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Three trots were announced to takg place at (he
Union Coarse yesterda/ afternoon^ bnt owing to de
lay tB commencing the sport ir.,* of the races had to
lie postponed until some ftrt'sre day. The Aral trot
'Viae between the broiyr. gelding lionaparte. the bay
^gelding Teaser, chtstuut mare Betsey and gray
gpeldlng Eday. The race was mile heats, heat three tn
Bve, In harness, for a purse. The trot waa won by
Bonaparte after Ave heata, the first being a dead
Beat between Teaser and the mare. Bonaparte
?won the second and third heats, Teaser the foui th and
I Bonaparte the fifth. The second trot was a match for
Bfiy dollars between two roadsters belonging to WU
l.utnsburg?Mr. Coe's bay gelding General Corcoran
and Mr. Harrison's bay gelding Splkc-mlle heats
best tnree in five, In harness, owners to drive These
horses trotted five beats, Corcorau winning the first
Spike the second and third, and Corcoran the fourth
and fifth heats. Tu? third trot on the programme
was a sweepstakes of $150, mile heats, best three la
five, between Mr. Bennett's bay gelding Kocket, to
wagon, Mr. Jackson'a bay gelding Gollah and Mr.
harnnns' bay gelding Blind Riley, in harness This
race was not trotted, the afternoon being consumed
with the ten beau of the other two trots. There
were pools sold on Has trot, however, and Ullev waa
the iuvonte unu.iist the i,eiU. y
.n!nVe w^":i'laVy'th1e atten,,aD("e rather slim
uunlcasanL Tufi r ,^ven'ri8 approached, cold and
apurt.? following are the devils of ihe
$75' ffille heau>be8t
!;? ^antui.s boterea b. g. Bonaparte. 41131
11. Howe outere I u. g. ?leaser.... ..... 02310
1>. I filer entered cu. m. Betsey 0 a 2 2 3
John lingers enured g. g. Eddy 3
First heat
beco.ul heat 40 J:2i o-U
ytunl heat ,l2 J:*}
Fourth neat 43 1o'lV*
FiUh heat. 41 l;-gl 2:47
Eonnnurte TnK RACE,
Te"er ft T4! 25 30 80 100 ?
t ; tr 1* 10 9 20 18 28 14 11
ieU& ? ,9 J *> ? * " \i
**** ? ' ' 10 7 18 20 10
untfH C After a ion,' t.mo spent In scoring
Betsey got away urst, Teas r second, Eddy tuird anS
Boaapjiie fourth, the miter breaking up budLv s'oti
alter wards, leaser led around the turn and oaas^
toe q.a ter pole lU forty-two eecmmU two le.rnm'i
aoead of Betsey, who was two len^hs ln front o?
Bddy, Bonaparte ten lengths SSl Goini
??^Uri oackstroicu leaser continued to
Kail. Eduy and tt,e mare trotiing side and side with
fconapait Lliy yards lu me rearf The nalf-uihe nole
was passed iu this way In 1:2a. At ttie threemuai
ter po.e leader led cue length, Eddy second three
leagu 8 an ad oi ti.e man? who was len iengrnl
Su?"i.aL11?u1*Pa"e,-K Coin.ng lnto thc homestre ch
toe mare ,?? a'ruS? a", at^e ^SS5'8
a"Jniare were'SSud
n..r Jl'c ^ 8C,dll'? ,Ucn broke up tue
,m? .m t,ie h?u'' a 'l head,
fc,. ,.1,. "" v,/ me uiiLsii lr UI a .tl fir ad
ad^ h at ^?,w,^,U8 llle J'o'aes decided
auuuih at b tweea iej-er and tne mare. Time
4. u Bonaparte was beaicn altout torty yarils '
Ji?*'?Kouaparte auil had the call in the
tuning over any oue 01 the others, Eddy being the
so omi c.ioice. toe marc next, Teaser sellingtSLtin
, }^r Bot o.r first, Eonnparti? second
l*eu?ej third an t J-.cMy last At the tiuart r umic \icu
uaparte.ed one length, Teaser icond. sixtt^
Ml M'.V. ?.ae leu*th "i from 01 tue
thefc* litr br?,ken u? Before reaching
1 , '"le-,rorly. 8econl8' "a ihe hackstivtim
fry broke a I to plooes.and that wis tHe iL^t of
li.'iiiin toei race. At ihe liaii-nnie pole, which was
1.1 *t?hi1 ifji, Bonaparie le 1 three lengths Teaser
ae o ;d five letig-iis m trout 01 tne mare. CoS
1 "le homisuetch Bonaparte was four lemrtim
lo 1 rout ef leaser, wuo was five lengths ahead of
WonCme i,i,0,'ai,!in<! '."M'''1 tlnc?;> u" tlle stretc" and
won me it do ti> K-n^iiw, leaser second, six
Mmguia uuead of the more, Bddy distanced. Time,
thrp?'rt^-~BonaparL? WBS now the favorite at
thi. e to one against the tie d. 1 he mare took the
lead, Bonaparte second. Teaser close up. Bouapario
?Bhn weui to the front aud led two lengin, to the
jiuartei pole in forty-two secou Is; Beisy second two
Kiigiiis .mead of Teaser. Bonaparte widcued the
gap on tne nucksirctch and led four lengths at 1 he
li^i-iinle Jio.e in i:.j; the mare second, two iengthi
in advance of Teaser. There was no change of
pmces to the enu, Bonaparte winning the heat bv
Sr!eI!S aK 8ccoua'tWo leu*u'? ^ of
/???'"? //eat?lhere was very little betting now
on the result, as nearly all were satisfied thai Bona
parte would win. t he mate got away first iS?
^ Bond, Bonaparte th.rd, about tare- lengths'behuid;
ana a.-i s.ioa as the word was giveu iu> bv.iko
BP a.id acted wildly uutl. the others were forty yards
aiieud 01 him. Betsey went on with the lead, pass
ing tile ?|u.u ter poie in torty-tliree seconds, w I Hi
1 e.??er clo .e up to her, Bonaparte s.lll lortv vards
or more oeidnd. Tne mare led ail the way around
ninii w.ta.u a hundred yar H of home, wiien Teaser
eunie along brisaiy, son.j .00* sid?.s with her and at
the seore mm by a h ad. Bonaparte trotted wrr
1 nc.y ou tue last half mile and was beaten by about
six leoguis. lime. j;5i.
//.. i/cof.?Bonaparte sold for twenty dollars
Tti ic the oilier iwo brought six dollars. He took
too ead at ii:e st. 111, wji n ver headed un<l won by
ioor lengths, . emade the tirsi uua.ter in forty-one
s cud ?. the in. t in l;?i and the heal in 2:4V. T'eilocr
W?n- second ail tile war.
SAME Day.?Mat :.I io., uule heats, be t three In
five, in harness.
J. co u,i ued . g. General Corcoran.. 1 2 2 1 1
K. liiaiison named b. g. rpi?e 2 1 1 2 2
i ni.e?...in, 3:oa, .,:e. ?3.05 3:0".
Th s v. j .1 mutch between t\io Williamsburg ren
in tuen 10 11 st the speed 01 tbi-.r roadster-, ti
e s 10 i.i.ve. :..i. coe ..rov,; t'oicoran ihe ursi teat
ami wen c.l-I v. t lit .a sotn ? way sprained Ins w.k.
Iio icen pro, o.id to the other party that they should
UiVl o. ? t"cir L"a:j'1 1U" ^ouhl get a
- in ivuuiij kcl ,i
set siitute t> .out toieo ail. wh.ch wasagieedt .
li r-in Howe to >k ctiaige 01 tsplae ;:nd Br.
ii .oc tin lu he. nu corcoran. >p.ke woii
' ''Cat. very easily, when Co- again
re-um. u ins seat beliiml Corcoran to finish the ra. c.
1 ae ?t to. wo, ikmU'ii toe third heat- for the lunrui
heat iney s oied UI1..I dai kiiess euveloi ed the trues
so mat the uorses could not bo sceu nf.er leaving me
aul'ul 'hev rciurued. Few persons waited to
see the Uinsu 01 the race, which, however, was won
?bh hs'ltl.411'*. 1* ^i1 ?a,,wJn Ur8t hu the fourtn and
nith hcais. thebowevw, decided the raco a
d.aw, as tncy could not see the last two heats.
announced to come off was a sweepstakes lor tlfto.
Mule Ilea ?, he t tlr.To In live, between hay gelding
Koekc, to Wag .u, and bay ge.dmg Gollah and hay
ge an.g Blind rttiey hi harness. This race had to be
postponed uutti another day.
Annual .tlretln* of Ibe .tlrliilrlr Jorke)' Club?
Heviv.il ol tlie Stole Pout Stake?Alabama,
1 itwhtltlltn nnd tli-*ouri KeprvoeoteJ? Boyo
m l tin- Winner lor Alabama? Ka?l (llorlm
el C:i<-('oiu-nr?ttcialuiarrurra of Lexington,
Lit umii') tic.
New ORLEANS, Nov. 39. 1969.
Tic annual fall meeting of the New or
ln sot Mi luirlc Jockey Club opened to-day un
der Use most favorable auspices of weather,
Mokes ami entries. The Mc>a>rlo Course, one
luile In extent, Is situated about three mhes
ftoui New i rlcans. accesgiblt by horse cars, canal
uii i ;> II i i.i i, the last the only leg.icy that lien tiut
le, ' tiii'i as.uit memory, left to the t'rescent City
?i lue South, tinder the fostering care of Wilson
and Lipscomb, the lessees, and aim the favorable
condition ol a Sunt lit rn a inter, >ttowlC*s and almost
fiostlobs, the griintl had been brought into excel*
lent condition, when a damming rain fell and
made the track very heavy Indeed. The elands
are as tine as auy in the country; the entire course
"is pi. oh visible Irura every portion of the trruud
stand. ,
\ Bome time before the opening ol the meeting rep
resentatives trom the leading stable* of Kentucky,
Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee and even New York
wert already on ttie ground and hard at work.
? Among the tir*t to srr ve were the following}?
LITE a Co. (Missouri), blue and blue,
General vsoodforu. b. c., lour years out. by hurlc,
dam by Ulencoe.
Ji.uiakDB a kibOorn (Ki-ntncky), silver and gray.
Carry Athertine, b. f? a years old, l y Lexington.
4aio tij Bover ign.
K itty i red, btk. f., 3 year* old. by Micky Free, barn
r.r wn Kilty.
Itetty Hay, b. f., 3 years old, by Australian, dam
pi dy Ward.
Locust 1'ost, b. e,, 3 years old, by Young Melborne,
ditin \ Inoeut Nolle,
?.?bu . bgour, en. f? 2 years old, by Micky Free,
gam Ulster to i nor No.
t u. f., 2 years old. by Micky Free, darn blonde.
I!, f., 2yeare old, by Par.xoiettst uuiii by Woven ign.
J. Hl i HANAN iKeUtUt k.V), red and red.
Chemisette, b. f., 3 years o.d, by Itogcrs, datu bv
.Vary McDonald, b. f? 3 years old, by Hunter's
fclepcue, daiu unKnown.
j. u. PAi-rkHsos (Alabama), purple and purple.
Louisiana 11., 4 years oid, by Daniel Boone, uatu
Maggie G.
\> iiisenhurst, ch. c., 3 years old, by Kberrod, dam
By John Hnnter.
J. Con LUX (Illinois), blue and orange sash.
Gllroy, b. h., 8 years eld, by Lexington, dam by
latrkin, b. h., A years old, by Lexlngion, dam by
jmp. Yorkshire.
Uttle Mac, ch. b., A years old, by Eclipss, dam by
^u'etory,1 cm'i U 4 rears old, by I ncle Vic, dam by
red and white,
sadu?' ? Bleaawiud, dum by Ambas
E. Warwick (Alabama), red and bine.
Soverel C'' 4 Jeara old' by Bieakwuid, dam by
Joe Jniinaon, b. b., <1 yean old, by Goodwood, dam
by bovereigti.
V. . T*?ady (Tennessee), bine and wblte.
Jack Gamble, br. h., 6 yearn old, by Jack Gamble,
darn by Black Prince.
CoLONBt-N.cu.iuAN (Louisiana). grav and gray.
Bismarck, b. h., 6 yearn old, by Lcxiugtou, dam bv
Glencoe. .
B. c., 8 years old, by Daniel Boone, dam by Brown
Georoia Stable?Black and black.
Mannie McNai y, ch. ru., ti y ears old, by Jeff Davis,
darn by imp. Ambassador.
G. c., 2 years old, by l ightning, dam by Revenue.
G. f., 2 years old, by Lightning, dam by Glencoe.
O'Fam.on A Da cis (Missouri), green and orange,
l'lantaganot, cb. c., 4 years eld, by Planet, dam by
Pat Malloy, u c? 3 years old, by Lexington, dum by
t sundown, cb. c., 3 years old, by Uncle Vic, dam by
Irlsb Bii dcaiclier.
Moore A Coffee (New York), bine ana bin?.
Fannie cheailiam, b. f., 4 years old, by Lightning,
dam Leviathan. *
Bayonet, b. c., 3 years old, by Lexington, dam by
^General EweU, g. c., by Lexington, dam by Glen
Captain Wm. Cottrili. (Alabama), red and red.
by fcpstlon86 ' 4 ***** olU* hy 1>ttUlcl Boone, dam
Glcncolf C"' 4 yCara ?ld' by Uaulel Boon?> dam by
? .. .. "amilton (TKXAB).
Honlta, by Memnon, dam by Tempest,
loin Green. by Meiunou, dam by ieuipesL
Two two year olds (names not given).
0..e three year old (name not given).
the state post stake.
or course the leading leature of tuc mewing was
the State l ost Stake. '1 his race, Inaugurated Hi
it wui be well remembered, was the menus
brlngiug Lqwngton Into repute mil
resulted in the unking of tne fnate.st
lour mile time ou record. The origin of
the race was duo to the liberality of Mr. It. Ten
Broeck, whose name lias since bee me historical in
turf annals, and the indefatigable energy of T. ,s.
Moise, still a member oi the MetaliTe Club. Mr.
M- ise originated the id< a to get the Urst ffi.oou sub
scnoed by the Mate of Louisiana. Ills object, as he
himself explained B, was 'mot for th * purpose oi
testing a State's capacity to raise blood stock, but to
prove the liberality or tucir citizens in subscribing
freely to produce a contest that will bring together the
best horses now in the l/nlied Stales, make New Or
leans the recipient of many visitors, offer spoit to
our Jockev Cluo aud give ample rewards In stakes
and parses to turfmen and breeders.'? it was in ihe
fab of 1853 thut (lie proposal was tirst rnaue. There
was a strong body of Alabamans tneu In New Or
leans who had won heavily over Sadie Wat'era. Mr.
Moise went to thein ut the old Verandah
Hotel, then a ieudiug hostelry, caught them
In a happy mood, ami lu less than half an hour
raised $;>,oi)0 troiu Alabama, air. Ten Broeck next
despatched Mr. Moise to Kentucky, guaranteeing all
expenses. The citizens of the B.ue Grass Mate
came down at once with the ncedrul, and Mr. 'len
Broeck wroie Moise to buy Lexington for the
race. He was bought at less than one tenth tee
price he afterwards soul for. Mississippi came lust;
and tnus the race was miule and run in April, 1jo4.
Ola turiites of New Orleans stilt dcitgut to recall how
Lecoime nrst beat Lexington two four-iune n uts
In 7:2b and 7:38\; how Ten Broeck suhseuueu.iy
backed Lexington for $10,1,00 to rim four mi.es over
the same cou.-se against the fast- st time oa reco.d;
low Lexing on made the d.s.uuco lu 7:ion
tnus bcatiug Lecomie's time by seven and three
quarter sect nds; how Lexington and Leconue
met in person to mn over the same ground,
I aii' 1 hew, finally, Lexington won lu on : lien' in 7:23L.
l.i-uiMuna claims not a little share In tne laure.s of
these great contests, since Lexington, tliougii run
ning tor KcntiMKy, was trained at Natchez, Miss.,
by Mr. Lltigumon, one of the descent Cit.'s leading
sportsmen, mid Lecointe, though running for Mis
sissippi, v, as owned and entered by Colonel Tao.nas
Jefferson Weils, oi New Orleans.
Tha revival o. the Mate I'ost race this rear wis
again duo maimy to Mr. Moise's ludeiatlgablluy.
Mr. Moise explains how some twenty gentleman of
the city subscribed f2,80U, and thus secured an entry
lor Louisiana, she having couto to terms with Captain
Moore, ana engaged Ins stable to represent her. As
the race was to coiuo off at New Orleans It was
thought both prop rand gallant mat tne* only ivvo
racing States in the South (Louisiana and Alabama)
srould be tne flrst champions lu the lists heiorc tne
challenge was given to the world; but Mr. Col trill,
the spirited turfman of Alaoama, and we beieve
now ti e only one In the Stale, had no lmrse in his
s.ahc capable of inking so heavy a responsibility;
whereupon the Stute of Louisiana released Captain
Moore. Alabama engaged bnu and the stake was
then published to the world with these two entries.
Missouri afterwards entered the lists and made tuu
entries complete.
The Karra.
The wea'her was most dellctously suitable for tlie
commencement of the fall meeting and thousands
congregated on the course at aii early hour to wit
ness the sport on the curd. The track, from recent
rain, was heavy, and fast time wan not anticipated.
Two races were announced, the first a ilasn o/ a mile
and u half, carrying loo pounds. For this ihere were
six entries, but at the time to start only three put In
au appearauce. These were Mr. Nelligan's bay horse
Bismarck, by Lexington, dum by Glencoe; Mr. War- I
wick's chestnut horse Transit, by Uleakwlnd, dam I
Prairie Flower, by Sovereign, and Mr. Hamilton s
chestnut horse Tom creeu, by Memnon dim by
Tempest. Bismarck wou the race in a canter m
3:0J',. The fo.lowing is u summary of tne llrat
Slake for all ag< s. one arid a naif miles, entrance
$0o, p. p., I ho club to add *?>o, the horses to carry
lab lb-.
J. Nei.b'an entered b. h. Bismarck, bv Lexington,
dam bv Giv ticoe, 0 years old i
E. a arwick entered ch. h. Transit, by Bleak wind,
dam 1'rairie Flower. t?y Sovereign 2
C. A. Hamilton eufero'l ch. h. Ton Gr. en, bj
Mciuuou, dam by Tempest 3
Time, 3:b2;,. Track heavy.
The Vtate Pest Stake.
Tins was the great event of the day and thousands
were oui to witness the race. Three States only
brought representatives to the p >st at the ap pointed
time. Alabama named T. G. Moore's bay colt
Bayon-t, bv Lexington, dam Bay Leaf, by Yorkshire.
Louisiana named Mr. Contics's bay horse Gllroy, by
Lexington, dam Magnolia, by Gl mcoe, a full brother
to Kentucky; ami Missouri named Mr. O'Fallon's
chestnut colt Sundown, by Uncle Vic, d im Imported
Sunny South, by Irish Btrdcatchcr. Wool ford was the
horse originally selected to represent Louisiana, but
fa ling lame in his training Gllroy was substituted.
Missouri was also unfortunate In Its original selection,
1'st Malloy being the colt that was to represent that
H'ate. He also got amiss in training, and
his stable companion, Sundown, was taken Instead.
Bayonet and Sundown being each three years old
they cand'-d ntn*ty-two pounds, while Gllroy. a six
year old, had to carry 124 pounds. From the time It
was pctsi'ively known which horses would start
Bmotu t had the call In the (veiling at long odd*
and on the night preceding thera?e he sold in ihe
)sH?ls ?t utsiu two to one against the fie,d. miii
? the second choice, end the Mlssoniians
S'i Vi . bravely. Gllroy a * j hud his admirers
ok U,e J""8 W,(K the horse had
w'. i? ' /J ?l thrwM,,"e be its at Memphis
with Wool ford, wiun.iig the Urst beat In
Unw? . In this race he acqiiitt.-d
it?yr5r 'Tp'Htably by winning the second
hi at. Bayonet won the llrst heat bv two lengths i
.sundown second, Gllroy well up. m the sXi'i
lu? . wh" i w.i4 most exciting inroiurhoitt, t.iirov
3'lf. L, 'r'1 * w't">or ny a neck. The in rd u -ai was
won hamlMv bv Bayonet,the other" sliagzllug In s one
several lengths lamind. utirov second, flic ?. e made
whs considered good under the clrciunsunees, as "r"
Mctaffie Course, w.u n h-avy, is the heaviest in i u>
ronnfry. 'Ihe tun-of the nr.<t h. a' was fl:20 ti e
second heat 6:14 and the thlr I heat 6:34'.. Ha von >t
had proved himself a v. rv fast colt, yet little was
known of his staying qualities; but henceforth th-re
need be no doubt ou that point. The lo.iowing i< ?
summary:? *
Mate Post Slake, three-mde he?ts; entrance
12.500, play or pay, the club to give ti.ooo sua a
plHte valued at ji.ooo.
Alabama entered by F. A. Ross and William
I'ottrcll b. c. Bayonet, by l-exim-ton, dain
Bay Leaf, bv Yorkshire, three years old \ o j
Louisiana milerfsi by D. F. Kenner an l j!
.Msyrnanski b. h. Gllroy, by Lexington, dam
Magnolia, bv Glencoe, six years old a i e
M.ssourt entered by J. J. (FFsiion and J. J.
Davis en. c. Sundown, by Uncle Vic, dam
Imported .sunny South, by Irtsti Bird
catcher, three yars old a 3 a
Time, 6:20?6:14??:34 ??.
A rase of great Interest to merchants was decided
In the rolled Mates Circuit Court, at Providence,
It. L, on Wednesday, by Judge Clifford. The case
was that of Edward C. Bates vs. The Equitable Fire
Insurance Company. Briefly stated, the facts were
as follows:?
Gp'?ber 11, ism, a policy was Issued to William D.
i lilibr'ek in the sum of for one year from date,
on a stock of sugar In a sugar refinery on Hargcnt's
wnarr, in Boston. Among other conditions stipulated
was tiiai If the policy should Im assigned without the
.? ?! fhe c""tpany It should tweorue void,
bortiy alter the date of the policy pur
be sogsrs, and Phllbrick endorsed the policy
ward /? |[a*ea'? >u wue ut '(>IU, lo Kl'*
,he endorsement thereon, was
n?i'? ri.,.1 .Vi?i? n p"''leDt of tne Insurance coni
an. on i ^ ,lo *RProTe of the endoraement,
"enn u IV/1" " was returned endorsed:?
mem Fuuitinis f?5llTn 10 lhe wb"** endorse
Artu id ??.?. Insurance Company, Fred. W.
contents. Due notice ?f tbs loss wis giv?n Ty the
plaintiff but the defendants declined to par the
SVC,? oiner lhat th" -?nredP^
and tilt iirr nil property Iwtoie the iomi
auu that ikey had nsvsr cvuseutvd to any
?LownGr!!!,p ln ttle Prop?r'y Insured. At a
? Je:e,1''e was overruled by the
, . - ?? Vl I U ICU UT llllC
. Tw0 ?rdere?* * verdict for the plaintiff, sub- i
r?p .'on_of ltle court upon questions of law
th.^.^5.. f?,r lur,Uer consideration. The result is, t
aare 1111(1 a aecu'oa ?4von ia *
Highwaymen in Dutch-town.?John Mfcyere, re
siding in Kwen street, E. D., was assaulted by two
highwaymen while approaching his reah'ence on
iSffi.'ffiW1 ro,,beU 01118UV01' WMch- T"e
Arumm by the Police.?Ther(> were 382 ncrsons
arrested by the police of the several Brooklyn Die
clnota during the past week, beiwg a decrease of one
in the number of arrests as compared with the week
preceding. About fltiy per cent of the arrests made
arc for intoxication alone.
Police Fukck or Brooklyn.?On Friday and ves
terday the annual Inspection and drill of the Brook
lyn police took place on Fort Greene and reaulted most
satisfactorily In every respect. Captain Copeland
conducted the inspection. The total force numbers
4fu men, who are divided among ten precincts.
Death ok a Wkli. Known Citizen.?Captain a.
Rolf mire, a well known citizen and shipmaster, died
at his residence, 79 South First street. E. D., yesier
terday morning. In the slxty-fourth year of his a re.
It Is alleged tout the Captain's death resulted from
the unskilful treatment of a chiropodist.
Arson in tub Eastern District Tne ropew.dk
of W iduni Allen, situated on Flushing avenue, near
Washington street, E. D., was flred about nine
n ? *.? property to the amount of
SiS7iTk" WM M
Lectithe on ".Sherman's March to the Sea."
General Kdpatnck delivered Ins lecture last night on
"Sherman's March to the Sea," at the Brooklyn
Academy of Music. The lecturer was under the aus
pices of the Young Men's Christian Ass .elation and
ihe house was well liiled. The General was fre
quently appluuded. was ire
Cruelty to a HoRSE.-Joseph H. Patten, residing
at No. (7 Henry street, complained agalust and
caused the arrest of one John Brooks, on Friday
afternoon, for cruelty to a horse. The offence con
sisted in attaching a rope to the horse's neck and
then hitching the line to a hoise and cart, thereby
dragging the animal along In a palnlut and cruel
miiuiicr. lie w as held lor examination.
Accused op Burglary and Robbery.?a young
man named Joseph balland was yesterday accused
before Justice Yoorhies of burglary and robb ry. He
was arrested In New York at an early hour on Sun
day morn lug last with a quan ltv of goods in Ins
possession, which were subsequently identified as
the property of Devlin A Co., No. 2*J Grand street,
i ' ,w,"",He P'ucu business liad been broken Into
ami rol)b?d on Saturday night. Daliand was held to
uwtiit (lie action of tiie crHiid Jury.
Convicted op Arson.?Catharine Elbler, the
woman arrested by detective Frost and constable
\ an Nostrum! of Jamaica, a week ago, on a charge
of setiing lire to a stable, carriage house and wood
sled In that town, on several different nights, was
taken before Judge Armstrong, in Hie ijueens county
l ourt of Sessions, at Hempstead, yesterday, and con
victed. Hie was sentenced to Ktate Prison at hard
labor for one year and six months.
A Valuable Carpet Bag Mr. Valentine, a
farmer, yesterday found under a haystack, near
Hyde Park, L. I., a carpet bag, containing $5oo
worth of bonds and mortgages, being a part of the
property stolen by burglars from the safe la the
grocery store of Rogers. Sam mis A Bcuddor, Hunt
ingdon. L. L. several weeks ago. It win he remem- I
bored bv the readers of the Herald that the safe
was broken open and some Jin.ooo worth of valua
ble papers stoieu by the ourglars.
I Alleged Malicious Miscuikp.?Oflleer Gregory,
I of the Forty-second product, arrested Bernard
Morris, a coach driver, on Friday evening last, on
complaint of Mrs. I?u Mont, of No. 154 East Twenty
second street, who charges the coachman named
w ith maliciously driving his vehicle against the car
riage occupied by her while entering Hie gate at tue
1 nl-on ferry and taking oir the Irotit wheel. Ills ex
amination was set down for Tuesday next, belore
Justice Cornwall.
Church Fair on Fulton Avenue.?The ladles of
the congregation of the Church of Our Lady of
Mercy, of Debevolse street, of which the Rev. Father
Tafi is pastor, will open a fair to-morrow evening in
tha wigwam on Fulton avenue. The proceeds will
be devoted towards dofravlng the cost of the com
pletion of the new church edifice of that parish.
Extensive preparations have been made to make the
aifatr a success, it will be continued for two weeks.
Highway Kobhkky.?A gentleman residing at 115
Backett street, named Char.es A. Butts, while stand
ing on the corner of Clinton and Backett streets
about six o'clock on Friday evening, was accosted
by a young man who Inquired what the hour was
and tipou Air. butts tukiug out his watch lie grubbed
it from him, breaking the chain to which It was at- I
taciied, and mado oif wlt.i it. The watch was a go d
chronometer of Englisn make and worth J5oo. tub
rogue is still at large. j
Committed por Forgery?Frank Kerstefn, elgh
tecu y. ars of age, w as committed by Judge Troy in
the Court of Sessions yesterday to await the action
of the Grand Jury on the charge of forgery. The
accused was in the hah.t of drawing checks pay a' le
to the order of his lather and presenting tnem to
different parties to whom his ituner owed sniail
hi,is, and collecting money thereon. One of the
cheeks was drawn on the Merchant*' H.inx of New
York and another on the Nassau Bank of Brooklyn.
He confe-BtHl that he h&>] ifiitiihlod *iio idoucv 'ivvkv
plead guilty and was held as above sta'e 1.
Terrible Result of a Scuffle-Immersion in a
Vat op Boiling Beer.?Patrick Clark, an employe
ln a whiskey distillery In the rear of No. lis Front
street, got into an altercation with a fellow work
man on the premises, named James Smith, at an
early hour yesterday morning. Clark si ruck Brail n '
both men clinched, and during the scuttle which en
sued the former wbb either thrown or fell lnio a vat !
of boiling beer. He was speedily extricated,
though terribly scalded, from the vat by
John Connolly, who was present at the time of the
occurrence. In the meantime Smith made Ins es
cape and has not since been arrested, lir. Young
who was Imine (lately smnuione I, pronounced t ie'
Injured mnn to he in a cnt ,e*i condition, his recovery
being regarded as doubttul.
A Farmer Charged wren Fraud George Mll
llno, an hast New York farmer, was taken Into cus
tody by an officer of the Fiftieth precinct, on com
plaint of Edward Freel, of Fulton street,
who charges Milllno with fraud. The com
plainant bought of the ac-used a load of
nay at the market on Fourth avenue, which pur
ported to contain 2,ftoopounds wcigut. on weigtnug
it however, it was found to be sr. pounds short of
that figure. Formerly tills was un ort played trick.
Farmers would procure the weigher's rerilfieate for
full weight, but before unloading the h.,y at tbe pur
chaser's place of dedvery they were wont to iase
oui a few hundred pounds, an I the fr uid was ?,,i
readily detected us the certificate showed the amount
calb d for to be correct. The accased was held to
Jrnrj C'ltr.
Tim NtW ST%TB Pttii ?s, to dc located at Snake
Hill, U one of the first qu"<tloa* to cuuie before the
Ldfc.siature. Therepon of the commissioners lies
wn.i the secretary of State.
The Speak khsfi ip.?Already the wirepuller* ere at
work in the matter of the Speakership of the Hons 5
and Presidency of the Senate. Three candidate" for
the ft inner arc In the Held?A. VV. Jones, of Perth
Atuboy; John Whclan, of FliKnheUi, and Leon
Ahiictt, or Jersey City. Joins has withdrawn iu
favor of Abbett.
Tnr stock Yards.?The ntimlM-r of cara that ar
rived at the stock yards during the week was kij,
containing 1,MB cattle, 22,C71 hogaand a,242 sheep,
iniring the week there wen slaughtered Mt cattle,
hogs and 7,1 Jo sheep.
Tassiso CorvTKRPktT Monbt.?It appears In con
nection with the arrest of Benjamin F. Robertson,
the Mlddlevllle "fanner," already noticed in tho
IIkrai.p, there are one or two interesting additional
circumstances worth relating. It now transpire*
ihai aijoiit three months ago a grocery
store tn Irvlngton was broken into and rob
tied of a purse containing twenty-five dollars in good
money ami ,t twenty dollar counterfeit. Two men,
Rohertaon ami his brother, were arrested on snap ?
ciou. but nothing could be proved. They were, how
ever, sent to juii as vagrants for ten days. The coun
terfeit money has been identified by the grocery man
as his property, and Robertson ha* confessed having
committed the original theft. Hta brother ta being
looked lor.
Tun Trkadwku, Cask? iibocction ok tbb Bail
to fft.ooo.?Colonel William A. Tread well? who stands
charged with uttering frauds In Ilndaon county
during the recent political campaign, was brought
before Judge Field, of the Supreme Court, yesterday
on a writ of hatieas corpus, with a view to his
being discharged. Mr. William It. Rankin, the
prisoner's counsel, stated that his client ought
to be discharged, Inasmuch as In his opinion
the United Mates Court had no Jurisdiction, and b< -
sides, the evidence laid before the Cotninlsaloiicr
was Insnfflcient The application for disc harge be
ing deuted, Mr. Rankin th*n asked that the ball be
reduced from |10,S00 to |l,oou. This also was re
fused, and Anally the ball was reduced to |6,oo?.
Tread well will be tried at the eimuiug term of the
Circuit court in Trenton.
Til f Body of the Pontile Rcromlwd m thut
'of .lira. Jereuiiah HiaHli, of Nwllivau
4'uiiniy?Vrain of Farther Atrocities.
The mystery of the atrocious uiuMer. near Accord
Village, rister county, has Deeu effectually cleared
up. Without auy doubt whatever the body found is
that of Sophia Snutn, who resided with her husband,
Jeremiah Smith, two milc9 from the village of Wurta
boroug", Sullivan couuty. Tlua morning District
Attorney West brook, of Kingston, with Mrs. Smith's
gou-ln-law and daughter, Coroner Bogardus and Lc
brand Morris, proceeded to the spot where
the woman was buried In the town of
Rochester, and bad the remains disinterred,
when the daughter and son-in-law positively
tdentlfled It, catling attenttou to well known
marks on the face and eyebrows, when the box
was closed and the body again buried. '1 he daughter
also reoo/ni'.ed tuo bounei am' shawl found on the
murdered womau as ttiose formerly worn by her
mother. Snuth took his wite from her home on Sat
urday, the 14th, saying he was going 10 take her to
hr daughter's, at Olive City. Her daugfate says
they did not come there, 'the horse ami wagon tie
us >d belonged to S. W. Royce, of Momlcello. Mr.
Koyce misses a cushion and wh p, the desciipuon of
wluc'i < orrespoiid with the ones found. V. lieu Smith
was last seen lie was waiting at otlsvillc, on the
Erie road, lor a train, lie hud with hnn tuo three
Children and sunt he was going 10 New burg. It is
feared ho nas murdered the col dren. The Sheriff of
suilivuu county und several oillcers are in pur
suit or hbn with uourly expectation of siicce.^s.
He is about forty years of age. six feet high, slim
buiii and weighs about 150 pounds; wears long Itair,
curled a little behind, and walks with head slightly
Inclined downward. The three children are two
girls and a boy, aged respectively twelve, eight and
live. They were all scant.ly dressed. All sorts of
rumors are atloal tn regard to them, one being that
two of them have liecn lound murdered In a p.ece
ot wi nds; but the report is nut believed.
A despatch lruui brand Rapnls. Mich., states that
the gsri Amanda Broadliead is there alive and well.
On the dav that Sinitu took his children oif one of
t em told a net rhbor that '\oa was going to take
iheui where tueir mottier was." Previous lo leaving
Smith nailed boards a ainst the windows of his
house Inside, and In other ways blocked all entrances
to it. it is said tbat he Is heavily armed.
Kihe in Broadway.?Lust evening about five
o'clock a fire was discovered In the iratuc stables
No. 1,400 Broad way, owned by Patrick Fox. The
dumage to building and stock amounted to $400:
no insurance, the origin of the lire was supposed
to be accidental.
evening a squad oi officers from the Seventeenth
precinct, armed with a warrant issued by John A.
Kennedy (?), made a descent on the house No. 335
Bowery, alleged .o have been a gambling den. and
there arrested several panics, wno were locked up
at the heven eenth precinct statioa house.
Accidents.?Mary heads, No. 37 Frankfort street,
aged forty, was attacked with hemorrhage of the
lungs yesterday, on Rose street, and died on arriving
at the Fourth product station house. Coroner noti
William Shields, employed on the building corner
Flftv-sevcnth street and Third avenue, was severely
Injured by a falling joist yesterday. Tahuu to St.
Luke's Hospital.
Samuel Keuter. aged four, living at No. *J53 Bowery,
was knocked down yesterday and slightly injured
by a Fourth avenue car (No. 5*2). Cared tor.
Mtna Cain, aged seven, residing corner 1 ;oth street
and Third avenue, was run over Pv a fftgh ened
liorso yesterday, driven by S. H. Merltt, No. 181
Mercer street. Cared fpr.
Arrest ok Pickpockets.?Detective Keeley, of the
Eighth precinct, made an important arrest last
night in taking Into custody three professl:nal pick
pockets, known to the police as Daniel Mullen,
Charles Stafford and Samuel Mack. They
jumped upon a Broadway nnil Seventh
avenue car, and meeting So'omon Cohn,
a merchant do'ng btisln< ss at No. 213 Church street,
tlicy adroitly relieved him of his watch, valued at
forty dollars. Discovering his loss tmmediat ly
afterwards, Mr. Cohn called at the station house an.I
d scribing the thieves very minutely the officer
above arrested them a few minutes afterwards.
The apprehension of these professional thieves
Is an Important one, us their absence from
the streets of New Yofk can be considered a-> a
public good. Their operations have been extensive
in (he p'ckpock". line of late, ami now that there Is
a chance of conviction for the grave crime of lar
ceny from the person, It ia to be hoped that they will
rcco v ? their deserts.
ilatnac 'or New Y?rk~Tliii Day.
Pun rfses ....... 7 03 | Moon rises eve
Sua lets 4 34 i lli^h water.. mora 7 38
?VfatUer Alone the Coast
Hnvtmim 2H-H ?. M.
Dor'. Win. Thrrn tm-'tr.
Por i?od NW < ear 'X above
Button W Clear above
Nrw York S ? eir 4ii ih >v.
Philadelphia S Clear Hd %h..ve
Wilmington < clear :? si >v?
Washington \W Clear .11 sbo-e
Furtreaa .ttoaroa SW Clou 'y .* aoovp
Richmond IV Ciear 2* auore
Mobile N i \>u'y 41 above
NewOrean. V .....Clou!y ... .. r0 above
KeyWeet. ? Clio If 71 n'mre
li.r-aoa >i. Cloudy 7j am
POUT 0>* HEiP V?:iK, IDVlIJEA 23, ISC8.
Herald Parlnifm.
Csptrirsaa'l Pursersof VfnVi arrirln< at this port will
please de Iyer all oackaret Intended for tlie Hex*'.DM our
regular'r embodied amenta wb > are a'lachrl to our Rtsa-n
Yacht'e t. Tha New Fork Aaoelatet Preai do not now
collect marine report, nor attend to the delivery of package,,
a. will be .een by the f .Mowing attract from the proceedings
of the re ruler m intbly mealing hel I March 3, Ml!: ?
Resulted, That on an 1 after April I, IWN. the Associated
Press will dlsrontlnite the collection of ship new. In the
harbor of New York. Passed unanimously.
arf- The ollce of the Herald steam yachts .Itxrs and
Jka n nktt r is at Whlteha I a'.tp. All aoinmnnleattona from
owners and const ;nret to the masters of Inward bound res
?els will be forward ?<! free <>: char ;>?.
Steamship City of Baltimore (Br), Leltch, Llrerpn .1 -John
O Dale.
Steamship Tngland (Br), Thompson, Liverpool ?National
St'-amshlp Co.
Steamship William Penu Br>. Billings, London?(lowland
A Asplnwall.
l icamshlp Villa de Paris .Pr\ Bur.nont, Havie? O Me>
Mesmsbip Sao Francisco, Peaken, Slaal and Vera Crui? P
Alctandre . Sons.
St. amshlp Kant Is m ''a Cub a, Mecdfarmld, llayana and
New Orleans Lirln stun. Va% Co.
Steamship Virginia, Kennel/, Oalreston-Williams A
Steamship Cen Se I-wick, Olderlale, Calvestm yla Key
West -C H M-tln-r t On.
Steamship Oulf Stream, Spencer, New Orleans ~C H Mallo
ry y Co.
Steamship Oeo Cromwell, Valll, New Orlaana?ll B Crom
well * On.
S camshlp Sherman, H"ney. vew Or'eans S Plcrees.
Steamship Alshama, Ltmehtirner, Pernaadlna -I K Ro
S'eamshln Hnntaytne, Crowell. Savannah- R Low 'en.
Steamsnip ban Jacinto, Atklna. Savannah?W K Uarrrl
Steamship Champion, Lock wool, Charleston It R Morgan
A t'o.
S eamshlp W PHyle, row'M. Wl m'n-lon. NC - Tnol,
Steamship Louisa Moors, Wallace, Newbero, NO?Murray,
Psrrls ? Co.
Steamship Itaar Betl. Bourne, hortnis?N L MeOrea ly.
Kietma'up Umpire Price, alesan Irla James Han I.
Steamship John elbaon, Winters, (teorgetowu, DC?Phil
lies v Hr >wn.
Stsamshin Neptune. Baker Boatou-W P ' rde
St"amsbip Wamsulta, Pish, New Bedford?Prrguson A
Ship Annie M Small, Packer. San Francisco -Sutton A Co.
I ark eo Km {man, llsmmon I. Zsolbar (treene t t'o.
Park Tboa Cochran (Br), King, Liverpool ?R E Morgan A
Hark Toseana (Br, Simpson, frasgow (Ten l?rs m Pros.
Hark lira ( Br , l.tis >u, Maracsl o Mattland, Phelps A Co.
Rark Ve.odty Br , Brandsr, Long Cay (Fortune Island) -V
F Bit lay.
Hark Annie Kimball, Lincoln, New Orlaana R H Drum
mind ? Co.
Hark .1 Luring, Lorlng. New Orleans N II Brh ham.
Hark Kannlc H Jennings, Noble, t.lls.ibethport?Je 1 Prye A
Hrlit Industry Br), OUT irl, Babla (I F Boiler.
Brig L ncls Sam, Christopher, Para - Valentine, Kstrella A
Brig Mountaineer f Pr, Smart, llarho' Oraee R P Cnrrle.
Brig J K P. (Hr), lent, Pear R ver NS lleu'v * Parker.
Brig Hprlnybok i Hr . Alkema, Norfolk J F Whitney A Co.
Brig Alice Starrett. Hooper. Morton?J Borland A Co,
Schr Ben Ullrsr. Ollrsr, Rio Hacha and Kanta Martha?B J
Wen berg.
brhr Alpha, Mnnsen, Point a Petra (fliiadaloupe)?'T Ml I
t-ciir Lord of the letee (Dr), Peterson, Port an Prince -
Brett Son r Co. _ ? .
H>'hr Ba.adore, Brncs, Pt Vincent, Wl Mlddleton A Co.
Si hr S Chase, Small, St Joi ns, PR S Mlchelena.
Schr Pioneer (BrI, UUllat, Yarmoulb, N8?Crandall, Cm
phray A Co.
Schr Julia Clinch (Br), Malony, St Andrews, NB?J Frye A
Kchr TboeE French, Doughty, Nswbem, NC?Thomas A
Scbr Abner Tarlor, Otilllcer, Portland?Tlo'roke I Murray.
Schr Champion, Clark. Boston > K Ra -kett A Bros.
Srbr Mary Khlabia, Walte, New Bedford Ferguson A
S' hr Amertea, Reynolds. Bristol II W Ja -k?nn.
S -hr Canoya, Jallison, Ntw Haysn M orlgai i Co.
Pchr Alfred Ha I, lllmmlck. New llaren 0 K Racket! A
Hebr Horace Francla, Rast llaren?<1 K Racket! A Pro*.
Steamship Dentschland (N'l), Weasels, It'emerhnren Nor
14, and Ikiuthamptou l7tl>, w lb nulst and Si cabin arid AH
steers*# oajweng.-rs, 1.1 l?elrii lis A Co. llaJ ?tn,.i. west rly
winds nub rough sea, and aamctitaes rain and sntriy. Ntr
24, 7 AM, l*t 42, loo 03 49, paiaail steamship h'inim')Dta ' VO ,
h'lie* for H-ftiburg; sums day, U AM, lal41 XI, Ion 66 20,
paiu 1 ?hlp Henry, bouud W.
ht*am*blp Iowa Br), Had 'swick, Glassow vta Mosul's Mot
14, wlih mdie aad 213 steerage passengers, to Headers .n
Bros. Ha l moderate weather 11# wl.oa paiu,(. Nor 22,
passed tw? larm Icebergs lo lal 48, lota ML
blrtmaLip Mag, UuOiuau, Fsruau. lua, 72 bourt, with mate
to I K Roberts.
steatnihip Chesapeake, Bragg Portland, witb mill* and
>a??enr*eiL to J P Amei.
Bark John Kdny (Br). Hopklne. MPk River, Ja, SO days,
with logwood. to Henry, He Cordova X Co. Had atroug bead
wind* all tbe passage.
Bark Elba, Petersen, Havana, 24 daye, with sngtr, to James
K Ward A Co. Ilad alroog K, SK and NVV galea the entire
paaaage, ami been 1U dava north of Hat'eraa. Ncv 2 '. Ut 38,
Ion 71 10. aaw a barkentlue rigged ateamei stearins ME, under
canvaas, apparently dlaablad In machinery (pro.,ablv tba Con
cordia, balora reported'.
Brig Tempo (dial, Mareaca, Caatellamare, 00 dava, with
sumac, hemp. c. to order. Had beaw westerly Winds all
the passage; been under close reefed sat* for 60 lays. |
Brig Isabel, Mt-Ilheny, Havana, 24 dava, with surer to .
master. Had a continuation of northerly galea, blew away
foretopgallanlaall. spill mainsali, staysails and bonnet of jib.
Brig St Mneeut (Br), ? anion. Bt Johns, NF, 17 dava, with
oil. to Hailon, Watson k Co. Had very rou^h weatl er
Brig St Peter (Brl.Grimss, Sydney, C 1,11 days, w.th coal
a ceo 11 Brewer. Had moderate weather.
? , , .... moderate waather.
Brig Lenoir Br). Lenoir, (llaca Bar, 14 dava. w'th o-sil, to
(loo H Brewer. Had very rough weather; split and l.al tome
aai a.
fiehr II H Thompson, Carver, Beaufort, NC, 5 days, witb
shingles, to Thomas .t Holmes.
S'-hr Fa esllne, Andrews, Virginia.
Bohr V. H Clark, Williams. Virginia. ?
bchr Belle K Hull, Dris'-oll, Virginia.
Pclir llanvard, Orant. Vlrelnln.
Bchr F.rsrgrern, Phillips, Phi. idelphla for Providence.
Schr E B Wharton, urton, Ptitlade phla for Nurwalk
Bchr J C Henry, Mills, Philadelphia for Pawtnckeu
Schr A T Cohn, Brown, Pblladeli hla for Lynn
Bchr M H Boyd, vates, Philadelphia for Providence.
Bchr Jos Porter. Frost, Philadelphia for Pal Klver
Schr KIcharp Peters. Hinckley. Philadelphia for Newport.
Bohr The Colon, Ftpple, Delaware.
Bchr A Jennings, Crocker, Kgg Harbor.
Bohr A M Hnynee, Chapman, Great Hgg Harbor.
Hchr Jason, Sawyer. Manillas, Tdays, with lumber to Simp
son t Clapp. 'The L will discharge at Flushing.)
Schr Henry Clay, Stretton, Bangor, V days, with lumber to
Chase, l al hot t t o.
H. hr OranIts State, Robinson, Ellsworth via Pawtucket,
where she discharged.
Bohr T B Merrick, Bennett, Gloucester, 3 days, with flth ti
Selir T Ladue, Davidson, Boston for Baltimore.
Schr L S Barnes Coleman. Hcston.
Schr Jonathan May, Heal, Boston lor Phl'ade'phla.
Schr Charlotte Fish, Strong, liostou for Norfolk
Schr John I) Merrlil, Wicks. Boston for Alexandria.
Schr St-phen U atermam. Chase, Sew Hed.urd.
Srbr Plill Sheridan. .M irpliv, Fail Klver.
Schr Mary J Means, Rogers Fall River.
Schr Thus Jefferson, Bor len. Fall River.
Bchr Pavllllon, Allen. Providence for Kllzahelhport.
gchr John R McKee, Hubbard, IVovt 'em-e 'or Tre-fon.
Schr Henrv M-.y, Raukett Provldeiice for Ro idor.
BclirSc'ah B Strnn-/, 'tVlle. P^-ovl lence for Alex in 'rla.
Schr Richard b Newcouibe, litgglus, Providence for Vir
Bcnr Sea Mvmnh. Conley, Providence for Philadelphia.
Schr Alpine, Wallace, Providence for Phi a lelphia.
Schr Cora, Kelly, Pro-1.lence for Rnndout.
Schr James Eng'ish, Rarksr, Providence for Ron.loiit.
Schr Clotilda, II irt .Bristol.
Sccr Laurel, Halloeu, Newport for K Itabethport.
Bchr Henry Lemuel. Youni!, Newport.
Schr Mediator, Marshall, New London.
Schr Jane, Durham, New L ndon.
SchrE H Bascoru, Fitch, Norwich for Philadelphia.
Bchr Texas, Charaplin, Norwich.
Bchr H J Raymond, Raymond. New Ha en for Alexandria.
Schr Prank Pierce, II c'g lou, New Haven for Ellzabeluuurt.
Schr John Hickey, Janes, N.-w Haven.
Schr Sarah Tnooias. A'len, New Haven.
Schr Ksnt, Marshall. New Haven for E Izabethport.
Schr Sunbe im. Hubbard. New Haven for Phi'-dcinhla.
Schr (J C Horde t. Rovers, New Haven for Rondout.
B' hr M M Hamilton, Green, New Haven for Rondout.
Shropsbu ,
Schr Channccv Bt John#H unmond. Brldgep -rt
SehrOllve Branch, Bramm, Connecticut Klver.
T! e ship David Crockett, from San rranclsco, U const -ncd
to George L) Sutton.
Steamships Columbia, G'asyuw; VUle de Paris, Ha-re;
r.n land, Liverpool: Clly oi Baltimore, do; Santiago 'eCuba,
Havana and New Orleans; Win Pcnn, London; Champion,
Charleston; Alabama. Pernandlna; Vir dul*. iulveston; Gen
Bed-wick, do via KevWest; Lo-i'sa M tor , Newteru; ' en
Cromwell, New Orleans; Sherman, and Gu'f St-eam, do: W
I ( lydc Wilmington; Hutitsvllle, Savann-h, San Jacinto,
do; John Gl ison, Wusbl.igtiii, DC; l-'mnlre, A.etaodna.
Also sal ed 27th, bark John GriSln. Maiuuzaa.
Wiud at sunset H; midnight WN'.V.
Murine Disagrees.
ntfBTPAMRa Miami, from St Marks for Mobile, went ashore
2felh Ingt. L> miles h of Mobl ?-, In a violent it rm. i lie pur
ser an ired at Mobile eve oi 2btb. and reported the cargo un
injured. Assistance lias heen sent her. The weal, or was
favorable for getting her off. The M connects w.th the steam
er r la r, lieiire for Fcruanuina, and ts presumed to have the
F's cargo on board.
Livfkpool, Nov 28?(Prom bonks of the Merchants' Fx
cnange .-Bark John Dwycr (ofBt AnJrews, NHi. Kllman.
from <_aHao for Antwerp, was run down off the Start yes'er
<lay (27tbj. Crew saved.
Ship David Ciocnrr, Burgess, master, jnst arrived
from Sun Pranrlsco, wae reported as consigned to Sutlon Jk
Co. Toil was an error; she Is couslgne 1 to George U Button,
70 Wall street We understan d the Crockett Is the nloneer ship
of a line from Bau Francisco to this port, and U to be fol
lowed by a tine fleet of the largest and best vessels In tbe
Captain MeParland, of hark Triumph, of Portland, died at
Savannah *id Inst of lockjaw. '
To THR Edito* or TUB HvaAt.it?Dear Sir-Tour paper
being the only one that has uniformly Inslstet upon the pay
mrnt of the Ala -ama claims by England as t e only -ml w it
or disposing of the same, may do ecgiiwl Justice to many wor
thy shipmasters, by Insisting upon their right to c alm lor
nautical Instruments, clo-.hlng, Ac, of which they were robbed
by t.aptaln Semmes, and who was sail to have had ?oms
Ully chronometers in bis cabin at one Urns. PAIR PLAT.
I AtJ!?,rl,PrmP?t|0,XOct9, hrlg Pa'con, Richmond, of Sa
lem.kh t,bis so oil s ncs leaving Favsl.
Arrived at Honolulu 24lh tilt bark Adeline, Sonic of ICi.
from Ocbotsk Sea, with 4(10 t.bls wh oil andtBon hs.oie!
?i' P,? o-orge, So.i.e, lo, Arctic Ocean, with So bb,s sp ?nJ
3611 do wh oil. K
Spoken In Arctic Ocean previous to Sept 20, ship Onward.
Pulver, NB. 16 wbs. '
Hark Little Morrow, from New York for St John, NB, Nov
frtj 1 At it it), ion 0.
,u "b11 <-h 'rl''!il"' from ?? for Savannah, Nov li.
(Both by pilot boat Jaa Averv, No 9.)
E?r?igii I'orrs.
ANTwirtr, Nov 13 -Sailed, Ons.-ie Trueman, Anderson,
Havana. '
Am o.xa, Nov U-Arrlvul, Jas Miller, Bennett, Phlladel
Aiivv, Oct 27?Sailed, C A Fa-well, Smith. Rangoon ; Mer
rltnae, Jacob, do.
Rnoon?VHtsHA vvn, Nov 11?Sailed, Delftshaven. NVork
B iFuriiii.vita, Nov It?Sal el, Auruste, Von Hnrten,
New Orleaua; China, Jordau, Kaugoou ; S B.alsJeU Sawyer
Car^iii. '
i oripraot, Nov IT Sailed, Bavonnalsa, Bldegarsy, Ban
Prin cIsco. "
Bomiiay, Oct tn Bal'e I. Corsica, Havener, dalle.
^B',11 wowa, H?v 18?Sailed, bark Etna liarss (llr(, Stee'e,
sail"/ th*bri* I-IC, ,lor tBr>? Cooper, for New York, to
till do JPth, at anchor, a ship, auppr^ed the Pilgrim, Rich
ardson, from t ardlff. '
CniiNaiAiiT. Nov 8 Balled, Geo E Thatcher, Thatcher
Boston; 9lh, Ladoga, Wiley, NVork. '
I AMtrisAS, Nov 30 In p.irt haria Flltv While Mahonsy;
Rahe', X Itche'.l; Lnrena II i eh burn ; M ?V B-?l Tburlow
and J E. llo krook, Leavltl, Ilea: brigs Prof us, hall; Mari
K Dana, NeUl; < arollne, McKarland; Mauson, Ollkev. and
Ran.toiph, Heuner, do.
DvAi., Nov 14 -I'asaed by, Adolpblne, Bartsls, from Brs
vnrrhiiven lo?" NYurx.
II WW, Nov 14-Cleare.l, A Ileston, Dontlasa, New Or
leans; Thea Dunham, i ottng. Car ilff.
^ HPOVOtT, Nov 16 Sailed, Arnold Bonlnger, Stesoken,
N1 ork'* K0!,0? 8,01 ^-AltlPhd, Cotnpttiler, Mathews.
I.IV* It pool, Nov 14 Arrived, El lello, Kindt, NVork; JMh.
_ "S'"""l ? I ? VI It/, D Itldk, IN Kirn I ntll.
Juliet Cl'Jark, WhIUrmore, Leghorn; Bolivsr is', Lowell,
Sailed lltth. Elouiee. Dshly, Phl'adelphla; Knomsr, OrllTn
and Kgeratela, raeeoe, NYork; Laly Kna.ell, CrawlorJ and
Kanter, Ibdy, Ravauuali; Levaut, Browne, llobi.e, Tiger
Rimeeit, New Orleans, '
C eared 14th, Sarah Donglae, Douglas, Galreston , WiUlnm
Khlelon, Harry, Sa an ioh.
Entered o n 14 h, La OI dre, Campbell.' and Znlelks, Thomp
son, lor New Orleans;4?h!na(?>, lloeklcy, NYork.
Losbos, Nov 14 cleared, Alaanta (S), Dixon, New York
(an I p i ?ed by Deal Kth). '
F.ntere I oui 10th Free I..m, Bradley, for NYork.
M"ClMil*, Oct 8?Balls I pre. loue, Houghton, Wll Is, Cal
M artlTtrs, Oct 11?Arrived, Prl'e 0f the Port. Jordan,
Liverpool taiid sailed same day for Bombay-pill In lor
~ liter .
Mauls, Sept 17?Salls.l, Witeh of the Wave, Bachelder.
ItAVAorr*. Nov 9 -Arrived, eehr Pandome, Norton,
Cnar:es'on (end she I Krh for it Johns I'Hi
NrwiHi.iT, N vl4 Ar.lr d, G P Jones. Thomas, San Fran
Cleen; Cuba, Homes, M?!at,M>.
Pl.TNOC rif Off the Start Nov 11, Hel'ne, (Sxndera. from
Rotterdam for N >ork . Itsi. hai -c. from Hamburg fur do.
HoothaUPTON, Nop 14 Arrived, Br. ineti (? , Nsvuaber,
Hr?m.-n (and left for N--w Gilean*.
StHOAp.iA* Get 4 Arrlv*d, Geo Green, Klrhv, Cardln.
SitAHwltar, Setd 21 -la led. I n land, rot, NVork.
Sr ThowaB, N'v 18 In port ships Cromwell. Rohleen,
from Calcutta for Boston, on ier aiirrer; KelCn (Mr), s.-F?..,
for New Urleans soon; hark bdga- (>r1l <Br), Anderson,
diyt, nn?| hnga Net isar tBr), (Tower, fro.-n Itemarara f. r
NYoih. indleivas; s A Hoi no* (Dan), I'eilow,for N or*
* w?n; J m lljirr.% W?maij, for (fnpi, in loud for NVw Or.
Ir?ni; Jp* !p Jr>n#a i-r), War.ii?nborotif!hf from NYork,
arrlrrd 14th : Alice ( Hr), Crocker. di?t, for clmtter.
Srjatio, Nor HI Sal ed. brig Montrose, Johnson, N'nrk.
BT John, NB, Nor 2d Arnre.l, bars t arren Ordway,
Host, H"a?on, sehr K.xtb een Hr , Wrman, NYork.
? ' br'.< *'l i 11 ( ontery, Mrl-ei an, Havana; sehrs
Llark, Mataoraa; Lena Hume, Appleby,
Philadelphia. '
Trikst*. Nov II -Sailed enterprise, Mnlder, NYork.
VrNirt. Novll Arrived, I phrann Williams, HoU. Phlla
delphts: 12th, Margie, Crowed, do.
r*w 1?*RT',r Artri a At KlrolneOct I*, berk Warren
White. Marks, for leeward.
A t ('S|.e Coast t lot 18, i arks Alhertlna, Rhortle. and Roe
huck Goody, one: hrlg Thaoira. Adamkon, lor otton Soon.
Sailed from Aeera Sept g<i, hark Keilar, HOiin, Boston.
Whampoa, Sept 13?,-stlcd, Ke.lle Hastings, Hail, NYork.
4 merlon n Ports,
ALEXANDRIA, Nor 27?Arrived, sehrs L G Cranmer,
Cranmer, Roston; T J Trafton, Dime, aad Fanny A i arley,
??, Windsor. NS; A lonral oteeln.an. Portland; H C Haaca,
!7' Ken,el, Hoper; I arrle Homes, llolineL and
I dwln atson, trainer, NYork; Joaspb Baiter, Baxter,
Bus ON. Nor!* Arrived, bark Narasota, Haakell (not
[Jreeiiouiihi, I'ensaeola; lirle Antl lee. Hole (not ihettrnpi,
lurks Islands; e.hrs M K Smith Bnilth, Georgetown, DC; A
Blaiade.l, Gat wood, Baltimore; Alice H, Parker. H N K.ptlres,
", ,, * --."..II rtmirot I rioo|iiw'ty, nairu. Anient
N llerrey, Henree. Rnndout; Frank k Nellie, Been, Rondout;
Heap.-rus, Conary, NYork.
? Afrlre'f>'a.-hrs M K Slaplee, Dlnsmore, and Henri. Ha,
C arkkl hlladelt.hla; Frank A Nel.le, Hsan, Roodout. Hespe
rus. I onarr. NYork.
_ (.leated Klesmship B vkstone, Loveland, Baltimore;
mtrea Ah.l el K s.ier. Nleketvoti. Rsreelot.a. Ann ,t All.-e,
Messenger, Plillade.phia; brig Isis (Br,, t.oker, Wiracoe end
a m irici.
Fal e.l --hip Cslnmet; barks War? Kdsnn, and Charles C
Xeaiy; hrtgs t lyite. Athlete, and J Mclntlre; end from the
Ron ?, hark Glasgow,
geth Arrived, rteam?hlra Grleblal, Rnow, New G leans;
. ,"?'intcre, Haxon, Phlladsiplils
BALTI MORN, Nov 96? Anlvcd, bi us barsb t'rowell t Rr ,
Meskmger, fu ki Islands Latlhla, lui, Provldeiice; svlirs
Marcus Hunter, Orr, New mr-; ?ea Queen. ,G until, Calsls
. i. . ? * . i U..,> ,a..< 111 ..iuin L'I.IfII.- ' '
Julia A Decker, ?, Ba f Oi ; Ulade n, Kldrldge,"
?? " * ? -%J Seaia.lil*,
CANfFgers, iiott, NYork; Suaau, boars, an J
Chase, Boat in.
Cleared?Behrs O Schofleld, Dlaaoswsy, ; Uailed Brok
er*, E.lav. Providence. .
27ih Arrived, ?<hr Union, Abrame NVork.
Ueorsd-.steaoisblp Ge.r.;* Atipold, Howes, Boeton via
Norfolk; brig Seuorlta, Young, Lisbon ; echr J M Richards,
Irvine, NVorl. ^
Hailed Ship Nancy M j brigs Endorue, Kiukan, Mary B
Hindi. Romance: ?? brs J M Richards. Jacltenu.
BANGUU, Nov 26- Arr.vad, ecbr Mary A, Jelllaon, Bon*
Salted-Brlge Walter Smith, Smith, Buenoe Ay red; Abhy
Thaller, Parker, NVork; Raven, Lel.htun, Clenfuegoe.
Br.LrAST, Nov'JO-Arrived, ecbr Juno, Helena, NYorf. ?
Sal ed?Brig Franklin bpolforJ, i ui osr, Wiluilugloo, schjr
Nalbau ClilTord, Hbule, Hondo it.
CHARLESTON, Nov SS-('leared, brig Jamee B Klrbv,
Bernard, Philadelphia; acbr Win B Thomas, Wkiimore, Pbll
adc phla.
2Sth?Arrived, brig John Pierce, Matansai; echr LaUt Rich,
Sailed-Steamship Manhattan, NVork. '
ELLSWORTH, Nov Id?Cleared, echre Fair Wind, Smllh ;
Louduskia, Eaton ; Victoria. Shuts, and Ella Hay, Cogglos,
N nrk; I ih, American Eagle, McKarland, do.
KKKNANUINA, FLa, Nov A? Arrived, steamsbln Georgia*
Smith, N i ork.
FORTRESS MONROE, Nov 28-Arrived, bark New Vork,
Swan Island for orders.
Paused up, brig Dtlopla, from Cardiff for Baltimore. Panted
out. ship Nancy M, for Liverpool; bares Industrie, for Bre
men; Annie Augusta, for NYork; brigs Judklus, for Kio Ja
neiro; Harriet. lor M ay annex; Harry, for \ eat lndleg; Mary
E lllndt, lor Cuba ; achr Crabtree, lor Matanzaa.
Saile'l-Schrd C A iiima from Norfolk), Liverpool. ^ '
FALL HIVEK. Nov Sj?Arrived, echr Uaao W Borden,
llapwio. Ellxabetiiport. _ _ _
GARDINER, Mc. Nov 20-Salled, trigs Croene, Colbnrn,
NVork; Frank E Allen, Norton, Havana; 21at, K D Merry
man, i,lover, Matanxaa; 22d, ecbr A Ice Oakes, Marson, Mew
Vork. .vi _ ,
HLOt'C ESTER, Nov 11?Arrived, echr George Tanlane,
Rondout; 27 tb, brig Mary Lowed, Nickerson, Calais for Mew
HOLMER' HOLE, Nov C6. PM?Arrived, echra Albert Ma
?on, Rose; E G li vvln, Athena, and C W May, Kinney, Phila
delphia for Hoatou ; Liz/ie I) Small. Ti e, d i for Danvers;
h ondel. Chapman. Provlncetown for Philadelphia, lie
;ui tmd, brig Mercy Tavlor, having broken w,ndl.il gear.
Sailed .nebia I) VVilifa na. 8 E "avla. _
27th, AM?Arrived, brie Leona (Br), Hishop, NVork for St
John, NH; scbri I ??e\, Wa lace, do for MU-bildge; Wm VI al
lace 8rul!, Pbl'tide phia for Boston.
Nr.W ORLEANS, Nov 22?Arrived, eteamahlp Cortes, Nel
aon, N fork.
22 I?Arrived, steamships Yaxno, Hodges, NVork via Ha
vana; Victor, Hates, NYork; brig Cinque Sorrel.e (Itall. Ia
jeriJo, Mart elites. Be.ow, comlug op, ship Baden, Nellson,
'mm Liverpool.
Cleared? rl .s WU Blckmore, Blckmore, NYork; Caro
line I'avis, Genoa.
2Hib, b AM?Arrived, steamship Crescent City, Weir, New
To wed down to tea 14th, ships La Louisiana, and Antol
neue. *? ?
SoutH'.vfht Pahb, Nov 23?Arrived, steamship Bienville,'
faker, NVork via Havana; bark Marsala (Ital), Clrturo,
NEW BEDFORD, Nov M-Vrrlved, echre J Truman,
Globs; Sarah, Cobb, and Golden Eagle, Howes, Philadel
-ailed 27th, echra W D Mangam, Chase, and Fair Wind?
Bowman, N ork. C I Krrtckann, Smith, Woodbrldgn.
NEi POrT, Nov V>. PM -Arrived, tcbrs R fc Pecker, Slier
man. Providence lor Bticksvll.e, So; Rocket, Eaton, do foe
NVork ,
2 ih, PM?Arrl ed, brlrs Open Sea, Coombs, Boston for
NYork! J A1I Crowley, Crowley, Ca.uls for do; echra Art
adue, Robinson, Elizabeth port for New Bedford; John U
.Boston for Alexandria; Pavilion, Reed, EIix.
kit ill, ickh, Hosiou lor Alexandria; Pavll.lon, Reed, EIix.
abethport for Boston; Gen banks, hyder, Bangor for Neve
ork; Mora, Dow, Mill..ridge for do; Saratoga, Weeks, Fall
Ade.la (Br), llelder, Ship Harbor. N8, for del
b. t eob, llancor for Camden, NJ; Lucy Dj
chmond, Va; Charlotte Fish, Strong, do fog
Boston for Klc
Norfok; s'rllle B He", Pitcher. Boeton for Jacksonville: R
H Hiuitlry, Mckersou, Fall ttfver lor N>ork (NBedford) j
Ann Cartel. Wcslou, Bangor, for NVork; Sarah A. Hams
mood. Handy, h >aton 'or Alexandria; 1'arlue Eddy, H- p*
kijs, Bangor for Newark. N I; Veullla, Eaton, do. for FhllaS
delphla; Com Kearney. Phiibroot. Calais for NYork; Annlsr
S Kraeman, ?llliams, Provlncetown 'or Virginia; Nevi
Chare, Kail River .or NVork. Kale S.raulan. Palmer, ProvM
'ence, Mary J Mea I, Turasber, Tauu.on for do; Mlltoo, Fall
River .or New fork. - ,i
Nov 27 Arrived, rchre Romeo, from Hoboken, NJ, for
Providence. ( ost ..cck load of coal ; J McCloeky, Elizabeth
port fcr Provldenccr Wi.lar I, Caswell, Ellzabethport.
A. oitlon of the above are going out with a fresh NW
NORWICH, Nov28-Arrived, echr Sea Bird, NYork.
Sa.led?Scnr Era, NVork.
NrVV LONDON, Nov Ji?Arrived, US schoolshlp Saratoga,
froiii NVork, to winter; eclirs Entire, Ron tout for Provi
dence; Sedona. do for Koslon; Tamhlroo, NYork for dor
Texas. Pal H ver'or NVork.
PHILADELPHIA Nov 27?Arrived, brig Ceo E PresrottA
Mills. Yiuailiaveu, schis Llzz.e, Tab. ert, Calais; DTalberfJ
Packard, NYork; F Nlckeison, Ke ly; l.llza. cth English?
" "j Dott.e, Toy or, and J H Mooie, Nlckrrson, Boston I
M T, ton. Frlt/in ,er. Sa em. .
f'leared Bai ts Marco l'oin, Mln?sen, Bremen; Mar
Raker, Antwerp ; zchrs Serene, hntrement, ? armomh; KmJ
ma H, Webber, s: Joun, NB, Geo Deertng, Willard, Poril md;
J E Pratt, Mcverson, Boston; A Edwxrut, Homers, Chanel-'
ton Lizzie Ruyuibiid, Lord, Norwich ; R G WliHden, Ro In
?. n. do; C atoune, Tlce, Mitlvllle; A F Ames, Ames, Boston}
A M Bird, Men ill, do.
A M Bird, Men lb, do. (
PL MtfUiH, Nov 24?Arrived, echra Mary Price, GarriJ
eon, Philadelphia; 2 th, Belle, Howes, KlIsahethporL ,
PROVIDENCE, Nov i.#?Arrived, ifhis B L Crocker, Har
ding, Norfolk, \ a; Grace Web?ter, Randal, Alexandria;
Henrietta, Luveli, Baltimore; El en Prrklus. Eldrldge, Eliza,
betbpurt; J J Little, L.ttle. do for Pawtucket: James Bliss;!
Hatch. Ellzabethport; Globe, Deertng, Rondout; Anna MyJ
rick, Steven*. Pbl.adclphla for Pawtucket; Oa.berlne, Rose,'
Woo .bridge, NJ; Kva H Lewie, Lewis, Albany; N Ber.y,
Pendleton, aud Anna B Jacobs, Jooes, NYork, sloop Eliza;
Purneas, Albany.
Stl.ed?Scbre Transit, Rackett, Philadelphia; RP Kins}
Bllven, Ellzabethport; Crleie, Brown, Pblladelpblai L Ml
Stroul, Veazle, and John Warren, McOar, Ellssbetbportt
Treasure, Arnold; Veranda, Pond, and Alfred Cbaoe, Wlyoos
27th?Arrived, echre Oread, Goodsneed, Tanrter; Charles MB
Gr.um, Harvey, E lzabelhpoi t; A IL aton, Pbfnney, Phlladel
ph a; M K Carlisle. Potter, Elisabeth,>ort; Lucy church. Ads
ams, and Anna E Glover,Terry, Rondout. ? ?? x
oal.ed Sehrs Wm M Wl son. Brown, Georgetown, DC]
? " " ? - -erty, Haynorj
; Cbarm, 8tu I*
Albert Pbaro. Shrouds, Philadelphia; J F Teri
Rondout; John Walker. Davll. Ellzabethport* '
ley. ..sorbet,) wn, DC; J as English, Barker, and Cbas Card
roll, Chase. Rondout; E -1 Conant, Cornish. NVork; sloop*
EmiT.ald. N'oiton, N' 1 ork; Rlentl, Coblelgh, Ellzabethport. *'
.ui' r ti'i, itgivh1| luih. mruftii vjuuiri^u, rziiB?v?uiiBJit. .
PAWI'UOKEr, Nov 2n Arrived, schrs Oregon, Relyea]
Albany; Ann Ml/abeth, Phillips, Ellzabethport; Mary J Rue*
sell, HtnLb, Phllade.pUla. _
Halle i?schr S A Kaiconer, Wilson, Rondout. ,
RICHMON D, Nor 26?Arrived, echre Mary J Fisher, Fisher,
NYork; Adellia, Loveland, Albany; Chance Shot, Terrjrj,
ROCKLAND, Nov tO-Arrlred, echra Martha, Nvork ; AiJ
1, NTo '
James Henry, U.I er, and Mary A. Jellerson, NVork: ittaj
Slobs '. Are?, and s C Loud, (tail, do; A Powers, Robinson*
do. 2/>tb, A blun, Shaw, aud R Lcacb^ Jameson, do.
Sai.el 2otu, Pi inter. Derinoot; Empress, KennedFf W flf
Ho 1 .don. ll.ih ; E C Verrlll, Carle; Debance. Hall; Nantllns]
Ham, and Nile, Spear. NVork; 221, Mar Mntiroe, Munrosa
Gaivoton ; LM. I> Williams, Robinson NYork. ? ^ .
R\N FRAoCIHCu, Nov 27?Hailed, ship Yossmlte, Hacig
Lirerpoo.. ? . ,
SAVANNAH, Nor 24 -Arrived, ecbr Sulllote, Dexter, Bog-*
ton. -. - -- -*
Kal ed-S. hr Leila, Foes, New Haven.
2Mb -Arrived, st- amsbip Leo, NVork , ship Emma, rtsv-ej
" r, and M01
Cleared?flte .uiebips ban Na vador.and Montgomery, MctF
Turk ; ship Emerald U e, Liverpool. f
TALNTUN, Nov 2d?Saileo, ecbr Mary J Mead, Thrasher.
NYo k.
W ai.EHAW, Nov 22?Arrived, echr M A Tyler, Tyler,,
t.eor etown, "
rW \ DlvlI/% AN U V RCUS ? A M J |
.eor etosrn, Ik'. ? I
WICK KURD, Nov 25?Arrived, echr Tbomae H SeyTDOur(
Bur.ees, Rlizabetboort.
A P.oduc( oi' Ibiee Women,
will be commenced In No. 69 of
Out December S.
ilir*creul Staiee-Legal everywhere
charge until divorce obtained; euroers gn
free. M. How ES, Attorney,
wlihoiil pain ; twelve yeare; ilu admlnleterod; bcantle
fill Teeth, |l; ro charge 'or extracting. J.JAY VlLLKKSg
156 <mud etreet, near Biuadway; HENRY ViLLEM, Mi
orand street.
Absolute divorcer legally obtained ....
dlllcieut Slates. No publicity. No charge till divorce"
obtained. Advice iree. Ai-o Notary Public and Commie*
aiouer of Dee ? lor entry Si.nr.
F. I. KING, tou uM or at Law, 961 BroadwaV.
Mle'oitrt and Kentucky Rial* Lotteries.
MiaaorRt?tutsa ni.AH8 wo. 719, NovruKtn 96, 18J6.
Ill, 411, 7, 77, to, 34, 44, 5k, 42, 4, 66. #7, 88.
MISaOUBI ocase NO. <30, KOVKMI.ru JR. 1866.
7?, 04, 6\ 44. 81, 65, 34, 61. 64. 88, il, J, 69.
kKI I UOKV?RXTkA m.AHU NO. 667, NOVRMRtB 38, 1*68.
76, 69, 66, 7.1, 8, *8, 69, 43, 89, 61, 68. 96 9J.
KIIVT.I KV -Cliwi NO. 'AS, NOVr.MIIRB 96, 1866.
96, 9. 15, 6, II, 8\ 67, ?, li, II, I,
Information furnished In the abore and alio Royal Ifkvan*
Loitenaa by J, ClUTE, Broker, AM Broadway, and 161 Fuls
lou HNM. 'I*1. " ~
? H PA11K6 .1 (ll.'S private oitleee, 199 Fulton etreet,
looms So< iauJJiuld Ueraid Bm.diigi, New York, Seo4
for circular. . ? ' ' f
686 Rroadway, below F urth etrnel,
New York eltf.
719 Cheatnnt street, Philadelphia, Pa.
New Dealgnt In Olaee, Bronte and Ormold,
French, Englteh and American
Mann factum,
Fmurli China, Glassware, Brontes, Cloeke,
Silver Ware, Fine Plated Ware,
Cutlery and Fancy i .oode.
466. 490 and 4i-9 Broadway, corner Hronme elreet
O Baruell Mewing Machines are now ready at the get">H
669 hroaiway. ,
and Seventeenth street, Are the ?enet comprehenelve In
the counliy. lurkl.h, Russian, Bnlphurone, t undated and
other Medicated Baihe. ______
Hae lierome the popular reaort for the buyer* of Ibe heel
Book, at publisher.'pr.m..y
worth HM le 'u be awarded lo eome one of the patron* of
the Athenwum ? TPIIIMr( mrrynKR g. .e*K.
The pnrchaeer o: II c dollar*' wo-th of hook* may become
the fortunate owner of tbe above MMtxlid work of art. Call
or ecud for catalogues. II. ty. DIRBY, *
?? Hminpb

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