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Fkipay, August 13?0 P. K.
The money market continues to work freely at six
and scveu per ceut, and was distinguished to-day by
large ottering* to government bouse* at the lower
figure Seven per cent continues to be the ruling
rate with the banks and stock tionses, with an abundant
supply ot currency, i&tner in excess of the demand.
Shipments to the flonthwest continue on a
moderate scale; tmt with returns from other quarters
and the extraordinary Treasury disburse
im-ilia promised on hood pnrehasea but little
appielieurioh is r<-it of any greater atitn*
fcucy. at all events for the balance of
this month. What Urn lutnre condition ol the money
matKet may be when Secretary flout well una completed
his operations, at- announced, Is exciting
cciihMleiobie aiteution, and tut U will greatly depend
upon his course some anxiety is felt to learn his Intentions
or proposed oealinsrs for .September and the
?uc< ceding months. It 13 very generally fell that tn
a matter liko this, where oil classes of business nton
arc so dUci tiy interested, and where the publication
could not possibly result to the tajttry of the government,
that the oxireme ret'ceucu ol Mr. Uoutweil
In regard to his policy Is uncalled for
and unfair to the public. The complaint
Is made that tho Secretary seems to
regard t Imspublic as one party and the government
as another, between whom there is no reciprocity,
and tlt.u be, as the agent of the sovernment, t?
charged with the duty of guarding iU financial
policy In secrecy and enveloping lis operations tn
m ystery, lest it be overreached by the rtval public.
This is certainly a mlstaKes The government and
people are one touching all questions relating to the
Uunaclal condiliou of the country. Their Interests
are Identical and should lie dealt with in bar
mony, On questions of national policy looking
to groat changes tn financial administration
t!ie> may bold different views, bat In regard
to Hie Dimple working of the department,
the balancing and adjusting of monetary dutenrbances,
whoa the treasury commit* itself to Interference
with tbe conr*e of exchangee the government
and the business men of the country have but tbe
Buino interest, being both equally desirous of maintaining
a bcalthrui condition of tlio money market.
I As the beet experience and ripest Judgment of our
merchants and financiers aro always at the command
of an; administration, to aid It in the solution
or whatever financial problem may eall for tho advice
of practical men, and all the knowledge
they possess of value in sucli connection
freely at Its disposal, thin childish
effort at mystification on the part of Secretary
Bout well, which serves no goo* purpose,
and distracts men of enterprise, Introducing an additional
element of uncertainty Into their cumulation#
worse tnan all the other chances they have to
propare for, la not only ontalde the spirit of our Institutions,
but both nngcoeroue and unjust, perplexing
most those who are most entitled to the very
opposite consideration. It is no, even enarged thai
Mr. lioutwell intends to bo thus offensive, and, with
the same Indulgence that other errors of bis have
been reoived, it ts rewuiy explained as a
conBcquonco of bis Inexperience. Without any
previous training la fiuunciat matters of a
practical nanre it is felt tliai He quite possibly does
not-comprehend tlie perplexity that may arise from
a want uI knowledge in regard to bis future action,
unq. aliows bluiseli tue opportunity of changing bis
mind regarding that action, If it lias even been made
up, by not giving it publicity. SucU on excuse Dae
served dating the dull season; nut with the opening
of Uw tali and the inception of the grain and cotton
movements, producing gravo changes In the monetary
situation, "oineilung more la wanted man a disposition
on the part of the Secretary to act as occasion
may In Ills judgment require,or an assurance that
be will be guided by circumstances and operate only
fortbe boat interests of the government, without,
prejadloe to any class or individual. Preparation#
have now to be made to meet the possible chances
of Hie moBtty market during the coming fall and
iv lutes, and U Is important to ltnow what Mr. Boutwell
intends doing during that period. Has be
made up bis mind and will be speak Uf Commercial
paper continue! doll, and only llrst class acee;
taaces arc current at high sates, nmo and tec
per cent.
Mold opened with a firm feeling this morning, the
decline of yesterday inducing large purchase# by
Importers, who have beau waning for a favorable
opportunity to buy. Iho drat sales were
i mado at 104H, but tho price quickly ad ansn/1
fn ft' Frnm thlfl n/ilnt thorn viu
a steady decline on speculative sales u
134is. which figure was reached at shortly altei
i two o'clock, l'rom this point it reacted, and on pur,
ecusos to cover udvanced to 134J<, dosing In the
room at 134 V. Ktbsetjuetitly sales were made al
134>4. thin and 1341s, the market leaving off at the
last ilgare. la the loan market cash gold was al
intervals In demand, the rates ranging from 0 to 1
per cent for earning to flat for borrowing. The
Uistrarwrmeni* of rata interest to-day amount to
) >s,470 fck The operations of the Gold Exchange
Bank were:?Groas clearings, tlflT,3?4,ooo; gold
balances $d,3**iW4; currency balances, $3,175,411.
Gordtrnmonts were dull and woak to-day, with a
iutthsr lractloual deeline tn prices, t>ut wtthoul
otiier featurs.'i. Towards evening the market became
(Inner and partially reacted, closing strong
At the lollowicg figures:?Tnltod States sines, I8.il,
registered, 123 ii a 122X; do. do., coupon, 1227$ e
128)4; do. five-twenties, registered, 121)4 a 12314;
do. do., coupon, 1803, 12314 a 123V; do. do^ coupon,
18M, 122* a 123',; do. tla, coupon, 18*6, lia* a
121)4; do. do., coupon, now, 1833, 123V a 121; da
do., coupon, li?T, 121 v a 1J1J4; do. do., coupon,
isM, l?>\ a Ml; am ten-forties, reglsterod, no a
nn.V; do. do., coupon, 114 a ll4,Vf; currencj honde,
lot* alio.
la Ute market for State ho tide Tonnesteei and
North Carolina* were the features in Improved quotations
from those of yesterday. In the afteraoo n.
nownver, the new issne of the former went off again
to 61, at wbioti ligu.e sales were made, but subsequent!?
recovered, and at the close stood 51 a 51H1
he rest of the list were quiet but stead?.
In the stock market the Vanderbht etiarts wero
strong on rumors of the suocesaful progress of negotiations
fur the consolidation of New York Central
una Hudson River on the basis of Jto
for the former and 'aoo for tlio latter. The
market was somewhat erratic (luring the
dar, although generally Arm on tho Western
shares on a tower rungo oi prices. About four
I ?'dock, while the bong Room was only sparsely ten
anted, a rum was ma 1c on the mantel which carried
prices down considerably, but it very shortly reacted,
closing firm, although below the best figures
of the rtar. which on the Tanderbtlt shares were, Now
York Central, 213X1 Hudson nlver, ia\ and Ilarlcm,
ice. These prices were made on tho street, In
tuo morning, before the first call. Tito following
ware the prloos on the second call:?Canton. W>, a
fir, Onmberland, a as; Western Union, us -, a
:i*' ouirkullvor. me. a 16: Martoosa. 7 tihl: do ore.
Ifcrrcd. 16 bid; l'aclllo Mail. 8.7*, ar*;t\; Boston Water
Bower, 14%; Adams Express, 68J?afto; Wclls-Fargo
Express, 20 a 2014; Aiuerirau Express, .7914 ai?v.
United Mates Express, osaos!,; Merchants' Union
Express, 0.H bid; Now York Central, 211S &
311H; Hudaon Klver, 188), a 180; llaricin, lHi
lOAltai Beading, U'i?, a tM\; Michigan Central,
130 bill; I.ako SUoro, 107 a 1071,'; Illinois
Central, 141 a 14174; Cleveland and I'ltisbnrit,
lo.i; Chicago and Northwestern, 80'.; no. preferred,
00*4 a 0t<i,; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati,
70)4 a 81; Itock Island, ll7x a 117?^: Milwaukee
anil Hi. Caul, 82*,; do. preferred, 00*4;
Tulodo and Wabasli, 74 a 741,; do. preferred, 70
n 70; Fort Wayne, 153), a 164; Alton end Tcrre
Haute. 44\[ a 30; do. preferred, &s a MHl Ohio and
Mississippi, 321, a.72J4; Delaware and Lackawanna,
113 a H214; Now Jersey Ceniral, 708'*' a 108 Chicago
and AUon, 1 A.?; do. preferred, 100*4 a IMS 5
Morris and Kmc*, 88 >4 a 80V; Hannibal nnd Ml.
Jonapn- 148)4 a 1J7K; t omnibus, Chicago and Indiana
Central, 34 bid. flaier of Erie were made
(hiring the day at 27',.
'j ho Importations of drv goods at this port lor the
Week ending August 12 coiopar e with ihi- previous
yyuclt a i loliows;?
Aittjurt 8. August 12.
Entered for eonsnnptmn. ,..?i.seo,27? $1 447 J7I
Withdrawn 4so.4i0 ?4f.,i>J?
V .rehoused 7,01.1,640 013,400
Foreign exchange is steady on the haala of sterling,
gixty days; bankers, good to nrtme. 1O0M a 110)4;
abort alght. lio* a HOH: I'arla, Hixly daya. 5.?tf a
A13JX; Hhort tight, 8.1SH a Ml*. U|
IAUS AT THE HEW TOtt 5T0C< tUMll {ft
Friday, AuKHHt 13?14)i 15 A. M. din
IJCtOtO rS5-2U,c,'n5,u.-.. 120', Id! (Ill Admin Kiuiesa. 5!?W X
B.HI do H!\ too do .. Mt Bait
14ULIW 1)8 6 30, a,'in.... lit S lmt H<i <?o2*/0
do 121 711 Am Mor Un K*p.... .W'd Bl?J
t?"?W do blO HIS 100 WH!?-K.rKoE?..b(IO SOW! Kir
TO?IO <lo.. *0 UIS loo N YDon KK ?!*)< K
4501.0T?nn ? ?. n#w 51 ?nO do UJ'4 and
iwn do BIS BU do 211 dep
SOl'O 'In 5114 HO Hod Rir?r RK I*V! low
ROOo llBornla 7'b MS 14W do. IMS 43<f251*10
N Car B'j.n 4?S 100 Lake ShoreAMH KK. llT'< '!< ?
500(1 do Boor 1*1 Ut *U 4nn do _ . 1' 7 U of
MA II Lou HiBDk ?' 71V M* Readtnx KK 07(< """
1MA-J L? ?'?, II. ?. Mi C, Col. Oin 4 I KK.. 7KM fc"?
2(M-N Y Cen6'a, 'US... 91\ f*i do 79 at 1
21Xii liar eui 1*1 in llllV, 200 Chic .A N W Kit I-A l"W
HOCOTol A WabllU m.. 84)4 M o do K9V No.
ldoii Dl Wen 1*1 m, Si. KK 801 Chic A NW HH of.. WH *< '
tUUO Ureal We*! 2d 80!d 3(10 do c 1<K? K?.
. 2000N.I On, o b.... :? !> (I Chl?a*o 4 HI BR.. 117 V win
, I0U, Mil 4MP8*i,lrtin 101+6 III do HWj ?3
1IAAI do 1"1>4 20UMt?4St Patti RB... Kll 0
JKK00,041 ndCent 1*1. 82 200Ohio4 Mil* KK :U'i moi
1IAI0 |iei,I.oak4W l?t ui CO* 22 N J Central RB.... ape
llAio Morrl & Kun 2d. 92 98 Morrla 4 E? RU.... 8*5* fl
lUOo Alton A Ter H in.. 74 MiNVaNIIKK 14ft and
2dcha Kourtb N Bfc.... 109 f>0 Han A SI Jo UH 1:17 Co*
48 Tcntb Nat Rank ... MM 2(0 Col, C 4 I C RR-... 8* W?
84 Del 4 Mud Canni.... 128 170 do Id*l B3V( btdi
8(0 Weil Union Tel 8dV loo Mar 4 Cln idpf.b o 9 the
li 0 MaripoAn prf, 13 100 Dull 4 Sioux C KB.. UK OeO
1001'adba Mall S? Co... 8K.V 29 do Ill alir
19 .11. nnd 9il5 o'Clo k P. M. bll'
MOO 1798'% '81,rea.... 122V #M3X1 US 5'a, 10-40, 0.... IM at
1W0U U? S-?, c. 12.... 12H,?I llAOO do HIT* 177,
2!:U00 Ub b-liu, o'EG, a... 12UV 84W U8 O'a, 10-40, rug. 110 ? nil
13.IH) do 120'2 ICO 0 do 110* ni*
2j OO US ft-20, r, i>7. ..?3 121U 10(1(10 do 110 ? froi
- M'OOU do. I2i;2 lOUoO do 110 ma
! ftOUOO do ?3 121 4UM) US 6'a, currency. 110 !,,*
1000 UB u-2U, e, 'itt 12014, wei
One Clock P. Iff* mo
fionoo Tenn (Pa, new... OIK SOOeha NY Cen RR MT4 J',
fllKU do fclj? WOCiea ? Plltf R? KM v?
6(80 do Kit, l''H (liNW RR c??i 1 ""
lUUUOTenn H'h. n co?.. 82 28u Chio 4 N W RRpf.. ? "
f?AI Mlwouri 8V 81 2Wd do
7(Aid M 4 St P lat I d??. K? 10(1 Mil * Bt Paul RR... HUM SJJ
1000C. C4I('entlat. 83 200 Hit 4 St Paul pref.. Jfj
loco Great West 1st, 'rt? rS 200 Cilia A Rk IKK. ... 117 V "j
18 ?U< Del .All Can.... 118 M do 117V .*
2011 Pac M SS Co 8Stj U 24 J Central RB 1<*H ""
1(10 do tdtt 88 108 do. I'OHi
lno ,n, All On hotiraM 1141 712
10 do bet call OS* 1"0 do K>X;H 1 f,*!
SMBaato* Water P. 14* 100 C, O A1 C Kit U '",'f
1' (I Wells-Fargo Kip.... ISO MO do. 33?i Jl'*
100 Oo...... ....... SO',' lOOTol, WabAW pf.... 74
10Adams Express f.8* in Puis, Fort WiChte.. 154* * >
UOAmMetUEx Ml COO do 1M {> '
UO do lift* 100 Morris A Ms Kit.. t> c ?8* J
2a Mar Uotoo Ba 10 ISO A! A Tsr H K it 3S
1 '00 Harlma RR 106 100 II A St Jo BR. Ml {?
2.41 do 469 lAt SOU U A St Jos pref.... 12d * fif
?l? Reading RR WiV 100 Okie A Alton HR.l> o liO C?
<Mi do. sAl 00,4
HnlA|NUt Pits o'Ctsi k F. 1H.
West UnTsI 8814S TOM Lake Shore ll)5Ji A 13611 gos
PaclBu .Mad..... Will* a Kt>J Pittsburg MS t 10,'ilj (he
b V Central .... 2101, a 211 Northwestern .. -88^4 OS* Cle
(III (sou River.. 187* a 1X8 Uortuwesterupf 97Va OS gr*
Harlem 164 a liA Rock Island.... 117', a 117*
Kne 28 a 28* Ft Wayne IS* a 154 Sta
Rcudlng 06 a 00* Ohio A Hiss 22;'* a 32* Ms
Friday, August I I 6 P. M. ^
A aim Receipts, none. Pot were la moderate demand, p ,M
ami wRh light raeelpte peine* wore Or in at $7 07* a $7 G2*.
Pear) were dull and nominal. Flll
Br. row ax was dull and heavy at (3c. a 48c. for Western Fai
and Southern. W? heard of no sales, .. t
ituiLHiNO Matkkiai.8.- For most articles coming under "w
this heading the market was tolerably active and prices wern 8"'
getiernlly steady, hastern spruce was In tatr ra iwwL and *
sales were ettected of 540,1)00 feat within the range of IrlX 50 "'2
a j22 -tho latter price for line sahedulea. Laths wero quiet -
??Ul HI 111 UV ifsJ IV k v* I". WW l,in u)WW MJllMin wan
ai $1 16 for common and 41 76 for lump, with a fair demand. ~
Rosondalu camunt wan fairly aatleo and Urm at ijSI. Bricks, . *
though 'iuiet, were lirm at ?tM a#Ut for Croton. 46a for ' ,,
pale and hi.nl, t? u|} tor Bortk river and ?40 a %46 for ;V^
Philadelphia front. J:
Convi uaob Stock The market waa dull, bat ertr.ee *
were unchanged. We auote:?ttogar ehooka, 81 luch heads, ,
d8 a *810; eu^ar do., mi do., fed 441 a mi bd; moiaaaee ?JJ
de., 38 do.. 4>a?I ?a 42*0; rum do., ?625 a $5i0; pipe do.,
if it 60 a 47; box do., 460; hoops, 14 feat, <45 a 8-0, and rjL"
hoops, 18 feet, $?) a *46.
Can01.eh wore extremely quint. Retail sale* were made
at lee. a 53c. for \a astern and city adamantine, 48c. tor *
. apcim, and 58c. lor patent. Wl
COUOAOB? Manila waa quiet but steady at 23c. a 24r. I's
copi'bb.?The market for tugot was passa dv active, and l.'*
price* Were fully Ic. higher for all kinds. The sales were.
ljlJU.KM I bo. at 8240c. a 23 <40. on the spot, and 2X40. a 231*0. Ay
for Srptomber delivery, closing at about 23"4c. on the spot, J**and
1,UU0,Oi 0 lbs. lor export on private terms. 'J'
Ooooa was dull and prices were nominal at lOStfo. a 11c., ? J1
1 "Old. for Guayaquil In bond and Sic. a 87e., do., for Mara- > *'
caibo do. ",r
Cof rw\?The market for Rio was quiet, the demand being ? *
light, and we only heard 01 sales of 5tK) boxes cx Wavelet on h
private terms; ptlcca, however, were unchanged. Other deerriptlona
oonunued to rule dutl. Wa quoteHlo?Ordinary "
cargoes, 13>*c. a 14c.; fair do., 14)0c. a 16c. j good do., lff!0c. Jf'J
a 11k.; prima do^ 16ie?~ a 17c.; extras e? for lota, 13j<e. a
17?? c.: Java, 82c. a 2f\c.; Singapore, 80c. a 22!*c.; Ceylon,
1 17 14c. a IPHo.; Marscaiho, 15t*o. a IPe.; Lagusyrs, ltlio.
aide.; Jamaica, 15c. a ltfc.; Costa Hica, llJ*o. a 18c.; Ma- a"'
nils and Nexh an, 15c. a lbc., and Bavauliia, 14Hc. a 1)00., all r
Bold, duty paid. *
Cat'TON.?Tluire waa a good demand from exporters and a Px'
moderate Inquiry from splnnem, and a fair business was
nouiaimmalad. The market wan hruier, th".i.jh priru wure
I not q notably higher. The sales were 2,189 hales, of which T*
1,098 were for export, V 111 for spinning, and III on specula- 'J
tlnn. Kor future delivery the merit at was active and Ih in,
ud the sales were as folfuws:?200 bales, basts low iniddllnii, *
' for December at H%c.; <00 do. for Octiber at ia?c., 200 do. for J
, s<ptemberat30s,o.,8iMUo.for January at atjgc.. M do. lor *
a ., ember el 37Ac., 700 do. for January, 200 do. for Dnceui- 3?
ber, and 100 do. for November on private terms; also IUJ
, baloe average low middling for the lust half December and PJ1
tiie tirst hall January on private ferine. We quotec?j
Dp/a ride Mobile JVisr Orkait '
ami Ptori.be. and J/r>ni>/iis. aluiTiJCOe. r?f
Ordinary ............36* 1>\b sal
, Good ordinary ;U) SOvt 31I& 1,3
low middduii 32. 311a 32}J Wl'
MxUlllug 33 H &'.? 34 nf
Gooduudifllnc............ Slid 2") 881<
' Sums AN1I Drain Receipts, 13,2X8 bhlt. Sour, 131 do. <>?,
I soru tneal, IM base do., t(i,U01 ouehtrU wheat, 1 >103 do. corn,
93,11*4 do oats, a?7 tie. rye, and O H do. molt. XUe market for 41
' State end WexUrn ttour ruled hrm under a fair demand for
> extra State for shipment. The sales were about 26,000 bbls., _1
of wlucb about 10, 00 bbls. extre fetaie for espert at $7 So. y"
> California Hour was quiet, but steady. Southern Hour tvas l}?
In better uemaml, bat lower for the fovr giadee. The sales )*i<
were about 1,1 flO bble. Kye ti'iur was more sought after ami B
m<>rc lirmly balu, thougn prioee weie uo higher. The sales '''
were 475 be is. Corn meal was dull aud we heard of uo saios. , It
Prices, however, were unchanged. We quote: - ?
No. y Stat.' gnotla fttO) *
Rupcrtlne State HUha 6 SI G"
Kstrn State . ' CD a 7 20
Choice do 7 3ft a 7 7ft
Buperline Western 9C0a 950 _'
Kstrado ~ ?7i?a 7 CO ??
Kttra Minnesota 7 7ua 9 00 '
Roaud lioop Ohio, shipping hranua 9 So a 7 oU '
Round hoop Ohio, trade breads. 7 6u a 160
St. bonis low estra V Utla 7 AO *
St. bonis straight estrs 7 53 a fc 00 *
St. bums choice doubts astro. k 90 a 9 00 7'
St. bonis choice family It PG a 11 00 ej
I Southern choice ami family KOfla 11211 91
boultwrn tupcriln* *u?l nitr* bOOa b 00 <*11
< allforuia Bour sacks mid bbl#.' f (M a 9 Ml
Kyefioir 4 50 a 675 W"
Coin in -a!, city t>?6? 6 Utf T
Corn m-aI, Brandy wtae f 15 a 1114 I
Horn m lal. JwHt 6 "6a ? J*
? Wheat wan uaelnmuj moraaclli e, and prloaa were Sc. to die
6c. higher for choice apring, while unbound v,-aa hard of
ale at yijaterday'* priori. Winter wneal wee active, and hoi
a largo umnunt ehaara I hanla, both oa the epot and to ar- I?bj
rive. Tceaalea oompi iecd about 2dU,Uthl buahria (part laal 1
o rnlnal, at4l 54 a ill 68 for eofl No. ?. pilng. 41 ft) a "v
If I 8.1 Jj, for flair to prime ;<!?, $1 TO lor No. 1 (laal eron- 7}1'
lng> dtl 7u a 11 7*M for new red anil amber Waeiern on tha
apot and to arrive, al 76 .or new amber Tenneaaea, 41 75 a **"
41 h6 lor poor to prime Caill'orala, 41 81 for oew amtier on'
Delaware to arrive, in I al 8(1 for white Michigan. The mar- 'tin
ket cloaed alron* for cootl wheat at about 41 *2 * 41 63,M for *' '
Nu. St aprlng ana 41 7i? lor No. 1 do. Corn t u active and *'*'
full ptlcea wero readied. There waa no choice ncitad corn ?"
offering. The galea were 60,0011 husnela at 80c. a 1)1 18 lor hoi.
unaiun.l new mined Wuatern, 41 18 a 41 Ihl* for Bound do? *?i
the latter price for prime?and 41 17 a $1 18m for white. Oala
Worn atrnnyer anil la fair demand, the aalea being 46,0*0 hi 7
buahel* at tM. a 7He, for new and 76c. a 76 nr. for old. Kye P
waa in demand and llrioer; 3,000 biiahela wera aoid at 41 18 M>
a 41 80 for Stain. Barley and barley malt wera dull aud J'1'
nunilnal. 80 J
kukilhtb.-The offerlnga were liberal and with but 1 It tie **
ro >m on the berth and a aucrqlty of tonnage, the market wet 4"l
hrninr and rate* were decidedly higher In eome caaes. The 4' *
chartering hualueaa coniiini i to ej. ut.it a bih.q degree of ao- Cal
tivlty. Grain and petroleum veatoie, wlilch were reared, 2,(4
wo a In rao*l demand and couainande i higher rutec. The en- anil
cagemcnu were:?To Liverpool, 40,0(10 buahela n heat at 81i.. 30a
hou bbli roetn at ha a fa 3d., 150 balua 00u00, and pur ateam- Pr><
rr 500 balet outtoo at mil, iUOtlercel lard at 40i., 3.UUU hi,.a, Iba.
Hour tat 8a. Oil., an i 30,110 minds wheal at Hid. a ii''^d. 11,1. a 31
nuwaaked. To .ilaaaow, per (learner, 1.6th) umbela wheat at wit
HiVfd.. and 600 bble. Ilour at ha To Havre 330 hoist cotton at Of
vo. Tu llremcii.poi at atner, 200 lib la. tubaoco at 15?.; 7. oh C?|
liiahela grain at 6,1., an 1 about (9,000 4*. rye on private lernia. ' ?
To le.udon 1,000 bb a. Hour at:a (hi , and 3d tua main at H
la. 3d. In Bordeaux 6t*. area petroleum at la lid. The o.iar- hua
luiavearn: A Dutch bare tu L indftn wtlh 7,500 h lalielc u.ulu niai
al 6?. 91., and 6 000. l.bla Hour al 8a. 04; an Italian brig to lai
l'.uaivli it.i ida, ?ior oruara, w'th 2,003 ,iuar.u a plain, an w
Italian hiuk to W do , w.llijl. 00 ,,uartciJ .alit at 61. P|.; Arc
a Ruaalen bark t. Cori for , rJ -r., with 4,(lt?( ipiartera g-.iln, d?a
at fia., and Kd. oil If dlreM; a Hrinah hark, to Cnrk f.,r ordera,
with 1,12U0 quartern grain, al lie. (closing at ab,.ut On. 3d.,, a
bark to Bayonne, with 2,(Vai bbla. porrulcum, at 5a. K 1.; a '
North Herman bark, with 3,800 h la petrolaum, to Hie mu lilorrancan,
at 6a. 3d., if to the Adriatic at 6a.; a North i.er.aun
bark, to tlia Baltic, with 1,6-0 bbla. petroleum, at 6?. 6,1.; a To
bark, fr->m 1'BlladeTplila to Bremen, with MuO hli,a. petri- ,,
leuin, and a amali veaael to tlm Windward, on private leiuia 1
UONNiru.?.Cloth woa iu moderate demand auu ateady at car
S3e. a tiihi-. Paloa 200 halea (part In Roaton on prlrata
terma. Itaea ware dull and nominal at I8e. a 17c. 41
II mi'. - Manila war in Ueruaub and llrm, an<1 further aalr.g jr.,
?'T? made of !l,4iill balea at I3)?r , gold, thirty .lay*. Of jute
8IH balra were nolri In MnMim al 4\Tc., *old. Hta il waa d ill fail
al #V- a row, wblla Tauiplco waa nominal at TMo a
8c., gold, In bond. " IftV
May war moderately artlre at hlte. for aMpnlnr, pflr. a an
fl 15 fir retail Iota, 41 10 a $1 >11 fur long rye Mi aw, mid rvo. r
a 80e. for auurl do. to |
IIuntil. 1 he market win quiet, but price* generally war* aro
eery ni:n. We quote:-Hum.ia Ayroa, 41 a Zi 1U|., lltgc. a
94o., gold; do. 9i a 37 Ilia., 91c.; do., arcon la, 31) a ?S IIm? I?0l
IIVi. a 18i?r.; Montevideo, t > a 25 |bg, 20, c. a 41 o. ; u.,i
(Virrlenles, 91 it 2". Ilia.. 2Hc.; Klo Orande, *1 a 21 Iba., 21c. a . .
IllS,<". I Orinoco, |.l a it Iba, 30o. a Sir.; Oallforola, i. alt ""
Ilia., 19 V- a ?o.; Contral American. 18a to loa., low. a Uto. t !> ?
. Han Juan. 21 agglua., id*o. a Itc.; Matamnroa, *8 a ii iba., el
14c. a I'd.; Vrra I 'ma, 19 a I* Iba., Ike a ln)go.: I'amr.leo M 811
a 24 Iba., IHr. alHe.; 1'orto t'aiielKi, 2u a 28 Iba., 18We. a l8r. a,,
Hmoi.?The demand lor all gradea wan email and tbwaalra
warn rrry light, being only ai ont Ml luiica. I'rl. ei were uu- V .
changed, tanging iroui 7c. tu 15c. for inferior tu clioma. '
lioo.w. for Heotcb pig the demand waa liglil and prlre.a tiIs*
caneraily tterr In bu.Ytua' iavur. The aitloa wcra Sun lo .o tin
Mu luraa. In arrive, at ,41. ligllnton waa quotod $118 and Uu
(llenyarnock *24 ft) a $$>. Ainericau waJ alow ofaae, Ilia ,
damand being light, but prlcea acre unaltered, Mo. 1 being
qooir.l f41 a $4S and !4o. 2, It*' We heard of no aa'ra. Ri- , '
lined bar waa dull nnd nominal at $WI a $40. Kaim wera
unlet but lirm at nMl 511, gold, for Kngluh and $.4 a $7$, cur- 'or
lanoy, lor Ami rl< .in. C'Of
l.a.iMKK, -Tha market for hamlock aolo waa quint, tbo mp
demand iroui all anun-ea being n. hi. Tb* rwelpla arc ite- |U(
rrriiaing, but the clock of inotl Kin In in fair. Hotli oak a ul .
rou. h were dull, Lut unchanged In ralua. 2Va append tha . '
rur rent quylai loua: - 1'1
r?- ? ffent'oeO.?? , lltll
ft Aprto $< It. f/rnalr. fti'i/bmln. '? Oi . e, A.-. Nyi
tight Iklr. a .'lie. 80e. a SI Mr. ye. a Wllge. Bu,
Mold! ...Kile. akin. ?Hr. allMta WHu-a kWloa. Wlt
Hca.y 2. a. a M a. |8S?. a 9*r. Ian. a 27 e. fh
flood damaged. 25c. arte. tin,. a'j7^?. Mo. a Wo. _
I'onr dainagrd, all klnde, Idr. a Idle.; rough light, J7o. * JAi*
44lr.: middle and brarr. She. a UNo- tol
H tMPlhtn. '' >1'' Ilnmtb,
Mi,. ?*r. *49e. 4tc. a4V, 41c. a Ma.
lie Mc. H?o. 4"o.?4?". Shc.aidn.
irf r4tr.*4h. Ifcc. aisc. Hkc. ?46o
lies. dc a M<
kat) wa* ijiticlf but steady, At $6 30 a t? M, goMi for orirv
olasaxs. The market *w quiet. and we heard of no
oi Iniportauoe. I rises were ?t?uily, In werer, ai Br?.
for Ctil a oeulrltugal ami ui.rsil, 46c. a 4Pc. for do.
wl. 48c. h 68c. fur <1 . m usco Ado, 60c. a 71!-,r. for Porto
n, (fir. a 0#o. for ffewOrlc <ns ami 64c. aMc. for Harbsio*.
aVai. Ktokkk. Receipts l.'.WI bb a. spirits turpentine
0,0011 do. rosin. Tbv market fur spirits luipsntlne was
. eased by tba liberal Arrivals, tlioiigb prices were ito
cr, cIosIuk at yesterday's quotations, Tlx,:?
a 44c. for merchantable and shlpp a t lots. Tlie
i Hid was lli;lit, and wo only beard of sVd
III Mils. Ill ihlfiprti" order AI 4R'$r., nnd small lots In
steady In value. The sales wore 400 In Is. good strained
[i 115 a it 4 80; do. common ilu. ai $3 2"^ a i 2 SO.; 21*1 "la.
pale at if 4 AO it *4 'A 1 21.u do. mint uo. at tb a $i; 150 do.
il at $2 H*? a 412 70, and 200 do. No. I arid low pal# at If4 a
,0. Wcqiiole: ? strained .fiS9> A 2 5.5; No.!, f2fi0s $8;
f, fb 2o a <4 JO; PH.e, f4 AO a if# AJ; and extra do. and
iilow glaa*, $< ? if'1. Tar wm qnlel Imt linn aliM JAa
80 for Wilmington; and $2 80 a 4)2 00 for roiipn Our.
l i.a.?Klali tilla ware dull, and ?? beard of uo sale* of
nient; Drier.* *ur? nominal at ijil 78 a At SO for oru e
rm.fl i'Aa.T'Jfor bleached and unbleached wtntrr do.,
If a #1 JO for crude whale, ifl 15 for ble w.ied winter do.
I die. a #7o. lor mr ihsrlen. Lard was quiet, but trrrnrr,
line at f I 50 for prime spring and fl 55 for prima winter,
seed wee quiet out steady at UTc. a el (;1, In cask* and
I. Olive wan quoted .ft 1 45 u ;jl 50, with smallaala* within
range. Distill" J red wa* steady at 85c. a S o. and saponl!*)e.
a 92c. Tallow was quirt at Uc. al2*<e. per lb. for
;le pressed and SI 1212 a if 1 17 per ration lor repressed.
'r.iuoi.Ki.M ? There was but little demand for crude In
a and that was only for small Iota, hut prirea were steady
yesterday's quotations. The tales worn l.MM hid*, at
,o. ('rude, In bhls., was quiet and prices were still nomiat
28c. a 28'aO. Helmed was less active, the export deud
belug checked hy the scarcity and (h-ranem of
iqhta, and with comparatively free ottering* the
raet was heavy and prlees wore decidedly
nc, Chelny ad Sic. a .'I'J'lo. The saleil
re 5.0U0 bble. on the spot and for Llic balance of this
nth at 82,'?c. a "2!<;c.?ch'toOy at Wie.?*,000 do. ou
.ate terms, 1,000 To. for the lost half tfeptember at
I r.HK) do. for the same delivery on private terms,
phllia win quiet et 10>fe. a 11c., ana no farther salre were
ilc. In I'bUadeiohia the inarkct wet >le:i ledly lee* active,
I tlia prices realised yesterday were not maintained. The
ss were O.OflO his. for the last half Auaust at b2'.o. a
[e. uhr.nxt nil ?t 32'uc 1,00? do. on the spot at 21 ;^c. a
je. and do. from September to December ad K.V
ItoviHioNS. Receipts, nono. Too market for pork conned
to ride dull and nominal at 4)32 20 a $32 2fi for now
Ha; there was no domain! except for small lota, and tbo
oa worn unimportant; prime ami extra prime wo re quoted
i a it'is in, and Wcat ra prime muss ill J id a 1i30 IS. Live
;? w-re dull and nominal at IPc. a 10'jC. ; the arrivals wore
Kl head, all lor slaughterer*. Keel' continued i.i good dend
at -toady prices, and sales were matin of 7NI libit. at
a 412 lor plain mess and icl3a$lR lor extra do. Ueef
ns wire steady at ijjW a tjUIH, with aales of id
s. within the range. Throe beef waa inactive,
I prices were nominal at former quotations,
iron was firm, but the bnalneagwaa Mp-ht, being restricted
the siuallmxs of the stuck and the lirmnesa of freights.
1 meats were held with tirmnesa, bnt. sparingly deull to.
nut IS packages wore add at ltj+c. for dry salted and
kind shoulders. 16c. a 17a. far smoked do., Inc. a 19c. for
kled bams and Jl)*o. a 23 '-iC. for smoked and baggage do.
rd was more sought after, and a good business was transed
at steady prices. '1 he sales were 9511 pack ages at IDs. a
ic. for No. 1 to prime steam and Kettle rendered. Butter
s unchanpe I, being to.et ably autira and steady for the
id prades, which are In light supply, but dull and ucavy for
cuuimon and medium descriptions, which aro plenty,
seat waa In good request, and the market waa Arm for all
,dea. The stock and receipt* were light. We quote:?
nriv oa ip nuTi'ta.
teflrklna, full yellow per lb. 37a a 40c.
i? drains, light colored iVto. a 3Hv.
isteru reserve Brk.ns, full yellow tide, a 2'ia.
te, h ill' lirkin tubs, coo I to extia. :>c. a tile,
,t?, Welsh tubs, good to prime Site, a 37e.
stern tubs, fair lo good 21c. a 24c.
,le and. Western, common Me. a Me.
NBW ('.not* CHKEHK.
toru s,extia loljc. a Ittc.
stones, fair to good 1 14c. a lr-c.
dories, common lUc. a 13c.
'torO s, skimmed 7e. a 11c.
rm dairies, extra 14c. a lM$o.
rmdalriua, fair to cood liv e, a lil?c.
tick.?Carolina coiilluiie I llrm, with n lair demand and a
it stock. bale, lull c;iaks at 8>ye. a h '.,3., according to
illty. Kangoou was dull, but unchanged ,u value.
<>At?. -Oastllo was quiet but steady. Small sales were
,de nt 13)i|C. n IRtgc.
lktniNi The market was stlil dnll but firm at former
cos. Small lots wore disposed of at Ibc. a 2ttc. lor ordP
-v to clinic?, lu ha is. and tierce*.
i bus. Crass were dtt.l but (Irmly held at 7.?o. a 14c. for
vnr, $5 25 a $S 50 for tlmotliy and $3 5V a i)C! W Tor rough
u Lluiicel w in quiet, ami wt lirurd of no further sains,
ndkn was quoted iji* 1" a <3 lit. gold, doty paid.
At.T.?The demand was tolerably active odd with only a
''crate stock, tba maritct (or all descriptions was steady
fanner pries*, Jobbing lots from store wc re selling at the
owing plicae:?A ahtonV, .+11 ffi) a $3 75 per sack.; Mwr.!! ?
anu Worthing'ton's, Ifi'd (5 a i|? 7t; ground, !j<? a
IV; Kvnns', Dean's, Ac., $3 iW a if9 7U; Hlggins*, $S a
2B, and Turks Island, 44c. a Mo. pec bushel.
i.inh.?The market for bnllt goat an l doer wet dull, ant
brardof mi sales 'ejumi those renoruid dur.n i Uie lore11
of Hie week. Trices were steady, liuw-ver at the folrlr.gqitntet
oust - tl'lat?T .mplco, one. a 57 n. tier lb., sold ;
t;.morns, SJlJe. a tie. t Vet a Crnt, 40c. a BJigc.; Ducnoa
rett, M>e. a Iti ao? currency; Payta, 4tkt. a 62c.; Cnracna,
. i Cap*. tSe. a Wc.; Madras, each, HU . a TOD.: fat no,
?c. a 46c. Deer? honduraa, 4(lc. a 48c. per lb., Koid;
a Juan, 8Pr. a 4 c ; ilnlli sr.Stlc. aillc.; Ktanl, 4Uc. a 45c.;
ra Cmi, 42c. a 44c.; (.'Imbrue, '18c. a 46c.; i'orto Cabel.o,
. a .'.tic.; l'ara, 48c. a 44c.; .Southern and Texas, SSc. a 4dc.(
lOtiAlt.?The market for raw waa tolerably active, the dond
bring principally from rshnsrs, ond pi i.-cs were steady
former quotations. There were sales of 1,100 Ulnls. at
ic. a lii.'qc. for Cuba and furto Btco; aieo Ml boxes at 13c.
tilted was In good demand and unite steady In value; tba
ck of most descriptions was light. We quote:?Hard,
,c. a 16c.; soft white, ltd. a live.; extra C, 14 Vo
I yeHow tiW^c. a 14 Nr. We quoteCu'.a? Inferior to
moon refiling, 10)411. a 11c.; fair to good da., 11'40.
II ,e.; good to prirao do., 11 Sc. a tlt.o.; fslr to
Ml grocety, ll.',c. a 12.Se.; prime to choice do., 12 ?c. a
centrifugal (hhds. and boxes), 10,Sc. a II: ,'r.; mtuta1
hnds. an. b..xes), Ms. a 11 Sc.; tnclado, 6c. a S'.jC. liana
Moxes D. J. No*. 7 to 9, live, a 11 L.c.; do. do., HI to li,
:. a 12\c.; do. do. 13to IS, lt'Sc. a 13>fc.; do. do. 16 to Id,
?r. a 14.Sc. I do. do., lb to2U, M'uc. h16mo. ; do. wklui, 14 >ye.
16J*.c. foi to Kloo?heltning grades, ll-Vis. a Ilko.
ItTiiMAOItri. ? KeOni'il was quTst but stoadv at 4bc.
li'tLi M?We )ir*ril of mi salua. but ociics wars firm at
JITH a fl 42, gold, for KItexinn.
rAi.t?w. ?There preceded a moderate demand ?t etc* rty
rin, and mlN warn maiJaof flj.WXI lbs, at llo. ?l3l?e., m>
ding to quality.
'okaiii < ?Kentucky *?? to fair demand, chiefly
etioi l, ami roll prion* wera reniiiml. 'ilia
ce were duo hbil*. at Te. a 13c. In eaed
if the buefnes* was moderate; price*, however,
re eteady at former quotation*. Unlet:?SI < ? ?* oi l IJonHimit
ai 31c., Ml do. n.>w Ohio wrapper*, lf.0 do. new
i to, flV do. now Oh to, and 140 do new CoumecUout wrapper*,
pr vole icnne. Spanish woe atoady fir Havana, wlricli
'I to till! crti.ul of iM tia *s at fruu, 4Ho., gold, to bond, to
10, currency, duty paid, for old and bew. We quote: y/mry
teidnrh/. I. pl.t fro '. and CTorTeriK*
mmon lugs, per lb.......... 7c. a J '4 it. ? a ?
at lug* J'',o. a k ,c. 9c. a 9>ee.
notion leaf hire- tt f. P',c. a 10J?u>
ilium leaf ' ,c. a I to. 11c. a 13c.
od leaf V .c. a li jjfa 1234c. a 13c.
te ;caf 12c. a l-JV.c. Me. a He.
eotlene 13r. a lie. Kite, a Id340.
Imltfuf. Old Crop. Iftv Crop,
uncctlcutaad Massachusetts
Idler*. lt'h.0. a l-'o. 12c. a 13c.
VrappaiytuU Jtc. ate, S6c. a lie.
Inn wrapper* Sc. a'PC. 40c. a Wc.
w York state Mlere 10c. a l"c. 10c. a 13c.
tverace tote Me. a Or. I'd. a dec.
vrsoper* 13c. a fit loo. alio.
ineywaniaandOhloilUern. .U'o. a tic. 10c. a lie.
iverage lute. H>,c. a file. l?c. a hhc.
frapnere t'xi. a fc'e. lto\ a 4Uc.
Invaria?rnmmnn, ?6c. a Mltoe. i goon, St?.-, a ill 03 ,; tire
Of. a $1 lit. Yara?I cut, 70c. a tf>.; II cut, it OS a
1214 ; ercrapH let. We. a'.H v~ Manufactured?Hlaok work,
nnnin and medium, too. a tic., in bout; good and one
. e ate.; hrt.ht work, common and uudiutn, dlo. a 3bu.
I sood and lute. 3t)o. a otic.
is Pig * triple ware lu fair Jobtdng demand and prt<-?a
re higher, cloning et SI tjc. g< Id. The eelee were fltHi slabs
II34C. gold. U( rurgilxh, email lute wore eold at 31". a
|C. gout. Bantu* waa dull and nominal at ike., gold.
,'us wcru In fair icnueat and eales warn oil acted of 2 iithl
.(IB assorted at 74 a ..7 75, gold, according lu In and, and
HI hot** assorted charcoal at 01 if a ijllioa gold.,
t<>?>!_ -The f i(lure of eeraral manufacturing Urois, canted
the failure of a prominent cloth home laat week, h*s han
effect of checking the demand to a considerable orient
m all daaeoa of humeri and uneetlllng the market. The
nuut of buttons uuing la very llghl, the demand being
y for email lot* to supply the present wants or manufaces,
and the market te not strong, though holder*
icrally refmo to make any reduction In pilcei to
Bet eale*. Cnsrse trade* arc lu Il;;l>t etock and tlrmly nehl,
tin the fine gradi are In good supply and olTered by eomn
dere at prices He. below tboee rurreht lait week. Pulled
at la moderately eouve and price* are steady, eapaoiady
etipnr, which ia la email atipp.y. Teiaa Is to loleraactive
demand at prices not differing from tboea
vloualy ourrcut, while Caliloiin* le quiet, hut unchanged
value. In foreign the builnees oonllnnee smell,
t aelei were 34o,Utk) toe. Ileeoe at 4/leu. a BIHc.. Including
NM XX Oldo at too., 6,01.0 do. dp. at llfec., 10,000 X and
and ahove do. at 4oo. aide., iVyJOO X and ho. 1 do. at
ic., 14,11110 ho. 1 and above do. at 3llc., 4,000 No. 1 and X do.
IP'vc., 5,100 X Ohio at 5oc? 4 000 Wfeconeln at 47Sc., 4,uc0
te at 8i,'*c., ;i,POO tu.beJ ut 67c., 2 0(H) unwaahed at Sir.,
U eoonred at 64c., 10,IHW nolle, S.OCti combing, 3.0 0 Indiana
I to,u60 Ohio ou private terms; aro I be. pulled et
.. 40c. for black, 42o. a 45o. for lambs'?the latter
:o Tor choice- and 41c. a 47c. for super and ertra; ObhtO
California at i!0c. a HHc. for common spring clip, end 35c.
Ic. for At do.; 90,000 lb*. Tata* at to"-, a ftSo., chle ly
bin the range of Mto. a Rtc. -the Inside price for eomn.oft.
foreign the ealot were 4,009 t *. H.inta Pe at Sic., 5 b*,*?
?e at K7oe., Wc do. do. (In bond) at 14a. a Itu., gold, aud
[o. pulled t'apc at 4Sc.
JtltrKRY.?Receipts, "03 bbls. The market wa* quiet,
Inc.* being rcetrlcted by the Iirnineen of holder*, who damind
1c. higher price*, bales 7u hbi*. at 01 15 a 01 14,
liALVUOHk wa* quid bat firm at ICc. a (We., sold, for
tic, HOc. dir. fur Borthweet Co.iet and she. do. iur South
T41E CO.lt IttiDK.
tiih Editor op tiik IIrkald:?
it tbo latter part of April coal wan gelling bjr tUe
go at from $5 23 to $5 75 per ton to coal dcaicr*
I tin dorks, ana at renin ui f 11 to f? r>u per ion.
i ia April And May coal Is not rnucli needed for
illy use, and as U appeared almost too soon to
In for toe winter tho supply was becoming
laier tlian Uie demand, and coal dookrs refused
live more tlian froiu |4 60 to |4 per torn widen
aid be an actual loss ol fifty to seventy-live cents
ton to the snippers, even though they had men
rklrg at fit! 60 to $H A" per week. Of course the
Ppcrs could not continue, and therefore suand?i
their work, t?ut under tue bogus name of a
inke among the workmen." Though this bogus
ike was Rotten up In this war It lias turned out
lie a re.ifity, an.I las.iua so long that thore la
m: dancer in it man the faMiewill allow them*
v?s to believe. It has lasted in hoiuc of ttio coal
tricta since tlie loili ol May, ami the workmen of
' horautou t oui|Mtuy end of ths Delaware and
dhon Company arc not only yo' on a strike, but
i annual cer'aiu not to wo.k for those emu panics
s season, as man of lliein are working on tarins
I at otter employ meni rather than sunmlt to tho
uia oiicnxl litem by these companies, and Ilia
n pan ion arc determined tlmt these terms shad lie
i basis on which ihey will employ wo.kiueuin
inout the Mh of Jttlv almost all the Aohnylklll and
iilgh and some ol like Wilkcabsrre collieries com- {
need woikiug; but from the iron furnaces ol IWnuvsiiut
and manufactories of the country generally,
tar reonoruM, steamships, Act, fa. the demand
s ao protatiiig that almost all the coal ininmi up to
* date lias iteen sold (or oash without selling to
n dealers, and as the Delaware and Hudson
inpauy cannot supply them tun dealers of Al
Imny and Troy and of towns alone tne Hudson,
and es far m Cleveland and Hunalo, m wall as
all tne Eastern States, are hero l>u/tn( at
hiirher rates than the dealers or New York and
vielnltv are wilbug to pay. Out ol about two coal
yards fit New York. Brooklyn, Jersey City and iloboken
not o?er tlfty of them have more than about
a Cargo each, and even if they were all full It would
only be about 42u,u0ii tons for a winter supply?
that, is If the public will not buy until tb>>y get ooal
ut "four dollars to nve donors per ton," as they are
directed hy some of me papers of New Vorfc.
Tue wnole number of tous mined inis year up to
the Ath mutant is q,uh*i,ooc. and the whole number
mined lor the year lt? lsei was 1 A,400,016, and, wtihout
regard to the general Increase required every
year, leaving at least. o,i?u,oio tons to be mined before
tue end of Noveiniier. Now, supposing the
people will not buy until coal la lesa than eight or
pine doilara per ton, and that the collieries of
wiuie a itugu uuiuwcr 01 peiauua ncru anuuuig a
bout ?t tUo Houston street ferry, Wllliuinsourg, tho
ga es being open at tlie tune, u borne and wagon,
driven by a mere child, wan seen to approach at a
three niiuuie gait, and tun ferry master 1A11. Dykes)
shouted lm lily to the buy to bo.d up. hut this, it
ascitis, wua beyond bis strength, mid tne horse passed
tki ougb the gate at aiurlutts pai e and plunged off the
bridge into tuc sUu, carrying with him both driver
mid ivogon. The wugon was heavily laden with furniture,
aua for a moineut Ic was feared by the looke.s
on tnat the boy was Itulcd ?y tumbling buieaus
and chairs, but he ga lantiy kept his seat ai d held
too reins nvntly, evidently expecting to swun his
hone nntil assistance reached tilin, but the exhausted
and lerriileil autmal got out ol hia harness
and mink 10 two minutes, 'iho boy was gullautly
rescued by ihe ferrr bauds ami citi/.en P. J. Hughes,
lite horse lost was worth #20j. The wagon and furmiure
were caved iu a damaged condmou.
1UK I -TEtto-U- Ri. IK Villi ?I? IDE
Tlwjr Tuke Exception to the JarhilicUen oi
the United .States Citcnit Coart for the
Easter* UialrlcU
1 In obedience to the notice nerved upontUe baukers
1 by Puiied Hates Marshal Dalton, of lirook'yn, on a
charge ol Uaviug failed to make their moutldy returns
to the Internal Revenue Assessor, these gentleuicu
appeared either In person or by counsel yesterday
at the ofllco of the Clerk of the United Stales
Circuit Court, in Montague street. Ah tho parties
interested tio business in New York, and th^y nave
taken exception to the Jurisdiction of the Circuit
Oonrt for the Kasu-rn district. The question will be
settled when the eases come on for trial,
'ihe following are the natuos of the gentlemen who
Itl*pcui<> -?w-?
Geo. D. Artnnr, Alyn Cox,
Vt ro. H. Arthur, W. J. Oelston,
John I'. Adams. John H. Mussing,
Hi hard J. Kimball, A. W. OroenBeld,
lima 1>. Moore, John B. Noirla.
j. is. Alexander, Benson Vnu Vllet,
A. Kedv. David J. oaith,
1* IX. Alexander, JohirH. Fisher.
J. l? browned, Charles Garlicbs,
juy cooke, John h. fclinmons,
win. U. iiorehend, Walter M. Hatch,
Honrv I). Cooke, W. T. Batch,
D. 6." Tiuporestock, Nnthanlei W. S. Hall,
1'. M. evoke, JohnCockojr,
Edward Podge. Alfred Mhnebergti,
Lovai P- KcUlogg, Horatio Siockor,
V illlam Purkor, 1.. II. Jacob,
William c. rumor, J. F. Reese,
Archibald Turner, Richard Irwin,
Rooeri Turner, Alexaudcr M. Proudloot,
Thomas C. Tumor, Jacob ?. Wetmore,
Ceorgc M. Turner, Alex. l\ (iarr>e,
4 nine" Kitchen, Hie hard Irwin. Jr..
1 cvrua C. Halter, Ilenrr K Keone,
W. H. Uarr, F. W. Glilay,
Gustave binge, H. (>. Ornnnnd,
K C. Portage, " ? Kimball,
Jacob D. Neuiollla, G. It. Seunton,
Uoorae 1.- Brown, James Ki broth,
Aauinet 1>. lirowu, Jaa. I'. Smith.
A. M. CaUono, Jno. W. Kilbrctb.
W II rtlioitoti, F. II, and 1'. R. Klssatn,
Hobert C-'iiriney, Franklin M. Koichaiu.
F M. Corn-stock, George Philips,
Jarues M. Wheeler, Ttioinas Me i knap,
F.D.Cobb. W.C. iMOgb.
Daniel Cobb, ? ? Boed,
W. T. lla?in. } w; Aiming,
cnas. a. Lombard, < harlea t. Uwrencc.
Charles II. Christmas, David E. St. John,
James I". Cusmuan, AtfiO l E. Mcrrlaui.
lienry A. Hurluort, J-J. Mcrnam.
E. S. Chflpin. Theodore M. Morgan,
Henry K. Bower, Janniel S. Kenne,
H. M. liar. Theodore T, ftloran,
A. S. Dubinin, ? B- flonla,
John I'. HcarlT, toiarles (1. Molars,
Ileury M. Dorctt, rliurte^ 11. Molgs,
James It. Nichols, * A. Oloolt,
0, c. Dc Kharo, Oleott,
bonis Dot orwin, " and J. A Patclien,
Alexander M nor, Vt. O. Bate,
liiruin It. imton, tl. W. Bishop,
F.d. W. Tlmpson, John J. Cox, .
Thomas F.aktii, K- O. Rood.
E. 1- Edwards, w. M^Klrnards,
D. II. Fltihuali, frederlca s. Tavlor,
J. A. Jeokliis, George W. Bluer.
W. A. Jenkins, P. H. Curtis,
R. G. Fuller. flin.v Fisko.
R. II. Treat, _ Daniel C. Flskc,
in. t. uoaiuao,
ami ahont one hundred others.
I no i,rvaU>? Mini iter of tho defendants, who lire
Dow absent 110111 the city, were represented by connDoi.
Tiie in# luiposos a Hue not oxoecding 9300 for
tho offence Willi which tlie.r are charged.
in Kebrnnry last Messrs. Clark, Dodge * Oo?
bankers. were the Hrst summoned byAssessor Weba
1 er, of 1 he Thlriy-sccond district. Tills wu.-> looked
11.1011 us a te.-t case, the firm disputing 1110 nelit
or the assessor to charge them one-twentyfourth
or one per cent on nil their capital.
The* were railed before tne assessor and questioned
as to the amount of capiial they had and whaft bay
had In use. llicy finally suliiiiutod a written riclepce,
claiming Hint tney were acting legitimately
as brokers and not as bankers. Tne case was roferr'M
to the Commissioner of Internal llevcnue and
It wus necliiod in fatorof the assessor, tan tho very :
uav on wmoti the decision waa rendered asscaaor
Webster waa ousted irom odlce. Assessor Clevol.md.
who was appointed in nis place, was suliae.
quenity d taciad to proaeoute all the bankers who
tailed to make their returns. Mauv ot 1110111 llmn
riinio lorward and paid their asaeeeumui, but the
greater nuuilier, however, refuaen to do so.
. The whole indigo pradniM of Northern India tbta
season is estimated a* atkOee maunds of sighcy
pounds; in some patta a protracted drought bsa
vary seriously altaciwJ Ik
ocuhjmmji aii'1 i.eiugn will again suspend v wuicii iney
are talking about, ami some ol them have actually
suSpendedi what will the consequences be t Where
will the supply couio riouir The 4j i.ooo tons
would do lor about turee weeks. Whet tlieat
Would It not be nure reasonable that tho newspapers
would iearii me real facts and advise those
who usually lay in their winter supply in Way and i
June, 11 they van buy their coal at a moderate rate,
say ulue dollars per ton, considering all the present
oircuin -tancei, to lay it hi aud not wait until the cold
weuilier, when the poorer classes are obliged to buy?
At iiitM) dollars me neaier could aiford to give the
shipper eight dollars u ton delivered at the docks in
New York, which, alter paying the present rate of
lrnusporiattou, would leave the shipper about fa so
or $u do on board ol he barges at tnu mines, and at a
less rate this year tuu miuers could not or would not ,
snip their coal, >
should the public peisist In waiting until they get ,
eoal at lower ratei they will ouiy euecw tiie piese.it
supply and prevent ineinselves liom having anything
like a reasonable supply for ihe wlu.er, and
coal miiy go to much higher rates, though Hcliuyikill
com is now selling at is an to $iu do per tou I
would not advise uiu public to exceed Dine dollars
for tue best eoal delivered. And 11 this rate were
established generally it would cause a steadiness
between tue miners ami their workmen, aud the supply
to New York would lie more steady lor tue remainder
of Hie season, llut delay buying until tlio
colu weather and wic dealers will not have tune to
put it in tlictr yards, but will be oblige.1 to seud It
direct lroiu Uie boats, as in the tails of 18(12, 'da aud
'04, in a maty, dirty aud unsatisfactory condition
gcaeratly. M. U.
1HK IMIirii.
VHIILU ??niw? uvmiiHUtiwiiLi ? wvwm
Arrest of a Cigar dlitnnft. ctarcr.
Tht United States vs. James xesbu, Jr.?Mr. Nmbit
was arrested on Thursday night by an offlcer of
'.tie Internal Revenue Department, charged with
carrying on tne business of a tobacco manufacturer
without naving Kept a correct account of lus business,
us provided for by section SO of the internal
revenue laws, lie was arraigned before Commissioner
Xew ion yesteruay, w-beii lie gave bail la tne
t sum of f 1,0.1a Ills examination was set down for
> tue aui of September.
| A Female Sneak Thief Cauiimt.?Catharine
awwuire was caught yesterday iu the act of stealing
a coat from ttio residence of Mrs. Joseph Johnson,
175 Adams street. Him was tacen before Justice
i HucKlcy and sentence I to six montus' Impnsunintut
lu tne Penitentiary.
CiiAituEU wirn Emsiozlixo Money Fkoh His
| Knuloyeb yesterday morning Edward Hastings,
thirty-two years of age, was taken into custody In
tne Forty-ninth precinct on Thursday night last on
coainiuint of William L. Wood, a soap manufacturer,
i carrying on business at No. 7d liraham avenue, who
cnarges Ului with cnibezsdng uioucy. It is alleged
ttuttun the 2'Jtu of July the prisoner was sent by Mr.
Wood to deposit $V6t> in money and chucks at the First
Katiooai dank, but ianed to do so and absconded
with tue amount. Tue police have been ever siuco
sHHi'eiiiug lor tue delinquent. The checks, amounting
to $7bo, were found in llast.iig's possession, out
none 01 the uiouey. The accused was held lor
examination beiore Justice Lynch.
EXOfi'iNO H? en* at tub Houston stuurt Ferry.?
Between one and two o'clock yesterday afternoon,
Jewr t'lir. '
'fins CoNOKK-irfios'ai. Committer On ICktkkvc'Hi*&nt,
together wiih Senator* Morrill and Cattail, of ^
the Finance Committee, and D. F. Mttrphy, Senate J
reporter, loit JerMj City last night on a Woodruff J
Bhver palace car lor s^n Krunusco via the Sew Jer- J
sey, Penhaylvania and Fort Wayne Uauroaili. sev- f
eial ladles accompanied the party. '
Thm Ovbksbhk or tub Room-Mr. Fatrlclt f
McDonald waf exonerated yesterday by the physi- h
Clans attending tho City Homita! from the eliariie of *
in humanity in refusing to admit Mrw. Madden to see 11
her dying husbuud. Jt transpired that on ihe contrary
Mr. Motionaltl, through feeiinc* of tiuuiauity, C
admitted her against the txprcys order of the physician*,
who stated that the niau ? death would be accelerated
thereby. a
Tun Latk Stabbing Affray.?Anthon llennlnir, d
one of tlio men confined in the City Prison ou the 't
charge of betng implicated fn the nabbing of f.eo- i
pold Hasselwunder, confessed yesterday that he was '
the ludlvulual ol thu parly who stabbed the man. J
and that he afterwards threw the kuiro into the 4
river. He Htalea furtuer that John itoth was armed
with a sluugshot. Heuniug k> a butcher aud was
employed in Nety York. '
Wbonoeitx* Accused.?Mr. Frederick Mclntyre, t
wlio waa charged by Mr. Meaning, of Warren street,
with Intent to rob the store of the latter, did not en- |
ter the premises at all. Several parties testified yesterday
that the inau was greatly intoxicated and
was knocking loudly at the window aud door, sup- ,
posmg he was at his boarding house, which Is in ]
thai locality. Mr. Mclntyre is a man oi respectable
connections and the Kccorder was satisfied of Ins innocence
ox the charge.
Singular Breach of Fromisb Case?Jersey la
certainly a land of romance and sensation. The
lowest price perhaps yet fixed upon a wounded
heart was that claimed as damages In Justice
Chambers' court yesterday by Kate Donovan, a sorVitnf
i/lrl wn<t annd Vxlmnnrt tfolhr fnr Cirffl atn^n
; he Iuilea lo many her accordmg to agreement. The
t day was Uxed, postponed by him with her consent,
Uxed agatn, the bans puoitshed in St. reter's
church, aim with all these preliminaries Kelly
backed out. telling her sho might "kiss ihe hare's
loot" ami that she need noc expert to get
in in. When the rase was raited on yesterday the I
delendant agreed to marry Kate, oat the latter heal- i
luted lor seine time. At length she preferred Hip ,
svvaln to the $100 purse, and the pair set out lor St.
j Peter's church, which.euded the suit. i
Hoboken. i
The Highwood Guards, under the coinipand of
General Hatfield, went on an excursion to Green:
vlllo yesterday.
Another StrrctPE.?Yesterday morning a German
named Maximilian Leamann was fouulfdead in Ills
oeu at the llamburg House. On the previous even*
Ing he purchased fourteen grains of strychnine, and
must nave swallowed the poison on retiring to sleep.
A post mortem examination was made yesterday,
which continued the belief that he had poisoned 1
himself, and Coroner White held an inquest. The
deceased had respecrable relatives, was tnirty years
of age, una armed lately from Germany.
Ilatlaoa City.
old man named Juines Magulre, In search of employment
chaaced to stroll into Grand avonue yesterday
morning, where he loitered for a few momenta
after crossing the fence of a garden belonging
to Mrs. Havens, but In cuarge or a man namca John
Hopper. Tlie latter to puuisa him lor his intrusion
attached him and inflicted a severe wound on his
head with a stone. Magitire was in a prostrate coni
ditlon when he was taken to the ponce station.
Hopper was held to bail tor trial.
Ft. Barnabas Hospital.?The annual report or
tills Institution shows that forty patients have been
treated for various diseases during the year. There
are now in the hospital only twelve patients. Only
eight patterns have died. The Institution has been
in existence loiir years. It commenced witn a
hired room And has accoraplisued a great deal of
good. It is supported entirely by voiuatary contmmitons,
mostly from members of the Episcopal
Death pro* Supposed Coup de Solkil.?An account
was published in yesterday's Herald of an
unknown man who was lound lying In the street in
a slate of Insensibility and removed to Ft. Barnabas
Hospital on Thursday afternoon. Ha (lied a lew
hours subsequently. Nothing has boeu found on his
person to indicate who lie was or where be came
1IUIU, I'AUCJH ? I/Uiiyic VA mrri ihio uvkvw nuut rwu
Francisco 10 the Isthmus anil thence to Kew York
would HfH/iu to indicate that lie camelroui California,
lie appealed to be a Uerinau, aooat thirty years oi
sriuous acciokxt-onk person killed and
Two Injured On Thursday afternoon, while some
workmen were engaged in placing the ralters on
the second floor of the new building No. 1S8 F.Ii/.aOeth
avenue, one ot tne beams broke, causing the
floor to be carried away. John L. Eller, an apprentice,
eighteen years ot age, was injured so severely
tnai he died a few hours aubscouenily. Two other
workmen, Frank 11 ess and. .Martin Keller, were
severely though, not dangerously Injured.
Stewarts ville.
Melancholy Occurrence.?A runaway accF
dont, aUcuaed with results of a serious rlutraccer
look place hero a lew days ago. whereby a very estimable
lady named Mrs. Barney De Witt was Instuutly
killed and ner dauguier injn ed so that her
recovery Is lur from certain. Wldio driving in tneir
carriage from Huston, Pa., to their home at Harmony,
in Warren county, when passing through this
township the horse took lrigtit and started off
at a lurious pace. Mrs. De Witt was hurled ont with
great force against a stone fence and almost instantly
killed. Mm Ue Witt was thrown out afterwards,
and injured as stated.
Jkkhy Storms, the horse thief, incarcerated in
the Hackcnsack Jail, in spite of all rumors to the
contrary, shows no symptoms of insanity. He is
gruff and short to visitors, affirming that he wauls
no help, a* he has lrieuds in plenty outside. Jerry's
prospects are tor a tree sojourn in me. auie Prison.
Serious Street Accidents.?William Hock wood,
a Junk dealer, residing at No. li West street, was
driving through North Main street about eleven
o'clock yesterday morning, when his horse ran
*?ai aud dr. hoc It wood was thrown violently upon
me giouud. Ue wus found to be seriously hurt, tUe
b.ood running copiously from his esrs aud other
evidences of severe lutoruai injuries; but, no alarmlug
byuuituiu.-, having since inunlfested themselves,
a fui.il remit is nor apprehended. The runaway
horse created great havoc lu smiu street, overturning
huckster stands and apple carts, hurling the
proprietors Uleruui upon the ground and scaring a
great many pedestrians, as the animal persisted in
keeping to tho crowded sidewalk.
LOM ML liti D.
| Fire at Oys ran Bar?On Wudue-ulay last the
ham of M". Cliauneey McOonm, at Oyster Bay, w as
totally consumed by Are, causing a loss of f ion. No
Harness Thirvrs.?On Tuesday uight thieves
paid a visit to the premises of William Sannnls, of
Flushing, and stole Irom nis carnage house a set of
silver mounted harness and a pair of horse .sheets.
I Anitas r or a Huston Till nr.?A man. giving his
[ name as John Clark, of Boston, has been arrested
anil lodged In the Queens county Jail, charged with I
paving entered the house ol Kdward Wnictts, at 1
Wesibuyr, uud stinling lliereiruiu a quantity of '
I money. 1
| Tub -Sao Harbor Gas' Works Destroyed by ,
i Fire.?At an esriy honr yesterday morning the gas \
works in the village ot .Sag Harbor, Suffolk county,
I took Are and in a short urn* were totally destroyed. .
i 'lhe loss Is estimated at upwards or a.i.ooo. ou '
vvinch lucre was an Insurance of $b,uoo. The origin ,
oi the lire I* unknown.
W am'Kkino Depredators.?Two men lately called
si the house ol JoseplP l>. Armstrong, North lleiup!
stead, aud inquired for work, hut it was n-fmcd ,
them. They coutluued on east until ther came to .
\\ .. M.nrr where ther lound n laruier's lioum i nui .1
which Uiuj fori ml open and entered, ana were alMiiit
leaving tlie premises Willi a quantity of good* when
they were discovered, ami after a aliort chase
arretted and lodged lu the Queens county jun.
Tiikit ok a Watch.?a lew days since a
gold watch and chain and other urttcies wero stolen
from the premier* of bit-urge Vanderverg, betweeu
Jamaica and Flushing. The services of oinccr t
Miilth, of Flushing. were ohtained to lerret out the 1
Intel aad 11 poaaibw mover the property. hnsptrioft
pointed very strongly toward a young colored domestic
living with ilie family, and ihnoiilcer directed
Ins attention to her. Ity tins means tue property
was returned yesterday.
8HOOTIH11 Aniuv at WoouitAVKN.?Yesterday
niornlng a young man named Joltu Asowskle, of
Woudhaven, appeared boforo Juaiico Hnedekcr, in
Jamaica, and mane complaint against C.oorgc Hummel,
whom lie charged with having feloniously and
wltfnilw shot him in the right rye, trout the effects of
Which the o.vo lias been destroyed. The Justice
Issued a warrant lor his arrest and placed it in the
hand* of oitloer Kern for enforcement. Asoaskic
inny probably die trout lus wound, and he is now eultoiing
severe patn.
wwuii.Ta roitn.
Tub I.vtk Kirk at Yonkkbs-?In order to relieve
the workmen who lost their tools by tits recent die
T >
iMron* fire nt Yorncers a eulwrrlptton has been
lotntuenced tn that village, whictf It is understood ut
peetlug with a llixiral response from the cltlzena.
rue oblevt Is certainly a commendable one, an nearly
Hiy carpenters, witn families dependent upon them,
lie throw n out or employment owing to their being
lenrlvert of the imtdernenfs of their trade.
Srrrosrr IxcEVbiAnmw.?The two story franid
I welling of John Stewart, on High street, near Vine'anl
avenue. Yonlters, was totally destroyed by flr?
It a inte hour on Tnnrsday evening. A neighbor
Irst discovered tae names on Hie outside of the
tulldmg, anil broke open Hie door in order to alarai
be sleeping inmates, consisting of Stewart's wifd
ntl two children. As there was no lire wave a sollurv
lamp on the premises It la believed that the
louse was ilred by an incendiary. um #1,000; inured
in the Yoakers an l New York luauraace Co.uany
for $700.
pnobanlk howicipe at moithtsavta.?Yesterday
lotoner Hatngate took the ante-mortem statement
r a man named William Coltuun, living on Rohblui
venue, East Morrlianta, who was supposed to be in t?
lying condition, resulting from a beating lie received
II Hie .id iiiHiuut. ihe injured tnau elates, uu nam,
ha' whim returning home from his work, win
lin e others, on the day named lie was overtaken
vv lour men who were in a wagon, and named
espectively i'eter kink, Michael ueary, Harriot
yaw uud Henry McLette; that the whole party
(ufnpetl out, whereupon Peter Zink struck hftn In
the lace and head with his Hats; that afterwards the
uheis, who wi re each ariued with a pitchfork, as'uuited
him with the handles of those weapons and
.lien drove off, leaving aim bruised anil bleedingt
It appears that Cuttnan and his companions trespassed
on lauds leased or owned bv Zink, for tiia
purpose of appropriating apples, for whtch two ol
me party were tried on the same rtav before J unties
hauptrnaa, and tnia is understood 10 giu the ouij
provocation which lead to lUc alleged assault, The
injured man was in a critical condition yesterday,
being so low that ne was hardly able to articulate,
N me of the parties whom he accuses have as yel
been arrested.
The New York Yueht Squadron?flat fos
new Bedford?A floi Breeze and a (iMtl
Stnri?The Heaeen nt Newport-FanhtAn?4
Tlio ftond nnC ike Ruling Features of tli?
NKwroKT, August 18,1888.
IMta thai alertness which throughout the crutsg
lius cbaracicrlzed the evolutions of the gquadfirtf
anchors were weighed this morning at half-past
seven o'clock, the signal gun from the Phantom earing
warned the yacht* to depart, and no doubl
Hut ting from repose the drowsy fashionables around
me mil*. The sound echoed lar and wide, and perhaps
long ere many a sieepy lounger had time ta
matter an indignant growl the gallant fleet had
spread its snowy canvas to the wind, it was a bright
and Itesntliul morning, most auspicious and agreeable.
The yachts kept well together for some tima(
but when a utile or so from the harbor, from wkiclt
ttiey rushed like race horses, they began to part company
and were shortly lost to view.
The reception of tho squadron at Newport wag
marked by the usual circumstances which annnalij
surround their advent at this favorite watering
place. Numerous private invitations were tendered
to the officers, wlitle the gorgeous saloons of tkf
yachts were visited by many guests. There was nfl
public demonstration of any kind, though it Is atmod,
needless to say that the inbabttauts fell
honored by the visit of the fleet, ft would be wett,
however, if the authorities of the city were mora
alive to the occasion, and aroused themselves front
their dormant condition, from which the friendly
salutes of the squadron seem ouable to eaineam
them. They should understand that the advent og
the New York Yacht Squadron la matter of importance,
und should most UeartUy express their acknowledgements
by suitable tokens of appreciation.
A word to the wtse is sufficient.
A number of the yachts telt yesterday, including
the uamtner, Mangle, Alice, Widgeon. Uracie and
Madeline, the last mentioned on a flsiuug excursion
to Uo.aies' Hole. Moat of them will join the squudrog
at New liedford, where a spienuld reception awaits
the club, and a grand display is comldontly antic*
pated. r-everal of the schooners went our yesterday
on short cruises with pleasure panics and returned
about noon. In the evening Hie officers were enterlamed
by Mr. Malihiu Mnids, and a reception was
held at his residence near tlc tovue avenue. Commodore
Meobins and a large number of trie rueraberi
of ibe club attended, it was quite an agreeable and
taslironable affair, several of the principal rcsudentg
having been invited to be present ou tnc occasion.
And now a word or two about the season at Newport.
Candidly, ti lias been a dull oue. To be surg
ibe collages have ?ecn satisfactorily crammed, tug
sea, muddy eoou*h, still coir.cs to the beach, and
iiuuuaome equipages continue to aash past tug
ocean House. The season is said to be at Its height,
if so. it lias not progressed much since July, though
tt is nevertheless agreeable to luauy. everybody
seems to wear a very long lace, au<J looks as meiaucnoly
as pa? We. There is a complete aosenca of
ail that iruvotv licit has rendered l.onir Ilraocti and
Saratoga so popular. Possibly it is the characteristic
dignity of tlio place that renders me hrpochoru
Uria. at appearance of every thing arouuJ so suggealive
of tue liaiiaa-ort-sn-iX-you-pieii.se style. Vet,
ritual, me season Here lias been attractive to many,
and oven enjoy nolo to souic. Tiicru have bec4
private reoepuoua at the cottages, bails limited ?
Mine uui space, while tue i.oddesa of K.ishlo*
reigns sdproine. fn tue way of handsome equipages,
cluniiun: occupants, spanking bays and poushoj
darkles Newport undouotedly bears the palm. Till
turnouts oi me coitagcrs?me Xeiuale portion particularly?this
seasonsurpa-sibo.se of many a previous
one. High-collared and corpulent papas am|
mailing and stately duchesses, tnuriiagcabio daughteis,
with "specs'' aud prospects besides, sally forth
in the niter noon in tue (amity carriage, on top o|
which good . sambo perches with appropriate grace.
Now couie r a dasumg tierolue in a charming baste!
chariot aloue, with whip aud reins, her faaciualiiuf
cuirrup almost setting the pr.tneer wild wuii delight,
tier eyes look fixedly at the horses' heads, and awaP
they go in splendid style. Anon coutes a pail
in a handsome buggy Willi average trotting
steed, the male occupant meekly resigned
to hts late, for . the hello is driver aud
commands. Thus they puss the livelong afternoon,
ai endies* and bitUiaut cavalcade oi fashion, incus*
sun in Its tnotlon and gorgeous In its display.
Truly the toilets oi the ladies are exquisite and ccr.
taiuly excel auvihiug oX the km I at most of the sum.
titer resorts. Fas&ioii is triumphant and its devotees
bete are earnest as they are sincere in uphold*
ing it. benevu" avenue is, oX course, the grand
avenue for exhibition, and not a lew costly establishments
have been opened lucre to to d the taste
tor Parisian novelties. The season, therefore, has
been brilliant so lur as outdoor display is concerned,
and doubtless remunerative to the motfistes, tug
miniature pu.ace of Mine. Douglass, on the avennc,
having bet-it almost daily haunted by the fair ones
in soareu of dodcate aud gorgeous fa ones, The New
V org esUtbiibhiueuis generally have done a good
trade here. In flue the season is enjoyable to till
cottagers, they having it, to use wuo expression, ai|
their own way.
but then coiucs the wavfaror's grumble. He see*
everything bnt sociability, for min there is none.
The 'strams oi the ex cedent band at the Ocean lions*
enliven tutu forjitla'O- Yet the mnsic canuot las!
t'.e entire day. .So lb? sinoKes aud dunks, and living
strolled along the pia/./.a thinks and Hinolcel
again. l|> 10 the present the hotels have not bead
as tub as usual, lu fact, Die cottages have monopolized
I lie attractions, while hotoi lite consists chiefly
In watching the display along ihe road. The Ocean
House K however, somewuat lively and entertain*
ing tu the ulteruoou.
The first toine iJutisan/e of the season at tUf
Ocean llousc will take place to-morrow evening,
which will doubtless inline some hie Into the intsau*
thropicai guests, aud perhaps tue season wilt tcrrai.
uate more pleasantly than it seems to have commenced.
.Mr. Joseph Weaver, the proprietor, seeing
to iihno spared nothing to sustain the aristocrat!*
reputation of the concern. It may lie added that
l resident brant is expected about the JOtli inst., an#
more is do doubt mat the dancing will bcoom#
much more auiuiuted than lieretolore. Oldest inMbiinnts
concur lu the opinion that Newport must
ook Miarp auo arouse Used from the leiuargy into
irlikii It has uppaienuy lallen.
Tue squadron will remain at New Bedford until
'urthor orders from the Commodore, but it is most
irobuole thai alter tue proposed regatta the yacht*
viil proceed to Holmes' Hole, where, doubtless, the
tinner piuu of uroceodlug wdl be announced.
Yachting Notes.
The Brooklyn Vnciit ciui> will giro on excursion
gatla e n t lie ilisi ItuU In order to render the occailon
one of minimal Interest and enjoyment It W
ntended to have u dsn omt clambake chowder on
ihore. The yachts will rendezvous off the club
muse, Gownnua Hay, at inno o'clock, to sail as two
Masses for a pennant, each to bo given by the Com*
nodore, and to be suited for without any allowance
if time, via,:?From otr club lionse to and around
ituoy No. ti, thence to .take boat of li.itn Hotel, the
ractit Alice to serve its such. Hhe will also Mart the
r .u hts witn thrive guns?IIrat gun lor the yacnta to
ret ready, second gnu to aturt me tlrst class or oablt
loops, thud gnu to start the second class
ir open yhehts. The Urn boat in at Bath,
id ened einss, to tuko the pilze, whloh we
not intended as n champion peiinuut, but, to be reiMined
hv tne winning yooht. The mptadron will
men anchor end tne members go on shore. Officer*
jiid ex -officer* nave liec-n invited bv the Coinmo1
me ?ii board the yuclu Alice, win Id Invitation*
liave ;uso iieen extended to inemben without yacht*
did no: uccoiiimodiiied on any ol the other jrarhiit
it m needles* u> add umi au agreeable event may nc
tut lot piited.
I he eciop Kva C., Captain George Martin, of Port heeler,
and Hid sloop Dictator, Captain A. M. Pryor,
>1 Maiulord, will sab a race on Long leiaud hound
mi Monday, August Id, for a purse of gaou. The
oursc to be sailed la from the auehorago at Middle
apiuln'a le and, oir ureenwich, t'oun., tea mil3* to
-v ui'I ward and return, starting at ten A. M. Tli*
nnpeiing vaaseueacn took a prixe in the regawxs
If July 6 and at, from Mian us Harbor, and the eemng
conU'St WU) prooaUly decWu (he uueetioa M to
winch is the feeivat boat.

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