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ie Nmn^lin^ Operations 011
the Kfo Grande.
ignation uf the Mexican* ut the American
Charges Against Juarci.
wcinuonary movements la tne
*signation of the Supreme
Court Judges.
to Rio Gmiute biaiiviliiig 0|>crail?n?-The
irxiriu* tu<l)|uaiit ul Ahici'Ickii <iistrgo?
IruIum Juarez ? Tbo PrcM KauipnBt?A I'ti.
i'tlcrule OIQcei' lo the lUncuc^Tie 1'rcti
>u Plncltlo Vcia's Uuld.
MEXICO, Juno 2.1, 1670.
The repo't of the joint committee at Washington
(tie subject of the Itlo Grande smuggling operaduring
the Confederate war and tlie comments
the presa or the Tnlt^d States, which have been
:aslonod thereby, co.itlnuo t<> Irritate the friend.*
President Juarez. It appears from the silenco of
?opposition press th >t the surprise Is as gre.it to
i political enemies a^ to his friends, and that the |
ngnation of the Mexican people Ls universal,
typings from several American papers have
ached here, Including some from Sau Francisco, i
elattcr sustaining President Juaivz ag-nnsi the
port of the committee. The statement of the ex>nfedcrat>
oillcer who commanded o:i the Texas
le of the Rio Cran io has appeared here, a cony of
hteh Is forwarde l herewith, and also a translation
a leading e.lltorial which recently appeared on
ic suh.e t in the oillci il paper of the government.
The btario Official of tne 23d of June has the folwlng,
under the heading or ' Unfounded Charges
gainst the President of the Republic:"?
fcome d.ulU-a In the Cuitid States have recently
ublished some articles more or less piqnant m eonjqueuce
?f a report b.v the joint committee of the
enate and Housj of the neighboring republic for
?e redaction ol the public expense?, in which reort
It U said, referring to som-; witnesses who Hp
c?trwi puiure sum rurmimu'v, mai u'iriiig mo unit;
f iDe war i>ci>?Hii iin- No-lii and South, Win I'rosteut
of it>> republic of Mexico sympathized secretly
nth the robe's, gave thorn arms In exchange f ir
o(ton. that in tuia inunner lie made a eouslderblc
private amount.
It Is not strange t:>at In a country in which the
re.a ij nee uuy one may say wiut he pleasos nail
i.?y give publl- it.v to the- in st ab.ura auj most unmtuded
opinions nltl) frequency. II tLier*' are
Jortli American dallies which give credit to such
ji extra idiuary fal ehoal thero may also l>e some
itiirii may consder this as au insult to gool feeling,
'vaiixinx In this manner Die principle' that the bent
*>rrecuvo against the abuses of a free pre s is tue
aoie free press Itself.
As to prr* us who know what the press is In llie
United S ates, their attention need not be called to
inylliing the North A toon- an dallies winy lie ab!e t >
lay with respect to the President of our lepuhlic.
He believe tlia# we would lower tue dignity of our
country veiy much if we should rocorl ih? acts
Wliii h show th i l<>ya tv and patriotism of the first
mapWtrate of our eouutry during the civil war In the
United State*, which was confident with oar own
war of the Intervention, proving at onee the absurdity
?n.l want or foundation of the charge no?v
Bade aualnst him.
Besides the task would be further unnecessary,
being certain that Mexicons of all political cIuswm
know well that the*: charges arc truly absurd. We
^avo, however, a word to s.iy before concluding this
article to the person* who form the committ> e of the
ttnited States Congress. Although thev might conaider
us impartial the stalem-uts made by .Mexicans
Vl?" declare the committee to Have proceeded
iashly In giving credit to unfounded declara'Ion?,
Which attack not only the probity of an individual,
but the gool faith of a government, we
present the spontaneous brarable teslmony,
fcot of obscure per*.me, nor of Mexicans,
who might oe considered partial, hut or a cltuen of
|hc United Siatej v.ho remained in an official character
upon the frontier of Mexico during the wnole
toerlod 6f the war, who Ls the person wno ought to
koow everything that happened 011 the Rio Uvaude
ih. timu iu wiiic.i me <iecl tr.itioui* reier of
the witnesses who appeared before the ji.int comgniuea;
for they * Id remember that from W.ishlaytou
down to Grant ail the fn-sid^ula of tje North
American I'nlon have been tre.-iiwl hv their r..-.!.ti. m
oeini'g wiili a severity and injustice"eotir-eiy otodl?le.
Probity. pulilo:iMu, (liMnteiest-dii <<. hi will I
to* ofh^r public aoi private virtues of these two
(rent men, hare ptujs -d Info liistorv uu nioii'.s for
lankind. Notwithstanding tlua, Washington us
Veil as Umit has l>eeD ac nse.l or the and
Boost tl.gi.idinjt i>hbs!od9 and o.' ambition, even to
that of aspiring to the elevated pavilion which t'ey
have acquired, iilthuiijfh 'hey till not, .lent
ro ii, lor ilie only purpose of aTordinc
them an opportunity to secure a personal
fortune. Who, then, ea't be surprised that the
newspapers which t-iiUH treat their own most distinguished
fellow eltlzMH b;!OiiK1 m tke the -;itnc
baiyes agrtin-i the maglstr.ite of otli r Uutioi.s,
tspjclaliy as they a>e found, by their aWece leim
and public Mie. la a position eupeilor to such unfounned
< a!uniuie? ? Tint to which our attention,
no douht. the attention of the most judicious
pcnoiM hvis 0''<'ti calltvt, ha.-i bca the Oircuius.'a.ice
thai a bo.ly of violi llimitrious and patriotic men <:k
those we suppose from the committee could have
gtwn the lea-;! crcltt to the passionate liiforiualion
f so-<8ll d wtrne. : J, wno asserted even s to hav.*
ccourred which re i:j opan contradiction win con|M|?faiKow
history a" I common senso. This testiniony
which we puM.sli to-day Is much >n no Pntar'ial,
as it em .-ia.es iroru tii chief o! the ronfedtrate
forces mi TVxu.*, for will- h reason he was not
the friend of {lie I'rexhieul of Itov republic oi Mexico,
lui'l who hiM u-j oiller rvas n "or k'ivni# lin tv tlhiouy
rhnn the <le re i.ol lo -co true history
j-u.hiW'- i ir>v:T/ A-;n hie rro ??.* .j.e uiahc.
Having *.rii !: se.'i lal j u.i.'.'a of urn Unltu i Slates mateOkiiU
to tiie effect tb >t I'l ajl'Son; J nam w .5 >n le.itftH) w t|i
tkr Omif?4tr*W. "thut ba them tn cmtlng oat c ' is
Rild tint "Ik fiirin?b<-', I'mtui wtlb *r:i.* aud .tramMnitiou," on
Wbn'b.it in iillw".'!, "iie rr.tii/t'd * buuiUome prmit," I dtum It
*>v duty vo imvuc liic to.lowiu* ?i:>t>:niantIn ih. suminor of
gin, bvtUK an Hirer i f lliu O'inftidj.-aU armf, I ) v.:elv..d an
?rdci- to prc;e-1 lo Brov/LEViil:-, I ;H', anil u\rnlt lnnivu>
tli-ii? for imvnmrr.t tu du-.y in l ?'? J a:' ,;J
t Bro-vnsvlile Id f cptei. cr. W, W-l a tt'At
tiniu tbtrMfiir I wk? placeJ on duty ut
Chief of st.irt of tho l)i.;ariment of los*?, s&.l
lm>l Ibe futIre c >:i!iol 01 tho 'dnulati stive ct'illcn o1' tli'it dcuirtmrnt
ur.tll A-uusi Hi. wi ro 1 trai pincl hi CiunfiMid of
Jlic v?? 'tern di-trlct 01 f? !? , wi'.U lf.? iq'turte:** ut hr.iwne llle,
Biv comitoiiiI i'Ii.' r.'vt.i,- l* r entlrr frontier of tlic llio
fjiai.'if. 1 Itvl, tbcruM.'% lii ' I'i'Hop.iort'ifiitj 01 kmvvlnj
tho truth or I'al.thy 01' tii>- r*id rliovc-, tii'l do n it he*:' .t'.- lu
prcuoui:<:hi;j tlii-:n--so fur u? 1'rcoi jcat Jimrnz 1- ulto-.ttd ?
?n uU?rl.> 'iMiiiuto or' uny l(?:i*i"i hi hi ;.i trulD. Mo i:?ei w*?
eiti'r known to ?n>1 brotiier than I'.iat the
Mexican repiibll^.'iri .t. aa.l ft ; i dly P/cslUent
Jaor.'/, wnn onjin- 11. '!i.: i.'onN'iiiMtif r.-.i;.*, ;:Dd sympathized
vvit!> * l!i? tv'iJ<^ of ' i0 b'ai'.ii- it is mil
probable nor buraly p usible th.n rrc. id?*nt Jiuirrz or
ny afi'iit of his co-iM li.ir.* t.i.aisbr t nrmJ, .111 nnnilloil or
aid Of any kind wUtioul inv uiwuy ?>,- bv'Hi'la,: of it. Tiie
?nty iii?tane? llial I 1 ccoUtnl 01 m iiit In .o . rn-tdfe.l by tho
Confederate* tbro'ijh tb<* 1.10 (lr.:i:dc .r i:diiT was ill .S>.-pfemtirr
or Octoiier, lb*.'. A >:>? '! ! tblatc tbe Sra Kir?rriv?-I
In t'.e pi.it oi Xn.^?u .f.ia i'.in-l .v 111 a run for ri;c
?onrederac;?It w:.? 011 -nniliy, 1 tulnk a d tieneral vie
unloved a number of C'.ot> iTitui. owums o. tt.-liim a -
oini'.lllulc I at MuUiiioro* to \iiilo.i i t..e vci-sot uul laLo
tbe arms to 1'oijit J&nbel. lb!* w?< don* vltlmui tl< : tnotvkdX*
of tb( Mevic.iU authorities, v. h , ?s toun m th?y he*
?w?r? of It, CftOfr. I the ownt: n of thi lighten t'j !>c
MTC*tcd nii'l thrown into jail. Ib? iir.t cl:?v :i I'ronoh
Mcaiocr ?rrt>'< <! ?nd caplur-i iLc i?u<) took her to
cm Cruz, al'cgi.i^ that tti> v boiicrc! the Arms worn i:it*uJtvl
for thu Mcxii' iii icpul)lca? government. Very reObi-ctfuliy,
yOiir ohe.lleiit i -;vuiH,
james e. sl,al\mier.
Tl?e cd-'.resB recoil My made ; y General lloserrans
to the American p osle >n the subject of Mexican
attain ami the aid which ta^ht l.e extended, Ac,,
tas reached here, aid is b.-.n^ variously commented
apon by private iadlvlduals and the press. Onoof
the latter says:?"We will oiiljr i.atl.e known that in
X General Rosecraus snjzjj -t:; what Id incredible?
Tiz., to change t:i a eeuuiupnts of his frloods towards
Mexico an l UiuSj o.f our i'.VwUds towards tlr Americans.
lie docs n.t know the ditncultles of that
Nothing new as to the fate or whc.eabonts < r
jounir Me, la, ho.i of ilie Secretary of War, h is yet
reached here. It will be rc.nmlierel that lie was
curried away by the rebel* or plv;a..-s who made the
raid by sea upon Guayuua oa the aJtU of- May ia-i.
The Heiivla quotes the Uirrio a3 follows, mid
makes the toimiients in continuation: The
Recisia anl I'vue.x tie America have fceen
nndi alarmed because some persons solicit d the
*id of the Americ ;n Con.-ul ui liiatport to follow
the shirs In wiii' li tfio ass jeiates of I'laciuo Veya
escaped alter the scaudaioits occurrence In Gua.v
ma.'. Our c.dleatfues haveb.ea suisiuken. Theaucount
of General Corowa, which the IHui in pub*
fished, and which ul! the press of this city repioCnccd,
does m>t say that aid iijs a-ked of the American
Consul, but that 2fc;itil\'?d:t flu 1 J)avalos gave
n account to tiie said Consul, who directed that
they should junue thu pi .a -.iu the man-o.'-war
Idohican. To r.-, ort a r.ct Is ui#l to solicit aid. Av e
do not Know whether *.it. Consul gave orders to detain
the pirate* 111 M m a:i waters or oil the high
e.c. L'ut, wha ever i.v :i..t in.ij bo, as noon as tTie
vo|uviijv gvici uti' 111 mini a . .uijr.i ituuumn,
which It expeofd c.vrjr inoi.ion , it will determine
what It cousM'-'js is liioei ticoorou* anl prudent for
til'.' iiu tloii.
The explanations of i!ic o"l<- :U or/an, although
tb*!jf a:e outireij con'ui'in.ibla ty iao Ic ier of
?oioiitt'H U(f.;t.ivnic, lu our opinion, the
uui taiiC'1 w liictt I'miMd <;ur aariu. Wo uwult,
nutvover, ibe <J.;.*.ic?l wjimit. niucu Uk j.-turio
ftUDoinees before we take up the subject ajrain.
We tn It ufflclent gravity, whieh may i?e of
national luterent, and which In soue reject* may
be mingled with op uions or coucerna or party.
The following l? from another paper:?
Tbe latest news we h.ue fron Utiaymns H truly
crave and alarming. Now lucre is not the least
doubt that I'lut-Mo Vega occupied that point un the
8th Inst., after having touched the Minion Inlands,
there increasing bin force with ilie worknieu lu the
Halt works. Veua has been lu the port mentione<l
for two days and a half. The letters which We have
complain of a complete sack made by a uian named
Fortino Varquez. The son of the Minister of
War (our correapoudent says) In a prisoner.
i-Ttiiii me tunas 01 ill'-' leaerauon aim 01 private persons
Vega took off f'l'.ooo in monov, 2,urn anna and
about $300,000 in goods. He also took t'ie oollmn,
tho Sau Pablo. the Sonora and othor vessels. The
titu of Juno Vega arrived at San Bias. Lozada
favors Mm. an 1 cimse?|U'.atly 4II has boon sold witli
the knowle iire and by the permission of the federal
authority which the government him in that port.
Hun Konuu in in f.?n Was, military commander
nan:ed by the government, leagued with I.oznua
and ho with Vega. Vega does not recognize tlie troveminent.
Does the gov eminent foment the revolution?
With what objectf I? It alrujd of Lozada ?
Why? Is it loo weak to tight him? However It may
be, It Is certain that there is no security In the republic
and much tesa ponce, which Is exaggerated
by the official organe. When it Is leagued with inou
like Lo/uda, where it pcrmltB with iinpuulty insignificant
bands of <;u.itom*liaiis to Invade tho national
territory, when events occur like those which
have lately taken place lu uuajfuia^ undoubtedly the
government is wean.
Tkc Revolutionary Nplrll?The Supreme Court
Judge** Itpoijcuationa?The Preoent Sltua?
lion of .4(th.!r* na .Seen -by a Mexican?('011dltion
ofTliiiiK* In Jaliyoo?.H?rlln#x'? Operations
Still (>'o!ug On.
Mexico, June 25, 1870.
As will be aeon by ttie translations of Important
'tocuinents an<l editorials forwarded herewith the
revolutionary blood Is still simmering and soothing,
although the overt acta resulting present a little
more subdued, thongh, perhaps, equally threatening
nature. Two members of tho Supreme Court bcoch
liave resigned their seats as Judges, and another
Judge has recently published an extended article
In the pre.?;i of the capital, announcing as a sort of
text "that there Ls nd government lu the couutry,"
which article the official paper of the government
denounce* as revolutionary, p.nd Immediately ivrocccds
to gi'. e It place in it.) own Issue. Tiie kuown
talents of Air. Ramirez, tiie author of th? above
article, ls destined to give considerable weight
to the same, and therefore its publication Is
to be regretted, as the nation can lily airord
to llnd ltseli so soon submerged In another
bloody revolution, which can have perhaps no
other etrcct than tlie further diminution of the population
and tho iucieaso of political and personal
hatreds, of course followed, if su^h a condition is
adnalssable, by a further decay or the wasted corpse
or a national commerce. Perhaps the situation of
the country could bo no better portrayed than by the
pen of a Mexican editor, who in an Issue of his
paper a day or two si.ice gave his readers a leading
article as follows on the situation:?
Tiie Dlnrlo Oificifl constantly tells us that the
oountry marches upon a path or ilowers 111 Its prosperity,
and rills Ins columns with lists 01 prontmciados
caught, tried and shot, nlwa'.s concluding his
iii 11 viv-i ?> ii 11 naauiauvc ium ^iuui o is v-'uzuininicu
1 each day. Tiuly, w : would not wish to give the lie
to Hit; I)(a> io. Hucd would ?>e the purrioti un<l
aorai idiuM|M wuicti Mexloo ?onM nta by
peace that undoubtedly, whatever onr poliMral
opinions may tie, we would congratulate ourv.lves
upon the success of our country, and wc would
praise the active and energetic hands which
directed the ship of Stare an-l wnlclt
would produce everywliere abundance and fraternal
feeling. But in vain we try to tie blind and overlook
the faults oi the government, its sloth and iniquities;;
in vain we try to make ourselves deaf to the
clamors of the people; it vain we desiro, though it
may be contrary to our political predic bins, that
peace may be a fa I In the entire republic, the facts
more eloquent than all the suylmrs oi the periodicals
or ministerial orators, the ladts. the results of t ie
policy of the present Cabinet, call t!ie attention In
such a way thai it Is impossible to p iss them by unnoticed
and ente t da a pr found siience upon the
misfortunes of (he country.
In (jucrctaro wc have two Governors, two Lc!*l8la>
tu es art l a miliary commander. So, with so many
governments, the people do not now know what to
do or w nnt to attempt tn order to secure .it once constitutional
order. Uuerreio is In tut same condition;
the Legislative lmpeaohes the Governor. who. In
turn accuses the Legislature, and Generals Alvarez
amlJintinez are assuming a threatening position.
In Mlcho&can a deaf ulii>: and bloody light is
kept up. AgricnltH'e unl all the productive
brandies of industry are annihilate I
by the war. Ill San i/ils Poiosl the
influence or the general government prevails,
making the electoral question a Held ol Agromaute.
In Zacuteets peace of ml:hI cannot be roHtored, aud
tn vam the repo.ts are n:ls!cpre*cnted?Garcia de la
Cad ma Keeps up tne ?var. Ju Kinvo Lco.i Trevlflo
has proposed to renounce the government, b cause
lie does not suit lliul State. In Duraugitand Chihuahua
tne Indians are committing depredations aud
the federation cannot give them any aid. In Jalisco
the Legislature and judicial power do not recngnize
uoiuoz Cuervo, because he Is ou trial. He, In turn,
proposes to orive a ttmo (Vfrat, Forces are raised,
wii:ch undoubtedly will cause a olvll war to arlsr.
Lo/ada continues absolute master of :lf:> and property.
Iu Sinui >a I'lucldo Vega Is still rebellious,
aud, lastly, Guayivn.is has b.-e:\ robbed of moaey,
arms and people. inoottutUuntrs also --ei ioiia
discords bstween tlie executive and Legislature. In
Taiaattlipas Marlnez occuplo-i a greater part oi its
towns, threatens Alutauioros, lo'-rcawi his t< ivcb,
mounts and arms th-m well; ail pronounce the war
prolonged ami most disastrous, aod, to complete all,
llu' ffiliTAl tr*-y?;?irv m in ^ withrmi
power to attend t;> :iie wants of the army, Congress,
Judl 'iai power, the public <1 bt or a octet jr.
0.1 u n uioi i desperat? and lareatenlog situation be
looked for? Can it be believed that there are any
writers wm can ton us thai never btre public nam
boo.i better? Can it i?e imagined that cipnce, particular
agreement, tlio blind spirit of party, anil that
which is "most laaicntable still, tlio anirno-itios to the
opposition, may be so blind end obstinate, th.it they
can suppress t!io vol. es of patrio t'ni, ul%c.in >n ami
tratli.' I'ndOubtcilly it. will ba said tii.it trie ('ubinoi
in not. to b.'atuo for ilie disturbances, the civil war,
ni>r the bankruptcy; that it has (lone everything in
i- - power to lioM iiie powet for tore years, nil that
by ;t? t?r?-nt, probity and constancy lr will '-vile upon
aut.uru oi ureal siicress. Tills an-; many uiher iliing*
will be to.dus; it will be resorted to ri order to cover
u>? i "if diftco\n-?glii* pliXure which we t?ave traced
li? uTh.i! strokes and With celerity to ma-iirest our anImportant
saolai aud political st:'.n<ling, our want
of instruction, Oai* incapnedy, and will even
heap upon ui pros1? insults ami ridiculous cnluinnlcs:
b't la return the whole nrtUoa knows
fTiiit we Sfreafc t^p tiuih, and that we not only do
not lie, bat even do not exasperate. It knows, also,
that that pollc? of intrigues of a circle which wlsliei
to be pmccd over the people, with that most evident
t-n icncy to sustain in the administration per-otis
who mar be use.'ul iu the n''\t elections In the olevalon
or lavorltis-u in a fight with tiic inalienable
pri :ciplea of Justice and equity, and the various expenses
wh'ch should be tbe lea-it incurred, are U19
sources where spring up ail the public Cal.v.iHles
will jU we udure, It only appeirs that the government,
111 t'-a I of deviM.ng a scheme of principles
which shall saw the country, forms a scheme 01 persutiali:l"s
and desires vrhch bears It each hour tar,
very far, from the strict compliance w.ih the law;
tints failing in a mo-t imperious il ity which honesty
an ! the 1 onstnitiou pro-crtbc. Where shall we stop
it wiien a nigh military 0ftl1.1l Is to be chastised !or
an, crime he I'ttempts to ;v.)id it by his c .ui. e, Ins
lri' iidsiitp, bis deception and by bis chicanery? What
will ;li'' republic 1 >e li thegovernment,which has promoted
bj ftsoondnct all the revolutions, continue
sh iMtt 1. hundie ts of Mcxicaus, n it by court martial,
t ut perralttio? that tho mi liary chiefs may kill
th"ir opponents en mnsie and without trial? c.n
pe tee be consolidated when the most cruel ritror
take', the 1 lace of clem< ncy, that clemency which
has always made Rlorlous the noble men who have
patronized it, an.t the nations where it has been e.<ta'rMied?
Cm we march 01 to perfection, to order
and to morality when we have twenty-one millions
or i xncn-'cs and fourteen millions coiulugln, wheu
wc have an army ol 2V O'j men, ami when in tho
Stat s the hand of the m.nUrv we!gh3 upou their
sovereignty, laws and upon tliciv truly popular men v
When it ( ?:? tit 1". obliges them to re .pe. t he < onul
tutlon. and when It d; es not Fee Hi. it protends not
to not!' ': their complaints and constitutional obligations.
Wo are persuaded that with a policy like
that which at pa-sent is developed the nation wilt be
ruined, and noil her the unwearied principle of authority
can be established, all our social means
belli r'lehixed, w.ir fomented, and cooso p.entiy the
condition made deplorable.
The political "unpleasantness" which at the date
of my last letter threatened the State ol Jalisco has
flamed forth with all the lire, fury and flushings of
a tirst cl.iss volcano, and we nre amused as well as
alarmed by 1 lie speciii'lc of l wo so-called Simonpure
Governors there at the sjme mo.neut, and as
many Stale Congresses, ail and each of which suggest
annihilation 10 opposera. A Mexican paper
Our readers already know that the Governor of Jalisco?dome/,
Cuervo?has committed a conjt <VcUtt.
The clear, evident and palpasie mreive ol utich in
unlawful and grave determination was this:?
n. I'lWill/.i \O_.i ui'fi.uu.l i.r fl\.. 1 . .-i.-l? ...? ..r
several otliclal ouonccs, anion* tl:ora tfiose or t>a;t
appropriations offuicN, an i exceeding In.-; prerogatives
upon which h<> grave an nc.umUou reeled.
The cot'v <*' t-it rv'eis the onlj re nttr:e which Contez
Cuervo found to prevent the annuel of its proce-s*.
In fact, b.v tor; tiring reason, lair ami also elotj'.v nee
anil good precedent, aod fa "uitl'.s being approbated
which are i.ot eon lion b.v iaw, toe declared
that the are net/d Unring nnnnuutrtiHi'lounl
jittrwvi, (hat iu \ve:e therefore Ji!csn'?
and tliHt com? jucnt y he did n >t rccognlz*
its exie'.euce. 1'iiii arbitrary declaration was made
first at the tl*e when certain data were for
the lijorinaion Mi ilw trial which was In prooe.su.
The Prince Oonzngn, ks**;ik.iii oj iseter<, burning I
that dOfptnl In which lie telNTttf the proof 01 hw
crluics were J'uuuU. any uofuv* <,uvuv giving a wujo I
d'etat to d"s:roy bis Judge, are alike. From such an
attempt t tie re results tu Jalisco to-day a sitna'ion
lull or elements most dangerous to order and public
|)i ?c.>. Ttie fcH.ionsibitlty of mat terrible explosion
r??ju upon the Governor. He Is the man wlioni tbo
Ministry sust tins to-day, declaring that the Legislature
has proceeded Irregularly, and guided by misre
prosentatlou, falsenood and calumny, '(here ih
the Leuiuiature to which Juarez, violating the constitution,
denies the federal aid. It Ih not strange
that the orgaiiB of the Cat>lnet autnorlze misrepresentations,
falsehoods and calumnies, the worthy
and energetic proceedings of those powers
who role by tyranny and arbitrariness, nor
Ih It strange that that same (Jublnet
acts the part of a Sultan who tramples
upon the people to aid Ins representatives and to
oppress them. Juarez gave a coup d'etat In Paso
d?-l Norte, and the result Is that alt his sympathies
favor those who follow his conduct. Cornea Caorvo
has always oneyed all the capricious and unlawful
wishes of the general executive, and the result Is he
Is favored by that executive. Hence the Cabinet
(i>>au<Tons its proper duties to the Legislature
Or.il nx.AlAi.?a nnAPU/4 ti/lth liV tllA fliflflfll nfl'MU PV?r
defending crime and lorsufclug that legislative body.
Fortunately, It appears that said Legislature has
sufficient iihys'cal rorce to sustain Its rights; nioreover
It does not permit that which may be nighly
ruinous to a country?namely, the existence lu
power of men always disposed to disturb order, to
violate peace, to pour out blood to protect their own
bad conduct.
Wo know that the Legislature of Jalisco promoted
this man to the command of the forces ol that State;
aud that he said he would accept such command on
condition of permission being granted htm by the
Minister of war. The government has not, it appeal's.
grouted the request solicited.
The (Jrand Jury of the Congress of Jalisco concluded,
In view of investigations, the following:?
It is declared thut there Is sufficient reason for
having the trial of Antonio Gomez Cuervo, for having
disobeyed the orders of the Grand Jury to which
he Itt subject, and for having disavowed the present
Legislature after U had declared that it was acting
, The Governor Is suspended from the performance
of his duties, the President of the Supreme Court
being entrusted with the office until it elects one by
ballot In accordance with the constitution.
The Grand Jury will complete the Investigation
which it is now making for th i reasons of i he response
which is attributed to Gomez Cuervo.
? It i-lmll communicate to Gomez cuerro, to the Supreme
Court, to Congress and to the Treasury, and
It Khali iisk Congress ro order pnbluhe l, unrtor the
Mgua ure of the President and Secretary, tthls report,
so that th3 public may know why Gomez
Cuerro hos b3en suspended from his office, and .leans
Cftiuaicna. President of the Supreme Court, Bhail be
r< cognlzcd as Governor, fty action of Congress it is
made known to the public, in order that Jesus Cameraia.
President o tue Supreme Court, may be reoognl.'.e
l as Governor, at tnleitm, until there has been
one named by bullot according to the constitution.
KOilLES GIL, President.
Felix Baiuion, Secretary.
halls of lbwslaturb, i
CCADAT.AJAHA, June 11, 1?7U. J
Antonio G. Ci'kkko, Constitutional Govbrnor
ok ms statics ok Jalisco to tiir Inhabitants of
tiie Same:?He it known that, considering that the
Legislature of the state acts at present bjyond the
flrst cou tltutional peril d of its ordinary sessions,
which only last from the 1st of February to the last
of Ap: il, and only c mid bj prorogued for
a month; that for tills reason, Mild by
not l.av ng observed any of the legal regulations, and
in the un|ust and unlawful art of declaring me Impeached,
pretending to remove me, without hearing
ji:p, iron: uie t'.'.evuuve i'uwci ? miu mo puopie invested
me with; that ronseifHentiy by this net, In
every respect unconstitutional aud revolutionary,
there lias been creaed, In fact, In tiio State a second
Governor, Mr. Aurello llermoso, who is Issuing administrative
orders In the usurped rluractor of Covernor,
and that those circumstance produces a Uv.ly put?
11c difficulty:?Ai tide The executive of the .state reassumeu
the extraordinary facul'lcs in all the
branches of the i?u?>llc a iralnlstratlon, and will give
ft report of the use which he makes o! them to the
Legislature when it is united In lis actual constitutional
period; therefore, I order this printed and
published in form of law.
GrAD.VLR.7AKA. JllllO 13, 18*0.
COLON'S!' 8iehha?1kj2no pas A prisoner.
Received from Mateiiuala June 10:?
Minister of War?The Governor of Coahalla
sends you a.i account of the defeat of Pedro Mar|
tluez. He lelt dead the so-callcd Colonel Sierra and
others; Pas a prisoner. Late news f-oui Matamoros;
that Borne parties have been raised in the Stale to
aid Pedro Martinez: have boen nnd are committing
d predat oos near this city, and this ringleader is
so.ne twenty leagues distant on the road lo Monterey
with the main bo.ly of his force, which numbers
over i.ooo men. Preparations are ma le to
rcsL-il hint, and It is ceit.iln he will nut
bj a le to do un;. thing when he attempts
to attack the city. The sia>?e did not arrive to-day,
and nothing is known cither of General Kocha or of
General Trevlno. Unless our troops revolt, which I
do not expect, it it impossible that this city can bo
taken by the revolutionists. The Governor of Victoria
has not moved here, nor arc thero divisions
anion:: the authorities of the people. No one believe'!,
nor is it possible to bell ve, out that Perra,
Accvedo an;l other ?=ubaltei ns of Canal oa and Braulio
Vargas can be in accord With these chiefs. ConseijuenHy
their apparent fidelity to the government is
;{ most contemptible Ho. It will not be dlfllcult to
recover from ilia other side Up; very numerous robberies
of horses and mules which the revolutionists
have eircctcd.
k slow devki.
A ?fnti millowri Up in a Q'li'-k.-iatid?Ht-role
l.lforta to Suva Ilia JAfe.
[From the Kaunas Journal, July 0.]
This afternoon the citizens of Silver Lake we e
shocked by the intelligence iliat a man by the name
of Price Roberts was partially burlcl in a well out
on Rig Soldier. In company with l)r. War J and
others of this place I repaired to the scene of disaster.
The civcumstaiiciM are as follows:?Mr. Klmorc
Randall engaged Mr. Roberts to dig him a w 11.
W ileil I1U UUU <L HlillK HI lilt: lirpill IJ1 IIYBIIIJ -II VB Ol
thlr'y foot lie commenced curbing, with ratner frail
material, using grapevine-; secured by boards. When
at the depth of forty feet, having dux live feet below
iii< curbing, he was urged !>y Mr. Ranrtail and
liiM friends to come oat, but having struck water
he was anxious to neciuv tue prise
Shortly afterward Mr. Randall's earn were
startled by the cry for halp. Seizing Lite windlass,
they dragged him up about flircea feet, wnen tlje
treacherous curbiog gave way, forcing linn to oue
side and under the bank, breaking his hold und entangling
his Io;--m lu the curbing. Buried up to his
chin, aud With the fearful pro spect of another slide
every moment, Mr. Randall, with heroic fortitude,
UcsccaileJ t'-io woHamJ coaiQKncod dicing hint out.
U^ath was avoiiiul Lloi and above him?on all
sides; yet he worKed uaril he had ?ot the land away
to his waist. Won it and exhausted he win pulled
oat. He mounted Ills liorse and ro.ie alter help.
When wo reached the spot we found Mr.
Roberts st.il a'ive and giving directions to those
above how to proceed. We const ruled a cnrblDg
about twelve feet Ion;#, and let it down,
but o.vlng to the curbing below wo could not
get it to (lie bottom wnnin throo lect. Moments
were eternities with the poor feliow. The first to
descend the curbing was a young man by the name
or Jolinston, who pulled tue sand away from his
face, came up, and .Mr. Randall went dowa with a
hoe. Mr. Roberts' appeal, ".Save me, Mr. Randa l:"
and the rc pooso 01 Mr. Randal, "My God, Mr.
Roberts. I wt'l ?ave you U 1 caiil" slrnck deep into
iho hearts of those above. This noble youth worked
until, fainting antl exhausted, lie was pulled up and
p ace&on a bed, and rcstontiTM Riven to him. An
experienced well-digger was Ihe next to po down.
He worked faithfully, but gave up all hope of getting
him oui. The sun had set, and deep down in the
darkness of that " chamber of deaih" Mr. Roberts
still continued to rIvc directions. Ur. Ward went
down with a lantern. A bottomless box was lowered,
which the Doctor placed over his head to protect
him from the qulck-aud. Wc were fulfilling
other orders of the Doctor when he exclaimed,
" He is gone I'' Another siide completely covercd
him, aud almost fastened the Doctor in. JCvery
effort was put forth to save him, but in vain. Wo
returned home with sad reflections that we had seen
a fellow being buried alive.
Tlic Sword Prewntort to Commodore McDaucugh.
|Krorn the Hartford Con rant, July 12.]
In foe Courant ol February 15, lai", i? given a lull
account ol the presentation or a f-word by me stot?
of New York to Commodore McDonough, to woich
lr.fercuce has been mu le t>y correspondents, Tli'j
ceremony tooK place on the steps of the Phoenix
Bank and "the snow was two or three feel deep."
'Chore was assembled "tho greatest eoncourse
ol people witnessed in tlnriford slnca
the illumination for peace." The delegation
from the Slate of New York consisted
or live public functionaries, W. A. Puer,
of the assembly," acting as spokesman. The Commodore
was met in We hers Hold by the llorse
Guards, commanded by Major Hit 'k. At the Hank
an address of presentation was made by Mr. Uuer,
to which Commodore McDonough responded, and
Mr. Duer then made a snort art dress to the people.
After a parade the city authorities and other inviied
guests reoairc 1 to Morgan's Co doe lloujc. on State
street, whore "tho io.ijj dioinsr room was tastefully
decorated with Joyful evergreens and splendidly
hung round with national pieturci and heroic
names." "J he entertainment was sumptuous,*' savs
the report. There were many regular and volunteer
toasts, Commodore McDonougti's being, "The cltizensof
Hartford." The Hon. Jonathan Brace. Mayor,
presided; Vice President, John Hubs. The r.;port
closes;?"The day closed on the happiness of
the cltlzi us, t'ie dignity of the delegates and the
liooorof M.Donough."
Tin: Oj.WMT OnsV.UHHHM AV TIip rnfevenn.i tlm
recent vLsit to Wtubliifttou of Mr. Andrew Btewart,
o! ivrui-:ylvania. ami tli? tli.it lie is the
llviiig Cunv'ioiKjiiuui, tins call'd for-li a orrccHon.
At liiicn. N. Y., is now living, In trie ninetyJotir.h
y 'ttr or hi* ago. Mr. K x'Uiel II..c it, x\ Mo wis
el- t?vl to Congress fro n tiio Berk lilro O'strlct, in
Mtu*H.:c!ius".lt8, lu l^t>7. ut ine ago ot thirty-one, and
na; for tin es suae - ivu torm'. Kit) consequently
bix:y-three jears shue lie was first oUctcd to Conkrrori..
Ilf h.is for many yc irs been the oldest living
jrr idiiftto of V:v e C >iio/e, mid 1h undoubediy the
lasi surviving reim'seniHilve of the administration
of Mr. M id.-ion, of wit ch ho wax a member, flls
fir."i vi.te "us piven in isoo, for Mr. Jeflerncn, and his
Jast jU tor Mr. LliKOlO.
JULY is, 1870.?TRIPLE !
Two Men Fatally Polsoaed by Haadllaa
IMmuwJ Meat.
[room the New Albany (Ind.) Ledger, July fl.]
On Kriday u*t we published such details ua we
had received of a tvrnb'e aud fatal case or poisoning
that occurrod near Tell Cltv, Perry county, by wlUcU
two persons lost their lives and another wax probably
fatally affected, by portion absorbed Into their
system wlille bundling the putrid flesh of a doad
cow. Of the sad and fatal airalr the Cannelton E>i*
qutrer says:?" Ou the Saturday following the din.
m otion of the cow the parties were all taken with
spasms and cramps, the arms and hands of all except
Spoerl, were swollen to an Immense size, aud
were covered with purple and black spots, from
which the blood oozed out, lndtealinir, as the physician
informed us, a clear case of animal poison.
There is some difference of opinion as to how the
parties were poisoned ; but th; prevailing one, aud
the one entertained by the phyrlcltaj, is that
the poison from the putrid carca<u was ab
soroeu inrougn me poivs 01 me skiii, una u.y
CUM meaus communicated to the entire system. Mr.
Frlant died on Sunday morning in great auouy. Mr.
Spoerl, wlio, by the by, was not amicted with the
purple or black eruption* on the hand* and arm.*,
died on Monday, having been unconscious almost
from the hour he wni first taken, while the wife and
child or Frlant a.c yet alive, although little hope is
entertained ol the recovery or tti.s former. The child,
who took but little pnrt In the dissection of the cow,
Is lo -h affected than any of the others, and great
hope is entertained of his recovery. Immeliateiy
after the ne.>th or Mr. Spoerl, who was unmairl d
uml had no relations in this country except a cousin
at Owensboro. a few prominent citizens made seurcn
for hl8 money and valuables, or which he was known
to have considerable, when it was dlscovre 1 that
some fiend had robbed him while on his deathbed.
His pocketbook was loand, wiMi several notes and a
check lor a considerable Bum, but the money Wad ali
New York City.
Broome it, * a, lot D, J rims* Peloucey'a map, 16x73..) , ?...
Ctarjitie it, w h, lol 143 of mid inap, SoxlUO ) '
Columbia it, e i. '21 ft of Houston it, 17.9x50 ft,800
Oak it, n *, No. !?, 19x50.4il8x5-i.4 ) .
Flalicr'i Court Yard, n a. I?>'x5}xl3x50 ) 0, )
SUlli it, n l. SCO ft cut of 6th uv, ifc<x:?.9 ill,6?I0
list it, n i, 2 0 ft w of 1st av, 20x98.9 9,500
Slit it, n i, 27.1 ft w of lit av, 20x93.9 9,600
Sist it, 11, 215 ft e of Ma<1isoii av, 20x90.9 US.OOO
Sd it, n I, 195 ft iv of lit av, ^0x !7.9 9,<M0
tb Ht. n a. 20.1 ft e of Ma<li?>n av, 22x94.9 80,00li
40th it, 11, 2f<0 ft e of ?ib av, KS.KxW block 10,1' )
431 it, n i, 235 i t e of itil av, 80x100.6. 5,U?)
45th it, n I, KB ft e of 6th av, Mxl'ft :(),U.'O
6<it it, ?, U7 ft k of 4th av, ^8?100.ft 28,,00
llSth ot, n a, 117 ft w of 'nd hv, lftxM block 14,0t'0
12(Hh nt, 11, K5 tt w ot av \ 2(1x100.5 10,000
t;3d n, ii, tt'i ft e of fitii iiv. 28x99.11 ?.7<.'0
8th ar, w ?, 7ft it n o! 83th ?t, 28x100 25,000
King* County.
Ariami it, ea, 200 ft n of WIliouKbby it, 25x97 H,U00
Adelubi it. e ?, 408 ft n of Atlantic av, 25(104 3,000
Bartlrtt it. a e i, 95 ft o of Throop av, 25x100 4,W.'>
Bcr#?n pluco, n i, iw it w or noyi at, imw s?,i: o
Couover at, xv a, 44 n of Wo)tolt ?t. 2-?lU0 2,9"j0
Dean it, s, 140 ft w of Grand av, 4'>xll<t 2,(ill l
Kalsey fit, n s, 2<>5 ft e of Tompkins my, 17.8x100 4,wn
Hamilton it and Oaten av, a u comer, 2.'x72 7.7")J
Hicks at, sa, 50 ft w of CraDberrv st, 25x100. ... 6,'t'JO
Scbemerborn ft, n a, 275 ft * e of Clinton st, 51xHI.lt> 25,0*.l i
Taylor st, n w s, l<*> ft w of Low iiv, 20.! Ox! on 11.0CU
Warren ?t, * , 290 ft e of Soheuectady av, loOz 06 C,u K)
8d and 101b Kt?, n e corner, 21x72 9,(*H)
Kouth Hd st, n e s, 150 ft n w of12th ft, 81x120 iloOO
Atlantic av. * s, 42.10 ft of l>.<raail M, 24.4 ;4fl. 8,400
Same property SI,WO
Carlton av, w i, 132 ft w of Atlantic ay, 16.8x104 ) in nnn
7th av and s w cor, lot 7, plot ft, Rruganr map, 1U,IH,U
lUvMon av. n k, 26 ft e of Miller ay, 50x100 2,100
Klnelaud ay and Richardson st, n w comer, 60x100.? R,?.
Richardson and Wli'ia-n st*. n e coruur, IiiOxIOO \ '
Lafayette kv,,? 1:<1 ft e of (Graham at, 20x78 2,i 00
Myrt'e aud Krauklln avs, a e corner, 2^x71 8.501)
Lot 74, Linden tcrrace inap 2,<Mi
<|uoc?ns Comity.
Lota 82, liS, S4. 85, block 3, lit aim Fierce ay, n e corner,
each 2r>xlfi'l. 1,20 )
8tb rv, n w a, lot 122, Wuldror. pr operty Jo7
ireiiPH rrAli.
Little Neck highway, w a, adjolnin;; HalT, 19 acres 2.0C0
Hewton ay, d a, 69 ft e of Bradford ft, 60x87 000
Lota 1, 8, S, 4, block H, Lltcbfleld property, each I",* 100. 060
Jericho turnpike, n a, adjoining Robblna', 47 aero?...) a
Jericho turnpike, * s, adjoining Bobbins', 7^ acrct... j 01
woodml 1)e.
ntu at, a a, lots 60?, 902 each 2.*xlrt0.... 000
2d it, e s, lot 16!), 25x100 2!u
Wrstchcsrer Comity.
Lota 78, 74, 73 and 76, Vcrplanck's Point, each 233x1(0.100,000
Lot 73], Mount Vernon, 100x105, 8th av 125
Lot 158, Central Mount Vornou, EtU av, 6Ux100 276
Lots 8(1, 89, Dobbs' Ferry, Main at, 50x150 each 1,600
Lot w a Orchard at, Tarry town, adjoining C Stirling.... 9,000
Lot 10, e lit at, Dobbs' I'errv, 4.1x120 3,u>j
Lot Ho. 8,land of C Spruce k Lcary 450
Lot 14, Noah Tompkins' properly, 100x160 .. 600
Lot 184, 1,000 acres on highway, from depot to Ilarriaon
yon kerb.
Lot 12, Richard Archer's property, on AiUlmrtou ??.... 1,700
Khhcx County, iV. J.
Court it, a w corner 9th at, giixlftl 260
Court at, n s, 75 ft w of Bd yen st, 35x100 1,000
Barclay at, w a, 1M) ft a of Waverley place sSnlOS 1,760
Mulberry at, e s, 60 ft n of Commerce st, 40i9H 4,'OH
Somerset at, u w corner Waverley place, U6.2xlU7.6 8.5.0
Si.ritiylield av, n k, 81 ft e of Broome, 60x1 JO 8,135
7th st, w a, CO ft of fc'ussex av, fillxli 0 1,000
Beach st, s s, 60 ft e from Langdon st, 60x102.6 40J
Welnut and Summit Bin. n ? corner, 20:)x1iK)t]01.9 31,'-01
Steuben it, w e, 2H3 ft n of Sussex ?v, ?U.6xl50 CCO
W4>nut Ht, o ,'adjoining M. <1.In,ore, 76.'U22>5, ndjoin-i v, iUW|
Iu,{6ux4i;.7x<50.9 { 1"3'0UU
IIikIdoii County* N. J.
Lots ?. 7, IP, 10. b'onk 812 >
Lots 27, '?*, <!H, &!i, St, 35 ami M, block 339,'Slpson m%p.( ln*'?
N rfou'li 8ih tit, 76 ft o of Monmouth st, 25zl .6. 2,500
Lot 8, block (5, Coster estate 1,200
N w cruer Jackson an,I ftli U, 25x100 660
N Latham st, l!0 ft w of Stli st, 25xl( 0 176
N s Huron ?v, 100 ft a of kv C, 2.'>xIC0 4 OtlO
Hnct Hide.
small, modern, fully furnished l?wfl)lrrr, ne.ir StuyreKant
square, for pule very re.ison&hle, w 111 immediate pogwitoa,
V. K. STBTKMSON & BON, It Plot street.
VT on Lexington ?r*ntM. a truly splendid, three story uud
bH8??meut House; twenty feet front.
FRAb. CBAWFOBD, 0Ct5 Third avenue.
Went, nule*
street, near Sixth avenue, to let; furniture for
Bale; OlO.uuO: owner required In Europe immediately. I'ormU*
of .TAMES CAiiNEY, Ileal Eetute A^enl, 615 Wak)ilu?ton
r stone House No. M West Fiftieth (Street, between Fifth
| ant Sixth avonues, south tide; 20x60x100. Apply on the promises.
I 1. Washington streets, for sa'.e, leass. or Barroom rented,
with complete fm nltiiro; owner uVinble to attend to business.
ApalytoJAS. CAGNEY, ftlft Wash In.-cion street.
?0' "I' new House, with KR-.eri rooms. end two lots, near
Csntral Park awnuc. Call at 2US William hired, fifth floor.
For sale-southwest corner myrtle and
Franklin avenues; lot S7 by 25; building 67 by 2!>; tlrst
rate corner for p.iiy bUflnes*. Inquire on properly.
For. sale or to LSI??ViITsniphed," tueIThrbu
ft'iry hluli rtoop House No. 271! President ."treet, opposite
Carroll Park, Brooklyn; a beautiful locution, deslraule in
all respects; )irloe sflh.n'f'. e. R. kellogg, No. 3 Broadway,
New l or*, or 1H Second pls.ce; Brooklyn.
delpbla bilek and brown stone Houses. All modern Improvement*.
Just painted tliroiijhout Id good style. on Lefferts
street, ncr.r Cinseou avenue, Krooklyo. Terms to suit.
Rent low. Inquire of owner. J. b. OOTTU, 1.13 Bowery.
ncr of Lynch street, the most sightly location on Boulevard,
four t'rst clan brown stone Hniue<, iiict tlnls'ied, with
every modern Improvement; will be ranted low to I'rst class
tenant*. Apply to JOHN J. ROCKWELL, 1?9 Monroe street,
Brooklyn, or at No. ft l'lne street, room Nu. 4, New York.
For Hale.
For bale?on jersey heights, formerly hudsou
Cltv, a tine Liquor Store, well stocked, doing a good
paying business; reason lor eellm,; sickness aiul death In the
1 umllv. Apply In the store, 4<fii Palltadc avenue, between
Urlil.th and Vaiivorst streets.
To Let or I.eaic.
To let corner of pavonia avenue and
Prospect street, Jersey City. -A first class brick Store
will be let for any business. Apply at 178 Pavonia avenue,
hardware store.
A great bargain.-for sale, at tarrytown,
a gentleman's Residence, one mile south or the depot.
The house is built of brick, In the morl substantia 1 rammer,
for owner's own use, and Is lu excellent order. The outVixIM.mu
urn a n, mil.,'* iw.llunn l,rl/.V .>.>.!? .......(. ...
house. covered plied, tool liou:o, cow house, chicken house,
Ac. An ahiuidaiit supply of pure spring and rain water for
the houso auct stable, fhero aro lour acic* of excellent
land in garden and lawn, with choice fruit and ornamental
Two fine cnt atone entrance*; road* travelled and walks
't his properly I* ou blgh'and very healthy ground, command- '
ing magnificent views of the Hudson rlrcr and surrounding
country. Priec JJJJVj,tKV'), which is far below sis valuo, aaT
ubout one-half tbe iu;ltins price two years ago by the lormer
owner, J. Butler, Jr.
Term* ?*<y, .ntl Immediate possession.
The gardener on tlie premise* will show the place.
Apply to
421 Eighth ar., between Thirty-first and Tlilrty-tecond its.
A-nkw frencu hoof cottages to i?bt or
. for sale, at Kuthcrfurd Park, N. J. ;jt<*rms to suit.
T1IOS. R. AUNKW, 2W) Urnoowich street, New Vork.
H00 feet of depot, on Central Railroad of New.Jersey,
45 mtnute* from New Vork; linelv located for laying out (a
I low. Apt'ly to J, Ur KOttKH'J S. iti JUreaUwaj,
Au. tiou who i>t:s(BK r<? kscape the
orowded city and lire iu ilie beautiful country we Invlted
to atteiil johnson A MILMilt'K great lala of 600
choice Lota at Woodridge, N. j., adjoining Carlrtadt, ok
Wmtnowtoy, July 20. Buy one or more lot* and build
bouce. Secure ticket* at ofllce -8 Na*?au utrcet.
JOHNSON k MILLER, Auctioneer*.
.ft price, beautifully located Ei?tabll?hmeut fur ?ale exceedingly
low: fai?alc, fronting river; 8ft minute* from city;
house, liable, Ac., and 1 acre" v. K. STEVENSON A SON,
11 1'lne street.
mild climate; 84 itillca noutli of Philadelphia; price only
ifi26 per acre; aUo Improved Farm*. The place 1* crowing
more rapidly thao moil any other place in the Unlteo State*;
tlioiif.iuds are tetllluz. Addrens C. K. LANDES, Vineland,
N. J.
Best place foh ice or brick on the hudson
river, below Cat* kill; one hundred acre*, twenty feat
water, large front brickyard In operation; price QTO.OnO;
term* ea*y. Farm* all price*, *lze? and locution* sale or exchange.
W. H. MELICK, Ml Broadway.
tmirv *vn fruit riru rn> bai.f. or fx.
J J change?Containing *00 acre*; mocked and In running
order; labour from N.iw Vork; mutt be sold. Inquire at
SO Kuwh street, room 10.
Factory for bale-at elizabeth. n. 3., within
(k0 iVet of depot, upon a main street; large four story
building with two blgli chimneys, large boiler and engine:
suitable for any manufacturing purpose; could be altered
into dwellings aud stores; free ot encumbrance. Addrese
II. RICHARDS, box 302 Post o?ce, Elizabeth, N. J.
For sale a ootuio pottage .tenrooms), onehalf
acre of land, beautiful shrubbery and fruit, at Isllp,
Long Island, opposite the Harmon. Price $.1,600. Inquire
of tbe Rev. R. KILEV, or on the premises. Possession immediately.
For sale at a sacrifice-a farm in oneida
county, containing 68 acre*, with good bouse end bam,
together with Stock, consisting of three Horses, three Cows,
one Hull, four Hogt and lot) head of Poultry; also a quantity
of Household Furniture and all necessary titenniln for tanning.
Price of the whole. $4,000. No encumbrance; title
good. For particulars apply to B. F. WHITE, I'aclhc Hotel,
174 Greenwich street.
' minutes' walk from North Shore ferry, finely located, to
close osuio. DARRIN, 50 Broad street.
tago, ten Lots, faclog two streets, beautifully located j
live minutes from North Shore ferry; #5,009; chuivh aud
school near DARRIN, 6U llroad street.
U Island?T'.irco story buck frame House, SOxIM; 12
rooms, 2 stores, large baker's oveu; 4 lots; thickly settled
neighborhood. DARRIN, 60 Broad ktreet.
J I'lot of Ground in the most charming locality near New
York be sure to attend the sale at woodridee, N. J., by
JOHNSON * MILLER, on Wednesday, July 20. Every lot fs
on high ground and commands extensive views. Apply tor
maps and free tickets to JOHNSON A MILLER, 28 Nassau St.
Must be sold.-owner's children crying
for bread. ?41)0 cash, balance on time; cheapest house
iti market for the money; eight rooms; In tine order.
A. JACKSON HYATT, Wbtie Plata*.
Okan(.e, n. j. furnished house to rent for
two months. Uith ground; ntar depot. Rare chance.
Rent C'100 per month. Apply to F. E. BRAD SHAW, No. 81
Broadway, rcoin No. 28.
Keepers.?The sale of the spacious Residence ot F. Kuhbertz,
Esq., at Woodrldge, N. J., on Wednesday, July 20. by
JOHNSON A MILLER, will afford a rare opportunity to ween
re a desirable place for a l>rst elnss hotel or boarding
lintMC. Thu property tnust be sold, as Mr. Kubbei'lr. bus perfected
his arrangements to reside In Europe, and intends to
dispose or Ills house ami furniture before going. The building*
e.re all In perfect order, and may be seen at any time before
the sale. l'usseiislon will be given immediately. The
tcima are very easy 7H per cent on mortice (? flic or len
yours. For maps and free tickets apply to JOHNSON ft
MILLER, ?6 Nassau street, New York.
Cottage House containing 8 rooms; possession Immediate,
with splendid garden full of fruit; rent moderate. Apply
to KM. CROUTHEIIS, Fulton street.
$or.n cash anp *12 monthlv, instead of
?i)U rent, will buy House and full Lot, (h-? mlnu'.es
from depot, at ElLabethport, N. J.; bouse to be built line the
one just sold for ifcl.'VO and at t'.ie same price. Other Dew
Cottage* (reudy for occupation), with on* or iu<>re Lots; can
bo paid lor instead of rent. Examine them and be convinced.
K. R. KELLOGG, No. K Broadway. New York,
or Second street, Eli/abethport.
f?j> nfwl ? for sale, at the steamboat landU>UUv<
Inj, Yorktown. Va., known as York
itel or Sea Shore House, Is offered for sale, Inclu'lint; the
land; this property Is now renting for $&()!) per annum; II eh
an l oyfter* plenty; game In abundance; splendid buthlnu.
For further Information coll or address E. GALLAGHER,
118 Vesey street. New Fork.
REAIj estate to bxchanmr.
tory Property, Willi aiuplo wood working machinery
now running; extensive water privilege; new haw mill, stone
home, cottages and 170 acres .'and ; on railroad, at Williamstown,
Oswego county, N. V. Well wor.ta ^<SU,^D .,; unencumbered.
Apply to J. WARI>, Jb , SI Cortlandt fctreet, N. Y.
ipO.UvU exehaiu'C for the stock of a company doing a
luri;e business in this city. The business has been established
for many year*, and has unexceptionable connections. Address
STOCK, box 171 Herald oh'.ce.
jjjJBAl. ESTATK iV'A.N n,l),
I will ttve 'i3,i'00to ij'S.tOi) In flrrt class, unencumbered
lots; buluiue on mortgage. Call at or ad drew room 17, 111
Nuku.il street. New York.
Aaron ORlWiUB A co? 409 hkoadway, okfer
at 25 per cent below rosnufacitireis' prices, on which
we arc comUutly making advances, enabling us to ars'l cheap,
ahirjje assortment of CHAMiiER. LIHBARY, PARLOR
Parior Suit, richly carved, latest slyle, cov-red with
satin broeale), made to ortler, cost $ 450, Tor vl?3; ono do.,
#160; two wa.lLui striped rop Salt* for .two plain rep
Suits for $;V>; rosewood four round corner 7Si octavo Pianoforte,
cost >jfSU0, for $S7fi; Chamber, Library, IUninK Furniture
for half co?t. Private residence, 12 East Ti ma street,
oi.e block west ol Broadway, between University place aul
Fil th avenue.
Parlor Suit, covered broeatel, coat #4 Ml, fur i#!W);
one do., iMM; ulegant Bookcase, rosewood Pianoforte cost
for #240; Velvet Carpets, m-irquetrire boh Jc rose Cabinet,
rosewood, walnut Furniture; sacrifice property family
leaving citv. fi'7 \t est f il'tecuth street, near SUih avenue.
\J at reduced prims; liousckcp".:a 9iu<pllod at OANIKL
O'KAKRHLL'S, WU Ki^nth avouue, iate O'Fanell & Gree.'io.
Payment taken weolcly i>r monthly.
1 Uounekeepeis sunpiic I with the above
ou otisy terms.
Payments weekly or monthly.
Importers anil Manufacturers of
Vencurs and Fancy Wood
for the trade and export.
Hungarian Aeh.
French HI nek Walnut,
Atuboine, Tuya and Tulip Wood;
Mabogntiy, Rosewood, Katlnwood,
Bird'eye and Curled Maple,
Clark Walnut. Ash and Maple Burls;
Mahogany, Walnut and Aeh Crotches;
Spanish Cellar, in the log aud boards, for elgur boica.
Vuueora cut to order and niz<\
AH orders promptly executed.
170 and 172 Centra street, New York.
J'Sl! Monroe street,
luotoiy ;3Jl Mad|Son Biroet.
_r\ street, M. ABKAHA MS will pay the lil;*h?.st cash prices
for ladies' aud gents Cust OU Ciotning, also Carpets. Call
or address.
nne will pr.y the hishest prices lor cant-off Clothing,
Furniture, Carpels, by calling on or addressing. Ladies attendei
by Mrs. ttoaenber/.
ivii.ouUL. _ _
UX or without medicine, by Mad.ime RESTELL, Profi'tiSr
ot Midwifery: over SO years' practice. Met' infallible Freu
Female Pill*, No. 1, pile* $1, or No. 2, specially prepare-! for
married In lies, price which can never fall, are wife anil
healthy. Sold only at lier ollicc, No. t Kant Pllty sacoai
street, first door from Fifth avenue, ami at <lrucpl?t?, 1-V1
Greenwich i.ircct, or sent by mail. Caution?All other* are
A specialty-no feb till CURED DK. R. COBBETT,
number of New York Unjvcrdlty McJical College
and R. O. Surgeons, Loudon, (*.in be consulted a? u> lal
on private dim-use*. Uilluc 2(1 Centre street, near Chamber*.
All private diseases (either ki;x) treated
with certain success. Nervons delilllty, resultlnfc from
youthful Indiscretion*, causing nervousness, Impaired si^ht,
loss oi meui'jrr, aversion to society, physical weakness and
linally Impoitucy, Is permanently cured. A sealed paropl.let,
describing uli special disem.es, sent by tnall free. Consultations
and corvnspondnnco strictly coiifldentlal. Office embraces
every convenience, Is respectably and contral'y located.
l?r. ((LIN, 27 liond street, New York.
West Twenty-sixth street, guarantees relief t -all female
complaints. Pleasant ro.nos lor uursinK.
of Midwifery, over 20 year*' suceessf uLpractlce
in this city, guarantees certain relief to ladies, with or without
medicine, sure relief to the most anxious patient in
24 hours. Residence 120 West Twenty-sixth street, near
Sixth avenue. Eleuant rooms for ladies re (Hiring nursing.
All private diseases cored immediately .
Dr. EVANS, V4 Chatham street, without mercury. By
his Magic luvlcorators lust malioo:! Is roitored iu fli'teeo
J\ EVANS, 94 Chatham street, with or without medicine.
His powerful, safe Pi.Is and Compound certain Immediately;
price $5. m
j\. Chatham street?Doublo ktren^th Pills and treat Relief
Compound, pries#5. Also uentlem*n treated; private diseases
cured; manhood reitored.
ladles.?Ti;c Portuguese Female Pills always givu immediate
rellnf, being sp-clady prepared for tnariied ladies.
A lady writes:?Theso pills relieved me in one day, without
Inconvenience, like magic. Prlco $V Dr. A. M! MAURICEAU.
office Liberty street, or seat by mall.
ill relief. No pay (until perfectly cured). Dr. ASCHER,
No. y Amity place (Laurens street.)
Xs cure at one Interview; thalr French Pills never fall.
Room,; provided before and during conflnbmonL 144 Wort
Fortieth street. now Broadway,
A Furoltiirc, nine year*' leaie of I'remla#*, Horae, Vuoi
Furniture, Cart, Au., In bankruptcy.?J. C. BAlLEV, iuj
tloueer, oMce -m Fifth street, will sell by auction, on Taut*
day, Jul* 19, at 10k o'clock A. M , on the prorata**, M9 Tbtrg
avenue, between Thirty *ev*iitb auil Tblrty-elahtb atreet*, *J
the Furniture contained In aald Ave atory building, eouitatlng
or Parlor, Bedroom, Library, Dining and Kltchan Furniture
I phol*ter?r'? Material*. Ae.; alto unexpired Loaae of nlmi
yeara of aaid bullJln-., Horee, Wagon, Carl. Harneaa, Ac. By
order o/ t heater M. Foater, K*q., Assignee In Bankruptcy. .
Arch. Johnston, auctioneer, t
onice? * *?l1 'a'tl"oow 87 *???au atreet, oppoilte the Pott
Bankrupt Bale of Furniture
, johnston a van tXbskll will ieU on Wedneaday, 4 ,
1U)4 o clock, at their a ileiroom, 37 Nauau itrect, by order Ot
aMlgnce lu bankruptcy, a large assortment of UeuaeholA
1'artlcular* to-morrow.
jf\ By H. H. LEEDS A MINiCR. Salesroom* 95 Cnant
ber* and 77 llca.le alreet Art tiallerlee 817 and 819 Brow?
way. Will well by ordjr of the underwriter*, on
TUESDAY. July 19, at 11 o'clock M., at
their talc*room*,
t<) Theatrical and burlesque
of the T. D. 8. Hoclety,
on exhibition day previoua lo aa'e^
Auction balk-of 2:0 huildinu lots and villa
Site*, on Tliurlday. the 21*t Instant, at 12,'v o'clock P. M.,
00 the premiaea of ANDREW FINDiiAY, near I'uckaho*
atatlon, \>y LANCASTER UNDERBILL, Auctioneer. Term#
liberal, Thaae lota are within from one to five minute** " I
walk of the atatlon. The *treell nre graded and b.ojks
fenced. Train* leave Twentv-iixth street at 1)4 and 9 A. M. i . J
returning, leave at 4:33 and 6:29 P. M.
Auction notice.?large sale tuis Monday,
118 Wert Twenty-seventh atreet, near Sixth avenue.
will aell tliia Monday, commencing at IOJ4 o'clock, all thQ
nUpftiit unrl pAdtf PiiriiitiirAMnnltoiiittfl in ihn &hnvrt rMidfiitCfti
confuting of rniewood Pianoforte, Parlor Butts core red 1 A
brocatel anil all It reps; Centre Table*. Turkish Chain, Paint*
mm. Bronxea, Ornaments, Curtains, Carpet*, Mirrors, Ac.
Dining Room Furniture?Chairs, Extension Table, Buffet.
OlftMware, Dinner and Toa Beta; Silverplated Ware, Knlv?S *
Forks, Spoons, Ico Pitchers and otiier articlss. HedrooiS
Furniture?Rosewood and walnut Beta, single and doubl*
Bedsteads; twenty curled hair Bods, Spring Bed*. Car petit,
Curtaina, Hheels, Pillows, ,tc. Also kitchen and baacmenf
Furniture, in all 400 lots useful Household Furniture.
Auction. auction. auction!! i
Over E00 Lot* and over *20,000 worth
Elegant Household Kuruiture, Paintings, Bronze*,
at public auction to the highest blddor,
on thin day (Monday), July 18. at 10>$ o'clock,
at the large tlvo story residence 12 Tenth itreet,
between Broadway and Flt'.h avenue, near Fifth avenue.
Magnllloent four round corner rosewood 7Si octave Plano?
forte, elijhl rich Parlor Suits, covered with hrocat*l. striped
and plain reps and haircloth ; Pier and Oval Mirror*, HrocateL
Reps and Laeo Curtains; magnificent Oil Paintings, Hronxo**
French Clocks, Vaf.es, Statuary. Cabinets, hols de rote;
Etageres, Tables, Bookcase, Wilting Desk, IS Kosowood an4
Walnut Chamber Suits, Mattresses, Bedding, Sofa*, Chain,
Lounges, Sideboard, Extension Table, Dining Chairs, Dial*. ,
China and Sliver Ware, Cutlery, Ac. Responsible men In attendance
to cart or pack good* for purchaser* at reasotu?W?
charge*. EDWIN NICHOLS, Auctioneer.
Auction bales of realty at my stand ia
the Exchange or upon primuses. Sales of Household
Furniture at residences. STANLEY DAY, Auctioneer
Trtnlty Building basement, 111 llroad-vay.
Vuction notice?j. m. taylor, auctioneer*
Magnificent Household Furniture,
| Furnished at a cost of Uj.
SOU Lota by catalogue. <
A rare char.ce for housekeepers. -Drawing Room Suite.
f i.uiofoitc, Bronze*, 1'alntlncs, Statuary.
On TUTS DAY (MONDAY^ at the elegant mansion
57 West Fifteenth street, between Fhth and ftlxth avenue*,
sole commencing at lO.itf o'clock.
Drawing Boom Furniture, ooverod brocatel, richest description,
rosewood Pianoforte, Ktagerra, Secretaire Book*
case, Eiicolgucitre* Durqulurte bols de rose Cabinet, Table*,
Canterbury, medallion Velvet Carpet*, brocatel lac* Wludoir |
Curtain*. CbaudOKr., oil Palming* hr eminent artist*, brum* 4
Clock, Ktutuarr, Vases, Mirrors, rosewood, walnut Die-turn J 1
Iiureans, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Mattresses, Countervail^ '
Sheets, lJlaakcts. Exteusiou Tabic, Sideboard, Ciilouwarijj,
Silverware, Sbeflletd Cutlery, GliwSAara. Be.eifkent KiteGAit',
Furniture, Furniture servants' apartments. Sale peremptory*
Catalogues at the house.
r^WJ<IT1<ni)fil .M I I?
BENJAMIN r. FAIR011ILD, Auctioneer. .
On Tuesday, July W.b, 1870, at 111 o'clock A. A!., at Net
28 South Wil'lnm street, Household furniture, cuher.tinj
rosewood Parlor Suits In grc*.t> velvet, green rep* Lounge^ 1
rosewood Bedsteads, Bureaud, Waihs'.andi. Wardrobe^
hair and struw Mattresses, Crockery, Glassware. 4c., 40.
Alai, Clothing, Trunks. Wear lug
Apparel, Bedding, Linen, 4c.
Alto, oft'.ce Knrnlture, consisting of lilack walnut Dcsk%,
Iron gates, copying Presses, Hilling, <Vc.
By order of >
F. W. Sf ANGE. _ |
25 Nassau street, N. Y.
at 12 o'clock, on toe nrcmliea, at
Woodridge. N. J. ,
Gent aud Peremptory Sale of
t?00 Splendid Building Low,
together witii a Large House, ueat Cottage and
numerous outbuildings, be lutifully located at
Woodridge, N. J., n .Ijolnlng the Vitiate of Carlstadt,
by order or F. Kobobrtz, Esq., before Icarlii" fcr Europe;
Splendid place for Hotel or Boarding Route.
Note the following v?ry easy terms:? On the Vacant
Lota 8S per cent of the purchase money may remain on
mortgage for five or ten year*; on the building* T8 per eenfl; v
for the same tune. Printed abstracts to |ii>rcb(tiert, fre? oft
charge. Special train froni foot of Chambers street at ?
o'clock A. M., on the day of aalo. Free Collation on th?
arrival of tho train. r,
i.'For maps And free railroad nnMPi apply to Jolrosoo *
Miller, 2i Nassau street, or, F. Kohebrtz 4 Son, M WaU
street, New York. '
. Monday, July IS, at luj< o'clock A. M? at the sale**
rooms of Joiln A. Dunn fr. Co., a large lot of Groceries.
eery Fiitnres, Ae., vix. i-Large <Slad# Cases, Counters, "Sugar
Bins, Scales, Weights, Measures, Wood and WUlow War#
end also three Sewing Machines. At 11 o'clock a large quantity
?f choice Liquors, Gins, Brandies, Bourbou Whiskey,
Sherry anil other Wines and a large lot of assorted Llnuor*
In cases, by viitue of a seizure.
sell this day, June 18, at 1 o'clock, by virtue of an execution,
on the preioUits, 151 (1 rand street, the Btock and Fixtures
of a Llijuor Store. ISAAC HEY.MAN, Marshal.
inisslouer.i of the Sinking Fund of the citv of New York,
that pursuant to the provisions of the act entitled "An act to
authorize tho c >:istr jctlou of a railroad m 12Mb street, and
lu certain other streets and avenue.! In the city of New Vork,'*
passed ApiN 25,1870, they will .ell *t public auction, iu tho
Governors Ko>iii or the City Hall, In uald city, on Monday,
July lii, 1870. xt 12 M., to the highest bidder Cor the same, tue
right, privilege and franchise to construct, operate bv
animal u >wer and uie a railroad with a single or double
tract as hereinafter provided, and to convey passengers thereon
for compensation, tbrougu, upon and along the following
si reel a or avenues, route or routes. In the c'ty of New fork,
vizCommencing on vho North or Hudajn river, at the foot
of liitltb street, thence through and along 130th street, wi'b ?
double track, to Manhattan street; theoee through and ale
Manhattan street, with a double traek, to 1:1Mb etrr ,,
th.-ncc through and along I2.M1i street, ?nil a double
tin oh, to the East or Harlem rive r; also flora
lMth street, thcnco through and a'ong the Third
avenue, with a double truck, to the Har'em brldec; alio, trom
the Third avenue, thence through and along IStltli street, with
a doubio track, to the Harlem river; also Irani 12jth street at
its intersection with Tenth avenue; thence northerly,through
and along the Ten'li avenue, with a double track, lo the Urm'nu?
ol' said Tenth avenue, together with the necessary connection:!,
turnouts and switches lor the proper working mid
accommodation of the said railroad, on the said street* or
avenues, route or routes, satd load to be completed within
two years from the pannage of said act, except upon Mid
along Tenth avenue, and upon and along said avenue as fast
as the same shall he opened, graded and paved, from l?5th
street. Such sale will t,e con tucted in the ordinary manner
or sales at auction, nud the person or corporation who sh?.II
offer to pay into the city treasury the .ar^Mt sum of monev
rur suoh right, privilege or tranchise shall receive from safd
Commission"!-* a certjticate that he or thoy )s or are entitled
to rf.tch grunt, Mid are auth .fixed to construct, operate and
use tho same In accordance with the provisions of thfl s^ld
act, such eertl.'ica'.es lo be Ugtied on the payment, within Wi
days, Into i.he city treasury of the amount of the bid and of
Hie execution of a bond to the Mayor. Alderroeq
and Commonalty of the city of New York, In tb4
sum of two hundred und titty thousand do'lars. In twe
good fvnd sulllcient sureties, to be approved by the ComptrOt*
ler or said city, conditioned that the person or corporation receiving
such certificate shall within two years finish and compile
said road and equip the same with the requisite lumbar
of ears and horses, except aloug Tenth avenue as aforesaid:
but should he or tbey be restrained or prevented by any )tr l
proceedings from completing an I cons'.rucling ihc same, (li?
tlnii) for which tl.eV Hi e sd rSalralr.ed shall not be deehiid o*
taken to he part of the tlmu tvltiiin which the same is to brt
comuleted. But the Coinniissionera of the Sinking Fund are
Hitlhorlzed and re>erve Ihc right to reject any bid, ir In theli
judgment it Is for the interest of the c:ty that they should do
so. and oiler the iranchhe for sale a,;:.in. A copy n't the act
of tho Legislature under which the sale is to be made can bt
prvC'v'Cl at the Finance Departmebt. Daled New \ork,
Juiifll, W/U.
A. OAKEY HALli, Mayor.
titi'iiAork r% /lAwv/ifr v
IH' H'UIU I>. WWUII/W v?w?
.10'rtS J. BRAOLKV, CMS^Stlp'""
JOHN K. HACKILTT, ffoo.7r.lcr;
JOHN MOOKt:, Chairman Finance Committee, Boarii
Alderman. ,
NICHOLAS HAUGliTON, Chairman Flnancc CoiuniUt
Board of Ah);*'..ml Aldermen.
Commissioners or the Sinking Fun?
.L AuclloncerTwIU n il, at .Y? New Biwery.at II o'olfl
Mill lot* Men's anil Women's Clothing. Table Linen, Sliei
Spinaili, Ac. By order of N. Sconerbcrg, ??3 East Tenth
Crockery, Glassware,
Hardware, Ac.
RIl'tlARD WALTERS. Auolloueor, will sell on Wed?
day, July SO, at II o'clock, at -7 East Broad way. a la
wli.ilHsale stock of Crockery, (ilaMwn.ro, Hardware, Ac., o
iditlnt; of Cups, Sauce;?, Plates, DIshM, Lamp* and La
Fixtures, G:a?s Pha-les, Docanters. Tum!i:?rn, Knives <
Forks, Ac. Also a quantity ot ODlce Furniture. Safes, Ac,
Ppthk McKnioht, Deputy. ?
T? City Hall place, will sell on Thursday, 21st lnst.,
10>, o'cluck, the .Stock and Fixtures of the first class Liqi
Store at .Mil Second avenue, corner of Tlilrty-first slr
spelendld stx-pu'l English Ale Pump, line walnut Counte
corner Measures, Ke,R, Casks, Arm Cane Scat Chairs, Ac.
*1 city Hall place, will sell on this day, at I0)s o'clock, I
Stock aud Fixtures or the lirocery Store at 6U1 Broome ku-e
corner of Laurens strccl; S.iap, Starch, Flour, Croeks
Ware;, line Counters, Scales aud all other Fixtures, lai
Glaus Case, Ac., Ac.
U day, at S o'clock, at ?54 Canal street, a lar,
quantity of centeel Household Furniture of gentlemen
turnlns to France and Prussia. Several I'arlor Suits, lar;
Fiench plale Mirrors; marble top and other tables; Piau
Ela^ero, BuQet; velvet and other Carpets; Chamber SnB
r.n* iieiiuing, \> uMrouet; Kasjr and other <;ii?lr?i; Bookcaii
Oblim, (Jla**. Sliver Ware; !Stovce, ono I'ickliardl's Paf*
Bodatead, In lii'oeatd covermj; 1'aintln^i and Iini;rariiu4
40 to SO line *nc?nd band Caiyoti, Oilcloth*. Marnh?l'? MU
of Horses. Larce lot lcc isoxo*. Lot of Book* and 8h??
eaten, Counters, i>?ska, Ac.
iWltOLMtT. _
cat clairvoyant known in Mrs. LIN WOOD; revert* ?r
vent* tliromh life; ndines, numbers und speedy marrlagei
148 West Tbirly-seventh street. No gent*.
OU.IMMJ fifty time* iep?ated.?'"OCURANh 8 ftU"
ater Mclcr excels the 4W patent* ( xtaul (decision by tti4
legal tribunals of the country). Nan ftixl money, #4 \\??4
Tcotb street, New York, United Blr.to#, Vrd?r* |ll?4

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