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PKiDiT, Not. 27?8 I*- M.
The stock t. .n to-day ban been strong and
active, with an increased volume ot business, t
effect o: a rev...i. of tbe speculative spirit. Wneu
money Is so aoumiant It is very difficult o eeP
from seeking investment In tbe stock market. The
terror, of tbe .at - crisis are beginning to fade from
tbe memory 01 rutors, and tbe temptation to try
fortune U lor tue moment In the ascendant. Tbe
"nulla" bad it a" tueUr own way during tbe morning
and tbe earlier po: "on of tbe afternoon, but later In
he day in tli- bong Boom *fter tha boards
and ou the street the "bears" were putting
out large numbers of options st three, ten
and thirty days ?n preparation for another
windfall as the sequence of this Inflation. There
is no cause for the sudden rise In values, and those
who are forget in of the dear-bought experience of
the psst month will be at the pains of learning their
oostly lesson over again. There la no reason why
any stock U wo:-ii three to four per cent more to*
day than It was ..esterday, and those who suffer
from the Ineritu i e reaction will have thelsown lack
of judgment to blauie for fashly experimenting with
their money, 'iue features of the day were New
York Central *'? J Rock Island. The former was
started on a revival of the report concerning a
twenly-Dve per cent dividend. Everybody knew
this report a week ago, but It was skilfully employed
this morning to give the stock new life. Operators
have plenty of money Just now and are ready to
speculate. But where to put It was the question..
Somebody said Central, and Central it was. So
like an article at an auction sale, np the price ran,
not that anybody wanted it In particular or knew
that it was any more valuable, but the speculative
fever was ripe. The price touched 127 K, when
there was a pause, a reconsideration and a retro
?gado iuoveineni to 128, the closing bidding price at
nightfall. That It was the overbought stock of the
dgy la shown lu tho fact that It was the one which
underwent the gi cutest reaction. During the early
portion of the day Central was quite scarce for de
livery and the cash collateral was loaned free of
Interest. Rock Island showed a renewal of the
movement begun last week after the decline In Erie.
The. movement Booms to have gained force by the
delay, for It pushed the price to 100ft before the ad
journment of the last open board. The St. Paul
?toots were very uctlve ou the strength of a declara
tion of a dividend and the announcement that
some legal embarrassments of the road had been
removed. The express stocks opened weak,
bat closed with a alight improvement In prices.
The American and Merchants* Union Companies were
consolidated to-day, and the new organization will
be known as the American Merchants' Union Ex
press Company. Two shares of the Merchants'
Union will equal one of the American. The street
does not know how to take the cbaoge as.yet, ex
cept that It benefits Adams, which advanced about
one per cent. Erie was neglected, although a com
promise of the interests recently at war with each
other hM been effected and the hatchet buried.
Those who have the stock are the parties to the great
quarrel. They can make it useful only by getting a
market for It, and that market the public can pre
vent the supplying of by leaving the stock where tt
Is. There is no guarantee that the nnprlDClpled
clique who first overissued two hundred thousand
shares to break the price and then bought up
the stock again, to "corner" one of the de
fault|ag confederates to the scheme of swin
dling the street, will not repeat either one
or both of these tricks when the stock Is once more
distributed among the public. That the determina
tion to let It alone Is becoming widespread is shown
In the fact that during the five boards to-day, when
business was more brisk than it has been In some
time, the total transactions in Erie were eight
hundred shares. Said one broker to another, In
that gossipy p.ace, the Gold Room, "What do you
think of Erie, In a general way T" "I wouldn't touch
Erie," was the response. "Then your head's level,"
was the colloquial but expressive coincidence ol
opinion. In tbe swimming business at the boards it
rose only as high as 39.
The money market was extremely easy, and while
the quoted rate on call loans was five per cent a
great deal was done at four between brokers and a
great deal at six by the banks. There are several
reasons for this. Tho money tied up by the great
stock speculating cliques has been returned to bank.
There is very little demand, comparatively, from the
Vfmt and south. The Sub-Treasurer Is reissuing
?eight millions of the three per cent certificates In
gitace of those cancelled and may Issue nine millions
.mote. Again, the payment of the Internal revenue
receipts luto the Sub-Treasury. Instead or into the
national banks, relieves the necessity for making so
frequent sales of gold to obtain cnrrency and make
She circulation less liable to sudden contraction from
Abe tendency of the officials In these institutions to
ispecnUte with government balances. The ease In
kmouey was reflected In the stock market, where an
tnoautlous speculative feeling was the result.
I The markets were all very logical to-day. It has
iteen seen that stocks were acttve with the plethora
of money. The gold market was equally rational In
responding to the expansion produced by tne reissue
?'of the three per cents. The precious metal opened
?early at 133ft, sold down to 135ft and then, amid
considerable excitement, steadily rose to 136',.
Th# advance had the additional stimulation of a
i?'boll" movement by the banking houses who are
"long" of governments and are endeavoring to sus
tain a "corner" on tho "shorts." The latter, how
ever, suddenly received assistance from an unex
recoted quarter. The temptation to realize at the
IMgh figure last quoted was too much for many
*oiders of gold, which was at this price sud
denly thrown ppon the market. It is said that a
ram as Tit in tha possession of the Erie clique was also
"aaloeded" at thl-i favorable opportunity. The sale
,<df $100,000 government treasure also helped to break
?he market, and the price descended very rtpldly
410tu it touched 134ft, reacting to 184, the closing
prloe at five o'clock. The range In the price is shown
da follows.
hu A. M. 188ft ld8 P. M 188
?0:16 A. M. 138ft 4:16 P. M 184ft
?1:20 A. M 186ft 6 P. M 136
? The gross clearings at the Gold Exchange Bank
were $69,702,000, the gold balances gl.874.3M and
fhe cnrrency balances 12,443,679. The government
gold brought 136.67 for $160,000, 136.66 for 1160,000
?ad 136,66 for $200,000.
i The government market opened weak and re
mained so tbronghont the day, the diversion In the
gold market preventing anything like successjn the
attempt to rally prices. The "bears" are jubilant
?ver their good fortune. The closing quotations at
flva o'clock were as follows:?United Htales sixes,
?881, registered, 114ft a 116; do. coupon, 1861, 116ft a
$15*; 5-20'a, registered, 107 a 107ft; do. coupon,
6682,112ft a 112ft; do. do., 1884, 107ft a 107ft; da
do., 1886. 108ft a 108 ft; do. do., new, 1886, lioft a
410ft; da do., 1887,110ft a 110ft; do. da, 18M, 110ft
? 111; io-40's, registered, 104 a 104ft; do. coupon,
106 a 108 ft.
Foreign exchange was firm on the basis of 100ft a
100ft for prime bankers'. Tbe reported reshtpmeut
at bonds and the falling doe of largo numbers of bor
rowed bills tend to make exchange firm, and the
xplnlon la confidently expressed that In the demand
fbr remittances to settle the year'* balances the rate
?anuot go below the present figures for a coupla of
?oath* to come.
Before ten o'clock in ihe morning Erie sold at 878ft;
Michigan 8<?ntliern at 89ft; rtisburg at 87ft; North
western at 85; do. preferred at 87ft; following which
;hs following quoialious were made at the open
poarri:?Cumberland, 8Pa40ft; Welle, Fargo A Co.'s
Express. 28ft a 27ft; American Express. 64ft a 46ft;
Adams Express, 48ft a 40ft; fTolied states Exprcea,
46ft a 47ft; Mercliants' Union Expresa, 19 a 19ft;
OulcksUver, 28ft a 23ft; Canton, 61 ft aClft: Mariposa,
Sftue; do. preferred, 22 a 2lft: Paclflo Mali, 117ft a
|18; Western Union Telegraph, Sflft a 38ft; New York
Central, 126ft a I'M ft; Erie, 38ft a 36ft; Hudson
River, U8ft a l'l8ft; Reading, 99 a 99ft; Chicago and
Alton! 14! bid; do. preferred, 148 bid; Wabash, 68ft
? 69; do. preferred, 89 bid; Milwaukee and St. Paul,
Mft a 89; do. preferred, Ma 88ft; Port Wayne, 112ft
a JUft; Ohio and Mississippi, 31ft a 81ft;
Mtcmgiiu Central, 119 bid; Michigan Southern,
*>ft a 90ft; Illinois Central. 141 bid; Pttte
kurjt, 83ft n 88ft; Toledo, 100ft ? ?00k
Island, syft A 4514. Northwestern, 87ft a 67ft.
fit the regular board the market was steady, with
a Might reaction in prices for those of the list which
$ai b$$Q moat active Ut the open board, rue mar
ket. at the eecon l open board was Arm, with an up
ward tendency. There waa a sutl further Improve
ment at the regu'ar board for all of the list except New
York Central, wluch begun to weaken. The follow
ing quotationi prevailed on the call:?Cumberland,
40S a 40*; Well*, Fargo A Co.'* Express, 26V a
27*; American Express, 45* a 40; Adams Ex
press, 40 a 40*; United States Express,
40* a 47*; Merchants' Union, 10* a 10*;
Quicksilver, S3* bid; Canton, 50 a 51*;
Mariposa, 5?o*; do. preferred, 22 a 22*; Pacific
Mall, 117* a 118; Western Union Telegraph, 80* a
37; New Yoik Central, 120* a 127; Erie, 38* bid;
da preferred, 60 a 50*; Hudson River, 120* a 129*;
Reading, 00* a 00*; Chicago and Alton, 147*; do.
preferred, 145*; Alton and Terre Haute, 42; da pre
ferred, 02 a 04; Wabasu, 50* a . 50*; do. preferred,
70 a 72*; Milwaukee and St. Paul, 70* a TO*; da
preferred, 89 a 80*; Fort Wayne, 112* a 112*; Ohio
and Mississippi, 81* a 31*; Michigan Central, 118 a
iao*; Michigan Soutnern, 80* a oo*; Illinois Cen
tral, 141* a 144; Pittsburg, 88* a 88*; Toledo, loo*
a loo*; Rock Island, too* a 109*; Northwestern,
85* a 85,*; do. preferred, 88* a 89; Boston Water
Power, 14 bid.
After the adjournment of the Long Room a very
buoyant feeling prevailed on the street. Erie was
advanced to 40* a 40*. bnt under circumstances
suggesting ?'wash." At half-psst five o'clock the
quotations were as follows:?Rook Island, 109* a
100*; New York Central, 128 a 128*; Toledo, 101;
Pittsburg, 89*; Ohio and Mississippi, 81* a 81*;
Reading, oo* a oo*; Port Wayne, 112* a 112*;
Northwestern, 60* a 80*; da preferred, 80* a 89*;
St Paul, 72* a 73; do. preferred, 80* a 00.
The importations of dry goods at this port for the
week ending November 27 compare as follows with
the previous week:?
prov. io. ptop. 26.
Entered far consumption.... $811,7?t $s<6?.49,t
Withdrawals 250,801 204,700
W arehoused 347,031 288,050
Friday, Nov. 97?10tl3 A. SI.
$1000? caIPs, '81, oou... 115* 400 ahe Wert UTel...... j80^
WOO do ? ..115* 100 Paolfic Melt 88 Co... ???,
627.00 08 5 20, eou, <8f... Ill 100 Wella-Fargo Ex 27
'.'"Ml do e 111 00 Mer Union Ei 20
1KXU00 US 5-20, o. '83. .. 112* 100 do 19.
4.-4)0 U 85-20, c, ?64.... 107* 100 do 1941
10)00 US M0. c, '85 108* 10 do !?*
liiuuuo U65-20,e, '85, n.. 110* 80 ff Y Control KB.... 106*
64HW? l'8 6's, 10-40. reg.. 104* 300 do 126*
14(1000 US t'*,U 46, eou. 100* 200 do 2d oalt 128*
10000 Tenn 8'?, e? oou... 09* 19 Erie BR pref 69
1000 Tenn 6'?, new 68* 100 Ilud Hirer BR b o... 128*
22000 do 08* 200 Beading RR 00
104WK) Va ???, ex eou 57 250 Mlob Sou* H Ind... 00
.6000 do 2d call 50* 1000 Clare * ritta KB... 88*
06000 do 57 25 O,O, Cin A lnd RR.. 77
1600 Va rs, new. 58 80 do 77*
.800017 Care's.... ?* ,10 Ohio A NW RR prat. ?8,
80000N C rs,new 64* 160 do .".... 87?
,6000 4a 2d call 64* 100 do .87*
10000 Maaourl n 00 100 Cler 0 Tol RR 100
8*000 do ?* 200 do 09*
UOO do 80* 1000Chic A Rk I RR.... 108
1000 Am D and Im C7'? 97 7 da 107*
2000 Harlem 1st m 100 94lake Shore RR..... 100
2000 Mich CenPs, n be. 115. 1^1 Mil A St F KB 69*
1000 Ohio A 14 W lit.... 90* Sft do SO*
1000 TolAWab eqlp bds 75 100 Mil A St P pref 87*
17000CARI APaeT'e.. 04* 100 do...:.... 87*
74* 100 do ..... 87*
6000 C.CA Ind Cent lei. _ ?
9000CAN Wocbda.. OS 80S do 88
2000 Morris A Bs 1st m. 06* 000 do bSO 88
1000 Morrte A Eaeex 0d 91 900 do b30 88*
1000 Mil A St Paul let m 94 100 do b80 88*
8000 PUUjPtW A Chi 2d 00 100 VM, Wab A Weat..
8000 do 98* " "
26 iha Cen Nat Bank..
00 Ocean Bank
10U Canton Co 01* 400 N J Cent RR. 118
200 do 51* 50 do 2d call 118*
V9 lUU a Via TV WD 8 77 0||t a ? a OV
90* 16 do W*
110 200 Del, Lac A West.... 129*
108 60 N J RR be 1SS
lOODelA HudCanaL... Itt 200Pltts,FtW AChl ltK. 112*
35 do IBS* 660 do 1191..
300 Onmb Coal pref 40 200 do. 119*
900 <lc 89* lOQChleA Alton RR.... M7
160 West If Tel 56* 100 Ohio AMIS* RR..... 81*
100 do S6*
Half-past Two ?'Clock F. BK,
810(00 IT S re, D7, reg.. 114* 600 she M Union Ex.... 10*
8000 17*8*, '81, cou... 115* 60 do 19*
uttr- t/n TS, OX, VUU... IIWM UV sTVJ\t
397000 US rs, 6-90. c, *62 112* 100Quickillrer M Co... 23*
360000 do sS lit 200 N Y Cen KR 124*
10000 US 6-20, c, '66 104* 20 do 126*
iOOOO do 108 200 Erie RR 89
16000 US5-90, c,'66, n... 110* 200 Erie preferred 59*
20000 do bSllU* 60 do 69
60000 do -.. 110* 900 Hudson Rlcer RR.. 129*
35000 do 110* 200 Reading RR 99*
60IW US 6'l 5-20. c, '64. 107* 100 Tol, Wab A W RR... 69*
3OOOU86-20, e,'?7... . 110* 100Tol, Wab A W pf.be 71
10000 do bit 111 200 Chic A N W pref.... 88*
10000 do 110* KM) do btO 80
640H) US 6's, 10-40. reg.. 104 129 Chicago ABI RR.. ll<9
10000 Tenn rs, new 69 loo do 109*
2000 Virginia 0's, exc.. 66* 20(10 RU A St Paul 70
15000 R C rs, new 64 * 200 do 70*
15000 do 04 * 600 do 70*
1000 Missouri rs 89* 100 do 70*
18000 do 00 1100 Mil A Kt Paul pref. R9
8000 N Car 6's 06* 100 do 89*
97000 do bet call 06 1U0 Pitta, Ft W A C 112*
? - ? -T.bSO 81*
10(1 iha Wast U Tel 26* BOOOhio A Mies RR
111 American Eipreas.. 45* 600 So 81*
*0 do. bet call 44
rxi?AT, Not. 17-0 P. M.
Botltxnu Materials.? BuUrn spruce ?m In (sir re
quest ?t unaltered prices, the sales being tSOOOJO feet at 919 a
931 chiefly at 919 a 930 for medium sizes; arrlrata liberal.
Laths were dull but steady at |1 Lime was steady at 91 90
for common and 99 for lump, while Roeendale cement was
In fair demand and Arm at M. Bricks were unchanged,
Long Island being quoted 9H< Croton 918 a 933, New Jersey
an a 911. North Hirer 910 60 a 913 and Philadelphia front
$45 a 9 8ft.
Br.xsw ax was dull and nominal at 41c. a WVe.
CoTTOlt. Receipts, 4,o08 bales. The market was qnfet,
the demand from all classes ot buyers being light, and prices
were heavy and irregular, and some ??les were made at a
decline of He. per lb. The sales were 1,881 bales, tnclnd.ng
976 for export, 397 for spinning, 31U on speculation and 100 to
transitu. We quote:?
PpJoad? and goWi and /f, P. end
>"'<c-ida. Jfemrku. Two".
Ordinary 33 >? 13V 32'i
Oood ordinary 23t* 1:;*J 14
Cow middling 34's Its, 3r,
Middling It's t?H 35\
Good middling M* Mw 37
Cwu'ikuis Btook at unaltered prices. The merket was
Jnlet, but steady. We quote: Sugar shook*, 3s men hoada,
3 a 93 18; sugar shocks, 88 inch heads, s-3 M) t 1(3 It;
molasses shook*, 33 inch heads, $3 78 a 93 88; rum
do., 96 10; box do., *80, pipe do., 86 SO a 47. green
hoops, 14 feet, ?88 a 989; do. 1$ fret. ?48 a tS3.
Cahulks were dull, but steady, at former quotations,
TlxAdamantine (14 ox.), 31c. a He.; sperm, 48e a 60c.;
patent. 88c. a 60c.
Ookdaxe.?Manila was lower, being quoted at lie. a 33c.
Coooa was dull and nominal at >)4c. a lU)*c., gold, for
Ouayauull In bond.
Copra*. -The market for Ingot was qnlet bnt Ann. the
sales being HO,MM lbs. at tt.'tc. a 38c., otoslng at the latter
Com*.?^The merket for Rio wes quiet, bnt prices were
steady. We heard of no sales of moment. We quote ^-Ordi
nary cargoes, 8c. a 8!qc.. gold, in bond; fair do., 9c. a 9'^c.;
good do., 10Sc. a 11c.. prime do., Ujec. a 13o.; extremes for
loti, 8c. % 12 He.
Dittos Aim Org* were exceedingly quiet. The snlee were
60 tone soda ash at ISc... gold; sal soda, 91 75 a 91 Pi, gold;
caustic soda, 4He. a 4\c., do.; bl carb soda, 98 80 e 93 91,
do.; bleaching powders, 3c. a S l-lOo., do.; 6o0 kegs bl earb.
eoda and 800 bags cutch, on private terms.
DriwooDs. -Logwood was In demand, but business wee
restricted by the smell stock. Prices were entirely nomine).
Plop* Aim Omar*.--Receipts, IT,106 bbls. Hour, 680 do.
nod 119 huge corn meal. 888J)96bashels wheat, 84.400 do. oern,
373,849 do. oats, 81.878 do. rye, ? do. malt and 89,148 do. bar
ley. The door market wee more steady under e moderate de ?
mead and a vigorous movement in spring wheat. There was
considerable dei ?
low the vlewe
shipment were _
was moderate and It was Impossible to sell et
any belter prices than hove been ourrent all the
week. Cellforaie flour was quiet but more steady. In sym
pathy with other klada. The sales were ebout 10,0ft i bbls.,
the merket closing sleedy. Southern flour was still dull and
the market was without Improvement la trade. Sales 400
bbls. Rve flour wee moderately active end Meepy, the sales
being 800 bbla. For com meal the demand was fair, and
?alee were mede of 800 bbls. at 98 foe Brnndyertne and 96 81
for Jersey. We quote:- .
No. I Stale 91 > a 98 35
Superfine (Wets Ml 2m 8 88
Extra Bute ? ^ ||
Choice do 7 88 n > 00
Superfine Western 6 80 n 8 89
Extra do - ..918 a 8 80
Round hoop Ohio, shipping brands 6 78 a 19
Round hoop Ohio, trade brands 8 80 e 11 80
St. I Anils low extra 9 80 n ? 18
SL Louis straight extra 9 88 a 10 80
St. Lcels choice double ettra 11 90 n IS 08
SL Louie choice family. . 18 00 n 18 00
Southern choice end family 1100 a 14 K
Southern supsrflne and extra 8 75 a 11 80
California flour (enoka and bbla.) 7 08 a 11 M
Rye flour..... 8 18 n 8 18
Corn meal, city 8 40 n 6 80
Corn meal, Brandywine. 8 Nn ?
Com meal. Jeieer 8 40 n ?
? The wheat market opened firmer under the edv ance In geld
and n vigorous export end speculative demand, and
r rices advanced In. a Sc. per bushel, closing
uovant et the Improvement. The receipts wsrs heavy,
but speculators stood reedy to buy any amount
on New York and Western account on the basis of Saturday's
irons movement in spring wnsai. rue re wee
nand for export, but generally at prices be
of sellers, so that the actual sales for
i light. Prom the trade the demand
prices, luit sellers refuted to pari wllb choice No. 1 Sprfag
below 93 80. at which figure all the tales of straight No. 1 Mil
waukee wheat were made, and thle price was hid at the eloee
Wlnter wheat was nuletlhut without notewnrthv change..
The ealee were about 180,000 bushels, at 91 39 for No. 8 spring,
?1 48 a 91 88 for No. I, 91 H a 91 88 for No*. 1 and 3 do.
mixed. 91 88 for white Canada, and 91 10 n 97 86 for choice
white Michigan In bbla. Cent area snares, active on specula
tion end le. e In. higher. Thesaiee were about 110,000 tusbsa,
at 91 13 a 91 17 for mixed in store, 91 17'<a9l IBS fordo,
afloat, 91 10 a 91 II for unsound, fl 18 for Southern yellow,
and 91 10 a 81 16 for do. white. Oats were dull and heavy
at the opening, but rioted le. better under e good demand. The
sales were about 109,l**i bushels, at 71c. a 73c., closing at 71c.
Rye was quiet, but price* were quite steady; the seise were
8,flWl hushe s Western, la lota, et 91 40 a fl 4b. Per Itarlsy
there was a good demand at about former prists, the sales
being 48,0011 bushels, et 91W for Herman, to arrive, 91 17,'d
for Canada Went, 9' 10 for Btate, 9a 17H for Scotch and $1OR
for Canada Last. Of Bnrlsy mail a small lot of Slate wan
sold at 9110.
Prbiubto.?The market was moderately active, but rates
to all porta were firm. The chartering bualaee* was n trifle
more active. The engagement* were;?To Liverpool, t?,?*>
husbele wheat at 7d? 600 bbla flour at la. 9d., gun tleroes beef
St 4s. Id . and per steamer, 7.8U0 bushels wfleet at Hd , 900
botes bacon at 4?M. and 860 bale* cotton at <ad. a ltd. To
London, 800 bbls. tallow at 37t. 8d, 60u bbla.
flour at le. 9d., 76 tone oil cake et 16s., end per
steamer, 117 bales cotton at ltd., 188 9o. hope at Id. and
on steamer's account, 32.6U0 bushels oora, 7JMU do. peas aad
l.OOtt bbla flour. The ebartem were:-An Itellae berk to
Cardiff, with t.BfD quarters grain, at Is. Tied.; an ttsllaa brig
with 1,808 quarters grain to tjneenetnwn for orders, at 7a, if
direct, 8s. U.; an Italian bark, MU tons, to e port In Italy,
petroleum in cases, at I0r. gold per ease; a British vessel to
the windward at 91.<A>0; a British bark, 414 tons, to Monte
video sad Rnenoe Ay res, lumber; ? bark to HlVraltar for
orders, general cam, and ? British hark to flavlUe, light pips
staves, en private terms
Fie*?Dry cod were in moderate supply, and with n fair
demand prises were firm. There were snlee of 100 quints*
George's at 97 88 and 8M do ftmad Rank at 88 9ft. Pov
meoherei tue market. 'hot** ?u?et. eras firm. Theonteeoem
prliftJ son bbls. lifVM for Bar No- 'a
Ko \. 9K *? a *17 for shove Ho. 9, #11 16 for meMmmn
and *12 76 for lart. do. Box berrlng were out* a* r<*^
prices. Bali* S.fiOU bona at ?c. for scaledI an J IU .tor No. L
Pickled fish were quiet, but steady, at 95 ??? 4* 60 for ooa
aaii $4 U> for eoala. - an*
(lira.?There wore aaieo of 1,000 Iba English at nteo.
8,000 do. Irish at Wc. u.n. ??. . i~v0.
uomniis were dull and prices wore nominally lac.
for bogs and 80c. a tlo. for cloth. ant la nrioas
Hoiia?The market continued to rule quiet, but P"
there was no change. The receipts continue free. We a ^
Prime and oholoc grad ?*, ISc. a Uc.; good, Uo. a II*.. ???
inferior and common,Sc. a 10c. mt
Hemp.?Manila oontlaued to rule dull and nominal a
ll{ltl>w5!^The demand eras aotlee at about fo
and ealee were made of 8,010 Wo Grande at Bo.,gold . SjW
Buenoe Ay res at 28c. do.; 84U wet li, juy o?n
do.; 8,100 Buenoe Ayres (seconds), gdO^Corrient^, .
tral American, 900 Orinoeo, 1,000 Tern Crun, 8,000 Teias
000 Maraealbe on private terms. --.(ve m
I bow for Hootch pig the market wee
about 444. Aiuerloan was slow tif sen uubiiangss^
value Boles 69 lone No. 9 at *28. We quote No. I Ml ej"
ISdNo.998Tog?Old rails and wrought sera,, were dull
and unchanged. Mew rails were duil and nominal atllWB
*Sl for American and *61 . 4*8, gold, tor fcngllsh. Beileod
t^f-tSISadm&stiM erere made of 100 tone
Spanish on privale terms. W# quots:-Ordinary foreign,
iiumm. Iw hamlook eole lbs demand wm fair
?ilh niodlriii receinti prtoee were firm at our quotations an
^ak^roptwcrelauir d.mmidM
Steady prices. Rough was quiet but unchanged in value.
?uole: " Iftmlw*.
?*? ;*? ^ : ?*:
40c.; middle end heavy, 86c. >8Xc
Siaeahtxr. flropo Rnugias.
U-a. Weft 48<\ 42o. a 46c, 41c. a 44e.
MWdto" 8Rc. a 4fio. 48c. a 45e. 88c. a 48c.
H eavy....... ? .. 40c. o 46a 48c. e 44c. 89c.a 46c.
wss but little demand h^priceeoo^
tlnueil to favor the buyer. The ealee were I8H hh Is., _
tee Demsrara on private ternie. and (by auction) ^ ' i
wUnMaana at 76 Ve. a 06c. cash. Prices were nominally
30a a 88c. for Cuba centrifugal and ?'"<*. I
clayed, 42c. a 60a for muscovado, and 45c. a 66c. for t orvo
"m^YAX. Btobps.?Receipts, 800 bbla. sptriU turpentine,
1,300 do. roeln and 260 do. tar. The former was slowt of ltel ,
but unchanged In value, the market closing at 4Sc. a 49c.
merchantable end shipping lots. Bales 25 bbls. at 4Hoauado
do* (from wharf) at 4% Kor ^^?marke^wa.duj
but gUMulr, at former price#. vix*.?Strtiwdi 7R l
No SLgaVa *2 90; Ho. OS a *4 60; pale. #4 75a *1) 78,
extra do., *? a *7 60. Bales 600 bbls. strained at ?? M sad
Sno do. No. 8 at 4)8 75. Tar was dull, but steady, at 491 37)4 a
%EfC?&2urn wo dull and nominal et ,57 60.
^a1.. a Tiinumi ma? more aotlT? bet at lower price#* the
?ales being SO.uOO gallons at 90c. a 92c. Crosbers' pricee were
Ma. Motorcasks and bbls. Lard was dullat ?tt 40 a?l46
for tea sod '"iJKjgS'?J^SL'd^JSd"SitiSSsl a!
HOcT'of coastWhae8,000g?Hons wsreK'^^^blSShed
a;?.?stt-s.? 1
"pEovVsiOWA-BoelpU, 909 bbla pork.I,06do W,?
gf75 f?r new m^ Tb. sale, were^nly ^.^id^i 26
were slow of sale ani heavy. Prices Soef
814a, with arrtvsls yeeterday and jtfSi hiuf" ?t *14
wo steady, with a "'oderate demand, tolas 1W bWs,. *q
a 917 for new plain mee* and *16a #19 76 for new
Tierce beef wo dull and prioee werenominauy
#87 a UO for prime meee and 981 a 914 ror inouus ao.
beef hame the market was pasta ly active and 6rm. sales SW
18340. for Cumberland cut. Lard wo in fair request
Che^j'SeUw^ a'ndCbiuUuqua county^ ^^
Cortland', Broome and Steuben county dairies.^ ^ ^
Cattaraugus arid Tatee county dairies, Urkins .Mc. n 48c.
Ordinary to fair State dairiee, firkin. Sfc t?7c'.
State, half firkin tube, extra *5?- *]??
^^^e^ewj&ii'.:'??? ;
y.no,\"?li'dairi.Tttrklna'?und i^prtme. Wc. **??
llllnoia and Wleconeln, firklna good Pr,m* 5?" *
1 Ordinary Wertern, firkins, fair To good
| Common Western d??
! Cractory dairiee, fancy end Cheddsr shsped,^^ >1Wc
PaSol* dairies'," fair quaiity 'jjv Jl?>?
Parm Jalrles, fancy and eitra quality I?l?c. a 1 rjc.
Karm dairies, fair to good...... ?*? ?
Orauge cjountr m4ac'
Prtrol*nMReceipti. BO bble. reflced. The market for
c^o duU and^Jvy.'closlng ai. 1*.; ??^^er?, how
"J". salM To^relined
X^,ArW.U0dr rw,':lfe r!T*. rrc cr'^ijou.
ftfce'Wft mirkerrror/mod^^ and
lather lower; sales l.btsi bbla slandsrd white, for December,
a? Sic. ""So* da for'November M 31c. a 31 'vc., storing ?(
81 >?n., and 4,090 do., for November and December, at Slo. a
"ftViB continued to rule dull at ?o. a 9c. for Carolina and
* hiiiTi-H.?LlnseeJ was dull and nominal ?'b1?"t1??*8'
vo'd. Orsss were dull and prices were nominal at |93<c' ?
inaton*! do., 82 a 83 I" tor ground, $2 70 a I|i. ,for l5,?mui ?
we'hesrd'ofweiw rf^hda^n^or* Cub'i lod UI Jc"for
l*orto Kloo We quoteCuba, fair to good reflnlog, lfii". a
UaTfalr W Z'd"grocery do-TTlXe. a llsa^pr m. Iu. cboice
do live a 12 jc. ; Porto Rico, refiiilnggra<lee, 111 %e. a 11 .c.
?" l "Sw do 11 iee. a 13c. ^or rellned the market was dull
and heavy at'the following quotations:-li?rd, 16c.. ?9ll
white, 14c. a 1414c., and yellow, 1^. a 18 ?c. gr ,
Hi'Ki. rRR wss dull and scarcely so firm, we quote bueiian
**Boa<t.?(SisDIs wa? dull and heavy, atIV. a 17e.
Br*sitii??.-.rhe traneactlooe were small, and prices fa
vored the buyer, ranging at from l?c.ia ("/to.
SklNH-Ol Nutria 12 bales were sold on private terma
<Hher kinds were did' at the qnotationl In our last report.
i w wuT. moderate demand and without change In
vahie ; the sales were aoout 4J,(AU iba at 18c. a 12 H-loo. for
was dull but flrmlv held. The sales were 150 pig*
RlrllU alrtc ^old"M do., Bauca at 2?sc., do.clorlug at
4,tf3%c. h ^nsil?h wm Steady at 16c. ip?>de Of plaits we
heard of no sales of moment I. C. charcoal was quoted at
* Ton^ao^ ^KemCcky-Kor the long grades lb.iw vra? an Iro
nro^ed demand, and sales were eCeeied of about 3.31 bhde. at
fc a 11 Jsc Seed leaf continued elow of sals, but nrioas were
unchanged. The su'ee were onhr 40 cases Ohio at 6a a ,?c.
HnanSsh was dull and unchanged,
Wool. ?The market for lleece, though quiet Is more active
than It was during the fore part of the week, and Dricee are
steady fo^almost all grade,! Pulled "32^1^?. ?
find full prlcee are prevalent for all grades, i/aiirornia is
eMdy,w/ihe moderate demand; reoesflv there were ourned
at sea 723 bales fall clip?the cargo of the ship Laurens.
Texas la more inquired for and lirnnly held. For forelgn^he
jax r&x ? ?
at V*lT, IToSJ^x
Wca IfTclO 01,0 Iba at 6de. for X Ohio, 48c. lor Mlchlsan,
SS; f<w xVohlo and 47tec. a 49c. for X and XX Western ;
mi art m floo lb* Dulled at 44f\ a fiOc. for euper and ext. a and
?.?; 17.9U0?a Texas at Mc.aBV. the latter
for fine, 90,WW very hurry do. at 8834c. a 84c., 61,0Oi Ihoiafl
eUp t^lforula at lie. a 88c? 198 bZ? spring.clip do. wlthta
the range of 96". a 87e. and a small lot do. at 1734a
WhibkEV.?Beiwirite, 190 bbla .The market^vu duU hut
former prloes prevallsd. Bales 100 bbla Weeteiu at 91 08,
duty paid.
Tin Pnit.iDin.pifta traoidt.?The murder of the
i widow Mrs. Hill, ?t her menslon on iBft ftun
day night, still attracts a shareof PnbUc.a"<1'.n,i5>.?:
The accused, floorge 8. TwItchelL Jr., 5 ?
pa mil la wsro od Tueadajr night i&kfn to tho prison
\nSowaydown Twltrhell andhhi
wile engaged In convematlon about the tragedy.
After talking pleasantly about the matter for a few
minutes Mrs. Twltchell turned to her husband and
said excitedly, "Oeorge. "tale to the world that I am
Innocent, entirely innocent of any I^}S|?y?a5
the murder of my mother. Yon know, Oeorga, that
I do not know a word-abont It. If yo? did the deed,
why don't yon say so? Why don't yon assert my
innocence and save me the 15?
Imprlaonmentf' Twltchell looked Jfrth stolid Inaif
lerenoe at his wife for a minute or two "d then n
nlied "Why would 1 do such a deed t Do you iblnk
? would kill mother T" Mm. TwH^Jd bo mora
until giie rciohcd prison. 8ho wept btuwiy on
celU-Pfi^driph(a Post, Xo*
Caldwrll?CAUi.DwM.t?At the rcMdenoe of
We utde'a parentH, on Wednesday, November 24, by
the Kcv. H. I,. Bllnn, Wi. Cai.iiwki.l, of Lanark,
Canada, to loa V nun ma. daughter of Wm. Cauid
wall, of Morrlaania, Weatcheater county. No cardii.
Kosiiav?LaNoriiLii.?In thlaelty. on Thursday,
November 20, at the residence of the brlde'H parent*,
by the Be*. J. B. Wakelev, John U. Fosiuv to
Jbnnib. outtr daughter of E. Langflald, btq., all of
thla city. No card*.
Harbrnon?Mii.iutrn.?-On Wednenday. November
24, by Kev. T. McUlvern, David Harbison to Mart
V. Mam rn, all of Brooklyn.' No card*.
Hottbibom?Robertkos.?At 101 f.reenwlch are
nue. New York, the residence of the brlde'a parent*,
by the Rev. Dr. Thornpnoa. Mr. Ja.wjm a. UnTCHinoy
to lsaiklla P., second daughter of Mr. Alexander
Roiwmon, all of thla city.
Luqraicun?ROlr.?On Wednesday. November 24,
by the Rev. Dr. Deems, William o. Lintbiclm to
JcliaT. Polk.
Mabrr-Campr*t.u?At Bt. PanPh chnrch, Owego,
N. Y., on Wednenday. November 24, by Rev. J. H.
Kidder, Posran N. Mauri Pa Libbir, daughter of
Art>a Campbell, Esq.
Mii.i.ard?Bim-aa.?In Brooklyn, L. I., on the
evening of Wednenday. November 26. by the Right
Rev. Dr. Clark eon, Bl*hop of Nebraska, J am ten L.
411i,i.arD, of New York city, to Sarah R., daughter
of the late Dr. John B. Butler and granddaughter of
Colonel Thome* O. Benton.
Norfolk and Suffolk (Va.) papers please copy.
Moona?Mariwrlu?On Thursday, November 26.
bv the Rev. Kvererd Kompahnll, Dr. 0. C. Mount, or
New York, to Mast Alice Mabkwrll, of Elisabeth,
N. J.
Prarcr?Tureapr.?On Thursday, No vera W 26,
In Trinity church, Newark, N. J., by the Rev. Matson
Meter Htnith, II. D., John 11. Prabcr to Emm a J.,
daughter of Thome* Tempest, Esq. No car da.
1'aiM.irg.avk.-Ua lu-wapy, November m, at |*v
Jatnev church Pordha'n. by Hot. 0. C. Ttfflaoy,
William 11. Phillies, of New York, to Klmsbb L.,
daughter of P. A. (lay, of Fordha-u.
Bouknck?Ssaman.?On Tuesday. November 24,
at the Keforiued church, UauUaaset, by the Kev. Ira
0. Boyoe, m. O. Sohbnux to M. Kits, daughter or L.
A. taaman, Esq.
Wilcox?Lkisum.?On Thursday, November 28, at
St. Peter'k church. Brooklyn, by tho Kev. John A. Pad
dock, liMoKiia 8. Wilcox to Hattib, daughter or the
late John W. Leslie. No cards.
Bradv.?on Thursday, November 26, after a short
and painful Illness, John Braky, a naUve of the
county cavan, Iceland, aged 36 rears.
His remains will be conveyed from hta late ron
dent-e, in# West Twenty-fourth street, Una (Saturday)
morning, at uine o'clock, to St. Stephen s chnrclh.
Twenty-eighth street and Third av(^^ ,kcre ?
aolenin high mass of requiem will be J*0*??*?r
repose of nts soul, alter which the body will be con
veyed to Calvary Cemetery for interment.
flock.? Suddenly, at the residence of his brother
in-law, No. 104 West Thirteenth street, on Friday.
November 21, Ubobub A. Uoox, ut the 64th year of
bis age.
Notice of funeral hereafter. Ul?
Connors.?On Thursday, November ?, "??
Anns, the beloved child of Edward and Johanna
Connors, aged 1 year, 4 months and 6 days.
A bud on earth to bloom In heaven. . ,r .
The relatives and friends of the family are Invttwi
to attend the funeral, from the residence of her
parents, Van Brnnt street, near Dyckinan, on Sunday
afternoon, at one o'clock. _
Ds banker.?On Thursday, November 28, b.atb
? Th^relaUves and mends of the family l?Vlted
to attend the funeral, from her father tf
#67 Delaucey street, ou Sunday afternoon, ai ouo
? Dorm a*.?On Friday, November 21, Mrs. Rbbbcca
Dorm an, In the 73d year of her age. u.?,. rtf
Funeral services will l?e held at the reslden e or
her eon, James A. Dorman, No. 463 Tenth avenue, on
Sunday afterno >n, at one o'clock. The
friends of the family ure Invited to atteud without
further notice. ?
Drakb.? In Brooklyn, on Friday, November 27,
Dr. Joseph Dhakk, tn the 4lst year of h a age.
The remains will be taken to Amltyvillo, L. I., for
Interment. , . _ .
Evans.?On Sunday, October 4, at Santa F?. Ar
gentine Republic.South America, Thomas S. bvanb,
late of New Urunawlck, N. J., after a loug and pain
ful Illness. . _ h,_
On i.Bsi'iK ?On Friday, November W, at nj?
residence, 165 West Thirteenth street, Jambs uil
I KThe rel^vesVud friends of tho family are rwpect
fullv invited to attend the funeral, from tno I n r
tcenth street Presbyterian church, Kev. or. aur
chard's, ou Sunday afternoon, at one o clock.
Hackbtt.?on Wednesday, Novem^r2o, *"
Km.kn Abulia Uaokbtt, tn the 39tb year or iter
"^The relatives and friends of the family are r
fully invited to attend the .funeral, from he_r urn
residence, 20 state street, this (Saturday) afternoon,
at one o'clock. ? n".,,..
Hardman.?on Wednesday, Novemlter 25, Emsa.
Beth, wife of Aaron Hardman, In the 6'2d year of Uer
^TUe funeral will take place this ??ir<u
lng, at eleven o'clock, from Uer late residence, 104
no. ...
three doers west of Graham street, Brooklyn, Oath
arinb Haiht. wife of Charles llatst. i??itj?d
The relatives and mends are respectfully invited
to attend the funeral, on Snnday, at tweve o clock
?SfcK. *.
""itoiotmSi'inPfrioniH or, rONMotmllT '"IWN ?>
attend the funeral, from the residence of his "0? ?
law, John Terhnne, No. 416 West Twenty-elgh
street, on Snnday morning, at nine o ilock.
tlH^ relatives^aucu'ffeuds are respcctrnlly 4|VT,t?^
half-past one o'clock.
KNivriN?on Friday, November* *R0 *KKT'
beloved wife of Peter Knlffln. aged 33years.
The friends and relatives are respectfully Invited
to attend the funeral, ?? Mn,|W ''Kui Thirty"
o'clock, from her late residence, No. ?42 East Thirty
f>NBU?oN?-At l.aCrosse, Wis., on Snndar, >T?vember
2!, Robert Nblhon, Jr., son of llobl;r'. a'"' y
Nelson, of this city. In the '20th year of Ills age.
Notice of funeral hereafter. .?t,?ir na?t
Nichols.?On Krtday. November 27, ^ hair past
throe o'clock In the afternoon. John A, Nichols,
LL. D? lu the 47th year of his age.
The funeral service will take plmte on Sunday after
noon, at ihree o'clock, at his late rsltence, No. 341
Firth avenue. The relatives anil flieudi of tho
family, with the trustees, faenfty und students of
the college, are respectfully Invlted to atisnd. Bv
request of the President the studc.its will meet at
the college at two o'clock In the afternoon.
Noble.?In Harlem, on Wednesday. November 26,
Jane Nobi.k. In the 44th year of bei ?ge.
Tlie relatives and friends are respectfully Invite 1
to attend the funeral, this [Satun::^ ,n''r"y"11 ^8.
?? o'clock, from her late residence, J28tb street, us
full, in,.i,.lto-iwn.l tMfuneral.
of tils parents. No. '2H2 aveuue A, on bunday alter
n?S^r^d.y, November 27, Elizabeth
? TT?VmeitdT1of?fhoftfamiiy rn
nsvid and Maurice, are requested to attend I no rii
nerai, on Hunday morning, at teno'c'ook, h
late residence. 18 Leroy street. To bo IntetTej1 in
the Cemetery of the l,0lr^Pulfhr%;ku,??r?,,,J. 'u'
Parpke. ?On Friday, November 27, JJu
only daughter of Dr. Waiter and A. M- Pardee, aged
= r ?S .?'? ? ?w m>?
!1R^-()?FK,VXmber 27, Hannah Rkoan,
^The^rfends'of the familjt, also tho membersofthe
oA-irtvofthe B. V. M. attachod to the Church of
the Immaculate Conception, are respectfully lnv'|?'
to attend the funeral, from the residence ?f
mother, No, 615 East Fourteenth street, on
afternoon, at one o'clock, to theCTuteh of tlie Im
maculate Conception, and thence to Calvary Ceme
le8ANi?E0Ki?.-On Friday, Novemlier 27, David Sand
man tn the 30th year of his age.
Ills mends and relatives are Invited te at end the
funeral, on Sunday alternoon, at one o clock, from
"sc^Kcrrr'-On Thursday, November 26, IIaey J.
V-T^wl"auTii and friends of the fsmlly ire Invited
to attend the funeral, on Hunday a^nioon. at haM
iiaAt one o'clock, from her late residence, 127 west
TovT.'ZT-In Jersey City, on Frlday N?vemher
27. after a short illness. Jknnib 'T., only ohIM of K.
H. aud Augusta Townsend, agwl 2 years, 10 iuoutna
"?niftSuu'veM and mends of the family ar* respect
fully invited to atteud the fnneral, on Hunday aiter
noon, at two o'clock, from the iresidence b*r
parents, 32 i ?outh First street. The remams will t*
taken to Middletown. Orange county, N. Y., ou Mon
day morning, for interment. V |VT T_.
tYsoN.?On Friday, November 27. Mrs. r amnt tt
^^rSlt'vMMd mends of the fsmlly. also mem
bcrs irf Seventh avenue Presbyterian church.and
congregation, are respectfnlly Invited to attend the
raC o " ~
funeral, on Hunday anemoon, at hslf-past one
o'clock, from the residence or Iwr nephew, William
8. Hawkins, 382 Fourth street, near avenue D.
Van Pelt.?At Htapleton, H. 1., on Tharsday,
November 26, Mrs. Mary Van Pbi.t, widow of Jacob
Van Pelt, In the 74th year of her age.
Notice of her funeral will be given.
VRRnBNeraafi.?In Brooklyn, on Friday, Novem
ber 27, Mra. Elizabeth Vrbkbnbitror, widow o<
John Vredenhurgb, in the 82d year of her age.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
Waits.?Ik Yorkvilie, ou Thursday, November 28,
Mrs. Hbi.bn Ijouisb Waits, only daughter of Zenai
and Eliza Newell.
The relatives 8t>d mends of the family tre respect
ftilly Invited to attend the funeral, this (Saturday)
morning, at Eleven o'clock, from the Park Preab/U
nan church, Eighty-fifth street, bolweeu TUird and
Fourth avenue*.
Wako.?On Thursday. November 26, Ellin Wabt>,
In the 32d year of her age.
The relatives and mends are invited to attend the
fnneral. from her late residence. No. 4# Christopher
street, this (:tatunlay) afternoon, at one o'clock.
Weir.?On Friday. November 27, AonesA., dangh
ter of David and Ellen Weir, aged 1 year, 2 months
and 14 days. I
The relatives and Mend* of tfm family are respect
fully Invited to atteud the funeral, from the residence
of her parents, No. ;w Oauscvoort street, ou Sunday
afternoon, at one o'clock.
Montreal and ijnebcr papers p!*a?e copy.
residence, No. Ml El HI. ???nue, on Monday end T'uum
noraluce, vvedoesdey and HAtumay aftjrrsooat and /rv
irenlrn or Saturday mornli f* t?t families; on Monday
rbursilay erenlogt for (?i.' *tn?a. AMo at the old lora
No. 814 Fifth avenue, en Monday, Tburaday, Tueaday
Friday afternoon for fanlliea. Uicculara may ba ob
d ateliber acadalnr.
nor of Twenty etijldb atra-t aixl Broadway.?Opaa for
tha racaption of piiplu.
nlof, Nov. 80, wtll conclude with the ^rand Oerman.
Former palrona and ladio and (rn'.iemen of reapertaldllty
can obtain tfnketa of Mr, Traitor at hla ap'andl.t academy
rnomi, Lyric Hall, 721 6i?ti. arenne, nppoeite Keaorvulr Park.
Mr. Treaor'k oiaaaea for fathlonable dancing meet on Wad
n*adaya and Haturdayn at 4 and 8 P. M. flaw claaaaa art
ara formed a vary week. See circular*.
A erankfirld a Of* i,
corner Vwenty
r?ra of Cur*?, v., ?""TRIaM i i ' aranoa.
Auction notic* -a rash opportunity fur
Over WW loU of magnificent Household Furniture,
Velvet, Bruaeola and Ingrain Carpets,
tUecaut rosewood aevro octave Pianoforte,
Beautiful Par or and Library Suit*.
Work* of Art, Brorica, Vaaea, Figures, Hi at nary,
Klne Collection of Oil Painting*, Ac.,
?hla dav fSaturday I, Nov. SB. morning, at 10 4 o'clock pi*ct?e
fv alLba aidant rreidenoe US CUoWn place (Eighth street!,
between rifth and Sixth nven nee. Kellable men In atten
cart or oaok good! for purchaser*. Velvet, Bruaaeta
Etageraa S^Juoo 1 and Cover ; orer MM lote of
Pirate and Statuary;
'tAS^^SSSSt 8prln,_andi Hair
Chain, rloh out Crystal, Ulaaa and China Warn. HH?? r??
Tea and Coffee Seta, Casters, Table 9 llffiti nmrrn
birth or Seventh amnue^or J-'^^^^Auetianenr^
CAMPBELL A GO., AnoUnwnern. .
commencing Monday. 10 o'clock, November ? m, smbracl g
full and complete aaaorted choice Stock.
Can be aeeu up to day of aale.
For catalogue apply at
Mi Bowery
and at
etDoeof auctioneer*. CATBBIX, Jr , ..l..-n
Auction notice.
9S0,0Ud worth of
Magnificent Houaehol.l Furniture,
Roaewood Pianoforte, Drawing Boom Suit*,
Painting*, Statuary and many rare coatly Work* of Art,
At public auction.
On till* day (SATURDAY), Nor. SB,
At the elegant real Jo nee No. 57 Weal Klfteeuth street,
Between Fifth and BUth avenues,
Sale commencing at 10t? o'clock precisely.
Drawing Room* Superb SulU. covered In aetln brecetel or
the rioheat doacriptlon; roaewood Ktacerev, marble. top*.
Secretaire Bookcaae, 500 volume* ohnlca ljooka, Calilnela.
Encolgmtraa, Painting* by eminent artiat*, Urouwv Statuary,
Ilrocaiel Lace Curtain*, Velvet Brueeel* Carpets, Mirror*.
Bronie Clook, Havre* China Taaea, Ornaments, magnificent
roaewood Pianoforte, Stool, Oovor, Muale. Stand, roaewood;
walnut Draastug Bureau*. Bedstead*, Wardrobes, Commode*,
en aulte, style Loul* xlv.; Hair and Spring BeBjeaaei,
Blanket*. Biieets, OouDttrpUM) B*t?n.lou Table, Bun el,
elegant aeU Ruby, Crystal, Olaaaware, Sliver Caatera, Salvari,
Tureen ?, Pilcbera, haakete, Dinner and Tea Service, C Ina
Dinner Bat, SheUleld Table OuUery, Xdnan, Couches, Arm
Chairs, llaaement Kitchen Furniture. N. B. -Th* Aurtloneer
would call the particular attention of hi* friend* and the pub
llo to tbla aafa, the catalogue comprising tne largest and
richaat aaaortmcnt of Ilouachold Furniture oUured at auction
thia aeaaon.
manufactory, Mend Mi Blao. ker ati-et, uearBroadway.
MagnlHceut Parlor Suits from S*5 to ?(fU0; Turkish Chair*.
Lounges, Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture cheap lor
oaah. Furniture taken on storage. _____ _
Auction bale of top and no bop wagons,
KoekavAVi. 1 BuiIiimi Wagon* linsle Mil doubi? Har
neu, Uobea^TlanketAifcc., bv A MURPHY, 381 Fulton
atreat, Saturday, Nov. S8, at II o'clock.
Monday. November SO. at IS o'clock M.. aituated at Middle
Village, town of Newtown, L. I.. oonalaUng of
quality gardanlngdand, with two caw, good Dwelling Houses,
lbs above place will be sold on the $Lm
premises, for the purpore of closing the aetata of Ellie Be
dell, deceased. * FOBBED I K,#ouiorfc
THOS. PE I'l'lI, Auctioneer. _
Merehendise, Household Furniture. Ac., at euotlon can
make a great saving by addressing Auctioneer, bo* 4,484 *?"
York Post offlce. A reeponaible house. _
Jj HENRY H. LKKDH, A uctloneer.
817 and 810 Broadway, aouthweet oorner Twelfth street,
OB end SATURDAY. *RUi November,
At 1H o'clook each evening.
The collection to bo eold on Friday evening will constat or
the work* of, via.v.?
Wartmullei, Starkenburg, Veron,
L. R. Mlguut. Couturier, l.elckert,
Feuchac* W. Homer, jjcrtaog.
Gilbert. Balrd, Warreu,
Hrrvoort, Be Braacklecr, Coleman,
C.Tcrench, <1. II. McUord, ' W. rt. i our.g,
W. M. llrown, Beaulieu, Marlo,
G. B. Butler, A. W. Warren, A. F. fait,
Julee Koaler, Vau Sebon, And other*.
"o? Saturday evening, S8th November, th* cotlre Collection
of our favorite artist, ^ f REAM,
.mk.a.in, hie usiiivl variety of Cabinet Pictures, richly
fremed "? FrelwTFlowSm, AO. All of which will be on ?*hi
bitlon on and irom Tuesday, t4th, till time of aale.
HENRY H. LEEDS, Auctioneer.
We respectfully announoe that bv order of
Mr. K. W. ItUKB, Baoalver and Truatee
for the ere 'Itoraof JOHN A. P.KKD. we ahall sell at auction,
without reaerve, oommeuclng on
and continuing until all la sold, the very large and valuable
DIAMONDS, RUBIES, EMERALDS and other preclou*
?ion**, now on eihlbttloii ii ib? yior?, v k
HKOADWAY, opPOHii OriW? OkllWb, nBW
In till* very valuable coflentton will b? round ilia toast EM
ERALD ano SAPPHIRE ever Imported; ?Vpa vw or
niku DIAMONDS of oldMd now minoi; KUBIKBt EMKH
artist* mounted In ths taoiit artlHtlc m?tin?r; Jewelry of all
dS!STitTon. .ftb. laleat and m*
Inamel^n'd p?e"'mtaij" nre; "Tnew'"'
tha host maker* and finish; LOvliBTB, rir.ALj ?tinn?r?.
Hi AKF PINS, t.'HAINS, Ac., of the beet workmanablpand
nneat gold, and other anperb Jawelry Incidental to a brat ulaaa
RING* AXMlNBiKK OABPKTH, ?l??rant cart?d and inlaid
C3AHBi and kURNITt BE, by h'eu Ak. will ba .old on laM
The good* are now on Eibtbltloii, a* above, until time of
ale. -
ypfitf kroaiiWAY AKT GALLERY. Wo BROAiiwAT#
convanienc* of asla ^tha county ^ BARKKR
November 30. at their aalearoom,
No. 8 (tort I audi at met.
Particular* to-morrow.
By order of
Attorney for Mortgagee.
THIS DAT.al 1(>H o'clock.
Large iale of Household Furniture, comilettng (of Parlor
Bultn In nroralel and rcpi; Bedsteads, Bureau* and Wasb
slande, In ault or single places; Wardrobe*, Bookcases, nek
and walnut Extension Dining Table*. Buffet*, rnarhl* top
Ontre Table*, corner and aid* Etarrree, curled hair Mat
trtaa**. Oil Paintings, Bruaaal* and Tapestry Carpets, Olllae
and Library furniture, large IronBafe China Crockery and
Oiaaeware, Hllrar Plated Good a, Ac. Tba entire assortment
to be peremptorily (old without reserve.
aetata Broker, 87 Neman (treat.
Elegant t arred Antique Eumltnre.
ROBERT HOMKRVILLE will aril at auction, at aalearnme,
17 Nassau atreet, on Saturday, Norambar 28, ai lit* o'clock,
an elraarit aaaortmenl of carrad antique Furniture of rrcent
Bpanlah importation, consisting, In part, of Badroom Multa,
Wardrobe, Bedstead, Waehatand, Aran Ire a-Olaoe to match,
Dining Room Sri. Buffet, Eitenalon Table and Chair*. ilda
Table to match, Parlor furniture, So fee, Divana, Bear Chain,
Hide Chair and rockera to match, lotetber with the Baa Bed
ding, Sheet*, guilt* and Liaea.. Al*o a Marrla'* Safe, ofBoa
furniture, Ac.
? o'clock, at417 Broome street, la lot*, entire Stock and
Fixtures of that Confectionary: also eicelleat furniture or
family. Dealnra, buyera, rally I
By EDWARD HCHENCK, on Saturday, Wtb (ML, at tba
priests (table,
Ily EDWARD SCHRMCK, tbla day, SSkh Inst., at ?jd
o'clock A. M. a beautiful (pan of Long Island Black Hawk
lloraca, IS hand*, Kyeera old, ol Ban alyle and action, war
ranted perfectly kind and gentle and to trot in IH minute*
together, and perfect In erary way; alao a fine thoroughbred
eadrile Morae, lilt* han la, 8 year*, of line alyle and actloa
aud thoroughly trained to aadala; a Sn* Park Phaaton, built
by Wood Broa., In tin* order; alao duub.a aod alogla Harness,
made hy Iomacomlx. Tba above ran he teen on Frtdayaf
tenioon at Ike (table between the hours of i and 6 P. M.
!i The "Ofden Farm," at Real Nawark, la to anM at
auctloa by M etre. Bleeckar, Son A Co., on Wednesday.
December I, at t o'clock, In city lota. I*. I* a Sua pier* of
land, long uae t na a garden, of baautiful grade for Immediate
ime for building purpose*. The wnniterlul f aril It lea aflofded
by the Raw Jersey Ral I road tor reaching Nawark br comfort
able earn, Inreaaantly running and at chrap far**, render
thia property a inoat dealrabia lo>-allon for men of email
mesne who are rlctlm* to the exactions of New York land
lords, New York railroad companies and New Tork tax
makers. There era good dwelling bouses and Baa tree* on
the ground.
JT Centael Household Fnra'tnri,
TM? day, at II o'clock, at mi Liberty street, a large and
general assortment of Una Parlor, (inantber, library and
Dining Room fnrnllnreen suite; aleo Bookcases, Centre and
hi tana'on Tables, Lounxee. Chair*, Ac.
At II o'clock,
An tnrolce of Una counting hni.ee end oflra Deeke, Library
end Hecretarr Bookcases, Table*, Cbalra, At.', aire Black
walnut 7 octet* Grand l'lano and two Kofsa, roaawood full
ruond oornar f isnos, good aa naw.
VT the Grocery Ats Harenth street, near areoue D. Thia la
a good buainaa* (laud, and will be sold without reeerre.
O. WARREN, Auctioneer.
el Monday, No*. I'd, at II o'clock, at Rirhange ssiaa
room, Trinity Bi.llidng, 111 Broadway, the first class thre*
?lory high Moop Philadelphia brick and brown atone H ums
No. I Willow r rw, second house weal of Third arenue oa
north alua of Seventy-third street, hones 20x48x1022; boa all
two isrn improramaota, water, aaa, chandeliers, Ac. Men* at
salesroom, and of auctioneer, Sid Fallon atreet, Brooklyn.
if fottwl ffo'iohoM rurnlturt, Mon?t*y, Wiif.M ?}
oVIoo^ bf JAMK* U. MILIaKH, M hmm Ho. ** Wg*
Pi rty elgbth ttrseL ail the Furniture In the Howes, oo Ml at Mi
of Hroaama end Inrtali Carpels, Ollrlothe, Pier ulaae, rose
wood and mahogany I'arlor eod Bedroom Furniture, Bed
ding, ( rock"ry, Kitchen tlteaaila, Au AH good* te ha fd
iworod on der of PSK. Vera* oaafe.
efm 'I Ills DAY,
al 10 ^ o'clock, at the minium rooms ffo | fforth WTtlia
??reel, mortgage ?*>? Household Furniture, Vt?Z> ZnJT
Ac., consisting of Parlor suit, Parlor CWm ii? htiai 1
Cb J rubor Suit with marble'top. marhl* top Sideboards l a
reaua, Waahilanl*. oak and bjark watuut t)i?|Mr.i.iJ .^w
Dining Kooni Chairs, It* hair and raoas Malrt?a??a, mehn'>aov
and black walnut Kedateani, Cottage Suiu; oim Bni-a-ia
and thrne-plj Carpets; Pianos, Mlrrort, lap aobssTran tir?.
Engravings. Also a lot ol Una gold W atrhea. Also e?* J
hogany Pianofor(os. Also a lot of Clothing. Also a Una i.A
of Hllverplnted Wars. Also on a Laths and Too la
Also forty Has Carpets.
Attorney for miflAi-ag**.
Valuable property oa Morrla alreat and Washington and
Railroad avenues, Tremoot, at auction.
K. H. LUDLOW A CO. wilt sell at auction oa dilunly,
Mot. 28, 1W, nt $H o'olock, on the premises, ooroer of Moots
street nod Washington srenue, In the rtilageof Treineat, West
Tenon, Westchester county, N. T.
Wathlngton nrenue ?The plot of Oroond, eriitk the three Wa
ry Dwelling thereon on the northwesterly corns* Washing
nrenue ana Mams street. The ground* Vre tastefully Tsui
with evergreens sud fruit trees, sidewslke dogged aad
not. The bout* I* well liullt, about 83x40 feet its la got
der; has gas. bath, water closet, furuscs, range, Ac. It I
dsslrahlafhnd pleasant resldeaus, and easy of access by M
Ism Railroad or horse cars.
Morris street end RsMrosd arcane- The plot of Oroond oa
the northerly side of If orris street, adjoining the above rained
property on Ibe west, and attending to Railroad avenue. The
plot Is divided Into eli lots, four fronting on Morriaetreetand
two 00 Railroad avenue. These lots are well calculated <
Immediate Improvement. The location is the best In the town
for business purposes, being on main road from Central Row
levardtoWest Terms and Westchester, end urarty opposite
the railroad depot.
Terms at sale. Maps and full particulars at the sui
eer's office. No. S Pins street, New York.
Morris wtlkins, auctioneer,
1,1170 Broadway, between Thirty-second and Thirty-third
To clods a copartnership.
R. B. LtTPOW A CO. will sell at auction, on Tuesday.
Dec. 1, 1BK8, at II o'clock, at the Etobanga salesroom, HI
Broadway -The valuable Lot, with the three story brisk
Building, 1.270 Broadway. east side, between Thlrtv-neoond
and Thirty-third street*; lot 27 feel M Inoh front, 17 foot rear,
by 87 feet tu depth south side, and KJ feel 8 Incline north
Maps and full particulars at the Auctioneers' office. No. I
Pine strest.
Notice.?KxcHANiiK salesroom.
The damage don* by the late lire at Trinity Building. Ill
Broadway, will not Interfere with the auction sales, ami they
Will take place ss usual in tlis salesroom In lbs basement. ^
Richard Walters, auctioneer -iikar.sk, cab
rlsgea, mortgage sale?Will sell, by virtue of a ohiutW
mortgage, at 2 o'clock P. M., at 418 East Eleventh street, ha
Monday, November 30, one open Coach, two close Carriages
and one Hearse.
P. H. MoDONOUOH, Attorney for Mortgagee.
Richard walters.-horskh, ior waoomb, iiar.
nesi. Marshal's sale.?Will sell this day (Saturday), ah
10 o'clock, at aornsr Tenth street end Ttret srenus, ose Team
of Iiortes, Ice Wagon sad Usruess.
WM. 11. BURRELL, MsrsbaL
Richard Walters, auctioneer.-mortoaom
sale, DUllllrry?Will sell on Monday, Nor. 30. atU
o'olock, at No. It Hamilton street, Kiitures of a DUtHlerf.
constating of Mash Tubs, Copper stills, Steam BoUer and
Pumps, Hesters, Worms, Steam Fixtures, Ac.
WM. U. SHIELDS, Attorney for Mortgagee,
rsluable Land belonging to estate of Usury BtadUaw*
der, deceased, situated on old Peterson plank road, at Cart
?Udt, N. J., 10 minutes' walk from Ruthsrfurd Park stall Mi
on Erie Railroad, 6 minutes'walk from Carlatadt depot em
Hackensack ana New York Railroad, containing tad An*.
Building Sltei, on derated land, will be eold at auctloa ?a
Monday, Norember 30,1888, st 4 o'clock P. M., on premise* '
Trains leave foot of Cnsmbers street, New York, fbr Csrt
etadt st 12 M. Most of the land in this rtointty hag all en dp
been dlapoaed of for building eites. J
a. ACKEKHON, Jr., Special Uuardlan. ^
term, sucl looser, will sell this day (Saturday), at It o'olochJ
st No. 72 WUlism strrot, a large and general an-met moot *#
Machinery. JAMES O'BRIEN, Sberl*. A
A. MlLIII, Deputy. w
ear, will eell, by virtue of an airdor of the Kuprem*,
Coir t ol the Stale of New York, on thte day (Saturdays bn-|
tween the houreof 12 and I o'clock, on board the sloop Kitsap
root of Tenth street, North river (Ilea In rear of boeta 18 aaRi
IS)). 8(1,0.1) Hhr?w?bury Oystnrs. JAMES O'BRIKM, Bberlgf. J
jAOoa SiBaAoaxi, Deputy- 1
bera street, will eell Hit* (lay, at IDJe o'clock-the l<eaem|
Stock and Flsturesof tbo large Orocery Store Wil Monro*
street. Excellent fixtures, Ac. Sale positive. j
HTKEBP.IOH A CO.- -Book Saleroom* and ArtOallertesul
Clinton Hall, Astor place.-Thin (Saturday) evening, at T
o'clock, a largo collection of Books, eouipriilcn a choice aad
sortment of ge.neral literature. English and Amartaaw
editions. Catalogue* ready sud books on sxblblllou.
uien or tha Thirteenth ward. I am mill anandttate fop
Aaalatant Alderman, all reporta to the contrary I rcocouaao
1 I pendent Denmerntle Club of the Klerenth and Keren#
teenth Ward*, at their hraduuartert In Faller'a Hall, on Saw
unlay evening, Nor. it, at 7)A o'clock, to ratify the nouaiaar
liou* of
A. Oakay Hall for Mayor,
Kichanl O'tiormao for Corporation Counanl,
Tlio*. K. Italy for Aaalatant Alderman, Twelfth DUtrlnt,
Michael J. Pagan for Auixtant Alderman, FourteeotA Dial*
John K alter for Kehool Cunitniaaiooer,
Dr. O'Xulllran for Reboot Trustee,
K.tward Mrlghlina forHohool Trmtee.
The following ?|>eakera wllladdreaa the maatl** -
Hon. Richard O'Oormaa,
Hon. Harrey ('. Calkin*,
Hon. Henry Woilman,
Hon, Anthony Hartmao,
Hon. 1). P. Niilllraa.
JAMES DALY, President
W. R. Pinnioan, Secretary.
Tenth Aeaembly dlalrt.it.
Por Auixtant Aldrrman?Nieholaa Beyer.
ant Alderman Tweatr-I.rel Ah*< rnUly Diatnot,
Room Earl, Jr., WM O. WEBB.
Secretary. Chairman.
mtaalnnar, H?renth dlUrlct (Twelfth, Nlnmeenth and
Twenty ar. oud ward*). HORATIO P. ALLEN.
A public meeting to ratify the nomination of A. Oaksp
Hall for Mayor and Richard O'Oortnan for Counsel to ih*
Corporation will be held, under the auaplee* of Un? dub, a4
MM Broadway, romer Twenty aeroml street, on Haturaap
evening, Nornmber 18. at 1% o'clock.
The nandld.ua* and other eminent speaker* will eddraOM
the meeting. RDWAED HOOAN, Praaldenw
UtiNAini Camrrlt, Secretary.
Pop SCHOOL COM MIHAIONBB Paurth dialrlct, Kle
and Harantaenth ward*,
O Union Republican Nominatioa
Por School Trustee,
joiin o. m< nart,
late Principal of Ward Hchool No. #5.
J. W. Oomklin, Hac'y. JAMKH POLLOCK. Cbairmaw.
Tammant hall and dfmocrattc union nom*.
nation*.?Por Assistant Aldarmae, Fourteenth diatrtst
nation for Aaalatant Alderman of th* Rlerenth
nation.-Por Aulaiaat Alderman, Pourlaanth DMH*1
Beramaeoth Ward:?
PETER OILUSPIB, Chairtnaa Tammany Caarenttaa.
I Secretariat.
I nrna O'Kkcrn, |
Chairman Daaaooratle Colon OoO*
Owl* OowtT, 1
Tuoa, J. Ar. MATRON#,I
Committee will ha held at Tammany Mall on Halardap
trailing. *Rh In at., at T o'clock.
WM. M. TWEED, Cbalrmma.
Wk. Hitihinan, ) -. ... ..._
Joiim lluium/"""'
?) laanth Ward*. Thhiuit and MoRtrt oominahaaa
Pi.r School Couuutoaloner,
for Br ho.. I Tru.tee,
William J. Van Arwlala.
. Tha Lolled Dam.. ratio candidate f >r Aaaiataat Aldam
WM. J. A. MoORATII, Chairman Tammany ConraaHmm
A o* L* M oe*rL'OM "?*"I "arratariaa Tammany Cone.
JOHN HARDY, Chairman femoeratlc I alma
(Itotua RotaaaatN, He retary Dtmorrailo Union.
U wlh bo .1 a mee'lna Ihli iSatuntay) eranlng, Nor. %
at Joeeoh Haaa', eornar of But' *e?rnth atraat and Ninth arte
aue. at d o'clock. NICHOLAS RFIDER, President.
* CHARLES HUPNAOKL, Vice Preaidaek
CONRAD Rxcta, secretary.
, royant. ? Ylall bar for ararytbtn*-alckneas, hu*ia*s%
Ihafl line, sum hare. aood luc*. Ail Canal iUrat.
Madame roba, great naturai. ci.airtotant
ravaal* your whole Ufa, from tha eradl# lo U* grarw
471 Caoal street, aear Hudson. PeaRL
Madame le comtp. inspired bp/ritttal and
hwrtfieM Iranra Umlh.m. lief lt?form?tltMI ?
16 Hlxlh imi??, tioar Wmt WMhingWti pliw
'o fur M reara, >irw lint lerormal'"* on N* \
waalth, marrlag*, lore an vira, j iurae *, lawainm, baa aja^
Av*at fimi...x ?t- t ieaa. imtU. At

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