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Obieqiiiri of Ibe Ute Benjamin
?o!cma Ferv.'ces, Great Crowds tad
Universal Sympathy.
fojtmmeiit or the rowEi-i rcqmi
Significant Charge to the Brand
Jury bj Judge Bedford.
Traces of the Murderer?A Start*
ling Statement
The oharqnies of the late K?n>roin Jfethan took
place yesterday forenoon, from hit late mudeoee.
So. 13 Went Twenty-third atreet. Tti hour fli< <1 f r
(be departure of the funeral tor lege wa* On o'clock,
but fully two hour* b for- ili.it utue crumii b-jun
to congregate in tho street in ta? iinitu- i.ate tetany
of the dwelling, and by the time ibe carnag a and
bearee bad arrived there wan at ie.itt Ave U.'-uaand
persons on me block between the r.;tn and bunh
ivenuea. While Ibe oereiLoulct were oetur quietly
Conducted in the bourn- the crowd* in r ssed
steadily. Men, women and children Uiroi ged toward
the Fifth Avenuo Hotel from every avenue and
at root lni he neighborhood, and by ten o'clock tb
Crush was so great that Uie police rutin4 ttiomse tree
utterly powerless to keep the cowd tn order. The
consequenoe was that not oniy the sidewalks, but
Twenty-third street Itself, to the vululty of the
boose, became crowded, and the stages which generally
pass through it had to turu aDout from tuo two
adjoining avenues, and make a new thoroughfare of
Twenty-fourth street. In fact the multitude became
finally so Immense, and the excitement so great, tuat
Captain Burden had to send to the station house for
Uie reserves, who, ou arriving on the ground,
had great diffloutty successfully to cope with tho
thousands who tilled up cverv available space on the
block. They managed, however, ufter a little while,
to get the greater portion of the crowd back, to the
mdewttlks, although many women who had impudently
got too far into the denso mass fainted when
the general scramble for place and posltiou beyond
the cuibs occurred. The bouse In which ths
was, or course, tue chief object or attraction; but
What the crowd hart come to see was the coOin as it
was carried out to the hearse, and when they bad
once got where they felt confident they could
lee this when the ceremonies within were over,
they patiently awaited the coming event, notwithstanding
that the beat was almost Insufferable.
Hundreds bad come well prepared to make a day
of the thing, aud had, with commendable foresight,
armed themselves with sun umbrellas, which were
fit a premium before the crowd dispersed.
klio a very large number or people had assembled.
But where oniy a few short days ago the smiles of
happiness aud the chatter of family pleasantries
were seen aud heurd and enjoyed, now rested
fi gloom, the stillness of anguish, broken
Wly by the half innnremwrl nnlw nf
despair and soul felt pain. The friend,
the lathnr, tlie husband, was no more. Lake a fairy
tale, dtiihult to believe, It appeared toailihathe
ahould be dead whose eye beamed with heaithrul
glee but a few short mouieuta ago; that the couuteauoe
which but yesierda.v, aa it were, shoue forth
Its rays of beuevolence aud charity should now lie
before them stilf and cold tu death.
And yet It was but too true. There, In the centre
of the front parlor, encased la a plain rosewood
casket, lay, plat id aud lifelike, yet lleless, the
body of the man whom the community
delighted to honor as lienjamin Nathan and
whose career was so inhumanly terminated. The
plans (or benevolent aid of the poor and ueeay.
which his active miml had been maturing, died
with him; the ties oi blood aud geuuluo ireliidsUlp,
which bouod him to so uiany a ho .rib and to so
m my hearts lu the city, were snapped asunder, and
only tlie memory of his noble deeds 01 charity and
hlH unstained course through his mortal existence
lives alter iitm in tills world.
These feelings were clearly express d on the sorrowful
countenances 01'all present In the house. No
class or people was here unrepresented, the heart of
pone remained unmoved. The rich and the poor,
the sturdy worklugman. the merchant, the banker
ud the millionaire all felt alike the lo s they all hod
u-tained by the ruthless hand of an assassin.
Tnere was Mayor A. Oakey Hall, filled no less
with gr.cf than the Rev. Dr. Francis Vinton,
f old Trinity. There were the members of the
Stock Exchange, of ail religious creeds, yet unanlBions
in their expression of sorrow. There w?r?
Judge Cardoza, a brother-in-law of deceased; Judge
Joacutmscn, who worshipped at the same shrine
ud had been for thirty years hia companion In
works of benevolence, us Emmanuel 11. Hart was his
trusted friend and coadjutor.
tub jew1&h clergy.
On this occasion, In the presence of this awful ocr.
ta ntj of Impending death, the little wrangliuus between
"orthodox" and "reform," "radical,"
'liberal" or "moderate" was forgotten, or at least
put aside, and all congregations, of ail shades of
Opinions, wereffltly represented In the chamber of
we. Among iheue were llev. Dr. J. J. Lyons, rabbi
?f the Temple 8harlat.li Israel, of Nineteenth
Street, near Fif.U avenue; Rev. l>r. S. M.
Isaacs, rabbi of the Congregation Sharul
Tefllia, In Forty-fourth street, near Sixth
venue, and editor of the Jewish Messenger;
Kev. Dr. Jonas Bond!, editor of the Hebrew Leader;
Jtev. Dr. Gutheim, one of the rabbis of the Temple
Emmanuel, on r.flh avenue; Itev. Mr. Sternberg,
c tutsan or reader of the Temple Adatn Jeshurun, on
Thirty-ninth street, near Beventb avenue, the rabbi,
Jtev. Dr. David Elnhorn, being absent in the
couutry; Kev. Dr. M. Mlelzlener, rabbi of the congregation
Anshl Cheser.Norfoiltstreet, near Stanton;
Kev. Mr. Sireussland, rabbi of the congregation
paresh Amuuo, of Greeuo street; Rev. Dr. Morttz
Ttntuer, r bbl on the congregation Stisrai lush-Miui,
In Attorney street; Rev. H. Wa-sermunn, rabid or
the congregation Mishkan Israel, In East Twelith
treet, and many others. The vestries of most of tho
Jewish congregations bad on last Saturday, the
Jewish BatioaiTi, held meetings immediately aftor
Divine Service and passed resolutions requesting
their members to attend the funeral, and very large
numbers responded to the call.
thb mount sinai hospital.
This Institution, of wnlch the deceased was one of
the founders and for years its president, was fully
represented 011 this mournful occasion. Its directors
cied as pall bearers, in the following order:?
jSniauuei B. llart, vice president; Lewis May, treafirer;
Samuel A. Lewis, honorary secretary; Joseph
atmann, Harris Aaronson, S. Sommerich, John M.
Lawrence, Henry Uulterms n, Solomon L. Cohen,
Isaac Herrmann and Jonas Heller. Tho hospital was
further represented by Mr. Gabriel Schwartbauin,
Superintendent, and the following of Us metrical
taff:?Drs. Ernst Schilling, A. Jacob!, Samuel R.
Percy, Charles A. Budd, Ernst Krackowit/.er. BenJamiu
L. Raphael, Herman auloke and s. Teller.
The coffin, as already remarked, was a plain rosowood
casket, with a plate containing Inscribed the
haute ol the deceased and the dales of his birth and
death. It stood id tho Irnt parlor, resting on
Stools, and was covered with a black cloth, according
to custom. Crowns and wreaths, beautifully
pUIUiQU U1 OVVqilWWi l?UUO IUW3 UUU ja[!0QI0<i8,
were placed on the top and at either end a lighted
wasnaper was placed. Mr. Levi Isaacs, sexton of
the congregation .Sheanth Israel, of winch the
deceased had been a U.eloug member and lor many
tears president, superintended the arrangements.
Precisely at ten o'clock, the appointed hoar,
Rev. Dr. J. J. Lyons, the rabbi of the same congregation
and brother-in-law of the deceased, arose
and proceeded to tbo head or the coiHn. He was
clad in his ministerial robes, and had, acoordiug
to the Jewish ritual, rctaine I his taeud covered, as
did also the whoie assembly In the spaoious parlors.
He read a prayer, first in Hebrew then In English,
beginning with, "Thou, u Lord, art rignteous," as a
eoulession of submitting to the inexorable decree or
the Almighty.
The reverend gentleman thereupon, with vol^o
trembling and teanul eyes, said that it was a mournful
spectacle they were present to coutemplate?one
that appals even the stoutest heart. There lived not
the man whoso heart was not movod when, alter a
lingering disease and with due preparation lor cterpity,
a dear friend passes away. Llow much more
heartrending was It and tall of cause tor serious
nvdltailon when this feartul visitation Is brought
ghoul suddenly by the hand of the assassin. And
its is tho more lelc when the victim is a dlsnruished
citizen, a kind husband, a doting
ffcihvr and a noble Artend. Tlie ievegovd
gentleman spoke warmly of tho honor
be community had been doing to Itself by taking
gucli extended notice or this sad and terrible occurence
and joining so unanimously his bereaved relatives
in their grief. The name of the deceased was
yoouymoiis with honor and benevolence, ills charily
wus catholic and confined to uo creed, to no sect,
lie was a descendant of one of the oldest Portuguese
llebrew lamliles, driven irom their country hv the
persecution of the Inquisition. Dora in this city,
be had hardly reached manhood when the congregation
called tarn among those charged with directing
Us afiAlrs, and (be nee eased held tula positron whan
tha marwm speaker assumed the ministry
In that same congregation. Kev. Dr. Lvons
then fee.mgiy ieferre<i to the tact that (or nearly a
tiur.i or a century the deceived paid due devotion
to the M ulveraary or tUedo.aUoi Bis matter, end be
rems oe.i tn thin cltv the last night or bin life to perf>iiiiih<
mino de* otionul duty. Me waa the lMt of
the six tp-magei* of the congregation who were
ting a* such w huu the speaker became Its mitueter:
and now, ne said?with tone subdued by tears and
emotion-he in as If irtaulrig "some banquet hail
ilefertal." But this sad < ccasiou was a- leeaon
to all oi the emptiness of wea th and power, as
deatn comes u; on us like iv ttuef In the dark.
1 )o I wh.le It shows the variety of life, It also soothes
eur grief, for by the teachings of the Hebrew lal h
the a^uson e mid strike down only Ills inortul body,
and a* the dust returns unto dust his spirit ascends
to Cod. Hence he la not dead, but hi* immortal
mi iveth. a prayer followed, aud the religious
ceremonie*etnsed with the bcantitul Invocation In
H brew, repeated by ueuily all preauut in the aotno
king aire:?
d be Lord h uh given, the laird bath taken; the
same of the Lotd be blessed. Amen."
1 he pahoe irera then took charge of the body,
and, followed by the chief mourners, members of the
i.ic.niv. other re an '? s uml lrt nds, it waa, In solo i>n
silence, carried down the broad steps of the house
and (>i iced in tbe hearse.
As the body was being removed from tba building
the llsv. j. J. Lyons was so overcome by nla iceiiugs
o sorrow and grief and tbe exertion required lor
ttie niourtiiul outy periormod by hltn, that he nearly
faiuh <L He retired to the dining loom, wh re aevu
|ri?> inmo"i ami ??uiilui?:u, Dy mo use ut ic? ami oiner
a. propr at" ni una, restored h ni sanictem y to ena*'
r turn to accompany uio funeral curt, go to the
a rrnuc mark op svmpatiiy.
At hslipaat iou o'olo' k there w.is a moveuh
mi rig the crowds on tlie atoop wincii
Indicated tuat tho ccreai nles had come to
an i.<i within, and a giaiul rush at once touk
j.iuc" t ai<i too house. xhe poltoe breasted
the ion ut, and w>uld tu all probability luve b. en
| <>\< r>. henued Out lor the appearance of the cofllu,
borne ou the shoulders of the pail bearers. Tue
\ t en of thin a par t on was InntautaueouH upon the
frmnl, 1 ue rush ceased suddenly, as If everybody
I had )>e?n roun d to the spot he stoo l upon ny some
ihv .1 . -i' I. .da dlctice of ilo.itu took the place
01 tee hum ol'voices and the noise of shuiUuig leet
which had a niiin.te before rebounded throughout
the street. The ootUn was isirno down the steps,
{ and a- tue pull tatarcr* roacbod tbe sidewalk and
niurched slowly toward the hear e in walling at tue
t door, the < m?i uncovered their heads and remained
| so uncavenxl until the coillu had boon placed In the
I beat**.
, inarched down Twentv-thb d street to fllxtlt avenne,
j ynotaM ami folioarad oo the sidewalk o.? an tmim
n e rowd. win It k?; i along with the WOCeHHIl
i until it lutd reached the ferry. On reaching Nino,
i.n nih -tro.t the carriages turned into u and treni
towards filth avenue, and as ihe cortege passed the
8tn. gogtte (th - ga-> Uuiiih tu front of which on the
sir i t wore it,'liii d). us1 il"h ni the aao.ed edifice
wi re thrown opeu and w>*re kept open until the lust
carriage in Uie procession hud passe I by. All along
the route the sidiW.dk- were crowded.
lie HMt tnut the couch linmedlat'ly In
the rear of the hearse, and which contained
the aous oi the deceased, was surround d by
pollca In full uulfotin, excite 1 coublderable comment
wheicver the coitege went. It is understood
that it was so guarded to prevent the curious
fruiu getiiug U'o near the veh.c.o to griuiry their
nurhia curiosity. The blinds of the cotton vtero
k.-ja <louu all the way to the cemetery.
On the arrival at the cemetery, which t? the pre*
perty 01 the congregation, and situated at Cypress
Hill, the proceanioB reformed in the same order a* It
putwed from the house. The usual funeral services
of tho Hebrew Church wero road and lerveut prayers
oiTered by uev. Dr. Lyotw, and the remalus were
lowered into the g.avv amid the tears of all aurtouuding
Ladles' Auxiliary Society af the Mount Slnnl
In pursuance of tho notice previously given the
Board of Directresses of the above society mot at the
Dome, 215 West Seventeenth street, for the purpose
or taking some action relating to the death of Mr.
Benjamin Katban?Mrs. Natnan being treasurer of
the society, while Mrs. Rev. J. J. Lyons, sister of the
deceased, U a prominent directress. Mrs. llenry
Leo. tho President, spoke In a feeling manner of the
terrible event which hud brought thorn together,
and paid a glowing trlbnto to the worth and merit of
deceased, and ottered the following resolutions,
Which were unanimously adopted:?
Whereas, our community has been startled by the appaJng
and sudden demise of one whose ell oris to ameliorate 'lis
tress and labor <n the cause of buiaantty tare evidence of a
hind heart, phhauthroplo spirit and exalted worth, there furs,
be It
Resolved, That we express our affliction at the sad and
terrible event which baa visited us In the death of H< njauila
Nstbun, favorably known so ion,' and prominently idealn.ed
with the Mount blnal Hospital aud kindred charities.
Resolved, That wo lender our earnest and most sincere
Sympathy to the esteemed and beloved Treasurer of the
Ladies' Auxiliary Rocleiy, a colleague who U suddenly called
upon to mourn I be lose of a most devoted and aleotkineus
husband -one taken from tbe midst ot a large circle of
friends, to whom he had endeared himself by tn inlflcuut acts
of charity un.i a aputicM untarnished Ufa carter.
Resolved, That the Ladies Auxiliary Society of the
Mount fiinal Hospital b.im lost to Hrojaroiu Nathan
one of Its moat ardent supporters sod a distinguished
patron?a friend, whose earthiy olsti nee
baa pasted beyond the reach of mortal care or suffering,
learta.'! a memory and name dear, cherished and respected?
an inheritance which time will not obliterate.
Restored, That we beg to condoie wi'.h the sorrow stricken
and bereaved latnliy, and proffer them consolation In this: ?
That the Lordgivcth and taketh, otrsseii be ills lio.v name.
Keaulred, That the foregoing resolutions ba suitably engrossed
and a copy seal to Uoully of deceased.
8asplcl?M Mad Opinions as to the (:eus? of
the Murder, u to Who the Murderer la
and (low lie May be Detected*
Another day of speculation and fruitiest search,
of bogus surmises and uncertain theories, and ntlll
llio detectives Uitve not been successful in bringing
home to any one the dusiardly murder of Benjamin
Nathan, htdl It would be WTong to censure the
police, who, with all their lukcwarmness In the past,
In this horror of horrors are certainly leaving no eifort
un&tteiuvted to fasten the guilt upon the proper
ran detectives ursttrred.
wnue noun/ uu mo ueieouves wu.n wnoni tno
n?KAM> reporter huh conversed agree that It Is their
opinion the offender la a member of the family or an
employes that the murderer did not go out by the
frout door; that the anpearance of Uio ltox on the
bed Indicates that It was put there as a "stall" to
ward off Busplclon, as was also the placing of the
Iron "dog" in the vestibule?all are perplexed ?s to
the source from which the Instrument was obtained.
They declare that this Is the great stumbling block
to following op the case successfully; that the dog
was taken in for toe purpose of murder and it
would not likely be oblalned about the premises, as
no such instrument, it appears, had been ??e<i
This should not be a matter of much mystery.
Everybody familiar with the habits of coachmen
must be aware that all keep In their coach houses a
box of tools, straps, ropes, nuts, screws and other
truck which tbey ircqueutly have oocuslon to use for
repairing porp once. Some have a mania for collecting
all articles of this description anil stowiug them
away lu their boxes for future use. rime and utfuln
hack and coachmen have been seen to 01 amount,
from their boxes and pick up a horseshoe, a buckle
or other article or apparently no value. It is not at
all unlikely that tn this maunor It was taken into
the premises. An old coachman may have
found It uu one o( the streets years ago, picked
It up and oouveyed It to the stable, where it may
Iiaim intd for an indefinite Period, If the tnurda.-nr
is an attache of the douse, aud bis object wtu< to
gala access to the sale to obtain tbo win or uiouey,
it w very improbable that be would go oatalde of tbo
promises lor an instrument* A search oi the couchtoan'a
box would bo one of the possibilities, and an
inexperleiioed burglar, or uovloo, would koI<k t tbo
moot convenient aud to him available we at >011 to be
found. I11 the stable the "dog" was probably
secured, and takeu 111 to be used in breaking tbe
Iocx, When Mr. Nathan dimoovered the attempt,
made a vigorous resistance and received tbe blow t
that caused bis death. Wby there should be mystery
in the presence ou the premises of this tuatrumcut
does not clearly appear.
tiib foul snsriciovs
that have within the past two days been harbored by
a large portion of tne community, that one of me sous
committed the aet that sent a parent iieiore his hod,
are not generally participated in by the detectives,
yet it tg due to the pubho to Hay some of the
force have grave fears that lie may have been Implicated
in the tragedy. They ground Una au .picton
ou the facts,
First?That he was the lost person to see tar.
Nathan alive, and the (list, to discover the murner.
fr-conxl?That he had blood on his clothing and
that there Is no evidence about the premt-es that of
the murderer, whose feet must have neon dyed lu
blood, having lef. the house.
Thim?That in Ids testimony before the Coroner's
jury he carefully renamed from stating where ho
had parsed the time between his departure from his
uncle s lu Nineteenth street aud his arrival at iho
lata! house.
Fourth?:That with the aid of Mr. Nathan's memorandum
ol the combination the son was utile to open
tne safe on lit cad street and secure tho will of ins
Thcso are the only suspicious circumstances
against the youmr man; aud tne press and me public
should lie very carelul lit cusring oblotiuy upou huu
upon such email Incidents, it Is but natural tnut he
should look into his father's room before ret rtng,
especially on lite cvo of the commemoration 01 a
reutt.ve's death. The second point Is, indeed, better
taken. Ail detectives agree that the murderer cerI
Uuniy became besmeared with blood, yet ne escaped
from the bouse without cleansing htm,elf and i
leaves uo
such as Washington NsUisn did wn a he ran down
to cull an oMoor. This Is a polut u on wmcli the
police place special stress, but are unable to sutwfaetortly
solve. Bur to proceed lo tue Hi rd i>oint. it
istru - nat according to Mr. Nathan, ar.'i ev.dou e,
an interval of hie uourn and fort minutes between
lits departure from Nineteenth street und tile arrival
at home elapse I, und that be did not explain
bis movi'incuia during tuis tunc. Bui lie
may have had private reasons, in no war
bearing upuu ibe oase, for Keening hu k Hits
In oruiation. Young men KOinetiuies do things that,
while thcyaie not oilminai. they would not wish
should be kno.vu to their friends. and this may be
the case with the young man. YhA tourth point is
Boinewh.it surrouncd In mystery. All hiwlness men
are aware that a careful man like, the victim of this
atriiclnim mnnlAr alo/nvu easuLa a itviw.rAOvsalat.il.
t on oi' Din safe combination. If ho ftave other-* who
ho oeuiroM shall have aoccss to Hie safe, they, too,
carry at umuuda of the combination, but not the
fciiao as the employer. The explanation of the combtnution
la only known to the party who carries it.
Tu a la a precautionary measure against the losing
or abstiuctlou of the secret. Yet, If reports arc
to be Pelleted, the sou, the day alter Uie
murder, opened ibe safe down town and secured
the a HI, using the memoranda found in his father's
possession. This, however, may tie capable of explanation.
It Is In tne power of the police officials to at once
exonerate Mr. Washington Nathan 01 all suspicions
in connection with the blood found on ills c milling
and fore\er silence those wuo at present believe no
Is in some way connected with tbeinai der. It Is by a
of the shirt and otner cloihiiig. Any gentleman
[ posse sing the Knowledge that our excellent grammar
school kvs!em uifurds must know ihat science
In a case of tips Kind oun play au linpoitant part.
Mr. Washington Nathan declares that the blood got
on his doming when lie discovers 1 his father and
stooped over lain about six o'clock lu the laoru.ug.
it tills statement bo true a practical test will estaolisli
its truth.
Yesterday a Herald reporter Interviewed Captain
Kelso, oi the detective squad, with a view ol dtscovcriug
whether any ucleutthc oxaiutnai.on of tlie
Out had been made. Be WOS an vend IQ the Mgaitve,
and at once suggested such an ox iminailou.
Tne l-leu seemed to give the Captain trcslr hope, and
he exclaimed:?
Do you pretend to tell me that there Is any means
of determining when the blood came in coiimci with
the shirty"
"I oo< und any practical inan will tell yon so, bid
I will state u tnete suit fitc'only in a few meaicnts,"
said the report.r, who took his departure.
Proceeding to the basement or No. 310 Mtilborry
street ibe reporter entered die cheut.cgl laboratory
of the Board or Health and there met Pro.esHor H.
Endeinaun. the able German assistant uf tne Board
of Health chemist.
UjsroBTMK?Ptofeaaor, I have called to gain some
Information. Where blood is found upon a shit tor
llnea of any kind is there any means by which It
can be asc< rlamed wheitier the blood came m con
tact with It when fresh train the iii-lbitus ar veins ?r
alter coagulation ?
Prole.-8ur Enokmans?Obemisiry docs not show
It; but a scientific examination of the blood stains
llET'onTER?In what way 7
Professor b.?Arterial blood onmlng fresh from
tho veins and not yet coagulated, will give a uniformly
roil or brown colored stain, according to
tne health of the subject and the vein from which it
flows. As U dries it assumes a cupped form. The
enges of the stain may be sotn what fighter in color
on account of a larger quantity of serum being
found there. The blood generally becomes coagulated
ten minutes after leaving the veins. This process
of coagulation, as you are doubtless aware, Is
due to ihe crystallisation of the flbrui wb.eh encloses
the blood corpuscules forming the clot, and
til-clot separates troni the scrum, which Is a yellowish
but nearly coloile.-s ulbuinous fluid.
Kkportkr?But, to return to the mam question,
what will be the difference, Professor, in the appearance
of tho stains between those made by fresh blood
and those produced by coagulated blood r
PBonssOR E.?A sialn produced by congulated
blood will be different In lis appearance from that
produced bv fro ii. warm blood just Irom the veins,
as Its stains' ot different colors, us 1 have already said,
will be visible.
Reporter-Then you can decide by the blood
stains upon the clotnlug of Mr. Mat ban, Jr., whether
the blood whs fresh from the veins or coagulated
when it came iu contact therewith'/
Paorusf OH E.?Yes, yon will And stains of serum
from coagulated blood which would not appear la
fresh blood.
lUroRTKii?Arc there any other tests f
Professor E.?Vos; if too biood Is coagulated
'It will appear upon the linen smeared over the
eurfnre; but if coining fresh irom a wound while
parties are engaged in a bloody struggle It would
present a sputtered form?very different.
kepowtkr?Then, Piofersor, you are decidedly of
the opinion that a critical oxamlnaUou'ol the clothing
worn by Mr. Nathan, Jr., wluoh hud blood upon
II, will establish the facts whether the blood came
upon it during a struggle, or some time alter death 7
Professor t. ?Yes.
the captain or dbtkctivfs
was Informed of the declarations of the cheni'r.t,
m<jht persona would bo unapproachablo, admitted
I'jo importance) ?f calling ia the all or bcieuoo
to determine tho vexed question, uud, tr
possible, relieve tlie young gontleumu from suspicion*
that sortie boilave 10 be grouudlcsa. Uu
very likely that lib' a til rt and stocking* win bo submitted
to the examination or scientule exports, and
upon tlio result depends the following up or tlio
abandonment ol a theory tout it U against tUo nature
or every charitable man to believe.
of Police Is still actively engaged in the work of
clouring up the case. La t evening he lelt the Police
Headquarters at an early hour, and notlilcd toe oincer
on post iu too hall that he would return at hairpast
seven. ino reporter of the Herald remained
until ten uud he had uot arrived, and left satistlcd
that Mr. Jonrdan bad no Intention or returning,
notwithstanding there were two of the carpenters
who had not buxoro beta examined waiting for hlni
for hours.
We possess certain Information, the publication of
whloli ut this Kiage or th" Inquiry would deleat the
ends of jnsuce; but it Is sate to say that tbo real
criminal Is known. Yesterday he may have been
a mourner at ti:e funeral or u spectator on the street
corner, but for a moment he was not from under the
eye or the keenest detectives, ami oil his movement*
were watched.
A singular circumstance In this most remarkable
caso is that on Sunday afternoon Judge Gnnnlug S.
bediord was closeted witn the Superintendent of Police
and Captain Kelso for over an hoar, and then quietly
took Ids departure, livery citizen lamillar with
these goritlemen knows that thoy are Intimate and
conUdciuial mends?that they work In unison for
tnc purging of the city of oifcnders agalust the law.
The remarkable charge of Judge Bodfjrd yesterday
cieariy shows that ue expect* the eaiiy arrest, trial
and conviction of the assassin.
There occurred lu the Hkkalu office last evening a
singular conference. The reporter who reported the
above article from full tnvouUgatlou, and dwelt so
carefully upon the theory of how the dog caoie into
the house, at eleven o'clock was handed by another
reporter, who ho has not seen for two weeaa, the
following very interesting
! wmcii umj BUH<ai;iu m? meory. mere coma not do
! Hjiy possible collusion between theni, an they met
I by accident:?
! While anxiously seeking any cine that might, oven
in the moat remote manner, bear on the perpetration
of the appalling crime, a I1bkam> repreaeniaUvo
learned from a professional gentleman In tuts
city loat evening the subjoined significant ana
startunu INgnnWATlON,
which, If true, may be the meana or fastening the
crime ou the guilty party or paruee ere many hours
have allied lout the part. Tim t the gentleman above
alluded to gave a truthful Tnrulou of a statement
made to him In his ofilco a few hours previously
doea not. admit of a doubt, as uia Integrity of purpose
and honorable reputation are known to the
writer, * ho ta |i?rsoaaMy acquainted with him. TUo
Information is aa lollows;?
A rennomubie tradesman, doing bnstness on the
east side, and wh > u is staled, erected tlie residence
or the lute Mr. Nathan, aitor returning from the
fluierai of the murdered man, dropped In caaualiy to
sen our Iniornunt, with whom be Is acquainted.
Having alluded to toe solemnity of Uie mortuary
rites the conversation quickly inverted to tlie
awpvl am? MVkTtaaioua raom
connected with the as.^HKai nation. He then stated
tltat he han been employed by Mr. Nathan In the
erection f his house; n.nl made alterations and
did other work reputw.liy sinoe for the deo'ksed.
with whose fauiliy and the unfuriaoate
geniieman niinaelt no (the narrator) was oo the most
friendiy terms. It was la bis employ also the workmen
sere who had beou ufteoUng some alterations
lu the house for some days preceding the murder.
He proceeded to state Uiat, having heard of Mr.
Natl,an's death, he called at the scene of Uie tragedy
<m Friday morning, and on being admitted was
met by Mr. Frederick Nathan, who wa? apparently in
dc-en undress. In answer to lite visitor's question,
whether the horub.e new? were true, the former replied,
"Yea; Is i, not too u.id lie lias been
mukiibktn run two hinpsio dollahs.'*
[It appears tins was abort.y alter Uie police had
been uotlOed, and. of coins e beiora the body or Its
gory surroundings had laten disturbed.J On the
vlaitor Inquiring where tne body was, tne son before
named indicated tne apartment op ?UUra whore It
lay. and wueu uls tnuirrogn'or, presuming of course
on Ida irteu'lly fooling with the family, announced
lna intention of vlawlug It, Fiwd?rlc5 Natban remarked,
"No. do not go up fairs." "Why." waa
iL.-k.-d, "who in un there r" 1 he roply was, ''No person;
out p.em-e do not go up." Whether the vUitor
<arrt<-<i out in ue.u.e lu *i.-w 'tin oud? n-,t
THAT Tgl.l.TAUt "IXW.''
Whether the coiivrntatina given above eniNxItee
tnglit worth/ of oniiuern iaii lh a uiu<er tor (Ho
ffuurfll'iiiH or justice alone to dati-nnlue: but tlio foiowtng
reveir.lun uiu-l be regarded a> a key tti*t tnajr
uncover to the <ight ol truth all that h at prwui
hideously m/atet.ous in comxxUou wttb this terrible
n-wa-ndnaiioti. lie.'ore tci minuting me lutarvi-w our
Informant alluded 10 the 'Mug ' louml near the outside
uoor, iiu<i inviie.i uia frita i (o advance a throry
u? to wtii-ie it came iroiu. Without haiu.in or
auv attempt at cot tal Wit an-wered
Unit lie iimi m en tne Hob ' 1> n>g aronnl tin; uccea^ed
Ki uiioinan'a slab! n lor the past twelve
or elghie-n m< oths, ami, liav.ng eaiiniin-4
It SlllCe toe uniMer. be "wo oil <e w tiling to ?wear '
Wat H km uw lUcutiCal ?v*vvu be tad *o he
AUGUST 2. 1870.?TRIPLE !
qocntly observed during ute umo and in the place
Empanelling "?' Ike Grand Jury la the R?o* of
eral Hessleaa? Important (barge of City tA<
Judge Guniitnir H. Bedford, Jr. 1
Tbe August term of tbe General Sessions was Ml
opened yesterday morning. Although Judge Red- blt
ford has been back from bts brief European tour R?
nearly s week, and has received thecongratulations ,lt
of a number of onr citizens upon bis safe return, 8*
yet bis appearance on ' be beneh yesterday to enter
unon (be discharge of ots oaiclal dunes was tbe occasiou
of renewed manifestations of cordial gre tlogon
tbe part of leading members of toe bar and '
prominent citizens, wno crowded tne courtroom. '
Judge Bedford received tho congratulatlona of the
gentlemen who sought to address him personally with (
his usual ailUbllity, but when the hour approached 0
to commence the dlsobargo of tils official functions ut
upon tbo bench be directed tbe business of tbe
duy to be commenced. The number of prisoners 0
now awaiting trial In tbo Tombs is very largo and '
tbe number is daily increasing; but tlio Court Is do- " "
termined to do all In Its power, assisted by tbo pros- w 1
ecutlng officers, to give accused parlies a speedy ^
trial, ana 11 ts needless to add tuat wherever lncorrt- "
gtbie and old offenders are convicted they will i>e Wl
puulahed wltli the utmost neverlty. ilia Honor Intimated
mat If It were nect a-atry 110 would all ilio
wholo of the oiouih, In order to dispose of the criiniual
business of tho county; but it la hoped and be- 'l,J
Uevcd thai this win uot be neceuaury, for the District *
Attorney ao<l his aa-tHtantM have so ad> tinted the macidoery
of the ofll e an to couip.eaa the business of c'11
the month Into a few days. 1
The tint buaineaa in order was tho empanelling ,*?
ol the Grand Jury, which waa effected without ue- Na
lay. Br. William llubir.-haw was selected to uet a* j
fort nan. A'ter the grand Jurors were aworn City 146
Judge Bedlord delivered the following Important be
gud lutereailng charge, which waa lutouod to with of
pro round attentoii:?
Mk. KoHKMAN A s i> ok.nri.kmkn ok tub ci hand Gc
JuaY?It ia made uiy du.y according t > law to incut ni]
your aileuuoit lepeelally load oifcucea againal the
(S#N atid unary .awn, MM laws passed 10 pi (.serve
the purity of t-ie< done, the laws forbiduimr lolterlefl B.
and the taking of dl -gai It-ea by j unite officers, and ga
the law pa- <si di bvi to prevent irauda tu tlie aulu
o( LcH'ti o,'.i it.'uniboaia Hid other vs-ces. 1
muai uiao worm yon thai It Is a misd'Mittaiiur for
any graud luror or miner of the court to diacloae the "
latl of mi ind.< trro'ht having Mm hud tot MtlU uf
flgRl"*' any pet- <o not in actual couiuie -OL until
sucit petsoi) sii.nl be urreaied. And now, gentlemen 1
of tlie jury, I cauiiut tase leave of you wiiboutre- tut
Blinding you ol tlie (treat reap .nihility devolving ^
open you. You - and ttetweeu tho Mj ? and tho
accused, sworn to do ju-iico to botti, and to see that " 1
no lujUHtlce be don>" to euber. Iteuiemiier, wlihont cut
your action, no criminal, lib h or low, ran be brought ?
to trial and to Jadgmeut. In the lauguago
of anoiUeri "lo yon la lomiutued tlie preser- T.
TAttoa ol UM MM of the county, tne Care of tot
bringing to tight, for examination, trial and punish- A
luent, ail vim. to e, ouiragi, m l. M y and terror? '
everything lli.U unit .? cas.on danger, dn-Mi nance
or diaiuuy to die cilucus. You aro watchmen nta- try
turned by me lawn to survey the conduct of your Hir
fellow-clUr.ena, and to intiuire wncu and by wuoui
litlbllO UUtlloi I't lias Ih i n violated, or Ihe < . ,ii-lII<i. P?
Hon and the law* Infringed." I make ihw <|uora- tin
ttou, lot 1 Uunk the Unto u.u cotue when every one V(1
of you, CBileuieu, sworn a* grand Juron, should
tally realize tne condition of things In tits city. Da
Tiie law.en clao? are becoming daily more during ?<
and reckless. Tliey niom be checked in their i
miui career. The protection of society and the future
wetfaro of itio metropolis depend in great rnea- ?'
mire niton tUo prompt award of puntshmout for Tv
crime; and the people look t? the uutiionliea lor tr
protection. I.et ibom not look In vain. Let every
official m them trying times prove himself wormy '
of the people's confld. ncn. Bui. a dav or two ago A.
the law-abiding citizens of this city were appalled .u,
by tlio intelligence of a madei moat cruel in 1U
nature aim uioat fou< tu na i haraoter, the very con- B'l
temptation of whM it makca the heart grow tick, aud
each of us la Irresistibly prompted to ask, .
' Can crime ?o fearful end uiroions he
pcrpetrut d In tlio very midst of a christian an
community, embracing within Its Jurisdiction
nioro than a million of aouia, and where ma religion
of heaven H preache ' aud us holy mandates
oh.-.erve I r" All I the HUvtUing, painful fa< t Is too
true. In or.o of the moat quiet und orderly
localities of this city a re* pec led and
respectable old gentleman, apparently without an
enemy, beloved aud admlrro by a I who rnul the {
honor of his acquaintance, in Dia own private dwell. m
ing retires to rc?-i seeking repose tiom tlio labors of
the day. About twelve o'clock on tlio nlunt 01 tins Ci
fearful murder the deceased wan with hta amis, aud tl
at mldhlgUt they parted. A few abort hours later ,
tiiat lather wis a corpse, lying in a pool "
of hla own blood. 'ihua lai toe inur- w
derera have succeeded in evading Janice. *
But the people of ihu city may rest as. ure l tnat If p
their detection bo witliln the power of human tl
agency lliey will bo arivwted; for the police sr? ram. <1
I am happy to say, Is now under Uie guidance and u
direction of a most worthy citizen, an energetic and a,
fearless oihclul, Hupcrinuindotit John Joiirdun, who <;
will, 1 know, ace to it that every effort bo put forth p,
to arrest and pinlsh the cowardly perpetrators of u'
this most Wlck"<t doed, and that every nerve be u
straned uii'il tlio majesty or the law is viuoicaied.
And when the guilty onus are arrested and the evl- Jp
dencc laid before you the Untrict Attorney and his r,
able assistants will do all In their power to aid r< u <u
In arrivlug at a righteous conclusion: and wb-.u the **
haul step?the trial?takes place, If it i? bciore my ai
learned aasociaie, the Recorder, I know be will do tn
ins duty. should It fsli to my lot l trust I wl.l da D,
inlno. Gentlemen, yoa may now retire aud onter a
upon your duties. w
The fsannl ta be Iteswaaed.
ft is believed that the Inquest will be resumed on In
Thursday, when Washington Nathan will be recalled jJJ
to tho stand to explain where he was on the even- a,
lug"of the murder between ftuo hours of half-past tJ)
seven o'clock I*. M. Thursday and CJteen uiluuies t(J
alter twelvo o'clock Friday morning. p;
Jiiillfaat Promises far the Hecoad Day's ?'
Ryort?Thrca Races To-Dny?The Favorite p,
Eteraea. til
Losa Branch, August 1, 1870. ae
The second day of tlie races promises brilliantly. Bf
There Is an immen?o crowd of turfmen here, among p,
all of whom there is great excitement as to the ei
prooaoio rennit 01 mo general coniesis on trie mor- ^
ronr. There will be three raoee?the tlrst the Man- n
eion House Stakes, for threo year olds, two miles.
In this there will bo four starters?Moms* Cavalier,
Hall's Major, Weldou's Leland, and McQrath's Susan
Ann. The pools sold by Underwood A McUowau at
the West End Hotel note that Major la the favorite, *
Cavalier second, with Bus an Ann and Leland third T
and fourth, selling about even. u
The second race, one mile and a half, for all ti
ages, will have tlvo surters?Belmont's Glemlg,
O'lKinneil's Connolly, Bowls's Legatee, Itrough
rum's Boaster, and MoOrath's Krlno. liienelg is the f
favorite and Connolly the second choice. ?f
The third race?the Americas Clnb purse, for all
ages, mile beats, best three In tlve?will have six 111
starters? O'Dounell's Judge Curtis (late General It
Puke), llabcock's Pompey l'ayne, Richards' Harie, w
Lloyd's VUey, McQrath's Biddy Malone and Bruner's
Cruiskeen. There Is much Interest manifested in P'
this oontest. Judge Curtis is the favorite about tl
even against the held, Hompey Payne second, Crulskeen
third, and the others in the order above men- a
Uoned. w
Peel flelllsf Is New VerU l.ui Slftc.
riie pool selling at Riley's, Twenty-eighth street Ui
and Broadway, last evening, for tne Long BrancU le
races to-day, was tconfined almost entirely to the
oho mile heats and the mile and a half dash. There hi
was a fair attendance of sporting men. Betting was rc
pretty lively. The following gives an average or how J]
pools were sold:?
on a 1DI.K HKAT. "
General Dnke. $155 200 ISA 100
Pompey Payne 76 so 06 SI of
Biddy Hsloue. ? ? ? ?
Cruldkeeu no ee a 20 th
Glenelg $76 66 loo 75
Connolly 16 R2 46 41 w
legatee 10 ? ? ? *
Boaster lii 21 81 ao ?'
Erin 6 ? ? ? th
Field ? 25 85 20 K
Bidders on the two mile dash were very qnlet,
and all attempts at a pool failed. The two other Ui
raoas monopolized all the attention of betters. y
At ?n early liour yesterday morning the exten^tve
barn and stables connected with the Jackson Military
Institute at Tarry town, Westchester county,
caught lire through somo unknown agency, and pc
were totally destroyed. A large quantity of bay aud wi
grain stored Ip the barn were also consumed. The be
loss is estimated at gs.ooo, ou which there was a *e
small amount of insurance. Three valuable horses Bt
were with dldlcnlty rescued from the Are, which IS Bn
btilsred to have been the work of an Incendiary. fft
The inquest on the body of I'atnck Egan, who was
killed on Saturday by the carlDg in of a sewer on
liroad street, Newark, wm resumed yesterday, and
alter ample testimony had been taken a verdict waa ,l
re u- r.'d ti accidental death, entirely exonerating e?
Waid Jk tUuty i/wut all blaine. w
Wiimt Arrivals la Tkla City Yaarerdajr.
I.oid Woaehouse, of Unjtlind; Major A. H. Macomb,
Newport, an I Donald Molunla, of Canada, are at
i IlroToort House.
L? Cb>*vtcUt'r D. J. O. do Magulhans, Brazilian
Ulster; M. Uarout, Argentine Miulster; H. If. Kurih,
of Portland, Me.; Mr. Kd Hurltuiratne; Rev.
>t>ert Ooltyer, of Caicago, and Otiarles E. L. U. Dai,
of ttio lJul ed .states Army, are at tbe Westnuntr
IV. iiodtaco, of mo Russian Miration, and O. Colchoun
Duulop, of Montreal, are at Hie Clarendon
Seueral J. o. Tan pan. of Arkansas; Colonel Lewie
alflay, of New Orleans, an I 0. K. Griggs, of
inols, are at the 8u Nicholas Hotel.
Jolonel 0. w. Dlngtn, of Indiana; J. L. B'.anchard;
Hartiord, and Captain 0. A. Miles, of Boston, we
the Irving House.
tradley Ilariow, of Vermont; Lewis Beyle, of
*Hester; General V. 1. .shepherd, Dr. J. H. Hilgs
and (leneral 11. S. hoberts, of the Called
ices Ariny; A. W. Kandall, of Klmlra; IL M. Oorne,
of Washington, and Dr. Townsend, of PhllaIpbla,
are at tho Astor (Ionno.
fudge Q. W. Pascal, Of Texas; R. K. Paulding, of
ishiugton; General J. M. Buchanan and Ueneral
lids, of Mississippi; D. K. Knight, of California;
neral J. F. Applolon, ol Maine; and K. J. Strang,
the United States Ariny, are at the Metropohtau
teptain Is'lush, of the United Htates Ariny; Prosor
Wilson, of Cambridge, and Bettor Don Aipu0,
of Hpain, are ut the St. Charles Hotel.
1. Apphton, ol" Boston; U. W. Ben Hey, of \'<:w
ndou, and C. U. Jackson, of tho United States ;
vy, are at tho Albemarle Hotel.
0. B. Stewart, ol New York; Captain A. J. May, of
'w Orleans; B. BulTuui, of Providence; Dr. Herrd
W. 0. Tweeddle, of Pittsburg, and J. W. Bailey,
Missouri, arc at thu Firth Avenue Hotel.
W. Dorsbelmer, of Hochester; Quluey A. Bhaw.
Boston; W. 11. lteaney, of Chester, Pa., and
n ral FlUhugh Warren, of Iowa, are at the Ho trim
Colonel J. It. Simpson, of the British Army; Dr. E.
Saunders, of Sacramento, una G. E. .Stephens, of
u Francisco, are at the St. Kluio Hotel.
Peraonui Notes.
rbo death of John P. Brockway, a noted politician
Connecticut, is announced.
Jcorge Wushtngtm Rogers, of Merldcn, Conn.,
u UI1...I thu 11.11/ llot'.n t 11
" ?uv? mvtivn UU'VU IW^MIWr IUI llVOli
Die Charleston courier says that the mot tier of
Jonov.ui Itossa, ttio Irlsti martyr now id English
itody, la la that city In very feeble health,
rao Los Angeles New* mentions a report that A.
Stewart, of thin city, ha* ordered mix hundred
is of California blankets from iho woollen mills of
it State,
Uuong the most public-spirited men In Iho coun'
is Dr. K. Eldrtdge, of Elmlra, N. Y. He Is connoting
a beautiful park, with fountains, trout
uds, a mineral spring, an elegant pleasure lake,
d all the appropriate surroundings, at his own price
expense, Tor the benefit of tne public. Be also
s a good taste for horseflesh and sports one of the
ist sumptuous four-lu-haud turnouts in the State,
Br. Laugdon, ol Kliulra, one of the mlillonnaires
Western Now York, and father-in-law of "Murk
rutu," Is recovering (rem s dangerous and proicted
stu k of Illness.
Hons. J. A. P. Campbell, Amos K. Johnson and
Loverlng, liave been appointed to compile tbe
vs uud .r the late act of the Legislature of Mlsslsipl.
rho Meridian MImm., Gatette records the marriage
that place, on July 17, of Oliver Ilodge, ucgro,
d Margaret Bates, white.
Another Herniation Exploited.
Notwithstanding the extravagant Intimations of
oul play,-' as set lorth in a sensational morning
iper, m connection with the sulcule of Sarah
?pcr, at Wlillamhbrldgo, Westchester county, on
ie .4th ult., tbe belief that she died by her own
ands exists In tne miuds of all those most familiar
till the circumstances attendant upon the finding
nd examination or tho body. 11 was ascertained yessrift*
iroui Serjeant Steers, of tne Trcinout police,
tat Osceola Cooper, the husband of deceased, alter
iscovcrlug the body of his wire susuended from
ic i.-tt-r- of the house, hastened to the police station
nd announced tne lact. lijvuig accouip.iulo'1
ooper to Ids ahode, u short df.iUtue from Wiliii
.i.r lthe iScrgeant was conducted to an
cper roo.ii. where lie inude u thorough survey or
ie premises. Tho liouy wits still hanging, suasnded
by a small shawl, and with the feet some
amice tnm the floor. Close by was IHU box,
hich deceased had evidently stood upon while adding
tun fital ii Maw ami which apparently served
i a platlorm from winch she stepped into mid-air.
Iter cuiting her dowa the Bcrgeaul uxamlned tho
M3k, and the marks here visible, together wlui other
iiiiibtakuUe evidences, convinced him that It was
dour case of self-murder, and In this opinion he
as Hilly sustained by lue verdict of the Coroner's
remains were *uhseqnrntlv Interred at Woodwn
Cemetery, and had not been disturbed up to
mu ymtorday. It appears that tho deceased woan's
relatives dl-likod Cooper arid bis lainlly oil
jcount of melr aboriginal extraction, and ou Prtty
they obtained a permit from Coroner Bathgate
i exhume tbe body that It ought be exatniued by a
hyslciun of their acquaintance. It was agreed
pun by the relatives of tne deceased that they
lould axnuine the remains on Saturday, the utmiumoe
of tho coroner being requested on the ooision.
In accordance with tils promise that
Ttclal proceeded to the oemotery at the appointed
me, and having waited several hours without bcoig
the parties to whom he granted the permit, retrued
homo, determined uot to be "fooled" a
cond iliue.
Instead of Cooper having disappeared rrom tho
il^kK. .l.AA.I S,dl...l A* m? a
iuiw'1, iiu at uiu irciunui. Hiuuou
>uw3 yesterdi) afternoon, and having Indignantly
thlbited tho sensational nowspaiier alluded lo,
lefuily inquired at to what steps lie conUt take lu
rUor to otiulu redress (or the malicious imputation
rhe Mutuais have returned anil have t>e*u received
nth oy?n arms by tbelr friends In the metropolis,
ha news of their deieat by the Rod Blockings was
Dwelcome, but nevertheless did not depreciate
lem In the eyca of tbetr friends. Whilo the game
as in progress the result of each Inning was telcraphed
to Peck k Snyder and at once displayed on
leir bulletin. This fact became noised abroad and
i a short tlmo Nassau street, between Ann and
sckman, was well blockaded. Men and boys
atohed the manly form of . Peck as bo
laoed the figures la new, and many were
io comments made on thr appearance of tho game
i Indicated by the returns. When it was found
iut the liuiuais had fought np hill with a score of
to t, and finally ted their opponent*, a p?r(ect yell
deMght went up. It was thought that the Mutual*,
'ter making such a flno fight, would keep the lead
ley had obtained, and so anxloo.i were tnanrto
aru Uio dual result, that Mr. Peck was aiumst
tiled to pieces, and would no doubt have been
art by the orowd in tbeli good natured anxiety
td not Washington Irving hiiyder came to his
iscue and pasted the telegram on the window
ine. Then the spirits fell and ue orowd quietly
To-<lay the Mutuais will nut in an appearance at
ie Union grounds and play against the Kelt ford-,
id tiie Unions of MotrlsanU will play the Pasumes
Baltimore on tho Tremont grounds.
To-morrow the Mutual* will play the Past lines at
ie Union grounds, aud on Saturday the grand
w*w ton* kainurr brookltn,
111 take place on the Union grounds. Tins cm,test
1U, beyond donbt, be very line, and as Mr. Aaboury,
the yacht Uambrla, has oouaeuted to be present,
a nine must endeavor to show toe btsuuei aud
lenuflo points of the national game.
The game of base ball yesterday at Pester Park.
ilcajfo, between tbe Athletic* of Philadelphia and
bit* Blockings of Chicago, resulted, a* u-uai, in a
neat of tbo latter. The score stood:?AUuetlca, It;
hite Blockings, 11. There were about 10.000 people
1 the ground.
Tenter day afternoon Aid Hinge, of the Itoboken
dice force, srroeted at Otto cottage Garden a
oman whom he knows to be a contaminate memir
of the light lingered fraternity. A couple of
art ago she stole money from a man In Willow
root, and was sent to prison, on Tuesday evening
a rifled John Dock of a watch and chain. In deult
of ball she waa committed to tbe county mil
r trial, whereupon she hxclaimed to the Baourdsr,
tlali right. Cap."
Asognr maker, named John Schwlntlcr, committed
ilolde at his residence in Bcott stn et yesterday by
itltng his wrist with a razor, which made hlni
cod to death, lie leaves a wife and laouly
Explosion of tbe Boilers of ft Mississippi
The Boat Bmncd to tlie
Water's Edge.
Twrnty-one Persons Killed ond a Large
Number Fatally Injured.
Partial List of the Silled, Wounded
and Saved.
Minimis. Tenii., August 1, l??hk
A terrible disaster occurred at Paeiflc Place, thirty
milesalmve here, itt twelve o'clock last night. The
sternwheol ateamtmat Stiver Horny, from New Orleans
for Cincinnati, with a barge In tow, exploded
her boilers, killing and wounding a nutubor of the
crew and passengers. The boat then took fire.
Mr. Singleton, the second clerk, states that Just on
the watch waa called an explosion took pUco, and
in a moment the boat was wrapped in flames. Nothing
was left for tlie survivors ha' to plungo Into
the river and swim 300 yards to the nearest shore.
Owing to the darknosH of tho night It was Itnpo islblo
to render a*alBtaace to tho wounded.
As the books of the principal officers aro missing
tt is Impossible to obtain a lull Hat of tho killed and
Injured. The fallowing, howevor, are
Captain A. N. Jordan, of ClnolnuaK.
Maddens Wortllug. tlrst clerk, of Newport, Kjr.
A ?v Tnvlrtr fUtttinil Hint* nf fiinr IL noh.
0. W. Bailey, second stowunl, of Otiiclnntul.
Boyd Smith (colored), berth maker, of JSew Richmond.
Alfred Oarnos, second coo*, of Pittsbnrg.
A colored chamhenuuid, Dome unknown, and
Charted Jordan, steersman, son of tite cupula, were
fatally injured, and soon after died.
Edward Long, bookkeeper, of Cincinnati.
Dick Cage (colored), cook, of New (UcUiuond.
A colored porter, name unknown.
George Williams (colored), a deck hand, of 8k
Louis, acre rely woun led.
A. R. Singleton, second cterk, of Newport, Ky,
James Corcoran, mate.
Richard Nichols and Fj>h. Marsh (colored), dack
bauds, of Cincinnati, slightly scalded.
N. S. Uayue and T. J. Gill, deck hands, of LouYUle.
Edward Patterson, pilot, ef Newport, Ky.
J. M. Ashford, engineer, of Newport, Ky.
Washington Snelder, second engineer, of Pttto
Henry Shelby (colore<l), pantryman, of Detroit
G. Sanderiln (colored), of Texas.
Tender, of Cincinnati.
John Clay, steersman, of Cincinnati
James Leglcy, of Cincinnati.
John Parker, of New Orleans.
Ben). West (colored), of New Albany.
Charles Smith (colored), of Louisville. The latter
two were deck bauds.
The following are the deofc passengers:?
John Plyuasser and John Papct, of Cincinnati.
Ilcnry Meyer, or New Orleans, and a German,
with Ula wire and cntld, names unknown.
Two noura after the explosion the steamer City of
Cairo hove In sight and Immediately went to tho
relief of tho sullorers. All who were saved were
taken on board and brought bora. As soon aa the
news or the disaster reached hert the citlzeus hurried
to the wharf, and everything possible was done
for tho wounded, who, by order of Mayor Johnson,
were taken In ambulation to tho city hospitals,
every attention being shown thorn thero.
Ttie passengers who were saved lost all their
clothing and baggage, bnt were partially supplied
by the officers and crew and the passengers of the
City of Cairo, of whoso oonduet they Bpeak In the
warmest terms.
Tne City of Cairo was hound to St. Lonls, bnt
turned back after using orery effort to recover tho
bodies lost.
The Spray floated down the river two miles and
lodged on tne bar, where she and the bargo burned
to tho water's edge. She was seven years old, and
bclODgcd to Captain S. Patterson, who had slopped
off for a trip, leaving Captain Jordan In charge.
Tho boat had near 300 orates of queen's ware and
a number of cabin and deok passengers. There
were also nineteen deck hands on board.
It is believed by Mr. singleton that twenty six
Ures were lost.
Additional Particulars of tho Dloaeter?Twenty-one
Persons Hilled?How the Fire Occurred.
McwFHra, August 1,1870.
The following additional particulars of the Sliver
Spray disaster have been reoetved. It U now ascertained
that there were forty-live persons on the
boat, and of these tweuty six hove been lound, two
of whom have since died. Oat of nineteen "roustabouts"
only seven have been iccovcred, five of
whom are severely wounded.
A German, who got aboard hero by mlBt:ike and
refused to go ashore in the coal barge, two cabin
boys and a chambermaid, are also known to bo lost.
Anton Krlpker's wife and child were saved. Richard
Doyle, a watchman, Henry Row.stou, a colored por.
tcr, and William Duncas were severely wounded.
The City of Alton arrived here at noon, but bring*
no additional particulars, save that the wreck of um
barge was still burning when she passed. Soon
after tholr arrival here Engineers Ashford and Merefilth
mhlA JftinM (Wtwrnn Pur nnntor ll'ailn an<l
pilot B. Patterson went before Captain Wellington,
the local Inspector, and made written statements to
tlie effect that while the boat lay here her boilora
were carefully examined and her Cues cleaaed, and
everjtl'liig wus In good condition.
At eleven o'clock Asltford tried the water, examined
the hollers, and was otilng the ci ana wrlstg
when the explosion oocarred. In an Instant all waa
darkness, and until the boat took Ore nothing could
be .eon. Tbo df brU of the wreck was so piled upon
the furnaces that tbe Ires could uot he extingulahed.
L. w. Qlll, deck hand, eays the Are waa caused b7
the falling of a lainp from the cabin after the explosion,
after which the people all took to the bars*
but the wreck of tbe cabin falling over on the barge
It toot Ore causing tbe people, burned and maimed,
to rush Into the water. The explosion blew
two freight toward the barge eo thai
the hawsers oould not be cut. To
aurvlvora apeak In the varment terms or the conduct
of the people on the shore, and the offer .
crew end passengers of the CUy of calro. 1'oitl. i
of the wreck have been pasting here tills 1'. .u.
Mr. Edward Pnyson Weston, whoso pcdrstrls).
feat in the rink a couple of months ugo created ao
much excitement, yesterday ooncluiled arrangements
here to walk at the sains place next November
400 miles in Ave consecutive days, Including two
attempt to walk 113 rases wKbm twenty-four couseciitive
hours. This is a combination of the two
givat feats that Mr. Weston luteudcd to perform in
puns and ton Ion, but the breaking out of the
Franco-I'ruwian war has delayed, if uot detected
hi- intended tnp to Europe. lite medical irate n.y
are greaiiy interested in the feat, which, if hucc?jtrui,
will be tits greatest of its kuai wu return.

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