inerrhandi^a"
which have trun ua/ to da> been delivered there,
ami wu.cb .iavn i^an duly dejK*it?d in tlm
hold. One or two of tha knowlnu ones who
hare probauly served in the Qaiirt?ruiaster'a d- part
moot during the lets war nbtwlty wh'vpnred their
etisplcons that those bosui of mer< handise r-ontained
ibr ratii* kind of bardwaru In whi? h rules ?ud (uufkels
wcra wont to be shipped by I'ncte Sam when the/ were
in the Kurvic:?and they were ai<out rurlit in their sus
PH ioM. In addition to the nuroero't.* box*- of nties
an<i sabres, there wore many more i-ontaining army
uc.fo-m*. tiesidai. large quant.tie# of ammunition,
shell*, cinnon ha>ls, tec. -"reral feige gutte of lonn
rangi-. pndKil'y .ntended for hari>or deienre, a rmt uat
terv or artillery, and uiany other ip,>nrtenanr>* |>er
??lniug to n lliary life, nere also put ou board tiie
simmer, and i? is siatod that -time 01 the argon' Celt*
upon the p'er appt ed for berths as sailors, under the
belief tbst tt>)< vessel ?aa to be Irani!ormati in't? a.
fi.r r,ldal?i^ Keotan pr vateei '
Ihe troops we.s no; man-beg on 'toard until a fast
bourn before the iteamsb.p's dei?rture, when tbey
weut aboard in small e?t'ied* in etliaen'a ilraes, attract,
av no attention, except an o<i?eiouat remark that the
?-raft was taking out an uuus'ial numbet of pa.?ttnge*.
rtie rumniis'iou < onsiste el t^lonal StiUweil, t n ui
Slutes V n'sier to Vene'uels. Who will ivpresent 'be
t i .led Mates in tlie toi-naJ ?-?-rernon.es that may ta*e
piace at Mt Thouias Ue ts airo upamtd t>v <teberat
r? M. rallmalce. of New Vort; t'oh.ael A. H* Cl.ne, or
New ttrJean-. and W. p. M rray, State saator ot Mmue
sots, i pon arriving at *t. rtiomas tb? party will be
Jniaatl by the officer* ot the Untutd ritates naval Heel
there rendezvoused, ntwi it >? sipecieii wit) take pnsees
eloit of tha pia"? wah ai: the cereiuoOtee due 10 ,.1 iI0
(?ortani an oc^ aalon. fhe l>aniah Hag wilt be lowered
by tun l*ani> b nitlciais. while our fleet wjl render salutes
from their hroadmde?. aud ttie .""tars an l - tnpee ?dl be
iiet^fd an;Id ths salvo* of urtillerv, thus annonni'iu?; 10
tbe world tlia*. s? liars a. iu.isiI what ba? i?*s t? long
dr**rted by K'iroi?eu ontions -a standing pi.int for ths
1 st nf th'i univrr-et ^.. ikei nation whose v?cad ,?
never tMirkward.
A* will be km a '?y rr'ervo e Iu iMttding p. agraphs,
the pop dst^n It not anOleioht to ??ntitle the leLsnd* to
b* t-rertAd into a -u:e and consequently tiiey will be
placeo under ths rhar^e of a Terrtter.ai tiovaruor. it i?
Ibeugh' that one or the i iemhent cr Colonel rtiillwaJI s
Commission will Mttiine this dignity, t?ut p.etabiy not
a? pre-ent
in order that our readers may l>e in Pitt pja*e?a*>on of
all In/orniatmn ralative b> lhe?? islands wa will atate
that the Danish Meet India UUnds he.etefnt? roiu
MtaM CI 1 hoinaa, fr. Cron (t? <*enia 1 ru/.> and .-W
-tol>ri or *t. .lanu The irland e; !*(. iboiuas - aitiiatea
ahv'jt lorty mdua eaat of I'orio Rioe, in 1 atittile
IK dsvree, jn tmnutee neiih longuuUsi ?4 degte>s
IS minutes west l? contains ab erne tf fomy
live tn le? <r KiKged aad wall eiwiated earfacb,
tho'i.'U tiie?.? sr? no very, bi^ii ?to<iaiatns.
It i? seventseii tuiles in 'engtb ny live tni'a;' in
br sdtk. * At >ne period it *as Weil -wooded hit* the
timner U.?>- b^n i ?.? from year t* rear* which diee mili
tated aa-!n?t 't s?'? "lt'it<d n iIh. ?/ to a I'onai^etable
de*r?s a>.1^: vl.e ?..tl^e lare 14. tbe trj)i.at rays nf
tne sun wl. jh has had tbe eflS' <?/ gj * oy n(* uea; .y
ail the -pi a? that ob< e irrigatott U>? land. i'ue soil 1*
?sadv, and a urss' portien ia ont'rsiy ue< rlt ??ied. eals
about 'weiiy liis imh.'??l <ttn? i*.ug plamsd with
sugar cane. wL-. k pro4>. ?u s.i^ar o( ?i excellsat
uuatity 'bare - an extensive 11 ?ite el the ??u of t".
Ihoao^, Biurh ci the . ;xj<iin* of lie o- igb'xxing islanto
??einf ?snt ibere for 'luptrsul to *> r .|M t| <e i>sv rue
prin< pete's' ' ' #e-i luAi aid ! itfueae malt 1
s'ean-ihips, sag ? t? tUie? uu?i?atio veanls ann .ally |
. i ?n c the 1 nrsa of ui?> eut,i- tits Ite
flairs ai me to' U>? pr m ipal t uropwa r.a.?st are to
he ?e?a ?o?tiftt I' m the ?-(?nviiav ^e?te' aad alio,
gather .^t Th?un?* le a smoes?Uat brieh aBI| mn. lag -es
r*.i 1 ? t'oi<i'jaatiouabljr tbe -em n? ai>on.
Itavsna, for a naval at a'.' .a tt' h? fo'ind in Be
wbelo W<*st iniim |-reup m "ne'iiat'Oe If
f' rteen .i.o?*niiii so 'ue. ibe 4mte<i -mis. sot
'?>jth Amsru-aa pe. wet* an st? o at modes, ennact
,og eilh it* b.ur.pe.11 p.'?e?- t.r<n<,).. hmf* w ar.irSeu
.1 nenbsM Ail a?,ii nnoy n.,ee ibeir rapnir* made
st tnat poit, ltiep rtis known, to neintuie< Uamab
n*r?ri a" ? bar,, r Al ?' e. I ,,
i|?u ttiree hilie or spar* ? at i)oi.n'e.e shun < st as
1 x k of f.e v.ity. Its bariHsr 4*teaoe' eeo^r re us.,
water o*?t?riee act the >l>?g ei ? U u sa fert Ibeie
on a. Mat s|g a torni bank |? MM t?
a Lutheran. I'ut< *i Kefeiaamg, est s?,t ta t|i *repat. a
? 'a'ho1 snd Men > i Aee ? (tn ajewisbayaa
gog Msve>-y is atiil u ei tie u^ us ibe lslsnil, hit
me tla*es a'* a ' tnaw>t|? tte.w| a>?n. Me'ii e?i ?
fits Whiter
ibe 1 rig ?r * s ? ' .?(wt a lew miles
s*M at Ki. Thotnsa. ' ante ?iBf en %nm aima*i eouai v<
Uiat Of the 'attar sina-t. Tim tmp'unitnn m aimiier to
t?a? ortH. "lhoejae, hnt nt.mbara nm than tbree tbo ?
sand, mo*? "f wham are tn ha found >e ike tew a ef
t hrtaXanatwirg. Ibe prwgnew am Iba tarn* as ikoea ar
PV thomae.
| It >i sa'o toprnu . that Vanfcea aaiaipr *e w?l be
'ore mnay yseta lead to n i<m er dasalepatsa. ef Uie
| rseoar-as ef b-itb e ihess mtende
t srytlnng in cnaae-'iop With toe itting am e* ib s
eiped t o? ana heea t??om qutoC.y <eed-.. ee be the
1 eetbrov>ns We sbai: r.robntdy are mane dawarseeiee. kt
apeclei Cwl a e^.s deeoai i.es ' . . a ->* wan.
i may tr*w >n 1. aft. Ta?ft*a
TrrrlHi *Hr?-tlf ffrlne ?? ??*??
Brrgea, ?. J.-'Vim H?b ta?taa?ly ?!???
to IUm-1 (Inter ft m?n
ifvmlf lajarrd Tl?? Sw*1
?t U? tiplMiM ? C?M
plrU Wrttk Kuw> ?'
U? killed.
' iji tr*j;ak', tu n &/? o'<?'?wt ? rv'a?iropUe ue
out?1 in -?uth b?i?wL. N. J , -?bt< b *i?Md constants
tion throughout tUBl sxtiasife distort, and csrrlud dark
t?u<5 d saal woo to mm/ a boou>*M*l. The details are
'-stellated to i:biU the blood is tbo sioatsrit heart. So
far u tba particulars have been ascertained, it seems
that Ui# bistery of thsawul calamity c\a be gleaned
only from those who were eye-wnusaswat * dUUaco, u
well aa those who bad left the vic.mly only a iborl titua
before the explosion. All ths man >u tl.a .omieJiAte
locality, wi.U aaolitarjr exception, ward iutantty fciUod,
and it >? through th^ man Lha cause of tbe oeouroBce
bM transpired.
Tbo Kewsrk sad Kiw Yor* Ks.lrosif. win -h * ap
proaching complot'on, run# through h locality in t*oatb
B?'seu culled CUremoat, about a mil* fro* the polme
station al Bargen, and croseiBft the dummy tina to Ber*
gen Point. At Olaremont several ehsnue? were eoa
Htructad I? tbe workmen, a# wel( as a bls-jlssmitb abop.
The wort la thin tacsllty consisted chlsily in bloating
rooka, for whrch pnrpoM nltro-glvcenne was -ised a* a
8ul<st(tute for blasting powdar. La?t even lag,
lit the ho'.ir already stated one of the work
man, uaroed Thomas Burns, carried a bucket
of this explosive material Into the blackiftuith shop for
the purpose of heating it Being of * rettnous, gummy
quality it l? tieeesasry to rertuos it by beat to a liquid
state before it la fit for usa. Burns, it la stated, grasped
a w4bot Iron, and with tba view of expediting tba pr?
oass plunged it into tbe bucket, wtien .a an instani the
unfortunate man, with all tbe inmates of tbe building,
a*re blown away, aud of tbe bouse not a fr*fcmont re
oiatueiL Some of the men arounsl the shop
shared the Hint fate, while al tbe Mm#
tnstaut a shock like aa earthquake shook
every budding within a*, lesit a mile and a ball trim
the *ene Every hou?e adjacant wa* damaged, three
w?re compleiei/ shattered. Tbe smithy was alluate
oa iterj'u street, neat Grove, aad opposite wu tbo gro
eery store of Sebasttn? Ooenher, part of wblcb was
biowu away. Another liouae, inhabited by Benjamin
Ks.^r aud !? * family, was partially deetroyed. Two of
the unrorv.uate meu whose names swell tho list or the
ae-.d wer<i ou tbe roof of a bouse putting on a patent
tin roof when they were carrieJ away with ttie upper
portion et tha building.
tux an.' in.
Iboosa3 Bunui, blackatuito.
Hugh WcKeuna, lto.-.ton
Tbomsn Hicks, Waokscnitb. ?
,l?us Itenutn tidwaida.
Fratert k H Hitler and .lohr, H Miliar, brota-iv. j,*
tent tin roofers
Kdward f oster, assintani la l>l?ek*mith shop
Patn< k Keily, ?iyracut?a. N. V.
Thomait Coy'e bUoksmith, Naw Vork.
Burns, who ba* liaeu sal down aa *be ui?u who
orea'ed <he t?rrible casualty, vrss l.teialtr blown to
p i>, ?<i It wa"- a eiiouking sight when a pall filled
with intestines and bloody fiairnienls wa? hbown
ss ai: vh u remained ol a msn who bad heoa a citizen of
this wi?id kalf au boar previoo.^ly. Allthn stateuiouw
ralat ?e to lbi? man shew tba! he wiii intoxicated, hut
itii:iiari'.y to the d*?il it l? hoped thai iho?>o sta'.emeate
are conjecture*. At the same time tfcf suppoenloa of
intexicati'in alone icce-int-for an art the wrlineM of
which m-ist t* ai'imieat Vo every man of sober sense.
Hugh McKee:i?, who wui ? resident of Boeton, loarot- s
wifi aad f?m 'y. Tiiomas Hicks leavee a wire and
six cbildieu. John Beuton Kdwartla, a mere
boy, w:?s sUnding in the blsckitnith's shop when tbe
explosion took place. His left arm v a^ Mourn cattrelf
of. <>nr of the Mulers les/e< a wila snri eeveral children
?rno reside ou the Phnk road, roth the loan fore a
vitv goo*I reputa; ion, morally aud profaualmxiiW
K4word Foetsr w.i? the l.o? wtiof bupinew it to
c .avey the toon fiom :?ad to the sin.p u d .0 ass.-H the
WO .men wh?u <a'!c<i upon. He wss severely harncrt,
tfit did not preiont so ghastly ?n api<eaiauoe as tba
eidwr ?Hler, whoaa bead w?^ sew-carboniaed aud his
I eat u res were eooseguently not rwofsl'sw* Patrick
Koily was a rewident ef Syracuse, New Yerk, whore be
loavoe a wifo and family. Thomas Oorla, ? resident or
New York, leaves a wife and family -omi where np town.
In the neight>orhood. tt is believed, of I wenty-slxtli
ureet. He had been in Jersoy City cluriug the srier
noon and went t? the buultUf on i>'.*iuaw. though it is
Dialed he did not work there
l"ha exact nomher of thowo'in 'el ha? uoi l<*ea as
rertamed. A-s darkness osrne 011 si-oti altei tbe <x cur
ren<* a thorough search wa- ont of the qnestlon iu a
io?.?!ity where dwellings ars sps.sely scatisred and
whora workmen were employ oil in ??usM squads, some
?r theta tie tog almost nrangcrs to tUe others. A man
named Will bun B. Wmniond* wss serkmsly injnrM,
(bough it a considered he w.U r?rover. A wnuaa cd
a 1 hiv are also under tuedi. si treatment It is the
opinion of msnv that several other* ?r- mi'tred ?hof
names eow'l aot be learaed last eveu?*n.
TW?. JIM* *.
. Partisae tbe most correct ilea ?'ftb. d-rertftii ts or
tbe explselan can be arrive* at ftoas 'be ,.element of
those ?bo were et s dl-tam e *a?- -ii.ver* ?n<l i*?aduc
torsaf ihe Joresy t'ity ar,d ltert es Uor?e . ars desi rtbe
tb? <boiik as alarning at the dt???uee of e irnte. Iu ?be
,i?pr the shoes was fisit to be imllar :o bet produced
bj lbs dlsohsTfe of a one ? . n?lr?.l pouMer iu close
pro* miiy'a the biuiding ree cosdoclm of s H'idsau
City iar posu'vely atsned Itat the a?pl??*.?a must
hte imetirrni '?? he rlg't band s'de ae
tie **en<led the mil, ?sh.?i?' would Ci the
*?** m Wee.. Mohoketi, o.sr tbiee iuils? from the
actual n's- e Every hmne in Kent ello sjd Polton
svtBiies trewoied, aad in several situate wit bis a r**
hl? ks of *e sniitby no* a i<*uo of gla?e nae left m
?h? wiadows t'ne geatistuso. wlu*e home is over a
aitle dlst-Bt fronvltie epci jumptd cnt of be?i. hinking
W.e cbtawev had 'alten rv The bo?.-es m iha Vir;mty
were <l?uis?ed in proport,?i. t? tt? t dietarvs from
will i- IIIi? iaraa? >a i uioaor l?aei?a ? awart
Iba ftadtaa laa' avail n* Ik.? <tapl< aM# cat %!iy lia*
pr(M4<ad * profo .ml mii .on la avaty quana- ' f in*
?Ikwa iliatnei of Hon >i har.-an a mi tba
itock oa iba naifhiiortiig ? !>;*?? ? ?? iBiai.aa Iba1
't* hawildariu* a'taci iapt *>>? (be aatJt'rapha of
half w tanrrai ? lit# <ii. ! damv of aor-oa laa m?i.?
traiad maay an ahoda wtiara ? 1ow? and orpbaa* iua
?mm84- on Ida pmwl nf iiira at rl.ut * mm* piiia
hla apac a.'? raano> ?ali < itxairwl iIim uai pra.
?ani*it ai 'b* r:*a? of ib? rii.a"*. a'.ara miu *tri
burrlad to th?:r a'^oiio' hi a !?-?f uitnam aaii lafi
ah'ad to lb* World. (aan >r an Ir-ar.C mil* a
triuk ol h'taa^t Ih* *t>y?'t>ii>a tbi u?ad >a it ? j
.auauaa ? 1 ita? uonoi a ? ini? raj ? ? * pkaaa> aud j
?ha nnfaiMiiata ?r rattir 'aMuaant rar? tcr? tota'iaa'l j
aa aympainy af a'.l Tk? >u? 1* p ',p ?u.-a urnna
iha railroad r?tiifar?ora, tn, m.1 *i< *??( Jiuimh.
??*T? OF THE CUftl Qf TW WUKlUdA f ?C
[ a " *k? * tati r| 1 ala^rtftt 1/ ra-l* ?!?? 1
hKl.lM|/?l?, *. 'Ji. 11'lT.
1 aavi?t J yl*. 1 h "f hk mi' uf l a k ra Hapar'u atl <??
tfcianiy at. fui ad laid 1?? Ma altir* lb* 'u?rr,,t? l'?ti?
affair ha* ranaad nairarMl ?nfinaaa aisenc Pratara H"
l.yfca will b* bnrt*-t oa TTiiiradaf afiario**. Irn'rirm
ft' in ?;* iliaa ?'? in* '?d in aua^d.
1 Ra,tav Cava ? Tfc* ??? af u,t Km I <?
? hm lii.nw l?* ' aan at *o*? *>?;<*? ibt < i?r? ?' '?
?r li*au?P'a <0 ai? Hilo , at .u? tana ?}' ? ?- ? n-? n
>*? n>? au>i If ?a Ia1i!"raa? m foat*i Ma ???. ?? *
wul dar.b. aw |? lo tr.%1 u madia'.* I? ft % ><?
Wt, Ur? 1 ? Uuatar, at 1 *.ca uai
ral*i Hr? iJ?'-|a H ahay. a ?? u*
ft-- kiintliaf. / ? l?i nay, ar ia .a 'm Ma?- ? '*a
r Wiaaaai'it ? oa lb# IV * 1 > it; ?> a. ?i'?wai
?4- r?< rtr?t9r.\ (aavaaiaii !'.???? ?? ? *'
l?au , I
Tfea i iaard nail itaaaiak a |i-aita< < a?u a Jadk m?,
? ??I laara Ikia yart aa Wa4*aa4ay r?r l ?'f*?
nam.Hlarltnfa wlK etraaai tba Paat Uflt a at
fcair-pMi alaraa a aaaok m Wa*aaa4ar aiara nt
Tn Km T(ti Hm n - f d>* *a "a? f'.mpa
tmAf ?? Ma avtart is i%* ta?""a?
la wi*ff?4 far ??!)>??, ?? mm.
11'ruu Ui? K?eoi?iSf Tal?Br>Mn 01 ? *t ih; J
Will Hth*m Nov. V. 10 ?l A. M.
'iliaHtcok warket . prn-d atioug tine morning^
tur aOvsnr* of Saturday trtd the bail clique*
? ;t?uin li > J ii wo .. for >i ri?t. especially is
Krte, wti' h hw soM ap t* 71H- R' -tiJird Hch-I
a H?! ?,r"w 8l*wara, Bai..,k*r and other* of the Van*
ifi i. J*"'? 4r8 buying tha Utter atoeS, Lie ?'(tool" u?
vmch hM hmsB naeon struct* td, two or three of thosa
who wave ut u before ua: ui< wold oat and new
mm having taken their place Jf.-orr Kesp and
Dan Drew ar? potcu g tktlr fieads together over North
J'5ferii eomaaon, wulch Eoon ptopo?oa to carry I?
biffh figures l?r?v h.t'd* between ten and fifteen
ttiuuoand shar?H of it antler special contract, arid in
aAxlOW" tO b*g tint pr.,ftt .n it, but the r-mt of Ui?
clliiue will not allow >>ilit to aeU yui. Pacific Matt in
firmer than it w ** ou S*.n, uay and aalo.-t have been
wade at l?* ?lal.
? ? ' ? ? ? ?
(Told la strong. Tie mark.-t ,p?.Ued at I4Ctf a 140M,
and the present quotation la l i>, ? uov Cast^oB
in da?/. Albert Spidere lit ae laUiuit a bull a* over,
and the apecnlatlra brokers art ., :> clwngia^ iroaa
the boar to the bull side.
* ? ?
A despatch from Washington aft. s that ?.!>? rrylttOfa
Of <in- ten national banks which uave failed Urn* far
will r ?.!<te about twentv per cant, and the total I>m?
U> the ;juI?I1c wni beurtler one million i4 doilat-s. I'ha
cm J iuoo will of course W paid in Ml.
Qeldluhwn up '<> t4o% since tiie fwi'Tivwa lea
mum, but has Mm i" declined u> u>:\ a ir>u, ?, ??d ilia
irwaeut quotation Js 13J?X a lit). lit, tuln are din
gtif d with ili'- Hurtdc:- turn of tiie attkM a|HUl
? hem, nurl m?e*rt tint. th? Treasury ii aeUimr gold
s ? un through P. M Mpy^-n acid ot^*r?. M. H.
Mi>n< a nayn U)at Mt l'uliocfa ou?llt U> be abOWA
i .-our rtjmlc tree; btit Chnrk? 11 ujiyv, ?oia
monly Hungry. Charlen. (Ma't Mt tt.
WUiiaiu HutintiiKMpi Uti utut atiuniot KdtUOMda.
ri'.trui'ttiou lo p?j C'' -tweiition to ?iin w.iii't carry, b?4
H. Q. Moquand dorlarea that li wMl, and tliat ijttld wilt
fkl'. to *.??o Lutber ( lark would raUiet buy gold thaa
Hell It^but lfre<t Kulioe would m?il It ?tti-alu'tit through
ior a vi Ui cjtue. ?>u.tiaviir 1>loit thlnLa that Um
greAh will put up jjold. bet If M NcrUinu think* II
will put it down J. ii Mrltxuntffa H^IU'vrw id mora
cut reucy and nigh price* ;4l rouml, vv uitn -foocph Hen
fola, who !? " uriort," in for Mrt'ullocb
aud sp>* .i-pa,yni?oti<. A:dooeUip i>uy?i>t thin inor*^
haw weo OrvllleCVldle, th?-odd Wlow: M. Vaa
saior, jTohn A, Zerega. Jamoa Wallberg <?l:lia, Harney
?i Co., Hal lock X i.n >vr<>rir.:, Oilman, Hon A C?.,
Granff''A. Co., and Pow 'ill, Orv -n & r.?,; whlV among
trv- aellcra were E'hlllp 8pey?r <*? i>>, o on til A Phlppa,
W. B. Iljtl & Co., Macs A Co., ('aiumMOL THtua 4k
Cans, Northrap Jfc <'hick anil Meo^role & Trumbull.
Albert Hpiitera ie weaving new weo? lo eulrap Uia
Th^ miuiua share market continue* flat, wtr.le and
U'lurjili^iblrt, hut the n aultH of tko Drew prtu cig ra
eohtly dl?0'>v?jr>d in Colorado ft?r extracting ffol'l, not
out of qiiartr., but out oT other jx-oj.m's poeS?ta. ara
auxk'ual/ aweitud by the operator* Sore and a lively
tiuic ib expected Iwfore lone. Mi-hh whAlo tlic apeca
lauira an-, likely to crack toni and ca- [x.anuia fo?
waul o! anyUiing more pmiitable to d<>.
$ ' ? ? # ?? 4' ?
Kailway uliaiVf were quiet, .Brits Ha* neglocted at
71. New York Central was luetlw it lKg. North
we <tern otxumoa wa? held atcadjr by Uenry Keep'a
Brfifitata l*he cxpreaa ri;aree wurr m m at tiie racent
advauyc, and Ad?iua aold at 79 a 78M. Oovernment
aeearitlea wore on'.v modorati'ly active and oouaoa
ftve-t weutiea of sold at ll*(;i#nnc ot IDK, 1(6;
ne.w iaaue of In A, K'" , ; uew twue of IMI, IW^i
ooupoc Inn forties, 108 %"; M vea tiilitiu*, second aoriea,
10BM ; third aerkia. lilSH.
Amir, i; the aetlera were Hrmm Jl. (Union. O. L. M
I,. Haight, Keen, (.iliei A Ucrtnoad, 1 M. lUn^iunt
* Bro., A. M FereLi & Co., Moran c Could, Urant A
Hou, C!a|?p A <Irinnell, f.eny A (Jo., Faxon A ('rnia
bee, ?'!. JD. Prim: ? A <!o . A l ayaou. him! Mer
i incr< A ?'o . while amoug the iiujera were Whiiehouaa
a, In It*'! "'rnvors. Clark, Doage A Co., I<oekwood
M> (Jo I A Underwood A Niii. -I, Bl<m>dfso<xl A Oo.t
Hm'.V- Kniuiolpli A Co.. il l NtlnifOi,. CrauAm. Mil
bank A WhlUlold and WiUlawa .v. Waaton. It
ie ainu-liij,' to hear the oouttudietory ?jpiuloua
ei;r ?<-*e(>b/ the meraberf of the board jejuniiiv the
pv1' ? ule course the marmot. VV. Ii. \ milye Ik op>
p>..vd u> i?.tiling -hhoii," luti woiiiiii/t Imy on ant
a onnt whlW O. VV. iMehjiek, an old partner ot old
.la!: liitUe's, wonld buy aoyiUtn? i>u tne llat. John
(i itrl-?n, who never u<"> to the board, Uitl always pra
aides at h;a oft'e i-.m'. does the t..T> eaiiw to his cua
tomers, thinks u?at tJonen.^ will stop ? out .-action t
but C. li Mwtiu dtuKB t Ie 'love ,i will, ?lultua
Ilal^artRn hafe an iuea tlmt the Erie ciiqua
lueaii to put the sum k iin Uy hiL'h betb t lirisunaa.
but Unnshaw ?'ones thaii-.s tiie clique i.-tt*t U> lw? i\-Ued
on. Rdw>n Corning can r see wiint Ui?to Is lo bull
atoeluton. anu wilttam Karie tutu'; ???< what t.b^r? la
to bear ttniii on. hdward OlbMe Kiio?i< Utat Keep
and In*-* i(it-i>ii to pn. Norihw<9t?rn Mantua
ufsite 70. while WilUam Ii< Mk<> knows a good ileal
hett.n than ttist <'. f*. (hiuinuairs thinks Itoch.
lulitiiu a xoisl purchase, tmt Theodora i'ox thiuka
a yooii saw;, anil so the dttctor* dtnacr'-e. liiil Navera,
Leonard Jerotne and Oonunodore MuN'kker, a happy
trie# atul j;i -at t;Uuiii-. ii"' decided bulls In railway
t-i'jT'but very deti-iTnintal i?-ar- iji I'aclfle Mail,
?loli i 'IV a oim atiuu, iu K."ie foi a lie- ?ml taking
hi ui I pi iflta as he |>oes ? .nj;.
* % ? ? -
0??wort. right
Into t \n \ mU:y ??I l'**tU
YW-* th* ; . i Hundrid
H ?? ??' hy Jiiu urocUi luiUlphtul kato mi im ?* uau ? fe*
do*u\r\l o?i-a Who ro<|o lo *?vr?ii <t< ?tiU'-Uf.n in
punu ?? u f gr?a t mv of unhappy ???;? who *:?? rutb
? uff Ui n'.iu*./ follow ?d f"? *.ao gaum AMOU*
I urn sa all tn.iu*. ana tbouW Heine. I'l. AN TA 1 lult
HI I XivBk. the fro*' ?,om?<bie i-uin killer, ctirea dyepepala,
iKurtlMiro. hradvbe. v f!{f? >. rt'iUnera ami all tamploraa ar
kindred nbai acid *a If by wu'''. I or languor, laaaUttde,
great tveenuea* a?d m?nt*l ariireaaion the/ bate a atai
wonderful effret.
MAtJ.Noi.IA WATEft?A drii|Utiiii to let ert'ele; aunr}er
to < ologne ?l lialf tli?- (.rice.
A'-Ofllvr ?il' tb?* (>?lhikurg Asylum, MS
lit >?it?i. > r^i ua devote inn a ?inKlr dollar anl UIA
aayiunaill afford the dnablrd nuljirri a Ii"iim, ud auf
country will oe h >uored oy i ha noble ituuiulloa." Nendlaa
4ca-riptl?e oiicular. ,
A.?Inlvnratil lApoellloii. P?rMt I SBy
SrKlMVAY A .SONS trlu iupbau!. itarin* Wn ?fardel
ili?> ll.-i ?r?? ii ?{o*1 'u< itnl tar Arue-i.-aii Dm i<t...-?!' j.r* edit
I'pr dfki Piano* hy Uw uouiiirooiw verdlc <?( tlx Iiwn
BSttnuai Jury. Thi> medal i? <il?Uantly claietlOol 11nit la
ott.nr w> men' 'nrr^ll t.U.er Aweri^u ethihitlMa, and mar
un.rr :;>? faur (mowed ptario* ?ntered for rompeUUoa br
n?i<ityell 'he mo#' ?*?lel>rri?d taAMfltrfctrat* of K'trooft
War<- ort'ii ? Iff ..ud 111 i'.aet rotti latamth ?<i ee>, flear
A tuuiic l.ad? Huralii* I p nllk Fr?>|
ura< i a i it i fti head to f>o' wita a $5 battle of Yr.lr.oU'a
P4I < fAl.VT, lit ten mlo *'.ea tba fevei wai b-jkaa? tba
girlt"t'r ii"l ?f Buffering, eltlio gh Her bewelt had bee*
oonij4*ic'.y ?kicee.| be linUBfiate and Spani-b Ht b/latere,
under ?u* mallremi. en) j[ phvaiclana. Or Woli-oif't PAIN
HtliYT ?U'iH|.irm >lh iDCartiuiHUoii, laalaauy nv4goiaiaa
mid ij ?e. tour to .hr wli'ila ayaioin, 't-a^ea n-? Mala, la
liaitiiTaaa an water, and prud efc t)i" vat Oell^btf al aataa
'.,u> no a> pttoeltou. Mo naln <.aa enai aham I'Uti FAlMV
i? . ifj tppll. 1 o>*r I be pari af>? t?d All va.ii- tntaraal.
external, l:'4ro^tl^? or a' ita reiBrad f'er u( eryeiiae al Or.
W'li-vitt ? !?(?>? I7e i' i#tlia'?i a<|iiarr. Saw Turk, M Myrtla
*?>. e. Hrf>okn ? Kbii 'W. f< mtaii atreet cb. U la eold
at fcil ilr-.?'.?!? -V'.. ?H . >1 anu Sb a bnttW, n.ih a bruab.
Tin ? *tl?rh, ci'lda and ti:rt"'at!on of tbe bead ium? l??
tti.l iIiiai'tnt (Via Am. Ju j Hay u?t> i.owm i*
fni" rbnf wi appera or you are ? !ieaie<l.
RlifiiiitiitSm lirtallt HurrniMM <!*r*4
?? onaer l?. I'lVi ?t'.mi V^M'Hfcaa
?itai'i Htmiedr t?ken K'!?r?i a", JT.'ii" nuraa.
I- it in.tl"1 <n .'M Ki<<nnl; wm?? tayif
!,?? UI Ihr IVsi>la>
? N\rr?i>Ai asvi.i m
rem ocr
, ItlftABLKD HObnnRK *
l ,mi *.? tal OorerowMt lt? tog fa. u> pr?? ? a b.?M
I >r tba cripalMl aeterab*. U bet-otri'it ti e d^< ? yr <?( in* A marl.
?*ii people Vnt.ufte ludraaiinf au nM'.Hm -r. I., ?,ii ?f
ly '! If e aoM ?'a a bomeai.il br an tioa?u. t'tou'-ene i.tiy
l or full p*r*l'-?lan ad'iieaa 'i.altyal.urg A< t , A%w-a.
. i ?4t M nadwa* It. V.
In \rllclr si Tree .Her)' ^?"l!ra?ii'a
''tllAl rROCHfU' " ?'? tba m |>?nt.Ia! a/l.. -;a ta tfata
r.innir* or K'ini|<e for i. .oa !>*< ,?ea and I 1<1 :?<*, ul thta
fiop>i'*ii'y a baaed pm eaal i??^i wli' -aua .,i i j aa>4 e<
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